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-V. s Ji' ,. Wvlbeinwumuy -' xxx.: :a:..a...1 'f -xv mf-:mm Qmmwmw 4' 3, 5 E me st- umas-4 --ww .ww fn. 2 2 mnnumsum' " .7 m, -sm! M '- V Nw ,. 1 ,, .wg ,JV K A "fr 4" '. " J' A J 4 'wi' Q Q4 ,5 3 H if .1 , . ,QM -l..1.L.':L. W. M Y 4..a-wiki, X 6 K, I 4 ,f , ,E " ew, 5 A :iw ' L 2, gif :iv 25 fy . 'E' fli IZ ' w a 355 rw V, fj 'i 3 M, gi, ' gal: ,,f.qN,.y:gX ' 3,525-,:qv,i5, , f - f- 'gfffs-221: g , :l..'gfi?1g13?ffi:2g1g f ,+ f?ig1121m2 , ff-"Wf"s-X -vis-,,.f'ffw..t .- Kan? 2954 ' WSP 51. Q fi 1i2,g g , rg 12 -i 41 ,, ,V Q A x -.ff-f.Q,3.1-A ixiwrri.. Uf. ,., Year Bunk Stall First Row: Miss Bossard, Jane Zellers, Joanne Shaak, Gladys Meyer, Betty Nauman, Florence Beck. Second Row: Ernest Angelo, Larry Krs-idcr, Richard Hollinger, James Light, James Wagner. Third Row: Roy Light, Thomas Bixler. Table of Cnntents I DEDICATION II ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY III SENIORS IV CLASSES V ACTIVITIES VI SPORTS VII ADVERTISEMENTS I THE GREYSTONE STAFF, Co-editors-Florence Beck Richard Hollinger Feature Editors-Jane Zellers Thomas Bixler Sports editor-James Wagner Photography-James Light Art-Ernest Angelo Business Manager-Larry Kreider Advertising-Joanne Shaak Roy Light Typists-Gladys Meyer Betty Nauman '-. Y u . N A M. R14 4 as , Fr .xr re W W ff, NP, A dw 1, ' Q 1 .- -.. , W' 91 y . 5' Ll 157 A Q 'V' '14 , A ,f Q . ,Q 1 "' ' v I 4 I X K , x . WVR? 3:1 N, . , 1-Q - ,L 1 . n 'H F -gg Q x . ' . . M4 Y -A 'Q P. 4 -,Qui .s , 'JV 4 n Q1 , W ' ,U Q ,4 5' . - - 3 . 7 - t J "' A K. H 1 X 155 - fl :qw 4- .. . f 4 ' 5' 4 - .W 5' gf Q7 'Q 'W wr ' , ' 5 Ll.: '- Y mi an g ,Q Q, - Q ' f ' ,Q ' .W . ' ' "Q, "' I xy. , 3? , 9" , , . :P M v . 7 " Eff, js, 5 "3 . ., 5 L I, 9 , , '7-',.' 1 ...nh L' A 'v ' ' bf' . Q '- A ,, . kg x M lv 2 3 My kin 4 456 .N3Q44':,A23:?L,6.,,irr'A5n4AV nik it Y, uh i all . . Y , M' ' ii. xx 'nw S S . ff, Kwwfg Nw, N,-,,ff5,,,,.,,,,,y?,:,M:m'm.tN-K A 'A me . 4- ,. ,y .- - - qs ff FA.-W my A., , .mix 'K 'W M: ,, if ff-M-h W if , ' '- rm A . -1 t' W V W X gi-M' Q., 3, -5 3 ? "Mg, -.Q . ,, - , ' 'f . .x 4 . gf' ina f Wax. .fx 11?ifif.f1lT 5 7' . A ' -. . .W A -- " f, 'Q q fi" f f "' H1 f ,gl.,g 3,535 ffaikm 3 , Xl Lp, V, L z X, M Ag ,V A 1x..c,..f?Eq...- , A ii . MQ,-M.. , , W ,w 1.3 f " 3 W f1"',' A If .' frm-,iw , . ,,- 24 fx' ' ., 7' ' 2,i1g3.'Qga4iQ, - ,4 ' "" ' ' ' W M ' ,'-. . ,-gf, .' 'N .mf V95'S.,gi,In-.52-aqidw rv, -11' i 3315, " ,.,,, P ' - ., , - 5 .,,av.wwfQ f HW' 5 81111811111 T 1 1 111111 H 1311 Ll 81 1111 N1 8 N11 H131111111 B1111dt D1 A N11 Ni 111111 1 1311111a1xe1' 8 N115 NV11111111 Dun 1 H111 01 111 1 ll ll 1 C ll 511111 1 1 1 t1 11lNNlS 11 I1 11x 81131111 ll 111111 Q 1 1X1ll 1 1 112 101 1X1f11f 1 S1 N113 P R11111111 K11:1de1 11111111011 N 11111 Colle e 5. N11 1 11 N1011111 1 D H N11we1 81 3011 112111111 11 11111161 Qhop N11 8. N11 10 C1311 11011111111 1 q1x1111 S1 0 GN11 111111111111 111 C 11115 11 1111 t I 1 I 8. N11 81 N11 81 N11 81 N11 N111111 111 511111 111 NN11111111 111111011016 Nf1f'101 TH1111 13111161 NN1111 61 E111 NNo11e S1mue1 Ze11e1s 1 11111s 1 I1 1 1 1 IU 11111 11 l11111l Il I0 N PP ll IM I l I ll l 1071 UI 1 1 1 N 1 1 1 1 1Nsl111' 11 -11 1111 1 1 11 Q' g 11 . gl' S Hr. '1 1 's. , . . 1 511 11'. '1 'S. '1 'a . .1 4 11" .' ' 3 '1'11' ', N111 ' ' '1 1 V: 1 '. 11' 's. , S 1 N'11'. S N1 's. ll ' 17' k D. 1. . 1 D' ' ' S 115 N111 X NI 's. ,1111 11:1 11'1x Dr. 1' , 's. ' 'X "' 3' Sl Us N111 S N1 's. ,11 'ix '1 C'11g'i1t11 S1 fs 'mia '1111 N11. S N1 P11 11' 1 "-'111 ' N113 81 N1 's. ,Y ' 1 f -1 1' Ki gs ' , ' V11 N111 8: N11's. '1 f ' K ' fi 1' 13111.-. N1. 1 1 's. "1 ' ' , N111 81 N1 's. A. J. V ' -'11111' N112 ' . 's. 1 '1 V gi 1 ' NI '. Sz NI 's. 1 s ' '-1' 111' N11'. ' R. '5 v 1V1'. ' L' . ' ' ' Nf1'. f 's. 1 ' Tl: 1 S01 ' rf .'1lll 'IVHI' lligl S1-I1 1111 111.11 1 111' lllriw' '1l'1.f'Ill1S .1 11111 sr 'I ly 11111111 1-11111111111111' 1111 1 11111 1 I fl '11 111 llllll .-1- 1111s1'l1l- lllf' 111l1l'-11f 11,1 1l11'.1 I1 1A A 44 mlnlstraig 4 walff 4 3 ln? FW xsi dibf 2:-:m m 9 Q Q IV 43 1 i A. V V x xx 1 5 "1 wk gi: WR.. mkuwfgi ' ,wa 1 if y u '- v M I Q o BMRII 0F IIIRECTUHS M BYRL NYE ADAM D MILLER Vzce Preszdenz SAMUEL O GRIMM Secretary OSCAR S LIGHT Treasurer DAVID K SHROYIIR Preszdent PRINCIPAL J GORDON STARR Junior- Snniur lligh Svhool Facult First Row: J. G. Starr, Mrs. Sara Brubaker, Mrs. Dorothy Keller, Miss Rhoda Ziegler, Miss Mary Jeanne Reynolds, Mrs. Ruth Maulfair, Sec'y., Miss Mary Lehman, Mrs. Elizabeth Barnhart, Mr. Henry Hollinger. Sccond Row: Mrs. Ferne Eberly, Miss Jean Hudyma, Miss Marion Swartz, Miss Mildred Myers, Mrs. Ada Light, Miss Ada Bossard, Miss Eleanor Witmeyer. Third Row: Mr. Richard Murr, Mr. Howard Moyer, Mr. VVilliam Young, Mr. Paul Billet, Mr. Anthony Gerace. First Row: Miss Vera Deck, Miss Sadie Emrich, Mrs. Nancy Ziegler, Mrs. Sarah Lannon, Mrs. Mary Keeler. Svrond Row: Mrs. Oakey Light, Mrs. Edna Kreider, Mrs. Eleanor Young, Miss Grace Berry, Mrs. Lucille Loose. ., Elementary Sohoul Faculty 74, ... . - K ,!,,- V Y l if .. I r f 9 WH -321' f KF: 1 x x 'X .v K -D " 7 -s. 1 I dw 3 + " ef A :F 4, L R I 'ff ff' 9 ,,, I .A 'WU -y. -sx V' ,fp- 1'- -,A -cv-L f""""'N's'N we cf X 9 101' 'Q N X Vx 7? mx A A A 4f'lX'Ux?1 AXA34xA4LA 'L t uflqwgq V X H M W fi? O A f f 'I 7: I' :J N X x-x Y wb I I.: 3 ' Q 'V - X 'lf I ! XXX 'Q N f Q X X -aff x fb, I: .f M Xxx QA X f Jf','35" ! -- 5' M .K X . , ff! J x " ,X "' if 1 ,dawn A ew I 'z 11:27 fffry 'I g g 41 f ' ' X f , 4, ? 1, , CL 7 , I ' y J , 1 v X? ' fxi- V V ,X I SS 'K ,,,' : 5 f x A2 B' 55- x if gl. X 5 X 7 ' , N Q nfm A if NI fx 4 'AA ull? Axxx ' sy , , N gc, 4 Ernest Frederick Angelo "lfrni:-i, is this yt-ztr's president of thn- senior elass, and anyone will tell you It-A has done commendable work. llis lawr- ite sports are: basketball, hunting and fishing. Ernest has a pleasant smile for everyone, and uses his pleasing person- ality and initiative for many svltool projects. The art work in this hook at- tests to his artistic ability. He has plan- ned to join the Navy after graduation. WY' wish him the best ill his Navy career. Sarrcr 2, Class 0j7irer 2, Stngc ,Unn- nger 2, Yearbook Staff. Beatrice Romfatine Bachmrln nBeaty" is known to be a very quiet girl, that is if you don't know her, but after you know her she has a joke for every occasion. ller favorite subject is Home Economics. In school she can be found wherever "Chop'Chop" and "Josie" are. They make quite a trio. She has not made any plans for the fu- ture as yet, hut you will be a fine home- maker, "Beaty." e z Florence Ruth Beck "Be-ckyl' is one of a crowd that con- tains "Ev" and "Cork." Everytime they are seen they are laughing. When "Becky" gets wound up about some- thing, Oh Brother! Look out! She likes bookkeeping and reading. Heading her list of dislikes are oysters. She enjoys playing sports and dancing. It is said that she and "Ev" get around quite a bit, maybe it's only a rumor, but I doubt it. In the future she is thinking of sec- retarial work and here's wishing you the best of luck, "Becky." Prompter, Newspaper 2, Class Officer, Student Council, Yearbook Slap, Infra- murals. THE GREYSTONE 12 Valentino Rudolph Bernardo "Duots" is our star ba-ke-tlnill play:-r from the senior vlass. and also an out- standing English studs-nt. llis favorite sports ara- bask:-thall and SXSllIlHllIlQl. ,Xftvr hi- days at school are on-r, yall Van find him "down town" or skating: and dancing. lit- dislikes hgoltltliggf-r-" and says he would like to travel 'alien out of svhool. WR- wish you the best of luck in your future years. Yalvntino. lfaslfellzall 3, Traelf I, Socrer I, Safe' ty Patrol 2, Baseball 1. Q Thomas Bixler "Rabbit" is a tall blond who is con- stantly seen stalking the halls. He has a very cute blush. Tom is a fiend for collecting pictures, especially of girls. In his spare time he likes to swim and also dance. Rabbit wrote the personal writeeups for the Greystone. lie has his heart set on be-Corning a member of the lf. S. Navy. Chorus J, .'Veu'spaper 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Yearbook. 13 THR GREYSTONE Carl Victor Berry Carl is the never-a-Care-in-the-world type, always on the happy side of life. ln school most of his time is devoted to typing and having a good study pe- riod. Tennis is his favorite sport. We will never forget him in the marine's uniform for his part in our Senior Play. He says he would like to travel when he is out of school. We hope his future is as bright and interesting as his jokes. Student Counvil 1, Chorus 2, Junior Play, Senior Play. R N I Kenneth Ernest Blanch When we first inet "Km-ni' in our I Russell Harolrl Blouch freshman year, he seemerl quiel and re- served, lllll now sinee we know him, he has heeome afrienllly anrl goocl-natnretl person lo know. lle has proven lo he very valualile on the lraek team in lhc lllll1flI'i'Kl'y8l'tl flash anll hroall jumping. lle likes geomelry hest of his School sulmjeels. with English as the least likecl. lle is good at swimming anll hunting rleer. we prelliel a successful future for you. Kenneth. Trnrk 2. Russ ns he Is knolvn lo lu- llllIlllll'5 is a man of few worlls, liul it is his 8111- lnilion to lravel, wllere aelions speak l0lllll"I' lhan vsouls. llls favoillm suhjmnt is nialh. lle savs he likes "lJeautiful girls, lml llC1llblllxl'b goltllllgge lt-. Russ says lu-'ll miss lhe 'Seutting up" in J seliool more than z1n'thinff else. llis 5 h favorite sports are liaseliull aml svliln- ming, XXllIl'll he rloes a lol of. XX e sin- lulure years, Russell Safely 1'aIr0l 2. s lutk in 1 s wh, lean Louise Boltz "Jeanne" is known to all A. ll. S. as having a cute little smile. She never seems to he in a hurry, for she always lakes her goml-olcl-time. She and "l.ongie" are always seen together. ller favorite subject is Arithmetic and she likes flaneing and ucutting-up." She al- so likes pretty clothing and fried shrimp. She dislikes cally people and straight hair. In the future she plans on lravelinfn See lhe world and have lots o un, Jeanne Girls llzorus, flass 0 zcer, Drum mujoretle, lllzzecl fhorus 2 fheerlearl Ing, lolor Guard lBandl 1' H A THE GREYSTONE 14 Joan Loretta Bowman L'Bowman," as she is known to all her friends, is the eute little girl that gets around and knows all the tricks. She and "Rudy" are always seen to- gether. Being outstanding as a writer she also excells in shorthand. Bowman loves to read ll bet a book wouldn't keep her away from a dancet. She also likes the male sex and likes to dance. In the future she is going to business college and we wish her the best of everything. Chorus 3, Senior Play, Newspaper Staff, Drill Squad. 1 Vi fi- Ruth Anna Dutweiler "Dm" believes that "silo-nee is gold- en." She is very polite and very studious. ller favorite sttbjeet in sehool is typing and she likes to listen to the radio. tLove stories or tnurder'!t She likes honest people of which she is one. She doesn't like people who think they are "IL" She plans on working in an of- fice after school. We know you will do well, "Dut"l 15 THE GREYSTONE Charles Louis Dipper "Dipper" as his friends call him is the jovial fellow who Can always be found at Hostetter's Radio Store, for that is where he works after school. The things he likes best about school are the study periods and physical education. His favorite sports are hunting and bas- ketball. ln the future he wottld like to do a lot of traveling, if there aren't too many "Colddiggers" around. Lots of luck, Charles! ,U Ol Helen Marr Erickson "Erick" just came to us at the begin- ning of our senior year and has proven herself very useful. We all admire her for her accent. She gets a kick out of our accent too. Her favorite subject in school is gym. She loves to knit and likes sports and the male sex in gen- eral. She doesn't like catty people. She plans to become a physical education teacher in the near future. Lots of luck to a swell girl, "Erick"! Girls Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls Basketball 1, Girls Ensemble 1, Senior Play. Josephine H. Ellenberger "Jo" is the seniors' quiet little "red- headf' She is very polite to everyone and always has a big smile for you. In school she likes Home Economics and her favorite pastime is sewing, at which she is very talented. She also likes typ- ing, but dislikes history and arithmetic. As yet her future is undecided, but in whatever you choose, lots of luck "Joni F. H. A. 2. janet Eleanor Evans "Evans" is known to all her friends as being an all-around good sport. She is always ready for a good laugh and continually asking for gum. lDon't you know you aren't to chew gum in school, "Evans"J ? She and .lane make quite a twosome. She likes study-hall and loaf- ing. We heard she does both at the same time. She also likes sports and dancing, but isn't too wild about fussy people. The future for her holds a nurs- ing career and we know she will be the best nurse ever. Band 3, Orchestra 3, Chorus 1, Bas- ketball 3, Student Council 1, Senior Play. THE CREYSTONE 16 William George Fegan "Dutch," the most ardent student in llr. 5Ioyer's gym class, is always around to humor us with his laugh and jokes. His sport is hunting and he never lets them get away without a fight. Bill can always he found in a place where there is anything going on. lle would like to travel after his senior year. Good luck traveling. "Dutch," Band 3 fhorus 3 Orrheslral Query Y, 1 y ' ,s I . Patrol 1. Jacqueline Hilda Forma "Jackie" is not very talkative, but after you get to know her you can't get a word in edgewise. She is always seen with Shirley, which is quite a twosome. She loves spaghetti, but doesn't like people who gossip. lDon't you like women at all?P Her chief interests lie in Lebanon. She likes bookkeeping and plans to be a secretary in the future. I wouldn't mind letting her keep my books straight, would you? Lots of luck to you, "Jackie-." Basketball .llanager 3, Senior Play, .lunior Play, Chorus 1, Drill Squad. T THE GREYSTONE Drew Terry F etterolf Terry, as he likes to he called, is a four-letter man in sports, with a good record in all of them. Baseball rates highest with him, while chemistry rates first as a school subject. He likes very much to indulge in eating, but not work. Drew will miss the dances at school most of all. But then he intends to turn to a job with the Navy. We know, Drew, that if you do as well in your held as you do in sports you will be a success. Basketball 3, Soccer 2, Baseball 3, Track Z, Chorus 3, Student Council 1, Junior Play Stage Manager, Senior Play Ticket Chairman. Evelyn June Hanley "Ev" is known throughout A. ll. S. as being the person to go to when you are down-in-the-dumps. You'll be laughing in a minute. We don't know what she has, but it certainly is something. She is very happy-go-lucky and get this-- her favorite pastime is going after slick men! Not bad "Ev," not bad at alll She adores crab-cakes, but doesn't like people who gossip. She is planning on being a stenographer. Lots of luck to you, "Em" Junior Play, Senior Play. sq Dwight T. Craby "Dwit" as he is known to many of us is a good all-around sport when it comes Io having fun. llc enjoys basketball, driving a car, but dislikes "work" tso he sayst. Math is his favorite suhject in school. But what he will ltliss most about school is the study periods and gym classes. llis ambition after school is to join the Navy and learn a trade. Lots of luck, Dwight. Patricia Ann Heilman "Path is the cute little hlonde of tht- A'49's." She is very glad sht- lives in a town where there is a college 4l..X .fI.l. She is always seen with Rosy and she is always on the Ngo." ller favorite subject in school is study hall and while she is there she loves to day- dream. She also likes swimming and dancing. ller dislike is conceit:-d peo- ple. After school she is going to find life very interesting. She is going to travel to California and there- find a jolt. Our best wishes go with you, "Pat"l Girls Chorus I, ,Uixed Chorus 2, F. H. A. 2. THF CRI-'YQTOYF 18 Richard Wakefield Hollinger "Holly" is a good all around student and sportsman in school, with history as his favorite subject. llis favorite sports are swimming, football. and dancing. He has played an actin- part in almost all of the school activities. al- ways giving his best to them. lle'll miss the history classes and dances when he leaves school. But he won't miss history for very long for he intends to major in it at college. Following his datl's guid- ance and in his footsteps we know that he will be a swell teacher. Baseball 2, Track 2. Soccer ,llanager 1, Yearbook Staff, Chorus 1, Sfzulent Council 3, Newspaper Staff 2, Senior Play. Ax, Walter Franklin Knight "Walter," who remintls us of the strong and silent type, is a like-alrle fol- low who made many friends he-re at school. He is fond of history and hast-V ball. :Xt home he spends much of his time reading and sleeping. When hn- ished with high school he would like In he-corne an accountant. We know you will succer-tl. W alter. for "xslt:-rr thert-'s a will ther:-'s a way." Baseball I. 19 THE CRFYSTONE 1 X K Peter Woodrow Kline "Pete," a brawny six footer, is maine ly interested in math at school. lle likes football and eating, but doesn't care for the "new look" in dresses. lle en- joys having fun and is always ready to help with his share. After school is over he would like to join the Navy. We wish you lots of luck, Pete. Soccer, Baseball 1. .www , 0 wa- Philip Lawrence Kreider Whenever you see the maroon Chevro- let you can be sure "Larry" isn't very far away. He is very active in the music department where he beats music out on the drums. He is a top-notch student in all of his studies but prefers chemis- try. He likes to hunt, swim, and dance. All of his time is not spent on school work, for he sees quite a lot of his sophomore girl-friend. After he is out of school he has plans for attending college. Good luck, Larry, in your fu- ture years. Chorus 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Basketball 3, Band 3, Class Oficer 1, Orchestra 2, Track 1. ,lean Elizabeth Kohr "Jeanie" with the light brown hair is known to everyone. She is always ready to talk to you and has a big smile for everyone. Her favorite subject in school is study hall twho doesn't like thatb? She likes the song "My Bill." Any con- nection there, ".leanie,'? She likes the "new look," but shivers at the thought of bookkeeping. ln the future she plans on being a secretary and then sees a wedding ring. Best of wishes, ",leanie"l Chorus I, Senior Play, lunior Play. James Frederick Light "Jim" is an all around fellow. Clever, hearty, and happy. He has become an important part of our class, for he al- ways helped in school projects for en- tertaining and studying by showing "the movies." .lim's favorite class is geom- etry and his best liked sport is football. Photography is one of his hobbies. In the future he would like to operate an outdoor theatre of his own. If he does as good work in his business as here at school we know he will have a thriv- ing business. Best wishes, Jim. Chorus 3, Band 3, Orchestra 3, Year- book Staf, Stage Manager 2. THE GREYSTONE 20 "ll Roy Hcilrnnn Light, fr. qppy. u typical high school twn- zigivr. 1 .1 y s ' se-llfllkcil fe-llow, llis popu- larity is sluc lo a gooil-naturc. a lricnfliy rII1ll1'Z1Illl8 cle-wr humor. Talking alioul hunior -hc was a nulural for llu- parl of III thi sinior play. llis fur- olilv' suhjr-ct in school is history. his faxorilf- lcisurc hours are- s me-nl Jlavin-' , ,- fooxball ancl "running around." Whcn hc le-an-s school hr- will miss thc study pcriofls and school ilanccs mos! of all, llf ls unilcclilcfl about his futurc. hu! wc know. Hoy. that whalcycr in you :lv- culc upon. you will lu- a succcss ffhorux 3, Junior I'luv, Senior l'lm'. A-t'Il'X!I!IIft'l' Stuff 2. lfilsvlfrzll ,llrrnrzgcr 1, Ymrlimrlz Staff, Sorrffr l. .1-sf Donald Eugene Longenecker "Don" is thc rollcr-skating champ of the- sr-mor class. llc ls a wry stuilious ffl lllsh ously. and Iakcs his school work seri- Hc enjoys skating and dislikes rcwl hcads iso lie' saysl. He like-s the rl udy uDllll'. pf-riods ancl ilancvs al school. intcnds lo join thi- Nayy or hc- conic a public accountant. Whichi-xi-r you choosc, Donalil. wc wish you luck, li 5 b ll 7 Soccer U use a -, Traci: 2, .Sfzlery Patrol J, 9 THEKHHHSTONE E. . Marilyn lean Long "l.ongic" or "Bean" is known to all thc scniors as always lmost always! hcingl latc for school in :lic morning. W'hal's thc rnaltcr, "Bcn"'f Sha- anil .lcan arc always sccn Inge-thcr. lla-r fayorilc suli- jcct in school is history unil shc ailorcs sports. She- could A-al spzighctti cw-ry day. plus ice crcani. Unc thing shr- docsnt like- is snohs. .-Xflcr school slit' inte-mls lo work. Good luck "Be-n." and Illiikk' your millions in a hurry! Ifrzml 3, Urflzeslnl 2, .llifxcil Chorus 2, Girls lfhnrux I, F. H. .-1. 2. ,.i A if Shirley Arm Longeneclrer Shirley, one of the cute seniors, is al- ways seen going to or from Lebanon. Wvhat would you do if Lebanon didnit exist, Shirley'f? Every morning you will find her and Blackie" coming joyfully to school. 5hirley's favorite subject in school is hookkee-ping. She likes to dance and eat. She dislikes stuck-up girls. llcr plans for the future hold sm-- rctarial work. l.ots of luck to you, Shir- leyl llixed Ifhorus 2. Girls Chorus I, Drum 'llajorelle 2. Balm' Secrelary 1, Junior Play prompter. i Richard Milton Longenecker "Rich" as you may guess is going to tniss IYI-Jiilg most of all when he leaves school. Ili- might seem to you a quiet lioy, hut hc gets his ext-rt-isp and en- joyment from howling and hast-hall. After school is over he would like to travel, if he doe-sn't get drafted. With his pleasing personality and brains me are sure he will travel far in the career he chooses. We wish you success in your future years, Richard. Baseball I. T' Robert Eugene Love "Lovcyi' who is a buddy to all of th can he found at Stony's Restaurant wht-re he uorks after school. llc like-s history and shop the he-st of his school subjecfls. llis favorite sports are hunt- ing and fishing and he likes to skate or Swim very much. lle doesn't like to be around quiet women. hut prefers to talk and dance with them. In the future he would like to try a career with the Navy. Lots of luck in your career, Bob. THE GREYSTONE 22 Eri Long .lleyfv liri lu-liz-wh in fullmsing ax W-ll-lrul am-ml v-'lux'-v ullif-ll 4lllw'N nut warm-ix! of lun many -Iullie-5 lm! prmillrw lor llif wr-innx of a lights-r nature-, llix main lIlll'ff"lN ln sm-lmul arv lln- luaflu-thall game-N unnl math vlzxwe-N. Uutfhlu- nf sflluul ln' ii wry avtiw in tllv- agrrivul- tural and farm vlulnf. Alle-r grallualiun lu- intrml- In hr-lp llix 1lall un ills- farm ansl aft:-r that In trawl lllflflljlll Ille- l. 5. XM- hlxll you llvallll anll Pll1'l't'Sh in your life. liri. Ifhorux 2. Pruperly .llanager 2. William .llcKin1c'-Y rlliller "Bill" i- a llappy-gwllzvlxp ff-lllm ull., dhiifx ix rf-ally In lluw ax gzwwl lime-. Ill- llllx pur'Ii1'ipa1Iwl in many lllllbltiil mtixitie-N. anul llax flum- xr-ry guml mark ln Illat fir-lml. llv like-F -ln-p and fmltlnall. I - if alwayf n-ally In elunw' nr mlriw Q' var. llr' llixlilv-N fH'l'Illr' ull., lung. lilll x xlll mn- tlu- Fllhlj po-rimlx uflvl' ll! lv'iiH'- Nf'll1uvl llff Illv' NAU. 'XX--'ll vp yuu NlIf1IlllQ'4l with wa-xivlg pillmr e- lxnfm that llill will ln- -xuw'--wfunl in ln Navy r-are-f-r. f,lllll'NffIl. f,urr1f'! Cllllllfff. firms Xfrl. 23 THIC lLlilCYS'l'UNli g Luke Albert Ruhl "Rulilie-" is the- fruit-nian in husine-ss with flooelinan and Ye-aggt-r anrl he has done- we-ll for th:-in. lle- is quite- an e-asy ff-llow to ge-t along with, antl is always re-atly to share in work and fun. Ile vn- joys math and footllall, but tloesrft care- much for loud-mouthe-el girls. In the future he would like- to operate a fruit and produce- busine-ss. Luke-, we know that with your background and industry you will succeed. Chorus I. wmv 7 f I! 1 I Betty lane Nauman Be-tty, the- quiz-t little- e'onune-re'ial stu- dent. is always sf-e-n with l"lore-ne'e-. She- may he- quit-t. hut wlie-n you ga-1 to know her she is always laughing. He-r favor- ite- suhje-Ct in school is English anel slu- lovees to elay-elre-ani. lwillo eloi-su't'!l She- also like-s baske-thall anel to take' walks. lliloe-s that nie-an alone- or with an e-se'ort'fl Thi- only thing: Be-tty doe-snil like- is pe-oplv who try to lu- more- than the-y re-ally are-. lla-r plans for the future- are- ineli-finite-. hut lots of lurk in whatr-Ye-r you ele-e'iele- to elo, lie-ttyl Girls Iiu.xl.'t-Ilmll 3, lrurfmol: Stuff. l Ruth Marie Schmuck 'SRudy" is known to e-xr-ryono as the girl who is always talking. lDon't you 1-ve-r stop talking, i'Kiuly'ift She- also is inte-re-ste-el in l,e-hanon. twhat eloe-s Leflr- anon have- anyway 'H ln school "Rudy" likes arithnie-tic. Hi-r pastime- is rlanc- ing, mostly at the- "Y," She- like-s lots of flothe-s anel love-s to e-at, She- eloe-sn't like- conce-ite-el girls. In the- futuri- Rueiy plans on working: anel latf-r joining the- Wave-s. l.oIs of lurk to you. "Huely"f .llixerl ffhorus 2. Girls lfhorus 1, .Ye-u'spupr-r SMH. Drum .Uujorclte 1, F. H. A. 2. THE GREYSTONE 24 Joanne Elizabeth Shaak "Shaakie" is known for her good school spirit. If you don't know what I mean you should hear her at basket- ball games. or any games as a matter of fact. Oh Brother!! Her favorite sub- ject in school is chemistry. She enjoys listening to records and likes sports and movies. She dislikes, very much, wait- ing for people. 1Good you aren't a boyz! She is going to be a physical education teacher in the future. Lots of luek "Shaakie"l Girls Chorus 1, ,llixed Chorus 2, Girls Ensemble 2, Senior Play, Year- book Stag, Girls Basketball 2. William L. Smith "Smitty," who reminds lls that good things come in small packages, is an outstanding track star. His faxorite sub- ject in school is math, while his pet peeve is anything that has In do with women. Outside nf school he like-s to st'l' good lllllXit'- and hockey games. After school is over Bill plans to join the Navy and learn a trade. We wish you the best of exerything in your future, Bill. Trai-lr 2, Soccer 2. 25 THE GRFYSTONE s Harry Miller Smith Harry is a diligent student in all of his classes, but prefers history to any other. Baseball and basketball are his favorite sports and he likes to sec or hear major league baseball lPliila. A's.7 llarry doesn't like people who are "too inquisitive." When he gets out of school he would like to pursue the art of interior decorating. Best of lurk. Harry. 7. r -fi'-'Sis Flrner Edward Tobias Strmgy is the man with the legs that held down fir t base for our base ball team Elmer ays that there isnt much at all he ll miss about school but math is his favorite subject His am blll0H after school IS to be a mechanic All of us will mlss him at first base and his humor in shop and study hall. We wish the best of everything to you, El- mer. Baseball 2. 1 Kay Frances Speece "Speecie', is known to all as having a very funny laugh. Excuse the ex- pression, but it sounds like a 'gpigf' When she thinks something is odd or queer she uses the descriptive term "foxy.'l She is very talented in dancing which is her favorite pastime. She likes pretty clothes and all sports. She dis- likes moody people and despises tur- nips. ln the future she plans to work and then go to modeling school in N. .l. Lots of luck to you, "Speecie',l Junior Play, Senior Play, Girls Bas- ketball 3, Cheerleader I, Class Officer 1, Band 3 lColorgnardl, F. H. A. 1. 7 l 2 James Harry Wagner "Boogie" is one of the most popular boys in our class and has a friendly smile for everyone. He is also one of the leaders on the basketball and baseball teams and plays his best to win. When ".lim,' leaves school he will miss Miss Witmeyer's Current Events Class more than any other. We know that his good character and leadership will prove him a success in his field. Baseball 3, Soccer 1, Basketball 3, .lunior Play, Senior Play, Chorus 2, Yearbook Staff, Class Officer 1. THE CREYSTONE 26 George W enrich, Ir. George hails from east of Annville, but has made many friends in town. He is one of the top students in math class. You might see him at Bering's bowling alleys where he works evenings. Working there has made him quite a bowling ace. In his spare time he says he sleeps more than anything else, and stays clear of conceited people. After school he would like to start farming. We wish you the best of luck in your future, George. N'-s..,., Mary Florence Whisler "Chop-chop" can always we found with Arlene and Beaty, and wherever they are found all you can hear is gig- gling. just like females! She is surely happy-go-lucky. She likes history, read- ing books and listening to the radio. She always has something to eat and likes ice cream, candy and soft drinks. She doesn't like eonceited people. She is not sure what the fixture holds for her, but whatever it is, lots of luck in it, "Chop-Chopul F. H. A. 2. ZT THF GRPIYSTONE -Qt J' 5. ' iff, . - .r I " ."--"Ti fa. I , l ni'."'u"J nr .., rv , f Gloria Fay Werner Gloria or "Blondie," as she is known to some, is known for her corny but cute laugh. She thinks it is wonderful that our soldiers are being sent home from Japan. I wonder why?'? In school she likes history and music as her favorite pastime. She loves ice cream and toasted cheese sandwiches, but dislikes snobs. In the future she sees a wed- ding ring being slipped on her finger. We hope you'll be very happy, Gloria! Girls Chorus I, .llixed Chorus 3, Girls Ensemble 3, Drum Majorelte 1, F. H. A. 2. ' Yvg ' . 4' 's bs Mary Elizabeth Wilmer "Betty', is known tn everyone as the pin-up-girl of the senior class. She can always be found at the L'Pennway" where she is employed as a waitress. In school her favorite subject is English and she likes listening to records and drawing. fShe is quite an artist.J She also likes smart clothes, but doesn't like conceited people. In the future she plans to work and then go to modeling school. Lots of luck, Betty! F. H. A. 2. Eugene Francis Wilson 6'Wilson" is the typing ace of the senior commercial section. He likes typ- ing as his favorite subject while foot- hall is his favorite sport. His outside life consists of numerous things, but studying and sleeping top the list. He doesn't care too much for work, but plans on extending his commercial ca- reer by attending Business College. We are sure you will be a great success in college and your future career. i A rlene Mary Yeagley "Yeagley" is known all over A. H. S. for her corny but cute laugh, which is heard continually. She is always laugh- ing and we sometimes wonder how she does it. She loves to listen to the radio and eat chili con carne and ice cream. She doesn't like snobs and is certainly far from being in that class. She just loves Lebanon-or its fellows?? She hears wedding hells in the future and we want to wish her the best of luck. Keep on laughing "Yeagley',! THE CREYSTONE 2 Betty ,lean Zeigler uzeigle-r" is the cute blonde of A. H. S. who is known to everyone. Slit- is al- ways seen walking up and down the halls on some kind of business. She-'s a busy bee and I do mean busy. Her favorite subject in school is Spanish and her favorite pastime is writing to "Busli." She just loves spaghetti and dancing. ller pet dislikes are conceited people and oysters. Nursing heads her list for plans for the future and we know she'll do very well. Best wishes, Betty! . Girls Chorus I, fllixerl Chorus 2, Senior Play, Cheerleafling 2, Class Uf- ffer 2, Student Council 1, Girls Bas- ketball 2, Newspaper Stag 3. 1 29 THE GREYSTONE jane Ellen Zellers "P0ochie" with her dark, tricky eyes is known to all of us by all her activi- ties. As an efficient forward, she plays a mean game of basketball. During her leisure time she likes to listen to the radio, and in school her favorite period is study hall. She dislikes girls who take other girls' boy friends away from them, but she likes fried oysters, fried egg- plant, and "him," In the future she pic- tures herself in training at Reading General Hospital. We wish you success and happiness. Senior Play, Class Ofirer 2, Year- book Staj, Student Council 2, News- paper Staj 2, Girls Basketball 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Band 3, Or- chestra 2, Girls Octette 3, Band Of- fcer 1. WG' f"'5 111 q fjlnad ,xx G. Nw Class lllstory CLASS COLORS Red and Steel CL XSS 'NIOTTO Character I the c rner tone of Succt s CL-XSS FLOW ER Red Ro e It rs a httle hard to nmaglne that hack m 1943 1nly few l t ar ago tl l of 49 entered hugh school as Freshmen We had a lot to learn but mth NI: s 'ylyer as our home room teacher and .llfll Wagner a our pre ldent we oon fell ln hne and be an to partlclpate ln school affaxr The cla elected red and teel a fur ce lor and vye felt as though we really had accomph hed omethrng The year p I mth ll g el I I l mostly good and all of u vye re loolung, forvyard to becomm Sophomore eturnlng ln the fall of 46 a S ph1n1e1res we moved t the tl r ene of the hall and occupied Mlss Wltmeyer home room We elected ,lane Zeller a our pre lde nt and purchased hats pennants emblem and began to take more lntcret ln Uctr curricular actlvltles That year for the Hr t time A H S pon ore d a magazine campaign The Sophomore home room went oyer the top and won the Ice cream party glyen to the room that brought ln the most money per person At the end of the year sharlng the expenses WIIII the Ere hmen w planned a c cessful Freshman Sophomore Prom Ltlllklflg back over a happy and e f l ve xr felt we were ready to become ,lumors The summer passed qulckly as all vacatlons seem to do and we trooped hack t A H S once more Wlth Ken Blauch as our presldent and Mr Hollinger as our home room teacher we became a httle more dlgnlfled and took a greater mtere t ln our IIICIICS and responslbxhtles The highlights of our Junlor year yyere electlng and FQCYIVHIQ, cur Img I ents lg China Boy as our ,lunlor Cla s Play and treatrng the Senlors to a very succes ful Junlor Sensor Prom As Sensors we now occupy 'NI1 s Bo ard s tradltlonll Sensor home room We have already elected Ernle Angelo as our cla s pre ldent and ln the he lnnln f 'N yenlher staged the most successful plav ln the hlstory of A H S Strictly Formal It wlll not be long untll commencement roll around and fur lllgll cl ool earter yylll be behmd us It certamly wlll seem strange to mot of u that vye mll n t he comm In the f ll of 49 I seems a tough lt wa n t -1 on a 1 rat we ye e figurlng out when we were golng to graduate Well lt IN almo t here and we will have te1 face the world on our own wlthout the guldlng hand of our teacher and parents Each and everyone of us owes a debt to good old -X H S that we can never repay let s hope that we all can do somethmg to make our Alma Mater proud of us MOST HANDSOME Robert Loye PRETTIEST Joan Bowman BEST DRESSED 'VIary Wltmer Rlchard Holhnger MOST POPULAR .lane Yeller Erne t Angelo CLASS CLOWINS-Evelyn Hanley Carl Berry ATHLETE Jane Zellers ,lame Wagner BEST DANCERS-Kay Speece Val Bernardo MOST COURTEOUS-Marv Wlltmer Kenneth Blouch PIN UP GIRL Mary Wltmer BEST DRIVER Betty Zelgler Ernest Angelo CUTEST Gladys Meyer .Iames Wagner MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED Betty Yelgltr Rlchard Holhnger EASIEST TO CET ALONTG WITH Helen Erickson Ernest Angelo COINTRIBUTED MOST TO A H S Jane feller Richard Holhnger MOST MUSIC-XL ,lane Zellers James Llght BEST STUDENTS-Gladys Nleyer Rlchard Holhnger THE GREYSTONE Whos Who U .- ' ' A k ' ' 's 1 o e s 1 Q . I - s 3 ' . ' 1' - ' f. e 4' a ' ' s lor ye s ' . le c ass U H ' - e . " ' . " . 's. , ' s . . ' '. S S' . V S ' ' . ' ' ' ' s. ss s ' s s 1 1 s ' j 's s ' . I' - asset " ' s oo ant sae . . ' s '- " 1 ' ' g Q -s. R ' H I 5 It I .N I ' U ' 0 I Q' ' I ' A ' ' ' 's ' . ' ' s s es' - ' , L. s. ' ' ' s ' 2 , 'v ' s ' x . . s s r ' ' "' ' ' " . ' S r , 3 ' , . 3 ., " , ,s . e ' A ' su ,- Q ' - , . ' ' ' ' ' ' 4' ' succ-ss u 1 ez we ' . - ' . , , ' - ' , o ' ' ' ' ' ' ' sf ' ' - ' ' 1 1 " s. 1re-s' ': f " ' " ' s '. ' S ' J ' ' es . . , . . . . , , . ss ss' 5 1 L -- . - ' '- I .' ' Sf S' ' ' - 'g' ' g 41 A Ill ' ' ' we' ' ' ' s 1 ' s 1 -' - - s " back ' a U .H I S S S tl ' " s 41 I0 l g 'ge tl ' " 'er' still ' I ' , . ' 'V - ' . S . 1 1 , Y' . , 7 - , s, s . I ' r I x ' - -. ' s ' , . 4 , I 1 , 1, I, g K. 1 . , N , Q .h . . A A . . .T , A 5. . . - ', i ' 4 ' - 'I 7 A Glimpse lute The Future Dr AR BFTTY m really enjoylng my vacatron here ln New aork One thlng Iwe always wanted to do was to go to a fortune teller and I got my chance yester day Ill try to descrlbe my experrence to you The room I entered was dark and mysterious and rn the mlddle was a table wrth a huge crystal ball on rt I sat down and gazed around the room As I dld so a gypsy came from behrnd a curtaln I sat on one slde of the crystal ball and she on the other sr e I told her I wanted to know what all my class mates would do ln the future and thus IS what she told me I see a lug chicken farm ln South Annvtlle where Frl 'VIeyer IS lnmg happlly wtth his wlfe PHIFICIH Hellman ,Iames Llght owns a large Dr1veIn Theater and Evelyn Hanley and Carl Berry appear there every Saturday ln person Wlth thetr Comedy Act Richard Holllnger IS domg well as a radro com mentator and .loan Bowman has a radro program of her own called The New Look Josephme Ellenberger IS deslgmng dresses for Paramount and Mary Wltmer IS her model Rev Walter Knlght IS Annvrlles new mrnlster and Donald Longenecker ts teachlng mathematics Eugene Wrlson has a contract to srng ln Holly wood and Gladys Meyer 19 to accompany hlm at the plano Helen Errckson and Kay Speece are studymg to be Physical Educatlon teachers Arlene Yeagley IS domg well wlth her Cos metlque and Antlque shop and ,lean Kohr IS man ager of Lebanon s greatest store Dr Wrllram Mlller has hrs office on Chestnut Street and hrs wlfe Janet Evans makes a fine nurse Jane Zellers lS about to make her thlrd ap pearance at Carnegie Hall wrth her vrolrn and Wil ham Fegan has an orchestra of hrs own Of course he plays the drums Shirley Iongenecker rs serving ln the W cs and Richard l ongenecker IS dolng well ln the Mr Corp .lacquelme Fortna owns the Dlamond Brand Jewelry store and Nfarllyn long rs dorng perfectly wlth her Corner Candy Store Drew Petterolf drrves a midget racer ln the summer and ln the wmter he spends hrs wrnmngs Joanne Shaak just announced her engagement to Roy Lrght Harrv Smith ts now dlgglng graves for a IlVlllg Clorla Werner IQ llvlng happily tn Florida and Luke Ruhl ts out West on a lug ranch Thomas Blxler 1s Wibflxlllg, ln the box factory and ratsmg a healthy family They have eight boys but Beatrlce Bachman his wife IIIQISIS she wants a glrl Larry Krelder IQ ln charge of the surglcal ward at Lancaster Hospltal .lean Boltz owns a Beauty Salon and George Wenrrch does her mamcurmg Charles Drpper and Dwlght Graby are Janitors a A H 5 Elmer Toblas and Ruth Schmuck are domg a trapeze act at the Crrcus whlle Wlllram Smxth 1 busy tralnmg llons .lames Wagner and Yalentmo Bernardo are playmg on the 'Navy Basketball Team Russell Blouch has a popcorn stand at Beaver town and Peter Kllne 13 his assistant Ernest Angelo has a taxr service and Mary Whlsler ls hrs most frequent customer Betty Zelgler and Robert Love are tourmg the East Indles and Ruth Dutweller IS a mrssronary ID Afrtca I was really thrllled to hear what some of our old classmates wlll be dolng Some thmgs dld seem loglcal but others were quite pecullar Im hoping to see you and your boy frrend Ken neth Blauch ln a few days as my vacation rs prac tlcally over Yours truly FLORENCE' THE GREYSTONE O 1 f . 55 ' ' . ' ' .e - , , 3 . . . , , a ,. 1 . . . . . . I. . . . . 4 5 3 A. 5, ' as - h as - , " V ' 7 , . Q. . ' ' . l , , - I v . ' 1 w ' I ,. , I . . I . ., ,, I 7 ' , , . . . . Y . - - H , . I I . . ' - - . I . 3 .' , ., I I .'. I , 55 . ' 1 - . 1 1 I I H K. . .I I . . I A . . ' 5, s . . . . I . . . I 1 , - - ' H . . . . I . . . , L ' Y ' , 's' . y 1 I v , 1 . - H . . I . . ?' , , ' ' . .f . . I .f . 7 I s f . . . 4 A I I -T 1 v e 1 . I I ' ' 5' Y . 1 , I- - 4, . I I . I , . ., . . L - , N I I . H . . . . H . . . . . - .f ss ' ' S 9 ' , r s ,, . . . . r. . ' . L' 4 , , as , 7 x - U y . . . , . . ' I - . . 54 . . , , 1 ec ' - II I I . It - . I . LL Y as - ' ' - . ,, v '. . . . SL ' ' ' ' . . . . t I , . . , I I , , . . 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V.: 1 H W . F I T K- Y ','-fll"h , ,, "k,': ' h- U' 1' . T S111 1 111111 1 -G1'd"S 's 1l'l' 1' 'S' -1T"- t S" 'ta T1 All 1 1 1 ' ' 3 ' " 1 1' 1 . ' J' 1 7,-11' s. -T t' 1 ' I t ' 's . '- . M , '- 1 "' C: 1 2 i P .Y , P . 'V . h . P V S E . I k . - h 1 1" 1 ,.'s1',. f" dA':E' z1j':' C li B ft , - . , , sn- " 1 1 Y' ' 'S 1 ' , xd'.11,. " 5 "1 "..1" 1 ' 1 1' U' h' - ' . Af, Y ,.Q Ziff' . gg., I 5. fl, ff ,V ,mia , . " is W 'v -fwfff , v J ' , W f 1 :' . Z3,y,,L .Q gi. lv fl ,X , "" 'Q I . . JM. if Qi X ! Yi xy xswq,-,PIL +P I !wa M' ,. 'N5, i W 3 .A4I, K- :- w V ,ff fffwflilf' ' ' A '21, ' ' ' A N , 1 - A -ng. ' ' - v 37' A L . 'fxiff -wk N- w -311 fa- A . , . wfxy-KARMI4,-M., .V,l,Ygf, , Z. , I R A 53 ,iz W .4 f 3? 1 W . , E Q x 'M -. X ' 51 g1 X 1 N. A G if W 4 "Ol' SSDENHQL , 5 'YU A 4 T fx ' fl 4, ' ,I a ' 1 L Q ,?,g. . , SENIOR 5 J nf .5 nm. '. ' FT' s,1f,,,sa,4, Az ' 'wan - 1. ' "f 1 NNW-- f? vvf' 'EPUW QQIUSSBZS fx ww 0- 4 V V X , I D 4 I , , A 5 X Q I V1 V N X ' L 347 e ' l ' Fwst Row jean Kohr Gladys Meyer Larry Krexder Betty Zexgler Ernest Angelo Florence Beck Ruth Schmuck Joan Bowman Glona Werner Patrlcxa Hellman Joanne Shaak Second Row James Wagner Roy Lxght Jacquelme Fortna Betty Nauman Jean Boltz Mary Whnsler Beatrxce Bachman Helen Erxckson Jane Zellers Ruth Dutwe1ler Arlene Yeagley Joseplnne Ellenberger Third Row Shxrley Longenecker Janet Evans Marxlyn Long Nlary Wxtmer Evelyn Hanley Dwight Graby Wnllnam Smith Wxllnam Miller Fourth Row Rxchard Hollmger Eugene Wnlson Wxllxam Fegan Russell Blouch Walter Knxght Drew Fetterolf, Valentxno Bernardo, Charles Dnpper Fifth Row Kenneth Blauch, Harry Smxth, Luke Ruhl, George Wenrxch, Donald Longenecker, En Meyer, Robert Love, Carl Berry Sixth Row Richard Longenecker, Peter Klme, Thomas Bxxler, James Llght, Elmer Tobias E lllll CLASS OFFICERS President Ernest Angelo Vice Presuienl Larry Krelder Secretary Florence Beck Treasurer Betty Zelgler THE GREYSTONE 36 V "M 1 ........+........,.: Z 1 ww--1, ,nf F J f 1. ,, 2 gg , . -' ' :Q 5 .i5,5.-ge, .-fy 1 K w, 1. - 4 :Ziff-Q : v ! 7 5 7 I , , , , - V : I Y l ! 7 7 , , , 1 y - 'V v 1 7 A 1 v ! , , - I 7 J Y 9 3 inn 5 plunnnu-pq First Row Chrlstme Fields Janet Hartman Rosalie Schmuck Marxlyn Wolfe June Poorman Nell Smlth Alberta Barnhart Frances Jean Shroyer Iarry Aungst Emma Klme Dons Muller Emma Hntz Barbara Kmgsley Second Row Palm Candon Kathryn Betz Paulme Henry Janet Fnrestme Delores McFeaters 'Vlary Jane Kern Joanne Brandt Sara Jane Hoffman Helen Hoffman Catherxne Harner Mary Lou Albright Kathryn Long Betty Klmg Mary Ellen Stone Patrlcxa Feng Charlotte Teahl Margaret Perazzolx Joanne Tuttle Catherme Smlth Mary Fhckmger Sara Hellman Third Row Ins Baker Rxchard Rotunda Donald Graby Fred Bross Ammon Swexgert John Bernardo Robert Houston David Ensmmger Fourth Row Lester Umberger Samuel Yeagley Kenneth Kohr Fred Hartz Martm Muller Wxlllam Dxpper Wayne Blantz Charles Frantz Henry Funck Fifth Row Edwm Helsey Edwm Funck Simon Brandt Stephen Simmons Ralph Moyer Francis Zxmmerman Robert Longenecker Marlm Hostetter Ssrth Row George Struble Ralph Brxghtbnll Larry Pxckel Kenneth Lmberger Lester Landxs JUNIIIR CLASS OFFICERS Presuient Alberta Barnhart Vzce Presulent Nell Smith Secretary Frances Shroyer Treasurer Larry Aungst 37 THE GREYSTONE T11 . , ' A g M V e-f -K H 7..L-,,-..t- 4.1 e, f -fm, , gag 2 ' - z may , . 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First Rau Anna Kaylor Verna Zelgler Jean Bxxler Jamce Lmberger Betsy Benz Lucy Ann Bru baker Kenneth Herr Gerald Bean Esther Foltz Mary Hostetter Shirley Waltz Janet Maller, Elma Jean Swope Jean Shenk Scrond Row Dorothy Dnpper Helen Shu-rrlR' Helen Garrrson Elsne Swergert Betty Hoffman Helen Muller Ethel Moyer Charlotte Lash Jeannine Mel e1ters Mildred Nauman Alxena Fortna Rose Marie Sud bury, Gladys Speraw Delores Hapner Joan Smith Dora Nlarxanx Carol Stone Bluuch Robert Qhaak Frank Hellman Herbert Batz Fourth Ro.: Richard Fortna Fdward Bernardo Carl Gerber Roger Pyles kenneth Goss Claude Nlorrxs Henry hnlhan Fifth Ron Richard Tnce Robert Bowman Harold Dlssmger David Wenger Harry Donmoyer Wll ham Peters Harold Wenrlch James lnger Yarth Ron Lurtxs Hostetter Elwood lxmght Frank Russo Donald Ixern, Harry Kapp llPll0ll0lill CLASS OFFICERS Preszdent Gerald Bean Vnce Preszdent Esther Foltz Secretary Kenneth Herr Treasurer Lucy Ann Brubaker THE GREYSTONE Third Row: Clyde Bachman, Clair Hostetter: Sterling Bordlemay, Raymond Fry, Robert Gruber, Karl L f. 'E W? H First R04 Georgeanna Shaud Jeannette Ixlme Shlrlew Fasnacht Doris klxng Wilma Nllller Shxrley Kxllmger Ruth Shaak Lucxlle Snoke Niax Iorraxne S6ldCl Vary Fernsler 'Xanax Brxghtbxll Xlanneta 'Null Doris Boger Second Rox Rose Fnsmmger lxwthryn Granby lucy Henfer Nhrx Russo Plsle llemsex xxllllllf lunge necker Arlene Fisher Patricia 'Nlatr Betty VN hlsler 'Xnrn lexffer l'xtr1t'x1 D1Xnp,tlxs lhxllxs Hemperly Third R014 Warren Nlxller laul Garrison Jesse lopeuhaxer Xxolancla lurtuna Xhrv Jane Icmge necker Pearl Hellman 'Vlarllwn Felker Patsy Hartman Phwllls Iandls Ll'll'lSllTlE Harner Patncla Roxer 'Vlarxon Felker Charles Foltz David Sattazahn Gardner Boyer Fourth Rat Robert Smith Dale VN entlmg Ceorge Shaud James 'Vlxller ,law Hartz Daryl whl9lEf Fifth Ros David Shroyer Wlllxam Reese Stanley Frederxck Rmchard Frantz lrun Zimmerman Ray Hartz Levus Landis Alfred Hoch kenneth Loss Szrth Ron Marvm Nlnller Rxch1rd Shuey Rxchard VN eater Lester Dechert Robert Blouch VS1rreu Smxth Larl Rabold Chester Stroh Harold Wagner Sczcnth Rau James Iong karl Long Norman Blantz kenneth Dxssmger Carl Blauch NINTII hllllllll OFFICERS Presulent W llbur Longenecker I ICH Presulenl Elsle HQISCX Secrelarw Arlene Flsher Treasurer Patrxcxa 'Nlatz 39 THE GREYSTONE penn annul First Row Marlon Meyer Betty Llght Dorls Stober Arlene Krall Mlldred Vllenger Judlth Kmdt, Loulse Moyer Ruth Buck Ann Krelder Joan Poorman Vlrglnla Thomas Second Row Ruth Lentz Edlth Hummer Amy Fernsler Alvana Mlller Betty Walters Margaret Oberholtzer Rena Blouch Edna Blantz Nancy Boltz Llnda Morgan Marlon 'VIcFeaters Sandra McHenry MBUTIHC McFeaters Thlrd Ro-zu Sally Ann Kautlman Helen Graby Mary Lou Kllllan Ruta Vllller Phyllls Schell Arlene Bomgardner Sally Lou Hellman Joan Sudbury Lydla Fry Fourth Row George Wentllng Eugene lxrelder Robert Batz Raymond Corcoran Harold lxllne James Seltzer Cyrll Mlcozzl Robert Mlller Fifth Row James Cramer, Dale Hunter, Kenneth Shaud, Jalnes Houston, Herman Rhoads, John Starr, Ernest Helsey, RlCh1fd Longenecker, John Aftosmes, Kenneth Howard, Wayne Herr, Louls DlAngells, Robert Hartman Ssxth Raw Rlchard Kern Warren Keller, Jacob Heagy, wllllam Llneaweaver, Wayne Lentz, Franklln Lotz, Harold Zelgler, Earl HoH'smlth, Lee Fox, Bruce Longenecker, James Ladd, Samuel Allweln Seventh Row James Fortna, Fred Strupp, Lloyd Hltl, Paul Rabold, Sherman Moonshlne ElGll'l'll GRADE OFFICERS Presulent John Starr Vice President Samuel Allweln Secretary Lydla Fry Treasurer Judy Kmdt THE GREYSTONE WWW 40 O 3 7 ' 'l' , f V , . .. 4- , f ' 'YI ' ' + S K , J 7 K I A . 5 1 l v l 1 v v y Y - - l 1 l v v - l 1 ' 1 A v A A , 1 5 y l l A l v l 1 1 A 5 l 1 v 1 l y l A - First Row Julia Sabo Vlrgxma Fredenck Elnzabeth Eshleman Xelma Walt Kay Muller Fern Lnskey Shirley Stober Patrlcla Smxth Shxrley Hemperly Jeanette Ientz Ellen Wexdman 'Viarw Swope Nancx Brunner Joanne Rhoads Anna Muller Joan Fasnacht Joanne Hollxnger Jacquelxne Pyles Jacquelxne Bucher Ruth Garnson Ruth Heller Marian Blauch Second Row Rnchard Hoffman Kenneth Hoffman Rncharcl Herr Lucxlle Lwermg Shxrlex Longe necker Shirley Fox Claire Zearfoss Claretta Noll Sally Werner Marjorie Long Thelma Hauer Fern Hummer June Benfer Jean Anspach Kathleen Tobxas Catherme Knlght Shxrley Shutt Frances Lash Dolores Krexder Rachel Hellman Robert Seltzer Gardner Zellers Robert Batz Third Ro-w Wxlllam Matz Robert Swope Ray Lxght Wlllnam Heeter Francxs D1Fnno Robert O Don nell Bruce Hartman Kenneth Fegan Fred Krexder Owen Wixller Fourth Row George Cramer John Wells Charles Sexdel Henry Brandt Damel lxlxcl1 George Wal born Wlllxam Esbenshade Stanley Lxght Rxchard Clodoxeo Walter lxeller Robert lxless Fifth Row Paul Wolf Paul Sattazahn Robert Kmdt Ronald Blouch Arthur Behnew Luke Wagner Wlllxam Felty Raymond Heverlmg Bruce Lmberger John Batz Ssxth Rau Donald Lxneaweaxer Frankhn Wmdle Raymond Dlssxnger kenneth Flood Carl Daub Allen Lessng James Muller EVE Tll GRADE President Kay Mlller V Lce President Paul Wolf Secretary Patsy Smlth Treasurer Ray Light THE GREYSTONE - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . , . Y s , V , , , 4 , 1 1 - . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 .' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - - 1 - 1 1 1 A 1 ' 1 1 1 1 A - A 1 1 - 1 1 '1 ' . . . . , Y , . . 1 1 1 f 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 .'1 1 1 1 1 - . V. . ' . . . , , - 1 1 1 1 1 , . rf! X. , R X dj? , 0 ,fm 1' 'P 4' , , ,N , WWW 'ma W A ' Q',gf',Q3"'w1,?4 wr- N: A if V. F-Q, 'iff 8 'fa 0 , X, I N 4,5 ff l '- if 4 4 ' - ' x "' ,L " , ' , 4. W X I I, , .ff s ' AA x A. ' .f - 'JO' I v 'S 2 D5 ..l: .U Mg 5,3 "' ff' .gf,."- h O '?glv'Q,M -." N v . ' 5 f- , n q ', ' I 1 A N. I -1 ...Y ,,' a, E5 55-n dai. -,Q , .,, E .ll 3.2 1-' "' 4' bu. A ctxvntn QQ ff if X -Wyr- B di. W O 0 Q ff - 0 1 Ax 4 A G Xf N H 11 I . XX f ff' I 5 I M, 'L , ff If v ff X! if 0 , . qf mw V7 X X I X 1 7 ' 4, N A s Q F -J W N I 1 xl Q Q ,. sunny -cs- Frrst Ron janet Exans Jinet Muller Fsther Folt1 Jane Zellers Arlene Yeagley Second Rmu Mr Starr ad :wr Joanne Brandt Alberta Barnhart Barbara Kxngsley Frances Jean Shroyer Tlurd Ro: Gerald Bean Carl Berry Nell Smnth Rmhard Hollxnger Drew Fetterolf Fourth Ro: Rxchard Longenecker Rxchard Txce kenneth Umberger TUIIE 'l' UIIUNCIL The senlor lllgll school student councxl IS an organlzatlon that plays a very lmportant part ln our school life They plan our school dances, as sembly programs, and are responslble for the general welfare of the student body They are domg a fine Job so ln the future, lets support the student counclls 1n everythmg they try to do THE GREYSTONE 'Q 1 f as T y 2 T ,,-.. ' - ? x Vg IT 5. L 5 5 X ,, .- V4 ' 5 .. , ' ': Y ., . , .. ., . . : r . , an , , , , TW , V - 1 , - rw , , . . . . , ' 7 .44- we rms. je -V --'24-.9 ' 12" - - - . .. ... ' 1i J L .Q I 1 ig y-44""- gs .l frm! Ro Nlxw lludxmw Betm Benz Francee Thomae Bettv Zexgler Jane Zellers Florence Beck und Rot Dons Nllller Ruth Schmuck Joan Bowman Jean lxohr Gladys Nleyer flrxrd Ro Feorge Qtruhle Xlberta Barnhart Barbara hmgsley Elma Jean Swope Rlchard Hollmger ltlxtorzurlrxrf Bettw Zugler Assorzatr lzizforr -Xlberta Barnhart George Qtruble fport: Editor: la N Y . V - ri ,. .......-4 it K .A :sn .K E' cg, O 4, nr., . , , . 6 s ,. ..,- S. V . -fl , -, 0 , ' 6' s ' . 7 1 A X Richard Hollingen- Alberta Bnrnhlartg Exrlranqle George Strublelg Walter Winchell Column: Jane it 77 as - vs -4 - - V V ' '4 L' ' 's ' ' ' Q 4 ' ' ' - o lr- Ynlleri Minor lz'rsonal1tu.v Elma Jean Swope 4rt Idrtor Dons 'Vlxller Department Neus Betiy Benz Ynooff um! 'stoop Scooplnp, Snoops Rrparttrs lhrlnra lxlngsley Chrxitme Hafner Frances Thomas Txfmvts Ilorence Beck Je1n lxohr Gladyb Nleur Busnnss 'lvluxruflvrs Frances Shroyer Ruth Schmuck Fatultx -ld users Nlr Henry Hollinger 'SIIG'-. Jean llutlynn EW PAPER THE SCHOOL CRIER The School Crier rs publlshed five IIIIICQ a wear bw the students of Annvxlle Hrgh School The Church Center Prese Nlyerstomn Penna, does the pflllllllg for the '-chool The school paper IS a member of the Pennsylvama School Press Assocxatlon Durmg the year the nemxpaper Ntalf trred to publx h a paper that would mterest you There have been polls and extra featureb to add color to the usual artlcles In addltlon a cartoon hx the staff art:-ts and a front page ptcture taken by tht -taff photographer and approprlatf t tl season were added to brlghten the paper FH h GREYSTON E - First Row: Robert Seltzer, Raymond Forcoran, Robert Batz, Ray Light, Stanley Light, James Kreamer. James Batz, Louis lJiAngelis, Rohert O'Donnell. Scrond Roni: Bruce Hartman, John Wells, Francis DiEnno, Charles Foltz, Jay Hartz, Ernest Heisey, Kenneth Goss, Rola- ert Kless. Third Row: Bruce Umberger, Carl Daub, James Miller, lrvin Zimmerman. Raymond Heverling, Lee Fox, Gardner Boyer. Fourth Row: Lester Dechert, Richard Weaver, Karl Long, Wilbur Longenecker. SAFll'l'Y PA'l'll0L has an enviable record. The present patrol is living up to the tradition set by former groups. We salute the boys who have shouldercd a heavy civic responsibility so well and so willingly. We are proud of our safety patrol. This organization has been functioning for many years, and F. ll. A. Learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow- The Annville Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America, is a club which consists of the junior and senior girls home-economics class. A special meeting is held every Friday morning when we discuss different ways by which we may become good homemakers. This club has adopted a German Home Economics club to whom we send different materials and other things which are of help in their home economics class. Through this club, many girls have acquired pen-pals. During the year we have had several different interesting speakers dealing with homemaking. By this we are learning to live better today so that our lives and those of our families may he better tomorrow. First Row: Miss Swartz, Arlene Yeag- ley, Gloria Werner, Patricia Heilman, Ros- alie Schmuck, Josephine Ellenberger. Second Row: Marilyn Long, Beatrice Bachman, Mary VVhisler, Janet Firestine, Kathryn Smith, Emma Hitz, Margaret Perazzoli. Third Row: Jean Boltz, Ruth Schmuck, Doris Miller, Kathryn Long, Betty Kling, Mary Witmer. First Rau Betsy Benz Sara Hellman Palm Candor: Frances Thomas Esther Foltz Ruth Sh1ak Second Row Jean Boltz Mary Ellen Stone Janet Hartman Owen Muller Wtlltam Matz kenneth Hoff man Lydta Fry Lester Fry Rose Marte Sudbury Manlyn Wolfe june Poorman Vlr Gerace dtrector Thzrd Row Velma Wllt Florence Swexgert Elsxe Swexgert Jean Shenk james 'VI1ller Ixenneth Fegan Joan Smnth Fourth Rau Manlyn Long Joanne Brandt Mary Jane hern Trygve Struble Fred Ixretder Stanley Lxght Patrtcta Matz Charlotte Teahl Louxse Moyer Fzfth Row Gardner Boyer James Mtller Davxd Xorty Frances Shroyer Alberta Barnhart Jane Zel lers Janet Evans Carol Stone Patrxcta Feng Sixth Row Stanley Frederick Davnd Shroyer Dennls Schwenk Donald Brandt Raymond Fry Robert hmdt Frankltn Lotz John Starr Alfred Hoch Larry hretder Lester Lmberger Seventh Row Karl Long Ammon Swetgert James Unger VV1lltam Fegan Robert Shaak Esghth Row George Struble Ralph Brtghtbtll James Lxght Wayne Blantz Henry Funck ThlS year the band and orchestra under Mr Gerace, our new mstru mental mstructor, are two orgamzatlons of whtch A H S can well he proud The hand, which could be seen dlhgently practtcmg last fall parttu pated ln several parades and other acttvtttes durmg the school year The orchestra, whlch may not have as many engagements as the band has dxstmgutshed ltself wtth a fine Chrlstmas concert and we are lookmg forward to hearing them tn other concerts We hope, as does Mr Gerace, that these two mustcal orgamzatlons wlll continue to mcrease tn slze and ability THE CREYSTONE ' 'r , . , . . . . 2 ,. , , , , ' - y 1 1 1 1 1 4 v l . J ' , ' , , . A , ' , , A 1 1 A - 9 . 5 Ullllllll THA First Row: Mary Jane Kern, John Starr, Robert Shaak, George Struble, Johnny VVells, Owen Miller, Frances Thomas, El- sie Sweigert, Louise Moyer. Srmnd Row: Lucy Ann Brubaker, Janet Evans, Joan Smith, VVilliam Matz, James Miller, Fred Kreider, Charlotte Teahl, David Yorty, Jean Shank, Frances Shroyer. Third Roan' Kenneth Howard, Virginia Frederick, John Aftosmes, Francis Dilinno Fourth Roan' llenry Funck, Lydia Fry, Patricia Fcig, Joanne Brandt, Patricia Matz, Marilyn Long, Dennis Schwenk, VVilliani Miller, Alfred Hoch, James Light, far-il Stone, David Shroyer. Fifth Roan' Alberta liarnhart, l.e-tu limberger, Mr. Gerace director. Fin! Row: Doris Miller, Helen Sherrill Janet Hartman. Ruth Schmuck, Patricia lleilman, Gloria VV:-rner, Joanne Shaak. Frances Thomas. Esther Foltz. Evelyn Han- ley, Joan llownian. Rosalie Schmuck, Janice l'mherger, Jean Shenk. .Sirromi Row: Mrs. Keller, Jean Bohr, Christine Fields. Lucy Ann Brubaker, Janet Miller, Elma Jean Swope, Rose Marie Surl- lmury, Dora Mariani, Arlene Yeagley, Elsie Sweigert. Verna Ziegler, Jean Bixler. Betsy llenz, Gladys Speraw, Joan Smith, Delores llapner. Thiril Rua-J Marilyn Long, Shirley l.oiigt-iiecker, Jackie, Fortna, Jean Kohr, Gladys Meyer. Patricia Fc-ig, Charlotte Tealil, Barbara Kingsley, Beatrice Bachman. Fourth Rm.-.' Mary Lou Albright, Cath- erine llarncr, Jane Zellers, Janet Evans, Shirley VValtz, Anna Kaylor, Joanne Tittle. Fifth Roan' Jllllt' Poorman, Marilyn VVolfe, Frances Shroyer, Betty Zeigler, Helen Erickson. GIRL Ullllll null ' l Flrxt Row Kenneth Herr Herbert Batz Robert Gruber Helen Sherrlff Janet Hartman Glorxa Wer ner Joanne Shaak Frances Thomas Esther Foltz Robert Shaak Davxd Sattazahn Karl Blouch Second Ro-w Mrs Keller Dons Muller Jean Boltz Chrxstme Fnelds Lucy Ann Brubaker Janet Muller Elma Jean Swope Jane Zellers Evelyn Hanley Joan Bowman Thcrd Rau Vlarllyn Long Joanne Brandt Jean Kohr Gladys Meyer Alberta Barnhart Patrncna Feng Charlotte Teahl Helen Erickson Joanne Tuttle Fourth Rou Mary Lou Albrxght Catherine Hamer June Poorman Marxlyn Wolfe Frances Jean Shroyer Richard Hollinger Fifth Row Larry Krender Wxllxam Fegan Drew Fetterolf Rxchard Txce En Meyer Luke Ruhl Les ter Lmberger Ammon Swengert S'srth Rau Roy Lxght Thomas Bxxler James Light George Struble Robert Bowman The Semor Hlgh Chorus and the Girls Chorus under the dlrectnon of Mrs Stanton Keller and accompanied by Nlnss Mlldred Myers are two of the most popular extra currlcular actrvmes of our school The choruses are open to all students and those who pass the fall try outs may then enjoy the pleasure of partxclpatmg In the actxvmes of these orgamzauons The Mnxed Chorus takes part ln the Sprung Concert and the Com mencement exercnses The Glrls Chorus, whlch IS a new orgammuon, entered the county Forensic contest for the hrst tlme and won a superlor ratmg whlch en txtled them to compete m the dnstrlct contest at Harrlsburg A fine be gmnmg for thus new orgammtlon THE GREYSTONE E lllll lllllll Cllllll - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - A - 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 - . V- . .. . - A 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 - W . . . - 1 1 1 1 , . 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , ' I . . 'I , , , , . . . . , . . . , . . . . 1 .llllllllll IIIGH Ullllllll lfirxt Rm.-. lnfuise Pasta. Barham lleie- iy. lnnvlii l.ultm:ln. Xlzarimn Starr. Kill-rm Slnglmllull. .lam-I llwuenfn. nl-fan Xlufer. X k'.' 1111.1 lxwtv' lilefumr lfelty. lan- Sllrwyvr, .Xnxtzi Tire. llfirutliy lmu llvnnwr- ly.4 lnllcttc Rauvlm. Vatrieia iclmtlner. lilai Firxt Rmv: Marion Fc-lker, sie eisey, Patiy Hartman, Judith Bluuch. Marilyn Fclker, Margaret Oherlwltzcr, Doris Stolmer, Kay Miller, Judy Kmrlt, Fern Liskey, Shir- ley llcmperly, Mildred NYengcr. Sally Kauffman. .S'vmv1d Row: Mrs. Keller wlirectnr. Clar- ctta N1-ll, Flair Z1-arfues, Rachel Heilman. Shirley l":xsnaclit, Joanne Fasnacht, Dorn linux-r. .Xnn Kreider, Virginia Tlnfmae, Rulh Slxaalfi, Arlene Fisher. Yliirll Ix'n:.': lie1.rige:ii111a Shaud. Joanne Suilhury. Sally l,uu HL-ilman, Jeanette Kline, Ruln-rt liatz, jay Light, Robert Betz, Rlfhcrt llartmxm, llarnlcl Zeigler. I'lfm'tlz lflmn' Janice Hartman. Raymond ilircurzni, jaxnes Seltzer, Stanley Light, Fred Kreisler, Julm Starr. David Yorty, George Shawl, XYarrcn Keller, Sammy All- wein. Ififtlz Ruin' Gefmmli' Vlventling, JaC0lJ lleagy, jesse Vopenliaver, Dale Hunter, Ruliert Kindt, VVilliam Felty, Alfred Hoch. Sirtlr Roca: Richard Lcmgeneclccr, David Shrnycr. Stanley Frederick, Harold Vl'ag- ner. XVayne Lentz, llruce Lmmgenecker, Franklin lmtz, Gardner Buyer, farl Rallold, Liheiter Struh. .S'u:'m:Ilz Row: Dennis Schwenk, Karl Lung, XYilliur l.rmi.:eneCker, Carl Blauch, Miles Zimmerman. .lllllllllll Bllfll l'ml1ergvr. 'lihelmzi Tlwnlai. Tlzinl li'nr.x blaiwnw Swciggert, Rielmzlril X? l-Blu-lnmn, Dlzum-N limlwg. ,leanelte llarilifk 2 Ruth linxlxxinqvr. lirzicc- Miller. l.:u'r3 IJ-Ml Nun, llennx- XM,-ul. llenjzunln l'irr-Ntnre. I' nu um - , ' -der, l'rul .Xx- rlli Ii'ffr. J ,lnlm lireirler. Jann-X llunt- er, li: lx lluntnr llnlip lxrei per. IK-ter .Xftnmiea jaines lleilrnan. Klar- lin Slim-nk, Kenneth Ynrty, Vharlea .Xtln-rt-fn. ltrlfli e lwe lnuei' I-iiftll RMT." Nlary lfllen llurle4l1L'in1. Yerzi Buyer, lflla Shultz. janet VVS-aver. .X'x.rt!1 Ifffr.. ,ll :mire Xnrrix. Richard Hill ,nhn .Xflzlrnm Peter Buyer, Erma Nlnrf ger. l Phy- ilul ii' 4-J' as P ort S SS 4 , aww V if P C ll X! x 5 x ' 1 A7 VAR ITY IIA KETBALL Ier, James 1Vagner-- Valentino Iternnrdo -vm-rafvlain. Scrond Ron-: Mr Francis Zimmerman Larry Aungst, Drew Fetterolf-manager This season which was not as successful as some former ones produced a team that fought hard but was unable to maintain the county class "C" championship which was won the two previous seasons. The squad had only two players with previous varsity experience and the rest rose from the Junior Varsity ranks. The season started out as one which showed plenty of promise but as the season progressed it seemed adverse fate overtook them. They finished the season in third place in the Leb- anon County Basketball League. This group of red and white cagers had a record of twelve wins and nine losses. Since they lose but three players from the squad by grad- uation, the future looks promising and we wish them good luck. VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY A.H.S. OPP. A.H.5. OPP. 27 49 Nov. 30 ALUMNI 33 43 Dec. HERSHEY 27 50 29 Dec WOMELSDORF 18 39 32 Dec HUMMELSTOWN 23 70 34 Dec SCIIAEFFERSTOWN 8 54 34 Dec. IIORNWALI, 17 34 49 Dec PALMYRA 26 36 31 Dec HUMMELSTOWN ROTARY TOURNAMENT 39 60 Dec. LEB. CATHOLIC 71 22 Jan. 7 S. LEBANON 26 28 26 Jan. MYERSTOWN 25 67 45 Jan. SCHAEFFERSTOWN 22 35 52 Jan. CORNWALL 27 39 52 Jan. PALMYRA 40 64 26 Jan. S. LEBANON 13 52 39 Feb NIYERSTOWN 30 45 35 Feb WOMELSDORF 24 23 51 Feb PALMYRA 28 31 47 Feb CIORNWALI. 10 37 40 Feb BIYERSTOWN 18 45 42 Feb SCH A EFFERSTOWN 30 THE GREYSTONE Fin! Rmb: Larry Kreicler, Martin MII no-raftain, Neil Smit . H. G. Moyer-coarh , Kenneth Umberger "Il, First Rn-wr Harry Donmoyer, Richard Rotunda, Gerald Bean, James Vnger, Rich- ard Fortna. Second Row: Mr. H, G. Moyer-coach, Harold Dissinger, Frank Russo, Lester Landis, Robert Bowman, Richard Tice, Sam- uel Yeagley-manager. IEZI .lllllllill VARSITY BA KETBALL This ambitious group of "yearlings" has had a very successful season They oonstantly came out victorious and the few games they did lose weren't due to the lack of fight for they were always in the thick of the battle. This aggregation boasts of a record of sixteen games won and two lost, which is an accomplishment for any team This rather rangy combination is composed mainly of sophomores and is another sign of what awaits the opponents of A.H.S. in the coming years. i 5' This step forward to get the young talent started in the right direc tion produced a team which showed much ability This season was one to be classified as fair but in playing a season they acquired much valuable experience which may prove to be of great value ln the future The team lost quite a few heartbreakers which proves they fought to the end We wish them lots of success in the future First Row: ,Tay Hartz-manager, Sam- uel Allwein, Charles Foltz, Earl Hoftsmith, John Starr, David Yorty, Richard Yorty, Richard Kline, Marvin Miller-manager, Second Row: Mr. RTUI'l'fL'0l1ff1, Irvin Zimmerman, Chester Stroh, VYilhur Longe- necker, Richard Zimmerman, Ray Hartz James Fortna, Jacob Heagy. 1 T C H5731 l-u 1 'M' e SUUCER Frrst Row Rlchard Fortna Larry 'Xungst Drew Fetterolf hell Smith Ernest Angelo Wrlham Smxth Svrond Rau Mr H G Moyer coach Harold Dxssmger Rxchard Txce Fred Bross Lester Landxs kenneth Lmberger Fmncrs Zxmmerman Stephen S mmons Donald Kern Thus sport still nn t infancy at A H S did not produce too suc cessful a sea on The team was a fiend for tres and ended the season wlth five tres and seven losses The team fought hard and well but just didnt have that extra bll of luck to break those tres The season ma not one that the members of the team are to be ashamed of and rt should be valuable trammg for next years team whlch mll conslst of all veterans THE GREYSTONE 54 LVN 1 L 1 fjzllls 1 1 flllli -3l,L'lj glijl 'LT llqrl-ll illlrar-Jr-ls i 551 l,..iI1l :srl :1':f.31'i 11 ll 1 1 lr-Jef: lg f Q11,tj1Qr1:5 ml tl ,, V,jII?1'f1..1.11 1 ll Llrf LT 1 W! an KM -ff in , f f , -ls s ow, . ' - '45 ie 4 I ll' V- ., A 513, .V 47+ f J , 2, W, ,W . Fsrxt Rou Philip Marian: Jack Thomas James Wagner Ernest Xiozzx Lynn Hostetter Drew Fet terolf Richard Rotunda Second Rau Richard Hollinger Randall Aungst Lester Landis Richard Iongenecker Elmer Tobias Donald Longenecker Robert Gruber Third Rau Roy Light 'VI1' Billet raarh Donald Graby Neil Smith What do you knovv the Jinx was finally broken' It had been 16 years since Annvllle High School had had a championship baseball team When the players hung up their cleats after the 1948 season they could vvell be proud of themselves This vvas a fighting team vvhlch never gave up until the last out honors with Palmyra A play off was plaved and the locals were victorious 85 Then they played Newmanstovvn the champions of Division II for the county Championship Although the lad from A H S were the underdogs they battled this highly favored nine to the end before losing 43 They received a handsome trophy for their efforts as mon archs of Division I The season record was 10 Mm and 3 losses The outlook for next season is very bright and lets hope next years team vvill do even better THE GRFYSTONE BASEBALL I V-A I I V il 9 1 T. -Y 7 ' , . 'r ' ' . , A. ' - , ' , Y . i, . . v: , l . A , , . 1: " . k Q 'Q Y Q ' I - ' v V ' Ki 77 This spirited team ended regular season play in a tie for Division I . . . N . , ' A4 ' .'N' ' ' . s , . . Q. ' , 4 ' - ' . . ' - " 5 4- '. ' . ' . , . . A l :.5 A j gi 5-W'4zgf'. 1 'I ' 'fr fm- '2-,fm-g ' -A a1,,,rvff,g- ,ew 2: ff '. 11 -up - T . ' H: I, et ' f -. ,3Ai5,,t7 7. 24. fy ' ., , gf: an' f '-F .K -w K f 1, gf ' -. 4f, L,, ' -". ,f -"Qi ' 1 Q . ,A 2, 'Y f. I gyge vy, V . n h., ,gr ,.., . V - ffufpf' ,qlifsirhfl - Q 4 T TRACK F :ct Rot Nlr Xoung mari: Richard lox Rxehard Holltnger Fdvun lxrelder James Funk Ernest X 1o171 Rlchard ln.,ht Drew Fetterolf hxllllilll Smith Mr Nioyer rnarh U11 tn lrul 1,1117 Farl Blatt James H1rtman kenneth Blauch Nell gflllfll lxenneth Umber t ldnxn Husu john lltrnardo nznmmlr La-I years team which successfully defended Its tltle as county ehamplons brought home many trophies Among these trophles were those rece-ned for thur efforts at the founty Track 'fleet They also possess the 880yard relay trophy won at the lebanon Daily News Relay Carnnal Ernle XIOLLI received a trophy for the standout performer at the County Track 'Niett This sport mlnch has more mdnldualnty than other sports boasts of many out-tandlng, athlttes The holdower from this champlonshlp team plus manv prounsmg newcomers offer a bright prospect for the next QPHQOH THE GREYSTONE ,. .ia . 7'-A : ' Y ' ' . Cf". A ' Y ' 'n T l ' ' .. , . ' , ' , . . , . . . ' J' , A ' ,S't"u1 I' iv: 5 ' . ., . . , 1 I . , , .v . , - This grueling sport boasts of another successful season. , . . . . . . k v ' . . . Y v Y Q . V X -I V S . . . , Fa .vt R l-:ther Foltz 'Vlarxlyn Wolfe lxay Speece Frances Jean Shroyer June Poorman jcanne gh13h Yen d Ro lucy Xnn Brubaker l Baker Frances Thomas Betsy Benz Elma Jean ivnope Betty Zengler 'llherta Bar hart Barbara lxnngsley 'Vhss Mary Lehman Tlnrd Rn jacks Ifortna Jane Zellers Helen Luck on larol Qtone Janet Evans Betty Nauman Annvzlle Opponents ALUMINI SCHAEFFERS1 OWN LEBANON BETHEL MYERSTOWN SCHAEFFERSTOWN LEBANON BETHEL 'NIYERSTOW N Foach Miss Many Lehman Manager ,Iacquelme Forma faptam Elected THE CREYSTONE GIRLS BA KETBALL 'r rm' .' 1 , . ' , ' , . , , 1 , In rv: . 1 , ris , . , , . ' , ' , 1 n , , . ' . wr 1 , , , 's , . , , . . 22 ' 24 38 ' ' Y 26 40 l ' 57 17 31 21 l ' 29 18 19 10 1 ' 42 13 32 38 1 I ' 48 wp f ,Pad , V , ,A ,M ae, 1 .an -1 K , If ig,-D ,W 'fc af' if ,A K , , ' 5 JK . 11 ,.. W ,MW ,, . i ' 1, 4, Q , 4 , nf w :Sf J4 My 9' Wfgjf' v W 'Y 5? ' 2 41 ' Q' 44 MQ if 4 'V 1 if L f M fe I 'Q W :jd 2, 1 ,--.Q w A M1-, , ' K Ah ' Q in , 4 2 ,.,, J, w ,f V fb' 1' ei , A? ' F Q' 522222 f.,.q4, al an A, X X, ,, Ly fi. 1-'Zag -I S Hr, ' Q g 'K-, I -, wg - 4,1 :fy :x X f YBUISBIUB '-'E l The 56111015 of AIHIVIHC H1 h School and pa1t1cula1ly thoee who b01lC1ICd plospectlwe 3dYCItl ele ws 15h to sm mg, space 111 the Creybtone thle ,Cdl It lb tllla type of co ope1at1o11 Wh1Ch helps make poemble the pl1b1lCdI1Oll of thls yealhook We hope our many fr1ends who lead the Creystone w1ll patromze whe11ever pract1cab1e the fI'1ClldS who saw fit to patromze us Thank You The Class of 49 1 4' Q A s xt ' X Cv K cerely thank the many friends who purchased advertis- Q Y Phone 7 8421 AAA UNGER BROS Plumbing and Heatmg Atlantic Service 401 W Sherldan ve 896 E Mann Street ANNVILLE PA ANNV1LLE PA Phone 7 6821 V Compliments of ELECTRICAL coNTRAcToR FLOYD E TICE Commercial and Residential Wmng DECORATOR R D 3 LEBANON APPLIANCES FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES Pamtmg and Paperhangmg Estumates Gwen GENERAL nscmc APPLIANCES Phone 7 8911 449 w Mum sneer Phone LEBANON 41111 THE CRES STONF U D . ' A . Tires - Batteries - Accessories ' I I T6 ' 7 A L . 4 East Main Street Phone 2-6552 AMMON F WENGER Contractor and Builder ANNVILLE PA Atlantic Servlce Statlon Wrllram C Funck Prop 513 WEST MAIN STREET ANNVILLE PA an Lee Tires Exrde Batteries HOSTETTER S RADIO II E MAIN STREET ANNVILLE PA R C A 8. Columbia Records G E 8. Sunbeam Appliances RADIOS BY R C A General Electric Motorola Sparton Westinghouse IHF fRI 'XSTONF , . I Atlantic Gas - Motor Oil ' U d Annville Frozen Food Service 400 E. MAIN STREET Phone 7-7141 Compliments We Serve Our Own ICE CREAM AN The pat of th p ty that appeals BUY IT BY THE GALLON Milk Shakes - Sundues CLEONA PA Phone LEBANON 4140 GRUBB S Manufacturers of ICE CREAM and ICE CREAM MIX WHOLESALE RETAIL THE GREX STONE " r e ar to the palate" , . I A. S. KREIDER CO. SHOES 346 E M Sf GUYER GULF SERVICE CARL S BARBER SHOP ANNVILLE PA ANNVILLE PA Ph e7 911 'I HF f RFYQTONE I 0 344- . ain reef Compliments I on -3 FIT STYLE WEAR STONY'S RESTAURANT SHOES BREAKFAST LUNCH NUNN-BUSH DlNNERS RED CROSS HOMEMADE DONUTS FREEMAN FOUNTAIN SERVICE - MAGAZINES Bennetch-The Shoeman "The Home of Good Shoes" Phone 7-3751 ANNVILLE, PA 847 Cumberland Stre t LEBANON PA Compliments F I N K S BAKERY C of I THE GREYSTO N li Phone 7-3361 DANIEL F WENGER G' SON General Contractor and Burlder ANNVILLE, PA Phone 7 3941 Res 7 7154 F D Unger Service Station OIL TIRES TUBES Accessories West Mann Street ANNVILLE PA Compliments of GEORGE S SCH ELL Distributor of Wengerts Cream Top Dairy Products fm 1111 IRIXNI GAS - - - ' ' Phone ANNVILLE 7-5591 " C L Q 'f"'fJN1f STEP ON IT! Wear the Ball Band Official Basketball Shoe Compliments of J0hl1 Hirsh Dept. Store WAI-TZIS BARBER Phone 7-5151 W. U. Shaud, Mgr. SHOP Compliments of C W BECKER BITUMINOUS PAVING THF GRICYSTONI J. EDWARD GANTZ Photographer SNYDER APPLIANCE Refrigerators Washers and Applrances Sales and Service I3 W Mann Street ANNVILLE PA Phone ANNVILLE 7 75II Phone 7 578I ISAAC M LONG Insurance LIFE AUTOMOBILE COMPENSATION and FIRE I2 West Mann Street ANNVILLE PA IIII IRIHNTONIW LEBANON 87I Compliments Telephone 7-4801 of and Mrs. H. U. L. Horst A- R- SHEARER 145-147 West Main Street Mobilgas-Mobiloil-Service Station ANNVILLE, PA. l l Mum and Whnte Oak Streets 1 ANNvu.LE, PA. Good Luck, Seniors! JOHN H BOGER Cr SON COAL FEED FERTILIZER ANNVILLE PA PHONE 7 4111 , . THF CREYSTONIC KINGSLEY AND BROWN, Inc Launderers Cleaners F urrlers ANNVILLE PA Where Good Work ls a Habit Two Cold Storage Annvllle 7 5511 Vaults at Your Service Hershey I 0611 KREAMER BROS The House of Better Values FURNITURE AND FLooR covzmwcs '03 West Mum Sffeef ANNVILLE PA Washers Gas 8. Electric Stoves P'e5C"Pt'0"5 Carefully MODERN FUNERAL HOME Compounderl 328 West Mum Street Phone 7 5141 ANNVILLE PA Electric Refrigerators, Appliances A I y I 09 THE CREYSTONF BEER WINES RADIO PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL Home Cooked Meals Sunbeam and G.E, 201-203 West Main Street Electric Appliances ANNVILLE PA. H F BRAN DT phone 9175 Sales and Service 54 North Lancaster Street ANNVILLE PA. LIQUORS LIGHT LUNCIJES Phone 7 4381 WALTER B LONG ATLANTIC SERVICE TIRES REPAIRING Phone LEBANON 9196 CLEONA PA IIII II NNI Lours Rotunda, Prop ' ' GAS - OIL - ACCESSORIES " 'I LIII '."'IINI' II PHONE 7 6321 SIIIID FDR GDDD USED CARS WITH SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SHERRY S AUTO MART 86I E Mom Street ANNVILLE PA Amos Nardml Prop I THF CRIiYS'I'ONPI Phone 7-5121 Atlantic Products Have Dinner With Us FUNCK'S GARAGE ASTORIA RESTAURANT ANNVILLE, PA. General Repairing OFFICIAL A.A.A. SERVICE I4-16 S. White Oak St. Good Food : Good Health ANNVILLE, PA. ANNVILLE SHOULDER STRAP C0 Telephone 7 7931 314 West Mann Street ANNVI LE PA TIIIC CLIiIiYS'I'UNlC Z PETER HAWRYLUK Jeweler ART CARVED DIAMONDS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES FINE JEWELRY PARKER PENS FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRS 40 East Mum Street Annvllle Pa Phone 7 67II P RODNEY KREIDER WEST END MEAT GARAGE MARKET un H G 5PGf19I9f Pf0P Servrce Station DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF MEATS ANNVILLE PA Phone 7 4131 IHF CHFX YI UNF - d .. Main and KiIIinger Streets Compliments Compliments NORTH SIDE BEN FRANKLIN FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE Sfh d L H Sf t FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE UHLEBAZOTQA CC S E W Wone P op E W Wolfe Prop N Open Frldoy 8' Saturday 'gms Open Frldoy 81 Soturcoy Nights STOUFFER S TEXACO SERVICE East Mom Street ANNVILLE PA GA OIL on WASHING MARFAK LUBRICATION HOMER E STOUFFER PROP THF KRIXSIONI I I' .. ,r. . I. A Q I I I , . 5- d . , . AI 4-, A Your MILK Distributor Hershey s We rge ts Homogenr ed C eam To P HARRY L MEYER CLEONA PA Phone 22I6 J Compliments of PITTSBURGH PAINTS THE ASTOR THEATER Lebanon Dolly News Agency ANNVILLE ROY H LIGHT ESTATE PA ANNVILLE PA Wallpaper Wmdow Shades IHI GRIN TUNI ' A 1 r' N 'z D r I ' ' ge I eeeve ,,,geEEfEeee ,S SSESEZEEEEET T T N "?1'2'S' Visit Compliments HOT KELLER S GROCERY DOG FRANK Breyer s Ice Cream Talk of the Town SPENCER CASSEL Plumbing Heating Hardware 209 N Ranlroad Street 14 East Mum Street PALMYRA ANNVILLE PA Phone 8 5341 Phone 7 5131 THE GREYSTONIF of I I ' ,PA. , . , 1 A UNION EMBLEM COMPANY HIGH SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY FELT GOODS AND COMMENCEMENT STATIONERY PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of The Sheet Metal Shop LEHMAN S Self Service Grocery FRESH 81 SMOKED MEATS FRUITS 84 VEGETABLES 29 W Sherudcm Ave ANNVILLE PA I TH PI CR I2 YSTON If Compliments D L SAYLOR AND SONS GOODMAN cf YEAGER ANNVILLE PA. Pntsenburger 5' Hamly MEATS GROCERIES Complrments 207W TM BATDORF DEPT STORE FREE DELIVERIES PHONE 7 8271 ANNVILLE PA THF FRTX STONF of I es oin Street , L I '. vi ,Y J Compliments of PAUL H KETTERING Main 8. Lancaster Streets ANNVILLE PA ESSO PRODUCTS GOODYEAR TIRES Phone 7 6231 Compliments LESTER L KREIDER FOOD MARKET THE PENNWAY BARBER 348W Mon S'e SHOP B Il 5 Dale 7946 Under New Management PAY US A VISIT ANNVILLE PA Whe e Custome s Send Phone 7 5071 e Delaver IHI IRPXSTONF of ' 4 . i r et I f -193 .H " f f I Their Friends" I I - W - I I I I I KREIDER MFG. CO. M f t f HOSIERY THF f'RFYfTOYF ,J J 14 ,., . S , r- "- V, F . ,- , .-Q, . K' . ' . -Q

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