Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL)

 - Class of 1946

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Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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I Q 7 Foreword This book represents a year,s effort by your staff and many hours of planning and craftsmanship by your pho- tographer, engraver, and printer. To us the job has been fun and it is our hope and wish that you derive as much pleasure and enjoyment from it as We have. Of course, we lost some sleep and at times had a hard struggle, but through the co-operation of those who gave their time, ability, and effort, we found our task quite inter- esting and exciting. This edition depicts our students who are endeavoring to acquire traits which qualifyythem for leaders-in the world of tomorrow and help einem to contribute some small part to our nation and- the world in attaining ever- lasting peace. In portrayingqthe Students of a year filled with study, football ganffas, niusieals, draniatics, and many other activities, we realize :that We have vividly revealed their pride and respect forthe ideals and tradi- tions of the school that they lovenso well. We are sincerely grateful to each student and teacher who has helped us make this publication. We hope you will accept thisfvolume, colored by our idealism, as-a cherished memoir of a glorious and successful year, the first year of peace and readjustment. EDITOR do ,- , , - , 1 .3 A gf' J. 'U 4 , 1' N. ,-m.w',,-. rf, 1 'f M, n 2 ' -U n,,1,,,1,,4f- ' -W Ex... ,jixxllig -1..,. 4 X Z' ,XX A Mix m?SX'M'miw .rw gm , .wg , Tl- , 1 ,, 44" www.-4 'ww , W . ,fww-T', 'Y 'A 1 -"' - - ' ' , : , 'X , M A ,g I , V 1 I -x V W' I V 4 The Student Body . .. of ANNISTOIXI I-IIGH SCHOOL tl DDW Elt B L B M L F I lt1Acl Presents.. .3 , 34.2 1946 HUUH GLASS STUUE 11's rmlly .s-nlizlf It ,wlgfx lmrv in small print. Cuftin' z'u,w1'.v .ifffl Anyl'l11n,Q run lulppvn. cfs' get flown In business. H10 Wlff,S VUUHU lN'fl'f"'f'fl- B rmuIu'r1 gl lmunll. LIFE AT Z-XHWS. Camera .s-hy. ,DI 'l'lmnlr.v. I 111111 uma' Sllllllllll .s-fnlf' ilu' s-lmu: lx tlml Surlir' ul Ihr' u'lu'r'lP ,-Xlrzwn . . . niw' l1r1l.s-.' XXVIII? l1'fl Nu: gulf' u1wnf" u'lH'l'l' Il11'1'lif1'rlill lIll'l'H Dedication We, the Annual Staif of the 1946 HOUR CLASS, do hereby dedicate this volume to the Students of Anniston High School. III loving memory of our friends and schoolmates We pay tribute to tlIe forty-four former students of Annis- ton citv schools Who gave their lives in the service of their country in VVorlcl War II. "Greater love hath nO man tlIa1I this, that he lay down his life for his friends." DAVIS BLEXVSTER HAIIVEY DAVIS CLARENCE GILMER SPEARS RANDALL LANFORD RIORRIS PELHANI ROBERT DANIEL HAINWATER TURNER VVILLIAINISON GROXVER WADE RUDOLPH BAILEY VVOODROW HICKS DUKE VVILLIALIS PAUL REYON EUGENE HOUSTON CRUNIP LEON A. STANLEY, JR. ROBERT EROS IOHN EUGENE PHILLIPS VVESLIIY ROGER DARDEN, JR. EARL COWAN KNOWLTON, IR. W ILLI ANI C. WHITE W ILLIALI THOMAS RTORTON, IR. EDISON PRUETT CHARLES EDWARD COLLINS NEAL LEON TOLLESON ROBERT GILMAN EFFORD THOMAS MILLER J. R. CAMPBELL LINWOOD GAY ROBERT COWDEN IIUGH W. HOLBROOK EARL THOMAS STEPHENS DONALD C. GOLAR ELWOOD FANNIN CLIFFORD HELTON JAINIES HARWELL LEWIS MONTGOLIERY EDGAR POPE CIIARLES THOINIPSON CHARLES HUBERT MORGAN LENVIS SCOTT HOYT F. VVILLIAINISON VESTER RTOORE WALLACE LINDSEY EDWARD WARREN RUSSELL PITTS Huy Sum! C1111 Cmmni.s-.wiun. VV1' un' in the battle ll.LffliII.H'f 1li.s'1'11s1 X f'lI'lYIH-Y l'l'l'l'il'l' u'r'lr'u1111' ul .-X.ll.S. Ulfl Glory ,gum up! lJ.A.R. Gum! Cifizvnslzip Couple: D. D. XVcs1c'u.All2erf Smith. Q-356 6 A Q: y 45' A3 Q 1 5 1 wi. XT C a my QW- I-iacult P. C. NIYEH, A.B., M.A. Principal Sponsor of Usbe-r's Club, Student Council Mus. WALLACE ADERHQLD, B.S. Secretary to Superintendent of City Schools Mins. IRENE B. WRIGHT Attendance Worker blARTIlA BILES, B.S. Physical Education, Science Mus. KATHLEEN W. BHUAIINIEL A.B. English Sponsor of National Ilonor Society lWlAIlY ANNE EDWARDS, A.B. Speech, English Sponsor of Speech Club C. C. MOSELEY, A.B., M.A. Superintendent of City Schools 1.1. NASH, B.S. Assistant Principal, History IIAZEL STEED Secretary to Principal M Rs. W. PAUL ALEXANDER, A.B., M.A. Spanish, English Sponsor of Pen-A-Pal Club MRS. TRUE HARDY Boormav, A.B. Ilistory Sponsor of Girls' Chorus A. C. CURRY, A.B. Physical Education Sponsor of "A" Club ROBERT S. FERGUSON, A.B. Co-ordinator, Distributiue Education Sponsor of Diversified Occupa- tions Club, Boys, Hi-Y Club LUCILE FULLER, A.B. Erglish Sponsor of Ilour Glass Mus. S. B. GIBSON. A.B. Latin, English Sponsor of junior Classical Club Mus. ETHEL A. HILL, A.B. Commerce Sponsor of Commercial Club Mus. STIPHEN P. Ilucsrm, B.S. Home Economics Sponsor of Home Economics Club L. P. JACKSON, B.S. Band Sponsor of Lyre Club and Armonias Club lNllI,DllED Rm'NoLns JOHNSTON, A.B., B.S., M.S. Librarian Mus. NV. R. BICKINSEY, B.M. Physical Education Sponsor of Leaders' Club and Etude Club F a C u l t y Mus. B. WV. l'lAMRlC, B.S. Mathematics Mns. KEENER HUDSON, A.B Mathematics b'lAllY BELLE Innv, B.S. Science F. L. JOHNSON, A.B. H istory, Physical Ed. FRANCES blASSEY, A.B. Biology, English J. J. NEXVINIAN, B.S. Industrial Arts Facult Mus. C. C. Nlf1IliJI,S, A.B.. M.A. English Sponsor of Scrihlxlcrs' Club Vlnr:lNlA M. Ounwmf, A.B. English Sponsor of Girls' Ili-Y Mus. ALICE RAY, B.S. English LENA Il. Snuru, B.S. Typing, Mathematics Mus. RUTH M. S'I'll1NKil"ELLONV. B.S. Home E1'mmmi1.'s CIOHINNE XVEAVER, A.B. Bmlfblll, Mathematics G. CI. N1c:uoLs, B.S. Pl.y.s-im, I'l1y.s-iml Iirlrlrvltimz Sponsor ol' Plrologruplry Clulw Mus. ANNIE Brun lxllllil.. A B. Ilixforgf Es'rm-zu l,E'1'ERSON, l3.S .lIllflI!'lIIllfil'S ANNA1,r:lc Smmrows, A.l3. Sorflll Sfllllilf-Y, ICn,qli.s'l1 Sponsor of junior livcl Cross RIANY S'rEwAu'r, AB., KIA. 5fr'ic'ru'1' Sponsor ol' Clu-luistry Cluln Mus. XV. II. XVrxnNoct14, AB. gllllflll'lIIllfff',S Mus. C:I'IliTllUDl'1 B. YVl1.l.l.-mls, B S Ili.s'Inry NIU 1 ALBlCll'l' IHCNHY SlX1l'l'll, l"00lbzlll, '43, '-14, '45, '46, C0-Captain, '46, "A" Club, '44, '45, '46, Olliccr, '46, lli-Y, '44, '45, '46, Ollicvr, '46, Usbvrs Club, 44, '45, Ilouor Sovivtv, '45, '46, Sq-in-lluv Club, '45, NVbo's XVl1o, '43, '41, '45, NVbn's xvllll, '46, Ilolmby Club, '45, jluuor KlXN'1ll1l1lIl, '46, Cluss Olliu-r, '44, '45, '46. - -CLYDE 'l'llOlX4AS CARDNICII, King, '46, llobby Club, '451 "A" Club, '45, 446, l'l1olo51rzlpl1y Club, '45, lli-Y, '46, Foot- lmll, '44, '45, '46, Class Olfiuvr, '46. . -DOROTIIY l'Il.lZAl3l'l'l'Il FRICNCII. ,llllllllf Busiuc-ss XVOIIIUII. '46, Ilouur Society, '46, Studi-ut Council, '43, '44, liml Cross, '43, I'z-n-A-Pal, '45, '46, Ollicvr, '46, Spcc-clm Club, '45, Scribblm-rs Club, '44, '45, '46, Olficcr, '45, '46: lli-Y, '46: Qluum Club '14 Cl'1ss Ollicvr '46' P1-p Qquwcl '43 '44 . 1 1 . . L . A1.. . . -, Q . . . . . CLADYS IVOR HANKIN, Bzulcl, '43, '44, lli-Y. '46, Stuclvut Counvil, '45, '46, Lista-ncrs Club '45, Sp,-cn-I1 Club, '45, '46, Olliccw, '45, '46, Class Officc-1', '46, Scribblcrs Club, '46, flOlNllll'I'L'lLll Club, '45, llouu C1.Ass Stull, '46- . .KIOIIN D'E'I"l'OS ALLEN, l'l1olog1'upl1y Club, '45 . - - BOBBY ARNOLD, 'l'I'illlSll'l'l'CQl l'l'Olll Ens- lvy, '44, 'Vivkvt Squad. '46. eniom SM1111 Cmumxlclx l"lu4:Nr:u li.-xNk1N Al,I.l-:N Alusm .lx BA1Gl.lCX Ilmuncw BOWMAN BIKAZICIXIAON BIIIKTKIIOUSIC M. Bmnww CllAllLO'l"l'E .llfANNl1l'l"l'Pl BACLEY, lli-Y, '46, l'l'Il- 4-l'ul Club, '-15, '46, Ollicvr, '46, Scribblvrs Club, '44, '45, '46, Olliccr, '16, Stzuup Club, '44, '45, Stuclc-ul Cuuuc-il, '45, Studvul Council, '46, ,luuior Rod Cross, '43, Ilouu Ciuxss Stull, '46, Buncl, '43, Pvp Squad, '43, '44, '45, Iuuior Classic-ul Lvuguc, 315. . .ROBERT ICU- CENF1 BORDEN, Balncl, '41, lli-Y, '46, D. O. Club, '44, '45, '46, Oll'iL-cr, '45, '-16. . .BIARY IO BOWMAN, Claw Club, '-15, c:OlllllN'I'L'l1ll Club, '45, '46, Lista-us'rs Club, '45, Cirls Ensemble, '45 - - - IIALLET BRAZEL- TON, Sci:-m-0 Club, '44, '45, '46, Ollie:-r, '45, Usbvrs Club, '44, '45, '46, Hi-Y, '45, '46, Fence Squacl, '44, '45, '46- - .CEOHCE BHICKHOUSE, Ill., D. O. Club. '45, '46, 'l'l'1l11Sl'l'I'l'Ull from Oxford- - -NIAIICARFT O1'lllCLIA BROXVN, llomv Economics, '44, '45, '46, RL-cl Cross, '43, '44, llouor Socivly, '46, fflluss Oflia-n'1'sJ OPAL Nl.-XE BHOYVN, llvcl Cross, '45, Stuclcut Cuuuvil, '45, D. U. Club, '45, '46- - - ROY LEE HUllNlC'l"l', 'l'in-kvt Squucl, '43, '44, Boys' Ili-Y, '46, Scicmw- Club, '45, lfootbull lxlilI1ll,Q'1'I', '45g Buslwtlmull, '44, '45, "A" Club, '46 - . - MACK LITTLE CASEY, Iuuicu' Kivuulis, '46, Base-lmll, '46, Ifcmllmll, '44, '45, '46, Bnskctlmll. '44, '45, '46, Club, '46, cl0llllll1'I'i'l1ll Club, '45, S1'm's'cl1 Club, '45, '16, Ulliu-r, '46, Buys' Ili-Y, '45, '46, Ftuclm- Club. '46 . . , Xl'lLlXlA CASPICR . . . MAli'l'llA CllAl'I'liLL, Stuclc-ut Couuuil, '45, '46, Olliccr, '46, L1'uclv1's' Club, '45, '46, Ullicvr, '46, llouu- lfcmunuics Club, '44, '45, '46, Ullicvr, '44, '45, '46g Cirls' lli-Y Club, '46, Cmlulu'l'r,'iul Club, '45, '46, ClIl'l'l'll'21fll'l', '46, I'vp Squaul, '44, '45, XVlm's XVlm, '46. . -JOHN HICIIAHD CIIICYNIC, Ili-Y Club, '46, en iord NIILDHED ALLIICNE CLARK, Stuclm-ut cl0llllL'll. '43 Cmumvrciul Club, '45, '46, lA'llCl1'l'S' Club, '46, llouu Economics Club, '46 - . - BILLIE HIOE CLONTS, Com-' llll'fl'l2ll Club, '44, '45, '46 - - - HOSE COCllliANl" . . .li0BlCli'l' EDXVARD COMIQH, Buslu-tlmll, '44 '45, '46, llouur Soc'icly, '46, Club, '45, '46, lli-Y '46, Sywoc-ll Clllb, '46, 0ll'ic0l', '46- - - IAMICS CUNA VYAY. l3:lSli4'llulll, '45, '46, "A" Club, '45, '46- - - WILLI XM ROBIZWI' COPLIN, D. U, Club, '44, '45, '46 llu0wN. U. l3UuN1':'1"l' C,-xsm' c:ASl'lfll flll.-Xl'l'l'Il,I. Clu':x'Nl4: Cx..-mu C1.uN'rs Cm:1l1x,xN1': Coxucu CUNAWM' cli7l'I.IN CRAFT CURRII-1 Cuumz DALE DAUGHEHTY DAVENPORT DAv1s DURRE1'T Eznu. GALLAHAII GATES GOODWYN MARY FRANCES CRAFT, Commercial Club, '45, '46, Home Economics Club, '46, Girls' Chorus, '46 . . . ROYCE ALEXANDER CUR- RIE, Ushers Club, '45, '46, Speech Club, '46, Seribblers Club, '45, '46, Junior Red Cross, '43, '44, '45, '46, Officer, '45, '46, Ticket Squad, '45, '46, Fence Squad, '44 - . - THOMAS IAMES CURRY, IR., Band, '43, '44, '45, '46, OlHcer, '44, '45, '46, Student Director, '44, '45, '46, Lyre Club, '43, '44, '45, '46, Officer, '44, '-15, '46, Red Cross, '44, '45, Stamp Club, '45, Hobby Club, 45, Etude Club, '44, '45, Safety Council, '43 . . . RAYMOND REEVES DALE, Ilobby Club, '44, '45, Officer, '45, Stamp Club, '43, '44, '45, Red Cross, '43, '44, '45, Officer, '43, Listeners Club, '44, '45, Ticket Squad, '45, Fence Squad, '44, Houu GLASS, '45, Who's VVho, '46 . . . RUDELL DAUGHERTY, Transferred from Randolph County High School . . . MARY LOUISE DAVENPORT, Red Cross, '43, '44, '45, Leaders Club, '46, Home Economics Club, '46, Who's Who, '45, '46, Pep Squad, '44, '45 . . . ROBERT DAVIS, Rasketball, '45+ - .MABEL LOUISE DUR- RETT, Hi-Y Club, '46, Pierian Club, '45, Hob- bie Club, '45, Stamp Club, '45, Officer, '45, Pen-A-Pal Club, '46, Student Council, '44, VVho's VVho, '44, '46 - - . HELEN EZELL . . .LEONARD POSEY CALLAHAR, Stu- dent Council, '43, Fence Squad, '43, '44, junior Red Cross, '43, '44 . . . ARTHUR FREDRICK GATES, Speech Club, '45, '46, Scribblers Club, '46, Photography Club, '45, '46, Officer, '45, Hoon GL.Ass Staff, '46, Stamp Club, '44, Ticket Squad, '45, '46, Fence Squad, '44, Listeners Club, '45 . . . THERESA DUNNINC GOOD- NVYN, Hi-Y, '45, '46, Officer, '46, Pen-A-Pal, '45, '46, Stamp Club, '44, '45, '46, Officer, '46, Honor Society, '46, Officer, '46, junior Business NVomcn, '46, eniord LEWIS PHILLIP GRAY, JR., Hi-Y, '45, '46, Ticket Squad, '46 - - - JACK RUSSELL CUR- LEY, Baseball, '46, Band, '43, '44, '45, '46- Ullicer, '44, '45, '46, Lyre Club, '43, '44, '45 s '46, Olticer, '44, '45, '46, Student Director, '44, '45, '46, Cheerleader, '44, Student Council, '44, '45, '46, Hobby Club, '45, Oliicer, '45, Stamp Club, '45, Etude Club, '44, '45, '46, Safety Council, '43, Clee Club, '44, '45 - - CATHER- INE SPHOULL HAMILTON, Stamp Club, '44, '45, Pen-A-Pal, '45, '46, Hi-Y Club, '45, '46, Pieran, '44, '45. . .THOMAS BANISTER HAMPSON, Hoon GLASS, '45, '46, Assistant Business Manager, '46, Scribblers Club, '44, '45, '46, Officer, '46, Listeners Club, '45, Oili- cer, '45, Stzunp Club, '44, '45, Speech Club, '46, Hobby Club, '45, Classical League, '45, Fence Squad, '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club, '45, Ushers Club, '46. . .OSCAR A. HANDLE, JR., Transferred from Virginia Beach, Va., in '43, Band, '44, Etude Club, '44, Hobby Club, '45, Stamp Club, '46, Football, '46, "A" Club, '46 . . . LEON HAYES HARRISON, Baseball, '46, Hoon CI,,Ass Staff, '46, National Honor So- ciety, '45, '46, Officer, '46, Boys' Hi-Y, '45, '46, Olticer, '46, Student Council, '45, Junior Kiwan- ian, '46, Band, '43, '44, '45, '46, OH'icer, '44, '45, '46, Student Director, '44, '45, Lyre Club, '44, '45, '46, Olticer, '44, Etude Club, '46, Hobby Club, '45, XVho's VVho, '46 - - -BILLY JOE HENDERSON, Student Council, '45, '46, Ush- ers Club, '46, Honor Society, '45, '46, Oflicer, '46, Cheerleader, '46, Junior Kiwanian, '46 . .. BOBBIE JANE HENSON, Leaders Club, '46, Commercial Club, '45, '46, Officer, '45, '46, Home Economics Club, '45, '46, Safety Coun- cil, '43 . . . NEVINE REGINALD HINES, Speech Club, '44, '45- - -JACK HOLLAND, D. O. Club, '45, '46 . . . EVERETT HUGHES HOLLE, Transferred from Boys' High School, Atlanta, Ca., '44, Photography Club, '45, '46, Oflicer, '45, '46, Commercial Club, '45, Listen- ers Club, '-45, Etude Club, '45, '46, Oflicer, '46, Ticket Squad, '46. . .ANNIE SUE HOL- LINCSXVORTH, Transferred from Lincoln High School, '46, I96 CHA if GURLEY IIAMn.1'oN IIAIXIPSON LIANDLE IIAnn1soN IIENDERSON IIENSON llnwns HOLLAND H OL LE IIOLLINGS wonrn Nl:XlllUN llUllN . , . ICLIZA ALXVEIRA lllllllfll lli-Y Club, '46, lloru Ci..-iss Stull, '44, '45, '46, Assistant liclitor, '46, ,luuiur llusiuvss VVol1u-11, '46, Spa-cf-li Club, '45, '46, llumv lic-onmuics Club, '44, '45g l,lSft'l1t'l'S Club, '45, Stump Club. '42, '44, Classic l,m-ngm-, '461 llonor Soc-im-ty, 716. . - MARY IIELON IIUCIHCS, Hvcl Cross. '43, '44, '45, '46, Ollin-cr, '46, Commvrciul Club, '45, l.m'aul1'1's Club, '44, '45, '46, Q..-.V . .n. llomc Ecmioiiiics Club, Ain 46' C.ln-4' lilub 4-1 44 '45, Clioml Club, 46. . . Q v .IAMIQS CLIFIVOIID IIULMIC, jll., 'l'l'1lIlSl:1'I'l'0Cl from C4-nts-rx'illv lligli, Ifllwrtuu, Ccurgiu, '-15. . . MAH- CAlllC'l' lilili llUMl'IllillCS, Girls' Cllmus eniora Club, '46, IIOIIN Iluczun llurzuins llumiilz llumviuuias joimsox, M. A. JOHNSON, A. A KENNEDY KIIADOIKIC KIIKHY LAM: LANIQY NlAllGAlllf'l' ANN JUHNSUN, Szlfvtv cl0llIlL'll, '43, llvil C1'osS, '46, '44, '45, Ollie-cr, '45, llouw EC0lI0lIliCS Club, '45, cl0lllIll1.'l'l'l1ll Club, '45, '46, Ollie-or, '46, Scribblm-rs Club, '46, Spf-calm Club, '46, Honor Society, '46. . . ANNIE AU'l'liNSE IUIINSON, llonur Socis-ty, '46, Stuclc-ut Council, '431 Couuuvrciul Club, '45, '46, lloun- Economics Club, '45, '46- - -BETTY ,IO KENNEDY, llccl Cross, '43, '44, D. O. Club, '45, '46, Ollie:-r, '46 . . .ALICE NELL KHJCOIIE, Buncl. '42, '43, '44: ClOllIlIIOI'l'l2ll Club, '44, '45, '46, llvcl Cross, '44, '45, '46, Ilomv EL-onoinics Club, '46- - .JAMES KINBY- - - l3E'l"l'Y ANNE LANE, luniur Busim-ss NVoun-n, '46, Sulvty Council, '43, lil-cl Cross, '43, Listviwrs Club, '45, Pop Squad, '43, '44, lluuu' Iicmiuluics. 715. '-46. . . CL,-XDYS l'AUl,lNl7l LANEY, SI-'M'K'L'll Club, '-16. DUN VIC' Q1-r. 44. 45. 46 St11cl111lD111ct11r 41 Club. '45, '46 111 ICUNICE LAX 'WAN 1101101 Sountx if St11cl111tf111111 1111 11 N 1'1l, 431. 41, 4w 411 Il Sp1'1'1'l1 Clulm 1:5 4f Hzlllfl. '44 - HAHXIOND LINIDS X4 Sllllll Cl I1 USS V-U 7 44, 401 Nou 1 11111 111 1111 ll 1 N N UN H1111 11111 1111 N1 'NUI 0131 Rl 5 4, RIS XIAXINI MLC INIX K111111111111 1l Club 15 Club. '-15.310 1 ANN NIALI 0111 1 11 ll 1 I S 11111 1111111 '44, '45, '461 11111 ll 44 ll 1 11111111111 r11 OUR-11r,'44gl'111Nl'1l 4 41 Of 1 46 Churlu 1 11 S 41 l 1 43 44 41 46 A1111111111s 45g P017 51111111 1,11 45 46 IA Il S L1 L NIUORI I Cl S11 ld 44 Nntiamall KIJXMIZS H - - 'MA' '-465 1.1-axdvrs 1 45 1 11111 4 PAUI INF NIUNIDX I,.xs11,x1 LAYMAN LINDSAY Luslc MALL11111' h1AllTlN MCCART1' M17Dox L1Cr:lN'I'Y LIILLEH Moom: Mummy V li l VOR LASDN1 1311111 4 11 16 1 QI 4 l"l'll lxA'llll NINL VARIIN ll1111o1 Smutx 'J 1ot11g,1 mln C 1111 111r1 111 4f '1 H04 ,ww 'N NELsoN NICHOPOUI.lJS NOLEN O'KELLEY PERKINS PHILIIIPS QUINN REAVES REED REYNOLDS RHODES RILEY LOUISE NELSON, Choral Club, '46, Red Cross, '45, '46, Speech Club, '46- - . GEORGE CONSTANTINE NICHOPOULOS, Student Council, '43, '44, Hi-Y, '44, '45, '46, OfIicer, '45, '46, Football, '43, '44, '45, '46, Science Club, '44, '45, "A" Club, '45, '46, Otlicer, '45, '46, HOUR GLASS Staff, '46, Hobby Club, '45, Fence Squad, '43, Basketball, '44, '46, Junior Kiwanian, '46, Who's Who, '46 . . . ANN CATHERINE NOLEN, Pen-A-Pal, '45, Pierian, '45, Stamp Club, '44, Student Council, '43, Home Economics Club, '45, Hobby Club, '44, Pep Squad, '44- - - MARY FRANCES O'KELLY, Red Cross, '43, '44, '45, Student Council, '43, Home Economics Club, '46- - -TED PERKINS, I-Ioua GLASS Staff, '43, '44, '45, '46, Photography Club, '45, '46, Officer, '46, Stamp Club, '44, Fence Squad, '43, Cate Squad, '44 - - - JEAN PHILLIPS, Trans- ferred from Lincoln High, '46 - - - LUCINDA QUINN, Junior Classical League, '46- - - CLARICE EVELYN REAVES, D. O. Club, '45, '46- . -YVILLIAM REED, Boys' I-Ii-Y, '46, Student Council, '44- - -EARLE AUB- REY REYNOLDS, Transferred from Georgia Military College, '43, Fence Squad, '44, Pho- tography Club, '45, Junior Red Cross, '45 - - . MARTHA ADELIA RHODES, Commercial Club, '43 . . . LINDER RILEY . CEM 0 MARGARET WINFRED ROBERTS, Commer- cial Club, '45, '46 . . . HELEN LOUISE ROS- IER, Commercial Club, '45, '46, Ilouu- Eco- nomics Club, '46. - .BETTY RU'l'll RUS- SELL, Stzuup Club, '44, llobby Club, '44, llouu- Ecmuuuics Club, '45, '46, Library, '44, '45, '46, GEORGE NVALTON RUSSELL, D. O. Club, '46. . .JAMES CANTXVELL SANDERLIN, Football, '44, '46, "A" Club, '46. - .MARY PAYNE SAVVYER, Girls' lli- Y Club, '44, '45, '46, Pie-rialn Club, '45, Stump Club, '44, '45, Pen-A-Pal Club, '45, '46, Hobby Club, '45, Pop Squad. '44, '45- . . GERALDINE SAXON ... NINA STAUF- l"lCR, 'l'raniisf01'r1-cl from Fort Vullvy, Ci-orgiu. '46 ---. IULIAN STEPIIENS, -IR., Busulmll. '46, Iuuior R4-xl Cross, '43, Billlfl, '43, '44, '45, '46, Ollicvr, '44, '45, '46, Lyrv Club, '43, '44, '45,'46,CNHcvL 44,'45,'46, Etudv CRub,'44 45, Listvuvrs Club, '44, '45, Studvut Director, '44,'45, Hobby Chuy 44,'45. - -ELINCHK Sl'OLZ, Girls' lli-Y Club, '44, '45, '46, Officvr, '46, lhuuv Ecououucs CHub,'44,'45,'46,CJHi cor, '45, '46, Pierialn Club, '44, '45, Pen-A-Pal, '45, Pvp Squaul, '43, '44- - -HELEN VIR- CINIA TAYLOR, Commercial Club, '45, '46, Oflicor, '46, Clem- Club, '45, Hmm- Economics Clull. '45, '46. . .GERALDINE TIPTON, Liste-uc-rs Club, '45, Cmumercizil Club, '45, '46 196 Roiaisrvrs Rosuau RUSSELL, B R USSICLL. C SANDERLIN S Awvrsu SAXON STAUFFEN STEPH1-:Ns STOLZ TAYL0u TIPTON lUI.l.l1IS0N Imvl'r'1' XV1':sl.n-Lx' xvlll'l'l'1SIlll-I xvIlI'I'I,lCY XVYC IO!-'lf Ha wx IUl.lA WAI" 'I'Il"l'ON, SlllQl4'Ill clflllllbll, '44, ListL'x1s'1's fllllll, '45, c:Ulllllll'I'C'lLll cllllll, '45, '46 . . .liI,l'm.-X l,UL'l5l', lUl,Ll',SON ljtll X l'1l '44 '45' i:0ll1Illl'l'L'l1ll Clulv, '45, Ilmm' lico- llUIlllL'S Clnlm, '44, '45, '46, fJlllCl'l', '45, '46, l,mulcrs Clulu, '45, '46, Ollicvr, '46, lli-Y Clulm, '45, '46, OlliL'1'l', '46, XX'l1lJ'S Xvllli, '-473, '44, '45, '46, Class OlliL'1'l', '44, '45, '46 - - - l'll,lZA- Bl Ill CUKIXWI lllllll l cUlllIIlt'l'Cl2ll Club '45, '46- . - DUIKUTIIY DIC,-XNIC NVIQSIJCY. Stmln-nt Cmmcil, '43, '44, '45, '46, Oiliufr, '45, '46, llcmur Society, '45, '46, Ollicvr, '-461 lloun l-:Mus Stull, 44. 45, 46, ltlllllll'-Ill-f.l1ll'l 46 H1-H Llulm, 46, l,.a-alrlm-1's Club, 44, 45, 46, lllllllbl' lillSlIlt'SS XYUIIINI, '46, Class Uflicvr, '43, l,islvm-rs Clulx, '45, Stump cllllll, '44, '45, l,lllL'L'l', '44, flUllllllL'l'L'l2ll Clulx, '45, XVlm's XVl1u, '-46. V - llOl'li CANIICHUN XN'llI'l'lCSlDlC. llHU'I'lI l'in'1'iz111 Clulm, '44, '45, Uilivvr, '45, Ili-Y, '45, '46, Olliu-r, '46, l,l'll-A-llill Clulw, '45, '46, XYlnu's Xylltl. '42, 743. . .SARA JICAN XVlll'l'Ll'lY, ll U. cllllll. '45, '-46- - -S:XXllll'll, IOIIN NVYCUIVIV, Alunicm Kiwullizlll, '46, llolm Cl.,-xss Stull, '46, l,lNll'Il4'l'S cllllll, '45, c'UIlllllQ'l'k'l1ll Clulv, .,..,, , v- , 40, llCli1'l5l1ll1lil, 45, Pop Squucl, 4-1, Llu lllhllf Clulm, '46, Oiliwr, '46 . . - NIAIRTIN LOUIS BOX, lgllllll, '42, '43, D, 0. Clull, 45, '461 cllil'K'I'l1'1llll'l'. '-45: lli-4, '46- - -l'lNlll.Y l"l'l'Z- P,-X'l'lilCK l3UO'l'll, SL'1'ilvlmlL'1's Clulb, 4.7, 46: St Ya-S, llwy LlI'l'S1'lllUlNlJl 46 amp Llulm. 441C1rls C.lnm'us, 46 .IN N Q sigh '- S S X K. X 3 sms mrs SA . X ,. ..,. , RS5,,Mp. 3? Figf Q55 5 1 , xx Q ,Q 'A 5,m..ffk L X Y 033225. V N 5 M ff ig .W . , , k Q X N Q ,sf Q x K Qs 9 int Q ww W W .4 A SR if. K Q X N ' 4 , f is N if 'W Q x sigma Q. f,,-f , as ' f an Q , V WN as 9 as an e if W, ,, l"ir.x'l row: S111- l':11'k1'1', l"I'ilIK'l'S Xlullory, Doris Di'ilIl, -Ic1'1'y F11Ilo11, juycc- Butcs. Icrry Bam-s, Nlild1'c-cl Sellers. l'wl'klllCl'S xlill 11 Mary txllllil Ni11lll11'ws, I31'tty"wtH7'.YT . 501111111 row: Peggy Stl'Vk'IlS, AIUi'ttll Mc'Ci11ty. L:l'ilL'C K1111l1r1111gl1, Mary Fa11'row, M111 X'il'gilliil Davis, II111111 l3111'11s. Durotlxy Br1111111'11, Vix'i1111 kll'l1killS, Eliz11l1ctl1 B1'ow11i11g, A1111 ll11111iIto11 .... Third r111L': 511111 Nl ll till. P111 N1a11'ti11. Flo S1111-1'st1'i11. liorotlv VV1-lls, Mary jo 'I'ill1'1'y. I0l11111i1- Bo Curtvr, Florinc Taltu. Doris Lust:-r, Hvtty Cn w Al1'a111 Ili1111a111t. Allll 151111-1' .... Furzrflv row: xvifgilliil Cox, Is11l1c-lv lxlllllll, 511111 Kutc Mo1't1111, NllIlllQ6'l11' Morrow, Betty B1-ntlu Doris Iluglu-s, Put Cuficlcl, xlilftllil Briclgcs. Edna 1ol111st1m, Mary -Io ,'0llI'lSt0ll .... Fifth row: Ccorgc :X1Cc:lliI'C, I,oft1111 xllt 1-I111111. NYill11 XILI1' Bl'j'2lllt, lJ111'11tl11' Nl111'ti11. II111111-r Killvbu-w. Ivrry Higgins, D111111l1l Nll'lI!PllX1'. Frank Hille-v .... Sixfh nm fjll1ll'l1'S Sc1'o1111i11s, Curtis M1-Raw. fVlt'llL' M1-CIlvllz111, Bobby St1111l1'y. Im' StL'VVklI't, D111'1'11lI fJ'Bl'ii'Il, CIIIIICIC Rice-, Cvm- NV11 ko ' 511111111-rI,o11g, Billy llllflldlill. OFFICERS Ncm11CA1111m1"1'fN:1vyj . . . . B0B1s1'STAN1.1cx' . . . NUNAGEN1:Nlmxlaow . . Do111:11:SM1'1'11 fT1'1111sfc1'1'cclj . Vim' JU IDRS l'rz'.s'i1lf'11t -I'r'0.s'irlc'r1I Sl'Cl'l'flll'y Tr1'r1s11r1fr llAlllSUll, llzlvilllill' Snmlclv, ,lllllllltil Lu Talstv. Fl'1lIll'l'S l'z1x'lm-k. Doris Wt-lmlm. Sum Clinton- XY:i liiffll row: William Dfllllllllllllil, Juv Mitcllvll, LOTUIII Clark, Ritllilltil Allvll, Douglas Cfmwit' uniom I'ir.xl nur: llc-lcn Boyd, jam- VrySUll, Bilfllilltal Smith, Slzu'llm ,ln liutlc-Llgt-, Lurvttu Nur! rim-0, joan Woolf, Ellllllil jo NllIlL'l', Fl0l'l'l!L'l' Ann Kvni, Milclrc-cl Suggs. Almmitzt liust-niui vggy Min- .... Fnurtlz row: J1lL'i1llCliIlL' Blltl0I'NY0l'fl1, liulu-rl limdcn, Cluclys Xt-xv. I"1'unl Gilmcr, Marion jones, Murrvl Allowuy, Bt-r11z1i'd Hzimmctl. lllCllill'Kl llvzlrn, llammlcl lin-Il. . ' luis Nlurtin Box, Allwrt Smith. jack llolluml, Allie-rt Bmw-n, Xxrillfli' lluggn-ll, Clmrlt-s .-Xtlzuns. . Sixth rmr: Frvcl Arvliim- NViIliams, Rm Nlillvr, rllflllllilll Pitts. llowvll Austin, Alfrml Amlauns. ,mlm I L I lvrrigf 25 lllllllitil Starr, liulmy Nvll Palrris. ja-uxicttv 'lllylm' .... Scrmirl mir: livtty l"s-mliscmim, jvum llul Sum Wlultlivrs, Elimln-tlu YVilsou .... Tlzirrl I'UlL'I In-nv Curclvn, Cutliorim- llimlnmn, lilm First row: Ollie Gaines, Dnnnie jo McCoy, Millie Mayes, Betty Graham, Peggy Lowry, Audrey Green, Catherine Messer, Mnrtlmu Ann Hughes .... Seeontl row: Billy Tollmert, Billie Nell llullingswortlm, Eclitll McCarty, Betty Ann Ilepinstull, Sara Ann MLClurkin, Mary Mayes, 'llll0lllllS Stitt .... Tlzirrl row: Clmrles Smith, Blaine lklomeyer, Robert Patterson, Ilershel Pate, Royce Mathews, Jimmy Meigs .... Fourth row: Charles Ridgeway, joe Lame, Bill YVeimeyer, Tllllllilllgll Morrison, Crauly xlvllllgllilll. union! 26 uniorfi First row: lllll'l'lt'lt Evans. Maury l'il'1lI1L'l'S Dnkc. Evolyn Brown, Doris Brooks, Lonisv Elwrlmrt, Christinv Crnlt. Betty Cass .... Svvonzl row: Dot Browning, Elm-amor Bondx, Mary Ann Clark, Bn-tty Ann Cowdvn, lulin l'-lllClll'l', Dorotlmy fllliwlillll, Lillian Collins .... Tllirzl row: Anlvrcy Burns, llnrvvll Cnrtvr, Ilalrolcl Hollingsworth, Lntlwr Bi-vis, NV. ll. lliclcs, lolmnny Crvvm- .... lfuurtli row: Dun Curr. 'l'rn-nton Aclauns, Don llaclc-n, licliliv llLlSlilIll. Clmrlvs johnson, D4-llu-rt llalll, lloruu' ll0lIIOSll'y. 27 l"ir.s'I mir: Xiairy Pnigm- Bugluy, june- Cruiglilon, Milclrccl Dutton, Murgurvt Boom-r, BL-tty Lou Carlton, Margaret Brown, Mar- gairc-i Colm-imni, lim-lyn Clminpioii, NYilnu-r Conull, joan Erskine,Can'ol Brown, Agnvs Denman .... Scvonll I'UlL'i Vainitzi Dicker- son, Naomi Doss, Bm-tty lluiiipsvy, juan Alluwny, Carol Bulcinorv, Dolores Curry, IL-wc-ll Carroll, lNlnrguret lluniplirivs. Bcity Brzizvwvll. Sum Dzirclx-ii, Iovw Aclwr, Lvtzi Ann Case-y ....' I lllifll role: Betty Brown, Alice Ashley, Blioclai B4-ul, Louise Broxvn, liillv Nllilson, Billvillim-li, Billy Sunmm-rliiw, ,loc XVorslmm, ,Iolin NVcnllic-rs, Durclcn XVillianns .... Fourth row: .Iiniiny Xvl'llllli'I'ly, Um-orgi' Hollins, lauiius lim-cl, Xxiilltl'l' Truiiiim-l, Lcyclvn xvllllllglliklll, Alalxnvs Stvwzirt, Alolin Bolminson, Cm-mid NVutkin, Paul Siliorslii. Tlionins Slivlton. Eclwaml Bvntlvy, Billy XVUl'flD'. SUPHUMUHE CLASS OFFICERS Bois H1f:NnERsoN . . . Prcsillent BUDDY DVNCAN . . . . Vic'z'-Pmsillzfli! BIARY FRANCES TAYLo1i . . . SUC'I'L'flll'y Dolus UIEAN SBIITII . . . Tl'l'll.S'1lI'l?l' 28 0l'l'l 0l'e5 lfirxl l'1Ill'S A1i1'1- 1Jl'ill'. 1115 1'1' 1'1111l1-, Mary Jxllllil S1'i1111'11111'g, 1'1l'1lll1'1'5 s1lllllIS, -1t'illI 'l'11y1111'. x11ll'X' 1"1':1111'1's '1'11y1111', 11111 Q11a11'1-, A111110 1111111 NY1-1111. 111111111 S111it11, 1'1111s1-1' 111-1111-s. 1.1111is1' 811111-5 .... 511111111 r1111': 1111111 '1'wi1111y, BL'I'C1il L1111 S111it11. 1111111 Yi11s1111, 1511111111-111 NY11it1-. 1-X111-1-11 S1x11llll'l'. Bcity S11111111ix, Mary 1511101 1'1i1'11a1r11s1111, x'1l'g1l11il XYi11i11111s1111, 5:1111 111 1111111111111-, 111111 'I'111':1a111'1'. Ollic 811111111111 .... Tlzirrl l'1!lL'I 1x12ll'gill'Ct 'l'i1111111111s. Bvtty 1,1111 XY1llIQ1l, N1i1111 11L'l' N11lTI', 1111111- 111-t11 1ll'llk'1t, 1N1ill'f1lll S11i1l1'r, 1111111 XV11111111111, ixllll 1,l111l'I1. N11111'y' 811111. 111111111 1'11w1-11. IR-ggy Xvilfll, Bvtty NV1'1111 .... Fnurllz 1'1111': 1111g11 NllIlll1'11j'. 1111-14 C:11111's. .11llllllj' 1X1lJIJl'l'. 1Dl'XYl'Y Pitts. Dwight 1,01K11'l', 1111111 M1111111'y, 1':l1g1'Ill' 1111-114, 11. D. 11lI111'I', Sllllllllj' 111lZ1'1l'1g, N1111111i1'1-1' X1ill'111l. NYa11t1'1' F111111z1, . . . Fiffll l'lJIl'i 1:11111's 1I111111'y'. 111-111 11111. C11111' CIi11'111'ist. A11lI1lll1' f:l'Llll1. xxvll112ll'L' l'11g1'1's1111, 1l1I'llIilll Og11111'11. T. G, 1"111'11. 131111 I11'11111'1's1111. Fr111111 1,,1111gs11111'11, f11l1ll'1l'S 111111's. 11111111111 N11-t11wi11. 29 l"ir,s-I row: Maury l"r:1m-cs Gibson, jam- Crm-y, Ann L:ll'llIl. Doris Ann llllC'li1ll7V. Bvtty Suv Uurlvy -Ioan llackm-y, Ruse- flIIIllt'l', lX'Iau'y Tom lfzlin, Betty Cuutor, Ellen llvrtc, Marry llcrmlon Maxim- liurris, Evulyn llalrpc-1' .... Syvum! ww: Betty jones, Bobby In-an -Iolmson, llilclu llol- lzmcl, B1-tty jnycc- llowcll, Dorothy Hllclcllc-stun, llilclu Montgomc-ry, Dorotlmy Cllll'l'i'tl. Put Lyuns, jo Ann llupinstnll, Mary Kvrr, Donn llutchinson, Batty Ruth Cruluun. Ira-nc llinton, . . Tlzirrl row: Ilowurcl Eze-ll. Clunrlvs Czum-ron, Iulia llumplmrivs, Ann Mario Evans, .IHIIIUS Bow- man, Bolrlmy Aslnlvy, llc-rlmvrt Bates, Eugmw Doss, Flllllli Bilmlm, llurry' Drivvr .... l"rmrtl1 mu' Clara-:lcv Burgvss, Elislul Bridges, Billy Clark. Hin-lmrcl Box .... Fiflll row: Billv Eclmonclson Ummm- IM-a1x'4'1's, liclclic' Burns, XVillium Clark, Lownclvs Butlvr, Buclcly IDIIIICQUI, Clmrlvs Aukvr Louis Eich. 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S1 xl mir: Baiiimru Slmciciis. lem-v NlUllL'l'il'i-. Sum Nlilicr. Bob Livingston. Na-ui Rniliwutm-r, Sami Moss:-r, Patsy Pl'ill'SOIl. Cluirlntlo lrsoii .... Sf'lr'UllfI mu? Patsy Ni0l'l'iSOIl. Fitxiicvs Mom-ly, Kutiilvvn Husscii. lflsim- Nliiicr, Ncita Moorv, Burimru Moran. Piggy Mum-ly. N irgiiiiai Null .... Tliirfl rmv: lic-tty In Owen, Marian Mellon, Ioycc- Putty, Anno Smith, Mary Lou Scully, ' - 1 - .' ' . . ' clw-cl Pope-, Cm-i'lr1iclv Putnznn .... Fnurfiz row: Don liiqm-y, -Iaiiiivs Mullvmiori-, NViltoii Mclliung, jimmy lfirlu 'Xiu Smilii Xlil " . ayMurplurvc,ClorclnnMallory,liligvncMita-In-il,AHL-11 Viiccc. Y. . . Fifilz row: Tvfi Ncvv, Edward ML-Cuirv, IR miie iluii li 1 CIimi'im's Mu1'ra1y, XVillium Moore-, Ralph Pinson, Clmrivs l'amtc', David Moss. FHESHNHX CLASS OFFICERS NVu.1.i,u1 Nlomu-1 . . . . . IIOAN Iloi,i,ANn . . . . 'IOIINNIEVINSON . . 32 CIIARLICS II1iP'1'1Ns'i'A1,1, . . Vim'- l'r1'.s'ir!c'nl P1'1'.s'i1113nf Sl'C'l'l'flll'U Tl'l'llSIll'Cl' gfedknien Firs! row, lvft I0 right: Suv llehson, Mary Kathryn Lloyd, Nan Triplm-tt, jacqnvlyn Kiinhorly, Ann llnntvr xVllllilll1S, Mary jack XVaclclr-ll. Eleanor Lewis, Br-rnicc llc-ath, Dorothy Iivnry, Georgia Mac Israel, Bvtty llonston, Martha Mctfwon .... Sf'1'om1 row: Bctty llowc, Fayv Smith. Margarct McCaa. Mary Stitt, joan Holland, joan Matthcw, ,Innc Matthvw, lirnvstinv Longvrgan, Violct Kcttlc. Syhil McDill, Dorothy Kvnm-cly .... Third row: Bill Lyons, Nanvy llowc. Mary Truitt, Bctty Suc Tollcson, Bctty Hollingsworth, Mary Nan High, Uwana -Ianivs, l"rancvs Mr-Dow. Lonisv llcwctt, Christine' Ilcnclrix. Dena lo La Tastv. Martha McCarty, Frank Lastvr .... Fourth row: Billy Lapivr, Dick Crvvr, jimmy Griggs, Iinnny llllllllllil'l'. llnnti-1' llancllv, Bolmhy Kimbrough, llowarcl Gorham, Carl Cnnn, G. XV. Langley, Alamos Kvlly. Lamar joncs .... Fifth row: ltobcrt La-Foy, jcrry llathornc, Marvin lic-sta-r, ,Iohn llc-nry, Billy Cnnnm-ls. Billy jov Cainvs, Thomas Ilood, Eclclic Knighton, Billy llaglcr, john Kilgorc-. Clitiiord Cober. B . Y 3 , F , . Q vb , , x XXX 0 A ' MSN .w L i i i x 5 -NY' A R 'W . ,, ..- n A 00 Fins-I rout: NVillard Evans, lohn Austin Cater, Van Allen, VVetherell Eros, Stanley Bowe, Ken- neth Conway. Charles Dickerson, joe Cannon, Ralph Brannen .... Scconrl row: Jane Cass, Doris Cline, Mary Burt Adeoek, Joyce Allen, Juanita Cotton, Betty Lee Cockrell, Pat Snoddy, Carlie jean Sutley, Marie Bell, Carrie Toinason, johnny Blue .... Third row: Virginia Yeager, Mary Sue Blackinon, Margaret Clarkson, Melva Cecil, Lorraine Bently, Diana Cole, Mary lilizaheth Bunn, Catherine Bailey, Stella Colxlms, Virginia Smith, Josephine lVllli1lll1S .... Fmlrflz row: Virginia Chastain, -loyee Brown, Bita Carter, Virginia Capri, Frankie Carden, Lorine Carter, Betty Ann Baine. Betty Ann Causey, Sarah Zavelo .... Fifth TUIUZ Balph Eze-ll, Fred Dethrage, Burl Bell, Charles Daugherty, Carlton Barnes, Floyd Bennett, Harold Brown, Louis Crosliy, Bill Snider, John Bryant. gl'86Al'I'lel'l 34 gfedklnen First 10112: Carolyn Diggs. Mary Ruth Craft, Elsie Ilandle, Phyllis Gunter, Betty Ann Gray, Margaret Durrett, Ann 'l'lll'ilSlll'I', Jean VVaddy, Marvin Thomas, Earl Priee Underwood, Na- thaniel Stoneeipher .... Seeonrl row: Ann YVaugh, Mildred Ilaynes, Io Ann Cross, Jeanette llanson, Mary Eherhart, Joann Hannon, Mildred Suit. Sadie Gibson, Louise Cromer, Margaret Gaines, Sara Faulkner, Virginia Craig .... Third row: Peggy Dean, Jean Curry, Beatrice Hughes, George Ann Davenport, Christine Tlioinpson, Sue Ledhetter, .lean llanks, Betty Young- blood, Nina NVright, Syhil MeDill, Annie Maude Dover, Faye Ruth Smith .... Fourtli row: Audrey llancl, Alene VVessen, Juanita Vllright, Mary Frances Gilmer, James Harold Vlfright, Alohnnie Vinson, Clarence Smith, Troy Talley, Iaelc XVillis, Iinnny Thrash, Donald Strathern .... Fifi: row: lloiner Sunierville, Gerald Stephens, Jinnny Thigpen, Homer Sparks, Lester VVilsey. Gerald Talley, Marvin Van VVonderhiun, john VVheeler. Buddy Rutledge, Tonuny Triplett, Toininy Russell. 5 -C 35 -if W, da QF l"ir.s'! row: l.onie Bowling, Bolmhy flllllllll, l..0l'1'llllll' Morgan, lo Ann McDowell, Pete Cater. IR-ggy Ann Hughes, Evelyn lliley, Linda Smith, Douglas Clopton, jack Cash, Paul Alexander. . . . Second row: john Golish, james Graham, Rose Holland, Barbara Lyhrand, June Shnrhntt, Ann llntehison, Pete King, Barham Hnddleston. Vivian Killehrew, Ann Ponder, Ioan Price, Ura Mae Owen .... Third row: VVillian1 Clarke, Stewart Erlisine, Milton Cook, Earl VVangh, Mary Jo Sams, Margaret Morton, Cent-va llines, Hehe Joyce Noe, Peggy ML-Leod, Peggy Smith, David Austin, Billy Alexander, .lim Mallory, Brooks Johnston .... Fourth row: NVhit VVhiteside, Jean Bishop, Bernard Silverstein, Leon Perley, Don Chapman, Hay Miller, Pete Lumpkin, Charles llorne, Kenneth Schneider, Pelham Rowan, Felix Rapp. SMA-jfedkmen .S7Ll,6'gl'e6Ll7l2Il First row: Minetta Cearharl, Marion Laney, XVihna Braswell, 'loyee llernclon, Ann Crabb, Betty Moon, Elizabeth Glenn, Betty jo jones, Teresa Dngas, Evalyn Dnnean, Barbara Higgin- botham .... Second row: Ann Broadnax, Betty Baxter, Louise Cannon, Martha Channey, Louise Gay, llelen Cunningham, Mattie Collier, Rachel Ford, Thehna Capri, Margie Ezelle, Marlys Kunkel ,... Tliirrl row: Loqnita XValker, Billy jo Cray, Cray llaynes, Betty Dingler, Bnby Crosley, Blanehe Doclcl, Mary Helen Ilolbrook, Joyee Finley, Alvin Fleming .... Fourth row: Mary Eleanor Jones, Myra Sue McLain, joan Allen, Betty jo Alloway, Betty Ann Bennett, -Ioyee Allen, Nellie Feazell, Bobby jean llowarcl, Josephine llollanrl, Jeanne Hogan .... Fifth row: Barbara Haynes, Betty Creggs, Katherine Callenger, Doris Creen, Barbara Billingsley, Jewell Collier, Betty Jo LeCroy, Barbara Armstrong, Barbara Matthew, liita Fowler, Leah Bonds. S7 First row: Sidney Burns, Clyde Harris, Jack Edmonson, Cordon Faulkner, Mike Emigh, Jimmy Garrett, Bobby Goode, julian Thompson, Joe XVrigh't, Pat Henderson, Elna Harmon, NVilliam Stewart, james Rouse, Don Dennis, Rogers Hollingsworth. Vernon Crossley .... Sceond row: Cray Hunter, jerry jackson, Charles Reese, Earl lfarrow, Edward Steen, Virginia Cuunells, Dorothy Martin, Norma Jean Harris, Katherine Edwards, Eunice Crossley, Billy NVayne llaw- kins, Bobby Crow, Patsy Cox, Boll VVilhanks, Earl Reeves .... Tiiirtl row: Edward Freeman. Harold Horton, Richard Little, Gene Stedham, Iohnny Starr, Betty Ruth Bonner, Bohert Han- dall, Marilyn Brittain, Jeanne Acker, Jane Edwards, Iris Craft, Macy Carter, Thomas Timmons, Billy joan Coekrell, Jack VVinf'icld, Paul Henley .,.. Fourth row: Vfillmurn XViggins, Ernest Frady, Edna Smith, jean Cook, Helen Chastain, Billy Bay Stevenson, Marlene Craft, jean Godwin, Orlmie Dean Austin, Billy Timmons, Dan House, llermau Sprayherry, john NVhitlock, Hoyt Henley ..., Fifth row: Arnold Pruett, Dudley VVatkins, Janet Coleman, Evelyn Ilarris. blames Craft, Edna Cann, Harold Richardson, jimmy Fite, George XVingard, Charles llamilton. Douglas Rainwater, Arleigh Davis, Betty june Hancock, Joyce Gunn .... Sixth row: NVallaee Cunnells. Richard Tramiuel, Howard Hughes. Ralph Rannie. Bernie Tuck, Tommy Craft, Fred Tolhert, Buddy Staflmger. .S?ll6"gl'e5Al'l'lel'l SMA-gfedkmen First row: Bobby Priee, Peggy Thornton, Donalcl llazelrig, Jeanette Shook, jimmy Jordan. Dorothy Wilsey, Helen NVhitloek, Margie Turner, A. C. Henley, llarolnl Mt-Dowell, jimmy Mayne, XVallaee McManus, Charles VValker .... Second row: julian jenkins, Mary NV:-in, Bar- bara Young. Sam MeAneny. Helen Moseley, Billie Lou Vancel, Floy Jo Tolleson. Peggy Saxon Q Bernice Roberts, Mary Elizabeth VVatkins, Joyce XVilkerson. . . , Third row: Edwin Leclforcl Louise Morrison, NVynell Newman, julia Potts, Lueille Summers, Charles Lecroy, Frank Miekle. Ronnie Kilgore, llelen Xvllitllliftx, Mary Ann Mitchell, Betty XVilkinson, ,loyce Messer .... Fourth row: Edward Parker, john Nickerson, Elwin Newman, Ilowarcl Kelley, Diana Nesbitt. Jacqueline Ogburn, Shirley Smith. Tony XVatts. S9 Fins-t row: Barbara Haines, Truman Moates, Bobby Haynes, Catherine Putman, Harry VVeath- erly, Paul Methvin, Charles Lee, Ralph Thomas, Boyce Christopher, Bobbie Jean George, Graham Jamison, Harry Butler, Frank Rollins .... Second row: Margie Harrison, Doris Burns, Jolmny Tolbert, George Bennett, Bobby Bust, Jacqueline Johnson, Flaurene Daugherty, Billie Jo Tidwell, Jimmy Marbut, Louis Mars, Barbara Ann Bell, Louise NVood, Betty Morton, Moyel Andrews .... Third TUIUJ Frankie Mae Liner, George Keech, Charlsie Ann Zaner, Billy High- tower, Mary Songer, Betty Sue Reynolds, Gerald Mundy, Donald Frazier, Nancy Pierce, Lottie Ford, Billy Robinson, Tommy Nolen .... Fourth row: Thomas Thornton, Leo Webb, F. E. Martin, Barbara VVacle, Ernest Kangelos, Jimmy Higgins, Frances Tuck, Frances Daugherty. Maisie Ptobinett, Mary Jean Sikorski, Elizabeth Richardson, Jinnnie Slayton, Betty Moncrief. . . . Fifth row: Dorris Brown, Christine Henson, Rosa Lee La Taste, Bobert Pettus, Lois Mc-Ardle, John McGinty, Patsy Allen, Joyce Tebo. Margaret Steadham, Jesse Gable, Eva Lou Meaders, Billy Grubb .... Sixth row: Albert Johnson. Billy Craton, James Gilbert, Betty Burgess, Joyce Laster, Betty Landers, Anita Baines, George McNeal. uinfarc! 40 Quinfarc! I"ir.s1 row: Lloyd Briiiklvy, jaliics Cannon, -loaimr' Doylv, Bm-tty Crawforcl, Mary Ruth l"inlm-y, Margery Hamilton, Ell'llIlOl' Bowv, Peggy Lt-dlwttvr, Jimmy llcayvs, Bolmlxy Dishman, Loycii- tricv Liiidlvy, Odvll Smith, Tommy Harris, Charlvs llacknvy .... Scvontl row: Martha Black- mon, lforlws Privcttc, jamvs Thompson, Mary Faye Yl'l'gl'l', Bohlmy Ilill, Ruth lfarrior, Billy XV11-u Pructt, Bohlxy Bailey, Blanche- Spradlvy .... Third row: Frances Smith, -lost-pliim' Young. Donald Lim-r, Tommy Yarbrougli. jam- Mitchcll, Douglas Ilia-ks, Pm-ggy Ilandlo, Fi-lton Clark, llarold VR-lls, Logout- Brown, Mary Holland, Jvssiv XVade, johnny Hamilton. . . . Fourfli row: Edna Stvwart, Billy Morrow, Catlwrinv Cmmingham, Boy lim-sv, Aim YVatc-rs. joan llammm-tt, Jimmy llviulurson, Alton Smiimc-rs, Ronald Mcddcrs, Billy -lov Oshorm-. ,Iackic Pvacc, Ralph Carti-r .... Fiffli row: Ruth Crawlvy, Earl Marla-r, Gerald Gunnvls, David Mom-i'ivl', llvrmaii Iliggiiihotham, Dorothy Prine:-, johimic Key. Vcrtic Lu' Moore-, Mack llodgv, llarold Craft, lame-s Uswalt, Ilolwrt Millvr .... Sixfli row: Lamar Comvr, Alfrvd Car- roll, Mary Luiglitoii, Ilamfl D1-an, Sylmil Now. Magdalviiv llughvs, Bvtty Bvntlcy, john Marquis. Billy XVilson, Gerald Ilarpcr. Billy Patty. 41 Fir.s'l row: Douglas Christopher, NVesley Moody, Bobby Hubbard, Cerald Sellers, Catherine vvllllllllIS, Charles Campbell, Baehael Knight, Juanita Marbut, Phoebe W'ood, Mildred Douer, Billy Chandler, Sandra Shook, Billy Darris, Harriet Hubbard .... Second row: Mary Cater, Phyllis Zavelo, Joyce Pullen, Peggy O'Quinn, Norrna Jean Fordham, Dorothy O'Dell, Ted Gilmer, Betty Jo Sasnett, Joe Sawyer, Gene Mullendore, Milton NVigley, Dee Higginbotham, Bobby Hendricks, Edward Jones .... Third row: Ray Best, Jinnny Lane, Donald Hieh, Felix Melfrelles, Dan Hensley, Billy Joe Allinder, Kenneth Davis, Billy Bryan, NVanda WVatson, Balph Bice, Joy Dean lluddleston, Linnie Lockridge, NVayne Seroggins, Nancy Brown, Shirley Curlee, James Lipsey .... Fourth row: Jean Mc-Cary, Opal VVhatley, Joyce Crowe, Kenneth NVilkerson, Jinnny Taylor, Joann Cellum, Judy Nelson. Merlen Borders, Virginia Pippin, Baudall Dye, Lenward Morton, Bobby Bayne, Barbara Ann Arnold, Norman Williams, Mayor Cannon .... Fifth row: Jinnny VValden, Mary Faye Yeager, Betty Jean Ledbetter, Biehard Mize, Raymond llolland, Charlie Cihner, Billy Moon, Larry Lackey, Gerald Dodd, Sara Kate Tysin, Betty Jean Hagsdale, Barbara Seagl. Quinfaral 42 uinfam! i l"ir.vl row: lloyd Swinglcy. Jauncs Nunnclly, Dorothy lflicrlmrt. lxlllfll' Fiuizicr, Dorotliy Cornctt. Bctli Craig. llicliurcl lNlnguclicn, Clmrlcs McCarty, jcrry Davis, Frzlnk Scitx, Cla-orgc Colcnmn, Cliurlcs Crm-cn, Hoy Moorc. Patricia Cain, Phillip jenkins .... Sccnnrl row: Ivic Parsons, Clam- ton llc-nvcs, Cluclclcn Stutoni, joalnnc Wlriglit, Conlon joncs, joycc Ann Silur, Ban'lmr41 Sniitlu, Mulcolni Sliclton, Evelyn Marr, Paula Knowlton, -lanncs Paltc. Boliliy .Ivan Snrrctt, Bcity Sicclcl- ln-rg, Mary Alicc Elliott, Catherine Goliscli .... Third row: David Coficlcl, Kcitli llaiycs, llnluncl Curtcr, Boliluy ,loc Clmpniun, jcun Mott, Patricia Blcilmuni. NVillic Mac Austin, Mary l"mnccs lliunilton, Mary Elimlmctli Crane, Mary l'urkcr, Hntli Craig, Nornm jcun Spcnccr, ,lcainnic Lcc Howell, Lilliv Mac Scott .... Fourth row: Rolwrt Pope, llurxcy Clmppcll, Riclmrcl Morgan, Tonnnic llc-ininy, Billic Dillard. Robert Princc, .lznncs jcnks, jack Tliircl. llairrcll Min-, jolin NVillianns, Nlurgic Kiclcl, Alxin Parris, VVilli1nn Clmppcll, Huy Sinitli ..,. Fifth row: I31irImm NVcuvcr, jczin Pullcn. Alcan Lznnlwrt. Uzipliync Tnclccr. 43 Nm ,. N 'Pwgmi fx X VQSYS. 1 is 1 H+ 5.x u 6 .NW M If - N- lik . if-f K K X FQ I f . - 1, fi . i'?'x,'?' 'I -W,'w 4 S, I f if fs W if ' A ff .Q-av X QL! 'ww 2 8 Q S, , A Vipgfh ,S A X ,iw E- , ,, W M. I . Y 5-ill, ,Q ,vm u M K A , Q, . , ,K . A Q MQ Q1 W .- A 5 . fs ' X WN x X Q? -. , am will Q A N X X s x, , have 'inn' 'Kumi .X 1 ' 2' 3 ,-,,. K f '1- . 4 . 1--A. 5 1 , Q2 is -iv Q. .- 'H y 'Il .,:2"?'vi ,J I 'X M ' " L v " ' ' in, N-ffm"'11? Jai' in Nt .nf 2' 1 X K U E Aw , 7 . K C W -. .if wx k Q' A Hr Nr H V' ' ' x +A., CW . ' V Q, N .Q " M, 4 ii 'Q , - r N YY - s Q 'W ' ' ,v , 'Q X . W QQ A ,uf f M f "" V 7 .. ,MQW ,aww lfwzyrifg W, X, 1 1 Q51 f ,rw I MW-Q Y pf ,5."'i'5w-fm . ,W X im" , .f X , 'W , L 'M . xf 2, W Q U .4 1 5 " A Y M 1 wi . " Y O 5 i 'V fwabw - w W ,Am A f I lIl.l.!.II I Iuulfn RANKIN IIAIKNISON Cuumcv W 7-4 fT"-'Ya Oul' XVlcs1.1'tx' Cuow OFFICERS Miss FULLER ......... Sponsor D. D. NVESLEY . . Editor-in-Cllief Ln..-x Hocus . . Assistant Editor BETTY Cnow ..... Business Manager TOMMY HAAIPSCDN . Assistant Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Arthur Fred Cates, Leah Layman, Sammy VVy- coll, -loan Holland, johnny Bluc, Leon Harrison, Susan Perkins, D. D. NVesl0y, Lila Huger. Ann Pnllcn, Gladys Bankin, Bet Bagley, Ann Brier, Harold Hollingsworth. Ted Pcrkins, Gcorgo Nichopoulos. BUSINESS STAFF Betty Crow, Tommy Hampson, Betty Sue Cur- ley, jerry jackson, Nan Triplctt. Bumu BAQLLEY Nlfllllll oulsos XVx'coF1-' BLUE llo1,1,Axn fi. Our gfadd SL!! Tlivsv urn' the pvoplv who lllllllt' this hook. Ex'ci'y svvcnth pvriocl and ulftcr school in rooni 110A wc strugglccl along. Our ohivctivv was to give 21 rculistic record of thc your at Anniston High, hut wc conlcl not withholcl the roman- -IUIINMJY ll.xxn'sox l,.n'x1 xx . PIGRKIXN IIo1,l,ixc:sn'on I n tic and sentimental clvmcnt while describing ll place' wc low' so clearly. The time has como for ns to write finis to a yi-urs work. NV0 hopv you vnioy thc hook as much ns wc cn- joyvtl making itl To ouch of you we express our appro- cizltion for the many things, hoth grvut uncl small. that you lmvc contrihntvcl. Plvasc ucccpt this hook and kcvp it to 1'c-lncillln-1' thc VUQII' of ninvtcvn hnnclrvcl forty-six. S. l'r3nK1ws llicnsox 'I'mp1Ay.y" 1 r Gxri-ns l,l,VI.I,l'fN Almagmx An'rnA cllIAl'l'lil,l, . . Vice-P1'e.s'ifIenf lion Ilrirsnrtnsox . . Secretary-'l'rea.s'urer Firsl row: Clyde Harris. johnny Starr. Betty VVilkinson, Ann Brozldnux, lane Edwards, Sue Ilchson. Currie Thomason .... Seemzzl row: Cray Griitis, Julia lliunphries. Betty Ann Cowdcn, 1,1-uh Lnynnni, -lean Hogan, Surat Darden, D. D, NVesley ,... Tluirll rout: Boh llenderson, Mary lfrnnees 'l'1lVl0l', Iuzlnitu l'zu'loek, Catherine llindnnun. Catherine Bailey, Phyllis Gunter, Lor- raline lxltlllltlll .... Fourlli row: lf.1'innn Ughurn, Bill Cheyne, jerry llullen, Dudley NVa1rd. Billy llugler. Mary Lou Scully, Beverly jones .... Fiffh role: Billy Henderson, Nonngem Morrow, lhlllftllil Clmppt-I, tllnclys ltunkin, Luther Bc-vis, lfloyd Bennett, Mr. Myer, Dorothv NVells. This is the governing body of A. H. S.l Yes. Wore proud Ol:tl1ClNl Under the cupuhle leadership of D. D. xVOSlt'Y these people have accomplished much for our school. They have deserved our full support and loyalty. This VOZII' the Council originated the idea of many new rules which lcd to irnprovenients in our school life. Each week in recognition of excellent service done, the Council has elected il teuchcr and ll pupil of the week. This group has sponsored many important cznnpuiglns. Pae- 0211180 the students supported them. our school received the lninnte man Hug which repress-nts 90 percent participation in the Defense Bond and Stznnp Sale. Perhaps no other group has done so much to hnild school spirit. lVorlting with the faculty. the Student Clonncil has faithfully held up the ideals and traditions ol' our school, and the entire student hodv has felt their inlluence. lVe are proud to present them in our hook! OFFICERS lJ,W14:sl,1cv . . . Presirlen! First row, left to right: Mrs. Brununel. Sponsor, Leon Harrison, President, Raymond Lindsay. Vice-Presidentg Billy Henderson, Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Comer .... Scemul row: Rita Cooclwyn, Lila Iluger, Ann johnson .... Third row: Albert Smith and D. D. NVesley. ATIUNAL HU UH SOCIETY The Honor Society is a national organization of accredited secondary schools. Membership in it depends upon scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The students tapped for mem- bership in this club have proven themselves outstanding in these as Well as many other Helds. Their service to the school is outstanding. Among other things this year they have kept a bulletin board which informs the students of the dates when their clubs meet. SPRING INDUCTION Autense johnson, Margaret Brown, Dot French, Leah Layman, Mattie Katherine Martin, Nona- gene Morrow, Betty Crow, Sara VVeathers, Homer Killehrew, Mary jo johnson, Frances Mal- lory, Many Ann Clark, Martha Bridges, and Elizabeth Browning. 49 GIRLS' HI-Y OFFICERS lhfiim To1,l,icsoN ..... . PFI'-S'flll'lIl RITA Cloonwxw . Vim'-Pl'r'.virl1'riI Euwon S'rol.iL . . Sf'f'rf'tury llovla xVlIl'l'liSlllli . 'l'r1'u.s'1n'z'1' Tlw Clirls' Ili-Y rcnrvsvnts our svrions siclc twm- clo liuu- onvl. Twicc an montli tlicsv girls sa-ttlv clown to tliinlx sc-rionslx' ulmont tlu- wuvs in wliicli tlicv nuw instill Christian stanclurcls into oln' scliool lilv. Tliv girls cliosm- us ll tlivnic for 1946 tht- liistory and crm-cl ol- SOX'0l'1ll clilfc-i'c-nt cl:-nominations. Tln- niinistc-rs in our Citi' lmvv ln-cn Ll grvut livlp in giving inforrnution on tliis snlmicct uncl wc Il-1-l that much lms In-4-n uc-coinplislwcl by our stncly. XVv also tlrink now is ll good time to prnisv Miss Urclwuv on licr splc-nclicl work with tht- Girls' Ili-Y. Slw lms lwvn il cuparlmlc sponsor anal 21 rt-ul inspiration. f A ' lfirxl mir: Imrlu lillylllllll. Dot l"1'vm-li. Bs-t llaxglvy, Fl'kll1l'i'S Mallory ..,. Svronaf row: Ilopm' XYl1itvsicl1-. l,iln llngm-r, ,Ioan NYoolli, ,loan Nlullory, Marry Puym' Suvvyc1', Rita Goodwin, Mnrtlm -lo ltntl1'clg1', jam- Nllnoclrnlli, xlllflllll l,on Clmppvll, Elinor Stoll .... Tlzirrf row: lic-lm Toll:-son, Nllllilgl'Ill' Xlorrow, fllzulw llnnkin. Sum Xs'l'k1fl14'l'S., Ann Brivr. Nancy Stolz. Nlulmlo Dnrrvlt, llorotliy Nlbslcy, Cfartlnrim' Ilannilton. joyu' AL'lil'l'. 50 BUYS' HI-Y .'xI,l4l-IIN' Sxirru . . . . I'r1'.s'i11m1! Crtomzic NlCllOl'0l'l,0S . . Vim'-I'1'r'.s'irlr'iif l.icoN I'IA1uusox . . Sl'C'l'C'flll'lj lifxmioun l,iNnsAY . Tl'r'fl.s'1ir1'r "To crc-atc. to Illllllltlllll. and to cxtcnnl throughout thc school :intl connnunity llllllIt'l' SlllIllllll'llS ofCl1ristiuu Cll1ll'1lCtCl'n is the high purposc of this cluh. This group of hoys has clonc nluch to improve our school :incl community through such linc clcccls as sponsoring Morning, lDl'X'Otl0ll2llS, Youth for Christ Nl:-4-tings, Clvaln Spot-ch Czunpuigns :incl nmnv othcr alctivitics. Thv cluh has also clonv sonic cxccllcut charity work, such us giving out 'lillllllliSglX'lllg anal Clliristinzls hoxcs to ucccly fznnilics. Ycs, thc-sc lvoys of thc Ili-Y Cfluh :irc l't'2llly fulfilling thc-ir mighty purpose-. VVc prouclly prc- scut the-in ns cxaunplcs of our linvst stuclcntsl Frou! rouy l1'fI lo riglil: Billy lit-ml. Lollon Nlitclunn, llUllli'l' Killt-lm-xv, lJzu'clcn Nl'illiznns. lloy Ls-c liurnctt, llolmcrl Conicr. Lcwis Cray .... SITUHCI l'tIIl'i Ccorgc Nichopoulos, illnu-li-s llicc. Allin-rt Smith, lioha-rt llcnclcrson. .loc NVorslnuu. Bohln' Puttcrson, La-on llurrison, Mr. l"c-rglusou. . . . Tliirzl row: Bvi'11u1'cl Ilzuuuu-t, llicluuxl llc-urn, liaiyinoncl Liiulszly. .lohn Clicync, llullct Brnzclton, llorzlcc llOlll1'Sly .... lfourlli rou': 'l'ounny Camlncr. Siuuncr Long, Bolmlmy Stunlcy, Trcnton Aclauns, Donald Nunncly. ,loc Lunc. aincl Muck Cust-y. 51 Reading left io right: Horace Homesley, Robert Comer, Jimmy Feltham, Pete Lusk, Harold Hollingsworth, Chuck Bice, Oscar Handle, Gene Wood, Coach Iohnson, Lewis Eich, Coach Curry, Jimmy Sanderlin, Mack Casey, james Conway, Babe Sharp, Russel Wingard, Roy Burnett, Joe Stewart, Bernard Hammett .... Middle row: Albert Smith, Bobby Stanley, Richard Hearn, and George Nicliopoulos. "NCLB Yes-Sir!! Here are the fellows with those big black "A,'s, the member of the "An Clubl These boys are the outstanding athletes whom we cheered through football and basketball seasons. They have now become members of the "Av Club by going through a mild initiation. These initiations are well known around school because each year the "Coats, give us quite a show! This club was organized for encouraging good, clean sportsmanship, and these fellows have really come through with some fine examples. To Coach Curry and the "A" Club it's "Hats otlr and three cheersf, OFFICERS ALBERT SMITH . . . President BOBBY STANLEY . . Vice-Presiclcnt RICHARD HEARN . . . Secretary Crzones lXlICHOPOULOS . . Treasurer 52. First row: Martha A1111 Hughes, Eleanor Bonds, Eleanor McDowell. Dorothy Browning, Ann Brier .... Sccnmi l'0lUi Alliene Clark, Bobbie Iane llenson, Mattie Katl1e1'i11e Martin, Belly Crow, Reba Tolleson .... Third l'0llSi Mrs. ML-Kensie, lvlilftllll Cliappi-Il, Nlury Louise lJ1lYl'll- port, Mary llelou Hughes, D. D. NV:-sley. LEADERS EL B Take a goocl look at these gals! They are the girls, Club. QA means abilitylj Tl1ese girls are good i11 all sports-just name it! Throughout the year they indulge i11 basketball, softball. soccer. and volleyball. When our physical education director was not present or when the direc- tor needed aid. these students were ready and waiting with plenty of ability and enthusiasm. The i11itiatio11 i11to the Leatlefs Club is really an event. Ask any lJCilLl6l',S Club ratl They usually top oif their initiation with a big social. By the way, the Leaclefs Club socials are something to l't'IllGlHlJ61'l S OFFICERS ATARTIIA C11A1'1'1-11.1, . . . P1'esidc11t Rum To1.1.1csoN . . . . Vive-Presiflmzf hlAll'l'IlA ANN HL'r:111f:s . . . SC'l'l'l'flIl'y B11:'1"1'x' Cnow . . . . Tl'l'llSlll'l'l' IJ SE IDR BAN l'iir.s'1 row: VV. ll. llicks, jimmy Edwards, Fred Archie VVilliams, Edith Craft, VVetherell Eros, Ann llamilton, "V" liros CMaseotJ, Tony NVatts .... Second row: Mary Kathryn Lloyd, Doris Ann lluckahe .... Third row: Peggy Mozley, Boots Browning, Caroline Diggs, james Liphani, Leta Ann Casey, Sara Martin, Carlton Barnes, Dean Hutchinson, .laekie Kimberly, Clara Boozer, Mary Frances Duke .... Fourth row: Billy Flagler, Floy Io Tolleson, Pauline Moon, Alice Alexander, Louise Newsome, Keita Carter, Vanita Dickerson, Donald Lasday. Martus Crant, Leo llarrison, Luther Bevis, Louis Crosby, Edward Stein, Sammy MeAneny, Harriet Evans, L. P. jackson .... Fiflli row: Betty Jo Harbin, Martha Ann McCarty, Helen Chastain, Eugene Mitchell, Eddie llaslam, .lewell Miller, Tom Curry, Alames Baker, Joe Worsham, Agnes Demnan, johnny Blue, Andy lleatli, Marion plones, Charles llepinstall, Florence Ann Kent, Stanly Bowe, Joyce Poole .... Sixth row: Homer Sparks, Billy VVatson, llomer Killehrew, jimmy Grant, julian Stephens, Billy Cunnels, Billy Summerlin, Austin llowell, jim Thigpen, jerry Coode, Barbara Smith .... Seventh row: Ralph Pinson, Virgiaia Davis, lack Curley. "lVatch your rank and keep in file there! Hep, two, three, four. Squads, haltl O.K. fall out for a few minutes restf, t'Oh, my aching feetlv . . , Yes, it was tough going those cold, cold mornings of September, October, and November, as "Prof. Jacksons, prized performers marched up and down the streets around johnson Field, preparing for their performance hetween the halves ot the coming football games. These cold mornings of hard work were always rewarded hand- somely by the splendid shows put in hy the snappy, alert, Well-trained members of a superior hand. The hand this year under the capable leadership of "Prof, Jackson" has walked away with Hrst prize in a state competitive hand contest which was held in Birmingham. ln this state music festival some of 'LProf's" outstanding students were participants and returned home with Hying colors proving that they were also really tops in the more serious types of music. Their saxo- phone and trumpet quartets, too, won their share of glory. Led hy one of the most colorful and spectacular groups of drum major and majorettes, the hand participated in bond sales, charity benefits, and in many other activities to help the community. No, it is not all work and no play in the hand! Each year there are always some social enter- taimnents which are really the last word in tun with plenty to eat for everybody .... Yes, being in the hand is fun! 54 Drum Major BILLY HAGLER Majorctlcs I'IARRIE'l' EVANS BIARY FRANCES IJUKE DORIS ANN LIUCKABE BARBARA SNIITII BIARY KATIIERYN LLOYD JOYCE POOLE BIARTHA lxlCCARTY HELEN CIIASTAIN PEGGY TXIOZLEY FLOY Jo TOI.LESON Flag Bearers lxlARY VIRGINIA DAVIS ELIZABETH KIRGUS BETTY JO HAIIBIN Bulldog Caretakers TONY VVATTS JOANN BICDCJWELL Bell Lyre ELIZABETH BROWNING CLARA lN1ARGARET BOOZER Bass H orn JACK CURLEY RALPH PINSON OFFICERS JACK CURLEY . . . President LEON HARIXISON . . Vicc'-Presiclcnt AGNES IDENBIAN . . Secretary JUIIAN STEPHENS . . Traasnrar PERSONNEL L. P. JACKSON, Iiirvcfor Clarincts DON LASDAY LEON HARRISON LUTHER BEVIS LOUISE NEXK'SK3AIlC BIARTUS GRANT PAULINE MOON ALICE ALEXANDER SAINT BICANENY EDWARD STEIN KEETIIA CARTER LOUIS CROSBY XYANITA IJICKINSON C orncts AGNES IJENIXIAN JOIINNY BLUE TOM CURRY EDDIE HASLAINI JOE XVORSHALI JABIES BAKER BIAHION JONES FLORENCE ANN KENT STANLEY BOWE ANDY IJEATH CHARLES IIEPINSTALL JEWELL MILLER EUGENE BIITCHELL CERAIIIJ STEPHENS Drums XfVE'l'IIEIlIQLL EROS JIIKIINIY EDXVARDS FRED ARCIIIE VVILLIAINIS NV. H. IIICKS EDITH CRAFT ANN FIAINIILTON Alio Saxaplzonas JACQUICl.lNI'I KIMBERLY CARLTON BARNES LETA ANN CASEY BARBARA PEEK Tenor Saxaplroncs -JAIXIICS LIIIIIAM IJEAN LIUTCIIINSON Soprano Saxaplzonas CAROLYN DIGGS Tronzlfoncs LIOIXIER SPARKS IIOVVELL AUSTIN JERRY COODE -JULIAN STEPHENS JIBINIY CIIANT BILLY CUNNELLS ,JINUNIIIQ TIIIGPEN BILLY XVATSUN 55 UNIUP1 BAN Firxl row: Bob vVilll2ll1kS, Ann Hutchison, Douglas Christophe-r, Robert Pvtters, Murtus Kunkull, livulyu Duucam .... SKTIJIICI row: Biclmrd Stcel, Louisc Pippin ..., Third row: Randall Dyv. Billy jou Uslmornc, Hoge-rs llollingsworth, jimmy Nunnlvy, Ilhlllitil X'Vright .... Fourth row: ,lorry Alzwkson, Viviun Killvbruw, Leon Pcrley, Crvy lllllltfxl' .... Fifth row: l':l'lll'St Frudy. Paul Hvnlvy, "l'rof. jackson," Bobby Cloodv, Boyce- llnrpcr. OFFICERS BUDDY PICRLICX '..... 1'rc'.s'i1lvnI l.oU1sr: PIPPIN . . Vice-President EVALYN DUNCAN . . . Sccrvtury fxN N IIU'rC11IsoN Tr0as14r1'1' .........c,,. .......... --. ily wma?-Q S 3 S S 2 wim.os"'Q 4 LYHE EL B Front row, left to right: NV. ll. llicks, Tom Curry, julian Stephens, jinnnic lfclwurcls, lfrctl Archie xVllllillllS, Donald Nunnlcy, jimmy Grunt, Billy NVntson, Ernuln Ogbnrn .... Huck rouf: jack Curley. Leon llzlrrison, Eddie llnslinn, llarolcl Hollingsworth, llomcr Killcbrcw. ,lznncs Liplmm. Here are the musicians a-la-delux of Anniston High School. These are the members of thc Senior Band who meet certain requirements, musical and scholastic, to become members of the Lyre Club. Their leader is "Prof. jackson" who keeps the club ulwuvs on its toes. These stu dents are ready for unything-especially socials where everyone really has Rl swell time except the ratsl These rats are really kept busy by the senior members. OFFICERS .IACK Gcnuzx' . Tom Cuinn' . . Hoixuzu KILLEBRENV IULIAN STEPHENS IJUNALD NL'NN,4I.l,X' . . Przfsidenf Vicc-Prcsi11m1I . S ccreta ry . . . Trcaszmfr Sl'T,Q!'lll1f-llf-AFIIIS ,057 fvff-v lfirsl row: Mary l'1lizahetI1 XVatkins. Peggy joan Smith, Hunter Handle, Mary II1-lon llnghes, june Craightoii, Royce Klurry, Blondie Melloweii, Nan Tripiet. Christine llendrix .... Seeonll rout -illllllilll lia Taste, Ellllllil Io Nance, Doris Llllllpkill, Kathleen Russell, Betty Ann Cray, l'1-ggi' Stevens, Betty 'l'aylor, Jewell Miller, Alice Kilgore .... Tllifll l'0lL'i Miss Siininons, Macy Clarler, ,lane C1-lleiiger, l'.1t Cofielcl, Louise Nelson, Beverly Iones, Mattie Katherine Martin, 'IQUIIIIIIY Stitt. Miss Niassey' .... l"ourIl: row: Mary Hnhn, Nellie i'iCilZK'ii, Miiiie Mayes, Ali-reci Amlalns, liieluarcl Box .... Fifllz row: Sonny N'IeAne11y, Iinnny Fite, Andy lleath. lioiner Sparks, llarolci Ilollingsworlh. iiillli Sikorsiii. Hari Itealves. and Bohhy Coorie. JU IUH REU EHUSS The Klunior lteci Cross, 11iXVilYS one of the most active groups of Anniston High School, has cer- tainly lived 11p to its pledge, 'NVQ' helieve i11 service tor others." ,-Xinong the various activities i11 which it has engaged were the packing of gift hoxes which were sent to Ellgilllld as a gesture ol' good wilig participating i11 the collection of old clothing to he sent to the Wai'-torn countries of liuropeg collecting popular reeorcis, decks of earcls, and other sinail articles which were sent to the soldiers in ariny hospitalsg and enrolling nearly one thousand students of Anniston High School chiring the vlunior lied Cross Enrolhnent Campaign. Now that the war is over there is an even greater need for the Wforld-wide friendship is essential ii' we are to have everlastiiig peace and the is one of the organizations whim-h ean, and will, do everytliing possible to promote this. OFFICERS ltoxcic 1111111111: . . P1'esirl1'nt AIUN13 CiltA'l'UN . . Vin'-I'rL'.s'i1lc,'l1I lI11N'1'1c11 IIANIJLI4: . . . Sf'l'l'f'fllf'll MARY IIr11,oN Ilucziilcs . '1'reas1n'z'r OFFICERS EL1Nou S'roLz . . . President HEBA ToI.LEsoN . . Vice-Presifient hlAll'l'IIA f,lllAl'PEl.L . . Secretary NANCY S'ro1.z . Trerlsurer HU E ECU UMIES CLUB These are our future homemakersl They are interested in maintaining high standards for home life and they are the ones who will have the best future homes in our community. Their pro- grams possess variety, and under the leadership of Mrs. lrluger, the elnh sponsor. the girls are learning much that helps them in their dealings with every day happenings. "As our girlhood is. so shall our womanhood hen is their motto and they definitely helieye it. First row, left to right: Betty McCarty, Margaret Brown, Alice Kilgore. .Io Anne llepinstall. joan llaekney, Eleanor lklc.-Dowell, Peggy Yarn, Nancy Stolz, Elinor Stolx, Elizaheth Browning, Sara Martin .... Second row: Violet Taylor, Betty Anne Lane, Mary Frances O'Kelly, lieha Tolleson, Mary Louise Davenport, Sara Kate Morton, Elizabeth NVilson, Martha Elizabeth Crow, Mary llelon llnghes, Mattie Katherine Martin, Jewel Miller, Eleanor Bonds, Dorothy Browning ....' flaird row: Mrs. llugtr, Betty Ann Cowden, Autense Johnson, llelen liosier, Martha Chappell, Mary Frances Craft, Dorothy VVells, Frances Pavloek, Mary Mayes, Florine Tate, Alliene Clark, Bohhy jean Henson, Betty Cass. 59 r so Firsl row, lcff ln right: Ann Pullen, jcun Hinnnnt, Nonngcne Morrow, Ann Glenn, Frauiccs Mallory, Agnes Dc-ninnn, june Craighton, Letn Ann Casey .... Scrum! row: Hose Gunter. Nlilfll' l'lY1llIS, Betty Suv Curley, luck Curley, Eddie lluslalm, llonier Killehrew, Martha Snider. , . . 'l'l1irrl rnuv: Mrs. Mcliinsic, Ilnrold Hollingsworth, Don Lusduy, Everett llollc. Muck Casey, L4-on llairrison, :ind ltulmy Parris. ET UE EL B The Etude Club is composed of musically talented people who are interested in good music. The programs center around the study of good music. Musicians, including the club members, give selections on the programs. In this Way the members become more appreciative of all types of good music. This club is sponsored by Mrs. McKensie who is an excellent pianist herself. OFFICERS ANNPI lXlARIE EvANs . . . President ANN PULLEN . . . Vic'e-Prcsirlwit FRANCES' . Secretary Evmucrr HoL1.1f: '1'rca.s'urm' G0 OFFICERS Dm' 1+'u14:NC11 . . Pr0.sirIwil Tuosms Hfxmvsox . . Vit?-Pl'CSifll'lIf B1-:'r HACLICY . SC'C'l'l?flIl'fj-Tl'l'llS'lll'l'!' SEHIBBLEHS EL B From the pens of thvsc students come nmnv pocins. short storics and 4-ssuvs. Ycs, thvv arc il literary mindccl group who arc intent on their writing! Perhaps wc' liuvv il novvlist. povt. or draunutist in our niiclst. Tlw cluh stau'tc-cl this yval' with at new sponsor. Mrs. Nichols, who has guide-cl thc inc-mlwrs townrcl now accomplishments. Thvy liuvv stutlivrl poetry and many moclcrn writcrs this yn-nr. Thvy liuvv ll0lI1ltl'Cl lunch new literature to our school uncl thvir cllorts nrv cle-f-ply upprc-ciutvcl. Lvf! lo riglzf: Bot Hugh-y, Dot l"11-in-li, Hoyt-c Curtis: Marry Ann Clark. illaulys liunlcin, Ann johnson, Arthur 1'1l't'll Guin-s, llcggy Vurn. lilimln-ill Kc-rr, Olliv Sullivan. Ann Pulls-n, .loun Powers. Mrs. Nichols. l GI lfirsl mir, lfrfi In right: L1-tn Aim Casvy, Louisv Nm-wsomv. Barbara Pi-4-k .... Svcwulrl muh: Carolyn Diggs, Bouts Bl'lHA'lliIlg, i'Ni0l'4'IlL't' Ann Kvnl, Mziriamal Si-idm'llwrg- - -Third mir: Dvun Ilulvliinsim, Alia-i' AICXRIIIKICIA. Ilillliillt' Nlimon. Sara Martin, Ann Ilalmiltim, Agnvs Dmi- nmn, ji-wi-II Millar. AHMUNIEHS EL B This clulm is dvsignvd to stimulate kiimvlcdgc- of music. The memlwrs arc girls from the- Scnim Band. liar-li mc-inlwr of the club is rcquircd to take part on programs. A studv is made of this vzuioiis c-omposc-rs and their works. During thc year thc club eniovs nuuw social functions. Tlwir amimzil initiation owe-iliollics ill? S0ll10ti1iIlQ thc rats long reincmbcr. OFFICERS Armies lJicNm.AxN . . . I'rr'sicIvr1f S-um iXiAli'l'IN . . Vif'z'-Prc'.si1Iz'nt Bucrrs BIIOXVNING . SCc'rr'fury l,m'isi, Nicwscmi-1 . TFP!!-Slll'f'I' 62 x 1'1i1'-Yf l'171l'i Bvtty '11kly10I', Virgiiiiai Yl'il1.'fl'I'. 1,1111is1' N1-1s1111. 1f1111'i111' '11il11', 1lll1l' KI11111111. '1i11111'1' I Xlycr .... Sl'f'1lIIlI 1'1111': cJl'1l1l' .-X11s1i11. 1511111111-111 11'1111t1. 1'l1iZa1111-111 1Q1'l'I'. X-11l1'2ill'l'1 11llI-ll171Il'11'S. c1l'ill'l' Ki111111'1111g11, Mrs. 11111111l11X, .111 151111 N11'C1i1111' .... 'l'11i1'1l 111117 x1lll'Y 1'1l'ilI11'1'5 c11'Al11. x12ll'f 1'11ig1- 111lg1l'f'. Allll 11111113 N111111g1-111' N1111'1111w, S1111i1' 1,1111 c111lS1l11, 1N1.1I'j' 111-11111 1111 111-5 EHUP115 EL B Tl11- Girls' C11111'11s is c11111p11s1'11 of tlw twvntx' 111-st 11111-115 1111111 t111' 1-11111111 1'111ss11s. '1'1111i1' 11115911111 111 1111- is to 1111x'1- 11 1l1llSlCll1 l't'Dl'l'101l't' 1111111110 1-1111111111 111 1111-1-1 1111- 1111111111111s 111 s.11'1'1-11 11111111111' . l., . . 1 111111 1'111ssic111 l31'O1L1'i1ll1S. T111-ir1'11g11g1-1111111ts l111x'1' i111-111111111 11pp11111'11111'11s 111 .-111111511111 1111111 .Ns- s1'1111111', A1111'11s1111x'i111' Stz1t1- Tl11lL'11l'l'Sl Collegc, St. N111-11111115 111111 A11 .fX11g111s, X11-11111111111 1C1111st1-11 NI1'11's c11ll11, Knox Music c11ll17. 5111111111111 A111112 U. U.. 111111 1111- .'X1z1111111111 5111111 X111si1' 1"11sti1'111. 1 719191 1111111114 K1x11s11111'1:11 .IAN11i1-1 1X1Y1'I11 . . .111 1C'1"1'.1 N11iCl1x'1'Y 63 N11xA1:11N1: X11111111111' 's . I'1'1'.s'i1l1'11f Vir'r'-l'1'1'.s'i1l1'11l . S1'1'l'l'1Ill'11 . 'l'1'1'11.s'111'r'1' OFFICERS Boism' Bonnrcx ..... Boom' Covmx . . . Vim SARA .IUAN W'1i1'r1.1-:Y . . BETTY jo K1-Nmgm' . . I'rr'.s'ill1'nl '-Prr'.s'if1r'nI Sc'z'rr'fury 'I'r'z'11.wl'c'1' Yr-s. the-sv alrv nicinhcrs of thc Dive-rsiliccl Occiipntioiiul Club. Thcsc students study at school in thi- morning ancl urn- oll' in thc afternoon to thvir respective jolws Where they put into przicticv tha-ir knowlcclgc. 'Illia-ir lcuclvr, Mr .Fvrguson, is doing an excvllvnt joh in preparing the-in for the-ir chosvn vocations. This clnlm 1-niovs ll ninnlwr ol' socinls cluring thc' vc-ur. Pvrhzips their annual l7LlIHllll't is thc- highlight in thvir viitcrtaiiinnc-nts. lfirxl rmr: Mr. l"c-rgnson. Ulaulys Nc-w, Bvtly jo Kmiiivcly. Sum Ilunson. lillllllkl .lo Num-v. D Alnunilai 1.11 'lllstix liloisc- lrinu-. l'1l0l'il Bm-all .... Szwvrirl rout Iivtty l"n-rgnson. lrm-nv cl1ll'lK'l'. 4lilL'1Ill1'llllL' lintlcrwortli, Clutlwrim- Ilinchnzln, Lclton Clark, Bohluy Coplin, NVilliann Drnnnnoncl. Ilolwrl Bormlvn .... 'l'l1ir1l rout Norris llicks, Clail'1'11c'v Dvain, Uvorgc- Brin-khonsv, jon- Mitt-lic-ll, 'I'rnnmn Pitts. Clvorgv llnssc-I, Nlurtin Box, XVailt1-r lJ0llgfl'ill .... Fourlli row: Allwrt Smith. Allwrt Pvowvn. 61 First row: Bobbie jane Henson, Nlary Helen Hughes, jewell Miller, Peggy Lowery, Sue Parlier, Mary ,lo Iohnson, Blondie McDowell, Alice Kilgore .... SUFUIIKI row: Frances Payloelx, Margaret Roberts, Sara Martin, Florence Silverstein, Ollie Gaines, Betty llepinstall, julia May Tipton .... Third row: Florine Tate, Betty McCarty, Sara Morton, Beverly jones, Mary Anna Matthews, Mattie Katherine Martin, Edna johnson, Jeannette Taylor, Betty Taylor .... Fourlli l'lllL'i Geraldine Saxon, Corine Truitt, Frances Craft, Sara Craee XVallQer, Alliene Clark. Geraldine Tipton, Maylene Daughtery, Mrs. Hill .... Fifth row: Ann Iohnson, Mary Mayes. Doris Mt-Ginty, Peggy Stevens, Antense johnson, Virginia Taylor, llelen ltosier. Billie Nell Hollingsworth. Martha Chappel. Look at the future business women! Yes, that is the destination of these students! Mrs. Hill, their sponsor. is a very capable and inspiring leader and many of our successful business people are indebted to her. The aim of the club is to create a better feeling among the students and to learn more about the business world of today. The programs consists of discussions, lectures, and quizzes on business problems. Occasionally this group turns from their business problems and enjoys a social. livery member of the club looks forward to these affairs and everybody has a good time. OFFICERS Minn' -Io BowMAN . . . President ANN .lornwsox . . . Vice-President Bomnr: JANE HENSCJN . . . Secretary XVIRGINIA TAx'1.on . . Treasurer 65 maqqgq SEK sad! I Ill -llll Junnn Elassical League First row, left fo right: Dorothy l5rowning.:, Ann Pnllvn, Mary Annu Mnttlu-ws, Lncincln Quinn, Br-tty Cowclvn .... Scroml row: Lila linger, Eliznlwtli VVilson, Sum VVeuthcrs, Mary Ann Clark, Bctty Crow .... Tlzirzl row: Fnnik Longshore, John Mallory, Durflcn XVillianns, Jinnny NV1-zltlu-1'ly, Mrs. Cihson. Photograph Club First row, left to right: Tc-cl Pcrkins, Harold Hollingsworth, W. II. Ilia-ks, Eddie Huslznn .... Second row: Jinnny Moore, Evvrctt Ilollc, Arthur Cates, Mr. Nichols. Speech Club l"ir.sI may lvl! to right: Miss Marx Ann Eclwarmls. Bvvvrly ,Iam-s, Louisa- Nvlson, Gladys Rankin, Llxilll Lay- man, Ann johnson, Lila llngvr. . . . Scvrmzl r0u': Mack Casey, Bcrnarcl llannnclt. 'l'onnny Ilampson, Holwrt cl0llll'l'. Artlmr lfrvcl Catcs, Roya- Curry. and Donald Lasclay. . I i i lUshers Club Nlr. Myvr, llallvt Bram-lion, liolmlmy Stanlvy, Bill Cla-ym: Bulmlvy l,illlK'I'- son, Darclvn Xvllllilllli Frank Cilnlcr, Billy Ilcnclvrson, lloyu- Cnrric-. 532' PEN-A-P L CLUB 1"ir.s'l may lvfl In right: juan NYoolf, Dol Fl4l'l1L'h, juan Mallory, lic-l Baglvy .... Svrmnl mu, Rita Gumlwvn. l"ram-vs Nlallury, Claklu-rillc llamiltcm, Mary Ann Clark, Ann Brin-13 Nlartha ju lgllllK'lIQl' .... Tllircl ruzr: Xlary Pllyllt' Sawys'x'. Nunagvm- XIOITOXY, La-ah Lllflllilll, Nlrs. Alu Q1HLQilA T fb1wL BLE l.z'fl lu riglzls Sadiv Gibson, Xmxagcm- Morruwg Marv Paiqu Baqluv. lam- Craiqhtmu, Gram Rillllmrollgh,jauicvilylrrar L I A lr 68 4 Q 64 Q' , LL si it 511.1 ff' ' ' 14 ! ' , x'YQ .,-'Y X I1 " YF , K .NU J -x f . 1 A, 4- ...- W - J. i I' ,,.Q- wan. s X , v , Xf- 'iwvqf X ,, Firsl rout: Gene NVoocl, llielmarcl Hearn, jolm Wleatlmers, Bernard Hammett, Allrert Smith, Bolmlwv Patterson, George lllltleclge. Trenton Adams .... Sceonrl row: Coach Johnson, Frman Oglmurn, Babe Sharp, Bobby Stanley. -lon Stewart, George Niclropolous, Darroll O'Brien, Jinuny Sanclerlin, Russell Vvlllgilfd, Coach Curry. . , . Third Hill!! Holm Henderson, Mack Casey, Charles Rice, Tomxny Gardner, .limmy Meigs. Lewis Eielm, Oscar Handle, lloraee Ilomeslev, FUUTBALL A TEAM COACH CURRY ,llflymggygy CU.-XIII! JOHNSON .IINIAIY IFEIQIQIAAI ClHAllLES SMITH Ros' LEE BURN!-2'I"l' 70 I ALBERT SMITII, Co-Captain The only veteran on a team that had to face the greatest in the state, Little Albert Smith held his younger less experienced mates together, called the plays, and did more blocking than any man on the squad. He has well earned the respect and admiration ol' his opponents, his teammates, and his coaches. Ile is a real sportsman, whose place will be hard to fill next fall. BERNARD IIAMMETT, Co-Cllpfaill Bernard was co-captain and one of the best running backs on the team. Ile is known for his passing, receiving, and running. lie should make Anniston a fine halfback next fall. I l TONIMY GARDNER Here is a defensive star of the team. It fell Tommy's lot to direct the defense and back up a light, inexperienced line. Inexperienced himself, Tommy took a couple of i games to get the knack of the iob, but after that he was terrific. There was no better center in these parts. TRENTON ADAMS Assigned to the toughest defensive position on the team in his first varsity year and weighing only 170, Trenton developed rapidly and wound up this season as one of our strongest linesmen. BABE SIIARPE Babe was noted for his blocking and tackling. In the Jacksonville game he practically backed up the line from his defensive halfback position. LEWVIS EICH Lewis Eich was groomed to fill the shoes of Noah Car- rett at tackle when big Noah left for the Navy. Fate stepped in and Lewis suffered an injury that didn't heal. This was a tough blow to Lewis and his team. Eich has all the earmarks of a great tackle and is being counted on heavily next year. GEORGE NICHOPOULOS Nich, the offensive spark plug of the team from his full- back position, was a very Hne running and blocking back. He skirted the ends like a halfback and hit the line like a 180 pounder. Nich wil be sorely missed when the boys start kicking the ball around next fall. RICHARD HEARN Only a badly injured arm kept him from sporting every game. Hearn, not blessed with the speed and weight of many of his opponents, earned his position and held it well on sheer grit and determination. A great com- petitor and a hard worker, Hearn should develop into a great end next season. HORACE HOMESLEY VVobble, after getting off to a slow start because of an infected throat, came through in great style at a guard position until the loss of Noah Garret at tackle. Horace was moved out to the tougher position to fill a big gap there. Homesley undoubtedly learned a lot of football and will he a big help to his team at either position next year. JOE STEWART Last year Ioe was a third string center and this year a first string guard. The fact that he was outstanding is attributed to his willingness to work and his eagerness to learn. He will continue to mow down opponents next vear so that our backs may run. He should really live up to his nickname, ujarring Joe." MACK CASEY He was a very valuable man who saw much service as a replacement at either end. Few people who saw the Talladega game will soon forget the manner in which the little 140 pounder tore into the young giants from BOBBY STANLEY our neighboring city. BOBBY PATTERSON Bob is a very hard worker. Never knowing what it was to quit, he could always be counted on to be in there hustling. The most versatile player on the squad, Bobby "Long- fellow' Stanley will be one of Anniston's greatest ends. He kicks well, catches passes with the best and is very good on the defense. Here is an answer to a coach's prayers! Big, RUSSELL WINGARD fast and rugged, VVingard needed only the experi- ence he gained this year to develop into a first rate guard. He has two more years to deal out the miseries to our opponents. DARROL O'BRIEN Lacking the size and speed of his famous brother "Tommy,', Darrol took to the air and developed into a splendid forward passer. VVhen Nich, the running half of the team offensive, was out of the Gadsden game with a had throat, Darrol scared 'em to death with 13 completions of 20 thrown. Next year you will see a lot of the O'Brien to Stanley combination. IIMMY SANDERLIN Another oi those fa-atherweight Seniors, jimmy was a hard, faithful worker who 'infortunately was competing with "jarring joe Stewart' for the running guard posi- tion. BOB HENDERSON Here is another of those young sophomores who learned a lot of football that will serve him well next season. Henderson is definitely a prospect. ERMAN OCBURN He was a fine prospect at fullback. He was too young and inexperienced to see much service against most of the man killing teams on our schedule, but when given a chance to play in the Jacksonville game against boys of his own class, Erman was terrific-watch him go next year! GENE WOOD Ile saw much service at a guard position and gave a good account ot himself when called upon. The experi- ence he gained will serve him well next fall, and he is expected to give the returning men at his position a meriy tussle for a starting job. OSCAR HANDLE It is unfortunate that Oscar waited until his senior year to go out for the team. His play as a first year man showed well what "might have been" with just a little experience. JIMMY MEICS Jimmy is a very capable pass receiver who was slightly handicapped by a lack of experience this year. Ile should make some end hustle for a position next fall. JOHN WEATHERS Jolm was a very hard worker and one of the best spirited boys on the squad. He was greatly handicapped be- cause of the lack of experience. BUDDY RUTLEDCE This is Buddy's second year on the squad and he's only in the ninth grade. This youngster has "class" sticking out all over him. He'll be helping to win a lot of games for A. H. S. before he's a seniorl CHUCK RICE Chuck was very valuable to his team in the role of kick off and extra point specialist. He also was a clever ball' handler when his team was 'running from the Line, left to riglzf: Richard Hearn, Trenton Adams, Horace Homesley, Joe Stewart, Tommy Gardner, Gene NK'ood, Bobby Stanley .... Backs: Albert Smith, Eldred Sharp, George Nicho- polous, Darroll O,Brien. Bernard Hammett. Dear Bud: llere comes that promised resume of our football season. We started oit with a big bang. Our inex- perienced Bulldogs barked the score up to 35 against a knot-hole for Alexandria. In this game Wiugard. Handle, Sanderlin, Eich, Ogburn, Hen- derson, Wfeathers, Rutledge, and Mitchum made their first appearance on a gridiron. We were afraid of Alexandria as they had a large number of boys from a good last yearis team and the preceding week had held to one touchdown a highly regarded Oxford team. l suppose we played our best game that night, as we scored quickly and followed up in rapid order to make a runaway of it. Richard Hearn got a dislocated elbow in this game, but in spite of this annoying handicap, he played consist- ently swell games the rest of the season. And thenl XVe went to Bessemer. QA lot of peo- ple think we should have stayed at home, I guess.j Perhaps we were a bit over-confidentl Bessemer was more than a bit over-weight. The combination was bad. NVe were in strange territory too, and they wore us out, though we did give a good ac- count of ourselves after the first quarter when they scored three touchdowns. VVith one up and one down, we decided to be Anniston High School Anniston, Alabama December 13, 1945 different and tie one with Oxford. It was a rainy night and we were sorry for the County boys. Any- way it was 13-131 Our lirst touchdown was made by a pass from Darroll O'Brien to Bob Stanley, and our second one by that gridiron atom, George Nich- opoulos. Our second and last out of town game was with Emma Sansom, who defeated us by two touch- downs. The final score was 6-21. If it hadn't been for Ioe Stewartis outstanding defensive playing, the story might be even sadder. However, with the rugged assistance of Albert Smith, Bernard Ham- mett, and Noah Garret, we were successful in carry- ing out our battle cry "Stop Lucialv The O,Brien to Stanley pass worked again for our only touch- down. Perhaps you would be interested in the Staris headlines after our Talladega game: "Bulldogs, Outweighecl 34 Pounds Per Man, Put Up Deter- mined Battlef, Have you ever tried tackling a 200 pound tiger? WVe have! In fact, we carried "tons of tigersv off the floodlighted area that memorable night of October 19th. "Little Albertisi' sneak quar- terback play got him away for a 58 yard scamper which would have continued over the goal line if it had not been for Albert's injured ankle. Eldred Sharp and Chuck Rice performed in grand style. and Oscar Handle, substituting for Richard Hearn, showed a lot of improvement! At last! O happy day! Tuscaloosa came to town and We went to town. Yeah man! The Hnal score was 18-6. But what a thrilling tale I could spin about this one, Bud! We all starred! Horace Hom- esley. Russel Wingard, Trenton Adams, and Gene Wood did yeoman's service in the line with Bob Henderson, Erman Ogburn, and Bobby Patterson showing up like thoroughbreds. Mack Casey de- serves a sentence all to himself. His super-defen- sive playing helped the morale of the Whole team. Well, l guess we really ought to devote a paragraph to Young Mr. Nichopoulos. His flashy, sensational running brought the cheering fans to their feet many times. VVith excellent blocking by his team- mates, Niclfs hard running carried the ball three times ove rthe Tuscaloosa goal line. Shakespeare or somebody was right, Bud. "Pride goeth before a fallf, And how! We fell to the lVest End Lions by three touchdowns. The Lions beat us by their excellent aerial attack. On the ground they were stopped by our sturdy line which was reinforced by that terrific Iron Man, Tommy Card- ner, who was our defensive star throughout the season. NV e outgained the Lions on the ground by l9 yards. We finally met a team more inexperienced than ourselves--Iacksonvillel They were unable to score against us, while we crossed their goal line four times. Our reason for their scoreless game was the remarkable defensive playing of Eldred "Babe" Sharpe. Erman Ogburn tied with Nick on the longest run of the season when he intercepted an Eagle pass and ran for 62 yards. jimmy Meigs in his initial appearance made a sensational catch and loped leisurely and languidly for several well- earned yards. The Hnal game was with our old rival, Gadsden. VVe lost a good iight, but we played a good game. Anniston really took to the air in a pigskin armada that threatened the stars in the sky. Mighty-Mite O,Brien and Bob Stanley were largely responsible for our twelve first-downs, that was three more than the Gadsden Tigers made. Bob Stanley has been our most versatile player and, along with Nick, was the only Bulldog to receive Honorable Mention on Alabamais All-State Team. Our one touchdown was the result of an U'Brien heave to Hammett who was waiting on the goal line. Rice kicked the extra point. Oh, I suppose you want to knew about Cadsdeifs score, too. lt was QI! Well, Bud, that's almost the complete story Next year, it will be diiferentl Coach Curry will have some experienced boys. lncidentally, we're sure lucky to have two such rugged gentlemen as Curry and Alohnson for our coaches! By the time next Home-Coming rolls around, we hope yon'll be back at old A. H. S. Until then, Weill carry on for you. Your pal, HSXVIFTYW Line: Handle, Wingard, Eich, Sanderlin, Weathers, Patterson. Meigs, Casey. Bucks: Rice. Henderson, Ogburn, Rutledge. Zo,u:u NlKIlliJl,S fl0Ai'lI joumow -Q 'T "'T-W' v Fir.s't row: Donald Nuually, VVilliam Moore, jainvs Hillary. john Paul Siskoy, l'alinvr llorn, Hcrshvl Pate, Floyd Bclnwtt, Jcrry Higgins. 'Alle-cl" Dickerson .... St.'l'!7llll row: Hay Smith, Jerry Pullcn, Buddy XVliit0. Nlarvin llvstvr, Frank Mig-klv, Donald Young, Dick Greer, Charles Daugherty, NVillard lixans .... Third row: Hay M1l1'plu-v, Harold En-ll, Boliliy Blake-ly, Charles Pate. Jlllllllf' -Iordan, Howard Gorham, Buddy Town- send, Huntvr Handle, Harold Richardson, Billy Snidvr, Kuna-tli XVood, Gcorgv liol- lins. Mr. Nichols. ex my FUUT 5, :Q lvl., .MSQ-s. 191932+- ,qmaf , asian - : r-'Sli ' ,.J 1:'T" 1 SAF - -' ag far.. .B ,- '- 1' new -- ' ' 'Q 'S 51.2 . . I I N ' - X1 'ig P2 -Is: . v 'AQ , 1 ,1',1??Wk.f.. . 31 f Wx - Q 1 p!f'j':-Lzfgrqgf , ,, W' iii' .,f' 519,52 nh ' -mm, 43.-,. 5, V., 3 -, 3, , g. . x 0. 'f si-3 4-Q2-5 " -:Lf lffwa' ' -- gk-ifj,-, .K-,- i,-31 2,33-.-Q fa .NI,gT,!5:: .?.,?-,ilu ,Z , X l"'f':l.5l' 'J' A ' 1.--. 'ri '. . n :,,, rg r.f-Af gif, ' wg pg " H511 -' 14 if 1- - u , A t jwh 1.5, ll' 4 Z4 -F I N 5 1 1,11-. Linc: Frank Micklc, Dick Crccr, Je-rry Pullvu, Cliarlvs 1 Daugherty, Iaunvs Hillary, Harold Richardson, Km-nm-th l NVood ,... Hawks: NVillard Evans, Buddy XVhitv, -ll-fry Higgins, Donald Young. T6 32315 B LL B TE!-XM N . "fp" ,A ,af 2, Stn- f I Q iii: . H Q Q, x X '5x51,f1,f,f Ak fxliif 529 I . , fu gf 5552 - ff I 'sg :gigs- -i34Vff.f ah ..,,g, - :V . FS if f , - -if ' ' E 35 12" 9' :Eff 1 '. 4 JL' 'fi,4ls5'i - 'Ii'-- - I7 fri' I 3'-r' 4-' xy:-C55 evil- ' ff' 5,45?f,+f- , '53 A ff' if if iff!! -f Q3 '-lp' 4-. fi' rf .4-52' j fy, . -V'-NJ3' ,FP If 'Eff if 7: -' 1 iz V J, J? Ig?-1 ,rl .I . :A is .ffLiQ' gg a ff Q , . Qfkw auf'-'If' 5- 1 -.14 1 " ' ' ., iw. , ' 27, .EF ix " ' 145' Wm-gf 1+ 1 57 9' -gf' 1 Er a in ! ugf Ct" ' Linrf. left to right: Hunter Handle, Donald Nunally, Clyde Town- send, Palmer Horn, Floyd Bennett. VVilliznn Moore-, Cc-orgv llnl- lins .... Bucks, left In riglzl: llvrslwl Patv, John Paul Siskvv, Mar- lVe 0 G 7a 0 77 vin llvstvr, Howard Dickerson. ' Y by N, Managers LEON LUlNll'KlN CHARM-:s Mnnnx' l Heflin , Talladega Talladega .. l Piedmont , They 66 13 14 13 Cmmwuy, 1305 Allowuy, 09 Lusk, 14g Ricc,'3g Meigs, 95 Comer, 664 Lame, 125 O,Brie-n, '76 W'yz1tt, 101g Stanley, 72. BAQIQETTBALL N WVL' They 27 , Sylacamga 24 25 Alexander 14 33 , , , Emma Sansom 25 29 Talladega 27 20 Alacksoiwille , 18 28 ,, llellin 19 34 Sylacauga 24 31 Hanbur xmaf 15 13 Oxford 19 21 llellin 18 33 , , Gadsden 25 31 Talladega 26 32 , Emma Sansom 37 31 Jacksonville 36 Gadsden . 22 RESUME These boys have done a very good job this year by winning fourteen games and losing only three. They have been handicapped in practically every game they played because of the lack of heightg however, they have been able to overcome this handicap in most cases because of their excellent spirit and teamwork. if 79 IKILLEBIKEW ll.ENDEl1SON ROLLIINS CARR WORTHY 39 IIE.-xnN 1 1 Houma 10 We They 26 , . Heflin 7,,, 9 23 , ,, Sylacaugu H H 20 26 , , ,,,,,, Ranburne ,, , 24 21 W ,7,,,. Gadsden 7,7,,,, ,,7,,,,,, 1 7 35 . , Oxford .7,, , ,,,, 28 26 . ,,,,,, Talladega ,,,,,, 31 21 ,. , ,,,, Oxford .,,, ,,,,, , 24 21 ,,,,, , ,, Emma Sansom ,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 8 27 ,,,,, jacksonville ,,,...21 18 ,,,,,, , , .Alexandria .,,, ,.,,,, 1 5 16 ,,,, Sylacauga ,,,,, ,.., , , 25 10 ,, , , , Alexandria .,,, 16 22 ,, ,,,,, , Emma Sansom ,,,,, ,,,,,,,21 20 , , , jacksonville ,,,, ,253 18 7,7,,, , ,, Gadsden 7,7,., ,,7,,, 2 0 7 Y, ,,,, YY,, I' leflin ., ,,,, W 20 16 , , ,,,.,, Talladega ...,,, ,,,,,, 2 2 CAPTAIN CASEY First row: lznnes Bowman, Bob Henderson, Iilnmv Felt- luun. Homer Killebrew Erman Oglvurn, Richard Hearn Palmer Horne. . . . Second row: Raymond VVortl1y, Muck Casey, Dun Carr, Whllalce Ferguson, George Rol- lins, llowurcl Gorham, ,lolm XVl1eeler. lolmny Davis, Douglas VVz1ugl1, Billy Snicler. BOMMER FERGUSON 0 0 FFLTIIAINI 0 SNIDER 0 OCBURN 0 VVAUCH 0 DAVIS 0 Gomfmm 0 XV11u-QLER 0 1 S' E!! !!! ,ml uc EQ! I I ig! ,3,.,f'W ""1 "VHS 15 gb 1 9 x 7 RX! S Ill lil :nm Ill we me if , J fi --Q- , - li Q41 V' va 1 4, Q 1 ur Ill Ill Il? Ill ur ns , 4, 11 A v I f xx KST- 1 ' fiiixs QI K .l ,L 6 , Rv- v.. AP if I Xe ,g A V if Swif- Ill ll s 1 8 ,ia 1-3 ', Q fax - henna' P H '32 . in lfflfgii ' - A ,. V, "X, CHEERLEADERS P' Center, left to right: Martha Snider, jimmy Moore, Martha Chappell, Billy llcudcrson, "Sis" McCarty, Marlin Box, Doris -Ivan Smith, Harold Hollingsworth. 84 -. S I 5 YQ M! FN W . - ,,,..wxsm WM ,M vi 5 M, W , W ,, ei x ,W M .W ,. N X Q, T Q .,.i 2 .. . nf- M1455 -Ti a. WM is , A W, x 3 x A M .X A E lleell l l I XXUH NIL-DUNN! I I K 4 . S DITII A1Cf:Al1'l'Y JOAN Ii0I,I.AND S E N I O R eaufied lham To1.LEsoN FRESHMAN -IUNIOH all Cuurzx R101-3 IIOMER SPARKS ZOPIIOMURE IA RTI IA S NIDICR ' jo T01,1.1-3s0N SENIOR B-FRESHNI Ears! Tmxuxn' C.AHnN1cn AN A Xiwz j0lIN Wlf:A'l'uEuS Hom-:nT RANDALL Sur1ff'fr'.st Girl mul Nimm-I Bun Bx,oN1m4: NICIJUNVI-1l,I. Bunm' S'mN1.m' Must Hcprvscfrztalim' Couplf' 1.1-10N llAnms0N D. D. XVI'lSl.ICY Must Allzlvtir' Cnuplr' NIANY Lolvlsla lJ,wr:N1-owl' cllilllllilli Nlcznoxfoulns l!h03 l!Uh0 Cuunlf' W'ifl1 Mus! P0l'.s'on11lily Bunm' DUNc:,xN Ix1AH'l'llAfIIlAl'I'lI.l Hrs! All-Ruund Cnuplr' QIANI4: VVmx1mU1-'lv Al.lil'IIl'l' Surm I I.UiHll'l'l' lffx .xxx Bll , 1 319: .vl 1'1lfIllllIl'CU1j mum: I I ul NIICTK' limi 1Jl'f',S'-S'l'II fftillllli' l,U'l'lIl,H li as llumc 1'1l'i1'lItHil'.S'f ffffuplf- Xl.m1.l-1 IJl'Hl!l'I'l"l 'llnl 1,1 ID.-MKII!" . ' I ill! C:llI1'vY1f:HIljJl1' Dmxis ,ll-,AN SNIITII ll O'B:m4x U'illi1'.vfCuIllJl1' l'7lDl'l'II f:llAl1"l' lhvxlrmxls A02 'MO 0 S14'4'z'l4'sl Ciirl .Yif'l'Sl ling Nonxm ji-:AN Fomul jmxn' lihuwgs Czzlml Cfmmlv lixux Louma xlli,-XIJIGIKS lilvnm Lxxllslmx l'rr'l!if'f.1 Girl .Wm-I lla1m'.wm1' Huy M.-xml-1 FIX,-X7Il'Ill jlmxn' Xl 'XIKBUI' -s--..-.x., .Xlust IJtlllllI!Il'CfllI1JIl' Klum' ICl,1lAm-:'1'll QZILXNI-I R,-xNlmAr.1, Duc ., " v. ,, 18? ,- 2- , V, ' . ,. - . , . W ' it IC. A ,ii to ' F 1, .1 V Q 'Z V' fl' ' . V" v ' 1' -1 A 'K n T 1 1 AX Q- '. VV, QR I ' f .eff if W ? w A K -i MTA1 Q, 'gtxf . K 5 , Q EE ir V 4. I -13-+12 M '1-sf x,.,, ff- '4'7?w w- I L. . , L4,L, ,W, , , . 362251 , ,., Q f M I 9 .V - ,,L,, . 1 . a ' 1' 'Fw 5155 . f. J,1N"2 ' " Lp " A I, V ..4i,...A .Ngf an iff ' W 5 ESQ 1' Q kg QAM! sag, ?ff"f, 15'- P ,-iw --rg Aff! f. -'Ng 3 JI' """ l... .X1,.U.-X ,XI,X'l'1CIi X ll. 5.. l1t'1!l' 1111111 A11I1f'1'. 1,i.s-l1'n 11'11i11' 11'1' sing. l11l1111f1'1't. 1111111 111'1'p111'1T111i1111. f1l'111l'f111 1UlAI' ll'l' 111'i11g. 1111g11 11111' 1111111.s' 11f lifr' 1111111 .S'1'lAf'l'. 11111111111 11'1' n'11n111'1'f111'. S1111 1 1 1111' 1111111'l.s' 1l'l' 1l1l'1I1lIQI'l'I'l' uv1lI'l'l' 111'111' 1111'111111'i1'.s' 11111. 1 i,11111'11.s' '1111f11,w1. 11111111, l'l'l'l'1l'IH' 'l'111'1111g11 1111 I111' 111'111'.s' 111 1112 11111.s' ll'I .sing 11111' 1ll'Ill'1.S' 11111',Qi11n1'1 X.11.S.l111111'1'. ANNUALS of DISTINUTIUN W IHIWEN, LUNG ANI! Y0l INl Atlanta ff .i,J,-y ,glwgif gg.- 4- ' ,Elf 4 w '- ' " 'ff , - . 5' ,V 2- V -. ' ,K - - -at , '-Aibiiiuj,-. '. ' if :L V .J ' If A 'f4,1"' ,-u 2 ,lu ,Q N, " ' ' N FF' Q-.' ' .,r ' ' ' L A in, .. ,kk T. '..l . 1' 5 , j - ' "' -F: F. r '- " .ff - -Hi- . -9. fi ,.-4 Ff-. -g ..- --13,5 auf ' .7,,. V W 1, e K nifr'4':"m gfui 4, , .ff we . n 'H A-H 11 if -. .ik .ist 1,-wk '- ,sy-15 - M, ,. FEM? V ' 'll . A 1 A. - 1:3 2' , , ,, ,Hr ,'..-1 ' wvH.,,1 -AWE 1 HU- fn- . ,kf4S,.:-r . . , Y, ,I ' 515+ ,la , 1f?'i.,.C fissw. 'I milk, :'- 1 5' .t ,-' -.-'l' .1- oi, ,-.,..i. 9 '. , "fu, .uw x fl .4 -nr -. nh IIIWI w . ..b iY'.1 s '4- .I, I . , . .' .1 A 1- V- Vf . J lr. ' - u , ,, ,I . 4:,,,:.f:-.,,. . '- -5-'--Li-v... -1 - -,gf - ac - ..g'--'V-1 I-4' r ,u.-.. -.1..r ,'.- A, . - .-- .. -. V - . 4- -wr -i, ,,.. r 4 - 45.-1, 3' ' '-:41. T'TJ.'g"x 15 ' 'F ','I. ' '., 'A '. , J III , 4 4. '53 . 'T 'I :iziiv 1- '54, .IIIH .45 I-4 4 -Q.. '. I .T .'I-fl I In ' V - II 3 g,j"f'V fJII51f5,ff.'.I 'E' I- .4 WV- r . ' 1 2" 'ff '.,-T."i.1., H" 1 ' f eff."ig'I'1F7iMw.'-,H it5Ti'?i'.a'Zg 1552. LAO?-,i3W'fE'5.vF if . , .iv Q'-2. 9:-.-'ilk-711M-Y 'ff1sff-p'-.3V'11'i- ,V 5-. .- - .'- .. .' 1V' 113- "7 -a,'..:: .-!,'.'5.R5:m, -fgw, .'.,1g.--- ' V' '-.,. . -'f3..,f,f,,r.5.,:fffgizfijgsffh- 3 V .. -.:ff+fr5y2-ff W 4 ..I e-ah .I ,'.nfg.2.,- ga,l',!-I . Jn ,1r7:Lr5aufs.u,P ,I 3-.1-.5, , .,-I . . ' ' V' "1 51.11. 1- 'ff' F!-Vs.. Q,L'.1'.f ' Q Hf'3WM5EQWndv'W1wN, . . f .I I,..g--A ,. , a- .,-- , .. - M V f 4 . . . .. . . . . . . ,. -- . . - 6 I ' . . . V . .: . . 4- . 4, 1 57:21.-iiji I. . , AIM, , ,V .--. g 4, . -..,,:, ' ' .- - -. -4-,,: :nz Q. .. I'- -- .I,.:':. -T. f'iV.--gf:-1w. . '- fff.-f'--- - '- ::,"1- . "-' W f.:-L. -1"c"?'5'.?f- '. . 'r.fVH'5' "9 uf .. 'f f'wwmywm-rqpwp, '. -. JV.-f--.pry-.,g.,-.,i..,fV1',..g',g- .' .IMI , V:1Qq2:iIZI I,tI,QI3iu,' au.. IE-.I IyI EIIIII I., .5-Q 3,134 Lvjj,IT.4 V24 3I,jI. ,L-' , 4. 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Suggestions in the Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL) collection:

Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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