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,::V Evy .o...-V.-g..: . ..-. MwV fw'- 4- .-a'-.-v -h-P .' 7 AW- .1 ,.....1 . wad kr--:3 TV 7$ QJNQ . M .. h . . .a.-w'- 7 . THE C ORIN OMA Amwi 116- C leona H iglz School Annville, Pennsylvania . w ".4: 1964 ELEMENTS t 'Mu W t mm mw -' - MC The aim of this volume of the Corinoma has been to present a picture of the activities, organiza" FORE WORD tions, and scholastic curricula which have contributed to our years at Annville-Cleona High School. With a modern school, expanded facilities, and excellent faculty, students are reaching horizons never before visualized or attained, To enumerate the glories of the present students are shown in every phase of their high school life. Table cf Contents I edication . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Administration and Faculty . . . ,12 Seniors. .. . .. . .. . .. . ..22 Underclassnaen . . . . .. . . ..56 Sentn:Phgh.Acdvuies. .. .. ..74 hdusica1 3roups . . . .. . . . ..43 Junior High Activnies . .. . . .101 Sports . . . .. . . . .. . . . .106 Sponsors. . .. . . .. . .. . .122 Miss joan McCullolz Dedication The patience, proficiency, and understanding you have exercised in and out of class has made it difficult to express the admiration and esteem we feel you merit. All of us will Cherish your advice and expressions of personal interest. Dramatically talented, you have capably directed the Tri-Class Plays and many Senior Class Plays and have successfully coached the dramatic portion of the spring musical. Your constant humor, clever Wit, and advice have helped not only to relax class tension but also to impress upon us character worthy of emulation. For valuable lessons in tolerance and good judgment and for your tireless efforts to guide us to a better and fuller life, to you, Miss McCulloh, we dedicate this volume of the CORINOMA. As the teachers prepare for their Classes . . . . . . the classes prepare to meet their teachers. Some teachers try various ways of escaping from the faculty room. The year was spent in fun as well as in study. The Hootennany held in the school gym brought folk- singing and frolic to A-C. The festivities of the Snowball, A-C's midyear dance, were heightened with the Crowning of the Snowball Court. Studying continued throughout the year, but was interrupted by the hilarious faculty assembly and Hub-a-Dub Day. A gorilla in OUR auditorium? Not: only that -- our school is the only one that can boast of an extremely talented m biology teacher. Students also participated i offices. Ruthie takes charge of Civics classes . . . and high school girls help to prepare the cafeteria meal. n n On February 7, 1964 the school resounded with congratulations for our principal, Mr. Gingrich, on the birth of his son. 4 ; 4 xx WW u H , A large cast presented our Tri-Class Play, ABRAHAM LINCOLN IN ILLINOIS. - WNW F or studying or for eating " the cafeteria serves many useful purposes. Another A-C victory -- Chuck comes in first. At left Mr. Gerber accepts county Championship trophy on behalf of the team. Sometimes the spectators themselves are the most interesting spectacles. FA CULT? AND ADMINISTRA TION Hfiiillrlllll.le N t i" M tug: , W School Board SEATED: Roy Ebersole, D. Ray Wenger, James Karsnitz, Elra Worcester, Merle Keim. STANDING: Howard Weaver, Floyd Whisler, William Berry, Amos Ellenbcrger. Administrators Improve Educatzbnal Facilities at A-C High Effectiveness of the board of education is ime portant to all students, for the board determines whether or not pupils will receive the maximum in educational opportunities today. The school board mem- bers have practical wisdom and time to devote them- selves unstintingly to their jobs. They have the ability to plan ahead as well as to solve immediate problems. Mr. James Karsnitz, the president of the school board, describes plans for the new addition to the high school. H W, Mr. Merle Keim, our supervising MN H principal, coordinates the function- ing of not only the high school but also the elementary schools of Ann- ville, North Annville, and Cleona. WNW u u .mc'HAaD H. Gmrsmcu Organization, administration, and super- vision of the secondary school program are the fundamental duties of Mr. Richard Gingrich our high school principal. Mr. Robert Snyder, the assistant principal, advises the hall patrol, teaches driver edu- cation, and plans the teachers' and students' schedules. 15 George Gerber Leland Lingle James Middlckauff Raymond Swingholm Ronald Triechler Robert Webber Peter Camber Henry Hollinger Joseph Houser Dorothy Keller Kenneth Parks Science and Math Departments Expand with tlze of a thorough study in the field of natural sciences. Space A g6 A 7 ' Courses in mathematics, 1Iigonometry, and geometry encourage an understanding in the logic of reasoning. Sara Bixler Elmer Faber Marlin Fureman Peter Kruger Lewis Liebert James Martin Joan MCCulloh Mildred Myers Russell Showers Suzanne Suter Frances Weitz Language - The Communication Parlez-vous frangais? Ia! Recording sessions, dialogues, A M dictations, grammar, and literature are characteristic of 0 en our foreign language courses. A command of the English language is a prerequisite for other courses. The English classes at A-C High give all students a background of short stories, American and English literature, and grammar. MYLBNCB f bdach - n , -' m Judith DeHart Richard Fomey David Gontz John Kish Howard Moyer Eleanor Witmeyer Franklin Eckert Richard Eshleman Elizabeth Fasnacht Ann Petroskie Where in the world? Social studies teachers ' ' attempt to broaden our concept of the l hyszcal l ' Ztness countries and peoples of the world and also teach us the story of our heritage. Maps, globes, and other standard classroom equip- 22:22:222302:23522222222225522: S tressea' A long wztiz Scholastic Achievement A-C gym Classes keep pace with the increasing nationwide emphasis on physical fitness. Regular classes, intramurals, and varsity sports give students an ample opportunity to participate. Albert Askins Peter Boyer Frank Etchberger Ada Light Ruth Schaffer Ruth Witter Lois Hixson William Kell Buszness World A 1 Beginning in their sophomore year, commercial 1919661 5 t0 23:23:33:rotlzailsgigzsgztm Many Students Industrial arts, mechanical drawing, and agriculture are offered to boys throughout high school. Instructions stress not only proper usage of machinery but also the value of the materials being used. James Drescher Elvin Fake Lois Herr Ruth Keene Joan Moyer Rodney DeHavcn Donald Gingrich William Lemon 1d. I . . . Ltsrdtszzssois:::$ai Speczal Features dentist, Miss Keene is on duty to give aid to any pupil who may become ill during the school day. Clay work, printing, sketching, and painting are just some of the many interesting subjects Individual and group guidance, college advise- covered in the art classes ment and placement, and comprehensive testing and electives under the are coordinated by Mr. Fake, the guidance supervision of Mr. De- counselor. Haven. Ruth Maulfair Doris Markey Nancy Meyer Lorraine Shay Members of the kitchen staff prepare well-balanced meals for the student body and faculty. Cafeteria service and food are tops because of the efficient kitchen staff. These Groups Serve School in Many Ways The A-C school district employs nine bus drivers who transport students to and from school and extracurricular aetivities. Building custodians provide clean and sanitary surroundings by performing such duties as washing floors, cleaning windows, and dusting furniture. SEN I ORS John Bainbridge Larry Bender Mary Albert Patricia Achey 24 Linda Bender Seniors F ill Dramatic and "Papa is all, " an amusing comedy about plain folks, under the capable direction of Mrs. Weitz and Mr. DeI-Iaven was presented to the public two successive nights. The play inuoduced a novelty to A-C -- a double cast. Charles Berezich Evelyn Blocher R0163 - Both Servz'ceable Wanted: a traffic light at the intersection gand R corridors. Randy tries to execute the job by direct- ing student traffic and by alleviating congestion in Joyce Boltz Donald Boeshore Judith Boger James Bomgardner Nancy Bomgardner Kay Boyer .1 v - III Everybody sing along! The Metropolitans, one of the five groups in A-C's Hootennany, became a favorite with the audience. At our Hootennany, the first to be held in this county, the frolicsome and serious folk songs sung by the performers captivated the audience for an evening of relaxation and ene joyment. Activities and Classes A Well- Ammon Boyd Robin Daubert 4- iE-Cs: . Classes throughout high school try to make each student self-sufficient and able to succeed in society. Critical thinking in every phase of educa- tion is encouraged, especially in a knowledge of the world and its problems. A P. O. D. Class, pictured above, makes each student aware of his responsibilities as well as his rights of freedom. Give S tudents Raunded Life Paul Brandt Earl Buchmoyer Rachel Cutman 27 William Donmoyer Sara Ann Ebersole Edward Deckert Carol Davis Student A z'ms at of Talents In this rousing scene from the Tri-Class Play, ABE LINCOLN IN ILLINOIS, Abehs followers enthusiasti- cally support him in the Lincoln-Douglas debate. John Gingrich, who portrayed Lincoln, captivated the audience with speeches of honesty and integrity. Particz'patz'an Development and Knawledge With an atmosphere of books and learning the library provides an excellent place to study. All available materials necessary for the achievement of a liberal education are placed at the disposal of the students. Carol Fasnacht Glen Ficbig 29 Virginia Euston Glenn Funck Joan Fry A challenging physics problem keeps a few seniors completely absorbed in their work. Classes were conducted to give students an understanding of the theory as well as of the practical applications of some basic concepts of physics. Physics C lasses by Rebecca Fry Gloria Gingrich 30 Glenn Hains Physics labs supplemented the theory taught in classes. The phenomena observed by lab students made them more conscious of our miraculous world. The senior physics class above tinkers with educational toys during an informal lab period. uppZemented Labs Dana Beth Haak Richard Graby James Grant mi N X 1111111 3311111 ' vHuHumm H HWHW : Donna Heagy Mary Lou Hedrick Faculzfy and . Part in Hub- What an extremely talented faculty! The trhannual faculty assembly, in which the teachers entertain the students, proved to be a treat for the entire student body. Ge or ge Hardick 32 John Heffner Pearl I-Iein Students Take A-Dub Day Charlie, assisted by Mr. Snavely, assumes the role of maintenance supervisor for the day. Students were made to feel the responsibilities included in the jobs of those upon whom the smooth operation of the school depends. Cheryl Hetrick Mark Heverling 33 Dell Hilton Kenneth Hi t2 Carol assumes the vocal music teacher's position during Huberub Day. Because of the cooperation of the students and faculty the day was a big success. Education Teaching and Leon Hoch Donald Hoffer Carl Homing 34- Arthur Keller Look at all that enthusiasm! Must be first period Monday morning when everyone is suffering from "wcckcnd-itis. " I nclua'es Listening Sue Ellen Kauffman James Hoste tter Lois Hostetter 35 I Cynthia Kraynick Sandra Kline Carol Kline Keith Kre amer 36 Lois Kruger There Is a 0000' Music of the Church, madxigals, spirituals, folk songs, and music of the stage were presented during the spring choral concert entitled "Music in Our Life. " The two projects of the chorus during the school year are the Christmas program and the spring concert. The Christmas program conveyed again the annual theme of the story of the nativity. Both con- certs brought satisfaction to both participants and listeners. H'LII'MH i ,4 IT 1'; - :Immmmmmwmm Linda Leach Marilyn Light 01,72ng Like Concert Entrance into the chorus and glee Club is through auditions. The glee club is open to chorus members Who are interested in extending their vocal music activities. Under The direction of Mr. Donald Gingrich, vocal supervisor, the glee club sang at churches, Clubs, and assemblies. Their part in the spring concert was the informal singing of sea chan- teys, madrigals, and folk songs. The concert clia maxed with the singing of "The Music Man" by the chorus. Terry Longenecker a z: nernj' Robert Mark 37 Patricia Long Roger Maulfair Charles McConnell The glow of dim light, the fragrance of beautiful flowers, the faint rustle of silk organza -- the even- ing has finally begun. "Avril 51 Paris, " the theme of A-C's prom povides a beautiful setu'ng for the biggest formal dance of the year. Couples glide over the dance floor to the heavenly music of the Don Peebles Orchestra. Remember? How could you ever forget! jn-Sr. Prom an Donna Miller Janet Miller Joan Miller 38 Randall Morgan Ruth Miller Enchanting Evening Linda Miller Michael Miller 39 David Patton Robert Payetta Daniel Poorman Gail Nickliss Leonard Mumma 40 M any Seniors Sports As an asset to our track team and a prospect for the future, Glen displays grace and form, as he clears the bar. Our track team this year was tops in the county. With the closing of another school year underclassmen find a huge gap left in the field of sports, as many senior athletes graduate. Sheila Putt George Rankin Active in Program Enthusiastic spectators cheer our team to Victory at the Lebanon Relay Carnival. In addition to de- veloping sound minds and bodies interscholastic competitive sports increase school spirit and help students to acquire good sportsmanship and to learn the importance of teamwork. C arol Reddinger Barb ara Reedy 4-1 Brenda Reddinger Bonita Reese In order to give students a well-round education physical fitness is stressed along with scholastic achievement. Because a limited number of stu- dents participate in interscholastic sports, physical education classes are scheduled in every student's curriculum. Many activities are offered including volleyball, tumbling, and baseball. The purpose of this varied program is to develop student cooperation and teamwork. Gloria Rhen Physically F it Pupils Brenda Rhoad Donna Rogers John Sanders 42 Dianne Sheaf Maintaining a good scholastic standing becomes more difficult each year. Seniors find require- ments for graduation have increased and that their study program must be adjusted accordingly. Our school's facilities help students to meet these requirements. Each student finds a specific feature of the building that is especially fitted for his own personal education needs. Susan Shanaman Studies Not Neglected Carol Scheib Joseph Schneider 4-3 Larry Shuman Thomas Shenk Sandra 44 Smi th Marion Snavely F 1216! Day May 29, 1964 was a date anticipated for many weeks by senior high school students; Field Day, sponsored by the Student Council, was held on that Friday afternoon and evening. It marked the climax of the school's social activities for the year. Senior high students were given opportunities during the week preceding Field Day to sign up for the various athletic events held during the afternoon. Students also served as officials and score -keepers. John Stickler Gary Su'uphar B ig S access The Senior class and the Junior Class were the main contenders for the first place title. The race was close and exciting. With a tied score the broad jump, the last event, was begun. To the Juniors went the victory. A dance held in the school gym followed the athletic events. James Tice Allen Tshudy 45 r m w x Barbara Wampler Robert Warnpler Kenneth Witmer 46 Mixed emotions show on the faces of seniors, as they solemnly lead the graduation procession through the aisles of the auditorium and then onto the stage. Graduation -- the grand finale of high school life and the beginning of a future career. Those in attendance listened to the commence- ment address by Dr. John Tate, pastor of the Market Square Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg. Seniors Read Karen Yakc Robert Ziegler Then an air of silence swept the auditorium as row by row the senior class rose and Mr. James Kats- nitz, president of the Board of Education, awarded one hundred twenty two diplcfmas to the members of the graduating class. In the recessional the graduates seem to be sad to leave their Alma Mater. Commencement is, however, a beginning to the life for which the high school years have prepared them. Jesse Ziegler for Future Valerie Yeager Paulette S. Yorty 4-7 Kay Zengerle Jorn Zimmerman Ojfzbers and Advisors Lead Seniors 4'3 Laraine Zimmerman "There is not a moment without some duty, " class officers discovered this year. But because each of the officers had previous experience in leadership, their duties were met and fulfilled. Guiding the senior class through its final year were Donna Heagy, secretary; Valerie Yeager, treasurer; Eugene Habecker, president; and James Hostetter, vice-president. Mr. Richard Eshelman and Miss Mildred Myers, class advisors, faithfully counseled the group for three years. Through the effort and patience of the officers and class advisors the members of the class of 1964 can be proud of having achieved success in their various activities. Senior Directory WILLIAM DONMOYER "Bill" General , . , Going 10 Technical School . . , Siege Crew 1. PATRICIA ACHEY "Pm" Academic . . , undecided luiure , , , Chorus 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 3,- Senior Class Play 3; Tri-Cluss Play 3; Yearbook 2,3; Library A551. 1; FNA 1,2,3, MARY ELIZABETH ALBERT "Mary" Business Educciiion , , . luiure bookkeeper , , . Band 2.3. JOHN R. BAINBRIDGE "Johnnie'i Vocational . , , wants to be u beautician . . . Truck 1; An Eleciive 1. LARRY D. BENDER "BenderH Agticulfure . . . mechanics will be his field . , . FFA 1,2,3. 1.1NDA BENDER "Linda" Academic . . . uncerlain obaui her fmurc; . . . Honor Socieiy 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, , FHA 1,2,3. CHARLES BEREZICH "Skip" Academic , . . luiure undecided . . . Truck 1; AM Elcclive 1,2; Honor Sociciy 1,2; Class President 1; Class vice-presideni 2; Cllcm151l'y Club 2.3,- Government Club 1,2. EVELYN BLOCHER "Evelyn" General . , . fuiure undecided. DONALD BOESHORE "Dub" Business Eclucoiion . , . his iuiure is undecided . , , Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3. JUDITH BOGER "Judy" Academic . . . plnns lo aliend college , . . Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Girlsi Buslqerbull 2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Chocrlcnding 3; Honor So; ciely 3; TrirHi-Y 1,2,3; FNA 1,2,3. JOYCE EDNA BOLTZ "Joyce" Business Educallon . . . luiure secreiury. JAMES BOMGARDNER "Jim" Business Eclumlion . . . uncertain future . . . Chorus 2.3; Bond 1,2,3; Varsiiy Basketball manager 2; Jr. Varsity manager 1,- Soccer 3, NANCY ANN BOMGARDNER "Nanty" Academic . . , iuiure Nurse Chorus 3; Girls' Chorus 1,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Treasurer 3; FHA Chaplain 1, Treasurer 2.3; FNA 1,2,3. JAY BOOKS "Jay" VoculloncxlAgricUliUre...1U1ure cabinet maker . . , FFA 1,2,3. AMMON BOYD "Ammon" Vomiiunal Agriculture , . , fuvure cleciricion . . . Jr. Vorsily 1; Track 2,3; Cross-Coumvy 2.3; FFA Reporicr 2,3. KAV ANITA BOYER "Kaiie" Academic , , . luiure Nurse . . , Girlsi Chorus 1,- Honor Socieiy 3; Yri-Hi-Y 2,3; FHA 1.2, corresponding secrcimy 3,- FNA 1,2, Vice Fresidcni 3. PAUL BRANDT "Paul" Vocniionnl Agriculiure . , . Fuiure Brellwrcn Volunieer Service , , , Chorus 1.2.3,- Glec C1013 3; Hull Pnirol 2,3; TrivCloss Play 2,3,- FFA 1, Treasurer 2, Presideni 3. EARL EDWIN BUCHMOYER "Chick" Vocoiionul Agriculture . . . luiure Hershey Choc. Fociory worker . . . Froieciionisi 1,2, Secretary 3; Stage Crew 2. RACHEL CUTMAN "Frcnchie" Business Educaiion . . , Heading for Thompson 1n5111u1e and Wes! io B.Y.U. . . . FHA 2; Fuiure Teachers Club 2. FAYETTA L. DAUB "Faye" General . . . Bound 10 Business or Becvuiy School . , . Chorus 1,2,3; Mnioreiie 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,- Lilnmry Club 1; FHA 2,3, ROBIN DAUBERT "Robin" Academic . . , A luiure beuulicion . . . Vursiiy Bcskeilmil 2, Manager 3; Ar! Eleclive 1. CAROL MAE DAVIS "Carol" Business Educoiion . , . Headed lor Empire Beculy School . . , Girls' Chorus 1; Yearbook 3; Volleyball Inhumurals 2,3. EDWIN DECHERT 115Wc61 Ed" General . , . Future will be The Navy . , , Hull Puiml 1,2,3; Pro- jectionisi 1,2,3,- Siage Crew 1,2,3; Phoiogrophy 2,3, VINETTE DETWEILER "Cookie" General , . , A future beouiicinn . . . Girlsi Chorus 1,- Ari Elec- iive 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,3; Phologrcplly Club 2. SARA ANN EBERSOLE "Saran" Academic , . , Future is a Social Worker , . . Tennis 1,- Tri-Hi-Y 2.3: FHA 1,2,3; FNA 1,2,3, KENNETH ERDMAN "chei Ken" General . , . Mechanics will be his future . . . Chorus 1; Art Eleciive 1, ANNA JEAN ESTEP "Anna" Academic . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Girlsi Chorus 1,2,3; Tri- Hi-Y 3; FHA 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,- Fuiure is Elementary leaching. VIRGINIA lEE EUSTON "Ginny" Business Education , . . fuiura is secreiuriol work . , . Maisreiie 1,2,3; Cheerleading 1,2,3; Yearbook 3,- Honor Socieiy 3. CAROL ANN FASNACHT "Carol" Business Educoiion , . . Fuiure will be a Business Secreiwy . . . Chorus 1.2.3; Bond 1,2,3; Disiricl Chorus and Regional Chews 2; Disirici Band 3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,- Glee Club 1,2,3; Newspaper 2; Y'enrbook 3,- Librory Club 1; Library Assi. 1. GLEN D. HEBIG HZip" General , . . Glen is college bound . , . Band 1,2,3,- Olcliesiro 1,2,3,- Donce Bond 1,2,3; Varsity Basketball 1,2,3, Captain,- Track 1,2,3; Soccer 2,3; President of Bond. REBECCA LOUISE FRY "Becky" Academic , . . Elemcnimy Teaching will be fuiure . , . Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; G.A.A, 1.2.3; Tennis 1,2,3; Cheerleading 1,2,3; Hockey 1; Ari Elective 1,2; Sludenl Council 1,2,3, Secretary; Tri-Cluss Play 3,- Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. JOAN FRY "Joan" Academic . . . Future will be P115. Ed. vencher or Journalism . . . Band 1,2; Varsiiy Basketball 1,2,3; G.A.A. 12,3, Vice President, Secremry; Tennis 1,2,3. GLENN FUNCK "Glenn" General , , . Fuiure undecided . . . FFA 1,2,3, LARRV R. FUNK "Larry" General . . . Fuiuro undecided. GLORIA GlNGRICH "Gloria" Academic . . . Elemeniory Teaching will be future . . , TrLClnss Play 3; Yearbook 3,- Library Assv. 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,- FNA 1,2,3. RICHARD GRABY "Rick" Business Education . . . Fuiure is undecided, JAMES GRANT "Lucky" Academic , , . Fuiure is c: Business Execuiive. DANA BETH HAAK "Dunn" Academic . . . lulure Nurse, EUGENE B. HABECKER "Genel' Academic . . . luiure Psyclmlogisl . , . Glee Club 1.2.3; Vai'sliy ankeibcull 1.2.3; Junior Vorsily 1; Hall Puirol 3; Class omcer 2, Presideni 3; Disirici Chorus; Stare Chorus; Franklin Snciefy. GLENN HAlNS "Glenn" Academic . . . luiure lawyer . . . Varsity Basketball 2,3, Stmisli- ciun; Track 2,3, Siaiisiiciun; Cross-Couniry Smiisiician 3; Honor Society 1,2,3, President; Siudem Council Vice Presideni 1; Senior Class Play 3; Newspaper 2,3, CwEdiicr; Chemisiry Cluls 2.3, Sc:- relury; Govcrnmeni Club 2,3; Franklin Socleiy 3. MARYANN HANLEV "Maryann" Business Educm'rion . , . lulure Commercial miisi , . . Chorus 2,3; Girlsi Chorus 1,2,3; Ari Elective 1,2; Yearbook 3. GEORGE G. HARDICK "George" General , , . Wonis 10 be a future Mechanic , . . Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3; Soccer 1;Proieclion151 1,2,3, DELLA HEAGY "Della" Atudemlc . , . wants lo be on accouniam . . , Yearbock Senior Ediior 3; FHA Vim Presideni 1,2,3. DONNA HEAGY "Donna" Academic , . . luiwe is in Elemeniory Educaiion . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 3; Class OBicer 2,3,- Ti'I-Closs Play 3; FHA 1.2. MARY LOU HEDRICK "Mary LOU" Business Education . . . wunis 10 be an IBM operator , , . Bond 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,- FHA 1, 49 50 JOHN HEFFNER "John" Academic . . . wanis To be a Pwlessor of Mmlh 1 , . Art Elective 1,2; Honor Socievy 3,- TrLClass P1ny 2,- Newspaper Ari Editor 2,3; Clxc-m My Club 3; Fuiure Teachers Club 2,3,- Govarnmem Club President 1,2; Franklin Socieiy President PEARL MARIE HEIN "3116130" Academic 1 . . furure is undecided . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Bond 1,2,3 Secretary,- Orcheslro 1,2,3; Brass Choir 1,2,3; Glrlsl Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; District Bond 1,2,3; District Orchestra 1,2 51mm Band 1,3; S1016: Orchesfra 2. JEAN HERR "Jean" General . 1.11er1u1ureis undecided . ,1FNA 3. CHERYL HETRICK "Cheryl" Business Educmion . 1 . wants to be an IBM operator . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Library Club 1,2,3,- Library Asst 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,3, MARK HEVERUNG "Mark" General . 1 . wonls 10 be c lulure servicemun. DELL JEAN HILTON "Dell" Gcnerol . . . wonis lo become a beouliciun. KENNETH MICHAEL HITZ "Mike" Truck 1,2; TrLClass Play 3; Pioieciionisl 1,3 Secretary. LEON HOCH "Leon" Academic . 1 . fulure is undecided , , 1 Fuiure Teachers Club 1; Biology Club 1; Junim Isaak Wallon League. DONALD HOFFER IIDonu Business Eclucaiion 1 . . will be u future Huck driver. CARL HORNING "Carl" Academic 1 , , will be a future Physics Teacher . . 1 Honor So; cicfy 2,3; Chemistry Club 2,3 Vice Pres,- Franklin Socieiy 3 Vice President. JAMES HOSTETTER "Jim" Academic 1 1 . lulure docior . , . Chorus 1,2,3,- Bcnd Vice Pres. 123; Orclwslm 1,2,3,- Brms Choir 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Vors1ry 130 5112011 3; Junior Vorsily 1; Soccer 2,3; Volleylzoll 1,- Hall Pairol 2,3,- Honor Society Vice President 1,2,3; Class 0mm 1.3 Vice Presklem; Yearbook 3 Smlcsmunager; Chemislry Club 2; chor Society 1,2,3 Vice Pres.,- Future Teachers Club 3; Boys Owner. LOIS EVELYN HOSTETTER "H0562 Business Education . . future Secreiory . . . Bond 1,2,3,- Orchesiro 2,3,- Glrls' Chorus 1; Sr. Hsuuor Sociery 2,3; Newspaper 3; Year; lacok 3 Layout Editor; Lilnmvy Assv. 1.3; FHA 1,2,3; Phomgrophy Club Searcmr'y 1,2; Clarinet Quar'et 3; District Bond 3. RUDELL HUGHES "Rudell" Academic . . . Fuiure career is in French . . . Girls1 Chorus 1,2; Vmsiry Buskevboll Manager 1.3; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 1; Hockey 1,2,3,- Art Eleciive 1; Honor Seder; Sr. Treasurer 2,3; Class Ochr Secrclary 1; Senior Class Play 3; Tri-CIcnss Ploy Prop Manager 3; Newspaper 2; lemry Club 1,- Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Fulure Teachers Club 1,3; Govemmem Club Setrctury-Treusurer 1,2,- anklin Society. SUE ELLEN KAUFFMAN "Smellen" Academic . 1 . A luiux'e nurse . . , Chorus 1,2,3; Girls' Charus 1,2,3; Glee Club 2.3; G.A.A, 1,2 Sucrermy 3; Tennis 1.2; Hockey 1,2,3 Comriplnin; Arr Elcclive 1.2; Honor Sociefy 1,2,3; TriAClass Pliny 1,2,3 Property Manager,- Newspaper 2,3; Yearbook 3 Assismnr Fdllor; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2 Tmosm'er, 3 Presidem; FNA 2,3,- Fulure Teachers Club 1. ARTHUR KELLER "Sweef Ar!H General . . . Fuiwe is llcing an clccirician . . , Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Track 3; Crosstounlry 2; Ar! Elective 1; Proiettionist 1; Stage Crew 1. CAROL P. KLINE "Carol" Academic , . , Will be a wonderful musk teacher 1 1 , Chorus 1,2,3,- Brmd 2,3,- Oi'clwesrra 1,2,3; Girlai Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3; Art Eleche 1; Fulure Teachers Club 2,3,- Clor1nct Chair 3; Clarinet Quinlci 3; Disrrkl Orchestra 2. SANDRA KLINE "Sandy" General . . . Fumrc i5 in Beauty Culiure . . . Bond 1,2,3; Vorslty Buskoiball 2,3 Manager; Library Club 1,2; Library Asst. 1; Color Guard 1,2,31 CYNTHIA KRAYNlCK "Cindy" General . . . Future will be tallege . . . Senior Class Play 3; Tri- Cluss Play 3; FHA 3, KEITH KREAMER l'Keill1" Acudamic . 1 . Plans To be a Public Accouniunv . 1 1 Chorus 2,3; Bond 1,2,3; Orchestra 2,3; Dance Band 2,3; Brass Chair 2,3,- Glee Club 3; Honor Society 1,2,3; Tri-Cluss Play 3; Governmenl Club 1; District Bond. 1.015 KRUGER "Lois" Academic 1 . 1 A fuvure home economics Ieacher . . . Chorus 112,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Tri-Cluss Play 3; Yearbook 3,- FNA 1,2,31 LINDA LEACH "Lyn" Business Education . . . A future secrelury 1 . . Senior Class Play 3; Trl-Class Play 3; Library Club 1,2; Library A351. 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,3. MARILYN ELAINE LIGHT "Lyn" Business Educalion 1 , . Plans 10 be a secreiory , 1 1 Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Oxchesvra 3; Brass Choir 3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,31 PATRICIA ANN LONG "Pat" Academic . . . Par is bouna for Hershey Junior College Girls' Chorus 1,2; Arr Elecllve 1; Chemistry Club 3; FHA 1,2,3 Presidenv; Governmem Club 1. TERRY LEE LONGENECKER "Loudmou'h" General . . . Plans 10 be a Laboratory Technician . . 1 Proiec- rionist 1,2,3 Treasurer; Baseball 2,3. ROBERT LEE MARK "Hum'l Academic . . . Future includes going to college 1 . . Chorus 1,2,3; Bond 1,2,3 Treasurer; Brass Choir 1,2,3; Glee Club 2; Junior Varsity 1,2; Cross-Counlry 3,- chll Polrol 1,2,3; S1udenv Council 3,- Hi-Y 1,2,3. ROGER MAULFAlR "Rog" General 1 . . Future will be an Army Career , . . Art Eleclive 1,2,- Ari Assislcxnr 1,2; Ser Crew 31 CHARLES McCONNELL "Chmlie" General 1 . Plans in make 111:; Air Forte hls career . 1 . Stage Crew 1,2,3. DONNA MILLER "Donna" Academic . . , A future Medical Secreiury . , 1 Chews 1,2,3; Girls' Churus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,3; Cheerleading 1; Student Council 2; Tri-Class Play 3,- Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; FNA 1,2,3. JANET MILLER "Janet" Academic , . . will be an English Teacher . . . Chorus 1,2,3; G1rls' Chorus 1,2,3 Accompanist; Glee Club 1,2,3 Accomponlsi; Tennis 1,2,- Honor Sociely 2.3; Senior Class Ploy 3; Yearbook 3 Editor; Tri-HiAY 1,3; Fuiure Teachers Club 1,3; Franklin Sociely 3; Disirict and Regional Chorus 1,2,3. JOAN M1LLER "Joanie" Business Education . . . Fulure will include secrclariol work 1 . . Junior Varsity Cheerleading 1; Vorsily Cheerleading 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, LINDA MILLER "Linda" General . . . Plans to be a Missionary 1 . . Ari Eleclive 1,2,3; Trl-Class Play 2 Prompler; FHA 1,2,3; Drama Club 1; Fholography Club 2. MIKE MILLER "der Kopf" Academic 1 , , Plans to be a leather , . . Varsity Baskavball 2; Junior Varsity 1,- Soccer 2; Volleyball 1; Hall Palrol 2,3 CoCap- lain; Honor Society 2,3; Senior Class Play 3; Fufure Teachers Club 31 RICHARD MILLER "Chuck" Academic 1 , 1 Chuck is college bound . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Junior Vursily 2; Track 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Hall Fotrol 2,3; TrivClcss Play 3,- HivY 1,2,3 Chaplain; Fu1ure Teachers Club 3. RUTH ANNE MILLER "Ruihie" Academic . . . Fulure will be leothing , . . ChorUS 2,3,- Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Arr Eleclive 1,- Sfudent Council 2; Senior Class Play 3; TrLClass Play 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Future Teachers Club 3; Govern- menl Club 112; Franklin Society Secretary and Treasurer. RANDALL JAY MORGAN "Fee!" General . . 1 Randy plans to further his educuilon 1 1 1 Chorus 1,2 3- Bond 1,2,3; Orclieslro 1,2,3; Dance Bond 1,2,3; Brass Cholr 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Truck 1,2,3; Soccer 1; Volleyball 1,2,3; Holl Patrol 3,- Senior Class Play 3; Tri'Closs Play 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3,- Chemisiry Club 21 LEONARD MUMMA "Leonard" Vocational Argicullure 1 1 . Looking lorword 10 being a game warden . . 1 FFA 1,2,31 GAIL NICKLISS HNick" Business Education . 1 . qure is becoming a secretary . . 1 Var- sity Buskeibnll 1,2,3 Captain,- G.A1A. 2,3; Tennis 1; Hockey 1 Manager,- Honor Sociely 2,3; Siudeni Council 2.3 Treasurer,- News- paper 2,3,- Yearbook 3; Library Club 1,2 VicsPresideni; Library Asst 1,3; Trini-Y 2,3 Vice-Presideni. DAVID PATTON "Dave" Academic 1 1 . Dave is college bound . , 1 Chorus 2,3; Glee Club 2.3,- Truck 3; Soccer 112; Senior Class Play 3; Tri-Closs Ploy 1,2,3; Hl-Y 1,2,3 Treasurer; Cliemisily Club 2. ROBERT PAYETTA "Red" General . 1 . Business Adminlsirmion will be Bob's iuiure . 1 HiAY l1 DANIEL POORMAN "Donny" General . . 1 BusinEsS Adminisirovion is planned for the iulure . Chorus 3,- Boncl 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2,3,- TriCloss Play 3,- HLY 1,2,3. SHELIA MARIE PUTT "Red" Business Education . . . Fuiure in'tludes being a secrelory . . . Varsiiy Boskeiball 1,2,3; Library Club 1; Library A557. 1; FHA 2,3. GEORGE RANKIN "Geuige" Academic 1 . . Fuiure is undecided. BRENDA REDDINGER "Brenda" Business Education . 1 . Plans 10 be a secretary . . . Girls' Chorus 1; Tennis 1; Honor Socieiy 3,- Newspaper 3,- Yeurbock 3; Tri-Hl-Y 2,3; FHA 1,2,3 Secreiory; FNA 21 CAROL REDDINGER "Carol" Business Education . . . Plans 10 be a secrelary or go to business school . . . Tennis 1; Honor Society 3; Newspaper 3; Yearbook 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; FHA 112,3 Treasurer; FNA 2. BARBARA ANN REEDY "Barb" Academic . . . Plans to be a beouiiciun 1 1 . FHA 3; Tri-HisY 1,2,3,- Girls' Chorus 1; An Eleciive 1,2,31 BONITA lOUlSE REESE "Bonnie" Business Educclion . . 1 Future will be in ihe Accouniing lield 1 , . Hockey 1,2,3; Yearbook 3; Tri-HisY 1,2,3,- Color Guard 1,21 GLORlA RHEN "Gloria" Business Edumiion 1 . . Future includes being a sccreiory . Band 1,2,3; Girlsl Chorus 1,- Volleylmll lniromurols 3; Newspaper 2,3,- Ysal'lzook 31 BRENDA JEAN RHOAD "B. J." Academic . 1 . Plans to 1:1: cm interior Decorator . 1 1 Chorus 1,2,3,- Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1.2.3; Tennis 3; Art Elective 3; Class Oiiicer 1 Treasurer; TrEACluss Play 2; Library A5511 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,3; FNA 3. DONNA ROGERS "Shorty" Business Educclion . . 1 Plans 10 be a Secretary 1 . 1 Shoriesl girl in our class JOHN SANDERS "Johnny" General1 . . The Navy will be John's iurure 1 . . Track 3. CAROLE SCHEIB "Carole" General . . . Fulure includes being cx Beautician or a Secretary. E. JOE SCHNEIDER "Joe" Academic , . 1 Joe is College bound . 1 1 Chorus 1,2,3; Vcirsiiy Basketball 1,2,3; Soccer 2,3,- Volleyboll 1,2,3; Crosstouniry 1: Hall Patrol 1,2,3; Sludeni Council 1,2,3; Trl-Closs Play 3,- Hi-Y 1,2,3. DONALD R. SEAMAN "Don" Academic . 1 1 Future will 130 In the Air Force . . 1 Soccer 2; Hall Pnirul 1,3; Hanor Society 2,3; Newspaper 2; Photography Club 21 SUSAN SHANAMAN "Shanahan" Academic . 1 1 A iulure psychologisl . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3; Senior Class Play 3,- TrLCloss Play 1; Library Club 3; Library Asst 1; TrLHi-Y 2.3; Chemistry Club 1,- Dramc Club I. DlANNE MAE SHEAF "Shoufer" Business Educulion . . . Plans 10 be a legal secrelary 1 1 . Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 2,3; Glrls' Chorus 1,2,3,- Vnrslly Basketball 1,2,3,- Yearbook 3; FHA 1. THOMAS SHENK "Tom" Academic . , . Tom is college bound . 1 1 Track 1,2,3; CrossACoumry 1; TrFClass Play 3,- Hi;Y 1,2,3 Secretary; Chemistry Club 2 Treas- urer, 3. LARRY SHUMAN "Lorry" Academic . 1 . A fuiure hisiory siudeni 01 Elizabeihiown College 1 . . Volleyball 3; Photography Club 3. LARRY lESTER SMITH "Scholar" Business Educolion . 1 . Fulure will be in the Air Force 1 . 1 Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3;Orche$1ru 1,2,3; Hull Pairol 1,2,31 SANDRA lEE SMITH l'Suncly" General . . . Fuiure is undecided . . . Color Guard 1,2,3; Vorsny ankeiboll 1,2,3; G1A1A1 1,2,3; Tennis 1.2; Hockey 1,2,3. MARIAN SNAVELY "Murlan" Business Education . . . Plans to be a teacher . 1 , Chorus 1,2,31- Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,- Glee Club 1,- Yearbook 3; FNA 123 R. JOHN STICKLER "Stick" General 1 . . Future will include being on Auiomcbile Mechanic. GARY STRUPHAR "Gary" Vocational Agriculture . . . Will enier the elecironics Held. SANDRA SUTCLIFFE "Suds" Academic 1 1 1 Plans 10 be a medical secreiury . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Bond 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Tennis 1,2,3; Hockey 2,3; Trircloss Play 3; Veorlsook 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: FNA 1,2. JAMES TICE 1'Jim" Academic . . . Jim is college bound 1 . . Chorus 1,2,3,- Glee Club 3; Varsity Buskeiball 2,3; Junior Varsity 1; Track 1,2,3; Hall Pairol 1,2,3; TriAClass Play 3; Hl-Y 1,2,3 Presideni; Boysl Quartet, ALLEN TSHUDY "Tslwi" Vocational Agriculiure . . . Allen will make ihe Navy his fu- lure . 1 . Truck 1,2,3; Cross-Counlry 2; FFA 2,3. BARBARA ANN WAMPLER "Barbl' Business Education . . , Will be a Secreiury or is bound for Gale lnsiiiule 1 . . Chorus 1,2,3; Giils' Chorus 1,2,3; Volleyball intramurols 2,3; Yearbook 3; FNA 2,3. ROBERT LEE WAMPLER "Bob" Academic 1 . . Bola plans 10 be u Veierinoricn . . , Chorus 1,2,3; Hull Patrol 1,2,3; Tri-Closs Play 3; Honor Society 3. KATHRYN L. WILT "Kiliyl' Academic . . . Fulure will be Nursing 1 1 . Chorus 3; Girls' Chorus 1,3; Tri-HLY 1,2 Carr1 Secretary, 3 Rec. Secretary; FNA 1,2,3 Presideni; Governmenl Club 1. KENNETH RAYMOND WlTMER "W11" Business Edumiion . . . Would like lo 122 0 Disc Jockey . . . Chorus 1,2,3; Tri-Class Play 3; Proiecticnisi 1,2 Treasurer, 3. KAREN YAKE "Karen" Business Education 1 1 . Plans to eniei' Secretarial work 1 1 . Girls' Chorus 2; Tri-Hl-Y 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,3. VALERIE YEAGER "Val" Academic . . . Volis lulura will be in Social Service . . . Ari Elective 1; Honor Sozieiy 1,2,3 Secielury; Siudeni Council 1 Candy Commiilee Co-Choirmun; Class Omcer 2,3 Treasurer,- Senior Class Play 3; Tri-Class Play 1; Newspaper 2,3 Co-Ediior; Future Teachers Club 11-Governmeniclub 1,2; Franklin Society, PAULETTE SUZANNE YORTY l'Suzl" Business Educcnicn . . . Fulure will be in Markei Research . . . Tris HW 123 KAY ZENGERLE "Kay" Business Education 1 . . Plans to be a Commercial Artist or Navel 1 1 . Vclleybull immmumls 1,2; Ari Elective 1,2,3; Ycarlmak 3 Art Edilor. JESSEE S. ZIEGLER "Llfile Jess" Agriculture 8- Acudemic 1 1 1 A career in Foresiry is planned . . . FFA 1,2,3,- qudem Council 3 President. ROBERT ZIEGLER "Bob" Academic . . . B01: is laound lor Elizabeiliiown College . . . Junior Vmsily 1 Manager; Triscluss Play 3; Proieciionisi 1 Treasurer, 2,3,- Piioiogruplwy Club 112,3. JORN ZIMMERMAN "Jorn" Academic . . . Will be a future Librarian . 1 . Chorus 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,- Tri-Closs Play 3; Library Asst 1,3; Tri-HLY 3. LARAlNE GAIL ZlMMERMAN "Zlm" Academic 1 1 1 A future beuullcion . . . Chorus 1,2,3,- Bond 1,213; Glrlsl Chorus 1,213; Tennis 1 Manager,- Hockey 1,2,3 Manager; Ari Elective 1,2; TrLCIcuss Play 3; Library Asst. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. 51 Senior Personalities with MOST COURTEOUS Donna and Jim MOST QUIET MOST POPULAR Leonard and Suzie Valerie and Joe BEST ACTORS Dave and Ruth MOST STUDIOUS Janet and Carl CLA SS CLOWNS Pat and Bob BEST MUSICIANS Pearl and Larry Kitty and Randy MOST ATTRACTIVE. Are Tops C Zassmates BEST PERSONA LITY Valerie and Jesse MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED TALLEST AND SHORTEST Janet and Carl Jim and Donna BEST DANCERS Sandy and Danny MOST ARTISTIC John and Kay CONTRIBUTED MOST TO BEST DRESSED BEST ATHLETES A. C. H. S. Rudell and Randy Joe and Joan Becky and Jesse Seniors led the procession to the stage to the music of "Pomp and Circumstance" played by llll mum IIIIHIMMQ " ' ' Miss Myers, organist. Senior chorus members climaxcd the choral activities by singing "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. " Senior Class president, Gene Habecker, receives diploma from Pearl Hein prepares for her part in Mr. Gingrich. the program. ANNVILLE-CLEONA HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Organ Prelude - Allegro tTenth Organ Concertw Handel Processional - Pomp and Circumstance ... ,.. .. . . . . Elgar Mildred E. Myers, Organist Hymn - Glorious Things 0f Thee ure Spoken Invocation .. . .. Tm: REVEREND 1mm A. SHUMAN Pastor, Mk. Wilson Church of the Brctlucn EUGENE HAIJECKEII Senior Class President Address of Welcome Choral Section - jesu, joy of Man's Desiring .............................. Bach Senior Chorus directed by Donald Gingrich Mildred Myers, Organ; janet Miller, Piano Introduction of Speaker M. L KEIM Supervising Principal 9 Address Dn. jam: TATE Pastor, Market Square Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg French Horn 5010 - Andnnuno .. Klaun Pearl HeLn; Janet Miller, Accompanist Pruentnh'on of Class ................................................ RICHARD H. Gmcman High School Principal JAMES T. KAnanz President, Board of Education Annvilleleoua School District Hymn - Dear 10rd and Father of Mankind r ' of r; n 2- u Tm: loan A. Suumm n . u - Marche n Gounod ' Audience Standing SENIOR AWARDS American Legion Award Highest Honors in Class Loxs Hosm-rnsn Annvillc Businessmen's Association Award 2nd Highest Honors in Class GAIL. NICKLXSS Annville Reading Circle Award for Excellence in Englixh JANET MILu-Tn ACES Award 7. V. RUTH ANNE MILLEn Bausch and Lamb Science Award .. . CARL HDIKNINO Business Education Awards Typing ...... shorthand . .V Outstanding Student in Course CAROL .V .. DONALD Bonsnom: . .. Lois Hos'nzn'uu . SARA ANN Emansou: Awards Betty Crocker Homemaking Award Joseph H. and Emma R. Westenbcrgcr Mama Home Econumics ........ Vocational Agricullure CYNTHIA KEAYNICK .. t JESSE 21:1ch Mathematics Association of America Award ............................ Cam. Honsmc Lebanon County Republican Committee Award for Excellence in Problems of Democracy ............................................... JANE: MILLER Modern Foreign Language Award ...................................... Runsu. chnas Danforlll Foundalion and Cleona Woman's Club Awards VALEMQ Yemen GLENN HAINS ............................. JANE! MILLEn PAUL BRANDT Annville Rotary Club Service Awards VFW Auxiliary Essay Prizes ................................................ EUGENE HAEECKER JANET MILLEn CARL HORNING Annvillc-Cleonu Kiwanis Club Courtesy Awards .................... VALEnu: Yawn! JAMLS TICE WCT U P ' ' -. Awaxds JANET MILLER Cm Hommc DAR Good Citizen Award VAunm: Yuczn Class of '62 Service Award Cleans Woman's Club Cirl-of-Khe-Year t Lebanon Valley Kiwanis Athletic Scholarship Award SUE ELLEN KAUFFMAN JAMES I-Ios-ra'rmn GLENN HAms . DONNA 1'1ch May 31, 1964 e 7716 End and Yet the Beginning! Another senior class leaves Annville-Cleona to join past graduates in a realm of memories. Their names will appear before the eyes of many in the years to come, for they are the future. Throughout the school year, students are trained and educated with one purpose in mind -- to become good citizens who will work for humanity and create world. Faculty, administration, and friends have hopes for each graduate, because they put a little bit of themselves into every student. Each word of encouragement, each hour of directed classes or extra- curricular activities places imprints on the young person with whom they are working. The school functions with the hope that A-C graduates may go forth to reach goals even higher than those reached in the past and to establish records for which the school may hail its alumni. a better nation and UNDER CLA SSMEN jum'm' FIRST ROW: Dale Achenbach, Carl Albert, Carol Allwein, Lisa Aumack, Michael Bartley, Richard Beard, Elaine Berezich, Kenneth Berkheimer. SECOND ROW: Richard Bixler, Carol Blantz, Brenda Blouch, Ann Bollinger, Charles Bomgardner, Sandra Bomgardner, Barbara Bowman, Carol Bowman, Richard Bowman. THIRD ROW: Donna Boyer, Miriam Brandt, Susan Brewer. Patricia Bates, C lass Left to right: Richard Beard, president; Timothy Miller, Vice president; Janet Shirk, secretary; Eloise Loy, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Joan Bucher, Allen Bucks, Russell Chadwick, Judith Cook. SECOND ROW: Sally Cox, Cheryl Croce, Darlene Custer, Jean Degler, Maurie DiEnno, Benjamin Dohner, Donna Dupler, THIRD ROW: Anita Ebersole, Nancy Ebersole, Nelson Ebersole, Mary Ann Ehrnfield, Dana Ellenberger, Doris Elliott, Cynthia Ensminger, John Ensminger, Donald Eshleman. Eleanor Fake, Linda Femsler, William Fidler, Eleanor Fisher, Jane Foltz, Carl Forney. Ann Frederick, Patrick Funk, Calvin Gardner, Cathy Ging- rich, John Gingrich, Martha Gingrich. Helen Graby, Brenda Granger, Christine Hackman, Harry I-larbaugh, Ralph Hamer, Joan Hartman. Wade Hartman, I-Ielen Hawry- luk, RuthHeagy, Marlin Hedrick, Jean Heilman, Linda Herr. Russell Herr, Kenneth Hershey, Larry Hipp, ClifA ford I-Iixson, Becky H012, Kathleen I-Iostetter. James Hudson, Jean Kepley, Rosemary Kless, Kristen Kreamer, Joanne Kreider, Robert Kreider. Michael Kreiser, Karl Landis, Richard Lasher, Ernest Lavine, Mareda Light, Conrad Liles Jacob Long, Karen Long, Richard Loose, Larry Loser, Eloise Loy, Dale Magni. Earl Marshall, Donald Martin, John Martin, Sharon Maul- fair, Kenneth Meyer, Sandra Micozzi. Diane Miller, Ellen Miller, John Miller, Timothy Miller, Carolyn Nickliss, Richard Noll. Nancy Sanderson, James Schaeffer, Richard Scheaffer, Michael Schmalzer, Barbara Sellers, Sandra Shaddock. Thomas Shade, Kay Shanaman, Thomas Shanaman, Jane Shenk, Janet Shirk, George Sholly. Annette Tarbet, Roxanne Teahl, Eric Tienter, Kenneth Turner, Linda Ulrich, Robert Unger. Robert Vogelsong, Marian Walters, Emest Weaber, James Weaber, Linda Weaber, Robert Weaber. Robert O 'Donel, Donna Oliver, Terry Osborne, Robert Peiffer, Victor Peters, Larry Plasterer. Diane Poorman, Fred Pruitt, Patricia Ranch, Jane Remesnik, John Risser, Cassandra Roush. kin 5 . 2.3:. -. Robert Simmons, John Slay- baugh, Donald Smith, Donna Smith, Edward Smith, Lamar Smith. Marilyn Snavely, Ann Sollen- berger, Gerald Speece, Roh- land Stager, Susan Stober, Joanne Struphar. Earl Weaver, Richard Weik, Carlin Wenger, Michael Wentling, Jennifer Wert, Helen Whisler. Jacob Winters, Curtis Wise, Vicki Wise, Glenn Wright, John Yorty, Gary Young. FIRST ROW: Darrell Baldwin, Robert Basehore, Doyle Blanch, Linda Blauch, Kathleen Boeshore, Ruth Bollinger, Barbara Bomgardner, Jeffrey Bowman, Ingrid Bretzius. SECOND ROW: Ellsworth Brightbill, John Bryce, Stanley Bucher, Theresa Carroll, Barbara Chadwick, Kathy Chamberlin, Bradley Coleman. I. Left to right: Douglas Hemperly, vice president; Andrea DiEnno, secretary; Brian Kruger, president; Susan Stark, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Kenneth Comins, Lee Condran, Robert Cooper, Judy Dechert, James DeLong, Marian Diem. SECOND ROW: Andrea DiEnno, David Dissinger, Ray Doutrich, Suzanne Dull, Sandra Dunn, Gary Embich, Alice Estep, Carl Fake, Linda Fake. THIRD ROW: Mervin Fansler, Edgar Femsler, Valerie Fine, Jane Fink- biner, Carolyn Fox, James Fox, Michael Fry, Jean Gerber, Clyde Gingrich. Neil Graby, Sandra Granger, John Grier, James Gross, Jon Gruber. Adrian Haak, Donna Hanlon, Harold Hart- man, Elva Heagy, Norma Heeter. Gary Heilman, Douglas Hemperly, Dianne Herr, Lorraine Hertzog, Susan Hetrick Debby Hixson, Jerry Hoover7 Lois Horn, Edgar Horst, Mary Hostetter. Sandra Hostetter, Ernest Howell, James Kinney, Paul Kline, William Kramer. Frederick Kreamer, Stefanie Kreamer, Jean Kreider, Patricia Kreider, Brian Kruger. Donna Lasch, Irma Lentz, Sally Lentz, David Lohrer, Bonita Long. joyce Loy, Julia Maurer, Pat McConnell, Dennis McDonaldson, Carol Mease. James Meyer, Barbara Miller, Bonita Miller, Brian Miller, Carrie Miller. Clyde Miller, Dennis Miller, Kenneth Miller, John Mohnshinc, Sherman Mohn- shine. Darlene Meyer, Ralph Nissley, Donald Peiffer, Sallyann Peters, Linda Poorman. Glenn Reigle, John Reitz, Jane Rice, Lois Risser, Cathy Rohland. Kenneth Rohland, Marie Ruber, Faye Sattazahn, June Sauder, Barbara Schaeffer. Andrew Schaffner, Philip Schneider, Lynette Schwalm, Kenneth Sellers, Ronald Shay. Aubrey Shenk, Bonita Shuey, Thomas . Snavely, Susan Stark, Carol Stephen. Wayne Strasbaugh, Rose Tavani, David Thompson, Jessica Tice, James Uhrich. Sallie Uhrich, Michael Vaovich, Dennis Wampler, Arthur Wartluft, Claire Watson. Barbara Weaver, Donald Weaver, Bonita Weidler, Cheryl Weimer, Vicki Wengert. Carol Whitman, Susan Wildasin, Gary Winters, Robert Witmer, Earl Wolfe, Gerald Yake, Nancy Yeagley, Melvin Young, Robert Young, Jean Zimmerman, Stephen Achey Floyd Aunspach Susan Bainbridge Edward Barry Peggy Baum Brenda Baylor Cathleen Beard Jan Behney Phyllis Berry Joel Beyerle Paul Blantz David Boger Sharon Boltz Dennis Bomberger C arl Bomgardner Keith Borges Donald Bowman Eugene Boyd Harold Brandt Robert Brandt Rodney Bucks jerry Bush William Chadwick Robert Chamberlin James Colvin Jolinda Cook Susan Cooper Franklin Custer Gary Daugherty Derrick Dengler Lois Diem Linda Dinnison Robert DiNunZio Constance Dohner Timothy Dubble Byron Ebersole Nathan Ebersole Timothy Ebersole Thomas Ebright Thomas Eckenrode C arole Ehrhart Janet Elliott Jacob Ensminger Karen Fake Dawn Fleer Betty Forney Donald Fulton Sheila Funk Paul Garrett Frances Garrison jean Gingrich Linda Gingrich Bonnie Granger Barry Haak Harold Habecker Alan Hartman Keith I-Iawryluk Glenn Heagy Patricia Heffner Linda Heisey Lawson Hemperly Patricia Herr Sharon I-Ieverling Linda Hipp Guy Hitz John Hoke Gail Hostetter Earl I-Iouser Elizabeth Howell James Karsnitz David Kauffman Jeffrey Keiser Denise Kelly Jean Kercher Kay Kerkeslager Jill Killinger C arol Kleinfelter Frank Kless Jill Kline Richard Klopp Jill Kramer Mark Kreider Dolores Kreiser Kenneth Kreiser Elain Krum Patricia Lasch Terry Laudermilch Deborah Levitz Sandra Lingle Marilyn Long Lynn Longenecker Linda Loose Ellen Loser Jane Love Carroll Martin Cathy Mease Paul Meck Aaron Miller Arthur Miller David Miller Leonard Miller Sandra Miller Yvonne NLiller Sandra Milligan George Mitchell Francis Moore Shelba Morris Barbara Moyer Terry Mumma Sherry Oliver Terry Peiffer Carol Plasterer 65 4: F feshman C lass Josephine Pruitt Karen Pyles Randall Rademacher Karen Reese Linda Reigle Catherine Rogers Mary Rohrer John Rudy Fred Sanders Thomas Schaeffer Janice Schwenk Jeffrey Seyfert Brenda Shaddock Larry Sheaf Gordon Sheetz June Shank William Shelly Shirley Shuey Romaine Smith Terry Smith Robert Snavely John Sollenberger Joseph Stasko Ronald Stegall Richard Stephen Evelyn Stine David Stoner William Stover Kathleen Sudbury Thelma Sweigert Cynthia Swingholm Janet Tanno Brenda Teahl Diane Thompson Barry Tienter Craig Tobias Jonathan Tom Raymond Trautman Cindy Tribioli Michael VanVoorhis Dawn Waltermeyer Brenda Wampler Richard Wartluft Bonnie Watson Delbert Weaber Jean Weaber Robert Weaber Olin Wethington William Whisler Jacquelyn Williams Jeffrey Williams Drucilla Windle Larry Winters John Witmer Ruth Woolum Kenneth Zeiders Dennis Zellers Mary Zimmerman E ighth Grade Donna Achenbach Audrey Achey Karl Adey Barry Albert Keith Albright Ivan Beare Amber Berry William Bickelman Michaelyn Bixler Michael Blauch Susan Blauch Jack Boger William Boger Patricia Bohr Mark Bomgardner Donald Bowman James Bownlan Ronald Bowman Sue Ellen Bowman Gerald Boyer Pamela Boyer Lucille Brandt Arlene Breidenstine Warren Brewer Earl Brightbill Michael Campbell Michelle Capriotti Gregory Colvin Charlotte Comins Spencer Coover Donna Custer Donna Daubert Donna DeLong Dale Diamond Mary Diem Rose Mary Dillard Trudie Ellenberger James Ensminger Linda Estep Brenda Fake John Fake Michael Fake Thomas Fidler Dorothy Fine Winfield Finkbiner Judy Folk Richard Fuhrman Brenda Funk Gloria Garrison Dianne Gerber Thomas Gingrich Patricia Goodman w I Robert Graby Dorcas Graham Martin Guildoo Sharon Guildoo Albert Hamm Jean Hanlon Charles Miller Craig Miller Harry Miller Larry Miller Wendy Miller Alfred Minnich Carol Moyer Karen Kreamer Kent Kreamer Erma Kreider Kenneth Kreiser Linda Kruger Faye Lauer Lonnie Layser C arol Lehman Bruce Lentz Tony Lescisko Joanne Long Judy Long Shirley Long Carl Luttman Janice Martin David Mease Robert Hartman Penelope Hauer Edward Heagy James I-Ieffner Kerry Hemperly Richard I-Ienning Glenda Herr Randy Hicks Janice Hixson john Hoffer Charles Hontz Dale Hoover Sharon Horn Leon Hostetter Mary Howell Louise Hower Virginia Imboden Carmela Jones Barbara Jo Keller Thomas Keller Craig Kingsley Gloria Kline Priscilla Kline Cathy Nissley Anna Oberholtzer Karen Pellegrini Sharon Pfautz Garnet Piper Peter Pruitt Kathleen Ragguinto Dianna Rasp Sandra Royer George Ruth Glenn Seaman Catherine Seyfert Lee Sheaf Jay Shuey Barbara Smith Sandra Smith April Snavely Linda Snyder Eva Sohlman Daniel Sprecher Diane Struphar Gerald Tobias Clifford Trumbo Wayne Tshudy Rodney Ulrich Keith Umberger Gail Walmer Terry Waltz Franklin Wampler Karen Wampler Harvey Wanner Carol Wartluft Bruce Watts Glenn Weaver Marlene Weaver Dennis Weidler Norman Weiler Kirby Weimer Larry Wolfe Thomas Wright Richard Yeagley Gary Yingst Gerald Young Susan Young Michael Zeck Karen Zimmerman 69 George Fansler James Fernsler Donald Fidler John Fox Cheryl Fuhrman Evelyn Furman Daryl Gerber Allen Gibble Janet Gingrich Steven Gingrich Mary Graby Karen Cress Cynnene I-Ialsell Lynn Herr Timothy Hertzog Claudette Hilton Marlene I-Iitz Nancy Hoffman Harold Hoffsmith Kenneth Horst Earnest Hostetter Sidney Hostetter Stephen Hostetter Cynthia Houser Irene Dull Barry Dupler Nevin Ebersole Steven Ebersole Connie Ehrhart Mary Jane Elliott Richard Achey Holly Aumack Janice Barry Wendy Bates Richard Baylor Brian Becker Dennis Betz Barbara Blatt Rhonda Boger Darlene Bomgardner Eileen Bomgardner Donna Books Joan Bordlemay Elizabeth Bowman Robert Bowman Neil Boyer Suzanne Boyer Carol Brandt Connie Brewer Kathy Bucher Brian Coleman Frederick Diebus Erma Jean Diem Lianne Dinnison Sulynn Dissinger Jeffrey Dohner Michael Doran Richard Dubbs John I-Iouser Richard Houser Rebecca Howell James Howe: Barbara Hummel Rodney Imboden Peter Jones James Kauffman Stanley Keller Robert Klahr John Kleinfelter Dianne Kless Donna Kling Beverly Kreider Elizabeth Kreider Arthur Kreiser Robert Kreiser Dean Kruger David Kyle Thomas Lasher Donald Lavine Daryl Layser Darlene Lewars Deborah Light Larry Light Thomas Lingle Richard Litz Barbara Long 71 June Long Lisa Long Robert Long Michael Longenecker Franklin Magni Forrest Martin Kenneth Mase Margaret Matala Robert Meck Barbara Meily Joanne Miller Joseph Miller Robert Miller Sharon Miller George Moore Virginia Morris Kenneth Maulfair James Mumma Orville Mumma David Murphy Rita Niccolini Howard Nye Judy Plasterer C arolyn Poorman Patricia Ragguinto Henry Rasp Linda Reigert Robert Reigle Marilyn Reist Dennis Rhoads Joanne Tittle Michelle Tobias Stephen Tom Judy Tompkins Eileen Tshudy Nikki Vaovich Frank Velez Gary Walbom Wayne Wampler Dawn Wartluft Lillian Weaber Lynn Weaber Terry Weaber Harold Weaver Kenneth Wengert Robert Wentling Sharie Wert Frances Wertz Joyce Washington Marshall Wilcox Peggy Wilds Mary Windle James Winters Gloria Wolfe Dennis Yeagley Joseph Zearfoss Harry Zeiders Rita Zimmerman Seventh Grade 72 John Rittle Daniel Sander Jean Schmaltzer David Schumacher Bruce Sellers Terry Seltzer Kevin Seward Edwin Shaak Jane Shaffer Patricia Sheetz Jack Shenk Kathleen Sherman Linda Shipp Larry Shuey Sharon Smith Jacob Snavely Gloria Spannuth Valerie Sprecher Andrew Stachow Dennis Stephen Anita Stover Phyllis Sweigert Sandra Teahl Judy Teets Peter Theis Robert Thomas Jeffrey Tice Colette Tienter junior High Class OJjQ'cers tmlmu amni- AWE Left to Right: President, Guy Hitz; Vice President, Harold Habecker; Secretary, Brenda Baylor; Treasurer, John Rudy. Left to Right: Treasurer, Cathy Nissley; Secretary, Karen Kreamer; Vice President, Patricia Good- man; President, Kent Kreamer. Left to Right: Secretary, Wendy Bates; President, Holly Aumack; Vice President, Sidney Hostetter; Treasurer, Steve Gingrich. Seventh Grade 73 x w 5:th n CLUBS AND A CTIVITIES r 1'. .5. . '3; . W3 .v a ' L c, 31; x; v? z w A m . mi: ! . - . i '9: :iE -. . .q 2:5: x ' ' ' ; ' w '. t . W . V g 1 F V w T w. . w a I '3: I ,9, 1 . V . . :5; - - , - , Sr. Student Council SEATED: J. Schneider, 8, Wildasin, D. Achenbach, G. Nickliss, J. Ziegler, R. Fry, R. Mark. STANDING: F. Sattazahn, S. Peters, M. Fry, C. Gingrich, D. Martin, K. Kreamer, M. Brandt, Miss Witmeyer advisory Demacracy - Student Jesse Ziegler Gail Nickliss Becky Fry Susan VVildasin Dale Achenbach 76 The senior high school student council is the most important stu- dent organization in the Annville- Cleona High School. This group takes the responsibility for plan- ning and executing 0r assisting with all assembly programs, the lost and found department, the student handbook, daily announcements, Student parking, social functions, and numerous other activities which influence the well -being of the student body. The council is consulted by the faculty and administration on mat- ters pertaining to student welfare and morale. Lost? Found? Miriam takes charge of any articles misplaced on school property . "Attention please for your 8:15 announcements! " Dale and Don keep us well informed of our daily activities. ANNVILLE- CLEONA 1 HIGH seach- mu Paul, representing the student body, advises Cathy, "Over there please! " Bob co-ordinates all school a council member, on the revision of the student traffic activities. handbook. Snowball Court: SEATED J. Schneider tKingL R. Fry tQueenL V. Yeager, D. Achenbach tPrinceL C. Gingrich tPrincessL D. Snawball Considered a B ig Success Dancing, entertainment, and fine music marked this year's Snowball, a major project of the Student Council. The highpoint of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen, Joe Schneider and Becky Fry. They and their court reigned over the festive ac- tivities which made the Snowball successful. Miss Witmeyer, advisor, worked industriously throughout the year to insure the Council's success. Some highlights of the Council's program were the exchange assembly, Hub- a-Dub Day and the Fall Festival. Miss Witmeyer Advisor 78 STANDING: M. Fry, C. Rohland, J. Ziegler, Heagy, J. Tice, K. Kreamer, D. Magni. Scholarship and Service Encouraged by Honar Sacz'ety Enthusiasm for superior scholarship, development of loyal school citizenship, desire to faith- fully serve the school, community, and country, promotion of trust- worthy Character in pupils in A-C High School have been the purposes for the establishment of the Ann- Ville-Cleona Chapter of the National Senior Honor Society. As a service organization it engages in such ac- tivities as maintaining the weekly calendar announcement board, serVe ing as ushers and guides, conduct- ing assemblies, decorating the lobby and other area of the school for the holidays, and other worthwhile causes Glenn Hains James Hostctter Rudell Hughes Valerie Yeager MM g Ewa National Senior Honor Society SEATED: C. Hackman, L. Aumack, G. Nickliss, V. Yeager, J. Hostetter, S. Kauffman, R. Hughes, L. Hostetter, J. Miller STANDING: D. Martin, D. Seaman, C. Homing, K. Kreamer, C. Berezich, D. Achenbach, M. Miller, K. Meyer, C. Wenger, K. Kreamer, M. Brandt, Mrs. Bixler tad- Visory Yearbook Staff SEATED: D. Sheaf, S. Kauffman, J. Miller, L. Hostetter, G. Gingrich STANDING: B. Reddinger, M. Hanley, B. Wampler, D. Heagy, C. Reddinger, L. Kruger, V. Euston, C. Davis. THIRD ROW: M. Snavely, C. Fasnacht, G. Nickliss, L. Shuman, S. Sutcliff, G. Rhen, B. Reese, P. Achey, S. Shanaman. Lois Hostetter, the layout editor, checks the arrangement of senior pictures. Corz'noma Stajf Publishes Tearboak From the beginning to end, prepar- ing a yearbook is one big job. Pictures have to be taken, copy has to be written, layouts must be planned, and ads must be sold. When this is com- pleted, editors are faced with the checking and rechecking of every item. Conducting the sales campaign and soliciting for Sue Ellen Kauffman and Janet Miller, assistant editor patrons, Jim Hostetter serves as our business manager. and editor, coordinate the entire publication. Senior editors, Lois Kruger 21nd Della Hcagy, compile the senior section. 81 Newspaper Staff ROW 1: C. Wenger, S. E. Kauffman, C. Hackrnan, V. Yeager, J. Heffner, M. Brandt, L. Ulrich. ROW 2: B. Watson, D. Fine, S. Lentz, C. Fox, J. Tanno, J. Heffner, 5. Cox, J. Shirk. ROW 3: A. Sollenberger, C. Mease, T. Carroll, B. Chadwick, C. Reddinger, B. Reddinger, L. Hostetter. ROW 4: Miss Sutter tadvisorL J. Gingrich, J. Tom, A. DiEnno, G. Nickliss, G. Rhen. ROW 5: R. Beard, K. Miller, Mr. Middlekauff. journalists Say KY6 Shall Know the Truthh Writing, proofreading, and fitting news articles, the DUTCHMEN CRIER staff members work diligently to complete copy before the deadline. Each year Aggie answers letters written by the CRIER readers, the A-C COLORIN' BOOK portrays the lighter side of our school, and staff reporters present all the facts and happenings of our high school life. .,, ,, Newspaper Typists ROW 1: G. Nickliss, L. Hostetter, G. Rhen, C. Blantz, R. Heagy. ROW 2: B. Reddinger, C. Reddinger, D. Dupler, H. Graby, D. Poorman. Special Editors SEATED: J. Heffner, V. Yeager, G. Hains. ROW 2: L. Hostettcr, J. Shirk, M. Brandt, C. chger, C. Hackman, S. Cox, J. Hcffncr, J. Gruber. ROW 3: R. Beard, J. Gingrich, A. Sollenberger, S. Kauffman. Jhinm a 1 '- I-Iall Patrol: lst ROW: E. Dechert, D. Seaman, L. Smith, M. Miller. 2nd ROW: R. Wampler, J. Hostetter, J. Schneider, R. Miller, J. Tice, P. Brant, R. Mark, E. Habeckcr, C. Berezich. 3rd ROW: D. Sellers, M. Wentling, G. Young, E. Fernsler, J. Reitz, G. Heilman, J. Martin. 4th ROW: K. Forney, D. Martin, B. Kruger, E. Weaber, D. Achenbach, N. Graby, M. Fry. Keep It Down "Keep to the right!" "Single file!" 7 '. i The hall patrol directs the orderly flow ' of traffic through our halls. It is made up of senior high school boys who have been nominated by the members of the club and are approved by the faculty. On Hubea-Dub day selected girls took the boys' job of hall patrol. It proved to be an interesting day for everyone When administrators, faculty members, and hall patrols surrendered their jobs to the inexperienced . "It is our purpose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high stand- ards of Christian char- acter." The Tri-Hi-Y sponsors a Christmas Dance and supports the March of Dimes cam- paign each year. Tri-Hi-Y SEATED: K. Kreamer, K. Wilt, G: Nickless, S. Kauffman, N. Bomgardner, J. Shirk, J. Miller. STANDING: D. Boyer, S. Ebersolc, C. Stevens, D. Moyer, B. Rhoad, R. Tavani, B. Miller, S. Wildasin, B. Fry, S. Shanaman. ROW 3: A. Yorty, V. Fine, 5. Brewer, D. Hank, J. Zimmer- man, J. Miller, R. Hughes. ROW 4: A. Frederick, J. Shenk, S. Peters, P. Long, A. Estep, L. Leach, G. Gingrich, K. Boyer, E. Fisher, C. Nickliss, I. Bretzius, B. Chadwick, A. DiEnno, S. Kreamer, V. Wenger. ROW 5: C. Reddinger, B. Reddinger, J. Degler, L. Bender, L. Zimmerman, B. Miller, K. Yake, J. Boger, S. Sutcliffe, B. Reedy, Mrs. Keller advisory Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Extend Their Services Hi-Y SEATED: D. Poorman, R. Miller, T. Shenk, J. Tice, G. Young, D. Patton, R. Morgan. STANDING: B. Mark, J. Schneider, G. Speece, B. Fidler, E. Lavinc, C. Berezich, G. I-Ieilman, B. Vogelsong. ROW 3: D. Achenbach, D. Eshclman, L. Plasterer, D. Magni, P. Funk, B. Kruger, J. Slaybaugh, C. Wise. ROW 4: B. Donner, M. DiEnno, M. Kreiscr, C. Gardner, G. Landis, J. Long, A. Haak, A. Schaffncr. ROW 5: J. Hudson, H. Harbaugh, J. Reitz, G. Rankin, Mr. Gerber tadvisory The Hi-Y, a service organi- zation supported by the Y.M.C.A., believes in clean speech, clean minds, and clean living. Its pur pose is the same as that of the Tri-HiaY. 84- For their goal the Future Homemakers of America endeavor to promote a growing realization of the home and the duties assoc1- ated with it. The purpose of the club is to make better citizens and to train homemakers for the future. Under the instruction of Mrs. Hixson the members at- tempt to further their interests in home eco- nomics by promoting an appreciation of modern homemaking methods . Future Homemakers of America SEATED1J. Tice, C. Reddinger, D. Heagy, P. Long, B. Reddinger, K. Boyer, R. Heagy. ROW 2: Mrs. Hixon tadvisort, S. Ebersole, D. Moyer, M. Ehrnfield, L. Kruger, L. Fernsler, V. Detweiler, C. Roush. ROW 3: S. Putt, A. Estep, L. Bender, B. Reedy, D. Haak, L. Leach, F. Daub, C. Kraynick, L. Hostetter. ROW 4: N. Bomgardner, K. Shanaman, D. Boyer, B. Shuey, M. Light, B. Sellers, D. Custer, A. Eber- sole, C. Allwein. ROW 5: S. I-Ietrick, K. Hostetter, E. Heagy, J. Degler, D. Smith, B. Miller, K. Yake, L. Miller, C. Hetrick, A. Estep, L. Blauch, E. Fake, C. Blantz. Students Prepare for Future Future Farmers of America ROW 1: K. Sellers, J. Meyer, J. Ziegler, P. Brandt, A. Boyd, C. Forney, A. Tshudy, E. Heagy. ROW 2: D. Wampler, G. Hitz, C. Bom- gardner, C. Bomgardner, L. Hemperly, A. Bucks, R. Kreider, Mr. Boyer tadvisory ROW 3: J. Fox, R. Lasher, J. Risser, K. Hershey, C. Albert, L. Bender, E. Boyd, N. Craby, T. Mumma. ROW 4: D. Patches, D. Patches, C. Martin, R. Bowman, F. Custer, J. Books, T. Dupal, D. Fulton, N. Ebersofe, S. Bucher, J. Yorty. Current in- formation on agriculture and manual skills equip members of the Future F armers of America for a useful farming career. The club is open to all Freshmen, Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior boys who are interested in agriculture. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Boyer they endeavor to prepare for a 85 successful future. Chemistry Club ROW 1: R. Homer, J. Schaffer, H. Whisler, A. Fredrick. ROW 2: Mr. Treichlerh advison, T. Shcnk, H. Hawryluk, H. Whisler, A. Sollenbcrger. ROW 3: G. Hains, C. Homing, C. Berezich, L. Hipp, J. Heffncr, V. Peters, T. Shanaman, C. Hixon. The Chemistry Club encourages an interest in science by making available scientific informae tion through lectures and Visual aids. The members, who must be juniors maintaim ing a B average, exe periment in the various fields of SCle ence. Interest Developed in the Sciences All girls interested in pursuing the nursing profession are eligible for membership in the Future Nurses' Club. Throughout the year the girls sew cancer dress- ings, view nursing films, hear lectures by pro- fessional nurses, and visit and tour hospitals. Future Nurses Club ROW 1: P. Achey, J. Bucher, K. Wilt, K. Boyer, M. Gingrich, S. Kauffman, F. Fingrich. ROW 2: M. Snavely, B. Rhoad, N. Bomgardner, S. Ebersole, E. Miller, D. Boyer, D. Oliver, A. Frederick. ROW 3: E. Berezich, B. Wamplcr, M. Snavely, J. chlcr, D. Haak, A. Sollenberger, Miss Keene hadvisory ROW 4: H. Smith, J. Shank. Hawryluk, C. Gingrich, D. Meeting monthly, the G.A.A. mem- bers tgirls who participate in two varsity sports or Cheerleadingt Chal- lenge one another as teams in many sports. Playing bas- ketball, volleyball, four-corner dodge ball, and, the girls demonstrate true sportsmanship at all times. Girls' Athletic Association KNEELING: E. Loy, R. Fry, R. Hughes, 8. Sutcliff, S. E. Kauffman, G. Nickliss, S. Smith, J. Fry, S. Stark, S. Brewer. STANDING: K. Kreamer, E. Fisher, B. Chadwick, B. Granger, C. Gingrich, Mrs. Petroskie tadvisort, L. Schwalm, S. Petals, K. Long, D. Smith, J. Shirk, F. Sattazahn. Gals and Guys Take Part in Activities Projectionists ROW 1: E. Buchmoyer, E. Dechert, E. Weaber, B. Peiffer, T. Longenccker, K. Hitz, B. Ziegler. ROW 2: P. Kline, N. Graby, E. Houser, R. Trauunan, B. Tienter, E. Tienter, D. Stoner. ROW 3: B. Haak, M. Vanovich, B. Coleman, E. Howe, E. Horst, B. Kreider. ROW 4: S. Bucher, B. Weaber, D. Magni, G. Hardick, K. Witmer, D. Weaber, Mr. Swingholm tadvisory Any classes wishing to view films may call upon the members of the Projectionists' Club. These boys willingly operate the visual aid equipment for both class- rooms and assemblies. Teachers can save time and energy because of the continuous co-oper- ation of this organized group. The purpose of the Library Club is to im- prove our school library, to arouse enthusi- , asm for reading, 5, ,. '- - -. e and to provide . " ' f! . . t urA "W: l 5 the school with efficient library service. In ad- . N dition to learning . l j all about the library, its parts, and its purpose, members learn how to repair damaged ones. The also create attractive displays advertising new bOOkS. Bowman, D. I-Iixon, S. Hetrick. J a 5-: iv; 1 ' ' 4 I g I v, .. i; J i .; 5. t "x. i ;, r l l . V. .1 ' V .5 'I -..azg w. o J l 1n! X ;. e V l i. re Library Club ROW 1: C. Hetrick, C. Croce, J. Remesnik, C. Nickliss, J. Wert, D. Poorman, R. chss. ROW 2: N. Yeagley, F. Garrison, C. Swingholm, S. Blanch, G. Garrison, B. Shucy, C. Stephen, L. Weabcr. ROW 3: L. Poorman, D. Dupler, A. Brcidcnstinc, D. Elliot, R. Teahl, S. Dull, B. Fake. ROW 4: J. Loy, L. Risscr, B. Students Assist in Care of Library Library Assistants ROW 1: E. Fake, C. Blantz, C. Hetrick, J. Zimmerman, G. Nickliss, L. Hostettcr, L. Wcaber. ROW 2: D. Kelly, N. Sanderson, D. Duplcr, J. Wcrt, D. Elliott, R. Tcahl, C. Croscc, B. Shucy, C. Stephen, B. Fake, R. ch55. ROW 3: K. Kerkeslager, J. Kcrchcr, S. Boltz, J. Shank, P. Baum, E. Miller, S. Micozzi, P. Bates, J. Loy, S. Hetrick, D. Herr, B. Blouch. ROW 4: D. Smith, L. Hipp, D. Thompson, 5. Mile ligan, K. Long, C. Nickliss, J. Remcsnik, B. Bowman, H. Graby, J. Krcidcr, C. Mcasc, T. Carroll, Y. Miller. ROW 5: A. Achcy, C. All- wcin, C. FoxJ R. Hcagy, E. Hcagy, J. Saudcr, M. Zimmerman, B. Miller, S. Funk, J. Cramcr, S. Bainbridge, C. Plasterer, S. Bowman, 8. Cooper. ii l '3 l ,1 ll ' :l i, l l l H 1 U 88 As new books come into the library, all assistants pitch in to catalogue the books and their jackets, and to put card pockets, catalogue numbers, and date due papers in the books. Helping in the library during their free time, these girls render a valu- able service to the school. Ambitious students plan- ning to enter the teaching profese sion gain con- structive ideas at the meetings of the Future Teachers of America Club. With the aid of film strips, lectures, and magazines stu- dents learn what to expect in their teaching career. Each year mem- bers gain ex- perience by aid- , . . ing teachers in Future Teachers of Amenca ROW 1: J. Hostetter, S. Brewer, J. Slnrk, E. Flsher, R. . -. . Wampler. ROW 2: R. Unger, 5. Cox, B. Weaver, E. Loy, J. Ensminger, F. Sattazahn. VElI'lOUS f1e1ds Of ROW 3: P. McConnell, J. Miller, R. Hughes, B. Chadwick, R. Miller, S. Peters, study. C. Kline. ROW 4: C. Fox, A. DiEnno, D. Lasch, J. Heilman, B. Granger, L. Amnack, M. Miller, J. Heffner, C. Roush, C. Hackman, Mr. Martintadvisory Discussions F ormulate Constructive I deas Franklin Society ROW 1: E. Habeckcr, R. Beard, V. Yeager, R. Hughes, J. Miller, G. Hains, J. I-Ieffner, R. Miller, C. Homing. Debating and discuss- ing world, national, and personal problems, the Franklin Society exercises the right to freedom of speech with creative and intensive thinking. Ruled by a strict code of by-laws, members are chosen upon agreement of the society. Stage Crew ROW 1: R. Basehore, E. Tienter, E. Deckert, C. McConnell, R. Maulfair, K. Bowman, F. Pruitt. ROW 2: G. Riegle, T. Pieffer, j. Seyfert, H. Harbaugh, K. Berkheimer, T. Snavely. ROW 3: A. Miller, B. Whisler, T. Yake, F. Moore, R. Pieffer, R. Schaffer. ROW 4: W. Hartman, R. Bowman, N. Ebersole, Mr. Etchberger advisorL J. Hartman, D. Pieffer. Behind the S 667265 Members of the Stage Crew prepare sets for plays, help with lighting, arrange props for assemblies, and give general assistance when it is needed. Glimpses quub-a-Dub Day H m u u m MN m u M an m w H Senior Play Cast SEATED: J. Ziegler, D. Patton, V. Yeager, M. Miller, R. Miller, M. Tanner, L. Leach. STANDING: R. Morgan, G. Hains, J. Miller, P. Achey, B. Rhoad, C. Craynick, S. Shanaman, R. Hughes. WDapa 15 AZ? A Big Success Seniors Visit Paris in A pril Tri-Class P1ay:A. Sollcnbcrgcr, K. Kreamer, K. Krcamer, J. Gross, P. Schneider, J. Bucher, F. Sattazahn, R. Wamplcr, L. Smith, C. Gingrich, P. Brandt, J. Gingrich, C. Hackman, D. Loehr, J. Zeigler, R. Miller, D. Patton, J. Ensmingcr, W. Strasbaugh, J. Grubcr, R. Unger, K. Meyer, K. Witmer, S. Bucher. Large Cast Presents cLinc0ln in Illinoz'fj F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure Team FIRST ROW: K. Sellers, J. Zeigler, P. Brandt, R. Krcider. SECOND ROW: G. Hitz, C. Forney, R. Lasher, J. Fox. IMove... Informing clubs and organizations of proper business procedures, the Parliamentary Prm cedure Team placed first in Lebanon County and fourth in regional con- tests. The team willingly advises all clubs in our school which are con- cerned with business procedures. 92 Vin f District Band Representatives SEATED: D. Baldwin, D. Ellenberger, T. Ellenberger, L. Smith, L. Hostctter, C. Fusnacht. ROW 2: L. Loser, P. I-Icin, B. I-Ioltz, A. Shank, N. Hector, D. Oliver, D. Dengler, R. Hartman. ROW 3: K. Krcumer, F. Kreamer, F. Custer, J. Gingrich, G. V'Vinters, L. I-Iemperly, M. Bartley, E. Fcrnsler, J. Ensminger. Many Pm'tz'cz'pate in Musical Organizations Music represents one's feelings, as a stu- dent represents his school. Many students have represented AeC in various band and choral concerts throughout the year. On February 6, 7, 8, 1964 the Southern District Band Festival was held at our school. Dimict Chorus Re resentativcs- J Hostetter The profits from this project J. Miller; G. Habgcker. ' ' t were added to our growing organ fund. Mr. Vaclav Nelye bel, a native of Czechoslovakia and now an American Citizen, was the guest conductor. He has conducted many prominent orchestras and prior to entering the United States held the position of Music Director and Conductor of Radio Free Europe. Mr. William Lemon, 11v strumental supervisor at A-C, was the coordinator of most of the District Band's activities. It was a genuine pleasure for us to have our school act as hOSt for the 1964 SOUthern Vaclav Nclybel William Lemon District Band. 93 in Perfect Band Front KNEELING: V. Euston, J. Shank, F. Daub. STANDING: J. Maurer, J. Shirk, M. Rueber, S. Lena, C. Fox, D. Smith, S. Smith, K. Kreamer, S. Kline, C. Nickliss, J. Wert. Precision drilling IS a common practice among the AwC band sections. Clarinets ROW 1: C. Kline, C. Hetrick, L. Smith, G. Rhen, S. Sutcliff, M. Hed- rick. ROW 2: B. Fry, L. Hostetter, D. Shcaf, D. Balde win, L. Condran, A. Shenk, B. Unger. ROW 3: B. Holtz, M. Walters, B. Granger, S. Stark, N. Heater, C. Wit- man, J. Finkbiner, C. Roh- land. ROW 4: W. Kramer, J. Gross, K. Boeshore, S. Shana- Blaring trumpets, mel- low saxaphones, and tingling bells, together with the other instruments of the band flourish in perfect harmony at the annual spring band concert. TrLunpets ROW 1: A. Keller, J. Hostetter, R. Morgan, G. Hardick, J. Bombgardner, S. I-Ictrick. ROW 2: R. Douuick, R. Chadwick, G. Reiglc, E. Fernsler, D. Donald- son. ROW 3: G. Winters, M. Bartlcy, E. Tienter, J. Bowman. " hytlzm Percussion ROW 1: M. Vanovich, D. Poorman, C. Mease. ROW 2: R. Loose, J. Gingrich, G. Shelly. What would we be without music? Music represents one's feeb ings, as a student rep- resents his school. F lutes and Saxophones: ROW 1: K. Rohland, 5. Cox, C. Fasnacht, A. Estep, J. Ging- rich, I. Bryce. ROW 2: A. Ebersole, A. Bollinger, S. Shaddock, D. Oliver, T. Carroll, L. Hertzog. ROW 3: L. Horn, C. Watson, D. Lasch, C. Weimer, F. Sat- tazahn, J. Schaffer, J. Loy. ROW 4: L. Hipp, R. O'Donel, L. Aumack, D. Achenbach, C. Gingrich, L. Loser. Everybody loves a parade, especially A-C's band when it marches in step to the rolling school drumbeat. Brass ROW 1: K. Meyer, M. Mcnb ling, P. Hcin, A. Sollenbergcr, E. Loy, ROW 2: M. Liles, C. Wenger, F. Kreamcr, G. Wright, M. I-Iedrick, E. Wolfe. ROW 3: J. Belong, J. Kinney, D. Smith, T, Shade, D. Martin, H. Hart- man, M. Light. ROW 4: B. Miller, J. Ensminger, W. Kramer, K. Kreamer, R. Mark, L. Hipp, E. Howe. Senior High Chorus ROW 1: R. Fry, K. Kreamcr, D. Heugy, C. Fox, C. Liles, R. Unger, D. Wampler, R. Doutxich, C. Bowman, L. Horn, J. Maurer, M. Snzwely. ROW 2: M. Hanlcy, N. Bomgardner, H. Whisler, K. Wilt, F. Daub, J. Finhbiner, R. IVIiller, D. Poorman, J. Ensmingcr, R. Wumplcr, A. Haak, D. Blouch, E. Ticntcr, L. Smith, S. Shanaman, C. Hackman, C, Mease, L. Fernslcr, K. Boeshore, M. Walters. ROW 3: N. Ebersole, S. Stark, J. Gerbelr, E. Loy, B. Wamplcr, D. Shcaf, K. Krcamcr, K. Winner, J. Gingrich, J. Rein, D. Baldwin, D. Martin, C. Gingrich, D. Patton, J. Wort, A. Bollingcr, A. Frederick, A. Estep, M. Light, B. Rhoad. ROW 4: J. Miller, C. Ensminger, J. Tice, C. Kline, J. Foltz, L. Kruger, D. Boeshorc, G. Habccker, G. I-Iurdick, R. Morgan, 1. Ticc, P. Brandt, D. I-Icmperly, R. Miller, L. Zimmerman, D. Haak, j. Zimmerman, S. Brewer, E. Fisher, T. Carroll. ROW 5: S. Shaddock, S. E. Kauffman, J. Borer, J. Bucher, M. Gingrich, M. Snavcly, D. Miller, J. Bomgardner, J. Books, C. Forney, I. Hostctter, W. Fidler, J. Schneider, R. Beard, M. Wentling, R. Mark, C. Gingrich, C. Fasnacht, P. Hein, P. Achey, S. Sutcliff, J. Heilman, C. Heuick. Donald Gingrich Directs Chorus in Concerts Miss Meyers and MT- Gingrich Selections chosen to represent music in the life of man are based on man's spiritual life, man's music in drama, and man's secular music. Chorus members set the mood for the sacred portion of the annual spring concert. Maroon goxvnh perfect hur- mony, and a good director made this religious segment of the program :1 very impressive performance. Our heritage of music was given by the Glee Club, who sang sea Chantcys and folk songs. The successful spring concert Climaxcd with the singing of "The Music Man. " Miss Mildred Mycrs, accompanist for the high school chorus, faithfully supported the Chorus with her excellent piano playing. She was also the organist at the commencement exercises. Busy Donald Gingrich conducts all choral activities at Annvillc-Clcona. His concerts are anticipated by the comh munity. HHtumH u H W Glee Club ROW 1: J. Miller, D. Hcagy, E.Loy, D. Bocshorc, P. Brandt, J. Reitz, D. Patton, R. Unger, K. Bocshore, C. Hackman, B. Rhoad. ROW 2: J. Finkbiner, C. Ensmingcr, S. Kauffman, J. Bogcr, R. Beard, W. Fidlcr, R. Morgan, J. Ticc, E. Habcckcr, P. Achey, C. Bowman, M. Walters, M. Snavcly. ROW 3: Mr. Gingrich, C. Kline, A. Tarbct, S. Shaddock, G. Hardick, J. Hostctter, D. Hempcrly, J. Ensminger, K. Kreamer, C. Fasnucht, P. Hcin, S. Shanamzm. Music in Our Lives Cirls' Chorus ROW 1: N. Ebcrsolc, K. Krcamcr, B. Fry, K. Wilt, D. Hcagy, S. Sutcliff, D. Haak, C. En- sminger, Daub, L. Fernslcr, C. Bowman, L. Horn, J. Maurcr, T. Carroll. ROW 2: M. Hanley, N. Bom- gardncr, S. Stark, J. Berger, l-I. Whislcr, C. Fox, J. Foltz, L. Kruger, J. VVCrt, A. Estep, M. Light, A. Frederick, C. McascJ C. Hacl-unan, B. Rhoad. ROW 3: J. Miller, M. Brandt, E. Loy, B. Wamplcr, J. Tice, J. Buchcr, R. Miller, L. Zimmerman, J. Boger, M. Gingrich, A. Bollingcr, K. Gingrich, E. Fisher, C. Bocshorc, S. Shulmman, M. N'Valtcrs. ROW 4: J. Finkbincr, C. Kline. S. Kauffman, A. Sollenbcrger, S. Shaddock, D. Miller, M. Snavcly, D, Shcaf, P. Hcin, C. Fasnacht, J. Heilman, C. Hctrick, P. Achey, N. Snavcly, S. Brewer. 97 Brass Choir SEATED: A. Sollenberger, P. Hein, E. Loy, K. Meyer. ROW 2: M. Barley, E. Fernsler, J. Hostetter, R. Mor- gan, J. Martin. ROW 3: C. Wengcr, G. Wright, T. Shade, G. Winters, Mr. Lemon, Director. ROW 4: D. Martin, K. Kreamer, B. Mark, M. Light. Orchestra Presents Selectz'ans far Tri-Class Play Orchestra ROW 1: C. Kline, S. Brewer, A. Frederick, C. Gingrich, J. Bryce, D. Baldwin, B. I-Ioltz, J. Ging- rich, D. Oliver7 C. Fashacht. ROW 2: L. Loser, J. Schaffer, D. Ahcenbach, S. Shaddock, N. Heater, B. Granger, W. Kramer, D. Sheaf, L. Hostetter, L. Smith. ROW 3: G. Giebig, P. Hein, K. Meyer, E. Loy, C. Wenger, E. Kreamer, T. Shade, G. Wright, D. Martin, M. Light, Mr. Lemon Mirectom. ROW 4: C. Mease, J. Gingrich, G. Winters, J. Martin, M. Bartley, J. Hostetter, R. Morgan, E. Fernslcr, K. Kreamer. 98 junior H iglz Band Clarinet Choir Practices Precision Clarinet Choir SEATED: D. Baldwin, C. Kline, L. Smith, B. Holtz, A. Shenk, M. Walters. STANDING: S. Stark, C. Whitnnan, J. Gross, L. Condran, B. Granger, K. Boeshore, J. Finkbiner, B. Unger, Mr. Lemon, director. junior High Chorus junior High Dance Band There Is Nothing Like Good M usic Dance Band ROW 1: C. Mease, A. Shank, G. Ficbig. ROW 2: Mr. Lemon, L. Loser, I. Col- Vin, K. Rohland, D. Ellenberger, S. Shaddock, R. O'Donel, D. Achen- bach, J. Schaffer. ROW 3: T. Shade, C. Wenger, F. Kreamer, G. Wright, H. Hartman, D. Smith. ROW 4: K. Kreamer, G. Winters, J. Martin, R. Morgan, M. Bartley, T. Miller, E. Fernsler, J. Gingrich. King and Queen quearts 101 National junior W .M w S 7 0 n H0 102 junior Tri-Hi- Y 103 jzum'or Homemakers ofAmerz'ca junior Farmers m m. . E F.-.- 104- Archery C lub Science C Zub 105 Cross-Country. FIRST ROW; G. Colvin, A. Boyd, R. Mark, R. Beard, G. Embich. SECOND ROW: J. Gingrich, D. Martin, . Colvin, A. Shenk, G. Wright. THIRD ROW: Mr. Gerber woacm, D. Eshelman, G. Young. Soccer. FIRST ROW: J. Bomgardner, R. Miller, D. Magni, J. Hostetter, J. Tice, G. Fiebig, D. Poorman, J. Schneider. SECOND ROW: J. DeLong, E. Howell, A. Haak, J. Miller. V. Peters, R. Vogelsong, J. Ulrich, D. Achenbach, J. Slay- baugh. THIRD ROW: R. Loose, J. Reitz, B. Kruger, A. Shaffner, M. Fry, D. Dialer, G. Heilman, E. Fernsler, H. Moyer Roachy Joe Schneider Jim Tice Chuck Miller Jim Bomgardner Glen Fiebig Jim Hostetter Danny Poorman Varsity Hockey. FIRST ROW: B. Weaver, D. Smith, K. Long, J. Shirk, S. Peters, S. Smith, S. Stark, F. Sattazahn. SECOND ROW: L. Zimmerman, S. Brewer, S. E. Kauffman, R. Hughes, 8. Sutcliffe, B. Chadwick, B. Reese, L. Schwalm, E. Fisher, S. Wilda- sin, Mrs. Petriskie koacm. Bonnie Rudell Sandy Sue Ellen Sandy Begins Early S ports J. V. Hockey. FIRST ROW: M. Long, P. Heffner, J. Tanno, E. Loser, S. Hetrick, L. Hipp, B. Shaddock. SECOND ROW: L. Horn, manager, 'J. Kreamer, A. DiEnno, N. Heeter, S. Bainbridge, 5. Funk, C. Ehrhart, M. Zimmerman, K. Fake, Mrs. Ferguson koacm. B. Fidler, T. Miller, L. Plasterer, G. Fiebig, J. Schneider, E. Habecker, J. Hostetter, J. Tice, J. Long, D. Achenbach. Center, F. Etchberger koacm. Glen Fiebig Ccne Habecker Jlm T1ce Joe Schneider Jim Hostetter 110 A-C Regains Basketball Title Basketball Managers: Donald Smith, Glenn Hains, and Carlin chger. Coach Mr. Frank Etchberger. Cheerleadcrs: FIRST ROW: E. Loy, V. Euston, K. Kreamer, R. Fry. SECOND ROW: C. Gingrich, J. Boger, C. Nickliss. It looks as if the scorekecpcrs can add another point to the score! Can't you jump any higher, Bill? Better get that pass, Dale! Opening game ceremonies include 11110 "Star-Spanglcd Banner" 112 ..WRk t .u; n" .K E veryone Participates in Basketball All right, who has the ball? The return of the basketball band brought with it more school spirit. FIRST ROW: J. Reitz, R. Simmons, R. Beard, K. Miller, R. Stager, J. Weaber. SECOND ROW: Mr. Eckert woacm, A. Shank, J. Ulrich, B. Kruger, B. Dohner, A. Haak, D. Baldwin, G. Heilman. j. V. Basketball and Cheerleaders 3 j i t 1 w M" 1. !3? Wayne Strasbaugh, Eckert woacm, Kenneth . . ' ' Rohland. F. Sattazahn, S. Peters, S. Kreamer, M. Ruber, S. Granger. D. WartILL'ft, M. Howell, S. Pfoutz, J. Tanno, A. Achey, D. Levitz. jr. H iglz Basketball KNEELING: K. Kreamer. STANDING: J. Beyerle, and Cheerleaders ML ESWWM, P- FIRST ROW: R. Dcngler, J. Rudy, C. Martin, H. Habecker, A. Miller, R. Rademacher, G. Sheetz, T. Schaffcr. SECOND ROW: G. Colvin, O. Wethington, G. Ruth, T. Waltz, R. Henning, J. Colvin, K. Hemperly. THIRD ROW: T. Wright, T. Keller, M. Zeck, J. Boger, J. Dohner, D. Kruger. FOURTH ROW: Eshleman woacm, J. Winters, R. Shuey, B. Watts, D. Heilman. KNEELING: S. Smith, D. Sheaf, G. Nickliss, J. Fry, 3. Putt. STANDING: J. Shirk, S. Bainbri, K. Long, B. Chadwick, D. Miller, B. Holtz, S. Wildasin, S. Brewer, B. Weaver. Dutchgz'rls Triumph! mm c. Mme, L. WW W agersy STANDING: S. Kline managerL Mrs. Petroskie moacm, R. Hughes, R. Daubert managersy Sheila Putt Gail Nickliss Sandy Smith 116 Joe Schneider Robert Mark Jim Hostetter Mike Miller Four Letterman Lost Through Graduation FIRST ROW: R. Mark, J. Schneider, J. Hostetter, M. Miller. SECOND ROW: L. Loser, R. O'Donel, J. Yorty, B. Chadwick, D. Smith, R. Bixler, N. Graby. THIRD ROW: Snyder woacm, D. Thompson hnanagem, R. Kreider, J. Miller, D. Achenbach, V. Peters, T. Ebright, J. Long, K. Borges, M. Vanovich, T. Longenecker managersL . um Mu Chuck Miller Randy Morgan Glen Fiebig Jim Tice A-C Prevails in Track Sr. High Track Team. FIRST ROW1J. Tice, C. Miller, R. Morgan, G. Fiebig, A. Tshudy, A. Keller, J. Sanders, A. Boyd. SECOND ROW: G. Young, C. Gardner, R. Vogelsong, D. Eshleman, R. Beard, D. Achen- bach, J. Gingrich, M. Fansler. THIRD ROW: J. Slaybaugh, A. Shaffner, J. Ulrich, M. Kreiser, B. Kruger, J. Reitz, G. Wright, D. Martin. FOURTH ROW: M. Wending, A. Haak, M. Fry, G. Embich, J. DeLong, K. Miller, A. Shank. FIFTH ROW: G. Shelley, S. Mohnshine, D. Baldwin, E. Fernsler, G. Winters, L. Condran, J. Bryce. SIXTH ROW: D. Dissinger, C. Wenger, Mr. Eshleman LAsst. coachL Mr. Gerber woachh T. Snavely, K. Rohland. Allen Tshudy Ammon Boyd 3 John Sanders Arthur Keller 118 : 1" ut-L'Il WM veg B 3m; 5.3 ' nus ED" 113' junior H z'glz Track jumbr High Soccer 4VAL c.gV ?MHS H: J U am y We: Wu. :0. ; B. Fry, J. Shirk. SECOND ROW: D. Smith, K. F. Sattazahn, S. Sutcliff, S. Brewer, C. Rousch. Fry, P. McConnell, B. Weaver, Long, B . Cha dwick, FIRST ROW: J. E a .... Tennis 1f 27' H"? G I N .. . M ii . uauusnn m.. . g. 2am In Rum: umug-mum Sandy Sutcli ff 3i . Emmammm. '1 Becky Fry ACES UP! 122 S ponsors To the following individuals and businesses we express our sincere appreciation for Their material support of our class and its yearbook. Annville American Legion Annville Mufuol Insurance Company Beard's Food Market Mn and Mrs. Benjamin F, Blocher Books' Planing Mill Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Buchmoyer Ezra Buchmoyer, Jr. Cleona Paper Box Company Cleono Shoe Repair, Harry McConnell William Condrcm, Realtor, RD. iL-T, Annville Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cufman Davis Rexoll Pharmacy, 9-1 1 Main St, Annville Mark C. Dengler, Reel Esfdfe Don's Bctrber Shop, Don Bruboker, Prop. Ebersole Hatchery Edris Garage AAA, phone: 86-7-9181 John E. Ensminger Box 241, Annville Farm Bureau, Box 691, T6Th and Cumberland STs., Le- bonon Fink's Bakery, Annville The Founfoin of Beauty, Annville Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Gardner Ginder's, RD. if:4, Lebanon, Po. TFontonoT Dr. Russell Gingrich Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hains Mr. and Mrs. George N. Hordick Mr. and Mrs. Peter Howryluk Heogy Elecfric Mr. and Mrs. David H. Herr L. B. Herr and Son, Lancaster, Po. Mark C. Hershey Poultry Farm I B M Dick Kercher Tree Service, 1318 E. Main St, Annville Poul Kettering Kingsley and Brown, Annville Kreomer Brothers Furniture Co. - Appliances and Floor Covering Kreomer Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kreomer Kreider's Form Supply TFonTonoT, RD. if:4, Lebanon R. E. Kreider Shoe Store, 54 E. Main Sfreef, Palmyra Mr. and Mrs. David Kruger Lebanon Volley Nofional Bank 123 Lebcmon Volley Offset Company, Inc. Long's Insurance Agency Long's Lumber Company Monbeck's Wholesale, 160 N. Forge Rood, Palmyra Nick Moriani, Plumbing and Heoiing, 300 Wafer ST., Palmyra John H. McClure, Annville George F., and Catherine E. Messersmifh, 414 Oak Street, Palmyra H. L. Meyer, Inc. Aaron B. Miller, Building Contractor, RD. itQ, Box 775, Annville Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Miller Miller's SeIf-Service Food Store The Palm Press, 144 N. Railroad St, Palmyra Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Poormon Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Rabold Earl Reddinger Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Sheese J. DeWolf Silbermon, MD. South Side Flower Shop, Lebanon, Pa. The Sporf Shop Stein Brothers Clothiers, Lebanon Super-TS Fred Torrefta Knitwear Corp, .535 Eighth Avenue, New York 18, NY. Uhler's Studio, Photography Umberger's Mill Viozzi's Food Morkef Walter H. Wecber and Sons, Contractor and Builder, RD. 43:4, Lebanon Howard Weaver Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Weifz Wengerf's Dairy Western Aufo Associate Stores, Auto Ports and Acces- sories - House wares - Sporting Goods Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Yoke, Jr. C. L. Yocum "The Rail Fence" 18 E. Penn Avenue, Cleono Zeigler's Gulf Service James Zengerle Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Zimmerman A lma Mater Our strong band can ne'er be broken, Form'd in A-C High Far surpassing wealth unspoken, Seal'd by friendship's tie. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Deep graven on each heart, Shall be found unwav'ring true, When we from life shall part. 124 mi t J wig i ! : A J, an... 1.0 . .J

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