Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL)

 - Class of 1950

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Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1950 volume:

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'-1:1-1-'I-I-I-'-C-I-,Q ' - - -'.'.l,-.,..',-,-,-..:.',-,-.-'.'.-,-..:.'.',-,-ju.-,-,-:.'.-,-,-:.'.-.-,f:-'.-,-,-I.:.'.v,-I-'.'.-.-Z-:.',-,-,-'.',-,-1-:.'.'.v,.'.'.-,-Z-:-'.',-:ff.-.-I-'lr,f,-'-'.-,-1-I-'.',-,-:vu,-Q-'.'.-,-I-'.'.'.-1-'.' l,-:.:q.',-'.'.'.'.rf-'-'.-,-'-'-'.'.-'-H .- -'-kv, 'o'. , - - . . . .,. is ' ' ' ' ''''-'-'-'--1-I-2-:5:IgIg1g:-:2:2g2-:-:1:IgIg:-:1:1:I-1-:1:I1lgI-15:1:IgIg:1:I:Ig2-:1:5:21I51:2:IgI-:511:11Ig:I:Z:Ig2-:I:I:I:Ig:1:Z:Z:2-:-:C:Igrg:5:I:I:I-:-:1:Ig1-5:21:itz:2:2:2gr5:2:Zg2g:2:1:1g:-12:12:f:t1:1g:-:f:!:!2fY??.g.g!::'f-I ' ' ' "-'-'-'-'--Z-2-2-:':I:Cg:-:-:1gZg:-:-:-:igz-1-12:2g:-:-:-gig:-:-:I111:-:-:-zigtg-:1:!g2gr-:-:Zigi-:1:2:2g1-:-:Igig:-:!:!gtg:-:!:1g:-:-:-gig:::-:1grg:-:-:Z:Ig:-:-:IgIg:-:.:2:2gQ:31S,'-:-: 8.525 ' - - - -'.-.'.-.-5-5.-.-,-3.-.-.-,-1-g.'.-.-:-3.-.'.-. 1.3.-.-,-5--.-.-,-g-3.-.-,.g.-.-.-.-3.3.-.A.-3.g.-.-:-3.-.-.-,-3.g.-.-:-g.-.-.-:-g.- - -5-3.-.g -,., 3.1-,.g.-. ,.,. .H .:.g.g.-,-,-'.'.-.-,-g-.-.-.-,-3.-.-,-:-'.'.-.-.-:.-.-.-:-1.-.-.-,.g.-.-,.,.-.-.-.-:-.'.-,-,-.-.--pg.-. ' N.-.-5 -'.-.-.v -. -gn Y, ,.,.,.A.,.,.2.f.1fd.f:f:f:1:asss551:2z:z:g:2:1:1::::23::::I:r::3:3::s-::z1:1:r5:::3EEEf:r::::5:1:r::31:Q::SE-yi A , ,.,.,.,.,.f.f.1.1.1:1:f:f:,5:3:3555::g:5q5:g5g:::5:55::::5:5::53::::5S:.-33 ' - ' 2-, :-,.:k:g:-g.5::- -.g:- - w 3 .- A I 0I"lfUal" Q The HOUR GLASS Staff presents to the students of Anniston High School a scrap book for the year 1949-1950. We are indebted to a little elf who helped us collect much material which he copied from the record of our lives Written on the Scroll of Time for this year. The scrap book contains the memories of friends we have made, the ecstasies we have lived, the sullied joys we have felt, and the accom- plishments of our school and students. The spirit of friendship lives forever and it is more precious to us than the finest jewels. Lest we forget, the little elf reminded us that we should pause from time to time and turn the pages of this scrap book to recall pleasant associations, to remember friends, and to live again the happy days of 1949-1950. Then the wise little man quoted to US! . . . "Into my heartis treasury I slipped a coin, Q That time cannot take Nor a thief purloing Oh, better than the minting Of a gold crowned king Is the safe-kept memory Of a lovely thingf, . . . L 'U . ,N :QV 1 A ' an X. '- 1 11 f" r , ,mf 'MJ ' ' ' N. M1 - ' ff' W ' ' figm , , ya 1 ,,-,- 4 N , f ' Q H , if 1:1 h N5,Q.f1g:14,Q.W,3"Q N fn? , ' 1 W ' 2 H1 'Mu J" mfr.. .gyfmw f, R , 'H,'jwffN-f',f'j,,., .W Q ,N ',, I -Q, 3 Y- qm,,a,,,Lf I! H, ' V w "f Qa f x f A A R fl x , , .. I ff I X , '4fw'5!gf X 4 ' W IP ' we' Q. x fm 1 4? Y ,J I N' 3' ' , 5-5'w"'-'Q ' , , if-.1 f ,,zn 1! ' 1 , J , MQW, I, Y W xx ,Q --A M X I' '- V H-aww 'I K , , , . 1 I ff I! I X 12 Q 'W " 4' Vf 1 5 N ,' f ' -. . 1' N . 'wx ,.tfa.y 1 ,W ,X 'F ff ' 2, ' , , :Q 5' ' ff J ,- K A f' A-gy' 1,w .- 4 . , 'Hwy .far W: 'Mem-U. , " , 1 I ' I K, 4, v .f qiismm- " AYTW , , f , . ' " wwmy,nq, A '.w.h,,' ' 'If J-1, Y - f f'M1"5iM:, ii x dy , , y 'f 1 V 'L-W "ll X 6 ff X. f H -5 J 'T A s' H, " ik1w:-- ,L ,: ' if ' M 1 ' Ni k gg f' , , n 1, ,fm-Q, Q3 V K ,,,,.w, ' -N Y my , :tw-" N A ,-. .- -1, mf, Z I , ,f 4: , ' , h 3' i,f4"'L1:Q 'k2'!!S, - P " " 1 . f V V . . Aw , Q, 191- A W ,,w!m,!Pi1.Nw, .M L-9 - . ' ' ffW'ia ,J ,'Ws5'94"vM,fVwL:5W' , ' ' ' ' 'LW' rf ff- A -1 1 f 1 '.'2Qi?a'.'fm.."'-Wim . H l 1 , fm? , W- MP' ,1v":,Jiw 15 ' Ap. .. Q an A f. , f, H , , A 1 Liv, Q-Si 2 X, A on 0 ' s W 9 c Q s' ' s Q 5 is O 0 Q s ek '- in' 5 l U U fn s I I s Q 0 0 U 0 O Q 0 Q 5 O O O l U 0 0 Q Q QQ' s F43 2 . ng. K: X ' V, isQ'5:?pt:'-f "3'sW leaked f ion . . ,.. . . Vw. llu- Xnnuul Null. mln lwrf-lw llt'i1lCfltf' llus 1900 Home buss lu Musa cjtlfillllt' XM-uxvl' to wlmm wa-. tlw stllclvnls. arm- elm-ply uppnwiulixm- mul imlvblml. xml uuly llVl'illlSi' of hm' iidllliIliSfI'21fiYt' position ut 'Xmnislun High Svluml. Iilll lN'l'illlSl' ui' hor SillL't'l't' inlcfrvsl in us us imlivicluuls. mul In-r lIIll'I'lxSl Ill lhv S1-Imul us il wlmlv. Ae il tribute- to Miss wft'2lYt'l'.S wnrk zmal lhv l'lllIll'illI4'Sl1Ip whlvh 4'XlSlS lwlwecn hm' mul lln- slualm-nl lymly. lhis V330 llfllxli llmss is l'l'SIN'l'll-IIIIX mlvclicuted. - 0m-W .NX W Y Z - E!!! WW I if ,ff WU!! ig DLE' RALPH OWINGS, M. A., A. B., Ed. D. Superintendent of City Schools. JOHN J. NASH, A.S., M.A., Principal of Senior High, Sponsor Student Council, Ushers Club. R3 kd, I' B. T. GAULT, A.B., M.A., Principal of Junior High School. MRS. KATHLEEN BRUM- MEL, A.B., Assistant Prin- cipal, English, Sponsor Na- tional Honor Society. MRS. IRENE B. WRIGHT, Attendance Worker. MRS. LEWIS P. GRAY, Secretary to Senior High Pr! ncipal. ALINE OSBORNE, A.B., Secretary to Superintendent. MRS. HARRIETT PERK- INS, Secretary to Junior High Principal. LENA SMITH, B.S., Secre- tary to Superintendent. W. H. BANCROFT, A.B., Physical Education. MRS. CLARICE B O A Z, B. S., Physical Education, Sponsor P. E. Club. MRS. FRANCES O. COBBS, B.S.,Speech, Sponsor Nation- al Thespian Society. ' Q J. D. COUCH, A.B., Physics, 1 , Biology, Sponsor C. Hal , Clevelancl Capter Hi-Y. a LUCILLE FULLER, A.B., HOUR English, S p o n s o r GLASS, Virginia 0 r d w a y Chapter Hi-Y. MRS. S. B. GIBSON, A.B., English, Latin, Sponsor Junior Classical Leagne. N N' MRS. ETHEL A. HILL, A. B.,Shorthanrl, Typing, Spon- ' 5 sor Commercial Club. N60 X .N MRS. K. K. HUDSON, A.B., AX' Mathematics. L. I IACKB B S llurul Choral Qpousor 11111 Arnmuzus Club F. L. JOHNSON AB Iiusincfss Law, H Plzysrral Eclurutmu MRS. ALICE MCPETERS, BS., IJ1'1'e'rxifiwl Elllwutifm, Sponsor Lurillc' Clmvelrnul Chuplwr Hi-Y, ll. 0. Club. I NFWMAN, B.S., Iu- 1 IHUTIIII Arfx, S110 u x n r I urge N1 vly Chuptrr Hi-Y. G. C. NICHOLS, B History. MRS. G. C. NICHOLS, A.B., M.A., Hrlglish, Sjmnsor Hi- lfwhu, Sr'ribblc'rs Club. VIR! INIA ORIJWAY, A.B., ASA SELF, B.s., 1 A Tlx. MRS. II. L. SHELBY, A.B., Slmrthflurl, Typing, Hook- l.'w'1u'uy, Spnusan' Pew-A-I'nl Club. II SIBERT, B.S., Di- az rxljlul flf'!'ll1Illfl0ll. MRS. JOSEPH STROUP B.S., M.A., Spuuislz, Tupznq English, Iq1JlI7lS0'I' SPIINISII Club. MARY STEWART, A.B., M.A., Chf'nu'stry, Biology, MRS HARRY WARNOCK, A B Alyrbru, 'l'riguunm4'- CORINNE WEAVPR A B., lliolvylly Algvlwfl Spin sm' Ix'rLll1levH Hrummfl H1 I VIRGINIA WILKINSON, HS., I,fln'ul'fuu. MRS CI' RTRUIJE WIL- I IAMS B Q., Hislory, Spou- mn I' ufurr' Tf'furhf"rs of MRS. GEORGE BAULD- WIN, B.S., Physical Educa- tion. MARTHA BILES, B. S., History, English. MARGARET DISHMAN, B. S., M.S., Science, Jllath. MYRTLE LEE FRYAR, A. E., History, English.. MRS. J. K. GAUSCH, B.S., Home Economics. CHRISTINE GRIFFIN, A. B., M.A., English, Civics. UNA HAMRIC, B.S., M.A., Seventh Grclrle. JANE HARLESS, A. B., Art, Sponsor "Tops". KATHERINE KILLE- BREW, B.S., English, His- tory, Sponsor "Tops" ESTHER PETERSON, B.S., Math, Science. GLENNOR PETERSON, B. S., Math, Science. MRS. ASA SELF, B.S., M.A., Math, Science. MRS. FRED SIBERT, B.S., Math, Science. MARTHA STEWART, A. B., English, Civics. LOUISE THOMPSON, B.S., M. A., E n g lis h, History, Sponsor t'Tops." MRS. ELEANOR VOSS, B. S., Seventh Grade. ALEXANDER WARE, A. B., B.M., M.A., Instrumental M usic. MRS. CHARLOTTE WEST, A.B., Seventh Grade. FACULTY AT WGRK THE STUI 2 L V -.5315 10 NTS What They Do - - - .xdcfivified . . page I3 For Whom They Cheer J4f!.Lffw . . page 45 At Whom They Gaze - geafllldej . . page Where They Labor - - - Cfaaaea . . page 73 Their Goal Attained - - .Seaford . . page 88 fm- is ur ' Q .2 x v. , K ,W w .. MX , ' jk wif, v ,x'?f ' 4- f .. 3 V4, r M I 4 EQ, . , ,X . ,X : 1l X15 R Q XXQ 7 "J 'SC' E DWARDS BRITTAIN KILLEBREW Box HARRISON Q, 'Lk .. Ru S I A , ' A N . . ' :Ks 'L if R. HOLLAND HOLLINGSWDRTH S. HOLLAND N ff A "45:m.., N I , by IA f I so gif: is 1950 HCDUR OFFICERS JANE EDWARDS . . ..... Editor MARILYN BRITTAIN . . . Assistant Editor ROSE HOLLAND ...... Business Manager VIVIAN HOLLAND Assistant Business Manager LUCILE FULLER ............ S ponsor EDITORIAL STAFF Jane Edwards, Marilyn Brittain, Bobby Bailey, George Box, Billy Morrow, Shirley Curlee Jimmy Garrett, Margie Harrison, Sylvia Hol- land, Rogers Hollingsworth, Frances King Rachel Knight, Helen Meigs, Carol Watson, Jerry Jackson, SuBette Shelby, Josephine Wright, James Bennett, Barbara Blakely. 7 7 GARRETT KING BUSINESS STAFF Rose Holland, Vivian Kille- brew, S u e Hebson, Jane Scruggs, Gladdin Statom, Peg- gy Handle, Montez Norton, Elizabeth Buckelew. KNIGHT Momzow GLASS STAFF These pages are dedicated to the staff who have given freely of precious time filched from academic work or other activities in which they are in- terested. The hours spent in collecting material and arranging it were often prolonged by argunsent and frustration. It has been lots of fun but lots of work too! So we wish to give credit to each staff member who has helped to make this book possible. We wish also to express our appreciation for the support of a loyal student body and faculty. This book is a scrap book which we hope is a truly representative picture of our high school life. We hope you will enjoy it now and in the future years. JACKSON . ., 5 U 31 4. Bn IlIt,lI w1Ac,AL1N1. s,x1,Ls1v11.N 5:3555 El! abs SCRUGGS, BUCKELEW, NORTON, PowERs, STATOM Mums WATSON HEHSfPN Miss FULLER BAILEY HANDLE BENNETT WRIGHT is 1: -Q-2 fra. 3 MARY WEIN OFFICERS HI MARY WEIN . . . . . Editor BARBARA LYBRAND . . Assistant Editor JOANN HANNON . . RICHARD LITTLE . BARBARA SCHOLZ PEGGY THORNTON . . JIMMY REAVES . . ANN HUTCHINSON . MRS. NICHOLS Feature Editor Business Editor Activity Editor Society Editor Sports Editor . Joke Editor . Sponsor al" LYBRAND HANNON DENNIS HAMILTON ' WATSON LITTLE SCHOLZ RICHARDSON THORNTON REAVES HUTCHINSON HANCOCK MILLER SMITH 16 ECHO MRS. NICHOLS Thc Hi-Echo, at studcnl pulilicgition, fur- nishcs an accurzttc piclurc ol' student activities and studcnt life Pulxlishcd monthly, it is one ol' thc most cugcrly anticipated cvcnts in our school lifc. Thi- stuff is constantly striving for inmprovcmcnt and llflflitflilllllll and arc proud that the pupcr is recognized as one of thc lmcst high school publications in thc South. The mcmlicrs ol' thc stuff are chosen according to thcir journalistic and writing nlrility. Undcr thc ulrlc sponsorship of Mrs. Nichols, thc staff' mccts ouch day fourth pc- riod in ROUIII 309. .iff 'rx fb Y is ff 5 f' 1 it Q ' Y, I x G0nwIN HILL BROADNAX HAWKINS COLEMAN TAYLOR WHATLEY MoHLMANN X NEAL BRASWELL BOWLING TURNER OSWALT P71 y . xxx sd? ibn MRS. BRUM MEL ' BARBARA HUDDLESTON HARRIETT MOHLMANN MARGARET SNODDY BETTY ADERHOLDT JoYcE WHATLEY IVIAN BARBARA LYBRAND JAMES TAYLOR NORMA JEAN HARRIS JIMMY GARRETT MARY WEIN JEAN GODWIN ToMMY CRAFT ANN HUTCHINSON IJEL0REs MILLER OFFICERS First Semester . . . VIVIAN KILILEBREW . . .. President RosE HOLLAND . . . Vice-President BARBARA HUDDLESTON . . Secretary Second Semester . . . MARILYN BRITTAIN . . . President HARRLETT MOHLMANN Vice-P'res1'rIe1zt BARBARA LYBRAND . . . Secretary MRS. BRUM MEL ....... Sponsor To be a member of the Honor Society is a great distinction. Twice a year there is an impressive candle light ceremony when the students are tapped for membership. To be eligible the students must rank in the first quarter of their class, must maintain a scholastic average of B, must have no unexcused absences and no tardies the six weeks prior to induction. They are then judged by the faculty on the qualifications of leadership, service, and character. Not more than fifteen per cent of the graduating class may obtain membership in the National Honor Society, the highest honor that may be awarded at Anniston High School. SPRING INDUCTION: Se11.iors: Kathryn Brown, Jane-Ed. rds, Sue Hebson, Barbara Scholz, Guy Smith, Margie Turner. . . . J'unim's: Bobby Bailey, Mary Catenqorma ,Baan Fordham jlVIary Gillam, Marie Griffin, Mary Frances Hamilton, Har- riett ubbard, Ra ght, Myra Ann Smith. Himix lloiixxiv . In-mwifw 1 iirnlili- li-:uli-rxliip ol' .Ioyt-0 Alla-ii, tht-sv poo- J gli- lmvi- :ict-oiiiplislu-cl much for oui' st-hool, llu- mt-mlit-rs ol' tht- Stuclc-nt Counvil i'i-pi'0- xi-ritz-rl tht- homt-rooms :mtl spoke l-Ol'll10lI10lll- ln-rs ol' thi-ii' homt-rooms. They huvi- clc-st-1'V1-cl our lull support :tml loyalty. mil liouoriug out- tc-uvlu-i' zuicl om- pupil whose txvi-llt-iit st-i'vii'v uiuclc- tht-m clt-sc-rving ol- It-wmggililioll. Working with tht- lzu-ulty, the- Stuclt-ut Count-il hams liuithlully ht-lcl up thc- iclc-ails zmcl trmlitious ol' our svhool, zmcl thc- cntirv stu- cli-nt hofly has ll-lt its iiilliim-rim-5. S Ii,-,-it mir: Pitt Slit-lton. Bc-ttv Bohm-r. Montt-Z Norton, Sylvia Hollzmcl. Rose- Hollzmcl. Ducky Cum. Mzirii- Frazier. Do irtiii, Slit- Hi-hsoii ,... Y rr-owl row: Stmrlm Shook, B2il'l'J2ll'Gl Young. Jost-pliouv Young, Nzuu-y Pit-rc-Q-. Bttl'l32ll'2l Smith lly l':u'lu-i'. Nlzutigic- 'I'ui'm-i', Arms- Hutt-hinsou. Baths Blziklt-y, Vivizui Killa-him-w , . 4 'l'lfirfl ron? Joycl- Allm-ii. Pt-guy Hamilt- mflzi Watson, Joyct- Smith. Nami-y Grunt, Rosa- Maury Kilpioii-. Czirul Moon-, Ht-lt-u Mt-igs. Wyut-ttv Bmclt-ii. Jovci ron-, Juuuiit- Suv Stain' . . . l"o11f'fl1 IYIIVI .It-:ui lVIt-Cary, Put Blix-hzuuu. lVl1ll'y FI'SlllL'l'S llzimiltoli. l3l1Sll'l' Siumsou, Jiuu ' wnrrlw. Tommy Cfiwilt, Clizirlottt- Worslizim, B:ni'ln:u':n Smith, Joziimt- Wright . . . l"i!'tlt row: Jimmy Niumt-lly, Bobby Rust l Y iyut- Wurfl. lvii- lziixous, Hoy Ioiifli-i'. Ilouglus Ilia-ks, John lVll'filllIllS. Janus-4 Iiipst-y. Arvicl Wulquist . , , Nimllf ron' Miz Nash. Billy Smith. Frank Mic-kit-. Jimmy Ht-uclm-rson, STUDENT COUNCIL HI-'I"It1I'IIiS loin!-L Xl.i.l-LN . l,I'1'Sill1'Ill I oxi xii tlii it-"i' I lift'-l,I'1'.SiI,l'Ill li-:nm lltNIll.I'l . . Sw-11-lfrlji This is your Stuclt-ut Couuvilf Uncle-i' thu- ,f ldut-li wt-1-li tht-v took plf-zlsiiro in L-lt-vtiug 19 t ras? First rozr: Tommy Craft, Paul Alexander, Rogers Hollingsworth, Richard Little . . . Sm-mul wmv: Arvid Wahlquist, Ronald Crossley. Wayne Ward. Vernon Crossley, James Rouse, Dan Hensley, Miller Weatherly, Robert Pierce, Floyd Stroup . . . Thin! mum' Jimmy Reaves, Douglas Williams, Buddy White, Ronald Walker, Bobby Rust, Jimmy Garrett, John McGinnis, Sam McAneny, Henry Wingard, Buster Simpson . . . 1'l01ll'f'll 1'o1v.' Jimmy Nunnelly, Mickey Stewart, Louie Bowling, Roy Ponder, Harry Mohlmann. Sonny Statom, Ray Fentriss, Jack Winfield, Bobby Bailey, Billy Ray Stevens . . . Fifflz ro11'.' Barry Johnson. George Bennett, Cecil Miller, Frank Mickle. Bobby Blakely, Jimmy Jordon, Tommy Nolen. George Neely Chapter BCDYS OFl4'lClCllS Tom M Y Cl:Ar"r ..... l,I'f'Sf!ll'lll PM L :Xl.ExAN11151: 1"if-e-l'rewi1ler11 llotglclzs llUl,l,lMQSWUIi'I'll Sl'1'l'f'IIll',l' fill,Xlil.liS Honw . . . Treasurer lllcilifxlm l.l'l"l'l,I'2 . . Clmplnin The purpose of Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity higher standards of Christian Charac- ter.'7 One of the main things that our club stands for is service to others. During the year we have projects in which we help peo- ple. Sonie of these projects are: giving money to the world youth fund, helping to improve our school, and helping underprivileged peo- ple. In Hi-Y each boy learns to be tolerant and to make life happier for others by doing Christian acts. !'X XY' fx- 1 if ,fee pe --nf. or -Q., w ri,-' f ' 4 ..r',.3C 'ff N ,' 4' . - .- , .,. MSN: vnu- , ' - , ...Teh . . . 'JO-. ' ... STV.. X-lx f s -o','W'- ' M , x . ,,. n... 1 . ,, ls: -N-f x "- l"fr::l nor: IH-tv Liiinpkin, .Ii-rry Jackson, Iiylclon Stricklzincl. VV:ill:iei- Gunnells. Brooks Johnson ..,. Y frmitl roux' Bnclcly .l:iinison, .lnniny l,ipsi-y, Itivliairrl Colm-inqin, Jiininy Ste-vviis, George Box, Barry Brozich, Hurry W4'zitlivi'ly. Ray Moore. Rohm-rt I,i-Foy, lfonzilml Iliilmlmrfl. Iiolmhy Smith , . , 'I'liirfl rnux' Ainolcl Prnt-tt, Jerry Bailey, John Mark Shirley. Harold Wil- lingliznn, .lohn lVlc-Ciinnis. lVIorg4in K1-rr, Thoinus Rvclmlin, George Wingzircl. Doiiglzis Hicks. Charles Hzickiioy. Bohhy Goode. , , , lfoiirlli row: .linnny Rossi-r. ICi'nvst Keingt-lous. Howard Fry. Phillip Jenkins, Don Dennis. John Allan Power, Bohhy Dislnnsin, Milton Wigglt-y, Jiinlny Finley, Ch-oriiv Whitlock, Julian Jenkins. Janine-s Vain WClllQlL'l'llllITl,E1ll'l Waugh. Ivie Parsons. I-ll-Y HI' I' lt.I',IIS I'i-rric I.i xiimix ..... l,l'1'.NfIf1'Ill ,licizin ,lxfiksox . . lm'-l'rw.mlwf1r laitnox S'l'lll1Qlxl.'.NlP . . Hl'l'l'f'lllI'! XX'lI.l,UIl'1iilNNl'1l,I.5. . " ll'l'Il.YlIl'I'l' liiiooiis ,loiixsox . . . lflmiffiifi I 'l'h4- pnrpost- ol' thi- lli-Y vltihs is "to wezite, mziintziin, :incl 1-xti-nfl throngghont the school :n'l vonnnnnity higln-r stzinflzircls ol' Christian f'llill'ill'lI'l'.U Thi- hoys in this c-luh are working to fulfill this lJlll'IJUSU hy l'2lI'l'ylI'tQ into their svhool :intl lift-, vleun spi-1-elm, clean sports, vlezin svholzirship :incl clean living. This vlnh has hc-on siivrc-ssl'iil in czirryiiigz out various projm-vts. I'rohzihly the most inn- portznnt pro-im-ts were thi- spreacling of Hi-Y eliziptc-i's tlwoiiiihout the c-oininunity, giving Thzinksgiving hoxes to the needy fuinilies, zinrl selling yearbooks for the worlcl youth funcl, Other projects were also carried out success- fully. We believe the C. Hal Cleveland Chapter of the Boys' Hi-Y is serving a wonderful pur- pose in our school and community. C. Hal Cleveland Chapter .1 The Anniston Hi-Y Council meets the third Sunday in every month at the Y. lVI. C. A. quarters. Tlte Hi-Y Council consists of the presiclent and vice-president from each of the five participating Hi-Y Club chapters plus two other elected representatives from each club. Adult advisers from all the clubs and the local general secretary of the Y.lVl.C.A. also at'end the meetings and are members of the Council. The Council has proved very helpful dur- 'ng the past years in organizing new chapters and in helping them carry on tlser work. Annually the Hi-Y Council is in charge of conducting the training course for prospective Hi-Y members. The council also sponsors sev- eral service projects Curing the year. For the past three years the Hi-Y Council has held a Hi-Y Alumni meet'nj3 during the Christmas holidays. This event gives old mem- bers a chance to see how Hi-Y is pro'sperin'g. The Hi-Y Council is the nucleus of Hi-Y work in tlte school. It is a fine group of young leaders who are doing a wonderful job in trainng young rcopc in Chrstian living. HI-Y COUNCIL I t Vivian Killebiew Wilma Biaswell Wanda Watson Maigie Hamilton, Libby Glenn, Charlotte Worsham, Marilyn Biittain S I Haiiiett Mohlmann Paul Alexander Jeiiy Jackson, Chwrlzs Hackney, Pete Lumpkin, Tommy C1 aft Jem Godwin 'lhurl 1 Marv Frances Hamilton Julian Jenkins, Jane Edwards, Dick Little, Joyce Allen. lv. " 2 ll' f sr - 5 7 79+ ,licix tlnimix ...... l,l't'Sflll'lIf Xixixx lx11,1.ic1:i:1f11x I mf-l'f'1',wi1lf'11l 6 mm SVS" i lllCl,l-1X tI11w1'x1x ..... 91'1'l'f'Illl'.1 XlXIi'l'lIX Xlixii-1111 . . TI'I'II.SIlI'!'l' Item lil'lI'i l.XlllXS'I'I4l . . I.'l1nfflf11'f1 ,, I 'l'li1- Virigiiiin Orrlwaiy Cliziptvr til' the- Girls' lli-Y tmilc its thi-ir iiiziiii piwiivct for thc ve-air ISHS!-Stl tu si-ll thc- yi-z1i'lmok ziiicl gave tht' lJl'tJt'l'C'll5 tu thi- Wnrlcl Youth Fiiiirl. Thi- cluh haul its its 1-uiiiiiiiiiiitv pi'1ijv1't El sm-rios ol' talks mi "Hwy :tml Girl R1-laitioiisliipu which wvro givi-ii lay lir, Stniivy, il lm-ul iiiiiiistcr, This yi-:ir tlit- girls hzivv truly trivrl to czirry mit thi- piirpnsi- ol' thi- lli-Y, "to crozito, iiiziiii- tziiii :tml vxtc-ml tliruiiglioiit thi- sclimil ziiicl wniiiiiiiiiity high stzimlzircls ul' Christizm Chair- 2ll'll'l',ll 'l'lii- t'XlH'l'lt'llt't'S ol' this rliztptvi' will ho wi-ll ' ' ' l't'llll'IlllJUl'l'tl tliimimliiiiit that livvs of every r girl, :tml wi- ti-1-I thzit 1-:ich im-iiihvi' will hv ai lll'lll'l' Vliristiaiii ziiicl vitixoii lruiii having bvvii il !llt'IIIlM'l' nl' thc' l'llllJ. GIRL ' HI-Y l"11.-fl f'fi,f' 5 lg2ll'lDJIl'Jl llaiyiii-5. Jmmiiii Word. B1-rt ROllL'I'lS. Fluy Jo 'l'oll1-soii. Wilma: Braiswcll. P1-ggy Rohn-rts. Hosni Loi' l,q1'l'11'.l1-, .limit Slitmk, lit-tty .Iii Snsiivtt ,,,.. N H-mul rnux' Mawlviis- MC'Flt'll2lll, lVlill'V Ami Hitt. A1111 Bruzicliiaix, Jauiici- lllltH'lIlHlI, Ili-lm-11 Vlizistaiiii. Joy l.ittli-, Mitzi lVlcPliv1's0ii, Bvtty Allowziy. Viviun Killvhrtiw .... 'l'liir1l r1m'.' Lulu lVlns1-lv. lhiittv II11-lax, Viwy S1-iilly. Baths Bliiklvy. .Ii-:iii Gorlwin. Jo Allll lVI1-Dmiwi-ll. Rosa Ami Owviis. lVI:1ry Aim lltitll. Pziillzi Kimwliiiii ,,4, l"fi1n'tl1 111112 lVlzi1'tli11 Wimpn-0. 17111111-it Rohi-rts. Jztcliio Saixoii, A1111 Wzitvrs. Put lVl:1rti1i, Botty Bzikvr. Merry 1,1111 Arthiir, li1ll'llEll'1l Avvrill, Cliitrlutti- Wurshniii, 13ill'lHIl'2l Ariiolml. Li-1141111 Hulliiiigswortli, 23 1 First faux' Mary Cater, Margaret Whitted, Betty Baxter, Sylvia Holland, Rose Holland. Sue Hehson. Libby Glenn, Jerry Nelson, Ducky Cain .... Scfroml rnzv: Barbara Huddleston, Nancy Brown. Margaret Smith, Betty Wilkinson, Alice McCall, Kathryn Brown, Liz Mickle, Ann Cockrell, Frances King, Margie Hamilton, Barbara Billingsley .... 'flzirfl roui: Mary Gillman, Jane Edw ggy Freeman, Sara Craft, Carolyn Brooks, Betty Quenell, Harriett Mallard, Joanne Wright, LaVerne Carter, Ann Coleman, Pat Bennett .... Fomith row: Marilyn Brittain, Patsy McGaha, Charlotte Beavers, Elizabeth Richardson, Leah Bonds, Delores Miller, Margie Clark, Libba Scruggsf Carol Moore. OFFICERS lVlARlLYN BICITTAIN . . . l're.siderzz JANE EDWARDS. . . Vice-Presiflent ROSE HOLLAND . . . . Sl?l'l'6flIl'lY SLTE HEBSON . . . Treasurer DELORES MILLEIR .... Clzaplain The Lucile H. Cleveland Chapter of the Girls' Hi-Y, although only three years old, has already accomplished many worthy pro- jects. Much of our success as a club is due to the untiring efforts of our sponsor, lllrs. Mc- Peters. This xeor our main prcie-cs were aid to the nrefy. the Dave Howell 'croiect in which part of tlce v--nnev was raised bv se'ling year- books for World Service, and a friendship week-end sponsored by the club between OX- ford and Anniston. Each girl knows that Hi-V is a wonderful organization. and each is always willing to Participate in all of the many activities to loelp "create, maintain, and esitend throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian character." N' lRLSi Lucile Cleveland Chapter mafia .' 'f".Q 'JJ V 'P' -1 r .,.. . 'J vo 's I 'i',153' lfirsl rmr: l't'gpgy Watson, Betty Carol Bennett, Jo Ann HaHl10l1. DOVUUW ANYON- PMSY Lllmpkln- P05-TSW OVQUUU1- MiU'Pfi9 Ilarrison, Slnrlt-v Ciirlw. Ji-try Davis ..... Y wont! mum' Jo Ann Nall, Charlsie Ann Zancr. Norma Jean Fordhanl, Pat Allen. llarrit-tt lluhliai-fl. Barbara Young. Peggy French. Jimmie Sue Starr, Willie Proctor, Myra Smith .... Tlzirzl row: Shirley Stn-vt-ns, Rita Ifowlt-r, Joyce Gunn, Milclrecl Jolmson, Betty Joan Barnes. Martha Blackmon, Billie Lou VHI1CCl, H9l6l1 Mmm' Wumln Willson' Nancy Piwu, ".- 1f',,,n-th, I'1lIl'.' Carolyn Jones. Joyce Allen. Harriett Mohlrnann, Joyce Moore, Marv .Io Sams, Pi-guy .Ioan Smith. Eva Lou Meaders, Barbara Scholz, Mary Frances Hamilton, Jaudon Hunter. HI-Y hl B I ,I i :ic Ai.l,1-:N ....... l"-.-'I- r m llixliluif:'i"l' lVl0llIAl.-KNN I'ive-l'i'ii.:i'iIiiiit OFl"ItIl'IllS Iiixiclmim SCH0l,'l'Z .... Sl'l'l'l'fIIl"Y Mimi' lfmurziizs H.-VNlll,'l'0N Tl'1'!IS1Il'l'l' Chapter PAT A i.i.isN ........ Cluzplain T , -dw-.... A . V .-,..- -.snr The Kathleen Brummel Chapter of Girls Hi-Y was organized last year and has kept up the fine start it made. The service projects of the club which included collecting Christ- mas baskets of food and toys for the un- fortunate have all been completed successfully. Under the direction of Miss Corrine Weaver, the activities of the club progressed well. Through the meetings and the Hi-Y work each girl is stressing to live up to the plat- forms of the club at all times as well as to ucreate, maintain, and extend throughout the 'JA' '49, school- and community higher standards of ' ' Christian Character." 25 RG, X i , s ,ge it 3 -. s X" . . Lv Af ' A 8 pig Ni - ails S tu., an i SENICDR BAND "Hep, two, three, fourll' is a well-known phrase around Memorial Stadium during the cold mornings of September October. and November, but when football games rolled around, those long and cold hours of practice were revealed in super. snappy performances by the band at the halves. Yes, Sir! Those guys and gals under the direction of the capable leader. t'Proff' Jackson, really put the show over! The band has also done a super job this year by participating in many parades. They are always willing and ready to help out, and we believe they have really done well. We know there were some cold. cold band members marching up and down those streets, led by a snappy group of majorettes and a fine drum majorette. and let's not forget our mascot 'Through the cold weather with heads high they carried on to do their part in fine o1'der. The band. however. is not all work and no play because each year they have two entertainments which are really tops. The band went to the band contest in Birmingham and was very successful. Every year each band member has a chance to try out for band festival which is held at Tuscaloosa. If they pass on their music and are accepted, they have the privilege of playing with many other bandmembers from some of our neighboring schools. Last year we were highly successful with having twenty-one accepted to the festival and eleven out of the twenty-one won awards. So. for all this fine work and entertainment, "hats off' to its super-swell director, t'Prof." Jackson. and the assistant director Mr. Jimmy Simpson. UFlfltII'IliS Boimv tloomi . . . . l,l'!'SI'Iff'llf llANml,I. DYE . . l'1'f-1'-l'1'csi1lw1l lr.-XVEICNA C,u:'ri-:li . . Sf'l'l'l'llII'.V SA wi N4 czfl N143 N Y ...... 7'nv1.s111-w1- . . , whirl.-Nt.I'I t,iiNNic1.i.s. Hum! llruzugvr L. l'. .liczitsox ....... llirw-rm' .liwimv Smvsox . . .f1SSfSIIllIf DI.I't'l'lUl' llmiicron SIMPSON AS DIRECTOR Dm:-G lIiLs 26 1.-hl'.T...J I.32'.:TfZ '..J A K.-4' n,i, -1, '--1- ...-A.. .4 I... f 4.01- , Ji.-J ,,.4, 5 I J..- I - I I I ' I A I I I 1 I ' 1 lg irnrrl Iii Jul 'lnlln 'iulsnll ID 4 , In X Q f ...sw . S wkw K N . X N 3 N - - . i 1 , , , . . SSE Ins! mfr: lim-ky Caoii. Ji-:mi-tlv Shook, Rivlimwl C10it'IllRll1.J. Ii. Hip.5giii:,. Bobby Cimiiipioii, Flilllii Hollins. Hoimy Huh- 'UUiiA.lUilll5iOll, B:ii'imi'ai Siiii1ii.Jommn- iVlm'Dowi-ll ..., Yrrmnl row: Bvri Holm-Vis, Sybil VVool1-ii. Jvrry Jackson. lloii 'I'qiyIoi'. Floyzl Stroiip. Gi-orgi' Coats, Bobby Mzmgm-. Jimmy Tiionius. Pot 1VIm'1i1i. Vivizm Kiiioliiiuw. llvlvii Clmstgiiii. lmmiy Siiiipsoii ,... 'l'llirrl rmfk' I.. P. .Izu'ksoii, Bvtiy Jo All Jwziy. I.1iwzmai Housv. liilzi Jo Mays. Bully Flood. Maury Elvzmoi' nw. Kitty IglIl'iil', Ganiiily Wllihllll. 1VIiinli'm-ri Joimsoii. B:ni"mi'o Filly. Huy VV:nlsoii. Lyim Slim-lloii. Wqillzwc Wilkvrsoii. Jo -son .... lfourlll ruff: Hvtiy l4Jlllfi1'l'S. Ciiriwtiiiv Hviiclrix, Ruth Craig. Jiiimix' Kofax-i'. Jock Scholz. B1lI'l'j' Broaiuli. Iiilui Opinion: li:ii'l1:o'zi Sliillvil. .Iolm Sliirli-y. Aim Colm-iimii 4... Ififfli rrwh' M1ll'ilXllt' iVIcClvllzm, Roxio l,:1Tzistv. Bzii'imi'gi Wmli-, Jimmy fwlvvi-im, lic-ilu c.,I'1ll1l. U:ii'imi'zi Hoy. I.i'Vi-i'iio CIl'il'l'. C2ll'0iNIl Jomw. iVI41i'y Iiixri. IJUII Nvlsoii. Huy Foiitriss. Sami lVIi'Am-iiv. ling:-is Iloliiiig.gswoi'tl1. Hosi- Holiamfl .,.. Nimllr !'Ul4',' Clycls- Ym'in'omgli. Us-iunlcl Cliwilmiii. VV:iym- Smith. w- 'K'Imi'lm-s Hi-:nu-ii, Bvity' Slivlioo, Ihilpli Faii'i':ilvv. Moiirow Tiioiims. Edwzirni Hi-piiisixxil. Gm-orgo Colommi, IL- x - . . 134.415, ,youll AX'L'1'l'IIi ,,iA Sfrwullf nm'.' Wuliam- Guimvlls, Bimlmby Wells, Howard Ilawiiiziii. Bobby Goode-, Hutch D1-iiiiizm, Tommy Yni'lwi'migh. Aiicliw-y Sic-vvzirt. Ks-nm-th Austin, Frank Carlyle, Jerry Bailvy. Royce Harper. .Z ,"V , ', 'f Ie., . 1, uf ,-if jd' la, , M .x.i oi:ic'i"l'i-is 27 Na , 90" ,V 'W' X First I'fll4'.' Joene McKee, Rutledge Robinson, Paul Hackney, Dick Weaver, George Coats, Joe Davis, Bobby Mange, Jimmy Stephens, Jimmy Hubbard, Shirley Shaddix .... Secuml roir: Jessie LeFoy, Billy Pennington, Elaine Casey, Sue Shelton, Evelyn Stephens, Tommy Burhart, Bobby Young, James Smith, Max Alston, Jack Coleman, Jimmy Bates, Betty Lou Stewart .... Thirfl row: Naomi Hollingsworth, David Boozer, Jo Ann Starr, Lamar Ford, James Harrell, Lynn Shelton, Scotty Watson, Jimmy Thomas, Sammy Ginn, Walter Rapp, Tommy Zaner, Cecil Taylor, Audrey Stewart .... l"nurfl1 1'nu': Annette Herndon, Arvis Holland, Wallace Wilkerson, LaWana House, Leila Jo Mayes, Dan Kilgore, Ray Watson. Jimmy Kennedy, Sybil Wooten, Fred Gibbs, Betty Avery .... Fifth rnir: Sue Blanks, Clyde Yarbrough, Billy Shelton, Gerald Graham, Bobby Williamson, Ralph Farabee, Monroe Thomas, Pat Harper, Barbara Ray, Charles Swan, Sonny Phillips. Marlene McClellan .... Sixth ruuu' Pat Oswalt, Sue Pendergrass, Sammy Nunnelly, Butch Denman, Jerry Arnold, Prof. Jackson. Herbert Brady, Charles Casey, Frank Carlisle, Charlotte Johnson, Anne Sams. JUNICDR HIGH BAND SCH IC IC l'tl,lCAlJ li HS ill? llll ll ! llll llll IE!! Maureen Bell, Elizabeth Wright, Barbara Mohlmann, Linda Parris. Geraldine Dear, Martha Stancil, Gerry Hines, Ronny Hicks. Carol Gladdin, Jerry Williams, Jerry McKay, Billy Wayne Wright. The A.H.S. Junior High Band, under the direction of "Prof" Jackson, got off to an excellent start this year. The Jr. Band consists of forty students of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. The main purpose of the Jr. Band is to replace the older Senior band members when they graduate and also to give them enough ex- perience so that they will be able to participate in all of the activities of the Senior Band. This year the Jr. Band did some extra work and was able to play at all of the Jr. football games. They also did some fine marching on the field during half-time. So for all the fine work and entertainments, let's cast one note of thanks to a swell director, "Prof" Jackson. 28 I"irxI l'1Ill'f Bzirliara Wade, Beth Craig. Jean Pullen, Ruth Craig .... Svfwrrfrl rule: Barbara Fite, Betty F100 Bl! ll 1 Smith. Ami lluteliinson, Martha Blackmon, Barbara Stancil .... 7VIlI'4l l'0It'.' Joyce Pullen, Christine Hendrix LiVe1ni Carter, Carolyn Jones, Prof. Jackson, Mary Hurt, Mildred Johnston, Pat Martin. ARMCDNIERS Iirrn tlmu: . .. . l'rvsi1lm1f ,Ilan I'l.l.i.lcN . . Ilift'-l,l'l'Sl'I!l'IIl lilC'l'll tilifxltz. . . . Sl'f'l'f'fIll'.Y liwnmizx Winnie . 7'f'vr1.w1rer' The Armoniers Club is composed of the girls ol' the Senior Band who have met re- quired qualifications set for admittance. Each member is required to take part on the pro- grams. The programs consist of reviewing live:-: of great, composers and their works. It is not all "work and no play" for the Armoniers. They have several social events during the year and every one has a good time. They are sponsored by 'LProf. Jackson" who adds much to the spirit ol' the club. 29 w Mis: U lt I' iS FF lul' V .lJlf:l,o1:Es lVlu.I,r:1: . . . l'rf-.mlwzl .Mme lilmwmius . . Vl'l't'-lJI'c"SfllI'IIl V iviiw K11,1,EBmcvv .... S l'l'l'f'flI1',Y HOSE Ho1,l.,wn. . . . 7'r'w1s111'w' The Etude Club is one of the most out- standing musical clubs in Anniston High School. Students who have musical ability are eligible to be members of this club. The programs are varied and interesting and are presented by students and profession- al artists. Our aim in this club is to improve our appreciation for music and to learn more about great musicians. i. pvxfifx ETUDE CLUB First 1'uu': Delores Miller. lVIary Gillum, Jane Edwards, Vivian Killebrew, Rose Holland, Barbara Arnold .,... Y wvnnfl 1'o14'.' Margie Clark. Joy Little, Janice Thornton, Jerry Nelson, Euber Roberts, Betty Joan Barnes, Merry Lou Arthur, Norma Jean Fordham. Jaudon Hunter .... Third rozr: Marvin Jones, Teddy Papaspiros, Harold Royal, Earl Reeves Charles LeCroy. Bobby Thrasher. an ' . rw : ll I W rss? iii' at in Ngigjgii Q argue ,fy C amuse ww . awww, .dum Q- zi: 5 :ag f1:.':::2'- VW K 30 Ul"l"ltIl'IIlS Iiicooks ,lUIlNS'l'llN . . . l'n'.sirlw1l Ihmm: Illmlficlc . . IIN'-l,I'l'Nl.Il!'lIl llolmv tioolild . . . Sl'l'l'l'fIll'-Y ,Il I.ItN ,li-zwkixs .... TI'C'1ISllI'!'l' litNIMI.l, IYYII . S1'I'3'fl'IllIf ul !1l'IIl.S +-f The newly UI'j.f2lfll70fl Lyre Club under the sponsorship ot' "Prof J'zcl-:son" has had an active part in extri curicular activities at A.II,S. this year. Thcsc are the boys who are interested in hanfl music, and they spend much time in its, IVI1-mbcrs of this club are easily recognized this year by their sweaters with a white "A" and a lyre in the cross piece. lflle feel that this has been one of thc best years in the history ol' the I.yrc Club. I"irsl mum' Boliliy Goode, Julian Jenkins, Brooks Johnston, Rogers Hollingsworth, Sam IVIL-Aneny, Wallace Gunnells .... Swruml rnfv: Jimmy Stn-vm-ns, Tommy Yarbrough, Jimmy Rosser, John Mark Shirley, Randall Dyei. Royce Harper, Jerry Jackson, Barry Breach. 31 I' 1 I me Ann Hutchinson Joyce Whatley Peggy Thornton Mary Wein .... Sf'l'0llfI' 1'o14': Margie Turner, Mary Faye Yr igei Mau Sll'iOlSkl Joyce Silai Tlnd mu Mrs Nichols Pat Bleibaum, Carol Watson, Carol Sue Fite, Wanda W itson Peggy Ledbetter. SCRIBBLERS OFFICERS MANY FAYE Ymurglz . . l'rfaw'1lw11 Pismsv THORNTON lfifl'-Pl'l'SI-IIUIII JOYCE WHHLEY ..... S l?I'l'l'ffII'-l' MARY WEIN . . . . . Tl'e11s111'f'1' The Scribblers Club was organized for the purpose of promoting literary interest. Its members write poetry, essays, short stories, and other literary works. The club's motto is "The pen is mightier than the sword." The colors are purple and white, and the flower is the lris. This year the club has stressed originality among its members, eight of whom have had poems accepted for publication in the Nation- al Anthology of Poetry written by high school students. I"i:'sl l'Ull'f B1-rt Roberts, Floy Jo Tolleson, Barbara Hl1flfll1'SlOI1, Betty Ruth Bonnet Betty Wilkinson Mis Slulbx Pau 1 Knowlton, Betty l,iiiiilei's, Betty Allaway. Pat Allen .... iQf'l'Ullfl 1'oi1': James Lipsu Tonimx lVltKix Wivum Wu Ann lirozirliiax, Euiiiei- Scully, Eva Lou lVIe:iilt-rs. Biirbzira Billingsley, Joyce Mooie Jimts B uni II in Billy IVloon. Bumlmly White, Hoberl Miller. Guy Smith, Bobby Blakely, Marvin Vin Woncleih im Jimniv Mayne ax Waugh. Jimmy Henderson. PEN-A-PAL Ul"IfltIl'IllS liiixiiimiiiii lli imi,ics'i'ox . l,l'1'.Yflll'lIf Xxx lliioiuixixx . . Iil1il'l'-l,l't'SfI1l'l11 Hi-:'i"ri Vl'ii,ixiwsox .... S ef-rvlfzry l'Iii:i.Wui1Qii . . . 7'iwi.wi11'ei' The main purpose ol' the HPen-A-Pall' Club is lrieiiclship. Letters are exchanged by the f inenibers ol' the club with people of other eountries. Letters received are read aloud at elub meetings ancl a study is inade of those countries from which the letters came. This gives us a better umlerstancling of our foreign lriencls anrl it is also an excellent opportunity in the art, ol' letter writing. ' tr! ,s 33 ,., '15-an wuasuwsw 1' an-' ,.,g3v--if " FW' First row: Frances King, Kathryn Brown, Barbara Lybrand, Peggy Thornton, Arleigh Davis, Mary Evelyn Bentley. . . Scfrvnzrl row: Libby Glenn, Jean Godwin, Marilyn Brittain, Mary Wein, Jackie Burgess, Sue Hebson. Mrs. Cobbs. . . Third row: Jerry Jackson, Dick Little, Rogers Hollingsworth, Dan House, Julian Jenkins. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY OFFICERS lJAN HOUSE . . .... President MARY WEIN .... Vice-President MAMLYN BRITTAIN . . . Secretary KATHRYN BROWN . . . Treasurer This year the Speech Club has been con- verted into the National Thespian Society. We are proud of obtaining a charter from a national dramatics organization such as the National Thespian Society. We have initiated a program bureau for the school and conducted a series of radio plays. Under the capable sponsorship of Mrs. Cobbs we have progressed rapidly and have high ambitions for the future. wh, 2 2195, . . . 53 gn- 42. ...,. 2 A i 'E X ll 2 iv' Big .Y i ww! rw BM f Wat 'Zi 3 ,9. 'Z' , in.. .4 i if sc Y!" First f-mix' Joyce Whatley, Jo Ann Nall, Barbara Scholz, Billie Jo Gray. D'Este Whitted. Pat Bright, Margie Harrison. Mai-glare-I Whittcd .,., Svwml row: Mrs. Stroup, Pat Bliehaum, Jo Ann Hannon, Shirley Stevens, Ima Jean Reavcs, Illanclu- Iwpradlcyl P1411-KY Lvflbvttvl'-Shir'l1-y Curlee .... Thirrl ro14'.' Harry Weatherly, Paul Alexander, Jimmy Garrett. James Taylor, Ray Fentriss, Jack Srholz, Elton Jones. Floyd Stroup. 35 Ul"l"ItIICliS ,linux il.XllHIi'I"I' . . , l'n-.mlwzl .lick SKIIIULZ . . . ,lvf'f",,l'f,SI.flf,,ll Nlftlitiftlilfl' Hlanzlrr .... gl'!'I'l'lIlI'Vt Pu I. Xl.l'IXNNl?I'IlI . TI'f'IlS1Il'l'l' The Spanish Club is an organization of in- terested students who are studying Spanish or who have studied it. During the school year there are two meet- ings each month. The programs consist of Latin American music, poetry, art, and games. Often we have the opportunity to listen to a visiting speaker who has toured some Spanish- speaking section of the world. Mrs. Stroup, our sponsor and teacher, lived for quite a while in Puerto Rico, and through her we gain a better knowledge ol' the language and habits of Latin Americans. In addition to our purpose of "Better Pan American Relations" of last year, we have added as goals, "More Facility in the Use ol' Spanish Language" and HA Better Under- standing of the People." Our hope is to have many more years in the future as successful as this one. BUENOS DESEOS A TODOSl Q. OFFIHINIIQS DAVID .MISTIN ..... l,l'USiIll'Ill Bowls CAl.i.A11AN . Vice-l're.siflem Jorma Hiciwnow .... Sl"1'I'l'flll'4l' Homciic lVllINDY . . T1w1.s111'w' The Diversified Occupation Club promotes civic intelligence and works for better voca- tional guidance in school and in the commun- ity. The club also does much to encourage the development of desirable social habits and 'eadership ability. At the beginning of each year, a plan is made to include various types of meetings. Fach club is affiliated with the state D. O. Club, and several representatives are sent to the slate convention each year. At the con- vention the members enjoy good fellowship, educational and social events. First rozv: Florence Daugherty, Kazeen Mo1'row, Joyce Herndon, Doris Lipsey, Julia Potts, Ann Ponder, Barbara Young, Ann Hutchinson, Barbara Huddleston .... Serourl rn11'.' Dorothy Lee, Lucille Summerlin, June Shurburt, Hazel Dean, Joanne Herndon, Clarence Watkins, Porter Dunlap, James Gilbert, Charles Green .... Tlzirrl row: Marie Robinette, Bobbie Jean George. Macy Carter, Pat Hendrix, Barbara Matthew, Orbie Dean Austin, Harold Sallis, Max Bowman, J. B. Smith. . . . 1'l0H7'fh. I'UIl'.' Jack Edmondson, Margaret Morton, Mary Lambert, David Austin, Herman Higginbotham, Major Cannon, Earl Marled. Boyce Callahan ,... Fifth row: Mrs. McPeters, Horace Mundy Gordon Faulkner, Otis Smith, Clyde Hawkins, Felton Clark, Charles Lee, Hershell Ray, Mr. Sibert. 36 tlI"l"lt 'FIN lluuiucix l.NIiIMNIl . . . ,'l'1'sl1f1'Ill Iiic'i"i'w' Xlll-IlilIUI.Il'l' lll-fl'-l,I'4'SiIll'IIf .lun Xiiicx . . . . . Sl'1'l'1'lfIl'kl' 51 Ii Nl1:l.u'x . . . ll'r'r1.s11rr'r lllI.l.lI'I ,lu than . . Sung lmuilwi' llere ure the girls who will be the teachers ul' tuinmiuw. During this yezu' they have clone mziny worth while things. Among them is the Clll'lSlIIlilS pzirty thev gave fm' the first grade pupils ol' Pine Avenue Sc-html. The Frzuiees Massey Club of the Future 'l'euehers ul' Aineriezi was chzirterecl by the Nai- tiunzil l'lKllll'2ll,lUI1 Assueizitiun on lVIzu'eh 12, l948. The elulfs pmjeets lm' this yezu' ure sell'- impruveuieut, visiting other schools and col- leges, zuicl tesiehei' uhservzitiun. l First fwfr: liillii- Ju Gray, Arleipgli Davis, Betty Hziueoek, Mary Alice Elliot. Betty Lzinders, Sue McLain .,.. Sewnul 1'ou': .lzwkie lilirigvss, livelyu Riley, M:u'pg:u'et Suoflcly, Lziquitn W1ilkei',Jezin lVleCzu'y. Betty Aflerltolilt .... Tliiril l'tPIl'.' Jziekie Oglxiirii, Ami Rieliziiwlsmi. lVlrs, Willizuns. Kitty Burke. Joye- Wilkerson. F'i'zuiees Guy. Betty Bziine. Betty Ann Haines. Bniihziiui Lylmrziiiil, Joann A .. if F W llilf 137 'wfmfwy 'ar -1. ff'-'W M rdhnnl A rs?" iggg Y we ss .. L 2 ---'- ' r Y KJ . 'L -Y .muff -'fi W -5 f n W in Q are-in-t lxvfrasras 6 ww --nr-'Y 8 'fmix A hi' R First mum' Garriety Watson, Joyce Silar, Betty Sue Reynolds, Peggy French, Margaret Ann Smith, Harriett Mallard, Elizabeth Scruggs. Mary Ann Hitt .... Semin! row: Mrs. Gibson, Barbara Schilb, Barbara Averill, Charlotte Worsham, Joanne Wright, Elizabeth Mickle, Alice McCall, Helen Meigs, Peggy O7Quinn .... Thiru' rum: George Coleman, Chris Banister. Harry Mohlmann. Sonny Statom, Bobby Bailey, Morgan Kerr. Paul Schilb. Ivie Parsons, Jimmy Nunnelly JUNICDR CLASSICAL LEAGUE OFFICERS jmww Nl'NNlil.I,Y .... l'r1-siflvnt ltflli lmasrms . . . Vif-v-l'rasi1lwzl Jimmie Wiutgiri' ..... S t'l'l'l'flII',l' CllAliI-0'l"l'E Woizsnrxm . T1'cu.s11fw- The Classical League is a national organiza- tion composed of many local classical clubs in secondary schools throughout the United States. The Anniston High Chapter was or- est clubs in high school. The members of the Junior have as a covenant to hand classical civilization in the They believe an acquaintanc ganized last year and is now one of the larg- Classical League on the torch of modern World. e with the civili- zations of Greece and Rome will help them understand and appreciate the world of to- day, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its governments, laws, literatures, lang- uages, and arts. The requisite for membership is a genuine interest in the classics. 38 tal First muy' IH-guy Anrlt-rson, Chzirlsie Ann Zziner. Betty Bennett, Wilnin Bruswell, Ann Colenizin, Dorothy Martin, Mary Ruth Finley. liinrlgi Smith ,,,, Swrofnl rmr: Mzirthzi Winipee, Billie Lou Vzineel, Sue McLain, Jo Ann McDowell, Helen Clizisteiiii, Billie Jozin Corkrt-Il, Ann Coukrt-ll. Jimmie Sue Stiirr .,.. Thirfl Volta' Joyce Gunn, Mary Jo Sams, Carolyn Brooks, Sara Craft. Leah Bonds. Peggy' Joan Smith. Rita Fowler, Mrs. Huger. HOME ECCDNCDMICS Ul"I"ltII'IItS liIl.I.II'1,IH-XX tiotikltl-II.I, l,l'l'.Yl.lll'Il' liliitll lioxlis . . . IvlAl'l'-l,l'l'5illf'IIf Wimilx Iimsvtl-:l,l, .... 9 w-r'vlf:1jt' llI'II,I-IN tlII.'tS'I'tIN . . Tl'l'llSllI'f'l' These ure our future hoineniakersl They ure interested in inziintziining high standards for honie lilo and they are the ones who will have the hest future hoines in our coininunity. Their programs possess variety, and under the leziclership of Mrs. Hugger, the club sponsor, thi- girls are learning much that helps theni in their dealings with every clay happenings. "As our girlhoocl is so shall our wonizmhood he" is their inotto, :incl they definitely believe it 39 4' v Tiwi., ..,. i a , 7' ' 'T' " ' - .1 , f , -f , . . ,A -r' 'WC t .if if "' . gn, I '.,L""' ' . Wa. N , - V A 'xx 4,-na .-.23 4391? ygl"L...-1 at-3- A W" Q. New-ff " an .-'-s.,'3 'is 1, 1 . 54' .1 1- 4 -s. 1.4 X-in '54 ,M A.: , .c 'gf ia, --.. I '--,- -V',H,..-. ,lggab-w Wa is X 'I -'K -fa ' -at M... 'tk-4, ,,..'4 llqrw First 1'o14': Rose Mary Kilgore, Nan Grant, Mrs. Boaz, Mary Ann Chafin, Mary Cater, Sylvia Holland, Betty Holloway, Lois Abbott ..... Q er-owl rnu': Carol Watson, Mary Frances Hamilton, Shirley Hood, Betty Quennelle, Jerry Davis, Betty Lou Gardner, Betty Baxter, Flora Gilmer, Catherine Cunningham, Mary Ann Dean .... Third 1'1lll'.' Wanda Watson, Peggy Handle. Harriett Hubbard. Ann Floyd, Ann Waters, Margie Hamilton, Eleanor Nobles, Juanita Robinette, Lenora Hollings- I-., .,.,N- Y.. I , ,.,. q ua p 3 , - . a , i at . ,,,, i ,,, .1 'i 2, - "1 Wi- J r :UQ Q Q-H.,-1 . H., iw . fa. . fs .. , ., ., - -' t 47,',.,,w .wtf . " ' -'-' K.. '- f ..- r asf. ' Q ' ---' . 4-' K sf 4. . 1. ' a ffirm 5' - . J - . -s t ,Q is K W.. . X X Q --,, -:wi . - tg-aa 'V + ff lj. . - - A 4... qi., at x .. ' , ' 5, I . 1 , xx . ., . V K .,wQx??3kAi'5?,gi i ' f .' L- wits' . Q A' 3 sk ' Q P "3gi:'.X8 . .i ,... . 0 .,, a Q. A.. Qs' -Q e iitiaiwssif My m I ,..,,,., ,, 1 3 3, - . - vu. I .,j Q af. " . ' 4 tt x. 1. . A by ' Y ,A ........:. , Q , C. M 't1,,. p I N - Aa . I Rx ' K ' 'is 'fe 's WMWM'-x'ir ' . 'ii tc, , ,E . W W - ska- .A 4 sz xg W y - .ii FM , . 7'fK,"f...S,g T 'Yu ef? ' ., A. "-NZ f . MN-Q . affix? .as - ram. li mu V 't worth. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB 40 OFFICICRS MANY Fufwttizs HAw1ll.'roN l'rvsi1lf'111 Primm' HANDLl'I . . . Vil'l'-l,l'!'Silll'llf Mlm' flA'l'EH . .... S t'l'I't'llIl'xl' Cllcol. WA'l'StJh . . . Tl'l'fISlII't'l' The Girls' Physical Education Club is new in the Anniston High School. It was organized by Mrs. Clarice Boaz, who is the sponsor. The purpose of this club is to encourage uni- versal participation in all forms of wholesome sport and to promote ideals of health and sportsmanship. When you see a girl wearing a big UA", her school letter, remember she won it through the Physical Education Club. You may be sure she has earned it in a way that is a credit to herself and to her school. m., Hl"l"ltIlCIIS lIici'i'iiici: ,li-:xixixs . . . lIl'l'.Yl.Ill'llf Iiiii. liIIXXICl,'I'tlX . lin--l'nasiilf'iil Xlxm tliiuxi-:ics . .... S1'1'l'1'lIll'Y This is thi- svvonil your ot' tht- oi'ch0sti'zi. Again. :is thv yvzii' l4!'oi'i-, i-niphzisis has been on thi- rlm-vi-lopim-iif on stringccl instruments. To thi- violins hzivc- hvvn ziclclecl violets zincl vc-llos. Thi- lJl'Qillli"llllfl!l sinvo it is still young, has not zippi-ziiwl inainu tinws nuhlicly, hut thvri- is growing iiiti-wat in its clvvvlopinont. r I'hi- hig 1-vi-nt for thoso inoinhors who quali- lic-rl wus pzn'tic'ipz1tion in thi- Alzibznnzi All- Stzitc- fJl'K'l1l'SlI'1l, which this ye-ni' hzicl its tostivzil pi-i't'oi'iii:iiii-v toi' thi- zinnuzil vonvcntion ot' thc- Alzihninzi l'liliir'zition Assoc-izition in Hit'- miiigtmm. For ilu- first tiinv thi' Ul'C'l1l'Sll'il this spring hurl ai i-oiim-i't ot' its own. During tho lzittvl' IJ1ll'l ot' thx- school yozir, also, the ol'- vln-sti'zi pe-ppc-cl up svvvrzil junior high zissvni- hlic-s hy playing 1-iitrziiic-v und vxit inzirchcs :intl hy plziying zilong with the singing. ss K MR. XVARI-I JUNICDR HIGH CDRCHESTRA l"i'rsl mu'.' Fi'i'il liz:-Il, lfflziim- Caisi-y. B:ii'lmi'zi Fitv. Ninn Moss, Boh Sanderson .... Swnllfl VUIIH' Bill N1-wsoinv, Cliiimici- lirown, Ki-nm-th How:-Il. l5aii'h:ir:i S14-wiirt. Cli:ii'li'nv Prosi-i's. lVIzn'th:i Thoinzison. Hviithi-i' Ji-nkins. Hoyt IVIcKvilix Bill Hi':m'lIon, lVlzii'v Cliaiyi-rs ..,, 7'lffrfl Voir: Li-roy Cannon, Bvtty Jo Cziinphvll. Diiviil Sikorski, lVll'. Wzirv. Clzniclizi Dostor, Billy Chilton. Pviiy L -1- Kl'l'l'. Kfirl VVii'gzinil. 2 fi ...M -, .1 - Il 4 i 'ig L .ns- . QC K i' Q ,1 K.. - T XNQIQ l I M . J FJ Sl i K X ' ' --. 3 P t liar .JS fa ,,,, ,,, ll. ll u ,., . ' we ...,.....3 .-in E First fruw: Barbara Haynes, Betty Jo Sasnett, Rosa LaTaste, Joan Allen, Fay Haney, Mary Lee McPherson, Patsy Lumpkin ..... 9 tfrnml row: Nancy Pierce, Bobby Turner, Barbara Pavlock, Harriett Mohlmann, Jacqueline Saxon, Mary Faye Yeager, Mary Elliot ..., Thfrrr' 1'lIIl'.' Mrs. Hudson, George Coleman, Brooks Johnston, Charles Green, Eli Bell, George Box, Ronny Hubbard .... Fourth mir: Norman Ford, Douglas Hicks, Jimmy Jordon, Phillip Jenkins, Jimmy Garrett, Herman Higginbotham. JUNIOR RED CROSS . F ' Mwnvifvv' H'kliRlE'l"I' lVl0Hl.WlANN . Prvszzlwzi if Jimmie t2Al:m2'1"I' . . li'l!'l'-Pl'l'SlIlf'Ilf llosA l,m: l.A'l'As'1'1c . . . S6f'l'l'll1l'-Y BAl:1s,AnA H A Nl las .... Tl'f'IlS1ll'f"l' The main purpose of the Junior Red Cross in all the schools is service to others. The Junior Red Cross members of Anniston High have tried to carry out this idea through a variety of services. These services included packing gift boxes for children overseas, buy- ing gifts for the shut ins, and the making of small dolls for Christmas gifts. The Junior Red Cross members have striv- en to carry out the American Junior Red Cross purpose, and we feel that they have been very successful in their work which has been so well directed by their sponsor, Mrs. Hudson. 42 W Q I I M neu lui nu MLJllll7 Noiton Batty Ann Bennett Blanche Dodd, Rachel Knight. Joyce Messer, Marie Frazier. N :ull I 4 Alvt f'lLIl1ll1f,., Fi anus C tv JL an MLC nv An1t1Rnnes,BL-tty Jo Oliver, Mary Alice Elliott. Tiny Lockridge. ll ll l 1 Vllglllll Cunnells Nlllllll Jn tn H nits Bnb n 1 Bivant, June Shurburt. Joyce Wilkerson. Mary Helen Hollnook Wxncll Dcmpsqv I' mill r Mis Hill Betty Hancock, Doris Vaughn, Marie Martin. Patsy McGaha, Betty Williams Lottie May Fold Martha Shafers. COMMERCIAL CLUB tll"l"Itll'IllS YIIHLINI,-X til wNm.l.s . . l,I'l'.Yi1ll'lIl Nolmm ,IIQAN llxmus Iiil'l'-l,l'l'SiI!l'IIf litlilllfll, lxmtztrr ..... gf'l'l'f'HII'.Y lll+J'l"l'Y ll-xmtotik . . T1'fv1s111'f'1' Yes, these are our business women of the futuref The club attempts to create a feeling of unity among commercial students and to promote a better understanding of the busi- ness World. Their progrfnns consist of inter- esting discussions on business problems. Occasionally, this group forgets the busi- ness world and turns to social life. Their parties and social affairs are well remember- ed by all the people who are lucky enough to attend. I Fr.. - Firs! ru11'.' Patricia Allison, Joyce Powell. Alice Lee Thompson, Betty Turner, SuBette Shelby. Stephenie Moss. Barbara Hight. Virginia Carne ....i 9 c'r'm14l mfr: Dot Lerlbetter, Jackie Parker, Gloria Wade, Nlilclrecl Wigley, Paula Morgan. Mary Grant. Deanna Slappling .... Tlzirfl 1'n1w.' Charles Wright. Joel Carter, Douglas Lybrand, Thomas Burson, Paul Clements. Gerald Powers. Lewie Crew, Billy Chilton. Ronnie Hopkins. JUNIQR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Thr- Slumlrnl CUlllll'll is an organization ol' slllmlenls. c'lc-vlvfl hy SllIllK'lllS. 'lllw purpose is lo rlvu-lap slurlvnl l'1'Sll0llSllJlllly. inilialiw. and sm-llool primlvg lo promoter WUl'lllY ritizmisliip lrainingg to pruvilla- il llll'2lllS lor youlli rx- l1l'l'SSlllllQ to prornoim- ff-lmol wvllarv ami student 1-0-mln-mllloll. 44 ATH .M-J f 1 4, iw COACH BANCROFT AND CoAcH JOHNSON 1 M IWANAGERS COTTON AND STARR I First Vow: Mullendore, Van Wonderham, Harris, He-nd Second frow: Stewart, Moon, Stedham, McCarty, Ward, I Third row: Yancey, Willingham, LeCroy, Mickle, Pruett, Wi1 CAPTAINS WHITE AND SMITH .- 4 'W ' ,qytq - - ':-?TI3I5v: .- , "X" ri . Nw' ,. E ...W ' - V 'H Fijifzrxg '1 ' '- J ww I 'Q f 2 ' l svgffj- f I ,Lf-" nf. -'T' ,pt-T22 ...Av-L' -v. '.-- ,.. I A..---'L - - , Y- -. --fi :. ...-5-:LSA np- " .-n4v"' x 51 '-4:--f " "T:-L-.- .-nn"' .. Q00 Ind, Lumpkin, Townsend, Keech, Blakely. der, Gilmer, Mayne, White, Frady. Is, Chapman, Horn, Smith, Reaves, House. 47 MANAGERS PRICE AND JONES YY IIYLQIKTWLJ QIYFTI 'RUETT ARNOLD IRULII Arnold exeellent ability as an end when he would trap the en:-my for numerous yard losage, snag passes and eross the goal line standing up. 'RADY KEECH NOLAN l'IA RN EST FRAIJY "l4'ragile" was supe b on the offense. Being the fastest man on th squad, he euuld really be eounted on to burn up yard- age for the team. He was an exeellent pass receiver which ae- eouuted I' r a number of touehdowns. He is the fastest back that has been on the squad in its history. GEORGE KEICCH A lot of eredit go's to Georgie who was the brains of this yt-ar's tearrz, For his great playing, he was ehosen on the all eeunty team and as next year's captain. TOMMY NOLEN Tommy was one the hardest eharging guards on the team. Tommy will be one of the few lintmen returning next year, and will be eounted on for a great year of playing, BOBBY THRASHER "The Kid" was one of the greatest halfbaeks we've ever seen in aetion, His ability to run right through the defense enabled him to be ehosen on the all eounty team and to win honorable mention on the all American team. GPIORGIC WINGARU Playing' his first year on the varsity, George was an exeel- lent standout as an end. For his exeellent ability to wipe out the enemy, he was ehosen on the all bounty team. TOMMY CRAFT Ttmmy eould always be eounted on when we were in the tough spots. "Smiling Tom" eould always keep up the morale of the rest of the boys. CHARLES HORNE Playing his first year on the varsity, "lint-ky" was one of the best pivot man we've seen in a long time, liueky's great ability to baek up the line was a great asset. to the team. EARL REAVES t'Sirnpy" was the big right end that the fans saw a lot ot' these past two years. Earl was at his best always. His ability to take out a ball carrier's interference was a spe- eialty. His height was a valuable asset in pass receiving uhieh he proved often. His shoes will be hard to fill next, year. We're going to miss this fellow. CHARLES MeCARTY "l-Bud" was another ll-Team graduate who made the varsity. He was used extensively on the defense beeause of his taekling ability. "Bud," alxng with Reaves, made one ot' the best end eombinations in the Bulldog grid eamp. We surely are glad he's going to be around another year. So watch this fellow next fall! l'AUL ALEX ANDER "Crip" was another fellow who was hindered by injuries. A bad knee kept him from a majority of the ac-tion, but still be managed enough of that valuable time to earn his letter. Wt-'ll miss Paul next year. He was a great sport, and a swell team mat". BILLY TIMMUNS "Slim" was another fellow who seemed to be followed by the old injury jinx. First a broken hand kept him from seeing aetion, then an injured foot caused him tu be sidelined, but this didn't stop him from fighting. Billy saw action in some of our toughest games. He was especially good on his down under the punt tackles. We'll miss "Slim" next fall. HO I RIS It Q.. rw, WAYNI WARD iw nt 1 In 1 u qu I s nt is 1 s I I 15 o W 1 o i so yt SM liilly was a ure-at allvrnatn- 1-aptain from his tan-klv post. Hi- was alvl- to 1:1-t lu-hind thu- off:-ns:-'s lint- and 1-ompls-In-ly wipt- out tht- play. For his gre-at playing: ht- was 4-host-n nn tht- - - - iz tlA Ill-, HARRIS t'Iy1Iv. playing his first, yt-ar nn the- varsity, was a fins- run- ning: llat-k. llis alyility to lin-ak away anfl also thu nlnility to pass maxlm- him an important slot at li-ft hnlflmrk. ISITIIIIY WHlll, "t'hno Choo" finisht-ml his thirtl yt-ar nf brilliant football V . for tht- ltullaloizs. lintlily playful his lu-st mann- this yt-ar against I tht- unrlt-I'i-atm-il Dm-A-atur ts-am, whim-h was tit-il hy Anniston. , ltialtly plans to 4-nt:-r tlMt' nt-xt fall and tht-ir main is our loss. t'HARI.l'IS la-CRUY t'harlt-s, playinu his final yt-ar for Anniston, was right iruarnt Hz- mails- thc first tt-am on thu All Calhoun Collntv t am antl won hlmst-lt' a :st-holnlsliip to Aulinrn for lilitll ysnls. t'harlt-s was a vt-ry good offonsivt- :xml tlvfvnsivf- man. You ' o aka- thi- t'u-klt-s HAROI ll Wll I INt HAM "l"ro41" has play:-rl threw- yt-urs on tht- first ts-am nntl has -inotht-r vt-ar with us "Frou" was rm- ol' tho main stanilonts in tht- foiuauml wall of tht- liullclogs, Hs was namul on All t'oantv first In-am annl som-ontl tm-am All-State. Ht- is thi- only I DON t HAI MAN limi, om- of our lnium-st lint-man, has playt-sl thrw- yt-ars on tha- xalsity. His lmtltlnt-.iltlmr tatltlts .intl his snptilu lnlotlt ini: won him :I spot on tht- All t' unty first tc-am. anml also lvonvralult- nn-ntion on tht- All-State tm-am. Don's futurs- football will lu- lakt-n up n-xt yt-ar at Vannlvrlmilt wht-rv ht- was awarcl- ml a four vi-ar si-holarship. Wt-'ll rt-ally miss Don nt-xt yt-ar. JIMMY HluNlll4,RbON Mum s ii p up 1 of s n ini. w o 4 ns l NNI I YN N 'A ' 'UZ , Q nlflly ' IUKI I Z -' H ' 2 'III lll' ' ' ' : 1 2 -2 ul' it , JIMMY MAYNIC "Shonlsln-rs,' a fnlllxai-k, playt-tl his last pzanw for tht- liulltlogs this vt-ar .limmv has ln-1-n on thx- tm-am two V4-urs, His lu-st nam- was in tho Uxfoiil trams. ln this game lt was his plunuinu that was most outstanslinir. Jimmy will rontiniw his ft-otlrill nt-xt vc-ar with tht- Urimson 'l'i1l4-, FRANK Mlt'Kl,l-I 'Fvant-lss swlftni-ss antl sim- won him a lu-lth on tht- All t'onntv tt-ani l"ranlt's marvt-lous juli ol' playing rc-ntt-r was shoxxn vsht-n Anniston playul Wooillaun. Ht will lu playing fo' Alalaama for tht- nt-xt four y'aI's. MARVIN VAN WONDIGRHAM " hu-'." : 4" 2 'as z so ont- ol' our flm-ot-foott-Il lram-las. " 's " 's 'r 4 zu ' -' fs, 1- ':.': vw Ili-nt pass rt-1-viva-r and a good th-t'1-nsivv man. lnjnria-s kt-pt Marvin out of most ol' thu- st-ason, lint his plan- will ln- hartl HENDERSC MAYh LMCK VAN wowocm- ARIIS ll M than-lt-s, a It-II tat-ltlt-, plays-tl his lust yrann .il Dil-ltlll. This "ll" tm-am grail was vm-ry harml to stop on cl--fm-nsv ln-- ranst- of his size. HL- will ln- thx- only rc-turnim: tai-klu nt-xt WI-HTESIDE STEDHAM TEWART I Y 1111 151111 S11 WARI sn 1111 1,1111 1 s11 Vx is 1 m1 1 111 s -.1 111s s xvs 1 1 11 s K1 11 1h lids 1 1 1-. 111 fl , was IMPKI .AKE LY RB LE 111.I'lnl1UM1K N l'1-11- was 1111- 1'115h1 h11l1' 111111 1'1111l1l 1'1-11lIy r1111 with 111211 111111. H1- VVZI s 21 "li" 11-11m 1:11111 who was 1-11111111-11 1111 1,11 h1-111 s11'1-11111111-11 1111- 111111111111 11111-kfic-l1l, l'1-1e- was 11111111 111 1111ss 1'0- 1 1-1-ivi112'. 111 This is 1111-'s 111:41 y1-1112 11Ol1l1Y liLAKl".l1Y 1s 11 1111 s N s 1 1 25111 1 1 s 1 11 1'111 '11s 1 1' '-1 - 11 - 1-11m. 1 11y was 11 V11-i1111s 111111-111-r wh11'h h1- 111'11v1-11 m1111y 11m1-s. W1-'ll miss this 1111y 111-xl y1-111'. SI A 111s 11 1 11 1-1 1111y1111. s -11 1-1 1-1 1 s 1n11 111111111 1x 111111111 11111 1111l1111l111l w '11n1 111 - 1- j -' '. - 1s 1 his 111-s 111 1111- Oxf111'1l 1.21 -. WHIT WHITIISIIJI-I "1'111-1'11l1f1-" was 11111- 111 11111' 1:1'111l11111i11u 1-1-1111-rs who wus n1111'l1 111111111 113 C11111'l1 li11111'1'11f1's N11. 2 1-1-r11,1-1' 1111111 1Il.1llT1l'S 1'111'1-1-11 hi111 111 111-1111 11111 111' 1111- 151-111 NVH1' 111 mi1l-s1-11s1111. O111' f1111s w1111'L 111 11111111 111 1'111'1:1-1111115 h11w 1111s Gl'11l Atom 1111'1- 111111 1h1- s111-1-1l- s11-rs 1'1'11m 111-ss1-n11-1'. W1- s11y, "'l'h1111ks, W1111, 1'11l' 11 j11l1 W1-ll 1111111-." "l"'11s" w 1.1.N1', b1l'1AlJHAlV1 '11s 11111- 111 C1111ch Ni1'h11ls' ll-11-11m 1:1'111l111111-s W1111 11111111- 1h1- v111's1ty i11 11 1111: way. G1-111-'s 1111-11111115 w11s vi1'i1111s 111111 his 1111111111115 his 11111'1 w11s s11111-1'11. A'l"111s" 1-1111111 11lw11ys 111- 1-11111111-11 1111 111 1111 11'h1-11 11 h11l1- 111 1h1- l1n1- was 111-1-111-11 111 1:11111 1112111 im- 11111't11111 1-x11'11 y111'1111u:-. W1-'1'1- 111111111 111 miss this 1111y 111-xt y1-11r. DOUG NOLAN lhls is N11l1111 s l:1s1 y1-111' 111' 1'11111l111ll 111 A.H.S. H1- 11215 111-1-11 11 V1 ry 1'11l1111l1l1- 11ss1-1 111 171.111-h 1511111'1'111'1's 151111111111 s1111111l. His 3111-111 11111l11y 111 1111111150 th1'1111u'h 1h1- I1111- 1111-111-1l llll 11 1111 111' y111'1l11u'1- 1'111' 1h1- 11-am, 1111111-5 will 111-1'1,11i11Iy 111- m1ss1-1l 111-x1 y1f111'. A "li" 'l' DAN HOUSI 1-11n1 1:11111 who h1-1111-11 1h1- 11-11111 il 1111 11111: y1-111' 111111 1111s 11111- m111'1- y1-111' i11 whirh 111 n111k1- 11 11111111 111'11s111-1-1 f111' 1h1- l1111l1l111:s. W1- 1111111 1'111'w111'11 111 s1-1-ing him in his 111-w 1111s11i1111 111-x1 y1-111', 111111 11111111' 111111 h1- will n111k1- 11 fi111- 1111111'11-1'l1111-k. LYLDON STRICKLANIP l.yl1l1111 NVZIS 11 g11111l 1-x11m11l1- 111' 11 1'1r11- s1111r1 111111 1111- 1i11ll1l111:s will 111-1'111i111y miss hin1 111-X1 year. S11'i1'kl111111, 1111- m11s1 h11111l- s11m1- l'1-l111w 1111 the s1111111l, was 1h1- f1-ll11w W1111 1'1111l1l 2llNV2lyS 111- 111-111-11111-11 H1- was 11111111. '1'l11- lS11ll1l11us 111-1-11 m111'1- i'1-ll11ws like I,yl1l1111. 11lw11ys 111 1h1- 11l111'1-s wh1-1'1- 111- was 111-1-111-11 n111s1. 1511 I X MOON 'l'l11- lmy w1111s1- h11l111y is 111111111111 111111'l11l11w11s, 111111 111- n111l11-s 1111-n1 11111! N1-x1 Y1'2ll', liilly will 111- 1,h1- fc-ll11w 111 A.H.S. W1-'ll 111- l1111l1l111. f11'w'11'1l 111 s111111, hin1 111111 1h1 -.1 11111 11 -1 1 1 , -- f ' 15 - ,Wh m111'l1 ul ry. l"111' 111s f'-' r ' " - 1 - 11111-1111119 1111111 11l.131111.. 11l11l11y, he 1111s 1h11s1-11 as 111-x1 y1-11r's K1 5 I I .f- 'VI u . ,,s.,1 .M fwfr-'f' 1 0 1 It I it 7 00 5 'K V I 5 '39 'Q a ' I eg , 'Q in v I sr wx .HA A F . 5 . , X ' B 1 .. . - lx X Rua . gi, fl? .. 11:36, f -Y X Q, M Y ' . ? Q, .. - . , ..,:4 r1LbxLi K , i ii Y V , - 'TTY , 1'K+x?Xv ' Q' 1 ' Y 5 2 1 5, Hy, ' f Vs 'N 'fa E ' in 'S f 1 x yy 1 t A J X H H vu- , I 1 I vii 1 b fi .rx A W5 ' h f - iff. ,wg Qigx 5 ,ut Q33 .Q -s I ,gf Q Q' XS NM 0-Q M in Line: Left to Right, Wingard, Chapman, Lecroy, Mickle, Willingham, Smith, Pruett .... Backs, Moon, Keech, White, Thrasher. 7 ANNlS'l'0N-DFICATUR 7 Anniston opened the season against a strong Decatur team. This team was tops in the state in '47 and '4t4. The Bulldogs were two touchdown underdogs, but soon after the kickoff the Red Raiders realized they would have a fight on their hands. In the middle of the second quarter, Moon plunged through the middle of the line for a touchdown. White kicked the extra point and the half ended with Anniston leading 7-tl. ln the second half the Red Raiders came roaring hack to life and rolled down the field to a touchdown. Defensive standouts were LeCroy, Chapman, Mickle, Mayne, White, and Smith. While on offense Henderson. White, and Moen wf re running hard. tr ANNIS'l'0N-BESSEMER 14 The Bulldogs, on their showing of the week before, went to Bessemer highlv favored and over confident, but returned determined to make a hetter showing and not to lose anfther game. Un the third play of the night Bessemer went 65 yards for a touch- down. ln the second ouarter, Anniston found the going rough and could make no head way at all. The half ended with Bessemer leading 7 tw 0. ln the third quarter Bessemer passed for a touchdown and the extra point was again made. Anniston could not get their offensive attack to move for more than a few plays at a time during anv part of the game. Although Annistfn did not score. Henderson and Moon looked ivnori in the winning department. On defense LeCroy, Chapman, Mickle, and White gave the B'ssmer team plenty of trouble. 27 ANNISTON-ALICXANDRIA tl The Bulldogs won their first game of the young season when they trounced the inexperienced Valley Cubs, who never threatened to score on the Bulldogs. Thrasher was the first to hit pav dirt when he went the final three yards midwav of the first nuarter. White missed the extra point. In the second period Thrasher passed to Fradv for 25 yards and made the second touchdown of the game. At the half time the Bulldogs were out front lii to tl, During the first moments of the third quarter, Henderson bowled his way for R yards and ti points to put the 'Dogs ahead 20 to 0. A few minutes later Mayne took a reverse and went Ati yards for a touchdown. Mayne teamed nn with Henderson, Thrasher, and Moon who were all running well. On defense Willingham, L-'Croy, Smith, l'ruett, Mickle, Chapman, Wingard, were outstanding. 215 ANNISTON-ICMMA SANSOM tl Billy Moon was the liig gun as the mighty Bulldog machine finally shifted in to high over the favored Rebels from Emma Sansom. Billy Moon scored three times in the game. two on short end runs, and the other on a l7 yard pass from Henderson. ln the fourth quarter Hender- son viassed to Blakely for 34 yards and another touchdown. This was the first game that the Bulldogs showed the team play and spirit of which they really possess. On offense Kecch, Moon. and Henderson were all running like wild hcrses on the loose. Henderson's kicking was unusually good. In the fourth ouarter, standing on the X, he kicked U2 yards and over the goal for the longest kick on record for an Anniston High kicker. Defxnsively every man an the team starred as Anniston rolled on to victory. 27 ANNISTON-TALLADEGA 0 The Anniston Bulldogs met the Talladega Tigers at Memorial Stadium in the homecoming game of the year, and the 'Dogs celebrated with a 27 to 0 win. ln the fourth period. Miekle blocked and recovered a kick on the ltl. lt t'ok Anniston three plays to score. with Ward going over from the 3. Moon intercepted a pass and returned it 55 yards for a touchdown. The Tigers yard line where Thrasher passed to I'ruett for the touchdown. On the 36 yard line Thrasher was almost trapped behind the line hut managed to leap high in the air and throw the hall to Frady who went over the goal standing up for the final six points of the game. Moon, Thrasher, Henderson, and Ward were outstanding offensively and LeCroy, Chapman, Pruetfz, Mickle, Willingham. Wingard, and Smith were the stars on defense. 25 ANNISTON-DOTHAN ti Bobby Thrasher was really in form for this game. The hig fellow was running and passing in such a way that he proved to everyone present that he was one of the best hacks ever to play for Anniston. ln the first quarter, Thrasher passed to Keech for I2 yards and ti points. Again it was Thrasher passing to Pruett in the second quarter for El yards and a touchdown. ln the same period Willingham recovered a fumble on the 30 and Thrasher this time ran 26 yards for the scoff-. On the ops-ning kickoff of the seeond half, Dothan ran through the whole Annist n team for X5 yards, ln the third quarter Henderson made the longst run of the year on a punt return. Kecch and White were exceptionally good on offense. 14 ANNISTON-GADSDEN T Anniston came from behind to heat a strong Gadsden team in a game that was hoth exciting and hair raising. Gadsden took the lead in the first quarter when Watford set up the score with a 62 yard run. ln the second quarter Thrasher plunged over from the I yard line climaxing 51 drive of 54 yards. With six minutes left to play Thrasher took a reverse from Moon and went wide around his own right end and twisted, side stepped, and fell til yards for a touchdown. Mayne played the best game of his high school career when time after time he plowed through the line for gains of 5 to ZIP yards. Besides Mayne and Thrasher. Hendfrson and Moon were outstanding, and Chapman. Letlrov, Mickle, Willingham, Smith, McCarty, and Wingard were unmovahle on de- fense. 14 ANNISTON-WUODLAWN tl Un the cpcninxf kickoff George Kecch took the ball and threaded his wav through the whole W'oodlawn team, 92 yards for a touchdown. Aft' r that it was no more scoring for either team until the fourth quarter when Thrasher went off tackle for 3 yards and a touchdown to climax a 157 yard drive. Both teams were keyed up and hoth we re hlocking and tackling hard and with no respect for life or limb. The Bulldog backs rolling in this game. were Ward, Thrasher, Henderson. White. Moon. lfradv, and Mavut-, The line was like a rock once again with Mickle, Lellroy, Uhapman, White. Willingham, Smith, l'ruett, and Wingard, all sharing in the honors. 31 ANNISTON-OX FORD 0 The Anniston Bulldogs and i'1e Oxford Yellow Jackets met in the last, HIHIUL' of the long series. The second quarter brought, the first score of the game when Henderson took the ball 14 yards ar' und right end and went into the end zone standing up. Later in the same period Henderson passed to Moon for the score. In the second quarter Moon ran 21 yards for a tuchdown. This was the best run of the game. At the half the 'Dogs were out front lil to 0. In the third quarter it was Biilv Moon again. This time he set up the score with a 42 yard run, anf' after three olays he took it the rest of the wav for the touchdown. In the f urth period it was Mayne who took the ball on a reverse and plowed his way ll yards for the final touchdown of the lflilfl season. On offense it was Moon. Thrasher, Mayne, and Henderson who were doin! most of the running. but 411 deffnse there was no individual stand- auf FTW-rv msn ..1a.,..,1 i.....,1s ..., tt... n..n.1....,. L-. .... -Li . . , 4 - - A . , X f - A , x T' 'x ' x" , ' W + X 2 , W ' 4-Q x -W, H' A ' ff- :walk ' QNX, - A .i fx - -ff-"M" ,f 972. X KM, ,,,,,m,W,,w,,,S,grf,Qg?v"Wf Nw. W . Q.,-www' ' 'S ' i K"L y YM'QvQ'2JfNk Q QM 'i X . X - N f , fy X viswilfvfi f' W' f Q fa . 'fx -,QQ f xiqi fi N- JK Fwy ST X. ufwv-.. :M x M Q .. - .imgwxxs Q5 , K K KK K ,,,,m.,,A .V Pe K IJ 71 K ,,K M N ,tl .5 x , xii I , UM MKSKQ -i q XKXQKKX. 5K QKXKK K 5 X . K KKK SW? K. -V Q' J , " f ff ffh-af'kgm,w1 W2 Q, sw-wi 5 Q if S ' . I ' , -' . A 1 1 , ,Ms 5- W wiv! xr .x . 5' N ' KKKV. Vpfc-w , ,K , , A , K N K ,jK4KtKf43K,1vf ,Q - W ,W vu QHKH ,Q ,x M -K ., VK 3, gg 4,2 -, X X K xvg K5 4 Rx ' VAX .wx - . K K ,. 5 I ,.,9?a..,w,, K , ,. H A 'K K 4 Q33 AK . ' M, Q 4 , ,X k TfgQ'9v'fz'3' .. KK K ,KI K A .K X. -7 NQGQGL .WW ,fy V N XQNK 1 Q . it - Mx, - ,Ang 3? , 'S 4 gm, W' 4 M Wg A X - ? x 1 , 'I xl 1-,qQ"" 1 ,wg . A -ff ifwiallwf 5-'Q if W. .X.x-vw 5 X S in, -' R K, ., in-by-f.i, ,, L his 1 2' l Qi ti, N ,v 3,KKK , :KKK X :l.KK . K - K LK K Q K Y K fi KK K . K. P- ty KK, 5 va A 1 n JK? Klip., Kr,3Kij. KK K: .gp -KK: 32,5 KK- vw KK Q Q . . ."'a.fy. v - A y 7 H.,gv 'wa n -V. -wx X ,v,.,i. 3 wp , . xxx S P ' fl, n Ji f ' J, K -M - xfrg-1 w :Tn-Qu f 'u X . A K wx ' 'f 1 NGK f . 'ZW 'xlfawlg F5 lf f W YH f ? 1 h L- . N +Q'V?'f',, 4 ' ., .- fi' -H P ? -"xi 9 Ns, fn- ' A 5 ink 9 . " ' -4 '-'- , 'V +1 " A I NN - , Q ' V Q- :f f Q JN' ' .4-, , Q . I V -W A -Q 'W 3 K do f jj X, -fax. ,, . N K x - W- - - f Q -1 -. K ,x K .x . -' ., Ki.: '40 x,,:K ,A . 'fb ,Q ' KX ,K S- 32, Q4 v Q K N X -' Q 'K ' "f A f ' , . M . 1 34' 'K " in y K ' xx ,Aww ' - . 'I 'O fm w"N 5 M Q g I, , - I if if ' X 'K fr. ' f 2, .K ' ' ig- P - -. Y' 'Zia' fy "xl , -wg, X ' X " f f -' X X I ' J. , N , , i,K3?Xg..J A up - X 5 ff 1 ' K A 'X X J . W I K' 3 N 4 ,KK , . X fy X? N 5 , 'fi x 'xi X J N I I J Q .1 I 1 Y 5 2 '14 S ASE?-" V V Ns-ill O 'X Xml :I la v "Q lv F? J H er H' , :iz ,'3 L? 1,Ql?.,u.,3,gF:4a . A First row: Jimmy McMillon, Larry Duke, James Van Wonderham, Don Frazier, Morgan Kerr, Harold Royal, George Bennett, Charles Adcock, Authur Hill, Bobby Davis ,... Serum! row: Ray Fentriss, Paul Clements, Morris Davis, Bobby Hamilton, Carl Vann, Ben Webb, Boyd Craven, Lauton Kent, Bill Monroe, John Sims, Doug Williams, Billy Davis, Barry Johnson .... Thin! row: Clarence Pate, Ray Morrison, Jimmy Rosser, Mickey Stewart, Buddy Whitlock, Norman Williams, A. C. Henley, Doug Martin, Billy Morrow, Joe Hendrick, Ronald Grant, Henry Wingard, Donald Handle, Don Houston. B TEAM FGOTBALL fQ"3 .llfrnugm-N: HAROLD HOLLAND, En JONES, Cmwl1es.- CALVIN CUNNINGHAM, G. C. NICHOLS, ANO HULAN PATH AND ROY FORD Ji 2. . , S if f 'M 5 , fi-A-1 . Nvyif Y H q - 7 ' Q an .S yM""'TM " 'xx .jf i "' f f ' 5'1s.A ' N ' , il M I , 7 f QI J ' X "yu f . Q W Q 'f J nfl . MQ. f f' 'x QA ' .J Jlnrf w It ' LA 3 3 M X M :PZ xg' ,V an PM 1: . y. v N l X f Q Lf -' Q V 2? 3' Q ' :' 9 ' ' Ya -r x , V 4 , KA - A, Rx dllel Morgan Ken Laxry Duke Harold Royal Paul Clements Jlmmy Rossar Park Bobb 3 CHAPMAN WELLS f'0c'HR,xN HARRIS JORDAN BASKETBALL SCORES We Scores They 39 ALEXANDER 32 30 HEFLIN 25 65 ROANOKE 20 47 PIEDMONT 44 19 TALLADEGA 27 59 GADSDEN 34 37 ETOWAH 36 38 JACKSONVILLE 43 31 PIEDMONT 38 35 OXFORD 32 32 OXFORD 41 43 JACKSONVILLE 38 28 TALLADEGA 24 56 HEFLIN 17 41 GADSDEN 56 47 ROANOKE 36 74 ETOWAH 45 49 ALEXANDER 41 VARSITY BULLDOGS IN AqTI0N 56 KEECH COACH JOHNSON CH.-K NDLRR BURl'.Iili The Bulldogs only had six returning men this year and they were Chapman, Burell, Bennett, Jordan. Blakely, and Cochran. A lot of help came from Chandler, Wells, Keech, Lane, and Robinson, B-Team grads. Higginbotham came up to varsity at mid-season. The Bulldogs played their best games against Oxford, Talladega, Gadsden, and Etowah. Anniston was considered one of the five powers in the sixth district. Most of the Bulldogs points came on the fast break which they used mostly to beat the opposing team, Our Bulldogs started the season off very well but on through the season the whole team improved more and more. Although the Bulldogs were not seated, they are still one of the big five this year and will give somebody plenty of trouble in the tournament. An- niston starts their part of it with Center, another sixth district team. Anniston has the ability and the team to go a long way in the sixth district tournament. BASKETBALL N x gsm, Misra, M3701 WQWTM I I 1 Geoigie Kee-ch, Clyde Harris, Billy George Robinson, Jimmy Jordon Hal Cochlan Jimmy Lint Second mu: Bobby Blakely, Harold Wells, James Bennett, Billy Chandlex Don Chapman B Team Basketball -N sl' First row: Billy Monroe, Norman Williams, Ray Moorie, Dee Higginbotham, George Whitlock, Roy Ponder, Miller Weath- erly, . . . Serum! l'01l'.' James Van Wonderham, Barry Johnson, Donald Frazier, Jimmy Rosser, Bobby McDill, Billy Jo Allinder, Billy Davis COACH BANcRoF'1' MANAGER RONALD CROSSLEY RQ Junior Basketball Team UOMTH Alunagvrs BILLY JOHNSON AND JIMMY THOMAS Fira! row: Rutledge Robinson, Bill Johnston, Lloyd Harris, Donald Brooks, Lamar Denkins, Bobby Young .... Seconrl row: Charlie Bancroft, Paul Snider, Kenneth Godsey, Wilbert Dishner, Frank Payne, Laudon Kent, Pat Harper, Bobby West. , . . 'l'hi1'cI 1'nu'.' Tommy French, Benjamin Webb, Billy Ashley, Ray Morrison, Phillip Allums, John Morton, Jimmy Mc- Millan, Paul Clements, Bobby White. x l:5AbI:I5ALL lI:AM has "' kv gsm ks 1 N l"irxI nm J Arimlrl Priim-tt. Jimmy Putin Rziyinoiicl Nvw, Billy Gvurpgm- Robinsuii, DQL1gl3i1wClQp1,Qii. Eddie' Kiiiillifoii .... N11-um! milf th-iw iVllIHl'IlfiUl'1', Ch-ui'i4v Km-vvh. Billy Cliziiicllvr. Jimmy Tlirush. Billy Stn-wui'1. Clizirlvs Pinto. Hairolcl VVvlls, Jimmy Lum-. Roiiim- Smith :TRACK TEAM 'sis QQ -qm- lwrsl ruff: flyrle- Harris, Manrviii Vzm Wmicle-rhnm, Lyldoii St1'iL'klz1lifi, Erlivsi Frzirly, Paul Al:-xziiidoi' ,... Suwnml rung' Iiuliliy 'IvilI'JlSlll'l'. Earl R1-:iw-s. Tommy 'I'i'ipplL-tt, Jimmy lVIaiym'. Wziyiim- Wzniwi. x ,M -we . VOLLEY BALL CHAM PS DANCING DANCING LEY BALL SHUFFLE BOARD VOLLEY BALL L L BASKET BALL BADMINTON STUNTS PING PONG P70615 4 I .1 ' yfrlsabxm-x Fw 4 1-T-'msg QL, flfwy-F f s.Wifff1'ywxb1sQwQ-X-fx "H-o.,....,,,, -,,......,.W rv" ,--..........., SMF" CHEERLEADERS N ---LWM0- S QP X. 17" " U N S ' First row: Euber Roberts, Patsy Allen, Peggy Handle, Linda Smith .... Serum! row: Tommy McKay, Jimmy Nunnelly, Julian Jenkins, Earl Waugh. nw ll' ..ii,,,gX E 'i iliig .4 .QQ-"""" CHEERLEADER SNAPS I xx -fef-N Ulkes ggi.. 'Vs -..'1,.,, NNW 'N 1,, 45 ' WWW 575' JUNIOR sv-rzfi S ,A41 C- E O R G E KE E C H EARL WAUGH I BETH CRAIG FRESHMAN B!l.LY LEMASTER Mmomzo WICLEY WM? Z I 43 I SOPHOMORE wr. ' BILL MON ROE an-'f' FLOY JO TOLLESON X PEGGY ANDERSON -SUB FRESHMAN svhm MN A . A 5 45 A A -f vii' 29 52- ' e PAUL SNIDER BARBARA MOHLMANN CUTEST FRIENDLIEST TOMMY MCKAY EUBER ROBERTS CLEVERES SWEETEST 8, N ICEST 1 W K- 7 3 A' ' Rx JOHN BURELL LINDA SMITH JAN E EDWARD LYLDO N STRiCKL.ANl We BEST DRESSE . ,xx MARY HURT MARVIN VAN WONDERHAM EARL. Rs-:Aves NHMMIE sus STARR MOST ATHLETIC MOST PERSONA ,, haf. I rs H'n Q: 4 Hu . lliifi BOBBY TH RASH ER BARBARA BLAKE LY MOST VERSATILE LI TY x MOST LI K-E LY TO SUCCE MARILYN BRITTAIN JO ANN MCDOWELL JULIAN JENKINS -Mosr' POPULAR I TOMMY CRAFT BUDDY WHITE PEGGY HANDLE ROSE HOLLAND BILLY MOON KY x MOST BEAUTIFUL 8. HANDSOME I T POPUL 4, AR GIRL 8. BOY ,P FRANCES PHILLIPS - FRED GIBBS I Ii I A , if rw MARTHA STANCIL 'JERRY MCKAY .AQZZJZMWM 1950 CUTEST GIRLS BOY SWE LS. NICEST B Y A l Q1 ALYS BOOZER-CECIL TAYLOR GERALDINE DEE R-MIKE ROBINSON I cu-x55 .....?..I 35 :sf ...... f - I :Q ,R xg xfmf Q 2 is wf-,,, L , ,fiv- s Q Q, W ff , , V' 'Wu , ,ffd :WL -If li in l T! 'Q ' ini "s H P H ,K :ff ni K limi mir: Ji-am-ttv Sliook, Marin- Frazivr. Mary Ruth Fink-y. Rachel Knight. Botty Lanclvrs. Paula Knowlton. Rosio I i'l'asts-, Ann Colt-inan. Sliirlt-y Curlt-1-. Bt-Ili Craig ..... 9 vwoiifl mfr: Joyco Ann Slar. Citlwrint- Cunningliain. Poggy Lod- lii'tta-r. Norina Jn-rn l"orrlliaili. Mario Martin. Tiny Lockriclqv. Mary Alicz' Elliot. Barbara Fitv. Mary Elm-anor Jonvs. lotta- For-fl. Ja-rry Davis .... 7'l1inl roir: Blancho Saracllux Ham-l Diclwison. Mitzi McPherson. Mary Sikorski. Eva lou IVI1-aflt-rs, Joyct- lVIoorm-. Jn-an lVIcCary. Patsy'McGalia. Nffrtha Chavvrs. Paul Schilh. Ernest Kangt-los. Ruth Craig .,.. loarlh row: Paul IVIQ-tlivin. Jiininy Suu Starr, Jimmy Lipst-y. Gcorgv Colvman. Tommy McKay, Howard Fry, Phillip It-nkins, Sonny Siatoin. Jiniiny Lanz-. Elton Jonvs. John McGinty .... Fifth noir: Douglas Nutt. William Clark. Donald Frazim-r, llolwrt Millvr. F. E. Martin. Billy Moon. Bohhy Dishman, Bud McCarty. Jimmy Finley. J . C I Iii-sr folly' I"Ioi't'iiw- Daui.5lit-rty. Boliliiu Jn-an GL-orgv. Kazm-on Morrow. Dorothy Mac Lot-. Barbara Young. Joann Ht-rnclon. iris Ji-an Lipsoy, . . . .q1l'1I"Il Voir: Marie- Rolminn-ttc. Claronvu Watkins. Tonnny Yarliorough. Clydu Hawkins. Charles lrt-1-n, Jann-s Gillirrt. Halt-l DL-:in .... Tliirfl 1'oa'.' Earl Marla-r. Charlvs Luv. Hvrinwn Higginhotliain. Otis Sniith. Max Bowman. Harold Silas. Major Cannon, Felton Claii. -IS. as ff xe First rnlr: Ruth Linsey. Margie Kidd. Rose Mary Kilgore, Sylvia Holland, Carolyn Jones, Mary Hurt. Joyce Mize. Frankie Liner, Joy Little. Pat Martin ,.... 9 efronlfl P'1lll'.' Ann Linsey, Mary Lou McPherson. Pat Lumpkin. Mildred Johnson. Shirley Hood. Harriett Mallard. Marline McClellan. Mary Ann Lambert. Jo Ann Lee, Richard Miller. Harvey Love .... Thim' ron-: Lenora Hollingsworth, Alice McCall, Helen Mcigs,.Eli5ab-e1h,.MLQ-Else. Mary Ann Hitt. Peggy Jackson. Douglas Hicks. James Hiley, Douglas Hill. Bobby McDill. Harry Mohlmann .... I"u1frfl1 rozr: Douglas Martin. Don Houston, Donald Mitchell, Albert Johnson. Morgan Kerr. Franklin Lee, Richard Mize. Benny Hubbard, Ed Jones, Frank Jones. Sophomore Class First row: Peggy Roberts. Jerry Nelson, Ann Floyd. Christine Henson. Peggy French. Lavenia Ezell. Fay Haney. Eli-ano Nobles. Betty Lou Gardner. Mary Ann Dean ..... 9 evoml l'0ll'.' Betty Flood, Rosa Ann Owen. Barbara Pavloek. Carol Moon. Nan Grant. Flora Gilmer. Dotty Hicks. Carolyn Fite. Ann Fite. Peggy Freeman, Betty Quenelle. Juanita Robinette .... Thirfl ruff: Richard Phillips, Larry Duke. Clifford Perkins. Hal Roberts. Howard Reynolds. Bill Monroe. Boyee Christopln-r. Emmett Pearson. Thomas Ganon. Ronny Grant. Donald Nelson. Edward Hepinstall .... I"uurtl1 mfr: Benny Hubbard. Frank Rollins. Bobby Wells. Jesse Gable. J. B. Freeman. Carence Potts, John Perkins. Clarence Potts. Bobby Hall. Billy -- pl Gann, Howard Harmund. Ray Fentriss. ,QQ i as fy i ll if .W . -wr Ifirsl row: Sandra Shook. lVIargaret Whitted, Audrey Stewurt, Pat Shelton, Betty Mae Shelton. Barbara Tuttle. Janice 'l'honnlon, Vnuil Yo mg. Arvid Wahlquisl. Floyd Stroup, Digk Spurlin ..... S 'woarl role: Doris Yarborough. Bobbie Jean 'l'm'ner. Aruetha Stam-il, lVIyrle Summers. Eleanor Smith. Wanda Watson. Charlotte Wright. Margaret Ann Smith. Carol 'l'nmer, Clarity Watson, Libba Seru1.igs,' Joyt-e Smith .... Tlfirfl row: Bobby Smith, Miller Weatherly. Wayne 'Smith. John Thomas, George Whitloek. George I,ongshore. Henry Wmgard. Eunice Scully. Jack Scholz, Carol Wiesendanger. Bar- bara St-hilb, Jimmy Stevens .,.. I"fw1'l!1 roax' John Sims. Bwmy Hubbard. Douglas Williams, Jimmy Van Wonderham. lVli4-key Stewart, Jimmy Hosser. Carl Vann. Billy Thornto 1, James Wesson, Ralph Thomas. Douglas Thompson. Bobby Sophomore Class l'if.-:I row: lVlarlgi1 Vlark, lVlc-rry l,ou Arthur, Barbara Averill. Sara Dayidsor., Ducky Cain, Betty Bennett. Betty Ayery. llllll 'Clit A l' x liabnn Blount l l 1 sta-U. z':': . ,ois Abiott .... Swoafl role: Ronald Crossley. Ann Coekrell. lVIozell Dimqiitmv. , , H , . 'warva Krall. Halls lilalu-ly, Barbara Crossley. Ieggy Anderson. Martha Ann D.nyernport. Doris Bean. Ann Chaflin. . llf I :aa N4 m Willl in IH ' iron a s, George Kel-eh. Kenneth Austin, George Box. Barra Broieh. Chris Banister. Charles Braden llllflfb' Jamison. Kenna-tll Allen ,... I'llHlI'lll roax' Rim-hard Coleman. Bobby Dari-' .Barry Johnson. Carolyn Brooks. Charliti A414-oem, lirtly I.o1s Baker. Jolm Allen Power. Marist- C.ark. Erskin Chambers. Jerry Bailey. Boytre Christopher. 40 QQ NW ii W Yi R5 153 5 MVK l"frf:t rote: Jinorny "l'orn"s, James McDonald. Clyde Yarbrough. Lynn Shelton, Bobby Manger. Jane SC!'llg'fS, Pit Wright. Su Bette Shelby. Fa y Roberts. Forney McClellan. Mary Davis ....A 9 vernal rote: M'iry Fay Craft. Peggy Ann Hale. Hazel McCartney. Jo Ann McGinnis. Deborah Hughes. Sybil Clark, Margaret Ann Elwell. Helen Ann McKee. Helen Long. Julia Rowan, Lida Cobbs. Dudley Wright. Donald Mundy. Charles McDonald ..., Tlfirfl role: Carolyn Doss. Gena Wad- dell. Julia O'Dell. Peggy Huff. Ina Martin, Mary Chavers. Norma Jean Brown, Pat Harper. Lou Livingston. Monrow Thomas, Sally McCraw. J. W. Austin. James Larry MeMillon, Jimmy Joe Waldrop, Ralph Farabee .... I-'nurtlf rung' Robert McCrelles. Betty Ford. Mary Dickey. Floyd Tucker, Richard Harrington, Billy Marshall. James Edwards. Billy Le- Master, Richard Reid Weaver. James Harrell. Wallace Wilkerson. Charles Swann. Robert Sprayberriy. Horace Ray Wood. Donald Taylor. Paul Clements. First rear: Betty Lou Stewart. Elsie Messer. Maureen Bell. Eliose Vick. Joene McKee. Louise Bowling. Jerry Arnold George Holts. Alton Allen. Curtis Cotton. Douglas Kelly. Charlie Bancroft .... Steenrl funn' Grace Taylor, Betty Williams. Carol Stevens. Marthi Drake. Betty Matthews. Lewana House, Alta Anderson, Jerry Ann Hassell. Barbara Sue Ray Sybil Wooten, Lamar Denkins. Jerry Carter, Gerald Graham .,.. Tlfirff reuz' Doris Taylor, Ann Sams. Betty Sue Walker. Jo Ann Story. hezither Jenkins, Nina Moss, Ann Helton, Alice Harwell, Betty Jeflcoat. Edna Henley. Lula Jo Mayes. Joanne Jackson. Barbara Johnson. Greta Dawson. Mildred Wigley .... PTUIIVHI rofry' Bill Brazelton. Bill Carter. Jack Cole- man. Ray Watson. Frank Carlisle. LeRoy Nunnelly. Morris Davis, Norris Brown. Walter Griffin. Bobby West. Ben Webb. Joel Cater. Bobby Goggins. 3 S , A 12 x 4 WW s N-NL, mf W nm A U i M 'J vi 4 g I 2 wifi ws 'x wb-6 ik ' Je X X N x A . SFS. Q X X SMX .. - MK ix X Q SX - . X . TW A - . Q 5 eg N X Q Y .Y ...X fi N35 A " 'Q X Af A W M s i Q QQ 11 X x .X- XX, F - Nw KSYX Q i Q 'Y I ---' S321 i C' sf ff ,Ii I-'nz-:I mmf H'ii'lmi'i SI:-wsirl. Clin:-lm-s Coll-. Rulpli Watkins. Brilmliy Saiiiclmwsmi. Svollx' Wzilsoli. Howl lXql'Kl'l'lX' Rillx' Cliiltuii . , , ,mfmffl ffm. l...iiy i.m.ul.i. Cliznln-N llurluii, Dot SnNN'C'ElI'L1llll'l'. Clwlnf lmm- Slizimlmlix. C'li:i'lm- - " xi' I ii' " 'nu E 1 in lion. Sli liy Q i., lmiim- Clmliqmi, Ci'l.ii'iiiu- limwii. Guin- I'ul1vi'. .luv llitt. lN1:1l':gzn'vI Diililzip. Aim-lin llll'illllIlll'll. I,.!ll'li'lIl H1-:1Ili. Nnriiiuii Gila-, Ilqivul All'XJIIlfll'I'. Alle-ii Niiiiiu-lly .,.. Tlifrfl 1'wif': Fiuiiilqliii Alliiiisuri. Billy Aslilm-y. Mqirllizi 'llllUIlllJNUIl, Bully VVil- liqmix, Alum- flilllllflll. IAIIIIZII' 'l'i'y:ilit. .Im-kiv Pzi1'kv1'. Nvllia- Vllilliziiiis. B1-lry Jwiii lVl0l'L1.1Il. Jziim-s llllIt'liL'l'. Dum Boiiiwtt. l'll'Jlllli llivlu-v. llsivirl llivlu-y, Holwrl Hulrli-i'. Spf-iicvi' Jciliiixuii, Fu-al Em-ll ,,,, l"fwi'llf ruff: Joltii lvlUl'lUl1. Frziiili Smilli. Williami Fr:-l't, .lm-k Sixlu-y. Cc-1-il lVlngul'l'y, Slim-:Ami Riili-. lVI1irIlizi Hullaiiisl. Sliiililv Cqmiimi, Igill'lH!l'Sl Williams, Bvtiy Smiili, l.:iri4y Iwpgvll. Trniiiiiy Blll'lill1ll'l, Js'1'i'y Vlfllliailiis. Bolmluy JilL'li!w0ll, Erlclim- Kviil. Ci-nil Coliiclnl. Sulo-Freshman Class l"ii,:l rm:-5 Cflzirk F34-cll'm'4I. I"i's-mln Hillvy. Erliizn Jo Burns. Zmlu Sl1t'llllll. Pvggy Fiiilvy, -lillllL't' Nuiiiivllv, VVilm:i Prim- Zwliirli-qy lVI4ii'lm. Ji-ai. Bwm-aiiirigiii. Ami Birvlilivlrl. Num-y Alvxznulw, Cliiirlvs Wriglit ..... Y wmifl mln' .Iinimy Simi. Bulwlmyj liiirlc. limrln Pairia, Sliirli-y lVlUl'l'l5Ull. H1-Ivn Jimv Wright. lVIzn'v Vzii1ii.Lvolzi Davis. B:1i'lmi'41 Num-I Iivvlvii Couvli B'ii'lm-im Nlolilliiziliii. Nlimlnflli lilwlizulm-w, Sully ML-Kay. S11-rliliig Lx-v, Bnlilmy Jolivs .... Tlfirfl rvifx' DziVicl5PlL'i'1'v,4.101111 Cziilli, iiuiiiiil' frnin-. Ii:ii'lml':i Alli-li, lVlill'y I'.llI'Il PillIll1'l'. M2lI'lll2l Jmiii Kiiiglilmi. Nziiiuy Ulizlviwmlrl. Mairllizi llaiviivs. Jzickiv xNllli1'l'SUll ' ll ci lVl:ii'y lzllgi Nlllllli' lv, J yu- Baum-iiiuw. K1-iimflli Wullu-l'. Jucliim- Ml7l'l'lSOIl. Bill lVIcC:ii'ly ..., lfwirilli ruin' Dam lVIoi'i'isuii: Janim-5 liryiml. .lm-l JZIIIIVS. .loyuf Cullvlfl. lvlilllfll' Wyzitl, Raiiliuiizi Spi'ziylwi'i'y, Alllll'j' l'liIf'lll'S. Gvixilcliiiv L1-Cmy. Maury Grmil, Pu! Dvw. Gaim' Stair, Jqiiiiz-s Nlosvs, William Joliiisoii. Eel lVIillvi'. x ff , Klux N liillv Ymimg. Huiiiiiw llJlI'1J1'l. liilly Iluwwll, liululiy Ynuiiig, liiilcli Uviiiiisiil. Girl Vlfi-iu.i1inl. I,JlYlll-All'X2lllKl1'-l',, I,:ii'i'y Murrisl Richards, Mary Evelyn Dickson, Dorothy Dothard, Gene Reeves, Douglas Shelton, Reavis Nelson, Mike Robinson. Johnny Leisure Billy Kilgore. Russell Reeder, Perry Reeder, Danny Hackett. Jerry McKay ..,. K J D ir. irley Shaddiic, Sybil Langley. Barbara Height, Joan Powell, Joy Me ee. ean oz e ld. Billy Campbell, Perry Lee Kerr, Garnes Ray. Jimmy-Smith. Royce Powell. Samrnie First raw: Betsy Robinson. Patsy Sw-mul row: Julian Mayne. Sh Peggy McClellan, Norma Mayfie Q Ginn. Howard Caines .... Tlfirfl I'1llt'.' Sue Pendegrass. Jimmy Sims. Jenny O'Br1en. Justine Rowe, Joyce Killian. Chai- lotte Jones. Exslyn Woodrow, Betty Jean Roland. Joan Pruett. Helen Harpe, David Harrett, Walter Rapp, Rex Marble, Jesse Rudd, Pat Faulkner .... Fourth rote: Sue Green, Gerald Powers. Martha Gunnels, Judith Fay Dickinson, Claudia Lee Doster, Francis Phillips. Dorisa Ann Reid. Billy Jo Fisher, Carol Robe1'ts, Frances Pilgreen. Paul Hackney. Fred Gibbs Kenneth Rolfrts. Betty Smith, Van Harmon, Steve Gorling, Bobby Fulton .... Fifth rn14'.' Larry Harmon. Yvonne ' ' ' ' x G2 G' ff M.1 Roberts. Bobby Harrington. Marilyn' Brown, 'Dorothy Gregg, Betty Flte, Joan Davis, Dorothy Potter, try lege, 'Vy Griffin. Annie Lou Devine, Charles Godder, Ralph Hanvey, Arvin Hall. Quint rd First roux' Bill Newsome. Bobby Hinds. Becky Jo Groover, Carolyn Hood. Sarah Henly, Mary Harris, June Pettus, Gail Huffaker. Mary lNelle Pearce. Mary Frances Hende1'son, Barbara Moncrief, Stephanie Moss, Carolyn Holloway .... Srwfmfl mum' Ronald Hopains. Louis Horn. Ralph Howe, Cranston Morrow. Howard Hartley. Claire Jones Margaret Ann Marshall, Virginia Kirk. Shirlev Martin, Sanford McKim, Geraldine Morton, Kenneth Howell. Jimmy Jones, Dan Johnson. Glenda Methvin .... Tlfirrl 1'nn'.' Billy Pennington, Jerry Pitts. Charles Kiigore. Harold Hubbard. Robert Horne. Patsy Meaders. Patsy Monroe, Pegg. Moore. Doris Payne, Fae Johnson. Peggy Hawkins, James Mitchell. Morris Kay, Barbara Johnson, . . . I"unrfl1 I'0ll'.' Fay McCreeles. Charles Mundy. Clyde Hobbs, Jack Mize. Beverly Jeffcoat, Leonard Jones. Christine Northcutt. Ruby Murray, Janeene New, Jeannette McNeal. Archie Pike, Alton Jones, L. D, Knight .... Fifflf I'1IIl'.' Helen King. Clariee Jones. Barbara Nobles, Mae Johnson, Sara Payne. Mary Ann Moore, Marie Norris, Shirley Lockridge. Carol Hanners. Barbara Hollingsworth. Margaret Jernigan, Pat McCall. John O'Brien .... Simtlf row: Donald Brooks, Barney Newsome. Bobby Ponder. Jean Cooper. Thomas Murray. David Jennings. Hollis Key. Marvin Junior. 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Billy Jlluon 'l'm5,xs1 mal: . . ffvllj' lifwzzwll OVR ORA'l'uRs Poms IN THE N1x'rmN.xI, AN'l'Hm,nx:v i2 'G ESI! il 11 lvol 9 'L ,P "wx Url: I,11:n,x1:Y S1',xFF H1-Y 1.1-:fz1s1.A'1'o1:s T0 Mmvxwmmn' 84 J HU-I IIIIII N IYIYIIIS SICIIIIIYI' XIII ICS IPI,-Nr fwfr I,. M. Sins, Ii. K. l'n,x'rr:n, R. W.'1'um: Iwzcsm' I'IZI'1I.I.I-I AND I'Ivrc1.YN I'1,.xmx 1-mul ww-: II. NI. W11,1.lxxls, .l. l', ll,x1:mpr:lc'1'Y,,Iu.. IC. M. IIHNSUN f f IZ IfI-II"Rl4iI'IlC.X'I'IllN Vmss M.Xt'IIlNIS'I' 'l'l:,xm-: Svlmm. - -.J UN 'Vmc .Ima 'I'lcxlNlNf: AI"l'll IIIl1Z4'II,XNIt'S f'l.,xss Iul'ZNI'IIiXl. f'UN'l'lNl'.X'I'l0N Vmss l+j1,pqm-lmgu, IIIHXIIIC Svllum, 85 FV!! ii l 'Q' 41 5 n I If---i- y RQXQQXS Z I- J VAN WONDERHAM, MARVIN A Tnam football '48, '49, '5U: Track '47, '48, '49, '50, Who's Who '50, Pen-a-Pal Club '50, Class officer '50, Jr. Rell Cross '48, Student Council '48: B Team football '47. SCHOLZ, BARBARA NORMA- Choral Club '48, '49, Hi4Echo '49, '50, Hi-y '49, '50, officer '49, '50, Spanish Club '49, '50, Pen-a-Pal '49, Class officer '50, Trans- ferred from Balloon High '47. THRASHER, JAMES ROBERT B Team f f.othall '45, Captain '45, A Team football '46, '47, '48, '49, A Club '46, '47, '43, '49, Track '48, '49, '50, Student Council '46, Glee Club '47, officer '47, Class officer '50, Who's Who '49, '50, Etude Club '50, BRITTAIN, MARILYN CLYDE4Hour Glass Staff '49, '50, officer '50, Jr, Rid Cross '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Forensic Society '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, of- ficer '50, F.T.A. Club '49, Pen-a-Pal '49, Spanish Club '49, Class officer '50, Hi-Y Council '50, Who's Who '50, Honor So- Senior Class Officers VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY TREASURER . James Robert Thrasher . Barbara Norma Scholz Marilyn Clyde Brittain ADERHOLDT, BETTY JEAN--Honor Society '49, '50, F.T.A. Club '50, officer '50. ALLEN, EDNA JOYCE- Student Council '47, '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y Council '49 '50, Ushers Club '48, '49, Jr. Red Cross '47. ALEXANDER, PAUL f-Student Council '46, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, cfficer '50, Hi-Y Council '49, '50, officrr '50, Spanish Club '49, '50, officer '50, Honor Society '50, Jr. Kiwanian '50. ALLEN, NORMA JOAN-F.T.A. Club '49, '50, officer '49, '50, Scribblers Club '49, officer '49, Jr. Red Cross '50. AUSTIN, JOHN DAVID-Jr. Red Cross '46, D. O. Club '48, '49, '50, officer '50. ALLAWAY, BETTY JO-f-Hi-Y '43, '49, '50, Band '47, '48, 49, '50, Pen-a-Paul Club '50. AUSTIN, ORBIE DEAN- -D. O. Club '49, '50, Glee Club '47, '48, BAYNE, BETTY ANN- F.T.A. Club '50, Jr. Red Cross '46, National Thespian Society '50. BENNETT, BETTY ANN--Commercial '50, Glee Club '47, Home Economic Club '50. 88 ciety '50, officer '50, Good Citizenship '50. lll'lNl'l.l'1Y, MARY l'1Vl'1l.YN Nati nal 'l'hsni:1n Su- rivlx 00 I4l'.NNl'I'l"I', JAMES l.ANGS'l'0N Huur Glass Staff '50Z l'a-um lmskvllmll '49, '50, li 'l'n-:Am buskvlllzlll '4S: ll IH-nm fmnlmll '4K: l'4-n-u-l'nl Club '50, llll.LlNGSl.l'1Y, BARBARA ANN Glu- Club '49, l'1-n- zi-l'zLl Club '50, Hi-Y '50, BONDS, l.l'IAH Hi-Y '49, '50, Hume lflvonumlvs '47, '4H, '49, '50, ul'l'ic'cr '50: G11-0 Club '48, Student Coun- vil '45, l!l,AKl-ll.Y. llUlil'IR'l' MARTIN Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, l'vn- a-l'nl Club '50, A Club '49, li 'l'1-am football, '40, '47, 48: A nl-:un famtlmll '49, '50: Jr, lmskctlmll '47, li 'l' :nm r lmalu-!lr.1Il '48, A Tuum lmskvtlmll '49, '50, 'l'vnnis '47, Gull' '40, '49, '50, ISONNICR, lil'I'l"l'Yl-I RUTH G14-v Club '4S: Spanish Club 49 3 Pun-an-l'ul Club '50 3 Slllllvlll, Cuunvil '50, Cl.mnn-rcizxl Club '50, liRASWl'Il.I,. WILMA Library Assistant '45, '49, '50, uffim- ussistunt '45, '49: Hi-Y '49, '50: Hi-Y C uncll '503 Hum- lflm-mmmim-s '49, '50, uffim-r '50, Spanish Club '49, llshq-rx Club '49, '50, X ISUWLING, l,Ullll'I Hi-Y -H, '49, '50, Hi-livhu '50, IQRUADNAX, HARlill'I'l' ANN Spanish Club '49: Hi-Y '45, l9, '50, l'm-n-zu-l'ul '49, '50, ul'l'im'1-r '50, Hi-l'ls'hu Staff llROW'l. KATHRYN liRlGH'l'MAN Glu- Club '48, Sp: nish Club '49, Natiunul 'l'h spiun Souix-ly '49, '50, nf- firm-r '50, Hi-Y '4h: '49, '50, 'l'r:im1l'orroAl from Phillips Hilill Svhmll. IZRUWN, J l'lAN AR'l'HIlR HRYA? 'l', BARBARA ANNl'l'l"l'lC Hmmm- lCl'on mivs Club 'Lili Cuninn-lwizil Club '50, lillliijl'1SS .lAl'Qlll41I,YN Jr. lil-xl Cr-rss '-19: Spzxrfsli Club .91 l".'l'.A, Club '50, N2llll'IlTll 'l'l1s-spiny, Sm-il-ly '50, Gills linsombh- '50. l4ll'll'Il.l., JOHN li 'll-um fuutlnill '4K: A 'l'm-:lm foul- mll VIH. A 'l'1-:im lmskm-tlmll '4H, '49, '50, Whnfs Who Jn, A Club ul, 10. CAl.l,AHAN, IGUYCIC Jllli ll. 0, Club '49, '50, nl'- fim-r '50. CAli'l'i4lli, MACY lf'.'l'.A. Club '49, '50, officor '50, Sinu- uffive '50, Hi-Y '49, Humu lin' nomic-s '49: ll, 0, Club 50, Jr. liwl Cross '47, Slulh-nt Council '43, CAl'l'l'l'Ili. liAVl'lRNA ltunel '40, '47, '-ls, '49, '50, Ar- munf-rs llub 47, 48, 19, 50, uffu-or 41, -IR, HI-Y 45, lil 00 CASH, JACK EIIWARIP , Sig ,, s s CQ T ,x .. x CASH, ROLAND CHASTAIN, HELEN-Band 46, 47, 48, 49, 50. Home Economics Club '49, officer '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, officer '50, Class officer '49, CHAPMAN, DON A Team football 47, 48, 49, 50 , A Team basketball '47, '48, '49, A Club '48 '49, B Team basketball '46, Jr. Band '44, '45. CLOEATON, 1393191.45 AUSTJN--Baseball '49, '50. COCKRELL, BILLIE JOAN Home Ecommics 49. 50, officer '50, Band '47, '48, Student Council '47, Library Assistant '49, office assistant '49. COCHRAN, HAL 'B Team baseketball '48, A Tcam basketball '49, '50, captain '50. COLE, FAIN JACKSON CRAFT, IRIS MARIEf-Home Economics Club 49, 50. COTTON, THOMAS B Team football '49: A Team basketball '49, baseball '49, football manager '50, bas- ketball manager '50. CRAFT, THOMAS D.,- Honor Society '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, officer '50, f o.ball '48, '49, '50, Student Council '49, '50, officer '50, Jr. Rotarian '50, Who's Who '50. CROW, BOBBY CLARENCEfTrack '48, '50. CROSSLEY, VERNON EUGENEfStudent Council '47, Hi-Y '50. DAVIS, NELLE ARLEIGH-Library assistant '48, Jr. Red Cross '47: Speech Club '49, '50, F.T.A. Club '50. DENNIS, DON Hi-Y '49, '50, Hi-Echo '50, Jr. Ki- wanian '50. 'i DEMPSEY, FRANCES WYNELLE-Commercial Club '50 DODD, BLANCHE- Jr. Red Cross '46, '47, '48, Com- mercial Club '50. EDMONDSON, JACK EDWARD--D. O. Club '48, '49 DUNLAP, PORTER El.NEl.l., JAMES ARTHUR JVL4 DS, . 'I our bass ,tu 4 . -. - . -'- N .uni Hufzim-ss Munzurvr '49, Editor '59: Hi-Y '48, '49, w 41H'i4'4-r '59, l'4-n-:4-l'ul C'lub '49, Sguxnish Club '49: HL! l'uun4-il '593 Sluuh-nt l'nuns-il '47, '593 Whu's Whu 19, .491 Elnnls- 1'lub '19, '59, uffim-4-r '59, 4 l"AllI.KNER, HORAUE GORDON ll. 0. Club '48, '49. '59 l"lNl,l'1Y. JOYl'E Hnmn' l'lcolmnli4':-1 Club '4X, '49. i I AZEl.l,, lSll.l.Y l"l'l'E, JAMES RUISERT Jr. R4-xl Cruss 47. Forum, :mv NORMAN Jr. R4-ml Cruss 43, '44, '49, '50, l.44:MlNG, ALVA l'Zl.lZAlSl'I'l'H 1'Umn14-4-vial Clllll '50, FLOWER, Rl'l'A LYNN Jr. R4-ml Cross '49, '47. '45, '492 Hnmv l'l1'unun1irS '49, '59: Hi-Y '4X, '49, '59. GARRE'l"l', JAMES 'l'HEOlJORE Hour Glass Siuff '49, '59g Honor Suvioly '59: Hi-Y '49, '59: Spanish lllub '49, '59, nffiwr '59: Jr. Kiwuniun '59, l"urons1u S0014-ty 424. '49g Jr, Roll Cross '49, '59, nffiver '59: Gund Uilixullship Huy '59, IRADY, ERNEST S, liuml '45, '49, '47, '48, officer X I5, 'hg St mln nt 1'uun4'il '47, '4X: lf. Team liuskvtlmll if HL, '47 ' I5 'l'vurn fmxlluzill '-IN: A 'l'4-nm foutlmll '49, '59: I rum-lx ' 1' 'lEl, '59 3 Hi-Y '49, '59 3 l'lz4sL'ball '46, '47, ll ral llub 4-1, 59, GAY VRANVES MARIE i'un1nu-rriul Ulub '59, l".'l'.A. C'lub '59. GUUIIE, R0lSER'l' JACKSON liuucl '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, '59, uffix-or '59: Lyn- Club '47, '49, '49, '59, muffin-ur '59: Ii 'l'm'um funtbnll '47Z Hi-Y '49, '59: Gluv l'lub '48, '19: R4-al Cross '44i: Gulf '49. QUIHVIN, JEAN JENNINGS Slmlvnl Cnllllvil '49, '48, l"l4.li4,nul 'l'h spiun Sm-ie-ty '59, Spanish '49: Hi-Echo '45, 19, 'l,9, Awisluul Erlitnn' '49, Ehuln- Club '43, '49, o1'fis'4-V 19: Hi Y '15, '49, '59, nffim-r '59: Hi-Y Cnunril '59, linnnl' Suvivly '59, GRANT, JAMES ROIIERIUK l'hural Club '49, '59g ll':msl4'l'i'4-d frunl Uxfurzl High Svhoul GRAY, lillllllli JU Spanish Club '49, '59, uffics-r '59: Ellulm- i'lub '49: l".'l',A, Club '49, '59, nffim-r '59, stutv 4,l'fi4-4-r '59: Emu-mblv '49, Youth chorus '49, Library Assistant '47, GLENN, MARY l'Il.lZAliE'l'H Hi-Y '49, '49, '59: Homm- l'Iwnmni4's 49, 'ITQ l'vn-:4-l':xl '48, '-19: Spanish Club 193 Sllulvnl 1'uun4'il '45, '493 Jr. Rml Cross '49, '47: Etuslu- l'Iub '-W, '-19: Librzxry nssistunl '49, '47: Hi-Y I' un:-il '19, '59, National 'l'h4-spizui Sucifty '49, '59, GUNN, JOYCE ANN Stumlvnt Council '49, '47, '4S: Hi-Y '19, '593 Hunu- E4-nn4,mi4' Club '59: Jr, Red Cross CUNNELLS MARY VIRCINIA Speech Club 49 Commercial Club 50 officer 50 HANCOCK lil'TTY JUNE PTA Club 50 Commer cial Club 50 officer 50 HlFcho 50 GUNNELLS, WALLACE KENGON Band '47, '48, '49, '50, officer '48, '49, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, officer '50, Jr. Red Cross '50. HANNON, MILDRED JOANNE Hi-Y '49, '50, Spanish Club '49, '50, Student Council '49, Red Cross '46, Hi- Echo '49, '50, Assistant Librarian '50, HARPER, ROYCE- Band '46, '47, 48 49 50 iffu '48, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, '50, o icer I H Y ' '50, Glfe Club '48. '49. I-IARMON, ELNAW- HARRIS, CLYDE ARNOLD B Team football '49, A Team football '50, B Team basketball '49, Track '49, Student Council '47, '48. HAYNES, BETTY JO F.T.A. Club Club '48, Transferred from Munford 48 HARRIS, NORMA JEAN Honor Society '49, '50, Com- mercial Club '50, officer '50. HEBSON, SUZANNE Student Council '45, '46, '47, of- ficer '46, National Thespian Society '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, officer '50, Pen-a-Pal Club '49, Spanish Club '49, Hour Glass Staff '49, Ushers Club '46, '47, '48, Jr. Red Cross '46, Library Assistant '47, Hi-Echo '48. HERNDON, CAROLYN JOYCE -Stud' nt Council '46, '47, Jr. Red Cross '47, D, O. Club '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y '50. H1 NDRICKS ALMA PATRICIA D. O. Club '49, '50, NPS CPNI' VA Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, D. O. Club '49, HOLLAND, ROSE MARIE Band '47, '48, '49, '50, Hour Glass Staff '47, '48, '49, '50, Business Manager '50, Etude Club '49, '50, officer '50, F.T.A. Club '49: Span- fsh Club '49, Hi-Y '49, '50, officer '50, Jr. Red Cross '48, Student Council '50, Hi-Y Council '49, Jr. Busi- ness Woman '50, Class officer '49, H.nor Society '49, 50, officer '50, Who's Who '50. HOLBROOK, MARY HELEN' Commercial Club '50, HOLLINGSWORTH, JOSEPH ROGERSfStudent Coun- cil '46, '47, Junior Band '45, Sr. Band '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, National Thespian Society '50, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, officer '50, Hour Glass Staff '50, Junior Kiwanian '50, HUDDLESTON, BARBARA JUNE Jr. R'rl Cross 44: Pen-a-Pal Club '47, '48, '49, '50. officer '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Forensic Society '48, '49, D. O. Club '49, '50r Honor Society '49, '50, officer '49, Jr. Business Woman '49. HORNE, CHARLES VERNON Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, of- ficer '50' Hi-Y Council '50 officer '50' B Team football 48, 4.5, A leam football 50, Jr. Kiwaman 50, Golf 'Eg team '49, '50, JACKSON, JERRY LEE Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y Council '49, '50, tfficer '50, Band '45, '46, '47, '48. '49, '50, officer '49, Lyre Club '49, '50, National Thespian Society '49, '50, Stu'lent Council '47, '48, '49, Jr. Rotarian '49, '50, Hour Glass Starr '46, '50, Hi-Echo '49 HUTCHISON, ROSA ANN Hi-Echo '48, '49, '50, Ar- monifra Club '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, D. 0. Club '49, '50, S1-ribblern Club '48, '49, '50, Honor Society '49, '50, Jr. llusinn-as Woman '49, Student Council '49, '50. JENKINS. JULIAN WELDON Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Ilaml '45, '46 '47, '48, '49, Lyre Club '50, officer '50, Jr. R tarian '49, Cheerleader '59, Who's Who '50, Ushers Club '59, National The-spian Socinty '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y Council '49, '50, JORDON JIMMY Ii Team fovtball '46, '47, '48, B Team basketball '47, A Team basketball '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Pen-a-I'al Club '49, '50, Jr. R'd Cross '49, '50, A Club '47, '48, '49, '50, .lOHNS'l'0N, R0lil'IR'l' BROOKS Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, of- fi1 cr '50' Sturlcnt Council '48, Jr. Red Cross '50, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, '50, officer '49, '50, Band '46, '47, '48, '49 '50 KIMHROUGH. HOB KILLEBREW, VIVIAN MALLORY Band '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, officer '49, Armonicrs '47, '48, '49, officer '48, '49, Studcnt Council '46, '49, '50, Rezl Cross '48, Hi-Y '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y Council '50, officer '50, Hour Glass Staff '49, '50, Assistant Business Manager '50, Etude Club '49, '50, officer '50, Spanish Club '49, Jr. Business Woman '50, Honor Society '49, '50, offic'r '50. KING, FRANCES Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Speech Club '49, '50, National Thespian Society '49, '50, Hour Glass '50, KNIGHTON, EDDIE II 'll-am football '47, Iiaselmll '48, '49, '50, Jr. Red Cross '46, '47, LECROY, CHARLES Student Council '46, '47, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Glee Club '47, '48, Etude Club '49, '50, A Club '47, '48, '49, Ii Tcum football '45, '46, A Team f otball '47, '48, '49. I,AMlil'IR'I', MARY IIOIR IJ. O. Club '50, officer '50. Ll-IFOY ROBERT Hi-Y '49, '50, Glcc Club '47, '48, Ilanml '46, '47, '48. LITTLE, RICHARD' Hi-Y '48, '49, Cleo Club '47, '48, lianrl '46, '47, '48. LEYDEN, JOHN CECIL - LYISRAND, IIARBARA JUNE Glcc Club '47, Class uf- fiver '48, Hi-Echo '49, '50, officer '50, F,'I'.A. Club '49, '50, officer '50, Speech Club '50, Student Council '48, Honor Society '50. MARTIN, DOROTHY Glec Club '48, Home Economic Club '50, Ushers Club '59. LUMI'KIN, ROY LEON Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y Council '50, A Club '46, '47, '48, Football munmrcr '45, ll Team fo tball '46, '47, '48, A Team football '49, Truck '47, '48, I3 T1-am basketball '48. MA'l"I'HEW, BARBARA D. D. Club '49, '50, Ushers Club '48, Library Assistant '48. 93 X. X. 1 MAYNE, JIMMY Jr. Red Cross '46, '47, A Club '48, Pen-a-Pal Club '49, '50, Track '48, '49, '50, A Team football '48, '49, '50, B Team football '47, '48, Class of- ficer '48, '49. McDOWELL, .IO ANN -Student Council '46, '47, Red Cross '46, '47, '48, '49, Home Econ mics '49, '53, Band '40 47, '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '5J, Who's Who '49, '5,, Library assistant '47, '48, Drum majurette '48, '49, SU. McANENY, S." ll Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Band '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, tI..cer '50, Red 'Cross '46, B Team football '49, 'l'enn.s '40, '50, Lyre Club '49,'50. MCGINNIS, .ISHN Hi-Y '49, '50, B Team basketball '49, Jr. Kiwanian '50, Ushers Club '50, Transferred from Sylacauuu High. MESSER. JOYCE Commercial Club ' MCLAIN, MYRA SUE Band '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, Armcniers Club '46, '47, '48, '49, officer '48, '49, F.'1'.A. Club '49, '50, offi er '49, '50, Home Economic Club '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50. MICKLE, FRANK Football '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, A Club '48, '49, Ushers Club '47, '48, '49, '50, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Student Council '47, Red Cross '46, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Baseball '46, '48, '50. 50. MILLER, LINDA DELORES---Hi-Y '48, '49, 50, Stu- dent Council '48, Etude Club '47, '48, '49, '50, officer '50, Pen-a-Pal '49, Spanish Club '49, Honor Society '50, Hi-Euhu '49, Girls Ensemble '47, '48, Glee Club '47, '48, Office assistant '50, MILLER, CECIL Glee Club '47, '48, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, National Thespian Lociety '50. MILLER, RAY - MORTON, MARGARET D. O. Club tml Club '49, '50. MOHLMANN, HARRIETT JANE- -Jr. Red Cross '49, '50, officer '49, 43 , l-Ii-Y '49, '50, officer '50, Hi-Y Council '49, '50, Spanish Club '49, F.T.A. Club '49, Honor Society '43, '50, officer '50, Hi-Echo '50, Trans- ferred from Shelfield High School. MUNDY, HORACE A.- Ushers Club '46, '47, D. O. Club '49, '50, '49, '501 Commer- NEAL, ROBINEL Hi-Y '48, '49, Ushers Club '47, '48, '49, Pen-a-Pal Club '48, '49, '50, Office assistant '47, '48, the rleader '48, '49, Hi-Echo '48, '49. MURPHREE, RAY -Ushers Club '47, '48, '49, '50, Jr. Red Cross '46, '47, Student Council '47, Basketball '46, Football '45, A Team football '46. NOLEN, DOUGLAS-Ushers Club '47, '48, B Team basketball '47, I3 Team football '47, A Team football '48, '49, Track '49, '50, OLIVER, BETTY JO---Commercial Club '47. NORTON, MONTEZ- Jr. Red Cross '49, Student Coun- cil '50, Ctm.ercial Club '50, 94 Club '50, Ushers OSWALT, NANCX BARBARA Liam. ufflc-on 49, lutuxll- Club '49, '50, Spanish Club '49, Jr. Roll Cross '48, Glu- Club '47, '48, Ushs-rs Club '50, Hi-Y '49, '50, Ensemble OGBURN, .IACQUl'Il.lNl'I Band '46, '47, '48, '49, Ar- nmnivrs Club '48, '49, '50, uffir-or '4H, '49, Spoon-h Club '50, l".'l'.A. Club '50, Jr. Rm-xl Cross '47, Stud:-nt Foun- ril '48, Ushvrs Club l'O'l"l'S, JULIA RANDALL AARON RICA VHS, IMOGICNI-I RILEY. EVICLYN l'lub '50, ROSS, BILLY 47. PONIDER, MARGARET ANN IJ, O. Club '49, '50, l'Rli'l1l, WICNIIICLL Fuutlmll mzlnmzm-r '50, RAINWATICR, DOUGLAS RANDALL, OLLIE LUCILE RKAVHS, KARL LEE Band '45, '46, '47, Lyrv Club '46, '472 B Tc-nm funtbull '47, vuptain '47: A Tc-um foo!- bnll '48, '49, '50, A Club '47, '48, '49, Bu:-wlmll mx-uuuxor '48, Trurk '49, Jr. Rvll Cross '46, '47, '48, Ellulv Club '49, '50, GI' 1- l'lub '49, '50, Who's Whu '49, '50, Chural f'lub '50, REIJDEN. THOMAS HLY '50, Spanish Club '49, '50, RICHARDSON, BARBARA ANNl'I'I"l'l'I l",'l'.A. Club '50, ROBERTS. BFIRNICIA Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Band '44, '46, '48, '50, l'c-n-u-l'ul Club '50, Librarian assistant '46, 518. l".'l'.A. Club '50, Hume l'lcunnmis':4 ROBERTS, l-IIIBICR c'ht'0l'll'Zllll'l' '50, Whn's Who '50, Iituzlv Club '50, Hi-Y '50, Spanish Club '49, ROUSPI, JAMES ROBICRT Hi-Y '49, '50, SALLAS, LEON 95 PU' LA SAMS MARY JOfHi-Y '48, '49, '50, Home Economics Club '4.1, 50, Jr. Red Cross '47, '48, Student Council '47, '48, Library assistant '47, Ushers Club '47, '48. SHURBUTT, MARY JUNE--Student Council 49, D. O. Club '49, '50, Commercial Club '49, '50, Honor Society '49, '50. SAXON, JACQUELINE--Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Red Cross '49, '50, Transferred from Charlotte, N. C. SMITH, BILLY ---- A Club '47, '48, B Team football '46, A Tcam football '47, '48, '49, '50, co-captain '50, Ushers Club '47, '48, '49. SMITH, PEGGY JOAN Jr. Red Cross '47, Band '47, Spanish Club '49, Home Economics Club '50, H1-Y '49, '50 SMITH, LINDA Student Council '48, '49, Home Eco- nomics Club '50, Jr. Red Cross '47, Cheerleader '50, Hi- Echo '50, Who's Who '50, Queen '50. SNODDY, MARGARET ANN--Honor Society '49, '50, F.T.A. Club '50, Transferred from Oxford High School. STEDHAM, W. GENE Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, A Club '47, '48, 49, Track manager '47, Football '48, '49, captain, A Team football '50, Student Council '47. STARR, JOHN HUGH Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, A Club '48, '49, B Team football '47, A Team manager '49, '50, Student Council '47, Jr. Red Cross '47. STEVENS, BILLY RAY Hi-Y '49, '50. SCMMERLIN, LUCILLE MARIE' Home Economics ,Ho '48, '49, D. 0. Club '50. STRICKLAND, LYLDON EUGENE-Football, B Team '47, '48, captain '48, A Team football '49, '50, Track '48, '49, '50, hi-Y '48, '49, '50, officer '50, Debate Club '48, '49, Jr. Red Cross '50, Jr. Basketball '47, Class of- ficer '48, Wh-is Who '50. TAYLOR, JAMES HOWELL-Honor Society '49, '50, Spanish Club '49, '50, Junior Kiwanian '50, Hi-Echo '50, Transferred fr m Pensacola High School. TIMMONS, BILLY E.- A Club '47, '48, '49, B Team, -il , A Team manager '49, A Team football '50, Jr. Red truss '47. THORNTON, PEGGY JOYCE---Hi-Echo '48, '49, '50, of- ficer '50, Hi-Y '49, Scribblers Club '49, '50, officer '50, National Thespian Society '50. TOLLESON, FLOY JO---Band '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, Who's Who '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, Home Economics Club '48, '49, Pen a-Pal Club '49, '50, Hi-Y '49, '50. L NDERWOOD, EARL PRICE --f TURNER, MARGIE LUCILLE--Commercial Club '50, Scribblers Club '50, Hi-Echo '50, Student Council '50, 96 I WALKER, RONALD O. Hi-Y '40, '50, Jr. Kiwaniun '50, li 'l'vum baskvllmll '40, ll Tvum football '40, Trans- lnrrrnl from Norlhbriibrs- High in Mass. WAL"l'lR, l.AQlll'l'A l".'l'.A. Club '50. WAUGH, CHARLES EARL li T1-ani basketball '48, '40, I! 'I' nm football '48, '40, 'l'rzu'k '48, Who's Who '18, "El, '50, Hi-Y '40, '50, l'un-an-l'ul Club '50, officer '50, Clivm-l'lvn1lL'r '50, WHA'l'Ll'IY, JOYCE OLl'1NlC Honor Society '40, '50, lh-lmlv '40, Svribblz-rs Club '40, '50, offivm-r '50, Spun- ish '-lil. '50, Rm-fl Cross '47, Hi-Echo '50, Ol'fi1'u assist- zinl F". Wl'IlN, MARY AMICLIA Hi-licho '4R, '40, '50, vmlitor '5l', Null n-nl 'l'ln'sl1iun Soviofy '40, '50, officcr '50, S4-ribbllrs Club '40, '50, offia-or '50, Honor Soriity '50, Mlm' flllll -1X. WHl'll'1, LU'l'Hl-IR LAMAR 'Frm-k Team '47, '48, li 'l'm-urr' football '40, '47, captain '47, A 'l'm-am football '48, '40, '50, captain '50, A Club '43, '40, offivvi' '40, Class offiver '48, Class offic-vi' '40, Hi-Y '40, '50, Pen-u-l'ul '50, Wb'm's Who '40, '50, Kim: '50, Jr. liuskctlmll '47. WILKINSON, lilC'l"l'Y JOYCE Hi-Y '40, '50, l'en-a-Pal Club '40 '50, offivvr '50, Spm-vh Club '40, Spanish Club '40: Sluflm-nt Council '46, VVlll'l'l'lSllll'l, l'HlLl.ll' WHl'l"l'lNG'l'ON Jr. Rell CUSS 'HL 47: llslu-rs Club '47, '40, '40, '50: li Tvam football IH IJ, A ls-um football '50, Siumlont Counm-il '48, llnsn-lnull '40, '5UZ A WILKFIRSON, JOYCE LICNORA Jr. Rvcl Cross '40, Commm-rc-inl Club '50, l".'l'.A. Club '50, WlNl'll'.l,D, AI,lll'.R'l .lAl'l'x Class Ol'l'll't'I' '47, HI-Y '48, '40, '50, Debate Club '40. NGARIJ, Gl'IORGl'I Kl'INNl'I'l'H ll T1-nm foolball '40, ru,ll:niu: A 'l's-:nm football '50, Hi-Y '40, '50, 'l'ram'k '40, GOOD Cl'l'lZlQNSHll' GIRL AND BOY lflzfwlffrl by the senior class and faculty M,u:n.YN BRITTAIN Jnvnvlv GARRETT .wi-.-1 . N 1 x'.l,sx-' H ,Q .1,.1,:-1 N mug 'vxzamsvng ?Il'l1INVX1'l'IV N muumgy SQIPIXHMCIH BEFGRE 1950 NIY.L.LI2Ig1 2lI'!'l'IlW MI'l?i2lI'I'I'lIH NUSNINVIIM XVNUVUIIH 14.1.1HM u'1:41.4NIM A:4'1.1,x'H M .mvzxg mm v'1'1oH Nvw.1x-'Hg AC-I'ISilNI'I'IIH NLLSLIV S.I,?l1'l?lUH N.wn1g :m1s:4.L1HM PII-IHSYIII-ILL "N-.. .Qu Wm OH HAPPY DAY!! f MAY 1950 INVI'l'.X'l'IONS 1-'ma G1cA1mUA'r1nN My-Ji 'Xxx' rx.l.mmxsnN l'VmH :1:4'l'u N IXIYIIIIHKINUAA NVA :1:'1'1.xm,1 umwg NNYIVIIIUW A:4'x:4m"Ig1 Ns s X ' 1 Qwhn , M gg? S . 'T if. ?Y:W+' 4"' .i 1-utils-nauihir A -,'f FUN NIGHT U CORONATION 4 CFZOWNED AT'LAST I 3 S 5 QS it S k 5' 3399 S, I ! M I. K SK! FUN NIGHT 3' S Q 6 5 S 'E ,su ff ' m-nw Q fa, 51844 1' SPONSORS Sf' ' Activities ANN UAL. STAFF' EFRESI-IMENTS S PARADE 5-- :I BRARY i Y, 1 HOIVIE COMING POSINGI I-II ECI-IO CAKE SALE BAND PRACTICE ,Ryan Q 'K Xu -, . ,.vm.wnAfs: "M-'-4. , ll xx if H 'A 'Eww i is 1 -1 i' x Y M V 1 Q' - 1 4 4 L rr ,, ,f X , 1 nw , A . 3, rw 'lwi i' K Tqqllilb Mr 11. Y 4 'V h lv f, A iff.: R,- f HI K . aff . ' 'N x xi ' ,, ' kifgfm ,, ' ,xi NNNSNW NMMA gg W,vmNN wqgfbwlx h'5'!-fkf:-- s,- l5h f IQ, I v t 1Nw XXX' K .A L ,xv Nw ,f in-nun -.. - 'Iv- I,' WMM W Q-jfaw 6wQJ,gfA:,a!Cj7M22Q'mQjZ1i"QwCggL5gqf SMI ,www QWWWQWWQW. f4Wf7i9mQn1Q img B Q,,EX,,,rw MQ W- WZ Xwf dw w-xQmMf1 MQEWW Aimziex ff Vfgnffqwqfww ik figfffamgfcwf Qwlfll-M5 SW 671419 7 ??, . G Cz ,. ' JZWMEMM Lwfwxvwfgwfwmf WW MM gm 9M WW ifwllfl C02 W 779w"A a, kfwym Q WX mfg? may fwv, M -ff WWW Jimi d7ffv5L"'5""' gawgq 27607 QQCW WMZJ1JXpwQwgw4W777X5MC'M 7515 will 'mfmwwfwwfwpw awww QM? wh, Wigwam M?2ii3Wf mji3J WMM Awww? W W ffm' MMM AWZQZWW HQ:-fl M40 MQW" 'M JQJLLJPJU-.Qi Aga? 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Q: H - Q ' - V Vg swf' M W QQSW 3 jjhim any y ,ff I ,I Mwgofwgwo , 1 W' af X Iafgwdfj 74 Wexef Q W W . 5?f5?MfM' 1 ff. mf ' V wg? 5' 'wi V ,mf L2 41230535 Qi , ,fy K ae, it 16 Q12 1 .sf nw f 5:3 3. -K .qw , Q, .wg , ASEAN

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