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.f 4 -1' f .- lg i Q K r -55. if is s, 41 M, ' T k gg. ', ' ng-I , 1 iz. ' S' r lil' . hy Q D Y f " 1 3112, J 'lslq 7 37651 :' g':f.1..f,1 -11: ,.. . L if nga. E .. gif? ' L'- jighiib . Q 'ZW-. 'L 935- f-- - -i - l'i'C': -. '. 3 si 1-gg, - V 21 : f..1,5.:1.,-is I1 lr,- n, 2. lx oo" If QQvf.r, ,pu X. 35153 ri-- Mf ff?-g,:fi'u,. 1,51-z, ,A 1' ,- I , f'-ii?f?if4?a51i',g'Ez- 1 ci' 1 .' , R-1fk'f':Ei'? : ' ' A 1 'ffLUv?9,3gJ15f:A'f Mika-2,55 , - - w- if 1. .' , K ..-A.. . wfl .N -:Q- 'S -L-f9svv fl- f 'L J ::",f5g,5.,fr-.--,. .,, . , ,, , . , , . , 1, , Q. if???5f5Ei5i1"- V --...-. F-yr.,-Q :1W5ffig'P:E?'f'- 3 Mi-,T 1-f::f'--'F-if ,,. 'iz' I ' I I I I I I ,I i I I I 4 1 ' F I I I" ll L I " w I I : I I I I I . . - ' 1 ,L ' - Q' I I a ggi- I- ' II I I N V ..:2""fT ' I LW f -f- A L W . 5 I , I -, . , , 4 . V II, I I , I I W' f I. I - I. f . ,4-- -..if:.,1...1:4-,.-.-..-J -- --..-,--i L, , I ' 1 I II I -' I I I - . , -V QL I I . 'HQ'-'-fri"gg1iLiiijf:i'f-4?f' I II I I I" 'I 'fr-' ' ' 'f5T.1Ti2'it'iL1I:"'f1" LI' L I I ' I "" ""'11-i4!?-545531152--IM I I I. mf! 'Quai I ' - I II I I I1 I II i I I I I I I I I 5 I' I I l I Z I I I r'L - I I ' I I '1 I 1' . I I , s I I If I I , ' I ' ' ., V I I . - I FI II Q , I V I. T t 'N 1 I If I I I iw I I I Ig I I ' ' I I 5 p x ' KI I 2 g I I . I I I I 5 , I f ' ,II I I TI I ll111'k.' 191151 1111111 !11'111' lflr' Stllllllf Qf' l11'll.s' IJIIXSIIHIIKQ 1.11 flu' 111.172 Iyv, fix SfJt'l'l'l1 ic'11k1'11g -flu' Illlff 111'11r, falls Yxflz' ruff fm' f?l'll'Vl'l'.H ESC Lakai THE HHGELUS l "Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, He was all in all to Thee In Bethlehem's cave In Nazareth's home I ll the hamlets of Galilee. Oh, Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, This do I ask of Thee When He lifts His face To Th y sweet embrace Oh speak to Him, Mother, of me." Published by the Students of mzcuzciafion agchooffoz gills North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. F ORE WORD As students of a high school that bears the title of Our Lady's Feast, the Annunciation, we thought it fitting to change the name of our annual to "THE ANGELUSH-A prayer that relates the events of the ANNUNCIATION. Since the "Ave Maria" is always blended with the "Angelus" we have expressed in verse the thoughts contained in these two beautiful prayers in honor of God's Sweet Virgin-Mother. DEDICA TION To our Beloved Mothers through Mary, the QUEEN OF MOTHERS, this the Tenth Volume of our High School Annual is affectionately dedicated. May our Heavenly Queen obtain from her Divine Child the choicest blessings for our own dear mothers whose love and sacrihce have enabled us to receive our education within the portals of Annunciation under Our Lady's care. 'ww viii S ANNUNCIATION H1014 SCHOOL, N. S., Piwsauuuu, PA. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY "The parochial high school stands as the champion of faith and justiceg stands monu- mentally as an undying witness to the love of Mother Church for the souls of her children. The perfection of the Catholic high school is the advance of all those truths which are the saving salt of intellectuality, of all those doctrines which purify and strengthen a people. The best high school is that wherein physical, intellectual, and moral soundness are procurableg wherein nothing detrimental to body and mind and soul-growth be found." .Mm ,... N :fy '1Q: 'v, f , egg uf , ,lg xi ml . ...' AIS. EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR ANNA MAE HERLIENROEDER ASSISTANT EDITOR JANE KRAM ASSOCIATES SPORTS EDITOR MARGARET FRAZIER MAUREEN FERGUSON MARY' LOUISE OMLOR EXCHANGE EDITOR ISABELLE ARCH DOROTHY BRIGGS BUSINESS MANAGER JEAN GORDON ADVERTISING MANAGER BERNICE SHANAHAN TYPISTS PATRICIA MCCULLOUGH VICTORIA NEISZER OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY PRESIDENT SECRETARY RITA HAJDUK RACHEL WILLIAMS VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER ANNA MAE HERGENROEDER JANE KRAM .l-.011-. CLASS MOTTO: A11 for Jesus through Mary. CLASS COLORS: Crimson and Gold. CLASS FLOWERS: The Crimson Rose. 411-f.BAI"V" V l CCQQL Faculty and Graduates Classes Activities Memories Benefactors JL, - 7.Qi!.Q!?f.l'd :JtefI.1F'5!Z1lE3bWkZF?i-Aiwkigvts -13? Contents Faculty and Graduates The Faculfy THE REV. L. A. O'CONNELL . . Religion SISTER FLORENCE . . . . . Principal SISTER MARY PIUS . . Mutlieniatics and History SISTER BRENDAN , .... Latin SISTER BERNADINE. . Latin and English SISTER GERALDINE . . Coniniercizil Subjects SISTER VINCENT MARY . . Religion and English SISTER FLORENCE . Science and French EXTRA-CURRICULAR TEACHERS MR. E. MACK . Dramatics MR. F. DILDINE . Voice Culture PROF. V. DeSARRO ..... . Orchestra MESSRS. STOTZ, JOHNSTON 8. STALDER . . Athletics Angelus Tlzirfeeu - THE REV. LAWRENCE A. O'CONNELL, A B To the Class of '40: The long awaited day about which you have so often dreamed is soon to dawn! Your individual names as well as the record of the class will soon be transcribed on the graduate register. As you leave the stage of Norwood Hall on the evening of your formal graduation, the heaviness of heart you will then experience at the thought of severing the class ties that bind you to your classmates will be made somewhat lighter if you reflect that you will all meet again at Holy Mass on Sunday, June sixteenth. Your sorrow will be turned into joy at the Sacred Banquet Table where you and Christ will be One. This Joy no one can take from you. Let Joy then be the keynote of your graduation! As defined in the New Century Dic- tionary, Joy is an emotion arising from present or expected good. Your "present good" and the cause for joy is that you are equipped with a thorough Christian education as a result of the sacrifices of your good parents and teachers. Your "expected good" is, because of your Catholic training, you will be able to take your place in life in a manner pleasing to God and man. l am certain that you who were favored to live each day of your school life under the prudent guidance of the Immaculate Nlother of God will be true to her. Herein lies your hope of continued joy. ln your journey through life, rejoice in the fact that you are a graduate of Annunciation High School. Let the soul-stirring scene of the Annunciation be engraved deeply in your heart, so that in imitation of your Heavenly Queen you will be ever ready to unite your will in humble submission to the Holy Will of God. May your life be a joyous journey with Mary and may the joyful strains of her Magnificat fill your soul with unending joy and may you, when the course of life is run, know the thrill of the Eternal Joys of Heaven! Faithfully yours, L. A. O'CON NELL. Im. REV C. M. F1NK, A. B. It has been said and rightly so that "a good heart makes a good face" perhaps not a pretty face but a refined and a noble one. And just as "the stars are the windows of Heaven where Angels peep through" so are the eyes the windows of the soul in which all that is good and noble and true is spontaneously reflected. We all are irresistibly drawn to the beautiful .We love the beautiful whether we see that beauty in a face, in a painting, in nature or in the stars of the heavens or in the beauties of our religion. The thing we love, that we are attracted by and drawn towards. Since God is Beauty Itself, there should our love lie. Beauty begets beauty. Thus it is that one noble soul is attracted by another beautiful soul. Keep your souls beautiful and your lives will be beautiful. Your inner spiritual qualities are the ones that give you true charm and these you should strive to develop. The seeds of character have been planted here at A. H. S. The success of your lives depends upon how these seeds are nurtured and cultivated. lt is your duty to see that they are watered with the graces of God, sprinkled with your own good deeds and warmed by the sun- shine of a life constant and steadfast to God and neighbor. And now that you are graduating you are leaving the days of your childhood behind and a new, more mature life opens before you. Remain ever close to the principles taught you here and whenever in life you weary of the struggle turn to the Fountain of all Graces and He will refresh you. Nlay the star of your life he ever bright and always in the ascendancy. Nlay your love of purity illuminate the star of you life and be as resplendent and enduring as the sun in the heavens. God bless You. CHAS. M. FINK. Angelus Fzfleen i T i THE Rav. HOWARD J. Fokn, A. B For the Graduates of 1940: Oh Nlary, from thy garden choose And gather to thy heart This new bouquet of fair young lives. Protect them as they chart Their journey by the morning star Of thy sweet purity That they may find the peaceful way Unto their Mother's knee. HOWARD J. FORD. ,.,..- xx NIM, Il11111.11w11111-111111 Nlxlu I,1111N1 l1x11,111 " . '1 3 aff " . -fi , ' El nf 1, V X nl SENIOR CLASS -I.xx11. K11.xx1 .I1-Q,xNll1n11111x Iryxnl-,1,1.11, 1X11c'11 M,x111..x1u11'l' I'l1.xz11c11 The ?411iLgQ1 ofthe Lord Dec1aL'Qd unfo 1311111111 Illl .l11g1'1 1111111' 11111' 1111,v, .lx ,11111'-v A'llf'11 1.11 x1111'11111 p1'11,v1'1' -l1111 1I'l'11I1I1I.1IQ 11f'lI1'II' 111.111 111 1111 .s'11'1' 111111 .s'1111, 1111' l"1I1I'I'S1 111' 1111' l'wfI1'1,, 111211111 .v111111 1'11111'111'2'1' 111111 1Il'r11' II S1111, 1111' f1r111111'.s'1'11 111111 l'1L'1'11ll1 11110, 5111111111 Cl1111'.s' 1111111 1111131 10111 111' 11111112 - Nixon' I,o1'1s1c Hx11.1n1, '40, QF 1, 71161 Ify 1 'X 65 1' 1 1ff.ff'1l11l1l 'X QKNWVM 1 , 1 W, ff, 1 if 1 1Q1 Ji 1 '7 Nusa. A ngehl-S if AMR fy T " ' we-'f V K . . 9 ,EKU I , a R1T.x H.xjm'K P,x'rR1C1A 1N1CCL7LLOL'liH And She Conceived of the The Holy Ghost e.s'fJ01zsc1l lhfs SENIOR CLASS QELORIA ANN Ermllzu.-xx BIZRNICIQ SHANAHAN Ho ly ghost nm id In 'whom lhc Father placed Uris low. She was 0'crshad0wed as She prayed By sf9f1'rz'! brc'1zrflzr1'11g from allow. That wry momeuz' She C0lll7f'l.'i'C'li A clzilzl, wha for us Ifmzhz rcflriewcd Ami wc, tlzrouglzr Her, our God received. 'fANNA llmualaxkoralzlck, '40. e,:N+Q,-1: W 1- V ,4 ff fp EI: if x 1 ,-- ' f J, A r 1 rr lr - f ' v L Q ' . Q , ff QW, Auzwzs Snuvux VICTORIA Nmszmc , ,L l , l ,E I JY V VY 'xy W' . W H' J? Ax?-afa r xx! , ia, ar W wx vim , ..,. ij V M, ...... Q- rg E3 .fzlgx - ML? E v6 fu ' .94 A24 ,M ,. -er I ,-xi IM E 2 lu.xlu4,l I,IIII.I,II'N lIIZ.XliI' III IWDRRI' I A K . ' 'W ' T 51:9 ' . ' 1-.11 , frxfx i M f 3 .. , .fi S? ,- , A .1 J E ' I . , Av eg , 'xx,H,L 1, g . z f - 'V , 1 - . ,- SENIOR CLASS IXll',l,Il,X Ml R'lIl.X lJmw'l'llx HlA.XlII'.Ii Axxx l'uI1,l'l'l1.k'l K'I1l4ls'1'1N.x IXl.xR'l'1N i3efz,Ofd the Handmaid of the II'l1v11 f'fll'I..S'f in .1flll'VV iunnlf! fzlzfrlc' Sin' fIl'I1f llw' will in .s'wf'z'f fmvrzf .lml -zuftfz fllII111'f1'f'V l'l'fJf1'l'If, Ulifllllflf Hn' llfzllffllzrzfrf iffy lllz' l,m'1l." .1 lll'l1T"l1f-V lfglzl Xllfllll' on llvr frm' Lo rd II flt'll C,f1lu'11'l xfml, " lluzf Blu!! iff IQ'1'lIl'f'U To .1lIll"V, .llnfllvr Qf' our mmf. flJmw'l'llx Hluxzlltle, '-Ill. Yi! X A nymrwwxl ,x x , ,pm 5 fx W' , 1 3 I xxx . fx xx N: X -N 'Ay -XV? , uf. f, ' V E N f Y '4 ' ' If X V ,N X f , . , , , fju ' 1 . N 1 X Angelus Nineleen SENIOR CLASS PRAXEDES HART DoRoTHv BRIGGS Donomv Scmrscs ELIZABETH Roomzv GRACE MESSMER DoRoTHv VULETICH 'Y I 'Be It Done unto Afe According to Thy Word O God, "according to Thy word"- Spolee Mary, fl0w'r of rnaldenhood, When low but clearly Mfzry heard l The Angel's message that She would Concewe and bear a son. Indeed, A son who would on Calvary bleed Thai man from bonds of sin be freed. A -JANE KRAM, '40, ' F ,J , A 01 1 Trp. 5 A A la A L-Lshl l X A i 'l l Ei ' QAAE 2 5 A d rg ' -- N? foo00C 'CGCSS Www, -., l'1x'11l1',1uN11. IXl11511N 1Xl.x'1'11,11.x IJ14.x1.11x1'. 2111? SENIOR CLASS Nl1xl'141c1':N If1131z1a1's11N IXI.x1u Q'.x1u'xl:,x f'I..XRI-L R1c1.111,xN NI,x1':l'11X And the Word Was Made Ffesfz Tfll' .Still 111-6011, I111' II'11r11' 1J1.i'1.1ll', yxflllk 11111111111 f111f111 111 1111111' 1111 t'1l1'11l. .1 1'I'I'K.QI'11'.Y 1111111111 11111 111011 1'1111l1111' 111.111 1111 llix f111111f 111111, 111111151 111'1'l11. ,111-v 1'f'I'Q1ll'If 1.11 1l1'1111'11 w111'11 11l11r,v 1114181 H1f11114g11t f11r111 ll1'1' 1111111 Ilf G1111"x 1'1'11111's1 .l1111 111111111 Il!-III 1'111.x'1' 111 lll'1' 111'l'1ISf. f'l1l1.kINll'I'. Sll.XN.XII.XN. 7411. T1 ,l. 1 X . 1 X 1 U 1 X, f 1 , 1 Y 1 1 N 1 1 1 111. 1 W N - , 1 it X 1 ,ill , . xxx Af ,x., , ,V 'QV Q1-X1.ff'lf 1111 VQ I1 1 1,1 A n gelus Twenty-one E A , 'f 'i if! . Q A , -L. ,, Z 5. ' SENIOR CLASS Emu-:L HliRtilENROElJliR RACHEL WILLIAMS KA'l'Hl.liI'2N DliVliRl'1Al"i JEAN VULETICH PALrL1N1c MICKLDS IWATHILDA Wlculcu Emm Czuuoro And Dweft Amongst Us Unstained, thou didst conceive a son Who dwelt amongst as here on earth,' A Son who for ns IIeav'n has wong A Son brought forth by Virgin birth. O Mrzry dear, to you we pray For love and guidance day by day That God with us shall ever stay. ' +JEAN GORDON, '40. 54 6 XX L 23 :E y QL an L We 1 m t gy Q Q tw!! E A, ..L..,. L. ,Q A xg '- , 2 -Q 5 -000001 4 'GCCSC 'll Tw 1 s 15-giixlv .1 V .'.iL6"Mii.,-3-'z-' ' ' A n ge lus I 'manly-llzrcc Classes JIUNJIORS hr X f"ZL'!'IlfYVj Q Qu JUNIOR CLASS -um Klxf. NLXRGARIET BVERKLIC MA-xlu'lNl1lAl, xllIzl.I'. KI'NKr,l, M.-un l,Ul'ISI'. Xlc'C'l'1,1.m'm.l1 NI.uuA S.XlKlil,l, Hai! Mag 111 1110 fifllf-VC7ifIlf hush Qf Nm I"7I.l'tQ'7'7I'.Y lmmw "fluff jllfzryn jifls H10 air As Ull1Il'I'l'l grcvts the l17ZllIlllTIll1lft' 111f11'r1" CIUIKS chosen 0110 so fair. --MARY lil-:ukxg '41, -75' iifz' ' ' , , E-if-'.'fr'rt'r,1. Q4-vin.. 1::24L.'-L:-,'1:,.',, 1 1.21 w N 4 , l N N' 1 W N ,xx .M Mivxjf X ' f MTL Rx! 1 ' w W fg , X. W N, N 'ff 1 1 ' A A ' Vu XX 74 1 L1'JrfX,' K 'Y Q V C' Angelus Y 'iw HI-v-f. ive iE"",..'5fItQit1'L.2f-'.4n 1 fu Lwiii.-g 3 ,.Al, N f I'k ' I .X X. If . I Q XXQN Nw ' ' f,,.1, Wg.l m- W' x, - V ,xxt 'X ,X L X , 1 I I L ' 1 Xu I x mai x N 'X W fm 37 LV L Xllxl uf! 'X ,Q X xx W, ' If x Q ws LLM p P9 JUNIOR CLASS VVINIVRICIB BICCORMICK INIERCIEDICS HIQCKSHIQR OLIVE BLAZIIER Riu XVIICNLXNN Ixusxu GRANT ESTIQLLH PORTER FII!! OIF Grace Saw! Virtgfilz A!0ffICl' 1Ll'IIl'Qfifl'lf, Urrzccjillzfzi your sou! iozfth fJvzzz7c,' 4111117 as you grew in lz0l1'11 a',s',s' .ill UI.?'lllf'S dir! 1'1n'1ff'f1sf'. sl 1 swlw Q ,1 w 'y:1'1: ,,L,, ,QW Wi tooobt --IRENL5 CvRANT, '41. If 'LE ,MQXKWF 11'?-HUA1',:-Bi fff X I ,H I +4 N L H iw , ' ffxx' ff fXngeh1S 7 . ,.- , iuwll v WWII .. .-. ., , .,. .L-1-. hr. -,vm .V If QQ JUNIOR CLASS Nl.xlua.x1cl-yr llxvls NI.xluncRx' Iil'NKl4.1, .Xxxx lil-,ful I xx Ill -li-:xx lizzmvx Ilulzmwlx' C3Iilill.XRl7'l' R1'11x Wu Bfessed Art Thou amontg cwjonzen By lffzfffwf, 5011, frm! Holy Clfmsi Tlmzr ur! .YIlfJl't'llIl'fVV l1lf'ss1'11',' U fll'Z'Ul'I'Kf, ffmxwz llIllI.Ifl'II who C'0111f9!1'z'zl 101711 ff0lf'S r4'q11f'.s'f. f--Ruxx XY,X'l'KINS. '41, SW- N1 I x Yr ,I ff X T vm., R + , AE,-L1 Nagy? 1 1T M mm 1.. ' nf w 1 1- ' .LWY , f X.l1I..4. X W up ff x HKU' W! xx' -xg' J,.,x,,,m.4A MN 1 fl l 'glkfpjh 4 , X 1:5 i 34: ll' V4 S I H! 4 3 :.' w NHM 1' I X- JUNIOR CLASS In xx I XIIUN Ru:,14,M.xR1r1 Sl'llI,,KNhIik IXl.uu lilclmx Nl H num .xjm K .XI,ll'lu S.xnl4,l,l, And 'Bfessed fs the Fruit of Thy Lffonzb, Jesus lflll'fUSl'lf 7Ul'flIl.lI lily !1l1'xsf'1l wonlfz H115 .,l'.S'1l.X', Fllllllf Qf Low Tha' Efvrmzl King, lin' . 1l111fgl1ly Gm! H710 mnzv from 11l'llZ'l'lI ulmw. fzxlklll-Akli'l' BVI-lRKlAli, '41, ,diff-'5R"N1?.f.-.i, , 1. 'i1'Ls- ' X Tl 1 :urnl-v-c f E V 1 V I 5 X 1 If , xg ' ff .L v f , . gm KX N1 , I 12 . -W 3, Lx A K . L, ,df x 1 le,-A few ' 5 1 W 1 Lf Q ' x l W , , X, V, , ,fl A ngelus Ticvrzly-fzirlv SOIPHOMORIES AND JFRIESHMIEN 1 1,J 1 X R I Ly L I U ' 1 LJ A , g ,f H N 1 , W JA W we QV X, + Y ,w lj 59 . g.,1 X l Weis fi ,-,--1 jx xx . .,..... ., ltfw we f -4 100601 :Q ..... - 40 ,- , V ,R . I w . .V V l a Q L4 ' K . 1 Q 6 5 Q! Ska, . , f . q., K .5 1 Nr' ' -f ---' f:.fu'f f fxwfesgq 'L Q ' i ' j . I . . f lffiiwcfsi, ' " . .-Q w-,sg M . w..,.V.E, 5 LA 8 E I A , .V 4 ,fall -.fn - '-9 . .Q-a . if ? 'PT if 22, 1 .... Q ,- f .,N '-Y Aft. ' A 1 Klmwui M. Frmwz M. Vmrsx-:CK ll. TlumM.xs l!l'YN.,x C. QQRII-gI'l'I'll M, DUI.N10VICll A. M. BRI-:muck DAWN A, .IAl'.CKl,l'.lN N. S'rolccKl,lc IJ. fX1I'I.I,I'IN -1-sg Q- + A :. 41 - - M. junxsox A. Kmxlax' R. XNYALLIER M. R. Kx':l.l,x' SOPHOIVIORE CLASS Hog Mag Holy fIl'ft1IISl' I0 Glllf S0 l1l'll1' .Irv yon, rfmr V1'rg1'11 Qm'a'11,' lloly in ffI01lKQfIf.Y, fu iw11'rl.w, fn flu C'l11'1'.s'f'.v Mollzwf 011 iulmnz wc fl'lIH. -I.muc'l"11x 1XIc'Ii1u1nc, '42, Tl N4,Yll 5 1 l i 1 X - ! 6 A X A WR W I xx N' -. V .wx H. M, x y ,-yf x ,xv N X I A W X x . f ' Af 4' X f4 fx l , ' Lf' '-w X 1 Wk Z. - 4' 1' 1 if ,y, ' ngelus hirty-one 15. A6.'65I" T. 6IzEi1GLESE" T. Rocx-IE C. HARTER M. MACK D. KLEHM W M. FORREST SOPHONIORE CLASS Mother of God Sweet Motlter of Him who created tlzeeg O Motlzer of God made man, What dignity could equal yours Ne'er matched since time began! -DOROTHY KEENAN, '42, Mx! it . ...... Xlfklxsgx ,,., f lj , J X , ' z ' t -e-e M , ae e b ooo fm ,, , 1 -N ' , Y., B Q 4- ? -'N 'Q fm " s 'I 6 X B ' X 7 - . .i lv . A Q -K' " , li A kr X. X . A IQ 1. 1 1 55 ,N . - . 'fr ' 5 is Q Q 1 L, Q TN- - L A L S 4,1 an J 4 A 8 ran: A, Ill'.NNn..xN nf? A A R.K.x1'K1c'u R. Cnoss ms Rl'I'.'X lNl.u'K " m 1 C. Hl'1RRl,Ii NI. 'l'uc'Kr:k lI,l.Y lhe,u'lf: KIN1. , ' L. Kl,lcx1M l. Mum , E. A k ! 11' l,. N llXXIaI1.laR Mxlzx' Nl-ill. A. Annu G. Sc4l1m'l'lA.k SOPHOIVIORE CLASS Lpvuy fd' Us Sinners N010 U ,'1lIII"V, l'lIfl'l'l'l'Iil' for 115 .ind 'ZUI.HI UIYV Jzzvlzs pfzffzzl, 11710 zzfwr will rfjfzm' thy prrzyw' For s1'1111z'1'.s' in tlzvfr Ill'l'lf. -Mun Nm-,, '-12. Tllfrlj ff' Ylyuill ff ' W, 'fl' A . -, 'lx X, 'x ' ngelus Y hlrly-three J. FQRDENBACIIER JEAN COLL DELL.-X DAVIS L. SBRACCI E. STILBELSKI' V. GARVEY D. HOFER L. GRIQILNLEAF E. MITCHELL IRENL KELLY L. GALLAGHIQR A. NARRISIDN M. CULLIQN MARIE BUYNA C. MURPHY FRESH M EN CLASS And at the Hour of Our' Ypeafh, Amen. Kind Jllozflzer, pray when death clmws nigh T hal your dear Son Divine PVz'll let us share eternally The joys which now are thine. "', XX , A 1 , H55 ' 5 4 7 f Q I J .P f X R v - , tb ...LXX " Q 1- Y, ,QC L , 09 22-00 -'PHERIQSA ROCIIE, '42, A. AN 1 b4x4 -1 'gffvf ' , f' A " , , ff yfggg L ' ai , X., Q- :YM . A " ,M A N? N ,, . ' 4 ' L L 4- A ' :j " sv ,. ny 1- 14. ' Q4 ' , ,A ' f. 5 L 4,5 - g, . ' , A 5 fs sr ' - 4.9, 4 5 A Q .. , ., Q, Q, Q. . I -'. ., K 4 - S. :Y , - 4, ig, f Ax ' mf., , E34 --ww. - W. .' gr, x 'g K ,H . ,, f 23, g 15 Ez: V Q 1, .3 if M , ' - H ' K I I'. lJl Nmm I - G.lll1.Nm' R.IEluu1.xmm'1' ,K nssrr 6 M. Gmumw ID.IIICR1il'INRUIiIbl'fR '. ' ,.xxu..xx 1 IE. MAVK G. liuwonu S K-I IJ. II.KS'lgINlL5 A. C'l'l,1,l4.x NI. A. Mm'l'.xxx Nl. Sl-,xlux FRESHIVIEN CLASS '41"z'z1r uni, l1Ifl7'VV,.flIl' than lmst fonml gran' wfflz Ihr' Lam' ln'- lmlzl 111011 slzulf l7UlIl'l,I"Z'l' lllllf bfllllg forth ll Sou." Th irlyi 7 I I f 1 1j- l, l l XXL R X3 , IIT ff ,gif ffm Mbfsg f 1 A n g e Z 1,4 S I l11'rty-fm: M. SMOLINSKI B. MICKLO5 M. CONNOLLY B. ANDERSON D. FITZGERALD D. FUNK H. FALLON R. LALONDE M. FUNK C. LEGROS M. CLMM1Nc.b M. KING H. SCHOLLARD A. KAINE L EYERMAN A. UHLER FFIESHMEN CLASS "The Iloty Ghost shut! come down ltfJ0'l'Z thee, Mrtry and the power of the Highest shall oifershctdow thee." I 9110 lirifre 11 .1 J , ' l i Mkt q E J XX I 5 .... . .... ,J X . .,.,.. 1. pg 225 4 'Q vt .0 - ?4 4 4993 - l 40000 nn... EVERY NOBLE ACTIVITY MAKES ROOM FOR ITSELFI' Activities Emerson CHAMPION TEAM SECTION ONE GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE Mr. Ralph Stetz, Coach IVIr. Geralrl Slal1ler,AsslslantCoach Mr. Reherl Johnston, ASS1SIanI Cnaulm VARSITY SQUAD Eslelle Purley. Jane Krarn Mary L. Olnlnr, Belly Raslollev Ohve Blazuer, Jean Gurdon Jean Herrle, Margaret Buerkle Dorothy Keenan, Parxefles Hart Rosemarie Schlanger, Mae Cox Anna Marne Breger, Marcella Kranee Eileen Davis, Dolores C. Cox CHEER LEADERS Maureen Ferguson Mary Careara Clare Relihan Catherine Mesonka Clare Bates, Our Maseol. SECTION ONE LEAGUE GAMES GIRLS' CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Annnnfzraluun 99 Sl. Marv 24 Annunelallnn 28 Sl. ThnvnaS Annunuulhrul 46 SI. Lawrence 9 Ar1nLlr1c:ial1nn 17 Sl,Then1aS Annnnc'uahon 131 Sl. Augustine 6 Annunelalion 11 Sl. Lawrence AIIIIIIIICIZIIIUII 41 Sl. John 6 Annuneuation 34 St. John Annnnmalunm I1 Sl. Lawrence 10 Annunelalien 15 Sl. Thomas Annunczuznumw P6 Sl, Marv 21 Annunelatmn 29 St. John Annnnmatnmm 40 SL John 13 Annuneiation 39 Sl. Lawrence Annnnczlalurmn 21 Sl. Anguslune 3 Annunclalion 36 SI. Mary IU 13 9 8 12 13 15 33 A n g e lu S Forty-mic Mr. Ralph Stotz, Coach Mr. Gerald Stalder, Assistant Coach Mr. Robert Johnston, Assistant Coach SQPHOMQRE SQUAD Mary Nee, M. Johnson, L. McBride D. Davin, G. Schopper, N. Johnston Agatha Jaecklein, Thelma Crowley Catherine Gallagher, Dolores Klehnt FRESH MEN SQUAD Rita Jessup, Edith Mack Rita Ehrhardt, Helen Schollard D. Hergenroeder, Grace Bonomo A. Andreoletti, Martha Gordon Patricia Flanagan. Martha Sexton J. Fordenbacher, T. O'DonneIl Mary A. McCann, Mary A. Cumings Lorraine Hajduk, C. LeGros VARSITY SQUAD QF 1950 TROPHY PRESENTED TQ ANNUNCIATION HlGH In the name of the undefeated team of Section One Praxedes Hart, Mae Cox, Jean Gordon and Jane Kram accepted the trophy awarded by Mr. W. A. Flaherty, director of the Catholic Recreation Bureau. OUR GLEE CLUB 'lllp linw: Wixn-:urn YNl4'4'nimic'K, RUNl',N1.XIilIz Scill..xNa.lcie, lXl.xRx' SKlll'l.l,, EXl.XRl..Klll'.l Ili I-,kKl.i'., Anim.:-, lirwxlil., Nlxiu Ahxi-.s Si-.x'i'oN, lilwlll Sl'lIIiRRllAl 51, lXl.xlex lluimx, Klum XIILI.. 'l'niim Rim: liwll-.l,i.i4, l'aiii'ii.ic, Ri iii li.x'lkic'il, -llc.xN Hl'.RRI.lz, 'l'l'.izlas.x Roriiii., lfl,lZXllla'lill R X'Qll',I"lIaR, -Il-,xx l'.xl,1,iix,Ai,1c'l-,Sun-.l.l,, ANNIi'l"l'lzALBA, RI'l'.X VVll'QNl.XNN. St-1-uiiil Row: Hlivi- l3i..xzll'.i:, fXl.xkx I,lll'IINlf lXlt'L'l'l,l.ol'tail, Numu lltxjlilk, ANNA RUXIANH. Fil-,i Rim-1 lhvis, t'i..xie.x Kimi. liucxlc Gk.xN'r, Rrrx W,x'l'K1Ns, lJoku'l'nx c3i1.ini.xiurr, Nlxiqoiuic K1 NKl'.l.. Dlllill'l'llX' Kiqxkxs. This choral group warhled their way into favor at the farewell program in honor of the Rev. J, J. Greaney. Again at the Christmas entertainment they vied with our orchestra in meriting a hig applause. The opening night of the Allegheny Centennial Celebration found these oarolers at Carnegie Hall representing Annunciation Linder the direction of the well-known and highly esteemed director, Mr. F. Dildine, B. S. Their next presentation will be the operetta "Cinderella" also under the leadership of Mr. Dildine. Furl Angelus 1 f'f1 rly-lliriw' OUR ORCHESTRA Trip Row-P,x'rR1C1A DVNIJON, ANNA Al.-XRIIL BRIEGIZR, DoRoTHx' KlZIiNfXN, RVTH SIIIZRIZ.-XVM, RITA XV.x1.1.iiR. Sei-owl Row f-Riu EHiui.xRimT, lXlAR'I'H.X Siaxrox, Ilonouilzs llxvix, llokoiiix' H.xsT1Niis, Wimifkicii McCoRA11c'K, RVTH Cicoss, MR. V. IJi2S.fxRRo Cllircvtorj. Fi-ont Row--jiH:.xN Foiziiiezxmciiiliu. HIQLIQN lXIickiuti1.xN, CATHICRINIC G.xL1..xui1icR, NANCY Dvxnox Olzisi-oth, Manx' Niels, P.x'rR1c1.,x FL.:xN,xi..xN, KIARCELLA KR.-xNcic, Norm.-x joi1Ns'roN, IJULURHS Kucmi. The repertoire of the A. H. S. Orchestra includes Medleys, Concerts, Waltzes, Marches, and a miscellaneous collection of song and dance forms. The orchestra is under the capable direction of Prof. V. DeSarro from Pittsburgh Music Studio. The orchestra made its first public appearance at the Christmas entertainment. Dressed in royal blue capes and Scottie caps, the young musicians played appropriate selections. At the presentation of the beautiful operetta "Cinderella" the high school orchestra added to the grandeur of the performance by playing the overture for both acts and the selections between the acts. Again they played the processional and the recessional for Commencement Exercises on June thirteenth. PERSONNEL Pianon Martha Sexton and Patricia Flanagan. Trombonef-Ruth Cross. Drums-Adele Kunkel and Anne Cullen. Cornet- Norma Johnston, Mascot- Patricia Dundon. Instructor-Mr. V. De Sarro. ClarinetfMary Nee and Marcella Krance ViolinsHJean Fordenbacher, Helen Merriman Catherine Gallagher, Dolores Davin, Dorothy Hastings, Patricia Dundon, Ruth Sherbaum, Rita Waller, Rita Erhardt and Winifred McCormick. Trumpets- Anna Marie Breger, Dorothy Keenan and Dolores Klehm. - A' simmmszecsm li OUR BANQUET ACLUB ROONI The above picture was taken at a Communion Breakfast served by the Class of 1940 lo a group of Alumnae. A. H. S. students are proud to hold their formal and informal banquets in this remodeled, attractive club room. A big affair was the banquet sponsored recently hy the Rev. L. A. O'Connell, pastor pro-tem, and served here by the caterers of Joyce lVlcClements to our famous VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD. The Rev. C. Nl. Fink was toastmasterg the Rev. H. J. Ford added to the celebration hy piano selections, Coach Stotz gave a talk. "Join Pleasure with Practice in Basketball", and every member of the squad added merriment to the occasion. l"or!-x ngelus 'nrly-five 1 l OUR CAFETERIA We, the departing seniors, thought that this annual would not be complete without a picture of the cafeteria with our pleasant hostess, Mrs. Schad and her aids. Anyone who wants a steaming hot meal in winter or an appetizing luncheon in summer, just visit our cafeteria between the hours of eleven and twog and be assured that you will be hospitably received and well served. A vote of thanks is hereby extended to our faithful, cheerful friend-M rs. Schad, and to her gracious helpers who have served us almost eight hundred delicious lunches during our four years at Annunciation. V Tl THE STUDENT BODY PRAYS THE MASS AND OFFERS IT WITH THE PRIEST. "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was instituted by Our Lord at the Last Supper, when Ho pronounced the words that caused bread to be changed into His Adorable Body, and wine to be changed into His Precious Blood. To the Catholic the MASS is a precious pearl of great price, which the Church has sought through the centuries to give a setting worthy of its Divine Donor. She enshrined the sacred words of consecration in a liturgy of overwhelming majesty, uniting the inspired utterance of psalmist and prophet with the fervent outpourings of her own saints and prophets." An appreciation of the Mass as the most sublime act of man's homage to God is expected of every Catholic student. n ge Zus Fllffj'-5L'1'l'II :mrs-L .. "l HAVE LOVED, O LORD, THE BEAUTY OF THY HOUSEg AND THE PLACE WHERE THY GLORY DWELLETH."HPsalm 25. In love and fervor we repeated these words as we left the church at the close of our annual retreat. This year we were fortunate in having as retreat master the Rev. Andrew J. Pauley, our bishop's secretary. During the three days of recollection, at the heart to heart conferences, Father impressed upon us the fact that all who are now in heaven arrived there through prayer, and that those who are lost are lost through lack of prayer. Father urged us to pray as we had never prayed before and especially for the intention of our Holy Father that peace might be restored among nations. The last exercise of retreat was a Holy Hour in which we participated actively hy singing and praying, and by promising to respond to the loving invitation of Christ: "Can you not watch one hour with me?" MAYTIIVIE PROIVIS Meet these charming couples at Our Lady's Prom. Under her protection one need not fear that aught hut innocent recreation will find place at such a happy gathering. LII-BGR! Before the lieautiful month of Nlay came to a close, the seniors held a May Pole Prom. They decorated Norwood Hall to represent a large Nlay pole whose colored streamers extending lo the corners of the room formed a picturesque false ceiling. Colored flood lights furnished the illumination. A profusion of flowers and palm increased the attractive appearance of the hall that holds so many happy memories for the students of Annunciation High. 1 ngelus 'Uffvl'-lllllll' THE MADONNA OF THE ROSE The sensors presented 1 beautiful two act play The Madonna of the Rose wnth Jane Kram IH the tntle role Imelda Murtha had the leadlng role of Francns the blind boy who the townsfolk believed was possessed by the devil The old crone Mrs Punchot was ably acted by Maureen Ferguson and the part of Mrs Chatel a worrned mother was played by Bermce bhanahan The playmates of Francns who presented a short dance were Dorothy Blazuer Mae Cox Ethel and Anna Mae Hergenroeder Betty Rooney and Patricia McCullough Jean Gordon was Babette In whom Francls confmded Isabelle Arch played the boastlng mayor and Mary Lounse Omlor hrs pnous wsfe The other seniors portrayed angels nuns and peasants nn the last scene when the mlracle took place ' ' If ll ' 1 - - l . , . , ' I ' 7 I 7 1 1 , - - r J .,:' ' '- ' ' f!QLgQi3 Wi'SEZfEL'1rJ 'JSE-J9..' 7-",f7: f 117. TT" , Q' 'V l TTTjil..s. QE.. a ,l.iE1LLgf3:L Operelta Presented under the direction of Mr. Fred Dildine, B. S. Music Cl NDERELLA An Operetta in Two Acts CAST OF CHARACTERS Yellow Witch .... Mary Louise Omlor Duchess rCinderella's Stepmother Winifred McCormick Belinda I Daughters of fAnna Beryl Lansell Malindal the Duchess lAnna Mae Hergenroeder Fairy Godmother Bernice Shanahan IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Little Girl with the Curl . Jack Frost . . Sally Waters . Goldilocks . . The Giant . . . Catherine Gallagher . Imelda Murtha . Catherine Mesonka . . Rita Mack . Thomas Fanning - ' , Jack-the-Giant-Killer . Arthur Springob Tom Thumb .... Mary Alice McCann Raggedy-Ann I l Marjorie Kunkel Cinderella . Mercedes Heckscher Louise Greenleaf The Prince . . . Edward Bryant Th Be S Grace Bonomo Bluebeard . Thomas Shanahan 'ee ar ' I M Jean Fordenbacher ary Carcara T. S M Ethel Helgellloedel Father :me . am ascara Bluebeard's Wives . Praxades Hart MUOUQIOW - Dorothy BU993 Clare Relihan The Queen . Theresa Roche Estelle Porter The King . . Edward Mentel OVERTURE Act I. Act ll. "O Come with Us to Fairy Land" . . Chorus "Round We Go in a Rosy Ring". . . Fairies I D0 Nm See what Quelfflglvmlal Belinda and Chorus "If You Would Visit FairyIand".Moonglow and Fairies "My Lords and Ladies, Look at Me" . The Duchess "Tell Me Truly, Lady Moon" . . The Prince Hggsailgfk flat l ' l ' l ' l ' ' --glgdfigag "Here's to the King" Duchess and daughters "Up and Down the Village Streets" . . Chorus "Just a Tiny Ray of Sunshine" . . .Cinderella "Good People Listen Carefully" . . Tom Thumb .. V li V ..lf l were a King in Sunny Spams. l -l-he prince l Am an Exceptional Monarch . . The King "Flirting ls a Naughty Habit" . . . "Though a Sovereign May Be Haughty" . The Queen Cinderella and the Prince ,, H Ulf Love some Day.. l l l l Cinderella When I was Young and You Were Young . N urse ry Rhyme Party Finale Act I .... J. Kram M. Berry M. Davis R. Weiman J. Gordon A. Sahel N. Hajduk A. Andreoletti A. Buyna C. Griffith R. Katkich O. Blazier R. Watkins B. Rastetter D. Kearns C. King R. Hajduk B. Forrest G. Messmer B. Rooney Principals and Chorus Finale Act ll. CHORUS: Servants D. Cox L. McBride E. Davis A. Keaney R. Meinhardt E. Lucas M. Mack M. Forrest Merry Venders D. Hofer D. Hergenroeder R. Ehrhardt R. M. King R. LaLonde A. Narrison A. Cullen M. Gordon Hours of the Clock M. Buyna A. Uhler M. Funk P. Flanagan D. Funk I. Kelly Hands of the Clock Maureen Ferguson Fairies l. Grant C. Harter M. Franz M. R. Kelly A. Alba L. Hajduk C. Murphy C. Le Gros F. Reilly Court Attendants A. Poeppert I. Arch A. Kunkel P. Hart A. Buyna' M. Mill P. McCullough H. Fallon The King and Queen Principals and Chorus G. Schoppei' M. Tucker D. Mullen A. Hennigan LaV. Eyerman G. Henry D. Fitzgerald M. Cox K. Devereaux P. Micklos M. Weber M. A. Cummings M. Smolinski T. O'D0nnell R. Jessup G. Bonoino H. Schollard M. Mill D. Hastings Angelus Fifty-one THE STORY OF THE OPERETTA GNMVD ACT I The Duchess is giving a garden fete in honor of the King and Queen and hopes that the Prince will fall in love with one of her daughters. However, the Yellow Witch and Fairy God- mother wish him to marry Cinderella, and determine to foil the plans of the Duchess. The Yellow Witch entices the Duchess and her daughters to the witch's cottage on the Moor, and leaves Cinderella with Tom Thumb alone in the Castle. Tom Thumb plans to give a party during the absence of the Duchess, and goes to invite the guests. While he is away the Prince, who has been wandering about the town, knocks at the kitchen door to ask for a drink of water. He sees Cinderella and falls in love with her. After his departure Tom Thumb returns and is followed by the guests to the party. ACT II This act opens with the Fairy Godmother and her band of fairies dancing on the lawn. They leave before the arrival of the Duchess and her daughters. The Duchess, transported with joy at the success of her plans, is sure one of her daughters will be the prince's bride. The Prince is melancholy for he cannot forget Cinderella. Disguised as a strange lady, Cinderella comes to the ball and again meets the Prince who becomes more and more enraptured with her beauty and charm. The clock strikes the hour of twelve, and Cinderella flees leaving one of her slippers behind her. When the King offers a reward for news of the beautiful girl, the Fairy Godmother enters and tells who Cinderella really is. When escorted by fairies Cinderella returns to the ball, the Prince tries on the slipper and finds it a perfect tit. He claims Cinderella as his bride. The curtain falls as the King calls for a toast "Long Live the Prince and his Bride, the lovely Cinderella." LITTLE WOMEN A DRAMA IN THREE ACTS Presented April 15th and 16th by the SENIOR CLASS Director-Mr. Edward Mack CAST OF CHARACTERS Jo ....... Mary L. Omlor, Jean Gordon Meg . . . Agnes Shaffer, Clare Relihan Amy . . Bernice Shanahan, Gloria A. Edleman Beth . . . . . Mae Cox, Dorothy Blazier Marmee . . Victoria Neiszer, Rachel Williams Laurie . . . . John L. Hergenroeder Brooke . .... James Gallagher Aunt March . . . Dorothy Schiegg, Maureen Ferguson Mr. March CFatherD . ..... J. Ferguson Professor Bhaer ............. Wm. Veith "Little Women" the world famous novel by Louise M. Alcott is a story of a mother's love for her children and their appreciation of it. The dramatization of this novel has proved popular this year with Pittsburgh's Catholic high schools, Eve of which have chosen it as their senior class play. Who among the audience at Annunciation could forget the wild romping tom-boy Jo, her teaching Amy to faint, her pranks with Laurie, her fight with Amy, her tenderness for her dying sister, Little Beth, her courtship with Professor Bhaer? Can't you still hear Aunt March croaking against the love of Meg and Brooks? Does not the bewilderment of Laurie over Amy's and Jo's love affairs provoke a smile? Marmee's good advice carries a lesson to all. Personality ISABELLE ARCH, "BUBBLES" Isabelle is carefree but not negligent in school work. She laughs and hugely enjoys everything. She handles Latin like a Cicero and Chemistry like a Pasteur. Her hobby is correspond- ing with pen friends in foreign countries DOROTHY BLAZIER, "DOT" Hiking and dancing interest Dot, an ambitious girl, who always has a good word for everyone. Her strong point is her desire to laugh in the face of tests, reports, discouragements, or any situation DOROTHY BRIGGS, "SCOTTY" Just a glance from Scotty will turn that frown into a smile. Dorothy is as pleasant to be with as she is to look at. She is especially interested in skating, basketball, and dancing. MAE COX, "COXIE" Mae is one of the best forwards that ever forwarded on A. H. S. Varsity. A valuable minature, describes Mae to a "T". MARY CARCARA, "MAR" A package of merriment enclosed in an A. H. S. uniform that's Mary Carcara. This dark-haired miss has done much to spread cheer through our class. Very fond of dancing and sports, Mary is one of our peppiest cheerleaders. EDITH CARIOTO, "EDlE" The seniors are grateful to Edith, the class question box, for the daily intermissions she made hy her in- cessant dubiousness of current prob- lems. GLORIA ANN EDLEMAN, "GANNY" Tall and cheerful describes "Our Ganny". She is one of our best typists. Her hobbies are dancing, skating, and movies. She believes in laughing away troubles. KATHLEEN DEVEREAUX, "KAY" Kathleen is one of those dignified girls, with an Irish temper, and a flashing smile. She is scholastically inclined, sports-minded, congenial, and a true friend. MAUREEN FERGUSON, "RENE" Rah! Rah! Rah! A salute to Rene. our ablest cheerleader. This brown- eyed Irish lass, while fond of sports. is very much interested in Chemistry. To her classmates Maureen is a witty. congenial chum, always gay and mis- chievous. In dramatics she leads the class. Sketches MARGARET FRAZIER, "MAGGIE" Margaret's tranquility and reserve- ness go hand in hand with her amiable disposition. She is an ardent, faithful student, who does not think noise is essential to success. Everything she does is done in a quiet, effective manner, JEAN GORDON, "GO-GO" Jean is a good student and a skillful athlete. Be it in the classroom or gym Jean gives the best that is in her. We'll remember her meandering to and fro collecting the Annunciator money. RITA HAJDUK, "RITA" Blessed with an engaging manner. Rita for two years, earned class presi- dency, as well as the warm regard of her classmates. For seven years her record has been perfect. PRAXEDES HART, "HOOTSlE" Hootsie is a forward unsurpassed in getting a response from a crowd of basketball fans. Personality plus, good sportsmanship and cheerfulness make Hootsie. ANNA MAE HERGENROEDER. 'MAE" As editor of "The Annunciatoru. Anna Mae quietly and efficiently did her best to produce a l00', paper. Although score keeper for our varsity, she still found time for every other activity which she tackled with so much zest that she inspired others to do likewise. ETHEL HERGENROEDER. "HERKY" A good pal, a good friend, a good sport, that's "Herky" all over. Sho loves to dance and sing. Under that smile of hers there is a world of mis- chief which now and then comes to the surface. JANE KRAM, "QUEEN" Jane, who reigns supreme in the hearts of her classmates has been aptly called "Queen" for such she is not only in the classroom but also on the basketball floor. Combined with her dependability and sincerity, Jane possesses a keen sense of humor. ANNE POEPPERT, "ANN" Ann belongs to the quiet thoughtful type. When she speaks it is worth hearing. Her earnest manner and willingness to work will prove valuable assets in life. Tl Fiifllx Angelus lfifty-tlzrei' Personality Sketches CLARE RELIHAN, "CLARE" Clare, one of our pretty cheer leaders, never misses a dance at Norwood Hall. She is a quiet, effi- cient worker. BETTY ROONEY, "BETTS" "A grand pal" describes our Betty. Always cheerful and gay, Betts has made many friends. Dancing is her favorite pastime. AGNES SCHAFFER, "SPEED" A representative of St. Andrews, Agnes has a cheerful, jolly, and fun- loving character. "Speed" enjoys ice- skating, dancing, and cooking. DOROTHY SCH I EGG, "SHORTY" "Shorty" is well-known as the tallest girl in the senior class. Being score keeper she is present at every basket- ball game. Dorothy is an example of what a dignified senior should be. BERNICE SHANAHAN, "BERNIE" Good natured Bernice, fairly ex- udes cheerfulness and joy. Her Irish wit is ever to the front as she willingly lends a helping hand. DOROTH Y VULETICH, "DOTTY" One of her admirable virtues is her spirit of generous co-operation. Always obliging, that's our Dorothy. Her reliability and kind heartedness makes her outstanding in the class. JEAN VULETICH, "DARK EYES" This dark-haired girl is a friend of all the class. Jean's favorite pastime is reading. RACHEL WILLIAMS, "RAE" "Rae" always has a smile for every- one. Besides being the best typist in our class, she excels in all her other subjects. Her ambition is to be a Certified Public Accountant. CHRISTINA MARTIN, "CHRIS" Dark hair-blue eyes-that's Chris. She's a smart girl with a contagious laugh. Reading holds an attraction for this easy going, good natured lass. PATRICIA MCCULLOUGH, "PAT" This dainty little Irish miss is a charming lass, and diligent student. She enjoys music, reading, and col- lecting snapshots. Did you see her dance in "Cinderella"? GRACE MESSMER, "GEM" Grace is a jolly ever-laughing girl. With her good nature and infectious grin she became a favorite of her class. Her pet hobbies are skiing and bike riding. PAULINE MICKLOS, "PAUL" Pauline with a heart of gold, is a hard worker. She does not begrudge the long trip she makes daily to attend A. H. S. She moves through life making friends on all sides. MARY LOUISE OMLOR, "TOOTS" Music hath charmsfthat is Mary Louise's motto. She is very capable as a Basketball Manager. From Mary Lou's pen came the sketch of the Annunciation found in this "Angelus". Weill remember her as the Witch in "Cinderella" or as Jo in "Little Women". MARGARET PHILLIPPS, 'MARGIE' We all love Margie's cheerful smile and winning ways. She is a member of the Confraternity of Christian Doc- trine and devotes much of her time to the Religious instruction of her young charges. VICTORIA NEISZER, "VIC" "Vic" is one of the class's talented pianists. She is interested in music and in dramatics. Vic made a good Marmee in the class play. MATHILDA WEBER, "TILLIE" Personality blended with kindness, generosity, and dependability make up the firm foundation of Tillie's character. She enjoys skating, bowling, and dancing. Her ambition is to take care of convalescents. We are sure that her winning smile will bring much happiness to her patients. BETTY FORREST, "BETTE" Betty spreads much sunshine as she dances her way straight into your heart. We are sure that with the splendid record she attained at A. H.S., she will succeed in her ambition to become a stenographer. MATILDA DRAGONE, "TILLIE" "Tillie", who possesses a friendly disposition, is always ready to help one needing assistance. She is happiest on a skating rink or a dance floor. Since the avocation of dietitians has fascinated Matilda, she is ambitious to study this work at Carnegie Tech. CATHERINE MESONKA, "KATE" "Kate" is one of the most enthusi- astic girls in our class. She is known particularly for her pep and rhythm. Her skill in cheerleading, and her grace in dancing are admired by everyone. IMELDA MURTHA, "Melda" A cheerful disposition, Eve foot one inch tall, auburn hair, and brown eyes, describes Imelda who is a favorite among her classmates. Imelda's am- bition is to model clothes for all fashion lovers of America. Class H istory MEIVIORARE Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary, as we remember, how under your protection we struggled at Annunciation through four short years of the game of Life. After assisting at the Holy sacrifice of the Mass on that sunny September morning in the year 1936, we assembled at Annunciation gym for the most important basketball game of our lives. As an inexperienced squad, we opened our season with very tough opponents Studies. After a short delay during which we donned our uniforms, reviewed the regulations and penalties, and invoked the aid of Our Lady of Victory, we took our places on the floor. The whistle blew! The game started! The referee, Sister Lucille, tossed the ball of Knowledge to our center who passed it to the right forward. That frightened freshman fumbled and had a toss-up with Algebra. Both players strove desperately to gain possession of the ball. The referee, noticing that we were charging on School Spirit, called the first foul of the game Initiation. We caught the ball as it rebounded from the bankboard, completed a perfect pass. and made our first basket when we presented the play "Mimi Lights The Candle." Time out was called for Christmas vacation. No sooner had play been resumed than we were tripped by mid-year exams. Fearfully approaching the foul line our forward made a successful free shot and scored another point. Our in the center tossed the ball down the key. English, ever alert, intercepted the pass and hurled it to General Science a pivot shot and the ball was in. At final examinations Studies landed on top of us and we were given a free shot. Shaking nervously we hurled the ball of Knowledge. lt went in. Just then the whistle blew and the first quarter ended with us in the lead by a score of five credits. Feeling confident we again took our places on the floor. The referee, exhausted after the vigorous first quarter, was replaced by Sister Vincent Mary. The new subs, Biology and American History, promptly reported to her while General Science and Ancient History left the floor amid rousing cheers. During the first minute of the second quarter the sensational set shot, Father Delaney's Retreat, was scored. Again our team received the ball, worked it to the key from where we tossed a Valentine Party alloting two more points. Latin fouled by pushing with a Vocabulary Contest. We shot - the ball hit the rim of the basket but did not go in. Recovering the ball a guard passed it to our star forward who took a shot with the camera and two points were added when our pictures appeared in the Annunciator. After a long rest we lined up and took the floor for the second half. Sister Geraldine replaced our referee who was needed for another game. The substitutions, French, Book- keeping, Shorthand, and Typing reported and the game continued. lntercepting the ball as it was passed from Latin to French we pivoted and shot a perfect goal by receiving our Class Rings. Then we really started to dance around the floorg the Junior Hop added two more points to our score. During Vocation Week we used a trick play, "The Call", to chalk up another basket. With only seconds to play in the quarter, time was called out while we made a Spiritual Retreat under Father Patrick Rice. Since this was the last quarter of the game we begged our Blessed Mother to help us persevere in the few remaining minutes. Our coach Sister Florence acted as referee. Seeing that we were catching on to Geometry our coach rushed Chemistry into the game. When this tricky forward was called for steps. the ball was taken out on the side lines. We caught it on the court with our Graduation Pictures. Just as we were about to score, Dramatics hacked and we were allowed two free shots. Our forward put the ball through by presenting "Madonna ot the Rose" and "Little Women". Time out was taken to visit Buhl Planetarium. Their in we leaped into the air and intercepted the ball as it was passed to Music, threw it to one of our forwards who took a pivot shot and scored two points with the operetta "Cinderella." Passing excitedly through Commencement Week we again got possession of the ball of Knowledge and tossed for our last sensational basket, Graduation. The game was over. Now that we had scored a decisive victory our coach and referees were ready to send us on Life's gym to defeat tougher opponents. Confiding in thy goodness and mercy we cast ourselves at thy sacred feet. Let it not be said, our dearest Mother, that we have failed where everyone else has found success. Tl I" rftj Angelus Fifty-fivv Class Will THE LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT We, The Seniors, of Annunciation High School of the City of Pittsburgh, County of Alle- gheny, and State of Pennsylvania, being about eighteen years of age, and of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revok- ing and annulling any and all will or wills by us made heretofore: FIRST: Our will is that all our just debts and various expenses be paid out of our estate as soon after our graduation as shall be found convenient. SECOND: We give, devise, and bequeath Gratitude To our zealous priests, for their interests in our spiritual progress. To our beloved parents, for their sacrifices in providing for us a Catholic education. To our devoted sisters, for their inspiration and devotion in guiding us towards life's highest ideals. To the student body for the deference, courtesy, and loyalty extended to us on all occasions. In Testimony Whereof, We have set our hands to this our last will and testament, at Annunciation High School, Pittsburgh, this thirteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty. Class of '40. The foregoing instrument was signed by the said Seniors of Annunciation High School in our presence, and by them published and declared as and for their last will and testament, and at their request, and in their presence, and in the presence of each other, we hereunto sub- scribe our names as attesting witnesses, at Annunciation, this thirteenth day of June, A. D. 1940. LSigned7 CLASS OF 1940. it-Tb Laqfw! Class Prophecy DEAR VIRGIN MARY: We fly to thy patronage now and in the years ahead. Reverently yours, CLASS OF 1940. CALLING ALL STUDENTS: Soon record breaking flights will be heard about. Signing off, CHRIS MARTIN. ATTENTION LISTENERS: If you wish to obtain dancing lessons, apply to Kay's Studio. Waltzingly yours, CATHERINE MESON KA. DEAR PADEREWSKI: I hate to steal your show but I'lI be making my debut on the concert stage any day now. Pianistically yours, PATRICIA MCCULLOUGH. CALLING ALL READERS: EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about the world wide ad- ventures Reportingly yours, GRACE MESSIVIER. DEAR PRO-BIES: My vocation as a Nurse keeps me occupied assisting the weak, physically and mentally. Patiently yours. PAULINE M ICKLOS. DEAR DESIGNERS: My position as a Mannequin is to model the clothes you design. Fashionably yours, IMELDA MURTHA. DEAR LANGUID FRIENDS: Are aches and pains lessening your vitality? Come to my office. I can cure anything. Medically yours, VICTORIA NEISZER. DEAR MADAM: You are invited to attend a Fall style show which will feature my ex- clusive dress designs. Fashionably yours, MARY LOUISE OMLOR. DEAR COMPOUND: Chemicals! Chemicals! Chemicals! From morning 'till night I am sur- rounded by them. Pharmacentically, MAUREEN FERGUSON. HELLO PARTY: Yes, I'rn still at the switchboard. What can I do for you? Pluggingly yours, BETTY FORREST. DEAR FRIEND: Since I last saw you, I have com- pleted my course and am now teaching in an elementary school. Scholastically yours, MARGARET FRAZIER. DEAR APPLE POLISHERS: If "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" I shall live a long time: my tots keep me well supplied. Kindergartenly, JEAN GORDON. DEAR BASKETEERS: If you think coaching a girls' basket- ball team is easy, I'd like you to try it. Athletically yours, PRAXEDES HART. DEAR CLERKS: I haven't much time to spare from my work, which is to keep balanced the books of my firm. Recordingly yours, RITA HAJDUK. DEAR READER: After writing 650 "masterpieces", I've finally reached my goal in having one of my stories accepted for publica- tion. Composingly yours, ANNA MAE HERGENROEDER. DEAR SPORTS FANS: My position is that of a sport re- porter. I ask enough questions to keep my column filled. Inquiringly yours, ETHEL HERGENROEDER. DEAR WEIGHT-HUNTERS: Protect your proportions by par- taking of the proper proteins to produce poundage. Prompt profit is promised. Dietetically yours, JANE KRAM. DEAR PATIENT: I'll be back in fifteen minutes to take your temperature. Subnormally, DOROTHY VULETICH. DEAR AUNT MINNIE: Open up your windows and watch out for your petunias. My Pirate team is headed for the World Series. Hittingly yours, JEAN VULETICH. Tk lfrfly Angelus F rf! y-seve u Class Prophecy DEAR MUSICIANS: Notes! Staffs! Clefs! All day long they spin before me as I compose guitar music. Melodiously, MATHILDA WEBER. DEAR BOOKKEEPERS: Call me whenever you need a Certi- fied Public Accountant. I've just re- ceived my degree. Accountingly yours, RACHAEL WILLIAMS. DEAR HORSE-LOVERS: Come, girls, you're invited out to my ranch. There's ample accommo- dation for all. Racingly yours, MARGARET PHILLIPS. DEAR LIFE GUARDS: My position as head bookkeeper has me drowned in a pool of balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Figuringly yours, ANNE POEPPERT. DEAR GATE: Even at Nurses' Training School I haven't allowed my dancing practice to lag. I can still jitterbug as I did back at A. H. S. Jivingly yours, CLARE RELIHAN. DEAR SISTER GERALDINE: I'm now taking notes and transcrib- ing letters at the rate of 35 every hour. Stenographically, BETTY ROONEY. DEAR BOOKWORMS: That ladder's not necessary. I'm one librarian who can reach the books on the top shelf. Fictionally yours, DOROTHY SCHIEGG. DEAR NEWSREEL FANS: I've just signed a contract to take Lew Lehr's place narrating the "Newsy Newsetts" for the screen. See you in the movies, AGNES SHAFFER. DEAR PROPELLERS: As an Air Hostess I feel like a feather in the breeze and am hitting a new high. Driftingly yours, BERNICE SHANAHAN. DEAR HOMEMAKERS: This week I am making out all the menus to be used in our cafeteria. lt's all part of my Home Economics course. Menu-Wisely, ISABELLE ARCH. DEAR HOME BEAUTIFIERS: I received the contract for the new hotel yesterday. Next week I shall select drapes, carpets, furniture, and everything else connected with ln- terior Decorating. Decoratively yours, DOROTHY BLAZIER. DEAR FUTURE CORPSES: Do you want an elaborate funeral? Everything will be taken care of with no trouble to your relatives. Apply Briggs Funeral Home. Embalmingly yours, DOROTHY BRIGGS. DEAR CLIENTS: Do not fret, I will do my best to win your case. Argumentatively, MARY CARCARA. DEAR HOUSEWIVES: ls there room for another? I shall soon be joining your class. Matrimonially yours, EDITH CARIOTO. DEAR SWIMMERS: If you want to learn how to dive and be sure of returning to the surface apply to "Cox's Nat." Divingly yours, MAE COX. DEAR AVIATRIX: My ambition to be an Air Hostess has been fulfilled. It is thrilling! Loopingly yours, KATHLEEN DEVEREAU X. DEAR TEARFULS: If you're getting all the seeds from life's bowl of cherries, register them with me. I'II file them in the Bureau of Complaints. Headachingly, MATILDA DRAGONE. DEAR FASHION LOVERS: For all the latest Parisian fashions come to Madam Gloria Ann. Stylishly yours, GLORIA ANN EDLEMAN. Our Clubs B. V. M. SODALITY As a result of Father O'Connell's enthusiastic encouragement, we pupils at Annunchrtion High are active members of our Lady's Sodalrty. This bond being established so firmly while we are still at school will be a lasting link after we have been graduated. Every fourth Tuesday of the month we have a meeting in the new club room of Norwood Hall where we plan projects whose completion and success show that we know how to manage a bake sale, how to raise money and collect gifts for poor children, how to serve a supper to the congregation, and how to hold an old fashioned nickelodeum, and most important how to act as children of a QUEEN. SCIENCE CLUB This club was most active during the first semester. Many trick or novel experiments were demonstrated in the hall for the benefit of the sophomores and freshmen. The president of the club, Mary Louise Onilor, has seine interesting surprises planned tor observation, and the other members of the club are preparing for a science exhibition to be held the first week of June. CATHOLIC ACTION CLUB One of the features of every well organized Catholic High School is a Catholic Action Club. We know that this club has been successful in awakening us to the realization that we, Catholic students, should be lay apostles. Many eloquent conferences were held in behalf of home and foreign missions. Among the first fruits was the great enthusiasms shown at the call et The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for volunteers to teach Sunday School for the children in distant mining towns and in vicinities where there is no Catholic school. The follow- ing girls who generously answered the call have been remarkably faithful in attending their classes regularly: Margaret Frazier, Jean Vuletich, Maureen Ferguson, Ethel Hergenroeder, Mary Carcara, Catherine Mesonka, Margaret Phillips, Mathilda Weber, Dorothy Vuletich, Bernice Shanahan, Anna Mae I-lergenroeder, Elizabeth Bastetter, Mary Berry, Mary Mill, Olive Blazier, Bita Mack, Mary Nee, Marcella Krance, Loretta McBride, Eileen Davis. Another feature sponsored by the Juniors was to present a Lenten Play, "A Ftobe for The King" and give the proceeds to the missions. For the past three years our Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament have seen to it that every day one of their members spends an hour with their Eucharistic Friend. LE CEBCLE DE LA JEANNE D'ABC The members of this French club have profited much during the past year by the interest- ing programs presented at their bi-weekly socials. French songs, plays, and dialogues com- prised an enjoyable schedule which was supplemented by a forum which discussed the French civilization, authors, and art. l- COMMERCIAL CLUB The Seniors organized the Commercial Club to arouse interest in the use of good English and to become acquainted with practical business procedure. Under the direction of Mae Cox, the president, the rnemhers presented various programs on the third Friday of each month. These included a series of instructive plays, discussions on business technique, and a few minutes of entertainment. Tl Angelus Fxfty-nine juniors A stands for Ambition Ours is to graduate, When we've gained our desire A. H. S. we'll evacuate. B is for Band. Our girls will not rest Till polished and skillful They'll play 'mong the best. C is for Calendar--L Just watch the time fly. Soon shall we graduate With colors held high. D's for Debateff We try to fulfill The requirements needed To argue with skill. E stands for Exams, The bane of school life. Until they're all passed, We'll have trouble and strife. F's for our Forwards, The boast of our class, Whose secret of baskets ls bounce, cut, and pass. G is for Guards Who try to defeat Their friendly opponents Whene'er they do meet. H is for History Which shows us the ways Our country progressed Since the pioneer days. I's for the Ideals Which we strive to attain By praying and working To accomplish our aim. J is for Jitterbugs Sweet, smart, and gay. If it weren't for classes They'd dance all the day. K's for Our King Who was sadly betrayed. The juniors His Passion ln Lent have portrayed. L's for "Little Women" Our Seniors' class play By which they'll be remembered When they've gone away. M's for the Marks Which cause us to fret lf only more A's We were able to get. ' Alphabet N is for Nit-wits The juniors have noneg Because all their pranks Are only in fun. O's for Operetta The best of its class About Cinderella ln slippers of glass. P is for Prom With music and dancing Girls in their finery Simply entrancing. Q is for Quality Found in our school. Where each girl is striving To obey every rule. R stands for Rehearsals We had quite a few ln debating and dancing And singing for you. S is for Singers In chorus this year Many sweet voices Will ring true and clear. T is for Talent For which we're renowned. Our singers and dancers Nluch fame have they found U is for Unity- United we stand With loyal school spirit The best in the land. V stands for Virtues We strive to possess. After we've gained them, We'll have happiness. W is for Wisdom Which we strive to gain As we study in earnest Our rank to maintain. X stands for "X-TRA"f Our paper is out Each girl tries her best With this rousing shout. Y stands for Youth Which quickly goes by. Sorry to say so But l cannot lie. Z is for Zeal Which is put to a test When we teach Religion On Sunday with zest. 11 .1lt'lIIl7l'l.f'.Y, l1lt'Hl0l'l'f'.S', rfnvzflzx Q! ffm' lin, A't'lI Qi' IIIUIIIIII'-V II'f"n' 1lr1if'l1'11Aq Inzfk in you ll1'1'!l11m11' zffzyx, l11'.ql1-.sfflrml fffzyx , I rv l4!1Ill'Hl1.ll.Lf 1'r'i'f'r1'f'.s' 1311! l'fl1Hll.Y ialm iowa' rlmr IIT!! 1111011-v.s' ln' IIVIII' In nur fll'IlHf1:f'll! 1111'11m1'1'f'.s'. ' fmfx sn ll T:, -f Q KW' fi X1 - V AA if '- A N qqg. . Aw A A elif", M SW f 1 Angelus Sixly-om' N Memories he ffm ,W 7' '-5 ' 'Vw Q ' mil ' x1.14.x'l'l 1..x'1-xnxx 'rn 'imc T154 .ll'1x1l.Ax1u,xNsf-A. H. S. PIUNIQER GRAIJLYATLNLQ Cmss, 19.30 LLL nu lX1LJN5lliL'R PERRICIIUN Cxsr UF 1931 Th A n ge lu S S'1'.vIy-lllree LEST WE FORGET THiS CHARMING CLASS ov 19.32 l , V f -fl E How IXIANY Ulf 'rmzsla SPANISH DANCIQRS Ulf '33-'34 Do Ym' RICCUUNIZIC? ,- 4 -I CL L4 E. L- 4 2 .P 'fl w E Z 4 w f- EI. I If .1 fm A n g e lus Lvl, K'f. fm' Q ,X Ill. L Jeanne X Wnqqe f WZ we M BNA Go rdon 3 v. . Q. ,hull K X in . i . lm! QI Q rponnxb K Q S 'S t :wh Ls OTS WWW - ' A-v, ' , Cecilia Bonomo' X It I C Jr Thehna eg., '. N3 E1 43 X C, . . , V. Nm , CGPRAQ7 Lk ,fish aff., Q ' X' Q' - 1, 'll mea k 'xx iw ,Wang Csmaso.. A 'Pakricia Gllfen 9 .N'1'.x'l-w A n g e Z 1,4 ks Si.x'ty-.vfzwl x xA1m11u mmm NLR nruw-:S nw-mr A fmfulnu AN if f' Dr UTHW I'u VI! uf, my vnnuf-u1'. Auf rwnw, V. X x L N A 1 x . i SA. , ,- -1 f fx N fILfl'N 1mLLm wr rn '.' . . ,J 1 fuer - f X. X ,GV I ONOUI H Nl w Afkwn rs 1' w ' , 'Li xx R I A ' X I 15.5. X X V .1 fml. 1 X ' nuff 1 .. 10' V N I1 1 X mlm 3 tv' X X ISVILLI M-51p1N j yr , , - . 1 1- lu!!!!!. fl X MDM. Kzfmwlus X- f I 1 .J f HA wb ' 1-f LJ ' f 1 x ' X ,--- . , 5 , 1 1411114 Munn W ! ,-. X MARH rwfm' 1911011 of ff 11111 nov Ar-vmffnv Mfv- Q cg ' r111-Mfg H ,nv .. yf IYIZVGNIH tv L' M " 1 1 , HHH Q Gnu Mvmm It I X ' N 5 ' xnfmmfvf, M1 1 , I Q' CHNMVM P11111 1 ff smrf ,! 1 , I, HLNAHAFA SIAR r oruuran Ano be CONcfIr SVAGE , , 1 X if 1. -V 1 1 fi X E 1 nam sumnmn - 2 crow mv rnwm 3. . ,X XX 11-w.,m11 .WH1111 .1111 um ' A I , A-114-11 .1111 111 f - 1 X 1 ' , 4 ,.1-M.. .uma 1.1.1 " ,K ', . 3 9 X X - W SUM, W,,.f,1y 1-X! X A 5 I X .. ff-'mm ' LI' ' - f f . H-1 -1 Q 11.1 1-H.,-W4 nv P X' " X X V X.. D' it nnwrr cmmfwwuv G MM, ,u,,,,1,,, M i VXXKX X N A ' jig E mums SWISSOR W ,f V 1 , - A - - -nil . -' rn momfwsr-11, V I X , A . . V, 1 ,, , , ,, 1 -LL., Q ,. 1,-A f- 11 w'1-,111 1, R1 , 1 I A I rv:-ws ww. fun YQ. ,y'.",3 ' UllOH AND wr, ' ' rfwuu J -ly. I swf: .ah -wsfn Av Um 511,-Am ru Muvlfwf v 111151 -1An..u111 1.1.11-11114 NMFA-.NH .!:q:,l".43' ' ' , MNMY5 ' WOMAN 1-1 .MM M1 1:11 111151 M111 nv 'U -f 1 - f J J llc ww' XlIS'l'AKIir1 D111 Tm: llR.xcl.l-1 Kluau DVTCII KI.x11115x5 mf Ilxnauxla Ilxxs TH S LEAVE rr 'ra' 5 'SOPH ' L - , vi xgf'-f' - fl 'NB' 3' ve NJA K fp., 0, ,yo I W' FOR THE 9 A SUTNHE ASM WIN yu TWJXT Suggs qfgffS7n mn Lqvad wus NEW: I 4, H.S. U,,jF"-'Wwe Lgvk go Ev! P350 w vs new Tight as 9 vi 'fer 6-70 sa X If 4 cf ,MUN r x5 A 5 ju 9 1 QL' 056 4 xo""o0 GANG N14 FALLE N Tma jorkxlcx' 'ro Slaxxmmxxn Im. Yl'lRl1Il,lAN Cum '32-'33 OUR BASKETBALL TEAM '38,-'39 C3 Y. A, SENIORS' DM' IN K1m.ANn 1 m .U .4 XIxNx'l'lwlulc1ls lluw. . mx. Ilu.':.? C A BTH vfyx x ANN 'R now CJULD U h . 4 E RDLAWOT' me vw.-v rug Gkmf wmeouv Do1rv'5 enum f fr: Krffv ww in 1 um ml V X w 1 MARIE PFMM LHS YENNLS CHAMP" IN ACT ON ' S LET 5 60' A. II S. I IRSI'A11l'15ll"I'A'1' H.XbKI'lI'l5.Xl,L T11 sy-mfr, Angelus .S'er'er1ly-lhrezf Dee wi ' 4' . V Nell Hqldy DUT A V 5 Q 3 ' V5.4 'gh - .vi 0715 rm. J Q . ,Q Ircmg fl- 'P .-5' 00 - J 1' o 73 . b get 40 B r i s, Q9 oo , swf' Q 3 ,fi -00? :Quai 4 W ,Q I .+"4 Neo ie. THE BABES or Ylss1'uRx'1aAR 'I'III VIIIII 'I'III 'I'III 'I'III OUR DISTINGUISHED BENEFACTOFIS X'II.III RI.X'. I. I. IIIIIINIII, 5. I. I.. X'II.III RIII: I. I.II5III..X, I I IJ R laX R I-.I R II. I .IN 'I'III RIII 'IIIII RIII 'I'III RI-.X 'I'IIII RIII 'IIIII RIII IJII. .IN IJII. . . '. I.. IX, II'C'IIwNI-.I.I. '. If XI. IIINK .II. I. INIIIII ' I' I IJII..IrzI yI III-.Nsux , I, I IVIVINNIIII ' I'I'IIIII'II l'I'I.I.II.x I R. IIl'I.I.I-.N . QS. .I- II XII kI.1I..IIIII XNII XIIIs. R. IX. KINII II. II. SI I.I.II'.Ix IJII. ' IJII. IE. Ia. III IJII. 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II.IIIrII.II XIIIIIII ICIIIIIIIIIIII' II X IIIIIII IpIIIIII.IIIII'I', N I llXII'I,IXII'.NIS III- I IFRII-INII RIIINII IIIIII' III' II"I'I SIIIII'l'I. IIIIIIIIIN I IIXIIIII IIIIxII.III IJIIIII S'llIRI'. IIII- II.II'IIII.I.III I IIIIIS I'I-'I"I'II S IIIIIIIIII SIIIIII' NII.II.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Hllllilz MRS. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. Rik. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. OUR AND MRS. W. COLL JAMES FEROIISON JOSEPH FERGUSON EDNVARD F. KRAM J. C. SCHERRBAUM G. A. GEYER C. J. LEGROS CHARLES SWEENEY NORMAN BECK HARRY SWEENEY ALBERT KIAIIXRNS ALLEN RITHP ROY KELLER A. TROIANO E. J. BENDER JOE HIICIIKO JIM GRAIN' BOH BADAMO HI'INRS' LEISE EDIYIN PATCH, JR. JACK ALBA JOIIN J. KAINIE HI'IaII NIVRTIIA FRANK MI'RTIIA NEESON JOIIN JOIIN IIICRGIENRUIEIBIER H. F. SIMON IHESONKA B1:Tz FRANK GRISNIK, JR. JIMMY JOHNSON CALVIN L. BOLSTER JOSEPH LINDENIIELSER LIPIYIAN IUIESSRS. AL AND JOE NIILLER MASTER SONNY FICIITER MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS SYLV CHRISTINA MARTIN ELIZABlE'l'lI FORREST ELIZAlil'Z'l'Il WILLIAMS M. IWCCORMICK INIARY E. PORTER S. SCIIERRHAIYII F. BENDICR ROSELLA GILNIORE C. J. HAPPIE M. W. FLANIOAN C. J. LEGROS E. KRETZLER SARAH SCHIEIIO MARY PLATZ HELEN GRUBICR BETTY BERIIERICII A. LADDER JANE MARTIN IA'S BEAVTY SHOP BAVIER AND SISMOIIR DISTINGUISHED BENEFACTORS-Continued MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MRS. B. SCIIAD WALTER HOXN'LliX' J. PITZI-:R J. R. HURLEY ALTSMAN E. HUMMEL SPITLER MARAS NESTOR RITTLE MARX' MARY SADIE MARY SADIE MARX' A. C. WOHLEBER I. KORDUYL J. A. REILLY M. MACK P. MCBRIDE TENNEY C. HIGGINS MARY ECER MARY M. NEXVIQLL THOMAS FITZPATRICK A. INKICKENNA C. MESONKA ALICE SABELL E. B. REED CONNELLY JOSEPH SINOER JANET MERKER ANNA HAIIN BIESSIE O'NICILI, ANN EIINI RUTH KLEEH GENEVIEVE KENNEDY JOAN WIIRDACK VIRGINIA KRAM DOROTIIY KRAIII IVIARY GORDON ROSE THOMA MARY ROONEY DOLORES MILLER ANNA MAE GLITSCII MARIE WACSNISR AGNES WIiBI'IR ALICE E. SPAIN HELEN LUCAS THELMA APIEL HAZEL DICVIERICAIYX MARIE GAVIN LILLIAN GLENN AND MRS. FRANK J. KLEIN AND MRS. J. HINOELEY AND MRS. JOSEPH GLYNN H. CUTTER LEO MACK EDIYARD TNIACK A. C. Dl'NIJON MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS RUSEMARY LANE ALICE SINNOTT FRANCES SINNOTT MARY LOUISE DANY JANE DANY GERALDINE LANE CATHERINE SCHWARTZ MARY MCCROHAN MARY ELSIE SCHELLER CATHERINE R. SMITH IRENIC M. HAAS INIARGARET VVIZISIC ANNAMARY LIIKITSII E. HOEIPIIAN JANE F. CRICKARD RITIX NIAIC Dllilllllkliill MARGARET IDONOVAN BETTY KANE MAROARET RODUIQRS KATHLIEIEN WIIITIE MISSPIS EDNA AND GERTRI' MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS NIADELINIE MCGVIRE 1N1ABEI. HAVER JEANNIC RICHARDSON NIARY HOYYLEY ALICXIS NIILL DE DEPP IWAR YDEE SCIILANI :E R IWARY JANE TAYI.DR EIILALIA PIIICLAN MAR Y M ARIIARET FALLON DOLORICS FALLUN CONNIE RICISTER CARITA BROWN SIISANNA KIRNl4lR L011 HENRY HELEN M. IIIERGICNRUIZIDIER CICCILIA SFKITS NI.-KRY NIAIIONIEY BLIIMENSCHEIN MERCEDES HARTER REOINA HAFFNIQR OLIVE HEIDENREICII MR. A. FREHLISII MRS. J. D. CORNXVALLS THE SPINSTER GIRLS Tllli JESS1'I' FAMILY TIIE BACIIELORS, SURICNTO S'l'Rl'Il'L'l' COMPLIMENTS OI' A FRIEND MISS ALICE NICBRIDE MR. AND MRS. F. JOHNSTON MISS GRACE IXIICIIAICLY MISS EIARKLARIET KI'INNlilDX' MISS BETTY MCCORMICK MISS REOINA HAIfIfNER MR. PII1I.IP MATZA MISS MISS 5? Lf ,f f , l I Tsuf R Qmiw F THEH' Uhlil ation Iiow often rio you lneciitulc on time fulurc of your Ci"liICll'0l'l? Not for lonlorrow or next weeiz, init five, ten or lwenly years from now. You of course, want lo cio every- limingj possiimie to maize lixeir iivcs secure. A trust funci can ine a iiuiwariz for your ciliiciren in time years aiu-acl. Xve simuici iiizc to taiiz with you about our services as lruslec of sucil n funci. FI DELITY TRUST Com PANY 34l'343 FOURTH AVE. DITTS B LJ R G H Member Fezfeml Deposit Inmrarzce C0f'll0I'l!fl'0I1 PITTSBURGH PROVISION 6, PACKING CO. Division of Armour and Company PITTSBURGH, PA. NElSZER'S MARKET 2324 Wilson Avenue Meats, Groceries, and Home-made Ice Cream FA. 4835 N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. BLIND FLORAL COMPANY Flowers for all Occasions Greenhouses Perry Highway WE. 1005 JOHN FERGUSON Paper Hanging and Sanitas House Painting Paper sold here iTrimmed Freeh Reasonable Rates "FIRST CHOICE ALWAYS" R I E C K 'S SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS ATlantic 7300 214 l -47 Bi iglilon Road DONATELLI GRANITE CO. Memorials of Character FAirfax 2235 Pittsliurgli, Pu. 895 Western Avenue BERNARD BEDE DEVLIN Funeral Director FA. 2578 CF. l4l5 Complirnents C. A. BOLES DIST. CO, 2957 Charles Street Geo. A. Recd, Mgr. Pliono: FAii'fz1x 0604 lfllf' Iii iqililnn Place Established 1890 L. P. SMITH Funeral Director ci. Enilmulnier Automobiles For Hire N. S.. Pittsliurgli,PL1. Perpetual Mass Association ST. AUGUSTINE MONASTERY SChenley 5422 220-37th Street, PITTSBURGH, PA. SChen1ey 5290 LQ BENEFITS 1. Each year 6000 Holy Masses are said exclusively for the members. 2. Members participate every day in 500 Holy Masses. 3. Each year 300,000 Holy Coinmunions are ollered by lay-Brothers and Sisters. 4. Members share in the merit of the good works, prayers and penances of 13,000 Capuchin Fathers. CONDITIONS 1. YEARLY membership fee: 50 cents for each member. 2. PERPETUAL deceased membership fee: 352.00 for each member. 3. PERPETUAL living membership fee: 85.00 for each member. CCon- tinues after deathl. 4. PERPETUAL membership for an entire family: 32500. QBy entire family is understood parents, their children, and the ones the children may marryfl. At the time of a death SYMPATHY CARDS OF PERPETUAL EN- ROLLMENT suitable for presenting to bereaved friends or relatives may be obtained at 220+37th Street, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, Pa. or by call- ing Schenley 5422 or Schenley 5290. If desired your reply will be by SPECIAL DELIVERY mail. GRACE MARTlN'S SCHOOL "a school discriminate" SECRETARIAL FOR YOUNG WOMEN 17th dt 18th Floors Keenan Building Pittsburgh, Pa. Grace Martin Cornelius ATlantic Principal 6309-6310 CEdar 5100 HEIDENREICHS DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists 2823 Perrysville d, Kennedy Avenues Pittsburgh, Pa. Coinplinieiits of PLAZA CAFE 535 Fifth Avenue CO. 5656 Compliments --'of C O Ft S E L L O Sales and Service PAUL C. ROBINSON Prescriptions 2105 Perrysville Avenue N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. RICHARDS BAKERY FAirfax 3521 2113 Perrysville Avenue N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS .ADMINISTRATION COURSES FULTON BUILDING PI'l"IiSBURGII ATI.AN'rIc 2678 MUELLERSCHOENS BAKERY Bread - Pies - Cakes 2474 Charles Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. CE. 8926 A. C. GIERL-AIR CONDITIONING Roofing and Sheet Metal Work 1001 Spring Garden Avenue N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. CE. 0835 E. J. HERGENROEDER Architect 221 Seabright Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. FA. 7848 HILL TOP MARKET Home-Dressed Meats 2537 Perrysville Avenue FAirfax 3576 Come To SCOTTY'S BARBER SHOP 2820 Charles Street GEO. H. BENDER Choice Meats, Butter, Eggs and Cheese FA. 6703 2824 Charles Street Compliments of RED KUH MAN J. ZOTTER Quality Meats and Groceries 2206 Strauss Street FAirfax 9216 ATLAS BOWLING ALLE YS PERRY GARAGE COMPANY Perrysville dt, Mclntyre Avenues Phones: CE. 8837-FA. 4243 Fender and Body Straightening PATTISON and STUVER Pharmacists 2601 Perrysville Ave. We Deliver Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Drugsff-fChemicals-Prescriptions Visit Our New Modern Fountain Phone FA. 9591 CE. 9376 J. R. HURLEY Groceries and Meats QuaIityfServicefEconomy 39 Geranium Street Phones: ATIantic 0354 COurt 8327 PHILADELPHIA FLORISTS 210 Fifth Avenue Service with a Smile at EDDlE'S PLACE Brighton Road at Woodland Ave. We Expect to Serve You Compliments TOM TUCKER BEVERAGES Linden 1545 . R. FRANK Reach the Mortgage Man, Fire Insurance, Real Estate Agent, Notary Public, Collector of Rents. 1439 Woods Run Ave., N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of PHILLIPS Careful Cleaning Expert Dying 2576 Charles Street FA. 1507 JAMES J. MCGAFFIN Coal and Coke 200 Santron Avenue CA. 2012 MILLER'S MARKET Quality Meats 2729 Perrysville Avenue FA. 3265 Free Delivery Lovely Coiftures di. Permanents JOSEPH'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 1518 Brighton Road R. COHEN MERCHANT TAILOR Work Called for and Delivered FA. 7349 2529 Perrysville Avenue MRS. A. BREGER Groceries and Meats 2451 Charles Street Phone CE. 2089 GEORGE F. SMITH Funeral Director 1200 Federal Street N. S., Pittshurgh, Pa. Protect Your Furs Against Damage By MOTHS with Modern Dry Cold Storage N' S" Pittsburgh' pa' FA' 3068 FIRE See Our New Spring Chuhhies THEFT Fur made to order or ready made For Quality Baked Goods DIRT H CUSSON LANGSDALE'S BAKERY ' I V 2525 Perrysville Avenue .EX'i'l'S'l"' Fumer GEMM 3637 2203 Perrysville Ave. FA 2823 Purgatorian Society Redemptorist Fathers ST. PHlLOMENA'S 2740 Beechwood Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Wholesale Retail NORTH SIDE SANITARY DAIRY C. Weher FAirfax 0823 SAM CARCARA'S STORE Fruits, Confectionary dt. Vegetables 2116 Charles Street FAirfax 2057 GEORGE RICKLEY Meat Market Butter, Eggs and Cheese 2617 Perrysville Ave. FA. 6462 B. M. O'HANLON Prescription Optician 2050 Jenkins Arcade AT. 0503 Pittshurgh, Pa. FORT PITT TYPEWRITER AT. 8320 644 Li he rty Avenue PENN CAMERA 49. PHOTO SUPPLY Photographic Materials 910 Liherty Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa. Expert Service COurt 0488 Compliments of MCBRIDE SHOE REPAIR 2050 Charles Street MOUNT MERCY COLLEGE 4Liberal Arts 1Dietetics i X I 4Science 4 Vocational Home Economics Fifth Avenue SChenIey 4190 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BEN BROIDY Centennial Year 25 Strauss Street Business -I-mining GYOCBHGS -1- Fruit -1- C0f'If6Cti0f1 DUFFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE CEda" 9888 424-26 Duquesne Way The Thinking Fellow CALLS A YELLOW GRant 8100 250 Modern New Taxis CE. 9911 CLIFTON PARK MARKET M. A. Lucas, Proprietor 2207-09 Irwin Avenue Extension FREE DELIVERY N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa J I CHAMPICDN CCDAL alt' s the Best! ' ' .ex More Heatl Cheaper Less Waste! per Winter! if 1, - i'5"""9x 18 Q.-fb"1-if ilEi IcHAMPuoN come! Ill PITTSBURGH COAL COMPANY Retail Division 409 Wood Street GRant 3121 J Fx' L l LZGZLLEO9 1411261 THE 1940 ANGELUS Thanks are due to the courtesy of the publishers and owners of the copyrighted art pro- ductions which have been permitted to be used in beautifying this annual: To St. Anthony's Guild for Nlr. B. Chambers "Queen of Mothers" and "Our Lady of Vocations"g to The Edward Gross Co. for "The Light of the World"g to The E. O'TooIe Co. for the "Madonna of Grace". S I The sketching on the inside cover is the artistic work of Miss Lois Dotterweich, an A. H. . a umna. Finally "The 1940 Angelus" thanks all its BENEFACTOFZS and ADVERTISERS. JN 1 .Q fr" -, .'f tl' A rw H B -J' N

Suggestions in the Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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