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I.. 'ill' gif:-1 , S Q Q W '1 I kilhliilll 3 i 3. ,., -f sr fum 19 x' +- 4 by ' s - tin EX my 'gfwf g J it N 1 1-'-5r'.f,li:i"'f V , ix a,1, : IH. M fill M -gf-L Q-lgi? 4 fx IL u - Taccbmcg, XfxfC1ShlI'wGTOTl ff, , ,, I! X M55 1 4Ffene?""n - ,,- V, v ,fl fyayarfff !' H ,w-fwx,qyff'fQ?3 j7J.QP fyfgxj- I -i ,iw 4, ff Jim' 151.5fzfXiBfEm.N,,fami4 Xen IU f- 4" if -3 '-5. 'fy MISS MARJORIE AX ALOlN We shall ncyer forget those yocabulary lessons to be letrned or those. quarterly FCXISIUDS to be mtstertd Wt r bellcd but rum ue see you haye been pxtlently pttpmnv us tm t only fur tolltge but , V PFOLFCSBIDLL nn our Illlfllxlflg ,md IH the CXPYCSSIOD af our thoughts XXL prohttd fr vm your filth In us .mtl me always l-.neu you were domg your utmost to help us 'Io ynu Mlss Ax than ut dtthtttt tlus Shlcld, that xt may m some may express our Qratltude and our atfettxon fu - A ' r ,, J I 5 V R' ' 1, 'fr 7' T xx--. y l 5 ,y V - B Y - ., t' - .A'b ,Y U , - .tyx for every' task in the future. Because you taught us to "be specific" in our four y'e.1rs tugetlmer, we are l ' ' ' ,' f . K . ' ' 4 ' L ., f - 'V 1- - , V - A ' V xl ' 'K Q -L ' V . . '-L . '- -is -cf' MISS R TH JENKINS HE ADHINTRLSS How can me measure the help sou haue gnen us whether nn planmng the costumes for our Qrmd cntrlnce it Hllloxxecn or ln dlrectlng us to the night college? Path one of us has hnl ottmon to same presentt lt our hxrthtltx plrttes llxmys memt fun and the reports of your tnps will agua us Sllllllflxg tnemotles tn the future You made us recogmze the beautx and salue of the th1pcl Qeruces and you gurded ui sptrxtually Thu was a grft vthose slgnlhcance we null apprehend more clearly as we tontxnuc to grow the depth of your untlersmnding. the strength of your idexls, and the inspiration of your faith, Your I ,e P ' I 'ELI ' 'fr . Tj , t .112 'K f .s 'Q ,I '21, 7' ,Q fi A2 .4 Q I' 2' MR AND MRS HARBEY It was our privilege this year to haye Mr and Mrs Harney, Annie Wrights daughter and son in lux yisit the Seminary Although their yisit was short, it gaxe them time to see yery clearly how much this school means to us At an assembly Mrs Harney modeled Annie Wrights dress and 1 pair of her shoes and showed us her mothers bracelet Mrs Harney also had the last railroad spike to be drixen in the hrst railroad linking the East md the West One of the attached a vsatch We xy ere drawn closer to Annie Wright by xx hat Mrs Harney said about her mother and in return we tried to tell about our life here and the mem ingful traditions of our school in such a may that Annie Wrwhts daughter could become a part of them We were sad to see Mr and Mrs Harney leax e, for in the feyx days they had been here me had come to loye them hoxxeyer they promised to return soon ust as Mr and Mrs Harney left full of wonderful memories of their yisit and a new awareness of the spirit of Annie Wright which peryades the Seminary so we too are leaving mth the knowledge that the high ideals of this school are a part of our characters and our memories and that the training we receiy ed here will nex er leaxe us Q m ca- . H' T C I 1 K V i '- , -. , A -I v ' , items Mrs. Harney presented to the Seminary was Armies card case to which is I y . , v . , C L l V' ra I e , Y 1 - , v ' A - J . . 7 V 1 . 'I . v ' I D I Q 7 l V l Y' 1 1 , y 1 v. v v ' 4104 f 7 fn r 0 I fC'fg"4!, f I arm, I!! Q Hu' 1 M 'sei f 5 I xwM9,a,X M' N ff , X14 I WH 1 X lgfxx '4 owmx 'MNH l PM H f 5 X ,H H 0-X2ffgg'X' i.,x',,03 MAIN 5 XA M i 111, 'X N," +l ,Ms NH ,lu 5 ? X s A4 Us 4-9,1 54 4' W ,INN Nj ,S 'Q 'Abe' fir Kg tl Utd!! at mv' VN XV'4?'f?,Q4 '9f1,4"XX5 If J fffp lflffffl ff f 14 f KW Z ' ' g f XX AY XXXXWX XXXXX XX XXX 'XXX X X XXX1-X X X XXX X XX X XX X1 X X XX E, XAXXXX X XX XXV XM MA + X XXX- X 'XX ar Xf-XV H W YNFXW f f A NX WM X XX XNRNWXX 1 X X, 'pp XX X X RN X XXV X X XX XXX-X ,!Xw XXX Ax X X A V ' , ,, -' ,!N' 'J VX Rl X XXX 'RX 'XY 'X K K' XXX? XXA' X KA XXXTXX A,XX V X XV X X5 XX M X,A kxf X,XXXM X X-Ny: X X X XX XXXXXXXXX XMXN ,Z-5'yfZf ? ,ff ' 1 'Z' f?7i4i4'f , f. " f ' ,Af 1 ' X i f ! . K gy ,ff Xilli , I X ' V 1 , We" wr XX W, Ar, r X ' X I 4,11 ,1 , X ' ,A s Y X IM!! WMM 1 X 'I fu 1' , I WMV, M fyf ' I MVMXA ,X 4 ' ' I' , 1 It Uzgqlttw " 'L 1 .Je 1 X fl I, vf"X,'f!4'i ' f XX ff 4' f ,?W,2X'X1 'Q f M31 H, Af , , I XX" Q 'nf , , , Q i X g' 2f ' JW WQ 77' , Ni'WQ 7 V My 1 ' .rx". x ,f MQ W gf ,bl , NV A Z Zi? pi'Hel"6 ,M I W 'ig' WW ff ff! W X 0 5 ,X f I: :Il Wf X ' IM' QM ff X " H38 f gf, fflf ' I ,O f X ,I ff X Wwfi? , ff 'ff' ' fX WN A W o44"f,vX, flnfx' ' X ,S '3,Q ff , j ff I 5 , f f K X ni' Q 4 0 O ' N! 1' M " 'X f 'Xl X' ZX"" a I iX'fXQff'q ' X X X X X X 1 Ag XXXXXXXXXXXXX ve, 4, ,si l SPIRITUAL LIFE As we leave the Seminary, we realize that the part of our life here which we will miss the most is the daily Chapel services. There we heard Mr. Wood- hams read the lessons and we always looked forward to his weekly sermons. None of us will forget the beautiful Christmas and Easter Carol services, nor the contributions of the choir to these or the other services throughout the year. Many of us have shown our appreciation by serving in Raynor Guild, and others have helped to raise funds to spread Christianity through Service League. We have grown in body, and through our spiritual experiences we have grown in spirit. Now we have sung our Alma Mater in the Chapel for the last time and have put away the chapel caps we were always losing, but we will never put away our spiritual gain. We have learned a faith in God that will stay with us always. The Rxmir Rrvmusxn Siivnirv F, Bavxr, JR., D.D,, S,T.D., Ii,-'lim ff! Olimfifri, Prrildtvit f f ilu' Iifnlul fff7'v1ri1rtv. mul-ai V, " .a" lilly ' pr 'f' 5 1 f , , i I A 'i 'i W 'wt The Riviurxo CANON ARTHVR Brit, Cl-aplain Emeritui Miss Mitiimrv, liihlu. The Rivrnrxo Daxrrl. B. Kt'NHARu1', Biblu. The RVYVRINU XY'lIBl'R C. XVOODHAMS, Clmplanz. CHOIR Bkfh ROV INT TO RILHT Kathleen Earlcy Suzanne Bmkcr Peggy XX1Iwn SIKOND Rom bhxron MLI illcn 1111 Broun Shurm Fycrly XVendx NIJ qllen Y1ncy Lxmpson hathlccn bhddon Mary Ann Hulop Domthcx XXVCISS Elclnor XV1llv:r Mutxne Biker Suc Mme 'xnn 'viarxmm Ixnn FIISY ROV 'hull Nunn XX1nxt1 'Iowxnsgnd Nano Steen Pitncm Pxercc jmct Hmlsy Lynne Crncnvwood JJYIC Fnlrbourn Judy Hrngcndmxlnler jamcc Cmxcs 44 .4- we 9 RAY OR GUILD Iwi 'xo Rumen' mlly flwmrg-mm, Muy I..mmr.z Huruwn, 5.md1,1 i1.1:k, Sheryl RQ-Il.x:wM Ecih Mlrrgnn, I'l1:Ilm1,L PJ115, K.xtl1cr1r1c Hcrnlmrxi, P.1tz:L':.1 Ugy, Cyan: XXNIMIL-1, Iixtw ERVICE LE SIXNIHIXIV, I.lI1 lu RILVHI. M,ur1.x:my Ijfifl, I7...1::. XX-vttwx, BLRIIII, M1l1nNXL-zu, B.1rb.xr.1 H-:t, Iffmzr X: XXJIM . jews Nulxrmn, XL-ma Cmmrws, 5 -ludkmx, Lllrn PL-Arwn, Mar Annu Fxshcr, Dune V.1nJcw.1ll, Lwunnn PM, C1111 XX!.5I1u. , , IAM Hunt, N.x::J:,xf1,4:lx,-Iuvu NLI ', rX:JLr: Wnztfz, Xlmu Nun. x 1 1 1 ' 1 X 1 X 1 1 1 111, , I f X xi 1.1 X '. 'Q , X 3 .1 1'-'Pi 1 A 1 , 1 . ..w1 X X 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 I X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X . 111 1 1 , 111 1 1 -1 11 1 ' 1: -1 X 11" 1 1 X X f X If 1 1, ff .1 f 1 , X 1 ,f I ' ,111 1 1 ,, 71 f X 1fV7f! 1 i H11 1 f ', P "1 1 w 1 f 1 , ,f X 'X '-sf - K , ,-New ' 11, X 1, 1 , 1 1 . 1 5 ' f Q., 1 g F 1 1 , 1-A. 1 11-111 1 .N, 1 If ,.f" K "sf v '- X1. 1 Af? 1 X1 1 Il 1, 'X 1' 1 1' ,f i ', ' 7' ' 1 A 11,.- 11 1 -1 .15 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 ' 1- Af ,-1 ' ,1 . 1 . 1. -1- 11 11 1 W f ' , I ' 1 xi 5 .Y 1 x 1- ,A .1 wk- i X 1 I 1 , 1 , 1 -f I f 1'1 if , f f . '1 1 . 1 ., , ,. 1- . . I , ff X .1 I . X , ax 1 ' 1 f 1 K X. W.. V' 'ya J .., 1 X 11 11 yyf., fo f ff f ,, . -Q -4 1.1 -' 5, ,., - 11, ,. 1 1 1 1 1' ,lf f' , f -j 1 1' ff . Xl ,H 1 -.11 . 1 1-1 +1 1. 1 , 1 1 1 1 11 1 ,f - ,f ., . 11 ,1 1' 1 1, X XX K 111- I 1 1 1 1 f Q 11 1 K , ... ,ff , -v 1 1 1 1 f 1 11' V i -1 , njyff-1 .QA Q, fu 1 fd., 9 X X31 X 1 A f' - k .R v .,,' x . k,g,g-11 1 1 1 1.fy 11 117' XX 11 X XXX X X x XXX X NX X1 X 1 X 11 1 1 1 11 11 X1 1X X X XX XX1X X ff X x X X X1 X1X 1X If X 'K X X X1 1 1 fi Q X X 11 X X 1 N1 ' ' X 111 f 1 111 11 1111 1 4 1 M f X X X f 1 2 'X X1 1 QX11 W X X f XA 11, XXXX X1 W X XX .Xi I ll I X If 1 1 1 ff X 41 f A 1X1 1 XX1 ff! ,, QNX F XXN X 1 X 1 Q 11111111111 1 1 1 ,f X f if 1 XXX! fr, ke HQ XX X X1 XXX if Q If 1ff 1.1 f'1t1lfX,..+ X I1 1 W Xf yt .N 6 X' 'RX QNX X X X X X I XX '41 N 1 x'N:4,f4'x I f1 XXX Xxxx X ' W1XV7 'KY N 1X 1 11 X Z 1 Xi 'WX Qf V X X X . ff ,1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1111 1 11 1 11 11 gf 1, - K- g ff! A -1 '1 gg 1 1 1 ' X. 1 . ,.X.- x " .'--'w.1'.,-xr., H! -X . . X 1 111 f QXNN1 1 1 X1 X 3311 XWSXXWVX W11111N11 X X ki xiii, f. ffl Y X NQ XN xx K 1 N I A, 2111111 1 V ' Q" ' 'Z' XX ,fg ' 71: ff-il!fT':fS f2fZ?f ki fM4EE2w4- 1 Nwwhvhw K 4 f 144 I x- 11 'Z 4 Xxx X x,,x.,N.,X,X, x, 1 111 X1 1 ' mx 1 , R Y , x X - 1. XA X 1? EQ X' "Q-Q Q : A X X XQX Yi X S Nix- AS 1 X' .Q fQ X +21 1 NX1 1 X1 1 1 ex X 2 1 X X 1 XQKX X X 1 X Q xg N XEXX Xik 1 1X1 X Q X X X XF 1 1X N1 XQQX 11 XX XX XX 1 XX XXXX 1 X Af X I .X x Xx ,X Q56 X If X - X' :ig X X X. XX Q3 1 11 4, 1w4N 1a 'X Q I 1 9 11 1 , q .X 1 11 ,gy X j f 'Q ,, 11, Ml 1x XX Q. XM 4 'I 1 X X' '1 X. X 1 ll, k 1 Q xx R, 1 X X M NX 1 Q XX? if -f X' ' ff' 'f 11 SENIOR CLASS SONG We're proud ro be the class of 55. For highest honor we will always strive. Our colors, green and white, XWe'll keep flying highg Their fame and glory will never die, The years may pass and we will go away, Bur in our hearts the love will stay, And the goal for which we'll always srriye Will he the honor of ,55. SENIOR CLASS Many years have passed since we climbed the willow tree and made whips of its branches to urge our panting steeds across the schoolyard. Now at noon we sit around the lunch tables and talk about college or May Day or graduation. Our several opinions never fail to create heated discussions in our classes, but we have barely mastered the fundamentals and already we realize the bigger problems that face the whole world. Traditions have suddenly taken on a new perspective. XVe won't have a second chance to dress as people from the Emerald City of Oz and be the center of attraction at Hal- loween. Some of us will still return to see the Christmas and Easter Carol Services, but we won't be wearing the white veils that had a habit of slipping off our clean hair. We shall miss the carnival at Christmas when our diets and calories were temporarily for. gotten, and the dances and R. jfs talks on how to dance correctly. We are the biggest class in Annie's history to wear white caps and gowns and sit at baccalaureate, to kneel before the bishop and receive gold crosses. We wont forget these things and we will never forget each other, though miles and years separate us. HARRIET LooMls SINCLAIR, PRESIDENT Ut, wiio came during lier junior year, made friends quiclcly. Vve sense a certain sliyness in iier wlwicil is ollten overcome by ller interest in people. Tiiere is in lier a sincere desire to learn, and lier capabilities are evident in her class discussions. Ut loves swimming and this year acquired a new entliusiasm for slciing. ARDEN LEE WORTH, W'lCE-PRESIDENT MARGARET ELIZABETH GARDNER, SECRETARYATREASURER Betsy's aim in everytliing slie does is perfec- tion. not only in imer studies, but in being a good sport wiien slae is teased about lier As or anything else, Tliougli Betsy was lcept lmusy in many activities, siie still time to iae ldelplul and friendly. wlletlier giving an assignment or liunting costumes for a play. Ardie will always lie associated with comic liats ol' all sizes, shapes, and descriptions. in lier art worlc, too, slie displayed this jaunty per- sonality. and many posters were brightened by tier drawings of animal laces. fxrdie worlced quietly, but slue could be counted on to lielp wlietlier collecting money lor Service League. typing lor Ascent, or doing anytiming else tliat needed to be done. PATRICIA RUTH ABRABIS Ahe's --Hospital Experience" in Ascent gave us concrete evidence of her capacity to under- stand those in need of sympathy and heip. These qualities wiii serve her weii when she becomes a nurse. Ahe loved a good time and her iiveiy banter contributed much to parties. ELIZABETH ANNE BIRBECK Betty iiices to talk-outside of class. Her cheerfuiness survives even tests and term pa- pers, and her sense oi responsihiiity ieads her to woric for the welfare of the ciass with pride in its accomplishments. With her happy frame oi mind and optimism, Betty should maice a fine nurse. '-415' 'IPB' .MQgi1g..,. Ag. 4, 2 " 35' 4 SUZANNE BAKER Throughout her years in Upper Schooi, Suzy has helped to manage many activities such as the Christmas Carnival and the Paddock Post. VVe'ii aiways remember her reserving the right to differ and often upholding the minority view. She was a sympathetic iistener to those who wanted to pour out their trouhies. J' ,JA If 'Q 1 ffm-ri ANNE CAMERON Anne is famous for her suhtle humor and dry comments which brightened our classes. Vvhen a dance was in the olling, the infirmary seemed to hold the only safety for Anne: hut now we wonder if that will always he the case. Anne's fine mind and quiet thoughtlulness won our respect and affection. LILLIAN RUTH BROWN In spite ol' Jill's quiet ways and her coming to the Class only last year. she has formed gen- uine friendships. Although she has decided she wants to teach younger children, we lcnow from her work on the Paddock Post and Ascent that she would also malce an excellent secretary. MARY ETTA CARSON Vve won't forget lVlare's unlorced and con- tagious laughter or her hilarious lah experi- ments. All of us were aware of her forthright- ness and honesty and admired her capacity for deep convictions. XVe'll rememlaer her lor her unauthoritative yet forceful inlluence as Vice- President ol' the Student Body. VICTORIA ANNE CROMIE VlClCl IS an out-of-door girl. She is one who would rather play hoclcey or haslcethall than attend a fully tea. She will he remembered for clispel the picture of her shouting orclers at players on the hoclcey field. I -fe' tl .I er tImI voice in the classroom, hut we can't GAII. LOUISE DILLINGHAM Dill, our artist, not only amused us with the cute little faces she clrew on our papers during Civ. classes. which she invariahly lahelecl "you", hut she drew seriously, too. Nlany of our clances ancl festivities have displayed her rollicking figures that are so like their exuher- ant artist-- except they clon't tall-c. PATRICIA ANNE DAY Pat was the idol of hahy corridor and he poise ancl charm always gave visitors a favor- ahle impression of the personality of our class. She serveci faithfully in Raynor Guilcl and was conscientious and helpful in the training of new girls who utrieci out" for this service. I' X MARY LYNN ELIAS Though Lynn was quiet, those of us who were close to her. icnew the humor that was a part of her. Xve noticed her perceptiveness in ciass discussions and heneiited hy her franic opinions. She has a fine mind and sureiy wiii maice a success at whatever she chooses to foi- iow. GEORGEANNE DUFFY Duffy, and she was even caiied so by her teachers, couid he a tennis champion without a doubt. Even her waiic, that enviable tennis walk, reveals her grace and siciii. Her reserve never icept us from being aware of her laughing eyes. She has heen a good leader and has won our ioyai admiration as President of the Ath- ietic Association. MARTIIA ANNE FISHER Annie, with her grace and poise, has con- tributed much to the ciass sociai functions. Yet there is in Annie a certain iittievgiriishness. shown through that inimitahie squeaic of sur- prise and the hiush which covered her face when she expressed an opinion in ciass. Annie maices iittie show of her fairness. hut the ciass has aiways respected it. ' Tlisfi , P55 -uw Q ARLENE SANDRA FLEMING Arlene with her short crisp curls and blunt opinions is our modern artist. Her art work is straight-forward yet effective. She finds it easier to express her ideas through drawing than words. Arlene loves children as much as they love her and means to malte worlcing with them a part of her future. JANICE GRAVES .Ianny's love ol' laughter and lun didn't lceep her from showing poise and friendliness on more formal occasions. Her sympathetic nature comhined'with her interest in peopie made us turn to her for understanding in many moods. Vvith her sense of responsibility she wili malce a successful social leader in her community. E E EIVIILY LYNNE GREENWOOD Back of Lynne's easy going manner are a fine character and a sense of responsibility. Shield Board, date committees and teas gave her opportunity to display her tactlulness and willingness to help. Lynneis aloiiity to worlt with smail children will serve her well, both as a kindergarten teacher and as a wife and mother. "3""" V X- JUDY ANNE HOGENDOBLER Judy tias been active in dramatics, tnottm in- side and outside ot sctwoot. Her portrayal ot Uncte Ct1ris in ut Rememtmer ixtamau is un- torgettatute. Judy's interest in ttme sutyject ot tiomematcing and tier capacity tor independent ttlintcing in ttiat tietd won tler an award in ttie Betty Croctcer Search tor ttie Homemaker ot Tomorrow. MARTHA Hoon HASTINGS twtartis atnitities are stlown ttlrougti tier ac- comptistiments, not onty in att ot tier studies tnut in ixtasque, creative writing, and ttiis year as Stlietd editor. Ttxougti txtart is not an emo- tionat person, stme setdom sutodues tier taugt1ter. Her tove ot reading and sincere interest in teaming stioutd matce twer cottege work out- standing. PATRICIA LOU JUDKINS Jud, witti tier exutnerant good spirits, can ptan a party taetter or ctmeer touder at ttie games ttian anyone etse. Her interest in tic-tping ottuers to tmve tun made tier an excettent So- ciat Committee Ctiairman, Jud never tiotds a grudge. and ttiougti stie raises tier eyetixrow, ttme twintcte in tier eye stiows it's onty tun. 'ii43h..... Lucm DA iVIARY LANE Lucinda's reserve is a covering for the deep convictions she has within. Her toierant atti- tudes are coiored hy her iove of nature and the warm and sympathetic responses which heiong to her rurai environment. On Shield she served as Business Manager and was always ready to heip the other members. WENDY CAROL MCLALLEN VVendy's taste in clothes should have a chance to express itseif it she carries out her pians. However. ciothes don't maice the giri. As Student Body President, Vvendy consist- entiy put forth her quiet tact and charm. She ioves a party. and a party is made iiveiier with her infectious laughter and gay smite. SHARON NICKEY MCLALLEN Shug's warm and generous heart leads her to heip those in need whenever she is able. She never intentionaiiy hurts another person. and her wiiiingness to try to piease everyone. made her a fine Senior iviovie Chairman. Shugis spirit of wanting to befriend others ai- ways spreads to those around her who in turn become more considerate. I fi HEATIIER GEORGINA SPENCE Heather ilas an aii around interest in artistic expression. Siie seidom missed a concert and was a vaiuaiaie member of tile modern dance group. .lust as tire ciass oi-ten used iner ainiiity to decorate, sew or design. so wiii her future ime governed by artistic expression, wiietimer in iiomemaicing, merchandising or dress design- mg. KATHERINE GARD MOTT Kathy, the newest memiaer of our ciass, sur- prised us aii by not seeming to find it difficult to taice us in stride. XVe regret time fact that we had so silort a time in wiiicii to get to icnow iier, but the interest and ability si1e has sirown in creative writing maice us iueiieve tilat some- day i1er reactions might become more apparent tilrougix her writing. GAYE ELIZABETH TITCOMB Gaye came to us in the middie of iner junior year and inegan at once to taice i1er piace in a quiet, unassuming. ibut effective way. Sire is a wiiiing woricer and has an aibiiity to act weii in any situation. Tile iuncia tainies were ai- ways made imrigilter by iuer exclamation, "Lets have a party!" ELEANOR GERTRUDE WALKER Ellie had this year, as Service League Chair- man, an opportunity to express her interest in helping those less fortunate than she is. Vvith her ahiiitv to lead others hy example and her friendly cheerfulness, we can see her becoming the kind oi nurse whose warm and wholesome good humor will have a heneiicial effect on others. MARGARET ANN WILSON Pegs love of lun found expression in her novel decorations for the Christmas Carnival. ii chairman of a committee, she could get others to co-operate and ii a meminer of one, she was hoth helpful and willing. Pegs enthu- siastic participation in sports and dramatics and her qualities oi leadership resulted in her being selected as key girl. N' Ns. ul DOROTFIEA HELEN WEISS Dorrie has many talents. She hoth plays the piano and sings well. has had leading roles in several plays and is a line scholar. Vve were often impressed hy her intelligent and mature comments in class. in spite of her many activi- ties, Dorrie still has time to relax and she does love a party. L Hn., .-' 1 S. PATR1C1.x ANN VVOLFE Pat has acquired a faith in God which never lessens. Though she is quiet in manner, the integrity which rules her lile and her high icleals have earned our sincere respect. She worlts harcl at all she does. hut her great love is heing outcloors, especially if a picnic or ten- nis game is in the ofling. DLJROTIIELX ixLlCE YOUNGBERG Dorrie. with her ringing laugh ami thought- lul gaze. has a great love aml umlerstancling lor music aml poetry. She enjoys nature aml outcloor lile aml feels much at home there. Dorrie showecl literary ahility hy her worlc hoth on the Shielcl ami Ascent. ami her desire to unclerstaml people enhances her hope ol he- coming a writer. GR.-XCE PHOEBE VVOOSTER Grace. as her name implies, showed the quiet, unassuming graciousness which made her invaluable as a class hostess. She has served well as she shared in the religious life ol the Seminary ancl this year she laroaclenecl her interests hy voluntarily teaching Sunclay School at Christ Church. I3 , ig, ,- Nu X MAY DAY, 1955 Each year that we participated in the May Day Ceremony, our thoughts turned to our own May Day. For some of us that anticipa- tion began twelve years ago and has sharpened each year. It is this anticipation, growing stronger each year, that makes May Day so meaningful. Our May Day was wonderful, just as we had pictured it would be for so long. The dancing seemed the most colorful and expres- sive ever done. Sandra carried the flag, lead- ing the court dressed in dotted swiss dresses and carrying baskets of flowers. Nancy placed the crown on Annes shining head, and follow. ing the tradition, all knelt to pay homage to our Queen, VUe remembered how carefully we had chosen the Iflag Bearer, Maid of Honor, and May Queen, considering who best char. acterized the ideals of Annie VC'right, and we were proud of our choices. May Day has long been a symbol of spring, and the newlyuplanted rhododendron beds gave evidence of this. It is a time of year when old friendships are renewed and alumnae return, remembering their own May Day. Yes, this experience was richer because of our expecta- tions, and it will always be one of the high- lights of our last year here. .f X' Q., s., 1943 Lrrr T0 RIGHT: Betsy Gardner, Suzanne Baker, Martha Anne Fisher, Janice Graves, Dorothea Vfeiss, Lucinda Lane. M A X' IJ A Y ,ina-,ggwz :nm . lil: .iv lihiiil' I.:t.::.l.i l.in4, lin. :ui ii lf.f.'tf,r,' Dorotlitpi Yodtulverg, I,gg.i,gyy IgA,",-1,i,- Ailtyii- llezziiriu, .lvi L,.'.'t'i, Nl,i:rii.i lldstinigs, l:il','Iffvfff.'fC,f.zI, Lynne Liierriuootl, IU f!f4rft:,"fx f lixi1.:x' ,'X11lINllNI Mis, ietlq, ,lm Ijlwlffqiizpl'--,, ,ll.1l't1.,'t5 Miss, l..'fi:ini. SHIELD BOARD All of us on the Shield ho.ird realize the I-rixilege we luxe had in working on the .1nnu.1l. Not only have we learned the tethnieytlities th.1t go into pulwlisliing such .1 ldmmli, but xxe ll.1X'e become .mytre of our sthool and our eletss in sueh .1 way tli.1t our experiente will not he forgotten. It was our responsibility to express the personglity of our class and our school for future yerxrs. Vile wished to capture the spirit of our Senior ye.1r here, distinguishing it from other years and noting its signili- cance for the future. To those of us ledving the Seminary, the Shield is .1 prized possession, for it will be it constant reminder of our life here. 1' P. Y - 'X A, px , , 'X da f . W?- ...wb ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY You of the Administration, in giving your time to directing the functions of this school, are doing .1 great deal toward the development and growth of the Seminary. We have seen your appreciation for the standards set down by the founders and nurtured by the students, past and present. Through your devo. tion to this school, our own devotion has deepened. In class and out of class, you and the Faculty have guided us, hearing our problems and helping us to find the answers within ourselves. We are grateful for the close relationship between the faculty and stu. dents in the Seminary, which made it possible for us to know that you, too, enjoyed gay parties and had fun at school festivities. L wi 1 t N . N Q v v X . 5 .' E A ri Xi' .. Q -M1 Q - '. ' v' ,Ut if ',' -il , . r 2, x-V Gi? .iii LIFT TO RIGHI: Miss Ruth jenkins, Headn1i.rtrvfr.' Mrs. I.. D. Cummings, Htntid of I,nuw' Xilmf'l,' Miss Nancy Filzvxillmms, Arcirmn! ru thu I1t'aJn11iln'it. l.lII to Rlr,H1': Mis. lf. f. Russell, Ilrfiwlffr nf Puffin Rtl.z.'rffr1i,' Miss Illlctn Hooley, ,'1iiffi1i1lf.' llnttfffr nf Pnfzfn' lliilillffim, Mr. Dee L. Snyder, Silwol P.i5t'lff.'qqfit. ---..- ., .M -,. um, sbwv' .iflp-his-44,--., . ... . .,,,..-.- vw.- Q .1 'H -v WM .-1 i a A 1- N 4- in STANDING, Lrfr ro R1c,HT: Mrs. Monroe, Brblrp Fr-rrvzrln Mme. Br-mn, Spanub, Fwmfnx Mass Spmgue, EVIAEZLZM Sprfrfx SIWJD: Mme Prmgfr, Englnh, Sprrrfy' Mrs Edgerly, 1.:fw,1f'.',vz,' Miss Drummond, L.wt1n'. Ira! ro Rxnuxz Mrs, Monks, .'i.z'rr11f11r1r.:I11r ,'i,,,rirI.n1t M 1 s. C ales, lff1.mr1.1! Sr . frfmy Mmm Lhrml, Sr r rg M13 Mm. Reed, fljlrle Arrfmzrlf Mws Rmer,'y lu IF: Hg,1JrV1.',rIrrm. Lrrr TO RIGHT: Mm. Hatcher, Fire-yur-OIJ K1m1'5r'gavIu1 Mrs. I-lardrng, Faur-yur-old Kivzjrrpartnz Mrs. Headley, Fzzf-pm'-nlJ lhmfugrufrrz M155 Andcrmn, r1ff1rt,1r1t m Iffuzr Srlrffffl Mm. Post, Cbmlw unrigff Sul-gui. SFU 1 -. N! lxlvlxu 1.1 ll IU RILVHI Hn, Phclps, Hr 14 r .H.w.'.1.w ' ,' Mrs. IL'r1h.a:n, 17.4 ,'.'.zv: H f','1 li. '1 'ng Mm. Frrufrrrlwwx, lf":fm.1r, xi- :1,:',: XX1lwn, H rf-nfl fu' Nlwr Iiuknr H w H' 'f Nlmrlwz Mrsr funk, Nw L. Mu. Crrvvsc, Hfu rf' fm, 511111, Mrs, lhrcdrs, Ilfnrlmffllm, Ajzwfnrf '1 fr in V... 433-- ,.. , fog Q.: Smrvmxn, I.:-'FT 10 RIIQHTI Miss Knuwlmn, Ifffflw Cflimg Mis: Small, lfffmfh C.'l.ur,' Mm jnnkwn .Yurrrllfv Iflmn, MJJJIL' ,Xlbwfl lfuglnb and Smml Stmliw. SIMID: MBS XYVLIIKCF, Tfvnfl fflfzuf Mlw Hurnlwcnh, ,Yyufrlff flurry MIS, HIJRC, firm! C,f.1w,' Nm Langlms, Xufb Claw, Mnhfh .Hhyfffl .HdlfJ1'77lzIl1!I. ff' MR. WYIIYS, Mmif and the Arif. ,. STANDING. LFFT To RIMM: Mxsx Avnlun, I?v1,15l1v11, C11i!1:A1riffrz,' Miii Lee, Sfimzfrf Mis: MQKAY, Sninzwl .WI.11lum.:m V. SINIIIDI Mm. Fry, C.'11n'r:,zlmr1,' :X1lSS Tltwmb, lifglvtlv Cflmw, l'jffu1 Sklwffl ,'SI11tlurm1mf, Gmcmzfvlxy. bn. rx Muse jrvstcdt, Pl1w:.,1l EL!:H.:1.Vf'r1 1ss Qt fm 11 IJ14 dr 1 av NTNNIKINM. IJFI' TO Rrmrrz MM IM , I7.1..,, Kimi H,1m:.k 1'u 13 I H1 lui' l'f.:f1 , SI'-YIID: Mmm I l.r.xtL:mwr1 w-Y, ,Xin J MH. Scclcy, Art. 5 fe-X JU IOR CLASS You've finally reached the top rung of the ladder at the Seminary. You've worked well together as juniors and had fun, which seems to be one of the notable characteristics of your class. "Quality Street" and the Prom were fine examples of cooperation and were also outlets for your talents. Now you are ready to be Seniors and you will have many more opportunities to exhibit your ability, for this year was just an introduction to what lies ahead. Q,-N J Nixxiiixiz, I.H1 IO RIMHII Sue Marie Lynn Sharon Ryder Kay Richards Sondra Schafer Nancy Steen Rebecca Broughton Nancy Lampson ,ludy Spencer, Prfflilfrzt. Sicoxn Row, SIATID: 'l'wyl.1 hflffln Philinda Parry Katlicrinc Bcrnlmrtl bliaron Reid Jessie Nelson, l'1.i 'Pu null Nl. Sandra Hagediirn, Xi'ivil.1i1. Fiiisr Row: XV.init.1 Townsend vliianne Ginn Roberta Allen Ann Xlfcmlilleben Helen Tompkins ,lane Fairhuurn Mari:-it llorlmeiwtt-r, :XMZNF lint! llalty. A ' t, 1 afar L Ltwxlfsl i P4 MTH W nl BACK ROW, LFFT TU Rl1vHTi Penelope Sorenson, Kathleen Sheldon, Diane Vandewall, Jacqueline Meier, Fran Foley, I.rruannc Gibson, Mary Lamora Harrison, fordelra Hartwell, Xt-nia lirarsos, Dianne Vfotton, Louann Post, Mary Ann llyslop, SYATID: Judy XY'elth, Martine Baker, Ellen Pearson, Virginia Pauley, Parritra Pierce. OFFrtrfRs: Nancy Baskin, Stu't!iu5,' Sandra Clark, l'1r4fPv't'r1i!tv1t,' Marcia Aronmv, Pmirihtzt. AHNINT2 Sharon Eyerly. OPHOMORE CLASS As you complete your Sophomore year, you have come to recognize the responsibilities that await you. Your efficient work in the library gave us all reason to believe that you will handle well any task that comes your way. The enjoyment you experienced in working on the Hop was evident in the spirit uf the dance, You will have even more fun and more work as juniors, planning for the Prom. We will not forget your many skits to advertise the sale of cards. stationery and wrapping paper, and we will look forward to the same capable handling of junior sales next year. You are about to reach the last rung with many activities awaiting you -but don't forget that those younger than you will be follow. ing your example and depending on you to fulnll your task. BHK Rfmxxy l,lI'T TO RIMHT: flmrl-vttv: Anulcrvm, Kxtlmlcen Earley. Rurmllx' Gmucr, Fl:c.1l1.m Cklaspxp Qml x Npuldnng, Ifllmlwtlu Murgan, 'THIRD Roxx: Xhry Knott, Huff, Ruberm Wulfc, H.xrh.u.a XX'l1xllu, Slxcrxl lifll,u:.!1. Srmuxu Ram: Cuul fi.1I'l1CVHH, Kay Tlwzupww. C.a:ul lluxu. l,1tlmv1.u ll.1..x. I 1 FIRST Rcmxx: S.1ll5' fhrlstcusm .md OFFIUWQQ: Muxlyn D1.l.1:ll. Pw1:.fu:l,' Sumn Rxnlmrus, XlLrlI.ny,' FRESHMAN CLASS You uf rlw lfrcsluum alms lmw just pmiul the l.1St phase uf clullllmull rcstricriuns .xml rim uni ul lulglm slluwul. llu- IruNlzlzmrwhl-pl1u1num- llup gum- yuu ,ul lJFV41YfLllllfylLJ slum- .mll uYl1lI'llWlIlL' your mxx 1xlL,lN, .unl 5-ru lun- ll-.lmul murg rlmn yvu l-gn-mx uf poise uml Lu-1imr.u1un zlmmugll suplm IlI1I1QN .lx xuvur Nl.1Q,1zu1Q SAIL- .md Your l'4I'i.'Sl1IllLH1 Tm. ln T. .-X, S. ff ,uul fXl.1suL1u yn-u lux L' lmxl flu lvpfmffflllllfl' rw lucummc .uuu.umcll with respon- ,. vlwluzm XXl'1Ll1XULl xxmll l-um zu .llrtrmi xxulu nur nur. 1 Y-'wx F K MIDDLE SCHOOL EIGHTH CLASS BACK Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Hines, Prerident Janice Riebe, Secretary Penelope Eaton Nancy Collins Lynn Ferguson julie Armstrong FIRST Row: Barbara Huff, Vice-Prrrliieni Susan johnson Diane Dapper Marcia Mosier Carol Shanks These are the years when toys are Put aside forever and preparation for Upper School begins. Loyalty and sportsmanship are learned through competitive soccer and volleyball games. This year your eager participation in our last Halloween and in Christmas and Easter Carol Services, as well as' in Mr. and Mrs, Harney's visit, helped to make all these events more memorable, and your years in Upper School will be profitable and happy if these qualities of willingness and eagerness are retained and nour- ished. SEVENTH CLASS BACK Row, LFFT TO RIGHT: Sue Huff Margaret Wfoodhams Tamar Griggs Terry Taylor Lynda Ross Susan Oldfield Nan Brooke Phyllis Morris Lloyd Allen Barbara Benson FRONT Row: Shirley Cartozian jane W'eyerhac-user Marjorie Hagen Michaels Thomas jane Hull, Prfridfwt Peggy Yates, Svrvmxry Maria Weiss, I'1ir'Pn-,rirlenr ABSENT: Bette Bergman Susan Hager sfeunwhi-all S w Q56 SEJTIIR :UM ID ELIGEGCCV' HUNDRED UOUFIDCD v-gr-r SLUWGM CIGHGV--Y T E ll FIFTH AND 5 SIXTH CLASSES Fiizsr Row, Lrrr ro Rir,H'r: Judy Gullnnder, Susan Morgan, Kaylou Mattson, lris Briedis, Caroline XY'oodhams, Srcoxn Roxx: Michale Stevens, Virginia Vfoolf, Miss Etlgerlv, julie -4 Child, Bettelou Lagerquist, jenny Lind Walker, Beverly Bloc, Lani Young. THIRD ROW: Kim Lenz, Holly Hewitt, Mimi Seeley, Sandra Young, Cheryl Peterson, Katherine Howe, Carolyn jardeen. Karen Anderson, Dagny Ericluon, Robin Ross, Sharon Parrott, Elizabeth Phillips. Fotixiu Rrixxg hlithele Fuller, Miss Knowlton, ,luml Ffirl-cenhiotlx, Lynda Patrick, Martina 'Ihonipwn, ,Helen Hunter, Bonnie jean XY'ill. Aiisixl: Linda Galbraith, Janet Thompson, Susan Heming- way. LO ER CHOOL How we love these little children, these living reminders of our own childhood! We watch them as they begin working toward that high broad mountain range called Future. We see them as they learn to read and as they hear Gods love and mercy explained to them in Chapel. Vile often wonder what the Christmas and Easter Services would have been like without their timid, sweet voices raised in song. XVC realize that they are lil-ze the soil, providing the necessary materials that we, the Upper School, might grow strong and healthy. Q H THIRD AND FOURTH CLASSES Bu it Roxx, l.iFi io Rimii: Rexelle XVill.ird, Susan Ciiane, l..iiint' Ciirrilt-v, Louise Seeley,'. Knnlt, Kart-n lfosttr, Brenda Antler- son, Nl.iri.innu Biov, Susan Mann, Ross Sy lord, .inn Fdhlgllel, Nlaiy Powell. Leslie Ann Doerner, june Aritlrrson. Sic UND Row. Sfxxmxiw Virginia itoiillct,'XYendyXXlLmLle1'S, B.i:lu:.i liiziiford. Nlarytle Nliller, Laurel Duncan, Anne Haley jutlith Nlonl-cs, Marian Fisl-ten, Karla Nlilltfr, Lowell Young, Sara Dew. Slilllv Nut-:la Tolls-bison, Patricia Benson. lflltn Fogg, l'.imel.i Stevens, Ann Nlcrllotlc. l'i,iit'n f,, l,intl,i XY'hite, Mary Thoxnpson Aiisixl: Anne Herreid, 5.45 oxi CHARLES WRIGHT SCHOOL Nlrs, Prnt. BACK faults: David Rfrhen, Stexen Eklwcrn. D-niglas DCIDUZ- Pl1'llll' Milfllfwflmr lonlfllln Q' Sturm Headley, Tlwrngu Greenwiml. Ciwirlrex Ferguwn. dlulim Rriwlanil. Flirvl Tahiiiz Sandy Fixkrn D1n'i Kelley, Craig Maedunalal, Lharles XXnmllx.irr1, Lhiis R:g-wx, Rrfhert Panlwfh RHHCF Cwreermrnirl Ng l C Ln x FIRST AND SECOND CLASSES LAST Row: Yvonne james, hferi Holden, Michelle Perrow, Alida King, FIFTH Row: Kathleen Foster, Elizabeth Graham. Sandra Headley, Barbara Buttortf, Marilyn Monks, Karen hfartinaf, Mimi' Hyde, Nancy Read, Susan Ebhert. FOVRTH ROW: Maralyn Child, Selinda Lane, Holly Hillyard, Sue Florence, ,lane Grenley. THIRD Row: Edith Brown, XY'endy Gib- son, Andrea Tollefson, Linda I-Ionan, Vicky Dans, Chris Hyde, Elixsa Lane, Vicky Mamhall. SFQOND Roxx: Venisha Gregg, Meliisa Brmxne. jane Heaton, Linda Bafkup, fynrhia XY'eston, Deborah Day, Sharon De-mick. Flaw' Row: Kath- ryn Keller, lane Anderson, Sara Day, Sally Peterson, Lynmn Ckwault. Miss Margaret Bell. AHSVNT: Dena Brines, Shannon Earley, Deborah Dim den, Eileen Earley, Sandra Cheney. jamie XX'1ll, Rnhcrt Dclainu. AIASIAT: Vicrnr Urol. Q R K-FIVE 51:2 l'I,HQhcr, Kim. I'Ic'.uf2u'. NUR RNA Dwnna Ihzlzng, K..r?",'1 ll,.f3wu1, fm'-2,1 91-1-QM, Katltcrnc XY:Imrg. -Iwlzrx lmfnuza, Clmrlvs Iufzruwn. f.ux,1r1.1:,n Inmlu. Yu MMAI-Nru..f.i, IRM: Nrzppu. 5I.1:w:1 XXMJ, iumn l"I.1IL'3, -lxznc l'rxL-wn, Llrrv Slums, Huy I'h.uwx Nlulxlv Rim. fxr1t?w.1 H.xr!l.LI, fwrnfy inn, 11,111.1 LII:-utr, Il1.m.x I xr lmk km L mu lx'x Bxh iirxr u I Jw: Dm IP lu L Nh u 'K1"L B lu ,J . .:f'fx. . . LLAVN in "X, FRUNI RVN' fulfun Wdwxlnr, H.nlw.u.l lhlu, vl.11m's Hutt-nit. IV.-:z::.l Rmxl.1m!, juwplu Huzxs, Tod l,unr.ld, M.u:g.xrcl lkukup, 'llwrnax Putnrwn, ling jumx, AIQNINI. K.1tI.:5:1 llxull, -Indy I"ImL:z.L, lilly Zunntcxrxmn, Amnfxr Stuu vf. K-FO Hauf Q UNK Rmx: Funk Drs, M.1n1.1 jun .. R 'init f5-IIHff?, Qyfcidiurx Amfuwrx. Busy 1-Ax. Rlfpli Dad-zmxn, ,Mlm Olbrmtv, Dunk! MVK-, F.-UNI RUXX: Mxfiarsl Cfpxiu. Krm Ummm, ml fNf,uzw-rm, Deborah Kass, .Lane-t ,Iunl-clay, james xizzk, M413 1.119156 Gill. 'Q 'I if SX X X. XX F Z 5-fffa.. '4 !g:'g , VX fx X - X fl 21.1 f Q V' ,435 ' X f ' 745.3 , ,ff X-5 . 4? , llf-' 4' 7 'aet .1 ,fr fjf,f f- vix, 1 J ff? , ,f"f2."' f X! rgingisff X . 'L -1- ' L , , . V , X! ,K f ,, 42" 'gif V 1 gf ,aff X .' ' Q f " ,X,.Xa: X f ,Xf ' ,X -124- ' '. ' X43 ' I I-fzii'-Q?' '! , Z ,f- , Y,X- ,,,,-" ,,:-Ki-agggwn Y f 'Y' X?-- -' - 5'-X13 X-Yi, 'ji -1.5 iff ,nl , ' Y'-I -77355 -. WX--M vm Ex 5 this-sk.:i?:V,ggK gi - X g -Y -YV,, -- - X X . Xxlx, X "fx 'I-XX 1 1 Mg, s- XX X Sxgk x ix!-EXTQ i Eff-X X X K K XX ' Q. X'-ii X X XX Q XX 3- T N- X X xxx X x X YQ X xx xx X X X .X I Xxx NX N . E - x X Vxg X' . -' X X ,E X- x X X 23 1,6 .xixxxx X X '7 'N Xi, STUDENT GOVERNMENT Every girl in the school is on her honor to live up to the responsibilities and standards of the Seminary. livery girl is proud of the very real .Ind .utive honor system on which our student government is hased. However, governing hodies .ire needed, not to dictate. hut to suggest and supervise, Student Council is the main governing body of the school. The nth, letic schedule is planned hy the Seminary Athletic Council. A separate body for the governing of the boarders is netes- sary, not only for the sake of keeping order. hut to .irmntue their sotial .itrixit ties. XX'orl4ing together in unity. the meni- hers of student Agox ernment lt.1rn to sh.1re responsihility and work for the good uf those they represent. hi- STUDENT'COUNCHJ Sraxmxn. I,lri T0 RIf,HT: Virginia Hines, ,lane Hull, Mary Em C, Aronoxx SIAIIII Spenrvr, arson, Cieorgt-anne Dutfy, Katherine Bernhard, Marcia Marilyn Dillard, Roberta Allen, Eleanor Vfalker, Judy Miss Fltnxillnims, Sue lxl.ll'l6 Lynn, XYendy Mtl,allen, Miss jenkins, Dorothea XXI-iss, Harriet Sintlair, Patritia XVoll'e. STUDE1T'ATHLETHICO NCHJ l.li1 'Io lilolli Maxi Titrornh, llatlot- Nlezer. Vittoria fronme, Roherta Allen, Cycorgeannc, Peggy XX'ilsi rt, l'.1t:zt:.i XX'ol't, Roinzlly Crmzief, Heist Ciardner Lynn Ferguson. HOUSE COUNCHJ Srxxruxci Lrrr TO RIGHT1 Mrs. Monks, Kate Sheldon, Miss Frtzwilliams, Susan Ritlmrds, Patsy judkins, Katherine Bern- hard, XYendy MCLallen. Slillll Nffs, XY'rlwn, Mrs. Betlcer, Anne Limeron, Miss jenkins, C..1rol Shanks, MASQUE PLAYERS Katrin . Mama . Papa . Dagmar . Christine . Mr. Hyde Nels . Aunt Trina Aunt Srgrid Aunt Jenny Uncle Chris A XY.-man hfr, Tlrorke Dr, Johnson Arne . . A Nurse Another Nt: Soda Clerk Madeline . Dorothy Sfhiller . Florence Moorhead , Bell-Boy . Scruhuoman GLEE CL B "I REMEMBER MAMA" Llartha Hastings . Dorrie Weiss . Peggy Wilson . Carol Howe . Joanne Ginn . . Pat XVolfe Eleanor Walker . Nancy Baskin . Marcia Aronow Katherine Bernhard Judy Hogendobler . Blarlanne Lynn . Roherta Allen . Martine Baker Anne Cameron Susan Richards Gail Dillingham . Cordy Hartwell . Judy Spencer . Xenia Gratsns . Janice Graves Sally Christensen . Barbara Staples BACK Row STANDINK LrFr 'ro Rrrwr Patsy Judkrns Cr-ice Wfwlwster Dorothea XVerss, Kathleen Sheldon, Mary Ann Hyslop, Eleanor XX'alker, Betsy Gardner Suzanne Baker Roberta Wrvlfe Harriet Sinclair Carol Kameron Rornrlly Grauer Nancy Baskin, Helen Tompkins, Nanty Larnpson, Ann Whrhlleben Sharon Reid Fran Foley Mary Knott Kay Thompson 'lwyla Martin Janet Haley Peggy XX'1lson, Martine Baker, Jill Brown. Srcowu Roxx Vicki Kromre Gail Dillingham Sally Ihrrvtensen Arden Worth Lynne Greenwood, Mary Etta Carson, Marianne Lynn, Nancy Steen Patricia Pierre Wanrta Townsend Judy Hogendobler Sandra Spaulding, Katherine Mott Kathleen Farley, Sharon McI.allen, SFATID Patsy Abrams Heather Spence Judy Weltlr Zenia Cratsos Martra Aranow, Diane Vandcwall, Marilyn Dillard. FRONT Row Wendy McLallen Susan Rrthards Jessie Nelson Lucinda Lane, Dorothea Youngherg, Ellen Pearson, Janice Graves, Jane Fairhourn Sue Mare Lynn. r- 'S ' r i i , ff illl l lllllll ,A A, Q-rf -jr, ,f-'ff' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Through our participation in athletics, we have learned good sportsmanship and cooperation. Our loyalty to out respective teams created a healthy rivalry among us. Blustety days failed to daunt us on the hockey field, and we played off our tournaments of badminton, ping pong, or tennis, even though we were not professionals. In the pool we struggled for endurance and good form and some of us swam in the water ballet. Those interested in creative work joined the modern dance group which performed at Christmas and at the May Day celebration. This May we at- tended our last A. A. Banquet. Some of us received awards, but even those who didn't win anything, benefited from the whole- some fun and good comradeship found during our athletic ex- perience. GGLD TEAM Marcia Aronow o " " Martine Baker Katherine Bernhard Rebecca Broughton Anne Cameron Mary Etta Carson Sandra Clark Marilyn Dillard Kathleen Earley Lynn Elias Sharon Eyerly Jane Fairbourn Martha Anne Fisher Fran Foley Sheahan Cvlaspie Xenia Gratsos Romilly Grauer Janice Graves Lynne Greenwood Janet Haley Cordelia Hartwell Martha Hastings Margot HofImeister Carol Howe Mary Ann Hyslop i Patsy Judkins ' Marianne Lynn Sharon McLallen Wendy MCI.allen Jacqueline Meier Elizabeth Morgan Jessie Nelson Philinda Parry Patricia Pierce Sue Richards Sondra Schafer Harriet Sinclair Penelope Sorenson Nancy Steen Kay Thompson Wfanita Townsend Alice Turner Diane Vandewall Eleanor Walker Judy Welch Dorothea Wleiss Peggy Wfilson Ann Wohlleben Patricia Wolfe Roberta Wolfe nv. X 1, 'TS 1' yn! sausmv ,, , we ,,,...-. JW.. X ,A . ,, , . L N J M-- 1 32 .5 kg H13 lf, fs -43- ,Mx- QQ, fs. S Q? bw -sq.,.1 1 i'i-owl' i if - . - .. V . . i . - i . . Q. ,V ec , . :fm L ... 1. 4 A . .W ., , Q- 3. .L-gm ,.-, f . 5 f ,:. A .I .. A g. 'M " ' A r A JJ ff MT- .-f cw . " 44, .. - ,, y - A ,W-wi: ' ' ' , , .N ln..,.,, ,ff , ,rid ,5.J4,.f,fm. ,M . - ,, H A, . , , , ae h .Q . ' k v .Apr x , ,. .f - . - f .. - A A .A - ,N .dw ,, ' 1- , e ,,...L D . lv,-.Y x- P - ,fi . f. ,A fi My -. , . gr--X, - 1 . " r . ' -' ..','.'-'i'i1'i ir. , . , ""' , .j gc' .. .' L, we ',:4" ' "--. gf -' f Q '- Ja.-A,,,, -6:15. -1 , .f - - .V " . . Q ff ef. 1 - - ' , . . 7 + -. f . ' , VN, nf, , f. f . v. " Q -' "fn ODER Marcia Aronow Nancy Baskin Katherine Bernhard ' 4 ,av .. , , .. '. P . .. A, v- .ai DA CE Betsy Gardner Mary Ann Hyslop Sue Marie Lynn .- h 1 .. .., ' -vflff ..w ,e vwm ' ' p-, ul A I 3,p,x .r n Sandra fflark Lynn Elias Sharon Eyerly ,lane Fairhuurn Kay Richards Heather Spence Nancy Steen Dianne XX'otton 'W TER Carol Cameron Louanne Gibson jnanne Ginn Xenia Gratsos Romilly Grauer Mary Knott B LLET Jessie Nelson Ellen Pearson Sharon Reid Sondra Schafer Helen Tompkins Ann Wohlleben Grace Wrsoster THE ATHLETIC ERVICE CL B There are no girls who are quite so proud as those who, after a trial period, have been taken into The Athletic Service Club. The realization that they are the girls who were considered worthy of the privilege of serving others comes later when they gain a little perspective. We who are no longer active in T. A. S. C. will never forget the valuable lesson we learned: the opportunity to serve others is the greatest reward this world offers us. Roberta Allen Marcia Aronow Martine Baker Suzanne Baker Nancy Baskin Sheryl Bellandi Katherine Bernhard Elizabeth Birbeck Rebecca Broughton Anne Cameron Mary Etta Carson Sally Christensen Sandra Clark Victoria Cromie Patricia Day Marilyn Dillard Gail Dillingham Georgeanne Duffy Sharon Eyerly Jane Fairbourn Martha Anne Fisher Arlene Fleming Betsy Gardner Louanne Gibson Joanne Ginn Romilly Grauer Janice Graves ATHLETIC AWARDS Lynne Greenwood janet Haley Mary Lamora Harrison Cordelia Hartwell Martha Hastings Margot Hoffmerster Judy Hogendohler Mary Ann Hyslop Patricia Judkins Nancy Lampson Lucinda Lane Marianne Lynn Sue Marie Lynn Sharon McI.allen Wendy McLallen Elizabeth Morgan Jessie Nelson Virginia Pauley Ellen Pearson Sharon Reid Sharon Ryder Sondra Schafer Katherine Sheldon Carol Somers Penelope Sorenson Sandra Spaulding Judy Spencer Barbara Staples Nancy Steen Kay Thompson Helen Tompkins Eleanor Walker Dorothea Weiss Judy Welch Gail Whylie Peggy Wilson Ann Wohlleben Patricia Wolfe Roberta Wolfe Grace Wooster Dorothea Youngberg BACK Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Pearson, Ping-Pang Single! Virki Cromie, Blue Team Caplain, Hockey Cup, Tennis Doubler Georgeanne Duffy, Tennir Singler, Tennir Doublerg Judy W'elch, Badminton Singler, Badmintan Doublerg Jessie Nelson, Bowling, Badminton Doubler, Ping-Pong Daublerg Mary Lamora Harrison Swimming. FRONT ROW: Harriet Sinclair, Ping-Pang Doublerq Carol Howe Divingg Peggy Wilson, Gold Team Caplain, Basketball Cup. KEY GIRL Peggy Wilson, 1954. Nancy Steen, 1955. M 1 M SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Marv Lamora Harrison ,, i - -aw eQ?gir,f, . 2.7 A.'21u.iF?':, Q51 img ffiffifffi Rt 44 - 'wi . 1 '1,,, x . t x 4 g' -A. + X V 'R'-5, . 'L f 'X' - ,A WAY J, .L .. Q- .- 4. I 1 7' 'fm F0 x .QQ .Mwr-... f E 133 , If Very'-u-r Va. akin 935 XKYX -X- fbf:s'ii"- nff1g,3,- ,L dl I n 7'5Q IN P XT' C A . K NX 5 s . 'f x ,. --an 'E' 1- . ' --5, ,-f A'-""' K 1 ,, i-wav? x , -Q -1 . -'T 1- U -.J-cy, ' ,QF , vis, ,. - K Q " rant, xii ' - '.,.f E... A s-ii. " NL ' ,1- K, ' w vs, V I ' 'nr' x , 5 2' X if X NN -KX 1 ., .-,u , - A N.,z--H r .E5 b-. wa.-1. 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V A A 5 in tfgmkf' K3 '3,M,f1lf', .if gl , A, V4 , . , , 1 621.4 M--.t,,,f2 f ,, f I-1 g':.."'Q , 1 , ,-Xaxir ,Q 1 My-NJ Y: is my , V QV W X ,si , f J , Q 3 v in Q .sf i ., , MW , - , ,ffm .ww f :alum 'Q m,:..:'f f ,H , , ., X, . .. Mmx, ,,. .4 2 My , swf , ' . 7 w- rd' 'M' 'fm 'Y' ff 1, ':""'V51 kv .AM,+,Ax'ax. ' if 2 . Af. W N tw 45 25 il 91- 5 , U 'A , f QI, ,SS Q , f iffy K,-iff. 05, X if nv' ,,' ,,,,f' 2 f W ,, 'ww ,M af 1 ' ,g,,,fw""6"Wl' L+! W ff' .1-. ,915 ww , ',,,,Q ii ,. . I A f F 1' if fav 'V Pgvvf 5' . j ,1 " A mx n nl .9 ,Q Q ,.,:,,wvf za, Y A ,yyfww Vfrjty i,Q,,f",g.:,,,,am A V ' 3 'Lf' Q.. 'M f ""Q " f "14f!'ha?'f'3f' w'f"'Q'f4 --K 'SW + W f-.M f , R' ww Q-. ,gm-ffs f1 we M 1 -fm - id V "" 5 '4'w.' - g M Ili? A ,Q '9'v'Y',,1 as , 'Q Q, y, Myra. 93' ,. vw, gg, A 'Q - fl ,f ggi -, ,Y '55 QQ- k ,,.'iw X I Z 1, onyx 7. v V6 I W :sri A unix. M Z ,Q Q., J . Q r K. 1 Q P 1 QQ N Li WJ A ff-33:6 'hub ,A ,,,- 5 X fy-ffQqq1's sqglvii Q T y x ,Q Q8 ,, 5 x - f ,. ,V , . H xv -, Q? W ?, vi J"f'!, A gk! QC, fi U4 12.122 3,1 M as Lew ,gg f fymwq, 455 'T' '. wr , 'QM Q ya., ' uf Q 'A - V. ii L k A Q' ' RM' ""',s" pg' , K af-'A ' x, ,ww-J' 5 V1 AFV, ,n-90 xmv-L 4' if M . , n ., . 'M W ,QL Aid' , 'H Q Q1 fl 1-Q + vw, ' 'V ' gf ' 'QA " fls wvi, "f"5"" M ,,,1',,S Www .,f"3'- -H 5 m ' A- ' ' Z9 4'4"'f"f'.mw'a- 47' af- 1-" QQ' 4.1 W 'f , an Q' 8.-X 'f K . ' ' A " f Q jV""i- 9-fx ' M ff 'f ' ' "qi A 4, ' 1. ,A m MH 0 nxg, t ry Q ' , 6 ' mwlvwy f 115+ f fn if--.-. W in Q' 'S .. 'i . X. V 'Q-'w"'T!'i V Q is 'ifgfwafv ,E .,., Qf1'g:,'fa V ' 4"?v9 h ' -N .-vw -in X Q W n an . VV A I ,Q xi: -,mga Q W , 1 Wf.','7 x' Q S M 1 . :1f2s.2,u."iH3 . pgs, , M ' f "ei " -' + we , M55 ff fig, Km . Wig 4, ., Qyvtil X . . ' " Q ""' K ' . 9' gf fu W-V-5 I K M ,QR-,X fl A, - i Q F . . G K My 1 af 64,,iu,g,, , 4.-9' Aivr ' A 1 R,-cw, Q gun J " A 3-Mk W , 4"'Y'Yvf,,ef.., f T1 Y' A ' 5 r ir? ' ,. .. , JM 5 5 2 a Z-

Suggestions in the Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) collection:

Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 29

1955, pg 29

Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 20

1955, pg 20

Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 5

1955, pg 5

Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 5

1955, pg 5

Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 12

1955, pg 12

Annie Wright School - Shield Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 36

1955, pg 36

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