Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL)

 - Class of 1945

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Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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A-.--1-1.15 2?-:-M . . .:.1...Q5, x 1-3,5112-my -4:..Q .V g-Q -, .f,,: bn 2 ' . ,M wx- .f-. ..:x' ' t- , 2 2 - wwf .. X x 4 , .,.. ,. .. t 1 fx .mi s -:.f,,,.,gfg. J Q I I 2 v, L .1 ., 11 w : . Z - . I v I I 1 E 1 . .- F-I'fI51L'F2?1b . -J. ,,. s.-y., 2454,-.a . here it is! Yep, this is a whole year's work rolled up two covers. lt is your 1945 HUUR GLASS, delivered lia'p1iiEsg5A by' the Annual Staff! A ig .We.'have tried to make an accurate account of the varied and 'thrilling activities at A. H. S. during the year, and we hope you will enjoy and cherish it. Note, too, we display with pride the achievements of your school and its students. Next year will find the class of '45 and a number of other A. H. S. students spread with the wind. To many we will be forever indebted for restoring peace and establishing justice in a struggling and bleeding world. VVherever your pathway may lead, we hope this book will bring to you memories of the happy associa- tions and carefree days in A. H. S. Thanks, students, for your help and hindrances given to the editor and the staff in compiling this book! We appreciate your help, and we assure you that it wouldn't have been half so much fun without your hindrances! Now we know you want to turn the page, so go ahead and read. . . N 9 M. P Jim 491, 5 I-ICDLJIQ 4 ,,gqi,"fmrEf' '- GLASS YEQQBOOK of HIWDISTOH I-HGH -SCHOOL QHHISTOH FILQBQITIQ 4' 5 . if y 2, fff 2355 2 DEDICATICDIXI ig Yi. W wa :ff TQ QUIQ PARENTS Our parents send us oil to school each morning and wait to greet us upon our return. Their greatest interest is our work, and their greatest achieve- ment is our success. These are the ones who stay in the background that we may have our fun. How familiar to them are our pleas, such as "NIother, he an angel and press my skirt," or "Daddy, may I use the car tonight ?" These constant requests to our Nlothers and Dads are heard and actually fulfilled, often without a word of thanks. Much of their effort is spent in our struggle for maturity, even as they wish in their hearts that we might always remain children. Of all those who watch us march down the aisle graduation night, they are the proudestl In the rush of our daily schedule we do not always take time to show our appreciation for the many things our parents do for us. Perhaps in trying to he the kind of men and women they want us to he, we can at last show our gratitude. To show that, after all, we aren't such an un- grateful lot, we, the staff of 1945, herehy dedicate this issue of the HoI'R Ciiaxss to the most wonderful people in the world, our Parents! FACULTY Mosr.sY MYER STEED WRIGHT CURRY DAVISON GAUSCH GIBSON C fi il ,.b. ..:I,2 in S -.,. 5 4 241, LEDBIQTTER NASH ADERI10l.T EHRENSPERGER ALEXANDER BALES H.-XMRIC BRUMMEI. DEHART EDWARDS FERGUSON FULLER C. C. MOSLEY, A.B., M..-X.-Superintendent of City Schools. ' P. G. MYER, A.B., M.A.-Principal, Sponsor of Student Council, Ushers' Club. j. j. NASH, B.S.-Assistant Principal, History. MRS. VVALLACE ADERHOLT, B.S.-Secretary to Su- perintendent of City Schools. AL H. EHRENSPERGER, A.B.-Local Supervisor of VVar Production Training Program. JUSEPHINE LEDBETTER, B.S.-Director of Materials Bureau. HAZEL STEED-Secretary to Principal. MRS. IRENE B. VVRIGHT-Attendance w'70I'liC1'. MRS. W. PAUL ALEXANDER, A.B., M.A.-Spanish, English, Sponsor of Pen-a-Pal Club. MRS. CHARLES C. BALES, B.S.-Mathematics. MRS. B. VV. HAMRIC, B.S.-Mathematics. MRS. KATHLEEN VV. BRUMMEL, A.B.-English, Sponsor of National Honor Society. A. C. CURRY, A.B.-Physical Education, Sponsor of HAH Club. ETHEL DAVISON, B.S.-English, History, Sponsor of Etude Club. KATHERINE DEHART, AB., M.A.-History, Sponsor of Pierian Club. MARY ANNE EDWARDS, A.B.-Speech, English, Spon- sor of Speech Club. ROBERT S. FERGUSON, A.B.-Co-ordinator, Distribu- tive Education, Sponsor of Diversified Occupations Club, Sponsor of Boys' Hi-Y Club. LUCILE FULLER, A.B.-English, Core Work, Sponsor of HOUR Cvl..-XSS. MRS. INEZ S. GAUSCH, B.S.-Home Economics. MRS. S. B. GIBSON, A.B.-Latin, English, Sponsor of Classical Club. . MRS. j. O. IIARRIS, B.S., M.S.--Science, Physical Educa- tion, Sponsor of Hobby Club. MRS. IIAL HILL, iA.B.1C0llllIlCI'CC, Sponsor of Coin- rnercial Club. MRS. K. K. HUDSON, A.Ii.-Mathematics, Sponsor of Scribblers' Club. MRS. S. P. HUGER, I3.S.-Horne Economics, Sponsor of llome Economics Club. MARY BELLE IRBY, B.S.-Science. L. P. JACKSON, B.S.-Band, Electricity, Sponsor of Lyre Club. MRS. IAMES VV. KING, A.Ii.-Librarian, Sponsor of junior Red Cross Club. MARY RUTH LEVVIS, li.M., B.S.-Choral, Core VVork, Sponsor of Listeners' Club, Sponsor of Glee Club, Sponsor of Girls' Ensemble. FRANCES INIASSEY, A.B.-Biology, English, Sponsor of Science Club. MRS. VV. R. INICKENSIE, B.M.-Physical Education, Sponsor of Leaders' Club. j. J. NEVVMAN, B.S.-Industrial Arts. VIRGINIA ORDVVAY, A.B.-English, Sponsor of Girls' Hi-Y Club. ESTHER PETERSON, B.S.-Mathematics, Core YVork. MRS. ALICE H. RAY, B.S.-English, History. GERTRUDE RICHBURG, B.S.-History. A. F. SELF, B.S.-Industrial Arts, Physics, Sponsor of 'I'hurnbs Up Club. ANNALEE SIMMONS, A.H.-Social Studies, Core VVork, Sponsor of Stamp Club. IWARY STFVVART A B M 'X Science Smnsor of Silk FAC LI LTV HARRIS HILL K I NG LEVVIS PETERSON RAY VVARNOCK VVEAVER . .. ,,.., ,tl Photography Club. MRS. NV. II. YVARNOCK, A.B.-Mathematics. CORRINE VVEAYER, A.B.--Biology, Mathematics. HUDSON IIUGER IRBY jAC'KSON MASSEY MCKENSIE N ENYMAN ORDXVAY RIC HBURG SELF SIMMONS STEVVART in 4, f i 2 gg SENICDRS SENIC OFFICE HENDERSON BROOKS JONES SPRINGER Prfsidrnt l'i1'f-Prfsidfnt Srfrftzlry Tr1'a.v1u'1'r ,IQOHN CAIIEL IIEIYI,JICRSONfClass Offlccr '43, '44, '45, "A" Llub 44, 45, Officer 45, Boys' Hi-Y '45, Scribblers' Club ,442 Usln-rs' Club '44, '45, Scicncc Club '45, Football '44, '45, NYho's 1 XYho '45, junior Kiwanis '45, IILOYCIQ LIZLTON BROOKS-Boys' III-Y '44, '45, Ushers' Club '44, '4S1 Football '44, '45, Class Officer '45, "A" Club '45. SARA FRANCES JONES-National Honor Society '44, '45, HOUR GLASS '44, '45, Assistant Editor '45, Student Council '42, Girls' Ili-Y '43, '44, '45, Ofiiccr '45, Ir. Hi-Y Club '40, Officer '40, Scribblers' Club '44, Ofiicer '44, Pen-a-Pal Club '43, '44, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, filcc Club '45, Officer '45, Listeners' Club '44, 45: Etude Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Officer '43, '44. '45, Pin-rian Club '43, '44, '45, Hi Echo '42, Class Ofificcr '45, Vi'ho's YVbo '45, D. A, R. flood Citizcnship Girl '45, Junior Business X'Y0lTlCl'l '45. NATHAN EIJXVARII SPRINOER, JR.-National Honor Socicty '45, IIOUR GLASS '42, '43, '44, '45, Editor '453 Student Council '44, '45, "A" Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Scribblers' Club '44, Ushers' Club '45, Science Ch,,U,44,,,y -,,,3y,:: ,,42,.,,f.,,f ,,,, vi ,. 11 42 45 Officei 4 45 Class Officei Basketball Manager '43, junior Kiwanis '45, XYbo'S LOUISE ALINE ADAMS-IIUUR GLASS '45I Girls' Iii'Y '43, '44, '45, Jr, Ili-Y '40, Officer '40, Scribblers' Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Officer '45, filcc Club '44, '45, Girls' Ensemble '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Pierian '43, '44, '45, Etude '42, '43, '44, '45, Oflifvr 215. MARTHA MORRIS ISAILEY-National IIonor So- ciety '44, '45, Officer '44, Girls' IIiAY '43, '44- '45, .ff- Ili-Y '40, Pen-a-Pal ,44, '45, Officer '45, Thuuibs Up Club '44, '45, Officer '45, I'icrian Club '45, Iitudc '42, '43, '44, '45, Glctf Club '453 Student Council '41, '44, junior Business YYonrcn '45. BIARYFQLLICN IIARRY-'I'ransfcrrcd from Lawrence Central Iligh, Indianapolis, Indiana, Listcncrs' Club '45. ORLANDO CLAYTON I3l2ASI,ICYfSafcty Council '43Z Fence Squad '43, Ushers' Club '44, ,4SQ Boys' Ili-Y '452 Science Club '45, Ticket Squad '45, Junior Kiwanis '45. 1 43 NYho ' 45, lickct Squad 45, Football Managci 43, 44, 45, IJ. A. R. Good Citizcuship Hoy, '45. MARY SUSAN IIICRNHARD-National Ilonor So- ciety '44, '45, lloUR GLASS '42, '43, '44, '45, Girls' Hi-Y '43. '44, '45, jr, Hi-Y '40, Pierian Club '45, Penfa-Pal Club '43, '44, '45, Officer '45, Etude Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Tluimbs Up '43, '44, '45, Officer '44, Clce Club '44, '45, Officer '44, '45, Listeners' Club '44. JOSEPH ULACRAIONfD. O. Club '44, '45, Ticket Squad '45. MARY FILLIQN I!I,ACKXYfJOI3gCoiun1crcial Club '44, Pcn-a-Pal '45, iYl1u's XYbo '43, '44, '45. JOHNNY GERALD IEOX-'l'ransferrcd from Central lligh, Columbia, 'l'cnn., 11943, Il. O. Club '44, '45, Officer '451 Studc-nt Council '45, Annual Staff '45, Iioys' Ili-Y '45. ' ADAMS BAILEY BARRY IIEASLEY IBERNIIARD HLACRMON I3 L ACKXYOOIJ ll O X '1' ,i i i , 1 CJ BRITTAIN BROVVN BROVVNING BUCK BUCKN ER CALL CARNS CII ASTA IN Co1,EMAN, s. COLEMAN, T. cox cR,xF'r PATRICIA MARIE BRITTAIN-Girls' Ili-Y '43, '44, '45, jr. Hi-Y '40, Pierian Club '45, Listeners' Club '44, First Aid Club '42, Thumbs Up '44, '45, Otlicer '45, Etude Club '44, '45, Oili- cer '45, Girls' State '44, Pen-a-I'al Club '45, Librarian '45. . HELEN JEANETTE BROVVN-Student Coun- cil '44, '45, Glee Club '44, '45, Girls' Ensemble '45, Etude Club '45, Commercial Club '44, Home Economics '44, '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, National Honor Society, '45. IVIARY SEALE BROVVNING-Listeners' Club '44, '45, Safety Council '41. JULIA RUTH BUCK-Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Pen-a-Pal '45, Listeners' Club '44, GLORIA BUCKNER-Transferred from Rome Iligh School, Rome, Georgia, '44, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Home Economics Club '45. CARSON BRADFORD CALL-D. O. Club '44, '45. A 4? THOMAS OTIS CARNS-Boys' Ili-Y '45, Football '45. MARY CAROLYN CHASTAIN-Commercial Club '44, '45, Ofiicer '45, Home Economics '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45. SARA HELEN COLEIVIAN-Girls' Hi-Y '44, '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Pierian Club '44, '45, Ollicer '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Otlicer '44, '45, Science Club '45, Student Council '43. THOMAS GIBSON COLEMAN-Honor So- ciety '44, '45, Otlicer '44, Student Council '43, Boys' Hi-Y '40, '43, '44, '45, Officer '40, '45, "A" Club '44, '45, Scribblers' Club '44, Ushers' Club '44, '45, junior 'Red Cross '43, Science Club '44, '45, VVho's W'ho '42, '43, '44, '45, Class Officer '43, '44, Football '43, '44, '45, Basketball '43, '44: Debating Club '42, '43, OtI'icer '43, HOUR frI.ASS '45, Junior Kiwanis, '45. THOMAS OTIS COX-Football '42, '44, '45, EVELYN CRAFT-Commercial Club '44, '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45. A U CW ii c,...-.,M.m,.,.,.....,.r .- , Q W- Q n MARTHA PEARL CRAIG-D. 0. Club '44, '45. JERRY RUDOLPH CRUMPTON-Speech Club '45 VERNON LEROY DUTTON-Boys' Hi-Y '45, Junior Red Cross '44, '45, Listeners' Club '45, Football '44, '45. JOHNATHAN ARCHIBALD EDVVARDS, JR. -National Honor Society '45, Boys' Hi-Y '44, '45, Otlicer '45, HOUR GLASS '45, Scribblers' Club '44, '45, Officer '44, '45, Debating Club '43, Fence Squad '45, Science Club '45, Ushers' Club '44, '45, Junior Kiwanis '45. DAVID LAMAR ELVVELL-Transferred from Summerville High, South Carolina, Boys' Hi-Y '44, '45, Ushers' Club '45, Speech Club '45, Science Club '45. SABRA ANNETTE EVANS-Junior Hi-Y '40, Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Thumbs Up EM J Club '44, '45, Pierian Club '44, '45, Otlicer '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45. MARGARET EVELYN EZELL-Home Eco- nomics Club '44, '4S. M ILDRED LORRAINE FARRIOR-Trans- ferred from Girls' High, Atlanta, Georgia, '45, MELBA OPHELIA FITE-Home Economics Club '45, Commercial Club '44, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Etude Club '45, Glee Club '45. CHARLES ROBERT FULLER-Fombali '4+, '45, --AR' Club '44, ws. BILLY JIM GALLAHAR-Student Council '43, '44, Officer '44, Red Cross '42, '44, Ticket Squad '43, '44-. ANNIE EVE GIBSON-Commercial Club '44, '45, Home Economics Club '45, CRAIG DUTTON EDVVARDS ELVVELL EVANS EZELL FARRIOR FITE FULLER GALLAHAR GIBSON CRUMPTON HALL HAMILTON HANSON HEFFINGTON IIERDRICH HIGGINS HINDS HOUSTON DOROTHY LANE HALL-Transferred from Sharon High, Sharon, Mass., National Honor Society '45, Girls' Hi-Y '45, Pen-a-Pal '45, Listeners' Club '45, Leaders' Club '45, VVILLIAM CHRISTOPHER HAMILTON- Lyre Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Officer '45, Football '42, '45, Scribblers' Club '45, Basketball '44, Band '42, '++, "A" Club ws. ETHELENE MARGARET HANSON-Girls' Hi-Y '45, Junior Red Crdss '42, '45, Ol'licer '45, Leaders' Club '45, , RICHARD LANDEAU HEFFINGTON, JR.- HOUR GI.ASS '44, '45, Boys' Hi-Y '45, Debating Club '43, Junior Red Cross '44, Scribblers' Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Stamp Club '44, Fence Squad '44, Ticket Squad '45, Glee Club '45, Ushers' Club '45, Science Club '45, Junior Kiwanis, '45, National Honor Society, '43. WILLIAM MILBURN HEDRICH-Boys' Hi- Y '45, Hobbie Club '45, Stamp Club '45, AUDREY MAE HIGGINS-Student Council '43, Home Economics Club '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, HUFFAKER HUGHES MILTON LAMAR HINDS-ll, O. Club '44, '45. CHARLES LEVVIS HOUSTON-"A" Club '44, '45, VVho's VVho '44, '45, Football '43, '44, Safety Council '42, Junior Red Cross '42, Bas- ketball '43, ALDEN IAN HUFFAKER-Art Club '42, '43, HOUR GLASS '45, Scribblers' Club '45, Glee Club '45, Listeners' Club '45, Stamp Club '45, Pho- tography Club '45, Ticket Squad '44, '45, Speech Club '4-5. NIILDRED EVANGELINE HUGHES-Girls' Hi-Y '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Etude '42, '43, '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Student Council '42, '44, Glee Club '45, National Honor Society, '45, KATHERINE ALLEN -IAIVIISON-Junior Hi' Y '40, Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, Pen-a-Pal '44, '45, Officer '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Pierian Club '44, '45, Science Club '45, Hobbie Club '45, Student Council '42, MARTHA AUGUSTA JOHNSON-Girls' Hi- Y '44, '45, Pierian Club '44, '45, Oliicer '45, Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, VVho's VVho '42, JAM1soN JOHNSON A fx am We , ,, 2 xl A as JONES JORDAN KAEGI KENNEDY, H KEOVVN KERR LLOYD MILDRED JOSEPHINE JONES-Listeners Club '44, '45, SARA FRANCES -IORDAN--Student Council '41, junior Red Cross '42, Commercial Club '45, Home Economics Club '45, Leaders' Club '45, National Honor Society, '45. ELISABETH ODELL KAEGI-Girls' Hi-Y Club '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Pen-a-Pal '44, '45, Pierian Club '45, Hobbie Club '45. HARLAN VVILLFORD KENNEDY-D. O. Club '44, '45, Ticket Squad '45. MARY FRANCES KENNEDY-D. O. Club '44, '45. VVALLACE EDWARD KEOVVN-Boys' Hi-Y '45, Speech Club '45, Otlicer '45, Glee Club '45, junior Kiwanis '45. CHARLOTTE KERR-National Honor Society '45, Girls' Hi-Y '45, Home Economics Club '43, '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, MATHIS McCARY MCGEE MILLER Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Orliccr '45, Girls' En- semble '45, junior Business YVo1nen, '45. ELIZABETH ANNE LLOYD-junior Hi-Y Club '40, Otlicer '40, Girls' Hi-Y Club '43, '44, '45, Pierian Club '43, '44, '45, Pen-a-Pal Club '43, '44, '45, Ol'l'icer '45, Thumbs Up Club '43, '44, '45, Stamp Club '44, '45, Classical League '45, Hi-Echo '42, HOUR GLASS '45, National Honor Society '45. BUFORD HENRY MATHIS-D. O. Club '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Ticket Squad '45. GLORIA MAE MCCARY-Commercial Club '44, '+5. EVELYN RUTH MCGEE-Commercial Club '44, '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Home Eco- nomics Club '45, junior Red Cross '42, National Honor Society, '45. ODEUS CLARENCE MILLER, JR.--"A" Club '45, Football Manager '45, Scribblers' Club '45, Science Club '45, Listeners' Club '45, ffl 1 KENNEDY, M n I I V V T ffl 1 ""a""": H fi 'ITL ,"': Q11 in ' ' ' ' """'L "ix " W QQ! 5 f e o g lfilbi I0 J 4 MINTZ MoMEYER l l Moiuus Moiuusou MARGARET FLORINE INIINTZ - Leaders' Club '44, '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Home Economics Club '45. PAUL IVIILAN IVIOIVIEYER-Boys' Hi-Y '44, '45, Science Club '44, '45, Fence Squad '44, Stamp Club '-1-5. LOUISE IVIORRIS-D. O. Club '45. SARA RUTH MORRISON-Leaders' Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Oflicer '-45. BETTY RUTH NEVVSOIVIE-Band '42, '43, '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Home Economics Club '43. HILDA EMMAJEAN NORTON-Commercial Club '45. DOROTHY GRAHAIVI OGLETREE-Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, Officer '45, Pierian Club '43, '44, '45, Pen-a-Pal Club '43, '44, '45, Stamp Club '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Ofhcer '45. IVIARION JANICE PATTERSON - Trans- ferred from Ashland High, Ashland, Alabama, '44, Commercial Club '44, '4-5. MARY ALICE PATTY-D. O. Club '44, '45, Oflicer '45, BERTHA VIRGINIA PAYNE - Scribblers' Club '43, '44, '45, Horne Economics Club '43, '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, Commercial Club '44, '45, Junior Red Cross '43. TOMMY VVILLIAM PAYNE CLARENCE ANDERSON PERLEY-Band '42, '43, '44, '45, Ofiicer '44, '45, Student Director '44, Lyre Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Listeners' Club '45, Photography Club '452 Glee Club '45, Speech Club '45, Etude Club '44, '45. NEWSOME NORTON OGLETREE PATTERSON PATTY PA YN E, B. PA YNE, T. PERLEY L --4-g- 'Q ff' f CHARLES LAMAR PHILLIPS-Student Coun- cil '42, '43, "A" Club '44, '45, Junior Red Cross '43, Football '44, '45, Captain '45, Basketball '+3, '44, '45. JOHN WILLIAM PHILLIPS-Boys' Hi-Y Club '45, Football '45, "A" Club '45. VVILLIAM ALBERT QUENELLE-Ushers' Club '45, Speech Club '45, Photography Club '45, Junior Hi-Y '40, Cheer Leader '45. CLARENCE ALONZO REID-D. O. Club '44, '45, Ticket Squad '45, junior Red Cross '43. MARY ETHEL ROSENBURG-Student Coun- cil '43, Safety Council '43, First Aid Club '42, junior Red Cross '45, Leaders' Club '43, '44, '45, Commercial Club '44, '45. ANNA KATHLEEN SIEDELBERG-National Honor Society '44, Scribblers' Club '44, Officer '44, Etude Club '44, Student Council '43. H FRANCES ANN SHINN-Glee Club '42, Safety Council '43, Junior Red Cross '42, First Aid Club '43, Band '43. JAMES RAYMOND SIMPSON, -IR.-Band '42, '43, '44, '45, Ofhcer '43, '44, '45, Student Director '43, '44, '45, Lyre Club '43, '44, '45, Safety Council '43, Student Council '43, '44, Officer '44. DELOACH ELIZABETH SMITH-Student Council '43, Speech Club '45. ILA DEAN SMITH-Leaders' Club '43, '44, '45, Oflicer '45, Speech Club '45, First Aid Club '42. VVILLIAM MARTHA SMITH-Leaders' Club '44, '45, Speech Club '45. BETTIE MARIE SNIDER-Transferred from jacksonville High, jacksonville, Ala., Speech Club '45, Ofhcer '45, Who's Who '45. PHILLIPS, c. PHILLIPS, J. QUENELLE REID Rosrcwisukcs . sIE1JELBERG SHINN SIMPSON sIvII'I'H, II. SMITH, I. SMITH, VV. SNI DER, B. SN IDER, L. STEELE STEPHENS SVVANN TAYLOR, R. TAYLOR, V. THIGPEN VAN TASSELL LEWIS HENRY SNIDER-Speech Club '45. MIRIAM STEELE-National Honor Society '44, '45, Officer '44, Junior Hi-Y '40, Officer '40, Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, Officer '45, Pierian '43, '44, '45, Officer '44, Scribblers' Club '44, Pen-a- Pal '44, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Science Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Thumbs Up Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Class Officer '43, '44, HoUR GLASS '42, '43, '44, '45, Business Manager '44, '45, Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Girls' Ensemble '44, '45, VVho's VVho '45, Queen '45, junior Business VVomen, '45. MILDRED ELIZABETH STEPHENS-Glee Club '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Home Eco- nomics Club '45. MAZIE MOZELLE SWANN-Student Council '44, Commercial Club '44, '45, Officer '45. ROSA LEE TAYLOR-Sports Club '43, First Aid Club '43, Leaders' Club '43, '44, '45, Officer '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, junior Red Cross '44, Speech Club '45, Officer '45. VIOLET LOUISE TAYLOR - Transferred from Jacksonville High, Jacksonville, Ala., Speech Club '45. WILLIAM CLYDE THIGPEN-Football '43, '44, '45, Basketball '43, Junior Red Cross 44, '45, Listeners' Club '45, Safety Council '42, "A" Club '45. JOHN FRANK VAN TASSELL-Art Club '42, '43, Student Council '42, '43, Glee Club '44, '45, Football Manager '44, Basketball Manager '44, "A" Club '44, '45, Basketball '42, '43, Band '42. JOSEPH ABBOTT WALKER-National Honor Society '45, HoUR GLASS '45, Junior Hi-Y '40, Boys' Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, Ofhcer '45, Glee Club '43, '44 '45, Listeners' Club '44, '45, Officer '44, '45, Science Club '43, '44, '45, Fence Squad '44, Football '42, '44, '45, "A" Club '45, Basketball '44, junior Kiwanis, '45. MINNIE VIOLET WAUGH-Student Council '44, '45, junior Red Cross '44, Speech Club '45, Officer '45, Commercial Club '45. DONALD WEBB-"A" Club '43, '44, '45, Bas- ketball 343, '44, '45. MARY KATHRYN WELLS--Leaders' Club '44, '45, Officer '45, Speech Club '45, Junior Red Cross '45, First Aid Club '42, Home Eco- nomics Club '45. 3 WALKER WAUGH WEBB VVELLS Q' K K J eese - Q--v if BETHEA, P. BILLY EUGENE YVHEELER-Football '-I-4, '-I-55 "A" Club '-L55 Scribblers' Club '-F55 Speech Club '-PS. ROBERT LANG VVHEELER-Buys' Hi-Y '-155 Speech Club '-+55 Fence Squad '+5. GEORGE HENRY VVUUD, -IR.-Student Coun- cil 44, '-I-5, Oi'l'lCe1' '45g "A" Club '-H, '+5, Oflicer '-153 Football '-155 Basketball '43, '-H, '-P53 Class Cflicer 445 King '-+55 VVhO's VVhO '-LS. MARY IOYCE VVOOD-D. O. Club '-I-4, '45, PERRY VV. BETHEA-U. S. Marines. WHEELER, B WHEELER, R WOOD, O. VVOOD, M. f N. f J i4 J A N M f D dw 'S W W CLASSES JUNIQR L GFFICERS Prexidfnf . . . . ALBERT SMITH Vire-Prvxident . . HORACE MURPHREE Sefrftary . . . REBA TOLLESON Trfnszzrfr . HOPE WYHITESIDE Firxt rufw-Norma Medders, Doris McGinty, Bolwlvie Henson, Rita Goodwyn, -lo Ann Mallory, Catherine Hamilton, Helen jesperson, Lila Huger, Eleanor McDowell, Leah Layman, Christine Koutlas. Sfrond rofw-Sammy VVycolT, Ann johnson, Autense johnson, Betty McCarty, Mattie Katherine Martin, Alice Nell Kilgore, Mary Helen Hughes, Julian Stephens, Leon Harrison. Third rofw-Albert Smith, jimmy Lee Moore, Beverly Jones, Patricia Hefferman, Betty Ann Lane, Donald Pohl, Horace Murphree, Billy Henderson. Fuurlll rofw-George Nichopoulos, Tom Taylor, Blaine Momeyer, Linder Riley, Oscar Handle, Donald Lasday, Eldred Sharpe, john Ledlmetter. Fifth rufw-Reginald Hines, Raymond Lindsey, jimmy Sanderlin, Pete Lusk, Everet Holle, Edwin Haywood, Tommy Hampson, Ben Vvildman. Six!!! rofw-James Kirby, Billy Reaves, Earle Reynolds, Bernard llammett, -lack Thomas. First roi-w-Bet Bagley, Hope Whiteside, Betty Russell, Julia Mae Tipton, Geraldine Tipton, Flora Beal, Rosa Lee Cochran, VVilmer Casper, Mary Frances O'Kelly, Helen Trammell. Second rofw-Margaret Brown, Martha Chappell, Elinor Stolz, Mary Payne Sawyer, Mary Louise Davenport, Joy Nolen, Alline Clark, Julia Fincher, Eva Jane Reese, Helen Ezell, Rudell Daugherty, june Terry, Frances Campbell, Ann Cole. Third rofw-Emily Booth, Dot French, Ruth Rowe, Corrine Truitt, Margaret Roberts, Reba Tolleson, D. D. Wesley, Gladys Rankin, Helen Rosier, Mary Turner, Ruth Perry, Mary Green. Fourth rofw-Mary Frances Craft, Martha Rhodes, John Canby, Raymond Dale, Royce Curry, Jack Allen, Edith Cheyne, Mary -Io Bowman, Betty Deason, Virginia Taylor. Fifth rafw-L. D. Hurst, Lloyd Barber, Earl Cambron, Roy Ford, Frank Grifhn, Robert Comer, Arthur Fred Gates, Robert Argo, James Conway. Sixth rohw-Noah Garrett, Mack Casey, Billy Joe Clonts, Dick Givens, Hallett Brazelton, Roy Lee Burnett, Leonard Gallahar, Tom Curry, Jack Gurley. T Y, .Y.. :L .fffr .... ..,.--..L:, . .-. HW.. ..,..W.wYsT . 1 ., ia f 77 B 463 SCDPHGMCDRE GFHCEIQS Prmidrnr . . . 15.-XRROLL CYBRIEN I'if1'-Pn'Jit11'71l . . . PERRY CANADA Sffrelary . . . BOBBY STANLEY T1'fIl!1ll'l,I' . . DORRIE SMITH Firrl rofw-Juanita Rosamon, Violet Reeves, John Cheyne, Homer Killebrew, W. H. Hicks, Luther Bevis, Harold Hollingsworth, Martin Box, Gene McClellan, Leamon Fite, Joe VVilliams, joe Lane. Svrond rofw-Juanita La Taste, Nancy Nichols, Frances Mallory, Joan VVoolf, Martha joe Rutledge, Elizabeth VVilson, Marianna Mathews, Jewel Miller, Edith McCarty, Bonnie Phillips. Third rofw-Florence Silverstein, Emma jo Nance, Doris VVebb, Dorothy VVells, Sue Parker,,Xonagene Morrow, Gladys New, Dorrie Smith, Sara VVeathers, Sara Martin, Pat Morrison. Fourth rofw-Sara Kate Morton, Jeanette Taylor, Helen Pruitt, Dorothy Martin, Sara Grace Walker, Doris Williamson, Louise Nelson, Florine Tate, Betty Taylor, Frances Pavlock, Mary Mayes, Harold Ezell, Clarence Dean. Fifth rofw-Eugene Hicks, Ruby Nell Parris, Beverly Nichols, lVIary Richardson, Ellen Stiles, Juanita Starr, Mary jo Tillery, Dorothy Thomas, Sara Ann McClurkin, Doris Laster, Etta Nance, Pauline Mundy, Lucinda Quinn, Delbert Hall. Sixih rolw-john Herring, Lillian Singleton, Mildred Sellers, Lewis Gray, Eddie llaslam, Lelton Clark, Fran-k Gilmer, Sumner Long, Gerald jenkins, Alfred Adams, Geven Crosby, Harvel Carter, Daniel Carr. sl"U1'7lf1l rofw-Delaridge Humphries, Russell Fritz, Billy Herndon, Harold Austin, Albert Bowen, Hubert Freeman, Charles Johnson, jimmy Grant, Douglas Lee, David Orr, Douglas Cornelius, Horace Homesley, Trenton Adams, George McGuire. v- R - M - . .ua s 4 s N A A . Firrt rofw-Betty Cass, Dorothy Chastain, Christine Craft, Eloise Prince, Grace Kim- brough, Peggy Marie Lowry, Joyce Poole, Millie Mayes, Charlotte Cash, Mary Ann Clark, Mary Frances Duke, Harriet Evans, Dorothy Browning, Eleanor Bonds, Betty Crow. Scrond rofw-Charles Smith, Jean Farrior, Betty Ruth Graham, Mary Farrow, Patricia Coefield, Elizabeth Curtis, Lorretta Morton, Jerry Fulton, Louella Jones, Elizabeth Brown- ing, Betty Ann Cowden, Joan Graham, Betty Jane Ferguson. Third rofw-Ann Brier, Dorothy Brannen, Merrell Allen, Johnnie Bo Carter, Helen Boyd, Lily Collins, Doris Brooks, Ollie Gaines, Dorris Dean, Jean Hinnant, Mabel Durrett, Betty Ann Heptinstall, Dorris Hughes, Ruth Haines, John Franklin Morgan. Fourth rofw-Lucy Cagle, Mary Lynn Bates, Martha Bridges, Louise Eberhardt, Mary Frances Hollingsworth, Mary Virginia Davis, Eleanor Foreman, Katherine Hindman, Jacqueline Butterworth, Jerry Bates, Joyce Bates, Sara Lou Hanson, Charles Adams, Truman Pitts. Fifth rofw-Frank Hilley, Charles Ridgeway, Bill Rex, Royce Matthews, Earl Mayes, Billy Tolbert, Vivian Jenkins, Edna Johnson, Mary Jo Johnson, Billy Nell Hollingsworth, Martha Ann Hughes, Bobby Patterson, George Payne. Sixth rofw-Curtis McKay, Frank Owen, Hershel Pate, Albert Smith, Talmadge Morrison, Lofton Mitchum, VValter Trammel, Rex Miller, Jimmy Snider, Perry Canada, Charles Rice, Bobbie Stanley, Joe Stewart, Paul Starr, Fred Archie VVilliams, Donald Nunnelly. O FRESI-IMEN GFFICERS Prfsidcnt . . . DARDEN VVILL1AMs l'i1'f-Prfsident . . V . SARA DARDEN Srrrftary . . . . JOE WILLIAMS Treasurer . . BETTY SUE GURLEY Firrt rofw-Jimmy VVeatherly, Eugene Doss, Jimmy Feltham, Joe Worsham, John Weathers, Darden VVilliams, Billy Watson, Kenneth Wood, Bobby Wright, P. C. Wigley, Douglas VVaugh, Tommy VVatson, Ralph Dingler, Bobby Ashley, Richard Box, Billy Clark, Charles Acker, James Baker, Lowndes Butler. Sffond ro-w-Louise Baid, Rhoda Beal, Alice Alexander, Joyce Acker, Betty Sue Gurley, Sara Darden, Doris Bohannon, George Rhodes, Buddy Duncan, William Clark, Dudley Ward, John Robinson, Jewell Carroll, Mildred Clark, Rose Gunter, Doris Ann Huckabee, Ann Glenn, Eddie Burns. Third rofw-Margaret Boozer, Betty Jane Carlton, Mary Tom Fain, Dorothy Garrett, Mary Frances Gibson, Mildred Dutton, Ann Marie Evans, Vanita Dickenson, Hilda Jane Holland, Evelyn Harper, Maxine Harris, Mary Herndon, Betty Dempsey, Wilma Canelle, Jane Grey, Betty Gunter, Joan Hackney. Fourth row-Robert Corn, Mary Paige Bagley, Agnes Denman, Betty Braswell, Dorothy Brown, Jean Alloway, June Crayton, Evelyn Champion, Virginia Capri, Betty Cannon, Betty Joyce Howell, Betty Jo Harbin, Nancy Gooch, Dorothy Huddleston Naomi Doss, Julia Humphries. Fifth rofw-Duroah Watson, Jerry Chastain, Charles Cambron, Howard Ezell, Elisha Bridges, Clarence Burgess, James Reid, Fred Dethrage, John Siskey, Vernon Craft, Ada Lou Dutton, Marie Clark, Joan Heppinstall, Irene Hinton, Leta Ann Casey, Paul Sikarski, Billy Cheyne. Sixth rolw--James Weimeyer, James Stewart, Gerald Watkins, George Rollins, Homer Dean, Glenn House, Perry Cofield, Floyd Ashley, Austin Stiles, Louis Eich, Billy Sanderlin, Billy Edmondson, Ralph Tillison, Norman Snow, Joe VVarren, Billy Rich, Frankie Bibb. Q J, if ,r. First rofw-Gordon Methvin, Mandiver Martin, Walter Fuqua, Marianna Siedleburg, Jane Woodruff, Doris Jean Smith, Martha Snider, Louise Sutton, Jan Quave, Betty Taylor, Elizabeth Pruett, Jean Taylor, Mina Lee Marr, Julia Mayne, Pauline Moon. Second rofw-Ann Pullen, Peggy Varn, Nancy Stolz, Christine Nelson, Barbara Peek, Elizabeth White, Viva Sue Tillery, Sara Jo Robinette, Marie Smith, Dorothy Smith, Earline Liner, Janice Myer, Margaret Timmons, Frances Simms, Florence Ann Kent, Mary Lou Melon. Third rofw-Caroline Diggs, Mary Ella Neal, Joyce Patty, Helen Shelton, Pansy Reeves, Louise Pippen, Betty Jo Webb, Virginia Williamson, Ollie Sullivan, Virginia Owens, Betty Lou Waugh, Aileen Kennedy, Martha Ann Maxwell, Doris Lumpkin, Ann Ladd, Mary Frances Taylor. Fourth ro-'w-Jerry Gould, Billy Ledgerwood, Jean Terry, Louise Newsome, Juanita Pavlock, Lonnie Ruth McCloude, Violet McCarthey, Marie Laster, Jo Ann Power, Mar- garet Perley, Ethleen Lindsay, Betty Ann Jones, Susan Perkins, Josephine Kangelos, Jean Little, Jewell Kircus. Fifth row--Jerry Goode, James Hillary, Jimmy Moore, Ed McKeever, Charles Jones, Palmer Horn, Bob Henderson, Donald McLain, Howard Gorham, Hilda Montgomery, Margaret Moncrief, Billy Odell, Frank Longshore, Robert Mitchell. Sixth rofw-Andy Heath, William Perry, T. G. Ford, Perry Mize, James Lipham, Marion Jones, Jack Gaines, Clarence Adams, Hershall Cofield, Herbert Bates, Bruce Ogburn, John Mallory, James Mullendor, Bobby Green. ' P M F 3 El VFES1l?viPsl First rmw-Mary Frances Gilmer, Barbara Shaddix, Faye Smith, Mildred Haynes, Betty Houston, Nan Tripplett, Jacquelin Kimberly, Virginia Noll, George Shelton, William Lovelady, Gerald Stephens, Doug Rigney, Clarence Smith, Nathaniel Stonestipher, Wilton McPlum, Frank Laster, Earle Underwood, Lester Wilson, Marvin Thomas, Carl Porter, Donald Strathern. Srrond rofw-Eugene Mitchell, Eugenia Morrison, Geraldine Williams, Margaret McCaa, Gloria Lucky, Jean VVaddy, Mary K. Lloyd, Robbie Nesperling, Berty Ann Gray, Ann Thrasher, Jo Ann Hannon, Charlotte Dean, Ann H. Williams, Julian Thompson, Marvin Van Wonderham, Aubry Hicks, Audrey Hand, June Matthews. Third rofw-Geraldine Morrison, Billy McKay, John VVheeler, WVilliam Moore, Phlyss Gunter, Margaret Durrett, Joan Holland, Barbara Moran, Suzie Hebson, Neita Moore, Alice Graham, Mary L. Scully, Jeanette Hanson, Patsy Morrison, Martha McEwen, Kathleen Russell, Mary Jack VVaddell, Neal Rainwater, Bob Livingston. Faurth row-Gordon Mallory, Josephine Williams, Jenny Mae Smith, Mary High, Betty Hollingsworth, Sally Sieb, Betty Sue Tollison, Sara Tibbetts, Mildred Pope, Geral- dine Putnam, Dorothy Henry, Margie Talley, Virginia Yeager, Betty Jane Gregg, Hazel Lett, Virginia McKleroy,, Mary Eberheart. Fifth rofw-Edwin McGuire, Jimmy Huffaker, Charles Murray, Jean Hanks, Sadie Lou Gibson, Sibil Dobbs, Helen Jones, Betty Jo Owens, Christine Hendrix, Louise Hewett, Frances McDowell, Owana James, Dean De Vann, Charlotte Haney, James Wright, Homer Sparks, Jerry Hathorn, Ann VVaugh. Sixth rofw-Jimmy Thrash, Joe Moose, G. VV. Langley, Thomas Hood, Virginia Mae Smith, Mary Truett, Faye Ruth Smith, Martis Grant, Sara Zavelo, Edna Smith, Nancy Howe, Annie Smith, Betty Howe, Christine Thompson, Buddy Rutledge, Jimmy Thigpen, Kent Rogers. First rofw-L. D, Daniel, VVillard Evans, Clive McKeever, Patricia Snoddy, Carlie Jean Sutley, Ralph Ezell, Charles Hughes, Charles Daughtery, Jimmy Culpepper, Billy Gunnels, Sally Messer, Eleanor Lewis, Mary Maxwell, Peggy Mozeley, Catherine Bailey, Daniel Farrer, John Austin Cater, Johnny Blue. Sffond rofw-Stanley Bowe, Billy Donnelly, Lorene Carter, Ruthen Carter, Betty Ann Causey, Geraldine Cline, Kenneth Conway, Raymond New, Ralph Brannen, James Kelly, John Bryant, Billy Brown, Norman Ford, Sara Nell Falkner, Mary Frances Gilmer, Imogene Ballard, Mary Sue Blackmon, Stella Cobbs, Bernice Heath. Third rofw-Charles Pate, Jimmy Pemberton, Virginia Craig, Jean Curry, Geneva Batey, Marie Bell, Joyce Brown, Mable Ballard, Joyce Allen, Evelyn Byars, Betty Jean Longer, Dorothy Kennedy, Jane Cass, Zora Cook, Ruby Bell, Patsy Pearson, Eddie Mae Smith, Betty Lee Cockrell. Fourth ro-w-Jerry Smith, Lewis Crosby, Wetherell Eros, Peggy Dean, George Ann Davenport, Frankie Carden, Edith Craft, Juanita Wright, Doris Cline, Mary E. Bunn, Dorothy Brown, Margaret Clarkson, Dorothy Brown, Virgil Kay, Henry Crabtree, Thomas Richardson, John Kilgore. Fifth rufw-Ray Murphy, Jerry Pullen, Billy Jo Gaines, Clifford Fober, Royce Harper, Hunter Handle, Burl Bolt, Carlton Barnes, Anita Carr, Joyce Moncrief, Sara Miller, Nina Wright, Margaret Gaines, Virginia Spencer, Alline VVesson, Louise Comer, Ted New, Bobby Kimbrough. Sixth rofw-Billy Lapier, Wallace Van Allen, Jimmy Griggs, Charles Heptinstall, Joe Cannon, Thomas Smith, Floyd Bennett, Harold Clark, Mary E. Coppitt, Annie Maud Dover, Betty Dingler, Virginia Chastain, Ernestine Lonergan, Billy Dyer, Elsie Handle, Elsie Miller, Eddie Knighton, Ralph Pinson, Robert Lefoy. SLE-VFES4 First ro-'w-Ann Broadnax, Betty Wilkinson, Frances King, Magdalene Kennedy, Ora Mae Owens, Evelyn Riley, George VVingarcl, A. C. Henley, Louie Bowling, Bobby Crowe, Roy Ray, Floyd Battles, Thurrel King, Billie Jo Osborne, Billy Wayne Hawkins, Wallace Gunnells, William Kilgore, Billy Stewart, Billy Joan Cockrell. Scfond ro-w-Bobby Goode, Joyce Messer, Addie Whaley, Evelyn Lovelady, Alva Fleming, Reba Tillery, Jimmy Fite, Joyce Finley, Mary E. Jones, Rena Vice, Olene Wil- born, Betty Hancock, Joan Allen, Marion Laney, Willie Mae Austin, Jimmy Mayne, Jimmy Mallory, Jerry Jackson. Third rofw-Sidney Burns, Earl Farrow, Virginia Gunnells, Elna Harmon, Helen Moseley, Gray Hunter, Herbert Hicks, Bobby Gillum, Porter Dunlap, Walker Phillips, Ann Grubb, James Robert Rouse, William Clark, Rachel Ford, Ruby Crosson, Marjorie Crossley, Floy Jo Tolleson, June Shurbutt, Linda Smith, Richard Little, Donald Dennis, Douglas Clopton, Helen Chastain, Marilyn Brittain, Mack Carlton, Louise Austin. Fourth rofw-Margaret Henderson, Irise Craft, Ralph Raney, Dorothy Bedford, Boyce Joe Callahan, Evelyn Cheatwood, Mary Ramsey, Paul Henley, Margaret Morton, Bobbie Jean Howard, Jean Hogan, Betty Jo Allaway, Marvin Jones, Jr., John Williams, Eunice Crossley, Ersel Adams, Harvey Chappell, Joyce Marler, Bill Patterson, Jo Ann Hearn, Elizabeth Glenn, Peggy Thornton. Fifth rofw-Julia Tabb Potts, Margie Bell Ezell, Gene Stedham, Joe Kilgore, Jimmy Nell Black, Freddie Morrison, Charles Reese, Leon Lumpkin, Betty Jo Jones, Eddie Jewel Cheatwood, Rita Fowler, Harold Horton, Edward Parker, Robert Earl Randall, Norma Jean Harris, Macy Carter, Teresa Dugar, Myra Sue McLain, Helen Whitlock, Joe Weaver, Jack Cash. Sixth row-Floyd Battles, Bernard Silverstein, Lamar White, Geraldine Phillips, Josephine Holland, Betty Jo LeCroy, Jimmy Garrett, Barbara Matthew, Donald Davis, Betty Jo Mason, Mary Davis, Felton Clark, Billy Craton, Robert Pettus, Kenneth Brown, Felix McCrelles, Charles LeCroy, Jack Winfield, Mary VVein, Donald Chapman, Sara Hollingsworth, Bernicia Roberts, Hoyt Henley. Seventh rofw-William Chappell, Charles Hamilton, John Taylor, Tommy Craft, Stewart Erskin, Donald Wilbanks, Billy Smith, Winfred Borella, Vernon Mays, Douglas Rainwater, Howard Hughes, Edward Messer, Harold Richardson, Dave Johnson, Alfred Carter, Roscoe Rainwater, Richard Trammell, Catherine Putnam, Mary Elizabeth Watkins. THQ Firxt rofw-Michael Smith, Jacqueline Ogburn, Louise Cannon, Martha Chauncey, Willodean Brooks, Dorothy Welsey, Harold McDowell, Mary Wilma Braswell, Jean Acker, Catherine Edwards, Patricia Donnelly, Barbara Billingsly, Joyce Wilkerson, Jimmy Jordan, Ponder, Peggy Ledford. Sefond rofw-Joyce Gunn, Vernell Otwell, Patricia O'Shields, Joyce Mangham, Margie Gearhart, Helen Mintz, Menetta Gearhart, Ann Jimmy Higgins, Edwin Leon Perley, Robert Wilbanks, Jack Borders, McLenid, Juanita Howard, Louise Morrison, Jenkins, Patsy Ellison, Ann Richardson, Betty Marlene Craft, Geneva Hines, Eugene Waugh, Jo Ann McDowell, Vernon Crossly, Helen Smith, Barbara VVeaver, Ray Miller, Joe Wright, Gordon Faulkner, VVhit VVhiteside, Ronnie Kilgore. Turner, Julian Third rofw-Edna Gann, Barbara Lylrand, Pete Cater, Randall Dye, John Nickerson, Wilbur Wiggins, Brooks Johnson, Clyde Harris, Elvin Newman, John Starr, George Reese, Burnie Tuck, Billy Timmons, Sammy Higginbotham, Dan House, Earl Reeves, Mildred Rhodes, Frances Smith, Helen Mounger. Fourth l'01L'iROS3 Lee Griggith, Mary Ann Mitchell, Edward Freeman, Mary Evelyn Bentley, Barbara Roach, Lorane Morgan, Bobby Price, Jean Godwin, Mary Ruth An- drews, Orlie Dean Hustin, Barbara Ann Young, Betty Ann Bennett, Evelvn Duncan, Rose Marie Holland, Thelma Capri, Herman Sprayberry, Donald Frazier, Paul Alexander. Fifth rofw-Milton Cook, Edward Steen, J. L. Bennett, Sam McAnery, Edna Ellison, Lucile Summerlin, Billie Lou Vancel, Jimmy Spellman, Anne Hutchison, Edna VVallace, Christine Hemson, Jean Lambert, Rogers Hollingsworth, Joy Pate, Barbara Huddleston, Winell Newman, Bebe J. Noe, Mary Songer, John Whittock. Sixth rofw-George McNeal, Jack Edmondson, Donald Perry, Felix Rapp, Pelham Rowan, Mailvs Kunkel, Peggy Sibly, Evelyn Harris. Louise Gay, Johnise Liner, Leah Bonds, Hrleigh Davis, Amy Lou Henderson, Mary Holbrooks. Seventh rww-Mary Jo Sams, Edward Haynes, Blanche Dodd, Thomas Timmons, Edna Allen, Diane Misbelt, Gladys Moore, Vivian Killebrew. Louise 'I'homp:'o'1, Betty Jo Oliver, Barbara Haynes, Nellie Feazell, Patsy Cox, John McGinty. Eighth www-Thomas Perry, Frank Olmstead, Edward Drain, Fred Tolbert, Eugene Matthews, Harry Tucker, Ray Smith, Donald Lewis, Douglas McLeroy, Keith Haynes, Donald Patterson, Arnold Pruett, Frank Mickle, Jimmy Walden. T HQ I'! .z, Ca! Rv Q .-....:.:. U., f . anizifn. .-a,,,i., 1 wimpy gn .HMM 1-, H,i,..w,g. ,,..QiW,., nys, .fmfylf ,zu ,i , 4. . ,. K .f.,4?,2E . F . . 4, ZQJHNZVAQ wgw:-M4-F. .W ,,m,.,54a:, ,,g,3.,.,,. HM WM-V 1,sg2gQ,,5i 5, ww., , ,,,U,x,.x.. ,S ,,,. ., :ffQ'L7lVlf 1-,myfu g. M ,,4,.A,, HM,4,.x,,A QM., M, , fu' ,Q .,A,.,.,,,. z:,Qz,a.a,aQ. .v,,M .,x, af4n'x1vnsf HQMLMH, D',i'fQfSQ ,.,,,,.X, f25f.flA-All ,. 2... M WV? AQ F yiff fi" b,.l,, 129 'U 4, W s an S A 2 I 1 1 X Q , . ,- 1. :xv A 1 r 4 1 Q A r :- nw 1 2 f Q is 4 1 ga ga rx Q, H -4 nw wx as M 3 vs sifw' ,U f .ff Q Q 1 1 5I'li2iJS1is xi: urn: fgtfgxi 7501, g .kfnmrwi !""i'L55i'? 1,5-finfd-1 i25z5Q?:f:i4 :f::3,':f::f,f 1Z55'!'if:f. H N . , ,. ,,,,.IQ.'f,, .xitwfni J v 4510103114 N, ,.V,H, 2 gfgf :rage "f H201 1-sh , ,nm ykti 4-sf 1- 4-JKF vrxur was an ii' ,M li! Zz N A s M -'Vifl g,m2?..Q .1 x , f., , Q ,Mn Mn ,.,, .ul- XE, ' him was iw 1 -1 ,k M ww v Hu L ,MSE 4 2 1 a P- I w P Q as I Q . 4- f v 3 Q n s s 2 S Q Qi 4 1 5 v 5 1 2: ? X Z 1 lf I 'Z W D a a i Q w a K as ,ff 4. K r , ay ZVSQZ-I ms... Q ...V k 1-ian 'fn gif rl, . HM? 'MMU ,.g,, ,M my .fMp+ gnrrmg 4 ww kialuf, 4x,,h wwmx wwvx. ,ppb ,lam 4 Nw. hwy, ,,5,5z ifif?S aww, ww., fmgili- .mf if E? U, an , 1 1 . , v. ,L l,f. .V -as . 'E QHQQQE .- f. ,M ef 4 1 v?15:?' 'I' ! M s x v 2 M2 'ay was 2 www., .x..5M,,,. .MH . . mini ACTIVITIES FULLER SPRINGER STEELE JONES OFFICERS WESLEY Sponsor, Miss FULLER HEFFINGTON Editor-in-Chief, NATHAN SPRINGER BRIER Business Manager-, lW1RIAM STEELE Hssistant Editor, SARA JONES Almistafzt Business xwanager-DOROTHY WESLEY EDITORIAL STAFF Nat Springer, Sara Jones, Richard Hefhngton, Mary Bernhard, Ben VVildman, Louise Adams, Joby Walker, Raymond Dale, Tommy Hampson, Johnny Edwards, Ann Brier, Anne Lloyd, Gerald Box, Ted Perkins, Alden Huifaker, Lila Huger, Tom Coleman, Blaine Nlomeyer. BUSINESS STAFF Nliriam Steele, Dorothy VVesley, J. C. Henderson, Ann Gibson, Johnny Blue, Sue Hebson, Ann Pullen, Doris Huckahy, Joan Woolf, Joan Holland. BERNHARD VVILDMAN ADAMS EDWARDS HAMPSON LLOYD TI-IF I-IOUF HENDERSON WALKER DALE GLASS STAFF GIBSON PERKINS IIOILAND Take a lookl YVe are the ones who put this book togetherl Of course, we had the help of about a thousand other people who helped us by being in the pictures, selling magazines, and helping in many other ways. VVe have tried to give you a truly representative picture of our high school and we hope we did not fail to catch all the big moments of the year. XVe know you heard the buzz and whirl from room 110-A during the seventh period, and you saw us traipsing over the halls and campus, but we were speeding the work on our 1945 HOUR CSLASS, and we tried to catch eyerythingl Publishing a book is not all apple pie and cheese, especially in times like these. YVe had frenzied and frantic searches for JOHNSON BLUE HEBSON MOMEYER COLEMAN .MYA equipment and materials, but with the aid of aspirin and plenty of coffee, we suryiyed. Finally, with bitten linger nails and volumes of doodling, the weary start pulled the copy land itselfl together and sent it to the publisher. Thus, here by the hardest, doth appear our 1945 Huck C3I.ASSl HUFFAKER HUGRR PULLEN VVOOLF BOX HUCKABY STUDENT CGUNCII. The Student Council is a council which is truly representative of the student body, as every home room sends a representative to the meetings. The council works faithfully with the faculty to aid in the progress of our school. Under the leadership of George Wood, the council has had a very active and progressive year. The council has supported the various salvage drives, the sale of war bonds and stamps, and many other Worthy activities. The c0uncil's weekly recognition of some teacher and pupil has been 21 source of pleasure, While their suggested remedy for the school's club situation has been helpful. Because the Student Council fosters a splendid spirit of loyalty and cooperation, we appreciate and congratulate every member! QFFICERS P1'rr.fidzr1zi ffEORGE VVOoo Virf-Prmidmzt IUOROTHY VVESLEY S1'z'r1't1u'y-Trnlsurm' IJORRIE SMITH Sponsor MR. MYER Firyt rofw--Dorothy VVesley, George VVood, Dorrie Smith. Snfond rofw-Nan Tripplet, Bet Bagley, Eleanor McDowell, Helen Brown, Violet VVaugh, Betty Taylor, Betty Ann Covvden. Third rofw-Bernice Heath, George Ann Davenport, Betty Ann Gray, Joan Holland, Naomi Doss, Josephine Kangelos, Betty Taylor, Leta Ann Casey. Fourth ro-w-William Moore, John Wheeler, jerry Pullen, Floyd Bennett, Mary Elizabeth Bunn, Gene Woods, Edna Johnson, Dorothy Wells, Mr. Myer. Fifth ro-w-Jack Gurley, Leon Harrison, Nat Springer, Gerald Box, Bob Henderson, john VVeathers, Homer Killebrevv. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MRS. BRUMMEL OFFICERS Pwxidrnts Tom COLEMAN, CHARLOTTE KERR l"ire-Pmxidcnts MARTHA BA1LEY, DOROTHY HALL Sc'fr1'tarivs lViIRIAM STEELE, JOHNNY EDWARDS TOM COLEMAN CHARLOTTE KERR MARTHA BAILEY DOROTHY HALL MIRIAM STEELE JOHNNY EDWARDS SARA JONES JOSEPH WALKER NAT SPRINGER MARY BERNHARD Spring induction: Sara Jordan, Mildred Hughes, Anne Lloyd, Evelyn McGee, Helen Brown, Richard Heflington, Norma Medders, Billy Henderson, Leon Harrison, Dorothy Wesley, Raymond Lindsay, Albert Smith. QFFICERS l'1'1'.fidr11I Ton COLEM AN I lm'-P1'r.tlJf11l Liiaoxcsr Nlcriovouros Srrrfwzry AlUSl'.l'H YV.xi.KHk 1wI'I'II.f1U'FI' jonxxv Enwrxioms S 11 n II .c n r MR. Fi-.arzusox BUYS' l-ll-Y CLUB This club has the excellent aim of building a good strong Christian character of our boys. The members are a select group who are interested in improving self, school and community. Their programs are inspirational and are often led by very influential characters of our city. The club has done much charity work this year. Thanksgiving boxes were sent to several needy families and shoes have been collected and distributed to the poor. Thoughtfulness of others prompted the club to send Christmas cards to former members who are now in the service of our country. Firyt rofw-Ben VVildman, Paul Momeyer, Bloyee Brooks, -I, C, Henderson, johnny Edwards, George Niehopoulos, .Xlbert Smith. iS'1'm11rl rmw-Bill Herdrick, Torn Coleman, .Iolmy W'alker, Bobby Stanley, David lilwell, llallet Brazelton, Richard Hefifington, Leroy Dutton. Third raiw-Roy Ford, Charles Rice, Bill Phillips, O. C. Beasley, WVallaee Keown, Robert VVheeler, Bernard Hamett, Tom Carnes, Mr. Ferguson. Sjrring l7IdIlt'fl07li,l0C Lane, Gerald Box, Lewis Gray, Mack Casey, Raymond Lindsey, Leon Harrison, john Cheyne. i I 3 OFFICERS Pr1'.vii11'11t MIRIAM Sreizric I'ic'r'-l'1'r'.riJ1'111 SARA JONES Sr'r1'r'fa1'y ANNli'I"I'E EVANS TI'I'II5uI'f'l' DOROTHY 0oi.E'rRiaE Sponsor Miss Ukimwn' GIRLS' I-II-Y CLUB "Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean livingfl thatls the Girls, Hi-Y. This has long been one of the most outstanding Clubs in school. Last Thanksgiving the Hi-Y gave clothing for three teen-age girls and enter- tained the soldiers at the Fort Hospital. Again at Christmas time, they gave a program and party for a ward at the Fort Hospital. These girls have really lived up to their purpose uto create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, higher standards of Christian character." Their cluh programs are most inspiring. Every memher had one swell time at their spring social. These girls believe in fun, although they see the serious side of life too. Firxf rofw-Dot Ogletree, Sara jones, Miriam Steele, Annette Evans. Srfoml rofw-Rita Goodwyn, jo Ann Mallory, Lou Adams, Mary' Bernhard, Sara Helen Coleman, Ethelene Hanson, Hope VVhiteside. Third rofw-Catherine Hamilton, Mildred Hughes, Pat Brittain, Martha Bailey, Sara Weathers, Harriet Evans, Dot Hall. Fourth rofw-Charlotte Kerr, Reba Tolleson, Katherine Jamison, Betty Kaegi, Barbara Bastine. Fiflh rofw-Miss Ordway, Martha johnson, Eleanor Stolz, Anne Lloyd, Mary Payne Sawyer. LEADERS' CLUB Behold the Big-VVigs of A. H. S.l Not only in sports have they proved themselves outstanding but in scholarship, leader- ship, and character. Un this basis they were selected for mem- bership in the Leaders, Club. The official capacity of a member is as referee, director of a class, or general worker in the gym. These girls are the powers that are displayed in the after school tournaments. Occasionally the club Challenges an out-of-town v' 1 team to a game of volley ball or basketball, and, um or ose, it's sure to be exciting. ln their club meetings, sports and game regulations are dis- cussed. Mrs. McKensie, the new master of the girls' gym, has ' ' ' X ' 'on and leadership the been thelr sponsor. Under her lnspirati girls have enjoyed a fine year. OFFICERS President SARA MORRISON Vifc'-Prmidcnt RosA LEE TAYLOR Smretary ILA DEAN SMITH Trcfzuurer M ARY KATHRYN WEI,I.S Sponsor MRS. MCKENSIE Front rofw-lla Dean Smi Mary Kathryn VVells, Ethele Hanson, Mary Helon Hugh Rosa Lee Taylor. Lfft rofw-top to bottom-M McKensie, Dot Hall, Reba Tr leson, Mattie Kathryn Mart Sara Morrison. Right rofw-Martha Smith, M: garet Mintz, Martha Chapp Dorothy VVesley, Sara jordan. "A" C LU B These handsome boys we see so often strutting about school and down town in their red sweaters with the black letters are members of the UA" Club. Yes, they deserve the honor, because they have earned their letters by participating in some major sport and winning a line reputation as a sportsman. This club was organized for the purpose of encouraging good, clean sportsmanship. Their annual initiations are well known around school, especially by the "Goatsl' who are forced to entertain everybody by their pranks and programs. The social affairs given by this club are always howling successes. llr. Curry, the new coach and sponsor for the HAH Club, deserves much credit for his splendid work this year. Letls give him and his boys a rousing cheerl OFFICERS Prf.vid1'nt J. C. HENDERSON Via'-Prfridrnt fiEORGE Woon Secretary Tom COLEMAN Treasurer NATHAN SPRINCER Sponsor COACH CURRY Left to I'lflllf1E3fl8 Cambron, Billy VVheeler, O. C. Miller, George Nichopoulos, Charles Fuller, liloyce Brooks, Perry Canada, Chris Hamilton, Tommy Gardner, joseph VValker. Billy Phillips, Noah Garrett, Gerald Brown, Roy Ford, Horace Homesley, Bernard Hammett, Frank Gritlin, Charles Houston, Albert Smith, Billy Thigpen, joe Stewart, Richard Hearn. Cram l'I'HfI'!'-1H0fHCC Murphree, Mr. Curry, Nat Springer, George Wood, J. C. Henderson. Bark frost-Lamar Phillips, Ralph Pearson, john Van Tassell. Second rofw-jack Holland, Clarence Reid, Lamar Hinds, Bruce McKeever, Harlan Kennedy, Eugene VVilson, Carson Call, joe Blackmon. Third rofw-Mr. Ferguson, Betty jo Kennedy, Louise Reaves, Dorothy Butler, Sara VVliitley, Norma Cunningham, Opal Brown. DIVERSIFIED occuprxrloms cturs Under the splendid leadership of lylr. Ferguson these students are preparing for their chosen vocation. After studying the rules for success in the work, they put these rules into practice by actually doing the work in the afternoons. You will find these students working in stores, cafes, offices or shops. When they graduate from high school or college, it is not surprising to find that they will be in demand to fill important positions. Occasionally the club holds an entertainment for its members. Everybody looks forward to these social functions, because it seems that everything always clicks for these lucky people. OFFICERS i President ,Z GERALD Box BUFORD MATHIS f Scfrftary PEARL CRAIG , Treasurer MARY ALICE PATTY Sponsor MR. FERGUSON l l First rofw-Robert Borden, Buford Mathis, Mary' Alice Patty, Gerald Box, Bobby Coplin. l Vire-Prrrsidnnt OFFICERS Prf.fidr'nl C,xRoI.YN Cnfxsmix l'irr-Prrridfnt SARA MORRISON Sffrrtary MARGARET MINLEY Trfasurm' MozEl,I.E SWAN N Sponsor MRS. Hn.r. CQMMERCIAL CLUB Yes, these are our business men and women of the futurel The club attempts to create a feeling of unity among commercial students and to promote a better under- standing of the business world. 'liheir programs consist of interesting discussions on business problems. and often a prominent business man or woman is invited to lead the discussion. Uceasionally, this group forgets the business world and turns to social life. This year the annual social affair was a hay ride. The ride and refreshments were thoroughly enjoyed and everybody had fun. lfirxl Vw1c4Marg:1i'et Mintz, Mozelle Swan, Sara Morrison, Carolyn Chastain. SI't'llllif I'llflL"-liYC'lj'll McGee, Mrs. Hill, ,Xndrey Higgens, Violet VVaugh, janice Patterson, Ann Gibson, Evelyn Craft, Gloria Mc'Ca1'y. Thin! 1'nfu'fRosa Lee Tavlor, Mary Carlton, Mary Helon Hughes, Nlattie Kathryn Nlartin, .Xlice Nell Kilgore, Virginia lI'aylor, Sara jordan. Fourth V0f'l.L'fBUllIllC Lee Phillips, Martha Chappell, D. D. NVesley, Ann Johnson, Bertha Payne, Betty ,lo McCarty, Reba Tolleson, Corrine Truitt, Betty Newsome. Fiffll rufu'-Fi'a1ices Craft, Geraldine Saxon, Margaret Roberts, Eva Jane Reese, Julia Mae Tipton, Mary ,lo Bowman, Hilda Norton, Bobbie jane Henson, Doris 1VlCGinty, Aileen Clark, Martha Rhodes. Sixllz rofu'--Billy joe Clonts, liverett Holle, Tommy Hampson, Sammy VVyCoff, Mack Casey, Edwin Haywood. i'Hep, two, three, fourlhl is a well-known phrase around johnson Field during the cold mornings of September, October and November, but when football games rolled around, those long cold hours of practice were revealed in super, snappy performances by the band at the halves. Yes, sir! Those guys and gals under the direction of the capable leader, "Prof, Jackson, really put the show overl The armed service took some of Profhs prize performers but with some help from the few experienced ones left, he shaped the organization into a snappy, alert, well-trained band. Apart irom all marching and peppy parades the band also came through with some fine concerts with a more serious type of music. The hand has also done a super job this year in the war bond campaigns and parades. They are always willing and ready to help out, and we believe they have really done well this year. We know there were some cold, cold band members marching up and down those streets in the early morning band parades, which were led by a snappy group of majorettes and a fine drum major, but with heads high they carried on to do their part in line order. The band, however, is not all work and no play, because each year they have two or three entertainments which are really tops. So, for all this line work and entertainment, "hats offl' to its super-swell director, "Prof, -lackson. First rofw-Clarence Adams, VV. H. Hicks, Oscar Handle, Wetherell Eros, Fred Archie VVilliams, Bruce Ogden, jimmy Edwards. Srfond rofw-Pauline Moon, Louise Newsome, Sara Martin, Alice Alexander, Helen Boyd, Mary F. Duke. Third rofw-Harriet Evans, Betty Newsome, Mary Maxwell, Donald Nunnally, Tom Curry, Donald Lasday, Leon Harrison, Martis Grant, Mary K. Lloyd. Fourth rofw-Eleanor McDowell, Sonny Lipham, Erman Ogden, Dick Givens, Jimmy Simpson, Bookey Peak, Carlton Barnes, Dean Hutchinson, Leta Ann Casey, Joyce Poole. Fifth rofw-Wynemia Greeg, Sara Henderson, Sally Sieb, Charlotte Cash, Jewell Miller, Johnny Blue, Gerald Stephens, Stanley Bowe, Florence Kent, jacquelin Kimberly, Elizabeth Browning. Sixth rofw-Barbara Smith, Clarence Perley, Agnes Denman, jo Worsham, Lenman Fite, Billy Chastain, John Franklin Morgan, Jimmy Snider, Ruby Nell Parris. Scfvcnlh rofw-Don Pohl, Julian Stephens, Homer Killebrevv, Hawell Austin, Billy VVatson, Jimmy Grant, Homer Sparks, Jimmey Mullendor, Doris Ann Huckahey. Eighth rofw-Haskell Dear, T. G. Ford, L. D. Hearst, Jack Gurley, L. P. Jackson. GFFICERS Presidnzt LEON HARRISON Vim-Prcridrnt JULIAN STEPHENS Sffrftary BETTY NEwsoME Trz'a.vurvr JIMMY SIMPSON Dirfdor L. P. JACKSON CLARINETS Donald Lasday Leon Harrison Clarence Perley Betty Newsome Louise Newsome Donald Nunneley Martus Grant Pauline Moon Alice Alexander Mary Maxwell Helen Boyd DRUMS VVetherell Eros Jimmy Edwa rds Fred Archie VVilliams W. H. Hicks Uscar Handle Bruce Ogden Clarence Adams BASSES Jack Gurley Haskell Dear L. D. Hurst 'l'. G. Ford SAXOPHONES Dick Givens Carlton Barnes James Lipham Dean Hutchinson Jacquelyn Kimberly Leta Ann Casey Barbara Peek Charlotte Cash Erman Ogborn Jimmy Simpson o PERSCDININEI. Julian Stephens Homer Killehrew Homer Sparks Jimmy Grant Howell Austin Billy Watson Billy Gunnells Jimmy Thigpen James Mullendor BARITONES John Franklin Morgan Billy Chastain CORNETS Agnes Denman Tom Curry Joe VVorsham Eddie Haslam George Rutledge Gerald Stephens Leamon Fite Jewell Miller Johnny Blue Stanley Bowe Florence Ann Kent BELL LYRE Elizabeth Browning Sally Seih FRENCH HORN Jimmy Snyder Carolyn Diggs CYMBALS Douglas Lee DRUM MAJOR Donald Pohl FLAG BEARERS Wynemia Greggs Ruhy Nell Parris Betty Harhin MAJORETTES Sara Henderson Eleanor McDowell Harriet Evans Merrill Allen Doris Ann Huckaby Barbara Smith Mary Frances Duke Ma ry Katherine Lloyd Joyce Poole DIRECTOR L. P. Jackson OFFICERS Prfsidrnl CH.-XRLES HEPTINSTALI. 1Yi1'f-PI'f5lLif'lZ1 BILLY TOI,BERT SI'l'fI'fllI'y H ARRIET EVANS Trf11.rur1'r Dmus AN N HUCKABY JUNICDR BAND First rofw-Robert Pettus, Edward Parker, Wetherell Eros, Edith Craft. Sfrond rofw-Elizabeth Kircus, Edward Steen, Sammy McAnemy, Kitha Carter, Alice Alexander, Louis Crosby, Third rofw-jonnie Segal, Vanita Dickenson, Louise Pippin, juanita VVright. Fflllffll rofw-VValter Fuqua, Eugene Mitchell, Jim Baker, Royce Harper, Sammy Higgen- luotham, Ted New, Edwin Ledford. Fifth rofw-Florence Ann Kent, Billy Tolhert, Charles Heptinstall, Marion Jones, Don Chapman, Andy Heath. Sixilz rofw-Charles Hughes, jack Bastine, Jerry jackson, Gray Hunter. Swfvfnflz rom:-Billy Summerlin, Austin Stiles, Ralph Pinson, Jerry Goode, Homer Sparks, Professor jackson. l r CLARIN ET CDLJARTET lmfl to Viflllfi Uonznlll Pohl Dick Givens Clarence Perley llonzild Lasday SAXCDPP-ICDIXI E QLJARTET Left to rigl11- Julian Stephens Jimmy Simpson Dick Givens Donald L2lSLl2lj' Firyt rofw-Johnny Edwards, Dot French, Lou Adams, june VVatson. Scrond rarw-Bertha Payne, Pat Hellerman, Emily Booth, joan Graham, Nonagene Nlorrow, Bet Bagley. Third rn-w-O. C. Miller, Billy VVheele1', Richard Heiiington, Chris Hamilton, Tommy Hampson, Alden Hutiaker, Mrs. Hudson. SCRIBBLERS CLUB 'llhese are our Shalcespeares of '-l-Sl Yes, they scribble, and you should hear the compositions! VVhen it comes to poetry or prose, these students are on the beam. To be eligible for membership in this club, one must write two good original compositions. The members not only write but they also study various authors and types of literature. These people have plenty of fun and do much toward developing originality. If you attended the wonderful dance the Scrihblers gave in January, you know what l mean when l say they have funl The artistic ability of the club was displayed in the decorations at legion Hall, the scene of the dance. GFFICERS President JOHN NY EDWARDS I"icc-Prcsidzmt DOT FRENCH Sfrrvtary LOUISE AADAMS Tffaxurfr JUN E WATSON Sponsor MRS. HUDSON LYRE CLUB These students wind up as champions in band music-and, brother, it's the wind-up that counts! The Lyre Club is a group of talented students who are members of the Senior Band. Under the leadership of NIL Jackson, band director, these people study and enjoy many types of music. Often the club enjoys a social affair or an initiation performance for new members. On such an occasion there is plenty of fun for everyone. OFFICERS Prrsidfnt JACK GURLEY Via'-Pr1'.vidrr1t JULIAN STEPHENS Srrrrtary Trrarurrr TOM CURRY S1-rgmnt at Arms Cinus HAMILTON Sponsor MR. jAcKsoN Firxl rofw--jimmy Simpson, Tom Curry, W. H. Hicks, Fred Archie VVilliams, Homer Killebrew. Sfroml rofu'-Harold Hollingsworth, Clarence Perley, Jimmie Edwards, Jack Gurley, Nlr. Jackson. Lfft rofw-Chris Hamilton, Leon Harrison, Edwin Haywood, Donald Nunnally. Right rufw-julian Stevens, Howell Austin, Jimmie Grant. Tl-IUMBS UP SCIENCE CLUB lfirxl rnfu'--.Xllwert Smith, Katherine -Iami son, llallet Brazelton, Miriam Steele, Na Springer. Sf'4'nI1ifrnfw--Nliss Massey, Johnny Ed wards, Sara Helen Coleman, Dick Hef fington, C. Henderson, O. C. Beasley George Nichopoulos. Third rufw-Paul Momeyer, O. C Miller, Roy Ford, joseph VValker, Davin lilwell, Tom Coleman. CLUB First rn-w-Martha Bailey, Pat Brittain, Dot Ogletree, Louise Adams. Srmnd rofw-Sara jones, Dot Brown- ing, Sara Helen Coleman, Annette Evans, Mary Bernhard, Miriam Steele, Anne Lloyd. Third rufu'-lNlr. Self, Judy Buck, Kit Kaegi, Kat Jamison, Martha Johnson. USHERS CLUB Upper left--Richard Hethngton, David Elwell, O. C. Beasley, Nat Springer, Alhert Smith, Bloyce Brooks, J. C. Henderson, johnny Edwards, Tom Coleman, Billy Quenelle, Hallett Brazel- ton, Mr. Myer. STFMAP CLUB Firxt rofw-Helen Jesperson, Catherine Hamilton, Rita Good- wyn. Second rafw-Mary Payne Sawyer, jo Ann Mallory, Bet Bagley, Anne Lloyd, Dot Ogle- tree. Third ro-w-Mabel Durrett, Martha jo Rutledge, jane Gray, D. D. VVesley, Tommy Hamp- son. Fourth rofw-Miss Simmons, Alden Huffaker, Raymond Dale, Mary McCaa, Sammy VVycoff. Fifth rofw-Jack Gurley, Tom Curry, Earl Camhron, Frank Griflin, Paul Momeyer, joyce Acker. OFFICERS President MIRIAM STEELE Vim-President CHARLOTTE KERR Secretary-Treasurer MARTHA JOHNSON Accompanistx MARY BERNHARD, SARA JONES Sponsor Miss LEwis Cal FF Cel l,l B Here is the group who can sing your blues awayl All of us have heard their cheery voices, as we labored away at our studies. How we have envied theml High hopes and high notes from talented members of this club are prevalent at the meetings of these musically-minded students. The combined efforts of the students and the director, Miss Lewis, have produced a fine, unified choir. VVe often hear them give special programs on the radio, on chapel programs, and at church services. They also give us music for Commencement. No wonder this is one of the most popular clubs at A. H. S.l First rofw-Mary Creen, Martha Bailey, Helen Brown, jo Etta McGinty, Mary Lynn Bates, Miriam Steele, Mildred Hughes, Melba Fite, Sara jones, Mildred Stephens, Martha Snider, Miss Lewis. Scrond rofw-Louise Adams, Martha Johnson, Pat Hef- ferman, Charlotte Kerr, Mary Jo Bowman, Dorrie Smith, Dot Wells, Mary Helon Hughes, Mary Paige Bagley, Grace Kimbrough. Third rofw-joby VValker, John Van Tassell, Clarence Perley, Dick Hefhngton, Alden Huffaker, Mary Bernhard at piano. Miriam Steele, Lou Adams, Charlotte Kerr, Mary Jo Bowman Helen Brown, Grace Kimbrough JUIXIICDR RED CIQCDSS Service is the main purpose of the Junior Red Cross program in the schools. Anniston High School JRC members have tried to carry out this idea through a variety of services: namely, the packing of gift boxes for children overseas, and the making of such articles as attractive blotter Calendars, novel scrapbooks, place cards, menu folders, and many other things for the servicemen at Fort NIcClellan. Other activities of the Junior Red Cross have been packing Christmas gift boxes for orphans, participating in salvage programs, and corresponding through exchange scrapbooks with Latin American students. ln all their worthy services the JRC members have endeavored to carry out the American junior Red Cross pledge-"We believe in service for others, in health of mind and body to fit us for better service, and in worldwide friendshipf' VVC will help to make the organization suc- cessful in our school and community, and we will work together with members everywhere in our own and other lands. Firrl rofw-Gordon Mallory, Jimmy Griggs, Raymond Dale, Luther Bevis, Barbara Smith, Ann Johnson, Eleanor Snoddy, Doris jean Smith, Ethelene Hanson. Semnd rofw--Erman Ogburn, Nancy Stolz, Joyce Acker, Paul Starr, Billy Thigpen, Mary Frances O'Kelly, Opal Brown, Catherine Bailey, Dot VVells. Third rofw-Sadie Lou Gibson, Joyce Moncrief, Anita Carr, Eleanor Bonds, Sara Tibbets, Margaret McCaa, Barbara Peek, Mary Tom Fain, Louise Nelson. Fourth rofw-Mattie Katherine Martin, Mary Helon Hughes, Alice Nell Kilgore, Mary Katherine VVells, Mary Louise Davenport, Billie Nell Hollingsworth, Leroy Dut- ton, Martha Ann Hughes, Sara Martin, jo Etta McGinty. Fifth rofw-Buddy Rutledge, Earle Reynolds. OFFICERS Prrsidcnt Serrftary ETH ELENE HANSON ANNE JOHNSON Vin'-Pre.rident Treasurfr DORIS JEAN SM1TH BARBARA SMITH Sponxor MRS. KING GFFICERS Prmidmzl SARA JONES Virz--Prfsidrnt MILDRED HUGHES Sfrfrftzzry PATRICIA Biu'r'r.a1N Trfasurfr Lou ADAMS SPOIIJIH' Miss DAVISON The Etude Club, under the able leadership of its new sponsor, Nliss Ethel Davison, has certainly become one of the leading music clubs of A. H. S. The twenty-one members from both Junior and Senior High School devote most of their time to the study of serious music and the famed composers of the world. lfVhen it comes to club programs, the Etude can boast of the tops in music. Members contribute selections chiefly from the finer music, but, now and then, you might find them enjoying a half-hour of strictly non-classical selections. FTUDI: Cl UB Firxi rofw-Ann Pullen, Mildred Hughes, Pat Brittain, Ann Marie Evans. ' Srrolzd row-Helen Brown, Martha Bailey, Frances Bernhard, Betty Sue Gurley. Third rofw-Donald Lasday, Clarence Perley, Don Holle, ,lack Gurley, Tom Curry, Miss Davison, Julian Sara Jones, Louise Adams, Mallory, Melba Fite, lN1ary Pohl, Dick Given, Everett Stephens, Oscar Handle. PEN-A-PAL CLUB 'llhese are the girls who rush to meet the postman every day, for they are the letter writers of our school. Foreign correspondence is not carried on for obvious reasons as it has been in previous years, but these girls still try to Hpen-a-palm often. ln their bi-monthly meetings they share their letters with the rest of the members. Often the well-known and interesting letters of all ages are read and studied. Of course not all their time is consumed with pen and ink. VVhen Christmas rolled around this year, the members made some lovely gift packages to be given to soldiers at the local U.S.O. 'Tis said that these Hfriends of the mailman" had a marvelous time at their spring social. The members have truly appreciated the help of Klrs. Alexander in making their club meetings some of the most interesting in school. Fir!! rofw-Katherine Jamison, Martha Bailey, Anne Lloyd, Mary Bernhard. Second rofw-jo Ann Mallory, Dot Ogletree, joan VVoolf, Ann Brier, Judy Buck. Third rofu'-Bet Bagley, Martha -lo Rutledge, joy Nolen, Catherine Hamilton, Eleanor Stolz, Mary Ellen Blackwood. Fourth rofw-Leah Layman, Mary Payne Sawyer, Betty Kaegi, Reba Tolleson, Dot Hall, Mrs. Alexander. OFFICERS Prfxitlfnl lN1ARTHA BAILEY l'irr'-Prf.vidfnt ,Xxxs Lroyn S1'r1'rlr1ry KATHERINE jnrisox Tr1'a.t11r1'r Nlmu' BIQRNHARD Sponsor Mas. .'xI.EX.-XNDER Firxl l'0flL'--R6l5Zl Tolleson, Charlotte Kerr, Elinor Stoll. Svrond rofw-Elizabeth VVilson, Betty Ruth Russell, Lila Hugher, Ann Johnson, Bertha Payne, Betty Jo lWCCarty, Helen Brown, Norma Medders, Mary llelon Hughes. Third roiw-Martha Chappell, Betty Ann Lane, Gloria Buckner, Mattie Ma1'tin, Virginia Taylor, Sara Jordan, Margaret Mintz, Frances Pavloek, Mary Mayes, Ann Gibson, Joy Nolen. Fourth rofw-Eleanor McI70xx'ell, Evelyn McGee, Melha Fire, Bobbie llenson, Margaret Brown, Mrs. Huger, Mary Kathryn VVells, Betty Coxvden, Elizabeth Browning, Audrey Higgens, Evelyn Ezell, Carolyn Chastain. I-DME ECCDNCDMICS CLUB As women throughout the war-torn world fill the ranks in civilian life and stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the national defense effort, the modern girl does not forget to equip herself for home-making as well as citizenship. The Home Economies Club is interested in maintaining high standards for home life and is training our must eligible home makers of tomorrow. This year the club chose for their study 'ifiood Grooming." The girls have enjoyed the work and have learned some valuable lessons in personal appearance. They believe in their motto, l'As our girlhood is, so shall our womanhood be." OFFICERS President CHARLOTTE KERR Iliff'-1JI'L'.fiLil'7ll REBA 'FOLLESON Srrrflary- Tr1'a.vur1'r Erixok STor,z PIEIQIAN CLUB Ulfamous Generalsl' is the title of the biographical study the Pierian Club has been engaged in this year. Studying the lives of such outstanding military men as lfisenhower, Bradley and Clark has proved to be one of the most interesting topies ever before undertaken by the club. Une of the hi-lights of the year was the big Christmas party the club gave for patients in one of the wards of the hospital at Fort lVIeClellan. The club turned out in full force and really gave the soldiers some fun. The climax of the elubls activities for the year l-l-el-'-l5 came when the annual Pierian dance honoring the Senior Class was given. This was indeed a swell affairl GFFICERS Przxridfrzt lVl.XRTHA JOHNSON I'i1'1'-Przzfidfnt AN N ETTE EVANS S!'I'I'I'1Ill'y Hove WVHITESIIJE Tr1'11surr'r SARA l'IEl,EN COLEMAN are va ,K eww, Aff' A ag Q Q Firxl rufw-Martha Johnson, Annette Evans, Hope VVhiteside, Sara Helon Coleman. SI't'0lId rofw-Lou Adams, Mary Bernhard, Mable Durrett, Cath- erine Hamilton, JoAnn Mallory, Mary Payne Sawyer, Helen jesperson, joan VVoolf. Third rofw-Miriam Steele, Martha Baily, Dot Ogletree, joy Nolen, Eleanor Stoltz, Harrette Evans, Anne Lloyd. Fourth rofw-Sara Jones, Pat Brittain, Katherine jamison, Kit Kaegi, Martha jo Rutledge, Miss DeHart. M LISTEN ERS' CLUB GFFICERS President jonv WALKER Vin'-President RICHARD HEFFINGTON Sffrrtary- Treasurer SARA HEI,EN COLEMAN Sponsor Miss LEWIS First rn-rv-flivt-lyii Mcficv, Mellwa Fife, Carolyn Chastain, Mary Lynn Bates, Catllerinc llindman, lflt-anor lforcxnan, lflizaheth Kircns. Mary Seale lirowning, Louise Xdains. ,Xndrt-y lliggens. livclyn Craft. Doris llrooks. Evelyn llrown, Gladys New, Charlotte Cash, lletty Cowdrn. llorolliy Browning, Mary Frances llnke. Svuofzrl' roiefllelen Brown. Maryc-llcn llarry. Gloria llnckner, Charlotte Kerr, llt-len Prnt-tt, lsncinda Quinn, jackie l,incr, Florine 'l'atc. lilizaheth llrowning. Frances Pavlock. Mary Mayes. jacrluclin llntterwortll. Peggy Lowry, Nonagenc Morrow. jean llinnant. Sara Katt' Morton, Eleanor Mcllowell. Third mu' -Mary Carlton, Grace liimlmrongh, llonnie Phillips. jean Bryan, Frances Campbell, liva jane Reese. llorothy Thomas. Mary Richardson, Ellen Stiles. Mildred jones, liclith Mcfarty, lletty Crow. Dorothy VVesley, Pat lleffer- man, lla-tty ,Xnn Lane, Maryanna Matthews, - f'.I7lll'Hl rww-Gcralrline Tipton. julia Tipton, Mildred llughes, Pat lirittain, Lila lluger. Mary jo llowman, Sara llvlcn Coleman, lletty llcason, Miriam Steele, .Xnnettc Evans, Sara jones, Mary McCaa. Mary Ann Clark, Miss Lewis. Fifth P'0'Ii?Ci3.!'01lL'C Pcrley, john Yan Tassell, Leroy Ilntton, .Xrthnr Gates, Everett llolle, Sammy XYycoIl', jolmy XYalker. Dick Heftington, Raymond Dale, Tommy llampson, Luther lkcevis, julian Sta-pliens, ,Xlmlen llnffakcr, Billy Thig- pen, lidwin llaywood. Ah, yes, this is the group who can listenl They are real music lovers and they appreciate the music of our great composers. After they study the history of each musical composition and the life of the composer, they listen to a record of the selection. Many' records have been contributed to the club by various members and everybody enjoys them. This club is developing real appreciation for better music. It is a new club, but one that is going over with a bang! Here's luck to youl SPEECH4 CLUB 'int ro-w-Rosa Lee Taylor, Vallace Keown, Violet Waugh, Letty Snider. Second rofw-Clarence Perley, la Dean Smith, Mary Katherine Vells, Martha Smith, Lila Iuger, Leah Layman, Elizabeth mith, Violet Taylor, Billy Vheeler. Third rofw-Jerry Crumpton, lilly Quenelle, Ben VVildman, lobert VVl'1eeler, Reginald Iinds, Arthur Fred Gates, Ray- mond Lindsey, David Elwell, Alden Huffaker, Lewis Snider. HQBHE CLUB Firxt rofw-Mrs. Harris, Mary McCaa, Raymond Dale, Frances Mallory, Jenebel Sandlin. Second rofw-Joy Nolen, Har- riet Evans, Mabel Louise Dur- rett, Martha Jo Rutledge, Mary Payne Sawyer, Katherine jami- son, Kit Kaegi. Third rofw-Blaine Momeyer, Bill Herdrich, Tommy Hamp- son, Tommy Gardner, George Nichopoulos, Albert Smith, Chuck Rice. PHCDTGGRAPHV CLUB Firxt rofw-Ted Perkins, Robert Wheeler, Alden Huffaker, Miss Stewart. Sffond rofw-Jack Allen, Earl Reynolds, Arthur Fred Gates, Everet Holle, Dick Givins, Tommy Gardner. No picture-W. H. Hicks, Har- old Hollingsworth. JUNIGR CLASSICAL LEAGUE First rofw-Frances Mallory, Doi Browning, Maryann Clark, Bei Bagley, Anne Lloyd, Helen Jesper- son, jimmy Snider. Second rofw-Anne Pullen, Mary V. Davis, Betty Cowden, Joan Graham, Sara VVeathers, Elizabeth Wilson. Third rofw-Betty Crow, Mrs. Gibson, Nonagene Marrow, Dorrie Smith, Marianna Matthews, Lu- cinda Quinn. Fourtlz rofw-John Mallory, Jimmy Weatherly, Frank Long- shore, Darden Williams, Don Pohl, Tommy Hampson. 4 I -gs, ,s psf, 5 Q B -W R , i V jp 1, ,Q ' -'K 3 SQ 5 -, "' , ' A .hi 'wx wa . ' X ' '9 'X .f New Q , ' X 'X "1 M.. I A fglzt ' 2 NM ' W yf'51,,M rikf x N amy- tl K. f 'Egan A Nr! K ,, ggfm, xg-I g3 8ii .4153 53, it N E My V-A V . W , 4, Q A K X - ,- ,... f .4 W JI 1 ,X -Q A ' I ,fxf E ' ,X 5 , jx A .., JK QWY Q s ',. H19 Ki my W W +fw w i K.w21m-,M-1 A45 ENV-xxx. A '3f.,g 4-gn. 'V ,kxgh fx haf' ywviphwxt 'Em .Q W . 4 -X Q VX , x M Lab: ,. , Q ksqlwgagxl ,Q,1,,, aff, gf , lg 1 Q4 ng Y N Wsjgff 5 -qajkgugw "fNj"':i1l,h fb? 'M Q qgchffffir-si -'ight N VA M KS f R xgrrxyf 5- Jie my :M Q i :Hrw Q if 'ff 1-f-gr,QfM1W,,-Q, ' uf - :2m.SWl QvC4n-aww M Aixam fu SPCDRTS A f SCORES Team They Alexandria . . 6 Starke . . . 0 Oxford . . . . 0 Emma Sansom . . . 20 Pell City ..... . 0 Tuscaloosa ..... . 0 West End, Birmingham . . . 31 B. B. Commer . . . . 7 Gadsden . . . 13 We 28 7 7 7 27 34 7 32 I2 iff! rrmc-.Xllmert Smith, Gerald Brown, Ralph llearso 1, Buddy Murphree, Charles Fuller, Tommy Gardner, hris Ilalnilton, Horace Homesly. Sffflllrf rom'-Billy W'heeler, Richard Hearn, Perry Canada, Frank Grithn, .I. C. Henderson, Lamar hillips, Roy Ford, Joe Stewart, Mack Casey, George Niehopoulos. Third rufu'-Charles Rice, George Xvoocl, Paul Starr, Bill Phillips, Robert Stanley, Noah Garrett, llarl lamhron, Billy Thigpen, joseph XValker, Tom Coleman. FQGTBALI. 'lihis year we are prouder than ever of our team. Wie entered the season with a team lacking in experience, hut making up for it with plenty of grit and determination. The change of coaches was felt, but with cooperation and close teamwork the crisis was met and victory was achieved. Fans witnessed some of the most exciting football ever played at hlemorial Stadium, and when the dust cleared. the scoreboard usually showed Anniston to he victorious. So more power to the team and lots of luck for next yearl CUACIIIQSZ CCRRY, SELF '1 E i it H i E 5 4 LANIAR PHILLIPS Captain Right Ena' FRANK GRIFFIN Fullbacle ROY FORD Alternate Captain Center HORACE M URPHREE Fullbacle GEORGE WOOD Right Guard J. C. HENDERSON Tailbaele A Right CHARLES FULLER Left Guard TOM COLENIAN Wingback RALPH PEARSON Tackle ALBER1 SRU I H Q llHl'f6l'llHL'k CHRIS Left Tackle HAMILTON GERALD BROWN Left End JOSEPH WALKER HORACIC HONIESLICY BILL PHILLIPS NOAH GARRETT TlliI!lHl'h' Righf Tackle Left End Left Tackle EARL CAMERON Center RICHARD HIQARN Left Em! x "Hg I ' BILLY WHIQIQLIQR , - W . L I Right lfnrl ' A 5 QIQX' ' rp A- GEORGE NICHUPQ L1 Los ' """' Tailhafh N H1I,l,YTH1GP15N I Q5 g?IHll'fFI'bllIfk qslb l - TUAIMY GARDNER I 'VI' 5 CFIHFI' -::-l f I PILRRY LAN ADA Right Guard AIC JE SFI RVVAR I Right Guan! df' ""'f,, w I FIRST STRING lmfl to riglzf: First I'U'Zl'1lJ2lIIl2lI' Phillips, Ralph Pearson, George NVood, Earl Camhron. Charles Fuller, Chris Hamilton, Gerald Brown. St'l'0lIIf mu'-'llum Coleman, Frank Griflin, AI. C. Henderson, Alhert Smith. , 4- 7 -Q i l I 5 . 1 1 4' Rf 'lfrlllugns lllllbll flllflu Hfl1!lIlHj'll'UI'fl Second String Cl-IFFIQI FADEIQS llarthu Snider Luther Hevis Io Ann Klullury Doris jean Smith Hi1lyQuenelle fuck Gurley In respect to scores, this season may have seemed unsuccessful, but those who closely followed the games are quick to agree that our success was not measured in scores. Again we were handicapped by inexperience, but by consistent practice the kinks were ironed out, and a good basketball team evolved. The players are anxiously awaiting Alexandria ,,,,,,, Emma Sansom ,,,,,, Sylacauga ,,,,,,,, Talladega ., Oxford ,r,,,,,,, Talladega ,, , Hellin , , Oxford next year's season to avenge this year's defeats. VVe We ,...... VVe VVe We VVe .,..,,., We ,,,,,,,, We ,,,,,,, Emma Sansom ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,, W e Sylacauga ,,,,,, ., ,,,Y,,Y VVe Gadsden ,,,.,,, We jacksonville ,,,,,,,, . .r,,.,,,,rr,, We SIXTH DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Heflin ,,,, YYY,,,,,,,,, ,,Y,YY,,,,Y 2 1 We Wlintershoro ,,,,,, 26 We Firxt rofw-Robert Comer, Pete Lusk, George VVood, James Conaway. Second rufw-Harold Hollingsworth, Mgr., Roy Ford, Robert Davis, Bobby Stanley. VVOOD FORD LUSK COMER DAVIS STANLEX CON XVS XY INDIVIDUAL SCORES Colmwzly . ..... 51 Wood ....... 3-1 Comer ....... 46 Sf2lI'11Cj' ....... 28 Ford . . . . 39 Davis .... . . 19 Lusk . . . . . 16 PRACTICE PRACTICE ,... PRACTICE ,gy PRACTICE . . . . PERFECT! BUYS INTRAMURALS BOBBY SOCCERS miyx , , ,,.gv-""' "1,- Vi !jfL:? i:+ff:- 1'1"s REALLY HARD WORK! 7553? ,- GIRLS INTIQA- MUQALS 1' 2'3'-I-' , . PLEASE, SOMEBODY HIT IT!! THE RUSSIANS DO IT BETTER ,k I I .4,,:TM.k..wAY- 1: N A -- wily, + '. I xv U K, ,',gf,,,-,QQ5Q.,1,,,:,,lp I 4 'I M.-hf,.'1 4 I . 1 . . ' , 'fl H:-1 ,Qifw f -gpg: Qgqrns-. - VL Q., wi, -f1g,g,w:w,gQgQ:i.',: , . f a.,-ww-H+.-Q ' -3-IQ, 4w4jf"'W ffj- I fp- HMI 1: J...-X M . , V IE Ei? IRE -rg ll Ill Ill Ill ll!! ll! Ili Ill EIS SEE as ,Easy 'S S .Q W? QP ! vwwa 'aff' A ,Wm 16" ,Md FEATURES s GICORGIQ XVOOID MIRIAM S'l'ICICLlC QUEEN BEAUTIES llzlry Ellen Blackwood Senior Edith lXlCCarty Sophomore Sara Darden Joan Holland FTFSIITIIIIH SHh-F7'F.Vll7lIH1l Reba Tolleson Junior Charles Rice Soplzonmre Jimmy Thigpen Szlb-l"rfsl11l111n Tom Coleman Senior Roy Ford Junior John Weathers Fresh man MCDST HANDSCDME , wi' WI-IGS Hex! zlresxwl mzzplfs Hope YVhiteside Luther Hcvis J-aqq Sara Jones Nat Springer Couple with most per.vonaIfty.' Betty Snider George XVood j 17' Sweeter! girl: Kliriam Steele Xicesl boy .' J. C. Henderson Jlosf refrrexwztatiw I'0Ilf7If".' K WI-ICD AT AI-IS Mo.vf zlilllefif' 1701111112 : Klziry Louise Davenport Frank Griffin Clziext rouplf : Doris Jean Smith Albert Smith flfost popular FUIIPIF Rlartha Snider Charles Houston 'C' ,QQ 'ww K ' wi-mil' f in I Xi' 2' i Pfyittifcvl Cflllfllfh' Sadie Henderson Horace llurphree WI-IGS WH Q at Quimtarcl Flov -I0 Tollcsonm and Clyde Harris fl lux! l,flf7llfIlI' Cn11fJI1' .lame Ifdwards and jimmy Klzlllorv S1c'1'1'f1f.vI Girl 111111 .XviI'l'A'f lg!!-1' Rena Ylce 'md Bern L1 9'l It xr 111111111 Jlosf HllIlIl.X'lllI1E Bo Jenn Hogan :md Ronny Kilgore Cures! Coufwlr . :lr 11 vcrstein ljl'c"ff U '.' ' ' ' y The U. O. Christluus dance It's rough when classes change Food Hcffingtmmxm moods air nd thcy carried U11 'l'hat,s Fred Astnir Curry gffn i , Nasa? r,,.,,w W' Qs S1 P. ,Q - I ,I Y! gf. Y K W Y! Y- N-if . 3, , , . ,r wg 4 , WF 2 Ks 'N ps I H W Q 1 A V5 "H ,, xixjp . Lf? QSQTMWQQ ' X U V WWW M Y 'lun y A If 4 - A 1 3 P' r K ALMA MATEI2 J. H. S.,1lc'1u' Afllllll Jlzzier, Listen zclzilf' 'wx' sing, To thy feet, with deep zlfwotlozz, C:l'Ilff'fIl1l0'l'f? we briny. Though our fratlzx of life' may se1'z'r, Though 'wr 'wunfler far, Still our llearls are fllflllllbg fwfr' lffylzere flew' 7l1l'lIlUl'lFS arf. CHORUS St1fr1dfa.vf, loyal, fwfr true Tlzrouylz all tlzr years to bf, Thus uw' Silly our lzearfs zzllegirznre, J. 11. S. to tlufe. 2, ., 2 ' . A f .,4 V ' 112 N. , ,S 7 V f' Aw- .. , y . ,,.' W 1 sry, fi if mics?-g2as-v2f' vrfmh ipaq 41,5 44, 5, M! K TT' 'f , if ,-f'G.x,1K ., y,f1Si?Qf:Q1. : :Mew :Q , fi.fa.w1. -1-f . "5-' 'Q ' Q','f',-fafgfwls Sf . . i'i.5V:51 5iiLP9?r1 f- -fav 1 -aw. -' 'Q -Zffnmgv. K- ' ui. K f Q mga - Qi' ., lifxf' up 4 .36 Lfff 'f HL, ,fy ,Mig 1 N IZ: ,J "LQ F I .W 1 0 uv , .V , ff? Zia Eff ., x . ,V 1 5 54111.-1,5,, am. mv ..1l'?v51 iaavfgifb N5 1: if '+P-.-J1,.w P 5 iw gg: ww "' if , Y ., V., ,Lx ., . 4,5 ' fizf' , ' up V. K. L , w Wg: t ALT" 'E' 1. 1 A -' if:-5,1 : , 1+ -. X ug t 2-64? , f'-'Cl .42 k ' Y 4. P 4 M' . L ',::a,y"vi " 2 V my an-mi. x Q- 'W .M wr :29 :PW X E xv

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