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r , 1' " me u .zgf-4 gy' t f 2-ai' x. Y 'Mm W 1 1 0 ' Q A et, R h M Y? U M Qgmwm ,444 1 A., 'QW' 5 1+ 5f1'?707'7vL 52 ANNVIUDE CL Annville-Cleona High School ' Aunville, Pennsylvania Published By The Class Of 1968 - Q- f Ms g, 14' fpmQ1mQg,,Q,, 'zsffxsfllf' - ,ffgiqsw ' x ' J - mix ig-,gfpws 4 K ,i if ,v M2 f,f.:,,,, E9 l Rl HARD HN. RICH ll l SI ll'111c1p:1l R011 R1 SYN DLR A li QI S lool P 1 l A l l D MERLE KHD1 Supervising Principal School Board And Administration Provide The Educational Policies Necessary To Oive Each Student An Equal Opportunity In Life ANNVILLE-CLEONA SCHOOL BOARD V- RUTH KEENE Nurse Advisor: FNA Specialized Personnel Attempt To Meet Students' Individual b e edg JEAN MATTICKS K Home and School Visitor JOAN MOYER Librarian Advisor: Library Club SARA BIXLER Re ad ing Consultant ELVIN FAKE Guidance Counselor RICHARD FO RNEY Guidance Counselor 5 l K .. ,RW W A n W kiw wc New--.--rg ,,,t . , ami ,+- -W-ws t W 'rv HWQ, t , iff, If -A" V .,., ,sim DELORES WOLFE Cafeteria Manager MARY ZIMIVLER MAN Special Education SENIOR HICH BAND Concert Band Presents Sicilian Vespers And A Medley From Camelot BRASS CHOIR 6 According to Mr. Huey, the band has completed another "musically successful yea r." In competition with about twenty-tive other bands in the Harrisburg Chamber ol' Com- merce parade contest, our band proved its ability by winning a tro- phy which denoted its excellence. Not only did the band prove its ability in the latter competition, but it also proved its mettle in local parades such as those staged to celebrate various holidays. In addi - tion to the several ensembles within it this year, the band formed a new addition, the football band, which entertained at home and away games Highlighting the year of enter- tainment the Concert Band presented its Annual Spring Concert. Included in the program were SICILIAN VES- PERS by Verdi, selections from CAMELOT featuring nine vocal pre- sentations, and the GRIEG PIANO CONCERTO IN A MINOR. WIND ENSEMBLE if ,W All 1 Marching Band Wins Performances In ANNVILLE-CLEONA MARCHING BAND At Football 8 - -Y Y Y - K 4' 4. . Accolades For Parades And Games ill N VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Under the leadership of Mr. Lingle, the baseball team again won the County championship. After fin- ,KR " 117 fill +1 AI flfgfif ' II fir, A ishing with a 3-2 record in pre- season play, the team swept the championship with ten straight vic- tories without a loss. Considered one of the finest ever produced at A.C., the team met little difficulty in taking the second championship in a row. Since this was the last year for the County Baseball League, A.C. is proud to retire the trophy for good. 10 George Ruth. Don Bowman, Rich Henning, llerry Boyer, and Charlie Hontz comprised the Keystone for the success ot' the AC season. With the battery ol' Bowman and Boyer, plus the stickwork ot' Henning and Ruth, complemented hy Charlie Hontz's lusty hitting and vacuum- like fielding, a team could not help but take the County Championship. ACHS Baseball Team Sweeps Past Ten Straight Opponents In Successfully Defending Its County Championship In The Leagueys Finale A'C OPPONENTS 4 M. Hershey 2 I3 Tulpehocken 5 8 Conrad Weiser 7 l Elco 5 0 Gov. Mifflin 4 l4 Norlebco l 4 Leh, Catholic 0 4 Palmyra 2 C. Crest Elco Norlebco Leb. Catholic Elco C. Crest Palmyra SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERS P-X-ff bi2i'ii"Wl'l l I 13. OPPONENTS 2 5 3 l l 2 l L.. Underclassnien Complement Outstanding Seniors To Effect One Of The Most Successful Seasons In ACHS Baseball History N .Q V100 S With the entering of A.C. I-LS. into the Lower Dauphin Baseball League next season, juniors Bob Long. Yogi Zeiders, and jeff Dohner. along with sophomore Ken Shuey and freshmen Dale Gingrich and Bill Herr will have to continue their rapid development to attain the potential they've shown dur- ing the l968 baseball season. Bolstered by several outstanding members of the B-Baseball team, AC should once again r be a formidable foe for their opponents igg b gg from the new league. 6' P' PM t nur b y ja B-BASEBALL SCORES OPP Milton Hershey 3 Governor Mifflin l North Lebanon 2 Palmyra 6 Eleo 1 Cedar Crest 6 North Lebanon 6 Milton Hershey 3 Palmyra 2 Eleo 2 Cedar Crest 2 B-BASEBALL TEAM VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Pegged as one ol' the outstanding basketball teams ol' the future when they were in ninth and tenth grade, this vear's basketball seniors failed to provide those ingredients of lead- ership that are so vital to a sueeess tul team effort. The lack ot' that intangible some- thing which is an indispensable part of all fine teams prevented this year's basketball team from aehiev- ing more than a so-so season as the Little Dutehmen finished with 9-ll and IU-l2 records in league and overall play, respectively, Little Dutehmen Basketball Tearn Suffers ,ebt ity mg.- With the loss ol' the seven se- niors this season, coach Hains has to start an extensive rehuild- ing program il AC is to match their accomplishments, Although the team record did not show much, the individual potential of these athletes was of sueh a high degree that only an intangible something was needed to mold them into a championship team, Losing Season ...M-""""" OPPONENTS Eleo 41 Cedar Crest 52 Red Land 55 C. Valley 58 M, Hershey 53 M. Burg 47 M. Town 84 L. Dauphin 61 Susquehanna 65 Palmyra 45 llershey 54 li. Pennshoro 56 Red Land 66 C. Valley 68 M. Hershey 65 M. Burg 58 M. Tovvn 69 L. Dauphin 93 Susquehanna 77 Palmyra 49 Hershey 72 E. Pennsboro 67 ai SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS ACTS outstanding basketball player, George Ruth, who made first team All-County, reaehed the l000 point plateau in the Lower Dauphin ga me. With a three year total oi' 1059 points, George is the Second highest seorer in AC history. George Ruth Becomes Second Highest Scorer In ACHS Histoiy A- 64 55 57 43 37 51 37 40 26 37 45 57 50 34 3I 53 57 33 51 49 58 47 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES OPPONENTS Eleo Cedar Crest Red Land C. Valley M. Hershey M. Burg M. Town L. Dauphin Susquehanna Palmyra Hershey E. Pennshoro Red Land C. Valley M. Hershey M. Burg M. Town L. Dauphin Susquehanna Palmyra Hershey E. Pennshoro VARSITY CIR LS' BASK ETBA LL ii. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Dutehgals Have Long Win Skein Snapped As W if d ig Q , ff? ' If SCORES AC OPP 46 Cedar Crest 28 32 Iileo In 23 Lower Dauphin 24 57 Palmyra 34 34 Norlebeo I3 72 Lebanon I7 49 Cedar Crest 35 40 Eleo 23 33 Palmyra 37 47 Norlebeo 22 55 Lebanon 23 iii T' Y' I. l-1-1 Even though the AC Dutchgals suffered a bitter defeat to Palmyra, signify- ing the end of twenty-seven straight league victories, they still shared the league title, Despite the loss of our two fine starting seniors-- Charlotte Comins and Rose Dillard--an abundance of returning lettermen and the addition of several outstand- ing members of the junior Varsity indicate that the prospects for next season remain bright . They Share County Championship IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL ,T EAM uw" ' JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES AC OPP 17 Lower Dauphin 16 28 Palmyra 16 40 Norlebco 24 30 Lebanon 20 24 Cedar Crest 40 30 Elco 16 Palmyra 5 28 Norlebco 4 34 Lebanon 22 IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders Promote VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS 20 FGOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Splrlt ln order to promote better school spirit during basketball season, the AC cheerleaders along with the basketball band held various pep rallies for the entire student body. These pep rallies included a basketball game between the Varsity and junior Varsity cheerleaders and also a pep parade held prior to the Christmas vacation. At basketball games the cheerleaders were responsible for the development of school spirit and for the amount of support given to our dedi- cated basketball team , ffgsfx A i. 21 Throughout the school year, the Chemistry Club had quite a few in- teresting activities, During many of the regular meetings held on the third Friday of every month, the lab equipment in B-ll was used for various experiments. ln connec- tion with one particular experiment, the members enjoyed a lecture by Dr. Griswold, a chemistry pro- fessor at Lebanon Valley College. The year was highlighted by a Worthwhile field trip to the Arm- strong Corporation in Lancaster. rad. Budding Scientists Use Chemistry Club To Concoct Various Exotic Potions CHEMISTRY CLUB Ilg 22 SENIUR HIGH CHORUS Senior High Choral Groups Perform Well Gln K., af- BOYS' OCTET ,E 23 vb Glee Club Presents Gilbert And Sullivan,s CLEE CLUB 24' TRIAL BY IURY I is .14 In ziddition to the work ol' the Chorus the Glee Club strove Iowa rd success- fully presenting the Gilbert and Sullivan production of TRIAL BY JURY. Under the musical direction of Mrs. Sollen- berger und the dramatic direction ol' Miss McCulloh, Annville-Cleonu's first operettu received favorable accolades from the audience. f . I lc. R rm . -. M g ' M sviv 2 - H s 1 DAUPHIN-LEBANON LEAGUE MEET CHAMPS CROSS COUNTRY SCORES AC OPP 20 Ephrata 3 15 C.D. East 51 18 Hershey 3A 17 Middletown 5 15 Cumberland V. 5 17 Mechanicsburg 4 29 Milton Hershey 2 I5 Palmyra 4 15 East Pennsboro 4 23 Lower Dauphin 31 18 Elco 4 15 Susquehanna 5 25 Conrad Weiser 3 Little Dutchman Harriers Place Third In District SO LANCO INVITATIONAL lst AC LEAGUE MEET lst AC DISTRICT MEET 3rd AC STATE MEET Wayne Tshudy and Sth AC 136111115 Weidlef- Greg Colvin Mike Campbell ... 1 i Wayne Tshudy Q, Meet And Eighth At State Jack Shenk Wayne Wampler Led by the consistent running of a fine group of seniors, AC's harriers experienced another highly success- ful season. Beaten only by Milton Hershey in seasonal dual-meet com- petition--a loss which robbed them of the league's regular season cham- pionship--our determined runners avenged that defeat with peak per- formances in overwhelming the op- position in the League Meet. In addition to this victory, the Little Dutchmen captured the Solanco Invitational Meet and placed third in the Class B portion of the District Three Meet. The latter performance enabled the team to compete in the State Meet where they finished a dis- appointing eighth despite Wayne Tshudy's fine running which netted him a medal for twelfth place. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM BUS DRIVERS N on-Professional Employees Contribute Ki e.,. ,,e S - 5 S Q S S - 4 e S' CAFETERIA STAFF To The ACHS Success Story .MRS MARKEY CUSTODIANS MRS. MAUL M RS. SHAY V : Q 51537 S F. fafgwgijsh M W .ziE '5 w N 2S L , MEYER ' ' .if ,JA S, ,iw .. , X MISS RUTH WITTER Dedication Though a comparative newcomer to the Annville-Cleona High School faculty, Miss Ruth Witter has continually exhibited those traits whidh students most admire in their teachers . While those seniors pursuing courses in the commercial curriculum know Miss Witter better than do those who have enrolled in the academic or general courses of study, we all have had the opportunity to appreciate the positive influence of her in- dustry, patience, common sense, and total lack of affectation. As a way of expressing our thanks for the years of devotion not only on our behalf but on the behalf of students past, present, and future, We the class of 1968 dedicate this volume of the CORINOMA to Miss Witter. 30 G. l.OVxl,l.l. MORSI ON Agriculluim' Advisor: Sr. uml r. FFA. AGRICULTURE DEPARTME T RODNLY DILHAVEN Art Dircclors Sunior Class and Tri- Class Plays. ART DEP RTME T DRI ER EDUC TIO DEPARTME jESS JOHNSON Scicncc, Drivcr Educa- Lion JOSEPH HARTMAN Coach: Football History, Drivcr Educa- Dircciorz Weight-traiiv Lion. ing . lslfssfss TM i i . if ei , l - sr 5 if - K 9 Qs ,Q X BUSI ESS EDUCATIO DEPARTME T 1 iv NIARLIN SNIDER ADA LIGHT Business Education RUTH WITTER Business Education Advisor: FBLA. Business Education CAROL FORD English, Reading Advisor: Newspaper. MARLIN G. FUREMAN E gm Coachlmk CLI H DEPARTME T Advisor: Yearbook. ISABELL GINGRICH English Advisor: jr. Tri-Hi-Y. ROBERT KRIBBS LEWIS LEIBERT English English JAMES MARTIN MILDRED MYERS English JOAN MCCULl,Ol'l English, Latin Advisor: FTA. English Organist. 32 I DUSTRIAL ART DEPARTME T HARRY BRANT Industrial Arts Coach: Track. FOREIG LANGUAGE DEPARTME T SUSANNE BISHOP German Advisor: Tri-Hi -Y. CLAIRE LABARBARA Industrial Arts, Art Advisor: Speech. HOME ECONOMICS DEP RTME T RONALD SCHLAYBACI-I Industrial Arts fi, EVELYN HULL French, English Advisor: Tri-Hi -Y. DAVID KRUGER Gorman, Mathematics. 33 LENORE LEBO RUTH SCHAFFER Home Economics Home Economics Advisor: Sr. Hi -Y. Advisor: jr. Hi -Y. MATHEMATICS DEPARTME T 'MW ,, ,. .,-:,.. DALE HAINS Mathematics Coach: Basketball, Baseball, Football JENNIFER CAMPBELL Advisor: Junior Class, Varsity Algebra Club WALTER HOUSER Mathematics Advisor: Ir. I-li-Y DOROTHY KELLER Mathematics Advisor: Tri-Hi-Y BARBARA RANK Mathematics KENNETH PARKS Advisor: Sr. High Student Mathematics Council JAMES D. IIUEY Music Director: Marching Band, Dance Band Clarinet Choir. E14 in-...MQ VERNA SOLLENBERCER WILLIAM LEMON Music Music , Director: jr. and Sr. Director: jr. and Sr. High Choral Groups. Concert Bands. MUSIC DEPARTME T DARLENE I-IAINS Physical Education, Health Coach: Girls' Basket- ball, Hockey Advisor: Senior Class, Varsity Club. ELAINE HULSHIZER Physical Education, Health Coach: Hockey, tennis Advisor: Cheerleaders, junior Class. l PHYSICAL EDUCATIO DEPARTME T dune' GLENN WORCESTER JOHN STEPP Physical Education, Health Coach: Football Advisor: Sophomore Class. Physical Education, Health Coach: Soccer, Basket- ball. FRED C-OUDY Science RUSSELL GILBERT Coach: FooLbz1ll, jr. High Science Basl-ceLball RAYMOND SWINCHOLM Science ROBERT WEBBER Advisor: Projectionist Club, Science Senior Class Equipment Manager FSCIENCE DEPARTME T DONALD KLINE Science Advisor: Chemistry Club, Stage Crew LELAND LINGLE Science Coach: Baseball, jr. High Basketball Advisor: Radio Club if I- Y if .NM "" ,- ' Z 5255.-wi lf' i F SOCIAL STUDIE DEPARTME T GEORGE GERBER Geography Coach: Cross Country, Tra HOWARD MOYER History SUZANNE SUTER History, English Advisor: jr. Tri-Hi -Y. C dv' FRED ALLWEIN JAMES DIBERT HiSt01'Y History Advisor: Sr. Hi-Y. Advisor: Sr. Honor So ciety JAMES TICE ELEANOR WITMEYER History History Advisor: Sophomore Class, jr . Tri -Hi -Y. For Relaxation ACHS Teachers And Coaches Participate In Student-Faculty Contestsg Others Accept The Spoils Of Victory W Faculty Members Assist In Making ACHS Athletic Events Enjoyable For Both Participants And Spectators VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Field Hockey Teams Win First County Championships In ACHS History With the combination of skill and the will to win, both the Varsity and the J.V. hockey teams won the county championship for the first time in AC history. Long, hard practices and team spirit helped to make the sea- son a successful one. Although the departure of five seniors will be felt, we know that next year's team will continue the Winning tradition. FIELD HOCKEY SENIORS VARSITY PIE LD HOCKEY SCORES Norlebco Cedar Crest Eleo Norlebco Cedar Crest Elco OPP. U I O I 2 I JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY SCORES OPP. Norlebco O Cedar Crest I EICO O Norlebco O Cedar Crest O Elco O IUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY L'm zG ,. 1't, alia? 'lla , 1 Although the Little Dutch- men's initial season of varsity football competition could not be termed entirely successful from a won-lost standpoint, the team did enjoy some bright moments--especially when it achieved victory over Milton Hershey and East Pennsboro. Even While sustaining losses, the team spirit remained highg only the lack of experience prevented the team from achieving more victories. With the same enthusiasm shown by this year's gridders, next year's football team members undoubtedly will continue their rapid improvement. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM A VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES AC OPP 6 Camp Hill 41 21 Milton Hershey l9 7 Cumberland Valley 9 l4 E. Pennsboro 6 7 Susquehanna 33 13 L. Dauphin 53 7 Middletown 39 14 Mechanicsburg 39 7 Red Land 14 0 Hershey 39 Football Team Shows Fine Spirit ln Initial Season Of Varsity Competition al ,L ll! f FOOTBALL SENIORS lDozen Graduating Football Letterrnen Leave Many Positions To Be Filled By Eager Underolassrnen Lv. FooTBALL sCoREs AC OPP 14 Susquehanna 20 O Redland 19 O Palmyra 19 6 Milton Hershey 20 19 Pine Grove O 0 Mechanicsburg 22 12 Lower Dauphin 32 H h 0 ers ey 9 6 East Pennslooro 12 In keeping with their goals for the future, the Future Business Leaders of America main- tained a busy schedule as the members par- ticipated in local, area, and national activi- ties. This year under the direction of their president Carl Luttman and their faculty ad- visor Mr. Snider, the Business Leaders met the second Friday of each month to hold dis- cussions, to listen to speakers, to plan field trips, or to see films on different aspects of the business world. Along with their already busy schedule, the members participated in competition of business skills with several of their group winning awards for their capa- bilities. Also these busy people took time to serve others by entertaining the teachers and secretarial staff at Christmas and by contrib- uting their time and energy to the Easter Seal drive. mfg fn 4 , - FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Future Business Leaders Of America Strive For Perfection 4 SENIOR HIGH FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team Enters State Competition REGIONAL WINNERS: FFA PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE COMPETITION 46 Led by the industrious efforts of its fine presi- dent Dale Hoover, the A-C Chapter of the Future Farmers of America en- joyed its most successful year. Individually, several members of the local chap- ter received honors, in- cluding the Keystone Farmer Degree and the DeKalb Agricultural Award, which were be- stowed upon Dale Hoover, and the Mary Westenberger Agricultural Memorial Award which was awarded to both Dale Hoover and Ed Heagy. l l AGRICULTURAL AWARDS: ED HEAGY AND DALE HOGVER Parent-Son Banquet Highlights FFA Year On a group basis, the FFA's excel- lentachievements were even more dis cernible. For instance, the Parliamen tary Procedure Team after several rather frustrating years finally re- ceived the recognition it has deserved Not only did the team Win the Lebanon County Contest and the Lebanon-Berks Area Contest, but it also Won the Re- gional ll Contest. The latter win en- abled our chapter's team to represent southeastern Pennsylvania in the State Contest, marking the first time any team from a Lebanon County chapter has won the right to compete in this contest . ln addition to the successes of the Parliamentary Procedure Team, our FFA chapter, using a Dutch scene as its theme, constructed a float which Won numerous honors in area Hallow- een parades . Future Hornemakers Of America Seek Excellence In The Kitchen 1 W, QV.. ' mn X Under the leadership of president Eva Sohlman, the Senior Future Homemakers of America enjoyed a great variety of pro- grams . The members increased their knowledge through various lectures and demonstrations concerning homemaking. In addition to their many in-school activities, the members supplemented their treasury with a successful sale of cookbooks . The year was climaxed in May with a well- organized Mother and Daughter Banquet. A Future Nurses Share Interest In Healing Through Visiting, listening, FUTURE NURSES CLUB and serving, the Annville-Cleona members ofthe Future Nurses of America learned about nursing, In an attempt to learn about dif- ferent training programs for nurses, the local F.N.A. visited both Saint Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem and the new Hershey Medical Center. Throughout the year on the second Friday of each month the girls listened to speeches about the fields of nursing presented by representa- tives from various hospitals. On a more pragmatic level, mem- bers ofthe F.N.A. learned prac- tical applications of what a nurse's job entails as they prac- ticed different phases ol' nursing 49 including how to make cancer dressings . X FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Future Teachers View The Classroom From A Different Perspective Every Week the F.T.A. members relin- quished one of their study halls for the pur- pose of becoming acquainted with professional teaching on both the elementary and secondary levels . Those who made the trip down the hill to the elementary building observed and took part in classes ranging from grade one up to grade five. Other members assigned to high school classes had a chance to learn the prac- tical methods of teaching biology, physical education, English, math, and science. During F.T.A. meetings, the club mem- bers discussed the problems and satisfactions of teaching with panels of college professors, high school teachers, and college freshmen. The year climaxed with an enjoyable and prof- itable tour of the Kutztown State College campus. 50 2 a Hall Patrol Prevents Chaos In ACHS Halls HALL PATROL 51 SENIOR HI-Y CLUB Hi-Y Continues Trend With the inspiring leadership of their ad- visor Mr. Allwein and the exuberance of their president Bruce Watts, the Senior Hi-Y soared 54 to new heights of accomplishment, Exemplify- ing the overwhelming consummation of their goals was a highly successful endeavor into the field of journalistic frugality, These highly touted fine young citizens had ex- tremely beneficial meetings on a bi-Weekly basis to discuss amores and ethics of the community at large , 52 suming goal ofthe Honor Society mbers was maintaining acceptable olastic standards . They also ieved, however, certain other ac- nplishments. During every seventh L The most important and most time 1 . . 1 1 iod Honor Society members man d a book sale for the convenience of student body. ln April they presented ir annual induction ceremony during 'ch they welcomed new members in h a comical and serious manner. ncluding a most beneficial year, the nor Society enjoyed an almost -rained picnic at Memorial Lake. Scholastic Achievement Is Demonstrated By The Honor Society SENIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY 53 M .ig V1 1i'lE5 ' Hp an . 'Nw X 3 3' WS' 'EMS 7T.,E3E':,'f : ,- 4, 'N-W5 A 1 4. 1 ei 1 its sw S 2 S 'wr , 7 ' issii j A - if Iii, Wai . . , mr AF' 2, M 1 f rar B Richard Achey Janis Barry Wendy Bates Richard Baylor Barbara Blatt Rhonda Boger Donna Books Darlene Bomgardner Eileen Bomgardner joan Bordlemay Elizabeth Bowman Karen Bowman Robert Bowman Neil Boyer Suzanne Boyer Carol Brandt Kathy Bucher Dorthea Burke Erma Diem Fritz Diebus Lianne Dinnison jeff Dohner Richard Dubbs Irene Dull Barry Dupler Nevin Ebersole Steve Ebersole Connie Ehrhart ' Mary Elliot Edward Fansler james Fernsler Toni Forti Cheryl Fuhrman Evelyn Furman 54 uniors Use Sub-Sale aww 1 mis 1 .3 if-its 1 IM 7 " iii rtii B has William Garthly Daryl Gerber Allen Gibble Janet Gingrich Steven Gingrich Karen Gress Anne Guidon Cynnene Halsell Timothy Hertzog To Ralse Money For Prom Marlene Hitz Dean Kruger David Kyl'e Donald Lavine Gail Leonard Darlene Lewars Deborah Light Lawrence Light Richard Litz Barbara Long Kenneth Horst Ernest Hostetter Cindy Houser June Long Lisa Long Robert Long Richard Houser Rebecca Howell james I-lower . r r. M Rodne Imboden Q .ll f lgorrest Martin Q Kenneth Mase Barbara Meily She rre Irwin MQ Peter Jones JiZf, V i g i3H9i'1T james Kauffman Stanley Keller Darlene Miller il I joe Miller Q5 Charles Moyers ' Robert Klahr f john Kleinfelter Donna Kling , : L ,i. " Patricia Krei 55 SGI' Orville Mumma Dave Murphy Rita Niccolini Howard Nye Diane Ostrander Carolyn Poorman Henry Rasp Robert Reigle Marilyn Reist Dennis Rhoads Bonnie Risser john Rittle Philip Rowland Dan Sauder jean Schmalzer ,QF A? Eg f 5 'Q' ix' ff' 'wb 4 ,:,Q,:vQ:,g3ff r,. ,, M Jw? Members Cf The Class Cf 769 Work David Schumacher Bruce Sellers Terry Seltzer 4' Q W2 is s 5 3 Q t wr, ,aww vii W: K 72152 Catherine Seyfert Janie Shaffer jack Shenk Kathleen Sherman Linda Shipp Sharon Smith jacob Snavely Gary Snyder Gloria Spannuth roy -gig? ' 2 L 'Vi M. 1. Yi . ,Jw . in -Q- i , V a i , i if f L' . . , f k:'L' 2 G3 A, ' 'Q il. rw : , i A .1 ,, 22' he QA : 'Q i, . 2 hh V., T Z ,.. " Q" sn 5 . ia 'T gi. Jig, K ,, s l 4 if P 53569 .'.":,P 1 3'- Dennis Stephen Anita Stover Jeff Tice Colette Tienter Michele Tobias Stephen Tom Eileen Tshudy George Ungemach Nikki Vanovich Gary Walborn Karen Wampler Wayne Wampler Dawn Wartluft Harold Weaver Ken Wengert Feverishly To Complete Prom Decorations On Time I fb '71 vi Robert Wentling Sharie Wert Joyce Wethington Dave Wickes Peggy Wilds Mary jane Windle Gloria Wolfe joseph Zearfoss Harry Zeiders Ed Zimmerman Rita Zimmerman - 5 g - .. u M rv? S fi di 5535? ff -. a f Aff A S i an P l i L Y KING AND QUEEN: l l IACK BOGER AND SANDY ROYER " it 5 f 14,33 uniors Present A 'cStairWay To The Starsi' At The Iunior-Senior Prom 58 As April 27 approachefd, members of the junior Class busily prepared for their part in the junior-Senior Prom. In the usual manner, conscientious members of the class worked diligently Within only a few hours of the dance's beginning to complete the decorations centered around the theme "Stairway to the Stars . " Along with the cleverly contrived decora- tions, one of the outstanding features of this year's prom included the crowning of a king and queen. Bob Wentling, junior Class Presi- dent, officiated at the coronation ceremonies of jack Boger and Sandy Royer. ., 3 LIBRARY ASSISTAN TS Wu. Although few of the students at A-C realize how much time the library assistants give to the library, without the capable work of these girls, the library would not be able to function effectively. As one of their supplementary ac- tivities the club also sponsors an annual Christmas party for the district special edu- cation class in the elementary schools , In addition the girls also went on a field trip to Millersville State Library Where they learned about the field of library science. Library Assistants Serve The Students LIBRARY CLUB In Memoriam MARY DIEM CROSSING THE BAR Sunset and evening star, Twilight and evening bell, And one clear call for me! And after that the dark! And may there be no moaning of the bar, And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I put out to sea, When I embark? For tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place But such a tide as moving seems asleep, The flood may bear me far, Too full for sound and foam, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When that which drew from out the boundless When l have crost the bar. deep Turns again home. Alfred Lord Tennyson 60 s 341.1 F- Every other Tuesday the staff of the DUTCHMAN CRIER meets in A-l to plan and to prepare for the upcoming issue of the school newspaper. Using as guides the points brought out in Miss Ford's lectures on journalism, the staff strived to improve the CRIER both in quality and in quantity. By cutting layout from one Week to one day the staff assured for the student body hotter news, Also they have enriched the newspaper by including more photographs of school activities . The DUTCHMAN CRIER Improves Witdh The Efforts Of A Capable Staff --HIP' Projectionists Aid Class Instruction A familiar sight to all of us has been that of the projectionist club members pushing their movie carts through the halls. Despite the impatient crowds of students, the projec- tionists have continued to deliver visual aid equipment to its destination, Whenever needed, these boys were ready and willing to show movies, run filmstrips, and set up record players. Through their cooperation these boys have done much to facilitate the faculty member's upgrading of their schedules. 5 EGM E, Vw-A ' I n r ,,,, . "'A '7 During Their Last School Year, The Seniors Enjoyed Many Moments Of Relaxation Mn in AUDREY ACHEY 'Q 'K KARL ADEY BARRY ALBERT -W CLASS OFFICERS: HARRY MILLER- -PRESIDENT ROBERT I-IARTMAN--VICE PRESIDENT DONNA DELO NG - - SECRETARY KEITH ALBRIGHT LOUISE I-IOWER--TREASURER AMBER BERRY DAVID BOGER MARK BOM GARDNER 1 I , 'If ei 5 ,x 1 MICHAEL BLAUCI-I JOHN BOGER, III 65 'N I RICHARD BOWERS DONALD BOWLMAN, IR. SUE BOWMAN 'N Q' .X ,K b 6 N 6' A ., it yi.. A BEST ARTI STS: f A RICHARD BOWERS . . . SUE ELLEN BOWMAN ' ' "Pierre" RICHARD BOWERS A Academic Great artistic ability . . . plans a career in art . . . looks for- ward to French class, Art Elective 1, 2, 3. HDOHII DONALD BOWMAN Academic Koufax of A.C.I-I. S .... subtle sense of humor . . . Great White Hunter . Hall Patrol 3, Football 1,2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3, , f sur ELLEN BowMAN , 3 C Looked forward to all hockey games? . . . constant worrier ,' g C adapt with a paint Honor Society 2,33 brush. - ' V F.T.A. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Sr. Class Play "Sue" A 'Academic ' A V 35 Hockey 1,2,3g njerryu Mr. Universe . . . slinger in trig cl arsity Club 2, 3. V - JERRY BOYER A y 3 Academic misleading look of innocence . . . chalk . ' s. . as Band 1, 2, 33 Sr. Class Play 3,1-lall Patrol 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 35 Va Hpamll Unfaltering friend ple asant. . rsity Club 3. PAMELA BOYER e A Commercial .W . . a future of beauty . . . helpful and , Chorus 1,2,3g Honor Society 33 Tri-I-li-Y 1,2, 33 F.B.L.A. 2,r3Q1 ARLENE, BREIDENSTINE A A "Arlene" Commercial , Leads an exciting life . . . always has a tale to tell . . . cheer- ful and peppy. Library Club 1, 2, 3. LUCILLE BRANDT "Cil1e" A Academic Our own Joan Baez . . . Miss Hull's pride and joy . . . sports fan. Chorus 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 35 Newspaper 3. A JUDY CALDWELL . ' f "Judy" 3, L L ,Aead,emiesfgg,i, Infectious laugh. . . a kind word for everyone . . . competeiiiif essayist. A L F. T.A. 2, 3, Tri-H1-Y 2,35 sf. Class Play 3, Tri-Class Play 3,3 Newspaper 3. ' "Mike" Wild sense of hum o personality. C ,Band 1, 2, 35 Brass Cross Country 1, 2, MICHAEL CAMPBELL ' ,C ,I Academic f r . . . a proverb a day . . . congenial ' ' hoir l,2,3, Hall Patrol 35 Track i, 2, 33 33 Varsity Club 3. , , PAMELA BOYER LUCILLE BRANDT GERALD BOYER, JR. ARLENE BREIDENSTINE JUDY CALDWELL SPORTSMANSHIP AND BEST ATI-ILETE AWARDS 67 M IC HAEL CAMPBELL r ' 1 5 r E F Q 5 A f , . 2 Z K 7 l SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: ROSE DILLARD BEST ATHLETE: CI-IARIOTTE COMINS MICHELE CAPRIOTTI R... GREGORY COLVIN DONNA CUSTER DONNA DELONG CHARLOTTE COM INS DONNA DAUBERT 68 2,35 Club 3 ' DONNA 1323 Club 3. , ROSE DILLARD TRUDIE ELLENBERGER JAMES ENSMINGER LINDA ESTEP JOHN FAKE BRENDA FAKE MICHAEL FAKE DOROTHY FINE SENIOR SOCCER LETTER WINNERS 70 ll' 7 'iw WT WINFIELD FINKBINER, IR 2 IUDITH FOLK BRENDA F UNK DLANNE GERBER X, A A ai C E BEST-,MUSICLQNS:C , E ' limnda H ROBERT HARTMAN . . . DOROTHY FINE ' LINDA ESTEP ' Ac ademic Will make a great old lady . . . constant talker , . . floozy. Libraryy Club lgejflfri-l'IieY 1, Z, 35 Sr. Class Hay 3. E , BRENDA FAKE y ' V "Brenda" Commercial Cool dancer . . . "Delcords" . . . brains of the commercial sections. ' V V SOCi6tY,2','3Q Tri-I-li-Y 1, 2, 35 Yearbook 35 Pep Club 2, 33 Newspaper lg Gym Leader's Club lg F.B.L.A. 2. ' f JOHN FAKE L "John" General The fighter . . . Mr. Projectionist . . . tradewind leaderg 7BSfQj53Ctl0I11S r'fMike" t l,2,3, Stage Crew 1,2,3, F E L A 2,3 5, kr , ,- , I . ,, Q Q , i , i5ll. :V , C MICHAEL FAKE ly C ' General Frequents dances . . . loyal to the baseball team . . . ardent golfer. 12 25 BeS2be112,3f SGWSP1- as E E E Q E r E C DORQTHY FINE ll "Dottie" y Academic Musical virtuoso . . . Who's disorganized? . . . exotic tastes. Cbprus 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Clarinet Choirg Dance Band 2, 35 Honor as C WINFIELD FINKBINEQR "Winnie" V 4 General Doctor Winfieldf--Surgeon General . . . heavy eyelids , . . checlm in homeroom at 8:04. E y ly P Wmee 'T ,V E r JUDY FOLK E C "Judy" General Horse lover Tri-Hi-Y 1, - ,z da n Early' riser . . . . lost in a Forrest . . . Mrs. Light's best friend. 2, 33 Track Assistant 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 3. C L C C BRENDA FUNK 4' C ,Ee.y fjj ' , Commercial . . wide-eyed innocence . . . small and soft- spoken. Hwaor Society 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g F.B.L.A. 2,3. Q E DIANTNE GERBER E E . C f"'Dianne" C C ' Comifielrcial Mild and meek in gym? . . . quiei manner . . . throwaa mean softball . 93301115 lfzf SA 3 , ' , THOMAS GINGRICI-I PATRICIA GOODMAN ROBERT GRABY DORCAS GRAHAM BARBARA GRUBB ALBERT HAMM BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER AWARD: BARBARA KELLER . . . DORCAS GRAHAM JOAN HANLON PENELOPE HAUER ROBERT HARTMAN 7 3 EDWARD HEAGY JAMES HIEFFNER KERRY HEM PERLY Witaliigg -9,5 31 I xii ? 3 ,Q ,, . . I V VLIL kkV-,. . .V AkVVLAVh 'LTVZT K i kVL,- I ,YLV l 'lg,5 iL'. ZLA Zlyh - A'4Ed" 'h A I fa -' g L, h' ,h As 4 .DOh 7t.1H1f 199k,. f?bl m Canhyoui'Sfif?Sf3iii?ErQ,Qthe steeri11gfyv,heQl? ' . gif? 'L , f h,. - " ,l . , K. kF..LF'bAAi kk77v lr ii , AVV. ik' . K ,., f 'JAMES 1' f ' e "1im" m4b ' -k 5-.5 L M ., vAcad6micy5.'l mf1M'a,th,geniiigil ? .. .. member of the 1 ., -SQSSCS Z'A f Y . A . l :Eff . l ., , 1 . f . .,. . f . V L,.L K ' V,.L' . ,V,r. v,,L -Hatchet j 4 srnO0th,ft31k6f, fQ5.? QQ ,Kklldrk LegcCe,di?in1iVfff ,head:iQchefmi:nberf29. 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JOYCE MARTIN KENT KREAMER ' "Kent" Academic Armored motorcycle . . . promising math teacher . . 3. never complains? ,Chorus 1,2,33 Band 1,2,33 Dance Band 1,2, 33 Brass Choir 1,23 35 Glee Club 132, 35 Tri-Class Play 1, 33 Sr. Class Play 35 Hall Patrol 33 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, 33 Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club 2, 3. LINDA KRUGER "Linda" Academic Likes the older man . . . born leader . . . Agent .O07. Nurses Club 33 Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 33 Newspaper 2, 33 Gym Leader's Club 13 Basketball 1, 25 Hockey 2, 33 Varsity Club 3. 3 BONNIE LAYSER 3 ,,"Lonnie" ' Agriculture Looks toward underclassmen . . . agriculturally minded . . . pleasure seeker. 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3. . y A , BRUCE LENTZ "Bruce" , General Drummer boy . . . looks toward Luiderclassmen . . . make mu- sic, not love! Band 1,2,33 Dance Band 3. 3 ' DORIS LENTZ 3 "Doris" General Artistic ability . . . quiet but fun . . . has a world of her own. F.H.A. 1,2,3. JOANNE LONG "jo" Commercial Good things come in small packages . . . do blonds really have more fun? . . . goes for the older man. Chorus 1,2,3gTri-Hi-Y1,2,33Pep Club 2,3. 3 SHIRLEY LoNc ' "Shirley" Academic Infecitious Smile . . . mature young lady . . . innocent blond. FJ-LA. 1,2,3g Nurses Club 1, 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Newspaper 1 , 2, 3. A CARL LUTTMAN 3 - "Carl" Commercial Mr. Bookkeeper . . . the pharmacist . . . can't wait for gym class, Band 1, 2, 3s Clarinet Choir 33 Dance Band 1, 2, 33 F.B.L.A. 2, 3. , IANICE MARTIN ,, " an" Academic 79 3 3 I ,AC's nomination for the Oscar . . . She might seem serious, but we know' better . . . "Who argues with Mr. Kline?" Chorus 2, 33 Honor Society 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Sr. Class Play 33 TriFClass Play 1, 2, 33 Yearbook 3. MARY JEAN MCCORKLE "Mary Jean" General Livens Home Ec. class with arguernents . . . daring horseback rider . . . self-confident. Chorus 1, 2, 3, Nurses Club 1, 25 Library Assistant 3. CHARLES MILLER "Charlie" . Academic One of our representatives to District Chorus . . . has an answer for all questions . . . hunts for monsters. ' Chorus 35 Band 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 3, Basketball 1, 2,35 Track 2, 3, District Chorus 35 Wind Ensemble 3. CRAIG MILLER "Craig" General Steady worker . . . backstage aid . . . seen but seldom heard. Projectionist 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 2, 3. ' HARRY MILLER "Harry" A Academic One of the Merry Men . . . well . . . yes! !! . . . corridor casanova. Chorus 1,2,33 Band 1,2,33 Brass Choir 1,2,33 Glee Club 1,25 Honor Society 1, 2, 33 Class Officer 2, 33 Tri-Class Play 1, 2, 35 Sr. Class Play 35 Hall Patrol 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3. LARRY MILLER , "Larry" Academic Trombone stand-by . . . capable organization man . . . pool shark. Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 33 Brass Choir 1, 2, 3, Honor Society 35 Student Council 35 Hall Patrol 1, 2, 33 Football 2, Track 2, 33 Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 3. CATHY NISSLEY "Cathy" Academic Looks forward to French class . . . lively redhead . . . dreams A to be fulfilled. . Chorus 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 25 Yearbook 33 Pep Club 2, 3. KAREN PELLEGRINI "Karen" Commercial Once a clown, always a clown . . . sympathetic to the down- hearted . . . enjoys law? Chorus 1, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Basketball, F.B.L.A. 35 Pep Club 2, 3, Varsity Club 3. . SHARON FFAUTZ V "Sharon" - Commercial Pretzel girl . . . athletic ability . . . devoted sports fan. Honor Society 39 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Gym Leaders Club 15 Basket- ball 15 F.B.L.A. 2, 33 Pep Club 2,3. KATHY RAGGUINTO "Kathy" Academic Longs for '68 . . . sweet and petite . . . keeps a stiff head in gym class. F.H.A. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. MARY MCCORKLE CHARLES MILLER, II BEST ATI-ILETES: GEORGE RUTH . . . CHARLOTTE COMINS ,hir CRA IC MILLER HARRY MILLER, IR. LARRY MILLER CATHERINE NISSLEY BAUSCH AND LOMB SCIENCE AWARD: HARRY MILLER KAREN PELLEGRINI KATHLEEN RAGGUINTO SHARON PFAUTZ 81 H f -D iw-N-rx L X 2 A-. 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Af AA A DDAQDA my -QDDD-A-ADDqD,i3DAfw -A ADA A DD ADDDDD-AQ,DDA5DZg,ng5.DD52b.5,yg 1 D' 'A 5'iALY5W'AAi'?si3FAA'Ti?51i25A5'AWAAAADAE4'iAW':A+5?53?IfY?EA76AEA:SQ667:-ff'?5?25-fbi?5AWli55PE5yiL?i?A'W5f5?AQAAAAIf1'AfA'AA-AEDAA AHA" I U!-1Af'11929?3?Af55T3iDiP2f5P?DA-AAAD-AfAAfA'AA -7 AA DD Y 5 DD--27-',D4:MD'wA 116- MAADDD-DDM-A15Dmsmi DQ-DDD-Daw-DD:DDJDDDA D AA DD D DD-ADDDf-AfADfsD- DDDD AD A A DDD ' D EDD7ZD3D-DDDDDHDDDQ D DD D DD DDDD DD D DD D QEDQSQASMDDD-gsggs-A MDL sw THOMAS SCHAEFFER WARREN SHEAF GEORGE RUTH VAR SITY BA SEBALL AWARD: GEGRGE RUTH T GLENN SEAMAN JAY SHUEY BARBARA SMITH if CROSS COUNTRY AWARD: SANDRA SMITH WAYNE TSI-IUDY ggggamhw APRIL SNAVELY DANIEL SPRECI-EER DIANE THOMPSON EVA SOHLMAN DIANE STRUPHAR 84 ..i,..,..-.7 SANDRA SMITH "Schmit" R Academic Short stop . . . always laughing . . . likes well-seasoned purses. Band 1,2, 35 F.I-LA. 1,2,35 F.cT.A. 25 Wind Ensemble 35 Pep Club 2,3. APRIL SNAVELY h "April" 3 Commercial Dreams of underclassmen .' . 'Fire Prevention Queen . . . 'fu- izmfe includes the businessyworlcl, , A Renew 25 Tri-I-Ii-'Y 1, 2, 33'fF7gfB'. LA. 2, 3. 2 EVA SOI-ILLMAN l "Eva" Academic Has plans for the near future . . . holdswild Pj parties . . . the lzittle Swede adores Italian boys. Color Guard 1,2,3g Honor Society 33 F.H.A. 1,2, 35 Library Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Newspaper 1, 2, 35 Yearbook 3. hxs about of her way . plans to "feet" of becoming . . member of troupe. Society 2, 33 Tx-1-H1-Y 1, 2, 3, Sr Play 35 Basketball 1,25 . . wzll hxs country . . ankle. Crew 2,3. cmb 3g Track 1, 2,35 Club 3 CLASS SANDY . DONALD w -- f 1 -Q 1.4 ,lb . ,,,,,,,,,.,k V, ,.., WM, 0,55 GERALD TOBIAS CLIFFORD TRUMBO, JR WAYNE TSHUDY RODNEY ULRICI-I CSAIL WALMER KEITH UMBERGER TERENCE WALTZ INDUSTRIAL ARTS STUDENTS: RICKY WARTLUFF . . . JAY SHUEY 86 WARREN WAMPLER CAROL WARTLUFT eff" RICKY WA RT LUFT BRUCE WATTS MARLENE WEAVER TWO-SPORT LET'r1sRMEN 1 ' 1 Ronzsrrv ULRICH - p E "Rod" V V, V V 'General Is he alive? . V, Mr. F uremanfs,Vpet1 in English makes a snail look speedy. l ' ' ' f y I Hi-Ya. V 2 ,R a KEITH UMBERGER A "Keith" - Academic Great football fan . . . wants to advance in the engineering world . . V. peculiar ideasabout girls. . Varsity Club 35 Hall Patrol 33 Football 1, 2, Track 1, V 3 C GAIL WALMER 1 V A 1 "Gail" ' Academic Summer blond . 4 . likes to listen to a good trombone . . . wobbly head. ' F.T.A. 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. TERENCE WALTZ "Worm" 1 1 Academic Record breaker . . . b0OkWorm . , Perfectionist. 7-'T ' X Chorus 1,2,33 Band 1,2, 35 Dance Band 1, 2,3g Brass Choir 1,2, 35 Glee Club 35 Honor Society 1, 2,35 Sr. Class Play 35,1-lall Patrol 2, 3, Basketball 1,2, 3, Track 1, 2, 35 Soccer 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3. . FRANK WAMPLER my "Frank" , ' Commercial . Chases looseybaslsettballs . .V . hot dog sidekick . . ,Miss y V Witter's pain. 1 3 , f 1 V V Stage Crew 2, 3, -Hall Patrol 39 Basketball 1, 2, 33 F.B.l..A. 2, 3g Varsity Club 3. A CAROL WARTLUFT "Carol" Commercial Sports fan . . . digs worms . . . qualified seamstress. Chorus 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Tri-Class Play 1, 3, Sr.. Class Play 33 F.B.L.A. 2,33 Pep Club 2, 3. ' , - X RICKEY WARTLUFT "Rick"f General Capable county commissioner . . . has eyes for a former falcon- ier . . . "miracle worker". Band 1, 2, 35 ,Brass Choir 15 Student Council 33 Hall Patrol 35 Track 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club 3. V . 1 sli, BRUCE WATTS 1 D k "Bozz" ' ' 1 Academic ,, That red Chevy . . . keeps the cops in business . . . tell triple jumper. , ' Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1,129 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Track l,2,3g Soc- cer 3. ' MARLENE WEAVER 3 - "M91'35meU - 1 1 if . fA4?3dBmiC Never a harsh word. . . quiet' 1 -.gcfi enjoys the musifaffworld. Chorus 1,2,3g Nurses, Club 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. V 3'3r , , 3 ' ' .4 1. Z ,. . z rw' - ' -5: fK.f Q sv ,. . va, DENNIS WEIDLER "Denny" Academic I-lis silence is deceiving . . . subtle huxnor . . . eats up the miles, Honor Society 2, 3, Hall Patrol 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 1, 2, 3. KIRBY WEIMER "Kirby" Academic Curly . . . all-county tackle . . . combination of brawn and brain. Chorus 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 Dance Band 1,2,35 Glee Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 2, 35 Hall Patrol 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 33 Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 3. DONNA WISE "Donna" General Wedding bells . . . Skips along . . . "I got another letter." Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. GERALD YOUNG "Gerry" General Deceitfully quiet . . . pride and joy--his Mustang . . . always has a comical remark. MICHAEL ZECK ' "Chang" Academic Soul brother . . . Mr. All-American Chipmunk with oriental ancestry . . . Pamelli jones. ' Chorus l,2,35 Sr. Class Play 35 Hall Patrol 1, 2, 3, Football 1,2, 35 Track 1,2, 3, Varsity Club 33 Pep Club 2, 3. KAREN ZIMMERMAN "Karen" Commercial Hopes for a career in hairdressing . . . shares in the ups and downs of life . . . conscious of the boys. TRAC K PRESENT AT ION AWARD S DENNIS WEIDLER KIRBY VVELVIER DONNA WISE i SENIOR FOOTBALL LETTER WINNERS GERALD YOUNG MICHAEL ZECK KAREN ZlIv1M ERMAN HONOR SOCIETY INDUCT IO N 89 Senior Class Presents For all students involved, "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding op- portunity. Both performances, held on November 16 and 17, were successful. Of course, there were the inevitable on stage complications such as a mistaken cue and a tempermental record player. Nevertheless, both the entire cast and its director Mr. DeHaven derived great satisfaction and experience from work- ing together toward the common goal of a favorable performance. Tom Corbett Eddie Mrs. Masters Eiizabeth Do11y Rita Mrs. Bridges Heien Ann Norm Mr. Donneliy Mike A Mr. Shane Becky Loretta Aiice. Caig Harry with a problem his younq son their housekeeper a nurse a beauty queen a career qiri a neighbor her young dauqhter a qay bacheior A apartment superintendent Eddie's bunk mate camp director a secretary Mrs. Bridges' sister a teacher at the camp Harry Miiier 'Mark Nethington Carol Wartiuft Janice Martin Gienda Herr Sharon Horn Linda Estep 'Beth Bei1y Lee Sheaf Kent Kreameg +Gary Wattg Robert Hartmaf Mary Howeih Carol Martiufb Judy Caidweih u Lee Shea? Kent Kreamen 'The Courtship Of Eddie-3,5 Fatherw PLAY CAST OF "THE CGURTSHIP OF EDDIE S FATHER 91 Annville-Cleona High School COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Organ Preludes - Trumpet Tune .. Hohlig Andante in E Major .. .. .. Mendelssohn The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupre , Russell Mildred E. Myers, Organist 'Processional - Pomp and Circumstance .... . . , . .. ,, . Elgar 'Invocation ,. . . The Reverend Verle C. Schumacher A Pastor, United Lutheran Church, Annville 'Hymn - Fairest Lord jesus Address of Welcome ., ..., .... , . Harry Miller Choral Selection - Psalm 150 ,. .. .,.. ...., , , , . . . Lewandowski Senior High Chorus directed by Mrs. Robert Sollenberger Introduction of Speaker , ,..., .... , ..... .... ,,... , . .. M. L Keim Supervising Principal Commencement Address .. ,... ..... . ,..... D r. Sheridan Watson Belli Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church, Harrisburg, l Selection - Concertino . .,.. ........ . . . ,,.. . ,..,... .,.. . ..,, . C. M. von Weber' Trudi Ellenherger, Clarinetist Dorothy Fine, Pianist Presentation of Class .. ,. . , . , Richard H. Gingrich High School Principal Presentation of Diplomas ,............ ......,,.,.. I ames T. Karsnitz President, Board of Education 'Alma Mater .. .. ,, , ,. ,.... . Words and Music by Harry Frederick '58 Senior Class 'Benediction . ..... .. .. .,.. , .,., The Rev. Vcrle C. Schumacher 'Recessional - Marche Triomphale . ,,.... ., . . , Becker - w,,u1w"R,-so .,., 32. . Seniors Have Final Dress Rehearsal In Preparation For Commencement , I f SENIOR AWARDS Annville American Legion and Readers Digest Awards Highest Honors in Class ,.......,. ,......... .,......... . . . .. . Annville Businessmen's Association Award . Harry Miller Second Highest Honors in Class , .,...,,,.,... .......,, , , . , Trudi Ellenberger Annville-Cleona National Honor Society Scholarship Award . Rose Dillard Annville Reading Circle Award for Excellence in English Annville Rotary Club Service Awards . . . . Annville-Cleona Kiwanis Club Courtesy Awards Bausch and Lomb Science Award . .. . , Betty Crocker Homemaking Award .. . Business Education Awards Outstanding Student in Course . . , Bookkeeping ..,.....,,....,., ..... ...... Shorthand ........... Typewriting ............ .. . F.B.L.A. Award .,.., ,. , ,, Class of '62 Service Award . , Class of '66 Leadership Award .,,.....,. ,,.,..... , ,, . Cleona NVomans Club Award ..,,... ,..., .... , Danfordi Foundation Personal Development Awards . DAR Good Citizens Award . ,......... ,. . , .. .., Lebanon County Republican Committee for Excellence in Democracy ,.,. ., ..... .... . .,., Lebanon Valley Kiwanis Club Athlete Scholarship Awards Lebanon Valley National Bank Mathematics Awards The jack Sudbury Memorial Award tlndustrial Artsl XVCTU Citizenship Awards ,. , . , , joseph H. and Emma R. XVcstenberger Memorial Awards Home Economics . . . ,.., . . , , Vocational Agriculture Barbara Grubb Louise Hower Gregory Colvin Dorothy Fine Dennis XVeidlur .. Harry Miller , Audrey Achey , Virginia lmboden . . Carl Luttman . . .. Arlene Breidcnstine Virginia lmboden . .... Brenda Fake , Gregory Colvin Gregory Colvin ,. Janice Martin janice Martin Keith Albright . Louise Hower Problems of Barbara Grubb . Louise Hower Terry XValtz Terry NValtz Harry Miller Gerald Young Suc Ellen Bowman Lcc Shcaf , Dorcas Graham Barbara Keller Edward Heagy Dale Hoover SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Centennial Scholarship, Ursinus College . Moyer Longacre Scholarship . , .. Naval Reserve Officers Training Scholarship Trudi Ellenberger Lee Sheaf Keith Albright Educational Opportunity Grant, Franklin and Marshall College Gregory Colvin VARSITY SOCCER Inexperienced Soccer Team Wins Runneru 94 32 Q EF Although the soccer season seemed gloomy, the AC booters did experience some high spots during Coach Wor- cester's first year at the helm, By de- feating Norlebco, they took second place in the Norlebco Invitational, In addition the team defeated the same Norlebco team twice to gain a third place in the County League, which will be disbanded next year. Individually, Senior Terry Waltz received first team recognition on the County All-Star team. Senior Mike Fake and sophomore Rennie Marquette also received post-season honors in gaining berths on the second team All- Stars , rophy In Invitational 'Tournament AC OPP. O Tulpehocken 4 O Elco 3 1 Cedar Crest 3 0 Norlebco l O Elco 3 0 Cedar Crest 4 3 Norlebco 1 O Elco 1 O Cedar Crest 1 1 Norlebco O NORLEBCO INVITATIONAL 0 Northeastern 3 2 Norlebco 1 QAC wins secondj SOCCER SENIORS F' 'f ru 2 , - he .QQ wigs 4 ' lx A 9 Sign ' z g' ' A :.,. Terry Achey james Atkins john Barner Linda Beard Norman Beare Roderick Beyerly Carol Beuchle Gail Bissinger Sharon Blauch Candy Boger Ronald Bomberger Harvey Bomgardner Harry Books Robert Books Craig Borges EPR Class Advisors Miss Guide Their Sophomores Charles Brandt PW is wif 'rw Ernest Brightbill Ann Brown Charles Brown . Robert Bryce Larry Buffenmeyer john Bummer Nancy Care ew M! r I 9 Robert Chabitnoy Elizabeth Chadwick Edith Cooper William Cox Randall Crawford Dale Custer Richard Deimler Donna Deitz Mike DeLong WiEM""r Debra Dodson Debra Donmoyer Debbie Dubbs Dawn Dutweiler Brenda Ebersole Richard Ebersole Cindy Eckenrod e Martha Estep Cathleen Fake vw' Mary Fake Robert Felty Donald Fidler john Fisher Debra Forwood janet Gerber Af' -a 3 a , al, .M i KL.. M, -1. in ts ":'V' 5 , , L --AQ'-2f' Jia. ZIA dl.. wmv lf x 1 A l , i ii I .. X . . . . ,HI 'lm l i ' - A " ' 1 L ottora a s-f an al l ji. Clair Goodman Patricia Graby MaryAnn Graby William Graby Gerald Hoffer Harold Hoffsmith Alan Hontz L Q3 if ' Susan Grant W A I X , Q V ..., Q Joanna Guildoo l A Melvin Habecker Barbara Hallman Nevin Hoover Dwight Hostetter Stephen l-lostetter Kenneth Hamm Earl Hartman Karen Heeter Mary Iane Heisey Connie lmboden Linda Irwin Craig Karsnitz Juanita Hemperly Kim Hemperly James Herr Marie Hitz Janet Keener Christopher Keller Lance Keller Witmeyer And Mr. Stepp Randal Kelly Robert Kerkeslager Susan Kline Through A Successful Year William Kline Cheryl Kraiser Marilyn Kreamer Lynn Kreider Clair Kreiser Deborah Kreiser Sandra Kreiser Benn Kruger Glenn Layser Sheila Lehn Susan Lemon Gene Leonard 97 "3'v"'7 K X- - V vw- J '.'.,. Iaxwfdy K I Q .,Z. , N arf-f if 'P , A51 '4.,:"f' W TH X N f, . 5 is-if ' wif , .,'-' Q ig gi Q S' . M ix! A aw. .15 'if ...:! . kr',, P Jigs if ,. Mc, 52? ,. 1 ,J L ,fn of K on ' I l hw 4 ..."-L.-2. J F X '41- rf A. V if ,air 'f an ,Tig ' Gregory Light Lily Lingle Tom Lingle Robert Livering Janet Long Jeanne Loose Reynolds Marquette Kirby Martin Grace Mase Class Of ' O Uses u Judy McCorkle Clyde Meyer Dianne Meyer Deborah Miller Randal lvliller James Mumma Larry Pyles Deborah Ragguinto Larry Reitz Dennis Rhoad David Myers Jeffrey Newman Richard Nickliss Andrea Rhodes Karen Rhodes Don Risser -Michael Risser Lawrence Noll Linda Partridge Daryl Peterson Dennis Rowland Steven Royer Fred SanMartin Steven Schaeffer Daryl Schumacker Harold Schwalm Judy Shaffer Patricia Sheetz 98 'W-V--- 11:52 .lf in il' fi 1 .uf jan Shoomaker Ken Shuey Lavern Snavely Ronald Stark Sylvia Stasko Gerald Taulbee Linda Troutrnan Thomas Tucker Kathy Uhler Karen Umberger Connie VanWinkle Sondra Warfel Sale As Fund I'H1S1I1g Project Darlene We aber Lillian Weaber Cheryl Weaver Marletta Weaver Sus an Weaver D elores Weik Charlagne Weimer James Wise Kenneth Wolfe Ronald Wolfe Susan Yake Mark Yorty Barry Zimmerman Cindy Zimmerman Y wma . 99 l STAGE CREW Stage Crew ontributes To Success Of Pla s During all presentations in the auditorium this year, there was as much action backstage as there was onstage. Rarely seen and taken for granted by the audience, the Stage Crew members spent many hours doing Work which ranged from fixing flats and or- ganizing lighting schedules to pulling the curtain and making stage props. Certainly, the mem- bers of the Stage Crew have of- fered an almost indispensable contribution to the success of various choral and dramatic performances. QA ,uc M 1? Candid Camera Shows Many Aspects Of Student Life . ' A For' FICE t CHILL' X!fC3'fp QZLVDTE1 RECQR Dm ProBATOON Q A M FO R? i ASSE SSN E Ls, 4 K ,, bw, li SENIOR HICH STUDENT COUNCIL Senior High Student Council, Led By President Creg Colvin, Serves Bott Consisting of elected repre- sentatives from each of the three senior high classes, the Annville- Cleona Student Council is the school's governing body. Through its legislative activities the Coun- cil endeavors to solve student problems and therefore to better student -administrative relations. 102 chool And Community Not only does the Student Coun- cil help to administer school poli- cies but it also serves both school and community in many ways. For instance, the Council has erected road signs at the intersection in Annville and on Route 934. For the students the Council sponsored a computer dance with Palmyra, sponsored an exchange student program withCumber1and Valley High School, and started an inves- tigation into the possibility of opening a student store. Furthermore, the Student Council participated in various charitable drives. The Council members acted as chaperons to the children who participated in the World Service Drive at Hal- loween. The members also col- lected clothes for needy children in the "Save the Children Foun- dation" drive. As a member of the Capital Area Association of Student Councils the Council spon sored Field Day for the raising of money for Peace Corps schools -,Q Q if gf is TENNIS TEAM 3. TENNIS SCORES Cocalico Hershey Tulpehocken Conrad Weiser Cedar Crest Elco Camp H111 Elco Hershey 5 X2 Cedar Crest Camp Hill Tulpehocken Conrad Weiser 104 The AC tennis team showed great ' improvement in the 1968 tennis sea- rom son and has the potential for an even . . better season next year. The loss of lnlsh In Lianne Dinnison and senior Charlotte Comins will be a blow to the team's line-up, but Deb Light, jean Schmal- zer, and Marilyn Reist will try their best to lead the team to victory next year. VARSITY TRACK AND FIELD TEAM During his three years varsity career, Terry Waltz amassed 566 1X4 points, making him the all time scorer in the history of AC track and field. Indica- tive of his great value to the overall team effort was the fact that in only one dual meet did Terry fail to sweep the 100, 220, and 440 yard dashes. Despite his phenomenal accom- plishments, Terry had not set a school record until, ironically, during the final day of his high school competi- tion at the County Meet, he set a new mark in the 440 yard dash with a clocking of 52.0. Not only had he set a record, but he also won the trophy awarded to the high scorer in the meet. TERRY WALTZ if M . , at as X 65,3 Track Seniors Set Six Sehoo Its Dual Meet Win Streak Tc Because of Greg Colvin's major knee surgery in mid-winter, few people would have guessed that Greg might eventually set a new school record of 2:00. 6 in the S80 yard run during the 1968 season. Greg, however, not only ran the S80 yard run throughout the dual meet schedule but, depending on the caliber of opposition, he was willing to run a leg on either or both of the 2 mile and mile relay teams. Regardless what he'd be called upon to run, Greg's fellow ath- letes and his coaches knew that even on only one sound leg, his pride and natural competi- tiveness would never allow himself to quit. VARSITY TRACK SCORES Elizabethtown Central Dauphin Norlebco Redland Cumberland V. Milton Hershey Mechanicsburg Middletown Lower Dauphin Susquehanna Cedar Crest Palmyra Hershey East Pennsboro 106 OPP . 44 56 1X2 33 lf2 45 lf2 62 29 52 66 U2 30 38 38 36 51 14 ' , Led by the consistent per- formances of its senior dis- tance men, the Little Dutch- men thinclads continued to dominate the track and field competition in the CAC Com- petition. In the process of finishing its third consecutive undefeated dual meet season in the CAC, the team also ex- tended its all-winning streak in dual meets to 45. Along with its fine dual meet successes, the track team's great depth and indi- vidual brillance showed to good advantage in special meet competition as the team won more trophys than had any other team in AC's his- tory. Repeating as champion of the Lebanon County and records As The Team Extends orty-F ive DENNIS WEID LER Dennis Weidler and Wayne Tshudy emerged as the finest miler and two-miler in school his- tory as they repeatedly broke their own school records . Weidler, whose best mile time was 4:3l.0, typified the unselfish athlete who'll sacrifice himself on behalf of the team. For example in most meets, Weidler not only ran the mile and the half-mile, but he also ran anchor on the 2 mile relay team that eventually went to State, While Dennis was attempting to fulfill the Herculean task set before him, diminutive Wayne Tshudy scored victory after victory in the 2 mile throughout the dual and special meet seasons as he set a new record of l0:02.5 in his spe- CAC League Meet, the Dutch- men also triumphed in both portions of the Lebanon News Relays, in the Dichinson ln- vitational and in the Cedar Cliff Relays . In addition AC finished second in the Ship- pensburg Invitational and third in the District Meet. Such an excellent seasonal track and field record is a tribute to the dedication of every athlete and coach as they continually strived to maintain that degree of ex- cellence to which they had been accustomed. lf this at- titude continues, the chances for AC's future successes in track and field are quite bright. BRUCE WATTS Known primarily as a triple jumper, an event in which he holds the school record of 43' 3f4", Bruce Watts also came into his own in the long jump during the 1968 season. ln the District Meet he culminated his fine improve- ment by jumping 21' ll" for a new school rec- ord as he finished scant inches from a second place finish and a trip to the State Meet. WAYNE TSHUDY ,,,,,.,-Q--M cialty , Unfortunately, Wayne ' s unbeaten record came to an end in the District Meet where the the money. gritty little runner finished out of 107 LEBANON NEWS RE LAYS: COUNTY 880 RELAY WINNER SHIPPENSBURG INVITATIONA L CClass Bb Middletown-- 39 172 AC 35 Biglerville 33 DICKINSON INVITATIONA L CClass BD AC 41 172 Carlisle 37 York 31 CEDAR CLIFF RELAYS I fClass BJ AC 17 172 Middletown 17 Mechanicsburg 7 LEBANON NEWS RELAYS Class B AC 28 DICKINSON INVITATIONAL: TWO MILE RELAY WINNER Boiling Springs 27 Conrad Weiser I7 County AC 26 Palmyra 18 Cedar Crest 16 CAC MEET AC 74 172 Middletown 57 Mechanicsburg 47 DISTRICT III MEET CClass BJ Middletown 3 I Mechanicsburg 17 172 AC 17 LEBANON COUNTY MEET AC 132 Palmyra 43 Cedar Crest 40 , , f '- 5' 5 affm?5g,.,,, B V ' , sz W .M-t1'f.2ls all M W ,WI ff ikiztaflrawif'ifliwfgfisixififiitfif' , '- .f .ffiijjl I 151 QX'75g!Tf5:'f5,j A-,:,f'5El7ASQQIk'l"i L' , mswiiiiiiaggsfsiii if izlwsfifzfcf-':' I- is eg: M24 24 AH,gvrQsfG5W'1'i 1, -:1 I QLQIQYE-it 35. y er A .t immy ,lager lf . it , Ji Thinolads Record Si: Tenth Straight Countj AC's only representative to the 1968 PIAA State Meet was our ex- cellent two mile relay team con- sisting of Greg Colvin, Mike Campbell, Jack Shenk, and Den- nis Weidler. After finishing a close second in the District Meet, where they set a new school record of 8:O8.1, the team managed to win fourth place medals at State. Earlier in the season this quartet of the finest distance runners in AC history had been victori ous in the Shippensburg and Dickinson Invitational Meets, the County Meet, and the Lebanon News Re- lays. In addition, Colvin, Camp- bell, and Weidler teamed with Barry Zimmerman to capture the distance medley title at the Cedar Cliff Relays. 108 VICTORY SCEN A 2 W I as . 9 . L f , iz M' 1 1-w'r"' VOLVO A ,M V , ' fi , RICK BAYLOR Illustrating AC's great depth in the weights, Al Gibble, Fritz Diebus, Bob Wentling and jim Hower easily captured the first shotput relay trophy in our school's history with an accumulative dis- tance of over 19O'. In leading his team to victory, Al Gibble broke his own school record with a toss of 53'3". In addition, Al also had topnotch performances most of the season. Only a subpar performance in the District Meet prevented Gibble from having finished in first or second place in every spe- cial meet. Teammate Fritz Diebus gave AC a one -two punch not only in the shot, but also in the discus. Though he had contributed valu- able team points with finishes in the top five in every special meet, Diebus saved his best performance for the District Meet where he putted the iron ball 52'5 UZ", making him the second best shot- putter in AC history. iictories, Including AC,S itle, In Special Meets f LEBANON NEWS RELAYS 109 in -rgml fi .I I I I I Y AW Q L' - 5, f 1' f , ,NQQQ fp 3 qi Q . W If .. r, I 'J -+-mil y X -5"fff rj, Q ' R P E1-af? sl---""" - "' ,iw A 125251 -ff ,I -2fj'2ij53?,LiS gag Q, ' ,A V I ' r fav- -, lugs -4 Ac, . A-sf 'g 315 I j gli 5 -- use frwfs. I.-ft'-nv: ig' , -V r ','tJ--3.3 ,K -I :irq f ,z1::w tm M TOP: AL GIBBLE, FRITZ DIEBUS. BOTTOM: BOB WENTLING, JIM HOW ER LEBANON NEWS RELAYS: COUNTY 440 RE LAY WINNERS 'HHH' fi gin pa. I A Q 'I -. xi 5' X' :'rL. --ugly.: Q ,A ' r L. M tm X ::fS"I':': f if .. 4- BOB WENTLING FRITZ DIEBUS Underclassmen Letter Bob Wentling, AC's premier discus thrower, waited until the final competition of the ear at . the County Meet to come up with his fingst ca- reer throw, 165' 5 lf2". With this toss, Went- ling gained vengeance over one of his arch- rivals who had beat him in District Ill com- petitionj Next year, with a lot of arduous work t t during the off-season, Bob should do even better in his specialty than he did during the DAVE t. it t i 1968 season. KYLE IIM FERNSLER IOHN KLEINFELTER 110 4-4v""""'W hui .., 1-X , ,,, ,wr DARYL GERBER Winners Provide The Depth Continued Success Of The Track And Field BARRY ZIMMERMAN IOHN FISHER STAN KELLER KARL ADEY CHARLIE MILLER Underrated Team Spirit MIKE CAMPBELL TRACK SEN IORS Semor Athletes Exude Hlgh Quallty Of adidcw LARRY MILLER TRACK ASSISTANTS Members Of Student Body Assist Faculty Members In Assuring That Home Track Meets Are Run Smoothly GRHN. Elie BILL MHS W only MWNEAPOUS TODAY Mrurvwotms FA IR GROUNDS 114 Ofivffx The five weeks preceeding March 14 were some ofthe busiest forthe cast members of "Annie Get Your Gun". There were lines to learn, rehearsals to attend, sets to construct, and costumes to make. As curtain time drew nearer, the pace quickened with last minute de- tails. Everyone involved, including director Mr. Del-laven, experienced a tense anticipation. On Thursday and Friday evenings, March 14 and 15, however, all the work and prepa- ration were climaxed in two highly successful and extremely rewarding performances , THE WHL TMTCOIESONKE IN A LIFUIHE I FULL CAST OF ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Class Of 69 Sponsors Tri-Class Pla Presentahon ANNIE GET YO R GU Annie Oakley ...... Frank Butler ....... Charlie Davenport .... Dolly Tate ......... Winnie Tate ....... Tommy ..,..... Little Jake.H Jessie ....... Minnie ........ Mac ............ Foster wilson .... Mary ,............. Jane ............... Mrs. Sylvia Porter... . Buffalo Bill ....... Pawnee Bill ........ Sittinq Bull .......... Mrs. Schuyler Adams... Little Girl ......................... . ...Janice Martin ...Harry Miller ...Kent Kreamer .....Sharon Horn ......Karen Bomman ....Philip Rowland Greqory Schneider' .....Anne Ehrhart' .....Barbara Blatt ...Steven Ebersole ........James Wise ..Joyce Nethinqton ..Kathleen Sherman ..Charlaqne Neimer ...Thomas Ginqrich . .... Stephen Tom ....Keith Albriqht ....Carol Nartluft .....Kathy Fisher' ectators, Indians, Cowboys, Cowqirls, waiters, Lawn Guest e Ellen Bowman: Mary Howellg Diane Strupharg Terry Waltzg oria Wolfeg Richard Clarkg Greqory Liqhtg Dorcas Graham: indy HousergConnie Ehrhart: Robert wentlinqg Thomas Kellerg rie Hitzg Barry Brooks: Michael Zeckg Gerald Boyer S Promoters... ...Judy Caldwell and Jan Schoomaker Staqe Hands. . ...Ronald Rowe and James Atkins 'Seventh Grade 115 ACAG TRI-HI-Y In affiliation with the Y.M.C.A, the Tri- Hi-Y clubs participate in school, county, and national projects . Annville-Cleona's three Tri-Hi-Y's, the Sophomore Busy Bee's, the junior A-C A.G., and the Senior A-C Teens, Work together and separately. The individual Tri-Hi-Y's have their own club activities and participate together in the activities of the na- tional organization. For the last three years the A-C Teens have remained active in serving the school and the community. This year every Monday sev- enth period the girls sold soft pretzels at the south door. Capping their service to the school, during Teacher's Week the Teens pre- sented carnations to the teachers . At Thanks- giving, Christmas, and Easter the girls ex- tended their activities beyond the school and presented food baskets to needy families in the surrounding communities . AC TEENS TRI-HI-Y l 116 FIR 9' AC Tri-Hi-Y Organizations BUSY BEE's TRI-HI-Y Offer Many Services To The Community Varsity Club Sponsers Faculty Carnes And Sells License Plates To Buy Blazers VARSITY CL YEARBOOK STAFF Staff Elects To Incorporate A Functional Method Of Organization At the meeting to choose a theme for the '68 Corinoma, the staff mem bers discussed many ideas and fin nally decided not to have a theme but to index the yearbook alphabetically so that features could be located easily. Along with its new approach the staff decided to add twenty pages to the yearbook, making possible a bigger and better senior section and a more complete coverage of the activities of the senior high organi- zations , 118 After Graduation Only A Handfull Of The Staff Members Return To Assist In Meeting The Deadline For Publication JUNIOR HIGH BAND Iunior High Instrumental Groups Provide The Experience Necessary For The Young Musician To Improve Ii --,s ii JUNIOR HIGH DANCE BAND 120 IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM unior High Basketball Team Shows Promise w-uuuupupwasvluinn ketball teams . 121 Despite not having achieved their potential, members of the junior high basketball team displayed occasional signs of brilliance as they hustled their Way to a third place finish in the County League. With the experience gained during the past season, this squad's many fine ninth grad- ers such as Bill Herr and Dale Gingrich should play an im portant part in the future success of our senior high bas- junior High Basketball Scores Harding Houck E-town Houck Palmyra Norlebco M. Hershey Leb. Cath. C. Crest Palmyra Norlebco M. Hershey Leb. Cath. C. Crest Palmyra Norlcbco M. Hershey Leb. Cath. C. Crest OPP 43 67 59 36 31 S9 28 51 41 64 40 46 46 47 59 59 27 46 42 nior Varsity Hi gh Basketball Scores Harding 28 Houck 47 E-town 57 Houck 40 Elco 27 Palmyra 17 Norlebco 38 Palmyra 25 Norlebco 18 C. Crest 28 Norlebco 42 C. Cre t 52 Peppy Iumor H1gh Cheerleaders EICHTH AND NINTH GRADE CHORUS Iunior High Choral Croups Perform Well In Annual Spring Conoert SEVENTH CRADE CHORUS 123 Colleen Adomaitis Harvey Armstrong Alice Arndt Sandra Beamesderfer Charles Becker Glenn Beckey Beth Biely Susan Blatt Brenda Blauch Larry Boeshore Kenneth Bomgardner Wayne Bomgardner Dianne Bowman Ruth Bowman Cynthia Brandt Barbara Breaithwaite Sam Breidenstine Penelope Brown Rebecca Browning Debra Buffenmoyer Brian Burke Sharon Dailey Diane Deitz Bonnie Donmoyer Charleen Dubbg Blake Caldwell Stephanie Campbell Gayy Cutman Cl'18.I'l6S Dull Patricia Early Anthony Ebersole Kenneth Ebersole Lynn Egli Teresa Ercole Dennis Eshleman Joseph Fake 124 sar- xw We is Becomes Involved In Throughout The Year - e ibrl , F " 'eee fix Y 4522? u if 'KEQ 5 ,X HP I fll. - ogy 354. A e e f ,ool ff 1 e e i s as 1 . A Wesley Ferguson David Finkbiner Miles Fogleman Diane Folk Marie Forney Sylvia Frey jenny Gamble Lester Garis Gail Garosi Pamela Garrett Maryann Gassert Nancy George Anita Getz lacalyn Gingrich Randy Gingrich Christine Gollam Janice Graff Rebecca Grant Catherine Guidon jeffrey Hackman Karen Hamm Cathy Harner Kathy Hartman Donna Heagy 125 Joyce Herr Ruth Hershey Paul Hess Ernest Hickenhe iser Dennis Hines Lee Hitz Carol Hoffer Sally Hoffer Karen Hollowell Karen Hoover Audrey Hostetter Edward Hostetter james Hostetter Vicki Howard Elizabeth Hower Thomas Imboden Benjamin Keener Frank Kettering james Kincaid Jana Kingsley Kenneth Klcinfelter Linda Kleinfelter john Kless Janet Klick I., 'li' 1 'Ei " 1 f f . w t i: M Us , ki! g sm "fr M35 minus? 'W in 3 .I 1' , "f f F M, 'Uh 5 5 1 S ,1 'Q fi'-i : .Q 1 1 ' 1-:PFW 1 - ,E"i:fva:f 24, 5 ' ff ,Qziiilw .v l i 515' mf 5: 'T ' M 5 ,. W g Wag ,Eg 14? Sharon Kline Clarence Knight Judy Krall Greg Kreamer Holly Kreamer Paul Kreider Timothy Kreider Darrell Kreiser Sheila Lash Dennis Leonard Diane Light Patricia Light Elizabeth Lingle Bruce Long Christian Long joan Long Susan Long Robby Marquette Catherine Marshall Sam Martin Nancy McCorkle Robert Micozzi David Miller Deborah Miller Lori Miller Patricia Miller Sue Miller John Mockel Randy Musheno Debbie Noll Sandra Nye M .- Lucy Oberholtzer ,jg I F ,L if '- Q: Donald Parker :-- , . , up n '2 Eighth Graders Prepare Of AC junior High Richard Parker PM di A V Cheryl Pyles -ij' Q Delores Peterson QE, 'S 3 it 19' Karen Rauch Marilyn Reese Debra Reigle 4 Debra Rhine Ae Marcia Rhodes V Sharon Rhoads S , 7 f V Fe Curtis Risser Mary Risser Timothy Rittle "' W Bobbie Rothenberger Mary Safstrom 1 Tim SanMartin Joyce Schwenk Beverly Seamen Diane Shenk Sally Shenk Barbara Shifflet Charles Shifflet Sharon Shirk Cindy Sholly George Smith To Take Cver Leadership During 196 -769 School Year Shirley Weidler Sam Wells Patti Wengert Mark Wethington Aaron Whitman Donna Whitman Bryan Wolfe Donald Young Glenn Zearfoss Richard Zern William Zombro John Zserai PM Q -N ,faf tif? hr ,, K Q, g -ji? K K . ,. wg lf David Stephen Lisa Stiner Marcia Taulbee Robert Taylor Diane Tice John Tittle Joann Tresco Judy Troger Janice Umberger Susan Unger Debra Wagner Sherry Walborn Kay Wampler Kenneth Wartluft Lou Ann Wartluft David Watson Gary Watts Barry Weaber Tim Weaber Jane Weaver Mary Weaver Freshmen Enjo Leadership Status In unior High Thomas Adey Renee Adomitis Margaret Arnold Richard Atkins jo Bainbridge Robert Balmer Kevin Berry Ray Betz Ronald Birch Karen Bissinger Pamela Boger Kenneth Bohr Wayne Bomgardner Sherry Borges Holly Bowers James Bowers Robin Bowman Barbara Brandt Darlene Brandt David Brandt Martin Brandt Mary Bucher Jeffrey Bucks Deborah Carpenter fa hifi, ., Q , We G' ea x ' ff 2, ffsggik S 4 0 , ...F KY 6 ' , ravi J xxx .+. . 1 M! X we 4. wr- Q ,kk Sk it 4 I .,. me at H ha, .. L Q 6 ' if , AU, f fs'z:.s,-szzifg xfiww ,. ., f-.rags x " are if in Q F gym, QQQ lx. in 'f 'J gp Q1 is B it K 4 Q Q- a ff A , 1 A g if fi A 9 'Sv- i K -. well' . ' . -- :pg 128 June Cialone Mary Jane Clawser Richard Clay Brenda Coleman Robert Dailey Katherine Dinnison Ray Dotter Henry Early Patricia Early Neil Ebersole Paul Ebright Barbara Ensininger Dwight Ensminger Michael Fansler Gloria Felty Thomas 'Fernsler Carol Fleer Thomas Foltz Joseph Forti Beverly Fuhrman Carl Gacona HUP Dawn Garosi jay Gibson Dale Gingrich Larry Good Olive Graaf Dayid Graby Charlotte Graham Barbara Granger john Granger Charles Greenawalt Karol Gress Donna Grier Allan Haak Glenn Haak Melvin I-laldeman Rochelle Halsell john Hanlon Richard Harner Sharon Haulman Thelma I-leagy Thomas Heffner if 3, -,.-l X N Q we an ogg 4 --, i , ilk .,.r- 4 . M .- l--3 2 S' :if 23 K H at a a - K i L .EN if .53-riff Y' Q ae . , ,U K '.o- E ,xg gi if Q A K '.'. , 'A 3 fr:-Q '40 52 1 Keith Hemperly Debbie Herr William Herr Pat Heverling jill Hirshbock Boyd Hitz Richard I-Iitz Dianna Hoffsmith Julie Hopple Cathleen Horn Brenda Hostetter Kenneth Houser Margaret Hutchinson Edith Imboden Donna Keener Ida Keener Phil Keller Scott Kercher Scott Kettering Kathy Kirkwood Joyce Klahr Karen Klick john Kline joseph Kreamer 129 722 at an S1 is tai P at Er , gh , . bf as SQ as ff 4, 1 Q 1 ":: C iw li VW' Wwe? .M ,vm X lim ,, 3? ' Gerold Kreider Michael Kreider Sharon Lash Esther Lentz Tom Lingle Mary Ann Livering Randall Loeb Elaine Long Kenneth Long Ronald Long Sharon Long Kenneth Longenecker Suzanne Magni Cynthia Martin Robert Meily Luann Meyer David Miller Howard Miller Jeffrey Miller Vicki Miller Randy Moore Freshman Prepare For Entrance Into Senior High Joanna Mumma Pamela Murphy Charles Nash Susan Nissley Pamela O'Neal Linda Partridge David Peters Dora Pruit William Pruit John Pyles Marilyn Raber Steve Reese Ricky Reigert Dale Reigle Theresa Reitz Ronald Remesnik Terry Rhoads Dawn Sanders Ted Schaffer Bonita Scheib Lucinda Schies Robert Schindle Paula Schealm Joanne Sellers 130 ' 415 .Q 'Zim " . T7 . , ' 3'- '-1491? ... i i L ., rat ify., A I ,gs- gialawmfk: yin KX S . A gg ei Q . . w., 4 ,521 A Tiki' Us 16 ' ' gggjff, S, tu rr,. , ,, 55 f-egg f Z' the ,. .3131 ff Qi 2, 5 W gg Michael Ulrich Stephen Vanovich Sharon Vogelsong Gail Walborn Henry Wampler Mervin Wampler Donna Watts Judy Waybright Beverly Weaber Debra Weaber Richard Wildasin Pamela Wilhelm Faith Williams Curtis Winters john Wise Patricia Young Michelle Zeck Lynette Zengerle Leslie Zimmerman Lisa Zimmerman Christine Seyfert jeffrey Shade Roseann Sheetl Forrest Sheffy Donna Shellenberger Kathleen Shenk Colleen Sholly Darlene Shuey Susan Shuey Nancy Smith Richard Smith Terry Smith David Snavely jeffrey Snavely David Sollenbcrger Delores Spannuth Larry Stegall Dennis Struphar Kenneth Sweigert Velma Sweigert Cherie Tobias Joseph Trautman Sandra Troutman Kenneth Ulrich 131 .Lg , as i ' 1 til! Iunior High Clubs Develope Interest In Future Professions IUNIOR FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA IUNIOR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA IUNIOR H1-Y X 132 n l 1 SN? Z., , I l 5 my it my W , Q In ' .N 0 1 ..,:. 11. I IUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY IUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY ASSISTANTS RADIO CLUB Field Trips To Historical Sites Highlight Club Activities 133 Karen Adey Pamela Adomaitis Steve Albright William Atkins Carl Baldwin Michael Batula Beverly Becker Clifford Bennetch Dawn Berkheiser Beverly Blauch Herbert Bohr Ken Bohr Marcia Borges Cynthia Bowman James Bowman Timothy Bowman Loren Brandt Robert Breidenstine Phillip Brewer Carolyn Brightbill Elaine Brubaker Cynthia Buffenmeyer Randy Burke Michael Caprioti David Carpenter Karen Caruso Beverly Chadwick Lydia Cintron Joyce Clare joan Clawser Randolph Croce Wilma Custer Fred Daubert Sharon Daubert Kenneth Diem james Deininger Jed Dutweiler Kathy Early Gerald Eby Dean Eckert Chris Edris Ann Ehrhart 134 .-annul Members Of Class Goals As junior X Of '73 Set New High Students jeffrey Ellenberger Betty Fake jonathan Fake Kathy Fisher Douglas Fogleman Rita Fogleman Paula Forwood Robert Frey Brenda Fuhrman Albert Garis Heather Gerber Debra Gibson Anne Gingrich Joyce Gingrich Randy Good Steven Graby tr, QRSW1- , . Agn, Eugene Graham Lois Ann Habecker Sallie Hallman Sharon Hanlon Gayle Hartman james Hartman Lynwood Heagy Nelson Heagy Barbara Heim Stephen Hein David Heisey joseph Heller Yvonne Hemperly Beth Henning Robert Herr Holly Heverling Susan Hirschbock Scott Hitz Terry Hitz Deborah Hoffman George Hopple Daniel Horn Cathy Horner Calvin Hostetter 2, f' . :,. MAI ,, ,Q New , ik fs., ., ,wr :qw . Q, W5 Q -if 5955 ar . , Q is Aaron Martin David Martin Brian Maulfair Debra McCurdy Robert Metz Jeffrey Meyer Sally Miller Robert Mitchell Dallas Moyers Renee Musheno Jolene Myers Edward Neidick Dawson Hostetter Kenneth Hostetter Linda I-Iouser Cornell Howard Naomi Howell John Hower John Johnson Craig Kerkeslager Craig Kettering John Kirkwood Joyce Kleinfelter Doris Kline Mary Kline Sharon Kramer Keith Kreider Bonnie Kreiser Robert Kreiser Edward Krum Debbie Kuhn Joanne Light Lucille Lingle Janet Long Robert Long Fred Longenecker Gale Longenecker Richard Longenecker Nancy Mariani Debra Mark Seventh Graders Learn Mike Nissley Erma Oberholtzer Rick O 'Neal Jeffrey Paine Lawrence Pellegrini Jeffrey Pett Beverly Putt Janice Reed Jeffrey Reich Melody Reigert Sue Reigle Sharon Rhen 136 Randy Rhoad Dale Rhoads Laughlin Rice Kerry Rohland Melvin Sauder Susan Schies Greg Schneider Delwyn Schumacher Dawn Schwenk Ernest Seyfert Ida Sheetz Richard Sheetz Robert Shellenberger Daniel Sherman Kevin Shilling Richard Shindel Enus Shuey Dennis Shuman Diane Smith Ricky Smith Eleanor Snavely Irvin Snavely Samuel Snyder Nancy Sollenburger Dale Stephen Gail Stephen Lynn Struphar Cynthia Sweeney .gf M ,,..A V . g :., , . al, , .as-2 :K L.L, Q s : 'Et if E -if i 4 , iv ,a 3 s 'tw To Adapt Themselves To The Surroundings fi Q Roxanne Swisher Edward Tate Penny Tobias Robert Tompkins Susan Tucker Karen Unger Debra Wartluft Cathy Weaber janet Weaber john Weaber Byron Weik Scott Wertz Robert Whitman Pam Wilt Randy Wilt jeff Witmeyer jeffrey Wolfe Suanne Wolfe Daryl Yake Linda Yeagley Gregory Young D arlene Zern john Zimmerman W 7 ' L 'hit ' :gh i' 5 'Zi 2 M, , as 222235 gi ., ve X' si ,lf , gf L 1, 3 i ii 5 5 FV .t r- + 5.-:Z . K 4 W fe" W af ,H ,,.. ge ,: . , ll ff n if 5 .fri , , mr-- i . if 0 W l, ,sr 6 We L. I ,, ,,:: -3, .ii- is 1 5 if 5 N , ,.. ,S f Q 4 . i" irri' ":: - W r Q , 2 K m ilf L,.,. , We ,pyy sst, p 3 , Q t -' fix: Le. .f' 42. ,a',. T Q 3. .. ' ' A Marilyn Zimmerman 2 ,-ii Q 'f it is i 9 ' JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL 138 Outstanding Responsibility Of junior High Student Council Is Organization Of King And Queen Of Hearts' Dance KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS: DALE GINGRICH AND PAM BOGER FH is pg, x ' 'ln 139 Terry Rhoads, the most unsung member of the team, usually had to compete against the opposition's biggest and best runners . Terry still managed to achieve a great deal of per- sonal success, highlighted by his fine efforts in the District Three Meet where he finished fourth and sixth in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, respectively. IUNIOR HIGH TRACK TEAM The dedication and de- won both the 1OO and 75 yard termination of Charlie dashes in "B" competition, Greenawalt before and dur- but he also set a new meet ing the 1968 season enabled record of . 8. 2 in the latter him to excel in both dual and event. Later in the season in special meets as he emerged the County, Greenawalt had as team scoring leader with another great day as he scored 135 points. Charlie's two a coveted triple in winning biggest days occurred in the the 100 and 220 yard dashes District and County Meets. and the 120 yard low hurdles In the District he not only in sparking his team to victory IUNIOR HIGH TRACK SCORES OPP . 95 1X2 Norlebco 13 112 Elco 6 Cedar 18 Crest Middle - 4 1 town 90 Norlebco 1 72 Susque - 74 hanna 77 Lancaster 69 Hand 1 11 Palmyra 71 34 Wilson 80 89 Elco 20 Norlebco 6 83 Elco 17 CO UNTY IVLEET lst AC DISTRICT THREE X MEET ' Sth AC 1 140 While other AC junior High Track Teams have had better records than the 10-2 record compiled this year, the 1968 team--because of the outstanding quality of most of its opposition--might possibly be the best ever produced at ACHS. Nevertheless, the team mem- bers never quite achieved their poten- tial until the last meet of the season when every one of our entrants in the County Meet had excellent performances in repeating as County Champs for the third consecutive year. If the ninth graders retain the dedication and en- thusiasm that they showed this past year, their continued development should enable them to fill the shoes of the graduating seniors on the Varsity Track Team . Peak Performances Enable junior High Track Team To Garner ACTS Third Straight Count Championship Though a return- ing letterman, Phil Keller had done very little broad jumping during his initial season of competi- tion. Thus, his con- sistent eighteen foot jumping during the past season was quite phenomenal. In addition to his broad jumping, Phil's natural Jim Hostetter, who reset the AC Junior High School records in the 660 and 880 yard runs with times of 1:34.1 and 2:l9.0 re- spectively, was one of the plea- sant surprises of the 1968 track season. Throughout the season his teammate and friend, Martin Brandt, pushed jim to his record performances until the County Meet, when the roles were re- versed. sprinting ability and hard Work enabled him to gain valuable third places in the County Meet in the 220 and 440 yard dashes. These six points along with his first place finish in the broad jump made Phil the meet's second highest scor- er, 141 Despite a nagging back injury, jim Bowers still man- aged to contribute many valuable points to his team's cause. An accomplished athlete in both the high jump and discus events, Jim ex- celled in the shotput where he not only set a school rec- ord of 53'5 1f2", but he was undefeated throughout the Sea son except for a second place finish in the District Meet. mg, EIGHTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y Tri-Hi-Yas Hold Picnic NINTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y 2 CLASS osncens CLASS QF 1958 Harry Miller, President '--- 5 ' ,r Robert Hartman, Vice Preskient '!Audrey Jeanrfll-,Achey if Karl Paul Acleyk -v kk -i,Bafrv,r 8iCb4iKilrg.Albeff 2 1-f-Keivh Roger'-Aiilbrighf ' f-.ffhirqhgr Chdrigiii--Berry f' lillichael Charlig Blauch K Devil! Leroy B593 K John Hermanf8oger, lll 'yirginia Bgryle lmboden Carmelaiknn Jones 'Barbara Jo'Keller ff Thema! George Keller T X Priacillallaihp Kline L Craig Liriizkri Kingsley l'-. 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Kreider's Market Mr, and Mrs. Stanley Kreider Mr. and Mrs. Henry Laudermilch Lerch's Food Market Ray Long Mrs. Mildred Luttman Morgan's Esso Pat and Son Service Center Rail Fence Hobby and Gift Shop David K. Shroyer Mrs. Shultz Walborn and Boyer Body Shop Riley Weaber F Mr, and Mrs. Mark A. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. Weidler Zengerle's 1 ' vw 144 5 8 L A ft u w r i , i r V 1 r R l P 1 W i L N ,.A W " wr ,, 4 ,GF .hiv-. ' i .5 4, ,Q f HIGH SIZHWL a mg, ' A up ,fl Y ,r x, 2, B Y Q W , - e ' "ii fi sm-wr., 1 , TQ? ff ' i if 3? ww ww fr 4 diffs f 'MF ,W .M 5 ff: ' 5, iii ..w-5334 N f MQ, ' Q I A Q 3' L i 7 ' ' ' ,N -ff- 1 '

Suggestions in the Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) collection:

Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Annville Cleona High School - Corinoma Yearbook (Annville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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