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Q , ,4 V 2, 'M '-gk '25 Q.-Q. I? Six v , -Q, 352 X kt- 'W f- 0!..!4lfllfl6Ll00A:5 SJA00! glckfowin- Clie! ...... gvefyn Wax .fdmiociafe gefifor, 25414 gueryg ggferary gjolifor, yoAanna yfwarfing male-lap 5' glngrauing glolifor, pdf Wniffierg l9Aofogra,aLy gyifor, ffaauarcl gfzirg .xgrf gzclifor, 61164 .jbauiag .xdvluerfifning manager, 0Il Jczfzin. E L. 0l'el,U0l' When we, the seniors, entered AHS four years ago, we began to construct a build- ing of memories-memories, lasting and magnificent as a modern skyscraper, belov- ed and cherished as a family home. As underclassmen, we, the carpenters, drew up blueprints and laid foundations. Soon we could see a structure rising before us, housing our dreams and sheltering our undertakings. Each day, each moment added another brick or drove another nail. As graduation drew near, our building of memories stood silhouetted against the sky. And so, we leave this, our yearbook, the reflection of our edifice of memories, the survey of our joys, expectations, and dreams., 2 x l' -Jr 3 N x., R ,M S W - ' , f . , h A 5 it i V ' l '- 1 Y T I . I X ' F Q 1 A M' - . , .Q 5 y A ..,. A , F , 'T V Nxm. 'VN . 2- ll ,J 1 ,fl ' H: , ii , . 4' .. I x r x f 1 Htl 3 - X ' X A 1 Y- Q. ' ' jrfl, fx, xx- " . , X ,L ,, facet' X -. l : - j n I f 'hal-1 if fl 9 X' . a 1 , , 1 , f -Y M In ,f Y , ,V 1 K . .., lj ' l KX N X 9' 5 ' I JKQX -5' A , I Q , 4 sp.. , f . . X ., Q. gf ,r f i 1 YQ ' .., t- , if ft ' V 1 9' x Ia, -lik 4, X Q N l . it A ? 1fA", 1 'N fy N 4. l "'.' yu X 1 X ' ' -'QI , it ,i Q- i f it , it , - cf- ll ll a - 1 H 'N 'Y 'Af 1 x W .N , . tx 1 lg X Q 1- lwwn W- t it 'lc c Q ' - 'S - fr , ' Y .NX , 1 V? - ' i S-V lli isj , E ' X yi , .- l l i ga , ' f f , , A ' 46 'cc' , of get as, w 1, , x ,p f 4 '37 'K . l- ' ni -li' ,l- ' X '4 X . f.f".,7' X X' c' ia 1 x 1 , c, X ,jf f ,, 5 , ,. Q, it , , c 1 zz t ,gf ld, fl- A Y, c ' X' ' , L' f ,i lf rjlyff. Y 1 ,fl 3 f ft is? 'MW ' Ti f y - gf ' ---'L 1 sf , I ll 25 ' A 'Nl ' f 5 - I t' K , l 'N' W - 31 '- -' ti ,1 4 . xx , -1- :-7, -4 , l .V X! E G Nl ,L jf , .X fn-Y X S 1 e . l E Z XM j fri, X " ' Y I lb, . c 1 Y I , ' fd' .Al .,,, - M' , A-1. -' , 5 . . - , , -t if f-' ' ' 5 if Q -. - s 1 f -' TX if W , . , 5 -4- ' L , 3 ,D , -1 .I V' . , V, 4. - V - 4 Q, N Q, . V 5 754' , , X ,. if ,F , - . xttu K - X ' ll ' xr, 4 ' A. i ls l. if ' Y 2 A , X iiiiv 'X 1 . K h c f f , l M f x V ' X4 lr l - ll' M qi Y v rw-Lx, X ., 1. .it A , ' A , - , ' . v , ww-,-0 y- . , . we-f Y -for ..-5 Au f ,N x XV -, , K H X fb I X, -'MEX H I, .Q . X- W ' -. Zfig-fggfygqg,.,,cQQgl,.,,'RQ'X 41 ii 'f . . bf?-'gy I 1,1 A 'g tg "LQ vii. I 1 N Q x .a.-L, ,.,. . .ugh .N cf N, , ,.., , 7.x m, ., . 1 kay-.Qa ,:.,,,.QYx, if --X E N' 'H g'?5QX:i"5?gc'qZ13Q,5XgS Al, 1 gl la ' .illff git N 1 X :Vx 4- .Am-' ' i .. ' fl' F i i - L A inf: fx - F: I - . -ie 5 .53, In V ' ' NS A' of A . 2 2 - Q if AA , 5 I : , ,,f.'-iaig .. : n ..L Vol - V - was -, 1 v - it N' '73-Y, - ,' if lf -ft 2 ' g I fx 3 -gg - A, Y j 'Q .. THE BUILDERS f-4 ' W7 "lil D ' 6 W . f Q " - ' X1l - All are architects of Fate, - 4 1 . . . - , "1 ' nj -. Working in thcsc walls of Timeg , 1 xp, . Some with massive deeds and great, ' 7 ' Some with ornaments of rhyme. - , t , ' 'lj ' 1 l 1 1 1 L 1 v xl - E A -1 , -- Wi ,JM vw For the strticttlre that vtfc raisc, N . .VE Time is with materials Filled: if 5' 'ri -' ,x Our to-days and yesterdays f ' X, I Arc the blocks with which wc build. 'l 1 1 1 1 SY! .X Build to-day, then, strong and sure, With a firm and ample baseg And ascending and secure Shall to-morrow Find its place. -H. W. Longfellow - x 'Y A5 1 g 5 E1 i To Mr. Roland Olson, our Senior Class adviser, we dedicate this record of our activities and accomplishments. Not only dur- ing our Senior year has Mr. Olson served us as a source of advice and suggestion, but he has wisely supervised our building efforts throughout our four years at AHS. Although he never hesitated to give friendly discouragement to our sometimes harum-scarum plans, we shall always remember his unfailing and active sup- port of all our constructive projects, the junior Prom, the class play and other Senior programs. Almost completed is our edifice of memories that will lead and inspire us for years to come. As we hammered out experiences at AHS to form a foundation for the future, Mr. Olson acted as our foreman. We, his workmen of 1954, express our gratitude by inscribing his name first upon the cornerstone of our high school memories and adult dreams. ROLAND A. OLSON Senior Class Adviser Let us do our work as well, Both the unseen and the seen, Make the house, where God may dwell, Beautiful, entire, and clean. -H. W. Longfellow 1 ., M. wk .i ,xi A .'M 'X Hi! 'W .Q-.Q X . i . . 1 --wa, 1 . X x , X. ,iw A X l fi ,S 1 an 'm j i Yi ' ff . g,i ' Q, Assy fi Q 4' X, K 'i um.-Mmm, . ..,...,M WHMK n:ssmW,SfNi1y,.,,.. .. , C, N ,ge , Qmxrdfmx Q21 redenfing 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 v 0 0 0 0 0 y y 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 p 0 0 0 0 vb 1 . 0 0 0 0 0 p Q 0 J. 2 .gzwlen i4 ROBERT E. BROWN . . . Versatile Bob will be don- ning Navy blues at U. S. N. A. soon, An all-round athlete, he is a basketball "natural'l . . . "A" Club 3,45 Class President, 3,45 Sports Ed., WAKE5 Traf. Sq. 45 Chairman Jr. Prom Comm.5 Var.: Football 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Lacrosse 2,45 J. V. Football 25 Bas- ketball 1. President LILLIAN J. MCCRONE . . . Gay, busy Lillian is often seen riding in her little car5 plans to attend college, as yet undecided . . , H. R. Rep. 1,35 Hon. Soc. 3,45 WAKE Lit., Makeup 45 Jr. Prom Chmn. Program Corn- mittcc 35 Stunt Nite 1,3,45 Soc. Comm. 1,2,3,45 Chair- man Planning Comm. 45 V. Basketball Mgr. 15 Op- eretta 45 Chorus 3,4. Vice-President Cfaaa 1954 enior Ofhcem DALE EVERY . . . Cute lit- tle Dale has kept our mon- ey and minutes for 4 years5 she plans to enter the U. of Va. school of nursing . . . Junior Prom Orchestra, Dec- oration Committeeg Make- up Committee 1,2,3,45 Cost. Comm. 2,45 Soc. Comm. 2,35 H.R. Alt. 25 Sec. Trcas. 1,2,3,45 Traffic Sq. 45 Associate Ed., WAKE5 Office Helper 4. Secretary-Treasurer SANDRA ADDINGTON . . . "Sandy', who joined us in her junior year came from Caroline High. Bowling. swim- ming, roller skating and riding in her little red car are her favorite pastimes . . . Chorus 3,4g Jr. Prom Com- mittee 35 Social Committee 4. PHYLLIS J. ALLEN . . . "PJ's" plans for the future in- clude marriage and raising a family. A home of her own is her pleasantest dream, while her other likes in- clude dancing, singing, movies, driving and good food , , . Chorus 2,43 Operetta 4- ELIZABETH A. ALTER . . . "Liz',, who favors her Irish Setter "Terry", likes friendly people and attending church. Cars and homemade apple pie are also "top- persi' on her list of likes . . . Chairman Refreshment Committee Junior Prom 3. JAMES ANDERSON . . . About the most red-headed boy in in school, "Hunk,' is planning to enter the business Held and keep the girls happy . . . Jr, Prom Comm. 35 "AU Club 43 Varsity Football 45 Varsity Lacrosse 2,3,4, j.V. Football l,2g Hi-Y 3,4. MARGARET ANDERSON . . . Blonde, blue-eyed Peggy, our "Miss AHSH of ,54, is fond of Frank. dancing and Ma- jorettes . . . Stunt Nite l,2,3,4g Traf, Sq. 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3g Majorettes 2,3,4, Majorette Leader 4: Soc. Comm, 4. VINCENT ARRIGO . . . Good looking "Winsome" likes girls, parties and dances. fHe isn't the only onelj New- berry, South Carolina, may see him next fall . . . Homeroom Representative lg Varsity Baseball 4, Hi-Y Club 2,3g Varsity Football 4. ROBERT BALDREE . . . 'LBob" hom-s to attend Washing- ton College: lists girls, food and sports as his favorites . . , LV. Basketball 1,2g Varsity: Basketball 3,41 Baseball 2,3,43 Soccer 1,21 HA" Club 3,4g President "A" Club 4. A. KATHRYN BALLMAN . , . Cute little Kathy aspires Hrst to graduate then to attend U. of Maryland , . . Scenery Comm. 2,3.4: Volleyball 2,3,41 Hockey 3,41 Vice-Chair- man Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. 3g Senior Play Scenery Comm. 41 Traffic Squad 4. LUCIA BARNES . . . "Luv, who likes everything except squash and conceited peopleg wants to be a housewife if she doesn't go to Bob .Tones University . . . Student Government Treas, 4, H, R. Rep. 2,3g WAKE Business, Adv. 4: Traffic Squad 4, Cheer Leader l,2,3. FRANK N. BASII .... "Frankie", who would like to be a tractor-trailer driver, is mechanically minded and likes ear racing. Getting up in the morning is his pet peeve Cas it is with most of uslj . . . Junior Prom Committee 33 Basketball Manager 3. VELMA L. BASS . , . "Vt-ln, whose main ambition is to travel, plans to join the WAF after graduation. Go to it, gal! VVe wish you the best of luck . , l Chorus 2,3,4: Operetta 4: Social Comm. 4: Art Service 4. RONALD H. BAXTER . . . Brown eyes and curly brown hair mark this "Hot-Rodu senior who would like to have a career in aviation. Like most of our A.H.S. males, he rates girls high- est on his list of likes . . . Band l,2,3,4: Orch. 4: Hi-Y Club 2,3: Jr. Civitan 3. L'NDA B1-:ALL . . . Cheerful "Lin" is one of the few people who have no dislikes . , . VVAKE Typing Comm. 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Var. Hockey 3,45 Softball 2,3,4g J.V. Basketball 2: Softball 1: Intramurals l,2: Costume Committee 3,4. ERN11a BELL . . . Hunting and fishing head this 5enior's list of favorite pastimes. After his graduation, his plans include joining the United States Air Force. VVe wish him the best of lucklll JOHN P. BELLAM . . . Hot-rod lover 'ijohnnieu goes into the Air Force for the present, commercial flying later , . , Majorettes and sports take up most of his leisure time . . . Chorus 2,142 Var. Soccer 2,41 Operetta 4. Lois BERRY . . . This pretty majorette aspires to become a good seeretary after she leaves A.H.S .... Fashion Show 1: Social Comm. l,3: Chorus 2,3,4: Operetta 4: Make-up Comm. 2,3,4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: WAKE Circ, Comm 4: Stunt Nite 4. ADA BIGLER . . , Another recruit for the nursing profession, Ada's main ambition is to at- tend Union Memoral Hospital of Nursing . . , Fashion Show l: Chorus 2,3,4g Junior Prom Comm. 3: Make-up Comm. 2,3,4: WAKE Cr. 4: Operetta 4: Soc. Comm. 1,3. PATRICIA A. BLAHER . . . "Pat" is a sports enthusiast who enjoys swimming, basketball, and hockey: likes eating Southern Fried Cheken and apple pic, She hopes to become a practical nurse and work at Anne Arundel General Hospital . . , WAKE Circulation Comm. 4. S. PAULINI-3 BLooM . . . Miniature golf and summers in Ocean City take up a great deal of "Pauls" spare time. Boxing on T.V. is "the worst" as far as she is concerned!! Pauline plans to study nursing after graduation. MARCIENIA BRAMBLE . , . Here is a girl who likes all sports: especially iee-skating, hockey and swimming. Her ambition is to do ofliee or social work . . . Junior Prom Comm. 3: WAKE Business, Advertising, and Cir. Comm. 4: Hockey 3,41 "A" Club. I O CHARLES BRASHEARS . . . Performing experiments, girls and basketball occupy Charles's spare time. His immediate goal is the Ijniversty of Maryland where he will study Pharmacy , . . WAKE Photo. Comm. 4: Tally-Ho Photographer 4: Traf, Sq. 4: Uperetta 4. SUSAN P. BYRNH . . . "Sum-B, one of our peppy cheerleaders, hopes to do stenographic work or to be an airline stcwardcss . . , Varsity Cheerleader 4: Junior Prom Refreshment Comm. 3: Chorus 4g Homeroom Rep. 4: Operctta 4- CHARLES E. CADELI. . . . 'iBuck", who always has a smile on his face, has his eyes on one sweet senior named Madeline. He says he does not like hard work, but his ambition is to be- come a draftsman . . . Homeroom Representative 1: Traffic Squad 4. PATRICIA A. CALLAHAN . . . "Pat" likes sports, fried chicken and steak, ambition is to be a secretary or join the Women's Air Force . . . WAKE Make-up 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Soc. Comm. fi,-4: Van: Hockey 4: Softball 41 J.V. Softball 2: Costume Comm. 1,2. RlClHARD B, CALLAHAN . . . "Dick", tall, dark and handsome, ours from Catonsville High: likes all sports, beef stew and fried chicken: is heading for Maryland University . . . Varsity: Basketball 4: Football 4: Lacrosse 4. W. FRiaDnRic:K CARLSON . . . Our rampaging fullback likes sports and school: headed for Bob jones Lf .... H. R. Alt. l: WAKE Circulation 4: Traffic Squad 4: Football 2,3,4: Varsi- ty Track 1: Football 1: Basketball I : Ath. Rep. l. SALLY A. CARPENTER . . , "Butch" plans to go to Towson State Teachers College and be- come a teacher of music . . . Soc. Comm, l,2,4g Chorus 2,3,4: Operetta 4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Var.: Hockey 4: Volleyball 4: J.V. Basketball 4. GORDON CATTERTON . . . Having a good time and going to University of N. C. are "Cats" interests , . . Social Committee 4: Var. Football 2,3,4: Lacrosse 33 Baseball Manager lg J.V. Football 2,31 Athletic Rep. 2: HA" Club 4: Hi-Y Club 2,32 Civitan 3. ALBERT CAUFFMAN . . . A big guy with a voice to match. Hero of our operetta, Albert plans to attend Towson and get a music teach:-r's degree . . . H.R, Rep. 3: WAKE Business 4: Stunt Nite 3: Trafhe Squad 3: Cafeteria 3: Chorus 2,3541 Operetta 4. JOAN CAV1-:Y , . . Rainy weather spells the "blues" for Joan, however, dancing, bowling and sewing go a long way to cheer her up. Chicken Chow Mein and good books are also favorites of hers . I . Social Committee 4. I I MARTHA M. CHRISTENSON . . . Quiet and reserved, she aspires to be a successful oflicr worker. Martha enjoys dancing, sports and most of all, 'KDenr1y". Favorite foods include, fried chicken and macaroni . . . WAKE Advertising 4: Chorus 2,4. E. LUCILLE CLARK . . , "Lucy" plans to get married and raise a family. She has an aversion for homework and nasty people . , , Jr. Prom Comm. 3: WAKE Pa- trons 4: Traffic Squad 4: Office Helper 4: Asst, to Attendance Ofhce 4. ALICZE J. COII .... Full of fun and pep, "Rusty's" plans are to visit Europe, Mexico and Hawaii and to attend Pennsylvania State . . . Orchestra 3,43 Soc. Committee 4: WAKE Make-up 4: WAKE Business 4: Stunt Nite 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. JEANETTE M. CoLI.IsoN . . . To have a secretarial job, then a home and children are 4'Toot's" plans. She especially likes tennis, swimming, music, chicken, steak and seafoods: dislikes two-faced people , . . Chorus 2,3,4: Opt-retta 4. DORIS A. Cook . . . "Cookie" came to A.H.S. in her junior year from West Virginia. Stuck-up people and homework are her aversions: while sports, friendly peo- ple, dancing and Marines are "all rightf, Ambition is to go 'idown south." VIRGINIA Cook . . , "Cin", happy and smiling, likes dances and boys. William and Mary, here she comes! . . . Honor Soc. Sec. 4. Member 3,4: WAKE 4: Stunt Nite 3.4: Traliic Squad 4: Costume Comm. 2,3,4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Soc, Comm. Vice-Pres. 3. ALBERT B. CROSBY . . , Friendly and easy going, with flaming red hair, "Reds" is planning on joining thc "fighting leathcrnecksw. His main interest is Pat .... Varsity: Basketball 3,43 Baseball l: J.V. Basketball lg Soccer lg UA" Club 4. MYRNA K. ClUl.l.IMORI'1 . . . Rating high on Myrna's list of interests is a boy named i'Pat": ambition is to be a secretary, then a homemaker . , , WAKE: Ad., Cir. 4, Stunt Nite 4: Chorus 3,41 Traflic Sq. 4: Operetta 45 Costume Comm. 4. JOHN L. CIURRIER, JR .... "Jack" is going to study electrical engineering at Maryland U.: is interested in popular music and the Independent Fire C0 .... Visual Aids Comm. 2,3,4: WAKE Adv. 4: Social Comm, 3: Assembly Comm. 2,31 Traffic Squad. EVA M. DAVIS . . . Artistic Eva longs to be a sculptress or to work in the field of art: plans to attend Skidmore College . . . Honor Society 3,43 WAKE Art Editor 4, Stunt Nite 3,4: Traffic Squad 43 Soc, Comm. 3,4: Jr. Prom Chairman 3, Art Serv. 3,4. NANCY DAVIS . . . "Nan's" interests include interior dec- orating, a guy named Gene and movies. Her plans for the future are to become an office worker and a homemaker: favorite food is fried chicken . . . Jr. Prom Comm. 3. JOAN A. DAY , . . So much activity from such a little girls1 thatls our Joan! , . . WAKE: Adv., Patron Commit- tee 41 Tally-Ho 2,3141 Soc. Comm, l,2,3,41 Jr. Prom: Program, Decoration 31 Cheerleaders l,2,3,41 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,41 Costume Committee l,2,3,4. CONSTANCI-1 D. DENNIS . . . "C0nnie's" ambition lies in becoming a secretaryg she's an all-around sports enthusi- ast . . . J.V. Basketball 11 Softball 11 V.: Basketball 3,41 Fieldball 31 Co-Cpt. 41 Volleyball 3,41 Varsity "A" Club: Intramurals. MARTIN Doislss . . . Saving enough money to buy a farm is the ambition of "Marty,'. Ranking high on his in- terest list are hunting, fishing and swimming. He thinks pork chops, fried squrrel and homemade sausage are the best! SALLY A. DROLI ,.., This cute girl plays a "mean" ac- cordian! Her talent has added a great deal to our as- semblies . . , Assembly Committee 31 Operetta 41 Chorus 41 Orchestra 31 Intramural Basketball 31 Var. Basketball 213. PATRICIA A. DUvAI.I .... Busy 'fPat" has her eye on HReds', . . . Var. Softball 2,31 HA" Club 3,41 Cheerldr. l,2,31 Capt. 41 H.R, Rep, l,2, Alt. 41 Cl. Pres. l,2Q Honor Soc. 3,41 WAKE 41 Tally-Ho: Reg. Staff l,2,3,41 Ed. News 21 Sp. 3,41 St. Nite l,2,3,41 Trail. Sq. 4. KENNETH EGAN . . . The Jr. "Einstein" of A.H.S.1 a test tube and compass are familiar objects to him. Science and mathematics will play important roles in his future. VVhile at A.H.S. he is working as a Sergeant on the Traf- fic Squad. BARBARA L. ELBEN . . . Aside from eating steak and French fries, her favorite pastimes are dancing and skat- ing. Homework is her pet peeve. She hopes to enter a business college and become a stenographer for a Wash- ington executive. JAMES ESI-IELMAN , . . "Jay" is a true nature lover. Hunting and Hshing are his favorite pastimes, and he would like to specialize in wild life management in the Northwest or Alaska. He will make a handsome ranger! . . . Founder of Natural History Club. PATRICIA ESKEW . . . This pretty lass is headed for the Md. Institute of Art. June orange blossoms and a cer- tain Midshipman have a place in "Pat's" future . . . WAKE Art Committee 41 Stunt Nite 2,31 Social Comm. 112,31 Chorus 41 Jr, Prom Publicity Chairman. ROSE MARY ESLINGER . . , This fair-haired lass, "Moonie'y, is headed for business school a secretarial position and marriage. She likes all types of sports and is always ready for a goyod time. EDWARD A. ETZLER . . . "Eddy", a future pharmacist, plans to attend the U. of Md, . , . H.R. Alternate lg Visual Aids Comm. 2,3,4g Assembly Comm. 2,33 Hon. Society 3,4g WAKE Photo, Editor 45 Traff. Sq. 45 Social Comm. 3,4g Chorus 3,4: Operetta 4. BETTY A. FILLMANN . . . Betty has been very active in sports at A.H.S .... WAKE: Typing, Patrons, Cir. 4, Jr, Prom Comm. 3g Traff. Sq. 4g "AU Club 3,4g Var.: Basketball 3,4g Field- ball 3,43 Softball 2,3,4g J.V. Softball 1 3 Basketball 43 Fieldball 2,4. GERALDINE M. FISHER . . . Cheerful flair", with her mind on "William", is planning to make marriage her career . , , Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Co-Chrrn. Pep Rallies l,2,3g Operetta 43 Chorus 2,3,41 Stunt Nite 2,3,4g Tally-Ho Rep. 4: VVAKE: Lit., Pat, 4, H.R. Rep. 43 Alt. 3. HELEN J. FORD . . . 'iSmiley'1 joined us from Patterson Park in Baltimoreg she hopes to at- tend a Bible College in Pennsylvania. Friendly people are the best, and there is "No busi- ness like show business" as far as she is eonerned. MARGARET J. GATES . . . A summer in Mexico! What a life! Could it be a diplomatic career? . . . Home Room Alt. lg Hon. Soc. 3,43 WAKE Lit, 1,2,3g Tally-Ho 1,21 Asst. Ed, 31 Editor- in-Chief 4, Stunt Nite l,2,3,4g TraHie Squad 4: Majorette 1,2,3,4. BETTY ANN GAUG . . . 'KBetty's" ambition is to attend Union Memorial Hospital for her nursels training and later to join the Armed Forces or to get married . . . WAKE 4, Stunt Niteg Library Asst., Chorus 2,3,45 Operetta 4: Varsity Softball 43 Monitor 1. CARROLL GEORGE , . . We may be seeing "Bunkie", one of our baseball stars, pitching in the World Series in the not too distant future , . . Varsity Baseball 3,4g Football 3g J.V. Basket- ball 2g "A" Club 3,4. EVELYN GERLAND , . . Evelyn, who came to Annapolis from Catonsville High School, says that dancing and sports are the best of occupations while studying and homework are the worst. Her plans are uncertain as to the future. PATRICIA L. GREENTREE . . . Sweet, blond-haired "Pat" with her beautiful voice, would like to have a singing Career . . . Stunt Nite l,2,3,4g Social Committee member 1,2,3,4, Chorus 2. I4 HAZEL R. GRIFFITH . . . Plans to do office work after graduation. Dislikes include homework, spinach and being a sales clerk. Hazel likes swimming, basketball, church work, turkey and spaghetti . . . WAKE Circulation 45 Fashion Show 1. ROBERT GROLLMAN . , . "Bob',, an attractive member of the Fire Department, is a hunter and model railroaderg really does 'Kcare foru steak and French fries, He hopes to enter the Fire Fighting School in the Air Force, when he has served his country. SHIRLEY A. GRUMBINE . . . Quiet and easy going "Shirl" is very deeply interested in the op- portunities offered by the University of Maryland in nursing , . . WAKE: Make-up 45 Pa- trons 4, Circulation 4. SHIRLEY ANN HAGOOD . . . After graduation, "Shirl" plans two careers: one a good secre- taryg and the other, a good wife to a certain guy in the Navy , . . Social Committee 4, Stunt Nite 3, Assistant Librarian 2,3. WILLIAM HALBIG . . . "Buddy's" ambition is to become a Maryland State Trooper, but at pres- ent h1s Interests are centered around a certain A.H.S. girl and fire-fighting . . . Band 3,4 Varsity Soccer 3. ARCI-IIE HALL . . . "It's not whether you win or lose the game, it's how you play it," quotes this eager sports fan. He enjoys outdoor life and plans to make his career in the scientific field , . . Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4g J.V, Basketball I. H. VICTOR HALL . . . Friendly and easy going, "Vic" can sometimes be seen dirving a Cadil- lac. Cn-i-c-elj Like a true Wardour man, he likes parties, dances and girls .His future may include the U. of Md, . . . Band l,2,3g Pres. 45 "A" Club 4g Var, Track 2,3,4. SHIRLEY ANN HALL , . . Likable "Slim" hopes to attend Towson Normal School and become a teacher. Steak smothered in onions with hot rolls appeals to her in a big way . . . H.R. Rep. 1, WAKE: Circulation and Typing 45 Stunt Nite l g Oflice Helper 4. THOMAS HALL . . . Sandy-haired "Tommy", who is known as a snappy dresser, hopes to go to Virginia Polytechnic Institute. A quiet boy, '6Tommy" is a real "brain', in Chemistry class . . . Office Helper 4. NANCY K. HAMILTON . . . Cute Nancy with her peaches and cream complexion plans to at- tend the Washington School for Secretaries . . , Soc, Comm. 1, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, WAKE Lit. 3,4g Activities Ed. 4, Tally-Ho Feature Ed. 23 Assembly Comm. lg Stunt Nite l,2,4. I 5 ROBERT C. HARRIS . . . Joining us from Augusta Mili- tary Academy, Bob plans to attend college and continue in the military field under the Navy or Air Force R.O.T.C. plan. Boating and mechanics take up most of his spare time. ROBIN T. HARRIS . . . Robin is another recruit for the U. of Maryland. Her favorite dream is to own a Jaguar, no lc-ssl . . . WAKE Literary 3,45 Art 35 Assembly Com- mittee l5 Art Service 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Stunt Nite 4. WALTER H. HAWES . . . 'iWalt'l plans to study Animal Husbandry at U. of Md. His future plans include a California lass . . . Stunt Nite 45 Social Committee 45 Chorus 45 Operetta 45 Varsity Football 45 Varsity Base- ball 45 Junior Prom Committee 4. JOHN R. HEBDEN . . . Meticulous John would go far in the field of art, but farming seems to have first place! Among his likes are hunting, fishing and models Cair- plane that islj . . . Junior Prom Comm. 35 Art Service 3,45 WAKE 4. BETTY JEANNE HERRON . . . "Bet" likes to sew and cook and plans to practice these for a guy named Karl. Wed- ding bells will ring for this cute girl very shortly after she graduates. Lots of the very best luck . . . Social Com- mittee 4. - MARY JEAN HERZOG , . . "Jeanie", small, blonde and pe- tite enjoys boating, fishing, crabbing. Her favorite foods are steak, French fries, fried chicken. Jean was an efficient office helper for two years . . . Dancing Club 15 Needlecraft Club 2,3. CHARLES HILTABIDLE . . . Our 'iChazz',, tall, dark and handsome, hopes to attend University of Virginia. His likes are Elaine, snappy clothes and bop! , . . Stunt Nite 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 V. Football 45 Var.5 La- crosse 2,3,45 "A" Club 3,45 Civitan 3,45 Hi-Y 2,4. INA HINSI-IAW . . . Swimming, dancing, and Pete fall in 'KBlondie's" line of interestg plans to become a secretary. That lucky boss! . . , WAKE Typing 45 Office Worker 3,45 Caf. Helper 3,45 J.V, Basketball 25 Phys, Ed, As- sembly 25 Fashion Show 1. MERRILL S, HOLMES . . ,-Sports, music and girls are "Duke's" favorites. He's quite a dancer, too! . . . Stunt Nite 45 Band V.-Pres, 25 Member 15 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var, Football 45 Basketball 45 Laeross 45 J.V, Basket- ball 35 Intra. 2,35 "A" Club 4. RACHEL HOLT . . . So very full of life and so much fun, that's our "Rae"! A certain West Pointer-to-be tops her interest list. A college campus will be her life after graduation . , . H.R. Rep. 45 Soc. Comm, 45 WAKE 45 Band 3,45 Officer 45 Jr. Prom 3. LoIs A. HOPKINS . . . Going steady with one special boy is her main interest. After graduation she plans to be- come a telephone operator, then get married . . . Stunt Nite 2,31 Social Committee 2. MARY ELLEN HOPKINS . . . Vivacious "Mein hopes to become a hostess, and then get married . . , H.R. Rep. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 WAKE 45 Stunt Nite 2,3,45 Soc. Comm. 15 Chorus 253,45 Operetta 45 Jr. Prom 35 Cheer- leaders l,2,3,4. PATRICIA A, HOPKINS , . . "Pat" wishes to model and to take a commercial art courseg then, after several years as a career girl, settle down to a home and family . . . Jr. Prom Co-Chairman 35 WAKE Make-up 45 Traflic Sq. 4: Soc. Comm. 35 Art Service 2. SHIRLEY ANN HOPKINS . . . Hillbilly music, skating, and a certain guy in the Navy really rate with Shirley! She aspires to become a steno and a Navy wife, and as she would say, "That's very good, very good indeed!" . , . Var. Volleyball 4. LILLIAN HUNTER . . . 'KLil", a real-gone gal, likes danc- ing, good jokes and boys, dislikes people who do not joke, wants to become a beautician or a telephone opera- tor . . . Soc. Comm, 45 WAKE Circulation and Typing 45 Fashion Show l. ALVIN JONES . . . Sports-minded L'Abio,' famous for his many sayings, hoped to attend Baltimore U.5 Basket- ball is tops with him, girls second . . . Varsity Football 3, Basketball 45 Football Manager 1,25 J.V, Basketball 2, Football 35 WAKE Patrons 4. PI-IYLLIS JONES . . . Blond-haired "Phyl" excels in any sport5 her future includes art work , . . Stunt Nite 15 Var. Fieldball 2,35 Basketball 2,3545 Softball lg Intra. Softball 2: Basketball 2,3,45 Badminton 35 "A" Club 3 4 .,. EARL KAUTZ . , . Proud Homewooder, Earl spends much of his time in fishing, model railroading and stamp col- lecting. A National Guard member, he hopes to go to Towson State Teachers College and become a shop teacher . . . Traffic Squad 4. CLAUSEN R. KELLY . . . A future Marine, "Jakel' goes in for hunting, fishing and swimming, He is also very fond of hot rods and he sports a good-looking ,4l Ford. Like all natives of our state, he claims Maryland fried chicken as his favorite food. SUSANNA KERR , . . Energetic A'Suei' a future U. of Md. rooter has a liking for children and "Big Fink". . . . H.R. Rep. 2, Alt. 3, Traf. Sq, 45 Chorus 3,41 WAKE Patronsg Circulation5 Operetta 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Club Representative 3. GILES W, KINNER . . . Ardent archery fan, Giles spends most of his time with his bow and arrows: his likes include hunting and music: hopes to attend college but does not know wherc as yet . . , Track l,2,3,-l. DORIS KI.IMEs . . . Energetic Doris is a secretary to be . . . Hon. Soc, 3,41 WAKE 4: Stunt Nite 2,31 Traf. Sq. -ll Var. Fieldball 3,4g Basketball 4: -I.V. Basketball lg Intramural Basketball 3,43 Fieldball l,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4: "A" Club 3,4. EILI-:EN KOTZIN . . , The gal with the snappy clothes and cute personality . . . WAKE Ad. l,2,33 Patrons 43 Ad. Chairman 4: Literary 2,4g Tally-Ho: Art Ed. 4g Reporter l,2,3,4' Assembly Committee l 1 Trail. Sq. 43 Junior Prom Committee 3. HINDA SUE LABOVITZ . . . Full of fun and fancy free, this naturally curly-haired lass aspires to become a Physical Education Teacher. "Munel,s', preferences are boats, candy, sports and parties .... WAKE Circulation l : Basketball l. MARGARET V. LAMB . . . This sweet brown-haired miss looks forward to a happy future as a secretary and later being the wife of some lucky man. Topping her list of likes are ice cream, hillbilly music, roller skating and a 1950 Mercury. fthe car?j MARIE LARRIMORE . . . This spirited girl wants nothing more than to pass history, become an efficient office clerk, and eventually a fortunate lad's 'gbetter half". She takes great in-- terest in Youth Fellowship and 4-H Club work . . . Jr. Prom Comm. 3. VIRGINIA L. LEBO . . . Southern Highls loss, our gain, aspires to a nursing position. Atten- tion doctors! Spry, brown-eyed "Ginny', thinks the greatest things in life are swimming, dancing, roller skating, and having a good time. VAN fJRDEN T. LEE . . . Lce can't wait to get that long-awaited diploma so he can rest! flf Uncle Sam doesnlt cut inlj rlhough Il quiet lad he has his boisterous moments. High on his list of likes are hunting, fishing, trapping and sleeping. ALBERT L. LEITCII . . . Sports-minded "Al" aspires to graduate and establish a farm. uSlow but sure" marks the progrcss of this lad who has a passion for Fords . . . Var, Soccer 2, Football fl,-lg Track 21 Athletic Representative l. l'lOWARD D. LERCI-I . , . The crystal ball informs us that Howard will attend college and en- deavor to stay out of the Army. This resiclent of Davidsonville lists sports, fishing, hunting, farming, and cars as his pet likes. I 8 RICHARD E. LUTTRELI. . . . '54's great outdoorsman likes hunting, fishing, camping and rep- tiles. Red-headed "Diekiel' has a secret desire to become a gunsmith or draftsman after grad- uation. Jusro A. MARCELINO, JR .... flake" came to us from San Pedro High School in his junior year. The Air,.Eorce is his goal after graduation. Fried chicken, art, and girls are among his favorites and he really "goes for" these "ducks!" JOHANNA B. MARTIN . . . Soeiable "Jo" scores again! Basketball is one of her favorites . . . H.R. Alt. 3: Honor Society member 3,4: WAKE Literary Ed, 4: Traf. Squad 4: Jr, Prom Comm. 3: Varsity Basketball 2,3,4g Varsity HA" Club 3,4g Stunt Nite PATRICIA A, M.ARTIN . . . Friendly, brown-haired Pat would like to be a good secretary and get married to a certain l953 graduate . . . YVAKE Cir. Til Tally-Ho Regular Staff 4: Social Comm. 1: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Varsity Hockey 4: Intra. Fi:-ldball. EVELYN MAX , , , At Bob Jones University Evelyn may possibly continue in the journalism held . . . Hon. Soc. 3,4g WAKE Editor-in-chief 4: Tally-Ho Asristant News Ed. 3: Traffic Squad 4: Chorus 2,3,41 Uperetta 41 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Fieldball 2,1 NANCY L. MCKNEW . . . "Dickie" wants to join the Air Force or go to college and study jurisprudence. Some of her likes are popular music, swimming, movies and basketball1 dis- likes homework . . , WAKE 3,4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3. DOUGLAS R. MCLEAN . . . Tall, lanky i'Doug" dislikes hot-rodders and kibtzersg likes eating apple pie and the crazy saying, "Hi There!', . . , WAKE Patron Comm. 4: Tally-Ho Reporter 3,4g Jr. Prom Comm, 3. DIQLORES MCNEII. . . . Delores, who never has much to say but always wears a smiles: is plan- ning to enter the secretarial profession. We are sure she'll be a success! She likes dancing, fried chicken and spaghetti . , . WAKE typist 4. DANIEL W. MCNEW . . . Cars, football, basketball, and Homewood rate high with Danny. Leaving A.H.S. and K'Middies" are some of his dislikes . . . Stunt Nite 2: Chorus 41 Var. Football 4: J.V. 2,35 Basketball 2: Intra. Basketball 2,3g Var. "A" Club 4. SHERRY LEE MCNEW , . . Good music, sports and animals are favorites with Sherry who al- ways seems to have a good time . . . WAKE 4: Stunt Nite 43 Traffic Squad 4, Library As- sistant 4: Uperctta 4: Chorus 2,3,4: Junior Prom Comm. 3. I 9 'THEODORE R. MCNEW . . . A basketball "whiz", Teddy is headed for Maryland U. after he graduates . . . WAKE Patron Comm. 45 Var. Basketball 3,4g Baseball 4g J.V. Basketball 2g Club Comm. Pres, 1. SUZANNE MELLICHAMPE . . , Quiet and reserved, Suels main ambition is to travel. CThat's a full time ambi- tionlj She is also enthusiastic about boating, popular music, Strawberry Shortcake and the color aqua , . . WAKE 4, Fashion Show 1. MARY JANE METCALF . . . One of A.II.S.'s famous Rock- ettes, Mary Jane plans to study interior deeoraiing at U. of Md .... H.R, Alt, 4g WAKE Cir. 4g Stunt Nite l,2,3,4g Soe. Comm. 1,2,3,4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Cheer- leader l,2,3: Exchange Assembly. RUTH MILETO . . . Hard working Ruth with her pretty blonde hair and blue eyes, will go far in any field she chooses . . . WAKE Lit., Cir, 43 Tally-Ho Rep. 3,45 Stunt Nite 45 Traf. Sq, 44 Chorus 2,43 Operetta 43 Jr. Prom Comm, 31 Intramurals 2. CLIFFORD MILLARD . . . "Cliff, is heading for Maryland University after graduation. Sports-minded, he is really crazy about football! Southern chow and a certain blonde also rate pretty high with him . . . Varsity Football 4. HOPE MII,LARD , . . Hope favors the nursing professiong she has no outstanding dislikes exeept bottom lockers and exams . . . H.R, Alternate lg WAKE Literary 4, Tally- Ho Reporter 3,41 Social Committee 43 Stunt Nite lg Intramural Basketball l. JOHN M. MILLER . . . "Jonny's" hobby is aviation and in the evening if the weather is good, he often flies . . . Struedel C???j, goulash, outdoor sports and a brown- eyed Edgewater girl are all on his list of likes. MADELINE MII.LER . . . Vivacious "Madge" is a sports enthusiast. She is headed for the secretarial field First and then maybe housekeeping. Dancing and simple foods are her' favorites while English does not rate very high with her . . . WAKE Advertising 4. PATRICIA A. MILLER . . , Busy "Patil hopes to attend Penn .... H.R. Alt. 2: WAKE Make-up Ed. 41 Assem. Comm, 4g Stunt Nite 3,4g Traf. Sq, 4g Soc. Comm. 1,2,3g Pres. 4: Chorus 2,33 Operetta Stu. Diree. 4g Orch. 3,4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3g Club Comm. 2,3. SHIRLEY MAE MONSEN . . . Even though 'KMackie" tops Shirleyls list of likes, roller skating and dancing take up much of her spare time. Her ambition is to become an ex- eellent typist and then a housewife. Chorus 2,43 Operet- ta 4. CHARLOTTE B. MosLEY . . . Charlotte is headed for bus- iness college in Baltimore and will be a wonderful sec- retary for someoneg favors dancing, Fords and music . , . WAKE Make-up, Literary, Circulation 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Var. Hockey 35 Fashion Show 1. DOROTHY MUMFORD . . . "Dotty" is mighty partial to horses! She plans to be a riding instructor or an art teacher . . . Stunt Nite 4g Traf. Squad 45 Soc. Comm. 45 Assist, Librarian 45 jr. Prom Comm. 35 Art Service 2,3,4. ELIZABETH MURCHAKE . . . Swimming, ice-skating and dancing are "toppers" in Elizabeth's book .She has plans of being a Nurse or an Airline Hostess . . . WAKE Make-up 45 Stunt Nite 45 Assistant Librarian 45 Social Committee 4. ALICE W. NELSON . . . The owner of the prettiest red hair in school, and surprise! a sweet disposition to go with it. College is her next stop . , . Chorus 2.3.41 Operetta 45 Stunt Nite 45 Social Committee 43 WAKE Literary Committee 3,4. ALVIN NICHOLSON . , . "Nick" came to us from Gwynn Park High School, With a specialty of weight lifting, he is an all-round sports fan. His motto is, "Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right using of strength." CA note to allll BARBARA NoRwooD . . . A champion golfer, Barbara is also crazy about the "South.', She hopes to attend Mary- land University and then either work on a good news- paper or be a physical therapist . . . WAKE Make-up, Lit. 45 Tally-Ho Rep. 2,3g Var. Hockey 3,4. ROBERT W. OGLE . . . Quiet Bob never says much5 but when he does, he is worth listening to. Bob enjoys rock collecting and hopes to be a mineralogist. His oth- er likes include Fishing and stamp collecting , . . Library Assistant 3,4g Attendance Office Asst. 3. BARBARA L. OwENs , . . Cheerful "Peaches" wants to be a typing speed demon! . . . WAKE 45 Stunt Nite 45 Soc. Comm, Chairman 4g Caf. Helper 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Varsity: Softball 3,45 Intra. Softball 35 Pres. Girls' Club 3. DAVID W. PACA . . . f'Dave's" main interests are girls. f"Take it easy pops!!"l cars, and footballg he especially likes to eat steak, but doing homework is a different mat- terg plans to become a chemical engineer . . . Football 45 Track 45 Chorus 4. RUTH PAGE . . . Ruth, who has attended Anacostia High, Kempsville High and Granby High, hopes to do a little more traveling around the country after graduation. She favors dancing, water skiing and fried chicken, ARTHUR G. PAINTER . . . Arthur is 21 sports fan: you narnc it, he likcs it. His only dislike is Math. He plans to go to collcgc somcwhcrc and become a Physical Education Instructor. Arthur's favorite foods are stcak and French frics. BARBARA L. PALMER . . . 'lBarb" sings, dances, twirls a baton like mad!!! Sho would likc to be a psychiatric nurse . . . Honor Soc. 3,41 Tally-Ho 41 Stunt Nite 1,2,3,4g Traf. Sq. 4: Prom Comm. 31 Soc. Comm. 3,43 Majorcttc 3,41 Booster Club Scc. 4. ROWIE BELLE PALMER . . . "Is that a fact?" Rowic Bcllc likcs all kinds of sports, dancing and swimming. Her favorite foods arc French fries and ice cream. Homework and school are at the bottom of thc list. Hcr ambition is to bccomc a good secrctary. CARROLL J. PATTON . . . "Kit" wants to attend U. of Maryland and bt-come an engine-cr. Hc turns thumbs down on physics but likes fishing, swimming, hunting, softball and drawing blueprints. His favoritc foods arc steak and Frcnch fried potatoes. RUTH ANNE Pl-ZDDICORD . . . K'Ruthic" will hcar wedding bells in thc fall: 'lBustr-r", mox ics and a good ol' time arc high among her likes: dislikcs homcwork and doing dishes , . Assist. to Attendancc Director 3,45 Jr. PFOIII Comm. 3. MARY ANN PETTY . . , Swcct and neat: this gal lovcs swimming and tcnnis. Aftcr gradua- tion she hopes to bccomc an oflicc workcr and marry a ccrtain guy from Notre Damc . . WAKE Patrons 2: Cir. 4g Tally-Ho 23 Soc. Comm. 2,41 jr. Prom fl. ROBERT D. PHILLIPS . . . "Bob" likes sports, boating, chcrry pic: dislikes homework and Englishg dcsircs to bc an enginccr . . . VVAKE Advertising 4: Trafhc Squad 2nd Lt. 4: Band 4g Chorus 3,43 Opcrctta 4g Jr. Prom Comm. gl Football 4: Lacrosse 3,4. WILLIAM G. PHILLIPS . . . uBill", Captain of thc Traflic Squad, likcs most cvcrything but stewcd tomatoes and road hogs. No definite college yet, but being an engineer or scientist is his ambition . . . WAKE Ad. 4, Cir. 4: Traf, Sq. 4: Jr. Prom Comm, 35 Office 4. ELIZABETH C. PULSIFER . . . School bells for sports-minded "Bctsy!" . . . Honor Soc, 3,42 Pres. 4: WAKE Typing 43 Stunt Nite 4: Traf. Sq. 2nd Lt. 4: V. Basketball 2,3,4g Ficldball 2,3,43 Volleyball 1,2,3,41 Intra. 2,3,41 Mgr. 2,3,4: "A" Club 3,43 Pres, 4. WILLIAM REIIJ . . , "Billy" cams- to us from La Salle Military School in his sophomore year. Witty "Will" is definitely going to collcgc but hc is still undccidcd as to which one he will attend . . . Soccer 3: Track 2: Junior Varsity Football 1. 22 GERALD F. RIDGEW'AY' . . . Tall, dark and good looking, "Jerry," an amateur taxidermist, likes hunting, Fishing, basketball and girls. 'LJerry" hopes that his future is going to be con- nected with the service , . . Varsity football 4. EDYTHE MAY ROBINSON . . . "Toms" plans to seeure a job as a typist and be a good eook for Jack: among her likes are church, dogs, swimming and bowling , . . WVAKE -1-1 Stunt Nite 2,3g Chorus 2,3,-l: junior Prom Committee 3: Cheerleader l,2. FRED ROSENBLOOM . . . Busy, popular Fred will attend Johns Hopkins , . . V. Football 2: Baseball Mgr. 1: Quill and Scroll 3,4: H.R. Rep. l,3,4: Honor Soc. 3,4: Tally-Ho Photog. l,2,3,4: Stunt Nite l,?l,-l-: Traf. Squad Officer 4: Soc. Comm. 4-: Band l,2,3,4. NORMA JEAN SAREL , . . Jean likes roller skating, small children, music, dancing and ham- burgers. She hopes to join the W,A.F. or attend California Business College . . , Social Committee -l: VVAKE Literary Committee 4: Senior Play Committee. DANIEI, SANTOS . . . "Danny" would like very much to be a gunsmith. Fishing, hunting, and anything to do with guns fnaturallyll are high on his list of likes, while studying is his pet aversion!! ANN C. SAULIT . . . g'Salty" loves hunting, Fishing, swimming or anything out-of-doors. ll:-1' ambition is to become a typist or work and live on a farm . , . Chorus 2,33 Operetta -l: Intramural Basketball 2: Fieldball 2. ROBERT SCIBLE .... A future chemical engineer, Bob expects to attend the University of Maryland. Girls and parties are his main likes . , , Student Government Pres, lg H.R. Alt. 1,2,3g WAKE Business Adv. 4: Jr. Prom Ticket Comm. Chairman fl. BARBARA SEARS . . . "Barby", a. future typist who likes movies, music, cokes, hamburgers and the Chesapeake Bay, hopes to be able to travel to Canada and Hawaii: dislikes snails 'n Creepy things . . . WVAKE Typing Comm. 4. DONALD K. SEARS . , , "Big Duck Scars" best known for saying "you're the greatest!" likes his ,50 Ford and sports: is headed for the Navy Submarine Corps , , . Varsity Soccer l 9 '3 el' Varsity Baseball 4. a'r 3 ' MARJORIE ANN SHELTON . . . i'Marje" includes among her likes convertibles, Marineg and a certain guy from Baltimore. She is enthusiastic about studying to become a model , . . Stunt Nite 3: Social Comm. 1: Jr, Prom Comm. 3: Fashion Show l. 23 KATHRYN SIMMONS . . . "Kay" puts horses, the outdoors, fun, and parties at the head of her list of likes. As yet, she is undecided about what college to attend, she plans to study illustrating . . . Soc .COmm, 4g WAKE Make- up 4, Jr. Prom Comm, 3. MILTON SIMMONS . . . f'Mickey',, crazy about hot rods, a certain little southern brunette, eating in art class, and Southern fried chicken, as yet hasn't decided on which college he will attend . . . WAKE Make-up 3, Visual Aids 2,3. JOHN H. M. SINCLAIR . . , "Jack" is devoted to his church and likes outdoor sports. His future plans in- clude a certain brown-eyed brunette . . . Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 4g H.R. Representative 1,g H.R. Alt. 2g Stunt Nite 1,2. BOB SMITH . . . Bob, who says he dislikes any sort of ex- ertion, is partial to swimming, sailing, Round Bay dances and Washington, D, C- He expects to study engineering at the University of Maryland and to be a chemical engineer . . . Chorus 4. SHIRLEY ANN STALLINGS . . . A prospective government worker, Shirley likes dancing, sports and swimming, def- initely dislikes homework and studying for exams. CA trait common to many of usgj . . . H.R. Alternate 3: WAKE 4. BETTY JANE STERLING . . . Betty, a cute little girl, is looking forward to a nursing career and plans to study at Union Memorial Nurses' School. Her favorite foods include hamburgers and milkshakes , . . Social Commit- tee 43 Jr. Prom Committee 3. Joi-IN STEVENS . . . Tall and blond, Steve is our gain from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Va. Girls, cars, chewing gum and sailing are all on his list of likes, while French fried potatoes rate high as his favorite food. NANCY STEVENS . . . After graduation, Nancy plans to attend a small co-ed college . . . Honor Society 3, Vice Pres. 4, Tally-HO Reporter, Staff Member 2,3,4g Feature Editor 3,41 WAKE Literary, Patrons, Circulation 4g Traffic Sq. 4: Var, Basketball 4. ANN STOCKETT . , . Ann, headed for the University of Md., wants to become a missionary nurse . . . Student Gov't Secretary 4, Honor Soc. 3,43 WAKE Literary 4. Typing 4g Stunt Nite 4, Traffic Sq, 4g Social Comm. Officer 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Assembly Comm. l. PAULA E. STOINOFF . . . A future homemaker, Paula's likes include "Boba QCould he have something to do with the homemaking?j, a 1950 light blue Ford, swim- ming, dancing, hamburgers and Devil'5 Food Cake. She lists school and homework as her dislikes. MARGARET STREETT . . . "Peggy", a regular sports woman . . . WAKE Patron 4, Off. helper 45 Fiedlball 4, Bas- ketball 45 Softball 2,3,4g J.V. Basketball 15 Intra. Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Volleyball 3g Badminton 3, "A" Club 3,45 Phys. Ed. Leader's Club 3.4- RosE ANN STUMPF . . . Rose came to us from McKin- ley Highg and plans to attend Temple U. in Penn. Her blue eyes and blonde hair would grace any campus!! . . , WAKE Patrons, Cir. Committee 4g Chorus 3,45 Social Comm. 4, Operetta 4g Jr. Prom Committee 3. BARBARA LEE SWEENEY . . . "Bobbie" is headed for U- of Maryland . . . WAKE Literary 3,4g TALLY-HO Bus. 2,3g Stunt Nite 4g Social Comm. 2,3,4g Orch. 33 Jr. Prom Ticket Comm. 3g Intramural Softball 2g Fieldball 25 Volleyball 2g Club Comm. Rep. JOSEPH TALLEY .... A shop major, "Joe's" greatest am- bitions are to get a job in a cabinet making shop and to acquire a good Ford ear. Like many of us he thinks home cooked food is "the greatest" and spelling tests "the worst"l IBRA M. TALMAN . . . A wonderful friend to all . . . H.R. Rep. l,2,3,4: WAKE 3,45 Assembly Comm. Chairman 43 Member lg Stunt Nite 43 Traflie Sq. Lt. 4g Soc. Comm, Chairman 43 Chorus 3,45 Operetta 4, Jr. Prom Comm. Chairman 3, Booster Club 4. GLAUYS TAYLOR . . . Genial Gladys will make an ef- ficient secretary for some lucky firmq spaghetti and meat- balls or baked potatoes are her favorite foodsg traveling, animals, and hobbies top Glady's list of likes , . . Soc. Comm. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. JANET L. TERRY' . . . Sweet, neat and loads of fun, Janet likes to read and eatg she dislikes homework and stuffy people . . . WAKE 4g Tally-Ho Reporter 2,33 Traffic Squad 4g Soe. Comm, lg Junior Prom Comm. 33 Intra. Fieldball l. CHRISTINA E. THOMAS . . . An attractive as well as versatile girlg pretty, dark haired "Chris" likes to sing . , . WAKE 4g Traf. Sq. 4, Soc, Comm. 1,2,3,4g Stunt Nite l,2,3,4: Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Make-up Comm. l,2. JAMES H, THOMAS, JR ,... Likeable "Jimmie", a future furniture designer, likes to participate in all sports and to eat his favorite food, sour beef . . . WAKE 4, Band lg Jr. Prom Comm, 3g Visual Aids 2,3,4g Hi-Y Mem- ber 3,41 Var. Soccer 45 Mgr. 3. Lots J. THoMAs . . . Lois aspires to be a good wife and bookkeeper . . . Trafllc Squad 4, Junior Prom Commit- tee 3: Office Helper 4g Varsity Softball 2,35 Intramural Basketball 3, Fieldball 1,25 Badminton 1, Ping Pong 2: Cheerleader l, RICHARD TITUS . . . "Dick" is Glen Burnie's loss and our gain: he plans to attend U. of Md. and later become a Phys. Ed, Coach . . . H.R. Rep. 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm, Chairman 3: Var.: Football 3,43 Basketball 3,4g Lacross 3,4-g .I.V. Football 33 HA" Club 3,4. MARY K. TOMNSLEY . . . "Mary Kayl' as future nurse will please many patients. She likes to dance and use her driver's license , . . WAKE 41 Jr, Prom Comm. 33 Make-up, Costume Comm. 43 Stunt Nite 4g Var. Softball Mgr. 4. JEAN I, TYRON . . . Smartly dressed, sports-minded Jean plans to be a secretary . . . WAKE Patrons 4g Jr. Prom 3: Var. Softball 2,3,4: J.V.: Basketball lg Softball 1: A-Club 3,4g Bad- minton 3: Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4g Phys. Ed. Leaders, Pres. 3,4. PATRICIA A. TUCKER . . . "Patsy" is full of fun and enjoys life: likes hamburgers and steak smothered in onions, dancing, swimming, and a certain boy at U. of M.q dislikes school and homework: ambition, to become a housewife and mother. VVILLIAM VANOUS, -IR ..., HBill" hails from Washington State and has nationally famous favorites: "wine, women, and songln . , . Vice-President S.G, 45 Traf. Sq. First Lieut. 45 Social Committee 3,43 Varsity Lacrosse 2,3,4. ciHARLIiS R. VVALKLING . . , Fried Chicken, stamps, old clocks, pcrmants and traveling are high on Charlie-'s list of likes , . , His ambition is to go to trade school and take up Mechanical Englneering. Dig that crazy mechanic! ROBERT A. WATSON . . . Often seen riding around in his light green Ford, "Bob" plans to take Business Administration in an as yet undecided college. His pet dislikes are turnip greens fughlj and squash . . . Hi-Y 2,3: Traffic Squad 4. LlLAUDIA WAYSON . . . Bill and a '51 Studebaker rate high with this girl. She has two aIn- bitions: to become a secretary and a Hbetter-half" . . , H.R, Rep. 3,4g Hon. Society 3,45 WAKE 3,45 Traffic Sq. 4: Asst. Lib. 1: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: School Treas. 4. CAROLYN WEBB . . . This blond's destination is college and a job. Likes sports, dancing, dogs and driving a '48 Packard . , . WAKE 2,3,41 Stunt Nite 45 Junior Prom Comm. 3: Varsity: Basketball 3,4g Hockey 2,3,4g Softball 4g Ath. Rep. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. MICHAEI. VVEST . , . Quiet, scientifically-minded "Mike" plans to take science at Mich. Uni- versity , , . WAKE 41 Assembly Committee 4: Social COIIIIIHIICK' 4: junior Prom Comm. 3g Var. Track 3: Club Rep. 3,-l. 26 DICK WESTON . . . Girls, planes, boats, steak and blueberry pie a la mode rate high with Diek. He hopes to attend VVestern Michigang wants to be his own boss in his own business . , . Varsi- ty Track 4. NANCY YNETHERHOLD . . . Cute, petite "Nance", always in a hurry, likes "jitterbugging" and Freneh . . . Soe. Comm. l: Honor Society 3,41 WAKE Lit. Comm. 41 Tally-Ho Reporter l,2,31 Asst. Ed. 4: Stunt Night 2,41'I'raf. Sqd. 41 Chorus 3. LAURA VVICKSTROM . . . This eute blondis favorites are fried ehieken, pizza pie and ice eream: dislikes inelude homework and show-offs, She thinks K'Andy" and a red in black '53 Plymouth are tops . . . Soe. Comm. 2: Varsity Volleyball 2- DAvm XVILLIAMS . . . David withdrew from A.H.S. on December 9, 1953. MARY' JANE Wi1,sMAN ..,i A U.S.N.A. girl, she likes swimming, golf, and art: dislikes eatty people. Ambitionfto study nursing . . . WAKE 3,41 Soe. Committee 2,41 Ofhee helper 21 Jr. Prom Comm. 31 Varsity Volleyball 2. DOROTHY' VVOEI-'UI ,... Dorothy Came bark to us from Fairfax Hall and Hannah Moore Academy. "Let's faee it", Middies, Cadillaes, dancing and horseback riding are the best as far as she is Concerned! ROBERT F. VVOLLMAN . . . B0b's ambition is fWish we Could go with himlj . . . WAKE to become a Hollywood glamour photographer. 3,41 Band l,2,3,41 Orchestra 3,41 junior Prom Urehestra Comm.1 Varsity Football 41 Visual Aids l,2,31 All County Band l,2,3. Ei.1.1s VVOLOD . . . "Sam" wants to be a sueeess but dislikes work. He is really "for" dancing, music, sports, and Hot-Rods: can really play that saxophone of hisg a great musieianll . , . Band l,2,3,-l-1 Oreh. 3,41 Football 2,4. BARBARA Woon . . , Bright eyed "Barb" lists swimming, dancing, and piano along with food as her favorites. Her desire is to beeome a good housewife , . . WAKE 41 Traff. Squad 4: Social Comm. 2,3,4: Jr, Prom Comm. 31 Assembly Comm. 4. NANCY A. ZICK . . . One Sq. 41 Soe, Comm. 21 Jr. 11 Club 3,41 Phys. Ed. of our leading sportswomen . , . H.R. Alt. 1,21 WAKE 41 Trail. Prom 31 J.V, 11 V, Fieldball 3,41 Volleyball 2,3,41 Athletic' Rep. Leaders 2,3,41 Off. Helper 4. 27 Left WWE? 04,5 QF-f tot :PE-5 CDL? figfQ Sgt: -U73 f-1 "UM ""'S if ...m 3-34? f'T:r FUI'-l 'JUCDNZC NJ OO VJ Q to fight: .Ioan Como, 5 5 u Q ROOM 309: How I: Southwick, Marston, Luttrc-ll, Ostrowski, Pennington, Norwood, Millar Mrs, .7Xll'X2lIlClQ'f. Raw 2: Trutt, Smith, Milt-to, Talbott, Mettmn, Palmc-r, Morgvnstc-rn, Park- inson. Row ff: Shr'rbL'rt, Swvnson, Tnyman, Shi-ph:-rd, Mora-land, Nivhols, Pigioni, Phipps Row -Z: Skipps-r, Thomas, Thomas, Stoflu-tt, Sharp, Lvrvh, Stovkrltt. Not .s'l10w71.' Lf-v, Nvusrr Patton, Phillips, Skordus. Smith, Taylor, Thompson. RCJCJM 201: lfozt' I: Bzlusunl, Bzixtvr, A5111-Y, Bcity, Bailey, Aisquith, Springfir-ld, Storton Basil. Row 2: BZINVKT, Amos, Bc-ard, B21SSfUI'Cl, BUIICIS, B2lkt'I', Boswvll, Bird. Row 3: Aslilvv, Bcardniorcl, B1-ck, .'XI'II1igt'I', Collinson, Sollinson, Czirrick, Mrs. Czlrpm-rite-i", Bl'Ilj2llIlil'1. Row 4 Chanibr-rs, Alb:-rtsvn, Callahan, Bryant. Row 5: Bmichvl, Br:-wste-r, .-Xltfm, Ashton, .'XX't'l"Y Burtis. N01 111011015 Bzissforri, Bc-ll, Crosby. cil'li'l'l'll'HCll'l'S kimllv spirit of .'X,H.S. studcfnts. "xiixvl- ,Eg-I cnmgbrd WO 5 Ln un l,HN"2ll'y oiivrs quivt zlnci bvlpful Study. ROOM 2l2: Row I: Miss Hicks, Kluwnns, Hood, II2lIIlIIll'1', Lzitiimw, Hilburnn-, Robinson Sc'hwz1llu'nbf-rg. Ron' 2: Kc-atlcy, Hall, Hubbard, Joni-s, Higgins, Howi-, Lziynv, Mollinzin Pc-zu'o1'k. Row fi: L:1r'i'in1or:', lIz1i'dc'Sty, Hinton, Sl'hll'y, P2lI'll'tl, Mintz, Rii'h2lI'KiS, Row -I Sc'hzu'ii'c'r, Robinson, Nims, Ringlv, P2llIIlI'l', Mott, Schin-kv, Moy:-i', N1Ol"l'iilIlti. No! .vlzuzwi Jackson, lloinvs, Rvrknm-r, Russ:-ll, ROOM 108: Ron' I: Witt, Tydings, Smith, Tuckvr. Row 2: Miss Lind:-mzxnn, Smith Shaw, Tull, YYn'lls. Row fi: Sl1OC'l11lf, 'l'11yloi', Sinflzlir, Swim, Willis, W2ly'SlJIl, Roll' -1: Wilson Sa-urs, Svwrll, Vblfn-, Wbotl, Thomson- lN1L'Slfl ROOM: Rau' 1: Pruitt, Santos, SLIIIIZIHISA IlUSl'I1lJl0OIIl, Rolvn, Sc'l1wz1llvnlJ4-rg, Run- bolcl. Hou' 2: Purdy, Rowr- ,RuSse'll, Piliilphrvy, Szlppington, Rc-1-cl, Whittington, Pikr-. RON' fi: Mr. Kunklv, l"ur'Cly, Rlmrli-S, Rohm-rtsori, Rowv, Ynnous, XN'iln1m'1', Zimlurf, Rolf' -I: Wil- son, xYilg'OIlI'l', Wlilstcxri, lN'illizm1s, lx'llCll', Wvrntl. Row 5: Witt, Zzlclc-ru, xv2lllK'l', Wilclr-1', Y:-rgv, lfhitcx Not Xl1UZL'll.' Roxsw, Sl'lllIllIl, Wbocl. ETJIH WFUO'-'ZCI bd UUE'-l CHPUO'-'ZC n 54 C U' C: "1 rv 5 0 rv O '95 :II Q. -Q. :Q sm 5 Q- CT. 'T 2 rv :C I ro 32 O "1 f'V E. C 5 CL rw "1 F? F' ro Cf. "1 l ru :ll I rs UQ O 'T F? :L O "QS 5 Q D' rv :ll FP rv '1 ?P ROOM 206: Row I: Fenhagen, Franev, Demas, Evans, Cengras, Gri-entiw-v. Row 2: Mr. Harrison, Dyer, Eskridge, Franev, llufler, Guinula. Row fi: llambruvk, ll:-nm-luerger, Cross, Mc'New, Kirby, Marst-llas, llubbard. Row 4: Johnson, Dc-nt, Martin, Jordan, Gibson, Gould, johnson, Kr-arse, Lehman For over 10 years, juniors have shown an By planning new activities and programs, working for their goal, to become a senior. Peregoy and Miss Mary Katherine Cox, And so they now look forward to this grade elass advisers, the Junior elass strove to be- with pride andjoy. come one of the best of A. H. S. Surh is life in the eorriclors of .-X.ll.S. 32 ROOM 202: Row I: Fleming Cantler, Brashears, Bossert, Dawson, Chambers, Brearley, Brash- ears. Row 2: Como, Davenport, Bowen, Campbell, Duvall, Deuel, Farber. Row 3: Boetteher, Cooley, Day, Clarke, Clark, Dawson Donoghue, Ford, Geiman. Row 4: Gabell, Dearborne, Ellis, Cullinane, George, Doub, Grimes, Finkle. Not shown: Fowler, Gillespie, George. The class ring, the achievement of years, is a symbol which inspires all juniors. Pop- ular stones this year were the amethyst, sapphire, garnet, and ruby. This symbol is a wondrous momento of A. H. S. Movies break the old routine. VJVJilPF"fU 'TIC kn Ln 33 ROOM 107: Ron' I: Sc'h11bv1't, Siviu, Sirzlllfxs, Slfmuzl, Simms, Shaw, fjh:1'1x11111. Roz: 2: Slinl 1' ghiclds, Shvphwcl, Smith, Schvm-1, Sink:-rs, Shows. Rona' fi: Stllllvr, Smuggs, Svhimrhzlt, Svkiugvr gtI'IlXVSl'l', Srhrme-iclr'1', Stein. Row AI: StoinoIT, Shvphr-rcl, Sl1r'1"11', Spzxnglw, Srurs, SiI11lJSU1l Mr. iXll2llSfiI1l'. Nm' .xf1r1zf'n: SI'hl1Ill2ll'hl'YL, Smith, Springfi:-ld, Stumpf, 'I':1ylcn. rIxh0IlllJIiOll. Q llfle een l g' LY J Cf U W' f .fl f S' ROOM 302: Row I: Brown, Brown, Clollifaon, Clzxtlvlmtorm, Czxsv, Cihzxm-y, Britton, c1h2lIIlb1'I'1 nsvy. Row 2: Bra-zxdy, Collin 1, Butlnr, Hurm, Clzxlnlwvll, lzllilly. Ifozu Ch 1111114 114, X4 ilcirz Clc'zwc'rlgn'1', Ex':'l'y. Row 4: IJIIIILINNZIQ, Iflllnzlgzm, Dc-c'k:'x', CILIITY, l"i1l1t1L111, Ilxtxnfz, Dohscvzx 'VIl'S. Dicks-mon, No! ,xllmmxzg Clzlllxplx.-ll, Clokvr, llolllson, fjU1llW'l'H, U1-gm, lstvnnnfv sntisfirs tha- St2ll'X'iT1Q. PM' IQALLIS VZ.I'1'-PI'I'.Yi1ll'IIf LINDA VAN M1c'1'R1c Yew1'f111'y-'l'1f'11v111wr I'1c'1's'1R c,I,SON Pw'f.irl1'11l Playing Hookvy Again, Huh? ROOM 109: Row I: 'IihOlIl2lS, Wilson, Wright, Young, Twitty, 'l'orox'sky, XN'zxysou. Row 2 WK-rmclt, Yun P1-lt, Yun Mr-trv, Thoiilpson, W'i1lizm1s, 'l'01I1z1r1io, Wilsorx, Row ff: 'l'uylo1', VVh0QI 1-V, 'liowr-rs, W'r'lJb, W'vst, Mr, Bishoff. Row 4: xNill2ll'li, frigslr, VIYYUIIIIJY. Whitv, Xvilllilllfiiflg lmru, Yollu-11 Raw 5: Wilson, VVhit2lkl'F, Wlltson, WVz1inwx'ight, wvfllllllilllq Wuyscm, Wlxshing um. Nm' vlmw11.' Swontvrk, 'lih0IIl2lS, wviSL'IIl2lIl. WUIFUOZGITJCW ff1l'mPc1CDZOE'Lxr:CDff1 ROOM 306: Row I: Lobo, Langford, Langston, Knackstrldt, Lamb, Huf'l'1-r, King, Kintlmm' gr-r. Row 2: Iluclson, Lujoyc, Klakring, Kallas, joncs, K1-nt, Kallis. Row fi: Miller, Ln-, Mzirvus Lannon, Lyons, Mvtzgcr, Mr. Rogvrs. Row 4: Mr'Ncw, McNl-al, Lziriczistl-i', Lunglvy, Lowry KOH, Mason, Mastros. Not shown: Johnson, Hohnson, Lc-gum, M:-acl:-. jjlw 67644515 mnefeen gig?-.Six ROOM 307: Row I: Lf-itch, Millvr, Murvhzikr-, Morvland, Miller, Mill:-r, Iiookinglpill, Oi"- buny, Morf-land. Row 2: Mr'Nulty, Nowzittnivk, Lcvcnsohn, Mc-rc-dith, Mason, Logan, Moldcn Row 3: Mr. Lowe, Orr, Phipps, Millcr, MVGN-ady, Millard, Martin, Pr-ttit, Row -I: Mirhc-ll Pc-nnington, Paulson, Oldson, Morgan, Phillips Muhl, Myvrs, Not sliown: Maupin, Mm-nrh Montzilbano, Moylr-. 1 RUONI 305: Row I: Bliss Gooch-, llnyvs, Iiziitlivnly, G1'o11:c'1o5r', 110111154-153, Clilcix-ii, Gillizif-1', Klivs, Kutrvf. Role' 2: Hass, Hain:-s, Uriibr, Hinshaw, Hull, Howzird, Johmozi, Kwnv. Row fi: Hounshm-11, Hopkins, l'if'lJllll1'Ci, Hull, ci00fihlll', Inglv. Roca' 4: Kills, Ki1'L'i1I1i'l', Judd, Horton, Iosbuk:-r, Kuickuiuri, Golk, Joinrs. Not shown: Gruhzmi, Hviidvrson, Joni-5, Kirsfh. we CAM!! Mnefeen jig?-.Six ROOM Hill: Row 1: Frank, Uifvlziggiu, I'iI'l'I1l'1'l, Firikr-lstciri, Hlvy, Gzxss, Eluvling, Hopkins, Ilzimiltori. Ruin' 2: Dziywzilt, F1'r'yn1m'c', Uvorgv, Nlrfa. Koflilzlp. limi' 3: Eriivixzon, Dobson. Coultc-r, Coriiiin-1', Coopvr, Dirkvy, IIoH'm:m, Fishvr. Ifflfi' -11: I'i:H:'r, Dobbs, Evans, Cox, H:-ndrivks, Hvrr, Ilarris, F1'c'nc'h, Gmail. No! ,s'f1ozL'1:.' Ii'iI'tL1fl'1, wmwGZG:wGw wmmGZGIwCw ROOM 308: Row 1: Low, Ross, Cflluiu, Rvntx, Rilvy, Ricldlr'lJs-rg:-r, lWrs, MI'K?lIIll'y', Row 2: Rirhzxrds, Rvyuolnls, lluxvlmgfz, Russcfll, Rowzm-, Rohllmg, Wilh:-lm. Row fi: Pzwwn-tt, Plaim' Olivsr, lLic'hL11'cl:1on, Paulus, Row 4: Schubert, Pottr-r, Sfhcel, Polak, Rvppa-lxhzxgvrm, Pulsifrr, Si'l'll'i'ltZ, Schif-lu-, Not .xlLow1z.' Pullvy, Qunclv, R2lX'.'IlSC'l'lJfT, Rc-icl, Rirhzxrfls, Rolarrts, Roisbnvk. ROOM 301: Row I: Barn-tt, Bausum, Andrews, Bentley, Booth, Bosls-y, Bakrr. Row 2: Miss LOI1H2lIlf'C'l'il'I', Bakvr, Clzlrupbcll, Bass, Bull, Campbell, Barham, Asquith, Blzxclvs, Apostul, Bass- ford, Burgvss, Carlson, Row ff: Alt:-r, Bicr, Blcss, Blair, Baldrr-c-, Brown, Bradshaw, Blavk, Bzixlvr, Butlrr. Row -F: CIz1mc'ofc-, Bzissford, Bottmxr, .-Xcldiugton, Dvc'kc'r, Bvzall, Diary, Brad- ford, Not ,x'l10:c'11: Bfzrnffa. 1 ii mb WW fi U 56 kv H fl gl 40 fl fl 9 fl 76 j if 'i -v 44 'Q -4 'O V, 'O w 'I 'Q 4 JI 4? fi? fa TA UZ Cl w gl sv ,A lnerfelfl U1 E65 S92 an EE df 4 J J. 4 , Sl: f nf QE Q5 4 P 52 07 EE S53 92 92 92 92 S92 Cb 792 7,1 EE it il: Q: if: 9: :U 19: it ,,, 555 EE it 9: 1': fp lb 76 flu 54.2 MCU f ami We Om DR. HOWARD A. KINHART Supervisor of High Schoolx ERNEST H. HERKLOTZ Assistant Principal Attendance Director H1LnA MUSTERMAN Secretary to Principal MARJORIE BONARI Ojice Clerk A IJOROTHY HAMILTON I Guidance Director l ALBERT W. FOVVBLE Principal X efsaage fo the Cfaaa o 1954 Fame ir what you have taken, Character is what you giveg When to this truth you awaken, Then you begin to live. BAVARD TAYLOR As you, the class of l954, approach graduation, I earnest- ly hope that the Annapolis High School has prepared you well to face the future. I'hope you can count many benefits received during the days you have spent here and that you have developed a priceless possession-a strong and noble character. It is my belief that without this your graduation cannot mean success. I have enjoyed working with you in the seventh grade, in Junior High School and again in the last two years of our high school. I prize your friendship highly and you have my best wishes for future success and happiness. 0 ALMA STI-:INER Dietician orning hours speed by as food is prepared. 051006013 .fgher Our Comforf ana! .fglalaefifezi In charge of planning and preparing mid- day meals for the students and faculty of A.H.S. is Mrs. Alma Steiner, who, having worked in the cafeteria for nineteen years, is well quali- fied for her present position. Mrs. Reba Booth, who has been on the cafeteria staff for twenty-one years, is head cook. Mrs. Marion Sullivan serves meals and makes sandwiches while Mrs. Anita Spriggs prepares all vegetables. Mr. Arthur Hypshire is the dish-washer. The morning hours from 8 a.m. to lunch time are spent preparing the delicious foods which neatly fill the cafeteria service counter each day. Careful planning precedes each meal in order that well balanced lunches may be provided for the student body and faculty. 43 c., HA stitch in times save nine i' ome conomicd g'The way to a m1n's heart is through his stomach." s Q 44 ljliLl'HINE LINDEMANN Home Economics Learning how to cook, sew and decorate, the girls taking Home Economics are be- coming better Homemakers under the gui- dance of Miss Delphinc Lindemann. These students have made dresses, suits, formals, and accessories, many of which were dis- played. Some classes had speakers who discussed with them the proper way to plan and design a kitcheng others took field trips. ,Mr ing Our ,Mani Bang . . . Clang . . . So are the sounds which are heard from the interiors of the metal and wood shops of A.H.S. In the shops the boys major in the particular craft which they feel will be benehcial. These future craftsmen work with the various ma- chines and learn to operate each one with skill, at the same time creating many beau- tiful and useful items for their homes. JOHN BU'1'cu1-1R Shop LAWRENCE BONARI Shop Students train for careers in mechanical arts. Today's shop prepares to- morr0w's builders. I ll llllll' , III N1IlSf1llI'1' . CIIIIIU I-stu Ilstvcl? I earn Vnang anguageri MlY,lJRl'1lJ KINIIIXR'I 1'1l'1'7llflI Smial Sflldil'.I VIIQCEINIA BAI,I.ARI1 lfzztgliyh .!I1III'llIIH.Y7Il HIQLIQN GOOOIIII: .S'p1n1i.IlI Lakin l'III-llllfili Cox ELIII.'.I31'1'I'XI DAVIS REIDA I,oNuANECKx-11: VVIVIAN lllczxucxsux l:'r1.gl1Rlz Ifzzglixfz lf11gli.x'l1 Ifllglliixfl Sllhjwts :xml p11-rlivzm-5 trrmlxblc' Juniors Hr-Owulll mukvs 1113: 4-xltrurlcx' oreign A mf 145 gn,gA5 earning .fdgouf we lgcwf . Tha- world is their lnborzitory. Nlodvrns delve into thc- past. I ,Mdforg Prime ministers, French Revolution, al- liances-so go the topics in world history, studied by the sophomores. Colonization and the early history of America are taught to the juniors, while advanced American history is given to sen- iors. Building up our knowledge of the world and of our nation along with the develop- ment of good citizenship, is the main pur- pose of the Department of History. DoRo'1'x1YNonLr1 MARY Lomsr: HIcKs Ci1RIs'1'1ANA ALr1xANu1f:R HIQL1-:NH MCKAMEY So1'ialStudi1f.x' Sofia! Studios Social Studzm' Sorzal Studies Cfpglgyaljhy 1, E l:z -605' HwlA i 11.11 ' :a mai-if relaaring or .7Ae jufure ommercia "Take a letter, Miss Smith!" Probably this command will soon sound very familiar to some of our commercial students who are busily building up skills such as short- hand, typing, bookkeeping, and using the various business machines. XV hen our grad- uates go out into the world to become the private secretaries and bookkeepers of the future, we may be sure that they have laid firm foundations for their careers. The word is at their fingertips. Shorthand Class gains speed and ac'c'u1'nc'y. Hl'INRYE'I"l'A CARPENTER MARGARE'I' HOK1-3 Office Training STELLA MORRIS Typing Family Rrflationx' Stenoyaphy Bookkezfping Typing Typin Future Rembrandts potter with paints. A.ll.S. choristt-rs burst into song. jae Aria Voices, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, 135 in all, ring out from the Music Room on periods 1, 3, and 6. Under the direction of Mr. Kunkle, chorus is pleasurable time, well spent. ROliPlR'I' KPN rlfluxic' B1l.Yf?Il'X,Y illalhf' ls Building art appreciation by developing talents, students in the Art department, un- der the direction of Mr. Foster T. Augus- tine, learn to appreciate art and color har- mony in everyday life. 141.12 KPlNNlf1'l'II PAGE Fos'1'ER Auo17s'1'1N1-2 Band Sofia! Studim' mafifix' Art ,UM 36512 Ognfo .szience Explosivcf thinkers pondvr books. Naturalists probe life svcrvts. ROLAND OLSON Zoology Biology GEORGE HARRISON ScOif11,cf' Chrfmistry Ph,y.x'ic5 KXNTIIONY BISCHOFF Biology NIalhf'matiz'.x' H, 5 2 Mr. Lowe molds Main Street merchants of tomorrow. Futurc engineers are in the throes of trigonomf-try. mx ALM! WOHJQI' UBI' Wafk Nik CALVIN ROGERS Geometry Algebra FRANK LOWE Biology Geometry Mathematic.r C H1-1s'rP:R PERHGOY DI'il'F?'1fdUf0fi0PI Nokwoon VVETHERHOLIJ Phys-z'ral Ifduration CARL FAI-IRNI-LR Physical IflZ'UFIlfi0!I Sofia! Studim IRlcN1e KOSIILAI' Physiz-al 1fdIll'Illi07I Sofia! Sfudizhx' ANNE H,xL1,lwb:1.L Phyvifnl lfduffziion !OAy5ica! gjclucafion 5' tibriuerf P' RAW , kQ YT ORS .Q - E Abiou and Wilt Boswr-ll await Dim'k's slum. "Abby" vollvys thc' ball muCh to , Walfs zunusvnncxnt. Louise- missrs! HBrownic's" point. This isn't il rvgulnr stunt, is it? Scribe -een "YEA!" Was Vi! .ne -Student Stoclrfetis nr , -ways Bobby Seible, heard -Nas candidaceiof the 'SQ f' elections. His plans for the ML ,.cr0!17,9 and its improvement' ,., reader of fof- and many. l .unppazbfn s,oeecl2es,' Ilia! Bobbyis favori f , or Ofczdenf Couernfneryi bas fnsr football, roller slr! - hockey. .meds and problems of APL? 'Would the new! - 1 Organization devote its immol' 'inf' B rrticiloation in the as'-A' zrion in a municnf 5's own practicff ion-sponso 'i I red rate high. i on is a In' amen: if nts b ve tif eforf 7 pg that Y 811 9 y H is 1713218 errer sm- cmd eorogr st word the news that .2 NWC of .sfecretary . meme. Venior hr "" .vie na fr e college, sure which r , gms' a chemical map' The girls Q' to bake, bee ite dish is de "Babb J' is no .sta tes Willia elect ' S James QOVSPII' ed vice-prlgfrn Is Wei? student Council. ew ofnce, Billis other c.. - , Verne at AHS include nrst l. Gxgiieg? 4 tenant of the Troma Squad Gia has been a mem- E2 i WO years of Varsity lacrosse' ber of the cheer-leading squad 'QI GOOQ' f 0011 all 800148 and fi '50 since her sophomore year, was n , Chevy are among 1216 IDD filter' club representative and is pres- 0 este. Having an easy-eofne ner- finaly Q member of the ri-emo 1 U sonalitx B111 states the' he has Squad. 'HIRING' C1521 H0 dislikes' i l'-e A180 5001-vilig he1'eXtr'a-corTicu- L Jr improving Afton N i lar activities list is active partici- Eye gage. by the and other oolle onon the social and costume oarly 4 much these as Well at others sug- Wd' ues' 12? Vf' 0 J, will improve the Homecoming scene is Ofoiifi H b?1OW. SO an an , 9 Cal Gd, 53 zialnigf' I :sr in- 0 Rain insurance may be-pre bw? pushing back he crowded Held cured two weeks in advanc 2 sallicd forth ro 1523252231261 ' that This safeguard would spa: if 0,7 your map by' th? .mf olace AHS a loss of money because nnskj Olso, the "ff3f'.11p" me PIQY of fllffmlffll Wf'HF1?f'l'- gnu, Paris" Sopnonzores the ' 'i l' lfI'UflQ'Gl2 class: 0 In order to bar from the ,,,i,g,i,O 'on J tl1o1'o:21'o nbsol 9- stands all but paying fans, the ' g ones to throw L Smdcm gmdy shoujd make Cer., to bring you back now blunt AQPIS F tain that all gates of entrance f UW NWN? P 019, bllf m W-sef11O1'hff are manned by ticker sellers or U13 Fhffff JN' f i iasfws SC collectors. . Way' Till Dieu 9 it lOlll'l1Yf'-S' defaci' on o Although some extra scars S marks' haire been rented, no one will f And Our, 'rt rn them unless police, stu- f,,k,,,djy fu ents or teachers'lgeeo " 'wrican pennies, lassoed .a cor owds from the sido' 'ossed on a slfznful of pi ' . " zgeross the tundra. f Y 3 place, with bali tens :carrying about. cn nionesbaped don Ja Ttly, sf Joins ,f'SDecrl2l1,V On J is ni and all the orhe 11 Q nolnphe, down the the Comm Qoncor-de, where the gb, Zratzl are Iirvworks over the Seine 2:62 iifons is fun! Tnn Gwen -ssenge. spotters ould try to fre:-azure and iorrei: Tbongb oapolzs A 1 today, 119 cr S""A .. Uboh Tnorno' 88 HV' aid ' 31 , Y ,,.k I' Y, . -of Q - 7iEP0R?ff'2'!2' a Aww' fl Stirs Appl- ' 8131 O ation A312O3Ig' students and tea as ABQ the Bella-'hy Soma tion ha 5?-DI' ' thc as 1 deli A011913 L little AW3I'd DFG' K Sth s given rise to varlod and ez L6-3810118 ofpricle and snecula- lo oo may f 0115 Wir' 1 Betsy Plllsifimg '54g f"' W 553312 oprolzd to beam- the cow Pane Miller y, 3 Den I2 1JIeaSed 6' i, to N School Wi' K my FYR? o AH: 1' Af i 360 z'Marsz is 1 Yopkit Gantt. 4, Jo . hd Nam Friday, Oc children v the fair as to the young departrnen I1 45, and Future my in of Anne 4 Maryiz Prince Ge Calvert counties prese , ' onstrations and di: YUIPBS clothing f0od, scraplwo. , It 9 graphs, record bfvofcs a, 0 Drojects. l2'j'ff"'ngef,0 other Events Liste. t the -sight A vevents incllzqed 1 1 "Q flldgblg' of sm !12t6l'8d UD . nqggigngl 3 Ye and ex- 1, oo jfveg .anis your f a 1, USWGPSQ, ' Hpelng 90136 io! r, it Aff the Q ,mid Page I t lB11z'- boom 9 OI' Iter- gan Z 812 A5 H1 town. mmef' o zvhisti a new record ofg fo whi . minutes in the 100-yard Bac breast stroke, Moyle claimed ton 35022196 honors for the third consecutive plain ol year in the annual Junior olym- now he t pics held in Patterson Park, Ba!- rirnore. Ed was also undefonl breast strolrn ' mcezv 'L A Ute 'IJ I boys, -Ed' F1 . IS S31 Setting 151 7 7 54 3 9 vw ed en ting r X! 52 Q P X Q 5 ul' jeu fupw gS?lfl,6!Ql'lf 0U8l"I'll'l'lel'lf The primary purpose of the student government at A.H.S. is to develop good citizenship by furthering our knowledge of democracy and by observing the principles of good government in its proceedings. Besides this basic purpose, the student government this year, has sent CARB pack- ages, corresponded with Japanese students, contributed to the welfare of a Korean or- phan, and sponsored the 'cHomecoming" week-end. In order to help keep the cafeteria in a satisfactory condition, an efhcient clean- up campaign was organized and put into effect. The student government members were hosts to the guests coming to A.H.S. for the Bellamy Flag Awards assembly and the exchange assembly. The proceeds of the annual produc- tion of Stunt Night are set aside to finance the activities of this organization, which is the foundation of our school life. Left to right: Lucia Barnes, 7'rw1vure1',' Bill Vanous, Vive-p1e.xz1le1zl.' Ann Stoekett, SL'L'l'8ffll'J',' Bob Seible, President, Raw I: J. Fisher, S. Marston, R. Holt, KI. Klawans, W, Baxter, P. Martin, C. Horton, B. lluller, S. Byrne. Row 2: D. Titus, B. Callahan, B. Verge, lf, Rofenbloom, I". Farber, L. Y. Metre, G. Stein, l'. Kallis, M, U'Cain. Row 3: I. Talinan, D. Dieln-y, N. W'ayson, B. Chambers. 58 Bvforc' the Student Gov:-rnlnvnt c-lcvtions Comf- thv Campaign ff-aturvs postrrs in the halls likr- thc ones picture-d bm-low. rw o u E9 K'Now 'Duke' how do you ple-acl?", asks Bob Sfible who prcsiclcs at tho me-etings of the Studrnt Court. Ann Stockvtt, su-atm-d in bavkgrouncl, takc-s notes on thc' meetings. Row I: C. W'ays0n, M. Mcxtcalf, P. Duvall, N. Hamilton, M. A. Potty, R. Finklvstcin, B. A. Hopkins, D. Purdy, Bless. Row 2: A. Biglcr, P. Olson, F, Dodson, D. Langley, B. Sh:-rm-r, R. YN'atson, N. Chambers, L. Svwcfll, Bcfrry. Row fi: P, Joines, A. Richards, B. Flrnhagr-n. 59 y CUB RE PQ DRTERS Row I: D. Eskridgx-, J. Bvardmorc-, S Bauc-r, P. Eskvw, W. Bzixtvr, M. Pur dy, Brashcars, N. Wright, . Shir-lds, . J S. Groscxclosv. Row 2: C. Caldwz-ll T. Srhlc-y, P. Kallis, F. Brvacly, E Goodhuc, K. Strauus, C, cllllIIN'T, REG ULAR RE PORTERS Row 1.' D. Morgvnstvrn, M. Bird, Russrlll, V. Clarkcf, K. Cullinanc, P. Join:-5, I. Ungar, M. La-vvnsohn. Row 2: B, Svhoczlt, S. Howv, E. Max, L. 9X ,054 Rossvc, H. Srhickv, H. Millard, R. ' Milvto. l 60 BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: S. MrNf-w, J, Day, I. Ungar, Manzlgvr D. Basil, M, Lrvvn- sohn, Mr. R. Olson, Advise-rg K. Ball- man, H. Srhir-ke, J. Bvardmorc-, E. Goodhuv. The builders of the 'Tally-Hoi' throughout the year pour forth a wealth of inspiration, originality, journalistic ability and hours of labor to produce a prize win- ning school paper. Much thought, planning, and super- vision by the editors and the adviser pre- cede each of the eight issues. Mary Gin- gras, News editor, turns A.H.S. upside- down for "scoops", while Pat Duvall, Sports editor, pushes the school's new ath- letic pursuits. Nancy Stevens, Feature ed- itor, and Nancy Wfetherhold, Associate ed- itor, collect reviews, interviews and any other views which might be of interest. All these ideas are 'fhashed overi' at the regular lVednesday afternoon sessions and are laid out meticulously on each edi- tor's page plan. Then the stories are turn- ed over to the reporters. 0 ae 92 92 S92 Q2 92 92 :iz 35 592 92 :iz :iz fl N' UI' pallief Row I: M. Gingrass, News edi- tor, P. Duvall, Sports editor, S. MeNew, Assist. sports editorg E. Kotzin, Art editor: H. Gould, Assist. editor. Row 2: V. Clarke, Local News editor: F. Rosen- bloom, Photographer, Mrs. H. McKamey, Adviser: M. Gates, Editor-in-Chief, N. Wetherhold, Assoc. editor, A. Bailey, Ex- change editor, N. Stevens, Fea- ture editor. l'Vhen the flood of finished products pours in, copyreading, typing and head- lining are accompanied by groans from the editors who occasionally exclaim, 'fEverything's ruined ll, With arms full of copy and a head harboring a multitude of confused direc- tions for the printer, Margie Gates, editor- in-chief, leaves for the Evening Capital of- fice. There is no rest in the hearts of the staff until the galley proofs are read, cor- rected and the dummy sheets are pasted up, a job which often causes many revis- ions in the page editor,s careful blue print and makes for a nerve racking afternoon. But when they are finished, everyone has a satisfied, contented feeling which lasts un- til the next issue. 6l In September, Hlled with enthusiasm and bursting with ideas, we, the staff, dug into the hard work which lay ahead. We knew we had only one chance to prove our worth. the issuing of HThe 342 1954 'IXIALLQ PATRON AND ADX'ER'l'ISING C1OMMl'I"I'EES, Row 1: M, Culliinore, E. Latimer, J. Russell, L Sears, P, Lamb, Day, M, Miller, L. Barnes, L. Bc-all. Row 2: R. Pr-ddivord, I, Hinshaw, H, Labo vitz, M. lownsley, S. Kc-rr, M. Christe-nson, B. Fill man, N, Stevens, M. L2lI'I'lIllOI't', N. Mt'Knew, B. lliushaw. Row fi: P, Miller, L. Mtllrone, A. Cloil, B, Phillips, B. Seible, Currier, Gilda-ri ADVISERS, left to light: Mrs. M, Kin- hart, Finaneialg Mr. F. Augustine, Art: Miss R. Longant-ck:-r, Literary, Mrs. M. Rogers, Photography. Wake", our yearbook. Our goal now reached, we view our volume of memories proudly, remembering the work and co-operation which laid its foundation and completed its pages. CIRCL'LA'l'lON AND TYPING COMMI'l"llEES, Row l.' S. lVIellic'harnpe, P, Lamb, M. Larrimore, R. Stumph, B. Owens, L. Berry, I. Hinshaw, B. Fill man, L. Hunter, M, Levensohn. Row 2: M. Metcalf, B. Sterling, M. Culliniore, N, MeKnew, P. Blaher, C, Mosely, K. Ballman, C. W'ayson, B. VVood, Hall, C, Thomas. fflill' ff: P. Martin, S Byrne, P, Anderson, A. Bigla-r, L. Beall, R, Mile-to, P. Strec-tt, L, Clark, I, Lngar. Row I: M. E. Hopkins, Patron 4-clitol' E. Kotzin, Busin:-ss IIlllIlElgff'I'1 E, Dn- vis, Art vditor. Roni' 2: A. Stork:-tt, Chivf typisti D. Rvrry, Asfiovizxtc vil- itorz E. Max, Editor-in-rhie-f: Y Cook, Sc-nior Class Q-ditor, Row ff: W Phillips, Circulation nianagvri Mm! Nvw, L'ndz'rClaSs z-ditor: N. Hamil- ton, Avtivitivs vfliforz R, Brown Sports editor. Hou' 4: P. Mill:-r 5 Makc'-up L-ditor: D, Morgcnst:-rn, Jun- ior cxditor: E. Etzle-r PllOtOQI'2lJl1V vali- , . I , tor. Not .Yll0lL'7l.' Mzirtiri, Llll'I'2lY'Q editor. Litvrury :incl Art QOIIIIIIIIU 1 xr Q Son ou L l hIl1lIl Goodhum-, M lrtln L ui ny Editor I L nqir R hnklmstc in M Lcunsohn C Gil nu! Wv. Various. Rau 9 urnu 1 J s cars 1 irc r Clbs 1 M:-ridith, E.Murch1k1 C Moscly Shuldi K ullininc R Li i R M o N Stu: x E, L4-rrh, M. C ms B H. Sf'l1lt'kt', R01 llfl uxi arls owe wr B1'l'ilClj', Daly I Schly P llopk J Hr con 2 W0 punnin . . . r . . . in ge A 9 Pla 9 I0 Row I: R. Phillips, I. Talrnan, B. Pulsifcr, F. ROSL'llDl0OII1, P, Duvall, W. Vanous, W. Phil- lips, K. Egan. Row 2: A. Stock:-tt, R. Mill-to, B. Fillmzxn, E. Etzl:-r, Row fi: C. Cudcll, D. Mumford, S. McNew, N. Stvvcfns, D. Evcry, L, Barncs, Mr. J. C. Rogc-rs. Row 4: K:-rr, N. Wethvrhold, P. Hopkins, P. Anderson, K. Ballman, C. Thoinas, J. Tc-rry. Row 5: E. Kot- zin, M. Gatos, M. Cullimorm-, C. Wayson, A. Biglc-r, R. VVz11s1on. Row fi: L. Thomas, F. Carlson, N. Zick, R. Brown, B. Wood, L. Clark. Row 7: L, Mcllrons-, P. Millvr, E. Kuutz, D. Klimfis, E. Max. Row 8: B. Pnlmvr, V. Cook, E, Davis, J. Currivr, C. Brzxslivars, A. Cauflrnan. Not shown: J. Martin. gfamc Squad .fgncl Woniford To maintain order in our school is the job of the Traflic and Monitor Squads. School interest, average or above grades and approval by the faculty are the re- quirements for the seniors on the Traffic Squad. Captain Bill Phillips, First Lieutenant Bill Vanous, Second Lieutenants Betsy Pul- sifer, Ibra Talman and Bob Phillips, and Sergeants Fred Rosenbloom, Ken Egan and Pat Duvall are responsible for keeping the Traflic Squad running smoothly. Mr. J. C. Rogers is the faculty adviser. Heading the Monitor Squad, which consists entirely of sophomores, is Betty Ann Hopkins with Sue Case as her First Lieutenant. This smaller group is on duty during the first lunch period. It is the experience gained on these squads which will help us as adults to un- derstand and follow the rules and regula- tions of our city, state, and nation. Left to right: P. Martin, M. Snyder, C. Smith, F. Ducfkett, B. Cox, M. Moreland, S. Case, B. Hopkins, Mr. E. Hcrklotz, C. Caldwell, G. Bausum, L, Brown, M. Levensohn, C. Eley, M. Wheeler, L, Cass, B. Britton, B, Coleman, L. Chaney, Campbell, C. Logan. 65 ol? Pdf? . Ol' MLPQIQCQ . . Left to right: D. Mumford, S. MeNew, M, West, D, King, J. Wagoner, MARY ANN ROGERS S, Bice, L. Montalbana, D, Donaghue, M, Hudson, R, Ogle. Librarian Books build character. Through them we are able to learn skills and assimilate good qualities. Trained by Mrs. M. Rogers, Librari- an, students learn the fundamentals of op- erating our school library. Student assist- ants are Robert Ogle, Official Card cata- loger and Filing clerk, Dorothy Mumford and Michael West, Shelving and Desk clerks, Sue Bice, clerk in charge of overdue slips, and Anna Muhle, assistant in charge of revising the vertical Hles. Sherry Mc- New arranges cards and shelves books, while Gloria Swantek clips papers. Seated behind the desk are John Wag- oner, Lucille Montalbana, Marilyn Hud- son, and Doris King. Office assistants, left to right: Herzog, S, Hall, P. Streett, L. Thomas, L. Clark. 66 , onor ociefg Thc building hlocks of charactcr, lccad- crship, scholarship, and scrvicc arc placcd onc with anothcr in thc proccss of dcvclop- ing good citizcnship. 'l'hc organization which furthcrs this dcvclopmcnt is thc' Honor Socicty. This ycar thc Honor Socicty cxpancl- cd its scopc of intcrcsts to includc, on thc "t intCY-national IUVC1 this proicctg of tht. Svrlfvrl: Bvtsy Pulsill-1', l,i'n-sialrnl, Sflllllllllgf Nan Unitcd Nations Youth. and. on thc local -'frfllfiwok,SH'1'1'1211'vv lcvcl. to our school: ushcring at musical cvcnts. sclling candy at gamcs and partici- pating in Stunt Night. Non' If H. PLllIIlt'l', lf. ll0S1'IllJl00IIl, N. xYt'lllK'I'l1Olll, D, lXIUI'g1'flSU'I'Il. Ron' 2: .X Built-y, .X. Stock:-tt, P. Duvall, E. Davis. lfflli' ff: Y. Clark, M. Galt-gs, N. Stl-Yvns, li. l,ulsifcr, U. Clooli, L. lVl4'CI1'oi14'7 E. Mzix. Ron' -It CIA NAUZIYSOII, Mi's, llK'IlIyl'll2l llaipclitt-i', .'Xflx'isoi'1 l'l. litfli-1, IQ. Wi-rntv, N12l1'llIl,IJ,KllIIli'S. 67 Str-u-ns, Xllfi'-IJI't'Sl1.ll'I1lI lfrvtl Rust-nlmlooin, ll.I't'.lSlIl . V7 57. fx if fx . wg, A A my gk? W " 'sx 5 V is P 'Q W ,Q iV'4.'a N .3 at ' k fx Q? A QE 5 K . , 'fi L, W K fi Q iw at H X" an EV Af W Q 1 ' 5 4 , M v , V ., if gi? 1 xi ':' A . 5 ,ae m vi A hy" V W AL A Arm? A ' gk L V ,.A' 'SE I Q' , A Q3 L SA' 5 ,,2k ' A , , - Q f if -I Q " AL m y A A 1, V 7 I Ark .:.:::. i hlli 5? ,.A. Q MW, i gf gi A , 1 J 1 my 1 EQ gr, A if J A-,if-f 1 6 fi W -mf X xy I I .1 Ji :L LIL LI: I I I J-. LIL LI: Ji LI . LQ LI4 ik LI . LIL J- - I I I 1 LI: LI4 LIL I I - I I f LI: LI4 15- LI- -Ig rmenfing - I I J. - I - I LI- LIQ LIL LIQ '04 LI J. LI I I LI4 L I LI J- I I , 4' ff ,F II, HI pI. LI LI4 I iI- 4 I I I I I I I -F fgcfiuifiezi 70 Dancers gather on ivy-eovt-rr-d tc'rrac'e Distant skyline is seen from unior rom Aided by the tools of sweet music and starry-night decorations, we and our favor- ite dancing partners built lasting memories and friendships at our Junior Prom. After the junior Class Executives had drawn blueprints, we formed decoration, refreshment, chaperone and orchestra com- mittees for the foundation. As months of planning and revising, cutting, pasting and telephoning, passed, this ballroom under the stars. we could sec the building, Our Prom, rise around its cornerstone, 'cYou and the Night and the Musicf' On the night of May 29, the guests en- tered our building and found themselves in the pink and blue ballroom of a terraced hotel. The lilting tempo of the f'Men of Notew and the lure of gala refreshment ta- bles created an unforgettable atmosphere. Having closed thc doors on our starry night, wc knew this was one building of our dreams that would never crumble. Couples dance to theme, "You and the Night and the' Ml1fill'... 7 I The Honor Society's rendition of 'cMellerdramer', won them First prize in the annual presentation of Stunt Night. bythe f'F0ur Sharper. Second and third prizes were captured by the dance band and the "Four Sharps", respectively. 4 'Dragnetw is rendered Given honorable mention were Span- ish dancer, Janice Klawans, the "Junior , , . ' Pa shouts for his dinner ln the skit "Comm, Round the Mountain". The grease-paint and powder brigade is at work. Sakai fl, pdf? Hero and villain prepare to "assault" each other. H ,Shui We l .., Five Strangers and "HarveyH make music mountain style. Th? AIH-Sl usunday SHC- naders" make their debut. Rockettesw with their interpretation oi c'Papaya Mamaf, the Tally-Ho play, "Comin' Round the Mountain" and "Har- veyf' accompanied by the Five Strangers. Faculty directors were Miss Dorothy Noble and Mrs. Christiana Alexander. PHL Jerry and 5-QUY get ho Student directors were Bud Vanous and Bob Scible, who also acted as Emcee. with "Jersey Bounce". 72 42 , Q E X, 9 W Ms 3 V W-14' , , bvvi-bl 5 .42 9 21 I, If W XS W 44401. 1 5 ' ' X ,if ,ffff in Reverend Clyde Straub delivers Thanksgiving message. Assisting him in the program are Pat Miller and Ann Stockett. UeI"g0l'le fax, njog Providing education, inspiration and entertainment, our assemblies this year have broadened our horizons, helping to fill out a well-rounded curriculum. The Reverend Mr. Clyde Straub, in his Thanksgiving message, awakened in us an appreciation for the every day luxuries which are too often taken for granted. Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" was dramatized by members of the assem- bly committee. Margaret Mitchell presents Mr, Fowble with the United States flag while Mr. David Bellamy and Governor Me- Keldin look on. Q ,K-sw 5 , Q .al 3 -is, WI 'W 74 - Assembly Comrnitteeflfow I: C. Thomas, B. Wood, Mrs. MeKamey, I, Talman, Miss Cox, V. Clarke, J. Hebbard. Row 2: P. Miller, A. Stoekett, R. Scherer, D. Russell, R. Callahan. Student Government Candi- dates, left to right: L. Barnes, L. McCrone, B. Pul- sifer, A, Stockett, B. Phil- lips, Emcceg I, Talman, F. Rosenbloom, B, Scible, B. Vanous. Ghost of the Future shows Scrooge his grave. Through the Honor Society induc- tion, recognition was shown to those who had achieved scholastic success. Athletic leaders were honored in three awards as- semblies. The costume and make-up commit- tees, services were indispensable in the presentation of the various assembly pro- grams. Enabling us to see the enactment of the things we had read in our books, the visual aids committee contributed much to a better understanding of our work. drfenlgfg I"0gl'CLl'l'l6 Visual Aids Committee, left to right: J. Hickman, Currier, E. Etzler, Talley, J. Thomas, F. Bottner, D. Partlett, L. McKillips, E. Fusco. 75 ufiic .fdrwl ibancing ........... Mac-stro Pugr and his budding symphony orfhcstra. Bunny Hop adds zest to first dancin- of yrar. Social comniittec IIl?II1bl'1'S dress-up the cafcteriu ,MA nfoyec! jhem Kam Tiinv for thc- fun to bvgin! . i Soft lights ancl swcvt inusic' inakc- Val:-ntinc Fornizll IIll'IIl0I'l1lJll'. if -1 J. -Mmm... f. i.. X Sorial Committr-0 Planning Group. Seated: R, Milvto, P. Millvr, I. Talman, L. Mcllronc. Standing, left to right: M. Wilsinan, E. Ln-rsh, E, Davis, A. Coil, C. Cook, A. Nelson, N. Wlayson, A. Biglvr, Hn-bbarcl. 77 'cThe House of Vengeancen, a three-act mystery drama, was chosen by the Senior Play Selection Committee for their annual presentation. The play concerns a cantank- erous old lady - the richest woman in the state-who dies very mysteriously, thereby raising the question - who killed her, and how? Included in the cast were Evelyn Max as Harriet Parker, a wealthly spinster, Bob Scible as Hugh Parker, the nephew Harriet adores, Dale Every as Myra Holmes, Har- riet's widowed sister, Bill Phillips as Webs- ter Holmes, Myra's son, Lillian McCrone as Gladys Thomas, Harrietis maid, Pat Miller as Amelia Fraser, the next door neighbor, Susanna Kerr as Joyce Chandler, a glamorous actress, Fred Rosenbloom as Inspector Jack Williams of the Homicide Squad, Albert Caufman as Dr. Maynard Brooks, a young physician, and Walter Hawes as Roger Gifford, a vacuum cleaner salesman. Senior Play Selection Committee: Row I: Mrs. H. McKamey, Mrs. M. Kinhrirt, M. Gates, D. Every, E. Max. Row 2: Mr. R. Olson, P. Hopkins, L. McCrone, B. Brown, D. Titus. Not Shown: A. Coil, Chairman, C, Way- son. enior' jdezilaianri .gil jdeir nnua! lorerienfafion Hugh and Webster break the ice with a handshake. "That will teach you to talk back to mel' Roger Giffords demonstrates a vacuum for the unimpressed Harriet Parker. Joyce Chandler, Hugh's girl friend, meets the formidable Harriet, Inspector Williams points an accusing finger at Miss Harrietls sister, Myra. Oh! She fainted! Dr. Brooks and next door neighbor, Amelia Fraser, hover over the maid, Gladys. Lighting and Sound Committe: Left to right: D. Weston, R. Walkling, M. West, Chairman, D. McLean, D. Paea, J. Day. 78 .jg S , i RN . , 'qfwrzi .,-5 SX X H1-" Q 2 355255 1181, I k I SW' iizimf 5512225 - ff ', ,A.,:fT . f Q W ' W Q if P, I ,gi Mu. Y A V ,ff 1, wi 1 Lxf Q? S ,, .swIBlsufwwz9:5.sf 4 ,MA Comginevf Um' udica! jadnfa ..... The small daughter of the Count of Arnheim, Austria, is kidnapped by a band of gypsies led by their Chieftain, Devilshoof. After twelve unsuccessful years of search- ing for Arline, the Count accidentally hnds her when she is brought before him, accus- ed of stealing. A young Polish exile, Thad- deus, and she are betrothedg but the gypsy queen jealously objects to their marriage. Nevertheless, she consents to the marriage of the two and Arline is jubilantly reunited with her father. Tr plot thiekens as Mr. Seenery designers strive to Applying war-paint and as- Kunkle attcmpts to unravel attain an atmosphere of fill- senibling attire are the ob- the mystery for the chorus. tht-ntieity. jeets oi these K'UIIlIlllU.l'l'S. Adding to the beauty of the operetta were the dances of Vicki Clark and Lynn Gass. Accompaniment was provided hy David Kearse and Diane Dickey. This colorful musical-dramatic pro- duction was offered by the combined choruses of A.H.S. under the direction of Mr. R. F. Kunkle and Mrs. V. Dickenson who directed the libretto. Pat Miller and Cindy Black, student directors, deserve Credit for their hard work and patient helpfulness. Q Q 0 . . . . . . E QAOLIMCQ QQQIAQHCL 'lihe long lost .Xrline is reunited with The gypsy qiies-ii, surrounded by her her father after a twelve-year ali- band, apolouiifts to lflort-nstein. SHIRT. Lmwmxsw Wzt13 vi' M -A Q .1 .WW vs gi' 'W 4. Q x A, ,,,,. . , J- 10: gf ,,, F :iz il: if: LU: go f Q , f , LL I 9 ,F Q UE it 93 9: :fi , . , gl L , Q , Tf TE 'L 1 TA v 711 J. , ' , IE , A TE ,5 , F Tsf 542 E" qw 741 rerienfin N4 fob EE 92 92 4 Q 5 EE f e, EQ gt at at LU L94 LL ,. ,,, .,x ,,, ,. ,. ,. ,, ,,, , A K ,,. rp IE J: J: LF- sf fl at gt gt LW: gt J- fn fied Around the border, CUUIHK7'-Cl0CkZUi.YHf V. Arrigo, Annlvrmorx, F. Carlson, WY. Hawvs, D Holmc-s, D. Mc'Nvw, D. Pam, CI. Ililtibidlv, A. La-itrh, D, LIZIHZIIIZIII, G, Clnttvrton, B. Brown E. Wolod. Mwwwwbf wwbwHGGm Cm 'f 1 s V ' 7 ks , W ' xy ,V A 'E Y 3 f . Row One: Coarhing Staff Mr. J. Orr, Mr. N. W4-th:-rhold: Manager J. Spangler, L. White, J. Decker, W. Addington, N. Nimes, C. Catterton, F. Carlson, R. Bc-all, D. Holmes, R. Calla- han, Manager R. Decker. Row Two: C. Horton, R. Taylor, K. Orr, T. Sehley, W. Flanna- gan, W. Stoinoil, D. Lee, Anderson, W. Hawes, W. Dunaway, E. Reekner, R, Skordas, A. Leitch, D. MeNew, Manager C. We-rntz. Row Three: R. VVollman, C. Millard, C. Mott, J. Zadera, C. Hiltabidle, R. Brown, P. Olson, B. Philips, WV, Palmer, U. Johnson, E. VVol0d, R. Jordan, V. Arrigo, G, Martin, K. Cullinane, R. Callahan. Q no E. 5 U: f f C? 5? Ill o "Fi F' 'W E. :s : J: FP if ? T napolis High School football squad opened its '53 season by downing Frederick 20-12 on September 26. Next the Panther Pack crushed Cambridge by a 21-7 tally. Then, hampered by injuries and the blacklist, the team's promising winning streak was nipped in the bud as they drop- ped the next Five straight. The most painful of these losses was a 6-U defeat by arch rival Saint Mary's whom they played for the Hrst time in the history of the two schools. On offense the team's leading lights were Ronnie jordan, Al Leitch, Fred Carl- son, Gus Skordas, Dick Callahan, and Dick Titus. Heading the defense were Gordon Catterton, Jim Anderson, Charles Hilta- bidle, Dan MeNew, Gary Martin, Dave Paea and Bob Brown. 85 Sgr? 9041 Q QWQQMQAQP 1052 CLITLQJ ff" " ww -wwwwww-1m:f1Q1Qi?s1vA2L- 'mia D x X ff" N , - ', udic .xdncl .7Le Qrfi W-H vepqiiuu nv-Q-www"-1-'-'HW'-'1 r---4-' "1 Y"' lfzfhm 88 Wlithin our building lies the unforget- table memory of our Homecoming week- end. The Homecoming Hop launched the weekend as football spirits shifted to the feet of enthusiastic dancing partners. In a peppy football atmosphere, alumni and undergrads rocked and swayed to the gay beat of the Jazzettes. Climaxing the eve- ning was the honoring of our Homecoming Queen and her court. Whetted spirits burst forth on Satur- day afternoon, as, under a gray autumn sky, the A.H.S. football eleven clashed with the Elkton contingent. Although they fail- ed to halt their opponentis drives, our Pan- thers showed fighting spirit and determina- tion. Our Homecoming, with its Hop and game, gave returning alumni opportunities to hold reunions and to stroll the buildings and grounds of A.H.S. "A queen is crowned!" Tense moments fill home- coming game. Top loft: N. Zick. Top right: M. E. Hopkins. Cen- ter: Peggy Anderson. Lower right: P. Hopkins. Lower left: A. Stockett. X fff. f'. I g, C? 9 O X U Y ff . f""4 XV. ,I ,2 7 - '-.- 'L 1 f,:',.lQ,,f' K A 'xxqli '6 gf ,XXV 89 '-4"-l'-'Cf1'3CJ'Jb4 PUUHOCDOVJ S i U t A F D Row One: L. Stuller, D. Kent, D. Hubbard, Coach C. Rogers. Row Two: T. Baker, R. Whittington, F. Farber, B. Walston, T. Grose. Row Three: P. Wlzishington, E. Peacock, D. Sears, A. Hall, Taylor, Bellam. Row Four: M. Ford, F.. Kofli, D, Langley, J. More- land. Row Five: Manager W. Brewster, J. Johnson, Thomas, P. Wlisernan, VV. Boswell, Carrick, D. Caracofe. The Annapolis High soccer team, coached by Mr. C. Rogers, ended its 1953 season with two ties and five defeats. The Panthers were better than their rec- ord indicates, because they had some games that were real "toughies" which could have gone either way. Donald Kent and Daniel Hubbard were Co-captains of the Annapolis High eleven. 90 Spearheading the Panther's attack were Daniel Hubbard and Milton Ford while Donald Sears, Walt Boswell and Donald Kent were sgtandouts on defense. Other players turning in fine per- formances the whole season were Bob Wfal- ston, Fred Farber, John Bellam, Lou Stul- ler and the goalie, Jimmy Carrick. Mr. Rogers, the Paclis hne coach, is to be congratulated on a job well done. D0n't bc bashful fellows! Danny ul'lP?lClS., thr' ball! 'iShucks, missrd! I'll get you nf-xt timvl" Southern Arundel Glen Burnie Lackey 'lOh, my sorf nogginlv RECGRD Opp. A,H.S. 1 1 2 O 1 1 1 0 2 O 1 O 2 0 unior 'ljamifg gadlfefgaf Displaying excellent teamwork and good coaching, the A.H.S. Junior Varsity com- piled one of the Hnest records in recent years by winning 14 games and losing only 5. of the best teams ever to be developed in this area and turned back their foes 14 times. Trouncing such teams as Easton, Lackey, St. Maryls, Bel Air, Suitland, and Arundel, the J.V. Pack was definitely a credit to the school. The team bowed only to Bladensburg, Glen Burnie, and Arundel during the entire 53-54 campaign. scoring department by accumulating 164 points for a 9.1 average, while Buster Dun- away accounted for 136 markers to acquire a 7.1 average. SCHEDULE OPP Easton .................... 35 34 Lackey .,....... ..... 2 0 42 The Panthers competed against some St. Mary,S ---,-- -.-- 2 7 23 Southern ........ ..... 1 6 20 Bel Air ....... ..... 3 9 40 Cambridge .... ..... 3 5 46 Bladensburg 53 Chuck Gold paced the Panthers in the Glen Burme 44 Suitland ..... ..... 5 4 Arundel ....... ..... 3 O 31 Row one: Coach N. Wetherhold, S. Duxal, S, I' h, W. Boswell, B. Dunaway, B, Walston, F. Avery, Managers B, Sherer, E. Knickman. Wim CQ HS wi Q cn" D-F1 75 'T fl-bi' :s 'D J-s 39 'Q 2 un. U Po N s: :T O W: F rn 'cz S39 :s an F J-s F 2 E '75 n , . ephcr , 1 er. D. 92 Row one: Ji-an Brashears, Mary Wheeler, Margaret Bentley, Bctty Ann Hopkins, Betty McNulty, Lin Cass, Pat Bradshaw. Led by Betty Ann Hopkins, the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders provide pep and spirit throughout the year, for the -I.V. teams. During every Junior Varsity game, their twirling maroon and blue skirts may be seen as they encourage and cheer on their teams. As the ambition of every J.V. Cheer- leader is to one day advance to a Varsity po- sition, they gain as much valuable experi- ence from their days on the J.V. squad as they possibly can. Many of their cheers are similar to those of their 'cbig sistersf' Much credit is due these cheering pret- ties who have helped promote so much school spirit. unior ardifg CAeerAac!er6 The Annapolis High School Varsity Basket- hall Uxlllll. displaying sonle ol the finest playing in the state. eaptured the Coullty Challlpionship and the District Ill Class A Title to vonelude one of the I110St Sl1t't'f'SSlil1l seasons ill the haskethall his- tory of A.H.S. Defeating Clen Burnie in two out ol three ell- eounters gave the Panther quints the County Championship and a l'1'21t'li at the llistriet playollis. Sueeessiye vietories over Howard County and Bel Air crowned Annapolis District Ill CllLlII1IJS and IIlOVCd tllelll on to the state 801211-l'lIl21lS. It was against a solid Allegany live that the Pan- thers dropped the heart breakillg Sttllll-llllkll gllllltx hy two points in the final three seconds. FIUII1 all over the state. despite the loss. Annapolis hoys hrought honor and praise to thelllselyes and to the sehool 1iI'OIIl eoaehes and sports writers who had witnessed the thrilling speetaele. The ICZIIII t'OIIlIJllt'd a total ol' 1135 points. Boh lgI'UVVIl topped the storing t'Olll1YlH with 334 points for 22 :QZIIIIPS giving hinl a 15.2 average. while "Ahio" 'jones was next witll 167 lor a 7.9 average. Blown was also leading seorer ill the eounty with a 13.7 average lol' 7 games. Bob Brown. "Alu llones. and llieli 'l'itus were nallled to the Anne Arundel County All-State 1021111 chosen hy the li0ll1' t'Ol1Il1y sehool haskethglll eoaeh- CS. V A R S IB TA YS K E T B A L L 94 HAII, 'l'1Ili 1JIS'I'RIC'1' III BASKI CHAMPS of ' Easton .,,, llaekey .,..., St. lXfI21l'y,S ., Southern Bel Air Calllhridge Bladenshurg ..,,, .. Glen Burnie Arundel Suitland lloward County ..... 1. Allegany Opp. 38 43 38 40 32 42 26 34 50 62 52 3 1 49 47 46 47 38 40 36 49 55 g-lx JJ 'l'1'BAI,l AHS 40 57 77 47 63 5 7 7 l 66 46 90 66 79 45 43 66 53 61 52 J9 61 51 Pls-asm' lpoullul- my wily! What is it that hc- se-vs in thc' crystal ball Om- more' stn-p and HAlvio" would bv in Eastportl Somvthing's mighty intrrvsting up Il'lt'I't'l Center: Co-captain B, Brown. Row one: D Titus, Co-captain B. Baldrcr, A. Joncs, A. Crosby, B. Davis, D. Callahan, S. Wollman, P. Olson, R. Skordas, C. Horton. Row two: Man- ugcr G, Wrrntz, Coach C, Farhncr, Managcr B. Vrrgr, 95 Entering his second year as head coach of the A.H.S. baseball team, Norwood Wetherhold ex- pects to field a talented nine this season. Combining line skills with the basic funda- mentals of the game, Coach Wetherhold is devel- oping future stars of the baseball world. Some of the returning members of last year's outstanding team include Bob Baldree, Ralph Skordas, Russell Whittington and Albert Leitch. These lettermen will be counted on heavily to use the experience they have gained in past seasons. Among the newcomers are Eddie Southwick, Sid French, Chuck Cold, and -lim Burtis. They are progressing rapidly under the watchful eyes of our baseball mentor. As in previous years, pitching will again be our chief asset. Many eyes will be turned to Albert Leitch and 'lliunkyu George, who is remembered for his uno hitter" against Howard County last season. Milton Ford and Ronald Doub are among the other L'moundmen,'. The catching duties will bc divided among Mickey Skipper, Bill Lehman and Walt Boswell. V A i E R S I T Y B A S E B A L L 96 As another baseball season gets under way, the Panthers of A.H.S. take to the field determined to better the records of their predecessors. SCHEDULE MARCH! 30 ....... ....... C alvert CountyfHome APRIL! 6 ....... ....... C alvert CountyfAway 9 ....... ....... H oward CountyfHome 14 .Y..... ....... F orest ParkAAway 20 ....... ....... H oward County4Away 22 ....... ....... S outhernfHome 29 ..,,,.. ....... A rundel-fAway 30 ....... ...... S herwood-Away MAY- 6 ....... ....... G len Burnie-Away l 1 ..,.... ....... L ackey-Home 13 ...,... ....... S outhernfAway 18 ....... ....... L ackeyfAway 20 ....... ...,... A rundel4Home 27 ....... ..........,.. G len BurniefHome Closing thcir '54 sc-zison with an cxpccitcd hard- fought tusscl with Glcn Burnic. ninc scniors will turn in thi-ir Varsity Lzicrossv uniforms, For thcsc seniors it will not only ho thvir last lacrosse ganiv. but it will also hc thc last high school athletic cxcnt in which tlicy will hc' ahlc to tzikf' an zictivc part. Rcprcscnting thc Scnior Class are .lim An- dvrson. Dukc Holnics. and Charley Hiltahidle on attack. Dick Titus at Inid-field. lioh Phillips, Gor- don Czittvrton and Dave Paca on dvfvnsv. and liill Vunous in thc goalie position. XVhilc' the graduation of thc nina' scniors nicn- tioncd uhoxc is certain to lcavc a noticcahlc gap in ns-xt yvzifs squad. roturning stars such as Don Kvnt. lioh Callahan. Gvnc Rcckner. Ronny .lor- dzxn. liuzzy lN'uinwright. and Charlir' Horton gin' proinisc of ll solid '55 train, Taking L1 close-r peck at the squad ol' '55 shows rcturning zrttzickinvn .lc-rry Vanous. Dick Hopkins and Frank Dohson. whilc Cary Martin, Bustor Dunztway, and liill Stoinolli will return to mid- held. For dvfcnss' 'Foni Baker will he hack, with Pvtv Olson rcturning as goaliv. SCHEDULE MARCH 215 --,-A llulldkllli-'-l'l0IIlC 26 ,,,,, ,,,,,, C hzirlottcx Hall-f-Away 150 7,Y,, ,,,,,, F orvst Park- Horns' APRIL 2 ,,,,, ,,,,,, S pzirrows Point 'Away 9 ,,,., ,,,,,, C ilfxTllSL1I'I'1lP' Hornv NIAY- ff 4 ,,,,, ,,,,,, S t. lVI21I'y,S Homo 7 .,,.. ....,. C Ihzirlottv H21ll"'Hf5llll' I4 ,,,,, ,7,,,7 G lon llUI'HlC- Away Rau' one: Couch CI. l"z1rhncr, 'lf Baker, Y. Vanous, B, Phillips, B, Ringlc, Dickson, P. Rus- scll, D. Ke-nt. Hou' two: E, Rc-ckncr, Andcrson, C. Hiltzllxidlc, VV. Pzilincr, C. Mott, F. Fzirbcr, G, Wcrntx. Rau' three: D. Titus, G. Nlzirtin, P. Olson, CI. Horton, F. Dobbs, B. lN'11in- wright. Rau' ffllllf E. Knickrnun, YY. Addington, YY, Dunawuy, B. Harris, B. Bc-all, YY, Stoin' oil, D, Puczx, R, Cizxllzihnn. Razz' fire: D. Holnics, B. Bzildrc-c, R. Jordan, Millcr, J. llnrris, B. Cinllzlhun, Ron' six: Y. Arrigo, A. Crosby, D, Paulson, Join:-S, WP EV:-ry, G. Mill:-i, fl, Ilznnilton. Rolf' .iez'mz.' M. Tzllhot, Thonizis, Yzinous, D. Hopkins, L. Ccorgc. V A R S I T Y L A C R O S S E Q7 F' 13 UW WML . . . ef .Sli Kneeling: L. Whit:-. Row I: Coavh W, Wvthvrhold, B. Sh:-wr, D. P Coach C. Farhncfr, Row 2: L. Stullf-r, V. Hall. Row 3: Sharp J Lugum, R. Jordan. Eowfef CAA Row one, left to right: M. Hudson, KI, Brush:-ars, N. Riddl:-hc-rgcr, R, Finklest:-in, B Palmer, P. joines, Row two: R. Lajoye, R. Hall, M. L:-vinsohn, J. Rosenblooni C. Fisher A. Nelson. Row three: B. Pulsifer, D. Mumford, R. Page, P. Kallas, J, Baldrev. Roni four: P. Dobbs, B. Coleman, R. Metzger, B, Vanous, A, Stockn-tt, Campbell, Rott' fire. B. Ric-d, P. Alb:-rtsen, B. Shepherd, B, Brewster, S. Thomas, Mr. C. Rogers. The Booster Club, with Mr. Calvin Rogers as adviser, was organized at the bc- ginning of the 1953-554 school year. Pro- moting school spirit and helping at sche- duled sports events are the purposes of this new and efficient organization. The officers are Mary Ann Petty, Prcsidentg Pat Kallis. Vice-Presidentg and Barbara Palmer, Sec- retary-Treasurer. NIARY AN N Pb:'r'i'x Presirlent 99 , ' 'A .' 4 Although the county championship in fieldball was taken this year by the Lady Gophers from Glen Burnie, the A.H.S. Las- sies ended a winning season with a record of four wins and two losses. The girls twice defeated Southern High and Arundel High. However, they were not able to down their arch rivals Glen Burnie. Coach Anne Halliwell was well pleas- ed with the showing of the team. The girls worked hard and displayed line footwork, speed and, above all, good sportsmanship. Nancy Zick and Connie Dennis, the teamis co-captains, are to be commended for their leadership on the Held. The usual starting lineup consisted of forwards: Nancy Zick, Betsy Pulsifer, Bet- ty Fillman, Joan Como, and Jean Tryon, halfbacks: Peggy Streett, Mary Lou More- land, and Norma Riddleberger, fullbacks: Janet Hinton and Connie Dennis, goalie: Mary Rhodes. Other squad members who also saw a lot of action were: Pat Kallis, Beverly DiMaggio and Lynn Brown. IOO lefdgaf Row I: N. Riddleberger, M. Moreland, Try- on, N. Zick, P. Streett, B, Fillman, M. Rhodes, J. Como. Row 2: L. Brown, B. Dimaggio, Campbell, A. Rowe, E. Homberg, P. Kallis, B. Pulsifer, D. Klimes, Hinton. Row 3: Man- ager S. Kintberger, S. Nowatnick, I. Ungar, L. Brown, J. Baldree, L. Keatly, M. Pennington, P. Strause, J. Kent, Manager B. Phillips, Coach A. Halliwell. SCHEDULE Opp. Annapolis Southern 10 16 Southern 6 lb Arundel 7 9 Arundel 2 5 Glen Burnie 7 2 Glen Burnie 6 2 exlzlocgeg Row One: P, Martin, P. Callahan, K. Ballman, Nl. liufare, M. jones, I.. Beall, B. Norwoizml. D. Purdy, C. VVolfe, C. Webb, M. Bramble, F. Bosley. Row Two: C. Elley, B. Leitch, Haines, S. Carpenter, D, Baker, J. Langston, Coach I. Koshlap, M. Boettcher, L, Gass, Klakring, D. Morgengiern, P. Martin, L. Haas, S. Groseclose. SCHEDULE Opp. Annapolis Catonsville 4 0 Howard County l 0 Howard County 5 l Arundel l 3 Glen Burnie O l Glen Burnie 0 O St. Maryls Seminary 2 O This fall, Mrs. Irene Koshlap built a commendable hockey team from four re- turning lettermen and a group of inexperi- enced enthusiasts. Although the Panther- ettes won only two games and tied one of a seven game schedule, they acquired much technical skill and developed surprising speed to produce a well co-ordinated team. The leadership and help of the two co-cap- tains Barbara Norwood and Linda Beall contributed to the over all success of the team. Barbara Norwood, leading the offen- sive line, was assisted in the attack by Col- lette Wolfe, Martha Jones, Pat Callahan, and Dale Purdy. Backing up the front line were the three fast halfbacks, Marcina Bramble, Carolyn Webb and Frances Bosley. Katherine Ballman and Linda Beall. stalwarts of the defensive line, assisted Mary Boettcher at the goalie position. Other players who saw action were Janet Klakring, Margaret Eucare, Linda Haas, Doris Morgenstern, Sally Carpenter, Lin Gass, Jackie Haines, Barbara Leitch, and Sarah Jane Groseclose. IOI Turning in their uniforms with a sue- cessful 9 - 2 season behind them, the Pan- therettes, coached by Mrs. Irene Koshlap, may be commended on a job well done. Al- though they were not able to defeat the county champs, Glen Burnie, they put up a spirited light in two games that were real uthrillersw, losing the last one in the second overtime by one basket. Topping the scoring column were co- eaptains "JOB Martin and Betsy Pulsifer with 171 and 109 points respectively. SCHEDULE Opp. Annapolis St. Mary's 25 62 Arundel 20 33 Southern 34 4:3 Howard County 27 51 Arundel 29 60 Glen Burnie 53 44 Southern 35 55 St. Mary's Seminary 38 61 Catonsville 50 56 St. Mary's 16 57 Clen Burnie 49 117 Z?a4Lei6af ll! 'l Cllnifl g Slnnrling: P. Callahan, B. Fillman, D, Purdy, M, Rhodes, Hinton, C, Dennis, Coach I. Koshlap, M. Niehols, L. Sewell, E. Wood, N. Stevens, L, Brown, B. Evans, L. Bc-all. Kneel- ing: Co-captains Martin, B. Pulsifrr. IO2 Coachcd by Mrs. Anne Halliwell, the gap we Gr 5 Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team turned in a fairly successful season. Ham- pered by the loss of last year's first string, the Junior Pantherettes built a fine squad from a few returning lettermen and some ambitious newcomers. Mary Lou More- land did a Hne job in assisting Mrs. Halli- well with the coaching. High scorer was Norma Riddlcberger with 89 points while Joan Berry tallied 74. SCHEDULE Annapolis Opp. ag ' ee Arundel 24 30 St. Maryas 31 40 George Fox 13 39 Howard County 32 33 Arundel 37 27 Row 1. B. French, Riddipbf-mer, L. spring- Glen BUYHIC 24 41 field, M. Moreland, Berry, P, Kallis, B. Di- Hoxvard Cgunty maggio, Lajoye, Coach A. Halliwell, Row 2: C F QP- 3- 5. Rofhling, c. Caldwell, J, Campbell, s. Bauer, ICOYSC OX f f A. Rowe, L, Haas, Langston, L, Brown, L. Glgn Bufnic Shores. IO3 On March 15, the first softball prac- Betsy Pulsifer, Barbara Leitch and Paula tice of the season was called by Coach Straus. Anne Halliwell. With several new girls reporting and the return of ten veterans, the team is looking forward to a successful season. After a few weeks of hard practice, the team expects to plunge into its heavy schedule, holding great hopes for the Coun- ty Championship. Returning lettermen are Peggy Streett, Jean Tryon, Mary Lou Moreland, Leah Brown, Lyn Brown, Phyllis Jones, Pat Du- SCHEDULE April- vau, Linda Beall, Beverly Dimaggio, and 13 -------------- Howard County-AWHY Betty Fiuman. 22 ...,,......... Southern-Home 29 .............. Arundel-Away ,Ianet Hinton, Joan Berry and Colette May- Wolfe, who saw action last year, expect to . su lement that ex erience th' s r'n 6 """"""" Glen Bumle-Away pp p IS pl g' 13 .............. Southern-Away Newcomers who have shown promise 20 .............. Arundel-Home of earning a secure position on the team are 27 .............. Glen Burnie-Home umyraf As spring breezes blow through the Asquith. Other newcomers who are the gym windows, the girls' varsity volleyball reserve strength of the team are Joan team begins setting up its nets, cleaning its Barnes, Mary Lou Boettcher, Betty Britton, volleyballs, and practicing volleys, spikes, Peggy Hones, Leah Mae Sears, Anna Seim, and serves. Volleyball season is on, and the and Eileen Wood. team, strengthened by eight veterans of last Coach Koshlap has tabbed her girls Season and 3 hard Working group of new' a hard-working and earnest team. f'The comers, will launch its 1954 career. girls are Working hard to develop good team work and we are making the County With the returning players holding Ch , h, 13, ampions lp our goa. down the first string positions, the team made its debut against Southern on April The team battles each county op- 22. Of the eight veterans, Hve lettered last ponent twice in its Hght for the Anne Arun- vear. They are Kathy Ballman, Betty Lou del County Volleyball Championship. Evans, Doris Klimes, Connie Dennis, and Nancy Zick. Others who "netted', experi- A .1 SCHEDULE ence last year are Ada Bigler, Mary Lou png S th H Nichols, and Dale Purdy- 29 jijiij 131131 A?Endi313,WZ?e According to Coach Irene Koshlap, May- who is taking the A.H.S. volleyball helm 6 ...... ....... G len Burnie-Away for the Hrst time, the team is backed up 13 ...... ....... S outhern-Away by such "promising newcomers" as Lois 20 ...... ........... A rundel--Home Hilburn, Betty Ann Hopkins, and Beverly 27 ...... ....... G len Burnie-Home IO4 Row I: B, Dinmqgio. Row 2: M. Iviorc-lzxml, IS. Fillnmn Row fi: P Duvall, P. Llilllilhilfly P. S1111-tt. lfozc' fl: D. Bakvr, Grusvclosr-, L. Bvzxll, L. Brown, Hinton. Razz' 5: Bvrry, Cl. W'0lfc', L. Brown, L. Ilxms, Cumpbcll, C, Wcfbln, IIl2lIlZlfll'II Row 6: Cfonrh A. Hzllliwf-ll, P. -Ionvs, R. Euc'zm', P, LHIIIIJ, IW. Jonvs, B. Uwvns. Row I: B. Evans, K. Ballman, D, Purdy, A. Biglc-r, N. Zicfk, Row 2: Manager W. Hubbard, L. Hilburn, M. VVherlfr, M, Rhodes. Row 3: B. Pulsifcfr, C. Dennis, M. Nivhols. Row 4: Como, D. Klimes. Row 5: Cfoafh I, Koshlzlp, Manager S. Kintbvrgrr. !0. C N X X Y A . x X . , x '- Y ' 'N " v x'- H ' w ' X" N- ," ' N ww ' U 'gil X 'QXQXQEN SXN LN ..,. . N TW? QQ BABES WifXA.- li L.:1.... -LEQJ K GY' N lig".YA- A '5 N -H. 'i'.-H v " ' '11 mi THE ,EMASURE OF MMA 35 TH BRLADTH OF HIS D1'IELR5SJi x i s"1, I-TEQQ YV i J ' Y- Y - R Y ' ' XS ZA A f w Q' 4 'W :FIV "'1i' "' "' W NH ww " ""f'i 2 . mf N ' ' ', ' .M "rw -'wi S EE 5. : gI lg ' m ' M. M, ,...., i,1i11l11JW W uhrt ,:.e,1f -.tif l.m J': i 'l-w i WM pg M M . qv N Q 2' l x h, 'll1,' ily 6- M' I ' , l1l5!' '!' . 'al' t ,N 1 I E! K 1uIi .W X N X M M 1 M NN- " M l ' 'HI I Huw. W' '11'ix'k'Nk1i, ' L '1' 'M H 'lM 'N'. ! i w ' Q ' rg ,X , 1' 1, A.:,Qg,gx,?s54 xl 4, ' ' Y 'H' , H-N' y 'Q - 3 , I4 1 1,1 W I IN! M' ' E H W X :l ,!i,v X fi wplrlw x l i k - ' ff f 'k'Ik'Fff'i:"S'w A W ' 'U 11- G M W N R E' M ' Q - 'fl 1,11 l '1 ??'w: . zr' ' iw, ' WM" '5 ' ' - "E M U Nd' M 1 I N1l "'.!,"! fy J " I V 'Htl "',f7,5evxs 'A W 'Ili V 'I l I , Y' A fu, ,. QQ' -:lg-.,J' y , X I x A " 'X ' ' ' , W nu V v - xy ljq 5 V1 W. , , f, I QA N V M. as 2.-' P "M 1 "' 7: -w wf "mv W 'M I - 1 in xJ.' g X1 W my ' T 3,5 , NX , Y if 'fm 5 Q QM 'vlfj w I w Lg Q ' L W lk ,L A ' wg 5 ef 2. 1 5,1 ' f 1 " N - w ' N -1 4 '1' "x IJ 'W 'U' 9' ' f- 'Q H ' , AN N E Q I L Std I' N-A , WJ .M ' I ,YW x Alf' J M ' - H ' W' " .Wm B 'F' ' ,,f -lex ' .al 'I ' "L ' H I X , J X Q., xx-SN - f 1 m J f U V V A 5" I Htcaffi. 5" 1 i 5 3 R 5? H Ma j r f ! -.X 'ii ' N i 1 SU - 'H M f'?"G!H w ,.':x ?1 f I ' ' -42 fi: " f gif- F? Q 3.11. V W, ,M A' -, W f A 1 S ' E31 'AQ' E E f "X PLS - 2 .. w . if 1 ' ' 'rg 5--. ' 'vinci -Q ix X125 Q f if 1H! "'.,'i1-L5 1 g ' ' I W Z3'i 44 N ' ' - 5' - ll 1 s 'M ' ' mir 14114.25 ' H, are ' X ESQ F9 X-E Q Fi' 5 Y 4 ' ' AX X ' g 'i,':.'l, if - -:ex fl' A' ,Q S fi 'ff 5 if 1 7 QV' QE? ,ff f 9 X 1 15 f' lg 1 .Q 'X ,A 14 V, f wi GNN ' 4 . ' ' , i E' - ' W" ' , ' 2 i'i-Iign 0 1 W X: lv ,I I N' XX 5':'?:4:5'i!H, sf 3 Y' Q' X X f ' i 5!!"E!!! 'fm 5 l X' 'l' 'bis'-'3:!2?f X'- fi if Zfbrd' !b:Qi'W2W" 'sill 4+ 4' NESS, ' If 1 'f.gZElQ y , y HW gkix f l- XRS I ' ' ' ' 4 M ' Y ' " "3"':fv- i 7 "eff: 'V H1 Xxx., hiixgxkg X f if - 'V I fa- -e::,,,. .aff X . ws NAS, X wifi f I ,,I , 0. if.-, ,J .., 4 R Ns, Xxx. ,oN X .,. , 3 M ' " fn-' 1"".2, X ' ' H, f' I g, "ff K J 4' .-- in Y .":f'Q""1-, '3f3, X1"Qb,-was-,f-3:',I 'js' 4 Y 'fi' F 4' ' -55 MSN Lux ME' W' - 'J' QL ' I .X :fp -'5':Un,5g5.- if' fig' ' 515' I ws N EX g 'Emi Q U V "Nl 'MS- -wifi fx -N 4912 ' N -7 1 Q ' I' '5'Q XT' ,,A--QQ.. w-. -- ---v -if ' NI -ff .ff QP- Q "'s:z?'1grf1f N' M ,Q .1 1 ,f -7' . JN Am Egg, , 'W W" .-f J' A -fx " Kew w ' ,', , ff ' WSF VX- y if X 2-F I 5 T .I 'I 52: xiii TF" ' ff ,. ' , ' X ' fl- v s Tl" ' 4, -' , 2' ,1 1552 "Emir iiseafzf-'W 1 1 I 1 f f 1 ' I 1' J f 1 1 J f f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 1 1' '11 1 M 1 ' V X, 'J 1 W I H I M If ' 1' I ,V rv fy, '71, 112 I'H 7,1 pl 'Y I rc 1 ' 1 1.. .. 1Ql1 1,:'1L1.f.C., '..1!' I L I ,U - 11,111 1'l . . ....f. ... z!1 ' .1,f4..L.1..,'. , L1iU1 ,g TPTH DF H155 CO5JV1Q1'1O'EJL1, ND'111E11E11151H'I 05111513.2323 fl if T. J 1 5 e gf fl V 5 A1 11 5,35 1 1. 1: , -F' 11 1,1 1 j 1, 'V X1 4' ,I 1 1 1 ' 11 .11 'W 11 Vi 11111 55 1 If ,311 11' V' ss:-1: 1' 1:11112 11 111 1J1f111'1m11 1 1 f 1 1511 1111113 1' 1 1 i '51 E 1 W1 1111 1 It Ii 1 . I- 111 1111 5131111111 155 'C 1111111 11 11 3 V W M1111 W1 W1 M 3 - 11 x1 1 W1 f Q 'i 2111 1 WN 1-12' 11'55i1V'1 1111 T11 I F1 11" "11 1111 11 111' 1 -11 1 'Y 1 lxlx W 1'1'1"!'1!,1 11 19 11 11511 111' wmv ,r.-:L 31111 ' 11 1f'Hf 1'1 1' lx- 151 1 11 !1iE111 I 1 1 11111 1' 1 11 1 111: I 5 ' 1 1 1 MA! 1 5 1il txly 111' 111 1 .xdcgnowkclgemenfd For their guidance and inspiration in helping us to complete our edifice of memories, we would like to acknowledge our gratitude - to Mr. Foster Augustine, Mrs. Howard A. Kin- hart, Miss Reida Longanecker and Mrs. John W. Rogers for their never failing help and en- couragement throughout the year, to Mr. William O'Conner for his patient an- swers to our never ending questions, to Mr. Glenn T. James for his friendly service and helpful suggestions at the times when we needed them most, to Robert Wollman, Edward Etzler, and Charles Brashears for their excellent pictures which con- tribute so much to our book, and to the many teachers who so understanding- ly excused us from class during rush times. We should also like to remember seniors Moon- yeen Renfro and Doris King, who came to A.H.S. too late to be acknowledged in the senior section, but who nevertheless became a firm part of our school life. ADMINISTRATION ,.... ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ASSEMBLIES .....,...... BOOSTER CLUB ...... CAFETERIA .............. CHEERLEADERS ........ CLASS OFFICERS junior ................ Senior ............. Sophomore ....,.. CURRICULUM Art ................. Commercial ...... English .........,....,... syl?-JBA' 108 .. ......... 42 74-75 99 43 87-93 28 35 51 49 47 Foreign Languages .... ........ 4 6 History ...................... Ifome Arts ........ Industrial Arts ...... Mathematics ,....... 48 44 45 53 Music .........................,..,,,.,,,...,,.,,,.,i, 50-51 Physical Education and Drivers Ed .... 54 Science .,..,, Q ,......,,,,.,....,1,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 52 DANCES ....,...... DEDICATION ...,... FOREWORD ....... HOMECOMIN G ........ HOMEROOMS Junior ,,........... Sophomore ...,.... 76-77 88-89 28-33 .Q ..... 34-39 HONOR SOCIETY 67 JUNIOR PROM ....... ,,,..,,, 7 0-71 LIBRARY .,...... MAJORETTES ...... OPERETTA ...,.... 66 86 80-81 SENIOR CLASS ....... ,,,,,, 8 -27 SENIOR PLAY .,,,......,,.,....,.... ,,,,,.,, 7 8-89 STUDENT GOVERNMENT .............. 58-59 SPORTS Boys' Baseball ....... ..,.,........ 9 6 Basketball ......., ,..,.. Football .... Intramurals Lacrosse .... Soccer ....... Track . ..... .. Girls' Basketball ..,...,. ,,,,,,,, Fieldball ....... Hockey ...... Intramurals 94-95-92 84-85 55 97 90-91 98 102-'103 100 101 55 Softball ........ .,,.... 1 04 Volleyball .,,..,, ,A,,,,, 1 04 TALLY-HO ....,,,.,,,. 60-61 TRAFFIC SQUAD AND MONITORS 64-65 WAKE ...........................,,...,....,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,, 6 2-63 109 Abbott, Jake Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Abbott, Buz Abel, Mr. Charles Adams, Edwin L. '51 Adams, Shirley '52 Addington, Sandy '54 Addington, Wm, R. Adviotes, Mr. and Mrs. George Agriesti, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Aisquith, Beverly '55 Aldrich, Mrs. Verna Albritton, Mrs. Zelner Alexander, Mrs. Fred Allanback, Mr. and Mrs. Allen, Mr. John R. Allen, Mrs. Mary E. Alter, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Alton, Mrs, R. T. Alvey, Mrs, Bradley, Jr. Ammons, George W, Amos, Miss Margaret A. '55 Anos, Mrs. Steve Anderson, Mr. Carl E. Anderson, Mrs. Josephine Anderson, Scott C. Ann and Charles Armiger, Mr. and Mrs. L. Earl Arrigo, Mrs. Willa Asher, Miss Marlene Ashton, Mrs. Richard Atwell, Clyde N. '52 Atwell, Mrs. Lillian Atwell, Mrs. S. F- Augustine, Mr. Foster A Friend Baker, Mr, Clinton B. Baker, Mrs. Estelle Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baker, Mr, and Mrs. Joe M., Sr. Bald, Mrs. Leroy Ballard, Mrs. Grady Ballman, Anna Marie '52 Ballman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Ballman, Charles G. R. '50 Barber, Bob Barnes, Mr. A. Barnes, Mrs. Victor C. Barnon, Mrs, Catherine Barnon, Charlotte Barrett, Mr. James Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Barr, Mylin E. '53 Barry, Betty '53 Basehoar, Miss Edna A. Basehoar, George W. IIO - PATRONS Basehoar, Mr. Jay D. Basil, Mrs. B. Basil, Miss Barbara '48 Basil, Frankie Basil, Dr, and Mrs. G. C. Basil, Mr. and Mrs. Loree Basil, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Basil, Pvt. Robert A. Jr. '51 Bassert, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Baugh, Marjorie Bausum, Miss June Beall, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Beall, Mr. Harry Beall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beall, Robert '56 Beardmore, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Beaver, Mr. Carl Gleen Beavin, Miss Carolyn Bechtord, Mr, and Mrs. W. L. Beck, Evelyn '55 Belch, James '53 Belcher, Mr. William E. Bell, Mrs. Ida M. Bell, Miss Pat Beltz, Mrs. Mary Bender, Mr. Leonard W. Bennett, Mrs. Carlton R. Bennett, F. W. Benson, Mrs. Jeanne Bernstein, Mrs. Charles Berger, Dr .and Mrs. C. Edward Besse, The Rev. Alden Bice, Sue '56 Bice, Stanley W. '52 Bice, William Humphries '53 Bigler, Mr, and Mrs. S. C. Bigler, Mr. Stanley C., Jr. Bilyeu, Mrs. Jaunita Bird, Mrs. J. Irving Bjorntwedt, Gene Black, Cindy '56 Blackwell, Mr. James J. Blades, Mr. Norman Blair, Mr. John L. Bland, Mr. James R. Bless, Mrs. P. Bloom, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boerstler, Shirley M, '50 Bolander, Mr. and Mrs. John Bonari, Mr. Lawrence P. Bongher, Joe Boronow, Charlotte Borssuck, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Bossert, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bourke, Mr. C. E. Bowen, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. H. D. Boyle, Lt. R. M. Bradford, Mrs. Eveline '53 Brady, Mrs. Charles Brady, Mrs. Henry E. Bramble, Barbara '53 Bramble, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brandenburg, Buzzy Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Brant, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brashears, Buck Brashears, Mr, David W, Brashears, Lucille '55 Brashears, Mr. and Mrs. William Brauns, Mrs. Bertha Brauns, Mr. and Mrs. William Brewer, Miss Naomi Brilliant, Dr. Oscar Briscuso, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Britton, Alfred "Dutch" Britton, Barbara '56 Britton, Mrs. Rose Eva Broaddus, Mrs. Charles C. Brockmeyer, Mr. Gerard Brooks, Brooks Mrs. J. Fales, Sr. Mrs. Cleo Brooks, Mr- and Mrs. N. T. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Brown, Gertrude Brown, Mrs. Irvin F. Brown, Raymond, Jr. Brown, Robert A. Brown, Mrs, Theodore Bruce, Mrs. Bryson Bryan, Mrs. Addie V. Bryan, Shirley '53 Bunch, Mr. James W. Burgess, Fraser '56 Burdo, Mrs. Michael Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burnett, Bob Burwell, Mr. and Mrs. E- H. Butler, Mrs, Harold L. Buttner, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bye and Al Byles, Agnes Byrum, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cadell, Charles E., Jr. Cadell Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., r Cadell, Miss Edith Cadell, Mrs. George F. Cadell, Gilbert '18 Cadle, Mrs. Charles W. Cadle, Eleanor '53 Caldwell, Miss Betsy Caldwell, Mrs. G. F. Caldwell, Mrs. R, S. Callahan, Mrs. George L, Callahan, Mr. Richard G. Callen, Mrs. Reva Calvert, Mr. I' .oyd L. Campbell, Mrs. Katherine F. Cantler, Mr. Lenwood Cantler, Mary Lou Carnes, Mrs. Samuel - PATRONS Cook, Rev. and Mrs. G. Albert Coppersmith, Mrs. C. R. Corbin, Mr. Will Cordle, Jimmy '51 Cordone, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cormier, Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Cox, Miss Katharine Cox, Mrs. Minerva Carol Ann '55 Carpenter, Mrs. T. E. Carpenter, Mrs. Henryetta W. Carr, Barbara B. Carr, Mrs, Benjamin Carr, George Carr, Mrs. Joseph Carr, Virgil H., Jr. '50 Carr, Virgil H., Sr. '28 Carruthers, Capt. and Mrs. J. N. Carter, Mr. Bert Carter, Mrs. Mary R. Carter, Mrs. M. C. Case, Mr, Catterton, Catterton, Catterton, Catterton and Mrs. A. E., Jr. Miss Mr. Alvin F. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kenny Cavey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chambers, Barbara '56 Chaney, Earlette Coyle, Mrs. Edna Crabo, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Cradford, Jim '46 Cradle, Mrs, Paul D, Creghead, Mr. Wm. Crismond, Frederick Stone Crist, Mr. Adam Cromwell, Mr, and Mrs. Ray D. Crout, Mrs. P. G. Crosby, Mr. Bergen Crosby, Mr, Ralph W. Crosby, Mrs. J. A. Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Cullimore, Claudia Cullimore, Myrna '54 Cullimore, T, J. Cullember, Mr. Oden Cummings, Mrs. Hazel Cunningham, Macel Currier, Jack Currier, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Chaney, Mrs. Mabel Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chepp, Mr. Milton Choate, Mr. Henry L. Choate, Margaret L. Christenson, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Christenson, Martha Christenson, Teddy Clark, Bonnie Lee Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ellery H., J Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Class of '55 Clatanoff, Mrs, William Coale, Moe Cohill, Mrs. William N. Coil, Comdr. and Mrs. P. L. Cole, Mr. Alvin Collins, Lill Collison, Thomas E. Campagne, Mr. Jean Batiste Compliments of an Old Shipmate Connell, Ray '51 Connie and Buddy Cook, Doris Cook, Mrs. A, H. Cook, Bobby '51 Cook, Comdr. and Mrs. fU.S.N. ret.J Cook, Freda Currier, Virginia Curry, Mr, and Mrs. Eugene O. Daily, Mr. I. P. Dalrymiple, Mr. Dammeyer, Mr. Christian Dammeyer, Miss Clara Dawson, Mr. Lewis Dawson, Samuel C. Dawson, Mr. Thomas Dawson, William Dave, Mr. Richard E., Jr. Davis, Elizabeth Vinton Davis, Ken Davis, Brig. Gen. and Mrs. L. T. Davis, Miriam Davenport, Joanne '55 Dearborn, Ray '55 Dearborne, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A Decker, Alice J. Decker, Ralph Defore, Mrs, Catherine Deininger, Mrs. M. Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Dickie and Susan Didion, Brooke Eileen Dixon, Miss Mabel Dobbs, Mr, and Mrs. L. J. Sr. Donald, William B. Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. C. F Donahue, Mr, and Mrs. John Donoghue, Douglas '55 Doran, Mrs. Doris Doran, Miss Eleanor Mae '53 Doran, Mrs. John L. Doris and Bob Dougherty, Amelia Dove, Mr. Richard, Jr. Doyle, Mr. Peaches Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Droll, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Droll, Sally '54 Ducketr, Kitty '53 Duckett, Mrs. Warren B. Dukes, Delores '71 Dulaney, Mr. Frank Dull, Sally Dunlap, Miss Sue Dunn, Mrs. John M. Durner, Mrs. George B. Duvall, Danny Duvall, Gordon '28 Duvall, Katherine '27 Dytche, Minnie Owings '32 Earle, Mrs. Ido Easterday, Mrs. R. Ebeling, Betty Edelen, Donald Edelen, Jo Edelen, John E. Egan, Betty '52 Egan, Kenneth '54 Elsenmann, Mrs. F. L. Elben, Mr. and Mrs, William Eley,Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ellington, Arthur G. Elliott, Mrs. Benny P. Elliot, Mr. Frank T., Jr. Elliot, Margaret Awings '29 Elliott, Mr. George, Jr. Ellis, Mr. Dale Elsdon, Mr, and Mrs. Emerson, Sharon '56 Entwisle, Stanley '53 Entwisle, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Eshelman, Mr. and Mrs. James C Eskew, Mrs. Mary Eskridge, Miss Diane V. Eslinger, Mrs. Leila Eta, Mrs. Awgo Etzeler, Mr. and Mrs. S. Alvin Evans, Charles Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Earle D, Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Gralley, Evans, Mr. Stewart A. Evans, Wayne '56 Every, Miss Dale '54 Every, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ewald, Audrey Williams Eyler, Ray '51 Fande, Prof. William Fanning, Mr. William Farinholt, Mrs. Boyd H. Feldmeyer, Miss Nyce Fergerson, Major and Mrs. Ferguson, Mr. Jean Ferrero, Mrs. Frances L. Fertitta, Mrs. Samuel PATRONS Garland, Mrs, Wm. Gilhully, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Gilmore, Mr. Gingras, Mrs. R. A. Gladding, Mrs. H. T. Glatzel, Mr, Edwin Goeriz, Mrs. Walter H. Goetz, Mrs. Philip Goldstei Gordon, n, Mr. and Mrs, Albert Mr. Harmon W. Gould, Alan '53 Gould, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Graham , Mr. Burton W- Grant, Mr. Raymond E. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Fielder, Dwight Fillmann, Betty '54 Fisher, Mr. Francis Fleming, Mrs. John Henry Forbes, Mary '52 Ford, Mrs, Belle Ford, Mrs. George Ford Helen Ford, Mrs. Lillie M. Ford Mrs. Robert Ford Mrs. Stephen H. '35 Ford , Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Foust, Miss Sylvia '53 Foxwell, Mr. Fowble, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Fowler, Mr. O. H. Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Frank, Mrs. John Frank, Mr. Robert - Frantom, Joan Frantz, Frank B., Jr. and Mrs. Harry C. Grau, Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Gray, Mrs. Mary Ellen Greenfield, Mr. Sam Greentree, Mrs. Fred H. Greines, Mr. G. S. Grierson, Philip Griffie, Dorothy Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Grimes, Irvin '55 Griscom, Mrs. Hilda Grollman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grogger, Magor P. Grumbine, Shirley '54 Grunt, Mrs, Raymond, Sr. Gunther, Bill Gunther, Mr. and Mrs. John Hagood, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Haines, Miss Bonnie Haines, Miss Jackie '56 Fraunce, Mrs. Clinton L. Freeland, Mr, James E. French, Mrs. Clifton Friend, A. Gabel, Mrs. Gaglion, Mr. and Mrs. M, J. Gaither, Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher, John Gallaway, Mrs. B. C. Gamula, Joan '55 Gantt, Mrs. F. Gardner, Florence Brooks '29 Gass, Mrs. J. T. Gates, Mr. C. B- Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Gaudreau, Thomas L. Gaug, Mrs, Anton Geiser, Mr. and Mrs. H. George, Janis George, Mr. Leion W. II2 Halbig, Mrs, Joseph H. Halbig, Mrs. Leola Hall Allen 9 Hall, Mr. and Mrs. B. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hall, Dr. and Mrs. H. Y. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hall Lucille Halli Maria D. Hall, Mrs. P. G. Hall Mr, and Mrs. Richard Hall, Russell Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Hall, Ruth '55 Hambruch, Loretta M. '53 Hamill, Mrs. B. W. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Hamilton, Lee Hammer, Mrs. Garland Haney, Jack "the Bug around" Hardesty, Agnes '52 Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L- ,J Hardesty, Ted Harrington, Lee Harris, Mr. S. Harrison, Mr. G. K. Harrison, Mr. Woodrow Harvey, Pecker '52 Hart, Mr. Frank Hayes, Mrs. M. E. Hayes, Mary Abbott Hazen, Barbara Joyce '53 Hebbard, Mrs. Hebden, Mr. and Mrs. Hebden, Mr. and Mrs. Roland, Jr Hebden, Mr. and Mrs. Roland, Sr Heinbuch, Mrs. C. F. Richard, Sr Heisler, Miss Marlene Hemp, Mr. William C. Hendricks, Edward '52 Hendrie, Betty Hendrie, Donald Henry, Patrick '53 Herklotz, Ernest H- Herold, Mr. J. I. Herzog, Jean Herzog, Mrs. Robt. Higgins, LCDR. John H. Higgs, Albert High Power Station Boys Hill, Mr, Charles G. H. Hill, Mr. Charles G., Sr. Hill, The Reverend C, Gilbert, Jr Hill, Pat '50 Hiltabidle, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E Hittle, Mr. Paul Hodges, Mrs. G, Addison C. Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holme, Mrs. Justus Holmes, Mrs. Merrill S, Holmes, Meta '52 Holt, Mrs. D. M. Home Room 109 Home Room 204 Home Room 21 1 Hood, Ann '55 Hopkins, Betty Ann '56 Hopkins, Mrs. Erma A. Hopkins, John H. IV Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs, John Hopkins Mary Ellen '54 Hopkins, Newton M. '40 Hopkins, Ruth Ann Hopkins, Tommy '61 Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. T. Weller Horn, Miss Mary Horton, Miss Betty '50 Horton, Charles F., Jr. '56 Hough, Mrs. Ray How, Mr, and Mrs. E. K. Howard, Arthur Howard, Charles Howard, Helen '56 Howes, Mrs. Mary Goddard '45 Hubbard, J, Huffer, Bobby '55 Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Humphrey, Miss Larry Hundley, Mrs. H. B. Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn H. Hyde, Mrs. B. J., Jr. Ingham, Alfred W. Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Ireland, Mr. Robert M. Jarbo, Mrs. Arthur G. '44 Jarrell, Alexander N. Jay, Mr. Joseph Jewell, Harriet E- Joey, Mr. Joseph Johnny and Barbara Johnsen, Captain and Mrs. W. H. Johnson, Carroll Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Joneg Mr. Alvin Dr. B. L. Mr, and Mrs. C, Braddock, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. '27 Gloria Gelhaus '48 J. M. Jim '53 Mr. and Mrs, Lee Martha '55 Raymond G. Rodger C. Vicki Lea Jordon, Phebe Judy, Charles Judy, Donald Kahn, Mr. John Kallis, Mr. and Mrs, John Karangelen, Mrs. Rose Kashner, Flora M. Katski, Mr. Clayton Katzef, P. Harold '36 Katzef, Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Katzef, Samuel S. '27 Kauffman, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Kaufmann, Mr. H. J., III Kaufmann, Mr, and Mrs. Henry J., Jr. Keith, Howard A. Kelcher, Barry Kelly, Bill Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles - PATRONS - Kennedy, Mr. Ambrose J., Jr. Kennel, Mrs. John Kennerly, Bill Kennerly, Mr. and Mrs. William Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kesler, The Rev. Mr. Dean Kestler, Mr. J. E. Keyes, Mr. Kimball, Mrs. H. A., Sr. King, Mr. A. P. King, Miss Lorraine '52 Kinhart, Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kintberger, Comd'r and Mrs. Leon Kirkley, The Rev. and Mrs, Charles Kirwan, Mr. B, E.. Klein, Mrs. George Klein, Howard J. Klimes, Mr. and Mrs. A. Klimes, Frances '52 Knacksteadt, Mrs. Francis Kohlhepp, Mr. P. E. Konrad, Anita Marie Apolonia Koontz ,Mrs. Robert Korzep, Mid'n David A. Kotzin, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kotzin, Mrs. Milton Kotzin, Mrs, Raymond Kotzin, Miss Sandra Lee Kotzin, Miss Shirley Kramer, Mrs. R. W. Kress, Mrs. Robert L. Kuehnle, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Kupfer, Mr. George V. Kutsch, Charles H. Labovitz, Jene Harry '53 Labovitz, Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Lacey, Mrs. C. O. Lacey, Mrs. Elizabeth R. Lacey, Selden R. '34 La Chapelle, Mr. and Mrs. Rodger N. Lamb, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Lamb, Peggy '54 Lambert, Mr. Edward Langley, Mrs. W. H. Langston, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Landford, Mr. and Mrs. Landford, Mr. Edward A. Lanneau, Mrs. Virginia Lape, Donna '52 Larcom, Mrs, Guy C. Larrimore, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Latham, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Laying, Mrs, G. F. Leatherbury, Mr. Gilbert Leatherbury, Mrs. Zella B. Lebo, Mrs. Leslie Ledbetter, Mrs. R. L. Lee, Mr. John Lee, Morman W. '53 Lee, Mrs, Stephen L. Lee, Susan Elizabeth Legum, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Leitch, Beverly Leitch, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leocha, Dr. and Mrs. Victor B. Leney, Helen Lentz, Mr. and Mrs. C. G., Sr. Lerch, Elaine '55 Lerch, Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Lerch, Mr. and Mrs. John J. B- Lerch, Mrs. Julia S. Lerch, Miss Louise K. Lerian Lewnes, George Lichtenberg, Verna '53 Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. F. F. F. Lindsay, John W. Link, Mr, and Mrs. Hawey C. Linthicum, Mr. Lounder Linthicum, Mrs. Thomas J. Litteral, Fred Litteral, Mrs, Fred Lloyd, Mr. Kenneth Lockett, Mr. and Mrs. R. M., Sr. Logan, Mrs. Wm. F. Lomboy, Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Long, Mrs. George Long, Lucille Long, Mary Frances Lowe, Mr. Frank A. Lowman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lowman, Irving W. Luttull, R. E., Jr. Luttull, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Lutz, Kathryn I. Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MacCarthy, Mrs. Thomas Macey, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Manhe, Mr, W. C. Marks, Mrs, W. L. Marshall, E. J, Martin, Lt. Comd. and Mrs. Neal, Jr Martin, Mr. and Mrs. E. P., Jr. Mason, Speedy Mason, Mr. and Mrs. William I. Matlock, Mr. and Mrs, Roy Maulding, Mr. Harry Max, Evelyn '54 Max, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Max, Mr, and Mrs. W. F. Mayor, Mrs. Clara Mayor, Mrs. Edna II3 McArtor, Mrs. Bessie McCacky, Miss Edith McCarter, Louise F. McClanahan, 'Miss Gail McCleary, Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward McCrone, Miss Linda Carol '71 McEnearney, John E. McKay, Mr. J. Louis McKeldin, Gov. and Mrs. Theodore McKenna, Mrs. William J. McNamara, Mrs. Marie McNeil, Mr. G. R. McNeil, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McNeil, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. McNew, Mrs. Alice McNew, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. McNew, Mrs. Lee A. Mr, and Mrs. Richard B. McNew, McNew, McNew, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Meleski, Mrs, A. W- Mellen, John E. Mellechampe, Miss Susanne S. Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Metcalf, Mary Jane '54 Michaelson, Mrs. Emanuel Whitford Mr. and Mrs. Mileto, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Mileto, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Millar, Donald B. Miller, Mrs. A. Guy Miller, Miss Bessie Miller, Miss Betty '55 Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Miller, Mr, and Mrs. Edgar E. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Miller, Judy and Don '52 Miller, Madeline Miller, Miss Mary Miller, Pat Miller, Rose Marie Millhausen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moste, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Moerschel, Mrs. Charles Molinaro, Miss Louise Monsen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Moran, Mr. John - PATRONS Muhl, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Mullican, Miss Jackie Mullican, Miss Pat Mumford, Ens. Charles E. Mumford, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R Mumford, Willard Royal '51 Murchake, Elizabeth '54 Murchake, Mr. James '51 Murchake, Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy, Mrs, Albert D. Murphy, Louise '52 Musch, Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Myers, Mr. B. Myers, Mrs. Helen B. Myers, Mrs. Helen Myett, Elwood Myett, Mr. F, L. Myett, Mr. and Mrs. Lercy E. Myett, Roland L. Napier, Mrs, Ruth Nau, Mrs. Rudolph Navak, Mr, Charles Neall, William W. Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon F. Nelson, Sadie E. Nevin, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Nicholas, Sue Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Noble, Dorothy L. Norfolk, Mr. and Mrs. G. Norwood, Mrs. William M. Nowatny, Mrs, Jules Nutwell, Mr. George O'Cain, Hazel '52 Ogle, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Ogle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ohlson, Sandra '53 Okland, Capt. and Mrs. H. M. Oliver, Mr, Robert Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Olson, Cadet Daniel C., Jr. '51 Olson, R. A- Olson, Mr. W. H. Moreland, Mr, Moreland, Mr. Moreland, Mr. Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Mrs. Frank and Mrs. J. W. and Mrs. LeRoy Moreland, Peggy Moreland, Russell Morgenstern, Dr. Jacob Morris, Betty Grace Morris, Mrs. Sinsel S. Mosely, Mrs. Charles E. Moyer, Mrs. Clara II4 O'Shea, Melva Owens, Mrs. Audrey Owens, Mrs. Betty Myett '44 Owens, Mr. Edward B. Owens, Mr. J. Edward, Jr. Owens, Ellen T. '37 Owens, Jack '52 Owens, Lemon Beall, Jr. '52 Paca, Col. and Mrs. W W Page, Evelyn R. oyal Page, Mr, and Mrs. Irving M. Page, Lt. Ralph L. Page, Ruth '54 Painter, Gilbert Painter, Jenny Palmer, Buz Palmer, Mrs. H. C. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Verdine W. Palmer, Mrs. Zella L. Panek, Mr, Henry Parker, Andrew B. Parker, Mrs. Howard Parkinson, Mr. Harold Parks, Mrs. G. L. Parlett, Donald '55 Patten, Mr. and Mrs, William F. Patton, Mr. and Mrs. Steward Paulus, Mr, William J. Peacock, Mr. Philip Peacock, Mrs. Robert V. Peddicord, Mrs. J. H. Peddicord, Johnny Peddicord, Ruth A. Peel, Mr. Robert Peknik, Mrs. John Pennington, Betty '53 Peret, Mrs. Leta Peters, Mrs. Frank Petrides, Alec Pettit, Bing '56 Pettingall, Mr. Raymond Petty, Margaret Ellen Petty, Mary Ann '54 Petty, Mr, Robert W. Pfautz, Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr. Phaneuf, Mrs. S. F. Phieffer, Mr. James Phillips, Bernis '55 Phillips, Mr. C. W. Phillips, Tommy Phipps, Mrs. Jane '41 Phipps, Mrs. Lester E. Phipps, Mrs. Marie Pierce, Mrs. R. Pike, Mr. Podliek, Mrs. W. F. Pohlner, Mrs. Doris Poole, Christine Poole, Master Pete Porter, Mrs. Betty Powers, Mrs. Roger Frost Prescott, Judge and Mrs. Stedman Pressler, Mr. W. G. Price, Lou Price, Mrs. R. F. Pulsifer, Mr. and Mrs, Charles C. Pumphrey, Mr .and Mrs, David S. "Funky" '71 Purdy, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Purdy, Mrs. Elizabeth Purdy, Joyce '52 Purdy, Mrs. Kathleen Purdy, Willis Purinton, Mrs, Kenneth C. Quinones, Mrs. Virginia Radzelovege, Mrs. Joseph Ramer, Mrs. Helen Rawlings, Elizabeth D. Rawlings, Pat '53 Rawlings, Miss Sue '53 Rayhart, Mrs. J. R. Reed, Mr. James Reed, Jay '52-U of M '57 Rehll, Mrs. Jack Reid, Mrs, Dorothy Reid, Mrs. Margaret Reid, Mrs. William J. Reid, Mr. William J. Reiter, Allen J. Rembold, Dorothy Rembold, Mrs. L. H. Reuwer, Mrs. Theodore L. Reynolds, Clowes F. Rhodes, Ralph "Dusty" Richard, Francis '55 Richard, Mrs. John E. Riddleburger, Miss Joan '53 Ridout, Mr. and Mrs. C. Corner Riley, Thomas A. '50 Rinehart, Mrs. Charles F. Rinehart, Mrs, Gertrude Ringle, Bobby '55 Robbins, Mr. Calvin L. Robbins, Leona '53 Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. R. Roberts, Wilbur Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Rodenbarger, Dr. L. H. - PATRONS Russell, Mr. E. L. Russell, Mrs. Janet Russell, Dr. and Mrs. Oneal F. Russell, Pat Russell, Vincent "Ruthless" Rutkauskis, Mr. Joe Sable, Jean Sable, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sadler, Dr. Henry Sams, Mr. Leonard Sandlers, Mrs. Edward Sands, Mr. Santos, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Saulit, Mrs. Ann, Sr. Saulit, Mr. and Mrs. John Ewalt, Jr. Schaeffer, Barbara '52 Schaeffer, Wayne '55 Schaller, Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Schenck, Mrs. William Schieke, Herman Schieke, Richard Schiller, Mr. V. Schley, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Schlusemyer, Mr. and Mrs. Irving F. Schmidt, Mr. Arthur Schoocraft, Jimmy '52 Schreitz, Mr. Gordon Schultz, Ernest H. '53 Schurr, Miss Barbara '53 Schurr, Mrs. Walter Schurr, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Schwartz, Lt. W. W. Scible, Helene L. Scible, Mr. William Scible, William F. Sears, Barbara Sherbert, Walter H. Sherbert, Mrs. Wm. S. Simmons, Harry P. Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Simpson, Mr. W. W. Sinclair, Lois Sipe, Harold F. J. Sleichter, Mrs, Louise Smith, Mrs. H. P. Smith, Miss B. Smith, Lois '55 Smith, Mr. Melvin Smith, Naomi Smith, Mr, Robert L. Smith, Mrs. Sally Smith, Miss Shirley Snyder , Mr. and Mrs. Hyman W. Snyder, "Mushy" Somers, Kathleen '52 Somers, Roland L. Spangler, Drucilla Spangler, John E. '56 Spriggs, Mr. Archie C. Spriggs, Valerie Jean Stahl, Charles Stahl, Mrs, E. Staley, Mr. and Mrs, Richard Stallings, Andy Stallings, Margaret Anne '47 Stein, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Stein, Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Steinberg, Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., Sr Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Stevens , Mr. Charles Stevens, Mr, and Mrs, J, W. Stevens, Capt. and Mrs. James G. Stevens, Nancy '54 Sears, Sears, Sears, Sears, Sears Sears J 3 Donald Ida Ann '50 Leah May '55 Mrs, Lee Wendell D. Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Ear l, Sr. Roe, Mrs. Paul H. Roesler, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Rogers, Mr. Frank L. Rogers, Mrs. John B. Rogers, Mr. J. C. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rollins, Mr. James E. Ross, Mr. James Rosenbloom, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J Rossee, Mr. and Mrs, Christian Rowe, Mrs. Kenneth Rowe, Mrs. Roscoe C. Runyan, Mr. C. Fred Seedenman, Mr. Lou Sewell, Mr. and Mrs. William Shackelton, Miss Anna Shapiro, Mrs. David A. Shaw, Pat '56 Shea, Mrs. Dorothy Shelton, Mrs. G. Y. Shelton, Kathryn '53 Shenker, Samuel Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs, Frank O. Sherald, Mr. and Mrs, John R. Sherbert, Linwood '53 Sherbert, Paul Steward, Mrs. Mary Stine, Geraldine Stine, Nancy E. '51 Stockett, James B. Stoinoff, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Stokes, Derrmont R. '52 Stokes, Mr. Austin W. Stokken, Mrs. Fred Storton, Theresa '56 Straus, Vernon Scott '50 Street, Mrs. Margaret Strittmatter, Mrs. G. Stumpf, Mr. and Mrs. George C. Suit, Mrs. Elizabeth Suit, Jean Suit, Jesse '53 Sulphin, Herman Sunderland, Mr. Edward Suoles, Robert '51 lI5 Sweeney, Barbara Sweeney, Evelyn '53 Sweeney, Kathryn R. Sweeney, Royal Lee, Sr. Tabor, Mrs. Drucialla'Terry '51 Tall, Sally Marshall Talley, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Talman, Mr, and Mrs. J., Jr. Talman, J. LLL A 2fC Talson, Mrs. Blanche Tauser, Theodore A. Tayler, Mr, and Mrs. Alvin Tayler, Preston W, Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Allen Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Clenton Taylor, Mrs. Emma Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. James Owen Taylor, Mr. Lawrence Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Terry, Mrs. R, Allison '29 Terry, Richard Allison '29 Teunis, Nancy Padgett '68 Thomas, Mrs. Arville M. Thomas, Douglas "Spider" '53 Thomas, James E. '55 Thomas, Mr, and Mrs. James M. Thomas, Joanne '55 Thomas, Mr, and Mrs. John R. Thomas, Lois '54 Thomas, Sgt. Welden Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. William N., Thompson, Bill Thomson, Coach Earl Tilghman, J. A., Jr. Tilghman, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. C., Sr. Timmerman, Mr. Floyd B. Tirchman, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Titus, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Titus, Dick '54 Tongue, Miss Ronda Lee '69 Tongue, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Topping, Mrs. Ella Trautwein, James W. Trautwein, Ruby S. Trettin, Dr. and Mrs. Gene D. Trevett, David Tropp, Mrs. Evelyn E. Troutman, Mr. Ben Trueblood, Mr. and Mrs. J, Tryon, Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Tryon, Timothy Tucker, Mrs. Helen Tucker, Patsy Turner, Carol Ann '52 Turner, Mid'n Lee Roy '50 II6 Calvin - PATRONS Turner, Warren R. Tyler, Mrs. Clarence E. W 3 V B M Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wahab, Mr. and Mrs, H. Walker, Dr. Stewart Walking, Mrs, Evelyn B. Walking, Ronald '54 Walsh, Mr. Frank, Sr. Walsh, Frankie B., Jr. '53 Ward, Russ Warrington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warthen, Emily Waters, Mrs. Helen Watkins, Mrs. Benjamin, III Watkins, Miss Marion B. Watson, Bob '54 Watson, Mrs. Evelyn Watson, Mr. R. Watson, Richard '56 Wayson, Grace M. Wayson, Mr. and Mrs, James H. Weaver, Eleanor M. Weaver, W. H., Jr. Webb, Mrs. Velma Webster, James Weinberg, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weis, Mrs. Elmer Werntz, William Garner West, Michael West, Mrs. Richard S., Jr. Weston, Mr. C. O., Jr. Weston, Mrs. Carroll Weston, Mr. and Mrs. Irving L. Wetherhold, Mr. Norwood Whalin, William B. Wheeler, Mettie Ann '48 Wheeler, Mr. Earl A. Wheeler, Mr, E. W. Whitaker, Mrs. Hamilton White, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. White, Julian N. White, Mrs. Stanley Whitehead, Mrs. Fanny Whitelock, Mrs. Robert M. Wickstrom, Mr. Charles Wickstrom, Charles R. Wickstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Wiker, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wiker, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wilder, Mrs. Mary Wilkenson, Noel Wiley, Thomas L. '53 Wilmer, Mrs. Frank M. Williams, Audrey '53 Williams, Carroll Lynn Williams, Mr. Gertrude Williams, Gordon, Sr. '31 Williams, L. E. Williams, Rev, Lee Wilsman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. H- Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wilson, Mr. James R. Wilson, Louis M. Windsor, Ernest, Jr. '51 Winn, Mrs. T. E. Winter, Carroll B., Jr. Wiseman, Mrs. Dorothea Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. J- H. Witt, Mr. Robert W. Wolfe, Irving I. Wollman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wood, Mr. B. E. Wood, Eileen '55 Wood, Paul J. Woodburn, Mr, and Mrs. H, A., Woolford, Robin Worthington, Thomas C., Jr. Wright, Mr. Francis Wright, Mrs. Lucille Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Upton, Mr. Calvert A. Urban, Mr. Joseph Vallandingham, Jerry Van Ashburg, Mrs. Genevieve Van Hoy, Mrs. Inez Vanous, Mrs. W. W- Vansant, Mrs. James S., Jr. Varley, Mrs, Richard Volke, Rev. C. E. Young, Madeline '56 Young, Vickie Lynn Youngren, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Zaine, Mrs. Beverly Zick, Mr. Elmer L. Zick, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Ziegler, Karl H., Jr. Zimmerman, Dale Zoin, Mr. and Mrs. Marion L. S. J Zi' lI7 I EIGHQZSIQHSISIQIQISIQ1619163263616161616316656E66I6IQIQIGIGBHGZQIGISIGIQZSSHGEIGZGIGSBIQQBIGSIGEE ' ' , , 4 I 41 HARRY H. MEISEL 0 Electrical Contractor EE 25 Industrial ' Commcrcial ' Residential 3, O P R I DISTRIBUTOR FOR 5 COLD cATHoDE LIGHT FIXTURES 492 4? se 1800 BLOCK McGUCKIAN STREET 3 , 0 Annapolis 0 B Ei gg - Phone - S:2 Q! E5 colonial 3-6966 1-: COlonial 3-2851 2, 5 :E 0 3 2:5 EE 'Z CONGRATULATIONS Compliments if B: ' gg to the of 4 ,E CLASS OF 1954 9, , , 2 gf "Butch Meleskl s 3 fi 3 6 BLUE I? S U N 0 C O 5:2 Q2 , if ze S92 Sli SQ 0 92 2:5 Sunoco Statlon ' 555 Call for and Delivery SOUTHERN DAIRIES, Inc. West Street at Spa Read 120 West St. Phone 3-2688 Colonial 3-4662 il9l6l9l Sl9l9l 6l999l9l99l9l9l99l9l5i9l9 99l9l9 I9l9I9l6ZGIQ?l6l9l9l9l9l9l9l9l II8 , , ,A,A,A,4,A,A.AA ,4.,A, ,4,A.A,A,A.,A,A AA ,A,A, ,A,A,A,A, ,A,A,A,A,A4A,A ,A A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A, , ,A,AVA,A, A vvv vvvvvv vvvvvvYvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v vvvvvv vv Compliments of MEREDITH-ROANE COMPANY, Inc. P.O. BOX 428 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND The J. F. Johnson Lumber Company Lumber - Millwork - Paint - Hardware Builders, Supplies ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Telephone 3-2337 Telephone 100 "Richer Milk in Space Saver Bottles" The Annapolis Dairy Products Company PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM - ICE - 126 West Street Colonial 3-2345 Esso Burners and Fuel Oil ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, Inc. Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances 89 West Street Phone 3-9244 AIAAA A4A,A,A,A,A,A A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,,-AA 4,4 A. AA A A A,A,A,A,A,A v vvvv vvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvv A , , , . ,A, ,A.?,A,A,A,A A,A A,A Ap., ,A,A,A,A,A,A,A 4.A,A,A A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A A,A,A,A,A,A A,A A A A,A,A,A,A, vvvvvvvvvv vvvvv Yvvvvv VVVV VVVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVVVVVVvvvvv v STRANGE and WHITE, Inc. 155-157 MAIN STREET - ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Your Favorite Men's and Boys' Store is Now Showing the Finest Selection of Clothing and Shoes in Their History Arrow, Botany, Bostonian, Stetson Palm Beach, Haspel, Interwoven Brookwood Farms Mountain Road and Ritchie Highway Dairy Products Congratulations to the Class of 1954 Annapolis Furniture Co. Laundry - Dry Cleaning 112 west street, Annapolis, Md. Swfage Phone Colonial 3-2140 SPA ROAD and WEST ST- TELEVISION - APPLIANCES DIAL 32343 Reach - Wilson - Spalding - O'Shea Dgllar fgr Dollar lfVhen Thinking of Sporting Goods . . the Eddie Leonard Sporting Goods Co. Outfitters to the Annapolis High School 90 COMPROMISE STREET Marbert Motors, Inc. You Can't Beat a Pontiac Phone: Colonial 3-6300 261 West St. Annapolis, Md vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvv vvvv--vv-v--vvvvv vvvvvvvvv ' IZO , , , , A A A, A,A,A,A, Y A A,A,A A, I V Y Y Y vvvvvvvvvvvv vvv vvv vvvvv A -WALTER BREWEIFS FATHER and SON SHOP 154 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Telephone: Colonial 8-1622 The Home of Nationally Advertised Clothing for Men and Boys This shop features well known brands for men and young men including such names as: Schloss Clothes, Wembley Ties, Hickock Belts and Jewelry, Hole- proof Hosiery, Marlboro Shirts and Sportswear, Mallory Hats and Catalina and Puritan Sportswear. Compliments French Oldsmobile, Inc. 2051-7 West Street Open Gate Restaurant Annapolis, Maryland and Hotel e 2063 West Street Ext. Annapolis, Md. Phone 3-7125 or 3-9798 B t W' h t es is es 0 ROLLER INN The Graduates of 1954 Skating: 7:30 to 11:00 Every Night Matinee: Saturday and Sunday and 2:00 to 5:00 EQUIPMENT Co. Inc. Teeeeeeee eeeeee Annapolis, Md. Phone 3-6624 or 3-2920 2024 west sf. ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Best Wishes, Graduates, and always remember "People have within their own hands the tools to fashion their own destiny." M. D. LINCOLN, President FARM BUREAU BARBECUES MILK SHAKES TELEVISION INSURANCE COMPANY 3 Mile Oak Annapolis, Md. - - vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvv Qvvvvvvvvvivvvvv v'vv'v'v'vv'v'v'v'vvv'c'A'A'A'A'A' . , ,A,A,A,A4A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A ,A AAAA,A,A,A4 A A,A,A,A,A.A ,A,A, A A,A A.A A A A, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvcvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv ' ' ' v'v'v'v v R. M. Eggleston Company Compliments Watches and jewelry Repairing of ANNAPOLIS HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS - 1954 PLUMBING - HEATING Phone 3-2970 South Shore 1803 4031 - 4032 Annapolis, Md 205 Main St. Annapolis, Md. Congratulations to Congratulations to The Class 01.1954 The Clam of 1954 PALMER9S TAYLOR LUMBER CO. G EDGEWATER, MARYLAND Telephone 3-3587 Co' 3-6037 CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Cars THE PARSON co. 6,8-Impemlg DEPARTMENT STURE Te,e,,h,,m, 3,4011 222222 Main MARYLAND GARAGE, Inc Phone 3-4566 170-172 Conduit Street ANNAPOLIS, MD. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of Buy Your Graduation Gifts MAURICE E. MEADE - at - and Sons Inc. CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER J 6Il.kil1.S, IHC. P. o. Box 206 A A,A, A , 44,44 A, AAA,A,A A A A A, ,A, , , , , , A A,A,A A,A,A,A,A, A,A,A A,A, ,A,A,A,A A A A,A A A V'vV ' ' ' A' ' VVVVQVVVVV XA VV v v v v v v v A A A A, v v I . . . .A.A.A.A.A.A.A v v C-CC-'v A' Q 6-Qf-7' v 5 vw C" COC Civ C C C C-G'C'C'C4G C-CC C v-v-v-v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 CAPITOL CITY FLORISTS CORSAGES - CUT FLOWERS Compliments of POTTED PLANTS , , Funeral Designs The AHHHPAOIIS Banklng Flowers of all Kinds and TI'l1St Cf0IIlp3l1y for every occasion . TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE A'maP011Sf Md- Greenhouses: Tyler Avenue, Eastport . Phone 3-5121 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Agents for Sterling by Stieff - Gorham - Wallace Towle - International - Lunt Kirk - Read and Barton - Heirloom TILGHMAN COMPANY Registered Jewelers - American Gem Society Commercial - Marine Colonial 3-5100 A NAPOLIS, MARYLAND 44 State Circle N Congratulations to Compliments The Class of 1954 of THE FARMERS J. R. MeCrone, J r. Inc. NATIONAL BANK . , , OF ANNAPGLIS Civil Engineers Member Federal Reserve and Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Land Surveyors E CHURCHILL MURRAY Building Insulation Building i Approved Applicator Insurance n ' Flberglas Insulating Wool Exclusively 1010 Morton Street Phone 3-2678 Baltimore 1, Maryland LE. 9-7275 ANNAPOI-IS, MD- C. L. Faunce J. M. Dunn I I , , A , , , .A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A, ,AA,A AA,A, 4A4A,AAAAA4A,A,A,A,A,A,A4A, 4 4 . 4 , , I , 4 ' vvvvvvvv vvvvv v vvvvvvv vivvvvvvvvv v'v v v V v v v v v v v v v'v V'V'v'v v'v'v'v v' 1 v v'v v V'V'v':' Shop at . . . MURPHY'S Leading Store of Annapolis 100-106 Main Street THOMAS G. BASIL Real Estate - and - Insur ange AN NAPOLIS, MARYLAND Compliments Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1954 of the Compliments of MacMURRAY CONSTRUCTION CO. SEVERNA PARK Phone 382 County Trust Company of Maryland Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of BUSCH'S 'DRIVE-IN St. Margarets - Revell Highway MOST DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS ANYWHERE Bob Busch, Proprietor Compliments of LEROY E. MEYETT Registered Master Plumber - Contractor - R.F.D. 1 - ANNAPOLIS, MD. CO. 3-5142 Good Luck Class of 1954 LABOVITZ SHOES 158 Main Street - Annapolis, Maryland CF Known for Nationally Known Shoesj' and LABOVITZ CO. 122 Main Street - Annapolis, Maryland The Store for the Well-Dressed Woman - Visit - MAYO BEACH Strictly a Family Beach On the Chesapeake Bay - at ... Mayo, Maryland AAAAAAAAAA AA vvv A,A.A .,,,, .... . . .4,A.4.A.4,A.A,A,A. , . . . . vvv vvvv vvvv , , , ,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A A,AAA,A,A,A A,AAA.A,A,A,AAA,A A, ,A,A AAA,A,A,A,A A,A4AAAAA,A,A, ,A,A4A,A,A,A,A A,A,A ,A,A A A, A A .A,A,A,A VvvvvVvvvvvVVvvvVVvVvYvVvvvvvv VVVVVVV Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvdv vvv vvvvv Mayo Maryland CO. 3-9782 or 3-9832 J. and M. CONTRACTORS MANDRIS RESTAURANT General Contracting Soda Fountain -- Home Cooking subdivision - Road Building - Excavating Prompt Sefvwe Bulldozers , Loaders, Graders, Dump Trucks Unusual Souvenirs in Great Vafietl' Mailed Anywhere Sam Jones Dick McCrone 2 - 4 Market Space Prince Frederick 125-J-4 West River 4744 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND BETTER HOMES L. REMBOLD by Contractor and Builder and V ARNOLD, MARYLAND ' Builders ' ARNOLD, MARYLAND Phone: Colonial M823 Tel. Colonial 3-7374 or Colonial 3-7160 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 .D G6 ' ' ' 97 A aa - A A aaaa aaaaai 'A Sigma Theta Phi Sorority Rachel Holt Patsy Duvall U Sue Byrne Shirley Gantt Adgie Molter Lois Berry 6 N' Taylor Avenue Betty F illman Joan Berry - q- - 1 - Ginger Reed Barbara Norwood Plumbing Heating Od Burners Martha France Sandra Addington Hot Watef Heaters 1 PU777-P5 Peggy Anderson Nancy Wetherhold Fuel Qi! Carol Thomson Betsy Pulsifer Ibra Talman Nancy Stevens PROMPT, DEPENDABLE SERVICE Catherine Simmons Dale Every . Dale Purdy Nancy Hamilton D181 36421 Suzanna Kerr Mar ' y Glngras TE LE ' A PE MIL R5 G RAGE ARNOLD'S SHOES General Repair Work Soldering, Electrical and Acetylene Welding "Teen-Age Shoes our Specialty" "24 Hour Towing Service" , Phone: West River 3602 Davidsonville, Md. 51 West Street - Annapolis' Md' Compliments of DICK TUCKER'S AZAR FLOOR COVERINGS AMOCO SERVICE STATION "G a d 0'1" Phone: 81462 Paiaii, lclarylhnd Compliments of A4A,A,A,A,A,A,A4A,A, AAA,A,A,A,A,A, A4AiA,A,A,A ,A A,A,A A,A A A A ' A v v v v v v v v v bv v v v v v v I v v v v v v v v v v-v vw-v-v-v C' 'GC6-C-A CC-C-C'C'C-C'GC-'t-A-A-C-"- - 'C C-C'C-9-C'C'C-C-C""" , , , AA,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A, .A,A A A,A,A,A,AAA A,A,A,A,A,A,AAA,A. A,A,A,A,A,A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A v v v V v v v v v v v v v vv v v v v 4 v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v'v'v'v' v'v'v'v'v'v'v'e"v'v'v'v' 5 v'v Congratulations to the Class of 1954 LINCOLN - MERCURY 7,6 wunmont BERT SPRIGGS MOTOR SALES, Inc. G Phone 3-6660 1013 West Street Phone 3-9234 CLAUDE'S Best of Luck Betholine - Sinclair Service THE IVY SI-ICP 927 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone: 3-3871 - 3-9622 ANDREW KRAUSE UNIVERSAL MoToRs,1nc. Sales - CHEVROLET - Service Your Dealer 24 Hour Towing Service Phone: 3-2650 Annapolis, Md. ADMIRAL LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS DRIVE-IN 4 North Taylor Avenue Phone: 3-7974 Compliments of ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Phone MXQNAPOLIS JU'Q'QfI2ugLAnYthing PALMER-ROBINSON, Inc. SALVAGE CO, Sales - STUDEBAKER - Service 929 West Street Annapolis, Md, Annapolis, Maryland Tel. Co. 3-9231 WEEMS SYSTEM OF THE ANCHORAGE NAVIGATION 100 College Avenue, Annapolis, Md. 227 Prince George St., Annapolis, Md. Navigation Charts and Instruments Courses in Marine and Air Navigation A Friendly Environment with Excellent Home Cooked Food Seafood and Steaks a Specialty Lina Harper Phone 3-3026 "Flowers for all Oceasionsv THE ACADEMY FLOWER SHOP Lester B. Wayson, Prop. 139 Prince George St., Annapolis, Maryland Res. Phone: 3-4409 - Bus. Phone: 3-3200 Moving - Hauling - Storage PERSONAL SERVICE Annapolis 3-2781 Compliments of WINEGARDNER'S Crown Service West Street CARLSON'S BAKERY 1022-24 West St. - Annapolis, Md. Pastries - Wedding and Birthday Cakes Phone Colonial 3-2454 A A A A A A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. , Cvvvv-v' 'evvvvvvvvvv A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A.A,A,A,A A A A A,A A A,A,A,A,A,AA,A, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv vvvvvvvv , A ,A A,A,A,A A,A,A A,A,A,A,A,A,A A,A, 1 ,A,A,A,AAA,A,A A,A A A A,A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A AA v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v'v'v-v v-v4v'v-V-vv-v-v-vw'vw-v'v-v-v-v-vvC'C- -vw-CCC-C C A ,A,, AAA,AA,AAAA AAA, ,A,A,A, ,A,A A,AAA,A,A, ,A,A, ,AA.AAA,A,A,A,A, ,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,AA,A,A, vvvvvvvvvv'vvvv'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv B. L, HQPPING 85 SQN Slip C overs Reasonable Prices F l H Draperies Prompt Delivery unera ome THELMA H. TON GUE 170472 West Street Dial Annapolis 3-4128 Annapolis, Maryland - Telephone: 3-3872 21 Glen Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland MAYNARD CARR, JR. R. E. COONEY Electrical Contractor Jeweler Crownsville, Maryland 232 West Street, Annapolis, Md. in business since 1921 LONCINES4-sirifsi2IsTili1A'llil'iiEi1'i6ivATCHES Phone S- S- 2441 "The Worldss Most Honored Watchs' For Electrical Service of All Kinds Call THE ROUNDUP JOHN A. STOCKETT and SONS C 1 ' 18-1046 ' Restaurant ' Motel o 1NooSTR'lX'Es o RESIDENTIAL On Ritchie Hwy - 5 miles from Annapolis ' COMMERCIAL WIRING AND REPAIRING Qpen till 2:00 PM. COMPLETE LINE OF LIGHTING FIXTURES Riva Road Annapolis, Md. Slip Covers - Draperies - Upholstering AN N APOLIS DECORATORS 164 West Street Phone 3-31 13 THE HECHT COMPANY West Street at Russell Annapolis, Md. Ph0HCfC010Hia13-6220 FISHPAW SERVICE STATION L. EARLE ARMIGER C.A.A.A, STATION - AMOCO PRODUCTS Builder and Contractor Tires - Tubes - Batteries Sz Accessories - Ice 196 S. Cherry Grove AVC. Annapolis, Md. Governor Ritchie Hwy. Near Jones Station, Md. Phone Severna Park 338 Road Service Night Phone: Severna Park 227-J - Night Service CHICKERING LESTER WURLITZER "Your piano should be the bestss Compliments of KEENEY'S PIANO 81 MUSIC STORE ARUNDEL APPLIANCE SALES CO. Pianos lgnshiielii lslolisilml Records Westinghouse Quality and Service A ' - R d' - T l ' ' - 161-163 visstssgges 3 105 C evfizge 3-2629 145 West Street Telephone 3 9265 GRANT f A AP LI 0 NN O S CHESTER A. WICKSTROM Offset Printing Photocopy 8: Blue Line Print Farm Bureau Insurance 19 Hill Street - 2021 W S A l Md Annapolis, Md. Co. 3-6707 est treet, nnapo ls, THE YORK PAST RY SHOP ROOKIE'S MEAT MARKET 208 West Street Annapolis, Maryland 231 West Street ffcongyatulationsff Quality Meats - Seafood - Poultry Tel. CO. 3-6978 Annapolis, Md. Dial Co. 8-1240 127 ,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A v v v v v v v v 1919191639161 19.619161 I .A A.A. .A.A.A,A.A, ,A.A.A.A.A,A.A.A.A.A A VV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V .,.,,, JOSEPH D, LAZENBY 'b.,v Vlqbu Insurance and Real Estate .W . 214 Main Sr. 4- TCI- 3-2684 - Annapolis, Md. ' '?frr.MtL'i ? . . i .t i ff - - 1: 176 Main street Annapolis, Md. fr A"'w1wl'f Smeg 1880 Conffratulations to 6 . . A The Class of 1954 L P N HH ish 1' CAPASTRANA a or Eastport Md' 197 Main Street Annapolis, Md. C0mPlimCHfS Of ANCHOR FLOOR COVERINGS KARLTON,S FLOWERS Max Ambrch 216 Main St Installation of all types of floor and . H . Colonial 3-2608 Colonial 3-9000 180 Mainffreefcfeffilolis, Md, Compliments of Compliments of SAMUEL S' STOKES GLADDINC CROWN SERVICE Fancy Groceries Eastport PUBLIC LOAN OFFICE FRED E, VQGES Fawn Broker Real Estate and Insurance Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Clothing . Leather Goods, Etc. - Bought and Sold 221 Maln Street Hotel MarYland Bldg' Sam Lerner 194 Main St, Phone: Annapolis 3-4477 Annapolis, Md. You Will Enjoy Shopping at BERMAN'S "Shop of Quality" - "Always Something Newv 186 Main Street CHARLES ULMER, Inc. YACHT SAILS Racing Cruising 4th and Chesapeake Eastport Clgarettes Cosmetics SELF SERVICE CUT RATE Tony Magg10 Owner 196 Mam St Co 3 3414 Speedy Delivery Baby Goods Candy . . . J . .A ' - . A4A,A,A,A,A,A,A A,A,A,A,A,A4A,A4A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A ' A,A A,A,A A A A,A,A,A,A,A.A,A,A,A,A,A ,A, ,A4A,A,A,A,A A.A,A A4A.A.A vvvvvvvv'vvvvvvvvv'v'vv'v'v'vv'v'v vv'v' v 'v 1 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv For something that's a bit different - itls THE ANITA SHOPPE 0 Yarns ' Millinery 0 Separates ' Accessories 181 Main St. Phone 3-2402 Compliments of COMMUNITY LOANS 228 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Good Luck Class of 1954 LIPMAN'S 172 - 174 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland A,A A.A A v fxv A A,A,A ,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A AAA A,A ,A,A,A,A A,A ,A,A A,A,A,A A,A ,A ,A ,A,A,A.A.A. VVVVVV vvvvvv VVVVVVVVV vvvvvvvvv vvvv V 4. . gs, SEVERNA DELICATESSEN Good Luck '54! from ff Telephone: Severna Park 42 FAMILY SHQE STORE 1' Old Annapolis Boulevard , 0 Severna Park, Maryland iM- T- Schenker, 301 ' Q 0 0 0 Hours: 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. - 7 Days a Week 118 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. 0 "Good Luck Class of 1954" Compliments of from J. BROOKS MELLOR 3 ZIFF'S Henry M. Bachman junior and Women's Apparel Home Insurance Company 4? Where Frances St. Meets Main Severna Park, Maryland 0 0 0 - 4:5 Compliments of Compliments of Q W. R. CHANCE SL SON ll CLIFF DAWSON STORE Certified Watchmakers and jewelers Severna Park Mar land 110 Mam Street ' y Phone: 3-2404 Annapolis, Md. 41, 0 0 0 JESS RADIO SL ELECTRIC Congratulations to the Graduating Class 11 Francis Street at Main HACK'S Annapolis, Maryland 134 Main Street li 'r AP 5 C 1' f 'P GATT'S General Store omp ments 0 il THE RAMBLER 1' . 5 Groceries and Meats 0 Edgewater, Maryland - Route 214 EI 0 Q 1+ . . 4? T E LEADER Eyes Examined Daily 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. 4, H Phone 3-3351 is West River 7571 Mayo, Md. Tel. W. River 3891 Mrs. C. A, Power, Inc. 152 Main Street THE COLUMBIA JEWELRY CO. Ladies and Missejs Speoialty Shop jewelers - Watches - Diamonds - Opticians If 138 Main Street 42: 0 0 SEVERNA SERVICE STATION PARKS and LAMM at Macey's Corner S. . Macey and D. H. Macey Fancy Groceries .. ESSQ A West River 5311 Mayo, Md. li 0 0 0 0 OWENS ESSO STATION Congratulations to the Class of 1954 Prompt and Courteous Service HARRY MEDFORD Arthur R Owens Route 2 and Mayo Road Ald 6 h W d 4? Phone Annapolis 9612 Edgewater, Md. erman, t ar 1 f , x Av v vvvvvvv V VXI .Y ,AA,AAA,AAA,A,A,A,A,AA,A,AA, . . . . . . , . .A,AA.AAAA,AA,AAAA Y Y Y I Q .vm ,WW www W----vvW-Ww-W.i wv-vw- eve A.A,A,A,A,A A,A,A,A A,A,A A,A,A,A A A A A A v v v vv v v vv Vv v vw v v v'v'v'9v'v v-C'C-C'C'C'C'C"'A-"A 'A""A- -v-C C GREEN GOLD'S Inc. Menis and Boys' Clothing and Furnixhings "The Store for the Lad and his Dad since 1908" 46-48-50 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Compliments of KING'S BAKERY "Baked Goods of the Better Kindn 56 West Street ,A A A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A ,,A,,A,A,A,A.A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A vvvvvvvvvvVvvvvVvvv vvvv JOHNNIE'S Esso Service Station Lafayette Avenue and West Street Annapolis, Maryland Tel. 3-2521 Compliments of SPOTLIGHT CLEANERS Colonial Ave. at West St. Phone 3-5801 Complimentf of CULLIMORE'S The Store for Children Where Bay Ridge Meets Chesapeake Avenue Church Circle Eastport Dial 3-6982 Annapolis Md MILLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 44 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone 3-5112 Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK 8L CO. 8 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland Paints - Television - Hardware - Hot Point Applianees - Plumbing Su-ppliesm B. F. THE HENRY B. MYERS 49 west st. Phone co. 3 2655 CQ., Inc, 1714 West St. Phone Co. 8 1882 Phone 3-9222 - - 25-27 Wegt Street Annapolis Md Farm and Home Supplies since 1880 H. G. TRUEMAN Distributor Cal-Co Bottled Gas Gas and Electrical Appliances Phone: Co. 3-31610 Let Us Teach You To Drive Safely NATIONAL DRIVING TRAINING 11 03-07 West Street - Annapolis, Md 185 VVcst Street, Annapglis, Maryland S. T. MaeCubbin, Manager Colonial 3 2653 FRANK SLAMA at soN RUTH SHAKELTON 3 Church Circle - Annapolis, Md. NHOIHC of Good Shoes Since 1869, Public Stenographer - Mimeographing 1 Mailing Lists for all Purposes 55 West Street Dial 3-3132 Notary Public Tel: Co. 3-9213 Phone: Colonial 8-2211 3-6444 60 West Street Annapolis, Md. , , I , , I A,A,A, ,AA.AAA . . . . . .A.A.A.AA.A.A.A.A,A,A AAA .A,l.4.4-.A.A.A.A V'VV'VV VVV VVVVVVYVVVVVVVVVV vvvvv'vvvvv Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 130 , 9l6' .m !6666 v-"A-Av'-A-'el ' Compliments of g LEON'S BARBER SHOP - 435 Fourth Street Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 - Eastport, Maryland ' Annapolis, Theatres CIRCLE - CAPITOL - REPUBLIC - F. H. Durkee Enterprises 1 Presenting the BEST in Motion Pictures SCIBLE'S ESSO SERVICENTER i Eastport 4 4 4 4 4 0 0 4 0 0 0 4? 0 0 4 0 4? 0 9 45 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ? ? 0 0 X 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A AAA-AAm,AAA sA.AAAAA A-A +A- -iv v vw-v-v-v v v v v v H v v v SADLER'S CRAB HOUSE We Specialize in Steamed Crabs 310 Third Street Eastport, Maryland Eastport Phone Co. 3-9033 Phone: 3-4087 - BRIDGEWAY PHARMACY Compliments RADIO STATION WANN Marylandis Capital Station 1190 on Your Dial J. IRVING BIRD SHELL STATION Lubrication - Washing and Polishing Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Accessories Service Calls Tel: Annapolis 3-9621 Sixth Street Compliments of CHARLES F. LEE COMPANY, Inc. Lee Building Annapolis, Maryland 4 Compliments Compliments of Q of BOWEN'S STORE 4? ' BERSTEIN'S CONFECTIONERY 129 Cheeeeeeke Avenue Eastport 4? ii w. H. M. SMITH AGENCY Compliments of fi Realtors - Insufofs RITA'S CONFECTIONERY 1 11 School Street Phone: 3-4221 L1-4-1FOurth Street 1 Annapolis: MarYland Eastport Phone 8-1423 4? ' C0mPlimCHfS Tel. co. 3-4323 of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE 5 STORE fb CARLSON and CARLSON "Everything for the Automobilen Builders Radios - Sports Goods - Paints 140 Main Street PETRIN I SHIPYARD Eastport Annapolis Co. 3-4278 -qoaeaemr 'N WX'SvWee'e'cwewoe ' RODOWSKY'S GROCERY Groceries and Meats Quality - Service - Economy Phone 3-9864 620 Chesapeake Avenue v v , ' , , , , , ,AAA-,AA,A,A,A,A,AA,A v A1 Qvv AA,xv ,A,.-,A, , V777VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V77 VVVVV V . Very Best Wishes to the Class of '54 fM l Compliments of PAUL D. BEST RIVA SERVICE STATION General Merchandise Pete Britton Riva, Md. Riva, Md. Tel. Co. 8-1900 Compliments of BAER,S JQHN M, TAYLQR 85 SCN Clothing for the Entire Family gg Phone 3-2244 20 Market Space 1' Annapolis, Maryland Phone: CO. 3-2861 4. Mercury motors Compliments of Bill Clatanoff I Trojan Boats WILKENS, Inc. 4b F . Men's - Ladies' - Childrcnis 0 'N' "f ' " 'm Annapolis 3-4640 Read -To-Wear A arel X 7 " Q 100 Compromise St. Y pp I I Annapolis, Md' 34 Market Space Annapolis, Md. 4: Compliments of 25 HARE BROS. AUTO PARTS, Inc. JOHN M- DAWES 81 SONS - FootofMainSt. H d, QP' 10-1 1V 'h if Phone: 3-9217 - Annapolis, Md. ay ware amtl H arms ex Bmnghef Plumbing - Electrical ana' Boat Supplies 41 - , 41 Mt' Ramen Md' 7 Bcthisda' Md' Corner Randall St. and Market Space 0 Alexandria, Va. 4 ' Tcl. 3-2492 4, For Food Value -- Shop in the Compliments of NAT GATES, SR., SL SON l CITY MARKET Compliments A FRIEND Compliments G. and J. GRILL iigif' is an - nu lion f-S-5-or A 4 Q1 241 STATIONERY zllarine Engines g Inboard - Outboard Sales and Service Columbian Propeller and Bronze Distributors Compliments of HOWARD A. LEGG District Manager Jefferson Standard Life Ins. Co. 66 Maryland Ave. Tel. Co. 3-2190 ANNAPOLIS TRAVEL SERVICE Airlines -- Steamships - Hotels 44 Maryland Avenue Phone: 3-3036 Also Insurance Compliments of SADLER,S HARDWARE STORE 122-128 Dock Street, Annapolis, Md. ' Hmlm, W 'QPIQ' ' l6l6l9l9l9Z9lGl6l6l9l9l9l9l9l9I9l6l6l6l6i9' ZQMQQVX IQ91919l9kX'S9l6l6GI99Sl69El9l6S'GSSl6 0 r 4? 4 4 4y I-I v of 0 4 4? 4b 0 0 4+ 0 of o 4? 4? 4? r 4r r y 4b 0 r 4y o 4r 4y 4y 7K V I 3 2 ,AAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,A ,A vvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvv vvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvv 1 AAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA vvvv vv vv v I v N v'v'v'v'v' ' ' ' 'v'v'v'v' ' ' ' ' v v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' 'v'v'v'v'vv-'v'w'v' v'v'W'v'v' ' ' ' FIRESTONE HOME 8a AUTO OSCAR SHACKS CO. TDSUPEIBJES. Dresses - Coats - Millinery zres an atteries . 272-274 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland 37 West Street' Annapolis' Maryland Phone: 3-4743 Sole Agent for Mojud Hosiery and Lingerie Compliments of , An'IQQ,2'IiQShigQfj5Qn - MARY LOUISE BEAUTY SALON For Good Food and Drink 11 Monticgllo Ave, 275 West Street A 1. M 1 d Chris S. Psamadakis nnapo ls' ary an ANNAPOLIS BUICK COMPANY compliments of 240 W .' S .est tm COCA-COLA BOTILING CO. Annapolis, Maryland Phone 3-2341 Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of Compliments Of JIMIS CORNER RESTAURANT ARUNDEL RUG CLEANERS 294 W St A 1, Md Spa Road - West Street est mt mapo 'S' ' Phone: Co. 3-9135 Complimmf Of HOPKINS' FURNITURE CO. RUTH Home of Better Furniture Ruth K' Rofenblovm 123-127 Main Street Annapolis, Md. 161 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Phoneg 3-4551 TUBBY,S DRIVE IN Compliments of Thick Shakes Hamburgers QKosher Stylel Hot Dogs SANITARY LUNCH 2012 West Street 111 Main St. Phone 3-9615 Compliments Compliments of of JOHN LARKIN M ' W A FRIEND en S ear 151 Main Street Annapolis, Md. C0mPllment5 of Home Cooked Meals CARR, MEARS 85 DAWSON From 6 A.M. - 12 Midnight The Home of Men's 8: Young Men's Clothing Quick Sewice - Reasonable P15095 Maryland Ave. and Prince George St. NEW GRILL RESTAURANT Phone: Co. 3-4300 105 Main Street Annapolis 3-9642 , . . . . V .A. A,-4.4-,A,A A,A A,A,A A,A A4A,A,A4A A, A AA AA r A I I A A , A A,A A,AA AA, A A v vv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Yv v v v v v v v v'v v'9'0'C'C v'vt v v v v v v'v v'v v'v'v v l33 9 . . .6QSSx GSSSSKGZSQIQIQZGIGZGIGIQQISHWESGE91916161 X -AA'-A . Telephone 3-2292 E We Call For and Deliver RAINBOW CLEANERS and Shirt Laundry Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Storage 1801 West St. - 201 Main St. 404 Fourth St., Eastport ' WISEMAN CONTRACTING CO. Arnold, Maryland - Phone: Co. 3-5334 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 . Diplomas Framed TALMAN'S OFFICE SUPPLIES 1 Y 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 X Phone: Co. 3-7666 3 Church Circle 0 0 4 0 4 0 0 0 4? 0 Phone: Severna Park 360 . FEESER'S RESTAURANT 3 Q Harry Feeser, Prop. gg Excavating and Grading Steaks M Chops - Seafood A' Bulldozers for Hire Old Annapolis Road Severna Park, Md. gg MARTHA W Have your milk delivered by f CANDY SHOP EAGLE NEST FARM DAIRY Pasteurized Milk and Cream Q Q S125 a Pound Dan-Rion Chocolate Milk gg 47 M3fY1aUd Avff- TCI. CO- 3-5577 Qalso in half-gallon bottlesj 44 1 Dial Annapolis 3-2100 Congratulations and Best Wishes ,- THE FLOWER MART 90 Maryland Avenue Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 Official A.H.S. Jewelry 3,2 QCorner State Circle and Maryland Ave., STEARNS COLONIAL JEWELERS ig Your Leading Florist 47 Maryland Avenue ' phone 3-7510 Phone: 3-6933 Z5 PAUI-'S RESTAURANT HEIDLER and BRANZELL 2 Riva, Maryland - Tolopnona co. 3-4410 , , 4 in Specializing in Honao Cooked Food Plumbmg and Heatmg Steaks- Chops - Seafoods 208 Taylor Avenue h Paul Swinog Prwm Dmmg Room Sam Purdy Annapolis, Maryland Phone: 3-2239 ' C0,,,,,,i,,,e,,,, of PREsTo RESTAURANT N d f M 2 DINNER BELL RESTAURANT me or em' Q Steaks - Chicken - Chops - Seafood 2029 West St' Extended 63 West Street Phone: 3-2055 32 'Telephone 3-9858 33 S. 8: S. RESTAURANT Z gi PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1303 WCSt Street, AHHaP01iS, Md- Q, Serving Complete Dinners 512 Tom Siornporas Nick Sarnaras gg K Bethel 40 Compliments of International O-rder G' T' SHERW001? 85 CO' Wholesale Confeetioners of 257-9-11 Evergreen Ave. 9 " jOB'S DAUGHTERS Baltimore 14, Maryland Q2 916Sl6H99Sl9lGl9l9Sl9'l9l9k9l9519191916E16161919161GIQIGEISZSISISIQSQIG9191SISIGIGIGIGIGIQIQIGIQIGIQIGS 919191616l9l9l9 134 smxwtltnlrwffffitnnnff, -f,: -f X X ttf 1 X 5 " x h EU XLD RNC: ahn N Ojlieli- Again iliar and reassuring slogan FA it has appeared in thou ands of the country's finest year- lroo s for the past half century. REAssuR1No...because those years of specialized experience bring complete service, outstanding qualify and de- pendable delivery to the yearbook staffs with wbom we work. fam M s k + ,IAHN k OLLIER ENGRAVINC CO. 8l7 W. Washington Blvd Chicago 7, Illinois w x i ti l ttM t't 'Ni 'x 5. .7 .. .. .. 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