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Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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....,.- .... ..,.....-.......,.,.......... ..,...,...,........,,. X f 73, L X ,g YU K E 'X If , gf? WW f Q Congratulations to the Graduates of '56 From ANNUNCIATION HIGH CO- OPERATIVE CLUB Congratulations and the Best of Luck to My Little Sister s BEVERLY SELZER and SANDRA CARRIGEE Love Your Big Sister Joan Tuschick '55 7WA2O,2ZfAfp Dispensing Optician Modern Styling Room 506 Pere Marquette Bldg CAnal 8741 New Orleans,1Z, La, Be st Wishe s to JOANNE PART From Mother and Daddy l...AtElCl"l'E.e INCORPORATED 301 Baronne Street TU1ane 6431 New Orleans, Louisiana rr xflnanuur----7' '-- ----- - IV! 1 .1 1low9..Tcv CAEOLYN DIAZ From Mother and Dad AVO N VV I-I I 'I' N EY CLEANERS 8: DYERS BARBER One Day Service Also Expert Manicurist Delivery Whitney Building 620 Moss St. Galvez 132.0 I at St. Charles and Gravier Magnolia 8118 Lffflgvnl I-IAZEI. EJLJITTZCDZ From Mother and Dad Guaranteed Cold Storage C t 1 t, Free Estimates ongra u a lons EA 1.9-.212 to JOANNE PART FUR SHOP Furriers for Furs F1-om 1531 Almonaster Avenue Joe FRank1in 4993 S Q 'WN F 4 QM fn ,fats M J 'A J lg: ,gig Hg, 13,758 . 43 6 " ,fx X 5 'Mu ff 1 M . agigwwwa SOUTHERN BELL TE Many of your friends of earlier classes are now members of the telephone family We join with them in wishing you every success and good fortune for the future m...e-1 ,Q all W, J Ill u F -. Q S -- . 2 8 ' ' Q A . ., , Q, I, x ' "-on n ll LEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Q ---W -lvwllr-" IMJUJIHIMHIMWZHI to SHEILA HUFF From R elative s and Friend s to SENIORS OF '56 From Mother and Father Hite Z L W to JOAN KR A US From The Tuschick Family BEST K LUCK IN THE FUTURE to IO ANN MESSINA From Mother and Dad C 0 M E CGNGRATULATIONS AND N D ALL THE BEST or LUCK A N. f C, e 1' ' ly to Our Daughter 7 Jos. BINDER k Love Mom and Dad 2609 St. Claude 1900 Franklin Ave. - 201 Desire 901 Independence Hot French Bread--11 AM-4 PM 15-sn.-m -mn-ul .------A----mu-1 ---------H ------ -- ----f--- T Compliments of 0 EVELYN TZ! ST Love 7011 st. Claude Ave. Mom, Dad, and Uncle C Q N WAY to 4411 l 522 5, -3 CANAL M AIZSI--IAL..L. 45? EWESRY W A jf 914 Canal Street ' fm-if 5 Ra. 9392 L ' T 1 121-23 Decatur St. c Diamonds ?+ 1 New Orleans 16, La. Q -gm Watches' Gifts Loans Of TILE1' USDO YOUR , f ,Q For the Best in Insurance Care V bf QQ vnvlhc JIM CURRO 1 ' V pg, 2 INTERSTATE CONSOLIDATED INS. Wy xy AGENCY, INC. yr ex Q , ' 115 S. Rampart St. L, ,Q X 21 Ma. 1435 M 11-A ca,-,U L UPEI- All Forms of Insurance Congratulations Our Niece N W MARY JANE Wholesale Tobacco and From Cigarette Machines Aunts and Uncles Cr. 7294 Kathleen Smith Mr. Robert Adams Mrs. Robert Adams Linda and Louis Adams Mrs. Paul Theiler Mrs. John L. Wood Mrs. W. Blanchard Mr. Rudolph Viola Mr. Amedeo P. Viola Mrs. Anita A. Viola Miss Connie A. Viola Miss Jeanette M. Viola Miss Rosalind Viola Mr. and Mrs Frank Benenate Mr. and Mrs Natalie Benenate Mr. and Mrs. B. R. McGuise Mr. and Mrs. Henery Casanek Mrs Margaret Bonce Mrs Mary Bell Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Michel Mrs H. Smith Mrs A. Maggiore Mrs. J. Boyle Mrs. M. Boyle Mrs. G. Gros Charles Smith Mrs. E. Saucier Mr. Frank Kane Mrs. Frank Kane Danny Kane Kathleen Kane Mrs. Roland Lacnouts Mr. Roland Lacnouts Mrs. E. J. Bownin Charlene Gambino Mrs. Sunseri L. Rispoli Dutel Real Estate R.8sM. Service Center Mr. H. E. Wolfe AAA TV Breaux Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. R. Menesses Mr. and Mrs. W. De Leon Mr. P. Ragas BOOSTERS Mrs. L. Weysham Jean Ragas Fay Ann Ragas Mrs. V. Picou Mr. L. Picou Miss Esther Picou Mrs. Marie Mrs. A. Picou Mrs. D. L. Fas Mrs. Patrick Ford Leonhard's Department Store Ike's Variety Shoppe Mr. Chas. Caro Factory Outlet Linoleum M. J. Schockai Robert G. Soule R. L. Binney Anna J. Lambert Mrs. F. J. Kraus, Sr. Kenneth Charles Reah The Champagne Flg. Mrs. Frank Fasone Mr. and Mrs. De Gruise Mr. and Mrs. Pilet Mrs. Cimina Mr. and Mrs. T. De Gruise Barbara Roach Mr. Jimmy Vivou Tina Marie Riggs Bobby Richard Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conrad Mrs. J. Manchena Mr. and Mrs. G. Machece Roy Segui Jack B. Valley Seener's Conoco Ser. Station F. Hingle Marylynn Lugenbuhl Mrs. Joe Sherman Mrs. Alma Vignes Talazac Fmly. Mrs. Grace Fulton Friend Mrs. W. Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. W. Talazac 1. Buccola's Esso Ser. Center Mary Bech Mrs. Rosalie St. Germain Mr. August St. Germain Alma Borja John Manale S. Blasini Di Giovanna's Ser. Station Sander's Department Store Martin Melerine 8a Son L. A. Oramous Ferrara Food Store Delaune Hardware Sylvia Savarese Mrs. G. Reckner Mrs. H. Perron Wayne Des Dunes Mr. and Mrs. Des Dunes Rodriguez Ser. Center Mr. and Mrs. Williams Sr. Andrea Des Dunes William Louis Smith Ir. Mr. W. L. Smith Sr. Mrs. W. L. Smith Sr. Mrs. Thelma Mendoza Elenora Marie Smith Mrs. C. W. Schexnayder Mr. C. W. Schexnayder Claude A. Schexnayder Mr. Michael Morgan Mrs. Michael Morgan Mrs. Rosia Morgan Albert Michael St. Romain Mr. Al De Rouen Mr. and Mrs. C. Walsh Mrs. A. Taranto Mrs. D. Patermastro Mrs. F. Burgard Carnesi Meat Mkt. A Friend A Friend Mrs. Beauice Lukinomik Bell Bros. Shoe Store Mrs. J. Cardarella Mrs. R. Askuo Myeux Food Store Mrs. J. Cardarella Mrs. A. Morsolan A Friend BOOSTERS Sherry Lee Winkler Randy Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Winkler Mrs. C. Alexander Tony Giglio Gail Bordelon Gloria Alexander Mother Miss June A Friend Rosalie Portes Almonaster Shoe Repairs Noto's Body Works I. Sc R. Tobacco Co. Santo Migliore Ragas Studios Napoleon House Tusa's Italian Foods Hunt Creole Shop Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Killian Barbara Ragas Riverside Stores, Arabi Trist Pharmacy A Friend Dreyfus Store, Arabi John T. Greco Pearce-Ford, Inc. Sandra Greco Ferrara's Super Mkt. Mr. and Mrs. Gittigan Galle Furniture Store John J. Ritte Monte Blue Rex Battery Elec. Service I. P. Werlein Joe Parlipiano A Friend Theo. Manale Vinson's Cleaners Bel-Vue Drugs A Friend Johnny's Barber Shop Sporl Shoe Store A Friend Mr. and Mrs. A. Amato Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Amato Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Guiccione Faye Marie Schwandt Louis G. Giacona we alum- THA N KS TO EVERY- ONE NNI-IO HELPED MAKE OLJIZ BOOK A SLJCCF SS . . jzapgg se ECONOMY DRUG ST ORE Prescriptions a Specialty Phones: CR 1234 - 1329 4200 St, Claude Ave. New Orleans DIXIE TELEVISION SERVICE Television Repairs Prompt City-Wide Service Authorized Service for. . . Philco - Zenith - Emerson Metro - Motorola Hallicrafters CR 9017 or VI 5529 941 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, La, ST . CLAUDE BAKERY 2382 St. Claude Phones: Bywater 2311 Crescent 5806 We Specialize in Wedding and Birthday Cakes for All Occasions I ' f' ' 'lldnlllnlllfllllllrlmmm!Ilnmilluinfzlzuuwlnmxuluwullrmmrrmlulzmnrafnunruunmumuuuum-nun: um-un-r -ur QA I LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO DALLAS 0 TEXAS V f The Besl Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE Prui- W. "N 4 f ,u ,. A. ,, ,x I, 1,V ,A x ,r , I 501 f It .gij .,I.- 1 i',' 14 ff:- 4 .AQA . -fl vig -Q. , f '-'a,. f.'N"'.' ' , V 1 .,q V 1 .A vw,-W, ,Q ,V s ., " , FIiZ"5?ff :' A N ,.1x. 1 V 1 m v. s . 5 '9i"G2,1'3'fi1f i . " 'dy Q, LFE. gf- "fri 'K 'J' 1- V , . L .f .fsgg1f 1 45 I v, if 'E 32 saw,-.,tk., . 1 , use I I-f ,gn v 1 y N 'Q,J15-'ffm V. P x , ,,.,.Nf, . , .-g -Q , VJ: W I' x .,: ' 1'. 'f5.f,,, ' ' x QU J 1 ,VM .IH . I V 1 .yy mf- u , n i:1Q :.I-f f ' ' xy.. 1 .Mum J.-4-lm-:-.' .. J Z-"Z"!2-H ff X dflffiffvd! .4.., .,.- A-.--A xww--..-1-v--xv, '- , ' x x K' '-AX VLH' WW "5 llllffllffllmmkl uxwnn.:Lunnrwnnnnnnmlmwrmluxmuawuuunnnnlnxuufg, , , ,. ., 1 nu Af 'g- ' - ,'i1I, , .5 5' .-V if 'A Q f x 0 X AY, X . 1 'X Q -5' RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR HENRY C. BEZOU Monsignor Henry C. Bezou is a clergyman and educator, He was born in New Orleans and attended St, Aloysius College, Notre Dame, and St, Joseph seminaries. Loyola conferred upon Monsignor the honorary degree, Doctor of Literature, in 1952. The Catholic University of America had previously conferred upon him aMaster of Arts degree. Since 1943, Mon- signor Bezou has been Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools in New Orleans. He has also written many articles, pam- phlets, and brochures fincluding a Course of Study for Catho- lic Schools in Louisianaj, 1' 211 '4.l.l1Iv,'I'.'LrC-'NZ 414311 'T-: 'jiJNizl72f2fHRJiLlrh.LiI:liKD5Ov1i5SrhI'M-I -nhiiiirlllllllllllllllllllllllhlllilllllilhillh ll-"4-A -'Lie' RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR H, I. IACOBI Monsignor Jacobi was born in New Orleans, La, and was or- dained at St. Louis Cathedral on June 12, 1932. He holds a Masters of Science in Social Work. Monsignor Jacobi was As- sistant Pastor at St. Peter 's Church in Reserve, La. He was appointed to the Catholic University in Washington, and Ex- ecutive Director of Associated Catholic Charities, His appoint- ment as aProfessor of Sociology at Loyola University preceded his coming to Annunciation in December, 1950. Monsignor was also appointed Papal Chamberlain, with the title of Very Reverend Monsignor, in 19435 and in 1947 appointed Domes- tic Prelate, with the title of Right Reverend Monsignor. Father Burkley was born in Omaha, Nebraska and was ordained at Notre Dame seminary in New Orleans on June 11, 1949. Father Burkley did graduate work at Juilliard School and teach- ing was followed by Fellowship grants in Europe and courses in philosophy at Loyola University of Los Angeles. Assignments as curate in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Morgan City pre- ceded his appointment to Annunciation Church in May of1955. ... ...,,,,,.,f. . .,'. ...,-. Father Vosbein was born in New Orleans, La., and was ordained at St. Louis Cathedral on June 3, 1950. Receiving an M. A. in history from Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, he was a temporary assistant at St. James Major in New Orleans and assistant pastor at St. Joseph's Church in Grosse Tete, La. Father Vosbein came to us at Annunciation in December, 1951. K s. Ss--1 if Wm 309020 O Y if fl Q '15 These two Freshmen will guide us through our four years of high school life in this Book of Many Faces. They were chosen by their classes as most representative of the joyous years at Annunciation Let us follow them while they point out the small and great happenings of our school lives. Come with us as we retrace our steps down memory lane, with Jo Ann Ciaccio and Pat Jones. NN, 4.x,lNm th, Pat and Jo Ann, meet the principal of Annunciation High School, Sr. M Aloysia, M.H.S. Having been principal for three years, Sr. Aloysia is ad- mired and loved by all students. We are sure that you will find her counsel and guidance a great aid in your school life just as your fellow students have found the answer to so many problems through Sr. Aloysia. we gacufy As we stroll down memory lane and recall the joyful days of our school life, our thoughts turn to the handful of persons who have made these such pleasant and memora- ble days. It is with deepest sincerity and heartfelt gratitude that we, the Graduates of '56, lovingly call to mind our faculty, whose undying interest in the spiritual and temporal welfare of their charges will long be remembered and appreciated. FATHER VOSBEIN Weekly instructor for Religion Classes. SR. ALOYSIA, Principal Subjects: Religion and Music Years at A. H. S.: Nine Homeroom: Senior Class Degrees: B.A. in English and History, M.A. in Religious Education. Student Council Advisor and Opera and Symphony Club Director, Ad- visor, Vocation Club. i tx ,, s 1- -5-1 ll--Q., FATHER BURKLEY Weekly instructor for Religion Classes SR. LUCRETIA Subjects: Religion, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing and Gym. Years at A.H.S.: Three Homeroom: Junior II Degrees: B.S. Sodaliry Moderator N..- SR. ANDREE Subjects: English, Religion, Mathematics, and Music. Years at A. H. S.: One Homeroom: Freshman III Degrees: B.A. and M.A School Newspaper -. ,,. -Wa SR. MARGARITA Subjects: Shorthand, Typing, Religion, Civics, and Office Practice. Years at A.H.S.: Seven Homeroorn: Freshman I Degrees: B.S. in Educa- tion Civic's Club Moderator j I ,i i gli, 'IH W fwfalv' -SJ -.-...,, MRS. LANDRY Subjects: Spanish and Algebra. Years at A.H.S.: Three Homeroom: Sophomore I Degrees: B.A. in Educa- tion, M.A. ,i , F If 'wr 1, ,lj SR. ANNE MARIE Subjects: English, Religion and Gym. Years at A.H.S.: Three Homeroom: Sophomore II Degrees: B.S. in Education C.S.M.C. Moderator and Librarian, Athletics and Pep Squad. - 'P' . L, git. h,.' Z ,Q Z AM MRS. FROLICH Subjects: English Years at A. H.S.: One Degrees: B.A., B.O. 3.-,T 3, . gl MI! .. SR. THOMAS Subjects: Religion, Biology, and Science. Years at A.H.S.: Two Homeroom: Freshman II Degrees: B.S. in Education Red Cross Moderator 'mira .Jai T .xv -...ff-" MRS. PIKE Subjects: Civics, History, English and Sociology. Years at A.H.S.: Two Degrees: B.A. Homeroom: Juniorl Civic's Club Director. if " ' 'W 'I' ' i' li" ' IIIIIMNIIIIIIRINIIIIIIHIII IEKI eargoof Csfgyf Pat and Jo Ann, we would like to introduce the editors of the 1956 Annunciette, Judy Helmke and Geraldine O'Rourke. These girls have been hard at work preparing copy for the new edition, and are pictured above gathering material for the book. . 2 5, . -ilu 3 1,1 -A ir , .4 5 X A xr , px- K , wt Business Managers for the 1956 Annunciette are ' Dorothy Lee Sperandeo and Adele Hernandez. S is 5415, wi if W .-.1:-g . l ,... .. , The staff from left to right are, seated: Pat Riley, M hs, D, , Carol Bernius, Congetta Palermo, Jackie Wiefel, A 1 . Jo Ann Messina, Jean l-lebbler. Standing: Madeline W , X Olivier, Gloria Mangin, Ann Nolan, Hazel Guitroz, 5' X X A Lorraine Spicuzza, Marie Baham, Carolyn O'Rourke. ,6 TJ. " -QQ, iii . V A, -- - r l ' hlll ,Ts K AQ. . ,F r' . N-In nl n 4 ., if , J a ' '- ,u 'QAKA Artists for the 1956 Annunciette are Carolyn Diaz and Sheila Huff. p "":f.v': 'ti I V -zdlfv-'Q-:VFW-w it-ew , lillunlnnmmnmlnmllnumm n CAROLYN DIAZ, Most Athletic: JUDY HELMKE, Most Likely to Succeed. Csezzzbz' Gkss Szauorzfes ADELE HERNANDEZ, Most Popular: JEAN HEBBLER, Most School Spirit. uLnllxN 1nn1nlAnxwxm'-I-m-nu.--.. ...-...age -W - -- mm.. u 1 5-umm. ummm.-1-.lm---nu..-.1--. cjezzzbr Gfzss Cycas ai 1 Q 1 Pat and Jo Ann, meet the Senior Class Officers of 1955-56. Carolyn Diaz, Secretary: Dorothy Lee Sperandeo, Vice President: Adele Hernandez, Presidentg and Janice Hire, Treasurer. Through the years these girls have shown a spirit of leadership in all endeavors which they have undertaken. Now as they and their Senior classmates embark on a new phase of life, this leadership will be present to aid them in future responsibilities and duties. From left to right are: ' 1 ' 'T -Y Y'W?-'WESSIIQTFW-1fi1'T'T"b -I-EIYNNYIIIlllllllmHllllllhl5.XXXllIllllkNlX7llMll1II7AIlll'lllllllkkmllXN ANNA RITA BENFATTI AMBITION: To own a '56 Mercury from Clay Dutton. IDENTIFICATION: "For Pete's sake." ACHIEVEMENTS: CSMC and Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Sodality Repre- sentative and Chairman of Assembly Programs 4g Senior Play 4. SW Z I '. if-3 , ' W x - " I iixiximnixim.-L Saw... CLARA RITA BENFATTI AMBITION: To obtain a suitable job. IDENTIFICATION: "Truthfu11y speaking. " ACHIEVEMENTS: CSMC and Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra murals 1, 2, Catechism Instructor 1, 2, Vocation Club 1. ---- W 7' ' Y- -1-11.--.ummm-u ---.uumun-un--. .p-.xx ""-4 EOLA ANN BINDER .. AMBITION: To be queen of Okeanos Ball. IDENTIFICAT - " ' ION. The Brrde of Dracula" QOkeanos Bally 4,'f: ACHIEVE MENTS: School Cheerleader 1 3 ' W g Class Cheer 3 ' leader2 3 4 S d - is , , g o ality Treasurer 4g CSMC and , ,r., V .c,vQ Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Softball 25 Hilite ..AA Reporter 4g Vocation Club 2. IT BARBARA ANN BOMINDER AQ- A MBITION: J' IDENTIFICATION: "Let me tell you man. " ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball lg Sodality and CSMC 1 2 3 4 'Sen' , , , gl lor Play. Dancing Teacher f we . ,n llllllllillll LINROSE RITA BROWN 1 'UK- I k -gn----muunhmn AMBITION: Marriage IDENTIFICATION: Googie's Ring , ACHIEVEMENTS: CSMC and Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- murals 2g Catechism Instructor 1,2. ' NN-r..,NxW K- r.,a..,4 ,N W'-Nag R MARY ETHEL BUCHANAN AMBITION: Marriage IDENTIFICATION: "Where's Mary?" ACHEVEMENTS: Class Treasurer lg CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Monitor 1g Intramurals 2, 3g Senior Play, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 ut-:gleaunnnnggwnnnumnuuua----nu unnmu-nu------ -:W -iq...---nun -......nN.-n.m....,. Q., PHYLLIS THERESA BURKE AMBITION: To be a teacher or nurse. IDENTIFICATION: "The Wanderer. " ACHIEVEMENTS: CSMC and Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council lg Intramurals X 25 Junior Play, Catechism Instructor lg Hilites 4g X Red Cross Rep. 1. X VINESSA JoY CEFALU I AMBITION: IBM opemor Q' I IDENTIFICATION: The only Jesuit ring in the whole school. 'Well I'll be doggonel " ff ACHIEVEMENTS: School Sports 1, 2g Intramurals 1, " 2, 3, 4, Sodality and CSMC, Glee Club 1, 25 Vocation Club 2, 3, 4. z':':'5"e:-:v:K"fg'TE--:W- ' W VA 'vii' Tv .f AvI' PM , . x ' - i X A S X L, Il 1 14' -.ll w 4 H 1' f'.'-?1'I.'H' '5""5, ll'l1 " 'F gf' L,,:..:se..:......a.., " "wnQ3,.. . GAIL MARIE COUVILLION ' ' . AMBITION- Vacation in Hawaii 2. z IDENTIFICATION: "1'11 wait for you. 3' ,I it " ACHIEVEMENTS: Civics Club President lg opera Club , ' 4: , ' D , . , 3, , 3 ,W 4. . . : 2 1 - Annuciette Reporter 4- SDS- Glee Club 1 2 . ' 4- Vocation Club 2 Sodality Class Secretary 4A., - Red Cross Representative 1 2 3 Intramurals , 4, CSAL 4g Senior Play, CSMC. v 1 3 4 31.1, at its t 3 is t5f??59 i I 'QQ f .1 - gifti ng as 'N , . , 5 A?y7.2i'eg' r,, I' , I M1 ,W R-.I fr - 'I D " "TLP Q- s ,.,, 'Q 't - A I AQAI .1::3, A . ,:,- Z A A, vwbw V' 3 A 4 ""' 11' IW' 1 f . ,,AA 5 up ,. i 5 f' ' 'l W' lf'- 1 I ' ' , :rs --.,- llfv 1 , Ay' pi , ' ff ,I , "Y ' , li I it 1 4 fp -ff W J ' ' . LAURA LEA CUCCIA AMBITION: To succeed in everything I do. IDENTIFICATION: Teddy Bear ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Secretary 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Representative 35 Vocation Club Secretary 4g Student Council Secretary 4: CSMC H and Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Catechism Instructor 1, 45 E W Opera Club 3. ' Q95 5-' 13h.-k.a,.t-4-i-...z..i:..SaW.....-............-..-.... Y Y 1-............44-.1.......e-- -,N-.mlut-mnmmmmnmnmxmmlnnnmnlmsw DORIS ANN DEGRUISE AMBITION: Secretary and Marriage Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. IDENTIFICATION: Jim's picture and writing letters. ACHIEVEMENTS: CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, N N. .. A X, A , . X ,Q Q it I CAROLYN MARGARET DIAZ AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I do. IDENTIFICATION: Poster paper in hand. ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Secretary 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, CSAL 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, CSMC Treasurer 35 Class Treasurer 2, 3g Student Council Treasurer 3, Annunciette Staff Artist 4, Yearbook Staff Artist 4g Vocation Club lg Opera Club 43 Sodality Artist 3, 4. -2 rr rr I-:-mr :F:f1:m5:f:1 ,lt 1 , -6 3, 1 ve 'WIP H 'ff 1' '-"1 'lFl"W 'l.7T HW W rx- CAROL ANN DIVINCENTI e AMBITION To be successful in life LDENTIFICATION comb in hand' N ' ACHIEVEMENTS smdem councu 3, sus, Glee Club 1 Opera Club 4 Vocation Club 1, 2, 45 CSMCg uni- zzlunnfi-ieia1 mu-ur Y '-:mn-n 'QQ . . - , .. . , ' -' Y - sg if :I 3:11 lzzf' -. , , 'ZW -.:.:-41 ' " " " 'K ' elwbf... ji-.2 zjrigjgyia. 'S XR 4 . , w .X .... ,, - -. -1 , .,,. , , a , ,LH - - I Salsa... ' -J .... -'TR N51-,? "' l2t:j'4-, Lgff - 'ii ,""':1 Q . ., ' -' ' fr r ha? MS '?, ,Ng HAEL DOSIA GUITROZ AMBITION: Secretary IDENTIFICATION: Sweet and Gentle ACHIEVEMENTS: Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Basketball 43 Yearbook scaff 4g SDS Representative 2g CSMC 1, 2, 3, 43 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. . 2 5, . -ilu 3 ff' s .M I JEAN MARGARET HEBBLER AMBITION: To be a psychiatrist. IDENTIFICATION: Eight foot two, eyes of blue. ACHIEVEMENTS: President of Student Council 45 Annunciette Editor 3, 45 Yearbook Photographer Class President 15 Student Council 1, 25 Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 CSAL 1, 2, 3, 45 Pelican Girls' State 45 SDS Rep, 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play 35 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play5 Junior U. N. Delegate 35 Junior Citizen Delegate 4. .f : W: .Qi- . x B ,y X. 5 it : .yn X I-' :-is :w 14' "A .55 X' A v: NQR is 1 ., K. " w 'V JUDITH ANN HELMKE ' I ,-"ns as AMBITION: College, then a teaching career K IDENTIFICATION: The blond Spaniard. ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Vice President 15 Class Presi- dent 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 CSMC Treasurer 45 Vice Prefect of Union Sodality 45 Associate Editor of Annunciette 3, 45 Yearbook Editor 45 Junior Citizen Delegate 45 Red Cross Rep. 15 Yearbook Reporter 35 School Paper Reporter 25 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2. 5 -:SFS:3539235-1'-,1w'tW?43FWSFS?i?Ei5XYTi'1fZsWK?f . W-l?'f4.5"4.-:'W-'1".F,2-:I I V, '-4f4"'l5lii"f V fl-'ff ' ' .. 'I 45 Opera Club President 3, 45 CSMC Treasurer 25 ADELE ROSE HERNANDEZ. AMBITION: To get that ring IDENTIFICATION: 'Ten lashes with a wet noodle 'd t 2 MENTS Volleyball 1 2- Class Presi en ACHIEVE : , r 3- Circulation Man- , ,P , 3 4- School Paper Reporte 4 Yearbook Business Manager 4- Vice President Student Council 2 3 4 Class Sodality Treasurer 4 Red leader Cross Representative 1- Hi-Lite Reporter 4. E I I 44 1 I I xg sf 3 ager 5 , ' ' ' 3, Monitor 2, 3g Cheer- .v.- 3 My Q . . : : I N Q ' hi ,,-. I I JANICE MARIE HITE ' , ' X V AMBITION: To go to college W IDENTIFICATION: "Dues, anyone?" - ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Treasurer 3, 43 Librarian 1, 25 csMc 1, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Q1 'S If 3 59 if ,, , Qian: lllnnulullminuiillll maxim! G! AMBITION Marnage IDENTIFICATION Aloysius ring. ACHIEVEMENTS Sodahty Representative 3 Pe : P ' squad 4 sodamy 1, 2, 3, 4g csmc 1, 2, 3, 4. SHEILA ANN HUFF AMBITION: To be IDENTIFICATION: Sketch book and poster a p per. ACHIEVEMENTS: Library Club President 4: CSMC Artist: Yearbook staff 4: Sodality 1 2, 3, 45 D Class Secretary 25 Library Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Artist 4. a commercial artist ,Q tx ,QKN , x .XX X X., 'i""""'-un. N, Q xx I x X A CAROL CLAIRE KIETH .fi ..p- 1 JOAN ANN KLEIN I AMBITION: Secretary and Marriage A ' IDENTIFICATION: Air Force Ring 9 ACHIEVEMENTS: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. E Qi 1 YM NI if? JOAN KATHERINE KRAUS AMBITION: To Travel. IDENTIFICATION: Teen-age Prayer. ACHIEVEMENTS: Red Cross Representative 1, 2: Vo- cation Club 2g Annunciette Business Manager 43 SDS, Sports 2, 43 Opera Club 4, CSMC General Chairman 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g CSMC Class Secretary 3, 43 Sodality Class Secretary 4, Intra- murals 3, 4g CSAL 4. ----:umnnnnx unxlunxmimln :V+-,-:flu MARY JANE LACOSTE AMBITION: To be successful in life. IDENTIFICATION: "Guess who I seen?" ACHIEVEMENTS: Student Council lg Sodality Rep. 1, 23 SDS Rep. 2, Glee Club lg Vocation Club 1, 2, 3, Annunciette Photographer 45 CSMC and GSI iw, Y W M NX! xx M Ai N-igm X8 uIu Isu - s I ,,........ Im lm . 3. 'Q a x H' ., wg 1 Y J R, Q A Q , ,.C, .. . 5 Fx X ..M....,,,w"' 1.3 Class Treasurer 3, Opera Club 45 Library Club 4. 1 1 1 5 3 41 1 1 i I I! 'r i I 1 I C I KATHERINE MARY LACOUR AMBITION: Marriage IDENTIFICATION: "You'1l wait for me. " ACI-IIBVEMENTS: Sodality Class Secretary 4g Class Treasurer 2, Vocation Club Secretary 33 CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Playg Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4. 1015!-,?jTb.Z3?i,liiIWIWESRQIGIHDIEQRXWXSBRN lllill "t"'K"'ffs'-vnilnqpy., -as IO ANN LORRAINE MESSINA AMBITION: Stenographer or Social Worker IDENTIFICATION: "Girls, may I have your attention?" ACHIEVEMENTS: Sodality Prefect 4, Sodality Vice Prefect 3, Class Vice President 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, muamurals 1, 2, 3, 4, CSAL 1, 2,3,4, vo- cation Club 1, 2, staff Reporter 2, 4, Senior Play, SDS Representative 2. ALICIA OCHOA OAKLAND AMBITION: Secretary IDENTIFICATION: South of the border. CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Vocation Club 1. ...1-.... - ....-................. -. ......m.-.- nmnu- mlxxnmxxNrmzx1um nIm ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Secretary 3, Intramurals 2, 3, IUHIIIIXKHUHII GERALDINE LOURDES O'ROU'RKE AMBITION: Secretary IDENTIFICATION: Let's be quiet girls. ACHIEVEMENTS: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Secretary Secretary 4, Yearbook Assistant Editor 4. . ,f I 1 3 . I Y 2, CSMC Secretary 2g Student Council 4g Sodality ' 1 ',,,.,s-tf""" ...NM A .. .-Mall' 1 ww Q N N --es ' ' ' W x W ' X t t .X X--,, Q, 'R W A4433 I I 1 is I t N -1 ,i i i -Si ,I il :Y W .3 CONGETTA MARIE PALERMO AMBITION: To travel. IDENTIFICATION: Petite and sweet 5' ACI-IIEVEMQENTS: Yearbook staff 4, csMc 1, 2, 3, 4, if Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Civics Club President lg ,q fi Junior Citizen Delegate 4. ' ,E I si K . , ,,,. , t A .3 .1 'V-4 :NWnw:,f,:frY::q1a.-:f:'9f?'TF2f: '.-'.t.t :5F2':t51W1f?ES5v'1:rW2 mllfhfi 5"'tl't4','?'1"iflfWW'VHtf5Ht'1'W-"" JOANNE RUTH PART AMBITION: secretary f IDENTIFICATION: "Oh, Cotton Picken! " 'fix 1 ACHIEVEMENTS: csMc 1, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. IOYCELYN ANITA PERROT AMBITION: Motherhood IDENTIFICATION: "R" ring ACHIEVEMENTS: Cheerleader 25 CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. - ,Tenn-umm'-a.-iuumm, 5, 6:1 - ,.ak.....,.m.- .... I """"4WMmm..,.. r .f,,,.,.. --a7mi,gv-N-1...,,,., W V 'www v.:f":-rn .. MARIE JANE POLMAN AMBITION: Beautician IDENTIFICATION: "I'm taking names. " ACHIEVEMENTS: Student Council 4g Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3g Junior Play .S . I bw PATRICIA LINDA RILEY AMBITION: To study Journalism at I v SLI ' I IDENTIFICATION 1 "Shucks, I gotta write it over! " ' ' ,H ACHLEVEMENTS: student Council 2, Librarian 2,3,4g I I ' 1 Annunciette Reporter 2, 3g Annunciette Associate ' Editor 4g Opera Club 3, 4, Red Cross Rep. 3, 43 Junior Citizen Delegate 45 Yearbook Staff 4, In- V tramurals 2 3 4- CSAL , , , 4, Vocation Club 2, 3, 4- Senior Playg CSMC and Sodal ny 1, 2, 3, 4. x an H .zar-I w V f 4 Y is-I'-1EW:S9E5MQiSYE3W:HL?XBWG V -V EDNA MAE ROCKVOAN AMBITION: Secretary and Marriage IDENTIFICATION: "What's happened?" ACHIEVEMENTS: Red Cross Representative lg Pep Squad 4g CSMC 1, 2, 3, 49 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Q 1 J, as E gt kv .Q ,-.xi l ,, af 2 xniunnnminnin' " L I N' Xinnu bl' 'IFS- BARBARA ANN RODRIGUEZ AMBITION: To get a little white gold band around my finger. IDENTIFICATION: Bill this and Bill that. ACHIEVEMENTS: Glee Club 1, 2,3, 45 Vocation Club R d Cross Representative 2g Associate 2, 3, 43 e Editor of Annunciette 4g Intramurals 2, 3, 4. -1... .-.....-. ... ......--..uf- nnnrnunmugeg 7 . 2 5, . -ilu 3 ROSE MARY SCHEXNAYDER 'R AMBITION: Housewife IDENTIFICATION: Engagement ring dent 2g Cheerleader 1, 2g CSMCg Sodality. N79 ACHIEVEMENTS: Glee Club 1, 2, 4g Class Vice Presi- X. fy ": rv: q . fl'--""' JOYCE ANN SCHMIT AMBITION: Happiness in the future IDENTIFICATION: Engagement ring ACHIEVEMENTS: Senior Playg Pep Squad: CSMCg Sodality. i?E1i:R'5T1, L-N33 . APS? C3 P DOROTHY LEE SPERANDEO AMBITION: To be a good wife and mother IDENTIFICATION: Engagement ring 3 Class Vice President 4 Student Council 2 Yearbook Manager 4- Sodality Treasurer 2 CSMC1234 ACHIEVEMENTS: Class Treasurer lg Class President 1 V A I V J nf. 'it W, Q - . ' - films 1 'ies , l ' L, E 2 F 5: LORRAINE THERESA SPICUZZA AMBITION: To do two things at one time IDENTIFICATION: "You must be out of your ever- lovin ' mind. " ACHIEVEMENTS: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Coun- cil 2g Corresponding Secretary Sodalityg Red Cross Rep. 1, 23 Red Cross President 3, 4g Opera Club 3, 4: Vocation Club 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 3g Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 CSAL 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club President, Yearbook Staff 4g Armunciette Business Manager 4g Junior Citizen Delegate. -- - Y -w....n..m.-vnn.m.m-....4n-- -mugu Y :guna-luuluumnlimimwnnn Qumran-nnlunnuunmmnu r- or fm:-11: '- as '::i:-fm. uf Za whim sms:-:B Ec'.:rt5,.':-.bS:.'i:33S' -' " ' IACQUELINE ANN WIEFEL AMBITION: To visit all the Marine bases ir1 the United States. IDENTIFICATION: Rosy complexion and blue eyes. ACHIEVEMENTS: CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. ,. . ,, . F15I':'f3k-HE? :JP'E15-Ffffi-Q-' 'lrilff :1I-1'f.2qr::1- '-1-z'.,':1,1 M " I rl ffl! X XXX X '- ar X .X 4 X XX , XX XX,XXX2 XXXQX X XXVXXX X. XXXD XX X XX1-XQXXXXXXXXWXXXXWXX M y XXXXN NMNXXX XXNWX X. XXX P ,XXXTXX ,A X A, ,WXXXXAXXXX XX XXXN X LXXX 'B X X XXX X XM NM ,XX ,X XXIXNX XXX XYN. X ,XXXX X MNXXX X XX XWXXX X XS Left to right: Wittiest and Most X X, L Athletic, Sue Tumerg Most School Spirit, Roslyn Boudoing Most X X X X,X - XXXXXXXX X XXX 1 X XXXX 'XXXXXX X X X X X X X X , 'XX XXXXX X XX XX XXAX N X X X XXX QX XX X, X XXXXXX X XX XX X XXXXX X X9 X XX X X X X X X X X XXXX XXXNXXXXX X A if XXX X X X 'X X X Popular, Margaret Fayard. X Left to right: Most Athletic, Geraldine Cardinaleg Wittiest, Mary Ann Portierg Most School Spirit and Most Popular, Ann Nolan. all aflio Glass jggsf, 'I LT , . - Y. mimi. ,u nnnnunxxuuunumuumnuu-nuunnunnxnnunlwluillnmum P 111210143 Officers of the Junior Class for the 1955-56 school year are as follows: President ---- - MARGARET FAYARD Vice President - - ---- ANN NOLAN Secretary ---- ----- E LLEN HENRY Treasurer - - - - - - ADELE BROCKHOEFT QW' VERONICA LAFASO 1.-in f--.I -'Q PHOTO Not available l DIANE BURGARD CYNTHIA SONGY SYLVIA HALL MARGARET FAYARD GLORIA MANGIN CHARLENE DUREL MARIA SCAFFIDI -KSU:"aS.-ti-:1RNfu:mni'Q-msmzvtv:anarsnvn unnununumnm.m..nm-.-- - ..-ni -,- X' lm , T ., -. lx-fa 'tm t, , 'Simi' Nl I l at Left to right: Most Popular, Louise Villarg Most School Spirit, Alma Borjag Most Athletic, Pal Williams: Wittiest, Jo Ann Pemiciaro, not shown. ,X O las Left to right: Most School Spirit, Beverly Selzerg Most Popular, Patsy Pattisoug Wittiest, Sharon Haas: Most Athletic, Diana Veron 5 .te fl G O U r M gi: .4 lx w X ,j M, Q L' if i , lu Q .F ' ,Q CSOIOAOIZ? OFQS Alma Borja Catherine Cardona Judy Eumont Mary Grenner Mil Lou Kash Phyllis Kraus Joan Lion Catherine Nugent Mary Nuncio Carolyn O'Rourke Patsy Pattison Jo Ann Perniciaro 'F' W, 'mnwmurnun nunvmmmmnnnummnnn 'WS' Carol Madeline Jeanie Gilda Fortier Olivier Mistretta Miller Opjy om orex 5 f Wir-fx an l Eleanor Myra Watson Silva Picfure Sandra Greco N01- Available E Palmyre Williams Picfure Noi' Available 3 u Beverly Selzer Marie Baham r7I'GrS'AI22dI2 Left to right: Most School Spirit, Pat Jones: Wittiest, Cecile Cassisag Most Popular, Susie Ardoin: Most Athletic, Linda Dauterive. zsrxme. z Gkss song Most Athletic, Mildred Tresch. Qif'-'QQ fr fx " v 1. P- I C. L xii 'Q W1 X .N w 33: X h I 'H :IN-,f --QX' - L.. x X , 'N ' A lee- A A qfhxxkiv Sl? ji , Y. rt qg QV- -7dUOI'IZlQS ' 1 ,Z Q, wish ' ' Z ji? I A . l '- Left to right: Most Popular, Barbara Jean Parhamg N H A Q Most School Spirit, Frances Flannagang Wittiest, -W X2 n o ,im Celeste Dreauxg Most Athletic, Fresia Romero. WV. " ' 1 . . ur 1 -Q u n, Q h . I h 3 3. r "" 'st ag T' A A I D- 1' A A 9 ' Left to right: Most School Spirit, Mary Arm Guccioneg Wittiest, Io Ann Ciacciog Most Popular, Diane Morri- 7 Officers - Freshman II: Mary Ann Guccione, President Diane Morrison, Vice President Evelyn Marino, Secretary Diane Burke, Treasurer Officers - Freshman III: Frances Flanagan, President Q H .5 4., I Q9'i":p3n VY. gresfman Gfzss Offgcers OFFICERS - Freshman I, left to right: Patricia Jones President: Bonnie Foret, Vice President: Patsy Miller Secretary, Rosalind Viola, Treasurer. Frances LeBlanc, Vice Presidentg Linda Chiasson, Sectetaryg Dorothy Cavalier, Treasurer. I 4 ,-, .1123 K X fa-fx ' Q . :x g :-F32 w N Y p , x s? 5, ' .0 fx N V,-,Wm ,X vi , -Ay 5-' 1 ii -J A x S fe 'Q'-fax if S1 Q, s x , Y -A Jil Q SAHQQI? Kay Alexander U Myrtle Bouquard Loretta A Burgard Diane Burke Carol A. Cardarella Rita Mae Charles Jo Ann Ciaccio Jo Ann Conrad Janet DeGruise Mary Faith Dennett Mary Vern DeMantier Carol Enclade Charlene Gambino Dolores Gex Mary Gracia Mary Guccione Neyer Guillen Patsy Laborde Evelyn Marino Sylvia Matulich Joan Maus Margaret Miller Diane Morrison Marlene Mustacchra Patriera Pernicraro Catherine Plcou Nancy Rigaud Diane Ryan Adele Scarpulla Diane spell Mildred Tresch Fay Anne W1se Althea 71tzmann Geraldine Vinet 7f'QSAl22 QI? Susie Ardoin Betty Badeaux Mary Elizabeth Battle Sylvia Berry Carol Boudreaux Virginia Bynum Janice Caruso Cecile Cassisa Mary Pat Clark Linda Dauterive Mardel Earheart Patricia Fenerty Bonnie Foret Agnes Froeba Sue Gueniot Carolyn Hughes Patricia Jones Mary L. Lugenbuhl Clara McDonald Patricia Miller Merle Nunez Roselind Palestino Barbara Ross Patricia Salbador Sylvia Savarese Carmen Scoggins Kathleen Smith Patricia Talazac Paola Toups Rita Villec Rosalind Viola Llena Cousins ,Zine Q12 97149 55,22 Lena A40 IV-a 11:-alb-soo 12011 Cara ff-atb! Fay R-ages Llhda C6113 Ruby A. Le-B1 SSOIJ GHC w Wm 176'-96 6612 -'faire :te V 6000 U0 QU A4-3121 Dorothy Slnitb IQ., R Abdrea Desblqyeg Barbara Paz-11.917, A Ugusthze flyer,-fqeg AYGIJIL Bellzgatolz Sbelia A. Donla Catherine flfhlszs' ' 0 86116119 log - li' fffibp atlze QD 1 Qne 756 Jean? Gourf gfi56 We wish to acknowledge our appreciation to the boys of Kirwin High School in Galveston, Texas, for helping us to select the Beauty Court. To add a touch of beauty to the 1956 Annunciette may we pre- sent to you, Pat and Io Ann, the Queen and her Maids. As you un- fold these pages, beauty, poise, and personality will radiate towards you from behind the pretty smiles of these girls. So without further ado, here is her Majesty and her Court. lll1llllll lllliniklllvlllmilllliunllrlnllnnnnunmnnun1mm-nn-- --...Y -- 77, e iff I 1, ri! FE 5 ,L I? X 3 If x5 T! li E 5,5 ls F Wi il il 'N 1 34 pl sl ST l l ! l I 5 W, if If 52 ra 5 5 2 5 E wmmih I WI ,iwkfdn 4 W MW ar IQ QUQQIQ gore! ' , MH- , W ml uinnlununnnun11mnnmnm-nnmn-.mum .... .. K' -, ,pw My si- . '- .K ' no W., H, Ax N 41, ' 1 'five MISS JOAN ALFONSO ii MISS GAII.. COUVILLION ,, ff'3""Qm MISS DIANE MORRISON MISS SUE GUENIOT Quik .N Nw . -4 A. ' 'fi Nia -sw - WN' "i17t?5Ss Q Y-1,1 t, q', , ' 'iv e MISS LINDA DAUTERIVE 3.ama.m......,..-...... ...-.............................- ...........--........T.- I, MISS AUGUSTINE OMES sv ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,...- .,.,.,.,,,,,,........:..uL ,............,.................,.,.........u.uuuuwu- wm MISS ANN NOLAN MISS JO ANN CORB Sw, 'NUR f WGS 110 W I hd. QA S 'X 0 gs' Ns 4 ' 9"-wx jf 5, ,q gf -www " ki-iff-f ff' Z,-f ...W--J A gg fgOf 'mm r A 9121! I amH'w'Ww1,,7, ' rw fl? X 14 President of the Student Council, Jean Hebbler, is shown above at a celebration honoring Msgr. Jacobi on his feast day. ., , . vt an GOUDC, .-rm X X lf? rpfwrwf- -N Y! n wg 1 v?2fwQE.:5 T Z S1-. A1 Oysja ' Y 2 S b . andralee Carilowrng ribbon f 1 mug, other aw ee 011 C of hi - H5569 01 She 8 P .r or Day. st honor to sr- Nelson Cow' Day dw sw aids to dewwmg Aw Y if 5. 50. 0, Officers from left to right: Cynthia Songy, Secretaryg Mary Ann Varnau, Presidentg Sr. Anne Marie, Modera- torg Judy Helmke, Treasurerg Beverly Selzer, Vice President . ff Yisdffye IAQ ff C Q Q0 . cl Q' O , I ! x 1 W yfgi J l N ' 4 A W O 'S '62 'SS Q09 bf Q cg Owl' ffe 56614 C. S. M. C. The Catholic Student's Mission Crusade is an organization with the program of pro- moting apostolic spirit among Catholic young people of the United States, especially those who are students. The Crusade pro- gram includes three principal items-- prayer, study, and sacrifice--all beamed toward the mission apostolate of the Church. sv- , ,.,.. . ,,., 1-- ..... ...-.-.....-... ...a - -- .., ,, . P 1 Q I .gl 4 I Q43 YJ Looking over the Sodality pamphlet rack are the officers,from left to right: Marie Baham, Vice Prefectg Jo Ann Messina, Prefectg Eola Binder, Treasurerg Geraldine O'Rourke, Secretary. "XiHX . r l"IY' n'1 4' ' 'r F. .' ff, li! Ill U 1- 1 lfr I Sanctification of self and others is the main goal of the Sodality. Sodalists reach this goal by constant recollection of their motto: "To Jesus Through Mary." The Sodality, with the aid of the Blessed Virgin, tries to plant into the minds and hearts of the students that nothing is more important than the saving of one's own soul. Before anything else, Sodalists are taught the virtues of purity and charity. The Sodality has many activities, such as conventions and regular meetings, which are aids in helping the members Work together for a common goal. ,f x- .f"'X -uf A Q 'riff 1 'wl"'--1 .A"kf"""'l erpetual Rosary Continues 19757-2 5 C qi ,sg 5 Q I ' ' ao .a'4"ifA1C't ol. X No. 3 Annunciation High School, New Orleans, La. February, i956 f3funefpal'4 Manage Dear Students: Once again God has It is a HOLY time becai grace, ichicli if used pr your holiness. Lent gives spec tion and penance. S note. In addition 1 personal sins. in C for the sins of 0' obstinate. Because 0 iet this seaso Lord: "Unle' In order to resolution cord .ther before 1' way yo Neat sociatcd Press ic ious offices for editors. first brought here by reportcis. telephone. or wire. and thcn sont on to be printed. In the photograph department pictures are received by elec- trical impulses. as well as by thc ordinary chemical process. The operators of the Linotypes have six years of apprenticeship. They are capable of taking their machine apart and rcassembling them. They set lines of type rap- idly. These lines are then put in frames. A galley proof is run and sent to the proof-readers. An impression of the final page of type is madc on a matrix board over which metal is then poured. The resultant metal plate is sent to the press. The Tiriies-Picayune - States has eitzht modern presses that ' r holy season of Lent. Choral Concert Presented in the Spirit of Liturgy A choral concert with tableaux carrying out the theme of Christ- fzlled u ztii mas and the Epiphany was held aftcr Christmas in accord with the spirit of the liturgical sea- Qoth the Senior Choral Club. Sister M Aloysia. "feral Club. di- PATRICIA TALAZAC examines the mat which will be put in an "autoplate" where molt- en metal will be poured against it. CO0P CLUB GIVES CHICKEN DINNER A chicken dinner will be given by the Cooperative Club Sundwy. February 26. announced Mrs. J. Selzer. president The proceeds will be used for the school. A second benefit dance was ' -nn. par. ,,. A , Q. bi ll vfbvym-1 'M EVELYN REED. freshman, takes her turn to say the Rosary oi ' adv in the presence ot the Blessed Sacrament. Q " for Threefold lntention continued a fifth year for three asc of religious vocations, Ns, from the -orn- verage . Helm- -1. craldine Spicuzza, .1 Martin. the cine field .. research was cs. many years: the field tn... cost S7.5lJlJ.00D. The March t.. Dimes helped support the ra- search. Mr O'Conn0r cited a rcpori made by Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr., in which it was stated that the Salk vaccine was effective in combatting 60 to 90 per cent of cases of Type I virus. and 90 per cent effective in Types II and III. Type I, Milbar Polio. can be detected by its characteristic symptoms. a constant cold. and a pain in the neck: this type causes little or no paralysis. Type II ia- so ,ue Sophomore All-Tournament bla, Diana Veron was given an all- tournament award as one of the I2 best players in the Junior Di- vision at the basketball tourna- ment. January 8. at Dominican High School. Fifty-tour players. forming nine Jngy. Lula- Greco. Ruth s Kraus. Jo- Olivicr. Ruth Anayder. Mary ry Ann Gucci- axglics. Patricli ,ynn Lugenbuhl. tiller th a "B" average I Palermo. Roslyn :ii Henry. Augustine e Malousc. Carolyn Jlcanor Watson. Patri- '. and Janice Caruso. sent, Future," e-Day Retreat ure." was the theme of the hc Rev, Daniel F Gcbhardt. e. Louisiana. is a member of 3 Franciscan Mission Band. Lite. venial and mortal sin. holy Jommunion. Confirmation. and death were the topics developed on the tirst day. On the second day. lecturer were given on Confession and the Ten Commandments. A special conference was given on the Sixth Commandment. The single, married. and relig- ious state: were discussed on the third day. Father Daniel describ- ed the true Catholic girl and the sql.. vw 1 1 The Senior Choral Club of Annunciation, under the direction of Sr. M. Aloysia, has taken part in many choral concerts and programs throughout the year. The newly-organized Junior Choral Club of Annunciation, under the direction of Sr. M. Andree, has taken its place on the list of organizations at A.H.S. G Y ei K-I it -v m, -X 3, F7 t A gg S I if ' E3 his 1 c b Q ax . X, 2 nigga -E331 Vbgkx 3 x g-5.4 V . 6 I ,- g U - If -- J WS 4 Q' ' i , 01. I 5, ' ,lr ' 0 . 0 s 2 + 0 i f- 5 w :V A1 .t., 3 --3 EM , f " '5m 'r-if 1 " -N. 1 9 n B 0 V t 'Y R X f t Q I ou! J is 1 v 14,1 aatt gs! ssaa all a or Uocafzon Gfzg This organization aids students in selecting the career for which they are best suited. It also brings out any would -be religious vocations. dent: Laura Lea Cuccia, Secretary: Pat Jones, Vice President Q , Sandralee Carrigee, Librarian. N so Uifkbc C116 The purpose of the Athletic Club is to promote school spirit among the girls at Annunciation through participation in sports. The club works with the volleyball, basketball, and softball teams, and tries to instill into the girls the idea of working with others and gaining victory as a team. Be- sides the team, the club deals with the cheerleaders and pep squad. OFFICERS: Nancy Burns President Beverly Selzer Vice President Madeline Olivier Secretary Sister Anne Marie Moderator d 'R , The officers are from left to right: Roslyn Boudoin, Presi- Z" 1 , P-..,, .V 45.- Seated, from left to right: Sr. M. Thomas Moderator: Lorraine Spicuzza, President. Standing: Barbara Serio, Vice Presidentg Sylvia Hall, Secretary. For the past two years, under the expert guidance of Sr. M. Thomas, the Junior Red Cross has ex- celled in all its work. A council, created during last year, is formed of representatives of every class. The council is headed by Lorraine Spicuzza and carries out many worthwhile projects. "We believe in service for others, for our country, our community, and our school, in health of mind and body to fit us for greater service, and in working for better human relations throughout the world. We have joined the American Jtmior Red Cross to help achieve our aims by working together with members everywhere in our own and other lands." Junior Red Cross filling gift boxes. Q., sc x fi M . ,f My Z, fafif' 1.124 ' Y 1 g,,-twig-.,.i.:t,u, , r V - . . X B449 'X 'rim s Susitssifit X -wax N- aff! H153 siffg ' x The purpose of the Opera Club is to help educate students that are interested in the Operas and Symphonies. During the year 1955, the Opera Club attended "Aida" performed by the Xavier University School of Music which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Sister Aloysia made available for our use a hi-fidelity recorder which enabled us to enjoy more fully the recordings of Operas and Symphonies. Officers of the Opera Club are: President, Jean Hebblerfg Secretary- Treasurer, Sylvia Hallg Librarians, Joan Kraus and Gail Couvillion. I OPQIDG Students doing research work. .. ...uw..-..-......................-............,.., .,..--....n..., , .,.L-........,-.,,.,,,,.,..-V7--f , H Y Y F 4 4 "'g,A" N,- ',y' 4 M' ,...- 'f 4 t f. .gf ,, ,ff . 40 E ,QA .. T. ' 'Tai X- WN? ., 5 L ' V' ax 5, A .1 out book ' it H 3' 5 S' ' A ig 5-"ef 3 L ' ' ' ' N :2 ' .u f, K gr at .Y , , .V . ll . 2.5 'I gk L... , ,- ' 1 - - f .. aff:- 2"'Q'-a 'l2g1"f13i.i' 'si , ff ,. s. 3' 12? ' Q 3 pl , M. , .5 wx g aw ' 6, Lv ? g, ,.--4 3 at E , .l-- Q, . , .-- 0... ' - ,1 V b ,4v- 3 A W, 5 1 'X Ezfrary Pat and Jo Ann, during your stay at Annunciation you will have many occasions to make use of the library. Checking out books and cataloging them are the tasks of these book-loving students of the Library Club. We are justly proud of our library and wish you many happy hours therein. Librarians for the 1955-56 school year are Sheila Huff and Pat Riley. , 1 T,.',x. A - .. 1. iq ' 1 .'. 1 V , 1. - can ,Hin-U abz...J.7Jf'W'-.hL.L.LL-I ui, ,- .-rx. 1 Student checks 1 X 4' IummlI'mmmUPIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII X G OfOP. G f 11 6 Oiiicets tot the 1955-5 The Coopetative Ciub, an otgatiiza- Yagi 316 35 EOUQQJ51 tion oi the patents oi but-i.S. stu- Ptesicietxt - wits. S. Seize: dents, has compieted a m0St 'E-HCCGSS' Vice President - Nits. Scaiiidi ini ig eat oi fund-taiSiH?, 91036015 501 Seetetaq - wits. O't1outke, Nite. Sotxgij ptovemetxt oi me schooi. 'Yteasutet - Nit. Pattison R. -, ,qw if ,Q . ......nullIlIlllll TFIBLE or Corrrsuns DEnicaTfoN Tr-iEME Facumf Srnrr CLHSSES Bfnury Umm' Orfsmvizsrfo fvs Harivirfks Uovmrrlssmfurs ..v...-.., , , ,, . mfamabbs ' unzbf' jjky UQFGIZQGPJ Zag .ygoyv Above, Joy Perret and Frank Hyer, leading characters in the play, rehearse a scene from the play. The play, a comedy in three acts and directed by Sr. Lucretia and Mrs. E. Pike, concerns a forty -year old widow who has lost her money in stocks and bonds. In order to keep her son in college and insure financial security for both of them, she plans to marry a widower, whom she thinks is in his thirties and very wealthyg but who, in reality, is also in his forties and minus his estate. He also plans to marry for financial security for him and his seventeen-year old daughter. The meeting of the two families proves very hilarious as each discovers the truth about the other after having dressed up the children as twelve-year olds to disguise their age. The play, however, has a happy ending as the two marry despite previous falsehoods. l lT l Y U gr f-Q enzbf' J ay es I S T ' . fi R GY T ' At left students practice for la ...N l .6 P yi " up " as A endeavoring to memorize lines to 5 ' n mv ' W perfection as the "big night" draws r "1 ' Q.: 'Q . .,., . near' .,,. , .l ss, 1 'sv 3 ' J "fi4iQs'f '- 1 X x gg gg- 5, N by Q s 0 Hcsfranyef' 122 ffe Qlafyfzm wned and Just off the lobby of the hotel in which the play is set, there is a gift shop, capably o operated by two attractive young ladies, Sylvia Lee and Mable Crane. These two are good natured and fun loving, and not at all deserving of the events that fall upon their shapely shoulders. . .because some- one is plotting a murder and the scene of this catastrophe is to be their own little gift shop. Grant Terry, a young newspaper reporter from New York, has discovered the plot and travels to this town to warn the damsels. When he reveals the impending danger, the entire cast gets the idea that they individually are to be the victims and begin repenting of their past ills which proves hilarious. ' ' ' ' d the would-be murderer is caught. The real victim is discovered an At right cast is shown as the play fR.Kl..L. comes to an exciting climax. SEE 7 A T : luv I ,IL as wg- ' V L . ' -. L-ri .fl 1 gil? ek! s 9' X Q7f5Q fzcxs d d I a ., - Q rl .s , ,1 'Nj 'q,A ,4 r XXXEQ I .-:Xin f ' x x . ,,..f I YA X ,ij if . - M., iv Y, Senior and Junior Teams - Kneeling, from left to right: Joan Kraus, Alma Borja, Diana Veron, Sandra Greco, Mary Ann Varnau, Pal Williams, Teresita Crise. Second row: Eleanor Watson, Gilda Miller, Sue Turner, Carolyn Diaz, Lorraine Spicuzza, Linda Dauterive, Joycelyn Theriot. Third row: Patsy Pattison, Del Rita O'Neill, Barbara Ragas, Jean Hebbler, Gail Couvillion, Mary Ann Portier, Diane Burke, Sue Gueniot. i. P l S N V .. ii A I x S is . v Q "--sa tm! Nha as , School Cheerleaders warm up for Big Game. Kneeling, left to right: Joy Stovall, Jo Ann Corb, Pat Poumaroux, Joy Perret, Nancy Burns. Top row: Judy Eumont, Margaret Fayard, Mary Rose Lubrano, Marcia Poche, Beverly Selzer. Sophomore Class Cheerleaders are as follows, kneeling, left to right: Sarahlynn Carson, Merle Venta, Marie Louise Schexnayder, Carolyn O'Rourke, Madeline Olivier. Standing: Mary Nuncio, Zilda Rabalais, Anne Alison, Sandralee Carrigee, Marian Picou. -Mfg ji X' U t r- .JI . 5 QJO 4 ED? Gif v we fi? '25 +4 W, E . S X fo if ff' , "" ' 9 ffiy , Vi, 2 Q KX X L":"i'f'1lw1' XX ! 3 J X xii ,DN . E 4 U o f, " -' A 4 .vb 4 I - QS: , xc x X Nw 'X fi Z A I, I 4 Xa s v ' E 1 ki' , 5' . .,-' Ez? - xx - F fig U Z A I 1 - . - K '-"' , -QT,-'E-K"-' , EC' V, 52 mA4,g,, i Af 3 X I AM li' C1 xy M mis Q X X, R Q5 X r Q gi R Xl SX X4 M Xg M X2 N Wi W iff 3 i X I T' v ll' QQ ' Q ' -K x H gk tt t wh Xmxkx d 'E Xhauste 1 uhough med and 'hK'ffi13l io' our A fI65llm3n agree d giilsx these ou atom ' camefa' See Y The President of the Student Council wel- comes the new members and wishes them well throughout their four years. gnzlfzdfzbn Well, Pat and Jo Ann, initiation brings back many fond memories, doesn't it? As you continue your stroll down memory lane, this occasion will forever stand out as a reminder of your official acceptance into the student body of A.H.S. H Cie at fresh . C three ry les ,311 Pical th d e day,S fun'0lled,up for T Freshman nt of the wel Class ,3 come. CCEPIS he Pfgside I ,J 1 s, 4, lass Officers HHPPY C . cut cake at mug Party Smiling recipients gather around cake . x XX X x Q5 V Wmy Gefemony When November rolled around, the Seniors greeted everyone with that Pepsodent Smile and were as excited as can be. They were receiving those long awaited rings. Sole 'Un Fings a 177011-len I F W e Presented hen , 1 5 A . ,"':A I h ' ' i z e ry niO1's . - 1 Ve j., Ulgs .pfevue . .gl 3 fi Retreat Master having discussion with retreatants. fy f sf. , -Q-3 ,, rr .. -- 'w ,, X ff -N ,, . ' a'-gs., ""2,. f -1 . . 5 1 .S x - P , , ri gl 1. , -fl. " A -M . --...MQ - . I , "'M""aX:"' 'iz . g erms.-tk K N QQ M .vs ' 5 - '-tl" U1 . , F ' " . L31 . - ' , 'ti e S r .1 rt . UQ we W, , l,Sz,, v 1,...1.QT 'Li c ,' 1 ' 'r .,. , , 'ws 'WA 9, .,t 224- . ' -, . ,.i....,- v.,s u. .. .-......a. . ..-.,...- 5.1,-aa., , ,ku-mx ""R':'.L" A' .. , ' " - 'xl 4' ,egg as fl J-A-ff . I I - .. , ,I A .v " Q. .QQ gwbv was-. -4-ew, 1 M wk is 'krwiw--.-,if W ,X - , Ie- -' ' ' .zfgh:f,fs:- 'f 's ..'s -if Ss. ,, " Q1-1 ,-:-,,+:... 4 -, 2'1l ,4. sp.: ' ffvtz-fgf' s p , .2 Q 'i ."i:",ef' v"'PE',-ff'-1 1 'SS' .. "i" p 1 . 'ff .lf X'-Wigs'-,.a 34,Q'g9N?Yfw-' we 'E ' ' '-ff-A 'f--f"L1:3T3 1- 'ss-5 3214. 'x?fz'?'ag,, -,,.-1511.55 'fer-,qfPA.,QrgT,.,g ..I,7?g5,- ive'-ff sis... ..- A- 6,5 Nqr.. qui,-,,!. U ,igiugvx ,,.,k . N.,,.fXff,,,.k75r.. -Ai- U, - Q , ,v ,r-,,-Q . .rffimgw 7-.g..,,. -, ubijy ima. fix yr ,- 'hug - swf- ,-, Aix- ff-'ga-155:35 4. .-,LQ-xs 'pai'-as . . S, "Q-rigs.-r"-f....-is -sg 's..syf',--. -fy. - - - -- -w,,i,,-fglitl .b. -1.-sg. ' 1 '55,-9, ,ff-,. 4. '1- 4 lw'-.,"--,.-'zwfgf 'Nlf-sgqgf, t 19 gn-wr--9ii'.L. 1 e A ' g.'1yx.f' .,., 'ax' "Ti .' Q .w Tv, ' ' ' . - , b' e ' .V . S' Retreat House r 3 Students at prayer SENIOR RETREAT Filled with tension and excitement, the Seniors left for a new retreat destination, Bay St. Louis, Miss. Staying at St. Margaret's Daughters Home for a few days seemed to be the next best exciting thing to the Ring Ceremony. The Director was Father LT. Walsh of Spring- hill College, Alabama. The retreat afforded many spiritual benefits which will aid Seniors in their future lives. rs ,. guts "Your Life--Past, Present, Future, " theme of annual . . X . . 1 F Three-Day Retreat. The Rev. Gebhardt, a native of Monroe, Louisiana, conducted the students' annual three-day retreat. 1 1 if If l ie I MM , ilk ill! il srnf..r.f1 N sl 5s Q . ,ft -.-:.1nf,- . . . -gg :g if A M b - fx? ,aux , n,r, ortn K C - c L x l ,I . Life, venial and mortal si.n, Holy Communion, Confirmation, and death were the topics discussed If on the first day. On the second day, lectures were given on Con- K , ' 2 , X 5 I fession and the Ten Commandments. A special ' x . X conference was held on the Sixth Commandment. ' The single, married, and religious states were discussed on the third day. Father Daniel described the true Catholic girl and the counterfeit one. Christ's death on the cross was the subject of the last talk. The climax of the retreat came when the students received the Papal Blessing. --.- ....,.m...-.wa-.B--A-ann... 1- mmm nmu nmnmnumnunn-:nun ,, fiaggfe f A P at so-ff Rig 1. if Comic Fashion Show put on by the Seniors. 4 . WT? Proudly displaying N. O. M.A. Certificates for pe fect spelling papers are, left to right: Joy Perret, Judith I-lelmke, Carolyn Hughes, Jean Hebbler, and adeline Olivier. Receiving awards from the C.B.E.A. Contest held at Baton Rouge are Geraldine O'Rourke, winner of third place spelling medal, and Lorraine Spicuzza, winner of second place shorthand medal. -K'Ill.'I1R'l?5'w'E'l,l'ln. :- YY fly Q...-., Participants 1n Flag Day Ceremony a s Q -f ' ,,,,,......g:.a..- .N , . S -M' -. '3g'5:'g'5Q-1-QE'1:5-55-ig.':'5f:"'Qfi' . S ' "HIV W.,----"f" 'X' ' f-s" .:.,, ??., .... --' N. , ' lr. . f3.,Q:3 2 , . 1 s . -- 1 W' 'fi 1 ' -- -- . ss 1- ,..sR-on 'S s. , ,, L ' .... . ' ' U oAf, ,I Z, 1 - F je ,. ,fl-.wx 1 QU- , if-:i+,r,-gif, , - N3 's -. "-'mfs-v. f .1 ' ' W' R ' ' ' .ffiiiirr V -- N ' - Y. V Q '-5,3 .Q s, l. .23 ',,......s- -A N, ...... "' Q A - G--:g 5333- s x W If 5 . la ts, 1' 1 . A R, ,Ash - ,M . , ,V . .Jr Shower given for A.H.S. students, Roslyn and Shirley Boudoin who are to enter the convent. r 5 Q sg, wan wi Athletic Banquet given in honor of the ball teams active in A.H.S. sports. . , 1 Defcafzbn The Class of 1956 would like to dedicate its Annual to the devoted Sisters of the Most Holy Sacrament who spend themselves untiringly in the education of youth, but most particularly to Reverend Mother Laura, Superior General of the Congregation. 1956 marks the Golden Anniversary of Reverend Mother Laura as a member of the Sisters of the Most Holy Sacrament. Fifty years of service to God, the Catholic Church and to our country through the noble profession of the education of young people. The importance of a Catholic education cannot be sufficiently emphasized. His Holiness Pope Pius XI in his encyclical letter the CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF YOUTH stated: "It is therefore as important to make no mistake in education, as it is to make no mistake in the pursuit of the last end, with which the whole work of education is intimately and necessarily connected. In fact, since education consists essentially in preparing man for what he must be and for what he must do here below, in order to at- tain the sublime end in order for which he was created, it is clear that there can be no true education which is not wholly directed to man's last end, and that in the present order of Providence, since God has revealed Himself to us in the Person of His Only Be- gotten Son, who alone is the way, the truth and the life, there can be no ideally per- fect education which is not Christian education." Catholic leadership is necessary. Students in our Catholic schools are prepared mentally, socially, physically and spiritually to assume positions of responsibility in every profession. "Christian education, " states Pope Pius XI, "takes in the whole ag- gregate of human life, physical and spiritual, intellectual and moral, individual, do- mestic and social, not with a view of reducing it in any way, but in order to elevate, regulate and perfect it, in accordance with the example and teaching of Christ." Therefore, we the Class of 1956, hereby dedicate the Annunciette to Reverend Mother Laura and the Sisters of the Most Holy Sacrament. ...LLL 'P X 4?Si'YiNTE2l?l8SN693,MWB5iE"S!mBWUmllRMMH 1llBNU!lIAIl 1 3 GQSJ f , 4 X ,E Z -1 --.n?"f 5 M A .... 57 by X1 G 'P .. . ' A X' Aa? f xg, Ubf '0 1 J ' , 33- 7-' 71 1 li ,dxf - ff' -5. .mm N I l I JUDY HELMKE V adedictoriafl fi .5 4 , - L 'Yi YQ, A ' Salufatorian Hlerlcan Le . V gm!! Award ' ,,,,7,, 'G I S N 2- X s.xVl My S v , X ' XYGQN NQQQN x x- ' f ' f'1 .. , 5 -, gm? X X ' ""f.'J,...-:wx . qw. , .w..-M' ,M .W . +P .WWJ9 , .,..... W: wtf V xi , f rw 3 K ' I gracfzafzbn TP , at rg? if 55 We CL 2 dvi m t . fi ff? ez.-gi, Qt m v it f v I 4' E' -.-f.'-1,-.uuunn nmn- n 'mmmnmlmmllllllrhn' lllll . ,, ss -as , . a . ' ,H+ . "A . , . - .N .L A up - ss., ,-, A Q x Y w K, V i, 1 ,LJ5 .stfsg X. ,. ...--.1..'i::.-- f-M-----1uunumur""1lu-'-':-:pup-u-us: ,, ,-..-for , 1 t- aan . .Nu-Q ww .mm -.P-K k, h ,V 5 xv.-1 ik- . . wc.-s if ,. .a.....t..... -..........-...M . 5 V t 5 1 ' . 1' -'ll!!i'l:!g:l'. ' M.ggL!1Zf.J!- t..,,, , ,, ...., ..,. ,,., Mgt. ? e Q 2 , . sqm N ,. ' ,Ei Y ' ' 'S2,,jf. ' ugugpgnu Il2!.il!N!gL5,Qjf .,..,, '-vw"-N -' '-x+'-- As the gates close at the end of the school year, so do we conclude our stroll down memory lane with Pat and Io Ann. We, the Seniors of 1956, have retraced our steps through four years of high school with these two freshmen who are just beginning that most eventful journey. May we Wish the best of luck and happiness to those who follow us as we bid farewell to our Alma Mater, Annunciation High School. Congratulations to Jw JACKIE WIEFEL 7-' F F WHEN IN THE rom rms.. FUD LJ I-'I "UD" so T EQN ..,!l!,. PRODUCE CO., INC. Specializing in Tomatoes 95 French Market Place TU. 5293 - CA. 9538 New Orleans 16, Louisiana l 60 M ,, to to Our LORRAINE S. Daughter From IOYCELYN PERROT Mother, Dad From and Lawrence Mother and Dad 50 N 'Q 0 sl' N9 ral MONAIZCI-I SHEET AND METAL WORKS 919 Julia St. MRS. C. POLMAN, Prop. EDWARD cHo1ssoN, Mgr. Congratulations and Be st of Luck to KATHERINE LACOUR on Graduation Day Love Mom, Dad, and Buddie Congratulations and Love and Best Wishes Be st of Luck to to PAT RILEY My Classmates From on Mother, Dad Graduation and Love John DOTSY tw cook, QQYU Lge VN-A Cl-IEC!-QETE CAB CO. Ra. 8474 C ompliments of 5471575142 Mlm., Fr. 9447 BURGUNDY CLEANERS 5726 Burgundy St. QWWQQZ INSURANC E AGElNC Y Insurance of A11 Types 718 Maritime Building a. 1515 Ma. 489 New Orleans, La. X ' NCT!-IINC5 Best Wishes From Doss rr ZQJWM Winn 1.1 KE g O 0 mmm O -f-ww o AND 55? MXZZZW O Compliments to Ah .1 mf may President X at of Ffbijlggan I MA1soN BLANCHE Mother and Father New O 1 L DAIRY SPECLAL 0 MR. R ToUPs Malts 7 C Sundaes 2 1 MRS, R, TOUPS Cones sooo frooo 2 a A bi KFQ?-FPPW d MRS. J. ToUPs L '19 S :EJ and N S" PAULO ToUPs I To In 251 , p1iASll . QWZZM QW? Y s A BUD VER From REST, BAR A FRIEND 9 6621 st. Claude Ave. wa-.mnnnrutunrauuulmn Compliments of To DEI CDTQT ZZ HARDWARE COMPANY Fr. 7021 By. 2335 From 6612 St. Claude Ave. Mother and Daddy Arabi 16, La. Z1 g I Best Wishes . W! 466 .vdf to BANANA co. Z 7 D , , my W www We Specialize in Bananas 2240 Decatur St. From Marigny Team Track M, VENTURE R, MAREAU Salesman Salesman Mom and Dad Best Wishes From IVITZ. 44z4ffVIl26. fgzkkz BERNARD A. DCD12l?5 CONTRAC TOR Painting - Papering Plaster and Repair Work 1434 C onstanc e Street Ma. 0674 New Orleans, La. Best wishes TONEVS to PIZZA 81 SPAGHETTI HOUSE I p "The Most Famous Spaghetti House in the South" From Mother and Daddy 210-212 Bourbon Street Ma. 9261 Wm WQZZKZW hiked fdgwz' From From Garry Mother and Dad C l' Compliments and omgrlgrfnts Best Wishes EOSELIND DALESTI NO Mother Daddy and Sisters MZWZTZ Success and Best Wishes From 9 in the Future to ITAMMCLAEA EEN 1-A I- VI From The Martin Family Compliments to M252 ZWMZKQ From LEVIN FURNITURE STORE JAKE CATANESE FRANK'S RECORD SHOP V n i .4 In C s Ofvlcf , ,A a- ! ' , "" Q -4:4 O QQ C J JU'-J . O MEAT ' W " Y M V Q M 6 s J 1 MARKET ,tn Q3 g K 'SHS' 1 Q K :kv Fr. 5805 THOUGHT 3 S- .'!T 3217 Franklin Ave. 340 S. Rampart St. Y - . X 1 ' f 1 v Best Ylglshes Q ALBANESE Q SUPER MARKET FK l 6215 Franklin Ave. M 7 Fa. 2911 From We Deliver Quality Foods at Low Prices We Appreciate Your Patronage Mother and Daddy C ongr atulations to JACQUELI NE ANN VVIEFEL. From Grandmother Hogan Aunt Mar guerite Aunt Leola and Your God Child H, G. BAUER Moving and Storage 1 111 Barracks St. I Packing and Shipping New Orleans, La. Ca. 1388 MRS. Success in the Future f to o Q is JOHNSON,S RITA AND CLARA BENFATTI - . r' F X I rom HOME DECORATING SERVICE 1927 Gentilly Blvd. New Orleans 19, La, REX BATTERY SERVICE 1214 N, Rampart St. Cr' 4386 Ma. 1297-6565 ,.I I 1 5 3 r 'PX - in Congratulations and Best Wishes JEWELERS - - ,447 V' -N to Our Daughter :I K' X X , wmwfyw 2614 Jefferson Hwy, Castay Shopping Center Mom and Dad Best Wishes From Miffmfgwif Wzwffmwkf CONTRACTOR 532 East View Dr. By. 5241 JOS, E, BARATTINI li- illls Wholesale Fruit and Produce Q ng 2458 N. Rocheblave st. MILL AND BOAT woRKs 2234 France sr. New Boats and Repairs - V I 1 . ' Cr. 3655 Best Wishes f I From fmuxkw f PHARMACY 5- -1 CI. Wifhffzk 2733 Dauphine St. W Q V, L, BROUSSE CO. Zane l-il To MMM, Whole sale Dres sed Meat Mother and Dad ww-.aumuwnmyl ,nu-m-...-.1-m........... .1 1 uuaznnfunlpuwugiuiuufquluuq mul-wuuumufnnwlwurau nmmw-gg:-'uni Success and Best Wishes l in the Future to BROS, CONSTRUCTION CO. NV ' W A Contractors fgafdfzi' From Magnolis Grill M, H, Foto Excavating - Draglines Bulldozers - Dump Trucks Ve. 3-8151 P. O. Box 170 Haraham, La, Retailers of America's Finest Nationally Advertised Footwear for Men, Women and Children SCI-l1RO'S SHOE STORE Success and Best Wishes to CLARAMMPITA EENFATTI From JOS. JURISICH TRANSFER 338 N, Peters St. 1020 Canal St. C. 1793 Best Wishes to Fr. 6422 Phone 47wf!Qaff Dealers in Iron, Metals, From Paper Stock and Sterilized NASTAS1'S GARAGE 331 N. Galvez. St, TU: 99Q4L Wiping Rags 2613 Urquhart St. LOUISIANA FOOD STORE 1129 Elysian Fields Fr. 9206 M. LICCIAIDI, Prop. Free Delivery Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Meat Congratulations and Best of Luck to LOUISE VILLAR A. HERNANDE Z MARDEL EAI-IAR T J. MISTRETTA From June Nuschler '55 Va. 6680 Va. 6689 G.A.GnAMElNO Dealer in Fresh Meat and Packing House Products 1520 N, Claiborne New Orleans, La. Best Wishes to fi ff HWQN D070 Q62 WW Conggfiations vi. 7201 Office ACME SHEET METAL NH2. Ark! BARS. WORKS Roofing, Piping, Etc. 600 St. Rock Ave. Night By. 1729 C ompliments Fr om HIBERNIA OOFING at METAL WORKS 2265 St. Claude Ave. Cr. 5515 I.A, KRAMER SERVICE, INC Heating, Plumbing, Welding and Air Conditioning - Fr. 2192 - 2193 1525 Pauline St. Cor. N. Claiborne Ave. New Orleans 17, La. C ompliments of JACOB SCHEON 8: SONS INS, CO. Funeral Service Insurance Official Funeral Directors JACOB SCHEON gl SON Two Homes 527 Elysian Fields Ave, 3827 Canal St. For Ins. Call Va. 2477 Best Wishes BLACK, ROGERS 8: CO. AGENTS GENERAL INSURANCE Black, Rogers 8: Co. Agents P. O. Box 1440 New Orleans, La. Tu. 3606 Attn: RALPH ALUAROZ """""" "-"""" "-fuvfvmw-vu 1-umwuuuunuruwuuawlurpgpanr Compliments to mf Wmhfbw From AOEME CAFE 8: BAR 1605 Esplanade Bob, Vach, Bill MILL 8: CABINET WORKS 3029 Rabbits Street VM Best Wishes if an to INSURANCE AGENCY K M gf Insurance of All Kinds Z 408 Carondelet Building From Ra. 3288 - New Orleans, La. 211 T1-ist Building V1. 1039 - Aram, La. Mom and Dad Be st Wishes Mgfgfef From Mother and Dad Miami? SPAGHETT1 HOUSE Closed Monday -- Open Sunday 3801 Frenchmen St, Vi. 9209 Best Wishes Wm MQW Aunt and Uncle DESIRE: SCHIVI IT GENERAL CONTRAC TOR 1816 Aycock St. Cr, 8912 The Best in Custom Built Homes .....,,,,,.,,,,n,,- ...,, B ,, .,,, -.-ram, 30 Minute -- Water Heater Service NAANGIN PLUMBING 8: HEATING Installation and Repairs All Makes of Water Heaters Repaired 1835 N. Claiborne Ave. Fr. 4782 Vi. 2562 Love and Succ es s to QZMZZM Wfffkfkf From Mother and Dad Zettez Valued , Best Wishes at X to MCSHANE POULTRY www? 1742 St. Claude Ave. Eggs From Live and Dressed Poultry Va, 9608 Mother, Dad, and Brother Best Wishes IF Irs coco Fool: to vou wut.. 2 Li f . . 3 fi "" W7 W! W MUMPERY'S SANDWICH From SHOP 135 St. Charles Mom and Dad Ma. 8400 Ca. 6077 ....,.....f....,...... . .........n...umm...-u.uu.m1wuuuunwmunmuwuunmuumnuamuunuuwmmuinznmuuumzz: To ATTENTION! Trade at W GLAsER's FOOD Compliments of STORE A FRIEND 2616 Good Luck N. Miro St. Fr, 9459 WWMWWZQ The Quality Music Store Established 1852 325 Baronne St. New Crleans 12, La, Best Wishes and Love 5521222 fan Kang? From Grandmother, Peggy, Mother and Dad y C ompliments of My ffv C LATQE N C E gfgf 119 Decatur st, l-El: TY MR. J, P. CUSUWANO, Prop. 5A L.'5 SERVICE STATIONS 1705 St. Claude St. 2629 Felicity St. 7001 Magazine St. mt 790224 Best Wishes and Good Luck Congratulations and to Best Wishes Fm pm f f From Jesse Mother, Father, and Warren Let Us Finance the Purchase of Your Home. Invest Your Savings and . Earn a Good Dividend SECURITY em , BUILDING LOAN ASSN. 344 Baronne St. New Orleans 12, La. "A Savings Institution Since 1893. " JAS, J, MIRANNE, ADAM JUNKER Pres., Mgr, Vice Pres BROADMOOR KIDDIE 82 , AUTO ELECTRIC JUNIOR SHOP ,fx A at 031 BRAKE SERVICE ' ZZ XJ!! 4 INC. N 1200 N. Rampart AND 2634 South 1' SAVE Broad Ma. 7146 i Street Q 7147 'Pm' 4' 'K' 3628 Airline Hwy New Orleans 15, Louisiana Te. 8132 f SOHOTT at INSTITUTIONAL S COMPANY SUPPLY I 'S 1 co. ,fr JE S FOP-l Wholesale f ye-5: io ' I Fresh Meats f Q " ,f Julia 1435, ,K 1703 Poydras St. Street r 1 K New Orleans, La. Ra, 2387 - 2388 - 2389 New Orleans, La. ...muulfuuu umqwmn. Best of Luck and Success all to the Student Body From U 'U MONSIGNOR H. J. IACOBI, Pastor REVEREND BLAISE H, R, VOSBEIN - M in REVEREND BURKLEY t i 3' x r Assistants of -V V t xg, 63 I 1 Q' f f 1 W CI-IUQCI-I W 1221 Mandeville Street N S New Orleans, Louisiana N 0 W I j' ii xi i

Suggestions in the Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 20

1956, pg 20

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 101

1956, pg 101

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 52

1956, pg 52

Annunciation High School - Annunciette Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 28

1956, pg 28

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