Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL)

 - Class of 1943

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Anniston High School - Hour Glass Yearbook (Anniston, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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-Mmm. NWN -MwwwmwM,wm+vM'myM,- t ,N,w,ss,,,,,cwN-,Nz-,-.,,. .X H55 ' . , k -' .f , - '- - 50 Shi" 5575.3 II.-I?-2--S"' .iii -FP V' IQ' :VI H..-S-1,-si:1.::i'2".+L12'M ?Sf:i2.2k" ' SN: "' .Q 21- ? ..L A, , , . V f ,W ww, 4 , , fl. ,, is V 'K' 'Xl 4 54. I :if Q., , 91- kwa I 'LJ wh wife gvtfyihgclf VY' Y fha:-fa : mfr' 'J J s' 5, ,Q K 1 ,. . 4 -f P - V .H Vw' 1 1- ,tu VA, .wiwjfx k',,X M ' .- X sf A ' x .+ .-JW: Y-'+r-fin 1 ' vw , ' ' 3 1 KM - AQ .L r , , , wi' 1 4' -xsfk w m . ,fy " 1 f ,F H ,Q 'Q . . S !5Hv'??n 1' ' . x xisllgw-5? V ",i'L'-'V ":"f.Q".k'.L.-AJ ' 1a T. Il . r F M ug , s - 1 -1'-'bhlx ' 4' Tj w'BJf1,Q. ' - ' '7':.,:,qt9j. f i: 1 I a i , f f A in X V7 ', L M 5 AA, Img, wg , ' mmf- V -...Q r AQ Qbulytr Gif! , .1 .. :WJ M V, . ,vt f mi.-EN. 5 A ,L "EL, - fri 'V L'-N5 M32 ' -.34 . 'L' Www ANNISTQN HIGH o on o 1 'V . 'E M ' , f,,, k, r ft . W ' rw f .if 19" f 4 'h a . 5 -1 h M ,.,J.1'j,f gl Fl fi 6 S . , fa , 'mg k -15' if"",sf,,v' -. .Sf K fl' A' . 'lm ff f aff ff, f"?f,'P '- ,1- v., 3' 'Y ff . iff, w'v'9"5 g .J 33 '14 f feff3f?,, 'fzj if M A r h ' 'Z , 'M Q rt g gy' . ' af' . ' V, , ,. , F pf' vw is 7 i ' fy G' 25 W 5y2i?c 55h, .2 , , f' ,'5"' 1f5 'K' 2' , . if M' 'Z I b ?! ?'4 x ff" . "', Q Q' W 'F 2 'X fm' y Y :ot Q - , 'f A ff' 13fg3'4EM'g',g2: 0' Q .14-?f.,Jd63',ff,q. A V mir' V' 1' wwf ""-my W 1' Q , A .,.,,.., A fijf r if Q- g k 7. 4. ZA, l . I -.:, -' - ef, Q i z ,. . f Q, . .. m f YQ 'ezpiiw . , 4 , .aw if at 4 . ,NK f' if ,Q A sidfgfsp? ,, .,-'ifwffg ,A x My X 'N Q W , , , ' . +A' , pifif, If, if if . gg.-ff .. ,V -f f vb lwyiywg' N xy' ugly" ', ' qfpi fi is 4' 'T fl-'ikfk' fwk .f 5. F? K. f ' r' , A wx, dxf , 5,1 fws',4w,?'fw f Q4 It .I 1 Q94 was I a ff', .. , ag. f QM' ,.- ', v ,, W Q R u ffvyfcfl' gig-. 5' fvfyj, ff ZS 'i4 ' 'M'-'im-"" M W' A QL IQLI3 I-IGUI2 GLASS f2.4fi,Ie,II7 , wa: A LTHE STUDENTIESDY QF ANNISTQN HIGH SCHOQLX ANNISTON, ALA. VOL. NO. XXIV VIRGINIA PERKINS MARGARET DAVIS B M Leading the team to victory. Q CI' Yes, we know there's gas rationing! C0lfLf6lfLi.4 FACULTY . SENIORS . . CLASSES . . ACTIVITIES . . ATHLETICS . . FEATURES . . We watch the creek flow on 'Forever Ail's quiet on the eastern 'Fron'c. Up and up we go, forever Glory waves forever. climbing upward. See you .HW , 'M The Band's War Bond Parade E if! - ,f KJ, fy 44? ff ,E J f-W 8.16 X X lt L, g.,-Q Milk 'cam Kilim: The Annual Statt wishes to present to you, tellow students, this I943 HOUR GLASS. lt has been our desire, aim, and endeavor to publish an interesting book and to build a memorial, not tor the present but tor the tuture-one that will recall the associations, happy hours, activities, and the proud achievements ot the students and our school in this time ot turmoil and war. We hope this record ot school lite will be a cherished possession ot all the students, especially the ones who are leaving school lite to take their places in our national defense. It has not been an easy task to publish an Annual this year. The war caused con- siderable ditticulty and delay in securing the raw material necessary tor the produc- tion. The Statt has done its best with the obtainable materials, and we hope you are not disappointed in the result. To the student body and faculty, we express our sin- cere appreciation tor the excellent cooperation in making this book possible. 6 CJ tml l.l'L ll QE!! L44 ZZTLZILDZ zmlw,l.f l K Q yyxffdwgfyf Z-'grew ,- 9 Wh in MW u r ilwfifr With the greatest pride and sincerest appreciation, we, tlwe Class ot Nineteen l-lundred and Forty-ttiree, do lwerelay dedicate tlriis 24th volume ot the HOUR GLASS to Miss Lucille Fuller for lwer splendid cooperation in her first year as our sponsor. 7 ANNBTON HKH4 C. C. MOSLEY, A.B., M.A. Superintendent ot City Schools P. Ci. MYER, A.B., M.A. Principal J. J. NASH, B.S. Assistant Principal, History HATTIE DEE RUSSELL, B.S. Secretary to Superintendent i MRS. LEDYEN HEPTINSTALL Secretary to Principal SCHQGL MRS. HORACE WRIGHT Attendance Worker JCDSEPHINE LEDBETTER, B.S. Director of Materials Bureau MRS. E. D. BANKS, B.S. Mathematics MRS. CHARLES C. BALES, B.S Mathematics MRS. R. C. BLUE, BS. Physical Education, Core MRS. KATHLEEN W. BRUMMEL, A.B English J. D. COUCH, A.B. Physics KATHERINE Del'lART, AB., Mfx. Social Studies LUCILLE DUNN, B.S. Co-ordinator, Distributive Education ROBERT S. FERGUSON, A.B. Co-ordinator, Trade ancl Industrial Education LUCILLE FULLER, AB. English, Core MRS. S. B. GIBSON, A.B. Latin, English . f- ff lheff "MRS. HAL HI L, A.B. Commerce MRS. LEWIS HORN, A.B. Social Studies MRS. KEENER HUDSON, A.B. Mathematics MRS. S. P. I-IUGER, B.S. Home Economics IVILYN INGRAM, A.B. English L. P. JACKSON, B.S. Band, Social Studies MRS. J. W. KING, A.B. - Librarian MARY RUTH LEWIS, B.S. Choral, Core 9 Rx S E. D. LOTT, A.B. Physical Education Ik! Ri, ,ERANCES MASSEY, A.B. Science, Core I GEORGE A. NEELY, A.B., M.A. Speech J. J. NEWMAN, B.S. Industrial Arts VIRGINIA M. ORDWAY, A.B. English ESTER PETERSON, B.S. Mathematics MAE PINSON, B.S., M.A. English A. E. SELF, B.S. Industrial Arts LOUISE Sl-IELTON, B.S. Physical Education ANNALEE SIMMONS, A.B. English, Core INEZ SMITH, B.S. l-lome Economics MARY STEWART, A,B., M.A. Science MRS. W. I-l. WARNOCK, A.B. Mathematics CORRINE WEAVER, A.B. Science LENA WILLIAMS, A.B. Commercial MRS. ESTELLE TI-IOMPSON, A.B English lNo picturel U' r V' m 'M f 1 " , Nh 98944 F W 1 , Q .-ao, rifvvmi , if fy ,. ,K . "' , 4 'W V' x A -,,.': Q f 5 ? ' x ,: f'l?5-5 Av gy, , m. W A A ,Q 3, . nf -gg pfmwvf, A X wif fmgqq .Jw ,,,i,g. ,X ' I sz Km "f-if . W is A -t . XV-' f :WHY 1 r ,319 .V , H VJ Jw , ufjifik as f x Eng 'FA ffffsf ,M',vg,iA'4Qi'?fg rg! - Y' i -df V D f 'Ulf' fr '4 L5:53,EgrJif'.,+"ffQ YM' A J 5. f-31 If' i??f 1 -' .au jun- -www-'ff f-Ma MARY ELIZABETH CARR Class Officer, '42, '43, Block Print- ing Club, '40, '4lg Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43: Glee Club, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Officer, '42, '43: Pierian Club, '4l, '42, '43, Officer '42: HOUR GLASS Staff, '42, '437 Leaders Club, '4l, '42, '43, Officer '42, '43: Sports Club, '407 Who's Who, '4l, '42, '43: Speech Choir, '40, '4lg Cheerleader, '4l, '42, '43. MARIE CATER STRONG National Honor Society, '42, '43, Officer, '42g I-li-Y Club, '4l, '42, '43, Officer, '42, Pierian Club, '4l, '42, '43, Officer, '431 Class Officer, '42, '43I Who's Who, '4l, '42, '43I Sports Club, '40: Pen-A-Pal Club, '4l, '42: Block Printing Club, '39, '40, '4l, Officer, '4l: Thumbs Up Club, '42, '437 Speech Choir, ' 0, '4l' HOUR GLASS Staff, '4l,. 2, '43 X I I I-A Gp TTY CARR FLOYD CLARK . . MARIE STRONG . MARY F. EDWARDS . FLOYD WALTER ADAMS D. O. Club, '42, '43. SARA FAYE BAK R at Commercial Club, '4l, '42, '43, Of- ficer, '43: Scribblers Club, '4l, '42, '43, Officer, '43: Home Ec. Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43: Glee Club, '4l, '42, '43: Student Council, '39, '40, '4I: Safety Council, '40, '4I' Pep Squad, '42, '43. My tr' ,JW 1 LORENA BALLAD Thumbs Up Club, '43: Sports Club, '43g First Aid, '407 Pep S uad, '43 fl I UFLOYD M RK Club, ' I, 42, ' H Clue 4lf5fJ'43 Etud' l ,' , . I .391 . , .4 . '- ' d 'Cer Stu n , '40, '4l: Stu Co r '42' Cheer leade '42' Class Officer oy ate, '42' Go d Ci MARY FR CES E National Ho r Society, '42, '4 Officer, '42: Class Officer, '42, HOUR GLASS Staff, '42, '43q2Pli-Y Club, '4l, '42, '43: Pierian Club, '42, '43, Officer, '43: Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43, Officer, '42, '43: Block Printing Club, '40, '4l, Offi- cer, '4l: Speech Choir, '40, '4l, '42: Pen-A-Pal Club, '42: Sports Club, '40, '4l: Pep Squad, '43I Etude Club, '43: Play Production, '4l: Who's Who, '43. CB ', . M 99 . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer ELEANOR JEWELL BANKS Student Council, '39, '40, '4I: Home Ec. Club, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Officer, '43: Commercial Club, '4l, -'42, '43. I J ommercial Club, '4l, '42, '43: fy ARA HELEN BATES I humbs Up Club, '42, '43: Pep UL Sguad '42 '43 Wlllfgs QD' Vw acgyc CALVIN CLIFFORD BLACKMON RALPH FRANKLIN BLACKMAN Red Cross Club, '4l, '42, Otticer, '4l PHYLLIS ANN BROOKS Transterred from Woodlawn High, Birmingham, Alabama. ARTHUR LOUIS BOWEN Band, '4O: D. O., '42, '43g Satety Council, '39. DOROTHY LOUISE BOWEN D. O. Club, '42, '43. MARGARET ELIZAB Thumbs Up Club, '43g Sports, '43g Red Cross, '43. BMS ffl I V14 , f , . JI KI," ,III ' I' IIIJ, 1 J . 1 1 ,,...s j 57 ROSS CLYDE BRACKN EY Transferred from Spartanburg High School, Spartanburg, South Caro- lina: Debate Club, '42, '43, Officer, '43p Photography Club, '427 Glee Club, '43: Hl-ECHO Statt, '42. JAMES BRIDGES D. O, Club, '42, '43. EDWARD ALLEN BROWN 42 43 O icer, 43. QW 7 SARAH FRANCES BROWN D. O. Club, '42, '43. FRANK MIDDLETON BUTLER, JR Band, '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43g Cam- era Club, '4O: Block Printing Club Honor Society, '42, '43g Boys State, '42g Scribblers Club, '43: J Kiwanian, '43. HILDA MARIE BUTTS Transterred from R. B. Comer Me- morial, Sylacauga, Ala. " IWWVC' JAMES EARL CARDWELL Band, '39, '40, '4I, '427 D. O. Club, '4I, '42. MARGARET ELIZABETH CLARKE Etude Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Otticer, '4Iy Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43g Glee Club, '40, '42, '437 Hi-Y, '4I, '42, '43, Pierian, '4Ig Pep Squad, '43: Speech Choir, '40, '4lg Pep Squad, 43: Play Production, '4l, '42, '43. ' L, X7 r . -1 MAS WHITTEN col. l Commercial CI , - E , gg Council, '40. Nia TT- 1 '4O7 Photography Club, '42, '43: Science Club, '42, '43, Otlicer, '43: CEIARLIS EIDWARD COLLINS Band, '39, '40, '42, '43, Olliccr, '42, '43, Lyri: Club, '40, '4I, '42, I '43, Slucliznf Conductor, '42, '43, Hi Y Club, '42, '43, Nalional I-Ion- I or Soriwly, '42, '43, Ollicvr, '43: y Annual Slall, Assisianf Busincss Managvr, '43, Boys' Slatv, '42, Jr, Kiwanian, '43, SYBLE OZELL CONNELL Crlnirrivrcial Club, '42, '43, Scrib- Imli-ra, '43, Pi-p Squad, '42, '43, NEWTON STEELE COOK Stamp Club, '39, '40, Srrnbblvru Club, '4I, '42, '43, Lyri' Club, '40 4I, 42, 43, Band, 39, 40, 4l, '42, '43, Studi-nl Conductor, '42, '43, EUGENE CONSTANTINE COOPER Stamp Club, '39, '40, Bancl, '39 '40, '4I, '42, Lyrr' Club, '40, '44 cJuc.I0r, '42, -T '42, '43, Oflicvr, '43, Studvnt Con f RALPH VERNON CRAET Stamp Club, '40, EUGENE HOUSTON CRUMP Madi-I Airplani' Club, '39, Slarnp Club, '40. MARY RUTH CUNNINGI-IAM QT JOSEPH WILLIAM DALE "A" Club, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Sala ty Council, '4I, Student Council, '4I, Football, '4l, '42, Baslcctball, '40, Bascball, '38, WILLIAM CECIL DANIEL D. CD. Club, '40, '4I, '42, '43, MARGARET FRANCES DAVIS Translcrrccl from Ramsey I-Iugln School, Birmingham, Ala., '40, I-Ii- Y Club, '42, '43, Picrian, '42, '43, Science, '40, '4l, '42, '43, I3cn'A- Pal, '4l, '42, '43, Scribblnrs, '40, '41, '42, Lcaclcrs, '42, '43, Clwccr- Icadcr, '4I, '42, Annual, '4I, '42, '43, Busincss Managcr, '43, I REARL DELEAN DEAN D, o, Club, '42, '43, CLAUDE ALLEN DETI-IRAGE D, O., '42, '43, PAYE AMELIA DOBBS Comrncrcial Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Safety Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43, Annual Stall, '42, '43, LESLIE MINTON EDWARDS, JR Stamp Club, '40, Jr. I-Ii-Y, 40, Ol- ficcr, 401 Class Officer, 40, I-Ii-Y 42, '43. 1 DWIGHT LYMAN EVANS Boys State, 42, Student Council, '40, Hl-Y, 42, '43, Eootball, '42 "A" Club, '42. fl . UC , ', ..-' 1' ,J HW ll I, 77,636 lj, 1 GEORGE FAIR CARMEL EANT D. O. Club, '42, '43. HARRY DAVID FLEMING, JR. Boys' Statc, '2, Satcy Council, '39, Commcrc gClu '4I,, '42, Scrcncc l 42, ' Hi' '42, f Q ng '43. PM 417' " v rv 'J-4 'Y FRANK COKER FOWLER Transferred from Gadsden, Stu- dent Councll, '43, D. Club, '43. A J TMM r , ffl , W! ' CHARLES EUGENE GADILHE Band, 37, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Lyrc Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43. VELMA ELIZABETH GAINES D. O. Club, '43, Art Club, '4l, '42. 0:6 Liffzlf 1, Moe. ' MARY JANE GITTINGS Bloclc Prlntlng Club, '40, '4l, Tlnurnbs Up Club, '42, '43, l-ll-Y Club, '4l, '42, '43, Sports Club, '40 JOYCE FERLIE GLASS Bloclc Prrntrng Club, '39, '40, Tlvurnbs Up Club, '43, Errst Ard Club, '43, Art Club, '43, l-lomc Ec. Club, '40, '4l, Student Coun- cnl, '4l, Psp Squad, '43. ff-1-I AUDREY ANN oouourw 4-U'-A Tgkcrclal, '41, '42, '43, Omg, '43, Home Econornlcs, '4l, '42, '43, Student Councll, '43, Honor Socrcty, '43, Otlicvr, '43. c V f AJS' 1 ,MX A ,X CV' 3 XXVX3' 'DW PRISCVLLA Loulst oooowvu Hl-ECHO, '40, '4l, l-llfY Club, '42, '43, Tburnbs Up Club, '42, '43T Transtcrrcd lrorn Llntlwlcurn l-llgh School, Baltimore, Md. Jw," wr rffl THOMAS LAWRENCE GRAHAM l'll-Y Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43I Baslcctball, '4l, '42, '43, Tsnnls Tcarn, '40, '4l, '42, HOUR GLASS, '42, '43, Camera Club, '39, '40, Scrcncr: Club, '39, Corn- murcial Club, '40, Hl-ECHO Stall, '42, "A" Club, '4l, '42, '43, Footv ball, '42. l A S 1 MJLUJ " ' 1 X f' OV! E EDITH L Cornrnlcr al, '42, Red Cross, '43, Glcc ub, '42, '43, Home Eco- nomics, '4l, '42, '43. I fhffy X W7 l , w ' HELEN LUCILLE HAMMER l-li-Y Club, '43, Annual Statt, '43, Translcrrcd from Earragrct High Sclnool, Knoxvlllc, Tenn., Ouccn, '43. , 7' WILLIAM LAMAR HARRELL Lyrc: Club, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Pho- tography Club, '4l, I-li-Y Club, '42, '43, Band, '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Jr. I-li-Y, '40. WILLARD MARCEL HARRIS Transfvr from Rom.: I-ligh, '4l, Lyri- Club, '42, '43, Sludvnt Council, '42, Band, '41, I42, '43, Hi-Y, '43Q,I-2 ' 1 I . L' 3 '42 wb' x EARL DAVIS HARVEY, JR. Slamp Club, '39, '40, Photography Club, '42, '43I l'li.Y Club, '42, '43I Safety Council, '39, N .86- DOROTHY FRANKLIN Student Council, '38, '39, Saluty Council, '40, Spcizch Choir, '40, '4l, '42, Scribblcrs, '42, '43, Come m cial, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Home 3 HEATHCOCK .V l Ec,, 42, 43. CLIFFORD H. HELTON D. O. Club, '43. JAMES FORREST HINTON Lyrr: Club, '4l, '42, '43, Band, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Photography Club, '39, '40, Stamp Club, '39, '40, '4l, Safety Council, '40, '4l, '42. AIMIE COLE HOBBS Band, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Commer- f cial Club, '43, rj jd 'X QJJXTKXII WILLIAM OS R HOLCOMBE, Band, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Lyre Club, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Science Club, '4l, Photography Club, '4l, Ushers Club, '42, '43, Officer, '42, '43, I-li-Y Club, '42, '43, Boys' State, '42. ARTHUR GRAVES HUGHES, JR. Jr. Dramatic Club, '38, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Commercial Club, '4l, Math Club, '40, Art Club, '40, '4l. iff' rf ,Key XM-V2 ' 'V X D , DORIS ELIZABETH INGRAM Band, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Qguuow QLAISHOUISE Joriusou 5' Qbl-IIECI-IO, '42, Commercial Club, -, . . '42, 43, Home Economics, 43. MARY SUE JOHNSON , 451' ERNESTINE KANGELOS Student Council, '40, Firslf Aid, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Sports Club, '4I, '42, '43, Officer, '42, '43, Leaders Club, '42, '43, Art Club, '42, '43, Home Economics, '43, Annual Staff, '43. My.. QWJQ QR' B - D55 ,-gb? NT-NZERBERT v. KERN ' Transferred from Yonges Island High School, from April-May, '42, I'-li-Y Club, '43. JACK KING Band, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43q Lyre Club, '40, '4l, '42, '43g Student Director, '43g Photo Club, '4I, '42g Student Council, '42, '43g Play Pro- duction, '43: Airplane Club, '39. N fl' ' L M W I-IAZEL ALLENE LANEY Commercial Club, '4I, '42, '43: Dramatics Club, '42, '433 Otticer, '4I, '42: Home Ec, Club, '4l, '42, '43, CARL LESLIE Band, '40, '4l, '42: Lyrc Club, '40, '4l, '42q Photography Club, '4lI Cheerleader, '43: Satety Council, '4O3 Science Club, '39, '4O: Who's Who, '42g Speech Club, '4l. I 0' LESLIE CLARKE LONGSI-IORE I-li-Y Club, '437 Student Council, '39, '40, Annual Statt, '4l3 Tennis, '40, '4I, '42: Block Printing Club, .402 Ushers Club, All Www f dr, PNK MARY JO Mc ARTNEY Student Council, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '437 Sports Club, '4I, '42, '43' Scribblers Club, '42, '43: Pen-A-Pa l Club, '42, '437 Science Club, '4l, '42, '433 Home Ec. Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43g Honor Society, '43, 'O novo McCLELLEN safety Club, '39, '40, '4i, BARBARA McKEE Sports Club, '4O: D. O. Club, '43 u wr' :,5 y,i 5-5 ' CALVIN MALLORY Lyre Club, '4l, '42, '43, Photog- raphy Club, '42: Commercial Club, '433 Safety Council, '42g Annual Stall, '43, dll. 6 filfwmgf- BILLY A E Student Council, '39q Satety Coun- cil, '40. DOROTHY CAROLINE MARTIN Red Cross, '4I, '423 Speech Choir, '4I, '42, 7Qc2,zfgi44.Q VIRGINIA DREW MAYFIELD WILLIAM DANNY METI-IVIN Photography Club, '40I D. O. Club, '4l, '42, LOUISE MITCHUM : 'I V! y txw I ' l lioe MORAN I lt., Bloclc Printing Club, '4O: I-li-Y '427 Ushers Club, '43, Annua . Stahl, '42. K r Club, '42, '437 Commercial Club, l DORIS DEAN MORRISON First Aid Club, '40, '4Ig Sports Club, '4I7 D. O., '42, '43: Student Council, '42, '43q Radio Club, '43. MARTHA CLAIR MORTON Sports Club, '40, '4I, '42, '43g Eirst Aid Club, '40, '42g Bloclr Printing Club, '40, Leaders Club, '4I, '42, '43, Ri-d Cross Club, '43I Band, '40. LOLA MURPHREE Student Council, '4I, '43Z Red Cross Club, '4I, '42, '43: Otticer, '4I, '42, '43: Commercial Club, '4I, '42: Annual Stall, '43: Glee Club, '42, '43, Speech Choir, '4I, '42, LURLINE FRANCES N Safety Council, '4I: ,meicifiyJ3f" Club, '42, '43, I 1, to J I, HAROLD ORR Transferred trom Ramsey ig School, '4I: Photography Club, '4I '42 1 . JOHN ORRISON 'A" Club, '42, '43: Manager ot Football team, '42: Boys' Hi-Y, 43: HOUR GLASS Statt, '43, Stamp Club, '4O. HELEN FRANCES PAPADAKIS Commercial Club, '4I, '42, '43, Home Ec., '4I, '42, '43g Glee Club, '42, '43. ,I tfmfw-"fm lv ,I ADDIE LOU PARRIS Transferred from Central High, Devils Lake, North Dakota, '4Ig Speech Choir, '42: Scribblers Club, '437 Commercial Club, '42, '43: Otticer, '437 Home Ec. Club, '42, '43: Officer, '43: ,Ir. Red Cross Club, '42, '43: Otticer, '435 Na- tional Honor Society, '43g Otticer, '43. Q ORIS LEE PAYNE mercial Club, '4I, '42, '43. VIRGINIA NOBLE PERKINS Sports Club, '4I, '42, '437 Leaders Club, '42, '43g Annual Statt, '4I, '42, '43, Editor-inAChiet ot '43 HOUR GLASS: Girls' Hi-Y, '43q Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43g Na- tional Horior Society, '42, '43: Ot- tieer, '42g Speech Choir, '433 Pep Squad '43 f T, wif' 501140444 -yaofifvlf Q00 .sb WELBORN PHILLIPS Ushers' Club, '42, '43. VERA ROBERT POWELL Transtcrred from Oxford High School, '43. BARBARA EUGENIA POWER Safety Council, '4I, '42, Sports Club, '40, '4I, '42, '43: Leaders Club, '4I, '42, '433 Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43: HifY Club, '42, '43, ADDIE LANORA RAINWATER First Aid, '40: Sports Club, '4I, '42, '43g Commercial Club, '42g Leaders Club, '42, '43, Speech Choir, '40, '4I. d" U MONROE REEVES "A" Club, '42, '437 Football, '42g Basketball, '42. . 5 ' . , f E EDITH LESLIE REESE SHIRLEY ELLEN RICE Transferred trom Central I-Iigh School in Nashville, Tennessee, '423 Picrian Club, '437 Thumbs Up Club, '43, Otticer, '43: Honor So- ciety, '43g HifY Club, '41 VIRGINIA LYNN RICE Student Council, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Otticer, '433 First Aid, '403 Sports Club, '4I, '42g Leaders Club, '43, Otticer, '43: Speech Choir, '4I, '42g I-Iome Ec. Club, '43: Detense Council, '42g National Honor So! ciety, '42, '43p Annual Statt, '43g Good Citizenship Girl, '437 Who's Who, '43, RUBY LEE. RILEY I-Iome Ee. Club, '40, '4l, '42, '433 Commercial Club, '42. WILKES ROBINSON Student Council, '39, '40: Lyre Club, '40, '4I, '42, '43: Play Pro- duction, '42, '437 Band, '37, '38, '39, '40, Otticer, '337 Safety Coun- cil, '38, '42g Commercial Club, '4I. '42, '43, JEAN ETTE ROEBUCK First Aid Club, '40, '4l, '42, Otti- cer, '42g Sports Club, '4I, '42, '43, Otticer, '42j Leaders Club, '42, '43, X KAYRON srvooov I GILBERT SANDERS Safety Council, '4O7 D. O. Club, '42, '43, X ERNEST SANDERLIN iff? Airplane Club, '4O: Photography Club, '42g Annual Statt, '43: Fence Squad, '4l, '43, MARY ALLENE SCARBOROUGI-I Home Economics, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Otticer, '40, '4I: Commercial Club '42 '43' Annual Statt '42- .YJ ,,,SIlSC"Ek1iw 'F' I C,,nTa L J-, qc. . jfs' Al. " , S MMM EVELYN LORENE SMITH Band, '39, '40, First Aid Club, '40. I 1 VIRGINIA MAXINE SMITI-. First Aid Club, '40g Sports Club, '4I, '42, '43, Officer, '43q Com- mercial Club, '42: Leaders Club, '42, '43g Speech Choir, '40, '4I. IW A Debate Club, '42, '43, Otticer, '42, '43g Student Council, '39, '42: Fence Squad, '42, '43: I-Ionor So- ciety, '43, A 17242. Debate Club, '42, '43, Who's Who, JIMMY STANLEY Band, '39-'43, Lyre Club, '4I-'43, I-Ii-Y Club, '42, '43, Student Coun- afety ncil, '42, MARY HAZEL STEED First Aid Club, '40, '4I, '42, Sports Club, '4I, '42, '43, Otticer, '43, Leaders Club, '42, '43. EARL STEPHENS Howling 200, '42, Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School. ALICE WALKER STICKNEY Hi-Y Club, '42, '43, Pierian, '42, '43, Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43, Officer, '43. DOROTHY MAE TATE Block Printing Club, '40, '4I, Sports Club, '42, '43, Leaders Club, '43, Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43. EDDIE TAYLOR U. O. Club, '42, '43, Transterred from Rome, Georgia. HELEN JUANITA THOMAS Home Economics Club, Commer- cial Club. MACY TRAYWICK First Aid Club, '40, '4I, D. O. Club, '42, '43. I-IANNIBAL TUMBLIN uf ' .jj J 'CEI NZM' ,X H C. we I R TURNER 4. AI KNXG X I iJBand, '39, I4 , Home Economics, I '42, '43, Play Production. , ADLENE FLOYE VAN LANDINGHAM Transterred from West End, Bir- mingham, Ala., '42, Speech Choir, '42, Glec Club, '42, 43, Otticer, '42, Commercial Club, '42, '43, Officer, '42, '43, Economics, '42, '43, Satety Council, 42, '43, OHI- cer, '42, National Honor Society, '43. MARGIE LORETTA WADE Sports Club, '42, '43, Home Eco- nomics, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Leaders Club, '42, '43, Oltieer, '43. CHARLES WALKER Model Airplane Club, '39, '40, Glue Club, '42, '43, Officer, '43, I-Ii-Y Club, '43, Annual Statt, '43, Science Club, '43, Howling 200, '42, Fence Squad, '43. ANNE CARVER WARD Transferred from Thomasville, Ga., '43, Thumbs Up Club, '43. FRANCES LOUISE WATSON Glee Club, '4I, '43, FLORENCE BEATRICE WATTS D, O. Club, '42, '43. MARY WAUGH RALPH WAUGH EM METT WEAVER Stamp Club, '39, '40: Photography Club, '4I: HI-ECHO Stalt, '40, '4I: Debating Club, '40, '43g Bas- ketball Manager, '43, l'f' DANNY WEEKS "A" Club, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Otti- cer, '437 Ushers Club, '40g Foote ball, '40, '4I, '42, 43: Who's Who, '4I, '42, '43, ELSIE WEEKS l SARA HELEN WHEELER Sports Club, '39, '40g Bloclr Print- ing Club, '39, '40, '4Ig Who's Who, '42, '43g Pierian Club, '4I, '42, '43g Hi-Y Club, '4I, '42, '43, Officer, '43g Cheerleader, '42, '437 Annual '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43: Honor So- ciety, '43, ' ffooizomv ANN WILKINSON LVUT' Satety Council, '4Ig Art Club, '4Ig Thumbs Up Club, '42, '43I Hi-Y Club, '43g Pierian Club, '43g Red Cross, '43, In Q- Iwo' WILLIAM WILKINSON Hi-Y Club, '4I, '42, '43, Otticer, '43: Photography Club, '4Ig Ush- ers Club, '43: Ticlcet Squad, '43g Cheerleader, '43q Who's Who, '43. GLADYS ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Band, '40, '4I, '42, '437 Glee Club, '4I, '42, '43: Commercial Club, '4I, '42, '43p First Aid Club, '4l, '423 Sports Club, '42, '43. ,uf Mfg! ' nv-QIAMEIS WILLIAMS Student Council, '40, '4Ig Library, '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, I-ll-ECHO Statt, '4I, '425 Debate Club, '40, '4I, '42, '43g Annual Statt, '43: Assistant Editor: Boys' State, '427 Fence Squad, '39, '40, '4I, '42g National Honor Society, '43: Hi-Y Club, '43: Jr. Kiwanian, '43, JOHN WILLIAMS Band, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43: Lyre Club, '40, 4I, '42, 43, Officer, '4I, '42, '43: Boys' State, '427 Safety Council, '38: Student Di- rector Club, '42, '43, ELIZABETH ANN WRIGHT Band, '40, '4l, '42, '433 Glee Club, '42, '43, SNWS Locomoldve' All Dressed U p We did beat Knoxville! Loaded Down Who lcilled who77 ur 1 ,.e.,..A....,... 55? . ' N ' NP xml? QVIM MVT if Sie of , ,v ,fx . f Q 3 , .ful x TP First row: Linda New, Joyce Smith, Helen Wells, Doris Miller, Harriet Lacy, Mar- guerite Watson, Betty Reeves, Mary Gardner, Anita Hollingsworth, Willodean Camp- bell, Elizabeth Francis, Betty Ruth Mange .... Second row: Mildred Killebrew, Fran- ces Hill, Marguerite Borden, Joan Brownstone, Mary Carson Tinney, Jean Dishman, Elizabeth Haynes, Ruth Newman, Alledia Campbell, Jimmie Lou Thompson, Winona Fite, Betty Newsome, Nettigene Norton, Robert Jones .... Third row: Mary Alice Robinette, Frances Heptinstall, Betty Coleman, Dorothy Privette, Louvoyd Campbell, Magdalene Haynes, Elizabeth Smith, Frances Haynes, Elsie Pissanos, Bettie Robertson, Rosalee Taylor, Lucille Hillary, Evelyn Ezell, Carolyn Chastain, Leonard Herndon .... Fourth row: Allan Worsham, Bryant Carter, Donald Feltham, Matt Blue, Horace Phil- lips, Lamar Brown, Howard Dempsey, Newell Ledgewood, Darwin Miller, Kenneth Goodwin, Billy Collier, Lamar Dill, Eugene Holley .... Fifth row: James Chastain, Har- old Morgan, Tommy Turner, Billy Phillips, Perry Bethea, Grady Bannister, Junior Eros, Douglas Berg, Louis Maier, James Helton, Stokeley Taylor, Kenneth Triplett .... Sixth row: Fred Landt, Kennon Ferguson, Tommy Jordan, Roy Snider, Ray McMinn, Thomas Paine, Colon Atkinson, Jack Roberts, Leroy Chandler .... Seventh row: Richard Mayes, Jesse Clark, Joe M. Jemison, Frank Harvey, Homer McNaron, Altred Kellebrew, George Bryant, Guy Cheatham. 1943 owe QZQJJ 1 1 1 24- ions' OFFICERS HUGH LANEY . . . . . . President ED WHITE . . . Vice-President SlON GLAZNER . . Secretary ELOISE TOLLESON . . Treasurer as iw rvgift . '1 Ann Brummel, Jeanette Love, Margaret Ann Douglas, Helen Dill, Eloise Tolleson, Betty Bohannon, Jane Barker, Lucy Whiteside, Babe Hebson, Mary Jane Hudson, Nelle Sellers, Grace Thompson .... Second row: Margie Dye, Reba Hughes, Betty Stovall, Catherine Barr, Maxine Quinn, Evelyn Fordham, Edith Knowlton, June Davis, Katherine Sticlcney, Elinor Neal, Mary Alice Scoggins, Mary Frances Shultz. . . Third row: Mary Sue Ellenburg, Marjorie Stolz, Florence Rhodes, Betty Jean Howell, Johnnie Sproull, Norma Johnson, Racine Carter, Annie Gibson, Sara Cass, Jeanne' Boullemet, Raymond Reynolds, Franlc Haynes .... Fourth row: Lucille Poole, Marilyn Moore, Flor- ence Walcely, Gladys Phillips, Jean Hutchinson, Lurlene Mitchum, Sue Ellen Ponder, Peck Mallory, Neal Selt, Edward Lindsay .... Fifth row:. Eugene Vann, Ruby Roberts, La Nelle Clark, Christine Crumpton, Helen Dean, Alice Richardson, Howard Weath- ers, Ted Mullins, Tommy Nunnelly, Edwin Raytield .... Sixth row: Ray Merritt, James Pitts, Paul Reyon, Hoyt Curlee .... Seventh row: Ed White, Wilbur Tolleson, Charles Moore, Earle Rahrer, Fred Williams, Billy Seale, David S ' tanyy, Falph Morris, Perry Myer. , I 381 Al K Q i .x l W K I C SGP!-ICD A L y' N '.. l ' all if ' jXlXfx ni.. l f J ,il-PL X r X' XM u. J V ri' I fl First row: Ann Broughton, Sara Beasley, Betty Kaegi, Mary Ellen Blackwood, Julia Ruth Buclc, Sara Helen Coleman, Martha Johnson, Mary Bernhard, Louise Adams, Mary Seale Browning, Audrey HiggirE7Fl:l'eTe'n'F5rsyth .... Second row: Ethelene Hanson, Pauline Holland, Patricia Brittain, Annette Evans, Katherine Jamison, Melba Fite, Alice Gadilhe, Helen Bagley, Martha Bailey, Helen Brown, Evelyn Cratt, Gladys Cain, Charlotte Keer, O. C. Miller .... Third row: Billy Harris, Norma Cunningham, Mary Carlton, Pearl Craig, Evelyn Gilbreath, Charles Houston, Joe Brown, Leroy Dut- ton, Alden Huttaker, Clarence Perley, Billy Quenelle, Robert Morgan, Jerry Crumpton. . . . Fourth row: Glenn Carson, Billy Wheeler, Bror Wahlquist, Richard Hettington, John Ledbetter, Eugene Wilson, Carson Call, Jimmy Simpson, Billy Thigpen, Butord Mathis, Clifton Wood, Martin Baughan .... Fifth row: Cloyce Brooks, Harlan Ken- nedy, Fred Creel, Jaclc Warren, Gerald Dean, Charles Fuller, CD. C. Beasley, Gerald Brown, Luke Burnett, Billy Gallagher .... Sixth row: Jack Hurt, Clarence Reid, Wal- lace Smith, Howard Posey, John Van Tassel, Jack Tunstall, Lamar Stevens, Robert Braclcney, Billy Hall, Charles Jenlcins. I Q43 me 44.4 f f 26 MCDRES A OFFICERS JXNATHAN SPRINGER . . . President R- , J. C. HENDERSON . . Vice-President M TOM COLEMA . . . . Secretary X ' MIRIAM STEELE . . Treasurer Eirst row: Barbara Bastine, Sara Jones, Mary Louise Merritt, Mary Ethel Rosenburg, J. C. Henderson, Nathan Springer, Mirian Steele, Tom Coleman, Evelyn McGee, Elizabeth Nowland, lla Dean Smith .... Second row: Anne Lloyd, Dot Ogletree, Aida McCartney, Violet Waugh, Mary Joyce Wood, Virginia Stedenteld, Kathryn Pate, XVII- lodean Vinson, Mildred Stevens, Amante Semmes, Margaret Vann .... Third row: Kathleen Siedelberg, Mary Alice Patty, Martha Smith, Sara Morrison, Frankie Shinn, Gloria McCarey, Mildred Jones, Gladys Laney, Hilda Norton, Bertha Payne, Margaret Mintz, Mary Katherine Wells, Mozelle Swann .... Fourth row: Jordan Henley, Har- rison Watson, Johnny Edwards, Charles Dye, Alex Hines, Charles Pant, Raymond McKleeby, Tommy Higgins, Billy Chastain, .Joe Blackman .... Fifth row: Lewis Snider, James Boulware, Joseph Walker, Walter Miller, Bradtord Stevens, Johnny Traywiclc, Earl Cambron, B. W. Free, Billy Phillips .... Sixth row: Joe Johnson, Robert Davis, Lamar Phillips, Charles Morton. " ' s f V .r 27 ,JL PQESH , . , , - ,- f . r W . I .I afh J ,yi .,,,f . . , , f First row: Julia Fincher, Mary Ruth Garret, Jackie Shaddix, Betty Russell, Elinor Stolz, Hope Whiteside, Reba Tolleson, Betty Deason, Dorothy Wesley, Christin Kout- las, Marian Horn .... Second row: Mary Payne Sawyer, Joan Mallory, Helen Hicks, Phyllis Stuckey, Frances Herring, Eva Jane Reese, Grace Ellen Kimbrough, Margaret Humphries, Mary Helon Hughes, Mary Louise Davenport, Martha Rhodes .... Third row: Dorothy Haynes, Mattie Katherine Martin, Pauline Phillips, Sara Jean Whitley, Loraine Driggers, Helen Roiser, Gladys Rankin, Katherine Nolan, Josephine Phillips, Agnes Reyon, Helen Trammell, Virginia Taylor .... Fourth row: Roy Burnett, Billy Reid, Stanley Chappel, Tom Taylor, Perry Brown, Johnny Green, Sammy Wycotf, Clyde Finley, Edward Aderholt, Royce Curry, James Kirby, Tom Curry, Jack Gurley. . . . Fifth row: John Earle Willis, Reginald Hines, Linder Riley, Martin Box, Robert Borden, Ted Perkins, Bill Stoney, Raymond Dale, Jack Thomas, Billy Shelton, Eugene Easterling, Jerrie Higgins, Julian Stevens .... Sixth row: Jack Allen, Howard Dicker- son, Jimmy Sanderlin, Avant Doughtry, Tommy Gardner, Hallett Brazelton, Albert Smith, Kavie Cole, Billy Richardson, George Payne, Billy Henderson, Noah Garrett, Lane Gilpin .... Seventh row: Mack Casey, Jack Dear, Hascal Dear, Charles Hayes, Roy Ford, Arthur Fred Gates, Lee Gilpin, Herman Watson. 152413 one Qian f f D9 i MEN it OFFICERS DOROTHY WESLEY . . . President BETTY DEASON . . Vice-President REBA TOLLESON . . Secretary HOPE WHITESIDE . . Treasurer First row: Katherine Louie, Margaret Brown, Pearl Hicks, Frances Taylor, Clarice Reeves, Margaret LeFoy, Opal Brown, Mary Goodwin Arberry, Rita Goodwin, Bobbie Jane Henson, Marian Ruchman, Betty Ann Lane, Eleanor McDowell, Alice Nell Kil- gore .... Second row: Mary Brown, Betty Jo Gilpin, Dorothy John Keller, Helen Jesperson, Evelyn King, Marilyn Kangelos, Annie Lee Harris, Pat Hetlerman, Autense Johnson, Marion Clarke, Rosa Lee Cochrane, Beverly Jones, Ann Johnson, Bonnie Lee Phillips .... Third row: Mildred Ballenger, Corine Truett, Imogene Champion, Frances Campbell, Martha Chappel, Frances Gamel, Lavella Ezell, Katherine Hamilton, Flora Beal, Betty Jo Kennedy, Leah Layman, Anne Magadieu, Bobby Bagley .... Fourth row: Margaret Roberts, Joan Murphy, Dorothy Harris, Sara F. Jordan, Mary Creen, Allene Crew, Mary G. Jones, Margaret Kilgore, Betty Jo McCarty, Julia Mae Tipton, Geraldine Tipton, Lila Huger, Dorothy French .... Fifth row: W. C. Herndon, George Nicopoulas, Frank Owen, Leon Harrison, Raymond Lindsay, Joe Howard, Robert Lusk, Silvan New .... Sixth row: Horace Murphree, Norris Hicks, Louis James, Thomas Hampson, Edwin Haywood, George Prince, John Hollingsworth, Jimmy Moore. if ,. be ff", "'-A.5,fTTz1" 5 A '-L. 5 K 7 1 ' 'rf .4 'H 29 r di 'C aa tv.. YJJ 'aff 9 W Cm JB .w,.-Q: I First row: Catherine Heneman, Vivian Jenkins, Billy Hollingsworth, Martha Ann Hughes, Edna John- son, Mary Jo Johnston, Jerry Fulton, Lucy Cagle, Loretta Norton, Doris Dean, Ruth Haynes, Mary Ruth Fields, Mabel Louise Durrett, Joan Graham, Mary Ann Clark, Betty Jane Ferguson .... Second row: Mary Jane Owen, Sara Kate Morton, Nonagene Morrow, Beverly Nichols, Ollie Gaines, Betty Ruth Graham, Sara Lou Hanson, Betty Ann Hopenstall, Alpha McDonald, Catherine Messer, Eliza- beth Wilson .... Third row: Frank Hilley, Hazel Henly, Jean Watson, Wynemia Greggs, Gladys New, Margaret Martin, Frankie Mae Battle, Jean Hinnant, Juanita Rosenburg, Pauline Mundy, Eloise Prince, Mildred Freeman, Frances Hewitt, Nancy Nichols, Charlotte Reeves .... Fourth row: Sherwood Tidman, Jerome Kilgore, Earl Hammer, James Hillary, Eugene Hicks, Lewis Gray, Edward Haslam, Leo Murphy, Ronald McCarley, Earl Mayes, John Franklin Morgan, Jimmey Grant, Homer Killebrew, Gene McClellan, Charles Adams .... Fifth row: Jimmey Edwards, Truman Pitts, Rex Miller, Eugene Kirk, Charles Day, Frank Gilman, Charles Ridgeway, Oliver Simes, Billy Sparks, Robert Lapier, Edgar Hardy, Paul Starr, Summer Long, Billy Herndon, Jerry Evans, Altred Adams, Adelbert Hall .... Sixth row: Hershell Pate, George McGaw, Leanon Fite, Dollrid Humphries, Billy Hazel, Horace Homesley, Gene Gilchrist, Roy Finley, George Hewitt, Joe Lane, Royce Mathews, Jubie Adair, Charles Rice, W H. Hicks, Charles Everett, Bobby Haynes, Donald Young, Merril Horton .... Seventh row: Louis Osbourne, George Henry. ,I I 1943 one Qrw 1 1 f ' ,4,,. Q0 Cz 0' 5' ,H 7 PRES!-IIVIEN, First row: Harold Browning, Mary Ann Mathews, Harriett Evans, Mary Frances Duke, Frances Mal- lory, Joan Wolte, Martha Jo Rutledge, Mary McCall, Oma Lee Jones, Angylene Crowe, ldell Dan- iel, Joyce Bates, Jerry Bates, Dorothy Brannen, Lillian Wood, Jacqueline Butterworth, Sara Martin, Alma Rawlings, Charles Smith .... Second row: Lelton Clark, Helen Tyson, Mary Mayes, Frances Padlock, Lucinda Quinn, Edith McCarty, Dorothy Chastain, Eleanor Bonds, Betty Cass, Martha Bridges, Joyce Smith, Jonnie Bo Carter, Elizabeth Browning, Jacqueline Liner, Charlotte Cash, Patricia Cotield, Howell Austin, Harold Ezell ..,. Third row: Joseph Warren, Walter Trammel, Sara Henderson, Sara Weathers, Myrtice Pruett, Peggy Allinder, Lillie Collins, Betty Jo Webb, Joan Smith, Ruby Parrish, Dorothy Wells, Margaret Tillison, Saralene Mize, Millie Mayes, Margaret Wilkerson, Edward Williams, Raymond Graham, Clarence Dean, John David Burgess .... Fourth row: George Dayo, Clarence Cruise, Jenny Bell Sanderlin, Mary Richardson, Imogene Owen, Louise Nelson, Mary Jo Tillery, Vera Randall, Virginia Davis, Jeanette Taylor, Eleanor Snoddy, Betty Ann Cowden, Mary Lynn Bates, Evelyn Brown, Louise Eberhart, Helen Boid, Dan Bolden, Boak Sanders .... Fifth row: Sara Frances Rust, Dorrie Smith, Juanita Starr, Birdie Lou Smith, Ellen Stiles, Florence Tate, Betty Taylor, Sara Ann McClarkin, Sybilene Nunnally, Peggy Larry, Dorothy Davis, Robert Paul Adams, Doris Laster, Harvel Carter, Dorothy Thomas, Vann Bell, Billy Tolbert, Daniel Carr, Dorothy Browning, Betty Crowe, T. G. Ford, Carolyn Kennedy, Bobby Chambers, Hubert Freeman, Joyce Poole, Luther Bevis, Joe Stewart, Gwyn Crosby, Albert Bowen, Richard Allen .... Sixth row: Bobby Stanley, Connie Summer, Tod Baker, Hugh Bailey, Fred Williams, Leamon Fite, James Crawtord, Douglas Cornelius, Bill Connell, Bronzer Davis, Joseph Songer, Leonard Gallahar, Perry Canada, Edward Bentley, Herman English. XNVV 1 1 1 1 31 QUIN First row: Preston Ervin, Mandiver Martin, Gordon Methvin, George Shelnut, Walter Fugua, Rupert Tidman, Lynn Driggers, Vernon Aclcer, Howard Ezell, John Paul Sislcey, Charles Diclcerson, Billy Ledger- wood, Tommy Watson, Joe Worsham, Roy Ray, Jimmy Feltham .... Second row: Mary Jane Spen- cer, Janette Taylor, Joan Erskine, Martin Wright, Jean Taylor, Charles Tuclc, John Vinson, Evelyn Champion, Lula Smith, Jimmy Thrash, Tudley Ward, Talmadge Burleson, Viva Sue Tillery, Jean Clarlr, Erlenc Liner, Betty Lou Waugh, Louise Sutley, Glais Moats, Margaret Ann Feazell .... Third row: Betty Hurston, Maud Woods, John Robinson, Ethelene Lindsey, Billy Summerlin, Jewel Caroll, Mari- anna Siedelberg, Trilva Tillery, Mildred Smith, Dorothy Hucldleston, Doris Ann Huclrabe, Nancy Stolz, Dorothy Smith, Ruth Terry, Marie Smith, Mary Frances Taylor, Betty Stephens, Margaret Tim- mons .... Fourth row: Ann Pullen, Jean Reyon, Jacqueline Richards, Norman Snow, Monroe Robin- ctte, Paul Silcarslci, Nona Bell Shelmit, Inez Hurst, Elizabeth White, Douglas Waugh, P. C. Wigley, Evelyn Wilcm, Joan Twillery, Leta Ann Casey .... Fitth row: Eloise Miller, Johnnie Stolz, Sara Jo Robinctte, Helen Shelton, Betty Jane Carlton, Elizabeth Pruett, Melba Ann Cecil, Joan Powers, Helen Stephens, Doris Jean Smith, Pansy Reeves, Jimmy Moore, Lewis Williams, Phyllis Seales, Ruby Williams, Billy Watson, Jeanette Whaley .... Sixth row: Melami Nolan, Pauline Moon, Patricia Emigh, Newton McKleroy, Thomas Smith, Frances Sims, Louise Eich, Violet McCartney, Virginia Mc- Kleroy, Mina Lee Marr, Hattie Long, Julia Mayne, John Mallory, John Weathers, Jerry Driver, W. R. Thomas, Charles Aclcer, Perry Mize, Durrah Watson, William McCormiclr, James Lipham .... Seventh row: James Lindsey, Gerald Watlcins, Betty Ruth Smith, Mary Lee Goscett, J. E. Nichols, Betty Dempsey, Donald Young, Ann Glenn, Richard Guertin, Agnes Denman, Eugene Doss, Billy Edmond- son, Mildred Dutton, Dorothy Garrett, Gerald Talley, Ada Lee Dutton, Edna Martin, James Stewart, Billy Waits, Mary Frances Gibson .... Eighth row: Katie Bain, Carl Gable, Frances Wesson, Juanita Fleming, Mary Tom Fain, Naomi Doss, Gerald Riplca, Edna Ford, Vernon Craft, Howard Story, Linwood Linley, Billy Millins, Luther Faullcner, Ralph Dingler. X943 one Qfaeu 1 f f 32 TARD First row: Tommy Abel, Clarence Burgess, John Boyd, Kenneth Wood, James Barker, Bobby Ashley, Charles Cambron, Charles Reese, James Reed, Herbert Bates, Elisha- Bridges, Altred Brown, Richard Box, Billy Clark, James Mullendore, Jerry Goode, Herschel Cotield, Clarence Adams .... Second row: Rhoda Beal, Dorothy Brown, Betty Braswell, Maline Harris, Paula Borden, Joan Hackney, Evelyn Harper, Margaret Boozer, Virginia Capall, Louise Baird, Ann Ladd, Mildred Crossley, Gladys Nabors, Doris Lumpkin, Vanita Dickerson, Ruby Angle, June Hewett, Connie Ann Brown, Alice Ashley, Elaine Snow .... Third row: Hoyt Potts, Mary Paige Bagley, Lucille Brown, Katie Boyd, Lynda Burrows, Jo Ann Worley, Dorothy Brown, Ann Oswalt, Joyce Patty, Margaret Perley, Pearl Parrott, Christine Nelson, Charlotte Pearson, Barbara Peek, Peggy Varn, Jane Little, Sara Darden, Florence Kent. . . Fourth row: Gray Griffith, Billy Odell, Louise Newsome, Geraldine Daniel, Juanita Moon, Elizabeth Caltee, Jo Ann Cross, Mary Ann Cunningham, Marie Clark, Mildred Clark, Susan Perkins, Dorothy Crawford, Ann Evans, Rose Gunter, Doris Bohannon, William Clark, Betty Sue Gurley, Betty Joyce Howell .... Fifth row: Lewis Armstead, Homer Dean, Charles Cratt, Fred Dethrage, James Cole, Jimmy Weatherly, Robert Corn, Andy Heath, Bobby Green, Paschal Cooper, Wilma Connell, Betty Gunter, Dan Gaither, Bob Henderson, Robert Holloway, Tommy Harrington, James Grey, Joyce Acker .... Sixth row: Charles Paschal, Eugenia Morrison, Jennie Haynes, Mary Herndon, Lonnie McLeod, Cora Nell Hayes, David Whisenant, Bobby Jones, Dean Hutchinson, Glen House, Charles Johnson, Josephine Kangelos, Julia Humphries, Darden Williams .... Seventh row: Jewel Kircus, Marie Laster, Mildred Letoy, Katherine Kennedy, Mary E. Neel, Palmer Horne, Melvin King, Charles Kilgore, Henry Cate, Betty Jones, Janice Myer, Lowndes Butler, Bobby Johnson, Erman Osborne, Robert Gilmer. 1 1 1 1 33 SNAPS wiv cond Swn9'u . I - -,I " ' Wh0'S Who S ts " 1 . 1, ,, , Our Class Sponsors. ' ,,, , Coach. wood CifizZ,:ST5,Hgf1i::f: If and Boy' 34 ,, V N"""" Fifi' uf LQ 1 ff' wi r I L' 5 I I . ,. V . ,khrr , . J if X ,,. 1' 1' 1 , I HOLLINGSWORTI-l ji, COLLINS WILLIAMS RICE WALKER CHEATHAM FITE X GRAHAM HEBSON CARR . I MURPI-l'REE 'QI A BARKER 'li' K. ,AI SANDERLIN J HAMMER VAN LAMDINGEIAM MYER EDlTCDRlAL STAFF: Virginia Perkins, James Williams, Virginia Rice, Charles Walker, Guy Cheatham, Winona Fite, Tommy Graham, Babe Hebson, Betty Carr, Lola Murphree, Jane Barker, Ernest Sanclerlin, Helen Hammer, Floye Van Lanqlingham, Perry Myer, Faye Dobbs, Jean Roebuck, Helen Wheeler, Mary F. Edwards, Ann Brummel, Marie Strong, Margaret Clarke, Johnny Orrison, Frnestine Kangerlos. BUSHNIESS STAFF: Margaret Davis, Charles Collins, Joan Mallory, Mary Bernhard, Miriam Steele, Anita Hollingsworth, Elaine Medders. 36 IQLL3 I-IGLJR GLASS , ? !v',--. 'S I'-T-TT-,Z H f kc' E I , ,J sc Q FULLER PERKINS DAYS T T MISS LUCILE FULLER . . . Sponsor VIRGINIA PERKINS . . Editor-in-Chief MARGARET DAVIS . . Business Manager As the years go by and as classmates scatter over all the tour corners ot the earth, most students tind themselves recalling more and more all the old memories ot their joys as pupils ot A. I'l. S. Old scrapboolcs are brought out, musty piles ot pictures tind their way to light, and once again the tamil- iar taces pass in review. The I-IOUR GLASS is no more than a scrap-boolc and we hope that in later years this bool: will bring back many a happy memory. The purpose ot the HOUR GLASS is to present to the students ot A. I-I. S. an intimate picture ot this school, and the lite we all lead during our school hours. We have tried to present an accurate written record ot the tour years within these walls. Cne hundred and eighty times a year each person pictured on this page endured a headache ot major or minor proportions and thatls a lot ot headaches. But to put betore the school the year's conglomeration ot activities, humor, art, tiction, an sports that make up the I-IOUR GLASS required the use ot a lot ot extra ergs. 07,4,,,Q, ML T Doses WHEELER BRUMMEL ERNHl RD5 ,-.Nh ' CLARKE KANGERLOS ROEBUCK EDWARDS STRONG STEELE in MEDDERS MALLORY ' If n , xg- 1 :ms-il xxs .- x MM-Vs Nl at "' ' p H OFFICERS rr, 5 l VIRGINIA RICE . . . . President ' JO McCARTNEY . . Vice President EVELYN FORDI-IAM . . Secretary Treasurer QQ, MR. MYER . . . . . . Sponsor If VI.- Las-sw STUDENT COUNCIL Piclr up that paperl Don't run down the hall! Show the real school spirit ot loyalty and cooperationl This is how we lcnow our Student Council. Seriously spealring, they are our own brain children ot Anniston I-ligh School. They help settle many ot the problems that arise in a normal day in this great institution ot supposedly higher learning. They also elect many ot the high school otticers tor the year. The Student Council sponsors many drives and activities that are tor the betterment ot the school, such as, the controlling ot trattic in the halls, the training tor I-ligh School Victory Corps, and many other such things. We praise our Student Council because they have worked t ithtully with the ta ul and have contributed muoh to thefprogress rot our school fx A ' Ihr 1 yLy'.r1AL, .ci I, u J - V M s First row: Helen Dill, Mary G. Arbery, Jo McCartney, Virginia Rice, Evelyn Fordham, Autcnse Johnson, Frances I-lewett .... Second row: Mary Louise Merritt, Doris Morrison, Audrey I-liggins, Sara l-Ielrgn Coleman, Mary Ethel Rosenberg, Betty Stovall, .lulia Mae Tipton, June Watson .... Third row: Betty Deason, Eleanor McDowell, Eleanor Banlcs, Catherine Nolen, Ruth Newman, Lucinda Quinn, Betty Cass, Betty Crowe, Allene Clarlr, Kathleen Siedelberg .... Fourth row: Mr, Myer, Kenny Goodwin, Alan Worsham, Jimmy Sanderlin, Lola Murphree, Dorothy Wesley, Hazel I-lenlcy, Roy Ford .... Fifth row: Jaclc King, Douglas Cornelius, Marcel I-Iarris, Tommy Jordan, Eugene Evans, Lamar Phillips, Homer Killebrew. 38 W iN NATIQNALii'i'I?I,QNQR SOCIETY K' Ymf .9 JIWTL OFFICERS MARIE STRONG, CHARLES COLLINS . . . MARY F. EDWARDS, AUDREY GOLIGHTLY . VIRGINIA PERKINS, ADDIE L. PARRIS . . MRS. BRUMMEL . FRANK BUTLER CHARLES COLLINS MARY FRANCES EDWARDS VIRGINIA PERKINS VIRGINIA RICE DOROTHY HEATHCOCK MARGARET DAVIS SARA FAYE BAKER ' ANNE WARD LOLA MURPHREE W . MEMBERS MARIE STRONG SHIRLEY RICE AUDREY GOLIGHTLY JO MCCARTNEY ADDIE LOU PARRIS SPRING INDUCTION JOHN WILLIAMS ALICE WALKER STICKNEY ANN BRUMMEL FRED WILLIAMS NELLE SELLERS 39 . Vice- Presidents Presidents . Secretaries FLOYE VAN LANDIN MYRON SNODDY HELEN WHEELER JAMES WILLIAMS RACHEL BRACK ALFRED KILLEBREW MILDRED KILLEBREW GUY CHEATHAM Sponsor GHAM yn. l pt l OFFICERS BILLY WlLKlNSON . . . President GEORGE BRYANT . . Vice-President FRED WILLIAMS . . Secretary EDWARD BROWN . . Treasurer ' MR. NEELY . . , sponsor ,Y 7 7 gf v' , 'tv 4 T Q BoYseHl-Y ffofsf T ' ' ' 1. r A T 1 I 1 5 Q 4 f f Q "',.- 6 ' l ti, 1 Q Q -v-A Q f I 1 Z X -s S X' "5 Q '-5 X - '16 A i Q f 3 : vw i -' C .. 'N A S The l-li-Y. Club, whose purpose is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity the highest standards of Christian character," has done much to help the unfortunate in our community. Needy families had a better Thanksgiving and sick soldiers enjoyed a merrier Christ- mas through the contributions of the l-li-Y Club. Living by their motto, these have served in many F other constructive and philan- ik, ,fthropic ways. Through the help of many in- fluential and learned speakers, the l-li-Y Club has endeavored to set examples of clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean life in our school and community. They have easily won the respect and admiration of their fellow stu- Frrst row' Fred Williarrrs, George Bryant, Billy Wilkinson .... Second row: Floyd Clark, . . fharlrts Walker ,... Third row: Billy Harrell, Leslie Edwards .... Fourth row: Howard dents and all ADnl5TOnl5D5. Wf:athf:rs, Junior Eros .... Frith row: Donald Fcltharn, T. W. Collier, Marcel l-larris, Jimmy Stanley .... Sixth row: Perry Myer, Allred Killcbrew, Mr. Neely, Charles Collins, Peck Mallory .... Seventh row: Oscar Holcombe, Harry Fleming, Tom Colernan, Joseph Walker, . . . Eighth row: loc Moran, Leslie Longshore, Earl l-larvcy, Dwight Evans ,... Ninth row: Tommy Graham, Welborn Phillips, Herbert Kerri, David Stanley .... Tenth row: Ed White, Jlnirny Williams. 40 vs? First rcw: Betty Carr, Helen Wheeler, Jane Barker, Babe Hebson. . . Second row: Marie Strong, Mary Jane F Hudson, Mary Frances Edwards, Margaret Davis, Ann Lloyd, Katherine Jamison, Edythe Knowlton.. . , . Third ' row: Mildred Killebrew, Elinor Jane Neal, Nelle Sellers, Mary Bernhard, Margaret Clarke, Miriam Steele, H len Hammer, Mary Gardner, Betty Rcaves .... Fourth row: Shirley Rice, Katherine Stickney, Aida McCartney, ,f Sja Jones, Patricia Britton, Ann Brumrnel, Annette Evans, Louise Adams, Lucy Whiteside .... Frith row: . x'Miss Ordway, Virginia Perkins, Alice Stickrrey, Ann Wilkinson, Louise Gocrdwyn, Evelyn Fordham, M rgaret Ann V . J, JW, l Douglas, Mary Jane Sittings, Martha Bailey, Barbara Power, f Q Mfrs" oints' Hi Y M' 1 L 5 cf ' .V F - .x 'TTUQ , I Q' J YIM VN' JJ .J ij e purpose ot the Girls' Hi-Y Club is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout r, J hx. f e school and community high standards ot Christian character." To put this pur- Q pose into practice has been the goal ot the members this year. Special emphasis has , xi 3 ' been placed upon war service. This war service consists ot helping at the various U. S. O. Clubs and ot being regu- lar attendants at the Red Cross Hut entertainments at Fort McClellan. The total number ot hours given in this service trom September to March was I,267. Contributions to the Red Cross and participation in school and community activi- 9 .5 3? fi'-TC ties marked the other services. OFFICERS BETTY CARR . . . President HELEN WHEELER . . Vice-President JANE BARKER . . . Secretary BABE HEBSON . . Treasurer X . 3.1, Vx Uv-sc, Su Or- fic? ' ,ff wvrw x Qf -X 1 zr. - X xf xi Xi Ii' I ,I N41 OFFICERS Diff Tommy GRAHAM .... President WILLIAM DALE . . Vice-President DANNY WEEKS . . . Secretary DWIGHT EVANS . . Treasurer COACI-I LOTT . . Sponsor A CLUB This is the "A" Club. The club was organized for athletic recognition and for the encouragement of good sportsmanship. Yes, these boys are tops in sports and sports- manship. They have earned their letters not through complacency, but through hard work and practice in football or basketball. The terrific undefeated football team won fame and glory from all the country, while the basketball team also gained its share of praise. Ol course these boys are well rounded fellows. They love their sports but never neglect other phases of life. The club often acts as host to its members and friends at various types of social affairs. You easily recognize these boys with the big "A" at all the school activities where they give their full support and enthusiasm. Even as many of them leave for the army, or navy, or marines, we feel they well deserve the familiar cry "Yea, Bull Dogs!" Left to right: Paul Reyon, Monroe Reavcs, Ed White, Peck Mallory, Charles Moore, Hugh Laney, Coach Lott, J my White, Ray McMinn, Neal Whiscnant, Hoyt Curlee, Perry Bcthea .... Center: Danny Weeks, Dwight Evans, William Dale, Tommy Graham. 42 A I First rc-wi Ernestine Kangelos, Virginia Rice, Loretta Wade, Margaret Davis, Betty Carr .... Second row: Hazel Steed, Martha Morton, Addie Rainwater, Barbara Power, Helen Wells, Virginia Smith .... Third row: Jean Roebuck, Dorothy Tate, Miss Shelton, Marilyn Moore, Virginia Perkins. LEADERS CLUB ' .I The Leaders Club has a most appropriate name because these girls are leaders in A i ' many activities at A. l'l. S. Each girl in the club is an excellent athlete and is capable I ot otticiating in class tournaments or any type ot athletic feat. ' . F ', fy ! A member ot this club must have a good record in scholarship, service, and char- ' Q ' acter, and she must have a state or school letter. The applicant must also be ap- fi im' f .Qi proved by the faculty and the club members. 5 This year the club has placed emphasis on training leaders tor the present crisis. FT! They have done much worlc to promote our national defense. These girls enjoy entertaining, too. Even in this activity the girls live up to 'their names! One needs to attend only one of their parties to see this. if YI . OFFICERS LORETTA WADE . 4 . . . President MARGARET DAVIS '. . ii il. Vice-President VIRGINIA RICE . . . Secretary BETTY CARR . . Treasurer MISS Sl-IELTON . . Sponsor 43 PERSONNEL OF TI-IE SENIOR BAND Majoreites EDYTHE KNOWLTON MARGARET ANN DOUGLAS DORIS ANN HUCABY MARY FRANCES DUKE ELEANOR McDOWELL SARA HENDERSON HARRIET EVANS MARGUERITE BORDEN Drum Majors EDWIN HAYWOOD JERRY REYNOLDS Color Guard ELIZABETH WRIGHT GLADYS WILLIAMS MARGARET DYE B Fla! Clarineis HOMER McNARON CHARLES COLLINS FLOYD CLARK FRANK BUTLER JIMMY STANLEY FRED WILLIAMS CLARENCE PERLEY DORIS INGRAM ALICE NELL KILGORE BILLIE PARKS LUTHER BEVIS BETTY NEWSOME DONALD NUNNALLY DON LASDAY LEON HARRISON fy! Y Trombones JOHN WILLIAMS EUGENE GADILHE HOMER KILLEBREW ROY MITCHELL RICHARD MAYES Ba ritones JULIAN STEPHENS FRANK HARVEY JERRY KANGELOS French Hom BILLY HARRIS Alto Horn IR EN E POTTS LOREN E POTTS Trumpefs MARCEL HARRIS ALFRED KILLEBREW JACK KING BILLY HARRELL OSCAR HOLCOM BE D1 ROBERT PRATHER TOM CURRY JACK GURLEY AGNES DENMON H. Alio Saxophones JIMMY SIMPSON EUGENE HOLLEY JO BRUCE JIMMY HINTON HERMAN WATSON BILLY WATSON BETTY RUTH MANGE Basses JOE HENDON EDWARD DISHMAN HASCHAL DEAR CARL LESLIE Bell Lyres GLADYS RANKIN FRANCES CAMPBELL Flule M I LDRED KI LLEBR,EW Piccolo ALAN WORSHAM Drums NEWTON COOK JOE MIMS JEMISON JAMES CHASTAIN JIMMY EDWARDS TOMMY ENGLAND FRED ARCHIE WILLIAMS HORACE HITCHCOCK gbxl OFFICERS CHARLES COLLINS . . . President BILLY HARRELL . . . Vice-President EDYTHE KNOWLTON . Secretary-Treiasurer L. P. JACKSON . . - . . . Sponsor vii My Wf- whoa Q THE BAND TE f T l ii X T The Student Body stands and applauds as the Anniston l-ligh School v X , T! Band marches into the Memorial Stadium. Atter the Band is seated in anim' , a rousing yell is given tor them. That is just how the students try N33 to express their gratitude and appreciation tor the Band and the color that they add at all ot our tootball games. It is the Band that rouses the cheer- ing section into a mad trenzy and cheers the team to victory. All ot this ability was not just there. It was acquired by hard work. Drilling at the tield early in the morning and atter school, practicing at night, all ot this went into the making ot this one swell group. The strength behind this mighty organiza- tion is none other than Protessor Jackson. The Band members might think that "tuss" is his middle name, but it it weren't 'tor him the band would not be what it is today. Besides playing tor tootball games, the Band played at numerous other parades and at the testivities ot ditterent holidays. We believe it is the best Band that the high school has known in many a year.'s give three cheers tor their splendid . . . , 1 Q cooperation which has resulted inaxbigysuccelsstull year! . 73 . G I4. 45 1 'Y' OFFICERS A AUDREY GOLIGHTLY . . . President FLOYE VAN LANDINGHAM . Vice-President ADDIE LOU PARRIS .... Secretary SARA FAYE BAKER . . Treasurer s .S CCDl'llVll2l2ClAl. CLUB Business, business and more business! Well, you lcnow the old saying, "Business betore pleasure." Yep, you guessed it. lt's the Commercial Club, all right. Their aim is to promote a better understanding ot the business world and to create a teeling ot unity among commercial students. The programs are interesting and at the same time instructive. Often prominent business men and women give them usetul suggestions on busin ss problems. But not all ot their time is spent on serious matters-once in a while program is devoted to enjoyable nonsense. Their annual social topped otl an excel nt school year. U Q J' First row: Sara Faye Baker, Allene Scarbrough, Floye Van Landin ham, Addie Lou Parris, Audrey Golightly, Ozcll Connell, Aimee Hobbs, Mrs. Hill .... Second row: Mary Scale Browning, Anita Hollingsworth, Willodean Campbell, Frances Newrnan, Lola Murphee, Eleanor Banks, Jeanne Boullemett .... Third row: T. W. Collier, Lucille Poolc, Gladys Williams, Jean Hutchinson, Helen Papadakis, Maxine Quinn, Hazel Laney, Wilkes Rob- inson .... Fourth row: Sara Cass, Doris Payne, Eleanor Johnson, Dorothy l-leathcock, Gladys Phillips, Helen Thomas. . . Filth row: Junc Davis, Lurlcne Mitchum, Maxine Sewell, Hclcn Dean, Alicc Richardson, Marilyn Moore, Florence Wakelcy. 4-6 xi l K J f First row: Betty Coleman, Willie Mae Lipsey, Julia Lewis, Louise Bowen, Sara Frances Thomas, Florence Watts, Frances Brown, Pearl Dean .... Second row: Claude Dethrage, Marie Chastine, Magdalene Haynes, Doris Whitley, Dorothy Privette, Louis Bowen, Jimmy Bridges .... Third row: James Martin, William Daniel, Gilbert Sanders, George Fair, Howard Dempsey, Billy Phillips, Jimmy Cardwell .... Fourth rcrw: Roy Snider, Floyd Adams, Carl McDill, Bernard Hinds, Clittord Helton, Eldridge Bilbreath, Eugene Evans, James Pitts .... Fifth row: Miss Dunn, Larry Holland, Kenneth Triplctt, Stokley Taylor, Mr. Ferguson. . .CLUB These are the luclry onesl Just thinlc, they don't have to go to school in the atter- noons while we slave away with our books. And another thing, they don't have to malce boolc reports. Ain't it wondertul? Seriously spealcing, the diversified occupation course prepares students tor their jobs in such a way that they can meet the public with ease and courtesy. When graduation rolls around, these are the ones with jobs waiting tor them. l l oFFicERs i JIMMY BRIDGES . . President JOE HENLEY . . . Vice-President FLORENCE WATTS . Secretary-Treasurer MISS DUNN, MR. FERGUSON . Sponsors 47 OFFICERS PIERIAN CLUB l-lere are our "literary high-brows"l The Pierian Club tries to live its slogan, "Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring." This year their studies included China, several Boolc ot the Month Clubs, and outstanding modern authors. The Club has also been very active in detense worlc. Again this year, the students ot A. I-I. S. are looking torward to the Pierian Club dance Xhich has grown to be an annual atfair a cises in May. f X J WA CX, First row: Marie Strong, Jane Barker, Ann Brumrncl, Mary Frances Edwards .... Second row: Shirley Rice, Margaret Davis, May Jane l-ludsorr, BabeAHcbson, Nelle Sellers, Louise Adams .... Third row: Betty Carr, Ann Lloyd, Sara Jones, Mirrarn Steele, Elinor Jane Neal, Margaret Clarke, Margaret Anne Douglas .... Fourth ow: Helen Whcclcr, Ann Wilkinson, Alice Stickney, Betty Reaves, Miss lngram, Lucy Whiteside, Mary Gardner. 48 MARIE STRONG .... President JANE BARKER S- fx' .-s . Nice President ANN BRUMMEL se!! .... Secretary KX, MARY FRANCES EDWARDS . Treasurer I I First row: Mixine Quinn, Addic Lou Parris, Eleanor Banks, lo McCartney, Allene Scarborough, Betty Stovall, Catherine Barr, Hazel Laney .... Second row: Helen Papadakis, Mary Alice Robinette, Rose Edith Hall, Audrey Golightly, Virginia Rice, Elizabeth Francis, Anita Hollingsworth, Jean Barber, Floye Van Landing- ham .... Third row: Ruby Riley, Earnestine Karrgelos, Reba Hughes, Eloise Tolleson, Loretta Wade, Helen Thomas, Alledia Campbell, Bertha Payne .... Fourth row: Sara Faye Baker, Rachel Braclc, Virginia Mayfield, Mary Sue Ellenburg, Gladys Phillips, Dorothy Heathcock, Florence Wakeley, Mrs. Huger. Home Economics ctu The Home Economics Club is interested in maintaining high standards tor home lite and the members definitely believe their motto, "As our girlhood is, so shall our womanhood be." The members ot the club are selected trom Home Economies stu-- dents or tormer Home Economics students. Graduates are eligible tor honorary membership. These girls have done much tor national detense. They do their part in Red Cross worlc and in salvaging necessary materials. You should try the sweetless or meatless meals they have learned to prepare. They are learning much that helps in their charm and personality, too. Yes, these are our most eligible homemalcers ot tomorrow! B OFFICERS ADDIE LOU PARRIS . . President ELEANOR BANKS . . Vice-President JO MCCARTNEY . . Secretary-Treasurer MRS. HUGER . Sponsor 1' .. Tir sr.. I oFFicERs JIMMY STANLEY . . . . President ALLAN WORSHAM . . . Vice-President FRED WILLIAMS . . Secretary-Treasurer O 1 ?Zy E in LYIQE CLUB Lyre Club! Be caretul how you spell the name because these are "honest-to-good ness musicians!" This club contributes much to the school spirit by giving us pep and entertainment, Yes, they put rhythm in your bones and chase away your bluesl To become a member ot the Lyre Club, one must have completed or be completing the ninth grade, have been in the band a year, be passing in three out ot tour sub- jects, and must have been present at all band concerts and parades. The big entertainment ot the year is the initiation ot the "rats". At this social everyone has a good time except the ratsl . w , Alnfi 1 , C-I . A V, N - 1 ' 'V ,n A , l .1 A fr. I I First row: John Wlliams, Alfred Killebrew, Eugene Holly, Calvin Mallory, Robert Prather, Wilkes Robinson, Jimmy Simpson, Frank Harvey, Horner McNaLon, Oscar Holcombe, Eugene Cooper, Alan Worsham, Jimmy Stanley, Jack King .... Second row: Marcel Harris, Billy Harris, Joe Jemison, Carl Leslie, Billy Harrell, Floyd Clark, Newton Cook, Jimmy Hinton, Fred Williarns, Charles Colliris, Mr. Jackson. 50 First row: Babe Hebson, Nelle Sellers, Ann Brummel, Margaret Clarlce, Sara Jones, Mary Goodman Arbery, Louise Adams .... Second row: Marguerite Borden, Rachel Brack, Mary Frances Edwards, Mary Bernhard, Martha Bailey, Joan Brownstone, Jean Dishrnan .... Third row: Catherine Barr, Evelyn Fordham, Mildred Hughes, Mildred Killebrew, Mrs. Hudson .... Fourth row: Charles Walker, Floyd Clark, Fred Williams, Alfred Killebrew. ef 1 ETLJDE ctua rfmg Qi fw- The membership ot the Etude Club is composed ot those who enjoy hearing good music or who desire to develop their talent in music. Some ot them sing, some play, and together they produce excellent programs. Usually at the meetings the best classical melodies can be heard, given either by K y some ot the members or by a guest artist. Occasionally some ot the musicians have ' an urge to swing out and the school is startled at the "Boogie Woogie" issuing trom Room 307. ' Under the sponsorship ot Mrs. l-ludson this group ol musicians has grown and enjoyed another very successful year. mu :iq OFFICERS MARGARET CLARKE . . . President at ANN BRUMMEL .... Vice-President SARA JONES . . Secretary-Treasurer MRS. HUDSON . . . . Sponsor all ,QW OFFICERS ELIEANOR McDOWELL . . . President LOLA MURPI-IREE . . Vice-President RAYMOND DALE . . Secretary-Treasurer MRS. KING, M S SIMMONS . Sponsors Q Jursiion neotcnoss An organization which probably does more good than any other one group in this country is the American Red Cross. I-lere in our loligh School we have a small portion ot that huge organization in our Junior Red Cross membership. Our work centers around the council plan with a rep- resentative trom each home room. The members have entered with much enthusiasm into local, national and international activities. Among the varied Junior Red Cross activities this year, Juniors have sponsored sal- vage drives, raised tunds to alleviate the suttering children ot allied nations, sent gitt boxes abroad at Christmas time, made gitts tor blind children in state blind schools, made garments and requested articles tor hospitalized men ot the armed torces and tavors tor bedside trays. The services the Junior Red Cross renders cannot be enumerated, but through this National Weltare Organization youth realizes the need ot working toward a great goal. That goal is Service! As members it is our desire to serve cheertully and patiently. First row: Elaine Medders, Margaret Brown, Elinor McDowell, Raymond Dale, Lola Murphee, Rose Edith Hall, Edna Johnson ,... Second row: Louise Eberhart, Elizabeth Kircus, Virlet Reeves, Anne Johnson, Joan Brownstone, Pauline Phillips, Mary Helen Hughes, Lucendia Quinn. . . . Third row: Elizabeth Francis, June Davis, Jean Dishrnan, Willodean Campbell, Joyce Glass, Martha Morton, Anne Wilkinson, Jeanette Taylor ..., Fourth row: Miss Simmons, Pat Coficld, Harry Fleming, Billy Collier, Bobby Haynes, Bertha Payne, . . . Fifth row: Julian Stevens, Tommy Curry, Lamar Phillips, Richard Mayes, Luther Davis, Mrs. King. 52 R lsr, First row: Johnny Edwards, Emmett Weaver, Joe Bro-wn, Tommy Turner, Fred Creel .,.. Second row: Jack Roberts, Jesse Clark, Richard Hctfingtcin, Ross Brackncy .... Third row: Mr. Neely, Jimmy Williams, Torn Cole- man. , . . Fourth row: Ed Rayficld, Joel Sherer. DEBATING CLUB We take the atiirmative tor the Debating Clubl Perhaps no other club in school has done so much to train students in public speaking as this club. The debates which are given at the regular club meetings are instructive as well as entertaining. Although this club was organized only last year, its membership and enthusiasm have greatly increased. lt has been rumored that an Army haircut is required tor membership, but we doubt that the arguments ever become so heated as to result in hair pulling. We do wonder why the members are all boysl The Debating Club is looking torward to participation in the annual state contests which are to be held in Tuscaloosa this spring. We are anticipating a victory tor them. R., " N, .f vt ii OFFICERS ROSS BRACKNEY . . . President MYRON SNODDY . . . Vice-President TOM COLEMAN . . Secretary-Treasurer MRNEELY . . . . . Sponsor ,J 'luv F. MARi-RJJ 5'hAfSwv GLEE CLUB I fx fx Q 5 3 .1 l Y ,Yi First row: Floye Van Landingham, Evelyn Fordham, Charles Wallcer, Betty Carr, Miss Lewis .... Sigcond row: Frances Watson, Gladys Williams, Miriam Steele, Mary Goodman Arbery, Margaret Clarlri-, Betty Stovall .... Third row: Jeanne Boullemet, Marguerite Borden, Joan Brownstone, Ann Brurnmel, Catherine Barr, Martha Johnson, Helen Papadalcis .... Fourth row: Elinor Neal, Sara Faye Balrwr, Mildred Killebrcw, Lola Murphee, Rose Edith l-lall, Jean l-luehinson .... Fitth row: Ross Braelcney, Jael: Tunstall, Edythe Knowlton, Rachel Braclr, Jerry Reynolds, Richard Waugh. First row: Louise Mitchum, Jimmy Lou Thompson, Lurleen Mitchum, Willodcan Campbell, Anita Hollingsworth, Winona Fite .... Second row: Tommy Turner, John Van Tassel, Alline Crump, Miss Foshce, Maryland Kangelos, Frnestinc Kangclos, Jean Dishman, Frank Butler. ART l CLUB gl ,, by ,,, C225 , if Cllfv ,JW , f-ff' 'sl L" 4ElI 14 1 5-1' THUMBS up y CLUB 1 , ll- 'fi 9 K 1 hh Ilg-Q! Al. .ir X ,H r e yen Adil W PE 1 llsf l ly L i' gkl, ' 2- 'sg- c.' E yf . ,Ll 1 1 l ' A First row: Marie Sirong, Margaret Clarke, Mary Bernhard, Alice Stickney, Mary Frances Edwards, Shirley Rice, Faye Dobbs, Louise Goodwyn .... Second row: Lorena Ballad, Virginia Perkins, Mary Jane Gittings, Joyce Glass, Ann Ward, Dorothy Tate .... Third row: Betty Carr, Ann Wilkinson, Mr. Self, Barbara Power, Sara Helen Bates. ,- 'ii ' 1 - . 1 - Left to right: Tornrny Jordon, Ed White, Joe Moran, Billy Wilkinson, Oscar l-lolcornbe, Rob- erl: Jones, Mr. Myer, Leslie Longshore, Welborn Phillips. ...ui 'USI-IERS CLUB x wg fl y rf" l V ' 4. .L I wx: J 55 O.l""' 2. F x ' l X' . lr!- 1 ' I ff I J! P17 k,V1lWiwJ" L SCl2IBBLEI2'S CLUB r-js?-1 ,- ?-a -:hir First row: Sara Faye Baker, Eleanor Banks, Newton Cook, Jean Barber, Dot l-leathcock .... Second lq j -Z 'BRT row: Addie Lou Parris, Jo McCartney, Ozell Connell, Mrs. l-lorn .... Third row: Betty Jean How- J L? ren, Allene Scarbrough, Gladys Phillips, Tommy Higgins, Frank Butler. x,. rr-- PEN-A-PAL CLUB W First row: Sara Jones, Margaret Clarke, Mary Bernhard, Ann Brumrnel, Evelyn Fordham .... Second row: Margaret Davis, Dot Ogletree, Ann Lloyd, Martha Bailey, Eloise Tolleson, Reba Tolleson. Third row: Jo McCartney, Mary Sue Ellenberg, Nelle Sellers, Katherine Barr, Maxine Quinn, Rachel Brack .... Fourth row: Mildred Killebrew, Babe l-lebsori, Jane Barker, Mrs. Banks. i X. X mxxyxyl 56 f5""' 3? iii ii: f -lg . ,A - ' im. -:f- .,:-- - F 3 ii , -. , I 1' L Q- - :gk 1 s r- . ' X V i 1 . , . X . 5' : ry a ' Y - L I X1 ,W ' J SCIENCE CLUB First row: Ray McMinn, Nathan Springer, Guy Cheatham, Frank Butler .... Second row: Miss Massey, Mary Jane Hudson, Margaret Davis, Jean Barber, Jane Barker .... Third row: Harry Flem- ing, Jo McCartney, Evelyn Fordharn, Charles Walker .... Fourth rcw: Perry Myer, Fred Bryant, Joe Walker. A I X First row: Lorena Ballad Hazel Steed, Ernestine Kangelos, Virginia Smith, Martha Morton, Jean Roebuck .... Seeo d.low:5Addie Rainwater, Reba Hughes, Rosa Lee Taylor, Harriet Lacy, Alledia Champbell, Jo lvclgdrtmqy, Marilyn Moore. . Third row: Dorothy Tate, Miss Shelton, Barbara N ' Power, Gladys Williams, Helen Wells, Doris Miller. 57 S PORTS CLUB -4f 'rch ' J FW W Dfw 9 'T bi if L9 '24 - X ix Can I go, too? Scouts in the War Bond Parade. SNAPS Crowlned at last! Spring iraining. n k Ex t " Roofing and iooiing l" wi g K .W .KM , ' ,kkk fr kv -kL- gg E - A " 'L .,-' Q is J f K ax gh Q 5 fe w1 wS , .gSM5QfWwHASf XW . - .L.. My X h , ' L J A,,L ' , . - l . A , vkkk g K kk , Sk, 3 ml Amwil W .aw ,Y is , q T Q 1:.VL Mr! W W is W. iv' gk X gf w?kWF,lQ Arif 'Q 'E IICDCDT COACH LOTT COACH COUCH ffl i 1: -f5EiEiE5E32i:435 i. .. ' 3 lawn MW ,J First row: Franlc O'Bricn, Bcrmy Rcavcs. . , . Second row: Ray McMinn, Peck Mallory, Perry Bctlica, Hugh Laney, Sic-n Glazncr, Ed White, Danny Weeks, William 60 it K' a BALI. CAPT, REAVES ALT. CAPT. O'BRIEN l l egg? .nj . ,L x, xfyi- . jgerxwmk VFW ,. - ,A Q 1 ' 'Fi F 'lax if uiM":f'..- Dale .... Third row: Dwlglwt Evans, Sam Stewart, Jamcs Hicks, Tommy Graham, Hoyt Curlcc, Morrroc Rltavcs, Wilbur Tolleson, Bud Bradley, Charles Moore, Paul Rayon. 61 Managers WHISENANT, SPRINGER .il 1 W GRAHAM HICKS LANEY TI-IE SEASON IN REVIEW Anniston l-li's tootball team ot '42 opened the season with extremely strong opposition. They came through with only one blemish on the slate-the inevitable tie with Gadsden in the season's final. The Bulldogs were especially proud ot their victories over Knoxville, Emma Sansom, and Ramsey. All of these rivals defeated the '4I team. The outstanding feature ot the season was their teamwork, all carrying out the duties tor the good of the team. This spirit made a great team ot tine boys. The briet summary ot each game, which tollows illustrates the reason tor our pride and tor their name-"Anniston's Greatest Team." UNDEFEATED SEASON! Anniston Visitors Anniston 48-Alexandria . Anniston 7-Bessemer . Anniston 52-Oxford . . Anniston I3-Emma Sansom Anniston I4-Tuscaloosa . Anniston I4-Knoxville Anniston 2I-Ramsey . Anniston 7-Gadsden . BETHEA MALLORY MCMINN MOORE M REAVES ANNISTON 48-ALEXANDRIA IZ. This tirst game served to shalce down the relatively green team into a well moulded fighting unit. Although the score was onevsided the game was very hard fought throughout and the time teamwork ot the Bulldogs provided the margin ot victory. ANNISTON 7-BESSEMER 0. Anniston journeyed to Bessemer tor this one and brought home the decision that was in doubt until the tinal whistle. Again the game was without individual stars, every man on the squad turning in a top-notch performance. ANNISTON 52-OXFORD O. The game, at Memorial Stadium, was a rout from the start. The Bulldogs controlled the game every step ot the way and although the Yellow Jaclcets were game, they never threatened. Scramble! ANNISTON I3-EMMA SANSOM I2 This home game, described by many tans as the most thrilling game they have ever seen in any class ot tootball, gave the Bulldogs revenge tor the I94I defeat. Both teams played all-out from start to tinish and again the teamwork ot the locals provided the margin ot victory. ANNISTON 14-TUSCALOOSA O Tuscaloosa was host to the Bulldogs tor this one losing game atter putting up one ot their best games ot the year. As usual Anniston would not be denied, adding their titth victory to the string. ANNISTON I4-KNOXVILLE 6 The locals were doped as underdogs in this game, but when the smoke had cleared away they had gained revenge tor the I94I defeat. The halt ended with the score 7 to 6, Bulldogs favored. With the outcome very much in doubt, the strong Central l-ligh squad seemed to get stronger as the game progressed. ln the second halt Anniston unleashed a quick-scoring thrust and then bat- tered the trantic Knoxvillites into submission, and dominated the game in their greatest exhibition ot the year. ANNISTON 2 I-RAMSEY O This game, at home, was another revenge victory tor the locals. The Ramsey team pointed tor this one as their Coach was tormerly a player rival at Oxtordg nevertheless, the Bulldogs dominated the game, atter a slow start, and won easily. ANNISTON 7-GADSDEN 7 Two ot the best teams in the state, according to many witnesses, played this game at Murphy Stadium, in Gadsden. Gadsden scored first but was immediately matched by an Anniston tally. The game then developed into a middle-of-the-tield match until with seconds to play and Anniston crowding the Gadsden goal, a Tiger gathered in a loose ball and galloped 75 yards to reverse the threat. The Bulldogs then put up a rock-like stand to hold their opponents, ending the game in the usual tie. tug. First Team. 64 BASKETBALL I 5 E CURLEE GRAHAM MOORE BRYANT A. H. S. They 28-I-Ieflin . I6 I2-I'IeIIin . . I4 38-Alexandria . 22 26-GIencoe . - I7 28,-Glencoe . . 24 I3-Jacksonville . . I5 28-JacksonviIIe . . . I4 25-Emma Sansom . . 2I 8-Oxford . . . 22 I I-Alexandria . I6 2 I-Oxford . . 23 SIXTH DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 35-Mellow VaIIey ...... 22 30-Gadsden . . . . IO I7-Glencoe . . . 26 35-Sylacauga . I2 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 24-Alexandria ....... 8 25-Piedmont . 2I P ITTS 65 . 1 BETHEA WEBB WHITE JORDAN at row, Icft to wghtz Wmtc, Graham, Jordan, Bcthca. . . . Second row: Weaver, Curlcc, Moorc, Bryant, Wcbb. TENNIS I 5 I :.ffQjf,g5fgffg1e?,',3Qqif, J W y L , . , A - f- k MH, f ix Left to right: Pcck Mallory, Lcslic Longshorc, Tommy Graham. 66 C505 WL 0. afzx ' SNAPS ,f' Our Royalty. 'Toofhpasie ad!" we Y' ack A00 h in Y 3 3,0 Pl-IYSICAI. FITNESS WH Hmm Pyramid. f QHYTHMS ARCHEQY rf- - . BASKETBALL if l If P ,:' vwf 1? - ' v I ffzf l M 4. f T Y, J 'r'l1r ! QS Qm54fQfS,V1 4'W2 ' y 1, '34 iw ' ff ' - Nl!! L' Ill X14 vf IL! f me U J vu. 1 ' . U, S K- PX Nl' 9x -'if' 70 VQLLEYBALL . A., 1 A SGFTBALL C6QWW,, 7 NDIVIDU Top fo Boifom: P Ill!! Top fo Botiom: ING PONG HORSESHOES cARRoMs SHUFFLE BOARD BADMWTON CROQUET GAMES Top 'co Botfom: CARROMS SH U FFLE BOARD DARTS Top to Bottom PING PONG CHECKERS BADMINTON Cl-IEEIQLEADERS VL! ' 'Nl' lv N . Left to right: Betty Carr, Floyd Clarlr, Helen Wheeler, Billy Wilkinson, Margaref Davis, Carl Leslie, Ann Brummel. LLL 1 ,xg JM N l K if ,U-f 74 mmf 's Waff BEAUTIFUL SQUROY ca MARX? SWON Junior LUCY WHITESIDE S phomom O LACNOOD M My ELLEN B Freshman REBA TGLLESON 76 XMM I-IANDSCDME Senior JU . nz DANNY WEEKS PERR5! Bor Freshmen Sophomofe ALBERT SMITH Tom COLEMAN 77 WI-ICD'S WIIG mf... . 1 , .fi I X, Eriendliest Couple MARY FRANCES EDWARDS CARL LESLIE IXII, I Q Couple With Most Personality I-IELEN WI-IEELER-BILLY WILKINSON lifflhll LV. J . ' . n,- I J ' E . I Q ' l,' ' ' ,n I . ' N , . . v 5 V v V L Most Popular Couple BETTY CARR-FLOYD CLARK .III I AI. vmx-. 3 A " SWR Most Athletic Couple MARGARET DAVIS-TOMMY GRAHAM .Ig Mufm ,Ui -A , ,-vi, Y qv g ' Most Representative Couple VIRGINIA RICE-ROSS BRACKNEY Sweetest Girl and Nicest Boy ANN BRUMMEL-JIMMY STANLEY Best-Dressecl Couple Cutest Couple NELLE SELLERS-WARREN PARKER BABE I-IEBSON-LESLIE EDWARDS IMarinesI 79 WUC KING HARRY FLEMING WZ Eg- - ESV af' ggi? ., -A WN E L U + E , f fi 5 1, ' XS V gf J i -g 5 v, Q L ' f xi i A W I hx 1 Q . .X I 4 I? 80 J. . Sify ,e QUEEN 81 X X ' 1 ll N ALMA MATEIQ A. H. S., dear Alma Mater, Listen while we sing, To thy teet with deep devotion, Gratetul love we bring. Chorus Steadtast, loyal, ever true, Through all the years to be, Thus we sing our hearts' allegiance A. H. S. to thee. Though our paths ot lite may sever Though we wander tar, Still our hearts are turning ever Where dear memories are. SARA HENDERSON HAY 82 .A ,V f wi xvfxlwglyg Y L ' 3,--'ruff-.v X X X W ,.-f. it , 5:3 ag? 5, 1 9 , K , A A . , '- , ' ' -1, -. ,:,. - . M. ,V V, R -A .xi , 2,5Z17.:!:,f' mfg '-, i- ' '- '. Q.. ,?i.3,,, Y' if-3, 'gh' ' ' 4,3-. f gg. v '- ,fi Q K-ig! . ' 2. 7, 7."g..zLf,-'T-f 1,3 ,ic 3-K zH.yf,a . fl '.,-A 4:-K' v ' gf' 1 1 , L , . 1 . 1. x N 1 w f W 1 22? si S SS? S 'Q Sz as S E223 am X 1' :v-1- 2.'E2Z5E:: - 15'-,1 +mr,wiwz5i.SA.-:?iES.ICsS6ks'2im22,'EN-w'SfiEfXAmQXS'iF'YEEBx-SRKf3fK33K Nw fi? . , . .- 11- -. 'Le 1.1551 1 1 1 . 1 rg ,.,5-'V five :1'I':E1' 111, ' . :15Z.?:11"'- 1 1 MU , S, f 5152121.11 H ,,... , 4 it ,.v. 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K ,Q E 5 1? . if f 5 9 f 1 4 J , Q , ,Q f S , 'ff , Q 'fu 5 ' 5 ' ig Q2 , ' kg ff 15 if 0 3 5 E f 111?3fff f f 2 3 2 4 7 QW :ma ' QW ' 52 ' 2 f Wd ' '. f -"!, .... A L i gg S ,:. 3A21':--'pgfgxl 1.5 '1 Z 5 'f:':"'f- I '13'f:f."".1I'1Q:' 'aff -' 5' 3 cf' f' .1 .,-- 1. ,,. 0211. 123. I V1 E Q Mg:-'- "' zr'--saw . 58,1 , 1, is . ,PNK - lf, 4 JA 5 ff. ,Q Q if 3 f 55 F' , 'f J 3 5 X? 9 "y i xi ,gi 1 Q f if y ,M 1. 1n.....1,1,11:'1,,., 11-X-M, - - 4 5, Dy yf 1,1 ff ' M2 my Q . if 2 , i gp ff 1 z f fi 4' fs g Sn 7 ,gm ' E Q8 'Q ,fl gg, 9 7 E Q3 gm' 4 sv .,. X 1 41 4 4 Q D iw Q r N 3 3' Q W ff 4 f -K Q 7 ' W ff -f 4 we 9 ,gf 1 KM V KI hz ,-,1. 73 3 ', IE ' 55 511.1113 1 1 1 EJ Q V :1 -q.,:Sz.,1..1,2m wwzii .W mama 21. 2 va." 1 11 .V.. 11, I :Q f' -' fcaegieeg-5111.fE1512's11ef1 1 ' :11:f'- sex -2. '41 1- J 1' -X ' H 213 .- 1 -gy Q?axQ.x11::1:1: 1. M21-1 A111111 53? fifi Q ,F , '5'1I:11,l I N . 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