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 - Class of 1972

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Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1972 volume:

annhurst college woodstock, connecticut editor-in-chief assistant editor rita i. dutkowski louise uchaczyk layout editor busingss editor deborah m. mcniece linda e. mcbride the Jylzfan 1972 0 ik BX I -i v. , 7 VXI XQILRQQ .xi Q - Y, S, 52,-xi, .3-- e- "-74. x'SL5""'a1v X J" '- if ! , ,. N ,KKK . , 1 , .- nt y . X!,,l,sVl 'L-Y I 'mg' ,J -QM ,Xa s :Q..x.fb'? .,-Q: -,' fp sr f. ,. ' ,,i'v-1' nu D w',.f.f,i5x s ,att--9 Aa ra :A-. t 4 A5 M. 'vbslf " 1' ff rg-29e:"r -RUBY! - . -- .1 f.w: - dn .' ,rib led, " s 'tg 1 7 ,,:.:' fgjlxifxp. wx- "' . " -.+' W A ---'. , f i - -"-,..xfp:A , X .J ' - ' f'- -' Qin K f .' 'I ..- x .K I. :QR -4 v 5 A Y 'il ' sf: tts f A . -in , 'I 1 "',1 55 "L, X? A - x' ',. - .--,fp -..-- ,Q -- :N ,-. - E,-.Q ,A I., ' ln' I' 's-' '-' --. ' 1 QQ: 'N-'S-' XJ' ' 5 'A H 5. ' - I' M , W. xp .. 'f,b'f., . , ' 'aa' 3.3 -'Qin-'V'-"K 5' . . 5 Y N. ,' . 'V 5 A 1 '. 'U f. A. i1 X x ,nfl K 51' A-fx, V' , xi A , X H J. T Y' n-4 ' x A. s . I I it Q , , 4 , 4 ' - ' I I ', W. L J ' - f A ,Pu ,xg .A - fy' ,V I W ,I m 4-- 1 b .' 1 0 'H ' , l ' 4 ' ' X 5 ss'-.V 51 A V' ,.! ,U ,,........ V ,,-.,, . 1 "Dl ilaiOl'1+' , " W , -'M Wil' vw-va uW.a.h4.n.-. ' ' qv: . 'n-.weg A 1 1 . ,v-. , .,...-.,,l,,. I Ar .4 """' " 'uhohlgggwi l4'l--- ,I I -We-4 yesterdays are past recall and things that happened then are only shadowed memories We think of now and again . . . tofmorrows never come, they say at best they prove to be just promises of plans fulfilled and things we hope to see . . . todays are riches close at hand fresh pathways to explore new joys to lift our spirits high- What heart could ask for more'?. . doris faulhaber 3 table Q' contents dedication ............................ .. 6 administration nntlfncztltjf ........... 14 organizations ....................... ...... 3 4 nndercletssrnen ...... ...... 4 8 seniors ............ ...... 7 2 directory ........ ...... 1 1 4 advertisements ..... ...... 1 20 'N N the most mferemz' vincent j bines, afaijad bishop qt norwiclo M. , ,ig in the chaotic rush of today's society, it is rare that an individual pauses to take an interest in all that surrounds him. when such a person is found, he is indeed a treasure and as such should be acknowledged. in recognizing you as such an individ- ual, We the class of 1972 wish to dedi- cate the sylvan to you, mrs. charlotte a,. young Q .Y Wave .4 W ,pm-mv' A41 3' -.r 'kai NYSE swf' 53 fi? gf F f N, ,AQ- 492 Q 1 5' N we 2532 -Q 'B Y Wg? 335516 W mr,i,w- x Hui' 0 w . 3- 9 4-af, 2 Nunn v -aff P 'll i' fl! , Q 3 Nix xxx .. Jr. - - wa 3551 if L,-wf M 'wh WM f , Z 5 196' , LL., ,A,, 2' Q fr, I2 5 f, V , 1 1 Y., if 4 v ish 'X N 2 Q wi' ,. WEE Lf- p ' 1- 5 Hwy.,-Wi sk -if 5 6' W 'Y 1? ,iw I Ng, if W, 1 ml I x ' Q E W- , N' urs ,N S123 , 2 2 ,N- aiu -was JF. .,k 4 S i df w as B ' ju Vx- - ,X , ., j - .wr wx 11 W 1 5 if 6 E. X qi' A ,V ,V I 1 Q, Kun 'mon' HQ JI! Af ii ,fl 5? S I, un. sf ' Y' in ww , 1 vw aff 6 ' . l, ms" , f .M u ' f ,. .' 5, ", f 1 . 'nf 15. ' . ,, A, i , ' 11. , 4 1 . I nv 'f V -a u 272 nh 'Q 3 Y A 5 . I R if gm' Qi- y?.A 54 I ., 'L 1.3. 3, 'X 'vi-1 if ft, , Y Lx-an f x lx' . V , .',-if? I ,. if K 7:"ffi'?fZ -1. ,xx 1' 'it A X f' As v- , 4i"'?i Q1 .-. :vi .,, xv JP, if "ss to , 'n. 74 1 wa Lqmhfl - " W 'Q C nm, - y . .u 5- ... v ,av l 4 , f v if xg, Aff' w Qigfdt Z. - . N , ,,,, ,.. qv-swf-' 4' fm . . D Q' 0 MQ 1.7: A , - -M1 ww, '49 'G .avlium vig -if .,,,apo-1+ umm Q hr , ...W , ....., s N. M, f ,V fm., fM,,' ,num ,ma Jaan., vm,-4 ,,,,,, 'Mn-vewmm book! you lie thereg the fact is, you books must know your places. you'll do to give us the bare Words and facts, but we come in to supply the thoughts. 'I"l"l -her an mnlvill azbrdnirtratiwz G faculty sr. cecilc comrois, d.h.s. president sr. helen bonin, d.h.s. academic dean Ai nf. '22 like 59? iii sr. paulette gariepy, d.h.s. bursar registrar sr. marie cecile bergeron, d.h.s. sr. agnes therese, d.h.s director of admissions mrs. nellie labonte secretary to the dean sr. gladys marie charbonneau, d.h.s. director of personnel 'nn-.M n mrs. beausoleil circulation sr. madeleine savaria d.h.s. mrs. raymonde ghnka development office sr. st. charles, d.h.s. sr. imelda michaud, d.h.s., r.n. director of health services librarian sr. imelda lagace, d.h.s. coordinator of students V UP' mf I , miss christine barrett secretary mrs. patricia dupont education mrs ean natkm frenc german sr. ellen roland gregoire, d.h.s. mathematics dr. william lonsdale tayler political science sr. gertrude bonm, d.h.s. music mr. edward edman ., 1 7 "-dn., art sr. marie janelle, d.h.s french .eg ' mrs. lisl dinolt histoly mr. wxlham gannon education sr. claire pelletier, d.h.s 2.11 mrs. nieves mobilio sr. agnes therese d h s spanish english fr. v.m. cukuras Philosophy mlss m. ellzabeth keane english .ll sr. charles of jesus, d.h.s. french sr. marie gabrielle, d.h.s. education psychology miss anthe demeter history mr. john rotha.mel corngmuter science ma ematics 5 sr. stella bergeron, d.h.s. music fr. william weeks, s.j. theology 1-.-1-L. mrsdeniselnn engiish Y sr. christine morvan, d.h.s. mathematics mr. terrfxi wilson c emistry sr. madeleine savaria, d.h.s. philosophy mr. keenan marr english mrs. persis bawden physical education sr. helen bonin, d.h.s. english I sr. therese emiliemie, d.h.s. fr. paul chaipentier theology director of language lab sr. xita louise l'ecuyer, d.h.s. business dr. mth wallis sociology miss carol nurenberg dramatic arts mrs. ruth dodge greek atin ' mr. maurice lynch psychology business mr. truman Weller business miss helen monahan sr. cecile forest, d.h.s sociology sr. gertrude emilie, d.h.s. classics sr. cecile comtois, d.h.s. english spanish mrs. joan lucason sociology mr. wllllam smith stagecraft mrs. charlotte young history political science miss theresa o'neil education mr. thomas vasil fr. andre gariepy theology ls director of glee club mrs. gerda harrington biology sr. anne celine arpin, d.h.s biology 5 s 5 sr. constance allaire, d.h.s. music f"-'.:':.. mr. paul potvin physics dr. rosa arcia g , . spanish 'WXPML miss mary morris education 5 sr. marguerite janelle, d.h.s. philosophy sr. marie michaud, d.h.s. education psychology Sr' Paulette gariepy, d'h'S' sr. germaine marie, d.h.s. busmess snack bar ad t ae-391' dorm matrons: mrs. salvis, mrs. briere, mrs. bemier, mrs. bednarz, mrs. montville, mrs. johns, mrs. gobin, mrs. girard, mrs. burton, mrs. dembers, mrs. zanini. snackbar: mrs. kennington, mrs. seraphin svifitchboard: mrs. glmsalus, mrs. kiley bookstore: mrs. desaulniers saga: n. bemier, l. navarro, n. budars, l. champney, l. mason, e. strand, b. anderson, k. anderson maintenance: mr. nelson, mr. gagnon, mr. gauthier, mr. renfrew, mr. salvis, mr. roy. resident assistants: k. daden, t. cole, a. bergeron, c. brennan, l. holmes, e. west, d. williams, c. pekar, k. morrison, p. keefe. av M2 181:15 V W:-""'V' is YlA ff "gf xxx NK -f 'zfxszzsf' mwah, , 1 ilk? 5. 4 1 fb' Q1 F W .QQ WM'-sam . L'LW VVVLL 2422 ,Mn ,Q '3 is 'ff K6 'L 'NW if Q f poll.. ww 5 5-65.23 , id. ii AE: JJ I n -. 25, ..', 744 ,We ..,f. i f 'L-- 3 f . -':" f J, ? E wwf :nn Q 4554 fl -13' ,M Z -in 'qv 2 .43 rf Ot!" 'ji ., . A wi' ' .N S' 'Qi ' r X sf , ,., , , x :EQ ..,. 4 N 4 X gg' w ?, ' f 5 .32 Q ' 'an 'N ,- nw . if-e , Q K ui ,vi gy 'Y'-.L X ,sin NX 'Kin , as-F 951.59 l -r X M. fm 1 f ' Jn?i'L'5'i: Vx' .f ' ,. We ' 813 'W K Q' v :sw y N N A M '?v 44' :Q 2 ,a A Q W , A X, - I , gr egg. HJK , t Qfy1A'!',Nf, J A . A I gl W , Q Q , I , di I V. Afwmk qv ' X W J, 1, 23:73 J' t . f 7 Q 'N G f 5 ' , Y 'rv 4 T' M 'imp' X 1 1 " 5, 4.7" i' 'fs Va fp "W ' ' 349 'AL at '., iff .A R g"'-' ' 1 fr 'j,t'q"w'j"?, 'L 3?.:7L:. K y 11, J I f Q K A5 gk-Q A- h ln., M f xl 2..,gq:.4 L- ,, - 24 'A X - x - ,Sf . - ' . - 3, , il. QM 2 FW mx 44, g . .4 'g Q f". gi, I ,Q-g qi Q lk +4 n',f.YQ,xvs x 1 '-sam? 4 'Q -f .. if Q " ' cttw ' . . mf . f 1 A . f e- Q by A2 .1 I f Q f,, '11 ' .av 1, K "' x , . , ., Q' 1,4 11 fi xl U., , y 'f . - W " 1 'df-. f k. Q 3 . ff A . ,. A . f ' 't""fQ'3 , A f , QQ . 1 rf, nw 5'g -3. , .il if .g.- ,iZ'2f:' , ff -,AH DVA ,L , an 'f , 'if' L 'Q pf- N x ' K ,Aki , 4 ,, n - s Sjiuwis pq if . I VV ,,,. gm' 4 -...,,, if ,y f 1 .e ., , rj ' .Mi M - V ., 9, .1 4 ' "W , .."" ' . - f " '45""'5f' V, Y' , , 1 . 'D N ' 49 ., , we 'AM ,4 1,,Q ' I ' in .. sh- Y ' ' Y ' f' 45' ' ' A: ' i-' ' ' ,, 1 ln 4 ,agfw-A sq ' 1 4 4 , ng 'Q Wf9N5"' ' w 3- J 7, ff ANWQ sm ,. nba O 1' S a n i z a I i o n s the present moment is significant, not as the bridge between past and future, but by reason of its contents, contents which can fill our emptiness and become ours, if we are capable of receiving them. markings g. norton, a. gosselin, g. ferrara standing: n. b0ucher-secre- tary, g. ferrara-publicity, l. franco-treasurer, r. lon 0- Eresident, c. blanchardg-li- rariang sitting: t. carey-so- cial chairman, j. clogg-syl- van leader, c. chmelo- business manager 36 lambafcz iota mu glee club pczflezn' club d. hlastawa-secretary-treasurer, t. gi guere-president, m. lucas-vice president Jociology club d. capone-president, d. o'day-treasurer, r. castro-vice-president, c. cunningham-secretary 37 litemfjf club a. bergeron-secretary-treasurer, d. naples-president, k. lysik- vice-president 3 8 Jylvam first row: c. cunningham, s. hess, d. williams, j. markowski, r. longo second row: b. diana, a. podvin, clogg, t. carey, r. mihalik Cldifitlf club n. wahlberg-vice-president, m. ryan-president, k. mahoney-secretary-treasurer an' club n. Hagg-president, k. black-secretary-treasurer, f paladino-vice-president 39 m. jerue, g. ferrara staafent national ea'ncation affociation qf connecticut kappa gainnza pi collegiate clmktian aysociation chairman a. deegan, m. donovan g. dunn-co-chairman, a. podvin- heather front: e. west-associate editor, c. pekar-editor, l. thomas, j. farrell- associate editors, back: m. jones-associate editor, e. linz-photographer mafia club front: m. chartier, e. labelle-co-secretaries, p. mack-president, colonnese-treasurer, back: s. zukowski-vice-president 41 finden! government association- 1971 M, ,. .M-1, . ff ,- .f-V ,, fs., 4 Q- ' X , f .A A - ,QV V, ,Q . ,X 1-,, kneeling: p. keefe-vice- resident, m. jerue-president, b. d?ana-sec- retary, l. ashua-treasurer, stand- ing: g. ferrara-senior class presi- dent, l. holmes-program commit- tee chairman, a. bellavance-day student representative, k. hart- igan-junior class president, p. or- tisi-freshman class representative, e. criasia-social chairman, n. bou- cher-nsa senior delegate, m. jones-nsa junior delegate, cic- cone-sophomore class presi ent student gooefnrneni association-1972 sitting: k. mahoney-treasurer, l. holmes-vice president, b. tidgewell- secretary, c. pekar-president, d. dillon- freshman class president, standing: k. hartigan-junior class resident, g. fer- rara-senior class president, s. boucher- nsa delegate, e. criasia-social chairman, m. girard-nsa delegate, missing: p. de- lavance-day hop representative, r mihalik-program committee chairman 42 cke -sophomore class president, a. bel- I e. mclelland-president, e. craisia-junior dele- gate, l. uchaczyk-senior delegate, b. denver- treasurer public zz airs club :Mia qbsilon szgma g. norton education club ccmto k. lysik, a. bergeron-assist ant editors, j. farrell-editor, d. schenk-assistant editor d. williams-vice-president, m. napp-president, r. lariccia-secretary- tl'63Slll'el' who? who amweg american colleges and zmiffmities front row ferrara, n boucher j dunphy l. uchaczyk, c. brennan, g. nortong baci row: p. keefe, t. caieif, m. jenie m. decam s-vice resident a osselin resident, po P a ' g 'P l. boucher-treasurer, d. del-zio-secretary fnmcla club sitting: kennan-senior representative, b. an- dreola-so homore P P - g ' secretary-treasurer, standinig: k. ,morrison-vice- president, m. smith-presi ent, b. houle-fresh- man representative athletic association 1 re resentative b tid ewell business club j. booker-president, s. cassella-treasurer, b. turner-vice president, secretary le-preside asurer 504121319 club 1 -secre german club d. delzio-president, l. taylor-secretary-treasurer, k. murray-vice-president EQ, t '35, HHIHIHN!U!lll5Ill!ll1ll!IIIUIIHUHIW ll!HHHlllEHlIIi!!Il!liII!IIIIHIIIIUIl f ll fl d C If C l a s s m C I1 i am being driven forward into an unknown land. the pass grows steeper, the air colder and sharper. a wind from my unknown stirs the strings of expectation. still the question: shall i ever get there? there where life resounds, a clear pure note in the silence. -markings goal l-r: s. uy, e. marino, m. gerarde, d. petrosky, m. fleming, m. scarpelli, d. franco. l-r: m. hewitt, s. muenchow, e. montano, k. bourque, v. feskanin, r gaumond, briere, a. hazuka. 1-r: a. acunzo, s. russell, b. burke, m. going, c. jones. 5 sitting: b. dionne, m. blanchette, d. galan. standing: e. kapas, c. rizulo, a. zigaro, s. brown, m. bouchard. 51 l-r: m. violi, v. chuchara, l. larichiuta, a iannucci, j. cutting, s. donovan, m woodmancy. l-r: k. tierney, l. jewell, p. guertin, b. d,onofrio. l-r: k. mahoney, m. Hoyd, l. zabka, d. slapski, s. perkins. standing: p. Souza, m. messier, c. salvo. sitting: c. martinelli, m. calderon m. teece, hoffman, e. houle, m. camparone. l-r: d. malloy, d. leone, n. porto, n. wahlberg, a. cunningham, c. paradise, e. stravinskas, c. mackay, t. watrous. 53 l-r: d. devine, k. black, c. lashua, j. mccaffrey, e. tidgewell, p. sherry, j. sicotte, m cassidy. c I cl 5 .Y 0 1 9 7 4 sitting: p. connors, l. chabot. standing: l. ravenelle, s. allard, s. allard, m. simmons. 54 I-r: j. gosselin, e. fitzsimmons, p. kmon, l. mal- coon, d. slachetka, e. krustapentus. l-r: p. cann, b. boyce, k. murray, l butler, garofolo, m. pietrowski m. murray, m. tenczar, g. dunn, m lackey, j. arel. sitting: clifford, d. langevin, p. cic- cone, k. kennedy, p. olenkiewicz. standing: k. kramarczyk, r. lariccia, c. beminger, m. etoll, p. ouellet, d. bur- que, n. russell. l-r: c. conklin, mcdevitt, a. rabuse, c. hopsicker, d. phaneuf, p. deckel, s. bou- cher, l. metzler. sitting: d. soitos, p. rigo, s. nista. standing: hanisco, markowski, s. 0'hora, e. mavros, b. andreola. 56 l-r: g. antoian, k. daden, k. tsagaris, c Hyun, l. leblanc, m. good, j. beausoleil. l-r: m. o'rilley, p. fox, t. casey, m. girard, s. allman, n. johnson, d. hlastawa m. o'neil. F l-r: l. rhinehart, knight, e. labelle, l. titchen, p. tetreault. 57 I-r: l. taylor, ortisi, k. hartigan, e. west, e. o'dowd, k. morrison, c. pekar, n palmieri, n. agg. c I cz 5 .Y 0 1 9 7 3 l-r: b. mironick, s. hess, l. reardon, b. turner, j. t Slattery, v. forseth, s. zukowski. l-r: l. lyons, desorcy, d. harnois, p. mack, colonnese, k 4chrimes, k. lysik. l-r: r. mihalik, a. labelle, m. katuzny, m. ryan, a. fiske. 59 I f x 1 l-r: d. schenk, v. butler, l. holmes, m. lucas, t. cantara, k. wright, a. bergeron, j. farrell, m. jones. 60 .gv 5 A W A 1 l-r: m. donovan, d. naples, l. boucher, d. del-zio, k. dillon, s. lleming, a killeen. sitting: d. o'day, curatolo, g. thomhill, p. plante, d. rucci. standing: clogg, moran, e. criasia, f. paladino, d. williams. l-r: m. desinor, s. junge, b. yanke, j. beauregard, m. shea. v'xP l-r: p. borgnine, b. denver, m. brundrett. l-r: e. letourneau, a. deegan, m. cronin, m. desaul niers, a. benham, m. wright, c. cunningham. l " 'F' 4 Hi, y T, ' aa ' f l-r: e. arguello, sr. izaguirre, sr. m. mocte- zuma, alurralde, m. perez, e. motoyama, c. sanchez, l. garcia, santelli, m. avila intewmtiwzal imtitzzte l-r: m. Sanchez, t. hasbun, a. unda, l navarro, sr. m. arroyo, m. elortegui sr. m. jauregui, m. sabre. sitting: m. leblanc, l. fuenmayor, m. calderon. standing: m. salazar, m. navarro, c. socorro, d. sandoval,'b. hemandes. 63 K 5ff fl ,M I vi: ' ,. 1 lip ""f.ii ,ff J' ff O Q 5 N w.- f ix is 'Wh- ff IAA ,iw ,L,, J Qg I V , sv 5 2, , Z E Q X ' , 5' E fl' ,M 11- ' 4' " g sz uf- ' T, 7 if .jr 59' Sq? , 57, I x. v 4 M ., 5 in s - fm A sl ku -ur W Mmag, "td, f ,r 'O ,Y ' 91' il fix, K -- 4 ws, -1-.N A A A -'17-P . . s f Z 'S , ,X 5 1 25327 1 'W 1 . V f Q I, f mfr' at 35 aw: A+ ...Q-+.., QQ H .ix -. . X Q., Q- - i .X- Ui.: W . - . Mg S, , ww xg- S R Q 'F f 5. ur Q wmv 5 -3 f A 3:5 5 s"6,-, S f "" L hah W Q: V-A Ne' x Qxsbhl if I v-If . ,,J'!" an 6521? Wm W, 3 ,V .5 xiw! A ' K4 'T' wg gugilk A ,IM J, fs- 343? ' v wif' We as l im .pw Q h 5Hx"'? in my A: 'Q 1' unix. 'WN ww"XQQ',L , f . f ,1, xv, U' 754, Lf' 1, w . Y ww ,L 'W?'1'fa2 ff3g"? YM , .,,'4'4,,I '.'i'.'V'4' fr '1 gift' W3 , J- N T , Q'.5.1lj:Mz X ,QLWVV K 1 ,. mi- 4 1 U , Q5 : - L ,-Ls Q fx O Q f'Af A ik AK '45 1- xii s. v 11 'Q ,Q 4 41, 4- vf J.i,, ig Y, 9 1 uw' 1-.ff 5 'Viv' W Pf,,5x.5.,,gg me i ...sf ugvf i5L QW 5' 5 f .Q Q ...ivy QE 1 I X if, S ,... X if gf T? K FK if -f -uv S Q o A S Q ix . We -Aw .W f'A f '.. ,E Aww X Q i Q5 E5 ig ,M 5f I X I f i Qi Q N, :gl v ww ii? commencement is a janus-word: it looks backward and forward with a clear-eyed gaze and finds the World of classroom bells and books, now left, no cause for sadness, and the ways that open to the future happier yet. so stand a moment, savoring how in one bright interlude your memories are met with much that's unaccomplished, much unwon. and, standing here, be glad the past you cherished is tucked within the pocket of your heart Cfor nothing there is ever lost or perishedl but be more glad you are about to start giving your dreams and aspirations form. breathe life into them, vibrant, glowing, Warm. -elaine v. emans rose marie castro sociology "a shir that bears much sail, and little or no ba last, is easily oversetg and that man whose head has great abilities, and his heart little or no grace, is in danger of anne bradstreet linda m. riera elementary education asucces l le th h t k of an ill' :Zilla dellizs fiitwufsuiciliiffi people consider bothersome. " llI'lO1'ly1'n0U8 christine c. chmelo englzkb ana' elementary education . . . images of our perishing lives will not survive they will vanish smiling and in the flickering dust of sunlight every hour to new joys and unhappiness . . . they will rise. hermann hesse marilyn ann jerue flames "yesterday we complained about time and trembled at its terrors. but today we have learned to love it and revere it, for now we understand its intents, its natural disposition, its secrets, and its mysteries. " kahlil gibran 76 deborah helen demko elementmy education and history "you have not fuuilled every duty unless you have fuyilled that of being cheerful and pleasant. " c. buxton barbara jean diana elementmjf educatimz "those who bring sunshine into the lives of others can- not keep it from themselves. " f - , is james m. barrie deborah mary mcniece elementmy educatiwz "man can see mountains and rivers by gazing in a stone, can taste the seas in a drop of water, can live his life in an- other's life. and so, man is never alone. " habib sahabib 77 barbara mcheffey biology "a man said to the universe: 'sir i exist' 'how- ever,' replied the universe, 'that fact has not created in me a sense of obligationf " stephen crane 78 donna V. a. capone Jaciology "but now i am si i'm as clever as clever so i think i'll 7 be six now for ever and ever. " a.a. milne linda mary thomas englzlvb "wisdom does not inspect but behold. we must look a long time before we can see" Henry David Thoreau maureen smith elementmy education "hang on to your hopes, my friend. that's an easy thins! to say, but your h es s ould pass away simp y pretengo you can build them again. " simon and garfunkel 79 therese giguere biology "the worst povert in the world is igno- rance of one's ricl?es." 80 richard seaoer barbara karapanos elementary education "the best day-today the greatest mistake-giving up the greatest comfort-work well done greatest need-common sense" GI101'ly1Yl0U8 kathleen s. montour elementafy education the person that each of us is . . is unique anonymous .-,: RWE 5 ":" 5 5 f ' :' i 1 ':" r to Q 'W st' six I E is elizabeth a. neergaard elementafy education "as long as i live i shall always be my self-and no other, just me . . . " walter de la mare au if! lana gombosi elemenlmy education 'memories are the fuel that aloneness bums on 99 seo !l1lOny77lOUS judy booker accounting 'there is no such best as best-to-come." lionel bart marion katherine wojick elementary education "nothing can bring you peace but yoursehp' emerson marie elizabeth giantonio social Jcience "the times are not so had as they seemg they couldn't be. " jay franklin janice keenan elementary educatiwz smiles are passports through the desert and visas to all alien countries . . . rod mckuen is joan k. iannotti business educatiwz "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, ha s . . . he hears a di erent drummer. let him Pe' P , step to the music he hears, owever measured or far away. " thoreau 2 fs s F lynne simmons elementary education "d0n't walk in front of me-i may not follow don't walk behind me-i may not lead walk beside me-and just be my friend." U. C 0111118 susan Cecilia cassella accounting ter in winter when it is already spring. ' al 2 "we should be blessed if we lived in the ,present always. we loi- thoreau Susan cournoyer bwineys education "it takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong. " henry wadsworth longfellow x Va. . linda ann franco elementary education "you are you and i am i, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful. " frederick s. perls av 87 crcr w 'usa Q linda e. mcbride elementary education "write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year. betsy lekas .facial science "the lifetime i have left i open up to you to tread u on and travefthroughf' emerson rod mekuen annette denise gosselin french "onlie that day dawns to which we are awa ." thoreau 5 louise m. tenczar elemmlmy education 'i wait for happiness because i know it waits Y for me. vivien leigh barbara ann hudak elementary eelzzcation a uwhaf do we live for, it is not to make life less deficult to each ot er?" george eliot jeannine 0. dunphy engliyla "we are not ermitted to choose the frame of our destiny gut what we put into it is ours.' dag hammarskiold patricia e. carey Jociology "the most lost day of all is the clay on which we do not laughv nicolas chamfort eileen marie linz laistofy "he who thinks for himsem and rarely imitates, is a free man. " klopstock marybeth alexio elementmy edzzaztion "never measure the height of a mountain, until Zou have reached the top. then you will see low it was dag hammarskjold eileen june mitschele elementary education "the waves echo behind me. patiencefaith-openness, is what the sea has to teach. there are more shells to find. this is only the beginning. " ann morrow lindbergh 93 anne catherine campochiaro 191310191 'he is not a lover who does not love forever euripides judith perry french "there are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet. " admiral william haley 1 ann nalezinski elementary education "time does not pass-it is motionless it is we who pass upon its surface- as shi s that sail upon the sea from harbor to harhor. and after a little rest embark upon another voyage. winston o. abbott er- NM? .L ,,,, 4. . c,., E A A . ., .su rita i. dutkowski loiytmy "as a man thinks, so he isg as he continues to think, so Y, he remains. james allen catherine e. brennan biiyinesy administration- amounting "a friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out" anonymous elizabeth . osley engliyla "you shall above all things be glad and young. for if you're young, whatever life you wear it will become youg and if you are glad whatever's living will yoursey' become." e.e. cummings as louise uchaczyk laiytory "some men see things as they are and say why, i dream things as they never were and say why not. " george bernard shaw 98 susan ann reed bzzsineyy adminiytration "observe thysehf as thy greatest enemy would do, so shalt thou be thy greatest friend. " jeremy taylor Valerie doris gravelin elementary edzzcation and french "optimism is the true philosophers' stone, which turns to gold everything it touches" jean etienne chaponniere ,,,f5V, linda miscook roscioli elemmtmy educatiwz "a great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. william james 99 cynthia cruz foam! sczences "to give til i am empty tolouetilifill to teach til i awake to be taught til i die. " aHOHymOU8 jo ann adint lozlfloiy "to be free, to be able to stand up and leave everything behind . . . without looking back ...tosayyes.. dag hammarskjold carol girard elementmy education "this above all: to thine own sehf be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. ' shakespeare ,Q patricia i. attardo elementary edzzcation "if you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lostg there is where they should be. now put foundations under them. ' henry david thoreau X I Q 5 -4 'x kt .fd . M. Q, L R-1?'1' ww , . is e :W ff? my r s , s o ,,, ' , s K , oo .. , ., . ....h ,., .,,. . 1 . o A , . ' ' - - V- 'W ' P' .nf ' ' if 'Y-9.5 . 1 if s .5 1.4 xxx, 5.-y-Ls K my g. 'Vy. 332. W A M y . X Q.. , V xv my ,KKL wi . 1 yin i. s ss. X a . . .4 ,X . 5 Q, y A , 5. . , .- X t an ,Q ., 8 y n. , - Q xi, xwsqr X , , 1 . -alt.. A : is is 1. , 4 4 f o .ff..g1 K gs. . . .Q HAR.. Rm yy A X I.. ., ..Mw,5X.X.. in t ...Q .X .1 .f ,iam Q - . 1.85,-rs. priscilla c. gimas social science "the delphic oracle said i was the wisest of all the reeks. it is because that i alone, of all the greeks, inow that i know nothing." socrates grown. " margaret louise green elementaiy educaiiwz "it is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg what is essential is invisible to the eye." antoine de saint exupery nancy lee boucher elementaiy education "to have failed is to have striven, to have striven is to have m.d. babcock kathleen a. hughes elementary educatiofz uthouilg we travel the world over to find t beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." ralph waldo emerson 104 annette podvin elementary edumtion "you'become responsible forever for what you have tamed z am responszble for my rose. antoine de st. exupery rosemarie longo englzkla and elementary education "we should meet each morning as from dforeign countries, and nding the day together, should epart at night, as into oreign countries. in all things i would have the island of a man inviolatef' Cynthia coope elementary education "wisdom is as vast and ageless as the sea but love and beauty reach beyond its farthest shore. " winston o. abbott r. w. emerson anne marie . michalowski elementmy education "happiness does not depend upon what hap- pens outside of you but what happens inside of you . . . wihfred a. peterson grace kathleen norton mgliyla "there is no wisdom for a man without harmony, and with- out harmonze there is no contemplation. without con- templation t re cannot be peace, and without peace can there be joy?" the bhagavad gita patricia eymard keefe latin "you give but little when you ive of your possessions. it is when you give of yoursehg that you truly give. " kahil gibran 3 A EQEQIZ1 14 mm 1 joanne speranza elementafy edacatiwz "and what a waste of Eod's free time to not love readily and straight a eadf, 'I08 rod mckuen gilda ferrara mglisla "if i shoot at the sun, i may hit a star." p. t. bamum maria decampos french "life is filled with many seeming contradictions for joy that is shared grows eoen greater while sadness shared is lessened. " winston o. abbott V. Cynthia c. blanchard elementary education 'friendship that flows from the heart can- not be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter. ' james fenimore cooper 109 Valerie reneie marino .racial .vcience "see the world, ask what's it for, understandin nothing more, don't you feellsmall, it happens to us all. " moody blues eileen mclelland .fociccl science "so many times mere words fall useless to the ground and only then in the silence can the truth be heard. " winston o. abbott smary theresa napp elemerztccry edzcccztion "it is not a thought i leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst. yet i cannot tarry longer. " kahlil gibran margaret anne ripple elementary eclucation "somethings are better shared-a griejl a joy . . . and our own faith is not the least of these." helen lowrie marshall 'I I2 ramona chauvin biology "there is great wisdom in the simplicity of a beast, let me tell youg and sometimes great fool- ishness in the wisdom of scholars. " george bernard shaw sr. agnes plante business 'joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of god. leon bloy sr. jean lafreniere an, educatim 7, sr. annette langlois hisfofy "it's the song ye sing, and the smiles ye wear, that's a makin' the sunshine everywheref' james wi tcomb riley sr. mary laura aylward alzzcation sr. cecile comtois, d.h.s. ph.d. president sr. helen bonin, d.h.s. ph.d. academic dean sr. agnes therese, d.h.s. instructor of english b.a. st. joseph's college m.a. fordham university sr. anne celine, d.h.s. instructor in biology b.a. diocesan sisters college m.s. catholic university persis bawden instructor in physical education sr. cecile comtois, d.h.s. associate professor of english b.a. annhrust college m.a., ph.d. fordham university sr. cecile forest, d.h.s. assistant professor of sociology b.a. annhurst college m.a., ph.d. fordham university sr. charles of jesus instructor in french b.m. manhattanville college of the sacred heart m.m. university of montreal rev. paul charpentier instructor in theology hgh college of philosophy, montreal st . university of montreal sr. christine morvan associate profesor of mathematics b.a., m.a., ph.d. catholic university sr. claire pelletier, d.h.s. instructor in art b.a., m.f.a. catholic university sr. constance allaire instructor in music b. mus manhattanville college of sacred heart rev. valdemaras m. cukuras professor of philosophy m.a. university of kansas ph.d. gregorian university, rome s.t.d. angelicum university, rome anthe demeter lecturer in histo b.a. simmons colflege m.a. university of connecticut lisl dinolt assistant profesor of history haccalaureat, weiner frauen erwerbs verein b.a., m.a. university of connecticut mth dodge amistant professor of latin and greek b.a., ma. brown university jenny alun'alde murachi tlas acaciasj valera, trujillo venezuela adminzktmtion sr. marie cecile, d.h.s. sr. paulette gariepy, d.h.s. m.a. m.a. registrar bursar sr. agnes therese, d.h.s. IYL3. director of admisions fctcztlty patricia f. dupont asistant supervisor of student teachers b.f.a. mamachusetts college of arts sr. dons bembe, d.h.s. instructor in education b.a. diocesan sisters college m.a. fairlield university edward a. edman lecturer in fine arts b.f.a. university of connecticut sr. ellen roland gregoire instructor in mathematics b.a. diocesan sisters college m.a. catholic university ph.d. candidate catholic university william gannon instructor in education b.s. holy cross m.a. assumption m.ed. worcester state rosa m. garcia asistant professor of spanish b.a., m.a., ph,d university of havana rev. andre gariepy instructor in theology stb university of montreal j.c.b. catholic university sr. gertrude emilie, d.h.s. amociate rofessor of latin b.a., m.a. boston college sr. gertmde bonin, d.h.s. instructor in music b.mus. manhattanville college m.mus. duquesne university gerda harrington ilrstmctor in biology b.a. annhurst college m.a.t. rhode island college sr. helen bonin, d.h.s. asistant professor of english b.a. annhurst college m.a., ph.d. fordham university sr. imelda michaud, d.h.s. instructor in biology b.a. annhurst college m.s. st. mary's college mary elizabeth keane instructor in en lish b.a. annhurst crslege m.a. mndidate breadloaf school of english joan lucason instructor in sociology b.a. southem connecticut state college m.a. university of connecticut maurice lynch lecturer in psychology b.a. american intemational college m.ed westfield state college m.a. columbia university denise lynn lecturer in english b.a. vassar m.s. eastem connecticut state college sr. madeleine savaria, d.h.s. associate professor of dphilosophy b.a. college of our Ia y of the elms m.a. boston college ph.d. catholic university sr. marguerite janelle, d.h.s. lecturer in philosophy b.a. diocesan sisters college m.a. candidate catholic university sr. marie gabrielle, d.h.s. assistant professor of education b.a. diocesan sisters college m.ed. boston college ph.d. fordham university sr. marie michaud, d.h.s. instructor in education and psychology b.s. st. peplfs college m.ed. fordham university sr. marie janelle, d.h.s. asociate profesor of french b.a. regis college m.a. radclilfe college ph.d. fordham university keenan marr lecturer in english b.a. dunstan university m.a. rhode island college nieves mobilio lecturer in spanish diploma university of madrid helen monahan assistant professor of business b.s. emmanuel college m.a. boston university mary t. morris instructor in education b.a. good counsel college m.a. university of pennsylvania m.a. university of connecticut jean natkin instructor in german and french b.a. annhurst college diploma k. handelsschule, basel m.a. university of connecticut carol nurenberg dramatic arts, speech b.a.e. university of florida m.a. columbia theresa o'neil intematiana! institute director of teacher education b.a. aroostook teachers' college m.a. queens university belfast, ireland sr. paulette gariepy, d.h.s. instmctor in business b.a. annhurst college m.a. in b.e. college of st. rose paul potvin lecturer in physics bs. norwich university sr'. rita louise, d.h.s. instmctor in business b.s. annhurst college m.b.a. university notre dame john rothamel instructor in mathematics b.s. providence college william smith instructor in stage craft b.f.a. university of oklahoma sr. stella bergeron, d.h.s. instructor in music b.mrrs., m.mus., hartt college of musir william lonsdale tayler professor of political science .a. university of texas m.a. american university m.a., ph.d., columbia university sr. therese emilienne director of langua e laborato b.a. college of new? rochelle ry thomas vasil director of glee club b.mus new england conservatory m.mus new england conservatory ruth sawtell wallis emor of and anthropolog bl.: m.a. radclilf ph.d. colrunbh university rev. william weeks, s.j. msociate rofessor of theol b.a., m.aRnston college ogy tr'uman d. weller lecturer in business b.a. university of nebraska m.b.a. harvard university terry e. wilson instructor in chemistry b.s. university of wisconsin m.n.s. university of idaho charlotte young instructor in history and political science b.a., m.a.' alfred university eileen al'g'll6ll0 martha arroyo fsisterj Cilldild mercedarian sister of berris el Sill! mlgllel 9th at ingalls ave el S3.lV3d0l' hoy, new yqrk maria avila 11 calle poniente 4814 san salvador, el salvador maria barragan 68714 apartado caracm- 106 venezuela mercedes calderon 8101 toluca mexico yul-ja chung fmotoyama etsuko1 clo asmoun apt. 8020 143-44 Sanford avenue flushing, new york maria elorteagui :Juina de tablitas . uriman 3 piso apt. 31, distrito federal caracas 101, venezuela leslie fuenmayor p.o. box 2394 urracas, venezuela laura garcia cuauhtemoc 100 sur durango, mexico tatiana hasbun lcilornetro 5-'A planes de renderos san salvador, el salvador adint, jo anne fp. 1011 box 951 pomfret, conn. 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nancy 141 bogert street totowa borough, n.j. 07512 pekar, carol 603 brooks street bridgeport, conn. 06608 plante, patricia 25 yarmouth road east rockaway, l.i., n.y. 11518 reardon, leslie 4 mountainview drive ashland, mas mcci, dianan 264 ponus ridge new canaan, conn 06840 an, maureen 'Y 313 south broad street meriden, conn IXS450 claw qf 1974 belanger, linda field hill road box 34 clayville, r.i. 02815 beminger, catherine shore road chatham, new york 12037 black, karen 21 morvdecai-lincoln road north scituate, mas 02060 boucher, susan 28 downes avenue pawtucket, r.i. 02861 boyce, barbara sunset lane south dartmouth, mass 02748 burke, sandra 24 sherry lane danbury conn 06810 burque, denise :nflines avenue ord, mas 01757 butler, linda pocahontas road west redding, conn 06896 cann, patricia 45 silliman road wallingford, conn M1492 casey, theresa 59 arline drive waterbury, conn 06705 casidy, maureen washburn drive plainville, conn tli162 chabot, linda salvas, gertruue p.o. box 33, rte. 169 south woodstock, conn 0638 Schenk, debra old lcing's highway hampton, conn 06M7 shea, mary 95 fenimore blvd springfield, mass 01108 slattery, judith 9 red coat road norwalk, conn 06850 taylor, leslie nathan hall drive coventry, conn 06238 thomhill, gayle 16 elmina drive south attleboro, mass 02803 tumer, barbara 431 north main street danielson, conn 06239 west, elaine madison road durbam, conn M422 williams, denise B7 south main street attlebom, mass 02703 wright, mary jean rte 6, box 252 north little rock, arkansas 72118 yanke, bette a 97 vance street new britain, conn 06052 zukowski, susan pmewood' driv webster, mass 711570 16 holly hill drive uncmvllle, conn 06382 chartier, madalene lake road dayville, conn 06241 ciccone, patricia 91 summit street norwich, conn 06360 cliiford, joyce 24 preston street huntington, n.y. 12550 conklin, charlene 28 parkway drive newburgh, n.y. 12550 connors, patricia 41 reed street rockville, conn 06066 daden, karen 9 oakhurst mad simsbury, conn 06070 ' deckel, paula 594 country way scituate, mam 02060 devine, dolores I7 sandhurst drive west hartford, conn 06107 knight, judith 204 'ngside a enue pittsallld, mass 11,1201 kramarczyk, karen ltl1 harrington avenue new haven, conn 06512 krawczyk, andrea N hutler place northampton, nmss 01060 7 krustapentus, emilie 14 allen street athol, mass 01331 labelle, elaine rfd 2, killingly avenue putllam, conn 06260 lacilla, lois 6 woodland heights west boylston, mass 01583 lackey, maureen 73 park street plainville conn 06062 lajeunesse, phyllis 195 church street moosup, conll 06354 langevin, denise 226 dremer street southbridge, mass 01550 laprade, linda rfd 2, david avenue danielson, conn 06239 lariccia, ramona 10 claremont avenue danbury, conn 06810 dunn, geraldine 80 pearl avenue hamden, conn 06514 etoll, marybetll 318 asb1u'y avenue adbury park, 07712 farrar, kathleen a 1131 applegate avenue elimbe , -15.07202 litzsirmnons, eileen 1211 long hill road ebeshire, conn 06410 llynn, carol 97 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gareau avenue ware, mass 01082 laroche, catherine a school street north grosvemordale, conn 06255 lashua, carolyn 159 grahamlstreet gardner, mam 01440 leblanc, linda a 75 southwind road waterbury, conn 06708 linga, regina t 27 haynes street worchester, mass 01603 mccallrey, judith Z1 brown avenue fitchburg, mam 01420 mcdevitt, jean 18 dogwood drive danbury, conn 06810 mackiewicz, marynia e 841 randolph street abington, mass 02351 malcoon, laura j 32 lake street moosup, conn 06354 markowski, joan a 115 elm street north haven, conn 06473 mavros, elaine a 78 orchard street oyster hay, 1.i., n.y. 11771 metzler, linda k 621 long beach road rockville center, n.y, 11570 murray, karen e 461 uonock avenue wintlslgll, conn 06095 fnufray, nlallreen 111 460 tpgquonock avenue win r, conn 06095 nista, sally ann 11 hi wood avenue hamcgil, conn 06514 o'hora, sally m 218 lake scranton road scranton, penn 18505 clan' qf 1975 bemier, linda 1 pleasant street dayville, conn 06241 blanchette, marilyn 14 katherine avenue danielson, conn 06239 olenkiewicz, paula j 41 sherwood lane nonvich, conn 06360 o'neil, mary e 162 dexter street cumherland, r.i., 02864 o'rilley, mary ann 110 elam street nre britain, conn 06053 ouellet, patricia 12.3 oneco street norwich, conn 06360 pershula, nancy fmrsj rte 12, p.o. box 43 north grosvemordale, conn 06255 phaneuf, deborah 1 103 farmington avenue plainville, conn 06062 pietrowski, mary a 28 otis street norwich, conn 06360 rabuse, ann marie 8 greenview road danbury, conn 06810 ravenelle, linda m rte. 1, ravenelle road north groewemordale, conn 06255 rhinehart, lynda rte 2, searles road pomfret centre, conn 06259 rigo, paula a 380 bumside avenue inwood, 1.i., n.y. 11696 russell, nancy e 36 sherwood drive new milford, conn 06776 sherry, patricia a 35 parkwood blvd poughkeepsie, n.y. 12603 sicotte, jane 1 298 park place woonsocket, r.i. 02895 simmons, marilyn r 393 chase parkway waterbury, conn 06708 slachetka, denise a 418 brook street linden, n.j. omful soitos, deborah a 212 dighton avenue taunton, mass 02780 tenczar, mary ann 47 green street southbridge, mass 01550 tetreault, patricia m 138 woodside street putnam, conn 06260 tidgewell, elizabeth m. 4 ives lace guilforg, conn 06437 titchen, linda watson road quinebaug, conn 06262 tsagoris, katherine 140 dudley drive fairfield, conn 06430 bouchard, maryann 1 70 laconia court putnam, conn 06260 bouchard, nicole f 33 briggs street new london, conn 06301 bourque, kathy ltorpita road danielson, conn 06239 briere, jane a 32 harrison street putnam, conn. 06260 brown, susan 58 longmeadow avenue hamden, conn. 06514 buckley, kathryn 1 484 liretown road simsbury, conn 06070 burlce, betty lou 45 silent grove north westport, conn 06880 burke, patricia rfd 31 dayville, conn 06241 calderon, mary 17 merriam avenue bloomfield, conn 06002 camparone, maria t 123 berlin street providence, r.i. 02980 cuchara, valynne scout road southbury, conn 06488 cunningham, april 854 forbes street east hartford, conn 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leominster, mass 01453 guertin, priscilla east hartford avenue uxbridge, mass 01569 hazuka, ann 1 3 mazzotta place middletown, conn 06457 hewitt, margaret route 179 centon centre, conn 06020 holfman, joan m 72 brentwood mad tewlrsbury, mass 01876 houle, elizabeth chuch street woodbury, conn 06798 iannucci, angel 8 sunbroolc road woodhridge, conn 06525 ietto, valerie j 75 sycamore road dumont, 07628 jennings, patricia j 49 llorence street Winchester, mass 01890 jewell, linda lee N clairemont avenue nonvvich, conn 06360 jones, carol 32 blue mountain road norwallg conn 06851 kapas, elizabeth east wallum lake road pascoag, rhode island 02859 kemp, helen box 224, route 21 thompson, conn 06277 labelle, michelle n' 421, box 467 dayville, conn 06241 larichiuta, lynn m 391 central avenue new haven, conn 06515 mackay, carole anne scho6eld avenue dudley, mass 01570 mahoney, lcathryn a 392 ridgf road ' glens fa s, n.y. 12801 malloy, dale h 12 hartford avenue stamford, conn 06907 marino, elizabeth 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spemnzcz "you'will become as small as your controlling desireg as great as your dominant aspiration. -james allen congratulations and best wishes mn and mm. laemy p. wqick the laqbe chest we specialize in gifts for showers, wed- dings, anniversaries and other occasions. - We have a special registration service for showers and weddings. big bunny shopping plaza southbridge, massachusetts -may Gaumond Bros. 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"though We travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or We will find it not." -ralph Waldo emerson congratulations to the class of 1972 mn and mn. jolm uclmcqyk Y , s --.1 ZQET-.. fag: 1, -ZA nqmmw V- qv-.g l f- ' !":-' !,"!l'ff':14-X "1',. gIi.51'1y' '52 X I i lf H11 Qifllgg: lltgi wxtlzzhvo mil.uu.LLxlm.. 1 vw 'I ww M..- - ' lx M-,lx !5Dq Lfntnen :za North Grosvenor Gale, Scam. I 1 , 'y fl ' I MEMBER - Fl.D.I.C. 3 I L 'WEST EGfCfIECTlC5f'f'S ITC? 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Suggestions in the Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) collection:

Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 73

1972, pg 73

Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 28

1972, pg 28

Annhurst College - Sylvan Yearbook (Woodstock, CT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 25

1972, pg 25

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