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f 5? fi? fi 'Y EA 1 1 5 . i Asif? I S Q , Q , . W2 , W W' 'Q , ,Q LE , i V faq Q Sui 1: L 55, xl, ' ,Www x M VI. if-4' t I f W5 Q ' 5 x .' hwgwi' 1 gl as Rf- , 1 f gp: M KQQEHQ, 6 2 2. I' ...- A "-iafkihf '11-! f f -, - 2, Q: '- 4' V X-f'rif-'?'15t,.1.3 5' I ' A Nw my iw vi I x , . if www A A, N H 'wk if 'i '5' f flN.q gf!-5 if o 5 S A 3 W1 .f fm ,v Im, 5. Q E 1 5 z hx 'a li ,W " Q J ' L - hut 8 I . 4 , 7 bv n. v rf" A ,.-.Q-'gil-'Z .ff ,ff-'-' ...A ,M- Q., .of mf.. ,, qi. f 9 ' I 7 ,- JW V ag , A A 2 it 4? if , x :Q 7? ' ,V 2 4 pf if KA W , , gy , ' :S fgfgafglw ggi 'I R4 W 5? 'WH pf . . H . ..,., 1- ,W . if , zw'.'-,M344 ,- -.yy ,jcaafq . - 1 -- -Q L? 3A ,iq , Q -r V Mr., I 1 ., ' - z ' ' fvl , , Wffg, 1151 W ' V .z'-4' ,,,a,M2mf ,'- ,gf f.,.,,, f,,M,?5L5f,,5f ,V x T111 C11sw 11f 19-16 48 Il 11 p1111s It m 1110111111110 11115 bflfjk Charles G Dotter 1 111 11e1111x 11111 1 1 1 1 KI N 1 as 11 11 111111 and EC1LlCd1fJ' H1 1111111111111d1d 11111 11511111 N IK s 111 1 111 11111 11111 11115.51 11 1 K1X 11111 5111111 1111 11111 +111 1 11111 1 1111 11 . 1 -1 .',' .' 11111 -1 -' 311' ' Nl'-"H " 111 11 11' A' '-"ci '15 13 '111c1p111 111' 11111 SQI111111 1111 1' ,'111'V111g 1111' 11115' X1-'11'5 41 111111 w11i1'11 1111 511 211J1f1' 11111111. 111111 1-.'11.i E1VEif.'.' "11'11g 111 1.1-111 115 1115 1411 lj ' 115111 11111 "1 1 ' - 11111111 11111 1-111-1 "1g1f11 JLII' 1'111 111 11111. PAGE S ERVICE Be Strong Be strong' We are not here to plaw to dream to drlft We haxe hard work to do and loads to l1ft Shun not the struggle face lt t1s God s glft Be Strong' And fold the hands and acqulesee oh shame' Stand up speak out and brax elx IH God Q name Be Strong' It matters not how deep mtrenched the wrong How hard the battle goes the day how long Famt not fight on' Tomorlovs comes the song MALTBIE DAVENPORT BABCOCK IN MEMORIAM S SGT CLIFFORD BOYER SGT LAWRENCE HENNING PFC CYRUS SHENK S SGT RALPH STREICHER S SGT RICHARD STREICHER PVT RICHARD WEBER PVT CLYDE WITMEYER LT RICHARD ZEIGLER . , ' . 7 ' . ' . ' Say Not, 'tThe days are evil. Whos to blame?" 1 ' ' l . , , . - . The Greystone Staff Edztov zn Chu, IACQLPTTNF B DU sow Axwfzfm Edzlm Rmmw FISHFR C' mm ffnnvmrru Cuxmm Mfmixv TH I IK Cmmxw Wwmr A11 PXLL Iwcxmrmm Pzclmex ROLFRT Bmx Adz G7fZSZ7lQ CARI Fm Lulun s Doms Tm II PH P mlm as Mlsx Xm Bossmm ' A-'- . . U A Ji' 7' I ' "f .v AL' RL' , sm' Scnirn' Wrirv-ups: E1,mNOmi I,1csH'1' F1 5 C ll 'll' V ,AXd1".'e2'.' 1 .- fswi. A.. ... an f-- -- .- .4 V' - 46 v . ,,., lt s ... .,.: ,,..-v-Q -r-'auf A ."1. wf ff-fl-,,..q-1 TZ'-1..,..,,fQ"'-J . IP- ' 4. pg 'MQ I I ...rif- -sink 518' -:OG .3 . , ,- 'X - L 0401 Q hw. v . L. I l -36- 5359 fl t . flggbw l A 1. car First Row: Miss Helen Butterwick, Mrs. Elizabeth Barnhart, Miss Pauline Stephens, Miss Janet Hammond, Miss Elizabeth Marshall. ' Second Row: Mrs. Sara Brubaker, Miss Margaret Chapman, Miss Mildred Myers, Miss Ada Bossard, Miss Eleanor Witmeyer. Third Row: Mr. J. Gordon Starr, Mr. Henry Hollinger, Mr. Paul Billett, Mr. Howard Moyer. The Faculty MRS. ELIZABETH R. BARNHART Lebanon Valley College A.B. Lehigh University Arithmetic, Gyography, Spelling 'L M ' 'L MR. PAUL C. BILLETT Lebanon Valley College B.S. Science X' 1 V! .O f 'P- fsnwjf -f'24,ffw6f Miss ADA C. BOSSARD Languages L-,, KD E' .sxtf sv 9 ' The Greystone Lebanon Valley College A.B., M.A. 1 14. F MRS. SARA B. BRUBAKER Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College A.B. 5. Ai Miss HELEN I. BUTTERWICK Lebanon Valley College B.S. Music English ffcfwa ' Miss MARGARET L. CHAPMAN Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Biology, Social Studies, Algebra I, . 1 SLA. YA ,fgzlf 1 - Mus IXNFT B Hf1NIN1f1ND F1111 Q 'atc TcaCnC1 C le T 111SXlX 11111 Qtalc QUHKFC I1vl7771L Fcr111O111CQ MP UPNRX J HKJIIINCPIQ uhm 1 171hUhImx11 KL11111101 91110111 1 7 Lmxmkxtx N W11t?1m11r111c9 MISS I-117 '-.BETH A MARs11A1 Niount Holxokc College AB ,yay ff M1Ss M11 DRFD My ERS 4111111111 Xallm Collnu Lu1u111l111 I nlx EXHIIX 'NIA E IIIZQH Intm I MP How ARD G 'NTm111 at 2 CI if TL X f'r11lL1.0 fm S'1111CQ WTR J Cf012114w STXRH 111011 X 1 1 I1 I-11114311011 vxflsltx '11 nc 111111 M185 PAL11x1 P QrF11111ws El1zabL1h1oxx11 Qolh Q B Tocml SUAIUOQ If Mus F1 FXNOR W1Tw11s rn Leoamvrw Xlllex College AB H Sloru Ph1s1cz1r Educaximwz The Greystone ' .'.'.,-.'. . 1. 11' 1. ', 4. '1 I11 iz zz .,t. r ' ' 'S 17 111- E S 'W 1s Cho I ' Stain TD. 1? '11 X1 BS N-1 'z 1 M A ' L Y'111fs'1r'f1! HfI111'11t1f111, S11 ' I I' . Juyixgqlgq ff: ' 1 '- 'X B, LCTH 'J HDX K"1Hf'Li ' BS 1 1 ' , E! ,. 1 ' I 1 ' , ' U1 . j of P1 1111xylw111i:1 M S 111 Educatmn 171111111 IH ' Q ,T.A, P " 1,11 . J ,. .Jn I" 1' 1- 11 , , - ' ' -Q 1 A . Ef1g1I1.Q?1 ., ' . .. !,l HV' ., I f4Jq,,l, VJX 1. 1 , I 1,-Q 1 ,U AVE 5 A j'j 11N . . , '1. L. ' 1 ' 6 1 C . . "Bell th t 11 blonde wh 1 y h man Sh lk t 11 kt dt kt, and p d 1 t f h t k t g t Mt. Gret L b Sh k p h t a secr t f b t h t t d the Navy Aft g d t h t t b e a se t y d k h 11 b playing b b 11 t noontime or riding h b'y1 H lk t llerskat btdilk t dy g H f t ubject is h t y Oh -'Mir' ANNABELLE MAE ALBRIGHT ' , H bb H b ful. N pp Stffl Y bk Ch 1 WILBUR GLENN BACHMAN . . q, h k th p ly dby W1At h 1h lk tdyp d h h h h 1 td Aft g d t h ldlk tj th N t hPP yth gy k ROBERT EARL BEAN Whenever you see the yellow Dodge you can be sure "Bob" isn't very far away. He hates string beans to the point of being allergic to them. He likes horseback riding. especially with beautiful girls. and prefers physics class in school. He'll miss the fun of school activi- ties most after he leaves A.H.S. After gradua- tion. Bob intends to go to an embalming school in Cincinnati to study to become an undertaker. Good luck. Robert. Class Oflicer 2 Chorus 3 Basketball 1 Yearbook BERYLE ISABELLE BECK "Becky", the quiet girl with the artistic tal- ent, spends her leisure time brushing up on her art. She likes to listen to jazz bands while reading comic books. Spanish is her favorite subject and she claims her best school hours were spent in gym class. She intends to go to business college after school. Anybody looking for a good bookkeeper? MILDRED IRENE BEHNEY "Millie" is the attractive brunette who can make the biggest bubbles with her bubble gum. She likes swimming and basketball and doesn't like to write letters. Spanish is her favorite subject and she wants to travel after graduation. Before all you guys start taking Spanish and rushing to Mexico, remember, she speaks English too. She claims the only thing she'll miss about school is the holidays. Bon voyage, Mildred. Chorus 3 u ZF JANET MYRL BIXLER "Babe",,as she is known to her friends. is part of the Struphar, Fernsler, and Bixler Corpo- ration, Among her many friends in school, these are the ones she will miss most of all. She dislikes German but likes dances, movies. study periods. and physical education. Her favorite subject is Latin and "Holy Ike" is her most common expression. After gradua- tion she wants to take up nursing at St. Josephs Hospital in Lancaster. Lots of luck, Janet. MARK HENRY BORDLEMAY "Mick" is the tall friendly Hman" of our class who always has a trick up his sleeve. He enjoys anything but work and studying. We remember him for his unexpected jokes. His favorite subject is physics. In school he likes study periods best-especially those 3 o'c1ock periods of former years. Well, Mark, we hope you will be lucky and successful in life. Yearbook ROBERT DANIEL BRUNNER "Bob" is the tall, quiet boy whose main inter- est in life is "Jean". He likes practically everything except writing letters and his fav- orite expression is "WuhZ" Physics is his fav- orite subject and he's really going to miss his friends after graduation. His main ambition is to marry "you-know-who." For your sake Bob. here's hoping the post-war rolling pins are soft! Track 3 Yearbook ws. MARY ELIZABETH CAPRIOTTI "Mary" is the vivacious girl who likes music, dancing, and skating. She dislikes Spike Jones' Orchestra and her favorite expression is "Bite Mel" Spanish is her favorite subject. After graduation she'1l miss school activities and the kids most. She plans to manage a dress shop in the near future. That's one way to be sure of always having a new dress! LAWRENCE LEE DODSON "Dotz" is the happy-go-lucky fellow who's always ready to have a good time. He likes to eat, swim, and play basketball. Confi- dentially we think he likes the girls too, but he won't admit it. He dislikes turnips, but he really should eat them to get an A in his favorite subject, physical education. He'll miss the study periods most after leaving school. He intends to join the Navy. We'll keep you supplied with sea-sick pills if you'1l let us know, Lawrence. Chorus 3 Baseball 3 Track 2 Basketball 3 JACQUELINE BETTY DUBSON "Jackie" is the nickname of this friendly. congenial member of our class. We see her working industriously in school but she is subject to unconventional impulses. She likes crabcakes, swimming, and a "certain" sailor. Guess who? There aren't many kinds of foods she likes. but she does like to eat. English is her favorite subject. Dances rate high on her list of nice things about school. After gradua- tion .lackie would like to go to dramatics school. Best of luck and happiness to you. Jacqueline. Newspaper 2 Senior Play Yearbook Cheerleader 3 Chorus 4 Basketball l Class Oilicer 3 nv CLAIRE LUCILLE DUNN Nutsy can often be found traveling with Windle and Sxve to the movies or any place where there IS anything doing She seems very quiet and bashful until you really learn to knoxx her She can also handle herself on the dance floor Her favorite subject is busi ness mathematics She likes to swim and to skate and what about the Coast Guard Clane' Her motto is Love Live and Let Live The best of everything to you Claire Basketball 1 MARIAN JOYCE ENSMINGER Pinky as most of her friends call her IS the petite girl who comes from the east end of Annville You always know she is around for you hear her exclalrning Holy Cow' She likes to dance and she also likes physical education Her favorite subJects are German and Latin After graduation she wants to be come a telephone operator Lots of luck Pinky Newspaper 1 RUTH ANNA FASNACHT "Ruthie" is one of the seniors who prefers to enjoy life without bothering too much about school. Among the things she likes in school is history. Outside of school, movies and bicycling are at the head of the list. The gum shortage has been felt by Ruth and an in- crease in the supply will be a big help to her. As yet she has not decided what she is going to do after graduation. Lots of luck and suc- cess, Ruth. ref! - fl 4 f 7.4 f-I S L l e' 5 J ' n 'VS . x DOROTHY IRENE FERNSLER "Dot", as she is known to all. is a quiet. friendly girl in school but rather lively and fun-loving. Her favorite pastime is dancing, tshe really is a solid senderl. She dislikes to hear people tap their feet or fingers. His- tc-ry is her favorite subject. The thing she likes best about school is, of course, the dances. "Gee whiz!" is the expression by which she voices her opinion at times. Af- ter graduation Dorothy would like to become a nurse. Well, Dot, we all hope you have the best of everything possible. Newspaper 1 Senior Play, Prompter Chorus 3 Yearbook ROBERT HARRY FISHER Whenever you hear the melodious notes of the violin you know without looking that it is "Bob". We can always depend on Bob and his violin for a special program. He certainly played a good part in the senior play too. His favorite subject is physics. He likes to hunt, swim, and dance. After graduation he wants to join the Navy and later on study music. Chorus 1 String Ensemble 1 Class Officer 1 Orchestra 5 Senior Play CARL SHIFFER FRY "Buck", the fellow who reminds us that good things come in small packages, is the helpful and studious person everyone knows. He enjoys fishing and dislikes work tso he saysl. Solid geometry is his favorite subject. He likes the study periods and dances at school. "Well I'll bel" is his most used expression. After graduation "Buck" intends to go to college. We wish you health and success in your life, Carl. Newspaper 2 Basketball Manager 2 Safety Patrol 4 Senior Play Yearbook Class Officer 2 fox 4 WINFIELD CHARLES GERBER Whenever you hear that expression "Son of an Ethiopian" you know that "Winnie" is around. If you want to find him, look at home last because he spends much of his time at the pool room and also at Reedy's Restaurant. The subject which he likes best is health. He likes to hunt, play pool, and also play cards. He does not like to dance but is very faithful at the dances, spending most of the time play- ing cards. After graduation he wants to take up trucking. Lots of luck, Winfield. MARY MARGARET HEAGY "Heagy", as her friends call her, seems very shy until you learn to know her. Then you often hear her calling "Hey!" and inquiring about her German lesson. She hates to study but her favorite subject is German. She spends most of her leisure time listening to the radio. After graduation she wants to be- come a receptionist for a doctor. Lots of luck, Mary. LAWSON ALTON HEMPERLY "Hemp" seems to be a very quiet boy until you get to know him. He is very active around school and you can usually find him in Miss Butterwick's music room. That's why he'll miss music most after graduation. His favorite subject is history. He likes baseball and all other sports. After graduation "Hemp" wants to be a farmer. 1Now we know where to get some butter.J Best of luck in your new undertaking, Lawson. Chorus 4 Band 5 Orchestra 5 Baseball 3 DAVID RYDER HORST "Dave" is a good all around sport when it comes to having fun, He is known to most of us as one of our outstanding basketball play- ers. "Dave" doesn't like to work but in sports it's a different matter. His favorite subject is physics. After graduation he would like to become a physical instructor, Good luck, David. We know you will make a good one. School Paper 2 Track 6 Basketball 3 Yearbook PAUL DUNCAN INGRAHAM "Hinge", "Ingy", or "Shorty"-take your pick -are just a few of the names given to this six-foot-two hunk of man who has a great enthusiasm for edibles and chewing gum. "Hinge" dislikes getting up on cold mornings, especially when he has to go to school. His favorite subject is history while "Oh, I'11 get it!" is a common expression for him. After graduation "Hinge" intends to go on to school -Where?-Best of luck and happiness to you. Paul. Basketball 3 Student Council 1 Senior Play Yearbook VIOLET EMMA KREIDER "Violet" with the curly hair and blue eyes thinks there's nothing prettier than early summer mornings. To her, there's nothing more annoying than to be driving at night and pass a string of other cars whose drivers won't dim their lights, Her main likes in school are physics and her class mates. Violet wants to go away to college and then start a business of her own. We know she will be successful. Best wishes from all of us. Chorus 2 School Paper 2 Yearbook Senior Play. Stage Manager 4' il Wh ERMA JEAN LEHMAN Elllld .IL in vtlth the llght blown h111 lb tht gx llkftll Elll who lb always xx1ll111g, to lend hclplng h1nd She cnjows good CldSSlL 1 5lC 'and d1sl1kcs htarmg people complaln about even l1ttle thmg Her fax OFIIQ LXDICB slon lb Thats tough E1mas IQXOIIIO suo mecl lb Fxtnch Ill vth1ch she 18 qune llllhl esttd As fOl hu IHICIIIIOIIS aftu she g, adu ales Exma lb undtuded btt would 11kt to genexal make It a pleasant place fOl hu Well Er1na we hope you w1ll have happmt s and luck 1n evuythlng you undeltake Chorus 4 O1chest1a 3 Nevx SPBDCI 2 Yearbook ELEANORE CATHERINE LIGHT El IS the mckname of th1s d1gn1fled 1mp who has a way and sense of humor all her own She enJoys dr1v1ng and gets the car at every oppoxtunlty Dont mentlon seafood to her for she d1Sllk9S It Her favor1te subject lS h1story Darn' IS the express1on by Wh1Ch she gets r1d of steam At school she I1kQS those mformal Tuesday afternoon study perx ods After she graduates El 1S gomg to go to school most l1ke1y she w1ll become a teacher We hope you w1ll have success and happlness IH all vou undertake Eleanore Newspaper 2 Orchestra 4 Yearbook Chorus 4 Senlor Play RUTH ELEANOR LIGHT Butch as she IS better known IS a qu1et and unassumlng senlor She IS an accom pl1- hed sportswoman and wants to be a phys ICHI educat1on mstructor Her favorlte pas t1me IS domg anythmg connected w1th sports Ruth has added a great deal to her class 1n her own qu1et way Everyone wlshes to extend her a hearty hand clasp Chorus 4 Orchestra 3 Basketball 1 Band 3 Yearbook Class Officer 1 -Y l il ' 1 " v ' xi " 1' x ' - V Z . . , 'z '- ' ' ' " Q' " ' I 1 a ' ' 2 . - 1 ' ' 'al nu- I """ 'f ' , . , ' , ' ' Y ' ,I , ,- - +.v.,Q1: 1 ' 1 ' "4 ' " '- - 4, at t,."'f.,1 . ,.v . 1 u 1 .' , 1 , , .. enter some profession. Parties and schoo1 111 ,A ,K . ' . , . . . ' H . ' A J I I I L I. , . 0 U ,, . . . . . . I 4' , . ' 1 ' , . I . ' nu H ' ' ' .1 ., - 1 I 4. , -, 4 . ,V Lf., ww' V ' - ' ' f iii' l ,ff f. 'il 1 ' 1' . VF, , -.,- 'fi-3 - - ' A ' il i 'Q-A L.. .nf- 'no-. A 1-J CHARLES WILLIAM MARIANI "Charlie," everybody's friend. has his thumb in every pudding. Charlie said he's going to miss everything about school. except the studies. but especially the dances and Jean. His favorite class is history and the one thing that makes him lose his temper quicker than anything is falling on the ice While skating. We can hardly wait to see Charlie in his State Policeman's uniform. Good luck. Charles. Chorus 3 Yearbook Student Council Newspaper 2 Senior Play Class Officer 1 LYDIA ELIZABETH MARIANI "Shorty", outside of school, is a waitress and a very good one at that. She enjoys sports but hates cowboy music. Her favorite subject is business mathematics. After graduation she would like to start a restaurant for her- self. If any fellow is interested in a job as "soda-jerk," there will be a place open for you. We wish you the best of luck. Lydia. in your new undertaking. DALE RICHARD MILLER "Jew". as his fellow friends call him. is the dark-haired boy who can almost always be found at the Pennway Barber Shop, for that is where he works after school. Naturally he wants to become a barber after graduation. The things he likes best about school are the study periods and physical education. He serves on the Safety Patrol of the school. Lots of luck in your career, Dale. Safety Patrol .l' F a...z..l.. f" gif Sei g In is! LORRAINE GRACE MILLER "Blondie", with the green eyes and hearty laugh for any joke, wants to settle down in a little apartment with some nice guy. This is all very fine as far as Carl Bentz is con- cerned. Blondie said Carl was the thing she liked best. Her favorite subject is Spanish and when school's over she says she will miss seeing all her school chums. l'm sure they're going to miss you, too, Blondie. Basketball l PHYLLIS LOUISE MILLER "Phyl" dislikes intensely her other nickname, "Stump". She's the cute, friendly little girl who is always willing to lend a helping hand to a friend in need. "Phyl" likes people in general and that's probably why she'll miss the kids most when she leaves school. Span- ish is her favorite subject and when asked what she intended to do after graduation, she replied, "Most anything." That covers a lot of territory, but we wish you good luck in everything you do, Phyllis. Senior Play Class Ofiicer I Yearbook Basketball 1 Chorus 3 Newspaper 2 Cheerleader 2 Student Council 1 SYLVIA PAYE MILLER "Sive", a pleasant, dark-haired girl, saYS she likes men more than anything else. 1Be care- ful, boys, you're being watchedj Never try to take her to an opera because she hates them. Her favorite saying is "I know that for a fact." The only thing Sive likes about school is study hall. After graduation she would like to be a stenographer. Good luck, Sylvia, Basketball 1 Yearbook ELLIOTT VALENTINE NAGLE Someone is always playing a joke on "Bud" who calmly takes it. His favorite pastimes are swimming and ice skating but Bud says he dislikes dancing and it's a waste of time as far as he's concerned. Heres something to prove he doesn't mind being kidded all the time. He said that he'1l miss the "cutting up" in school more than anything else. but he also enjoyed physics class. Elliott hasn't made up his mind as to what he'll be doing after graduation but we wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do. Orchestra 4 Band 3 CHARLES FRANCIS PYLES "Charley" is a very quiet boy, but he gets his exercise and enjoyment from roller skat- ing. He likes school and his favorite subject is business mathematics. "Charley" favors the new periods and the different activities. Af- ter graduation he would like to enter college and further his education. We wish you the best of luck in your future years, Charles. DOROTHY IRENE SCHELL "Dot". who is a quiet little girl, gets much enjoyment from movies. Don't mention work to her because she hates it. Dot's favorite subject is German but she also enjoys phys. ed. You can always tell when she is arovnd because of her favorite expression-"Bar loney!" After graduation Dot would like to be employed by the Bell Telephone Company. The best of everything to you, Dorothy. it Q 4 JEAN LOUISE SCHMUCK t'Jean" is the blue-eyed blonde whose life revolves around "B0b". Strangely enough, she likes a few other things. including ham- burger steak. french fries. chewing gum, and skating. Her main dislike is school, but she does like Spanish and she'll miss the kids after the school days are over. Good luck. Jean. in everything you do. Chorus 1 FLORENCE MARGARET SHERRIFF "Florence", as you may guess, is going to miss geometry class most of all when she leaves school. But she'll be going to college where she intends to study music and mathematics. She spends her spare moments playing the piano. This she does very well and we have enjoyed listening to her. Florence came to A.H.S. in her sophomore year from Hershey High. Best wishes from all of us. Chorus 2 Senior Play, Prompter Yearbook Accompanist in Assembly 1 BEVERLY JEANNINE SHIRK t'Bev" likes dancing particularly. but there aren't many things she doesn't like. Her fav- orite subject is physics. After graduation she intends to go to New York to study to be- come a nurse and .1 mighty good one she'1l be too. Bev joined forces with us in our freshman year when she left Lebanon High. Since then she has made many friends here in AH S. who wish her the very best of luck. CHARLES WEHBER SIMMONS "Charlie" is the boy with his feet on the ground and his mind in the air. This will make it easy to understand why Charlie wants to make aviation his life work and why one of his main interests is models- airplane and otherwise. Spanish is Charlie's favorite subject in school and the thing he'll miss most are his classmates. A.H.S. won't be the same without his wise cracks. Good luck. Charles, in whatever you do. School Paper 2 Airplane Club 1 Senior Play, Stage Manager DONALD FRY SMITH "Don" may be small, but that doesn't hold him back in sports at all. We will always remember him as the speedy little basketball player and the second baseman on the base- ball team. "Don" said there isn't much at all that he'll miss about school but physics is his favorite subject. His ambition after school is to find a job where he doesn't have to work. All of us will miss "Don". What would A.H.S. have been without his slow, dry humor! We wish the best of everything to you, Donald. Basketball 4 Safety Patrol 2 Baseball 4 RAYMOND SEIDERS SMITH What is it? Superman? No. that's just "Itch" driving around. as he says. He likes women and says they occupy most of his time. His favorite subject is business mathematics and he also likes those "phys. ed." periods every Tuesday. We will all miss those daily recita- tions in geometry class, "Itch", Track l Safety Patrol 3 DORIS MARIE THOMAS RUSSELL RICHARD SMITH "Russ" is the quiet, blonde boy with the slow grin. He likes playing baseball and does all right as a pitcher. Russell is one who seldom gets disturbed. He'll miss the study periods and history class when he leaves school. "Russ" hopes to enlist in the Marine Corps after graduation. All of us wish t'Russ" the best of luck and quick promotions. Baseball 2 GRACE IRENE STRUPHAR "Stroop" is the curly-haired lassie who al- ways has a smile for everyone. She loves to play the piano tstrictly for her own enjoy- menth and gets her exercise by playing volley ball. She likes Miss Myers' Latin classes, and enjoyed study periods more than anything in her twelve years in school. After gradua- tion, her ambition is to become a nurse. If anyone needs a nurse in future years, you might try St. Joseph's Hospital in Lancaster. Chorus 2 "Thomas" is the conscientious student who played the part of the maid in the senior play. She enjoys a good football game as much as she hates oysters. Her favorite sub- jects are chemistry and physics. which ex- plains why she liked Mr. Billett's classes most in school. Her ambition after graduation is to go to college and major in sciences. Who knows, may be she'll discover a new element! at ,fr ' ,,. f" ' 1 i wr' E- -if RUTH MAE TOBIAS "Ruthie" is the quiet little girl who hails from Clear Springs. Among her many sub- jects she likes Spanish above all. Much of her time is spent by reading and playing cards. She certainly likes her gum too. She doesn't like to write letters. Her motto is "Live and Learn," Ruth is not certain what she wants to do after graduation, but what- ever you do we wish you lots of luck and hope that you will remember those good old high school days. DORIS ELOISE TREIBER "Doris"-we aren't allowed to mention her nickname-is an attractive brunette and quite active lalthough not always in studiesb. She likes horseback riding and driving, and just adores Peter Lawford. Her only dislike is cowboy music, while English is her favor- ite subject. Doris's ambition is to become an airline stewardess. Be careful, girls, your husband can always find an excuse to go to California. Chorus 3 Basketball l Yearbook Newspaper 2 Senior Play CAROLYN CELIA WINDLE "Sis's" presence can easily be detected, for she is always talking. This is probably why she likes Tuesday and Friday study periods. She enjoys sports and just loves to go on dates. lThere is your chance, boys? Her favorite saying is "My Achin' Back!" which can be heard from one end of the hall to the other, The only thing "Sis" will miss about school is 3:45 p.m. After graduation she would like to become a secretary. Chorus 3 Class Officer 2 Basketball l Yearbook 'K RAYMOND ELIAS ZELLERS "Ray", as he is known to his buddies, is a man of few words but his ambition is to join the Navy, where actions speak louder than words. His favorite subject is physics. He says he likes "women" but he doesn't like to go to school and is quite glad when 3:45 comes. Good luck, Raymond. Yearbook 0 The class of 46 was first unlted 1n our Freshman Year Just as a herd of cattle push 1nto a stockyard so our frollcklng class of sev enty four puplls marched lnto Mr Zelglers home room on the openlng day of school My but we were exclted to be Cfinallyl 1n h1gh school' The class elected Carl Fry as our pres ldent of th1s year and Wlth h1s leadership we selected beaut1ful class colors maroon and grey The year passed 1nclud1ng all the pranks fhookey playlng a specxalty wlth the boys? of happy Freshmen and we ended lt by Jo1n1ng the hxgh school 1n a h1ke to Mt Gretna Sophomores as we entered Mr Hollmgers sophomore room in the Fall of 1943 We st1ll had lots of pep 1n us and were anx1ous to have another year of fun and study Cmostly funl We elected Robert Bean as our pres1dent He saw to lt that our class wasnt made a wall flower We were actlve at school dances and were very surpr1sed when Charlxe Mar1am walked off the floor Wlth first prlze for wmmng a Jxtterbug contest By now we were really be gmnmg to be adult students Thls year we chose our emblems and pen nants and dxd our faces llght up when we showed them to the Jumors and Senlorsl We celebrated the closmg of the sophomore year w1th another tramp to Gretna Does anyone re member who the sophomore was that fell ln the water reach1ng for a Junlor g1rls hand? CShe was 1n a canoe? The summer of 1944 passed much too soon for us and we agam found ourselves deep IH study only th1s year we were Jolly Jumors Ah yes to be a Jolly Jumor agam would mean much happ1ness to us but to continue our his tory' Mr Starr was our home room teacher IH 29 ' The Graystone cur Jumor year At our Hrst class meet1ng we lected ofiicers and found that Charles Maflanl was to be our pres1dent of th1s year CChange able werent we"J He began tak1ng our class over the coals and we belleved ourselves to be the most popular class 1n A H S We ordered our class r1ngs and recelved them before Chr1st mas Yes they were gorgeous stlll are' In February we planned for the Junxor Sen1or Prom It was held on Aprll 13 1945 and many changes could be seen 1n the actlons of us 1946 ers We d1d a Hne Job fpat pat? and had a swell tlme At last we became Senlors and were really dlgnlfied' MISS Bossard was our home room guardlan but compl1mented us on the fact that no guard was needed for our class we were re elected pres1dent of our class and vue began workmg on a class annual We succeeded 1n gettmg permxsslon for It and work was be gun Along Wlth worklng on our annual fnamed Tm: GREYSTONEl we had to th1nk of our Sen1or Play The play finally came and was the great est success of any known We are very proud to say that StHtlStlCS w1ll show that we are r1ght We then came across another obstacle our president res1gned and the v1ce pres1dent Rob ert F1sher took over In a short whxle he caught on to the knack of thlngs but we finally suc ceeded 1n fimshmg the class annual Then we got ready for our final Job commencement All the usual rout1nes were met and we fwlth tears 1n our eyes and memorles 1n our heartsl marched forward for the last tame to our aud1 torlum stage and recexved our dlplomas The future holds much 1n store for the grand class of 46 Although we started w1th seventy four members and ended w1th only forty elght we are sure that forty exght vull be a success ln l1fe The forty elght states of Amerlca be came a success so we w1ll too 7 f X ' -w. I- nl, 'nf' I 1 I ' ' A Y one hardly could have Called us Hgrowmupn studious, ambitious, adults. Charles Mariani was ff 4 if , , . -uf ' ,Q . f - 4 f 6 We ,Lv My f-7793?-if I if W ,- ,rf I BEST LOOKING Mlldfed Behnex Dorls Trelber Paul Ingraham BEST DRESSED .Iacquelme Dubson Robert Bean MOST POPULAR Phyllls Mlller Charles Marlam WITTIEST Dor1s Tre1ber Carl Fry Charles S1mmons BEST ATHLETE Phyllls Mlller Dav1d Horst BEST DANCER Phyllls Mlller Charles Mar1an1 MOST HELPFUL Phyllls Mlller Dax ld Horst 31 ' The Greystone MOST COURTEOUS Ruth L1ght Robert Bean Dor1s Tre1ber Charles MHFIHHI ONE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ruth L1ght Robert Bean ONE WHO CONTRIBUTED MOST TO AHS Phyllls Mlller Charles MHTIHHI HAPPY GO LUCKIEST Phylhs Mlllef Carl Fry EASIEST TO GET ALONG WITH Phyllls Mlller Robert Flsher BEST PHYSIQUE Dav1d Horst MOST TALENTED Phyllls Mlller Robert F1sher Nw k 25,5 -iv. 9' .- 4 gr M, at . K n 1 91 5535" is ev ' iv .fs ' ' Aaefavi- F 1 fm NG if gf, 5 iff' , I t 'r A' M,,rQ4v , I 3 X5 'Amr ......... v 1--qw-.Qin-..-.44 Wfffv ""Wu,,, c- , 'kno-1 5 19 qs W'-wang lem Bmw I s1mply had to wr1te to you th1s evemng even though I feel qu1te exhausted from a day of sxghtseemg here 1n Par1s As I was observmg the pa1nt1ngs 1n the Louvre I not1ced a most outstand1ng work wh1ch had recently been awarded the Interna t1onal Art Award I was amazed to dxscover that the HTIISI of the masterp1ece was none other than our own Paul Ingraham Seexng H1nges name made me start th1nk1ng of the Jolly bunch 1n the Class of 46 Several weeks ago m London I bumped 1nto that casanova Charles Sxmmons now Com mander S1mmons He IS work1ng 1n W3Sh1Dg ton w1th the Navy A1r Corp and was on a spe clal ass1gnment ln London We went to dxnner and he told me the whereabouts of all our old classmates I was dellghted to learn that Ruth L1ght and Dav1d Horst have taken over the physxcal edu cat1on work at Hershey H1gh School Also that Eleanore Llght IS grade school prlnclpal at A H S Whlle Dor1s Thomas IS head of the Eng l1sh department at her old Alma Mater LVC Then too Carolyn W1ndle 1S pr1vate secretary for Prof Sherr1ff who has assumed her new du t1es as rnathemat1c1an at Vassar Dale M1ller has a 1966 model barber shop and Robert Bean had succeeded Mr Kreamer as mort1c1an Grace Struphar Janet Blxler Annabelle Albr1ght and Beverly Sh1rk are all RN s and work1ng 1n d1fTerent hOSp1ta1S Charles also told me that the last t1me he was 1D New York the fleet was 1n and those sea wolves Itch Sm1th Don Sm1th Red Zel lers Dotz Dodson and Charlle Pyles were wolf 1ng all over New York Robert F1sher 1S play 33 The Greystone 1ng IH Carneg1e Hall 1n January I certamly hope I Wlll be back 1n t1me to hear h1m M11 Behney and Blond1e M1ller are travelmg South Amerxca and that l1ttle bombshell Phyl M1ller IS 1n the floor show at the Stork Club SylV1H M1ller and Beryle Beck are Hlllng sec retar1al capac1t1es on Wall Street Jackle Dub son IS teachmg dramatxcs on Broadway Jean Schmuck has been Mrs Robert Brunner for more than SIX years and they have three l1ttle Brunners Ruth Fasnacht was marrxed th1s past June but I do not know to whom In the old hometown Lydxa Maflanl has bu1lt a new deluxe restaurant and has a very thr1v1ng bus1ness S1nce Mark Bordlemay has h1s own slaughter house he supplles Lydxa as well as the town folks w1th n1ce fresh meat new farm VIOIGI Krelder and Mary Caprotti are ln DUSIHSSS too and domg well Dorothy Schell and MHFIOD Ensmmger are the head tele phone operators at the Lebanon exchange Charles Mar1an1 IS now uslng h1s dramat1c ab1l 1ty 1n the state execut1ve department He was lecently promoted to the rank of major 1n the Pennsylvanla State Pol1ce I trust you are havlng a super t1me flymg for the Pan Amer1can A1r LIUCS The snapshot you sent me was str1ctly on the beam Those un1 forms certamly are attract1ve Please dont get hooked to any blg Whlg unless he IS really a Van Johnson Peter Lawford and Rockefeller Well It IS str1k1ng deux heures and I have breezed enough for ton1ght It has been good to rem1n1sce and It really seems l1ke yesterday that we were all one happy famlly 1ns1de the walls of A H S A tantot for the present and may we see each other soon As ever fblwd 7 A -nf., Q ff'f4r mfr' ' ' I . ' . ' , . . . ' . - ' H 1' Most of it is raised by Lawson Hemperly on his O Beef? That we the class of nxneteen hundred and forty SIX of the Annv1lle H1gh School 1n the State of Pennsylvanla belng of sound and d1s posxng mlnd memory and understandmg and consldermg the uncertalnty of lxfe do there fore make publ1sh and declare th1s to be our last W1ll and Testament before leavlng the prem1ses of our beloved surroundmgs 1n man ner and form followmg To the faculty honest hope that they find fu ture classes more xnterested 1n educatlon To the oncommg Seniors a wlsh that they may have a semor year filled w1th happmess as was ours To the Sophomores extra breath and perse verance for the home stretch To the Freshmen great quahty of hope hope that they too may some day become Senlors 1f they dont get dlscouraged marrled drafted To selected members of the remaznmg classes we bequeath the followmg To Hazel Brownsberger the eHic1ency of Jac que11ne Dubson To Louls Ercolx the deslre for femlmne rec ogn1t1on of Charles S1mmons To Anna Llght the 1ntellectual ab1l1ty of her s1ster Ruth Lrght To Jean Asper the helght and pOlb9 of Mlldred Behney To Betty L1ne the desxre for mascul1ne sur roundlngs d1splayed by our mascul1ne mmded classmate Sylvla M1ller To Mary Arndt the eye for deslgns d1splayed by Beryle Beck and Paul Ingraham To Anne Shroyer the Iturb1 Touch on the keyboard d1splayed by Eleanore Llght To Joe DeLong those curls that make the oppos1te sex Slt up and take not1ce of Bob Beans To Robert Forker Carl Fry s reasonable fac Slmlle of a Joke usually shown 1n hxstory class To Mar1lyn Mrller the ab1l1ty to control her wa1st l1ne as shown by Dorxs Trerber To Robert Kern the profess1onal touch on the v1ol1n d1splayed by Robert F1sher To Merv1n Boyer the perox1de wave of Ray mond Zellers To Hxlda Staeger the OI'1g1I'l3l and most be commg han' styles d1splayed by Carolyn Wmdle To Thelma Poorman the ablllty to chew gum wxth all the sound effects xncluded, usually heard when 1n the presence of our classmate Cla1re Dunn dylng appllcatlon to our school and homework and to our mterest 1n thmgs fem1n1ne To our dear and fazthful teachers our s1n cere gratltude and thanks for then' pat1ence and pers1stent effort rn teachmg and gu1d1ng us throughout our entlre school l1fe To anyone conszderzng talczng up the profes szon of a barber Dale Mxller s 1dea of a perfect halrcut and shave To our sad sons and daughters to the faculty and to thezr hezrs and asszgns forever all the resldue of earthly possesslons wh1ch w1ll re mam 1n that dwelllng place commonly Called the Semor Room As classes have always left th1s one SDGCIHC thmg to the faculty so we leave to them the pr1v1lege of wr1t1ng recommendatlons for us unt1l we w1ll have establlshed ourselves ln the cold hard world To all who have not been speczfzcally men tzoned zn thzs Wzll look 1nto the bag of great quahtles quant1t1es and qu1rks and take that wh1ch you want flOm the departlng semors May all our bequeaths brmg future success and happmess w1th1n the sacred Walls of A H S As OUR LAST OFFICIAL ACT we hereby ap pomt the presldent of the .Tumor Class of the Annvllle H1gh School as EXECUTOR of th1s our last W1ll and Testament The Greystone ' 34 , ff A , J ,,l, ,' LN ' X First Row: Erma Lehman, Jean Schmuck, Doris Treiber, Violet Kreider, Lorraine Miller, Jac- queline Dubson. Ruth Tobias, Eleanore Light, Dorothy Fernsler. Secomi Row: Lydia Mariani, Claire Dunn, Carolyn Windle, Sylvia Miller, Florence Sherriff, Beryle Beck, Mildred Behney, Mary Caprotti. Beverly Shirk. Ruth Light, Ruth Fasnacht. Third Row: Russell Smith, Raymond Zellers, Wilbur Bachman, Elliott Nagle, John Moore , Charles Pyles, Phyllis Miller. Fourth Row: Janet Bixler, Marion Ensminger. Doris Thomas, Mary Heagy, Grace Struphar Annabelle Albright, Dorothy Schell, Donald Smith. Fifth Row: Robert Brunner, David Horst, Raymond Smith, Robert Fisher, Lawrence Dodson Charles Simmons. Dale Miller. Sixth Row: Robert Bean, Charles Mariani, Paul Ingraham, Mark Bordlemay, Lawson Hemperly Standing: Carl Fry, Winfield Gerber. SENIORS Class Officers President: ROBERT FISHER Secretary: CAROLYN WINDLI-3 Treasurer: RUTH LIGHT 35 ' The Gteystone WU UWM 'ues-srevsfffi 2 -W - f IUNIORS First Row: Christine Unger, Jean Asper. Marilyn Miller. Eleanore Tice, Doris Umberger, Marian Funck, Marian Heisey. Second Row: Mary Dutweiler, Dorothy Fox, Eleanor Graby, Jane Brandt, Anne Shroyer, Mary Arndt, Juneathene Boger, Evelyn Sattazahn. Arlene Graby, Alberta Heller. Anna Light, Margaret Heagy, Third Row: Betty Line, Patricia Dipper, Jeanne Horst, Peggy Hoffman. James Miller, Dorothy Ellison, Thelma Poorman, Hilda Staeger, Hazel Brownsberger. Fourth Row: Victor Herr, Louis Ercoli, Luther Harner, Howard Kreider, Henry Reiner, Glenn Baylor, Robert Forker, Joseph DeLong, Dale Longenecl-cer, Paul Boltz. Charles Graby, Fifth Row: Marvin Lentz, Peter Kruger, Donald Meyers, Donald Risser, Mervin Boyer. Standing, L: Stanley Anspach, John Peters. Standing, R: Ammon Mariani, Dale Winters. Class Officers President: HENRY REINER Vice President: DONALD RISSER Secretary: HILDA STAEGER Treasurer: ANNA LIGHT The Greystone '38 First Row: Alice Weaver. Shirley Whisler, Betty Lou Herr, Janet Binkley, Madlyn Bowman Helen Smoot, Josephine Raggiunto, Marguerite Ferland, Geraldine Heisey, Grace Strupp, Arlene Smith, Christine Heilman, Jean Zearfoss. Second Row: Doris Behm, Lyndith Snoke, Marion Long, Kathryn Pyles, Lorraine Smith, Phyllis Allwein, Virginia Wagner, Virginia Sherriff. Kathleen Starr, Elizabeth Liskey, Nancy Saylor, Mildred Wagner, Doris Zimmerman. Alma Sattazahn. Third Row: Richard Zimmerman, David Horn, Bernice Ensminger, Phyllis Brunner, Dorothy Ristenbatt. Violet May Horst. Rose Marie Baylor. Lloyd Heisey, Jack Thomas. A Fourth Row: Harold Gebhart, Richard Light, James Kreider, Joseph Arndt. Walter Wilt, Warren Wenger, Ernest Viozzi, Russell Anspach. Fifth Row: Donald Bucher, Jack Hartz, Earl Gebhart, Dale Hemperly. Randall Aungst, James Funck, Edwin Kreider, Edgar Teahl, Richard Behney. Standing, L: Richard Loy, Philip Mariani. Standing, R: Gene Dohner, Milton Flickinger. SOPHOMORES Class Officers President: DAVID HORN Vice President: ERNEST Viozzi Secretary: NANCY SAYLOR Treasurer: RICHARD LONGENECKER 39 ' The Greystone A iv sn W- .,,....-M-.......-.-.,,.....,,,,., . S xi First Row: Alva Herr, Kathryn Landis, Shirley Longenecker, Betty Zeigler, Estella Garrison, Christine Graby, Betty Nauman, Mary Witmer, Evelyn Hanley, Ruth Haak. Second Row: Kay Speece, Jane Zellers, Betty Black, Jacqueline Fortna, Arlene Yeagley. Mabel Cutman. Ruth Schmuck, Violet Zeigler, Florence Beck. Josephine DiAngelis, Beatrice Bach- man, Sylvia Fatteroli, Josephine Ellenberger, Mary Whistler. Third Row: Marilyn Long, Jean Kohr, Jennie Parazol, John Hoffman, William Miller, George Wenrich. James Wagner, Joan Bowman, Gloria Werner, Gladys Meyers, Mildred Gerhart, Joanne Shaak, Jean Boltz. Patricia Heilman, Ruth Dutweiler. Fourth Row: Valentine Bernardo, Peter Kline, Carl Berry, Charles Dipper, Drew Fetterolf, Ernest Anglo, Walter Knight. ' Fifth Row: Lynn Hostetter, Kenneth Blauch, Roy Light, William Fegan, Lawrence Kreider, Luke Ruhl, Richard Hollinger, Robert Love, William Nauman. Sixth Row: John Powell, Harry Smith, Dwight Graby, Elmer Tobias, Eri Meyer. Seventh Row: Clarence Eberly, Thomas Bixler, LeRoy Tittle, James Light, Clarence Snyder, James Bucher. Standing, L: William Smith, Donald Longenecker. Standing, R: Russell Blouch. John Weaver, FHESHMEN Class Officers President: JAMES WAGNER Vice President: ERNEST ANGELO Secretary: JAMES LIGHT Treasurer: B1-:TTY ZEIGLER The Greystone 0 40 ...Q-v. WA f ,W """?'c- 7 A 7 A X, F X First Row: Charlotte Teahl, Alberta Barnhart, Frances Shroyer. Sara Heilman, Palm Condori, Anna Mae Walters. Second Row: Barbara Kingsley, Mary Jane Kern, Betty Kling, Joanne Brandt, Catherine Horner, Doris Miller, Marilyn Wolfe, June Poorrnan, Betty Windle, Janet Firestine. Alice Bomberger, Iris Baker, Helen Hoffman, Mary Lou Albright. Third Row: William Dipper, Larry Aungst, Kathryn Long, Mary Flickinger, Rosalie Schmuck, Tanet Hartman. Betty Livering, Rosanna Walters, Emma Kline, Mary Pyles, Jack Bixler, Am- mon Sweigert. Fourth Row: Ray Gerhart, Francis Zimmerman, George Struble. Joanne Tittle, Christine Fields, Fred Hartz, John Bernardo, Neil Smith. Martin Miller. Fifth Row: Edwin Heisey, Fred Bross. Stephen Simmons, Carl Shirk, Larry Pickle, Wayne Blantz. Ralph Moyer, David Ensminger, Richard Rotunda, Samuel Yeagley. Sixth Row: Donald Ristenbatt, Harold Blantz, Ralph Brightbill. Melvin Sweigert, Kenneth Umberger. EIGHTH GRADE Class Officers President: ALBERTA BARNHART Vice President: BARBARA KINGSLEY Secretary: RICHARD ROTUNDA Treasurer: LARRY AUNGST Reporter: KENNETH UMBERGER 41 ' The Greystone ne area, ei X X 'M ,, HMM ,. ,A ,.,, ....A,.,..,.,-,,...A.,....,.,,,.,,- .JU ' A " ""' "H '- ev-,,':.g..:, QE , t. -. Q 4,4 . 4 nf- 4A g A - xi.,.,,V,A, 4 ' Y 'gurl'-1 -1 T:'f:':.-'LQ'-Q--A .l ,--' -' ,: ff. "W"-' -..--sr' fi-,:zz.i 'iwlltzztq Q.. , y 5 as f , X Kneeling: Helen Garrison, Helen Sherrilf. First Row: Betsy Benz. Lucy Brubaker, Mary Sheetz, Verna Ziegler, Jean Bixler, Shirley Waltz, Gladys Speraw. Betty Hoffman, Joyce Shettle, Elsie Sweigert, Helen DiAngelis, Janet Miller, Doris Kohl, Dolores Hapner. Joan Smith. Second Row: Marian Zellers, Jean Shenk, Dorothy Dipper, Frances Thomas. Rose Sudberry. Raymond Fry, Roger Pyles, Donald Brandt, Clyde Dohner, Robert Shaak, Ronald Treiber, Mildred Nauman, Dora Mariani, Esther Taltz, Janice Umberger, Beverly Birch, Third Row: Carl Gerber, Sterling Bordlemay, William Kapp, James Unger, Robert Gruber, Gerald Bean, Kenneth Herr, Joseph Goss, Edward Bernardo. Fourth Row: Donald Kern, Richard Fortna, Robert Bowman, Frank Ausso, Calvin Zerhing. Clyde Rohland. Richard Tice, David Wenger, Harry Donmoyer. SEVENTH GRADE Class Officers President: GERALD BEAN Vice President: JOYCE SHETTEL Secretary: BE'rsY BENZ Treasurer: FRANCES THOMAS Reporter: ROBERT GRUBER The Greystone 0 42 2- CJ 2 First Row: Stanley Anspach. Jeanne Horst, Phyllis Miller. Jack Thomas. Second Row: Ernest Viozzi, Charles Mariani, Paul Ingraham. Robert Bean, Donald Myers. STUDENT COUNCIL ' The Student Council of A.H.S. was born only this year Q45-461, but has accomplished many things in its young life. ' This is an organization of the student body, represented by several members from each class. The president, Charles Mariani, and vice-presi- dent, Phyllis Miller, are seniors. The secretary, Jeanne Horst, and treasurer, Stanley Anspach, are juniors. lt seems the sophomores are just innocent bystanders, but they have just as much authority as a senior or junior member. The activities of the high school are in the hands of the Student Coun- cil. Since this group has taken charge of them, there seems to be more interest shown. The Council is also in charge of bettering our school. When- ever the Student Council asks for anything from you in the future, give it to them, because you can feel certain that it will benefit you and not just one individual. The Greystone ' 44 ....,,,,l.- - --1 gi. ,- ' -tl 35 4 Qt. ran.-s'q' - 1 lv' T' . T , '36 ,, . f:-' - r AY, B' ' 4 1 0' 4- -4 , T' -gd- 'IQU .,.,. w '71 f'--v X . F" T...f- 45' -on as L Q :""" f fr P'- First Row: Larry Aungst, Ammon Sweigert, Neil Smith, Richard Tice. Samuel Yeagley. Second Row: Ralph Brightbill. Richard Zimmerman, Richard Rotunda, Wayne Blantz, Lawrence Dodson Carl Fr . , Y Third Row: Harold Blantz, Donald Smith. Kenneth Umberger. Fred Bross, Dale Miller, Ray- mond Smith. SAFETY PATROL ' Safety is the theme of this valuable organization. Headed by Carl Fry, the boys leave school at 11:20 and 3:20 to assist in helping the grade children across the street. Each year an award for outstanding service is given to the boy with the best record. Students who have received this are Henry Reiner and Carl Fry. The work of this group has been very successful and accidents have been very few. They deserve special recognition for their excellent work and may next year's squad establish an even better record. The Greystone , - ' s li- 'BQ 4.3 39- as ii-'fafsiv w.,.v-. "fNf-111' Q 3 ig.,fff 4 Q'1ux:r.i A gm f 9' M . Xi QS -of 's Xxx First Row: Erma Lehman. Eleanore Light, Jacqueline Dubson, Anne Shroyer, Doris Treiber. nAs er Jea p , Second Row: Patricia Dipper, Jeanne Horst, Phyllis Miller, Marion Ensminger. Peggy Hoff- man, Hilda Staeger, Dorothy Fox, Juneathene Boger. Hazel Brownsberger. Third Row: Betty Black, Mary Arndt. Violet Kreider, Christine Umberger. Mr, Henry Hol- linger, adviser: Kathleen Starr, Annabelle Albright, Dorothy Fernsler, Fourth Row: Henry Reiner, Donald Myers, Peter Kruger, Carl Fry, David Horst, Dale Longe- necker, Charles Mariani. Fifth Row: Robert Forker. Luther Harner, Robeit Fisher, Charles Simmons. Mcrvin Boyer. NEWSPAPER STAFF ' The Annville School Crier was first published by the Class of 1941. At first it was considered a school project, but under the direction of Mr. Henry Hollinger it became a town publication. Editors-i1z-Chief-JAcQUELrNE DUBSON, ELEANOR LIGHT Associate EdifOTS-PHYLLIS MILLER, ANNE SHROYER Business MURQQCTS-CARL FRY, DALE LONGENECKER Service Page-ANNABELLE ALBRIGHT, CHARLES MARIANI, VIOLET KREIDER, ROBERT FISHER, LUTHER HARNER SPOTIS-HENRY REINER, DONALD MYERS, MARY ARND1' F9dtUT9S-DORIS TREIRER, DOROTHY FERNSLER, PEGGY HOFFMAN Alumni-PATRICIA DIPPER, JEANNE HoRs'r Quiz WiZdTd-LUTHER HARNER, PETER KRUGER Circulation-ERMA LEHMAN, HILDA STAEGER, MERVIN BOYER, JEAN ASPER, MARIAN ENSMINGER Art-DAVID HORST Humor, Snoop af Scoop-CHARLB SIMMONS, RORERT FORKER, RORERT KERN, HAZEL BROWNSEERGER, CHRISTINE UNGER Sophomore R9DOTl9TfKATliLEFIN STARR Freshman Reporter-BETTY BLACK PQTSOHGIS-KATliLEEN STARR Grade News-JUNEATHENE BOGER 8th Grade Reporter-KENNETH UIVIBERGKR 7th Grade RQPOTICT-'ROBERT GRUBER Faculty AdUiSCT7HENRY J. HOLLINGER The Greystone ' 46 15. 1 --1 we -3- EEZ 1 f - Q-4: -... . shi Far.. 1--251 ' La- '1::r:'f,:.L -5:--5 .'.w',4..-.W ,V gs. 5 S-.." . Qrpihx, P- -- I- ,, 'Lila e , ,- Yi? :V stiii'-'56-2 rw- ef --2 'fe I ' -L :YSIQ-1 -47---"E l' ' 9-...L ' '-wr: -. L -2-,Y . 1 L. Fa--1f'2----S.- ,... l . ,., .M ..-A-. , 'ir' ,..,. . .LL-1 -4.1-Q.,...q. 'W' Q-I' --.-... sf-4 , Nana , --qw 1 X 1' X I If f 1 x KN First Row: Carolyn Windle, Lorraine Smith. Gladys Meyers, Gloria Werner. Shirley Longenecker, Evelyn Hainly. Geraldine Heisey. Second Row: Doris Umberger, Jeanne Horst, Anne Shroyer, Anna Light, Jean Asper. Hilda Staeger. Dorothy Fox. Patsy Hellman. Jane Zellers, Betty Zeigler,5Betty Black. Kathleen Starr, Madlyn Bowman. Third Row: Miss Helen Butterwick, supervisor, Erma Lehman. Eleanore Light. Phyllis Allwein. Doris Behm, Elizabeth Liskey, Virginia Wagner, Violet Mae Ristenbatt. Mildred Behney, Grace Struphar, Phyllis Miller, Dorothy Ellison, Jean Zearfoss. Fourth Row: Dorothy Fernsler, Ruth Light, Jacqueline Dubson, Doris Treiber, riff, Annabelle Albright. Fifth Row: Lynn Hostetter, James Wagner. Drew Fetterolf, Carl Berry, James Light. Richard Light, Robert Fisher, Roy Light. Sixth Row: Edgar Teahl, Robert Forker. Luther Harner, James Miller, Lawrence Dodson, Walter Wilt. Seventh Row: Peter Kruger. Charles Mariani, Robert Bean. Lawson Hemperly, Marion Long, Ruth Schmuck, Nancy Saylor. Horst, Dorothy Florence Sher- MIXED CHORUS 47' The ' Our School would be incomplete without this energetic group of students who, being the better vocalists of our school, keep the music ringing through the halls. With its capable accompanist, Miss Myers, the chorus participates in the Spring Concert and Commencement exercises. Annville's chorus has always maintained a high standing and this year's chorus is holding up the reputation. The Glee Club is popular entertainment and offers excellent training for vocalists in the primary class. Greystone SENIOR ,ff it Seated: Richard Rotunda, Donald Brandt, Elsie Sweigert, Francis Jean Shroyer, Juneathene Boger, Iris Baker, Alberta Barnhart. Standing, First Row: Miss Helen Butterwick, supervisor, Erma Jean Lehman, Joan Smith. Charlotte Teahl, Anne Shroyer, Roy Light, James Light, David Shroyer, Virginia Wagner. Francis Thomas, Ruth Light. Lucy Ann Brubaker, Mervin Boyer, Eleanore Light. Second Row: Marilyn Long, Anna Light, Melvin Sweigert, Edgar Teahl, Edwin Kreider, Am- ,mon Sweigert, Robert Gruber, William Miller. Third Row: Robert Forker, George Struble, Jane Zellers, Mary Jane Kern, 'Betty Black, Kath- leen Starr. Jean Zearfoss. Fourth Row: William Fegan. Lawrence Kreider, Robert Fisher, Lawson Hemperly. BAND ' Even though our band does not have uniforms and participate in parades, they are a popular organization in our school. Under the direction of Miss Helen Butterwick, the band presents a most enjoyable concert each spring and entertains us on various other occasions. The delightful music which we hear is achieved by hard practice and steadfast determination. The pupils have a great deal of musical talent and are very apt in learning new pieces. We hope that in the near future the band will be able to secure uni- forms and to take part in many town events. The Greystone ' 48 First Row: Virginia Thomas, Virginia Fredericks, Patsy Matz, Florence Sweigert. Stanley Fredericks. Lydia Fry. Karl Long, Louise Moyer. Second Row: Dennis Schwenk, Alfred Hoak. Stanley Light. James Miller. Judy Kreider. Gardner Boyer, James Seltzer. Third Row: Mary Jane Weiland, James Long, Thomas Baylor, Kent Bailey, Samuel Allewein, John Starr, Miss Helen Butterwick. supervisor. Fourth Row: James Bachman. Eleanor Frezeman. Elizabeth Reiff, Virginia Drumgold. Sara Stauifer, Robert Bieher. IUNIOR BAND ' The Junior Band is composed of pupils of grades one to six. Miss Helen Butterwick, our music supervisor, and Prof. Clark Carrnean from L. V. C. Conservatory, along with the help of seven student teachers, have organized practices every Monday and Tuesday afternoons. They plan to continue this organization so as to provide material for the Senior Orchestra. The student teachers from L. V. C. who have devoted their time to this worthy project are: Miss Frezeman, Miss Drurngold, Miss Stauffer, Miss Weiland, Miss Reiff, Mr. Bachman, and Mr. Bieher. 49 0 The Greystone 5 'F in SENIOR First Row: Phyllis Miller, Eleanore Light, Jacqueline Dubson, Doris Treiber, Doris Thomas. Second Row: Robert Fisher, Charles Mariani, Paul Ingraham, Robert Bean, Carl Fry. PLAY ' The senior play, "Almost Summer," was presented on November 15 and 16. lt was one of the most outstanding plays ever to be presented in A.H.S. The cast was supported whole-heartedly by the audience, who gave them great encouragement. The parts were ably portrayed by the following: Mr. Jones ...............,... PAUL INGRAHAM Jack ............. .... R onnnr BEAN Mrs. Jones .... ELEANQRE Llcur Junior Jones ........ . CARL FRY Paul Jones ..... ..... C 1-mnuzs MARIANI Lilah Johnson Pi-iYLL1s Mrnum Mary Jones .... .. JACQUELINE Dunson Mr. Smudgely .... Roslanr Fismgn Jane ..... ,.... ...... D o ms Tasmin Anna .......,... .... . .. Doius Tuoivms The play was directed by Mr. Henry Hollinger and was characteristic of the fine plays which he has directed. Our sincere thanks is extended to him for the fine work he has accomplished in this field. The Greystone ' 50 1 ia Q6 'O 0" 04 ., il 'ri I". 0,0 Q 0 X! .1 L H h , Qi ' ll i ' 212' ' O Q af N, " ' Q "' 0 Q Qi f . 17 4 , 'f . 'O -gif-3".-"' . A 5 -H. -, - . . . . .- V - - 1 ' 4'l1ff3':i5f , .1-. lil: gwaggi X First Row: Donald Smith, David Horst, Paul Ingraham, Dale Longenecker, Lawrence Dodson, Second Row: Carl Fry, manager, Joseph DeLong, Donald Myers, Louis Ercoli, Mervin Boyer, Mr. H. G. Moyer, coach. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ' Annville High dribblers again ran out on several county basketball courts with the purpose of bringing glory to A.H.S. Our boys opened the season on Dec, 7 by journeying to Hershey. A splendid game was played but the Trojans turned us back 39-25. The red and white boys gave all they could towards winning the league games, but until Feb. lst, we had won only two. Our team had a streak of bad luck this year, but next year's dribblers assure us that they will bring top honors to our Alma Mater. Dec. Ian. Feb. Hershey Away 4 Schaefferstown Away' 1 Palmyra Home' Middletown Home Myerstown Away' 5 Hershey Home' Hummelstown Home Palmyra Away' 8 Schaefferstown Away' Womelsdorf Away Cornwall Away' 12 Myerstown Away' Cornwall Home' Schaefferstown Home' 19 Womelsdorf Home Myerstown Home' 22 Cornwall Home' 26 Palmyra Away' ' League Game The Greystone ' 52 .. gf-" t . 4 -fs '-- -- .-v ...ia-0 iq' -JA miami, ,iuvuif Milli: -mini.. ylulllf First Row: James Funck, Ernest Viozzi. Jack Thomas. Second Row: Earl Gebhart, Richard Behney, Richard Light, James Kreider. Third Row: Carl Fry, manager. Randall Aungst, Mr. H. G. Moyer, coach. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ' The Jay-Vee basketball team concluded a successful season with a record of nine wins and three losses. Among the boys who played outstanding ball for the red and white were "Merf" Boyer, high scoring forward, Richard Light, Ernest Viozzi, and "Shorty" Thomas. The Jay-Vee's opened their season by trouncing the Hershey, Middle- town, Hummelstown, Womelsdorf, and Cornwall teams before finally losing to Schaefferstown. Myerstown also defeated the juniors, but the boys came right back to beat Cornwall by a decisive score. Our thanks is extended to the Jay-Vees and we hope that all of them will be on the Varsity team next year to lead Annville High school through a victorious season. Greystone 1 Ili.. 'QQULLE First Row: Richard Loy, Ammon Mariani, Donald Bucher, Jack Thomas, Richard Behney, Stanley Anspacht, Victor Herr, Russell Smith. Second Row: Lawrence Dodson, Clyde Shaffer, Lawson Hemperly, Charles Tice, Donald Smith, James Bixler, John Peters, Robert Forker. Third Row: Mr. Paul Billett, coach, Donald Risser, Norman Bucher, Richard Umberger, Carl Light, Joseph DeLong, Ernest Viozzi, Charles Simmons, Luther Harner, Edward Hillard, manager. BASEBALL, 1944-45 ' Annville High's 1944-45 season was played according to the standards of Annville High School. Because of Bucher's capable pitching and Stan Anspacht's speedy "spit-ballsf' our team Won great honors in the field. Coach Billett's persistence was the reason for the "great hittersi' on the team. We'll always be proud of Don Smith and "Lefty" Dodson, who never failed to hit a homer and save the game. We, the class of '46, appreciate what our last year's baseball team did to bring honors to our school. We thank you and hope that this year's team can do just as good a job. The Greystone ' 54 Standing, Rear: Anna Light. Miss Eleanore Witrneyer, coach. Team: Phyllis Miller. Dorothy Ellison, Carolyn Windle. Juneathene Boger, Jacqueline Dubson. Marilyn Miller, Lorraine Miller. Doris Treiber. Ruth Light, Claire Dunn. Sylvia Miller. Jean Asper, Jane Brandt. GIRLS' BASKETBALL ' For the first time in four years A,H.S. has organized a feminine group of cagers. Coached by Miss Witmeyer, the girls were not long in learning the technique of the game and they rallied to maintain the high standard of previous girls, teams. Most of the games were played after school and the first game was quite an experience, but everyone came through pleased and confident. The all around sportsmanship of the girls was very praiseworthy. Al- though they did not establish an impressive win column, they exhibited speed and determination. Captain Phyllis Miller and co-captains Ruth Light and Lorraine Miller, plus several other members of the team, are graduating this year, but the present juniors show great possibility for next year's team. 55 ' The Greystone 1' f .a S W af, f if ,L K4 .,,,A ' , " ' 2:1 if 2 1 . K :Qin gifs My Q l Q W H KREAMER W E KREAMER KREAMER BROS The House of Better Values Funeral Director FURNITURE AND FLOOR COVERINGS Electrlc Retngerators Appliances Washers Electrlc Gas and Coal Ranges R C A Radlos 328 West Main Street Modern Funeral Home ANNVILLE PA Phone 7 5141 Grocenes Cholce Fruxts Phone 7 3981 LESTER L KREIDER We Dehver and 348 West Maxn Street ANNVILLE PA We Axm to Please Meats Vegetables The Greystone - 0 1 . n -1 11 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . o - I . , . I EDWARD GANTZ Photographer SPENCER CASSEL Plumbmg Heating Hardware 209 N Raxlroad Street 14 East Maxn Street PALMYRA PA ANNVILLE PA The Greystone Phone 8-5341 Phone 7-5131 Dont Forget to Vlsxt HOT Compl CARL S BARBER SHOP DOG ANNVILLE PA FRANK S' WEST END MEAT MARKET G spa gl P p Mr and Mrs H U L Horst Dealer In All Kinds of 145 147 West Mam Street Meats ANNVILLE PA Good Luck Semors The Greystone . . . iments I . . I . Compliments of H. . n er. ro . . . . . . , . Compl ent IOHN H BOGER Coal Feed THE ASTOR THEATRE Ferhllzer and Repcnrs ANNVILLE PA ANNVILLE PA Ph ne 7 4111 A B LEHMAN Qucxhty Groceries Fresh and Smoked Meats Frurts and Vegetables 29 West Sherrdan Avenue ANNVILLE PA Phone 7 3831 Co pl THE PEN NWAY BARBER SHOP B11 1916 Dale 1946 The Greystone . im s of I I , . o . . . ' ' m iments of . . i . , BOLTON S GARAGE and Servlce Statlon Mam and Krlllnger Streets ANNVILLE PA Phone 7 4131 Phone 7 5781 ISAAC M LONG Insurance Lxfe Automobxle Compensation and Flre 12 West Mam Street ANNVILLE PA DAVIS PHARMACY 103 West Mam Street ANNVILLE PA Prescrxpttons Carefully Compounded Lcxunderers Cleaners Furrlers ANNVILLE PA Where Good Work as a Habxt Two Cold Storage Annvxlle 7 5511 Vaults at your Servxce Hershey 1 0 The Greystone KINGSLEY AND BROWN. INC. ' 611 ANNVILLE MEAT MARKET Mears Gwcenes Le1AY BEAUTY SHOP Produce and Sect Foods 322 West Mam Street 15 M 1 P P ANNVILLE PA ANNVILLE PA ANNVILLE PAPER BOX CO 36 N Lancaster St P-NNVU-LE PA BATDORF DEPT STORE Makers of Set Up Paper Box ANNVILLE PA Pho e 7 5231 The Greystone Pau . il er. ro . , . Free Deliveries Phone 7-3451 Eva Dishong' Prop' 0 Compliments n . Co pl ents GOLLAM S SUPREME ICE CREAM The Cream of Matchless Ment D L SAYLOR AND SONS C B Gollam Sons Mfgrs ANNVILLE PA 6th and Maple Streets LEBANON PA Phone 21 Beer Wmes PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL Home Cooked Meals Comphmems 201 203 West Mam Street ANNVILLE PA H E MILLARD da, P Phone 9175 Lxquors Lxght Lunches The Greystone I m im .. . .. of Q 1 O O l . of Louis Rotun rop. SHEARER AND BECKER Mam Street UNION EMBLEM CO ANNVILLE PA Hxgh School and Fratermty Jewelry Felt Fresh and Smoked Meats Sea Foods Grocenes Vegetables cmd Frozen Foods Goods and Commencement Stahonery PALMYRA PA IOHN HIRSH DEPT STORE Co pl ns a st Wshs ASTORIA LUNCH ANNVILLE PA The Greystone I m ime t Compliments nd of Be i e SH ES Wallpaper Wmndow Shades PITTSBURGH PAINTS Lebanon Dcnly News Agency Roy H Llght ANNVILLE PA The Greystone Compl ments THE UNION HOSE FIRE CO Comphments BEN FRANKLIN FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE Prop E W Wolfe Open Frxday and Saturday Nxghts The Greystone i of Ambulance Service Autographs I THE END

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