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,m f .V 1' ---- - V Kr? k x y -f d..VAE: :vAQ. ..:.v-A-..-3,1 1-' 12 ' , V lil, , ,ey - ' afksf' it 9 . ' , Ly-' , ' 55 v, , wa ' .f if .5 '1 4 w , A Q 4 -' ff, . f , M if, aiifjjfe fff i ,ggi if ' ' ' - ,w fuif 2 s,,,,4' 1, y,:.',,, 1, 1- -I H' .- . , kv, ' 1',br . H Qi N vf,-L 'W-1 1 J, , , ' A wg: - , ' 1' www- M 1. ' Q' U f i . i '- n , f ,E 4 I, , , Q 7 'vs' , ' Xff ' 1 I 1 1 'iffy' f F G5 A ' , , X , ffl 'ff f 14 A x . ' V 1 if ' , ff , i ,I A . '45, . , I , 2 exp gp A , , '.-if A Q 51,2 ,Yi , : 5 gh j, '1 1, 1 L , V i. 5.515 5'ff f Y A 1 P k M 1'k '1 , 24 f - 1 ,JL-,5 5 h 9 Y ,, + dv. if Yi , 4 13 ,.J7l3fv ,,, 1 5 Q .. ' ll . ' '-bin X , . ' fp,-SLLZQ ' we Y . lvl 4,1 ff if ' 2 . 'v':f':3, 1 'iii 'gig ' .5 , - J .f x V- ' , N 3 ' . X ,K ,V 1' . ,k... M. 'av A--- jr---?35f.'Q, J ' ' F, v 'ml 1 '3 f 55 Y ,- h , Hr I f , t ml 1 J i i , ' .x ' i11'1fl fF,:v'w ' ' W - -,Q 1-1.1.-nr ,..-If-, -W - Q ,. me I I ff 12 ,D I , . .2 ..,..-r. .r rw 'K 1 ff ,ff J! ,f Uk T J ANNUNCJIATOR ll 9 3 S X I l s m - -6 S - , as s I Published by the Students of ANNUNCIATION HIGH SCHOUL Pittsburgh, Pa. ' Copyright J. F. L., S. A. G. DJEDJICATJION Setting out on 1ife's voyage, we lovingly DEDICATE THIS VOLUME to our Dear Ones through Mary, Star of the Sea and Lady of Vocations IZJ DEDJICATIION POEM THE LORD CALLETH THEE Oh listen, gentle maiden, Hear you not your Master's voice? He is Whispering from the stillness Making known to you His choice. Pray tell me, dearest Mother, Reveal to me His plan. Whate'er He may suggest for me, I'11 follow if I can. The Lord hath chosen thee to be His own most cherished bride. Come, child, and all thy dear ones to His love and care confide. Christ's lowly spouse, I'll gladly beg His grace I'll strive to earn. Dear Mother, bear my answer back It is for Him, I yearn? --THE CLASS l3l JFOREWORD An attempt has been made in this volume of the ANNUNCIATOR to relate in terms of a voyage the events of the school year and those who participated. Although in following us, a stretch of the imagination will often be necessary, we in- vite the reader to join the cruiseg and We trust that he will enjoy the trip as much as We have. I ,QNX I S. S. ANNUNCIATOR .....,... ......... OUR HIGH SCHOOL Captain and Oflicers ......... .......... - - ............. THE FACULTY Passenger List .,.............., - ....,.. -- ...,....... THE SENIORS Engineering Crew ................. .............. T HE JUNIORS Shipmates and Stewards .......... ....,... T HE SOPHOMORES Cabin Girls and Deck Hands ..... .......... T HE FRESHMEN Past Bookings .r............... - .......... ........... O UR ALUMNAE Life Guards .....,... M ..,.,.r,r OUR PATRONS Life Boats .,....... ....... O UR ADVERTISERS E41 ANNUNCIATION HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. THE FACULTY The Very Rev. John J. Greaney, S.T.L. .........,...... ,Pastor and General Director The Rev. Charles J. Deasy, B.A., .,..................,....O...,.................. .Spiritual Advisor The Rev. Lawrence O'Connell, B.A.. ........T... .Director of Religion and Dramatics Sister Florence ......,..... , .,..........,. - ........ ......,...,..I....... - ...............,....... P rincipal Sister Mary Paul. ,..... .......,e..,.... . . ........ Frencb and Algebra Sister Geraldine ..,.r,... W-- ........... Commercial Subjects Sister Vincent Mary ......, .....,,... ,...........,, ..,,... E 11 g lish and Science Sister Lucille M- .---....,.. - .,..,... - ......... ........ L atin and History Miss Helen Meledin, ....... ...... . Physical Culfure' UI Class of '3 8: We have not wings, We cannot soar: But we have feet to scale and climb By slow degrees, by more and more, The cloudy summits of our time. --Longfellow. Your forefathers from far off Europe went down to the sea in ships, looked over a pathless ocean waste, and visioned future success under distant western skies. They feared not veering from their course in that seemingly endless, pachless void because they had sub- lime confidence in the un- erring needle of the compass. Today you drift into a new sea in ships, individual ships that will carry you over the sea of life. The vista ahead may seem path- less and hazy, the goal of your ambition a long way off, but your training at Annunciation High School under the patronage of Mary, so often called the Star of the Sea, will be an un- erring compass in guiding your course to the shore of success. THE VERY REV. JOHN J. GREANEY, S.T.L. To return to the thought of Longfellow-remember there is no royal road to that shore. Only hard, earnest Work ensures victory. Some natural talent, some happy opportunity may form the sides of the ladder on which you climb towards successg but the rounds must stand the wear and tear of your climbing. For the wood of those rounds there is no substitute, it must be that which is sawed from the trees of Hard Work, Ernestness, Perseverance, Caution, Faith, Hope, and Love. God has given us all the ability to be moderately successful here and glori- ously so in the hereafter. May He bless you and assist you on the Way. Sincerely yours in Christ, JOHN J. GREANEY l6l u . My dear Graduates: i On this, the occasion of your graduation from high school, I am i 1 happy to extend to you my sincere l congratulations and good wishes. l I commend you for the devotion you have accorded your four years' task and for the perseverance that characterized your eifort. To have so sacrificed yourselves i is a source of lasting satisfac- tion, as well as a tribute to your ' sense of values. The advantages you have derived from the educa- tion it has been your good fortune ' to receive at the Annunciation cannot but be calculated to pre- l pare and fit you for all that is best in life. we As you leave the hallowed halls, THE REV' CHARLES J' I?EASY' AB' of your Alma Mater, either to con- tinue the pursuit of scholastic work or to enter upon the vocations and avocations of life, may I express the ardent hope that you will always cherish the high ideals of Catholic womanhoodg and that you will make your Holy Faith the constant guiding principle of your life's activity. May God enlighten your minds, direct your ways, and bless you abundantly now and always. Sincerely yours in the Blessed Virgin Mary, our lovely Patroness, WW Annunciation Rectory 2603 Norwood Avenue North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. May, 1938 l7l if Dear Sailors of '38, You are embarking on a great adventure. For the past four years you have looked forward to the day on which you would be given complete command of your ship. Others have looked forward with you, others who have loved you and who know by experi- ence, at least a little, what you will encounter on the sea of life. As you prepare to follow the course charted for you by your faithful and be- loved teachers, we who love you can do little except to look on, some of us to smile, some of us to fear, some to weep, but all to hope. To smile, because We admire the courage with which you THE REV. LAWRENCE'A. OCONNELL, A.B. face life's voyageg to fear, because we realize the fury of the waves and billows that will challenge your very Faithg to weep, because the memory of many horrible shipwrecks is before usg to hope, because we know that while you go out upon perilous seas, you can never entirely go out from under the steadfast stars we have so long watched together in the sky. To hope, because we know that while you must journey over oceans in which, indeed, the starlight might fade, we know that if you will but remember us and your days at Annunciation, you will remember to look up. Look up--for there is high up beyond the reaches of the stars another WATCHER, who sees all ships go out and all lives begin. He too has been waiting for this day. He is the ONE who is gazing most intently on your faces as you quit forever the well known and well beloved shores of your childhood. The Infinite and All Holy God, who has been the helpless and sorrowing witness of many shipwrecked lives, because they failed to look up to Him, is looking upon you with expectation. He who commanded the winds and the sea will bring calm and peace to you as long as you have the courage to look up and call to Him Lord, save us, we perish. ' There is ONE who will teach you the way--our Lady, the Star of the Sea. May she ever guard and guide you on your course until you are safely anchored within the harbor of Eternal Love. Bon voyage with Jesus and Mary. Faitbfully yours, L. A. O'CoNNELL. E81 .,-3,6 I , . x g 30 X .thi-jerq If I Q 157,- x ,.O.Q ' Qfiiis M WSW I3 J I XX ' f I D ki f, , X ! x X 1f,. f-if 4 5 at A CLASS MOTTO-SlIZ00fb Seas Make Poor Sailors Class Colors-Gold and Blue Class Flower--The Rose CLASS OFFICERS President--Rosemary Lang Secretary-Ruth Crehan Vice President-Anna Mae Glitsch Treasurer-Audrey Edleman Mary Louise Dany Mary Jane Taylor Rosemary Lang Virginia McCarthy Margaret Malone Ruth Crehan li EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-Mary Hergenroeder ASSOCIATE EDITORS Audrey Edleman Mildred Balker Eulalie Phelan BUSINESS STAFF Dolores Fallon Anna Mae Glitsch Catherine Smith To our faithful and zealous Priests, to our edifying and devoted Sisters, PPRECIATION to our sacriiicing and beloved Parents we wish to express deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for all they have so kindly done for our Welfare and happiness. l9l Personality Sketches MARY HERGENROEDER H erleie Sweet is the word for our Mary. Her pleasing disposition is an asset to any class. Although tennis is her favorite sport, she enjoys all outdoor activities. She is our Editor-in- Chief. Mary has paved her way through her High School career by winning the high esteem of her teachers and classmates. A helping hand is extended by her to those who are in need and for whom she l always has a smile. WA MARY LOUISE DANY Mary Lou She's tall, she's tan, she's terrific. A sports- woman in the true sense of the word, bubbling over with pep, vim, and character, she's one of the best guards on our Varsity teamg and an enthusiastic participant in tennis. Her motto, in sports as Well as in life is, Play fair and square. When one is in need, Mary Lou is a friend indeed. We wish het smooth sailing on the sea of life. VIRGINIA MCCARTHY Virg Virginia is one of our most popular girls. just ask her chums about her and they will tell you she is the truest pal a girl ever had. Virg is an athletic girl who derives a keen pleasure from all sports. Virginia's scholastic report also ranks high. Because of her determina- tion to push forward, we are sure that she will attain her life's goal. PEGGY MALONE Peggy Peggy Malone is a walking example of why Annunciation is grateful to Assumption. She possesses all the lovely qualities that we find in a true friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed is Peggy's motto. Her perpetual smile has become such a fixture in the Senior Room that the class would be stranded without her. Her ambition is to become a French teacher. We know that life's ladder will not be too steep for her to climb and her faith and loyalty will bring her success in any path she chooses. 101 ROSEMARY LANG Roe Courteous to all, Rosemary has won a host of friends at Annunciation High School. She is cheerful and good natured, always looking on the bright side of things. Although she has attained high standing, she devotes many hours to school activities. She is an outstand- ing participant in tennis and basketball. Un- fortunately Annunciation High School has to say, Good-bye to her. ANNA MAE GLITSCH Glicky Jolly Anna Mae may this lass truly be called. Liked by all she is constantly sought for the good humor that she sheds. As captain of our basketball team she has helped us dur- ing our Senior year to win many victories. Interesting amusements and parties were plan- ned by Glick while at Annunciation. Some of the poems which appeared in our school papers were written by this fun loving miss. RUTH CREHAN Judy Meet our Ruth, a charming and energetic girl who has always lived up to the title of Dignif1ed Senior. She is always right on hand to help out Wherever she can. Her con- genial manner is known by all her classmates. Ruth's shorthand marks would make any stu- dent proud of them. Ready, willing, and capable are three adjectives which apply to Ruth. Dancing and playing basketball are her peak of success AUDREY EDLEMAN Personality charm and clever ness these are just some of the ad jectives used to describe our Auds Her winning abilities have won her a place in athletics as well as in the scholastic field. To a forward in basketball, Audrey was an impreg- nable wall. She enjoys tennis, swim- ming, and skating which proves her ll If I I II ll ll ll Il Audi I U I 'IINI lllblll .IIII 'FEE llll Illl nu llll Ill' I lllll Ill hobbies. We hope she will attain the highest - ' - . . . .. ,, I B , I .nm . to be a true sportswoman. Audrey aspires to be a journalist. -af Senior Class Anmmciator S taff MARY HERGENROEDER Editor 221 Seabright Street ANNUNCIATION This one's literary bend Has served our Year Book well, J And she can also in a game Of basketball excel, MARY LOUISE DANY Associate Editor X C 262 Kennedy Avenue ,f ANNUNCIATION 7974,-7 Mary Lou we surely know When in need to her we go,- First in class, first in sports, First in giving her support. VIRGINIA MCCARTHY Business Manager 1627 Antrim Street ST. FRANCIS XAVIER Virg is jolly, she is wise Witty, peppy bound to rise. You'll be lucky if you meet This lass so very dear and sweet. PEGGY MALON E Circulating Manager 125 Beaver Street ASSUMPTION A small girl with a kind heart Always ready to do her part. Peggy's carefree as can be, One whom we are glad to see. W . ly is wr. rl: ROSEMARY LANG .- y President f M X 5019 Viola Street f ANNUNCIATION , This one sings a merry song And strums away your bluesg F She's on a diet, but not for long, 1 And knows all High School N news. 1 ANNA MAE GLITSCH fd, 1 Vice President 1250 Dickson Str ew ST LEo's ,U fy .- if 1 Anna Mae is always ha , Likes work as well un,' ' She's friendly and dependable And kind to every one. RUTH CREHAN 1 Secretary N 1027 Woods Run Avenue Q ST. LEo's Ruth is pretty, small and fair She dispels every care We like her and you would too For she'd ne'er let you get blue. 1 AUDREY EDLEMAN 55 s Treasurer 1 126 Kennedy Avenue . 1 ANNUNCIATION ' l In her lovely big brown eyes, 9 3 Beams cleverness, for she is wise, 1 And joy and pleasure she bestows, 1 That makes her loved where'er N she goes. I I 4:5 s Personality Sketches MARGARET MCGINLEY Margie Lovely to look at, delight- ' .- -. ful to see-that's Margaret. I5 She is one of the liveliest ' I and most cheerful girls of our class. She has golden l FED: hair, blue eyes, and a win- : ning personality. Margie enjoys sports and takes part in all activities. Her ambi- tion is to become a fashion- able dress designer. Success will be hers be- cause she is ready, willing, and capable. sr- ' .J KATHLEEN CLEARY Tinkle Our class would not be complete without a character like Tinkle.', Whatever she does she puts her heart and soul into it. When she tries she can give some first class poetry. Tin- kle is the diminutive guard on the varsity team. Her ambition is to be a telephone op- erator. Just give her your number and she'll connect you. DOLORES FALLON Dolly Although Dolores was late in joining us at Annunciation, she lost no time in making friends--and keeping them. Langley's loss is Annunciatiorfs gain. Pep! Personality! Need you ask is she a favorite? Her dependability is recognized by the faculty as well as the stu- dents for she is sure to manage well every task entrusted to her. We were delighted, Dolores, to welcome youg and although your school days are almost over, we shall always cherish the memory of a lovely girl. GRACE MCCORMICK Gracie Grace McCormick, the baby of the class, is an expert bookkeeper and ditto machine oper- ator. She is invariably one of the first to com- plete her bookkeeping exercises. During study period or lunch hour, Gracie finds time to run off copies on the ditto machine. We hope her ambition to become a certified public accountant will be realized. - l12l JANE MARTIN .lane Words fail us in trying to list Jane's at- tainments, for she is our musician, athlete, and scholar. Every noon hour she furnished our music for dancing. In conversation Jane is an authority on golf, and how to appreciate the game. She has won, for the past three years, the woman's golf championship of the Shannopin Country Club. However, she did not permit these hobbies to interfere with her scholastic standing. MARY JANE TAYLOR Mary fame Mary Jane, a tiny lass with curly hair, is one of the most popular students at Annun- ciation. If you have been introduced to her as Anne of Green Gables or Joanna in the Christmas play, you could not help loving Mary jane. Her talent is not limited to dra- matics, but shines forth also in our French Club of which she is secretary. Combined with her other qualities is a bit of wit plus a pleasant smile. We hope Mary Jane will find as much pleasure in the secretarial field, as she shared at Annunciation. CATHERINE SMITH Goog Ready, willing, and able-this brieHy de- scribes Catherine. Goog, with her air of simplicity and naturalness, has won for herself a host of friends. Never too busy to be friendly, seems to be her life motto. Wher- ever there is fun, you will find Catherine in- cluded in the goings-on. In bidding Goog farewell, we offer this bit of advice: Don't ever change. THECLA SABAS Tebh Tech, the only twin in her Y class, is an industrious student. As i freshmen we thought her shy, but now we know she is really a bright, XA friendly, and vivacious girl. We all D Qt... wish her success in her ambition to ..:S be a hotel manager. -i 0 MARGARET McGIN'I?h'J-IQ 2634 Charles Street N5 ANNUNCIATION ' ' There -was once a little girl, Who'd always laugh and gr-in,' And everyone -with whom she inet, Their friendship dia' she win. vv ' .. KATHLEEN CLEARY 2542 Charles Street ANNUNCIATION Full of fun and mischief too, Doing things she should not do, As a guard she can win fame On her we all have a claim. DOLORES FALLON 2951 Glen Mawr Ave., Sheridan HOLY INNOCENTS 5 Never a worry: never a carey Happy Dolly -walks on air,' Never a grurnhlef never a sighy That is why she rates so high. Y GRACE MCCORMICK 1013 Lamont Street ST. ANDREW Gracie is a winsome lass Dainty, kind and sweet: To have her as your comrade Would he a life long treat. 13 gl me N JANE MA TIN 9 Oxford Roacl, Ben Avon Heights SACRED HEART A girl that's rather quiet She is diferent from the rest,' Jane a'oesn't publish all she knows Which shows that she knows best. MARY JAN E TAYLOR 5409 Delaware Avenue ANNUNCIATION Wd! Mary Iane's quite a student, At least we've always heardf But when it comes to acting, ' She surely is superb. U Y CATHERINE SMITH' lj lj 2619 Leland Avenue 0, , X f ANNUNCIATION ,fs Modest, polite, and very t, A friend to all and very sweet. Loyal of heart, alert of mind, A finer girl, you'll never jind. THECLA SABAS 1913 Charles Street ANNUNCIATION Tillie's like the wind that stirs The cool grass hy the sea,' The gentleness of night is hers When waves ran fresh and free. V Personality Sketches FLORENCE MANG Flo Flo came to us from St. fl, 'l Francis Xavier's. She is an at- tentive listener to all our tales of QA K woe. If you like some one who 3 A is always ready and willing to give you a helping hand, you V' I-' will like Flo. She uses all her spare moments either studying or reading. She also is one of L the star guards on our basketball team. We, the Class of '38, wish Flo all the success and luck in the World. 1 is BETTY VOLTZ Betty A carefree, happy girl is our Betty. i Always cheerful and ever ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. She has a good sense of humor and a pleasing smile. Elizabeth is a leader in all the activities of the school. Her secret passions are dancing and skating. Betty's greatest ambition is to become a famous Beau- tician. May luck be with her in all her un- dertakings. MARIE BROSNAN Bella Marie, possessing all the qualities of a quiet and dignified young lady, is known to all her friends as Bell Marie loves to sing, and dance, but her favorite outdoor sport is tennis. This quiet lass will always be remembered for her pleasing disposition and willingness to help others. MARYDEE SCHLANGER Marydee Marydee's cheerful smile and happy-go- lucky nature are very good excuses for her be- ing called Marydee. Many of her classmates would be proud to possess sparkling blue eyes and fair curly hair like Dede,s. She excels in French, her favorite subject, but she has learned that a head of curls does not help her much in solving Geometry problems. - 141 MILDRED BALKER Mil Still water runs deep. With this proverb, We present to you Mildred Balker. Although you must see her to know she is around, she is far from being quiet at our local skating rink. Mil loves to skate, dance, play tennis, and to attend the latest movie. Mildred is also a stu- dent and does not allow her love for social ac- tivities to interfere with her class work. Her brown laughing eyes show by a genuine twin- kle that she is a faithful and dependable friend. CATHERINE BROSNAN Kitty Beauty, personality, good-humor, and will- ingness are Kitty's most valuable assets. She is fair and square in every game. Her favor- ite sports ate basketball, swimming, roller- skating, and bowling, but she is also a lover of books. Her pleasant disposition and sunny smile have won her many loyal friends during her four years at Annunciation High School. We wish you happiness and success, Kitty, in anything you undertake. GERALDINE SLATT Jerry Our star varsity forward, the despair of rival teams, Geraldine has poise, athletic ability, personality, and heaps of admirers. She is a persistent lass, always willing to argue a ques- tion until she has won her point. Although she is talented in art and poetry, she aspires to a different field. Her ambition is high. It is in the sky-she wants to be an air hostess. With Jerry's determination and ability to win friends, we know she will succeed in anything she undertakes. DOROTHY CURLEY A lovely girl with a sweet smile, sunny disposition, good humor, and charming personality is our Doro- thy Curley. She is studious, but ls- can manage to forget her lessons long enough to enjoy dancing. Her W Dot aim is to be an interior decorator. Judging from Dot's good taste, her fellow students feel sure she will succeed in this ambition as she has in everything that she ever at- I tempted. FLORENCE MANG 3142 Brighton Road ST. FRANCIS XAVIER A very zlonzextic permrl, A quiet. comer-zfatizfe ming In the home u-'here Florence liver , There Jurely mint be blixx. BETTY VOLTZ 412 Bark Street ANNUNCIATION Our Betty never wean' a frown For .the ix never blue, A treamre great in her 'zue'11e found Became .the ix Jo true. MARIE BROSNAN 2638 Shadeland Ave 0 ST ANDREW WWW! Heartx are filed with lfrnay When our Bell .rtridet awa ' 9' For her one'J love never wa-net Many palr her kirzdrzefx gains. MARYDEE SCHLANGER 2723 Perrysville Avenue ANNUNCIATION Dream on, Maryrlee, dorft cry You'll grow up bye and bye. We'll mix: your noixe and fun And your ready little pun. MILDRED BALKER 3504 McClure Avenue ST. LBO'S Mildred ix a xplendid friend, Sincere and jnxt and true, N partial in her judgments ut square through and through JIM ' CATHERINE BROSNAN 2638 Shadeland Avenue ST. ANDREW Kitty ix a pretty girl She'x alwayx sweet and true, She is a very precioru pearl Yon'll never fi-nd her blue. GERALDINE SLATT 102 East Kennedy Avenue ANNUNCIATION Fine foot two, and eye.r of blue Patient, Jweet, and clever, too. In truth .the if a wiruome lan, Much adored by all her class. DOROTHY CURLEY 3518 Brighton Road ST. FRANCIS XAVIER Sincere, and .fweet and true So happyg far from blue Her .tmile like .mmhine darts Deep within our hearts. S. S. ANNUNCIATOR WORLD CRUISE I-T-I-N-E-R-A-R-Y From PORT JUNIOR to MONTGOMERY PIER Ample time is provided for visiting all the worthwhile points of interest PORTS and PLACES DETAILS OF CRUISE-INCLUDING SHORE EXCURSIONS DATE Leave Port Junior Closing Exercises-Served Banquet to the Sailors of '37. June 15, 1937 Cruising at Sea Smooth sailing ahead for Port Senior. Arrive Port Senior Calls at all high spots in the Field of Education. The Captain orders Chemistry. as a tonicg Geometry as a preventive of Sea- sickness. Tempting meals served in the SCHAD DINING ROOM. Port Mary Election of Officers-Dedication of Shrine. Consecration of all on board to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. july and August Sept. 1, 1937 Sept. 8, 1957 Retreat Pier Retrar Master, Father Delaney, of happy and holy memory, Sept. 21-22, 23, instilled a love of solitude and recollection. 1937 Riverview Pief fl'f?.2iiilGifif'LJif.lZ'5gi'ugfiliwiilfiiliiHifffiiefyafi11222 OH- 15, 1937 Cfuising 1?S5'iii'5,.l'f' 1iisaiiidiioiiviiagioffioliaifowiil' 15129.-ii4l3iyi?' Daily At Sea Hallowe'en Party--Initiation of deck-hands-Kiddie Party. Oct. 31, 1937 isiss..3552fs..z2zi2Ws..z2.::r.J?m' Medi Nov- 1 we Sailing A jaunt across Linwood Deck to enjoy basket-ball in gymg or a bracing plunge in Pool McNaughter. Never a dull moment! Port French After a delightful trip with calls at Algebra, Latin, History, and English the ship ties up in Port French. The French passengers entertained with two one-act plays. Port Christmas Before the liner's ten days' stopover at the happy land of the Nativity a variety of Christmas Dramas was enjoyed by all on board. The ship's Chaplain, Rev. L. A. O'Connell, directed The Empty Room, the leading feature of the program. Tuesdays through- out the cruise Dec. 21, 1937 Dec. , 1937 Once more we climbed the gangplank to the S. S. Annunciator, whose delightful interior breathed an air of hospitality. Every- ' ' where bo rd hip hovered the alert and courteous cabin-girls and . 1 38 New Yeats Piet deck-hind: Ciireshmenlg the stewards and ship-mates CSopho- Jan 9 moreslg and the remaining crew Uuniorsj ready to anticipate our slightest signal. Regular schedule continued. S. O. S. Senior Pier proved weakg Junior Shorthand Props proved helpful. J 1938 Charles St. Dock Dangerous shoals ahead. CMid-Year Examsl. an' Naval Battle-S. S. Ambridge defeated by S. S. Annunciaror. Port McNau5he' Both ships in bad shape. CScore 8-95. Jan' 1938 Miuvale Pier Sb-S50l'Annunciator salutes S. S. Millvale. CDisrnal Defeatl Jan. 1938 Music Shop We danced with gay companions to the spirited swing of Jan 1958 Pier Buddy Arson's orchestra. ' ' The victorious S. S. Annunciator saluted by the S. S. Sharps- : Port Shafpsbufg burg. iScore 16-83. Rb' 1938 East St. Wharf All photographed for renewal of Passports. Feb. 1938 Montgomery Pier Our party was escorted by experienced guides through the Bell Telephone Plant. Feb. 1938 U61 S. S. ANNUNCIATOR WORLD CRUISE I-T-I-N-E-R-A-R-Y From NORWOOD PORT to PORT COMMENCEMENT Ample time is provided for visiting all the worthwhile points of interest Norwood Port Voyagers receive Valentines at Deck Patty. Feb. 14, 1958 - Basketball Tournament in the Norwood Gym, supervised by Linwood Wharf Chaplain, pro-tem, Rev. P. Cullen. His specialized knowledge Feb. 17, 1938 was invaluable. Spring Garden S. S. Annunciator's personnel was completed when Miss Helen Pier Meledin, Social Directress, embarked. Feb- 18, 1958 Through coral channels and rough seas we turned to our able r Th h Cruising Captain and Officers. Cautiously they steered our boat into safe mug harbsrs. 180 days Coming into the Lenten Bay we anchor, and for gayety and so- Pon Lent cial brilliance await Easter. March 2' 1938 M N h Another naval victory for S. S. Annunciator against S. S. St, E1-lsssgler John. 14-8. Wounded cared for in St. Vincent Mary's Hospital. March 4' 1958 Pier McNaughgf Fashion Parade on Deck-Cheers for the Blue Satin. March 4, 1958 Port Poeppert Coach Meledin with her SOPH STARS visit the photographer. March 8, 1958 Ambridge Harbor S. S. Annunciator badly damaged in a collision with S. S. Ambridge. CScore 2-18D. March 9,1938 Mt. Gallitzin Pier Recent damages suffered by S. S. Annunciator repaired at Baden Docks. March 11, 1938 Paschal Harbor Stop-over ar Port Easter. We are not concerned with the prob- lem of clothes, for nothing unusual is required or permitted on this educational cruise. Uniforms are in vogue. April 8, 1958 Pon Wilson iZZl.d'?ZZz. ..iZli52Q2ZiS 5336?-iiiliciiiiil Sunshine Wm' 'he May 6' 1958 Promenade Pief 22,5525b'Z2Y.2EFf0nlei'ii2i..?.ii'iiilihiifagifgfnIl12iI2fe. fthe Mav 13- 1958 Gm Gables iif'S'..'ii 'Ii ciiiefbifiiifiialaiaiiif'f'59Ffs.5S5ii1ZSdP1?fY. E'.i.C15f'2f1fI MW 24' 1938 Commlggemem Gradution-Day of Recollection-Farewell Banquet. June ?631g' 12' LIFE'S SHIP AHOY! ,fs fl ,ify , . ,i . - J iw: f '. f ?i':f '- ii'if4?, . l17l Out of the Treasure Chest .wo .4 aa .f- Q S,-k ig X Big 'ze , , ZE.l? Q i tar 94:- Q ia, Q K, ' , sf D' . e-' u ,, 1' V 1 is - . E . K W 735' 'ii V L ' xixst- it P ki i- ' A --f ILE . 1 ,,.,. I ,QS El.: - - --f '- f ' - -F L - - ' L 231 ei' . . ' ,Nj I -' fa,--. New Q. ' '-eo. i- -:gig if 'Q . p s I P- -f -.rig ' a3,'f , I, ...Q .3 v - 7 ' 5..- Well do our readers know that the ocean is strewn with riches. From Father Neptune's sea-bed treasury this chest has been salvaged by deep sea divers who groped and found a trunk, the oaken sides of which were crumbling away. To raise such an elusive treasure chest required undaunted salvors, who by the aid of pumps penetrated the belt of shifting sand. The salvage chief with his divers tackled the wreck and recovered these long hidden treasures, which we Seniors, as a mark of affection, distribute to the Juniors as follows: Rosemary Lang to joan Wurdack, a tarnished mug filled and bubbling over with happiness. Virginia McCarthy to Ida Coennan a long buried sapphire ring. Kathleen Cleary to Helen Gruber, diamond studded ear-rings. Betty Voltz to Eileen Flynn, a cameo ring. Mildred Balker to Betty Sherlock, an ivory bracelet. Florence Mang to Eulalia Phelan, an emerald necklace-a precious souvenir. Catherine Brosnan to Betty McCormick, a gold chain. Margaret McGinley to Margaret Gillespie, a gold bracelet-a very old heirloom. Ruth Crehan to Rose Thoma, a tiny gold cross and chain. Thecla Sabas to Grace Michaely, a silver sugar-bowl. Our Grace loves sweets. Jane Martin to Madeleine Merriman, her camera, spared from the water by an oilcloth case. Marie Brosnan to Dorothy Coll, diamond hair-clips to sparkle in Dot's golden hair. Geraldine Slatt to Mary Grundler, a pair of silver slippers to tread her way to fame. Catherine Smith to Ruth Kleeb, a silver cup. Pass it down, Ruth, to posterity. Grace McCormick to Helen Lucas, a baby's silver shoe. Audrey Edleman to Luella Cox, a gold coral necklace. Anna Mae Glitsch to Cecelia Sukits and Anna Mary Lukitsh, two silver candlesticks and rare candles to light the way through their Senior year. Mary Hergenroeder to Betty Berberich, a bracelet which carries a charm for health and happiness. Mary Louise Dany to Mary Margaret Keenan, a precious lavelier, fto add to Margie's collection of heirloomsj. Mary jane Taylor to Genevieve Kennedy, a carved ivory pin, to keep her wits together. Marydee Schlanget to Margaret Kennedy, a French translation of Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon, which was found wrapped in oil paper. Dorothy Curley to Jane Chirdon, her string of pearls. May they bring Jane much joy. Peggy Malone to Ann Murphy, a gold pin to add to Anna's display on her sweater. Dolores Fallon to Mary Kress, a pair of roller skates-somewhat rusty, 'tis trueg but not bad considering their sea-bed vacation. We trust, dear Juniors, that you will appreciate these treasures from the deep. The coins, which had been packed in wooden boxes and upon which the sea had done its worst, we shall use to defray the expenses of our four years' cruise in S. S. Annunciator. U81 The Passengers of the Cruise S We buck each wind and fight each gale As passengers, we Seniors, sailg Emha-rking seas of earthly strife, We leave our voyage of high school life. PASSENGERS R. Lang ...... A. Eldernan . . . C. Smith .... P. Malone .... J. Mmm .... M. L. Dany. . . M. Brosnan . . . A. M. Glitsch ....... K. Cleary ..... M. J. Taylor. . . Ouchl it Pastime . . . .Burning mid-night oil .............Singing .. . . . . .Bothering . . . .Talking French . . . .Playing the Piano . . . .Playing Tennis . . . .Writing Poetry .Going to the Movie M. McGinley .... . . M. O. Schlanger ..... . . . . .Looking Sympathetic .Boosting our Team . . .Drawing Pictures . . . .Fixing her hair QUIPS FROM THE .............Burns Say it with. . . .... Flowers We lie down. . . .... For-rest For exams we... Carry our bags .... . . .Porter Indian Love .... ...... C oll A nearby street .... .... K ennedy Seeks criminals .... ..... S herlock A happy man is a .... ..... M erri-man Let 'em .......... . . .Ma-lone We want our hair .... ..... C urley How are you ...... . . .Phelan? Hold your ............... .... Ch irdon Edgar Bergen's stooge ......... McCarthy Mother spanked her daughter .... I want a ride on the .......... Who kracked the Quips? ..... ..... .......... G 1 itsch f-N ON 191 Now that we've reached our Isle of Dreams, The sunshine of our future gleams. No clouds of darkness hover round: We trust success will soon he found. PASSENGERS Pastime M. Hergenroeder ......... Being Sociable B. Voltz .............. Solving Problems G. Slatt ............ Interpreting Dreams Curley ...... Doing Fancy Dance Steps C. Brosnan. .Keeping her balance on Deck Fallon ............. Mailing packages McCarthy ....... Manicuring her nails T. Sabas ...... ....... R eading Fiction R. Crehan ......... Looking at her watch M. Balker ........ Roller skating on Deck F. Mang ............ Pressing her clothes G. McCormick .... D. D. V. . ..... Keeping Tab PASSENGERS Down by the Old. . . Comparative of nice. . The day is bright and. Maker of cough drops. . . . . . . .. . .Mill CStreamD ...........Neizer . . . ..... Cleary . . .Smith We took a ride in our ....... Car-car-fab Auld ................. Lang fSyneD Salt it and .......... ..... P oepper-et ......Voltz ......Carioto We took the ............. Schiegg test Seven dwarfs and Snow .......... White I operate a Five and Ten ........ Murphy Watts and ...... A famous dance. . . . This ................... Brand'1 Cdob Took part in Hill-billy feud ....... Martin ...................And-er-son ....Ferris QWhee1b Travelogue fy It was on the fourteenth of June, 1938, a day filled with good cheer that the S. S. Alumnae welcomed as passengers twenty-four charming graduates from Annunciation High WH A School. As the liner steamed out from Port Commencement, rumor had it that those young ladies were setting sail in quest of 4 sg' X ,, 5hFame, Fortune, and Happiness. Ten years have passed. Many from the Class of 1938 have realized their heart's desires. Among these we find on the high 744 ' seas our Dorothy Curley, the breezy, dashing, happy wife of the captain of the White Star's new liner, S. S. Prophecy. Dor- othy's friend, Ruth Crehan is publicity agent for the Steamship Company and enjoys many round-the-world cruises. Wishing to keep informed concerning the dear old U. S. A., Ruth sug- gested that Dorothy and she listen in . As they were trying to get New York, Paris interfered long enough for them to hear J QQ them to hear the announcer say: The ladies of Paris are readily adopting the latest style in hair dressing, a bow with a front curl, as introduced by Mlle Virginia McCarthy and Mlle Catherine Brosnan. Paris was soon cut off and America tuned in. just in time! This is sta- tion U. S. A. We wish to announce that we have secured the World News Crier, Miss Mary Louise Dany, for this station. Her voice could be heard ringing out clear and strong. She announced that Miss Jane Martin, a most learned scholar, had been installed in the Immigration Department. She can interpret all languages and so far has been a most valuable help. The next station picked was KDKA announcing the returns from the Penn- sylvania Senatorial elections. Miss Mildred Balker has been elected first Con- gress woman from that state. This is probably due to the fact that Anna Mae Glitsch, a renowned suffragette, was her campaign manager. The next baffling announcement came from station WWSW. A national celebrity know as Kathleen Pry Cleary, reporter for the Charles Street Newsf' can solve any mystery. ' After a night in dreaming of all the startling information, the morning dawned bright and clear with the good ship Prophecy lying in the harbor at New Orleans. Several of the party left the ship for a day of sight seeing. just as they stepped off the gang-plank, they met our slow-moving Margaret Malone, who never believes in hurrying. She has been for years employed in the restful position of a time-keeper for the Snail and Tortoise Tax Company. The pace of New Orleans just suits Miss Malone. Margaret, glad to see her old friends, acted as a guide and pointed out places of interest. Displayed on a huge sign in the public square of New Orleans they read Mary Jane Taylor, an American Star in 'Storm Child'.,' Miss Taylor is the all- singing, all-dramatizing wonder of the age. Our Ann of Green Gables was a star before she left Annunciarion High. fl ? - W lr' , is N l E201 1 ,f JMiss Geraldine Slatt, America's champion non-stop aviator, radio listener, marathon runner, bicycle rider, channel-swimmer joined the cruise at this old quaint city. She insisted that before leaving New Orleans a visit should be made to YE BEAUTIFIER SHOPPED where Betty Voltz, a wealthy cosmeti- cian, is the proprietor. Betty claims that people who enter looking like eighty deparlt looking like eighteen. MX Arriving on board the Prophecy', in time for dinner, Miss Slatt entertained the passengers by locating for them the other loved classmates of '38. How glad all were to learn that our happy, cheery Catherine Smith is now the dignified wife of our ambassador to Italy! She has the nicest home and serves the best meals in Naples. Catherine will see to it that our liner stops at that port. Dot ' was curious to know where our warbling ladybird had flown. After three guesses, Dorothy learned that Marie Brosnan had stepped into the shoes of the leading prima donna in the Cosmopolitan Opera House. Her selections are composed and published by Margaret McGinley who now receives royalties by the car-loads. Since there still remained a few more classmates to be located Geraldine chatted on. Married to a brilliant professor, Mary Dee Schlanger with her husband conducts Los Angeles' Most Exclusive University. Another noted celebrity is Rosemary Lang the most prominent star on the radio program. She earns an enormous salary on the Kiddies Hour, and is loved by children the world over. By the foremost style authorities Miss Florence Mang was elected to model that lovely sequins evening dress shown in the Sun-Telegraph. Miss Mang has designed for the most exclusive shops of London, Paris, and New York. Grace McCormick, a certified public accountant for the Irish Republic, is vacationing in Pittsburgh. Her Irish eyes are still smiling. Almost any day in the offices of the editor of the Pittsburgh Press, you may see a blonde, young woman busily taking notes and typing. She is Dolores Fal- lon, an invaluable part of the machinery which prints the J, papers for that city to read. Professor T. Sabas is now in charge of a European Gym- ' ' nastic Academy. Thecla has become a star player in polo, I basketball, hockey, and tennis. W ff None was surprised to hear that the Chicago Tribune is N 1 edited by Audrey Edleman. She has gone far and worked I hard to attain this position, but at last her dreams and wishes , ll l .6 X have come true-she is Editor-in-chief. All recalled how W .. ily lx? Audrey in the bygone days put her whole heart and soul in ii S every thing that she attempted. l 11 Ilill .J Miss Mary Hergenroeder, a noted writer has attracted il 5' world wide attention. She conducts the Lovelorn Column in the Sun-Telegraph. At present she is giving herself a much needed vacation, and may join this party when S. S. 1 M Prophecy,' anchors at the Bermuda Islands. ' 1.-431.4-,',Q:5 i211 Ofjicers of the Class of .lune 1939 Margaret Kennedy ........,... Prerident Betty McCormick .... .... S ecretary Grace Michaely .......... Vice Prerident Jane Chirclon .. ..... Treasurer '.'-Y' C A2 - as ...W...,.e JUNIOR CLASS POEM We, Juniors at Annunciation, Cbtain a High School education To help equip us for the strife, Which follows on the sea of life. Here we obey the golden rule Suggested by our worthy schoolg Too soon comes that eventful day When orders are, Anchors Aweighf' -We all shall have to sail alone E And steer our ships to ports unknown, The knowledge that we've gathered here Will strengthen us and give us cheer. Fond memories of A. H. S. Will buoy us up in all distress 'Till fmally we'll dockg and then We'll anchor, not to sail again. ' -MARGARET KENNEDY, '39 rm Commdes Forever Three years ago we launched our ship And then began our four years trip. We first arrived at Freshman Town There gazed afar to win a crown. We next sailed to the opposite shore Which goes by name of Sophomore. On deck at tennis We did play, And happy were we day by day. Once more We cruised across the sea To Junior state We came With glee, Shorthand and typing we began Bookkeeping, too, we had to land. Each storm withstoodg and braved each gale Let's from the deck to classmates hail 'QTill We're finished with this trip, Comrades, 'Don't give up the ship'.,' -ANNA MARY LUKITSH 39 i241 T he Engineering Crew .Ex VA A ,I r ff i lirgag ' f' L3 I -.,.,..,. 10 -WEA f wah ! 209 f V fY' t' r Sr, We Jmziors-Engineering Crew, The social program-1 rest with ui, Have mapped the courxe with virion true. When we prepare them there'J -no fun, We look no more into the part We had Macbeth while on the :ea And to our wheel we'll e'er hold fast. To mario notes, we danced with glee. The Engineering Crew Betty Berberich ............. - Rose Thoma ........, Anna Murphy ...,.... Betty Sherlock ......,. G. Kennedy .....,...... Joan Wurdack ........ Helen Gruber --- .............. - Eileen Flynn ..... - ............. , Margaret Gillespie - ......... . Ida Coennen ..... ---- ........ . Mary Kress ........... Ruth Kleeb .............. Eulalia Phelan - .,......,,.... - Helen Lucas ,..,.,.,,,..,,,,,,,, M Dorothy Coll ....... Cecelia Sukits .................... Margaret Kennedy ...,..,,,., . Grace Michaely .,.... Mary Grundler ..,.,,,,,-,,,,., Betty McCormick .,,,.,,,,,., Luella Cox .,,,-,,-,,.,-, M. M. Keenan ,....,. Jane Chirdon ....... M. Merriman .......... A. M. Lukitsh ....... - ,.,.,.., -, H ohhies Ambition Decorates for Hops. ........ - ...... - ............, Air Hostess Washes the Boards ...... ...,.,..........., P resident's Secretary Answers out of turn ................ Advises the Love-Lorn Attends movies e,.......... ---- ,........,...... -,-.Lifeguard Pastes notes. ...,... - ..,..................... Champ Candy-eater Collects toy animals ....,... - ........ - ...... - ............. N urse Shoots for baskets .......,. -N ........, Fashion Model Rides in a Packard ........,.....,............. College Professor Dances ........................... ---- ........... Radio Announcer Grows up---- .,.,...... - ......... .....,..... S urgical Nurse Roller Skates. ................... ........... G irls' Band Leader Supervises Proms ...... -------------------,Champ gum-chewer Engineers the Musketeers .......,............ French Teacher Ice Skates. ............................... ........ .F ashion Critic Engineers Helen ........................ ....... C oncert Pianist Is sweet ,............. .,.......... - ,.................. O pera Singer Plays Tennis e,......... - .......,....... Notre Dame Co-ed Is obliging ................ - ..................... Comedienne Makes tin soldiers. .,......... - ...,......... Roller-Skater Is a good listener ...............,.. ........... - .,..... - -Journalist Helps others ................ - ..,....... - ............... Bookkeeper Plays Basketball ....... - ............. ------------Lady of Leisure Takes Care of the farm---- ....... Agricultural Specialist Writes Poetry ---a ...... - ................. Newspaper Reporter Forms the triumvirate ,........... i251 Distinguished Educator CLASS PRESIDENT MARGARET KENNEDY 2820 Charles Street MARY KRESS 2 7 1 2 Charles Street The twinkle in her eye Attractr each parrerhy. HELEN LUCAS 2207 Irwin Avenue With her ever pleasing smile Helen maker life 'worth while. ANNA MARY LUKITSH 233 Luray Street Anna Mae if surely small She is loved hy one and all. HELEN GRUBER 2651 Linwood Avenue Helen .vtndief when .the plearer Plays around and always teaser. IDA COENNEN 14 Norman Street She'.r honert, laind and true .S'he'll make a pal for yon. EULALIA PHELAN 427 Dunlap Street So loving hearted, .fhilled in art She will choore a noble part. The ace in clarr and rports She'.r never out of rortr. ELIZABETH SHERLOCK 604 Russel Street A hlne eyed blonde indeed A friend in every need. DOROTHY COLL 2814 California Avenue The rnurician of our clarr A refined and gentle larr. CECILIA SUKITS 2 301 Lowerie Street Yozill hear her name In the Hallr of fame, MARY M. KEENAN 5 12 Chester Avenue Mary Marg is one :tar And her fame will reach far. EILEEN FLYNN 401 Burgess Street She always was a riot And never could he quiet. JOAN WURDACK 2306 Perrysville Avenue A little how within a curl Thir if Ioan, our tallert girl. VICE PRESIDENT GRACE MICHAELY 2804 Charles Street JANE CHIRDON 1943 Lithgow Avenue Life on the farm -will happy he If Jane if there to oversee. LUELLA COX 726 Brightridge Ext. Luella ir a lovely 1ni.r.v. Sweet enough for as to him. ANNA MURPHY 34 Clifton Park A giggle here, a giggle there, What e'er Jhe has, the'll Jhare. ELIZABETH BERBERICH 2157 Brighton Road She goex to all the dancer And clairm a few romanaes. GENEVIEVE KENNEDY 315 Milroy Street Many her frierzdff few he-r foes Happy 1uhere.voe'er .the goex. MADELEIN E MERRIMAN 413 E. Burgess Street 1271 Never cron, never .rnappyf Alway: rweet, always happy. ELIZABETH MCCORMICK 6 Norman Street She? helpful and witty Ami also quite pretty. MARGARET GILLESPIE 2616 Charles Street Blue eyex, brim full of frm Hearts are many Jhe ha: won. ROSE THOMA 624 Chautauqua Street A pretty latex who'r ever sweet To know our Rose if quite a Pfedl. MARY GRUNDLER 33 Overbeck Street Never loafx, -never xhirhs, Ever happy a.r Jhe worhx. RUTH KLEEB 2914 Norwood Street Ruth if a Jport, and outdoor girl Ax dear to as at any pearl. Since .the it a friend to all, Madeleine alwayr heedx a call. The Juniors' Voyage Three years ago the majestic S. S. Annunciator, having anchored at Charles Street dock, awaited the arrival of the new deck hands who had enlisted during the summer. They registered for four years service on the turbulent seas--Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Many of the new hands had sailed together for eight years, while others were strangers from various ports. After all had explored the ship, a Get-together Party was held at which they became acquainted with their new companions. Not long afterwards, the deck hands-forty-two strong were initiated and assigned, as a tryout, many lowly tasks which the new hands, all good sports, did cheerfully. Algebraic hurricanes and Historic cyclones dashed in vain against this sturdy ship. The Faculty Engineers propelled the great steam turbins that kept the liner plying through the deep and displacing tons of ignorance. The intensive driv- ing caused vibrations that resulted in seasicknessg and a few of the new mem- bers threw up the dishes of Latin and Science that they had been unable to digest. Alas, they were forced to consume such wholesome food over and over again, even though an extra summer cruise was necessary to teach them how to hold down required nourishment. Crossing Freshmen Bay they dropped anchor at Saint Lucille Harbor where all enjoyed themselves and found it hard to leave. In fact, some decided to remain longerg and only a year later could they be enticed to continue their journey. Having conndence in their capable staff, the young shipmates no longer feared a wreck. Sometimes however, they heard the low tones of the steam whistle sounding warnings to indifferent shipmates. Knot after knot the Ship steamed ahead until it arrived at Sancta Concepta Isle where the crew enjoyed delightful days. At the different stop-overs souvenirs were collected, but only such- were kept as would be a benefit later on. Under the guidance of the renowned captain and the helpful mates, the ship avoided precipitous cliffs and steered straight ahead for Port Saint Geraldine. Here the Junior engineers were taught how to operate a machine, how to engi- neer promsg how to aim correctly at a basket, how to keep their uniforms ex- actly according to regulationsg in a word they learned shipshape order for everything. All on board, buoyed with the prospects of another favorable cruise, climbed aloft where floated at the top-mast the Junior colors-green and gold. The needle of the ship's compass pointed directly to Port Senior. The wonderful voyage of three years was over. l28l The Shipmates and Stewards I . X I . We, the Sopb'morer forty-six On bridge and deck we are alert Are the .rbipmates full of tricks A A Lett a Senior might get burr. As Jtewardr, too, our work is frm - 3 Dependable we'iZ al-ways be Looking out for everyone. On this trip acror: the sea. I I X The Sbipmater and Stewards Isabelle Arch ....... Dorothy Blazier . . . Helen Brandl .... Dorothy Briggs . .. Rosemary Burns . . . Mary Carcara .... Edith Carioto ..... Mae Cox .......... Kathleen Devereaux . . Mathilda Dragone . . . Gloria Ann Edleman . Maureen Ferguson . . . Dorothy Flowers .... Elizabeth Forrest .. Margaret Frazier . . Edna Mae Garvey .... Jean Gordon ....... Edith Glitsch ..... Lois Gruber ........ Praxedes Hart ...... Ethel Hergenroeder . . Anna M. Hergenroeder ...... Christina Martin .... Jane Kram ......... Catherine Mesonka . . Grace Messmer ..... Pauline Micklos ..... Imelda Murtha ..... Patricia McCullough . Victoria Neizer ..... Mary Louise Omlor. . . Margaret Phillips .... Anne Poeppert .... Clare Relihan ....... Elizabeth Rooney .... Dorothy Schiegg . . Dolores Schnepp .. Agnes Schalfer .... Bernice Shanahan . .. Anna Sterzinger ..... Dorothy Vuletich .... Jean Vuletich ..... Mary M. Waller. . . Mathilda Weber . . Rachael Williams . .. Izzy .... Dot . . . Hon ..... Briggs. . . Rosemary. Mar ..... Eda ..... Coxy .... Kay .... Tilly ..... Ganny. . . Rene .... Posey . . . Betty . . . Sis .... Mae. . . Jean ..... I Want A New Romance . . . . . . . Come Back To Erin Lefty ........ . . Daisy Mae Hootsie. . Herky. . . Cuz .... Chris .... Crumb .. Katie .... Gracie. . . Mickey. . . Murt .... Pat .... Vic.... Toots. . . . Marj ..... Anne Clare .... Betty .... Schieggie . Dodo .... Blackie. . . Birdie .... Sterz .... Dot ..... Jeanie. . . Mary .... Tilda .... Ray . . . E291 . . . . . . . . . Music In My Heart . . .Everyone's Wrong But Me . . . . . I Want To Make Music .............. Sweet Someone . . . . . . . . Got My Mind On Music . . . It's The Natural Thing To Do ..,,....... Sweet As A Song . .... Am I Dreaming? S ongr of S opbomores Everybody Loves You ................ DarkEyes . You're a Sweetheart Getting Some Fun Out of Life Why Should I Care? All You Want To Do Is Dance Horne On The Range ... . . . . . . . . Precious To Me . . . . . Don't Ever Change Everyday's a Holiday nposins it ...-.-........-- . . . . . . . Crazy Dreams . . . . . . . I'm Dependable Every Now And Then . . . . . . . Can I Forget You? . . . I'm Feelin' Like A Million Having A Wonderful Time . . . . Laugh Your Way Through Life . . . . I Want The Whole World To Know Could I Write A Book? With A Smile And A Song n sr u an . . . Sophisticated Lady n n n n n n n n u . . . . . Remember Me . ............ Lovely One In My Glory HitANeW High . . . I'rn Foot Loose and Fancy Free . . . . . . . Delighted To Meet You I Live The Life I Love Double Dare You . . . . For She's A jolly Good Fellow . Jeanie With The Dark Brown Hair As Calm As the Night n n n n .............. Me,MyselfandI ............ Smarty In n Class of 1940 JANE KRAM The lily can't be gilded. JEAN GORDON Loyal of heartg alert of mind. IMELDA MURTHA Cheery countenance and a merry heart. DOROTHY SCHIEGG just Dorothy! ROSEMARY BURNS Another dayg another song. BERNICE SHANAHAN A smile for everyone. DOROTHY BRIGGS Dot, the optimistg Dot, the humorist. PATRICIA MCCULLOUGH Ever faithfulg ever true. AGNES SCHAFFER A ray of sunshine. MAE COX Little! but Oh my! X VICTORIA NEISZER Music hath charms. CLARE RELIHAN Our violet. E301 ISABELLE ARCH Clair: Pfrerident The force of her own merits makes her loved by all. HELEN BRANDL Personality plus. MARY LOUISE OMLOR A voice of song. GLORIA ANN EDLEMAN Antiseptic for melancholy. MARY WALLER A quiet maid with quiet ways. DOROTHY BLAZIER just the sort of girl for you. RITA HAJDUK A bookworm indeed! MARGARET FRAZIER Her voice was ever soft and low. ANNE POEPPERT A pleasant churn. RACHEL WILLIAMS I am Wisdom's fortress. MARGARET PHILLIPS Her Kingdom for a Horse ANNA MAE HERGENROEDER Full of wisdomg full of wit. KATHLEEN DEVEREAUX A charming lass with eyes of brown. ELIZABETH ROONEY Good little pal. CHRISTINA MARTIN She'll come smiling through. GRACE MESSMER Vfhy not be frank? ANNA STERZINGER Every word a joke. JEAN VULETICH More fun than a circus. DOROTHY VULETICH Anything I have is yours. MATILDA DRAGONE A gentle, harmless lass. DOLORES SCHNEPP Pretty face and winsome smile. LOIS GRUBER Ever pleasant: ever gay. E311 Class of 1940 DOROTHY FLOWERS A girl you can't resist. EDITH GLITSCH Ever ready to do her bit. CATHERINE MESONKA Airs of sweet simplicity. ETHEL HERGENROEDER Fond of fung full of pep. MAUREEN EERGUSON Sparkling eyes and friendly smile. PAULINE MICKLOS A quiet, dependable lass. EDITH CARIOTO just in time to be too late. ELIZABETH FORREST Our everlasting giggler. EDNA MAE GARVEY Our sweet-tempered red-head. MARY CARCARA Rhythm in her feet. PRAXEDES HART A merry heart that laughs at care. MATILDA WEBER Kind words she has for all. Cabin Girls and Deck Hands is M Q '. Cam 72m eff WP! ' A ' 1 f f A ., 6 mu I M , ll Z all E ci Q 0 ff, AJ cabin girls and deck hands, too, They .verve and :weep and paint and clean Who work with all their might, And aid with every task The Freshman help this ship along For Frerhier will be Seniors .roonf From early morn 'till night. Then service THEY will ark. CABIN GIRLS and DECK HANDS Jean Brown . . . . Patricia Marner. . . . Clara King ............ Their Joh: .. . . . . .Sweeping . . . . . .Cleaning deck .Cleaning portholes Rosemarie Schlanger ........ Baking pastries Olive Blazier ....... Norma Hajduk .... Mary Sabell ........ Mercedes Heckscher. Estelle Porter ....... . . Rita Wiemann. ........ . Dorothy Gebhardt . . .Feeding the dogs . Filling wash tubs . . . .General cleaning . . . .Drying dishes . .Washing clothes . .Preparing meals .Emptying baskets Mary L. McCullough ........ Burning papers Dorothy McAndrews .... Winifred McCormick ..... Dorothy White ..... .Washing windows . .Feeding pet cats . . . . . . .Polishing shoes Beryl Lansell .... ..... D usting deck chairs Mary Berry ....... U21 CABIN GIRLS and DECK HANDS Irene Grant .... Jean Fallon .... Gloria Ferris .... Jean Herrle .... Alice Sabell ....... . Their jobs . . . .Serving meals . . .Painting rails . . . . . .Stoking coal . . .Running errands . . . .Cooking meals Margaret Buerkle .... .... W ashing dishes Adele Kunkle ..... Marjorie Kunkle . . . Dorothy Kearns .... . . . . .Cleaning cabins . . . .. . . .Ironing . . . . . .Making beds Mary A. Sexton ................. Cooking Mary Mill ....... Margaret Davis .... Acting as messenger . . . . . .Setting tables Rita Watkins ........ . .Doing kitchen duty Elizabeth Rastetter ...... Audrey Anderson . . . Anna Romano ...... . . . . .Polishing brass . . . .Scrubbing deck ...........Baking . . .Peeling potatoes Class of 1941 JEAN BROWN Red hair without a temper. PATRICIA MARNER Tiny, sweet, simple. CLARA KING Quiet, pleasing, efiicient. ROSEMARIE SCHLANGER Sociable, graceful, witty. OLIVE BLAZIER Capable, friendly, mirthful. NORMA HAJDUK Small but ambitious. MARY SABELL Bright-eyed, agreeable, sincere. MERCEDES I-IECKSCHER Brunette, merry, polite. ESTELLE PORTER Attractive, athletic, reliable. RITA VUIEMANN Stylish, bashful, courteous. DOROTHY GEBHARDT Serious, lady-like, deliberate. MARY L. MCCULLOUGH Curly-headed, resourceful. DOROTHY MCANDREWS Fair, amiable, reserved. WINIFRED MCCORMICK Refined, poetical, genial. DOROTHY WHITE Tall, cheerful, demure. ANNA B. LANSELL Quiet, original, sunny. I33 MARY BERRY Clan Prerident Slim, active, studious. IRENE GRANT Brilliant, progressive, playful JEAN FALLON Blonde, sensible, industrious. GLORIA FERRIS Plump, bright, good-natured JEAN HERRLE Humble, dependable. ALICE SABELL Brown-eyed and laughing. MARGARET BUERKLE Neat, tactful, popular. ADELE KUNKEL Sunny, bubbling, energetic. MAR-IORIE KUNKEL Slight, pleasant, generous. DOROTHY KEARNS Artistic, steady, considerate. MARY A. SEXTON , Obedient, thoughtful, kind. MARY MILL Charming, helpful, enthusiastic MARGARET DAVIS Natural, intelligent, delightful RITA WATKINS Blue-eyed, loyal, jolly. ELIZABETH RASTETTER Alert, sturdy, likeable. AUDREY ANDERSON Vivacious, nimble, excitable. ANNA ROMANO Dark, shy, obliging. X, , f f ff Vf L f 26 ff XXX ff ff! f S Yr S Q 4-nv n . X' ana EX 3, , .miss Happy Memories Bliss in possession will not last, Remembered joys are never past, At once the fountain, stream, and sea, They were, they are, they yet shall be. Four years of working together, of sharing the same pleasures, of striving all for the same aim-the good of Annunciation High School, has woven this year's Senior Class into a friendship and intimacy which will long be re- membered. When the day of Graduation dawns, it will find the Class of 1938 looking expectantly into the future but not forgetting the happy days they have spent in Annunciation High School. SUCCESS CROWNS LABOR All the pupils have made an effort to obtain advertisements and patrons to aid in financing The Annunciatorf' but the following have been mostpsuccessful: SENIORS-Rosemary Lang, Mary Louise Dany, Virginia McCarthy, Mildred Balker, Dolores Fallon, Mary Hergenroeder, Catherine Smith, Marie Brosnan, Anna Mae Glitsch. JUNIORS-Ruth Kleeb, Madeleine Merri- man, Anna M. Lukitsh. SOPHOMORES-Dorothy Vuletich, Mary Louise Omlor, Patricia McCullough. FRESHMEN-Mary Agnes Sexton, Olive Blazier. Hurrah for our colors, the BLUE and the WHITE Beneath one banner we all unite. Hurrah for our COACH and the stars she has made Hurrah for our victors and the games they've played. THE SOPHOMORE STARS Top row: Praxedes Hart, Maureen Fergu- son, Our coach Miss Helen Meledin, Matilda Weber, jean Gordon. Center: Dorothy Schiegg. Bottom row: Rosemary Burns, Gloria Edle- man, Imelda Murtha, Anna Sterzinger, Jane Kram. Nlirrirzg Starr: M. Cox, E. Hergenroeder, C. Relihan, D. Briggs, D. Vuletich, l. Arch, C. Martin, R. Haiduk, D. Schnepp, D. Blazier, M. L. Omlor, B. Rooney. l35l M Junior Reminiscences O Junior Class, do you recall, One Winter afternoon, When Sister Florence said to us, Your Prom will be quite soon. With laurel, pines, and music sheets Adorned we Norwood Hall, And cut out notes both black and white, To paste upon the wall. The place looked wondrous, so we thought, But gloom was soon to come, When protests came from all around. And prospects did look glum. But soon the Prom day rolled around, And sadness then did fade. We danced unto our heart's delight And drank pineapple ade. But all good things must surely end, And Monday morning found The bucket-laden Junior Class, Quite far from Heaven-bound. We scrubbed the walls of Norwood Hall Till they were spic and span. Which only proves our Junior Class, Can keep things well in hand. -Madeleine Merriman, '39. Music Shop Prom JUNIORS OF ANNUNCIATION Buddy Arson's Orchestra Friday, January 28 Norwood Pines VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD A. H. S.- 9 ..............,.....,....... St. Veronica- 8 A. H. S.-16 ....... ......,......... S t. Mary- 8 A. H. S.-12 ,...,.. .......... S t. Anthony-12 A. H. S.-12 ........,, ............. S t. John- 8 A. H. S.- 2 ....... ..,...... S t. Veronica-18 A. H. S.-32 ...,... ........ M t. Gallitzin-28 A. H. S.-14 ....... .........,...... S t. Mary-22 A. H. S.-13 ........... ....., ..... H o ly Rosary-20 A. H. S.-32 .......... ....,........ S t. Joseph-10 A. H. S.-16 ...,... ........ D uke Seniors- 7 Idralur 'E' A Q Q , ,... f., F: In Q' 7 Q A 5 a Z h w..N,,,,.N-unsung X mmsuss nfmsszlvrso Hl g q f X., X' IN mrnvfrv Q Aunuuclmau HIGH scHaoL f , A 'll lld n Sa f Q WW W , fn Q :. Q.Q.'-EH f X n in A ... J iii? 1- i fi A Pla! !'nni gg? 5, 5-.Alva 11 A n ne-I xr rnnu :nts I Ill I i l ' U ' M l Q I U 'WS I , fx HX' -5 H g glmlk.-, V X l - .,,.:5.m., .k.Q, K I II I. B i361 Iifels Voyage The shores of childhood now grow dim The course is new to me Oh, Mother, guide this bark to where Thy Son would have it be. The sea is roughg the waves run highg And storm clouds hover near. Oh! from the rocky reef of sin Protect me, Mother Dear. A Port there is not far awayg It lures with joy and gold. There's love and home and happiness And duties manifold. But joys like bubbles burst and fadeg Much gold does not buy love And earthly mansions crumble soong Eternal, those above. I'll find a port of happiness, Where peace and joy abide. I'll love a Heart that loves for ayeg I'll be His treasured bride. -S. V. M. Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, I toss on a stormy seag O lift thy Child as a Beacon Light, To the Port where I fain would be! And, Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, This do I ask of thee- When life's voyage is o'er, oh! stand on the Star of the Sea But they seeing Him walking upon the sea thought it was an apparition, and they cried out. St. Mark, VI, 49. Thou art the Virgin-taper. pure Whence dawned the Heavenly light That kindled all the Brmament Of altar lamps so bright. Within the Blessed Sacrament Dwells the Infinity The omnipresent Lord of all The Christ of Galilee. His figure in translucent white! The Vision frightens me, O Mary, does He beckon, Come, Walk out upon the sea? Shall I, like Peter, rise and go To Him Who stands in wait? Shall I turn from the world that smiles Before it is too late? Yet now the Shining One seems gone My course is black and drear, Mother dear, Star of the Sea, Guide on-O be thou near. Oh may, like Peter did of old, I say--my victory scored, Thy vision seen, behold I come To worship Thee, O Lord! shore And show Him at last to me. S' P- N--Alumm' 35 S I I WIS I X I JAMES MCGAFFIN, Jr. COAL and COKE HAULING Telephone ZOO Santron Ave. 1 Carrick 2012 Pittsburgh, Pa. : : 2:::::2::22:::O22222222:22222:222222222222 22 2222222222222 I l37l , LIFE SAVING SERVICE S. S. Annunciator sent out distress signals. Although the surf of depression was high and dangerous, a crew of life-guards came to the rescue in surf boats loaded with ADS. The ship's S O S was picked up also by life-saving stations Where friendly patrons and alumnae responded bravely and promptly. All on board S. S. Annunciator Wish to extend thanks to the LIFE SAVING CREW who in an- swer to the signaling ashore brought assist- anceg and made it possible to keep the vessel off treacherous shoals. Dear reader, kindly examine the ADS in the lifeboats. I Y V , 455 . CHAMPION COAL It's the Best 'Q f- MURE HEAT' CHEAPER LESS WASTE' per WINTER' it ,,'5'-'-it l CHAMPION COAL ei . . .I Q I -5,1 IX , ' 'iii s- ' 'fit -iEAg:7'f,,, ,,. iw- li, RIINIIIE' ' 5 ?l.f?i- on :S-Pllpbl' I0 0 1' f-fs-'rri932:5:1,efff A PITTSBURGHUCOAL co. Wil , ieQ S e Words and Music by , G 9 Dorothy Kram '35 :,AH'Q1.1. I1'l.llIll ' . :aue.:11l:::'z:a::lul ,EQ 1 A11 Hail to thee dear A.H.S. We love thee one and all 'Neath colors ever P33171 V A I Ah. Y , , rlnsiml Emifig ,aa J F4LEfJFlJF3g'Q'f-ECJE lEgJFfFI ?'r!o.?,.t3.d E. E. 3 3, 3, ai iaaf:-:- E-?G:2 - THE F F Fly- TJ El g5s 4.. :-a J 'Fiji F if gf iigf .ITF .l7E1..l FeJ T13-F Je ,,15,.4P..u,5,,i.?.L-1I E,,?., l.Ef iii Mi 'pf lFiJ1FlFffTfTle.lFJ .sg E E, FI. 5..ii.' .1 .Q if ,eff H eW'4rf1F,i1E1.LV,L'l ZH v--vo----- Berlin Publishing Company -iiIncorporated-i-i- Berlin - ---- Pennsylvania AT THE SIGN OF THE PRINTING PRESS DMI I , Q ,f -- 'I Ruin BOOKS and CATALOGS SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS BON VOYAGE AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1938 ::::::::oo::: ::::0::-:::o::::: :Q E401 99 Bookings of S. S. Anmmciator MAIDEN VOYAGE 1930 Frances Adams ..,. .... 2 801 Veteran Street Angela Buerkle .... .... 1 92 Richbarn Avenue Jane Crickard ..... ...... 4 23 Marshall Avenue Dorothy Frank .... ..... 3 500 McClure Avenue Jane Jones ,,... .......... 3 4 S. Millvale Lillian Mulroy .... ...,.. 1 01 Locust Street Blanche Noch .......,.... R. R. No. 3 Bellevue Agnes Waldron ........,.......,..,........... Rosemary Kram, Mrs. Walter Howley .... . Angela Miller, Mrs. Wm. Lobaugh ......,. Harriet Quigley, Mrs. Louis Chartier ......,. Frances Thornton, Mrs. John P. Bridge Jr. .... . Rose Mary Wurdack, Mrs. Wm. Dunn ,..... Sara O'Donncll, Sister Joseph Mary, S.S.J.. . . Ruth W'heeler, Sister Mary Phillip, S.S.J.. . . . Ellen Rittle, Sister Dolorosa, S.S.J. ....... . PASSENGER LIST Margaret Barry ............ 400 Chester Avenue Mary Freyvogel ......... 3036 Norwood Avenue Mary E. Kirk ..... . . .240 McKinley Avenue Mary Mahoney ..... ..,. l 23 Hawkins Avenue Madeline McGuire ......, 2633 Linwood Avenue Mary Summers ............,................ Helen Mesonka, Mrs. J. A. Hudak ......,,..... Jean Rohm, Mrs. Ed. Gleason ......... Esther Becker, Mrs. Henry Maidholl ..... Mary Balzer, Mrs. Hrach ............... Marie Houpt, Sister Mary Carol, S.S.J. ....... . Alice Hirsch, Sister Margaret Cecilia, S.S.J.. . . . ACTIVE CREW Angeline Carcara ........... 2116 Charles Street Gertrude Depp ........,.. 348 Marshall Avenue Catherine Frahlich ...... 2653 Perrysville Avenue Anna Lawrence .....,.... 2355 Bensonia Avenue Gertrude Osborn ............ 604 Burgess Street Margaret Wolfe ........... 2614 Leland Avenue Virginia Abel, Mrs. W. E. O'Neill ....,....... Florence Donatelli, Mrs. S. Williams ........... Helen Hergenroeder, Mrs. W. Duncan .,... Marie Smith, Mrs. T. Heinauer ........ Rosella Sweeney, Mrs. A. Aikes .......,,... V , Helen Schiegg, Sister Joseph Marie, S.S.J.. . . . CHEERFUL SAILORS Marie Brunner ................ Jacks Run Road Helen Collins ,.... .... 6 11 Ridgewood Street Eva Eisernan . . . .... 2644 Charles Street Dorothy Kram ...... .... 2 47 Waldorf Street Eleanor Maloney ...... ..... 3 617 Moale Street Alice McBride ,.........,.. 127 Hawkins Street Margaret O'Donnell .,...... 125 Hawkins Street Ruth Reynold ........ . . .270 Charles Street Dolores Schlie ............. 2714 Veteran Street Katherine Suhy ..,....,......,............. Irene Dentel, Mrs. E. J. Tygard ....,.. Helen Balzer, Mrs. Edward Joyse ...,.... Margaret Carey, Mrs. T. Fitzpatrick ......, Ruth Hergenroeder, Mrs. J. J. Mcfiafhn ..... Mary Helen Frank, Mrs. R. J. Ging ..,.... Margaret Madden, Sister Ronald, S.C.. . . . L41 Madeline Courrwright .....,. 3429 Massachusetts Delia Connelly ................. 2707 Sherlock Edna Depp ,............. 348 Marshall Avenue Coletta Geanos .... ........, P errysville, Pa. Mary Johnson ...... .......... A valon, Pa. Mary J. Martin ...... ..... 2 728 Delgar Street Evelyn G. Schilling ...... 1103 Pemberton Street ...............,.29BucyrustStreet . . . . . . .......... . ....... Jefferson Drive .....2005 Saw Mill Run Blvd. ......222 W. Burgess Street ......57 Florence Avenue ..........Carrick, Pa. ..,.........Baden, Pa. .................................Baden,Pa. . .................... Our Advocate in Heaven SECOND CRUISE 1 93 1 Florence Connelly ........ 2637 Linwood Avenue Bernadette Heim ....... 305 N. Fairmont Avenue Frances Leix ....... ..... 2 10 McKinley Avenue Catherine Mill ..... ....... 2 1 Overlook Street Bessie O'Neill. . . .... 218 Mt. Pleasant Road .........528AveryStreet ....210Mr.PleasantRoad ..............AnaheirnStreet ..........7136 Gladfield Street ....113 Lang Apts., North Avenue ..........................Baden,Pa. .................................Baden,Pa. THIRD CRUISE 1 9 3 2 Ellen Cummings ............ 17 Overlook Street Rose Donatelli ..... ..... 1 315 Orchlee Street Rose Funk .......... .... 3 537 Gerber Avenue Anna M. McCloskey. . . . ..,.. 57 Bryant Avenue Florence Mulroy ..... ....... 1 01 Locust Street ....2210CandaceStreet ....1508PennockRoad . . . .221 Seabright Street . . . . , .146 Klein Road ...................,.....2l34BonsteadStreet Pa. FOURTH CRUISE 193 3 Dorothy Carr ................... Safe with God Ruth Crenner ............ 334 Marshall Avenue Lois Edleman ............. 126 Kennedy Avenue Catherine Fleischauer ........ 2701 Veteran Street Street . . . . .610 Lincoln Drive Frances Luksik, ........... 932 Kirkbride Eileen Morin ........ Ann Clare Martin ,... ...... 2 728 Delgar Street Street Grace Reilly ............... 117 Hawkins Catherine Schwartz ...... 3202 Perrysville Avenue HopeRoad . . . .1835 Tonopah Avenue .....713 E. North Avenue . . . . .414 Marshall Avenue . . . . . .200 Santron Street ........Ambridge, Pa. . . . . . .A1toona, Pa. ::::o:::::-oo:: :oo::::::::::::: :oo:::A n?'N N! EQ, , xy qw Q ,,A - K - ' J ' f2ff7'5f'w1 . I ? W X x t I, lx - x I C - AI! I. , l, ,LW . Ns V vv ff . X . ' lr' .A , ' rx What did daddy bring us? OME day they'll understand that the gift which Father arranged for them today may become the most important one of their entire lives. He created a Living Trust to make sure that they will be taken care of, regardless of what happens. If you are interested in Ieaming explicitly why many men create Living Trusts as a means of saving themselves investment worry, and of building and conserving their estates, we will be glad to consult with you. FIDELITYTRUST COMPANY 34l-343 FOURTH AVE. PITTS B U R G H MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION to ,ee::-::e::::ve:,:---::-:e::e-::::-, .4 i421 PASSENGER LIST Grace Brunner ..,......... 326 Jacks Run Road Dolores Kunkel ..,......... 233 Lafayette Street Susanna Kirner .......,.. 519 Evergreen Avenue Mary Kathryn Neelans .... 2035 Termon Avenue Clara Schneider ............. 6 Perrysville Road Anna Ullom ................ 335 Reifert Street A. M. Chirdon, Mrs. J. Gilner ................ Eileen Daleth, Mrs. Frank Debor .............. Catherine MeNarmara, Mrs. C. Staud ..... Margaret Connolly, Mrs. V. Miller ...... Angela Vitunic, Mrs. W. J. Becki ........ Ruth Schiegg, Sister Mary Jean, S.S.J.. . . . BOOKINGS Rita Kraus ....,. Madeline Barker .... Mary Byrnes ....... Honora Connelly . . . Rita Mae Dieterich. Dolores Grundlet. . . Dolores Guehl ..... Rosemary Herbert .... Phyllis Immler ..... Regina Karch. . . . Margaret Leix .... Frances Martin ..., Alexis Mill ,...... . . . . .2449 Lyzelle Street . . . . .1449 Page Street . . . . .3533 Campus Street . . . . .2637 Linwood Avenue . . . . . .2446 Charles Street . . . . .33 Overbeck Street . . .161 Orchard Avenue . . . . Bradford Woods . . . .2537 Maple Avenue . . . . .2311 Holyoke Street . . . .210 McKinley Avenue . . . . .2728 Delgar Street . . . . . . .21 Overlook Street Margaret Rodgers ..,..... 547 Chautauqua Street Helen Sonnet ...... Lillian Sukits ....... Anna Mae Welsh .... . . . .1315 Reedsdale Street . . . . .. .2101 Lawrie Street .........107 Daisy Street Ethel Hajduk, Mrs. Ed. Mayer ..........,....... Helen Joyce, Mrs. T. Walsh ...,.............. Ann M. Wagner, Sister Pierre Noel, S.B.. . . PASSENGER LIST Thelma Apel ............. 130 Kennedy Avenue Carita Brown ............ 3726 McClure Avenue Margaret Campbell ........ 2134 Wilson Avenue Margaret Fersch .....,....... 2538 Fifth Avenue Mary Gordon ....,........ 3015 Oak Park Road Mary Howley ............ 4102 Franklin Road M. Helen Madden. .175 Orchard Ave., Emsworth Margaret Munsch ........... 3627 Fleming Street Patricia Phelan ..........., 427 Dunlap Avenue Jeanne Richardson ..,.,.. 2622 Norwood Avenue Gertrude Schrott, Mrs. R. Perry ............... Angela Briggs, Franciscan Novitiate ..,....,.... BOOKINGS Veronica Brunner. . . Jane Dany ......... Lois Dotterweich .... Lillian Gleen ..,.. Edith Henry .,... Mary Kirby ....,.. Geraldine Lane ..... Marcella Marshall. . . Dorothy Ott ....... Marie Rooney .... Mary Stoeckle ...... Regina Haffner .... Mary June Tyler, Mt. . . . .1002 Lamont Street . . . . .262 Kennedy Avenue .. . . .2945 Oak Park Road . . . .2720 Veteran Street . . . . .724 Perry Highway . . . .603 Chester Avenue . . . .2530 Gershon Street . . . .1328 Island Avenue . . . . . . .825 Maginn Street . .2514 Perrysville Avenue . . . . . . .34 Overlook Street FIFTH CRUISE 1934 Marie Kozar .............. 1521 Reddour Street Helen Knaebel ........... 246 Kennedy Avenue Elizabeth McNerney .......,. 30 Kenwood Street Margaret Schrott .....,.... .37 Woessner Street Kathleen Ullom ...,.......... 335 Reifett Street Estelle McSteen ............ 2718 Goshen Street . . .Ellinwild Road, Allison Park . . . . . . . 1144 Tennessee Avenue . . . . . .2729 Leland Street . . . .278 Mayfield Avenue . . . . .3512 Sirius Street ..........Baden,Pa. SIXTH CRUISE 1935 Mildred Munsch ......... 3637 Fleming Avenue Nancy Bennett .... .... 3 525 Fleming Avenue Helen Cleary .... .... 6 22 Chester Avenue Ruth Dettlinger . ....,... 3831 McClure Avenue Henrietta Frank ......... 3500 McClure Avenue Ethel Gruver ..,......... 2206 Wilson Avenue Anna M. Halligan ..... 3260 Richardson Avenue Mary E. Kane .......,... 614 Chautauqua Street Genevieve l-lergenroeder. . .626 Chautauqua Street Loretta Kress .............. 2612 Charles Street Marie Mack ........... 2660 Norwood Avenue Rosemary Mihm .......... 429 Kennedy Avenue Elizabeth Mulvihill ..,.. 2036 Perrysville Avenue Mary Rooney ............... 2631 Leland Street Aileen Stockwell. ....... 2937 Perrysville Avenue Margaret Tyler .... ,.......... H oclgkiss Street Dorothy Wyman ......... 315 E. McIntyre Street .... ..Avalon, Pa. . . . . . . .Gobble Street . . . . . . . .Cornwells Heights, Pa. SEVENTH CRUISE 19 3 6 Ceclia Bonoma. . Rita Callahan .. Helen Donatelli. Dorothy Forrest ..,. . . . . Ruth Gillen ..... Catherine Martin Dolores Miller. . Dorothy McSteen . ........ Cornelia Reister. Dolores Schleich. 2704 Norwood Street ..,1142 Goe Avenue . .200 Richbotn Road .440 E. Burgess Street . Russell Street ..2728 Delgar Street . . . . .24 Drum Street .2718 Goshen Street . . . .84 Watson Blvd. . . . ..... 2318 Maple Avenue . ......... Wexford, Pa. . . . . . . . .Millvale, Pa. EIGHTH CRUISE 1937 Mary Carney .............. 2460 Charles Street Mildred Dax . . . Mary M. Fallon. Romain Guehl..ilH Erma 1-loupt . . . Virginia Kram . Blanche McBride Mary Osborn ..... . . Marie Pettay .... Mary Schiegg .. Mary Wagner. . . . . .30 Norman Street . . . .2951 Glen Mawr .161 Orchard Avenue 471 Marshall Avenue . .247 Waldorf Street 123 Hawkins Avenue . . .604 Burgess Street . .2830 Charles Street 422 Hawkins Avenue 1908 Lithgow Avenue ..........................112WaldorfStreet Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mercy Novitiate ........... E43 1 Y ..... ----aY--------- ...... ------Y- .... --------------- A -------v----v- --,,v-, .... ---v---,,- .... - -v- .... v---o-AQ ROBERT MORRIS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS COLLEGE GRADE COURSES OFFERED IN Accountancy and Business Administration-Preparation for beginning and executive accounting positions in business. Secretarial Science-Technical and professional training for the work performed by the private secretary, the secretarial assistant, the general stenographer. A descrip- tive bulletin will be issued upon request. LAW AND FINANCE BUILDING I AT 0923 01 ll ll ll 0 ll is ll ll il 0 li ll ll 0 U 0 NI ll ll U 0 .I ----fY- -------vv Yvvv ----v v--v-v-v v--- vv------vvv--Y--::o DUNN-SCOTT CO. GUILD oPT1c1ANs Downtown Ofiice Schenley Office jenkins Arcade Physicians Building Suite 4047-4th Hoo: 12 1 University Place GRant 0878 PITTSBURGH MAyflower 5 242 -oo-X ll 0 ll ll ll lb 0 0 H ll lr ll li 0 lb IP 0 il ll ll A THE MASTER CALLETH THEE qsee Dedication Pagep This striking picture can be obtained from St. Anthony's Guild, Franciscan Monastery, Paterson, N. J. Plaotogmuure Hand-Colored Cards 4Mgx2M in. ........... 31. per 100 ........... 31.50 per 100 Large pictures 14 in. x 22 in. .... 561. per copy. . . .... 351.50 per copy Compliment: of RICHARD S. BRANDT Manager of H. P. BRANDT FUNERAL HOME -vv1 ll lb O I 0 ll 4+ ll il 4, 0 0 ll wb in 4, 0 ll ll ni U 24 HALLER OVEN TO HOME SERVICE BRINGS THE BAKERY TO YOUR DOOR HALLER BAKING COMPANY RIECK'S SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Atlantic 73 00 I44I 'coz ll in O 0 ll ll ll lr nv lb li ii IP 0 4l li ll ll 4 L-- ..... A ..A........ ,--,------YY-------- Y DONATELLI GRANITE CO. MEMORIALS OF CHARACTER 2141-47 Brighton Road Pittsburgh, Pa. FAirfax 2235 ATlantic 487 S -4876 All Courses Preparing for Business DUFFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE The Pioneer Business College in America 424 Duquesne Way Pittsburgh, Pa. - .... ,--- -A-Yf------- ------ ---------,, -QA-A-0 ------- ----- Q ---- A ---- -----o--9--- FAIRFAX 1929 BECKEIELD REALTY CQNIPANY 722 East Diamond Street INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF PUSH BROS. JEWELRY CO. Gulf Building C Pittsburgh, Pa. ----------- ..... .... - -, ...A -------------A-- A-- E461 Passengers on Seconqd Cruise-1931 E471 y.--- ----- -ff ----- --A--+A-A---1 ll U I ----- ----,-------- ----' -v-,------v- ----- ----v-- Complimenfs of E We Congratggapegggou, the Class B, LOEFFLER 3 and wish you Success 4 E Oh. S ,, in your chosen line of endeavor 54 ' 10 tract 3 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fallon u Expert Cperators FA 4506 GEO. H. BENDER Mildred S Beauty Shoppe 2 CHOICE MEATS, BUTTER, EGGS, Beauty Culture at its Best 1: AND CHEESE 3915 Perrysville Ave., N. S. Pittsburgh 12 Bell Phone FA 6703 2824 Chafles Sf- H Compliment: of FA 7549 R COHEN LANDO REALTY COMPANY IT MERCI-LANT TAILOR ll Work Calle for and Delivered Co 4487 331 Fourth Ave. 2529 Pertysviue Ave. BREAKFAST CHEER COFFEE FOR THAT REAL SHINGLE CAMPBELL sr WOODS CO. 1+ OR FACIAL, SEE C 2690 1317 W C S ED. H. FORDENBACHER 0 ' arson t' Brighton Road at Woodland Ave. , ll VON ARX BAKERY il Compliments of HOME BAKED GOODS ll 1 4' Aronoff s Grocery Store 3566 East Street D U N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. II 1601 Antrim St., N. S., Pittsburgh U ::::::::::::::o::o:::::::::o-A ::::Q:::::::::::-::::::::::: 1333333333333333333333333333 3333-3333333332333 33333333333 John L, Jordan Pharmacy Woodmen Circle, Pittsburgh Grove prejcfiption Dmggm ll No. 24.9 meet the. 3rd Tuesdayof every 1300 Woodland Ave Cor Shadeland 4' month In Veterans Hall, Perrysville Ave., N S PITTSBLH1GH'PA ll at Charles Street. Fraternal zmufance - - I - for women and children. +I LI 4875 Home Baked Goods FA 4842 BECKER'S BAKERY 2 Reinhart's Beauty Shoppe OM Specialty H THERMIQUE WAVE-BONAT METHOD WEDDING and BIRTHDAY CAKES 0 PERMANENT WAVING 5231 McClure Ave., N. S. Pittsburgh 3955 Perrysviue Ave., N- S- Pittsburgh I ORIGINAL ,, Chessman Optical Corporation if BAUER AND SISMOUR Q 406 Federal Street DRY GOODS ,DRY CLEANERS Dr. J. A. Murray, Manager :' 801 E- Ohio Street FA 1293 N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. II Ce 1761 N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. II T. H. PHILLIPS ll CICERO In Cleaning and Dyeing BARBER SHOP 1' 2820 Charles Street o Patronize the School's Cafeteria 2 B and glioly rlge agivarnraieifqf 3 Fort Pitt Typewriter Co. etter oo s, ervices an rices 0 . AT 8320 644-Lb t A' MRS. SCHAD 1 er Y 'me ::::::::::e::::o:::::::e:o::3 ::::::::::o::o::o:::::o::-Q- L48 ----,,,- .... ,-----,- The Actidve Crew of 1932 E491 50 Cheerful Sailors vf 1933 1+ n 0 0 0 r-----X --.------ 22+--22:-2:2222--22'--2222222222222 22222-1 o 0 0 POEPPERT, PI-IOTOGRAPHER i STUDIO AT 3795 East Street Fairfax 0630 N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 2 lj L:AD::33:33333 3393 53:33 3339 1333333133333339995337333333335333334 V :mm:::m :::m'm: 'mm:m 'm 'm'm E 2 CEDAR 61 S1 2 u . EE EDWARD W. CLARTY 2 in 2 Cguneral Tirector 0 +I jl 1305 Allegheny Avenue N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 1 H:YW::::::::::::-::::::::::::::-:::::-:::::::::::::::::::-:::::x :' ::':::: ' :::'::':::::'::: ::::: A ::::'::: ::: f Y l I 1 If y.fP 5rs, willi8ll1 nr 'Qi nr ii il jf I R L E N 3 wifv run:nALnoms 2 2 CZUEHSNIIIIOSI. BEJIIZUI :33333Z3:33333-333333:33313333333 1333313313 53391 Il CLIFTON PARK MARKET E , M. A. LUCAS, Proprietor 3 4 0 if 2207-09 Irwin Avenue Extension E 5: CE 9911 FREE DELIVERY N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. L :C 222222: :::::::::::0::: ::':::::0::0::2:0::::::: ooeo I r222 2222 2-2222222 2222 22222 2-222222---22222222--2221 0 , v nr 0 H 0 , X 0 , PA.FREYvoGELCo. If 2 ' I?f5tIT5JfIfI3I2,E3 H g ofcomroks -5101 Mnkms 1 n 519 Middle si NAS' Mirfhx 1-266 ig 3 - ::,::-::3::::::-::-::::::-:::::,-- ,::::---::- .l E521 ---------,--------,---------- :::o::o::::::::o:::::::::::ooo: LIBERTY ENGRAVING COMPANY PHOTO ENGRAVERS HALF TONES, ETCHINGS, COLOR PROCESS PLATES Ari for All Illustratitfc Purposes 'Grant Street and Post-Gazette Building Pittsburgh, Pa. Blvd. of the Allies ::o::::::::::o:::::o::::::::: -,,--- ,.,,,,, ----,--- ....,. ---- Compliments of F. V. Luksik FUNERAL DIRECTOR 3 z I BE A GOOD TYPIST STENOGRAPHER OR SECRETARY Day or Night School OPEN ALL YEAR Boyd Business College 25 Successful Years in Pittsburgh Third Floor Bessemer Bldg. You al-wayx hear BOYD Jpoken of ar a good School. H ll 5 I take great pleasure in announcing the 7 'I acceptance of EDWIN B. STUVER as a Bfegef S S'tO1 C partner in this business. o BAKERY, MEATS, GROCERIES Robert E- P3vttiSO1'1 A E 0 Pharmacist C 2 8 245 1 Charles Street 9 3 2 601 Perrysville Avenue FA 8799 'F Compliments of CE 2425 n n Nlayflelcl Confectionary JO-Seph PGPPCYT LUNCHES, HOME MADE ICE CREAM FUNERAL HOME AND CANDIES 'l H 7 1 1 Lockhart Street 2829 Perrysville Avenue N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. U ':::::::::::::::::::::::::: : :T:::::::::::::::::::::::::-::: Harry Suehr- CO. Compliments o f ll PRINTERS-BINDERS The Brighton Theatre SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND 41 1 S. Main St 1, eat 2 BRIGHTON BOXVLING PARLORS WA 1915 If Harry Fleishman, Mgr. L.: 2 -2 ----,2Z---:----lL:,,------t:-,:------ 4 l S41 1 U I P li Ib ll 0 p I :E C. C. CLAIR 'E 0 v E Qptician q S094 Jenkins Arcade Oiice AT 7406 lt A' Pittsburgh, Pa. Res. LI 5738 R 4m U L :x:::,,-::::, ,::-,:x,,-,x::-::,::x-,,-::::::l rf---2:-::::::f:-:::::::1:1:2:Q2-:::-::::::::::::::::::::::: -1 'I 3 1 U 5: BERNARD BEDE DEVLIN 17 3: Qluneml 'Director gh ' 4 ', 825 Western Avenue FA 2578 U Q:33::33::::333::33:53:3:313i3ii3333Y13C:2i333 1333 33?l?39'3!I13J r' ::'::':f:::'212:2-1:-'::::::::::::-21:2--2:-:Q-::::1'-v---v tl 0 fl II 4: b if COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND gi 4s 1 l ir 1: L:20::-::0::::::::o:::::::::::::e::::::o::::-::-::-::::--::- .I f ::mt3:::':::m::xxx:::' T 3 WELLINGTON 1005 gg 0 I If BLIND FLORAL CCDMPANY 3: Flowers for All Occasions 1, ff Greenhouses Perry Highway L0v:0:Cf:::::2::::::::0:::: ::::0::o::Q::ooo::o:::o::::o::--E Y'--2222 2:-22-1:::::'::::::::::::':1:::::-:::::-:::::::-A-1 II if jg C 0 In pl l1ll6'l1f.Y 1' 'P 0 C. A. BQLES DIST. CO. 55 lb 0 EE 295 7 Charles Street EC it CE 1415 Geo. A. Reed, Mgr. E 9 0 5 ::'::::::5:22021202:220222::O0Q:::::o:::::::o:: QQQQQ ::---::Q U61 A U71 ro --v-v-. ve ......v - .v.., ----:::: vvvv -v ..--v.--...v.-. --: v--- v 3 o O A ,, CLEANING MATERIALS E 86 CHEMICALS CO. Pittsburgh, Pa. O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O S Comgblimentf of 3 PLEASANT VALLEY I 3 MEN'S CLUB z 0 3 J. C. REED z ni WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER 0 1521 Monterey St., City 2 FAi1-fax 2062 I 0 i 2 Complimentr of U g Q BRICELAND'S z Agiiin Undlerwpod leads the Head .d. . wiah .an in e 4+ I iiniff T163 QS anufi'2E2iISX1Q2f'21Iie2nZfiinef if nhrrichlgz 3 A- MARY PACKER z Peffofmanfe- .I Complete Beauty Service l g Salex and Service E'verywlaere E len Evenmg Elsdon Sfffff FA 45 z W'ORLD'S LARGEST MFG. OF TYPEWRITERS Q Open EVCI11I1gS L - --:::::::-: :::::::-::: :-: :--: :-Q::.: : C ::--:::---::-:::::-: 3- ?13Y3:1333i3111i3333IIZI22323331332233liiiliiilllliiiliiiiili U Q. QQQQ 0 0 tl in ll tl 0 41 O ll ll QQQQQQ ooo- : : : poo AMBULANCE SERVICE anywhere in the City of Pittsburgh Service Day or Night 34.00. The Newest Service by the Oldest Firm WM. PAPPERT fD SON 600 Nash Street i N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. FAirfaX 0406 CEdar 0205 HEIDENREICHS DRUG STORE Perrysville and Kennedy Avenues Pittsburgh, Pa. For Prompt Service Call Cedar S100 PROIE BROS. FURNACE CO. 8 S6 W. North Avenue Pittsburgh, Penna. Cedar 1310 - Air Conditioning Rybolt Warm Air Furnaces Complimentr of MCBRIDE SHOE REPAIR 2050 Charles Street HENRY NVHEELER 86 SON The Painter's Store Elmer M. Rauch, Prop. 115 West Ohio Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. FAirfax 1883 C omplimezztx of L. P. SMITH FUNERAL DIRECTOR ----- ------A---.-- ..... -A A... ,,--,--, ..... ,-----,----I--. 1581 i591 ---v-----, L Yvvqo-..o---o--o--v-v--o--v--o-rv-vv-v---o--Q, --- 'I U U GRACE NIARTIINVS SCHOOL 0 an a school discrimaten E SECRETARIAL FOR YOUNG WOMEN 16th, 17th and 18th Floors, Keenan Building PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 1: MRS. GRACE MARTIN CORN ELIUS, Principal E Scholarships Are Offered to Those Who Qualify Telephone Atlantic 6309-63 10 II 2:2::::22::::ff2f2::22:::::::f 0000 ::::::::o::::::::::-:::--.4 :::: :::::: ::::::::0: : :: ::: : 3'3::::::: : ::: ::::::2:::2 2 20:22:21 LI 5021 3 LI 2996 jg Comffimmff of it SAM ABBOTT fl A' A- WEIXEL il BEER DISTRIBUTOR 11 FUNERAL HOME Free Delivery N 3313 Brighton Rd., N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 3170 Brighton Rd., N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. U U LI 1035 Estimates Furnished II E. J. HERGENROEDER 1: WILLIAM P. SWEENEY 1? . ARCHITECT , If Buildin Contractor Regzrtered 1-n Pennsylvania M ' 'g I 22 1 serbrighr Street, N. s. I 61 1 Hemlock Street Avalon, Pa. FA 7 848 n II :i2::::f::::ff::12::::22:2r2ff:::::::o:: oooo :::::::::-:::::-4 ::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::2:::222222222:22:1:::::::::1 For Quality Baked Goods WM- SLATER 3K SONS LANGsDALE's BAKERY 11 RAYMOND lg SLATER IC - . In Funeral Dzrectorr ll 2 S2 S Perrysville Avenue g Mt Washington EV 3 34 5 CE 3637 :I 'Beechview, Mt. Lebanon LE 2 107 0 ll GEO. F. SMITH l FA 9346 QQ Funefal Difegfgf 3 1200 Federal Street 3 S 16 Federal Street lg N. s. PITTSBURGH, PA. 11 N. s. PITTSBURGH, PA- 11 is 41 333333 3 3333 3333333333333 33 33333333 3333333333333i33333:3:36v if 7333337333733737317373333333377372 xxxil Duquesne DYC Works, Im- II WHOLESALE RETAIL It U DYERS 1 CFEANERS H North side Sanitary Dairy IC 1 160 Hodgkrss Street :I N. s. PITTSBURGH, PA. FA 6009 53 C- Weber Fairfax 0823 gg 0 H compzrmem of IL HILL TOP MARKET 5: NEISZERS ll QUALITY MEATS li .1 jg MONARCH GANNED FOODS 1g 2 3 24 W1 Son Avenue 2537 Perrysville Ave. 3 N- S- PITTSBURGH, PA- :I At Charles Street FA 35 76 ::: ::::::::::: :fc-12: :::::::::::::: 2 2 :::::::::::::: ::: :: zzzood I6 01 1 Q W M . is may x mil' QU ..: kv v M X Ps' H I h . 4 Sf -LJ' '-434. Q R 'L Q X :Q 3 .v W !b - , D W m X-Vg A ' A A 'va m ff A . ff' J, 2, 3 1 . 1 ,Q Rf? Q K lx 355 1, I :M W' F i in A K k k ,L k fi .f - K I x if Ek K, . 3 Lr k KX Rt 5 ' , 3. ' ,A V A A l K .I, A 1 , .V ? A ,... - Lf t.-Ae Q , 2 A L A .- L NS. 5 A .. 1 if K V K x xy k i .Lik 1 , ' , A - gf ! ghe J g 17 QQ-3 K it LV '-. x Q .Q 'E 1. if A k R - -,g , ' SI. Wi V ., Q ,H ' A WP K' is : ,-5. g fn E 3 5 A Q . , x 1 b A :V -- .Dk W 5 7 MQ! 5- k W S , ' W 1 f N 'f ' S in 2 1:1 EP - A S Q ' fff5Q 2 7 F? 1 x K ' il-l Q 'V 3541- ' K ' t Fx .ff 1 Kip- . VF: N' , A Y F1 K fd 45.5 5 N . im - f -x H. zfggz . k a Sf Y -t I A 4? if L1fX'5?'2 A Y' W S , we F '-'Rai' ' l is!! ' I , ' ' 5 i I X wal? Q wg' E iv- vvvvv-voYYvvv-o---- --v-- vvvv--- Perpetual Mass Association ST. AUGUSTINE MONASTERY SChenley 5422 220-37th Street, PITTSBURGH, PA. SChenley 5290 BENEFITS 1. Each year 6000 Holy Masses are said exclusively for the members. 2. Members participate every day in S00 Holy Masses. 3. Each year 300,000 Holy Communions are offered by lay-Brothers and Sisters. 4. Members share in the merit of the good works, prayers and penances of 13,000 Capuchin Fathers. CONDITIONS 1. YEARLY membership fee: 50 cents for each member. 2. PERPETUAL deceased membership fee: 52.00 for each member. 3. PERPETUAL living membership fee: S5 .00 for each member. fCon- tinues after death, . 4. PERPETUAL membership for an entire family: S2S.00. fBy entire family is understood parents, their children, and the ones the children may marryl . At the time of a death SYMPATHY CARDS OF PERPETUAL EN- ROLLMENT suitable for presenting to bereaved friends or relatives may be obtained at 220-37th Street, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, Pa. or by call- ing Schenley S422 or Schenley 5 290. If desired your reply will be by SPECIAL DELIVERY mail. i621 Dr. H. H. Sullivan Miss The The The The The The The The The The The The I 'A V V - - Q Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. sv C. J. Deasy L. A. O'Connell Patrick Cullen J. J. O'Connor S. J. Benson Geo. J. Bullion Geo. Leichs Joseph Mannion J. F. McCarthy J. E. Janok F. R. Mullen Lewis Mineuriser 's 4' s. I J' Life Saving Crew il' The Very Rev. J. J. Greaney, S.T.L. The Very Rev. F. F. O'Shea, L.L.D. - Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. F. J. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. J. Lukitsh Mr. and Mrs. J. Sexton Mr. and Mrs. J. Keaney Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Crenner Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Houpt Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Kleeb Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Kleeb Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Gillespie Dr. J. W. Miller Charles Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Jos. G. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. J. Phelan Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Flynn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Eichenlaub E. C. Behe M. D. Beisel C. E. Michaely Mr. and Mrs. A. Doskocil Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Omlor Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Berberick Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherlock and Mrs. QQ- 'a e 1.x Mrs. Catherine Murray Mrs. Rose Schnur Mrs. M. Preuss Mrs. F. W. Fisher Mrs. Christina Martin Mrs. Harry Hart Mrs. Ida Coennen Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Rosella Gilmore M. E. Porter M. Lang K. A. Gruber Betty O'Connor Ruth Titus Elsie Scheller Marie Devereaux Hazel Devereaux Margaret Weiss J. Wohlmuth Dorothy Reichel Marie Gavin Mary Ellen Porter Delia Vaughn Rita Watkins C. Schneider The Depp Family M. H. Madden Dr. F. J. Arch Dr. G. E. Henderson Dr. R. A. King lMr. and Mrs. E. J. Ley A Mr. and Mrs. J. Balker -'Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Martin Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Schmitt iMr. and Mrs. A. F. Edleman 4Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hergenroecler 4- Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Buerkle Mr. and Mrs. P. H. McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mill AML and Mrs. F. A. Schlanger Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hilldorfer Mr. and Mrs. R. Purvis Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Freyvogel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Blazier Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Weis E. J. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Heckscher Mr. Harry Sweeney Mr. William J. Spain Mr. Joseph Gualteri Mr. Fred Mesonka Mr. Richard Vierehaler Mr. Edward J. Kram Mr. Frank C. Ferris Mr. Ronald Micklos Miss Mary Platz Miss Mary McCrohan Miss Phyllis Carr Walter A. Faulk, Florist Smal1's Real Estate Blumenschein Bros. Sam's Barber Shop Snyder's Bakery Joseph E. Beisel, Printing Compliments of a Friend J. D. Porterfield K. Unkovich N. J. Burke Thomas C. Clark Edward Bender Mrs. Charles Mesonka Muellerschoen's Bakery Mrs. R. Fordenbacher Miss The Mrs. Mary Freyvogel Frank Family H. A. Haffner Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Hajduk Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Schiegg Mr. and Mrs. T. Vuletich Mr. and Mrs. Pelligrini Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Carcara .Mr. and Mrs. B. A. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. C. Garlick Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Frazier --Mr. and Mrs. J. Brosnan Mr. and Mrs. Dale Osborn Mr. and Mrs. R. Kress Mr. and Mrs. F. Walters Mrs. C. Wiemann Misses D. and Jean Vuletich Mr. F. X. Munsch, Druggist OUR FAITHFUL ALUMNAE l63l Mrs. Mary Rittle Mr. and Mrs. G. Fanning Mr. and Mrs. J. Gerber Miss Helen Adams Mrs. I. Rosselot :::o:Q: :A--:fA::::::: :-:::--:::::::o::::: May your good Ship, HANNUNCIATORU deliver to you a full cargo of Health, Happiness and Prosperity . . . Compliments of a Friend M t . ul 'u f . '- gil ag:QjQ!3!LN!giff,'i4x I an ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO THOSE STUDENTS WHO WORKED TO MAKE THIS BOOK A SUCCESS . . . TO OUR ADVERTISERS, TO OUR ALUMNAE, AND TO OUR FRIENDS FOR THEIR FINANCIAL SUPPORT . . TO MR. ROBERT KRAMER OF THE LIBERTY ENGRAVING COMPANY . . . TO THE BERLIN PRESS . . . TO MR. H. POEPPERT, PHOTOGRAPHER, FOR THEIR FAITHFUL SERVICES. ----A----A ------ ----A--A----soooo---o--A---0- --A- AA---,- E641 fu X QB., W., 7..5f'E'f:g5f'1 ,rf I V I' ...- -X . . .1 1 .,..,,.. , , . .- gun:- X 'f f', mf ,-X, zisfeii?-'?,' H 1- . fl nw wb: V 2 fri.. Xiaifewfff.: 1211 , L -ws Xw gr. . inf. .L . ,,-..Q- -1' ' 1 XQJQYXQ.: V, v. 3. ' .. ,. ., 4' - 1-X hX- x X,'.-1, -'sg-f . 4 X' . - I ., ..' 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Suggestions in the Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 10

1938, pg 10

Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 5

1938, pg 5

Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 22

1938, pg 22

Annunciation High School - Annunciator Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 40

1938, pg 40

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