Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1957

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Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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gm. EXW 3 z -. -L 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 -if 1 1 1 1 41 ,,-tg. .h F 11 ?'iiQ'f5w, Z 1 ,,. 1 -.ei 1 . , . gi 1.1-J i- . 4 'i 'iT 1 fa. 1 -45 NLM- pk. . . Axe IL, gi: iw, ' ' 1 1 f eil 1' 'v . .EW7 J.. ' ' 1.151111 . 0 1 'mi ' '- 11 atl L 1 3 v- ' 1 .lxgtgdswy 1. 1 ,111-' -,nf - 1 -1 .. . 1 -1 A E151 1 .11 1,-1 If VI . 1 1 . 1 ' 1 1' 1 1 1 .2'.2'2 14. , T' .sais 1 11 . 4 .Q .511 , 1 Q W- -A , 1 1.11-rr 1 f . I 4, 1 -. ,, I, ', k 1 ' Q-. E P . ' ' . ' 1. , 'QL ' .J I 1 -1 . 1 dx. lj A ' 292 . 1 L- 2,4 4 .Ir ily' . 6 9511211 1113 '. ' .- vw' mri2'v:HS?- 1 FLW?-g1'1 '-114 1- . 11 -1.1: 3 xy- . , T. ,1... . .. 1. - 5. A..'..:.4 . M ,11 l'.Q.I.f 'ran'-. ' ' - -- , - 1?t'r-' ' 1 '13, 1 , ' ,-1317114 .rf ' -- - 1' fg mr? ' 1 '1 f, -1 ' 5 ' I i ' .':ii'11: 1 , I '1gu', , ' :f u 5 , 4, .v., 5 ,f . 1 1 F.1.l1 A' 1' -'ff 1.1,-. -. Q 1 ' . 1 '55 elm-.,. .. 2 ! . ' 1. ' f' - ' at s '15 lllkz-..z '. s .11 '1-W., 1. . . 3 ' 3 . .Jw 1 '.1. . 1 1 ' 1 -In Yr 'aw ' .1 . A Q Q Q Q111.-ix ' .Ls M .. 1, .W ' .:. 155'-71 ,' J ,511 V . , , . .Y -1-1-up '- 'Q ,wr 11 . A ,,,,. ,. 1 ---gy --1. 11 .-1g:5,L. . 1: . mhfirf 1- 4' -x . ' IN 1 ., ,, -5, ' ., Y, w -Am! I ..l w -.1 1' 1.-1. -f.. P ..,., ,Q 4 cb- 'lin ,. 1' 1' ,. fvifwz-f1f . .1. .. .. v-1a .L.v. 1 -3.. - aa,-ff L5 .1 A. ng. 1 4 , I Q 141153: .1 ' J a 1 L. ,.,....,1...11., -1-mg J' .1 '+. 1.-u x 'E 1 i X 1' 4 N, xx m X f X tg . 3 5, .2-Q 1 . fi 5 ' s .2 n it 3. fx .4 at Q 2 ww unnusnrun 1 :X X Q., M ,. AK E? x k x , Q X ., PS' Q QM . I I I 5 55,13 ' N Z. n 1' My , 'r i ' G, -3 V 3 , TU ga, A ' 435-!'jv,' . K h , 4 ,L LV if M , if Agia E, 7 3 v f' LL, ' V 'Q f ,--5 , 4 ' J' L - .. - -ff gp v - ' . ' K , 5' . F' , ' N W , .- 5 H , I. : fb , 'Jr . C ? i' L . 1 ' ' f 'Y iw H W lf 1 Qffaf - Y vw : , f 'flj4f'?gK?'f' N , ' al. f, W fam? - Q K A ' f A 1 ' ,MM L, , ff? ff' f fy-I fy if Q 3 wi -. 3 ,W K g 'Y' f , f. - .J ..: 4 A -,3 ' nf f ,g S ' . , y ,Lv A .W fy. f' 1. - L up f 5 J ,gif , 7 I wwf f .Q 'Q ,,,:,w, f 13 , K' , . vii., Q WW ff . ' L .- Q , y f f Jug,-,f?A:.3., 3,3 , it M Vip.. .L,g 3 1 i A M, ,. V, W, j . ' ' XL' f A 'ff . ' A KM . , ,. K . 3: V ' P? , ' . V . V :ff N .1 V I K A7 1, L, . , E, K I M' 0 It Q, ... ,L ,vt ., A Q, ., X 3 . I V ii m.. W - -pw' f A 1 -N g y iv - 5 L,-. X - , . A- Y , X ,.,, K1 , WM, A , 4 , Q , A .. W K 5 K I KA V? .3223 V KX 2 ly . fy Q y,,gj::1Tf I A 'I - fl: -' ' ffffl ,I v 7 A ,Z -Q, , 1 Q , if-a:n...i k ,f-flfgxi, , '. , X g 'h 7 f 31:2 .j f ' f , , 1 ' ,Q Q.. ff ' ' '32 - ' ,wif J ' X V -- Vg 'f-'ff V k f ' - ,V 2 , . M, W K .M i f ' 5 f I M Mu I, -Q., Se , , 1' 2' 1 y .- 3 ' nw' J x 17 L A M , . 'A Q V7 , f wr y T - z , , 3 ,, A . Q, , M- fwiiiaii f ,,,L ' Cable ef Keutents Dedication .... Qaeulty. . . Staff .... Uzenee. . .i. . Klasses ....... Heauty Heart. . . Organizatians. . . ,Athletics .... Activities ..... Advertisements. . . Dedication We, the senior class of 1957, wish to dedicate this annual to the memory of the Rt. Rev. Msgr, Herman Joseph Jacobi, the late pastor of Annuncia- tion Church. Monsignor I acobi's death in May of 1956 brought to an end his illustrious and fruitful career. He stud- ied for the priesthood at St. Joseph's Seminary in St. Benedict, Louisiana, and at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. He was ordained in St. Louis Cathedral on June 12, 1932. His first assignment was as assist- ant at St. Peter Church in Reserve, Louisiana, After studying social sciences at the Catholic University of America at Washington, D, C., he was appointed executive director of Associated Catholic Charities. During this time he was assistant at St, Theresa Church in New Orleans. Eventually he was elected president of the National Conference of Catholic Charities. After more than a decade of charities work, he was given what was to be his last big assignment, the pastorate of Annunciation Church in November of 1950. His spiritual guidance served always as an inspi ration to the students of Annunciation High. Therefore, we, the senior class of Annunciation High School, dedicate the 1957 Annunciette inlov- ing remembrance of Monsignor Jacobi. 4 Q . kim 5 Eff 5 F R f be .mmf 14, 3 HE W IONSIQIOR lu. I. IACOBI His Excellency MOST REVEREND IOSEPI-I F. RUMMEL S. T. D. Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel S. T. D. is the beloved leader of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and one of the great leaders of the Church in the South. Through his extensive work with Catholic organ- izations, he has done much to improve the spiritual and material lives of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. 6 - ,4 Message gflflnl Our Superintendent ef Senee RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR HENRY C, BEZOU ARCHDIOCESAN SCHOOL BOARD Nzw Onumns 12. Loullunu mm-ir mcvrznl-:ND MONSIGNOR 0,,,,,, Am, R, NH, HENRY F- BEZOU ST. I'A.TRH'li'S KICCTOIIY suvsmsnmnxssr 12, K-,Mp S 1- CANAL Dear Alumnae of Annunciation High School: This yearbook is a remainder and a reminder of your sojourn at Annciation High School. Long after you have put away your textbooks, uniforms, and other reniinders of your school days the Annunciette of 1957 will remain as a precious possession. You will want to leaf through it to renew acquaintances, refresh memories, and bring back to life things past. More important, the Annunciette should serve--ten, twenty, or forty years from now--as a reminder of the ideas and ideals, the attitudes and appreciations, the principles and teachings which helped to form and inform you during your days at Annunciation High School. May you then be able to say with truth and conviction: I have lived what I was taught. Very sincerely in Christ the Teacher, ., f ' , f Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools 7 H. VERY REVEREND MONSIGNOR ARMAND M. KERLEC Monsignor Kerlec became the Pastor of Annunciation Church on July 1, 1956. Before his assignment at Annunciation, he was Pastor of St. Michael's Church in New Orleans. Presently he is the Arch- diocesan Director of the Boy Scouts. 8 REVEREND BLAISE H. R. VOSBIEN Father Vosbien is the Assistant Pastor of Annunciation Church. Two of his previous assignments were as temporary Assistant at St. James Major in New Orleans and Assistant Pastor at St. Joseph's Church in Grosse Tete, La. He has been at Annunciation since December, 1951. 9 ,4 Message 9mm Krrrrrnd rflflrrflzrr Mary Laura, rw. fi is 're Superior General Q Ad. in aet. SS.S Corzusrzb of kgs ffmoib clfofltj cgaczarrzsnb P. Q. sux 55 fafayette, fouiiiana Ap!-H111 1957 My Dear Graduates: Your yearbook is a symbol of all that your years at Annunciation mean to you. May it be a constant reminder to be true to the ideals you have learned at A.l-I. S. Your Pastors, teachers and companions during these four years have helped to form your character so that it will be Mary- like in every way. It is my prayerful wish for each of you that in whatever field of life you find yourself, you will draw others to Jesus through Mary because you are so like Her. God bless you always! Devotedly in the M.H.S. 7120111 Wt-fwwwr ,4 ,Message Hmm Sister Mary Aleysia, JM. fi Prirzezjmzl School QT . UU55 Qlunhzni gr 754U ,Sisters nf the Ctliinsf gflnlg Sacrament Qmnuncizxiiun ,High School Un:-ner Spain anh gmnrais ggireefs 35251 Gbrleans 17, 'louisiana Dear Seniors: Everyone usually looks upon graduation as the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new one. In a sense, it is. Yet from a different viewpoint, graduation is really neither end nor beginning-- it is a continuation of all you have learned during the years of your school life. The ideals that have become a part of you, the influences that have molded you, the friends you have made, the knowledge you have gained--these do not end when your school days end. Now your ideals are to inspire others who may not have been as fortunate as you to have learned the real meaning of lifeg the influences that have made you YOU are ready to come forth from within you and influence others for good. You will make new friends who will be better or worse for having known you. You will use your knowledge to earn a living or to pursue a fuller, higher, education. But now you are on your own and whatever you make of your life depends mainly upon you. How important it is, without the protection and guidance of your school days, that you continue to live as you have been taught . . . to lead others on the path of eternal salvation . . . for this is the end of all you have learned. And one day when you graduate into eternal life, truly the end and beginning, may you do so summa cum laude. Jesus and Mary be with you always and make you happy. Devotedly in Our Lady of the Anntmciation, Z . ,4..4:.4., J D71 , A-J, Sister M. Aloysia, M.H.S. U15 Hacullg Attending a faculty meeting are from left to right: Sr. Lucre- tia, Mrs. Pike, Sr. Andree, Sr. Thomas, Sr. Anne Marie, Sr. Aloysia, Sr. Margarita, Mrs. Landry, Mrs. Treuting, and Miss Janey Marks. . I2 W E715 Zzculfy Students listen intently as they receive religious instruction from Monsignor Kerlec. Father Vosbein illustrates his lecture during one of his religion classes. I3 k,..1,f1 ii .. sffiiv fflj' I ggiiigifizi E455!rLf55f'55 k,5gg5p15,.55 5, .5 23155 i.Qsvj'g51f' ,. 5,W,,. YQ 55, fgggfg I saggy . Ufiiflgt I 4 512,,5,g'l 1 54. 152 Q 52 S115 1 maxzgi 5.1.21 ix. W 5 1:1195 w llearbaok Staff Hard at work on the 1957 Annunciette are the Co-Editors, Madeline Olivier and Carol Cazabat. .. .xg 5 Q, , v 5 5 '. t 253 W . Q, , sms A . 1 ::.g-ig-2 , . XM . 5 , 5531153 :...A, ,,.i1g:1 5 1 aiffffffi. Wlillu 3 5 .,.,.fg.:.Q. 5 YJ V ,f 5 A gil : Uz5xr'525g5Sfaff41f5255 A . ,,,, ,,L: , , - W,,15gg,55L,,sL55 5, 5. ,M 5 1 5 '1 5 ' I 4 f'11.3-fxiii-EYQQS55:51 wf . . A , , M . 5 , X f52'5'5..wiT, 'r1l1fl1f 5 - - - - , 5 . ., I ' M is 11555555 M f :ya uf' 1, 115-:5'155 1-5g .W 51, - vwfzi fisfw sS15f2:s:af 1:11 :wi :wsffvs-5xQi'5,,5. , .5..:iffi,iff.'ff5 K 5 5 .5 .v ' 5 5 5, A .... 5..,-5 . M , ,,,. Q ry . 1, .-55: , . .. . ,,.. 5 A , , A ,. .1 5, , . 53-5z5,5w,,5a1v5, 3-.,,, ,KLL A k,A, 4.1 xl, - v,.,. . . ,.,,,.5r. . g:,.,.,5sa.fg,e. W3-f 5 .511,g1,,g, 5 5,3 A 5imgif5,w5.f,,,1L55 ,Nil g,g,M551g,5m,,,15,5:,ff515,g 5,g55.fg.g55g5-K..-3L,,.,. :,g...,,. gg. 1,33 , - gl 5 .1..,L,.4,.l.q , Q5 .55g:gti5.xp,.g:g,:-4:5-,w.,5n15ggk5'ga,.+::N 1' L-51: 11 3.-1:.ts,f., Awwf g2Nwf9555 QKwQg??3S?5rgfzffxx'-1g1 1ff1ff15:fuit5a23515.552,,igilfsswigfiiefflgifgfffwsfg5jsuyflwfglzkwflkhkWeiz5Mf1f'51fm'u'1w- X -5 f5'- --5A- . X 2 faery W - iw.-4--5.-,f.51-3,2225 .,.w-Q'-5 J'-'ku 552551 Y Hi-s:i'2?i.5i255i2 , f H5 --5.51, 5. ' '15 i,5.f5ev.w5.5.5 'e ' irevifsizie-. , HMI. f. Milli? fQ55?55fii5' 1zsi.5Q,g2z1y gggafgwgg-qj-,5g,.y ?iEJ1l'fg. f - f ',, ,U 5 ,kj,51.:::'51:f:,1,':xg:2.i.Q.1..i.g.. ,w:1.T:5v M .ink.5Qi:'fX5sf?5.-faiiwsifwzwmffkim...LM55,xmsf'55a'f1:55 HJ mf-ua ,.5575xfs'sg'ff5iiezs?www5ff.mssG-we1?:x5?4fa:amh1m1 Qiaweifka-EMM!5nBLsiifesi5si?wee5swax5k1!?5aQe1mr5Smci:iLi'?2zi:zi,m-mimi5xs55szimv5ssf5siss5,gimiw5.m5fw'f:-feia:.f 5 ,eww 5 5.-2-1.-s551-'se1.5ww5sL1Qui, VL! -5 wa A Staff Artist: Anne Alison Business Managers: Mary Ann Portier, Gloria Mangin, Ann Nolan, and Pat Bernard. Photogra pher: Ioycelyn Theriot. lfearbaak Staff Staff Members, Standing: Joan Alfonso, Lynn Preau Carolyn Eccles, and Carol Tessitore. Seated: Maria Scaffidi, Adele Scarpulla, and Barbara Serio. Missing: Ellen Henry, Janice Goertz, Catherine Cardona, Phyllis Krauss, Mary Grenner, Mil Lou Kask, and Carmen Martin. wwf :Q ,S 1 . Q 5 Afiff WW R U16 Diary af zz Senivr 1 ' Q u x 0 The highlights of the final year of her high school life were recorded by our Senior, Margaret Fayard, in her diary. We have chosen from it the most interesting and memorable events, which will unfold before you on these pages. Let us look over the shoulders of Margaret and Freshman Barbara Larmann, as they read through the Diary of a Senior. I6 n , n r , tx uf, vu ,. as P Q D I I 8 ' 1 w u rr . Q sv . as A v , g .5 Q g 4 Q . D ' Q 1 G -0' Q Q Seuiars Senior Glass 0Mcvrs The Senior Class Officers of 1956-57 are from left to right: Ann Nolan, Vice Presidentg Margaret Fayard, President: and Adele Brockhoeft, Treasurer. Missing is Ellen Henry, Secretary. I8 K v- . - ur? ,..-.N ' ftp 'sv qinv-.wr - - r.,, , if MBRRYN ARNOLD She makes new friends where 'e'er she goes. r manner s-deer rd ith he hd kind. she seek! a. And wherever in hie, 'N e hope xhat she vim iknd. fo A Wie' fb NALFON pf? h3?'f5..::ef W so ,be our p fo aug, -,Dan te Of Su lb 111 bla 'sic'-fe el 3063 C1188 'be . J' rare to fin d up-Tn,-,L lm., X- ai , 1622,-L. W5 1 YAC 'sw 199 .e 'Y HX5 1 Boot tgoax? 9: x 69 e Y 'B 01 ai! Vivvrm o f PA 1421014 BERNARD Her eyes are so 1 exp resgiveg Her voice is so sincere. The bieadsbips that slze made at sclzvol Will last for 1I1'3l1y a year. X 1 If OL B E vim egdo and Vi No, to Weq 80: She,-Q U1 . Bur me Uf'1f1o,, Vita ' out In Ing that 1192 Is her slveost of all stands et P61-3 OU RNJUS alffy. , X, H, i N, cxcvogx B969 me vs ang' be Ks chasm . S N416-xi-' M.. she XE' 'SWE' B vii, gba! svleeovmxon 0 'gba 'cgi' bait' 19 Cxassgxa maid Q0 916 BV-0 as q GW Ai N515-'nn LK lfym,-um .. - ,T wF F' Ro She SALIE, lls' S S 0 Ou 65 'an 57' be bl!! Will d s Peres 8 0011 f, so Cha! ind 02 CAI W11 I-Cb lb 8 C11 'Ev ee! feed? abou: Warn? I an d BU?-G M'-9 - DXBNE when Hex eyes spatme she Xooks as gon. She chmpXes when she srhhes. tutes he arts oes She cap e' et she Q, Res where vi ith het chatmiilq, V1 'ev-mf. Nw -A Ga we l:4LDwE rev ow b QM e' 11, UVALE Fo ' the 'fam Au Cach has g e W- ' abil da sho ' A Sea' ers. ?o de to Us were ofb al rv . 0126! and itll fair CP-BCL CNIJP-SNK She. atpites to be A vriket, v sate me vim. vidio had succeed, s tnexxt an Y oi me 'na abkhuy s Xxx me toad had Ss alvl 21 c HA 41 A Wiys RLENED U REL 12 In bd she tb el- Q 6 co 3 Evers Woflf .Vs h as at . lon Y beat, e p r an e b e,s a Tread ' 0 J' a W1, e Se, y me J' . 11 I-tk ljme -f yy., v' GE?-P49-9 5 DWESU S em kno-A 3091 Y ou'XX neu wha: she' s Nw wi you 19661 Umm xh 'DBI , e da 'my 5006 VIKXX eh. She, bt hom YJ anew ' a bonu This 5600112 ro In bit! CAROL ECCLES Sbe bas the rare C0'11b1bation Of 3161112 brains Wit, YN . and At lvbate ver sh the S aims 121 fullzre S126 L9 3 We alre a R9 1 Pr 9 P1 GPR-51 xax-and 9- yds 10 mans ,J ev S0 hi 6 has Q91 A beiot SW x e Sutitlax mass 19 Shxdnl GHUOSSHG VI 'Y she et ate' Thevifsua' ,,,...-f,pw:-- ,c W She DORA FE RRA Pass RA de esses a term . Thar neve mation so We I seem an bo S to fire. f U1 fn I that desire X X 11 51 1115 . er beans e 1 Ps QQSEYKT 'Y Loge me. Queen . .dave ww .ss aw- ml cxass SVGA gigs X5 in a ginae! a gm. 5-ge 386 Aance out Xxea . oi ,A 1 mi adv 2' fi Isto She FERRARA ba, re Ch al 3 Fo, sbeafacten Deng, sch ba' sb 'Yay to gain The 001 DWI: at 8 Sqc 'ip I C633 We P 5' 'lie ,,. S ell ii-+ sf'-N l' ce 00951 au. H1096 to B 3 XS She 552.9 wwe' Bet 5 KDS' QQ AKSWTN so xbio she 'ho - xx eve' wilt op nie 5 ww -10 Y of gagging' VERONICA LAFASO 'S friend, many' 318 And praise her Winlllllg Ways. She '11 have H ch 11781119 eds R0'1nie I hed y . Of her dayfappy high 'Choo' 3 XX qsgax ba 0 c 8665 B os me H61 6 0 tgxx 9-S Co K. oi e9 W 6 dev avec 2 vaio 5 gvspwxeiie' 5536 16 She oi Knox ana S19 owne P' AN! ' I 2133 I To b RMA e , nie LAC: A RRIGUE ff- H1 Uld Way 11d ness 3 shox she h 11 as No lv 000' Hd C onsid r er all W 68.2, d 12 im warmtljr an th e 6 ' a , girl, hon d ad 'ni ra tion X Thong, 1 66. an she XLNYYXLEEYX LPQQABYRJY 'd ends QOKBY and esew am mov: in 'S he vi e, mound. You ,061 xadiadt sw -peaks Xoddet 'Shan ani skxodx com sound. d Slge b New '38 'Dan a char . A help ner! Hung 'He allv band Thaw :is lend. -rlze 71 be' y all 'Vbo t ojead. 0 can ber KOY3 Q35 Gawetx 06 me ovxex 665345 W av - fb have Avi 005 W9 ' 'O wavwq Q an of 1 'W QC so Yagi' .-E gL.1h..,4J...M- FL- 5 L. 1145.1 -,..w.......1. C4 All 'Zi Ga NMAR To be! pglbt 43 abefDQgyIiel1d, O0 ny 0 ': er 0116 C fs to'ee: do se love e N i -7- 13. P-NS MUST P-CCYXXB Etxendstxigas m schoo1 Aawjs Me fishes beyond measure, when So mn xames up hem vleamh. SX1e'XXii0A she hai A devote, g ada W A UGUST MES etgf IS s d 063. e gills guma gfee e d0e: ery lvell pretty as can be. INF 0 Pr ' a pretty d All all tb a U V And is w-'S 32 9-06, 95 to 09 x '0 ,, 6 is Q S0 ot C0195 .ig X ,605 S avi XL 5 Y Olizv QT P319 0 '69 gd .149 .. . HL' ADEQ- qw Seem' 20 11-f tba: 1 She ff bllqp ' ately 111 pride. 8 our lvlrb Collld It '5e a rj Became ,be D can a ation U I' bride? soo Wllbe 'Y 'I Page ew so ccmgeso 1 ,ls a'vnf'oY'1f wx xt 0 5 Goosiixa Suu gm 01: 0 vl g Osiuugstaafma A' via 01 ,adds bow 5 cxztxcn eo! new o X MARIE she . RADOSTI Is known 'Cho 36 th And as 001'-'puked e mos, Wiih Suchul' best ora! of virt an abund QL who Com Neg' ance d r ask king ,D for an Ure y Q 0199 Ps Wad ww, semi W' ' 3 S16 5 miatgxb' cotgise' me S og a 919 Weis f'o1-,avmvza me sv Y me S 'XX oi i Y wwcgeiowt .me Baa E ,Q X do' S s ops all Her cordl A UDREY ROBIN ays of light s ' fiom a lamp, Froln her glows lvarlnt and cbeerfulness. And as the lrglzr envel ASI' 'al manner does 120 less. af PXXGEOS .55 R51 S 0 Wxgaxes D A SOWMXY BU Von ax -5 a sg cetgXac-ie! Bei Wokxxgh s Oi wmv 618 beatles' in C EV ,dn EWS SPN OW X ei 503 a . 40' . vi 6 X90 cnxii thu wax W et tea 956 s0 'ocean vetes 19 w sve 531104 1, 19 MARIA HDI Lim Folloi rays f '1fhme The b wherever She Udg of ba go sb SCAF . es' e team PP1l2es Sp ' s flag f she sat? the deeds W eq gisftxx 36 fi no 3100 lvbe She 5 s 0 fill! of .iovialfty A or u When :lg ' pl BARBARA SERIO -fe Use Ofbuln ' gift e .s arounq 3112 to t s .ree - There 1, 'D any- fe about, NS SEN 0 We P- wi O . S SQOIG cou we -ei Xnigl e 9 6 Quint what e see A Yesetq and me . A iw 501' Sax W 6 so 'Ars and gn? 111' P 'i 96 yy SO C 160, with ea s YA A -00 C1 366669 CX mas uf MW K LULA MAE THOELE' Through four years of high school she has shown That with wisdom and knowledge she 's endowed. The accornplllvhmeut ofa job well done Should make her very proud. 1 We e oox Q9 o ie ,cm 510 body , Cav? a X30 O X ov' Yi , IX ,Y Koo Z Xe go 'co file? Ps K 669256, 6211 COXX X if 'iw Xwif MX A PA T121 CIA T he fllpur TREIGLE Ivjtlfef-O1-e e lies b lza be' dfzec right Her e adsl Iplom yes a lb on congd shine b ber I.. tb en er Ce Jgh, she hte-'11 ' With s taadslojd of . life 10?-3498 me 116 oi ' S 5 Bax s90'tsWangmQ each uwwvh 59 coat Q96 W at met aiiecdon xd and Ovi gov' 5 - X f 39 EZ SW' 1?-Y' www 14 1 P-S wry' he svn vi . shew fax oi Mag men ml 8 aaxvlngvetg lo we . 3 39 15 A aioun 315-'xx 9.1 'noise 'winds ' 61691 A Message from the Graduates As we leave these halls of learning, And prepare to close the gates, We should like to leave a message For the undergraduates. Spend these precious school days wisely: And when from your classmates you do part, You will take with you sweet memories In a special corner of your heart. 40 00X and 'Nc f' ,ffl A' N CYNTHIA SONGY Most Likely to Succeed MARY ANN WELLMEYER Sweetest ,, ,G Mgr 6 xxx, , -fr ' 5 ,Q 'fini : 3: , Efilb i Z -. :-- 5, 7,451 Q59 g , Q, if ,pa 'X A if 555 X Y 4 ,Q gk T- if 2 S53 1 5 CAROL CA ZABAT Best DISPOS 1!10I1 ix F '67 aw 1, .,,, , ww L X Ui ' qaul M I DIANE BURGARD M !.. M Most Athletic ., iv, 1. :K 3, k Zh, :gn ,gf , , -a?'r1'Z,:955fuZ 7 . V ' ' 53' f f l as ff 1 , S f I - TT'-1'i'5ff L 'i - f f'i'f,lQi,LQi L f'f,lQxQ'1lQ,Jz'ff 'gg at-1 gff' ff: ff1,1-'fflssmszi'-sk Seniar Glass Qawritcs PAT BARTHEL Wittiest ANN NOLAN Most Popular 5-ad' ,Yun br 611155 Oficars 1 Wi' Q .ffff Y 5 I 3, 15 ,vvyurg k,,. , if q , ,,:: K Qi f i f f. in ,,,,, I-:MS rw 595 f Q-.QQ , 5 . rig. r. f. Jim-V 7,21 QAM ff -r-:s,ewQ- :Ji Zfgys .. -,,. W.,--5 W, iffgig -f ' gagy rw? 1 Q The Junior Class Officers of 1956-57 are from left to right: Mary Ann Varnau, Vice President: Louise Villar, Presidentg Alma Borja, Treasurer: and Carolyn O'Rourke, Secretary. Juiii il1l?g'3f:5?f Q was Q 'H' f as JjfQ'X'Y: 0 ,, 5-233, NE if iff? ,.,f,sf,f,-i, ,Q Ve: s , ri X f ' r N K K , Wy mga, ,Q fz,itaf,cl if s ' . ra-ff,vggffsr- Xz+'ri-.3 ,V 'f f :miwf eww -'51 :, ,. i - 52, n..:,f-x ,g 4,1 , IU, ,::,gg.5 -, -- ., 3,,,:.,,fg ,-L ,va E .fin -. rf -' L- V wfw.--fr- no -If -' A - Q I --ssc' sg A V ,i.,W, ,frm f- , ,. R W S.-if v,:-W,wfyf,, 0... ,Mr an 5'Mg-,-,f.ygff3f.. --R N? M Kgwnu WWW A 3 fs J s 5 y S U ,W 'gf Q35 f fwwr I Mn V,-N .N , Arms N M. ..I f 'f'1 s K i 7 . , ,..-wp , ., , ,,,,r,:,h K s ffm W: vs., 4 - f.,,q- naar 1' sw wa if K fy 2 F11 ' s n . if- 1 A , 1 551 , R -A ' .W ,rg .1 ms2aWeW4: W 1, we ff- lv. :Irv-'FX V ann f 7- vw wwf-f-3 ,iwfifNP?1.55ifP'fsfwfw--rf4fQf22fvWQ,13sfe.f-+L:fm n,,-Wwf' w-snfwisrcf-Swfi f:?'w3ICw wiwp 'ff R Q ,iw we ,w V, 5: .wimkglqijqi M. ng f -:wif mwiiisvf 'Mm.Kv5f5?fsQf,5g,i41f,-Mins! f gfstef . -f f s 5 19 as b Qi' 5 M51 'VXHT an F'gffWTlf 5fSMfKg2wff KJV Jw Syefyilx Mill 5328 iwfit Sig WM KES +4 uw . ii i s s, , wg,wf,vyr xg f ,Q r gf-if Sfff gfw ppxslyiriffw, sr g ffr, , R mv' ,K fx.: f gf fs, ,rs 5 5 sf is s::::'1 '1, My Li ' V 1 Q W WJ:-Ifffifsz:f55fjfa,4ff,w-,1yn,iigr.f,wgzggi-'-',,,gp-sVpmQff,,,11.'fy-if wg . 44 944 ' .,, , .Mw.Q ti-,rmmS34,gi.,,,:D.1 ,B 5 ,. V, ,Q A . Yi: n if ,gil Xr2Jj2f5i1ff2 fi fjigg sq W ,i1',i n 451j'3HWrr pw s s, wwf kg W xg ff Wfgggwfg M ug fffnximis pw ,qi WW s QQ n .,.. ..,., n ., ., zn. IS 'x 2 BRENDA GRECO SANDRA GRECO MARY GRENNER RUTH HASENKAMPF BEVERLY IDSTROM MIL LOU KASK PHYLLIS KRAUSS IOAN LION BARBARA LUQUET DIANE MALOUSE GILDA MILLER IEANIE MISTRETTA DELIA NARANIO IUDE ABADIE ANA MARIA ACEVEDO ANNE ALISON MARIE BAHAM ALMA BORJA GERALDINE BOUTTE AGNES CABIBI CATHERINE CARDONA SANDRA CARRIGEE SARAHLYN CARSON TERESITA CRISE IOSEPHINE D'ANGELO di' JUDY EUMONT ROSEMARY FAZZIO CAROL FORTIER BARBARA GIL Qin -1-as uf Fix? rw 4' H' ua - ww 'CB' LILIAN SERRANO P ATRICIA SIMPSON JOYCE SPAMPNETO IOY STOVALL CAROL TESSITORE IOYCELYN THERIOT MARY ANN VARNAU MERLE VENTA DIANA VERON LOUISE VILLAR ELEANOR WATSON PA LMYRE WILLIAMS 'ilk CATHERINE NUGENT MARY NUNCIO MADELINE OLIVIER DEL RITA O'NEILL CAROLYN O'ROURKE PATRICIA PATTISON IO ANN PERNICIARO MARIAN PICOU ,Am MARCIA POCHE PATRICIA POUMAROUX LYNN PREAU BARBARA RAGAS RUTH RETIF ALICE SCHEXNAYDER BETSY SCHMIT BEVERLY SELZER X I YD' 4 s- Q 1 junior Glass ?awrifes No, they are not playing ladies. The Junior I class favorites are dressing dolls for Talent Night. They are from left to right: Joy Stovall, wittiestg Eleanor Watson, most athletic: Merle Venta, most popu- lar: and Mary Ann Varnau, most school spirit. 'T L ' -iieszift fs? WftffWxi:-fr-zf- - - Y s rx 7 i N' 9 4 is vu S sn is yrs .XL .,,. A -f Asst my -jaw Yak ,xy SM. usb Q t U is iii a 5 'Q' N Us saga if r .mssawwff 5 rf S Q t. 'N -.. t K k ' .V J if wp-M ' gpqx l Y' l were . 'U rw, ,,,. L Www? The Junior II class favorites couldn't resist the desire to try on the Seniors' graduation caps. They are from left ro right: Palmyre Williams, most athleticg Louise Villar, most popular: and Alma Borja, most school spirit. Missing from the picture is Io Ann Perniciaro, wittiest. E 1 . wx ,J A . ,, A J 1 I 1- Q ,ki X44 I w ' ,aw ,Q Sophomore II Class Officers conduct a meeting. From left to right, they are: Patsy Laborde, Treasurerg Milly Tresch, Presidentg Kay Alexander, Secretaryg and Carol Enclade, Vice President. I I Patronizing Mrs. Selzer's religious article store are the Sophomore III Class Officers: Frances Flanagan, President: Nancy Catanese, Treas- urerg Fay Ann Ragas, Secretaryg and Dorothy Cavalier, Vice Presi- dent. Saphamarc Klass Ofhcers Raising the flag in the school yard are Sophomore I Class Officers, Rosalind Viola, Treasurerg Linda Dauterive, Secretary: Pat Jones, Presidentg and Bonnie Foret, Vice President. si limi! WVU... . iid? Kathlene Alexander Beulah Anclade Susan Ardoin f Y ' Svphamvres Catherine Bellais Sylvia Berry Jean Cantrell Carol Cardarella Janice Caruso Cecile Cassisa Nancy Catanese Dorothy Cavalier Linda Chiasson Jo Ann Ciaccio Mary Pat Clark Jo Ann Conrad Linda Dauterive Janet De Gruise 'wsu WO! Wsmw' 'dm f 'TJl Emma Dendinger Elaine Dieck Sheila Donlan Celeste Dreux Mardel Earhart Carol Enclade Margaret Espinosa Patricia Fenerty Frances Flanagan Bonnie Foret Agnes Froeba Charlene Gambino Delores Gex Nw Joycelyn Gomila Mary Gracia Mary Ann Guccione Q .Yi-. GLM fx' X7 l Susan Gueniot aphamores Mireya Guillen Neyer Guillen Carolyn Hughes Patricia Jones Kathleen Kane Katherine Kreppin Frances LeBlanc Patricia Lahorde Mary Lynn Lugenbuhl Augustina Martinez Sylvia Matulich Ioan Maus Clara McDonald ,gov -Q 'OVW' lf? r sw, af? Nw? r V ' 'r Diana Melancon Margaret Miller Patricia Miller Lena Montallmano Marlene Mustacchia Lauralee Naquin Merle Nunez Roselind Palestino Barbara Parham Patricia Perniciaro Catherine Picon Jerelyn Points Fay Ann Ragas Saphamares Barbara Ross Patricia Salbador Sylvia Savarese Adele Scarpulla Kathleen Smith Linda Soden Blanca Solorzano Diane Spell Rosalie Stenn Patricia Talazac Paola Toups Mildred Tresch Evelyn Reed Nancy Rigaud Fresia Romero ,as- IV! -sw., E 'HE Rosalind Viola Fay Anne Wise Althea Zitzmann Soplzvmarc 611155 Qawritcs Chatting about their vacation plans are the Sophomore I Class Favor- ites: Linda Dauterive, Most Athlet- icg Patricia Miller, Most Popularg Diana Melancon, Wittiestg and Patricia Jones, Most School Spirit. ----'N ..-nl. .tv if 't Sophomore II Class Favorites do the Bunny Hop. They are: Jo Ann Ciaccio, Wit- tiestg Adele Scarpulla, Most School Spirit: Sylvia Matu- lich, Most Athletic: and Sue Ardoin, Most Popular. Sophomore III Class Favor- ites tidy up Sister's desk. Left to right: Margaret Espinosa, Most Athletic: Frances Flanagan, Most School Spirit: Lauralee Naquin, Most Popular: and Frances LeBlanc, Wittiest. o 'f 1 f'f x -4, Afff I ff I Li' ,inf ,.,, A f ff u, ffkv -LJ fy 1 r 4 ,.. .7 f f 4 I. f M' wvvsl ff fm Am-.,. Vw kin ,W M K as imirnm Freshmen have their serious moments also. Kneeling in prayer at the shrine are the Freshman II Class Officers, from left to right: Gayle Gil- bert, Secretary: Carol Scarengos, Presidentg and Judy Boutte, Treasurer. Missing is Marcia Chassa- niol, Vice President. Zfeshmau 611155 Oficers 55 Cooling off at the water fountain are the Freshman I Class Officers. From left to right are: Peggy Oc- mond, Treasurerg Elaine Hentze, Secretary: Tozzie Martin, Vice President: and Barbara Larmann, President. Joy Aleman Elizabeth Amado Marie Anclade Dolores Armiger Marie Arnold ?r5shme11 Rose Avegno Judy Boutte Sandra Boyer Gwen Bracklein Mary Bruno Diane Byrne Linda Byrnes x r Q ' ' Q sw 5 Y 1 4 2 X x l ,si Marcia Chassaniol Bonnie Cobb Marsha Coig y v f L ,ri , w. 'mg W , Paulette Cassagne Jeannette Champagne Melanie Cupit Patricia DeRouen Antoinette DiVingenti Dorothy Esc ude .1 Diane Flesch Carol Foster Linda Furnar Diane Gambino Jerilyn Gerdes lf , it ' A l 5 If Gayle Gilbert Carol Goertz Rose M. Gonzales Helen Guttuso Sylvia Haydel Dorothy Helffrich 35 ... IF I 1 Marlene Smith Janice Spampneto Camille Spatafora Julie Sylve Carolyn Varnau Yvette Walker Virginia Savant Carol Scarengos Joy Schubert Jo Ann Selzer Linda Smith z it Bette Norton Francia Nunez Shirley Pierce Ja ne Poolych 4 EN . i Linda Marino Tozzie Martin Linda McMi1lin Peggy Ocmond Rose Pacaccio Jackie Palermo Elaine Hentze Connie Hoath Eunice Horrigan Eileen Jacobs Gail Kastner Dorothy Lagarrigue Barbara Larmann Patricia Lindsey Darline Luquet .7rc'sl1mm Tina Raspanti Elizabeth Sanders sv x , 35 9 G 1- ?resl111f1a14 6ftZ5'5 Sizwrifcs Reading the latest edition of the school paper are the Freshman ll Class Favorites, as follows: Iudy Boutte, Most Popular: Tina Mae Raspanti, Most School Spirit and Most Athletic: and Joycelyn Aleman, Wittiest. Freshman I Class Favorites pin up a poster on the bulletin board. From left to right, they are: Jeann- ette Champagne, Most Popularg Diane Flesch, Most Athleticg Eunice Horrigan, Wittiestp and Carolyn Varnau, Most School Spirit. 2 s U16 Beauty Hour! 'ti QT 'ITP' The Beauty Court is one of the highlights of our annual. Girls who are qualified are nomi- nated by their classmates, and their pictures are sent for judging to a boys' school. This year we are grateful to the senior boys of St. Francis de Sales in Houma, Louisiana for helping us choose our Beauty Court. A representative from St. Francis crowns Sandra Greco Queen of the Beauty Court. at X tffv 'fi- 3. t .QQ 1- ,,s ,f g N K ' f K Pictured above, on the night when their names were announced, are Her Majesty and her Maids. They are from left to right seated: Jeann- ette Champagne, Catherine Bellais, Diane Byrne, and Anne Alison. Standing from left to right are: Dolores Armiger, Linda Dauterive, Sandra Greco qQueenJ, Ioan Alfonso, and Ioycelyn Gomila. 59 Qf?3g U X.,-Xl' MISS CATHERINE BELLAIS ,flflalziv MISS JOAN ALFONSO Maids MISS IEANNETTE CHAMPAGNE Maid? MISS ANNE ALISON I 'U' f, X MISS DOLORES ARMIGER MISS IOYCELYN GOMILA 1,131 .,1 54 g ns Urganizatiaus -1 indent Cfauncil .,f ' ....-,M ,-,i,.W,,,,,,, ,,.., T. 4.k.- - T Above, Jean Hebbler, President of the Student Council of 1955-56, officially installs Mary Ann Varnau as President for the 1956-57 school year. Above, Monsignor Kerlec addresses the student body on the occasion of the installation of the Student Council Offi cers and Monitors. Seated below are from left to right: Ann Nolan, Vice President: Louise Villar, Treasurer, and Cynthia Songy, Secretary. ..M.K The Catholic Stu- dents' Mission Crusade is an organization with the threefold program of prayer, study, and sacrifice. Through this program, Catholic high school students promote im- measureable aid to the missions of the Church. Pictured above is a scene from the initiation cere- mony of the Freshmen into the C.S.M.C. The offi- cers of the C.S. M.C. are: Beverly Selzer, President Enjoying refreshments at the Voca- tion Club's End-of-the-Year Party are: Beverly Selzer, Vice President: Marie Anclade, Class Representative Pat Jones, Presidentg and Jo Ann Selzer, Class Representative. Io Ann Selzer and Linda McMillin portrayed two of the main characters in a play put on by the Vocation Club. Mary Ann Varnau, Vice Presidentg Madeline Olivier, Secretaryg and Alma Borja, Treasurer. lfvcatinn 611111 The aim of this organization is to help students find the career for which they are suited, and in parti- cular to encourage religious voca- tions. !....s. Sodalify Right: The officers of the Sodality are from left to right: Carolyn O'Rourke, Vice Prefect: Ann Nolan, Secretaryg Patricia Talazac, Treas- urerg and Marie Baham, Prefect. Right: Shown Preparing Thanks- giving baskets to be distributed to the needy families of the parish are Sodalists Marie Baham, Mary Bruno, and Carolyn O'Rourke. Left: Members of the Sodality form a living Rosary. Left: Msgr. Kerlec presents the Fatima Statue to Prefect Marie Baham as Carolyn O'Rourke looks on. N ii' 4 . 3 5 a t 66 X59 llllllfllfqw fs, f G0 4 - X Wlsietl The Annunciette, official school newspaper, is edited and published by the stu- dents. The editors are, Seated: Mary Lynn Lugen- buhl, Patricia Fenerty, Janice Caruso, and Marie Radosti. Standing: Carol Tessitore, Anne Alison, Ruth Hasenkampf, Beverly Selzer, and Lynn Preau. U16 Auuuncieffc H546 Y-1 3 Spanish 611111 i vA 46 ' Qs 9 This organization affords Spanish students a better understanding of the lan- guage, as well as a broader knowledge of the people and their customs. Officers are Ruth l-lasenkampf, Presi- dent: Brenda Greco, Vice Presidentg Ruth Retif, Secre- taryg and Margaret Espinosa, Treasurer. Members of the Club are shown singing a Spanish Folk Song. junior Red Grass The Junior Red Cross is an organization which carries on many worthwhile activities for the good of the community. This year it has been very successful under the leadership of its officers: Ann Nolan, President: Gloria Mangin, Vice President: Merle Venta Secretary: and Jo Ann Selzer, Treasurer. These little girls from an orphans' home were fre- quently taken on outings by Junior Red Cross mem- bers. Here they are engrossed in watching a ball game. Members of the Junior Red Cross decorate the dining quarters of Camp Leroy John- SOD. junior llrziled afians I' The Junior United Nations members discuss world problems and give their opinions regarding solutions. Preparing a report for the next meeting are delegates: Anne Alison, Carol Cazabat, Mary Ann Varnau, Beverly Selzer, Marie Radosti Qhead delegatej, and Charlene Durel. Missing is Pat Barthel. Kivics 611111 The objective of the Civics Club is to promote good iiimimi 111. I 5 P f 1 578 ., I . ' 4 Q rf 'Q . - fuflhm 1 ., 1 7l Looking over the charter of the Civics Club are: Elaine Hentze, Sergeant-at- Armsg Joy Aleman, Secretary: Tina Raspanti, Sergeant-at-Arms: Joy Schu- bert, President: and Barbara Larmann, Vice President. Q Exif 1, QS V . 34 5' 5 gi A tense moment during basketball intramurals. Intramural winners were the Juniors: run- ners-up, the Sopho- mores. An action shot from a fast-moving volley- ball game. This year, volleyball intramurals were won by the Juniorsg Runners up were the Freshmen. T165 ,silk M ,W-.W 3 3 in-.M ..,1 3.41 4 e N A W .A .Q .wx A , ,maysflf Come on, babyg eat your dinner! Our little Freshie gets a taste of baby food from her Senior. Jnitiafiau Equipped with baby bottles, lollipops, and dolls, our Freshies are ready for the day's shenanigans. 75 King Hcrcmvny That long-awaited moment has finally arrived. The Seniors receive their rings. Every year during a special ceremony in Church the Seniors' rings are blessed and given to them. After the ceremony, a party is given in their honor. Here, the Senior Class Officers prepare to cut the cake. The Seniors board the bus for their retreat which took place in Lafayette, Louisiana, at the Convent of the Most Holy Sacra- ment. Reverend Evans Gautreaux, C.S. S. R. , is shown giving one of the numerous talks which were delivered during the course of our annual three-day retreat. Some of the stu- dents seek advice from Reverend Gautreaux, who was always ready, willing, and able to help. Dances Left: Students and their dates enjoy themselves at the Halloween Dance. Below: The Beauty Court winners and their dates whirl around the floor at the Mid-winter Formal. Lillian Serrano and Delia Naranjo do a Spanish dance on Parents' Night. After the program put on for them, the parents were taken on a tour of the school. Mrs. Selzer, President of the Co-Operative Club, presents awards to the winners of the Baby Picture Contest. The winners are: Elaine Hentze, firstg Teresita Crise, secondg and Veronica Lofaso, third. i l l 79 N ! r qi 5 5 it my Mary Ann Varnau, President of the Student Council, presents Sister Aloysia with a bouquet of flowers in honor of her twenty-fifth jubilee. A+'-if.. Zzslzivu haw One of the many activities put on by the Co-Operative Club was a Fashion Show, which proved to be a huge success. Carolyn Varnau walks up the aisle modeling her new Easter outfit. W And finally three winners were announced. They are: Carol Cazabat, first: Sandra Greco, second: and Mary Ann Guccione third. junior Play MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS Teen-aged Maudie, who thinks she knows all the answers, undertakes to solve the problem of finding a boyfriend for her older sister, Sylvia. Maudie's maneuvers in this regard cause a series of hilarious situations, but events finally wind up happily for all con- 4, cerned. ' l fs, .vb-A-....,,,,, ' - ,vm - The mothers of Maudie's friends with Mrs. Mason Maudie's influence on their daughters. Maudie gets a spanking. Everything turns out for the better despite Maudie's inter- ference. Maudie apologizes for causing so much trouble. Scmor Play Jenny's frightened screams upon hearing footsteps in her room have awakened her I'00I1'll'l'18I6S. Three girls, newly arrived in New York to seek careers, are compelled by circumstances to tent a tawdry apartment from a greedy landlady on their first night in town. There are several odd things about this apartment, --one being the fact that it contains a locked closet for which no one seems to have the key. lt is evident someone DOES have the key, for shadowy figures are seen slipping in and out of the closet from time to time. After two nights of complete bedlam, the girls solve the problem of the mysterious closet and un- cover the operations of a counterfeiter and his accomplice. Mrs Malone the land- Miss Philips turns out to be lady tries to explain the a crook, and not the meek situation to Officer Swee- harmless lady she seemed ne to be. x Jo Ann Selzer placed third in English Composition at the State Rally in Baton Rouge. Carolyn O'Rourke and Janice Caruso received awards for placing third in Shorthand I and Typing I respective- ly at the C.B. E.A. contest held in Baton Rouge. Patricia Lindsey opens the letter in which she received five dollars for placing first in an essay contest sponsored by the American Legion. swmaunnung ...M-....smq.,,. pm X , VL at I K 7 S5 t, LQ .. 1 , . f..s.ls4N Sister Aloysia presents a plaque to Marie Radosti for placing second in the Biology contest sponsored by Loyola University. junior-Senior Pram Right: Margaret Fayard, President of the Senior Class, accepts a gift presented to her by Louise Villar, President of the Junior Class. Below: Japanese lanterns and overhanging moss, plus some dreamy music, make this 1957 Junior-Senior Prom one which will long be remembered. Right: Going! Going! Gone! Mr. Kane of the Co-Operative Club is the auctioneer at the Chinese Auction. His assistants are Mrs. Scaffidi, Vice President, and Mr. Pattison, Treasurer. Below Sister Aloysia pins first place honor ribbons for the highest number of pomts for extracurricular activities on Carolyn Varnau and Jo Ann Selzer. s i !N' CYNTHIA SONGY Salutatorian 611155 Nzyhf DORA FERRARA Valedictorian 5:53 l Klass NMI! ANN NOLAN American Legion Award .F X, lx GLORIA MANGIN ANN NOLAN Red Cross Awards ST Q5 1 Q' 63 Q9 ffl , 'QQ W ' , X - . -A-, L LL, 3 ., ,ds i 105k Graduation CX 7124 St. Claude Arabi, La. vi. 4800 At c1U1TAT's FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE, The service and quality is rare: Once you have dealt with them, No other store will compare. ' Room 506 Pere Marquette f 4 51 1 . .1 l -1 I 1 n Bldg. A ,Za Ca. 8741 FRANK H. PARKER, a dispensing optician, Gives you glasses with modern styling When you leave his office, We can guarantee you will be happy and smiling. Mother and Daddy send Loving wishes that are rareg To LULAMAE THEOLE, To her, no one else can compare. SENIORS Since their school days are at an end. There comes wishes of success From a friend. nffffr Q4. '-57:5 l a V . 1624 ST. ROCH MARKET Offers choice meat Shop there often and Give your family a treat. Best Wishes to .TEANNETTE CHAMPAGNE, With hopes that only happiness will be remembered, Down memory lane. For pastry and bread, Day or night JOS. BlNDER'S BAKERY Is just right. V , ' 2609 St. Claude Ave. H' lm H 3? 1900 Franklin Ave. ' -... ' Q 901 Independence St. , Best Wishes to PAT TREIGLE From a friendg All good hopes and happiness Are the things that he sends. D 5901 Dauphine Cr. 9561 Johnny and Ruby's Tavern send to LINDA CHIASSON wishes that are bestg Stop in and see them. You will Say that their place tops all the rest. 2' ffff ' X9 Wig v. . In .ex There are congratulations And best wishes to sendg To JOY PERRET From a friend. VINSON CLEANERS Your garments in this plant Are insured against loss by fire or theft. And also the best service they will grant. cr. 3773 , . , O Q' ' ' Royal and Almonaster 4 Go to BRIGHT STAR BARBER SHOP To make your appearance neatg Their friendly service will make Every trip a real treat. 301 Charles St. 2524 Dauphine By 6280 SPORL SHOE STORE features, Buster Brown, Roblee Robin Hood and Life Stride. With these shoes, in style you will be. 1452 N. Broad Cr. 9168 ' 933 Metairie Road Metairie, La. Ve 3-9180 .8 an H 92' MIKE EARHART'S CONOCO STATION Gives service that is best, Friendly service that makes them Stand out from all the rest. I jf Q1 I Q K Daddy, Mother, Jimmy and Eddie. Wish DIANE BURGARD every successg They hope that in life, She will pass every required test. At JUDICE'S BAKERY ,-. They have cakes for all occasions, C And they also give special considera- 1618 Esplanade Ave. tions for churches and organizations. If K 2113 N. Claiborne By. 6655 QUICK SERVICE WASHETTE Sends best wishes to Charlene Gambinog For efficient and sanitary service It is the place to go. 901 Montegut St. K 5 X 'S B . 2800 X y X 553.525 At GEORGE'S AUTO SERVICE, They give service that is best, Give them a chance to show you Their work surpasses all the rest. From Mother and Father Comes affections galore, To KAY ALEXANDER Who couldn't wish for more. XX ISEIUICE Edl-3881 - ,4 I . I, 4QE1 1 '-Stiiq M 33 ,-X 97357-T, ggi, N! . I At CARI..O'S SERVICE STATION They can fill your every demandg Their work is efficient and Their service just grand. Chalmette, La. BURGUNDY CLEANERS Can fix everything that you wear. They are a speciality in their line And handle your clothes with care. 5727 Burgundy Fr. 9447 Love from Dad, Mom and Faith Continues to come without tire. For VERONICA LOFASO, they hope They can fill her every desire. 9 a Join the ANNUNCIATION C. Y. O For ball playing and dances And other recreation, it is the place to go. 72. 325 Baronne Ca. 0761 3 QYXX GRUNEWALDSis 1 W' ' J f fl I, s fl' X The Quality Music Storeg When buying any musical instrument, There, you will get bargains galore. Best wishes go to TOZZIE MARTIN From R. D. Harrigang To make her future bright He is willing to lend a helping hand. 1520 N. Claiborne Va. 6689 It's G. A. GAMBINO For dealings in wholesale meatg Also for packing house products, His quality you cannot beat. To Mary Garcia Friendly greetings from the ESSO STATION For giving the finest service, They rank first in the nation. 6544 Chef. Ment. Hw Vi. 9166 In ll X X f 'S 5? 5 Q Y. Go to ESTRADA'S SUPER MARKET If you are particular in what you buy, Their prices are low, Their quality so very high. nog! noun ee? 2- an clrr 4 ' MIZK 1 v .J fu A M fig fmixl I 4? M I V QA f ' xl , ' A 2 -S Q J Ji 509 Audubon Bldg. Tu. 4511 At BERNARD AND GRUNNING JEWELERS The best we can guaranteeg They are famous for both Distinction and quality. A soft and quiet atmosphere Is at JACOB SCHOEN 8: SONS. They also do the very most That can be done. 527 Ely..Fds. 3827 Canal va. 2477 ifgflgfw I -'f ' QW! 'Mil' 12255:-Q-'Q xii' 7- 5' 'Cin' 45 in 14 ' ' O' ' Oi 4 ' o ' ly 'A ' sp If you've forgotten something, The ALL NITE FOOD STORE is the place to go Their quality is high, Their prices so very low. 2818 N. Broad Cr. 9281 Ev. 1898 Ill r Go to GALVEZ PHARMACY sn- For your drug and cosmetic needsg Also in home delivery service They are first in the lead. 3232 N. Galvez By. 3297 If a contractor ls what you need, Call R, A, ADAMS 8: SON They will answer your call with speed To PAULETTE CASSAGNE, There are compliments From a friend, And also best wishes and warm sentiments. 'XSL-9 W N 21- QQ bfilzfg fm' 'B 'm v Someone is send-N ifla ,q,gpQ ing to as 1 :ri X . PAULETTE ' CASSAGNE, compliments and success With hopes that all Through life, she will pass all tests. HARRY FRICH'S BAR ls the place to stop, If you want friendly service This place is tops. 4339 St. Claude Ave. 103 St. Charles Ave. Ca. 1541 RUBENSTEIN BROS. say Style is for men toog Visit the Style Store for men And let them prove this fact to you. GLOBE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INCORPORATED 1 Will answer your every need, Their work is excellent, And done with efficient speed. , 'W Au. 4100 Ga. 6582 lf you're on a budget, You want low prices, I know And ODDO'S DURANT GROCERY Is the place to go. From Nanan and Uncle Philip Comes wishes todayg They hope VERONICA LAFASO Will find happiness in every way. Ni 45? Q fi 2818 st. Louis st. 9 ' Au. 1652 3 A Au. 1445 J If you need help, TAMMANY LUMBER COMPANY is the place to callg For sash, door and mill work, They do the best work of all. 43 2, I it Go to HIBERNIA ROOFING 8: METAL WORKS, For roofers and tinnersg In this line of work, They take the place as winners. tx f 69 S' Q ! i - NX g wxgf W. ' 2 11 GH ' f 026 kxilji I ri! f Xi K1 wil QQ?-5 ' W U ' WA Q1 W Compliments from Marist Fathers Of NOTRE DAME SEMINARY come today With hope that the SENIORS of '57 Will find happiness through God's way. IF I1 S GOD! FOOD YOU WAIT Lan i lHf.' -3 ir Visit the WAFFLE HOUSE, For a new taste treatg You will enjoy it completely, And will want to go there often to eat. 7223 lfZ st. Claude Ave. Arabi, La. To Mary Ann Portier Come wishes that are bestg From RODRIGUEZ ESSO STATION, The station that surpasses all the rest. 1604 Almonaster Ave. Fr. 9160 To MARIA SCAFFIDI Are sent wishes that are bestg From Mother, Daddy and Anna. They know, in life, She will pass every required test. SENIORS Congratulations to - The SENIORS OF ANNUNCIATION5 From a friend, Who sends best wishes and salutations 119 Decatur St. 210-212 Bourbon St. VIC'S BARBER SHOP Is the place to gog Their work is well done, Their service, never slow. Ma. 9261 Q fi aq plflv i S When eating spaghetti and pizza If you have tried the restg Go to TONEY'S And enjoy the best. 840 Carondelet St. Tu. 7373 Before going anywhere, go to STEPHENS BUICK COMPANY, You cannot find such quality At any other company. 1630 Baronne St. Ca. 4292 4804 St. Claude Ave. For AUTO STEERING AND BRAKE SERVICE The place to go is LEE'Sg You will never have any complaints About their service and fees. Go to BROCKS MEAT MARKET For your family demandsg They have the produces and prices That your needs command, 1712 Dryade St. 2724 Jefferson Hiway 4728 Paris Ave. 7 ' 800 Metairie Road Q, 4 c- 1.-l? 'iiliiii D - 9 2 .- fel W ,Vi ,i . a Y-115.45 Y' 5 I U3 2 F' 5 If you go to KAUFMAN'S FURNITURE STORE, You will rejoiceg Because of their wide selections, You will be happy with your choice. 301 Baronne St. Tu. 6431 At LABICHE'S You will get efficient service with speedg They also have the type of clothes That you like and need. To VERONICA LOFASO On this graduation day Comes love and best wishes From Grandpa Tom and Grandma May. From a friend are sent Wishes that are bestg To BETTE ANN NORTON And also hopes for success. To PAT FENERTY From Mother, Daddy, Peggy and Grandmotherg They send love and best wishes. Like Pat, they think there is no other 2.800 Orleans Ave. Q Ga. 7835 Sdn-u.f,.L Frank Baver wishes oqugfvs with an his might, S That Mary Gracia's future All of your needs can be found At PONZ.O'S DRUG STORE They give fast delivery service And in quality, offer so much more. Will always be bright. Buick is the car , Q f H K Built for comfort and speed. X , At STEPHENS BUICK COMPANY f There's a car to fit your every need. . X Q 840 Carondelet St. TU. 7373 To JACKIE PALERMO Someone sends wishes that are best, Also, hopes for happiness, And a desire for success. 4 55? Y7 Old friends meet at THE COUNCIL BAR: From their doorstep Good times are never far. For good health and energy, Look towards AZALEA DAIRY Milk products they carry. 5 I I? For the very best in 3617 Jefferson Hwy Metairie, La. Ve. 3-8852 N To Marie Radosti, from Dad and Mom. In the business world they wish her success: For they know she has the ability To pass every required test. 338 North Peters Call JOE JURISICH For any transfer needg They will fill your orders With efficient service and speed Congratulations from Mrs. Arnold, To MARILYN, her daughterg Love and best wishes are the things She wants to send her. Q 5 K' s M Success to BONNIE FORET From Mother, Daddy, Mommie and Paw Paw Packing Shipping For Better Moving H. G. BAVER Moving and Storage Local and Long Distance X . a Agent United Van Lines ..i W L2P '3'w emf'l'11:eie?'! ' ' ' Sanitized vans Best Regards CAna1 1388 to CAROL ANN BERNIUS From Storing Moving The Original Pot Luck Cr. 6888 ACE PLUMBING SERVICE HAROLD M. TOOLE Licensed Master Plumber 1333 Mandeville St. New Orleans, La. .6969 Wal CHARLES DE ROUEN Certified Electrical Contractor and General Mechanical Construction 2714 N. Galvez St. Cr. 2614 521' A Best Wishes 'Sf to w Love and Success EILEEN JACOBS to Our Daughter, CAROL ANN BERNIUS Love From Friends Mother and Dad Best of Luck and Success fm 'Sf 1 fi i to the Student Body .1-E7-'Q I ig' ' W...-.H-114' ' mlmllri From MONSIGNOR A. M. KERLIC and REVEREND BLAISE H, R. VOSBEIN 2:- -5. 3 6 I 'Zim 0 4 'W' 'WZ N- : sr is ss Rf ' s W W I W4 CI-ILJIZCI-I 122.1 Mandeville Street New Orleans, Louisiana CAY r'- JL vY1 in At Kane's Antiques Shop Come in and see for yourself They will buy old cut glassg That they are the finest of their class. 3403 Dauphine St. 14 Best Wishes cr. 9298 'fi' to xii ! 25, , CAROLYN AND MARY ANN SQ 4 3 5 From LEE BEAUTY SALON ls the place, Where you will come out Having new beauty of figure and face. Mother and Dad Who are so willing to lend a helping hand. Mother and Dad were always Ready to lend a helping hand, They know that their daughter, CAROLYN ECCLES is just grand From BEN'S CONOCO SERVICE STATION Compliments to MARGARET FAYARD 2020 N. Claiborne Ave. Fr. 9354 Thank you: STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF ANNUNCIATION HIGH SCHOOL For the privilege of serving you during the past years and for the many happy business relations this service has occasioned, we wish to extend our grateful appreciation. We trust we may service you again when school reconvenes. TIPERY STUDIO l25 Camp Street Compliments MIL LOU Best Wishes and Success to Our Sister From CAROL ANN BERNIUS Love Mother and Dad Brothers and Sister MANGIN PLUMBING 8: HEATING v A Reliable Name X 4 5 X 5219 D h St. P' fx aup me 5 ,xg fNew Location, Fr. 4782 Vi. 2562 1311111115 Congratulations to the Graduates of '57 From ANNUNCIATION HIGH CO-OPERATIVE CLUB 'Em QSM Q THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE OUR BOOK A SUCCESS. . . Staff of '57 John N. Seben Ray Conner Le Corgne R. P. Richerand Menuet Motsch Mrs. M. Vinet Joan Coffey B. S. Holden Mike Governale Smolensky Brothers Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Goertz Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Goertz Mr. J. J. Prendergast Mr. J. J. Prendergast From a Friend From a Friend From a Friend From a Friend From a Friend R. Blitz Furniture Store A. Ragusa Baker Home Delivery Dubby's Bar Grandma Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Emile C. Norton Mac's Esso Servicenter Milly Tresch Linda Chiasson Carol Ann Fortier BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Chiasson Mr. and Mrs. Bozes and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boze and Daughter A Friend Carolyn Eccles Mrs. T. J. Eccles Sr. Mrs. Jos. Guidry Mrs. T. J. Eccles Jr. Charles and Susan Pat De Rouen Suzette and Dutte De Rouen Mr, and Mrs. W. J. McMillin Linda McMillin Grace Smith Shirley Sheman Grace Bryatte Franklin Bianchini Mr, and Mrs. I. Pilet Joseph Fiannaccs Mrs. J. Sherman Hugh Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Germann Mr. and Mrs Talazac Mr. and Mrs. Talazac Mr. and Mrs Talazac Mrs. Grace Fulton Mrs. Pelet R. Blitz Furniture Store The following photographs courtesy of TIPERY STUDIOS: Monsignor Jacobi Monsignor Kerlec Sister Aloysia Division Pages Senior Photos ' 1:91, w L n 1 5. 4--'.-V g,,p.fe .E .- fm: I ' , , sth., . 1.13, fi.: . ' Y . 'K . 1 r X u 4 ' v x v A - ' 4 X KR fi , X rx .1 -,q xl. Q . ,lk 4 :.,- 4' A,-- ,f':Y-1-,Q ' Q 0 -x , . .-, uh-, H , ,,. -, ,L 1 V M. ,-' - I -'a : E15 - . 1 ,VA .',, -7. vin- ' x . x .Aa 1 -an I . , A, L . ,x , . 1 w Q ., , L., 12511 . . , , , 1 Ka , , ji N . f w Q1 . ,. . X 'lug J 1 - L' 'lf wf ' 3 16 'lb , -,g A L 1 Q. fl ., . if - - ! , r -.3 W : Q 7 1 , , 1 Q A -, r 1 X 1 'I I. ' 1 N I . . I . 3 1 ' f X. I, b W 1 Q1 M 1 4 N 4 '5 . , i I . 1 1 f 1 . 1 wi , W 1 ,V X X, 'W -V 1 YN ' .1 1. 9 v . , ' 1 w 'M ' 3 . 1? . , 1 l V! Y '3- W 1 fx . , 4 ' w i . 5 ,T ,M N. ' ,1 xl' fl ' - W l 1 i f Vs 4 'X .5 . i ,N . 1 1 x 1 x . ' 1 , , ,QQIJH-:'iz1'A..v 1' Ei , :nz-X - 2 2 'L .3 A 3, ' .- wk' , Zz. 'g.:1F.-'R ' f . Nha . ,E-'?'14-R1 1 -Y 'a - fu, ...g ,1 ag. 4 1 LITH DBY DALU.Sl'l'E3ULS u..L...4..... .J F24 E. T U Uh, .NW 'x -. ff, I s aan .K V, ,nw . , Q S, Z' .- Y'-li' ' lv if-Q1 ., ,X L? I WF.: ' e r E33 1, ,.v. 54,2 ii' , , v J . P' um Sq: 4 'if 5 - '3 . E, 14. af-- Jn 'ibn .HA ,.,7'l.i ,iq 5 ,- 'f 4 . . if' 2 .711 Lg, .. ws V I I 52.5 TWH-iw' 2535? '- AHS? wa ' -- K4 'lim Eff, -. ' ', E5-Y 'A iw, 1 Q L1 ' seg 7' L. ix 1 - 2' -' 4 MAL. ., K gi, 7. K.. -? -ff h',f r-, 5556. L ' ' Q91 QA r ,. gg! in 324- 'f 'Z' FSE? Q31 E -F , ,I . 1 . 3.1!-f 224 IQ?- 9 sith - rf E wf M.-rf! 1 nl ' 1

Suggestions in the Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 30

1957, pg 30

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 105

1957, pg 105

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 76

1957, pg 76

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 91

1957, pg 91

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