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1 HF WF- N '11 r elif., '-W . ,4 A ' ., . 4 . . ,Ili . , 'I 'qu '- f ,y' E: . .5 1 ' :,,4'ggf, 'j.?'.'I qrf, TJW- iff ' 1..k1,u - , L ..,, - ., , 5x 'A-fi-I' L 1 Y..,,w 4 .A W' , 5, as-A 1. :eh .z-.fin ,' , -. ,Qj,v,,,,:f, J A 51.1 inf' ' . 53?5?5',!. 1- ' qua Aff 4- ,f .V LI ,.f' P e. , A , N ,V ,T I . 2. .ff 7 Cx-1 -fl? -M nfs. 5 ' ,VA M. ,V ,V Ii 7' '-if fbi ,b ,LL A- Q ' , :, wh ,, Q.. 3 251' ,413-B 'Li' F- ', f- E 1 ' , I, s.-',VViE,v'.f. '- ,Y i.. - V Ld A 'Q .' -, vw - -' -1,- :W xii- , -, sir' i 53:-i '-5 F' .n ll, ,W ' Q ' 4 Q. 51 4 '. - 7.4 'gg H115 15' M H . .-I. .l,. 1 -vf. X n. ., , N. , . . .gn 1 1 .. 4 G- w, ,VU 1 - . 4 , 'fl 'r f . . 1 W'-.w A, 'fx-I ,t 1 1 . '. ' f, 2 A-. 'L' ' 'fn .. ,-- A 1 - -. f, , :LJ , '. .4 r', n. ,. ' ' 'T al 41's v ' M .YU X L 1 L 2 1 , 1 .'J w .:i' fir,- 5 .Y V 1 - IH . -. ,M 2' .' -.ff .V-iflf ..,, .. 1. . Si .,. . fT if !f1w..: -v, . 111.1- 1,f .- , . 4. -f f,. . it .924 J :YZ ' ': ,. ,L- 1 , 3: TN ' ,' Ff . rf 'fvf . 3, --I, ui 5, , ,.e. xf.-' .i.7I:' ' .'. .- ll. .- 4. ,,! , - ' 'x f 1 .,,.s 4. . ,. -1 ,- .3 . V., .Ns . 1. ' .,.,..V, ,.-. . lf L A -59.1-If ' I 1 f JZ an fi ' . an 2 4 17 F: ,3 :ii ,.:7,4...,. M' - ,,'tfb-.Q sw ., .A- I xg -ffi'g',4 ., . .51 7, . Q '-:gh ,,-fzti 4' . M. . -. --,W-. .. -7, wv- - 1-.71 1 9:91, gf 1 Up... , .y n gr. v..-'r n n 'lr' f w 51 ,. 4. ,,, 45,5 K. .fy fix, gf.. 3' 'ti' , . . A. ., . ggi: 4-,1 if ' . ?F3.?4 5f1f,: ,.-.1-A . Ev: 'fr .1 5'-Q 5' Q' A -.v z' iv . F 1, 's f' I., 1, ,. ,, . . -. ' Q--.Avg-,,. . . FT ,., 'V I ,- ,ftfw g Q. '. ,Ig M T .' , ,VA 1 W K. ,I ' . . Y, 1, . ,, V ' ,Ury Q-:P . 1 ' . 1. J'-' 1 H 35:1 - is Y. ' ' ..':f':'-r. Y . ,' 9 ,' L-'I' .- E . 7 fm' 'f' ky.,-23-,-, . :..,..j 151. 4 X: , If Mg. -7131. , .. -c . . f-. . ' J. 3 ' ' '. .ww :M 55,.,g.4'.-13. .'...3- .. .. Q .' .If V , 'J'-' -J' wb I' H :gl P 'Z xlff' :. :V R lcd! ' 'J-Xa. g. 'l ' aw, M1311 .. . . .W , ,. . , I ,IU . ,I ., 8,5 1, . 'v 1 .jp , 4413, , A .,--A-Ljrjir ,f -A vii.-'--, ' ' H' f. 4. .' . ' f , A' 'Vik .Q11 .1 5 ,,.i1.'.. ,fi-fT.-A -1 ' ' , ' I v J'-L4 JW. A gg '1 Y'-5-rw ' . B. 4' ,'. ' ,A -ik.i'7'..A ' . L . V. kr 7.0 ri,- s- inf' A Y 'f I -1 mf. ZA ff,-'- l . ,B ...Aki . W, - -,U .g:.J', 1- , 1.22.35 1-W.,-,!f.-' 1 -.3 A '2Ag'mj?,.-Q, A. .' K. ...W Egg.. . ., ,- -1 'W ' .fzj-.w.-w. wwf. ...WH-i .R.1--. - --Iifi' ff.2'...? ...lf-if ' f 5b.':N7...'x.f? '1'h 'Q if '25 9E?gQ1?,I 4' .. . Fr-,f'f k .' ..15F.L ,. if ' .,- .A ,, ., A ,.., -. Z , ,,,. , V , .A ... L 5 ,,-,uf I :-ff-H. ek? - AL '54- V SIX gf5i'.7?5f' - nw'-' '- Q ' ' f -'54-1 'X ,1 , .. . . .M P. A.. --S aww -JJ. 1 5:-ii JL , 5-fi , Q.: - 12? ip- , VA :F Y A ff? g., W4 ?'1 .,r.- ffjf 149. iff ' SJ, 4 r 44, WF ,hy .il 51. :vw 34 Hy . Y M' M. . ,.. .1 a al' 41, 2-. T? ,,1.-- .9 . w ' QP: : .. ,1 . .,.5,vf4-X-'.:- JS?-9 pug. In if nw --pi 'Ein -'ni' T. - .- 1 7x..,,.., K N, lk M:-if-gg., H' . 1 5. 1 , I-. '73 'T Q x..1. ' . , ... f, ,. ,, ' iv. -. . f . mv- ,.--rf . '. 'elf ,-,-,JF ' Q. ' ' x 'L .-,in 'Q g. ' .- .IF ,. - ' 2 -'- . xl ' ' .',' . - l. r. -a f, '., 5, . -i: '.n-.w vt -' .j,l iw'w',,a'.'- . Q, 9 E- .SUN . 1+'. fr . -- . Q if. '35 QQ: ,L N ,- V ' ' if' .tw .-V ,- Q .1 .- Wg' - .1 -H In ,f .wwe fy '14, N 2, ...F ,mg ix yr, -E si .M H I I fr U 'V Q: -':, , -:1-. ' I, I : W ' '.' ji . :- i x' . I - 4:1 - 'Q-1.'.. 4, :Zh -.LE V.: . . I , k. '- ,,' K ' , if ,., 4525 ,fi - q.- . 5 v , af 'Tr nf-12 -4 :-.-' 5 ' .1 '- ':.-J.--r. ' , -- . 1 ,J :., :Wg 5 Qu- , ,.-1'vV- 1 iff, Y ' Y H 'v' : K .V Q., -1 va' .x , ,,. .UA if . .I- ., w if .VFW mf ' n. 1 f ,, 3. 1 fe: 1,- . .4 , lf ' ., 3. nf' M 'T .121 , 5? 'U , w. 5 vi:- H ,rg . '62 3. ,wi .1 -He' 'f,, X ff. . ,, . J. 'ff .,, 'af -if My .,- ,4 - K Y' 12 ' 'F Q 36 'J li T2 1 1 'l ' ,w . A , 'iz .Eg ga 'K if LS' ANNVILLE Annville, Pennsylvania HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF l952 PRESENTS THE GREYSTONE ax . fi ff. UVM sl EZVEAA 9 . 5-E32 Wiki ' ,Q , ? R Dedication We the class of 1952 dedicate this yearbook to Miss Eleanor Witmyer for her patience and understanding both inside and outside the classroom and for helping us to learn the American way of life. She has always sei for us a fine example of citizenship which we shall sincerely try to fo ow. 4 I ag f if zlv A P0 . ba E i' iix nyg-WY' - Faculty Advisor Ffditor-in-Chief Associate Editors Feature Editors Art Photographers Sports Yearbook Staff Miss Bossard Arlene Fisher Doris Boger Violonda Fortuna Patricia Hartman Maylorraine Seidel Christine Hamer ,Iudy Blouch Lynn Sparks Patricia Boyer Lewis Landis Kenneth Dissinger Norman Blantz Irvin Zimmerman Music Business Manager Advertising Sponsors Book Sales Typing Flsie Heisey James Miller Nancy Brightbill john Smith Carl Habold Ruth Shaak Pearl Heilman Janet Huhl Mitzi Killinger Marvin Miller Phyllis Landis Lucille Snoke M anetta Noll Georgeanna Shaud Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Re Sponsors 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. gl Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. gl Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Frank Aftosmes Harold C. Brandt Daniel H. Davis William T. Davis Kenneth A. Euston Peter Hawrylulc Thomas Hoban Arville G. Light Jr. Harold A. Matz Adam D. Miller Claude H. Miller Lester C. Miller J. R. Monteith J. Richard Murr v. 81 Mrs. Harry T. Hichwine Dr. 81 Mrs. F. G. Sheese Mr. 81 Mrs. David K. Shroyer Rev. K. Otis Spessard Mr. gl Mrs. J. G. Starr Mr. 81 Mrs. Chester C. Stroh 6 L QYMVIWUITJI1 W y 1 2 ,Xa Wuflg E B iw if A 2 :sn B??Q,-6543! Boa rd of Directors Rev. Harry T. Richwine David K. Shroyer M. Byrl Nye - Secretary Adam D. Miller - President Merl L. Keim - Supervising principal Chester C. Stroh - Treasurer 8 n 1 u v 1 fa f I 91 nib .nt-SIZE.. N .. .- MNN Faculty First Row: Miss Jane North - Grade 3, Mrs. Gakey Light - Grades 3 81 49 Miss Ada C. Bossard - Spanish, Social Studiesg Miss Mildred E. Myers - English, Latin, Miss Elea- nor L. Witmeyer - Social Studiesg Mrs. Arville G. Light, Jr. - Commercial, Mrs. Sarah M. Lannon - Grades 5 81 6, Mrs. J. Richard Murr - School Nurse, Miss Grace R. Berry Grade 4. Second Row: Mrs. Chester Maulfair - Secretary, Miss Glenna Eshleman - Libraryg Mrs. Paul Kreider - Grade 29 Mrs. Edward S. Loose - Grade 69 Mrs. William Keller - Grade 29 Mrs. John Darkes - Grade lg Miss Mar E. Lehman - Health Ed- ucationg Miss Mary June Kreider - Home Economics. Third, Row: Howard G. Moyer - Social Studiesg J. Richard Murr - Industrial Artsg Mrs. Paul C. Billett - English, So- cial Studiesg Mrs. Elizabeth R. Barnhart - Mathematics, Mrs. Sara B. Brubaker - Eng- lishg Miss Betty M. Miller - Vocal Music, Harold G. Brandt - Physical Educationg Hen- ry J. Hollinger - Mathematics. Fourth Row: William K. Lemon III - Instrumental Mus- icg Thomas Hoban - English, Paul C. Billett - Scienceg Peter P. Bugda, Jr. - Artg Merl L. Keim - Supervising Principal, Raymond Swingholm - Science, Driver Training. 9 QW UQ va ,wma 12 ' X2 2 Q X ii , X i ff 1 M I .. L , .wmv ,xv v-A 'vw-af Web Q' 'I 1 X, i H af A V ' , 'TAR N ' A , f V - H m y 4 D Z5 'S 5 VX? cz: mi Q 01,0 X6 M Li 0 -:- -: il.- 'I Class colors - Blue and Gold Class flower - Red Rose Class motto - We came, we studied, we conquered , Norman V. Blantz Jr. Norm Academic Serious minded - Miss Wit- meyer's protege - tall - terri- fic memory - mania for talking - a dependable friend - can al- ways take a joke - independent thinker - will make a wonder- ful histor teacher. Mixed Chorus 2,33 Dramatics 1,2,3: Crier 2,35 Yearbook 3. if 12 M4 Carl G. Blauch Carl General Bashful - has own car - lives in Bellegrove - seldom cuts up in homeroom - serious type - black, wavy hair - al- ways lending homework - good natured - hidden talents on trumpet. Mixed Chorus 3g Basketball 1,2, 33 Baseball 1,2,3g Track 2,3. ,Iudith A. Blouch Jud Academic getests long hair - looks cute with glasses - A's in special arts - enjoys parties - good guard on basketball team - has an excuse for everything - a long way home - dark hair with eyes to match - pleasing personality. Band 3gMixed Chorus 1,3gGirl's Chorus 1,2,3g Dramatics 1,2,3g Crier 2g Yearbook 33 Basketball 1,2,3g Hockey 2,3g G.A.A. 2,35 May Court 1. it Gardner E. Boyer Chips General Independent character - has a way with girls -hot rod Hud- son - never studies - looks for arguments - knows all the answers -free with compliments - could get along without school - tough time with ex- cuse cards. Orchestra 1,2,3g Band 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Safety Pat- rol 1. Doris L. Boger Doris Academic Good natured - special stop for hockey bus - that giggle! - short but full of pep - ex- perienced first grade teacher - faithful lunch carrier - typical woman driver - easily per- suaded - good natured t e. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Gills' Chorus 1,2,3g Crier 3g Yearbook 33 Dramatics 1,23 Hockey 1,2, 3. fs. 13 2- Q: 1 ' ,...,,. ...... . ,,,,., ,,,,, , K K , ..,..g. ii' Lewis S. Brough Lewie Commercial Came to us in late years - member of National Guard - in- teresting answers in all classes - always drives to school - keeps up on current events - loves to talk - shines in P. of D. Patrol 2. lf! Nancy A. Brightbill Nancy Commercial Experienced driver - other half of Shaud-Brightbill com- bination -talkative -extensive wardwrobe - puts voice to good use at basketball games -makes frequent trips to Lebanon. Crier 35 Yearbook 39 Tennis 2. Y if Kenneth L. Dissinger Tex Commercial Quiet - faithful record changer at dances -courteous - always has home work done - skilled at running film pro- jector - commutes from Cleona -willing to help in any instance - conservative. Crier 35 Student Council 13 Class Officer 35 Safety Patrol 2g Yearbook 3. f 9 as Arlene J. Fisher Fisher Academic Friendly and helpful - loves dancing - flirty eyes - alwa s lending homework papers - hill- billy fan - Mr. Hollinger's dream girl - active guard in basketball team - in adilemma about future. Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Girl's Chorus 1,2,3g Ensemble 2,35 School Crier 25 Yearbook 35 Student Council 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Class officer 1,25 Dramatics 1, 2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Tennis 2,35 May Day 2,3. Violanda C . Fortuna Lonnie Academic Extensive reader - chews gum violently - cute dimple - special arts student - hates tardiness - frequents Palmyra movie - likes blue eyes - col- lects records - expresses her- self well. Dramatics lg Crier 1,2,35 An- nual 35 Basketball 25 Hockey 2,35 Tennis 25 G.A.A. 2,3. Charles A. Foltz Lut General Quiet, friendly smile -light- ning on basketball court - pur- sued by fair sex - Charlie, My Boy -faithful partol boy - in on all the fun - never in a hurry -- good friend. Student Council 15 Patrol 1,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1, 2,35 Soccer 1,2,35 Varsity Club 35 Class Officer 2. 15 Christine M. Hamer Chris Academic Congenial - makes English class interesting - that summer at the shore! Good cook - whiz in Math - doesn't believe in exerting oneself - loves to argue - originality plus - extra special tennis player - vol- unteers for every committee. Band 2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3g Dramatics l,2,3g Crier 1,2,3g Greystone Staff 3g Basketball 1,2,34 Hock- ey 1,2,3g Tennis 2,33 C.A.A. 2,3. all ' ,fyk ,Q A ja C 5 a 16 Lawrence A. Frattaroli Larry General Black wavy hair - always talking - not a care in the world - can be mighty stub- bom - dreamer - kind hearted - a wide accumulation of jokes - avoids mental exercise. .X . Patricia A. Hartman Pat Academic Dependable in any instance - original style of writing - friendly - proud of her diamond - never moody - swings a mean hockey stick - has her future all planned. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Girls' Chor- us 1,2,3g Dramatics 1,2,3g Crier 1,2,3g Greystone Staff 3g Student Council 1gHockey 1,2,35 Tennis 3. Jay W . Hartz Lindy General Friendly giggle - tight with his money - good in Math - drives mail truck - Romeo of Hartz twins - always manages to look innocent - hangs out at the Co-ed. Pearl A. Heilman Sis Commercial Indis ensable in commercial room - djependable - Miss Leh- man's right hand girl - always ready for a laugh - hugh col- lection of neat clothes - bus- iness manager of various organ- lzations. Girls Chorus 3g Dramatics lg Crier l,2,39 Yearbook 35 Basket- ball manager l,2,3g Hockey 1,2, 35 G.A.A. 2,3. Ray T. Hartz Fat General Teases the girls-had temper -nickname for everyone - likes to laugh - known to stutter when he tells stories - sure school couldn't run without him - useful reserve for Little Dutchmen. Basketball 2,3g Baseball 2,39 Track 1,2,3g Soccer 1,2,3g Var- sity Club 35 Patrol l,2. 'I7 Q v , Wt! a QI V Q U Q f . film--.z,,,4,MMM I . . 'Mn z E is v Alfred K. Hoch Hochie Commercial The man with the horn - flirting brown e es drives a mean Buick - eailsy to get along with - deep base voice adds much to the mixed chorus - indescribable laugh - has agirl in every town. Band 1,2,3g Chorus 1,2,3g Dramatics 1,2,3g Soccer 2,33 Track 1,2,3g Orchestra 1,2,3g Varsit Club 3g Dance Band 2, 35 Class Officer Ig Student Council 2,3. I8 Elsie L. Heisey Lou Acadamic Cute smile - interest in Okinawa - class soprano - attractive - loves horseback ridin - always seen with shougder strap bag - popular student - wide collection of friends - screams at every in- cident - will make a pleasant nurse. Band 2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3g Ensemble 2,35 Crier l,2,3g Yearbook 35 Basketball 1,2,33 Hockey 1,2,3g Tennis 25 G.A.A. 2,3g May Court 39 Dance Band 3. X Shirley M. Killinger Mitzi General Flashy eyes - loves them and leaves them - sweater girl - frequents the Co-Ed - smooth dancer - good things come in small packages - looks cute with bangs - likes to write let- ters - pierced ears. Yearbook Staff 33 Basketball lg F.H.A. 2,3. Jeannette E. Kline Skeeter Commercial First senior to sport a dia- mond ring - pretty eyes - neat figure - short, wavy hair - working gal - carries a shoulder bag - soft spoken in P. of D. class - will make a charming wife. Crier 3. Phyllis M. Landis Phil Commercial Commuter from Clear Spring - barrels of fun - chews gum like mad - gets along with everyone - quick temper - slug- ger in volleyball and softball - never lets a friend down. Yearbook 33 Basketball 1gG.A. A. 2,3. Lewis J. Landis Jack General Wonderful sense of humor - boasts wallet-sized x-rays - quiet, till you get to know him - variety of girls - wavy hair - jokester - rural friend - handy with the drums. Greystone Staff 39 Track l,2,3. i 5 f S gil Ji, I9 Karl B. Long Poomy General Sense of humor - those blue eyes! - big brute - what a laugh! - witty suggestions at class meetings - easy to get along with - leads cheering at girls' basketball games - con- stantly betting on games. Basketball 1,23 Soccer 1,39 Var- sity Club 3g Safety Patrol 1,25 Baseball l. 20 james B. Long Jim General Tall and handsome - has a mind of his own - ladies' man - dark curly hair - can be de- pended upon to usher at class plays - likes new faces - class drummer boy. Band 1,2,3g Soccer 1,2,3g Pat- rol Zg Varsity Club 35 Basket ball lg Mixed Chorus 1,33 Orch- estra 1. girl - mai.-15 X K ' l- 1 -a Mary Jane Longenecker Mary Jane Commercial Usually laughing - pretty clothes - gets around a lot - stately carriage - quiet voice - seen at every dance - keeps the fellows guessing - jitter- bu fiend - considers school dufl. Crier 3. Wilbur D. Longenecker ' 'Oc General Class president - con- scientous - easy to get along with - basketball captain - popular with both sexes - spe- cial glass guards all his own - always in good spirits - given hard time at class meetings. Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball l,2, 3g Soccer 1,23 Varsity Club 3g Safety Patrol 35 Class Officer 3. James C. Miller Jim General Shy around girls - prefers blue cars - good worker - quiet type - sometimes called Cow- boy - dependable - faithful attendance to music practices - keeps in the money with part time job. Orchestra 2,33 Band 1,2,3g Yearbook 3g Safety Patrol 1,2. Patricia A. Matz Pam Academic Efficient - varied vocabulary - studious type - one of our representatives to state and dis- trict band - busy as a bee - a true friend - hobby fiend - ac- complished baritone sax- ophonist - takes complete notes in every class - rarely seen not wearing a bracelet. Orchestra 1,2,3g Band 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Girls' Chor- us 1,2,3g Dramatics l,2.3g Crier 1,2,3g Student Council 2g Basketball 1,2,3g Hockey 1,2,3g G.A.A. 2,3g Class Officer 1,2. 21 Manetta M. Noll Ned Commercial Quiet until you know her - good commercial student - con- scientous - good in Math - soft voice - member of the gossip brigade in commercial room - cute accent. Girls' Chorus 39 Crier 3g Year- book 3. il .M . mx 'f . 22 sw Marvin E. Miller Guck General hot rod - useful on volley- ball team - reliable collector of tickets at basketball ames - delights in teasing - ?riend- ly disposition - always good for a joke. Band 2,35 Yearbook 3g Soccer lg Safety Patrol l,2. Carl F. Rabold Rabold General Neat dresser - fast member of the track team - willing to help anytime - quick temper- runs own taxi service - orig- inates many interestin quarrels with girls - victim 0? surprise birthday party. Yearbook 3g Patrol 3. William M. Reese Timmy Academic Class clown - could use a couple of false teeth - needs no eyelash curler - always ready to stick up for his rights- has a lot of irls on the strin - ood g S S sport - looks forward to thirty years in the Navy. Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Basketball 2,35 Soccer 1,2,3g Varsity Club 3. Janet L. Ruhl Spanky General Hails from Colebrook-habit- ually seen with Mitzi - never without gum - pretty eyes - efficient in kitchen - friendly - likes to run around - jitter- bugger - collection of belts. Mixed Chorus 2,39 Girls' Chor- us 2g Yearbook 33 F.H.A. 2,3. Patricia A. Boyer Pat Academic A reason why Gentlemen prefer Blondes - girl who takes advantage of opport- unities - friendly - refused to cut her hair - persistent - could use a typewriter - shutter bug - poise - collection of scatter pins. Dramatics 1,2,3g Yearbook 1,2, 35 Basketball l,3g Hockey 1,2, 33 C.A.A. 2,35 May Day Court 1,2,3. 'ik 23 E 'ff Marie A. Russo Mary Commercial Helpful - center of attraction in locker room - likes to argue - stands up for her rights - - sense of humor - looks nice in red - pretty smile - big brown eyes - never seen with- out gum -likes to laugh. Crier 3. JS? David R. Sattazahn Max Academic Unique story teller - cute dimples - Hi podner - handy with imaginary six- uns - hails from North Annvise - strong but not always silent - good guy - could do without Math. Chorus lj Baseball 1. 24 Maylorraine A. Seidel Maylorraine Academic Always giggling - interests in Cornwall - blessed with curls - well advanced vocabulary - could do without Math - friendly - neat handwriting - plans work systematically - future Florence Nightingale. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3gGirls'Chor- us 1,2,39 Ensemble 2,35 School Crier 2,3g Yearbook 3. Ruth M. Shaak Goof Commercial Blonde dynamo - adds much to our cheering squad - never without words - always cast as brat in plays - sure of her man - takes part in ever - thing - friendly - bright smile - knows all the latest dirt. Majoretts 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,34 Girls' Chorus l,2,33 Ensem- ble 2,34 Dramatics l,2,3g Crier l,2,3g Girls' Basketball 2,33 Hockey l,2,3g Tennis 2,34 Cheering l,2,3g G.A.A. 2,39 Class Officer 3g May Court 2, 3. f'eor eanna G Shaud f . Shrimp g Commercial Neat dresser - interests in Cleona .. petite - often seen but not heard - efficent typist - respected by all com- mercial students - quite studious - well manered - flair for art - never refuses to do a favor. Crier 2,35 Yearbook 3. George D. Shaud, jr. George General Gets around alot - quiet - the aggressive type -can handle a car - neat dresser - loves to hook school with Bottles and Larry - hates to walk - big- er half of the Shaud twins. Safety Patrol 1,29 Varsity Club 3. 51 1 25' John R. Smith III Smitty General Potato chip man - shares his candy willingly - happy go lucky - came to us from Myers- town - generous - knack for corny hats - rarely seen with- out a pencil on his ear - good natured. 26 David K. Shroyer, jr. Mo Academic Dream of weaker six - big wheel - coins own Spanish - English vocab - flatters under- classmen -interests in Lebanon - tears around in a plane - pen- ny pincher - hot tromhonist - - leadership qualities - main interest women - undecided about future. Orchestra l,2,3g Band 1,2,3g Dance Band 2,3g Dramatics l,2g 3g Student Council 1,2,3g Basket- ball 2,3g Baseball 2,39 Soccer l,2,3g Varsity Club 35 Class Officer 1,29 Chorus 1,2,3. l 2 if , Q , Robert D. Smith Bottles General Hot Rod - doesn't believe in worrying - says what he things - often sought by truant officer - unconcerned - could use an alarm clock - experience in trading cars. Safety Patrol 2. Lucille J. Snoke Cille Commercial Comes to our class from Bellegrove - pretty brown eyes - attractive dimples - friendly to all - sweet sixteen and '? - prefers fellows from our rival town - will make an efficient secretary. Girls' Chorus 35 Crier 39 Year- book 3. Chester C. Stroh, jr. Chet Academic Smooth dancer - autographs class pictures ardently - Don Juan - dead shot on basketball floor - neat dresser - Chetie, Chetie - cut up in P. of D. class - don't get my sidewalk dirty - on friendly terms with Globetrotters - Annville's future pro . Band l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Track l,2,3g Dramatics l,2,3g Varsity Club 3g Student Coun- cil 3. Lynn M. Sparks Sparks Academic Mr. Hollinger's practical problem kid - always ready for an ar ument conscientous g 1 worker - gets what he wants - that accent! - mile Olumpic runner - disgusted with juvenile actions of classmates - prefers Junior girls - future in science. Dramatics 2,39 Sports, track 25 Varsity Club 33 Yearbook Staff 3. 27 Irvin B. Zimmerman Irvie General Curly blonde hair - always late for school - forever driving girls to and from school - handy with the tennis racquet- skilled in volley ball - ex- perienced hunter. Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball lg Soccer lg Safety Patrol lg Var- sity Club 3g Yearbook 3. What Now? David L. Yorty Dave Academic Master of Clarinet -hypochon- driac - loves to skip school - attended State Band-keeps cig- arette machines in business - interests in Myerstown - Char- les Atlas of Senior Class - doesn't believe in doing home- work. Dance Band 1,2,3g Orchestra 1, 2,39 Band 1,2,3g Mixed Chorusl, 2,33 Basketball 1,23 Dramatics 1,2,3g Class Officer lg Student Council l. Sept. Sept. October Nov. Dec. 2 4 4 13 22 25 7 15-16 22-23 11 10-12 13 21 24 Remember When? We came back for our last year at A.H.S. Soccer season opened. Hockey season opened. First newspaper camival in A.H.S. G.A.A. sponsored skating party. Halloween parade and dance. Seniors' Student Government D ay. Senior play. Thanksgiving vacation. Basketball season opened - Girls beat Myerstown. G.A.A. initiation. Christmas operetta. We beat Palmyra. Christmas vacation started. HALLOWEEN PARADE Jan. Feb. March April May 28 Christmas dance. 2 Back for the second half. 14 Farm show day. 28 Senior skating party. No semester exams! 18 Little Dutc hmen finished 3rd in league by beating Comwall. 10 Report cards again. 11 Basketball playday at L. V.C. 14 Senior Class Dance. 11-14 Easter vacation. 26 May day. 25 Baccalaureate 26 The Big Day - Commencement. 28 Junior High Transfer Exercise. CHRISTMAS PARTY -1 ag ,v Who Best athletes Best Musicians Elsie Heisey Patricia Matz Charles Foltz Alfred Hoch Class clown and Cutest giggle Best Dancers William Reese Mary Jane Longene cker Doris Boger Chester Stroh Most Popular Most Studious Ruth Shaak Patricia Matz Wilbur Longenecker Norman Blantz 30 Who Contributed most to A.H.S. Best Dressed Arlene Fisher Mary jane Longenecker David Shroyer Carl Rabold f Best Looking Most Courteous Ruth Shaalc Patricia Royer james Long Norman Blanzz Most Likely to succeed Easiest to get along with Best Actors Patricia Matz Phyllis Landis Ruth Shaak Lynn Sparks Charles Foltz David Shroyer 31 Class Hlstory As I think back over the ears of school that are now drawing to a close, I first think of grade school. How funny and small we were then! Do you remember some of our teachers? Miss Hill, Mrs. Shroyer, Mrs. Kreider, Miss Kaylor, Mrs. Keefer, and Mrs. Loose? Those were the young carefree days when we played boy chase girl and jump rope. ln second grade, for the first time in Annville, a little Negro girl was one of our classmates. Miss Butterwick, our music teacher, was director of the Rhythm Band in first and second grade. Then in fifth and sixth grade we took many trips. One was to Indian Echo Cave after which we each made a scrapbook of what we remembered. Another trip was to the Lebanon Daily News. At the end of our sixth year Mrs. Loose had a picnic for us at Liskey's In seventh grade we girls began to wear lipstick for the first time. Dances were also some- thing new for us. New subjects were added to our schedule, such as gym class, shop and home economics and those wonderful study halls! Then in eighth grade we tackled the job of those County Exams. Our class grew in population when the North Annville students came to town. Ask any boy what he remembers about his freshman year. It wasn't Latin and Algebra! Miss Reynolds, our English teacher then took us on a more thorough trip around the Lebanon Daily News plant. As the year approached its end, we planned for the third junior high school transfer exercises. The class song which was written by Ruth Shaak was sung by the class at the ex- ercises. The class poem, written by Arlene Fisher, was recited by Elsie Heisey. The great moment we were all waiting for arrived the following September, when we finally reached the Golden Gates of high school. We were in tenth grade! We chose for our class officers David Yorty, David Shroyer, Arlene Fisher, and Patricia Matz. We were the third class to buy class jackets and in November blue and gold colors were seen flashing all over the school. This year boys and girls could try out for varsit sports. With Mr. Starr as our coach we present- ed two one-act plays, ELMER AND THE LOVEBUG and FIVE FOR BAD LUCK. In the spring Judy Blouch and Pat Royer were chosen to attend the May Queen. This was also the year when the irls chorus won district Forensics at Carlisle, then went on to Pittsburgh for state Forensics. Feeling a little more confident we passed on to eleventh grade. Then as juniors we elected David Shroyer, Alfred Hoch, Arlene Fisher, and Patricia Matz to be our class officials. Early one morning in November we took two buses -to Philadelphia. We spent the entire day viewing Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's House, University of Penn- sylvania, and the Quaker Church. just before our trip to Philadelphia our class rings were de- livered to us. On February 22,23, after a great deal of practising we presented a C'ASE OF SPRINGTIME, under the coaching of Mr. Hollinger. A great honor was bestowed upon us this year. Southem District Orchestra was held in the gymnasuim of our school. David Shroyer, David Yorty, and Alfred Hoch were our class representatives. This year Patricia Royer, Arlene Fisher, Ruth Shaak and Maril n Felker were the beauties from our class in the May Queen's Court. One year ended when we honored the seniors with the annual junior-senior prom. The mnasuim was decorated with pink and white crepe paper. jack Davis' Orchestra entertained us fair that evening. Now we are seniors, Oscar Longenecker is our class president, Charles Foltz, Kenneth Dis- singer, and Ruth Shaak are the rest of our officers. Arlene Fisher was the star of our play SEVENTEENTH SUMMER and David Shroyer played opposite her. In November we had for the first time a student township government day. There were two policical parties, Serv-U and Benefit from which 21 officials were elected. This year the May Queen is from our class, Ruth Shaak. Her maid of honor is Elsie Heisey. Other members of the court are Arlene Fisher and Patricia Royer. Our yearbook is being compiled, we were measured for caps and gowns, and we are planning for graduation. Now we are looking forward to the jun- ior-senior prom and all the other spring events, which will mark the closing moments of our sen- lor year. Not only another year of school, but for many of us the last year of the seciuity of ourpar- ents and the last of the many years of friendship of schoolmates. But yet it means the beginning of a new life. Some will go to college, others will get jobs, some go into the armed forces, but everyone will always remember the years spent in Annville High School. 32 When We Were Younger Song Words by Ruth Shaak To the tune of Cruising Down the River Freshmen we are here Cheering one for all. We made our grade again, Waiting for the fall. The orchestra is playing A tune we all do know. One for all, and All for one is Our old motto. The day is done And all our fung We finished this year's work. lt's still the same the same old game The books we liked to shirk. Our work we have accomplished The great big day is nigh. Now we'll say goodby To our dear old Jr. High. Note: I. Il. IH. IV. V. VI. CLASS POEM by Arlene Fisher This Class of '52 is great, You've come to see us graduateg We hope you will enjoy it, too, As well as all its members do. We griped and fussed and fumed away, But we did our homework 'most every day. We tried to be real good Cno foolingl, Keeping in mind the value of schooling. Oh, we played tricks like all boys and 'rls, Some sat in class and combed their curg. Others wrote notes that passed down the aisle, And believe me, it didn't make the teachers smile! We had a lot of fun and a wonderful time, And some of us got along might fine. Amidst the joy thee were s rinhled some tears, But now we're prepared for liuture years. And now we're about to say farewell To the familiar ringing of the bellg To the subjects we liked and the ones we hated, And to the teachers with whom school is related. When this grand night is finally through. We'll say goodnight to all of you. And when we start to celebrate, We'll shout, this class of ours is greatl These were used at our transfer exercises at the completion of our Junior High School course. 5 t . .,. Q , When we were in 6th grade Homecoming Day, May 1947 33 hw The Class Will We, the class of 1952, being of unsonmd minds, bad memories, and considering the uncertainty of life, do therefore make our testament and declare our will, and bequeath the following: Norman Blantz's knowledge of history to Albert Rau. Carl Blanch's quietness to Glenn Blanch. Judy Blonch's store of excuses to Sally Ann Kauffman. Doris Boger's giggle to Mildred Wenger. Gardner Boyer's knack of flattery to Ronald Blouch. Nancy Brightbill's ability behind the wheel to Louise Moyer. Lewis Brongh's red hair to Robert Miller. Kenneth Dissinger's ability with the projector to Mervin Dissinger. Arlene Fisher's flirtatious ways to Shirley Stober. Charles Foltz's speed on the basketball court to Harold Kline. Violanda Fortnna's solitary dimple to Laura Keim. Larry Frattaroli's colorful vocabulary to Paul Rabold. Christine Harner's snmma' at the shore to Virginia Thomas. Patricia Hartman's neat penmanship to Jeanne Anspach. Jay Hartz's angelic look to Jake Hea y. Ray Hartz's quick temper to Owen Mifler. Pearl I-leilman's management of the school Crier to Kay Miller. Elsie Heisey's voice to Mary Swope. Alfred Hoch's smooth talk to John Summy. Shirley Killinger's string of broken hearts to Nancy Brunner. Jeannette Kline's diamond to anyone who can get one. Lewis Landis's sense of humor to Charlie Engle. Phyllis Landis's good nature to Edna Blantz. James Long's curly hair to Raymond Corcoran. Karl Long's witty remarks to Robert Hartman. Mary Jane Longenecker's knack of dressing to Betty Light. Wilbur Longenecker's friendly disposition to James Seltzer. Patricia Matz's position as editor to Judy Kindt. James Miller's trumpet to Kenneth Fegan. Marvin Miller's patrol duties to James Miller. Manetta Noll's bashfulness to Joan Poorman. Carl Rabold's collection of neat shirts to Fred Kreider. William Reese's clowning to Johnnie Wells. Pat Royer's long blond hair to Fern Liskey. Janet Rnhl's knack of chewing gum to Lenda Morgan. Mary Rnsso's brown eyes to Lydia Fry. David Sattazahn's six-guns to Paul Sattazahn. Maylorraine Seidel's place in the ensemble to Lorraine Eshelman Ruth Shaak's place in the cheering squad to Joan Sudblu'y. George Shaud's 1941 Plymouth to Lee Fox. Geor eanna Shand's petiteness to Carol Reed. Davis Shroyer's place in every organization to John Starr. John Smith's cheerful giving to Pat Smith. Robert Smith's habit of being late to George Wentling. Lucille Snoke's bus ride to school to Marion Meyer. Lynn Sparks's scientific ability to George Ulrich. Chester Sn'oh's versatility on the dance floor to Bob Kindt. David Yorty's clarinet to Charles Seidel. lrvin Zimmerman's place at the end of every list to Harold Zeigler. 34' f 335255141 f . Afyfrl sa-mg, f E 03 Class Prophecy Several months ago I was asked to visit a little town in the Northeastern part of Lebanon Countv. Thislittle town was called Progressville. Because of the many new, very modem ideas of the founders, papers far and wide were trying to get writeups. Hence, I was sent to interview these builders and make a report to my boss, Mr. Kenneth Dissinger of the Annville News Times. Mrs. Arlene Fisher Dissinger, who acted as hostess to newcomers, condescended to accompany me to the office of Pro- gressville Inc. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was ushered into the office by Violanda Fortrma. What a beautiful office that wasl I was asked to be seated and in no time at all, David Shroyer entered in the livery of a bellhop carrying a tray filled with the most delicate refresh- ments. After placing them on a low glass-topped table, he told me to make myself comfortable and to hcl myself. If you'd like anything more, he said, 'ust touch the button on the arm of your chair. He looked slyly around the room, snatched several sandwiches and left the room. Needless to say, I enjoyed the refreshments. Trying hard to overcome my impatience and curiosity, I picked u a current magazine, which I learned from the index page, was published right there in Progressville by the Brotherhood Publishers namely Ray and Jay Hartz. The editor, whose picture appeared on the Brst pa e, turned out to be none other than the intelligent-looking Patricia Matz. After reading a little further, I learned that Progressville boasted of a new ultra-modem high school whose principal, Lynn Sparks, has caused qurte a revolution, among educators, with his modern ideas. The faculty members, all having Doctor's degrees, were elected directly by the parents. The present faculty consisted of Phyllis Landis, who taught ballet, fancy dancing and ice skating, Patricia Royer, whose field was good gooming and courtesy, Doris Boger, who specialized in vocational arts and David Sattazahn, who taught higher mathematics. Social sciences were dealt with by Norman Blantz who, by this time, had gained recognition as an authority in the field of history. I had almost completed by penrsal when a rear door opened and a stunning secretary in the person of Georgeanna Shaud entered. Miss Seidel, she said, Mr. Gardner Boyer will see you now. Needless to say, this revelation had left me speechless. I entered an office more elaborate than the first. In it were three massive, mahogany desks. On the first desk, amidst the usual office paraphena- lia, was a picture of a man, a women and three children. After careful examination, Irecognized the man as David Yortyg the woman, evidently the wife and mother, was none other than the famous opera star Mary Russo. I was in this office but a few minutes when Carl Rabold entered. Would wonders never cease? You know, Maylon'aine, he said, when they told me, I was to be interviewed by the reporter from the Annville Times, I never dreamed it might be you. But sit down and let's just have a real chat. You know of course, that John Smith and James Miller are the architects who decided to see what could be done in the way of creating a town where people would be like one big family, and what I will show you in the next few hours, is the result. First of all, the houses were all designed by Lewis Landis who wanted everyone in Pro essville to have a nice, comfortable home. Our banker, Charles Foltz went along with him in pfdlcing the necessary funds at the disposal of the buyers at a reasonable rate of interest. You will see that individual tastes differs wherever you look into these homes because Judy Blouch, the interior decora- tor, designed the interiors according to the wi hes of each individual buyer. In these first four homes, respectively, live Manetta Noll married to Lewis Brough who is minister, Wilbur Longenecker and George Shaud, both of whom wuk for the atomic energy canmissiong Pat Hartman, Jeanette Kline and Shirley Killinger, three Maiden ladies, all working in a bakery owned by Robert Smith. The tall building to my right is a cooperative store. Carl Blauch is the proprietor and Lucille Snoke, Nancy Brightbill, Mary Jane Longenecker and Janet Ruhl work for him doing various jobs. Surely you remember his stenogapher Ruth Shaak. Now I want to show you our post-office and see if you remember the postmaster. Well, here we are. Don't look so flabbergasted. Of course its William Reese. Here are James Long and Marvin Miller, our two mail carriers. Do you recognize Karl Long and Irvin Zimmerman, the postal clerks of Progress- ville? We must get along if you are to have a full re ort for our paper. This is our recreation building. Here Chester Stroh teaches the youngsters baskesaallg Alhed Hoch coaches baseball and Larry Frat- tarole takes care of track if we can keep him sober. Last but not least, you must see our up-to-date hotel. Christine Hamer designed it. This is the lobby of which we are very proud. The person reading in the comer over there is Elsie Heisey. She is a curator for the Busybee Seminary of which Pearl Heilman is the Dean of Women. l'm sorry you can't spend the evening with us and enjoy the Ice Follies in our modem Snowland . But I do hope that I have shown you enough of Progressvi le so that you can not only make a favorable report to your paper but that you, too, will be tempted to join the rest of your class in this ideal community. 36 555 saw 3, 1, Q nf N Y , I 4 Ist Row: Georgeanna Shaud, Shirley Killinger, Ruth Shaak, Kenneth Dissinger, Wilbur Longenecker, Charles Foltz, Manetta Noll, Jeannette Kline, Arlene Fisher. 2nd Row: Patricia Matz, Christine Hamer, Patricia Royer, Elsie Heisey, Judith Blouch, Patricia Hartman, Doris Boger, Violanda Fortuna. 3rd Raw: Lynn Sparks, John Smith, Norman Blantz, Carl Blauch, James Long, Karl Long, Ray Hartz, Lewis Landis. 4th Row: Phyllis Landis,Lucille Snoke,Maylorra.ine Seidel, Pearl Heilm au, Janet Ruhl, Mary Jane Longenecker, Mary Russo, Nancy Brightbill. 5th Row: Larry Frattaroli, Jay Hartz, Carl Rabold, Marvin Miller, William Reese, David Shroyer, Lewis Brough, James Miller. 6th Row: Irvin Zimmerman, George Shand, Robert Smith, Alfred Hoch, David Sattazahn, Chester Stroh, Gardner Boyer, David Yorty. Senior Class CLASS OFFICERS: Seniors: Wilbur Longeneclc er, President Kenneth Dissinger, Vice President Ruth Shaak, Secretary Charles Foltz, Treasurer 38 Ist Row: Erlene Bomgardner, Joan Poorman, Betty Light, Sandra McHenry, Edna Blantz, Amy Femsler, Joan Sudbury, Earl Hoffsmith, John Summy, Robert Hartman, Doris Stober, Phyllis Schell. 2nd Row: Marion Meyer, Nancy Boltz, Mildred Wenger, Sallie Ann Kauffman, Louise Moyer, Alvana Miller, Linda Morgan Maurine McFeaters, Marilyn Buck, Janet Whisler, Mary Lou Killian. 3rd Row: Cyril Micozzi, Samuel Allwein Glen Blauch, George Ulrich, Bruce Longenecker, Paul Rabold, Wayne Herr, Jacob Heagy, John Aftosmes. 4th Row: Raymond Corcoran, James Seltzer, Sally Lou Heilman, Virginia Thomas, Judy Kindt, Lydia Fry Geraldine Walters, Eugene Kreider, Charles Engle. 5th Row: Albert Rau, Harold Ziegler, Kenneth Howard Harold Kline, George Wentling, John Starr, James Cramer, James Houston, Dale Hunter. Junior Class CLASS OFFICERS: Juniors: Robert Hartman, President Harold Kline, Vice President John Summy, Secretary Joan Sudbury, Treasurer 39 Ist Row: Richard Hoffman, Richard Herr, James Miller, Robert Kless, Bruce Wenger, Claude Brown, Robert Smith, William Heeter, Owen Miller, Walter Brough, Robert Swope. 2nd Row: Robert Unger, Shirley Fox, Sally Werner, Dorothy, Miller, Carol Reed, James Hartman, Robert Kindt, Patricia Smith, Jean Ruhl, Fern Hummer, Ruth Garrison, Claretta Noll, Rachel Heilman, Ray Light. 3rd Row: Fred Sparks, Joyce Royer, Claire Zearfoss, Ray Miller, Fem Liskey, Shirley Stober, Anna Miller, Frances Lash, Patricia Johnston, Marian Blauch, Meredith Brandt, Sandra Houser, Mervin Dissinger. 4th Row: William Matz, Robert Betz, William Long, Ronald Blauch, Carl Daub, Arthur Behney, Paul Sattazahn, William Felty. Luke Wagner. 5th Row: James Seltzer, Ruth Krall, Trygvie Struhle, Nancy Brunner, Jeanette Lentz, Jean Anspach, Thelma Hauer, Laura Keim, Mary Swope, Joanne Hollinger, Lorraine Eshleman. 6th Row: Charles Seidel, Albert Lapioli, Dolores lxreider, Florence Sweigert, Alice Hardy, Joanne Rhoads, Kathleen Tobias, Shirley Shott, Daniel Klick, Stanley Light. 7th Row: Kenneth Hoffman, John Wells, Warren Miller, Eugene Livering, Bmce Umberger, Francis DiEnno, Fred Kreider, Kenneth Fegan, Bruce Hartman. Sophomore Class CLASS OFFICERS: Sophomore Class: Robert Kindt, President Patsy Smith, Vice President James Hartman, Secretary Jean Ruhl, Treasurer 40 Ist Row: Patricia Ulrich, Patricia Ellenberger, Henrietta Di Angelis, Jeanette Hardick, Sally Dettra, Eugene Fortna, Charlotte Foltz, Thelma Thomas, Jean Long, Ruth Jennings. 2nd Row: Lillie Hitz, Loretta Heisey, Loretta Mumma, Janice Weaber, Barbara Laycock, Elaine Seidel, Anna Hummer, Alverta Hitz, Jean Wenrich, Ruth Adams. 3rd Row: Tilman Frye, Kenneth Walter, Glen Neidigh, David Kling, John Ludwig, Barry Alford, Karl Miller, Robert Fulton, Donald McFeaters. 4th Row: James Heilman, Ceralding Wagner, Doris Funck, Arlene Funck, Elaine Shuey, Ruth Ensminger, Grace Miller, Betty Miller, Joy Cinder, John Irnboden. Sth Row: Lester Fry, James Moyer, Jerry Anderson, Cleon Bashore, Peter Aftosmes, Carl Flickinger, Irvin Winters, Charles Miller, Kendall White. 6th Row: Marlin Heverling, Wayne Smith, Ronald Herr, Robert Clark, Richard Dechert, Lowell Smith, Wilmer Wenger, Fred Wolfe, James Speck, James Graby. inth Grade CLASS OFFICERS: Ninth Grade: Jeanette Hardick, President Eugene Fortna, Vice President Charlotte Foltz, Secretary Sally Dettra, Treasurer 41 nyg, lst Row: Paula Wamsher, Dorothy Deckert, Shirley Hostetter, Audrey Landis, Margaret Wolfe, Elizabeth Alonzo, Delores Fulk, Lola Wert, Nancy Herr, Nancy Gingrich, Ruth Ann Blanch, Nancy Sabo, Patricia Ferns- ler, Marie Klick, Louise De Angelo. 2nd Row: Naeda Gensler, Adeline Blocher, Janet Summy, Arlene Sellers, Fay Schell, Joyce Ruhl, Susan Myers, Nancy Benz, Janice Fake, Kenneth Longnecker, Larry Miller, Nancy Richwine,Patricia Stoner, Mary Horst, Julia De Georgia, Doris Kline, Dolores Balaster, Joanne Long, Loretta Berkheimer. 3rd Row: Herman Herr, Paul Long, Carl Heller, James Sweigert, Robert Frantz, Elmer Brandt, Richard Eshleman, Philip Donmoyer, Lee Thomas, Kenneth Stoner, Brook Hunter, Leonard Heverlin , Earl Morris. 4th Row: Lesta Brough, Richard Light, Robert Cannany, John Salem, Leo Tice, Dennis Woog, Larry Rice, Ronald Zimmerman, David Brandt, LeRoy Bomgardner. 5th Row: Richard Moore, Harry Halde- man, Marian Graybill, Anita Tice, Fay Kohr, Janice Stroh, Susan Heisey, Lois Shroyer, Janet Hackman, Jean Hein, Janice Windle, Shirley Miller, Patricia Schaffner, Gerald Lash, Richard Peiffer. 6th Row: Ellis Wolfe, Brian Hanley, Ellis Blanch, Frederick Bordlemay, Larry Killian, Roy Miller, William Speraw, Ben- jamin Firestine, Wilbur Graby, Paul Buck, Kenneth Deimler. 7th Row: John Bowman, Paul Showers, Fred Asper, Glenn Garrison, Glenn Blantz, John Peffley, Kenneth Eberly, Leonard McFeaters, Robert Herr, Roger Gerber, Richard Gibson, Robert Rhine. Eighth Grade CLASS OFFICERS Eighth Grade President - Kenneth Longenecker Vice President - Larry Miller Secretary - Janice Fake Treasurer - Nancy Benz 42 lst Row: Larry Meyer, Larry Dodson, Charles Atherton, Harvey Bradley, Melvin Horst, William Shutt, Charles Hertzog, Joseph Carmany, Donald White, Lloyd Beare, Charles Weaber, Llewellyn Weaher, Ronald Miller, Gary Sanders, John Painter, Gene Hitz. 2nd Raw: Kenneth Heisey, Carol Bohr, Penny Achenhach, Irene Nye, Mabel Garrison, Carol Deimler, Edward Unger, Larry Anderson, Larry Hess, Elaine Crider, Barbara Heisey, Lillian Wurz, Shelby Smith, Arlene Kohr, William Herr. 3rd Row: Patricia McFeaters, Elaine Reigle, Anita Funck, Anna Walters, Marion Starr, Linda Luttman, Lois Hartman, Pauline Jennings, Beatrice Hummer, Joanne Moyer, Nancy Bordlemay, Janet Houston, Dorothy Brighthill, Gloria Slaybaugh. 4th Row: Richard Dudley, Richard Elliott, Benjamin Dowdrick, James Johnston, Ammon Peffley, Kenneth Fryberger, Jay Dissinger, Ronald Livering, Larry Hartz. 5th Row: Kenneth Dourte, Richard Tumer, Fayetta Whisler, Vicki Ladd, Shirley Smith, Elaine Umberger, Barbara Becker, Patricia Reedy, Carol Evans, Ida Mae Smith, Shirley Walmer, Audrey Kreider, Colleen Smith, Karl Rhoads, Warren Smith. 6th Row: Earlene Troutman, Lucille Blanch, Janet Bowman, Betty Longenecker, Gene Etzweiler, Mary Lou Walhorn, Nancy Humphrey, Shirley Shaud, Jacqueline Kreider, Eugene Rhoads. 7th Row: Randall Nauman, Kenneth Yorty, Claude Ebersole, Willard Gibson,Karl Ginder, James Morris, Donald Kreider, Lee Rhoads, Andrew Poorman, Robert Shuey, George Gardelle, Kenneth Zehrin g. Seventh Grade CLASS OFFICERS Seventh Grade Pres. - Eddie Unger Vice Pres. - Larry Hess Secretary - Elaine Crider Treasurer - Larry Anderson 43 -vw ,pk ww, A pm. H , ,wx lx: x 'H' 4 KV :if at X HSV WD Qxwmlm x A , QW 6,71 s J' W 1' W X1 ' P r ' f fi A f' K J V x xx , I 5 'l .Lf 1 ff fo My 'XJ Senior Student Council SR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL lst Row: Arlene Fisher, Roh- ert Kindt, David Shroyer, Chester Stroh, Patricia Smith. 2nd Row: Mr. Billet-Advisor, Louise Moyer, Harold Kline, Jacob Heagy, Ronald Blauch, John Starr, Alfred Hoch, Kay Miller. The improvement of both the student and the school are the aims and purpose of the student council. Composed of elected representatives of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, this group is working toward molding an efficient organization that will offer a democratic means by which student participation in school management may be accomplished. Itisamemher of the National Association of Student Councils. For the past two years council representatives participated in round table discussions at the Pennsylvania Southern District organization of Student Councils. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row - Linda Luttman, Marion Starr,,Ieanette Hardick, Lois Shroyer, Doris Funck, Miss Witmeyer, advisor. Back Row - Kenneth Yorty, Ammon Peffley, Tilman Frye, Jerry Anderson, Kenneth Deirn- ler, Richard Eshleman, Brook Hunter. Officers - Pres. - Jeannette Hardick Sec,y - Lois Shroyer Treas. - Brook Hunter Junior High Student Council The governing body of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades is the jr. High Student Council. This organization, with the help of the faculty, has been very active this year. It has not only fumished such as assembly programs and dances, but has added a new microphone to be used with the public address system. This organization has set a fine example of cooperation by both students and teachers. Ist Row, Q - - Mr. H E Kirlgsonf Ruth Slgagi-lil, Ruth Pau-itgigegn ,LiSkey. 21121 kludl' t-ma. D.:.f:t'1fvi01anda 51:11 Hartman ?5i1e',t 3173 Efipaghf, Kay . ' Owg . el . giggle Wengel-,sliglgy 513212, Swoli A1111 Kauflgii Moyer. ' Hylorraine 'sesilglia Pearl Heilman Boger, Patricia 4th Row, Ru'-h Krl John Sal' T1'Ygve 5 ' Chester-tan' Norman Bligblef Chrisgin Stroll, Thelma H mi, C Ma... Hafner, .....:'::.'. The Crier 4 KTh6 Crier! y 'IudY Kind t asso ' F0r th - clflte edito , a verY Suc sure no oseflrilt Mme in sexeral Cessful school year W. h of October lg' 1 forget the first Years, ml-he Crie H It Patricia Matz 8 I Years to comer 1951, It was a huallnual Hcriern E has been able t f' 5 Cdltgl- and Credit munt be given Mr ge success, and xgnilziehild on Sstuigglytcsfftself. We are u't . 1 ' s Ad L . Will he even a biggggosn and evgnilng ucljess in the tudents whg did an 'THB 503095 931312, h . as experienced nec essary for our paper. . 8 ight and th e Senlor Commercial S the tYPil1g SChool,Anrlvllle,Pa. Y N Y PP P Annvlllggrllgn y a Pageant to Llght. Marlon 1 v Lou Kll vQl.lcll,N0.4 I g gg 7 , ,ag Y' Four Band Members lo A m Represent Arlnvllle Blqh all Junior-Senior Pro l, D, , Dlstrlct :xc-tlgalzdnelo Aprll b is Planned for Ma qxzmm rrlduy Elo H Th ll Armada W l-'aahlle Stardust emo , saaelon at Hqrrllbui? m 1 M l nnrlng me past ex wee e As the beautlful rnont.h o ,ug Ysemm mm swam smdem Conn, ltFl'l'lS 0l'l lt! agen- B .pf lor and senlor classes are loolslns forward wltn great an!-lety w the de- ln the nw N r 6 me .lunlor and Senlnr Prom. Thls yearthu Plmned 'D Spams' B I X the prom wlll be new on the nlntnlx sgtlgzgzs :ir: :g2u'L:'3 jiri fir in ou' mm whom 'mmm eume me scheduled flre drllls thls The theme tor the Prom has been spun! mmm' w me ons: Conduct. pleaed by a mnlortty vote of' the 'dgetztiiuyxgxihgnwd at re. jnnlol: Clog- Th' 'mm' U su' cent councll metlngs has been the Duet-.' The lunlora are looklng Pmmywmh Bmmem mana 19554 'D ' me' 5mm um' 6 Conventlon of Student Counclls mradng the gynln tor t-Nl Dull'-lm wnlan was held at :ann name Hllh 'OPYW' '-h'm'- 'nl' aehsol ln l-larrunurg. 'rne councll lal delegates to rep- W N And' m Student Counc llrst Clarlnet, made second Trombone, James second French MENU! 'mc' 'um' m' l cn has had mlm. lgorn, and Owen Mlller, w me V ture the councll ll' - 5 s to dlstrlct band were nomlnatlon rated good or better. None were r A, 5, at Green Park .lolnt l ln Larldlsburgh, Pennsyl- nla, lll be Davld Yorty. who made Davld Shroyer, who Ma D e Presented April 26 ll? .. edCl9Clr la .N ,GZ-. lr. Hlqll Student Coulcll 5yncopcl At. a recent assembly the Junlor 'num' 13' Annan! shn' Hlgn student Connell presented a -me ,nnaalrnv Day Pageant wlll t-rovhy to the .lunlnr lllsh Ballet- ne nelrl saturday attemoon. Aprll flr-tt t-f0DhY 26 W51, at 2 pare, on the hlg Houston, who made ho made ball tealn. 'rhls was the , llhalwh school grounds ' ted Clotl ted ltone All nlne ot Annv , ated poor or falr. Leslle Saunders of Lebanon l-llgh f the tlme Schooliwlll be the dlrectnr o dlstrlct band. 'Thls ls the flrst. that Dlstrlct has selected a hllh school hand dtrector no conduct the dlstrlct hand. Tryouts wlll be held at dlatrtct band for representatives tb State hand. Each school ls allowed one person hom dlstrtct band ln all- vtdlng they quallfy and ver! IPP mf 'm W' lm' chose tour oltlc t-l sv- v-he coll- nate hand, vm hall' tn LUN! decor!!-UW comm CCY me 51360599 0' 'W' M' m resent. our organlza on ventlon. These were: lunlors: Ja ll ' WDH - by maklng a hlgh c respectlye sectlon. All-state band Hershey as the er made a foul was play . . Aanvllle t,eam's op- ver to be awarded by the aslet- The theme. 'Sym-,cpl Junlor l-lllh school B rl on the sons, Bynoopa Valley ball League. Eugene Fortnl- who ls base represented the team. pruented the claw' hy IL parllb and L mae trophy us lu. Kelm. lt was placed son. lt ls me awry ot a clocl that nl me trophy case tolowlna the brcanrea-panlle enrlndt.1 necelU' Dretntatlon, lt. dldn't. work onlne the way lt 'rhe member: ol the team eleotnd annum, we nvaer eqald not wh of derstand why lt. would 1'or1 .. .. ,A tal!! for ewh game. Co 'l1ck and Tlel lol a cap the Jurllor Blah Basketball team mga or wal lr. Bugdr.. lllmherl of the cg wfgep- team were: Eugene forthe, Carl ynplla of all grades wlll flvtillf Fllellnrer. lrvlh Wlhwv- Richard people lll varlou wallu or ure uno uhleneall. James Moyer, ltnbirt dgngg gg they 'lg ma ,long ga g F-hlnl, and Larry allller. curlnslty. The dances. under the 'lhe Junior l-llgll play-otf game d will be: l. Chlldreu,!'lrIt grade 2. Qutz KlgkBeC0nd grade edlllt.heYllC.A.1lt!t tor, ll-I. Bugda. The commlttees tor the Prom wb lleagy, and llaroldli ne. - have men chosen oy the President- urnor-es: Ronald Bloucn and Petri- wlll be held ln lteadlng. of the lunlor clan, RDDGKY Hex- eta Bmlth. However, a numtzeruol lzgixllg e-Iiallzielilaae 'ml I more man. Robert chose four rn ll the remalnlng members o e caarmlwees,neeeratlng,entcrtaln- cnnnellaneneentne conference al- Nasa' Web 5'4 of 19-29. r llnal vlcwry for the I de vltatlnnx so as unotflctal delegates. H Trl-lil-Y Club NWWU JUIHOK Hllh ballet-ball them Behwl wen- -me gms ct the lnnlor nun 0' 51-W 4 as thelr f lima, anchors ment., Refreshment and ln Committees. The student eervlng on the De-l are as tollowsz The Annvllle Hlgh Cll was honored to have two of lt.s nmol, vm, Mm Mme! members lead dlewslon sw-lvl et leader, have nn-mea a Trl-lil-Y Parent 'l' YOUNG Nl W0 membefl Club. The club constsu ot elghteen Anogluupn two from the seventh The Parent. Teachers Aarnblatlon 52. It t Fourth grade 5. Ptlbllt BONE! 0. Athletes-Bllth grade curatlng Comrrllltee H mlme con lrlflllll l'0 l ' I ' resent at the conventlon member-51 h and em th uma had a meetlng March lb, lD f John Bummy. Cha Ielgler, Jacob l-leagy, Earl Hoff- smlth, Barnual Alvleln, Alvana Mll- da Morgan Vlrglnla Thom- who were p enjoyed a full program ot lnterest- E,-,dm gum- hom Ins md envzrtalnlns evenu which twelve tram the nlntn grade, 'rrle lrwllldedr dlswwon swaps. a mv- ofllcers are: Thelma rnnmasfrre- WU 'll' limi 'nd W' i 0 dev. H slaent, cnarlotte rom.-vlee Presl- 'he Muon- MB' mmf UW' 0' 1 strouasberg, Pennsylvanla. wal the W lt Wil HDD- 10. Proleanlonal neon e ler, Un . lldred Wenger a banquet and to end the t Betty Mlller-Sefretary. Ger - guest speaker. Her p lt. was Hoh- r-s and M . The Entertalnrnent Commlttee consuts of James I-loueton, Chalr- rnang Bruce wngenecker, Oeorge Ulrlch, Jlldlth Klndt, Sally Ann Kauttman, sally Lau- Hellman, James Cromer. George Wentllng, Loulae Moyer and Phyllss Bchell. Lydla Fry and Joan Budhury make up the lnvltatlon Commlttee. The Refreshment Conlmlttee con- slstr of the tolowlng people: Nancy som, cnalrrnan: Dale l-lonter. US, Ruth bents, Be it dance. den V aldlnewagner-'l'reasurer,arldBa1 hx ,, 6 ood X Ytlbllc Oplllloh You ly Detraflihaplaln. The remalnder nfs' ln ua 5 xw: 9 tm dx Question: what do you dll!!! of of the members are: Joanne Moyer, I: uincwus L: N' I Unlversal Mllltary 'l'ralnlng7 Barnara 1-lmey, anna 1-lea, Nancy anim- 'W' 'W U' W mln! 1. Kay nlller-ual rm aaalrnt lt, nlenwlne. ,Janlce Btroh, Nancylh ' h b ' ' PWM ml lt not only Wlll take away treedom. Benz, Jeannette l-lanllck, l-lenrfetta V lt wal let. na glrls elt av. name. DlAJlgellB, Barbara Laycock, Dons 'mn' 'h ' M l 'xW 2. Lynn Splrkrrfm agalnst ltl Funck, Arlene Funck, Pat. Ulrlch 'JY xwula' mu' Tmygrhn' Compulsory Mllltary tralnlng le xund elalne Beldel. of :hs 'ghymitalrdxzbmer' 'M' what Hltler had, and look what The slr-la are plannlng on many ., heaven w Gemmw- it will rholeoclal aetlvltles such as swlmmllll, 1:-:::5er:'h'f 1fx::L' infix: V llng, and partlclpatlng ln varf- Back up me hmm ,fucken Anal Ke Ulll play n atcd Clock John Aftoam V-W Me H mn. guru' make the U. S. Mllltllrlstlc and no ,bow Chrlxtlan. m Q A A 15 lou' Spom- sm' 'S ' ' ' elatlon and hel mn gr N I 1 r, . lv em! 0 m no mwdomg lsuccess, Everyone corne to ace the mf W' Qu' Tn YU Y ll W , play The scenery vtll DC constructed tu 5 Mr Marr and several ot the lndul lreotlon of alla! Mary ulamlll 1. ramen and agllhwllde- fl A. ind axllf' People Fl th 1. F1.lherrnenf8Grent,h grade 8. 'Yradeamen-Elghtll grade 9. Government people - lllnth Bride l - Tenth grade ll. Teen-Agere-Eleventh grade lfth li. thy Pole Dances - Tie grade Mlll lllller will direct all chord groups and the band. under the dlrectlon of Ml. Lemfln vlll p several numherl, txlcludlng POND and Clrcumltanov' and The Syn c p . The coltumlhl ll ln char!! of Mtn Krelder. With the ald of hll Bpeclal Arts claasel, llr. Bugda deslgntng and palntlng the scenery , l-le I8 alll? maklnl a D0rt.lllll un-o en and future queen! D061 Btnber. MAD' lllllv Erlene Borngardner, and Sandra 5- 1-Nfl V ' . ller-lang, favor of lt, lt would harm the 1-he purpose of me , , . f I.. U 9, g, ,freedom of enterprlse. ' vouree la-:J 4. Mun uplouryes I lm in create. malntaln. and extendy -me mn mamma Wm he Apm I . ,mm mme Je 'muted throughout the school and corn- N51 we um, you In yo com, w trlal Arts boys. - .AMY munlty, hlgh standards ot Chrlsf mr, magnum md mln nl I wc, The court of the lay Queen, --.- .nal-anger, Thelr pltatform ll Mum meeung, ML 1-mmm Hue, Ruth Shall,1llll'I!Zllald0l Honor, Fr- etlan fel- Wm be m, weaku. gr, ,ppm vm Elsle I-Kelsey: aenlor attendants, -A--- ng,-c,,y,lC, 1, , wh. Arlene naher and Patrlcla noyerg - t Cnnttllael on Page I, Col. lb w-ne. l-If-f ,e- First Row Shirley Killinger Nancy Boltz Janet Ruhl Geraldine Walters Second Row Janet Whisler Mary Lou Killian Lenda Morgan Maurine McFeaters Joan Poonnan Miss Kreider The Future Homemakers of America The Future Homemakers of America are striving to become adept at those skills which they will need as homemakers. Their program this year included the preparation and serving of a school board dinner and a faculty dessert. They also had a food sale to finance a Christmas luncheon which they prepared for the boys. The Future Homemakers of America is a growing organization which is playing an important role in the school and the community. 48 Girls' Athletic Association First Row: Pearl Heilman, Arlene Fisher, Judy Kindt, Virginia Thomas. Second Row: Ruth Shaak, Joanne Sudbury, Doris Stober, Patricia Royer, Elsie Heisey, Patricia Smith, Kay Miller. Third Row: Louise Moyer, Mildred Wenger, Judy Blouch, Christine Hamer, Trygve Struble, Violanda Fortuna, Fem Liskey, Miss M Lehman, Advisor. Fourth Row: Sally Ann Heilrnan, Patricia Matz, Ruth Krall, Lenda Morganfulzhyllis Landis, Sallie Ann Kauffman. The G.A.A., ending its second year of success, is made up of members of the girls' varsity sports. It is a very active organization, sponsoring basketball and hockey playdays and holding intramurals in hockey and volley-ball for those high school girls who wish to participate. One of the big occasions of the year is the annual Spaghetti Banquet at which the letters and gold basket-balls are awarded. We hope the G.A.A. will continue to be the wonderful organization it is so that every girl will want to become a member. ff 3, ,.-., J .fi J L 5 fits M A it we 49 Boys' Varsity Club First Row: Mr. Brandt, Supervisor, Louis DiAngelis, Chester Stroh, David Shroyer, Karl Long, John Starr, Alfred Hoch. Second Row: Robert Hartman, Ceor e Shaud, Irvin Zimmerman, Charles Foltz, Harold Kline, James Seltzer. Third Row: Paul Rabolg, James Long, Lynn Sparks, Wilbur Longenecker, William Reese, Ray Hartz, Jacob Heagy. Jay Hartz - Not on picture. The B.A.A. is a newly-organized roup for Varsity boys. The purpose of the organization is to create better school spirit, devjop better sportsmanship, increase the number of partici- pants in athletic events, and to promote unity and harmony among all members. To become a member you must have eamed a letter in Varsity sports. The Club started with fifteen members and now has a total of eighteen. The graduating members of the Varsity Club think the B.A.A. is a very worth while organization, and hope it continues in future years with the best of luck. 50 Safety Patrol First Row: Ronald Zimmerman, Richard Hoffman, Robert Clark, Karl Miller, Jerry Anderson, James Miller, Eugene Fortna, Lester Brough. Second Row: Carl Rabold, Mr. Murr, sponsorg Warren Miller, Stanley Light, Kendall White, Daniel Klick, Francis Dienno, John Aftosmes, Peter Aftosmes, John Smith. The Safety Patrol in co-operation with the police department protects pupils crossing the highway at designated crossings. The boys are on duty while children are on their way to and from school, forenoon and afternoon. During this entire term not a single child was injured or involved in an accident while oing to and from school. Mr. Nlurr is the director of the Patrol. The members are volunteers and must be at their posts unless there is a legitimate excuse. They have a great responsibility. At the close of the term the police department through the courtesy of various merchants and organizations gives gifts to the boys and special awards to the three whose work and dependability are outstanding. This year they were Peter Aftosmes, Stanley Light and James Miller. During the year the boys were guests at 6 movies, 2 college football and 2 basketball games, a hockey game and had a free trip to a big-league game at Philadelphia. There was also the banquet by the Businessmelfs Auxiliary. These are evidences that the community appreciates the work of the Patrol and the boys appreciate these treats and the fact that the police de- partment makes it possible for them to enjoy these rewards. ,M ax 51 Orchestra First Row: Fem Liskey, Jean Anspach, John Aftosmes, Kenneth Howard, Janet Houston, John Starr, Thelma Hauer. Second Row: Lester Fry, Daniel Klick, Florence Swei rt, David Yort , Trygve Struble, Elaine Seidel, Claire Zearfoss, Lydia Fry, Louise Mo er, Lois Shro er, Featricia Matz. Third Row: Edna Blantz, Fred Kreider, James Houston, William Matz, ,flames Miller, lienneth Fegan, Gardner Boyer, James Miller, Alfred Hoch, Ronald Blouch, Sally Dettra, Robert Kindt, David Shroyer, Owen Miller, Joan Sudbury, William Lemon fconductorl. Violins are often known as squeaky instruments, but with our talented violinists and all the other instruments joining them, the orchestra does an excellent piece of work. The orchestra, also under the direction of Mr. William B. Lemon IH, show its abilities at our Christmas Pageant and also at Commencement. Although their engagements are few, their music is thoroughly enjoyed by all who hear them. Dutch Band This lively musical group has turned somewhat into a dance band. They are now playing songs such as Slowpoke, Because of You and Too Young with Elsie Heisey as the vocalist. Under the direction of Mr. William B. Lemon III, this band has had uite a few engage- ments. They have pla ed this year at the Middletown Odd Fellow Home, liiotary, P.T.A., and Middletown Methodist Chmch and other places. We are sure, in future years, Annville High School will have a dance band for their dances and we want to wish the dutch band all the luck in the world as they seek a new distinction. First Row: Daniel Klick, Lester Fry, David Yorty, Robert Kindt, David Shroy- er. Second Row: William Lemon QDirectorD, Fred Kreider, James Houston, Owen Miller, Ronald Blouch, Bruce Longeneck- er, Alfred Hoch, Kenneth Fegan. 52 Band Flute Trygve Struble Elaine Seidel Barbara Sheese Clarinet David Yorty Florence Swei gert Lester Fry Daniel Klick Janes Sweigert Chester Stroh Frank Viozzi Lorraine Eshelman Charles Seidel James Speck Carol Evans Marie Berry Eddie Jo Unger Glenn Neidig Saxophones Claire Zearfoss Lydia Fry Louise Moyer Lois Shroyer Judy Blouch Patricia Matz Trumpets Alfred Hoch James Miller Gardner Boyer Kenneth Fe an Kenneth Hogiman Stanley Light Paul Rabold George Ulrich James Seltzer Fred Bordlemay James Craby Peter Aftosmes Trombones David Shroyer Robert Kindt Sally Dettra Kenneth Howard Bruce Hartman William Heeter Carl Daub Baritone Owen Miller John Wells William Hamer French Horn :Q Alto James Houston Fred Kreider William Matz James Miller James Moyer Basses Ronald Blouch John Starr Robert Rhine Tilman Frye Marvin Miller Color Guards Shirley Stober Elsie Heisey Christine Hamer Sally Heilman Mildred Wenger Announcer Kay Mill er Percussion. John Aftosmes James Heilman Judy Kindt Edna Blantz James Long Joan Sudbury Doris Stober Brook Hunter Larry Rice Larry Miller Engineer Kenneth Dissinger Majorettes Carol S eck Cherie Books Elaine Shuey Nancy Benz Janice Windle Patricia Ulrich Ruth Shaak Laura Keim Banner Carriers Patsy Smith Amy Femsler Our band is certainly an organization of which Annville High School can be roud. Under the direction of Mr. William B. Lemon III, the band presented an excellent Spring Cxoncert. This was their biggest concert of the year, and everyone really appreciated their music. With those snappy red and white uniforms and high stepping majorettes, it makes a fine ap- pearance in parades. C oncerts Spring Festival BAND SCHEDULE FOR 1951-52 Middletown Odd Fellows Home Lebanon Veterans Hospital Hill Lutheran Church icnic Playground Opening Representatives from Alfred Hoch James Houston Robert Kindt Annville High School to State Patricia Matz Owen Mill er David Shroyer 53 Parades Ephrata Fair New Holland Fair Myerstown Hallowe'en Annville Hallowe'en Spencer Cassel Christmas Party Lebanon Defense Bond Day Palmyra KAAAJ Safety Memorial Day, Annville Musical Organizations are: John Starr David Yorty GIRLS' CHORUS First Row: Ruth Garrison, Lorraine Eshelman, Judy Blouch, Arlene Fisher, Louise Moyer, Mildred Wenger, Mary Swope, Ruth Shaak, Judy Kindt, Lydia Fry, Kay Miller, Jean Anspach. Second Row: Marietta Noll, Patricia Hartman, Doris Boger, Ruth Buck, Doris Stober, Betty Light, Sally Ann Kaufman, Sallie Lou Heil- man,lFern Liskey, Claretta Noll. Third Row: Marion Meyer, Maylorraine Seidel, Elsie Heisey, Laura Keim, Thelma Hauer, Lucille Snoke, Christine Hamer, Patricia Matz. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE First Row: Elsie Heisey, Kay Miller, Sallie Kauffman, Mary Swope, Patricia Matz, Maylorraine Seidel. Second Row: Miss Miller, Director, Lydia Fry, Louise Moyer, Fem Liskey, Judy Kindt, Ruth Shaak, Arlene Fisher. Girls' Chorus 8 Girls Ensemble These two all-girl musical or anizations were not too active this season. The Girls' En- semble sang at the E.U.B. Churci and at P.T.A., and the Girls' Chorus sang at the Reformed Church and also at P.T.A. 54 Sr. High Mixed Chorus MIXED CHORUS Everyone is saying, We can hear the fellows this year. Yes, the boys are at last singing out, which eatly contributes to the fact that our mixed chorus music, under the direction of Miss Betty hiiller, is enjoyed and complimented. At the Spring Festival, this season, the chorus sang a few songs from A Tribute To Rom- berg such as One Alone, The Desert Song, and ' Stout Hearted Men. The mixed Chorus also sang at the Christmas Pageant. Jr. High Mixed Chorus JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS The Jr. High Chorus consists of a group of musically talented children selected from seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. This year the chorus combined with the Jr. High Chorus of Palmyra in a Christmas Vesper Service. A rendition was given at the two hi h schools. This performance was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by the public. 55 Qiiltrm 5 Ogee J The soccer team was not victorious but it did, nevertheless, win two games and tied one. We know that with Mr. Moyer as coach and the good school spirit of the soccer team the record will be better this coming school year. The record for the season is: Annville Opp. Sept. 14 South Lebanon 1 1 18 Jonestown 0 4 21 Myerstown O 1 25 Cornwall 0 1 28 Fredericksburg 0 3 Oct. 7 Heidelberg 0 2 9 South Lebanon 0 2 12 Jonestown 0 3 16 Myerstown 0 1 18 Comwall 1 O 23 Fredericksburg 1 4 30 Heidelberg 3 0 Two wins, nine losses, 1 tie SOCCER TEAM First Row: Robert Kindt, Charles Foltz, Alfred Hoch, Ray Hartz, Timmy Reese, David Shroyer, Karl Long, Second Row: Warren Miller, Jim Hartman, Louis Di Angelis, Jim Seltzer, Harold Kline, Jake Hea . Third Row: Jimmy Mo er, Art Behney, Ronald Blouch, Jim Miller, Bob Clark, Earl Hoffsmith. Fourth gow: Mr. Moyer - Coach, Jim Miller, Jim Long. 57 Varsity Basketball First Row: James Seltzer, Charles Foltz, Harold Kline, Wilbur Longenecker, Chester Stroh, Jacob Heagy, Robert Hartman. Second Row: William Reese, Ray Hartz, Arthur Behmay, Carl Blouch, David Shroyer. VARSITY BASKETBALL Although our basketball team didn't win the Lebanon County championship we did have a very ood team. Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Brandt, it set a new Lebanon County bas- lcetbjl record by scoring 97 points in one game. The players showed good s ortsmanship and always played good, clean games. Individual recognition goes to Chet Stroh, who placed second in individual scoring with 320 points. The season record is Annville Opp. Dec. 4 Hershey 40 56 7 Hummelstown 49 33 11 Manheim Twp. 58 63 14 Alumni 63 38 '21 Palmyra -53 51 Jan. ' 5 Myerstown 49 53 8 Heidelberg 81 47 '11 So. Lebanon 58 33 '15 Heidelberg 93 52 '18 So. Lebanon 63 42 '22 Palmyra 50 52 '25 Myerstown 36 44 '29 Comwall 87 50 Feb. l Cornwall 74 43 ' 5 Heidelberg 97 49 ' 7 S. Lebanon 62 38 '12 Palmyra 49 58 '15 Myerstown 60 51 '18 Cornwall 69 62 'League games Total 1191 915 13 wins Average Score 62.6 48.1 6 losses 58 Jr.-Varsity Basketball First Row: Robert Seltzer, James Hartman, Robert Kindt, Ronald Blouch, John Starr, Kenneth Hoffman. Second Row: Coach: Richard Murr, Earl Hoffsmith, Paul Rabold, Carl Daub, Paul Sattazahn,Samuel Allwein, Managers: Stanley Light, James Miller. The Jr.-Varsity basketball team had a good season this year. They lost only four league games, winning eleven. They were good sportsmen and had the respect of the coach, other pla - ers, and the students. When some of the players move into the varsity team we know Annvill,e will have a very good chance to capture the league championship again. Mr. lVlurr deserves much credit for the wonderful job of training the boys in good court manners and in how to handle the ball properly. The season record is as follows: Annville Opp. Dec. Hershey 21 32 Dec. Hummelstown 44 23 Dec. Manheim Twp. 36 lovertimel 38 Dec. Palmyra 24 44 ',Ian. Myerstown 44 13 Jan, Heidelberg 67 25 'Jan. So. Lebanon 44 30 Jan, Heidelberg 56 21 'Jan. So. Lebanon 33 20 Jian, Palmyra 2 1 33 'J an. Myerstown 54 27 'Jan. Comwall 38 31 Feb, Comwall 55 43 'Feh. Heidelberg 55 22 Feb. So. Lebanon 38 36 'Feb Palmyra 24 38 'Feb. Myerstown 34 38 'Feh. Cornwall 4 1 34 Total 729 548 Average 40.5 30.4 'League Games 12 Wins 6 Losses 59 Jr. High School Basketball Front Row: Brook Hunter, Philip Donmoyer, Lee Thomas, Larry Miller, Bob Rhine, Lester Fry Eddie Jo Unger, Eugene Hitz, James Heilman. Second Row: Robert Clark, Kenneth Longenecker, Ammon Peffley James Moyer, Eugene Fortna, Carl Flickinger, Irvin Winters, Ellis Wolf, Claude Ebersole, Richard Eshelman COACH Peter Bu gda. The Junior High basketball team won the 1951-52 Lebanon Valley Jr. High League Champion ship. The team suffered two losses during the season and only one of these was aleague loss Mr. Bugda deserves a lot of thanks for his wonderful job of coaching and for teaching the mem bers of the team good manners on the basketball court. The season record was: Manheim Jr. High Lebanon Cath. Jr. High Richland JV's Manheim Jr. High Lebanon Cath. Jr. High 'Cornwall Jr. High Steelton Jr. High 'Hershey Jr. High So, Lebanon Jr. High 'Palmyra Jr. High So. Lebanon Jr. High Steelton Jr. High 'Hershey Jr. High 'Comwall Jr. Hi Palmyra Jr. Hi 'Hershey Jr. High 'League Games 14 Wins, 2 Losses Annville Opp 46 35 64 50 37 42 49 26 18 56 35 Total 28 35 27 24 28 24 23 18 24 32 36 23 33 32 28 450 Average 28 57 24 34 57 35 29 609 38 60 Varsity and Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders VARSITY CHEERLEADERS JR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to riiht: Lenda Morgan, Sallie Lou Heilman, Ruth Garrison, Fern Liskey, Kay Miller, Patricia Joanne Sud ury, Ruth Shaak, Lydia Fry. Smith, Laura Keim. The cheerleaders deserve a lot of credit for the good school spirit they show at games. They are always on the scene to cheer the team to victory and support the players. Without their shouting and encouragement the games would seem dull. Junior iHigh Cheerleaders 6l Lois Shroyer Thelma Thomas Charlotte Foltz Henrietta DiAngelis Sally Dettra J J ,Baseball First Row: Bruce Longenecker, Ray Hartz, Charles Foltz, Irvin Zimmerman, David Shroyer, Oscar Lon e- necker. Second Row: Jake Heagy, Sam Allwein, Art Behney, Harold Kline, Bob Kindt, Paul Sattazalgn. Third Row: Bob Unger, Jim Hartman, Paul Wolfe, Jim Miller, Carl Daub, Luke Wagner, Ken Hoffman. Fourth Row: Mr. Billett - coach, Jim Crahy, Jim Moyer, Bob Clark, Jerry Anderson, Cleon Bashore. I Opp. Annville The Speed Boys were not too successful PHIIHYTH 3 0 playing baseball this year. The overall season Cornwall 3 0 record showed nine losses and only one win. Jonestown 10 3 The team tried hard to win and deserves a lot South Lebanon 8 7 , , Palmyra 7 4 of credit for good sportsmanship. 'Next year, South Lebanon 12 3 under Mr. B1llett's excellent coachmg and the MYCFSWWD 4 0 good prospects for the team, Annville may have Jonestown 5 6 a more successful season. This year's record Comwall 5 0 . 1. t d Myerstown 16 2 ls is e ' Track A First Row: Jack Landis, Carl Rabold, Carl Blanch, Alfred Hoch, Karl Long. Second Row: Earl Hoffsmith, George Ulrich, James Houston, Raymond Corcoran, Ray Hartz. Third Row: John Starr, Albert Rau, Kenneth Howard, Stanley Light, Fred Kreider. Fourth Row: Mr. Brandt - coach, Ray Light, Ronald Blouch, William Matz, Ken Fegan. Annville Opp. The track team was not very successful ,gzonesmnrn 34 31 this year as compared to previous years. The Somlri h 62, d t 3 record for the season showed four losses with Pfffnyrae anon fame ou 49 one win and one game rained out. Although the , . . County 380 Annville took third Place team couldn t accumulate enough points to win County Meet Annville took third place more meets, there were some fine individual performances. For instance, Paul Rabold broke the record for the dash at the County Meet. 62 g g Field Hockey First Row: Pearl Heilman, Claire Zearfoss, Ruth Garrison, Ruth Shaak, Joan Sudbury, Judy Kindt, Janet Whisler, Sally Heilman, Second Row: Marilyn Buck, Judy Blouch, Pat Hartman, Christine Harner, Pat Matz, Louise Moyer, Violanda Fortuna, Fern Liskey, Virginia Thomas, Pat Smith, Miss Lehman, coach. Third Row: Mildred Wenger, Trygve Struble, Ruth Krall, Elsie Heisey, Lenda Morgan, Pat Royer, Sallie Kauffman, Kay Miller, Doris Boger. Armville O The hockey team had a very successful Oct. 16 Myerstown 4 gp season this year. They won four games, lost Oct- 17 Susquehanna 1 0 one, and tied one. Much credit must go to Miss get' 35 Igyeritown Q I Lehman for training and coaching the girls on N33 Z Jjgisfgwn 5 1 the team. Their record is: ' 2 4 Nov. 8 Susquehanna 4 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie f'Z--I,9 IT- -I--1.l- -ll First Row: Judy Kindt, Fern Liskey, Joanne Sudbury, Arlene Fisher, Ruth Shaak, Kay Miller. Second Row: Pearl Heilman, Manager, Shirley Stober, Patricia Matz, Louise Moyer, Trygve Strnhle, Patricia Smith, Mildred Wenger, Manager, Miss Lehman, Coach. Third Row: Mary Swope, Manager, Patricia Royer, Judy Blouch, Elsie Heisey, Lenda Morgan, Laura Keim, Ruth Krall, Christine Hafner. Annville O The girls, under the direction of Miss Leh- Dec. 5 Myerstown 44 man, had a better record than last season. The 21011161 team won four ames and lost five. The , never- umm theless, uphelgi the standards of Annyirille by Jan' 22321115 trying hard to win and always doing their best. 23 Myerstow-E 37 42 Although the team will lose many of its players 30 Bethel 41 51 the prospects for next year are good. Feb- 6 C0f'l1W311 58 43 The record for this year is as follows: 20 Heldelbefg 31 29 Total Score 346 365 Average Score 38.4 40.5 4 wins, 5 losses 63 Tennis First Row: Violanda Fortuna, Patricia Hartman, Christine Hamer, Joanne Sudbury, Ruth Shaak. Second Row: Ruth Garrison, Judy Kindt, Trygve Struble, Lydia Fry. Third Row: Miss Lehman, Coach, Doris Stober, Lenda Morgan, Laura Keim, Fern Liskey. This year's tennis team had a short but successful season. The team had scheduled four games, but only one was played. They journeyed to Harrisburg to play Susquehanna and due to a field trip that day, no team showed up to match them. The sun shone for only one tennis match allowing the team to heat Palmyra 24-15. The other two games, one with Lebanon and another with Susquehanna were rained out. Schedule Susquehanna - forfeit 2-O Palmyra - 24-15 Lebanon - cancelled because of rain Susquehanna - cancelled because of rain X 0 F Eff'-':, l- ': f,'s4'f,i F 0 F ' ' 4 I' ep 0 S' J e g u-,tg ,.. ' -. Zz WM' - M- H7 64 May Da 65 xc Q Q X vi lj ii v 4 'ku-Q J ,.v,5I'-i1,'? 1 Xa' ,....-. ' sl f fv-4.4 Si S-.Xxx ,+L ESUWQX Nu. H 'QW pm E31 i K fig: Program of Baccalaureate Service HllllVlllE HIGH SIIHUUL acca aureafe .Service Evangelical United Brethren Church Annville, Pennsylvania Sunday, May 25, l952 7:30 P.M. l'0gl'al'l'L Prelude-Praise the Lord, Op, 101 ...... Kurg-Elen Miss Mildred Myers, llryuriiml Hymn-All Hail the Power of lesus' Name Invocation Scripture Anthem-I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked . . O'Hura Girls' Chorus Miss Bcity Miller. Director Oilertory-In Paradisum . . Dubuix Sermon-Guides for Great Living THE Revsizzsn Hnav T. Ricuwmrz, Jn. First Lutheran Church Prayer Hymn-Faith of Our Fathers Bcnediction Postlude-Fugue in E Flat CSI. Anne'sJ . . Buch Program of Commencement Exercises HllllVIllE HIGH SCHUUL Wm ommen cemenf xercinezi High School Auditorium Annville, Pennsylvania MONDAY, MAY 2651952 - 8:00 P.M. Processional-War March of the Priests . . . Mendelssohn High School Orchestra William Lemon. Director Invocation . . Tr-te Rnvsneuo Hmm Gtucntct-r church uf me ummm Trumpet Solo ............ Anno Hoc:-I Carnival of Venice-Steiger: CRIME PREVENTION Introduction and Summary . ..... MANETTA MAE Nou Wise Use of Leisure Time ...... Prriucut ANN Mnz Juvenile Courts and Crime Prevention Bureaus VIOLANDA Cntteiuss Foitrum Parental Influence . , ...... Etsns LDUELLA Hersisv High Standards of Political and Business Morality Attitixs Joirr Fisitriit One World . ,..., . . . . O'Hurn-llmllon muh S. mm! I lmnu Elsie Hemi, V.-lam Miix Belly Miller. Dirrrlrlr Mlm Mildred hvlytrs, Arrumpullisl Digging Wells . ..... , . . CAMERON RAISTON Presentation of Awards . . . . Mrme L, Kimi wi,-.iftinfw I-fm. lpn: Presentation of Diplomas . . . Cues-ran C. Snort Ennrd r1fSrlmnI Dirrrltiri Rccessinnul-Pomp and Circumstztncc . . ..... Elgar Snapshots Good Luck fo you Graduafes of 52 PETER HAWRYLUK JEWELER 40 E. Main Street Annville, Penna. Phone 7-671 1 SENIORS OF '52 A troubled world is yours to face. Hove faith in God, confidence in your co vicfions and high ideals to strive for - ond the world will be better Because of you. WE SALUTE YOU! THE PENNWAY 70 Hostetter's Food Market Self Service Groceries Fruits Fresh and Smoked Meats Vegetables Free Delivery 29 West Sheridan Avenue Annville, Pa. Phone 7-4801 A. R. Shearer Mobilgas - Mobiloil - Service Station Car Washing 8: Lubrication Main and White Oak Streets Annville, Pa. Annville Frozen Food Service - Locker Service - Meats, Groceries, Frozen Foods Our Own Ice Cream 400 E. Main St. Phone 7-7141 Compliments of Batdorf Dept. Store Annville, Pa. Visit Hot Dog Frank Breyer's Ice Cream Talk of the Town Davis Pharmacy 9 8: 11 West Main Street Annville, Pa. Prescriptions Phonograph Records Buxton Wallets Toiletries Best Wishes to Class of 1952 FINK'S BAKERY Annville, Pa. For Service Call 7-3011 A. S. KREIDER CO. POLLYANNA SHCES Armville, Pa. 72 Phone M421 AAA LESTER L. KREIDER U N G E R B ROS. Atlantic Service 896 E. Main St. Annville, Pa. Guaranteed Used Cars State Inspection Tires - Batteries - Accessories Food Mo rket 348 W. Main Street Annville, Pa. Where Customers Send Their Friends Phone 7-5071 We Deliver llll TH and Hall icrafier RADIO and TELEVISION Sumbeam and G.E. Electric Appliances H. F. Brandt Sales and Service 5 4 N. Lancaster Street Annville, Pa. Phone 7-4381 KREAMER BROS. '4Tbe House of Better Values Furniture and Floor Coverings Electric Refrigerators, Appliances Washers Gas 8: Electric Stoves Modern Funeral Home 328 W. Main St. Phone 7-5141 Annville, Pa. KINGSLEY AND BROWN, INC Launderers - Cleaners F urriers Annville, Pa. Where Good Work Is A Habit Two Cold Storage Annville 7-3511 Vaults At Your Service Hershey 1-0611 KREIDER MFG. CO. Manufacturers of Hosiery Annville, Penna. 74 C0mP1imen'-9 WALL-PAPER WINDOW-SHADES PITTSBURGH PAINTS VENETIAN BLINDS of HARDWARE JOHN E. MCCLURE Goodman 81 Yeager Annville, Pa. PHONE 7-3293 FOR HAIRCUTS THE WAY YOU LIKE THEM ANNVILLE see SHOE REPAIR PENNWAY BARBER 10 W. M AIN STREET SHOP ANNVILLE' PA' 8 W. Main Street Annville, Pa. Joe Hill Prop. GUYER GULF SERVICE 344-346 E. MAIN s'rREE'r LUBRIOATION, WASHING AND ACCESSORIES Leon G. cuyer, Prop. Lily Ann Shoppe Annville, Pa. 207 W. Mains Street Ladies' Wearing Apparel Phone 7-9021 75 COMPLIMENTS OF THE C0 - ED LUNCHEONETTE Annville FRANK 8. DELLA MARING - PROP. Shoulder Strap Co COMPLIMENTS OF 345 wi Queen sh Annville, Po. KEl.l.ER'S GROCERY MAPL E STRE ET ANNVILL E, PA. For the Finest in Photography Gantz-Uhler Studio 76 Mrs. Smith's Florsheim Weyenberg R. E. Kreider Shoes For The Entire Family Palmyra, Pa. Red QGoldj Cross - Saddle Mates DELICIOUS POTATO CHIPS 14 W. Main Street Annville, Pa. Door to Door Service My S E R Vic FARM FRESH sm SERVICE Wfif I, PRODUCE fw M'Z'g I DAIRY Serve Yourself I L L E R 5 To The Best is EAST mm sr ANNVILLE, As PA. K FREE FINE SELECTION PARKING M we FROZEN ua MEATS IN REAR FOODS Complimenfs of the Green Terrace Prop. Frank Dinunzio Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 52 Snyder Appliance 13 W. Main Street Annville, Pa. 77 MARIANI BROS. MOBIL SERVICE LEBANON R.D. I PHONE 7-9921 USED CARS CAL. ACC. John H. Boger 81 Son Coal - Feed - Fertilizer Annville, Pa. Phone 7-4111 Give Her Flowers just Because She's Wonderful Joy's Flower Shop jay W. Krady, Prop. On The Square Phone 8-645 1 Palmyra, Pa. Compliments of WALTZ'S BARBER SHOP Phone 7-9941 Residence 7-8202 F. D. Unger Service Station Gas - Oil - Tires - Tubes Accessories West Main Street Annville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF Peggy's Beauty Shoppe BOYER BROS. Daily Market 123 East Main Street Palmyra Fancy Fruit Baskets For all occasions Phone 8-1671 Compliments of PAUL H. KETTERING ESSO - Goodyear Service Hunting and Fishing Supplies On the Square Annville Phone 7-62 3 1 Compliments of MAX LOVE Dry Cleaning and Pressing 12 W. Main St. Annville Complimenfs of HOME LIFE INSURANCE CO. Agents O. Powell R. Pence I. Schlegel LEBANON, PA. District Manager T. L. Serano Field Managers F. W. Schaeffer G. W. Hartman Agents C. Pence J. Snarely E. Felty W. Dechert 5'lNAS.E!iSAQl g g SALES SERVICE A I U dC s David S. Ensminger, Jr. Ea si Main Street P I y P T lephone 8-2271 80 COMPLIME N TS BEN FRANKLIN STORE Open Every Nite Phone 7-9961 37-39 Main St. Annville, Pu. YOUR MILK DISTRIBUTOR Hershey's A N Homogenized D HARRY L. ME Cleona, Pa YER 81 SON Wengert ' s D airy 81 D, L, SAYLOR AND KINGSRIGE SUITS MALLORY HATS Annville, Pa. H. W. KR EIDER CLOTHIER Palmyra, Pa. PURITAN SPORTSWEAR 'ARROW SHIRTS Comnlimenfs of Yorty's Dry Cleaning Annville Lumber Company Dealers in Lumber and Millwork Builders' Supplies 750 East Main Street Annville, Pa. Phone 7-6611 Compliments of some Friends West End Meat Market H. G. Spangler, Prop. Dealer in all Kinds of Meats COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Hostel'ter's RADIO and TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE Phone 715781 Isaac M. Long INSURANCE Life - Automobile Compensation - Fire 17 East Main Street Annville, Pa. For The Biggest Milkshake in Town VISIT BILL'S LUNCH BAR 8fI1 8. Skull Sis. Lebanon Prop. Bill Fegan HAROLD C. BRAN DT Manufacturers of Winter Wheat Flour and Blue Ribbon Feeds mm V Grain Drying Service Dealer in Master Mix Feeds Kasco Feeds Phone 7-7661 Annville, Pa. Compliments of THE ASTOR THEATER Annville, Penna. 84 A ,: . ,e lj,- .J -15 3 - . wx w .1 n -Q.: v .4 . 5. , .' - ' Jn' w v rs ,. 4 .,, 4 ad . n - 5 V' . . :-Ty-.',,3'. I. -' .wx f W. ,,- - . 4, . , .Q , Vi A-I . tk. I 1 .,n,n .xg 4.9 914 -1 I.-I ,UV ., ,xr -Y 4 , 'Jw . . I J.-7.1 inf , ..,. 4. -. .ee- ,,.v.e, I . arg' Q FV. .pi .,. A , . V . .F ..- 1 v.' f.. -,-a v 'A 4 1 H

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