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Annawan High School - Tom Tom Echoes Yearbook (Annawan, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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x SMX xi l Q qm aZieQiQ xxiix 4i fmf.' 2. f .' 1f ' M fifk ilifi f lf J' 2 CHDCE Edzmr ,,.,Q.... ..........,.,....... GENE Llmuus Assistant Editw '.... CQRISTA G.AII,. PEAR1' K, Art Editor ......., ..... ...... I 9 I-IYLLIS DECKER fjOl7Z UOHZ 5450.51 lhlsivless al4nnng'e1' .... Louis TEERLINCIQ Xlvtiviries .............. Nomm BQLLENGIER P7lbfi5f7Cd by Snapshots .....,,......... I-Inc1,1Q:N Du DECIQISIQ J , , , .ganioi Cami livery member in the class wrote of copy or had u specific job to do. . . . ANNAXYAN HIGH SCHOOL lfggylffy SIDQ71-ygy' Al1ll2lXX'Hl1, Hlil1OiS BE'l"1'Y UIIQAN AN'l'PlONY Annawan High School During the summer of 1948, the interior of Annawan High School was redesigned. The study hall was reduced in size and an additional room was made in the front of the former study hall. There is now an enclosed hallway run- ning along the north wall of the old study hall. The janitor's room was moved and a boys lounge now is in place of the old janitor's room. A girls lounge was made by redecorating the grade school shop room. rc Ebacficafion ln behalf of the Senior Class of 1949, we wish to dedi- cate the 1949 Tom Tom Echoes to Miss Roberta W'alters, who has been our advisor for the past two years. Because she has been loyal to our class through the busiest years of our school life, we are proud to acknowledge her leadership. VVe feel, therefore, that it is proper to bestow this honor on Miss VV alters for her service to the class and to Annawan High School. H fo Lfffrp 1-n::nW-g- - - f ii' MR. R, A. OSBORN, Superimcvzdevzt and Principal ELSIE POXVELL, Secretary . Ao q V N I s T R A . T I 0 N , V MR. A. E. EHRIG, A.vsi.vta71t Principal J J will xff ff jyflm' .A Q ' A iw! f kv X. 9 Li .Q flfl',,,l " .1 .,,,,.,.T,,,llll"l wvuxxxwxx Xlxxwxuuluu Ilullll :um H1 BCJARD CDF EDUCATION Those elected were: The consolidated unit of District 225, elected a new board to represent Annawan Alba, 21 3 of Yorktown, and Cornwall Townships. Karl Kipp ..,......,.... Presidem Henry Nowers Mell Powell Albert Pritchard Oscar Monsen james Nlachesnev Arthur Zinser I Betty Ann Ohlmacher B.S. Northern Illinois Smre College Alfred E. Ehrig B.Pl1. Marquette Uvliversity AfI11tl1e7m1ries Betty jean Anthony 13.5. Illinois Stare N o1'11ml U11lmfe1'xiry C om111e1'ee F Ben V itto li. A. Roosevelt CCe1zt1'al Y D College M.A. Nortlofwesrervz Univ. zlflusio Alice M. Roberts Illmois State Nowzml University Vocal and Arr W5 ' x is LY' Roberta E. XValters 13.8. PVe.rtern Stare ' Tenclners College Science Zane Hamm B.S. IV extern Stare Teaclverx College Conch and Hisrory lllmois Mayer SI1 Lois Musick ILS. W extern State Tenrlvers College English fxgj 59 Rf? 5 I f -fm EQ tp 1 CLASSES MATHEMATICS Courses offered in mathematics this year were algebra 1, plane geometry, and algebra ll. This year, for the first time, algebra l is a required course. All freshmen are required to take it. Geometry is elective for sopho- mores, and algebra ll for juniors and seniors. These courses are taught by Mr. Ehrig. CO M M ERC I2 Bookkeeping, T y p i n g, Short- hand, and General Business were the courses offered to commercial students: this year. XVC have almost doubled the number of typewriters in the com- mercial department. The rooms are also equiped with mimeograph and ditto machines and a mimeo- scope. Miss Anthony teaches these classes. AGRICULTURE The Ag. classes are divided into two groups, the Freshmen and Sophomores and the juniors and Seniors. These classes study two main phases called "Soil and Crops' and "Animal Husbandry." They also have short periods of shop and home economics. These classes take field trip to the stu- dents proiects and to other places of interest. ' SCIIQNCIC There are four science classes of- fered under the direction of Miss Xvaltersz General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Chemis- try and Physics are alternated ev- ery other year. The Chemistry department is new this vear. The science room was remodeled to provide room for laboratory experiments. Gas and water were piped in to three lab tables. These tables have cup- boards underneath for lab equip- ment. SOCIAL SCIENCE The XVorld and United States History classes are taught by the discussion method. . The Modern Problems class is also a discussion class. They use the "VVeekly Observer," "Senior Scholastic," and "XVorld XVeek" as references. Mr. Hamm teaches these classes. LANG UAGES Three years of English are re- quired, and a fourth year course is also offered. ln all the English classes both grammar and literature are taught. This year the play "The Merch- ant of Venice" was studied in all four classes. lt was presented on records, which made it much eas- ier to understand. The fourth-year class took a short journalism course and have been editing the "Review." Miss Musick teaches the classes in this department. CLASSES CLASSES l A i l SHOP This class is composed of stu- dents from all classes. Their aim is to learn hy doing. Some units of their work are carpentering, welding, metal work and wood- work. The shop class has made ping pong tables, done forge work, soldering, hlue print reading and lathe work. This class is taught hy Mr. Rainey. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION There were two classes of phvs- ical education for girls this year. The second hour class was taught hy Miss Wfalters and consisted of sophomore, junior, and senior girls. The fifth hour the freshmen girls met under the instruction of Miss Ohlmacher. ln thc spring a public program was staged in the gym for the pur- pose of acquainting the public with the activities of our girls' physical education department. The girls under the direction of their teachers demonstrated gym- nastics, folk dancing, basketball, volleyball, and party games. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Boys' physical education is prac- ticed in high school to huild the body and help keep in physical condition. These classes are arranged in the four classes. The instructor is Mr. l-lanim. -11-1 L OFFICERS Prexidem ...,.... ...,.....,..,................. Vice Prexidevlt ................. , Scmvrary and Trenszlrer .....,.. S pomm' .... , CLASS Thirty-four freshmen entered Anna- wan high school last fall to begin their high school course. As the school year opened we met and elected our officers to guide us through the first year. lnitiution dmv was 11 big event Cas usualj for everyone but the freshmen.. lVe were Ronald De Splinter V ...,,.........Arvin jackson ,,..,..Ann XVilson .......lVlr. Hamm HISTORY dressed in miners uniforms, shoes, caps, and all. The freshmen class sponsored Sl roller skating party for the high school which was a big success, and got us started with n bang. During the year we were sorry to lose two classmates, Steve Speakman and Bebe Lee Eyer. MARILYN KEIM ENGENE VERSLUYS MARY ANN GRYPP RONALD DE SPLINTER BETTY SEYLLER ARVIN JACKSON LOLABELLE HANSON LESLIE NELSON BETTY MONSON TOM REIDER ANNA JEAN VERMIERE RALPH BLACKAERT SHIRLEY ESSER DARRELL GREENWOOD DOROTHY DE MAY PAUL HILGER BETTY PONT DONALD DE SPLINTER JOAN MORISETTE MARVIN KEIM ANN WILSON EUGENE VANDEVOORDE ALVINA EILERS MARVIN DE MAY VIRGINIA SNIDER STANLEY PONT CHARLENE PARKER DORIS GRADAERT DONAVON KLECKNER MARIAN JORGENSON PHYLLIS RICHTER DELNAR DOUBLER FRESHMAN CLASS DAVID MARCNAND HAROLD PRITCHARD MARILYN UFHEIL BOB NOWERS SUZANNE NELSON JEANETTE VAN HYFTE DONALD BRADLEY BARBARA MOON RODNEY ZINSER FRANK EILERS PHYLLIS DE SPLINTER KEITH SPEARS SHIRLEY POLSON DONNA CLEMENTZ RONALD OLESON BARBARA NICELY JOHN HERMIE MARGARET SROWNING MARY GOODWIN DOROTHY DE SPLINTER MARY ANN GRIPP SOPHGMORE CLASS J. . ll OFFICERS Presid em .......,. Vice I 'resid wit ...... Secrcmry ......... 1i7'Cl'l5'1l7'CI' ........,...... Sllldwll COI17ICil , ..., . SPHYISII7' ..... .......Bob Nowcrs ........lJave Marchand .........SuC Nelson ....,......Frank Iiilcrs ,...,..Al2ll'llyl1l1 Ufhcil Musick CLASS HISTORY Twenty-two Silly Sophomores' entered high school last full with Miss Musick as our class sponsor. XVe were glad to in- clude three new members, who were jen- net V an Hyfte from Atkinson, Shirley Polson from Geneseo, and Donna Clem- entz from Prophetstown. VVe were sorry to lose Verne Stzmficld who quit early in the year. After we elected class officers, we in- itiated the freshmen :ml found that we had more fun giving than taking! NV e made a little money during the Freshman-Sophomore tournament by sell- ing popcorn and ice cream bars. Our class took part in several activities, such as track, basketball, F.H.A., G.A.A., and F.F.A. l l OFFICERS F7'C'5ldC7If ........,. ....5.............. Vice P1'c.ridc11f. ....... .. .Scmerary ....... 741'L'r13'll7'L'7' ....., SPUHSU1' .... ,,....,....,Elaine Van Hyfte , ....,.,,,.,, Donna Price ..,....Carol Nowcrs .......Marlcnc Gripp Miss Ohlniaelier CLASS HISTORY Through the threshold of Annawan High School walked twenty-four junior cagerbeavers on September 3, 1948. lVe knew a long hard year lay ahead of us but we were determined to make this year a year to remember. VVith the play and the junior and Senior Prom how could we miss? The first task we completed was that of electing class officers. Under the direction of Miss Musick, we presented the play "Wie Shook the Fam- ily Tree" to a grand huge audience. Those who were not in the play carried out the all important jobs of advertising, selling tickets, etc. The team work in our class was proved when basketball season came around, each was given a special assignment that had to be completed the night of a game and saw to it that it was. All this work helped boost our financial condition enormously. Not everything we undertook ran along so smoothly. For example our experience with corn picking. The bad weather was just too bad. After all our trials and joys we came out on top of the world but promised our- selves to make up for those unseen games. Next year maybe! MARILYN DE MINK DONNA DYNES JOHN GRIPP DONNA CLEMENTZ CAROL NOWERS WARD JOHNSON ELAINE VAN HYFTE AVIS GREENWOOD RALPH VANDEVOORDE ROSE WANCKET DONNA PRICE VERNON BLACKERT BETTY THOMPSON GERALDINE FRONK SHIRLEY SHAW MARLENE GRIPP LESLIE STOCKTON GRETCHEN JOHNSON BETTY DECKER LUCILLE JACOBS LOIS MAARMAN CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD BUD BROWN MARILYN FEHLMAN UN OR CLASS F. H. A. - The officers elected to lead the Future l-lomcmalcers of America this year were: President .....,.........,.. Marilyn De Mink Vice President ..,........... Shirley Fronk Secretary .................... Elaine Van Hyfte Parliamentorian .... Gretchen Johnson Treasurer ................,..... Lois Maarman Chapter Mother Mrs. Paul Browning New members were admitted to the club after a formal initiation party in the gym. The firsti activity of the club was to sponsor a dance for the purpose of acquainting the fresh- men with the upper elassmen. This dance was a joint project of F.H.A. and F.F.A. just before Christmas vacation the girls had a Christmas party in the Home Ee. room.. April 23, five girls attended the F.H.A. rally in Kewanee. LliTTERMAN'S CLUB This club is formed by the boys who have earned major letters in school throughout their high school course. The club has spon- sored several dances and helped with the school events. G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association met in October and elected the following officers: President , ....,.................... Betty Decker Vice President ........ Gretchen Johnson Secretary .......................... Carol Nowers Treasurer .............. Dorothy DeSplinter Point Secretary ....., Elaine Van Hyfte Sponsor . .........., Miss Betty Ohlmacher The new members were initiated on three successive days-by then they felt that they were full- fledged members. During the year the girls have had several activity nights. At these they play basketball, volley ball, swim, or play other games. S A w A if MW! Thrs rcrr the Future llrrrners of -Xrrrerret orgarrrzed mo separate grou s lhe Senror I I A con srstcd of rumors 'rnd scnrors md elected the follourrw offrcers Presrdenl Eugene Vandersnrek Vree Presrdent Lowell Gerber Secretary Vernon Blackert Treasurer Leslre Stockton Reporter Edward Jorgenson 'lhe unror FFA whreh con srstcd of freshmen and sophomores elected the followrng offreers Presrdent Jack Hermre Vree Presrderrt Frank Erlers Secretary Dave Marchand Treasurer 1-hrold Prrtchard Reporter Keith Spears Watch Dog for both groups rr as Ed Jor genson On Aprrl 12 both groups Jorned forces to serve a banquet to therr parents and the faculty At that trmc Lowell Gerber was pre sented an award for berng the most outstarrdrng club member of the year The FFA grlt whrch was pur chased last year furroued frve prgs lor the club Another grlt was pur chased this year IIOMEMARING Here we see the homemakrng classes servrng lunch to hrgh school students Under the drrection oi Mrss Ohl macher these classes prepared and served a hot lunch to approxrmately 90 hrgh school and grade school stu dents Mothers of both grade school and hrgh school students volunteered then servrces and were a great help rn preparrng the lunch and washrng the drshes In addrtron to sponsorrng the school lunch program the homemak mg classes have studred good groom mg and sewrng GIRLS CHORUS Thrs year a grrls chorus was or ganrzed under the drrectron of Mrs Roberts vocal and art lnstructor The frrst semester vle met 20 mln utes every day The last semester this perrod was omrtted from the schedule so we met the same period that the band praetrced Because ol thrs change we lost several val uable members In March our chorus went to Lyn don for a Two Rrvers vocal festrval Nme schools each sang a number then 'rll the group sang as a mass chorus The chorus also presented a Chrrstmas program and sang at the senior class plav and the band con cer 1 1+ F A ' " yu 1 x 4: ' i ',, . '. . . . . . . P, ,. . . 1. ' Q - , ' -. D W , . . .. J . 4 J .Y F - 1 ' ' ...., .... ..... C ' - , ' . ' I 1 . . Y w I I . . - I 4 7 . . I - 7 . ' Y .Q . h , . . . t THE LIBRARY Th1s vear the llbrary consists of os cr 500 books and manv new fre non and reference books have been added to xt fhe hbrary I5 one of the f3X01'ltC places for the students Books are checked out to stu dents through student hbrarxans who are on duty each period of the day Mlss Musxck IS the fac ultv sponsor of thxs group STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council represents the school gow ernment Thcxr arm IS to have a better school The members from each class one be mg the president of the class Dur mg the vear the student councll sponsored the Valentine Dance on February I9 and a school plenlc on Mav 26 STUDY H ALL The studs hall has been lxmlted to 40 seats and a closed corridor has been made on the east srde The lxbrary has been changed from the front of the room to the back of the room and IS separated from the mam studv hall bw a sec tion of llbrars shelves Y I - ' .4 I . V . . . Q student council consists of two ' - . I r . . , . , . I QUARTETS SAXAPI-IONE MIXED CLARINET FRESHMAN CLARINET NVOODVVIND CNot Picturedj In addition to his usual duties Mr. Vitro has been busy organizing several new instrumental groups. Under his capable instruction the freshman Clarinet Quartet con- sisting of 4 B clarinets played by Marian Jorgensen, Charlene Park- er, Phyllis Richter, and Marilyn Keim gave several appearances. Newly organized is the Mixed Clarinet Quartet which has also made several public appearances this year. The members are Mar- garet Browning, B clarinet, Norma Bollengier, B clarinet, Shirley Shaw, alto clarinet, joan Morri- sette, base clarinet. The last of the new instrumental groups is the Woodwind Quartet. This quartet is composed of two grade school pupils, Arden Now- ers, oboe, Marlene De Splinter, flute, and two high school pupils, joan Morrisette, bass clarinet, and Shirley Shaw, alto clarinet. The Saxaphone Quartet was also reorganized this year. The mem- bers are Phyllis Decker, E alto sax, Bebe Lee Eyer, E alto sax, Bob Nowers, baritone sax and Carol Machesney, tenor sax. SENIOR CHEERLIADERQ Rah' Yen' Team' Left to nlght Gretchen Johnson Phyllls Decker Donna Price Elame Van I-Ivfte Anyone attendmg a football or basketball game received a heaxtv welcome from these four pepstels Thxs was the second yeax of leadlng yells for Gretchen Donna and Phyl 11s and the thxrd yeax for Elame Besldes beulg on the spot fox all the games these glrls helped tram a Junior group of cheelleaclezs JLNIOR CHLLRI LXDI R9 BRA VILS B1 afues' Left to rxght Mary Ann Gupp Joan Morr1sette Dorothy DeSpl1ntex Marllyn Ufhexl To relleve the senlor cheerleaders of the 1espons1b111tw of second team games and to cheer at freshmen sophomore games the Jumol cheer leaders were elected When Slttllflg ln studv hall 11? you healcl a lusty Yea Feam rt was this group gettlng 1n some practlce be fore their flrst appearance Thev have done a flne Job and we ale glad to have them 111 reserve BAND Under the 'Able dlrectlon of Mr Ben Vxtto thls year has proved to be a very memorable and actlve one fol the members ot the band Our greatest dream came true when we proudly wore oul snappy new um ance of the year Th1s was a con cert gwen to show our deepest ap preclatlon fo1 the untlrxng efforts :af the Band Boosters Club and the gel'l810SltV of 'ull those who contrxb utecx toward thxs goal By specml request the feature number was N Name a number wutten by Mr Vxtto our band dxrectol The sec ond appearance of the year was glv en at I-Iooppole on November 2 As usual the band played at all the home basketball games and at the .Tumor and Senxou plays The annual spring concert vms gxven on Apul 7 to an enthuszastlc audlence The cl1str1ct band contest was held at Monmouth on Aprll 9 We started out the year wxth 'S members ln band Although vxe regretted to lose Pat Tnornbxough tenor sax Frank Seyller E hom and Ward Johnson cornet from band we were happy to We1C0m6 Arvm Jackson trombone Maulyn Kerm Maman Jorgensen Charlene Parker and Phylhs Rlchter B claz mets Clarence Mlller bass saxa phone Sharon Ufhed E alto saxa phone and Graham B10Wl'lll'1g col net Thus we now have a total of 38 members ln band We are very proud of our dlrector our band and our communltv which has given us such 8llthl.1Sl!1Sl.lL sup pmt duung thc past veal 4 4 4 1 . .A v I " z . , 7 'V A - . A 5 I . . ' , L . . T .V . at V. 4 4 4 I 4 4 l ,J c ' . , . : " , . 1 V .n - ' ' . .- . . . h C V . C I ' . forms for our first public appear- ' . . ' 1 C I l , I . L , .. 0 f . ' . f n - " , ' 1' I . ' .2 . ' ' I ' I . . ' 1 . , 1 ' , , . . l 1 ' v . ' ' , h , - : ' , ' , 474 K P MJD S arg if -Q1 43? kj cg 49 Bud Brown B ls a lunlor s year and was a regular guard He scored 11-3 polnls Ixelrh Spears Kelth IS only a SUPVI omore bl he gallled valuable experlence H scored two DOIIIIS Iouls TCC1llHLlx Louls alternated ye r and scored 34 polnls He IS a semor Gene lllers Gene IS a senlor and played guard and for ward thls year He scar ed 67 polnts Stmlcx Bllhet Stan was captaln and center for the varslly flve but he also rad uzlles thls year He scor ed 231 palms I urfcnc X ll1dCI'Sl1lLl Gene also played hls flna season as a ward on the team He scored 51 palms Frank Sevller Frank I5 a semor and played guard thls year, scorlng 17 palms XVard johnson Ward IS only a un lor lhls year and was a regular guard He scor ed 82 polnts Bob Nou ers Bob also galned DETIEHCE ths year He scored 11 palms N ernon Bollengler Vern was a regular forward th yer He talned 193 palms and wlll be lost by gradua llon 1 l ud ' ' ' lhi ' ' ' 7 ' 1 . ' . . :I Y J . U . . I e . , . . M l ' ex- lorvvard and center this l ' ' a has two more years. He , . F' 1 is a. l l . I 7 . . - . . L H ' 74 - ' . r . . X ' 1 Q - ' I for- FOOTBALL The Annawan Braves had a very successful start this season. The first two games thev defeat- ed Tampico and Hillsdale. In conference play the Braves defeated Mineral, but were on the short end of the horn in other conference games. NVitl1 fifteen returning plavers, the Braves and Coach Hamm hope for a verv successful season next vear. TRACK Back row Cleft to rightb: Hermie, Pritchard, Oleson Brown, Billiet, Vandersnick, Teerlinck, Coach Hamm. Second row: Gerber, Vande- Voorde, Johnson, G. liilers, Sevi- ler, -Iorgenson, Stockton, Bradlev. First row: D. Greenwood, Hil- Qer, Marchand, Versluys, Spears, Reider, L. Nelson, F. liilers. Pictured is the group of ath- letes whom we expect to carrv on the track activities for the 1949 season. XVith six returning letter- men and one who has received a winged foot award, we hope to have an even more successful sea- son in '49 than we had in '48. 1949 TRACK SEASON Annawan had a successful track season in 1948. Most of the hovs in school were out and the re- sults of the season were four wins and three losses. Louis Teerlinck was high point man of the season, scoring 731f2. Eugene Eilers, Ralph Vande- Voorde, Stanlev Billiet, Louis Teerlinck, XVard johnson, and Frank Sevller are the returning lettemen from the 1948 season. ' W 1 1 I 4 I 1 V P P i l . ., FM ,,?v JOKES Miss Musick: 'LTommy, why is your theme on milk only a half a page long when I asked for two pages?" Tommy: "I wrote about condensed milkf' Mr. Ehrig: "XVhy were you late to class?" Uppy: "Because the class began before I got heref, Mr. Rainey: "This steak tastes queer." Mrs. Rainey: 'LI can't understand it, I did burn it a little but I rubbed vaseline on it right away." Mr. Hamm: "Did you hear about the fisherman that killed his wife?" Miss Anthony: "No. VVhat about him?" Mr. Hamm: "He killed her just for the 'I-Ialibut'f' jerry: "That must be jasmine lipstick you have on, Helen." Helen D. D.: L'VVrong, jerry, kiss again." john G.: "Hey, Louie, just look at these splinters in my hand." Louie T.: 'WVell, I told you to stop scratching your head." Lois: g'Do you believe in love at first sight. h Avis: "It just depends on who is in sight." D77 "Any big men ever born in this town?" asked the stranger. "Nope," answered Gene V., "just little babies." Shirley Shaw: "Marilyn, how did you get such red hair?" Marilyn DeMink: "I washed it, and it' got rusty before it dried." Mr. Ehrig: "VVhat is a circle?" Les Nelson: "A bow-legged squarefl Frank Seyller: "Have you an opening for a bright, energetic high school gradu- D7! uate. Employer: "Yes, and don't slam it on Vour way outf, Barbara Moon: "I wish God had made me a man." Bob Nowers: "He did, and I'm him." Mr. Vitto: "Anyone here know any- thing about music?" Louis, john and Vernon: "Yes, Mr. Vitro." Mr. Vitto: "Then go move the piano to the stage." Donna Price went out to the farm to get a chicken the other day, and this con- versation took place: Donna: "I want a chickenf, Farmer: UDO you want a pullet?" Donna: "No, I'll carry it." Charlotte Greenwood: "VVhat would you do if you saw a man chasing you?" Rita Croegaert: "Stand still, of course." Dad: "VV hat does this sixty mean on your report card?" John Hermie: "I think that was the temperature of the room." Suggested Books for Library How to be clever: Bud Brown. How to get to school on time: Dolores Ufheil. How to write notes: Rose Wfancket. How to chew gum: Gene Vandersnick. How to wave your own hair: Shirley Fronk. Silence is golden: Alvina Eilers. Love 'em, leave 'emz Greta Gail Peart. How to get thin: Norma Bollengier. Miss Wfalters: "jack, what does HNO2 signify?" jack: "VVhy, I've got it right on the end of my tongue." Miss VValters: "VV ell, you'd better spit it out, it's nitric acid." ANNAVV AN I-IIGI-I Autumn AUGUST 30-School opens-Whata day! 31-Health Exams began-Uhg! SEPTEMBER 2-Health Eams finished-Oh boy! 6-Labor Day-No school-More fun! 10-Tampico QTJ, Football-Victory on our side! 17-Hillsdale KSP, Football-Victory again! 24-Port Byran CTJ, Football-Some game! 27-F.F.A. - F.H.A.-All school party-Some get- together. OCTOBER 1-Mineral CTI, Football-S-u-c-c-e-s-s! 6 8: 7-First six weeks ends-One gone, five to go. 8-Blackhawk meeting. No school-Teachers turn to learn. 13-Cooking demonstration school--Yum! Yum! 15-Tampico QTJ. Football. 20-Seniors sell annual advertisements-Use per- suasxon! 22-Hillsdale QTL Football. 26-Freshman all-school party-Did you have fun? 29-Band concert, Annawan-A big blow! NOVEMBER 2-Band concert. Hooppole. ll-Armistice Day, no school-Some vacation! 12-Junior class play-A big turn-out. 16-Wyanet ITD, Basketball, 19-Manlius iHJ, Basketball. 23 8: 24-Second six weeks end-Two gone, four to go. 25-Thanksgiving vacation, no school. 30-Atkinson ITJ, Basketball. DECEMBER 3-Cordova QTJ, Basketball. 6-School lunch program begins-Let's eat! 7-Ncponset CHD. Basketball 9-Shurtleff assembly program. 10-Erie KTJ, Basketball. 14-Mineral QHJ, Basketball. 17-Lyndon ITJ, Basketball. Winter DECEMBER 23-Christmas vacation begins. JANUARY 3-Christmas vacation ends-Was Santa good to you. . 7-Mineral ITD, Basketball. 13 Sz 14-End first semester-One half of a school ended. 13-Tampico QHJ, Basketball in Hooppole gym. 25-Hillsdale KHP, Basketball in Hooppole gym. 28-Prophetstown QI-Il, Basketball. I SCHOOL CALENDAR FEBRUARY 1-Buda CTP. Basketball. 4-Alumni IHJ, Basketball and Homecoming. 8-Atkinson QHJ. Basketball. 11-Port Byron lHJ, Basketball. 15-Neponset tTJ. Basketball. 18-School lunch program ends-Let's go uptown, 18-Hillsdale KTJ. Basketball. 19-Valentine dance iformall--Anyone have sore feet? 22 8: 25-District basketball tournament. MARCH 1 - 4-Regional basketball tournament. 7-Boys and girls exchange homemaking and shop courses. 8 - 11-Freshman-Sophomore basketball tourna- ment. 11--Two Rivers choral festival-Strained vocal chords. 16-Adult classes start. I7-All-school party-Loads of fun! 17 - 19-State basketball tuornament. Spring MARCH 24-Athletic banquet. 25-Boys and girls exchange back to their classes- Learn anything new? 26-District solo and ensemble contest. APRIL 1-Senior class play-A nice crowd attended. 7-Spring musical. 9-District music organization contests. 13 - 15 - 18-Spring vacation-How was it? 21-Trumpeters musical program 8 p.m.-Good. huh? 27-Adult classes end. 14-Fifth six weeks ends. Just one more. 29 - 30-State music finals-How did we come out? 30-Junior-Senior banquet-Who didn't have fun? MAY 3-Girls physical education program. 10-Two Rivers band concert. 12-Scholarship banquet-You have to be good. 13 - 14-District track and field meet. 19 - 20-Semester eaminations-Whata exams! 22-Baccalaureate. 23-Occupational and college entrance talks-Learn anything? 24-Last day of school for seniors-Most outstand- ing day. 25-Freshman Orientation Day. 26-Play day for eighth graders and high school pupils. 27-Last day of school and graduation-Goodbye. seniors. 31-Alumni banquet. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On November 12, the juniors present- play was under thc direction of Miss ed their class play, "W'e Shook the Fam- ily Tree," to a capacity crowd. The play, a comedy, takes place in the living room of the Dolson home. The plot is a story of Hildegarde, a young girl who is tired of being a wallflower and the troubles she goes through with her folks. She fin- ally ends up with Freddie Sherman, a young boy who wears "knickers," The On April 1, seniors presented "Ever Since livef' a three act comedy before a packed auditorium. It is the mirthful story of Susan Blake, a "career girl," and the troubles which beset those two loyal mus- keteers, johnny Clover and Spud Erwin, editor and business manager of the Pres- ton High School Penquin. .Every charact- er in the cast has a good part and all the seniors enjoyed playing their parts. Musick. I-lildegard ,........ ........ E laine Van Hvfte Mr. Dolson ,,....., ................. j ohn Gripp Mrs. Dolson ........ ,,..........,.. IX 'larilvn DeMink Sally .............,..... ,...................,., C arol Nowcrs Bob ..............,.. jimmy ....,.,.. ..,.... ..,.......Ralpl1 VandeVoordc ....Vcrnon Blackcrt Paige .......,..,.... .......... S hirlev Shaw Ellie-May ....,.,... ..,......,..... D onna Price -lill ............,.......... .,.,,.,. G rctchen johnson ,Freddie .,.,,............. ,,......, I Richard Brown Mr. Shermer .....,...., ....,,.... L ,eslic Stockton Mrs. Shermer .....,... ....... A vis Greenwood SENIOR CLASS PLAY This play was directed by Miss Musick assisted by Norma Bollengier. Mrs. Clover ....,..,.,... .....,.... I -lelen De Decker johnnv Clovre .,,....... ....,............ G cnc Eilcrs Mr. Clover ,.......,..,. ....... G ene Vandersnick Spud Erwin ,.,,..... ...........Frank Sevller Betsv Erwin ........... ...,... G reta Gail Peart Martha Ufillard ........ .......,.. B arbara Houch Officer Simmons ..,... ,... .....,.. T c mm Dhamers Hcnrv Quinn ..,..... ......... L ouis Teerlinelc Lucybell Lee ..,...... ...,........... R ita Croegaert Preston Hughes ,... .,.,,,...... X 'ernon Bollengier Football Players .,,............ Lowell Gcr , jorgenson, ber, Stanley Billictt GR ""i-- XM, Oi 7 A Du X A Tl H 4 0 x , kg N M XX rlfllflj' W Q4 V f 63 N If" n ' ff l' Frank Seyller Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Class Officer 4, Band l, 2, 3, Review Staff 2, 4, Chorus 1, 2, An- nual Staff 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Student Council, Officer 4. Lugene Vandersniek Boys' Chorus 1, 2, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Student Coun- eil 3, 4, Footbaall 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, F.1".A. Officer 3, 4, Student Council Officer 4, Class Play 3, 4, Review Staff 4, Annual 4. Q M 0 Rita Croegaert I-Iooppole High 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, Student Tribune l, 2, Review Staff 3, 4, Class Play 2, 3, 4, Glce Club 1, 2. Barbara Jean Houch Hooppole High 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Tribune 2, Review Editor 3, Review Staff 4, Annual Staff 2, 4, Class Play 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Glec Club 1, 2, 3, Class Officer 1, Li- brarian 3, 4. Edward jorgenson Class Plav 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Basket- ball 2, 3g Track 1, 2, 3, 4, l".F.A- l, 2. 3, 4g Rcvicw Staff 4, Annual 4, Let- tcrmcn's Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3. Phyllis Decker G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4g Chccrlcadcr l, 3, 4, Review Staff Z, 3, 4g Class Plav 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Saxophone Quartet 1, 2, 3, 45 Glce Club I, 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, F.I-LA. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Orticer 33 Class Officer 1, 4, Student Council '1. I .Jlfff W Jw Ji ,, Thomas Dhamcrs F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Plav 4, Chorus l, 2, 33 Annual 4, Review Staff 4, Football l, Z, 3. Dolores Ufheil Band I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g An- nual 4, Review Staff 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1. Eugene Eilers Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Foot- ball 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Review Staff 3, 4, Annual Editor 4, Class Of- ficer Zg F.F.A. Officer 31 Class Plav 3, 4, F.l'l.A. 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, Let- tcrmen's Club 2, 3, 4. 4 Helen DeDecker F.I-LA. 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4g Review Staff Z, 4, An- nual Staff 2, 4, Class Play' 4, Librarian 2, 3 A 1 7 3 4 F.l-l.A. Officer 3, A I 2 3 4 Glcc Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Review Lditor 3 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Play 3 4 Class Officer Z, 3, Vernon Bollengier Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 l1'.I".A. 1, 2, 3, Review Staff 3, 4, An- nual Staff 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Lcttcrmelfs Club 2, 3, 4, Class Plav 4. X ,af Lowell Gerber I-looppole High 1, Z, Annual 2, 4, F.F.A. 3, 4, Class Plav 1, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Tribune 1, 2, Review Staff 4, Class Officer 2, Band l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 2. Louis Teerlinck Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4g Rc- view Staff 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Letrermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Class Plav 3, 4, Good Citizcnsliip Award 3. Shirley Fronk F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 43 F.l-LA. Officer 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Review Staff 2, 3, 4, Annual 4, Class Play 3, Class Officer l, 2, 35 Librarian 2. jack Hulslandcr Chorus I, 2, 3, Annual 4g Review Staff 4g Football 4. Stanley 'Billiet Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Review Staff 4, An nual 4, LCl'fCI'l1lCl1,S Club I, 2, 3, 4. 0 Norma Bollengier F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Glce Club 1, 2, 3, Re View Staff 2, 3, 4g Animal 4, Librari- an 3: Clarinet Quartet 4. Vlllayne Jacobs F.F.A. lg Review Staff 4, Annual 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 PTl3.l'il1'L'7l! ..,.........,.,.....,.,.,..,......,. Frank Sevllcr Vice Presidcvzt ,.....,..... lflugenc Vantlcrsnick Secretary ............ ......... R ita Croegaert Treasurer ........ ,..,......... P hyllis Decker P! ft SENIOR CLASS HISTORY' VV hen school opened, there were twen- ty-one seniors enrolled, but we were sor- ry to lose Shirley Thompson and Pat Thornbrugh. One of the first things we did was to choose our class colors, American Beauty Rose and Gray, and our motto, "Each for the other and all for the class." In October we had a closed class dance. The purpose of this dance was to teach the boys how to dance fast. The dance was for seniors only and we were fortun- ate enough to have jerry De Vrieze play for us. At Christmas-time, Miss VValters and Miss Anthony threw a shin-dig at their home for us. lVe drew names and ex- changed gifts. On january 21, the seniors sponsored a "Sweater Swing" and let the boys show their new dancing techniques to the blare of records. The class attended High School Visit- ing Day at lVestern State Teacher's Col- lege, in March. VVe had a lot of fun ex- ploring the tantalizing buildings of the college. On A ril l, the class resented "Ever W' 77 P Since Eve, a three-act comedy, to an appreciative audience. Because of a bad case of spring fever we were allowed to have a one-day class trip in May, so we went to Lake Storey and had a picnic. Baccalaureate was an event of May 22, and on the great day of May 27, nineteen proud seniors received their diplomas at Commencement. Last Will and Testament of the Class of '49 NVe, the Seniors of 1948-49, after pass- ing four yaers in Annawan high school, do proclaim this our last will and testa- ment. General Bequests All chewing gum found under chairs or desks, unclaimed pencils and handker- chiefs, discarded notebooks and notes, obsolete textbooks, candy machine rules and regulations, to under-classmen who must solemnly swear to put them to good use. Individual Bequests I, Dolores Ufheil, leave my ability to be late for Home Room to Carol Nowers. I, Vernon Bollengier, leave my athletic ability to Bud Brown. Here's hoping you win lots of games next year, Bud. I, Greta Gail Peart, leave my ability to talk more and say less to Marlene Gripp. I, Phyllis Decker, leave my dimples to Vernon Blackert. I, Thomas Dhamers, leave my motor- cycle to Leslie Stockton. Don't have too many spills, Les. I, jack I-Iulslander, leave my witty re- marks in class to IN ard jolmson. Careful, XV ard, don't get thrown out of class. I, Rita Croegaert, leave my black bal- lerinas and my flashy scarfs to Gretchen johnson. I, Stanley Billiet, leave my "art of speech" to john Gripp. Don't enter any speech contests though, john. I, Wayne jacobs, leave my speedy vi- tality to Betty Thompson. I, Helen DeDecker, leave my ability to get a diamond before graduation to Avis Greenwood. I, Louis Teerlinck, leave my black hair to Marilyn DeMink. I, Barbara jean I-Iouch, leave my gift' of "grab" to Rose VVancket. I, Frank Seyller, leave my manly physi- que to Mr. Ehrig-not that he needs it, and my good looks to john Gripp. I, Norma Bollengier, leave my art of playing the clarinet to Geraldine Fronk. I, Eugene Vandersnick, leave my charming ways to Elaine Van Hyfte, and the title of "heartbreaker" to Bud Brown. I, Shirley Fronk, leave my ability to get along with the teachers to Charlotte Greenwood. I, Edward jorgenson, leave my ability to shave not more than twice a week to Les Stockton. I, Eugene Eilers, leave my ability to go steady with a sophomore girl to Ralph Vande Voorde, but not my girl, Ralph. I, Lowell Gerber, leave my ability to get on the principal's "B" list to Marilyne Fehlman. Signed and sealed this twenty-seventh day of May in the year of our Lord nine- teen hundred and forty-nine. PROPHECY Wfhile attending the New York lVorld's Fair, with my exhibition of Lid's for Kids, l chanced to see Louis Teer- linck, the famous architect, who had a huge exhibit there, and he told me about all the other graduates of 1949. It seems that Dolores Ufheil is teach- ing Algebra, Geometry and Trigonome- try at her Alma Mater. She also assists Mr. lihrig in her spare time. Gene Eilers, the famous lawyer, is busy in his office with the Scragg vs. Scragg case. He predicts that Scragg will win, provided that no other Scragg inter- feres. Norma Bollengier is the head nurse at Mayo Brothers in Minnesota, we hear that there is a certain l'Swede,' involved. The first Republican President for the past sixteen years is Frank Seyller, who gained his experience in presidential af- fairs when he was a senior at Annawan high. Ed Jorgensen, president of the HYVC Do Nothing Club," has his trained flea cir- cus here at the fair-we hear that he is drawing large crowds. Stanley Billiet has excelled Arthur Murray's methods, in his Graceful Girlies School of Dancing. He says that his classes are so large that they make all of New York tremble when they are prac- ticing. I saw a huge tower in the distance, and Louis told me that VVayne Jacobs, the world's greatest astronomer, has his ob- servatory there. On entering the journalism Display, I found Phyllis Decker acting as head guide. She is editor of her own magazine called "Frilly Filliesf' Here on the Midway I see another familiar face, it is none other than Gene Vandersnick. I-Ie is selling "Snicker's Sneakers for Peeker Seekers." Another Midway attraction is Barbara jean Houch's Souvenir Stand. She had made key chains by filling small marbles with water from the Illinois river. Rita Croegaert has a booth next door to Barb's. She is a handwriting expert, it seems that she can tell your present, past, and future by looking at your handwrit- ten signature. Lowell Gerber and Shirley Fronk are grandstand performers every day. Their act is a very daring one, performed on wires 500 feet in the air. They also hang by their feet on sky hooks. jack Hulslander, Tom Dhamers, and Vernon Bollengier, "T he Three Scroogesf' are featured at the evening performance in the grandstand. The highlight of their act is when they bal- ance a fish egg on their noses . It seems that Helen DeDecker intend- ed to come to the Fair, but she is on IOLII' in England with her husband and his dance band. As the sun sinks slowly behind the hor- izon, and the carousel music fades away, in memory I see the passing parade of the Class of '49 of Annawan high. Each in his own way has achieved a relative degree of fame and fortune, and has proved himself a credit to his Alma Mater. Greta Gail Peart. CLASS POEM A poem we've endeavored to write, Upon our class to throw some light, lVe've meant no harm so please don't frown, Let laughter all your troubles drown. Now and in days we've left behind, A better class is hard to find. Our noted elass president sees all things well done, But along with it all Frank will have his fun. Dlackls chemistry knowledge makes good rhyme, He answered a question once. 'Member that time. Helen is always willing to help everyone out, That she'll make a success there is cer- tainly no doubt. Gene llilers' interests seem to lie In the sophomore class-we couldn't guess why No nerve to say it, but a lot to say, XVhen Lowell gets that nerve, he'll talk till Doom's day. Phil Decker has plenty of vigor and vim And of music she is full to the brim. Norma Bollengier is as jolly as one could choose, You never hear her complain of the blues. Tom Dhamers would rather stay home as a rule And read a good comic 'stead of goin' to school. Houeh's get-up-and-go many people de- sire At the rate she's going she'll set the world afire. lid, our football player, needs no intro- duction, I W'here he has fought there lies destruc- tion. Fleet-footed Louie is always rarin' to go Be it to a party, a dance, or a show. That Shirley Fronk says little all through the day, ' ls certainly no sign she has nothing to say. Snicker's on the job from New Year's till December Of the heart-smashers' club he's an ar- dent member. VVayne goes calmly about his own work, l doubt if he knows what to means to shirk. Uppy always back her ideas strong, Be her answers right or wrong. And you should see Greta Gail dance, She'd make a professional if she had a chance. See Vernon gazing into Shirley's eyes, , 'Tis there his idea of heaven lies. Rita, from Hooppole, is quite an addition, A real young lady with a sweet disposi- tion. Stan, our football star so brave and so bold Is a great big lad with a heart of gold. Public, teachers, school, and friends, Here it is our poem ends. If its liked, 'twill give us joy, VVe want no praise, no, we're not Coy. But if you've nothing else to fill the time Then praise the class of '49, Echoes Through the Corridors Name Stanley Billiet ....,.......... Norma Bollengier ....,,.. Vernon Bollengier ....... Rita Croegaert ............., Phyllis Decker .............. Helen De Decker ....,.... Thomas Dhamers ....,.., Eugene Eilers ........,....., Shirley Fronk ............... . Lowell Gerber .............. Barbara Houch ............. john Hulslander ....,...... VVayne Jacobs ....,........ Edward jorgenson ....... Greta Gail Peart .....i.... . Frank Seyller ......,......,.. Louis Teerlinck ........... Dolores Ufheil ............. Eugene V andersnick... 33k?:1:5:Y:3:1:3:1:f:3:1:5:1 7IfZf25152fZ5I52'4!3 Alias Occupation Cast Iron .,...... .......... Normy .....,. . Chizel .... , ...., Reet .......,. Phil .......... Decker ........ .RumDum ....... ........, Gene ........ F ronk ...... Gerber ........ H ouch ........ jack .......,. .Fudd ........ jerg ........ . Pert ..,...... . Snuffy ,...... . Turk ....... . UPPY ---------- Snicket ....... Sleeping ............ .,...... Writing letters .....,..... . VVorking ........., ....... . Roaming ...,... ,....... Flirting ............. ....... . Being a lady .............. lVasting time .......,.,.... VVooing Phyllis .i........ Enloying life ............. Studying .....c.............,.. Delivering papers ....,.. XVorkin g ...,................. , Carrying milk cans .,.. Playing pool ............... Talking ....................... . Making wise cracks... Dreaming .................,.. . Arguing with Ehrig.. Sleeping ....................... Usually Seen XV ith Grant XVith Bubbles and Marg ln the country Everywhere ln a Mercury lVith jerry At the Squeeze lnn By the canal . lVith Sam At home At Hooppole At Chet's Above everyone else Cutting up Riding the bus P P P P F F Alone Skipping school ln good spirits O ADVERTISING COMPLIMENTS OF ARTHUR E. QUAIFE O FEEDS F ERTILIZERS SEED CORN SOIL TESTING SERVICE See HAH" or "Charlie" for your farm needs F 41 1 11 , Q cn Q0 P 3 Q Z Q 1- U 7 'Q' cm " 4 'U E m Q 'Q - 1 '11 ' S O 1 2 : '-r1 f Z Z. Q, . Z F11 O S. fa.. 3 .MQ H 1. m -I E E S' N Q-A . 5 S -2 1 G 3, E. 70 I. l'l"l 1 cn 1 1 1 1 L TOXVING SERVICE 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 11 11 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J INSURANCE E. A. Johnson E. E. Johnson PHONE 38 or 70 Phone 38 or 7002 COMPLIMENTS OP' HENRY SERVICE COMPANY Cambridge - AH4inson - Osco - Orion - Kewanee Comlolime-nfs of C. D. FORD 81 SONS ca-Erxlresreo, :rumors Growers of GENUINE PFISTER HYBRIDS For ASSOCIATED PFISTER GROWERS 2926 Harrison Sfreef Davenport Iowa YOUR I-IOME I-IOG MARKET ALWAYS A GOOD MARKET HENRY COUNTY MARKET ASSOCIATION Cambridge. IIIinois :.,-::: .f-J-5:4-.. :::- KEWANEE FARMERS' COOP. ELEVATOR CO KEWANEE, ILLINOIS O COAL - FEED - GRAIN - LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE 4332 CHET 8: CHUCK'S SERVICE STATION O ACME TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES GREASING - WASHING - TUNE-UP O Come In and See Us RouIe 6 and 78 Annawan, Illinois PHONE 66 FASI-IIONS Fora MEN KIRLEY AND SONS Kewanee. Ilinois KEWANEE'S HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS O Bolany "Soo" Suifs and Coals Arrow Slwiris Slelson l-lals Worsfed-Tex-Curlee Clo+l1es McGregor Sporls Wear Nunn-Bush Shoes THE STAR-COURIER COMPANY Aclverlising and Commercial LETTER PRESS AND OFFSET printing 1 O Eirsl Slreel, al Tremonl Dial 2 l82 Kewanee, Illinois 7 I l l 4 l I l l -A 'T l l l l KEWANEE ORDER BUYERS O BUYERS OF PRIME HOGS O CB 84 O STOCK YARDS KEWANEE, ILLINOIS PHONE 4I28 DR. w. F. TYLER DENTIST Proplwelslown, Illinois O I OFFICE OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS Olrlfier Evenings By Appoinlrnenlr Only FEDERAL-NORTH IOWA CO. ' GRAIN - FEED - 'SEEDS COAL - SALT I PHONE 33 PHONE 4I I ANNAWAN, ILLINOIS MINERAL, ILLINOIS if J PHIL DECKER JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS PHILCO REFRIGERATORS RADIOS AND SKELGAS STOVES MAYTA6 AND SPEED OUEEN WASHERS Phone 3902 Phone 2888 , ANNAWAN, ILLINOIS KEWANEE, ILLINOIS f I I COMPLIMENTS OF 1 THE ECLIPSE LAWN MOWER COMPANY O I I PROPHETSTOWN, ILLINOIS r f:::::::--:::::::::::::::::::: 7 v 4: :E . STANDARD SERVICE ' ' I LYIVIAN KEMMIS O .1 I 8: SON If Makers of I-Iiglw OuaII+y Pelrroleum ji 4 I ProcIucI's for Over 50 Years I I O O E LYLE WILSEY, Driver Salesman gt I ABERDEENANGUS CATTLE IE Phone I7 I-Iooppole, III. I II I' , O I MERVE I-IARKER, Agenf 4 RuraI Delivery I 1 PROPI-IETSTOWN, ILLINOIS I ,, L,:,.,: I ,MLLL......,m,.,....,......,, . COmp,.men.S ' I Huclc and BERNUS ON HIGHWAY 6 of Ihe II Enjoy Ilwaf exlra cup of coffee C 84 S CLEANERS :g Wllhmeals' sheffield ,, Illinois 9- GUILD'S DRUG STORE ' II We Have Hue Besfr of Everylhing I I E. G. GUILD, R. Ph., Prop. THE REXALL STORE Annawan, Illinois Slweffie cl, Illinois COM PLIIVIENTS OF I H. S. LARSON O I KEWANEE ILLINOIS THE FARMERS' NATIONAL BANK Prophefsfown, Illinois E2 x 3 MN CAPITAL 84 SURPLUS 5160.000 I E Member Federal Reserve Slysfem Member Federal DeposiI Insurance Corp. -,-v-------v-vv-- -vvvvv---J C-LEE 4 TIRES TOWIN6 ROAD SERVICE Diai 2534 or 2233 Kewanee, Illinois F I I "JIM" MILNES AUTO SERVICE I CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH I MOPAR PARTS I I I I2 I-27 Wes+ 2nd S+. Dial 2350 Kewanee, IIIinois I F BIG LITTER ' m I MELL POWELL AND SONS I Pure Bred Brown Swiss Ca'r+Ie I and I, Pure Bred Duroc I-Iogs for 30 yrs. I, -,:,,, -,,::: - 4 If - - A - - - - -:::::::::::- a r v----- --------- r ------- A --- ---vv-v---------- -if 'I WILLIAIvI'S ' l BLACICS 8: FLETCHER HARDWARE - PAINTS Il CONFECTIONERY II APPLIANCES LUNCI-IES TOBACCOS o if ICE CREAM CANDY POOL Imperial Washable Wallpapers Smilh-Alsop I-Iiglwgraole Painls Dulclwboy Painf Producls General EleCIriC I-Iome Appliances Complimenls O 1 DARI-ENE AND CARL 208-2IO Main SI. Kewanee, III. ' Annawan, Illinois Pl-IONE 2505 , VERDICK'S ' IMPLEMENT CO. H : CASE SALES and SERVICE COATS LOADERS AND TRAILERS KEWAN EE ELEVATORS AN D I-IAR ROW Annawan. Illinois If -- --- -- Q-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- 6OOD'S FURNITURE 81 RUG CO. FREE DELIVERY IN AIRINAWAN AND SURROUNDIN6 TERRITORY Kewanee, Illinois MERLE SCHROEDER Annawan. Illinois O INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM APPLIANCES EOUIPM ENT O Phone 3 IO2 EYER'S FOOD STORE O MEATS - GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS ROZELL'S SEALTEST ICE CREAM O OuaIiTy Higher Than Price Always O Annawan, Illinois ' Tx: I WILSON'S I ELECTRIC STORE II In if GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Sf WATER HEATERS - FURNACES if STOVES, and DEEP FREEZERS I If P. L. WILSON 'I In li Phone l202 Annawan, Illinois I ,, F I: ! I I DESPLINTER'S I HARDWARE STORE ANNAWAN, ILLINOIS I I :I I I . 'I 'I f 1 WlLLlAM'S I , I JACK SPRAT In ' FOOD STORE I 1 I The I-Iorne of I FINE rooms I I I I QUALITY MEATS I I Annawan, Illinois If F.-::::: -:.-: .3 Rf:fff:::::::::::::::::::::f:f: 1 I I II I' 1: HILLER OIL COMPANY :I I-Iome Owned and Operaled If I Dislribufors of I D-X PRODUCTS I D-X MOTOR OIL I Greases Power Fuel - Traclor Fuel I I , Kerosene and Fuel Oil 1 ll Service Stations: I II Chestnut's-Yorktown I Tonkinson-Hooppole I Wisdom-Route 92, Geneseo I Me1ton's-Erie TANK WAGON 1 I-Iooppole, Illinois 1 4, ,,,::.-:::Q:,-,,:: I In Y' Complimenls ll of SIMPSON 8: HOUCH I GENERAL TRUCKING :I I-Iooppole, Illinois I 6 4555557555555:::::::::::::::: I MICHAEL HOUCH Sinclair Service Sfalion I I GAS - oii - CANDY- ICE CREAM 1 I-Iooppole, Illinois I Y' q F WAGLE O HOME APPLIANCES Everyihing Eleclrical O I I6 Souih Siale Slreef Phone 283 Genesee, Illinois A. w. RILEY and soN O GENERAL MERCHANDISE O Phone 38I ' Mineral, Illinois --------- --------v-----J HENRY DESPUNTER CONTRACTOR O Drainage and Bulldozing O Phone 77 Annawan, lllinoi E Complimenls of ANNAWAN I4ATCHERY E M DR. R. W. GRAHAM DENTIST Annawan, Illinois F7 II O. J. WILSON BUILDER OF FINE HOMES II F. C. EWEY AND COMPANY I-I. A. Sfone, Manager PHONE 3 I I MineraI,,IIIinois Compliment from 6ERWIG'S The Home of YOUNG FASHION 9'4 Kewanee, IIIinois ::::::'::::::::::::::: ----- 4,3 9? LAWRENCE VAN HYFTE AUCTIONEER Annawan, Illinois B0 COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD AULL Annawan, Illinois f--vv .v-vv...v... -,-,,---v---v-- I F. C. DEWEY 81 COMPANY GRAIN DEALERS Annawan, Illinois SV, 7 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY Annawan, Illinois rp Q- ...., J-4 1 PURE OIL I SERVICE STATION 'I II II -00-4-::::::::::::::::::::::: T' If Il I' I . I 1: I I TONKINSON'S I I GROCERY STORE I O PURE OIL PRODUCTS I GOODYEAR CAR MECHANIC 'I TIRES and BATTERIES CAR REPNRING . I I O I, Proplwelslown, Illinois I Phone 256 I-Iooppole, Illinois I L 4 L T Q f' EE GEORGE THOMPSON I I 'I a I I I I I BOWMAN BROTHER I-IOO BUYING f I S I AND TRUCKING ' Q PINE SHOES i ll Kewanee. Illinois 06 h . I I Proplwelslown, Illinois ' Phone 26 R I2 , I I r -:::::::::::::::::' f I Q eeo. MATHIS ' AUTO coMPANY AUTHORIZED FORD SALES AND SERVICE Since 1912 1 Prophetstown, Illinois 4, xx-.-.,,,,,,,,-.-.,, I x:::::?::x:::::::: I VERNON BLACKERT I SIEBENS SEED com DU ROCS Hooppole, Illinois Q -::::::::::::::::::::: LESTERS FEED STORE FUL-O-PEP and FEEDS MILL FEEDS I MEAT SCRAPS and TANKAGE Kewanee, Illinois f "'-' """-' A 'A Complimenis oi OPEN AIR MARKET Kewanee, Illinois 1 Keeps Sake Diamond Rings Elgin - Grani - Gruen - Bulova Waiches DUREY'S JEWELRY STORE Kewanee, Illinois THE HUB CLOTHING STORE Beiier Grade Men's Wear ai Lower Price Kewanee, Illinois ' We Have Everyihinq in ine 1, STAR CLEANERS I GREETING CARD 84 PARTY LINE II Quick and Economical Service - ' KEWANEE NEWS AGENCY 305 N. Main Street 117 North Main Kewanee, Illinois , Kewanee, Illinois 4. -.:,: -, 4. --- ------ KLAVCI-IN FLI RNITU RE STORE Phone I I6 Geneseo, IIIinois ELSEY MoToR SALES CHEVROLET SALES ANDISERVICE Phone I7 ' Afkinson, Illinois I 'I I , I - A - HONEST MERCHANDERS' AT REASONABLE PRICES , . O. W. LAGER 'I I Annawan, IIIinois rff:-::::::::::::::::::::::::::- HOCDPPOLE LUMBER I 8. GRAIN Lumber Nails Wire Cemenf ' O I Coal SaI+ Grinding I Feed ,I Seed II Phone 20 I-Iooppole, IIIinois L-- ......A.. ........ ....A.. - PAUL BROWNING GENERAL LINE FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Paul Browning. Aqen+ Annawan, Illinois WM. URBAN 8m SONS Pure Bred DUROCS and HAMPSHIRES Hooppole, Illinois HOME OIL COMPANY SKELL GAS, OIL 81 GREASE McNeili's and Thompson Prophetstown, Illinois H 8: 'L PRODUCE Pouliry - Eggs - Cream Dressed Pouliry Truck Service Phone 38 R 10 Prophetstown, Illinois CADY IMPLEMENT COMPANY Yorktown, Illinois O Cady lmplemenf 8: Grain Company Deer Grove, Illinois Phone Tampico 113 R 9 BRUCE PONTIAC BEAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT Grove Street Phone 12 Prophetstown, Illinois rv -v---------Y--------v-v - T WELDON LAWERENCE SAND and GRAVEL Bullclozing and General Excavqiion Phone 63 Prophetstown, Illinois BROWN LYNCH SCOTT Associaie Slore M. L. BROWN, Owner Prophetstown, Illinois Complimenis of Your BEN FRANKLIN STORE Prophetstown, Illinois ACE HARDWARE . J. K. Urick PAINTS - PLUMBING Phone 288 Prophetstown, Illinois COKE COTTAGE Ice Cream and Refreshmenis Prophetstown, Illinois SCOTT'S ELECTRIC SERVICE SHOP Electric Automatic Merchandise Heating Repairs Refrigerator Service Service HOT POINT Prophetstown, Illinois f::::::::::::::.-:::::Q7 F 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I lv F 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I I.- r 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 4, FAR MAND HOME STORE DuPont Paint - Wallpaper Farm Supplies Purina Supplies Coleman Heating - Builders Hardware Crosley Appliances Prophetstown, Illinois Complimenirs of JACK SPRAT GROCERY Phone 201 Prophetstown, Illinois Complimenis of MORATH'S MEAT MARKET Prophetstown, Illinois Complimenis of A. S. SCHULMAN ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Prophetstown, Illinois A:::o+c: on-::::: : :::::::: : : :: : :::- REXALL DRUG STORE O HILL AND SON Kewanee, Illinois ZANG BROTHERS FOOD STORE O Qualiiy Food Since IS66 Kewanee, Illinois -------------------AA'--AA-AAA",-7 CRYSTAL SHOP Infani and CI1iIdren's Wear Fosioria, Cambridge Glass Wear 208 W. Second Street Dial 6001 Kewanee, Illinois -::::::::::::::::::: e: ::::: ::.-,., II HURD'S CLOTHING STORE Capp's Cloihes Wilson SI1ir+s Parii Hais Bosionian Shoes Kewanee, Illinois X it CITY MARKET QuaIiIy Groceries and Meais Dial 2156-2157 FREE DELIVERY Kewanee, Illinois DR. R. W. ROPER GLASSES FITTED Phone 2558 Kewanee, Illinois Complimenis of DR. J. F. BEYERLE O Kewanee, Illinois ADAM'S1 APPLIANCES Kewanee's Favoriie Record Cenfer 215 W. Second Street Kewanee, Illinois ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1 'I Compliments ot IE ALCAZAR EE 'I Tap Room and Grill ll 'I Stene Pletkouich Kewanee, Illinois ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::T: ll CARP'S DEPARTMENT STORE ll Ready-to-Wear Shoes - Clothing ll For Men, Women and Children 125 North Tremont I1 Kewanee, Illinois 1,,,,,,,::,:::,,:,,,::W.,, ,xl ::::::::::::::::::::: '::f: I JOE THE JEWELER ll 'I 'I DIAMONDS WATCHES SE Hamilton - Elgin - Bulova ll 109 North Tremont Street Kewanee, Illinois 'I 'I - - - ---------A--- ----- : ::,5 BROWN LYNCH SCOTT Your Headquarters tor Name Merchandise 116-118 North Tremont Kewanee, Illinois 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I A W3I35:5::::::::::::::::::::: A A A Ari: 1: I I I J. C. PENNEY COMPANY If I :I QC I fi Kewanee's Largest and Busiest I1 I I 1 I :' Department Store ll I I, li 1 'Q 115-119 North Tremont street 1: l :I Kewanee, Illinois I 1: lL- - A :::::::::::::::::::: , :::::l' S- - - - ------v--vv-v------ - ---- ::::4, I " II 1 1 I :I THE FAIR STORE lg I 1: I II I l 1: MEN and BOY S WEAR ft II 1l ll ll ll l 1: Buy Here tor Less ll :I ' 'I I, 1' :I Kewanee, Illinois .1 I- ...............1............... l' ififfiiffv 5:5:::J::.A::::::: 4, I I I I I , ' :I Compllments ot I1 Il 1 I I I I 1: THE .VOGUE :I ft :E I, : 1: Greatest Store tor Women EI 'I Il fi Kewanee, Illinois - .A.11........... .... - lf F525 ""A- 5555533555 A A A::::,, :l 11 :I KELLER'S 11 I I 11 Kewanee's Oldest and Leading I I: Appliance Store I, 1: 4: . 1: RSIFIQSFGIOFS Stoves QI I, D I 1: Washers Radlos I 1 I jf 205 North chestnut street ll I . . I :I Kewanee, Illinois .1 11,1-,,,,, 7- .-,,v-fe-,,:gQ.-, -:,:,,,1-J' COMPLIMENTS OF ART'S MARKET O Annawan, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF SHAW'S GARAGE O Annawan, Illinois COM PLIMENTS OF RIGG'S LOCKER O Annawan, Illinois FRED H. JOHNSON'S MOBILE SERVICE Washing - Greasing Baiiery Service Annawan, Illinois PHARMACY IS OUR BUSINESS BERG AND DINES Prescripiion Drugqisis Kewanee, Illinois Complimenis of PIERCE'S RESTAURANT Serving Good Food For Fifieen Years Kewanee, Illinois 6A,RVER'S JEWELRY O 204 W. Second Street Kewanee, Illinois HUMPHREY'S LOCKER SERVICE O Phone 393 Sheffield, Illinois ANNAWAN CAFE Complimenis of Cl-IET and ALICE Annawan, Illinois Complimenis of MAIDRITE O Kewanee, Illinois Complimenfs of LEE'S SMART WEAR Kewanee, Illinois Try BLANKINSHIP'S for SMART SHOES Complimenis HUEBNER 81 KOEPKE O Kewanee, Illinois Tip. To Toe Ouifiiiers For Men and Boys LEADER STORE Kewanee, Illinois Complimenis of KNEPP'S Ladies' Ready-+0-Wear Kewanee, Illinois Complimenfs of HENRY AND HAMBLIN SHOE STORE Qualiiy Fooirwear 107 W. Second Street . Kewanee, Illinois H. D. PETERSON E. C. PETERSON Dentists X-RAY WORK Sheffield, Illinois County Clerk of Henry County HAROLD I. BLOOMBERG O Cambridge, Illinois Clerk of Circuit Court Recorder of Henry County DONALD N. LORD CLERK SMITH'S PHOTO STUDIO Portrait Commerce W E DD I N G BABY 111 V2 South State Street Phone 927 Geneseo, Illinois 4 Y' '7 I In KNEEN'S DEPT. STORE I Dry Goods Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Also Ready-to-Wear for Men and Boys I, 'I I Phone 109 'I Geneseo, Illinois - A:::: A - A::: A - Q 'I I euiun GRAIN COMPANY, INC. I GRAIN - FEED Custom Grinding and Mixing I Home Made Feeds Phone 316 Geneseo, Illinois I -::::::::::::: J BERREN-KAY at co. ' sHoEs - Hosieiw I RUBBER FOOTWEAR 126 South State Street Geneseo, Illinois :::- ::: A ::::::::::.A::::::::.- :::.-.-v-.A 4 I.A.A. INSURANCE SERVICE I I I Ward P. Robinson, General Agent 'I Henry County Farm Bureau I cambridge, nimois ' :::::::::::: J vnu- ---------U----MMA-AAA-S1 f 1 The Home ot Quality Furniture LARSON FURNITURE COMPANY Kewanee, Illinois 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P P:::::: Compliments ot GALVA CREAM ERY CO. 112 E. Third Street Phone 7101 Kewanee, Illinois 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P J Compliments ot O The KROGER Co. Kewanee, Illinois AJ P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P ni A:::J P 'P 'P 'P 'P P 1 P 'P 'P P P 'P 'P 'P 'P l P 'P 'T TOM 'OLIVER Watches Repaired Work Guaranteed 218 N. Main St.-At Wilkinsons Kewanee, Illinois 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 1 P J DAVIDSON'S RESTAURANT Has the Food I Like Every Dey 109 E. Second Street Kewanee, Illinois Compliments ot FIRESTONE DEALER stone I A A 110 N. Main Street ' Kewanee, Illinois Sewing Machines Belts 84 Buckles Button Holes Made Hemstitchinq REPAIRS FOR ALL MAKES SEWING CENTER R. A. McCurmick, Manager Kewanee, Illinois Betty Baker F. H. STEELE 8: CO. O 106 W. Second St. Kewanee, Illinois F 'AA' " 'A' F Complimenis l Of DECKER BARBER SHOP MOM'S CAFE Fried Chicken Shrimp Oysfers Sieak SANDWICHES DINNERS Annawan, Illinois HAVEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Manicure Lasials All Types Of Permanenis Waving For Appointments Phone 1205 Annawan, Illinois PAXSON SISTERS O Varieiry Sl'Ore Prophetstown, Illinois 1 Intersection 92 and 78 FRANKS SALES 8: SERVICE 1: Tires - Tubes - lvloior Fuels ' , Oils and Greases i i ' Route l P 4 Prophetstown, Illinois D -::::::::::::::::- J r- - f:::::::::v - - :::::::::::E 1, ji "Chef" SCOH "Russ" SCOH ll 1, 1: SCOTT BROTHERS 4' Firesione l ' HOME and AUTO SUPPLIES Q: Phone 494 4, Geneseo, Illinois G :::::::::::::: J , ::: :' T::: 'V l i i' Complimenis of 5 5 if KEWANEE FORD SALES, INC. if if .FORD - MERCURY - LINCOLN. I 4 . 4 1 Kewanee, Illinois L. ::::::::.A::::, 4 V :::::::,,:::::::: ,, , H ai N CLEANERS Geneseo, Illinois Phone 479 ? 5 l .. 1 1: William l-laaclc and Walier Nehls fl Propriefors l lr -:::::::::: J 4 ll P P T' fffffff-:::: -, r ----------- 4 'I 4: 5, Complimenls I ll GAMBLES ll 015 :I Il ' Hardware - Appliances If JERRY DE VRIEZE'S gf 2 ORCHESTRA 2' 0 l 4 5 Phone 5 or 17 I I 4 Atkinson, Illinois l Genesee' mmm Cf ::::,::::::: Lf A -::: A - -:,:::' v -:::::::::::::::: Y Af:::::::::::::::::: l Q HIGHWAY INN I sYI.vAN HOUSE I, LUNCHES - ICE CREAM I 5, TOBACEZZMQNCANDY FINE FOODS 1, E . 1: Compllmenls ll Iva Beery, Owner 1' Julius and Irene Deopere ,I u t l Atkinson, Illinois l Geneseo' 111111015 ll ,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,, lr ,, -,:, 4- :::: ----------- r -:::::::::::::::::::::::- Il l :I Compliment of Il HANFORD'S BOOK STORE I - Geneseo, Illinois I WESTERN AUTO :l l, 41 l-lalmark Cards Devoe Painis 4' ASSOClA-l-E STORE il Wallpaper School Supplies 4, 4 Il Geneseo, Illinois Phone 569 4, ,,, ,,, 2 ,,, -,,,- V ::::::::::::::: -::::v'wl-, yf':::::- ::::- :::::: ::: fl INSURANCE QI :I BE SURE AND INSURE 4: Couniy Couri of l-lenry Couniy 'I 4: All Kinds :I I Real Estate Farm Auto'Loans 1 1: Johnson Outboard Motors I J d 1: DE RUE INSURANCE AGENCIES I U ge if Atkliggsi iggiois Cambridge, Illinois lr,-::, ::::::::::::::: L ::::::::::: A. SCHULTZ' 81 SON Heaiing - Hardware Home Appliances Hooppole, Illinois JOHN HILLER, SR. CANDY - Por OAS and OIL Hooppole, Illinois I.H.C. SALES AND SERVICE New I-IoIIard Paris Tampico Hardware and Implemeni Company Phone 144 Tarnpico, Illinois Congraiulaiions Io CLASS OF "49" HARVEY C. HULL INSURANCE AGENCY Prophetstown, Illinois V 1 1 I1 I1 1 1 1 1 I1 I1 1 I L- F I1 '1 1 1 I1 I F 1 1 1, T 1 1 I1 I1 I1 1 I1 I1 I1 I I I WALLACE HOEFLER Aceiylene and Arc Welding n REPAIR WORK Hooppole, Illinois YORKTOWN LUMBER 81 GRAIN CO. Feeds Feriilizer Lumber Yorktown, Illinois VICTORY CAFE O Phone 9 R 3 Tampico, Illinois WIRTH'S FRUIT FARM 81 GROCERY A Compleie Line oi Groceries and Coid Ivieais Prophetstown, Illinois F -1 T' I 1 I ARNOLD A. BETCHER GENERAL HAULING Sand - Gravel - Coal - Crushed Rock Livesiock - Lime Phosphafe Phone 2207 Annawan, Illinois I I I 'I 4 Time To Eai JIFFY SANDWICH SHOP Kewanee, Illinois 'I 'I - - v - v v - - v v - v - - ff -':::::::::::::::::::::::::::-- LEO DOUBLER COMMERCIAL MOTORS, INC. G I ' I STU DEBAKER enera I , I SALES and SERVICE Trucking I t v 506 Commercial Armawan' Iumms II Phone 2792 Kewanee, Illinois :555:5::::v 2137555555553 Afiiifffiiiiff :::::::::::::- A: 9 ::::::::::::::::::::, Complimenfs Of , MACEMER .R MEANS COLISEUM THEATER ' LUMBER CO' Kewanee, Illinois 0 Phone 2238 Annawanv mms I LUM BER SERVICE STATION :::::::::::: Q- .... ::::::::::::::::: GRIPP BROS. I DR. P. o. JOHNSON Cusforn Corn SI1eIIIng I Vemrinarian Hauling II O Phone 6312 I Annawan, Illinois Annawan, Illinois I Congraiulafions To CLASS OF '49 O TOM TOM ECHOES STAFF Couniry Treasurer of Henry. Couniry W. E. COCH RAN Treasurer H. M. FLACK Depufy Treasurer Cambridge, Illinois -:: -:::::::::::::: ::::0 "' """"""' """y iv Dry Cleaning ATWOOD'S La underi ng TO CLEANER BE Phone 33 Geneseo, Illinois ARTHUR L. WHITE Couniy Superiniendeni of Schools Cambridge, Illinois Complimenis of SHEFFIELD SHALE PRODUCTS CO. Complimenfs of NATIONAL CLEANERS COMPANY Phone 327 Sheffield, Illinois Compliimenis of DAIRY BAR O Sheffield, Illinois P. R. DEANE PLUMBING 84 HEATING Phone 416 Geneseo, Illinois 4 af J Lf ---- --v A I r vvvv--v- A-I v - - ---- ---- - - - v 1 I I I I C. w. PENN AND SON 1 SOMMERS I ll I I I 0 Il THE REXALL STORE I l 1 I I SONG SHOP I Dependable Since I89O O I Prophetstown, Illinois I 1 I :I ,I I Prophetstown, Illinois I A,..,,,:,, ,, I l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, v ff:-::ff::::--A::::::::-::- -1 r :::::::::::::::::-:-::::: LANPI-IERE's CITIES SERVICE I PRITCHARD 3' ROL'-0 , CHEVROLET Our Complumenis Io . , OLDSMOBILE CLASS OE "49" I l Phone 203 I Prophetstown, Illinois Prophetstown, Illinois ,,....,,:,- ,, I L :x:x:::::x::: r ::::::-::::::::::::::::::::: 1 r ::::::::fff:ff:f::::::::f Il THE MODERN BEAUTY SHOP ll FADDEN BROS. MARKET I Phone 263 I ll Il I Oualily Meals al Il Pariricular Work for Pariricular People If Rigm Price I GLADYS LINDER. Prop. I' I 1+ - I ' Phone 218 :E Assistants: Katerine Berg, lIIIavis DeCorsey , Prophetstowny Illinois I, Prophetstown, Illmols Ir -:::::::::::::::::::::: -::: J if ::::::::::::::::: 'F :":::::::x:::::'A::xxx I I A'T::xxx: l R. HERALD DRUG STORE l I SHULL'S M ' d B ' Walgreen Agency I en S an Oys J: CLOTHING - FURNISHINGS O b ,I SHOES I I I Ray Miller, Prop. ll Prophetstown, Illinois I Prophetstown, Illinois l :::::,-:::::::::,-: J L- ::::,,:,:::::::: - I ,L QM- 5 JXVN1 . W W 0 'X Q r Y . J IU .I J W n V I 1 g'f 'XW' 'W UWT mf A WQZW ff? M Q5 1 M U5 S Q2 V5 Q 1 J K 6? S W fy 4 ff . Q - P PM Y A ' 'J W v W cn . X30 UK My H W M W f QW ,f J fw 3 V WN 5 93, 2 Q40 ' if M Ri 4 507 ' CJ!! I 9 f fm NW b Q Gi YN 7, W ff RCM Fig J 4 D fQ'L5L7UUZlZLKC J, 75-1 LCJJ UMM! WM io CQFJK N MJ wx in 1 "f - M QW '51 72, jf ' Q59-Et' B ' s li? Ili: Ck, LQ 27" - K9 T-ij LQ - V v I f ,A -' Q4 4 ' , IZ? K ,Mb ia A ,!bV!j?,g,g,. ,74fVV..-" ON' J , ffiwfn, - f'0f' 50 ,. ima-ffl! 5 ,Z WW pw W6' J' ,W M ,UTI ' W., nr' N5 Q' ,yy ofjfl . I 1191 MPM MQ f Q K 2 vga I j I AJ OV Ly if ,, !Qff"V Q f ' fV14,C1'ifl!Z!Qf Zi' Tu , X .-4' F, 3'- Ll X, all Y W Riff' , fff'7 .41 ,.,' 1 4, 'Q' X' f Iffil X X! 1 w ,J MH," ff' klffifvf f Lf! f r f- 4 J f 'f xw Zccjn L64 T3 NE 565253 h xi I o -I L n - .. ... .. . x J, - -..A ,. ,v.,,-.J . fulf --rr ' " ,, , ' ,U I . 'fu' -, 11.1, . .,,. . ,.,,,- M - 4- .N ,YN , .Mm,W-HH.,-..V. , . ,.,.,,,., f-4,.,.h,. ,,-,,.,-,., ,..,. , .. , , , 1 gr- I.: .:,-ff-31-V ,-ffm mm--K,s ,':- -1, L' . 1'-'uw e,fff' atm 'QXEg.'5fi.'i!6l.ES. 153.QmN.,.Q7.11.',v:,,.f,'-,,'?tf-'!1.'2',-,,:3 , -' -l?:tt?'-.1'l3.'.'-QU:'3'L'31mlf:1lU' Il i' -' P!' U 'w' ! 4' f"m " ' : ' " " g" " , M Q ' '- .,. ' , I ui rt gk: I' -.H 4 i . ,. M' fs- , 5:- :we 5145 1 -5:2 3 .LZ SE 1 l-: wr, Q -. Q .Ni 1 W 455 xv' '- , KRW N.. , lzf. 1 2' ' :Q 1 xx. xg- - itil' - v Eu. Q- a 3-aj 1 4 Q-,Q ff yi? 'H gf 1:5 is .EC W 135. 9: iii , 1,1 221- ., xi- ',1 - 1 1 x 5?-. .lg-I 3 ' x xxx, , -Qi. - , L +A,- A A 5.7: ,, X , yi xi' w

Suggestions in the Annawan High School - Tom Tom Echoes Yearbook (Annawan, IL) collection:

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