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v f 1 4 ,M xg.,-. Y QA. Nw' f1:n+vf .f-E1 4 'v m --- f , --Jin 'W' -ff ima? .f 5 -if--nf W, f,,?,f::f rfx1fvf:?:fs 3 P i' -,2fi1:T'--'ffijrifb-Aff' i'If!P',-1'-fvf?'24., , -we-1-'i-r:9,S:zWf'.szr2:fs.,a'fiEL2f:-.1-xnf'f.fQf.::: ff, L Hff'1fw1- V- QW I took a piece of plastic clay And idly fashioned it one day, And, as my fingers pressed it still It moved and yielded at my will. I came again when days were past- The bit of clay was hard at lastg The form I gave it, it still bore, But I could change that form no more. 4 , 'Q I in vi I took a piece of living clay And gently formed it day by day, And molded with my power and art A young child's soft and yielding heart. I came again when years were gone- It was a man I looked upong He still that early impress wore, And I could change him nevermore -Author Unknown. 7, - , - : I .-- X Q f 51 X I l I 1 X r X X j ' f, 0 N fy Q fy . '1 fi? f if fi 'l n f 5 fy if 'iili tl 2 '-I-gr if ilih 'al j W Z, ' x h 'lil f ff If I , hf y fi ig-if I , a Mi I f ff if iff 1 X 1-1 'F 'I-Q lx If f f' X ' '3 ' xl I 1 Z ,ff N 1 I tt- 'xl 1 Q jf! , Klip Nwkxll ,f ff , -r. Lffgfy' I gl f 5 'fke ,I Q Y.. - as 4 bs ,qv ?i4"'-A 'rv gi im W., ' awww. J ,,1Q1,u 1- IQ , Q N 1w'efH2'14f1.ff- 1 wwe' ' Q , , ,, 'W - ' Y' 'DQLWW A A J wi ASS SNXUE 0 ..2, ANNAPHLIS HIGH SCHOHL ANNAPOLIS. MARYLAND P rrfsffrl fs THE SCHOOL .-KN N U AI THE WAKE NINETEEN EIETY FIVE 0? if hr Jfuninf it Amzmubss on lwfxizif uf Hu: 1:12 ?'1x'L5L'5Q,'f'liE'.'ff' '5 uriih ezbmiz'i'xii1'fn iff, ai we mffnt zrzziifanhiz' iriff n3Y, Em? fL7'!?21'4i Eng nur lllxikl' A - With a special twinkle in his blue eyes for every occasion, Mr. 1. Calvin Rogers has untangled our gross misconceptions of algebra, given a tremendous boost to the athletic teams of his alma mater, and scolded us for being tardy. The conversation of upperclassmeu first brought his'name to our attention as fresh- men. We wondered if the unrelenting tru- ant officer and the man affectionately re- ferred to as II. C. could be one and the same person. Given Air. Rogers as instructor, we quick- ly resolved in our sophomore year that geometry was a highly delectable course at AHS. ii r JOHN CALVIN ROGERS W VVhen some of us plunged into the vast unknowns of algebra as juniors, Mr. Rog- ers came to our rescue with some helpful formulas to put us onthe right paths. Supplementing our constructive efforts as seniors by balancing the budget of the Athletic Association, coaching the soccer squad, and tutoring the slower mathema- ticians kept Mr. Rogers burning the lamps at school past six every evening. , So it is with warm pleasure and sincere ad- miration of our hero that we, the seniors of AHS, dedicate this literary commemora- tion of our school days to our favorite, I. C. Rogers. .ID 3 Four years ago, we. the class of 55, unsure of ourselves and of the paths we wished to tread, entered AHS. Here our ideas and standards were shaped and strengthened so that our goals in life might he achieved. Through the guidance and encouragement of our teach- ers, through our participation in school activities, and through our own improved and broadened sense of values, we, the senior class. emerge from the mold ready to meet the world. FORE ORD Sis - Q -' A 5iu1i 3, 5 . 15 lEl!ll!!!5lI iz, t r 313 - .L li 5.-'5 -89- CONTENTS SOPHOMORE CLASS D-. D ,SE I0 ACTIVITIES EDN III, , E D I6 ADMINISTRATION CWD ,D I8 FACULTY E, SISI MS 44 JUNIOR CLASS I DD D DS 48 ATHLETICS DS WS 55 SENICR CLASS DS DD DDS D SISSS S. D, 77 PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS S E124 1 'El' L, -3 2. cf , ifaml r-.EFL eaaage fo Me ffm 0 65 Our Fnflzer, may the zuorld not mould 'IIS today, but may we ln' so strong as to help mould the world. 'llhis nineteenth Century English prayer, could well be heard from today's pulpits, it seems so timely. On every hand there are persistent social and moral problems awaiting solution. YVC see hunger and poverty in a land of plenty, hatred and distress in the hearts of men, lack of religious training among half the young people in our nation. We could ex- tend this list with no mental effort. You, the graduates of 755, with all the vir- tue and talents you possess, must face the challenge of helping mold this World into a better one. YVith this prayer in your hearts, surely you will do well. 8 DR. HONVXRD A. KINHART Assistant S1ll1f'7'i7IfF7'ldf'llf Senior High Srlloofs W? I ,Qw- .SZAOOZ fiZ5ay5 Sopdomore Gfadd edullle XV ith an eye to the precedent set by their upperclassmen, yet with their own eager- ness and vigor, the sophomores have con- tributed much to the school this year. Showing that capability is their greatest asset, class officers David Brashears, Presi- dentg Bessie Horton, Vice-President, Peggy Wilder, Secretaryg and Donald Montgom- ery, Treasurerg proved themselves worthy of the strong backing that they received from their classmates. Energetic in their aid to the Student Coun- cil, sophomores were active in selling brace- lets and class pins and leading the school in budget pass sales. Sports played a large part in the lives of 10 these new entrants, who displayed ability in all sports and gave zealous support to the teams, while with this same keen spirit they tackled the Booster Club and the So- cial Committee. Literary enthusiasts, eager to try their skills and to gain new ability, profited by their participation on the staffs of WAKE and Tally-Ho. In a festive atmosphere several newcomers provided original and colorful entertain- ment in the annual Talent Night presen- tation. The sophomores may review proudly their first year at AHS. David Brashears President Bessie Horton Vice-President Peggy Wilder Secretary Donald Montgomery Treasurer HUXIIQROONI IUT - BO'l"I'0NI ROXY: I. lEnx'alc'l1. AXIIGYCWS, I.. Banker. I.. ,xffillglhll A. Xlmulu, .X, .xl2l!', ll. .XXll'l'Oll, l.. .Xlnu-11. -ln. .Xmlcrsunf SECOND ROXY: .Xlwill, Nl. Alllllilfll. XV. Clzlrlncn. .xiSllllill1. Nl. HTZIY. M. llzlrllus l'. Allllblllkglf. NI. liyrnc. I.. lillll. XY. .Xclznnson. 'IDI' ROXYZ Mrs. ll. Kcllog. D. CfzlI'z1n'cxfc. R. llralllllmlc. C. .XSlIl'l'. ll. lic:l1'clmo1'c. ll. lhu shears. X. Bell. B. licllu-l.C1. Cizlcllc. XY. .xiSllllilI1. S. BUXVIIIIIII. NUI' SHOWN: KZ. Bailey. IJ. Bull. HUNIEROONI IHS - ISOTIONI ROXY: B. Cimul. CI, Block. IS. FSIIICIIIZIII. K, fltlfflllllll Il. Bunfh, IE. lbudwmnm. If. Clark. CI. Cutler. D. f.kll'lL'!'. Slzf.0NlJ ROV: NI. Clluulcy. NI. liclwnrds. li. Bcrlinw, Y. nllllilllll, IS. Bcrry. B. Busslmcl Y. fiullimn. .X. Cmillglrm. IUI' ROXY: Nliss D. lindcmznm. Il. llusc-r. li. Clullcn, H. llislmp. If. lhxllcr. M. Hislmp ul. lzmlclcn. 14. IJz1v15.,l. c.2ll'l'1lW2lf. H. Brown. X. lzllmll. NUI' SHOWN: N.Clol1cn..X. Ilunlcx. li. llcllcl. P. llloom. s xi K 4 , f I x My K4 Sk i M 3 ' 5 Q- f ' ' W 1, -nf ,f wygg-A g at fi! W w i L 5 ,A ri, 5' E .. M N 553 - 7 qw M - M, W1 K4 S f ..:--zzz: , -M y :. , , 1 " , ,Q ' ww Q I' .,, f I A , 5 N .Q is i Y, f up film 5 m . . vs, 1 - . I b H1 if-up Qi k rf 1 ' , 4 x -., 355, .1 f 5 2 2, ix K k.. R, I aww SY -f-1+ 5 ' 1 1- wslffifw ik-Q:'i'5 Mr K QW was? is N iw 3' 41 I ,sf 2 9' S + 45+ Q - 2223251 Z W if HUXIICROONI fiill - IEOIIOM ROIYI II. Kzlisvr. G. I.1lIllIJ. II. 1.4-ilflx. I.. I.:lll1IJ. IC. AIOIICS II. KIl2li'IxSll'1Il. l'. Iuncs. l'. Kl'cillc'r. Iuwsml. SIQCIOXD ROW: I R. Cinlullzmzxy. kI.,I'I2lI'l'ISOII. S, kullin. li, Iiullis. KL. Im. Y. .Iuhnsrm R. CQuilI1m'. Il. Hass, I.. Ifrccmam. IIIIRIJ ROIY: S. IIZIIIZIIIII. IQ. Hull. I., lIugomI. IC. Hull. R. IIRIIKIIICIA. Ii. CGrim'r. II fICl'llI2llI. 'I'OI' ROXY: Misa R, I.m1gn11cckm'x'. Cmrxcillxzllm. 11.6-umulzx. Ii, Gmlld, CQz11'1'cll, Hill" ris. KI, I'1l'l'IICII. Cl. lflcming. I IIONIICROONI 302 - ISOIIONI ROW: NIZIIIQIIIII. NI2ll'lIll. I.c11l1:ll'cl. H. Nlilcllcll. I. Xlilcllcll. I. NI1'Ncw. IS. Nlcxmcr. I. Mcillmlzllmn. IZ. I.ClIll. SICCIOXD ROW: I.. KIOIICS. ID. lung. NI. NIillz1rcl. -I. NIZITIIII. IQ NILIIKT. NI. NIm'IYl1irlm'. Nl, XI2ll'IIIl. NI.'zn1, .X. I.crm-1: R. .I2ll'IxSOII. IIIIRII ROW: I'. .IuImwn. R. Kczlllty. l'. IIllIIIlIIL'l'lX. NI. Ilnyrs. II. llnlmkins. IJ. Kircllf ncr. Kcwxil1g'c1'. C.. llvllkcllsiclkcll. I.1lI'Oglll'. IOI' ROIY: Nlrs. Y. Ilickvllsull. IJ. Kcm, Il. Ilwlin. R. limglvy. I-1. I,2IIIt1l5lL'l'. IJ. Izxr, 11-lI,,I. Ixlrmllxlucl. IS. Ilyclc. P. Ixlolry. I.-Imus. XOI SHOWN: XIZIIIIIII. Ii. I.2llIlIlCl'. HONIICROOM flllfl - I5O'l'I'ON'I ROW: Y. l'1-aieock. K. Nlorzin. I.. Mitchell. CZ. Xlnrcliiike Bl. Ohnstezul. .X. Peterson. I, l'zig'e. IJ. Reecl, Nl. Pierce. SIQKIOND ROIV: R. Maison. If. Nlzieliiimle. Il. PIIYIIIIOII, C.. Pziclgelle. C. Noyee. IE. Pfeill ul. Orluiny. Nl, Nioreluncl. ll. Lowe. IQ. Lyons. THIRD ROW: ll'. Leitch. xl. Iiskey. ID. I.ol'gren, R. Maison. li. Nlclliie. R. Nliehzielson XY. Nlllt'lI2IlIill', Ii. Mason. 'IAOI' ROIV: Nlr. XY. NIrRznney. C. Nliller. I.. l.xons, XY, Nlzilthzii, R. Liners. D. Miller R. Nlzixie. NO I' SHOWN: Y. Hzirinng. -I. Nlercer. I.. Nlcliillips. HOMIQROOM 305 - ISO'l"l'OM ROW: R. Roszili, j. Sharp. C. Siinnions. R. SCIIIIIIZIII Al. Shiiner. S. Riekin. S. Shawn. NI. Rosuli, E. Sherhert. SECOND ROXV: D. N1OIlIgOlIICIy, CZ. Murphy. NI. Rosenanler. R. Rowe. M. Soffielcl C. Shafer. M. Riggins. W. Parks, Cl, Mosley. 'IHIRIJ ROXY: I'ereI. Cl. Niins. I.. Recling, N. Rispoli, Il. Purdy. New. NI. Rogers Cl. Reid. 'I'Ol' ROW: Mrs. L. Mnraiuley. ul. Olson. j. Myers. R. Rohinson. S. Powers. W. Mueller lf. Norris. Il. Rolirlizuli. Y, Phipps. Uri. NUI SI-IOXVN: Rl. Pure, Ii. Roszili, Owens. I. Pensfli, A. Myers, IV. Miller. I4 IIONIliROONI--21417--BO'l"l'ONI ROW S 'Irvon Y Sullixm ' . .. 1 . H. Swcciicv I3 Smooi. li. Snclliiigs. N. Slcxciiwm Sl-ICOXIJ ROW: W. Smilh. Ii. Sul Iixm S Smith 6' luis I .,... ,., W. Simmons. IHIRIJ ROW: R. Shiilcl. R. SCIIIII llliSlCl'. N. Simmons. I.. Slicrlnziii. If Shzirpc. 'I'. Scliwzillcnlmcrg. I"OI'R'I'H ROW: W1 Simpson. Slzilcr. AI. Sccclcrs. Il. Scars. R. SIIYIICII hurry. Nh: -I. Coe. III: I H ROIY: R. Smith. R. Shaw, I' Sclmiick. If. Slzihlhchcr. I'OI' ROIY: IS. Rollins, Smith. I3 SQIIIIIIICYS. R. Slizlifcr. U. .SZISY XOI' SHOWN: IJ. Slicpzml. CI. Tuck ci: I. Slcvcns. HONIIQROONI 308-IIO'I"I'ONI ROW' H. Wimisor. lf. XVCYIICT. S. II'zlllcrs, R W'ciss, N. 'I'1lc'kcr. SICCOND ROW: NI. Wcllford, S. 'I1lll'Ii cr. W'l1ilt. R. lzilly, Ii. XVIIIIQIIIIS. IHIRII ROW! I'. XYhilc. Hrs. Ii I ,. , ,. . 'Iii'zivis. I. Wilder. S. XIIIIUQOIIIID. In W'zirrciihci'gcr. IfOI'R'IH ROXY: R. 'I'ziyIm', KI. Stock- CII. KL. Whittington, R. IYoIo1I. R XVZQSOII. IfIIf'I'H ROIY: SIFZIIIIJCI. H. Stokes X I ihh IE. IVz1It0rs. CIIS. R. Williams. xl. Wood 'I'OI' ROIY: IS. 'I'ziynizm, XIIQIQIICY, Willard. II. Iziylor. R. Swcciicy, IJ SIIIHICHIIII. Il. Sloiwky. NOI SIIOXYN: I,.W':1cIc. Il. Iluyloi' R. I1lNIOI', A. Wiggins. 1 'c1'. .. Slonc 1 lx 6 Q ,Q 32314 Q f 'fy S538 ' L , Q, Q ,QS 55 'fzli my iv? 2 ff 1 T QQ x f ,W + 4 x ff . 4 N, U41 f fy v KM Qfwaiikg 352 Y A wigs gn ug - Ba M545 M2 X i -gay L mmzfz,,,, X w va '4'f?9'-Y ,va Si 2 33 ww 3' ,Al A , M ,V H2 3,2 fm kgs 34 ww g yy ' Q 'ei M , 2 9 . SL K A ,, 5 2, X K , fy, ,wi if 'z 12,57 7 wav A 0' For now the field is lm! fm' Uff Where we must give Ihe zuorlrl ll proof of deeds, not n'om's. -'SIIIIIIIHI Iiuller. MR. AI.RFR'l' YV. IFOWIHIJS I'rim'ijml puffing mr A As you graduate from Annapolis High School, you will be placed more and more on your own: and you niust prove your- self by the deeds that you do. Let these deeds be worthwhile both to yourself and to your fellow inan. The school has endeavored to give you knowledge and understanding to help you be successful in life. l ani sure that you I8 have already inade good use of these op- portunities and that you will continue to profit by what you have learned. Always reineniber the line written by George Eliot niany years ago, '4Our deeds determine us as much as we deterniine our deeds." l extend to the class of '55 my best wishes for your success and happiness. Setting the tone for the school is Mr. Albert Fowble, Principal, who, during the year, in a panorama of encouragements, ad- ministrative and disciplinary tasks, and parent conferences. helps to fashion the school's character. Filling the capacity of Assistant Principal, Mr. Ernest Herklotz serves as Director of Athletics and Co-chairman of the school Exhibit Committee. Mrs. Hilda Musterman, Secretary, and Mrs. Marjorie Bonarie. Office Clerk, han- dle the thousand and one office obliga- tions. Mr. Calvin Rogers, Atttenclance Director issues late slips, judges excuses, and over- sees many attendance problems. In charge of the planning and the prepara- tion of the midday meals is Mrs. Katherine Leitch, assisted by Mrs. Reba Booth, Mrs. Anita Spriggs, Mrs. Edna Palmer and Mr. Arthur Hypshire. The school owes much to the members of the administration who, with patience and understanding. have played a vital part in the molding of its daily functions and activities. LEFT TO RIGHT - Mr. john Calvin Rogers. Attendance Director: Mr. Ernest Herklotz. Vice Principzilg Mrs. Hilda Mnsterinan. Secretary, Mrs. Marjorie Bonaire, Office Clerkg Mrs. Katherine I.eitt'h. Dietician. 19 Rlil'RliSliN'l X'l'IX'lCS -- FRONI' ROW1 X: Wz11s4111. Nl. Niclmls. ll. I'111'd1. N.C1l111111 In-rs. If. I"111'lu-1'. lima-11l1Im1m1111. gudenf SIQFIUXIJ ROXY: lf. IMDINUII. I'. Olson, ll, l,n-1-.KL IIc11'lr111. R, Slll'I'L'l'. lluI1111-s. B. ,Xis Clllllll. , THIRD ROXY: 'IQ Slm'lr111. Y. Hllllilllll. l'. Wil1lc1'. li. llu1'Iu11. li. Kzlllis. CI. Nlzlycr, M 0lfll'lCl l'l'lC'l'S4lI1. IS XCR ROXY: l,. Yam Nlclrc. ll. Ih':1Ql1c':11's. .X. liz1lI l. Snuggs. D. Nlc111lgu111x'1'1, Clam' OI-'FICILRS Robe-rt Canllzalmn l'1'f'.vf1l1'r1l 5111111111 'I'I1on1:1s I'1z'r'-llrmirlffllf Ruth .xllll Dzlwson S1'1'1'1'lr1ry l,z1111'z1 Sowell Tn'rl.1'111'f1r ixllV2llll'lllg the wisllcn ol' tllc' slu- dcnt body :md cstablisliing rupf port bclwccn studcnls and luc- ulty ocfllpy thc limi' ol tlic Excl cutivc Council. Vivid colors :md inlprcssivc slogans cover every zwzxilalmlc inch in llic last days ol' tlic liczit- cd czinlpuigns lor Student Coun- cil positions. Wionifom l4O'l"lONI ROW: CZ. llloclx. S. ' fin. Sliiclsls. N. Hinton. li. Hum lrcrg. SIQKIOXD ROIY: Xlr. li. Hvrkloll. XY. llzixlcr. R. I"ingc-lsli-in. I. l'ng1 IIIIRII ROW: NI. Ii. 'lIminpsm1. Wilson. XI. Hzmlcsly. Ii. Qlolmsnn. Cf. Hznnninnrl. l'Ol R I H ROW: 5.5l1zlwcii.S.XX'z1I tors. l.. Yllll Nlclrc. ll. VIIIIIIIIJI. IOI' ROXY: XI2lI'llll. I.. llluir. li. Kzllliw, NI. ITIIII. NI. llnwziril, .jafgc .gjciuacl I"RON'I ROXY: filllll. G, XX'ci'iil1. NI , , . H. Nicliols, 5. lllOIlI2lS. IS. liizins. Sl1ucl'l'cl'. l'zlllo11. R. Russell. D Nlorgcnslcrn. Nlr. Cl, Rogcix. SECOND ROW: xl.'iinnrc. NI llirrl. IE, Murclzmcl. il. RIISSCII. N Cllmnihcrs, ll. Fciilmgcll. Al. Bran 7 sllcurs, -I. lnlnicr. NI. Ciingms. 'IHIRD ROW: li. Pike, li. l.c1'cl1.N Wziysrm. .L Ilziilcy. Y. Cllzlrk. li Wkmcl, C. Szlinzlrzis. Ii. I.z1lIin1cr. IS .xlSLIlIIlll. lfOl'R'l'll ROW: D. Vzirlcil. .I liuusnm, NI. liczmlnmrc. D. Basil. I. Russcc, xl. Roscnlnlnmn, li. Dumas 5. Bzlncr. ISXCR ROXY: C-. KIQNQW. P. .Xllncil sun. Zzlmlcrzl. H. Sfllickv. I.. Sc wcll, Klziwzins. R. Ilziwwii. li Sluckcr. NI. I'4I'llllll'. S. Nlulxluii. I. limsllm-zni's. Wm , As the warning buzzer sounds, 47 Traffic Squad inenibers piloted by Captain Garner VVerntz and First Lieutenant Dick Russell rush to their traffic posts. "Name and hoinerooin, please?" issuing tickets is a necessary part of these seniors' Intent faces look upon this vic- tini of the Student Court as the jury deterniines the verdict, "Guilty or not guilty?" duties, which include regulating traffic, enforcing school rules, and maintaining reasonable quiet and order in the halls. The Monitor Squad, composed of under- classnien and captained by Ilse Ungar, takes over during the first lunch period. Traffic Squad in action proves that "Crime doesn't pay," wheth- er it be running, skipping steps, chewing gum, or whistling. , W, HONOR SOILII-1'l'Y-FRONI' ROW: I., Rosscc. Prcsiclcnlg M. Bird. SCCI'Cl2lI'fQ Jglgl goiid V. Clark, viii?-l,l'CSiCll'lllQ A. llzlilcy. vl'!'C2lSllYCl'. X BACK ROXY: Mrs. H. Czlrpcnlcr. .Xmlxiscrg H. Schickcg I.. luhlllsl l'. Knllis. ll. 'X 2 Dickcyg Rllsscllg Nl. I.cvillsohn3 IJ. Nlorgcnslcrnl H. Gould: G. XYCFIIIII 'X If IJ. Rcmlmold. xx A QQ, '1 V ,Qfyanlcszvolf -9" Ax '11.1, ze sczkou. - M. cingms. A lfzlilcy, H. Colllml. Y. Clark. IJ. Basil. C352 Pdf? The colorful displays outside the library door offer an enticing invitation to enter. Inside the library, Capably managed by Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers, aided by ber Li- brary .-Xssistants, is an abundance of books containing helpful information and enter- taining reading. 1XyI1OTl'1I'lIg'lf is power 'lTliere, I'x'e found it!" exelaims Mrs. Xlary .Xnn Rogers, Librar- ian, as she thumbs through the vertical Iiles. XSSISI .XN'li l.ll5R,XRl.XNS - l1lCN'l ICR: Como. I.liF'I' 'IQO RIfLll'l': S, Hire. H. Wrigl1l.CQ. Nlc'Ncw. li. l'ike.V.CIa1'k.S. Wliilcomb, B2lllSllllI. .L ljdings, M. Hudson. 25 XUYISICRS - SIQX I Iflli XIIxsC1.DiglIlzll1,XIIN, XI. XSSIS'I'.XX'I' IQITI IURS - SICK I IQIDZ li.I,crcI1.NI. llmrl. Klux. Y, llickvuwn. liird. li, SIIINIIRII. lizlllwnl. SIXXIJIXKQ: NIH Il. Ixcllugg, Nln. Nl. .L lingers, Sl .XNIJIXKQZ R. Skurclzxs. II. Scllim-kc. NRI IZONIXIIVI IIQIL --A ll. I'l5Ixl'IlIgl'. I'. I"l:lll1L'. IYPINC. CIUXIXIII IIQIQ - SliX'Il-111: Ii. Sllli'Ixll R. fIIl2lIllIIl'lS. bl. lhzlxlxc-a11's. Nl. Iiilxl. l'. ulzuksmm, IQ, Szlnlzlrals. Ruwcnlxlumn. IS. ,XISIIIIIIIL Sl ANDIXKL: I. l'x1gnl'. l,. Ih'glsllczll'x. li. IICIIIQIN cII2lI'IxL'. S. RUIJL'I'lS0ll. li. licck. I'llllll7IlH'I I RIISNCII, M. XYiIlix. ADYliR'l'ISlNfL. IFXIRON. CIRCZIV I..-XIION C1ONINIl'I"I'IiliS - BOI- IOM ROXY: R. Ilzlwson. I.1lllrell, ll. 1 llzlsil. Rosenlxlocnn. lullon. .X, Seim lj. Cfmmr. Rl. Shields. Nl. Gingrus. NI. I.. Nielluls, Berry. SICCIOND ROW: lx. l'ilxe. Il. Russell. li. I,CITlI, N. IYQIISOII. I.. Sears. ID. Nlor- QCIISICYII, l'. Hill. Ll. Kluwzms. S. Mans- lon, NI. -jones. Ii. Wmmrl. l'HIRIl ROXY: H. Scllieke. I.. Russee. la. Dumas. C-. hqnllums. .L I,l'llIll. N. Clarke, NI. Frame. I.. IIl'2lSllClll'S. I, i PIIIIIIJIITCY. I.. Sewell. IJ. lzlrlell. I l7OI'R'I'H ROIY: I.zljme. Nl, xI2lI'IIlI, K, Strauss. C. liley. sl. Uilllen. li, Slllfli- er. ul, I.z1rrm1m'e. S. Rolmerlsun. R. llul- fer. kj. BC2lI'ClIllOl'C. 'IIOI' ROW: S. IILIIIUII. lx. cvOOClllllC. Ia. I.zllimel', S. IVZIIICYS. Cl. XYzlrner. .X. llzlilev. IS, I"CIllI2lgCll. Cl. fIIl7SOll. ll. Iirewsler, KL, XIICYIIII. I.. I.z1ml1. Wflkli Iilll IORIXI. S l'XIflf - ISO Il IOM ROW: Rielmzml Russell. Plmmg- IIQIIJIIN liclilmt f:Cl7l'gIZl Sznnzlrzls, Cllliel Ispilslg ,lean Ilrz1sl1ezn's. .Xu Iimlilor. lll-IN'll-1R ROW: Yielq Cllzlrli. I,IIi'l'1lI'I liclilorg Nanny llllzunlxers. .Xssneiule Iiclilorg Iloris xIOlIgClISlCI'lI. limlilur-in, 'lllicfg Limlu Russee. Nlulxe-I'p Iimlilm: IOI' ROXYZ KIORIII llmmu. l'1ll1'm1 Nlzm- .lqerg Garner IVCTIIII. iiirelllzllimm Klam- lgeri LIOZIII Russell. Xllxerlising Mam- xger. Ill' L0 l.I'l'liR.XRY C1ONlMI'l"Illili 4 lSO'l' I OM ROW: Nl. f.ingr:1s. Cl. Cillmer. xl. Wil sam. IS. Butler. Nl. li. lngzm. l', kzlllis. R. lfiukelslein. S. Rinllmerger. li. Illmeling. ll Slmielcls. SHLOND ROW: li. Guucllllle. N.C1ul11u1.iI. Simmzms. NI. I.exinsuIm, l. l'ngur. H Selmieke, ll, Goulll. R. iialllulmn. li. fllIllllI2lllC. 1 1 And .gil 'I HIRD ROW: l"..Ka1llis. l3.Sl1oeI1z11.ll. Rosenlmlumn. li. l'l1illips, Y. Cllzlrke. Rus sell. N. XVz1yson. li. I.el'eI1. N. flllzllnlyers. IOI RIII RON: Nl. liirrl. P. l2lI'lsSlllI. ll. Reecl. NI. KIZIIIIII. R. SCIIIHIZIII. Cl Iiluek. Comm. Il. Ciilmsrm. Ill-lllllllll l"II"'I'Il ROXY: If. lirezuly. Y. Rowe. Cf. I:luse1'..I. I'1lllOll. Igl'2!llllIlIOl'l'. I.. Russee ID. lizlsll. S. Lonely. I'. lxzlllals. ll. I'lIllL'IR. 'lOl' ROW: I.. Sewell. KI. Ilxxmxmmml. R, lull. ll. Remlmnlcl. .X. Bailey. IS lfenlmgen. S. Ciamll. llerry. I a IIBQO IIVSIXICSS SI.XI"l" - SIi.X'I'IiII: NI, LCVIIISUIIII, BCZIIIIIIIIPIU. IJ. Ilzlsil. M. Young. Ii. Goorlhue. SIIXNIIIXCI Mr. R. Olson. ,Xmlxiseri S. Aclclinglon: IE. Coleman. J4 pa... From a flurry ol' Copy, clunnny, proof. 1I21llfIOIlItl,2lIIllIICTASSOCIHLC Eclnor, Mary paste, and scissors emerges Lhe Tally-Ho cl1IIgl'21S. once a month, after dead-Iines have been Marlene Levinsolm and Ilse Un ar a ear - ..-n K . v Ieverlshlf met bv ns xnasternnncl. Han- III ever' nook anal erann scoutm' for , I liI3I IURIXI, SI Xlflf --- SILK I Iill: XI. CIIIIUILIS, .Xssofizlle Iimlilorg I. l'n ur. Kio- U s News Iiclilor: W. IIZIXICI. Assistant News Iiclilor: Nl, IATXIIISUIIII. Co-News Iiclilorl .X. Bailey. I-Ixcllzunge Iimlilorg llonlo, Co-Sports Iiclilolg H. Gould. Iimlilorlin-Klhief. SINXIJIXC-2 Ia. flllillllllllj. .XNNISIZIIII News Iamlxlorg IJ. Pznllson, l,IIUIUgI'llIJlICI'Q K. CIIIIIIIIRIIIUQ Co-Sports Iimllol. R. Hanson. .xiwlxlillll Ifriilor. RlillOR'l ICRS - Sl-1.X'l'liD: H. Day. l.. Rossee. lfI'2lSllC2lliS, ll. NlHl'gL'IlSlCl'l1. Y. Clark. .X. Bailey. IJ. Relllllold. S'l'.'XNDlNl-: ll. Kearse. H. Sl'lllClQK', l'. Kallis. Y. fil2ll'l4C. M. Bird. B. sllllflllll. Russell. B. Calla- llllrl. S. xvfllllllllll. .95 Born "hot tips", while Joan Como and Kevin Cullinane delve into our athletic feats and defeats. Always on hand for advising and "coming to the rescue" whenever needed is Mrs. Helene Mcliamey. Behind the pages is found a vital group - the Tally-Ho Business staff, which spends unlimited hours seeking, arranging, and writing ads: distributing Tally-Ho: and handling outside subscriptions. CVB Rlil'0R'l'liRS - SEA'l'lCl3: Kent. S. ICIIICYSUII, H. Gales. N. Cohen. M. Martin. D. Reed, Cl. Hammolld. STANIJINC: Cl. Cilllller. ll. XVilsoll, F. Bready. R. Zall. B. McNulty. il. Mac- Gregor, C. Block, K. Strauss. M. Nic- lVlliI'ICT. Cl. SHHIIIUIIS. B. johnson. 1. lfblni. X 5, . -2' 'iw VO.. !vWWuWANNAP0LlS QIIUH SCIIOOL. ANNAFUIJS. Hill, Oct, 13: A slwwh or A mlemn fm- Revolufioni pcs-red on me blackboard 'last Year of one of AHS? sclence 11 BCl'l'X'5' l'00!1'15. The purpose or mls swan was w me me smamls lm mea of me human slwlc-mu since no Ma we mme-dlmemlon model was avallable. The Mienfe learhvfx of Anne Arundel Cuuntb' mlly IWW Dlfsbht mel: scudles in a more rexllmc mKm'tcl'. A5 Q! this Sxutlxmn thi? have at their dhilrrmal models of 1 human skeleton. mlm.. ear. leaf. dice! flower and slam. and lvnamm atom In addlbivn T10 Lheit a. M956 vuruow mlcroaroiecwr. me exi- nna, and spentrlwune wan re- WKXKYY added to the Stock l-coin at the Board of Educaunn on sane . emu e 'rm nl-ms nw lwms were puffmwd by me wt-ml ward dunna the summer. at the SUE' IMUDII of Dr. Howard Klhhlri, 'Ablxtant Silherint-Hldutlt, Sttlllrr Hum su-.wh of Anne Arundel county. -Tm can www lwproxlmwy glexooc. Thc long snulzm-after anal of Jlllknn Shields and he! wmmit- tee of Diltriotlc students was fu!- N194 In an RQCUIDLV Yesterday. The goal of thu commmw was to suwnlv an American flu to each of Lhe 32 ClBSl!00n'1S in the ewhnol. 'Early Bird Wise' 7-summon, wllorsv- mld Mm Dorothv mmmm. milanm counselor at Annapolis Hlzh School. --mmm ol st-mlmhlvs are now nrrxvlmc and are being Dwfkd OU the Rilldwnce' bulletin board in the main corridor. "AH arllzlicaltinns must be filled Om and sent to the sl-hoo! Ot whoolx of one! eholce hetwlfrn Pebrunry and MRYUH lktt H! the Xnwsl. EIHIV hlmllvcthbi. however. we UXEIY X0 M !hDrD'llahlY con- sidrwd. and EIUOY the Advanillhf uf not ietllinl rushed for time," Science Awlrli ww.. ...l....-. fahmsnnl.. 525,15 15.5.42 u5fEftl2l2f.EsQQkiQiQ'EigaQ53 QLRQQ zes Classrool Rocefwnu wrmlsslon for DTDJBU. Ymm Mr. Albert F0 e cmnmlmve sm-fed or th mission. Members nwloaellm mu the 1-me ul-nmlzntmm in lmlll the-y round wzml w L0 helkl lhclfl ln their Gillis? 'nw Dannntl-r-4 or uw Ar nn wvlllllllon mth .l.f.x ndoutefl their Plan and cl the Dulthlusc. lltillxilw llle sl of m0ll9'! Cl0rlaDrd by flxe x urvlflnuatylons. Mrs. View! HM! l'EDrwi Revolution in making me senmlcn. Yeswrdlly was chofwn In memo: shun of the Francls I my Award Ass l-mlm: Neal' 01 OCLOXJQK' X2. "rv 1. an mivllere for AHS dents Q0 give theh' count-l1'4 the atwnmm lt mzmfully serves ln the clluslodlns of srhoolj' stated MI. Fowbfb, M-K Tala Tn I Q gg M i :is W 9 Q, 5 5 gm' 4? if 2 'J' Z, .lp 5 Q' U WL S ,C gi? ggi - W my --W --- ' 'Wi T 15:25 Qi - Q. .- 4 f M .QQ 1 'f f.,,, Q? A W f L rin , U'-M 7 QQ sw mfg Afgg-S , mysql A. Q? skykkz ,n.,' j ' ' gig-1 7 X - A vi if Wa P Q A gm' 'N , Y Q3 U :ea W . . .il 'I W M. . I 3 alf- X Q ,gs ffm: 'Wk Aw., QQWQQJJW e MWKW , gf M "'k , Z, I V5 ,,.,,.. g + mm m 9 ' ,V . W r ,D M , f r y' .. ww qin w' . 5 gf - 1 i 4 f Q 4,9 nw-M ' f 4 ws V L wi, -Q ' M ,W f ' if ,gvj5W1Aj'f'f '- ww -45" I In I 0? 1,33 , 'Q v if N Q, : by A f' ,. - ., 1 ""' " x f . A, ' U " " . lllilfl IO RICLII l: Dr. llowurml Klllllilll. NIV. xlllL'l'l lfowlmle. Ur. llzuicl klClllxlIlS. Slllllllll llllllllllx ur' jimf .fddfiemgfg Un Oelober 21 Slrohm 'llxomus ueeeplecl. on belmll' ol' Llme slucleul bocly. 21 plaque zlwzirclecl Lo AHS by D11 Jenkins zmcl Dr. Kiulmrl as ll lrilaule lol' lulying reeeiyecl Llme Bellamy Flag :XXV2ll'll in W53. Following 21 speech concerning the Bellamy .Xwzml by Linda Rossee. Presiclem of Lhe Honor Soeiely. .'XlllCl'lC21Il flags were pre- seulecl Lo 1'ClJ1'CSClll2lllYCS of Llle 32 class- rooms ol' the school by Lhe DA.R. .52 Sf WL M 1 1 li' ' K ff , : , W ,W WM, 1 ""W?W"43'K+'!5'3?'?W. , 'd'?, wg Q Q QQ' Mvmgfy 60l'Yll'l'liff005 Through the medium of school assemblies. arranged by the Assembly Committee. AHS students have attended world pre- mier fashion shows, met experts on cur- rent problems, and enjoyed the gala music of the school band, under the baton of Mr. Kenneth Page. The fashion queens, with the sponsorship of Miss Delphine Lindeinann, furnished stunning creations which they had made in Home Economics. VVith its joyous spirit, the Christmas as- sembly, supervised by Mrs. Esther Travis and Mr. Robert Kunkle, was a highlight of this year's programs. The National Honor Society sponsored a unique and inspirational assembly devoted 34 to the induction of new members. Traditionally sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y, the annual Easter assembly carried out its religious theme in accordance with the occasion. Behind the scenes were the Make-up and Costume Committees, capably directed by Miss Lindemann, which did an excellent job making the appearance of the pro- gram participants effective. A welcome addition to the assemblies this year was the newly-acquired organ, played by Diane Dickey, Edith Coodhue, June Bausum, and Joann Shields. "Success, was the keynote of this yearls assemblies, enjoyed by all. jaknf Hgh A deluge of talent and entertainment in- vaded the inner Sanctum of AHS during the annual presentation of Talent Night on February 24 and 25. Among the colorful dancers were Judy Jerner, Elaine Kallis, Bessie Horton, Joan Huffer, Midge Peterson, and Colleen Fleharty. Pantomimists included Mary Ellen Logan, Carol Tauser, Rosalyn YVeiss, Barbara But- ler, and Rosemarie Alter, while instru- mentalists were the Soap Box Seven and the school dance band. In the vocal spotlight were Carol Simmons, Bonny Stumpf, Geraldine Stein, Betty Mc- Nulty, Sondra Kotzin, Sharon Wfalters, and Sigma Theta Phi. 35 Ckrififmafi Memgfy Allliougli the Clirisuiias assembly was not ol zi religious nature, ir presented 21 clefi- nite moral - "'illhe gift wilhoul Lhe giver is bare." The one acl comedy, KXAII Empty Gesture," smarrecl 21 teen-ager. Joan Berry: father, Dave Kearseg niolher, Helena Day: friend Mary Rlioclesg granclmoilier, Dale Purdy: professor, Lloycl Wfliilei and two children Ioan Roseiiblooiii and Sliziron Emerson. Mrs. Esther Travis clireeled tlie play. a a orning aibeuofiond Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding . . . A devotional period for the student body is given each morning with religious music in the background to create a reverent at- mosphere. Serving as a basis for spiritual instruction, passages from the Bible are read, followed by the offering of the Lord's Prayer. Through this period, conducted by the students for the purpose of establishing an appropriate start for the day, it is hoped that God's presence will create a molding influence on the students and on their lives. And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forezfetr. t itmllmii wf M heat N Mined the vdnof Ybowm. Myaxmvh fined Plkilifbf sr-mi 1 en w y www E zrzfimf me -iw ofanm Mgxliifds nd yfeeur mvdfd- K coutnil yhwes Thzyl k lhyaxne tins Theydt buzz yprmemxmwug y beth-ryanttds. Bm lhou Obonubenczfarah' Cl ywnsxh hanmzomyiid Dehrf yldetrandwlwufd M frmndupovesofzbe 00 :mum meant. Ind ymurwniftfammeuwmof the ki x. Then tllpuhiuhthyuan horny brhf ing dvzoiuwnuunbiyfviii pfuxcxhn: Y wboferzbeiailnprntuzifxr Airymamendsauoljnobnnu him uwdmnvnothinnyuuilsueerd- wbdllnd Benulehshuuot DNN! kelsiahedtbc WW Nw hehidduihisluzfmdhnx ha Buzbehaikunodwhasirealadto himfcfald-Y 1 Frorntkmumyprusewdnemmn- smwhfy Xnthegnamceufthoucvlnfclthim lmllpnymyvcvh- an The humble vnkieotasdhtlmhed Tlmemwmktmwlbwlhpfnx hmm Mnyywrhcartlwelufevv! n Alizrmfndsufxrszenmvvllifunemf tx: and mm nmmfhe URD1 Anthecfmnrdxrmntiaflviliwwdxw hdnfehuln Fonhrkxngdcxnbeluaafochebuib Andhfemksmefxhrnltiom. en mm alone -ui!! an the In was nt' the with lillhlp Sli B Q ., lf, "6aw-- 44 dn I E 1 I is x Q Ili. Q in m' In as f ix ' H i ' m 1 ufxzeuv 'en 2 an mein xx Fwdngshave mfvougidxd ma, . A efnimmzocsiciamy. n a m , e if um n m 2 oo . e I - tl is rx m them. lmdoverm ro vu . . . 3 m e . ' an 'v m ' . I ywiy can LI , n hive mc 'J ' A m ws o . X1 vii IU me em a mx 19 . . Y K " M 3 , . . Student volunteers conduct the morning devotions by reading scriptures over the PA system and by leading the school in praying the Lord's prayer. 'Q' E . , ff'-.V ime Ouf jar inger "Time Out For Ginger," a three act com- edy, was warmly received as the senior play of 1955. The action revolves around a 14-year-old dynamo, Ginger Carol, played by Joan Rosenbloom, who greatly agitates her speech writing father, portrayed by Her- man Schieke. Helena Day depicted Agnes Carol, the mother, peacemaker of the fam- ily Jeannie and Joan, the Garol's older daugh- ters, were Vicky Clark and Carol Anne MAKE-I'P. COSTVME COMMl'I'I'EES - BOTTOM ROW: J. Como, B. lfenhagen. N. Chambers. C. Stafford. SECOND ROIYZ P. France. M. Bird. Palmer. TOP ROW: V. Clarke. J. Patton. M. Gingras. E. O'Dwyer. TICKET COMMIT'l'EE 4 BOTTOM RONV: B. lfenhagen. J. Russell, E. Pike. J. Gurnula. P. Shaw, J. Como. SECOND ROW: N. Wayson. J. Greentree, A. Seinl. A. Bailey, L. Rossee, E. Lerch, M. I-'rance. L. Brashears, S. Gantt. N. Rowe. THIRD ROXY: E. O'Dwyer. J. Palmer, J. Rosenhloom, A. Pruitt, E. Latimer. M. Cantler. TOP ROXY: F. Farber, IV. Geinlan. M. Encare, J. Dyer. PLAY. CAST SELECTION COMMITTEES - BOTTOM ROIV: Mrs. E. Travis. Mrs. C. Alexander, Miss K. Cox, Mrs. S. Morris. Mr. C. Peregoy. TOP ROIY: G. Saniaras. R. Skordas. I.. Sewell, I.. Sears. E. Il'ood, J. Larrilnorc. M. Nichols. S. Robertson, D. Kearse. Como. HOLSE MANAGEMENT. Pl'BI.lCITY, PROGRAM COM- MITTEES - BOTTOM ROW: M. Nichols. B. Evans, E. IYood. J. Greentree. E. Denias. SECOND ROW: E. Stucker. M. Ifram'e, X. Chambers. J. Gum- ula. li. Pike. L. Rossee, I.2ll'l'lllIOl'C, X. XN'nyson. S. Blllllff, P. Shaw. THIRD ROW: B. Ifenhagen. J. Russell, B. Shochat, G. Sam- aras. L. Sears. A. Seini. S. Robertson. TOP ROXV: K. Cnllinane, G. XVerntz. LIGHT, CONSTRl'CTION COMMITTEES - BOTTOM ROXV: F. Bottner. S. Lyons. M. Skipper. SECOND ROXY: P. Miller, J. Ingle, R. Russell. TOP ROYY: D. Mnrchake. S. Mastros. PROPERTIES. ART COMMITTEES - BOTTOM ROYV: S. Bauer. P. France. E. Pike, Bansum. Pumphrey. SECOND ROIY: R. Chambers. J. Schwallenberg. P. Jackson. J. Brashears. D. Eskridge. H. Dawson, M. Skipper. TOP ROXV: R. Whittington, J. Wilder. B. Brewster. J. Roh- inson, M. Kalandros, D. Tayman. Gibson, while Pat Joines portrayed Lizzie, the Garol's incomparable maid. Trouble brews between Ginger's boy friend, Tom- my Green, played by Jack Shepherd, and Joan's track star, Eddie Davis, alias Walt Boswell. Wlieii Ginger goes out for foot- ball, the principal, Strohm Thomas, seeks to correct this situation, as does her father's boss, David Kearse. Always ready with the Hgood word" were prompters Joan Beard- more, Jackie Patton, Shirley Robertson and Diane Basil. This group niet before each dance to plan details, which were then presented to the special sub-connnittees. The six sub-committees were the Decora- tion and Clean-Up, Chaperon, Orchestra, Ticket, Refreshment, and Advertising. Through the combined efforts of these groups three budget pass dances were pre- sented. 30Ci6lf gommiffee The Social Connnittee of 1954-55, under the supervision of Mrs. Henrietta Carpen- ter, was well fortified by a large represen- tation from each class. Guiding the connnittee in the student capacity Were Nancy YVayson, President: Marcia Bird, Vice-President: Diane Dic- key, Secretary-Treasurer, and the Plan- ning Connnittee, which consisted of three representatives from each class. CHAPILRON, ADVERTISING, RE- FRESHMENT COIXIMITTEES - Three laudable groups which insured the Hsmooth sailing" of the dances. ORCHESTRA, TICKET CONINIITTIZICS -- The melodions and the niercenarv com- pare notes. The first. the Hobo Hop, required every- one to wear socks, minus shoes, during the evening. K The second of the series was the Valentine Formal. Romantic music was supplied by "The Moods," as couples whirled amid hundreds of paper hearts. lust in time for the "wearin' o' the green." came the Shamrock Hop with its sham- rocks. top hats, and shillelahs. DECORATION, CLEAN-UP CONlMl'I"I'EES - The first and the last to view the translornied cafeteria, PLANNING COKINllT'l'Eli - "Never helore have so few done so much lor so manvf' -ll .L Q-rf U 5"'-'3i-- 5 il? ?"'3 5 N :',:g!'?.?',33QQE.i.E 133.21 i340 Jun for rom Un the evening ol' June 4 the solt and lilt- ing tnusic ol' "'l'he Modernistsn was heard drifting lrotn the cz1l'ete1'iz1. which now looked like ll liuirylznul gznsden. as out' jun- ior pronl hegztn. KfVhen the couples 2l1'l'lVCtl, they entered at bullroont which opened upon two bal- conies where 21 galaxy of stars glistened in the night. 'l'he ll'21l1SliOI'lIlCCl Cztl'etet'iz1 was lilled with un ztttnosphere ol. excitetuent. and we knew that our efforts had been rewztrded when we saw our thente, 'llyloonlight :uid Roses." lztshioned into 21 thing of beauty of which we could he proud. XVe knew that this evening would be held in our lllClllOl'lCS for at long tinie. Hours of preparing decorations were spent blending and accent- ing our theme, "Moonlight and Roses." As we :arrayed the ball- room with Color, we could see our ideas being ll'2lIlSl'0l'IllCll into a reality. A trellis ol' tiny red roses lrznned our doorway and 21 full moon und twinkling stars reigned proudly over the dancers as we tripped the light fantastic. Artistic' hzuuls C'l'L'2llC thc 2lbSll'ilCl Hrs. ll1llkl'iCl KL-Hogg Ar! Xliw l,K'IIJllillL' l.in4lL'lllz1 llnlflr' lffrmflmirx - v .X Iltlbfllfllj-llfblllll along. Xlrs. l,lllli5C lic-zullc 1'1IIIllilY l11'lrllim1.x filulml f1t'OglllfJlIX Nlrs. lrcnc KOSIIILIII Pllxzvirnl lfllllfllffllll Hrs. Mzlrlllzl l'n':ullm'x I'l1x'.sirnl 1':fIIlI'llfiIHI .S'1'i1f111'1' XX'cn1clc'r wllzll this pmx'-wows zllmout? ? QR t, Hr. XOI'H'lNlll xYL'lllL'l'Illblll 'V 1'flYXI'l'Ill lirlrlrrllirm ,, 'ffl V 5 1 fy, History unrccls im-ll' to llu-nc N111 IJIWICIIKL' BUIIZIPI Imlmlrizlf slzlx L'llg.:l'OSSt'll 5lllllR'lllS. Xxvllill is this I wc l1cl'm'c mc? Xlr. Rulznml Olxml Nrirnrr XIV. XIIIIIUIIN lim ImH NY irfur 1' .XIKIIICQI with lslllL'lA :md 00111111155 sluclious 50IJllOIIl0l'C'S IJITIJZIIAK' In prow sllwtlu-1' lJl'OIJOSiliUIl. N111 Ruwcwcll limvlns .NY iwnrr' NIV. .IHNCIJII Cul' Uflllfrnlrllirs Xllx 5ll'Il2l Nlurris Iizlxinrfu "Not so lim, plcznsnf' Mrs. H01 tis. Nliw Xfllfgillfl Hokc Ii Il,Yi?Il'.X.X Nlr. l'Cll'I4 Riclvr Ir1rlu.slr'inl Arm Clic-king keys rcsouncl in cms fcmlu. Miss lmmliix Nulilc' Mrs. Milclrcll Killililfl Miss Kilcu ljiglliilll Miss Rcimlzl lioiigzlllcckcr liislmfi' Ilislmi' lli.xIm'v Ilislrirvv Lflllgllllgl' lirzglixlz Miss lmllisc llirks Mrs. Clhrisliziiizi Miss l'iiiMliJClil Dalxis l1i.xlm'x' .Xlcxzimlcr linglislz Hixlmx' X'VliL-tlici' yoi1'l'c studying gram- mar or wriiing Zl prologuc, Miss Davis is zilwziys Llicrc to help lJiSL'0VL'lXiIlQ ncw liorifons. cilczu' thc fog. Qu' Lest-ur qua' cl-st? Cust unc 1,0S2lilllIIIlOh clc cspzmol CSllldi2lIl 4-lgissc dc lniiiggiis, lzis ln-ycnclzis riqilcfzis. 'lli Mrs. Loretta NIZICZIIIICY linglish Mr. Curl l'i2lill'llCl' Mrs. Hclcllc NICKZIIIICY lflllgllllgl' l'lli'.x'if'11l li1l1lr'aIim1 liuglisll Mr. Chester l'crcgoy Miss Katherine Cox Miss llurolhy Hamilton S1 iwln' 1fIIg'liS,l fi llillllHf'c" IJr'izfms Iirlurulimz "Tl1isfur ' 'oo long," mut- Not itfilfllillg his A, B, Us, but ' his l " 91's tc-rs CXHS' Iv. .'x V2 X-ill, ,L .,-,... Y t'iiCI1SUll Nlr. NN'illi11m XIVKZIIIHJF' Nh: Robert Kunklc I1 A1llflI!'llI!lffI'.Y Muxif Hrs. Henrietta fi2ll'llCllICl' Mrs. Mary Ann Rugcrs Nfr. KCHIICIII Page li1l.vi11r'.vx l.f1H'II!'-Y Iillllll 47 unior gfadd efiume ltls bigger and better! It's a special treat in store for the seniors! Yes, it's the junior prom to be held on June 3, 1955. It's a gay and exciting event planned and presented by the juniors in honor of their upper- classmen. Leaders of this energetic class are Charles Horton, President, David Lee, Vice-Presi- dentg Lynda Van Metre, Secretary, and Patricia Kallis, Treasurer. As writers, planners, and Workers the jun- iors take an active part in the Social Com- mittee, Assembly Committee, Booster Club, Tally-Ho, WAKE, Make-Up Com- mittee, and Talent Night. In the musical field many of the class vocal- ists are members of the chorus, While the instrumentalists form the nucleus of the band. The National Honor Society has honored six juniors by making them members be- cause of their scholarship, character, lead- ership, and service. Not just as writers, but as editors, assist- ants, typists, and photographers, they have helped keep the Tally-Ho presses rolling. Adding to the religious atmosphere of the school, several members of the class assist with the morning devotions. These activities help make the juniors out- standing members of the school and so influence their lives that they will become able citizens of tomorrow. Charles Horton President David Lee Vice-President Lynda Van Metre Secretary Patricia Kallis Treasurer NIl'SIC ROOM - BO'l"l'OM ROXV: CI, Bussfol'tl, S. Bicc, M. Bentley, Y. IIYZIQIX. I. Blair, W. Baxter. l-I. Buss, Ii. Baker. j. Bless. SECOND ROW: R. Bower. R. ilznnphcll. D. llznnphcll. lf. Baker. R. Alter, F. Boslcx I", Brczntly. l'. BI'1llISIl2UV.' II. Bzmurs. ll. Bultlrcc. l IOI' ROXY: I". BOIIIICII Apnstzll. F, Burgess, XY. BI'2ltIf0l'lI. Mr. R. Klmklc. R. Blzly R. Butler, .L Ball. R. Bcztll. NV, Ailllillglilll. NOT SHOXVN: Aisqllith. HONIICROONI 201 - BO'l'l'ONI ROW: B. Britton. I., Brown, P. Colburn. B. Britton S. Brown. I.. Brown. B. Clolcmam. I.. Kinsey, B. Chzllnlmcrs. SIQCOXID ROW: ll. Caldwell. S. Clase. 1. llumphcll. l'. Burns. l.. lkmoks, B. Butler NI. Clattcrttm. I.. Clhzltlcy. .X. Klzmnichzncll. 'I Ol' ROXXZ 61. f.I2lI'IxL'. ll. llolxsml. XX. lzxzms. S. IIIYQIKSUII, Xlrx. H. CIz1t'pvnlcr. I.. Cltlrry R. Dcmlcr. CZ. Kiztrlsmx. B. llunzlwuy. Ii. tilmxnbcrs. NOT SHOWN: II. Collins. R. Clullistm. HONIIQROOM 2015 A IIOIIIONI ROIY: I". DllC'IxClI. N, Clullisoll. li. Ilmmpcr. Dznwull, un IS. llifwalggiu, R. Ifillkclslcin. Cl. lilvy. S. Iilm-rs SICKIONID ROIYZ IV. 1211111111-1'. KL. IIul'i'm:m. lixzuw. IS. Klux. P. Ilnbbs. Il. llickcy. XY. lfmv sythc. 'IDI' ROW: Mr. R. Bowles. R. Hcnnchcrgcr. I. Holme, R. Ifinklc. S. Ifrc-m'h. li. Isllifil. If. UI'CCl1ll'CC. NOT SHOXVN: II. If1'c'm'l1. I., I'Il'2ll1Ii. M. Ifislucr. II. lilmvlillg, II. Clullllcll I.. Ilmlgw. IIcl'1'. KL. Hzlmiltrm. HONIICROONI 2117 - IIO'lI'I'ONI RON' I. c:lIlIl'II, 5. K-lmscrlosc. I.. K-use. C. llillmcr, II, I'IIIlSIl2lW. 'If Hull. SICCIONID ROW: Nlrs. NI. lirzullcy. George. Ii. Iiurpcr. l'. IIIIITICSII. I. Hull. THIRD ROIY: I'. C.1'ul1c. Huincs lfullcr. NI. Hzlrrzll. Ii. CIUUIIIIIIC. II I'.I'CflII2llI. 'l'OI' ROIY: I". Ki11'I1l1cl'. Inglc. L IOSIl2lIxCl'. NlUl'llS. hluhnsrm. IT. kcnl R. Hopkins. NUI SHUIYNZ I.. Hams. CI. Horton R. .IUIIIISOIL C. Kam: Kzllfc-f. 'I' Klcis. HONIIQROONI 208 J ROI 'IOM ROW: M. Hudson. S. Riinhcrgcr. B. Hopkins. li. Hmnhcrg. Hlli'fCl'. SECYONIJ ROXY: Y, ,IUilllSOl1. R, Houn- shcll. bl. Klzikring. Cl. King. NI. jones. THIRD ROW: J. 1.111031-. R. Nlillcr. S. Mzxsims. R. NICIIQLIII Xlrs. H. Mc- Kinney. FOl'R'I'H ROW: l', Miller. xl. Ltjglllll. XV. ixfijlllilx. P. RIZILRIIIICS. 'l'OI' ROV: BI. i,1lIlIlOll. IJ. XY. Nlusrm. li. Kllickiilzm. NOT SHOWN: S. Lwns. ul, Nlzlrscllns. G. Mclincw. Nl. lolnmin. l'. Innes. P. Kullis. -I. Rent.. 1 7 g is in N .3411 'X 'N T V ,. ' . lil i i EP QI? f r A' Miss Mary Louiw Hicks :incl NIV. -Ioscpli Con who zum- thc linnioii class ziclvisn-is, spark plans Im such clam ziftivitics us thc -Iunioi' Prom :incl Lili Stuck-lit Cloniin-ii Q-14-ciioiis. HOMIQROONI 209 - I3O'I"I'ONI ROW I'. IWZIYIIII, I.. Nlmltullmzmo. CZ. Ingzm N, Nlzuhlcn, M. I4-Im. SICCLOND ROXYZ S. I.zx11gforcI, NI, Irv iusoIm, I.. Louglmlin. Y. Nluupin. NI Nlillcr. IHIRII ROXV: I.lIlIgSlOIl, Cf. Nlcrc . , . clllh, I,. Mulmlcn. Ii. NIc'fNully. In. NIV f.I'L'2llIf'. I"Ol'R'I'H ROXY: NIV. R, Olson. C1 Nlilcllcll, Ii. Nlmlc. ID. I'z1ulsm1. I'OI' ROXY: ll. XIIITCIIZIIQC, I'. Olson NIIIIII. fl. Polak. NO I' SHOXYN: N. Xims, N, I,ookingA lull. K.. Norris. I.. RIOITIRIIIKI. In Mm' gsm. XX. I'cnn1nglm1. IS. I.L'lll'Il. NIM- IQ1'cgm'. ll. Nlusrm. IIONIICROONI 212 -A ISOI IONI ROW: Ii. Ric'l1zll'1Is. S. fJIlIISlC2I4l. S. l'l'cwcll. li. I'l:lill. NI. fffillll. I'. R111-5. N, RIIItII0IK'l'gCII. Orb: SIQCIONID ROW: EI. Rmlgr.-rs. II, I'c1Ic-skit. Ii. l'vlvrs. NI, Olivvr. Nlyvrs. X, Mulml. I-1. Rickcn, 'IOI' ROW: Miss I.. Hicks. R. Riclmrdsmm, K. Ilusslmrk. R, ShL'l'Clk, R. Schickc. Rrrlminsmm. C.. Sclwvl. R. Sc'In'r.-ill. NOI SHOXYN: 'IQ Rulvcrls. Ii. SYIIIIIJCYI. NI, Nlnrclzmml. CI. Pzullus. IS. I'L'llil. A. Ric'I1zu'1Is. HONIIQROONI fiuti - IIOIIONI ROW: .X. 'ltn'msk5. R. 'I'0wers. II. 'I lilllllllf. NI. Xfheeler. II. Sttlmpl. NI. Yuung. -I. 'l'ttylm'. II. 'Iwilty SICCOXIJ ROW: CL. Swtmtek, I.. Yam Metre. Al. Wilson. I. llllgilll H. Wright. xl. NVhite, A. Ihtiwii. NI, Yam I'elt. IOI' ROW: Miss CZ. Iligniam. O. Wuyscm. S. Wullnizm. l'. Wisemztn. R. Wimtuii. l'. Wright. R. Wutxon. NO I' SHOIYX: I.. White, N. IYilsmi. li. Wetitlt. HONIIQROONI flll-I - IiO'I"I'ONl ROWY Nl. Selitieicler. I.. Slmres. K, SIYZIIISS. Shields. .X Slider. I'. Stortmi. I.. Spritigfieltl. M. .X. Shen. l'. Stratus. SICCONIJ ROXY: Mrs. I.. Bezttlle. II. Strzltlser. l'. Shzlw, IS. Russell, ID. Ruwlec. G. Stein. ll Smith. II. Sl'lIllllI1li'lll'I', Il. Shcrmzm. TOI' ROW: G. Yzillnmlinglizmi. R. Volker. W. Stuimmll, R. Smith. Al. 'l'uylm'. M. 'lkniiattiiu S. Sliucliut, -I. Snuggs. W. Stine. NOT SHOWN: I.. SIllllCl', .-X. VIIIUIIIIDSOII. 5 3 'B up .L K ,K "P"5S1, W 5,1 ,uw .W ih Q gp 51 V? ,"' W Q -f,,.: , . g 451.2 ' w f4mf:z,f'y ' 4 ,. X ,f 51 ,-an gf . as www Y p 'uf - , gf 4. ' , L M ' 4.5-S ,gf A , F .dar 53 If 151 I Q ,T , ,, ig f W A 1? W ' it Q A3 F 53 1 1 , M 3' wi f WW U' , un i sc1H1-11ni'i,1-1 N Opp, Ximupolis i'il'L'liCl ii k I2 S filllllilliiligl' 0 26 Sllilillllti I3 7 I.aulll'i'l 12 25 ifiixltlll 0 IH Nm'll1wi'slc'ri1 IEP 0 iiL'IilCSli2l 7 7 XX'csli1li11wlcl' 7 ifi SHlllill'l'll U P43 Sl. Nlzirxk H Ili .Xml ilu-rc you arc! j00fAa! Qlffffn Klum: Iicrry fi'l'Illl'l'j was mmwiiccl Pl17IIlCI'0lllillg f,?'lll'L'Il and IJl'CSC'lIlL'li with gills Iwi Sliulcnl fllllllfii i'l'L'YitiL'Ill HolmK1:illzihzm.wIlilc- li1L'c'0ll1'l: Dzilc l'ui'cly. CLH6! Court' l.miu' Klzxwams. luzm Clmmv. :mil Ruth .-hm Dawson. Iuukccl un. 'l'I1c i,2llllilL'l'S lc' xic'lul'i1xl1s iNCl' l.zllll'cl In an Sturm' oi 28-li. 1 X x x, ww' x a. 5 W. Q Q s.. g xx H m x ,, gk. 1, X, , 1 . fi 5 Mb Q w. A ,mv " + af, ff. x A K 1 s , a W Af L Q. ',,,...r' ,M :QW .amwigs n-' ,Z , fx xeggy , , H,f',iw1w -,VH"1ff1,,,f+vr!vof ., , , gy . ,vw naw, ,L Y. A rt. my 5 Q, W, 3A I , rfifgrffawaf , f - -- Q x f ,. ww! QVWSMJEY ,"."?... , V H Y3 M M3 A,,fM,,,g., 1-'V af- 4 31' , 5 A .walvh WMF M ,pf - mn A ep Wa- , sa ,, h,,.g4 , 5 Ky Q gf fwqww-ep ,,, Q- vm. -J., ws: f Q 'X'-q mf, Q Q" ageskff X"y-1:-'Jn XJ' , 11A:,,.,g AW, W .- , -, , - kv. .W fi + if 32.1 'v'.M,"5Ci?. " ,' wx wxw4.f,,w Wu ,W.,W,,,,,,, ,,- W I ,G . 1 gg v W , ,W M, , Aww- L+, Q. up ...Q Q- Q fumf -QA ww ' if -Q2 " s ' V, ' - Q ,, Q ' , 1. , , r , gf V , , f . m , J 1 A f f V D Mawr 4 , f Q 'L X ' ' Q , , '?, , yr" X V, ,fx ,,,.. ,M ff F33 , yi M, ,ww vs -f -1. fy, . n 4 fwm 'Af ,ami V f' ,,'qg.., 6 E? Q , ,LM 42 .., pa 1 f Q 4Q",7". an ff www- .., fffv'A-.:' ' ,yr ,, -xc, 9 'Q .-ff, , Ag v' A ,f ', 'f Q My , f , Wf, M., ,I an , , fan ' A .I .. , A , . V . ,.. ' kf W , gg Av 'l 5 K . 9, uf h? K fb ,h :wwf - uw , e, l , ,,,.L I . , ,, , , ,A ,J . J A .- f J. ' ' .L 5 If , ' ,i . , . K , ,.. . , Y , ,if ' ,,, v L5 ,V 1 rf A . , X . - .if ' M Q A X Q , vx ru CV fx, ,, ' 1: Q , .yu , M- P ' K K. 4 f : 4,4 X ,.., .Le - X 4.'-Q , N l5O'I"lOM ROW'. left lo right: Ii. lixaus. M. lloeltcller. M. I'lIll'2lI'i', Ii. Kzlllis. D. Purdy. M, jones. Cl. Wo W. llc SICKIONIJ ROW: I". Bosley, I,. Cass. I,. Haas. I'. Kzlllis. M. Moreland. C. Iiley. I,2lIlgSlt7II. 'IHIRII ROW: Sllarp. R. Weiss, R. Seulmzm, l'. liyster, M. li. Thompson. N. RitlcIIeIQel'g'er. IOI' ROW: B. Coleman, II. MLNUIU. Ir. Brown. -I. Klakring, S. Holmstead. C. Cillmer. IE. IIlllICI'. Kent. I'. jones, Rosenhlooin. jief epoch? Enthusiasm plus on the part of the play- ers marked the '54 hockey season. Co-captains Dale Purdy and Margaret Eu- care led the squad, which centered around lettermen Martha Jones, Linda Haas, Fran Bosley, Colette Wlolle, and Mary lioett- cher. Adding strength to the "stickers" were returning players Lynn Cass, Carolyn Eley. Joyce Langston, Janet Klakrmg, Sarah Croseclose. and Peggy Haines. Coach Koshlap received strong backing from managers Joanie Rosenbloom, Bar- bara Coleman, Peg Jones, and Betty Mc- Nulty. Aiding with the numerous newcomers. which included outstanding goalie Elaine Kallis, was Mrs. Martha Bradley. SCHEDULE Howard County .'xl'llIIIlL'I . .. .. Clem Burnie W, Xrundel ,N ,. Clan liurnie Howard County St, Marys Seminarx Opp. 0 h .0 I .0 ,. ,I ,0 I 1 I I Annapolis I 0 I 0 0 O I SilI'IlilJl'l,ll Opp. Annapolis Howard Clonntx W , 2 2 Brooklyn Park Q, W, 0 2 Clalxert County , ,N l l .Xrundel W, I 2 Calierl County , l 0 Glen Bernie ,L , ,, U I Brooklyn Park N, 0 I Arundel ,nn N, U I Glen Burnie ,W 2 0 Howard County W ,, 3 fl Southern ,,,,,, N, 0 l One of the best soccer teatns AHS has had in niany years compiled a fine record and finished second in the county this year. Largely responsible for the ICHIIFS laudable showing was coach C. Rogers. Leading the well-coordinated defense were halfbacks Fred Farber, Walt Boswell, and Klint Wlilder, backed by fullbacks Ken Ross- back and Joe Wlhittington. Dave Kirch- ner proved valuable as goalie. The well-balanced Panther attack was piloted by co-captains Russ IVhittington and Louie Stuller and linenien Nick Bass- lord, Toni Baker, and Dan Hubbard. .-Xt the end of the season Fred Farber was selected as the tnost valuable player. OCCQI' IKYIWIUNI ROXY, left to right: NV. Boswell. Wilder. R, lvllllllllgltlii, lf. Farber. 'lzulotx y . . li. I eucock. SICCONID ROW: N. Bassford, K, Ashton, ll. Whittington. D, Hubbard. W. Ilel,attre. I. Baker. 'FOI' RONY: R. ilzickson, I.. Stuller. B. Brewster. D. Kirchner. B, Richardson, Mr. C. Rogers. Unwatched, uncheered, and supported only by their own driving enthusiasm, the girls' varsity basketball team played be- hind closed doors this year to add another to a series of successful seasons. Witli just three returning lettermen, Dale Purdy, janet Hinton, and Mary I.ou Nich- ols, to provide the experience, a number of girls were moved up from J V and the squad welcomed a talented newcomer, Elaine Kallis, along with other sopho- mores. On hand from last year's reserves were Bet- ty Lou Evans, Mary Rhodes, Lynn Brown. Bo Sewell, and Eileen Wfood. The team was captained by Betty Lou Ev- ans and Bo Sewell, managed by Martha Jones and Barbara Coleman, and coached by Mrs. Irene Koshlap. QA, lljamify gaffefgaff SCHEDULE Opp. Annapolis Alumni ,,,,,,, ,WY45 26 Howard County f,f,f,, 25 49 Southern , W, ,nll 41 Southern W, , 26 28 Arundel ,,,, ,....f..24 33 Glen Burnie , , ,,,,,,,, 49 27 Howard County ,,,, ,JH 30 Lackey ,, ,WI5 39 .Xrundel W, ,,,28 29 Catonsville W, fffff 20 47 Lackey . H22 29 Glen Burnie ,,,,,,,, . 230 27 Sl. Marys Seminary ,TAG 38 B0'l"l'OM Row. left to right: J Como, NI. Moreland, M. Rhodes. D. Purdy, I.. Sewell. B. Evans, Hin- ton. M. Nichols. I.. Brown. 'l'Ol' RONV: B. Coleman. M. Jones. li. H'ood, YVhite, I.. Frantuni, li. Kal- lis, B. Kaiser, C. Caldwell, P. Kallis, N. Riddleberger, B. DiMaggio. Mrs. I. Koshlap. B0'I"l'0Nl ROXY. left to right: Nl. Skipper. B. llllIl2lW1ll'. M. Byrne. R. YVhittington. SECOND ROXY: S. Sliorliat. S, lfrenih. l'. Olson. R. Skordus. Cf. Horton. R. SllCl'Cl', 'I'0l' ROXYZ G. XYCFHII. G. xllllllll. S. xxtllllllilll. D. lxent. Nlr. I.. l'2llllillCI'. SGHIQDVLE Oxon Hill , . Howard County Cznnhridge , .Xluinni ,WWW Bladenslmurg ,,, Southern , , Bel .Xir Arundel , , XVCSIINHISICI' , Glen Burnie , liaston ,,,, Southern W, Arundel W St. Marys .,, Bel .Xir , Howard County liaston , , Glen Burnie , Opp. .Xnnapolis ful all ego '13 45 57 30 39 39 46 55 GT 50 59 40 39 -10 13 ogdi ffjamify gcmlwfgaff Spirit gave the Crabtown Cagers the coun- ty championship when the locals won a 5040 clash with Arundel. On March l that same spirit gave AI-IS the Class A Championship and the all-important crack at the district play-offs. This was achieved when the Panthers took a 45-42 victory from the Gophers of Glen Burnie. The final minute of the Glen Burnie en- counter, one of the finest minutes in Pan- ther cage history, saw the squad overcome a six point deficit. Fans witnessed the bril- liant playing that night of Gus Skordas. Sheldon lfVollnian, Charlie Horton, Ron Jordan, Gary Martin, Russ VVhittington. Pete Olson, and Mickey Skipper. "They gave us many anxious inoinents, but they never gave up, even when they were belnnd, f Coach Fahrner connnented. APRIL- 5 ,,,, 26.,,- 28,,,, MAY- FLM- 5,, l0 ,,,, l2 ,,,, I7 ,,,, l9 ,,,, 24 f,,, SCHEDULE .. .. Howard County Wi-.. .f,,, Arundel ,,,,,,Southern ,,,eBrooklyn Park e-,.WGlen Burnie ,,,-,l-loward County -W .,,,,,, Arundel ,A,,,,,,. Southern WH Brooklyn Park ,..,,-CLlen Burnie Home Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home BOTTOM ROVV, left to right: J. Hinton, B. Leitch. TOP ROW: Mgr. S. Groseclose, M. Rhodes. P. Straus, L. Brown, B. DiMaggio, Mrs. A. Halliwell, N. Riddle- herger, L. Brown, M. Moreland. -I. Berry. Mgr. N. Cham- bers. 5.,m..ff With only two returning seniors, Janet Hinton, who is a good all-around player, and Mary Rhodes, who is Contributing her ability as well as her sense of humor, the girls of the 'sdialnondf' coached by Mrs. Irene Koshlap, have a challenge on their hands as they battle for the county chain- pionship. The combined junior class forces are in- dispensable veterans Mary Lou More- land, Beverly DiMaggio, Norma Riddle- berger, Lynn Brown, and Leah Brown. Rounding out the squad are sophomores Elaine Kallis and Bessie Horton, very able IICXVCOITICTS. With a teain nucleus of returning letter- men and such newcomers as Pete Olson and Gilbert Hall, Coach Woody Wether- hold has high hopes for a top season for the 1955 edition of the Panther baseball squad. Last year's entire infield, Russ VVhitting- ton, Ed Southwick, Gus Skordas, and Mickey Skipper, are back again this sea- son along with two star outfielders, Sid French and Jim Burtis. The main problem centers around the pitching staff, which was hit hard by gradu- ation. Eaaelaff LEFT 'l'O RIGHT - Mgr. R. Schieke, M. Skipper, VV. Boswell, S. French, j. Burtis, M. Ford, R. Skordas, R. Whittin toll 1-l. Southwick S. Shochat, Mr. N. Wether- g . , hold, J. Apostle. R. Doub, Mgr. M, Tzunanio. SCHEDULE APRIL-- l9 ,,,, ,,,. H oward County 21 ,,,, N ,,,..r... Lackey 26 -- ..,f,,, Arundel - 28 ..,, ,,,, . Southern MAY-- 3 ,,,, ....AA,, B rooklyn 5 v,,, .,.,,.. G len Burnie 10 ffff ----Howard County 12 W W. ,,,.... Arundel 17 W ,,,,,v. Southern 19 e,.. ,,,,,.. B rooklyn 24 .... ,,,,, G len Burnie - 26 A- ,,,,,,,,, Lackey - Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home Home 65 As spring winds blow, serving, spiking, and volleying are all in an evenings prac- tice of the volleyball squad, under the watchful eyes of Coach Bradley, assisted by energetic managers tloanie Rosenbloom and Peggy jones. Composing the backbone of this years team are seniors Leah-May Sears, Eileen Wlood, Dale Purdy, Betty Lou Evans, Anna Mae Seim, Mary Lou Boettcher, Beverly Aisquith, Martha Jones, and Mary Lou Nichols. The junior class is contributing .Ioan Barnes and Betty Ann Hopkins. m,4..ff l,lilf'l' TO RIGHT - Dale Purdy. Clnplaiiii .loan Roscnbloom. lxl2lll2lgCl'1 Mrs. Mzirllni Bradley. Cloarh. 66 it FRONI' ROXV. left lo right: B. Aisquilh, A, Seim. B. liians, ll. Barnes. li. Wood, M. jones. BACK ROW: ll. Roscnlmloom, I.. Hilllmurn. B. Hopkins, I.. Scars, Nl. Nichols, M. Bocltclicr. .L loroysky. Nlrs. I. Koslilap. .Xl'Rll.- in , W ,, Howznd County - Home 245 ,H ,,,, , W. , .Xrundcl 4 Home XIAY- ES ,H ,,Brooklyn Park - Home :w . , ,..,,,Glen Burnie - .Xway I0 W f,,, Howard County - Away 12 N , ,,,,,, ,Arundel - .Xway I9 ,.,,,Brooklny Park - Away 24 ,W ,.Clen Burnie - Home SCHEDULE MARCH-- 24 W, ,,,,, Dundalk - Away 29 W, ,,,Forest Park - ,Xwziy AI'RII.- I N ,,,,Glen Burnie - Away I9 ,W .wllliarlotte Hull - Home NIAYN 2 ,W ,,,, Sparrow Point - Home ll .-. ,,,, ,Charlotte Hall - Away I3 ,.- ,,., .Glen Burnie - Home KNIQELING. left to right: B. Shepherd. Ctllllfll G. l"nln'- ner, I.. White. STANDING: C. Horton. D. Kent. I'. Olson, F. lfzirhcr. F. Dohson. li, Recliner. R. Bezill. G. Martin. B. Xvillll- wright. T. Baker. R. Clallalizln. R. Hopkins, G. Yzinous. "SC L ff. lla sic. I aCl"0550 Expectations are high as once again the Panther stickmen prepare to encounter rivals in the old "Indian amef' K Defense boasts such stalwarts as Ronnie jordan, Gene Reckner, and Tom Baker, while attack claims Charlie Horton and Gary Martin. Starring in midfield are Bob Callahan, Buzzy Wlainwright, and Donny Kent. Adding strength to the team are some of next year's top men, juniors Bill Duna- way, Frank Dobson, and Bob Beall and sophomore Barry German. IST IN'l'RANIl'R.XI. COVNCIL - lEO'l"l'ONl ROW: R. Ringle. li. fllllllllilllll. ll. NI. .X111lm:1fl1. li. Clarke. W. 13111111 wav, N. llz1ssl'o1'1l, l.. George. ll. Ri1'l1z11'clsm1. XY. Boswell. lleNlz1v. lf. fll'CClllI'CC, S. xvlllllllklll. SECOND ROW: li. M1'Xe11'. ll, l'1111lsn11. li. l.1lllC'1lSlCl', NI.'Skipper. R. Wood. R. Hopkins, I. l'e1'et. R. Shaw, I 'l'z1ylor. NY. Lowe. K K TOP ROW: Mrs. I. Kosl1l11p. AI. I.1111gslm1. M. 'llll0lllllSUll. N. Hinlrm, l.. llrown. il. Page, li. Sllllllllll. Nl. Mo1'elz1111l S. Rollin. LI, lialclree. Nl. BQIFIICS. B, G:1itl1er. NI. NicI1ols.j. Wilder. S. lg2ilIL'l'. S. Sll2lWCll, li, XVoo1l. II. NlcNew. l. Sears. B. l':Y2lllS, N. 'l'11c'ke1'. B. llikluggio. Y. fllllllSOll. l'. jones. ll. lflelunrly, ll, Hinton, Nl. Rhmles. Mr. C. 1'l1llll'lICl' XVl1ose llilfll-M'OIl point will it be? A11nz1polis's "NIL Atlz1s"l V. Goal Hunters 458 KNlilil.IXC,. left lo right: B. Slockell. R. Sherer. Al. Wilder. R. Deurlmorn. I.. Xvilllll. STANDING: Mr. C. l'12lllI'IlCl'. S. vl4il0llI1lS. C. Horloll. Legum. D. Mr. N. Xiblllerlmlml. Happy landing! The famed JOl'llllIl throw! No, it is11't ll llyiug saucer! 1 69 lE0'l"l'OM RONV, left to right: NI. jones. I". Boslcy. IS, lixzms. N. Rifldlcbcr- gcr. NI. Nlorclund. M. L, Niflmols, j. Lullrcll. il. licrry. 66 77 SICCONIJ ROW: Mrs. I. Roslmlup. S. RUIJCYISUII. l,. Haus. Nl. Rhodes. ll. ' Marlin. R. jordan, R. Skorclzls. li. Rcckncr. CZ. HiJl'libIl. l'. Kzxllis. l.. Scars, arrniy M. liucarc, Mr. N. Wclllcrlmlcl. 'l'Ol' RUWZ D. B. Sminoff. B. Clulluhun. R. Cullinzmc. lf. lfznrlmcr. I'. Olson. li. l'cz1c'0ck. J- ii Y if .ks e Ml' C061 CL 05 l.lilf'l' 'IO RIGHT: Mr. N. XYCll1CI'- hold. lfmullmull. Y. Bzlskcllmll. and Hnsclmll lloznrlmg NH. Curl lfzlhrncr, Asil. Foolhzlll. Bzxskcllmll. amd Lu- fmssc Clozlclmg Nh: llulxin Rogers. S0c'1'Cr Concll. 70 ISOTTONI ROXY. left to right: Nl. good f0l"J l Hudson, l'. Hobbs. B. Russell. P. Riley. Shields. C. Kluwer. I.. Cass. M. Moreland. i SECOND ROXYZ N. Cohen. S. XYl1il- comlm. B. Horton. l'. Kallis. l-'. Rosley. I.. Cilumey. B. Pulaski. Al. George. N. Hinton. THIRD Rout ur. gy. ci. Rogers. Rl. Rosenlmloom, xl. Clzuupbell. C. Cald- well. 13. Nlixllllf. S. Goody. K. Coff- man, F. Clark. li. Homberg. NI. Wil- der. B. Coleman. l"Ol'R'I'l-I ROXY: lf. Bloom. IS. Clrout. N. Helulrick. B. Xxelrotl, C. llam- moud. I.. Holter. S. Kotliu. I'. Har- desty. N. Riddlelmerger. tl. XVCTIIU. TOP ROXY: CI. lilocls. S. XY1lllCI'S. NY. Dluliett. YY. Brewster. D. Xlorgeu- stern. R. lloulr: Nl. Pettit. Bless. Baldree. "Money, alt-asc." Selling tickets and ta I 5 king charge ol' the "gate" are two ol' the services ren- dered by the Booster Club. Formed lor the purpose ol supporting sports, creating school spirit, and assist- ing in raising funds for the continuation ol: sports, the Varsity Club is prov- ing its worth time and time again under Ralph Skordas, President: Cary Martin. Vice-President: Eugene Reckner, Secre- taryg and Charles Horton, Treasurer. Organized in l953, the Booster Club has greatly aided the sports program of the Athletic Association this year. Under the capable direction of Mr. Calvin Rogers, the club works steadily, help- ing to promote school spirit. This laud- able organization is headed by Pat Kal- lis. President: Francis Bosley, Vice-Pres identg Bessie Horton, Secretaryg and Elaine Kallis, Treasurer. aforeffed on para e FRONT ROW. loft to right: il. I,11t- trcll. L. SlJI'illgfiCill. B. Horton. C'liN'l'liR ROW: ml. -lcrncr, Captain NI. L. Niclmls. l,. Scars. BACK RUXY: Bless. S. Rolrcrtson. S. Lzmtt. NUI' SHOWN: R. .Xltcix Our inzijmcttcs, strutting by in whitc :tml gold llllii-Ol'IllS, can b1'igl1Ict1 thc clzirkcfst clay with their twirling bzttons and snztlnlmy rotltincs. 72 XX'itli swaying poni-pmns :incl musing yells this liziplmy cww urges our griclimii licmcs on to virlc KAUUFLUCJUPJ Cl! IAC' gain? FRONI' f IMLK: nl. Klznwum. ul. lil'2lillC2ll'S. S, ilalw. Nl. l'il'2lIllC. l.. Bl'2lSlN'2lIY. lf Hill. l'. lil'2lll4ll2lW. Calp- lziiu ll. licrry. TIS mgdfkng 0Cll'Yl I.l-QI' I' IU RIC.H'I: I'. Ainimiirgcy. W Sli! lc. R. Sl'iIIIilIlCISICl'. Kiillzml, I Wzlgilcr. In xxvilillillgltlllj ID. BIYISIICIIIZS K X I vcr. X. Iiznssfmml. D. Slimicvzmt ag ' 00 CAC'C'l"A'ClJ0l"Z5 IIO'l IONI ROXY. lcfl lo right: K1 Iziiiwr. S. Rollin. I.. Gauss. M. PCICI' Still. l'0I' ROXY: II. NIrXlll1y. NI. Bcnliy XI. Wlicclcr. B. l'i9ilL'iIIl1Ill. NI. Iigiriivw RO Cty - U0 KCLJLCJAQ K 'I IONI RONY. lcfl ln right: D C-umulzi. XX. llurkcll. M. .XlIliD2llIiI. ll Rii Sliil 'l'iIlICl', XY. Low. UND ROXY: R. XYolod. 'II Lcccli I. lmlliillll L. Ruling. I.. XYIIIIQ. ,I l.ziri'cl1. Mr. N. Wctlicrhold. 'l'Ol' R Sm OW: I'. Norris. R. Dimlcr. R ilh. II. Ikiiilsoii, C. Iimurx. UB QS x S 'Y LM 'Ls v , 9 O WV' . if ,h W E 7' N M , 1 Q QQ , EX - -new X J, 5 1 3 X W Qv 10 I 2 x f ,f gmmmw :asf Q, , , .Q X. , , 5 , ff Q ..- Q' - .55 X , X ., 'Q I Q W ' T , ,vi XR NIJ NW W"'g if ' 1 .Ai ,www N 9 3 4,81 4' 1: I 'ls mf W 1 if gn is -M 'f M :Z T4 as 3 XHKJN 7-4 , Mw2w M , S H., fm ,h i .,.k W A . 4. A ,1.,E,s, 5 I W A Jw A mg -v me giniriheo! proclucf 'The enior " OUR PRAYER Almighty God, Thou art our Mal:- er, who has created all men equal. We pray that you will mold us and make us after Thy will, that we in our daily life may he an instrument of Thy peace and an example of Thy love. Give us faith in our sin- cerity and worthiness of purpose so that we may never doubt that the life we have cultivated is per- fect and is approved in Thy sight. Lead us, we pray, safely along the journey of life to a fuller under- standing of Thy love, a warmer fel- lowship with Thee, and a new dedi- cation to Thy service. This we pray in Thy name. A men. September of 1951 saw us cross the portals of AHS as quaking freshmen. But as gradually we mastered the intricacies of lockers and changing classes, we began to feel that AHS was really becoming our school. Searching the crevices of our memories, we recall that Mr. Herklotz was Acting Principal that year, the Korean War in- itiated civil defense drills at AHS, and Tally-H0 proudly brought home the MSPA trophy. 78 L. X r y I ' v, , fl o G ' . X., l X Q. ,955 E A-H.s. GRADUFK As sophomores we were at last "somebody." His- tory was made that year. We witnessed the first homecoming game and the crowning of the first "Miss AHS." VVe remember the band's efforts and eventual success in raising more than 352,000 for uniforms, the introduction of the Varsity "A" Clubs, the exchange student and assembly programs, as well as the inauguration of the AAA athletic field. .W my Proudly displaying our long-awaited class rings, we began our junior year. We will not soon forget the tension of guarding the theme of our prom fromhthe inquisitive seniors. That year AHS received the Bellamy Flag Award, morning devotions were conducted for the first time over the PA system, the St. Mary's-AHS athletic series was originated, and the Panthers lost the state basketball championship by two points. Many of us are writing the last chapter of our school years, while others are thumbing through college catalogs. Probably our freshest memory is of the merry antics of Ginger and of her father in our senior play. We are proud that we were the first to sponsor a Senior Day, when the Sen- iors took over the functions of the school, in- cluding principal. Our work completed, we look forward to approaching graduation. Ralph Skordas joan Como Mary Louise Nichols Joan Berry President Vice-President RALPH GUST SKORDAS . . . Sports have figured promi- nently in the high school career of this likeable guy. "Gus" hopes to maintain his striking athletic record next year at Washington College . . . WAKE Sports Ed. 43 Band l,23 Class President 4, Vice-Pres. 33 Varsity: Foot- ball 2,3.43 Basketball 3,43 Baseball l,2,3,4Q jr. Varsity: Football l.2Q Basketball l,23 Athletic Rep. 1,23 Varsity "A" Club 3,43 President 4. JOAN HELENA COMO . . . "An ardent worker with a smile," "joanie" wants to become a beautieian. Jerry rates highest with her . . . Class Vice-Pres. l,2,43 Treas. 33 WAKE Patron Manager 43 Tally-Ho Reporter 33 Co- Sports Editor 43 Varsity Night 1,23 Social Comm. 2,43 Ass't Librarian 3,43 junior Prom Comm. 33 Var. Basket- ball 43 Fieldball 33 J. V. Basketball 1,23 Intramural Bas- ketball l,23 Tri-Hi-Y 12.3.43 Queens Court 4. Secretary Treasurer MARY LOUISE NICHOLS . . . The greatest drive behind our high-stepping majorettes is "Mary Lou," whose future includes being a secretary to a very special "Bill" . . . H.R. Representative 43 Class Secretary 2,43 WAKE Circu- lation 43 Variety Nt. 1,23 Traffic Squad Officer 43 Soft- ball lg Varsity: Basketball 2,43 Volleyball 2,33 "A" Club Officer 3,43 Majorettes l,2,33 Leader 43 Tri-Hi-Y Officer 4. LAURA JOAN BERRY . . . Golden-haired Joan with the sincere smile reigned as 1954 Homecoming Queen. Her ambition? - "to be a good wife." Right now she is par- tial to Ralph and sports, while she dislikes unfriendly people . . . Class Treasurer 43 H.R. Alt. 3,43 Junior Prom Committee 33 VVAKE: Literary 4, Business 43 Varsity Softball 2.3.43 Club 3,45 Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Softball l, Basketball 3. U i 5 e r 5 Mr. Chester Peregoy Mrs. Stella Morris Mrs. Christiana Alexander 79 .xg Aea14fL!,LfdaAz1uior ia fde hneif of Me Arte arfA. BEVERLY ANN AISQUITI-I . . . Tiny, li'l "Bev". whose ambition is to become a good stenographer, enjoys sports and music. Many in our midst share her one pet peeve -homework. The favorite meal of the diminutive senior consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, 'n' all the trimmings. l5ev's main outside accomplishment is singing in the choir at her church . . . H.R. Alt. 2,43 NVAKE Typ. Staff 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Vars. Volleyball 3. l'E'l'liR DUDLEY ALBERTSEN . . . "Colonel Pete" came to us from Rockland. Maine. Pete is primarily interested in collecting military miniatures. Gazing into our crystal ball. we see .1 college education and a career as an army engineer is in store for this likeable lad, A girl from the East. Maine, itnported trinkets. travel. and "apple pie mit cheese" all score highly with him ..., A rt Service 4: Traf- fic Squad 4. ALVIN ALTON . . . AYithdrew November IG. I9 RONALD EARL ARNIINGER . . . "Ronnie," '55's great genius of mathematics. makes wise use of the tnolton of Calvin Coolidge that "silence is golden." In his leisure time Ronnie is a stamp collector and works hard tnathe- matical puzzles. This very ambitious boy is a staunch member of the Dehlolay. Ronnie has high hopes of join- ing the Air Force R.O.'l'.C.. aiming for a career in aero- nautical engineering. V 5 JOAN VIRGINIA ASHER ...I A bright future includ- ing marriage and secretarial work is in store for Joan. Aside from office work she likes swimming, cooking, baseball, and a certain young man. Always happy. Joan enjoys helping at home. Tempting her taste buds are crisply fried chicken and seafood. Joan's only dislike is people who talk too much , . . Taking Attendance in I'l0IllCTOOlII 3.43 Office Helper 4. BETTY JO ASHLEY ...' l'his blond-haired miss has every ambition to become a good secretary upon graduating from AHS. This will be attained since Betty Jo likes work. Her favorites include music, sports. and typing. Rainbow Cleaners has occupied Betty Jo in many busy hours. lfrench fries and hot dogs are always on her list of favor- ite foods. M'ay down at the bottom of her dislikes are stuck-up people and homework. KENNETH STODIJARD ASHTON . . . This staunch senior boy is quite community-minded as shown by his activeness and helpfulness in the Rescue Hose Company of Annapolis. Patriotic "Ren" will continue to serve his country by joining the Air Force following his graduation from AHS. This likeable lad mentions that he is partial to three things - hunting. "femmes." and strawberry shortcake . . . Soccer 3.4. FRICDERICK ALLEN AVERY . . . Good natured "Ayes" is hoping for a career in the lf S. Navy. Iyho knows? He might turn out to be one of our future Admirals! I'nlike so many, amiable Fred claims that he has no dis- likes. but he eagerly asserts that he is quite fond of sports -especially basketball and swimming . , . I-lomeroom Rep- resentative 43 Social Committee 41 J. Y. Basketball 33 Hi-Y Club l.2.3,4. 80 ANN VIRGINIA BAILEY .... A nn, who received the Zonta Club prize at the end of her Junior year for her high scholastic standing, is hoping to attend Goucher College. This busy lass sings in her church choir . . . Honor Society: Member 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Jr. Prom Com- mittee 33 WAKE: Literary 3,43 Patron 43 Circulation 43 Tally-Ho' 2,3.4' Exchange Editor 34? Traffic S uad 43 . , , q Chorus 3,43 Operetta 3. THOMAS HENRY BAKER . . . After graduation "Tom- my" will probably be sailing across the seas with the U. S. Navy and then become a forester. "Bake" gets a bright light in his eye when he speaks of including "Balls" in his future plans. He also speaks highly of hunting, swimming, sports, dancing, and ham. "How about that?" queries Tommy . . . Chorus 2,3,43 Lacrosse 2,3,43 Soccer l,2,3,4. JOAN DIANE BASIL . . . "Donnie," whose accomplish- ments are many, is looking forward to attending the Unia versity of Maryland where she will major in Home Eco- nomics. This is understandable as she gives first prefer- ence to sewing and cooking, This likeable lass intends to be a teacher . . . Tally-Ho Business Staff l,2,3,43 Mgr. 3,43 XYAKE Bus.. Ad. Comm. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. 23,43 Jr. Prom 33 Quill 8: Scroll. JOAN ELIZABETH BASSFORD . . . "Joanie's" two am- bitions are to become a secretary and to be a housewife for "Wayne" In her opinion, Hillsmere Shores would be the perfect place to live. This human mermaid has a great passion for swimming, surf board riding, and div- ing, while her "terra firma" likes include records, sub- marine sandwiches, and spaghetti. Joanls few dislikes are conceitcd people, homework, and exams . . . Hockey 1. CAROL SUE BAUER .... A n artist to be, Sue plans to attend Maryland Institute. Sprightly Sue greatly enjoys ice skating, art work of any kind, sewing, and stamp col- lecting. She licks her chops when fried chicken is placed before her, but cares very little for homework. Sue is an active member of the Severna Park Youth Fellowship . . . WVAKE: Patron, Circulation, Art Committees 43 Traffic Squad 43 J, V. Basketball 3,4. JUNE FRANCES BACSCNI . . . "Speak well of your enemies - you made them!" So goes June's fthe gal with that dry sense of humorj motto. In preparation for a probable missionary career June has been a Sunday School superintendent for four years and expects to attend Carson-Newman College "way down south" in Tennessee . . . WAKE Photo. Ed. 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 43 Variety Night 43 Traf. Sq, 43 Ass't. Librarian 3,43 Chorus 2,3,43 IIPCFCIIZI 3. ZELDA EYVONNE BAXTER . . . Pert little Zelda has a passion for swimming, working at Murphys, dancing, and a cute AHS graduate. Following graduation Zelda hopes to attend the University of Maryland, where she will take a business course. After that she will land a job as a secretary and then - marriage. Like many other Southerners Zelda lists fried chicken as her most favorite dish . . . Assistant, Librarian 2. ELEANOR JOAN BEARDMORE . . . Dancing, sailing. and swimming are the "greatest" as far as Joan is con- cerned, but noisy people just don't rate. Joan's future plans include Towson State Teachers' College and later students in an elementary school. Already she has received practical experience as a Sunday School teacher . . . WAKE Circulation 4: Tally-Ho Bus. Staff 3,43 Traf. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm 12.3.43 Chorus 3,43 Oper. 3g Jr. Prom 3. Sl jazz Afrong or Amr, foo nudge Kar an- ger, ana! foo dig fo permit fde predence o worry. ,xgfwayd orgiue your enemieg noffting annoy! litem ,Ao mucfr. EVELYN LOUISE BECK . . . Little Evelyn with that ever popular "Hi" has hopes of becoming a secretary before becoming someones "better half." Swimming. water ski- ing, the U. S. Army, and "Doug" comprise her top likes. Evelyn is a staunch member of the Davidsonville Metho- dist Youth Fellowship. Her exceptional sewing abi'i'v was displayed when she modeled clothes she had mad '54 School Exhibit . . . XVAKE: Typing 43 Cir. VERONICA ROMONA BENDA . . . hopes of becoming a model in WVashi eye on a certain boy from the Naval contemplating both marriage and a car miss says, "Nix" to gossips and catty Italian foods have a special appeal to ravioli and spaghetti . . . Social Commit' ' Junior Prom Committee 3. CLAIMS Rf I 'N xxx D 1 NI,-XRCIA LOUISE BIRD . . . Busy Marcia. who be a Fashion Designer. plans to go to Hood Coll' graduation. There she'll major in Home Economf likes include steak, drawing. and autumn . . . H. 13 XYAKE Organizations Ed. 43 Patron Comm. 4 Ho Reporter l.2.3,43 Honor Soc. 3.43 Sec. 43 Cl Treas. I3 Traffic Sq. 41 Soc. Comm. 12.3.43 C' Operelta 33 jr. Prom Decoration Comm. Chairn' MARY LOUISE BOli'l"l'CHER . . . lkln 3 ' white, Mary Lou plans a nursing care- g Ctlon to lTnion Memorial Hospital. Adapted to spou-, swimming. sailing. hockey and volleyball. "Sassy" people don't agree with Mary Lou's cheerful disposition . . . Assistant Librarian l,23 Chorus 3.43 Operetta 3g junior Prom Committee 33 Varsity: Hockey 3,43 Volleyball 3.4. NANCY LOUISE BOSSERT .... X lways smiling. dimpled Nancy lists one of last year's AHS graduates at the head of her "likes" and people who don't appreciate a good laugh as her pet peeve. Nancy plans a secretarial job after graduation and "just hopes to be a success." CDon't we all?Q . . . Soc. Comm. l3 Vars.: Basketball 2.43 Ficldball 1.23 Volleyball 12,43 J. V. Basketball I3 Intramural: Bas- ketball l.23 Ifieldball 1.2. XVAIIIIER YVILLIAM BOSWELL ...I -Xmbitious "IValt" plans to make a million dollars after taking Business Administration at the University of Maryland. This sounds like a very energetic future. Quick to sit up and take note of dancing. sports. and girls, YValt can't sit out homework . . . junior Vars.: Basketball 33 Varsity: Basketball 43 Soccer 2.3.43 Baseball 2.3.43 Chorus 3,43 Operetta 3. ROBERT DUNCAN BOUCHAI .... Handsome, witty "Bob" lives by the maxim, "lf you never stick your neck out, you will never get your head above the crowd." Ac- cording to him. steak. rolls. and gravy comprise the ideal meal. Easygoing and friendly, Bob likes almost everything, especially swimming, automobiles, and the fairer sex. In the immediate future. he forsees a career in the Naval Air Force or as a mechanic. CAROL ANN BOXVEN . . . "You're right!" says Carol fto quote her favorite phrasej with the dark-brown curls. "Carolina," as she is otherwise known. is quite fond of Louis, Louis. Louis, with hamburgers, Italian spaghetti, skating, bowling, and softball as "sidelikes." This enter- prising girl is planning on typing andfor marriage as career Qsj .... Xssist. Librarian 2: Band 2, 3, 43 jr. Prom Comm. 3. 82 JEAN PRISCILLA BRASHEARS . . . "Guess who thought up a poster like that?" None other than our Jean, famed for her personality-plus art work. This fun- loving gal expects to enter Union Memorial School of Nursing to study fyou guessed itlj nursing . . . WAKE: Lit. 3: Art Ed. 4: Tally-Ho Rep. Traf. Sq. 4: Soc. Comm. 3.4: Operetta 3: jr. P. Comm. 3: Cheerleader 2. 3.4: Booster Club 3: Chorus 31 Art Service 3: Variety Night 1. LLTCILLE MAE BRASHEARS . . . Better known as "Lucy." this little brown-haired girl is an avid water sports fan. She greatly objects to hillbilly music and homework. "Lucy" plans to attend Florida Southern Col- lege where she will major in history . . . WAKE: Circ. Comm. 4: Typ. 4: Photo. 4: Tally-Ho Typ. 4: Var. Nt. lg Traf. Squad 4: Soc. Comm. 4: Off. Helper 4: Chorus 2.3: Operetta 3: jr. Prom Prog. Comm 3: Cheerleader l.2.3.4. WILIIANI BREYVSTER . . . H'ith a winning smile. B111 1S certain to attain his one great ambition - to be successful. An ardent fan of good times. sleep. and basketf ball B111 rates opera as very low in his opinion. just place a dish of tomatoes. steak. and mashed potatoes in front of Bill. You're sure to make a hit . . . WAKE: Business 4: Varsity Soccer 4: Track 4: Team Manager 3.4: Booster Club 3. 4. DAVID ALLEN BRYANT . . . "Dave" should be as strong as Popeye if he keeps eating his favorite food. spinach. This quiet sir aspires to become a meterologist. He will study first at the University of Maryland and for his last two years he hopes to attend Penn State. Dave's favorite pastimes during his leisure hours are baseball. watching jackie Gleason. and attending high school games. CHARLES JOHN BULL . . . Britain's contribution to the senior class is Charles. who attended Bournemouth Grama mar in England and then New Milford High in Connecti- cut before coming to us. Among his likes Charles lists nature, wildlife conservation. hunting. New England, and hillbilly music. Favorite food? But naturally - tea! He hopes to attend the U. of Penn. and become a wildlife conservation worker and woodsman. JAMES TAYLOR BLTRTIS . . . Eastport's nomination for the sportsman of the year, "Jimmie" enjoys guns, hunting. and fishing. A '47 Plymouth also rates high on his list of likes. This dark-haired boy's plans include joining the Navy after graduation. Although Jimmie dis- likes homework in general and English in particular, chicken pot pie rates high with his large appetite . . . Baseball 3.4. ROBER 1' IRVIN CALLAHAN . . . Popular and versatile "Bob" has a special knack all his own for holding offices. With three presidencies already under his belt. who knows what the future will bring? . . . Student Gov't. Pres. 4: H.H. Rep. 1.23: Class Pres. 1.23: Tally-Ho Rep. 3.4: As- sembly Committee Mem. 3: jr. Prom Comm. 3: Varsity: Football 3, 4: Lacrosse 3.4: Varsity Club 3.4: Civitan Club. President 4. JEANNE ETHEL CAMPBELL . . . This witty girl, nick- named "jennifer" by her friends, likes skating. swim- ming. and Cadillacs. while her pet aversion is homework. She is often heard saying any of the following: "We had a ball." "You're rightZ", "A real riot." Her hopes for the future include professional skating and being a first- rate secretary at the Farm Bureau. Quite a schedule . . . WAKE Pat. 4: Var. Nt. 33 Vars. Fieldball 3. 83 2 WLEVL MILD waged 14,9 HIL! And! Ailmdew famoud lzadny dean adzzefz. ,W .xg man can Jo more ffmn lm LLAMAA fre cam Auf zuuuff AAA ffmn Ae afoed. ' Z7 MARY LOUISE CANTLER . . . There's nothing old- fashioncd about this bouncing ball of energy who greatly enjoys jitterbugging, progressive jazz, and good food. "Good luck on that" and "forget it" are her favorite words. Easy-going Mary has "set her cap" for the Uni- versity of Virginia, where she hopes to continue her edu- cation . . . Variety Night 43 Social Committee 43 Chorus 33 Operctta 3. NANCY LOUISE CHAMBERS . , . To be a nurse and missionary will be Nancy's goal as she strives to become a better Christian at Houghton College. Sports and spirit- ual work have kept her busy while at AHS. Showing her loyalty and school spirit, she attends most of the games to cheer ardently our teams on to victory . . . XVAKE Assoc. l-id. 43 H. R.: Rep. l, 43 Alt 33 Morn. Dev. 3, 43 Traf. Sq. -I3 Jr. P. Comm. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Softball Mgr. 3. ROLAND CHAMBERS . . . Swimming, drawing. movies, girls, ice skating, and life in general are this friendly and well-liked senior's favorites. "Rolly" also must enjoy taking things easy because he says he doesn't care for hard work or its sister, homework. Following a tour of duty in the Air Force, Rolly thinks that college will be on the horizon for him . . . WAKE: Art Committee 43 Business 43 Art Service 4. GRACE VICTORIA CLARK . . . Personality, leadership, and diligence are qualities attributed to Vicky's success. This vivacious senior is addicted to "Yankee territory" and winning A.A. County Fair Queen titles . . . YVAKE: Lit. 33 Lit. Ed. 4g 'I'-Ho: Rep. l,2,43 Loc. News Ed. 33 Var. Night l,2,3,43 Soc. Comm. 43 Off, 33 -Ir. Prom Comm 3: Traf. Sq. 43 H.R. Rep. 2: Orch. 2,33 Oper. 3g Hon. Soc.: 2,3,43 V. l'. 43 Quill 8: Scroll. VIRGINIA MARY CLARKE . . . "Ginny's" friendly smile will win her friends galore at the University of Maryland, where she plans on preparing for a career in nursing. Music, steak, and Cadillacs "rate" with this dynamic gal . . . YVAKE: Make-up 43 Literary 43 Circu- lation 43 Advertising 43 Tally-Ho Reporter 2,3,43 Variety Night 33 Social Committee 43 Chorus 3,43 Operetta 33 junior Prom Committee 3. KEVIN JAMES CULLINANE . . . Sports-minded Kevin will be following in his father's footsteps after college- as a newspaper reporter. An active member of the jr. Civitan Club and Hi-Y, "Kev" plans to do his stint in the Marine Corps. Like most of us, he enjoys having a good time . . . VVAKE: Lit. 3,43 Tally-Ho: Rep. 33 Ass't. Sports Ed. 2: Co-Sports Ed. 43 Variety Night 23,43 Chorus 3,4, Operetta 33 Vars. Football 2,43 "A" Club, 2,4. HAZEL ELYVOOD DAYVSON . . . This gay and friendly girl has two ambitions - one is to work in an office while the other is to be a certain farmer's wife. "Hay" gives an "A" rating to one particular fellow named Danny, Plymouths, Calvert County, boat racing, and hot fudge sundaes, but she rates homework on weekends and catty people a straight She is often heard calling, "Hi, Hoss". RUTH ANN DAYVSON . . . A member of the Homecom- ing Court, this blue-eyed, blonde beauty is destined to be the "greatest'7 secretary, for she is getting excellent prac- tice as Student Council Secretary. High on her list of likes is "Johnny", then comes cooking, sewing, and driving . . . Student Council Sec. 43 H.R. Rep. l3 YVAKE: Pat. 43 Traf- fic Squad Mem. 43 Off. Helper 43 jr. Prom: Decorations 33 Tickets 3. 84 HELENA ELDER DAY ...A A nimal-minded "Lui" is eager to become an outstanding horsewoman and to raise cattle. Fine Arts and Agriculture are the courses she wants to pursue in college, and then she is determined to "set out to see the wide, wide world." What is her biggest irritation? A blushing face! . . . Homeroom Alternate 23 WAKE Literary 43 Tally-Ho Reporter l,2,3,43 Chorus 43 Make-Up Committee 4. RAY NEIL DEARBORN . . . This friendly, good-looking senior insists that he has three main favorites - girls, sports, and good food. Like many of us, Ray finds get- ting up in the mornings a very difficult task. He is planning to enter college in order to study engineering following a tour of duty in the Air Force . . . Varsity: Football 3,43 Track l,3,43 Junior Varsity Football 2. EVAINGELINE DEMAS . . . Brown eyes, brown hair, and a warm smile all add up to LiAHgI6',Q when warm weather comes Evangeline can be found in that old swimmin' hole. Ice cream, movies and dancing also occupy this future secretary's time, while homework has no appeal for her . . . VVAKE: Bus. 43 Typist 43 Traffic Squad 43 Tally- Ho Typist 43 Assembly Comm. 43 Social Comm. 43 Chorus 3,43 Volleyball 43 Operetta 3. CHARLES EDIVARD DEIFEL . . . "Charlie", a semi- sports fan, likes baseball, while he dislikes football. Quiet and reserved, Charles sometimes one with a fleet- ing smile3 all the more appreciated because it is so rare. His plans for the future seem to be air-borne. He plans to join the Air Force and hopes to be a pilot. Charlie, being a true Annapolitan. names steamed crabs and fish as his favorite foods. RONALD HAROLD DOUB . . . 'Thick juicy steak that he can cut with a fork is the best taste treat in "Ronny's" book. An engineer in the making, he will pursue that field during his studies at the University of Maryland. Taking to sports, girls, and good foods. Ronald just isn't in the "grove" when it is time to get up in the mornings . . . Booster Club Member 43 Varsity Baseball 3,4. SAM KELLS DITVALL .... -Xn avid hot rod enthusiast, Sam is a member of the Crabtown Dragsters and the Hot Rod Club of Annapolis. Headed for Washington College after graduation, his ambitions are to be the proud possessor of a good education and a Ureal nice" hot rod. jazz, "femmes", and sports are his principal fancies . . . Variety Night 43 Chorus 43 Track 43 Intra- mural Basketball 3. JO ANN DYER . . . Gay. fun-loving "jo" has two likes in particular - a very special male by the name of "Ringo" and the constant pursuit of happiness. By coincidence this pert lass has two dislikes - "stuffy" people and homework about which she knows nothing. In contrast, jo just one ambition, and that is to become a good secretary. She has a passion for saving theater stubs and letters . . . Vari- ety Night l,33 Office Helper. DIANA VIRGINIA ESKRIDGE .... A fter graduating. this pretty dark-eyed lass plans to attend William and Mary College, where she will study the Arts and Sciences. Diane is a great admirer of Victorian furniture, while The Arts and summer sports are among other interests. Diane wants a dancing career in her future . . . WAKE: Art 43 Make-Up 43 Tally-Ho Reporter 3,43 Chorus 3.43 Art Services 2,3,4. S5 .xdgroucd id a man wdo firm!! ffre war is againdf Aim - uno! if ZA. pfan wefffor your ufurej you wi!! Afaen ffte re5lf o your in if. ROSE MARY ESLINGER . . . People with stlnny disposi- tions chalk up a big score with "Moonie", a sunny gal her- self. After a career as an office worker Rose Marys am- bition is marriage and a change of scene to a household, where she'll cook her favorite dishes, shrimp, fried chicken and hamburgers. When "Ho, boy" is heard "Moonie" is somewhere near. Always to have a good time is this blonde femme's motto. MARGARET SHIRLEY MAE EUCARE . . . Hockey, dancing, and Chinese foods rate A-I with "Marge". She dislikes loud, conceited people. This ambitious lass is to become a professional model. Marge has done much for the promotion of girls' sports at AHS . . . junior Varsity: Basketball 23 Softball 23 Intramural: Basket- ball 23 Softball 23 Varsity Hockey l,3,43 Chorus 43 Var- sity Club 3.4. BETTY LOU EVANS . . . This winner of many letters. naturally heads her list of likes with "sports of all kinds", and driving "l'op's"car runs a close second. Betty Lou dis- likes homework, but her ambition is to be a successful of- fice worker . . . Traffic Sq. Officer 43 Varsity Baseball 3.43 Hockey 43 Fieldball I3 Volleyball I,2.3,43 -I. V. Basket- ball l,23 Intra Basketball 2,33 Intra Mgr. 33 "A" Club 2,43 Treas. 43 Tri-Hi-Y. FRED ALBERT FARBER . . . Fred comes to AHS from German Volkschule. Hoping to attend the U. S. Naval Academy, his ambition is to become a naval officer and be stationed in Europe. This year he won the "Most Valuable Soccer Player" award. Fred says his likes are soccer. Germany, girls, and parties. Fred says his likes are like for hillbilly music . . . H.R. Rep. 33 Chorus 3,43 Soccer l.2,3,43 Track 33 Lacrosse 3,43 "A" Club 3.43 Hi-Y Club. BARBARA JEAN FENHAGEN . . . "YVish I were in the land of cotton," "Bobbie", an ardent Dixie fan, also favors Eddie Fisher, bow ties, and earrings. She dislikes six weeks exams and any Yankee, but goes for fried chicken and potato salad . . . Make-Up Comm. 3,43 Homeroom Alt. 33 XVAKE: Lit., Pat. Circulation 43 Tally-Ho Business Staff lg Social Comm. l,2g Chorus 2,3,43 Operetta 33 Tri-Hi-Y 43 jr. Prom Ticket Comm. 3. HAROLD CHARLES FLEMING . . . That "Buddy" is a speedboat racing genius was proven without a doubt this summer. Having entered in stock outboard competition on the East coast, he received fifteen first place and three second place prizes this summer. Carrying his en- joyment of the water and boat racing with him in his future work, Buddy will someday be found in his own shop as a renowned set-up artist on race engines. MARTHA MILDRED FRANCE . . . I-2-3-4! YVho are we for? "Marfa", one of our peppy cheerleaders. She hopes to attend St. Mary's Seminary. Always to have a good time is her ambition. She's likely to be enjoying dances and praising the cheerleaders as she dreams of a dish of choco- late chip ice cream . . . WAKE: Lit. 33 Bus. 43 Variety Night 43 Traffic Sq. 43 Social Comm. 2,43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Team Mgr. l3 Cheerleader l,2,3,4. PATRICIA LEIGH FRANCE . . . "All Righty", answers "Pat" when anyone happens to mention dancing, reading, or swimming, which are her favorite pastimes. Pat is hoping to shine as a commercial artist following gradu- ation. After that? Who can tell! Fried chicken fSouth- ern Style. of coursej scores numerous points with Pat . . . Traffic Squad 43 Social Committee 3,42 Art Service 3,4. SHIRLEY CELESTINE GANTT . . . "Shirl", one of our high-stepping majorettes whose main interest is having fun, names majorettes, basketball, and football as her sources of delight, but she shuns stuck-up people. After graduation Shirley is headed for St. Mary's Seminary where she will study Home Economics . . . Soc. Comm. 43 Jr. Prom Tickets 33 Club 43 Majorettes 3,43 WAKE Circulation 4. CHARLES WILLIAMS GEIMAN . . . Bill is the smiling boy who thinks that boats are the greatest invention of mankind. Undecided about the future, Bill possesses a great interest in skating, cars, and the ever-popular girls. Some subjects in school and speeders rate a big zero with Bill. Hamburgers and fried chicken, on the other hand. score highly. Bill is a member of the National Rifle Association. LEON VVAGNER GEORGE, JR .... Music, sports, girls, and Fords occupy Lee's spare time. This ambitious senior aspires to attend the University of Maryland to study medicine. Outside the walls of AHS, he credits holding office in St. Martins Youth Fellowship and DeMolay as his claim to fame . . . Member of 1954 All State Band3 Variety Night 33 Band l,2,3,43 Orchestra 23 Varsity La- crosse 3,43 Football Manager 2. CAROL ANNE GIBSON . . . Just put a plate of fried chicken and French fries in front of Carol and you've made her happy. Carol Anne will be among the group heading for the U. of Md. where she will take courses in Spanish and Physical Education. "You're right," dee clares Carol Anne who is president of the Davidsonville Methodist Youth Fellowship . . . WAKE: Lit. 3,4, Bus. 43 Social Comm. 43 Band 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Chorus 2,3. MARY ELIZABETH GINGRAS . . . Pint-sized "Megs"' biggest accomplishment is managing to sec over the steer- ing wheel of her car3 her crystal ball reveals writing for "Time" or "Life" after Pembroke College . . . Club Rep. 1,23 WAKE: Lit. 3,43 Bus. 43 Tally-Ho Reporter 1,23 Page Ed. 3,43 Social Comm. l.2,3,43 Off. 33 Quill 8: Scroll 3,43 Jr. Prom Pub. 33 Traffic Sq. 43 Make-Up Comm. 3,43 Office Helper 43 Variety Night 2. HANNAH JANE COULD .... ' Xuburn-haired, with a vocabulary resembling Webster himself, industrious Han- nah will someday be a famous doctor. Studying Pre- Medicine in college will be no task for this gal who possesses a solid stick-to-it attitude . . . Honor Society 3,43 Quill 8: Scroll memberg Tally-Ho: Reporter 1,23 Edi- tor 33 Ed.-in-Chief 43 Variety Night 23 Social Comm. 33 Junior Varsity Softball. l. JOAN IORRAINE GRAHAM . . . This red-haired senior gal is partial to fashion modeling. In fact. she is looking forward to a career in that field. Joan has quite a zest for dancing. convertibles, Texas, motorcycles. and men. School and "stuck-up" people comprise her only aversions. Joan's mouth will water at the slightest mention of steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, watermelon, and cantaloupe. JOANNE GREENTREF . . . Friendly, perky "Jo" is the cute li'l gal with the bright smile for everyone and whose main ambition is to have a position as a court stenographer. Having no dislikes, Joanne lists scalloped potatoes. steak. and hamburgers as her favorite foods. High on Joanne's list of likes are popular songs and swimming . . . Office Helper 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Social Committee 4. 87 jnfegrifg in men M fa Ae mecwurec! Ay Meir comiucf, nof fizeir Pro eMion. were i4 nailing Ale mfleimefl ,mme of patting Aman Lungs in a 900Jfem,m. raide not MQ ,wfmfli Mar we We Agf- zef Mm we W, if may A949 fo mage M letra Man we W. IRVING OSCAR CRIMES . . . Agricultural-minded Irv- ing plans to become an expert in the art of farming This resident of Davidsonville claims that carpentry, fried chicken. sports. farming, ice cream, and cherry pie are his chief likes. This likeable lad dislikes homework and conceited people. The crvstal ball also informs us that Irving will attend college . . . Homeroom Repre- sentative 23 Homeroom Alternate l. THOMAS HUNTER GROSE, JR .... "'l'im's" plans for the future include Hlest Virginia University and later the Air Force. where he intends to become a jet mechanic through Officer Candidate School. Cars, sports, the saxo- phone, Peggy, and licorice sticks head his list of favorites. He doesn't care for history or sauerkraut . . . Band l,2,3,4g Varsity Soccer 2.3.43 Baseball 43 Junior Varsity Basketball lg Intramural Basketball l. BONNIE JOAN GUMULA . . . Friendly, brown-haired "Gummy" spends her spare time watching football and basketball games. This ardent Navy fan would like to be a secretary or an elementary school teacher. Con- sidering homework as no fun, Joan thinks hamburgers are "crazy man, crazy." Participating in M.Y.F., she is Vice-Pres. and Commissioner of Faith . . . XVAKE: Make- Up 3,43 Literary 4, Circulation 43 Social Committee 3.4: Monitor 2. SHIRLEY ANNE HAMMER . . . "Shirl" with her ever- pleasant smile is Blandensburg's loss and our gain. After she receives her diploma, this cute lass has her mind set on an office job, then settling down to be a wife for "Mac". Steak, French fries. and plenty of milk "score" with her. A supporter of warm weather. Shirley con- siders pink and blue her best colors. An active girl, she likes to swim and dance. JOY ANNE HARDESTY ..., -X fter graduation Joy as- pires to two careersg first, to be a good secretary and second. to be a good housewife. Quiet and easy-going Joy prefers clothes, skating, movies, and that "certain sailor." Her dislikes are stuck-up people and homework. We wish the best of luck to this pleasant and cheerful blonde in her future . . . Social Committee 4g Make-Up Committee 4. JOYCE HIGGINS . . . VVelleslcy College or the University of IN'isconsin figure in Joyce's future. Even though she transferred to Washington and High School in the fall, we'lI always remember Joyce for her car QFD, her "Boston ah's", and her copper-colored hair, which we all envied. Joyce is always ready to join the gang and have a lot of fun . . . Social Committee 33 Junior Prom Com- mittee 33 Make-lip Committee 1, 23 Costume Comm. 3. LOIS LOUISE HILBURN . . . This attractive blonde came to us from Fremont High in California. "Bunky" tops her list of likes, while sports, dancing, and people follow. "Bunny" says that she is not at all ambitious and she dislikes lectures and speeches. Her plans for the future include becoming someone's "better half" . . . Chorus 23,43 Operetta 33 Varsity Volleyball 3,45 Tri' Hi-Y 4. ULDENE AVALONE HILL . . . "Ilene", who typifies all the best qualities of Dixie, enchants us with her soft, southern drawl and polished manners. She rates "tops" music, dancing, and clothes. qWho doesn't?j Aspiring to graduate from college and become an English teacher, Uldene is headed for the University of Md. next year . . . Variety Night lg Soc. Comm. lg Band l,2,3: Jr. Prom Comm, 3g Chorus 45 Cheerleader 123,45 YVake 4. 88 L. JANET LEE HINTON . . . "jan's" one and only plan for the future is marriage. This athletically-minded gal has added much to the teams on which she had participated. Jan states that music and Dixieland jazz are her pet passions, while she cringes at the slightest mention of eli- gibility rules, homework, and jealousy. Her main desire is to keep herself and those close to her happy always. LOUIS HODGES . . . "Sonny" has an unusual and ex- citing pastime - being a jockey. This amiable lad is a member of the Maryland Jockey Club and the American Saddle Horse Breeding Assoc. Quite naturally, his great- est like is thoroughbred race horses. Louis will study animal husbandry at U. of Md. before he travels down to U. of Georgia to take up veterinary medicine . . . Library Assistant 1,23 Visual Aid Committee 3. MARY ANN HOOD . . . Ann, who plans to become a sec- retary or do general office work, will be sure to make some lucky boss happy. Her special likes include "Bobby", music, and football games, while homework and school are among her annoyances. Ann's most favorite meal, consist- ing of turkey, dressing, and French fries, will always make her happy . . . WAKE Circulation 43 Chorus 23,43 junior Prom Committee 3. DANIEL MORRIS HUBBARD . . . One of our leading soccer players, "Danny" plans to maintain an active in- terest in sports, but admits that the Air Force might change his plans. After many years' experience in the band he is also contemplating a career in music as a member of a band. Sports, music, and girls fof coursej score many goals with Danny . . . Band 2,3,4: Soccer l,2,3,4. WANDA LEE HUBBARD . . . Sports-minded "Tiny" likes skating, volleyball, basketball, and tumbling. She also uses her singing talent on radio and television. With no interest in society. Wanda's main plans include marri- age and travel . . . Band Member l,2,3,4g Varsity: Field- ball lg Volleyball 1,23 junior Varsity Basketball 1,23 In- tramural: Basketball l,2: Volleybal lg Team Manager 3. ROBERT ATLEE HUFFER . . . Smiing and easy-going "Bob" plans to don the Air Force blue and explore the higher altitudes. This member of the Ritchie Model Airplane Club and National Champion for two years also favors girls and eating all kinds of food. Bob be- longs to the 4-H Club and 4-H Senior Council . . . Homeroom Representative 3: Variety Night 3, Band l,2,3,4g Officer 3. PAMELA CONRAD JACKSON . . . "Pam's" beautiful so- prano voice will be remembered for many years at AHS. Singing will, naturally, be her career after studying music and dramatics at college. An admirer of beautiful poetry, Pam is also enthusiastic about football games and danc- ing . . . WAKE: Lit. 43 Art 43 Assemby Comm. 23 Variety Night 2,3,4g Social Committee 2,43 Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 35 Junior Prom Committee 3. PATRICIA ANN JOINES . . . Chatty "Pat" is as smooth as her favorite blue velvet, and therefore loves dancing and long telephone conversationsg but with an emphatic toss of her pretty brown curls, she says "thumbs down' to licorice, and sloppily-dressed boys. The writing on the wall proclaims that Pat will travel after completing college . . . H.R. Alt. 3: WAKE Sr. Ed. 4: Tally-Ho l,2,3,4g Traf. Sq. 41 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Var. Night 4. 89 jAere3 no Zeffer exercide or Afrengfft ening Me ltearf Man reacAing cfown am! Aging ,owing up. jnyhdfice ia refuiiuefy end? fo Leary wdaf Azfin A ia mfire. 5 I MARTHA ANN JONES . . . Energetic "Mart" takes to music. sports. and participation in school activities: how- ever, she wrinkles her nose at the thought of people who "know it all" or false friendliness. To see more of the ILS. and to become an efficient secretary are two of her fondest hopes . . . WAKE 43 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Varsity: Basketball 43 Hockey 2,3.43 Softball 43 J. V. Softball lg Varsity Club 3,4. RONALD ELLIS JORDAN .... A HS's "Mr. Touch- down", "Ronnie", excels in all sports. He aso holds a special interest for girls, dances, hot rods, and good food. After graduation he's heading for the University of Md., and he hopes to be an aviator . . . Varsity: Football l.2,3,43 Track 12.3.43 Basketbali 4: Lacrosse 3,43 J. V. Basketball 1,21 "A" Club 3.4: Civitan: Member 3,43 Sec- retary 4. EMMANLTAI. ANDREW KALANDROS . . . "Manny" hailed from Glen Burnie in his senior year. A sports en- thusiast, Manny ranks swimming, pizza pies, and girls high on his list of likes. He claims a rarity which few people possess: no dislikes. His job at the Dairy Queen keeps Emmanual occupied after school. His future will include Brookline Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, where he will study for the Greek ministry. DAVID KEARSE . . . "Dave" intends to carry his present interest in drama and theater into his future. Having worked with the Colonial Players and in the Navy Re- lief Show, he feels he has a good start toward carrying out his ambition, which is to be a producer and director. Davc's other likes include swimming. boating. and travel- ing . . . Variety Night l,3.43 Tally-Ho Reporter 1,2,3,43 Chorus 3,41 Operetta 33 Orchestra 4. DONALD GREGORY KENT . . . Fun-loving "Donny" with the warm "Hello" for everyone he meets was the happy recipient of several basketball awards from com- munity organizations. His main ambition now is to re- ceive a lacrosse scholarship to U. of Md. Donny gives top preference to lacrosse, hunting, and Bill Hailey's music . . . Varsity: Soccer 2.33 Football 4g Track 3: Lacrosse 2.3.41 junior Varsity Basketball 3. ROYAL ALLEN KIRBY . . . "Speed'l, a future officer in the United States Air Force, is a member of the Mary- land National Guard. Sports, girls, cars. dances, "Dixie," and Southern fried foods are his favorites. while home- work is his pet peeve. He is heading for Iowa where he will probably major in either drafting or in physical education at college . . . Varsity Soccer l.2I Varsity Base- ball 4. JANICE LOU KLAVVANS . . . "janny", our dark-eyed cheerleader. desires to be a professional dancer. Her goal after graduation is the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Hamburger and French fries "rate" with her. as do swimming and singing . . . l-lomeroom rep- resentative l,2.33 Alternate 43 XVAKE Circulation 43 Vari- ety Night l.2,33 Cheerleader l.2.3,4: Captain 43 Traffic Squad 4: Chorus 2,3,43 Operetta 3. MARCIA KATHERINE KYES . . . "Gee. Dad, com IIICIILS Marcia when anything of monstrous importance happens to her. YVater skiing, painting, and swimming absorb much of her favorite season - summer, while autumnal weather finds her shopping for clothes and urging her favorite football team on to victory. Marcia has a yearning to become an elementary school teacher, but admits a dislike for homework. MARJORIE JOAN LARRIMORE . . . You can be certain that whenever she sees anything yellow. her favorite color, Joan will take a closer look at it. Amiable Joan has shown a great interest in 4-H and Youth Fellowship, not to ex4 clude a certain "black and ivory '53 Ford." Eventually she hopes to make her home in Hampton, Virginia . . . H.R. Alt. I3 WAKE Cir. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Oper. 33 Office Helper 43 Chorus 2.3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. EILEEN JEIVELL LATIMER ..., A lways busy as a bee -that's our Eileen. This friendly lass especially likes dancing, movies, Spanish, working, Italian foods, and a certain male named "Billy". Plans for the future include getting married and raising a family . . . YVAKE: Adver- tising 3.43 Circulation 43 Traffic Sq. 43 Social Comm. Officer 33 Social Committee l,2,3,43 Chorus 3,43 Oper- etta 33 Junior Prom Committee 3. MARJORIE DIXON LAYNG . . . Soft-spoken, friendly "Dixie" plans to become an efficient secretary following her graduation from AHS. One of these days genial Dixie may be in the headlines as a top scientist, for when she begins to state her long list of likes, science tops them all, while snow runs a close second. Her appetite will be satis- fied as long as she is given lamb, potatoes, and gravy . . . Office Helper 4. PEGGY LORRAINE LEE . . . "Hey! YVho made that strike in the next alley?" is a phrase which can be heard quite frequently when Peggy is busy bowling, which ap- pears on her list of likes along with movies and "divine '54 Fords." She shudders, however, at the thought of bossy people and homework. Peggy is striving diligently for a position as a typist under a "gentle" boss after graduation. ELAINE CAROLYN LERCH . . . Known for her good looks and pleasant disposition, Elaine is a welcome addia tion to any group. Receiving honors in the Maryland State 4-H All Stars was a high point in her life. Next year she hopes to make her residence at Lynchburg, later to become a success in the field of her choice . . . WAKE Adv. Comm. 43 Sports Ed. 43 Tally-Ho lj Traffic Sq. 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Variety Night 33 Soc, Comm. 3,4. LAIIRIE LOU LIBERTY . . . Chic Laurie, our gain from Coronado High, will study marine biology at the University of California since she is very interested in exploring "beneath the depths." This dynamic lass was head majorette at her former high school. Applauding polite people, steak, French fries, and the color yellow, she gives her veto to practical jokers, sarcasm, and the color red . . . Chorus 43 Variety Night 4. HELEN JUNE LUTTRELL . . . Pretty, honey-haired June is noted for her twirling baton and can usually be found strutting with the rest of the majorettes. Brad, new clothes, music, and noodle soup pass June's "rating test" with flying colors. while lower lockers "flunk". "To be a good wife someday" is her greatest ambition . . . Social Committee 1,23 Club 3,43 Majorette 2,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y JAMES MELVIN MARSELLAS, JR .... "Diddle" hopes to become a diesel engineer or a pressman at the Capital Gazette, where he has been a newsboy for many years. Swimming. fishing, and Elsie are given top billing on Melvin's list of likes. Also rating high are beef stew and fried chicken, his favorite foods. As his choice of the armed services, Melvin picks the Marines. 91 jf is foermiddadd fo AWA! cuAfL5 in Me air Me Auncfafiond you Ani!! unf!er Mem are cfown fo earffi. you Auwe u rigfrf fo de prone! of anyfding -' if M of a jo! we!! cfone. SYLVIA LEE MARSTON . . . "Sie" is determined to own a baby blue Mercury convertible some day when she has realized her ambition of being an outstanding private secretary! Meanwhile, she enjoys having fun, dancing, swimming, and football players . . . H.R. Rep. 3: H.R. Alt. 2,43 VVAKE Circ. Staff 41 Var. Night 1,21 'l'raf Sq. 45 Soc. Comm. lg Chorus 2.33 Operetta 3: Jr. Prom Comm. 31 Majorette 1.2.3. CARY LEAR MARTIN . . .Good parties, sports, and pizza especially appeal to this senior, who towers over most boys in the class of '55. Gary has plans for taking a business course at college. He has gained experience while working at W'alter Brewer's Father and Son Shop . . . Vals.: Foot- ball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,45 Lacrosse 33 Basketball 1,21 "A" Club 3,43 Vice-President 43 Junior Civitan Club 2,3,4g Vice-President 4. LLOYD DOUGLAS NICKILLIPS . . . The U.S. Navy will be on Lloyd's mind after graduation when he does his job as radio technician for Uncle Sam, but right now girls, especially a cute little junior, are on his mind, In the realm of food Lloyd will eat just about anything, but turkey "hits the spot." In addition to schoolwork, Lloyd is kept busy as a member of the Woodland Beach Fire Department . . . Projection Committee 3.4. GILBERT McNEVV . . . "Gil" is looking forward to a career in electronics for which he will get his training at the University of Maryland. He has been an active mem- ber of the DeMolay of which he is Senior Councilor. Gil will surely be successful in his life as he follows the say- ing, "Plan well for your future, you will spend the rest of your life in it" . . . Orchestra 2,35 Traffic Squad 43 Vis. Aid Comm. 1,43 Ass't. Librarian 4. JANICE LEE METTAM . . . Hailing from XVestern High School in Baltimore, Janice is at AHS learning how to be an efficient office worker so she can land a job at the Farm Bureau. Bill Purdy is Janice's biggest like, and it could be for this reason that her main ambition is to become a good wife. "You're right," answers Janice when you ask her if hamburgers and French fries are her favorites. Janice is a member of Job's Daughters. IRENI-L ELIZABETH MILETO . . . This friendly, brown- haired miss is looking forward to securing a position as a stenographer after graduation. Irene readily admits that she has a whim for people, art, steak, and night basket- ball games. while housework and having to study for exams fall flat with her. She is often heard to query, "Is that right?" Irene is quite a staunch and active member of her youth fellowship. Bl'1'l"l'Y LOU MILLER , . . Cute and frecklecl Betty Lou has a real "catty" future in store. With a big liking for black ones in particular, she is thinking of raising Per- sian cats. Along with this she wants to be a secretary or join the Air Force or play the trombone in a band. Spaghetti and pickles combine for her favorite foods, while Betty Lou heartily dislikes history and her freckles . . . Band l,2,33 Chorus 2. RICHARD MOLLMAN . . . "Rich", who hails from Bethel High in Library, Pa., came to AHS in his senior year. Although he is undecided about his college work, Rich plans to enter the Armed Forces after graduation. He is hoping that automotive engineering will be in his future. This ambitious boy also has a special liking for sports and cars. Jabbering women are Rich's greatest source of annoyance. 92 'ffl'-if BARBARA ELAINE MORELAND . . . "johnny and his Lincoln" head the list of likes of this pretty AHS lass and are followed by ravioli, Spanish, music, and French. Homework is her only pet peeve. fThe majority of us will agree with her, I'm sure.j Barbara's "number one" goal in life is to be a housewife and secondly to obtain a job calling for general office work . . . Traffic Squad 43 Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 3. DORIS MORGENSTERN . . . Doris, sweet and indus- trious, has made plans that will end only in success. Hoping to attend Goucher College, this hard-working career gal would like to be an occupational therapist. Her principal accomplishment - this yearbook . . . H.R. Alt. lg Hon. Soc. 2,3,4: VVAKE: Editor-in-Chief: Jr. Assoc. Ed. 35 Lit. 33 Tally-Ho l,2,3,45 Traf. Sq. Off. 43 jr. P. Comm. 3, Soc. Comm. 2,3,4g Make-Up 2,3,4g Hockey 3. ROBERT SHARON MOYER . . . "Bob's ambitions are to get a high school diploma, to become a draftsman, then go into business with his father. Rating high with "Big Mo" are girls, parties. fishing, hunting, and spending money Qwhen he has itj. He also goes for hamburgers and baked beans, while homework is his main dislike. He is an officer of the Pasadena M.Y.F. and Secretary- Treasurer of the Pasadena Boy Scouts. LEO NELSON NIMS . . . This easy-to-please male in- sists that he likes just about everything in general and sports, parties, and girls in particular. Nelson admits that in his opinion fried chicken really "hits the spot." Uncle Sam will be seeing him in the Air Force. Outside school. Nelson is a member of the 807 Club, a radio or- ganization . . . Varsity: Football 3,43 Soccer l,2: Orches- tra 43 Band l,2,3. MARGARET NORXVOOD . . . lVhen you're walking down the hall and hear, 'Tm mad atcha," just turn around and you will see a cute blue-eyed blonde called "Bobbie", Her whims include roller-skating, dancing, swimming, dating, French fries, and candy. She states that homework and "two-faced" people fall flat with her. Bob- bie's future plans include spending the summer working at Beverly Beach and then becoming a secretary. ETHNA O'DWYER . . . Bright-eyed "Et", who came to AHS from Bladensburg High School, gives three cheers for dancing, cooking, and, most of all, Jim. This dark- eyed lass likes her table set with fried chicken and steak. You can look forward to having this cute gal take care of you in the hospital, for her future includes nursing, and later she hopes to hear wedding bells. VOLANDTA MARGARET OSTROVVSKI . . . An all- around lass, "Lonnie" will surely make someone a good wife Qpreferably "jake"j . After school hours she works at Murphy's but is planning a typing career after gradua- tion, then marriage. Sports, Southern fried chicken with French fries, and shrimp rate tops with "sweet an' petite" Lonnie, who "really goes' for one particular black '46 Ford. WILLIAM GORDON PALMER . . . "Twink" comes to Annapolis High from Front Royal, Virginia, and one of these days after graduation he would like to go south again to attend the University of Virginia to study girls, parties, dances and maybe even take time out for a pizza pie. His ambition is to graduate, provided too much homework isn't required . . . Chorus 43 j.V. Football 23 Varsity Football 3,4. 93 JMGM llldflt fo FYI-1148 dll, 6665? JQEWL migftfg ALWLL fluff Leap puffing if ow .15 lfffjftalf we are id gif fo maf we decome is our gif fo Q EDNA .IO-ANN PALMER . . . With her big brown eyes on a fellow named Charles. "Jo" seems to have marriage on her mind, but only after completing Wfashington School for Secretaries. Steaks and dancing are appropriate likes for any teen-ager. as they are for jo-Anne . . . WAKE Advertising 43 Traffic Squad 43 Social Committee 2.3.43 junior Prom Committee 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3.43 Make-Up Com- mittee 2.3.4. ANNA LOUISE PARKINSON . . . "l'oochie" is one of those rare people who dislike nothing. This gay miss spends her free time waitressing at the Gilbert's Drug- store. skating. baking. and having fun in general. Favor! ites include the expression. "Forget it" and eating salads and fruits. The future holds in store first finishing school and then - who knows! . . . Fieldball 1,23 Vol- leyball 1.2. DONALD CARLTON PARLETT .... A private pilot's license is one of the accomplishments of this arid aviation fan. Kathy is most popular with Donald. but devil's food cake and French fries rate a close second. Dona1d's im+ mediate plans include the U.S. Army. and then possibly an occupation in a gas company . . . Traffic Squad 43 Member of Visual Aids Committee 33 Chairman of Visual Aids 4. lIACQ1lE1,1N1i MARIE 1'A'1"1'O'N . . . "Jackie", with her nut-brown hair and personality plus. is a friend to all. Always smiling. she hasn't any particular dislikes. Sew-- ing. sailing, dancing. and money will always appeal to her. Her most profound ambition is to attend college . . . WAKE: Patron, Circulation3 Literary Staffs 43 Tally- Ho Rep. 23 Traffic Squad Off. 4, Social Comm. 23,43 junior Prom Comm. 33 Operetla 3. 1iRN1iS'1i LEE PEACOCK . . . Ernest belongs to many or- ganizations outside school3 he's the Secretary of the Hi-Y. Sergeant'at-Arms of the junior Civitan Club, and a mem- ber of the Crabtown Dragsters. He plans to enter the Navy after graduation. Ernest claims his ambition in life is to have fun. Girls, hot rods, and bop head his list of 1ikes3 he doesn't care for hillbilly music . . . Varsity Soc- cer 2.3.-1: Club 3,4. NORMA MAXINE PENNINCTON .... A thletically- minded "Max" is particularly fond of swimming and playing softball. but dislikes Cas most of us doj home- work. "You're kidding!" can often be heard in the cor- ridors of AHS from this taffy-haired senior with a pas! sion for "Tommy." for whom she aims to be an excellent wife . . . Varsity Fieldball 33 junior Varsity Softball 1: Intra. Softball l. Bl-LRNADINE OTTILLIA PHILIPS . . . Vigorous "Ber- nie" has made sports a highlight in her school activities. She hopes to be a good wife and mother in the future or work for the Telephone Co. Bernie finds Ed and cooking pleasant pastimes . . . WAKE Lit. Comm. 43 Ofifce Help- er 33 jr. Prom 35 Booster Club -13 Soc. Comm. 3.43 Intra- mural Basketball l,2,3g Badminton 2.3: Manager: j. Y. Softball 13 Varsity Fieldball. CLARA ELIZABE FH P1-111'l'S . , . "Pat" states that a certain male, dancing. swimming. and sports are very popular with her, while hypocritical people gain her displeasure. Among the outside accomplishments of this statuesque senior is the experience she has gained while working at Grunt's Blue Printing Company. Pat's plans for the future include being a secretary fhe'll be a lucky hossj and a housewife for a "certain guy." 94 CATHERINE ANN-MARIE PICIONI . . . "California here she comes!" This is where "Cathy" would like to head fin her own convertible. naturallyl after graduation. Some ambition! Quiet 'n lovable Cathy says she's real fond of ravioli. macaroni. and friendly people, bttt cloesn't care so much for homework - especially history. AHS saw Cathy for the first time when she transferred to us from Wilkes-Barre. Pennsylvania last year. ELEANOR Rl'TH PIKE . . . Quiet, fun-loving Eleanor has her heart set on attending Ifurman University and on majoring in music. She has proved herself to be an ardent chttrch worker. 'Ibis friendly senior mentions that she gives a preference to music. "that special male". sleep, and talk . . . WAKE: Advertising, Patron. Circttla- tion Comm. -1: Var Nt. 2.3: Traf. Sq. 45 Chorus 45 Ass't. Librarian 4: Intra.: Softball. Fieldball, Soccer l. ANITA LOl'ISE l'Rl'I'IT . . . Dark-haired "Shorty". who is happiest when eating pina pie. chooses Towson junior College for furthering her education. Always on the Ngo". Anita enjoys taking a gay whirl on the dance floor, riding in beautiful new cars. and dating. especially Midshipmen . . . WARE: Circulation. Advertising 45 So- cial Committee member 2.3.45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Operetta 31 junior Prom Committee. -IEAN LOUISE l'l'Ml'HREY . . . This sociable. fair- haired lass is the happiest when she's having fttn. High on her list of likes are music and dancing. Having no dislikes. jean is destined to become a successful recep- tionist or a commendable teacher, after attending Virginia or Towson Teachers College .... Art Service 35 Intra- mttral Basketball 23 junior l'rom Committee 3: Tri- Hi-Y 3,4. DALE HUNT ER Pl'RDY . . . Known for her good looks and poise. Dale was a princess in the AHS homecoming celebration. She would like to include a certain Ed in her future . . . Home room Representative l.2.45 H.R. Alt. 35 Social Comm. l.2.4: Monitor Capt 25 Chorus 2.35 Oper- etta 35 junior Prom Comm. 3: -I. V. Basketball l,2,: Var- sity Basketball 3.4: Hockey 3.45 Volleyball 3,45 Athletic Rep. 25 Club 4. CECILIA MAY QUADE . . . "Cely" finds it difficult to choose between becoming an airline hostess and being a typist at the Naval Academy, which wotlld allow her to stay near her home. Last summer she worked at Beverly Beach. occupying her spare time with swimming. dancing. sailing. eating fried chicken, and horseback riding. A girl of few dislikes, only boxing and baseball are frowned upon by het' . . . Orchestra 4. EUGENE RICHARD RECRNER . . . "Cene". a real sports enthusiast. loves to eat. This athlete will join the Terrapins at the Vniversity of Maryland after graduation. Having fun highlights his life at AHS . . . Varsity: Foot- ball 2,3,45 Lacrosse 2.3.45 Basketball 45 junior Varsity: Football lg Basketball 2,35 Clttb 3,45 junior Civitan Clttb 2.3.49 Treasurer 4: Hi-Y 2.3.4. DOROTHY ANN REMBOLD . . . "XYill you take a let- ter. Miss Rembold?" This will become a familiar phrase to "Dot" when she begins her secretarial duties upon leaving AHS. Although she is not crazy about home- work, she is about jack. Also, you will find that all kinds of seafood and writing poems rank high with Dot . . . H.R. Alt. 4: Hon. Soc. 3,-lg Tally-I-Io Reporter l.2.35 Office Helper 4. 95 e en! of widcfom IA fo Jream enougft nof io due fda cfream in flte dealing o if. 3 nucfice Aeing fzonedf wiffz gonrfiey men you Anne mcuferec! fd!! aff fire red! wiff de muy. MARY ALICE RHODES . . . "Dusty" really goes for food, especially that good old Boston style and anything Italian. She loves to be seen riding around in a 1955 Lincoln convertible, and during basketball season she is a real hook-shot whiz . . . junior Varsity Basketball 23 Intramural Softball 23 Basketball 23 Fieldball 23 Varsity Basketball 3,43 Fieldball 33 Softball 33 "A" Club. ANNE LYTTLETON RICHARDS . . .Forecast - "Annie" on the cover of "Seventeen", This may be no dream, for cute, dimpled Anne is headed for Powers' Modeling School. After a successful modeling career, Anne desires the life of marriage and a family. Among her fancies are saxophone players, dancing, pizza pie, spaghetti, and chil- dren. Her only distaste is schoolwork . . . H.R. Represen- tative 33 Social Committee 2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,4. FRANCIS MIDDLETON RICHARDS, JR. . . Better known as "Lightening" or "Hoppy", this lad likes hunt- ing, fishing, and working on automobiles. After gradua- tion Hoppy has plans which include working on a farm and having an automobile repair shop of his own. His sole pet peeve is history class. In the eating department he favors steak, and Hoppy is often heard remarking, "Don't hurt nobody." ROBERT DONALD RINCLE . . . Wine, women, and song are "Bob's" Qalias "Ring"j special forte, while much of his time is devoted to DeMolay and developing his tal- ent for getting out of homework. Looking into our crystal ball we can see Bob in 1975 as a world-famous T.V. per- sonality signing autographs for our children on 35100 bills . . . IVAKE Ad. Comm. 43 Soc. Comm. 43 Band l3 jr. Prom Comm. 33 Vars.: Track 43 Lacrosse 1.2.3.-l. SHIRLEY MARIE ROBERTSON . . . Peppy Shirley, one of our majorettes, looks forward to her secretarial career. This energetic miss just doesn't like homework, but she thinks dancing and French fries are "real George!" . . . XVAKE: Circulation Committee 43 Typing 43 Variety Night l,2j Office Helper 43 junior Prom 33 Club 3,43 Majorettes 3,43 Tri-Hy-Y 3,43 Social Committee 3,4. JAMES KENNETH ROBINSON . . . Animal husbandry will be the subject at hand when "Sal" attends school in Berkley, California after a bout with the Air Force. Our cats and dogs will be in good hands when Jimmy becomes their veterinarian. In the meantime, swimming, eating, and girls get the nod as favorite pastimes. Hob- bies to which he devotes a lot of time, after he wrestles with his homework, are hunting and fishing. JOAN CAROL ROSENBLOOM , . . "joanie", our pint- sized amazon with twinkling ebony eyes and a ready smile, dreams of becoming a commercial T.V. artist. When not driving the "Green Fiend", joan finds time to dance, play piano, and actively participate in Sigma Pi Sigma . . . H.R. Rep. l,2.3,43 Boost. Club 3,43 VVAKE Lit. 43 Typ. Comm. 43 Pat. Comm. 43 Var. Nt. l,2,43 Tr. Sq. 43 Soc. Comm. l,2,3,43 jr. P. Comm.3 Volleyball Mgr. l,2,3. LINDA ROSSEE . . . "Lin's" ambition is to attend col- lege. She enjoys the University of Virginia, driving, dances, knitting argyles, and the saying, "Down at the U." Road hogs and "party poopers" annoy her . . . Honor So- ciety 33 President 4g WAKE: Make-Up Editor 43 Literary 33 Business 43 Tally-Ho Reporter l,2,3,43 Traffic Squad 43 Social Committee 2.3.43 Chorus 3,43 Operetta 33 Junior Prom Committee 3. 96 NANCY ELLEN ROWE . . . "No kidding. Sam," Nan is a true Dixie belle at heart - the Old South and any of its food appeal to her. Sho' nuff!!!! One of those gals of very few dislikes, Nancy claims that only "stuck-up" people irri- tate her. Figuring most prominently in her near future are a certain tall male and summer wedding bells. Nan also aspires to become a good secretary. . . Fashion Show 3. JOAN PATRICIA RUSSELL . . . Cute and sweet "Russ" has a passion for friendly people, popular music, and dogs, esp. "Mitzie." When it comes to eating. she craves fried chicken. French fries. and pastries. while her great- est dislike is squash. Washington College is her choice for further education . . . Tri-Hi-Y 43 Honor Soc. 3,43 XVAKE: Lit. 43 Ad. 33 Mgr. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Chorus 3,43 Oper. 33 T.-Ho Rep. 12.3.41 jr. Prom Comm. 3. RICHARD XVELLS RUSSELL . . . "Dick" plans to go to S.M.U. or Drew. He has chosen to make his career in ministry as a chaplain in the U.S.N. His favorite rule is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Topping his list of likes are church work, fish, and spaghetti, and rating yery low are onions . . . WAKE Photo. 43 Assembly Comm. 12.3.43 Light Comm. 2.3.43 Traf. Sq. Off. 43 Band, 12.3.43 Orchestra 33 Operetta GEORGIA SAMARAS .... A miable and efficient Georgia will make a terrific secretary. You'll often see her after school busying herself at the typewriter with work for Tally-Ho or XVAKE . . . Tally-Ho Typing Staff 43 YYAKE Advertising Staff 43 Patron Committee 4g Traffic Squad 43 XYAKIE Chief Typist 43 Intramural Volleyball 23 Home- room Alternate 43 Chorus 3,43 Operetta 33 Club Repre- sentative 2. DELIA SANTOS . . . Little dark-eyed "Sis" appears to be the domestic type, placing at the top of her list of "first-raters" cooking. sewing. and. Iet's not forget. Buddy. This cute gal's interest in sewing stood out when she mod- eled a suit and dress she had made in a fasion show for the l'.'I'.A. Already happily married. she is also looking forward to holding a secretarial job. ALLAN YYAYNE SCHAEFFER . . . XVayne's ambition right now is to attend Towson Junior College, but he has no plans after that. This pleasant chap, who keeps us laughing in class. also collects money. He likes nothing better than poetry. cars, sleep, good food, and chewing gum. Ute hope he never has to give himself a ticketlj Road hogs, seafood, and writing leters fall flat with him. Traffic Squad Officer 43 Chorus 2.3.43 Operetta 3. HERMAN EDYVARD SCHIEKE, JR. . . "Herm" is aspira ing for a future in the field of medicine. where he hopes to excel as a general practitioner. This hard worker, who has contributed much to the Class of '55, is a commissioner in his Youth Fellowship and a member of the DeMolay . . . H. R. Alt. 13 Variety Night 1,2,3,43 Social Comm. 2,3,4: T.-Ho Bus. Staff 3.43 Rep. 12.3.43 Traf. Squad 43 Jr. Prom 33 VVAKE 3,43 Act. Ed. 43 Honor Soc. RUTH ELIZABETH SCHMIDT .... A lready experi- enced in professional modeling, this peppy little blonde has high hopes for a modeling career in which she will be a good, photogenic model. Having been trained at I-'leet's Business College and having been an efficient office helper in school have given Ruth background for her second choice career, that of a secretary. She gives an rating to dancing, sailing. skating, and sewing. 97 .syucceu Aff!! operafezi on Me Ae Mderuice pfan. we man wdo is efernaffg wafcding tide adm! never Aecomw ide man o ide Aour. 1 DOROTHY CORA SCHWALLENBIERG . . . just give "Dottie" a "horse and a saddle" and you will make her as "happy as a lark" since she is extremely enthusiastic about horseback riding. Swimming places a close second with her, while catty people and doing the dishes are defi- nitely "taboo". This quiet, reserved gal has an eye toward the future. as Dottie is now striving to become an effici- ent secretary. JAMES LESTER SCHWV.'XLLENBliRG . . . "-Iilniny," .-XHS's future commercial artist. places art, horses, dogs. spaghetti, and chili high on his list of likes. However, ice cream with nuts and cocoanut just aren't his speed. jimnly has been working toward his goal by taking an active part in school art committees and doing oil paint- ings in his spare time ..,. -Xrt Service 33 WAKE Art Committee: Traffic Squad 4. Lli.-Xl-l-MAY SEARS . . . "Good, ain't it?" often questions "Lee-Lee" one of our top majorettes. about sports, pho- tography. hamburgers, or milkshakes. her "fayoriles." Her idea of the perfect career. modeling. she expects to follow . . . XVAKE: Bus. Adv. 3,43 Patron 43 Circulation 43 Vari- ety Night 1,23 Soc. Comm. I3 junior l'rom Comm. 33 Vars- ity Volleyball 33 Intra. Softball 2.33 Club 3,43 Major- ette 2.3.43 Tri-Hi-Y ANN.-X MAE SEIM .... -Xnna's plans include getting 1 driver's license, owning her own car, and becoming a private secretary. Bottom lockers. homework, and younger sisters are her pet peeves, while movies, popular music, swimming. skating. bowling, and badminton are her favorite pastimes . . . NVAKIE Business 43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Intramural Softball 23 Varsity Volleyball 3,43 'l'ri-Hi-Y 4. IAITR.-X BOWMAN SEXVELI .... Tall, blonde. and attrac- tive "Bo" with her warm and sincere smile is planning to be a coed on a Virginia college campus . . . S. C. 'l'reas. 43 H.R. Rep. lg Alt. 33 Band 1.21 Jr. Prom Comm. 31 Soc. Comm. 33 ,-Xthletic Rep. 13 XV.-XKIC 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Pres. 43 Traf. Sq. 43 Variety Night, l,2,3,43 J. V. Basketball l,23 Softball lg Varsity: Hockey 2: Basketball 3,43 Fieldball l. CAROLYN l'.Yl'RlCIA SHAW .... -X lways happy and smiling. Pat has made herself useful as a cafeteria helper for four years. Listing home work. younger brothers and sisters. and bottom lockers as her major grievances, Pat adds that popular music. skating. and potatoes will go far towards dispelling her gloom. 'l'o get her driver's license and her own car is l'at's cherished dream . . . XVAKIE 'l'yp. Staff 43 V. Basketball 13 Lib. I. JOHN XYILSON SHIEPHICRD . . . Raising hogs is "Shep's" main pastime. Smart alecs and nosey people are his prime dislikes. while chocolate lneringue pie. some girls. sweet potatoes. and hot dogs rank tops on his list of likes. Shep's ambition is to follow in his father's footsteps and become a carpenter. raising hogs in his spare time - provided the Marine Corps doesn't call for him after graduation. PAUL BASIL SHliRBliR'l' . . , Quiet. reserved Paul is a man of the great outdoors. ln fact, his chief hobby and sport is hunting. He has fancy for fluffy, mashed pota- toes and thick. savory gravy. l'aul's one and only dis- like is sauerkraut, and he finds little fault in the people he meets. l'aul's plans for the future include that of a clerk in a grocery store. Let's all wish him, "Good Hunt- mg." BETH ELLEN SHOCHAT . . . Happy-go-lucky Beth is everybody's friend. This ardent believer in school spirit is famous for her frankness. has a passion for hot fudge suna daes, and enjoys studying French. Beth confidently names "success" as her highest goal . . . Wake: Lit. 3, Underclass Ed. 45 Tally-Ho Rep.. 2.3.4g Variety Night 33 Soc. Comm. 3.45 Orchestra 3.4: Jttnior Prom Comm. 33 Make-Up Comm. 2.33 Chairman 4. LOIS CYNTHIA SINCLAIR . . . Wedding bells will ring soon after graduation for honey-haired Lois with her amiable smile. IVorking at W'ilkens' keeps this lass busy outside of school, but she still finds time for her special "likes," eating stuffed pork chops and dancing. Lois has her share of pet aversions. too. Among them are hot rods, raisins, and. last-but-not-least, homework . . . H.R. Alt. I: Rep. 25 Office Helper 4. MALCOLM HOWARD SKIPPER . . . YVhen there is a baseball game H "Mickey" is there in his '36 Plymouth convertible. This disliker of Monday mornings is often heard to remark. "Say, hey!" Mickey's prime ambition is to play major leagtle baseball in the American Leagtle. if the Army doesn't get him first. Who knows? l-le may turn into a second "Babe Ruth" . . . Varsity: Baseball 2,33 Track 43 Jttnior Varsity Basketball 2. LOIS MARGITERITE SMITH . . . Petite Lois answers to the nickname "Shorty" and has the distinction of being one of the shortest girls at AHS. Dancing. water skiing. parties, eating French fries, and listening to the radio rate A-l as her hobbies. Next year will find industrious Lois behind a shorthand book as a secretary at the Penta- gon . . . Office Helper 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. PEGGY JOYCE SMITH . . . This bouncing gal with golden hair. who has been an asset to the office as a student helper this year. aspires to be an office worker or a private secretary. A certain fellow in the Air Force is Peggy's keenest interest. while fried chicken rates as "favorite" in the food department. "You had better bc- lieve itl' raisins . FANNY says Peggy. who doesn't "take" to pretzels and . . Office Helper 4. STANLEY DENT SMITH, JR .... This care-free lad. who finds Navy blue to his liking since he is in the Naval Reserxe. hopes to be a carpenter after graduation from AHS. "Dent", or "Smitty", as he is called by his many friends, has a true southern bent. liking fried chicken and oysters. The only things in the food depart- ment which are disagreeable. according to Smitty, are cheese and tongue . . . Hi-Y Civitan Club. MAE SPRINGFIELD . . . IVillowy Mae, who likes to display her talents in the kitchen, also favors dancing and swimming. but she won't touch candy. Travel after graduation to those far off places and then a 'ob as an office worker are N1ae's main ambitions just now. Juicy steak and savory spaghetti are "tops" in eating, according to Mae . . . Volleyball lg V. Basketball lg Chorus lg Social Committee 3. EDWARD JEROME SOITTHWICK . . . "Eddie" will al- ways remind us of the South with his soft and slow drawl. although we don't hear him say "you all" very much. Baseball is greatly on his mind, as each spring finds him on the diamond for Ol' AHS. Occupying his mind along with schoolwork are girls and food. Eng' lish class appears to be a favorite for he always seems to enjoy hitnself in it . . . Baseball 3.45 Varsity "A" Club 4. 99 napa ure' Zmeg Lecaude fda? warg! imfeac! zz! fricfged. ave a Zfiencf - de one. CARI.O'l"l'A ST.-XFI-'ORD . . . Thriving on challenges, vivacious "Car" will try anything that's new. Stimulated by music or meeting new people. she'll exclaim. "Hey, let's have a party!" Radical Carlotta scorns anything as conventional as wearing shoesg she also finds it diffi- cult to tolerate insincere people - but Hawaiian food- that's a different story . . . Social Comm. 4: Tally-Ho Rep. 4: IVAKIZ Typ. Comm. 4. BICNUIAMIN I"I.IiNlON STOCKICTT .... Xs we gale into our crystal ball, we can see "Ben" as a convincing lawyer in "big cases," This friendly senior has high hopes of pre- paring for his life as a lawyer at the University of Mary- land. If Uncle Sam should need him, Ben would like to join the Army. He has the honor of managing the cham- pionship l'ony League baseball team . . . Varsity Track 3. IOHN ALFRED STOCKIQTT . . . Fun loving "johnny" -enjoys good times and gay people. Italian spaghetti. ap- ples, turkey. and milk rank high on his list of likes. Homework and stuck-up people comprise his main pet peeves. johnny's ambition is to get that high school diploma. He will. after graduation. endeavor to become an accountant . . . Chorus 2.43 Operetta 33 Orchestra 3: jr. Prom Comm. 3. EDITH ANN STVCKER . . . "Good things come in small packages" can be applied to pint-sized "Edie Ann." Tops on her list of favorites is 2nd Lt. Gayle Stucker - then come cooking and sewing. Ask her and she will tell you what she thinks of cats and bottom lockers . , . H,R. Rep. lg School Treasurer 43 WAKE: Circulation. Typing 43 Variety Night L23 Traffic Squad 43 Cheerleader lg Club Representative 2, BARBARA LIZE SWEENEY . . . "Barb" wishes to go to college. or to become a secretary. a teacher, or a good Navy wife. Heading her list of likes are Herb and raw food . . . IVAKE Literary 2.33 Tally-Ho Business Staff 2.31 Social Committee 2.3: Committee Chairman 45 Cafe- teria Helper 4g Orchestra 3: Varsity Fieldball 33 Volleyball 3: junior Varsity Basketball 2.3: Intramural Softball 23 Basketball 2. JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT . . . "Mike" has the distinc- tion of having attended thirteen other schools before AHS. A progressive jazz fan, he also shows partiality to such expensive hobbies as parties. women. and steak, while he shuns hot weather and cold foods. Designs on a career in medicine cause Mike to hope for some study in Europe next year . . . Varsity Lacrosse 3,45 Intramural Basket- ball 4. PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR .... A slender strawberry blonde. vivacious 4'l'at" has a passion for Ford cars and enjoys practicing her talent. piano-playing. She firmly gives a decided "no" to homework. which she insists is her only real dislike. To secure a secretarial position is l'at's first goal following her graduation from AHS . . . Monitor Squad 23 Assistant Librarian 43 Office Helper 43 Softball 4. DAVID LRE TAYNIAN . . . "Do Iinlo Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" is the favorite law of this blue-eyed senior, who will go to Bible school in Flor- ida to study missionary work and evangelism. During his future years David would like to help people and to have a happy life. He greatly likes Church, hi-fi records. 21 girl in the Virginia mountains, cabinet making. and playing the accordian . . . Chorus 4. 100 JAMES EVERETT THOMAS . . . "jimmy," who contem- plates going to college at the University of Marlyland or joining the Air Force, is interested in getting a good time Ollt of life. At anytime you might hear him say, "Do it. man, do it!" jimmy is an ardent supporter of "Dixie Land" and an interested member of the National Hot Rod Association . . . Band 12.33 Hi-Y 3143 lllllliflf CiVil2lI1 Club 4. CARL STROHM THOMAS, JR ..,. 'though he attained prestige as our "veep" this year, amiable Strohm has not lost the common touch. Dances, "pop" music, and girls are "tops" with him, while he vetoes exams and classical music. His ultimate career remains hazy, but he antici- pates an immediate future at vVashington College . . . H. R. Alt. l,fZ.33 Student Cov't. V. P. 43 Soc. Comm. 4: Traf. Sq. 43 Booster Club 3,43 Track 3,43 Jr. Prom 3. LOLIS DICMAN TRO'l"I' . . ."Louie," one of our back- field. achieved fame on the football field this year. He insists that he is fond of just plain sports, but football really appears to be his favorite. Nevertheless, Louie seems easy to please for he has no violent dislikes. He likes popular music and in the true Southern fashion is cra7y about fried chicken tsouthern fried chicken, of courselj . . . Varsity Football 4. THOMAS OXYEN TUCKER . . . Coming from McKinley High in lVashington, D. C. in his senior year, "Tommy" quickly earned a place for himself at AHS. He plans to study aeronautics at the University of Maryland and then to enter the Air Force in which he hopes to be a pilot. Much of this energetic lad's outside time is de- voted to sports and photography . . . Varsity Football 43 Varsity Track 4. ARLINE ELIZABETH TYDINGS . . . Tiny Arline has lots of ambitions. including becoming a writer, secretary, and living out-of-doors fa real cool ideaj. "Puddin'," as she is known to her many friends. rates, as special likes, deer meat. ice cream. music, books, tennis. "no schoolf' walking, and - M'hew! 'l'hat's enough! . . . VVAKE Make-Up Comm.: Assist. Librarian 2,43 Chorus 23.41 Operetta 3. VICTOR GERALD VANOITS . , . "Stub" came to us from Central Kitsap High in YViseonsin. He will remain in .Annapolis next year, namely, at the Severn Prep School before he enters the U.S. Marine Corps. Girls and '54 beach parties are "tops" with Stub. He doesn't go for hot weather and work . . . H.R. Representative 43 Var- sity: Track 43 Lacrosse 2,3,43 Hi-Y 33 junior Civitan Club 4. VAlXN XVADE . . ."Souped-up" Oldsmobiles and the "good old South" are the two greatest things going. in handsome Vann's estimation. Silly girls are his one and only dislike, while a full plate of French fries and shrimp receives top billing from this senior boy. Following a "stretch" in the Air Force, Vann has decided that college will be his next stopping place . . . Hi-Y 3, 43 junior Civitan Club 4. CHARLES LEE YVALTERS . . . Does anyone need an electrician? Maybe some day you will be calling "Chuck, the Handy Home Service Man," - after a stint in the serv- ice, that is. Actually, his secret ambition is to play' pro ball. But for the time being. his main interests are sports, girls. cars, and the inevitable - food! Favorites in the food department are steak and southern fried chicken . . . Intramural Basketball 4. lOl ad! exfoerience Afioufcf Ae a guiale fowl, nof a ftifclting loodf. is W1 . 215.3-4. - l02 NANCY LEE VVAYSON . . . "2-l-214". This will be heard from Nancy a few years from now, when she has fulfilled her ambition of becoming a math teacher. Bot- tom lockers and exams are her only pet peeves. Nancy is a member of the 4-H Club . . . Homeroom Rep. 3,41 Homeroom Alt. 23 WAKE: Literary 3.43 Advertising, Patrons. Circulation 43 Traffic Squad 43 Social Comm. 3,43 Assistant Librarian 23 Office Helper 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. MARY ELIZABETH XYELLS .... r Xfter graduation Mary plans to take a beautician's course3 she wants to be a hair-dresser and a homemaker. Her tastes are expensive, as her favorite food is steak and she has a great liking for brand new Oldsmobile "Starfires". Some of Mary's other 'ffavoritesu are weekends and people with brown eyes. however she doesn't like homework or rainy days . . . Chorus 2,33 Operetta 33 Office Helper 4. RUTH RENEE XNELLS . . . "Charlie," from Ltah, added XYestern clined las tion Salt Her most to l'tah. spice to our class this year. A domestically in- s. she enjoys the home arts3 also any music. Men- Lake City - she will reply, "Ooh, I like that!" fervent desire is. incidentally, to go back home A girl of few dislikes, only homework plagues her. As a speedy stenographer, she's sure to make good. WILLIAM CARNER WI-ZRNTZ . . . Our 'Creat Wlliite I"atlier's" future plans include I-KM College, "Marsh," and possibly a career as a lawyer . . . Stu. Gov't.: H. R. Rep. 23 Alt. I3 Honor Society 2.3.43 YVAKE Circ. Mgr. 43 Traf. Sq. Capt. 43 Soc. Comm. 2.3.43 Band 1.3.43 Oper- etta 33 Chorus 33 Jr. Prom: Orch., Decoration, Program, Clean-Upg Varsity: Lacrosse l.23 Football Mgr. 2 ketball Mgr. 2.3.43 Athl. Assoc. 43 Booster Club OWEN KENNETH WHITE . . . "Whitey," a recruitee in the l'nitcd States Navy is now serxing in the Reserves. Keep your eye on him! He may be one of the Ubig brass" some day. How does "Admiral" XVhite sound to you? He talks about his Pontiac, and he enjoys parties, girls, and other outside activities. but he says "thumbs down" on Hillbillies. Whitey has been a member of the Hi-Y for four years. CHARLES RLSSELL W'HI'l'TINCTON . . . 'Doodle Bug," a future University of Md. student. just loves chicken, French fries, girls. and sports. While in college, he plans to study physical education. His later future is undecided. Perhaps I'ncle Sam has other plans . . . Varsity Soccer l.2.3,43 Baseball,41 V. Basketball l, 2.33 Intramural Volleyball 13 Basketball 1,23 Club glcfncufion, lflie Ae? fo efgmericanidm. 43 H1-Y l.2,3. JIMMY JACK WILDER . . . "Jim" was one of our most active sportsmen this year. A future Ifniversity of Mary- land student, he plans to enter the Il.S. Air Force follow- ing his graduation from college. Meanwhile he may be found eating his fill of his favorite food, chicken, turkey. and French fries. Girls, sports, and work top his likes . . . Varsity: Soccer 2. 43 Baseball 43 Track l,3.43 J. V. Basket- ball l3 Club 43 Hi-Y l,2. MARGARET ISABEL XVILLIS . . . Lucky is the man who falls into the clutches of blond-haired "Missy". This gal is out for both a boss and husband. Heading a field of various likes are knitting, sewing, dancing, and dating. but both homework and Monday mornings are always gloomy to this Winsome lass. who favors seafood and steak in the eating department . . . NVAKE: Circulation Committee 43 Typing Committee 4. GARY XVAYNE XVILMER . . . "Cary's" ambition is to be- come successful: he plans to go to college. but he doesn't know where. A member of the Crabtown Dragsters. Cary. a motor fiend. likes Chevies. but dislikes Fords. His list of "favorites" includes girls. boats. tractors. and steak. The Ileklolay takes up much of his outside time . . . Or- chestra 2.3: Band: Officer 2: Member l.2.3.4: Variety Night 3: Intramural Basketball l. WILNIX I.OI'ISE WILSON . . . "Billie I,ou" has her interests in the past. "a certain guy from the '54 class." Of course. she likes dancing. music, and football games. "Yep, sure is." can be beard from the red-haired lass whose prime ambition is to graduate. Billie I.ou's pet peeves include homework and onions. Lucky is the boss who gets this prettv gal in his office as a secretary . . . Volleyball 2.4: Basketball 2. IV.-X MARIE YYITT . . . Iva's long list of "favorites" in' cludes driving. traveling. typing. swimming. and roller skating. After attending secretarial school. she hopes to land a iob as a secretary and then becotne a housewife for some fortunate man who has a liking for fried chicken. Iva's favorite dish! She has taken a great interest and par- ticipation in 4-H and the Methodist Youth Fellowship . . junior Prom Committee 3. MARIE COLETTE YVOLFE . . . Sports. tnovies. swima ming. and popular music head the list of likes of this perkv AHS lass. Colette rates cheeseburgers as a "taste treat" but school and exams as unappealing to her. Iust now she is a secretary in the making . . . Orchestra 2.3.41 Ir. Prom Comm. 3: Yarsitv: Hockey l.2.3.4: Softball l.2. 3.4: I. Y. Basketball 1.2: Ivvtra.: Basketball l.2,3.4: Hockey l.2: Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3.4. CHARLOTTE EILEEN WOOD . . . This attractive senior gal has chosen to enter the field of education. which she will study at Towson State Teachers' College. 4'She mav be teaching our chidren about I0 years from now.l Pert Fileen is secretary of the Methodist Youth Fellowship . . . WAKE Circ. 4: Var. Nt. l.2.4: Traf. Sq. 4: Chorus 2.3.41 Oper. 3: Ir. Prom 3: Yars.: Bsktbl. 3.4: Fieldball 2: Vol- leyball 3.4: Tri-Hi-Y 3.45 V. P. 4. ROBERT DXNIEI. XVOOD. .IR . . . Tall, well-liked "IYciorly." who is a loyal Eastpointer, lists his likes as "ham" radio and women. Enumerating his dislikes, he mentions hillbilly music and "Yankees" IVoody is un' decided as to which college he will attend. although he knows he wants to studv electrical engineering. He plans to be either a radio or T.V. engineer and then he might join the Air Force . . . V. Football l,2. IEROME SIDNEY ZADERA . . . Rhythmic "jerry" will always be remembered for his outstanding contribution to the musical atmosphere of AHS. .Xt games. assemblies. and concerts the "roll and boom" of his drums could be heard. .Ierrv plans to make music his profession . . . Vari' ety Night, 2.3.4: Traffic Squad Member 4: Band I,2.3,4: Orchestra 2.3.4: Yarsity Football 2.3: AI. V. Football 2. JOSEPH GILBERT ZINDORF . . . "Gil," an all-round sports enthusiast, admits giving precedence to basketball. He claims a fondness for hillbilly music. French fried potatoes, and fried chicken. but refuses to cotnment on dislikes. After graduation he will attend a radio servicing school to prepare for radio and television repair work . . . Freshman Basketball: Intramural Basketball 4: Hi-Y l.2.3.4. IOS we meuaure 0 11 man ia Me zfepffi of Ai! conuicfiona, Me Zrearffft of Aid infereafa, am! 1542 fLeigAf of Ai! icfeag. ACK 0 LEDG E T Now you have seen it - the 1955 WAKE, product of our most cherished dreams. Having completed our task, we await your decision, for we stand or fall on the merit of our book. We hope that we have not misspelled your name or omitted anything which you feel should have been included. If we have, please forgive us. Remember that we are only humang and that we, too, must attend classes and take exams. Without the cooperation and assistance we received, the staff could never have converted its theories into an actuality. NVith heartfelt gratitude, we should like to express our ap- preciation - - to our understanding advisers, who wil- lingly shouldered more than their share of the burden - Mrs. John A. Rogers, Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart, Mrs. James W. Dickenson, and Mrs. Edward F. Kelloggg to Mr. William O'Conner, whose reassur- ing words in times of distress soothed our qualms, to the patrons and advertisers, who so cheerfully surrendered their "nickels and dimes"g to the Segall Studios, Mr. Jan La Porte, Mr. Rowland H. Meade, and Charles Bra- shears, whose pictures give our book that third dimensiong to the teachers who excused us from classes when deadlines were pendingg and to our immediate families, who suf- fered through major VVAKE crises with us and patiently listened to our tales of woe. We put out the welcome mat for Rude Jackson, a former classmate, who returned to AHS too late to be acknowledged in our senior section, but who nevertheless became an essential part of our senior class. 4' 'A,,,x 4 N X I I :::f :4 A wx - aff- 7 2735. 1 1-1155 V if- I 'f " L if 1 Qi :?,'T-li' eg f I , mn-E?" 'AQQEIQQ' .4 -fi? v 3 9.11 . Jig A - 4Q3O41 ' - - . wfaggi - ' ' - -1 -:t.aiSE g h l- - Q Kai' A ' 104 2'- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS --- ----104 ADMINISTRATION --- .... -- 19 ADVERTISERS .... 116-135 ASSEMBLIES ----- ----32-36 BOOSTER CLUB --- ---- 17 CHEERLEADERS ---. ---- 7 3-74 CLASS OFFICERS Sophomore ---- ---- 1 0 Junior ---- ---- 4 8 Senior -------- ,-.. 7 9 CURRICULUM Art --.------ ---- 4 4 Commercial -------- .,-- 4 5-47 Driver's Education ---- ---- 4 7 English ----------- ---- 4 6 Family Relations --- ---- 44 Foreign Languages ---- ---- 4 6 Home Arts -------- ---- 4 4 Mathematics ---- ---- 4 5 Music ------- ---- 3 0-31 Science --- ---- 45 DEDICATION --- -- 4 FACULTY ---- ---- 4 0-47 FOREWORD --- -- 6 HOMECOMING ---- ---- 5 6 HOMEROOMS Sophomore ---- ---- 1 0-15 Junior --------- HONOR SOCIETY --- ----48-53 ---- 24 DEX JUNIOR PROM --- LIBRARY --.-.- MAJORETTES --- PATRONS .........-- QUILL AND SCROLL SENIOR CLASS ..---. SENIOR PLAY -.-.--- STUDENT COUNCIL SOCIAL COMMITTEE ----42-43 ---- 25 ------ 72 107-115 --- ---- 24 -----78-103 ----38-39 ---- ----20-21 --- ---- 40-41 SPORTS Boys' Baseball ---- ------ 6 5 Basketball ---- ----- 6 3, 74 Football --- ---- 56-59 Intramurals --- ---- 68 Lacrosse ---- ---- 67 Soccer ---- ---- 6 1 Track -- ---- 69 Wrestling'-0 ---- 74 Girls' Basketball ---- ---- 6 2 Field Hockey ---- .--- 6 0 Intramurals --- ---- 68 Softball -- ---- 54 Volleyball --- -.--- 66 TALLY-HO --.---------------------- --28-29 TRAFFIC SQUAD AND MONITORS --22-23 VARSITY "A" CLUB ---------- ,- --------- 70 WAKE -------------- ---- 2 6-27 105 Abato, fi, ,E .fr1"" Mr. A. Achenback, Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Achenback, Mrs. Walton Achenback, Miss Shirley '50 Adams, Mrs. K.N. Adams, Tommy Addington, Mrs. W.R. Agriesti, Bernard J. '50 Aisquith, Mrs. Della Aisquith, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Aisquith Aisquith Aisquith erikqf. v ' .W PATRONS Barnett, Les Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Basil, Barbara M. '48 Basil, Mrs. Bernard '39 Basil, Denise Basil, Diane '55 Basil, Mrs. George C. Basil, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Basil, Mr. John Loree Basil, Mr. and Mrs. Loree Bentley, Ardell Bentley, Margaret Bergen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bernstein, Mrs. Karoline Bethel, Marie V. '53 Bill and Janice Bird, Mrs. Joseph Irving Jr. Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Irving 3rd Bischoff, Mr. Anthony Bivens, Miss Anne Mr. Gene Mr. Raymond Mrs. Thirkeld Basil, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Basil, Mr . and Mrs. Wilmer Basiliere, Robert J. Bass, Fred W. Blaher, Miss Pat Blair, Mrs. John L. Bless, Mrs. R. H. Block, Mr. and Mrs. Albert' Bogard, Audrey Albertsen, George S. Albertsen, Mary Alderson, Mr. john Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Alton, Sheriff and Mrs. j. W. Jr. Alton, Kathryn Ames, Virginia Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bassford, Mrs. Allen Bassford, Bernard E. '37 Bassford, Grandmother Bassford, Ralph jr. Bates, Emery '49 Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. Gable L. Bauer, Sue '55 Blyth, Mr. and Mrs. William Bock, Mrs Boerstler, . Henry Shirley M. '50 Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Boettcher, Mary Lou '55 Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. Norman L Borod, Anderson, Mrs. John W. Apostol, john Armiger, Armiger, Miss Elsie George '52 Armiger, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. jr. Bausum, Dott Bausum, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bausum, Frederick A. Bausum, june '55 Bausum, Virginia Baxter, Wanda Boileau, Mr. Homer D. Bond, Mr. A. R. Booth, Mr. Ernest W. Booth, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Mrs. james Asher, Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. jr. Armiger, Mr. and Mrs. L. Earl Armiger, Miss Madeline '48 A Friend Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Baxter, Zelda A Friend Bazzell, Mrs. Carlton Beach, Mrs. W. A. Bell, Asher, Ashton Athey, Atwell, Atwell, Avery, Avery, Marlene '52 , Ken '55 Mr. Charles E. Clyde N. '53 Mr. Tilden Carl E. Mr. and Mrs. Elzy Beadle, Mrs. Paul Beall, Bob '56 Beall, Mrs. Clarence Beall, Linda '54 Beall, Mr. Reginald Beall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beall, Mrs. W. Oliver Bosley, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bossert, Mr. and Mrs. john R. Bossert, Nancy L. '55 Bossle, H. Hamilton Boswell, Mr. and Mrs. Freddie B. Boteler, Charlie Botts, Catherine Bouchal, Mrs. J. H. '46 Bouchal, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bouchal, Bob '55 Bounelis, Angel '45 Avery, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Bean, Mr. Harry Bean, Mrs. R. Clinton Avery, Miss JoAnne Bachman, Mrs. Anna Bailey, Ann '55 Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Baker, Mrs. Arthur Baker, Mr. and Mrs. F. Ernest Baker, james Hallett '52 Bald, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Baldino, Mr. Frank Ball, Addison Beardmore, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Beattie, Mrs. Elizabeth Beavers, Buddy '53 Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Beck, Evelyn '55 Bove, Dr. Charles J. Jr. Bowen, Carol '55 Bowen, Emory G. Sr. Bowen, Mrs. Louise M. Bowen, Mrs. Mowbray Bowen Mr. Robert Bowen, Susan Belcher, Lester Sr. Bell, Mrs. Burton B. Bell, Gleta '52 Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Mr. and Mrs. S. Alton Ball, Mr. George Ballard, Gary Ballard, Mrs. Helen Ballard, Roger Bangert, Mrs. E. Barnes, Charles Jr. Barnes, Mrs. Francis Bell, Walter S. Benda, Ronnie '55 Bender, Mrs. J. Benedict, Dr. and Mrs. Ludwig Bennett, Mrs. Frank Benning, Miss Freida Benson, Jeanna 107 Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Boyer, Ranny B. P. Bradford, Mrs. W. H. Bradshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brady, Mrs. Charles Brady, Mrs. Emma Brady, Mrs. H. M. Brandenburg, Buzzy Brandy Branham, Mr. T. T. Viv ' Branzell, Janice Branzell. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brashears, Brashears Brashears, Mrs. Dave Mr. Earl Mrs. Robert Colonial Animal Hospital Brashears, Mr. and Mrs. William N. Cantler, Louis E. Cantler, Mary '55 Cantler, William R. '58 Carl, Mrs. Walter G. Carol, Anne '55 Carpenter, Mrs. Thomas Collison, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Collison, James Collison, Mr. J. R. Collison, Mrs. Walter Colonel C. M. M. Brewer, Naomi '27 Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Jr. Brewster, Miss Brenda Brewster, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bridges, Mrs. John S. Bright, Mrs. Clarkson Briscuso, Mrs. John Britton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred "Dutch" Britton, Barbara '56 Britton, Mrs. Rosa Eva Brooks, Mrs. A. S. Brooks, Mrs. Audrey Brooks, Mrs. Cleo Brooks, Mr. Gordon Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Carr, Mr. Kenneth J. Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Carr, Mrs. Virgil H. Carr, Mr. Virgil H. '28 Carr, Virgil H. Jr. '50 Carr, W. Clayton Carter, Dorothy Case, Sue E. '56 Castellaw, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Casey, Mr. and Mrs. Walton Cauffman, Albert '54 Chalifoux, Mary L. Chambers, Barbara '56 Combs, Joseph Como, Joseph Como, Carl Edward '50 Como Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Como Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jr. Como, Don and Nancy '51 Brooks, Lionel Brookwood Gang Condon, Mr. and Mrs. B. Carl Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Conley, Mrs. Ben Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley J. Cook, Louise H. Cook, Zelie M. Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cooley, Miss Marlene Cooper, Mrs. Alice Corcoran, Mrs. Jean Brown, Bill '53 Brown, Jim Brown, Miss Gertrude Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chambers, Ed '56 Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Sr. Chambers, Roland F. '55 Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cordle, Jimmy '51 Corey, Captain and Mrs. H. G. Chance, Mary Ann '45 Brown, Martin Cousins, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Covington, Alma '57 Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Jr. Bruce, Meade '53 Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bueneman, Mrs. E. R. Bunker, Mr. M. A. Harland Jr. Bunker, Mrs. H. H. Sr. Bunker, Mr. Joseph Bunting, Gail Burgess, Mrs. Elsie Burgess, Mrs. Theo. Burgess, Mr. W. T. Burns, Mrs. Lillian Burt, Mrs. E. C. Burtis, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Burtis, Mr. Edward, '45 Burtis, Mrs. Elsie Burtis, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bush, Elizabeth A. Bush, Mrs. James O. Bush, Mrs. William Chaney, Sgt. Paul Charas, Mr. and Mrs. John Charas, Stanley Checchia, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Cox, Cox, Dorothy '49 Cox, Miss Katherine Cox, Chickillo, Nick Christy, Chris Characklis, Miss Joyce Clark, Clifford Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ellery H. Jr. Clark, Mr. John K. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jr. Clark, Mrs. Marie Clark, Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Clarke, Mrs. F. D. Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Clatanoff, Bill Cleavenger, Mr. L. L. Clemens, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Clements, Mrs. Bessie Cloud, Eugene W. Butch, '57 Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cadell, Mr. Charles E, '54 Cadillac, Jack Cadle, Mrs. William Caldwell, Anne Caldwell, Frank '53 Callahan, Callahan, Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Miss Sarah Cloud, Robert S. Clough, Timothy L. Clow, Anna Mae Clow, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jr. Clow, Mrs. Lawrence S. Coffelt, Miss Annette Cohen, Mr. Jack Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Saul M. Cohn, Midshipman N. M. '56 Cole, Peggy Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. John Crist, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cronim, Mrs. William Cullen, Lura Cullinane, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cullinane, Kevin '55 Cullinane, Dennis '59 Cullison, Mrs. Margaret Cummings, Mrs. Edward Cummings, Mr. F. C. Cummings, Mrs. Gertrude Cummings, Janet Carol Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Currier, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Currier, Jack '54 Curray, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Currier, Virginia '50 Dagen, Mr. Roy H. Dahis, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Dancheck, Daniel Daniels, Dorothea '52 Darden, Mrs. Lillian Darnall, Dr. and Mrs. Wvilliam Lloyd Dauer, Miriam '47 Callie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert VV. Cammarata, Charles J. Jr. Campbell, Mrs. Katharine F. Cannon, Miss Emma Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coleman, Ronald Coletta, Mrs. P. E. Collins, Mrs. Ross 108 Davis, Elizabeth V. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Murray F. Davis, Miss Rebecca Davis, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Davis, Mrs. William H. Davis, Mrs. Annie Dawson, Catherine T. Dawson, Homer R. Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dawson, James Dawson, Mike Dawson, Mrs. Minnie E. Dawson, Richard W. Dawson, Mr. Tom Day, Jane Day, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Da , Mr. and Mrs. Stanle E. Jr Dearborn David 57 Y Y - Deale, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson H Dearborn, Mr. and Mrs. George Dearborn, Ray '55 Dearborn, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Deichgraber, Nancy Deininger, Mrs. G. E. Delfin, Mrs. A. Demas, Chris '51 Demas, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Dennis, Mr. Fred S. Deuel, Charlie '55 Deuel, Eddie '57 Deuel, Mrs. Mary Diamond, John Dickenson, Mrs. Vivian E. Dickey, Diane '56 Dierdorff, Rear Adm. Ross Dill, Mrs. Erman Dill, Miss Marian Dill, Wade E. '48 Dodds, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dodson, Mr. William Dolan, George W. Dominick, Anthony Donald, Mr. and Mrs. John Donald, William Dornheim, Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Dorsey, Joan and Tommy Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Dove, Mrs. Edna Dove, Mr. and Mrs .Harry L. Driver, Gordon Droll, Sally '54 Duckett, Mrs. Frank Dunn, Mr. Tom Durm, Mrs. Mildred Duvall, Mrs. Gordon S. Duvall, Pat '54 Duvall, Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Dyer, Jiggs Dylche, Minnie O. Ebling, Betty '56 Ecken, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Sr. Edwards, Meg '57 Eichert, Dr. Arnold Eisenstein, Lt. Howard L. Ellington, Mayor and Mrs. Arthur G. Ellers, Robert Elliot, Mrs. Bill Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Jr. Elliott, G. M. Jr. '52 Elliott, Mr. Harry Elliott, Margaret O. Ellis, Mrs. Ellen L. Ellis, Mr. James H. Elrod, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Elzey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Emerson, Sharon '56 Engelke, Mr. Edmund H. '20 Engler, Russ Entwisle, Mrs. Theodore Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sr. Erickson, George A. Jr. '47 Eshelman, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eskridge, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Espinosa, Mr. Thomas A. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Evans, Mr. William S. Everette, Mrs. Charles Eyler, Mrs. Lois '54 Fahrner, Mr. Carl Feeser, Phyllis Feldmeyer, Miss Nyce Fenhagen, Barbara '55 Fenhagen, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fetter, Dr. and Mrs. William Fiedler, Mrs. Jules Fieseler, Edward Fillmann, Betty '54 Finigan, Jim Fink, Mrs. Howard Finklestein, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fisher, Carroll L. Fisher, Jair '54 Fisher, Mr. Keith Fishpaw, Mr. Charles Fitzpatrick, K. P. Fleet, Mrs. A. Gordon Fleming, Mrs. Virginia Fogler, Mrs. Fred Ford, Mrs. Ernest J. Ford, Hattie Ford, Mary Lou '57 Ford, Vernon E. Forester, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fortunato, Mr. A. L. Foust, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd J. Foust, Sylvia '52 Fowble, Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Fox, Nellie Foxwell, Donald France, Mrs. Blanche France, Bob Gaither, Mrs. Lyle 109 as Galloway, George M. Gannaway, Mrs. Katheryrg '24 Gantt, Mr. and Mrs. Janies Gantt, Shirley '55 Gantt, Mr. William '25 Gardner, Bill '56 Gardner, Mrs. Emma Gardner, Mrs. Mildred Gasch, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Edward Gass, J. T. Gatts, Hazel H. Gatts, Robert C. Gaug, Betty Ann '54 Gelhaus, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Gelhaus, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Gelhaus, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gene and Fran George and Sylvia George, Mr. and Mrs. Leon W. George, Mr. Preston George, Ray '55 George, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. German, Mr. Sheldon L. Gessner, Frank R. Giglio, Mrs. Frank Gilden, Mr. and Mrs. Marty Giller, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Gilmore, Captain and Mrs. Gilmore, Mrs. Josephine Gingras, Nancy Gingras, Mrs. R. H. Glenwood Glover, Mrs. Rosalie Goddard, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Goetz, Mr. Joseph J. Gomoljack, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Goodhue, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Graefe, Mrs. Blanche C. Grant, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Jr. Grau, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Gray, Admiral and Mrs. Charles Gray, Mrs. J. C. Greentree, Mrs. Margaret Gresham, Rev. Roy D. Grey, Dorothy Grimes, Mrs. LaRue Grimes, Ray '46 Grogger, Major and Mrs. Grollman, Robert '54 Grose, Amy Lynn '59 Grose, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Grose, Tim '55 Groves, Lt. and Mrs. T. E. Guare, Alvin H. '32 Guare, Maryland P. '35 Gumula, David Gumula, Joan '55 Gumula, Mr. and Mrs. John Guy, Bob '53 Guy, Mr. Clarence E. Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Haas, Donald '57 Haas, Linda Haff, Dorren Haga, Mr. Henry L. Hahn, Pete Haines, Jackie '56 Haines, "Skippy" Halbi g, Connie and Buddy Halcisak, Ann Hall, Mrs. Donald Hall, Mr. Jeff Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Hall, Harvey '49 Hall, Dr. and Mrs. H. Victor Hall, Thelma '56 Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hallett, J. M. and Catherine Hill, Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. U. E. Hires, Mr. Richard Ives Hoenner, Mrs. Matilda Hoffman, Mrs. H. J. Holland, Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Homan, Mrs. Jane Honadle, Mrs. Robert K. Hood, Ann '55 Hood, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hopkins, Betty Ann '56 Hopkins, James E. '53 Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hopkins, Mary Ellen '54 Hopkins, Newton M. '40 Hopkins, Pat '54 Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. T. Weller Horn, Comdr. and Mrs. Roy Hortopan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson, Mrs. Thomas A. Jr. Johnson, Mrs. T. W. Jones, Catherine Jones Clark Jones Mrs. Evelyn Jones Mrs. George P. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Jones, Mrs. Martha B. Jones, Mr. R. L. Jones, Mrs. Wilbur F. Jordan, Billy '53 Jordan, Mr. Warren Joy, Mrs. John B. Joy, Mrs. Mae Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers Juerss, Etta C. Hallock, Mr. Samuel V. Hambruch, Mr. William Hamill, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Hamilton, Miss Dorothy E. Hancock, Mrs. Augusta Bembe Hancock, Mrs. Martin M. Hoshall, T. R. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Housley, Howard, Bob and Mary Howard, Charles Howard, Ellen Howard, Nancy '57 Kaiser, Jeanette '52 Kalandros, Emmanuel A. Kalandros, Mrs. Virginia Kallis, Mr. and Mrs. J. Haneke, William L. Hanger, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hardesty, ne Hardesty, a nd Mrs. Marvin Hardesty, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Jr. Hardesty, Mr. Theodore Hoyle, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hromadnik, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huff, Mrs. Lewis '22 Huffer, Mr. and Mrs. Atlee V. Hughes, John Hughes, Mrs. Kathryn '36 Karangelen, Pamela Katcef, Jimmy '56 Katcef, Philip Katcef, Mrs. Samuel J. Kautz, Mrs. Earl H. Kavanagh, Mrs. George M. Keleher, Jo Ellen Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harley, Mrs. Ethel Harnish, Doc Harper, Barbara Harrington, Mrs. W. E. Harris, D. H. Harrison, Mrs. Irma Harrison, Owen Harting, George L. Hawes, Mrs. Walter H. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hawkins, Dr. J. F. Jr. Hayden, F. Garner Hayman, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jr. Hays, Roland J. Heisler, Marlene Henderson, Mrs. Esther A. Hendricks, Ed '52 Hendricks, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Herbert, Mrs. INi1liam Herring, Mrs. Robert Sr. Herron, Mrs. J. Robert Herzog, Jean '54 Hester, Mrs. Ruby I. Hewett, Frazier C. Hewlett, Mr. Herbert E. Hewitt, Mrs. Jean Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hilburn, Lois '55 Higgins, Mrs. J. W. Highland, John Hunter, Mrs. Charles Hutchings, Mrs. Richard III Israel, Miss Ellen C. A Friend Jackson, Charles D. Jackson, Elmer M. Jr. Jackson, Jackson, Mrs. E. M. Jr. Skippy '52 Jacoby, Betty Jane '45 Jake, the Great James, Mr. S. E. Jarosik, Mrs. A. J. B. Jean Jefferson, Mr. John F. Jefferson, Miss Rosalie Jefferson, Tikki Jefferson, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jefferson, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson A. Jenkins, Mr. William D. Jerner, Mrs. Frances Jerry Tucker '53 and Joan Asher '55 Jim and Jo Joachim, Mrs. Emma Joachim, Miss Theresa Joanie Como and Jerry Ridgeway Johnny and Barbara Johnson, Marilyn 110 Keller, Mrs. Elizabeth Kenchington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S Kennedy, Ann Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Derwood D. Kessling, Mildred A. Kehoe, Mr. Sterling King, Mrs. C. C. King, J. E. Kinhart, Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kintberger, Captain and Mrs. Leon Kirby, Royal '55 Kirby, Mr. Royal E. Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. Royal S. Kitzie Klakring, Janet '56 Klawans, Mrs. Edward Klawans, Mrs. Harry Klawans, Dr. and Mrs. M. F. Kleine, Mr. Louis S. Klinger, Mrs. Stephen Klinejohn, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Klinejohn, Diane Knackstedt, Mrs. R. W. Knapp, Max '40 Kneedler, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Koch, Midshipman J. W. Jr. Koch, Mrs. Karl G. Kohlhepp, Paul Koshlap, Mrs. Irene Kotzin, Eileen '54 Kraft, Nancy '52 Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Kyes, Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Kyes, Mrs. W. S. Labovitz, Hinda Sue '54 Labovitz, Jene '53 LaChapelle, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lacy, Mrs. C. O. Lacy, Mrs. Douglas R. Lair, Admiral and Mrs. Rodney B. Lamb, Mrs. W. Arthur Lamb, Mrs. Royce Lamm, William Langford, Mr. and Mrs. Langston, Joyce Langston, Mrs. C. A. Lankford, Linda Lou Lape, Mrs. Albert E. Lape, Donna Larcom, Mrs. Guy C. Laroque, Jack Laroque, Mr. and Mrs. Jean R. Larrimore, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Larrimore, Joanie '55 Larrimore, Miss Marie '54 Larrimore, Susan Lerch, Miss Louise K. LeTourneau, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Levay, Mr. J. Allan Sr. Levinsohn, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Liberace Liberty, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Liberty, Laurie Lindemann, Delphine Linthicum, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. III Lipman, Marlene '53 Lippy, Mrs. Lilian Lockett, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Logan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Jr Lonergan, Mrs. John Long, Jim Long, Lucille E. Longanecker, Miss Reida Longton, Andy Lorene and Tommy Lorens, Mr. Amos Lowman, Rooky Louring, Mrs. Frances Lovejoy, Mrs. Penny Luckett, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Luongo, Kathie Lusby, Mr. and Mrs. VV. F. Martin, Patricia Carrol '56 Martin, Mr. Wm. J. Mason, Mrs. H. C. Mason, Judy Mason, Mr. Wm. T. Jr. Maurer, Carolyn Mayer, Mrs. Paul C. Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. McCarthy, Shirley '45 McClan McClell McClell ahan, Gail and, Miss Janel and, Mr. and Mrs. McClelland, Miss Patsy McCready, Evelyn McFarlane, Mary Jones McKamey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McKillips, Lloyd '55 Mcliillips, Mildred McLean, Mr. Hugh B. McNally, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNamara, Miss Marsha McNew , Lt. Col. G. L. McNew, Mrs. LaRue Pruitt '48 McNew, Mr. and Mr. Lee A. McNew, Mr. Richard McNew, Sherry '54 McNew, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Lassie - '45 - '54 Lathem, Mrs. Fayette Latimer, Eileen Latimer, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Layng, P.F.C. J. F. III Layng, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Jr. Layng, Marjorie '55 Lean, Douglas R. III Leanos, Mrs. Mary E. Leatherbury, Mrs. Zella Lee, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Luttrell, June '55 Luttrell, Mrs. R. E. MacCubbin, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. MacDonald, Lt. MacGregor, Rob Macaulay, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mace. Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Magliano, Gail Ann Magliano, Mrs. Manfredo Magnelli, Mr. Gene McPherson, Francis A. Meade, Mrs. Amelia '50 Medford, Mr. Roland Meench, Kathy Meekins, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. '50 Meisel, Mrs. Margaret E. Mellen, Mrs. J. E. Mellichampe, Suzanne '54 Menchey, Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Menges, James D. Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Magruder, Mrs. J. M. Mang, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Mangum, Jane '57 Mangum, Mrs. Mary D. Manis, Anna G. Mann, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Marcia and Garner Margaret, '55 Marking, Miss L. C. Marlow, Mrs. Doris '48 Marlow, E. Morton Merlette, Wallace S. Messer, Mrs. R. G. Metcalf, Mary Jane '54 Mettam, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. '55 Mileto, Anthony F. Mileto, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mileto, Irene '55 Mileto, Millicent A. Mileto, Ruth '54 Millard, Cliff '54 Miller, Miller, Betty Lou '55 Mrs. Ella V. Lee, David '56 Lee, Mrs. George Sr. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon IV. Lee, Mrs. Julia Lee, Mrs. Luther Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Lee, Peggy '55 Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Lee, Mrs. Tom Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Lee, Van Orden Leitch, Beverly '57 Leitch, Mr. Earl Leitch Mrs. Katherine Leitch Leitch Mrs. Roland Sue Marlowe, Mrs. Walter March, Miss Eva Marsellas, Thomas Marston, Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Milliken, Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Millott, Mr. A. T. Minor, Captain R. B. Mitchell, Elaine Marston, James S. '51 Leocha, Dr. and Mrs. Victor Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Leonard, Mr. Eddie Jr. Lerch, Lerch, Lerch, Lerch, Elaine '55 Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Howard D. Jr. '54 Mrs. Julia S. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sr. Martin, Bill Jr. Martin, Cecil Martin, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Martin Jane '57 Martin Johanna Bach '54 Martin Mrs. Mary lll Mitchell, Mr. George Mitchell, Thomas J. Moate, Mrs. J. C. Molden, Miss Joan '50 Mollman, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Monsen, Mrs. Henry O. Jr Mr. and Mrs. Leslie T it 4.5. ,R L. Mooney, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jr. Moosely, Mrs. Helen Moran, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Moreland, Mrs. Clarence Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Moreland, Mrs. Russell Morgenstern, Doris '55 Morgenstern, Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Morris, Jobie Morris, Mrs. Stella M. Mortimer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moss, Miss Elizabeth Moss, Mrs. George E. Moss , Miss Margaret B. Motley, Miss L. Tod Moyer, Pip '52 Musterman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Musterman, Mr. and Mrs. Powell J. Orf, Mrs. Charles Orf, Miss Henrietta Ostrowski, Janice '69 Ostrowski, Mrs. Loretta Ostrowski, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Owens, Barbara '54 Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Owens, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward III Owens, Ellen T. '37 Page, Mr. Joseph L. Page, Mr. Kenneth Palaigos, Mrs. Peter '41 Palmer, Bill '55 Palmer, Boz, '51 Palmer, Daniel Sr. Palmer, Mr. Howard L. Palmer, Muth, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Myers, David H. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Sr. Myers, Mrs., Helen E. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Myers, Mr. Liggett Myers, Mrs. Mildred Myers, Shirley A. '51 Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Verdine W. Parker, Mr. John B. Nayden, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Neal, Mr. B. W. Neckerman, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Neill, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Neilson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Nelson, Mrs. Chris Nelson-, Miss Sadie E. Nemith, Mr. Frank J. New, Joe Donald '44 Mewell, Nichols, Evangelos T. '50 Nichols, Franklin Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Nichols, Nicholson, Alvin '54 Nick, Ted Nielson, Mr. H. S. Nims, Mrs. Mildred Noble, Dorothy L. Norfolk, Mrs. Addie Norfolk, Betty Jane Norfolk, Mrs. Louis Norton, Edward J. Norwood, Margaret Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Noyce, Emma A. Nutt, Mrs. H. V. Nyman, Benjamin E. USN Ret. Oaksmith, Mr. Gibbs Oates, Captain E. T. USN Ret. O'Dwyer, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. O'Neale, Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Jr. O'Neale, Virginia '37 Parkinson, Mr. Alfred Sr. Parkinson, Miss Anna Parkinson Mrs. E. Parkinson, Mrs. Ethel Parkinson Goldie M. Parkinson Harold R. '46 Parkinson, Mary K. '50 Parks, Mrs. Mary Parlett, Donald '55 Parlett, Jack K. '46 Parlett, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Parlett, Leonard H. Jr. Parr, Mrs. H. A. III Pastrana, Charlie Patterson, Mac Patton, Jackie '55 Patton, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Paulus, Mr. Bill Poves, McArthur Pauley, Bessie B. Pawley, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Paxson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pennington, D. M. Pennington, Edward M. Farmer '48 Pennington, VVesley '56 Peregoy, Katherine Peret, Dick '53 Peret, Mrs. Richard Peters, Mrs. Edith A. Peterson, Mrs. Ada Pettingall, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Petty, Mary Ann Pfingsten, Miss Margaret '38 Philips, Mrs. Charlotte B. Phipps, Clara '55 Phipps, Mrs. E. N. Phipps, Mrs. Pauline Phipps, Senator and Mrs. Louis N. Phipps, Nelson '51 ll2 R154-'ff lf? Qi"-" ' 'I .5 Phipps, Raymond O. Phipps, Wilmer M. Pierce, Margo '57 Piersall, Jim Pigioni, Catherine Pike, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Poole, Lee '14 Poole, Mr. and Mrs. Olin D. Porter, Mrs. J. C. Preisch, Mrs. Albina Pritchard, Miss Dorothy W. Pritchard, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jr. Probert, Mrs. John R. Pruitt, Marion C. Pruitt, Naomi R. Pulsifer, Elizabeth Purdy, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Purdy, Joyce '52 Purdy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D Purdy, Mr. W. B. Purvis, Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Quade, Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. A Friend Quaid, Mr. and Mrs. G. Turner Quinones, Virginia M . Rawlings, Mr. Donald Rawlings, Police Com. G. W. Rawlings, Pat '53 Read, Captain and Mrs. W. R. Reckner, Mr. and Mrs. E. Reckner, Mr. Richard G. Reds, Frank, James Reed, J. D. Reeder, Jean Reese, Mrs. Grace Reid, William R. '54 Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Rembold, Dorothy '55 Rembold, Mrs. L. H. Rhodes, Mary '55 Rhodes, Ralph '53 Richards, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Richards, S. F. Rider, Peter K. Ridout, Mrs. C. C. Riggins, Clifton '53 Riggins, Mrs. Howard Riley, Mr. John E Ristanio, Betty Ritter, Mrs. Annie June Robbins, Mrs. George Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Jr. Roberts, Miss Patricia '53 Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Robinson, James K. Rodgers, Mr. J. S. Roesler, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rogers, Mr. J. Calvin Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Rogers, George L. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rogers, R. M. Rosenbloorn, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Rosenstein, Joseph Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Blake Ross, Mr. Tom Rossee, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rossee, Debra Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Roth, Mrs. David Rowan, Mr. and Mrs. James Rowe, Mrs. Kenneth E. Rowen, Betty '53 Roydhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rubins, Admiral and Mrs. Ruchwager, Mrs. A. Rudisill, Mr. and Mrs. Pius S. Rukenbrod, Bob Runyon, Mr. and Mrs. C. Fred Rupert, Mrs. Elmo Russell, Dr. and Mrs. Carl P. Russell, Dr. and Mrs. John T. Russell, Kathy Russell, Dr. and Mrs. Oneal F. Russell, Mrs. Robert '50 Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent W. Ryan, Mrs. R. O. Sadler, Mrs. G. T. Saia, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Salazar, Margarita Samaras, Ann Samaras, Karen Samaras, Mrs. Katherine T. Samaras, Mr. Nichols T. Samaras, Theodore Sames, Mr. and Mrs. James Sands, Mrs. Louise Santos, Daniel D. Santos, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Saulsbury, Mr. Gove L. Savage, Mrs. Eric A. Savage, Mr. William VV. Schaeffer, Miss Barbara Schaeffer, Eleanor '53 Schaeffer, Mrs. Georgetta Schaoor, Mr. Erich O. Scarbath, Jack Jr. Schehrer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schenck, Mrs. William Schieke, Captain and Mrs. H. E. Schley, Mrs. John W. Schmitt, Mrs. A. ' Schmitt, Ruth E. Schneider, Mrs. Clifford Scholl, Rev. and Mrs. R. Theodore Schoocraft, Jimme A Schrader, Mrs. Alan R. Schreitz, W. G. E. P5-at 'ss .ywiajyg --.a,, 'L, C"1. . .rf- Schultz, Ernie Schurr, Barbara Schwalier, Carl Schwallenberg, Margie Schwallenberg, Pat Schwallenberg, Mrs. Theo. Schwallenberg, Thomas Schwallenberg, Mr. W. A. Schwallenberg, Mrs. W. A. Schwartz, Nathan Scible. Mrs. Alfred Scible, Mr. G. W. Scible, Lorraine '52 Scurlock, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Sears, David F. Sears, Mrs. Gladys L. Sears, Hilda Moreland '27 Sears, Ida-Ann '50 Sears, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifton Sears, Nancy Lee '53 Sears, Mrs. Thomas Seery, Bill and Libby Seselken, Mrs. John .rg Skipper, Mickey '55 Skordas, Anita Parkin Skordas, Gust '30 Skordas, James J. Skordas, Mrs. Penelope Small, Mr. Joseph G. Small, Miss Mary G. Small, Mr. William Smialek, Mrs. Stanley Smith, Mrs. Annie Smith, Mrs. A. K. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith, Mrs. Charles R. Smith, Crystal Smith, Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mr. Fred Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Orville Smith, Lois '55 Smith, Mrs. Louis Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Jr. Smith, Rudy Smith, Russell E. son '34 Seim, Anna Mae Seim, Mrs. C. A. Seim, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Sells, Mrs. Harry Senesi, Thomas L. Serio, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Sewell, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shaffer, Mary Enzinger '44 Shaner, Mrs. Leroy Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Sharp, Joe Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shawen, Mrs. Myrtle Shawen, Mr. William G. Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Frank 0. Shearld, Mrs. John Robert Sherald, J. R. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Sneeringer, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Soblotne, Shirley Southwick, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Spatt, Mrs. Fanny Spell, Owen J. Spell, Mrs. Owen J. Spencer, Jack '50 Spencer, Mrs. Margie Spriggs, Mrs. Kathryn Spriggs, Valerie Jean Springfield, Beatrice '50 Springfield, Mrs. Clarence Springfield, Mrs. George Springfield, Mrs. L. A. Springfield, Mae Sherbert Eileen '57 Sherbert, Elizabeth Sherbert, Inez Sherbert Pvt. Linwood '53 Sherbert Paul Basil Sherbert W.H. Sherbert Pvt. William '52 Sherbert, Wm. S. Stahl, Charles Stahl, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stallings, Allan Stallings, Mr. Robert Stastny, Scotty Stein, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Sterling, Betty Jane '54 Sherer, Mr. and Mrs. Truman D. Shochat, Beth Shochat, Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Stevens, Mrs. Willard J. Stevens, J. W. Stevens, Mrs. Thelma '21 Stevens, Willard Shochat, Stephen Shores, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney T. Sidner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Simmons, Miss Kay '54 Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Sinclair, Mrs. W. T. Siomporas, Annette Siomporas, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sipe, Mrs. Mary M. Skinner, Virginia 113 Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Stevinson, Mrs. Gordon '42 Steward, Miss Mary Steward, Mr. and Mrs. Richard O Stewart, Beverly Collison Stewart, Mrs. David Stinchcomb, Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Stinchcomb, Mrs. Jean '46 Stine, Miss Nancy E. '51 Stine, Mrs. Pat Thomas Stockett, Mrs. Benjamin E. Stockett, Benjamin F. Jr. Stockett, Miss Dorothy L. Stockett, James B. Stockett, John '55 Stockett, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stoinoff, Paul T. Stokes, Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Stokes, Howard '57 Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stokes, Mr. Samuel S. Straub, Rev. Clyde Storton, Theresa Strauss, Karen Strickland, Mr. James Stucker, 2nd Lt. and Mrs. Stunkard, Mr. M. C. Stunkard, Mrs. Olive Sturdevant, Mrs. H. J. Suit, Miss Dorothy Suit, Mrs. Edward Suit Miss Elise Suit Miss Elizabeth Suit, Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Suit Jean '53 Suit, Mrs. J. W. Suit, Mr. and Mrs. Manvel Suit, Mr. McLane Sullivan, Mrs. Geo. Sunderland, Miss Louise Swanson, Mrs. C. F. Swink, Mr. Donald Talbott, Mr. David Talbot, Mrs. John M. Talbot, Mark Talley, Bob Talley, Joe Talman, Miss Ibra Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Tarantino, Mr. and Mrs. H. Tarantino, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Tauser, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Taylor, A. S. Taylor, Bob Taylor, Mrs. Emily Taylor, Mrs. Owen Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Taylor, Mrs. Robert S. Taylor, Vaughn Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. William H Tayman, Mr. Elmer Tayman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tayman, Mr. and Mrs. William Terry, Janet '54 Terry, Lain Terry, R. A. '29 Terry, Mrs. R. A. Teunis, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred The Class of '54 The 807 Clu b Gayle A. Thomas af. , Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Thomas, Chris '54 Thomas, Pvt. Douglas Thomas, George Thomas , James H. Jr. '54 Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Thomas, Roland Thomas, W. W. , Dr. and Mrs. William N. Thompson, Mrs. A. C. Thompson, Mary Ellen '56 Thorpe, Jim '56 Thorne, George Tice, Joe '53 Tilman, James R. Tilghman, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Tilghman, Mr. Robert Timmerman, Mrs. Floyd B. Tobias, Sophia Tolliver, Mr. Walter Tolson, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tomanio, Mike '56 Tongue, Mrs. Betty Tongue, Mr. and Mrs. William "Tony" Totten, Charles Trabing, Charles J. Trader, Allison C. Trappe, Milton H. Travis, Mr. James Trotta, Miss Barbara Trotta, Mrs. Barbara Trotta, Charles Trueblood, Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Trumpy, Mrs. John Jr. Vitt, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Vina, Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Sr. W3UKO W3VMB WSWOR Waddell, John A. Walters, Mrs. Charles Walters, Mrs. H. L. Walters, Mr. James Ward, Mrs. Gloria Warfield, Mrs. J. W. Waring, Mrs. Eleanor Warner, Mrs. Frank WVarner, Mrs. Marion Warthen, Blanch Warthen, Mrs. Emily Warthen, Lois Watt, Mr. J. L. Wayson, Mrs. Charles VVayson, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar P. Sr. Wayson, Owen '56 Weaver, Mr. Henry G. VVebb, Winston B. Jr. Weber, Mrs. Bertha B. Weiler, Mrs. John G. VVeirich, Mrs. A. F. Welch, Mr. and Mrs. NcLean S. Wells, Mrs. Norman Werntz, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. VVessel, Mr. Herbert Jr. West, Olga Ann '48 VVest, Mrs. Richard S. Jr. Wetherhold, N. S. Whalen, William Tucker, Mr Tucker, Mr Tucker, Mr Tucker, Mr Dick and Mrs. Edward and Mrs. Harry Heyward Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wheeler, Bettie Wheeler, Mrs. Earl Wheeler, Howard Jr. Wheeler, Judy Two Friends Tydings, Arline E. Tydings, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Tydings, Mr. Nelson Tyler, Mrs. Clarence E. Umberger, J. B. A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Uncle Will '69 Wheeler, Mary '56 lNheeler, Mary M. '32 Whitcomb, Mr. R. W. Mlhite, Van Hoy, Mrs. Inez G. Vanous, Vanous, Vanous, Vanous, Vantine, Victor Gerald Mrs. W. W'. Captain W. W. U.S.N. Ret. William W. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Venizelos, Mr. William 114 Wilhite, M. and Mrs. E. J. YVhite, Mr. and Mrs. George Wells White, Janice '56 White, Mr. and Mrs. Julian N. Vvhite, Margie '47 White, Melicent J. '48 Whitehurst, Mr. and Mrs. James A Whittington, Mr. Haywood Whittington, Mrs. Mar. Whittington, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Whitworth, Mrs. Edna Wickstrom, Chester A. Wilde, Delmar H. Wilde, Mrs. Lawrence E. Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Wilhite, Hattie Willett, Nancy L. Willett, Mr. Wm. W. Williams, Audrey '53 Williams, Mrs. Betty Ann Williams, Gertrude Williams, Gordon jr. '51 Williams, June Williams, Mrs. Marion WVilliams, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Williams, Ted Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Sr. Wilmer, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Mr. and Mrs. james B. Mary Lou Porter Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nathan '56 w 1 Wilson, Robert A. jr. Wilson, Wilma '55 Windsor, Ernest F. Jr. '51 Windsor, Mrs. Filmore Windsor, jimmy Windsor, June '53 Windsor, Mrs. Margaret Winter, Carroll B. Witherall, Mrs. Celia Molden Witt, Deborah Ann Witt, Walter Wolf, Mrs. Edward R. Wolf, Mrs. Louis Wlolfe Wolfe, Wood 1 Mr. Raymond S. Mrs. Ray Barbara '54 Wood, John G. Jr. Wood , Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Sr. ll5 Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart F Woodus, Miss Shirley Woodus, Mr. and Mrs. Woodward, Major Charles H Woolard, Vivian White '46 Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, Larry Wright, Mrs. Roland C. Yanesh, Mrs. june Yost, Theodore Zadera, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Zall, Mr. David S. Zang, Mr. Robert L. Zelinski, Mr. and Mrs. joseph Ziegler, Mrs. Thelma Zinnert, Mr. and Mrs. Karl HARRY H. IVIEISEL ELECTRICAL coN'rRAcToR INDUSTRIAL O COMMERCIAL I RESIDENTIAL DisIrIL':u'ror For COLD CATHODE LIGHT FIXTURES I8OO BLOCK MCGUCKIAN STREET ANNAPOLIS COIonIaI 3-6966 Phone COIonIaI 3-285I GET THE BEST Ge+ M SOUTHERN DAIRI ES, Inc. I2O Wesf SI. Phone 3-2688 THE GAS SERVICE THAT GIVES SERVICE Arundel Gas Company ESSOTANE METERED GAS SERVICE The Modern Fuel for Aufomefic Appliances I2 Wesf Sfreef Edgewafer Te-Iephone CO 3-2 I 34 IIIS STRANGE and WHITE, Inc. l55-I57 MAIN STREET -ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND YOUR FAVORITE MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE IS NOW SHOWING THE FINEST SELECTION OF CLOTHING AND SHOES IN THEIR HISTORY ARROW, BOTANY. BOSTONIAN, STETSON PALM BEACH HASPEL, INTERWOVEN OIL BURNERS AND FUEL OIL ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, Inc. Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances 89 WEST STREET PHONE 3-9244 "RICHER MILK IN SPACE SAVER BOTTLES" The Annapolis Dairy Products Company PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM -lCE- I26 WEST STREET COLONIAL 3 2345 Congratulations and Best Wishes THE FLOWER MART 90 MARYLAND AVENUE ICorner State Circle and Maryland AvenueI Flowers by Holly PHONE oo 3-7510 117 Brookwood Farms Mounlaln Roacl and Rilchie Highway Doiry Products The J. F. Johnson lumber Company Lumber - Millwork - Point - Hordwore Builders' Supplies ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Telephone 3-2337 Telephone IOO ARUNDEL Laundry and Cleaners ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND SOFT WATER DRY CLEANING - STORAGE TELEPHONE COLONIAL 3-2343 DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR mmm mos. 6 N. Taylor Avenue PLUMBING - HEATING - OIL BURNERS HOT WATER HEATERS - PUMPS YOU CAN'T BEAT A PONTIAC FUEL OIL Marbert Motors, Inc. PROMPT, DEPENDABLE SERVICE . I - 26l Wesl Sl. Annapolis, Md. Dla 3 642l H8 W Phone 6093 C. M. Stokes INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR DECORATING I I I3 Tyler Avenue I Annapolis, Md. Capital Service Station COLLEGE AVENUE AND BLADEN ST. Phone: Colonial 3-3I23 CHICKERING LESTER "Your piano should be the best" Keeney's Piano 81 Music Store Hammond Spinet and Chord Organs and Solovx Admiral and Sparton Radios and Televisions PIANOS Instruments - Sheet Music - Accessories l6I-I63 WEST STREET ANNAPOLIS, MD. PHONES: COLONIAL 3-2529 OR 3-2620 REPRESENTED BY DONALD O. KEENEY, SR. "Growing Thru Service" TRI HI Y COMPLIMENTS OF Maurice E. Meade and Sons, Inc. CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER P. O. BOX 206 CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS 6-8 - Imperial 8 Telephone 3-4OI I Maryland Garage, Inc. l7O-I72 Conduil Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Rookie's Meat Market 23l West Street QUALITY MEATS - SEA FOOD - POULTRY Annapolis, Md. Dial CO 8-1240 Hopkins Furniture Co. HOME OF BETTER FURNITURE IZ3 - l27 Main Street Annapolis. Md. Phone 3-455I -V I S I T- Mayo Beach Strictly a Family Beach On the Chesapeake Bay T al- .1 MAYO. MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF Carlson 81 Carlson Incorporated Controctors ond Builders Nineteen School Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Colonia 3-3737 AGENTS FOR STERLING BY STIEFF - GORHAM - WALLACE TOWLE - INTERNATIONAL - LUNT KIRK - READ AND BARTON - HEIRLOOM Tilghman Company Registered Jewelers - American Gem Society R. M. Eggleston Company WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRING ANNAPOLIS HIGI-I SCHOOL CLASS RINGS- I955 Phone 3-2970 44 SIGIS Circle 205 Main St. AnnapoIis. Md. MAYO MARYLAND The Parson Co. J. and M. Contractors D S GENERALHCONTRACTING epartment tore Subdivision - Road Building - Excavating 220-222 Main Shpeey BuIIdozers. Loaders, Graders, Dump Trucks Sam Jones Dick McCrone Phone 3-4566 Prince Frederick I25-J-4 West River 4744 ANNAPOLI5. MARYLAND CO. 3-9782 or 3-9832 Mandris Restaurant SODA FOUNTAIN - HOME COOKING PROMPT SERVICE Unusual Souvenirs in Great Variety Mailed Anywhere 2 - 4 Market Space ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Walter Brewer's Father and Son Shop I54 Main Street Telephone: colonial 8-!622 THE HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS SHOP AT... MURPHY'S LEADING STORE OF ANNAPOLIS l00-I06 Main Street Roller Inn Skating: 7:30 to I I:00 Every Night Matinee: Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 Telephone 3-9628 ANNAPOLIS. MARYLAND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 . . . trom . . . "Sigma Theta Phi Sorority" Joan Berry Joan Baldree Dale Purdy Joan Bless Sylvia Marston Peggy Jones Shirley Gantt Sarah Jane Groseclose Lucille Brashears Carolyn Ely Martha France Betty Ebllng Valentine Caldwell Mary Lou Moreland Pat Bradshaw Elaine Lerch Carol Thomson Pat Kallis Mary Gingras Joanne Beard COMPLIMENTS OF Meredith-Roa ne Company Inc. P. O. BOX 428 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF Tam Joines Tire Service 2056 WEST STREET Open Gate Restaurant ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND and H01-el 2063 West Street Ext. Annapolis, Md. Phone 3-7l25 or 3-9798 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 Taylor Lumber Co. The Farn1er's 8 EDGEWATER, MARYLAND Equipment Co., Inc. CO 3-6037 ANNAPOLIS, MD. ' Phone 3,6624 or 3-2920 2024 West St. 121 COMPLIMENTS OF Kool Vent Awning Co. 20I9 West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND TELEPHONE COLONIAL 3-3909 Annie Laurie Wiegard Reol Estate -'Insurance Maryland Inn ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND L. H. Rembold CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER ARNOLD, MARYLAND Phone: Colonial 3-2823 DODGE - PLYMOUTH SALES AND sERvicE Brown - Hartung, Inc. ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND CONGRATULATIONS From the CIciss of I952 Janice Easierclay Clark Barr Ruth Jones Nancy Hood Meta HoImes Pafsy Lambkin Eugene BasiIiere Mary Howard Agnes Hardesiy Bobbie and Louise L SG COMPLIMENTS OF Capitol City Florists CORSAGES - CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS FUNERAL DESIGNS FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS for every occasion TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE Greenhouses: Tyler Avenue, Eastpori Phone 3-5I2I Q... . BARBECUES - MILK SHAKES TELEVISION 3 Mile Oalc E. Churchill Murray INSURANCE EXCLUSIVELY Phone 3-2678 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Better Homes BY Shepherd and Vanous B U I L D E R S ARNOLD, MARYLAND Tel. SP. 600 or COloniaI 3-7I6O COMPLIMENTS OF Busch's Chesapeake Inn St. Margarets - Revell Highway BOB BUSCH, Proprietor BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I955 COMPLIMENTS OF The Annapolis Banking and Trust Company ANNAPOLIS, MD. Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Charles F. Lee Co., Inc. Real Estate Thomas G. Basil REAL ESTATE -and- INSURANCE ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Best Wishes, Graduates, and always remember "People have within their own hands the tools to tashion their own destiny." M. D. LINCOLN, President - and - Farm Bureau Insurance Company Insurance ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND BUY YOUR GRADUATION GIFTS - 5+ .. JENKINS, INC. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l955 The Farmers National Bank OFANNAPOLIS Member Federal Reserve Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Bridgeway Pharmacy CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO Tl-IE CLASS OF I955 Eastport, Maryland Annapolis Buick Company 240 West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Phone 3-234I WHITMORE 7k FINE PR G COMPLIMENTS OF Jim's Corner Restaurant 294 West Street Annapolis, Md. COMPLIMENTS OF The Optomist Club CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 LINCOLN - MERCURY Bert Springs Motor Sales, Inc. IOI3 West Street Phone 3-9234 R. E. Cooney JEWELER 232 West Street, Annapolis, Md. A1lffIII7'fZ.l'If Agmzry 1.0NGINES-W'I'I"l'N.-KlVER YV.-X'I'CHliS "The Wnrl1l's Most Honored II'111rl1" Rodowsky's Grocery GROCERIES AND MEATS QUALITY - SERVICE -- ECONOMY Phone 3-9864 620 Chesapeake Avenue Frank Slama 81 Son "t-Iome ot Good Shoes Since l869" 55 West Street Dial 3-3 I 32 COMPLIMENTS OF Gladding Crown Service EASTPORT Kitchen Drugs, Inc. Phone: Colonial 8-22I I 60 West Street Annapolis, Md. COMPLIMENTS OF King's Bakery "Baked Goods ot the Better Kind" 56 West Street GreengoId's Inc. Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings "The Store tor the Lad and his Dad Since I908" 46-48-50 West Street, Annapolis, Md. MiIIer's Department Store 44 West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Phone 3-51 I2 COMPLIMENTS OF Arundel Rug Cleaners Spa Road - West Street Phone: CO. 3-9I35 Weems System of Navigation 227 Prince George St., Annapolis, Md. NAVIGATION CI-IARTS AND INSTRUMENTS Courses in Marine and Air Navigation COMPLIMENTS OF Ruth Speciality Shop RUTI'I K. ROSENBLOOM I6I Main Street Annapoiis, Md, For something that's a bit different- it's The Anita Shoppe O Yarns O MiIIinery 9 Separates O Accessories ISI Main St. Phone 3-2402 "FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS" The Academy Flower Shop LESTER B. WAYSON, Prop. I39 Prince George St., Annapolis, Maryland Res. Phone: 3-4409 - Bus. Phone: 3-3200 Stop in for a snack at our friendly fountain Cullimore's Where Bay Ridge meets Chesapeake Ave. Phone: CoIoniaI 3-64I4 CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '55 Chambers and Wormwood TExAco SERVICE STATION 'Service with a Smile" 3I8 Sixth Street Annapoiis, Md. Phone: CoIoniaI 3-970I Public Loan Office PAWN BROKER Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Clothing Leather Goods, Etc. - Bought and Sold Sam Lerner I94 Main St. COM PLIMENTS OF Karlton's Flowers 2l6 Main St. Colonial 3-2608 CoIoniaI 3-9000 Very Best Wishes to the Class of '55 Paul D. Best GENERAL MERCHANDISE Riva, Maryland Joseph D. Lazenby INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 2 I4 Main St. - Tel. 3-2684 - Annapolis, Md. "In Annapolis Since I880" Scible's Esso Servicenter EASTPORT Owens Esso Station PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Arthur R. Owens Route 2 and Mayo Road Phone: CoIoniaI 3-96I2 Edgewater, Md. COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND COM PLI M ENTS OF ANNAPous, MARYLAND Delux Automatic Laundry 4I0 Fourth St., Eastport ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 25 Bendix Machines - Extractor Phone 3-6844 Johnnie's ESSO SERVICE STATION Lafayette Avenue and West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Tel. 3-252I 125 7 Severna Service Station at Macey's Corner S. J. MACEY and D. H. MACEY - E S S O - COMPLIMENTS OF Sadler's Hardware Store I22-I28 Doclc Street, Annapolis, Md. The Hecht Company West Street at Russell ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Slip Covers - Draperies - Upholstering Annapolis Decorators I64 West Street Phone 3-3I I3 Phone 3-37I0 We Buy Anything Annapolis Junk 81 Salvage Co. We Buy All Kinds ot Junlt Charles Schwartzsberq 929 West Street Annapolis, Md. WHEN THINKING OF SPORTING GOODS.. The Eddie Leonard Sporting Goods Co. Outfitters to the Annapolis High School 90 Compromise Street Phone: Colonial 3-6800 The Henry B. Myers Co. 49 West St. Phone Co. 3-2655 I7l4 West St. Phone Co. 8- I 882 Farm and Home Supplies Since l880 FOR Eooo VALUE - SHOP IN TI-IE CITY MARKET COMPLIMENTS or G. and J. GRILL Mercury Motors Trojan Boats Annapolis 3-4640 M l00 Compromise St f"PT " Annapolis, Md. COMPLIMENTS or Hare Bros. Auto Parts, Inc Foot ot Main St. Phone: 3-92I7 - Annapolis, Md. Branches Mt. Ranier, Md. - Bethesda, Md. Alexandria, Va. John M. Dawes 81 Sons Hardware - Paints - Oils - Varnishes Plumbing - Electrical and Boat Supplies Corner Randall St. and Marlcet Space COM PLIMENTS OF Theodore A. Tauser, Inc. PLUMBING AND HEATING M 20l Monterey Ave. Annapolis, Phone: 3-6l2l d. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '55 DAIRY QUEEN NICK and SARA SAMARAS Annapolis Sunoco West Street and Spa Road Colonial 3-9888 POLAN - BREWER Furniture Co., Inc. 26 West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 128 Tel. Co. 3-4323 Western Auto Associate Store "Everything tor the Automobile" RADIOS - SPORTS GOODS - PAINTS I4O Main Street HOME COOKED MEALS From 6 A.M. - IZ Midnight QUICK SERVICE - REASONABLE PRICES New Grill Restaurant IO5 Main Street Annapolis 3-39O'l Eyes Examined Daily 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Phone 3-335i The Columbia Jewelry Co. Jewelers - Watches - Diamonds - Opticians I38 Main Street Jess Radio 81 Electric I Francis Street at Main Annapolis, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OE Samuel S. Stokes FANCY GROCERIES COMPLIMENTS OF Community Loans 228 Main Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Severna Delicatessen Telephone: Severna Park 42 Old Annapolis Boulevard -Severna Park, Md. Hours: 8 A.M. to IO P.M. - 7 Days a Week COMPLIMENTS or Sanitary Lunch iii Main S+. Phone 3-96:5 Debs Shoe Store I36 Main Street Co. 8-I477 WOMEN'S - CHlLDREN'S SHOES Open Friday and Saturday Till 9 P.M. LABOVITZ, INC. I22 Main St. - Annapolis, Maryland "The Store tor the Well-Dressed Woman" L. P. Musterman "HAT SHOP" I97 Main Street Annapolis, Md Potronize Our Advertisers COMPLIMENTS OF Coca-Cola Bottling Co. f-xrsirsmporis, MARYLAND COM PLIMENTS OF JOHN LARKIN MEN'S WEAR l5I Main Street Annapolis, Md. Chesapeake Hardware Co. Gov. Ritchie Hwy. at Severna Park HARDWARE, PAINT ahcl LUMBER Severna Park 5I2 CarviIIe's Pharmacy Remember: "lt we don't have it, we will loe glad to get it tor you" 'tlklf-'ki Phone: Severna Parlc 360 Feeser's Restaurant Harry Eeeser. Prop. - SEAFOOD olis Road Severna Park, Md. STEAKS -- CHOPS Old Annap THE LEADER I62 Main Street LADIES' AND MISSES' SPECIALTY SHOP Fishpaw Service Station oco PRODUCTS Tires - Tubes - Batteries 8: Accessories - Ice Governor Ritchie Hwy. Near Jones Station. Md. erna Parlc 227-J-Night Service C.A.A.A. STATION - AM Night Phone: Sev 2 s rfanzsy COMPLIMENTS or Howard A. Legg District Manager Jetterson Standard Lite Ins. Co. 66 Maryland Ave. Tel. Co. 3-2l9O COMPLIMENTS OF J. Brooks Mellor Henry M. Bachman HOME INSURANCE COMPANY Severna Parlc, Maryland COM PLIMENTS OF Carr Mears 8. Dawson I The Home ot Men's 8: Young Men's Clothing ' St. Maryland Ave, and Prince George Phone: Co. 3-4300 sooo Luck CLASS or was LlPMAN'S I72 - I74 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland SZPP THE FAS:-uoN QFVDE 53 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 Annapolis Furniture Co. I I2 West St. - Annapolis, Md. Phone: Colonial 3-2l4O TELEVISION -- APPLIANCES I SUM Apparel Shop I64 - I66 Main Street ANNAPOLIS. MARYLAND corvirumsnts or Woeltel, Curley 81 Woeltel Petty's Betholine Sinclair Service Ritchie Highway at Old Annapolis Road Severna Parlc, Md. Post Ottice Box 3I6 The Avenue Shop 37 Maryland Avenue Phone: Colonial 3-2279 LADIES' AND MISSES' SPECIALTY SHOP Severna Park Hardware Hardware - Houseware - Marine Supply Severna Park 39l compuwients or The Wagon Wheels Severna Park - 482 130 Pete Miller's Garage GENERAL REPAIR WORK Soldering, Electrical and Acetylene Welding "25 Hour Towing Service" Phone: West River 3602 Davidsonville, Md. Firestone Home 81 Auto Supplies TIRES AND BATTERIES 272-274 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland Phone: 3-4743 H. G. Trueman Distributor Cal-Co Bottled Gas Gas and Electrical Appliances Phone: Co. 3-3I60 I85 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF W. R. Chance 81 Son CERTIFIED WATCI-IMAKERS AND JEWELERS I I0 Main Street Phone: 3-2404 Annapolis, Md. COMPLIMENTS OF Dinner Bell Restaurant 2029 West St. Extended GOOD LUCK '55! from Family Shoe Store IM. T. Schenker, '30I 118 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Telephone 3-2292 "GOOD LUCK CLASS OF l955" We Call For and Deliver from Rainbow Cleaners ZIFFS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Storage I80I West St. - 20I Main St. 404 Fourth St., Eastport JUNIOR AND WOMEN'S APPAREL Where Francis St. Meets Main B. L. Hopping 81 Son FUNERAL HOME l70-I72 West Street Annapolis, Maryland - Telephone 3-3872 Palmer-Robinson, Inc. Sales - STUDEBAKER - Service 225 Hanover Street Annapolis, Maryland Tel. Co. 3-923l COMPLIMENTS OF Cliff Dawson Store Severna Parlc, Maryland Zorn Refrigeration Service COMMERCIAL - MARINE Colonia 3-5I00 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Heidler and Branzell PLUMBING AND HEATING 208 Taylor Avenue Annapolis, Maryland Phone: 3-2239 COMPLIMENTS or MacMurray Construction Co. Severna Parlc Phone: S. P. 382 CHEVROLET JOI-IN DEERE Ungar Motors Dial VVest River 567I I-IARWOOD, MARYLAND MOVING - HAULING - STORAGE Capitol Moving 8. Storage Co., Inc. Annapolis 3-278I HAVE YOUR MILK DELIVERED BY Eagle Nest Farm Dairy Pasteurized Milk and Cream Dair-Rich Chocolate Milk Ialso in halt-gallon bottlesl RUN RIGHT TO f I76 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Paul's Restaurant Riva, Maryland - Telephone Co. 3-44I0 SPECIALIZINC5 IN HOME COOKED FOODS STEAKS - CHOPS - SEAFOODS PRIVATE DINING ROOM Paul Stoinott Sam Purdy COM PLIMENTS OF Leon's Barber Shop 435 Fourth Street Eastport Phone Co. 3-9033 J. R. T. Plastering Co. ALVIN J. TROTT AND SONS Phone 3-9065 W. H. M. Smith Agency REALTORS - INSURORS I I School Street Phone: 3-422I ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Universal Motors, lnc. YOUR DEALER ANNAPOLIS, INDIANA GORDONS THE STORE FOR CHILDREN CHURCH CIRCLE Dial 3-6982 Annapolis, Md. Andrew Krause Sales - CHEVROLET - Service 24 I-IOUR TOWING SERVICE Phone: 3-2650 Jewell Brothers Amoco Service Station 2043 West Street CO. 8-892I S. Kotzin Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS I00 Chinquapin Road ANINIAPOLIS, MARYLAND Richman's Food Market HOME OF QUALITY MEATS Parole Junction ANNAPOLIS. MARYLAND COM PLIMENTS OF Rhodes Electrical Sup Ply WHOLESALE ONLY COMPLIMENTS OF Polan's Sc -51.00 Store 39 West Street J. F. Gomoljak CONCRETE AND CINDER BUILDING BLOCKS Well Rings - Lintels - Sand and Gravel West Street Ext. Phone 3-67 44 Honey Bee Drive-In and Hotel I03 Ritchie Highway Glen Burnie, Maryland Phone: G. B. l382 - 2970 9 - Anchor Floor Coverings MAX AMBACH INSTALLATION OF ALL TYPES OF FLOOR AND WALL COVERINGS l8O Main Street- Annapolis, Md. CoMPLIMENTs or Mary Louise Beauty Salon I I Monticello Ave. ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND YoU WILL ENJOY SHOPPING AT BERMAN'S "Shop of Quality" - "Always Something New" I86 Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF Arundel Appliance Sales Co. WESTINGHOUSE QUALITY AND SERVICE l45 West Street Telephone 3-9265 Petrini Shipyard EASTPORT ANNAPOLIS Co. 3-4278 CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF i955 DIPLOMAS FRAMED Talman's Office Supplies Phone: Co. 3-7666 3 Church Circle SadIer's Crab House WE SPECIALIZE IN STEAMED CRABS 3IO Third Street Eastport, Maryland Phone: 3-4087 La Rosa Restaurant ITALIAN - AMERICAN CUISINE I I3 Main Street Phone: 3-2895 LITTLE TAVERN HAM BU RG E RS Buy them by the bag COLD DRINKS GOOD COFFEE 84 West Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 CAPASTRANA Ea stport. Md. CLAUDE'S BETHOLINE - SINCLAIR SERVICE 927 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone: 3-387I -- 3-9622 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 John L. Currier ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Potronize Our Advertisers BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF I955 COMPLIMENTS or County Trust Company of Maryland ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND COM PLIMENTS OF Arundel Finance Corporation I7I West Street Annapolis. Maryland S30-LOANS-S300 WENDELL BATES, Mgr. Phone: Co. 3-9236 West Street Esso I799 West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 3 4 n v r f i . a ,am . v ,W ,:.-,,:,,.,,.T,..,......,V.--..,.... ,,., . - -,. w f - 1. , ,E .,.-NJ-.-X, :www w-vw:-ff l ' - : n f fi'fT2Q-4-'-sr '?'ff"gEf'Tff:'f'5 'Fi 9:-ev.f'aw'5v.1'+7?5m:5'.vet2A:2::fis:z+Q-:vumaxi' -- -3-A -V -riff:-'H-11-2'hf?1?F.?i 1-'- -':-V--iff - -

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