Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL)

 - Class of 1949

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. , -V--L-f-5 '--v I-1-1--'-sz--ver'-'1.'ar-15-a on w'ueevrwv:M5:q.v :,v:':s1:i..nn'l1PlZDilwl.nq My Ja' ,VH 1 , , . NE rg., 5 X r I A ,, X . I ' ' I H . .. , K 4, ' X W L K J ET... at X il 5 ' Q Y, , .Q-A A ' ,,,L', " ,. . - ., ' - A ., 2 Q E '- Q 'N Y A .VG A4 4 one , sq w W :N ff A. v ' f , -, W X Q zu!!! , yn ff!.9HF'7'.""'S'rl'L'Q 'BE 4Z"l'l-FQTUJlYill!?I'A',JYBIl.'LQ 1: gf- 113'-6.jV'H. 561 ffl ' 'MY' f' xvw, xv 4 W Lf:-A .-2 Y 'z. X X - wi -E X X - O X +2 W X -NX? PM .. X55 SS. N Nflfla x B 1' 1 ffkxvvi' , 'X x AC131' -- X .gt Q .s VV 152 N A333 ski " 1- NTS M , gs ' "'m"'3SfM--N1 - - Q - . M :Ss , 1 Wx "" X 9 0 Lifzfwri ' -. - 'X ' "f x xx 1 x AF, ,F N ,M . Q LN Qs 2 ,wg ' www , N x- . YN, 1 lu x Ev ix Xsrw Q X xXx, ,, .Q X xxx Q Sf Q x 'N Y U X Qixm 'YE' v. B Q, , - 1 xx N 32 N x -X fi S ' N xx X - 1: 5 ,N xx x 1 Q Wi J 1 1 1 Q X 51 1 N 5. . wg-.KL , ,. , , , ,J 6 Q HA .5 1. 1 3 sk Q F. Q M52 -2.0-53 .. vy4yY,Sw,..oJ .,65"" by . :xv9i:.,5'bx+" wb WZLM , fpgwe Q W5 E67 in 1-fiuiw MM W 1 EQ 3 WU y UL A wrzf Cjf in Sf? W ! WJ sy fy ef gg Mxbfw gifs My Y M .- -x."' " 51, ' 4,34 yy' uf My 0 ,Sf 'K fy f ,Q 34, 4, 3 ,Lf if bf 1 ag , ju, MM A A , . ,, 2, . L31 N 75? W - ' F 'iff JZ . A 2' , 7506. t ki if X' Q ' X Wy! LH f' A 9,5 A Q 3 Ov E N L Jbfyu' 311 ol? RN of . Y - ' 0,71 03:3 fi I M' R' lx , ' ' ' ' L., ,g " , , fm-. E ,. - : , V C.-. .,', , ,, , , ,, ,,.-.,,,,L Q -- Q,-Sf A-b'1 wb- A sf-v:'A , 5 nur'-. ma, .wQ.faf0.ov.a.': r A if ,v E tl Your fa., Yr?-U ' W.l' ' '43 ' ff' at-3-B 'Pmf'-' ails 55 ff'gffF-. Q? '66 Q is 71 A X - e U 'X X 'W-sa gmt: 4,.x Q CE 335 A X233 ,,,,,7,,4A..,kff'3' AN 5-,.,,,. , X -Q3 '7 fftiljiy www" T i - s 3 1 1 l 1 i insglx fo 'V Sami , ' ' it it i Anniston3MHig Sc oo u P-f' ' ,W J Jucp fi' aloof?-,L Jslisag Y Uffi? Aug E 1- JN! presents the it-LL'-fft'g1. segijfii, 5 y i is s Vp i H, my is om. ik A so Q ff' cw " W QR 5 HX I Z9 I ll Gil?-F C7 Ofbfw' A1949 HOUR ASS 3 . V" 4 A is 3' "fass T' 'UL 4 if MAE X fl JE XJ I yn, 55 4 i f if f J ,lux AJ MM H' ,A 'U Editor .... ...... H enry Ingram AMW Ii Q if E l Volume XXX 171 Business Manager . . Plwyllis Gunter it Copyright 1949 Sponsor . . .- , . Lucile Fuller ii is r N S M ff J" fffyns lf 2 in gg ,- Mi ' ' K 'ya if X, Y 3 f X . x - Y 45 Q-Hai-if , ' 3,11 B A A R Fi mf-NN-fx 'gg-W h Y - w.."i eaaff:-s?5y'f wf +f11:.::g M NN 2 1. Auf- m K 1 W., www Q.. X we E Riagg E in' img 2 Sit at at 2 M2 mg . . U 133 Q ""-Q K , qgiv ' X X ' . s lf x .Q::1R'x wifi, +- -an 'f Aw Sew msd-- Sig , - iff, li 3 wg , 1 :gk .. ,. . N A 3 S3 2 Q . vi Q U, V fi W: 7 A x 5 fy f '- , N 'L f ,i -- V. 4, SL 52 , ir' f W K -Wy QQ r bw - F . . 4 K Nw 1 f 'L X Wi' WM- M, Q xv ' - ' ,, - - 'Lib A - 5' - Q, 7 L - - 'ff M Q 5 M, 'F fr Q , - fu fi -Q W -Q , -f Q-we V" " we " " 7 1' x J - + " if . Qi k l A " Q, -- t gjfww W '-iw is Q 'G as ' 1 ' A . , xg? - ggi 3+ 6 gs. gt gg, 1 1 A gm ' Q ' a f . f 53" 7 f - 5 L - if W " 1 H ' Sf Mei A 5 g- ' -f , 'gl 2 r If 'F-1: - , A- -' 5,02 W' , 4 ... - - a 'P . 3 5. ' 5 F' 1- .Q X 'A f .- . . , 7' .1 K FV-gf' f X Lf- "sr + f 2 ' -ff 9 sw. J f L Q ,A W V , fy ' ' fi 4 A , I an ,W A b X I . A ' ' ' - Q W .W M I ' f - -in-if gl, - ' f t' 'LP ' ' ' ' ,, fl - +1 wg SV'-V' - i'-F1555 gf r f -figs ' ,L isa: -.. AW- 4-1 - 'N 15 3,922+ V Z LK W -g ' 1 if 35.2 H, l I W: 4 k ' 1,1 3 H "ff-:gp ., WN L 2 ,W A P E-W VA' .. 0: F "fa 'lk-vig, vttx? 1, 33-gg B " .- R, L 1. 2 ' ' I 4 1' aff- 1 , :ft . K H'--,M A , 4. s' ' x -5 2- A M , E- 2 3 X Y 1, I s, 3 "3 vixifzfw L? 1' X 5227. A S W. si 1- I :xx ff - 1 41 - ,, ' 'x' M i 1 2' L - Wfi sm-r 1 ,. K1 S - 3 33,1 gr 5 4 : . - v u , 5 A gg ii A .. E- W, -. ,S V ., 1 . M -gg W, L 5 E 2 1 . V H S 1,1 I 1 L - 2 , ,, Q 5 - 3 H K Q Q ig X ,. - W: 4 , ,K I A' , in i,.f72i I Qs ' 'yrs A ' Y W - 5- , N' 'ww k ' wQ,,,:i-Q , 1 Z -4 z- A . -1 mf, bf A - . L arf W ' K ff . X X' XL " Q 'E !"'g ?li L K 1152 A T :Q "I 3 WW, Emu S . . A , 'r x 'Z I l FOREWCDRD " E. . And tleparting, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time." It is diflicult to picture anything cleaner and more untouched than the white sands of a deserted sea shore, washed constantly by the sun and the tides. Yet how easily these sands yield to the steps ol' those who pass over them, making a trail which others may follow, though they may never know those whose steps guide them. VVhen each student enters Anniston High School, the pages which will record his years are-like the sands-clean and untouched. Then just as one walking over the sands leaves his footprints, so the student will by his deeds and influence write on these pages, his story, a story which those coming after may read. If one could look through previous issues of the HOUR CrL.-XSS, he would find many' unfamiliar names, but the records of their honors, achievements, and activities would point out to the student ol' today those who set the examples that have become the traditions of our school. Table of Contents Seniors . I3 Classes . 25 Activities 37 Features . 67 Sports 75 0 t . 1 , W ifrf , . For For For For For tiyecbcafion helping us wheniwe most need a helping hand - her great understanding and sympathy - being our friend when others turn aside - doing the task when others would pass it on- being just about the grandest person we know-we, the Annual StaH, do hereby dedicate this 1949 HOUR GLASS to Mrs. Kathleen YV. Brummel, our friend and teacher. Q , 1 A'p-1, 9155? 4 - I1 'im A-,Sip . nfs Q3 21593 -. 2 QE- W- 1121 .V '1' vJ.?g:Qff1 ' 'L' ' 1, :? : ik F Q if-'iz fb:-k H. U , X mfg- Qswcaf.. . f ,A A Q' , 5252 if ' gfiifygqff xxx zgzsgl- .' 334-MAN?-, gi Q.,ggfc,mgf':11?. :.: gg, 3. I - 'fqgx 5533. :ig LN . Q, Q33 ffmffeiifwmz- 14395216151 M, ,xi waz fwggaig-lv' . 214' dl- af A":M bf, ' im '55 wi' M Q X - M, .f,, , A 13' ,. ,Q qi Q jfs: . , "-S:--,-:N Q:---. -M xx . . I MQ . Ji I A 4, 5 Heggi 3315 ' I 3?.f:RM3gQuk gt " 1 fi Xu i NFF1 'w ig-Qmirr 4. QQ Q? Wh N Q .L if' Lffffl 'Q H if A 3,51xyg'.-gg-W , , 1 , Vx 5Wm1.1,1.zwgg3.:jf: km Tl ifmmi ' .L 14 xi -ff if-' '- w vga, - 'S ,Qmi 4 ' ' iff-f .nam 5 W v ws ,Q -t W K. In V .. -, RALPH OWINGS, M.A. - Superintendent of City Sr,-hoalx gwe ure very glad tn have Mr. Owings lor our new superintendent. We sure- ly are lucky to have such u grand peraun. JOHN J. NASH, B.S., hI.A. +Princ'ipuI, Sponsor, Ushers' Club, Student Council.-Vie don't know what we would do without him. I'Ie's just an all-round person. MRS. KATHLEEN W. BIIUMMEL, AB.-Assistant Principal, English, Spnnsar, Nutionul Honor Society. - She's busy all day lung, but she will alwnys help us when we need her. MRS. IRENE B. WRIGHT! Attendance Worker. - She always has u friendly smile for everyone, and she's al- ways doing something inr someone else. LENA SMITH, B.S.-Secre- lury to the Superintendent. -What would Mr. Owings do without her? W'e think she's gruutl. MRS. TOM DRISCCLL -- Secretary ru lhe Principnl.- Shv is always on the joh and ready to help anyone who needs help. She-'s tops with all of us. ALLINE OSBIJRN, A.B. -- Secrelary la Ihe Supnrinlenzl- ent.--She is the kind oi per- son wc wuuld ull like to be like. We like her good humor. OUR VVILLIANI BANCROFT, 4-LB. - Physirul Education, Co- Spansor "A" Club-You can tell by the training his font- ball fellows have received that he is really Il swell cnach. MARTHA BILES, B.S.-Eng- lish, Science.-She is an ex- cellent teacher in many lields. MRS. CLARICE BDAZ, BS. - Physical Education.-She's sweet and nice und she nl- ways has an interesting ex- perience to tell us. MRS. FRANCES CARTER, B.S., M.A. - English. - She shows interest in us by giv- ing us some helpful hints for sucness, which we really dn appreciate. MRS. CAROLYN CLIFTON, A.B.-English, Mulh, Spon- sor'Girls' Hi-Y.-She has come to us new and we're all crazy nbout her sweet ways. MRS. FRANCES COBBS, B.S. - Speech, Sponsor, Speech Club. - She really knows how tn teach speech. You can tell it by those wonderful plays she has di- ren-ted. J. D. COUCH. A.B.-P1,yt- irs, Science.-He is a quiet, intellectual person and a fa- vorite of all the students. MYRTIE L. FRYAR, A.B.- Histary, English. - She al- ways looks nice and has u friendly smile for everyone. LUCILE FULLER, A.B. - English, Sponsor, Hour Glass. - She dues a grand job with vur animal and shc is a friend to all. IKIRS. INEZ CAUSCII, B.S. - Home Economics. - W'hat would we do without her splendid ability tu teach cooking? MRS. S. B. GIBSON, A.B. - Latin. English. - She is very sweet and friendly to ns ull. und she really knows her Latin. NELLIE JEAN GORDON. B.S.-Arr.-She is a lot of lun and is tops with all the students. CHRISTINE GRIFFIN, AB. -English, History, Sponsor, Forensic Society. - She cun teach history and we like her friendly ways. UNA HAMRIC, M.A.-His- lary-She is another one of nur excellent history teachers. She is u friend to everyone. MRS. ETHEL HILL, A.B.-- Shorthand, Typing, Book- keeping.-We missed you, Mrs. Hill! Don't leave us again. MRS. KEENER HUDSON, A.B.--Geometry, Algebra.- Slu.-'s u whiz in everything. We think she's grand. MRS. STEVEN P. HUCER, B.S. - Home Economics, Sponsor, Home Economics Cluln.-She tries her best to leach ua sewing. It's not her fault we can't learn. L. P. JACKSON, A.B., M.A., B.S.fBanrl, Civics. Sponsor, Lyre Club, Armoniers Club. -For our wonderful hand wt- give our thanks to Mr. Jackson. F. L. JOHNSON, A.B.-His- tary, Business Law, Physical Education, Co-Sponsor, "A" Club.--We surely do enjoy all the wonderful sports that Mr. Johnson has helped bring to IIB. KATHERINE KILLEBREW. B.S.-English, Civics, Spon- sor, Girls' Hi-Y.-She always has a smile and a pleasant word for everyone. MRS. ALICE MCPETERS, l3.S.-Education, Art, Di- vrrsifirfrl Education. - She dues a grand job with the D.0. Club. Wliat would we do without her? J. J. NEWMAN, B.S.-Me- rlmniml Drawings, Industrial Arm, Shop.-He can really teach both shop and mechan- ival drawing. FACULTY G. C. NICHOLS. B.S.-Biol- ogy, Electrical Work, Math. -He is the coach of our "B" Team. They really do like him and so do wel MRS. G. C. NICHOLS, A.B.. M.A. - Englis lt, Spunsor. Scribblers Club, Hi-Ecl1ol.- She not only knows her Eng- lish, but she is sweet and friendly to everyone. VIRGINIA M. ORDW'AW'- A.B. f English, Sponsor, Girls' Hi-Yr-She's beautiful, she's intelligent, and every- one adores her. ESTER PETERSON, B.S.- llluthematics.-Slle's u won- derful nmthenmtician. ASA F. SELF, B.S.-lndus- trial Arts, Math.-He always has a pleasant word for us all. MRS. H. L. SHELBY, A.H. -Shorthand. Typing, Book- keeping.-She's a quiet little lady, hut she's smart as u whip. FRED E. SIBERT, B.S. - Diversified Occupation. - He has a cute little smile that lights the way. E. G. SIMS, B.A.-Clwml. --He is a whiz with music and not bad looking either. WEYMON R. SMALLWOOD, A.B.. B.S. - History, Mullt, Assistant! Conch.-He is real- ly liked hy the fellows and he's a swell coach. MARY STEWART. A.B.. M.A.-Scivnre, Chemistry.- Her patience is wonderful with all of us and our chem- istry. MRS. BLANCE STROUP. B.S.. M.A.'-Spanish, Typing, Eponsor, Spunish Club.-She nlways greets us with a friendly "huenus alias." THOMAS C. TEEL, 13.5.- Mullmnmtirs.-He is a very quiet and nice person to know. ALEXANDER WARE, A.B., B.M., M.A. -- Instrumental Musir.--He is really giving our school a splendid or- rhf-stru. MRS. YY. H. WARNOCK. A.B. g Algebra, Trigonome- lry.f5he is very sweet to everyone and a favorite of ull the students. CORINNE WEAVER, A.B.- lliolugy, Algelnm.-She is al- ways friendly and she really knows her biology. MRS. GERTRUDE WIL- LIAMS, B.S.-History, Span- sar. Future Teachers al America. -Her sweet looks und her cheerful words give ex crynne happiness. Wyse, Ef?J'k?'f'5'K'ffaff?U .W . ,Y I AWJM gf fl is I WX- W dw., 'Qs ,ig fag! ff ,f + 6 ,-N, 55 -1 I - Q 1, lf ? , J, Q Q Y, WT 'N an 1 S .W 1 H 5 'S Q A -' .+ f'?i?i3f?fgi 'Wifi-ff 'fgaffiz' WL ws5'5f'x ' Y f x' Se, 3 1 xg E A. fs.. A N . - R, is x fx XX x ,, . RM I X + X X , X JQ i E. X A X X , X 6? s W ff' 2 w U f as X 1 if -L- W, W ,L W il! 11-nr x U ks 1 1 ,., . , ' K 3 . MWFW 55 if " if J K Q , 1 :,af:'?3sQ2f rl? ' " :,1 i 4 5 ,, W? .,., ,Q .ww r 1 - 1 LA , gwA 1 XM-7 V -A 52? ' . A W.. 'ffm 2 xl fm ?-sw K S Q wma 2 -, . Rfk 4 x s- SF X, M KR Ng N we X w3QRSXE 1 X xxx Q - X A - '-xk 4, X SSQSSIQQS gif? QQ' S 2 - FVXX-, i S XXL, Q SE 1 VY 4 ig x xi S N Qi' ix x .f'- . . K viuff QQSS . x, X ' 1 P18 -, 'Nw an i MsQwN , S X , ,,,. X U if? X S 1. -H Q xx NA Q X Wa E -"'e SN Q WCAG 5 ia w N. 3. M .aw N911 R 1 ,gn S i 2 Q. X A fig Ex .www A S vs? hw X x X X X X X x - .mp . .. .N gk X Q S Q3 X X X X S S X XA 'F f . s v :ti N - K-R Am ., W - -- ,Jf -.,, ,gf-.Ek X ,' ' w-K-Qfighfg? 3?i5fizA -s k . 'f vf f Qiavyw' . 2 - fgiiw- i 1 ' - Aw V 5 ' .. ' 25 ' M .K ,gs '-' i evsf '-,ff f Q 'V 'Rafts FV' H ww P 5 .am Y 4 Q, 71 , -1 : A , :, - iiw s. - 1 2 1 3 ,- g.:QT, Hg WJ MER gg, ..-W . ., -M. N . J A . hw , 1 sfwi :nf 'iv gif Q R A 'E .Q , is ,QM au? Q X X Mm. , Q. QR. ww K WL .gy Y W, IJ, X lf- 14. zfzieefsfi-Xzblwvw vnu f X J M,-,,.z,:3..fgi, . f my, 1 A N, v an -Ml , ' .QW 1,-1, iv? if-L. .f 1,4 Fig'- gsm. -f . ,,51J5sQi'. if .F .K BARNES, CARLTON-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, oliiccr '49, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, ollicer '48, Band '46, '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Saxophone Quartet '48, Photography Club '47, '48, '49, Class olli- cer '49. HOLLAND, MARTHA JOAN--Honor Society '48, '49, Student Council '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, oilicer '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, officer 'fl-9, Class officer '46, '48, '49, Red Cross '48, Annual Stall' '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, officer '47, Who's Who '45, '46, '47, '45, '49, Queen '49, Hi-Y Council '48, Pep Squad '45,'46, '47, '48, '49, Junior Business Woman '49. THRASH, JIMMY-King '49, Who's Who '48, '49, Cheerleader '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, oiiiccr '49, Hi-Y Council '49, officer '49, Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, Speech Club '48, '49, ohicer '49, Foren- sic Society '48, '49, "A" Club '49, Red Cross '46, Baseball '48, '49, B Team Football '48, Class oliiccr '4-9. JONES, LAMAR GRONER-"A" Club '48, '49, Fnolbnll Manager '48, Hi-Y '48, '49, Junior Band '47, oFFicer '47, Wl1o's Who '47, '49, Cheerleader '49, Class ollicer '49, Student Council '49, SENICDR CLASS OFFICERS CARLTON BARNES . . President JIMMY THRASH Vice-President JOAN HOLLAND . Secretary LAMAR JONES . . Treasurer ABBOTT, CLAUDIA ELIZABETH-Horne Economics Club '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Pep Squad '47, '48, '49, ADCOCK, MARY BURT--Speech Club '49, Home Economics Club '49, Red Cross '45, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, '48, '4-9. ALLEN, CLARA JOYCE-Honor Society '48, '49, officer '49, Sr'ribbler's Club '47, '43, '49, omcer '48, '49, Speech Club '47, '48, '49, ollleer '49, Pen-A-Pal Club '48, F.T.A. '48, '49, ufhccr '48, '49, Home Econmiiics '49, Junior Business Woman '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, '48, '49. ANCHORS, JERRY KAYE-Hi-Y '48, '49, oflicer '49, Phy Chem '47, '48, Boys' Glee Club '47, '48, Forensic Society '47, '48, '49, Etude '47, '48, '49, B Team Football '45, '46. BAILEY, CATHERINE-Student Council '46, '47, Red Cross '47. '49, Home Economies Club '47, '48, '49, Ushers Club '47, '48, '49, Etude Club '49, Hi-Y '49, Hi-Echo Stall '48, '49. BEARDEN, ELIZABETH LEOLA--Home Economics Club '49. BELL, WILLIAM BURL-ll Teuiu Football '47, Red Cross '47. BENNETT, STAN FLOYD-Student Council '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Ushers' Club '47, '48, '49, oflicer '48, '49, "A" Club '47, '48, '49, officer '49, A Team Football '47, '48, '49, Alt. Captain '48, Track '48, B Team Football '-16. BLACKMON, MARY SUE-D.O. '49, F.T.A. '48. L ' ' ,A ,- L- BLUE, JOHN EDWARD-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, ollicer '49, Who's Who '49, Hi-Y Council '48, '49, Ushers' Club '47, '48, '49, ollicer '49, Etude Club '48, '49, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, ofliccr '48, Rand '45, '46, '-1-7, '48, officer 48, Home CLASS Stal? 45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Cheerleader '49, Student Council '47. HORDEN. PAULA RUTH-Student Council '46, Red Cross '46, '47, '48, D.0. Club '48, '49, BRACKNELL. JACQUELYN IRENE-Transferred from Girls' High School, Atlanta, '47, D.0. Club '48, '49, Annual Staff '49, BRICKHOUSE, JUANITA CARTER. KEITHA MARIE-Band '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Ar- ruoniz-rs '46, '47, '48, '49, olficvr '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Hi-Y Council '49, Home Economics Club '48, '49, Etude Club '-19 .lunior Hund '45, officer '45. CARTER, LORINE CASS. MARTHA JANEfSpt-t-ch Club '48, '49, ofhcer '49 Ht Economics Club '48, '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, ' CATER, Hi-Evlm JOHN AUSTIN'-Ili-Y '47, '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Stufl' '48, Tennis Team '48, Golf Tcnm '49. CAUSEY. BETTY ANN-F.T.A. Club '48, Rctl Cross 'll Hi-Y '49, Clue Club '47, '48. CLARK, WILLIAM CARSON CLINE, '-19, P01 DORIS ,l0SEI'I'IINE-Student Council '46, Speech Club n Squad '45, '46, '47, '48, '-49. COCKRI-ILL, BETTY LEE-Fwd Cross '46, Student Council '47, '48, Forensic Society '47, '43, '49, ntiiccr '49, Usher Club '49, Home Economics Club '48, '49, officer '49, F.T.A. '48, '49, Hi-Y '8, '49, Library Assistant '-17. COLE, DIANA--Glcc Club '47, '48, '49, officer '47 Squud '46, '47, '48, '49, C0l'l-IBS, PAULAATransfcrred from Woodlawn High Schoul, Bir- lninghzun, '49, National Hunnr Society '49, Etude Club '49, Forensic Society '49, Spanish Club '49, Hi-Y '49, ,Iuniur Business Vfonutn '49. CONAWAY, KENNETH EARL-D.O. Club '46, '47, 'IE I9 COTIIRAN. WILLIAM RANDOLPH-Pep Squad '46, '-PT, IB CRAIG, VIRGINIA ANN-I".T.A. '49, Forensic Society '49, Spanish Club '-I-9, Hi-Y '-49. , '48 19 F.'I'.A, Club '48, '49, Speech Club '48, '49, Hi-Y '49 'ci CRAFT, EDITH RAY-Pep Squad '45, Band '46, '47, oflicer 47, Cheerleader '48, '49, W'ho'5 Who '46, '47, '48, '49, HOUR GLASS '43, Speech Club '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, 49, Armuniers 47, '48, '49, Hume Economics Club '48, '49, Student Council '49. CROMER, FLORA LOUISE--Transferred from Brookfield High School, Brookheld, Ohio, '49, F.'l'.A. Club '49, Hi-Y '49, Pep Squad '46, '49, CURRY, DONALD HALgRcd Cross '49, CURRY, IRMA JLAN-Forensic Society '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Hi-Y '-19. DAUGHERTY, CHARLES ALFRED-B Team Football '46, '47, A 'l'can1 Football '-1-8, '49, "A" Club '48, '49, olfuzer '49, DAVENl'0li'l', GEORGE ANNEfl7.T.A. '48, '49, ofhccr '49, Forensic Society '48, '49, Home Economics 'fl-7, '48, '49, olliccl' '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, ollicer '49, Hi-Y Council '49, Speech Club '48, '49, Ushers' Club '48, '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, Student Council '45, '46, DEAN, CHARLOTTE ELlZABE'l'll--Hi-Y '47, '45, '49, ulllcer '49, Pen-A-Pal '47, '48, '49, Etude '47, '48, 'll-9, olllcer '43, Hi-Y Coun- eil '48, '49, Hi-Echo '48, '49, DEAN, PEGGY EDYTHE DINGLER, BETTY DURRETT, MARGARET CORNELIAfHonor Society '49, Ushers' Club '40, '47, '48, '49, Student Council '46, '47, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, ufllccr '48, '49, Pen-A-Pal Club 49, Forensic Society '49, Spanish Club '49, mlicer '49, Hi-Echo Stall '48, '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, Hi-Y Council '49, Who's Who '49, EDWARDS, YlRGlNlAffF.T.A. '48, Pep Squad '47, '48, ELWELL, ROSE RIARIE-wF.'f.A. '48, '49, U5llCrS' Club '49, Gloe Club '47, '48, Pep Squad '47, '48, '49, EROS, JUHN lVE'l'HEKELLf-Balnl '45, '46, '47, ullicer '46, Lyre Club '46, '47, '48, '49, Etude Club '49, Speech Club '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Pup Squad '48, '49, Plxotngraphy 46, '47. EVANS, MARION W'lLLAKD--Hi-Y '47, '43, '49, "A" Club '47, '48, '-l-9, B Team Football '48, captain '48, Football Manager '47, '49, Class 0tTicer '47, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, FEAZELL. JAMES HOWARD-Speech Club '49, F.T.A. Club '48, FITE, HELEN VH-lGINlAiClcc Club '47, '48, F.T.A. '48, '49, Pep Squad '47, '48, '49, Honor Society 49. GAINES. BILLY JOE GIBSON, SADIE LOUfHunor Society '48, '49, Etude Club '46, '47, '43, l".T.A. '48, '49, ullicer '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Girls' Ensemble '46, '47, '48, Cleo Club '46, '47, '43, Pen- A-Pal Club '48, '49, junior Business Woman '49, Spanish Club '49, mllicer '49, Debate Club '49, Red Cross '45, Pep Squad -15. -46, 41. GRANT, MARTUS ELIZABETH--Senior Band '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Home Economics '48, '49, Arnmniers Club '49, Office As- sistant '49. 16' GRAY, BETTY ANN-Honor Society '48, '49, oflicer '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y Council '49, oilicer '49, Red Cross '46, '47, '48, '49, Forensic Society '48, '49, Spanish Club 49, F.T.A. '49, Annual Staff '49, Student Council '45, '47, Olficc Assistant '47, '48, '49, Junior Business Woman '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, Who's iVho '49, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl '49. a GREER, RICHARD Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, "A" Club '48, '49, A Team Football '47, '48, '49, Boys' Glee Club '48, Pep Squad '45, '46, B Team Football '45, Captain '45. CRIGGS, JAMES FENNIMORE COOPER-Student Council '46, Red Cross '46, B Team Basketball '47, A Team Basketball '48, '49, "A" Club '48, '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, B Team Foot- ball '47, CUNNELLS, WILLIAM LEONARD JR.-Hi-Y '48, '49, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, Band '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, Brass Sextet '47, '-za. GUNTER, PHYLLIS JANE-Student Council '46, Annual Stall' '-I7, '48, '49, Business Manager '49, Sci-ibbler's Club '47, '48, '49, uflicer '49, Etude Club '47, '48, '49, omcer '48, '49, Pen-A-Pal '48, '49, olliccr '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, omcer '49, Pep Squad '45, '46. HALL, BOBBY GENE HAND, AUDREY LEE-Home Economics Club '47, '48, '49, Red Cross '47, '48, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Hi-Y Council '48, Ollice Assistant '48, '49, F.'I'.A. '48, '49, Pen-A-Pal Club '49, Student Council '49, Spanish Club '49, Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, '49, Hi-Echo Staff '49, Honor Society '-49. HANDLE, ELSIE MAE-Cheerleader '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Forensic Society '48, '49, Home Economics Club '47, '48, '49, Pen-A-Pal Club '48, '49, oflicer '49, Red Cross '46, '47, '48, '49, ofhcer '47, '48, '49, F.T.A. '48, Assistant librarian 48, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, '48, W'ho's R'ho '49, Annual Stall' '49, HANDLE. HUNTER LEWIS-SHA" Club '47, '48, '49, officer '48, '49, A Team Football '47, '48, '49, Captain '49, Track '47, '48, '49, Boys' Clee Club '48, Pep Squad '45, '46, Red Cross '46, ollirer '46, Class officer '47, '48, Who's who '48, '49, F.T.A, '-18, oiliccr '48, B Tcaln Football '45, Captain '45. IIANKS. JEAN CAhlER0NHI'Ionor Society '48, '49, F.'I'.A. '48. '49, ollicrr '48, '49, Student Council '47, Junior Business W'olnan '49, Library Assistant '46, '47, '48, Oilice Assistant '48. HANSON, JEANETTE-Forensic Society '49, Home Economics '48, '49, ollicer '49, Red Cross '48, '49, officer '49, Pen-A-Pal '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, officer '49, Hi-Y Council '49, oflicer '49, F.T.A. '48, '49, oliicer '48, Spanish Club '49, Pep Squad 46. '47, '48, '49, Oflice Assistant '48, '49, Who's Wlio '49, HAYNES, MILDRED l.EONAfLihrnry Assistant '48, HENDRIX, CHRISTINE DELORIS-Red Cross '46, Ofhcc As- sistant '49g Pen Squad '45. HENRY, JOHN FREDERICK-Honor Society '48, '49, oilicer '48, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, otiicer '49, Annual Stan' '49, Speech Club '-19: Junior Kiwanian '49, Hi-Y Council '49, D.A.R. Good Citizen- ship Boy '49, HESTER, MARVIN--B Team Football '46, A Team Football '47, '48, '49, Golf Team '47, '48, '49, B Team Basketball '47, Hi-Y Club '47, '48, '49, "A" Club '47, 48, '49, ohicer '48: Alternate Captain '49, Class olicer '47, '48, Annual Sla8 '49. I-lEV.'E'l"l', BILLIE LOUISEfD.O. Club '47, '48, '-19. HIGH, MARY NANCY-Glee Club '48, Spanish Cluh '49. HOFFMAN, RUTH MARIE-Transferred from Alexandria High School, Alexandria. '47, Scribbler's Club '48, '49. I7 HOOD, THOMAS HEAl..DfB Team Fnnlball '4S. HOWE, NANCY RUTH--Hi-Y '48, '49, Home Economics '48, '49, Forensic Society '48, '49, ufiicer '49, Library Assistant '47, '48, Glce Club '47, '48, ufhcer '48, HUFFAKER, JAMES EDW'ARD-B Te-nm Fnulball '46, Etude Club '49, INGRAM, HENRY BLACK-Honor Society '48, '49, Annual Staff '48, '49, uditor '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, officer '49, Hi-Echo Staff '47, Anniston Youth Chorus '49, Etudz- Club '47, '48, '49, ufiicer '49, Forensic Society '47, '48, '49, offirer '49, Speech Club '43, '49: .lnninr Kiwanian '49, Wh0's Who '49. INGR.-KN, JOE RAY-Transit-rr:-d from Linevillr' High Sclmul, Lineville, Ala., '47, KENNEDY, DOROTHY ANN--D.0. Club '47, '48, '-19. ollicor '49, KILGORE, TROY HUGH-Transferred from Saks Cnnlnlunily '47, LAIRD, EMMA JANET-Transferred from Meclianiusvnllc Junior High School, '-46. LA TASTE, DEANA .l0iD.O. Club '47, '48, '49, oflicer '48, '49, Rml Cross '47, '-IB. LEYDEN, JONNI CHRISTINE-Transferred from Ponce de Leon High School, Miami, Florirln, '47, F.T.A. '48, Hi'Y '43, '49, Red Cross '48, Speech Club '-l-9, Forensic Society '49. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT NEAL-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, officer '49, "A" Club '47, '48, '49, Track '47, '48, '49, B Team Football '48, B Team Basketball '47, '48, A Tenn: Basketball 49, Junior Kiwnninn '49, Honor Society '49, LLOYD, MARY KATHRYN-Band '46, 'l-7, '48, '49, nilicvl' '-l7. '48, Hi-Y '48, '49, F.T.A. '48, Home Economics Club '49, Real Cross '46, Library Assistant '47, '48, Student Council '46, Hi- Echu Staff '47, '48, '49, W'lm's Who '-19. LUCKY, GLORIA ANN-Transferred from Brvnnu Arrndexny, Gninosvillv, Georgia, '46, Hi-Y '48, '49, Hi-Echo '48, '49, Red Cross '49, Spanish Club '49, Office Assistant '47, '49. LYBRAND, J. T.-Transferred from Saks School, '47, Clue Clnb '4B. 5' 1,3 4 I J . 344' Mm-CAA. MARGARET DARGAN-Hi-Y '48, '49, olliuer '49, Pen- A-Pnl Club '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Sf.-ribblcr's Club '48, '49, Student Council '47, '-IH, Red Cross '46, '47, Hi-Echn '47, '48, '49, Assistan Editor '48, Editor-in-chief '49, Stamp Club '46. MVCARTY, MARTHA ANNE-Hi-Y '48, '49, Pen-A4i'al Club '49: Hmne Ecnnumics Club '48, '49, Band '16, Mr-CLUNG, WILTON LEE IIUCULLARS, XVILLIAM WARREN-"A" Club '48, '49, Baseball Manager '43, Hi-Y '49, 18 Mc-GUIRE, EDWARD XI:-KAY, BILLY MALLORY, ROBERT GORDON-Red Cross '45, Ili-Y '47. '48, '49, B Team Basketball '47, Spanish Club "19. MATTHEW. JEAN ANNA-flied Cross 'lb. '-W: Heuuc- Ei-mmluivs Club '47, '48, IIIATTIIEW, JUNE I-IERMEANAiHumc Economics Club '4B. XlI'I'CHEI.l.., W'ILI.IE EUGENE-Band '45, '46, Lyrc Club 'I6. '47, '48, '49, B Team Football '47, '48, Baseball '47, '48, '49, A Team FootbaIl"LI9, "A" Club 47, 48, -I-9. MILLER. SARA RUTH'-Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, 11.0. Club '48, '49. MONCRIEF, ALICE JOYCE-Pep Squad '45. '46, '47, Red Crass '45, '46, '47, D.0. Club '49, Annuul Stull '-48. MOORE, BETTY JUNE-Red Cross '49, I'cp Squad '45 '46. 'fl-7, '48, '-49. I I ' IOORE, JAMES FRED-"A" Club '47, '48, '49, Baseball '47, '48, '-I9. S MOORE, NEITAiStudent Council '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47, '48, Home Economics Club '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Cheerlvzuler '49, Wh0's Who '47, '48, '49. MORAN. BARBARA FRANCES-I'Ii-'I' '47, '48, '49, nflicer '48, Spanish Club '49, Hi-Echo '47, '48, '49, Pep Squad '46, '-IT, Transferred from Enslcy High Schoul, Binuinghaiu, Ala. '49. MORRISON, EMMA CERALDINE-D.0. Club '48. '-19. uflii-cr '49, Red Cross '49. MORRISON, I'A'I'SY--I7.'I'.A. '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, Rvd Crnss '47, I'en-A-Pal Club '49, Hume Economics Club '48, '49, Ollirc Assistant '47, '48, '49, Pep Squud '46, '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y Coun- eil '-I-R, '-I-9. MOSELEY, FRANCES .IENNIFERgRed Cross '45, Student Council '46, '43, '49, D.O. Club '47, '48, 'l9. MOZLEY, PEGGY JOYCE-Student Council '-16: Red Cross '47, Band '46, '47, '48, '49, P1-11 Squad '46, '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '49, NALL, VIRGINIA ANN-Forensic Society '47, '43, '49, I'Ii-Y '48 '49, Glev Club '48, Red Cross '46, Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, '49, NEW, RAYMOND EARNEST 19 NEW, TED 0'BRIEN, WADE OWEN, BETTY JO PAYNE, JAMES PORTER--Pep Squad '47, '48, Red Cross '48, Cheerleader '49, Hi-Y '49, Who's Who '49. PILKINGTON, GLORIA DEAN--F.T.A. '48, '49, Red Cross '47, '49, Speech Club '49, Hi-Y '49, Pep Squad '47, '48, '49, As- sistant Librarian '48, '4-9. PINSON, RALPH LEE-A Team Football '48, '49, "A" Club '48, '49, Band '46, '47, '48, '49, Etude Club '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, Student Council '45, Lyre Club '46, '47. '48, Glce Club '48, Brass Sexlet '48, '49, PITTS, JAMES RENAY-,Transferred from Piedmont, Ala., '48, D.O. Club '47, '48, '49, ollicer '49. PULLENH, JERRY YOUNG-"A" Club '48, '49, Student Council '45, '46, B Team Football '47, A Team Football '48, '49, Base- ball '47, Pep Squad '45, '46, RAINWATER, WALLIS CORNELIUS-Hi-Y '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, '49. RICHARDSON, THOMAS WILLIAM RIGNEY, BRANDON LEROY JR.-Hi-Y '48, '49, Hi-Echo Staff '48, '49, Ticket Squad '43, '49, Spanish Club '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, '49, Junior Kiwanian 49, Honor Society '49, ROHRMAN, BETTY .IO--Clee Club '46, '47, F.T.A. '49, Scrib- bler's Club '49. -w, . N4 1 RUTLEDGE, GEORGE MARVIN-Band '45, B Team Football '45, A Team Football '46, '47, '48, '49, "A" Club '46, '-1-7, '48, '49, Stamp Club '45, Red Cross '45, Student Council '48, '49, officer '49, Class officer '47, Baseball '46, '47. '48, '49, Manager '46, Hi-Y '46, '47, '48, '49, officer '48, '49, Hi-Y Council '48, '49, Wl1o's Who '49, Spanish Club 49. SCULLY, MARY LOUISE-Pep Squad '46, '47, Red Cross '46, Student Council '46, '47, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Who's Wlto '47, '48, Hi-Echo Staff '47, '48, '49, Glee Club '48. SHAW, MAXINE SMITH, EDDIE MAE-Hi-Y '48, '49. SMITH, FAY-Speech Club '48, '49, officer '49, F.T.A. '48, '49, Annual Stal? '47, '48, Ollice Assistant '47, Honor Society '49. SMITH, FAYE RUTH-Red cms '4s. 20 SMITH, THOMAS KEITH-Transferred from Cottonwood High '48. SNIDER, BILLY HORACE-"A" Club '48, '49, Class officer '48, A Team Basketball '49, Track '48, '49, Student Council '47, '48, '49, officer '-49. SPARKS, HOMER C.-"A" Club '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, officer '49, Band '45, '46, '47, '48, '49, ofiicer '48, '49, Who's Wfho '46, 47, Hi-Y Council '48, '49, officer '49, Etude Club '49, Lyre Club '47, '48, '49, Red Cross '46, '47, Baseball '49, Baseball Manager '46, Spanish Club '49, officer '49. STITT. MARY CHARLOTTE-Transferred from Handley High School, Roanoke, Ala., '45, Home Economics '48, '49. STEYVART, JOSEPH LATHAM-"A" Club '48, '49, B Team B38- ketball '47, A Team Basketball '48, '49, B Team Football '4-7. STOCKWELL, ROSELYN DOLORES-Transferred from Talladega High School, Talladega, Ala., '47, Hi-Y '49. STONECIPHER, CHARLES NATHANIEL SUITS, MILDRED JANE-Pep Squad '46, '47, '48, '49, SUTLEY, CARLII-I JEAN-Red Cross '45, Student Council '4B. TALLEY, PENNY MARGIE--Red Cross '46, '47, '48, Student Council '48, '49, D.0. Club '48, '49. THIGPEN, JAMES CHARLES-Who's Who '45, '49, Band '45, '46, Lyre Club '45, '46, '47, '48, officer '47, A Team Football '48, '49, "A" Club '48, '49, Hi-Y '-19. THOMPSON, CHRISTINE-Hi-Y '-18. THRASH, TOM ALLEN THRASHER, MARTHA ANN-Hi-Echo '47, '48, '49, Annual Staff '48, '49, Forensic Society '47, '48, '49, Ushers' Club '48, '49, Girls Ensemble '48, Glee Club '48, Hi-Y '49, Etude Club '49, Assistant Librarian '47, '48, '49, Pep Squad '45, '46, '47. TIBBITTS, SARA MARION-F.T.A. '49, Hi-Y '49. TOLLESON, BETTY SUE-I-'.T.A. '49, Pen-A-Pal '49, Home Economics Club '49, Home Economics Club '49, Hi-Y '-1-9. TRIPLETT, CLARA NAN-Honor Society '48, '49, Hi-Y, '48, '49, ofliucr '49, Annual Staff '46, '47, '48, '49, Assistant Editor '49, Student Council '46, '49, officer '49, Red Cross '46, Scrib- blers Club '47, '48, '49, oflicer '49, Forensic Society '48, Glee Club '48, Office Assistant '48, Etude Club '49, F.T.A. '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Who'a Yvho '48, '49, Junior Business W'om- an '49. TRIPLETT, THOMAS KNOX-"A" Club '48, '49, B Team Foot- ball '4-7, A Team Football '48, '49, Track '47, '43, '49. -L TUGGLIC, JANE ELIZABETH-Transferred lroln Talladega High Sn-huol, Talladega, Ala., '48, Home Economics Club '49, Hi-Y '49. UNDERIVOOD, EARL PRICE WAIJIJELL, MARY JAC-Ushers' Club '47, '48, '49, offiuer '48: lfurensiv Society '-LT, '-18, '-l9, ullicer '48, 'fl9g Spanish Club 5193 Slutlrnl Cuunuil 'l9g F.'l'.A. '49, Hi-Y '49, Pep Squad. YVAIJDY, SHIRLEY JEAN--Scribblers Club '47, '48, '-l9g Hi-Y '-IB. '49, ullir-er '49, Fen-A-Pnl Club '48. '49, otlicvr '49g S-punish Cluh '-19: Hi-Echo Staff '47, '48, '-19g Ollice Assistant '49, Pep Sqnaal '46, '-I7. WALTERS, JOE FRANK--B Teuln Funllmull '47, B Team F001- bull Manager '48, WAUCH, ANN LOYELLA-F.T.A. 'll-95 Hi-Y '49, Honor Society 'fl9. ',,-Nts '-5 WIIiLlA'MS, ANN HUNTIQL-Hi-Y '48, '49g Scribhlers Club '48. R-197 Phi-Chem Clul: 'flllg .Spanish Club 5393 Hi-Echo Stall '47, '48, '49, Feature Editur '49g Pep Squad '45, '46, '47g Student Council '45, '48g Honor Society '49, WILLIAMS, FORREST HUNTER-Hi-Y '-195 Spanish Club '49g Junior Kiwanian '49. WILLINGHAM, MARY GUSSIE-Student Council '48, F.T.A. '49g Pen-A-Pal '49g Hi-Y '49. ' WRIGHT, NINA JEWELL-F.T.A. '49g Hi-Y '49, Pep Squad '47. YEACER, VIRGINIA RUTH-Glee Club '45g Red Crpss '46, '-lf? '48, oHicer '47, '48g Hi-Y '47, '4B: Scribblers Club '47, '48 officer '-18g I".T.A. '47, '48, officer '48, Honor Society '48, '49 Junior Business Woman '49. YOUNCBLOOD, BETTY RUTH-Pep Squad '46, '4'I. ' l . Cat" . r Pilar Jolly Simi Hfrxyh. Good Citizenship Boy and Girl Before Now Billy Snider Peggy Dean Jixniny Thigpcn .lnhn Henry ,lvnn Hunks Hunter and Elsie lluntlel Bcity Cockrell Marius Grunt Sadie Gibson John Blue Phyllis Gunter Marvin Hester Ncilu Moore Charlotte Dean 'Jerry 1 n u .Lt Nun Triplett Gloria Lucky Mnry J. Waddell Jeanette Hunsnn Patsy Morrison: 1m n Edith Craft Lainzlr .lnnvs Mary Atlcock Jerry Anchors Carlton Barnes Bully Ann Cray jnzin Hnllnntl Aurlry llztnd Virginia Craig llvlly Tolleson M25 911.05 Lugz Q01-:J QLDOQMW' an WGMWM, fapyyv 13 Ill: !i"4f-1 CQLLQX WM 3,6AL,,5,4....-- firm Q3 dx Q 6lA,.Le "Ng -Hunk ' QY""'yW'cgoyX ' XOWPZZ gxnwwy Jgyce fl' amd . B.,-SXNQ-J flaw' ff W M awww ff . faffcmq EZZDQWM 'WN W W wwf - 5 YY' fQ' 2mw5Wm 7211-Zfuff Wyzyw wwf dklqww mam Qwlv b ' 7wTwUm, W 817362 qgvgajjl af! Q Z4 MAQJEMQM iw U. 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Ml, 4, M fygiq , - X. is X 'WSH Q fl? x 'ff lf ,- bxgwwxaig, x -L.-1 ,. A 2 Qin... ""' M. ahh!! 'Q , pn' im' as 45, Dil M Mfg, 7 vi, 25 1 lm . Q2 Q E Q s W t gn, 9" gi 153 3 . 5-m y if 5 5 ki EU Z we 12 Q2 , is 11 50 " ' , 04 ' , o 1 .2 i 'S-E? fig 5 7 First rout: Peggy Ann Hughes, Ruth Comer, jackie Cole, Billy Jo Gray. Eleanor Harmon, Barbara Huddleston, Pat Henderson. Rose Holland, Betty Gearhart, jane Edwards, Betty Wilkinson, Sue Hebson, Jean Godwin, Elizabeth Glenn., . . Second row: Ollie Randle. Yliynell Dempsey, Virginia Gunnells, Norma jean Harris, Frances Gay, Bobbie jean Howard, Vernon Crossley, Rogers Hollingsworth, Clyde Harris, Wallace Gunnells, jimmy Havron. Bobbie Groover, Billie joan Cockrell, Helen Chastain .... Thirzl row: Mary Holbrook. Terry Dugas, Alva C-lemming, Nellie lfeazell, Rita Fowler, Bobby Goode, Hal Cochran, Thomas Cotteu, jack Cash, Donald Elwell, Ernest Frady, Don Dennis, Billy Feazell, Douglas Clopton .... Fourth ron-: Geneva Hinds, Joyce Ann Gunn, Arleigh Davis, Betty jo Haynes. Roddy Grant, Thomas Craft, Jimmy Garrett, Charles Horn, Royce Harper, Jimmy Fite, Billy Ferguson. Bobby Crow, Ken- neth Fowler. Junior Class Firsl row: joyce Herndon, I-'loy jo Tolleson, Ann Ponder, Peggy Thornton, Barbara Shaddix, Margaret Turner, Nelda WVade, Joyce XVhatley .... Second row: Barbara Young, Louise Sutnmerlin, Mary Wein, Laquita WValke1', Joyce Wilkerson, Betty Moon, Pat Hen- dricks, Betty Willingham, john Leyden .... Third row: Buddy White, Marvin Van X'Vonderham, Frank Mickle, WVhit Whiteside, Lyl- don Strickland, Ronald Walker. Earl WVaugh, james Taylor .... Fourth row: jack Winheld, Billy Timmons, Gene Stedham, Bob Kimbrough, Horace Mundy, Billy Ray Stevens, George Wingard. First row: Betty Jo Sasanett, Betty Sue Reynolds, Dorthy Lee, Mitz McPherson, Paula Knowlton, Jaudon Hunter, Rachel Knight, Eliza beth Halloway, Joyce Silar, James Lipsey, Elton Jones, Francis Ingram . . . Seroncl row: Myra Smith. Jimmie Sue Starr Harriett Hub bard, Frances Smith, Edna Earl Stewart, Anita Rains, Maisie Robinette, Jean McCary, Bernice McKleroy, Harold Silas, Billy Reaves, Ronald Hubbard .... Tlurd rom: Barbara Smith, Elizabeth Richardson, Jennie Lee Howell, Mary Jean Sikorski, Joyce Mangham Patsy Magaha, Margaret Stedham, Blister Simpson, Gerald Sellers, John David Saxon, Toby Roberts, Ralph Shoemaker, Otis Smith . . . Fourth rom: Buddy Townsend, Harold Willingham, Alfred Carter, Geor e Keech, A. ' R l ll R g aton anta , ay Reese, Malcom Shelton, Billy Smith, Billy Stewart, Jimmy Lane, Earnest Kangelos. Sophomore Class First row: Betty Baxter, Mary Cater, Josephine Young, Pat Cain, Martha Wimpee, Barbara Arnold, Patsy Allen, Betty Butterworth, Peggy Watson, Phoebe lflloods, Nancy Brown. Joann Word, Barbara Bell ..... S econd row: Harry Weatherly, Martha Sheaflee, WVanda Watson, Peggy Ledbetter, Charlsie Zaner, Betty Burgess, Logene Brown, Ann Waters, Phillip Jenkins, Sonny Statom, Roy Watts, Pat Bleibaum, Joanne Wright, Charlotte Worsham .... Third row: Douglas Christopher, Jimmy Reaves, Dennis Whitman, Lloyd Brinkley, Mary Yeager, Doris Vaughn, Eli Bell, Harry Butler, Billy Thompson, George Robinson, Billy Allinder, Wlayne Ward, Milton Wigley. . . . Fourlh row: Ralph Youngblood. Richard Trammell, Billy Story, James Anderson, Bobby Baily, Carl Anderson. Flavis Burrows, Major Cannon, James Cannon, Jimmy Taylor, Harold Xllells, George Bennett, Frank Yancey. First row: Barbara Hames, Margie Harrison ' iamilton, Lula Mosely, Mary Frances Hamilton, Mary Gillam, Peggy O'Quinn, Joanne Herndon. Willie Proctor, Nancy Pearce .... Secon rou. obert Pierce, Bobby Haynes, Marie Martin, Betty Sue Guthery, Joyce Moon, Mary Parker, Marie Griiiin, Joanne Gillum, Mavis Harvel, Bobby Hendricks, Charles Green, Gene Mullendore .... Third row: Joe Hendricks, Paul Methvin, "D" Higginbotham, Teddy Papaspiros, Ted Gilmer, Charles Gilmer, F. E. Martin, Herman Higginbotham, Ray Moore, Arthur Hill. Virgil Harper, Johnny Hamilton .... Fourth row: Jimmy Henderson, Dan Hensley, Ivie Parsons, Ray Ponder, Forbes Privett, Hubert Miller. Billy Moon, Arnold Pruitt, Jimmy Pate, Kenneth Davis, Dan House, Tommy Nolen, Billy Morrow. Sophomore Class ff Qv.,-ww! First row: Joyce Crow, Shirley Curlee. Jerry Davis, Marie Frazier, Mary Ruth Finley, Bobbie Jean George, Mary Julia Ford, Lottie Mae Ford .... Sammi row: lflorene Daugherty, Mildred Dover, Howard Frey, Milton Ford. Larry Duke, James Gilbert, Hazel Dickerson, Mary Alice lilliot ,...' I 'lzird rou': Catherine Cunningham, Helen Cunningham, Felton Clark, Donald Frazier, Bobby Dishman, Wil- liam Gerald Clark, Bobby Dillard, Hazel Dean. wswmsmawwwwssygm First row: Vernell Messer, Frankie Liner, Joyce Mize, Margie Kidd, Willa Dean Lakey, Svlvia Holland, Lenora Hollingsworth, Mary Hurt .... Second row: Mary Lee McPherson, Ann Linsey, Patsy Lumpkin, joy Little, Ruth 1,insEQf Siiirley Hood, Sue Holland, Hara riet Mallard, Marlene McClellan, Alice McCall .... Third row: Douglas Martin, Bill Monroe, Barry johnson, Peggy jackson, Vivian Kimbrought, jo Ann Lee, Elizabeth Mickle, Bobby Hubbard, Paul Logan, Harvey Clyde Lore, Richard Miller .... Fourth row: Billy johnson, Harry Mohlmann, George Huckaby, Donald Huston, Albert Johnson, Morgan Kerr, Franklin Lee, Richard Mizes, George Longshore, Bobby McDill. Q X .' Freshman Class Firsl row: Arvid Wahlquist, Norma jean Graham, Nell Harper, Doris Yarbrough, Barbara Luck, Ann Floyd, Betty Goodman, Miller Weatherly, Virgil Young .... Semnd row: Peggy French, Carolyn Fite. Dottie Hicks, Mary Ann Hitt, Ann Fite, Betty Lou Gardner, Peggy Handle, Billy Thornton, Jacque Thompson .... Third row: Bobbie jean Turner, Janice Thornton, Carol Wisscndanger, Char- lotlc Wright, Flora Gilmer, Nancy Grant, Henry Wingard, Douglas Thompson, Buddy Jamison .... Fourlh row: Ronald Grant, Doug- las Williams, Jessie Gable, Thomas Cannon, james Van Wonderham, Carl Vann, George Whitlock, james Wesson, James Warren, , Norman lVilliams, Howard Harmon. tt- First row: Doris Burns, Clara jo Paris, Eleanor Noble, jerry Nelson, Barbara Blount, Betty jean Avery, Barbara Averill, Merry Lou Arthur, Betty Bennett, Ann Pitts, Dot Aaron .... Second rim-: Margie Acker, Majorie Reynolds, Rosa Ann Owens. Barbara Blakely, Carol Moore. Barbara Pavlock. Nettie Mae Brown. Carol Brooks, Doris Bean. Ruth Reeves .... Third row: Floyd Tucker, Clyde Perry, Bobby Broom, Betty Baker, Betty Qninelle, Evelyn Owen, jnanita Robinette, Peggy Anderson, Aaron Bentiey, Kenneth Allen, George Box. Charles Bancroft .... Fourth rmv: Richard Phillips, Clillord Perkins, Charlie Adcock, Doice Nolcn, Chris Banister, john Perkins, Clarence Pate, Clarence Potts, Max Rogers, Hal Roberts, Freshman Class First row: joyce Smith, Audry Stewart, Mozell Danghterly, Pat Shelton, Mary Ann Chaflin. jane Simmons, Larenia Ezell, Margery Clark, Ann Cockrell, Elizabeth Scrnbbs. Margaret Ann Slnith ..... S' vrond row: Lewis Cash, Ronald Crossley, Nell Stubblefleld, Martha Ann Davenport, Mary Ann Dean, Mary Joyce, NVilliams, Eunice Scully, Carol Tanner, Sara Davidson, Myrele Summers, Norman Stonecipher, Bohhy Smith .... Third row: Boyce Christopher, ,Bobby Champion, Ralph Thomas, Janis Carter, Sara Craft. Marlene Deason, Morris C1lark,j0hn Sims, Ronnie Smith, Bobby Stanneld, George Creig, Neutie Simmons .... Fourth row: Bobby Davis, Charles Corbin, Billy Davis, Mickey Stewart, Billy Creaton, Erskine Chambers, john Thomas. Charles Ray Thomas, Fred Craft. Kenneth Shaddix, Billy Scott, Harold Craft, Howard Skinner. Firsl row: Virginia Weatson. JoAnn X'VrighL, Josephine Hlright, Elizabeth lvright, Hoyt Wood, Clyde Yarbrough, Dudley Xtllright, Mil- dred X'Vigley, Pat Hlright, Betty Louise lA7illiams, Donald Henley, Douglas Kelly .... Second row: Betty Jo NVilson. Deborah Hughes, Hawanna House, Margaret Watkins, Janet YVilliamson, Heather Jenkins, Horace llfoods, Rita Young, John Hollaway, Bobby Hlest, Ben NVebb, Jesse James, Bobby YVhite, Sybil l-Vooten .... Third row: Lamar Kilgore, Ann Helton, Jane Young, Margaret Hull, Edna Heneuy, Jerry Ann Hassell, Dick Weaver, Ronny Hicks, Phyllis Nvalkers, Joyce NVoods, Joanne Jackson, Barbara Johnson, Billy VVarnock, Ray Watson .... Fourth mzv: Alys Harwell, Mary Joyce Williams, Mary Sue 'Wright, Ann Williams. Harold Holland, James King. Lamar Israel, Robert Homesly, Bobby Harvel, Leroy Wilborn. Wallace Wilderson, Archie Jenks. Jerry Kilgore, Lautlen Kent. Sub-Freshman Class First -row: Billie Sue MeDill, Joann McGinnis, Johanna Prince, Forney McClellan, Jim Moon, Donald Mundy, Charles McDonald, George Rowan, James McDonald, Bobby Mange, Billy Putman, Crawford Perkins, Joene McKee, Elsie Messer ..... S vcourl roam' Bar- bara Ray, Helen Rich, Joyce Powell, Gwen Pope, Lou Livingston, Sally McGraw, Helen Long, Joe Parrott, Jane Mclileroy, Marcia O'Shields, Sue Bette Shelby, Jane Scruggs, Hazel McCartney, Helen Ann McKee, Betty Mathew .... Third row: Sara Putman, Helen Ruth New. Julia Rowan. Lila Jo Mays, Annie I.ce Sams, Evangeline Nicllopou Los, Margie Phillips, Betty Neivelle, Pat Reid. Yvonne Shaddix, Faye Rainwater. Ina Martin, Billy Marshall, John Morton, Nina 'Moss .... Fourth row: Hulan Pate, Billy Lelklasters, Charles Nelson, Leroy Nunnally, Sonny Isarel, Bobby Mcilrelles, Jimmy McMillan, John lNlcCreles, Stanley Pendergrass, Eugene Lin- insparker, Jimmy O'Quinn, Robert Payne, Ray Morrison, Billie Jean Lindley. First row: Lloyd Harris, Phillip Hamilton, Bill Triplett. Alice Lee Thompson, Mavis Duke, Betty Lou Stewart, Nancy Goode, Mary Harris, Norma Thomas, Grace Taylor, Joyce Shurbett. Peggy Xvalls, jimmy Thomas, Lynn Shelton, Tommy Frency, T. L. Finley. . . . Ser-ond row: Ronald Harmon, Carol Stevens, Betty Sue Walker, Sandra Taylor, Dot Smith, Helen jane Stevens, Audrey Dutton, Peggy Hall, Kay Green, Doris lfiquett. Dewayne Short, Lamar Simpson, Raymond Harper, Richard Harrison, Robert Thompson, l'Vayne Free- man .... Third rozv: Karen Spong. Doris Taylor, jean Waldrep, jo Ann Story, Jo Ann Gober, Ilene Fordham, John Gilbert james Edwards, Shirley Fagan, Monroe Thomas, Carl Gladen, jerry Gilmer. James Herndon .... Fourth row: Charles Gannon, David Grillis, Floyd Tucker, Charles Swan, Donald Taylor, Bobby Hamilton, Leon Drigger, Bill Fraizcr, Kenneth lyagner, Herschel Gann, Carl Taylor, jimmy joe Waldrep. Sub-Freshman Class First row: Bucky Cater, Lamar Denkins, Larry Adcock, Mary Edna Davis, Pat Brown, Ann Carter, Vera Cotey, Lida Cobbs, Sybil Clark, Marine Bell, Agnes Bowling, Doris Bijon, Jerry Arnold, George Coats, Alton Allen .... Second row: Bill Brazelton, Eugene Chauncey, Carolyn Doss, Gail Blunt, Gail Butterworth, Catherine Drain, Patsy Curry, Ann Coleman, Barbara Davis, Mary Sue Dickey, Alta Anderson, Edna Acker, Jewell Cannon, Vivian Dew, Bobbie Cogans, Dick Weaver, Billy Burchhcld .... Third row: Russell Bryant, joe Claghorne, Mary Chaveis, Magnolia Carter, james Brannon, Aaron Beal, Henton Bentley, Tommy Butler, Martha Drake, Greta Davison, Norma Jean Brown, Lewis Carroll, Billy joe Cheek, Billy Carter, Annette Borroughs, Jeanette Ashley .... Fourth row: Gene Coley, john Morris, Frank Carlisle, Billy Chappell, Boyd Craven, David Comer, Billy Ashler, Ralph Alexander, Wvilliam Brackney, Glen Abernathy, jimmy Boyd, Brandy Ayers, Paul Clemmens, jerry Cole. Q ll I -W Y'A- R I T272 if -. ' - 2 ' 8 1 5- ' 4 ' 'Q f r - 'WEA " i 'K , . ' ' 'ff F - f s ,S , ' S' ,J 'V 5 K 1 - Y ' V 6 K f i Q Q Q V A , , . N K L, K' +' .. v Lafq f' 5, d ?mfg Ui iff QQ J gk L '12 K L S" 3, L X- - wg 4 L v. W J, P -1' V " A ,vs N V - .. fs' 7 , .. . .h ,Q -b Q1 R+ A -Q 7 5 5 Q ' " s' if V f J Hier y Wg -' If A Q V 41. ww Q M E X - 3 ' 4 ' 4, -- ' .. , . , - ' . . Y" ' , 7' mx' 4 X , JR, ,Qt ,, :ff 2 r 4 " S iwf L Y - 1' f " """""1' Af ., " 3 we 1 L A Q u fgagif lfi Y 'E Q . M4 25 X Y I , Y if "9 my Q ii '41 4 ' i, , 'K Ev 1: 46 I , f f' 4 ' if 3 -Q, f .E 9 A ,Y A A , W Fi, f - f if '- , - - . ir, ' 4 fl f. hi 1 w h , ,. QM -,g5g,ff l ' - .q gr A'-Q 1 575 Q H f V .1 M 5, f -um g v-V Qi, ' Q - , t M E Q V ...-- 451- j ig X in XL , , 7 H , 1 E Q s , . 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SIRIS ,469 Juniors Is- V- Q M BUDDY XVI-IITI3 , , , President ROSE HOLLAND , , Vive President JIMMY MAYNE , , , Svrrelary BARBARA OswAL'I' , , Trcasm'er . , '1'rc'11s11.rc 1' 5 Veterans Co-ordinaiors Freshmen BILL NIONROE . , President BARRY JOHNSON , , Vive Prvsirlenl HARVIQI. Lovia . , Secrelarly BADS BLARIRZIA' , . Treasurw' Veterans Office Staff Related Sindy Class Auto Mechanics Maclrinixts ' Refrigeralion Shop , Eleclririly Clasx Ms- QC! la wi? .xmm .J v fi Y...xx 4 . ,A im. Yi or :G :asm ll f . 51 l .VA R..f ,liab- rf. 1 ,Ra 1 . . I? Wig S A , 2 . f we 'ms-.fz::11f-K.-:,. w www , f 1 Q 5 , f f 23-::fsf5it4gwim4's...:i3y.fggyf3,5 , ' .. -M - -qw. "f ew K 53 -f F f" 1-E 1 - 1 1:-'ff's13f5r32?.fQff.?2?Yff3?, 3'-F: ?ff':5?i--figs. Avg! 5 .- fx'j33! Q N, I I , Www. ,f w .4 , ""'X""'-A -A-ww. A, .. X 3, 5 . LACE-f r 'f .5 fu Q 1 I .M - V Qt. .yi , K- F JT U 1 ' -:Q Vi , .. , .- . A 1 w w '-:WH-'x A . Z ' A 5 V f A X Qbggilramg-f'fx gg- fr- sg, vs.: ,R as 5 at . 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AssistantEdito'r PHYLLIS GUNTER . I . Business ll4fl7Zl1g6T JANE EDWVARDS . Asst.BusinessManage1' LUCILLE FULLER ...., Sponsor BUSINESS STAFF YOUR '49 EDITORIAL STAFF Henry Ingram, Rose Holland, Rachel Knight, jimmy Garrett, joan Holland, Vivian Killebrew, Margie Harrison, Elsie Handle, Carol Tanner, John Henry, Marilyn Brittain, Shirley Curlee, Betty Ann Gray, Sue Hebson, Johnny Blue, Helen Meigs, Marvin Hester, Nan Trip- , lett. R. HOLLAND KNIGHT KILLIIBREXV HARRISON A BRITTAIN ' CURLEE - Phyllis Gunter, jane Edwards, Ann Thrasher, Sylvia Holland, Josephine HrXNDI.E Wright. G Ankriri J, l'IOI.I.AN ll r.l'.-XNNER HICNRX' HOUR GLASS STAFF GRAY Enwmzns HEBSON Mmcs BLUE Husrnz BRAr:kNr:1.I. JOHNSON VVell, another year has passed and with that, a new annual. Yes, we've done it again. Your HOUR GLASS Staff members have worked hard for nine months to put out your annual. On these pages you will find the members and sponsor who have struggled through magazines and annual sales. It has been a big job hnancing and publishing this book, and it's all for you. WVe appreciate the co-operation from the students and hope you will enjoy your 1949 annual. VV'e appreciate the work our sponsor, Miss Fuller, has done in helping us with this annual. As you turn through these pages you hnd life pictured as it is lived here at A.H.S. You will see the activities, features, sports, studies, and daily events that were so thrilling. TRI vu-:'rr 'Tl IRASHER Lftsv f 'f S. I-Ifbl.LANu Wuxmrr DI-ZAN HAND BAIi.r:v lSHNNm'r Hmm rox Lrovn THoRN'roN NVATSON YVADDY LUCK Y HI The Hi-Echo, which is published monthly for our benefit, is one of the most eagerly anticipated things in our school life. The paper has been constantly aiming toward perfection since its re-publication after a long absence in 1947, and is now recognized as one of the best high school papers in the South. The staff is chosen for their journalistic and writing ability, and they must compose a theme on some interesting subject, to be considered, before being accepted. These people meet each day in room 303, seventh period, and under the competent direction of their spon- sor, Mrs. Nichols, have done and are doing a very fine job. I'ni sure that everyone will join me in wishing the Hi-Echo even greater success in the coming year. Gmunmwr NEAL HU'l'Cl1lSON HM xox 6 "'fffY72 Hll.l. CLARK RI:AvI:s HAvRoN ECHO Officers IYIARGARET NICCAA .,A.. Editor -IRAN GODWIN . . . Assistant Editor ANN Hl1N1'ER YVILLIAMS . Feature Editor DON RIGNEY , , . Business Editor BARBARA LYBRAND , , Activity Editor I - NIARY YVEIN A . Society Editor NIIN1 HAvRoN . , Spo1'tsEditoo' I f. 3 ku Af' MRS. Nlkil,l0l,S Sponsor IHARUAREI' NICCAA Editor RIGNEX' XVI-IIN LYIIRANII XVILLIAMS UODNVIN ScIIoLz DURRETI Sc:uLI.x' THRASIIER JACKSON Firslirow: Vivian Killebrew, Nan Triplett. Joan Holland, Arvid Mlahlqnist, Richard Coleman, Mildred llfiggley, Mary Ruth Finnely, Peggy O'Quinn, Peggy Handle. Carol jones, Barbara Pavlock .... Second row: Lloyd Brinkley, VVanda Watson, Harriett Hubbard, Jo Ann Hannon, Betty jo Sasnett, Betty Neville, Margie Talley, Audrey Hand, Nancy Howe, Joyce Allen, Ralph Alexander .... Thi-rd row: Ernest Frady. Francis Smith, Floyd Bennett, Babs Blakely, Billy Snider, Mary Francis Hamilton, Mr. Nash, Neita Moore, Buddy STUDENT Rutledge, Mary Jae Waddell. I COUNCIL OFFICERS JOAN HOLLAND , . President BUDDY RUTLEDGE . V. President NAN TRIPLET1' . . . Secretary BILLY SNIDER , . Treasurer Meeting in Room 309 every Monday afternoon, the members of the Student Council have put forth some real effort to achieve the purpose of the organization, which is to secure closer co- operation among the school organizations, be- tween the faculty and students, and between the school and the community. Demonstrations of this effort have been seen in the sponsoring of buses to the out-of-town football games, the pre- senting of P.T.A. programs, and the sponsoring of dances. The real result of our efforts in the lively discussions, the questions and answers, and the suggestions from A to Z, may not be noted: but the members of the Council feel that some- thing was accomplished. This year, for the Hrst time, a delegate was sent to the State Convention of Student Councils. lfVe believe that our future Councils will benefit from this experience. We believe that a good student government is desirable and well worth our effort. Sponsor President Vice .President Secretary an rl Treasurer Helcn File, Ann YVaugh, Virginia Yeager, joan Holland, Don Rigney, Bob Livingston, Sadie Gibson, Jean Hanks, Audrey Hand, Henry Ingram, Faye Smith. Paula Combs, Margarctt Durrett, Ann Hunter Williams, Nan Triplett, Mrs. Brummel, John Henry, Betty Ann Gray, Joyce Allen. Spring Induction: Jeanette Hanson, Margaret McCaa, Betty Jo Rohrman, Hunter Xvilliams, Virginia Nall, Vivian Killcbrew, Rose Holland, Betty jean Aderholdt, james Taylor, Joyce Whatley, Harriett Mohlmann, Barbara Huddleston, Norma Jean Harris, Anne Hutchinson, Margaret Ann Snoddy. Q NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY At a very dignified and impressive candlelight ceremony held once each semester, five per cent of the Junior and Senior Classes are inducted into the National Honor Society. The students chosen are all in the upper brac- kets of their classes and are chosen by the faculty on points of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, and on activity points given according to participation in school affairs. The audience is kept in suspense and anticipation as the old members march down the aisle to "Pomp and Cir- cunistancen and "Largo" to tap those chosen. Those inducted, as well as the ones left in the audience, all agree with the president as he says: "Upon these students we bestow The greatest honor that we know." 77 772 7- - F-:QB OFFICERS The Virginia Ordway chapter of the Girls' Hi-Y has been very active this year, living up to ' its ideals of Christian life. Each girl excellently fJHARL0'1"l'FDHAN carries out her part in every activity. Their Pre-Wdent. meetings inspire the girls to a better moral and spiritual life. ln each meeting the members heneht much by meeting together in a con- genial atmosphere. JEANE'rT13 HANSON First Vice President NAN TR1PLm'r , , I h Second Vice Pres,-dem Thisqyear the'club had as its service project, organizing a Girls' Hx-Y chapter at Calhoun MARGARET MCCAA County High School, the first Hi-Y chapter Secretary formed in Oxford. Another project was to collect IRAN XNAADY clothes for needy families from the various - Tlreasmm, schools in the city system at Thanksgiving. Each thing that they learn in Hi-Y work, the girls will carry with them down life's path. Virginia Ordway ' l Chapter GI r I S Fiozst row: Charlotte Dean, Wilma Btaswell, Ann Broadnax, Jean Godwin, Barbara Haynes, Mary Kathryn Lloyd, Rose Lee La Taste, Martha McCarty, Christine Leyden, Betty Gearhart .... Second row: Nan Triplett, Peggy Watson, Mitzie McPherson, Robinell Neal, Jeanette Shook, Betty Burgess, Martha Ann Wixnpee, Cl,lilt:l9xLtC NVorsham, Lulu Mosely, Virginia Craig, Jeanette Hanson .... Third rozu: Ora Mae Owens, Keitha Carter, Macy Carter, Francis Smith, Mary Gussie Willingham, Bert Roberts, Floy jo Tolleson, jo Ann McDowell, Bobbie Groover, Nancy Howe, Betty Alloway .... Fourth row: Margaret McCaa, Neita Moore, Mary Lou Scully, jean Waddy, Ann Hunter Williams, Diana Cole, Gloria Pilkington, Helen File, Nellie lfeazel, Vivian Killebrew, Helen Chastain, Miss Killebrew. 5' 46 ---- 7 -7- - ----- --7 First row: jane Edwards. Betty WVilkinson, Rose Holland, Marilyn Brittain, Elizabeth Glenn, Sue Hebson, Margie Hamilton, Barbara Huddlestou .... Second row: joan Holland, Audrey Hand, Sadie Gibson, Catherine Bailey, Kathryn Brown, Delores Miller, Barbara Oswalt,hLa Verna Carter, Mary Eleanor jones .... Third row: Margaret Dnrrett, Nancy Brown, Joanne Wvright, Eddie Mae Smith, Edith Craft, Peggy Mozely, Virginia Nall, Patsy Morrison, Phyllis Gunter, Gloria Lucky .... Fourth rozu: Mrs. Mclleters, Christine Thompson, Pat Cain, Ann Coleman, Louise Cromer, Ann Wllaugh, Leah Bonds, Betty Lee Cockrell, George Ann Davenport, Elsie Handle, Peggy Thornton. H I-Y s Lucile Cleveland Chapter OFFICERS lXIARGARET DURRET1' . President IOAN HOLLAND . Vice President SAmE Lou GmsoN . Secretary ' Animas' HAND . , Treasurer Gicoaciz ANN IJAVENPORT Chaplain The Lucille H. Cleveland chapter of the Girls' Hi-Y has been organized for only two years, but in that short time the members have proved to be hard workers who are willing to do what they are called upon to do. The club has had several service projects, all of which have been com- pleted successfully. Under the splendid leadership of our new sponsor, Mrs. McPeters, the activities of the group are progressing nicely. Each member is striving to do her part to - "create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, higher standards of Christian Character." e 47' OFFICERS MARY JAC WADDELL , President PAULA Comes . Vire President BARBARA Snotrz A , Secretary JEAN CURRY . . Treasurer This chapter of the Girls' Hi-Y is brand new. lt was organized at the beginning ol 1949. The chapter has a line opportunity to prove its ability along with the other chapters of the Hi-Y. Cer- tainly its members can uphold the fine standards already set by Hi-Y. They have started off the new year with a "bang," and we are expecting big things. Kathleen Brummel Chapter Girls' HI-Y First row: Peggy O'Quinn, Jerry Davis, Margie Harrison, Qhirley Curlee, Mary Frances Hamilton, Barbara Sholtz, Billie Lou Vanccl, Betty Barnes, Joyce Sillas ..... S 'rr-ond row: Harriett Htibbard, Harriett lt-Ioblmann, Xvanda Watson, Joann Hannon, Barbara Young, Cbarlsie Zaner, Norma Jean Fordhagn, Jandon Hunter, Peggy Watson .... Third row: Nancy Pierce, Jean NIcCarey, Joyce WVadc, Peggy Joan Smith, Betty Moon, Jean Curry, Mary Jac Waddell, Paula Combs, Ann Thrasher, Betty Landers .... Fourth row: Rita Fowler, Nina Wright, Sara Tibbits, Betty Sue Tolleson, Jane Tuggle, Joyce Gunn, Mary Jo Sams, Betty Nell Willingham, Jimmie Sue Starr, Sue McLain, Martha Blackmon. H OFFICERS HOMER SPARKS President KIINIMY THRASH Vice President tIEANE'l'TE HANSON Secretary and Treasurer The Anniston Hi-Y Council was organized in the fall of 1947. lNith five Hi-Y Club chapters it seemed wise to have some means of coordinat- ing Hi-Y Club activities. The council includes the president and vice president of each Hi-Y Club chapter and two other elected representa- tives of each chapter. Adult advisers and local YMCA secretaries related to I-Ii-Y work are also members of the Hi-Y Council. The purpose of the Hi-Y Council is to unify the work of the participating Hi-Y Club chap- ters, to sponsor inter-club projects, to develop standards ol' good club practices, to assist with the organization of new Hi-Y Clubs, and to make suggestions that will benefit chapters represented in the Council. Through the Hi-Y Council there has been de- veloped an improved procedure for receiving students into Hi-Y membership. In this plan is included a Hi-Y training course for prospective members. The council has conducted two train- ing courses. Through the council several service projects have been carried out. Other activities of the Hi-Y Council have included coordination of fund raising for Hi-Y projects, organization of a new Hi-Y Club chapter in Anniston High School, and assistance with organization of two Hi-Y Clubs in Calhoun County High School in Oxford. A Hi-Y Alumni meeting was held during the Christ- mas holidays, and a tea in honor of Miss Ordway was given. HI-Y COUNCIL Inst ron Carlton Barnes, Homer Sparks, Jimmy Thrash .... Second I'0i'll.' Patsy lKIorrison, Jennelle Hanson, Buddy Rutledge, Keitha Cartel Iohnny Blue, Margaret Durrett, Charlotte Dean, Floyd Bennett, John Austin Cater, Paul Alexander, john Henry. vi fs X is .sfs:,vN5. ' '- V The George Neely Hi-Y chapter which was the first Hi-Y Club in school has helped in the or- ganization of new Hi-Y chapters and the Hi-Y Council. In addition to helping newer clubs get started, the George Neely chapter has also sponsored holiday baskets for underprivileged families and a general Safety Campaign for the school. Yes, this club has really helped to - "create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and commu- nity, higher standards of Christian Character." George Neely Chapter OFFICERS , JOHNNY BLUE . . . Presiderit JIINIBIY 'THRASH . Vice President BUDDY RUTLEIJGE , , Secretary FLOYD BENNETT A . Treasurer HENRY INGRAM . , Chaplain First row: Robert Pierce, jimmy Reaves, Neal Rainwater, Lloyd Brinkley, Floyd Bennett, Marvin Hester, Sa,rg1nLy4MeA.neny, Richard Little, james Rouse .... Seroml rnzv: Henry Ingram, Paul Alexander. Louie Bowling, Dan Hensley, Buster Simpson, Kenneth Davis, Johnny Starr, john McGinnis, Felton Clark, Sonny Statom, jimmy Nunnelly .... Third row: Rogers Hollingsworth, Ronny Walker, Dan House, Tommy Nolen, Charles Bennett, Jimmy Jordon, Charles LeCroy, Buddy 'White, Buddy Rutledge, Hunter Handle, Bobby Blakely .... Fourth row: Johnny Blue, jimmy Thrash, Billy Ray Stevens,QCeci1 Miller, jimmy Garrett, Bobby Bailey, Thomas Craft, Charles Horn, jack X-Vinlielcl. l 1 First row: Harr.y Weatherly, Lamar Jones, Pete Lumpkin. Robert Lelfoy, Harold Willingham, Gene Stedham, jerry jackson, Brooks johnson, Bobby Goode, Phillip jenkins .... Serond row: Charles Hackney, jerry Anchors, jimmy McCullars, Jimmy Payne, Don Rigney, Wetherell Eros, Bob Livingston. Ray Moore, john Austin Cater, jimmy Thigpen, Willard Evans .... Third row: Homer Sparks, john Henry, Ivy jarsons, John Allen Powers, Bobby Dishman, Lyldon Strickland, Earl l'Vaugh, Jimmy Haveron, Gordon Mallory, Buddy Jamison, Tommy Harris .... Fourth row: Dick Greer, Carlton Barnes. Wallace Gunnells, Don Dennis, john Shirley, George Mfingard, Julian jenkins, Arnold Pruitt, Billy Gunnells, Hunter Yvllliams. l-II-Y "Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship and a clean life" is the platform of this club. This group ol boys has done much to improve our school and community through such fine deeds as sponsoring "go to church" campaigns and "clean speech" campaigns, collecting clothing for needy families, collecting food for Thanksgiving lood boxes, as well as doing much to help the needy overseas through the lflforld Youth Fund. Interested in bettering themselves morally and intellectually, the members of the club invited intelligent, high-principled men of Anniston to talk to them in the hope that they can be in- spired to be better persons now and in the future. By meeting together every week and taking part in the work of the club, each boy learns to be tolerant, and to make life happier for others by doing unsellish Christian acts. 51 K OFFICERS CARLTON BARNES . . President HOMER SPARRs , Vice President B013 LIVINGSTON . . Secretary JERRY ANCHORS . , Treasurer JOHN HENRY . . . Chaplain C, Hal Cleveland Chapter Firsl rozv: Paula Borden, joycc Herndon, Dena Jo IaT1ste Ann Ponder Iickie Bracknell B'nba1'1 Shaddo. S111 Messer joy cc Mon cricf .... Second raw: Mrs. Mcl'eters, Dorothy Kennedy louise Newsome l"1t HCllClllX Oilne Dc in Xustln C Ll'lldll'lC Morrison uha Potts, Marjie Talley, Mary Sue Blackmon .... Tlmfl mu Claienct Nlitkxns David Austin CUIIIOII laulltnci ames Pitts H01 ice Mundy, Boyce Callahan Bobby Xshley jack Ldinondson kenneth Conway D. CD. OFFICERS ,IERRY NIORRISON . . Presideizt JAMES PITTS , , Vive P'l'CSI'd6I1l Do'r K1zNN1am' , . , Sccretn-ry DENA .Io LA TASTE , T1'easz1re'r The Diversified Occupation Club promotes civic intelligence and works for better vocational guidance in school and in the community. The club also does much to encourage the develop' ment of desirable social habits and leadership ability. At the beginning of each year, a plan is made to include various types of meetings, such as educational, social or competitive meetings, Each club is affiliated with the state D.O. Club, and several representatives are sent to the state con- vention each year. At the convention the members enjoy good fellowship and many social events. First rum' Nan Tripletl, Patsy Morrison, Ann lviillgll, Louise Cromer, Billy Jo Gray, Virginia Craig, Sue McLain, Rose Holland, Joyce Allen .... Second row: Barbara Lybrand, Faye Smith, Jeanette Hanson, Betty Lee Cockrell, Audrey Hand, Betty Ann Gray, Diana Cole, Rose Marie Elwell, joan Allen .... Third row: Mrs. lvilliams, Betty Willingham, Virginia Yeager, Macy Carter, Harriett Mohl- man, Elizabeth Gaither, Mary Gussie Willingham, Gloria Pilkington .... Fourth row: Marilyn Brittain, Sadie Gibson, Mary Jac Waddell, Jean Hanks, Sara Tibbils, Betty Sue Tolleson, Betty Jo Rohrman, Helen Fite. F. T. A OFFICERS Ioyciz ALLEN ....,.. President fl1i0RGEANNE DAVENPORT , Vice President VIRGINIA YEAGER . , . . . Secretary I'IELEN FITE . . . Treasurer IIEAN HANKS . . . Historian SADIE GIBSON . . Song Leader The Frances Massey Club of the Future Teachers of America was chartered by the National Education Association on March l2, 1948. The F.T.A. works in both high schools and colleges and is a nation-wide movement to which it is considered an honor to belong. The projects of this or- ganization are self-improvement, studying the lives of great educators, and visiting schools and colleges to observe different methods of teaching. These projects are so developed that young people will be en- couraged to maintain high standards of character and personality which are the foundations of successful teaching. The club has visited jacksonville State Teachers College and local grammar schools. Members of the club learned much about educational problems by these visits. Although it is one of the school's most recently organized clubs, it has become one of the most popular and progressive clubs on our campus. HGME ECGNOMICS Look! Our Future l-Iomemakers! Yes, they're the Home Llc. girls, the ones who are learning all about sewing and cooking. They have responsibilities too, such as serving on the committees lor compiling the year-hook or preparing the programs. This year the girls chose "Vocations That Grow Out of Home Economics" as their topic for year round disxussion. At least two girls present the programs at I W e each club meeting which is held every odd Thursday. These programs are very interesting and really hold OFFICERS the attention of the members. How can you become a member? Easy! Phe membership consists ol girls who BETTY LEE COCKRELL H . A Q P,.eS,'de,,t have had at least one unit ol Home hc. and who are GEORGE ANN DAVENPORT yjfe p,-esgdem interested in the club itself. IEANE1-TE HANSON U SeC.,.em.,.3, Each member believes in the motto of the club, "As NEITA MOORE . . . TTl?flSll1'6V our girlhood is so shall our womanhood he." First row: Mary Burt Adcock, Martha Ann X'Vimpee, Joyce Allen, jane Cass, Mary Kathryn Lloyd, Wllilnla Braswell, Floy Jo'Tolleson, Lllosie Lee LaTaste, Patsy Morrison, Jeanette Hanson .... Second rozv: Charlsie Ann Zaner, Cathrine Bailey, Audrey Hand, Martis i'Grant, Martha McCartey, Boots Handle, Peggy Handle, Libby Gaither, Betty Sue Tolleson, Billy joan Cockrell, Helen Chastain. . . . Third row: Ann Coleman, Lucille Summerlin, Macy Carter, Neita Moore, Edith Craft, George Ann Davenport, Keitha Carter, Leah Bonds, jane Tuggle, Nancy Howe, Betty Lee Cockrell. 54 OFFICERS BUDDY VVH1'1'E . . , , . President CHARLES DAuGHr:R'rY . Vice President FLOYD BENNET1' . . . . Secretary HUNTER HANDLE . . Treasurer X I CLUB Ah, yes, the A Club! That sounds familiar, doesn't it? Those boys with the red sweaters and black "A's" just couldn't be overlooked. By the appearance of the members you would know that this is an athletic club. The club was organized for encouraging good, clean sportsmanship and athletic recognition. In order to become a member of the club, a boy must have earned a letter in football, base- ball, basketball, or track and then he must prove his leadership ability. Living up to its reputation of giving the best socials in school, the club gave a barbecue this year which was a big success. Their socials are always knockouts and everybody has a good time. The club also sponsored a homecoming dance and several other dances this year. The A Club sponsors, Coaches Bancroft and johnson, deserve a lot of credit for directing the boys in their athletic development. Their influ- ence and leadership is felt throughout our school. 117-Sf 7010 lllllllly Gl'iggS, Jimmy Thigpen, Willard Evans, Charles, Lefligy, Marvin Hester, William Stewart .... Second row: Pete lumpkm Bob Livingston, Dick Greer, Buddy Townsend .... Third row: Jimmy Henderson, jerry Pullen, Ernest Frady, Gene Sted- rnn Pourtli row: Charles Pate, jimmy Jordon, Hunter Handle, Floyd Bennett, Charles Daugherty, Buddy 'White, Harold Wil- lingham Buddy Rutledge .... Fifth row: johnny Starr, Eugene Mitchell, Coach Johnson, Coach Bancroft, Bobby Blakely, Arnold Pluitt Sixlll row: john Burell, Billy Moon, Marvin Van vV0l'lClC1'l11ll'll, Billy Snider .... Senenllz row: Billy Fergeson, jimmy Mavne Iatham Stewart, George Keech .... Eighih rozu: Howard WValdrep, Bobby Thrasher, Billy McCullars, Earl Reeves .... Ninth row Homer Sparks, Lamar jones, Frank Mickle, Billy Timmons .... Tenth row: Ralph Pinson, Tommy Triplett, Billy Smith. 55 SENIGR BAND This year, as always, we once again congratulate the members of the A.H.S. band on the many fine perfor- mances that they have given us. This year we are prouder than ever of our band because there were thirty-four "green" members in the group who learned to keep in step and harmonize. lfVe give the credit for our success to one of the best band directors in the state. Mfe know him as "Prof" Jackson. One of the band's best performances of the year was during the game between Anniston and Talladega. I'm sure you will remember the boy whom "Prof" shot on the field during the half time of this great game, VVe thought "Prof" put on a wonderful show. Then there was the game between Anniston and Tuscaloosa when the band saluted the Armed Forces by forming U.S.A. and outlining it with sparklers. There were many other won- derful performances which l'1n sure you remember. While we are passing out credit we should not forget to give some to Zenobia King Hill who taught our high- stepping majorettes those cute dances that they did so well. Thanks Zenobia! Yea! Yea! Hats off to the A.H.S. band as they proudly march on. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS iqi 9 'c , t L Royce HAR!-ian . , , President VIVIAN KILLEBREXV , Vice President LA VERNA CARTER , . Secretary CARLTON BARNES . . . Treasurer T XVALLACE GUNNELLS A Band Manager ICANN NICDOYVELI. . Drum Majorette Y HELEN CHASTAIN , Head Majorette 56 Y X First row: Richard Coleman, Bennie Hubbard, Julian Jenkins, Flank Rollins, Charles Hackney, Brooks Johnston, Betty Lou Stewart, Joene McKee, Robert Pettus, Ronnie Kilgore .... Second row: Billy Hughes, Barbara Smith, Mary Kathrine Lloyd, Peggy Moscly, Rose Holland, lfloy Jo Tolleson, Helen Chastain, Phyllis Zavelo, Rosa La Taste, Betty jo Alloway .... Third row: Prof. jackson, Keitha Carter, Floyd Stroup. Luwanna House, Margie Phillips, Pat Martin, Barbara Fite, Wallace Wilkerson, Sue McLain, Vivian Killebrew, Chris- tine Henson, Ruth Craig, Tommy Harris .... Fourth row: jerry jackson, jimmy Nunnally, Ray Frentriss, Garrity Vllatson, Kitty Burke, George Coats, Mary Eleanor jones, Martus Grant, jean Pullen, jo Ann McDowell .... Fifth row: Bobby Mange, jimmy Rosser, jackie Ogburn, Harold Martin, Barry Broach, jack Scholz, Carlton Barnes, John Shirley, Donald Taylor .... Sixih row: Charles Ben- nett, Randall Dye, W'ayne Smith, Pat Harper, Tommy McKay, La Verne Carter, Carolyn jones, Beth Craig, Billy Shelton, Rogers Hol- lingsworth, Martha Blackman, George Coleman, Barbara Wade .... Seventh row: Betty Landers, VVallace Gunnells, Homer Sparks, Billy Gunnells, Sam MttAneny, Bobby Goode, Tommy Yarbrough, Butch Denman, Ducky Cain. Kenneth Austin, Royce Harper, Jerry Bailey, - "'A""S" Bobby XVells, Paul Henley, Ann Coleman. r l . ' Big '1'hrwf Majorf-Hes 57 First I-mu: Celia Braswell, Billy Chilton .... Second vow Professor Jackson Bobby Champion Bobby jackson 'lommy Burkhart Mary Lou Arthur, Ronald Allinder .... Third row: Billy XV211IlOCix Canity M 'itson Lila jo Mayes ean Mums Scotty Watson junmy Rossei . . . Fourth row: Max Alston, Dan Kilgore, Barbara Fxte Betts Jean hen Carols n Bland Barbara heull Fifth row Lynn Shelton Mary Hurt, Thomas Monroe, Norman Stallins, Sonny Philips Mus Holland James Taylor S th row Frank Carlisle Challes Casey, Bobby Travis, Clyde Yarborough, jimmy Thomas Peggy XX alls Bills Russell jerry Arnold Harold Amnond JUNIOR BAND JUNIOR BAND OFFICERS DAN KILGORE . . , President BILL NIONROE . Vice President JERRY ARNOLD , . . Secretary ix-IARY HURT' , , Treasurer junior Band is made up of boys and girls who will one day be the top musicians of old A.H.S. No matter where you are you can always hear these star pupils "sounding off" every sixth pe- riod. ,Honest though, these people really do prac- tice, and they are able to put on two or three concerts during the year. They not only learn to play some musical instrument but also learn to march, so that they will be ready for Senior Band. Let's give three cheers for those junior Band members, our future Senior Band! 7,,, First row: Billy Chilton, Carl Weigand, Heather jenkins, Martha Thomas, Bobby Sanderson, Hoyt Mclierley .... Second row: james lNlcDonald, Charles Cole, Lynn Shelton, Lela Joe Mayes, Nina Moss, Charlsie Ann Zanner, Mr. Ware .... Third row: Bill Brazelton David Sikorski, Thomas Haney, john Golden, Clarence Brown. . H. S. CDRCHESTRA The orchestra is a new organization this school year. The year before, after a lapse of many years, the training of stringed instru- ment players was revived. Throughout that first year, strings in all the schools were kept separate in their training from the winds and drums. Last September the "Lightning Class," consisting of the live best violin players in the sixth grades, became on entering junior high the nucleus of the first violin section of the orchestra. Likewise the "Thunder Class" became the nucleus of the second violin section. Because of the popularity of the bands, the orches- tra has not had this year a well-rounded wind section, but, on special occasions, members were borrowed from the bands. It takes a long time to build an orchestra. Therefore only a few programs have been given. In the second semester special empha- sis has been given to building a strong body of tone in the strings, so that this young, mostly junior high, organization will eventu- ally become a creditable high school music making body. 59 Director, Mr. Ware First row: Sue McLain, Ruth Craig, Keitha Carter, Vivian killebiew Aerond row Xnne Hutehinson Chustme Henson oxce Pullen, Marcus Grant, Mary Eleanor jones, Beth Crug La Xerna Cartel Lclith Cmft Thnd ro.u jackie Ogbutn JC'IIl Pullen Pat Martin Martha Blackmon Bzubaia Wide ARMONIERS I . OFFICERS VIVIAN KILLIBREYN' , President KEITHA CARTER A Vire President RUTH CRAIG . . . Secretary SUE NICLAIN . . Treasurer The membership of the Armoniers Club is made up of girls from the Senior Band. They must have earned their letter in band and they must also be tops in their scholastic work. The club meets regularly and its programs consist of reviewing lives of great composers and their works. The club has several socials every year and they are always successes. Our club sponsor is none other than our own "Prof." jackson. Y ,7 YWV, Firsl rom: Libby Glenn. jane Edwards, Delores Miller, Jean Godwin Henry Ingirun Phyllis Gunter Rose Holland Xnnn lxillebieu . . . Sammi row: Sadie Gibson, Billie Joe Grey, Margie Claik Barbara Oswalt Nan Iiiplett Kextha C'ntei Flmd mn hm 'I'hrasher, Charlotte Dean, Homer Sparks, jerry Anchors, ohnny Blue Ralph Pinson Jimmy Huiiakei Mlcthcicll fios lxil Sims Paula Combs C'llllllllC Ballev iETUDE CLUB OFFICERS P1-IvLLIs GlJNTER . . President HENRY INGRAM , Vice President -IRAN G0lJlN'IN , . . Secretary DEI.oREslXI1LL15R . , Treasurer The Etude Club is composed of the students most talented in the field of music. This club's aim is to improve the 1llClllbC1',S knowledge and appreciation of music. They meet twice a month with their sponsor, Mr. Sims, who could not be better in this work. At these meetings, different members take part in the programs which are always well planned and very much enjoyed by all. This is certainly one of the most outstanding clubs in high school. 61 Firxl rozv: Ann Broadnax, jane Edwards. Phyllis Gunter, jean Waddy, Elsie Handle, Barbara Huddleston, Sue Hobson, Libby Glenn . . . Svrmid row: Barbara Sholtz, lfloy Jo Tolleson, Charlotte Dean, Margaret Mcflaa, Sadie Gibson, Audrey Hand, Marilyn Brittain Betty Wilkinson, Delores Miller .... Third row: Miss Gordon, Robinel Neal, Jeanette Hanson, Patsy Morrison, Margaret Dlll'l'Cll, Bar- bara Billingsley, Martha McCarty, Mary Gussie Willingham, Betty Sue Tolleson. OFFICERS ELSIE HANDLE .,.. President ,IRAN WADUY . . Vive President PHYLLIS GUNTER . . , Secretary BARBARA HUDDLESTON , Treasurer The Pen-A-Pal Club is a club whose main in- terest is in friendship. Efforts are made by meni- bers of the club to make friends with people of foreign countries as well as of our own country. Letters received by the members from their "pen- a-pals" ol' France, Germany, Brazil, and other countries are read at the meetings in order to beneht the whole club. A study of those foreign countries is also made in order that we may un- derstand more clearly the customs of our friends. 62 Firsi row: Margaret Mcilaa, jean Waddy, joyce Allen, Nan Triplett, Virginia Yeager, Phyllis Gunter, Peggy Thornton, Ann Hutchin- son, joan Allen .... Srrrmd ron-: Ann Hunter Williams, Joyce Whaticy. Mrs. Nichols, Mary Wein, Ruth Hoffman, Betty Jo Ronrman ' ' Mary Faye Yeager. SCRIBBLERS CLUB OFFICERS Iovce .ALLEN . . . President NAN TRIIHLETI' . Vice President VIRGINIA YEAGER , . Secretary PHYLLIS GUNTER . . Treasurer This is the Scribbler's Club. lt is composed of those students who have a talent for creative writing. Indeed, many of the works of these writers have been accepted by national publica- tions. They are the ones whose poems, novels, essays, and short stories you will no doubt be reading in the future. The theme for this year was "Original Com- position." Under the sponsorship of M rs. Nichols these literary-minded writers are producing ex- ceptionally well-written material. VVatch for them in print! 1 as OFFICERS MARY JAC VVADDELL A Presz'de11at HENRY INGRAM . Vice President BETTY LEE COCKRELI. , Secretary NANCY Howe .... Treasurer The Forensic Society, better known as the Debate Club, meets every odd Tuesday under the very capable leadership of Miss Christine Griflin. The membership of this club consists ol twenty-four members. The purpose of the club is to promote public speaking and a better understanding of debating among the club mem- bers. Our project this year is to send a Debate Team with alternates to represent Anniston High School in the State Debate Tournament held at the University of Alabama in April. A.H.S. is very proud of the hne rating of the debate team in the State Tournament last year. Although the club was only two years old, it represented A.H.S. in the semi-Finals and ranked fourth in the state. After this hne experience we hope to be placed First in the tournament this year. FORENSIC SCDCIETY First row: Nancy Howe. Betty Lee Cockrcll, Henry Ingvnn M nx Iac XX addell Strand mn C lll1SllllL Iexdcn Xnn llnashei Paula Combs, Sadie Lou Gibson, lllurgaret Dnrretl, K eoigc Xnn Das cnport Balham Huddlcston Fluid 1011 Marilyn Blltvllll jimmy Garrett, Isyldon Strickland. jean Curry. Vnginla Craig Vnginta knoll e'1nette Hanson city Xnthtns Ioycc Hhatlcx OFFICERS JOYCE ALLEN , , , President ,IANE Cfxss . , Vice President FM' SM1TH , , . Secretary jimmy THRASH , . Treasurer From its name you can tell inuuedi- ately that the people in this club are interested in dramatics and speech activi- ties. Each year the club presents one or more one-act plays. This year, for their induction ceremony, the new members presented a melodrama. Usually the club selects a project upon which they work all year. This year's projects were to buy a small spotlight for the Speech Department, and to sponsor a series of programs to be presented to the homerooms. Perhaps we have dramatic stars in our midst. Y'Vho knows? SPEECH CLUB Fnsl mu Clonm Pilkington owe Xllcn :me Cass Dons Cline Que Hebson Ivuluyn Brown, Betty Wilkinson ..... S vrond row: Henry Ingram Diana Cole lxy Smith lhllbeth Caithei Ldith Craft Many Wein M'uv Burt Adcock .... Third row: Christine Lcvclen ohn Henn Cemgt Kun Daxenpoil Maulyn Bnttain Wethclell Eros, Dan House, Mrs. Cobbs. First row: Betty Bonner. Yliilma Braswell, Joyce l'Vhatley, MargieVHarrison, Shirley Curlee. Pat Henderson, Rose Holland. Homer Sparks, Sadie Gibson, Phyllis Gunter, Margaret Durrett, John Austin Cater, Gordon Mallory, jack Sholtz, Harry Weatherly ..... 9 errmd row: Nan Triplett, Barbara Oswalt, Mary Jae Vladdell, jean Yvaddy, Buddy Rutledge, Joanne Hannon, Mary High, jean Curry. l'aul Alexander, Catherine Bailey, Barbara Sholtz, Mary Cilam, Delores Miller, Ann Broaduax, Libby Glenn, Stle Hebson. . . . Third row: Billie Jo Grey, Mrs. Stroup, Harriett Hubbard, Audrey Hand, Harriett Mohlman, Peggy Smith, Paula Combs, Margaret McCall: Mary Lou Seutiy. -rlllne Hunter, Williangs, Dick Little, Josephine Young, James Taylor, Gloria Lucky. Vivian Killebrew. . Fourth row: Margie Clark, Kathryn Brown, jane Edwards, Betty Wilkinson, jean Godwin, Ima jean Reeves, Hunter Williams, Neal Rainwater, Don Rigney, jimmy Havron, jimmy Garrett, Marilyn Briltain, Betty Burgess, jackie Burgess, Jeanette Hanson, Virginia Nall. SPANISH B'lARGARliT DURRM1' . . President PHx'Lt.1s CQUNTICR . Vice P'resident SADIIS GmsoN . . . Sec'retm'y l-Ioxu-ik Smuzss . . Tl'60S1ll'6'l' The Spanish Club, which was organized this year, has taken as its purpose "Better PZlI'l-fXl'llC1'i- can Relations." This will include a study of the customs and interests ol' the Spanish speaking peoples. The programs consist ol Spanish games, skits, and songs, as well as things of cultural interest. Our sponsor, lXlrs. Stroup, has lived in Central America and she makes our study very interesting with her hrst hand information about the lan- guage. The club is composed ol the members of the Spanish classes and some students who have had previous study ol' the language. VVe are looking forward to many interesting and educational programs in the future. Adios Amigos. First row: Floyd Bennett, Mary Jac Waddell, johnny Blue Second mu Sue I-Iebson Barbara Smith Phoebe Xvood Barbara Smith Rosemary lilwell. Daina Cole, jo Ann Wright, Ann Thrasher Catherine Bailey Tlmd row NI'ug'uct Dmxett JCIIV B uley Karon Bentley, Joyce Allen, Joyce Moore, Betty Lee Cockrell, George knn Datenpoit immy Sue Stan Betty Moon Robbie Neal Fourth row: Charles Bancroft, .-Boyce Christopher, Charles Adcock Chris Bannister Ray Murphrce Mx N'1sh lmnk Mrtklc Whit Whiteside f Wetherell Eros George Box Kenneth Allen USHERS CLUB OFFICERS FLOYD BENNETT Pmszdent JOHNNY BLUE VzceP1eszdent MARY JAC YVADDLLL . . Secretary and 71760811767 The Ushers Club is one of the oldest and most important clubs of Anniston High School. Their main purpose is to work under the leadership of Mr. Nash, the sponsor, with the Student Council to promote a better school with student democ- racy. Each usher's duty is to remain in the hall one lull period of every day. At this time he takes up absentee reports, runs errands and keeps the halls quiet to the best of his ability. At lunch period it is the ushers who keep the halls quiet for those still in home room. It is a pleasant duty for an usher to be called upon to sell or take up tickets at a basketball game or to usher at formal affairs such as concerts or plays. Yes, this club is a group of students who help to make our school a place of which we can be justly proud. 67 First row: Barbara Haynes, Martha Wimpee, Lawanna House, Montez Norton, Gloria Pilkington, Rosa La Taste, Tommy Butler Bobby Smith .... Serond -row: Barbara Shaddix, Elsie Handle, Jeanette Hanson, Harriett Mohlman, Jackie Burgess, Elizabeth Gaither, Gloria Lucky, Betty Ann Gray .... Third row: Mrs. Boaz, Ann Cockrell, Helen Meigs, Virginia Yeager, Rita Fowler, Peggy jackson, Geraldine Morrison, Betty Willingham .... Fourth row: Mary Ann Hitt, Betty Quinelle, Elizabeth Richardson, jimmy Garrett, F. E. Martin, Patsy Allen, Marilyn Brittain. .IUNIGR CRGSS OFFICERS VIRGINIA YEAGER . I President ELSIE HANDLIi . Vire President NIARILYN BRIT'1'AIN , Secretary IIQANETTIQ HANsoN . Treasurer The junior Red Cross Council is the branch of the National Red Cross in tlIe high school. This is truly a line organization and we are proud of having a part, however small, in it. This year we have participated in several dif- ferent activities. Those people whom you saw around with a look of concentration and a ball of yarn were knitting an afghan for a veteran hospital. YVC also had fun with the Red Cross Christmas boxes that we filled for the European children. Wife were very proud when Anniston High was enrolled 1002, for service in the Red Cross. Ji- 1 ff vi! ' .fn 1 Zemin ,hi ,Q ,V Q wr xx 'Crk .X Mm , X ' if L V,,,.M 5 NS ,L ' x , 1 Y M 1 . . - f-Qi I - sifsggg fi -3L15X.4:,.1x:, . Tliii. fx f "xl"i3 xzjiifxl' , . x 11iSfij21 - 3 ' x xiii . D fm! .. A "1 -1 Mm. x 1 ' - 1 ,.-. ,X A W 7 335112 A+--'QQFQQ5 w :ww -5 1: in WE 4, aww, 5:51-2. , : . PQ -if . .-KX: XT. iz K' :f'm?r?1A.., ' S .xX. iw K. Q if S up gym Y mx ,ww-,Nam T I 5 E 3 S E i 1 S Q S 2 w S M ,M,www, S ? E ? S s S Q S x S s S if K Q P S 33 Q X S 3 S wx, S ? S E , 5, 'z 5 R ii S 5 S 2 ix ? B 2 S 5 E E 4 L I n i i s i I i r MARY EARL N EITA HURT' R EAVES M OORL CLEVEREST MOST ATHLETIC .ELSIE KIINIINIY HANDLE PAYNE MOST PERSONALI TY BOBBY THRASHER JANE EDYVARDS -L- g,7 ,, , -I1MMx' JOAN THRASH HOLLAND FRIENDLIEST SWVEETEST and N ICEST 74 JOHNNY BLUE J EANliT'1'li I-lANs0N LAMAR N AN J ON 155 TR1 P LIETT CU TEST w - --.......,. S-Nm' B liT'1'Y ANN MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED S BUDDY GRAY NVHITE MOST VERSATILE H ENRY INGRAM 12D1TH CRAFT BUDDY N IARY R UTLIQDGE K ATHRYN MOST POPULAR LLOYD 75 BEST DR ESSED IM N1Y THIGPIQN WHO'S WHO SVVEETEST AND NICEST MARY W ILsoN PETE LITTLE CUTEST BARBARA B101-ILMAN HAROLD NAILS MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST HANDSOME MARTHA KNIGHTON CHARLES HoRToN MOST POPULAR BARBARA NAGISL JIMMY HUISISARIH O 3 I I HA emi!! :-Kixlxk - ,QQ at ., - -2595391565 "T W .wa--Www Aw- - X " ' ff 1-a,Ls:'ff11'fJ- JWT' .H,,,,, . K yiiziu' -. K: ,Ak-m W . fl wif, ,3z,Dg,,. .iawqgiifh QQAQJ Q- V+ Q pg W aff' f A " . f Captain 6' H UNTER HANDLE 175 lbs. "Brutus" linished his third year of brilliant play for the Bulldogs. He was ll true leader on the Held. Hunter was one of the most vicious tacklers in the state at his left end post. He had an extra point record that many college kickers would like to possess. He also handled the kickoff duties for the Bull- dogs. His place is going to be hard to lill next season. Brains Firsl row: Charles Leflrgys Ernest Frady, Eugene Mitchell, Buddy Townsend, Buddy Townsend, Buddy White, Jimmy Thigpen, Gene Stedhain, Floyd Bennett, Harold Willingham. Hunter Handle .... Second rozv: Marvin Van Wonderhani, jimmy Mayne, l 1 Bsncnorr JOHNSON I8 Co-Captain ' ps," Charles Pate, Don Chapman. Buddy Rutledge, Jerry,l'il,len, Earl Reeves, Billy Moon, Tommy Triplctl, Marvin Hester .... Third rowffirnold Pruett, Dick Greer. Howard Waldrep, George Kccch, Tommy Craft, Bobby Blakely. Billy Snider, Frank Mickle, Billy Smith, Ralph Pinson, Bobby 'lxi1l'8SilCl'. 5'l 1" lX'IARv1N HES'l'l'1R 185 lbs. "lXflarv" was a brilliant quarterback who finished his third season. In both his junior and senior years he made the first string All-County teillll. He was one of the best blockers and Held generals in the recent history of the Bulldogs. Mar- vin has accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Georgia. Their gain is our loss. Managers 79 Tmmoxs, STARR, EVANS 5 ft. 10 in. CHARLI-QS DAUGHEIKTY 180 lbs.K "Chuck" alternated at the center slot this year and played some great ball for the Bulldogs. He was an excellent snapper on offense and loonled like :t stone wall backing up that line. He leaves a great gap behind him when he graduates. 5 ft. 11 in. BUDDY RUTLEDGE 175 lbs. HRM" was a hard cracking fullback, finishing out four seasons of rugged football. This sparkplug of the bnnkfteld was hampered for a while with a trick knee, but he came through in Fine style. For the last two years he made the All-County team, and next year he goes to play football for the University nf Georgia. it .J 6 tt. lg ,ti 1-fs, DICK GREER wo ns. "'1'rit:4" wasstlilritiggtxkltartl charging tackle who finished his high school career as one of the best tackles in the state. For two years straight he carried off All-County honors. Dick will do his collegiate footbnllin' for t- Bauta's Crimson Tide. We say. "More power to him!" 5 ft. 9 in. FLOYD BENNETT 190 lbs. "Snake" has been lor three years a standout in the big Bulldog line. and each year has made the All-County first team. His hard charging and heads up line play have made him at valuable eng in the Bulldog grid machine. und he finishes, recognized as one of the best guards ever lo play for A.H.S. 5 ft. 9 in HAROLD WILL1NGHAM 200 lbs. "Frog" is known as the Sherman tank of nur forward wall. Football opponents know to move out of his way. Both this year and last he has been an outstanding lin-esman. and he still has two more years to play. So why worry? With him around we can't lose! 5 ft. 8 in. BUDDY WHITE 170 lbs. "Choo Choo." the nnptain of next season's eleven. has been tt star for the past two years at the fullback slot. He has the spirit and ambition to make good at any position. His devastating blocking and running shuttld lead future Bulldogs to litany victories. 6 ft. RALPH PINSON 225 lbs. "Waldo" stood out as a rough tackle who enuld really tear up that interference. He had evervthiu a 'ood tackle needed . . . heivht, . . .fr t. V . t weight, and experience. Ralph played his greatest game against the rugged Bessemer team. Ht- made All-County this year and will certainly be hard to replace next season. 5 it 11 in. BILLY SNIDER 175 lbs. "Crip" probably inode the most startling change of any of the Bull- dogs. He shifted front a reserve fullback who had been hampered by injuries for two seasons to a rugged first team eenter. His brilliant play won hint at scholarship to the University of Georgia. His Alma Mater is expecting good reports from there. 6 ft. iu. TOMMY TRlPl.E'l'T 190 lbs. "Trip" managed one of the enrl posts like a true veteran this season. He was a sure fingered pass receiver who was helved lay his tremendous height. He played a rough defensive panic also. These qualifications won All-County honors for hint, and his shoes are going to be hard tu fill next fall. 5 ft. 11 in. BOBBY TIIRASHER 175 lbs. "Kill" has been for three years a standout performer. He has developed into one of the best broken field runners over seen in the lm-al camp. He played both right and left ltalfbaek during the season, and he is expected to he the triple threat left back in the future. 5 ft. 10 in. BILLY MOON 170 lbs. "Handsome" won plenty of reeognition during this, his first year on the varsity. He stood out as a runner. and he was hard for any teaut to cope with in the open field. Bill should he one nf next year's half- baclfs. and it's safe to het he'll play a lot of football for us in that position. 5 ft. 10 in. MARVIN VAN WONDERl-IAM 155 lbs. "Burk" eame through like an experienced rt-'ulzir when he was thrust into the halfback slot due to injuries of several players. His wide end sweeps brought the stands to their feet many times. The-re's no doubt that he will be very valuable to next ycar's team. 80 FARNPQI' FIIADX Fragile was the faslrst luau on the team and he used burn up many yards for the Bulldogs A good prospect for in next seasons backheld Earnest is certainly one fellow bc watched t l CHARI ES LECRQL .lohn B is one tough guard who is expected tu tear un 1x0 lb hu- speed In a steady job who should 175 lbs mam enemy wet ups next year On ollense he got in there fast and his defensnc playmg nas gust one more reason wht our team had surh a strong lme JERR1 PULLFL 160 lbs Herb Saint has been outstanding for several years at the guard position This boy really rocked on defense He was aiwavs in there Ftghtmrv and his gnt and determination in addition tu his playing ability mode him the fine guard that he was. . . ' . JIMMY THIGPEN 170 lbs. Stump, playing in his senior year, became a sensational guard for the bin Anniston team. He charged like a demon with horns and a tail on defense and really gave our opponents some throbbing headacln-5. We re not kidding when wc say we're going to miss him. BILLY SMITH 210 lbs. big: hard-cracking tackle with number 64 on his jersey. than his share of misery to opposing teams this past season. After a while people learned not to get in his way. I-Ie is a fine sportsman and has been elected Co-Captain of next seasons eleven. t. 'Smitt ' e dealt out more . ' . DON CHAPMAN 210 lbs. 'Donny is one of those big tall tackles who could really develop into a star lineman. He has the size speed, weight, and experience behind him and he should be great next year, because he s one of those guys who had rather play football than eat. t. 1 ' . JIMMY MAYNE 175 lbs. "Shoulders ' played some good hull this year, but he and touch luck seemed tn walk hand in hand all season. However he is expected to he a top flight hall carrier next fall, for he can run, pass, and kick with the best ui them. Just be ready to cheer for himl s ft. II sn. FRANK MICKLEI ms lbs. "Finney" should be the Bulldogs' pivot man next year. His size and weight enable him tn crush into and completely disintegrate the inter- ference. "Honey" did some line playing as be backed up the line this time, and he'll probably spark the next Bulldog line. 6 ft. EARL REAVI-15 175 lbs. "Ugly," playing his first year on the varsity, developed into an excel- lent defensive end. Since he's now gained that all important experience. he is expected to become a very hard individual with whom to eopc. Keep your eye on this fellow next fall. 6 fl. ALFRED CARTER 180 lbs. "Gut," during his play on the varsity this year, has shown sions of becoming a orashing end. This, of course. will make him very valuahlr on defense next season. l'le's already been playing good ball, but we'rc expecting even better in the future. 6 ft. BOBBY BLAKELY 175 lhs. "Corporal" has another year to display his talent at the quarterback slot. He is a smart heads up ball player in addition to being a capable blocker. And believe it or not, his signals are always-well, almost always-on the beam. Yon'll be seeing a lot more of him. 5 ft. 10 in. EUGENE MITCHELL 175 lbs. "Gene" was a reserve fullback playing his final year for Anniston. He was always in there hnstling, and he played some line ball. His deter- mination and team spirit made him the kind of ball player we hate to lose 81 6 ft. JOHN BURRELL 170 lbs "Honest John" played some good ball this year from his right end post. He was an excellent pass rcreiver and a tough defensive end. In addition he had that all important team spirit which is so important on :tml oil thc football field. Wc're surely glad he's going tn be around for another season. ti ft. 2 in. HOXVARD XVALDREP 175 lbs. "ltluusie" on the football Held was not what his nzune implies. Ho t- as one of the most afxgressive, hard charging tat-kles we've seen here. lle always seeired to think 'tthe bigger they are. the harder they fall" and sure enough they did. Anniston will miss this boy next year. 5 ti. ll in. GEORGE KEECH 160 lbs. t'Georgie," who is sometimes better known as "Brains Keeeh," proved tn be a very capable quarterback this season. He seemed to have a snevial tal'nt for lnowin-' what to do when, and he sc-ltloin got his wires crossed. l'lis excellent blocking came in handy too. You can look for lots more oi him in the future. 6 ft. 1 in. ARNOLD PRUETT 175 lbs. "Sim" was a tall rungy Hanknian for the Bulldog team. He can really cover territory speedily, and he showed much promise as a pass receiving r-nd durinf' the season. l'le's going to he eountnul on next year to grab all fontballs that happen tu he Hunting aimlessly down the field. Wo're betting that he will, too! ' 5 fl. 10 in.. HUDDY TOWNSEND 1-70 lbs. "Salty" did a nice job as one of our guards this time. He could always be counted on to stop the enemy running game through the middle of the line. Ho has one more year to keep our opponents busy, and he should develop into one oi our lincsl defensive guards. 5 fl. 11 in. CHARLES PATE 180 lbs. i'Churls" was the big defensive end with the number 52 on his jersey. Fans saw him play soine fine reserve hall during the past season. He was one of those boys that ennld really hustle, sand I for one. would hate to get hit by him. l'le's leaving an empty place that's going: to be hard to lill. - 5 ft 11 in. TOMMY CRAFT 190 lbs. "Eyes" was n big tackle playing his hrst year on thc varsity. A grad- uate of Coach Nichnl's B Team, he showed up well, and played some creditable ball for the Bulldogs. Before hc finishes school, he should have played a lot of tackle for ole A.H.S. 5 ft 10 in. JIMMY HENDERHON 165 lbs. "Mums" was a Hne haltbavk playing his second year on the varsity. Ho was a -specialist on long booming punts and was also an excellent pass receiver and runner. Since he has all the necessary characteristics, ne think that with a little determination he can heroine a first class ball player. The next two snasons will tell. h We defeat lhc Tigers. 82 R KA 125 9 X, if 2 M! -i I fs ' 5131? nga-K ,V,t ,J 1 3 nw Q .fygpib J' ffjl I 2: ,, , W S dam k 5 .bi .Mk,w Sk x H 1: E T 5 A v . ,A 5 ' 52? " r f ff. W Nw, S538 55? fl 1 1 w --2 .L ,fy W, wfxf:EEM'. f wllimixx RM -ww 'IBEW P. N A.. qu W 1 xw my my 'M r GW 5? W M 'YA 3 'QWSXQQX W' M , .SX . Nw Line: Triplett, Greer, Bennett, Snider, WVillingham, Pinson, Handle. . . . Ilarklielfl: Moon, Rutledge, Hester, Tltraslter. ANNISTON 58-ALEXANDRIA 0 The Bulldogs started the season oli with a hang by defeating Alexandria in a football game that looked mare like ax track meet. Buddy White, gaining 161 yards running, led thc Bulldogs attack. The entire Anniston line played great ball, holding Alexandria to minus 20 yards rushing. Capt. Handle und Dick Greer were especially outstanding. Out- standing bucks besides Whitt- were Rutledge, Mayne, Henderson, Hester, and Thrasher. ANNISTON 1-L-BESS1-IMER 0 Before 9,000 fans in Memorial Stadium, the Bulldogs locked horns with the Bessemer Purple Tigers in one of the most thrilling games ever played in Anniston. The two tennis battled on nearly even terms during the first three quarters with the big Anniston line, sparked by Dick Greer, Hunter Handle, Billy Snider. Tommy Triplett, and Floyd Bennett. holding the Purple Tigers to 12 yards rushing. Other outstanding lincmen were "Frog" Willingham. Ralph Pinson, Charles Daugherty. Don Chapman, and Billy Smith. The out- standing back of the night was Buddy Rutledge who made 97 of Auniston's 201 yards rushing. Bobby Thrasher also played a great game until he hurt his elbow in the second quarter. Marvin Hester played a brilliant game as a blocking back and field general. Buddy White was tops all night from his fullback post. Rutledge scored the first touch- down after carrying the ball to the one where Mayne smashed oil' tackle for the score. ANNISTON 33 W OXFORD 0 The Bulldogs held in check the lirst half by a stubborn Oxford team ran wild the second half. Jimmy Henderson, the brilliant sophomore, stood out as the best running: hack on the Field, scoring four touchdowns-one on u beautiful 54 yard dash. Buddy White played a rugged ball game all night, getting oti several nice runs. The entire line played good ball, especially in tho second hai to give the Bulldog backs some nice holes. Handle, Greer, Willingham, Snider, Bennett, Pinson, Triplett, Chapman, LeCroy, Smith, Pullen, Townsend, and Daugherty were all important factors in the Bulldogs' win. ANNISTON 33- EMMA SANSOM 0 The Bulldogs continued their winning ways by tronncing the big but inexperienced Rebels irum Gadsden. Blocking throughout the game was superb, especially by "Frog" Willingham, Floyd Bennett, and Ralph Pinson. Buck Van Wonderham, Earnest Frady, and .limmy Henderson played great olfensive bull. Other outstanding players during the night were Greer, Handle, Rutledge, and Hester. This win left the Bulldogs standing in the lime-light as one of, and possibly, the hest high school team in Alabama. ANNISTON A17-TALLADEGA 7 Before a packed house in Talladega, the Bulldogs continued their winning ways by downing a tough tiger eleven. Billy Moon tallied Anniston's first touchdown on a beau- tiful 1B-yard run. Handle converted and the Bulldogs led 7 tu 0, Bobby Thrasher, playing in the second half, after not dressing out the First half, played rt brilliant game, running touchdowns of 10, 17, and 95 yards. The big Anniston line again played a great game. Big Dick Greer played a smashing and hard charging game irum his left tackle position. Hunter Handle was speetacnlar from his left end post. Tommy Triplett also played a great game. Other outstanding lincmen were Ralph Pinson, Floyd Bennett, Frog Willingham, and Billy Snider. THIRD STRING Line: Reztvcs, Craft, Townsend, Mickle, Thigpcn, Wnldrcp, Carl ' i Line: Burell, Chapman, LeCroy, Daugherty, Pullen, Smith, Pruett .... Backheld: Van lV0nderham, Keech, lvhite, Henderson. 'asm v 1 i f I SECCDND STRING . Backheld: Strickland, Mitchell, Blakely, Wingard, Frady. ANNISTON 7 -DOTHAN 13 Playing away from home, the Anniston Bulldogs dropped A bitter decision to Dothan's Tigers. The first half showed plenty of promise for the Dogs as they got away to a fine start. On some good running by Thrasher and Moon and two beautiful passes from Thrasher to Handle, the Bulldogs moved to Dothan's twqzyard line where Hester went over on a quarterback sneak. Handle converted and Anniston led 7-0. Dothan came right hack and tied it up in the second quarter and the half ended with the score tied 7-7. Early in the fourth quarter Dothan blocked a kick, scooped it up, and ran across. Even in defeat Anniston had some outstanding players. In the line Bennett, Willingham, Snider, and Triplett stood out ,and in the backfield White, Munn, Thrasher, and Van Wonderham played some good bull. ANNISTON 41 - PIEDMONT 0 Our Bulldogs came roaring and snarling back to victory by trouncing a highly rated Piedmont team. Bobby -Thrasher led our fighting dogs to victory with some smooth nm- ning. Rutledge was also at his best as a hard plunging fullback. The Anniston line was tackling and charging hard all night. Lcd by Captain Handle and Big Tritz Greer, they held Piedmont to very few yards rushing. Willingham, Thigpen, Pinson, Chapman, Smith, Daugherty, Snider, LeCroy, Pullen, Bennett, Pruett, Burell, Townsend, and Reaves were all tops in the hig Anniston line. Outstanding hacks were White, Keech, Blakely, Moon, Thrasher, Rutledge, Strickland, Frady, Van Wonderham, and Mitchell. ' ANNISTON 13-GADSDEN 0 Our "Dogs" kept up their winning ways by trouncing a highly regarded Gadsden team before 13,000 fans in Murphee Stadium. There were hardly any outstanding players for our team with practically everyone playing his best game. Again the Anniston line played some great ball, especially Jimmy Thigpen, Dick Greer, Floyd Bennett, Don Chap- man, Ralph Pinson, Billy Snider, and Hunter Handle. There was hardly an outstanding back on the field but Thrasher who made a beautiful 54-yard run, and Mayne who caught a. touchdown pass from Thrasher along with Moon, Hester, and Rutledge played great games. As the half ended Billy Moon saved the day by catching a Gadsden hack from behind, saving a score. ln all, this was probably the finest game the Bulldogs have played this year or in any other recent year. ANNISTON 26-TUSCALOOSA COUNTY 19 "Boom-Boom" Thrasher collaborated with "Little Joe" Rutledge to lead Anniston to a very thrilling decision over nn inspired Tuscaloosa team. On the Bulldogs' second run- ning play, Thrasher drove, plunged, spun, tripped, and fell 80 yards for a touchdown. A few minutes later Rutledge ran through an enormous hole opened up by the hard charging Anniston line and galoped 40 yards to score standing up with a battery of photographers shooting his picture. Trailing 19-14 with 5 minutes remaining, Thrasher ran 35 yards behind beautiful blocking, A few moments later Rutledge carried the ball to the one-yard line on a beautiful run. Hester went over and the Bulldogs emerged triumphant. The whole Anniston line played great ball. Handle, Greer, Willingham, Snider, Bennett, Pinson, Thigpen, Triplett, Daugherty, Moon, Rutledge, Thrasher, Hester, Smith, Chapman, LeCroy, Pullen, Frady, and Van Wonderham played great ball. NICHOLS SMALLWOOD First row: . mn 1 ' Jimmy Jordan, Charles McCarty, Charles Adcock, Dan House, Pele Jmnpkin, Billy Monroe, Clyde Harris, james Taylor, Bootie lNInllcndorc. . . . Second row: jesse Gable, X-Villiam Stewart, Gene Sledhain, Charles Hom, Hcrshall Gann, Ylfhit WVhitesidc, WVZIYIIC lVard, Paul Alexander, Ronald Y'Valkcr, Earl Waugh, FIRST STRING Left Enid-Tliomas COLLOH, Luft 'l"ac:kle, Clmrles Gilmer, Luft C-uurcl-Gene Stedhain, Center- Whit Hfliiteside, Right Guard-XVilliann Stewart. Right Tackle: .Swain -' '- ' " ' Right l'Lncl- jimrny Jordon, QL1zn1'Lc1'b:u:k-Cielie Mnllcnclorc, Luft Halfback-Clycle I-Iarris, Fullback-Wayne Ularcl, Right 1-Iulfback-Pete Lumpkin. 86 BULL Harold Wells, Thomas Cotton .... Third row: Joe Clagoen, james Pate, Sonny Israil, Douglas Vllilliams, Frank Yancey, Billy Davis, Kenneth Davis, Charles Gilmer, Tommy Nolen, Herman Sprayberry, Fred Craft, Donald Houston, Malcom Shelton, Morgan Kerr, Leroy Welborn, George Bennett, Gerald Harper. PUPS MANAGERS XVALTICRS, CL1zM1cN'rs, Box VVIQ THEX 0 Mumford A 12 7 Talladega B lil l9 Valley High B 0 Fil Ranburne A 0 0 Marion Institute B 27 SECOND STRING Left Encl-lflerman Spruyberry, Lett "l"ack1e-Ronald Walker. Lett Guarcl-Tommy Nolen, Center --Clmrles Horne. Right Guzn'rl-Pzuxl Alexander, Right 'lqackle-jesse Gable. Right End-jfiharles McCarty, Quztrterhaek-I-l:n'olcl lVells, Left Halfback-Billy Monroe, Fullback-james Tzlylor, R ight Ilalfluaick-Cl:arles Aclcock. 87 ' w SNIDER Cocmmw GRIGGS FFRGUSON S'r1cw.-xR'r BURIQLL ' W Annuuv joimsou Our Bulldogs started the season loaded with experience. Such returning stars as Vlfaldrep, Burell, Cochran, Ferguson, Snider, Griggs, and Stewart were the basis for a very good report. The Bulldogs started the season by winning eleven straight games before meeting defeat. Anniston's fast breaking offense led by Big Howard XfValdrep 6'3" clicked continually against such opponents as Gads- den, Talladega, Oxford, Piedmont, and Jacksonville. Cothran, Ferguson, and Snider were hitting the basket constantly and played some bang up ball on both offensive and defensive. Other stars for the Bulldogs were Chapman, Blakely, jordan, Cotton, and Livingston. Jimmy Griggs, Stal' floor man, was injured early in the season and was forced to drop out of competition for the remainder of the season. The Bulldogs were seeded Erst in the District Tournament but lost to Talla- dega. Nevertheless this is one ol the best cage teams we have had in a long time, and believe me, Coach -Iohnson's charges surely deserve praise. A-TEAM The Crew in Action 88 N We 40 33 26 26 53 43 53 32 53 37 4-7 BEN NICTI' SCORES Gadsden Jacksonville Glencoe Sylaeauga Sylacauga Piedmont Emma Sansom Valley High Talladega Oxford Lanett l'Ve 42 48 36 36 B1.Aum.x' They We 34 29 24 53 23 62 18 38 32 38 40 40 32 29 48 38 49 34 46 25 41 TOURNAMENT Heflin Gadsden Talladega Jacksonville CHAPM W LIVINGSTON Valley High Glencoe Emma Sansom Lanett Oxford Piedmont Talladega Etowah Gadsden jacksonville Etowah They 27 34 44 47 BASKETBALL They 42 33 37 30 28 28 51 39 36 35 39 COTIEN joauox Back rozv: Ferguson, Burell, Blakely, Chapman, Waldrep, Bennett, Snider .... Front row: Stewart, Cochran, Livingston, Jordon, Cotten. Rlclmkhsox Alrznagvr l'Ve They 9 l 23 15 37 23 52 29 Gadsden jacksonville Glencoe Sylacauga Sylacauga Piedmont :- 21 18 21 32 28 Emma Sansom Valley High Talladega Oxford Lanetl Cofxcn SMAl.l.VVOOh B-TEAM BASKETBALL neth Fowler, Jimmy I.and, Roy Ponder, Earl NVaugh. Valley High Glencoe Emma Sansom Lanett Oxford Q Piedmont They 34 23 37 44 17 26 lf'Ve 24 33 23 21 23 First row: Ronald Mlalker, Billy George Robinson, Clyde Harris, Paul Alexander, Bud McCartey ..... 9 ecoml row: George Kecch, Ken Third row: Billy LeMaster, john McGinnis, Billy Chandler, Hamid Wells Mr. Smallwnod. E towah Etowah Gadsden Jacksonville Etowah MANAGER 90 They 19 28 29 19 21 BILLY LTER! ASTICR JR. BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Paul Logan, Charles Bancroft, Bobby Smith, Paul Clemens, Miller Hlcatherly, Tommy French, john Perkins .... Secmzrl row: Chris Banister, George Whitlock, Norman 'Williams, Billy Monroe, Billy 'Tll0l'Ilf0Il. john Sims. Douglas Martin, jack Knighton. . . . Third rouu' Billy Ashley, Jimmy Rosser, Barry Johnson, Morgan Kerr, Mickey Stcwarl, Charles Ray Thomas, Carl Vann. GOLF TEAM Left to right: Jimmy Griggs, Charles Horn, Bobby Blakely. Marvin Hester, Milton 'Wiggley. ' 91 9 Shuffle Board Exercises Ping Pong Folk Dancing Girls' 19 Folk Dancing B slcefball Ball Champs 9 Q Soft Ball XC nts Sports 49 Folk Da S O A wmmwm k - M . AL s E as il QQ QQ 1 iss! SA fs-QS 2 QQ f 5 O X . li L, Q- : 3 Q g HF' 1 Y 7 1 2115 45177 ' W- Q f , www fi:-:ar , , - 'K N x S 523' Q , Q53-Q Q X X wr Qi X xgxx Xxx XE A - ,. xx W i A V ' Q ' S, ..., . k A ,rw ., mmmmw-ww fmmnm mm Q S ,QM x if mlm- Nwmmpm 5 ' Q5 S 1 N S E 5 52 5 i E Q N S xx X A K SEQ :QQ 2.5 K Q 5 . Alma Mater A.H.S., dear Alma Mater, Though our paths of life may sever, Listen while we sing, Though we wander far, To thy feet, with deep devotion, Still our hearts are turning ever Grateful love we bring. Where dear memories are. Chorus Steadfast, loyal, ever true Through all the years to be Thus we sing our heart's allegiance A.H.S. to thee. 95 Our Friends mf W Q5 M fwzJfL,,z,7,ggz ,4 Elm L M ff 1, dx 55 Zi Qfrf X Nagy XQXQ f -f -If qqywvww-M' JZ-ff,-fc,fvfzzg,y.- W' 0096 JM K3 S699 . C.. QQYNSX Q' oO O 3 ' ' . WWE M i M QZYQMQ QQ E V ,, Q FARMERS SUPPLY . fevigfff fqiN-"'Pl"l-- J'-egf-vlnve 54145 'V KILLEBREW FURNITURE co. 6450 Q igwwhp hlfwgffwi Mal 3 Q Q 600' QOVLN--41 W1 -wff . ,Am 1 V. K L S if . AAT'-V x. , W .1 ai- -ig? ' x :Q ., X, ,Q 19,1 ' : W .Mgr f sjiqfk A .1- gs S Q. .. ff 'C N k Q i. 5:11 1 1 X -ez , 455 .Gigi-. wmv-X ' x W , ' JFMQSQ viii? A . pw ef ffm 1 1 s 4 AQ Q ' s -M 5. , ixg b I 1 M b sf 1 A, 1 5 X " -gigs 11:-iii: ' 52 x 3125: .gajgfw X ,. . x , -. . . - - 'W SE ., Y K 1 M, . X f N Q. 5- - q i dwg -. X' - 1' ' - J-'lf-f"'1 , w!f1"3 R-KKK L K " ' ' .. lk- M 5 LAL x ' '35 .- .-,fm zz V. Q It , 5 Wx - f. -' , V W ing . ,. - Y .-f' f M 1, 1- 9513 ? if - w s h as 5 S 225 2 - 1" ' ' -.5 ' ' 2- A I 'L ' ' . S-SK S , A .K . if . .. - . - 1 1 .f -'N - E' . Q, p' f--E"- , . - - .I TV Qi , lr-'a' :i'f-. S' S ,FY',9' 'A I 1 5:7'w'Sf' ' 9x 1 ' " ' -f - S' A J ff' 5 Q - ws. . X A . f- ,,' ,i-, X 'V - Q . Saw s ': we N- -f Lf ft . X K -, ' . ' 9 xx - M- 'f" ": ' V ,f7:' .S?'.k "ff "1-.N f' ' I QM ,ls .ig ,:s3JE'.,yQg, . X4 .X X X , L .Q A -A .af H ,. .. Qs! F . ff g fx ' . , . , ,Q ,Q ' f ,1 , V: T Q' 1 -Ne, gf! -4, 3 ,MYSFQ-33, .'.:1 . , if S y Y T 1L53l.1.::L . .',v -E+ f -- ,, ,:':,:xi.,, AM ,A--z -:. SSP?" :,'vw-.-'.::- ,z-.-1 - - -- -fu X Q ,+z.w""' nw' 'aw Sis, Y x Q . . W, Q 3 - I 5, I. :3-egggw gy- Q . , K X v 1. an V L an 5 fwgfgx 5 33f' 2e A- ' Q- , , " x. ia - x, fi A ,Z 4-ik . Y wr. . 'k -X f"' Q. ' ,1 ibn A t Y V . t g 1 'X , ' N5-Qigu-is:-H X fx , ' - A4 Q ey j 5 Se Wx . , - 1. 3 ., ,1 3, ls, Q .,.q l 4 .W - W Xw ,. A fr . A Q !7 l , JH 5s1wfiJ3"mk-WWA . Y x M K ' Us . Jxijfb' jg? Ogden! gfagrauerd . g,, 'K' The 1949 HUUH GLASS df Nw A A W W5 M mov A Lf ' P Afcrah gzgrauing G. A 146 NAssAu sr. N. w. ATLANTA I l A L M- e'V-s Q -- ' qavu. GDLWQU nfijbdxw ?jfb"JQ.ff'WVV . cTii"'Lji""'3f-'f W. ' W' '-'XC-' 2.64.-4.5. Y JD 519-fl-X CW,-1 M445 ff.,,MJ'w?'Q Wfy VWMIN-WJ Tiff! W 2' Vw M ww mm W' QW . wfjfwf bgdyvoyijfg . ff' WLWW gy X C .J-J" QM wr for, W , QW, W M Sfflggfg ,"A1 X4 ' 7.1-, E M' , ffQ3? HRiHi ., A, ,fp A 3, 'wr I f Qqgaiqiii'-17? 5' W.?'Jif' A QV! bqaxffggx W GW QQw.ff t 1 - uf M5515 KJ! ' M 'Efffff' , ff v f- 'L P .5 1 ' . -sf 3 fa, -5 JI-V P' Vvjp fu 717 4 . ,ff J wi' W if 1 fi' gf ,ff ., gf 1 . . K' fi' P-dr X f J, . ,. gals j,,wM'f 'RHS 'ww wi? ,LW'JH,,,w, 34 as -,g ww Tb sr , I . Y - ' 141,45 gi AJ .QQ dfif if 1 'Q' ' ,f 2 f X' L7fH2.sQ, N Q1-gififw G-Ss.. www w,...MM-Q -mgwwsmrqvglb ' .Y . , WCM WWW ' . . v . - I, , ,--P H U,,:'-.V ,L F Qu. 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W-NQ UP U , I yy h ., ,z MM sff MLW Q dfcagwf S LC k Q . mia 1 04000 J W ,,,,,-.....4. , , , 5 Ep 74, ,RN Q x. s .QW ik Q N , N, T: X 'Sw 3 'sys . D 11: DY P. 2. Ssxiwrxv 'f2Ls.1.X 3 fs Q Q X me r X QQAS L L 4 l 'WWW V, W H P is ' fx fl" xXx wwxkx X xxx SX 11,0 XM B. ,X N X N X N1 X N x NY X x Q 335 x X N ax Q K EXQ X w-saggy QR. fs.. 3 . X MN Q s9? ,QV y O, Q I g1.,j5j,L'lf-Si J MAL!-2' JJ 1 y ' ff - ,, 1 1

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