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q p i-Q"". E Q I 9- 1 - .4 ' 6,02 ff J' V L .- - S F N .T 6? 'lb .Mex ' MSW J 'TURK ' SEWLLL g Q' X X XX A Tk, A C A ' L 'A is nf Q 'A+ lg 1 - Q , ,, -L '73 , lv, 5.1 'I Coignii Q -if O V f of Q Gaen -r E: ii lllllfllflfllllllflf hzllflfffflfffmlhll. . I' ' x 2' Cf ' o wmfqulgkllllllflllllffffffqw W ulfrrnfw fr iw S 4 xy Sw , cool- Q xvf"5, Danni' 0 , ea f -. 5 K Q 1- C S A J-' HUGHY p HM f N ' g f 6 5521 SME i . N-QXNQM MJ 5 . In ' -0"3 """' 1 K gxqwtlilllrr f BELGH J Cxfg T, ,.cf5f,: 'V' ,f - ' S W - 'ff"?'Q,w,4 5 X39 C K Q " l , S K Q BEAVERS W ' my V1 R0"""'5 ' - + EMR fJASPEl5 H V 1 v gmurmnq , fi Q. S' x - I X'- ff E Y M . 5 Q! y xlxxx-X I Q' 4 'Q J 0 1.1 9 Q X if a X 4 " J N 1' D W I r W 'f X, If 'Q oYT R2 . 7 ' '.. Q fmf N2 ff iii! 1 3 iffff lgu Q JU ui - ff . , X llmn-gg,-1,-5,5W!,l.' vffw BECK Maman Q -", X ' , - .V X I I 4. 2 70? ZW , ' fy 5:22217 '7Zifff4f f4f '75 N5 V 24" Leann J Nd 1 Rosa: S E ,QQ 3 fy? y ' ' f : , I A W4 5 S NWS Qbww ' ' 'S' We f-sv PAT Q f- QM 1. REED X 'U , 0' .sms HATC4- . Q.. LlNDA K! Woo A ' WE ARE -3 I my HERE. I ' X, FAIR DAMSEL Qbwql You nos? A 1 . A - - Cf' 'P' 'V ' N x"7fy7 .- f roerawrr '5 f K X 91 Q 15 NME! , GIRLS! 'W 'EX Q A q , 'nv' PURD : 2 d Q o .Q ' +4- MARY Lou BAUER r gi I , UTILZ1 X ' E ' ff A w 0 0, Q wa A px: Us A QQ ,iigelu Q -I ,b fl K4 Shu ' , Q ' 1' A 690834 'Q' 4 f A . P ' V 2 ' " ' T X 3 5 ' ' ' 1 PM C04 .'Ni,.v.1:f' V 2.5 if - :I--4' . 0 - " ?'::--4-"' .ff O' :F 5 X ' Q Q SJ, so 4? - -,4r5,Z'1'W,LE,l ,n:PfIlCKEf S si'w,5 E551 PQR1: J' ,f Q E ,,,W:Q4?Q f Q ' 5 .Q 1- Q 4 1-lv , E .I rf? N N fix 0 -.4 E Rowan! ' N my I XNHKY NK , , cw MISEPN T '3- - if I if SMH NN d'LDwf"'L SBNDPH HU-EN Q zf"L'If'fi, o:.soN rakqusw 1 fini' f? Maw A517229 . - r- . .1 'I y...l.:." 5ii.l.3.1 1:34 0 lglllllllllln www nlllllgiei l gig UMHWW - S7 ' qq f Q 1 .4 SGD- 8' if Q Sv . f ' 4. pi Q' I W .V ,-- .h ' I A' '94 5, it 4, J, Qi Ni r :li J '41 A 7' gm l" ig 0 " e E5 "Wh J' f A .2 fe- ' M' f 4 1, p ' c p p , l i f of Haig F' J-,TI I, ' IK D Q fc Q i 1 , 33 ' iiflelflg, In pictured story and printed word, thc Senior Class presents the people, places, and events of this year of their lives at An- napolis High School, on the fol- lowing pages of the .......... l 1953 ANNAPUUS ANNAPULJIS, WAKE HIGH SCHUUUL MARYLAND FOREWCRD As we, the Seniors, finish our journey through Annapolis High, we leave behind many unforgettable and precious mem- ories. As lowly freshmen, we crept about the halls, afraid to speak in overtones. As sophomores, we were beginning to under- stand the school rules and regulations. As juniors, we became more competent and assured, for we were part of the upper class. Today, the faculty are no longer stran- gers, but friends. The stars of our teams are the boys and girls of our class. Life at A.H.S. has been the stepping stone from childhood into the waiting ayears of life. What is in store for us is un- known, but one thing is certain, if we make use of the opportunities provided by the school, we will be prepared for a successful future. To preserve these fond memories of life at Annapolis High, we present the 1953 WAKE in an attempt to portray the events as we lived them. 4 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 65' FACULTY . THE SENIOR CLASS . THE CLASSES WE LEAVE BEHIND . SPORTS . ACTIVITIES . PATRONSEHADVERTISERS . ADMINISTRATIIN ,ss FACBSTY if S V u 45? 'NIE sa w n 3 'L Y Qylr g . f IW Env: Iexkbl' HJ um' Lmk,n,n4 fsk fx. I K' A N 'H RJR Rx' rw- Q. . 'faint A , . 52 35155 ll! .41- Y I f I l Q X ,, .1 355, mcih ns- , , , Egx....H A Qfffml ' , ,j?4y : ' nj 1, T 15" fr- - I ' .SQ PHTKUIS HDVE ISERS -S il It a' gl 2 599 I - I. Q ff U9 539' T 5 x , . Q ALMA MATER "The earth is warmed by the kindly sun, But live: are warmed by the deeds of men, And their words of praise when our best we've done And the parting wish that we'll meet again." Our understanding friend and leader completes this June her thirtieth year of teaching English to Annapolis High School students. Her influence toward the better things in life has given every Senior an inspiration they will carry throughout their lives. It is with sincere gratitude that we, the editors, do affectionately dedicate this, our 1953 WAKE, to Miss Elizabeth V. Davis. DEDICATIC ELIZABETH V. DAVIS FLAG RAISING ADM! N HLQTRAT1 UN 2t,,.,,-,,,.sv, 4 W Y Qwpvf 5,-' M -VW . .. , l l, Agn Z ! fl, f ,Q ian 9 g EROS 1 W 3,4 Fi afllllff 'hllllf H5456 31 ALBERT W. FOWBLE Principal My message to the Class of 1953 may be illustrated by the story of the boy who was sent with an order to the grocery store. The grocer filled the order and placed the package on the counter while the boy browsed around. Later as the boy started to leave without his order, the grocer call- ed, "Hey, Son, don't forget your packagelw This story, with its moral, is a reminder to you never to forget the real purpose of your mission in life. As an employee, you are morally obligated to give an honest day's work, a full measure of your time and effort. Neglect not your responsibili- ties if you are placed in a position of trust. Regard the sacrifices made for those of you who go on to college. My message, then, is this: Take up your mission thoughtfully and purposefully. Se- niors, "Do not forget your package!" MRS. BONARI MRS. MUSTERMAN Oficc EHi6iPHCj' MR. Hl'1RKI,lJ'l'Z Miss H.-xMu.'roN MR. Box.-xRI rumrl and f,'0lIAfl!H'fil't' l.er1rler,x DR. KINII.-XR'I' M R. HHRK 1,o'1'z MR. FOXN' 'flu' lligflrl lfrlzrlml I I XX Q99 FACULTY MEMBERS Row One: Mr. Li-zithvrbury, Mrs. Carp:-ntr-r, Mrs. Lcitze-1, Miss Hokv, Mrs. Rc-dniond, Mr. Ili-rklotz, Mrs. Rogc-rs, Miss Longa- xiwkc-r, Mrs, MllSlt'FIll1lll, Miss Gooch-. Row Two: Mrs, Bonuri, Mr. Olson, Mr. Moorv, Mr. Cox, Mr. Thompson, Mr, Kunklc, Mr. Rogc-rs, Miss Marking, Mr. Dil'i2l2i0, Miss Ewing. I 2 W FACULTY MEMBERS Row Our: Mr. Norris, Mrs. Billiilfiiy Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Sl1'i4'ht1'r, Mrs. hlorris, M12 Fowhlv, Miss Hicks, Miss Noblv, Mrs. AIVXZIII' dvr, Miss Davis. Razz' 'l'zm'o: Miss Swartz, Mrs. Adzinis, Mrs, WN':illzic'v, Mr. Millvr, Mr, Pvrr-guy, Mr. Bmiuri, Mr. Shank, Miss Cox, Miss Ilzlmilton. X3 M ! 03 S PSHGT :W Q :'z:L.,3 V. new , W! ' .4343-'Z iv' -Q" .-1 ,--n :HWS ,., 'Q X S X -4-,,,. Hemi T XXX? X Z xx ,.. ,S k .X 2 W. a ,ff111m,,2f mufijiff p 14' f Azuzapulifi Fi' ,ffflff f' if' V ull: 'YT S I ,' - 7 ,-ff,,',,,fH , f-,1 110 N grlnwl. Flu' Hrahrrzrfz' Ullllflil' I ., 'fy .-fxnf, ,nf ,1,.ff-,M ,, lfpiiafffff -Xfy , cl 1 ' M -- .ff 1' '2'ff','f','ff 1 -ff ,fn X,f11flfffff 74,1 14 f f' 1' , 7' 1- , X ' , ,ff f ffyqyfg ,pf ff. ,fQQf ,'fjQ, if 'f f fp f 1 . IJ . 'I' li 'kj-11fx,--.4 vxjx, -1-Q wl-71.40.14 .SW Uz.51ly14,rn!4 dying,-4qlQ,Q, V, QV - fi 021167 xi"-I ' I '1- ,,.,-f 1, J . """'!l'x . " yr'-x Frank Walsh, President Beverly Hedges, Vice-President Evelyn Sweeney, Secretary-Treasurer SENIQR CLASS ADVISERS I 8 SENICR CLASS GFFICERS Mrs. Stella M. Morris, Miss Mary Louise Hicks. Mr. Chester A. Peregoy M. ANNE ADAMS . . . Sweet, neat 'n petite, "Shorty" will make a good office worker, came to us in her Junior year from La Plata High School. She likes to roller skate, swim, and eat fried chick- eng dislikes homework, tests, and oral reports. Intends to get a job and then-Oh Well! moam C. ASCHE . . . Busy "Ing", always sweet and helpful, heads for U. of M .... Fieldball 2,3,4g J.V. Basketball 1, Var. Basketball 2,3,4g Softball Ig Volleyball 3,45 Soc. Comm. 1,2,3, Jr. Prom 3: Ath. Rep. l,2,3,4, Alt, 25 V. P. 2, Tally-Ho l,2,3,4-3 Traf. Sq. 45 WAKE 4, Var. UAH Club Sec. 43 Phys. Ed, Asst. 3,4. HENJAMIN F. ASHER . . . "Ben", a boy of ours from way back, says that he has had fun while attending A.H.S.g likes sports in the form of football, soccer, and swimming, but can't stand home- work. He plans to attend U. of Maryland and study engineer- ing . . . Soccer 3,45 Baseball 3.4. CLYDE N. ATWELI ..,. Loyal "Eastporter", Noel, better known to his close friends as "Noodles", has not yet decided which col- lege he will attend after graduation, he likes hunting, skating, dancing, boating, swimming, and good food . . . J.V. Football 1 3 Baseball Mgr. 1 3 Visual Aids 3,4. ., MARTIN BALI ..... 1 X real whiz on wheels, easy-going Martin heads his list of interests with Roller-Hockey, while hot-rod races and girls run a close second: often seen sporting around town in a green Plymouth: favorite pastime is huntingg has no specific plans for the future. AUUREY 1., BARNES . . . Blonde, blue-eyed, sociable Audrey, hopes to go to Maryland Institute: likes sports, dancing, 'n Latin Ameri- can music: lists dating, eating, cooking as hobbies . , . Chorus 23 Operetta 2: Art Exhibit 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 3g Soc. Comm. 45 'Traffic Squad 43 Intra. Basketball 1. GHARU-:s C. BARNES . . . 'iCharlie", a Homewood boy suffering with the wanderlust, wants most to travel, to see places he hasn't seen: therefore, can most frequently be found working on his car: hopes to study Mechanical Engineering, is blonde and blue- cyed, with a. healthy appetite for Maryland Style Fried Chicken. mwmaw BARNES . . . Dark haired, brown-eyed and versatile: 'fDink" is in Tri-Hi-Y and Tau Omicron Phi: plans to become a Navy wife: likes swimming, Hawaii . . . H.R, Rep. lg Cheer- leader 1,2,33 Traffic Squad 4: J. V. Softball 1,23 Hockey 1,23 Basketball 1, 2: Intra. Basketball 1,2g Softball l,2. MYUN BARR . . . Musically-Minded Mylin has his own radio show and is church soloistg favorite food? Spinach! . . . As- sembly Comm. l,2g Uperctta 1,23 Make-up Comm, 2,3,4: Caf. Helper 2,3,4g Tally-Ho Bus. Staff 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4g All Coun- ty Chorus 2,33 All State Chorus 35 WAKE 4, Traffic Squad 4. ELIZABETH v. BARRY . . . "Betty", a future secretary, expects to pound a typewriter all day, dislikes include lower lockers, wash- ing dishcs, and brothers . . . J.V.: Softball 2g Basketball 2,35 Var. Hockey 2,3,4g Soc. Comm. 21 WAKE Adv. 2,3,4g Chorus 2,1i,41 Jr. Prom Comm. 3g Trafhc Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y. JOIIN s. BASIL . . . "Jack" with his many interests including water skiing, hunting, and his own radio programs, plans to enter the Marines after attending Md. U .... Stunt Nite 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Social COIHIH. 3,45 WAKE Circulation Comm. 4. MARY Lou BAUER . . . Vivacious "Brown Eyes", fancies Lincolns and convertibles, enjoys having a good timcg desires to be a Medical Secretary or a Nurse . , . WAKE Chief Typist, Circulation and Make-up Committees 4, Social Committee 45 Traffic Squad 4, Senior Play Selection Comm, 4. MIRIAM G. BAUSUM . . . Sweet personality, lovely voice. Counts, calculates, and checks all the money that circulates 'round the school. A course in music at Mars Hill College, N. C. is in view for Miriam . . . Varsity Volleyball 23 Chorus 2,3,4g School Treasurer 4. ROBERT J. IIAZZELI ,... Tall, blue-eyed "Buz" is a recent arrival at A.H.S., formerly attend- ed Lisbon High in Southern Maryland. High on the list of his favorite pastimes is guitar music in the hill-billy style. w. OLIVER Bl-BALL, jR .... Dark-eyed Billy enjoys dancing, sports, and girls, hopes to study eleetrieal engineering at the University of Maryland . . . Soccer 3, Baseball 35 Chorus 3,43 Visual Aids Committee 3. RALPH E. BEAVERS . . . WVho's the driver of the customized Ford? That's none other than "Buddy", Co-Captain of the football team. If college doesn't get him, the Marine Corps will . . . Varsity: Football 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball 3,45 J.V, Basketball 25 Foot- ball 2. CAROLYN BEAVIN . . . "Take a letter, Miss Beavin," will soon be a familiar saying to Carolyn, who plans to become a secretary. K'Punch" is also interested in music . . . Intra. Fieldball lg J.V. Basketball, Chorus 2,3,4g Stunt Nite 3,45 Operetta 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. EDWARD BECK . . . "Eddie" came to A.H.S. this year from Northwestern High. Though his future is undecided, he is very much interested in auto mechanics and likes to work with model automobiles in his spare time. JAMES G. BELCH . . . "Lightning" Belch earned his nickname on the A.H.S. football team. 'jimi' likes to sleep, eat shrimp, and drink beer. He hopes to attend West Point Military Academy. A future General? . . . Varsity: Lacrosse 1,2,3,45 Football 2,3,4g Intra. Basket- ball 1. PATRICIA A. BELL . . . After attending Bard Avon, "Pat', would like to travel and someday live in the "Paradise of the Pacificw, Honolulu. Swimming and sports are among her top interests . . . Softball 45 Basketball 15 Majorettes l,2,3,4g Assembly Committee 1. 20 RUTH 41. nnNTi.m' . . . "Ruthi0's" intcrrsts arc skating, swinnning, and football: also likcs 1-ating spaghctti: ambition is to finish school and work for a whilc. "Ruthie-" has bccn an officc workcr, in which slic has donc typing for thc attcndancc dircctor. Roni-:RT HI-lRTl .... Franklin High School's loss was our gain. Bob camc to us from Pcnnsyl- vania whcrc hc acquircd a tastc for stcak and mashcd potatocs. CExpcnsivc tastcll Ili- hopcs to rcccivc an Acadcmic diploma and would likc to attcnd collcgc. MARIE v. BHTHHI ,... Full of fun, pcp, and cnt-rgy . . . WAKE -l: Majorcttcs l,2,fl,4lg Jr. Prom Comm. Chrinn. 3: Traffic Sq. 4: Honor Soc. 3: Scc, 4: Asscmbly fl: H. R. Alt. 2,'l1 Chorus 2,331 Opcrctta 2: Stunt Nitc 3,42 Soc. Comm. l: Club Comm. l: Y. Softball Mgr. 2: Intra. 2. NVILLIAM H. mon . . . Likcs radios, cars, foods, and girls: sccrct dcsirc is to own a rcally supcr hotrod with all thc trinnnings: Bill's futurc plans includc working for a local plumbing supply company . . , TraH'ic Squad Al : Varsity Football -l. KENNETH iz. BLOCK . , . Yvar-round sportsman . . . Jr. Prom Connn. Co-chairman 3: H.R R:-p, 2: Tally-Ho lg Stunt Nitc 2,41 Hi-Y 2,1533 Modcl Lcgislaturc 2,Il,'l: Asst-ni. l,llg Var Club Ml: Football l,2: Baskctball 2,32 Var, Football 3,41 Lacrossc 2,fl,l: jr. Civitan 3,'l: WVAKE Lit. 4. iz, SAMUI-Il. noi.Axn . , . Did ezonu-onc nicntion DIXIE? Brown-cycd Sain, who cami- to ns in his Scnior ycar from Grccnvillc, S.C., likcs only .voulhern fried chick:-n: this wondcrful danccr and activc lli-Y nu-inbcr will study cnginccring at South Carolina L' .... Baskct- ball l: Track 4. I.. BONVMAN . . . Lcc likcs scwing, singing 'ind hot fudgt sundus ho at t l 4- zz: i'son-a privatc sccrr-tary: plans include a 1'l'I'I2llI'l futurc tcachcr from Towson , . . Junior Prom Connnittcc Il: Traffic Squad 4: Oflicc Hclpcr l: WVAKE Typing Cornniittcc -l. H.-XRIKARA IKRAMIILE . . . Barb, a futurc nursc, likcs food, swimming, and icc-skating . . . NYAKE Litcrary sl: Circulation 4: Chorus 2,332 Opcrctta 2: Honor Socicty 351: V, Prcs. 4: Jr. Prom Comm. Chairman Il: Varsity Hockcy 3,41 Varsity "A" Club: Intra. 4: Traffic Squad -l. JANICE H. nRANzi21.I ..,. Fivc fcct, one inch, and mighty proud of that onc inch: Janicc likcs to hclp pcoplc land who wouldn't likc to bc hclpcd by he-r?D: futurc plans includn- collcgc . . . WAKE Patron Comm. -l: Club Rcp. -l: Chorus 2,1243 Opcrctta 2: TraHic Squad Al. IVA I.. ixRAsHieARs .... N futurc homcmakcr, "Babe-" cnjoys sc-wing and cooking: plans to attcnd Straycr Busincss Collcgc ncxt ycar and thcn work in W'ashington for thc Covcrn- nu-nt...L'b: 'A' 'V' 'A ' " ' ' 1 rxry ss t. -,5. Wklxli Iypmg Lonnnlttcv l: Scnior Play Connn. l. kacrggxx. . K- F 2I BRENDA A. BREWSTER .... A friendly gal who is an ardent sports fan and lots of fun, "Bo" came to A.H.S. this year from Frank- lin High in Reistertown: has a definite and special interest in Yale. "Bo" plans to go to college or join the Waves . . . Varsity Basketball 4: Intramurals: Fieldball 4: Basketball 4. NANCY H. BRINDUPKE . . . Vivacious Nancy, or 'LDump Truck" as she is called by her friends, has been with us for only the past two years, but has been a credit to Annapolis High , , . WAKE editor-in-chief 4: Stunt Night 4: Club Ass't, 3, Club OH. 4: Make-up Comm. 3,43 Tratiie Squad Sgt, 4: Otlice work- l'I'4. 1 5. T J L" 1 , ni. 1 x ld 1- l ' l -A a f v 1 H. STECK HRINK, JR ..,. Alfuture competitor of Walt Disney. Stock plans to attend the University of Maryland and study art . . . J.V. Soccer 2, Track 2, Varsity Soccer 3: Assembly Comm. l,2: Art Exhibit 2,3: WAKE 4g Stunt Nite 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Tally-Ho 3,43 Traffic Squad 4: H.R. Rep, 4, Honor Society 3,4-. 1 I C. COLEMAN BROADDUS . . . Tall, Dark, andAwell the rest is evident! Likes fried chicken fSOl1fl'lt'fl'l stylef- but definitelyj and music. Coleman has been the A-l trombonist in the A.H.S, band for the past two years: looks forward to a career in engineer- ing , . . Football 2,33 Lacrosse 2,31 Band 3,41 Stunt Nite 3,4. wILLiAM E. BROWN .... A big guy with a heart to match , . . J.V. Football 1,22 Basketball 2: Var.: Football 2,3,4g Basketball 3,4: Baseball 2: Lacrosse 3,41 H.R. Alt. 2: Rep. 3: Ath. Rep. 3,41 Jr. Prom 3: Stunt Nite 3,43 Tally-Ho Rep. 4: Traffic Sq. 4: Chorus '.Z,3,4: Vice-President S.G, 4g Vice-Pres. "A" Club. F. MEADE BRUCE . . . Brown-haired K'Speedyl' has a passion for hunting, tishing, cars, and ham sandwiches. He plans to con- tinue his studies so that one day he will be a master electrician. His greatest wish is to have his own electrical shop. Bruce can always be found at Dimp's Station. SHIRLEY v. BRYAN . . . "Shirtzl' has set her sails for a secre- tarial eareer. Another musical miss, she sings on the radio and with A.H.S.'s '4Melody Maidsv. Likes to dance and roller skates a lot fpractice makes perfeetl . . . Home Room Rep. 2: Home Room Alt. 3: Chorus 2,3,4: Stunt Nite 2,3,4g Assembly 3. JAMES lx. RRYARS . . . The track team's claim to future fame! Likes steak and Dickhoflns Hoockes UD. After Jim gets his academic diploma, he'll try for an N.R.O.T.C. Scholarship . . . Track 2,3,4: Football 2: Hi-Y member 3,41 Varsity "A" Club 3,43 Stunt Nite 4. JOYCE I.. BUECHLING . . . L'Jo" likes children: will make an ex- cellent homemaker. Favors fried chicken and horse races, dis- likes homework. Skating and swimming rate high with "Jo" who has come to us from Bladcnsburg High School, Bladensburg, Maryland. Joyce is undecided about her future. CARROLL o. BUNKER . . . "What ya say hoss?" and "How we doin,?', are two indications of 'lButch's,' presence. A member of the 4-H Club, "Butch" hopes to own a farm of his own after serving a few years with the U. S. Navy. Butch is a member of the Volunteer Fire Dep't. and likes all food. His only dislike is English. J NAOMI M. HURKERT . . . Five feet two, eyes of blue. Among "Red's" many likes are swimming, boating, Bar BQ's and the expression, "Holy Cow". Formerly a student at Clifton Park High School, Baltimore, Naomi came to us in her Freshman Year . . . Library helper 2,4. WILLIAM F. CADELL . . , Energetic "Will" enjoys exercising and weight lifting and is credited with founding the "Cedar Park Bar Bell Club". With Uncle Sam's permission, he will be a University of Maryland art student next year . . . Track 2,43 Traffic Squad 4. ELEANORE G, M. CABLE . . . Friendly and easy-going, "Elie" likes food, football, camping and Eddie Fisher. Though a confederate at heart, "Elie" hopes to attend University of Maryland . . . Intra. Basketball '2,3,4g ,I.V. Basketball 2, Varsity: Basketball 3,41 Volleyball 3,-lg Fieldball 4, Tally-Ho 4. ANNE 1.. c:A1.nw1-:Ll .... Always laughing and friendly to all, "Annie" aspires to be a successful secretary, especially enjoys the summerg also interested in the Civil Air Patrol . . . Jr. Prom Comm. 35 WAKE Advt. Comm. 3, Soc. Comm. 41 Chorus 2g Majorettcs 2 g J.V. Softballg Intra. Badminton. FRANK CAl.Dwr1I,1 .... Tall, dark, and handsome, 'fCool" is a future "Middie"g crazy over that '34 Ford coupe, sports and a cute little blonde: attended schools in New York and Georgia before A.H.S .... Varsity "AH Club 3,4g Varsity: Football 3,4-g Basketball 3,45 Baseball 3,4-. oAR1.o'rTA CAMMARATA ...r 'X ll around sports enthusiast, "Lot- tie" hopes to be a bookkeeper and someday a housewife, has a special interest in "B, Jones" . . . Traffic Squad 4, WAKE Make-up Comm. 4: J.V. Softball 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Varsity: Basketball 3,45 Fieldball 2,3,4. PATRICIA n. o1.AYPoo1 ,... Brown-haired, blue-eyed "Pat" looks forward to a wonderful future with Don. This congenial lass already enjoys sewing and baking. Lucky Don! Pat previously attended school in Augsburg, Germany . . . Tally-Ho typist 35 Varsity Hockey 3g Hockey Manager 4. WALT:-:R N. eo1.1.1soN . . . Quiet and reserved, f'Walt" will end his political career after graduation and enter the held of medi- cine at the U. of North Carolina . . . Student Government Pres. -lg Stunt Nite 43 Intra. Basketball 1, j.V. Basketball 2, Football 33 Varsity Football 4. e. THOMAS M. coNNa1.1 .... Artistic "Tommy's" plans include a date with Uncle Sam immediately after graduation. Upon his return, he hopes to go to college and later to put some of his art talent to work commercially, and also make "lots of money". Good luck, Tommy! CASSANDRA eonxum . . . "Corky" is a talented lass, sure to suc- ceed: likes books, sailing, and writing, plans to attend Brad- ford Junior College .... A ssembly Committee 3, WAKE: Ad- vertising, Literary Staffs: Tally-Ho Reporter 3: Ass't. Feature Ed- itor 4: Patron Comm. 41 Traffic Squad 4. MARY P. c:oRwicl.L , . . No, it isn't Rise Stevensg it's "Pat" practicing her latest song, Al- though she loves to sing, she will probably be a typist upon graduation. "Pat" likes danc- ing and a guy named Pete . . . Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 2g WAKE Circulation Staff 4. MAxwm.1. H, r:ov1NGToN, JR .... "Max's" hobby seems to be using his head, either in soc- cer or in thinking up new ways to feed his cattleg plans to attend college and then settle down on the farm . . . Varsity: Soccer 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4: H. R. Representative 2. JOHN C. DAILEY . . . Carefree "jack" has attended Massanutten Military Academy, belongs to the Naval Reserve and U.S.R.O.T.C., and hopes to attend Embry-Riddle Collegegsounds like he's preparing for a future with Uncle Sam! . . . Intramurals. l'HYl,I.IS E. DIMAGGIO . . . Don't be fooled by the name, "Butch" is no relation to the home- run hitter. In fact, she prefers swimming and bowling to baseball. "Phil" plans to work at the Naval Academy as a typist if Bobby doesn't have other plans . . . junior Prom 3g WAKE 4-. HELEN 1. DONALDSON . . . Helen, a versatile miss of Terpsichorean fame, will dance her way to stardom . . . Social Committee 2,3g Tally-Ho 2,3,4g NVAKE Patron Managerg Stunt Nite 2,3,el: Chorus 4g Jr. Prom Clean-up Comm. 41 WAKE Circulation -lg H. R. Rep. lg Assembly Comm. KATHERINE ri. DUCKETT . . . Sports-minded "Kitty": twinkling eyes and a ready smile . . . V. Basketball 2,fl,-ll Fieldball 2,3,-l: Volleyball 2,3,4: Soc. Comm. l,2,3g Tally-Ho l,2,3,lg Sgt. Traf. Sq. -lg Club Rep. 3: WAKE 43 Var. "A" Club Pres. 43 Jr. Prom 4: J.V.: Hockey lg Softball l. JOAN T. l-IARLE . . . Yea, team! Joan wants a B.S. degree from the University of California in---guess what? Civil Engineering . . . V. Cheerleaders 2,f5g V. Cheerleaders 43 V. Basketball Manager lg Social Committee 1,25 Stunt Nite 2,3,4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3. T. STANLEY ENTWISLE, JR ,... Likeable "Stan" and his trumpet: Stunt Nite winner '52, musically inclined: is headed for the University of Maryland , . . Track 2,335 Soceer 3,lg Captain-Traffic Squad -lg Band 2---President 3,4g Stunt Nite 2,3,4. JAMES C. FARRELI, . . . Friendly, though quiet, "jim" puts dancing, swimming, and eating, high on his list of likes. Plans to put on the Navy blues after graduation . , . Lacrosse manager 2: Trafhe Squad -lg Hi-Y Syl. HELEN F. FERGUSON .... A lways cheerful, "Fergic" likes horseback riding and art: plans to enter Maryland University upon graduation . . , Hockey 3,-lg Lacrosse 2,3,4g Volleyball 3,-lg Jr. Prom Comm. 31 H. R. Representative 3: Costume Committee 4-3 WAKE 4. .. fq,Qaj,3 zarjaf xml J I J , Ml - lb if '.. AUM- HELEN M. FERKLER . . . Green-eyed blonde who loves to dance: "Dewey', keeps a scrap- book about partics, dances, and special occasions. Our gain from Towson High, wants to be a Navy nurse . . . Tally-Ho Typist 4: Stunt Nite 4. ROSEMARIE FINKLE . . . Fun to be with, likes to read, will make a fine teacher . . . Hockey 3,4-: J.V. Softball l: Intra. 4: Honor Soc. 3,43 Pres. F.T.A. Club 3: WAKE: Literary, Circulation 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Traf. Sq. 4: Guide at School Exhibit 3. sYLvm A. FoUsT . . . Likes to sing, a future secretary . . . Stunt Nite 3,4: Operetta 2: Chorus 2,3,4: Jr. Prom 3: J.V. Basketball Mgr. 2: Softball 1,21 J.V. Cheerleader 2: Club Rep. 4: WAKE 4: Tally-Ho Rep. 2,3,4: Traf, Sq. 4: Soc. Comm. 2,31 Assembly 3,4. ERNEST R. FOWLER . . . Always smiling, cheerful, little "Ernie", who likes football and a cer- tain brown-eyed majorette, "that's for sure", is looking forward to a stretch in the Air Force . . . Basketball l : j.V. Football 2: Var. Football 4. MUNFORD W. FRENCH . . . "Money", a blue eyed lad who has loads of energy and uses it to enjoy life. His favorite pastime is eating, sleeping and going to the movies . . . J.V. Soccer 1 : Varsity Soccer 2,3,4. CARLA v. GALLOP . . . "Snookie", an active member of Job's Daughters, will do practical nursing and missionary work after graduation. Corresponding with her many pen pals and writing poems are Carla's hobbies . . . Library helper l,2,3,4: Office helper 3,4. PAUL L. GEIMAN . . . Stock car, hot rod, and auto races head Paul's list of likes. An avid skater, Paul's immediate goal in life is to graduate. After that happy day, he will don the uniform of the Air Force . . . Traffic Squad 4. CAROLE J. GOODMAN . . . A friend to all, Carole enjoys many varied social activities. "Bye Mar!" . . . Soc. Comm. 1,2g Cos. Comm. lg Assembly Comm. lg WAKE: Ad. l,2,3,4: Lit, Comm. 4g Patron 45 Cir. 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 j.V. Hockey 1: Varsity: Fieldball 3,4g Volleyball 3,4. ALAN GOULD . . . University of Maryland bound, Alan favors out-of-state girls. As a life- guard this past summer, he excelledv-with the girls, that is! "How about that?" . . . Varsity: Track 3,43 Football 4: j.V. Football fi: H.R. Alternate l. NORRIS I.. GOSS . . . Although interested in fishing and hunting, K'Zooski" enjoys good music and writes lovely poetry: attended Central High in Georgia and wants to return South to study at the U. of S. C .... Band 3,45 H.R. Alternate 4: Junior Civitan 4. 25 -?' -A I '. 0 .2 7' ff ,- if V pf' of . ,six . , , ,, fa! ,,. El K, Q INV, ,5 XX, 7 I I ll, ASS Sfgiji EILEEN GRUNTOWICZ . . . Aside from eating spaghetti, pie, and ice cream, "Lunie's" favorite pastime is dancing, her future is cut out for government work, either as a secretary or in the service . . . Cafeteria 1,2,3,4, Monitor Squad 2, Traffic Squad 4, As- sembly 3,4, Attendance Office Ass't. 4. 1. ROBERT GUY . . . "Bobby", an active member of the West An- napolis Fire Department, enjoys instrumental music and stamp collecting. "Cuysy", who plans to do electrical work in the fu- ture, came to A.H.S. from Balboa High School, Panama Canal Zone . . . Band l,2, Orchestra 2. LORETTA M. HAMBRUCH . . . A.H.S.'s representative to the Roller Derby, "Hambone's" future plans are to the tune of wedding bells and the lucky man is Robert Cook . . . Chairman of Ticket Committee for Junior Prom 3, Social Committee 2,33 Majorettes l,2,3, Intramural Lacrosse 3. A. JANE HATCH . . . "Twin" spent part of her high school years at Brent School, Bagnio, Philippines, likes to travel a great deal and in doing so has visited England, France, Switzerland and Germany, future plans include Washington College in Chester- town, Md .,.. Tally-Ho Reporter 3, Club Rep. 3, WAKE 4. BARBARA J. HAZEN . . . "Bobbie" has the interesting hobby of col- lecting stamps, foreign dolls, and articles of Queen Elizabeth, may attend Goucher College and afterwards do library work . . . Junior Prom Committee 3, Library 4, WAKE Make-up Commit- tee 4. BEVERLY J. HEDGES . . . In her spare time not taken up by her many friends, "Bev" enjoys collecting records . . . Majorettes l,2,3,4g Soc, Comm. 2,3, Co-chrm. Jr. Prom, V.P. Jr. Class, H.R. Rep. 3, All County 'Chorus 2,3g S.G. Treas. 4, Traf. Sq. 45 WAKE 4, Tally-Ho 4, V.P. Sr. Class 4, U.N. Assembly 4. MARLENE HEISLER . . . Cute n' sweet "Mar" likes travel, swim- ming, and a certain boy on the Traffic Squad, includes marriage in future plans. Any connection between the Traffic Squad and her future is purely coincidental! Hmm, we wonder, Mar! . , . Traffic Squad 4, Jr. Prom Committee 3. PATRICK 1. HENRY . , . "Pat" holds the records for bringing in pa- trons. The University of Korea will take up his time for the next three years. Unlike most sailors he will have a girl in just his home port . . . WAKE 4 g Assembly Comm. 1,2, Flag Bearer 2,3, Barber Shop Singing 4. :JAMES E. HOPKINS . . . "I've been a very good boy at A.H.S. QI think!J", says "Jimmy". This likeable fellow's main interests are art and girls, would like to study at the Maryland Institute of Art . . . Senior Play Committee 3, WAKE Art Staff 4, H.R. 'Representative 3. X ,fyi f ,- A A 'xl ' 1. ROBERT HOPKINS . . , Friendly Bob, who attended Towson High , ,W School before A.H.S., has fun sailing and swimming, is interested 1' , in dentistry, and plans to attend the University of Maryland . . . if V 'xy' .WAKE: Literary, Make-up 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. 4, , lf X '-Traiiic Squad 4, Senior Play Comm. 4. , l Cl! P. l 2 6 6 MARY D. HoRNBRooic . . . Mary will soon be hearing wedding bells. This artistic gal designs fireplaces for a hobby, excels in sports and supplies her teammates with humor during halftime of many games . . , Varsity: Softball 3,43 Hockey Co-Captain 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Varsity "A" Club. MYRTLE A. HoRNBRooIc . . . Flashing green eyes and brown hairg neat and trim, "Mert" is always full of sensible advice for her palsg enjoys bowling, as well as other sports in her spare time. Mary and Myrtle have the honor of being the only pair of twins in our Senior Class of '53 . . . Tri-Hi-Y l,2. ARTHUR L. HOWARD . . . "Bunkie" is very much interested in the opportunities offered by the Navy in the field of Radar, hopes to work up from the ranks and become an officer. Music also holds a special interest for him, along with girls . . , Club Officer 3: Art Service 2, Band lg Varsity Soccer 1. PAUL J. HOYT . . . "Hooch", A.H.S.'s boogie woogie bugle boyg crazy about that Dixieland music. Those brown eyes reveal an iIIIpish sparkle, plans to study animal husbandry at Cornell U. . . . Band 2,35 Soc. Comm. 4, WAKE Advt. 45 jr. Prom 35 Stunt Nite 3,41 H.R. Rep. 3g Bugler for Assembly 2,3. noNAI.n N. JACOBS . . . Handsome "Jake", always good natured and ready for fun, "Donny" is also a sports enthusiast, Heads for Maryland U. to study engineering . . . J.V. Football 2,3,-ig Varsi- ty "AH Club 45 Traffic Squad 4: Varsity Basketball 3,4g Baseball 3,4. MICHAEL JASPERSON . . . Quiet and reserved "Mike", our Ilon- or Society president, is California's loss and our gain, The Co- lonial Players and Summer Stock both rate highly as his interests. Will head for Virginia U .... Stunt Nite 4, Honor Soc. 3, Pres. 43 Traffic Squad 43 Assembly 3. ZEB JOHNSON . . . Always happy and smiling 'KWhip'lfwlikes good looking cars, then girls. University of Maryland, here he comes! . . . Traffic Squad 43 Varsity "AH Club Officer 3,4-g Club Repre- sentative 3,4g Home Room Representative 2, Home Room Al- ternate 3. JAMES A. JONES . . . "j.j." is heading for the Army after grad- uation. This brown-haired, blue-eyed lad with a friendly personal- ity lists as special interests a '36 Ford, swimming, and skating. A lover of fried chicken, he also likes blondes, and redheads! SHIRLEY M. JONES . . . "Sweet lil Shirl" hopes to become a sec- retary. Swimming, dancing, and viewing those "far-away places" top her list of favorites. Gal of varied interests, this blue-eyed sen- ior does weaving as a hobby . . . Soc. Comm. 4, junior Prorr Comm. 35 WAKE Circulation 4. WILLIAM J. JORDAN . . . "Bill," the Eddy Arnold of A.H.S., en- tertained us at many assemblies and dancesg looks forward to en- listment in the service. Hillbilly and popular music top the list of this friendly senior, who always has a good word for everyone . . . Stunt Nite 3,4g Assembly 3. 27 ry -5 - - Q N . K. 1 ' W' 1 . - - I ' ' 1 ' QX " ' - ' , 5 ' . K F. WILLIAM KAUFFMAN . . . Always with a, quip handy, good-natured "Fink" likes parties, jad N ' ' P ' x ship and religion, which he will study at Davis-Elkins . . . Band 1,335 Slant Nite 415 WAKE Q - I 'l . Q I ' I 5 X bands, swimming, seafood, and fried chicken. Outside interests include Westmixiisteg Fellow? V Q . I 5 J. DAVID KING .... A lthough mechanical drawing ranks high on "Dave's" list of interests, t - .I also spends a good deal ol' his spare time working on automdbiles, Aftrf graduation Dav F - S, I plans to don a Navy uniform. L' ' N- ' ,- 5 . -4 - r x ' M , - CURTIS D. KNlGHT . . . Looking forward to a career in engineering "Curt" plag to sfudymat .R Duke University: enjoys working with DeMolay . . . J.V. Football' 35 Reg lg Traffic 1 Squad 4g WAKE Literary 4g Stunt Nite 4. I 9 5 x X Cyp JENE H. LAHOVITZ . . . Always ready to give a helping hand ",I.L.,s" futhre Qla include Le- 1- A high University . . . Assembly Comm. 1,21 Social Comm. 1,2,3,-1-3 Sestume C ni? 12,3145 Operetta 2: WAKE: Advertising, Patron, Photography Editor 41 Club Rcpj G, M nagc9r- ' ' Track Team 2. N - h r . . . . ' ' X K MARxoN K. LAU , . . Cute as Z1 button, "Kimi, came to usdn hqx junior yearg wfillhomcday be' a good li'l nurse . . . Social Committee 43 Stunt Nite gl, Jun1:r'Prorn-Comrnip,ee W'A'K'E Circulation, Make-up Committee 4. E ., X .5 - is I J ' A f ' I ICF NORMAN W. LE . JR. . . Ti clark and handsome, "Norm" is an ex-Virginian with a mania for la ' g fo all e ans to study engineering at an, as yet, undecided college . . . P . - Ban'd ,- otb 1 U ixcrslty Marylancl or 1 surftarml job nrt Nfflll s plans for tht futuri . 4. R WMC .NBERG . . . Always smiling, 'KDimples" is an active member of the 4-ll Club. ite ' . . ..-".'.' 2"-z' - Cl Rep. 1 g Traffi .quad -11 VVAKE Circulation Manager 4. ARLENI' . LIPMAN . . . Sweet and attractive "Mar" shows partiality to those Bulldogs: is undcci about her college . . . Social Committee 1,21 Assembly Committee 2: WAKE Ad- M verti' t 2,3,-lg jr. Prom Committee 3g WAKE Literary Committee lg WAKE Circulation W Committee Al. umor mr from Catonsville High lrrnn likes hamburgcrs ind cheesecake, tall handsome , FRAN K. LOCHDOI-:HLIQR . . . 'gVelvet", a free-lance model, came to Annapolis High in her A J ' . 1 ,' ' - , - ,. . y . A. , , . ., . . A , 1 men, convertibles, periwinkle blue and skiing. She plans to go to Hood College. w, LYNN MACMURRAY . . . Lynn can often be seen behind the wheel of a Chevrolet in Se- verna Park: has been a councilor at a Girl Scout Camp. Hobbies include sailing and draw- ingg she likes Buick convertibles, dislikes loud boysg future plans are to extend her talents in art school. 28 v . 1 l ' N . 1, . . ll " , , I L . SALLY E. MASON . . . Sally, a good swimmer and at home in a boat, likes ceramics, sewing, I cooking, and skating. The domestic arts will come in handy after wedding bells next sum- , A mer . . . Intra. Basketball 21 WAKE Typist 4. ' ' xLl.EGRA M. MAY . . , Foremost in Allegra's plans for the future is Obtaining a government , ' job. A sprightly tennis player, she enjoys dancing and working with ceramics . . . Costume Comm. 4 1 Varsity Basketball Manager 4. w K. Ros!-1 MCCUTCHAN , . . Personality Plus: Rose plans to attend llood and major in llistory . . . Associate editor of VVAKE1 Homeroom Rep. lg Alternate 3,41 Costume Comm. 41 Vice- President of class 21 junior Prom Comm, 31 Trafhc Squad 41 Stunt Nite 3. Rosi-1 M. Moen:-:RsoN . . . Domestic "Rosie" is sure to make a good housewife. Interests in- clude sewing and cooking, not to mention her rapidly growing hope chest. We predict a hap- py future . . . Basketball 1: Softball 11 Library Assistant 2,31 WAKE Typing Comm. -l. DONALD 1. MEYER , , . Smartly dressed, sports-minded "Don" plans tO put on the Middie blues after graduation , . . Varsity track 2,3,Al1 Varsity Football 3,41 llomeroom Alternate 1,21 Homeroom Rep. 3,41 Stunt Nite 4: Varsity "A" Club Treasurer: Hi-Y Officer 41 Civitan Club 4. . ' W . K gl A ii-Limb s ' miss! 'mfs SQA., A e e A Q s 'ix X 4 it X N 'N X i l x sk ss '4 Q N isis : i BENJAMIN M1ouAr:Lsox, JR .... Like father, like son, "Ben" plans to study law at William and Mary . . . j.V. Basketball 31 J.V. Football 31 Varsity Football 3,41 Track 3,41 Basket- ball Mgr. -l: YNAKE Advertising l,2,3,-l-1 Jr, Prom 31 Guide Plainfield Trip 3. D. HUGO Mlm.:-:R. IR ..,. California's loss was our gain. "Ilugh's" future plans include eith- er Clemson or the Coast Guard Academy to study industrial engineering. llobbies include hunting, skiing, sailing, and collecting beer cans . . . WAKE Make-up Comm. 4: Basketball -lg Lacrosse 4. RUDOLPH s. MILL!-:R . . . Uncle Sam is getting a swell guy when "Scottie" graduates. Now in the Navy Reserve, "Scottie" is looking forward to a career in the Navy as a machinist: likes fried rabbit in season and fried chicken any old time, likes sandlot baseball . , . Varsity Soccer 2,3,4. MARY ANN MISER ..,. A n excellent horsewoman, Mary Ann is partial to the Naval Acade- my. An argyle specialist, just ask this strawberry blonde about California. A Navy wife in the making. Anchors Aweigh! . . . President of the Knitting Club 3. L. MADOLIN MORELANI7 . . . W'orking at Brookwood, the teen-agcrs haven, takes up much of Mad s sparc time. 'lhts quiet, thoughtful lass will make a fine and efficient secretary, If she had known you were coming, "Mad" would have baked a cake! Hobby---Cake baking. 29 KERMIT J. MOSLEY . . . "Mose", with his blonde hair and gray eyes, is a fairly new addition to A.H.S. having come here from his home state of Georgia in his Junior year. He intends to join the Navy to see the far-oflhplaces he's been reading about . . . Varsity Football 4. ' ' JACQUELYN w. MULLICAN . . . Engineering or Art? . . . that's "jaekie's" question for the future. Coming to us from Wicom- ico High School as a Junior, jovial "Jackie" is often heard say- ing, "Now on the Eastern Shore . . '. " Traflic Squad 4, Junior Prom Comm. 3, WAKE Comm. 4g V.P. Bridge Club 3. GEORGE MURCHAKE . . . "Mert" plans to be a farmer if the Army doesn't get him. The quiet likeable lad with brown hair and brown eyes is an Eastporter from way back. Included on his lists of special likes and interests are swimming, hunting, fishing and the inevitable girls. SHIRLEY jo NASH . . . Versatile "Sunny" always has a smile on her faeeg loves life and its many advantages. Church functions play an important part in l'Jo's" life. A pretty airline hostess to be . . . Chorus 3, WAKE Literary Comm, 4, Make-up Comm. 43 Soc, Comm. 45 Intramural Fieldball 4. EVELINE C. NEMITH . . . This pretty little brown-eyed Eastporter can often be seen working at Bridgeway Pharmacy. Although a real lover of music, Eveline would like to become a clerk-typist or housewife . . . Junior Prom Comm. 35 Social Comm. 43 Op- eretta 2g Chorus 2,3,4. JOEL C. NIMON . . . Tall, brown-eyed Joel is a recent arrival at A.H.S. having spent his previous years at New Windsor High where he was president of the Junior Class, representative to Student Council, and engaged in various other activities. Joel hopes to attend Duke University . , . Orchestra 4. LOUIS w. Nokwooo . . . Motors, outdoor sports, and fried chick- en rank high with "Peanut", "How can I choose a college now, when Uncle Sam will soon be tapping me on the shoulder?" Louis looks forward to serving in the armed forces and then pre- paring for his life's work. -' f- .Q 'ltlx tm Uhr '-JM 99-' MARY UNN . . . Mary, a Mariner Seo t, likes swimming, boat- ing, and dogs: wants to go to Maryland U. and later join the WAVES as an officer . , . V. Hockey 2,3,4g Jr. Prom 33 As- sembly 3g WAKE Lit. 43 Chorus 2,3,4g Tally-Ho Rep, 2,3,4g Ex- change Editor 3,45 Asst, Business Editor 3,45 Stunt Nite 4. SANDRA K. or-i1.soN . . . Red-haired Sandra likes swimming, ski- ing, Job's Daughters, and spinach, "Snooks" dislikes only caviar. Her future plans include nursing . . . Hockey 45 Intra. Basket- ball lg Club President 35 Spring Exhibits, Social Comm. 45 WAKE: Circulation, Literary 4, Intra. Fieldball 4. Hmm, I.. PARKINSON . . . A blue-eyed blonde who would like either to go to business college or be a private secretary . . . likes art, turkey dinners, and swimming , . . J.V. Basketball 23 Softball 2g Chorus 4g Junior Prom Decoration Comm. 3, Stunt Nite 44 WAKE Make-up and Literary Comm. 4. s 4 ,R c s X , x c 4 XX ss A . M. ' is BETTY A. PENNINGTON .". . Tlfis blue-eyed blonde likes sports and the Naval Academyg Chinese food, music, girls and boys who have a good sense of humor also rate high among K'Penny's'l interests. After she finishes her career in the Air Force she would like to become a Navy wife. EMMA J. Pi-LNNINGTON . . . Blonde, petite "little Emma" likes all kinds of sports, especially swimming and baseball. She likes sew- ing, Pecan Pie and boys. She dislikes oysters! Some lucky boss will have her after graduation as an efiicient office worker . . . Varsity Fieldball 2,3. ' RICHARD T. PERET . . . "Dick", with his twinkling brown eyes, has an enthusiastic zeal for Civitan and Hi-Y, where he was a member of the model legislature. His athletic prowess has led him to try for a career in the teaching Held of Physical Education . . . J.V. Basketball 25 Varsity: Football 45 Track 4. JOAN E. Pmfrs . . . 'fIoni", our personality gal, is always smiling and happy. Her wit and humor contribute greatly to ,our gay class of "53". This blonde-haired, green-eyed lass,' who likes sail- ing, heads for either Maryland U. or Bucknell . . . Club Rep. 43 Club Assistant 2. ' WILLIAM Pi-Tires . . . Fighting Co-Captain of the 1952 Soccer Team. Girls, sports and weight lifting head "Billy's" list of special interests. Like many other seniors, "Billy" is looking forward to graduating from high school and wants a life full of fun . . . Varsi- ty Soccer 3,45 J.V. Soccer 2. n. mANa PURDY . . . "Dinny", our tall, blue-eyed, brown-haired gal with that "Miss American look, heads for modeling school, business school and marriage. What a schedule! The Naval Academy ranks high on her interest list . . . J.V. Basketball lg Softball 2, H.R, Rep. 25 Majorettes 2,3,3 Chorus 2,3,4. WILLIAM w. PURDY . . . "Rip", who can at almost any time be seen driving one of Ted Dove's dump trucks, takes great pride in his '41 Dodge and spends his free hours working on it and other auto- mobiles. He can usually be found at a certain restaurant near his home eating Barbecues. D. sue RAWLINGS . . . Cheerful, demure "little Suel' likes boating, sewing, sports, steaks, and can often be seen in the halls of A.H.S. with a certain junior. Strange as it may seem, this brown-haired, blue-eyed, energetic lass dislikes studying. Her future is unde- cided . . . Office Worker 4. PATRICIA C. RAWLINGS . . . Willing, ready and able to help out at all times describes this blue-eyed gal. On her list of likes are hot dogs, beans, and "JJ," Pat is a future nurse . . . Fieldball 2,13,4g ,I.V. Softball 2g Stunt Nite 23 Social Committee 4, jr. Prom Committee 3: Traffic Squad 4. PATRICIA L. REED . , . "Pat" will have her head in the clouds when she takes off for the "wild blue yonder" as an airline hostess. She hopes to complete her education at Fairfax Hall, Va., or the Uni- versity of Kentucky. A fancy for light blue convertibles keeps her amused . . . Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 2. 3 I RAl.l'll A. miomas . . . Camc to A.H.S. in his sophomorc ycar from Jamaica Plains, Mass.: Ralph likcs sports, cspccially base-ball: would likc to bccomc a ccrtificd public accountant . , , Varsity Bascball Il,-lg Socccr -l: Baskctball -lg V. Baskctball ffl: Traffic Squad 4, JOAN RlIJDl,IillliRGI'1R . . . Pr:-tty, hazcl-cycd Joan plans to work for thc govcrmncnt aftcr graduation: likcs fun, food, and fortune . . . Social Comm. lg WAKE: Litcrary 4: Circula- tian ll-g Traffic Squad 4: Oflicc Workcr 4: Allicd Youth 2. oi-:RALD 1., RIDGEWAY . . , A futurc mcmbcr of thc military scrvicc, 'KJerry" is intcrcstcd in hunting and fishing, football, baskctball, and girls! This dark-hair:-fl, brown-cycd lad is also an amatcur taxidcrniist. L'Jcrry's" only dislikc is going to school! . . . Football 4: J,V, Baskct- ball l. C. EDWIN Riooixs . . . Ranking high on 'LPotsy's list of intcrc-sts is rollcr hockcy: will rcturn to A.H.S. again ncxt ycar-not as a studcnt but as a :school bus drivcr . . . Varsity: Socccr Il,-4: Base-ball 153 J. V. Socccr 2. vivmx RILEY . . . Staunch football tc-ani supporlrr, ncvcr miss:-s a gamc: plans to get mar- ricd or go into thc VVAVES: Who's thc lucky ff-llow? Vivian's favorite- cxprcssion is "l'll clur you!": fricnd of cokcs and yellow cakc with chocolatc frosting. fr. i.izoN,x ROBBINS . . . Enjoys writing to hcr English pal . . . Vollcyball 2: intra. Ficldball 2: Badminton 2: Tally-llo: Rcportcr 2: Ncws Editor 4: Junior Prom 3: Tally-Ho Asst, Ncws Editor 15: Soc, Comm. ll: WAKE Litcrary 4: Club Ofliccr fl: llomc Room Altcrnatc rl. i'A'rait:lA A. ROBERTS .... A ftcr collcgc shc will bc demoted to thc first gradc- fto tcach of courscj , . , Var. Vollcyball 2: Soc. Comm. l,2,3,: WAKE: 3,13 Stunt Nitc 3: Quill 8: Scroll 3,-I: Tally-Ho: Rcp. 2: Asst, Ncws Ed. il: Editor-in-chicf 43 Chrmn. jr. Prom Comm, fl. R. ELIZABETH ROWAN . . , "Bctty", a pretty blonde-haircd, bluc-cyrd lass, is a futurc Phys, Ed. tcachcr: will probably attcnd Maryland Univcrsity . . . Chorus 41 Majorcttcs 4: Tally-Ho 43 Intramural Baskctball fl: Softball 4: Socccr -lg Varsity: Baskctball 4: Bascball 4. iiii.ARv cz. ROWE, IR .... K'Monk" likes sports and having 2 good timc: plans to attcnd Uni- vcrsity of Maryland and thcn Wcst Point . . , Stunt Nite- 4: Hi-Y 3,41 Varsity: Lacrossc 3,42 Baskctball lg J.V. Baskctball 2,33 Capt. Il. c:ARoi.ic A. aUssiI.i.o . . . Swimming, playing thc piano, and sports spcctating arc among this black-haircd, sparkling-cycd gal's intcrcsts. An ardcnt Marlon Brando fan, Carolc hopcs to visit Hollywood: future plans will include office work . , . Soc. Comm. 1. 32 B. BRADFORD SAMES . . . Making monvy is "Brads" only intrrr-st. Ht- likvs swimming, boats, apple- pir, and vacation. llis only dislikc is svhool. This vivarious lad has prospvcts for a future' sc'rx'it'e' station. wu.l,iAM J. SAUNDBRS . . . "Bill" intends to put his futurt- in tht- hands of tht- U. S, Air Forvv. llc- claims that tht- bcst part of school is wvt-k-1-nds and summer vavations. Plays tht- guitar and tht- ukvlvlt' 'Faust' ht- likvs music' Godfrt-y stylt- . . . Stunt Nitv fl: Opt-rt-tta 2: Cantata 3. ERNEST 11, SCHULTZ . . . Lots of fun and a rc-al good job art' what "Ernit-" wants most out of life! llt- vnjoys bowling and is a "Ccdar Park Bar Bt-ll Club" wt-ight lifting vnthusiast. Othvr s Jorts vs vviall' swimmin and stork car ravvs art' mort' of his favoritt' utiuu- ronsum- H 1 , i . , t'l'S . BARBARA SCHURR . . . "Babs" and lu-r magic fingt-rs. Bvsidvs musiv, he-r timv is takt-n up with sports, dancing, and hor own radio show: plans to attt-nd Pvabody Conservatory and later, Johns Hopkins Univr-rsity . . . Chorus 2,I'l,-1: Honor Sor, 3,41 All State- Chorus 2,fl,-lg Upcrctta 2. MILFRED ri. SEARS . . . Mvrhanirs is "Mirkt-y's" hobby: is also int:-rt-str-tl in sci:-ntitic work and plans to attvnd Univvrsity of Niaryland: govs in for stvak: Fr:-nrh fri:-s, and girls in gvn- vral , . . S0011-r 4. NANCY L. SBARS . . . "My yt-ars at A.ll.S. haw bt-cn vt-ry 1-njoyablt-," Comme-nts this Cutt- gal. Whiz on skates, "Bt-arsy" likes st-wing, swinuuing, driving, dating, milkshakrs, and nic:- pvoplv. "Bc'arsy" plans to do ofliu' work . . . S.G. Altvrnatt' 2. Ru:uARn A. Sl-:ARS , . . Our six foot two, two hundrt-cl and sixty pound st-nior, "Big Dick", vnjoys hunting, fishing, and rating Frvncli frivs and t'hit'kvn . . . Futurt' is undc't'idt'd . . Varsity Football lg H.R. Rt'prt'st'ntativt' 3. IIMMY R. SI-1wBi.1. . . . An avtivt- mvmbvr of Dt-Molay, "fox" is intvrt-stvd in art, arrhavol- ogy, and Barbara . , , Futurv plans include- tht- Air Forvv and marriage . . . j.V. Sovrf-rg In- tvrvlass 'l'rat'k 1,21 Track I 1 Varsity Sofft-r 4, C. rmwoon SHBRB1-:RT . . . Brown-hair:-d, blur'-vyvd K'Linny" is a futurr' mf-mbc-r of thc Air Fort-cg This talkative' lad lists as his likvs and spwial intvrvsts food, basrball and im- vrvam. It som-ins tvrribly odd that "Linny" dislikt-s svhool. S. TYLER SHORES, JR .... "ly" hcads for the Univvrsity of Alabama and a job with thr- 'l'vlt-phonv Company: lik:-s rt-ading, swimming, larrossm- and fads: onv ambition is to gt-t through collvgc' . . . Lacrossr' l,1l,-lg Football Mgr. 4: J.V, Football Mgr. Il: Baskvtball Mgr. 'J -4 4 -,. , . 33 rzrnlal. 1.. Sl-IOVESTUI .... "Shov" with the contagious smile is in- terested in music, art, and a cute Homewood guy, Ethel plans to become a homemaker . . . Majorette l,2,3,4g Jr, Prom Comm. 3: Hockey l g Softball lg Club Rep. 4g Soc. Comm. l,2,3,4, Traffic Squad 43 WAKE 43 Student Government l,2. HERVEY H. SMITH . . . Tops in driving, "Smitty,' comes to us from Wilson Memorial High School in Virginia, hunting, swim- ming, jazz, girls, chocolate pie, and good movies are among this versatile fella's many interests. "Smitty's'l only dislike is hot rods, looks forward to a career in the U. S. Air Force. KATHLEEN soivnans . . . 'kKat" loves fun and shows it. She plans to attend the Annapolis Business College, then work her way through the U, of Md., and finally become an extension worker for the 4-H. A full schedule ahead for "Kat',, and we predict a hom:-making career to boot , . . WAKE 4, Sr. Play Comm. 4. lDRUSll.l.A SPANGLER . . . As a career, "Dru" wants to form a partnership fbctter known as getting marriedj, but that's not for some time to come! She plays a "bang-up" game of tennis and enjoys watching lots of other sports. It's no secret that "Dru" has high hopes of becoming an expert swimmer some day. 1. RICHARD semci-IER . . . Tackle for the Blue and Maroon", "Dick', likes good, hot jazz and having a good time, He is an active member of the Civitan Club and an ardent sports fan. This six footed feller ftall that isll will be studying engineering at college next year . , . Varsity Football 4. AMY s'rA1.1.INos . . . Enthusiastic about "Chet" and the U. of M. Although Amy has been in A.H.S. for only two years, she is one of our outstanding seniors. Will enter the business world as a sec- retary-for a while . . . Honor Society 3,45 Traffic Squad 4, WAKE Literary Editor 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. JOHN sTRoMML: . . . "C, B.', is another newcomer this year from Northwestern High School, where he played two years of baseball and kept up with his extensive coin collection. After graduation he hopes to do government engineering work at ARCO in Wash- ington, if the Air Force doesn't come first. jonw srukms . . . Friendly "Jack" will soon be saying L'Aye, aye, Sir!" as he heads for the U. S, Navy. Strawrides, hillbilly mu- sic and girls top his list of likes. Jack is sorry to leave the band in which he has been an enthusiastic and active member, plays the trumpet . . . Band l,2,3,4. EVA C. sun' . . . A job as sales gal in a local store and membership in Youth Fellowship dominate "Doodle's" free time. Skating, movies, dating and friendly people rate high with this brown-eyed business student. Though her plans are indefinite, 'KDoodle" wants to enter some phase of ofhce work. JEAN sUx'r . . . Black-haired, green-eyed Mjeanies' has become a familiar sight as, every morning, she brings in the absentee list. She'll make an efficient, capable secretary. Her favorite sports are skating, dancing and swimming. She loves hamburgers and milkshakes . . . Oflice worker 4. 34 jressra M. sun' . . . "juss a minutc hcrclu Jcssc wants to study at johns Hopkins or thc Univcrsity of Maryland for a chcmical cnginccring dcgroc. llc spcnds his lcisurc time Hshing, boating, and hunting, and is an activc mcmbcr of DcMolay . . . Football l 1 Track I : Lacrossc 3,4 : Traffic Squad 4. nviarrx M. swmaxrzx' . . . "Comc on now, le-t's ycll rc-al loudl' Pi-rt and pcppy "Evil-" wants to bc a sccrctary, and latcr-well, you ncvcr can tcll! . . . Chccrlcadcrs l,2,fl he-ad 4: Club Rep.: Class Sccty.-Trcasurcr 4: WAKE Comm. 4: Tally-Ho Typist 4: j.V, Softball l: Baskctball Ig Play Comm. 4: Stunt Nitc 4. liotmiaxs s. rnonms . . . "Dougic", whosc hobby is working on his car, plans to own and drivc his own stock car in thc futurc. Sizc is a grcat assct to "Spidcr", who would likc to bc a jockcy. Ili- likcs to havc a good tinlc and is vcry intcrcstcd in girls, onc in particular. KENT THOMPSON . . . "Turk", thc boy with thc Toni curl, is an cnthusiastic travcllcr, particularly to Atlantic City. Jazz, parties, and girls top his list of many likcs. IIc's an activc mcmbcr of Arnold M.Y.F .... Soccer lg Hi-Y 3,-lg Civitan Club 3,-l. josl.-ui Tnzia. JR ,... Quict and rcs:-rvcd "Jo:-" finds skating, danc- ing, and girls Lot' courscl, a good dn-al of fun. He- loves to cat chcrry pic and takcs a grcat intcrcst in thc Senior Council of thc Al-Il Club, Aftcr graduation "Joc" plans to attcnd an apprcnticc school . . . Chorus 2. I-.-vrknzl.-x E, rowsmexo . . . Cutc, diminutivc "Pat" with hcr shock of brownish-rcd curly hair is a farm girl at heart. Thinks she- might att:-nd collcgi- or takc a busincss coursc. "Pat" .epcnds hcr sunnncrs working on thc farm, rclaxing in thc sun, swimming, and boating. jaiuies s. ruczxrzu . , . "jimmy", a gre-at followcr of all sports, would like to cntcr thc Univcrsity of Maryland: brown-cycd, brown-haircd Jim likcs to cat shrimp, also likcs Occan City and girls: dislikcs includc Middics and cxams . . , Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Stunt Nitc bl: Football 2,15: Captain fl: V. Football 4. JEROME I.. TUCKER . . . L'Jcrry", a tall, brown-haircd, hazcl-cycd mcmbcr of tht- WN'cst Annapolis Yoluntccr Firc Dcpartmcnt: in- tcnds to makc Zclda, a cutt- littlc blondc, his Iifctimc intcrcst: cx- pccts Unclc Sam will givc him a job aftcr graduation: a shop major, his hobbics arc woodmaking, and cating Zclda's cooking. i.n.i.mN A. vaxm-zmxunon . . . This swcct littlc lass, who wc know will bc an cfhcicnt sccrctary aftcr rccciving hcr commcrcial di- ploma, is quict, rcscrvcd, and a fricnd to all. "Lill" loves travcl- ing and swimming. This ncat n' trim gal thus combines thc out- standing charactcristics of hcr nativc city Annapolis, CAROLYN I.. voior . . . Quict and likcablc "Carol", thc girl with thc four-ycar pcrfcct attcndancc record, will attcnd Bard Avon Collcgc and major in bookkcc-ping. Watching football games, bowling, and all watcr sports top this littlc Scvcrna Park gal's in- tcrcst list. eA'rRiCIA J. votxcx-IE . . . First stopwnurses' training school, then college in North Carolina. "Pat" has a weakness for hot fudge sundaes . . . Ilockey fig Jr. Prom fig Social Comm. l,2,4: Costume Comm. 4, Stunt Nite 4, WAKE Lit. Staff 4g Adv, Stafl 4, Patron Comm, 45 Tri-Hi-Y. FRANc:is n. WALSH, IR .... Sports-minded "Frank" hopes to win a lacrosse scholarship to the U. of Maryland . . . Student Legislature l,2,3,-lx Class Pres. l,2,3,-lg Jr. Prom Chairman 33 J.V.: Football lg Basketball 'lg Varsity: Football 2,3,-lg Basketball 3,4q Lacrosse 2,3,4. AUDREE E. WAVRA . . . "Waup" likes sports, no doubt about that! Lovely, brown eyes and a giggle that's as Contagious as measles: 4'Aud" enjoys sewing . . . J.V. Basketball fig Var.: Fieldball 3,43 Volleyball 3: Varsity UA" Club 35 Trcas. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3,-l. marry A. wrzsranvam' . . . An active member of the Varsity HA" Club, "West" plans a fu- ture in the business world . . . Basketball 2,131 Intra. 2: Volleyball 2: Intra. Badminton 2,35 Club Sec.-Treas. 33 Chorus 4: Assembly 2g WAKE -lg H.R. Rep, 43 Traffic Squad 4. LILLIE MAE WHITE . . . "Lil", the gal who loves school but hates homework, plans to have a religious future. This clever seamstress makes many of her own clothes for a hobby, and also enjoys reading . . . Monitor l. THOMAS I.. Wll.EY . . . "Tommy", a. staunch Eastporter, intends to become a zoologist after attending the University of Maryland: interests include swimming, boxing, and drawing . . . WAKE Art Editor 4: J.V. Soccer 2g Art Service l,3: Traffic Squad 4-. Mm.viN N. WILKERSON, JR .... "Wilk's future plans include the U.S.A.F.: collects pictures of girls he has known at A.H.S .... Band l,2,3,4: Monitor 23 President of Drum and Bugle Corps 4g Drummer for Flag Raising fig Band Librarian 4. AUDREY A. WILLIAMS . . . "Aud" collects knick-knacks: loves hamburgers and French fries. Has beautiful blue eyes and loves to dance: our laughing Tri-Hi-Y member plans a future as a secretary . . . Varsity Fieldball Manager 31 Social Comm. 4: Monitor l: Traffic Squad 4. FRANcEs v. wn.1.mMs . . . "Miss Annapolis High". Modeling or secretarial work, who knows? . . . J,V. Basketball 2,33 Intra. l: Majorettes l,2,fl1 Leader 43 S.G. Secretary 4g Chorus 21 H.R. Rep. 3: Alt. 2: Jr. Class Sec.-Treas. 3: VVAKE -lg Drum and Bugle Corps l,2,3g Trafhc Squad -l. JUNE M. wmoson . . . Green-eyed "Susie" likes fried ham and piano music. Knitting and collecting stuffed toys also rank high among June's likes , . . Varsity Field Hockey 2, Man- ager 3, Chorus 3,'il'S WAKE: Patron Comm, +1 Circulation -lg jr. Prom Ticket Comm. 3. 36 z. MAE WITT . . . "Dimps" hc-ads for Straycrs Business Colle-gs' aftc-r whivh sht- will work in Washington. Among ht-r like-s art- dancing, sm-wing, and cooking, friendly pvoplv, chickm-n, and a rvrtain person in D.'C. . . . Sm-nior Play Comm. 4: WAKE Typing Comm, tl. DIANNE woLs'rENHo1.Mi: . . . "Di" will make an 1-Ihr-if-nt st-cr:-tary for somv big 1-xvctitivm-1 latcr plans include- II1ZU'I'l2lg't'1 enjoys singing, skating, dancing, and travr-l . . . Chorus 2,22-lg Stunt Nite 2,3,4-g Social Committcc 3,41 Jr, Prom Committcc fig Fivldball 2. LINDA C. woon . . . Coming bavk to hor nativr City last year aft:-r an all too long abst-nr:-, Linda. is happy to bt- graduating with the Class of l53. He-r futurv plans invludr- Mary Washington Coll:-gt-, and a C1-rtain Middic . . . Ofhcr Assistant 33. Roiux s. woo1.F0RD , . . Bcsidcs skating, "Wolf" is vt-ry intt-rc-su-cl in Cars, girls, and straksg after svhool, howvvvr, ht- is hvadvd for govcrnmc-nt work, pr:-fc-rably in thc- Post OHic'm- Dr-- partmvnt, ICLIZAIKETH v. ZIEGLER . , . Oft:-n found as busy as a be-4' working in Doc"s: vivarious B1-tty will bvcomc a typist aftvr graduation, lovvs to dance' and laugh . . . Varsity llovkvy 3,41 Cha-crlvading l 1 Jr. Prom Committee 3. 1 uf?-,Calf LL, f,. 1 '- -.1--A l I," "A'L" ' I I - I '- f:jl,'- x ' Xif-b... ..' i,-.,,4- 1 "-ff' sf' i"'J ffl N 1 ,ff f, . L.-1. "v'.!1 . cf ff " f-1' uf fluff . , I ' ff, 1 Dfw -W fs ff -'A' ' L 1-dv' .t ' J jg . I S7LL.4,,- 9x4"cCc"4-s"':'c',A7JV' i 1 lL4,lf4,f 4,QA.,Lf 'tx L'4"f"'!"'9' i LAM' 37 X x X 5 8 N X X NQTT QW SENIQR SNAPSHGTS ri- NNW. SENICDR SNAPSHCDTS MHC! TH6, Ibesf C'ff',c:IJe:I:1'Ifrzjws .CMG 70 WU" lCf:f'f16lX'l mail OLD 711465 O' A-1 40 Yffflffff CLASS OFFICERS IUNIORS LILLIAN MCCRONE ........, Vice-Prmiderzt ROBERT BROWN ..... ..........,.,.......... P nvxidffnt DALE EVERY .. ......... Secretar'y-Trfasuzwr SGPHCDMORES JOAN COMO .............................. Vzcc-Prcszdent BOB CALLAIIAN .. ..... ........ I . President MARY LOU NICHOLS ...... Secretary-Trcasunr FRESHMEN PATRICIA KALLIS ......... Vice-President WILLIAM EVERY ..... ............,......... P rmidmzt LYNDA VAN METRE ..,..... Secrftary-Trfaxurrr kg 5135595 35322 B3 fun. njnIlt Mf'lfy Z! SQGSYiWx' TfWj'W2 JMAP3 xy' qldl Q li Q fag 1 x., , Q ff-A V BX ug Q9 M , V mf uv iiifwj W 0 my - J 3 L52 "xx H THE JUNICRS Ifnzz' Uma' Miss Ilokc, C. WVc'hlJ, Tryon, M. Towns- lvy, M. Wilsinaln, j. Tzlllr-y, D, Williams, R. Watson, I.. Thonias, Tvrry, B. Swv:-nvy, A. Suit, P. Turkcr, U. Wbml, 'l'i'i'l, F. Rf7S!'IllDllDCJIIl, WR Rvifl. Row Two: M. NY:-st, B, WV0od, A. Stovki-tt, B, Wollman, R. Wrs- tnn, WV, Yanmis, R. Yzirnon, R, Titus, R. Wagnvr, J Tlmnias, D. Tru-vitt, N. Turkrr, R. Walking, Rod- riqnvz. Row Thrrr: Herzog, H. Grifnth, S. Hall, E Grilaiml, S. Grinnlwinv, B. Hvrrnn, L. Huntrr, P. Jon:-s Ii. Hopkins, S. Hopkins, S. Hagoud, R. Harris, N Hamilton, C. Johnson, l'. Hopkins, T. Southwivk, Mrs. .'xl1'X1llKlI'I'. Row lfmn: Y. IA-1-, G. Kinnm-r, D. Hallock A. Hall, M. Hopkins, C. Hilpr:-cht, L. Hom-ycutt, G llainar, C. Kvlly, M. Holmvs, A. jonvs, W. Hawrs, C lliltzilmimllv, Y. Hull, R. Smith. Row I'.il't'.' A. Shakvlton R. l,2llllli'I', H. Stvrling, E. Robinson, B. Palmvr, M SHZIWVII, S- Stallings, M. Shvlton, R. Stunipf, Sable, B Svilrs, R. SK'llW1lI'ill71'Tg, R. Sviblv, D. Sc-ars, D, Santos No! ilmzmi: R. lli-iiclwson, B. Gang, llm'lJdc'n, E. Kautz S. Hanson, R. Holt, K:-rr, E. Wblocl, N, Stvvvns, P Stoinull, l'. Stn-1-tt, I. Talinan, G. Taylor, C. Thomas ll, Wnyson, Wrthc-x'liulcl, L. Wickstroni, M. Young Zivk, llavm'iim'r, P. Grm'm'ntrf'i', I. Hinshaw, M llurnlmrook, Y. Lvbo, G. Ritlgvway, Sinclair, S Smith, R. l'c'ilnlim'or'd. 42 s CLASS QF 1954 Row Urw: II. lfillman, M fillI'lSIl'1lS0!l, 'lf Colliurn, '. lu z , .- . IA 5 ry, . '. amlvs, Mon-laml, l. Calla Lavvy, N. Davis, Day, P. Duvall, M, Gan-s, ll. lin-5 IN fllllllll X Ciosl 'N Bl ' llan, E. Cliam-y, I.. Clark, R. l'lslim4m', C. ID:-miis. Nm: f. Y, , . . Iwo: ff. l.llI'l'll'I', K, Iugan, R. Callahan, NI. Ilolilms, if Gworgc, R. Crvagh, Y. Bass, S. llriw, K. liallman, fl Carr, L. llaronna, Mrs, Kinliart, B. llallmiq, R. flrolliiiali Ron' YIIIIPPI Ii. Altrr, I., l'n'all, I., Barnvs, P, .-Xmlf-rsmi l'. Iialclwvll, .'XIlCll'l'SOIl, CI, Carlm-ll, Cf. liraslu-ars, I" Basil, R. Baxtvr, R. Balclrc-A-, A. Bigln-r, P, Allvii, M Bramlmlv, L. Bvrry. Row I'-UNL' IJ. Klimrs, ll, Lalro ritz, Ii. Kolzin, Kirby, M. Lamb, Ii. MQ'lllL'llilllllJl' M. Millvr, P. Martin, Il. Millard, Ii. Norwoocl, I.. Mm' Cronv, E, Max, Millvr, Mr. Olson, ll. IA'l'K'll, li. Uw vas M. Larrimore- M. Plramlmlx-, Nou' l"i1'r.' 'lf MVN:-w ' .. 3 . . .-X. fNi1'liolson, C.. lattvn, IJ. MVN1-w, .-X. Paintur, ll. Mr N1-w, D, Mumforcl, M. Mvtralf, N. MrNr'w, li. Mosh-y S. Munsrn, A, Ni-lson, P. Millvr, Cf. lvlillarrl, IV, Pliil lips, D. M1'I.1'an, R. Luttrm-l, R. Phillips. Noi .S'lmz1-n: G liatturton, A. llauflinian, Dail:-y, li. litiln-r, S, lfarprfn lc-r, A. Coil, Clollison, Y. Cook, M. Clullimoxv, li Davis, P. lislu-w, lfislivig IJ. Hook, .-X, Ia-itvli, R, Oglv D. KIIIM, Martin, IJ. M4-N:-il, S. lvIn'N1'w, R, Mill-tcm lu. Mc-rvliarit, M. Pc-tty, B. Pulsifrr, JN. Saulit, K. Sim- mons, Morton, Mrs. Clarprfntvr. g 43 wx' Row One: Mrs. Tipton, Marsellas, Hubbard, Long, Lattimore, Millefr, Ki-atlvy, Mi-ttam, Lnrrimort' Hood Milcto, Tvrwilligvr, Stockvtt. Row Two: Hubbard, Luttrcll, Layng, Lvh- , Q man, Martin, Jordan, Mi'Killips, Kc-nt, -locus, Thompson, Shaft-r. Row Three: Marvvllno Johnson, Lcrch, joinvs, Howv, Higgins, Klawans, Marston, Milli-r, Taylor, Smith, Mr Shank. Row Four: Smith, Springficld, VValston, Taylor, Tayman, Thompson, Smith, Tilton Thompson, Scwvll, Smith. Row Five: S4-im, Tall, Starkwi-atlu-r, Sinvlair, Shovhat, Tallc-y Talbot, Wailea, Stovlcvtt, Skordas. Not shown: Trott, Stanfil. i A 1 Row Une: Mrs. Adams, Srhwallf-nbcrg, Robvrtson, Rowv, Santos, Srhrnitt, Roscnbloom Salazar Sears Scars Rcmbold. Row Two: Rwd, Srhli-y, Russr-ll, Shcrbvrt, Schwallcnbcrg x 1 1 1 Rhodes, Samziras, Stihic-lu-, Skippvr, Shi-wbritlgv. Row Thrre: Sharp, Shi-phvrd, Sckmgvrz Simmons, Southwifk, Schavfler, Finklr, Dvarborn. Row Four: Clark, Chambc-rs, Cantlc-r Eucarc Early, Como, Fc-nhagt-n, Dawson, Dawson, Clark, Day, Mrs. Ballard. Row Five 1 Ford Farber Campbvll, Davt-nport, Dcmas, Droll, Bungvr, Collins, Evans, Eskridge. Row Six: ,Donoghuc, Flf-ming, Difcy, Duvall, Doub, Dt-vol, Early. Not Shown: Rossc-C, Russell Cooley, Ellis. .. Q A no 1 A ,,Q.A-,CI , - I L' lf " ' Q x I' l ' f xl I -i ,ifgiipvjfxb l'Lae -' bf!! "Ged .- ' f X Y' Ron' Our: Inashm-ars, Brvarlvy, Bausum, Bvrry, Ashvr, Bork, Bcncla, Bird, Brashfars, Boat- I I tvlu-r, Bcn"min, Bjkvr, Rau' Two: Amos, Ashlry, Aisquith, Bowr-n, Bc-ardrnorc-, Basil, Ais Qqith, BSDQ, Bnssvrt, Bailvy, Bauvr, Barr. Row Three: Mr. Kunlclc' Brvwstvr Cullinanv, Luxinif Nballahan Qhanibr-rs Boswc-ll Xlton Bouchal Burtis 'Xshtonl Row Iotlr X intinm 1 C.Wils0n, XNHllil'I'!Il1'i,fl, Waysoni lVoocl,,'l:ydingis, 'l'l1c'k:'i, lN0lifl',i lfVitt,. Wilson. limo Fine? l WVh14c-, lVitt, W'itt, VVillu-rson, V4-rgv, Wcrntz, x'vllIIl4'I', Zu-dvra, Br-ll. Row Six: Whittinqton, Wildm-r, Zimlorf, Waltz-rs, Mr. Bischofll Not shown: Alton, Armigvr, Avvry, Bassforrl, Bc-all Bryant, Ashbury, Wells, Williamson, Whitc, Wilnwr, Wood. wwf! N r l ,gm i., xi 15 X W Ni fx I oo' "Tri ' ., i A ,, , Ll' - m l A' , 2 I, V ' gk!-,QM Y ' 1 1 5 il .f 1' 1 ' ' 'Y . - ' jr' 'P , . . v 4 ly. IV. 1 r , Q if I' ll gl 4. Q I 1 5' . y f , , I l Raw Our: Mrs. Adams, Morvland, Phipps, Oaks, Pvnnington, Ostrowski, Parkinson, Nor- I' 'N r 7 wood, Pikr, Patton, Morgcnstvrn, Grirnvs, Gviinan. Row Two: Peacock, Nichols, Pum- mf , , . phrvy, Purdy, Pruitt, Purdy, Palm:-r, Rvckncr, Robinson, Gvorgv, Huflcr. Row Three: Phipps, 2 I . Raw-riscroft, Ringlr-, Moycr, Pahnvr, Mott, Parlc-tt, Palnivr, Frantz, Gantt, Jarkson, Crorgm-. , ' Row Four: Grvcntrm-0, Hinton, Hill, Grows, Guan-, Hamm:-r, Hall, Graham, Gould, Gin- Z ' gras, llubbard, Grarldirk. Hou' lfizw: Harclvsty, Guinula, Franvc, Hilburn, Hall, Crosc, Bam-ll, , ' llarnlv llvnm-bvrgvr Hannbrurh Gilbcrto, Gill:-s iv, Not .vhou'n.' Fowl:-r Mvnsv Phillins- f ,- , , , l-3 , . I . Y, --. - - t 5 ,z- X Q-L'.'A A F: . ' X J N., ,sway A N 45 J, - 1 , f ' 1"'.?1's'1'- j x U we -'Q-QNA'-'M C' 5-.W 5 ,, Q i.""'i7 ""'N DYM . 'Y -. A I x pf y qw, , N4 Us1,-"', 5-f 'N 'Sv L 'kk nxv- ls-.. V T G- -I 1 , '55, ., ,, ,fx- i w , I ,Y ,vu Sv N I ,H L L.. A . 1 H .u f f ' .,...Li,.f . ,A . , , 1 L, if ,. ', I 7 'Env .f , ' , A 'ff t , Y, ,- . , , ' x b rfhggk I . f .lub P , ' -'V r , i. ' ,A ' 'Q ' nv. ,, 1 , W k , .NA .0 74- I ', A ' . . ' ." 1 :.,1.,. f- 4 ,fgr5A,- 1 .a A, 5 ,g'fl,-4.4 . .W me - 5 1 '1:..' , ' ' 675 . K ' at -af., ,, E, v Y? A '1'. 5 sig' nf s' , 1 ,id A . . k I A ,,,,.. . 1 , A . ..' , , 2 ,- , . N 4 1, ff-f i,1,,f.f fe.: , -f ' ap. ' ' -Y J.. ' -I - it qv' --9? ga . 4: ,, ' Q. 1' n.-x 'a J, f .5'lESi.-f i'Q f v -'f .H V,- , i .A h Yi M Mm: qt 'A' 1 if Ji. nx . N . 1 . M ' ' A - LN, , . ' , , , - H 4.7 A A. w..: ' gy - ff - , W ,A ,, ' D ' - f -L--4 . . .g Iv- ., 1-b ,' f , .M u Am , Mfr, -V is '.-, M ,- 5 n 4. . N ' ,sa-.r v K v . W 5 I . , ,gre QA :L 'rg ' ' . A I 5' N,,mf r g m,7,,, ,,,i,,9fg,v,. 4 , 'Q ,Y , I X 3.3 X, 53 :Lf L tk 6 E: Fi VK -" ' ' :if sg ez -wif QQ ire F +41 r gf X we '- Q A 1.3, swf" gf x.. - ff my F -fs 5' ff iff, at -K ph Y-iii. I. fs. ' '!t tdglkdsnge ' ff" xi E 61? cg .Z f y it ji 1 " fl ' fa A A f f , ' T' ' 1 Ae 4 wif ggife "6"Afffff. E is dh K W'AA A , .2152 F A 29 N ev . ! . .. if fr? f f FH . Q, 2 QA e f' x. Q A f 1 g74b? ."'A .',:,M. i!V b iu, i?1 Exff f 5 , xfg A59 N 'if .. " w - V f-Q ff e viva, riff Q-QAM-w -N Q Q.- CLASS CF 1956 1 , , 1 I I f K., f 1 , , , ,f f' ,fv f"!1 .f-""' fr I 7 1 1 ff' 14 ,., 4 .f " ,' nf a l ,ff-' , .ff x A f 1 If xl 'S V I, If ,X KLL' !f,1l,L,7fx ' I' :A 1. W-'-,,.r2. J.f""'u.vfhR,,, gm. '.' , was-H. V ,I 'VF ,ff 4 fx CGACHES Mr. Fahrns-r, Mr. Wk-the-rholcl, VVharton, Miss Coggiano, Mr. Cox. Row one: B. Phipps, K, Duckett, I. Asrhc, Bryars, R. Rhoclvs. Row two: M. Hornbrook, B. Brown, S. Boland, C, Cammarata. Row three: B. Bramblv, B. Rowan, F, Walsh. 48 X Mrs. Slc-ivhtvr, Miss 0 R CAPTAINS 'W S RE? ,Mtn Q? , aw 'V M H X Q f ,.v .,, Tl Nu, D x ' mrllua IKIIQZ' FGGTBALL The Annapolis High School gridiron team of '52, after losing eighteen lettermen last year was seriously handicapped by lack of experienced players. However, with the excellent coaching of Mr. Weth- erhold, the team came along in outstand- ing fashion. After a few games it ufound itself" and began to click more as a unit. Spearheaded by the leadership of co-cap- rains "Buddy" Beavers and Bill Brown, the team showed that when there's a will there's a way to win. Cambridge High was tied 7-7, and final success was achieved in winning over our arch rival, Southern High, on Thanksgiv- ing Day. The game with Southern High was a thriller, Hnal score being 7-6 in favor of Annapolis High. Bill Brown caught a pass from Ralph Skordas and made the fatal touchdown against Southern, with Bill knocking the extra point. Don Jacobs blocked the Southern try for the extra point and saved the day. Row One: G. WH-rntz, L, Norwood, L. George, Mgrs. Row Two: G, Martin, D. Meyer, R. Sears, R, Brown, A. Jones, W. Graham, R. Jordan, B, Miehaelson, D. Jacobs. Row Three: C. George, Tucker, A. Leieht, F. Walsh, K. Block, B. Brown, N. VV:-therhold, Coach, R. Titus, G, Gatterton, B, Sehwartzberg, E. Reekner, R, Skordas. Row lfaur: F. Caldwell, K. Mosley, Beleh, G. Fahrner, Coach, R, Beavers, T. Shores, N. Lee. 50 The Annapolis High soccer team, again coached by Mr. James Cox, ended its 1952 season with two wins, four defeats and two ties. The Panthers got off to a poor start at the beginning of the season against Southern and Arundel, but they fared bet- ter against their later rivals, Prince Fred- erick and Glen Burnie. Jimmy Moreland scored four of the nine goals amassed by the team during the sea- son. Other outstanding players who help- ed to highlight this yearis soccer season were Mumford French and Billy Phipps, co-captains, Stanley Entwisleg Ralph Rhodes, who was goalie, and Max Cov- ington, last year's captain. RECORD OPP. A.H.s. Southern .... ..... 1 0 Arundel .............. ..... 3 1 Glen Burnie ............ .... 0 O Prince Frederick ..... ..... 1 3 Southern ............ ..... 1 0 Arundel ......... .. ..... 3 2 Glen Burnie ............ .... 1 1 Prince Frederick .... .... 1 2 M ft V f'c MJQW' M I i l SOCCER B Row One: M. French, Mr. Cox, W. Phipps, Row Two: R. Whit- taker, B. Asher, D. Kent, J. Sewell, W. Boswell. Row Three: S, Entwisle, Sinelair, R. Rhodes, D, Hubbard, Row Four: R. Halbig, M. Ford, J. Carrick. Row Five: W. Pennington, M. Sears, S. Miller, M. Covington. Row Six: A. Hall, H. Pulley, E. Peacock, F. Farber. Row Seven: T. Baker, L, Stuller, Thomas. 52 'wi QW? The Lady Panthers came out at the end of their '52 season with three wins, two de- feats and one tie. Twice defeated by their arch rival, Glen Burnie, the Pantherettes surrendered to them the county crown. High scoring seniors were captain-half- back Carlotta Cammarata, and lincmen Carole Goodman, Ingrid Asche, and Kit- ty Duckett. Other seniors are Eleanor Cadle, fullback, and Pat Rawlings, our competent goalie. Returning lettermen who will spark next year's team are Phyl- lis Jones, Betsy Row Une: C. Catnmarata, Capt. L. Coggiano, Coach. Row Two. B. Fillman, K. Duekett, Rid- dleberger, P. Rawlings. Ron Three: C. Goodman, I. Asehe M. L. lvioreland. Row l"our.' C Dennis, P. Jones, Row lfizfe: D Klimes, N, Stevens, N. Bossert E. caal.-, Icom sixf w. Hub: bard, N. Ziek, B. DiMaggio. Iellll Seven: E. MZIX, L. Keatley, E VVood, P, Kallis. Rom Eighf B. Pulsifer, B. Philips, Mgr, B L. Evans, Mgr. Pulsifer, Betty Fillman, Nancy Zick, and Norma Riddleberger. The team was coached by Miss Luciel Coggiano, and managed by Betty livans and Bernie Philips. RECORD Southern .... Arundel .......... Glen Burnie ..... Southern ........ Glen Burnie Arundel ........ oPP. .x.11.s. 3 10 4 4 9 2 10 I6 4 3 3 8 53 HGCKEY Row One: B. Bramble, M. Whar ton, M. Hornbrook. Row Two B. Norwood, B. Ziegler, M Nunn, R, Finkle. Row Three: S. Ohlson, M. Bramble, L. Bc-all, J Langston, Row Four: L. Ham bruch, K. Ballman, L. Sewell. Row Five: C. Mosely, M. Jones, S. Tall. Row Six: B. Barry, C Wolfe, H. Ferguson. Despite their spirited efforts, the inex- perienced hockey team wound up its sea- son with two ties and four losses. The most serious losses were those to our arch rival, Glen Burnie, who, before this year, had never won a game from Annapo- lis. Although having numerous chances to score, only three players, Captain Mary Hornbrook, Barbara Norwood, and Betty Ziegler, were able to take advantage of these opportunities and score. 54 The only returning lettermen were Bet- ty Barry and co-captain Barbara Bramble. There are still several valuable players who are bound to make next yearis season a success, though eight members of the squad leave this year. SCHEDULE oPP. A.H.s. Catonsville .... ..... 2 0 Glen Burnie ..... ..... 2 1 Glen Burnie ................. ..,.. 3 0 St. Mary,s Seminary ...... ..... 1 1 Howard County .......... ..... 3 1 Howard County ...... ..,.. 0 0 The old Indian game of lacrosse promis- es to be a popular spring sport. Things looked quite hopeful on March 9, when both experienced and inexperienc- ed players came to practice. The Panthers will be paced by co-captains Bill Brown and Frank VValsh. Returning members of the team include Kenny Block, Zeb John- son, jimmy Belch, jimmy Anderson. and Tyler Shores. Others expected to see ac- tion this year are Dick Titus, Gene Reck- ner, jesse Suit, and Hilary Rowe. Coach Carl Fahrner is expecting a victorious la- crosse season for A.H.S. SCHEDULE IVIARCH- 24 A..... .... l Dundalk 27 ...,,. .,,,,, S outhern Ill ....., Towson APRILM- 2 ....., ...... C lity College 7 ...,., e.,, F orest Park H ,, .,.ie,,,, f llen Burnie 2-l ...... .Y,.. C lharlotte Hall MAY 8 .,..,, .....,... f llen Burnie I3 ,.,... ..... C lharlotte Hall . ,rx if Q ol lj. .- kni' 4 xx . 1 . -' 1' Y ti T v ' , x , x LACRCDSSE Row Une: Suit, K. Bloek, 'l' Shores. Row Two: ll, Rowe. Beleh, B. Vanous, Row 'l'hrn': B, Brown, D. Titus, F. Walsh. Row Four: C. Sehwartzberg, Andirson, B, Brown. Row lfimr: T. Baker, C. Werntx, U. llilta- bidle. Row Six: G. Reekner, Coaeh Fahrner, Z. Johnson. 55 Row One: C, Hamilton, Manager, R. Brown, VV. Brown, F. Caldwell, R. Rhodes, S, Boland, G. VV:-rntz, Manager. Row Two: Mr. Fahrner, F. VValsh, Coaeh, R. Beavers, H.Miller, T. MeNew, D. Jacobs, R. Baldree, R. Skordas. Not shown: A, Crosby. The Varsity basketball squad of An- napolis High School made an outstanding showing this year with 802 being the total number of points scored, making an aver- age of 47 points per game, while our op- ponents' total was 754 points. Last year we lost half of our lettermen, leaving only five men on the team, howev- er, with a few additions, they came along in great shape. The most exciting game of the season was our final game with Glen Burnie. At the half G.B.H.S. was leading by a score 56 Q R VARSITY of 22-16. W'e finally came through in the second half to win the game, 42-40. The two high-scorers on the team were Bob Brown, a Junior, who racked up a total of 239 points, and Ralph Rhodes, a Senior, who made a total of 169 points. Bob Brown was chosen to play on the All- Annapolis Basketball Team this year. The team won the class A championship by defeating Glen Burnie in both games, but was unable to take the county cham- pionship. Next year we have great hope of regaining the county crown, which we last won in the 1950-51 season. BASKETB LL The I952-53 A.I-l.S. girls' basketball team posted eight wins, one tie and two losses on the seasonal scoreboard. Backed bv experienced players, the good coaching abilitv of Miss Margaret lllhzlrton. and boundless spirit. the Pnntherettes wound up with 21 more than favorable season. ,lo Martin :is high seorer was followed bv lile- unor Czidle. Kitty Duckett, Phyllis vlones. and Betsx' Pulsifer, all of whom played out- standing forward games. Guards of the hurdwooders that have seen the most uc- tion ure: Connie Dennis, Ingrid Asche and Carlotta Cznininaimtzx. Among the star R020 One: C, fliillllllilfillil, B. Rowan, B. Iillllllilll, ll. Brzlvin. Row 'l'zuo.' Miss lvliurton, B. xxil'5l1'lX'!'lI' li. Brewster, K. Duekett, I. Aselle, Martin, li. Clznllv. Ron' Tlzree: .-X. May, I". Williinns, N. Bossert, S, Droll, B, Pulsifer, C, Dennis, P, jones, M, llornlmrook, players who will be leaving this year are co-captains Kitty Duckett and Ingrid Asche. Mary Hornbrook was the hard working manager for the Lady Panthers. sCIilf3m'LIi A.n.s. oi-in Southern ,,., ,,,,.. 6 2 l Ii Arundel ...... ,,..,t - 19 I Ii Lackey ....,..,,,. 36 215 Glen Burnie ..,, ,,,,t I 3 20 Catonsville ....., .. 58 54 Arundel .,,.,, ,,.... 2 9 29 Southern .,,.,., ,,.,,, - 18 22 Glen liurnie ,,,, tiY,, I 45 Al-il' Laekey .,,....,... .,..,, f 59 139 Glen Burnie ..,l ,.,,, 1 H lul- Fzleulty .....,... ,,,,, l 32 l 5 57 Row One: M. Covington, R. Beavers, R. Rhodes, R. Whittington, D, Jacobs, R, Walston Row Two: Manager M. Skipper, R. Kirby, R. Baldree, O. Beall, B. Asher, F. Caldwell, R, Skordas, Coach Wetherhold. BASEBALL As a strong nucleus of last yearls team returns this season, the Panther baseball squad is hoping to overshadow '52,s dismal record by winning a large percentage of its thirteen games this spring. Moving in as chief mentor, Coach W'etherhold is leading the boys through their paces, concentrating particularly on fielding, which was one of the big deficiencies of last yearis team. Among the six returning lettermen are Buddy Beavers and Ralph Rhodes, pitch- ers, who were elected co-captains. These veterans are being used to temper a group of rookies, who, when polished, should keep thc A.H.S. standards rising. So we turn our 58 eyes to the A.H.S. diamond with high ex- pcctancy. SCI-IEDULE APRIL! 7 ...,,i., ....... P rinee Frederick 16 .,.,... .....,.,...,..,. S outhern 21 ,... ..,....... I ,aekey 23 ,,.,,,, .......... A rundel 30 ..,,.,. ....,.. G len Burnie MAY! 1 ,,,.,,, .,.,.... S herwood 5 ,.t,... ..... N orthwestern 7 ,,,,.,, .,.,....,. S outhern 14 ,,,,,,. ...,... A rundel 19 ,,i..., .....,....... I ,aekey 21 ,,.,,,, ..,.... G len Burnie SCDFTBALL Again, under the leadership of Margaret lVharton, the Annapolis High School varsi- ty softball team will have a hard season battling the toughest teams in the county. Returning to the diamond this year are only a few "old-timers" since the majority of the team graduated last year. Some of the returning ballplayers are: .lean Tryon, Peggy Streett, Phyllis Jones, Pat Duvall, Nancy Stevens, and Pat Rawlings. The girls have been working long hours on the field practicing for their desired po- sitions Among the thirty girls competing only a few will be chosen for the team. There are many newcomers out for prac- tice this year, several of which are fresh- men and very promising players. A few of these are: Betty Rowan, Anne Caldwell, Joan Berry, Beverly DiMaggio, Mary Rhodes, and Pat Kallis. senrzmiria APRll. w I6 ,.,.,. .,.. S outliern 23 ....., ,,,,,,,..., . Arundel 150 ....,. .t.,,, C llen Burnie MAY- 7 ..,,., ,,,,,, S outliern ll ,...., ,,..,,,,, , , Arundel 21 ,,,,,, Glen Burnie Row One: S. Kintberger' B. DiMaggio, B. Rowan, A. Caldwell, B. Fillnian, P. Duvall, Razr Treo: M, Bramble, B. French, L. Thomas, L. Brown, L. Brown, M, Moreland, N. Riddle- herger. Row 7vllI'l'lf.' L. White, N. Stevens, C. YNolfe, Berry, M, Christenson, P. Callaliaii, P. Allen, F.. Chaney, C. johnson, P. Rawlings, P. Kallas. 59 TRACK Although the A.H.S. cindermen will greatly miss the fine ability displayed last year by shot-putter, Jimmy Baker, and dis- tance-runner, Jimmy Judd, the team is an- ticipating a successful season. Again under the coaching of Mr. James Cox, the Pan- thers hope to participate in four or five pre- liminary meets, as well as the annual State track and field events. Don Meyer, Steck Brink, and WVayne Graham are the mainstays in the high- jumping department, Meyer having at- tained a record of 5 feet, 4 inches thus far. Wayne Graham, who last year in the state meet made a fine showing, has achiev- ed an outstanding height of 5 feet, 7 inch- es in the high-jump. Stanley Entwisle will again tackle the mile run, while Alan Gould and Giles Kin- ner will handle the middle distance run. Ronnie Jordan will probably hold the shot-put division, his best attempt thus far being 45 feet. Returning players from last season, who will again give valuable support to their teammates are Jim Bryars, Vicky Hall, Frank Caldwell, and Alan Gould. Row One: Bryars, B. Sherer. Row Two: Coach Cox, S. Entwisle, W. Graham. Row Three: D, Meyer, G. Kinner. Row Four: V. Hall, F. Caldwell. Row Five: Sharp, B. Gadell. Row Six: N. Lee, A. Gould. Row Seven: W. Halbig, S. Wollman. VCLLEYBALL Bvcztllst' of thc' loss of zllmost all of tht' '52 first string vollcybull tczxm, Miss Lu- Civl Coggizino. Conch. chosv hcr now play- vrs from ll spunky group of Sophomorvs and -Iuniors. XIFICIYIIIS of lust svason pro- viding thc' foundation for thc' hzird fighting Pzxiitlivwttcs arc: Kitty Duckctt. Ingrid Asvliv. Nancy Kick, Curolc Goodman. and Bvtsy Pulsifvr. Spring was just around thc corncr on M arch 16. whcn thc' girls bvgun thvir scrics of zlftvrnoon przicticvs in thc' gymnasium soon to lx' Continuvd outdoors. Vollvying. scrving. und not tvchniquvs wort' strvssvd and prowd Ll grvut zlssvt during thc vntirc svuson. Thi' IUZIIU was cspvciully uttructivv on tht' Court bvrznisc' of its hvight and this gzivo it un vxcvptioiiul advantage' ovvr its opponcnts. SCHICIJULE APRIL lo , ,A i,... Southvrn 23 H .. .i...,...,,. Arundvl 150 ,,.., ,.77. C lon liurnic IWAY 7 , ..,,. Southern lil' .. , ,,.,..,,.,, ,7.,7.,Y.,,...t .1 Xrundvl 'll .,,,, ..Y.,...,.,.,,..,,,,.,, C ilvn Iiurnit- I6 Y,,.. ,,,. L '. of M. 'liOl11'Il21Illl'IlI Row Our: K. Duvkvtt, I. .-Xschm-, N, Zivk, Hmm' Two: Miss Clogginno, D. Kliinvs, Cf, li0UCiIIl2lIl' B. L. Evans. Ron' 7'lnw: NY. Hulilnnd, 'l'vrry, L. Wivkstronl. Ie01l' lfourf M. L, Nivhols, K, Blllilllillly B, W'vstz-i'vm-lt, B. Hrt'wst1'r, C. fiiilllllllllillll. Ron' l"i1'f': C, Dt-nnis. D, Pur- dy, li. W'ood. limi' Six: B, I,lliSifl'l', I. ilillllllilll, H, lindlt-. No! .xlm:4'n: M. Lipnisxn, F. I,ot'l1hon-lt'r- ,WT Mfvsw P M JM!! ' P' up - f I W' ,L ff .md A , r A' ' I I L' In! ling.. "We've got a T-E-A-M! That's on the B-E-A-M lin Did someone say Pep? Well, just look at our lively squad of cheerleaders in their new maroon skirts and snowy-white sweat- ers. The girls, led by Evelyn Sweeney, have done a lot to promote school spirit in A.H.S. this year by appearing at pep ral- lies, parades, bonfires, and all varsity games. Regardless of weather, time, or circum- 'M I S stances, pur cheerleaders. were always there. . ' 1 1 4 .51 1 , - 1 X fx 1" iv.'f K s X '. ,, CHEER LEADERS Clockwixe: M. Metcalf, J. Earle, Klawans, L, Barnes, M. E, Hopkins, P. Duvall, U, Hill, J. Day, L. Brashears. Center: Sweeney, Not shown: Berry. 62 Counter rlorl.zui.w.' I". xvllllllllm, P. Anderson, M. Young, E. Shovestul, B. Palmer, M. Bethel, B. lletlges, S. Marston, QI. Luttrell, M. Nichols, MAJURETTES Adding to school spirit were our high stepping majorettes with their swiftly twirling batons and snappy routines. Under the leadership of Frances Wil- liams, they formed intricate patterns on the gridiron, and provided a colorful at- mosphere at games, pep rallies, and special assemblies. To form these patterns successfully, the squad endured hours of strenuous practice and achieved their goal through their ef- forts alone. 63 vi JA M M 1 iii 17 L yvf Di IUNICDR VARSITY BOYS, BASKETBALL Row Une: G. Hamilton, J. Taylor, G, Catt:-rton, G. Martin, R. jordan, R. Wnlston, G. VV4-rrltz. Row Two: Mr. W'vthr'rh0ld, R, VVhittington, C, Gvorgr. E, Rvfkncr, B. Grubbs, D. Holmvs. V GIRLS, BASKETBALL Row One: N. Riddls-bvrgc-r, J. Lanrastur, M. Mon-land, VV. Hubbard. Row Two: Mrs. Sli-ichtcr N Stove-ns Como D. Purdy, M. Nichols, E. VVo0d, B. Evans, Row llzwem' S, KintbLrgcir, L, Brown, C. Wolfc, L. Scwvll, J. Hinton, P. Kullis, L. SpringEs-ld. ATHLETIC ACTIVITY FOOTBALL lfilxt Row: G. Mzlrtin, C, Mott, C. Cnttvrton, P, Olson, B, Sl'hW2lI'fZh1'Y2. N. Bvrgholm, Zzxdc-ral. Second Row: L. Whitv, S. Wollmnn, E. Rvckncfr, R. Skordns, D. L1-1-, C. Horton, A. jam-s, L. Norwood. Third Row: C. Wm-rntz, L. Gvorgc, R, D4-arborn, R. Jordan, R. Titus, C. Gvorgv, Mr. Fahrncr, Coach. CHEERLEAQERS B, Hopkins, Brnshvnrs, I. Mason, M. Franvc, . Burdy, F. Brvzidy, B. Mz'Nulty, Not xhozvn A. Riuhurds. V QP qw JJ 65 M551 lfzrst Row: D. Jacobs, R Beavers, Pres., F. Walsh Vine-Pres., B. Brown, Trens. D. Meyer, Ser. Arms, Z Johnson, Sec., K. Block, Mr llerklotz, Mr. Wethcrhold Second Row: Bryars, J Bs-Ich, F. Caldwell, R. Jor- dan, B. Brown, M. Cov- ington, R. Skordas. Newly organized, the "AU Clubs have co- operated closely to accomplish their goal, which includes promoting sports, creating school spirit, and obtaining funds for ath- letic advancement. Original pins and the successful Homecoming Hop are just a few of their accomplishments. VARSITY "A" CLUBS 66 Hornbrook. First Row: A. Wavra, Treas., C, Cammarata, Vice- Pres., K. Duckett, Pres., I. Asche, Ser. Second Row: B. Barry, P. Street, Try- on, B. Fillman, P. Duvall, B. Pulsifcr, Martin. Third Row: B, Bramble, P. Rawlings, B. Westervelt, M. Row One: R, Beavers, I. Asehe, B. Pul- sifer, D. Purdy. Row Two: P. Olson, R. Skordas, F. Carlson, N. Riddleberger. T RH E L P E R T E I S C E N T A .T I V E S MR. HERKLOTZ Advisor ff ? The Athletic Representatives plav an important role in promoting sports and as- sisting Mr. Herklotz, the Director of Ath- letics, with his duties. At the beginning of school, each class elects a boy and a girl, usually outstanding athletes, to work with him. They are then members of the A.H.S. Athletic Association along with the coaches, the presidents of the boys' and the girls' Varsity "A" Clubs, and the faculty advisors. Their jobs are helping at athletic events, selling candy at many school and outside benehts, and promot- ing a well-organized sports program for the students. The representatives are: Freshmen: Peter Olson, Norma Riddle- berger Sophomores: Ralph Skordas, Dale Pur- dy Juniors: Fred Carlson, Betsy Pulsifer Seniors: Ralph Beavers, Ingrid Asche 67 N , as SPORTS ACTIGN SHCDTS 184' 'Fm' H., 'Q in 5 .. 5, ..M,. ,N a . 4 .'w'QLs,,. K VYWA .V .. :Li,y..., vs.:f-- .. ,G Q-gum .. . K,,,,.,, -' 'Eva .ff A .-. ,. H .F -6 34, ff", . -ff 'i-4 'g ,QSC Q 69 QUEEN AND HER CCDURT PM-vm-rly ll:-dw-sa, lngricl .'XSl'IH', Fl'2llll'1'S Williams, Quwn l'1x'm-lyn SVVl'l'Il1'y. Dizmz' Plxrdy. xW mm QITWITUES M W 7I Flashy campaign buttons, traveling slo- gans attached to manned bicycles, gigan- tic banners, and posters made of hedges call to memory one of the most colorful and strenuous Student Government Elec- tions ever to be waged at A.H.S. Elected in the spring of the year, new- ly chosen officers strove to carry out their campaign promises when school opened in the fall. Work was immediately begun on plans for Homecoming, which included the elec- tion of "Miss Annapolis Highu and her court, a parade, and a pep rally held be- fore the game. Money obtained from the sale of Budget Passes and the annual Stunt Nite perfor- mance financed other government projects. Book covers and handbooks were sold 72 Biavr1RI.v HEIJGPIS Trf'a.xurwr FRANCES XVILLIAMS Sl'I'l'I'fllI3' VVALTER Co1,L1soN PI'!'.YiI1f'7lf YVILLIAM BROXVN Vin'-Pr 1',virlf11! E Row One: Miss Noble, B, H1-dg es, W'. Collison, B. Brown, F Williams. Row Two: B. Leitch, S. Marston, Ross-nbloom, R Finklestine, N. Riddleberger, J Shields, Row Three: C. Wayson J. Fisher, N. Wayson, J. Kla- wans, L. Sinclair, P. Kallis, L Van Metre. Row I"ouf: R Czuupbell, F. Bosley, A. Gaull- iuzin, B. Callahan, W. Penning- ton, A. Ball. Row I"iz'e.' R Sl'llI't'llZ, R. Slll'I'l'l'. S. Grosv- elose, B. Cltzunbers, R. Mandle- korn, llolines, C. VVerntz Row Six: M. Groves, B. Hop- kins, L. White, L. Barnes, V Clark, L. Mcflrone, R. Titus: Row Seven: T. Schley, S. Robin- son, S, Thomas, F. Rose-nbloom D. Purdy, B. VVesti-rvelt. 1e0ll Eight: M. E. llopkins, H. Don- aldson, D, Meyer, S. Brink, F. Wa lsh. through the legislature. Five CARE packages were sent abroad through the efforts of the student govern- ment and donations of the student body. A clean-up campaign was sponsoredg and posters, slogans, and announcements advertised the project. Talks on "Good Sportsmanshipn were given to homcrooms. Walt Collison held the gavel while Bill Brown acted as "Veep.', Frances Wfilliams recorded the minutes and Beverly Hedges was keeper of the funds. Advisors of this important school activi- ty were Miss Noble, Mrs. Alexander, and Mrs. Arthur. l 73 Miss ll. Uoodv, B. Svhurr, Cl, Broun VI t u B H 0 0 R S 0 1 I E I dns, i . Bc' I 'l, S. Brink, B. rzlnx lah-, R. liinklv, A. Stallings, M. Jus pvrson. M0 ITCDRS ' Marston, B. Lvitvh, l'. Clnllison, Q Mvttznn, P. 'l'zlylor, E. 'I'uc'km'r, M. jonvs. 74 D. Purdy fcvllplllillj, Luttrm-ll, S i ' Brown, C. King, M. Raw, filllllllll lx Stocklmznisc-11, li. Pikr, J. Lnrrimoim I", Winlsli, li, llrivwii, I. .Xsi'ln', L. l3i'n.iililiix, S. lant- wiali-, S. Brink, N. linin- ilnpkr, K. Uiii'k:'lt, YVith thc' inziroon zirm bzincl as thi-ii u I V Q V svnilml of ziilthorily. thi' 'l'i'ziHic' Squad SIAIRS: lvunf mzv, figlif fu fwfr: S. lwnist, IJ. ' liziiiivs, li. Ilvilumv X. Stallings, R. Mriliitfliziii, Ii. Stl-iyt-5 to Inuintuin quit-I and 01-dt-I Wi-slvrxi-lt, I". NYilli4nns, P, Rqiwiinus, X. Nilliaiins. Al. iimiif.-ii, i-L, sw.-.-ii.-ii, ia. l'mi'i'y, ia. siiiii.-mi, .x. tlimughoiit our school. Mi-niln-rs of thi B.n'in-S, Il. lfviiuiiwii, lf. Griiiituwivf, O. Bwaill, H. ' I 1 . I izmii-ii, 'il wiii-Y, is. iii.-.-, xy, s. cimi. bcnior Llgiss am- chosi-ii to the-sv positions um' 'IA Ml'm'i'm' S"W'1l 'W' 'mn N' huh: C4 'l'hi'ii' nrinv 'obs inrluciv n-ffi1l'iliiw ti"if- Iiiuuliliis, P. fi1'illl.Hl, R, Rlimlvs, S. Brink, Lf. c - ' P' ' F' ' K"'Q"'- M- U"'S""i- M' B""""' H- H'i"W"- B' fic in lmlls.cz1fvtci'izi.zissmnlalivagnicl firm lh'4iiiilrli', RiiiiHi'in'i'ui'i', M. H.lllSllIll, lf. Bim- nmn, R. Viiiklmx l5U'l"l'OM: lfnfli mm. lrf! In Clulyin RQQ4-1-5 tht- flu-uh! right. I. ,Xwlii-, Nl. I.. HAllll'l', N, Hl'iIllilllJl'U', S. ' ' l.3,,l,,iS,,.- J. Sm. MA BM' ul. 1.-.,,.,,..ll' iq Wiilsli. SllIX'l'X'lS0l'. and Stzinlvy liiilwisli- sm-i'ws us R. iiulmkiiix, Ni, .I.ixpvixuii, Z. IIUIIIISHH, Nflj Rug- . vis. liuilnfn l"1n11f,' K, lliirkvtl, QI. Cfziiiiinxiixitgi, U. Cliptuln' -lzlrnlm. 75 1 ww ' QI :fmt law. 'll Wilt-y, Aft Emlitorg L. ll2lIIllDI'lll'll' Asst. l,l10t0HT1l pliy Editor: ll. Donaldson, Patron Maman- gvrl Y. l1li'llIt'IllPl'l'g, Cirru- I lution M2II1ZlHK'f. Srrnrzrl Row: R. Mrllutrltzln, As- '4 socintv Editor: N. Brin- cluplu-, Editor-in-c'him'f1 A, Stallings, l,itr'rz1ry liditorl B, lN1ic'l1zu'lsor1, Aclvs-rtising MllIl1lgt'F. Thin! Row: M. L. Bziuvr, Chit-f Typist: I,:ilmvitz, Plmtogrzxpliy licli- torq ll. llorluiin, Asst, Lit- vrnry liclitorg Brink, lN1,ilu--up liclitor. Swlterl: Miss R. LflIlg2lII4'K'li- rr, Mrs. M. Kinhurt, Mrs. M, A, Rogvrs. Slnnrling: Mr. R. Moorc, Mr. C, , Slizlnk. 76 ClRCUI,A'l'ION l' Razr: lx Williams M. l.. lianvr li. Swv:-ni-V I M. Nunn, XN'inclso1',' l. llc-nry, ll. Donaldson .S'f'z'o1l1l Razr: .-X, lYavrzi, ll, l:i'I'!'llSUIl, H. BIIITY, S Mason, R. lN1l'l,lll'I'?l0Ily l', Claypool, B, W'ostz'l'- vvlt. Tliirzl lfurzu' Basil, Mnlliran, S. Ohlson M. Lipnian, li. Sliovvstill, S. Fonst, D. Spanglm' Frillffll Ifllfll' I. Brasllvars, M. Watt, K. Sonivrs Riclmllm-ln-i'gi'r, ll. Goorlinan, M. Bausuni, M Lan. Ififlli lfuzr: P, Rolmvrts, B, Bl'2lIllllli', B Sfllllfll, ll. Zim-gli-r, S. jonvs, Earls-. E, Granto- NVll'l. Sivlli lfuzfx' Lalyovitl, R. Pinklv, L. Roll- liin-s, ll. llilll'll. P:X'liRf7NS llllil .'Xl7V'lfR'l'lSlNfl Fin! Ifozzx' llranzvll, P. llm-nry, S, Bryan, ll, Don- alclson, xxIIlllS0!', M. Nunn. Svfrirzrl Roux' A. lfalclwm-ll, li. lVvstc'l'x'vlt, C. flooclinan, E, Kotzin M. Lipman, M, Barr. 'fhird lfozv: B, Barry, C. Wl'l7l1, N. MrNvw, CI. fl0l'l'illIll. Bvlrh, B. Mi- vlizivlsoii. lfourtli lx'ua': P. Yoinrhz-, Lalwovitl, l'.lSlll'l', lf lloyt. Pl IOTC NIR.-XPI IY and ART L. lNlac'Murray, l.. llamlmrnvh, M, Lan, I". Rosen- lvlooin, Lalmovitz, R. llarris, 'lf Wilvy, M, Sini- nions, Sm-wvll, P. X-0lIlt'll1'. l.l'l'IiRARY and lN'l.'XKl4l UP lfiut Razr: R. llarris, S. Nash, N. llillllllllllly I. txS4'll1', M. liipnlan, RlIllll1'lJl'Fgl'I', C, Gooclnian. Srrorzrl lfmvf ll. Parkinson, S. lfonst, L. Robbins, P. Roln-ns, B. Branllmlv, R. Finklr, K. Duvkr-tt, 'l'l1i1r1 li'ozr': li. Max, Mnllivan, E, Sll0X'l'Sllll, B. llrclgvs, Y. Rilvy, M. Nunn, K. Block, 150111111 Noun' Bm-Ich, P. lloyt, Vlillt'lil'I', Basil, P. Yoim'lu', R. llopkins, C. Knight. Fifth le01l'.' M. Barr, fl. Cook, C. XN'ayson, li. YN'c-stvrvi-lt, S. Brvan, M. Bvtllvl, .-X, Nvlson, Sivtlz llUIl'.' S. Brinkai C. Uorknni, A. Stallings, ll. Millvr, li. W'illialns, ff. Moslvy, ll. Kaufmann. 1 Q' A090 I MJ .1 .ff cf, 83,2 Q QW' 0'l fl' V' .iz .. .1 ., '.,'iljt."i. fall-5' M1 REPORTERS nm One: E. Kotzin, E. Sweeney, E. Max. Row Two: B. Hedges, K. Duekett, Terry, B. Shoehat, J. Pat- ton, M. Gingras. Row Three: D. Mor- genstern, V. Clark, Russell, S. How, M. Bird. Row Four: D. Kearse, H. Day, S. Foust, I. Asehe, M. Barr, ll. Sehieke, P. Joint-s, Brashears. BUSINESS STAFF Row One: M. Nunn, M. Barr, D. Basil. Row Two: S, MeNew, M. A. Petty, ll. Henderson, A. Caurfman, K. Ballman, Labovitz, B. Sweeney, J. Day. CUB REPORTERS Row One: H. Gould, S. MCNCW, V. Clarke, S. Emerson, S. Kintberger. Row Two: B. Butler, Wilson, L. Rossee, J, Fuller, D. Paulson, E. Goodhue. O R SCHOOL EWSPAPER The call of "Tally-How echoes through the halls of A.H.S. No, not a fox hunt, just the monthly distribution of our school paper in homerooms. Unfortunately, there is more to the pub- lication of "ye ole,' Tally-Ho than distribu- tion. 78 Chaos reigns in room 104 as the editori- al staff measures, plans, writes, rewrites, checks, reeheeks, cuts, and lpastes. To en- tertain, inform, promote spirit and record activities are a few of the many services rendered by T-HO. In the 1952 state competition, our Tally- Ho writing team captured the Cumber- land, Maryland Times Trophy by placing first. The paper rated fourth in its class. This year's accomplishments include Teacher of the Month, Editor's Comments and a new name plate. Mrs. Virginia S. Ballard, editorial ad- visor, trains cub reporters in the journal- THE TALLY - HC ism class and Tally-Ho Club to carry on these policies and assists the present stall. Though the Student Government partly Hnances T-HO, advertisements are very necessary. These are solicited and prepar- ed by Mr. Roland Olsonis business Staff. A paper is born! Row One: M. Gates, Editorial Editor: P. Roberts, Editor-in-Chief: L. Rob- bins, News Editor: M. Nunn, Exchange Editor. Row Two: P, Duvall, Sports Editor: Mr. Olson, Business Advisor: N. Stevens, Feature Editor: S. Cork- um, Feature Editor: J, Hatch, Photography Editor: F. Rosenbloom, Chief Photographer: M, Barr, Business Manager: S. Brink, Art Editor: Mrs. Bal- lard, Editorial Advisor. wi Q X ',' : . 2:-Q, A3 . t -sores-or -f-Sfirexf s - 79 As thc' Curtain slowly opvnvcl, thc rhythm of thc' HXV2lSlllIlgI0I1 Post lxlllllfllu gi'c'ctccl that zissvmblvcl sturlvnts, who witiivssccl thc' initiul zippvzirzxncc' of thc' maroon and blur' hand uniforms which nrt' tht' rvsult of ll thwv-y'0z1i' clrivv czirrivcl on by tht' P.'l'.A.. sturlvnt body :incl hztncl nimnht-rs. Stuclvnts who lilac thvir music soft zlncl swcvt, joinvcl thc' orchvstru. 'l'hc' cntirc stu- Ifozf' Unf: D, llzirzwofv, N. Wilson, , N , . N '. .. , ., .-. ' W MMM, P' Umm, IL Hum., B' cle nt Locly .lppitcmtcs thc lmcltiship of 5111111 Nuff' Iwi W. Iiv-'fix S- Mr. W. Millvr, nvw hzmclmztstcr. Sliorlmt, il. Cllairlx, Kzltrvl, l", Doli- son, llolmvs, Mr. Milli-r. Ron' 'l'hrw.' R. Cowl-ll, S. lN'ollinam, K. Orr, lf, Clorkrt-ll, W. lrllllllltlilll, YY. Yvr'Q4', lvl. l'urnly, Nl. Sl'llIllt'Ill'I'. I A . , I '-I .1 ' 1 9 - r ' f ' ' 4. ' 1 . J Q t W y - lb lfuzz' f,7ll'.' Mr. YV. Millvr, ll. Brozultlus, lf. llulrlmrcl, R. jzlvkson, B. lin-ry, YV. lltibbzirdgj ., AJ' Clcoi'gm'. Razz' 'l'zi'o.' D, lluhlmrcl, 'l'. Gross-, R. Cowlr-r, L. Czironnzi, lziylor, 6011 fllmff s' I I", Ros:-nliloom, lf. Bosl:-y, B. llairpr-ntl-r, CI, Smith, li. Knirkinzm. Ron' lfrur: li.:,'N'ol ,X I fl. W'ilmt'r, N. Nims, Y. llaill, B. llullt-r. Row lfizw: M. Willwrson, Zalaff , lffl i,ll,vxr ' Svwclin, L. lN'hit4'. Row Siy: S. Hntwistlz-, P. lloyt, 'lil1Ulll2lS, R.SRux,fFr, 'l1,g?Cli'i.' JJ' Sturgis D. Russvll. Ron' Sf'I'4'7l.' l.. llznzls, M. W'ilson, O. WN'nyson, I.. ill:-i'y':l'9 oyls-5 Ii. K2lll'llilll2lll. Ruiz' Iiiglzl: R. Skorclzis, Lvwgvr, R. S4'l1NV2lIlZllK'I'g, R. Wolluym. 'l'hc mclodious strains of many light airs made thcir way from thc music room whcn thc A.H.S. mixcd chorus, undcr thc dircc- tion of Mr. Rohcrt Kunklc, Cngagcd in its daily practice: 'l'hv chorus has sung gcncrously for thc' school and outsidc organizations. A nvxv addition to thc music world of .-X.l'l.S. is thc Girls' Chorus, also dircctcd V Row Une: M. Purdy, Klawans li, Barry, A. by M r. lxunklv. Not onlv have thcv sung Pram. :emu vim- xi Bass, A. ima, I., llil- 1 ' 1 hu as a group. hut on many occasions, joined with thc mixvcl chorus. rn, S. Mt'Ni'w, ll, B1-avin. Nou' 7'll1l'f',' S. Marston, C. Yantinv, ll. Donaldson, M. li. Hopkins, Mr. Kunlilc. lion' l'i0HI.' R, Stunipf, M. YY:-lls, H. Robinson, Patton, I.. lic-try. Rom l"iz'e: Larriniorv, M. Hausuin, KI. 'l'hoin- --AND CHGRUSES i"' ii iiil Hou' One: A, Nt-lson, li. Wlootl, D. King, Branzvll, M, Clulliinorv, M. Salavar, ll, Klang, li. Milli-r, I., lh'aslit'ai's, AI. l"isht-r. Row 'I'u'o: llollison, M, Br-thvl, R. llall, li. Nvinitli, lYintlsor, D, Pnrtly, A. Millvr, S. Kc-rr, Bausuni, M. Nunn, B. Svhurr, S, Bryan. Kon' 'I"1I1'f'.' 'lf St-hh-y, lf. Carlson, M. Corwvll, .-X. Ricliards, P, Jackson, Clraliain, M. llorn- lmrook, E. Max, I.. M1'Cront', D. lYolstc'nliolnn', 'l'. Balwr, E. Etzlvr. Row Four: Lahovitl, YV. St'liat'lll't', S. Foust, ll. Parkinson, P. Mille-r, S. Carpt-titvr, B. Mor:-land, I. 'l'alman, H. lYtsturult B Siundtxs Bmllun l' lN'ishington Razz' Fil' ' 1 I' ' 1 - '- , . 4 "J, -I. ' 1 , . 2. A- . ff. X, laullmin, M. Barr, B, 1 Brown, D, Jacobs, 'l'. Short-S, Bull, U. Bm-all, B. Brown, Sinclair, B, Phillips, Storlu-tt, , J, M , 1 fffiwff ft 8 I J 1 ,414-C' Row one: Mrs, Adams, L. Hanibrueh, M. Young, j. Labovitz, L, Barnes, Day, L. Bi-all, MQNQ-w, ll. Donaldson. Row two: P. Voinche, D, Every, G. Cook, A, Bigler, K. Hallman. ASSEMBl The delightful 1952-53 assembly pro- the year's program. 'z '. h' hl' h d b b . . gl im! lg dig te fy and Concerts' Plays with background music by the .2 ,. 2 rl., . 1 1 1 , ft L. N . X U ui I S Cm mmd IC prcsimd long chorus commemorated Christmas and luas- terg the Tri-Hi-Y Club sponsored the as- " - 1 'l ' d , ' r lht ncw y organize orchestra and thc Scmbly for thc hmm. enlarged A. H. S. band provided assem- blies of varied music and the Naval Acade- Clubs and the family relation class, rep- my Band, as their guests, supplemented resenting the school, supplied programs Filing in. Hlilll dreaming of a Whitt- Cliristluasi' A. H. Sfs Scliolars. E 1 8? Imff tu right: N, Brindupke, "mutt I B1 Sho S, C-. Barr, hue, Palmer, chat, D, Morganstern, M. D. Every, D. Donog- M, A. Petty, A. , ., 'rry, B. . - Miss Goode. CTIVITIES from the school while Glen Burnie and 'llowson State Teachers' College furnish- ed drama from other schools. nition ed 24 YTIOYPS. The National Honor Society, in recog- awarded to outstanding athletes. We broadened our horizons through travel talks and discussions of world prob- lems including: Europe by Dr. jenkins. Korea by Mr. Fowble, Temperance by of scholastic achievements, induct- Rev. Fred Smith, Pakistan by Mr. Ciropp new members. four being sopho- and Petroleum by a representative of At three assemblies letters were Standard Oil. All together now! Back to the old grind. -..........., 83 i A L.I'!'Y'1,r, HOKr.Y Fllhiiif Tr, Z' Jsrry Minton, a teen-agar ..,... Album Parke-r, from mxt :!oor'..,.... ljqmlim, "monte," Jsrry's yuunger Tiana, Jerry's older sister ......... lfeloz-hs Yunglrhanumr, the cook. .... Tum Corning, in love with Diana .... Roger Minton, the father .... ..... Eve Tyler, an attractive widow ..... Martha Hinton, the mother... ..... Hrs. Simmons, a trained nuraa .... .. Grandma Thurman, P'.xrt.ha's mother... The .iure-Shot Mar., an anemirmtor. ..... . ,UAW Stallings . . . .Jane Labovitz zginier. . . .Evelyn Sweeru ...........Sy1vil Faust'y Nunn zxzliickael Jaapsrson .....,....lbl!n Barr . . . ..Axms Csldvall . . . .Rosemarie Finklc .Patricia Robcrts . .Nancy Brindupke Benjamin Hickaalson ILACH The lkvirq mom of the liixntcr, Home in Ashton. Tim: Tha present. Early summer. SYNOPSIS Art, Ona: Late Afternoon. Act, Two: .Late afternoon, Ach Three: Early svening, the next day. six days later. 84 wif ii 1' A Qi K. 6 10 N FW Row One: B. Sweeney, S. Uhlson, D. Morgenstern, B. Shoehat, C, Gill- mer, M, Young, S. Kintberger, K. Simmons. Row Two: Miss Swartz, M, J. Metcalf, B. Woods, M. Bird, P. Rawlings, Mr. Moore. Row Three: 'l'. Sehley, P. Callahan, P, Eskew, Luttrell, A. Barnes, S. Jones, A. Wil- liams. Row Four: Wilson, P. Miller, L. MeCrone, V. Cook, P. Voinehe, M. Lau, A, Caldwell, D. Wolstenholme. Row lfizfe: D. Donaghue, P. Brad- shaw, W. Baxter, D. Every, D. Purdy, L. Rossee, P, Jackson, M. L, Nichols, J. Palmer. Row Six: H. Schieke, B. Butler, P. Hopkins, S. Groseelose, F. Bready, M. L. Bauer, S. Case. Row Seven: L. Blair, Hebbard, S, How, R. Hopkins, Fuller. Row Eight: E. Etzler, Currier, F. Rosenbloom, C. Broaddus, A. Bigler, B, Palmer. Row Nine: J. Katvhef, J. Le-gum, P. Hoyt, L. Barnes. "Bigger and better than ever', . . . That was the motto of the Social Committee. Fulfilling their ambitions, they provided effective decorations and the best bands available. Students looking forward to each promised event, thronged the cafe- teria. The "Harvest Hopw ushered in the fall season with pumpkins and squirrels amid dusty-golden corn shocks. Glittering snowflakes and HuHy cotton snowmen bedecked the cafeteria for gala fun at the '6Winter Wonderlandw. For the New Year, a new air of enter- tainment brought the "Continental Dragf' 86 Posters with quaint customs and colorful costumes set the stage. Cay music carried out the theme with the lively Mexican Hat Dance, swaying tangos, and rhythmic rhumbas. As we danced to the strains of Delbert Pushert's Orchestra, we were truly captured by that 4'Continental', mood. Arrangements are being made for the Spring Formal, the gayest, happiest dance of the year. The president, Pat Rawlings, wishes to express her appreciation for the splendid help and co-operation she received during the year. The rigging of the S. S. Moonlight Bay was one of our most exciting ventures. As juniors, we planned and replanned the decorations that transformed the cafe- teria into a boat for our "dream inspir- ingi, moonlight cruise. Soft music rendered by the shipls or- chestra, dressed in nautical uniform, beck- oned the couples aboard ship through the large life preserver that encircled the door- way. Glittering anchors and programs trim- med in sparkle dust, competed with the starry-eyed couples to out-shine the "moon,', while the "Music Makers" play- ed the theme song, "On Moonlight Bayf' Co-chairmen Frank Walsh and Beverly Hedges kept the crew of workers busy un- til the sound of "all aboarda' was heard and the ship was ready to leave the dock. Mrs. Morris, our class advisor, was a great captain-always encouraging to the committee chairmen. Now welre seniors, and the decorations have long since been cleared away. All that is left is the memory we shall dream upon and the wake left by the cruising ship. U N l OP RR O1 M9 5 Z 87 STUN Stunt Nite' came' like' 21 star-studdvd femtlight re'vie'w pz1cke'd full of top notch tzxlvnt from A.H.S. l'1ve'rything from Zl jazz band tem the' hilarious 'grI'rztHic Squad cih0l'llSLiI1t'H trod our stzigex ITE First prize' we'nt to the' "Rocke'tte's" for the'ir Chztrlvstmi' se'C0nd Jrize' to Violet , I . Clark for he'r Russian Dzmcvg :md third prize' to Bill Kuufmzmn for the' Minuvt Antique' by P2lCit'I't'XYSki. 88 vn, M. Purtly. Ron' Tlinfr. Autos, A. lyflings, Ml's Phi-rson, N, Mt'Kn1'w. THE LIBRARY CCDMMITTEE A D CFFICE ASSISTANTS Bcforv. during and 2lfIt'I' school, thc Li- brary Conimittvv. uuclcr thc' Clirvction of M1 's. Mary Ann Rogvrs, chicf librzuizin. kvpt tht' A.H.S. library running smoothly HS Rn c:l'llIlIOWll'l, .-X. Atlauus, QI. Gallop, li. lYn'st1'l'vl'lt, Suit, N, lirimluplux Ruiz' 'l'z1'n: Riclcllz-hr'rgv1', .X. Stallings, N, Scars, S. Bry- nu, E. Bowman, S, Rawl- ings. Rum T11 rf'1': N. Goss, C. llilprrclit, M, L. Bnuvr, R. BK'lIlll'y' l.. l'N'ootl, l,. Llurlu- thvy lvzu'nc'd library methods. zu Orin: l". YYilli:uus, li. Picturvd bvlow arc' thc' stuflvnts who work as assistants in thc main oflicv. 'l'ht'y typtl run Crrzmds, zmswvr thv tvlvphonv. file: and run tht' duplicating and mimvo- grzxph machincs. xg, 89 Row One: M. Nunn, N, Burkvrt. Roll' 'l'u'0.' Cl. Bow- C. Gallup, H. llulvn, A, Muhl, N. lvnyson, M. Rogvrs, lilnilrian, Z. Bun- tvr, S. llngootl, R. Mm'- EVERY f DAY f ACTIVITIES SCIENCE "Splendid, Mr. Peregoy, but there is no such thing as feet per cubic gram." The science classes of Messrs. Bischoff in Pere- goy have produced such geniuses as Profes- sor Belch and "Osmosis" Thompson. As Sam said to Mr. Peregoy at the close of an experiment, 4'Show us another trickf' 'LUG' ART Are Ben, Don, and Dick really as innocent as they look, Mr. Shank? Maybe they're working on a Hi-Y Christmas Formal post- er. Posters have been an important activity of the art classes this year. Other class projects have been fashion illustrations and abstract designs. DTT' HOME ECONOMICS Cooking, sewing, child care, home man- agement-these are only a few of the many subjects offered the future home makers at A.H.S. in Home Ee. classes. Girls in this class are working on individual crafts. Are knitting and sewing in a hem really such serious jobs, Marlene and Bo? 90 LANGUAGES These puzzled looking students could be trying to recite, "agricola, agricolae, agri- colae, agricolam . . . ", or "trabajo, traba- ja, trabajamas, trabajan . . . "Q but since Mme. Kinhart is in the front of the room, they must be saying, "je travaille, tu tra- vailles, il travaillef' T' BUSINESS The typewriters rhythmically sing out their message: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their partyf, I thought you were supposed to keep your eyes on your books. Some unseen thing seems to have distracted Miss Hoke and her class. The WAKE photographer, may- be? :UG HISTORY Although we're sure Miss Noble's U. S. history classes are interesting, Dick and Billy seem to be distracted by something at the right, out of the picture. Could it be that the mystery girl who left her pock- etbook on the last desk is hiding from the WAKE camera? by 1, . V it 'Ni ws MAY Picturvcl bvlow :irc soma' of thc lt looks as if some' of thc' boys on privzitn' Sl'Cl'l'i2lI'll'S of thc futurc. Thvsc' thc' football tvum make' usc' of thvir studvnts will bc wcll vcrsvd in such scz1son's training by bring able to gvt zirts :is shorthand, typing, and book- through thc' linv. That is, the lint' in km-ping, upon graduation. thc cufvtcria. of course. Buzzing saws and pounding ham- mvrs arc' somc' of that sounds of ll busy lnclustrizll Arts class. 'llhvsc' boys arc' li-urning how to cwutc artistic and usvful 1lI'flClt'S out of woocl. 4"l'hc jury Finds thc' dc'fc-nclzint guil- ty!" 'l'hvsc words ring out when zin- othcr Cust' in thc' Truflic Court has bcfvn svttlvcl. A clcfvndzint is trivcl aft:-r hc' has violzitrcl some' school rulv. : V Row Our: IC. fi00llhlIl', YN Baixtvr, lf. H11-y. lilly, M. A, Pvtty. Rim' 'I':z'n: G. Mm'- vciith, B. Sfilllllily S. Faust Rim' 'lvhH'1'.' S. CLIN, E Shuvvsiiil. Row IJOIIII E 'l'uc'ki'r. Rim' l"i:'f'.' G, Sal- llllll'2lS, Lujoyc, W. Basil. Razr' S1'.v: BIXIIIIUH, Higgins, ll, Bull. lfn:z'Sf'1'- mz: M, LHIIKITIS, S4 K4-rr I.ailmvitl. Hou' Ifiglll: Y I I lfaiikv, M. Kvairns. Hou' Y N1'!ll'.' H. R. Iikv. Y. XYQNIL' M. NR-st, li. Shi-n'I'. Mi ' ss IH, I., Hirks, Miss BI. lx. Lux, hirs. ll. V, Lin'- pvnlm-i'. fi: pf' DANCE SCENES .Ill 15 "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United Status of America and to the Republic for which it stanrlsg one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." FRANCIS P. lil-ELLAMY Q95 H l6',y JD. F: Annapolis High, competing with high schools in New Jersey, Connecticut, Mich- igan, and Maryland, was selected the re- cipient of the 1953 National Francis Bel- lamy award, presented by Miss Margaret Miller, noted historian. Outstanding alum- ni and school publications figured in the actual winning of the award, as did the history of the school. c'The Annapolis High School has had a very high honor bestowed upon it in re- ceiving the Francis Bellamy Flag Award . . . " was Mr. Fowbleds reply. In a congratulatory letter, Governor McKeldin states: "To me this selection of the High School in Marylandas historic capital is an honor to the entire state and its school system, and to your outstanding administration . . . " The award will be presented at a formal ceremony October 12. f'W 'Ez S RESUME Another school year has come to a close, a most important one to the class of '53. Looking back over our four years at A. H. S., we find many precious memories that remain deep in our hearts. It is hard for one to realize just how much these years meang until, in years to come, we look back and see the rewards our some- times long and anxious labors have gained for us. It is the hope of the Staff of ,53 that the WAKE may add some warmth to our fading memories in future years. And so, on June 12th, we leave behind the emp- ty classroom. 98 l ,willy lmymlll V I X 21 . 1' i.,.1! MXL. Q 8 ,L 'B L C9 NG - P , 99 rmgo s HD ERTISERS BS 'Swv ex A W' vous Sivf 1 .BQ , 4 .QJ V V V! Miss Shirley Achenback Mrs. Walton Achenback Leonard Aisquith Wilson Aisquith Mrs. Fred Alexander Alice and Amelia Mrs. Richard D. Alston Olivia Alton Eva Alvanos '48 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Alvey Amy and Chester Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Anderson, Sr. Miss Annapolis '52 Annex 5 Anonymous Mrs. Jack Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Walter Asche Ben Asher '53 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Asher Mrs. Grace E. Asher Joan Asher '55 Marlene Asher '52 Mrs. Delores Askton '36 Bob Atwell Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Atwell Clyde N. Atwell '53 Mrs. Felton Atwell Mr. Henry Atwell Joan Atwell Mrs. Joseph T, Atwell Margaret Atwell Mr. Richard Audette Dick Baker '52 Mr. Joe M. Baker Mr. Joe Baker, Jr. Mrs. Elaine Ball Anamarie Ballman '52 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Ballman Mr. Cooke Bankert Mrs. Charles Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Barr Mylin E. Barr '53 Bob Bartell Dr, and Mrs. George C. Basil Jack Basil '53 Mrs, Reba Basil Frances Bassford Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bauer B. Baumiller, Jr. B. Baumiller, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bausum Mr. Fred Bausum Miriam Bausum '53 Virginia Bausum Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E. Bazzell Mrs. W. A. Beach Mrs. Anne Beall Mrs. James Beall Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Beall R. Gordon Beard Mr. and Mrs. Clayton A. Beardmore Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Beavers Barbara Beavin '48 Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Lee Beavin Mrs, Henry Beck IO2 PATRONS Bette Becker George J. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bergholm Mr. and Mrs. John C. Behlke Mr. and Mrs. J. Alton Bell, Sr. Frieda Benning Mrs. Margaret Bentley Ruth Bentley '53 Jack Bernstein S. Bernstein Mr. R. Bertl The Rev. Alden Besse Mr. and Mrs, J, V. Bethel Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Bevans Mr. Edward L. Bevans Miss Joyce Bevans Sue Bice Mr. Stanley C. Bigler Mrs. J. Irving Bird, lll Roland Black H. S. Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Albert Block Bob of Bay Ridge Mr. and Mrs, John H, Bock C. A. Bodger Miss Betty Boettcher Mr. Earl Boettcher Mrs. E. Boettcher Libby Boettcher '52 Mary Lou Boettcher '55 Mrs. Norman Boettcher Dr. and Mrs. Alex L, Boro Mrs. John R. H. Borouor Miss Mildred B. Bougham Mr. Roland Bounds Mr. E. G. Bowen, Sr. Mrs. Thomas B. Bowen, Jr. Scott Bowers Eleanor Bowman '53 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bowman Marty Boyer Mr. Earle Boyles Mrs. Charles Brady Mrs, A. H. Brakeficld Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bramble Mr. Wayne Brant Mrs, Dorothy Branzell Mrs, Flora Branzell J. H. Branzell Mr. and Mrs. David Brashears Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Brashears Mr. F. L. Brashears, Jr. Milford Brashears Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Brattain Mrs. Bertha Braun Lt. and Mrs. William Brendle Dr. Brilliant Cmdr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Brink Mr. and Mrs Harold C Brink . . , Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Brink, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison S. Brink and Mrs. Chas. C, Broaddus, Jr. Mr. Bill Brown '53 E. M. Brown Mr. L. E. Brown Mrs. Nadine Brown '47 Mr. and Mrs. Norman V. Brooks Mrs. Betty Brunke '51 Shirley Bryan '53 Mrs. Stewart C. Bryan Mrs. George E. Bryant Mrs, C. Buck John and Robert Bulcock Mr. and Mrs. John Burl Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Burakowski Mrs. Lillian Burns David Burtis Mrs. William Burtis Ed Burtiss Herbert Bush Catherine Busto George Cadell '20 Gilbert Cadell '18 Mr. and Mrs. William T. Cadell Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cadle Eleanore Cadle '53 Edgar E. Caldwell Bobby Callie Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Caltrider, Jr. Charles Cammarata Mrs. Marie Cammarata Mr. and Mrs. Earl Campbell Robert H. Campbell Mary Lou Cantler Mrs, Henryetta W. Carpenter Ben Carr Mr. Samuel Carr Virgil Carr, Jr., '50 Mrs. H. Wayne Carrick Mrs. Charles Carroll Alma Casey Mr. Gordon Catterton Mr. and Mrs. William Cavey Miss Angela Challmes Dr. R. G. Chaney Charlie Milton Chep Mrs. Ruth Chiappone Chickie Mr. and Mrs. Albert Clark Mrs. Anna M. Clark '32 Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. James Clarke Maynard Clarke Claudia and Bill Miss Evelyn Clay Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Claypool Mr. and Mrs. Silvas M. Clayton H, S. Cleveland Anna Mae Clow Mrs. John J. Clow Mrs. Hugo Coelius Mr. John Cofiel Miss Lucille Coggiano Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Colburn Gregory M. Colburn, Jr. Louis Colburn Miss Peggy Cole Honorable W. Sterling Cole Mdsm. W. Sterling Cole, Jr., lfc Mr. and Mrs, Tom Cole Mr. Thomas E. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coleman C. Collison Mr. and Mrs. E. Aubrey Collison Mrs. Ernest Collison J. Collison Robert M. Collison Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Collison Barbara Connell Robert C. Cook '51 Willie Cook Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cooley Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Corkum "Corky" '53 Mr. and Mrs . Wilson Corwell Mr. and Mrs. Coach Cox Maxwell Covington Miss Katherine Cox Mrs. Marie Crest Mr. A. Byron Crisp Mr. Edward Crist Mr. and Mrs. Robert B, Cullen "Cullimore Gang" "Myrn" Cullimore T. J, Cullimore Mrs. Edward Cummings Miss Alta Cunningham Richard K. Cunningham John Cunzeman Mr. John L. Currier Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Curry Mrs. Donald J. Cyr Miss Peggie Cyr Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Damaron Mr Ral h L Damme er . P - Y Dorothea Daniels '52 Capt. and Mrs. J. F. Davidson Mrs. Betty Davis Bill Davis and Evelyn Stockett Connie Davis C. R. Davis Miss Elizabeth V, Davis James Davis Mrs. John Harwood Davis '40 Jennie Collison Davis '43 Mrs. Homer Dawson William R. Dawson Buddy Deale Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm DeConway Mrs. Fred S. Dennis Howard Dignen Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence F. Dobbs Mrs. Marie Dodson Don and Judy '52 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Donaldson, Sr. Helen I. Donaldson '53 Donken Miss Phyllis Ann Donnelly James W'. Dougherty Mrs. K. E. Dowe Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Drew Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Duckett Mrs, Russell Duckett Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Dunleavy Mrs. Russell Dunker Mrs. Dunn Marguerite Durm '48 Skippy Durm Dutch Katherine Duvall Mr. and Mrs. Sherod L. Earle R. M. Eggleston Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Eggleston Mr. Fred Erlich PATRONS Mrs. C. Eley John Ellinghaus Mr, and Mrs. Arthur G. Ellington Mrs. Edward Elliot Mrs. G. M. Elliot Frank Englehart Stanley Entwistle '53 Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Entwistle Mrs, E. D. Evans Frank Evans James Evans Buddy Erickson Ernie and Ethel C. J. Fahrner Mrs. Dorothy Farish "Duffy" Farish Mrs. Joseph H. Farrell Mrs. W. O. Faust Miss Nyce Feldmeyer Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ferguson Mrs. Clara Finkle Mrs. James Finkle Milton Finklestein Mr. H. Edmond Fleming Mr. and Mrs. William L. Fleming Miss Hazel Fogle Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Foster Susan L. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Foust Mr. and Mrs. Luther Foust Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Fowble Mrs. D. M. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Wiley L, Fowler "Chick" Fox Deborah Fox '54 Mr. Gene Fox Mr. and Mrs. George Fox Mr. C. M. Fraleigh, USN Mr. Franoc William Frankhouser Mr. H. E. Freed Mrs. Norman R. Freeman Fred Mr. Clifton R. French Mrs. Edith French Martha French Mr, and Mrs. Mumford W. A. French Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. French Bertha Freyman '56 A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Fuller Earl Fusco Joseph Fusco Mrs. Mary Fusco Mrs. Lyle Gaither Mrs. C. A. Gallop Edward Carl Gallop Kathryn W. Gannaway Florence Brooks Gardner '29 Albert Garret Miss Marion Garton Mrs. C. P. Gates Mr. Robert Gaug '53 Mr. Harold Gayhardt Mrs, Lawrence Gayhardt Mrs. Gayhardt Len Getterman Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gibson Mrs. Jack Gillespie Blanche Gilroy Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. O. Glanzcr Lt. Col. and Mrs. J. B. Glennon, Jr. Miss Jeanette Gloth Mr, and Mrs. Frederick L. Goddard Thomas Leroy Goldsmith Charles Michael Goldsmith James Gomaljak Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Goodman Carole Goodman '53 Sam Goodwich Norris Goss '53 Stefan F. Goss Mr. and Mrs. George Gould Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gould Peter Grace Miss Audine M. Graham Billy Gray Shirley Griffin Mr. Grover Grimes Miss Irene Grimm Miss Virginia Grimm Alice D. Groleau Mary Ann Groves Mr. Woodrow Grubbs A. Gertrude Guy James F. Guy Robert Guy '53 Mrs. Charles Haas Mr. and Mrs. John J. Haas, Sr. Mrs. Virginia Hahn Mr. and Mrs. William Haide Bonnie Haines Jackie Haines S. V. Hallock Mary Rita Hall Mrs. Howard E. Halsey Janet Halsted '52 Florence Hambruch '30 Miss Dorothy Hamilton Mr. Ralph Hammer Fred Hammerberg Betty Hardesty George T. Hardt Mrs. Blanche Hargest Miss Clara Harris Delores M. Harris Mr. Harvey Harris William Harrison Robert Hartge J. Hartlove Mrs. Claire Harves Mr. and Mrs. Evans Harwell Mrs. Worth Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Hawes Prof. and Mrs. Ernest Hawkins Mrs. J. L. Hayes Mrs. Jane Hays '44 Mrs. O. G. Hays Capt. and Mrs. T, Hazen Barbara Joyce Hazen '53 Mary Jo Hazen '51 Mrs. S. M. Hebbard Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hebden Mr. W. Hecker Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hedges, Sr. lO3 Mrs. Heinriek Heep Marlene Heisler '53 Walter L. Heisler Mr, Donald C. Helmer Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Henderson Hendler John Henkensiefken Robert George Henkleman "Henny" Fred Henretty Mr. E, Henry, USN Mrs. E. Henry Pamela Henry Patrick Henry, '53 Mr. E. H. Herklotz Mrs. Walter E. Herr, Jr. M. D. Hillman Mr. Richard Hinkc Mr. and Mrs. W. Hiltabidle Golda S. Himburg Mrs. V. Hodson Mrs. Lillian Hoffman Lynn Hoffman Sadie E. Holland Mrs. Selina Holland Joy Holmes '56 Mr. Walter Holowak Miss Elizabeth C. Honikel Ann Hood '55 Nancy Hood '52 Betty Ann Hopkins Mrs. C. W. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. John Hopins Mr. and Mrs. J. Lloyd Hopins Lois Hopins Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hopins ' Mr. T. F. Hopins Mr. W. L. Hopins Mrs, George Housley Fred Houstin Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. How Luther E. Howard Claudia Howes Mrs. Claire Howes Prof. and Mrs. John P. Hoyt Robert Atlee Huffer Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hughes Mr. John Humphery Mrs, Richard Humphreys Mr. Jacobs C. Jacobson Mrs. W. C. Jamar Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Jang Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Jarboe Mrs, Alexander Jarrell Capt. and Mrs. R. E. Jasperson Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jay J. D. S. Capt. and Mrs. Jenkins W. P. Jenkins Harriet E. Jewell Mrs. Emma Joaeluin Miss Theresa Joaeluin Eleanor and Joe Miss Lea Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E, Johnson Mrs. Thomas A. Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jones Emma Jeannette Jones '52 104 PATRONS Richard Jones Roger Jones Ruth Jones '52 Mrs, R. J. Jones Shirley Jones Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Jones Vickie Lea Jones Mr. Warren Jordan Mr. John Joy Bernard Joyce Mrs. F. W. Joyce Dr, and Mrs. John C. Joyce Dr. and Mrs. Osler C. Joyce Maj. and Mrs. W. Judy, USMC Jack Kahn Adie Katsef '52 Ben Katsef Miss Ruth Kaufholz Mr, F. W. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Kaufman Charles C. Keyes Mr. William Kearney Mrs. Fred Keeler Thomas L, Kelly '51 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kerr Mrs. Victoria D. Kilmer Mrs. H. A. Kimball David King '53 Mr, and Mrs. A. Pearce King Miss Lorraine King '52 Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Kirkley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klakring Mrs. Huberd Klein Frances Klimes '52 Cynthia Knight '52 Mr. Robert W. Knight Mrs. H. W. Knode Mrs. Karl Koch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B, Kolb Mrs. A. A. Konitzer Mrs. Mason Korman, Jr. Eileen Kotzin '54 Mrs. S. Krasnan Chang Slo Ku Mrs. C. Kutsch Mr, Robert F. Kunkle Hinda Sue Labovitz '54 Jene H. Labovitz '53 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Labovitz Mrs. Sidney Lacey Mrs, Eulalie F. L'Aigle Capt. Richard Lake Mrs. Virginia Lamb Mrs. Claude A. Langston Donna E. Lape '52 J, R. Larkin Mrs. Robert F. Latham Mr. S. Howard Lawson Pauline J. Leanos Mr. Leatherbury Mr. Leonard E. Leatherbury Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lee Regina Lee Mrs. E. Leipe Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Leitch Emilie A. Lengel Miss Katherine Leonas '52 James W. Levay '50 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Levin Mrs. R. Levy Mrs. Howard Lewis Mrs. John Lichtenberg Anna Dorsey Linder Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Linskey Joan Lipman '50 Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lipman Mr, Pete Lisko Albert L. Listman Mr. Francis T. Lochboeler Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lockett Francis Dolan Loftus '37 George Loftus '38 Mr. Ernest Long Mrs. George Long Roland Long Mr. P. J. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Lyttle Lt. J. MacDonald Betty Mace Lee M. Mace Mr. Earl Macey Miss Carolyn Mack Mr. and Mrs, Ralph MacMurray Mrs. C. E. Maloney Dr. Wilbert C. Manke Mrs. Margie Miss L. C. Marking Mike Marmille Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marshall Sylvia Marston Eugene Martin Mr. James Martin Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Martin Mr. Ray B. Martin Mr. W. J. Martin Mrs. Betty Martuszewiski Mary and Lois Mr. Edward F. Mason Sally Mason '53 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mason L. A. Matulewiski Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Max Mrs. Andrew F, May Clark B. May, Sr. John Edwin May Lillian McCrone Mr. and Mrs. R. B. McCrone S. T. McCubbin Mrs. G. T. McCutchan Rose McCutchan '53 Dr. George McDonald William John Ayers McKee Lloyd McKillips Charles McKnew '52 Cmdr. and Mrs. H. B. McLean Miss Mary Lou McMahon Mr, and Mrs. McNulty Mr. R. L. McPherson, Sr. Ed. Mech Mr. C. Meile Mrs. Margaret Meisel Mr. Harry Meiser Mrs. Arch Mellor Mrs. Leslie Merkle Robert Merrit Mary Jane Metcalf '54 Mr. and Mrs. A. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. S, Michealis Ben Michaelson '53 Judge and Mrs. Benjamin Michaelson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mileto Betty Lou Miller Bill Miller Col. and Mrs. DeWolfe Miller Donnie Miller Mrs. George R. Miller Kenneth Melvin Miller Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miller Jennie T. Milling Mr. Edward Mills "Knobby" Mills Capt. and Mrs. J. T. Miser Caroline E, Mitchell Mrs. Helen Mitchell Mrs. Katherine Mitchell J . A. Moon Ansel Moore '47 Capt. and Mrs. Ben Adams Moore. Jr., USMC Jinny Moore Mr. John Moran Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moreland Warfield Moreland Mrs. Roy Morgan K. F, Morris Mrs. Sinsel S. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Morrow Jackie Mullican '53 Pat Mullican '52 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R. Mumford Willard Mumford '51 Mrs. W. C. Munroe Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murchake Cmdr. and Mrs. John F. Murphy Louise Murphy '52 Mrs. Ruth E. Murray Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Musterman Powell J. Musterman '27 Mushy Joseph Muth William Hy Myerle B. T. Myers Mrs. Frank Nakamura Mrs. V. W. Nash Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Nemith Mrs, J. Newton Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Nimon Mrs. Sadie Nimon Miss D. L. Noble G. W. Norris Mrs. Jane Norris John L. S. Northrop Mrs. Irene Norton Louis "Peanut" Norwood '53 Mrs. B, E. Noyce Mrs. W, W. Nugent Cmdr. and Mrs. J. R. Nunn, USNR Miss Mary Nunn Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Nunn Judge and Mrs. W. H. Nunn Mr. and Mrs. George W, Nutwell Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Nyman Olga Nyman PATRONS Arthur Oakley Mrs. A. E. Oaksmith Mrs. E. Oaksmith Mr. Gibbs Oaksmith Hazel O'Cain Mr. and Mrs. E. A. O'Callaghan Robert W. Ogle Mr. and Mrs. Eskil M. Ohlson Mr, and Mrs. Willard A. Oldfield Mr. R. A. Olson Mr. and Mrs. H. L. O'Neale, Jr. William O'Neill Mrs. Marie E. Orme Bruce McCay Owens Lemon Owens, Jr., 52 Mr. Irving M. Page Mr. Danny Palmer Jo-Anne Palmer '55 F. Panetti '45 Mrs. Charlotte Pardoe Fred Parkin Miss Parks Mr. and Mrs, Stewart U. Patten Miss Hazel Pauson Mrs. Samuel Peacock Mr. and Mrs. T. Harry Penn Don Pennington '51 Maxine Pennington '55 Mr. and Mrs. Osma M. Pennington Mr. J. A. Peret John Owen Peret Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Peret A. L. Peterson Betty 'Footsie" Pfautz '52 Spencer W, Phelps Edna Phelps Bernie Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Vinton Phillips Thomas Phipps L. L. Pierpont Mr. Albert C. Platz Popham's Store Mrs. Hallie M. Popham Mrs. John S. Post Mrs. A. M. Poteet George Powers Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Pressler Mrs. Eva Proskey Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Purdy Joyce E. Purdy Mrs. Robert Purdy William B. Purdy Miss Alice Pyle Miss Dorothy Pyle Emigdis Quinones Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Radcliffe Mrs. Robert Rank J. Gilbert Rankin Thomas Ratlifi' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rawlings Pat Rawlings '53 Mr. and Mrs, Quenin T. Rayhart Mrs. C. T. Reade Diane L, Reed Jay Reed '52 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reed Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Reell Mrs. C. M. Reckner Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Reckner Miss Elizabeth Rector Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Reese Mr. Alan Reiter Dorothy Rembold Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rhodes Mr, and Mrs. Chester Rice Mrs. Morris Riddle Mr. and Mrs. Riddleberger Joan Riddleberger '53 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Riggins Mr. and Mrs. George Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Roberts Cmdr. and Mrs. William A. Robie KMCJ USN Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Robinson Mrs, John W. Rogers Ed Rodowski ROOM 211 Mr. J. A. Rosati Mrs. S. I. Rosenberg Mr. Donald Rosever Mrs. R. C. Rowe The Runt Carl Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Russell Miss Jean Russell Dr. and Mrs. Oneal F. Russell Pat Russell Miss Diane Rust Dr. and Mrs, H. H. Sadler Mrs. Gilbert Sakers Mr. Milton Salkin Mrs. Edith Sames Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sames Betty Jane Saunders '52 Miss Naomi Saunders Mrs. John Saxton Frances Scanlon Barbara Schaeffer '52 George Schaeffer Mrs. F. P. Schiaflino Mr, Frank Schiavello Mrs. Charles Schlegel, Sr. Jack Schley Mrs. Clifford Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Schnydman Jimmy Schoocraft '52 Mrs, J. W. Schley Mr. and Mrs. Gordan Schreitz Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Schultz Billy Schurr Mrs. Florence E. Schurr Mr. Walter M. Schurr Mr. William Schurr John Scible Dorothy Scott Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Sears Donald Sears '54 Ida Ann Sears '50 Jean Carolyn Sears '46 Leah May Sears '55 Af2c Roger W. Sears '50 E. R. Seeders IO5 Mrs. Louis Senesi Mr, C. R. Shank Mrs. Margaret Shank Joe Sharp '56 Alice Shaw Mrs. Roger Shaw Floyd W. Sheckells J. H. Scheckells Mrs. L. Sherbert Mr. Tom Shibley Helen C. Shores '27 Sidney T. Shores S. T. Shores, Jr., '53 Miss Lynn Shovestul Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Shovestul W. O. Siegert Mrs. L. W. Simpson Mrs. Lorraine Skoch Bill Small Neil Smellow Sigma Theta Phi Mrs. Audrey Smith J. Orville Smith Kathy Smith '52 Mrs. Robert A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Smokey U. M. Mrs. R, T. Somers Mrs. P. J, Soash Mrs. A. R. Sommers Mrs. J. G. Spangler Druscilla Spangler '53 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Speicher Mr. Bert Spriggs K. Spriggs Valerie J. Spriggs Mr. and Mrs. G. A, Springfield Mr. Charles Stahl Mrs. Elizabeth Stahl Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R. Stallin s r. s , J Mr. Allen T. Stallings Mr. and Mrs, Charles R. Stallings Mr. Guy Stallings Jeanette Stallings Margaret Anne Stallings Mary Ellen Stallings Mrs. Robert Stallings Mrs. Aaron Stambaugh George Starlings Mary Estelle Stehle Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Stein Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stephens Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Sterling Clayton H. Stevens Margaret Talbott Stevens Miss Sharon- Louise Stevens Beverly Collison Stewart '47 Mrs. Irvin Stinchcomb Mrs. Adele Stockett "Stonewall" Allen Storton Mrs. J, V. Stover Ann Strickland Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Strickland Mrs. H. Sturdevant Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sturgis Miss Elizabeth Suit '46 Jesse Suit '53 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Suit Robert Stockdale IO6 PATRONS Mrs. L. B. Suit Harry Sumner Miss Letha P. Sullivan Theodore H. Sutphin Mr. R. J. Swallow Mr. Thomas B. Sweeney Sylvia and Jack Harry Silbernagel Mdn. O. Charles Tack, Jr., '51 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Talley John J, Talman Af2c J, J. Talman Alvin Taylor A. Vernon Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Taylor E. C. Taylor Mrs. H. J. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. James Owen Taylor Douglas "Spider" Thomas '53 James Thomas, Jr., '54 Mr. and Mrs. John R, Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Thompson Donald Thompson Coach Earl J. Thompson Mrs. Lewis Thompson Mrs. Lottie Tice Mrs. Tirschman Beckey Tirchman '50 Mr, and Mrs. Freddie A. Tomanio Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Tongue Jack Trent Louis Trott Walter Trott Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Trueblood Bill Tuers Patsy Turner '52 Mr. and Mrs. Van Arsdall Aflc James C. Vanderburgh Mr. and Mrs. L. Vanderburgh Mary A. Vanderburgh Mrs. H. E. Van Hoy Mary Ann Vick '48 B. Vlna Carolyn Voigt '53 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Voigt Mr, and Mrs. Frank Voinche Neil Walderguntman Mrs, Evelyn Walking Ronald Walking '54 Mrs. L. Wallace Mrs. W. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Walsh Mrs. Cora Ward Mrs. M. N. Ward Blanche Warthen Mrs. Emily Warthen Lois Warthen Mrs. Ben Watkins Alice Wayson Clifton B. Wayson Grace Wayson Mr, Kenneth Wayson Lester Wayson Mr, Henry Weaver Carolyn Webb '54 Mrs. Velma Webb Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Weiss, Jr. Lt. and Mrs. R. S. Wentworth William Garner Werntz Beverly Wertz '52 Mr. Richard Westermeyer Mr. Kenneth Westervelt Marge Weston L. W. Whaley Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Wheeler Dave White Herbie White C. Ellsworth Whittington Francis Whittington Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Wickstrom Mrs. B. Wiegard Mrs. Margaret Wilde Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilford, Jr. Mrs. Andrew Williams Audrey Williams '53 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M, Williams David Williams '54 Miss Elizabeth Williams Jack Williams Mr. John Williams, Jr. June Williams '56 L, F. Williams Margie Williams '48 Mr. Russell Williams Mr. Wilmer's T, V. Gary Wilmer '55 Mr. Loring Wilson Mary Wilson June Windsor '53 Lena Windsor Huck Winegardner '51 Miss Charlotte Wirth Mae Witt '53 Mrs. R. W. Witt Dianne Wohstenholme '53 Irving I. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wolf Mrs. Catherine Woolford H. A. Woolford Harrison A. Woolford Mrs. Milbourne Woolford Robin Woolford '53 Mr. Tom Woolford Capt. and Mrs. L. O. Wood Paul J. Wood Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Wood '22 and S. F. Wood Catherine Woods Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wooters, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. V, J. Wormwood L. A. Wright Boyd H. Wylie Mr. Robert Witt Rita M. Young Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Zacharias Betty Ziegler '53 I ,. '21 A-x I " . mva-Mm-N ly 'if ' 1 ml K P P' Lil n X , f Q gf f x,.L,m X ' ' ' L ' 1 i 3 gy L' 1,4 , Y A I ' fc L AH' ' LQ! it -gi" 'H'-as- "" 'J . l':, w e 'VL 'Lf 21,9 fr r iw if' 'Y "JAHN S OLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN 8 GLLIER ENGRAVING CO sw W. wAsHiNeroN BLVD., CHICAGO 7. ILL. 6 gg:2:xx:zzzzxx:zzxx2:2:zxxx:xxxxx2:xx22:22:22:xxxzxzxzxzxzzxxzzzzz:texxzzxx:sate2:xxx2tz2x22xx2x2zx2xzzzzxxxx2xxxxzxxxzxxxzzxxxxzxzxxxztatxxtztxxxxit 32 STRANGE and WHITE, Inc. s fi 155-157 MAIN STREET E ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND z 2 Your Favorite Men's and Boys, Store is Now Showing the fi Finest Selection of Clothing and Shoes in Their History Arrow, Botany, Bostonian, Stetson I Palm Beach, Marlboro, Interwoven is Z if Compliments of fi MEREDITH - ROANE CUMPANY, Inc. 2 if P.o. Box 428 2 is ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND I gg Congratulations to the Class of 1953 if if gs 2 i 2 3 soUTHERN DAIRIE s, Inc. 5 i 120 West Street Phone 2688 to torso H 'W ni gt ii 2 2' Anthrafite and Bituminous Coal Esso Burners and Fuel Oil 2 22 ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, Inc. 3 gg Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances 3? x. 89 West Street Phone 9244 'z is22X2Z2222232323X!XXX!!!32322222Z322323333333333XXZ333Z3Z323333322223333323233!XX3!X3223!238333!!833X38X!2!233X333X333!33X3XX3!338233332!32!8 I O8 gt!222XSXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSXXXSXSXSXZXXXSXSZZXSXXZXXXXXX 2 8822 The J. F. Johnson Lumber Company Lumber - Millwork - Paint - Hardware Builders' Supplies - Appliances ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Telephone 2337 Telephone 100 'Richer Milk in Cream Top Bottlvsv The Annapolis Dairy Products Company Pasteurized Milk and Cream - Ice - 126 WEST STREET ANNAPOLIS 2345 Reach - Wilson - Spaulding - O'Shea ARUNDEL LAUNDRY ir When Thinking of Sports Goods . . . Lnnndnv - Dnv Clnnning the EDDIE LEONARD 5 Snnnngn SPORTING GOODS CO. SPA ROAD d WEST ST Outfitters to the Annapolis High School nn ' 169 Conduit sf. at Main DIAL 2343 Annapolis 6800 ' Congratulations to The Class of 1953 THE FARMERS Gate Restaurant NATIONAL BANK . and Hotel 2063 West Street Ext. Annapolis, Md. OF ANNAPOLIS Phone 7125 or 9798 3333233333333!3X2333333X332323333333323333333X33!23332333U!XUXXUQQUQUUUSSZXXUUXUUSXXXXSUuffaxfnfsfauaawaa IO9 2222223X22822222!22222f222222228282233X2X22S22X222X2X3X2X2X8222222222222323322X3222XXX222323222223232SSXSXSXSSSSXSX22S823222223323222!3222!223232!2 Compliments of the MaeMURRAY CONSTRUCTION CO. SEVERNA PARK Phone 382 Compliments of CAPITOL CITY FLORISTS CORSACES - CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS Funeral Designs Flowers of all Kinds for every occasion TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE Greenhouses: Tyler Avenue, Eastport Phone 5121 Compliments 01' J. R. MCCRONE, JR. Civil Engineer and Surveyor Shop at . . . MURPHY'S Leading Store of Annapolis 100-106 Main Street Best Wishes to the Graduates of I 953 Compliments of County Trust Company 3 of Maryland Annapolis, Maryland Compliments 5 Of French Oldsmobile, Inc. 2051-7 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 Compliments of The Annapolis Banking and Trust Company Annapolis, Maryland ROSS DUNAWAY Studio of Photography ' Weddings 0 Portraits ' Commercial Your Official '53 Wake Photographer 10 Platzer Lane Glen Burnie, Md. G. B. 1689 SSXSXSXSXSXSXXXZXXSXZS222222322Z22222XXX2X2X3!X2222X8X2323332222S323332X2X22SX32SX8232XSSSXSXXXSXSXXSXSXSXSXX3X2223223332232!3X2X2X222X2322322X2X22225 IIO 232 !223!!!32X!23!2!X2X2X22!XXXXXX!2!3X2233333!!32!3!22X!33!2X!2 83328238 THE PARSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE 220-222 Mein Street Phone 4566 ANNAPoL1s, MD. Watches and jewelry Repairing ANNAPOLIS HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS - 1953 Phone 2970 205 Main St. Annapolis CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Cars 6-8 --Imperial 8 Telephone 401 1 MARYLAND GARAGE, Inc. 170-172 Conduit Street Annapolis, Maryland Chuvk Greco G. C. Fitzgerald the Wagon Wheels Finest Steaks and Seafood JONES STATION, MD. Six Miles from Annapolis on Ritchie Highway Severna Park 482 Compliments of RHODES ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Annapolis, Maryland Buy Your Graduation Clifts Jenklns, Inc M THOMAS G. BASIL Real Estate - and - Insurance ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Good Luck Class of 1953 LABOVITZ SHOES 158 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland "Known for Nationally Known Shoes" and LABOVITZ CO. 122 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland "The Store for the Well-Dressed Woman" R. M. Eggleston Company Ill ooo ooo so o oo Q4 Q unooooooaouNooooooooooouooooooooeo sooo SXSXSXSXRXSSZXSSXSZSXSXSXSXSXSXZX232SX2232222322XS2233X2223822222323S!32822X22XX!!333!!X323XX333X3!2!232233!SX2X238222X3!23!222SXSXSUSXSSXSXZXXX Compliments A A A , 5 A W 9 of u L, H 6 N. Taylor Avenue Plumbing - Heatinv - Oil Burners Hot Water Heatlirs - Pumps Sales - STUDEBAKER - Service F ugl Oil 90 Compromise Street PROMPT, DEPENDABLE SERVICE Annapolis, Maryland Tel: 9231 Dial 6421 Best Wishes to xi The Graduates of 1953 Good Luck Class of 1953 gi THE FARMER'S SUPPLY LIPMAN'S and 5 72-174 ' S EQUIPMENT co. Inc. 1 Mm A'maP0'iS, Md- ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Phone 6624 or 2920 2024 West St. ROLLER INN Skating: 7:30 to 11:00 Every Night 2 Matinee: Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 BARBECUES - MILK SHAKES Telephone 9623 TELEVISION Q ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 3 Mile Oak E. CHURCHILL MURRAY Love and Kisses Insurance Class of J53 Exclusively THE IVY SHOP 161 Prince George Street Phone 2678 ANNAPOLIS, MD. 232823222S!33S!23338322!!S!!23!22!223!23!X!32!3!S!S!X32833332232333333X33333333382323338323XXXXZXZXSXSSSZSSSSSSSSZXSXSSXSXSSXSXSXZSXXXSXXXZSXSSS I I 2 3?33328332223SXZXXXZXZZZZSSSXSXZXXSZZ2323I3X3XZXX3323332X3X332X33323X32233323332X33333333ZX33333XSXSXSSSXSSZXSSSZSSSXSXS22 8 2 Your Favorite Silver Patterns by C0f1gff1fu1f1ti0'1-Y to Stieff - Cnrhaln - Wallace The Class of 1953 Towle - International- Lunt i and others are at PALMEIFS TILGHMAN COMPANY E G Registered Jewelers - American Gem Society 5 44 State Circle i Best Wishes, Graduates, and always remember Compliments of 2 "People have within their own hands AZAR 2 the tools to fashion their own destiny." Phone: 81462 a E M. D. LINCOLN, President --- - 2 1 3 F RICCIN S AUTO SERVICE INSURANCE COMPANY Body and Fender Work 2 Annapolis M d 2026 West St. Parole 3 L ' QL LLL- LLL.- me--L J. F. COMOLJAK KRAUSE FURNITURE COMPANY 3 Concrete Products Co" Inc' "The House of Select Furniture" ' Concrete and Cinder Blockx - Wall Ringx 5 g 1841 MCGuCkian St- 1800 Blork West Street 3 2 Phone: 6744 Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis, Maryland . L L L at .LLM ,,.. LLL, 1, L... L .AML LL L. 5, 5 Phone: 7530 Compliments of . THE WILLIS FURNITURE STORE WF Bu, and M DINNER BELL RESTAURANT 5 Nezc' and Used Furniture - Antiques 2029 West St. Extended 2 2010 wad St. Extended Annapolis, Md. , , , , 'E THE HECHT COMPANY Comffffmmff Of 2 West Street at Russell ZANG AND SONS E Annapnlia, Md. BUILDERS, Inc. 2 O Compliments of K I Esso Service Station RUTH SPECIALTY SHOP Lafayette Avenue and West Street Ruth K. Rosenbloom Annapolis, Maryland 161 Main Street Annapolis, Md. 23232233222232222323322333332232322232322232322X322222223S!2222S3X33222322X32223S!323232ZSSXXSSSSXSSSSSZZSSSSXSZSSSSSXXS223223232323322322322S232332.5 H3 22233323282222323233322332823333322333323232323323223322S233222223233232323232X222332333823323823222322322232233232332232XSXSZXXXXXSXSXSSXSXSXSX . . RUN RI T 0 A Compliments H 43,-.Zu231-.gE:3':,,'.v,3:V, .ty-1'.. , CAPITAL RESTAURANT A T"' 175 Main Street Annapolis, Md. JOSEPH D. LAZENBY You Will Enivw Shvilfiflg at Insurance and Real Estate BERMAN,S ' s . - T 1. 684 M A 1' Md. "SMP Of Qualiff 214 Main t e 2 nnapo is, 168 Main Street X. "In Annapolis Since I880,, "Always Something News' 3 . ,,...,,.,. ,Y ,,,.. ,YWLYL ,K WY .MW - - , -. .VLMYW ,W W7 g 5 L. P. MUSTERMAN ANCHOR FLOOR COVERINCS 3 ffl-lat Shgpv Max Ambaeh I 197 Main Street Annapolis, Md. 180 Main Street Y Annapolis, Md. li Compliments of Compliments of 5 G. T. SHERWOOD si co. THE ANITA SHOPPE Wholesale Confectioner.: 181 Main Street ' 23 257-9-11 Evergreen Ave. Phone 2402 2 Baltimore 14, Maryland Yarns Blouses Millinery Z 'f M, me so e'W.Q'ay11.g114.1. jgg15REWeoKRAl355 is if i ANNAPOLIS JUNK at Q 2 Sales - CHEVROLET - Service 2 We Buy All Kinds of junk , . .i 3 5 Charles Srhwartzsberg 24 Hour I-I owmg Serine C 929 west street Annapolis, Md. Day 2650 - Phones F N1ght 7144 -,.. ,,.,, . .. . ,.,,., .aw . .WYE ,WH W, , , E 5 , CHRIS' BILLARDS ii Compliments of 1 Annapolis, MaI,y1and it JIM'S CORNER RESAURANT 4 Annapolis High's Own -1- 35 E For Good Food and Drink 2 294 West Street Annapolis, Md. 275 West Street gs Chris S. Psamadakis Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of 1953 LINCOLN f MERCURY 3 CLIFF DAWSON STORE BERT SPRIGGS MQTOR , Severna Park, Maryland , SALES, Inc' 2 1013 West Street Phone 9234 E Congratulations! Complimmm of 2' , GIRLS OF FARM BUREAU CLASS OF '52 Shirley Meade Barbara. Johnson Ruth Jones M' 81' Frances Klimes Patsy Turner R. Montalbano Diane Gillgm Adie Katsefd ganette Joines Phone 2244 A, H f E1 F 1 G , - . , N223 Hiiiocls Y Mliloiviifln 'Z en ar my Anndpohsj Mmyland 2: 32223323223ZZZSSUZSZZSZZQZXZXZZZZZ3223323333 332232 3X33333332233232Z3222Z3 33332333333223333323333333333332233333333233233333333f II4 XSXXXSZSXSXSSSSZXSZXXSZSXR222222232323332222SSZZZSZSSXSSXSSZXXXSSXXXXZSXZXZXSZS2232322322222!322823222X2223222222!22 SZSZSXSZSXSXSSSXZXXXXQSS Best Wishes to the Shop at-THE FASHION-and Save Clan of 1953 53 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Maryland Congratulations and Best Wishes THE FLOWER MART 90 Maryland Avenue fCorner State Circle and Maryland Ave.j Your Leading Florist Oflieial A.H.S. Jewelry STEARNS COLONIAL JEWELERS 47 Maryland Avenue Phone: 6933 Slip Covers Reasonable Prices Draperies Prompt Delivery THELMA H. TONGUE Dial Annapolis 4128 Phone 7510 21 Glen Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of I I KING'S BAKERY 5 " 1 -. . 'rf "Baked Goods of the Better Kind" 1 :Sf ia 1 56 West Street is S 'I ut 'M' 1 ' "'i " A'M' A' STATIONERY' Compliments of EAGLE NEST FARM DAIRY 9 Pasteurized Milk and Cream S Dari-Rich Chocolate Milk Dial Annapolis 2100 OSCAR SHACKS CO. Phone 2555 M 91882 D p K K F MU' A 45-49 West Street- 1714 West Street so rm- I 1 , THE HENRY B. MYERS co. 37 West St"Cf't- Am1aP0l15s Mawland Farm and Home Supplies Since 1880 Sole Agent for Mojud Hosiery and Lingerie Annapolis, Maryland ROYAL RESTAURANT I EVA GUDE BRANDT - Realtor -M 25 West Street Real Estate Sales and Rentals Annapolls' Maryland 20 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Dial 9792 phone 4512 HOPKINS FURNITURE CO. C, ll. t f ,om 11711071 s o Home of Better Furniture 123-127 Main Street Annapolis, Md. A FRIEND Phone: 4551 Compliments of SANITARY LUNCH BETHOLINE - SINCLAIR SERVICE Q 927 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland 111 Mum St. Phone 9615 Phone: 3871 223ZZZSRZSSSSSZSSXZZSSZZSZ 2333233233233232222S2332X2322333323XX32323323X232833233233233333333323 333SSSSSXSZXSSSSZZSZZZSSZXS SSXZXSZSXSSXSXSXSXXSXSS33223333222333222222223322!33222223X2X3223S3333Z222332322ZSXSSSZSZSSXZXSZSXZZZSZSXZXXSXZZSSZ 222222UZZXSZXZXSXZXZXSSXXXSXZ 2 Compliments of Eyes Examined D322 33519 A.M. to 5 P.M. , ne CULLIMORE S THE COLUMBIA JEWELRY Co. Where Bay Ridge Meets Chesapeake Avenue . . . East Ort jewelers - Watches E Diamonds - Opticians P 138 Main street Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a Tam Joines, Prop. Annapolis 6124 PONTIAC RELIABLE RECAPPING CO. Inc 439 F0uI'tl1 StI'C6t, Eastport 5 ' Annapolis, Maryland if 261 West Street Phone 2335 Distributor of U. S. Royal Tires gg Compliments of Complimemj of Q' COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ARUNDEL RUG CLEANERS X 3 Annapolis, Maryland Spa Road f West Street 3 22..- , --.W I--. L ....,-.LI.L-.- - I - - L . , -I 5 ANNAPOLIS BUICK COMPANY 240 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Phone 2341 Housewares - Gifts -4 Appliances THE HOME APPLIANCE CO. Makers of Happy Homes 51 West Street Telephone 6488 2 Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK 8L CO. 8 WVest Street, Annapolis, Maryland 9 z Paints - Television -- Hardware -- Hot Point Appliances - Plumbing Supplies W B. F. Goodrich Tires - Batteries 1 Tubes ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY CO., Inc. Phone 9222 . .ZQQZEYSSFEPI AQIIQPLYESI' . ,L MILLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 44 west street, Annapolis, Md. 5 if Phono 5112 OO E OO O , .. 232223222283323223222333282832322232232322232332223222222232323233X22232222222222Z22323223222222ZSXZZZZZZSZZZXSX 2222222ZZZZXSZZZZZZSZSXZZSXZSS II6 FIRESTONE HOME 8a AUTO 2 SUPPLIES Tires and Batteries 272-274 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland Phone : 4743 GORDONS The Store for Children Chureh Circle Dial 6382 Annapolis, Md. ,,,,,,,,,,A .. ,Y . H . . , . ,. X ANNAPOLIS FURNITURE oo. 112 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone 2140 if 2 Telvision - Appliances . W W" T' 'W 'W' "TWT" ' 2 A. GREENGOLD Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings 'The Store for the Lad and his Dad since 1908" 2 fi 46-48-50 West Street., Annapolis, Md. SADLER'S CRAB HOUSE We Specialize in Steamed Crabs 310 Third Street Eastport, Maryland Phone: 4087 gi S ,ve . 3 Sf222388822232X3XZRXZXSXXSZSXSXSZSXSSXZXXSXXXZXXXZXSZZSXXXSZXXZXSXXXSXSZSZS2223223Z3223Z32223222!2X222X3X2X23!2!!3XSXSXSGXZXSXSZSSXXXXSXXXXXS 2 Complimemr' Congratulations to the Graduating Class o HACK'S GLADDINC CROWN SERVICE I 134 Main Street 3 Eastport 3 Compliments of Congratulations to ' W. R. CHANCE at soN The Class of 1953 Certified Watehmakers and jewelers 2 110 Main Street ' Phone: 2404 Annapolis, Md. Eastport, Md. 2 2 , s s, gwndwmw JESS RADIO at ELECTRIC, Apparel Francis Street at Main ' 164-166 Main Street - g 2 Good Luck to the Class of 1953 Annapolis' Maryland 2 E Annapolis 81477 "Good Luck Class of 1953 S 3 THE BOOTERY fiom, 3 5 Of Annapolis, Inc. ZIFF S 5 Womenfs - Children's Shoes fumor and Womenlf Apparel 5 136 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Where Frances St. Meets Main 2 Compliments of Good Luck '53.' from DICK TUCKEKS FAMILY SHOE STORE 2 AMOCO SERVICE STATION E "Gay and Qilff T. Schenker, '30j 2 Parole, Maryland 118 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. 2 SEVERNA DELICATESSEN THE LEADER Telephone: Severna Park 42 Old Annapolis Boulevard 162 Main Street Severna Park, Maryland Hours, 8 A.M. to 10 P-M. W, 7 Days a Week Ladies' and Aflisses' Specialty Shop 3 . C so Us C .-.mEo. E.R.,. ,,,,A ,, + ,W ,,,Y,,, ,p 5 5 SCIBLEIS Esso SERVICENTER DEFENSE HIGHWAY CERAMIC .2 STUDIO ig on the Defense Highway . , I .tr t' 1 dS l'cs 3 5 'lf u5.13iEifSm.:fP' ig , ,,,,, ,W , , ,, ,W , , , , ,M W Y, WW--, 3 E Best Wishes to the Class of '53 THE R' R' SMITH E Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles J. R. T. PLASTERING CO. 108 Main Street Al ' . . vin .I Trott and Sons Annapolis, Maryland E 32 32Z3332233823233222233222322332332S!!!2233233322232X222222323ZS322233222222XZ!!X2X333X2Z!!232SXSSXZZZZZZSSXSXZZXZXUZS 22328ZSSSZZZXXXZSZZZXZXZZSZSX Ill S33SSZSXSSSZSXZXXSSZSZSZSXSZZSSSZSUXSX2XZZXZXSZZSZSZSXSSXSXRXXXSXZX Compliments of 2 ANNAPOLIS,MARYLAND M . T I T. CARROLL WORTHINGTON , Real Estate 3 Towns - Worth Bldg. Annapolis, Md. 1 Vrrf A Aff if if A 3 "Flower.v for all Occa.fion.v', 2 2 THE ACADEMY FLOWER sHoP if 2 Lester B. Wayson, Prop 139 Prince George St., Annapolis, Maryland Res. Phone: 4409 M Bus. Phone: 3200 ii 3 PTWEEMS SYSTIQOFT T 3 Q no Rui? 3.55 Z 3 is Q gs 5550 Q s.g-P-1 BQUQ '11 Q10 CD SQ? D+ 9-3' iq 521.5 1-1 23-S O 52-S 2 Q-tg 7?Sy1 533 'vu SML OO90000O6000Ox...... C3 Q 'Q- 3 U :H N. '21 3 r- Q X1 1 00090 3 CHARLES F. LEE COMPANY, Inc. ig Lee Building 5 Annapolis, Maryland MoL'ing f- Hauling -f Storage' PERSONAL SERVICE Annapolis 2781 X 5? Complinwnts RADIO STATION WANN ilIaryland'.v Capital Station 1190 on Your Dial A AA A ss Compliments of as 2 SPOTLIGHT CLEANERS Colonial Ave. at West St. 32 Phone 5801 'S X X2 Z X 22 X 22 Z 'NZZIZZZZZSSZSXZZS "'2232223222222222222332823 XZSXSXXXSXXXUSXSXSXXXZ2223323232232232X2223223332233222223323832338332233SXSXSZSXSXSXSXXXSSSXSSSXSSSSXXZXZ32283332833RZXSZXSSZSSSZXSSXXSZXXXSSSSSSI 3 2 SEVERNA SERVICE STATION FRED E. VOGES 2 at Real Estate and Insurance 2 Macey's Corner , 5 S- Macey and D. H. Macey 221 Maln Street Hotel Maryland Bldg. E - ESSO - Phone: Annapolis 4477 Annapolis, Md. E Compliments of Annapolis Theatres BROOKS MELLOR CIRCLE - CAPITOL - REPUBLIC E Henry M. Bavhman ' 2 Home Imwance Company F. H. Durkee Enterprises ' Severna Park, Mar land Presenting the BEST in Motion Pictures 5 Y 6 ,,---L,.eLL, L, -- W.. -L ,, , ,- L, I 2 B. L. HOPPING si SON Tel- 2492 . 2 S F ZH 7 Compliments of 2 f 170 uggra Og" NAT GATES, SR., 8: SON Q A '1 l,WiZt Smeg Marine Engines - Inboard - Outboard 2 nflapo ls' ary an Sales and Service 5 rl 919131101191 3827 Columbian Propeller and Bronze Distributors JOHN M. DAWES st SONS BRIDGEWAY PHARMACY 3 Hardware - Paints - Oils - Varnishes Congratulations and Best Wishes 2 Plumbing - Electrical and Boat Supplies fe the Clase' of 1953 E Corner Randall St. and Market Space Ea5tP0ft, MafY1-and E Compliments of 3 SAMUEL S, STOKES 2 and 4 Market spar-C 2 E Fancy Groceries Annapolis, Maryland - ee,i L L Labtec L it LLL.. LL L. L We LL A 5 i DILL Annapolis 4640 3 Plumbing - Heating - Oil Burners F 100 Compromise Stl 5 2 Severna Park, Maryland iotf sifrr,,i,,, we Annapolis, Md. 5 Q Phone: S.P. 32 " . g A a....f.-t-a2a 92--,-t La- 99.aa9 .YA 292. A A .5 K, Z. N Home Cooked Mz:al.s cami' lmmll-' of From 6 AM -A 12 Midnight ig CAPITOL SHOE STORE Qulcli Service --- Reasonable Prices . 5 '55 N S 1, I NEW GRILL RESTAURANT K Vest trcct' Annapo ls, Mary and 105 Main Street Annapolis 9642 .V Y .W WL. -L,,,Y,,. . n,,-,,M...,.L --.4.M..M,,,,7Y,, J 5: Compliments to Telephone 9858 32 The Cm of ,953 s. si s. RESTAURANT . 1803 West Street, Anna olis, Md. 3 P 2 H. Serving Complete Dinners f Tom Siomporas Nick Samaras E 3223223333X3223SXSZZSSSZSXSZSIZSXSXKXZS33232XXXSXSZZSXKSXZXXZXZXXX2222232333338333333832333232332323323233332333282323222SZZSSXXZXSXSXSSSSSSS23223323 IW 52232232238222223!32222322223!2232222222322ZSXZXSXZXSZZXZZSZSSXSSSZXSS22 J. IRVIN G BIRD SHELL STATION Lubrication - Washing and Polishing Tires - Tubes 4 Batteries - Accessories Service Calls Tel: Annapolis 9621 Sixth Street 22233X232332233333322333ZZXXSZZZZXSSSZSXZXSZSSSZXUSS22322X3Z3!3X2323!3!3X3!2 Venetian Blinds - Window Shades Upholstering CITY AWNING COMPANY 1311 West Street VEGETABLES --- FRUITS 'The Best Growni' Farm Produce Fresh Daily Eggs -- Fresh Frozen Foods ROLAND A. BROWN A 2 to 2. , 2 2 Compliments of SADLER'S HARDWARE STORE 122-128 Dork Street, Annapolis, Md. At the City Market Annapolis, Md. 2 Compliments of TUBBY'S DRIVE IN HARE BROS. AUTO PARTS, Inc. 2 Foot of Main St. 2 Thick Shakes Phone: 9217 S- Annapolis, Md. g Branches 3 Hamburgers QKosher Stylej Hot Dogs Mt. Ramen Md. M Bethesda, Md' 2 Good Luck! SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Alexandria, Va. 2 Compliments of Q2 WILKENS, Inc. 0 ' Men's - Ladies, - Childrenfv 139 Main Street Ready-to-Wear Apparel 2 Phone 3181 A. W. Meleski, Mgr. 34 Market Space, Annapolis, Md. is I9 lc 35 5 Year oo 5 gi 2 E 2' O 5 is 2 D o o o 3 zstmctlon ig 3 E 5 SINCE 1824 fi 2 if ' 2 fi r C 51 SE pug whiny omloany Centreville, Maryland it as si as 32233223SXXXXZSZSXSSZXSSS333233232232232233233333333333 33233333323323333 33323 !2O X 0 0 ,Q . QQ.. x, .X fa," ' sw 4 'L 'M 5. 4,-., 4 . 5. :F WT' ,.ff3.1f,,+-Q.. -1 , R 'Q-.fji ,z'-A 1: fffggg . ,. v " .. 4 gif gf? I ' 'G' ' ' 'i' r ,Q 55.1 . I - ' 15415 ' S.. f X -ff: -,- 'f' ff, f . u 4.5 , ., W3 ,f XA, .V 1 h K 1 . S1 ,V iff .W '- A. Mn ,. ' iii, k , +1 . i 'im' , Q" 't if . J: H: K , I Yr" ' , ,7-,. . N 52 N. Yi 4? ,x G1 'V' A I . fl I ri 7,497 .Tf-Q' - ' w'1:Q4.'2j':4.L1fi 'I Hs: V:-e Q' 15 h I bf' ' Aw v 11 Q F., -5 fm, . Q.. if v -' A V-5 Q 5 1 1- f f , I . Vi-I ' ' 'W " si was 'Q f, wwe, ., .w.., Q 1 'U W ,.,,A: v qt. PERET R635 X X XX . was , 2 Q3 1 Saw'-LL Q JACK TURK I f. , 'ix 1 f A ' Q L h ' ar'5"r'11,, 'AWK 75 ri s--w X Q' -3 I. NU' 5 'r Mlfglfffulwsll WVlIullIl1q,,Uuu Q 1, gee. 0 I, xwjmxkullllllllufffmk . , 423 'sf' 275 f P 'U ,J A ' 6541 -xx' 7 I-WNW' if A' SH me 6 ' 59049 2 BEN f 3'J.....- Q? Bm' Mew, ' 1 Rl xg- E4 If mf? f 1' f FJ 45 5 O X Q' S A Bl-IN! A , ROAoouS 'S A get-VERS was W ,. ,qu-mu 5 MX ff 1 A Qlfiigvi an 5 .. xii ff 7 -1 Q A . .L it I Eg Wig V Qff X f o" - I ' V c sv. , ' W , xg? 'X 4" .!QZL -z. X ' ff -74'-VP -. . Moenmq 59-f, if ' s N +f Q ff? 28' sais., " V Lcovm J x Rona S NE' U L Z4 - . 'S"N'SP'x. . A I ' eivtgxtftf ' ' - 4 REE Q7 JM: une .- A muon vlan A f we My 4' Hauer: ' ' FMP! DAMSEL 'ily Qi, , ew You A457 W? , 5 - .af 'FURTUMATFJ f ,U ' V "x, a R S. Q Q A Ls, Q- . v' . t 4 00 I Mnnwgou '5""'9x 1 A 1 I 'H' ,Klfff , ' X!! ,QI A Bowan X I if -A4 Q-N 'Q 9 D 0 ffv, ' ' 4 ' ' ' -. f-T N' 9 7 Ib ml o I,-ff: Q f . 3 . G - agua, Q-44, A , Y gi' .. A. Z qcNPNDAC0L!Ni .1pg,?' Q x X,, - -H ' O. '-"" . - 'go W...-,Y Q eng,,e,fbf - ,,T AWM,l .fm--Elko WMI, S AR Bam! . -'C 0. EASYKOITC Lain f Ee 8 , fr, -719. Q 'af 'Q A ',71A""' Q 5 'Q4'f'y 07 J H E Q s ' ffl-I 7 ,4 . I . 5 Rowa i x""'g1,,,,, 'wil "" G co 'f ..4'i'N MISER V 1 K E gym: ANN K f ,Q L 4 6. 5 Qsmonn mm af Was. S OLSON EEKQUSON E' 'QW' ff ffE'2'4

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