Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL)

 - Class of 1951

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Shi: if I' L., H X. , MH Q ,pw 'T 0LQjgrgiu6w'gQ yy We . . 9 'Vyfl in 10 'RJJN GMC! 1 P223 pe'-3' gf mf' 4'4f'fP' Q"'lif,b?' , XX frffw' ' "iff ,K 4 E 13122 . Y zlff . W QE'-ui , 5-HE J 'f-1,11-1 X , P I ' e?'. Y 1 1 'ii i' Q :QS I, P55 . A .Q 451 1 la.:- ,gi j .J '7 r Q . 5.2-' : r-.ji :suis 5512: V 5555? "- ni 's mpg X 1, ' 1 ., T. :EES gf-3f ,fig X fy, ef mf? 58? 959' fiaigggfv' XX Ijwmy jg Qsffix My Qs W N N fffLfQff A Sf Qgf,f,Qk sf? ,J gig, F' W' sf mgff wry Spf Q wif We if Qilqi, ,Y 4555? 5Q"fl,vffif5,,:fW1L ff 3,515 2 -f 9' 4' yy, PQ! QR .5 . 9 A W? fiy"3X.'j3Q3'f?'i if Jag Af 'jfs' " - X0 Q ffijf lm? I Y w w QM WN P My .P L gf IHfjvjgf5vJiV-W WW AW A 5552.4 5:.Lu.n.uj JNPVJJO3 Q I ... . Ma ,Aj Mya '50-'51 UW A? WA AAA A--1 AW 6+ is -M Jfgyf sw 'fig' ' X M -A ..' saggy? the M33 A1595 ki? Rf ,Rf Rss M 3,953 X. ONSOR ----- LUCILE FULLER fa, TOR ------- BO Y ' AILEY 1 Q , SSQHQIJQQYKINESS MANAGER - RACHEL KNIGHT . A RRR Rf yw RA'Q,-,QA . . gy Y M 3,wf'! X 'Wim QM ' X fggjg j Q - MMD ,wwf Ewing, ANNISTON HIGH SCH L ANNISTON. ALABAMA if f - nan,-If nf... MMO., nw Wwfy 1 W M.,WM,nn,5 " I 4 K, ,, ., vpy This resen t th th d 1 f the HOUR , S xfbjyys Ass,rep1',es tt prt y1r1'ytd tlf tA 'tonHigh.XJ1,Sb!QwqQ' o x -If sa t g t th td t th gt b jyed-now anglbrjftzrgxmqnaix 1 e y eafs 1 H ' thThis annual nn al d f the administration,c1asses, d 1 fth W 11 th' 'A GW Z'.TLftlZi1ZP1f0nf,i,,d wintwlol ,.,1ZiZ1 is 1552 . futhre y nnnn and nnnn 11 the pnnpln you knew! gg ' in y A . dy K! did backin'51. jjfxi Q55 J ef dwg! dorigyfpz jagfe . AE1.MIN- RATIOI31 . :Q ,. 5 x,c4l',,?gJg1:?iirv7N!?A2gYs . . 9 V ' .SSACTIVITIESN . . NK 29 FEATURESS .5 55 pq 111-WHLETICS ...... 1 63 r- nf 'Q 1 1 1 51 1 1 - K K .K UE, Y .f M 1. ' 3, AP.-. x 5" ff A - ., r-- '-5' 1 ff 1115.1 S.El'2iy 1' 41 1 - 'Q , f- " ' N-549413, -n,"" X Nd KNAW 'V y , 0, School f th y 1950 1951 It h b th p p se of thqru ' ' H t ff 04? ,AML , W 1 , , . Uv ,Leplw 33 it Qblxxg JVUVX' 'IA-.1-usi"9 'iv'-4-M-"""k' I-74111 of-Vtffk 9-All A,-0 1. If h .f V ,, - l r W I 4 f 4 1 i I - ? 56"""' J. '9""Z1f22f I .-AJ-o 2 54,41 "T uu'44.J J! . vkf Aw-fJMh fv":1 Myfjy' 6 ,f ,J MWA! 5 424-04.42 SH Lat ll P ,vu I -H pP Li f'fL.'jl:' Aw. 2 A gg!!-,c,:"f:5"'f W My WJ? 3 'oZ'fzL42'WZiLcl1-4 Q 4 f1f"6' 24' 414,-Q Tl , ,r ff' df A , 7 fwf, M my In tx' aku-6 I wily? apt., f05Cf-'?'f? - L-4lfQvL?11U V I, e ' 'N L9 , . Q S ' XA' 3 M. I 'Yds ,gb Q! fQ ?Q5h f vim fb . J 'TSI vlffi it-'fi N In , , pf KA!-L' ft, ll .1 Q wg ,- ,Dy ' I, U. f L-1f'f'5"'HI h 'V uf! , 4 ' iZ3ec!icafi0n We, the students of Anniston High School, in appreciation of the service and ability rendered to the student life of the school dedicate the 1951 HOUR GLASS to Miss Mary Stewart. Her years of devotion to the school and willingness to serve the student body are reflected in the high esteem in which she is held by the students. It is our sincere wish that this dedication may in some way express our feeling for her. 4 ' :1--x:f'91S'5!4iHP X f 'W x .,. .M if Tm, , .F kv? -N9 DR. RALPH OWINGS, A.B., M.A., Ed. D. Superintendent of City Schools. MR. JOHN J. NASH, B. S., M.A., Principal of Senior High Sponsor Student C o u n ci l, Ushers Club. MRS. KATHLEEN BRUM- MEL. A.B., Assistant Princi- pal, English, Sponsor National Honor Society. MR. W. H. BANCROFT, A.B., Physical Education. Chapter. Cross. 6 Ill' MRS. CLARICE BOAZ, B.S., Physical Education, Sponsor P. E. Club, Sponsor Lucile Cleveland Hi-Y Chapter. MRS. W. G. CASSITY, School Nurse, R. N. MRS. FRANCES O. COBBS, B. S., Speech and Dramatics, Spo nsor National Thespian Society. MR. J. D. COUCH, A.B., Physics, Biology, S c i e n c e, Sioonsor C. H. Cleveland Hi-Y MISS LUCILE FULLER. A.B., English, Sponsor Holm Gmss Staff, Sponsor Virgin- ia Ordway Hi-Y Chapter. MRS. S. B. GIBSON, A.B., English, Latin MRS. LEWIS P. GRAY, Sec- retary to Principal. MRS. ETHEL A. HILL, A.B., Shorthand, Typing, Sponsor Commercial Club. MRS. A. O. HOWLE, A.B., Secretary to Superintendent. MRS. K. K. HUDSON, A. B., Mathematics, S p o n s o r Red MRS. S. P. HUGER, B. S., M. S., Home Economics, Eng- lish, Sponsor Home Ec. Club. MR. F. L. JOHNSON, A.B., Business law, History, Physi- cal Education. MR. J. J. NEWMAN, B.S., In- dustrial Arts, Sponsor George Neely Hi-Y Chapter. MR. L. P. JACKSON, B.S., Band, Choral, Sponsor Music Club. Facult MISS VIRGINIA ORDWAY, A.B., English. MRS. G. C. NICHOLS, A.B., M. A., English, Sponsor Hi- Echo, Scribblers Club. MRS. H. L. SHELBY, A.B., Shorthand, Typing, Book- keeping, Sponsor Pen-A-Pal. MR. ASA SELF, B.S., Indus- trial Arts. MRS. L. G. PRENTICE, Dietitian and Lunchroom Supervisor. MISS MARY STEWART, A.B., M. A., Chemistry, Bi- ology. MISS LENA SMITH, B.S., Secretary to Superintendent. MR. FRED SIBERT, B.S., Diversified Occupation. MISS CORINNE WEAVER, A.B., Biology, Algebra, Spon- sor Kathleen Brummel Hi-Y Chapter. MRS. W. H. WARNOCK, A.B., Algebra, Trigonometry. MRS. JOSEPH STROUP, B.S., M.A., Spanish, French, Spon- sor Spanish Club. MRS. IRENE B. WRIGHT, Attendance Worker. MRS. A. R. WILLIAMS, B.S., History, Sponsor Future Teachers of America.. MISS VIRGINIA WILKIN- SON, B.S., Librarian. 7 My I .B 1 liwsi . -K' 1 Q 0 ,g ,A , 'L9Wfw-w+X"'L--ft.-'4 3l.7gC..,.f -X'-we, +0 Wwlw 'gym wwf! gg-www . fi' wg 21-"v'?fQ-X , v-Wx'-'-fvvxa QQ-.X :'If,Q xXf'Y11"Mf'1.fL4f'f:f.,f1,WL-xy xJ.,sLJ1Qs. 1.4'W'Lg - J xAQ9n51.q1 QN3, utils m,H:Q view VXJUL ,v 5 K , 1 S Hel YQOKW KEECH, GEORGE-B-Team Foot- ball '48, A-Team Football '49, '50, '51, Captain '51, Jr.-Team Basket- ball '48, Captain '48, A-Team Bas- ketball '50, '51, B-Team Basketball '49, Captain '49, Baseball '49, '50, '51, Pen-A-Pal '50, '51, Officer '51, Class Officer '50, '51, Who's Who '50, '51, A Club '49, King '51. KNIGHT, RACHEL DEAN-New tional Honor Society '50, '51, Officer '51, Class Officer '51, Annual Staff '48, '49, '50, '51, Business Manager '51, Commercial Club '50, '51. Of- ficer '50, '51, F.T.A. Club '50, '51, Officer '51, Who's Who '51, Queen '51, i ,,, , , JONES, ELTON FRANKLIN-Track '49, '50, '51, Football Manager '50, Spanish Club '50, '51, Cheerleader '21, Class Officer '51, Who's Who ' 1. HENDERSON, JIMMY - Student Council '48, Ushers Club '48, '49, Pen-A-Pal '49, A Club '48, '49, Who's Who '48, '51, Class Officer '48, '51. Senior ALLEN, PATSY RUTH-Hi-Y '50, '51, of- ficer '50, Pen-A-Pal '50, '51, Cheerleader '50, '51, Student Council '49, '50, '51, Offi- cer '51, Red Cross '48, Class Sponsor '50, Class Maid '51, Who's Who '51. ALLINDER, BILLY JOE-D. O. Club '50, '51, B-Team Basketball '50, '51, ARNOLD, BARBARA ANN-Hi-Y '50, '51, Hi-Y Council '51, Etude '50, Spanish , . Club '51. BAILEY, ROBERT E.-Class Officer '49, Student Council '48, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Y Council '51, Officer '51, Junior Classical League '50, Junior Kiwanian '51, Axmual Staff '50, '51, Editor '51, National Honor Society '50, '51, Officer '51, Who's Who '51, D.A.R. Good Citienship Boy '51, S BARNES, BETTY JOAN-Glee Club '48, Music Club '49, Etude Club '50, Hi-Y Club '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Annual Staff '51, Honor Society '51. TER BETTY-Hi-Y '49, '50, P. E. BEAVERS, CHARLOTTE ANN-Hi-Y '49, Commercial '51, '50, F.T.A. '51. BELL, BARBARA JOANNE-P. E. Club '50, F .T.A. '50, '51, Commercial '51, Officer '51. BELL, ELI BERNARD--Red Cross '50, '51. Club , , lcer '51, Scriblers '51, A I Seniors ' BENNETT, BIBB NORRIS-Transferred from Heflin '51. BENNETT, CHARLES-Band '49, '50, '51, BENNETT, GEORGE WILLIAM-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, B-Team Football '49, '50, A- Team '51, Track '50, '51. BLACKMON, MARTHA LOUISE-Band '48, '49, Armoniers '49, '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Music Club '51. EOWMAN, MAX-D. O. Club '49, '50, '51. BRADEN. WY"NIETTE-D. O. Club '51: Jr. Red Cross '51, Transferred from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. '49. BREEN, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Football 5 '51, spanish Club '50, '51, Hi-Echo '51, Transferred from Palm Beach High School '50. BROWN, NANCY K,ATHRYNf-Hi-Y '49, ' '50, Hi-Eclio '51, Scribblers Club '51. " f' I u l BURKE, KITTY HARRIETTE-Band '48, '49, '50, F.T.A. '50, '51, Officer '51, Music Club '51, CANNON, JONES FRANKLIN-Track '49, '50, '51. CANNON, MAJOR TOM-D. 0. Club '49, '50, '51, Honor Society '51. CATER, MARY NATALIE-Hi-Y '50, '51, Hi-Y Council '51, P. E. Club '50, Officer '50, Spanish Club '51, Honor Society '50, '51, Junior Business Woman '51. CHANDLER, BILLY LEE-Baseball '49, '50, '51, Basketball '49, A-Team Basketball '50, '51, Captain '51, CHAVERS, MARTHA ELIZABETH- Commercial '50, '51, F.T.A. '51, Hi-Echo '51, Honor Society '51. CHRISTOPHER, JAMES DOUGLAS CLARK, HERBERT FELTON-Hi-Echo Staff '49, Hi-Y '49, F.T.A. '51, National Thespian Society '50, '51, Student Council '49, '50, '51, D. O. Club '50, '51, Officer '51. COLEMAN, GLORIA ANN-Hi-Y '49, '50, Home-Ee. '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, F.T.A. '51, Band '49, '50, '51, Red Cross '48. COLEMAN, GEORGE FR EDER ICK- Band '47, '48, '49, '50, '51, Junior Classical League '49, '50, Annual Staff '51, Honor Society '51, Officer '51, Jr. Kiwanian '51. CRAIG, SARA ELIZABETH-Class Offi- cer '47, '49, Student Council '47, '48g Ar- rnoniers '49, '50, Officer '50, Commercial Club '51g Who's Who '47, '48, '50, Band '49 '50, 51. CRAIG, RUTH-Band '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, '51g Armoniers Club '47, '48, '49, '50, '51, Officer '47, '48g D. O. Club '51 CUNNINGHAM, CATHERINE NELL - P.E. Club '49, '50g Commercial Club '50, '51, CURLEE, SHIRLEY TAYLOR-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Spanish Club '49, '50, '51, Annual Staff '48, '49, '5o. 4 DAVIS, JERRY JACQUOLYN-Red Cross '49, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, P.E. Club '50, '51, Officer '51. DOVER, MARIAN MILDRED-Red Cross '50: Commercial Club '51. DYE. RANDALL-Band '49, '50, '51, Offi- cer '51. ELLIOTT, MARY ALICE-F'.T.A. '50, '51, Officer '51, Commercial Club '50, '51, Of- ficer '51. FINLEY, JIMMY-Hi-Y '50, '51: Golf Team '50, '51. FINLEY, MARY RUTH-Student Council '48, '49, Home Ec. Club '50, Commercial Club '51, F.T.A. '51, BARBARA ALIC Band '48, '49, '50, '5 3 oruers , 49, '50g Orchestra '48, '49, '50, F.T.A, '50, '51, Commercial Club '51. FORD!-IAM, NORMA JEAN-Hi-Y '49, '51, Etude Club '50, Spanish Club '51g National Honor Society '50, '51g Homecoming Queen '51, Student Council '48, '51, Officer '51, Who's Who '51, Junior Business Woman '51, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl '51, FRAZIER, DONALD CLARENCE-IL Team Football '50, A-Team Football '51, B-Team Basketball '50, A-Team Basket- ball '51g Track '50. FRAZIER, AUDREY MARIE-F.T.A. Club '50, '51g Commercial Club '50, '51, Student Council -'47, '49, giiARDNER, MAVIS-D. O. Club '49, '50, GEORGE, BOBBIE JEAN-D. o. Club '49, '50, '51. GILBERT, JAMES WALTER-D. O. Club '49, '50, '51. GILLAM, MARY FRANCES.-:Annual 'Staff"51g"Hi-Y"'50f'51."Officer '51g Hi-Y Council '51, Honor Society '50, '51, Officer '50, '51, Junior Business Woman '51g Spanish Club '49, '51g Etude Club '50, Glee Club '48g Girls' State '50g National Thespian Society '51. Senior GILLUM, J OAN NE - Commercial Club '50, 's1. GILMER, CHARLES EDWIN-Football B-Team '48, '49, Varsity '50, '51, Ushers Club '49. GOAD, JO-D. O. Club '49, '50, '51, GREEN, CHARLES E D W A R D-D. O. Club '50, '51, Red Cross '50. GRIFFIN, ELEANOR MARIE-Honor So- ciety '50, '51, Spanish Club '51, Transfer- red from Lincoln High School. HACKNEY, CHARLES ANDERSON - Band '46. '47, '48, '49, Annual Staff '51, Hi-Y Council '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, offi- cer '51, Cheerleader '51, Who's Who 51, National Thespian Society '51, 'I-IAMES, BARBARA-Hi-Y '49, '51, Red Cross '48, '49, '50, Officer '50, Scribblers '51, Student Council '50, National Thespian Society '51. HAMILTON, MARGERY-Hi-Y '49, '50 '51, Hi-Y Council '50, '51, P.E. Club '50, '51. HAMILTON, MARY FRANCES-Hi-Echo '48, '49, '50, '51, Student Council '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '50, '51, Hi-Y Council '50, '51, P.E. Club '50, Officer '50, Class Officer '50, Pen-A- Pal, '51, National Honor Society '50, '51. HARMAN, ELNA E L I Z A B E T I-I-Red Cross '47, '48, F.T.A. '51, Pen-A-Pal '51. HARRISON, MARGARET ISABELLE- Red Cross '47, '48, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Span- ish '49, '48, '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Annual Staff '50, '51, Honor Society '51. HAYNES, ROBERT P A U L - Basketball '48, Hi-Y '51, Boys' State '50, HAWKINS, CLYDE MORRIS-D. 0. Club '48, '49, '50, '51, Officer '50, '51, State D. O. Officer '51, Annual Staff '50, '51, Hi-Echo '49, '50, '51, HELBIG, HORST KLAUS-Dieter-Hi-Y '51, 1 Year Rowing Club Berlin, 2 Years Student Council Berlin, 1 Year Rias Parli- ament Berling Who's Who '51, IQIENDRICKS, JOSEPH BRADLEY-HL '51, HENLEY, A. C.-B-Team Football '49, A- Team Football '50, HENSLEY, DANIEL EDWARD-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51. HimRNDoN, Jo ANN-D. o. club '49, '50, '5 HIGGINBOTHAM, SHELTON D.-B- Team Basketball '49, A-Team Basketball 50 51 Baseball '50, '51, Hi-Y '51 HILL, ARTHUR HILL, VIRGINIA LYNN-Junior Classical League '50, Junior Red Cross '51, Trans- ferred from Huntsville High School '50, HOLLOWAY, ELIZABETH-D. O. Club '51. HOUSE, DAN PERRY-B-Team Football '49, '50, A-Team Football '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, National Thespian Society '49, 50, '51, Officer '50, '51, HUBBARD, HARRIET-Student Council '49, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Spanish Club '49, '50, '51, P.E. Club '50, National Honor Society '50, '51, Officer '50, Junior Busi- ness Woman '51. HUNTER, CARTER JAUDON--Spanish Club 51 Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Etude '50. KANGELOS, ERNEST-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Student Council '47. KNOWLTON, MARJORIE PAULA- Hi- Y '50, Pen-A-Pal Club '50, '51, Annual Staff '51, National Thespian Society '51, F.T.A. '51. LANDERS B Band '49, '50, leer 15 Hi-Y '49, Pen-A-Pal '50, '51, Officer 51, F.T.A. '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi- Echo Staff '51, National Honor Society '51, LANE, JAMES DURHAM-B-Team Bas- ketball '49, A-Team Basketball '51, Base- ball '49, '50, '51. LATASTE, ROSA LEE-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '50, '51, Hi-Y Council '51, Red Cross '47, '48. '49 50. '51, Officer '50. '51: Home Ec. Club '49, Debate Club '49, Band '48, '49, '50, '51, Class Officer '48, Annual Staff '48, Librarians 'ssistant '50, Student Council '51, Who's Who. LEE DOROTHY MAE-D. O. Club '49, LEDBETTER, PEGGY JOYCE-Spanish Club '50, '51, Officer '51, Scribblers Club '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Echo Staff '51, Li- bararian's Assistant '50, '51, Class Officer '49, Class Sponsor '49, LIPSEY, JAMES FRED-Hi-Y '50, '51, Pen-A-Pal Club '50, '51. McCARRY, JEAN-F.T.A. '50, '51, Officer 51 Commercial Club '50, '51, Officer '51, Student Council '50, Hi-Y'49, Red Cross MCCARY, PATRICIA ANNE-Red Cross '48, Glee Club '48, Librarian's Assistant '48, Scribblers Club '50, '51, Officer '51, Span- ishClub '50, '51, Officer '51, Student Coun- cil '49, ,50, '51, Hi-Echo Staff '50, '51, Na- tional Honor Society '51, SI.H',fPA1'SY-I-Ii-Y '50, '51, 'Pen-A:-sPEl"'51, Commercial Club '51, F.T.A. 51. MCGINTY, JOHN WILLIAM-Hi-Y'50, '51. MARLER, JOSEPH EARL MARTIN, FORNIE EZRA-B-Team Foot ball '49, A-Team Football '51, Red Cross '50, Who's Who '51. MARTIN, FRANCES MARIE-Commer- cial Club '50, '51, Scribblers' Club '51, Hi- Echo '51g National Honor Society '51, METHVIN, PAUL LANDA--Etude Club '49, '50, Glee Club '48. MOON, WILLIAM ADRIAN--B Team Football '47, A-Team Football '48 49 50 Pen-A-Pal Club '50, '51, A Club 48 49 Track Team '47, '48, Class Officer 50 Whoa Who '49, '50, '51. MOORE. ALICE JOYCE-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51g'Hi-Y Council '51g Ushers' Club '49, Pen-A-Pal '50, '51, Officer '51. MOORE, RAY-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l. MORROW, WILLIAM EDWARD B Team Football '49, Baseball '49, 50 An nual Staff '50, '51, MORROW, KAZEEN-D. O. Club '49, '50, '51 ORT N MA IZABETH-Red Cross ' g i-Y 51, Trans erre rom Foley High School '50. MOSELEY, LULA MAUDE-H '50, Pen-A-Pal '51, F.T.A. '51. NOLEN, WILLIAM THOMAS-Hi-Y '49, '50, '50, Officer '51, Student Council '51, B-Team Football '48, '49, A-Team Foot- ball '50, '51, Baseball '50, '51, Hi-Y Coun- cil, '51. NUNNALLY, JAMES STEWART-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Band '47, '48, '49, Cheerleader '50, '51, National Thespian Society '50, '51, Junior Classical League '50, Officer '50, Boys' State '50: Honor So- ciety '51, PAPASPIROS, THEODORE GRANT Music Club '51, Etude Club '50. PARKER, MARY ELIZABETH-Ushers Club '49, F.T.A. '50, '51, Red Cross '48, PARSONS, IVIE HOUSTON-Red Cross '48, Hi-Y '49, '50,,'51g Class Officer '49, Junior Classical League '50, Officer '50, Thespian Society '50, '51g Honor Society '51. PATE, JAMES EUGENE-B-Team Foot ball '49, '50, Baseball '49, '50, '51 Boys State '50, D. O. Club '51, Officer 51 PIERCE NANCY ROWENA-Red Cross 48 50 51, Officer '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, H1 Echo '51, PIERCE, ROBERT EARL-Hi-Y '49, '50, Track Team '50. PONDER, ROY WHEELER-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, B-Team Basketball '49, '50, A- Team Basketball '51. POWER JOHN ALLEN-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51. PRIVETTE, FORBES H I R A M - Music Club '51. PROCTOR, WILLIE ANN-Student Council 48, 49, Hi-Y '50, Commercial Club '51, F.T.A. '51, PRUETT, JOSEPH ARNOLD - Baseball 47 48 49, '50, B-Team Football '47, A- Team Football '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, A Club 48, '49. PRUETT, ELIZABETH--D. O. Club '50. PULLEN, MARTHA JEAN -Band '47, '48, '49, Armoniers '48, '49, '50, Officer '50, F.T.A. '51, Home Ec. Club '51. PULLEN, MAY JOYCE-Band '47, '48, '49, rmomers '48, '49, '50, F.T.A. '51, Com- mercial Club '51. RAGIAS, KATHERINE B E A T R I C E- Transferred from New York '51, REAVES, JAMES ANTONE-Hi-Echo '48, '49, '50, '51, Editor '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Student Council '48, Junior Rotarian '49. REESE RAY ARNOLD-Baseball '50, '51. REYNOLDS, BETTY SUE-Hi-Echo '51, F.T.A. '51, Commercial Club '51, Junior Classical League '50, RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH ANN-I-1i- Echo '50, '51, Hi-Y '50, Red Cross '48, '49, '51, F.T.A. '51, National Honor Society '51. ROBINSON, BILLY GEORGE-Baseball 49 50 '51, B-Team Basketball '49, A- Team Basketball '51, ROYAL, JAMES HAROLD-Etude '50, Spanish Club '50, '51, Hi-Y '51, B-Team Football '50, A-Team Football '51, Trans- ferred from Columbus High School, Co- lumbus, Georgia '50. RUST BOBBY HUGH-Hi-Y '48, '49, '50. Se SALLAS, HAROLD CLAYTON-D. O. Club '49, '51, Officer '51, SASNETT, BETTY JO-Student Council '47, Red Cross '48, '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Y '50, '51, Hi-Echo '51. SHOOK. JANETTE-Band '49, '50 D. O. Club '51, Hi-Y '49. SHELTON, MALCOLM HENRY-Hi-Y '51, Boys' State '50, B-Team Football '49, B-Team Basketball '49, Honor Society '51. SHIRLEY, JOHN MARX-Hi-Y '50, '51, Band '48, '49, '50, '51, Lyre Club '49, '50, National Thespian Society '50, '51. SIKORSKI, MARY J E A N - Scribblers Club '50, '51, Officer '51. SILAR, JOYCE ANN-Hi-Y '49, Scrib- blers' Club '50, '51, Officer '51, Junior Classical League '50, Honor Society '51. SIMPSON, ERNEST CHARLES-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Student Council '50, National Thespian Society '51. SMITH, BARBARA JEAN-Ushers Club '49, Music Club '51, SMITH, BARBARA JOAN-Ushers Club '48, '49, Band '48, '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Armoniers '49, '50, Student Council '51, Home Ec. Club 51, Officer '51, Music Club '51, Officer '51. SMITH, MYRA ANN-National Honor Society '50, '51, Hi-Y '50, '51, Red Cross '47 SMITH, OTIS-D. O. Club '50, '51. SPRADLEY, BLANCHE MARIE-Spanish Club '50, '51, F.T.A. '51, STARR, JIMMIE SUE-Cheerleader '51, Who's Who '50, '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Home Sc. Club '50, '51, Class Sponsor '50, '51, STATOM, EDWARD GLADDEN-Hx Y '51, Hi-Y Council '51, Officer Tennis Team '50, '51, Junior Classical League '50, National Thespian Society 51 Officer '51, Hi-Echo '51, National Honor '49, '50, Society '51, Junior Kiwanian '51, STEWART, EDNA EARLE-P. E. Club '50, Commercial Club '51. STOREY, BILLY GENE-D. O. Club '51. SWINGLEY, BOYD CORLEY-Band 47 '48, Spanish Club '51, Hi-Y '51, Junior Kiwanian '51, Boys' State '50, Annual Staff '51, Honor Society '51. Senior ' VANCEL, BILLIE LOU-Red Cross '47, Council '49, '50, '51, Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Of- ficer '51: Home Ec. Club '50, '51, Officer '51, VAUGI-IN. DORIS IDA-'fommerclil Club '50, '51, Officer '51g National Honor So- ciety '51, '50, '51, Armoniers Club '48, '49, '50, Of- ficer '49, '50g D. O. Club '50, '51. WAHLQUIST, A R V I D L E E-,Student Council '49, '50, Hi-Y '50, '51g Red Cross '51g Track Team '49, '50, '51, Honor Society '5l. WARD, ALLEN WAYNE-Hi-Y '50, '51g B-Team Football '49, A-Team Football '50, '51, Red Cross '48, '49, Pen-A-Pal '50, '51, Class Officer '50, Track Team '50, '51, Who's Who '51, WATERS, ANNE LEYDEN-Hi-Y Club '50, '51, P.E. Club '50, '51. WATSON, PEGGY JEAN-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Red Cross '50g P.E. Club '51, WATSON, WANDA-Student Council '47, '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y '49, '50g Hi-Y Coun- cil '49, '50, Ushers Club '49, P.E. Club '49, Scribblers Club '49, '50, '51, D.U. Club '50, '51, Hi-Echo '48, '49, '50, '51. WATTS, T R O Y L EE - Cross Country Track Team '51. WEATHERLY, HARRY WILLIAM-Hi-Y Club '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Y Council '51: Spanish Club '49, '50, '51, Officer '51. WELLS, HAROLD-B-Team Football '49g B-Team Basketball '49, Baseball '49, '50, '51, A-Team Basketball '50, '51, Who's Who '51, WHITMAN, D E N N I S-Cross Country Track Team '51. WIGLEY, MILTON-Hi-Y '50, 'Sly Golf Team '49, '50, '51, Hi-Echo '50, '51g Hi-Y Council '51, WILLINGHAM, HAROLD--Hi-Y '49, '50, A Club '48g Class Officer '49, A Team Football '48, '49, '50, '51, All State Football Team '51g All County Football Team '49, '50, '51g Who's Who '51. WIMPEE, MARTHA ANN-Hi-Y Club '49, '50, '51, Officer '50, '51g Hi-Y Council '51, Officer '51, Home Ec. Club '49, '50, '51, Of- ficer 51g Office Assistant '51, Assistant Li- brarian '50, Hi-Echo '51, Red Cross '49. WORD, JO ANN-Hi-Y '49, '50, D. O. Club '50, '51. WORSHAM, CHARLOTTE ANN--Hi-Y '49, '50, Hi-Y Council '49, Junior Classical League '50, Officer '50g Ushers Club '49g Spanish Club '51g Scribblers Club '51, WRIGHT, JOANNE MARIE-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Officer '51g Hi-Y Council '51g Ushers Club '49, Junior Classical League '50, Officer '50g Pen-A-Pal '51g Who's Who '51. WADE, BARBARA-Band '47, '48, '49, 'COOC 9 5- - -, -,..,.f,,,,. ,f5:q:,g,.f, f , ,. fl . , . .lm-5.--,:.l.,a-5-1.5-5 -s QA. 1 ' 5 5 5 5 M YANCEY, CHARLES FRANK-B-Team 'Q ' Football '49, A-Team Football '50, '51g - Ushers Club '49g Track Team '50, Hi-Echo '48, '49, '50, '51. 8 YARBROUGH, TOMMY Band 48, 49, 5 5 50, '51. 1 Q , J 5 , YEAGER, MARY FAYE-Scribblers Club r.,,,i 5 '49, '50, Officer '50, Girls' Ensemble '49g " E F.T.A. '50, '51, Officer '51, .. ' 5 A A ll . 5 :if 1, YOUNG, BARBARA ANN-D. O. Club A '49, '50, '51, Officer '51, Hi-Y '49, '50g Stu- -5 Q dent Council '49, '50. A YOUNGBLOOD, CHARLES RALPH- X' Pen-A-Pal '51g Football Manager '51. " Good itizenship Girl Nomvux JEAN Foam-IAM Bonny Bum? And Horst surely was in for a surprise-not only a picture, but a senior ring too! Boy When We Were Wee L:-xmugzg HHVJ:S"3lSV,LV"I wvumoanxaslg Nosawx-3 soxszmvgq :-rs.-xwxm Nosnwvg aalmaausq s:-mo 1' 'wxog vnvgvw Aa'1sN:1H NOLTMONQI su:-nmvfl mvuggg uuvaanH Noazaow .u-mrnjq Xssmuvg at-mcvg .uavgow 1-Luwg SSHOH E' Nosmsog Nvwcnog AHNXQVH A'1'1:mNr1N unvg Nmoag A3'1u:n-xJ.v:1M THDNVA :meow s1'1aM Arnommg msaxq Nmavw O! ,,x x M. , xi kwvgf' k - , ' --raizifdz :V 'K K ' A ' 3QQ ,iff if ,F W, .. ,si ,W L. L 5 X -Sym -fx f gg X X K ,L Qi a .qw My S w -ge 35 -. ,wglgfaif -favs ff' ,il Y xiggr.-gf fs?TQ,,:-Xi ' Q 3 fi ,,g . 1 Q9 .. x l First row . . . Stewart, Pat Shelton, ' , Margery Clarg, Merr Lou Arthur, " ucky" Cain etty Ben- net, Doris Bea? . . . eco 'row . . . Betty Shelton, Ann Cockrell Carolyn roo s, arrity Watson, e y a er, Mary Ann Chaifin, Julia Fay Ashley, Barbara Blount, Peggy Anderson. . .-1 Third row . . . Babs Blakely, Barry B1-oach, Chris Banister, Bill Aldrup, George Box, Richard Coleman, Jerry Bailey ,... Fourth row . . . Douglas Thomas, Dick Spurlin, Mickey Stewart, Jimmy Van Wonderharn, John Sims, Billy Thornton. Junior C ass First row . . . Arnetha Stancill, Mozell Daugherty, Ruth Lindsey, Mary Eleanor Jones, Mary Hurt, "Pickle" Jones, Pat Mar- tin, Tinnie Lockridge .... Second row . . . Myrele Summers, Eleanor Smith, Mildred Johnson, ir , Rose Mary Kil- gore, J Little, Patsy Lumpkin, Helen Meigs, Alice McCall .... Third row . . . Marlene eltop, Harriet Mallard, Hazel Dickerson, Douglas Martin, Douglas Williams, Tommy McKay, Frank Rollins, Harvey Love ..,. Fourth row . . . Kenneth Austin, Albert Johnson, Harold Martin, Barry .bhnom George Longshore, Morgan Kerr, Bobby McDill, Clarence Potts, rf- Vf' ' Ehasvard Reynolds. I f Q A 1 ,QA e. .-EF: 1 f 3 5' f , .g f--"Qt 'Q' m 1 my 'Q -qs.. 5 W, 1 5 4 ' .QWQQN 1 L?" f , 5 mfr , . , Q' ii ,' Xvf'-'Qty i fl fc, '7:',,s-aw Erika., on-.1-,...avu 1 .,1.,: ff ' f Q Y X fu. U First row . . . Virginia Watson, Helen Ann McKee, Billy Sue M:Dill, Joene McKee, Lawanna House, y, Vangie Nichopoulos, Marcia O'Shields, Sue Jamison, Pat Reed, Betty Matthews .... Second row . . . Vivian Kimbrough, Peggy Huff, Jo Ann McGennis, Deborah Hughes, Ina Martin, Leila Jo Mayes, Jo Ann Jackson, Margaret Watkins, Alva Morris, Joyce Woods .... Third row . . . Julia O'Dell, Nina Moss, Lou Livingston, Helen Long, Patt Wright, Barbara Johnson, Ann Williams, Bobby Mange, James McDonald, Curtis Hulett .... Fourth row: Bobby White, Morgan Lusk, James McDonald, George Hooper, Eugene Hughes, Douglas Lybrand, Doyce Nolan, Hulan Pate, Donald Mundy, Billy Marshall .... Fifth row: Douglas Kelly, Bill Johnson, Bobby West, Robert Payne, Jimmy McMillon, Franklin Lee, Ben Webb, Joe Parrott, Laudon Kent, Bobby McCrelles. Sophomore Class First 1-our . . . Barbara Tyler, Betty Lou Stewa' Peggy a . Sandra Voth, Joyce Shubutt, -Faye, Roberts, Q52-lop? Su Bette Shelby, Barbara Ray, Jane Scruggs .... row . . . Yvonne Shaddix, Dorothy Smith, 'Faye Rainwa er, June Walden, 'Dorothy Ward, Phyllis Walters, -Alice Lee Thompson, Norma Thomas, Joyce Powell, Gena Waddell .... Third 'row . Q . Doris Fite, Mary Nell Saxon, Jo Ann Storey, Sandra Tay'lUr, Ann Sams, Betty Sue Walker, Julia Rowan, Lynn Shelton, Billy Putman, Jimmy Thomas .... Fourth row: Jimmy Joe Waldrep, Clifford Perkins, Crawford Perkins, Floyd Tucker, Wayne Rowe, Duane Short, Lamar Simpson, Bill Triplett ,... Fifth row:, Bobby Sqxithw Ralph Thomas, Garfield Shellnutt, Kenneth Wagner, Stanley Pendergras. Charles Swann, ljobald Taylor, Robert Thompson. f First -row Betty Whatley Agnes Bowling Pat Brown Maureen Bell Mary Ann Crichton,clPats Curr fCarolyn Barker Lida Cobbs,.Alton Allen, Cuzjtis Cotton, Charles Bancroftf. . . Second row . . . Jo Ann Wright, Eina?TElier, Annette Bur- Third 'row . . . Sybil Clark, Mary Chavers, Ida Mae Curry, Norma Jean Brovsm, Alta Anderson, Vera Cody, Magnolia Carter, roughs, Jewel Cannon, Ann Carter, Beppy Williams, Ann Coleman, Larry Adcock, Clyde Yarbrough, George Coats. . . Joel Carter, Jerry Arnold, Russell Bright .... Fourth Row . . . Dudley Wright, Jack Coleman, Billy Carter, Billy Birchfield Tommy Butler, Franklin Chastin, Glenn Abernathy, George Craig, Joe Cleghorn, Bobby Coggins .... Fifth row: Bill Brack: ney, James Brannen, Bill Campbell, Jimmy Boyd, Bennie Azbell, Frank Carlisle, Gene Coley, Lewis Carroll, Jerry Carter Sophomore Class First row . . . Christine Henderson, Nancy Goad, Mary Davis, Mary Dempsey, Sybil Wooten, Martha Estes, June Hale, Peggy Hall, Mavis Duke, Greta Davidson, Harold Holland, Donald Henley .... Second row . . . Ann Helton, Carolyn Doss, Audrey Dutton, Jo Ann Gobexg, Jerry Ann Hassell, Margaret Ann Elwell, Mary Sue Dickey, Barbara Davis? a ' g, Doris Fiquett .... Third row . . . Ralph Farabee, Billy Gann, Ronny Hicks, Helen Dulaney, Edna Henley, Mildred Wigley, Martha Drake, Sara Jo Dingler, Alice Harwell, Gerald Graham, Richard Harrington .... Fourth row: Morris Davis, Donald Winters, Ray Watson, Wallace Wilkerson, Dick Weaver, Bob Hamilton, Edward Dempsey, John Holloway, Tommy French, Lamar Denkins .... Fifth row: Bill Harris, James Hilley, Aaron Williamson, Karl Gladden, Walter Griffin, Ronnie Harman, James Harrell, Raymond Harper, Manley Hess, John Gilbert, Billy Henderson. Celebrities At A. H. . :lynn JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ll ll ll ge: ' mei SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LIBRARY STAFF ORATO RS I-II Y LEGISLATORS POETS AND ESSAYIST Veterans C0-ORDINATORS SECRETARIES 9 T I P. IIACGERTY, B. J. Puwmu, L. M. Sims EVELYN B. CLx1aK. Mmum B. Bnowx ON THE JOB TRAINING MECHANICS CLASS RE FRIGE RATION CLASS ST TRADE SCHOO L EDUCATIONAL CLASS L TRADE SCHOOL UAL STAFF C ass Activities i f ENGUSH Hvsac A 5104.06 CE EM iixx iight W M NX ww ' fy W, I f 'V w '5 ' V -v M I f V ' ' 2' ' " Vvi-Q52 hs? -V. . -W Q 3 'irq 3 HQ Y fffx L: - ' ,, Nix x 2 , .xf'1 2 , wx ff SN Q h W N ww - X 'P 915: . A x a. ix- :-44, . ,. x , 5 W Q Q' Z: 15' . 4 W1 NF es. n x F' BAILEY KNIGHT FULLER SHELBY lillllllll BOBBY BAILEY . .... Editor BABS BLAKELY . . Assistant Editor RACHEL KNIGHT .... Business Manager SYQYv Ll1l' . Assistant Business Manager LUCILE FULLER . Sponsor This is the group of people who have labored to give you the 1951 annual! They have struggled through magazine and annual sales, through financial difficulties, and through trials and dis- appointments of various kinds. Somehow we have lived through it all, and thus, here by the hardest, appears another annual! We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the faculty and students who have helped to make this book possible. We have tried to catchlall the important moments of the year, and we hope the book will help you to recall in years to come the happy memories and associations of the year 1950-51 at A. H. S. Wasson MEIGS lu Moanow HACKNEY f WATSON BRoAcH SMITH GLASS ST FF HIGH MAGAZINE SALESMAN LATASTE L O -EMAN BILL ALDRUP, JAMES BRANNEN, SONNY STATOM, GEORGE Hoomzn. W ,ww , f N rcovounos Swmanny Box BARNES HOLLAND ELLIOTT GH-LAM KNowL1'oN HAWKINS HARRISON MCCARY HAMILTON REAvEs JIMMY REAVES . . . . . . Editor MARY FRANCES HAMILTON . . Associate Editor PAT MCCARY .... . Feature Editor BILL BREEN . PEGGY LEDBETTER . . ELIZABETH RICHARDSON WANDA WATSON . . FRANK YANCEY . MRS. G. C. NICHOLS HI Business Editor . joke Editor Activity Editor Society Editor Sports Editor . Sponsor LEDBETTER BREEN BROWN SASNBTT REYNOLDS PARSONS Burma WIGLI-:Y "1"1'r!.'-' COLEMAN MARTIN Tunuzn Lmnzns OWEN NICHOLS RICHARDSON Members of the press! It sounds impressive, doesn't it? Well, in our school it is! It includes the reporters, typists, and business staff who once a month put together the "HI-ECHO." These are the girls and boys who rushed for deadlines around the fifteenth of the month and are usually seen at odd times scribbling down notes on everything from chapel programs to the latest gossip. Since few of them have received recognition for all the months of hard work they have done, we extend to the staff members and Mrs. Nichols, congratulations for such a successful yearg and to those stepping up to fill the vacancies, we wish good luck for a bigger and better Hi-Echo next year. CHO HAWKINS WEssoN WATSON Pinkas YANCEY e S'rA'roM BARKER BRoAcH PAPASPIROS THOBNTONQ Scntmcs SMITH WIGLEY ARTHUR C1-mvsns ...... EL1zAsETI-I RICHARDSON - MYRA ANN SMITH MARY FRANCES HAMILTON SPRING INDUCTION MERRY Lou Qgjgglgn BETTY JOAN BARNES ll1IAJOR CANNON MARTHA CrIAvERs MARGIE HARRISON '1 HARRY Mor-ILMANN J JIMMY NUNNELLY Ivm PARSONS MALCOLM SHRTON GEORGE COLEMAN RACHEL KNIGHT MARIE MARTIN DORRIQ VAUGT-IN JOYCE ANN SU-AR BOYD SWINGLEY BETTY LANDERS SONNY S'rAToIvI 'f .MARY CATER MARGARET ANN SMITH ARVID WAHLQUIST RI PAT MCCARY NORMA JEAN FORDI-IAM lf!-9YlL51B9ll-L Mas. BRUMMEL ' BOBBY BAILEY LAM HARRIETF HUBBARD J NICE THORNTON QARRITY ATSON ational Honor Soc'ety OFFICERS Each semester students are tapped for membership into the Na- Farst Semester BOBBY BAILEY . MARY GILLAM . HARRIETT HUBBARD Second Semester MARY GILLAM . . . GEORGE COLEMAN . RACHEL KNIGHT . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . President Vice-President Secretary tional Honor Society during a very impressive candle light ceremony. To be eligible the students must rank in the first quartile of his class and must maintain a scholastic average of B. The faculty then judges the students on the qualifications of leadership, service, and character. The highest honor a student at A. H. S. can receive is to become a member of the National Honor Society, which is under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Kathleen Brummel. This is the governing body of our school. Each homeroom elects a representative to be a memberuof this organization. Meeting in the library every Monday during fifth period under the capable sponsorship of Mr. Nash, the Council has made many accomplishments, such as sponsoring of buses to the out- of-town football games, appointing ushers, and doing numerous other things. The members of the council feel that something has been accomplished. We believe that a good student government is desirable and well worth our effort. lvl.-XRY FRANCES HAMILTON E .... President S t ll d 6 I1 t BOBBY BAILEY .... . Vice-President NORMA JEAN FORDHAM . . . Secretary PATSY ALLEN . . Treasurer C . I MR. NASH . . Sponsor 8 ll n' C 1 A " EEEE? KF 5 . . Zifiagkex . og First row: Betty Lou Stewart, Barbara Smith, Martha Estes, Barbara Haymes. Mary Hurt. Patsv Allen. Nan Grant .... Second row: Marlene. Halton li' isa Lee LaTaste, Norma Jean Fordham. Carolyn Barker, Pat McCary, Carol Moore, Julia Fay Ashley, Margaret Ann Smith, Flora Gilrner .... Third 1-ou-: Felton Clark, Douglas Hicks, Mary Frances Hamilton, Vangie Nichopoulos, Mildred Wigley', Billie Lou'Vancel, Joyce Powell, Lenora Hollingsworth, Ann Cockrell, Jimmy Van Wonderham, Milton Wigley, Tommy Nolen, Ray Moore .... Fourth row: Mr. Nash, George Box,'Bobby Bailey, Ivie Par- sons, Roy Ponder, Joe Hendricks, Dee Higginbotham, Bill Aldrup. 1-i i BoBBY BAILEY . . . President SONNY STATOM . . . Vice-President MARTHA ANN WINIPEE . . Secretary MARY CATER . . Treasurer The Anniston Hi-Y Council started in the fall of 1947. It is a means of coordinating Hi-Y club activities. Members of the council consist of the presidents and the vice presidents of each of the five Hi-Y chapters, with two other elected representatives from each chapter. The adult advisors and the local Y.M.C.A. general secretary are also members. The Hi-Y council conducts a very excellent procedure for receiving new students. The prospective members attend a training course which has proved successful for the past few years. Each year several conventions are held, and the main one is the Youth and Government where Anniston Hi-Y clubs always take a lead- ing part. Hi-Y Council Fzrst row: Marlene McClellan, Margie Hamilton, Jo Ann Wright, Marv Cater, Martha Ann Wimpee, Barbara Arnold, Mary Gillam .... Second row: Rosa Lee LaTaste, Peggy French, Billie Lou Vancdl, Mary Frances Hamilton, Joyce Moore, Bobby Bailey, J immy Van Wonderham, Sonny Statom, floyd Strong Harry Weatherly, Milton Wigley, Tommy Nolen, Ray Moore. ,..,, g,,.,.f,. .A '- , -r,..,. r ' ' ii in y Y , i lies 1 . l First row: Betty Lou Stewart, Agnes Bowling, Betty Jo Sasngtt, Merry Lou Arthur, Lenora Hollingsworth, Barbara Arnold, Ann Fite. Rosa pee LaTaste, Su Bette Shelby .... Second row: Mar hy Jo Little, Mary Ann Hitt, Rosa Ann Owen, Batsy M , Lula Mosely, Dottie Hicks, Carolyn Barker .... Third row: Bat Martin Leila Jo Mayes, Helen Ann McKee, argaret Ann Elwell, Betty Baker, Eunice Scully, J ice Thornto Sue Jamison, Peggy Roberts .... Fourth row: Ann Waters, Clara Jo ParLs,,Ann Pitt's,,Alice Thompson, l9hylis Wa ers, Ann Sams, Vangie Nichopoulos, Jane McKe1roy, 'Ly' Martha Ann Wxmpee, Betty Matthews. ' g' ' d h t Rosfx LEE LATASTE . . . President G i 1, I S9 H i - Y MARTHA ANN WIMPEE . Vice-President PAT MARTIN . . . . Secretary PEGGY ROBERTS . . Treasurer MERRY Lou AliJ'HOl1 . Chaplain lLiving up to its ideals of christian life the Virginia Ordway chapter of Girls' Hi-Y has been very active this year. The meetings inspire the girls to a better moral and spiritual life and each girl is excellently carrying out her part in all the activities. Each thing that these girls learn in Hi-Y work will be carried with them down life's path. Under the splendid leadership of our sponsor, Miss Fuller, the club is progressing rapidly. The club has engaged in many worthwhile activities dur- ing the year and we feel that the members are developing through service to others. The influence of the Hi-Y clubs is felt throughout the school. Q Girls' Hi-Y MAIQY FRANCES llAMlL'l'0N . Presiflenl BILLIE Lou VANCEL . . Vice-President Mliurm. BLACKMON . . Sm-re:ary BETTY JOAN BARNES . . Treasurer PATSY LUMPKIN . . Chaplain The Kathleen Brummel Chapter of Girls' Hi-Y had a fine start three years ago, when it was first organized. Last year it had even a better year, but this year has been the best of all. All the members are striving to live up to the platform "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Chris- tian charactern and the club has been successful in every project they have undertaken. Our sponsor, Miss Corrine Weaver, has worked hard to make our club successful. To her we give much of the credit for the progress made. Kathleen Brummel Chapter Firstilgw: Shirley Cunlee, Margie Harrison, Peggy Watson, Debora Hughes. Betty Joan Barnes, Alta Anderson, Jerry Davis, gggy a . . , Second row: Mildred Johnson, J ce Mize, Bett Morton, Harriet Hubbard, Sybil Clark, Mary Ann Chafin, on unter, Norma Jean Fordham, Helen Meigs .... lltird row: a pkin, Peggy French, Pat Wright, Ann Coleman, ,Faye Roberts, Nancy Pierce, Billie Lou Vancel, Joyce Moore, U. -. Blackman, Mary Frances Hamilton, Jane Scruggs. . . . Fourth row: Myra Ann Smith, Sandra Taylor, ,Ann Helton, Betty Bennett, Helelllafzlig, Patsy Allen, Martha Drake Mild1 ed Wlgley aro yn Jo 1 use -.AW ' .. s . 5 Q , i S s , , , 5' 2 fa! W v-.,, First row: Pat Brovsm, Jerry Nelson, Joenne McKee, Elizabeth Scruggs, Lida Cobbs, Maurene Bell, Marcia O'Shields Ducky ,LQZQB-A . . Second row: Peggy Hall, Harriet Mallard, Mary Cater, Margie Hamilton, Sylvia Holland, Julia Rowan, Heppy Williams, Alice McCallf Betty Lou Gardner!'. , . Third row: Josephine New, Margaret Ann Smith, Jo Ann Goberv Betty Ann Walden, Dorothy Smith, Mary Gillam, Margery Clark, Jo Ann Wright .... Fourth row: Nina Moss, Liz Mickle, Lou Living- ston, Carol Moore, Sara Craft, Carolyn Brooks, 'Peggy Huff, Betty Quenelle. Ina Ruth Martin, Ann Cockrell. ' ,,, 1 Lucil C eveland hapter The Lucile H. Cleveland chapter of the Girls' Hi-Y has been organized only a few years, but it Gil-15' H i . Y has successfully accomplished many worthwhile projects. Most of the credit for the accomplishment of the club goes to our new sponsor, Mrs. Boaz. The main projects our club undertook this year were the Dave Howell Fund, food for needy famil- , ies at Christmas, contribution to the World Youth fr Fund and the Y. M. C. A. Building Fund. The goal of the Hi-Y club is clean speech, clean sporis, clean scholarship, and clean living with . contagious Christian character. All of the girls be- lieve they are succeeding to a great degree. MARY GILLAM . President ,IOANNE WRIGHT . . Vice-President ANN COCKRELL . . Secretary MARGERY CLARK . Treasurer Llz MICKLE . Q . Clmplnin. 'l'o1v1MY Norm: . Presizlenl BOBBY BAILEY .' . Vice-Presizlent J IMMY NUNNELLY . . Secretary MICKEX' STEWART . . Treasurer C Boys' Hi-Y George Nee y hapter The George Neely Hi-Y Chapter tried a new method this year and it worked very successfully. Each member was assigned to a committee where he worked with his group and gave a report at each club meet- ing. This saved time and it gave every boy an opportunity to serve. The G. N. Chapter contributed to a number of funds since their goal for the year was 5150. This money was raised by dances, fun nights, and sacrificial gifts. The sacrificial giving proved the boys that are affiliated with Hi-Y are trying to live by the standard "to create, maintain, and extend." Every mem- ber of the club gave at least one dollar of his own personal money to the worth while organization. Mr. Newman is the G. N. adviser and he has gained the respect of every club member. Mr. Newman gives his opinions on issues, but he lets the members decide for themselves what they want to do. He is a very capable adviser for young people. F irst 1-ow: Arvid Wahlquist, Ronald Crossley, Boyd Swingley. Jimmy Reaves, Floyd Stroup, Clyde Yarbrough, Bill Triplett, Lynn Shelton, Ralph Farabeef Bobby Mange .... Second 1-ow:Harry Mohlmann, Dan Hensley, Roy Ponder, Buster Simpson, Henry Wingard, Miller Weatherly, Jimmy Nunnelly, James Harrell, Raymond Harper, Wayne Ward .... Third row: Bobby Bailey, George Longshore, Malcolm Shelton, Gene Coley, Karl Gladden, Sonny Statom, Harold Royal, George Bennett, Y 3 - Mickey Steviart, B ny Tommy Nolen ,C . .., I my I ..,. Ama, 4 Y 1 First row: Bill Carter, Harry Weatherly, Jimmy Finley, Jimmy Lipsley, George Coats, Richard Coleman, George Box, Curtis Cotton, Jerry Arnold .... Second row: John Mark Shirley, Douglas Hicks, Ivie Parsons, Ernest Kangelos, Jerry Bailey, Horst Helbig, Ray Moore, Bill Brackney, Charles Hackney, Frank Jones .... Niird row: Jimmy Van Wondei-ham Milton Wigley, John Allen Power, Morgan Kerr, Buddy Whitlock, Chris Banister, Barry Broach, Bobby Smith. C. Hal C eveland hapter The stated purpose of this club is "to create, to maintain, and to extend throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian character." This club has the excellent aim of building a good strong Christian character of our boys. The members of the club try to carry such ideals as clean speech, clean sports, and clean living through their leadership into all phases of school activities. The club has done much charity work this year. The members of the club collected food to distribute among the needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We believe the club is serving a wonderful pur- pose in our school and community. Boys' Hi-Y HARRY XVEATHERLY . . President RAY MOORE . . . Vice-Presiclent ERNEST KANGELOS . . Secretary C1R1ARL13s HACKNEY . . Treasufrer Jolm MARK SHIRLEY . Chaplain Orls SMITH . . President BARBARA Youwc . . Vice-President MOZELLE PIERCE . . Secretary FELTON CLARK . . Treasurer HAROLD SALLAS . . . Club Reporter MRS. SCREVENS Sz MR. SIBERT . Sponsors The Diversified Occupations Club affords the students valuable social training and an opportunity to develop qualities of leadership, as well as to provide social activities. Each high school that offers cooperative training has an active club. In addition to business meetings and social activities each club makes some significant contributions designed to improve the school building facilities or campus. Local clubs are affiliated with the State Diver- sified Occupations Club, and each year the high point of club activities is reached during the state convention. Here club members meet to work and play with other members from all parts of the state, and they have the opportunity to be hosts to leaders in the field of business, industry, and education. The club is under the sponsorship of Mrs. Screvens, and Mr. Sibert, the D. E. and D. O. Co- ordinators. They have proved to be excellent leaders for the club. lub First row: Elizabeth Kircus, Levena Feazell, Arnetha Stancil Mozelle Pierce, Barbara Stancil, Kazeen Morrow, Jeanette Shook, Sandra Shook, JoAnn Taylor .... Second row: Sara Davidson, Wynett Braden, Dorothy Lee, glpra -Gillflelf, Marie Gardner, Wanda Watson, Barbara Young, Jo Ann Herndon, Kenneth Austin, Hazel Dickerson, Marie ayngs, Betty Flood, Elizabeth Hollaway, Bobby Jean George, Barbara Wade, Ruth Craig, Mrs. Screvens, Jo Goad .... Fourth row: Bobby Hubbard, James Gilbert, Billy Jo Allinder, Jimmy Pate, Major Cannon, Donald Hammett, Tommy Yarborough, Charles Green, Felton Clark, Howard Reynolds .... Fifth row: Billy Storey, Max Bowmen, Clarence Potts, Otis Smith, Randall Dye, Harold Sallas, James Anderson, Mr. Sibert. First row: Betty Jo Sasnett, Barbara BlourgilNancy Pierce, Peggy Handle, Rosa Lee LaTaste, Alice Thompson June Hale, Mary Ann Crichton .... Second row: Rut Lindsey, Barbara Davis, Julia O'de1l, Annette Burroughs, Nama Brown, Wynette Brayden, Lenora Hollingsworth, Mrs. Hudson, Sylvia holland .... Third row: Dixie Spurlin, Jane Scruggs, Helen Ann McKee, Rose Ann Owens, Qigyl-11991, Virginia Hill, Betty Richardson, Bett Morton .... Fourth row: Ronald Crossley, Douglas Hicks, Eli Bell, Felton Clark, Harry Mohlmann, Rona rant Arvil Walquist. , The Junior Red Cross has as its main purpose service to others. Through our Junior Red Cross many projects have been successfully completed this year. The members have all joined hands and completed this yeas as one of the most successful years, carrying out the Junior Red Cross purpose under the capable leadership of our sponsor, Mrs, Hudson. Ross LEE LATASTE . . . President BETTY Jo SASNETT . . V ice-Presirlenz NANCY PIERCE . . Secretary DOUGLAS H1cKs . . Treasurer ROSA ANN OWENS . . Reporzer ---...q Junior Red Cross Y 1 ' First row: Babs Blakely, Norma Jean Fordham, Harriet Mallard, Margery Clark, Libba Scruggs, Jerry Nelson, Mary Ann Hitt, Liz Mickle, Blanche Spradley .... Second row: Mrs Stroup, Barbara Arnold, Jaudon Hunter, Alice McCall, Helen . Meigs, Shirley Curleegrlvfargie Harrison, Harriet Hubbard, Mary Gillam, Marie Griffin, Peggy Ledbetter, Mary Cater. . . . ,L o Third row: Hal Roberts, Bill Breem, Elton Jones, Boyd Swingley, Bill Aldrup, Harold Royal, Morgan Kerr, Floyd Stroup, , gN ' L" Harry Weatherly, Pat McCary, Charlotte Worsham. ' pani h lub The Spanish Club is an organization of interested students who are studying Spanish or who have studied it. Each month during the school year there are two meetings. The programs consists of Latin American music, poetry, art, and games. Often we have an opportunity to listen to a speaker who has toured some Spanish speaking section of the world. Mrs. Stroup, our sponsor lived for quite a while in Puerto Rico, and through her we gain a better knowledge of the language and habits of Latin Americans. In addition to our purpose of "Better Pan-American Relations" of lst year, we have added as goals, "More Facility in the use of the Spanish Language and a better understanding of the people." Our hope is to have many more years in the future as successful as this one! BUENOS DESEOS A TODOS! PAT MCCARY . . HARRY VVEATHERLY ...L FLOYD STROUP . MARGIE HARRISON . Mas. STROUP . . . President Vice-President mga-f' . Treasurer Club Reporter . . Sponsor t First row: George Keechh'lEgQy,Landers .... Second row: Joyce Moore, Paula Knowlton .... Third row: Eunice Scully, Eaye Roberts ..., Fourt row: Dottie Hicks, Marcia O'Shields ..,. Fifth row: Jo Ann Wright, Su Bette Shelby, Mrs. Shelby, Peggy Roberts, Lula Mosely .... Sixth row: Eatsyx MQGQIB, Pat Allen .... Seventh row: Patsy Lumpkin, Peggy French. . . . ,Oy Eighth row: Martha Estes, Elna Harman .... 'Nint'E'row: Mary Frances Hamilton, Helen Long. Karl Gladden, Ralph Young- L., blood, Billy Moon, Tommy MCKQV, Wayne Ward, Jimmy Lipsley, Julia Rowan. Q P C Il - A - P 211 I ll b The membership of the Pen-A-Pal Club is made up of students who are interested in corresponding with boys and girls in foreign countries. When letters are received, they are read aloud at the club meet- ings. By exchanging letters, we gain a better understanding of our foreign friends. On our programs we have speakers who have visited foreign countries, or who have lived there. We also study the foreign countries where our pen pals live. One of the main purposes of this club is friendship but it also provides an excellent opportunity in the art of letter writing. GEORGE KEECH . Presidenz BETTY LANDERS V ice-President J .m-.....,.,r-- JOYCE MOORE . Secretary Jo ANN WIRIGHT . . Treasurer MRS. SHELBY . . Sponsor RACHEL KNIGHT . . . President J EAN MCCARY .... V ice-President MARY ALICE ELLIOTT . . Secretary DORIS VAUGHN . . . . Treasurer MARIE MARTIN . Program Chairman Commercial lub 1 Don't be surprised if in a few years you find some fine business men and women who are alumni members of A. H. S., because they are here learning. The Commercial Club meets every even Tuesday. The purpose of this club is "to promote better understanding of the business world and to create a feeling of unity among commercial students." Their programs consist of interesting discussion problems. This group occasionally forgets the business world and turns to social life. Their socials are well remembered by all the people who attend. First row: Duc' ' ' 'n. Marie Martin, Doris Vaughn, Joyce Pullen, Margaret Ann Smith, Barbara Bell .... Second row: Willie Proc or, Mary arker, Catherine Cunningham, Beth Craig, Martha Chavers, Barbara F' , Tiny Lockridge .... Third row: ary Ruth Finley, Betty Sue Reynolds, Eleanor Nobles, na are Stewart, Charlotte Beavers, .Ann Pitts, :Ioyce Mize, Barbara Taylor, Jean McCary, Mary Alice Elliott, Marie Frazier, Rachel Knight, Mrs. Hill. First -row: Roy Ponder, Merry Lou Arthur, Mary Hurt, Paula Knowlton, Ivie Parso arold Wells, . . . Second row: Mrs. Cobbs, Barbara Hames, L1H'a"1Vl'oEIeyTJzEi'ce Thornt , Carolyn Barker .... zr row: elton Clark, Douglas Hicks, George Box, Richard Coleman, Jimmy Nunnal y, uster Simpson, Sonny Statom, Tommy Yarborough, Richard Phillips, Dan House. Harvey Love. V- ' f ational Thespian Societ The National Thespian Society is an organization for those students who are interested in the advance- ment of dramatic arts in the high school. b Our troop of the Society was granted its charter in the fall of 1949. This year our society is working mostly on a broad program which consists of home room programs, skits, reports on playwrights and one act plays. We have also started radio plays which are presented over the radio at different times. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Frances O. Cobbs the Thespian troop has progressed rapidly, and in the years to come it will be looking forward to greater things in dramatic arts. N lj! L!'JV'X DAN HOUSE . . . President """io SONNY STATOM . . Vice-President HARVEY Lovr: . . Secretary A RICHARD PHILLIPS . . . . Treasurer MERRY Lou ARTHUR Recording Secretary MRS. COBBS ...... Sponsor nni ton High Band Those boys and girls in red and black band uniforms deserve our whole hearted applause because no other organization has done more to promote school spirit than the Anniston High School Band. Yes, we should all take off our hats to the band and its high stepping majorettes who have done such an excellent job under the very capable direction of Mr. Jackson. Perhaps the best work was done during the football season when the group went on all the football trips and held their own in the school activities with each member doing his part well. Through rain, sleet or snow the band went on prepaiing for each halftime show for each Friday night. Everyone will recall the Anniston fans, who were so wet from rain and gloomy from the score, were suddenly brought to life in Gadsden when the band marched on the field with gay music and snappy marching. This year, as usual, the group has had social activities with plenty of fun and food for all. RANDALL DYE . . . President PAT MARTIN . . V ice-President BARBARA SMITH . . . Secretary TOMMY YARBOROUGH . Treasurer HAROLD MARTIN . . Drum Major L. P. JACKSON . . Director OFFICERS l COLOR GUARD 48 LJ-, t ..'1,.' 'Qi 31. 'ib- First row: Betty Landers, Joenne McKee, Betty Lou Stewart, Ducky Cain, Richard Coleman, Barbara Smith Dick Weaver Edward Hepinstall, Ann Coleman, An art, Vee, our m' ascof, M arlene McCle11a-n, Barbara Ray, Rosa Lee La'1'astel . . . Second row: Harold Martin, S57Bi ooten, Floyd Stroup, Lelia Jo Mayes, Lawana House, Mildred Johnson, Garrity Watson, George Coats, Bobby Mange, Jimmy Thomas, Wallace Wilkerson, L. P. Jackson .... Third raw: Ann Sams, Barry Broach, Lynn Shelton, Pat Martin, James McDonald, Ruth Craig, Donald Nelson, Barbara ' Christine Henson, Ray Watson, Betty Jean Avery, Jack Coleman, Barbara Stancil, Wayne Smith, Billy Shelton, e Craig, Barbara Wade, Mary Hurt, Carol n Jone James Harold, Randal Dye, George Coleman .... Fifth row: Howard Harmon, Clyde Yarbrough, Ralph ara ee, era d Graham, Jerry Arnold, Mary Eleanor Jones, Tommy Yarbrough, Jimmy Boyd, Kenneth Austin, Butch Denman, Jerry Bailey, Frank Carlisle. MAJ ORETTES , :wg 3 , H' ,Q-L FRANK ROLLINS . . . President CHARLES BENNETT . V ice-President BARBARA SMITH . . Secretary BOBBY WELLS . . Treasurer MR. JACKSON . . Sponsor The Music Club is a combination of three of our former music clubs--the Armoniers, Lyre, and Etude. This club is a fine musical organization with Mr. Jackson as sponsor. The programs are devoted to the study of music and composers of music. Members of the club take palrt in all the programs and enjoy doing it. The purpose of the club is to develop appreciation and love for music. This club contains our best musical talent. sic lub First row: Barbara Taylor, Sybil Clark, Betty Joan Barnes, Ann Fite, Joan Holsenback, Sybil Wooten, Barbara Ray, Carolyn Jones, Mary Hurt, Pat Martin, Christine Henson .... Second row: Mildred Johnson, arbara Fite, Barbara Joan Smith, Bar- bara Jean Smith, Deborah Hughes, Peggy Huff, Gena Wadell. Martha Blackmon, Bo y ange, Clyde Yarbrough, Douglas White .... Third row: Donald Taylor, Frank Rollins, Katherine Ragais, Betty Baker, Kitty Burke, Richard Coleman, George Box, Gerald Graham, Jimmy Thomas, Lynn Shegon .... Fourth -row: Teddy Papaspiros, Bobby Wells, Jimmy Boyd, Edward Heptinstall, Wayne Smith, Jerry Bailey, :'Bobby Smith? George Coats, Jerry Arnold, Ralph Earabee .... Fifth rom: Prol. Jackson, Howard Harman, John Marx Shirley, George Hoop:-r, Dick Weaver, Jack Coleman, John Head, Forbes Privett, James Harrell, Don Hou'ton. Wallace Wilkerson. 'LE ' W ' .. -1' ,,u l . , J T First row: Mary Ruth Finley, Rachel Knight, Marie Frasier , Patsy Cui' , Blanche Spradley, Betty Ifanders, Paula Knowlton, Ann Coleman .... Second row: Mary Alice Elliott, Willie lsro :toi-, An Carter, ' , Garritywmon, Jean Pullen, Felton Clark .... Third row: Mrs. Williams, Charlotte Beavers, Barbara Bell, Martha havers, Mary Chavers, Mary Parker, Elizabeth Richardson, Jean McCary, Kitty Burke, Mary Faye Yeager, Betty Sue Reynolds. O C O These are the people who will be the teachers of tomorrow. During this year they have done many worthwhile things. Among them is the Christmas party they gave for the first grade pupils of Sixth Ward School. The Frances Massey Club of the Future Teachers of America was chartered by the National Educa- tion Association on March 12, 1948. The FTA is a national and state-wide movement to which it is con- sidered an honor to belong. The projects of this organization are self improvement, visits to colleges, and visits to local elementary schools. These projects are so well developed that the young people are en- couraged to maintain higher standards of character and personality which are the foundation of successful teaching. Last year the Future Teachers Club visited the University of Alabama. This is one of the most popular and progressive clubs in our school. JEAN MCCARY . . . President MARY ALICE ELLIOTT V ice-President RACHEL KNIGHT . . Secretary BETTY LANDERS . Treasurer KITTY BURKE . Song Leader I-I o m e Economics lub MQRTHA ANN WINIPEE . . . President ANN COLEMAN .... Vice-President BETTY CAROL BENNETT . . Secretary BILLIE Lou VANCEL . . Treasurer MRS. HUGER . . . Sponsor The Home Economic Club represents a group of girls who are to become the homemakers of the future. The club consists of thirty-five charter mem- bers, and its sponsor is Mrs. Huger who has so ably directed the group for several years. This group, which meets every two weeks, is interested in all phases of home life and in methods of improving onels personality. Their motto is "As our girlhood is, so shall our womanhood be." These girls believe this and they are trying to make the most of their girlhood by making every effort for the development of the individual and for improve- merits in home life. Q First row: Ann Coleman, Betty Bennett, Betty Shelton, Betty Lou Stewart, Pat Shelton, Alta Anderson, Julia Ashley. . . . B Second row: Martha Ann Wimpee, Clagglo Paris, Billie Lou Vancel, Marlene McClellan, Carol Watson, Betty Quinelle, Barbara Pavlock, Peggy Anderson .... Third row". Doris Bean, Lelia Jo Mayes, Carol Wiesendanger, Juanita Robinette, Joyce Smith, Phyllis Walters, Joanne Ann CockreQ,,. . , Fourth row: Jean Pulleni Margaret Elwell, Ina-Martin, Garrity Watson, Bobbie Jean Turner, Martha Kim Davenport, Martha Estes, Sara- Craft,. Mrs. Huger,'Carolyn Brooks. Q '70 Qi? N QS? 1 ' X if-A First row: Pat Reed, Betty Baxter, Nancy Goad, Agnes Bowling, Sandra Taylor, Margie Hamilton .... Second row: Peggy Watson, Magnolia Carter, Mildred Wigley, Jerry Davis, Mary Ann Chafin, Ann Waters .... Third row: Joanne Gober, Mavis Duke, Carolyn Doss, Nancy Grant, Rose Mary Kilgore, Barbara Schilb. The Girls Physical Education Club is new in the Anniston High School. It was organized by Mrs. Clarice Boaz, who is the sponsor. The purpose of this club is to encourage universal participation in all forms of wholesome sport and to promote ideals of health and sportsmanship. When you see a girl wearing a,big "A", her school letter, remember she won it through the Physical Education Club. You may be sure she has earned it in a way that it is a credit to herself and to her school. O O BETTY BAXTER . . President MARGIE HAMILTON . . VicePresidem2 JERRY DAVIS . . Secretary NAN GRANT . . Treasurer When the Scribblers Club was formed, its founders had high ideals for it, and they hoped that from the pens of many members, literature would be richer. Through the years these ideals have been held high, and the members have accomplished much. This year the club's main interest was that each member have either a poem, novel, short story, or an essay published. Through the kind and gentle understanding of Mrs. Nichols, our sponsor, the members have written exceptionally outstanding material. cribbler lub PAT MCCARY . . PEGGY LEDBETTER . MARY J EAN SIKORSKI JOYCE ANN SILAR . CAROL WATSON . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Club Reporter First row: Peggy Ledbetter, Wanda Watson, Norma Thomas, Sandra Voth, Betty Whatley, Barbara Hames .... cond row. Jo Ann McGinnis, Betty Baxter, Carol Watson, Norma Jean Brown, Nancy Brmvn! Charlotte Worsham .... Third row: Marie Martin, Pat McCary, Mrs, Nichols, Carolyn Fite, Joyce Ann Silar, Mary Jean Sikorski, N-.M -wx--,.:,,,. A if jg .rs Q ,ki Q JUNIOR RQNALD GRANT 111604 S A SENIOR SOPHOMORE -rw' ' .JIMMY MCMILLON E KEECH 446041 im :fu JUNIOR R PEGGY ANDERSON SENIOR 13- 17.5 . - Nr ' ykgs M ff JO ANN WRIGHT SOPHOMORE K 4-if MILDRED WIGLEY MOST POPULAR PEGGY HANDLE -JIMMY HENDERSON MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ,"I II gxg I -NNI X D . MIAA, I. I I, II f I PAT MCCARY - BOBBY BAILEY CUTEST PEGGY ROBERTS - WAYNE WARD BEST DRESSED JIMIIAIESUE STARR 'JIMMY ROSSER SWEETEST - NICEST RACHEL KNIGHT - HAROLD WELLS MOST CLEVER MARY HURT - F. E. MARTIN I SY W! STUDIOUS FRIENDLJEST O --A NORMA JEAN FORDHAM - HORST HELBIG MOST ATHLETIC Ti-'fi if BABS BLAKELY - FROG WILUNGHAM ROSA LEE LATASTE - ELTON JONES MOST VEFZSATILE ,BILLY Moon: - PAT ALLEN MOST PERSONALITY MARY FRANCES HAMILTON- CHARLES HACKN EY 23542 Eli ffiiii A A fa. pf gg ,, . f mm, is 'Q . ,., .xy .K tg, 54 . iL 1352 . A 3' 5 5' s- S X. 7Y A ff' Q Af sfgmm fs is Q kgg E 5. ig FE ,V it Q 'lag Z, - l 'N ..-,. N r px Q.:E,.L,,w 1 ,A pf-+" . 5, fx 2 . iv Q It 1 mv ,Z -iw 'K 1556" , -2? LW, f' ,, - Y , K f- Q5-ftp f X - g X ,Y J ,, , ' Wu -A , jmw... , K - v - -. ., ' , -ff' ' Q aif--5 wiixiir - - . A . . L lv, gifjgwvq k MJ- MV 1 I tg. 5,.'A ,.wy ki K .- V ,. -' -1,,Q.-gugfg - x , N 1 . , ,sh asf -"Q-"-"' - . -gfpw-Sift ff-fi: -:..g,f- If gp. X vaxii,-,'LV -- A - Ag A ,- Ei K. . if f .- ,. Y'-Q-1.Ci+ 4' xwfv . - -, . 'j ' uf. ' W, 'L fx-.'.5iYf'fN' - uf""'EQ.:5m:" "7 ,fn-.-'fi-ii?"-' W x ., ,pgffif ' ' W' g f' K 'F' " , lf- 1 Q f . ,wiiv .. f --- as-. 4 .- - Q ' 4 -aw: f ' ' ' tk 3' s.,f..1N!NW' . 1 ' .. , Y E "TSM ' ' ' ,ww C -.PT.x1N GEORGE KEECH LL First row: Douglas Martin, Ben Webb, Bill Monroe, Gerald Harper, Jir Second row: Bobby Davis, Tommy Nolen, Bud McCarty, Norman Williams, 1 Third row: Coach Bancroft, George Bennett, Wayne Ward, Donald Handle, Fourth row: A. C. Henley, Ge'6'xiTKeech, Morgan Kerr, F. E. Martin, Jix s COACHES JOHNSON AND BANCROFT 5 -16 4 E? DOGS ll A? al 535 derson, Larry Duke, Harold Willingham, Henry Wingard. En, Dan House, Barry Johnson, Mickey Stewart, John Sims. zier, Harold Royal, Billy Davis, Donald Houston, Clarence Pate, Coach Johnson. Millon, Jimmy Rosser Charles Gilmer, Frank Yancey, Bill Breen. S QQ, 5 MANAGERS Love, MILLER, AND YOUNGBLOOIJ C0-CKPTAIN BILLY MooN House Q.e. QDON a if Anniston displayed a lot of talent when the Bulldogs opened their football sea- son against Decatur. Although Decatur scored in the first three minutes, our boys came back for a score which was produced by Jimmy Henderson. He ran 58 yards for a touchdown. Later in the second quarter Billy Moon intercepted a pass and ran 60 yards for another T. D. We scored again in the second quarter when Bud McCarty scored on an end around play which carried 54 yards. We led 20-7 at the half. In the last half Decatur got back in the game by scoring two touchdowns. We put the lid on the game when Moon, who played a beautiful game, ran over 40 yards for our last touchdown. The Bessemer team was the next to fall before the Bulldogs. Anniston won by a score of 13-6. It was a hard fought battle in which Bessemer stopped many of the Bulldogs long drives short of the goal. In the opening quarter, the Tigers attempted a punt on fourth down, but F. E. Martin plunged through the line and blocked the punt. Bud McCarty fell on the ball in the end zone. In the fourth quarter, Anniston started rolling with Henderson scoring from the second yard line after a 31 yard run. Standouts were Gilmer, Willingham, Stewart, Nolen, McCarty Ward, Moon, Keech and Henderson. Anniston's third game of the season was against Emma Sansom's Rebels. The first few plays of the game saw many fumbles by both teams, but then the Bulldogs settled down to play good football. Moon intercepted a lateral for a 60 yard touch- down run in the first quarter. Moon recovered a fumble on Sansom's 42 yard line, where Henderson threw to Keech for our second score. McMillon then made his second conversion of the night. Sansom scored later on a trick pass play that went for 53 yards and paydirt. Late in the third quarter, Wayne Ward galloped 60 yards for the 'Dogs last touchdown. Bennett, Yancey, Keech. Moon, and Henderson. olaved good hall along with Willingham, Ward. Nolen and Gilmer. The Bulldogs were slow to get going but finally behind Bill Monroe's fine run- ning began to move and beat the Talladega Tigers 21-6. The first quarter was very slow with neither team threatening the other goal very much. Anniston did make 2 points by a safety. Early in the second quarter, Bill Monroe made a long run and was finally stopped on the 4 yard line by the Tigers. Billy Moon then went over for the score. In the closing minutes of the second quarter, Robert Wyatt scored for Talladega and the score at the half was Anniston 9, to 6 for 'Dega. The second half was a different story as the Bulldogs really romped all over the field. When the final gun sounded, the Bulldogs were on the long end of a 21-6 score. The backfield standouts for the Bulldogs were Monroe, Moon and Keech. In the line McCarty, Nolen, Stewart, Gilmer, Martin, and Frazier played an outstanding game. IER R.E. GEORGE BENNETT LG J MH lAC HENLEY Lo 56N HOQSTQN. The rain really poured down on the huge crowd which packed Memorial Stadium the night of the Anniston-Phillips ball game. The rain, mud and the Red Raiders were too much for the Bulldogs to handle. Early in the third period, our boys started a drive that payed with our only touchdown of the night. Henderson took the ball on the Phillips 40 yard line and made a beautiful run for the score. That was the only time that we were really in the game. The locals were trying all the way, but just didn't have the power to beat the highly rated boys from Phillips. Phillips scored twice after the beautiful run by Henderson. The Raiders had many stars on their team including All-State back, Bobby Duke. All of our boys played their hearts out, but just didn't have what it took to win this one. The Bulldogs really showed their power against a big Tuscaloosa County team. Anniston steamrolled to a 47-0 victory. The Bulldogs, scoring at will, made a night of it. Jimmy Henderson scored twice in the first quarter, and later Bobby Davis took over the spotlight by scoring on a beautiful 61 yard touchdown sprint. "Pookie" Williams took over for the injured Wayne Ward and played a beautiful game at fullback, topped off by a 52 yard scoring jaunt. Jimmy McMillon proved that he was more than just an extra point kicker by scoring on a 40 yard punt return. Bill Monroe passed to Don Frazier for another T.D. This was a game in which the reserves showed their ability to carry Anniston to victory and they really came through. Piggy Watford and a sea of mud kept the Bulldogs in low gear all night as the 'Dogs bowed to Gadsden by a score of 27-6. Billy Moon produced our only score when he plunged over from the one yard line. The team never quit but it seemed as though lady luck was not on our side for this game. McCarty, Frazier, Moon, Keech, Martin and Yancey played a very creditable game for the 'Dogs. It seemed as though the mud was more of a hazard to the Anniston team than to the Gadsden team. The Bulldogs lost to the Colonels of Woodlawn by a score of 21-7, but it wasn't a walk over as the score seems. The Bulldogs had plenty of bad luck all night. Anniston's only touchdown came in the third period when a pass from Monroe to Keech paid off. The game was then tied up and it looked good for the tired 'Dogs. On the kick off Malcomb of Woodlawn ran the ball back for a touch- down, and they scored later in the 4th quarter. Anniston was in the game all the way, and once had the ball on the Colonels 3 yard line but failed to score. Bobby Davis played an exceptionally good game along with Moon, Gilmer, BILL MONROE L.H. M .TOMMY McCarty and Keech. MMY I . , ll , . . ., ,, .,,X..,, . . .. ,N ,r, - 1.1. 1 if -fee as ' - af sf. ' Q . r' ' - s . . . Y W is e f aw sg, - K,,-- . 1, . A -fs, , S kk ' fii' V . Levi, K ' ,N .Z 4.V: g-pig. xkx.: . AL.. 5' 1 ' ' '4 f -'A. 3 21 l K.: X'A..' f ,kkk . .4 Y Q. ' . ,T V . P h - A " - M . , V X lx SKU V JOHN SIMS BEN WEBB NORMAN Wll.LlAMS MICKEY STEWART G ll . ,,.: v.,::k 'T xf- i i s - W u S ,li KE! k 1 ' " -, M T A f .,.. - V:--'ff Q 5 ' f 5. gig. f if 3 y SLSS S'SS E 2 l x? . Sie- H .- f . .' f , i .. if it FROG WILLINGHAM HENRY WINQARD WAYNQ WARD F'RANgKVHYANQEY The Bulldo . - g o to Alexandria to start the gaine, but on the return of the kickoff Alexandria fumbled, and the Bulldogs recovered. After about five plays McCarty went over for a touchdown and it looked as if it was going to be a runaway for the Bulldogs. But on the kickoff Alexandria came roaring back, and led by Prick- ett. they built up a 13 to 6 lead by halftime. The second half was very evenly played with Alexandria scoring 7 points in the third perioi and the Bulldogs scoring in the fourth did the scoring in the second half. Perf r ' th gs were beaten by Alexandria for the first time in many years The 'Do s kicked ff period. Prickett and Moon o mers in e game were Dan House, playing in the shoes of in- ' d G Grant, Billy Moon, Jimmy Jure eorge Keech, Billy Monroe, Jimmy Henderson, Wayne Ward, Ronny McMillon, Frog Willingham, Charles Gilmer, Harold Royal, Mickey Stewart, Larry Duke, Frank Yancey, Barry Johnson. Bud McCarty, Donny Frazier, Don Handle and F. E. Martin. The final score was Alex- andria 20, Bulldogs 13. N9 ND WATCH I NG FII' t Strln Line: Bud McCarty, Charles Gilmer, "Frog" Willingham, Harold Royal, Tommy Nolen, Frank Yancey, Donnie Frazier . . . Backs: Billy Moon, George Keech, Wayne Ward, Jimmy Henderson. Second trln Line: Barry Johnson, F. E. Martin, Larry Duke, Bill Breen, Hnett, Morgan Kerr, Donald Handle .... Backs: Bobby Davis, Dan House, Norm an Williams, Bill Monroe. I DEE HIGGINBOTHAM JOE HENnRIcKs HAROLD WELLS JIMMY Rosssn Bulldogs in Action. Ba ket NORMAN WILLIAMS COACH JOHNSiJN Ball Front row: Norman Williams, George Keech, "Dee" Higginbotham, Jimmy McMillon, Joe Hendricks .... Back row: Donnie Frazier, Bobby McDill, Jimmy Rosser, Billy Chandler, Harold Wells. Gsoncs KEECH DENNIS Wnrrmm Alexandria Etowah Domm: Fmzrm Bonny McD1u. They it 44 BILLY CHANDLER, CAPTAIN Jnvnvrv McMn.noN Gadsden They 59 Jacksonville Oxford Jacksonville Lanier Piedmont Talladega Alexandria Heflin Lanier 41 53 53 52 58 54 34 46 ii Bulldogs in Action. gg 45 21 53 .36 Basketball The '50-'51 Bulldogs began the season with only five lettermen. They were Wells, Keech, Lane, Chandler, and Higginbotham. Up from the B-Team to round out what is considered one of the six power teams in the SIXTH DISTRICT are Rosser, McDill, and Hendricks. Lane dropped out at mid- season and McMillan was brought up from the B-Team. Although the Bulldogs did not begin the season too effectively, they managed to win their share, splitting with such powerhouses as Oxford and Talladega. Due to hard work by Coach Johnson and the players, the fast break, which has been the main asset during recent years, began clicking and the whole squad improved greatly. Captain Billy Chandler and the Bulldogs came through in grand style at the Annual Tournament winning the second place position, thus gaining a berth at the State Tournament. Having defeated Woodlawn, Anniston was eliminated by the State Champions, Coffee. It was with ability and determination that the Bulldogs went a long way this year. Piedmont Talladega Jacksonville Oxford Gadsden Etowah Heflin 44 39 58 38 40 50 40 28 Wag, Hx Q 3.315 gig ,. N Qs M . ,-az. ' , . . lm 5 X -1+--w...... W... - .WN 1 , m"5'-ug, "fu, W Q., J A nw A Q FQ ,ff Q 51 X X 5 R5 t ei k E X if 1 my ff , 'if Q2 f- ' E is l .. Q 1 gg X11 5 S 5 W 2 UQQ. .-gl '11 nj my W " i g , , y A 1- - .1 ' fin? ' M vf :Q - . Af wr 'ms ' -- F-f . 1 X Q 11 Wfiff .. f , xy 1 gs V is , is mnfjw ,Q Q, 'WN ' :Saw ww we Q. 'kiw' wi' s f. -X 2 3 x QQ is f 1 rv QPWS fi 5, Q Qi af 3 Fnst rou Bobby Crowe L5 don Stuckland "Buck" Van Wonderham Vg f mf 5 - g a 'QQ 1 N 5: V. N' fiwx ffl x J 1 P my L F Q P M ,E A E, 2 'Q . 5 , Ei? , s xx f -w fx - we K 1 .i 1: 1.1 A " P? x 2: '- F' S X' S -if ' K Sw Egg H9 DANCING A J PING - Poms VOLLYBALC 02. 1' rs 4--A 1 ig, .2 f .f KI' 1-'fl-'f BASKET BALL nn: ' A I X . Idxif, ,fx WL' X DLE ELL .H. M MCKAY 3 9 1 V NN Y PAT ALLE N MIE SUE STAR R f icxuums mf- ILIEAJDIEIRS !,.., NX W x ON JONES Lf RAFT CHARLES HACKNEY M RZ E .Q- vi-31 gi ,S x an mga 41-5 ' fV, . ,,.. ,, , L , . V Af Q J' ' if K YZ, - ' ," X,'lvf" . if-, 2 Y A I Qiytlf , 1 1 11, X55 2 l A 4' . E K' f EE EW' I 1 Q, , . , t XML, ' V 141. fm., M. -f' I ,Q0M?L""'ENT5 mt EaZ"?'W7 W, E ACRE-R + 0 0, EM E E , EJ' N5 U RB NU: . 77fi'fwC ff'1Ef3 HORACE HOLLAND E afnaw-f 9-JZ? .U k ii q yd . ig! V E , E E E V Calhounfvl Co., inc. SXZJLTQANGE? 424 'pai-3335-'def P' 1 icjmooufislu me E , E: b E 'E The wel.: ' V A k"' V -x v A ,ig ! -E 'QAXQQYQGQG-' I T E PENS? E STEWART CLEANERS EE E if E E , E E E EE E E v E L E Aj E 4740! Ei E 1 I E i C, Z . E ,AEA 2 EE XEAEX Q Q iff q A . . P E 'WM A-Q S+ P+ W E JIT N E4 5 Q Ne' ff- rn, I 3. AQEE E A E j E E +9 V' 3 S' Q E E TUBE AND SUM' wgwf Q VEEEE Q PE. ,Q E.EE E A E EES. E ,E E-awfffyasif? I 0-,MSX QL.,-9.19 QS:-1 'YV W W- Q1 2-3sfhQg9,,,,5 k 'ti-X CSX. Q Qmau. Jfwj MW' fff QM If 1 4'x i-...X M NX B117 Earl, pzjmw, 4 K5 07. U .L'Lv7 Iyyvcl, 4- ,VW f'fJy'lgf -Q31 M 1 I Y' f i., fbsa A,MufcV,,, fZ:',4,,,-A .Ist .wx .ew 5 : -XR ii 5 i ,.: nik 13 if na mv ea 2? is A . ,W 'PJ' i 3 1 ev xi -- if M QQ- W-M Sw. Wm .xgninidfon - Wii'WiWf'w ' WP! ig3?'ei 'ii Wim"Md3 ' iglffioui 1.04 uf! when Q W HIEEIVIEITBQTHAM eg aiER iff? fiffiifk-ww Taiwan? by9',47'yf-i.9:'yp.. 'ibm aw l WW L xfjiiiwwjydfeb Printing Puliniisiwing 'mi 'X , ' A L, . e I 120 West Eleventh Street i W Yymvif' wif fy i JWNQQWTM 'ilk i fix? nniston, Alabama 'JE Mfg, fjfffmx t My if f if ifwijjfgfiffjfi fl Q , 5' .' gf: 1 iw. 1 vw -: W iz Y ,Q W- . ,,,r Elf - , L-5 Q 1-.. if E1 A PE? Aff., .yi ,, 'LF 1. 13? iv? w- ' , 3 1 gag 4 .. J --., I n ,f J f V-1 A V Six 1 :mv ' 5 . SUI iv' 1:5 1 -1 ve' w ,gm Bn.-uQ4A.a!a.4..- E, 1 LLM M1-MLlZ" ' 0.4-10-Vv M ' 6...1:z2.--66.41. QW-A-0-U"' 3 ,,L anfAiZ:m4. l ge ww ' AMAQ AK ' 3 3-3715-1' wfgb f::""W"a,'5 'Q Sf M, - Marx' M' - fggaggi g5?7 Wwdmip . kd- i 'Q5" ' V' 'IQ x3'SxRLw-.4-'mf ?Vfij x:W. 6M '-"'lff 0905-I+ 993 . ,' L. is ,CQ f JV M 0 f,:!. 1 an VJ, A QW ,db Qwa jj4yV0Wff 3w?ff -1 Q--wi bw S if - -kQN3Qwa5 is , CmD'+wW i3'5f?51H-eq' Q .A Mb 2 Q A in JMMTUWWWW ' S P 511 f KXFTQE 5 -'. K ipkxv xkgqge Qs. .. k-AgLk,j- 1 N 4 Q A k A X w n I S 've 'V n , Egan i , turwh-:Q ,Q ,. 1 ,Q ww S Fai 4 . if Y 'lui x . UEKAQY lil 5 gh .wma gh..-

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