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X VVlWw?g:V.ww Wwmw 1 in Q , X? . 35 I ww - ,wif Z Qlsi 5 .2 Q W ,W K QQ THE ANNVILLE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF I95I PRESENTS THE GREYSTONE - Mrs. Ada Light The class of 1951 proudly dedicates its yearbook to Mrs. Ada Light, who has faithfully served as our commercial teacher for the past five years. She has willingly given most of her free time to assist in the financial transactions of all the classes and has guided many students to successful careers. Her friendliness and sincerity have been an inspiration to all of us. 1' Q Firxz row: joan Smith, Rose Marie Sudbury, Esther Foltz, Frances Thomas, Verna Ziegler, Betsy Benz, jean Shenk. Second row: Miss Bossard, advisorg Raymond Fry, Kenneth Herr, jack Silberman, Sterling Bordlemay, Robert Shaak, Herbert Batz. 5 r 7" 1 , dministration eniors Iasses chool 64 ife thletics dvertisements f 'J' ,Q LT-'K W Q 0 0 0 ' f - -Tv--f-r--ff'vvf2---2- ----- nm, Board of Directors First Row: j. Gordon Starr, Supervising Principalg David K. Shroyer, Secretaryg Adam D Miller. Second Row: Chester C. Strohg M. Byrl Nye, Presidcntg Oscar S. Light, Treasurer. 7 N r First Raw: Miss XVitmeyer, Social Studies, Miss Berry, Grade 4, Mrs. Loose, Grades 5-6, Miss Lehman, Health Education, Mrs. Lannon, Grade 6, Mrs. Keefer, Grade 5, Mrs. Oakey Light, Grades 5-4, Miss lishleman, Library, Miss Zug, Home Economics, Mrs. Darkes, Grade 1, Miss Miller, Vocal Music. Second Row: Mrs. Maulfair, Secretary, Mrs. Keller, Grade Z, Mrs. Young, Grade 1, Miss Myers, English-Latin, Miss Bossard, Social Studies-Spanish, Mrs. Ada Light, Commercial, Miss McClure, School Nurse, Mrs. Barnhart, Mathematics- Geography, Mrs. Brubaker, linglish, Mrs. Kreider, Grades 2-3, Miss North, Grade 3, Mr. Starr, Supervising Principal. Third Row: Mr. Hollinger, Mathematics, Mr. Moyer, Health Education, Mr. Bugda, Art, Mr. Hoban, linglish, Mr. Young, Science-Mathematics, Mr. Billett, Science, Mr. Murr, Industrial Arts, Mr. Lemon, Instrumental Music, Mr. Brandt, Social Studies. 8 S7 I V Wu "7 N MLA Motto We have crossed the bay, but the ocean lies before us. Class Flower Talisman Rose Class Colors Maroon and White Class History Tempus fugit- - el tiempo vuela - - die Zeit fliegt. lt means the same no matter how you say it - - Time Flies. The past, though it lies behind us, has left pleasant memories with us. Was it only six years ago that we drew a sketch of the second floor of A.H.S. so we would not get lost? The seniors became our idols and our goal was to reach' that height of achievement which they had attained. We have now reached our goal and a retrospective view brings to light these events which we have encountered on our climb toward graduation. Upon entering seventh grade in 1945 we quickly adjusted ourselves to our new schedule and activities. With Gerald Bean as our president we took an interest in dances and other school functions. As eighth graders we came face to face with County Examinations. Our school life remained at its usual pace and without any failures we become ninth graders. This being our last year in junior High we became 'fthe big wheels" and dominated our underclassmen. As a climax to our junior High School days we had our Transfer Exercises complete with diplomas and speeches and became a member of "the big three." As sophomores we took the back seat again. We showed our creative ability by winning first prize in the Halloween Parade with the theme "A Teen-Age Worldf, We well recollect our first May Day under the direction of Miss Hudyma called f'Main Street." The color scheme of Annville High was emphasized with the display of our maroon and white class jackets and hats. Thus we successfully ended our sophomore year of high school. We returned in September 1949 and commenced our junior year with its academic, commercial and general sections. With great pride we displayed our class rings about Christmas time. Our dramatic ability was exhibited in our production of "Brother Goose", directed by Mr. Overstreet. In May, quite a few juniors with the Girls Chorus traveled to Pittsburgh to compete in the State Forensic Con- tests. Our second success came with the Senior-Junior Prom entitled "Springtime Fantasy" on May 18. May Day found us relating the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz." The year ended with the treasurer madly requesting the payment of class dues. Finally we became seniors and proudly occupied Miss Bossard's and Mrs. Light's homerooms. Our first activity of the year was the presentation of our Senior play '1The Baby Sitter" in November 1950, directed by Mr. Hollinger. Trouble arrived with the destruction of the coat hangers in Miss Bossard's cloak room. The Year- book Staff was chosen and began organizing their material early in the year. We again won first prize in the Halloween Parade with the theme "Spotlight on Sports." Since then we have kept our noses to the grindstone and we are now looking forward to May Day. Prom and finally Commencement. 9 CLYDE FREDERICK BACHMAN Hates farm life . . .stingy with his class pictures . . . at- tcnds school only for that piece of paper called a diploma ...transportion to school via bicycle...plays "beat the clockl' every morning...noise disturbs him - has his seat changed often...practices pitching in homeroom, throws everything from erasers to pretzels...quiet, but a good kid to know. HERBERT THOMAS BATZ Faint heart ne'er won fair lady...victim in First Aid classes . . . bookkeeping Whiz . . . Willing and helpful . . . can always be seen at flag pole at 8:25 and 3:20...first to arrive at school in a.m .... will never need a loud- speaker . .. faithful member of track team . . . dependable as a clock. Track 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Safety Patrol 1, Yearbook Staff. GERALD HENRY BEAN Tall, dark and handsome...likes name Hjerryw, but despises middle name...asset to basketball and baseball teams...neat dresser...shows signs of aging young Cgrey hair, we meanb ...good student...Hlls role of father in plays...drives the latest in cars...patronizes out-of-town girls. . .could use an alarm clock. Dramatics 2, Basketball 3, Baseball 2, Class Officer 1, Stu- dent Council 2 , 5.-'ffm ELL.. rw ,firm ff BETSY ANN BENZ License, but no car frequent diets outstanding feature on the basketball and hockey teams fond of cats and dogs head majorette dark eyes and catch- ing smile blushes easily man hater diligent student class scribe member of the May Court... fond of swimming, but afraid to dive has a heart of gold. Band 3, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 3, Newspaper 3, G.A.A. 1, Play Prompter 2, Yearbook Staff, Hockey 1, Basketball 3, Class Officer Z, Student Council l. EDWARD F. BERNARDO Immaculate in his personal appearance his math book travels through the general section every day l'Cook" and 'lEddiel', inseperable twosome well worn path made by the fairer sex to his seat his dark wavy hair leaves a lasting impression . . . attends all school functions . . .good all-around joe. Soccer 2. BEVERLY JUNE BIRCH A trustworthy friend plays middle man for cupid good disposition . . . active member of the F.H.A. . . . long eyelashes and big brown eyes sports a winning smile . . . seldom becomes impatient . . . intcrcsted in the opposite sex . . . bubbling little laugh . . . attends all social functions . . . participates in the choruses. Mixed Chorus I, Girls' Chorus 2, F.H.A. 2. in STERLING RICHARD BORDLEMAY Friendly and good-natured always willing to lend a helping hand to a friend in need . . . "Spike and Shaakie" lots of school spirit proved himself a faithful worker and received rewards life of a party re- pertoire of witty remarks promotes the toothpick industry his hearty laugh announces his presence. Soccer 1, Yearbook Staff. JEAN MARIE BIXLER HAnyonc have a stick of gum?" occupies hall before classes . .. better half of jean and Janice team . . . fond of loud sweaters has that pepsodent smile full of pep and vitality . .. experienced in three sections . . . constant giggler . . . has a repertoire of jokes . . . expressive blue eyes .. . usually gets front seat in homeroom. Band 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 3, F.H.A. 1, Play Promptcr 1, Basketball 1. f i ROBERT BRUCE BOWMAN 'fGeorgeous Gussie" of A.H.S. ring leader tall, light and handsome . . . chewer of toothpicks . . . "Buck" . .. could use Suspenders for basketball practice . . . makes proper use of a comb . . . three-letter man . . . had to cheat the barber to have his class picture taken always out for a good time tall boy with the Little Abner walk. Basketball 3, Soccer 3, Baseball 3. 12 DONALD N. BRANDT Benny Goodman of A.H.S. commutes from Lebanon . . . proves his dependability by remaining faithful to one girl red hair but a suppressed temper a good audience for jokers his eyes twinkle when he is in a good mood patient and always willing to help some- one in need. Band 3, Orchestra 3, Baseball 1, Track I. DAVID CLAYTON ENSMINGER Happy-go-lucky fellow neat physique Casanova of the senior class forever pesting the girls lunch time cut-up portrayed Ezzard Charles in the Hallo- ween parade noted for his comebacks to school days acquires a nice tan during the summer months never hears announcements the first time . . . crew cut. Mixed Chorus 2, Baseball 1, Soccer 2. y l DOROTHY MAE DIPPER Good things come in small packages . . . quiet and sincere hits a volleyball as if it were a feather has more than her share of school spirit .. . helpful and friendly to all has a carefree gait good seamstress active in all school affairs math wizard always has a suf- ficient supply of chewing gum. Girls' Chorus 1. ESTHER JOAN FOLTZ Clean white sneakers fond of classic comic books portrait and Hgure works trim waistline center forward on the hockey team . . . neat dresser . . . dynamite on the basketball floor . . . solo twirler in the band .. . has an original mind likes to cat, but never gains weight will l10t part with her Howing locks member of the May Court. Band 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girlsl Chorus 3, Ensemble 1, G.A.A. 1, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper, Basketball 3, Hockey 1, Class Officer 2, Student Council 1. 4044 . RICHARD A. FORTNA A mighty basketball player full of Wise cracks couldn't do without Eddie in math class traveled by motor bike smokes like a defective furnace lost his curls after the Palmyra game . .. friendly with only the male sex catches his forty winks in science class always wears fancy caps answers to the name of A'Fotch." Basketball 3, Soccer. ,ffj iff' l RAYMOND JOSEPH FRY, jr. Small, dark and handsome noted for his speedy ways with women Mr. Moyer's right hand man nick- name - A'Tinker" the guiding hand for the senior class . .. good student .. . interested in nature, especially Howers popular with fellow classmates supports the clarinet section of the band and orchestra an enthusiastic tennis player. Student Council 1, Class OfHcer 1, Mixed Chorus Z, Band 3, Orchestra 3, Yearbook Staff. 14 CARL A. GERBER Hot rod driver consumes candy during school hours always leaves personal notes on typing papers starts school at 9:00 a.m. will do anything to drive a can even attend school . . . most of his interests lic outside of the halls of learning never has much to say covers a lot of territory. ROBERT CHRISTIAN GRUBER Class clown noted for his short hair cuts innocent but deadly outstanding tenor in chorus has ex- cellent acting ability those dark-rimmed specks original mind daddy long legs at the bottom of every scheme favorite pastime - loafing a way with women . .. overdue library books . .. full of tricks. Band 3, Orchestra 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Dramatics 2, Stu- dent Council 1. DOLORES ELIZABETH I-IAPNER Cute and pleasing voice .. . horse lover favors I-I.I.S. sports a new look hair cut "I don't like your attitude" brings rnan-sized lunches wants desper- ately to learn to drive a car snappy dresser helps to keep the girls basketball team running smoothly will make an efiicient secretary name usually mis- spelled. Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 3, G.A.A. 1, Newspaper 1, Basketball Manager 2. 15 FRANK L. HEILMAN Class Einstein .. . an old farm hand, knows what redding is used for always comes to school behind a Wheel, that is by bicycle or car great interest in that new medium, television has a joke for every occassion . .. hates to see a lady walk home, provides a taxi service for them. KENNETH JAY HERR Henry's protege carries a photographers kit, but seldom takes pictures his job gives him a retailer's viewpoint in P. of D. discussion pinched his pennies to buy a car exhibited his dramatic abilitv in junior class play . . , musically inclined . . . has a promising future in the business Held. Band 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Class Officer 1, Dramatics 1. BETTY JUNE HOFFMAN Five feet two and eyes of blue conscientious student willing helper powerful volleyball player ex-- cels in language study easily scared victim of G.A.A. initiation expert driver always taking notes depenable half-back on the hockey squad possesses sympathetic understanding lots of school spirit plans a career in teaching rarely misses a school day. Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 3, Play Prompter 1, Basket- ball 1, Hockey 1, G.A.A. 1. I6 H. CLAIR HOSTEITER HDon't be a wise guy" fond of new cars cultured in the art of hot rod driving likes to blow off steam a ladies' man matchless sense of humor dotes on brightly colored shirts d0esn't particularly like school answers to the name of "Cook," MARY JANE HOSTETTER Dark eyes displayed her dramatic ability in class plays has a personality adaptable to any situation distinguished accent joined us in ninth grade con- genial honors the commercial section her inten- sified study promises a bright future once a friend, always a friend first to join the ranks of women drivers. Dramatics Z. HENRY S. KILLIAN Good example of correct posture possesses prominent blue eyes .. . doesn't part with his mustache instigator of minor homeroom brawls . . . known as "Kilroy" in his gang uses strategy in evading women wears two or three shirts at a time . . . plans to follow a farmer's vocation .. . rarely seen at the same place twice. CHARLOTTE ARLENE LASH Quiet .. . naturally blond, curly hair dependable half- back for the hockey team occupies a prominent seat on the school bus . . . pleasing voice . . . looks like a picture in her blue gown a lefthander faithful usher for school affairs friendly, nice to know .. . usually reserved, but reported to have a bit of a temper. DORA JULIA MARIANI Little girl with a large vocabulary all her own ably filled the role of "Midge" in the senior play at home on a gym floor . . . competent president of the F.H.A. enthusiastic student of driver training always on the go office secretary's able assistant loquacious curly-haired lassie. Mixed Chorus 3, Girls, Chorus 3, F.H.A. 2, Dramatics 1. JEANNINE MAE McFEATERS Pleasing, soft voice winning smile, natures gift of curly hair hard worker usher for school activities . .. there's music in her life friendly toward everyone , . . member of 3rd squad in gym class . .. spends majority of her school hours in Commercial Room possesses individuality all her own lends a helping hand to those in need. HELEN ARLENE MILLER Called "Helene" by teachers has her heart in her work high pitched, but sweet voice one can always expect a ready smile easy to get along with volunteers for reports and extra class work vim, vigor and vitality can always be found in the Senior Room at lunch time participates in intramural sports. JANET ELIZABETH MILLER Tall in form and fair of face hair set free of charge elite handwriting with that particular touch despises name 'LRed,' covers a lot of territory diligent worker sho,ws good taste in choosing jewelry has that fresh air look about her favorite pastimes - movies and reading. Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Chorus 3, Student Council 2. iv ETHEL GRACE MOYER Picture of health has that ivory look hits a mean hockey ball .. . baby face . . . cute accent . .. eoy . . . hails from the country . . . usually quiet and reserved but talka- tive once you get to know her blessed with blonde curly hair a sincere and friendly companion de- voted to the commercial section. 'fwfr 2 KENNETH JAY NOLL 4'Those natural curls" .enjoys teasing people "So in Love" is his theme tune occupies halls before classes excellent tenor voice plays a hot trumpet 'Chopin of the typewriter" lover of the fairer sex .. joined the class in ninth grade a Jack Harner - - has his thumb in every pudding. Band 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Safety Patrol 1, Track 1. WILLIAM EDWARD PETERS Peck's bad boy homeroom cut-up blushes at the sight of girls plans on the prom early at home in the oiiice .. . likes people in general .. . continually auto- graphing the blackboards member of the lunch bag brigade supplies the entertainment for the general section. ALLEN ROBERT SI-IAAK Violin virtuoso of A.H.S. makes a speciality of Dag- wood sandwiches hit and run driver divides time between two sexes .. excels in track delivery boy for corner-grocery store . .. the bass drum knows who's boss a natural for the role of "Lefty" cute always looking for a good time . , . a swell guy. Band 3, Orchestra 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Dramatics 1, Track Z, Safety Patrol 2. ff JEAN LOUISE SHENK uLet's face it" knows all the news about town just loves L.V.C, deep alto voice always gets her man in plays forever having man troubles .. quick tempered good commercial student cheerleader X would rather ride than walk hfome works when she wants to . . . effecient in filing. Band 3, Orchestra 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 3 Ensemble 2, Dramatics 2, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper 1, Cheerleader 3. HELEN MARIE SHERRIFF The little girl with the bounce in her walk just loves Home Ec. dislikes school in general Friday night run to the bus stop combines tumbling with all sports dislikes Palmyra girls always first to leave school at noon time couldn't do without the postal system , . . ever ready to share a laugh. F.H.A. JACK DEWOLF SILBERMAN Active member of many committees trip to South America vocabulary all his own always ready for an argument . . . nothing like a drink to help things along A Cwaterb drives a Buick drags his feet late hours and women .. always in a daze joker Humphrey of A.H.S. would hook school at the word. Yearbook Staff, Newspaper 1, Dramatics 1. JOAN GEORGINE SMITH Extensive wardrobe talented in the fine arts .. . baby's complexion member of May Court love troubles ideal job dependable wing in hockey backs up the Speedboys with her cheering worries about her figure little feet quiet but lingering giggle... small but mighty .. . reserved around strangers . . . pretty blue eyes. Band 3, Orchestra 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 3, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper 2, Hockey 1, Cheerleader 3, G.A.A, 1. GLADYS SUSAN SPERAW Sports a new look hair cut has a special liking for Chevrolets changeable personality hose one day, jeans the next victim of stage fright in senior play. ,. will wear only "long" skirts . . . accidently spilled a bottle of bleach extensive wardrobe deep alto voice eyes that sparkle. Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 3, Ensemble 1, F.H.A. 2, Dramatics 1. CAROL ROBERTA STONE Tarzan of the class naturally curly hair always dependable in the sports Held those pretzels in study. hall anxious to get married only girl trombone player in A.H.S. Walt Disney comic book fan terrific joker enjoys long walk to school daily prefers the name Roberta . .. spasmodic spurts of energy. Band 3, Orchestra 3, G.A.A. 1, Dramatics 1, Newspaper 2, Basketball 3, Hockey 1. a , X,-fa ROSE MARIE SUDBURY Possesses red hair and freckles . . . sharp dresser juve- nile delinquent in our plays full of fun and witty remarks impersonates jack Haines front man in the band hot rod driver snappy cheerleader smooth dancer fuschia barrettes whiz on hockey field supplies entertainment in gym class can be heard a mile away. Band 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls Chorus 3, Dramatics 2, Yearbook Staff, Hockey 1, Cheerleader 3, Newspaper 1. xg ELSIE VIOLA SWEIGERT Sunny disposition .. . continually laughing has big dimples . . . naturally blonde hair . . . lends a helping hand in clarinet section of band . . . 'AI should study" . . . spends spare time behind a soda fountain a good friend to all answers to the name of MItz" future lies in the nursing field acting ability - our Southern belle and botanist. Band 3, Orchestra 3, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls Chorus 1, Dramatics 2. ELMA JEAN SWOPE Hunting for a L'real" man gets rabbits and pheasants in- stead . .. collection of class rings literary fan .. . liked English until this year fiend for modern style famous for her raised eyebrow typical woman driver "have your news in on time" plans a vocal career has mastered the art of walking on high heels air of sophistication. Mixed Chorus 3, Girls Chorus 3, Ensemble 3, G.A.A. 1, Dramatics 2, Newspaper 3, Basketball 2, Forensic 3. 2541, ' 45514 t ww 23 RICHARD JAMES TICE Possesses good sportmanship versatile leadership ability unexcelled in A.I-LS. moody and serious at times most interesting and absoring hobby - women a triple threat in the sports world able assistant to the bass section of the chorus hunting fiend delights in teasing the girls . . . always a gentleman. Band 3, Orchestra 1, Mixed Chorus 2, Basketball 3, Soccer 3, Class Officer 1, Student Council 3, Track 3, x Safety Patrol 1. FRANCES LOUISE THOMAS Penway fan wants blond hair drives a "Dodge" around town . . . always eager to hear new gossip . . . those summers at the shore up to date on the latest dance steps . . . Miss Lehman's right hand man i'Crisco Kid" . green flirtatious eyes . .. pianist for AH.S. always manages to cut classes wants to be a bar member Clawyerb. Band 2, Orchestra 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls Chorus 3, Ensemble 2, G.A.A. 1, Dramatics 2, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper 3, Basketball 3. RONALD EARL TREIBER Displays a hale and hearty laugh . . . a bubble gum fiend .. . excellent hurler of the proverbial bull . . . always a trick up his sleeve . . . superman . . . his feet on the ground and his mind in the air . . . outstanding sense of humor . . . movie fan with an accent on Westerns .. . devoted to the comic book world. Band 2. 24 .IANICE ETHEL UMBERGER Dark hair and eyes . .. big dimples always full of fun likes to clean during school hours asset to the color guards crew-cut bangs can never get a sun tan lingering giggle Mjean and Janice" can always be heard at basketball games rewrote her history book in her junior year. Band 2, Dramatics 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls Chorus 3, GAA. 1, Basketball 1, F.H.A. l. JAMES UNGER Unger and Saylor's sticks to home-town girls boy with many cars athletic type black hair not fond of the razor or barber man behind the mask on the baseball team .. . divides time between riding a motor bike and driving a car attends all dances faithful member of band on good-looking side. Band 3, Baseball 3, Basketball 2. Soccer 1. X I ,,t. Q 4 ,MX K ,.-1i2:,. s Q SHIRLEY ANN VVALTZ Extensive wardrobe member of the May Court for "XVizard of Oz" pageant fair skin and bright eyes particular about hair style . .. good taste in choosing clothes trips to Virginia active in chorus and F.H, A, frequent spectator at school affairs quiet, un- assuming . . . calm and serene. Band 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls Chorus 3, F1-I.A, 2. 25 'K 5 HAROLD JAY WENRICH , Tall with black hair . . . strong tendency toward bachelor- dom . . . willing worker . . . great interest in first aid course . . . girl shy . . . excused at 3:20 every school day . . . high jumper on track team . . . courteous toward students and teachers .. . has a kind word for all plans to enter the business field. Mixed Chorus 2, Soccer 1, Track 3, Safety Patrol. VERNA MAE ZIEGLER Class tutor Phillies baseball fan co-manager for girls basketball team . .. banker of the class eats raisins for strength . . , writes in her diary without fail . . . always prepares for exams pretty blue eyes keen interest in piano .. . uplease pay your class dues" calm, cool, and collected . ., loves poetry teaching career in future. Mixed chorus 1, Girls chorus 3, G.A.A. 1, Yearbook staff, Basketball manager 2, Class officer 2, Student Council 1. 26 LC1 d ew M "Herbie" Qi ,f 1 ,, 3 H-'N 4B 77 ix .L Qipldin-had tlSpike77 AABCV77 4'Eddie'? "Beanie" HBetsy in 'Bucli' 01 mf! WDO H1- DN if uDOtaa W H'-was Duff w ESfhe X Car mwwmlv J fx ff ,N-ff' gwnnvf' D1 ck Dolores Bob-11 Kean qB6l'liyu Q is M 5 g NN' ig K M.,-f .NWN K T'-"" ,lv K "C0ok'7 L ,Q 'W r Ami? in K'jeann1ne" H-iw' A-HeDYY HI-Ielen" 4. x +-N, - X., M Charlotteb N .. KK ji Dora f .. .P , a ,.,A Q if S 1' , . 1' A fi Q hi -' ' -"-, - -1' - ...,. .. v.:N. ,,-' Li, X . fm 7 2 M ff Q 1- 1 Ei? .- , K L 1 wz'E3'l'-'-"2 .- . jail? H si, fr ' I 4 eg 3' ' ,i"iv,Qfi vgfa F A A X1f,:Sf3f'1 Pr 2 A .. X L' 1: vw-mf W, 5 , - M fi,?3gwVfw 1 W , . . ,- fav ff :BM -4:94 - . AY I ' 4',2fwfN fr H K ' ' 17 mgzizifafff , Y ' I -:.g2ff-Ez-lr.-:zaz H M E 3' ,, 5...4-ga .a- 3- ,F V x Nl v J. A '-2:-,.:f1g.f' 'WSW 'V 1 Q L ' 7 7 K janet Q W If MM is WP' Ethel 4 sxged v HB111" 1s,,,,,, L4-lean! HHQICHU A ,M iLJaCk73 :ony adys Cd A502111 af' I K "Elma" ' x HP-1.Hn,, X2 if if E S, vi K uDiCks1 X f f? v M Q Q LM h igh iff' I ki! Ef' ag: .5 V ' fel H 4 f Q Q1 2 , gg, ' Q - fm A ii N 1, A 4 4 4 I is f A 'Ha i 3 fa 1. V 2 s f rj I ,Q Wim, 3 Z 1 if -W ,F 'f 5,5 -'f2'x?"S.'1'3. gWT1s1.:a?i' W . K f ,fy im a. Q :VH 1 f r xg Agifsfiaf fag R 51 ,6- .jiri u SQQ ,fw- -Q. "Ronnie" ?m.-ae M..- . vv HY! Qhxfleb' KC Lf... Ve Ina L'Harold" September 4 September 22 October 1 3-2 2 October 15-2 1 October 19 October 2 7 November 9- 10 November 2 3-24 December 1 1 December 1 5 December 1 8 December 2 1 December 2 2 January 2 january 10 January 1 5-19 February 16 February 2 2-23 Wha' Hoppened When 1 ---- School opens ---- F.H.A. dance - .,,,., Magazine drive -- --- Pennsylvania Week - - - - - - Glass-blower ------- Halloween parade ------------ Senior play Thanksgiving vacation ------- G.A.A. Initiation ----------- Alumni game CTwo victories for A.H.S.j ------ Christmas program --- Boyys game with Palmyra -- --- Christmas vacation -- ......... Farm Show ----------------- Exams Girls beat Myerstown ------------ junior Play 7 Who s Who Most Likely to Succeed ....... Verna Ziegler F riendliest .... Most Attractive - -- Most Popular --- Best Athlete .... Most Dependable Wittiest --- Gerald Bean --- Sterling Bordlemay Jean Bixler --- Elma jean Swope Gerald Bean ------ Esther Foltz Robert Bowman --------- Betsy Benz Robert Bowman --------- Jean Bixler Herbert Batz ---- Rose Marie Sudbury March 5 March 15-16 March 17 March 23-26 March 30-31 Friday, April 13 April 19 April 28 May 8 May 11 May 15 May 20 May 21 May 23 May 24 May 29 All American Athletes - Trampoline ---------- State Band - Junior - Senior Dance ------ Easter vacation - District Orchestra at Annville -- Need we say more? --- Spring Festival -------- May Day -------- Art Exhibit -- Junior-Senior Prom ---- Exams cancelled ----- Baccalaureate ----- Alumni Banquet ------ Commencement junior High Transfer Exercises ---- Last day of school Carl Gerber Best All Around Student ........ Betsy Benz Richard Tice Most Talented .... ..... E lma Jean Swope Most Courteous --- Robert Shaak ----- Betsy Benz Richard Tice Contributed Most to A.H.S. ............... Frances Thomas Verna Ziegler Richard Tice ,fest W? 3. we Mk -'Y Raw Onu: .Xliss llill, Patsy lluuscr, joan Slmcnlt. Rm: Two: lfsthcr lfultz, lQCl1llCfl1 XXVHISOII, Patsy Ui.-Xngclis, lfmltccs llll1lllH2lS, Robert Slmnlc, Rolmcrt Gruber. Row Three: lfstllcr Foltz, Kenneth llcrr, 'lltcrcsn ll1l1'tu1:t11. Iftlwunl lgCI'Il1ll'Ll0, Shirlcy xxrkllfl. Row l"0m': llclcn lDi.X11gclis, Riclmrtl lfortlm, Riclmrcl lice, jzmct Klillcc, Gladys Spcraw. Row Fira: Bill Pctcrs. l lnroltl Xlkmriclm, Bula Buxvnmn, PntO'lJtmnul1,jack Sillmcrrtmn. 33 Prophecy "VVell, folks, years have passed, and the class of 1951 is holding its reunion today. So far, I am the only one here, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my classmates." Time passes, no one comes. "Here it is, two hours later, and still I am the only one here. I guess I had better go home and use my ouija board to see what happened to mv fellow inmates of A.H.S. ul blew the dust off my ouija board and pro- ceeded with my communication with the spirits. Here is what I found out: Elma jean Swops - Featured as "Dagmar"g admission, the price of a 5 cent beer. Esther Foltz - VVashes windows at the Empire State Building. Elsie Sweigert - Leading the Washington Band. Frances Thomas - Featured soloist in the Har- risburg burlesque shows. Charlotte l.ash - Recently voted Miss Universe of l98O. Dolores Hapner - Breeding horses for Millard's farm. Jeannine McFeaters - Running a reducing agency. Betsy Benz - Her chief customer. Verna Ziegler - Chambermaid at the WValdorf Astoria. Helen Miller - Singing in Met Opera. -lean Shenk - Still unemployed. Mary Hostetter - Swimming instructor at the VVhite Hall Swimming Hole. janet Miller - Selling brushes for Mr. Fuller. joan Smith - Model for Camel cigarettes. Ken Noll - Chauffeur for the Bixler family. Frank Heilman - Running a fertilizer business. Herbert Batz - Running the mile in the Olym- pics. jack Silberman - Teaching ballet. Robert Bowman - Missionary in Africa. Sterling Brodelmay - Owner of a Diner. Gerald Bean - Chef at '4Spike's" Diner. Robert Gruber - Playing on the International Tiddley-VVinks Team. 34 Henry Killiam - Starring in 'lCheaper By The Dozen. Ethel Moyer - His Co-star. janice Umberger - Laughing-lady at Hershey Park. Gladys Sperw - Keeping up the morale of the Hostetter family. Helen Sherriffi- Teaching tumbling at Penn State. Betty Hoffman - Ethel Moyerls chauffeur. Rose Marie Sudbury - Replaced Groucho Marx in television. Ronald Treiber - Writes an 'Ladviee to love- lorn" column which is featured in Esquire. james Unger - Recently won first prize for the longest beard. Carol Stone - VVrestling at Rainbow Arena. Edward Bernardo - Caught as a bigamist. Beverly Birch - Running a tourist home. Richard Fortna - just loafing. Carl Gerber - digging ditches for an oil company. ' Robert Shaak - Policeman in Sand Hill. Harold Wenrich - Traveling salesman. Kenneth Herr - Designer of woman's hats. Raymond Fry - just had his new invention pat- ented - combination baby coach, lawn mower, and dish washer. William Peters - Editor of Annville Daily News. Dora Mariani - Took over Bill Embar's busi- ness. David Ensminger - Messenger boy for Western Union. Cook Hostetter - joined up with joey Chit- wood Hotrods. "My last question to the ouija board was, "Do you always tell the truthPl' Without hesitation, it answered, f'No!" Take it easy! Rough stuff! Ugh! A Dramatic Moment Cast of L'Thc Baby Sitter" WSE 1 The big fight Class Will lVe, the class of l95l of Annville High School, in the state of Pennsylvania, being of unsound mind and considering the uncertainty of our lives, do hereby will and bequeath our most treasured possessions and attributes to those most deserving of them, before leaving our Alma Mater. To the faculty we extend our heartiest thanks for successfully guiding us through the trials and tribulations of our school days. VVe also leave the hope that future classes may appreci- ate your guidance and advice to a greater ex- tent. To our underclassmen we bequeath one well worn set of teachers - may they have more peaceful years in the future. To the juniors we leave two clean home rooms. four waste baskets, two clocks and autographed desks. To the underclassmen: I, Betsy Benz, leave one slightly bent baton to jacquelin Pyles. I, Beverly Birch, leave my charming giggle to Christine Harner. I, jean Bixler, leave one wad of perfectly good chewing gum to Lenda Morgan. I, Dorothy Dipper, leave my petiteness to Pat- ricia Royer. I, Esther Foltz, leave my trim waist line to judith Blouch. I. Dolores Hapner, leave my love for horses to Elsie Heisey. I, Betty Hoffman, leave my attendance record to Phyllis Landis. I, Mary Hostetter, leave my good-natured ways to Sallie Kauffman. I, Charlotte Lash, leave my blond hair to Ruth Shaak. I, Dora Mariani, leave my sexy eyes to Marv Swope. I I, jeannine McFeaters. leave my pleasing voice to Mildred Wlenger. I, Helen Miller, leave my quietness to Kenneth Dissinger. I, janet Miller, leave my love for sweaters to joan Sudbury. I, Iithel Moyer, leave my naturally pink cheeks to Louise Moyer. I, jean Shenk, leave my power to keep a man dangling to Sally Heilman. I, Helen Sherriff, leave my earrings to anyone who wants them. I, joan Smith, leave my knack for tickling the ivories to Patricia Matz. I, Gladys Speraw, leave my bottle of bleach to Mary jane Longenecker. I, Carol Stone, leave my naturally curly hair to janet XVhisler. I, Rose Marie Sudbury, leave my kindergarten of younger boys to those who desire them. I, lilsie Sweigert, leave my band uniform to my sister Florence. I, Elma jean Swope, leave my dictionary of extra large words to Kay Miller. I, Frances Thomas, leave my interest in the college men to my sister Virginia. I, janice Umberger, leave my system of skip- ping school on days when tests and book reports are due to Larry Diamond. I, Shirley Waltz, leave my perseverance in my struggle for males to Mitzi Killinger. I, Verna Ziegler, leave my interest in baseball to Patricia Hartman. I, Clyde Bachman, leave my lunch bag to David Sattazahn. I, Herbert Batz, leave my track record to my brother Robert. I, Gerald Bean, leave my knack of dressing to Chester Stroh. I, Edward Bernardo, leave my jet black waves to Carl Blouch. I. Sterling Bordlemay, leave my friendliness to james Houston. I, Robert Bowman, leave my comb to Charles Foltz. I, Donald Brandt, leave my daily drive to school to Alfred Hoch. I, David Ensminger. leave my lunch-time antics to Lewis Landis. I, Richard Fortna, leave my ability to elude women to Harold Ziegler. I, Raymond Fry, leave my speedy ways with women to David Shroyer. I, Carl Gerber, leave my driving ability to those who like narrow escapes. I, Robert Gruber, leave my horn-rimmed specks to Doris Boger. I, Frank Heilman, leave my Finstein ability to john Starr. I, Kenneth Herr, leave my ability to hold a job to those people who desire working. I, Clair Hostetter, leave my nickname to Wil- bur Longenecker. I, Henry Killian, leave my fondness to tease to james Seltzer. I, Kenneth Noll, leave my Toni to james Long. I, William Peters, leave my trouble-making ways to Robert Miller. I, Robert Shaak, leave my ability to see the lighter side of life to William Reese. I, jack Silberman, leave my excess height to Georgeanna Shaud. I, Richard Tice, leave my way with women to Gardner Boyer. I, Ronald Treiber, leave my ability as a sound effects man to Ray Hartz. I, james Unger, leave my cars to those who can afford them. I, Harold VVenrich, leave my job of putting up and taking down the flag to my successor. Having completed this, our last will and testa- ment, we hereby ,appoint the president of the coming senior class as executor. X NVVU Y Q ,SM f . f i 3' Q 4 ,G ,, , , Wa Q me xy ,A .,. .,..., . .M i P . wa ,M X f S ai will 2 is L man - f. ft:-Af , L53 3: ,Wg WK, 5 ff? My e 30" ,,,,,,g K, Senior Class First Row: Dora Mariani, joan Smith, Esther Foltz, Helen Sherriff, Verna Ziegler, Richard Tice, Raymond Fry, Betsy Benz, Rose Marie Sudbury, Dolores Hapner, Elsie Sweigert, Betty Hoffman, Dorothy Dipper. Second Row: Carol Stone, Jeannine McFeaters, Helen Miller, Beverly Birch, Frances Thomas, Jean Bixler, Janice Umberger, janet Miller, Charlotte Lash, Shirley XValtz, jean Shenk, Mary Hostetter, Gladys Speraw, Elma Jean Swope. Third Row: Ronald Treiber, Robert Gruber, Frank I-leilman, Robert Shaak, Herbert Batz, David Ensimger, Carl Gerber, Clyde Baehman, Donald Brandt. Fourth Row: VVilliam Peters, james Unger, Sterling Bordlemay, Kenneth Herr, Richard Fortna, Henry Killian, David Wenger, Kenneth Noll. Fifth Row: Harold VVenrieh, Gerald Bean, jack Silderman, Robert Bowman, Edward Bernardo, OFFICERS: President .................. Raymond Fry Vice-President .... .... R ichard Tice Secretary ....... ..... B etsy Benz Treasurer --- .... Verna Ziegler 37 W? 'l K f Wage, :Z wil, , ,. ., , , g if 353 .. we ww 3 ,Q 2 ii 5 in ,:n5: : 5-. 22 . Junior Class First Row: Marian lfelker, Phyllis Landis, Mary Russo, Georgeanna Shaud, Nancy Brightbill, Patricia Matz, Alfred Hoch, David Shroyer, Arlene Fisher, Betty Lou Edwards, Ruth Shaak, Mary jane Longenecker, Patricia Hartman, Lucille Snoke. Second Row: Rose Ensminger, Shirley Killinger, Marilyn Felkcr, janet Ruhl, Pearl Heilman, Violanda Fortuna, Patricia Royer, Lllsie Heisey, Christine Harner, Judy Blouch, Doris Boger, NVilma Miller, Jeannette Kline, Manetta Noll. Third Row: David Yorty, Robert Smith, Irvin Zimmerman ,Ray Hartz, Charles Foltz, Lester Dechert, Larry Frattaroli, Fourth Row: Jay Hartz, Chester Stroh, Lynn Sparks, john Smith, Lewis Landis, james Miller, Lewis Brough, George Shaud. Fifth Row: Karl Long, XVilliam Reese, Gardner Boyer, Stanley Frederick, Warren Smith, Marvin Miller, Carl Rabold, David Sattazahn. Sixth Row: Kenneth Dissinger, Wilbur Longnecker, Carl Blouch, James Long, Norman Blantz. OFFICERS: Email, President .................. David Shroyer Vice-President .............. Alfred Hoch Secretary ..... .... A rlene Fisher Treasurer --- .... Patricia Matz 38 st i, .H iw- pwnwgfe W 1, fwwf A: , amy ,fu 4 is K V r ti V: we TF O i A vi wgiiim I U wi iff Q45 Sophomore Class First Row: Marilyn Buck, Maurine Nlelfeaters, Lenda Morgan, Sandra Nlellenry, Alyana Xliller, Ruth Lentz, Robert llartnian, Louise Xloyer, Betty Light, judy Kindt, .Nlarion Xleyer, Marian Xlelfeaters, Lois XYalters, Doris Stober, joan Poornian, Amy Fernsler, Ruth Buek. Secwm' Row: Edna Blantz, Xlary Lou Killian, Nancy Boltz, Mildred XVenger, Sallie Anne Kauffman, Virginia Thomas, Sally Lou Heilinan, Phyllis Schell, Lydia Fry, Rena Bloueh, joan Sudbury, janet XYhisler. Geraldine Walters, lfrlene Bonigardner, Anna Herr. Third Row: Harold Kline, lfugene Kreider, Robert Batz, Samuel Allyyein, Dale llunter, George YVentling, Kenneth lloward, Charles lfngle. Fourzli Row: james Houston, Cyril Mieozzi, XVayne Herr, Robert Xliller, Raymond Coreoran, james Seltzer, Kenneth Shaud, Richard Longenecker. I-'ifrla Rn-1:1 Harold Ziegler, lfox, john Starr, Bruce Longneeker, john Sunimy, james Cramer. Sixth Row: lfarl Hoffsniith, Paul Rabold, jacob lleagy, Glen Blaueh. OFFICERS: President ........,,...... Robert Hartman Vice-President .... .... ...,. J u dy Kindt Secretary ....... .... B etty light Treasurer ..... .,.. I ,ouise Moyer 39 Y 5 mimi efermzmw em-M ir't',:g':r:ffawF' ,f HH, .. it WI ',,,,ff,, ' -E ..,,. B' ww' P' 5, SS ?' er' mae fi. , W wwuvief W if V V, y ,, r.,.Q.",5Q,,,,,,,,,,,,s A A 5 r n eat, jzgaf, f, - 1- w V .,wq5Af:sr Q' P' I ii .1 K A ,M , , ,V gh My M, 4' 1 ,, iwamwgu 3 . if , ' M Y' e 1: 4 ,WNW HQ ,., ,. , ,-5, . , , , jf, .- i 6 'ml QMVNJ T"zv t""P'N"V ' 4, ., 2 i Wm is an-Q inth Grade First Row: Claretta Noll, Sandra Houser, joan lfasnacht, Shirley Longenecker, Delores Kreider, Shirley Fox, Jeanette Lentz, Kathleen Tobias, Patricia Smith, Fern Liskey, Ronald Blouch, Kay Miller, jackie Pyles, Lorraine Eshelman, Florence Sweigert, Anna Miller, Trygve Struble, joanne Rhoads, Ruth Krall, Second Row: Fern Hummer, Dorothy Miller, Sally XVerner, Meredith Brandt, julia Sabo, Claire Zearfoss, jean Ruhl, Virginia Frederick, Thelma Hower, joanne Hollinger, joyce Royer, Ruth Garrison, Jacqueline Bucher, jean Anspaeh, Shirley Stober, Mary Elizabeth Swope, Marion Blouch, Nancy Brunner. Third Row: Robert Seltzer, Kenneth Hoffman, Robert Kless, Richard Hoffman, James Miller, Bruce Wenger, Mervin Dissinger, Charles Seidel. Fourth Row: Claude Brown, james Batz, Dennis Noll, Paul XVolfc, james Hartman, Eugene Livering, VValter Brough, John VVells, VVarren Miller, Fred Sparks, Gardner Zellers. Fifth Row: George Cramer, Stanley Light, Bruce Uniberger, XVilliani lslspenshade, Fred Kreider, XVilliam Matz, Owen Miller, VVilliam Heeter, Robert Kindt, Robert Swope. Sixth Row: Robert Betz, Paul Sattazahn, Henry Brandt, Francis Diklnno, Daniel Klick, Kenneth lfegan, Ray Light, john Batz. Seventh Row: Richard Herr, Donald Lincaweaver, Bruce Hartman, Luke Wagner, Carl Daub, Arthur Behney, Dale Gingrich. OFFICERS President ................. Ronald Blouch Vice-President .... - Kay Miller Secretary ....... --- Patricia Smith Treasurer --- - Fern Liskev 40 1- , z,.a:.,W-ei!" W!! A Q3 Eighth Grade First Row: Anna jean Long, Shirley Buifingtoii, Anna Hummer, lilaine Shuey, Lillie Hitz, Geraldine VVagner, Alverta Hitz, David Kling, Lester Fry, Tilman Frye, Thelma Thomas, Hattie Lsbenshade, Marion NVeidman, Ruth Adams, Grace Miller, Betty Miller, Sally Dettra. Second Row: Henrietta DiAngelis, Charlotte Foltz, janet Engle, Dorothy jurrell, Patricia lillenberger, Reba Long, Ruth Jennings, Barbara Laycock, Jeannette Hardick, Arlene Funck, Doris Funck, Eleanor Felty, jean NVenrich, Elaine Seidel, Ruth Linsminger. Third Row: jerry Anderson, Carl Flickinger, Irvin XVinters, Ronald Herr, Charles Miller, Cleon Bashore, Harry Reich. Fourth Row: james Graby, Peter Aftosmes, Karl Miller, VVilliam Hower, Richard Dechert, liugene Fortna, Fred XVolfe, Fifrla Row: james Speck, Benjamin Bollinger, Kenneth XValter, james Moyer, Robert Clark, john Morris, Donald McFeaters, james Heilman. OFFICERS: President .................... David Kling Vice-President --- ..... Tilman Frye Secretary ....... .... T helma Thomas Treasurer --- ..... Lester Fry 41 naw, 5 l.,Mau..Wt- .,.- 1 F" Q - , 5 W ,t aaa, W ,UF Q ,. N f ,, , W M it wma., ,. ' . . . T mam, I ag swiss 1 5:iQ5 vS3,g Seventh Grade Fi1'.rt Raw: Dorothy Dechert, Nancy Herr, Patricia Schaffner, Collette Rauch, Louise De- Angelo, Dolores Balaster, Janice Stroh, Patricia Long, Lois Shroyer, Brook Hunter, Philip Donmoyer, Richard lishelman, Janice Fake, Joyce Ruhl, Shirley Miller, Nancy Benz, Mary Rhoads, Fay Schell, Mary Lou Ualborn. Secwzd Row: Doris Kline, Julia DiGiorgio, Mary Horst, Patricia Stoner, Margaret XVolfe, Elizabeth Alonzo, Janice YVindle, Janet Summy, Nancy Sabo, Ruth Ann Blauch, Marie Klick, Delores Fulk, Nancy Gingrich, Patricia Fernsler, Shirley Hostetter, Audrey Landis, Fay Kohr, Paula YVamsher, Lola Wert, Arlene Sellers, Loretta Berkheimer, Joanne Long, Donna Dimm. Third Row: Robert Herr, Marlin Shenk, Richard Moore, Carl Herr, Richard Peiffer, Leo Batz, Larry Miller, Richard Light. Kenneth Deimler. Fourth Row: Leo Tice, Ellis Blauch, Paul Buck, Gerald Lash, XVilbur Graby, Paul Long, Ellis XVolfe, Larry Rice, Robert Carmany. Fifth Row: Harry Haldeman, Lester Brough, Lee Thomas, XVilliam Klahr, Robert Frantz, Carl Heller, Dennis YVood, Elmer Brandt, Larry Killian, Roger Gerber, Glenn Blantz, Kenneth Stoner. Sixth Rofw: Jack Iicken- roth, John Salem, Richard Gibson, Benjamin Firestine, Brian Hanley, John Bowman, Robert Rhine, Leonard Mclfeaters, Ronald Zimmerman. Sevczztla Row: James Sweigert, Kenneth Longenecker, Fred Asper, Paul Flood, Kenneth liberly, Paul Showers, Herman Herr. CLASS OFFICERS President ..............z... Brook Huntei Vice-president .... ...H P hilip Donmoy er Secretary ....... ...... L ois Shroy er Treasurer ..... --- Richard Eshleman 42 Senior High Student Council First Row: Alfred Hoeh, Pa- tricia Matz, Verna Ziegler Richard Tice, Raymond Fry Betsy Benz, Arlene Fisher, Da- vid Shroyer. Second Rofw: Betty Light, Judy Kindt, Rob- ert Hartman, Louise Moyer, Mr. Paul Billett - advisor. WF C? This year the council consists of the oHicers of the three upper classes. Their purpose is not just to plan social affairs but also to try to bring about a closer relationship between faculty and students. Although we can't point to many specific things done so far, We are trying to lay the foundation for a worthwhile program next year. Our delegates to the Southern District Conference come back enthusiastic about ideas they gathered and pre- sented to the student body in Assembly. Junior High Student Council First Row: David Kling, Patri- cia Smith, Fern Liskey, Ronald Blouch, Kay Miller, Thelma Thomas, Lois Shroyer. Second Row: Lester Fry, Brook Hunter, Philip Donmoyer, Richard Eshelman, Tilman Frye, Mr. Starr - advisor. OFFICERS Pfegidem ....,,............. Richard Tice Vice-president --- .... David Shroyer Secretary ..... ..... B etsy Benz Treasurer --- --- Arlene Fisher The junior High policy makers have really been an active organization in 1950-51. They have sponsored several dances that were very well attended and have arranged for the junior High assembly programs. Throughout the year the council has been stressing the value of good conduct and thoughtful courtesy. OFFICERS President ...... .. ..........,.. Kay Miller Secretary --- .... Thelma Thomas Treasurer .... ....... L ester Fry 1 in ni Q ?' 3 L fr Qi li X. Qi? The Crier Staff First Row: Esther Foltz, Rose Marie Sudbury, Lenda Morgan, Carol Stone, Patricia Matz, Elma jean Swope, Judy Blouch, Elsie Heisy, Christine Harner, Patricia Hartman. Second Row: joan Smith, Georgeanna Shaud, Dolores Hapner, Ruth Shaak, Frances Thomas, Mildred VVenger, Sallie Anne Kauffman, Lydia Fry, joan Sudbury. Third Row: Pearl Heilman, Betsy Benz, jean Shenk, Sally Lou Heilman, Louise Moyer, Violanda Fortuna, Arlene Fisher, Judy Kindt. F ourtlo Row: Dale Hunter, Robert Gruber, Stanley Frederick. jack Silberman, Norman Blantz, John Starr. "THE CRIER" Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Read about what? About everything that's happened in the last few weeks in Annville High which is of interest to her students and friends. Under the editorship of Elma jean Swope and Patsy Matz with a good staff our school paper has kept us well informed about past and future activities. What a flurry among the reporters to meet that copy deadline! 'fThe Crieri' has felt the increased cost of publishing and must get financial aid from other sources. Let's rally to its support. 44 Girls' Athletic Association First Row: Betsy Benz, Carol Stone, Esther Foltz, Frances Thomas, Betty Hoffman, Verna Ziegler, Jean Bixler, Janice Umberger, Elma Jean Swope. Second Row: Mildred Wenger, Dolores Hapner, Joan Smith, Arlene Fisher, Ruth Shaak, Joan Sudbury, Judy Blouch, Patricia Matz, Doris Stober, Louise Moyer, Elsie Heisey. Tbird Rofw: Virginia Thomas, Pearl I-leilman, Violanda Fortuna, Sallie Anne Kauffman, Patricia Royer, Christine Harner, Sally Lou Heilman, Judy Kindt. The G.A.A. was a new addition to Annville High this year, and a good one. We were all made aware of its existence when we saw the weird appearances of the girls being initiated. The aim of the Association is to strive for better sportsman- ship, encourage wider interest in sports and boost school spirit. The G.A.A. is made up -of the members of the girls' varsity teams. They are active in promoting intramural sports and serve as officials for them. It is the hope of Miss Lehman and the members that the G.A.A. will grow bigger and better through the years. i OFFICERS President ................ Frances Thomas Vice-president .... .... A rlene Fisher Secretary ....... --- Verna Ziegler Treasurer .... -- Esther Foltz Future Homemakers of America First Row: Rose Ensminger, Beverly Birch, Janice Umberger, Janet Ruhl, Marilyn Felker, Marion Felker, Shirley XValtz. Second Row: Miss Patricia Zug - advisor, Gladys Speraw, Shirley Killinger, Helen Sherriff, Dora Mariani, Jean Bixler. The F .H.A. has a membership of twelve girls, who are the Junior and Senior students in the Home Economics Department. They are learning to create a better home life and also, the main thing, to be good cooks. This practical group meets each week and plans many projects, such as food sales and exhibits. They parti- cipated in the Pennsylvania State Farm Show this year along with other chapters of the national organization. OFFICERS P1'CSidCI1Y --................ Dora Mariani ViCC-pr6SidCnt ............. Gladys Speraw Secretary ...... --- Shirley Waltz Treasurer --- .... Beverly Birch nga il r V.,-... f .-,, V , 2 Wim S . .. ""' ' . .:v'.i .-,. V . i ' -. . ..5::K, .. 22":i2Sizif'32::i,-2 , - Safety Patrol First Row: Lee Thomas, Dale Gingrich, Raymond Corcoran, Eugene Livering, Stanley Light, Robert-Miller, Claude Brown, Richard Herr. Second Row: Lester Dechert, Earl Hoffsmith, .james Miller, Robert Smith, Cyril Micozzi, john Aftosmes, Francis Di Enno. Third Row: Marvin Miller, Karl Long, Ray Hartz, james Long, Kenneth Dissinger, Lee Fox. No other school activity has a longer and brighter record than the Safety Patrol. its work starts on the first and ends on the last day of school. f'Dependability," is the watchword of the Patrol. The pay is the satisfaction of 'fa big job, well donef, The reward, a banquet and a trip to Philadelphia to a baseball game. "Little enough for the service rendered," we say. l Driver Training Driver training was organized this year for juniors and Seniors to teach them how to drive safely. Mr. Young was the driving instructor. The pupils who took driving training are as follows: jean Bixler Charles Foltz Marian Felker Larry Frattaroli Dora Mariani judy Bloueh Lynn Sparks Nancy Brightbill Gcorgcanna Shaud lflsie Heisey Mary jane Longeneeker Herbert Batz Helen Miller lithel Moyer Esther Foltz Marilyn Felker .Xlitzi Killinger Rose linsminger Doris Boger Christine Hafner Alaylorraine Seidel jcannette Kline George Shaud KVilbur Longeneelcer janet Ruhl Harold Wenrich jeanninc McFeaters jean Shenlt The picture shows the first semester group who passed their driver's test. 5 T X Ag ' rw' Sw ,f u Q Band First Row: Mildred VVenger, Betsy Benz, jacqueline Pyles, Ruth Shaak, Lsther Foltz, Sally Lou Heilman, Second Row: james Long, Bruce Longenecker, Chester Stroh, Robert Shaak, Stanley Light, Daniel Klick, james Unger, Donald Brandt, Raymond Fry, XVilliam Matz, james Miller, Virginia Frederick. Third Row: janice Umbergcr, Rose Marie Sudbury, Trygve Struble, Elsie Sxveigert, Lester Fry, james Svveigert, Charles Seidel, james Miller, Kenneth Hoffman, Owen Miller, joan Smith, Louise Moyer, Fdna Blantz, Fern Liskey, Florence Sweigert, joan Sudbury, james Speck, Doris Stober, jean Bixler, Shirley Waltz. Fourth Row: Xlr. Lemon - director, Carl Daub, Kenneth Fegan, james Seltzer, Robert Kindt, VVilliarn Hoxver, David Yorty, Alfred Hoch, jean Shenk, Patricia Matz, Fred Kreider, Gordner Bover, Bruce llartman, Carol Stone. Fifth Rofw: Richard Tice, Larry Diamond, Ronald Blouch, Paul Rabold, Robert Gruber, Kenneth Noll, David Shroyer, james Houston, Stanley Frederick, ,Xlarvin Miller, john Starr. Tramp! Tramp! The band of A.H.S. is marching. Annville has been represented in a number of parades during the past year by a band to be proud of. The band also plays at May Day and gives an annual spring concert which is the big musical event ofthe year. The individual and group instrumental lessons are paying off and under Mr. Lemon's capable direction the band is continuing its forward march in musical progress. We were proud to have two of our members, Patsy Matz and David Yorty, selected for the State Band at Harrisburg. 47 Junior High Chorus Firm Row: Janet Summy, Ruth Garrison, Barbara Laycock, Ruth Ensminger, Anna Miller, Sandra Houscr, Nancy Brunner, Jean Anspach, Mary Swope, Shirley Stoner, Trygve Struble, Sally Dettra, Joanne Rhoads, Kay Miller, Patsy Smith, Elaine Seidel, Jacqueline Bucher, Fleanor Fclty, Lois Shroyer, Janice Stroh, Fern Liskey. Second Rofwz Patsy Stoner, Thelma Thomas, Joyce Ruhl, Patsy Schaifner, Claretta Noll, Shirley Fox, Shirley Shutt, Shirley Longenecker, Frances Lash, Hattie Espenshade, Jackie Pyles, Lorraine Eshelman, Geraldine VVagner, Thelma Hauer, Jean Ruhl, Rachel I-leilman, Claire Zearfoss, Henrietta DiAngelis, Janet Engle, Dorothy Jurrell, Sally YVerner, Fay Kohr, Jean Long, Donna Dimm, Mary Horst, Julia DiGiorgio. Third Row: Larry Rice, Larry Miller, Brook Hunter, Philip Donmoyer, Lester Fry, Kenneth Deimler, Richard Eshelman, John Batz, Claude Brown, Miss Miller - director. Fourth Row: XVilliam Hower, James Speck, Owen Miller, James Miller, James Batz, Dale Gingrich, Dennis XVood, Lester Brough, Fred YVolfe, Karl Miller, Kenneth Longenecker, Tilman Frye, XVarren Miller, James Moyer, Stanley Light, Daniel Klick, Paul VVolf, James Hartman. There are fifty-live pupils in Junior High School who are active members of the Junior High Chorus. Their fine singing adds a great deal to various programs during the year. Judging by what they have done we expect great things of them as they come into Senior High. Ensemble These songsters have helped Annville to become better known in this area by their excellent singing. They have been heard on the radio in very clever and beautiful numbers. Last spring at the State Forensics in Pittsburgh the A.H.S. Ensemble received superior rating. Our mezzo-soprano, Elma Jean Swope, received the highest rating in the State Forensics for three years. First Row: Ruth Shaak, Elma Jean Swope, Arlene Fisher, Miss Miller - director. Second Rofwz Gladys Speraw, Frances Thomas, Jean Shenk, Maylorraine Seidel, Elsie Heisey. : H- H if . . f 'E' .V is if H l""'F" ' 5 if gi.. 'il M3 4 'ii3i4V3,45 Senior High Mixed Chorus First Rofwz Mildred Wenger, Sally Lou Heilman, Rena Blouch, Judy Kindt, Virginia Thomas, Maylorraine Seidel, Doris Boger, Helen Sherriff, Arlene Fisher, Ruth Shaak, Christine Harner, Patsy Matz, Lydia Fry, Esther Foltz. Second Row: Geraldine VValters, Janet Ruhl, Betty Light, Marilyn Buck, Betty Hoffman, Amy Fernsler, Mary Lou Killian, Dolores Hapner, Dora Mariani, Gladys Speraw, Sallie Ann Kauffman, Louise Moyer, Edna Blantz, Ruth Buck, Betsy Benz, Janet Miller, Frances Thomas, Elma Jean Swope, Joan Smith, Miss Miller-director. Tlaird Row: Robert Gruber, Joan Poorman, Rose Marie Sudbury, Jean Shenk, Marilyn Felker, Jean Bixler, Janice Umberger, Maurine McFeaters, Ruth Lentz, Elsie Heisey, Marion Meyer, Beverly Birch, Verna Ziegler, Marion Felker, Shirley Waltz, David Shroyer. Fourth Rofwz David Youty, Herbert Batz, Kenneth Noll, Alfred Hoch, Gardner Boyer, Raymond Fry, John Starr, Harold Wenrich, William Reese, Norman Blantz, Stanley Frederick, Richard Tice, George Wentling, Robert Shaak, Robert Hartman, Raymond Corcoran. Everybody was glad to see more boys participate in chorus this year. Their support has given better balance to the singing of this group of sixty members of the Senior High School. The Christmas program featured VVaring numbers and the L'Hallelujah Chorus." The chorus appeared in the Spring Concert and at Commencement. The class of '51 says, "Hats off to this group of faithful workers and thanks for the fine entertainment you furnished us." Girls' Chorus First Row: Janet Miller, Helen Sherriff, Rose Marie Sud- bury, Esther Foltz, Frances Thomas, Betty Hoffman, Verna Ziegler, Jean Bixler, Shirley Waltz, Janice Umber- ger, Elma Jean Swope. Second Row: Dolores Hapner, Joan Smith, Arlene Fisher, Ruth Shaak, Janet Ruhl, Jean Shenk, Marian Felker, Patricia Matz, Doris Stober, Elsie Heisey, Beverly Birch. Third Row: Miss Miller-director, Doris Boger, Patricia Hartman, Judy Blouch, Maylorraine Seidel, Christine Harner, Marilyn Felker, Betsy Benz, Judy Kindt, Louise Moyer. . The nightingales of A. H. S. practice once a week in study hall and sometimes take our minds off our lessons. But they have a big task preparing for the Spring Concert. This year they sang some novelty tunes and Fred Waring choral numbers. lt is always a pleasure to listen to them and Miss Miller has done an excellent job in coaching .W . them. First Row: John Aftosmes, Kenneth Howard, Fern Liskey, Virginia Fred- erick, Robert Shaak, joan Smith, john Starr. Second Row: Lester Fry, Elsie Sweigert, Edna Blantz, Patricia Matz, Trygve Struble, Louise Moyer, Lydia Fry, David Yorty. Third Row: Ronald Blouch, Fred Kreider, William Matz, james Houston, Carol Stone, Gardner Boyer, Thelma Hauer, Donald Brandt, Robert Gruber. Fourth Row: Alfred Hoch, David Shroyer, Owen Miller, Robert Kindt, james Miller. Orchestra Our local "long hairs" play for us several times during the year and broaden our musical interest. On one occasion they featured selections from "The Messiah" with great success. Their performance gives evidence that the thirty members practice diligently each week. Some of them do so well that two of our violinists, Robert Shaak and john Starr won the honor of playing in the State Orchestra at Philadelphia. In March Mr. Lemon and the Annville High Orchestra were privileged to be hosts to the Southern District Orchestra of over 100 musicians. The local citizens had the opportunity of hearing a really inspiring concert, with Prof. Edward P. Rutledge as guest conductor. German Band F irst Rofwz Alfred Hoch, Owen Miller, David Yorty. Second Row: David Shroyer, Robert Gruber, James Houston. This small group of musicians provides entertainment for various organizations throughout the school year. They provided entertainment for senior high assemblies, the Rotary Club, P. T. A., and the Business Men's Association of Annville. They also played at Middletown Odd Fellows Banquet, Cleona U. B. Church Brotherhood, and at a Spelling Bee at Lawn, Pennsylvania. i 'X xe- ,954 it Q, f if-54 Q- 'Z ' ffl l ii-HS- - A Q -ix-E-.E jf fl I I Ill M 9, '4 Y 1 lf' Q 5 5 jill, 1 - f I . - M41 QM L v , 1,1 J 5 '4 1 A 'A If ., -" I, fix A I1 11 A ll, A X VJ- U Y Y 4' JH V K 3 " ri, rl Q I -,,x r A I A, III ' , -Q. Q ' ,I ' 54 ' If f 'i ' ll fm '7 A fix , ' Q1 ' 4 I -' x 'f Q- ' v 5 I w ir S Q 1, 'xx x - f ' 5 X f 1 W f ,mil -.. M 'ssr ,ll ll X I - : ttf :"- - 0' First Rofwz jacob Heagy, Wilbur Longenecker, Robert Bowman, Richard Tice, Chester Stroh Second Row: William Reese-manager, Mr. Harold Brandt-coach, Charles Foltz. Abrent: Richard Fortna. Varsity Basketball This year's team is one in the long line of teams that have upheld the Red and White standards for many years. It was one of the best in the county league, both as a team and as individuals. By their good sportsmanship and courage, they proved themselves worthy to represent Annville High on the gym floor. No little credit should go to Coach Harold Brandt who inspired the boys by his leadership and instruction. December A.I-I. S. Opp. j.V. Opp. 5 Hershey 33 57 2 8 3 3 8 Hummelstown 44 65 2 5 23 12 Wommelsdorf 5 1 21 34 16 15 Alumni 41 30 Totals 169 173 87 7f The varsity had a record of 2 wins and 2 losses for preseason play. The league season was as follows: December A.H. S. Opp. j.V. Opp. 19 Cornwall 45 31 31 33 21" Palmyra 50 45 27 44 january 5 Myerstown 2 6 25 2 7 38 9 Schaefferstown 5 1 28 59 25 12 S. Lebanon 49 31 31 32 15 Schaefferstown 45 29 56 18 19 S. Lebanon 42 29 42 32 23 Palmyra 38 46 2 2 5 6 26 Myerstown 5 3 49 2 7 36 30 Cornwall 59 29 36 21 February 6 Schaefferstown 55 34 46 25 9 S. Lebanon 60 38 49 27 13" Palmyra 40 45 zo 39 20 Cornwall 5 2 44 5 5 1 8 16 Myerstown 63 5 2 32 40 Totals 728 555 550 484 "L, V. C. gym First Rofwz Wayne Herr-manager, james Seltzer, Harold Kline, Robert Hartman, Robert Batz-manager. Second Row: Earl Hoffsmith, john Starr, Paul Rabold, Carl Blouch, Karl Long, Ray Hartz, David Shroyer, Mr. Richard Murr-coach. Under Mr. Murr's tutelage the jV's made a good showing and have some promising material for next year's varsity. Annville High can certainly be proud of its junior High team which won 9 and lost 3, just falling short of the championship. The season was as follows: Elizabethtown Richland .... Harrison .,.. Cornwall .... Elizabethtown Palmyra ..... Hershey ,.... A.H.S. OPP. ..... 17 30 .. ..,.. 42 37 ...29 25 ...H49 15 ...27 25 .. ...32 31 30 Harrison Richland Cornwall Palmyra Hershey Totals ...,,..,.. Junior Varsity Basketball Junior High Basketball Team First Row: james Heilman-man- ager, Lester Fry, Robert Clark, james Moyer, Robert Seltzer, James Miller, Kenneth Hoffman, Irvin Winters, james Graby-man- ager. Second Row: Stanley Light, Eugene Fortna, Robert Kindt, Arthur Behney, Carl Daub, Ronald Blouch, Carl Flickinger, Mr. Bugda -coach. A.H.S. OPP. 47 14 31 23 31 11 23 37 20 46 .........379 324 In the playoff, Annville lost to Hershey by the score of 19-25. iifmat in Y . W, JW in: ,,:.....y M. .,,,M-- qi P N H' i Q Z K , 'QQ' NR., t, .... ,, 1 PWM ,. .Mo 5 .3 5- Mwaw ,Wu - . , ' "1 i snr.: . ,V X -M --4 - ,rl W Q.. i --v-mam, jd' -V 8 L S- W""'t 4 1, f li' """" J 'fm ' N' Q .-450' am than ,,.,,, 'K ,tv ggigw HUG- Soccer Team Front Row: Alfred lloch, Ray Hartz, Robert Bowman, VVilliam Reese, Richard Tice, Larry Diamond. Middle Row: Mr. Howard Moyer-coach, Earl Hoffsmith, David Ensminger, Charles Foltz, James Seltzer, jacob Heagy. Back Row: jay Hartz-manager, James Unger, David Shroyer, Wilbur Longenecker, james Long, Richard Fortna. Although Annville's soccer team was not victorious we are, nevertheless, proud to hold the distinction of being the only team to defeat Jonestown, who won the county championship this year. We feel that with Mr. Moyer's coaching and with the fine school spirit shown by the players, Annville will do better next year. Dick Tice, jake Heagy, Paul Rabold, Chet Stroh set new record for mile re- lay of 3 minutes, 47.8 sec- onds in Lebanon County Track Meet. Herbert Baty and Lynn Sparts lead way in half- rnile run at Palmyra-Ann- ville Track Meet. Baseball First Row: Wilbur Longe- necker, Irvin Zimmerman, James Unger, Robert Bow- man, Kenneth Noll, Gerald Bean, Ray Hartz, Second Rofw: Warren Smith, David Shroyer, Carl Blouch, Charles Foltz, Harold Kline, jacob Heagy, Samuel All- wein. Third Row: Fred Sparks, james Hartman, Paul Wolfe, james Miller, Bruce Longenecker, James Graby- assistant manager. Fourth Row: David Ensminger - manager, Luke Wagner, Robert Kindt, Carl Daub, Kenneth Hoffman, Mr. Paul Billett-coach. N-W mf, The 1951 baseball season was one of the poorest in history. We had 1 win against 10 losses. Even though the scores show such a record the team showed excellent sportsmanship and is very promising for the future years. ...-fm -0.-.W Track Team First Row: Carl Rabold, Carl Gerber, Harold Wenrich, Herbert Batz, Richard Tice, Henry Killian, Chester Stroh. Second Row: john Starr, jack Landis, Lester Dechert, Lynn Sparks, Al- fred Hoch, Raymond Corco- ran, Nlr. XVilliam Young- coach. Third Row: Larry Diamond, Earl Hoffsmith, Paul Rabold, Dale Hunter, james Houston, John Aftos- mes-manager. Not on Pic- rure: Cyril Micozzi-man- ager. . it The 1951 track season at Annville High was not as successful as in past years. The first meet was held on April 23 between jones- town and Annville on the home field, in which Annville lost by the score of 40 to 56. On April 25 Annville lost their second meet to Palmyra by the score of 44-U6 to 51-5!6. The final dual meet was held on May 2 with Cornwall in which the Speedboys tied the Miners 48 to 48. In the County Meet the Annville High Relay Team set a new record and our school finished fourth in the whole meet. 55 Y Girls' Basketball Team F irst Row: Frances Thomas-assistant coach, Christine I-Iarner, Doris Stober, Violanda Fortuna, Virginia Thomas, Sally Lou Heilman, Sallie Anne Kauffman, joan Sudbury, Judy Kindt, Ruth Shaak, Dolores Hapner-manager. Second Row: Mildred VVagner, Pearl Heilman-assistant man- agers, Arlene Fisher, Esther Foltz, Betsy Benz, Elsie Heisey, Judy Blouch, Carol Stone, Patricia Matz, Louise Moyer, Verna Ziegler-manager, Miss Lehman-coach. This year presented another girls' Varsity Basketball Team. Although the team was not successful in getting the higher score, they showed plenty of fight and sportsmanship which is characteristic of Annville teams. The team has a record of two wins and seven losses, the wins being against the Alumnae team and the Myerstown team. To future teams, we leave the hope for a more successful season. December A.H.S. OPP. 19 Lebanon .,... . . . 22 41 8 Heidelberg . . . . . . 14 33 26 Heidelberg .... . . . 20 32 15 Alumnae . . . . . . 43 38 February january 6 Bethel ....... . . . 35 59 5 Bethel ...... . . . 18 48 16 Myerstown .... . . . 32 24 12 Myerstown . . . . . . 23 28 23 Lebanon ..... . . . 31 45 Tennis Team First Rofw: joan Sudbury, Doris Stober, Ruth Shaak, Arlene Fisher, Violanda Fortuna, joan Smith, Esther Foltz. Second Rofwz Carol Stone-manager, Elsie Heisey, Sallie Anne Kauffman, Nancy Brightbill, Christine Harner, Lenda Morgan, Janice Umberger, Betsy Benz, Rose Marie Sudbury, Miss Lehman-coach. VARSITY TENNIS The introduction of tennis to the category of girls' sports proved a success. The Speedgirls had two matches, winning both of them. With the foundation built by this year's team, tennis will become one of Ann- ville's top sports. May A.H.S. OPP. 1 Lebanon .... ...., 2 7 6 3 Palmyra ,... . . . 24 12 ,l Girls' Hockey F irxt Row: Elma jean Swope-manager, Christine Harner, Judy Blouch, Mildred Wenger, joan Sudbury, Patricia Hartman, Judy Kindt, Doris Boger, Miss Lehman-coach. Second Row: joan Smith, Virginia Thomas, Louise Moyer, Sallie Ann Kauffman, Sally Lou Heilman, Ruth Shaak, Violanda Fortuna, janet Whisler. Third Row: Rose Marie Sudbury, Esther Foltz, Betsy Benz, Betty Hoffman, Doris Stober, Pearl Heilman, Marilyn Buck. Fourth Row: Patricia Royer, Elsie Heisey, Lenda Morgan, Patricia Matz, Carol Stone. This year, the girls' varsity sports were extended to include hockey. Under the capable coaching of Miss Lehman, the speedgirls completed a fairly successful season. Playing more experienced teams, the speedgirls won three of their five games. Our many congratulations are extended to each of the hockey players for their fine play, and We Wish them the best of luck in the future. October A.H.S. OPP. December 11 Hershey . . . ..... 1 0 2 Elizabethtown . . . . , , 2 1 17 L.V.C. ,.... . . . 0 3 -- -- l9 Susquehana . . , , , 1 0 4 6 25 Susquehana ..,............,.... 0 2 Cheerleaders F irrt Row: joan Sudbury, Sally Lou Heilman, Ruth Shaak, Rose Marie Sudbury, joan Smith. Second Row: Fern Liskey, Patricia Smith, Kay Miller, Ruth Garrison. Not on Picture: Jean Shenk, Lenda Morgan, Lydia Fry. These girls have given up their time and energy to back our teams in all their sports events. Along with them goes the expression, "Are you driving to the game?" Without them the games would be rather colorless as they keep the crowd alive with their cheers. Many thanks go to these girls for their support and good work. S7 We're Off ! Steady Buck! A tense game Heagy in a , . . 58 Let s smk 1t! ction Make it count! Who done it? A quiet moment King and Queen of Hearts Dance gala This year the junior High School Student Council sponsored the second King and Queen of Hearts Dance. From ten nominees, the entire junior High student body chose jean Ruhl to reign as queen and Ronald Blouch to reign as king. The highlight of the dance was the placing of crowns on the king and queen by last year's reigning couple, Rena Blouch and Raymond Corcoran. Other members of the court were: Robert Kindt, john Wells, Fred Kreider, Clarette Noll, Mary Swope and Patricit Smith. Joanne Hollinger was chosen as Princess and james Miller was chosen as Prince. 2 "7 Q ..,. t KS V' i i . g is gh, I On May 8, the combined Art, Shop, and 4 i ' Home Economics Exhibit displayed work 'f I? J done in these departments headed by Mr. an .if N" VV.. :,: Q Q i'ii :,, . W' Za iii' shows one section of the craft exhibit. Bugda, Mr. Murr, and Miss Zug. The picture . te 1 W, ,,..3 z 59 l MAY DAY I95O JR. SR. PROM 'Sl CAUGHT! OH! fi f , ,AIA f:::g::- ' M 3 fi R . x ,Inj if . V ,RMK if R N ip '-"W . IM ., 4 Q - . ,..., ' ' 1 ,Q ,X MQ 5, tx V 5 . V Rf Q "FZ I' M Sp' dx g 'Vg K THE PROCESSION Our Queen The Big M wr Ol'I1Cl'1lI e Court A es Q Ballet i.Ql Q Q gn ' Q E Th : ...V:ZE' P' The members of the Class of 1951, wish to express their appreciation to all those Who have contributed to this yearbook by their interest, efforts, and financial aid. We are especially grateful for the cooperation of the Gantz-Uhler photographers, the advertisers and the following sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hawryluk Mr. and Mrs. Claude Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hostetter Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Long Dr. and Mrs. Warren I. Brubaker Dr. and Mrs. james R. Monteith Rev. and Mrs. Harry T. Richwine Rev. and Mrs. Miller Price We came back after school closed to finish the yearbook. 62 M-gf' Wal? W A-if IH i if w 'it Q, 3 5 5 5 ? -Qian PS-Kg r Qi : "Z.12 ,Ii-22. 1 .L 1 I I 'L ' f X if! 'f 3 W VE? if ? si 2 1 --A i ff E 1, 5 , ,I :Ld 935 Wm SE E53 33 , EE HZ ht: .... 33 QC Hz' ff . EE HE kdm .EH 2.5 55 Us Em :E Ei '-:E Je' aan I-I-11:1 3611 0.2 EN has QE C? 30: We EI- 'U The gg: 5.2 Epi fi Lx.. ENE '12 fi Sw :ect ON, is ECC! in L1-Iii? HKU gm ew KE E2 H-Zi-1 E O 1.4 cu .J- C, 'U s-4 cd C1 s-4 Q Q 'U 1-4 F' 5 'U Y-I-1 cf cv: H C3 1-4 U 2 E5 X La 03 'Q Cf ce E 2 C5 5-3 x-4 as .D O CC .fi O .5 CC 5 'Tl CJ Q CJ Q ci E Z cn 1 L1 G1 U I-T U on 5 .Q E D as .2 C as 2 L-f an 1 Bix 211 Je CI cv s-4 U1 I un O CII I-4 E U .J -c n, Donald k Killia X s-4 CI He R err, Kenneth H man, cFeaters, M jeannine Swope, CJ fl fu v-w N E FJ-I s-T 2 1 Q- Z C 2 E .Lf U1 cu ,J ru U O ler, Ei S3 ,MQ 'Lo QT-7 UD 'gnu DJ 8:5313 r-EI EE 'sm ire F21 Jn :T 33 Cn Q43 JU CM ggi? :U 'J-Q 'UR Eco .QE adn :E .2-4-4 I-4.. 52 CP aft Ei .E-C CDU SEN ig .v-1: iv: .So L4-C gm 42 E3 co DIZ s-ff GJ :LE .E-2 Dan xi, EE 2- OLD as 0: 30. Qc: MI ,BVU QE Q2 Qc Q3 CaCl .-4 ig ' 25 Remember Miss Hudyma! w., ae, we fn ' Everybody works! Odds and Q. 6. Who's who Ends K 'ii f' 7553 swf Bench Warmer 2 . s S Mother's Shoe Q i 2 E Working Hard? Having Fun? .M Sify 4.-nd! x .., MUST" if WED!" .V -. 8 Color Guard! we WAFS? The Gang Mighty Cold Hockey team? What's so funny? 'Wiki X if if SPRING FESTIVAL BAND CHORUS 3' A Wm.. ARMISTICE DAY HOBO DANCE X ff ,ix ' ii Q-1 Ei' i 4VlW 95" 1 Ill C swf 'grigiiigf AND 9 ,gl it?-'-"' f IK H .IW ' Jw , w YOUR wa' I OWN WWN K' W " 'll gif 0 'WW 'VN' :Eiga 'I 'Ei I Z4 , , . f. 4 0 df ,.i Y V Compliments of Goodman 81 Yeager Lily Ann Shoppe Annville, Pa. 207 W. Main Street Ladies' Wearing Apparel Phone 7-9021 P. Rodney Kreider Garage - and - Service Station Main and Killinger Streets Annville, Pa. Phone 7-41 31 Davis Pharmacy 9 84 11 West Main Street Annville, Pa. Prescriptions Phonograph Records Buxton Wallets Toiletries For Service Call 7-301 1 Best VVishes to Class of 1951 FINK'S BAKERY A. S. KREIDER CO. PDLLYANNA SHQES Annville, Pa. KINGSLEY AND BROWN, INC. Launderers - Cleaners Furriers Annville, Pa. Where Good VVork ls A Habit Two Cold Storage Annville 7-3511 Vaults At Your Service Hershey 1-0611 Hilton 81 Love Men's Clothing 13 East Main Street Annville, Pa. Phone Annville Lumber Company Dealers in Lumber and Millwork Builders' Supplies 750 East Main Street Annville, Pa. 7-661 1 Compliments of a Friend West End Meat Market H. G. Spangler, Prop. Dealer in all Kinds of Meats Hostetter's Food Market Self Service Groceries Fruits Fresh and Smoked Meats Vegetables Free Delivery 29 West Sheridan Avenue Annville, Pa. Phone 7-4801 A. R. Shearer Mobilgas - Mobiloil - Service Station Car Washing 81 Lubrication Main and White Oak Streets Annville, Pa. Annville Frozen Food Service - Locker Service - Meats, Groceries, Frozen Foods Our Own Ice Cream 400 E. Main St. Phone 7-7141 Compliments of Batdorf Dept. Store Annville, Pa. Visit Hot Dog Frank Breyer's Ice Cream Talk of the Town Tires Tubes Rieker's Amoco Service Station East Main Street Gas - Oil - Lubrication Washing and Waxing Call for and Deliver Accessories Phone 7-5931 THE PENNWAY BAKERY YOUR MILK DISTRIBUTOR Hershey's A Wengerfs Homogenized Cream t0p HARRY I.. MEYER Cleowa, Pa. Phone 2216-j Phone 7-9901 USED CARS Low Prices Easy Terms For Good Used Cars with Satisfaction Guaranteed Sherry's Auto Mart 861 E. Main Street Annville, Pa. KREIDER MFG. C0 Manufacturers of H osie ry Annville, Penna. Good Luck to you Kids of "Sl" PETER HAWRYLUK JEWELER 40 E. Main Street Annville, Penna. Phone 7-671 1 Wall Paper Window Shades Phone 7-5 7 8 1 Isaac M. Long INSURANCE Life - Automobile Compensation - Fire 17 East Main Street Annville, Pa. Pittsburgh Paints Lebanon Daily News Agency Roy H. Light Estate Annville, Pa. Phone 7-3293 SPENCER CASSEL Plumbing, Heating, Hardware 8: Appliances 209 N. Railroad Street 14 E. Main Street Palmyra, Pa. Annville, Pa. Phone 8-5341 Phone 7-5131 For the Finest in Photography Studio of J. EDWARD GANTZ AND R. WILLIAM UHLER, ASSOCIATE 781 Cumberland St. Lebanon, Penna. Florsheim Weyenberg R. E. Kreider Shoes For The Entire Family Palmyra, Pa. Red CG01dD Cross - Saddle Mares 757 Cumberland St. Lebanon, School Photography a Specialty HurpeI's Studio ve SERVIC. FARM FRESH Sm SERVICE Wfsf X PRQDUCEI fmM'ZEf I DAIRY MIL l. E R 5 DEPT. To The Best IB sAs1 mm sm Annvntts, t PA. ,X OOD MM'-'te FREE FINE SELECTION PARKING M W FROZEN an MEATS IN REAR Fooos General Auto Repair Work all BENTZXS TEXACO SERVICE 859 East Main, Annville Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of "Sl" Snyder Appliance 13 W. Main Street Annville, Pa. Pa Mariani Bros. Mobil Service Lebonan RD 31:1 Phone 7-9921 John H. Boger 84 Son Coal - Feed - Fertilizer Annville, Pa. Phone 7-4111 '4Give Her Flowers just Because She's Wonderful Juy's Flower Shop Jay W. Krady, Prop. N071 The Squaren Phone 8-645 1 Palmyra, Pa. Compliments of WALTZ'S BARBER SHOP Phone 7-9941 Residence 7-8202 F. D. Unger Service Station Gas - Oil - Tires - Tubes Accessories West Main Street Annville, Pa. Lloyd V. Herr Electrical Contractor Commercial and Residential Wiring Appliances - Fixtures and Supplies Phone 7-8911 449 W. Main St. BOYER BROS. Daily Market 123 East Main Street Palmyra Fancy Fruit Baskets For all occasions Compliments of PAUL H. KETTERING ESSO - Good Year Service Hunting and Fishing Supplies On the Square Annville Phone 7-6231 Phone 8-1671 Compfnents of Self-Service Grocery MAX LOVE Dry Cleaning Groceries, and Meats, Pressing Produce 8: Pensupreme Ice Cream I8 W. Main Annville 12 W. Main St. Annville Phone 7-3601 Hart, Schaffner and Marx Clothes Arrow Shirts L'Fo1' Good Appeawzncel' D. L. H. W. KREIDER Menls and Boys' Clothing Annville Pa Puritan Sportswear , i Mallory Hats 5 6 E. Main St. Palmyra, Pa. H.E. MILLARD LIME AND STONE COMPANY High Calcium-Lime 8: Limestone Annville - Penna. Phone 7-32-31 HAROLD C. BRANDT Manufacturers of Winter wheat Flour and Blue Ribbon Feeds Dealer in Master Mix Feeds Double Diamond Feeds Phone 7-7661 Annville, Pa. Compliments of THE ASTOR THEATER Phone 7-8421 AAA U NG ER B ROS. Atlantic Service 896 E. Main St. Annville, Pa. Guaranteed Used Cars State Inspection Tires - Batteries - Accessories LESTER L. KREIDER Food Market 348 W. Main Street Annville, Pa. "Where Customers Send Their F riendsn Phone 7-5071 We Deliver gm TH RADIO and TELEVISIGN Sumbeam and G.E. Electric Appliances H. F. Brandt Sales and Service 5 4 N. Lancaster Street Annville, Pa. Phone 7-4381 KREAMER BROS. L'Tlae Home of Better Values" Furniture and Floor Coverings Electric Refrigerators, Appliances Washers Gas 8: Electric Stoves Modern Funeral Home 328 W. Main St. Phone 7-5141 Annville, Pa.

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