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u 899 OCKETV House W F sv. 1 U 1 r- .UO v 'O 5,2 2 ." V '1 XZ 2 -H M .W-ff fr... qunnnuuugwnl LLx9ox "Sim-as L Lugg Lg-'jg L'g:g?jt Lg?fL ee 6:63500 , i '3"'L -5 "5 -Sggfqfg we LX' Z 4 P X yf f f..L,' Q. X W, 6-'ZX af 3 S 05 PQ M? ' FUTURE sn """ cogffgdion y Qmfiliasv, Ave.- L05 I - O NN Q K Qu nuuuuuunuu Q ,"-- M WUQQQNE-1 4 U' ' M gb 4 """" 5 5391 l-1855 jp QQ fi new :V 159 L92 E b'5C3i29LL 5 e 'E dvi L :MFL My Q F' 1929 -5-'Z-Q' 5 A L ? -J AHS 1 f K 0' ' 21 W Z tw I M 1 Wake 7957 Annapolis Senior High School Annapolis, Maryland The path of life is lived with endless doors that open to the will of man whenever he explores. It is up to us to choose the door we Wish to enter. Our choice will often seal our fate and make us lose or win, so We should seek the righteous ones however hard to open. As We work through the hall of life let us approach with care each door, for one mistake can make a fool out of us learned mortals. CYCWOY Sophomores! juniors! Seniors! The years have swiftly passed. With graduation approaching we come to the end of the three years we have spent together. For each of us these days are filled with memories. - This yearbook, as a history of school life, reflects the doors of opportunity which were offered. It tells' the story of teachers who tried with various keys to open these doors. The '59 WAKE is pre- sented as a key to your memories of the days at Annapolis High School. 1 lecbcafion Mrs. Alexander was one of the first familiar faces our class came to know upon entrance to Annapolis High. As had other classes before us, we soon recognized in her a staunch friend and supporter. While acting as the head of the history depart- ment and giving her students a clear view of early American history, she attended our athletic games regularly and cheered them on to victories. She supported our dances by consenting to chaper- one, and when Talent Night rehearsals began she was one of the directors. For a number of years she has guided our student government and coun- seled its executives. To Mrs. Christiana Alexander, we, the class of 1959, dedicate our WAKE for her many hours of faithful service. Mrs. Alexander works with the executive council. Starting the day off in her homeroom. mfg of C Seniors Iflmlerclassmen xgnsfrucfio ddcfivifies Sporfs Albert W. Fowble Principal adclminisfrafion Education has been defined as "the process by means of which the individual acquires experi- ences that will function in rendering more effi- cient future action." If you follow this definition, your conduct in the future will show how much education you have acquired. This school has tried to give you good habits of study, of application, and of clean thought and speech. If you have ac- quired these, you have something that will func- tion in your later life. It is natural for us to grow mentally, morally, and physically all at the same time. We must always be active physically, alert mentally, and aware morally. If we possess these attributes, we will give our best to life and reap its richest rewards. It has been a pleasure working with you and you have my best wishes for future success and happiness. Norwood Wetherhold Vice-Principal V A ..,. c All part of a busy day. Roland A. Olson Supervisor Mr. Roland A. Clson is known to us all as Supervisor. Mr. Olson serves as a counselor for the teachers, helping them with any problems they might have, and contributing to a well-run school. I lin 'pb 5 f ff , X '1 1 L The Guidance Department is composed of two full-time counselors. Services offered by this de- partment include aptitude testing administered through the State Employment Servicesg an oppor- tunity for vocational information through speak- Stephen Fromeyer Reida Longenecker ers, visits, and reading materialsg group guidance, and parent conferences. Special attention is given to the evaluation of individual ability, aptitude, and temperament in relation to the students' ambition. Compiling information for colleges. Louise Hcrklotz 'Q ew. Virginia Powell The main oflice staff keeps the clerical depart- ment of AHS running smoothly and evenly throughout the school year. Both students and teachers often find it necessary to turn to the staff for information and instruction on the activities of the day. Mrs. Virginia Powell, secretary to the principal, and Mrs. Louise Herklotz, oflice clerk, are always on hand when needed. 6 fag Sfaff For an uninterrupted moment. Senww XNilliam Holme President William Characklis Vice-President .mio 'zz Three years ago, we the seniors of Annapolis High entered the school as sophomores, appre- hensively even fearfully, for a new adventure awaited us. At first we felt our way along slowly and thoughtfully. By the time we became juniors, the school real- ized that we were workers that would be hard to equal. The class of '59 participated in all phases of school life: sports, publications, clubs, and honor societies. In our senior year we were the men and women not only able to lead in school activities but also able to teach and help the underclassmen. Now we must leave the familiar halls and classrooms, but the memory of these three happy years will stay with us always. Advisors: Miss Hicks, Mr. Earle, Mr, Draper, Miss Kilbcrl, Mr. Pcrcgoy Susan Reed Secretary Kathleen Canary Treasurer THOMAS VERNON ADAMS Although quiet, Tommy is also congenial. He plans to go to a business college in Balti- more to study bookkeeping. CAROL ELIZABETH AISQUITH Carol is a transferee from E. C. Glass High School in Virginia. Her experience in the office will further her abilities in secretarial work. WAKE: Advt. 4, Patrons 45 Office Helper 45 Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Circus 25 Booster Club 2. DOROTHY MAE ALTON "An apple for the teacher!" This, we hope, will be given to Dottie whose goal is to be- come an elementary school teacher upon graduation from Towson Teacher's College. In the meantime, Dottie may be found work- ing as a telephone operator, and pursuing her many other activities. GERALDINE ELIZABETH ARMIGER Gerrie is best remembered for her graceful- ness, quietness, and zest for fun. Being a mem- ber of MYF and Tri-Hi-Y and participating in skating and swimming, fill her schedule. She plans to attend secretarial school next year. H. R. Rep. 15 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Operetta 25 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4. CAROL VIRGINIA ARNOLD This enterprising senior worked as a "Pinkie" this summer. A transferee from Westminster High School, Carol plans to study nursing next fall. KENNETH EDWARD ASHER Kenneth does quite a bit of work around the farm. He expects to enter the Marines. Traffic Sq. 4. MARGO ELAINE AVERY Margo, a Washingtonian, plans to become a home economics teacher. She will attend Towson State Teacher's College. WAKE Patrons 45 Devotions 2, 3, 45 TALLY- HO Rep. 45 Chorus 35 Orchestra 25 Circus 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 4. PATRICIA MARIA BARBORKA Little Boh, so called because of her Bohemian nationality, had perfect attendance for three consecutive years. She enjoys swimming and dancing in her spare time. However, her field of endeavor will be in the secretarial world. WAKE: Chief Typist 4, Sr. Write-ups 45 Asst. Lib. 45 Office Helper 35 Asst. to the Attend. Off. 3. VELMA BONNY BARRY Bonny, a very active worker in many AHS activities, is never too busy to smile and greet you with a cheery "Hi," H. R. Rep. 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Traffic Sq. Off. 45 Monitor Sq. 25 Tal. Night 3, 45 TALLY-HO: Feature Ed. 4, Asst. Sports Ed. 35 Rep. 25 Social Comm. 35 Asm. Comm. 41 Devotions 2, 3, 4. Chorus 2, 3, 45 All-State Chorus 45 Operetta 25 jr. Prom Comm. 35 V. Hockey 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 35 Intra. Basket- ball 3, Hockey 35 Girls' A-Club 35 Off. 45 Booster Club 3 jff .1 f . X, fl, I fl fx' ! fow JALVEY- BASIL Our popul' and friendly "Fres." Owen has the great qualities of leadership Whifihf will carry him far in his work. A rzusin booster of school activities, Owen has donegg great deal to improve school life. This ver- satile fellow plans further 'study at amorth- ern liberal arts school. 3 1 1 Stud. Gov't. Pres. 43 HKR. Rep. 2, 33 Class V. Pres. 35 Asm. Comm. 43 Social Comm. 3, 43 Jr. Prom Chmn. 33 Booster Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 43 jr. Civitan 3, 4. CHARLES HENRY BEHLKE, JR. Like most native Annapolitans, Charles en- joys participating in all watersports. After graduation he is considering a possible career in the Army. MIRIAM PAIGE BENNINGTON Paige keeps everyone in good spirits with her quick smile and apt witticism for every occasion. She plans to major in applied psy- chology in college. WAKE: Art Ed. 4, Patrons 4, Advt. 33 Talent Night 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 2, 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 V. Basketball 2, 33 Intra. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4: V. Soft- ball Mgr. 2: Girl's A-Club 2: Treas. A-Club 33 Circus 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 4. JANIS BERZINS Tall, blond Janis plans to studcy engineer- ing at the University of Marylan . With his great sportmanship in all fields, Janis has contributed much to the AHS Panthers and this quality will certainly be an asset in college. Band 13 V.: Football 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 33 Boy's A-Club 4. ROBERT HENRY BLESS, JR. A native of the "Old Line State", Bob is interested in engineering. He intends to study in this field at the University of Marylan . RONALD CARROLL BONOLIS A transferee from St. Mary's High, Ron may attend the University of Maryland to study architectural drawing or phys. ed. FRANK EDWARD BOSWELL Frank, along with the majority of the male population, faces a term in the service. In the meantime he does enjoy hunting and possesses an avid interest in cars. BEVERLY ANN BOWEN This serene member of our senior class has distinguished herself as Vice President of the Annapolis Y.W.C.A. "Bev" hopes to find her calling as a secretary. WAKE Patrons 43 TALLY-HO Typist 43 Intra. Basketball l, 2: Booster Club 2. VIRGINIA ANN BOYER Industrious Ginny, with her radiant person- alit? and ever-present smile, has won many tru y appreciative friends at AHS as well as at the many other schools she has attended. She is looking forward to a career in nursing, in which her many assets are sure to contrib- ute to success. WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Cir. 4: TALLY-HO 3: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Intra. Volleyball 5, 43 Booster Club 3, 4. ELIZABETH BERRY BROADDUS A warm smile and a sincere interest in what- ever she undertakes are the qualities that en- dear Betsy to her classmates. A major in lan- guage or music at a small southem women's college is included in her future plans. Stud. Gov't. Sec. 4: H. R. Alt. 2, 33 Honor So- ciety 2, 5, 4: Trailic Sq. 4: Talent night 2, 3, 4: jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 8: Circus 8: Booster Club 2, 4: J. V. Cheerleader 2. JUDY THELMA BROWN Swimming, diving, and water skiing are the primary interests of this vivacious native of instead-on-the-Severn. Her terrific sense of humor and boundless energy will make her a success in junior college. WAKE: Advt. 43 Patrons 4: Talent Night 2, 8, 4, Social Comm. 8, 4: Devotions 3, 4: Chorus 2, 8: jr. Prom Comm. 33 Intra. Hockey 83 Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 3: Booster Club 2, 3: J. V. Cheerleading 3. KENNETH BROWN With his Boston accent, it is no siaprise that Ken is a transfer student from eysmouth Hi h School in Massachusetts. Sports seem to ie the specialty of this "Down Easterner." EVELYN ELIZABETH BURNETT Evie has contributed much to the AHS sports program, especially basketball. She is antici- pating a career as a typist or stenographer. School Treas. 4: j.V. Basketball 2: Intra: Softball 2, Basketball 2, Volleyball 2, Soccer 1. . ,RX CAROLYN SUE CADELL Carolyn's main activity at Annapolis High has been singing in the chorus. We know she will be a good omemaker as marriage is her plan after graduation. WAKE: Patrons 43 Make-up Comm. 4: Sr. Write-up Comm. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2: Booster Club 3, 4. BARBARA LEE CAMPBELL Tres Gaie Barb has her ling:-:rs in every ac- tivity at AHS. Well-loved, er good nature makes her a favorite. WAKE: Cir. 4, Senior Write-ups: Quill 8: Scroll 4, Traflic Sq. 43 Talent Night 4: Tally- Ho Typist 2, 3, 4: Social Comm. 1 Band 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 41 Pep Band 8: Orchestra 3: jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 35 Intr. Badminton 2: Booster Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: jr. Classical League Vice Pres. 45 Et Cetera Typist 3: Monitor 2, 3. KATHLEEN JANE CANARY Captivating Kitty has shone as an industrious worker at AHS. As graduation approaches she plans to prepare for elementary school teach- ing by attending a small co-ed college. Homeroom Rep. 2, 3: Class Treas. 4: WAKE: Patrons Comm. 4, Write-Ups 4: Talent Night 8, 4g TallyiHo Rep. 2: Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: Devotions 3, 4: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Trampo- line 43 A-Club Treas. 4: Circus 2, 8, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Court 43 jr. J. V. Cheer. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. GAIL CECELIA CANTLER With a dash of color, Gail is one of the artists of AHS. Also active in various sports, Gail plans to attend the University of Maryland to major in physical education. Band 3: -Ir. Leader 3: Sr. Leader 4: V. Volley- ball 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Sodal Comm. 2, 3, 43 A-Club 2, 3, 4. GARY LEE CARLE Gary can often be seen toting his saxophone through the halls of AHS. Besides his musical accomplishments he has added much to the literary publications of AHS. Gary hopes to attend the Naval Academy. WAKE: Photo. 4, Tal. Night 2, 8, 4: Tally- H0: Asst. Sport's Ed. 3, Reporter 3, Bus. Staff 4: Band 2, 8, 4:.Dance Band 2, 3, 4: jr. Prom Comm 5: Circus Band 2, 3, 4. NANCY NATALIE CARTER Sports are tops with Nancy, as her out- standing record at AHS shows. Also very active in her local 4-H Club, she plans to major in education at Hood College. WAKE: Make-up 4, Lit. Comm. 43 Tal. Night 43 Social Comm. 2, 3, 45 Asst. Attend. Off. lg Chorus 3, 45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Intra.: Soft- ball l, Basketball l, 2, Volleyball 1, Hockey 2, Archery 43 Circus 35 Booster Club 43 Tri- Hi-Y 4. CHARLES CATTERTON Sonny, a sports enthusiast and future physical education teacher, plans to attend a small college where he wil participate in sports. The Air Force is also a part of his future. Football 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4. KENNETH WARD CATTERTON Anyone who knows "Cat" calls him the "life of the party," but he has his serious side too. As a competent President of the Junior Civi- tan he takes a great interest in activities at AHS. Business administration figures in his future at the Univ. of Maryland. H.R. Rep. l, 2, 43 Class Pres. 1, 2: V. Football 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 3, 45 Boys' A-Club 3, 4. ETTA LOUISE CAVEY Clicking typewriters, adding machines and studying shorthand books are all part of the busy, but interesting life of a secretary, a field Etta is planning to pursue. Dancing and swimming provide pleasant past times for this future secretary. H.R. Rep. 1. MELINDA LOU CECIL A transfer from Arundel High, Melinda is a swimming enthusiast, and plans onlattend- ing the University! of Maryland. Dancing and sailing also score igh with her. WAKE: Make-up 4g fir. Prom. Comm. 3:61. V. Hockey 33 Intra.: So tball 4, Hockey 31 irls' A-Club 45 Circus 3, 4: Booster Club 43 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Make-Up Comm. 3. SALLY IRENE CESARINI Portsmouth High School lost a good student when Sally transferred to AHS. Having a lovely voice, Sally has added much to our chorus. Marriage and her own beauty salon are Sally's aims for the future. 5 Chorus 3, 4, Booster Club 4. SARA JANE CI-IANEY Sara jane, one of our few red heads, is active around AHS. Graduation will find her studying medicine in preparation for a nurs- ing career. Tal. Night 43 Social Comm. 3, 43 Devotions 41 Chorus 3, 4g jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 3: Intra.: Softball 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 5, 4, Soccer 3, 45 Circus 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Make-up Comm. 4. WILLIAM GREGORY CHARACKLIS Basketball, baseball, and soccer-sports are number one on this boy's list! "Charack," who was wisely chosen by the senior class to be its Vice-President, plans a career in architecture or civic engineering. H.R. Rep. l, 2, Alt. 3, 45 Class Vice-President 4, Treas. I, 3, jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 33 V.: Soccer 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 23 Intra. Basketball 2. DAVID THOMAS CLAFFY, JR. Binky, who hails from Darby, Penn., is known for his affinity for girls. He plans to take a course in accounting. PATRICIA ANN CLARK Lucky will be the pupils who get Trisha as a teacher! She has been an able worker for all AHS activities. Next year will find her at Western Maryland College where she will major in education. H. R. Alt. 4g Honor Society 3, 43 WAKE Cir. 43 Tal. Night 3, 45 Social Comm. 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3: Operetta 23 Jr. Prom. Comm. 3: Basket- ball 2g A-Club 2, 3, 43 Circus 2: Booster Club 3, 43 J. V. Cheerleader 8, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. DANA MARIA COLETTA Dana, one of our musicians, can be seen toting her instrument through the corridors of AHS. Distinguished by her pleasantness, she plans to attend the University of Maryland. Band 8: Chorus 2: Orchestra 23 Social Comm. 33 WAKE Cir. 4. BARBARA LAMARR COLLISON Anyone desiring to engage a highly competent secretary please see Bobbie-line forms on the right. Bobbie's well-rounded school life also includes basketball, volleyball and badminton. Tal. Night 3, 4g Social Comm. 43 Office Helper 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Intra. Badminton 3, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Future Homemakers of America 3: Circus 2. LILLIAN JOYCE COLLISON Joyce, with her mischievous smile, is interested in the 4-H Club and sewing. She plans to wear a nurse's cap after further schooling. Booster Club 4. 'W 'il' ,I '13 ""'4'.?"" 4 .AJ . ,.,," A l ' ,V . .5 if .-f-.,.-- N vi , by K fsyk Q., . . ., f Si iff ' if sri...'. ents' W-. "'s"4 .ff .Q , f.. ., . hw' .. LILLIE MAE COOK Lighthearted Cookie is active in the chorus, her church, and Job's Daughters. She will surely be a gay addition to whichever busi- ness college she attends. Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2. JOSEPH LEONARD CORDONE Drawing and duck hunting provide Joe's rec- reation. The Coast Guard will claim him after graduation, but eventually he hopes to be- come a sheet metal worker. DOROTHY DIANE CURRY As president of her teen-club, Dot is kept very busy with her activities which include water sports. Future plans include a career in oiiice work. Chorus lg Operetta 23 Circus 2, 3, 4. SERGE DANEL Sports rank high with this Panther who has been an asset to several of our teams. Serge plans to enter the Air Force. Softball 2, 3: Basketball 3. JAMES ALLEN DAVIS Jim, who is very active as a fire fighter and a naval reservist, plans to fulfill his military obligation and then go to college. WAYNE H. DAVIS Wayne has helped gluide several teams to victory in the past t ree years at AHS. He is interested in drafting but has no definite plans for the future. Mgr. V. Basketball 2, Lacrosse 2, Wrestling 3, Team 2, 3: A-Club 2, 3, 4. DONNA LOU DAWSON This music-loving senior is an active sup- porter of many school activities. Donna's future plans are to attend Bob Jones Univer- sity where she will study personal evangelism. Trafiic Sq. 4: TALLY-HO Rep. 4: Asst. Lib. l: Devotions 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, , 4: Operetta 2: Booster Club 4. PATRICIA ELEANOR DAYWALT Active in local 4-H Club work and an avid supporter of all school activities, Pat is sure to be successful in whatever field she chooses. Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1: Future Homemak- ers of America 3: Booster Club 4: WAKE Sr. Write-up 4. MARSHALL DEGRAW Marsh plans to attend Baltimore City Col- lege to study engineering. He is always will- mg to give information concerning hot rods and boats, which are his main interest. Oflice Helper 4: Chorus 3, 4: Intra. Softball 4. MARIE ANN DEMEY Pert and petite Marie will long be remem- bered at AHS for her quick smile and willing- ness to help. An ardent supporter of school activities, she enjoys swimming and tennis during her spare moments. This fun-loving girl plans a secretarial career. H. R. Alt. 2: Traffic Sq. 4: Tal. Night 3: Basketball 2, 3: Badminton 8: Booster Club 2, 3, 4. JULIA DBWALD A transfer -student to our school this year Julie has already shown her musical ability. Curly locks are julie's future as she plans to be a beautician. Chorus 4. JOSE HECTOR DEZAYAS Born in Shang Hai, China, joe came to us as a transfer from Severn Prep. Most of his extra time is taken up by cars and boats. His future plans include engineering at the Uni- versity of Virginia. EDWIN ERNEST DIAMOND Ed, an avid soccer player, enjoys working with the rescue department and fire lighting. Upon graduation he will be employed in the field of boat building pending entry into the Air Force. Soccer 2, 3, 4. JOHN HENRY DIBENIO The ever cheerful john plans to enter col- lege in the pursuit of engineering or physics. He prefers a co-ed college. JOHN ROBERTSON VAN DICKSON A hard worker and active supporter of AHS activities, Jack plans to enter the U.S. Naval Academy where he will study engineering. WAKE: Advt. 4, Cir. 4, Photo. 49 Asst. Lib. 4: Cafe. Helper 3, 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 J.V. Soccer 3, Booster Club 3g Stage Crew 2, 3, 45 Visual Aid 2, 3, 4. DIANA LOUISE DOBBS Popular Diane is well-known for her activities with the majorettes and on the athletic field. This senior with her sunny smile and amiable personality is bound for a secretarial mreer. WAKE: Patrons 4, Typing 4, Cir. 45 Social Comm. 2, 33 Devotions 3, 43 Intra.: Softball 2, 8, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Tumbling 2, 3, 4, Modern Dance 2, 3, 4, Archery 2, 3, 4, Chmn. 4: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Major- ette 2, 3, 45 Alumni Comm. 4g jr. and Sr. Leader 8, 4. EVELYN ANN DORHEIM Talented Lynne has contributed a great deal to AHS activities, particularly in the way of art. Her congeniality is sure to win her as many friends in her future as a teacher as it has in the past. WAKE: Advt. 4, Make-up Comm. 49 TALLY- HO Rep. 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4. CARLTON LEE DORSEY Like most boys Lee enjoys hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports. The service is in his future plans. GERALDINE JANET DOVE Happy-go-lucky Gerry has chosen to become a secretary. Her efficiency and reliability will be a great asset to her. WAKE Patrons 45 Office Helper 4. MARILYN ANN DYTCHE Distributing absentee lists, sorting mail and answering students' questions are all part of Marilyn's job as an office helper. Working in the office will prepare Marilyn for her career as a secretary. In her spare time, Marilyn enjoys sewing and has won several prizes in this field. WAKE Advt. 35 Tal. Night 3, 4: Office Helper 45 Booster Club 3, 4. MARY ELLA EDELEN Sue's interest in fashion designing is furthered by her ability in art. With a flair for color, she may be one of our future designers. Asst. Lib. lg Cafe. Helper 1. JOHN CARL ELERDING john likes to take life easy and relax while fishing, which is one of his favorite pastimes. He plans to attend Columbia Technical Insti- tute and become a draftsman. Track 8, 4. LINDA LEE EMORY Lyn plans to enter the business world. Most of her time is spent working on outside activi- ties which include water sports and the local 4-H Club. Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2. RICHARD EVANS Hunting, baseball and getting out of school are Richard's main pleasures. After obtaining his chief desire, he plans to enter the Army. MARY MELANIE FIELD "Have suitcase will travel," this girl has been everywhere! A welcomed addition to Annapolis, Mary comes to us from Lone High in Virginia. Upon graduation, Mary will e heading back to her birthstate California, where she will major in history at California University. WILLIAM LESTER FOLLETT Bill contributed much to our wrestling squad last year. He enjoys boating and all water sports. The future includes Penn University where he will take up Wrestling 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 33 4: Y ,ii .pf .f-if f ,fi ELLEAKOAQ Ellen's great sense of hui as well-liked. She is an active member of band and enjoys spending her leisure time listenin to music. Her love for children has helped Eier to decide on a teaching career. WAKE: Advt. 4, Cir. 4: Traflic Sq. 4: Inter- national Relations Club 4: Band 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America 3 : Circus 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. ADELE MAE FRANTUM Adele, with her winning smile, is one of the outstandin contributors to AHS. Helpful and happy in qier work, her dependability is never questioned and as a secretary we are sure she'll be a success. H.R. Rep. 4: WAKE: Sr. Write-up 4, Advt. 4, Typing 4: Traflic Sq. 2, 4: Tal. Night 3, 4: Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: Devotions 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Booster Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y Off. 3, 4: Office Helper 4: Asm. Comm. 4: Intra. Trampoline Mgr. 4. ELIZABETH JOY GARY Joy is a transfer student from Stuart Hall, Staunton, Virginia. An expert on the tennis court, Joy loves to use this ability to its full- est extent. Her winning smile and willing way has made her many friends and will con- tinue to in the future. I'ntra.: Softball 4: Basketball 4: Hockey 4: Booster Club 4. SUSAN DIANE GAWTHROP Sue came to us this year from Lackey High where she was active in Honor Society, student council, band and athletic activities. She hopes to continue her education in college as a mathematics or engineering major. CATHERINE JULIA GESELL Spirit, humor, talent and intelligence com- bine to emphasize a delightful personality in this prominent senior. Kitty's plans include Bucknell where she will study psychology. WAKE: Sr. Write-up 4, Lit. Comm. 4: Tal. Night 3, 4: Chorus 4: Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: J. V. Cheerleader 2, 3. JOYCE VIRGINIA GLOVER Joycie, an avid music lover, is known for her congeniality and sense of humor. She plans to do office work after graduation. WAKE: Patrons 4, Cir. 4: Traiiic Sq. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2. ROSALIE ELLEN GLOVER Often sporting a saucy pony tail, Rosalie is genial and well-liked by her classmates. As a Sunday school teacher she is active in her church. Rosalie plans to be a bookkeeper. WAKE: Cir. 4g Traffic Sq. 4. DAVID WARREN GOETTEE College or the Air Force are on the sched- ule for Tim. An active member of the senior class, he plans to study engineering. Cafe. Helper 45 Chorus 45 Soccer 43 Trade 3, 43 Wrestling 4. PATRICIA JEAN GOODHUE Patty's main interest is playing the Bute in the AHS Band. During the summer she worked as a "pinkie" in the Annapolis Gen- eral Hospital which should help her im- mensely in her chosen career of nursing. Band 2, 5, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 8, 4. DONALD VAUGHN GOODWIN Tall, dark, and good natured Don is an avid sports enthusiast. After a hitch in the service he plans to go to college. V. Basesball 45 Intra. Basketball 2, 3, 4. , .WY DAVID H. GORDON Easy going David can always be depended on to do a job well. This native Annatpolitan enjoys electricity as a hobby. He is un ecided about his future career. Tal. Night 2, 5, 4: jr. Prom Comm. 8: Circus 35 Visual Aids 43 Lighting Comm. 3, 4. ALICE JANE GREENE Smiling! jane came to us from Calvert County igh last Lear. Her plans for the future range from eing a beautician to a private SCCrCtaI'y. WAKE: Patrons 4. ROSALIND ANN GREENFIELD Roz is an energetic and valuable addition to AHS. Her gaiety and captivating person- ality will be sure to win her many friends at Marjorie Webster junior College. Lit. Comm. 43 Tal. Night 2, 8, 4: Social Comm. lg jr. Prom Comm. 33 Intra. Basket- ball 2: Booster Club l, 2, 3. MARTIN GREENTREE Marty is a popular boy in the Class of '59. His amiable personality has won him many friends throughout his years in high schoo . Cafe. Helper 49 V.: Soccer 3, 4, Wrestling 5, 45 Intra. Bas etball 2, 8. JOHN GARY GREKSOUK Gary, the little guy with the big ersonal- ity, is a great addition to the schoog as well as to the senior class. His energy and friend- liness are unequaled. Gary would like to attend a teachers college to study physical education. V. Basketball 45 j. V. Basketball 37 Booster Club 5, 4. HILDA ANN GRISCOM A versatile musician, Hilda is an active participant in the band. Her friendliness as well as her scholastic ability make her well- qualified for Duke or Maryland University. H.R. Alt. 43 WAKE Advt. 43 Traflic Sq. Off. 43 Tal. Night 2, 3, 43 TALLY-HO proof- reader 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Circus 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4g ET CETERA Bus. Staff 43 All-State Band 3, 43 Dance band 3, 43 German Band 3, 4. AMY LYNN GROSE Amy's lovely smile radiates fun and happi- ness to all who know her. She is looking for- ward to a successful future in the secretarial field. Monitor Sq. 33 TALLY-HO Typist 3, 43 Social Comm. 4g Office Helper 43 Cafe. Helper 3, 43 Intra.: Softball l, Basketball 2, Fieldball lg Intra. Mngr. 1, 23 Booster Club 4. EILEEN REGINA I-IAAVIK Eileen is noted for her friendliness and willingness to assist others. She is active in the literary field at AHS but plans a career in the field of science. WAKE: Patrons 4, Cir. 43 Traliic Sq. 4g TALLY-HO Rep. 43 Asst. Lib. 43 Make-up Comm. 3. BONNIE SUE HAINES Petite and dainty, Bonnie's dancing ability is exceed'-4 only by her blithe spirit. Secre- tarial wci.. ill occupy most of her time next fall. Tal. Night 23 Booster Club 43 Oilice Helper 4. CAROLE JO-ANN HALL Carole, a leader for the past three years in almost every phase of school life, reigned this year as Homecoming Queen. This personable senior lans to major in math or science at a girls' ligeral arts college. Stud. Gov't Treas. 43 H.R. Rep. 3, Alt. 23 jr. Prom Chmn. 33 Trailic Sq. 43 Asm. Comm. 33 Honor Society Pres. 43 Honor Society Mem. 2, 33 A-Club 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 43 WAKE Cir. 43 V. Cheerleader 3, 4. 'WW SHIRLEY ANN HALL Rated high on Shirley's list of activities are sports. This senior plans to enter the secre- tarial field. V. Basketball 23 Intra.: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Soccer 2: Circus 3. IDA LIDDELL HAMINGER "May I help you," are the words most AHS students hear when they enter the othce be- fore school. By working in this capacity, Ida has been preparing for her future career as a secretary. Business college may also be in store for her. Office Helper 3, 43 ET CETERA Chief Typist 43 Attend. Oflice 2, 3. EDWINA WINCHESTER HAMNER Pretty, blond Winnie is a key member of the literary publications of AHS. She is going to attend Randolph-Macon Women's College to study in the field of biochemistry. Quill 8: Scroll 3, 43 Traffic Sq. 43 Monitor Sq. 3g Tal. Night 23 TALLY-HO: Asst. Ed. , Asst. News. Ed. 3, Rep. 23 Social Comm. 33 Chorus 23 Operetta 23 J. V. Hockey 33 Intra. Hockey 33 Booster Club 2. JOANNE CAROL HARDESTY Joanne, a long standing member of our sports program, enjoys water sports and danc- ing. She plans on becoming a secretary. Office Helper 43 Band 13 Intra.: Softball 2: Volleyball I, Soccer l. WILLIAM MCGRATH HARLOW Bill's happy-go-lucky disposition and en- thusiasm for sports have contributed to mak- ing him a person his friends will never forget. He plans to serve his country in the Coast Guard. BARBARA LOUISE HARRIS This popular, fun-loving native of Severna Park has been avidly engaged in her hobbies, dates and parties all through high school. Barb's future plans include attending college and pursuing a literary career. WAKE: Lit. Ed 4, Cir. 4, Sr. Write-ups 43 Traflic Sq. 4, Intra.: Hockey 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Trampoline 33 Tal. Night 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 2, 35 Girls' A-Club 2, 33 Circus 2, 3, 43 ET CETERA 43 Booster Club 2, 3, 43 jr. Leader 3, Devotions 45 jr. Prom Comm. 3. VIRGINIA STUART HART A charming smile and rich dark curls are an asset to Ginny who plans to attend a lib- eral arts college. Ginny was a transfer student in her sophomore year from Princess Anne High. WAKE Underclassmen Ed. 43 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Social Comm. 2, 3, WAKE Make-up Comm. 4. SHIRLEY JEAN HASKETT "Miss Dairy Queen '58" plans to obtain a secretarial position upon graduation. Shirley hopes to be able to continue modeling in her spare time. WAKE Patrons 43 Tal. Night 3, 4, Boys' Phys. Ed. Oflice Helper 45 Booster Club 3. ELIZABETH CARROLL HEISE Libby, an energetic and capable worker in all phases of school life, is known and liked by everyone. Our WAKE Editor-in-chief plans to major in French in college. H.R. Rep. 2, Alt. 3, 45 Honor Society Sec. 43 Honor Society 2, 3, 4: WAKE Editor-in- chief 4, Advt. 2, 3, Cir. 4, Traffic Sq. 45 Moni- tor Sq. 2g V. Basketball 4, 1. V. Basketball 2, 3, Sec. Social Comm. 35 TALLY-HO Rep. 2, 35 Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3. DUDLEY FERREE HENDRICK Dud's personality is a mixture of qualities that combine to make him a really well-liked person. As a participant in school activities and sports, Dud is noted for his skill in lacrosse. In the future he will attend college to prepare for a career in engineering. H.R. Rep. 3, 4, Alt. 29 Trallic Sq. Off. 4, Band Off. 23 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: V.: Soccer 4, Track 3, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 23 Intra. Softball 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 33 jr. Civitan Off. 4. MARCIA ANN HENDRIX Marcia, a qpiet and efficient girl, is inter- ested in anyt ing of a literary nature. The future plans of this active senior include study at a liberal arts college. WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Advt. 2, 3, 4, Cir. 4: Traflic Sq. 45 Tal. Night 25 TALLY-HO: Rep. 2, 3, 4, Proof Reader 43 Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 3, 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3: Intra. Basketball 3: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: ET CETERA: Proof Reader 3: Edi- tor-in-chief 4. REBECCA JUNE HESTER Having always had the ambition to teach, june will enroll in Towson State Teachers College in the fall. An active member in school affairs, she will be missed by her many friends at AHS. WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Cir. 4, Traffic Sq. 4, Social Comm. 45 Chorus 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Booster Club 3, 45 Monitor Sq. 3. DERMOTT LEE HICKEY Dermie is a native Annapolitan who has returned home after being absent many years because of navy life. He plans to make our city his home for several more years while attending the U. S. Naval Academy. MILDRED KAE HICKS Along with her accomplishments in singing Kae also takes a special interest in swimming and dancing. She would like to become a public accountant. Chorus 25 Operetta 2. .WILLIAM HOWARD HOLME This popular senior will be missed by AHS and the many organizations to which e has contributed. Bill lans to attend the U. S. Naval Academy wgere he will study to be- come an engineer. Class Pres. 3, 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 WAKE Cir. 45 Traffic Off. 45 Mem. 45 TALLY- HO Rep. 3, 45 Asm. Comm. 35 Social Comm. Vice Pres. S5 Band 2, 3, 45 jr. Prom Comm. Chmm. 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 jr. Civitan Club 3, 4. NORMAN WILLIAM HONADLE This fun-loving fellow has a genuine sense of humor that just can't be beat, and is known for his unceasing interest in sports. After serving his country in the Marines, he plans to study military science in college. jr. Prom Comm. 35 V.: Football 3, 4, Track 2, 85 J. V. Basketball 35 Band 2. DAVID HOPKINS "Have trumpet-will play" is Dave's motto, as this ranks high on his list of interests. This musically talented senior plans to study law in college. Band 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 2, 3. DONALD BENSON HOPKINS Don is known around school for his out- standing sense of humor as well as his ex- ceiling ability in baseball. He plans to join the Air Force. V.: Basketball 8, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 25 Boys' A-Club 3, 4. PAMELA HOWELL Pam has added a sparkle to AHS. She is bound for the University of Maryland, plan- ning to major in psychology and advertising. WAKE: Make-up 4, Art 4, Sr. Write-up 45 Tal. Night 45 Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Intra. Softball 2, 45 Circus 45 Booster Club 35 Make- up Comm. 2, 45 Art Service 4. JAMES RUSSELL HUGHES Renowned for his sense of humor, jimmy has been an enthusiastic participant in the sports program at AHS. He will study physi- cal education at the University of Maryland. Football 2, 3, 45 Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. PRISCILLA ANN HUSTED Known for her banter and scholastic achievement, Pris has contributed much to her school. A liberal arts college awaits this talented senior. Social Comm. 2, 3, 45 H.R. Alt. 25 WAKE: Make-up 4, Lit. Comm. 45 Tal. Night 2, 3, 45 Band 25 Chorus 35 jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 35 Girls' A-Club 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 85 Intra.: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Modern Dance 3, 4, Badminton 3, 4, Trampo- line S, 45 Circus 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 ET EETERA: Art Comm. 3, 4, Typing 3, Cir. . JEFFREY HAYES JACKSON AHS students welcomed Jeff, with his win- ning manner and pleasing smile. He spent part of his high school days in two California schools. A career awaits him in the Air Force or Marines. Circus 3, 4. PATRICIA GAEL JAMES Pat, an advocate of nearly all school sports, has proven herself especially capable in var- sity softball having obtained a varsity letter and emblem. The future will find her work- ing as a secretary. Social Comm. 3, 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 V: Basketball 4, Softball 2, Volleyball 23 Intra.: Soccer 3, Hockey 3, Basketball 2, 3, 43 Circus 33 Booster Club 3, 43 WAKE Cir. 4. BARBARA CHRISTINE JANZ With planning dances, serving on WAKE Literary Committee, issuing traffic tickets and managing teams-it might look as though Barb has her hands full, but she is always willing to do more. Barb is heading for Mary- land University to which she will be a wel- come and helpful addition. She plans to major in laboratory technology. WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Cir. 43 Traffic Sq. 43 Tal. Night 3, 43 Social Comm. 33 Band 23 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Team Mgr. 33 Girls' A-Club 3, 43 Circus 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 4. JOHN WORTHINGTON JEFFERIES Jeff's endless energy and versatility in lead- ership make him a success in anything he does. An outstanding student and active worker, he has made himself a truly valuable member of the class of '59. John hopes to enter Harvard University as an engineering student. Stud. Gov't Vice Pres. 43 H.R. Alt. 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Honor Society Vice Pres. 43 WAKE Cir. 4j TALLY-HO Rep. 43 Asm. Comm 43 Social Comm. 43 Jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 33 Intra.: Softball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Soccer 3, 23 Booster Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Off. 43 Jr. Civitan 4. ANNE VIRGINIA JENNINGS Lively Bobbi's major interest is sports. Her good sportsmanship has boosted the spirit of many teams. She would like to attend a small co-ed college in western Maryland and major in phys. e . WAKE: Cir. 4, Sr. Write-up 43 J. V. Hockey 33 Intra.: Volleyball 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Booster Club 43 J. V. Cheerleader l. joscpn HENRY JEWELL Quite active in wrestling, Joey has received several awards for his outstanding achieve- ments. He plans to attend the Naval Academy. V. Wrestling 2, 3, 4. SUSAN JOHNSON Saucy Susan is an essential cog in the wheel of AHS activities. Being versatile, she is active in many different organizations throughout the school. Susie plans to study nursing. Social Comm. 2, 33 J. V.: Basketball 2,,Hockey 23 Art Service 4j Booster Club 2, 3. ANN HEATHER JONES Ann, who is always on the go, has used her journalistic talents in every possible field at AHS. She hopes to study biology in college. Quill and Scroll Mem. 3, 43 WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Cir. 43 Trafiic Sq. 43 Tally-Ho: News Ed. 43 Asst. News Ed. 33 Reporter 23 Social Comm. 2, 3, 43 Asst. Lib. 4j Cafe. Helper 3, 43 International Relations Club 3, 43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 J. V. Team Mgr. 2, 33 Girls' A-Club 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 43 ET CETERA: Lit. Board 3, 43 Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4. LEILA MAY JONES For her good-natured disposition and soft- spoken voice, Leila is well-liked by her friends. As a student she is sure to be success- ful in college. Social Comm. 43 Chorus l. 2, 3, 43 Operetta 23 Future Homemakers of America 33 Circus 43 Booster Club 3, 43 WAKE Advt. 4. MORGAN JONES Morgan, as a member of the Arnold Volun- teer Fire Department, is off to the fire with the clanging of the bell. 4-H Club and other activities take up most of his spare time. His chief ambition is to be a success in life and to make a million, MARGARET LEE JONES Pretty, perk, Peggy has lent her talents to various fields of AHS activities. This busy senior plans to attend a junior college to study in the field of education. J. V. Hockey 35 Social Comm. 2, 33 Booster Club 23 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Tal. Night 2, 3, 4. PHILLIP JOSEPH JONES Hunting, fishing, and boating, three very interesting hobbies that demand skill, hold Phil's interest emphatically. Contracting was Phil's choice for a summer job last year, but he will don the Navy blue before entering Maryland University. ALLEN ROBERT JONES Bobb came to us from Wheaton High where he had distinguished himself in the field of science. He plans a career in electrical engineering. PATRICIA ANN JUDD Pat has been an industrious worker for AHS and an all-around "good student". She plans to do clerical or secretarial work after graduation. Social Comm. 3: Band 3: Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Booster Club 31 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Monitor Sq. 2: ET CETERA 3. PATRICIA ANN JUNEMAN Water sports head this senior's list of in- terests. This Washingtonian plans to be a typist. Marriage awaits her. Future Homemakers of America 3. FREDERICK JOHNSTON KAP PEL Johnny, who came to us from Severn, has interests that vary from hi-fi to football and lacrosse. Upon graduation his aim will be the field of dentistry. WAKE: Advt. 4, Sr. Write-ups 43 TALLY- HO Asst. Sports Ed. 43 V. Lacrosse 3, 45 Booster Club 4. f . I . . f ,J X' GAMES MICHAEL KING With white sails blowing in the wind the bo manned by Jim glides across the Severn. B des being an expert sailor, Jim proved t be an able manager of the varsity football team. Jim plans to study marine designing f in college. CARL BENEDICT KINNER A transfer from Jackson High in Florida, Carl plans to enter the Navy. Fishing and hunting are at the top of his outside interests. ROBERT ALLAN KIRCHNER An avid sports enthusiast, Bobby has held key positions on the varsity football and baseball teams for three years. Popular, con- genial and a booster of school activities, he plans to join the Air Force after graduation. H.R. Rep. 2, 45 TALLY-HO Rep. 43 V. Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 43 Track 35 J. V. Basketball 2g Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Athletic Rep. 2, 3, 43 Boys' A-Club 3, 4. WOODROW GERALD KIRKLEY Sports-minded Gerald is not sure about his future plans but will be a success at anything he tries. Intra. Basketball 2. jOHN CHRISTIAN KIRSH An avid member of the "Lower Hall Bri- gade," john's main interests are MYF and water sports. His future plans include Tow- son State Teachers College and an elementary school teaching profession. Band 2: Chorus 3. NANCY LEE KNUTSEN Nan, known for her congeniality and smile, is looking forward to becoming an airline receptionist upon graduation from college. WAKE: Advt. 4, Make-up 4, Patrons 4, Typ- ing 4: TALLY-HO Typing 4, Rep. 4: Booster Club 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4. CLAIRE BETH KOTZIN Vivacious Claire is just about as versatile as one girl can be. Her varied interests and pleasing ways assure her of a wonderful uture in the field of psychology. H.R. Rep. 2, Alt. 3: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: WAKE Patrons 4: Traffic Sq. 4: Tal. Night 2, 3, 4: Asm. Comm. 2: TALLY-HO Bus. Staff. 2: Social Comm. 2, 3, 43 jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 5: Intra.: Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3, Mgr. 3: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader: V. 8, 4, j. V. 2: Make-up Comm. 2, 3. W, .S V sugar SHARIE MEADE LACEY Sharie has a vivacious knack of keeping everyone in stitches. Active in most of our social activities and in cheering she is a real "Booster" to the school spirit. This friendly comedian is looking forward to a state teachers college. We wish her success in the field of elementary education. H.R. Alt. 2: WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Advt. Comm. 4: Tal. Night l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 3, 4: jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 3: Girls' A-Club Vice- President 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: V. Cheerleader 4: j. V. Cheerleader 2, 3: Modern Dance 3, 4: Trampoline 2. JOHN CHARLES LAJOYE Sports, sports and more sports are john's field. A natural athlete, john has helped the AHS Panthers to many victories. College is in john's plans after a short interruption for the service. Band 4: V.: Football 3, 4, Baseball 8, 4: Intra. Basketball 3, 4: Boys' A-Club 4. LINDA LOU LAN KFORD For studying to be a medical secretary, Linda has chosen Majorie Webster junior College. Cooking and visiting the Naval Academy seem to have a big part in her life. WAKE: Advt. 3, 4, Patrons 4, Cir. 4: Tal. Night 3, 4: TALLY-HO Asst. Exch. Ed. 3: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Booster Club 2, 3. HELEN SUSANNA LEE Flirtatious Susie, with her radiant person- ality and vitality has contributed much to AHS activities. She is looking forward to a secretarial career. WAKE Cir. 4: Social Comm. 1: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2: V.: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Softball 1: Intra. Softball 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Field- ball 1, Volleyball 1: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY HINDA LEGUM "School Spirit" are erhaps the only words to describe Bev and Eer work at Annapolis High. Her boundless enthusiasm is sure to make her a success in her chosen career of education. Honor Society 2, 3, 4: jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 3: WAKE Advt. Ed. 4: V. Basketball 2: Traf- fic Sq. 4: Tal. Night 2, 3, 4: Intra.: Trampo- line 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: jr. and Sr. Phys. Ed. Leader: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: V. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. CAROL JOY LOWMAN Carol is one of our hard-working school treas- urers. Her eil-iciency in money matters will assure her a good secretarial position after she receives her diploma. School Treas. 43 WAKE: Advt. 4, Patrons 4, Typing 4: Traffic 4: Chorus 1: Intra.: Softball 1, Basketbal I, 2, Volleyball 1: Booster Club 2, 4. ROBERT VAN LYNCH Bob attended Mt. Rainier jr. High School be- fore coming to AHS. Building miniatures of ships and planes uses most of his spare time. Navy Blue is his choice next fall. HAROLD SCOTT MCCANN Scott's outside interests center mainly around electronics, automobiles and "ham" radio- o erating. He is considering a future as a physicist and would like to attend Drexel nstitute. GAIL ELAINE MCCOURT This lpert, pint-sized senior has done much to bo ster our music and sports programs in her :years at AHS. Gail hopes to stu y short- han and general oilice duties in college to prepare herself for a secretarial career. Tal. Night 43 Chorus 2, 4: Softball 43 Basket- ball 2: Operetta 2: Girls' A-Club 2, 4: Volley- ball 2: J. V. Cheerleader 2. ELIZABETH STUART MCMANN Libby, with her lovely smile and genteel man- ners belies her abilities for rugged sports. Her willingness to help is well-known and appreciated at AHS. Libby plans on a liberal arts college. WAKE Make-up Ed. 4: Traiiic Sq. 4: Social Comm. 2, 8, 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Hockey 2, 8: Intra.: Volleyball 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4: Cir- cus 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3. JOHN MEALEY john, who excells in most sports was a mem- ber of our championship basketball team last year. Following in his natural vein he will major in physical education at the Uni- versity of Maryland. V.: Basketball 3, Track 3, Baseball 3, 43 J. V. Basketball 2: Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. MARSHA LYNN MEANS Marsha is one of those persons who makes it a practice to get along with everyone. Her congenial personality and athletic ability will ensure her success as a physical education teacher. Traffic Sq. 4: WAKE Cir. 4: Intra.: Basket- ball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3: J. V. Basketball 2, Ta. Night 3, 4: jr. Prom Comm. 8: V.: Basketball 4, Softball 2, 4: Girls' A- Club 2, 3: Circus 3: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: j.j.V. Cheerleaders 3: Tri-Hi-Y Off. 43 Tri- Hi-Y Mem. 3. MELVIN MEEKINS Versatile "Meeks" is very active in school publications as well as in soccer, lacrosse and baseball. Attending ,college will start his pur- suit of a career in engineering. WAKE: Advt. 4, Patrons 4, Cir. 43 V.: Soccer 8, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4, Softball 33 V. Team Mgr. 2: Boys' A-Club 4: Booster Club 4. RONALD GEORGE METZGER Ronnie is actively working for the WAKE this year. His ambitions are to attend the University of Maryland and to study elec- trical engineering. WAKE: Make-up Comm. 4, Advt. 4, Patrons 4, Cir. 4: Social Comm. 2: Intra.: Softball 2, Basketball 3. CATHERINE RUTH MILLER Cathy has excitement in her eyel A fan of flying and drag races, she will speed her way into the secretarial field. H.R. Rep. 1: Traflic Sq. 1: Intra. Hockey 3. CAROL GERALDINE MINTZ Carol is very much interested in archeology. This, along with astronomy, and the study of the Russian language occupy most of her free time. IVith such varied interests Carol will make a fine secretary. ELAINE MARIE MITCHELL You have probably seen Elaine many times as she is one of our terrific majorettes. She is also very busy with school and outside activi- ties. Her future plans are to attend Strayer's Business College in Washington, D. C. XVAKE: Make-up Comm. 4, Advt. 4, Cir. 4: Traffic Sq. Off. 4: Tal. Night 2, 3, 4: Social Comm. 2: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Intra. Mgr. 3: Al. V. Team Mgr. 3: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 3: Booster Club 2, 3: Majorettes 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. JACK COBB MOORE A member of the varsity football squad and an eager participant in all sports, "jay" is well-liked around AHS. A successful career is certainly in store for him in any field he chooses. V. Football 2, 3. 4, Track 3, -l, Lacrosse 3. Wrestling 3, 4: Intra.: Softball 2. 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2. 3. 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4: Boys' .I-Club 3, 4. NANCY JANE MOORE Usually to be found in the TALLY-H0 room, Nancy is an active member of AHS. Always cheerful and willing to help, this bril- liant young lady also has many outside ac- tivities. Nancy's plans include study in a field of liberal arts. H.R. Rep. 3, Alt. 4: Honor Society 2, 5, Off 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Traffic Sq. 4: Tal. Night 4: TALLY-HO: Rep. 2, Feature Ed. 3, Asst. Ed. 3, Ed.-in-Chief 4: Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: All-State 4: Intra. Hockey 3: Girls' A- Club 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3: Team Mgr. Volleyball 2: Monitor Sq. 2. 3: jr. Classical League 4. VIRGINIA ANN MUCH Pretty and popular, Billie is well-liked among her classmates. Horseback riding and painting are among her outside interests. She has her eye on a secretarial career. Office Helper 4: V. Hockey 3. PATRICIA MURCHAKE lfun-loving Pat, who was born in Washing- ton, D. C., plans to go to a business college when she leaves AHS. Following graduation from college she plans to be a secretary. WAKE Make-up Comm. 4: Office Helper 4: V. Volleyball 2: J. V. Basketball 2: Girls' A- Club 2, 3, 4. LYNNE j.xNrcs MURPHY Lynne, hailing from Brooklyn Park High, has become a talented member of our band. She is interested in social work and plans a career of nursing. Band Mem. 2, 3, 4: ET CETERA Typist 4: Prom Comm. 3. MARTIN HENRY MYERS Marty enjoys sports, girls, datin , and the New York Yankees. This summer ,Ire worked in a hardware store and plans on a career in the Air Force. With his varied interests he will do well in any field. V. Baseball 3, 4: Intra. Softball 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: V. Team Mgr. 3. 4: Boys' .X-Club 4. CAROL JEANETTE NASH Getting the inside story seems to be Carol's ambition as she is looking forward to becom- mg an X-Ray technician. As? Lib. lg Future Homemakers of America 3, . WILLIAM WESLEY NEALL Bill always has a cheerful smile ready for anything. After graduation he plans to study business administration. His outside interests are hunting and fishing. V. Soccer 2, 3, 4: J. V. Soccer 23 Intra. Softball 2, 3: Boys' A-Club 3, 4. JUDY ANITA NORWOOD Judy, an active participant in sports as well as other activities, has contributed a great deal to AHS. She is planning a career in nurs- mg. H.R. Alt. 2, 3, 43 WAKE: Make-up Comm. 45 Lit. Comm. 45 Cir. 45 Tal. Night 1, 2, 3, 49 Social Comm. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3: Jr. Prom Comm. 85 V. Hockey 2, S5 J. V. Hockey 1, 2, 3: Intra.: Softball 3, 45 Basketball 4, Volley- ball 4g Girls' A-Club- 2, 3: Circus 3, 43 Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1. ARTHUR RANDALL OWENS Ronnie's cheerful disposition and ready smile are sure to make him as well-liked in the future as he has been at AHS. His post- graduate plans include business school. CHARLES RICHARD OWENS Charles is a prominent student who came to AHS from Portland, Oregon. After his hitch in the service his destination will be college. V. Team Mgr. 45 Booster Club 4. JOYCE MAE OWENS Joyce's main interest is in the 4-H Club. She has received many awards in this field. Graduation will find her busy in the world of calculating and accounting. WA KE Typist 4. SHELLIE EVERETT PALMER .X fine athlete, with a true sense of sports- manship, Shellie has endeared himself to his classmates at Annapolis High. We wish him the best of luck in everything he does. V. Soccer 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Boys' A-Club 3, 4. HARRY ALFRED PARKS In Harry is found a combination of real athletic ability and a keen sense of humor. These traits, along with his attractive appear- ance and pleasant personality, should enable him to go far in this world. V. Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4: J. V. Soft- ball 2, Basketball 2, Soccer 2g Boys' A-Club 4. JOSEPH LAWSON PARKS Joe is one of those breezy out-door types. He has excelled in the sports offered at AHS and his hobbies are hunting and fishing. With these interests Joe cannot help but be a suc- cessful physical education instructor. V. Soccer 33 Baseball 3, 45 Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4. DIANE LEA PASTRANA It's a home run as she slides into home platel Softball is only one of Dee's talents in athletics. Last summer found her working- playground supervising, of course! Dee plans to enter the secretarial field, but she will always find time for sports. WAKE Lit. Comm. 45 TALLY-HO Bus. Staff 45 Social Comm. 45 Chorus 1, 2: Operetta 2: Intra. Archery 33 V. Softball 4, Vol eyball 2: Intra.: Softball 1, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Badmin- ton 3, Hockey 1: Girls' A-Club 3, 4: Circus 3: Booster Club 4, Sr. Leader. 4. JOHN PAYSEUR A boat enthusiast, Johnny's future plans include a short term in the Air Force and then an occupation as a mechanic. Intra. Basketball 2, 3. MARGARET ELLEN PETTY Margy's warm smile and radiant plersonality are only a few of the zgualities that ave made a person her many riends will always re- member. She is planning on attending a nursing school in preparation for her career as a registered nurse. WAKE Lit. Comm. 45 Tal. Night 3, 4, V. Volleyball 2, Intra.: Basketball 2, 4, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4g Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4, Circus 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4. THOMAS RICHARD PFEFFER Rick's sense of comedy has helped make him one of the best liked boys in t e class. A student and fine athlete, we look forward to seeing him make a name for himself in his chosen field of electronics. V. Wrestling 3, 4: Intra. Softball 3, 4: Basket- ball 3, 45 Circus 3, 4. 'fi t was 'CTD' 'X' ef' 'J' LUCILLE ANN PHELPS Lucy is well known throughout AHS 'for her friendly disposition and outstanding voice. These are only a few of the qualities which will help bring her success in her career as a music teacher. WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Advt. 4, Cir. 45 Traffic Sq. 43 Tal. Night l, 2, 3, 41 Social Comm. 3, 4, Band 1, 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4g Operetta 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Intra. Mgr. 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 5, 45 TALLY-HO Typist 43 ET CETERA Make-up Comm. 43 Lit. Staff 4. MIKE PHILLIPS In the one year Mike has attended AHS, he has made many friends and proved himself a resourceful worker. Since sailboat racing is one of Mike's hobbies, we hope that his life is smooth sailing. I . O "1 , n RICHARD TIMOTP9- PHILLIPS At present Tim plansfto study conspucgmi at Michigan State College, e etfoe in gymnastics and his ?rriic nse of Kumor will surely heh: him chieve his goal. Talent Night 23 Circus 3, 4g"l'raflic Sq. 45 Band 2. 3, 4. ,s ,N X 1 SHARON LEE PHILLIPS Much of Sharon's time is used in working for her church MYF and the Ladies Auxiliary. Her cheerful personality will greatly aid her in her career as a secretary. jr. Prom Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 8, 4. BARBARA ANN PHIPPS Active in outside activities as well as in school activities, Bobbie has a fun loving sense of humor. Among her interests, jazz tops the list. After high school Bobbie plans an excit- ing career as an airline stewardess. Talent Night 3: Social Comm. 2, 85 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 41 Operetta 2. KATHERINE IRENE PLITT One of our most active seniors, Kathy has excellent leadership ability which has given her an outstanding school record. She's the young lady who gets things going and kee s them working smoothly. There's no dougt that she'll be a success as a medical secretary. H.R. Rep. 2, 3, Alt. 45 Tal. Night 2, 3, 45 Asm. Comm. 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3: Operetta 21 jr. Prom. Comm. Chmn. 3: Intra. Basketball 2: Hockey 2: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 43 Circus 3: Booster Club 3, 45 Cheerleader J. V. 2, V. 3, 4. JAMES LEE POWER Gus is headed for Canson Newman College where he will study sociology in preparation for becoming a missionary. With his varied interests Gus will do well in this field. Monitor Sq. 23 Tal. Night 4, Band 2, 3, 45 Dixieland Band 3, 43 German Band 3, 4g V. Soccer lg J. V. Football 2, 41 Basketball 2: Statistician for V. Basketball 45 Lacrosse 4. gills? ONARD I LIAM PRICE Xgvccime AHS rn hrs Junior year 1 nclu es the aval Academy in his future S a . . . . , ns. Golf an other sports are his main terests WAKE Cir. ' afe. Helper 45 Booster Club 4. ARTHUR WILLARD PUTNAM "Putty" is bound for the Coast Guard Acad- emy in Connecticut. An active member of his Methodist Youth Fellowship his friendliness will help him anywhere. ROSALIND QUIRK All of the many friends Roz has made in her senior year at AHS will remember her pleasant friendliness. We are sure that if her plans as an airline hostess are carried through she will be one of the finest. PATRICIA LEE RAGAN Hailing from our nation's capital this ac- tive senior plans to become a social worker. Her varied interests ensure success at the University of Maryland. H.R. Alt. 2: ET CETERA 4: Social Comm. 2, 4g Future Homemakers of America 3, 49 In- tra.: Softball 1, Basketball 1, Volleyball l. BOLTON HALE RANKIN Buster, our famed athlete, has brought many victories to AHS. He plans to attend college in preiparation for becoming a teacher of physica e ucation. His skill in all sports plus his fine personality will certainly bring success. Jr. Civitan 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3: Lacrosse 2, 3, 43 Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 43 Athle. Rep. 2, 3. 45 Boys' A-Club 2, 3, 4. EDWARD ERLE RAY Eddie doesn't have any plans for the future, but his winning personality will surely be an asset to him in any field he chooses. PATRICIA ANN RAYHART Patty, an Annapolitan, has a warm smile at all times. Her ability to mix well with people will aid her greatly in her career as a secre- tary. ET CETERA 45 Softball lp Basketball lg Volleyball lg Future Homemakers of America 3, 45 Social Comm. 43 Archery 4. CAROLYN LOUISE RECK Carol can best be described as fun loving. Good books and records are a part of her in- terests. Her secretarial career will be greatly aided by her friendliness and efficiency. Social Comm. 4, Booster Club 3. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. CHARLOTTE JOAN REED Joan, a talented artist, has done many things for AHS throughout her years here. She plans to become a secretary. Tri-Hi-Y 45 Booster Club 45 Art Service 4: Tal. Night 4. SUSAN KAY REED Lending her leadership ability to a myriad of activities, Sue has earned a retputation for dependability. She plans to atten Iunior col- lege follow by a career as medica secretary. Class Vice-Pres. 2: Class Sec. 8, 4, WAKE: Pa- trons 4, Cir. 4: Trafhc Sq. 4: Tal. Night 2, 3. 43 ljr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 3: V. Hockey 8, Vo leyball 2: Intra.: Softball 4, Basketball 4, Volleyball 8, 4, Hockey 3, 4: Girls' A-Club 2, 8, 4: Booster Club 2, 8, 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH REEM Bill, with his blazin trumpet, came td as from Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Ha- waii. His interest in mechanics will lead him to columbia Institute for study in the field of auto mechanics. Band 3. 4. SUZANNE REECE Coming to us from Eastern High in Balti- more, Sue plans to utilize her efficiency in stenography and typing as a secretary. Booster Club 4. SANDRA LEE REMBOLD Mixtures, emulsions, liniments, cough syr- upls and many more will be mixed by Sandy, w o is planning to be a pharmacist. This summer found Sandy working in the Bridg- way drug store-wonder why? College bein mandatory for her career, she will attend Maryland University. WAKE Advt. 31 Social Comm. 2, 5, 41 Chorus 2, 3, 47 Ogeretta 23 Intra.: Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball , 33 Booster Club 4. EDNA RICHARDSON Edna came to AHS from Western High School in Baltimore. Since her transfer s e has made friends with everyone by her friend- ly manner and charming smile. Her summers are spent working as a 'lpinkien in the hos- pital but her future is un ecided at this time. PATRICIA ANN RICHARDSON "Tally-ho and across the jump we Pat's main interests lie in horses and ri ing in horse shows. She plans to be a secretary. Intra. Softball 2: Hockey 2: Basketball 8. THOMAS LINTON RIDGE A newcomer to AHS, Tom comes to us from Glen Burnie High. His main interests include swimming an baseball. So far, his career is undecided, but we wish him luck in the future. JOAN MARIE RITTER Artist joan has a natural flair for color and paintings. This native Baltimorian came to us from Milford High School. joan plans to attend nursing school. WAKE: Advt. 3, 4, Patrons 43 Social Comm. 43 Devotions 43 Chorus 3, 43 Intra. Softball 13 Booster Club 43 Art Service 2, 4. EDWARD WALLACE ROBERTS Eddie has been one of our leading athletes during his years at AHS. A major partici ant in almost every sport, he has done much to make the Panthers victorious. Eddie intends to go to the Naval Academy. V. Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Lacrosse 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 43 Intra.: Softball 2, 43 Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2: Soccer 23 Boys' A- Club 43 Booster Club 3. MARLENE ANN ROBERTSON Pretty, ambitious and intelligent-all these will be assets to Lenie's future as a nurse. She plans on attending a nursing school in Washington, D. C. WAKE: Advt. 43 Sr. Write-Ups 43 Typing-I43 Traffic Sq. 43 Tal. Night 3, 43 TALLY- O Typist 43 Social Comm. 2, 3, 43 Office Helper 43 Devotions 43 jr. Prom. Comm. 33 Booster Club 3, 43 Tri-H1-Y 2. 3, 4g Art Services 43 ET CETERA 3, 43 FRANCIS WILLIAM ROESLER, JR. Coming to Annapolis High this year from Severn Prep School, Bill added much to our school spirit. He plans to study for a career in engineering at Colgate College. DAVID ANDREW ROGERS Dave came to us this year from Charlotte Hall where he was active in both football and lacrosse. A career in electrical engineering is in sight for him. NFS ROXIE DIANE ROGERS A flash of light, a cloud of dust with a basketball signifies one of our outstanding athletes, Roxie Rogers. A member of the Girls' A-Club she has distin uished herself through her expert athletic agility. Although sports are one of her main interests, homemaking will occupy most of her time after graduation. Asm. Comm. 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Hockey 2, 31 Softball 2, 3: Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM SAUNDERS RONSAVILLE "Ban-n-n-d Atten-ntion-n" is a familiar sound to anyone who knows Buddy, for he is Drum Major for AHS. Buddty has been very active in the musical side o school and his future plans include a major in music at the University of Michigan unless "Uncle Sam" gets him first. Tal. Night 3, 43 Cafe. Helper 33 Band OE. l, 2, 3, 43 Drum Major 43 Circus 2, 3, 4. RONA ZEL ROSENBLOOM A thimbleful of energy, Ronie is a good student and active member of just a out eve thing. She is certain to attain both schgastic and extra-curricular eminence at the University of Maryland. WAKE Patrons 43 TALLY-HO Bus. M . 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Tal. Night 2, 3 43 E:-:cial Comm. Chmn. 23 Traffic Sq. 43 Social Comm. Off. 3, 43 Band 2: Chorus 43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Intra. Mgr. 33 V. Team Mgr. Hockey 33 Basketball 23 Girls' A-Club 2, 3, 43 Circus 33 Booster Club 2, 3, 4. JUDITH LEE ROSS Judy is a transfer from Quaker Valley High where she was very active and received several awards. With her interests in dancing and acting she hopes to become one of the Colonial Players. She plans to pursue a nurs- ing career. WAKE Patrons 43 Tal. Night 43 DEANNA ALMA SANTOS Dee's summer job as a typist and her ex- perience in the school office along with her personality will help make her a successful secretary after graduation. H.R. Rep. 2, Alt. 35 Office Helper 45 J. V. Basketball 2: Intra. Basketball 2: Girls' A- Club 2. NANCY CHRISTINE SAUNDERS Nancy, one of our many active seniors, en- joys basketball and roller skating. Nancy, too, is a future secretary. Chorus 2, 45 Operetta 25 J. V. Basketball 2: Intra.: Basketball 2, Hockey 2. GAIL LANCASTER SCHILLING A native Baltimorian, Gail with her spark- ling personality, is a valuable member of the senior class. Her future plans include a major in home economics at the University of Mary- land. H.R. Rep. 15 WAKE Cir. 45 Traffic Sq. 4: Tal. Night 45 FHA 35 Booster Club 4. WILLIAM LOUIS SCHMIDT Energetic and po ular with his team mates, Bill is often found, on the athletic fields of AHS. His future plans include college with his eye on becoming an architect. V. Soccer 45 V. Lacrosse 2, 3, 45 Intra.: Soft- ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 45 V. Football Mgr. 3, 45 Boys' A-Club 3, 4. JUDYTH AN N ROSSEE After a liberal education in junior college, Judi, who has been one of our more notable students, plans to take off into the wild blue yonder as an airline hostess. WAKE: Asst. Makeeup Ed. 4, Advt. 2, 35 lland I5 Intra.: Basketball 3, Hockey 35 Booster Club 3, 45 Chorus 35 Jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 35 Monitor Sq. 2: Assembly Comm. Chmn. 4. BARBARA CLAIRE RUBIN Friendly, dark-haired Barb is interested in drawing. However her post-graduation plans will include business college and secretarial work. Tal. Night 2: Social Comm. 25 Make-up Comm. 4. DOROTHY LEE SADLER Perl, fun-loving Dottie is well-liked by all. An asset to any chorus, she plans to further her musical interests at the Peabody Con- servatory. WAKE: Advt. 25 Patrons 4: Sr. Write-ups 45 Talent Night 45 Social Comm. 45 Asst. to Attend. 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2: In- tra.: Basketball l, Volleyball l5 Booster Club 2, 4. .xLToN JAMES SADLER Jim, a great sports fan, has always been known as the life of the party. He plans to go to Johns Hopkins to study engineering. FERN CAROLYN SANDROCK Fern's sparkling nature is known to every- one. Participating in all phases of AHS activ- ities has kept her busy during her three years here. Fern plans to attend a school of nursing in Washington. WAKE: Cir. Comm. 4, Sr. Write-ups Comm. 45 Booster Club 2, 45 Social Comm. 2, 35 J. V. Hockey 25 Intra. Hockey 2, 3, 45 Circus 2, 35 Tal. Night 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3. MARJORIE MAE SCHWALLENBERC Margie is quite at home on the athletic field and is known by all of us for her outstanding athletic record. Having worked during the summer as a bookkeeper she is well on her way to becoming an efficient secretary. V. Hockey 3: J. V. Basketball 23 Intra. Basket- ball 2, 3, Hockey 3: A-Club 2, 3. PATRICIA CREE SCHWALLENBERG "Trish's" efficiency in bookkeeping has won her the responsible job of balancing the books as school treasurer. With this experience she is sure to become a competent secretary. School Treasurer 4. JAMES WALTER SCIBLE Scib, better known as Mr. Athlete AHS, plans on majoring in phys. ed. He has picked Shepard in West Virginia as his college. After- wards he plans to join the Marines. H.R. Rep. 2, 3, 45 V.: Football 2, 5, 4, La- crosse 2, 3. 4, Wrestling 35 IHUH-I Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4. JANICE FAY SCOTT Hailing -from West Virginia, Jan won the hearts of Marylanders with her pleasant per- sonality and winning smile. Her hobbies range from collecting records to oil painting. In the fixture she plans to become a beautician. WILLIAM REGINALD SEABROOK Interested in anything pertaining to science, Bill has plans in the field of electrical engi- neering. Band 3, 4. .g 'sr . 'WDA-uc.. , BARBARA LEE SEARS Pretty, perky Barbara is well-known to many of us as she is often seen working in the oflice. Interested in medicine she plans to be an X-ray technician or medical secretary. Circus 2: Ofiice Helper 4: Make-up Comm. 4. ELVIN ARLAN SEARS "Sizzle" has been a great asset to the ath- letic program of AHS, mainly because he enjoys all types of sports. At present his fu- ture plans are undecided. Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. LINDA JUNE SHAWN Shawnee's Congeniality and superior ability in sports are certain to bring her success in her future career as a physical education teacher. H.R. Alt. 45 WAKE: Patrons 4, Cir. 45 Tal. Night 2, 3, 41 Social Comm. 2, 3, 45 Devotions 3, 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 5: V. Softball 25 J. V. Hockey 2, 3, 4: Intra. Hockey 2, 3, 45 J. V. Mgr. 25 Circus 35 Booster Club 2, 3, 4. ANNE BEVERLEY SHERER Anne has taken part in a wide range of activities, and the experience gained from these coupled with a personality that can't be beat is sure to make her future a successful one. H.R. Alt. 2: Quill and Scroll 3, 45 WAKE Associate Ed. 4, Traffic Sq. Off. 43 Monitor Sq. 23 Tal. Night 3: TALLY-HO: Asst. Ed. 3, Reporter 2, 43 Band 2, 33 Chorus 4. BARBARA LEE SHIROKY This water sports enthusiast has a sparkling wit that has won her a great many friends at AHS. She plans to do ollice work and is sure to keep her co-workers laughing. Talent Night 43 Social Comm. 43 Chorus 2, 5, 4g Operetta 25 Booster Club 3, 45 WAKE Sr. Write-up Comm. 4. JULIA ANNE SHULMISTER This true Georgia peach plans to study medi- cine at Washington College. Julie will long be remembered for her witticisms, which have kept us in stitches. WAKE Advt. 4: Booster Club 4. CAROLE JEAN SIMMONS Petite Carole with her radiant personality is well-liked throughout AHS. Her qualifica- tions are sure to make her a success as a secretary. Social Comm. 3, 4g Chorus 2: Operetta 2: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Booster Club 2, 3, 4. LORETTA SUE SIMPSON With her pleasing voice and winning man- ner Susie is well ualified for her future oc- ' Q cupation as a telephone operator. WAKE Patrons 43 Chorus 2, 4. ANDREW VELPOE SMITH Andy's versatile capability and good nature will surely make him as polpular in the coming years as they have in t e past. Andy plans to be an engineering major in college. H. R. Rep. 3: Traflic Sq. Off. 4: V. Soccer 43 J. V. Soccer 3: Basketball 2, 85 Intra.: Soft- ball 33 Team Mgr. V. 2: J. V. 2. CAROL LARUE SMITH Athletically inclined, sports have played. a leading role in Carol's school l1fe..0uts1de of school she enjoys horseback riding. She hopes for a future as an airline hostess. Chorus 1, 2, 83 Operetta 2: J. V. Basketball l, 2, 3: J. V. Volleyball lg Girl's A-Club 8: Biology Asst. 4. CLARENCE EDWARD SMITH Interested in boats and cars and headed for the Coast Guard after graduation, Smitty, though outwardly reserved in school, is known by his friends for his jesting. He plans to bealawyer. J. v. Mgr. 2. NORMA LEE SMITH Smitty, with her whimsical ways and her continual vigor, envelops those around her in an air of gaiety. She plans to study beauty culture. Chorus 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. RUSSEL RODGER SMITH Classroom witticisms seem to be Russ' special- ty. As a trombonist in our band he has given a rousing boost to school life. Next fall will find him at the University of Maryland. Tal. Night 2. 3, 4: Band 2, 8, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Circus 2, 8. 4. ALFRED THOMAS SMITH Tommy with his comedian ways and win- some disposition has captivated many friends. His future plans include a tour in the Army after which he hopes to become a contractor. Wrestling 2. NORMA JEAN SN ODGRASS Norma transfered from Flatwood High to Annapolis this year. She plans to be a secre- tary. HARRIET LYNN SNYDER Vivacious Harriet has taken an active part in various high school activities. Her future goal, teaching, will undoubtably be reached due to her capability and amiable disposition. WAKE: Advt. 4, Patrons 43 Traffic Sq. 23 Tal. Ni ht 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Intra.: Basketball 2, 5, 4, Hockey 3, 43 Booster Club 2, 43 J. V. Hockey 2g Trampoline 2, 33 Property Comm. for Operetta 2. ROBIN BELL STALLINGS Robin's twinkling toes, and sparkling per- sonality will dance her along life's highway on a silver cloud. She hopes to teach dancing. WAKE Patrons 4g Phys. Ed. Office Helper 4g J. V. Basketball Capt. 33 V. Basketball 3, 43 Intra.: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Soc- cer 2, 3: Girls' A-Club 3, 43 Circus 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2. RAYMOND RUSSEL STEVENS joining the Air Force is I-'rog's plan for the future. Boating and swimming rate high with this senior. V. Football 2. 3: Wrestling 33 Band 4. de? 34:5 GLADYS RUBY STINE Cheerful Gladys always seems to have a smile on hand for everyone. She plans to become a housewife. Chorus 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2. LOIS ADELE STOCKETT Lois, talented in science and math, has added much to AHS. Quiet but a great friend, she plans to study chemistry or physics in college. H.R. Alt. 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Traffic Sq. 43 TALLY-HO: Asst. As- sociate Ed. 33 Rep. 2, 33 Social Comm. 33 In- tra.: Basketball 2, Volleyball 2, Archery 3. PATRICIA LEE STOCKETT You name the sport and chances are Pat has pla ed itl She is especially fond of shooting and! tennis. Pat's ready smile will be misse at AHS when she leaves to study medical technology at a junior college. V. Basketball 33 jr. V. Basketball 33 Intra.: Softball 3, Basketball 3, Volleyball 3, Hockey 3, Girls' A'Club 3, 4: Circus 3. CAROL ANN STOLL Many of our organizations know Carol as a willing worker who does her job well. With elementary education as her chosen career, she plans to attend Towson State Teachers College. WAKE: Cir. Mgr. 43 Sr. Write-ups 43 Trafhc Sq. 43 Talent Night 43 Cafe. Helper 33 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Operetta 23 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Moni- tor Sq. 33 ET CETERA Bus. Staff 4. HELENE MARGO STRAUSS An excellent student and a very active mem- ber of many extra curricular activities, Helene plans a liberal arts program in college. Her outside interests are headed by water skiing. Honor Society 3, 43 Traffic Sq. 43 Tal. Night 2, 8, 4: TALLY-HO Bus. Staff 2, 3, 45 Social Comm. 2, 8, 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Intra.: Basketball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 3, 4, Hockey 85 J. V. Mgr. 21 A-Club 2, 3, 4g Circus 2, 3, 4g Booster Club 2, 3, 4. GLORIA JEAN SULLIVAN Among Jean's interests skating, photography, and cooking have priority. Her contributions in the field of music have made her known to many students. WAKE: Patrons 4, Typing 43 Chorus l, 2. 3: Operetta 2. THOMAS BURTON SULLIVAN Tom has proved himself quite valuable in varsity soccer. His combination of pleasant manner and capability are bound to make him a success at the University of Maryland, where he plans to major in mathematics. V. Soccer 35 Intra.: Softball l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Volleyball l. PAT DAWN TANNER Pat, an ardent music participant at AHS, would like to attend Peabody Conservatory. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta l. LINDA ELIZABETH TATUM Linn is an addition to our high school this year from Bethesda-Chevy Chase. Her hob- bies and interests range from sailing and hockey to photography. She plans to attend the University of Maryland. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 8, 4. RALPH FREDERICK TAYLOR Fred, whose out of school activities include the Air Force, wants to become an electrical engineer upon graduation from college. Traffic Sq. 4, Tal. Night 3, 43 Band 1. 2, 3. 4. JAMES OLIVER THOMAS Ollie, well-known for his winning personality, will attend Washington and Lee University to study medicine. H.R. Rep. 3, Alt. 4: Boys' A-Club 4: Booster Club 2, SQ Band 2, 3: jr. Prom Comm. 3: V. Soccer 3. NANCY ELIZABETH THOMAS Nancy hopes to study science at Western Mary and in preparation for a career as a laboratory technician. Tralhc Sq. 4: Band 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. BARBARA ANNE THOMASON Small and enthusiastic, Barb is an avid mem- ber of all singing activities. She is undecided as to what college she will attend, but hopes to study Christian education. Asst. to Attend. 41 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2: WAKE Patrons 4. WILLIAM ANDERSON TONGUE Waterskiing, hunting and swimming rate high with Bill. After graduation his plans include the University of Maryland and the Air Force Academy. Oiiice Helper 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Circus 3. EMILY ANN TOSKOV Emily, whose interests range from skiing to dancing, hopes to have the important career of a housewife after graduation. ELEANOR BARBARA TRAYLOR This ambitious senior, with a sunny person- ality, has added much to AHS. She will at- tend Florida University this fall. WAKE: Advt. 3: Cir. 3: Talent Night 2, 3, 43 Intra.: Hockey 23 Girl's A-Club 3, 43 Circus 33 Booster Club 3, 43 Modern Dance 2, 3, 43 Intra.: Archery 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH JOAN TROTTER Betsy has added much to the AHS band with her clarinet. A native Baltimorian, she wants to study nursing after graduation. jr. Prom Comm. 33 Band 3, 43 Intra.: Volley- ball 3, Badminton 33 Booster Club 4. CAROLYN TRUEBLOOD Car0l's enthusiasm for working as a summer camp counselor provides her.with a back- ground for her future occupation as a teach- er. She hopes to attend Towson. Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 43 Tal. Night 33 Patrons 43 Art Service 3. MARIAN VAN DEN BERG Marian, an attractive brunette, has been ai active participant in our athletic program She has won many friends with her brighw personality and sense of humor. Marian plan: to attend a junior college and wants a careei as a teacher or a medical secretary. H.R. Rep. 43 WAKE Cir. 43 Tal. Night 3, 4 Intra.: Hockey, Volleyball 3, 4, Basketball 4, Trampoline, Tumbling, Modern Dance 3 43 Circus 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 43 jr. Leader 33 Sr. Leader 4. MERRITT ANSEL VAUGHN Chucks' main activities, both inside and out side of school, are sports. He particularly en joys baseball, football, tennis, hunting, ant fishing. Chuck plans to attend Richmond Pro fessional Institute where he will study in th4 field of commercial art. Baseball 33 Track 3, 4. TIMOTHY RAMON WAKEMAN Timmy, who hails from Portsmouth, Virginia is active in the AHS band. A scribe for De- Molay, his main interests are boats and elecr tronics. He is seriously considering a naval career via the Naval Academy. Band 2, 3, 43 Traffic Sq. 43 Tal. Night 3. BONNIE DUVAL WATERS A line here, a line there, and Bonnie ha: created another drawing. Our Tally-Ho car toonist is well-known for her ability. Bonnie plans to attend Towson State Teacher's Col' lege to prepare for a teaching career. Quill and Scroll 43 Monitor Sq. 33 WAKE Cir. 43 TALLY-HO: Reporter 2, 33 Cartoonisl 3, 43 Social Comm. 2,, 3, 43 Intra. Mgr. 3 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Trailic Sq. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. ROBERT MALCOLM WHITE Bob is an active participant in sports and when only a freshman he received the Good Sportsmanship Award. He is planning a career in the Air Force: we wish im success as a fiyer. Otlice Helper 4: Intra.: Softball 3, 43 Basket- ball 8, 4. SUSAN ROSS WILLIAMS Attractive, personable Sue is really on the ball. Her vivacity, and vigor are great assets to AHS. Her ho by is music. She wishes to attend a girls' college and major in math and education. H.R. Alt. 23 WAKE: Sr. Write-up Ed. 4, Advt. 3: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Social Comm. 23 J. V. Hockey 8: Archery 43 Intra. Hockey 35 Booster Club 3, 4. MARY EDITH WILSON Sports are this senior's cup of tea. Even though articipating in school activities takes u much of her time, she still enjoys reading which is her favorite hobby. Mary plans to be a secretary. Intra. Basketball 2, 8: Jr. Leader 8: Circus 8. KATHLEEN ALICE WILSON A native of Colorado, this western gal came to AHS in the tenth grade. In prefparation for teaching, Kay hopes to attend Al red Univer- sity in New York. WAKE Sr. Write-up Comm. 4: Band 4: FHA 3: Booster Club 3, 4. LEROY GUY WILSON Leroy has come to us from Calvin Coolidge High School. Although he is reserved until you know him, he is a great friend and always willing to help. Leroy plans to study mechanical engineering in co lege. Band l, 2, 3. NANCY BONNER WILSON Bonny's active enthusiasm for all AHS ac- tivities and warm ersonality were recognized by the student bociy as she was elected to the Homecoming Court. Her assets will surely make her a success in the future. H.R. Alt. 3: WAKE Patrons 43 Trailic Squad 43 Tal. Night 2, 8, 43 Social Comm. 2: Devo- tions 2, 3: Jr. Prom Comm. Chmn. 3: J. V. Basketball 2: Girls' A-Club 2, 8, 45 Circus 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Cheerleader: J. V. Junior 2, J. V. Captain 8, V. 4: Homecoming Court 4. NANCY CAROLE WILSON Nancy is sure to make a success out of teaching elementary school. Her radiant smile and friendly disposition will always be re- membered by her fellow classmates. H.R. Rep. 23 WAKE: Make-up 4, Advt. 2, 3, Cir. 4: Social Comm. 4: jr. Prom Comm. 8: Booster Club 2, 41 Tal. Night 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4: Assembly 2. DAVID CLAY WOLFORD Dave has been, is now, and always will be an avid booster of AHS activities. This ener- getic senior plans to go into foreign service after college. WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4, Advt. 4, Patrons 4, Cir. 4, Sr. Write-up 4: Talent Ni ht 4: TALLY- HO: Rep. 8, 4: Bus. Staff 4: gocial Comm. 2, 8, 4: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Intra. Softball 2: Booster Club 5, 4: Costume Comm. 4. CHARLOTTE MARIE WOOD Active in sports and school organizations, Char's is a familiar face among the crowd at AHS. The 5 R's hold a future for her at Towson. LOIS BARBARA ZELKO Lois has a sparkling personality and a friend- ly wink for all she passes in the halls. This carefree senior is sure to be a success as an airline stewardess. WAKE: Sr. Write-up Comm. 43 Tal. Night 43 Cafe. Helper 33 ET CETERA 4. JACKLYN WOOLFORD Although still undecided about her career, jackie may wind up "in the clouds." She has all the qualifications for becoming a good hostess in the home as well as the air. WAKE: Advt. 43 Social Comm. 43 Future Homemakers of America 83 Booster Club 3, 4. Our procession of the rich and wise. "V-.-. Working foradead- - A lme. g-.r gg M- . Q, 51 . -sifi " ' , ...f F Nancy Moore receives award for Voice of Democracy contest. 5' N' . 4' K M1255 S . ii?" ''5:lffgL 38 ""' just one more look at those keys! -n I yi, 1' -- may Q The Executive Council at work. Zlvwlefzcicwamea ,f ---eg-J 1: - 1 if L 5 Ax . - A Q . . Q 5 . , -Q , . . Sf. i r Q, qv, . . 5 . E W x M .x,.,,. s. ff. fa ,.,' w-19"""' ,u , A 'Suv ' 11 J., ?Ck'L li Officers: C. Davis, M. Finkelstein, J. Alton, W. Hunkapillar. I Advisors: Miss Kilbert, Seatedg Mrs, Tilghmang Mr. Jonesg Mr. Jennings. S. s ian- N --fs, .. 'A 'A Ji" ii Mm . i, The junior class this year was made up of espe- cially Willing workers and participants. Their immense vitality and school spirit have been evi- dent as the members of the class of '60 contributed to publications, the sports program, and honor or- ganizations. Competently led by Bill I-Iunkapillar, Presi- dentg John Alton, Vice-Presidentg Carol Davis, Secretaryg and Marlene Finkelstein, Treasurer, the juniors climaxed the year by combining their abilities for the traditional Junior Prom. K , . Adamski ' D. Albrick Lf: J. Alton Q S. Amos R. Anderson W. Asche N ,... . A--.lil kx.L N. As uith 'X , '71 F. Augustine V M. Azar " xi J. Bangert A B. Bassford ' " F. Bassford 5: J. Barge uf G. Bauman F. Beachley rs? 2 ' X - sr 3 , 8 5 9' SQ' S4 , , 52. "' Ox . . L. EI' if 'F' Y" f J 9. Mg ,N ...., Xxx L . . dd fy Q-8 1, 4 E 4? 'Q-4 A ,cl :- t..,,x . . .J Q JT. I il ..:-F V If ' . . -. ...- N- -f T, -. K. so-,lx . fv six . x . n S. stil Q e tt '- Xfgr- . h 'E-S4 r . S 'h" ' , X A. ,gmt gf' f Q ' f T "' Aiuu ' Q... 5 'A is . y S Sk I V Q.. K Qt f ' ' gs ' . A X . K A xl' w + ,A l QQ fa fi s A s iffqgv' . Qs. Q L , 1 'Q A " by I ld P' t- Q47 'T A ' . 4 F " 'i Q V+ . , , 'I E. Cadle C. Cannon B. Carraway P. Catterton J. Chambers B. Chaney P. Chase M. Crutchley L. Claffy D. Clatanoff J. Coddington J. Coker 0. Collins B. Collinson D. Connor T. Cook P. Corkum J. Cordone L. Cornwell G. Costello 4 J. Costello P. Cox N. Crowley K. Crist R. Crosby R. Beall D. Beard P. Beard C. Beattie . P. Bell C. Bennett J. Bennett P. Berry W. Bialousz R. Blaney B. Blunt C. Bonnett L. Boro C. Bowen L. Bowen P. Bowen B, Bowers K. Bowyer H. Brockett B. Brooks K. Brown C. Brush A. Burbage M. Burns B. Buttrill 41 1 e ' A 4, 'glgaw : A N ' ii, 'N ,Q 5' I f-3: Q - Q A L . V l ,ff Q l is V , 'f x 'X y i I If , tl , xx . A A it X 6' :T ' 3. lp: 1-V Yr 4 1 f -L J gf, J 5, ef' r I '. x Q '- VA . , , A l gwiftvl Q A. , A K' a - ' 31,1 , .XV ' T "rd , Y ' A 'gh-4 . A , ., ,.,. . 'Q -ve.. - I 1' - ,R , K BL", 4. F B. 5 'J "3 " -..,. Q, -A ,.,, L. I A 1 g..'::rrV7" as .L--Xiu A A . jk 131 gg V 5: o- I L vc I ,Qi , f f B -li f ...w Q M V I A. Crownover D. Cullinane B. Daggett D. Daniels S. Dalbel C. Davis P. Dawson R. Dean J. Del Priore C. Dewberry L. Diamond M. Dicey J. Diehl D. Diener J. Dodge fy n,. f W - 22' - - .. 'tw ' . , A' L 'vw 24 'fi s M' J x ,ff , ,l1 if Q' , " , 9 'sa F 35 . 1- T., . . . 4. L. . , A - 1-,h i, v ' fl 1 A K ' 2 T 1' .A A N V, ' 'Vp E' ' . 'H E' 1 y V J 3:7311 I V If by 1'3LH " ' N.. . 'Zi 5 il..f1'i. l WW.. ' .5 QI ' wax? '72 I5 . - SF ' , Lk- L 'V xv- T17 1 Q31 A7 glee B X 9 " ' X ' 2 V Q. I 5 ? - I . W .' ev XA hi 7 3' L " vii we Es 'K11 D .LL A' W. Dodson E af V V V V ' , S. Dodson ff ' . D Q. is Q V ' VV , V F lgmaldso V Gr, 'iles .V S .QV 'gf ' 1 VX 5 V R LV .V . V .V ,W V, . o , , XQWXVVV, V - -f V Q '-...W ' vw NEP ly Q I D0 o I - ,ff L:" 'rm xl. it - -f , 1 V .X , . t. . V., - ., S Z' if r Q L' ,LLL - I L' ' , ' P - ' , D LD DD . W A DD R. orsey - V ,V B. Douglas gag? lose g Y X VZPV4 G U 32:32 MV .V V V K " ' q P ' AP A. Duckett 3 'M' ' ' j - K AX x VV VT - K s I QXSXGV f Dk 1 s .,.,. D A A , ,. ff - V V D V .5 K. Duckett SV Haines V V S V V . , .Q l gf Egg? s. Hall Vs V 1 V S ,T ... V ...A V ,. , . ' i. fa vs . . V PV Ehle M. L. Hanna 'D 'S V g, V g. A , Gs . , . - Q - rg . J S. Engle "se S . - . D J" . S 5 .. D . - . V ' f if VV I M l V . V X X 1 W, 1 KV A S . . y ,.., , V. V V 1 e J h B. Evans V V V 'V C. Ewen A. Hallock VV W V .X Q A N A K arg. xx. D. Farmer 112 gargesiy wp . 'vc sm " 1 V VL V W f Vi- N, L. Feldmeyer ar es Y. A ggif, V ' g ., v -- Ng .V -.F . D ,QQ Q, C. Ferguson ' - V f gf V 'M f VV ,. D ' ... L ,. .5 74 ,, 'D' , , gsm X W ' ' . ' g sh.. D . vffxxg D . E, , . ' Vg. .. Q. . . Nt, ' V 9 ,g V 5Nl.FIgr21kelste1n N Hamper V V VV, Q. Q - 8 RV Forsyth L. Harrlson .V 3? 5 VV A Q. A X D - L S Fowler M' Hange :L 'L Q ,, . as R s. -12 ' 3 A., S "H . R. Frantum .F -PM J x , fix V ,mm J? A .NWR M. Hartman . ' D. H ' a . ,N M K , A VV Q Fredland FV Hjgjvorth , , -can N 05 Q.: . Q 1 my 'N 'Fl V Fuller N. H3261 L -: B ki! K K A - - D '53 Nt'-x "' ' Gaffeff R. Hedrick DV -Q L D. "7 Nfl' ' K -5 D A .. v .1 ' if- ' V . XXV V - .Xp 1 4 Z g wk ixigf ' ' ' f S 1 A 2 -A 5 W" ,, . L. Heavener t X A . I. Heidler V 5 VD Gates TV Helsel 5, B SD R . "W ' R K y Qs up - Gebeft E. Henderson . fa s. . ,U Q' 5' fe. J ,ii F 3- . . D L- George J. Henderson M ff A X si -' ' 'N' s ' D Nw- . . he yr f .., A . V f ' 'fi 'S r QW V V , . C. Herrmann T , V Gu C. Hinton - . X f 1 mer .HO kins p 7 . ' '53 'V 2 - r V s' ff- v- , .Q .Glude H0356 2... or Y . -Qs ' ,,. ' " .If ' fini, 4 tgmw Gochenauef J. Hildebrand 1V QL V Q f ' 1. as ku. . . S. Hill . G d V L. Hubbard Q V D R- 00 Wm B. Hunka illar D f -I I .V A 'Y' "M 40 1, AV D an A Gould C. Hunterp f , .164 W u , f 3- vi 'fi ,Lv . ,gig T- Gould S. Hurt L 'vefefx 9 V ,, vi. V i -Sig' ' ' VD L D , s D ' .,.. S D X 1 . . .. .. ' X -1Diii'51. . '+ .f':fsa:g:g5: Sif: i E. Hyde V N. jackins l ' . . 'V ' -N Graham VI. jackson V . l . K' -vs Q . C' F , 'S Gran M- Jackson . i if . -Q' 5 ' 4 V V 'Dx Q--V ' Greengold L. james .D ".. lf' 'D' D vs' D '- ,f E x u L . . . . . . . - ,J 34,7235 55,3 V D X156 Q ' LJ L' 42 A .f -ff jm L. Martin A P- ' ' I H. Ma on 1 2.5. .-4 K3 Q ggllflfin V. Mason K- A 8 C' - B. Massey f'f.' A ' Jones G- Mayer .Q J- A . 5 K J , S. Martin ' J, G . M. Jones lvlfiaaflan J A ' J N , 4, ' -kiloldgn M. McCarthy Q. A V ' JOY an A. McClaughry A .. f X ' .N . J. McConnel ' N. McCubbin ' "f . S S' Katcheves T. McCumber .. l X 4 K va- 5, A. Katffef J. MCKeal ST' Xl' A fi Rx," , L' Katsef S. McKenna ' In X A n X lx A N' M. McNamara at , . 6 - F. Kaufman hlelilgixty . 5 fn v. . L G. Keatley B. Morton C f N' Kekh R. Milkman in Q I 2.14 wi ' C. Millard E. Miller T .. . .,, M- Kleebefg E. M0llmaH J A s.. l Q ,J C.Mo1ter E-5 ""' a ' 'f'-'N ' G. Mooney hr l X lm ' S. Kotzin J , . G. Kramer R :- lim: W ,K A W 'R 4? 127117 :U W. Kramer A A Q24 X ,, '1 Q R. Krietzer Q, . A ' J ff - - J lf. B. Kuper 'Far Wfhiml. JAN L -L. fr 'Axle X .nl ll Mn .Mr mi T. Lambrose A M. Lang gi , Ng Q, A. Lanneau J- , I 'P -,, J gf V in S. Laidlaw K .ff ""'J K Q 'Lvl J. Lape v .J I A fx A1 lx L' Lee . "' X' ' A H. Leitch A J . . R. Leitch " 'J 5 Q' "' 'N M Hn? " S. Lemuels J-.J ' JN '. . Q. 4 . ffl B. Lerch EA Q55 Ex A . l A A C. Lewnes r J. Light .gr J -w gg. - ,M . S. Lindauer Q. ,gm ty", J A . " ' 'ag 'N 'X K. Lockhart 'fa'-',f X... - Q, G. Lowman A A is ' . if I lm A A A A A r-...Q A M. Lynes X A. Lyons , . ' '1 - A I .X J. Macey 28 1 Y Am N - 5' K C. Mangum - we 9 Q' 'Q - 1 -L. J. Markwell 43 f 1 V M . A so ' 2' A . n Q. 1 -L. . 4-. Q., A ' - Q, J tv J . A a . R' 5' . ,f ag.. 5: .ig YZ' f f I 'X , ,X 1 I il lil .-.-.A " A ii ,-9 iz, i vs I J at 4. " if.-1 . 4. if am- A he , , "ff J ' , Ah K Q ' W v :s . " ' I 3 if f' S +L H xi 'l . ., , ' f. v . ,B J: . J " ,fx v- an 'ip "' F JJ.. 6- ,ef 8. 'S 4' f 'X f A ' A u 6 pl A . l Q . Ib J. Murray W f? N fa. S. Musterman " I "' 3 L. Myers 'V ll " .f'Q,',- . s. Nash ' R. Nelson ,: V ' C. Nichols ' " ' if A Q X' C. Nichols ' C. N' A 4- f' 1. ig, Q 'f gi . 4 - A Q. AJ I iK" M. Noyce 'ff ,Q M E. Ol " W. Pzifirziy . - aj 'N , . Q.- ' f . ..., . ti C. Palmer V P. Palmer S, , H. Parks A L 7? r W Q S. 43 . .V ff A 1? .if ..1. . sv 1 L. Pastrana S ' ...J 43 ' A , pl pau H. Shepherd A f -f Q , . ax .F P. pettgigzg W. Sherbert A -5' i J , 1, tk. J, Phel S E. Sherlock J . 1 -1-Q -ff ,. , I ' S. Phillgps ' 9' " M. Phipps . J S B ,N S W' J c. Pike J- Shfflet l A Ka m ,Q rg, , ' Jw :D . L, Poland J. Shlmer 5 is KE - A S ix. In Porter Shui! L, . f. V ' " y'2i"'ij R. Proctor 'Xxa.w..., i 'A J . S if K. Purinton W S. . S f N. Raab - IIHHIOHS . Q . lp 18 A . V N, Racciato L. Slater eg' .J J. V .,L. 1 Q Rankin K. Small 1 ,t,j,xJ! S if B J- RRY f ' 1. S. Reagan l A .., A X it ,N ,M M. Reeminski D' Sfflllh ' :gg-i i " N? 5 , A "' C. Reese J- Smit? M . - S ki . if of R. Revell N- Smif V' ,. "' ' J S. Revelle Q. We f l,...- 1 . , ,1 B. Rfggf.. J. .. - A . w I " 9 M. Riggs J' 5nYdef -. "' 1: ef e' 1, Q -Sas J- Rilfl' M- Snyder ' B ' -.W I '." it B. Rinard Yv Q J. Spencer A A A D Ritter G Stallings V - G'-ai 1 'N T. Roberts giilffgerg J A 'CW 5 ' xv lv! . vip H. Robinson All A. Sumner pf K., we-ff, A 323.4 ' f A , il ,..: . ,ir B. Swanson A . B. Swartzberfr 5' 'i" it ' I . Robinson "' . ' f Robinson Jr Tsglnfgglds 3 SZ' if 4 ,sl Rumsey TZIIYIOI' .5 i . J' .. . i lf 45' A , PM . eelle . B ' S. Taylor H A Q A. Thomas A ' ' 1 B. Rutherford -- A ' . - M. Schlossman Pg-lgomas g""li 79' 2 Z M' -. W' ' A J Schmidt ompson W it ig S ffl '. -as - ' S. Thompson s..J 1 X . gf , . ter. ppppipp pp i . x 'il B. Throckmorton . ' A. Schreitz igflgue I 1 Q li T ,R A A D. Schwallenberg C' Townsley L 'Q L' L - gg R. sears Ai Trader V A S' HR ff ,, -.. V. ' ll if r'ii P. Trueblood 1 . S A S, - H Seers B- TTUPPUU S 'Q .. Ai S S ' Q. - M. T ' , -1 'W . , J 'S of P. Sewell N.T1?elcZ2r J . S f' .J 1 .S ' J. Schwallenberg S' Tucker VV' A 44 .. e. S 2 li , Hs-i",N QT' f ...H I . I 3 . ,jf - xl F3-e ff J. : qv .. .'k. ' Q.. gi-2 if is -sv. A p 4 . J g. -X -' if g if 4: '- 1 .XJ . up .. 6. p 1 1 . L. 13".H ' 4 it .K . 'fr . I W, 'M SK L 'NK S Ji: x-V,.L Sf, 4 -fbi .5 , wr: . L. Turner E. Tyler S. Varner R. Vogelsang C. Walker, T. Walker D. Wallace D. Walters G. Ward B. Warthen B. Watts W. Way B. Weber A. Webster L. Wheeler S. Wheeler Qi White . White C. Widtstrom J. Wierenga I. Wilder R. Wilkens C. Williams K. Williams S. Williams C. Willie E. Wilsman C. Wilson P. Windsor D. Wood P. Wood P. Youngren K. Zohn A. Zindorf I l lst Row: Dave Brown, president: Arden Anderson, sec retaryg 2nd Row: joe Nicewarner, vice-president: Herb Wilson, treasurer. .cgofzfiomo 'zzz Mr. Jones, sophomore advisor. The class of 1961 holds the distinction of being the largest group of students ever to enter Anna- polis High School. The immensity of their spirit and vitality, in addition to their size, have en- abled them to contribute a great deal to our school. The sophomores have come out in force to support all the extra-curricular activities. They have participated in sports, clubs, and school pub- lications. Good workers and capable students, the class has been ably headed by Dave Brown, presi- dent, Joe Nicewarner, vice-presidentg Arden An- secretaryg and Herb Wilson, treasurer. 46 W. Albertsen A. Anderson J. Anderson M. Anderson P. Anderson W. Anderson L. Andrews G. Apostol ' J B. Arnold N J ,ti W. Arnold XX "J lrv l Ky C. Asher XXX X K. Austin R ' C. Baer ' NP lk F. Baker Nd 'J '. I B. Barborka ' NU 3 D. Barr lx I fl . Barry ' ' I C. Bassford I H. Beall 'Y A A. Beals f X B. Bell Ally f ,l ' K. Bell X ' K G. Belschner , J. Bembe v 2 U 1 D. Bennett B. Bensinger L. Benson K. Bertl D. Blanding N. Blinoff B. Boettcher G. Bona J. Bossert C. Boyer C. Boyer A. Bramble T. Branzell H. Brady M. Brice J. Britton B. Brockett D. Brown L. Brown P. Brown V. Brown M. Buchanan J. Buntin K. Burgess B. Burns S. Burns L. Burton J. Buser A. Buss Cannon M. Cantler V. Cantler B. Carpenter C. Carr S. Carroll D. Carter S. Carton D. Catterton N. Catterton D. Chaffon B. Chambers B. Chance B. Childs A. Chitwood G. Clemetson D. Coffman S. Coller K. Collinson I. Collinson J. Collison P. Collison P. Collison W. Collison B. Conley D. Cook M. Cornwell R. Coulter F. Cox D. Cramer L. Crane J. Crawford Q. Crawford J. Creel J. Crist f W, 1 W ' gl . 9 is ' vtuhi- ,H .fbi rf' .. W . Y K 'WV QM. .B hull: s ,v j I 4 ' r ' Q ,C - . 5- V 4' ' ,gs 5 Q3 Q 34 A . '- Q 52 ' 5 - M n ' W A . Q I 11 K , ' '- A 7 M. ,J ' A I ,f 3 :ai . Q, ' 'M 23?l?'x!fX .J ' M I A I ii K X I J ' ' 3'.':.zf.. A 0 In ff. I K is ' ,wail o -, fat. . 1- , 6' CL- A Q, Y Q ' ri. 1 A WA V, V Q". .4 wt' nj ' ' A ' , 4 5, 4' f" ' V- ,. . ,... K rf . s s . kv? yi :P as L' ' T in K . gh f 4 .t 4 4- f A 'Q I- f R ' N, 4 A QM- ' Q-. Ati" f f . sm Wy. .f 'R 'f ' .' ' I ff i s C . fu.. A tl '. xx. .X QCA' . by I Lx ' ni is x ,kt 's Q - - 1 - 'Lx fx 554: I 1' ' x - :QQ ff. it ': ,f A 'e"1. my res, , QI , tc f nt sz ,, :Q ,L A A 5-, Qzr-.f Q' i1 ff ' is 5. A 9 -'14 .1 Ns. - 692 X A rl A A K xi' Q 'Za R m :F ' 6' 'Q' ah S3 r ff- . - A ,B .J - r.. , Q.. B B 'e f-if J . . . . , Mi, - . all P' A A Q M -. -8 .. .wx K L. 1 4' D , 1: 'ix l Q ' 41. A sb ,we fu- yt.. Aw W-- w,...M ' if f W 1 J l xy' in . X S . NN 1 J . V. . . J . L JJJVJ my J - . Ea. . ' 1 ,,:: I gx ' 'SL' W 'Q' " Q -wx 5 iq L .33 . Iv? 'R' - is Q I "' . ' . ' . 'X A- I .- C , , A Q-:kv ,M if J W E. x A 'Xl fv -1 X . Q ff tn ' 'QV A :fig A 45 1:3 SC' 'is 4 wg ,, fx t ,I 'S -. , 1 .. 5 f. " " "Y ."3 " ' "C fat. .1 L 'fr' QL '-V' Nye v 'Q L- L C 'X I 5. V v. K, if 4 J x 1 ' w K , A , A Su. s .J ig. Agn., Q, I A RA' 7 7 ,, 1.5 gg Q J, ,. X. , X dv A L... J, J J.. K. 9 f.kx,,.viVk J .'7 x, I 1 1 Ts' X . I , ,J H , nm: i U 47 i A is A C: e ASS 'C . tx X H . V. fn QQ Ji, W.4k ,. ly X Q, . 4 i :wif ,b . f sg ,.x.. .. . 51,3-5 515- fi . . . J I A ie:f:'1'z.sf51fi'fff-' M, J r veg .- ' ,Q J M lg A A ' ., X fa' fl? ,,, .Hs . tl A' 12. f ll 5 A V. V . Q! 1:21 ax W . AR it - A is H x ,K Lx V . gs Y 'W 'H Y 1:-if er- ,--' ' .QT -..-5 A KL. J QT' -A ' - P k . . bf it Q . , i fs ' we 4 . . . h.g, . .x:, i....5.g.. . VV J A .V t '+'. T ' 'N Mi 1 C. at A ... iw . K ,. . N 3 ll , K . I VJ f... . X ' A A'WA . 1 A I J 5 . . , !,, A.. A .QCA J , -- f . A ' lf' NL--'L ' 'L.,L .L liz' A s ,. E X Y trk wp W, , A 1 - 'H . f I 1 ' 5 It saws Aff: 'LFP J.i .AAA tif' is T 'fm if-A 'rl A E if 42' f aa., A N I I 11 .4'- iv Q4-rg :VV xr' lj ' Blitz ,af I A 5 A fm. A ' A V3 . gy., nn- I iq, Ag' gmu . ,J . '- IQXI, . K A 'H I HA "JY, . . . A , K s . . f ' s. ' I ' u - W 1 ' I . . - R J .. f I - ig J .,-3. A ' Q2 - . . 31. .M W.. .az 1, A 'C . ,W e , .9 1' Cy .2 ' A A .1 ' "f 1 'W' . . A V. . '. ' A Qs , A J, ' -.:A, Q V . " ' N Q ' 4 A iwl A M A lf f fl tsll A J We I R A VM A MR at 'fr T ..- .A 4" . 1. J we .J Q... R . du I 5 fx.. gg, .5 .st , A K 1' .i.. Q- Q..- :Q ES , 5 A X- - X We-1-Q xi sv -lm 1 Q as A A hQ-, 579' fs X2 ' . L J W" J, J F J fumes -me A 52 5' lu. . Y I 'W Xb- 3 ' if - P - - - si., S3 . . 4 ,J . JV. - J , A Q .Q ' "' - 'Q an "" .. 'T J L Z N? A M JI., dt... 1 2' id W 6 . yi Kwai rr. 5, V V K E A . lf .. A f A A ff '-335315 K. . . A A -s C 2 'Q .J . J 5-s-V+ fd J ' F M 1 . ...g 2 K X ...X X . if f- 2. E s 2 . . , .bf ... . f is ' x . .av . 48 -. e .a A D. Crockett E. Crosby D. Crow H. Crownover M. Crutchley G. Cullember D. Dammeyer K. Danneberg K. Davis G. Deller B. Demas T. Denniston B. Dollar E. Donald E. Donner J. Douglas J. Drake J. Droll J. Droll D. Durkee C. Durner S. Duval A. Duvall C. Duvall W. Dyson T. Eaton B. Ebaugh C. Edens M. Ellenger H. Ellinghausen D. Elliott G. Ellrod L. Elswick L. Eubank F. Eucare T. Evans J. Ewald M. Falise E. Farr R. Farrell C. Fentress F. Finck A. Fleming A. Forestell J. Fowler W. Fowler E. Freeman L. Fulgenzio B. Fulton L. Fulton B. Gaither C. Gallop M. Gambrill W. Garber D. Garner B. Gates M. Geiman L. Gerde R. Gerrestan S. Gibson T. Goirley T. Gomoljak C. Goodman W. Goodman M. Gordon J. Groller W. Grapes M. Graves M. Greentree L. Grill J. Grimes M. Grimes A. Grkovic K. Gropp E. Hadaway J. Hallock D. Hammond T. Hammond D. Hancock J. Hanna K. Hanson J. Hardesty T. Harmer P. Harmon J. Harris J. Hazard T. Hebb D. Helgerman C. Helm P. Henry J. Herries W. I-Iignutt D. Hillman R. Hoffman V. Hoover C. Hopkins H. Hosford D. Hubbard M. Hubbard M. Huebschman G. Hummel B. Hunkapiller L. Huntington E. Huss H. Hyatt C. Iley Y. Ippolito -I. Isaacs P. janz L. jenkins E. johnson j. Johnson AI. johnson E. Johnston A. jones C. Jones D. jones G. Jones K. jones W. jones D. Jordan V. Joyce C. Judd S. Keehn D. Kelly L. Kestler V. Kinsey T. Kirby T. Kline S. Kotzin C. Knadler T. Krol S. Lacey W. Lake P. Lamb V. Lamb C. Lanneau P. Lannon -I. Lee R. Legg R. Lewnes G. Leydie A. Libbey G. Lochart M. Lofgren C. Lord P. Love F. Lowman G. Lowman R. Lowman D. Magalis G. Magliano H. Mancill -I. Manhold M. Marcin P. Marcinlino R. Marggraf II. Marinelli P. Marshall C. Martin D. Marzetta D. Mathieu M. Matthai AI. Mayo H. McBee M. McCann S. McCarter j. McClelland V. McCul1en M. .McCumber M. McGoury P. McGeath F McKee II. McMurray R. McMurray D. McPherson f .1 if I is 51 .,, e, X QW i fN 'B 5 K Y' v- . X ind K vs .. it 'ilk' WQXJ. .V XX A x X . ew ,, Q. V' ? - vs f 1 Q Q y gs' 5 .R I . gl . If , A K fix! it 6. lyfe' ,f.. at W- vv.. ez t ' " ,Tl 'ina 'T Q' 'Q i :T ., El. 4 Yay! . xv! lf! X 'vw f R l Q A 1 fl M, X . J. 'gi-'X if Q. , wfi- f, 33" . ff, Q Q an TW V .4.a..Rx ' 'Q ,rl we Lib 'fm '71, Y ' Q' Q JL 7 ir A k 1 N 'T . X A x f , I Q k x R C v. YG ,X 555 a - is is V: cr, j -M. ff' V wa- V , jk ,Zhk Y IQV 'vw' . ni ' ' ew, N, y y iff eff K 41 .. ' ei, ,, .se P - f - , ,ff . .sv . N .4 1 Q i "f K nf . , in . .., , e at ., 1 : .X is all 'Q V PM 'A , ex K V R' 4 xg' llyby L x A I J 1 , V K P :Pi a.' Age. my-TD "bt, 05: . rt' f. K L, 'QV ' A If :L il' I fe ' ' If ,V ' 1 ' 3 - 1' L lf I V - V xy ' 4 t. 5 34 , ,- il 'fi' f . I Q J-V , L tl - qi s, px . . Q A I , Q " f A V. ' 6 f f -5 D D r Xvs ir I K xy Q A 'l.. l s . "' R I V 7 us I ' I ' Q., wt F 3, fkft. A W A 1' - . "A 5 ,gif . ' A ,ff ,, Y ...MV fi , A ,n ' 4? k I V .- f Q Q my I it ,315 3.3 A ' 49 -K R 5, My 9- it 'ee al 2 K,-A fee Y' .a 7 ' YL? 5' X: GL . .L K Q P . h, Q QQ., X,-' if KL V 3.17 ,sw J J f, .K rs ,,. JL.. ' .. S .WL .2 LL J' J LX N J K ,.,,,L, . . he . L. .1,l ,m1, V , X if B so lteete S S l . 'fi L d-.B L' 'Q' 4 eg. 9 L S", 7 L S14 FF W u J 43, V Q L gy, A 'J I J ggi, ga? in r f fe ' 5 f J L J S ff ' :L 1 4 S ' 1 ' .",' f J A M mx 7 5 ff - 7 L ii L. 2 - P' 1... f Lf' " .june r i KF. QQ. .g , Ex Q are at S . K J my Em 5 'L 3.9 Q , . Z I K K i. . K gsil My I K I .1 Q J K A Y' . J . . WYIW ' NL ' J ' ' mf. .L ' L A .34 . K L. ' Q. I -..I . , fz- 15' w . , ,. , 1 T 1 L, X 1 fr 1' g rf, v- K EIA IE A 1 . LL Q B 9 ' ifi". r ' ' "2 'li " S A A gf N A 'SN 5 N ' 4 L' L .J . N L' -ith' - ...L K ,L kb K Q, ' ' .. , Q .Will 5 " we I 44: L ? .7 -us. f nv-J 'ai if ,. A -ggi. in i K KL . Ji. j H - ' - . ' S J is LLLL , LJ P i Q P. I JLLLL w f lX S J L L J .N .R i 'F-' 'Ei vs N in ij 35, I Q53 jx ,. g.v,.. 41'-I L X M M "J X X , ff 1 ' ' L ' ' .za e f " 125: ' L f . , X. . 'glsaviiii Q fm .sm -' I-1 ' - ' t X . ..g P J ... .L .. - .L .5 Q " A Q' lf? . -1 sa .ff Q 1 La' 'Q an W aes- i4 1 . SLLJJ :PQ A -L S 3, J J L L Q LL jk 5 " 'L I, U L. A I . L JN J, I X . All L., I J I 1, u J bi. K my E Q ,xL Q .,, " 1 f 4- 4 L ffm J. J 6. 'Tv we- 1. if Lf L "M -eff' L L"'- ' g X 1 " H X F4 J ale ' ,I ig L A -L . f i 'G' CNW Z9 'sf 1 W J L .L 3' YQ? 6 L XL M .L A 5 Ji' 'J we 42 if K . L S' W . a, . L L-- . L 'P' L P ' W W :L L , L X 1 '?!""' Lyris j i.a,' ' Is. 'WW ' 5'f':.fl Ei L ms 'X X ff." Q- ff LL Sf- L L BU , . L f ' 5 O M. McWhitC R . Meade P. Mealey J. Merrill B. Miller B. Miller E. Miller J. Miller S. Miller S. Miller G. Miscatelli R. Moore M. Montgomery S. Moreau D. Moreland H. Moreland J. Moreland C. Morrow P. Murphy B. Myers H. Myers D. Nash S. Nash H. Nason H. Nelson A. Nibbs J. Nicewarner D. Nugent J. Olsen J. O'Neil L. Orndorff L. Paddy C. Page K. Palombo L. Patten K. Payne E. Peck C. Peddicord P. Phillips S. Phillips R. Pickering H. Pitt K. Pochatko B. Porter T. Prickett M. Pulliam J. Pumphrey M. Qualey N. Randolph C. Rausch P. Rausch E. Reed M. Rehme C. Reid M. Revell D. Reynolds J. Rhody D. Riddle P. Riddleburger D. Ridge J. Riley C. Rinehart J. Rippert G. Ritterbusch M. Robinson R. Robinson M . Rodgers P. Rogers W. Rose B. Ross E. Rubin T. Rubins J. Rumsey C. Rupert G. Samaras W. Sank C. Satteriield B. Saulit C. Schaffer W. Schenck J. Schilling B. Schor R. Seabrook T. Sears C. Seekins J. Seim L. Senesi M. Sheehy C. Sheetenhelm B. Shelley G. Shelton C. Shields D. Shiroky W. Shores D. Siegert G. Simmons I. Simmons J. Simmons E. Sindorf C. Sinex S. Smallwood C. Smith J. Smith J. Smith L. Smith S. Smith S. Snyder S. Snyder P. Sparrow J. Sparks P. Spicknall S. Stadiger V. Stephens B. Stevens J. Stewart J. Stine L. Stoinoff S. Stokes M. Stotz G. Stransky H. Stukes C. Suit L. Sullivan D. Swontek G. Taft C. Talbot L. Talbot R. Tanner G. Tassey E. Taylor M. Taylor E. Terry C. Thomas B. Thompson M. Thompson P. Thompson J. Tickner B. Todd T. Todd L. Tolbert J. Tolliver F. Trescott J. Trumpy S. Tydings N. Vansant J. Vleck M. Wader D. Walker S. Wallace D. Warner K. Watts W. Watts T. Way C. VVellford D. Werle C. White J. White R. White B, Whitelock P. Whittington S. Whittington H. Wigley R. Wigley A. Williams A. Williams C. Williams E. Williams R. Williams H. Wilson B. Winegardner E. lvitherite T. Wood S. Wooten D. Wycherley D. Young D. Young s I i i I i 5 V A- t L V gt :LA it S 1 , it aw 4 J . 4 1 . Y Q gf? A ..,i 14 5' "Sl .K .k.,.. X . L1 J.-.' W Ag A Q4 yf I I I 1 , A f-5 . -4.5 ' ft 4 Q".-, 1?-X: Q I f f . X I -K ff wg K -1 ' - l 'i fefif. .. . . if ' X' f ' X A . '-' 7 'N -' 'i 1 , . J .,sss S. ,Q l.y...i.. . J J J Q e Yr . t A by T we . 31. ' I . S+ ' ,J S". t 3 .1 s , f" J l"""" 4' 53- 7 4'-. 4' ' Q1 if: 2:-, .-nf f' . S 1 M . y . y . - ' S l i- I f 'kr S M A lt I . ..... H. l . i -A., W- . - if A s A ' x , 0 I I Arn' 'Z 7 qi .5 . as . I ix ii- ,I 4 A X Q- J ,A L. 1 uf 1 21 v Q fu" I .H . A , J M, , jix J '7 ' ii J . K K' ' "Vi A J ' KX . K f . W . 'QQ fi 5' fl, .1 Q55 ,wg 45.972 I K ggi ' by f l if ,' A la: x :NYS if!-w ls S . ...gin - J... IQ- . gg ver- if rx 1' S W . ' ., .6 3, ,gy S fx' , ,-. Q Q., Q, J. S 1. Y 2-S 73. 11" lm -N .K i . fv- J Q nr .,, I 1, T' Q.- . .. .ee gr' ' JL Sw. Q. L' Tx 'Ss 7? 3' -w. -'V "' t. S M ' r se . ik Firing ., . A' Q.. ! Q v -n.,,-I re buf rf J r 1 A as 'Tl 5. 'S W 1 an .,., 1 2' 1, V v ,Qc if ' 5' fit. -a 3' 1:-. mem , s .X lj H Q - .gfih f v . , J 5: vw. . it W 3 . J 4.1 fnp Us I gg lv, 1,5 ' .. ' J . ' . A, ' ' '? a - miy J J lx., f r.- Q-. . 5 s r hi 2 A " A 'WVR :S in .... J .: mi :M -K. , .-.L in Xi 3 be gi, Jig ' . -E it A A V -,tl -ax mw ly. ..-- , 1 '. ' f .NI J, , ' J V V x IW , 1 in m . - I , J ,, 5' ,. 1 QT? j k-t5 .K 613 'Q . Tn, Q. 1 KJ' f 'ixyj ul fl K -rv ' ' Q 1 fl V 'f' A ' ' Q ff-X V., i 'v,,' " 'ff Xa., ., , ,Q L .. ' P KW. Axllx. " A 51 on N . x R , I.. Youngrcn V. Zahn D. lang N 4ud'ff' 'Nw ff 4 .wif """.. .an 7441:-mzaw A ' ' gl.. Q. x 1 X h.Ix:f5,Q S HISTUHY E l After completing a year's study of federal, state, and local governments, the new arrivals at Anna- polis High are often surprised when they learn they will be covering the history of the entire world in one year. They find that this vast study includes prehistoric times, the early Romans and Greeks, the days of feudalism, and also the World Wars of the twentieth century. In the past the juniors of Annapolis were offered American history up to and including the Recon- struction. Seniors concluded this course by learn- ing about the growth of American culture, and the maturing of the United States as a world power. The Class of 1959 is the last to be offered the course in this manner. In the future American history will be completed in the junior year and the seniors will study "Problems of Democracy." l gpg . I . 1 2132 x 4 A , M iff . sp: W -, - . . J . K .V Christina Alexander Frank W. Draper M Nancy Durig Mary Louise Hicks Eleanor Moore Art ur G. Tassey Vivian Bender Allene Elkins Patricia Novak Hawaii our next state. 54 When did the Dead Sea die? Did you say you'rc going to Alaska, janet? The "American Observer," a current events paper used by the eleventh and twelfth grade stu- dents as a supplement to their regular history text, is distributed once a week. It contains two major articles every issue. One usually deals with a foreign crisis and the other with a domestic prob- lem. In addition to these articles, it offers news briefs, jokes, and a feature article. This paper is very helpful in keeping students up-to-date with the wor1d's news. See, it's still round! Y ,V -' xt - Ra., nk . ,ij iitlfgstgilm mi' f . f is s M wg, , 2 t we. i?" 'L15 l4 Beverly Barron, Marie Bradford, Katharine Cox, Miriam Culp, Elizabeth Davis, Dorothy Perry, Esther Travis, Lois E. Wrisley fLibrarianj. ff? "Double, double toil and trouble!" Classes in English offer study in the four areas of language arts: speaking, listening, writing, and readingg but the general aim in all grades is the same-to enable pupils to use English as a means of personal development and as an in- strument of social competence. Short stories, poetry, novels dramas, essays, and biographies are studied to encourage desir- able reading habits, to develop discrimination in reading tastes, and to learn to interpret liter- ature. Attention is given to the mechanics of writ- ing, such as punctuation, capitalization, and manuscript form. Opportunity for creative ex- pression is provided. "Et tu Brute?" 56 ml Journalists look over copies of TALLY-HO They're pushing adult westems again! MW sd,,', KN , f -XX 7 "That this government of the people . . 57 A eq Wifi ..1fg,gH-: ,fr -f:,: . .ig as ec, ,Q +A- ... f wa' e 'Q ,...,..-4, ' ' XN.nE,:sf . Y A' - . .ggi 4 S ' ,545-3 .J . ' '1 , , . i -1 . . ,hm H ' y 1 ,. .gi ,il S . fp- Eva Asher Virginia Ballard Chester B. Graham Helen Searls sf? AN UAUE5 Of the foreign and classical languages, three are offered at Annapolis High School: Latin, French, and Spanish. Latin, the basis of the Romance languages, is offered for four years. This is valuable in English classes and in the study of other foreign languages. A student may take four years of French which encompasses not only fundamental grammar, but also emphasizes correct speaking of the language and a study of the French people, customs, and literature. Two years of Spanish are offered in which grammar, oral reading, speaking, and translation are stressed. Through the study of these languages the stu- dent learns a respect and understanding of people in other countries. Passez-moi le tack de thumb. Great Caesar's ghost! .IUPITER C EXPLDRER '+ W X M THEM TIES Because this is an era of sputniks and lunar rockets, it is not hard for students to realize how very important mathematical subjects are. At Annapolis basic and advanced mathematics have a definite place in the curriculum. To build a background toward more difficult mathematics, and a clearer, more logical way of thinking Algebra I and II and Plane Geometry are of- fered. For the first time this year there were classes in college algebra and analytic geometry as well as the usual solid geometry and trigo- nometry for the advanced student. Business mathematics is offered for use in commercial life. 'mr Of 7, wail" cy. 'e!'9'Gm gi-'x 'bf Anthony Bischoff joseph E. Coe Clarence Jennings Edward T. Jones Calvin Rogers You see triangles with right angles are special. If you aren't mathematically minded, don't look. 59 SEIE EES r'l'Q,v ,sl . 1362 2 fv- 4:15 Virginia Langdon Chester A. Peregoy Joyce Tilghman Harry Earle Patricia Kilbert ,gg ,gp VSV is 60 JJ, 0' XP This will make an attractive display. The science department at Annapolis High thoroughly covers its field. Biology, a required subject of sophomores, is the study of the living world. Besides hearing lec- tures and studying their textbooks, students dis- sect typical vertebrates and invertebrates. The chemistry course includes work in writing and balancing equations, laboratory experiments, slide-rule computations, and elementary qualita- tive analyses. Zoology and physics are open to seniors. Stu- dents studying zoology consider in some detail the fundamental aspects of the animal world. Physics gives the pupil a knowledge and apprecia- tion of the physical world about him. For the eleventh and twelfth grades in the com- mercial and general curriculums, senior science is off d. This course gives a general knowledge of ysical and chemical principles and their relation to daily lives. K 1 t NT fl' . l'll never eat :motl er lobster! , N A l Wt ' lf - . If . . I y 1 , l 1 , lx, ll' X L ' mi' r 'fu L li x J f i f yf 7 1 K I J l V T ' tx I Will this take two seconds or three? ii , I hope it works this time. The Science Fair exhibit is held every year in the spring at the Annapolis Junior High School Auditorium. It consists of projects contributed by members of the science classes. Three prizes are given in each category. 61 Robert Kunkle ,W Kenneth Page Carroll plays before an assembly. M SIC The music program of AHS develops an under- standing and a feeling for music as well as an appreciation of its historical changes and growth. Choral music, band, and music theory are of- fered to those qualifying. These classes increase ability to perform as well as to apply the knowl- edge of fundamentals. Singing for assemblies and various civic organi- zations is part of the chorus members' yearly ex- perience. The instrumental music department offers a wide variety of musical opportunities from the beginning instrument classes to advanced groups such as the marching band and dance band. W,,f Now, are there two sharps in this? HT This year, as in preceding years, our school has benefited from the services of the art department. Scenery for plays, signs, and posters all receive the attention of the art classes. The art courses have a three-fold purpose: to develop creativity in the student, to acquaint the pupil with the numerous media used in the art world of today, and to provide him with a knowl- edge and appreciation of art both past and present. Sophomore art students work for skill in letter- ing, making lay-outs, and figure drawing as well as in leather tooling and woodcarving. Upper- classmen strive for a variety of techniques in watercolor, oil, pastels, and cut paper. Painting scenery for the Christmas play. ,ww -rm IJ W' fqyppgv' ,fig 11'- Henrietta Carpenter Frank Evans Margaret Hoke Stella Morris ...A CUMMEHEI L HTS In the Commercial Department our future sec- retaries and businessmen learn the fundamentals of office Work. Stenography I and II teach students to read shorthand as rapidly and intelligently as printing and to write material from dictation. As an aid in homework or a future job, Typing I is offered to all students. For greater efficiency, Typing II may be elected. Bookkeeping, as taught at AHS, is useful not only in the business world, but in one's personal life in keeping records at home, helping with the accounts of social clubs, and similar duties. Two other courses, business arithmetic and office training, are commercial electives. Arabic? Searching for the missing folder. nh! Baa LQ S +55 Girls practice the use of clcctric typcwritcrs. Y ,fxx 1 tt' 1 rv'- Q li' iff? . .tif Gxvx. -,. .. . . if lx Pr f ll l H ,N gfwk ' P .City-Q, ixw-QA' Kansai MISMDMAI ' Nr. fl Students learn the proper way to answer Rl phone in an office. T 'BM 1 0 --L .X student puts hnr kmmlulgg to pmt'- tical use. 65 SEP L HTS The Home Economics Department is the scene of much activity as high school students prepare for careers as homemakers. Sophomores receive varied general training in numerous fields. Quali- fied upperclassmen are offered advanced clothing and food study. The busy racket of young men learning the tricks of their trade greets one as he enters the shop building. Here members of all three grades learn to master the intricacies of metal spinning, lampmaking, mechanical drawing, and Wood working. ,,.fAo..,,.., ...pann- Lawrence Bonari john J. Bowling Jay Orr Madge Gardener Young Spinning metal is a part of shop work. Girls often prepare cookies for school dances and teas e . ' . ,S 1 to A . .."'s as Q g I -. gags x a i .- L Q yi 1"-'x f' Patricia Almond Barbara Edwards 'Q' William Best Richard Peret PHYSIE L EDUC TIU The physical education classes try to develop vigor, strength, co-ordination, and desirable atti- tudes toward physical activity. In the tenth grade, stress is laid on the mastery of the basic fundamentals of team and individual skills. In the eleventh grade the emphasis is on participation in team games and coaching. The work in the twelfth grade is primarily the offering of those activities which will serve as a carry-over for out-of-school recreation. A full program is provided including field hockey, soccer, basketball, tumbling, softball, volleyball, and track. Instruction in first aid as Well as classes for junior Leaders and intramural programs are offered. Perfect balance K als-A 'Www W-New It really doesn't hurt! W k:'A I E1 4 N gi O ea y as M A. , Nm? 1 M .gf X 1 as M3 af g, X :4a1!6a61!6ea K.. F, 1 N. .Sitwlmf we Basil John Jeffries 5 With its main goal, service to both school and community, the Student Council has strived to co-ordinate and enrich all phases of student life. This organization is democratic in scope and it ssssc governs all student activities. It has three branches if -executive, legislative, and judicial. The Execu- tive Council, composed of Student Council offi- cers, class presidents, and the captain of the Traflic Squad, plans the order of business for meetings of the entire membership. The legisla- ture, consisting of representatives from student homerooms, passes legislation for the improve- ment ofthe school, and the Student Court enforces X - this legislation in a democratic manner. Advisors: Miss Durig, Mrs. Alexander, Miss Hicks. Representatives: Row I: J. Rossee, N. Randolph, V. Hoover, A. Anderson, M. Montgomery, J. Collison, P. Mealey, T. Wood, A. Katsef, I. Wilder, S. Carroll. Row 2: B. Barry, M. Vandenberg, R. Kirchner, L. Lee, K. Plitt, J. Thomas, J. Scible, W. Ronsaville, L. Tefft. Row 3: K. Catterton, W. Holme, W. Hunka- piller, J. Rankin, J. Alton, H. Wilson, J. Nicewarner, S. Martin. Row 4: A. Smith, D. Helgerman, H. Stukes, E. Fredland, J. Snyder, C. Brush. k ' 'IE-L1 if if -'-Sli' - ounci Money derived from the sale of budget passes and from Talent Night makes it possible for the council to reach its goals. A portion of these funds is distributed to various organizations in school, thereby allowing them to more fully benefit the students. This year under the leadership of President Owen Basil, the Student Council has had many worth while projects. A cafeteria clean-up cam- paign proved to be very successful as did efforts to have a telephone booth installed in the lower hall. Plans were drawn up to form an AHS Alumni Association. Through faculty guidance by Mrs. Alexander and the cooperation of the administration, the l958-59 Student Council accomplished a great deal. gl lusl iv X :ig Q.: ,ff Betsy Broaddus Carole Hall Secretmjy Treasurer r - 4 4Ai4M ' Executive Council: B. Broaddus, C. Hall, W. Hunkapiller, D. Brown O. Basil, W. Holme, j. jeffries, Mrs. Alexander. Alternates: Row 1: N. Moore, K. Page, L. Fulton, B. Porter, E. Wilsman, G. Lowman. Ron' 2: H. Robinson, j. Buser, B. Wingarder, lf. Baker, M, Ellinger L. Heise, M. Hartge. Row 3: B. Dollar, J. Thomas, j. Smith, W. Characklis, D. Kelly, K. Catterton, J. Scible. f"N-si. AQ- Qwufwf R, If gf, 5, .a - f gf - Helene Strauss . N 2 Activities Editor Vw' - i Q r Susan Williams F Senior Write-up Editor E fi John Jeffries ix Q J r sports Editor 'lflite Libby Heise Editor-in-Chief This is the WAKE-a panorama of 1958-59 Many factors contributed to this finished product. But most of all it is a record of the accomplish ments and contributions of the seniors of Anna polis High School. This volume required so much "behind the scene" activity that months were spent thinking, ff" copy writing, proofreading, cropping, identifying gp pictures and typing. 7 ' :fx ' K Literary Comm.: Row I: C. Lowman, B. Trotter, V. Boyer, R. Rosenbloom, P. Barborka, E. Wilsman. Row 2: J. Dyer, M. Hendrix, K. Sellner, L. Jones, R. Revell, M. DeMey M. Robertson, M. Burns, B. Collison. Row 3: O. Basil, C. Dove, D. Wolford, R. Metzger: H. Strauss, A. Frantum, A. Jones, N. Carter. 'Y Advisors: Miss Culp, Miss Burrall, Mrs. Asher, Miss Wrisley Qstandingj. Financial Committees: Row I: O. Basil, R. Metzger, G. Boyer, J. Ross, E. Mitchell, R. Rosenbloom, L. Jones, L. Lankford, J. Shulmeister, M. Hendricks, D. Wolford, M. Meekins. Row 2: M. Vandenberg, S. Reed, C. Lowman, E. Fowler, J. Hester, J. Rossee. M. Means, P. Clark, C. Stoll, A. Jennings, A. Jones. Row 3: R. Glover, P. Husted, P. Jones, M. Robertson, A. Frantum, P. James, J. Wolford, L. Heise, N. Thomas, J. Glover. Beverly Legum Advertising Manager Claire Kotzin 59 S Patron Manager g5,,,,..f Carol Stoll Circulation Manager Each committee worked diligently so that every deadline could be met. The massive job of or- ganizing scattered pictures, and drawings kept the lights in the library burning late. Financing our yearbook was a problem capably taken care of by the circulation, patron, and advertising committees. From August to Decem- ber these groups worked to provide funds for our yearbook. Each person who contributed to this year's WAKE has put forth superior effort to mold this publication in the tradition of Annapolis High School. '17 Vx Barbara Harris I,itt'mry Editor Libby Mclklann Make-up Editor jndy Rossec Axxt. Makrf-up Iirlilur c up tonnnnlltc fm I lx. Scllner, wil. Hinton, C. lypists: Row 1: M, Robertson, P. Barborka, CI. Lowman tscatul R u 'P X llinln ldllfllll inn Ron R Nhtlgct N Hurt, N. Carter, CZ. Dove. M. DeMey, J. Owens, B. Collinson. at H ' ""' 'N :mulls ' 0.11: l 5 f 1 It 5 3 UIQ U D ' . , A X 5 Xssisl inl lllllUlS R m 1:11. Crcengold, O. Basil, tslandingj V. Hart, Ross. 2 Paige Bennington Art Editofr Gary Carle Photography lidiim Pat Barborka Chief Typist 1 Khiel IWIJISI Bnbn I C llllplltll works on copy. l,lO0fILdKiLIS M nun HCllKlIlX tml Hilda Crisciom make a Who won the recent elections? Where will the girls' basketball team play next? TALLY-HO keeps Annapolis High students up-to-date on news concerning our school. In each of its eight issues the newspaper provides interest- ing accounts of sports events, scholastic achieve- ment, assemblies, and student opinions. kk lrlltor HI fluff 3, 9 Khin? - Business Stull: R. Roscnbloom S iklllllll IIIIIIBLI lmkclstcm G. Carle, M. Snyder, H. Strauss 4.. Q 9' .J , . 'JI 1- H D f -x if Anne jones News Editor Led by Editor-in-Chief Nancy Moore, the staff measures, writes, rewrites, checks and rechecks. Mrs. Bender is the group's advisor. The business staff, with advisor Francis Evans, also contributes with the solicitation and prepara- tion of advertisements needed to Hnance our paper. Winnie Hamner Assistant Editor Eric Fredland Sports Editor bv SIHHICY Haflvik, PIIOIOKVHI-WFT! B0l1l1i6 WHICTS, Assistant Page Editors: C. Dove, C. Willie, C. Davis, K. Sellner, M. Snyder, S. Kotzin. Cartoonist. Reporters: Row I: R. Moore, M. Finkelstein, K. Grimes, A. Eakens, 12. Wilsman, I.. Heavt-ner, Ron' 2: S. Carroll, B. Demzis, l-Z. Haavik, D. Wolford, C Gebert. E. Dornheim. as 6. 'V "' 9' in ftif K' .-X as sv 'N K fc. ET CETERA, the AHS literary magazine, gives students an opportunity to show their artistic and creative ability. English classes provide material which is screened by the literary staff, headed by Marcia Hendrix, editor-in-chief. Such a publica- tion affords for the literary minded student a chance to see his work in print. o Que and CPO Row 1: E. Fredland, B. Barry, Mrs. Bender, A. Jones, N. Moore. Ron' X Sl rCr B Hlfflg V H IHIDLY I HLN 5 VIH N I Stock 'C-73' M, l N i 3, f n ,uf Q G X Lux -, -.1 X Q. .. 3 n 1, it Q RI I 'x . . , Qfxvffe X ag 7 .ff fits 1 L, L' l C Hall, Pres.: AI. jeflries, Vice Pres., L. Heise, Sec.: N, Moore, Freas. The Honor Society, spearheaded by President Carole Hall, accomplished many things this year including tutoring students and presenting a unique induction ceremony in March. This or- ganization also aided many aspects of school life. Membership in the National Honor Society is achieved through having excellent grades and onor ociefy participating in extra-curricular activities. Sopho- more entrants are placed on probation for one semester and then, if they are still eligible, they become full members. All members uphold the motto which is on their pin-Character, Scholar- ship, Leadership, and Service. Row I: B. Broadtlus. Coddington, N. Moore, C. Hall, Mr. H. Earle, L. Heise, jeflries, R. Rosenbloom, Ron' 2: l'. Clark, ll. Legum, R. Revell, M. Hartgc, L. Katsef, M. Finkelstein, I.. Stockett. Ron' 7: H. Strauss, l'. Ehle, li. Fredland, YV. Hunkapiller, C. Kotzin. 1 ' -X. .Q .F fl The Annapolis Chapter of the Future Home- makers of America is composed of girls who Wish to have additional experience in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. Helping the individual to improve personal, family, and community living is the over-all goal of the F.H.A. For its rnain activities this year the chapter has had bake sales, teas, and charity drives. EAA Row 1: F. Bassford, V.P.3 A. Trader, Parliamentariang L, Turner, Secretaryg F. Haworth, Pres. Row 2: B. Gaither, Historian, Mrs. Young, Adviser: C. Wood. Row 3: I.. Hubbard, C. Nichols, K. Small. oligrarianri The students of this group spend one period each day in the library. Here they help the librar- ian by checking books in and out, typing, and marking and covering books. Some assistants who have also learned to operate the visual aids equip- ment can often be found showing movies in classes around the school. Seated: E. Haavik, P. Barborkn. Stzmding: L. Heise, H. Myers, A. jones, W. lluttrill. L 1 E ...if Q4 j'6L!hC qua Ron' I: I. McNew, S. lNlnsterman, M. lfinklestein. Ron' Wycherly, N. lNlctIuhhin, M. jordan, Y. Joyce, XV. Price. .ps A 1, - Ogicers: M. Means, .L Sherer, li. Mitchell, l.. Mclklann, B. Barry, H. Criscom, .L Smith. Wearing the maroon arm band as a symbol of authority, our Traflic Squad may be seen at vari- ous positions in AHS halls striving to maintain peace and quiet. This is accomplished by issuing tickets to noisy or disorderly students. Seniors who are active in school affairs and who maintain average or above grades qualify for membership in this squad. After meeting faculty approval, they are finally selected and directed by Mr. Calvin Rogers. Row I: J. King, T. Wakeman, R. Metzger, F. Taylor, K. Asher, R, Lynch. Row 2.' M. DeMey, E. Mitchell, B. Barry, M. Means, ,X. Smith, A. Sherer, L. McMann, H. Griscom. Row 3: Mr. C. Rogers, l.. Phelps, C, I.owman. B. Broaddus, J. Hester, R. Rosenbloom, N. Moore, li. Harris, l.. Stockett, G. Schilling, N. Thomas, M. Hendrix, C. Stoll. Ron' 4: W. Hamner, H. Strauss, B. Legum, M. Robertson, S. Reed, A. jones, ll. Wilson, B. Jani. Ron' 5: B. Waters, A. Frantnm, G. Cantler, il. Clover, R. Glover, I.. Heise, D. Dawson, C. Kotvin, C. Hall. if ridelflfl A86 Assemblies provide an opportunity for students committee planned a diversified and enriching to display their talents as Well as to receive culture schedule of programs. imparted by outside speakers. The assembly ,,,,,...v-- .X speaker ill 'I'l1nnksgiViUK- "The assembly this morning will be ..,...... " David carclws 40 winks. --1,-fs 110 Axnnqlmligw' ! L 4 K , Uncle tells us why the chimes rang. He Ihm EWCS fhCf'ffUllY glws twill'- 80 .S7L0LU606lf "Ah, Yes, I Remember It Well." "We Vvere Not Too Old." "With a Song in My Heart. One of the highspots of the school year at AHS is Talent Night. This year our talent show had as its theme Shozuboat 1058. The show opened with a girls' chorus, composed of Tri-Hi-Y members, singing a medley of songs from the broadway musical SHOWBOAT. It progressed with various single and group acts, highlighted by a group "'l'eachers Hoop ll Up." precision act, pantomimes, and the unforgettable teachers' skit. The interludes were filled by the Annapolis High Dance Band. The show, spon- sored by the Student Council and under the direc- tion of Miss Durig and Mrs. Alexander was an enjoyable experience for all those who attended. "Halls of Ivy." gil! nf' KCUQJ XLL STATE. BAND Row I H Griscom K Willie R 'vlooie Row 7 NV Ronsiville S. Hz1z1vik,R. With the loud blast of trumpets and a roll of the drums, the Annapolis High Band announces its entrance for a football half-time show. This was only one of the band's many contribu- tions to the activities at Annapolis High. In addi- tion to its half-time entertainment at games, the band travelled to the University of Maryland for Band Day, participating with other high school bands in Maryland. The band is organized under a band council of two representatives from each class and the band president and drum major, Buddy Ronsaville. : H. Crisrom, S, Hzuivik, I.. Murphy. R. Farrell, R. Seabrook. li. Iowlcr N Thomas H McBee Row 3 C W'1lker C Pnvei T Hammond WV. Seabrook, B. Gates. P. Sweeney, C. Ilcv, T. Lznnhrosr-, S. Xvzillnre, B Holme D McFereson R M'mhold C White C' Wfilhc F Freeman C Carle. Row 4: C. Page, I. Colliuson, ll. Trolls-r, M. lxlt'N2llTl1lT2l, KN. ones D Palmcr T Cook F Taylor Wlerenga Row 5 L Iaidlm M Ronsaville, H. Lewis, T. vvllklllllllll. D. NVoml. A .4...n l ,Q-5, K , , , ,, . ., Always a welcome addition, the band has played for most assemblies and pep rallies. Besides being a major attraction in Talent Night, the dance band added their Uswingin' music" to some of our assemblies. In its first concert of the year, the entire band presented a well-planned program with a variety of selections. On February lil, 20. and 21, Buddy Ronsaville, Bill Holme, Hilda Criscom, Ellen Fowler, Stanley Haavik, Carolyn YVillie, Richard Hillman, and Roberta Moore represented Annapolis High in the Maryland All State Band at Westminister. gf? ry A ,. 1 3 ' 'x 2329: V i f,. . g, aan. ,ft ..g,t,l.,, as ., 1, . 1'-:r,,,,, 535,51 . af. V - . , .m,M,f ,'r"'--fvfesflg - izvitfsflqgpg? 1 Q r-ww 1 wb ' e Color C-uzml. Ilrum Nlznjmg William Rn lf, 4 'fi 0" 'W , lo iq '- . -X -S1 , 'infix w 1 C. Vlhitc, H. Criscom, C. YVillic, C. Carle, S. lFl2l2lVlli, li. lfrcenmn. Ron' 2: S. Wallace, 'II l,zln1hrose. 11. llex. R. Smith. lf. 'I mlm Ru: 3 W Ronsavillc. D. Wood. 83 CA 0l"lfl,5 Q70 1 K ' "2 'l Q .sr . X' Q. . ,' If I 'ew' K. ,W 1' in . v , 1 . Row I: S. Miller C. Williams, J. Stine, S. Varner, K. Grimes, P. Daywalt, J. Chambers, L. Youngren, S. Schaeffer, C. Cesell, R. Rosenhlooni. Cl. Cadell. Row 2: Jordan, M. Mathi, A. Fleming, S. Moreau, Moreland, S. Stokes, S. Ccsarini, E. Daywalt, N. Bangert, B. Phipps, M, Marcin, N. Carter. Row 3: L. Cockrell, J. Jacobson, K. Jackson, B. Harris, J. Seim, J. Jackson, D. Schwallenberg, P. Mealey, J. Barge, B. Miller, M, Stevens. S, Nash. Ron' 4: D. Frcv, J. Sullivan, S. Wilson, Y. Ippolito, M. Jordon, H. Mason, S. Chaney, B. Childs, G. Stine, J. Britton, D. Dawson, G. Geiman, ' Row 1: S. Lacey, P. Chase, E. Donald, B. Rutherford, S. Engle, N. Jackins, K. Watts, A. Pennington, J. Shiflet, B. Porter, J. White, C. Talbot, J. Herries, J. Taylor. Row 2: S. Musterman, N. Glude, J. McNew, E. O'Neale, S. Lacey, B. Ebaugh, A. Eakens, B. Johnson, K. Pochatoco, K. Palonibo, J. Ford, C. Nichols, C. Durncr, V. McCullen. Row 3: A. McClaughry, N. Moore, S. Falck, A. Anderson, D. Swantek, C. Peddicord, C. Bowen, L. Danneburg, P. Pettingal, K. Davis, S. Callen, L. Patten, J. Hester, P. Tongue. Row 4: T. Comoljak, J. Shallenberg, P. Thompson, H. Bertl, J. Sopcr, C. Armiger, L. M. Cook, K. Williams, M. Dicey, C. Bassford, J. Buser, A. Nibbs, L. Bowen, D. Nash. Row 5: P. Rausch, P. Palmer, J. Hayard, B. Thompson, F. Ckrx, M. Gambrills, L. Myers, H. Sears, B. Bassford, P. Lamb, M. Stotz, M. McCann, J. Spencer, N. Racciato. 4 .5 J 1-it .J J J Q , . 7' v Y ,, yi ' J iii Q5 A " . X - - H 1 5 ...fl 1 V sa. .5 I 1 A J 84 Y Ei? N. Moore, B. Barry. C. Stoll, L, Phelps, P. Tanner, A. Webster, R. Kunkle fsealedj. "Feet on the floor" and "sit up straight" are the familiar cries of our chorus director, Mr. Robert Kunkle. Under his capable direction, the choruses have this year participated in many programs and have added a great deal to school assemblies. The three choruses, with an average of 75 members, through constant practice have produced some line songs. This year six of the chorus members were chosen to participate in the All State Chorus in Baltimore. Row I: D. Blanding, S. Kotzin, D. Hancock, V. Johnson, R. Hoffman, R. Xvilliams, W. Fowler. A. Webster, S. Dodson, I.. Simpson, G. McConrl S. Rembold, L. Cullember. Row 2: B. Barry, C. Porter, S. Fowler, C. Aposlol, F. Encare, C. Dove, R. Lownlan. N. Kclcli, I, Droll, H. llcall, V Hoover, K. Hanson. Row 3: C. Reese, I. Cnstcr, A. McClaughrv. II. Ritter. R. Vogelsang, D. Hubbard, B. Bnltrill. li. Sherlock, C. Barry, ll, Wlood L. Phelps, D. Diner, L. jones, E. Hyde. Row 4: R. Tanner, S. Tydings, QI. Light, P. Sparrow, H. Parks, P. XN'inrlsor, C. Palmer, Pl. Watts, A Sherer, A. Rex, C. Stoll, B. Demas. Row 5: L. Robinson. C. Nixon, ll. Phillips, D. Goettc, M. De Craw, C. Dcwhcrry, C. Palmer, P. Picard, P Tanner, M. Rodgers, S. Lee, J. Glover. 5 . in Y Q f f- Q ' 1 . g W wig J 1 A YQPQWCSC arewell A bridge spanned the Occident and the Orient. We crossed into a world of japanese splendor where the suffused light of hanging lanterns mingled with the strains of the Buddy Griffith Band. The Maryland Room and patio of Carvel Hall were transformed into a veritable teahouse. En- hancing the white clothed tables were arrange- ments of driftwood and vari-colored roses. Above the sweetly playing band was a snowy white pa- goda, which added to the oriental environment. In the center of the patio, completing the exotic pic- ture, stood a goldfish pond surrounded by circular white tables decorated with Japanese figurines. So complete were the plans and decorations that everyone who attended the Junior Prom of 1958 knew that it would be one of the most happily remembered moments of his school years. We danced through a wonderful evening and as the last notes faded away, we sadly bid 'ASayonara." Row 1 Committee Churmen P Bennington K C cscll S Lices B Broiddus K. Plitt, C. Hall. Row 2: j. Jeffries, 0. Basil, I. Rosscc, S. Reed, Everybody Ready? Putting on the finishing touch. ll was worth all U16 Cffflfl. The pause that rcfrvslws. 1 B7 S ff 56 Queen Carole Hall Homecoming spirit surged high this year as the annual parade of cars and floats wound its way through the streets of Annapolis. Headed by the band and majorettes, came a caravan of converti- bles carrying Queen Carole Hall and her court. The flow of students terminated at AHS where the victory torch lighted the bonfire. For two days enthusiasm mounted until it reached its pinnacle Friday evening with a 27-0 victory over Glen Elg. The delighted crowd has- tened to the junior High School gym for the traditional dance, sponsored by the Girl's A-Club. At eleven o'clock p.m. the court was formally in- troduced to the studentsg and Owen Basil, presi- dent of the Student Council, presented Carole with a gift symbolizing her reign. A dance was then led by the Queen, her court, and their escorts, officially closing Homecoming. Queen and her court-K. Plitt, E. Mitchell, C. Hall, B. Wilson, K. Canary Half-time line-up. RUUIY I0 TDM- What za surprise this will bc! l'hc Qnccn is crowned-zllrnosl. This has to hc finished for lo- night. Wh.. .X hit of timely assistance. .1 89 The Girls' A-Club, one of the most active organizations in school, has had a very successful year. Entering a float in the Homecoming parade, and sponsoring the traditional Homecoming Dance, were the first projects of this ambitious group. Then, through holding informal dances after games, the club raised money to be used by the athletic association. This year the A-Club was headed by Marsha Means as president and was guided by Miss Peggy Almond, the adviser. lt is composed of girls who are interested in the athletic department of AHS. To become members they must complete rigid entrance requirements. Miss Peggy Almond, Adviser Row I: B. Barrie, K. Canary, E. Mitchell, Marsha Means, Pres., S. Lacy Vice-Pres. Row 2: D. Dobbs, C. Kotzin, S. Dodson, B. Legum, -I. Diehl Qifzfs I J-Cf E Row I: Brown, D. Dobbs, E. Mitchell, B. Barry, K. Canary, M. Means, S. Lacy, S. Dodson, Ross. Row 2: M. Cecil, B. Lcgum, I.. McMann. D. Pastrana, R. Rosenbloom, P. Murchake, N. Moore, L. Tatum, B. Janz, G. Mayer. Row 3: L. Heise, I., Shawn, H. Strauss, A. jones, P. James. A. Jennings, G. Cantler, P. Stockett, S. Lee, M. Petty, R. Stallings, L. Slater. , t I-11 K1 New 9 0 Oflicers-j. Lajoye, 1-I. Roberts. B. Rankin, B. Schmidt. ago ' J4- The Boys' A-Club is an organization composed of boys who have earned varsity athletic letters. This active group has carried out many projects. Numerous record hops were held after football and basketball games. In the Homecoming Parade the boys sponsored an unusual float. For the first time "A" Club patches were designed for letter sweaters, and the club presented warmup jackets to the wrestling team. Advising the A-Club was Mr. jonesg Buster Rankin served as president. l Mr. jones, Advisor. Ron' I: DA. Gran, R. .KirChner,4I!. Rankin, R. Pfeffer, A. Katmf, K. Brown, W. Neall, S. Palmer. Ron' 2: W, Sclnnitll, 1. King, 'IQ lzirrcll, NV. Hunkapillar, ll. Rankin, R. Slllllll, C. Gilliner, li. Roberts. KI. Alton. Row 3: XV. Charaeklis, N, Honadle, W. Bennett. l., WheeIcr,LS. Marlin, D. Hopkins, Mr. li. jones, R. Blancy, H. Parks, J Lajoye, A. Smith. lllvf I i Z r- ,cg aforefferi Elaine Mitchell Captain. I . .f I V5 27 A The majorettes, led by Elaine Mitchell, once .7 1 l Z ' Q S again showed pep and enthusiasm as they boosted ' D " the spirit of all AHS fans at football games. Whether performing at a pep assembly, present- ing a skit in Talent Night, or marching in perfect formation at half-time, these girls displayed great energy and versatility. The brilliantly clad, strutting majorettes are one phase of high school life that will be happily remembered by all AHS students. AHS strutters on the march. N. Randolph, I. Wilder, J. Diehl, D. Dobbs, M. Azar, P. Berry, H. Ellinghausen, E. Mitchell. 92 Claire Kotzin, Captain. This active group of girls, headed by Claire Kotzin, is the pride of AHS. With an abudance of energy, unlimited spirit, and precisioned move- ments, they have inspired our teams to many vic- tories. Behind a lively and carefree exterior lies much hard Work and planning. Who can forget the hilarious skits at the pep assemblies? the color ribbons sold to promote school spirit? the special feeling of pride as they led us in singing "On Annapolis, Panthers fall in line .... "P Guided this year by Miss Patricia Almond, the Cheerleaders were an invaluable part of the AHS sports program. Ward if? Clteerdaclem Go you Panthers! N. Crowley, K. Plitt, C. Kolzin, B. Legum, S, Lacey, C. Hall, B. Wilson. J. V. Jr. Squad: L. McNulty, Standingg Johnson, J. johnson, Kneeling. In addition to our Varsity Cheer- leaders, there are two other cheering squads that have taken the all-im- portant assignment of driving us through our sports season. The J. V. Squad, and the V. Junior Squad have been a great asset to AHS in the promotion of school spirit and sportsmanship. Without the vitality and vigor of these girls our sports program would not have been com- plete. CA Qelaid LIU B. Porter, Frontg A. Anderson, Center: G. Mayer T. Clark, N. Van Sant, Back. '15'4Qu School spirit, busses to away games, and ticket and program selling are the trade marks of the Booster Club. This organization strives to boost the spirit of the student body so that we not only have winning teams, but also enthusiastic spectators. Miss Durig, the club's faculty advisor, gave her time and effort generously to guide the club toward its goals. Trisha Clark served as president. Up to the minute sports llUll'S. l rcs. Int crnational Relations Cluh: Row I: N. Kclch, K. Wilson. Ron' 2 Winninger, C. Wlillie. .ynfernafiona mfafionfi CM The purpose of the International Relations Club is to stimulate the interest of academic students in world affairs. At a weekly meeting the members discuss foreign policy and probe global crises. Mr. Tassey is the club advisor and Anne Jones is the chairman of the group. unior Cjfarm ica league The Junior Classical League is a national or- ganization which is composed of students inter- ested in preserving classical civilization in the modern World. These scholars constantly strive to stimulate interest in Latin. This year's organization is led by Carole Hall, President. Its main project was the preparation of the Latin Open House, a yearly program which points out the uses of Latin in present day lan- guage. Rouf I: S. Callen, T. Crour Icy, V. Boyer. B. Rutherford C. Williams, L. Boro, F. Sand rock. Row 2: C. Hall, A jones, Miss H. Searls, W Fowler, E. Hyde, V. Sinnin ger. Row 3: H. Stukes, D. Wood, J. Vlcek, S. Wallace, L. Talbot, R. Pickering, 96 i f ' . .... . ,. T wav F9 L 1' .H l ,each NR mdk!! 1 ww. l xii, A Tizfgiiag A i i-' - . W .1 S . , N k +1 Xugg xv w My mbsf 3':f' fiff f. x ,' 7 95 5 am- T5i+y3gmg3g,3i,t A . k W Q X: Qx:xxx' x54 ,.f..k x . K if 5 2- figli. V . X X EW X Xxv MX mx w NXEYS iXX'fk X X' 45:5 X wlgkx Q 5 ww. 4 QM -up ,M mqmhwmm-Kvlhk W. -"'mn...,.,,,' im? ff' . we Wczfzcdlq ?aaz'5czZ6 'Ns 5' N 'RH Y' , -a si' A" wif ,W maid Row 1: T. Roberts, K. Brown, J .Scible, R. Kreitzer, S. Martin, II. Rankin, C. Lewnes, C. Gillmer, D. Brown, H. Wilson, R. Kirchner, U. Wallace. Row 2: N. Honadle, ll. Hughes, K. Catterton, W. Simmons, X. Grau, NV. Hunkapiller, B. Rankin, li. Roberts. W. Kramer. XY. Collison, S. Carton. Row 3: S. Catterton, R. Boettrher, gl. Riley, CL. Stallings, DI. Lajoye, Il. Berzins, R. Blaney, QI. Moore. I.. XVheeler. After getting off to a flying start by walloping Cambridge, the Panthers, coached by Bill Best and jay Orr ran up against some stiff opposition and lost some heartbreaking games, to end the season with a 4-5 log. The Panthers, who outdid their opponents statistic-Wise, ended the season by losing to undefeated St. Mary's 2l-12 in what was Uangway! perhaps the best game ever seen here. The backlield, led by the slashing running of co-captain and most valuable player Buster Ran- kin, Bob Boettcher, Jim Rankin, Charlie Lewnes, Bob Kreitzer, and jack Moore, provided many thrills. Buster Breaks Away. 1 .w.i3N"f,wi.l'TKi" ...L W X5"Tf'-,X-ri! 'Ev' AL"T"vi.1l.l . 1...-5 Ffs lfcl RI1llL'l'lN it jim Srilmlc we 1 Le 3-1 Buster Rankin 537 u f The offensive line led by Norm Honadle, co-captain Jim Scible, Bill Hunkapiller, Jim Hughes, and Ken Catterton, played excellent ball. The defense, led by co-cap- tain Ed Roberts, john Lajoye, Lloyd Wheeler, and Janis Ber- zins played a vital role in the performance of the Panthers. Buster closes in for the 1-f""' XN'lmt's Coming off? 1 Q" ,,,,, f-an Cozuh -lay Orr Klozlch kill. ' Y in "N" '..'3!KT.H'v"-?.'Zn3' " u Q , Q fum 6, .. n. .,,wH'ff.w1- nf, f.-H +4 5-2-'.... " bf ' 'DCF--'f' wx' -as zwwli nw - w - un- iv Q, 0 E? x Rs .x.- ts t E ess?-,F T S 'X .B s-izffk -.Ss Coach J. C. Rogers Marty Greentree J0hfI Alton 06661 i 1, B. Row I: T. Sewesi, D. Coffman, M. Greentree, D. Alton, S. Katcheves, A. Williams. Row 2: G. Deller, M. Meekins, B. Schmidt, R. Farrell, F. Ruppert, B. Riggins, A. Wycherley. Row 3: M. Greentree, A. Smith, R. Franke, D. Coette, B. Bennett, Q. Crawford, Mr. R. Hall. Marty makes the save. The AHS soccer team, coached by Bob Hall and assisted by C. Rogers, had another fine season this year. Coach Hall faced a tremendous rebuilding job having just two lettermen and three other veterans returning from last year's squad. Co-captains Marty Greentree and Doc Alton headed the squad which was built around Bill Neal, Andy Smith, Steve Katcheves, Dud Hendrick, Bill Schmidt, and most valuable player, Melvin Meekins. One of the promising newcomers was Albert Williams. Others who will be return- ing next year are Bill Bennett, Zip Warner and Charlie Gates. lOl Coach Bob Hall gage' Wmadlq Zczakezffczw Andy gets the rebound. 93 Charack puts on in. Although thwarted in its bid for the state championship by state champion Bethesda-Chevy Chase, this year's Panthers retained the District Championship and became the team to win the most games in one season in AHS history with a fabulous 18-2 log. The AHS quintet, coached by Dick Peret, was paced in scoring by Gordie Stall- ings who established a new record for most points in regular season play. Co-captain George Kallis was a brilliant playmaker and Bill Characklis was a standout for his defensive and rebounding work. Co-captain Harry Parks and Wally Bialousz rounded out the outstanding AHS team. 1' c Row 1: Captains: G. Kallis, H. Parks. Row 2: F. Eucare, M. Scholossman, J. Riley, H. Wil son, J. Nicewarner, R. Milkman Row 3: M. Myers, Q. Crawford, W. Asche, W. Bialousz, G. Stall- ings, J. Ray, A. Smith, W. Char acklis, A. Stearns, Coach Peret. no 102 I3 Have ball will travel. The junior varsity basketball team, coached by Mr. Edward Jones, finished the season with a Hurry of wins. The jayvees were paced by Quincy Crawford, Joe Nicewarner, and Herbie Wilson, all of whom were elevated to the varsity at the conclusion of the junior varsity schedule. Other stickouts on the junior quint were Dave Wyclierly, George Samaras, George Leydic, and Pete Mc- Grath. From the outstanding second half of the season's play, AHS supporters can expect much from fu- ture AHS teams. Zaye' , Zcw2ez'ZczZZ S-t-r-e-If-li Ron' 1: KL. l,cytlit', ll. Robinson, P. lxlfciflllbll. Rau' 2: ll. Garber. Niccwarncr, ll. lVyc'liei'ly, H. llillillll. CI, Helm, Run' if Loauli .IUIICS SZIIIIZITIIS, Q. Crawford, H. Naison, D, llelgcrman. i W-sf n - xfgf: NJ ,Q 1 W I - - f ,I .. 1 1 X lO3 Qaeda ' Robin Stallings Captain K Marcia Means Captain The girls' varsity basketball team, coached by Miss Barbara Edwards, ended the season with a very fine 10-2 record and second place in the county league. Both of the Pantherettes losses were to Arundel which Won the championship. In- Annapolis wins the -iump, cluded in the victory column was a rout over arch rival St. Mary's. Girls' Varsity Team: Row 1: Miss Barbara Edwards, R. Headrick, N. Carter, L. Shawn j. Diehl. Row 2: R. Rosenbloom, R. Stallings, M. Means, J. Gary, B. Brooks, P. Stockett The light for the rebound. S. Hall, B. janz. Row 3: L. Diamond, S. Carroll, S. Lee, E. Revis, C. Davis. lO4 Zcwketfczif awww MW. Www Cathy Fentress. -I. Y. Captain. The Saints have the ball. The girls' jayvee showed promise of things to come with a sparkling 9-2 record and a second place finish in the county league. The junior Pantherettes were paced on offense by Ronnie Headrick, with janet Diehl and Gloria Lowman also turning in fine performances. Defensively the girls were led by Carol Davis, Sue Carroll, and Cathy Fentress. junior Varsity Team: Row 1: P. Phillips, S. Phillips, G. Lowman. Row 2: T. Wood, P. Collison, J. Rhody. Ron' 3: N. Hazel. E. Cadle, C. Fentress. wi 105 .Xnother one for Louise Closing in for a basket. f f ",f f I I I I 5 K ta Q A Q x U ss ff", . ,,..- -.,.r"' Wzealkag Row 1: J. Moore, C. Lewnes, A. Katcef, R. Pfeffer, R. Smith, l', Brown, R0 I.. Wheeler, -I. Smith, R. Stevens, Coach Rogers. The wrestling team, coached by C. Rogers, capped its best year since it was organized by fin- ishing 4th in the Metropolitan Wrestling Tourna- ment at Washington and Lee. The Panthers were paced by co-captain Richard Pfeffer, who was un- defeated in dual matches and won a silver medal in the tournament, and Charlie Lewnes who won l' :tant Panthers win on home mat. ' 4 ,Q as K 1' b M w 2: T. Todd, C. Brush, W. Bennett, Al. Alton, W. Simmons, S. Marlin, the gold medal in the l4l pound class in the Metropolitan Tournament. Other standouts were co-captain Alan Katcefg Jack Moore, who won a second place medal in the Metropolitan Tourna- mentg Russ Smith and John Smith, each of whom Won fourth prize in the tournamentg Lloyd Wheelerg Bill Bennetg and Doc Alton. 4 Vs! A-Clubs .........,...4.4 Administration ,..,..., Ads .i............,......... Art ..........,,.... Assemblies ....... Band ,.......4.s,. Basketball .,...... Booster Club , ...... Cheerleaders ........ Chorus ......,.................. Commercial Subjects ....,. Curriculum , ........o..,.... Dedication ........... ET CETERA ...,..., Faculty fSee individual subjects, Football .o...A.....,.....o.......,....,...o.. ..... Forward ,.......a........,....... Future Homemakers ..,...... Guidance ,,..a,.,..,...........,. History .,....o,..,.. Homecoming ......,.l. Home Economics ...,.. Honor Society ...o..... Industrial Arts ................. I nclex ,......,.90-91 117-133 ....82-83 102-105 11.93-94 ....84-85 ..a.64-65 ...S54-67 ....98-99 .....,.,54-55 ...88-89 ........66 International Relations ,,....... .,..,l,..o 9 6 Juniors Advisors .,.,... Individuals ...... ..,......4l-45 Officers .,......oo.o......,...o.... o....l..l. 4 O Junior Classical League ....l.a, ....,.,... 9 6 Junior Prom ...a....,,............ ..,.,.... 8 6-87 Languages English .... ...a.....56-57 French .,., Latin .................,. Spanish ......l.. ......... Librarians, Student .,.,..,. Majorettes ..,.,............ Mathematics ..,..,., Monitor Squad .....l Music .........,..., Oiiice Clerks ..,..... Patrons ..............,...l. .......58 .....,.58 ,....,..58 .......78 ...,....92 ........59 ........79 ...,....62 109-116 Physical Education ....... ........... 6 7 Quill and Scroll ,.....,.. Science Biology .,.,... Chemistry ..,... Physics .,....... Zoology ...,.., Seniors Advisors ,,.a....., ........76 ..........60-61 ...,......60-61 .4,.......60-61 ........,.60-61 Individuals ....l.a. ..,..... 9 -38 Ofiicers ,....,., . , . . Soccer ....,.,.... Sophomores . Advisors a.,...l.a. .........l01 Individuals .,.,..,. .,........ 4 7-52 Oflicers ...........,.., ......,.... 4 6 Student Government Supervisor ........,al..,... Talent Night ...... Tally-Ho ......a... Traflic Squad ....,. Wake .,....,...,. Wrestling .....,... .l........70-71 ,.........74-75 A.,..,....72-73 .........l06 J in 0 ,.i QQ , A 'F .st K P 1 1 1 4 xx ? I 'Sl 522 ' ,.sz:s51T-iiiimf: 1 U U 4 ' 4 -bvgdlf' "5 JK' a W FHQW "5'lW,k.,-ts.. Q .- '-yew ' hz-3. w as ,FT ?w,A,i,, . .. ,,,.,,.,,,.,L Mr. and Mrs. Albert Abbot Prof. J. C. Abbot Marc Abbot Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Abrams Freddy Adams '65 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell I. Adams Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Adams Mrs. Albin Ahlstrom Mrs. Barbara Aisquith Miss Bonnie Sue Aisquith Mrs. Elizabeth Aisqulth Mr. Elmer Aisquith Lester Aisztxith Dee Albric Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jae Allen iss Lynette Almen Mona Almen Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Almen "Doc" Alton Mrs. J. "Doc" Alton Maurice Alvin Alton '32 Mr. L. Alvey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armani Gerry Armiger '59 Mrs. Mildred Armiger Mr. Bobby Armstrong Mr. C. M. Armstrong Mrs. Howard Armstrong Mr. Richard Armstrong Steven Armstrong Mr. Thurman Andrews John Apostol '56 Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Appleton Ardie '61 Marie Arnette '61 Dorothy Amold John E. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Milton N. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. William Amold Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arter Claude R. Arth Mr. and Mrs. Walter Asche Mr. and Mrs. Donald Asher Mr. Merle Asher Mr. Joseph Atwell Richard Auditte Al was there Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Azar Mrs. J. M. Bachman Dick Bachus Mary Jane Bailey Mrs. Julia Baker Mr. J. M. Baker, Sr. Mrs. S. S. Ballentine Mrs. Mabel Bane Mr. Robert Baney Nita Bangert '60 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barber W. T. A. Barborka Mr. and Mrs. T. Barborka Joan A. Barnes Mrs. Robert A. Barnett Betty Baroch Mrs. E. E. Bartlett Doris Barr Fay Zindorf Basham Mr. F. Wilmer Basil Lorrie Ann Basil Mr. and Mrs. Owen Basil, Sr. I9 a from Mrs. T. G. Basil Willie Basil Barbara Lee Bassford '57 Mrs. Ben Bassford Bonnie Lou Bassford '60 Mrs. Frances Bassford Mrs. Freda Bast Mr. Bauett Debbie Bausum '69 June Bausum '55 Fred W. Bausum Mrs. Frances Bazzell Mrs. Calvin Beachum Mrs. Anna K. Beall Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Beall Mr. James E. Beall Jintzie Beall '58 Harry Beall Mrs. Katherine Beall Mrs. Marse Beall Mr. Robert Beall Mr. and Mrs. Beaulie Buddy Beardmore '57 Beaver '59 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Behlke Mr. Henry Behlke Mr. William Beinyard Mr. and Mrs. Burton Bell Burton B. Bell, Jr. Essie O. Bell Mr. H. H. Bell Robert L. Bell Mrs. E. G. Bender Chaplain and Mrs. Bennett Bill Bennett '60 Carla Bennett Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Bennett Mrs. J. P. Bennington Mrs. Norman Bensinger Mrs. E. E. Betz The Big Boppah Bill and Gail '59 Mr. Bill Bice Mrs. M. Billoti Mr. Tony Blades Linda Blair '56 Mrs. Mary Blanchfield Bob Blaney '60 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Blaney Mrs. Hugh Blaney Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bless Bobbie Ann '58 Mrs. E. F. Boettcher Mrs. F. T. Boettcher Mr. Bert Bollman Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Bollman Larianne Bonari Mrs. Knute Borg Alex Boro D.D.S. Mrs. J. D. Borop Mr. and Mrs. Hammond Bosse Mr. Arthur Boswell Harry Dowe Boteler Fred Bottner '56 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bottner Mr. George Bounelis Dr. Charles J. Bove, Jr. Beverly Bowen Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Bowen, Jr. Evelyn Bowen IO9 Mrs. Theresa Bowen Bert Bowers '60 Miss Kitty Bowyer Col. William Bowyer Mrs. William Bowyer Boxtel John Boyer Mr. Charles Braddock, Sr. Mrs. M. E. Bradford Mr. W. H. Bradford, Sr. Mr. Wm. H. Bradford, Jr. Mrs. Evelyn Brady Mrs. Margaret Bray Alma Bresnahan Mr. and Mrs. Carroll A. Brice Dr. O. T. Brice Mr. Dara Brinson Mrs. Phillip Brisco Mrs. W. D. Britt Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Broaddus Gerard Brockmeyer Mr. J. Norman Brooks Mrs. Lillie Brooks Mr. Caton Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brown David Brown Miss Delia Brown Mr. and Mrs. George B. Brown Mr. and Mrs. George F. Brown Mrs. Gladys E. Brown Glen Brown Ken Brown '60 Mrs. Kenneth Brown Kenneth N. Brown, Jr. Capt. Ralph H. Brown Mr. Ray Brown, Jr. '46 Bud Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bullen C. Bullen Bunny '62 Mrs. John Bunten Mrs. Arthur Burns Margaret Burns Mrs. W. Lee Burtis Mr. Donald Burker Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Burwell Buster and Linda '59 Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Butler Mrs. Addie V. Bryan Clyde Byrne The Caddens Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cadell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cadell, Jr. '5 Mrs. Charles W. Cadle Eleanor Cadle '53 Mrs. Theresa Cahill Sgt.'Waynard E. Caldwell Bob Callahan '55 Mrs. C. W. Callahan Eunice Callahan '58 Mrs. Reva Callen Barbara Campbell '59 Little Booze Campbell '58 Kelly Campbell '58 Kitty Canary M!Sgt. Francis M. Cantler Miss Gael Cantler Mr. and Mrs. Preston G. Cantler Gary Lee Carle '59 Mr. and Mrs. Marion Carle Leonard E. Carlson Carol '59 Carole '59 Mrs. Thomas P. Carpenter Ted Carr Mr. Charles Carrigan l"erri Lee Carrigan Charlesanna M. Carter '56 Mr. Harvey T. Casberian Mrs. Frank Casey Beasy Cassels Gordon Catterton '54 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon Catterton, Ken Catterton '59 Mr. and Mrs. William Catterton Mr. and Mrs. William Cavey' Miss Sharon Pauline Cecil Mrs. James Centinio Dennis Chambers '58 Mrs. William A. Chambers Karen Chaney Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Chaney Richard Chaney Mrs. A. Characklis Joyce Characklis Chick-JD' 10.4 Lloyd Wallace Childs '57 Mr. and Mrs. Chipouras Mrs. W. N. Chitwood Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher ll Chuck '56 Mrs. Elizabeth Ciccarone Linda Claffey '50 Mr. George D. Clark Mr. James H. Clarke Joann and Richard Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Clarke Hattie Clatterbuck Jack Clatterbuck Mr. L. L. Cleavenger Mrs. John Clow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coale Margaret Cockerell Janet Coddington '60 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Coe Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Coldwell Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Coletta Carroll Collins '61 Donnie Collins Mrs. Ellen L. Collison Norma Jane Collison Mr. and Mrs. Ula Collison Lt. Cdr. and Mrs. Joseph Colton Mr. Buddy Combs Mrs. T. P. Connelly Mrs. Ellen Cook Lillie Mae Cook '59 Nellie Cook Mrs. E. W. Cooper Mrs. Pearl Tuttle Cooper Rollins Cooper Miss Sadie Cooper Mrs. F. G. Corkum Prudv Corkum '60 Sandra Corkum '53 Mrs. C. T. Corbin Claire Burtis Corbett '42 Mrs. L. J. Cosmier Annie Costello Mrs. Gertrude C. Costello Miss Katharine Cox Pat Cox '60 Mrs. Frank J. Crandell James Cranford '46 Mr. Caldin Crammer Joan Crawford Harry A. Crevensten Bernard Crist Mrs. Edward Crist James Crist Mrs. Lil Crosby Hugh Cross, Jr. Mrs. William Cross Don Crout Mr. T. W. Crowley Crusty and Missy Mrs. Marie Cubbage Mr. and Mrs. Cullison Mr. Leroy Culpepper Mr. Edward Cummings Mr. Lester Cummings Delores Cunningham Joe Cunningham The Cuozzo's Mrs. H. M. Curry Mrs. H. B. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Daly Peggy Daney George Daniels Mrs. Rita M. Danley Mrs. Albert Danneberg Mrs. Alfred H. Danneburg Mr. Vernon Dasey Mrs. Helen Daugherty Mr. Channing Davis Mrs. Channing Davis Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Davis Miss Elizabeth V. Davis Mrs. George W. Davis, Jr. Paul Davis Mrs. Amy F. Daywalt Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Daywalt Mrs. Elwood S. Dealaque Mr. Donald E. Dearborn Robert D. Deickman Bess T. Demas John DeMey '57 Mr. and Mrs. Martin DeMey Diana '59 Mr. and Mrs. Henry DiBenio Mr. John DiBenio '59 Mr. and Mrs. Robley E. Dickerson Mrs. Thomas A. Dickey Dean Dixon Miss Elsie Dixon G. Dean Dixon Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dixon Robert J. Dixon Mr. Gene Dobbs Mrs. L. J. Dobbs Doc. '44 Charles Dodge '58 Mrs. Dodson Sylvia Dodson Miss Duty Doeriiinger George W. Dolan Mrs. W. H. Donoho , . "Doodlebug" '56 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dorsey Mrs. Sylvia Dorsey IIO Cdr. G. B. Dosskey Kristy Dosskey "Aunt Dot" Dotsy Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dougherty William Douglas Mr. Arthur Dove Mrs. Eleanor Dove Mr. Everett Dove Miss Geraldine Dove Mickey Dove Mrs. Rosalee Dove Mr. and Mrs. R. A. R. Downey Mr. Frank W. Draper Art "Burl" Dreyer Mrs. Frank S. Duckett James W. Duckett Mrs. Charlotte Dudrow Mrs. Henry W. Duerbeck Mrs. Duff Bonnie Duflinger Miss Dorothy S. Dunbar George Lee Duncan '58 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Duncan, Sr Mr. and Mrs. William R. Duncan, Jr Jim Dunham Alice Dunning Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Dunton Mr. Coleman Dupont Jean Duvall Mike Duvall Mr. Curtis Dye Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Dyer Marilyn Dytche '59 Mrs. Harry Earle Teddv Earle Mr. Charles A. Earnes Mr. Wayne Echley Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Ecken, Jr. Miss Linda Jean Ecken Mr. James Economy Eddie Ponie '59 Grover Clarke and Sue Edelen Mr. Norman Edelen Ola Edens Mr. Omer Edens Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edmunds Miss Barbara Edwards Kathleen Edwards Mr. Jerome Egan Cdr. John T. Egan Miss Allene Ekinz Mrs. Marie Elben Mr. William Elben Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Elerding Carolyn Eley '56 Mr. Cliff Eley Mrs. William Ellinghausen, Jr. Mr. Elliot Mrs. W. E. Elliot Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot Margaret Owings Elliott '29 Debbie Emerick '71 Miss Mary Emerson Mr. Arlen B. Emory Bob Emory '58 Mrs. Elsie M. Emory Linda Emory '59 Mrs. Christian Enzleman Mr. Stanley Entwisk Mr. Theodore Entwisle Mr. J. C. Eohelureur Mrs. J. C. Eohelureur Mr. Leonard A. Epstein Mrs. Lorraine Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Erikson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eschinger Paul Eschinger, Jr. Shirley Eschinger Mrs. M. G. Estabrook Thomas Estep Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ettenger Mrs. G. W. Ettenger Eddie Etzler '54 Mr. Evans Don Richard Evans Frances Eyster Mrs. Doris Fagley John Baldree Farrell '56 Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Farrell Mr. W. P. Farrell Miss Norma E. Faust '47 Mrs. Roslenos Fazio Mrs. J. R. Fee Miss Nyce Feldmeyer Mrs. A. L. Ferguson Mrs. George Ferguson Mr. John Ferguson Mrs. R. S. Ferguson Col. and Mrs. W. L. Field Roy C. Fielder Marlene Finklestein '60 Mr. William Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Fisher Mr. Charles Fishpaw G. Calvin Fitch Mrs. Dalbert Fitch Theodora G. Fitch H. Edwin Fleming Mrs. Sylvia Flewellyn Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Flint Mrs. Fred Fogler Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Follet Billie R. Ford Mrs. Emma Foster Mr. L. A. Foster Mr. Theodore Foster Fourth Period Chorus Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Fowble Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Fowler Janice M. Fowler Wiley Fowler '61 Mr. and Mrs. Wiley L. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fraley Linda Lee Frank 'Mrs. J. H. Franks Franny and Ioe '61 Louise Frantum Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Fredland Mrs. Kenneth V. Freed Mrs. E. S. Freeman, Jr. Cliff R. French Mr. Hugh French Mrs. William French Irving Furd Miss Mary Furd Melvin Furd Miss Marguerite Gable Mrs. Marguerite Gaither Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Galloway '52 Mrs. Agnes Gardenia Mrs. Frances Gardner '29 Mrs. Mildred Gardner Spiro Garrett '60 Mr. and Mrs. Barham R. Gary Lynn Gass Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gass Mrs. Robert C. Gatts Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Gawthrop Mr. Joseph Gaynor Mrs. Hattie George Lee George, Jr. Raymond George Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gerrior Mr. G. E. Gesell Mrs. J. C. Gesell Mr. M. C. Gesell Charles Gillmer '60 Bob Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. John Glude Miss M. Godwin Mr. and Mrs. John G. Goettee Mr. and Mrs. Heath D. Goldsborough Good Ole Bus No. 82 Mrs. W. W. Goodhue Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Goodman Lt. Col. and Mrs. Vaughn Goodwin Miss Sandy Goody '57 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gordon Mr. George Gould Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Graham "Grapes" Col. and Mrs. Ralph Gray Mrs. Kathleen Green Mike Greene '58 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Greenfield Carol Greengold '60 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Griffin Kay Grimes Capt. James A. Grindell Mr. Eugene Griscom Mrs. Joseph H. Griscom, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Griscom Mrs. George Grkovic Mrs. Geralding Grose Mr. Thomas Hunter Grose Mr. and Mrs. William T. Gross Evangeline Guhs Virginia Guyman '61 Mrs. Charles Haas, Sr. Eileen Haavik Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Haavik Mr. Jack Haddad Mrs. G. B. Haines Mrs. David Haldeck Mrs. Bradley Hall Ernie Hall Douglas Hall Mr. Gulian Hall Louise Hall "Peanut" Hall Capt. and Mrs. W. C. Hall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Haminger Mr. H. W. Hammel, Jr. Mr. nd Mrs. S. G. Hamner Wi Hamner Mrs. ohn W. Hanford Mr. and Mrs. John R. Harbaugh Ron Harding lll Dorothy Hardesty Mr. and Mrs. P. Lee Hardesty Mrs. Leona Hardesty Mrs. Louis Hardesty Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hardesty Mary K. Harlow Mr. and Mrs. W. McG. Harlow Mrs. H. R. Harpe Miss F. B. Harper Mr. A. E. Harrison Mr. A. R. Harrison Mr. J. W. Harrison Maj. Gen. J. N. Hart John Hart Mrs. L. A. Hartge Maryland Hartge '60 Mr. R. L. Harvey Henry Haskett Irene Haskett Richard Hasting Mr. Walter H. Hawes Mrs. Hawkins Mrs. Karl F. Haworth Mrs. J. L. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Hayes Mrs. William J. Headrick Mrs. Donald H. Heaton Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hedin Karl Hedin Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Heise Libby Heise Mr. and Mrs. Dudley A. Hendrick June Hendricks '53 Mrs. Mettie Hendricks Marcia Hendrix Mr. Fred Henretty Bruce Henry Mr. Elroy Henry Mrs. Elsie Henry Mrs. Jim Henry Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick Henry Mrs. W. J. Henry W. W. Henry Louise Herklotz Cappy Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Hickey Robert Hickey Mrs. R. L. Hill Carol Hinton Mrs. Catherine Hodges Ronnie Hoffman Lynn Holden Bill Holme '59 Jay Holme '56 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Holme Sally Holme Jack and Betty Ann Holmead David Honadle '61 Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Honadle Mrs. Audrey Hooper Mrs. Edith Hooper Mrs. Hopkins Mr. Alfred Hopkins. '43 Mr. C. B. Hopkins Dick Hopkins '56 Mrs. Marion Hopkins '42 Mary Ellen Hopkins '54 Mr. and Mrs. R. Hopkins Mr. T. W. Hopkins '5 Margaret Hounsell Howard Charles S. Howard Nancy Howard '57 Daniel M. Hubbard '55 Mr. George E. Hubbard Marylin Hudson '56 Mr. and Mrs. Atlee Huffer Robert Hulfer '55 Mr. and Mrs. Tex Hughes Capt. and Mrs. R. V. Hull Ann Hurley Pam Husted Pris Husted Mrs. W. G. Husted Prof. John W. Huston Mrs. Florence Huth Mrs. Charles H. Iley Mr. Earl N. Inks Mrs. Earl N. Inks Mr. Robert Inman Mr. John Insley Jack and Charlene John Jackson Mr. M. S. Jackson The Jacksons Miss any Jacobsen Mrs. argaret Jamar Mr. Francis James Mr. and Mrs. John F. James Leo James Miss Pat James '59 "Janice" Janice and Benny Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Janz Patricia Janz Mrs. Mary Jarrell Roberta Jarrell Mrs. John B. Jay, Sr. John Jefferies '59 Mr. W. W. Jefferies Mrs. L. E. Jenkins W. D. Jenkins Mr. Clarence Jennings Harriet E. Jewell Nancy Stine Jimenez '51 Joan and Bob '56 Jo Ann and Doug Johnny '57 and Robin '59 Miss Charlotte Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Johnson Mrs. Florence Johnson Mrs. John Johnson Mrs. Rudolph Johnson Valerie Johnson '60 Mr. and Mrs. C. Frederick Johnston, Sr. Mr. Tam Joines Mr. Jones Alan Jones Ann Jones '59 Mrs. Arthur M. Jones B. A. Jones Bruce Jones Mr. and Mrs. Charles Braddock Jones Mr. Charles N. Jones, Jr. Dolores D. Jones Douglas Jones Mrs. George P. Jones Geral Jones Mr. Herman Jones Mr. and Mrs. I. Burkley Jones, III Mr. J. Edward Jones Mrs. Lorraine Jones Miss Marjorie Jones Peggy Jones Mr. Richard Jones Mr. Robert W. Jones Mr. S. C. Jones, Jr. Steven D. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanley Jones Jopper Gail Joy '57 Dr. and Mrs. O. C. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. James B. Judd, Sr. Agnes Juenemann Joseph Kaldjeski Elaine Kallis '57 Pat Kallis '56 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Kappel Mrs. Betty Karwath Alan Katcef '60 Lenore Katcef '60 Frank H. Kaufman Fred "the Red" Kaufman Mrs. H. Kaufman Kay '58 and Jack '57 Mr. William H. Keagle Mary Keehn Mr. James Keener Nancy Kelch '60 Clausen R. Kelly, Jr. '75 Mrs. Harney C. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kenny Harry Kenny, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Derwood D. Kent Mr. Edgar Robert Kent Mr. Charles H. Kenton Mrs. Mary Kenton Carson Keown '60 Mrs. C. B. Keown Mrs. Paul M. Keyser Mr. Griffith Kies Mr. William Killinger Mr. and Mrs. E. C. King Mrs. E. C. King, Jr. Lucia E. King Mrs. K. B. King Mr. and Mrs. Richard King Mr. and Mrs. Wayne King Carl Kinner Mrs. Gladys W. Kinner Kip Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kirby Mrs. Frank Kirchner, Sr. Janice '57 and Frank Kirchner, '56 Miss Katherine Kirchner Miss Mary Kirchner Brenda Kirkley Woodrow Kirkley Mr. H. C. Kirsch Mr. Harry C. Kirsch, Jr. Mr. -and Mrs. E. V. Kitchin William Y. Kitchin Mrs. Clarence R. Klakring Mr. James Klappholz Mr. and Mrs. George H. Klein Yvonne Kluse '56 Mrs. John Knud-Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Kasper Knutsen Hot Rod Demon H2 Mrs. P. Koenig Miss Judy Koenig Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Koontz Mrs. Korzeniewski Sidnee Kotzin '60 Mr. and Mrs. S. Milton Kotzin Mr. Heman F. Krafft Tom Kral '61 Mrs. Darrell Kramer Mrs. Marjorie Krisko Mrs. Richard Krull Mrs. Etta Kunsman Mr. and Mrs. August J. Kutzleb Helen Lacey Sharie Lacey Lackey H. S. '59 Mrs. Ellen Lafferty Mrs. Lajoye Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Langdon John Langenfelder Mrs. William Langville Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lankford Linda Lou Lankford Mrs. Virginia Lanneau Mr. and Mrs. W. Garrett Larrimore Mrs. Latimer Mrs. Ellen Latimer Mrs. Edward LeCompte Jackie LeCompte '58 Mrs. Stuart B. LeCompte Barbara Lamb Lee '45 David Lee '55 Mrs. Jackie Lee '56 Mrs. Madeline Lee Mr. Norman Lee '53 Mr. Robert E. Lee '52 Mrs. Edward Leeman Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Legum Beverly Legum '59 .ICHTCY LCPJUIU Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lehner Mrs. Aileen Leister Mrs. Russell Leitch Mr. Vernon Leitch Lenny Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Leonard, Jr Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Leonard Mrs. Lawrence Leonard Lt. Cdr. Walter Lessmann Mr. and Mrs. H. D. LeTourneau Mr. Lewis Mrs. Flossie E. Lewis Lynda Lewis Ann Lewnes Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lewnes Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Lily Helen Lindell Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Lindsay Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Linhardt Tom Linthicum Mrs. Henry Listman Miss Ann Little Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Little Dorothy Lloyd '55 R. M. Lockett, Jr. Mrs. William F. Logan Mrs. Helen Lopez Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Lowman Carolyn Lowman Debbie Lowman '69 Dennis Lowman .-1,737.1 v7q,,.. , wvgw-.wwwf ,- Mr. and Mrs. Irving W. Lowman Mark Lowman Ray Lowman '61 Mr. Robert Lucke Mr. Al Lupton Mr. Nathan Lusby Major Richard T. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Lynvess, Jr. Mrs. T. C. Macaulay Douglas Macey Mr. Frank Machande Mrs. Ralph MacMurray, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph MacMurray Donna Majerowicz Mr. john Majjiott Mr. Edward Maloney Master joel T. Mank Mrs. Bobby Mann Mr. joseph T. Manness Mrs. Marcellino Mrs. R. P. Markwell Miss Lois Marthan Jane Martin '57 jo Martin '54 Mrs. Mary Martin Mr. William Martin Mrs. Alice Martines Carl L. Martines, jr. '39 john Mason Rinaldo B. Massimino Mr. Mathis Rear Admiral D. L. Mattie Bill Matthai Kenneth Mauk-SHS Mrs. M. Maxangasilli Chuck Mayer Mr. W. P. Mayer Mrs. R. H. McCann Scott McCann Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McCarter Hal McClellan Mrs. Frances McCourt '40 Mrs. Joseph McCuen William and Mary McCusker Mrs. H. L. McDill Mr. Walter McDougal Mrs. Francis McFaden Mr. Wamer McFarland Mr. McGriHins Mrs. A. Bradford McGuire '43 Mrs. J. L. McKay Mrs. Alice McKenna '42 jack McKenna Barbara McLean '58 Lt. Col. and Mrs. I. H. McMann Lillian McNew '54 Mr. and Mrs. E. N. McWhite Mid'n P. B. McWhite Mr. and Mrs. T. Mead Mrs. B. A. Meade Rae jean Meade Charles Medford '59 Miss Eva A. Medford Mrs. Jesse A. Medford, Sr. Mrs. Jessie A. Medford, jr. Horton Meekins '50 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Meekins 1. Thomas Meekins '50 Mr. Meiklejohn Mrs. Robert S. Meiklejohn 'J Reuben H. Meisel Mr. Rigdely Melvin Mr. and Mrs. Ford N. Mercer june Merrill '61 Mr. and Mrs. George Mertens Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Metzger Richard C. Metzger Ronald G. Metzger '59 Mr. and Mrs. S. Meredith Meyers Mrs. Norris Middleton "Mike" '56 Mike and Carole Mr. and Mrs. Claude Milburn Mr. Harold Milburn Mr. Milery Arthur Miller Mr. Boyd Miller Constance Eulalia Miller Mrs. Edna Miller Ethel Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller Jackie Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Mrs. Lorraine W. Miller '37 Miss Marty Miller '58 Mr. O. R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miller Mrs. William Miller Mrs. Genevieve Millhausen Dr. and Mrs. Lyman F. Milliken Mrs. Florence Mimms Mr. james Mintz Miss Katherine Grace Mintz Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Mintz Missie '61 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mrs. Doris Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. john Mitchell Mrs. Katherine Mitchell L. R. Mitchell Mrs. Inez Mize Mrs. M. M. Moesch Cathy Molter 'so Mrs. Ruby Monday Mr. and Mrs. George N. Monis Mr. H. Taylor Montgomery "Monte" '57 Nancy Moore Roberta Moore Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Moore Melvin S. Moran, jr. Bonny Moreland '58 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moreland Henry Moreland Janice Moreland '61 Mary Lou Moreland Julie Morries Iune Morris Sam Morrison Mrs. R. C. Morrow Carlton E. Mott Mrs. George William Much Mr. Frank Mueller Lee Mueller Betty lean Mullock Dorothy Mumford '54 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mumford William Mumford '51 Cindy Murchake '75 Dave Murchake '56 II3 Debbie Murchake '75 Elizabeth Murchake '54 James Murchake '51 Mrs. john Murchake Richard Murchake '46 Robert Murchake Mr. H. C. Murphy, gr. Mr. H. C. Murphy, r. Mr. and Mrs. john A. Murphy Miss Penny Murphy Powell J. Musterman Sally Musterman '60 Mr. Harver F. Myers, Sr. Miss Ran Myers Mrs. rraine Myers Miss Shirley Myers Nancy and Donnie Mr. Charles F. Nash, jr. Miss Doris Nash Mrs. Florence Nash Capt. john E. Nash A !2C Rudy Nash Allen O. Neall Doris M. Neall William W. Neall Fred Nelson Mr. and Mrs. O. Nelson Mr. William H. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Nesbitt Alfred E. Neuman Mrs. B. B. Newill '53 Mr. Paul Nichiporuk Carol Nichols '60 Mr. and Mrs. -I. H. Nichols, Sr Mrs. Katherine Nichols Mr. Ted Nick Mrs. john Nicol Betty Noland "Nor" '59 Mrs. Dolores Norfolf Bill Norris Pop Norris Mrs. T. J. Norris loyce North Mr. Robert R. North Mrs. Elsie Novak Mary Noyce '60 Mr. A. E. Oaksmith Mrs. Eveline Oaksmith Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Oaksmith Mrs. Irving Ochs Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Ogle Anna Olsen Eilleen Olson Roland Olson jackie O'Neil Peg Orr Joey W. Osborne '76 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ostrowski -Ianice Ostrowski '61 Mrs. Bernice A. Owen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Owens Ellen Taylor Owens '37 Mrs. john E. Owens Ronnie Owens Eleanor Owings Martha Owings Mrs. Leicv J. Owings Dave W. Paca Gerald Paclgett '57 ,gi---v . Mrs. Anne Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Shellie E. Palmer, Sr. Verdine W. Palmer Airman J. R. Parkinson Mrs. Rose Parkinson Mrs. Mary Parks Mrs. Joseph Parks, Sr. Mr. Joseph L. Parks Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Pastrana Mrs. Ruth Pastrana Mac Patterson Mr. and Mrs. A. U. Payne Jhonia Payne Bertha Payseur Miss Eileen Peacock '58 Peggy Sue Mrs. J. E. Penny Dale Penrod Charles Perry, Jr. Mrs. Hazel Perry Mr. A. L. Perterson Jean Pessagno Margy Petty '59 Minnie Owings Petty '32 Mrs. Helen Peusch Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Pfeffer Lucielle Phelps '39 Winston Phelps Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Phillips Harry Phillips J. H. Phillips Mrs. Frank Phipps George T. Phipps Mrs. H. G. Phipps Leslie Lee Pistel '62 The Pleasant Peasant Mr. and Mrs. james Plitt Kathy Plitt '59 Mrs. Francis W. Poirier Richard Poland Mr. Chuck Polick "Popo" Mrs. E. L. Porter Mrs. John E. Porter Sarah Porter William J. Poulus John Powell Mrs. Catherine Powers Mr. and Mrs. L. Pragel Mrs. Raymond F. Price Mr. Med Proctor Col. and Mrs. W. B. Puckett Mrs. Frances P. Pullman Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Purvis Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Putnam Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Quinton Radio Station WPGC Kathy Ragan Timmy Ragan Mr. and Mrs. William Ragan Randy '76 Mrs. Emilie Rankin James Rankin Jack Rawen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rawlings Edna Ray Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Q. T. Rayhart Mr. and Mrs. Read Mrs. H. V. Reagan Rebel Mrs. Donald Reck Mrs. Gertrude Reck Mr. Kenneth Reck Mr. G. H. Reece Mrs. G. H. Reece Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Reed Dr. Myron S. Reichel Mr. and Mrs. John Reichenbach Mrs. Evelyn Rembold Mr. Lawrence Rembold Mr. L. Renz Mary Revell Ruthanne Revell Dr. Samuel T. R. Revell, Jr. Mrs. Samuel T. R. Revell, Jr. Mr. Chester Rice Mr. Steve Rice Mrs. H. B. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Richardson Mrs. Albert F. Riddick Gray Riddick Mr. and Mrs. G. Clifton Rien Mrs. Francis Rippert Joan Ritter '59 Catherine L. Robbins B. K. Roberson Eddie Roberts Mrs. Edward W. Roberts Louise B. Roberts Patricia A. Roberts Mr. Charles Robertson Charlene E. Robertson '58 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Robinson Miss Laura Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Robinson Linnell Robinson '58 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Robinson Mr. C. D. Rocks 'Mary Carol Rodgers '64 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Roesler Mr. and Mrs. A. Rogers Barbara Owens Rogers '54 Mrs. Gladys Rogers Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Rogers Mrs. R. E. Rogers Ronie D. Rogers Judith Lee Ross '59 Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Ross Mrs. T. A. Ross Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rossee Miss Linda Rossee Mrs. S. J. Rowland Mrs. Bettie S. Royall Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Rubin Mrs. J. R. Rubins Tom Rubins '61 Dr. Carl Purvis Russell Dr. and Mrs. Oneal F. Russell Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Sadler Mrs. Emma Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sadler Leonard Sales Mrs. Barbara Salmon Charlie and Chris Samaras George Samaras '61 Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Sames Gertrude Sames Mrs. Tena Sandler ll4 Charles H. Sandrock Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Sandrock, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Sandrock, Jr. Harrison Sandrock, III Roesler D. Sandrock Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Santos August E. Sauerwald Louis B. Sauerwald Mrs. Mabel Saunders Mrs. Warren Saunders Harvey E. Savely Mrs. Charles Sawy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schiavello Schieke '56 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schilling Martha Schley '58 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin P. Schlossman Bill Schmidt Mr. Charles Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schmidt Dick Schreitz '56 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schreitz Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. Schroeder Mr. Ray Schumacher Mr. W. R. Schuyler Diane Schwallenberg Mrs. Donald Schwallenberg Mrs. Dorothy Schwallenberg Mrs. T. R. Schwallenberg Mr. John W. Schwartze Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Scible Mr. J. Elmer Scible Mr. and Mrs. Archibald F. Seabrook Helen E. Searls Mr. B. F. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Sears Leah-May Sears '55 Ray Sears '60 Mr. Robert Sears Mrs. Thelma M. Sears Mrs. W. D. Sears Mrs. William T. Sears Robert Seeders Mr. and Mrs. S. William Seery Mrs. William Seibold Miss Lillian Selby Mrs. Geneva Sessoms Mr. Ray Sessoms Peg Sewell '60 Mrs. Shapiro Phillip Shapiro Sharon '59 Mr. and Mrs. John Sharp Mr. Paul Shaw Priscilla Shaw '60 Mr. and Mrs. E. Roy Shawn Bill Sheldon Mary Shell Mr. George V. Shelton Mrs. Myrtle Shelton Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Shepherd Mr. Frank Shepherd Bobbie Sherald Mrs. I. R. Sherald Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherald Anne Sherer Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Sherer W. J. Shewve Mr. and Mrs. Neale Shinsky Gilbert L. Shiroky Linda Shores Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Shores Mrs. Frank Shortt Mr. and Mrs. William Shue Mrs. Harry P. Simmons Mrs. Eleanor Simms George Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Simpson Walter Simpson Mr. james W. Sindall Judy Sinninger '60 llsisll 760 Joan Phipps Skisloh '53 Martha Slaughter Cdr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Slimmon Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Slonaker Mr. A. C. Smith Bill Smith Mr. C. H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. Smith Ginny Smith '58 Imelda Smith Irma Smith '49 john F. Smith '57 Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Smith Mrs. Neumann Smith Mrs. Paul Smith Mr. Russel R. Smith llyidr. and Mrs. Stanley "Buck" Smith, Jr. r . and Mrs. Thomas Smith, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Velpoe Smith Belle and Countess Smitty Mr. Gilbert Snead Edith Snellings "Snooky" Miss B. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Snyder Mr. Thomas Snyder Mr. Hal Sohl Mrs. Sooy Imogene -I. Soper Mr. and Mrs. jack Spencer Mrs. Mary Spencer Thomas Spicknall Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Spies Mr. Archie C. Spriggs Mr. Franklin Spriggs Mr. and Mrs. Larry Springfield Dr. C. L. Snurling Mr. Charles Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stallings Mr. Dale Stallings Mr. Richard Stallings Sonny Stanley Mr. and Mrs. jack Stansbury Mrs. Starkweather Mr. Walter E. Steele Mrs. George Stevens jim Stevens Mrs. Louise Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stevens Mrs. W. P. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stewart Mrs. Robert AI. Stewart Anna Z. Stinchcomb Mr. Earl Stinchcomb Mrs. Flemor Stockett Mrs. John A. Stockett Lois Stockett Mr. Clinton Stockett '57 Bill Stoinoff Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Stoinotf Mrs. Delia Stokes Elmer Stokes Mrs. john E. Stokes Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stoll Gregory S. Stone Miriam French Stone Lois Stonnell Mrs. Marion Stonnell Mr. and Mrs. james D. Stover Mr. Howard Strange Mrs. Helen Strauch Helene Strauss '59 Miss Karen Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Louis Strauss Mr. and Mrs. QI. Streez Mr and Mrs William F Strome er . . . y Tom Stumpf '58 and Adele Frantum ' Prof. Henry F. Sturdy Mrs. J. W. Sturgis Sally Ann Sturgis '58 Mrs. Davies Sturrs Mrs. Dorothy M. Suit Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Sullivan ,lean Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. T. Burton Sullivan Virginia Sullivan '57 Dimp Sunderland Naval Reserve Surface Division 5-39 Bob Swanson '60 Mrs. Elizabeth Sweeney .Toe Sweeney Marv Sweeney '60 Mr. P. R. Sweeney, Sr. Mrs. Marion Swindell '5l Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Syverson Lt. and Mrs. Harvey Talfet Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Talbot Mrs. L. M. Talbot Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Taranting Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Tatum Linda Tatum Mr. Taylor Beet Taylor '64 Mrs. Emma Taylor Fred Tavlor '59 loe Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Percy E. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Ten Evck Third Floor, A. A. Gen. Hos. Mrs. Carl S. Thomas Mr. P. R. Thomas Mrs. .Annie Thomason Mrs. Jane Thomason Mr. Lawrence Thomason The Thomasons Capt. Thompson Mrs. E. C. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Thompson Ralph Thompson Mr. James A. Tigner Mrs. James A. Tigner Mrs. joyce F. Tilghman Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Tilghman Mr. Thomas Tilghman '42 Il5 ', 1'Y""'? Clarence Tippett '57 Guy Tippett SHS '56 Mrs. Lillie Tippy Mrs. E. J. Titty Wayne Tolson Capt. and Mrs. C. H. Tomlinson, Jr. Lee Tomlinson Peggy Tongue '60 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Tongue Anthony George Toskov Romaine Towers '56 Mrs. Ira Townsley Mrs. Gladys Trageser Mrs. A. B. Traylor Barbara Traylor Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tretbar Dr. and Mrs. Gene Trettin Mrs. Mondell Trimble Betsy Trotter '59 Mr. john R. S. Trotter Robert Frank Trotter Mrs. Ruth K. Trotter Paul Truesdell Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trumpy Mrs. R. C. Tsaacs Mrs. Richard Tubman Mrs. Preston Tucker Robert L. Tucker Mr. Paul E. Tull Mr. and Mrs. james C. Turnburke Henry A. Turner Mr. R. Patrick Turner Susie Tydings '61 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tyler Mr. C. F. Wade Al Wagner Mr. August H. Wagner jerry Wagner '58 Capt. and Mrs. P. F. Wakeman ,Iohn R. Walch Cookie Walker '60 Dr. Stuart Walker Mrs. Evelyn Walking Dave Wallace Mr. and Mrs. David H. Wallace Mr. lohn Walsh Ted Walsworth Mrs. Agnes Walters Steve Walters '60 lackie Ward '58 Yevette Ward Mrs. Eleanor Waring Mrs. D. W. Wamer Mrs. D. W. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Warner Mrs. William Washburn Becky Wassell '74 Missy Wassell Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Waters Miss Bonnie Waters Mrs. L. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Watt Lenora Webb Miss Sue Weber Mrs. B. F. Webster Mr. and Mrs. C. Maurice Weidemeyer Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Weidman Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Weidman, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Weigle Helen Sears Weikert '37 Mr. Robert Welch Mr. E. T. Wenrich N. S. Wetherhold Mrs. Emily Wharthen Mary Ann Whay '50 Mrs. Carl Whitcraft Mrs. Lynn White Wesley Whiteloek Doris Wicker Charles Wickstrom '60 Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Wickstrom Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wiffenpool Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wigley Mrs. Albert Wilford Canvas Back Willard Mr. and Mrs. John D. Willard George William Mr. and Mrs. George William Mr. and Mrs. James Williams Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Williams Mrs. R. N. Williams Ronnie Williams '61 Mrs. W. A. Williams Marjorie Wright Lillian Wooten Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Williamson Carolyn Willie '60 Deborah Willson Donald Willson James Willson Mr. Leonard R. Willson Mrs. Mary V. Willson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilmer Mrs. Bessie Wilson Miss Betty Wilson Col. and Mrs. George S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Wilson Mr. 'A. C. Winegardner Tina Winiarz Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Winn Mr. and Mrs. George W. Winter Mrs. Harold Witherite Mr. Norman Witteman Mrs. W. C. Wohlfarth Mrs. Frank J. Wojcicki Walter J. Wolan Roanald C. Wolfe Mrs. Clay Wolford David Wolford David Wood '60 Janice Wood '58 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wood Mrs. Steward Wood Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Jethro T. Woolford ,? W! ' Y awp H H6 Jose Van Den Berg Marian Van Den Berg '59 Mr. and Mrs. Norris Van Den Berg Miss Katie Vanhook Ruth Vanyo Sandy Varner Arcky Vaughn Chuck Vaughn Mr. E. C. Vaughn Mrs. Ruth Vaughn Mr. George Villeneuve Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Vinson Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Voelkel Richard Voglesang Mrs. Evette Voinche Joe Volker Mrs. Ludwig A. Volker Ken L. Yates Yea Severn Mr. Young Mrs. Madge Gardner Young Terry Young '58 Winifred D. Young Mrs. Shirlie Yuspa The Zelkos Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Zepp, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Zimmedi Gilbert Zindorf '55 Zorro A R U N D E L LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS C""'P""'e"'S Complete Dry Cleaning Service Sta-Nu Finishing Process of Spotless and Safe Laundry Washed in Soft Wafer '59 A Variefy of Services Available President-Wm. Holme Vice President-Wm. Characklis Free Sanex Moth Proofing Secretary-Susan Reed Colonial 3-2343 Treasurer-Kathleen Canary west Sheet and Spa Road Adviser-Mr. Frank Draper Annapolis, Maryland qjze Calofaine 5721412 RESTAURANT 8. COCKTAIL LOUNGE ON RT. 50 NEAR CHESAPEAKE BAY BRIDGE ANNAPOLIS, MD. II7 Y A T E S EXTERMINATING SERVICE Resiclenfial - Commercial lndusfrial Home Office 3 Church Circle COIoniaI 8-1801 C ongrafulafions and Besf Wishes from ROESLER CORPORATION GENERAL CONTRACTORS SO 6-2333 Glen Burnie, Md The J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber - Millwork - Paint - Hardware Builder's Supplies Annapolis, Md. Glen Burnie, Md. Telephone Telephone Co. 3-2337 SOufhfield 6-7000 Besf Wishes from THE STUDENT COUNCIL Owen Basil ........................ President John Jeffries ...... ............. V eep Carole Hall ......... ......... T reasurer Betsy Broaddus ................ Secretary and HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES iiowmpjounfonl 28 diffincfive , N i--.,. ANNAPOLIS 7:00 A.M. ICG Cfeflm 'ff '?"-1 'M'f'? Air condmoned 11,00 P.M. l ' A Hill ' ' 'J lu..L.:.z C on J .X l'h'us:nlt 3 Nlile- Ilrivii Un Thr' Shay lo lhe Buy lirlclgv E REVELL HIGHWAY TO BAY BRIDGE Congratulations Class of '59 Bas, of Luck fo C l' t f amp 'men S O A The Class of '59 FlNKEI.STElN'S l , Compliments Antique and modern Furniture Chine, Glass and Bric-a-brac Of 2009 West Street X gigmc, Them phi Annapolis, Maryland , I S Y Ofofl COlonial 3-4313 ' y There's u "one and only" Ge, ,he Beg, in refreshment, too ser f E , 0 I IOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IV T H E R l I . Coco-Cola Bottling Company of Annapolis, Md., Inc. W. G. Bendle, Manager COloniaI 3-4663 120 West Street Phone 3-2688 H9 OIL BURNERS AND FUEL OIL ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, INC. Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances 89 WEST STREET Phone CO 8-5055 CUCCIA OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC COMPANY, INC. 2051 WEST STREET . 'ight Annapolis, Maryland wow OLDSMOBILE outs MOBILE CADMAC Telephone: COIoniaI 8-3388 JOHNSON'S FINE CLOTHING and SPORTSWEAR ron MEN and YOUNG MEN "Famous Brands" Arrow Manhattan Swank Botany McGregor Bostonians Dobbs Palm Beach Alligator Jantzen Haspel Val-A-Park "Charge Accounts for Your Convenience" JOHNSON'S ICorner Maryland Ave. and State Circlel You Can Shop with Confidence at STRANGE 8. WHITE COMPLETE CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES FOR MEN and BOYS - Nationally Known Brands - Arrow Mark Twain Jantzen Robert Bruce Botany lnterwoven Stetson Palm Beach Tom Sawyer Haspel Buxton Alligator "Charge Accounts Welcomed" 155-157 Main Street Annapolis, ROBlNSON'S of Glen Burnie Salutes the Graduates of Annapolis High You have now reached one of Iife's most important and satisfying achievements - and so to each of you from all of us at ROBINSON'S comes a sincere "WELL DONE - CONGRATULATIONS!" We wish you Godspeed to a bright and happy future. Annapolis Blvd. and Richie Highway Compliments of DAVE'S CORNER Mayo, Md. Compliments of J. R. MCCRONE, JR IN Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of '59 FROM THE BOOSTER CLUB SINCE 1908 CHARLES F. LEE CO., INC. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE COIoniaI 3-2461 Lee Building Church Circle, Annapolis Compliments of CAPITOL CITY FLORISTS Corsclges 0 Cut Flowers 0 Potted Plants FUNERAL DESIGNS Flowers of All Kinds For Every Occasion TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE Greenhouses on Tyler Avenue Ellsfpbrf Phone 3-5121 Compliments of TRI-I'II-Y COIoniaI 8-5008 ESSO R. S. LEITCH DISTRIBUTOR Office and Plant Edgewater, Md. Compliments of A FRIEND Congratulations THE CLASS OF 1959 THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK OF ANNAPOLIS Member Federal Reserve Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone: C0 3-2055 -C0 3-9827 PRESTO RESTAURANT NOTED FOR MENU Steaks 0 Chicken 0 Chops 0 Sea Food 63 West Street Annapolis, Maryland DAVID M. FOWLER ROOFING CONTRACTOR Gutter 0 Spouting Annapolis, Maryland CO 3-2421 Phone 3-2970 Congratulations to the Graduates R. M. EGGLESTON COMPANY WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRING 205 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland co 3-9782 or 3-9832 MANDRIS RESTAURANT SODA FOUNTAIN 0 HOME COOKING Prompt Service Best Wishes to The Graduates of 1959 Compliments of Unusual Souvenirs in Great Variety, Mailed Anywhere COUNTY TRUST COMPANY 2-4 Market Place Annapolis, Maryland of MARYLAND Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of JR. CIVITAN CLUB GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '59 JENKINS, INC. OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT Domestic and Imported Gifts Eatons Stationery 0 Printing 0 Engraving 0 Hallmark Cards 185-187 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Dial COIoniaI 3-2200 Agents For Sterling By STIEFF 0 GORHAM 0 WALLACE TOWLE 0 INTERNATIONAL 0 LUNT KIRK 0 REED and BARTON 0 HEIRLOOM TILGHMAN COMPANY Registered Jewelers 0 American Gem Society 44 State Circle OPEN GATE RESTAURANT and HOTEL SERVING FINE FOODS Steaks 0 Chops 0 Sea Food Fountain Service AMPLE PARKING SPACE 2063 West Street CO 3-7125 45 STORES - HEATED - SHOPPING STREET HARUNDALE MALL Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, Md. 0 Stores Open Every Evening 0 Plenty of Free Parking THE LITTLE CAMPUS RESTAURANT "lN THE HEART OF COLONIAL ANNAPOLIS" 61-63 Maryland Avenue COlonial 3-9250 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 'I959 Compliments of THE ANNAPOLIS BANKING and TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Annapolis, Maryland SHOP AT . . M U R P H Y ' S LEADING STORE OF ANNAPOLIS 'I00-106 Main Street SERVICE ALL MAKES THORP CHEVROLET, INCORPORATED 1736 West Street Annapolis, Maryland STEVENS' FOOD MARKET 834 Bay Bridge Avenue Eastport, Maryland Phone CO 3-5154 The Beta Chapter Boy's "A" Club :D of f TW Omicfon Phi DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR Sorority YOU CAN'T BEAT A PONTIAC Congratulates The 284 West Street Annapolis, Mel CIOSS of '59 COIonial 3-2387 Best Wishes Congratulations to the to the CLASS OF '59 Class of '59 from from the the Girls' "A" Club Compliments DAY 8. SON SERVICE STATION JACK'S GARAGE "JACK WOOLFORDH GENERAL REPAIR CNWDSVIIIB, MUl'Yland Melvin and Ridgely Avenue, West Annapolis O. E. DAY, PROP. Annapolis, Maryland Phone: CO 3-7909 EAGLE NEST FARM DAIRY C0mPllme"l5 Pasteurized HOM. viT. D MILK ond CREAM of DARI-RICH 'CHOCOLATE MILK co 3-2100 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR HOGANIS GOODLUCK sERvlcE STATION CLASS ff, .J 4 Revell Highway OF Q," "Q, 1959 3" KAPPA DELTA PHI soRoRlTY agen D ' ,-A 5 1. 4' ,Q PHI congratulations 'fc O," KAPPA I ". 0 NX ' fo the "xt, CLASS OF '59 I 124 CO 3-2317 Good Luck POLAN-BREWER FURNITURE CO. Class of '59 Annapolis Newest and Smartest Furniture Store FROM HOMEROOM 302 26 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone CO 3-5223 Compliments HOWELL'S AMOCO SERVICE Of Davidsonville, Md. GREEN SPRING DAIRY SALUTATIONES ET VOLUNTATES BONAE Compliments of LEONARD'S SUNOCO STATION SENIORIBUS NOSTRIS Revell Highway, U.S. 50 ANNO DOMINI MCNILIX J. W. Leonard, Prop. J. W'lI' M ' G OI ' 'S """' e"'9e 50" wEAvERuNG's TEXACO sskvlce E. CHURCHILL MURRAY INSURANCE EXCLUSIVE'-Y U.S. Rt. 50 at St. Margarets Phone 3-2678 Annapolis, Md. Rt-4, AHHUPOIIS, Md- C""""'l"'e"'s"f co a-1240 co a-1232 W. R. CHANCE 81 SON CERTIFIED WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELERS ROCKIE S MEAT MARKET IIIO Main Street, Annapolis, Md. FOR PERSONAL SERVICE Phone: 3.2404 231 West Street Annapolis, Md. JESS RADIO 8. ELECTRIC Francis Street at Main Annapolis, Md. Compliments of HIGH'S ICE CREAM STORE Mayo Road Woodland Beach THOMAS G. BASIL, INC. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Annapolis, Md. COIoniaI 3-7943 POWDER PUFF BEAUTY SHOP II Monticello Avenue Annapolis, Md. Nona Townsend Smith Compliments Good Luck to the Class of '59 of DAIRY QUEEN ANNAPOLIS HIGH CAFETERIA NICK AND SARA SAMARAS 4 Phone 3-6844 ANNAPOLIS TYPEWRITER COMPANY AUTHORIZED DEALER for R. C. ALLEN VIS-O-MATIC TYPEWRITERS 0 ADDING MACHINES Arundel Road, Rt. No. 3, Box 127 "Flowers For All Occasions" THE ACADEMY FLOWER SHOP Lester B, Woyson, Prop. 137 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Md. Res. Phone: 3-4409 Bus. Phone: 3-3200 Telephone: 8-3277 Claude E. Kautz, Prop. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CLAUDE'S BAKERY BAKED GOODS OF ALL KINDS 400 Sixth Street Eastport, Annapolis, Md. GOOD LUCK '59 from FAMILY SHOE STORE CM. J. Schenker, '3OJ 118 Main Street Annapolis, Md. BRIDGEWAY PHARMACY CONGRATULATIONS AND BESTS WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Annapolis, Md. WEEMS SYSTEM OF NAVIGATION NAVIGATION CHARTS AND INSTRUMENTS 227 Prince George Street Annapolis, Md. Courses in Marine and Air Navigation Phone 8-2222 ERICKSON MOTOR CO., INC. PRESENTS 1958 o RAMBLER o 1959 Save While You Drive COlonial 8-3805 EDWIN BENNETT FINE FURNITURE 44 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md. 324-6th Street Annapolis, Md. Complimenys COloniaI 3-7710 of TOWN AND COUNTRY S. 81 S. RESTAURANT West Street Extended 55 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md. RAINBOW CLEANER and SHIRT LAUNDRY Branch: 201 Main Street-Self Service Plant: 1801 West Street-New Drive-in SPECIAL 3 HOUR SERVICE HI-Fl SHOP COMPLETE STOCK OF RECORDS AND COMPONENTS 78 Maryland Avenue Branches: 45 Lafayette Street 415 F-ourth Street J. F. GOMOLJAK SHOP AT CONCRETE AND CINDER BUILDING BLOCKS THE FASHION Well Rings 0 Lintels 0 Sand and Gravel AND SAVE 1841 McGuckian Street Phone 3-6744 53 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md. FARMER'S SUPPLY 8. EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 2024 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone: 3-6624 or 3-2920 Compliments of C 8. C GROCERY 28 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis Md. Phone CO 8-1391 126 y FOR ALL SCHOOL NEEDS VISIT HUTZL R'S alllkmze GEORGE V. SHELTON GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone C0 3-4089 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1959 THELMA TONGUE Compliments of DAWSON'S TEXACO Compliments of BERNS'I'EIN'S 165 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments of SENIOR HOMEROOM 309 BEST OF LUCK Compliments TO THE of CLASS OF '59 HOMEROOM 307 H. F. KIRK, mp. MANHATTAN BEACH Compliments of ARUNDEL CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO., INC. I 800 West Street Compliments of THE SANDROCK CO. Compliments GOOD LUCK of TO THE CLASS OF '59 WILKENS HOMEROOMS 203 8. 204 Telephone 3 9628 ROLLER INN RIGGINS TRAILER SALES SKATING: 7:30 TO 'lI:00 EVERY NIGHT Annapolis, Maryland MOBILE HOMES BERT'S GARAGE Mayo, Maryland Compliments of A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 CULLlMORE'S 921 Bay Ridge Avenue Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of ANNAPOLIS BLOCK CO. COURTESY OF BIG 810 RADIO WABW THE BRIGHT SPOT ON YOUR DIAL Compliments of DINNER BELL 2029 West Street Extended OTTICE: Gravel Pit: UNlVeI'S1'y REDS DOVE' INC' AND BEST WISHES EXCAVATING o SAND o GRAVEL To 1959 Trucks o Shovels o Bulldozers o Graders for Hire Route 2, Box 109, Edgewater, Maryland O. Steinberg, Pres. HOMEROOMS 205 8. 304 GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '59 HOMEROOM 109 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 RITTER'S BOAT YARD Whitehall Creek Annapolis, Maryland COIoniaI 3-6547 W. E. CRISER WATER FRONT LOTS AND COTTAGES FOR SALE OR RENT Office: CO 3-4900 Gravel Pit: UNiversity 7-2191 STEINBERG SAND AND GRAVEL CO., INC. SAND AND GRAVEL FOR ALL PURPOSES Trucks 0 Cranes o Shovels for Hire Route 2, Box 109, Edgewater, Maryland O. Steinberg, Pres. HARDESTY 81 MONROE QUALITY HEATING OIL Edgewater, Maryland CO 8-8959 CO 3-6381 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '59 ARTHUR'S ESSO STATION Edgewater, Maryland l'lElDl.ER AND BRANZELL PLUMBING AND HEATING 208 Taylor Avenue Annapolis, Maryland Phone 3-2239 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 HOMEROOM 107 Compliments of HOWELL-LAINIER ENGINEERING SALES 4703 Ritchie Highway Baltimore 25, Maryland BENJAMIN J. COX GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR Box 173A, Defense Highway C0 8-1467 LEncH SINCLAIR SERVICE CENTER ,HE LEADER ENGINE TUNE-UPS GOODYEAR TIRES AND ACCESSORIES YOUNG AND SOPHISTICATES Route 2, central Avenue co 8-8412 149 Main Street and 162 Main Street CROSS MOTORS, INC. Phone CO 3-9864 NEW AND USED CARS ROWDOWSKY GROCERY GROCERIES o MEATS AND FRESH VEGETABLES Bell Grove Road and Ritchie Highway Quomy , service , Economy 51-me 9,2600 620 Chesapeake Avenue Annapolis, Md. CONGRATULATIONS TO COIonial 3-2350 THE CLASS OF 1959 LANE SHOPS CAPASTRANA 122 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Eastport, Maryland BELLE GROVE CORP. C0"'PIf"'e"'5 of KLEPPER'S AMOCO SERVICE REAL ESTATE Revell Highway, U.S. 50 Annapolis, Md. 4024 Belle Grove Road OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY EUS- 5-9292 Phone co s-a92o LAD 'N LASSIE Compliments "ANNAPOLIS' MOST POPULAR of CHILDRENS SHOP" CAPITAL DRUGS 184 Main Street Annapolis, Md. CO 3-2895 LA HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED RESTAUR MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS COCKTA,fT'gU":3E WALTER BREWER'S wi-'y 113 Main Street l54 Main shea' aw Annapolis, Md, COloniaI 8-1622 Annapolis, Md. IN ANNAPOL . . . ' BERMALIS 'TS coLuMslA JEWELRY "SHOP OF QUALITY" 138 Main Street 186 Main Street "Styles with the young student in mind" Phone colonial 3'335l FLEMlNG'S GULF SERVICE LlPMAN'S west Sheet Ext- co 8-8979 LADIES e MISSES WEARING APPAREL - Shoes - ROAD SERVICE Main at Conduit Street Annapolis 129 Telephone CO 3-4323 wesrenn Auro ASSOCIATE srons GORDQWS "Everything for the Automobile" THE STORE FOR Cl-lll'DREN RADIO . SPORTS GOODS 0 PAINTS Church Circle and West, Anna. CO 3-6382 140 Main Sheet 403 N. Chas. St., Balto. MU 5-0225 NAT GATES, JR. 8. SON FINE FOODS Russell Stover Candies 176 Wes' Sheet ANNE ARUNDEL COFFEE SHOP 45 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Md. CO 3-2403 Compliments of TAM JOINES TIRE SERVICE 206 West Street BOB STALLINGS SALES SINCLAIR GASOLINE o OILS Q ACCESSORIES 200 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Charles O. Stallings KEYSTONE SHOE STORE 283 West Street "SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" ,,., ANNAPous. MARYLAND BOATS . . . MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS Phone 3-3264 Sm APPAREL SHOP 164-166 Main Street "The Latest in Fashions in the Frienclliest of Stores" Phone 3-4551 HOME of BETTER FURNITURE HOPKINS FURNITURE COMPANY 123-127 Main Street Annapolis CO 3-4302 THE MATERNITY SHOP "COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR MOM-TO-BE AND BABY" 151 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Phone UN 7-8876 Phone COlonial 3-7666 STEWART'S PLACE TALMAN,S SEA FOOD Breakfast O Lunch 0 Dinner OFFICE SUPPLIES 0 STATIONERY o EQUIPMENT Mayo Road, Route 214, Edgewater 3 Church Circle Annapolis, Md. FALLS PRESS, INC. Severna Park, Md. Severna Park 626 PETRINI SHIPYARD EASTPORT ANNAPOLIS CO 3-4278 SAratoga 7-7845 WESTPORT BUILDING SUPPLY CO. GENERAL BUILDING SUPPLIES 2924 Waterview Avenue Baltimore 30 SHEPHERD 8. VANOUS North Severna Park STEVENS' TEXACO West Street at National Cemetary ALL CAR REPAIRS Annapolis, Maryland COlonial 8-8919 Compliments of GLADDING CROWN SERVICE Compliments of BRIDGE VIEW RESTAURANT We Specialize in SEA FOOD 0 CHOPS e STEAKS Try our "Georgeburger" 400-6th and Severn Avenue Phone 8-8948 SIMPSON ELECTRICAL CO. Robert B. Towers, Owner ELECTRI'CAL CONTRACTORS Commercial 0 Industrial 0 Residential Wiring Eastport, Maryland 98 East Street CO 3-3333 Compliments Compliments of of JlM'S CORNER RESTAURANT ARUNDEL RUG CLEANERS 294 West Street Annapolis, Md. Spa Road -Wes, shea, Phone CO 3-9222 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY CO. PAINTS o TELEVISION o HARDWARE HOT POINT APPLIAN'CE o PLUMBING SUPPLIES B. F. GOODRICH TIRES o BATTERIES o TUBES 25-27 West Street Annapolis, Md. THE HENRY B. MYERS CO. 4549 West Street T714 West Street CO 3-2655 CO 8-'I882 Annapolis, Md. BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1959 ROYAL RESTAURANT 25 West Street Compliments of Radio Station WANN MARYLAND'S CAPITAL STATION 1190 on your dial COlonial 3-6660 WHITMORE PRINTING 8. STATIONERY CO., INC. Taylor Avenue at West Street Annapolis, Maryland John M. Whitmore Compliments of ANGlE'S BARBER SHOP 250 West Street IN ANNAPOLIS lT'S . . . HERBER-I-,S Compliments Mews SHOP of Nationally Known Men's Clothing and Furnishings 178 Main Street Annapolis, Md. CLIFF DAWSON STORE Severna Park, Md. Compliments R E COONEY of JEWELER PEERLESS CLOTHING 232 West Street Annapolis, Md. 'l4l-143 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Authorized Agency Longines-Wittnauer Watches "The worlcl's most honored watch" L. P. MUSTERMAN "HAT SHOP" 197 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments of SAMUEL S. STOKES FANCY GROCERIES 'I Gi g A A Qs. im '. -IQIIDOI STATIONERY RUTH SPECIALTY SHOP 161 Main Street WEARING APPAREL FOR PRE-TEENS o JUNIORS o WOMEN KARLTON'S . Compliments FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP of "Unusual flowers for every occasion" Karlton F. Morris H A C K , S CO 3-2608 and 3-9000 179 Mann Street Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis, Md. THE PARSONS COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 220-222 Main Street Annapolis, Md. COlonial 3-4566 LEROY E. MEYETT REGISTERED MASTER PLUMBER Plumbing and Heating o Pumps and Septic Tanks Contractor RFD No. 1, Annapolis, Md. CO 3-5142 Compliments of HARE BROS. AUTO PARTS, INC. Foot of Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone 3-9217 Branches Mt. Ranier and Bethesda, Md. and Alexandria, Va. Congratulations and Best Wishes to '59 CLARK, MELVIN 8. HUGHES INSURANCE UNDERWRITERS 5 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md STADIGER SHOES 158 Main Street Annapolis, Md. CO 3-3412 BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE 'jififfif nun mari ' ' , 176 Main Street Annapolis, Md. ARUNDEL REALTY REAL ESTATE o INSURANCE Severna Park Shopping Center P.O. Box 325 Severna Park, Md. Phone: Severna Park 471 CHRIS BILLIARDS ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES Soft Drinks o Ice Cream 275 West Street EDDIE'S AMOCO SERVICE Riva, Maryland GAS 0 OIL o AUTOMOTIVE o MARINE COlonial 8-2706 CO 3-2140 ANNAPOLIS FURNITURE COMPANY 112 West Street "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" ' 132 The Store for the Lad and his Dad For something that's a bit different-il's THE ANITA SHOPPE GREENGOLD'S 'k YARNS 'I MILLINERY MEN AND BOYS CLOTHING AND FURNISHING ' ' OS I' 6 I ' 46 48 50 W t St e t Annapolis Md Ik SEPARA-IES Ik ACCESSORIES 181 Main Street Phone 3-2402 s. Korzm coMPANY C0mP'fmen'S0f WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS W- C- JAMAR CANDY C0- 100 Chinquapin Round Road 500 59Ve"'1 AVWW9 Annapolis, Maryland EU5fP0Yf. Md- Telephone: C0 3-2471 Pl10l1e C0 3-2362 Complimenfs of BAY BRIDGE SHELL SERVICE TASTEE FREEZ AND SNACK BAR U-5- Route 50 C. G. Smith, Proprietor St. Margarets, Md. Cape St. Clair Revel Highway phone, 8,8966 C0mPllmenl5 Compliments of of MEREDITH - ROANE COMPANY, INC. SADLERS HARDWARE STORE lo. Box 428 122-128 Dock Street Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis, Md. THE BEST OF LUCK TO 8 THE CLASS OF 1959 ' MlLLER'S CAMERA SHOP Your Kodak Dealer in Annapolis SADLER'S CRAB HOUSE JEWEU- BROTHERS WE SPECIALIZE IN STEAMED CRABS AMOCO SERVICE STATION 310 Third slfeel EUSTPON, Md. 2043 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone C0 3-4087 Telephone s-3921 Compliments of Tommy Williams and C0mPll"'ef'f5 EASTPORT SHELL STATION of 6th Street and Severn Avenue CARR BROTHERS "5ERV'CE W'T"' A 5M'lE" 3 Mile oek relephene 3-3151 JOHN H. HUGHES GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Annapolis, Md. C0loniaI 8-1232 HAPPY MOTORING STARTS AT JOHNNlE'S ESSO SERVICENTER West Street at Lafayette in Colonial Annapolis, Md. QU iw-X n u' S ,Q Wi. , U , .:?5iQxv" , , - 4 x g A x ,. ,TA if W .,. ., .Wyg 'E LM 11, - fx- 3 'm fm. 53355 - ,L ,iw mi I l R 1 'S fl uk P ff r ,J . I 'Q , a L . fi 2 . 5 Qi? A' X va. E. if 'f isl '2 l5k2l.1F5i'a,l7"Wl7eAIRl bflhi, ."zIuE :,FQkIz?.'..:l.1.k QRKKAC J 115' M 4 - KX .fa . Q , A Y ' n K 1. gfffga Q 4-1 ,XTGLQQS 1 , fm' 3 Q'3? " - , .4.q': ' "f ', -, ' Q51 JK 5' .1- L A . ' fl . L A "fr . Q: f"" 4' 4 ' cv 1 g- -'C-,1. -..-,Jw 3, ,,. ,fu 9:5 57:1 Qiwiplr, ht"1'iw:HT3Y'f' if . Q. N f If-49 , , . . f.s,g, V K A . . -, H 'nz 5 1, ,mg -' I Ai: vw . 1 ' ffpf' f. ww - XJ M. .1 'HH f wg .558 "flaw iz- A-'5i',a,f, f-M b 1 6, af- f - . . , wiv. ' . .FT fm fi. iff iff- . -. -5.1 'T fy ,f.::f' . :sf Q . ,N , . 41 4 -555 1:15 A ' , - , 1 f -V 2' -4. . .31 x , V , .v, , g 1 . , . . rg' Qni 5 'LS 5 . ,Z,?,f.331,' A, ' " :iw Wx ' ' 6 ' 'lf-nn? 5:9 ' .Tzu 7 v an ,:- ' P Q E 'A " 2,53- :MW lv , , . . il , ,M . J -. 5 M fi, j . -um , " I w -aw 1 'iswf J , I' . Q f ' A+ 1 I s f-:A A Bi- .. . .,,. r, .mt .ft ."n' - ,, f :Sb inigei 1' - 0 Q k 'fi' if ,3.3.,? Q, X , 8 fsfj - . , ' g , V f . if-1 , , 4:4-V, , ,. , ' A Ffa! 'vsg V ET: 39' 1 4 .-rsf'f-,535 ,? ?!:'iEQ,4, ,',f'f His V, 45.9 fag' . n- 2" .,f-Q' 'W "W 5 K ' fig, 9317 L43 7. Q-1913,-'55, , -Q l12fE" Q.5g1.3,f't,vg44 , -A , ' ri X .-if Q 2 f-J- 1 H N - .3, -jywz -r- -V g , , , ma I 'g,4,1,42f'?2 pe. I Qian wg - 1-Q Mg, - . v, V.. ' ': vw .L .1 -" s,.' 1.1-' , '12-'SY 1 , 4. sal, ' .1 'ww ' 'xA ' fn' K 'N , ',f ..'M'- fr, 'gf--."i-' ' Wes - . ' 'A' W ' , , 4'3X,',f is ,Q ' " 4 ' -' QA ,i,,..g,w, ,,,.Wy,,. 'Lk . ag ? QE , N QV xgisfrv- 2 4 'K K . J? 2' ' , 4., 155 - . 21-v ' 'E L . 'M 1 A . .5 A ,ig- f I .- g . I , ' ' ,. ' V " V M M 2 ' ' -'asian . F V ' I . Mi - 4 'N rj ,' , ' ,iq I s AW, . 7 Y x , I . ' O A , .. f gm' -. Q-Q Q , 1 I., 8 . Y ,f,,ggM,- 'gf-if '1'Ng,., 'Z gg ,, 5 I ,L V. rf,-in we 455 ,,r,gg"S 1 if' Y, ny, -, ..y..-'r ,.,,.....,,:3'-1 -mf -. ' 5 ,-,J ' -YW, wr . S " Q 1 s ' a 1 2 JUL A i I 1. . . mn. in .rn "Ea, . W.,-Y 1 .ur if 1 '54, . K r, gel- ' '31 ak. . 1 if tv A W Rf ,gp gpm- ? A?"!:ii! i899 was STOCKETI HOUSE QR - ' O v 0 Mi 'Q ug Q ji .. ff if x O gvgnuuuuu U 'flu-H MTIEQV 'M LLx3ginM 3219: .- 'EQ' so 0.3 i LEg 20:0 5 352576 I-L Lx. S QLLLLR 0 X Q I X N9-W S J f P FUTuRE sn L73 9354 5522 05545 V MQW j1Q52L?g D LOU 4 Q XM Q Qu nunuunnuua Q ,""-- ' M H A 5 ' 620253 L Q J .... L5 QQ L ggidy C59 S3955 Q55 rL,5?j:JSL'QLf221D i93O "g'fQ3i2gLLgAid if Q af AHS y ' BURN-5 4 in YM' I 2 f-f 1 3

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