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QL VZ? Fwy g7,fUW7i2A' ,Amari lyk QZZZI fi l ,,Q.::QfffgTf.:iii"E ., il 2 , Z 1 OPQLUOI' Our school runs like a clock, each tiny part being vital. Its success rests upon the functioning of every part. Each gear, each spring has its purpose in this clock. In our school, every individual and each activity is necessary to the smooth and efficient operation of the school. Our four years at A.H.S. will soon become only memories of hours spent at work and play, of hours spent giving and receiving help, of sharing time and talents. In this, our yearbook, we have attempted to recapture and record some of these memories, showing the product of a careful and skillful blending of materials and craftsmanship. ycvlfw 1 1, Q9 NP 'T .Q g Q I e lrgy Wv .fl X X eg fa ll .Z gg: ef' ifbff ,xx 2 l we meakanidm ,Q-Q. mw'4' ff Q' 4 Q K t H , , A ,umx Q---iv' ' Q X . .fh' W' rdyxuz u-.Q 3,0 X P' .- r,'.-nw Mr. Ernest H. Herklotx l'ff'e-P1'i111'l'pr11 flaws-,m.,. .f,,, K ff 2? , , VL ,' ??fF,?1ffif A H '...izr'.es- i W'e, the class ol' 1956, are happy to dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Ernest H. Herklotx. Memories ol' our years at AHS will he dominated hy rememhranees ol' his warm friendship and unfailing service to An- napolis High and its students. liver busy, he has taught and inspired us to higher ideals. From him we have learned to respect authority, to enjoy hard work, and to give thought to the welfare of others. To us he has been lriend, adviser, confidant, and teacher. As vice-principal, he has done his job quietly and el'l'ifiently. .Xctive in the school sports program, he has worked not only with and for the teams, hut has promoted school spirit and good sportsmanship. lt is with humility and sincere appreciation that we, the Senior class' ol' '56, pilesent this token of our esteem. lf. 4 Dr. Howard A. Kinhart Assistant Superintendent Congratulations upon your graduation! May time in its flight continue to carry you along your Iife's journey to other praiseworthy attainments :mtl happy days. In fact, I hope every day brings real joy and satisfaction. Perhaps you can help make this wish come true if you will include in your morning prayer this short poem. A'Tl1is day is mine to mm' 01' make. God keep us straight and true, Let me no effing bypath take, No dmibtful actions do." 5 "The rung of ll lllflfler was nffzfer' meant to rest upon, but only to hold fl nmnfs foot long enough to enable him lo pu! the ofller .Y0!lIFZUll!1l lzigllerf' -'Iqll0I112lS Huxley Your g'raduation lrom Annapolis l-Iigh School means that you have passed another "rung in the ladder" on your way to higher goals. Your school has tried to help you in some way to attain these goals. You should now have the ability to make yourself do the necessary thing, at the proper time, even if it is unpleasant at times. This is one ol' the most valuable results of all education. I have enjoyed working with you and hope all of you go on to bigger and better things. You have my best wishes for future success and happiness. Mr. Albert NV. Fowble Prinfijml Helping keep the school on an even keel are Mrs. Marjorie Bonari, secretary to the Principal and Mrs. Mary Ann Vick, office clerk. YVith patience and understanding they help solve the many problems of both the faculty and students. joan Myers, school treasurer, keeps our financial records and informs us of our "balances" Mrs. Christiana Alexander Mrs. Vivian Bender Mr. Anthony Bischoff History Social Studies, Engiish, Mathematics, Science journalism .748 6LCllAy Mr. Lawrence Bonari Miss Sarah Burt Industrial Arts Art Miss Katharine COX Miss Elizabeth Davis English English Miss Dorothy Hamilton Miss Mary Louise Hicks Guidance History Mrs. Henryetta Carpenter Mr. joseph Coe Commercial Geometry Miss Nancy Durig M,-, Harvey Hall 8 History Science Miss Margaret Hoke Commercial Miss Reida Longanecker Mrs. Helene McKamey English English Miss Dorothy Noble Mr. Harold O'Donnell History Industrial Arts 9 Mr. Miles jackson Mrs. Mildred Kinhart Physical Education French ,, . ..., if igryirfggfqw 'lt i if : V ' ' isolo .r -V Mr. Robert Kunkle Mrs. Virginia Langdon Choral Music Science, Social Studies Mrs. Stella Morris Mr. William McKamey Commercial History, Mathematics Mr. jay Orr Mr. Roland Olson Industrial Arts Science Mrs. Pat Osborne Mr. Kenneth Page Mr. Chester Peregoy Physical Education Music Drivers Education Miss joan Lee Richards Mr. j. Calvin Rogers Science, Physical Education Mathematics Miss Helen Searls Mr. Norwood Wetherhold History, Latin Physical Education Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers Mrs. Esther Travis Library English, Speech Miss Ruth Wilson Mrs. Madge G. Young English, Spanish, French Home Ec,m0mfc-5 , 15 ,Q A ,,'i,-if-5fifgxlff , ' Ff,v:,iffvq.f.b , 4 :Q ?i W 2521- li T5-'Q' f -i ,jg 'fi -'S I L, 5 1 L,b E Fi, V. , 'iq , W . ' . , -'A , I fs, X, M ig, xl ik ,i ng ,Igg y 1 1,,f'Qga z55,, ,w yV:,: rr , 4, ,, A , :, . " ' 1- fa, . ' :.,az'-f- .1pg,,,.- A , . , , T, - ,, r- ,xgfiti is f Mq,5fg,.f:4 ng' ff V ' ' ff L 'A llleg! - grew. . 2. , ,ik ff. is 1 al, - 5 . Cr, 1 Kenny Baker, vice-president: Patrice Bradshaw, treasurer: Wanda Baxter, secretary: Sidney French, president. As we, the class of '56, graduate, we gaze with fondness at the years we have spent in A.H.S. Wfhen in September, '52, we plodded along as lowly ninth graders, we tried to make ourselves useful. The fall of '53 found us with the important feeling of high school students and the minutes ticked hy. Our feeling of security and pride came in '55 when we presented our junior Prom. As the strains of "Over the Rainbow" floated over the 191 Z V ' 4 is v Q X Qi ' Mr. joseph Coe, Mr. Harvey Hall, Mrs. Stella Morris, Mr. Arthur Peregoy. dance floor, ,juniors enjoyed the fruits of their first large class project. .Xs the last class to spend four years in A.H.S. we now, as Seniors, take pride in our accomplish- ments in music, art, and academic attainments. "january Thaw" was the dramatic presentation of our class and now we present our WAKE as our final contribution. WILLIAM RIDGLEY ADDINGTON III . . . Spike will soon be a member of the class of 1960 at the new Air Foree Academy. He has been an asset to alhleties at AHS. , . . NVAKE: Adv't 33 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Chorus 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Football 2,3,43 WVrestling 4. ROSE MARIE ALTER . . . Rosie, a water enthu- siast and artist in her spare time, plans to study business at Mary l-Vashington College. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Patrons 43 Tal. Night l,2,3,43 Chorus 2.3,-43 Club 3,43 Majorettes 2,,4. JOAN VIOLET ANDREYVS .... 10071 is planning lo attend business college before entering the ser- relarial field .... Phys. Ed. Assembly 2.3. JOHN CLEO APOSTOL . . . john spends most of his time working with his rhurrh youth organiza- lion. He plans lo go to V.P.I. or Catholic College to study eizfil engineering .... Chorus 33 Var.: Soccer 33 Baseball 2,3.4. SARAH ELLEN BAKER . . . Ellen has promise of sureess in the eonlmercial field, but she is un- deeided about her definite future plans .... Cho- rus 2. ff X. f KENNETH ALFRED BAKER . . . Kenny, who fame lo AHS during his junior year from Granby H.S. in Norfolk, Virginia, has become an important leader in his elass. His future plans inelude College after some artive duty with the Navy. . . . Class V.l'. 43 NVAKE: Photo. 43 Tally-Ho Photo. 3,4. j0AN MARIE BALDREE ...I Ioanie is headed for business eollege and then a connnereial rareer. She is active in .Iob's Daughters as well as many sports at AHS. . . . I-LR. Alt. 43 WAKE: Patrons 43 Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 2,33 Chorus 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Fieldball 23 Volleyball 3,43 Intra.: Basketball 23 Volleyball 33 Soccer 43 Intra.: Man. 33 Booster Club 2,3,4. NORMAN ADDISON BALL . . . Amateur radio and riuil defense consume much of Addison's spare lime. The recipient of the Harvard Prize Book, he plans to study Elertronic Engineering at M.I.T. . . . WAKE: Ed.-in-Chief 43 Honor Soc. 3,43 H.R. Rep. l,3,43 Traf. Sq. 43 Lighting Comm. 3, Ch. 43 Assembly Comm. 4. f WANDA LEE BAXTER . . . Poised and competent, Wanda manages to give the appearance of using little effort in completing her many tasks. She aims to be a seeretarjv and is planning to attend Strayer's Business College. . . . H.R. Rep. 25 Alt. 3, Class Sec. 45 WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Circ. Man. 45 Tally-Ho: Ass't Ed. 35 Rep. 2,35 Typ. 35 Chief Typ. 45 Tal. Night 3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. l5 Office Ass't 43 Booster Club 35 Make-up Comm. l,2,3,4. ROBERT GILDER BEALL J-R .... Bob, an asset to AHS sports, is heading for the U. of Md. where he plans to study Engineering. . . . Chorus 2,35 Operetta 25 Var.: Football 23,45 Lacrosse 23,41 HifY 35 jr. Civitan Club 3,4. MARGARET HELEN BENTLEY .... 9 ports, mu- sic, and the water interest Mar-Helen. Upon grad- uation she is looking forward to secretarial work with the F.B.l. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Typ. 45 Tally-Ho Typ. 45 Chorus 2,3,45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Softball 45 j.V.: Cheerleader 2,3. SUZANNE ELIZABETH DICE . . . Susie, always wearing a smile, can often be found working in the library. She plans to attend American University in Washington, D.C. to study Accounting. . . . Ass't Lib. 2,3,4. WVINIFRED ELIZABETH BALZER . . . Winnie brought lzer wit and love of sports to AHS this year from Upper Darby, Penn, She hopes to study education at the U. of Md. . . . Var.: Soccer 45 Hockey 45 Booster Club 45 Phys. Ed. Leader 4. JOAN ARLENE BARNES . . . joanie's training, to be a missionary, will begin at Bob jones Univer- sity, South Carolina. She has worked at the State Office Building and at Barnes' Drive-In. . . . Tal. Night 35 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Hockey 45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Intra.: Softball 2,3545 Volleyball 3,45 Soccer 45 Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. HELENA ELSIE BASS . . . Like so many other girls, Elsie's main ambition is to become a good homemaker. She enjoys music in her spare time. . . . Chorus 23,45 Operetta 2. CHARLES NICHOLSON BASSFORD . . . Nick, one of our outstanding .soccer players, plans to enter lhe field of law. His favorite pastimes are fishing and hunting, , , , Var,5 Sgccer 3,4, LINDA LAESSLE BLAIR . . . Linda enjoys work- ing with children, and plans to further her in- terests by majoring in Child Therapy in college. Her capabilities should make her a success. . . . WAKE: Typ. 45 Monitor Sq. 35 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. l,2,3,45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Intra.: Badmin- ton l. PATRICIA JOAN BLESS . . . joanie, one of our pretty majorettes, graced our Homecoming Court. A future teacher, she plans to attend the U. of Md. . . . H.R. Alt. 25 IVAKE: Make-up Comm. 45 Art Comm. 45 Tal. Night 3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. l,25 Chorus 3,45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Volley- ball 3,45 Intra.: Basketball 35 Volleyball 2,3,45 Club 3,45 Booster Club 3,45 Majorettes 2,3,4. FRANCES LOUISE BOSLEY . . . Bos has added much to the girls' sports program at AHS as well as other school organizations. . . . H.R. Alt. 15 IVAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Var.: Hockey 2,3,45 Volley- ball 3,45 "A" Club 2.3, V.P. 45 Booster Club 2,4, V.P. 35 Make-up Comm. 2,45 Phys. Ed. Leader 4. FREDERICK ANTHONY BOTTNER . . . Fritz. an active member of the 4fH Club, was also a valuable member of the champion Soccer team. The Air Force will probably occupy most of his time after graduation. . . . Var.: Soccer 23,45 J.V. Soccer I5 Intra.: Basketball 35 Volleyball 3. XVILIIAM HERBERT BRADFORD . . . Quiet and faiendly, Bill plans to put his future in the hands of some branch of the armed forces when he graduates from AHS .... Var.: Wrestling 4. ALICE PATRICE BRADSHAW . . . Patti led our cheers and reigned over the AHS Homecoming as Queen this year, The U, of Md. and a nursing career are included in her future plans. . . . Class Treas. 45 Tal. Night 35 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. l,2,35 jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 35 Chorus 3,45 Var.: Cheerleader 3, Capt. 45 j.V. Cheerleader 25 Make- up Comm. l,2. EVELYN YVONNE BRADY . . , Yvonne can often be found helping Mr. Rogers in the attendance of- fice. Outside of school she participates in the Y.W.A. . . . Traf. Sq. 45 Ass't to Attend. Off. 3,45 Monitor Sq. 2. BARBARA ANN BRITTON . . . Babs' bright future after graduating from AHS is certain to contain a good .secretarial position. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Operetta 25 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Tally-Ho Typ. 45 Monitor Sq. 25 Soc. Comm. 4. li'I"IIX ELIZABETH BRITTON . . . Betty. who has many interests, sliozvs partiality to swimnzing, flaming. and jazz. . . . VVAKE: Aclv't 43 Tally-H0 Rep. 45 Tal. Night 43 Var.: Volleyball 2: .l.V.: Basketball fl,4g lntra.: Hockey 4. lil.lZABliTH MA'l"l'H1iWS BROOKS . . . Lisa entered AHS from Granby High in Norfolk, Vir- ginia, during her Sopltornore year. A quiet girl, she is well liked hy all her 1'las.vmat1'.s'. . . . Chorus 2.3. FRANCES BROYVN . . . Leall, one of the rlass of '56's only set of twins, has lent her services to many groups at AHS. She plans Io attend johns Hopkins to sturly nursing .... Tally-H0 Rep. fl: Tall. Night 25 Soe. Comm. 2.3.43 Var.: Fielclball 2: Softball l.2.3,4: -l.V. Basketball 2.3.43 Intra.: Bas- ketball 2.31 Make-up Comm. 3.4: Booster Club 2. LYNN l.ORliT'I'.X BROVVN . . . Although 1.ynn's main iizlerest at AHS has been sports, she plans to attend johns Hopkins in pursuit of a nursing ea- reer. . . . Traf. Sq. 4: Soc. Comm. 3: Var.: Basketball 2.3.43 Hockey 35 Fieldball 23 Softball 12.3.42 j.V. Basketball l: lntra.: Basketball 3,43 Sorter 45 Hockey 3.45 Athletic Rep. 31 "A" Club 3,41 Booster Club 3,-lg Make-up Comm. 33 Phys Iitl. Leader 4. SALLY ANN BROWN . . . Sally will attend eollegc next year as a Psyrhology major. The favorite rirtiifitiffs of this former Pennsylvanian qualified her for the l'.IV.C.A. ramp rozuisellmis job she held last szunmer. . . . WAKE: Make-up Comm. 45 Tally-Ho Rep. 43 Soc. Comm. 3,45 Chorus 2,3.4g Ir. Prom Comm. 3. XVILLIANI lVHl'lliLliR ISROYVN JR .... Bill has shifted his talent to AHS from Wootlrout Wilson H..N'. in Waslzington, D.C. He plans to study Art upon his graduation. . . . XY.-XKICZ Art Comm. 4. WILLI.-XM FR.-XS!-QR BURUESS .... Smokey is on his way Io the l'. of tllrl. zvlieie lu' will pursue his interests in merlianieal engiizeeiiiig. He finds time to he Treasure: of the Mayo ill.l'.F. and also u'orlfs at the Marine lioat liuiltling Corp. . . . Var.: Basketball 4. l'Q'l'Hlil,. l'.Yl'Rl'.ClA BURNS . . , Pat has Il lovely singing rfoire, zvlzirlz ran hr' hearzl Iiolh in anrl our of school. She plans to be an electrical typist alter graduation. , , . Chorus 2.3,-li UPCTCIIZI 2. CHARLES MARTIN CARLSON II . . . Charles plans to study engineering at the l'. of Md. Spend- ing his free time as a rarpentei prepares him for his future ivorlc as a rrmtraelnr. . . . XVAKE: Circ. -tg jr. Prom Comm. 3: Yann: Socfer 4: BHSC- ball 3.-lg Wrestling -tg lral. Sq. -lg Soc. Comm. 3,45 lntrn.: llaskelhzill 3: -Ir. Cixitziii Chili 4. MARY LOUISE CASEY . . . Louise has every anz- llition of lzeemning a government secretary upon graduation. illeanurhile she is gaining some good experience as a salesgirl. . . . Phys. Ed. Assembly 93 MARY EARLE C1A'li'l'liR'l'0N . . . ltlary works as a sales-clerk in a iluzuntozmi store during her spare times. In srhrwl she is a rapallle zuorker in the offire, . Office Helper 4. BARBARA ANNE CHAMBERS . . . lld7'blH'H is very active in the MYF and the Tri-Hi-Y. Sum- mers find her working at her job in a dozuntown grocery store. . . . H.R. Rep. 12,45 Alt. 35 Tal. Night 35 Traf. Sq. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,-1. BARBARA LYNN BUTLER . . . Babs, a sports enthusiast. names suiininiing and tennis as two of her favorites. lllusir, tau, plays an important part in her spare time. . . . WAKE: 'Lit. Comm. 45 Pzitrons 45 'I'al. Night 3,45 Soc. Comm. l,3,45 Chorus ,45 jr, Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Hockey 3,4. VALENTINE CHASE CALDWELI ,... Chase, a girl of many acminplishrnents, has contributed rnurh to the art program at AHS and plans to study art after graduation. . . . XVAKE: Art Ed. 45 Tally-H0 Rep. L25 Tal. Night 3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. l.2,3,4g jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Bas- ketball 3,45 -l.V.: Basketball 2: Booster Club 3: Alt. l. LAYVRICNCE DONALD CAMPBISLL . . . Don, zvlmse interests lie in the fields of plumbing and heating, plans to make them his career. . . . HR. Alt. l, RALPH EARLE CAMl'llE1.L jk. . . . All kinds of sports rate high with Booze. He plans to attend the U. of Md. and then join his father in the lzusiness field. . . . H.R. Alt. l. RUSSELL EDWARD CHAMBERS -IR. . . . Ed has been an asset lo AHS athletics. This popular recl- head also finds time to work harcl for his l'lI1lI'f'll youth group .,.. Band 2: Chorus 3,43 Var.: Foot- ball 3,41 Basketball 2: Mau. l5 Lacrosse 3,45 XVres- tling 43 Iutra.: Basketball 35 jr. Civitan Club 4. LLOYD WALLACE CHILDS . . . Lloyd came to AHS from Milford Mill H.S. where he participated in Varsity Soccer. Intramural Softball and the school Band. He is a member of the Cape St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department. STANLEY CROVER CLARKE , . . Grover, who has been active in the musical program at AHS, fills many spare hours working on boats, hunt- ing and fishing. . . . Band l,2,5,4. PATRICI.-X JOYCE COLBURN . . . Pat's interests include working at public elections. She plans to enter the business world upon graduating. . . . Var.: Softball 45 lntra.: Softball 45 Man. 3. BARBARA ANN COLEMAN . . . A willing and capable worker for AHS, Barbara is looking for- ward to a career in speech therapy. She plans to stnrlv at Penn State next year, . . . I-LR. Alt. 43 Tally-Ho Bus. Staff 3,45 Tal. Night 3g Monitor Sq. 25 Traf. Sq. 45 Chorus 3,45 Var.: Basketball Man. 35 Hockey Man. 35 Booster Club 2,3,4: Tr,i-Hi- 8 fl. Pres. 4. NORMA JANE COLLISON . . . lllost of Norn1a's spare time is spent in MYF and 4-H Club work. she plans to become a secretary after graduation. . . . Band 2,3. C.-X'l'Hl'1RlNlC ALICE CORNYVELI .... Catherine came to AHS this year from Laurel High in Laurel, Mrl. She was a student lilzrarian there and was also a lIlI'IlllIl'I' of the lllarylanrl Council of Library lfluhs. LIILIAN DIANE DICKEY . . . Diane plans to rontinuf' her slurly of music at college next year. Her choir work and music activities take up much of her time. . . . H.R. Rep. 25 YVAKE: Lit. Ed. 45 Traf. Sq. 45 Honor Soc. 2,3, V.l'. 45 Chorus 2,3, 45 Operetta Accomp. 25 Tal. Night 2,3,45 Soc. Comm. Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4. 3 ""'.f"'? WILLIAM ROSTON DUNAWAY jx. . . . Sports at AHS have taken up a great deal of Buster's time. He plans to attend the U. of Md. after graduation. . . . Var.: Football 23,42 Basketball 3,43 Track 2,3,43 Lacrosse 2,3,4: j.V.: Btsketball 3,42 Club 43 Intra.: Basketball 3,4. jOHN ERVIN DUNN . . . johnny, a welcome new- comer to AHS from Amherst in Buffalo, New York, plans to study electrical engineering when he graduates from Annapolis High. CAROLYN ANN ELEY . . . At the U. of Md. next fall, Carolyn will assume the role of a history major. Meanwhile, she keeps busy in many extra- curricular activities. . . . WAKE: Make-up Comm. 43 Liz. Comm. 43 Adv't 43 Circ. 43 Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 4g Chorus 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 3: Var.: Hockey 2,33 Intra.: Hockey 33 Make-up Comm. 43 Costume Comm. 4. , BETTY LOU EBELING . . . Betty plans to major in English or Business Administration at the U. of Md. next fall. H.R. Alt. 33 WAKE: Make-up 43 Adv't 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 3.4: Tal. Night 3,42 Cho- rus 2,3,43 Operetta 2. JAMES STANLEY DICKSON . . . Friendly Stan has been active in the choral program at AHS. His plans for the future include studying Busi- ness Administration at the U. of Md. . . . Chorus 2,3,43 Operetta 23 jr. Prom Comm. 53 Var.: Foot- ball 2: Basketball 23 Lacrosse 2,33 Intra.: Basket- ball 3,43 Jr. Civitan Club 3.4. BEVERLY EUGENE DIMAGGIO . . . Bev, who is active on many varsity sports teams at AHS, also finds time to be a member of her church choir and MYF. . . . Trai. Sq. 43 Office Helper 43 Var.: Basketball 3,43 Fieldball 1,23 Softball l,2,3,43 J.V. Basketball 2. FLORENCE PATRICIA DOBBS . . . Pat, zvho puts forth her energy in many school activities, plans for a government job after graduation. She is presently employed as a sales girl for a down- town clothing store. . . . WAKE: Circ. 4g Chorus 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. 2,33 Booster Club 2,3,4. FRANCES EDITH DUCKETT . . . After june, Frannie will be flying high as an airline hostess. During the summer she holds a secretarial posi- tion. . . . Monitor Sq. 23 Ass't Lib. 4g jr. Prom Comm. 33 Booster Club l. ROSALIE FINKELSTEIN . . . A future major in Education at the U. of Md., pert Rosalie wants to teach commercial subjects when she completes her schooling .... H.R. Rep. I, Alt. 25 WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Typ. 45 Tal. Night 1,25 Monitor Sq. Off. 35 Traf. Sq. 45 Booster Club 2,3,4. WVILLIAM ELLIOTT FORSYTHE . . . Billy, whose interests include hunting and fishing, plans to learn the trade of bricklaying in the future. . . . Intra.: Basketball 3: Weightlifting 3.4. LINDA LEE FRANK . . . Always willing to lend her talents to AHS, Linda plans to take her usefullness into the business world after gradua- tion. . . . Tally-Ho Typ. 3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Chorus 2.3545 Operetta 2. BETTE JEAN FRENCH. . . Bette jean, with her vivacious personality, hopes to attend Church Home and Hospital in order to pursue her inter- est in Nursing .... Tally-Ho Rep. 1,25 Typ. 45 Soc. Comm. l,2,45 j.V. Basketball 2. MOLLY SHARON EMERSON . . . Sharon plans to attend Principia College where she will study Home Economics. This blond lass is an active member of the 4-H Club outside of school. . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Circ. 45 Tally-Ho Rep. l,2,3, 45 Traf. Sq. 45 Chorus 2,3545 Operetta 25 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Intra.: Softball 45 Soc. Comm. 45 Tal. Night 4. EVERETT WAYNE EVANS . . . Wayne is an active member of the MYF. He plans to attend the U. of Md. to study Business Administration. . . . Band 2.3.43 Var.: Baseball 4. JANICE ELAINE EVANS . . . jan has high hopes of becoming a good secretary and during the summer she pursues this aim by working as a filing clerk at the State House. . . . Office Helper 4. THOMAS FRANKLIN FIELDER . . . Tommy's great interest in motors is shown both by his part time job in a service station and his desire to enter the Air Force after graduation. du.. TF SIDNEY WILLIAM FRENCH jk. . . . Sid, a year- round sportsman, has plans for the future which probably will include college. . . . H.R. Alt. 43 Class Pres. 43 Var.: Football 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 JY.: Basketball 23 "A" Club 43 Jr. Civitan Club 3,43 Hi-Y. 3. BERTHA ELIZABETH FREYMAN . . . Bert does a beautiful job of tinting photographs in her spare time and plans to continue this work after graduation. JUNE STANLEY FULLER . . . june plans to at- tend the U. of Md. after graduation but has not yet decided what course she will pursue. This tall blond is a hard-working Tri-Hi-Y member. . . . WAKE: Make-up Comm. 33 Soc. Comm. l,2,3,43 Chorus 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Intra.: Hockey 33 Tri-Hi-Y 8.4. WILLIAM FRANKLIN GARDNER JR .... Bill plans to study Art and lilusic at the U. of Md. Both interests have added much to AHS. . . . WAKE: Make-up Ed. 43 Art Comm. 43 Tally-Ho Cartoonist 2,3,43 Tal. Night l,2,3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Orch. 1,43 jr. Prom Comm. 3. ,Ni ur' Q ELEANOR LYNN GASS . . . Lynn intends to enter Duke University and hopes to become a Physical Therapist. Her outside activities include dancing and diving, in which she has won many awards. . . . WAKE: Adv't 43 Patron 43 Lit. Comm. 43 Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Chorus 2,33 Oper- etta 23 jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 33 Var.: Hockey 2.3,-43 Cheerleader 43 j.V. Cheerleader 2,33 "A" Club 3,43 Booster Club 33 Make-up Comm. 33 Phys. Ed. Leader 4. -IOANN VIRGINIA GEORGE . . . IoAnn, active in Civil Defense and Group Observer Corps out- side of school, plans to become a Practical Nurse. . . . Ass't Lib. 1,23 Chorus 43 Booster Club 3,4. JUDITH ANN GILDEN . . . Judy, a versatile brunette, plans to study music, although she is unsure of her college choice. . . . WVAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Adv't Comm. 1.2.3, Ch. 43 Circ. Comm. 43 Tal. Night 1,23 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. 33 Chorus 33 Orch. l,3,4. CHRISTINA GESELL GILLMER . . . Christy, who excels in drawing and sailing, hopes to attend Lake Erie College and major in Psychology and Sociology. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 2.3.43 Circ. 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 2,3,43 Tal. Night 2,3,43 Soc. Comm. l,2,3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Hockey 3,43 In- tra.: Basketball 33 Phys. Ed. Leader 4. .,,, . A yo Q f . , LINDA KAY HAAS . . . Linda's future plans in- clude teachingp either History or Music. She has been a hard worker for AHS. . . . H.R. Rep 45 Alt. 1,35 Honor Soc. 2,35 WAKE: Make-up Comm. 45 Underclass Ed. 45 Tal. Night 5,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Band l,2, Off. 3,45 Chorus 3.45 JT- Pl'0m Comm. 35 Var.: Hockey 2,3,45 j.V. Basketball 2: Intra.: Hockey 2,35 "A" Club 2,3.4. JACQUELINE ESTELL HAINES . . . jackie was a lovely addition to the Homecoming Quecn's court. She is interested in water sports and art, and plans to include both in her future. . . . Var.: Hockey 3. THELMA ANNE HALL . . . Thelma is heading for St. Mary's Seminary lo study business or nurs- ing. Outside activities include membership in her church choir. . . . WAKE: Make-up Comm. 45 Lit. Comm. 45 Circ. 45 Patrons 45 Tal. Night 2,42 Soc. Comm. 2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,4: Operetta 2: jr. Prom Comm. 3. MARGARET GALE HARDESTY . . . Peggy is un- decided about future plans, but thinks they will probably include a secretarial position. EDITH MAY GOODHUE . . . Edith has been a very active supporter of AHS. Music-minded, she participates in the Methodist Choir, and di- rects a junior Choir. . . . Honor Soc. 3,45 WAKE: Make-up Comm. 45-Lit. Comm. 2,45 Adv't 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Tally-Ho Rep. 1,25 Ass't Ed. 3, Feat. Ed. 4: Bus. 2.3.45 Tal. Night 2,3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. 3,45 Chorus 3,45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Make-up Comm. 2,3,4. FREDERICK HENRY GREENTREE . . . Fred l1as had the responsibility of providing music for the morning devotions. He plans to attend Bob jones University in preparation for the ministry .... l'ar.s Football 45 Baseball I5 Intra.: Basketball 35 Ath- letic Rep. 3. SARAH JANE CROSECLOSE . . . Petite Sarah jane is heading for Mary Washington College where she plans lo major in Education .... H.R. Alt. 15 WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Tally-Ho Rep. 1,25 Tal. Night 2,3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. 1,25 Cafet. Ass't 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Hockey 2,35 j.V. Man. 25 Phys. Ed. Leader 4. PATRICIA LEE GRUBE . . . Pat is headed for business school after graduation. Occupying her spare time are swimming, cooking, and music. . . . Office Helper 4. MARTHA HARRAL . . . Martha shows her out- standing talent for art and design through her striking and original clothes. As a Navy junior, she attended many schools, the last one being Ashley Hall in Charleston, N.C. . . . WAKE: Art Comm. 45 Adv't 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Ass't Lib. 4g jr. Prom Comm. 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. CHARLES RICHARD HENNEBERGER . . . Charles plans to study to he a chef when he graduates, so naturally, cooking is one of his main interests. He also is a record collector, con- centrating on progressive jazz. GEORGE ROBERT HENNEBERGER . . . Plan- ning to enlist in the service after graduation, Bob's future will probably also include a job as a short order cook. . . . Chorus I. jOSIIPH EDWARD HERMAN jk. . . . Engi- neering is the goal joe has set for himself in the future. Coming to AHS from Portsmouth H.S. in New Hampshire, he has added greatly to AHS Athletics. . . . Var.: Football 4: Basketball 43 Track 4. CHARLES GILBERT HOFFMAN ja .... Bert, whose highest aims include the U.S. Naval Acad- emy, received a certificate from the Maryland Di- vision of the Math Association of America for superior performance on a nationwide test. . . . WAKE: Photo. Ed. 43 Lit. Comm. 41 Tally-Ho Rep. 3,45 Soc. Comm. 3,4. JUSTUS MITCHELL HOLME, jk. . . . jay plans to attend college and study under the N.R.O.T.C. program. Being an active member of his Youth Fellowship occupies some of his outside hours, . . . H.R. Rep. 3: S. Gov't V.P. 43 Honor Soc. 5, Treas 43 Tal. Night 3,43 Traf. Sq. Off. 4: Band l,2,3,4g Dance Band 3.4. ELI-IANORA AMELIA HOMBERG . . . Bunny plans to become a top-notch secretary after grad- uation. Right now school and MYF consume most of her time. . . . Soc. Comm. 3,43 Office Helper 45 Monitor Sq. 33 Chorus 3.41 Var.: Fieldball l,2. BETTY ANN HOPKINS . . . Adding luster to' this Year's Homecoming Court, Betty Ann heads for Church Home and Hospital to study Pediatrics. . . . S. Gov't Sec. 43 H.R. Alt. 1.2: Trai Sq. 43 Chorus 3,45 Monitor Sq. Capt. 2: Var.: Volleyball 2: J.V. Cheerleader Capt. 2: Tri-Hi-Y l,2.3,4. RICHARD WAYSON HOPKINS . . . Dick rates sports as tops on his list of favorites. The U. of Md. will be home after graduation for this popular Senior. . . . Var.: Football 43 Lacrosse l,2,3,43 Athletic Rep. 33 Jr. Civitan Club 3,43 Hi-Y 3. CHARLES FRANKLIN HORTON JR. . . . Chuck wants to become a naval officer after attending the U.S.N.A. He can be seen "soaking up the sun" during the summer while lifeguarding. . . . H.R. Rep. 2.3: Class Pres. 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Football 2.3,43 "A" Club Off. 3,4Q Jr. Civitan Club 3, V.P. 4. MARY RUTH HOUNSHELL . . . Ruthie is look- ing forward to the wide open spaces of Texas where she plans to further her education. . . . Var.: Hockey 43 Tri'Hi-Y 4. MARILYN JOANNE HUDSON . . . Marilyn plans to enter Towson to study education after gradua- tion. Being secretary of he MYF and singing in Youth Choir keep her busy. . . . WAKE: Make- up Comm. 43 Adv't 43 Patrons 43 Circ. 43 Soc. Comm. 2,3,43 Ass't Lib. 2.3.43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Booster Club 2,3,4. JANET RUTH HUFFER . . . janet spends most of her time in 4-H work and working in a down- town store. She plans on a secretarial career after graduation. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 4: Tal. Nighm 3,43 Chorus 3,43 Orch. 1,22 Jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 3. JAMES THOMAS INGLE . . . j.T., with his main interests in sports and hunting, plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. . . . Var.: Soccer 4. LARRY JOSEPH IOSBAKER . . . Upon gradua- tion, the U.S. Marine Corps will probably claim joe. Hunting, fishing, and boating take up much of his spare time. MARILYN AGUSTA JOHNSEN . . . Marilyn is traveling South to Mary Washington College and a Liberal Arts course next fall. . . . Chorus 2,3,43 Operelta 2. JAMES FRANKLIN KATCEF . . . jimmy is headed for the U. of Md. where he will study Dentistry. This friendly Senior is popular with all his as- sociates for his quick sense of humor ,... Tal. Night 25 Traf. Sq. Off. 45 Band l,2,35 Var. Man. 35 J.V. Man. I. JANICE LEE KENT . . . janice, who likes dancing and horseback riding, is active in Iob's Daughters. She might head for business school after gradua- tion. . . . Tally-Ho Rep. 3,45 Bus. 45 Tal. Night 45 Soc. Comm. 2,3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Hockey 35 Fieldball 25 Intra.: Hockey 3. X'HAVA CHRISTINE KING . . . A bright future is in store for Chris, who plans to study music in college. Her lovely voice has added much to AHS choral programs .... Tally-Ho Bus. 45 Tal. Night 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Operetta 2. SUZANNE HOPE KINTBERGER . . . Suzy wants to study Physical Therapy at Cornell or the U. of Penn. Her enthusiasm has been well spent in ac- tivities at AHS. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 3,45 Adv't 45 Circ. 45 Typ. 45 Tally-Ho Rep. 1,2,45 Tal. Night l,2,45 Soc. Comm. 1,25 Chorus 3,45 Orch. 15 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Intra.: Basketball 22 Var. Man. 25 J.V. Man. 25 Booster Club 2,5. RUDOLPH EMMERETT JOHNSON . . . Rudy has contributed greatly to the music at AHS. To be a mechanic or to enter the field of agriculture is his goal. . . . Band 2,3545 Orch. 3,4. VIRGINIA LEE JOHNSON . . . Ginger plans to study business at Tulane after graduating from AHS. . . . Var.: Fieldball 2. PEGGY ELIZABETH JONES . . . Peggy belongs to the 4-H Club and has been a good worker. She intends to go into the business world after grad- uation. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 45 Tally-Ho Bus. 45 Tal. Night 3,45 Traf. Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. 2,3.45 Chorus 2,45 Operetta 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Volleyball 2,3,45 Var. Man. 35 Intra. Rep. 3. PATRICIA JOHN KALLIS . . . With a smile for everyone, Pat is known as an ardent worker for AHS. She was one of the sparkling members of the Homecoming Court. . . . S. Gov't Treas. 45 H.R. Rep. 1,25 Alt. 35 Class V.P. I, Sec. 2. Treas. 35 Honor Soc. 2,3,45 WAKE: Lit. Comm. 3, 45 Tally-Ho Rep. l,2,3,45 Assembly Comm. I5 Traf. Sq. Off. 45 Soc. Comm. 1,25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Basketball 3,45 Hockey 3,45 Fieldball 1,25 J.V.: Basketball 1,25 "A" Club 2.3.45 Booster Club 2,3,4. FRANK JOHN KIRCHNER Jn. . . . Frankie is headed for the Air Force after graduation. Racing is his special interest. JANET ESTELLE KLAKRING . . . Gaining exper- ience at a summer job as a switchboard operator, janet plans to pursue a secretarial career after graduation. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Tal. Night 3.43 Office Helper 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Basketball 43 Hockey 2.3.4. THOMAS JOSEPH KLEIS . . . This future mid- shipman has a special interest in Dixie-Land jazz ana' dance hand music. His trumpet has added to the enjoyment of the entire school. . . . HR.. Alt. 43 VV,-XKE: Art Comm. 43 Adv't 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 2,33 Tal. Night 2.3.43 Band 2.3.43 Orch. 13 Traf. Sq. 4. WALTER EDWARD KNICKMAN III . . . Eddie, who spends much time working his father's store and participating in the DeMolay and the MYF, wants to .study Engineering in college next fall. . . . WAKE: Photo. 43 Tal. Night 1.2.43 Band 1.23.43 Orch. l.23 Var. Man. 23 J.V. Basketball 2. JEANNE CAROL LAJOYE . . . jeanne looks for- ward to a career as a secretary after graduation. She is energetic in the choir and Youth Fellow- ship of her church .... WAKE: Adv't 33 Ass't to Atten. Off. 33 Chorus 2.3.43 Operetta 23 J.V.: Bas- ke tball 23 Booster Club 2,3. RICHARD JUERSS LANGLEY . . . Dick, one of our county champion soccer players, is looking forward to a career as a "leatherneck." During the summer he works for a rural route paper carrier . . . H.R. Alt. 2,33 Var.: Soccer l,2,3.43 Intra.: Basketball 23 Art Service 3.4. NORMA JOYCE LANGSTON . . . joyce plans to spend her next year in cosmetic school. This charming girl is looking furutard lo a successful future . . . XVAKE: Make-up Comm. 43 Circ. Comm. 43 Soc. Comm. 43 Chorus 2.3.43 Operetta 23 Var.: Hockey l,2,8,4Q Intra.: Basketball 33 J.V.: Basketball 33 Club 33 Athletic Rep. 33 Make- up Comm. 4. ROBERT MICHAEL LANNON . . . Mike, an active member of the West Annapolis Fire De partment and Rescue Squad, plans to join the Air Force after graduation . . . Basketball 3. Qi if 'i 'em' 'IJ' LYNN EI.LIO'l'T LOUGHLIN . . . The study of Home Iiconornics is in uiezu for Lynn at Penn Slate next year. Everyone likes this pert Navy junior for her cheerful personality. . . . Cafet. .Xss'l 3.4. LOUIS LYONS . . . Louis was formerly a .student at Portland H. S. at Portland, Maine. Tentative plans include entering the printing business. WINFIELD SCOTT LYONS III .... scottie en- joys hunting and fishing and spends most of his time in that way. Studying agriculture at the U. of Md. is included in his future plans. .... I Issembly Comm. 33 Soc. Comm. 4. JUDITH ANN MACGREGOR . . .Judy has added much to AHS's literary publications with her vivid imagination. She plans to study languages and journalism in college. . . . H.R. Rep. 43 Lower Court Sec. 43 WAKE: Make-up Comm. 43 Adv't Comm. 4g Tally-Ho Assoc. Ed. 43 Rep. 33 Tal. Night 3,43 Traf. Sq. Off. 43 Monitor 33 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Office Ass't 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Tri-HiAY 3,4 MARLIE ANN LEBO . . . Marlie, who came to AHS from Southern High School, cannot de- cide what to do in the future, but is now passing time doing clerical work at Murphy's. DAVID ELLIS LEE . . . Daue's leadership in or- ganizations and sports, has shown his energy and school spirit. He plans to study engineering. . . . S. Gov't Pres. 4g Class V.I'. 33 Tally-Ho Rep, 3,43 Tal. Night 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Football 23,43 Track 23 Lacrosse 33 j.V.: Football 13 "A" Club 23,43 jr. Civitan Club 3,4. JEFI-'ERY ALLEN LEGUM . . . jeff can often be seen trotting around the school as he gets in shape for the next track meet. He plans to study Medi- cine after graduation. . . . Tal. Night 23 Band l,2,3,4: jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Track l,2,3,4. ROSE CAROL LOGAN . . . Tex, our representa- tive from the Lone Star State, will be leaving u.s to study business at San Angelo junior College in Texas. . . . Trztf. Sq. 43 Ass't Lih. 43 Chorus 3. SEYMOUR MASTROS . . . To he an Air Force ,let Mechanic is Seymoufs dream. He presently works as a gas station attendant. Favorite pastimes are skating and hunting. VENITA BLANCHE MAUVIN . . . Venny is an active member of her ehurch choir. She plans to become a housewife in the future. . . . Chorus 2.3.43 Operetta 2. GEORGE MCKNEW . . . George has been spend- ing his free time working as a carpenter preparing for the job he plans to hold after graduation. Outside interests include hunting and fishing, EVELYN LOUISE MCCREADY . . . Eve enjoys babysitting and howling. Her future plans are as yet incomplete. . . . Office Ass't. 4. NANCY HELEN MADDEN . . . Nancy came to AHS from lietlzasda-Clrerfy Chase High School. This blond Navy junior plans to major in history in college. , . . WAKE: Make-up Comm. 43 Art Comm. 4: Chorus 3,43 Arl Ser. 3,4. I'.Yl'RlCl,X CARROLL MARTIN . . . Pat plans lo attend the U. of Md. where she will study Home lfeonomirs. Her friendly personality nzakes her popular with all her classmates. . . . H.R. Rep. 2: WAKE: Make-up Comm. 45 Patrons 41 Tal. Night 33 Var.: Hockey 3g Man. 33 Basketball 4. CH.XRI.liNli .XIIDRIZY MASON . . . Charlene is undecided as to future plans, hut thinks they might include modeling. , . . Tal. Night 23 j.V. Ciheerlczulcr lg Booster Club 3. WILLIAM THOMAS MASON jk ..., liill works hard as a member of his MYF. In his spare time he works as elerk in a downtozen store. . . . Var.: Football 3. EI.IZABE'I'I-I STUART MCNULTY . . . Betty Stuart spends murh of her summer as a member of the Severn River Swimmens. This dynamic sen- ior will major in medicine at U. of Md. . . . H.R. Alt. 3,43 WAKE: Make-up Comm. 43 Sr. Lit. Ed. 43 Tally-Ho Ass't Ed. 43 Rep. 3,43 Tal. Night 3,43 Traf. Sq. Off. 43 Soc. Comm. 33 Chorus 2,3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 33 Var. Man. 33 Booster Club 3,43 Off. 43 j.V. Cheerleader l,2,3g Tri-HiAY 4. XVAYNE ELBERT MEADE . . . Wayne plans to be- come a commercial artist after attending the Uni- versity of Baltimore. Spending his summer doing hobby mop zvork has given him some good exper- ienre. . . . Band l,2,3,43 Art Service 4. CAII. BARTON INIEREDITH . . . Gail, tlle red- head who spends most of her time sailing and swimming, plans to attend Wallington College and major in Spanish. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 2,43 Patrons 43 Tally-Ho Rep. l3 Bus. Staff 3,43 Tal. Night 22 Chorus 3,-1. RICHARD CHARLES METZGER . . . Richard spends mufh of his time in outdoor activities. He plans to study Electrical Engineering in college. . . . Traf. Sq. 43 intra. Volleyball l3 Booster Club 2. MARCIA MILLARD . . . Marcia plans to spend the next few years in Business School in Washing- ton, D.C., in preparation for a secretarial career. , . . Soc. Comm. 43 Booster Club 4. PETER JOSEPH MILLER . . . Pete plans to clude the Air Force in his future. Cars are is special interests. CHARLES PHILLIP MITCHELL . . . Swimming, hunting, and fishing take up much of Buek's spare time. Ile plans to join some branch of the Armed Forces after graduation. . . . Var.: Soccer 3,4. CLARA LOUISE MOLDEN . . . Louise has been active in many of the organizations at AHS. After graduation, this keen witted girl plans to make her mark in the business world. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Art Comm. 43 Adv't Comm. 43 Circ. 43 Tal. Night 43 Cafet. Ass't 33 Jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 33 Soc, Comm. 3, Treas. 43 Booster Club 3,43 Phys. Ed Leader 4. ANNA CATHERINE MUHL . . . This lovely blond will he seen at Washington College next fall where she plans to major in Business Administra- tion. . . . WAKE: .Xclv't 43 Circ. 4. DAVID MURCHAKE . . . Meri is determined to own his own farm some day. Among his favorite pastimes are swimming, fishing, and hunting. . . . Assembly Comm. 3. JOAN CARR MYERS . . . joan counts, calculates, and cheeks all the money that rireulates around the school. She is also an officer in the Sub- Distrirt MYF and the local MYF. . . . School Treas. 43 VVAKE: Circ. 4. GEORGE WESLEY NORRIS III . . . Pete came to AHS from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Sports rank high in his interests. His plans for the future include .studying Marine Biology at the University of Florida. . . . Var.: Soccer 43 J.V.: Basketball 3. LIYCILLE I-IMILY MONT.-XLBANO . . . Lucy plans to lrerome an effirient serretary following her graduation from AHS ,... WAKE: Patrons 43 Soc. Comm. l,23 Ass't I.ib. 23 Office Helper 43 Chorus l.23 Operetta 2. LEROY MORELAND, JR . , . Buddy intends to join the Army after graduation. where his shooting ability will be put to good use. He spends mueh of his time hunting and prarticing with a rifle. MARY LOUISE MOREI..-IND . . , I,ou's main in- terest is the sports program at AHS. She plans to attend the U. of Md. where she will major in Physieal Erlueation ....' Ilraf. Sq. 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var.: Basketball 3.43 Hockey 3,43 Field- ball l,23 Softball l.2,33 Capt. 43 j.V.: Basketball 1, Capt. 23 Iutra.: Softball l,2,3,43 Basketball I,2,8,4Q lficldball I3 Soccer 43 Hockey 43 Club l,2,3,4g Off. 3,43 Phys. Ed. Leader 43 Booster Club 3.4. EDWARD JOHN MOYLE . . . Ed, a lifeguard during the summer at the Navy Pool, plans to mn- tinue his education and study Engineering. , , Band l,2,3,43 Orchestra 23 Intra.: Football 4. MARY ANN OLIVER . . . Mary Ann hopes for a secretarial position after graduation. Her quiet- ness and efficiency should make her a success. SARl'I'A ELDON OLMSTEAD .... S afila Cattle I0 AHS from Lower Merion, Pa. Sports and school activities seen: to absorb most of her spare time. Her future plans include nursing at Lakaneau. . . H.R. Rep. 43 Tal. Night 43 Cafet. Ass't 43 Var.: Softball 3,43 j.V.: Hockey 33 Phys. Ed. Leader 4. 43 Basketball 3,43 j.V.: Football l3 Basketball 23 PETER DAVID OLSON .,.. S ports-minded Pete likes football and basketball and also enjoys his summer work as a life guard. He will enter Shepard College next year. . . . Var.: Football 2,3, Club 23,43 Athletic Rep. l. JENNY LEE ORBANY . . . jenny hopes to become a .successful secretary upon graduation. . . . Var.: Softball 3. A 2 P ...ff-:af .M A-wi? 30+-wx , ' FHL, , 2? Q ,f f M I ,.,, K y . ANNA LOUISE PARKINSON . . . Poochie is a clerk at Gilberfs Pharmacy. After high school she will continue this profession . . . Intra.: Volleyball l,23 Soccer 2. DAVID FREEMAN PAULSON . . . Dave will take a Pre-Med course at Duke University. This tall blond has stimulatefl the musical and sports pro- grams at AHS. . . . H.R. Alt. 43 Tally-Ho Photo. 33 Tal. Night 3,43 Band 23,41 Var.: Basketball 43 Lacrosse 23,43 j.V.: Basketball 2,33 Intra.: Basket- ball 33 Athletic Rep. 3. NVESLEY EUGENE PENNINGTON . . . Buster, member of the National Guard, plans to attend V.P.I. and major in Engineering. . . . Var.: Soccer 1.2.3. MARY BINGHAM PETTIT . . . Bing plans to enter the field of Science at the U. of llld. Pre- siding over the Mayo MYF occupies this lively girlie spare time. . . . WAKE: Art Comm. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. 43 jr. Prom Comm. 3: Booster Club 3,43 Make-up Comm. 4. MARION VINCENT PHIPPS . . . Known as Vince to his friends, this laughing redhead is always ready with a joke. He plans to take to the wide open sea after graduation. ELLEN LOIS PLAINE . . . Ellen models in her spare time. Her main ambition is to become the perfect Navy wife. . . . Traf. Sq. 4: Make-up Comm. 4g Costume Comm. 4. BARBARA HELEN POLESKI . . . Barl1ara's plans for the future include a secretarial position. . . . WVAKE: Cir. 4: Booster Club 3,43 Fashion Show 2.3. SHIRLEY ANN PREYVETT .... S hirley hopes to become a telephone operator after graduation. This helpful library worker occupies her spare time with reading and rooking. WAKE: Art Comm. 43 Circ. 43 Ass't Lib. 43 Booster Club 4. e .... A Q' . 47 1 :JL .. -,.. , 'PX' 6' ELIZABETH LORETTA RICHARDS . . . Lizzie is an active member in her Youth Fellowship. Also, her work in the 4-H Club takes up much of her spare time ..,. Fashion Show 2,3. ROBERT LOUIS RICHARDSON . . . Bob wants to study meehaniral engineering at Western Maryland College after graduation. Sports take up much of this friendly felloufs time and interest. . . , Band 43 Var.: Soccer 4g Baseball 43 Wrestling 3,43 IV.: Soccer 3: lntra.: Basketball 3: Man. 3: Athletic Rep. 3. NORMA PAGE RIDDLEBERCER . . . Norma will become ri secretary after leaning AHS. Her interest in sports has benefited the AHS athletic program, . . . H.R. Rep. I: WVAKE: Chief Typ. 4g Sports Ed. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Var.: Basketball 3,43 Fieldball l,23 Softball 2,ZS,4: IV.: Basketball l,2: lntra.: Bas- ketball 2, Soccer 4, Hockey 4: Athletic Rep. ll Club 23,43 Booster Club 2.3,4. EDYVARD PERRY RIEKEN . . . Ed COITIFS to us from Rogers High School, Rhode Island, where he was a member of the R.0.T.C. program in his freshman year. His outside activities include sports. . . . j.V.: Softball I3 Intra.: Basketball 3. ig 'fir KENNETH OTTO ROSSBACK . . . Ken does some farming and carpentry in his spare time, but thinks that the Army will take care of him after graduation. . . . Var.: Soccer 3,4. DIANE LEE ROYVZEE . . . Diane will make a fine secretary upon her graduation from AHS. She is an active member of the MYF. . . . Chorus 33 Ass'r Lib. 43 NVAKE: Circ. Comm. 4. BETTE LOU RUSSELL . . . Bette Lou will al- ways he remembered for her warm smile and friendliness ..,. Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Chorus 3,43 Booster Club 33 Make-up Comm. 3. ANN ELIZABETH RUTLEDGE . . . Annie fame to AHS this year from California. Future plans include a business career. .... eXss't Lib. 23 Office Ass't 33 Cafet. Ass't 23 Chorus 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Girls' League Rep. Council 3g Flower Arranging 3. ANNA MARGARET RILEY . . . Peggy's energy, which she has used to advantage at AHS, should insure her a successful future. . . . Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 33 Chorus 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Make-up Comm. 3. THOMAS GILBERT ROBERTS JR. , . . A real auto enthusiast, often seen at work on his Olds 88, Tom is a candidate for the U. of Md. Engineering School. JAMES WARING ROBINSON . . . jimmy, a former .student at Glen Burnie High, places cars at the top of his list of interests. After graduation he plans to enter his father's business. . . . Var.: Soccer 4. JOSEPH STANLEY RODGERS...1oecame to us from Glen Burnie High in his junior year. He plans to attend college, where he will learn the ropes of being a forest ranger. ,.-wugl RICHARD XVATERS SCHIEKE . . . Richard. known to many as Coky, intend.s to enter tl1e l'nited States Naval Academy upon graduation. He is an active participant in the MYF. MARSH.-X EVE-LYN SCHNEIDER . . . lllarsh hopes to attend the U, of Md. and major in Business Administration. She is secretary of her Youth Fel- lowship in Dauidsonrfille. . . . Cafet. Ass't 33 Band l,2Q Var.: .Softball 23 Volleyball 3. RICHARD GORDON SCHREITZ . . . Dick is hoping to go to the U. of Md. and major in electronic Engineering. He likes sailing and is in- terested in amateur radio work. . . . H.R. Alt. I3 WAKE: Art Comm. 43 Var.: Track 43 Wrestling 4. ISARISARA IIANET SCHITMACHER . . . Barbara is looking forutartl to a successful future in the secretarial field. She is active in jolfs Daughters. . . . Office Helper 43 Fashion Show 23 Phys. Etl. Exhibit 3. ' 3 is PATRICIA RAE SHAW . . . Pat wants to become an Airline Hostess and plans to begin preparation for this career after graduation. . . . Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 2,3,43 Office Helper 43 Chorus 3,4. MARY ANN SHE,-X , , , lllary Ann attended Bladensburg and Northu'estern High Schools be- fore finally settling down at AHS. She heads for business school upon graduation and then to an office job. ROBERT NVALLACE SHERER . . . Hob, who hopes lo attend the Naval Academy, has music as one of his main interests. As captain of the Traffic Squad, he keeps things buzzing at AHS. . . . H.R. Rep. 33 Alt. 1,23 Honor Soc. 23 WAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 43 Trai. Sq. Capt, 43 Bancl 2,3, Drum Major 43 jr. Prom Comm. Ch. 33 Var.: Track l,2,3,43 Lighting Comm. 3,4. .ICANN ELIZABETH SHIELDS. . . . jo is always ready lo lend a helping hand, especially in the lnusieal activities at AHS. A Home Economics course at the U. of Md. plays a big part in her future. . . . H.R. Rep. lg WAKE: Assoc. Etl. 43 Makevup Comm. 43 Lit. Comm. 43 .-Xtlv't. Comm. 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 2,32 Tal. Night l,2,3,43 Traf. Sq. -lg Soc. Comm. 43 Chorus 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Booster Club 2.3. tis: :- 'IYFZQFC E-L ANITRA LEE SLIDER . . . Anilra is already a telephone operator at the C. 84 P. Telephone Company. . . , Tal. Night 3,43 Soc. Comm. 23 Tri-Hi-I' 3,43 Art Service 2. ROBERT PAUL SMITH . . . Boll. u'ho's a great nlan with the haskethall. is headed for the U. of Md. to study Arrhitectural Drawing. One of our tallest Senior boys, he also favors the Army and sports. . . . Traf. Sq. 43 Var.: Basketball 43 j.V.: Basketball 33 Intra.: Basketball 3. JOHN SNIIGGS . . . johnny plans to heroine an Aeronautifal Engineer but has not yet decided upon a rollege. His quirk wit has amused rlass- nzates for four years .... H.R. Rep. 3,43 WAKE: Circ. 43 Tally-Ho Sports Ed. 4g Rep. 43 Trai. Sq. 43 Var.: Football 33 Baseball 4. MARY LOUISE SPRINGFIELD . . . Lou plans on Il serretarial position after graduation. Being leader of this year's inajorette squad has kept her busy. . . . j.V.: Basketball 23 Intra: Basketball 23 j.V.: Man. 13 Majorettes 2.3, Leader 4. STEPHEN JAY SHOCHAT .... S teve has spent much time as an Engineering Aid for the State Roads Conunission. He will study medicine at Duke or Franklin and Marshall. . . . NVAKE: Circ. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. 33 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Band l3 Var.: Baseball 12.3.43 Wrestling 43 Bas- ketball LINDA SHORES . . .Linda plans to attend Dean junior College, zvltere this quiet girl will study to heroine a rnediral secretary. . . . XVAKE: Adv't Comm. 43 Soc. Comm. l,23 jr. Prom Comm. 33 j.V. Man, 2. JUDITH YVALLVVORK SIMPSON . . . judi came to AHS after attending Key West High and Roslin- rlale High. An energetic and popular addition, she has proved herself to he an important part of her rlass. . . . H.R. Rep. 13 Alt. 23 Span. Club 33 Of- lice Helper 43 Chorus 1,23 Var.: Cheerleader 3, 4: Soc. Comm. 4. W.XL'l'I-QR SIMPSON . . . Already an active :nem- lzer of the Naval Reserves, Walt plans to rork and roll on those waves in the future. He is also interested in cars and motors. -lik' "' ,Hills ll? l'.-XULA LOUISE STRAUS . . . Pinky, 114111.16 SKl1111'1' time is taken up z1'ill1 iff'-.Ykllllllg in the z11ir1te1',11l.r11 f'l1j0y.Y l11111l racing zvifll llf'l' l1r11tl11'1' fliiring lllf' x11111n1er. . . . H.R. Alt. 33 Monitor Sq. 2: Chorus 43 Tal. Night 43 Var.: Hockey 43 Ficlmlball 1,23 Softball l,2,3,43 intra.: Basketball 3. KAREN LEE STRAUSS , . , Ix'111'1'11 has Il quick and .S'i7ll'f'I'F j11'1's1malily z1'l1icl1 l!Illkl"S hw' 1111111111111 with 111111131 rl11s.sn111t1'.v. Next fall will fiml lzer 11 Lil1eral A1-tx major. . . . WAKE: I,it. Comm. 43 .Xdv't Comm. Patrons 43 Tally-H11 Rep. l,2,3Q Soc. Comm. l3 Chorus 33 jr. Prom Comm. 3. LOUIS Llili S'l'lI1.I.ER . . . llflllzl' 11111111 111101 g'l'llflHllfi0Il illflllllf' II11' Air Forrr. H1' .YIIl'71liS liix .YILIIIIIIFVX doing lllf'l"lf17Iil'!ll 11'111'k. . . . Var.: Soccer l,2,3Q Basketball I3 Track I3 Baud l,2. LOUISE BOND S'l'lllNll'l' '... lfllllllil' l11'111lx fm ll11' ll. of Md. 111 Nlllflll' in P.YX'FllIJlllgj'. Her f1I1'11.vi11g voice has ll!'l'7I 1111 i111j1111't11111 part of Iliff !lIll.YifIll fI!'Ugl'!llll at AHS. . . . Tal. Night 2.3.43 Chorus 2,33 Opcretta 23 Var.: Softball 4. GICR.Xl.DlNli ANN STFIN . . . fif'l'l'j' looks for- 11'111'1l 111 ll r111'e1'r in mzixir, 111111 will lllllj-07' in vain' 111 S1111Il11'1'i1 tl1Flil0!li,Yi Il7Il7ll'l'.Yil-Y. SII1' j111's1'r1fly 11Il1'111ls Iliff Pfflllflflj' l'1'1'f1111'11l111'y Sfllclfll Hllfl has .lllllg in II11' All-Slalf' 111111 Allwvlllillll Cl111r11.v. . . . H.R. Rep. 23 Tal. Night 3,113 Traf. Sq. 43 Chorus 23,43 Opcrctla 2. XN'll,LI.XM KliNNli'l'H STINIC . . . Iiillbv 11111111 111 .v1'1'111' in II11' M111'i111' C111'j1.v 11fl1'r g'1'111l11ati1111. P111- Iicifmliiig i11 Il11' .vj1111'l.v j1r11g1'11n1 11I AHS lakes 1111 111111'l1 of his llIlIf'. . . . Baml l.23 Var.: XN'rcstling S,-I3 lnlra.: Basketball F53 Volleyball 3. WILLIAM Nlrzkay STOINOIFF . . . liill, mu' of A111111j111li.v' 1111txla111lir1g f1111Ib11lI j1l11y1'1's this y1'111'. will join ll11' l'. S. M111'i111'x 11fI1'1' g1'111l1111ti1111. , . . Yur.: Football 23.43 Lacrosse 2.3.43 Club Qflplj Hi-Y 3,43 jr. Civitau Club SA. MARY 'I'liRliS.-X S'l'OR'1'0N ,..' I '1'r1y, llllllillg filled xj1111'1' SIIIIIIIIFP' lmiirs IIA' I1 x11'ilrl1l11111r1l Oflffllr I111' fm' the l1'l1fj1l111111' c11n1j111r1y, 111111115 111 l1ec11n11' ll Xf'F!'l'll1!'j' in flu' 1111111 fllfllI'f'. . . . H.R. Alt. 3: Tal. Night 3.43 Chorus 23,43 Operetla 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2.3, Off. 4. BRUCE SLTNDERLAND . . . Bruce has just ree turned from Egypt, where his father was stationed. He ieorked on the Plzaroah and the Cairoglyplz, the yearbook and nezvspaper respectively, at the Cairo American Sehool. . . . Pharoah: Adv't 33 Sports Ed. 33 Cairnglyph: Sports Eel. 33 Var.: Bas- ketball 2,33 Softball 2,33 Volleyball 33 J.V.: Basket- ball 13 Softball I3 Intra.: Basketball 33 Volleyball 3. CLORIA MAE SWANTEK . . . Future plans for I loria include zuork as a telephone operator. Skat- ing is presently one of her main interests. . . . Soc. Comm. l,2. KIANET THERROTTE TAYLOR . . . janet, from Harrison High, New York, will study Education at the l'. of Md. after graduating from AHS. A tiny girl, she i.s capable of hard work. . . . YV.-XKE: Art Comm. 43 Atlv't 43 Orch. 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 3. I-XCR RICHARD TAYLOR ..., lackie, a future nllter of the l'. S. lllarine Corps, was one of this suir's champion softer players. . . . H.R. Rep. I3 Cafet. Ass't l.2Q Baud l,2Q Var.: Soccer 2,3,43 j.V.: 'fer lj Basketball 1,23 Iutra.: Basketball 3,43 Xollcyball 3: Athletic Rep. 23 Booster Club l,2. MICH.-XEL TOMANIO . . . Mike's tenor voice has won for him places in the AHS chorus, all-county cltorus, and all-state chorus. His plans for the future are indefinite. . . . Chorus 2,3,43 Operetta 23 Var.: Baseball 43 Man. l,2. MARY ELLEN THOMPSON . . . jolfs Daughters, rhurrh choir, and Youth Fellowship occupy Mel- lon's tirne. The U. of Md. is her goal after gradua- tion. . . . Tal. Night 33 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. 2.3.43 Jr. Prom Comm. 32 Var-3 Hockey 3,41 Athletic Rep. 33 Monitor Sq. 3. ALICE STEVENS TOROVSKY . . . Planning to study at Towson junior College. Alice is active in her church rlioir and jolfs Daughters. Her sincerity and willingness have been valuable con- tributions to AHS. . . . NVAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Photo. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Chorus 3,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Var. Man. 2,3. DOROTHY ROMAINE TOWERS . . . Rornaine heads for Lebanon Valley College to study music. Her lovely voice is put to use in many different activities. Church choir and Youth Fellowship take up many spare hours. . . . VVAKE: Lit. Comm. 43 Aclv't 43 Circ. 43 Photo. 43 Tal. Night 43 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Booster Club 3,4. LUDVVIG ROBERT VOLKER , . , liobl, wl1o works at l1"v00lZl'U7'lll'.Y, heads for the U. of Add. to study Business Administration. He wants to become a store manager alter finishing his srhoaling. RICHARD JAMES NV.-XTSON . . . Riehard, who is planning to study Arelziterture in eollege, has worked hard on the publieations of AHS, as well as lending his talents to other school organiza- tions. . . . H.R. Rep. 45 Alt. 25 Honor Soc. 3, Prcs. 45 Quill and Scroll 45 WVAKE: Aft. Ed. 45 Tally-Ho: Assoc. Ed. 45 Ass't Ed, 2,35 Tal. Night 3,45 Traf. Sq. 4. EDWARD OWEN WAYSON . . . Waekie plans to earry on his study of inusir in rollege. His experi- enre includes rhref' years in the all-manly hand where he played his trumpet to good advantage. . . . Tal. Night 23,45 Cafet. .'Xss't l,2,3,45 Band 12, 3,45 Orch. 3,4. MARGARET .-XNN WAYSON . . . Ann wishes to become a tap-notrh secretary. She also enjoys swimming and works in her father's restaurant, . . . WAKE: Adv't 45 Typ, 45 Traf. Sq. 45 Office Helper 45 Soc. Comm. 4. HELEN LEE TRUMPY . , . Helen plans lo go to Colby junior College to study in the .wfretarial field, Any free time of this tall blond is spent swinzming, sailing, and playing tennis. . . . Tal. Night 45 Chorus 3,4. llli'l"liY JEAN TNVITTY . . , Belly jean worked during the Sllllllllfl' as a elerk at a downtown store. She also sings in her church choir. Future plans influlle lllllllfllltlkitlg. . . , Chorus 2,3,45 Operetta 2. ILSE SUSAN UNGAR . . . llse is planning to al- tend Xlenn's College in New York City, where she will study Horne Iieonornirs or Ifduration. A ver- satile girl. she has been an able worker for AHS. . . . Quill and Scroll 45 XV.-XKE: Lil. Comm. l,2,3,45 Circ. 45 Typ. 45 Tally-Ho: Ed.-in-Chief 45 News l-Id. 35 Assoc. Ed. 25 Rep. 15 Bus. lg Traf. Sq. 45 .Xss'l Lib. 45 Monitor Sq. Capt. 35 Var.: Fieldball l5 Booster Club 35 Fashion Show 3,4. GERALD GORDON VALLANDINGHAM . . . jerry, who plans to study Drafting and Engineer- ing in rollege, rornbines business with pleasure in the summertime by building boats and sailing lhern. , . . Band 2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN W'ENDT . . . Liz came to AHS from Hilton High in Baltimore. Much of her time is taken up at a local store where she is a clerk. l'pon graduation she plans to become a secretary. MARY MARGARET WHEELER . . . Wheel, a lrriglzt-eyed redhead, is planning to study Nursing at the U. of Md. She is very active in church affairs. . . . H.R. Alt. 3,45 Tal. Night l,3,45 Soc. Comm. 45 Chorus 3,45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var.: Cheerleader 45 j.V.: Cheerleader 2.3. JANICE MARIE WHITE . . . Norlhu'estern's loss and AHS's gain is Reds, who takes an active part in jolfs Daughters and can be found cutting a graceful figure at the skating rink almost any time. . . . Var.: Basketball 35 Intra.: Basketball 4. LLOYD EDWARD VVHITE . , . Whitey, plans to enter the submarine service. This popular Sen- ior is a hard worker for the Athletic program at AHS. . . . H.R. Rep. I5 Soc. Comm. 1,25 Var.: Football 2.3.45 Basketball 45 Track l,2,3,45 J.V.: Football I5 Basketball l,2,35 Intra.: Basketball 2,3, 45 Lacrosse 25 Club 45 Jr. Civitan Club 4. WILLIAM AUBREY IVIGGINS . . . Aubrey ran Ile seen driving a green convertible with a Confed- erate flag on the hack. His love for the South comes from having lived in North Carolina. NATHAN CLOW WILSON . . . One of the quieter boys at AHS, Nat heads for the Marines after graduation, . . . Band l,2,3,45 Var.: Lacrosse 3,45 Wrestling 45 Inlra.: Basketball 35 Wrestling 3. JANE LONGFELLOW WILSON . . . janie is planning to attend Washington College where she will study Psyrhology and Education. She is an active member of W.Y.F., C.C.A. and her Churrh fhoir. . . . WAKE: Lit. Comm. 3,45 Circ. 45 Photo. 45 Tally-Ho Exchange Ed. 45 Ass't Ed. 35 Rep. l,2,35 Tal. Night l,2,3,45 Monitor Sq. 3: Soc. Comm. l,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 jr. Prom Comm. 3. RICHARD LEON VVINSTON . . . Dick came to AHS from West junior High in Bingharnpton, N.Y. The Air Force will hold the key to part of his future. . . . Orch. I,2,3,45 Var.: Football I5 Base- ball 45 Intra.: Softball 35 Basketball 1,3545 Hockey 2. LAWRENCE l'.-Illl, WISEMAN . . . Paul, nick- named Poo-bear hy many, plans to join the Armed Forces immediately upon graduation. Paul is es- pecially interestea in sports, and holds a .special award in Sorcer. . . . Var.: Soccer 2,33 Intra.: Basketball 3. SHELDON JOEL WOLLMAN . . . Shelly, of city and county basketball farne, will don the Navy blue soon, as he plans to attend the U. S. Naval Academy. This popular hay is an enthusiastic participant in sports. . . . Tally-H0 Rep. 3,43 Traf. Sq. Off. 43 Band 12,35 Orch. lg Var.: Basketball 2,3,4g Lacrosse 3,43 J.V.: Basketball 13 Football 13 Intra.: Basketball 2.3. I-IONORA CURTIN WRIGHT . . . Norrie is al- ways around when fhere's riding or talking of horses. She plans to attend Washington College and .study languages. . . . Tally-Ho Rep. 1,25 Ass't Lib. 3. PAUL ALLEN WRIGHT . . . Paul eanle to AHS from Catonsville Senior High. He is interested in 4-H work, but is planning to attend the U. of Md, where he will study Engineering. MADELINE VIRGINIA YOUNG . . . Strayer's liusiness College will see Maggi next year, helping her prepare for a secretarial career. She has been a hard working rnernber of AHS. . . . WAKE: Patrons 45 Tally-Ho Bus. 3, Man. Ed. 43 Tal. Night 4, Soc. Comm. 1,23 Chorus 3,43 Intra.: Hockey 33 Man. 3. 40 H. S225 K ' : 1 J ' I .gt . A A U 'tk 'If 'C - 2. :I I A New X hgvfzf r 6 fa .. 4- x 359' M 414355, 5 w 5 1 , 5+ 1 Q f.,: K- W f , HJ gi ,, sf if b. W. if w uf! . S'-4. 'Hi 1 Y--an xx . "5 4. 'U Y M 1 ,yn!n"'Xl ..-.X ,A -r-""' 1 W 'z -a-we-V ,Nl-'W ng. ,M M.. 3' : f A V V ' 21 'I 1 ' " Ag, - :ffl W 1-, I 1 v. ' ' ' ,mil-'i+1f'fv7., . Q, Gy, .su nw' fn OCD 43 mm Fan S N ES 'N N SU 1 7 5 A I xx pa lA t . 1' L, f 1 " umom I l 1 , I 3' L...,,,!y A 2.1 ?' 415 ight Eg-32 juniors may be lound in, around, and on, the ,-X.H.S. publications, athletic teams, assemblies, dance committees and dramatic productions - in short, just about every school activity. As well as "infiltrating" the other activities, the juniors had one of their very own - the junior Prom, which they carried off successfully. Holding the responsible positions in the class Qand holding them wellj, were David Brashears, president: Michael Byrne, vice-presidentg Bessie Horton, secre- tary and Elaine Kallis, treasurer. Advisers were Miss .Ioan Richards, Mr. Roland Olson and Mr. Harvey Hall. Six members ol' the class ol' '57 were inducted into the National Honor Society last year, and the Varsity "A" Clubs have selected a number ol' them to join their ranks. We make the prediction, based on the class' past record, that the class ol' '57 will be a great successor lor the class ol' '56, 44 A. XV j . M B. j. l'. B. li. ,X. C. .l- Nl B. V C .L B. li. Xl' B. M C. l'. C. .l- s. cg. B. R. ll. M B. D. L. M .l- ci. C. N' C .l- M H E. lu R. R Y T R. A. N' B. Ii. V L. D. j. Ax Abato V VV 1 . - Adamson rvl ' V, J. , , A Aisquilh 'N' " 651 Jlv I "' V ,VV V V an IN. Aisquilh J Q4 ,'.,,, 'A VV 'R .Vhnllafll Wi? . . , V .ww Amhurghy -V fm- ' , 5 , V ' " V i V . - ' - A ., M X 5. HR V? Wig- ' Anclerson ,E V X 4 .-Xrlis V V VVVZV 4. VV Q. VV ,4, in if G - V 5 V Axelrod Q V is .X V, . VY .X Ayres V VV 'w L, ' ' S. V ' . . V V Azar 3 ' B' "' ' V : rr VV " - Bailey , 1 5 . - A ,AL 1 A k . L V ,..L V V V VV AV Barclen A A,,, 1 Q -3 Barnes ,V ' Vg- V W m . Bassforml . 4' V ' X' ' 31 fV R ' - 4 Bausnnr VV ZZ':A Fi, v Q 'R . Q ' X Beardnmre ' 5 V F.. neu l' . V ' V ' VVTVQV. V... ,,R,: z L R .ffl 1 G 'L Ms A B Berry V V A Berzens K .f 'VVV ' A ., . Bethel ,Q ggi '75 VV V in M Bialousz - ' V Q y ' A , fir' ary' Bishop ' X - 'WW' ' .L ' Block Q . .. 7- if-fi' 'K A 'S 4- l . I V . v.-v V VV VV . V Bloom kl . :ff V V VV ' V ,- Boles IVV ' W A , V- -V . Bowman f -V 9' 1 hL-A "" VV VV V V 3 ,.. . V X Bowman A , ' . 'V iw Vw R B Bradbury .' V t VV B ,fi ' ii 4 he V' s -VQ ' 5 ' RR.B 5. V ,Y . VV VV ,Q-.,, V V V VV? I - 1 Bramble ff , F . b V V Braslrears . Y, V' V A fi - Br-av 'V A G AV ' 'Q' B V 7' VV A . V , ,V . VV: ,. VV f N. . . nun ' "' 1' Bull 1 . r r V ., . V fl? V V i 1 f ,Sf X 'V ' V ,. , 'Q . 1 V Y. . Byrne A V V R ' 7 if Bunch L V 7 .. .Q .wg ' l V . -. V Buscr Q 1: A ' 9' 5 3 A V 'V VV fx Cacile -,V V..,V i .VV V- M. 'lg QV -V f " Y fl V . Carmen ' i r-.V'l f l ' V. ' 1 g -- ' V C Carter . ' B' 5. ' V J B' V " A. 'jfz--'f "" "' V p VVVV V " l V V V V 4 Case ' VV ' H B I V . 5' r . Cassa W , A . Chaffill . . ' E 7 '1 -I I ' , ' J " , lg. Clark ' j A V R f ' QV. . fgu M Clark V V I um: BBBVVV C0319 1. "-' ' V V V V 1, , . 2 1V V .VV V' V 1. V R .. V . " -y- V H M 'V mm Coffman , V :V ., fi' l,. Cohen VV ' ' N. - VV , V. If W.. , . Collinsun ,gg V. V 'V -W ,. V QVV.. ' Q. . Covington V CQ: WFT' C "'V V ' C' . Cox ' 'l-' ' V .V ' QV . Ii .'.r,,. . , . 4 L 'V ef 3... VV I V A Croul B B . A Ah lf Cullen V ' A .. , - sq Q' Cullisml S . B 'ir at C MB Dawson fl .,,....V 2, V V' '- V X5 Dearborn V 9 KCC! 1 55 ZJA' Q gil". Dehlev LVVVVV " VV' V V it Y C 'V i V . . V X mf ... V ' V ,X I V B Jr . l .:. V ' L Mm... fig.. Qu. l , K 9 an ww i -f an 3-2 , . ,gg . , Q.: l I . ... ' r T n ,,AV , E , P .A iV:A: Xue Vw A , K .. L . l V ...T , Q, V gf , rl .. F . l a . R . ..'- - ii '-1 Lll i L ' . .af 1 of ll t. LA" f ly JL.. Ek I , " A f ' -1 .5 V WE V . IE, 'F fr l 'Nlg 3 ' W. f i ww vo- . . . ' M.- N L . A w e , 1 'L y e .j K L"iW' 1 K- r i In ,..., ... . +A A klQ j-- .v-, K kkh f 1 ,f, . . .-yy M . Nd 'sb Willis ,fir-. .f . . -b , . . .1 9 ww ,Lf 4..5.4..,. ..,,, 7 ,.,.. 7. A Zf 46 A am-Q Hg V 1. gag if if-'l A 1 ..,.. Qf li' az :ll l ' F ' A ff ':' f ' Nye .. ' lL. E s fin ilu . riff fy wg., . . ,N 4 lg FFA " - .VW N Tm . . L., q y . - Q. .V f J .Sl l if . y h 'iff ...mi . . 415-I 1 12 'G ik f Q -4 li Q W if . ,,,, ,,k.iw -- . J. E. B. .I- B. .I- E . n. .I- XV. K. Dickey Dobbs Dodson Dollar Dolinger Dove Dull Dunbar Duckett Duckelt Farley G, Economy M. Edwards E. Eden Elhen A. Elliott W. Erickson B. Eshelman l'. Eshinger R. Eskew A. Espinosa l'. Eysler M. L. Ford Y. Fowler L. Frantum R. Frantnm NV. Freeman j. French R. Gaither R. Gannaway Al. Garrett H. Cates II. Geisler L. Glass AI. Goodman S. Goody F.. Griner D. Gumula D. Haas E. Hall G. Hall Al. Hall I.. Hall C.. Hammond A. Hardesty K. Hedin N. Hendrick N. Hinton C. Hopkins B. Horton N. Howard M. Huebl W. Huehl J. Huffer L. Hunter B. Hyde L. losbaker R. jarrell Al. -lerner T. .locus B. In V I-I. In XV G. B. D. E. D. S. .I- ij. 0. L. li. R. .I- ll. T .I- .x. D. M B . B . li . L. li. .l- .I- R. ll. C. 1. I.. .I' M. .I- ii. B. R. D. M H. J. L. D. K C. M NN' K. C. A. .I- c:. C. johnson Johnston Johnson jones jones Jones JUN' Kaiser Kallis Kern King Kirchner Kotzin K lovstiicl Kreilzei' Lamb Lamb Latimer Lavcrs Lawson Leitch Leitch Leonard Lerner Lof gre n E. Logan Lon gbot tom Lowe Lyons I .yons Macey Mangum Martin Mason Matthai Mayer Mcfllanahzm McKellips McNew Mcwhirter Mercer Mcrrett Messer Michaelson Miller Miller Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Montgomery Moran Mosley Moreland Mueller M urchake Murphy Myers New Nimms Noyce ii V' .i7Qi.feYi 'V -. il . i ii .... 9' I N .h l,hV. VVWI. .,, L-W , i .if j . V, . - .. Q . , 'V ' L -. iai.. 53 l i t. i . L ."e . L ' 1 tit. L ' ' ' . 1' - -ffl f K L . is ttfs me L -, f . " ., t l S . . fi, .L . 1 A' ' L Q L ni .. Ar x 4. g .....' i - it i - . '.,, i 2 5 ' ' , V if h f V., 5 L . L ft. ' ..... ......... Q.. ee... 'T' K L -S -. 4 gf' 12 .-in Q f f r 'S Mn. . 4 ...,,,, . . . g.s:v7fgy I" wwf 11 A ' "i"' 1 H ' 7 - - f 'Q vi :fix i My . X 'tl .Q if 'Jn - W' "N iiiit, . ' ,Wi 'mt . ,1 H Alzy A V i I., lg MIV' A . 11.1, " i K l'i' L g ' 5' +5-"ff, ,,.. 1 itll L' . f : Wi tii fi iiii Q Y cin'l if K ' .. a. . we In f I . ggi. l , 1 53 1 . K hr. M ...,.i. K . 1 fr A1 Q , f . x , I Q zl, ' 1. A .. vm I. . I 41,6 A z. " N 2- L . r i s Li - in or :W I ff' :fp . f' it xil - J ri., 'ji b X is i Z A X 329- . -Q ! if V A J . V Q E ' . ... ' .... . .h .. m v iii . . -1..... f .Q . My . ' f- e A 35 1 A T , X tp. ff 6 I E K. f 'I I . +93 5 mir .S . i. w .. X .. ' W -my I: '1.I S I at At I X I I ' ' .Qm,3...,m- 2 iiy ,LVXW f ,.. qw - ' Q . i T . , 1' ' f Wi , A ' .. . ' ','L "' I . . . if 1 f , g gg ta M fl xx- F . is 5,5 M I- wil ' 4""'w . ' 909'-V 1 as .,, 5 . hp . I l .. E I S- I.. A I Ray M ff .fm . . L,,, lm i Y Q Lb i - .. . K V if "" A' t . , 'nf 5 V. ,-f, 2"'- -A . PQ . T'-bf .ff fi N . ., : :1 I .224 mi ' I rx f ' S A .. 5? V . - , tw I .Z:iL U - v fb R - f f ' Q- mf i 4 - .gf I. gf. I - E Q s ar ' . ,AX X I 5'-n ff' I ,. ' LAL. t I - - , I . , I at f 1 E I 'xt I . J " i A: b Zi H ,A Z Yi : V VA 1 - 1 . I 1,, I ' Li: ' I 'I I ' 'A f I . . IYA Y I . I. . gg. I . . I I ,Q j. Olmstead j. Olson I. Owens ul. Orhany j. Pace W, Parks V. Peacock Pcret H Peterson I. Peuseh B. Pfeltl V. Phipps M Pierce M Prater B. Puritan I.. Redding ID. Reed CI. Reid li. Rieken S. Rieken M. Riggins G. Right AI. Robinson M Rogers II. Rohrhack M ll. Rosati M Rosenauer R. Rowe G. Sas 'I'. Schwallenb R. Sentman C. Shafer il. Sharp If. Sharpe R. Shaw S, Shawcn D. Shepherd Ii. Sherbert I.. Sherman R. Shiflet C. Simmons N. Simmons XV. Simmons R. Simpkim ul. Slater j. Slaven AI. Smith R. Smith S. Stnith NV. Smith IS. Stnoot If Sneilings A. Sowers I. Stevens CI, Stockelt H Stokes I.. Stone il. Strauhle li. Streeter D. Sturdevant erg B. Sullivan V. Sullivan D. Taylor R. Taylor R. Taylor W. Tayman S. Tickner ll. Traylor S. Tryon C. Tucker N. Tucker S. Tucker G. Vandergrifl ll, Wakeman D. WValters S. Walters R. XVeiss C. NN'erncr S. Whitconih Al, NVhittingIon l'. XN'ilder ,I WVillard l" lvllll3IllS R. XVillianis R. Williams NI. Wilson R XN'olocl R. lall 4 .. ' .M is , k . , R., - . .. 'Br 1 x 'U 4 Wk .9 X K ...Z. H .. ,, ,, ,, -mn, W um.:-fvw,-.zfff ,V - Y ,M E R aa l 1 - , ,uw . . . 'gm 5. i ' A R t x! H J? I ,, ..ia ai.,. 4 5 NOT SHOXVN l'. Anihurgy ', Britton Dcilgelman lfleharl y Kcalley Kessinger Kloby Lannnsler Millard Peterson Saunders Sh ulmeisler Simpson Speigel 49 . A 7 V, ',"' blk 'F I iff- ' fi .- U , ' 'i?,g5gEi g1 I:,L .1 :rf- ' I 15, . ' 1 2 15 l . Qs ...fa 4 N- 6 --,. W .na f 5 fffis ' fa a lali. B MQW .muff 1"'1u.. 50 Bursting with enthusiasm and school spirit, the sophomore class has contributed greatly to the life at A.H.S. Led by their adviser, Mrs. Virginia Langdon, and class officers, .Ioan Dobson, president, Brad Foster, vice-president, and Marcia Shields, secre- tary-treasurerg the sophomores vigorously support- ed all school activities and projects. This year's class proved to be eager participants in sports as well as spirited rooters and workers in the Booster Club. Tally-Ho and XVAKE discovered many prom- sgzld 0I'l'l OPQJ I 40 'Q 212 V WW vi 574 x X KI i ising young journalists among them, while the busi- ness and arvertising staff profited by their ener- getic aid. Many of the new entrants displayed their talents in Talent Nite, while others showed originality in helping plan and organize school dances by be- coming active members on the Social Committee, The large membership of the chorus and band was due in part to the sophomores whose musical ability cannot be overlooked. The sophomores can look back with pride on their first year at A.H.S. V .Mt,,', H. R. 107 Row l: B. Anderson, l., Alwell, C. Avery, nl. Belcher, G. Barham, xl. Biggs, I', Artis, V. Beall, l'. Aisquith. Row 2: B Bailey, J, Asher, Miss Burt, B. Aisquith, li, Beall, l'. Adams, C. Bennett. Run' Il: W. Bassford, C. Andrews, L. Albert son, H. Bruce. ll. Alexander, S. Brown, A, Beaulieu, B. Bilclerhack, S. Bramble, Nl. Brown, R. Addington. Row 4: B Bronokowski, R. Barlag, Alderlon, B. Boles, A. Brown, C. Burhams. NUI .S'lmn'n: E. Bell, ll. Brooks, C. Brown, S. Barnes N. Bauer. H.R. IO8 Row l: A. Curry, S. Cole, B. Boswell, M. Chaney, li. Coleman, Al. llolrson, C, Bowen, A. Clapp, M. Chaney, S. Clark, l'. Baller. Ron' 2: S. Bradshaw, 'l', Bliss, N. Donaldson, M. Bollner, li. Callahan, l.. lluulser, l.. Brooks, S. Carpenter, D. Deihl, M. Crismoncl. Ron' 3: ul. Duvall, A. Burns, I.. Caracole, V, Cadle, C, Clark, C. Dowling. Row 4: B. Bland, M. Chaney. Bossert, Mrs, Young, Nu! .SVIIUZUVII Curran, S. Cloud, B. llanrhik. M. Coelius, ll. Carraway, Cummings, M. Ilonnellv. . , T .. --, 52 H. R. 202 Run' l: I.. Green, M. Grisrom, R. Glouer, A. l.. Guy, D. Hahn, D. Hamp, I.. Hcird, S. Howard, li. Griffith, l'. Hodges. Run' 2: B. l"lUW2ll'1l, Griflin, l'. Goldweis, R. Hirks, Miss Heike. D. Hambrnrh, l.. XYcbb, D, Hall, S. Harmer. Row 3: R. Gilbert, M. Duvall, R. I-lmory, 'lf lilzler, l'. Grogger, J. Dowling, l.. Dorsey, H, Donaldxon, R. Griffie. Ram' 4: G Dodge, E. Dillard, J. lfinck, S. limnizmncl, li. Dill. 'l'. Fink. Noi .S'lum'n: H. Dobson, CI. Fleming. H.R. 210 Rau' l: li. Foster. Y. Gillespie, S. Egan, B. Foster, L. Gertz, C. Ron' 2: G. Gantt, V. lingleman, H. Gaebl, Mrs. Langdon, Fisher, Dawson, fl. Davis, G. Gollinson, D. Chambers, YV. Cantler, T. J. Bnckmasler, J. Cleveland, K. Campbell, J. Gerone. Not Slmuw: DeI.attre. German, N. Gingras, V. Engle, D. Cabell, R. Fielder. Gallion, 1-1. Fleming, B. Ely. Ron' 3: L. Collins, H. Daly, 0. Cullember. Row 4: R. Childs, E. Diamond, W. Dickson, J. Diamond, J. Chance, T, Christenson, W. 53 '-9' V I H. R. 301 Ron' l: M. Jacobson, lf. Klein, C. Napier, M. Lonch, R. Batton, M. Karner, ll. LaFauc.i, A. Lamb, li. La Chapelle, Kallas, Rozu 2: R. Ingle, S. King, S. Humphreys, L. Joyce, Miss Longanccker, l'. Kurnow, N. Keatley, P. Kessinger. Row 3: I.. Hagood, M. Hayes, C. Herron, D. Herbst, J. Howard, Hoffman. NV. Campbell, C. Cooley. Row 4: B. Jones, S. Jones, R. Hambrucli, 'I'. Henderson, P. Hoyt, ll, Isaacs, C. Intnan, C. Fennell, J. Jarrell, L. Huntington. Not Slmzufzz S. Katsef, G. Hall. H. R. 302 Ron' l: L. Levin, M. Mills, l'. McNamara, li. Miller, C. Latham, L. Lewis, D. Marcy, J. Morris, C. Lowman. Row 2: B. Moreland, C. Kaulz, F. Machande, Mrs. Bender, M. Marinelli, J. LeCompte, I'. Melvin. Ron' 3: J. Lee, A. Abrams .ebo, L. K' . L'it1icum, '. IN achande, J. Lewald, C. Linden, l'. K' . Ron' 4: R, Lacey, R. llol y, McGregor, J K.l ms J n l W 1 U ing e Davis, H. McCann, St. J. Martin, D. Lofgren. Not Shmun: S. Kobr, S. Lawrence, B. Leitch, C. Mastros, C. McConnell, B McLean, K. Cockrell, W. Kirby, S. Lcwnes. 54 H. R. 303 Row l: P. Murray, P. Olsen, B. Reusing, E. Peacock, A. Owens, B. Nowattnick, M. Orr, G. Phillips, li. Revis, ll. Shibley Ron' 2: Riley, F. New, N. Ritltlleberger, L. Robinson, Mr. Mckamey, M. P. Neese, j. Rose, C. Robertson. Rout 3: D. Purdy K. MCNCW, R. Parkinson, P. McWhite, Powers, McNeil, R. Slane, R. Merritt, CI. McPherson. Row 4: M. 0'Donovan, D Meekins, R. Palmer, S. Mollman, R. Pennington, J. Meyers, D. Purdy, W. Miller, R. Rawlings. Nui Slzmvn: R. Mileo. H. R. 305 Ron' l: R. Sherald, Sthratler, lf. Rause, H. Saulit, M. Schley, L. Scholl, S. Walton, l-'. Shepley, M. Seltzer, Sappington. Ron' 2: M. Shields, S. Slider, I. Slactnn, j. Rutkauskos, Miss Wilson, K. Saunders, I.. Scott, B. Sappington. Row 3: B. Stehle, B. Russell, Suit, Stoops, R. Sears, R. Stoll, T. Robinson, NV. Smith. Row 4: l-1. Sears, J. Smith, D. Rogers, li. Schollz, ll. Smith, Swontek, A. Simpson, R. Stillwell, T. Stumpf, W. Sears. 55 lu V H. R. 308 Rm", I7 l'- D4'l"3'll5"f" C- -Dl'lf"lf'F. I.. 4.0112 L. lwitly, ll. l"zlt'l1Qr, M. Wright. l'. Wzml, l'. Ynttngrcn, U. Wcntlt, l'. Wcllftm S.'ll2lll0Il,wRII1t' 2: Nl. Williams, ul. Wnml, H. Williams. 'IQ Tcttpptit-r, kj. Smith, l.. Hardcsty, il. Wztrtl, R. West, bl. Vantlct gflfl. ll. Walker. S. lvllll2lliCl'. limi' fl: R. W'ulfC, W'notcn, T. W'itt. H. Stephens, Mrs. 'lit'znis, XY. Spenser, M. Crccnc. 'I ming. U. HZlI'l'lStlll. Ruiz' -l: H. Sncctl, CI, llzngitgili, D. Dttlin, 'l'. Williztmx, R. W'iIl. X. Ncwsoiiw, X. W'insttm. H.R. 3l0 nt' l: nl, lndtl, l'. 'l't'imilow, S, Sturgis, K, Stmnp, M. A. 'l'01'm'sky. Ci. Smith, N. Smith, R. Sturgis, D. Springfield, Timtncr- man, H. Snytlcr. Iftm' 2: Nl. Smith, l.. Swccncy, I.. Slltnptfsr, li. Tlitmizis, Miss llnrig, D, Wchstcr, R. Williams, L. Williams I' West. Ram' 3: xl. 'lirzttlcty NI. lhtmizts, l'. Whitt-, ii. Williams, C1. Whittingttm, xl. Clockrcll, W. Tilghman, J. W'hitc limi' -l: Al. Wagner, R. Dotlson, lf. Willzml. CL. ll'Cl'IlCI', R. Watkins. Xu! Sltmrn: ul. llnsinsky. IJ. Thotnzls, R. Whitc, W lYliitcIotk, M. Smith, fl. Smith, ll. Ht-nry, ll, Iittrhztn. I'. I'icl't'L'. 56 Uwe gears 'WE 'mfg - BOUSTICR CLITB-Ron' I: C. Block, P. Youngren, L. llunker, B. Poleski, S. Pruitt, P. Hardesly, Baldree, E. Kallis, B. McNulty, S. Howard. M. lorovsky, B. Delfauci, Belcher, M. jacohsen. Ron' 2: R. Finklestein, S. Whitcomb, C. Mayer, A. Abato, B. Horton, H. Snyder, C. Barham, N. Riddleberger, L. Lewis, N. Cohen, R. lall, li. Ayers, E. Peacock. Row 3: S. Walters, M. Peterson, P. Melvin, B. lishelman, R. Sentman, C. Smith. B. Coleman, C. Carter, C. Caufman, L. Stone. P. Bloom, B. Axelrod. Ron' 4: L. Brown, W. Boller, j. Bless, L. Molden, li. Coleman, AI. Leonard, B. Kaiser, Slaven, D. Wakeman, B. lily. Ron' 5: N. Tucker, N. Howard, M. Edwards, A. lilliott. Huw 6: P. Dobbs, R. Towers, George, M. Hudson, Taylor, B. .Kmburghy, M. Riggins, N. Ricldleherger, M. Moreland, P. Kallis, N. Hcnderirk, EI. C. Anderson, B. Crout, li. Cullen. Time and time again the Booster Club has "boosted" school spirit at AHS by working at home games, doing all jobs from selling tickets and programs to vending refresh- ments. Presiding over the Booster Club this year is Elaine Kallis, while Mr. C. Rogers and Mr. Ernest I-lerklotz are faculty advisers. OFFICERS - 1-1. Kallis, Pr1's.,' Bal- dree. Virf' Prfav.: B. Mculty, Ser.- 'l'r1'ux. "'l'ic'kcts, please!" - 4'Show your budget pass!" Modeler ? M2312 I nv! I PJ V I W HONOR SOCIETY-Seated: R. Watson, D. Dickey, B. Coleman, J. Holme. Standing: R. Zall, li. Coodhue, A. Ball, C. Stockett, l'. Kallis, V. Bausum, D. Dunbar, C. Hammond, D. Bradbury. Wafiona onor .gociefgg Qui! an SPO Scholarship, leadership, service and character are the four requisites for membership in the National Honor Society. Members of the junior and senior classes are eligible, as are sophomores on a proba- tionary basis. Not just an honorary organization, the NHS is an active group that participates in school affairs. President of the Annapolis chapter was Richard VVatson, while Mrs. Henryetta Carpen- ter was faculty adviser. The Quill and Scroll is an honorary scholastic journalistic society, lor which high school juniors and seniors are eligible. To become a member, students must have written a required number ol' articles of decidedly good quality. Writers for Wake and Tally-Ho strive to become members. QUILL AND SCROLL - li. Goodhue, I. Un- gar, R. Watson. 'WK 1011 12 1 765 . in 'E SOCIAL COM MITTEE Cooperation has been the keynote to the success of the various groups of the Social Committee in producing its three dances this year. Transforming the cafeteria into a ballroom is the task of the Decoration and Refreshment Commit- tees. Less publicized, but equally important, are the Chaperone, Poster, and Ticket and Door Com- inittees. For the first time, the school dance band, under the direction of Mr. Kenneth W. Page, has pro- vided the music at the hops. Cleaning up the next morning is almost as much fun as getting ready for the dances, and the job is always done. Mr. XVilliam lXlcKamey, faculty advis- er, heads this crew. Supervising the entire Social Connnittee in one of its most successful years are Mrs. I-Ienryetta Car- penter, faculty adviser, and Diane Dickey, presi- dent. SOCIAI. KIOMNll'l"l 1-ll-Q - Run' l: j. Taylor, W. Baller, N. Ritltlleherger, L. Lewis, j. Shields, B. johnson, R. XVeiss, ll. Eshelman M. Barnes, A. Ahalo, l., Brown, C. Block, Hou' 2: R. Towers, C. Simmons, l'. Bloom, ll. Rcnsing, C. Bennett, A. Coving lon, CI. Gilmer, j. Hnller, R. Sentinun, 'l'. Hall. Ron' 3: B. Axelrod, L. Brown, ll. Kaiser, J. Barclcn, S. Emerson, B. Petit xl. Kent, Y. I'eat'ock, I'. Hzirclesty. Rout 4: ll. lily, l'. Shaw, l'. Riley, C. joy, C. Buser, l'. Adams, C. Mason, I.. Blair, N 'l'ut'ker, Nl. 'l liompson. lfrmf 5: V. johnson, S. Lyons, Al. Bossert, D. Clark, A. Wayson, N. Howartl. Ml' N ocia L, fx MW" ' i . 1 ommiffee s I gf, ' A ilf Ma J .XDVISIQR AND PLANNING lIUMlNlI'l"l'lili- Ron' lt D Dickey, J. Marliregor, L. Molclen, Wilson. Row 2 li. Callahan, M. Shields, S Whitcomlm, M. Torovsky ll. Simpson, S. Kotzin, ti. tlziltlwell. 61 Ron' 3: Mrs. H, Carpenter, C. Hzimmontl, I-1. Clootlliue 1, TRAFFIC SQUAD-Row I: M. Moreland, R. Finklestein, N. Ricldlebcrgcr. Row 2: II. Shields, M. Wayson, L. Haas Row 3: L. Blair, A. Torovsky, B. Petit. Row 4: A, Muhl, B. DiMaggio, S. Emerson, Row 5: M. Thompson, B Chambers, li. Plains. Ron' 6: C. Logan, Y. Brady, L. I-'rank. Row 7: S. Croscclose, P. Dobbs, l'. jones, B. Coleman C. Caldwell, li. Goodhuc, I.. Brown, M. Hnrrnl, l'. Bradshaw, F. Bosley, XV. Baxlcr, I. Ungar, Gildcn, B. Hopkins Row H: D. Dickey, C. Carlson, A. Ball, S. Shockctt, T. Klcis, R. Metzger, R. Watson, R. Smith, Il. Snnggs, J. Bless Row 9: Mr. Rogers. ..,. aum. .,.... U A X Crlptain-Bob Sl1crcr,Fir'.vt l.ifJutw111nI-Sheldon xvflllllliill. 'l'RAl"1"lf1 SQUAD 0l'Hf1l5R5-.l' Kmfef' J- Holme- MaL'Crcgor, C. Slum, B. MLNnlly, P. Kalhs. 62 MONITOR SOL'All-Row l: G. jov, .L Almato, S. Rieken, Geisler, Mclllanahan, li. Williams. Row 2: R l Stu rgis, B. l-Ilyf R. Senlmzm, B. Puritiui, l". Rouse, N. Gingras. Ron' 3: G. Smith, K. Stroup, l. Adams. Row Nl. 'forovsky' S. Howard, bl. Powers, J. Stripes, Mr. Herklolz, Ol-'l-'ICIliRS- NI. Peterson, N. Howard. CI, Hammond. M. Shields. "Clear your trays quickly, please." ll, onifor n--M Cilfld 3 .-M 'K'A Ki Addison Ball Ijdilor-in-Clzizff 45- Us My-., . 1 V I.l'l'F,R.XRY C1OlNINll'l"l'liliflimi' l: R. Watson, N. Riddlebcr cr, l.. Haus, B. ML g .. Nully. Run' 2: ll. Petit, W. lizixlcr, R. Towers, I. Ungar, ll. Huller, C. Hunimonm Joann Shiglds ul. Shields, R. Sturgis, R. lfinklcstcin, il. vllllylllf, ll. Gildcn. Ron' fl: M. Thompson AMO!-i,,,,, 15,1im,. CI. lilcy, S, Ili-own, lf. Boslcy. Row 4: ll. Hoffman, ll. liutlcr. R. Xllcr, G. Meredith Q Ron' 3: 4l. lNlz1cGrcgor, I.. Moldon, fl. Gilniur, S. Groscmlusv. ' K 3 - ' 1 Q cc e Diane Difkey ' ' 5 Ijtffrrzry Editor Bill Gardner Mnkff-uf: Erlilor Norma Riddlcbcrgcr Chief Tyfrixl Barbara Llulcman wallflil Baxter Iwatmm Clmi,w,,m,, Cirrlllrllizm Cllllfllllllll lN'I.XKli-lil' l10MlNII'l"l lili-Run' I: Shields, W. wcll. Ron' 12: S. l'n'uwn, ll. NICNUIU, Blcss. qv Q I i Clzlrilncr. NlzidQrcgol', C. Czlld if . -3 . ADVERTISING .IND PA'I'RUNS-Ron' l: -I. Huffer, C. Eley. Ron' 2: I.. Gass, C. Mayer, R. Weiss, H. Trumpy, I Vngar, Ciilden, W. Baxter, P. Dobbs. Ron' 3: B. Ebeling, S. Groseclose, M. Young, C. Meredith, B. Petit, Ba tlree, C. Block, R. -Xlter, B. Butler, I.. Longlilin, j. Fuller. Ron' 4: C. Carlson, P. Bradshaw, S. Brown, S. Pruitt, Poleski. B. Coleman. KI. King, D. Rowzee, S. Emerson, Kent, -I. Andrews, XValters, B. Ely. Rout 5: A. Muhl, Mac Gregor, NI. Harral. I.. Holden, G. Vanclergrift, P. jones, S. Kintlxerger, K. Moran, G. Joy, C. Simmons, R. Towers, M. Hudson ADVISIHJRS Sealed. Mrs. E, f M. Kinhart, Mrs. V. Bender. i -',, , Standings Miss S. Burt, Mrs. ' M. Rogers. ir X Abato B Britton son, M. Wayson, I.. Blair en, C. Caldwell, Mac 4: B. Brown, Dickey B. Hoffniztti, R. Schreitl ner, K. Baker. ART AND PHOTOGRA- PHY COINIMITTIQE - Rout l: Bless, I. Un- lgil. Bentley, R. Ifinkle- stein, N. Riddleherger, B. Coleman. Row 2: .L Tor- ovsky, R. Towers, XVil- KI. Gilmer. Run' 3: B. Petit, S. Pruitt, L. BIUICIA Gregor, M. Harral. Ron' li. Knickman, W. Gzirtl- ,aw- vw' Judy Gilclen Vmzuger Bert Hoffman Pll0f0gI'Il Iirfilor Chase Caldwell Mrs. lidward G. Bender Arlxfisrr' STAFF-I-Zrm' l: Snuggs, ll. MacGregor, 1. Ungar, li. Guodhne, R. XNatson. Row 2: C. Hammond, R. Zall, S. Kotzin, N. Cohen, B. McNulty. W f7f!.JJ CL g 0 Mr. Roland Olson H1l.YfVll'S.Y Mrmagffr REl'0R'l'l-lRS - Row l: A. Clapp, M. Shields, Shields, L. Lewis, Dobson, CI. Mayer, B. Ebeling, C. Block, S. Wlallers, S. Kotzin, C. King. Rau' 2: B. johnson, P. Kurnow, D. Dickey, WV. Baxter. B. Ely, P. Kallis, C. Gillmer, G. Vander- grift, li. Ayres, S. Emerson, C. Simmons. Row 3: C. Bennett, B. Sherer, B. Hoffman, R. Michaelson, Dickey, M. Greene, .I Snuggs, M. Bray. J. Kent. 66 The purpose of the Tally-Ho is not only to inform the students of school activities, but also to teach proper attitudes Qthrough editorialsj and to amuse fthrough fea- turesj. This year the AHS chronical has successfully achieved its three aims, with multifold news stories, interviews, features, editorials, columns and sports stories. llse Ungar performed as Editor-in-Chief, while Richard Watson was her Associate Editorg .ludy MacGregor. News Editor: Edith Goodhue, Feature Editorg and john Snuggs, Sports Editor. Mrs. Vivian Bender was faculty adviser. The job of the business staff is to man- age the publication's financial affairs: this includes handling advertisements, selling copies of Tally-Ho, attending to subscrip- tions, and paying the inevitable bills. This was ably done by Business Manager Mad- eleine Young and Mr. Roland Olson, busi- ness staff adviser. l-QXKII-LXNGI-1 EDITORS-M. I-2. Logan, j. Wilson, B. Axelrod. F .,.. -3 TYPING STAFF- Rout l: R. Britton, W. Baxter. Rau' 2: N. Nl. Bently, L, Frank. Row Block, B. Britton. Zall, B. Cohen, 3: C. BUSINESS STAFF - Row l: E. Goodhue, G. Meredith Wilson, CI. Block. Row 2: C. King, P. Bloom, B. Crout B. lily, B. Axelrod, R. WVayson, N. Cohen. Row 3 L. Brown, B, Coleman, M. Young, J. Kent, l'. jones l l JG PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART-K. Baker, P. Sentman B. Gardner. A IiXliCll'l'lVli CIOITNCIL-S, French, j. Dobson, l'. Kallis, Hopkins, B, Sherer, xl. Holme, D. Brashears. X'Vith one representative from each home room, and officers elected by the student body, the Stu- dent Council has made lile at AHS highly demo- cratic. Like the national government, the student government is divided into three parts - executive, legislative, and judicial. The Executive Council, the Student Legislature, the Student Court, and the Traffic Squad lorm the ma-ior components ol the SC: the Executive Council and Student Legislature representing the executive and legislative branches, A f . ..., rg i O .gzzclenf X. FN ADVISERS - Miss Nancy Durig, Miss Dorothy Noble, Mrs. Christiana Alex- ander, Miss Louise Hicks. D. Lee, B. while the Student Court in conjunction with the 'l'ral'l'ic Squad, represent the judicial. Under the leadership ol' President David Lee, with advisers Miss Dorothy Noble, Miss Louise Hicks, Mrs. Chris- tiana .-Xlexander, and Miss Nancy Durig, the Stu- dent Council has made many contributions this year. Three ol' the four ol'l'icers of Southern Mary- land Regional Association ol' Student Councils were chosen from AHS. They are: David Lee, Presi- dent, Betty Ann Hopkins, Secretarvg Pat Kallis, 'I'reasurer. HOME ROOM RLI'RliSliN'l'A'l'lVICS-lion' I: MacGregor, C Mayer, Slaven, S. Olmstead, E. Peacock, M. Sheilds, Y. Ward, IE. Chambers, L. Haas. Ron' 2: II. Snuggs, C. Hammond, C. Buser, li. Kallis, B. Foster, l'. Wilder, I.. Sherman. Ron' 3: A. Ball, MacGregor, R. Matson ,D. Alexander, D. Brashears, ll. Gaither, VV. Tilghman, M. Duvall. ounci - ,su ,',A i 1 1 , "How do you plead?" David LCC Prvsidcnt 5 - ,""i li NI" f ' X jay Holme llwlly .Xnn Hopkins Pat Kallis Vin' Pr4'.sifIc'n! .S'f'crz'l1:ry Treasurer H0511-Q ROOM .-Xlfl'liRNA'l"l-lS-Run' l: . Balclrcc. . lxlffllllllkilllelll, ll. lishclman. B. iiolcinam, IX. McNulty, P. Kimi .l J A l', Ymingrcn, Anclcrsun. CI. Sinunons. Run' 2: M. Pclcrsmi, Y. Smith, M. lVllCCli'I', S. Rollin. limi' 3: li, Clarke. Hblml, 'lf Klcis, K. Hedin. III III PIQRIOID CIIIORIN-limi' I: -I, Imigslmm, IJ. Ilunbzir, I. I.:iwson, Y. Ifuwlcr. II. Shcralfl. S. Sliclcr, A. I'ctcrsun, 'NI Iliallev, Cl. Iilm. I. Nlilfllcll, M. Wclllorcl, I.. l.zlmI1. Ron' 2: H. XVimlsmN l5iFCI.ZS, N. Hcrmlrick, II. Twill?" BUWIIIZIII. mut,iS. I'n'owii. II. Iicrrv, S. 'llickcly II. Ificlilcr, B.Cro11I. Run' 3: S. HQIIIIICI1 H. IIQIIIIIIIJY. X. HIIIIIS, C. Amlcrson I' Ioncs, S, XVZIIICIS. II. .X, Hopkins, l"IlllC'I'. I'. Dobbs, IL. Mcrcclilh, Ii. Clzillzilman. MJ" UOPUJQJ RIH I'li-RIOD I1IIORI'S---limi' lf N. Smith, Ii,Sl1ci'lmc1'l, Ii. Buss. UI. Nlorris, ll. Slicclcnhclm. Ilulfcr, I'. Straus I Bless, I.. SWCCIII, NI. vIill0IJiUIl, I.. Hall. Run' 2: IX. Bailey, R. Iizixtun, I., Sumplcr, M. Bray. A. flurry, SCIITZIKICI' I Rose, A. l.crnC1'. R. 'I'uwc'rs, Slzncn, Y. Bcull. Rau' 3: il. Simmuns, Nhmlm, If.. Snellings, l'. Murray. Ii. BCIAIIIICS Il RIISSCII, I-. Dowling, IJ. Ilifkcy. I.. I.cvin, M, XN'ilsm1. Q2 I 70 FIRST l'IiRIOIJ ClHURI'S-Ron' I: tl. Mayer, I'. BLIIZCY, M. I'.ierce, I'. Kreitzer, I.. Ifrank, M. johnson, M. Yvheeler, Shields, M. Bauer. Ron' 2: I.. l'Izias, Cl. Carter, V. Maupin. G. Vandergrift, IS. Butler, T. Storton, B. Bland, N. Tucker S. Sturgis, Al. Griffin. Ron' 3: j. Robinson, NV. Bethel, R. XVolod, D. Stnrdevzint, R. Wolfe, R. Alter, M. Logan, S. Carpenter, H. Gaehl, ll. Britton, tl. Hzinnnond. Row 4: R. Pzihner, B. Mason, W. Iirikson, I.. Redding, R. Michaelson, Dickey, I'e1'et, Dowling, NY. flzirnien. ".Xlwz1ys I5-shznep, never Ii-lint" is 21 phrase Iznnil- ian' to nieinhers ol' the Annapolis High School chorzil groups. The pleasant voices ol' the mixed choruses :ind all-girl choruses are heard during the day us they practice lor their heavy progrznn sched- ule. Pzirticipzitioii in ussenihlies, Bziccialznlrezlte Services und Grztduzltion, :is well ns progrznns for outside orgzniizzitions keeps them busy throughout the year. Two projects ol' the year were coinhined chorus :ind listnd concerts. The trztditionul curoling of the chorus at Christinustinie added to the holiday spirit ol the school :is did the orzitorio, "The Clrucilixionu add to the Easter season. The lile of the school is greatly enriched by the music ol' these groups. SIXTH PICRIOII t.HORl'S- Ron' l: A. Iispinosa. il. George, M. Bentley, j. 'l'innnernian, CZ. King, 5. Kintberger, I'. Shaw, B. King, M. Young, S. linierson, .L Torovsky, xl. Geisler, A. Saulit. Row 2: B. McNulty, lVilson, D. Springfield, M. Barnes, II. libeling, .X. Almto, S, Whitcomh, T. Hull, II. Hznnhruch, I', Bradshaw, S. Xlkilton, N. Madden. Ron' 3: A. Rutledge, E. La- Clhnpelle, NI. Riggins, NI. Risenaur, Y. BZIIISIIIII, il. Baldree, B. Coleman, V. Cullison, S. Coodey, E. Goodhue, P. Burns, G. Stein, j. Lzrloye. Ron' 4: 'l'. Stunipf, M. Prater, D. Guinula, M. Tomanio, IQ. Clarke. R. jackson, S. Dickson, Il. Ad- dington, Ii. tiriner, Ii. Clhznnhers, XV. Ifreenian, D. XVebster. F BANII-Ron' l: M. Torovsky, L. Haas, H. Stokes, L. Hagood, L. Sherman, M. Greene, J. DeMey, P. lishinger, J. Legum, li. Knickman. NV. Gardner. Ron' 2: J, Mitchell, J. Lee, D. Lofgren, li. Moyle I.. Bull, R. Smith P. Artis, S. Shawen, N. NVilson W. Smith, G. Vallandingham, XV. Evans, O. Mlayson, T. Kleis. Ron' 3: G. Smith, L. Robinson, D. Meekins, NV. Adamson, J. Dickey, NV. Burhans, R. Johnson, MacGregor, D. Haas, P., R. Stillwell, P. Hoyt, D. Paulson, Holme. Row 4: Mr. Page, W. Hnebl, J. Powers, W. Meade, G. Sas, St. J. Martin, D. Alexander, D. Kerns, R. Sherer. i For the first time in AHS history, the band attended every 'X-,. football game, home and away, raising the spirit of Annapolis 5 "'fgX 4 rooters with pep songs and half-time shows. f X D 4 10- ,dn The band alsonplayed a number of indoor concerts during the winter and spring, and the year was clnnaxed by a trip to New York sponsored by the Tall Cedars of Lebanon to play lor their annual parade. Thus, the band broke its previous record of forty performances in one year. In addition to its outside engagements, the band also played for assemblies, and at the end of the year will play for graduation. Members who participated in the State Band and State Or- chestra brought further distinction to the organization. X Jay Hohne is president of the band organization and Mr. Kenneth Page is director. ul Q it D 1 lr W 5' if t f Q ii! 71 I The dance band, an off-spring of the regular band, played at school dances, with the approval of all. 72 ....,......u-Q. 5617161 BAND COUNCIL-Row 1: T. Kleis, R Sherer, P. Artis, L. Haas. Row 2: L Sherman, D. Alexander, J. MacGregor J. Holme. DANCE BAND-Run' l: I.. Robinson, W. Adamson, D. Meekins, M. Greene, G. Smith, P, Iishinger. Row 2: W. Gardner, W. 1-lvans, 0. Wayson, Knicklnan, T. Kleis, R. Sherer, J. Holme, D. Paulson, P. Hoyt. HM! 73 TEACHER -STUDENT ASSEMBLY COM MITTlili -Sfwlvd: D Alexander, M. Shields C. Hammond, CZ. Mayer, A. Ball, D. Lcc Slandingz Mrs. H. Mcliamey, Mrs. 1-1. Travis Mr. R. Kunklc, Mr. A. Bischoff, Mr. H 0'Donnell, Miss R. Longanccker, Mrs. V Langdon. CIOSTIIME AND MAKE-Ill' CZOMMITTEL iSeaImI: C. King, I.. Brown, S. Kintbcrgcr Slmzrlings J. Fuller, C. Caldwell, L. Brown xl. Gildcn. I.lCH'l'lNG AND STAGE CRENV - R. Sher- cr, A. Bull, J. Dickey, G. Hoffman. "She wants a blue spotlight on this number," , E-,I 'Qi Track star, Glenn Cunningham, tells how it's done ....,:-f, LU" 15158171 A65 .Xml they czunc with haste, and found Mary and Joseph and the llahc lying in a manger." u n ig l , 1 . Y ' l l . l L l i jagnf Hgh' "I put the motley in the gum-slot." This year, the Talent Night curtains opened on an array I'on1my tools it long and low. ol' especially talented performers. First Came the traditional Tally-Ho play, lollowed by a diverse host ol' players ranging lroni singers, to dancers, to instruxuentalists. Not only the performers but also Miss Dorothy Noble, ehiel' laculty adviser, Mrs. Christiana Alexander and Miss Nancy Durig also advisers lor this Student Council sponsored aftivity, won ilfflllllll lor a thoroughly enjoyable evening. just a flock of songbirds. 9 Q If , 11 if ,M X Q NNN Q fr iil iu y M O 9 M EPAIR 21,06 K5 Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers Librarian LIBRARY A Lrip to our library is like 21 trip around the world. Books und displays in colorful zirrzmgement bid us delve into known ur and unknown adventures. Mrs. Mary .Xnn Rogers, lilmrzarizin, :ind her zissistzmts help us lind the wonders ol the world as well :is llllL0Tl1l2lllOl1 needed lor our classes. ! igrarg LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-Seated: S. Pruitt, C. Werner, J. Shields, I. Ungar. Standing: C. Logan, S. Bice, D. Rowzce M. Hudson, M. Pierce, B. Nziwotlnick, S. V'hitcomh, A. Abalo. 77 6U'llfL6ll"g 3464.111 CAST, IN ORIJIQR OF ,-XPl'EAR,XNClli 1'll'lf'd1l ..... . Carolyn liley Herbert Gage . . . Robert Sherer Samlz Gage , . . . .,,. -lane Wilson 111111111 Gage . . Sarah -lane Groseclose llVI!l7'g6 Gage . ., , Patrice Bradshaw BIITIIIITII Gage . .. -Iune Fuller George Husted . . , . . . Charles Carlson ,l1n111tl111n R1n'l1111oo1l . , William Gardner 1lI11ll11'l1l11 Ro1'l1woo1l , . . . Martha Harral Mr. Loomis . . , , . Addison Ball Unele IV11ller . . Richard X'Vatson M1111 R01'l1w0o1l . . . Thomas Kleis CKITSUII , . , . . David Lee I'mmpters , ..,.y ludy MacGregor hloann Shields, Diane Dickey .Xmid lun and hard work our class pol- ished and presented JANUARY THAW. .X pre-Revolutionary War house gave the setting for our dramatic endeavor. The modern and sophisticated Gage family, fu- gitives from "big city" lil'e, remodeled the house, moved in, and hoped for tranquil living. The Rockwoods, an elderly couple, who originally owned the house, had the same idea and moved in bag and haggage. Each had a valid claim to the house. The hilarious as well as serious scenes ol this play tested our ahility and ingenuity as "troupers." XVe take oll our hats to Mrs. Esther Travis, our director, lor her guidance and patience. 6 'A , ,,EWJ WM' ,A ff Lg ! Q. . my ' 'Bt V A pg ' ,L ff , iv ,,,L,,, ,.. ,.,,,, , ., , k V wr, sa.,7fqg-my fm A n :Ti ., .M--H ' K H ,L ,, ., 5? ggh-,qytgl ' i 2 i-avi' 5' TfI?f2i W 2 I """"' gf ARI' AND DICCIORAIION - Nam' I: Haines, I.. LXSI' SIiI.ICl1'I'ION C1OMMI'I"I'IiIi - .S'f'r1tf'1I: KL. Stein Iiruuks, II. I'cnil. S. Iinicison, N. Nlucldcn. Ron' 2: I'. I. kllIIxI'IIIg', ll. Gilmlcn. Slunrlingi K. Baker, S. XVOIln Dolmbw, M. Ii. 'IQIIOIIIIJSOIL S. Ilmwn. il. Clailclwcll. Rim' II: S. Slmckclt. I.. Ilmwn. Kent. I.. NIcr4'cIilli, C. bilnlcr. 'v i l'ROGR.kNIS .XXII COVICR - Ron' I: A. 'I'0r- rwsky. II. I'cIlil, Ii. I'I0n1bcrg. N. Mznlilcn. Rau' . 11: CT. Caldwell. I'. jones, I.. lfrzink, Kent. A Ifrm' II: NI. HnII'cx'. AI. Iivznis. Run' 4: I'. Dobbs. ,Q pp NI. Hudson, R. 'I'owc-rs. Nun' 5: I.. Brown, L. Q' I.ongI1lin. 49 -Z' . I I'ROI'IiR'lIIfS, K10S'I'l'NII'. IND MXIQIQ-l.'I' Ron' I: .L 'I'orowIq', 'If Hall, S. I-Inicrson, X Brznly. Ifuu' 2: I.. Bmwii, S. Brown, R. Fin- Lclstcin. CZ. Iilcx. limi' II: I. Sim wson, IS. Ifrcncli. KZ.Mz1. ,-I. - ' . 2 -. 'hz .. -155, Ii. KLumIIn1c. II. Cnlcnnni. 'I'IllKIi'l'S .IND l'l'l5l.IClI'I'Y - I.. Springliiclll, Klzlk- lillg. I.. Ilzizls, I.. Moldcn. II. Huffcr. Imigston. Ron' 2: IIOITSIC NIAN.XCLIiMIiN'I', SOUND, LIGHT, S'I'.XGIi I.. Ilrown. IS. I'CIlil. R. 'I'nwcrs, 1.. I.ungI1Iin. Ron' EI: Ron' I: M. Hnclsun, li. Hmnhcrg, R. Finkelstein, IJ. Rowzcc, J. Kent, IS. Pnlcski. QI. Myers, S. Kintlmcrgcr. I'il'2IlIIi. Ron' 2: Ii. Coocllluc, I.. Springfichl, II. Coleman A. Mnhl. limi' FI: II. IIrmIInuin, S, Dickson, IS. IIcz1II, A. Wiggins. 3, I . .zu 79 "asp, 'f'tl 'wk , :Q ,gg ii-w in 'Q ,P I 1. fx ' QC NVhcii, on lhc CYCIHIIQ ul bluiic fl, wc cnlcrml the lizillmrmi Im' our -luiiioi' l'1'oii1 :incl hczml thc strains ol "Smiicwlici'C Over thc Rainbow" llcmt into the nighi, wci 1'c:zili1Cml lllill the iiiontlis ol' prcpzirzition :incl aliiticipzilion wcrc ic-wzmlccl. .X lilly gzirclcii, xi miiihow with thc lrzicliliunail "pol ol' gold" :md an wishing well whcrc clziiic-Urs mulml pnusc' lor il iiimiiviil, were :ill an part ol our plains lm' thc gzilzi ocuisioii. 'lihc "Star lluslcrsn sculccl umlei' 21 rziiiilmw ol pznslcl Ilowcrs pmviclcil the music- lor this, our magic night io i'miiciiiImci'. Lil' larin iirkigif Girls from llic Home l-lc. Department model their own creations at the Fash- ion Slmw, l-'orcwr blowing glass bubbles. N--. 5 if-if Biology students "ful up" for parents. Wyorning euofiona Eg' lggclge fo jfag 1111 'S"N-...- f-2 ,3 8 7 is x O -j X MORNING DEVOTIONS The clock is turned back thousands of years each morning, when the Scrip- ture is read. It is followed by the Lord's Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Purposes of the devotions are to set the proper inood for the day and to create a reverent atmosphere. Miss Dorothy Hamilton, faculty ad- viser, and Lynn Cass are responsible for the scripture readings while Fred Green- tree supplies the music. oin efforts lo tcmh us zmnlo I5 8k,.!4 7495 33 Z CD 4' my X 'AV vp, 5 Uursimlc looking in - Lzmcl snakes nliw! my. 84 gh cxpcrimclmlzlthm in Chem lah wc hnrl that walter rczlllv IS ll..0. 11 I 1 1 1 JV' l-' 1o"N IX 0 S hc 5 43455 85 Y' xi' ' 7'f7f?i 'TA m y ailn-:va mf' A V MH 69 X ' X osx E 83' "Si mms faisimls un tour cle Paris." "Lccmos un cucnlo cn Ia clusc clc espanol Roma Antiqua c learn In solve lil'c's problems in IA: nmily Relations class V31 "li," W 62. " 94 H 9 3 . 6 , ' ' L ' 6 X 0 4 ,.- lf z, If :A 90 words a minute is our goal in typing class. Sanskrit? - Hiemglyphifs? - or Shorthand? B0C!fC1'of FY P lfntnrc business executives in the making. .65U QE S. fl 1" 1,7910 lx If f ffiif'-"-S . I Z f"'1" 77 14,17 We pause briefly for refueling and relaxation. 0 i cg 'f 8 ' 'Nf 76 1 0 5 1217 X The people behind the food plan the week's menus 89 'b 9 ,A Xing 3,7 , F L 'qv Through Global Geography we learn more about the world in which we Iivc. American hislorv becomes alive through pictures "L:-w-wnrsnsa 1:2 1 90 Cl l ll l l'n s are cut b a Lransversal, Geometry students prove: If lwo para e 1 ei ' y the corresponding angles are equal. 0. Z-gi 234 E Future engineers calculate distances . from angles in Trig. 91 5 .ix 5 A 1 .4 sa his f R rf' tsriai L' 4 i ,M Mx. English Literature is made more vivid tu us by pictorial maps. 'W' gli 3 165 . journalists learn tricks of the trade. 92 ll llnderstanding of facial expressions is essential to Speech and Dramatics class. In .Kath Us to lemme Tdfeanfl Lawful dmv Our Phys. hd. classes mclude some qlllel games vrs IS lhc goal of the Drnvcrs hd. class. . . . and some more active ones. f?-X lo 2- ? -Q5 93 ,M Skillecl hands huilul El future in woodworking. H-, l' Fulurc homcmukers practice the art of cooking .Xpprefiatiun of An broadens our education. .nr f 1 3W ja,, ,,7, f V - f Lash fl - -, ,f 11 "fx ,-W ir' f K, ., g , f 1 fzy-5, iq -:wx-if-,W Iv: af - 1 , 533 7 - .3 V. "fi-fm sm 11 TW Q x 2 w v , I F Q M gfgwfgl y-'p f A 2555755 The cleftion of the queen und her court, chosen lor ztppearzllice, service, and personality, initiated the unforgettable honiecoining celebration. The honieconiing queen, Put Brutlsliaw, with her court: Put Kzillis, -Ioan Bless, Alzickie Haines, and Betty Ann Hopkins, reigned over the exciting week-end events. omecoming ueen Put Bradshaw Honzemming Queen, 1956 The honored girls added to the week-end which welcoined the alumni back to AHS. Leading the parade and speaking :lt the bonfire were among the events in which the queen and her court par- ticipated. The climax of their appearance occurred when the queen was crowned during the half of the Honiecoining gznne with Elkton. QUEEN AND COURT - Pat Kallis, Betty Ann Hopkins, Pat Bradshaw, ,Ioan Bless, Iackie Haines. Frederic-k Clzunlmriclge Sltcrwootl Laurel lilkton . Southern Bel Air lVest1uinster XVic'0micio 'lilic hall is put into play! Bt-:uuilul blocking fur .knnapolis might result in ll score. SCHlLIJUI.l'Q Opp. AHS 0 as 0 0 x :3 ll! 0- lx O A TD 7 ts -'gg 1:4 is X " ff 31 is - ff- 20 I2 ' 'W' I8 . lil. ""' lm MMFV Z' X X vgfvif ' vt -. WA. uf 99 Standing: Mr. J. C. Rogers, Coach. Row 1: H. Warner, B. Britton, C. Mitchell, Co-captains N. Bassford and F. Bottner, M. O'Donovan, L. Huntington. Row 2: J. Case, l'. Wiseman, J. Robinson, D. Gumula, S. Bowman, P. W'est. Row 3: R. Mason, C. Carlson, P. Norris, J. Inglc, Diamond. Row 4: j. MacGregor, K. Rossback, D. Bull. Row 5: B. Lowe, D. Langley. Row 6: D. Kirchner. Fred Bottner receives a trophy as the outstanding player of the year. lOO ardify Calvert County Glen Burnie . . . Brooklyn Park . . . Calvert County Arundel ....., Howard County Glen Burnie . . Brooklyn Park Alumni .,..,. Arundel ...,.,.. Howard County OCCQI' Opp. AHS 1 .,l 0 M0 2 ..0 l ...0 0 ...l 1 ..2 5 ...0 2 ...l 5 0 l 3 l Row l: L. Haas, A. Elliilt, F. Bosley, L. Gass, C. Gillmer, P. Straus. Row 2: M. E. Thompson, P. Kallis, M Logan, H. Gates, I.. Brooks, S. Howard. Ron' 3: V. Peacock, J. Sharp, E. Kallis, M. Bottner, Mrs. Pat Osborne, E. Peacock. .JLil0cLeg QCLITI, HOCKEY SCHEDULE AHS Opp Arundel . ,..... ., l l Howard County . , . . 2 0 Brooklyn Park . , 2 0 Glen Burnie .. . . 0 0 Arundel ...,... , . l 0 Brooklyn Park . . l 0 Glen Burnie . ..,. , 3 0 St. Mary's Seminary H2 l Panthereltes defend their goal in a close game Strutting majorettes work on their fancy positions. .M ua 1 k E .i ... I. Bless, l'. Balzer, R. Alter, l'. Wilder. Back: G. Gantt, B. Horton, J. jerner, I,. Springfield. ajoreffed Sparkling blue and white uniforms, twirling batons, and rhythmic feet announced the presence of our in- imitable majorettes, the epitome of real school spirit. Under the capable leadership of Louise Springfield they have formed colorful, intricate patterns on the gridiron and performed at all pep rallies, bonfires, pa- rades, and special assemblies. The spectators at the football games have always looked forward to the half time when the majorettes would perform. They were never disappointed as the girls spent long hours of hard work, before and after school, practicing their peppy routines which came to brilliant life with the music of the AHS band. lO2 1, Kotzin, M. Barnes, M. Wlheeler, P. Bradshaw, J. Simpson, B. Eshle- man, L. Cass. CAQQPLHJQPJ Victory, victory is our fry, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Will we have it? Well I guess, Annapolis High School, yes, yes, yes! Here are the girls who are so familiar to AHS. Seen at all varsity games, pep rallies, bonfires, and parades, they promote good spirit and help show our teams that the school is proud of them. The cheerleaders, led by Pat Bradshaw, give their time and energy to their school. Sponsored by Mrs. Pat Osborne, they have introduced many new cheers this year which have proved to be very popular with the student body. lO3 Capering cheerleaders show their pep py routines. Md Seated: B. Smith, QI. Dollar, C. Horton, S. Wolllnan, M. Byrne, l'. Olson. Standing: 0. Ciullembcr, I.. XVl1itc, J. Garrett D aul son, Il. Burhains, D. Sturclcvant, Apostle, Mr. Milvs jackson, Coarlz. Dec Dec. jan. jan. jan. jan. an. .I Ian. lan, Klan. Boyd , amifg gaffefgaf l?l High Point . . 20 Cambridge . . , . . , . 3 Howard County , , 6 Southern . . , I0 Bel Air .. 13 Arumlcl .... 17 vvCSll11lllSlCIA 26 liaston , . . . 27 Brooklyn l'zn'k 3l Howard County . . . , in . ' 1 Z AHS 58 40 58 50 43 38 58 40 lil 48 .-R Opp. 66 58 41 -l-1 77 44 til 60 42 56 lfclm. Ifch Fel: lfclm lfclm. Feb lfch. QI Ifch lfclx. 28 M a r Charlotte Hall Northwestern , . . . . Richard lNIontgmncry Bcl An' ....., ..,. .Xrunclcl ..,., Glcn llurnic . l'l1lSIUIl . . , Glen Burnie . , . l"rcdt'rick ,,,, Brooklyn Park . ...,, ....,. . 54 31 47 59 4 lhll pulls ont! out ol Ihr tit Row l: B. DiMaggio, l'. Martin, M. L. Moreland, Mrs. Pat Osborne, L. Brown, N. Riddleberger, P. Kallis, Raw 25 B H01-gon P. Eyster. B. Bradbury, l'. Wilder, B. Kaiser, E. Kallis, j. Curren, M. Bottner, j. Biggs. i i Dec -Ian jan jan -Ian Feb . 2 U06 amifg gadgefgaf AHS Opp. Alumni ...,. .... I S3 102 Feb. Calvert County .... ,... 3 7 36 Calvert County .... 28 22 Feb. Arundel ........... ..,. 3 1 28 Arundel . . .,,. . , 53 27 Feb. Brooklyn Park ..... . . . . 27 32 Brooklyn Park .,.. 25 26 Feb. St. Mary's Seminary Glen Burnie .. , .... 41 42 Feb. Glen Burnie ...... Southern ..., . . 49 38 Mar. l Southern . . . . . 'l'lle girls make it a hard, fast game! 6 NV l A Q QQZQQSWD3 fm 0 xl .A t n n ' v Row l: C. Critter. W. Ericson, J. Macfiregor, R. Duvall, I. Garrett, D. jarrell. Run' 2: M. Brown, R. Michaelson, Powers, D. Smith, ll. .Xlexantlcxg j. XVhitc. l ago ' unior araify lt's a high jump for thc hall! 106 Ron' l: A. flurry, G. Ilurhatn, I.. Gertz, H. Gates, I.. Green . , B. Foster, S. Howard. Ron' 2: A. Elliott, D. Hall, S. Carpenter tr 6 M. Connely, B. McLean, li. Griffith, J. Etlelen. Ron' 3: H Stevens, C. Lathatn, J. I,aC0mpte, S. Walton, C. Bowen, M Torovsky, M. Smith, B. Beall, H. Snyder. unior Ctfditg Pztntlierettes break up at score. l07 Ix'ne'z'li11g: S. Shochal, S. Lcwncs ,l-I Willard, l'. Ambury, D. Braslmezlrs. Slanding: J. Katcef, li. Chambers, B. Beall, Cflflfll H. Hall, If. Greentrce, li. Clark, 1. Nvillarfl. mmm.. AHS Opp. lVz1lcel'ieltl High l l 36 Northwestern . 0 49 Southern , 26 21 Suitlancl . . I3 30 Gallaudet College , H 33 Southern . 20 I9 Metropolitan Tourn. , Sttlneilz tounters take-clown. lO8 Uardifg U D CAA. Ron' l: L. While, li. Clarke, D. Lee, W Sloinoff, B. Bcall, R. Shaw. Row 2: WV Dunaway, l'. Olson, S. Wollman, C. Hor lon, . Dollar, B. Gaither. Ron' 3: M Byrne, Coach N. Wetherhold,,S. French. 9-n hi Rfmr l: Miss Richards, L. Class, C. Gilmer S. Kotzin, l-'. Bosley, P. Kallis, E. Kallis, M. L Moreland, B. Horton, N. Riddleberger. Ron 2: Mrs. Osborne, l'. Bradshaw, j. Bless, J Biggs, L. Brown, L. Haas, jerner, L Springield. Ron' 3: M. Barnes, ml. Simpson B. Eshelman, M. Bottner, XV. Baller, S Shawn, I.. Lewis, l'. Baller, L. Brown. Ron 4: P. jones, B. Coleman, li. Peacock, V. Pea cock, l'. Adams, V. Cullison. Row 5: A Torovsky, M. E. Thompson, G. Smith, J Kern, l'. Wilder, R. Alter, M. E. Logan. Ron' l: DeMay, R. Campbell, D. Shaw, lfrench, I' Olson, M. Ambach, XV. Ericson, I.. Retling, D. Montgomery Ron' 2: R. Duvall, S. Lewnes, yl. Apostol, S. Brown, B Dodson, li. Riekcn, li. Moyle. Row 3: R. Barlag, A. Tick- ner, M. Brown, R. Winston, B. Brown, l'. Norris, li. Sears, l'. Hoyt. Ron' 4: W. Spenser, QI. Powers, lfennell, B. Yardley, l'. Grogger, B. Burhanis, D. Kirfliner, C. Carlson. Eadelaf SCHEIJULE . Charlotte Hall .. Brooklyn Park . .Southern . . . . .Glen Burnie . Arundel . . , Charlotte Hall . .Brooklyn Park . . .Southern , . . . .. Glen Burnie . . . , Arundel , . . coach gives some pointers on batting te . . Home . Away . Away . . Away . Home . Away , Home . . Home . . Home , Away chniques 1 April l7 April lil . . .me 'f A April 27 . . .il ,. ' A I Ali! ' l ' fl '-'. . "Wi ' A 1' .L 1 ' in k,,,. 1 .-A. VV.. kr: I :xiii A slay L1 at H ,,... M a y 8 if e'.' gf . .....' ib ky ',.k ..L. -L-Lk -." 1 k,f7 . Q M Q tk': Q. .V,. Afzly I8 Q 51 if B Q ii' 55 May 22 ' ' 'iiii ii . . . : " 1 I H , r rf .rw 'i.,-,-f f ,s,. 1 , . -., M1 ' 23 . -V at 'l "". 1 1 lic --fQ. we . , - . -5:11. ,fE'i95 '51tY" KEN Ph:-f-4 ., , ' ' -w e A A . . . ',' - Strike one! il L' f el You're out! ' f rrss t at at A Nil 'ef' M . Q .... A 'A f fa . ia'1 il s. f, -' ': If 551 - . ' ..r. Q ',y,sV-kr,-111--11 , . 1 A' , me 14-fx. T7 1' V Av' i .- . . ' .. . Q ' 'jf i . .mf S A k , 5- 2r"Q-NY El ' . Y ,I 'W-ff ' - 'fi' ' ' wt r...'r A A f,k, . .J if llO Ron' I: N. Riddleberger, B. Horton, Olmstead, E. Peacock P. Hlilder, B. DiMaggio, l'. Strauss. Row 2: M. L. Moreland S. Shawen, B. Bradbury, R. Sentman, B. McLean, L. Sweeney, H. Stevens, Miss Richards. Row 3: li. Kallis, j. Simpson J. Curran, S. Cloud, D. Hall. Row 4: R. Sturgcss, L. Green I.. Levin, L. Lewis, C. Latham. A... , ...- . .. ..., fp: . L' :A ir. W ., . Ya gf 4 .:.dh no 1 If v , xi gf:-. A fr ' k f 'Z ' i'.:q5Q.12 , p l r AX Qzl La, ls. E. ,M JVV Q M 5-L ,LV ,.. J L... . . . . .. . s ... is . A .f 1. ,,, I LX ,.,,.. x1X-- . , M ' N X J . I 6' A 5 e L ow - 1 .v V V- . -xrfsfx. ' AQ SSSS Shes safe! jg 'mat P. ., ,,... 1 Coach Richards and Co-captains. A K 50 f CL Could be a homer. "M" A SCHEDULE April . . .Howard County . Home April . . ,Howard County , , . Away April . . .Brooklyn Park . . . Away April . . .Southern .... , . Away May . . .Glen Burnie . . . . Away May . . .Arundel , . . . . . Home May . . .Brooklyn Park , . . Home May . . .Southern ...... . Home May . . .Glen Burnie . . Home May . . .Arundel . . . . . Away lll Row 1: C. Stockett, J. Herman, j. Legum, B. Shercr, D. Dearborn, L. White. Row 2: T. Kleis, F. Greenlree, W. Dickson S. Brown, j. MacGregor, R. Michaelson, D. Webster. Row 3: D. Shaw, D. Brashcars, M. O'Donovan, D. Bull, M. Casa J. Case. ZCLC At the crack of the pistol - "Col" "Sprint it!" Ron' l: P. jones, BarncQ. Row 2: XN'lritc, W. Balzcr, B. Howzml, S. Walton, H. XVilliams, C. Bowen. Row 3: V. Bauslnn, L. Brooks, B. Eshlcman, L. Cass, H. Snyder, T. Trnppncr, lf. Boslcy. Ron' -1: Kent, M. A. Torovsky, B. Britton, C. Murchakc, H. Gacbl. Alllhll April April Huy May Huy Mary Slay U, ey ref SClHlilJlll.lQ Howznktl County Howzntl County Brooklyn l'zn'k Glen Bnrnic . .Xrnnclcl . Brooklyn Park Glen Burnie Arundel Home Away Away Away Home Home Home Away l l s l Q , V ' W '-"N X. 1' L . 1 Co-czrptains joan llznncs and Peggy .loner with Clozlclr Osborne. llp and ut 'cnrl March 23 April 5 April I3 April 20 April 27 May 8. May I I lhe Powerhouse Cilllllill Rogers gives orders. I 6LCl"0f55Q SCIHlLlllll,li ., Cllulrlotte Hull ,Southern fliultilnorej A . ,Spzirrows Point A Glen Burnie . , . Hel Air . cill2ll'l0llC Hull r.Glen Burnie A ,Home Home . Away Home Home Away , ,,... A way Rvmv l: CZ. Horton, D. l5l'2lSllClll'N, ll. Dunaway, bl. Dollar, D. Hopkins, ll. Rolrruclr. Rim' 2: W. Duckett, M. Byrne, B. Stoln off, C. Bearclmore ll. Gaither. li. Cllunnhers, Rim' Il: li. Clarke, .X. Bell. ll. liezlll, Mr. li. Rogers, D. Paulson, D. lu. IC. Lancaster. ll4 -4 sr ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . . . ADMINISTRATION ADVERTISERS ,,.. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEES .... BAND .......... BOOSTER CLUB , . CHEERLEADERS , CHORUSES ..... CLASS OFFICERS Senior .A........, junior ...,.. Sophomore ,... CURRICULUM Arts .,........ Commercial . . . English Family Relations . . Foreign Languages History .,...,.... Mathematics ..t.. Physical Education Sciencesm, DEDIOATION FACULTY . . I . FOREWORD .. I-IOMECOMINO HONOR SOCIETY . JUNIOR PROM , , LIBRARY .t.,,. MAQIORETTES ..I, Jmfla 1 16 6-7 124-139 74-75 72-73 58 103 70-71 12 44 51 94 88 92 87 86-87 90 91 93 84-85 4 8-10 2 96-97 59 81 77 102 MONITORS I . . PATRONS ......... QUILL AND SCROLL SENIOR CLASS .,1,. SENIOR PLAY ......, SOCIAL COMMITTEE SPRING EXHIBIT .. . STUDENT' COUNCIL SPORTS Boys' Baseball . . . Basketball .... Football . . I Lacrosse . . . Soccer .. Track ..... Wrestling . , . Girls' Basketball . , . Hockey ,.,. Softball .... Volleyball .... TALENT NIGHT ... TALLY-HO ...... TRAFFIC SQUAD . . . UNDERCLASSES juniors ....,.,.. Sophomores .......,, VARSITY "A" CLUBS .,... WAKE . I . 63 117-123 59 13-40 78-80 60-61 82 68-69 110 104, 106 98-99 114 100 112 108 .. 105,107 101 111 113 76 66-67 62 45-49 52-56 109 64-65 .!4CLl'l0l,UAJgl'l'lel'lt5 As our last weeks at AHS draw to a close, we, the editors and staff of the 1956 WAKE, lay down our pencils and silence our typewriters. Our task is completeg this volume has been delivered to you, its readers and critics. We can now say only that we hope you are pleased with it, and ask your forgiveness if we have left out something which you consider important or have misspelled your name. Without the co-operation of numerous other persons we could not have produced this bookg we take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation . . . to our patrons and advertisers, without whose financial support our WAKE could not have been publishedg to our tireless advisers, whose experience was invaluable, Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart, Mrs. Edward G. Bender, Miss Sarah Burt, and Mrs. john A. Rogersg to Mr. Sidney C. Schultz, Sales Manager for H. G. Roebuck and Son, Inc., who guided us through the intricacies of yearbook publicationg to our photographers, Mr. jan LaPorte and Mr. Mfilliam R. Klangg to our understanding principal, Mr. Albert W. Fowble, and our teach- ers who patiently allowed us to be drawn from their classesg and, to our helpful and sympathetic families. H6 Bosley, Achenback, Mrs. Katherine Adams, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles B. Adams, Mrs. James M. Addington, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. R. Addison, Mrs. Edward S. Ahlers, Irene W. Aisquith, Grace Alanson, Steve Alexander, Christiana Allen, George 8: Grace Alphonse 8: Susie Alter, Mr. 8: Mrs. P. G. Ambach, Mike Anas, Mrs. Steve Anderson, Albert L. Anderson, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. E. Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Edith Anderson, Mrs. James G. Anderson, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Andrews, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Andrews, Joan '56 Andrews, Mr. Parker Andrews, Mrs. Rosalie Anne Arundel County Police Dept. Apostol, Cleo Apostol, Georgia Apostol, Mary Apostol, Nicholas Arndt, Dicky Asher, Gene Asher, William B. Atkinson, Mrs. Mary Atwell, S. F. Avery, Fred '55 Ayers, Lilli-Bud Ayscue, Mr. 8: Mrs. George Bailey, Miss Josephine Bailey, Mary jane Bailey, Mr. 8: Mrs. William T. Baker, Ellen Baker, Capt. 8: Mrs. H. E. Baker, Mr. Kenneth Baker, Thomas H. '55 Bald, Mr. 8: Mrs. LeRoy Baldree, Bill '50 Ball, Addison '56 Ball, Mr. 8: Mrs. N. Hansen Ball, Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Z. Balzer, Barber, Babs Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Barnes, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Barnes, Joan Barrett, Mr. james Barrett, Mr. 8: Mrs. Reginald Barry, james jr. Barry, Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Bartlett, Commander E. Basil, Donnie '55 Basil, Mrs. George C. jr. patl'0l'L6 Basil, Jac k '53 Basil, Robert A. jr. '51 Bass, Mrs. B. L. Bassett, Mrs. Nell Bassford, Barbara '57 Bassford, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Bassford, Nick Bateman, Raymond Bausum, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Baxter, Wanda Lee Baxter, Mrs. W. H. Beall, Mrs. A. K. Beall, Barbara Beall, Mr. Clarence W. Beall, Harry '25 Beall, Jintzie '58 Beall, Linda '54 Beall, Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Beall, Mrs. W. Oliver Bean, Harry Beard, Leahbelle Beardmore, Buddy '57 Beck, Dr. Edward S. Becker, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. V. Belcher, Lester 8: Doris Bembe, Albert Benson, Mrs. Jeanne Bentley, Mr. Edward R. Bentley, Margaret '56 Bentley, Mr. Robert E. Bentley, Ruth C. '53 Bentz, Mrs. Gene Berger, Dr. Charles Edward Bertl, Mrs. R. J. Besse, Rev. Alden Bice, Mrs. Louise Big, Mary '55 Bird, Marcia L. '55 Bischoff, Anthony Bissel, Ensign N. H. CU.S.N.A. '54, Blackburn, Charles A. Blackhurst, Mr. 8: Mrs. james Blackwell, Jerry '45 Blair, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Laessle Blair, Mr. 8: Mrs. john Blair, Linda L. '56 Bland, Miss Maureen '52 Blanken, john D. Blechman, Dr. 8: Mrs. A. Bless, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. H. Block, Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Bloor, Mrs. Ralph Boe, Mrs .L. K. Boettcher, Ellen Frances Bohlman, Bolander, Mrs. Harold George Bolander, john Bolander, john G. Bolman, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. B. ll7 W. Bona, Pindell B. Borssuck, Dr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Thomas P. Boswell, Freddie Bottner, Mr. 8: Mrs. Nicholas Boulton, Mrs. Frank Boush, Mrs. 1. O. Bowen, Alice Springfield '44 Bowen, Mrs. Dorothy Bowers, Alma Casey '52 Bowling, Karen Denise Boyce, W. B. Boyer, Mr. 8: Mrs. B. Boyer, Mrs. D. P. Bradford, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Bradshaw, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. L. Bradshaw, Sue '58 Brady, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Brady, Mr. 8: Mrs. T. C. Brady, Yvonne Brandt, Mr. E. W. Branson, Dorothea Daniels '52 Brant, Mrs. Ora N. Brashears, Mr. Dave Brashears, Patricia Brashears, Robert Brashears, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. N. Brennan, Mr. 8: Mrs. James W. Brewster, William Briscoe, Dr. Philip Britton, Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred "Dutch Senior Britton, Barbara '56 Britton, Edna M. Brooks, Capt. 8: Mrs. C. B. Jr. Brooks, George T. Brooks, Letty Brown, Mrs. Amelia Brown, Bill '56 Brown, Mr. 8: Mrs. Buford M. Brown, Charles I. '43 Brown, Delia Brown, Mr. Kenneth N. Brown, Lynn Brown, Marguerite Hall '47 Brown, Mike '58 Brown, Robert E. Jr. Brown, Skippy '58 Brown, Capt. 8: Mrs. William W. Bullen, joan fSt. Mary's '56j Bunker, Mrs. Raymond Bunting, Gail Burgess, Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward D. Burgess, Mrs. Elsie Burgess, Emma Burgess, Mr. 8: Mrs. William F. Burns, Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Burt, Miss Burt, Miss Sarah Carrick, Mrs. Roy Burtis, Francis Edward Burtis, Jim '55 Buschman, John E. Buser, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Bush, Mrs. James O. Butler, Mr. 8: Mrs. H. L. Butt, Mrs. Harvey Butts, Jack Jr. Cadell, Bill '53 Cadell, Mr. 8: Mrs. William T. Caldwell, Capt. 8: Mrs. R. S. Callahan, Bob '55 Callahan, Pat '54 Callahan, Mr. Richard G. Callie, Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Weems Cameron, Tom Cammarata, Charles J. Jr. Campbell, Helen '52 Campbell, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. E. Cantler, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carman , William '58 Charles '56 Mr. Charles M. Frederick W. "Fritz" Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Mr. William Carpenter, Mrs. Henryetta W. Carr, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Roland Carr, Miss Virgil Tr. '50 Carrick, Mrs. H. W. Carruthers, Major 8: Mrs. N. Carter, Mr. Berry Carter, Charlie M. Carter, Mary Rose Casey, Mrs. Carrie E. Casey, Franklin M. Casey, Louise '56 Catterton, Mr. Malcolm Cavey, Mr. 8: Mrs. William Cerone, Rose Chairs, Mr.-8: Mrs. Clifton Chambers, Chambers, Chambers, Barbara Nancy L. '55 Mr. 8: Mrs. R. E. Combs, Joseph J. Comstock, Charlotte Mosley '54 Conklin, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. F. Cook, John M. Cooper, Mr. 8: Mrs. Hart Coppersmith, Bobby 8: Midgie Corbin, Will Cornwell, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. W. Covington, Maxwell Covington, Mr. 8: Mrs. Maxwell Cox, Miss Katharine Coxe, Captain Coyle, Edna Hurlock '22 Crandall, George P. 8: Grace A. Crandall, Linda Cranford, James R. '46 Crenshaw, Mrs. R. T. Cromwell, Roy D. Cronin, Mrs. William B. Cross, Mr. Kenneth W. Crout, Mr. 8: Mrs. Crouthers, Mr. 8: Crump, G. C. Cullimore, Myrna '54 Cullimore, Mr. K Cullison, Penny Cummings, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frazier Cummings, Herbert Cnreton, George "Skip" Cureton, Skipper Paul G. Mrs. William Mrs. Thos. J. Chambers, Mr. 8: Mrs. Reginald B. Sr. Chambers, Chipouras, Ciccarone, Mr. 8: Mrs. William A. Mrs. J. Clare, Dana Clark, Mr. William A. Cockrell, Joe Coe, Joseph E. Cohen, Mr. 8: Mrs. Saul M. Colburn, Carrie Colburn, Pat '56 Colby, Mrs. L. R. Coleman, Mr. R Mrs. Robert E. Colette, Mrs. P. E. Collinson, Mrs. Elizabeth Collison, Charles F. Collison, Donnie Collison, E. Aubrey Collison, Joyce Currier, Jack '54 Curtis, Mr. Curtis, H. L. Cutting, Mr. 8: Mrs. James R. Dale 8: Ed Dalrymple, Henry C. Dammeyer, Mr. Fred Dammeyer, Robert Daniels, Helen C. Danley, Mrs. Harry Darden, Mrs. Lillian Darnall, Mrs. William Daves, Miss Rebecca Davis, Miss Elizabeth V. Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson, Patricia L. Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond S. C. Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Day, Joan '54 Deininger, Mr. George R. Deiotte, Mr. R. L. Dennis. Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred S. Dennison, Joan Depkin, Carl Rex Desheroon, Mr. R. E. Detamore, Mrs. Harold Dickenson, Mrs. Vivian E. Dickey, Col. 8: Mrs. L. Dickson, Miss Diane DiMaggio, Beverly '56 DiMaggio, Mr. 8: Mrs. P. P. Disney, Mrs. Ethel Dobson, Mr. Edgar F. ll8 Jr. Dobson, Harry Dobson, Mr. Scott Dodds, James C. Dodds, Marguerite H. Doepkins, Henry A. Dollar, Eleanor M. Donald, Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald, Mr. John Donner, Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Donovan, Mr. 8: Mrs. John F. Doris Klimes 8: Bob Grollman Dorn, Lois Virginia fSt. Mary's Dove, Mrs. Owen A. Downey, Mr. R. A. Rayner Droll, Mrs. Helen Drost, Mr. John J. DuBose, Mrs. Duckett Francis Duckett, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank S. Duckett Mr. George Duckett K. H. Duckett Kitty '53 Duckett Mr. 8: Mrs. 0. Bowie Duckett Mr. 8: Mrs. W. B. Dudley, Bobby Duley, Audrey M. Dumford, Mrs. C. L. Dunaway, Bill Dunaway, Mr. Ross Dunn, Nancy Lee McKnew Durm, Marguerite C. '48 Durner, George B. Duvall, Mrs. Gordon S. Duvall, Pat '54 Dye, Curtis M. Dye, Mr. Wilson Dyson, Mrs. Jack '51 Eastridge, Fred Ebeling, Betty Lou Ebeling, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. C. Edward, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Edwards, Marguerite Eiring, Mr. Henry L. Elben, William Eley, Carolyn '56 Eley, Mr. 8: Mrs. Cliff Eley, Mr. Cliff Jr. Eller, Peter Ellinghausen, William Elliot, Mrs. George M. Sr. Elliot, Mrs. Grace H. Jr. '40 Elliot, Mr. 8: Mrs. William L. Jr Ellison, Mrs. Wilbur Emerson, Sharon '56 Engberg, Mr. E. Engle, Mr. Francis E. Erickson, Mr. George A. Jr. '47 Erickson, W. M. Eshelman, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. C. Eslinger, Mrs. Leila Espinosa, Miss Anne Evans, Celia '48 Evans, Mr. 8: Mrs. Pete Herbert, Mrs. C. Evans, Mr. Stewart Ewell, Mr. Sc Mrs. William L. Farrell, Fay Feldmeyer, Miss Nyce Felter, Mr. Sylvan Fielper, Roy Finkelstein, Marlene '60 Finkelstein, Mr. 8: Mrs. Milton Goettee, john Goldsborough, Mr. Heah Goldsborough, Mrs. Martha Goode, Sandy '57 Goodhue, Mr. Sc Mrs. Walter Goodman, Mr. Goudreau, Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Sc Mrs. E. G. Hayes, Martin A. Hayman, Hoely Helen, Miss Hellwig, Al Henderson, Mrs. Thelma C. Henderson, Tom Hendricks, A. R. Gould, Col. Gorden Thomas jr. Gould, Mrs. Vincent Finkelstein, Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Fiore, Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Fisher, Mrs. john Fishpaw, William Fishpaw, William S. Fitch, G. C. Fitzsimmons, Mr. Fort, Edith V. Foster, Mrs. S. D. Foster, William Richard jr. Foust, Mr. 8: Mrs. Boyd Fowler, Mrs. Peggy Fowler, Mr. Sc Mrs. Wiley L. Fox, Mrs. Grace Foxwell, Donnie Francis 8: janice Frank, Mr. George E. Frank, Mr. 8: Mrs. john A. Gould, Mrs. Wendell O. Grant, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. H. jr. Gray, Mr. Sc Mrs. C. W. jr. Gray, Mr. Thomas Greengold, Mr. Sc Mrs. A. Greentree, Mr. Frederick H. Sr. Greentree, joanne '55 Greentree, Miss Patricia Griffith, Edythe '58 Grill, Mr. L. Griscom, Mr. Sc Mrs. joseph H. Sr. Grollman, Gail Ann Herbert, Kathryn '51 Herman, Mr. j. E. Herold, Stewart '25 Herr, Mr. Sc Mrs. Walter E. Herring, Mrs. Carrie Hetzner, L. E. Hicks, Miss Hicks, james D. Higgs, Mr. 8: Mrs. Warren Hill, james D. Hilprecht, Mrs. Carl Hiltabidle, Chazz '54 Hiltner, George joseph III Holland, Frank, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Frank, Linda Lee Freed, Mrs. Kenneth Grollman, Mrs. Marie Groseclose, Cap. 8: Mrs. S. K. Grubbs, Robert Grube, Mr. Harrison Gruver, Mr. Sc Mrs. j. Robert Haas, Mr. Sc Mrs. Charles B. Haas, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles H. Hackenbush, Dr. Hugo Hackmann, Mr. john Hochensmith, Miss Betty Hodges, Mrs. Katherine Hoenner, Mrs. Matilda Hoffman, C. Gilbert jr. '56 Hoffman C. Gilbert Sr. '26 Hoffman Mrs. C. Gilbert Sr Hoffman Mrs. john C. Hoffman Margaret '29 Mr. Fred Freeman, David French, Mr. Sc Mrs. Sidney W. French, Mrs. Edith Freyman, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. C. Sr. Fuller, Mr. A. Stanley Fuller, june Fulton, Mr. George Gaither, Wiliam C. Gallagher, Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Galloway, Mrs. Benjamin C. Galloway, Buddy Gannaway, Mrs. Kathryn W. Gantt, Geraldine '58 Gantt, Mr. William E. Hagan, Stanley Hagood, Billy Holme, j. M. Holt, Edith Mary Holt, Kenneth N. Haines, Bonnie '59 Haines Mr. Sc Mrs. G. B. Haines jackie '56 Halbig, Connie Haibig , Connie 8: Buddy Hales, Mr. Xa Mrs. L. R. Hales, Mr. L. Roman Hall, Ann Hall, Donald W. '40 Hall, Mr. 8: Mrs. D W. Hall, Harvey N. Hopkins, Carville B. Hopkins, james E. '52 Hopkins, Mr. 8: Mrs. j. Lloyd Hopkins, john L. jr. '4l Hopkins, joseph W. '31 Hopkins, Mr. j. W. Sr. Hopkins, Mary Ellen '54 Hopkins, Mr. Sc Mrs. Milton O Hopkins, Robert D. '42 Hopkins, Mr. Sc Mrs. T. W. Hardesty, Garber, R. Gardner. Florence Brooks '29 Gass, Mr. 8: Mrs. john T. Gates, Herbert S. jr. Gebhardt, Mrs. George H. George Mrs. Hattie George Lee '55 George, Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon W. George Mr. Orval Gibson, Carol Anne Giglio, F. Gilden, Mr. 8: Mrs. H. M. Gilden, Mr. 8: Mrs. M. W. Gillmer, Charley Gillmer, Christy '56 Gillmer, Mrs. Derr Gillmer, Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas C. Hall, Thelma '56 Hallock, Mrs. Charlotte Hamill, Mrs. B. W. Hammond, Mr. Walter Hampton, Rev. Wade Hardesty, Mr. 8: Mrs. Hardesty, "Charlie" Hardesty, H. O. Hardesty, Mr. 8: Mrs. jack joy-Anne '55 Girod, Mrs. Patricia Hill '50 Gladden, Mr. james Monroe Glover, Paul H. Hardy, Mrs. Clarence Harley, Mrs. Ethel Harral, Martha Harrington, Lee Harrison, Mrs. Betty Musterman '47 Harrison, jimmy Harting, George L. Hatcher, Elizabeth Hawes, Mr. Sc Mrs. Walter H. Hawkins, Mrs. William R. 119- Horton, Bessie E. '57 Horton, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles F Hounshell, Mr. 8: Mrs. Housley, Allan D. Housley, Mr. George Housley, Mrs. George Howard, Nancy '57 Howes, Mr. 84 Mrs. F. R. Howes, Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Howlin, Mrs. Emma Hubbard, Henry C. Hudson, Marilyn '56 Hudson, Mr. Sc Mrs. Willard T Hudson, Willard T. jr. '59 Huff, Mr. R. Huffer, Bob Huffer, janet '56 Hughes, john Hunt, Lulu W. Hyde, Mrs. B. j. jr. Hyde, Mrs. B. J. Sr. Ingle, Mr. George Emery Ingle, James T. lngle, Roberta Jane '58 Inky Iosbaker, Mr. 8: Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Lester Jacobsen, Elnora Jacobson, Janie James, Mae Hall '41 Jarrell, Edna H. Jarrell, Lex Jefferson, Mr. Wilson A. Jenny '56 Jerner, Judy Jewel, Mr. Joseph J. J. '53 Jickling, Laura R. "Jim Thorpe" Joanie '55 Jocus, Mrs. Hazel Jocus, Mrs. J. J. Joe 8: Ginny Johns, Mr. 8: Mrs. David Johnsen, Johnson, Johnson, Clarence '42 Capt. 8: Mrs. Mrs. W. H. Kenchington, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry S. Kenney, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry C. Kent, Mr. 8: Mrs. Derwood D. Kent, Susan 8: Donny Kem, Mrs. Williarn R. Kessinger, Jim Keystone King, Charlie Raymond King, Connie Lorraine King, Mr. Frank King, Mrs. Lucia E. King, Reese '46 Lebo, Mr. 8: Mrs. Leslie E. Lebo, Miss Virginia L. Lee, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Carroll Lee, Mr. k Mrs. Gordon Lee, Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman W. Lee, Norman W. Jr. Lee, Rita Lee Van Orden '54 Legore, Mrs. Legum, Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Leitch, Tom Lengil, Emilie King, Roger C. Kinhart, Dr. 8: Mrs. Howard A. Kintberger, Capt. 8: Mrs. L. S. Kirchner Dave Kirchner, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Kirchner, Miss Katherine Kirchner Miss Mary Kirwan, Mr. 8: Mrs. B. E. Klakring, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. R. Klakring, Janet Klawans, Mr. k Mrs. Harry Klawans, Janice '55 Kleis M 8: Mrs Joseph A. ., r. . Klemm, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Klimes, Mrs. Adolph J. Leonard, Dr. 8: Mrs. Nathan Lerch, Miss Elaine Lerch, Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Lerch, Mr. Howard Jr. Le Tourneau, Mrs. Harry Levy, Ervin Lewis, Mrs. Norman Lieberman, Meryl Ann Linhardt, Dr. 8: Mrs. E. G. Linthicum, Jeff '58 Linthicum, Mr. 8: Mrs. T. J. Little Biz Logan, Carol Logan, Mrs. Charles Jr. Logan, Mr. Sam T. Joh nson, Mrs. Lloyd Knackstedt, Barbara Knickman, Mr. W. E. Jr. Knode, Fannie B. Kolb, Kolb, Miss Margaret Kolb, Mrs. M. Corkran Kolb, Miss Mildred V. Koolage, Harry N. Kotzin, Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Milton Kreitzer, William C. Krohn, Lt. 8: Mrs. Stanley W. Kyes, Capt. 8: Mrs. Mr. C. Francis Logan, Mr. Lohmeyer, Lohrmann, William F. Mr. 8: Mxs. George Mr. Wilbur Lomboy, Mrs. Donald C. Laber, Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Lacey, Rush L. Lady Lajoye, Margaret S. Lamb, Col. Allan J. Lamb, Mr. Charles Lamm, Mr. 8: Mrs. William Johnson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard M. Johnson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Rudolph Johnson, Rudy Johnson, Mrs. Theresa Johnson, Mrs. Thomas A. Jr. Johnson, Mr. 8: Mrs. T. W. Jones, Mrs. Arthur M. Jones, Mrs. Hugh E. Jr. Jones, Morgan '59 Jones, Peggy '56 Jones, Ruth '52 Jones, William S. Jordan, Mr. 8: Mrs. William Judd, Jimmie '52 Juerss, Miss Etta Kahn, Martin Kallis, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Kalmey, Janet Kambrich, Mary Ann Katcef, Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin H. Katcef, Joseph Katcef, Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Katcef, Phil Katcef, Samuel J. Katsef, Samuel '27 Kaufmann, Bill '53 Kaufmann, Mr. 8: Mrs. H. J. Keatley, Randall Keats, Kenneth Wayne Keen, Mr. Charles A. Keeney, Mr. 8: Mrs. Don Oliver Kelly, Mrs. Viola Kelly, Thomas L. '51 Kemper, Robert D. Lang, Mrs. Francis Langdon, Mrs. Virginia Langley, Dick Langley, William H. Langville, Mr. Irving Langville, Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Lannon, Mr. 8: Mrs. Victor F. Lape, Miss Donna '52 Larence, Miss Ada Larrimore, Mr. Edward Sr. Larrimore, Mrs. Walter E. Larrimore, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Garrett Lausch, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Lawless, Mr. Martin Lawson, Janice '57 Leatherbury, Charles l2O Long, Mr. Jimmy Long, Miss Lucille E. Long, Mary Frances Long, Pat 8: Bobby Longbottom, Harry D. Lovejoy, Mr. Larry Lovejoy, Mrs. Penny Loving, Miss Ruth Lowe, Bill Lulabel Lulu, Mimi Lund, Mr. 8: Mrs. Gustave W. Lundgren, Mrs. A. E. Lunter, Mr. Frank F. Lunter, Mrs. Frank F. Lunter, Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul F. Lutz, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold T. Lyons, Douglas F. Lyons, Miss Margaret Lyons, Mr. Lyons, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. S. Jr. 8: Mrs. W. S. Sr. Lyttle, Mrs. Maize Lyttle, Mrs. Richard Macaluso, Connie MacCubbin, Mr. Donald G. MacCubbin, Mr. Samuel T. MacCubbin, Mr. 8: Mrs. S. T. MacDonald, Dr. 8: Mrs. E. R. Macey, Mr. 8: Mrs. Dave Machande, Mrs. Frank Machande, Thomas Robert '62 Maggio, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Harry J. Sr. Michaelson, Roy Niedringhaus, Mrs. John Maggio, Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph J. Mahorney, Kathy Mandris, Mr. 8: Mrs. N. J. Manis, Mr. 9 Mrs. Nick Marable, Capt. 8: Mrs. H. H. Marie '54 Marlow, Mrs. Doris Horton '48 Marlow, Mr. Morton E. Marn, Lewis E. Marsellas, Mrs. J. Melvin Jr. Miller, Mrs. A. N. Miller Elsie-Como Miller, Mrs. Frank Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Miller, Mae Miller Miss Mary Miller, Mrs. Nicholas Miller O. R. Miller, Pete '56 Miller, Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter J. Nims, Nelson '55 Niner, Rev. 8: Mrs. Charles E. Noble, Dorothy L. Norfolk, Joe Norris, Mr. 8: Mrs. George W. Jr. Norris, Mr. 8: Mrs. George W. Sr Norris, Pete '56 North, Mrs. Joyce K. Novak, Mrs. Grace Nowell, Louis A. Sr. Marsellas, Mrs. J. M. Sr. Marsha 8: Curly Martin, "Bevo" '54 Martin, Mr. 8: Mrs. E. P. Jr. Martin, Jane Martin, Mrs. John F. Martines, Mr. Melvin 1. Martines, Roy Mason, Bill Jr. Mason, Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles S. Maun, Maun, Mrs. John Maury, Hazel S. Mayer, Mr. W. P. Milliken, Lyman R. Mills, Mr. 8: Mrs. George Mintz, Jim '55 Mitchell, Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Mitchell, Jerry Moerschel, Helga Molden, Mrs. G. P. Molden, Miss Joan E. Monday, Ruby A. Monroe, Mr. Russell Montalbano, Miss Lucille '56 Montalbano, Mrs. P. Montgomery, Donald Moore, Mr. Ansel McCarter, Mrs. E. L. McCarthy, Mrs. Martin McClenahan, Gail McClenahan, Mrs. Robert Sr. McCready, Evelyn '56 McCready, Mr. 8: Mrs. James W. McCready, Mr. 8: Mrs. Willis McCrone, Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Moore, Betty Hopkins '45 Mooseles, Mrs. Helen B. Moreland, Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Moreland, Laola 8: Clarence Moreland, Margaret '57 Moreland, Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Moreland, Mr. Thomas R. Morgenstern, Jacob, M. D. McDaniel, Mrs. Kathryn McEllinn, McEwan, McIntosh, J. Burke Kitty fBladensburg '57J Mrs. T. McKee, Diane McKillips, Lloyd McKnew, McKnew, Chuck Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Willis McNiel, James McNiel, Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter C. Meade, Mrs. Amelia '50 Meade, Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice Meade, Mr. 8: Mrs. Ramon E. '47 Meade, Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell E. Meiklejohn, Robert S. Mel the Pel Moriarty, Dr. Angela-Magee Morris, Mrs. Stella M. Mortimer, Mr. 8: Mrs, Tom Morton, Mrs. Zola E. Mosley, Buddy '57 Mowers, Raymond L. Moyer, Mr. Joseph Muhl, Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Muhl, Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Murchake, James A. '51 Murchake, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Murchake, George '53 Murphy, Mrs. James Murphy, Katherine Musterman, Powell '27 Myers, Mr. 8: Mrs. David H. Meleski, A. F. Mellen, Mr. 8: Mrs. John E. Melvin, Mrs. Malcolm Meredith, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank W. Meredith, Gail '56 Merelman, Mr. 8: Mrs. Sal S. Merritt, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Albert Mertens, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Metcalf, Miss Mary Jane '54 Metzger, Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Metzger, Richard Michaelis, Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Michaelson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Emanuel Myers, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harvey F. Sr. Myers, Major 8: Mrs. H. B. Myers, Robert L. Myers, Mrs. Ruth Myers, Shirley '51 Nappier, Norma Jean Neebe, Mrs. Henry J. Nelson, Mrs. Florence Nichols, Mrs. G. T. Nichols, Mrs. Harry Nicol, Mrs. John Nick, Ted Nick, Mr. 8: Mrs. Ted l2l Noyce, Mr. B. E. Nye, Larry R. Oaksmith, Alvin Oaksmith, Mrs. Eveline Oaksmith, Mr. 8: Mrs. William G O'Donnell, H. Oliver, Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert E. Oliver, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. E. Oliver, William Earl Olmstead, Jackie Olmstead, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. E . Olmstead, Sarita Olson, Mr. 8: Mrs. D. C. Jr. Olson, Mr. 8: Mrs. D. C. Sr. Olson, Roland A. O'Neale, Mrs. Albert Orbany, Mr. Orbany, Karen Lee Orr, Jay Osborne, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. M. Overman, Mrs. Kenneth Owens, Mr. 8: Mrs. Alvin Owens, Mrs. Charles Owens, Mrs. Clarence Owens, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Edward Jr Paine, R. W. Paine, Thomas Palmer, Rudy '58 Pantaleo, Mrs. Gabriel Parkey, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Parkinson, A. M. Sr. Parkinson, Mrs. Ethel M. Sr. Parkinson, Harold R. '46 Parkinson, Mary K. '50 Parks, Charlotte C. Parks, Mrs. G. L. Passo, Mrs. C. A. Patke, Mrs. George Paulson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Freeman R. Paulson, Miss Margaret Peggy 8: Frank Perry, Commander 8: Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Charles Perry, Lt. Comdr, 8: Mrs. John E. Pessagno, Mrs. David W. Petrowsky, Mr. Joseph Pettingall, Mrs. Frances Pettit, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles G. Ill Petty, Robert W. Pfeiffer, Jimmy Phelps, Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward S. Phelps, Sidney Phipps, Mrs. Anna Phipps. Clara '55 Phipps, Mr. Douglas r. 8: Mrs. Meade H. Pick, M Pierce, Margo Pierce, Mr. Thomas Pierre, Mr. Les Pierre, Mike '58 Rising, Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Rispoli, Nick Robbins, Mr. George Robbins, Mr. M. E. Jr. Robertson, Charles E. Robertson, Shirley M. '55 Robinson, James '55 Robinson, Jimmy Robinson, Mr. 8: Mrs. L. R. Pike, Mrs. H. T. Pitt, Henry Lee II Pitt, William Plaine, Mr. 8: Mrs. William Plitt, Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Rodgers, Mrs. George Rodgers, Mrs. Joseph Roesler, Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis W. Rogers, Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Rogers, Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Boyly Plugge, L. R. Poirier, Francis W. Poleski, Frank Leo Jr. Poleski, Theodore Frank Sr. Popham, Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Potemken, Bertram Prewett, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles P Prewett, Mr. 8: Mrs. Mercer B. Proskey, Alex Pruitt, Anita '55 Przybilla, Mr. 8: Mrs. August Pumphrey, Mrs. David Purdy, Purdy, Purvis, Mr. Dudley Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Dr. J. Oliver Rogers, Mrs. P. E. Rogers, Sheldon Rohrbach, Harry M. Rollins, James Edward Jr. Root, Mrs. Lillian Rosenblatt, Rabbi 8: Mrs. Morris D Rosenbloom, Mrs. Henry G. Rossback, Mrs. Russell O. Rossback, Mr. k Mrs. Otto Rossee, Debra Rossee, Linda '55 Rowzee, Mrs. P. R. Roukis, Mrs. John Sewell, Mr. 8: Mrs. William ll. Shaffer, Mr. 8: Mrs. Ted Shapiro, David A. Sharp, Joe Sharp, Liberty M. Sharp, Mr. Owen D. Sharp, Wayne Shaw, Mrs. Emma Shaw, Pat '55 Shaw, Pat '56 Shaw, Mr. sf Mrs. R. J. Shea, Mrs. John J. Sheehan, Cathy Shelton, Miss Margie '54 Sherald, Mrs. J. Robert Sherald, Mrs. Robert Sherald, Mr. R. T. Sherbert, Eileen '57 Sherbert, Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter ll. Sherer, Anne '59 Sherer, Bob '56 Sherer, Mrs. E. Sherer, Mr. 8: Mrs. T. D. Sas, Mr. 8: Mrs. S. G. Quinn, Thomas E. Ravenscroft, Mrs. Harold E. Rawlings, Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Rawlings, Mrs. J. F. Redding, Dick Reed, Diane '57 Reeves, Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Reiter, Allen J. Reoth, Miss Irene Repie, Mr. Julius J. "Rudolph" Rubins, Jo Runge, George Russell, Barbara Russell , Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward T. Russell, Joan Russell Rusteb Ryder, . Dr. 8: Mrs. Oneal F. erg, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. I. Mrs. H. S. Saia, Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Sheridan, Frances '51 Sherman, Mr. Charles H. Sherman, Mr. C. M. Shields, Gerard Thornton Shields, Mr. 8: Mrs. William S. Shirley Gantt 8: Bob Baldree Shochat, Dr. 8: Mrs. Albert J. Shochat, Miss Beth Ellen '55 Shores, Sidney T. Jr. Shores, Mr. 8: Mrs. Sidney T. Sr. Shores, Sesan '63 Simpson, Alfred Simpson, Helen Simpson, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. H. Sinclair, Lois C. '55 Revelle, Miss Nettie M. Revis, W. A. Reynolds, Mr. C. E.. Reynolds, C. F. Richards, Betty '56 Richards, Mr. 8: Mrs. F. M. Sr. Richards, Joan Lee Richards, Mr. 8: Mrs. S. F. Richardson, Bob '56 Richardson, Mrs. Jenny R. Riddleberger, Joan R. '53 Riddleberger, Norma '56 Riddleberger, Mr. 8: Mrs. P. Ridout, Mr. F. E. Santos, Mrs. Daniel D. Sawyer, Mrs. Josephine Schenker, Ellen '60 Schieke, Capt. 8: Mrs. H. E. Schilling, Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Schlegel, Mrs. Roy Schmidt, Ruth '55 Schneider, Cliff '52 Schneider, Mrs. C. L. Scholl, G. T. Lynn Schorr, Mr. Schreitz, Mr. S: Mrs .W. Gordon Schultz, Ernie '53 Schultz, Ernest '53 Schumacher, Mrs. Howard Ridout, Mrs. F. E. Riggins, Mrs. W. W. Riley, Mr. Riley, J. Carson Riley, Mr. John Joseph Jr. Riley, Mr. Thomas A. '50 Riley, Mrs. W. H. Rinehart, Dr. Arthur M. Ripler, Mrs. H. S. Rippert, Mrs. Francis E. Schumacher, Mr. Howard H. Searls, Miss Helen Sears, Benjamin Sears, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles A. Sears, Leah-May Sears, Mr. Mickey '53 Sears, Wendell D. Seery. Mr. William Serry, . . Serviss, S W. Jr. Robert L. l 22 Skipper, Mickey '55 Skunky Slavin, Mrs. F. Slider, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. B. Slider, Anitra Slider, Sharon '57 Slugga, Mrs. John Smallwood, Mrs. Charles M. Smith, Claire A. Smith, Mrs. C. M. Smith, Mrs. Dorothy Smith, Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mrs. Evelyn Smith, Mrs. Fred Smith, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry L. Sr. Smith, Mrs. H. H. Smith, James Smith, John Smith, Mrs. John W. Smith, Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Smith, Malcolm Smith, Mr. Oden Smith, Mrs. 0l.ive Smith, Mrs. Raymond Smith, Mrs. Shirley Butler Smith, Mrs. Shirley Hopkins '48 White, Stephens, Mrs. R. E. Smith, Mr. Thomas Sneade, Geraldine Snydeman, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. W. Snyder, Mrs. Charles Solomon, Selig Southwick, T. S. Spencer, Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Spies, Richard Sponsler, Peg 8: Dick Springfield, Bea Deale '50 Springfield, Larry '50 Springfield, Lou Springfield, Mary E. Stacks, Bill Stahl, Charles W. Stallings, Mr. H. Melvin Stancil, Betty Lou Starlings, Mr. G. H. Stehle, Mrs. Stein, Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald M. Tomanio, Nancy '71 Topper Torovsky, Alice '56 Torovsky, Mary Ann '58 Torovsky , Mr. 8: Mrs. Rudolp Toth, Captain 8: Mrs. Tower, Darlene Towers, Towers, Mrs. Robert B. Robert G. Towers, Romaine '56 Townshend, Mrs. Charles B. Trackler, Mrs. Wayne Tracy, Mr. 8: Mrs. Don Trautwein, Ruby S. Tretbar, Mrs. William J. Trott, Mr. 8: Mrs. Alvin J. Trott, Charlotte Trott, Louis Trott, Mrs. Robert Sr. Trott Mrs. Rhoda Troutman, Mr. Benjamin Sterling, Betty Jane '54 Stevens, Mr. Edward Stevens, Mrs. J. G. Stevens, J. T. Stevens, Marge '45 Stevenson, Mrs. James G. Stewart, Ruth Stewart, Sadonna Stockett, Clinton Stoinoff, Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul T. Stokes, A. W. Stokes, Evelyn '35 Stokes, Frances Stokes, Howard Storton, Buddy '50 Storton, Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Stoutenburgh, Lt. Joseph Straubel, Miss Betty Straubel, Mr. 8: Mrs. Clyde QC. H. S. '52j Straus, Bobbi Straus, Mr. 8: Mrs. L. G. Trumpy, Helen Trumpy, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Trumpy, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Jr Tucker, Mrs. John R. Tuers, A. M. '50 Tugend, Mrs. R. E. Tull, Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul E. Turk, Donald Turner, Mrs. E. B. Twitty, Mrs. Matha S. Tydings, Mrs. Christine Ungar, Mr. 8: Mrs. David D. Ungar, Ilse Susan Vanous, Mrs. Joseph C. Velenovsky, George '29 Vlna, Mr. Lawrence '58 Vlna, Mr. 8: Mrs. V. A. Sr. Volker, Mrs. Delores Volker, Mr. Ludwig A. Vranan, Mr. 8: Mrs. George WBWOR Wagoner, Joe Lee Wahab, Mrs. H. Walker, Mrs. Wallace, Mr. 8: Mrs. David H Warthen. Blanche Straus, Paula Straus, Scotty '50 Strauss, Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis M. Strow, Mrs. Stanley Stucker, Lt. 8: Mrs. Gayle G. Stumpf, Mr. 8: Mrs. George Suit, Miss Elizabeth Sullivan, Thelma Suto, Mr. Richard L. Swontek, Mr. 8: Mrs. John Talbot, Mr. 8: Mrs. Allen Mr. Theodore Tauser, Taylor, Miss Ada Lorene Taylor, Mr. 8: Mrs. Alvin S. Taylor, Mrs. Emma Taylor, Everett '31 Wallace, Mrs. Emily Jr. Walsh, Kathie Ward, Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel E. Warner, Taylor, Jack R. '56 Taylor, Mrs. James E. Taylor, Lois Taylor, Janet Taylor, Mr. 8: Mrs. T. T. Taylor, William Terry, Alice Terry, Janet Warthen, Lois hA. Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn F. H. Watcher, Bob Watkins, Mrs. Mildred Watson, Bob '54 Wayson, Mrs. Evelyn Watson, Mr. 8: Mrs. R. A. Jr. Watson, Richard '56 Watts, Mrs. Ruby Wayson, Alice Wayson, Clifton '52 Wayson, Mr. Edgar Jr. Wayson, Grace Wayson, Mr. Lester Wayson, Mrs. Lester Wayson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Rip Thau, Mr. 8: Mrs. Edmund R. Thomas, Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl S. Thomas, James H. Jr. '54 Thomas Mr. 8: Mrs. N. H. Thompson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Allan Thrasher, Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn Tobias, Miss Toby Tomanio, Al '50 Tomanio, Ernie Tomanio, Mr. 8: Mrs. Freddie Wayson, Mr. 8: Mrs. Vernon Weaver, Mrs. Charles Webb, Mr. James Webb, Russell Webb, Winston B. Jr. Weber, Mrs. Bertha B. Weber, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles J. Wedding, Deborah A. Wedding, Jan E. Wedding, Col, 8: Mrs .John F l23 P. Wellford, Pauline '58 Welsh, Mr. McClean Werner, Dr. 8: Mrs. H. O. Whelen, Elizabeth Whalen, Richard Wheeler, Bettie Ann '48 Wheeler, Mr. Earl Wheeler, Mrs. Earl Wheeler, Mary '56 Whitcomb, Mr. Richard Whitcomb, R. W. White, White, Mrs. A. R. Mr. 8: Mrs. Elmer J. Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald White, White, Janice '56 white, Lloyd White, Jimmy '58 Mr. 8: Mrs. S. S. Whitehurst, Mr. 8: Mrs. Jame Whitey 8: Lois Whittaker, Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Whittington, Joe '57 Whitworth, Robert G. Whitzitt, Mrs. H. H. Wickstrom, Chester A. Wiggins Audrey Wiggins Mrs. Virginia Wiley, Thomas L. '53 s A Wiley, Mrs. A. H. Williams , Mrs. Andrew S. Williams, Audree E. Williams, Mrs. Betty Williams, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. F. Sr. Williams Mrs. Margaret L. Wilson, Christy Wilson, Mr. Curtis Wilson, Louise M. Wilson, Nathan '56 Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Wilma '55 Windsor, Filmore '51 Windsor, Henrietta '57 Windsor, Mrs. Margaret Winston, Mr. Fred Winter, Charles Raymond Wiseman, Commander 8: Mrs. Wiseman, Mrs. Dorothea Wiseman, Fred A. Wiseman, Mr. 8: Mrs. L .G. Wiseman, Mr. 8: Mrs. William Witherell, Mr. 8: Mrs. A. F. Wolan, Walter J. Wolfe, I rving I. Wolod, Ellis '54 Wood, Eileen '55 Wood, Miss Eileen '55 Wood, Mrs. John G. Wood, Mrs. Mabel H. Wood, Mr. 8: Mrs. Stewart Woolford, Mrs. Fritz Worthington, Mr. Tom W3UKO WN3DLZ WNBDJR Young, Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles R. Young, Charles R. '64 Young, Madeleine V. '56 Young, Madge Gardner Zacharias, Mr. 8: Mrs. D. ladera, Jerry '55 Zall, David M. Zaino, Mrs. Beverly Kramer Zick, Mr. Fred limmerli, Reverend R. E. Zindorf, Gilbert '55 A Friend STRANGE and WHITE, Inc. Your Favorite Men's and Boys' Store ls Now Showing the Finest Selection of Clothing and Shoes In Their History ARROW - BOTANY - BOSTONIAN - STETSON - PALM BEACH I-IASPEL - INTERWOVEN 155-157 MAIN STREET - ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER CQMPANY Lumber - Millwork - Paint - Hardware - Builders' Supplies ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Telephone 3-2337 Telephone 100 ARUNDEL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS SOFT WATER DRY CLEANING - STORAGE ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Telephone: COlonial 3-2343 BROOKWOOD FARMS DAIRY PRODUCTS Mountain Road and Ritchie Highway 124 9 . Q s , TZ? C omplzments A I '. ,W 3 ,j DUTCH MILL FARM lg.. all Q A ESP ,, A DRIVE IN RESTAURANT R - if 3235 'Win ' Teen-Agers Invited To Meet-N-Eat With Us , 'r .T 'ref'-I On your way to and from Chesapeake Bay JH' 1 J ' Bridge on U. S. Route 50 Xl-..X"g - 41: ,, Q S s bs yi, s 5, 'se of JL! TN ' N 1' N QJWACQ .x. I l,, fffntfxx' , ff A 0,1 1.1: 3' 'll' an Ill I V X J ! '52 XJ 41 I r' D.. v wily Q 'Q :Q "' ri- 1 x M, fl rw. I 4 A lg 2 IJ , ,J- - Cuccia Oldsmobile-Cadillac Co., Inc. 2051-57 West Street l ,gig ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND N 0 S M I Telephone: IOIIIAI 8-3388 OIL BURNERS AND FUEL OIL ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, INC. Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances 89 WEST STREET PHONE 3-9244 COIonia1 3-4900 O. Steinberg, Pres. STEINBERG SAND 8. GRAVEL CO., INC. Sand and Gravel For All Purposes Trucks - Cranes - Shovels For Hire ROUTE 2 - BOX 109 EDGEWATER, MARYLAND I25 SEE yOu can t beat U M S Y General Auto Repairing D0"f"'0'D0"f y WALKER PoN'rlAc SALES New A Pontlac Cram Highway Mlfchellvllle Maryland Phones: CE dar 3-5500 and CE dar 3-4832 CO lonial 3-4900 O. Steinberg, Prey. REDS DOVE, INC. Excavating - Sand - Gravel Trucks - Shovels - Bulldozers - Graders For Hire ROUTE 2 - BOX 'I09 EDGEWATER, MARYLAND GET THE BEST Gel Cx 9 0 .DEWCME SOUTHERN DAIRIES, Inc. 120 West Street Phone 3-2688 RIP'S RESTAURANT AND 4 Specializing in SEA FOODS - STEAKS - CHOPS Air Conditioned CE ntral 8-5533 Mitchelville, Md., on Highway 301 SHOP AT... MU RPHY'S Leading Store of Annapolis + 100-106 Main Street JENKINS, lnc. OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT Domestic and Imported Gifts Eatons Stationery, Printing, Engraving, Hallmark Cards 185-187 Main Street Annapolis, Md. DIAL CO lonial 3-2200 Knickman's Paint Store OVER 1,322 COLORS to clroose from in any finislr 97 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone 3-6340 Walter Brewer's Father and Son Shop The Home of Nationally Advertised Clothing For Men and Boys 154 Main Street Telephone: CO lonial 8-1622 Congratulations to The Graduates R. M. Eggleston Company WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRING Phone 3-2970 Congratulations Class of '56 LABOVITZ, INC. 122 Main Street Annapolis, Md. COlonial 3-2358 205 Main sheet Annapolis' Md' Home of Nationally Advertised Fashions Compliments CO. 3-9782 Or 3-9832 of Mandris Restaurant SODA FOUNTAIN - HOME COOKING 1 HOUR PROMPT SERVICE DRY CLEANERS COlonial 3-7447 26 Market Space Unusual Souvenirs in Great Variety Mailed Anywhere 2-4 Market Space Annapolis, Md. 127 cocA-coi.A Banning co. of The FarmeI"S Sl-IPPIY 81 Annapolis, Maryland, Inc. Equipment Co., Inc. Phone 3-6624 or 3-2920 1750 West Street Annapolis, Md. 2024 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments 2 s ---f of lumen 18831 Meredith-Roane Company . 6 N' T""" A'e""e Inc Plumbing - Heating -- Oil Burners - Hot Water . Healers - Pumps - Fuel Oil P. 0. BOX 428 Annapolis, Maryland PROMPT, DEPENDABLE SERVICE DIAL 8-3327 Clvickering - "Your piano should be the best" - Lester Keeney's Piano 81 Music Store Hammond Spine! and Chord Organs and Solovox Admiral and Spartan Radios and Televisions - Pianos Instrumenls - Sheet Music - Accessories 161-'I63 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phones: COlonial 3-2629 or 3-2620 "Growing Thru Servirev DODGE - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Brown - Hartung, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland Roller Inn Skating: 7:30 ro 11:00 Every Night Matinee: Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 Telephone: 3-9628 Annapolis, Maryland Dollar For Dollar You Can't Beat A Pontiac Ma rbert Motors, Inc. 284 West Street Annapolis, Md. 128 Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 Compliments 01' Th-e Annapolis Banking and Trust Company Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Annapolis, Maryland Agents For Sterling By STIEFF - GORHAM - WALLACE TOWLE - INTERNATIONAL - LUNT KIRK - READ AND BARTON - HEIRLOOM Tilghman Company Registered Jewelers - American Gem Society 44 State Circle Compliments Thomas G. Basil, lnc. Of REAL ESTATE Carlson 81 Carlson nd Incorporated -4 - CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS INSURANCE Annapolis, Maryland Nineteen School Street Annapolis, Maryland Colonial 3-3737 Charles F. Lee Co., Inc. Real Estate - and - Insurance CO. 3-2461 Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1956 The Farmers National Bank OF ANNAPOLIS Member Federal Reserve Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ELECTRICAL Electrical Service E. Churchill Murray CONTRACTORS 1,,,,,,dna, ' ' E I ' I Simpson Electrical Co. xf"Wy Robert B. Towers, Owner Commercial - Industrial - Residential Wiring Phone 32678 co uma.: 3-3333 98 Em sneer A""'P"i'f M"Y""d 129 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1956 T Compliments R of I County Trust Company H ot Maryland l Annapolis, Maryland Y Compliments Compliments of I O I , Capitol Cnty Florists E' Corsage: - Cut Flower: - Potted Plants Inc, FUNERAL DESIGNS FlOW6T.f Kind! For E't'6Ty OCCd5lOfl 432 State Street P. 0. Box 206 TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE Annapolis, Maryland Greenhouses: Tyler Avenue, Eastport Phone 3-5121 Congratulations and Best Wishes THE FLOWER MART CUSTOM HI-FIDELITY Largest Selection Popular Record: In Town Flowers by Holly L B R I G H T I S 90 Maryland Avenue Television - Commercial Sound Engineering lCorner State Circle 8. Maryland Avenuel DIAL CO' 3-4781 Phone: CO. 3-7510 78 Maryland Ave. Annapolis, Md Compliments 4: Compliments Of of Sigma Theta Phi Sorority Busch's Chesapeake lnn BOB BUSCH, Proprietor St. Margarets - Revell Highway 130 Wm. F. Zeller Co., Inc. Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors Office: 613-619 W. Cross Street Shop: 1119-1133 Denver Street Phone: LE xington 9-2176-9-2177 Baltimore 30, Md. Compliments of Tau Omicron Phi Sorority Collings Service Center Outboard Motor Service - Boat Repairs 24 HOUR SERVICE - GAS, OIL, REPAIRS Telephone: CO. 8-2964 Cape St. Claire L A W S 0 N ' S Food Market and Tavern R. F. D. No. 2 - Cape St. Claire CO, 3-5314 Compliments Of GREEN SPRING DAIRY Best Wishes, Graduates, and always remember "People have within their own hands the tools to fashion their own destiny." M. D. LINCOLN, President Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. Annapolis, Maryland La Rosa Restaurant ITALIANAMERICAN CUISINE 113 Main Street Hopkins Furniture Co. Home of Better Furniture Phone 3-4551 Phone! 3-2395 123-127 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Q HOME COOKED MEALS C0mPl'm"'1'f From 6 A. M. - 12 Midnight of QUICK SERVICE - REASONABLE PRICES A F R I E N D New ReS'l'CUl'CI'l1' 105 Main Street Annapolis 3-3901 131 Safzafdawafz Apparel Shop 164-166 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Joseph D. Lazenby INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 214 Main Sl.-Tel. 3-2684-Annapolis, Md. "In Annapolis Since 1880" Debs Shoe Store WOMENZS' - CHILDRENS SHOES For something tl1at's a bit different - it'S The Anita Shoppe 'A' Y 'A' M'l1' 'k S 136 Main sneer co. 8-1477 ms ,, A'CQ1Qf,f,e5 epmtes Open Friday and Saturday Till 9 P.M. 181 Mein sffeel' Phone 3'2402 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1956 Compliments 0 f LlPMAN'S 172-174 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Samuel S. Stokes FANCY GROCERIES Eyes Examined Daily 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Phone 3-3351 The Columbia Jewelry Co. THE LEADER 162 Main Street jewelers - Watches - Diamonds - Opticians 138 Main shea, LADIES' AND MISSES' SPECIALTY SHOP C0"1P'jc"1f'1'f Jess Radio 81 Electric O H A K 1 S Francis Street at Main Annapolis, Mmyland Annapolis, Maryland GOOD LUCK '56 from Family Shoe Store iM. Schenker, '30j Tel. CO. 3-4323 Western Auto Associate Store "Everything for the Automobile" RADIOS - SPORTS GOODS - PAINTS 118 Main Street Annapolis, Md. 140 Main Street Compliment: "GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1956" of from The R. R. Smith Pharmacy Z l F F ' S Dial COlonial 3-4301 JUNIOR AND WOMEN'S APPAREL 108 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Where Francis Street Meets Main Compliment: of JAN LAPORTE W. R. Chance 81 Son PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFIED WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELERS Studio at 3 STATE CIRCLE 110 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Phone: 3-2404 132 C0"1Pljcmen:s Presto Restaurant Z, NOTED FOR MENU S Steaks - Chicken - Chops - Sea Food of 63 West Street -- Annapolis, Md. EASTPORT CO. 3-2055 ScibIe's Esso Servicenter The Best of Luck to the CLASS OF 1956 Miller's Camera Shop EASTPORT Your Kodak Dealer in Annapolis C l ' Compliments Ompolfmemx of Slater's Service Station Revell Highway St. Margarets A F R I E N D CO. 3-5627 Sadler's Crab House WE SPECIALIZE IN STEAMED CRABS 310 Third Street Eastport, Maryland Phone: 3-4087 Compliments of Radio Station WANN Maryland's Capital Station 1190 on your dial The home of Peachie Popsie, Daddy Cool, King Willie and Dr. Blues Stop in for a snack at our friendly fountain Phone: West River 3593 CULLIMQRE5 Calvin C. Stockett D 'd 'll , M l d Where Bay Ridge meets Chesapeake Avenue Bulldgzg 23325: - C21 eng-len, i C e Phone: CO lonial 3-6414 Land Clearing - Grading - Road Building Owens Esso Station Prompt and Courteous Service Route 2 8. Mayo Road Edgewater, Md. Arthur R. Owens Phone: CO lonial 3-9612 Walter H. McNew PLUMBING AND HEATING 145 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone: CO1onial 3-3646 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Taylor Lumber Co. Delux Automatic Laundry 25 BENDIX MACHINES - EXTRACTOR Edgewater Maryland 410 Fourth St., Eastport - Annapolis, Md. CO. 3-6037 Phone 3-6844 Compliments Peoples Loan Office 0 f Reich's Bakery Bargains In Unredeemed Pledges 67 West Street 133 The Arundel Bus Company 'Hema WHITMORE Local Bus Service - Charter FINE PR NG ph... 3-6.60 Spa Road Annapolis -c INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Compliments SALES - SERVICE of Hoffman Truck Center Mary Louise Beauty Salon Spa Road Annapolis 'l'l Monticello Ave. - Annapolis, Maryland Economy Auto Supply, Inc. Universal Motors, Inc. Paints - Television - Hardware - Hot Point Appliances - Plumbing Supplies Your Dealer B. F. Goodrich Tires - Batteries - Tubes 25-27 West Street Annapolis, Md. i Phone: CO. 3-9222 AHMPOIIS, Mdrylvnd R. H. Poundsberry Compljcmfnff 0 Dealer in Livestock - Stock Cattle a Specialty Arundel Rug Cleaners No Account too small or too large S R d W It st It pa oa - es ree Phone: Market 7-2290 Upper Marlboro, Md. Phone: CO. 3-9135 Pete Miller's Garage GENERAL REPAIR WORK Soldering, Electrical and Acetylene Welding N24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE" Phone 3-3710 We Buy Anything Annapolis Junk 81 Salvage Co. We Buy All Kinds of funk Charles Schwartzsberg West River 3602 - Davidsonville, Md. 929 West Street Annapolis, Md. Congratulations to tlre Class of 1956 THE STQRE FQR CHILDREN Bert' Sprlggs MOTO! SdleS, lI1C. Church Circle - Annapolis, Md. LINCOLN T MERCURY Dial 3-6982 'l0'l3 West Street Phone 3-9234 Phone Colonial 3-4747 Established 1926 Brooks Brothers BUILDING SUPPLIES "The Store of Satisfactionl' Firestone Home 8. Auto Supplies TIRES AND BATTERIES Hardware, Housewares, Fertilizer, Seeds, O'Brien Paints 272-274 west sheet Annapolis' Md' 253-257 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone! 3-4743 Compliments of The Hecht Company Sanii-ary Lunch West Street at Russell 111 Main sneer Phone 3-9615 A"""P0'iSf Md- 134 Compliments Of CAPITOL DRUGS Reliable Prescriptions Metcalfe Lane Dress Shop Agnes Metcalfe Lane 24 Annapolis Street West Annapolis, Md. Telephone: CO lonial 3-5160 Headquarters For Boats and Engines Nat Gates, Jr. and Sons 176 West Street George V. Shelton GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone: CO. 3-4089 Stadi er Shoes . . 9 Cecil Knlghton, lnc. Latest Styles Lucerne Loafers and Flats - Town and DE SOTO -u - PLYMOUTH Country Shoes - Accessories 158 Main Street Phone: CO. 3-3412 Compliments CRUTCHES WHEEL CHAIRS O f n . , Ric:-IMAN DRUGS Tam Jolnes Tire Service The Prescription SM 2056 West Street Annapolis, Maryland 90 West Street Phone: CO. 3-6840 Frank S. Duckett W. H. M. Smith Agency Electrical Contracting - Residential -- Commercial - - Industrial - Repair Work - Prompt Service REALTORS INSURORS Davidsonville, Md. 11 School Street Annapolis, Md. West River 3611 CO. 3-5782 Phone: 3-4221 Rookie's Meat Market QUALITY MEATS - SEA Fooo - POULTRY 231 West Street Annapolis, Md. Dial CO. 8-1240 H. G. Trueman Distributor Cal-Co Bottled Gas Gas and Electrical Appliances 185 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone: CO. 3-3160 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Annapolis Furniture Co. TELEVISION - APPLIANCES 112 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone: CO lonial 3-2140 Patronize Our A DV E RT l S E RS RUN RIGHT TO a d ' s 176 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments Of G. and J. GRILL 1 3.5 Compliments Of Severna Super Market Chesapeake Hardware Co. HARDWARE, PAINT .md LUMBER Gov. Ritchie Hwy. at Severna P-ark Severna Park 512 New Hi-Test Gas at Regular Price! - SUNOCO Severna SUNOCO Service W. R. Carbo, Jr., Proprietor Washing, Greasing, Kelly-Springfield Tires, Accessories Ritchie Hwy. at Severna Park-Ph.: S. P. 606 Compliments Of John M. Taylor 8. Sons C0"1Pl?'1f"'f Severna Park Bakery 0 MacMun.ay Construction Co. Goods That Are Hot, Baked On The Spot Severna Park Phone: S. P. 382 Phone: S' P' 495 C0mP'?mfn'f Severna Park Hardware O Cliff Dawson Store Severna Park, Maryland Hardware - Houseware - Marine Supply Severna Park 391 Compliments Of The Wagon Wheels Severna Park 482 Large Building Sites Beach Privileges CAPE ARTHUR A Better Than Average Water-Front Development A. W. Giddings, Owner and Developer Phone S. P. 132 - Severna Park, Maryland Severna Service Station Fishpaw Service Station - ESSO - C.A.A.A. STATION - AMOCO PRODUCTS S- Nlacy and D, H- Macy Tires - Tubes - Batteries and Accessories - Ice I Gov. Ritchie Hwy. Near Jones Station, Md. Ul' Macey S c0l'l1el' Night Phone: Severna Park 227-J - Night Service Petrini Shipyard Phone: Severna Park 360 Feeser's Restaurant EASTPORT Harry Feeser, Prop. ANNAPOLIS C . -42 STEAKS - CHOPS - SEA FOOD 0 3 78 Old Annapolis Road - Severna Park, Md. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 CAPASTRANA Eastport, Md. Petty's Betholine Sinclair Service Ritchie Highway at Old Annapolis Road Severna Park, Md. Post Office Box 316 136 C l' 1 , Ompoimem "Money's" Eastport Shell Service Bin clafanoff - walkems, Inc. 6"' Sffeef -nd 'fb A'e""e Phone: CO. 3-9621 CLOTHING Compliments of Hare Bros. Auto Parts, Inc. Norm's COLONY INN Foot of Main St. - Annapolis, Maryland phone: 3,9217 lOpposite Naval Academyj Branflves 211 King George St. - Annapolis, Maryland Mt. Ranier 8. Bethesda, Md. 81 Alexandria, Va. Norman W. Wulf, Jr- CC- 3-1447 Compliments Patronize Our of ADVERTISERS Gladding Crown Service EASTPORT Compliments of SHOP AND AT THE FASHION SAVE Sadler's Hardware Store M I d A A I' , M . 122-128 Dock Street Annapolis, Md. 53 my an venue 'mapa ls d Compliments of Compliments of Carr, Mears 8- Dawson The Home of Men's and Young Men's Clothing Maryland Ave. and Prince George St. Phone: CO. 3-4300 Aunmous, MARYLAND Weems System of Navigation MBYCPVY M0105 NAVIGATION CHARTS AND INSTRUMENTS Trolanl Boats . F Wfffi Amapolls 3-4640 227 Prince George St. Annapolis, Md. Aff4 Yfffg:fii 100 Compromise Sf, Courses in Marine and Air Navigation " N 1 in Ann'-'Polls' Md- a Congratulations to the Class of '56 ,MI M, Chambers and Wormwood 2 A 6:54 TEXACO Service Station - "Service with a Smile" 'IQ' , in? I o' 318 Sixth Street Annapolis, Md. :ff '- 1 i. . ' ' - ' - STATIONERY Phone. COlon1al 3 9701 John M. Dawes 81 Sons "Flowers For All Occasions" The Academy Flower Shop Hardware - Paints - Oils -- Varnislves -- Plumbing Electrical and Boat Supplies Lester B' Wayson' Prop' 139 Prince George Street Annapolis, Md. Corner Randall Street and Market Space Res. phone, 3,4409 - Bus. phone, 3,3200 137- J. F. Gomoljak CONCRETE AND CINDER BUILDING BLOCKS Azar Floor Coverings All Types of Floor and Wall Tile 1800 McGuckian AZAR STORAGE, INC. CO Ionial 8-1462 CO Ionial 3-9218 Well Rings - Lintels - Sand and Gravel West Street Extended Phone 3-6744 Compliments Of S. 81 S. RESTAURANT West Street Extended First National Bank of Southern Maryland Phone: Market 7-3377 Abram Z. Gottwalls, Farm Credit Representative Upper Marlboro, Maryland CARR'S CORNER C0"1P'i"1f'1ff O Groferies and Meats - I"ee.a's - I-Iay - Fertilizer d . I S I o es ectrlca u Defense and General's Highway PP y CO. 3-3151 CO. 3-6604 WHOLESALE ONLY Compliments Telephone 3-2292 We Call For and Deliver Of Rainbow Cleaners 81 Shirt Laundry Dinner Restaurant Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Storage 1801 West Street - 201 Main Street 2029 West Street Extended 404 Fourth Street, Eastport Anchor Floor Coverings Comfgmenff Max Ambach Installation of all Types of Floor ana' Wall Coverings 153 Main Street - Annapolis, Md. Karlton's Flowers 216 Main Street CO Ionial 3-2608 CO lonial 3-9000 Compliments Of Community Loans 228 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland HA VE YOUR MILK DELIVERED BY Eagle Nest Farm Dairy Pasreurized Milk dl Cream - Dair-Rich Chocolate Milk Phone: CO. 3-2100 Riva Road Bridgeway Pharmacy Congratulations and Best Wislves to THE CLASS OF 1956 Eastport, Maryland Compliments Of Leon's Barber Shop 435 Fourth Street - Eastport Phone CO. 3-9033 Zorn Refrigeration Service COMMERCIAL - MARINE CO lonial 3-5100 Annapolis, Maryland Paul's Restaurant Specializing in Home Cooked Foods STEAKS - CHOPS - SEA FOODS PRIVATE DINING ROOM Maryland - Telephone: CO. 3-4410 Paul Sroinoff Sam Purdy Riva, 133 Compliments Of Charles E. Wilson Adjusting Company 124 South Street CO. 3-2649 Johnnie's Esso Service Station Lafayette Avenue and West Street Annapolis, Maryland Tel. 3-2521 E. and E. Super Service AMOCO West Street and Southgate Avenue Phone: CO. 3-4000 EOR FOOD VALUE - SHOP IN THE CITY MARKET GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '56 DAIRY QUEEN NICK and SARA SAMARAS THE PARSONS COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 220-222 Main Street Annapolis, Md. CO lonial 3-4566 ARNOLD'S SHOES 5l West Street Annapolis, Maryland Polan-Brewer Furniture Co., Inc. 26 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Oscar Shacks Company Bobbie Brooks Sportswear Vicky Vaughn Juniors 37 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments o f G. T. Sherwood and Co. Wholesale Confectioners 257-9-ll Evergreen Ave. Baltimore 'l4, Md. Patronize Our Greengold's, Inc. Men's and Boys, Cfotfving and Furnishings "The Store for the Lad and his Dad Since 1908', 46-48-50 West Street Annapolis, Md Compimfnff Kitchen Drugs, Inc. King's Bakery "Baked Goods of the Belter Kind" 56 West Street UWALGREEN AGENCY' Phone: COlonial 8-2211 60 West Street Annapolis, Md The Henry B. Myers Co. Farm and Home Supplies Sinfe 1880 49 West Street Phone CO. 3-2655 'l7l4 West Street Phone CO. 8-1882 L. P. Mustermon "HAT SHOP" l97 Main Street Annapolis, Md 139 H. G. ROEBUCK 61 SON Incorporated 2140 AISQUITH STREET - BALTIMORE 18, MARYLAND pzdnteze -lddiagzapdeze Za Saiaale and eallegea Eaezycadeze Procfucers of Your Yearbook O L Lx! L., WZ DI! 337 1-f ,, v-.o-.-. - 11.. "sf , .. ,Qu 1 1-ll, Q-l-,-- . , in .. , -'-- '--Q Y- :? . L , . X ff, -M? . l7f,5!ff!3 m

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