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 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 126 of the 1951 volume:

1211 . ' ' .-A " vi Wlaaap ' '- ' , - j P, I -'Fw' HMM HIE W I9 5I W A K E lgugggihecl Lg file 66155 of 1951 o .fdnnaioogfi 564005 .xdnnapogg Qfnargfancl reigns Que Carr, alolifor-in-Clue -, dw? ,gpygw gg, All 1 f ,Q Q- i 19? in 3 K V. M, M , ,,, K Q-,.ma.-fxffgfv , 1 FK . . vlw- .if Y , 'L :ff-I mm: ' .. f K K t 'V ggi-, A Y --'- ,. 3,7 'K 7 -- A , 1 u v , f me If -, . .- -1 ,35 Z ., ...., .. " iff' f' - ,N 'B' X 'I " J -' " ,. 2" ' ' ,.'-n1":.,aM'5??:.'ar.5:-W- ---f '- X., egrmff- fl-w ' 0' ,NW . ,Ulf -2- ' . :L " F :riff k , A W .W K '14 ' 1: W, , f mv- Y M WE 5 iv. 5 FL 5 Jw af ,WWW 1' was -ff' e""'f'4 11,3 mm -FW 1 N if as School Was To Us... o,oirztoolf9ootloofo in mooooo ooo! Line. .. oofoooiol loomoooo,-L, looofifo Jane. . . fafe Moo om! fopoft canals. . . LooL-foofoo Zoom . . . feaclzera oool,oo6. . . . Our 0wn Minature City ,do cifizeno, ,oo oloooo Lgiafaford ofour Lootfoo municipagfy in Wouemger edcfiona. fjlw f1oMo .goood mainfainecl oroler, ookfozog tllo fawd moolo L, ooo gudenf Q ouef oo oof. jo foooll ooo! oolooo oo Mlefe o mayor ana! o oooo i fmen, ooo pozooipofoodfoooffy. gheafre fime woo oooomlfo timo, our footoofoot, o munic ' WL! ookfoozo. .Sfooofo enfhuoiaab fbzfiol fo floo uicforiea oflio Aague poofhooo. Our oowopopor .ooo f7Lo joff, JJo, o ,arinfeol ,ozofooo ofoohooffk. Gt, f ooor ol. .oooo Loof in Mo ,oofLooL fo Looo o 'Ifll.Lo of memoriea ... ,oolooo fo 30 ofoilzzooo, ofoloztooto ofohooootof memorieo of yedenlay . . . CITIZENS... 6 CITY LEAGLIES... 72 BIG BUSINESS... 38 NITE LIFE... 90 ELEANOR KEPHART A warm handclasp for the gladsome, an en- couraging word for the weary, and a smile for everyone! That was Miss Eleanor Kephart as students and teachers of Annapolis High School knew her. Service was for her a thing of joyg teaching, a sacred mission. Giving unstintingly as she did of her time and energy, she found life richly en- dowed with good. A trip to Europe or the fall elections were to her exciting experiences to be realized completely. Her exuberance overflowed to those about her. To the 'last moment her gallant spirit was winged in flight. In niidcourse it Huttered mo- mentarily, then came to untimely rest. A blue Octobersky tinged with the golden glow of sun- set, such as sheloved, spread its bene-diction over the green hills -"Qfwlf A ww. L ! Q 1 V The beg1 walkin together ' I ' R. I esponsibi ogeth Q in pursu mon g il as Q m class es, and ce of ag x M if 4 i , if - 1 ,N . N, 1 i 3 e 'G K , 5, v 5 M it Q I 5 " 15 L Q, fx gg if ' i .- .M 'M . n M.-ww pf , . X . Q A .N an Sf Q 'if T255 W8 -ww U , 1 ' a z 5 f 41955 . 9 gg "lW"R, ' Wm ...CITIZHENS WILLARD ROYAL MUMFORD . . . President. Hail-fellow-well-met, AHS assetg USNA foremost in future, hard person to forget . . . H.R. Rep 1,2,3,4, Class President 4, WAKE Literary 4, Business 4, Tally-Ho Business 3, Manager 4, Stunt Nite 3,4, Traffic Squad Lieutenant 4, Social Comm. l,2,3,4, Oflicer 2, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 4, Assemblies 2, Backstage Senior Play 3,4, Varsity Soccer 1, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2,3. BETTY MARLENE STULLER . . . Secretary- Treasurer. Proof that athletics and femininity can be com- bined, you name it, Stuller stars in it . . . H.R. Rep 2,3, Class Secretary-Treasurer 3,4, Athletic Rep. 4, WAKE Circulation 4, Typing 4, Traffic Squad 4, Oilice Helper 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Basketball l,2,3,4, Hockey l,2,3,4, Volley- ball l,2,3,4, Intra. Speedball 1, Intra. Manager 4, Intra. Ref. 3. BETTY LOUISE PFAUTZ . . . Vice-President. Meets life grinning, South Atlantic Breaststroke Championg natural warmth and charm . . . H.R. Rep 4, Alternate 2, Class Vice-President 4, WAKE Make-up 4, Business 4, Stunt Nite 4, Traffic Squad 4, Office Helper 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Hockey 2,3,4, Volleyball 3, Intra. Manager 4, Intra. Ref. 3. Edwin Adams Samuel Anderson I 6 ' Anthony Abato ' an . Gif ga. 1- Mfr -ff' F' june Arison ANTHONY ALBERT ABATO . . . Up-and-coming oratorg handsome Tony, headed for the bar-law, of'course! . . . President Student Council 4, H.R. Rep. l,2,3, Assembly Comm. l,2, Orchestra I, -Ir. Prom Comm. Hi-Y 2,3,4, Intra. Basketball 2. EDWIN L. ADAMS . . . Hammer happy Eddie, aims to be a carpenter . . . Baseball 4. SAMUEL XVINFRED ANDERSON . . . Laughing Sam, the ladies' man, wants to see the world . . . H.R. Rep. 4, P.-T.A. Rep. I, Assembly Comm. l,2,3, Traffic Squad 4, Lacrosse 4, QI. V. Football 3, Varsity Lacrosse Manager l,2, Intra. Basketball I,2, Sr. Play Selection Comm. 4. JUNE ANN ARISON . . . lVhat! A lady engineer? plus being a blue-ribbon horsewoman. . . . Varsity Volley- ball 2,4. JOYCE E. ASHER . . . Joys, a purdy gal! off to stenography . . . Sec. Student Council 4, WAKE. 'Typing Editor 4, Patrons 4, Circulation 4, Literary 4, Assembly Comm. 2, Stunt Nite 4, Costume Comm. 3, Trailic Squad 4, Social Comm. 2,3,4, jr. Prom Connn. Varsity Hockey l,2,3,4, Basketball l, Volleyball 4. CHARLES C. BALL . . . Clever Charles and his clarinet: Iuture marine recruit . . . Band 3,4. XVILLIAM E. BARTELEMES . . . Early retirement for easy-going Bill, bitten by Wanderlust bug. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH BASII .... Nimble-fingered artistry-her ticket to Carnegie Tech . . . Honor Society Vice-President 4, XVAKE Make-up Editor -I, Tally-Ho Business 3, Assembly Comm. 2, Social Comm. 2,3,4, Assistant Librarian 5, Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Volleyball 3, Art Service I,2, President 2. ELIZABETH FRANCES BASIL . . . Cake-baker Betty, anticipates local money making . . ..Ir. Prom Comm. Tri-I-Ii-Y 2,3,4, Assistant Secretary 4. ROBERT BASIL, KIR .... Bob-proof that chivalry is not dead: artistically inclined . . . P.-T.A. Rep. 1, Intra. Basketball l, Varsity Baseball 3,4. ,xlxxsl ff., V V' . f l. M, wiv N rw I I ,Ni i if 1 .:r,f.a'.:l'5'f'TQff5"' I' Li fIfi1,.'F'c'i5zw,3:' 5 . r, 'Q .W 2:11.-qua. , .,: :iw we - ' 4, joyce Asher H' L Charles Ball ' Q Nfl William Bartelemes Cynthia Basil Elizabeth Basil Robert Basil I Iii.. . . . .ff N. ,z,f,,, Ida Bausum Will-iam Beall Charles Bellam Lola Blades IDA A. BAUSUM . . . Flicker fiend, will expend her boundless energy in a nursing career . . . H.R. Alternate 4, P.-T.A. Rep. l, WAKE Photography Editor 4, Traffic Squad 4, V. Basketball 1, Varsity .Basketball 3,4, Hockey 2,3,4, Intra. Hockey l. XVILLIAM HOVVARD BEALL . . . Catchy smile, capti- vating eyesg Billy's a top-notch mechanic . . . Varsity Soccer 4, Intra. Softball 2. CHARLES A. BEL- LAM . . . Tall, dark, handsome, come .june it's "off into the wild blue yonder" . . . Glee Club 3,4, Operetta 3,4, Varsity Football 2, Basketball 4, Track 4. LOLA ELLEN BLADES . . . Wedding bells will ring for "Babydoll" and Duke after graduation. SAMUEL HADDAXVAY BLADES . . . "Saxy" Sam, indispensable to our merry music makers . . . Orchestra l,2,3,4. GERALD EDWARD BLOOM . . . Chemistry whiz, found a formula for straight A's . . . Assembly Comm. 2, Honor Society 3,4, Varsity Basketball 4, Basketball 3, Football 3, Int a. Basketball l, 2, Softball 2. XVILLIAM E. BOU- CHAL . . . Mischievous sparkle in his eye, capacity fer best soda jerking in Md .... Varsity Football 3, Baseball 4, Intra. Softball 3, Basketball I, 3. M XRIA N. BOUNELIS . . . Poetic Mary, wants to sail the seven seas in her own yacht ..., A ssembly Comm. 2, 3, Social Comm. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Hockey 1, Basketball 2, Intra. Softball 2, Basketball l, Hockey l. MILFORD DUANE BRASHEARS . . . A smiling redhead, aimin' to raise the best Md. wheat and tobaccy. ANN MCCUBBIN BRICE . . . Attractive Anita, 51's claim to fame in the literary world . . . H.R. Rep. l, WAKE Literary 3, 4 Tally- Hoo Reporter l, 2, Associate News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Assembly Comm. l, Stunt Nite 4, Glee Club 2, All-Country Chorus 2, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Allied Youth 2. W" K V .. , :q A ef ' 4 A Inv...- E93 :945 :Es D52 E Em ?g:-'T 533' fs, m 1 wf J" .. f f , ' I fl , fl vit," ' . f is ' s- :1 -- 1 2 -xt 3 2 ' ' 5l'f5G,3f ff li talk 22551 if ' K 5' - F vu:-53lgfw..w:f'-V . . ..".f"fE'lffi'-L" Maria Bounelis Milford Brashears Ann Brice 'SQRWQP' i , jiiia?i2iey ' - s F. .Tif- tg- f ji, 'fiiwfilfflfl-:3,"' W-S+'ff'1:if??w?f'2yif'4. f. . . r -" WE :Fla--. ' ,disc-. V ,vw '12 tint?-E v- ffiwizi f m,U,:'f- '+"fs E -W ,1f?" Ei-: was flaigxsn. 11 ' 4' " ,naar-I ' .4 , J, - ': , , ' :-N 'lid' V :xmas .-'fx 'jr Q '14-'L 1-'U y, Y' ' ' -IN -'y 5,-.5 as , +,-1522?-gfAviv 1,zg,'mv,,-4 ' .s ,.,-.wiz- : ,J ' Tru. --Q., Va satis x 1 1 TYEEEZ3'-z"if fig i -t,.'51-7T"Lm?51'5 If-1r2'1" . " ' . ."-r1f""'ffe-3fTvS.'2i' ,Hifi ' . A' Z' V, ' -gfif-f:..7:'ii'3'7:1f:.!AL:gggS. 4' Edward Britton john Bromley Lucy Brouse Gertrude Buechling Signy Bush Susan Blish EDWARD BRITTON . . . Eddie meets life grinnin'g will lift the morale of the U. S. Marines . . . H.R. Alternate 2, P.-T.A. Rep. 1, Assembly Comm. 2, Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, Intra. Bas- ketball I. JOHN ALBERT BROMLEY, AIR .... Unhurried and unworriedg with John it's "motors a must". LUCY ELIZABETH BROUSE . . . Sam 'io has an eye for color, flair for interior decoration. GERTRUDE BUECHLING . . . Welcome newcomer, excels in shutterbugging. SIGNY BUSH . . . Mischievousg wants to be a lawyer, Sig shines in sports . . . H.R. Rep. l, P.-T.A. 2, Athletic Rep. 2, Social Comm. l, Glee Club 3, Operetta 3, -Ir. Prom Comm. 3, j.V. Basketball l, Varsity Basketball 2, 4, Fieldball 2, 4, Intra. Manager 2, 4, Intra. Ref. 2,4. SUSAN BUSH . . . Blond and quiet, pretty Susie's plans include college in Southern Cal .... Glee Club Operetta 3, Varsity Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Intra. Manager 2. MARION ELIZABETH CANTLER . . . Sweet Marion, a business minded brunette, wants to be a secretary . . . Traffic Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Basketball 1. NANCY ALICE CARACOFE . . . Friendly and full ol' lung Nan will concoct clothes . . . Social Comm. 4, Operetta Scenery 3, Prom Comm. Varsity Basketball Manager JANE WARRING' TON CARR. . . Versatile and popular, natural curls: future fashion designer . . . H.R. Rep. l, 2, Class President l, Vice-President 3, W'AKE Editor-in-Chief 4, Literary 4, Tally'Ho Regular Stall l, 2, 3, 4, News Editor 2, 3, Traffic Squad Lieutenant 4, Stunt Nite 4, Assembly Comm. l, 2, Art Service l, Allied Youth 2, Social Comm. l, 2, Operetta 3, -lr. Prom Comm. DAVID SAMUEL CAUSEY . . . Quiet but coy Davey: ambition soars to being a Navy aviator Marion Cantler Nancy Caracofe jane Carr David Causey ""x,'w"" . llub 'jf-Q ' .. y :,i Q ff Q. rl 2 .. Qt f v J f 'ff f A: as f f F fs f 'ra ' iiif' . SE l ,... l"'J4 I 1 arg? K- , , Q , !,,a.rt.w-.H 1 ., , I ,Him ' ' ' -1 1-5' w:m.fvw'f- A, ,vd 1lj,,.-4.11, ., xwy., 2 . Paul Clark Martin Collins Donald Como Raymond Connell David Cook Robert Cook PAUL EUGENE CLARK . . . Our broad-shouldered "mow 'em down gridironerj' P.C. might lend Uncle Sam a hand . . . Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4. MARTIN BERNARD COLLINS . . . Sirens, smoke, and saving lives interest "Marty", a Crabtown Hreman of the future . . . Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Varsity Track l, 2. DONALD JAMES COMO . . . Our tower of sports, versatile "man of letters" . . . Varsity Soccer 3, Football 4, B lsketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Lacrosse 3, 4, Intra. Soccer l, Basketball l, 2, Intra. Ref. 3, 4. RAYMOND -IA WES CONNELL . . . "3 Lett-uce 3 be happy" says Ray, wants millions, and all for nothing! . . . l-l.R. Alternate DAVID LEE COOK ..., A year- round sportsmang "live wire" Davey likes electronics! . . . Varsity Football l, 2, 3, Track 3, l-Ii-Y 3, Intra. Softball l, 2, Basketball l, 2. ROBERT CALVIN COOK . . . Cookie is ace high in mechanicsg the tea leaves say "loaf awhile" after June. WILMER PAUL COOK . . . Oh! Billy's bewitching blue eyes! terrific build, always ready to laugh . . . WAKE Advertising 4, Tally-Ho Business 2, 4, Assembly Comm. 2, Stunt Nite 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. l, 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, -Ir. Prom Comm. Chairman 3, Hi-Y 4, Varsity Track 3, 4, Football Manager 3, 4, Sr. Play Stage Hand 2, 3. MARLENE FAY COOLEY . . . Matrimonially-minded Marlene: sweet homemaker-torbe. CAROL COOPER.. . Cute, calm, collected, next step is American U-public relations major . . . Social Comm. 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Operetta 3, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Volleyball 4. jAMES LOUIS CORDLE . . . -lim, our future band leader, ambition is music, music, music . , g. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Var- sity Soccer 3, 4, Intra. Basketball 2. Nvilmer Cook Marlene Cooley Carol Cooper james Cordle 'im 'Clark Davidson Virginia Dawson Chris Demas William Donald LAWRENCE CLARK DAVIDSON . . . Teasing Toughieg outdoor fancies-ice skating, hunting, old cars. ETHEL VIRGINIA DAWSON . . . Scholastic and statuesqueg excels in business techniques . . . Honor Society 3, 4, Officer 4, H.R. Rep. 3, H.R. Alternate 1, 2, WAKE Circulation 4. CHRIS THEO- DORE DEMAS . . . First rate student: hopes to get rich quick-don't we all? . . . Honor Society 3, J.V. Football 3, Intra Softball l, Basketball l, 2. WILLIAM DONALD . . . Willie with the winning waysg No. 13 on the gridiron . . . Social Comm. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Football 4, J.V. Basketball 2, Football 3, Intra. Softball 1, Basketball l. JILL DONOVAN . . . Frolicking blue eyes, perpetual smile, Miss Pep 'n' Energy of '51 . . . WAKE Literary Editor 4, Tally-Ho Reporter 4, Stunt Nite 4, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Operetta 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Var- sity Softball 2, Volleyball 3, 4. JULIAN RALPH EASTERDAY . . . Popularly called "East"g soccer is his pride and joy . . . Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Intra. Softball l, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3. NANCY LOU ELLIOTT . . . Nancy with the laughing faceg innate desire for brush adeptness. PHILIP KENT ELLIOTT . . . Optimistic approachg has his eye on success . . . H.R. Alternate 1, P.-T.-A. Rep. 2, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Track 2. RITA STUART EUCARE . . . Dark-haired dimpled Rita, a super secretary in the making . . . Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Hockey 4, Softball 4. RAYMOND EYLER . . . Paints, pencils, and perspective-Ray eyes a career in commercial art . . . Trallic Squad 4, School Treasurer 4, Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Track 4. Jill Donovan julian Easterday Nancy Elliott Philip Elliott Rita Eucare Raymond Eyler S 'ii.Jtis.: limi' F Ein? 'Q 5 H H 'N . Fay Farrell David Figgs james Finkle Helen Fisher CAROLYN FAY FARRELL . . . Sweet 'n neat 'n tres petite, a teacher, Towson-taught . . . WAKE Make- up 4, Circulation 4, Social Comm. 4, Ollice Helper 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3. DAVID CHARLES FIGGS . . . "Figaro" is a man of his word, menu includes R.O.T.C. course . . . Varsity Soccer 4, Intra. Basket- ball l, 2, 3. JAMES FINKLE'. . . Wishes he could leave AHS a football stadium, anxiously awaits june 14. HELEN RUTH FISHER . . . Historionic Helen, fondest hope is to reach 5'-7" and a dramatics degree . . . WAKE Literary 4, Tally-Ho Chief Proofreader 3, Reporter 2, 3, Assembly Comm. 2, Stunt Nite 3, 4, Social Comm. 1, 2, 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Volleyball 3, Intra. Basketball l. BAR- BARA BEATRICE FORD . . . Soft spoken Babs, a friend par excellence, returnee from a year in England . . . WAKE Make-up 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Assistant Librarian 2. GEORGE ROBERT FORD . . . A gob for U. S. N., very casualg mechanically-minded . . . Hi-Y 4, Officer 4, Intra. Softball 1, Basket- ball 1. JOAN ELIZABETH FRANTOM . . . Sparkling smile, always laughing, she will be a smooth dancing instructor . . . Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3, Social Comm. 2. SUE GARNER . . . Like to Charleston? want to sail the Caribbean? here's the gal! . . . H.R. Rep. 1, Alternate 2, Honor Society 3, 4, WAKE Literary 4, Patrons 4, Circulation 4, Tally-Ho Reporter 1, Assembly Comm. l, 2, Traffic Squad 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. 1, 4, Glee Club 2, Varsity Fieldball 2, 4, Volleyball 4. HARVEY GATES . . . Known for his winning grin and "public" 1916 Buick, plans paratrooping after college . . . H.R. Rep. l, Alternate 4, WAKE Typing 3, Trallic Squad 4, Intra. Softball 2. FAY DAWN GILLESPIE . . . A wonderful gal, a gain for the Church Home Nursing School in Balti- more. ..z.4, . '.g-M", ' V I .1 ls? - ,. , . , -.1g:,:5'iQ .. , - , eiqfrf H ' N3 . '.Jj. .,,-,igv' ' ' , - 1-, f .reg-,fri 1-'i ' '-Effie S .. 1 L 4 . 4 writ .f uf - f y , lv 9 ',...,. . HV., .. . -gg 5 ffl. .a. 1 x Tw, 'iffv' W A 4:74 ull.: i -- 4... W.v.,.1g1,,-a..wm - ..., , .....w, .-...:.f. .-1 . .. . Barbara Ford George Ford joan Frantom Sue Garner Harvey Gates Fay Gillespie gZfi? ?i3iiff12'5E 5 f .. 1 5 Martha Goldsborough Flora Gray Betty Groller Coleman Groves Shirley Harder jean Havenner MARTHA WINDER GOLDSBOROUGH . . . "Mooie" with the peaches 'n' cream complexion, charm that lingers . . . P.-T.A. Rep. 4, WAKE Make-up 4, Literary 4, Photography 4, Talley-Ho Regu- lar Staff, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Photography and Art Editor 4, Assembly Comm. l, 2, 4, Stunt Nite 4, Op- eretta 3, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Senior Play Selection Comm. 4. FLORA MacDONALD GRAY . . . Flo has a fascination for interior decoration, nicety in entirety . . . WAKE Make-up 4, Literary 4, Circula- tion 4, Tratlic Squad 4, Operetta 3, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. BETTY DELORES GROLLER . . . Ahoy sailors, a Wave's on the way, petite and vivacious Betty . . . WAKE Typing 3, Traffic Squad 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Varsity softball 3, 4. COLEMAN GROVES . . . Collegiate Coleman, hails from Blue Grass hillsg a Navy advocate. SHIRLEY HARDER . . .Cute lil' Crabtownerg first a secretary, then a housewife . . . H.R. Rep. 1, 3, 4, Alternate 2, WAKE Circulation 4, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, 4. JEAN HAVENNER . . . Jeannie with the light brown hair, has hopes of wowing the secretarial world . . . H.R. Rep. 1. MARY -IO HAZEN . . . Pert and energeticg Mary jo has a knack for nursing . . . Assembly Comm. 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. 4. KATHRYN HERBERT . . . Tailor, tacks, and tucks, Cassie will be a couturier of tailored apparel . . . Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Social Comm. 4, Co-Manager Varsity Basketball 3. ALBERT BERYL HIGGS . . . Witty "Higgie" knows what he wants from life but keeps it "mum". NANCY MAY HILPRECHT . . . Winsome smiles are Nancy's speciality, interested in Fleet's Business Training . . . Social Comm. 3, 4, Jr. Prom 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Mary jo Hazen f ., Kathryn Herbert H v, . Albert Higgs V , " . ' c Wm Jw NanCY HilPrecht SE .- ' W elt ' E '4 f rf 2.5, Ji 7 - . 2 2 - 2 . Q ,gfigm vw M,5g,,Q,i-n f zaz.aab?,as,,q,..,m 'ML' 'Mm f " 'L -' ' ilu 1:63.54 guy: LW? ii 4 .1512 .. w Nxxis I ,iff X it ix , ll Q dc- A- w'.'?Q.W l "nf f' .f .- . , V' 'I .' I 'i' 'P E l - - 4 4 5 L Q, ' L.,,,.,,- 2 J.: 'J-di'-' ' ""?Jf'f'i"" if"- Charles Hortopan Melvin Hyatt Dorothy Jackson June Jensen Barbara Jones Frank Jones ...E CHARLES E. HORTOPAN . . . Finish lines and football are speedy Charlie's forte. . . Glee Club 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Hi-Y 4. MELVIN HYATT . . . Mose-at ease on the green or court, sure hit with gals . . . Athletic Rep. 3, Hi-Y 4, Varsity Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, Intra. Soccer l, Basketball l., Football l. DOROTHY LEE JACKSON . . . Dottie, a very likable gal, at home in a roller rink . . . Stunt Nite 4, Orchestra 4, Intra. Softball 4. JUNE KATHLEEN JENSEN . . . Ready and steady June, favors the idea of modeling. BARBARA COLTON JONES . . . A confident driver and a whiz at bridge, Jonesy will be an ace high teacher . . . H.R. Rep. 4, WAKE Business 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Fieldball 3, 4, Softball 2. FRANK DUDLEY JONES, JR .... Diamond exponent, abounding af- finity for a coaching career . . . Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intra. Soft- ball l, 2, Soccer 1, Basketball 1. THOMAS S. JONES . . . "Anchors Aweigh!" Clark's off to the Navy as soon as he gets the papers . . . Varsity Football 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Intra. Basketball l. JANET LEE KALMEY . . . Midshipman on her mind, no doubt, a traveling navy wife she'll be . . . WAKE Business 4, Assembly Comm. 1, 2, Traffic Squad 4, Oflice Helper 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. FLOR- ETTA JEAN KEENEY . . . Always poised, Flo will dance her way to the Ballet Russe . . . WAKE Lit- erary 4, Advertising 4, Stunt Nite 2, 4, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Volleyball 4. THOMAS LONGLEY KELLY . . . Master of the dance floor, Commodore Kelly loves regattas . . . WAKE Advertising 2, 3, 4, Patrons 2, 3, 4, Social Comm. 2, Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. Thomas Jones Janet Kalmey Floretta Keeney Thomas Kelly V - I9 5-:S Q W it 4' Y I ' LVLL Mary Lindauer ' ,,,. . J .la . V ..f, .5 John Layng 1 Bett Leitch '1'E Anne Logan A iaA4l ft fl, fyiv wx ,,VVii, , V " 4 . . . .,. .., JOHN LAYNG . . . Long and lanky-that's John, sailing, swimming, smiles. BETTY JEAN LEITCH . Reserved but with a twinkle, can really ride a horse. MARY CONSTANCE LINDAUER . . . Unruliled mieng choice between art teaching or fashion designing . . . Honor Society 4, WAKE Art 4, Tally-Ho Reporter 4, Social Comm. 4. ELEANORE ANNE LOGAN . . . Innocent Anne, gift of gabg art teacher extraordinaire . . . H.R. Alternate 1, WAKE Literary 4, Tally-Ho Regular Staff 2, 3, 4, Re- porter l', Associate Editor 3, 4, Stunt Nite 3, 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, Assistant Varsity Hockey 4, Volley- ball 3, 4, Hockey Manager 3, 4. PAUL FREDERICK LUNTER . . . Dupont, here's your man, Rick has big plans for chemical engineering . . . Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Baseball 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH MANNING . . . From readin' and writin' to cookin' and cleanin' goes Betty after June . . . Varsity Fieldball 3, Intra. Fieldball l. JAMES SAMUEL MARSTON . . . Scintillating personality, Jimmie, our "veep" is headed for West Point . . . Vice-President Student Coun- cil 4, H.R. Rep. 2, Alternate 3, Class President 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, WAKE Advertising 3, 4, Tally- Ho Business 3, 4, Traffic Squad Lieutenant 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 4, Varsity La- crosse 4, Basketball 4, Intra. Softball l. HARVEY BYRON MASON . . . "Mud", mortar, and cement, better homes there'll be by Mason the Mason. JOAN LORRAINE MASON . . . A born runner, is em- barking for business college . . . WAKE Make-up, Literary 4, Social Comm. 4, Glee Club 4, Varsity Field- ball 4, Volleyball 4. JOHN ROY McCRONE . . . "Dark Eyes", Jon Whitcomb likeness, Jack will sing has way into show business . . . WAKE Photography 4, Advertising 3, 4, Patrons 4, Circulation 4, Stunt Nite 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Varsity Track 4. f' Ziii"'l'i?'iff:, 1 . M X x 'ZKHELQ i L , il' .H M ., . .. ,,. . - ' "FYI 'v!"'fQ:5 - 'H I 'i : .'?f1.v,-136. ,1 13 H J- i 3,.,1 .,,,3f-'H I 5' .qv ,i f ir ,M x iii? 5 wit 's , 4 .'f - 'Y i 4- .X Paul Lunter Elizabeth Manning James Marston Harvey Mason Joan Mason I John McCrone I7 -Ili! li , ' ' .. SKY Audrey Miller Joan Miller Meredith Moon Roy Morgan AUDREY ELIZABETH MILLER . . . A winsome warbler, "Auds" heads for a secretarial position . . . WAKE Patrons 4, Circulation 4, Typing 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3. JOAN ELIZABETH MILLER . . . Busy, blue-eyed Joanie, always sweet and helpful, a future career gal . . . WAKE Literary 4, Circulation Manager 4, Assembly Comm. l, 2, Tralhc Squad 4, Social Comm. l, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Prom Comms. 3, Intra. Hockey 1, Sr. Play Selection Comm. 4. MEREDITH WHITTIER MOON . . . Cute lil' trick, the future's bright for Mem and her Moon-struck man . . . Student Gov. Treasurer 4, P.-T.A. Rep. l, WAKE Make-up 4, Literary 4, Tally- Ho Regular Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 1, 2, Feature Editor 3, 4, Assembly Comm. l, 2, 3, Stunt Night 4, Social Comm. l, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Intra. Hockey l, 2, Sr. Play Selection Comm. 4. ROY PORTER MORGAN . . . "Long-time" Crabtowner, conventionality's nemesis, on to the Big, Wide World . . . WAKE Typing 4, Circulation 4, Glee Club 3, Operetta 3, Varsity Soccer 2, Football 3, Basket- ball l, 2, 3. THOMAS WESLEY MORTON . . . Drowsy expression, Uncle Sam has something in store for him . . . Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Stunt Nite 4. ETHEL LOUISE MUCH . . . Sympa- thetic friend, energetic and ambitious, constant, contagious laughter . . . Tally-Ho Reporter 2, 3, 4, Stunt Nite 3, Traffic Squad 4. JAMES ARTHUR MURCHAKE . . . Merry Mert, thinks the draft board has his number. NORMAN A. MURPHY, JR .... "Murph", will know ins and outs ol agriculture, watch for the Murphy Farms. SHIRLEY ANN MYERS . . . Systematic worker, specialty is typing, plans Crabtown future . . . WAKE Typing 4, Business 4, Circulation 4, Advertising 4, Pa- tron 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. STEVE ANDREW NICHOLAS . . . Boston-bred Yankee, impish grin, ac- cent has a way with the ladies. xxx! ' "FJ 'lr' e . ,V iq. 'Q 4 . i t Q .e.' g Thomas Morton Ethel Much James Murchake Norman Murphy Shirley Myers Steve Nicholas , . l 'lt rl .7 ,, wg?-iff, A 51' it vlifylqaifggl . x 'lt Loi, - +R, ff :fix Lew, ' up: fig '44-wsyy' pr ,ft 'rl Vu . Q Ji ,,- ay A va X Donald Nichols Daniel Olson Daniel Palmer Philip Parkinson Donald Pennington Owen Perry DONALD LEE NICHOLS . . . Slick dresser-leopard skin caps and parkasg will be a playboy at Miami U . . . Traflic Squad 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y Member 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Foot- ball 4, Lacrosse.l, 2, 3, 4, Intra. Softball l, Intra. Basketball l. DANIEL CARL OLSON, JR .... Cap'n Olson-scholar, athlete and a born leader: U.S.N.A. Officer . . . P.-T.A. Rep. l, Class Vice-President 2, Honor Society 3, Officer 4, Stunt Nite 4, Traflic Squad Captain 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, jr. Prom Comm. Chairman 3, Hi-Y Member 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 2, Football 3, 4, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. THOMAS DANIEL PALMER . . . Danny specializes in motors and axle greaseg old cars, horses, baseball. PHILIP DAVID PARKINSON . . . Tall and taciturng cuts clarinet capers, definite band mainstay. DONALD A. PEN- NINGTON . . . Asset was his head-soccer starg friendly funsterg "Farmer" . . . Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, Intra. Softball l, Football l, Basketball l, 2. OWEN MAJOR PERRY . . . Suave and handsome, bluest eyes in AHSQ will don matching uniform . . . jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 4, Varsity Baseball 3, Intra. Soft- ball 3, Soccer 3. WILLIAM GRAYDEN PHELPS . . . Flaming hairy fire-fighter of the senior class, rich tenor . . . Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Allied Youth 2, Hi-Y 2. DOLORES PHILLIPS . . . Sweet and gracious Dodyg partiality for teaching shorthand . . . WAKE Advertising 4, Patrons 4, Circu- lation 4. NELSON IRVING PHIPPS . . . Greased lightning on the soccer lieldg Nelson isn't planning ahead . . . Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Intra. Softball 1, Basketball l. ROBERT DICE PURDY . . . Star Cinder- mang sports and Bob are synonymous at AHS . . . Social Comm. 3, 4, -Ir. Prom. Comm. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 4, Lacrosse l, 2, 3, 4, j.V. Basketball 1, Intra. Softball 2, Basketball 1, Football 1, Intra. Ref. 3. 49"-H WI" William Phelps Dolores Phillips Nelson Phipps Robert Purdy !?4ma1W,?1'Z2E-aff! X Swv' "Nb::, 'we' 4 W . J" . dp F- V' 1' i 4' , ' 1 1 , '. ,f , . . .ti fl , .il L: K :if-. '1 ' me . at i ' . ..,,, ,,a,.t.e..t,i.f,i.' 1 ,j , A - ,gh-5f,g,,ig,.5, the-Q ' ' . ':4:v3L1urw,w1f:i4'.f-' L, . -f.i,l1'.g,j,5g.-A-,..,...- jacqueline Ramey johanne Reichel Thorne Renfro Nancy Rhodes Kesler Riley Dean Russell jACQUELINE M. RAMEY . . . Easy-going jackie, sure to be an excellent wife for that certain johnny . . . Tally-Ho Regular Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 1, 3, Associate News Editor 2, News Editor 4, Chief Typist 4, Stunt Nite 3, Traffic Squad 4, WAKE Circulation 4, Typing 4. JOHANNE REICHEL . . . Eye catcher, petite Venus, will heed the call of footlights . . . WAKE Literary 4, Make-up 4, Tally- Ho Regular Staff 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, 4, Associate Editor 3, Assembly Comm. l,'Stunt Nite 3, 4, Social Comm. l, 2, 3, Traflic Squad 4, Sr. Play Selection Comm. 4, Varsity Hockey 4. THORNE CLARK REN- FRO . . . An Alaskan forest warden! Colorado U. is Rennie's next stop . . . Varsity Football 2, 3, La- crosse 2, 3, 4. NANCY JANE RHODES . . . Whiz in sports, future Navy nurse after training at Boston City Hospital. ROBERT KESTER RILEY . . . jovial "Kess", fondness for friendly people, agriculture attracts him . . .WAKE Business 4, Photography 4, Office Helper 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4. DEAN RUSSELL . . . Rebel in our ranks, lost without a car, boundless energy. CHARLES E. SCHMIDT . . . Chipper "Chuck", happy-go-lucky with a ready hello, mechanical engineering . . . Traffic Squad 4, Varsity Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, Intra. Softball 1, Soccer l, Basketball 1, 2. EDWARD GLENN SCHULTZ . . . Combination of Prof Zoom-Zoom and Dr. Jekyll, liable to blow up Annapolis . . . P.-T.A. Rep. l, WAKE Circulation 4, Patrons 4, Asembly Comm. 1, 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. 1, 2, 4, Gleen Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, jr. Prom. Comm. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3. CHARLES ALBERT SEARS . . . Tall, blond Al: specialty will be driving U. S. Army tank. KENNETH EDWARD SEARS . . . Mellow' throated tenor, 4-F man-food, fun, frolic, females . . . H.R. Alternate 4, WAKE Ads 4, Stunt Nite 3, 4, Traflic Squad 4, Social Comm. 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, All-Country Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Assemblies 2, 3, 4, Intra. Football l. Charles Schmidt Glenn Schultz Albert Sears Kenneth Sears Ralph Sears Robert Sheridan Francis Sheridan Elizabeth Sherman RALPH PURVIS SEARS . . . Spends his waking moments .admiring women, aversion to orders. CHARLES ROBERT SHERIDAN . . . Nonchalant Bob, hunting's his hobby and football his sport, pharmacy interests . . . Glee Club 3, Operetta 3, Varsity Football 4, Baseball 3, 4, j.V. Football 3. FRANCIS E. SHERIDAN . . . Fran aims to be a Wave, ought to make the rest of the Navy happy! ELIZABETH KATHLEEN SHERMAN . . . Pert with plenty of pep and personality, that's our Liz . . . H.R. Alternate 2, Class Sec.-Treas. 2, WAKE Patrons 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Volleyball 3. BETTY JEAN SI-MMONS . . . Fall, winter spring-Simmons is in every sport, ever considerate . . . Jr. Prom Comm. 3, WAKE Typing 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Manager 2, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Softball 2, 3, 4. NEPIER VRABEL SMITH . . . Handsome and talented, Nepier's sure to be a leading Broadway tenor! . . . H.R. Alternate l, Traffic Squad 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, All-State Chorus 2, Operetta 3, Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 2, Football 4. WILLIAM CLIFTON SMITH . . . U. of Miami entices Sailor "Smitty", excels in boat racing . . . Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4. WILLIAM HUGH SORRELL . . . Fred Astaire, jr., ingenious ideas, happy combination of sense and nonsense . . . WAKE Business 3, 4, Stunt Nite 3, 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, Officer 3, Jr. Prom Comm. Chairman 3, Varsity Track 3, 4, GEORGE E. SPRINGFIELD . . . Our state 220-yd.-dash holder, "Racehorse" goes sprinting for Md. U .... H.R. Alternate 3, WAKE Make-up 2, Patrons 3, Assembly Comm. 3, Stunt Nite 2, 3, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, Glee Club l, 2, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Varsity Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 4, Baseball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Intra. Softball 1, 2, Basketball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Intra. Ref. 3, 4. JEAN ELIZABETH SPRINGFIELD . . . Giddy giggles, essential for fun, crazy "Canary" . . . WAKE Business 4, Typing 4, Social Comm. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, Varsity Basketball l, Intra. Basketball l. ..-Q L... 1 .W . I ,1 yu ' . fl? ' f , ,Q . J -. -I 5 R, ,bali 99" wa . lr .. We "D, r. HQ"- -1wm .z1'-f.f.f:- in ' '51 'il' .mivzs--1fff'f.,-M1A Re, .:. ,ge 4, -f . -, -Lnggggf j12,'fk,Ey'l'uE'1t tw- I . ' ,lil fin l V? . ull' 4'1 - i ,-ifgigmi-i'fQHf:1ir'fyfwj.fW::,,QL,'.,. , 'l'l'11-5 L. Betty Simmons Nepier Smith William Smith William Sorrell George Springfield ..' 1' ' , jean Springfield 21 Franklin Stevens Fay Stevens Nancy Stine 1 Evelyn Stockett It 9 , 335' FRANKLIN DAHL STEVENS . . . Easy, bantering mannerg Jimmy's another pigskin pusherg maybe a marine . . . H.R. Rep. 2, Alternate l, WAKE Business 4, Glee Club 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, J.V. Football 3, Basketball l, 2, Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2, Softball l, 2. MAD- ALYN FAY STEVENS . . . Subtle and demureg makes up for her size in enthusiasm . . . Traffic Squad 4, Assistant Librarian 2, Assistant to Attendance Officer 4. NANCY ELLEN STINE . . . Never a dull moment with zesty Nan, Pepsodent smile . . . P.-T.A. Rep. 4, VVAKE Circulation 4, Trafhc Squad 4, Ofiice Helper 3, 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3. EVELYN JANET STOCKETT . . . Soft-spoken Evieg feminin- ity personifiedg secretarially minded . . . WAKE Circulation 4, Traflic Squad 4, Assistant to Attendance Officer 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. MARY ELIZABETH BRINTON STONE . . . Thirst for knowledge, beauty and brains in the same package . . . WAKE Circulation 4, Assembly Comm. Chairman 4, Social Comm. 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Sr. Play Selection Comm. 4. HERBERT H. SULLIVAN . . . Tall, gaunt, handsome Herbieg pigskin prodigy with a desire to raise his own squad . . . Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT T. SVOLOS . . . "I don't want to be rich, I don't want to be poor, I just want to be happy." . . . Varsity Soccer 4, Intra. Softball 1. CHARLES TACK . . . Debonair Charlie takes his science seriously, will be a medicine man . . . WAKE Ads l, 2, 3, Manager 4, Tally-Ho Business 3. Stunt Nite l, 3, 4, Traffic Squad Lieutenant 4, Social Comm. 4, Band 2, 3, Officer 3, jr. Prom Cf-snm. 3, School Disc jockey 2, 3, 4, Sports Announcer 3, 4, Assemblies 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth 2, 3, Officer 3, Varsity Track 3. CHARLES DONALD TACKETT . . . Fun-loving guy, Don hopes to learn aeronautical en- gineering the N.R.O.T.C. way. RICHARD LUCAS TAYLOR . . . AHS's ice cream man, to learn cos- metology at Westmoreg flashy clothes . . . Stunt Nite 3, Operetta 3, Assembly Make-up 3, 4. J' Nt l if R ,. .X 1 Fri My 'I Q Wax-'atv' E H A l' r'lfi,'fq I :Ll ' I Mary Stone Herbert Sullivan Robert Svolos Charles Tack Donald Tackett 22 Richard Taylor i fi M' .3'S'?W:,:1!i--'r e . .Q MJ, ltffliwrigf W!! '- N w'im'N'i' 'Vt as " ' ,. :..'.. ' ' ,WW ,E .tg 9,, 4'ct,'Z 4-I, Drucilla Terry Diane Todd Betty Trott Nelson Tydings George Tyler Robert Vallandingham JOAN DRUCILLA TERRY . . . Lively Drug intrigued by excitement, lured by foreign ports . . . WAKE Patrons 4, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, 4, Oflice Helper 4, jr. Prom 3, Varsity Soft- ball Manager 3. DIANE TODD . . . Trim and talentedg stellar artist, "Miss Magothy" winner . . . H.R. Rep. 4, WAKE Circulation 4, Stunt Nite 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Volleyball 3. 4. BETTY LEE TROTT . . . Expressive eyes, merges competence and bubbling mirthg secretary-to-be . . . WAKE Circulation 4, Assembly Comm. l, Traffic Squad 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, Assistant Librarian 4, Assistant Attendance Officer 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. NELSON H. TYDINGS . . . Barber's delight, broad-shoulderedg believes in taking life easy . . . P.-T.A. Rep. 2, Assembly Comm. 2, 3, Varsity Football 4. GEORGE T. TYLER . . . "High I-lat" plans majoring in historyg writing ability, French enthusiast . . . Tally-Ho Editorial Editor 4, Reporter 3, Assembly Comm. 1, jr. Prom Comm. 3. ROBERT LEE VALLANDINGHAM . . . AHS's Nimrodg graduation and travel his highest aims. MARY ALICE VANDERBURGH . . . "Giggles" was taught the art of laughing and never forgot it . . . Varsity Fieldball 3, 4, 'Softball 3, 4, Intra. Ref. 4. EDGAR VERMILLION . . . Stalwart in soccerg interested in mechanical gizmos . . . Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Track 2, Basketball 2, Intra. Basketball 2, 3. BARBARA ANN WALTERS . . .Sunny disposition, Babs will click typewriter keys at local business college . . . Varsity Basketball 4, Hockey 3, 4, Softball 3, 4. MARY WEBB . . . "Stuffy"-maybe an air- line hostessg earnest and eflicient . . . H.R. Rep. 1, Alternate 2, 3, WAKE Literary 4, Patrons 4, Circu- lation 4, Typing 4, Assembly Comm. l, Social Comm. l, 2, 3, 4, School Treas. 4, Glee Club 1, 2, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Ollicer 2, 3, 4. Mary Vanderburgh Edgar Vermillion Barbara Walters Mary Webb l iv 3.1 . .xtyvysi :AW if fi ' Vx ,. Il 1' . V11 Y, , X. F, ,I 'g Q ,E , . 2 . xt. .p 1 ' ,,,,,, !rQy,g,.,.,,.i.' -: . w -wgsfw-if-v ff--L r X141-g.Q::g?Au.,.-,,4',, ' ,',f":gj4'. if-gf - Edwin Weber Norman Wells joanne Weston Dorothy Westphal Elizabeth Westphal Margaret Westphal EDWIN ERNEST WEBER . . . Man of many trades, interests include carpentry, photography, agricul- ture . . . Traffic Squad 4, Varsity Soccer 3, Intra. Soccer l. NORMAN LOUROSS WELLS . . . Farming mania with talent to back it, individualist, how can he fail? JOANNE LEE WESTON . . . Hoppin' Hutton, Jr., Blue Ribbon Stunt Niterg jo aspires to stenography . . . WAKE Make-up 4, Circulation 4, Stunt Nite 4, Social Comm. l, Varsity Fieldball 3, 4, Art Service l, 2. DOROTHY MAUD WESTPHAL . . . P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S, fight! dimples that pop in and out, twin to follow- . . . WAKE Make-up 4, Circulation 4, Art 3, 4, Assembly Comm. 3, Social Comm. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. ELIZABETH DU- VALL WESTPHAL . . . Where there's fun, there's Bunnieg will train with twins at Church Home Hospital . . . WAKE Make-up 4, Circulation 4, Art Editor 4, Stunt Nite l, 2, 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, 4, Comm. Chairman 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Art Service 1, 2, Varsity Hockey 3, 4, Soft- ball 2, 3, 4, Intra. Ref. 3. MARGARET ALICE WESTPHAL . . . "Peg O' Our, Hearts", yea! Pan- thers, come through, last of sister trio . . . P.-T.A. Rep. 2, WAKE Make-up 4, Circulation 4, Art 4, Social Comm. 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3. CARLYNE WHITE . . . Bouncy curls, delights in dancingg fav- ors the secretarial line . . . H.R. Alternate l, WAKE Patrons 4, Social Comm. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, Hockey 2, 3, Softball 2, Intra. Basketball l, 2, Intra. Ref. 3. MILES WICKMAN . . . Serene and unperturbed but with hidden ambition, quiet humor. HENRY GORDON WILLIAMS . . . Who will hold up the cafeteria post opposite the milk bottles after Gordon is gone? . . . Varsity Soccer 4. ERNEST F. WINDSOR . . . First tenor, hopes to work for his rich uncle in the Air Force . . . Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 4. Carlyne White Miles Wickman Gordon Williams Ernest Windsor I- Clarence Winegardner Paul Wolod Paula Wuebbens Shirley Yost CLARENCE WINEGARDNER . . . "Huck" wa nts luck with a service station, spirited sportster . . . Varsity Soccer 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Intra. Softball 2. PAUL WOLOD . . . Oil to Philly to learn television camera work, good-natured guy . . . Assembly Comm. 2, 3, Social Comm. 3, Band l, 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Varsity Soccer 4, Intra. Soccer 2, Basketball 3, Intra. Manager 3, Soccer Manager l. PAULA DOROTHEA WUEBBENS . . . Our super songstressg cheerful Tennie with the regal carriage . . . Assembly Comm. 1, 2, Stunt Nite 4, Trallic Squad 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3. SHIRLEY MAE YOST . . . Shirl, a secretary-wants a good-looking boss, sports fiend . . . H.R. Rep. 1, P.-T.A. Rep. 2, 4, WAKE Patrons 4, Circulation 4, Traffic Squad 4, Glee Club 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Tri-Hi-Y Member 3, 4, Var- sity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4. ROSA LEE YOUNG . . . Sophisticationg star goalie performer, makings of a secretary . . . Traflic Squad 4, Social Comm. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra. Basketball 1, Fieldball 1. LOUISE DESIREE ZEPP . . . Beepl Beepl A yellow jeep! "Dez" sez it's U. of M. . . . WAKE Make-up 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Varsity Softball Manager 4, Intra. Ref. 4, Assembly Comm. 2. tlllilff l i gk Rosa Lee Young 3 wt Desiree Zepp Q, lk fl 24" '1 'W ' 5, 1 li , ? '1 4 Ma. President Jimmy Baker, Vice- President Carol Ann Turner, Sgcremry-Treasurer Donna Lape .-w"" Yi x " "" ay hr' "' up '- 1fWw?WX-YL55W 9 ROOM 201 First Row: F. Pappas, C. Ledbetter, B. Schaeffer, J. Purdy, S. Nichols Second Row: J. Reed, B. J. Saunders, H. Sherald, P. Read, J. Meyers. Third Row: P Sherwood, S. Reppenhagan, D. L, Miller, L. Scihle, XV. Mintz. Fourth Row: S. More- land, G. Nalley, H. O'Cain, YV. Paul. Fifth Row: M. Pumphrey, A. Morris, G. Jaynes Sixth Row: J. Owens, M. Putnam, Mrs. Carpenter, C. Reich, P. Manderscheid. D. C Miller. Seventh Row: R. Moyer, L. Owens. Not Shown: F. Neese. ROOM 202 First Row: W. Sheridan, M. Sinninger, Miss Hoke, E. Trcvett, A. Stallings. Second Row: K. Smith, P. Turner, B. Wilson, J. Zeilmann. Third Row: M. Taylor, S. Waterman, C. Turner, M. Wilson, J. Wolfe. Fourth Row: B. Sarles, J. Snuggs, R. Walters, C. Tolan, C. Schmidt. Fifth Row: B. Stallings, T. Steward J. Schoocraft, W. Heise. Sixth Row: H. Richardson, J. Simmons, C. Wayson, C. Stevens, R. Williams 1 Qi 1 nm fi.. ,J lf. ROOM 204 First Row: E, Boettcher, H. Campbell, J. Dyment, A. Doyle, G. Bell Second Row: A. Fisher, B. Aorilio, C. Davis, C. Dull. Third Row: M. Bland, M Davis, M. Asher, D. Duckett, C. Deladrier. Fourth Row: P. Dice, S. Adams, A. Ball- man, D. Daniels, E. Doran. Fifth Row: M. Beyerlein, B. Egan, S. Bachmann, S Duvall. Sixth Row: L. Dawson, A. Casey, P. Bell, Mrs. Morris, A. Carr. Not Shown M. A. Festagallo, D. Dickson. Q , 1 l ' 'mg T? Coal N K1 28 ROOM 206 First Row: D. Jackson, M. Willrams, E. Hopkins, R. Jones, C. Kautz Second Row: A. Kohler, L. King, B. Johnson, A. Jordon, J. Jones. Third Row: C Knight, J. Kerr, A. Katsef, N. Kraft, B. Hoyt. Fourth Row: P. Chaney, D. Duncan F. Klimes, E. Hendricks, A. Harvey. Fifth Row: G. Hall, D. Gruntowicz, G. Evans R. Crosby. Sixth Row: G. Elliott, C. Engleman, V. Conway. Seventh Raw: D. Gal- loway, T. Chance, W. Haworth, N. Cooper. vm? WDM Z Y . .., Q su X f .X La ROOM 208 First Row: M. Holmes, N. Hood, C. Gallop, E. Harbaugh, B. Herzog. Second Row: M. Forbes, E. Ford, B. Hays, G. Harbold, B. Harder. Third Row: J. Halsted, H. Gardiner, Mr. Bonari, A. Hardesty, D. Gillum. Fourth Row: E. Basiliere, B. Brashears, R. Callie, K. Barber, S. Bice. Fifth Row: N. Brown, A. Bentley, L. Bonnafond, J. Beans, A. Calabrese. Sixth Row: N. Buerger, J. Baker, M. Ball. Seventh Row: R. Love, J. Brooks, R. Baker. Eighth Row: C. Abbott, D. Burtis, W. Carter. Not Shown: J. Alvanos, S. Blades, D. Causey, F. Witherall, E. Ford all 'TMLY 'F 2- 1 -421' ,345 ROOM 212 First Row: M. Lewis, Moore, Miss Hicks, E. Lee, D. Lape. Second Row: K. Leanos, E. Latimer, J. Myers, R. Montalbano, A. Moreland. Third Row: R. Lank, C. Molden, D. Mileto, H. Lewis, S. Lewis, B. Werz. Fourth Row: W. Kerchner, W. Kenncrly, J. Jennings, W. Hughes, T. Martin. Fifth Row: K. Belch, R. Lee, W. Martin, A. Kahn, W. Klawans. Sixth Row: R. Lee, J. Judd, D. Jones, G. Magruder, J. Henneberger. Seventh Row: R. Joyce, A. McGuckian, R. Hinshaw, D. Hollidayoke. 29 'ESM if' Secretary-Treasurer Kitty Duckett, President Frank Walsh, Vice- President Ingrid Asche ROOM 209 First Row: E. Schultz, N. Burket, E. Suit, B. Rogers, H. Rowe. Second Row: C. Schneider, Miss Yancey, N. Sears, E. Sweeney, W. Saunders. Third Row: J. Sturgis, R. Taylor, K. Somers, P. Roberts. Fourth Row: S. Entwisle, J. Serfass, J. Suit, D. Stokes. Fifth Row: D. Speicher, L. Robbins, M. Pumphrey, E. Shovestul, T. Shores. Sixth Raw: R. Sears, J. Robinson, R. Sherman, D. Spangler, J. Sewell. Seventh Row: M. Sears, B. Sames, R. Ross. Not Shown: W. Sherbert, H. Smith, P. Wilson, B. Shurr, C. Russillo. R. Ig' 1 A. f eyl 1' if rf' vi 1. .1 T1 1 52 53 ROOM 301 First Row: E. Cohle, H. Coale, A. Caldwell, C. Brittan, C. Cammarata. Second Row: M. Corwell, I. Brashears, S. Corkum, D. Cook, M. Chistenson. Third Row: B. Burris, P. DiMaggio, E. Cadle, P. Claypool, B. Buser. Fourth Row: B. Carr, C. Bunker, C. Connell, B. Cadell. Fifth Row: J. Bryars, R. Sas, j. Christenson. Sixth Row: B. Brown, T. Brooks, M. Bruce, D. Bowcock. Seventh Row: S. Brink, Mrs. Owens, T .Clarke. Not Shown: S. Bryan, V. Rowe, B, Kitts, M. Butler. ROOM 302 First Row: F. Barlowe, Branzell, Miss Swartz, C. Beaven, R. Bent- ley. Second Row: M. Bausum, A. Barnes, S. Allen, D. Barnes, B. Barry. Third Row: P. Bloom, J. Buechling, P. Bell, E. Bowman, M. Bethel. Fourth Row: W. Brice, B. Bramble, M. Bauer, I. Asche, D. Bloor. Fifth Row: D. Fielder, C. Alwell, B. Asher, O. Beall, A. Bender. Sixth Row: Belch, K. Adams, G. Bjorntwedt, C. Barnes, K. Block. Seventh Row: G. Alter. R. Beavers, M. Barr. Not Shown: C. Barr, G. Beall. B. Brady. ., xx 'll . X h 51 ' t A . 23 V ' E 1 J QA 3 ,- Q. va' - li..,,,..wewf-H J 5 32 53 ROOM 304 First Row: P. Reed, 15. Nemith, Mrs. Wilson, F. O'Cain, E. Penning- ton. Second Row: D. Perel, D. Polk, B. Tull, P. Rawlings, G. Ridgeway. Third Row: G. Murchake, J. Riddleberger, H. Parkinson, S. Ohlson, H. Meek. Fourth Row: D. Purdy, J. Phipps, R. Rhodes. Fifth Row: L. Norwood, S. Miller, E. Riggins, B. Purdy. Sixth Row: L. Phipps, D. Meyer, A. Lissberger, J. Potee. Seventh Row: B. Michaelson. Not Shown: C. McKnew, S. Peterson, W. Phipps, S. Rawlings, V. Riley, M. Nunn, B. Pennington. ROOM 305 First Row: Hopkins, R. McPherson, L. Haneke, H. Millard, P Hoyt. Second Row: D. King, V. Lichtenberg, M. Lipman, S. Mason, Z. Johnson Third Row: J. Labovitz, A. Kinney, M. Moreland, S. Jones, H. Kohr. Fourth Row J. Jones, M. Hornbrook, R. McCulchan, A. May, A. Howard. Fifth Row: R. Hopa kins, Miss Nicely, H. Hubbard. Sixth Row: H. Kaufman, C. Knight, J. Purdy, D Jacobs, W. Jordan. Not Shown: R. Iosbaker, Mary Hornbrook, L. MacMurray, H Miller, C. Munday, M. Garner, P. Kirby. V 3 ,ov X Go " A f . ,. 'ff N 'gli' 1 Z Eg, Q 1 FU E, 5 5 Wi is Sf " 'N I 't E. QQ " s ff ROOM 506 First Row: K. Thompson, M. A. Falconer, D. Wolstenholm, M. Witt, T. Wiley. Second Row: D. Thompson, J. Wililoner, B. Whiggins, S. Wright, j. Tucker. Third Row: Suit, L. Vanderlwurgh, A. Williams, F. Wvilliams. Fourth Row: P. Voinche, R. Walton, B. Westervelt, D. Schlusemeyer. Fifth Row: F. Walsh, C. Voight, L. Vvhite, Windsor, A. Wainwright. Sixth Row: R. Taylor R. Trott, Mr. Billow. Not Shown: D. Thomas, james Tucker, M. Wilkerson, R. Woolford, E. Zeigler. fgl MQ Yi .Q my in lit 5 8 Bae'-'J ROOM 308 First Row: M. French, K. Duckett, B. Hedges, E. Hooper, W. Holt. Second Row: A. Doyle, B. Hazen, H. Donaldson, H. Ferguson, A. Gould. Third Row: T. Hall, L. Hambrock, Earle, C. Goodman, P. Henry. Fourth Row: P. Geiman, M. Hcisler, Miss Marking, R. Finkle, M. Covington. Fifth Row: F. Gard- ner, C. Dodson, S. Foust, J. Hicks, P. Harkins. Sixth Row: G. Herold, W. Gra- ham, G. Gary. Not Shown: Al. Farrell, li. Fowler, C. Haneke. L 1' ROOM 107 First Row: C. Sennhenn, B. Norwood, B. Sterling, B. Sears, H. Sewall. Second Row: N. Phipps, M. Renfro, M. Shawen, B. Palmer, R. Scible. Third Row: D. Santos, E. Robinson, K. Simmons, M. Peek, C. Patten. Fourth Row: B. Swartz- berg, A. Saulit, M. Petty, B. Severe, R. Shewbridge. Fifth Row: F. Rosenbloom, B. Pulsifer, M. Shelton. Sixth Row: D. Sears, C. Nolan, B. Standcil, R. Petticord, W. Phillips. Seventh Row: B. Owens, S. Stallings, R. Phillips. Eighth Row: J. Pulsifer, Mr. Augustine, j. Roberts. Not Shown: j. Moreland, R. Ogle, A. Painter. ROOM 108 First Row: A. Castro, B. Aisquith, Miss Horsey, L. Barnes, D. Mc Neil. Second Row: M. Bramble, A. Bauer. Tryon, V. Bass. Third Row: P Blaher, S. Lalnendola, P. Anderson, A. Bigler. Fourth Row: E. Chaney, D. Ches key, K. Ballman, L. Beall. Fifth Row: P. Callahan, P. Street, M. Christenson, M Brady. Sixth Row. P. Allen, E. Alter, S. Carpenter. Not Shown: j. Richardson. C. Mosely, I.. Barry. President- Patsy Duvall Secretary- Treasurer- Dale Every Vice-President Dave Trevett ROOM 207 Second Row: Third Row: R. Baxter, R. Shepherd, R. Blades. Not Gates. ROOM 109 First Row: N. Tucker, B. Safiield, M. Norfolk, J. Ward, S. Smith Second Row: A. Nickolson, R. Palmer, P. Tucker, K. Wood, j. Sahel. Third Row P. Duvall, C. Dennis, J. Bebstock, R. Bassford. Fourth Row: R. Walkling, D. Wil- liams, j. Maxie, A. Shakelton. Fifth Row: R. Barr, A. Leitch, T. McNew, W Shawen, M. Mason. Sixth Row: C. Reese, Mr. Olson, F. Basil. Not Shown: E Rupert, T. Bureau. First Row: A. Coil, B. Gaug, D. Every, B. Fillman, L. Fischer. T. Feuchtenherger, G. Fisher, j. Green, P. Greentree, P. Eskew. R. Eslinger, M. Young, R. Harris, G. jones, J. Redman. Fourth Row: Watson, Sears, J. Bellman. Fifth Row: G. Carr, V. Willson, Mrs. Brown, J. Bailey. Sixth Row: j. Bull, C. Cadell, G. Catterton, N. Shown: J. Basil, E. Bell, C. Brashears, G. Britton, D. Bryant. M. ILE . Q 1 we-:iw 9 ..., . . F I W. T 1 ,- ' 2 di-.. .f.. x ROOM 303 First Row: D. Holmes, M. Miller, D. Murchake, E. Kotzin, G. Kra- marenko. Second Row: E. Kautz, S. Monson, S. McNew, N. McKnew, P. Hopkins. Third Row: E. Jamar, I. Mally, R. Mileto, Love, R. Grollman. Fourth Row: A. Jones, M. Metcalf, C. Max, J. Pepper, D. McNew. Fifth Row: R. Henderson, M. Lamb, P. Miller, L. McCrone, R. Luttrell. Sixth Row: V. Lee, M. Larrimore, Mrs. Burnett, D. Mumford, J. Havenner. Seventh Row: G. Kinner, J. Hebden, J. Miller. Not Shown: R. Mason, C. Millard, C. Hiltahidle, R. Harris, D. Hallock, V. Hall. D. Klimesf P. Martin, S. Mellichampe. MUSIC ROOM First Row: L. Thomas, J. Terry, M. Wilsman, A. Suit, P. Townse hend. Second Row: P. Stinoff, L. Wickstrom, G. Taylor, V. Twitty, B. Sweeney. Third Row: B. Wood, N. Zick, C. Wayson, C. Thomas, J. Terwilliger. Fourth Row: C. Wehh, N. Wetherhold, I. Talman, M. Tounsley, J. Walder. Fifth Row: C. Smith, A. Stockett, Mr. Kunkle, N. Stevens, C. Sherbert. Sixth Row: C. Wyatt, M. Simmons, D. Trevett, B. Smith, J. Tice. Seventh Row: N. Ungar, J. Thomas, E. Wolod, L. Simmons, B. Smith. Eighth Row: S. Stearns, J. Sinclair, B. Wollman, J. Tally, J. Windsor. Not Shown: C. Simmons. ltd. is r .84 .ff Lg., 1 .ff 5 1'- -- - Q. is A - , , . F ,iii L C4 V . N X ROOM 307 First Row: F. Brown, N. Bassf l S. B orc, ryan, H. Labovitz, S. Hopkins. Second Row: J. Colburn, M. Cullimore, C. George. Third Row: F. Carlson, P Conner, M. Behlke, J. Collison. Fourth Row: N. D avis, A. Cheblowicz, P. Jones, C. Dey. Fifth Row: M. Harris, A. Hall, L. Caronna, V. Eucare. Sixth Row: C Kelly, R. Baldree, G. Kirby. Seventh Row: V. Arrigo, J. Anderson, Mr. Norris ,JQ Halbig. Nor Shown: J. Beall, B. Brown, J. Day. B. Himmerel, J. Jamar. l-'Sw -Afmf pg up R E is-. Q, x 1 m1,1afm.. . -ms.: t K i ROOM 310 First Row: I. Page, L. Hunter, D. King, J. Herzog, K. Early. Second Row: N. Grencqule, M. Hopkins, B. Herron, A. Hudgins, M. Dobbs. Third Row.' L. Cox, M. Phillips, I. Hinshaw, H. Griffith, R. Fowler. Fourth Row: W. Collison, M. Hall, C. Hilprecht, S. Hagwoorl, P. Eller. Fifth Row: S. Kirby ,F. Hubbard, P. Hopkins, J. Curris. Sixth Row: K. Egan, S. Hopkins, A. Nelson, E. Gruntowicz, S. Hall, C. Johnson, R. Creagh. Seventlz Row: A. Crosby, P. Henderson, J. Dulin. N. Hamilton, S. Kerr, J. Easls, E. Etzlor. Eighth Row: B. Cale, 'VI . C ' R J. Doyle. Not Shown: A. Joy. I.. Klein, D. Collins. l r raig, .Graddick, thegcity assemblesg hundreds of people with riad thoughts are thrown together iniighe ily tasks that promote our . . . s tt, 1 it V ft X tm . Q1 W E ml W M. ,M 4Vlz'4E5i61gg52Mi' 'f' M f i we -'R Q 'Y Ai MW k Mi -, aww. tam. X a X 5: Q ik ai, , f if :Q to 'T I we M 5 y .Q Q-.qt it , sh wx yn f it 5 X. Q LI . J L of 50,4 4-,V . . L , fffvxvlfe-X an X M - gin ,M ., H ,,. JA "ge5.j--T" -4 :55- II" -' -, QQ A ,., ,, gz. ,V W u g 157' 'K Auf W 1- 1.4 - ,,-, ., W- v. 4 L, 44. Agn-a-4 Q., 'H' ,W w . V, , ,. KL . . W 3 . , ,,, n N, .,, , ,, .. 1 'Q- I Q 5 iw A fi we S X if 4 A . ,W JSA' 52, Pi W'-93.15 K ,EQ 4 5 Aw..-W., i 5 g. an 1 4- it It ,W fa I I. Q 5 Q 8 f .A wma xfigif ,. KAKF . ., .mi -A g gf' 3' I x Y 4' my ,. swf igvv 2' .ggi W if -K fe 'x as ERNEST H. HERKLOTZ, Aeting Principal ISTANT A'I"IlENDANCE GUIDANCE NCIPAI. u1Rr:c1'1'oR DIRECTOR I'mR'lR'AN 'l'O ADM If ever there was a cause, if ever there can be a cause, worthy to be upheld by all of toil or sacrijice that the human heart can endure, it is the cause of edu- cation. Horace Mann An educational system has but one social justificationg namely, to qualify successive generations for effective par- ticipation in society. Education for participation in a democratic society must prepare the new generations to be critical, alert, and intelligent. Education must mould independent men and wom- en, free beings with powers of percep- SECRETARY OFFICE PRINCIPAL CLERK 0d Wctherhold J. Calvin Rogers Dorothy Hamilton Lynn Delozier Hilda Musterman Marjorie Bonari BUSINESS' FINE ARTS 'et R. Hoke Stella Morris Foster Augustine S. Harold Furman Robert F. Kunkle 40 NISTRATIO tion and analysis well developed. It must produce citizens equipped to take their places in the productive process of economic organization, in the deliber- ative processes of political decision, in the educational processes of personal ad- justment to social life, and in the formu- lation of larger social objectives. It must make them conscious of the end- lessly changing nature of society and en- able them to meet these changes and adjust to them. To the class of 1951 I extend my best wishes for a successful career. SCIENCE E 5 I5 ,,, 'W 4' AMW MATHE MATICS Anthony Bischoff Ronald Olson Marion Yancey Theodore Craig- Hazel W11 SOCIAL STUDIES Christiana Alexander Mary Louise Hicks Dorothy Noble George Norris jean Swartz 4l LANGUAGES Mary Katharine Cox Bliliabegh V. Davis Katharine Kibler Mildred Kinharl Lorenc Marking Linahelle Nicely INDUSTRIAL ARTS in fl l r 4: my 3 - :' I' 'Ii' 'Ii i it - , Q f Q fm' ,. N, , if, Y Alice Owens Leon Billow Lawrence Bonari Basil M. Burton Charles Difazio Emilyr Ewing Q PHYSICAL EDUCATION -I Mary Belle Allen Robert Bulcock Luciel Coggiano james Cox Bruce Remschler Margaret V FAMILY DRIVER RELATIONS HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATIOIN HCHTYCIIH CHFPCHICY Lela R. Burnett janith R. Horsey Margaret Shepherd MICH E- I-Calhffb tlw B summing . .. decision. "Hmm-you have a mighty accommodating dentist!!" puzzles Mr. Rogers. Assistants Evelyn Stockett and I-'ay Stevens await his rash in order. lfort Knox hasn't anything on AHS-Mary Webb and Ray liyler know 'cause they kept the "l've a problem, Mr. Anthony" -no problem went unsolved after at talk with Miss Hamilton. Our "Chamber of C ordinated the business life of 900 citizens. ommeree", Mrs. Mustermun and Mrs. Bonari, co- Q fi? v 3 Av Qi 43 2 :5 1? 1 Ai' 1 1? is Q. 1- . gwfx Lf ? s fl? im, 51 F' f gg I 45, -f 1,3 :gk Q I-2, K1 ' f f A , , M827 jii gi- J ' 24- f L. . V . , W is L ' "1 -. . ' KA f, , 1. ,. 4 .3:7'gUifM5 -iamii: My gs Aff? Q ,, 'gag:f . " 222 G1 f-' L' , " A Politicianrat-heart "I'rexy" Abato's fervor gained the popular vote. VOID Bunny Westphal, Footsie Pfautz, and Charlie Tack with- drew from the cafeteria committee huddle with new ideas. Added attractions included movies, colorful posters, and mid-duv music for dancing. Governmental jam sessions weren't always this calm! The city course was charted by democratic dissen sion and agreements among the members. Seated from left to right are J. Asher, P. Duvall, J. Marston. T. Ahato, M. Moon. F. Walsh. Standing are Miss Noble. XV. Mumford, and J. Baker. OF Me STIIDENT I.EGlSLA'l'llRE-Seated: J. Asher, J. Marston. 'l'. Abato, F. Rosenbloom, M. Moon, I. Talman, D. Miller, F. VValsh. C. Kautz, D. Lape, E. Sweeney, D. Purdy, S. Bryan, A. Castro V. Arigo, D. Todd, S. Hall. Stand- mg: S. Duvall, R. McCutchan, B. Walters. C. Cadell, S. Anderson. Not Shozvn: j. Baker, B. Westphal, S. Harder, P. Duvall, B, Pfautz, R. Sears, K. Block. l.. Mctlrone, M. Covington. mwlmfa, BY tlw sftwlmfs, FOR My sfmlmfs. Flying banners, wild cheers, and bursting bal- loons . . . a miniature Fourth of lluly announced September Student Council elections. Newly chosen officers found they couldn't always keep their cam- paign promises, but they did their best. From the sale of Budget Passes and Stunt Nite tickets our government received the money with which to operate. The fund was quickly dispersed, however, to pay for The Tally-Ho, assemblies, dances, awards, and other activities. Activity was centered on the revision of the handbook and a thorough overhaul of the consti- tution and the point system. A new cafeteria com- mittee and a special award system for cheerleaders and majorettes were innovated. This year Tony Abato held the gavel, jimmy Marston was "veep," Joyce Asher transcribed the records, Meredith Moon controlled the purse strings, and Miss Noble gave needed advice. "According to Robert's Rules of Order"-Representative Sam An- derson points out preferred parlia- mentary practices which would ena able the legislature to operate on a more businesselike basis. 47 l' Lieutenant Charlie Tack catches Billy Phelps chewing gum and walking his girl to class. Result: judge Abato hangs his gavel and Billy soon finds himself washing boards for Miss Cox! Patrolling the halls of AHS to enforce rules and regulations, the Traffic Squad preserved order. Armed with maroon bands and a little book of Ulettres de cachet" for would-be offenders, they regulated traffic in the halls and cafeteria, at fire drills, and during assemblies. ,Pm ' Pinch-hitting for the squad during the hrst lunch period, fourteen moniters rendered notable service. .. reigna Inset-Saved hy the hell-Captain Olson on the job! hens, W. Mumford, j. Carr, j. Marston, C. Tack, F. Stockett, E. Much, S. Harder D. Terry. Second Row: B. Groller, B. Trott, M. Cantler, J. Donovan, B. Stuller R. Young, F. Keeney, I. Bausum, S. Yost, N. Stine, F. Stevens, J. Reichel, J Ramey, B. Pfautz, S. Garner, Mr. Rogers. Third Row: S. Anderson, N. Smith, B Cook, R. Eyler, K. Riley, G. Springfield, D. Nichols, H. Gates, C. Smith, K. Sears TRAFFIC SQUAD- Below First Row: Miller, F. Gray, Asher, T. Wueh- fag ,1,,.,,. fo BRO We X- 3 P11549 1' flivthlflf PROSPECTS Civil Defense "came to school" with a Pat tern-for-Survival theme. Informative lec tures were given on first aid and protective measures. um id flue ,490 of ATOMS emergzng Under an accelerated program endorsed by the Board of Education, these six boys were stepped-up from juniors to seniors so they could graduate before being drafted. Seated: Tommy Martin Robert Callie. Angelo Calhrese and David Bnrtis. .Standing Clay ton Stevens and Ben Sarles Blondes, brunettes, and red- heads poured over the develop- ment of world-inclusive coun- tries and systems of govern- ment. They watched empires and smaller states rise and fall as events crowded into the present. "The addition of the Louisiana Territory nearly doubled our size" explains Wayne Hughes to Nancy Elliott and Bunny VVest- phal. Map studies were a part of tracing the growth of the United States-its aspects and ideals. mm C, PANORAMA flats? Shirley Harder, Barby jones, janet Kalmey, and jane Leitch begin their weekly session with The American Observer, cur- rent cvents paper. Problems hampering democracy were con- fronted and possible solutions discussed. Now what would Einstein do in Il fuse like this? Chemist-at-work jack Po- lee seeks proof positive with the moral support of john Simmons and john Alvzmos. In trouble? Ask Mr. Bischoff-he'll know! Eeek! How can you hear to touch those monsters? Formaldehyde and frogs' legs domi- nated the hiology room as giddy sophomores delved into the mysteries of life. Curious freshmen studied the foundations of science-astronomy, gravity, :md stezuu CIlglIlCSfU2lIltl then this little gismoe goes round and!" oh, Sir Isaac how could you do this to us? FRICTIO if ,A si fa . f fE,K'xk'i Ni ' '7"k1w?' W 4, if , is 45 mi E . . .24 l"!lCllJ50 of Mooie! Pay attention! This is vocabulary class. It does pay to increase your word power-look what it did for Webster! Besides 120 new Rearlfffs Digest words per month. harassed seniors waded through Beowulf, Chau- cer. and Macbeth. lime to catch up on sleep? No. this is modern education at its best. Interested sophomores watch a movie on 4'Nlinding Your Manners" it la limily Post! CRDS Dramatic Peisonae Diane Dixon, Sondra Duvall, Shirley llachmann, and Petra Reed entertain attentive juniors with an English skit about your enemy and mine-the dentist. W--1... Nu, tht-fre not making faces ut ezith 0lllCI'l lhis is l'Itlllll dass in the rolxgll--urwt-I III'0IlllIlll2l' lions. l'no, dos, tres, fuatro at nice mixture when for john? Veni, vidi, xici! Caesar 1 une sam hut SOIIILIIIIILS we wonder row he ever Lonquered Latin' lhe detline of latin students was often more drastic than the decline of Caesar Alumni with chalk in hand ponder over genitnes 61 lfllelleg of E I -bingo! No prizes were awarded hut Cllllflfllflllllxlll and education made Spanish classes played hingn. Keith, could sou repeat that last number f. 5 ' at ,nn Bippidy, hop, bop-click! Typewriting, tabulating, and filing absorb senior business bugs. What's on your mind, Shirley? Monkey business. or business administration?! glgnaleml of an OFFICE... lille backbone of business starts young. lyping classes learn-not how lo sit on the Joss's knee-but letter forms, envelope ud- lressing, rnirneograpbing. even how to type! klelonlies add rhythm and speed to the Ley clips. Chicken serutctlles, maybe? Complicated-but interesting und llSCflll7Sll0I'lll1ll1tl brought the "new look" to seniors' notes and assignments. The ligyptiznns hz1ven't anything on shorthand students except that nobody can read their scrziwl. Cakes, rookies, punrh? llzlllmvt-'ml capers cn- lered into liouu'-vtorloulit classes. 'l'ht-5 found f.-Q- . ' "-home rookin' lllt' WRU to 'l lll'lIli llC'lll 2 f s K x e .RN .e?bt-t's,,- 1 'D .Xfter checking tension, lmolmhin, and thread lilczmor llnrlmaugh stitclics down the lmsu-4 line."How doth the husy little hee?" Yiwu- K ,. Wm W HOME" Entertainment-complete with luncheon menu prepared hy a cooking quartet. Delicious dishes included tossed salad. meal loaf, string hcans, creamed potatoes, and dessert-to-rome. Looks good, tloesn't it? 'I olooclgngfi, clagggnga, Art classes decked the halls all year long with posters, showcase displays, and holiday scenes. This St. Nick was made hy Mary Lindauer. What are you making, Bob? It's a lampshade? Everything from paintings to pottery was created in the ever- hustling art room. YU ll AX Iilllc to the lc-ft please!- Mmlcl Diane locld poscs for Rembrandt juniors of the vc-rsntilt' url dcpzirlmcnl. Qs K. . JF? mix if , ' ,ba-fs- l' a '12 -.l s-1 ' '97 ' V '. W ,igeqmw DESIGNS . .. Christmas hymns rang through AHS halls as choristers carolcd before the morning bell. ML Learn! .XQHHGIQO i5 Accumulating a rich repertoire, the chorus in- cluded many old favoritesg among them were "Beautiful Savior", "You'll Never XValk Alone", "The Mfilfenpoof Song", and "The Lost Chord". Each audience thrilled to the trills of the har- monious voices. Combined efforts of this group and Mr. S. BAND-First Row: F. Rosen- hloom, B. Brashears, G Hall, S. Entwisle, J. Sturgis B. Groller, R. Baxter Schwarzberg, A. Bender Second Row: L. Norwood, J. Cordle, V. Hall, P. Tur- ner, F. Hubbard, C. Engle- man, S. Allen, D. Thomp- son, D. Holmes, R. Fowler, C. Ball. M. Xvilkerson. Mr. Furman, T. Cohle. Third Row: P. Parkinson, D. Mil- ler, J. Schoocraft, K. Riley, R. Harris. J. Thomas, J. Bull. ' 1 ,R. CHORUS First Row: C. Kautz, M. Nunn, B. Barry, D. Wlol- stcnholme, A. Caldwell, E. Boettcher, A. Doyle, P. Reed, C. Leanos, B. Hedges, S. Bryan, M. Bethel, E. Nemith, B. Sher- man, S. XVaterman, Donovan, D. Mileto, C. Molden, D. l'urdy, B. Bramble. .Second Row: P. Sherwood, M. Bausum, Branzell, A. Barnes, E. Doran, T. YVuebbens, S. Duvall, B. Harder, L. Scihle, M. K. Sinninger, S. Foust, M. Corwell, B. NVestphal, F. Hlilliams, D. Polk, C. Beavin, B. Schurr, B. J. Saunders, Trevett, B. Jones. Third Row: K. Sears, G. Schultz, B. Saunders, J. Tice, J. Lahovitz, M. Bland, C. 'l'olan, M. Wilson, C. Turner, P. YVilson, J. Phipps, A. Miller, F. Kenney, Mason, C. Hortopan, B. Kerchner, B. Kennerly, J. Brooks. Fourth Row: Mr. Kunkle, M. Collins, A. Bentley, B. Brown, T. Shores, E. Windsor, J. Henneherger, M. Barr, D. Miller, B. Phelps, N. Smith, R. Joyce, B. Carter. SINGI G... Harold Furman's band brigade produced a smash hit, H. M. S. Pinafore. Letter formations . . . trumpet trios . . . Rah! Rah! Rah's! added spice to assemblies and football games. Energetic efforts marked the highlight of achieving long awaited, snappy AHS band uni- forms, already in the making! Tables laden with lamps. trays, and howls were featured handicraft in the shop exhibit. y,,0fMf,,t PPRENTICES A busy hum from the shop build- ing . . . machine and man at work . . . shop majors progressed from the simplest drawings and handicraft to the more intricate projects. Wood and metal were transformed with hammers, saws, and lathes into "some- thing to be proud of." No idle hands in this classroom because there's never a dull moment. Skilled crafts- men make handy husbands! Many birthday and Christmas gifts developed from hits of wood . . . these tricky little wall shelves were among the elabor- ate designs proudly displayed in numerous homes. We, the seniors, solve the mysteries of life. Well, not exactly, but through dis- cussions, reports, and-shall we say mild? -disagreements, life did become less com- plicated. Dad still won't let me have the carl Socio-dramas of family life demon- strated those family problems so dear to our hearts. Growing up nowadays is quite a chore! eniord C160 LIFE... W undef CO TROL... The elite Annapolitans have no less than a '5l Pontiac for driving these days! Thanks to Mr. Alton Leatherbury women drivers need be feared no longer after they've passed the Sportsmanlike Driving course at AHS. How large is a dime? Demonstrations by the AAA showed us the facts about "turning on a dime" and stopping in a split second. It crm't he done! I .- V, ni ll schler demonstrated the intricacies University of Maryland sent us Miss Janie Grove for six weeks as a student teacher. "Oh, how we danced . . ." We kept up with the times as modern dance instruction was featured for the first time in gym class. We don't really look like that, do we? "Mr. Bones" and Coach Bruce Rent- of skeleton structure to boys' health classes. ,W h W6 ,, GAMES Snowy weather drove girl and boys from the speed ball and soccer fields tc t-he gym hardwood. Dur ing this Hhibernatior period" in more conlinet quarters, classes were halved with health anc gym alternated: Indooi sports specialized in gym- nastics, tumbling, basket- ball, and volleyball Spring returned with a bevy of blue gym suits on the track, basketball. and softball greens, Who said we're related to monkeys? Shirley Bachmann takes a spin on the parallels while future victims await. 62 il ,i'. Blub! Blubl Hot or cold, it was still hard to face a shower at I0 A.M. f fm X- af fi' f f l l Ladies of the sports lield . . . intramural captains, Ingrid Asche, Betty Stuller, Carolyn W'ehh. Kitty Duckett, and Shirley Bachmann directed the girls' teams all year. C L U or every infereaf Chocolate cake coming up hy our magnificent male Chefs. When cluh period rolled around, the home cc' department shuddered, hut amazingly enough- yummy! My , A K dir 3 g 5 W' 'J v X fi 'Mg it Q fi ll t ' . in . -f-f , V I lflllllll' 'licztcliers of .'xIllL'l'lCRlQlllltlCf the 'ettiou of Miss Katharine Cox, ,HIS sponsored ai group of its own. , n LIBRARY COMMl'I"l'lili-Stanflifzg: P. Henderson, A. Miller, Walder, l. Brashears, C. Way- son, C. Gallop, A. Logan. .S'c'uIerl: Mrs. Rogers, substitute librarian. jill? KOOL Among the 7,000 books that lined our library shelves AHS students found literature from Beo- wulf to comic books! lVith the aid of eight library assistants and Mr. Lynn Delozier, students chose biogra hies, fiction, texts and references, to suit their emands. This year the assistants who were instructed in bling cards charging out books, and advising readers, took inventory of the library. Approximately Hlty new books are expected to be ordered lor next year to be added to our already extensive catalogue. Above: Governor Mclieldin poses with the 1950-51 members. Pictured from left to right are '11 Wuebhens, D. Olson, 5. Garner, 1'. Dawson, C. Basil, Marston, and G. Bloom. Righl: The honor guest addresses AHS. 31. SMART if Guest speaker at the National Honor Society in- duction ceremony this spring was the Honorable Theodore R. lNlcKeldin, Governor of Maryland. Seventeen students stepped to the stage to join the 1950-51 members, Cynthia Basil, Gerald Bloom, Pat Dawson, Chris Demas, Sue Garner, Jim Mars- ton, Tennie Hluebbens, and President Dan Olson. Mary Lindauer had also become a member of the society in another school before transferring to AHS. Admittance to the Honor Society is based on the fulfillment of four requirements-scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The standards in scholarship are necessarily high: at least a average in all major subjects beginning with the sophomore year. Leadership and service are shown through extra activities such as Tally-Ho, YVAKE, Stunt Nite, and sports. Good character includes such desirable traits as integrity, sociability, hon- esty, and dependability. Acceptance into the National Honor Society is an achievement which few attain but all acknowl- edge. NEW Nl1iMB1iRS-First Row: D. Mileto, Carr, lf. Farrell. M. Stone, A. Brice, A. Katsef. Second Row: Duvall, 13. j. Saunders, B. Herzog, B. Hoyt, C. .-X. Turner. Third Row: J. Ha1sted, judd, D. Baker, H. Lewis, M. K. Sinninger. Not Slzozunx ml. Mason. ASSEMISLY COMMI'l"l'liE-- First Row: Miss Cox, K. Her bert, M. Asher, Lewis, M Stone, Wlolfe. Second Row: ll. Hallock, l'. Miller, l. 'l'al- man, ll. Xlfestervclt, S. Corkum, Mr. Burton. Third Row: A. Bender, G. Schultz, P. Henry, Mrs. Carpenter. Fourth Row: I. Lahovitz, M. Barr, S. llrink, Brooks. Assemblies were "the pause that refreshes"- anticipated and relaxing breaks in daily routine. Traditional strains of the "Alma Mater" always announced a new and varied program. Glass blow- ing, saxaphone solos, bird whistles, and Xylophone music were included among the professional as- semblies. A special highlight was the appearance of the United States Army Field Band. Under the direction of Miss Mary Katharine I TERLUDES Cox, Mrs. Henryetta Carpenter, Miss Lorene Mark- ing, and Mr. Basil Burton, the versatile assembly committee staged student shows. Specialties of this committee were seasonal presentations, ranging through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Chairman Mary Stone efficiently kept things rolling. Behindrthe-scene activities were controlled by special property, costume, lighting and make-up committees. COSTUMIC COMMl'l"l'liI'l: A. jor- dan, l.. Beal, L. Barnes, H. Shcrald, l'. Bell, ll. lVilson, A. May, Mrs. 66 Shepherd. M.XKliAlFl' COMM1'I"l'EI-1-Stmzrling: C. 'lill01llA as, ll. Taylor, Nl. Barr, J. l'otee, Mrs. Burnett, C' 'I' urner. .Sc'a1f'1l: Carr, G. Harliold, B NVeiss. ' 'R' 'Zitsif "'I'he Resurrection and Life 'l'otlay"- was our Easter message hy Chaplain Merrill N. Young. Right: Sacred to us is the memorv I of "Christmas lhrough the Ages." in Me cify roufine.. Talented alumnus, Cosimo turned as a memher of Ahato, re- the lfnitecl States Army Field Band to entertain us with a saxaphone solo. ff-4 4... ar wt Youthful orators and politicians cli maxed spectacular campaigns by iresenling their promising platforms Amitl a setting of autumn harvest Nancy Hamilton re- titetl "'l'he Frost is on the Pumpkin." ALLY- EDITORS-Serltfd: Asst. Editor G. Tyler, Fen. Editor M. Moon, Adviser Miss Kibler, Editor-in-Chief A. Brice Nezvs Editor Ramey, Sports Editor Henneberger. Standing: Asso. Editor S. Lewis, Asso. Fea. Editor B. Saund- ers, Asso. Bovs' Sports Editor G. Magruder, Asso. Girls' Sports Editor A. Logan, Pho. and Art Editor M. Golds- borough. RIQPORTERS-First Row: K. Duckcu. M. Taylor, D. Barnes, j. Carr, S. Rawlings, J. Reichel, H. Fisher, li. Kot- zm, H. Donaldson, P. Sherwood. Second Row: S. Foust, S. Bachmann, I. Asche, M. Gates, P. Duvall, K. Murchake j. Snuggs, A. Kinney, L. Robbins, P. Roberts, E. Max, N. Wetherhold. Third Row: F. Rosenbloom, K. Belch W. Mumford. C. Wayson, M. Barr, IS. XN'allc-rs, J. Nlolfe. 68 LDQCLJAYLQ5 . . .l99I'l'l0lfl:5 0l"5 . . y Symbolic of the T-HO reporter's duties are a succession of interviews, notes, deadlines, and consultations with editors. Before a story appears on the printed page, it must be assigned, written, ' revised, typed, copy-read, headlined, printed, proof-read, and pasted on a dummy sheet. Ten issues rolled off the press this year through the efforts of a myriad of reporters, proof-readers, editors, and advisers. Underclassmen who had a "nose for news" were enrolled this year as cub reporters. After instruction in the techniques of journalistic writing, they began taking assignments and eventu- ally collecting "string." Front page "scoops", "The Inquir- ing Reporter", "In the Sportlight" and "Main Hall Chatter" have made every page of Tally-Ho chuck full of the activities of AHS and its students. The Student Council in part finances this publication, while ads are solicit- ed from local merchants by Mr. Roland Olson's business staff. Miss Katharine Kibler advises the literary staff and is assisted by Miss jane Swartz. Quill and Scroll, an intemational hon- orary society for high school journalists, was newly innovated into AHS at the end of last year. Ann Brice and jane Carr, the two publication editors, are compiling the list of spring inductees. w 1, M, V 7' at .v "U 7. iw ' Pip fs, 4 "There it is!" Ann Brice points Riagg-.aizfi ro-ii . . f rf- --. out a bit of misplaced copy as h"'3?.,'g3' 9541? Meredith Moon reaches to retrieve i .' . 4504.-D . f , A lx t lt. J 1.5, n 70406 V . t i ' 51's-w... 'ff-.rf-, t , ., t 'Q r P , ,d 1- , 1'-gli. -"" 5 kmgzg . if--l'iQ A if A gfisiifftep., ' it 1'--.M'a'73L,' it if ' i, ' ' riff -., Wim X , it "M . ,IMI .Xl -I Named best monthly paper of its class in Maryland and D.C.l Aera! em 0 elf? Editor-in-Chief A A , Assistant Editor A A Make-up Editor AA A Literary Editor '..., Photography Editor A A Art Editor ,t.... A A , A Circulation Manager A A . Patron Manager . A A A Advertising Manager A A A Typing Manager A A Have you ever felt as if Atlas were sitting on you or the force of gravity had lelt the earth? VVell, sit back and read our tale of woe. Esteem of being yearbook editors soon turned into just plain steam as meetings were called-no responseg photos were needed-no camerag pages turned up-no copyg and when deadlines came along, nothing but 'WVAKE nerves" assembled. Photographers strained imagination to meet "WAKE whims," reporters tackled teachers for in- l JaneCarr A A Martha Goldsborough A A A , , . . Cynthia Basil A , A A Jill Donovan IdaBausum A A A Bunny Westphal . , . , A Joan Miller . A A Tom Kelly A A Charles Tack A , Joyce Asher formation, and harassed editors sought vainly for someone who might know "the fourth guy from the right in this picture." Yes-compiling the largest yearbook in our school history has had all the thrills of a roller coaster downgrade. You've asked many times "When will the WAKE come?" . . . may you enjoy its content now as you are glancing through it, and later . . A when it's only lor "Auld Lang Sync" that you open its pages. First Row: Carr, Mrs. Kinhart, Mr. Augustine, Mrs. Owens, j. Donovan. Second Row: Miller, C. Tack, J. Asher, I. Bausum, 'l'. Kelly, B. Xvestphal, C. Basil. V g1w1 f4fQw.zgz 1 t Q. ,. AA 1 V i x , H , RECORD Z .,.,...., we-P' ,Mfr 5.4 ,,'Y"-4 .N JM,x,g- 'S-4 amui 1' f x N'?'3Q .1 V The foar of an ufe spurt of energy '. . . 'md' 'ef' 'G PW f ring memories as we view Q Ord vf ov' fbwviwwffv iff - Y ' " Q- Q 5 A 1 Q N 5 , , Ai' 1' R' E+? 3 fmk' 2 Q 3g , S 3 i M, ,if-K , N- ,, , A 5 'K wr :viva , L W iii , 4 -H4 ,Z X' Jdj .mb 1 fm- .. fb 'Nr 1 if f ,V .j .mil ,Mg -gs ,r S 1..' ,..:. 5 V. 1 f wi . , f , Q1 f?. rw' - f I 1 -,: fs .E 4 im , ff N gf 5. ef ,ig rg 2 5 . r ggi , , 'A , 4 5. X. Coach Wetherhold's gridders of '50 left the most outstanding pigskin record of recent years with seven scalps added to their victory string. Under co-captains Dan Olson and Bob Purdy, quarterback Jack Jennings supplied the passing combination with his favorite target, Don Como. Charlie Hortopan was the lead- ing touchdown maker withxa 42-point record, although "Big jawn" Simmons shook himself loose on a 53-yard sprint for the only score of the annual Turkey Day clash. Handling one halfback slot was "Breakaway" Springfield, with Don Nichols at defensive and Pip Moyer anchoring cen- ter. Wayne Hughes and Herb Sullivan handled the guard slots backed up by two Bills, Kerchner and Kennerly. Mel Hyatt used his 200 pounds to advantage at tackle with Will Mumford right behind him. Don Jones, Keith Belch, and Bill Brown shared end assign- ments. The jay Vees won three games to emulate their varsity big brothers. THE RECORD O Greenbelt .t.......,..... pg Frederick . . . .r,., . . . 13 Dover, Del. ..r....,. . 7 Sherwood ..,,.....,.. . 0 Bethesda-Chevy Chase ,... 0 Elkton ...,.,,........ . 6 Maryland Park . . , . , . 7 Cambridge ,... , . , 20 Wicomico , . , 0 J V FOOTB XLL First Row R Walters J Beans A Calabrese, R. Lee, E. Hendricks, L. Bonnefond I' Coble F Walsh Second Row N Smith W Sheridan F. Rosenbloom, W. Kennerly, W. Kerchner l Chaney W Donald j Potee W Martin Fhxrd Row T. Shores, R. Beavers, J. Belch, K. Block F Carlson C' Catterton j Anderson B Brown C Alter Coach Bonari. -N-N-A-P-O-L Both the Anne Arundel County and Class A championships were annexed in one of the most successful seasons of the Varsity Five. In regular season competition the Varsity Quint had 12 wins and five losses. , Defeating arch rival Glen Burnie in two out of three games enabled them to go on to the District Finals, but there they were eliminated by Bel Air, 46-45. I Captain Donny Como proved to be the Panthers' best all around ball-player, especially under the basket. "Pip" Moyer sparked the club with a total of 326 points. jack Jennings, Ed Hendricks, and Tom Steward also turned in stellar performances. THE RECORD opp. AHS opp. AHS Prince Frederick ...... 17 63 Alumni .,,. ,... 3 6 34 Greenbelt ......... , . . 38 56 Cambridge . . . , . . . 38 46 Laurel .. .,,.,.... ,.. 31 60 Hyattsville .., ,,.. 37 42 Prince Frederick , . . . . . 33 69 Oxon Hill , , . . , . , 35 32 Oxon Hill ...... . . , 45 47 Glen Burnie , . . . . , , 28 33 Laurel , , . , . . . ,. 29 44 Arundel .,.. , . , . . . . 40 72 Cambridge . . . . , , 40 46 Maryland Park . . . . . . . 71 52 Faculty ...... ... 51 43 ' Glen Burnie ., .... 35 36 Glen Burnie . . .. 43 40 Bel Air ..,, 46 45 Aberdeen .,... ......, 4 3 40 li 7 I ff 2 Q VARSITY BASKETBALL-First Row: Mgr. it 1 V B. Kennerly, j. Marston, J. Jennings, L. if pf Bonnefond, E. Hendricks, D. Nichols, T. X ' Kelly. Second Row: Mgr. J. Baker, W. Mum- R . in V ford, 'I'. Steward, A. McGuckian, Coach x Rentschler, D. Como, P. Moyer, G. Bloom, ' Mgr. Al. Anderson. Left: High-scorer Pip Moyer dribbles to tally. Right: Captain Como stretches for the ball. asf ?-29 . 'fi1.Le1.:s-wfiiis .rr 'mf-r.?z"':24 .fiysfa f'- , J I-S! iw is -NM! I X16 l f its T: 1. X. . 12 3 fggs . W vit A' fi fw 'V ' el 4' A ' i V l""'3, JV BASKETBALL-First Row: D. Peret, H. Rowe, K. Block, W. Collison, B. Walters, D. Miller, G. Magruder. Second Row: Mgr. B. Brown, K.vBelch, K. Adams, R. Bea- vers, F. Walsh, Coach Bnlcock, B. Brown. J. Alvanos, D. Jacobs, J. Henneberger, Mgr. A. Jones. The eternal triangle . . . two hands and a ball. FROSH BASKETBALL-First Row J. Moreland, G. Catterton, D. McNew R. Brown. Second Row: R. Baldree T. McNew, A. Jones, J. Anderson Mgr. Rosenbloom. Third Row: D Como, J. Ellis, J. Tally, Coach Cox J. Havennar, A. Crosby, P. Moyer. Almost yet not quite . . . muscles strain, spectators gaze in suspense, and what happens? The referee blows his whistle! VARSITY SOCCER Fzrst Row J Myers D lenn nglon, D. Jones. B Vermillion 1 Britton Sfmnd Row M French W Smith S Moreland H Hubbard J. Cordle, C. Wmegardner D Figgs R Fyler R Svolos lhwd Row N Phipps Nl Cooper D Palmer J. Easterday, E Windsor J Schoocraft G YV1l THE RECORD Clarksville , Arundel . Aberdeen Southern , Clarksville Glen Burnie Glen Burnie Arundel . , . Southern V SOCCER .Szttmg V Eucare X Hall I Xvilq G. Brillon,C.Hy'1tt Standm V Hall C Dey Nl Blades O Beal J Roberts A Crosby S Brink J Elsts, N. Unger D Sears R Baldree J Dulin VARSITY BASEBALL--First Row: Mgr. F. Rosenbloom, E. Hendricks R Beavers D lcnnington Henneber er M r C Catterton Second Ron - -" ,J. g-, g.'.I f S. Moreland, D. Palmer, M. Covington, F. Jones, J. Jennings, C. Hortopan P. Lunter, G. Evans, D. Buttis. Third Rout: Coach Rentschler, D. Jacobs, I.. Bonnefond. K. Adams, D. Jones, T. Steward, Il. Brown, A. Crosby, T. Brooks. T . . HF RECOCIZEJ AHS Built around a small nucleus from '50, Towson .A,.. 5 4 the Panther diamonders, who were men- Greenbelt . . 2 I tored for the third year by Coach Bruce Forest Park Maryland Park Prince Frederick Rentschler, had a tough 16 game schedule. Jack Jennings was behind the plate with Arundel Greenbelt Paul Lunter on the initial sack and Danny Palmer holding down the keystone position. Southern fA.A.j Prince Frederick Glen Burnie Arundel Frank Jones returned to short stop for the second year. lid Hendricks held down the hot corner while Stu Moreland, Tom Stew- Maryland Park Southern AA ard, Charlie Hortopan, and George Evans , C -D Hyattsville Glen Burnie Hyattsville handled outfield chores. Front line pitchers lTlClllllCtl Don Jones, Ralph Beavers, and Maxwell Covington. DIAMO D .... la pal, 9 rs. Top: Don Jones winds up for the pitch. Above: You're out! "Mule" Jennings is on the ball! Star-r-rfike one! Charlie Hor- topan swings at a fast one. 79 The old Indian game of lacrosse again proved to be the most popular spring sport at AHS. In quest of their second straight county championship, the Panthers were paced this year by Co-captains Donny Nichols and Don Como and such returning lettermen as Danny Olson, Tommy Kelly, john Simmons, and Pip Moyer. New prospects who showed up well were Jimmy Belch and Bill Kerchner. Robert Bulcock took over the head coach's reins, and under his guidance the Panthers displayed plenty of steam. Bottoms up! .f sift VARSITY LACROSSE-First Row: B. Brown, E. Britton, T. Coble, J. Beans IJ. Miller, W. Smith, AI. Roberts. Second Row: W. Kennerly, Simmons W. Kerclmer, 1. Belch, D. Como, D. Nichols, K. Block, A. Harvey, R. Moyer R. Crosby. Third Row: Coach Bulcock, Mgr. T. Shores, C. Schmidt, C Heise, 'I'. Kelly, ll. Olson. W. Mumford, NV. Cook, R. Lee, Mgr. A. Bentley Z. johnson. QM' opp. AHS Dundalk .... 3 1 Forest Park , .... 5 4 N5 Southern fBalto.j lm Charlotte Hall W A Alumni . . , .mt v 1? his -.V . l p l' Rf' Wig , l lf! V I J. W , . Charlotte Hall ..,. 6 Z City College THE RECORD Bill Kennerly fends off Qan O1son's attack. Ulunuunu lnl lU- " 4 I W V N A g 4V'. I On A ga I- v- ' 'V' M if . . """""""""'. i TT , V ,luv pl ,ggi A' ' -1 :74, ,,1P'z"u1:n' .. ,ff , . M. . . . av-.ff W ' 2?51t',Q,3-1 - .,,. .,' ' ,..,...,,11iaa.u:5ag-p,,.,,,,.,,a,5,,,,.,.....- V Q ' ,...,,,,,,,,,,.u.u V, -V - i.-41'---ua.,-qs , ' 'f . v '40 -X 'ii' ' .. . . . 9"fw mmm -ww 'et' in. CINDERMEN opp. AHS Montgomery-Blair Poly Relays Inter-class Meet Annapolis High's track team, al- though heavily hit hy 50's gradua- tion, looked forward to a fine sea- son. Last year the Panthers won one out of three meets and placed fifth in the state finals. George Springheld, state record holder of the 220-yard dash, was the hig gun for the Panthers. Springfield won both the 220 and running broad pump events in the .state meet last year, and this year he entered in both those events plus the l004yard dash. Gregg Magruder, jim Bryars, and Ken Sears also ran in the l00 and the 220. Bill Sorrell and Hilary Rowe handled the 440 yard run, while Ray liyler and Keith Belch ran the 880. The mile run was tackled by Stanley lintwisle and Dennis Holi- dayoke. In the field department Spring- lield again ruled the broad-jump, with help from Van Conway. jim Baker and Wayne Graham used their weight to good advantage, throwing the shot-put and discus. Graham also entered the highs jump, along with Magruder and Conway. I l . . TRACK-First Row: D. Holidayoke, Alvanos Baker N Buerger -R Eyler Second R0 C K' , , . , . . . , w: . inner, K. Sears, B. Cadell, J. Bryars, B. Sorrell, G. Springheld, B. Vklalters, D. Meyer, N Unger, l'. Eller. Third Row: Mgr. B. Brashears, S. Brink. A. Gould, Al. Potee, Coach Cox, G. Alter, S. E t ' l G. n wis e, Magruder, H. Rowe, Mgr. A. jones. Crisp white skirts swish in unison . . . fourteen pairs of saddle shoes leave the turf . . . cheers ring through the air . . . cheering, singing, or moaning- theerleaders were there. Leader Ann Fisher was willed the topmost post in the squad last year by Gloria Richmond. Other pert swirlers were tried out and picked by varsity members and Miss Shepherd, faculty adviser. Of the eleven girls serving their second season, Dotty and Peggy Westphal, identical twins, have four years in the cheering section to their credit. Practices began the first week of school with "shows" put on through all varsity sports, pep rallies, parades, and bonlires. Jay Vees begin their work with JV sports, graduating from maroon skirts to white. On the gridiron, on the court, at the pep rallies, cheerleaders were always sending in that extra man- spirit. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-First Row: E. Sweeney, Dyment, B. Weiss, B. Zeigler. Serond Row: P. Duvall, L. Thomas, B. Har- der, E. Doran, L. Scible. Third Row: H. Sherald, D. Westphal, A. Fisher, P. Westphal, D. Barnes. JV CHEERLEADERS-First Row: J. Day, L. Barnes, J. Earle, E. Robinson, M. Hopkins. Second Row: M. Metcalf. B. Wiggins, l'. Anderson, S. Foust. We've got a team-nobody's prouder! If you can't hear us, we'll yell a little louder! We've got a team-nobody's prouder! lsyi , If you can't hear us, we'll yell a little . ,.., louder! UQ , We've GOT A TEAM-NoBoDY's iiv- PROUDERl aii .fgffjs IF You CAN'T HEAR Us, w12'LL A . YELL A LITTLE LOUDERI I .3 "Col Go! Go!" Both " 4 cheerleaders and coach N point to a goal-to-go. .w s t i A,1!.Jw Wil' it tw he MAjORE'I"1'ES-First Row: j. Wolfe, D. Purdy, P. Bell, F. Williams. Second Row: L. Hambruch, M. Gates, 1-L. Shovestul, B. Hedges. S. Wright, M. Bethel. Flashing batons . . . bobbing boot tassels . . . the major- ettes on parade . . . Cheering crowds at those big gridiron games thrilled to the antics of the peppy strutters. Under the direction of leader Jeanne Wolfe, the major- ettes this year planned and executed intriguing patterns for those half-time breaks, as well as bonfires, pep rallies, par- ades, and SG elections. The gold and white uniforms, tall hats, and high-top boots were acquired through efforts of the squad alone. Accompanied by drums at various times, the majorettes added pep, enthusiasm, and color to athletic contests. Head Majorette Jeanne XNolfe-our high strutter. Majorettes parade on the football stripesto display new formations and fullfdress uni- forms to homecoming visitors. , 42 Q -fi? '14 e' Cara Gascoigne from Eastholme, England, introduced girls' lacrosse at AHS. frgsg 5 it is M Hockey? Badminton? Basketball? All these were included in the regular intramural program-plus archery, softball, and volleyball. Girls' intramurals, a different division from varsity sports, were offered every Tuesday afternoon. Betty Stuller headed the intramural leaders, comprised of interested volunteers. Lacrosse was introduced at AHS upon the visit of a varsity representative from England, arranged by the Baltimore Lacrosse Association. Girls interested in this new sport met every morning before school to master the fundamentals of the game. Lacrosse will also be offered as part of the regular intramural program next year. It's a "drawl" Betty Stul- ler, Tennie Wuebbens and Sondra Duvall learn that the game's beginning is similar to hockey. mx 15 ef N , lf' L -X sl it Carolyn Webb "watches the birdie." Upper and Bows bent and strings taut-Shirley Bachmann and lower classmen staged a badminton tournament Sondra Duvall aim for bullseye. apiece. 1 39? ...c... i 5' -5. ,AQ F. VARSIT Y FIELDBALL-First Row: E. Pennington, D. jackson, M. Beyerlein, K. Duckett, C. Cammar- atta, C. Davis. Second Row: D. Wolstenholme, J. Wildon , C. B er ritain, j. Weston, B. Jones, P. Rawlings, J. Mason. Third Raw: C. Kautz, M. Vanderburgh, S. Garner, S. Bush, S. Duvall, S. Bachmann, I. Asche, R. Taylor, A. cm, Coach 1.. coggiano. FIELDBALL Mir Kitty Duckett steps back as Sue Garner and Ingrid Asche battle for a toss-up. Another inscription on that silver cup marks the fourth consecutive year that the AHS fieldball team has won the A.A. C o u n t y championship. After a bad opening game against Southern, the girls retaliated with a determin- ation that lasted until the title was ours. Arundel furnished the Pantherettes with the stif- fest competition of the year, playing the locals to a 6-6 deadlock. Back again were veter- ans Signy Bush, with her overhead shots, and Son- dra Duvall, captain and high scorer for '50, New- comers Carlotta Cammar- ata and Shirley Bachmann showed their prowess with timely two-pointers. THE RECORD opp. AHS Arundel .......,. 6 3 Southern ,........ 7 13 Glen Burnie ..... 6 9 Arundel .......,, 6 6 Southern ..,...., 4 7 Glen Burnie .,,.. 1 5 r THE RECORD Opp. AHS Catonsville ....... 4 l St. Mary's Sem. 2 3 Glen Burnie ..... 0 4 "Aw shucksl Missed!" Sl' Marys Sem' '--- 4 3 Glen Burnie ....,, 0 4 Montgomery-Blair 0 3 The Lady Panthers hockey team, under the direc- tion of Coach Margaret Wharton, turned in a fine season, winning four and losing two. In amassing their victory string, the gals twice toppled their arch rival, Glen Burnie. f'Footsie" Pfautz, Louise Murphy, and Betty Stuller formed a trio of high scorers. O11 defense Joyce Asher, Ida Bausum, and Bar- bara Walters turned in outstanding performances, Rosa Lee Young completed her fourth successful year as goalie. VARSITY HOCKEY-First Row: R. Eucare, J. Reichel, E. Coble, j. Windsor, B. Westphal, j. Asher. Second Row: B. Aorilio, B. Barry, M. Nunn, D. Barnes, B. Walters, 1. Myers, R. Young. Third Row: D. Lape, A. Logan, B. Pfautz, R. McCutchan, G. Harbold, I. Bausum, B. Stuller, B. Egan, B. Simmons, P. Reed, Coach Wharton. . . . Lufiea . . : miaea VARSITY BAS- KETBALL - First Row: K. Duckett, D. Jackson, B. Stul- ler, S. Yost, R. Young, C. Davis. Second Row: B. Egan, B. Werz, T. Wuehhens, S. Bach- mann, S. Duvall, I. Asche, J. Wolfe. Third Roux' Coach Wharton, F. Far- rell, S. Waterman, I. Bausum, D. Lape, Coach Cog- giano. "Skippy" shoots. JV BASKETBALL. First Row: J. Hicks, C. Dodson, E. Shovestul, C. Yvehh, B. Barry. Second Row: C. Cammarata, D. Barnes, N. lick, F. Williams, B. Pulsi- fer, P. Street, J. Tryon. Third Row: Coach Allen, S, Foust, H. Par- kinson, E. Cadle, B. Wfestervelt, L. Mcflrone. 0- The scoreboard showed five wins and six losses as the Pantherette sex- tet, coached by Miss Margaret YVhar- ton assisted by Miss Luciel Coggiano, rounded out their '51 season. Stellar performers "Skippy" Jackson, Jeanne Yvolle, and Beverly NVerz were high scorers for the feminine hardwooders, tallying 107, 37, and 24 points re- spectively. Co-captains Betty Stuller and Shirley Yost, along with Shirley Bachmann, played good defensive ball. TH IL RECORD . ' . OPP Prince Frederick. 18 Laurel . ,.., . , 15 Prince Frederick , . I3 Catonsville ., . 23 Laurel , . , . . l6 Glen Burnie . 20 Bethesda . , 56 Bethesda . . , . . 48 Glen Burnie , 27 Arundel , . . l4 Arundel .. . I7 " , tm A T1 .al ""'u"M' ' 5.1 43 5 2 591' , ' ml I f ' 7 Ae far? fy if ff V W: W, 5 fffff'-Q ii QKQW lx rs " ! lg - . . 42229 1 4 we 5 Q QQ M g +42 GA QU ,, is 4 Hs an W JQQQ . A I 3 251 M isa? 3125 1? W1 , 4 if 3 5 , M M . M..f.-WM A A -R......,,,,Qk 164 QM W-1-.SM Q16 Q-A K bf, g' Wg A Ex . it-F js -WL 'Y I ' 4 59,5 2 THE RECORD V ff' ,255 P- 'KX Gig OPP' AHS ' .35 Greenbelt g Arundel X Southern QA.A.j z., 1'-Sf' Glen Burnie " 1 'Y Arundel ' In . if Southern QA.A.j E K gf' Greenbelt J . 3 gg! 654 Glen Burnie 51 fi N, 3 . x s ,ae 1 5 B 5 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-First Row: B. Jones, B. Hedges, D. jackson, l.. Wlickstrom. Second Row G Har bold, M. Bausum, L. Robbins, J. Mason, B. Stuller, K. Duckett, P. Roberts B. Pulsifer, D. Todd Thzrd Row Coach Coggiano, C .Tolan, A. Ballman, B. Werz, I. Bausum, F. Keeney, 'l'. Wuehbens, S. Duvall E Cadle B Westervelt, M. Wilson, K. Leanos. The '51 volleyball team moved into another fine season with the capture of their third consecutive county cham- pionship as their goal. Having only three first string hold- overs from '50, Coach Luciel Coggiano welcomed a number of promising rookies who backed more experienced players to make their mark on the court. Rounding out her fourth year of varsity competition, Captain Betty Stul- ler sparked the play. Newcomers Bever- ly Werz and Skippy Jackson proved to be valuable additions to the squad. Twinkling lights from AHS after dark . . . the last strains of prom melodies floating through the midnight air . . . the scene of our thespian and musical productions . . . affording student merry-makers a glitter- 1ng . . . l calibur--if-. I QQQZIA D Hi'!!l""? F' . Q 9 16. i- te? s 9' . Y ma ' iumfii, 1' -' , 'f - f,-1:91415 w 2. Mm, ,. . . , ,XX , , SF' . x 'A V1 B. I V V r R 3 e i i 1 W K N l i V Q i l I i I l " if + ffm ,r , V s f W i 'ff l X s BX in .msez-w ""' O I 4.. ITE LIIF Q, R K - 4' I' fx 5 , N. ik' 3, J mg 'f 5 1 , MQ vi M ,E N qt 1 1 A -Q enflzudiaaln Flames rose high . . . voices rose higher . . . sparks Hew out . . . cheers rang out . . . Despite drizzle, wind, and cold the ardent sport fans of AHS made a terrific display of school spirit at the bonfire pep rally. Shivering but nevertheless strutting and shouting vigorously, the majorettes and cheerleaders kept the crowd full of pep. With a special loud-speaker car and much "pomp and circumstance," the crowd paraded through Annapolis proper, returned to the school, and then gathered round the grandiose fire. The gridironers were interviewed for the spectators by Jerry Fisher and Buddy Tack. All went home wet and cold, but sure of a good season with enthusiasm plus! I , rg I at f . ef? Est tm .4 X P rf' I' ,NZ N' , nf' i B Bif f' Xtilf xii: sm! I 4 A Stanley Entwisle and his trum- pet send melodious notes ring- ing through the auditorium. Blue floodlights highlighted the swish of a grass skirt-"Little Brown Gal" with Margie Gates. Stunt Nite came . . . a star- studded footlight review . .' packed full of top-notch talent. Highlight of the show, carry- ing away top honors, was Joanne Weston's rendition of "His Rockin' Horse Ran Away" a' la Betty Hutton. Second hon- ors went to Bill Phelps for his beautiful vocalizing of "The Lord's Prayer." In third place was the "Tally-Ho Crew" with their conception of "The Miss- ing Report Card." Following tradition the faculty "let its hair down" in a good ole' corn-hus- kin' bee. Everything from a mock wrestling match to a chorus line of Flora-Dora girls entertained at matinee and soiree perform- ances. Talent scouts don't kn what they missed, but look out Broadway! Here comes A.H.S.! OW "What? All A's?" Papa Mylin Bar r faints at report card news as Nancy Hamilton, Helen Fisher, and Ann Logari stare. jwinggng eyw, ambweal facea, lzear-fy fauglld The longvawaited faculty stunt-a husking hee complete with a harhershop quartet! Flora-Dora gals in red satin and hlack lace tripped across the stage. "Blind" ref Jimmie Marston meas' ured the pin of Dangerous Dan hy Belligerent Bill, The Winnah! With "silent singing" Joanne Weston pantomined a mother's blues. lee, ,frm--me-W ,asm-ff ,, .,t, am- ' s75f'?!X'V"9"?v- Aw, c'mon-Sadie Hawkins Day comes but once a year-give us a break! The poor male is cornered . . . these became the rhythmic feet with the Nite Life beat. Wvill she he dancing with that senior wolf instead? Downhearted Bill Kennerly dials again. Keith Belch consults his "little black hook" as Frank Walsh kihitzes. Guys and gals are dated-the day arrives! The Social Committee descends on the har- ren cafeteria. Drucilla Terry, Meredith Moon, and Donny Miller hang gala stream- ers. al If .PT Pigskins, snowmen, and eupids transformed the cafeteria into a dazzling dancehall where couples twirled and whirled. Magicians . . . and laborers . . . of the dances and jamborees were the social committee and its advisers, Miss glean Swartz and Mr. Leon Billow. Hocus pocus . . . band contracts were signed . . . tables and chairs came out . . . artistic decorations went up . . . then sociable citizens enjoyed themselves. Mornings after the night before found sleepy-eyed clean-up crews trudging back to right the wreckage. Novelty of the year was the Pigskin Hop. Colorful posters urging our team to victory fired school spirit. Little of the magical decorations re- mained after dancers left sporting blue and maroon pennants as souvenirs of AHS Nite Life. Social Committee Representatives: First Rnzv: A. Miller, IJ. lepp, Asher, Miss Swartz, P. Wesphal, D. Terry. Sfwrzd Row: G. Lalmovitl. K. Sears, S. Bachmann, K. Smith, Nl. Riddlelierger, C. Basil. 1' ufiic ana! , , , qu-1 Operatic aspirants gather round leading lady jill Donovan in H.M.S. Pinafore. 3,-gkxifpr. -, S "I :mi the Captain of the Pinaforef' "For he is an Englishman." 98 ,gn flue AH!! of fA 'fi Ralph Rackstraw ...4,.. Bill Phelps Josephine ....,4,...,, jill Donovan Captain Corcoran ..... Nepier Smith Little Buttercup. . .Dominica Mileto Sir joseph Porter ....,,., Mylin Barr Cousin Hebe .....,,.. Audrey Miller Dick Deadeye .......,. Bill Kerchner Boatswain A... , . . Bill Kennerly After a succession of snow storms which halted rehearsals and kept school doors bolted, H.M.S. Pinafore docked at AHS. The musical-dramatic production filled the house. "Stop! Oh, stopl I love youl' marked a favorite climax as Josephine Hung herself into Ralph's waiting arms. Eight "song-stars" were the backbone of a cast consisting of sailors and "sisters, cousins, and aunts." Christian Engleman as musi- cal accompanist played with his own touch of Iturbi. A finished performance would not have been possible without assistance from Mr. Robert F. Kunkle with chorus vocalizing, Mr. George W. Norris with acting, and Mr. Samuel Furman and the orchestra. Candle glow . . . mystic strains of "Mam'selle" . . . Parisian cafe atmosphere . . . as dreamy Juniors, we loved our junior Prom. Our first class activity was this most anticipated formal of the year. Green and white awnings, candlelit tables, and garlands of gay flowers remarkably trans- formed our cafeteria into the Cafe de la Paix. Day Child's Orchestra supplied musique tl la francaise as couples drifted before scenic views of Paris in the spring. Our hearts swell with pride when we recall Hour" Prom, ac- claimed by tout le monde as the most outstanding in the history of Annapolis High. it Q ,, We danced with pride at our junior IGHT ,Vg left: Properties. ' fove vove right: Program Covers. ght: Scenery 'low left: Programs. flow right: Lighting. Mqgllw K CAST OF CHARACTERS Xngie . .... . . ..., Meredith Moon wlargaret . , Betty Pfautz ,orraine . Ann Brice Citty .. . . . , ,. Fay Farrell vlrs. Morrow vlr. Morrow Barbara Walters , , Willard Mumford ack . . ., , Bill Cook Xrt . .. , ,... Bob Sheridan Above left: "See you all later. l'm in the parade!" Above: "How do you do? l'm so glad to know you!" Below: "Angie, I want you to be my girl." vlartin . , . . Coleman Groves 'ane ,.., . . . , Ann Logan Pony . . , . . Sam Anderson viargie ....., . . . .,.. jane Carr Fitz ,.,...., .. . , .. Tom Kelly lnderstudy and prompter , .,.,,, . juan Miller ". . . and yet never again would there ever be anything quite is wonderful as that Seventeenth Summer" brought down the rouse as well as the final curtain of our senior play. The cast if Seventeenth Summer, under Miss Katharine Kibler's direc- ion, staged "one of AHS's best dramatic productions." Plans progressed as we accumulated props . . . painted scen- :ry . . . perfected our lines . . , and made clever morning an- nouncements that foretold a marvelous production. The open- ng came and our efforts were rewarded by the audience's miles and tears. R ,,,,...-ss fAQ5Q CCF? memoriezi of gedferolag . . . ij0l'I'L0l"I'0lfU A05 GAQH For their assistance in compiling the 1951 WAKE, we wish to express our utmost appreciation. to Mrs. Mary Alice Owens, Mrs. Mildred Kinhart, and Mr. Foster Augustine for their friendly guidanceg to Mrs. Vaudine Herbster, Stanley Stearns, and The Evening Capital for photo- graphs, to families of WAKE editors who survived harassed weekends and late hours, and to our ever-patient Mr. Sidney C. Schultz of H. G. Roebuck and Company, without whose help this yearbook would not have been possible. A Mrs. Anthony Abato Shirley Achenback David Ackerson Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Cpt. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ackerman Charles Adams Mitchell I. Adams Betty Aisquith and Mrs. Fred Alexander Mary E. Allen Louis R. Amacher Beverly Myers Ames and Mrs. James Anderson L. H. Arison and Mrs. Benj. F. Asher Francis P. Asher Jr. and Mrs. Francis Asher, Sr. Joyce Asher, '51 Mr. Mr. and Mrs. S. Felton Atwell Joseph F. Atwell Foster F. Augustine Mr. B and Mrs. Geo. F. Bachman Mrs. F. Ernest Baker Maude N. Baker Louis B. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Baldwin, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Barber Bard Avon School Mrs. Benjamin Bare Mr. and Mrs. George Barnett Mrs. Barry Mrs. W. E. Barelmes Mrs. Ruth Bassford Mr. and Mrs. Don Bashore Anita Basil, '46 Miss Barbara Basil Carl G. Basil Cynthia Basil, '51 Mrs. Edgar Basil Mrs. F, N. Basil Mr. and Mrs. J. Leslie Basil Mr. L.oree Basil Mrs. Loree Basil Robert A. Basil, Jr., '51 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Basil, Sr Mr. George Bassford Mrs. Ottie Bassford Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bassford Les Bates Mr. and Mrs. Benj. F. Bausum Evelyn Bausum, '50 Frederick A. Bausum, '47 Ida Bausum, '51 Miriam Bausum, '53 Beach Grocery Madeline Beall, '50 Mrs. Oliver Beall Mrs. I.. A. Bean R. C. Bean Mr. Ralph Beavers Barbara Beavin, '48 PATRONS Mrs. G. Beazley Mr. George Becker Helen Belcher Mr. Roland Bell W. R. Bell Mrs. Virginia Bennett Water, "Speedy" Bennett Miss Anne L. G. Benson Mrs. J. V. Bethel Mrs. James Bland Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Bloom Mrs. Ralph Bloor Miss Betty Boettcher Mrs, Bollier Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bonari Mr. and Mrs. Charles Borgersen Ham Basley Mr. Edward Bothe Mr. J. H. Bouchal Lt. Jos. H. Bouchal, Jr., '45 George Bounelis Alice M. Bowen Owen Odell Bowen, '46 Fred M. Bowles, '50 Boys of Miss Noble's 2nd period History Mrs. C. J. Bradford, Jr. Dorsey Brady Ritchie Brady, '50 Elizabeth Branham Rev. Orra Brant Mrs. John Branzell Brothers Brashears Mrs, Eva Brashears Mr. Frank Lee Brashears, Jr. Ina Brashears Milford Brashears Robert Lee Brashears, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Braum Mrs. T. Brenzow Miss Naomi Brewer Mrs. C. Carroll Brice, Sr. Mr. Norman Brice Raymond Brown, Jr. Mr. Robert Bulock Dean Bullen Bunny and Archie Mrs. Ethel L. Burdett Mrs. Elsie L. Burgess Mr. Fiaser Burgess Mrs. Theodore Burgess ' Lela R. Burnett Mrs. Dorothea Burtis Basil M. Burton Eddie Burtis Mrs. B. H. Bush Catherine Busto Mr. William Butler, '46 C Miss Edith Cadell Calverts Variety Store Marion Cantler THE STAFF. Mr, and Mrs. Preston Cantler Mr. George R. Carlson Mrs. Mae Carlson Sally Ann Carpenter Mrs. Henryetta Carpenter Mrs. Carpenter's lst period gen. bus. Miss Anne WV. Carr Ben Carr Bill Carr Mrs. Evereth Carr Miss Gladys W. Carr Miss June Carr Virgil H. Carr, Jr., '50 Mr. and Mrs. Warrington Carr Mr. Carron Mrs. Carrigon Mrs. D. L. Carson Mrs. Earrie E. Casey Lillian F. Casey Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Catterton C.B. M.C. of A.A. Co. Mrs William A. Chambers Mrs. Muleel Clapelle Myrtle M. Chase Miss Minnie Childs Robert F. Church Mr. and Mrs. R. Church William G. Churchill, '43 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clark Mrs. J. Spencer Clark Mrs. Vivianne Cark Von Clayton David O. Colburn Jennie Mae Colburn, '50 Mr. William S. Colburn Miss Luciel Coggiana Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Coghlan Mrs. H. Collahona Mr. Howard S. Collins Mrs. Rhoda Dul Collins, '37 Jennie C. Collinson Miss Jennie Collison William J. Collisin C. Como Raymond Connell Bill Conwoy Mr. and Mr. J. W. Conwell Mr. Charles Cook Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cook Miss Nellie G. Cook Rev. G. A. Cooper Marlene Cooley Miss Nelie G. Cook Katherine Roger Cordle Mel Covington Miss Katherine Cox Mr. Merle E. Cox Tony Cribun Lt. and Mr. Roy Creech Mr. and Mr. E. D. Crist Claire Crocker Mrs. Franklin Cummings Norman Cummings Jack G. Currier Rylin Currin D Mary Frances Dahl Mrs. R. J. Daughterty Corner Daves Miss Davis' 5th period English Class Clark Davidson Merry F. Davidson R. E. Davidson Mrs. W. F. Davidson Miss Elizabeth Davis Kerry Davis Wonda F. C. Davis Barbara Dawson Shirley M. Dawson '45 Mr. William Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Day Bea Deale '50 Mrs. Malcolm E. DeConway Mrs. B. B. Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Demos Dink and Chuck Raymond Disney '48 Mrs. C. F. Dockhoin Esther M. Donald Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. James E. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Avery Donovan Jill Donovan '51 Mr. Owen Dove Mr. Richard E. Dove, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Dorsey Joe Drog Joanne Duckett '50 PATRCDNS Robert J. Figgs Mr. and Mrs. William W. Figgs Elizabeth A. Finkle Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Finkle, Jr. Albert Fisher Mrs. Lillian Fisher Mr. Bill Fishpaw Eddie Fitch Mary Bowles Flanagan '44 Mrs. Marie A. Flutwood Mrs. W. A. Fleming Harry T, Ford John H. Ford Mrs. Wiley J. Fowler Mrs. Bertha Francis Mr. George Frank Mr. William E. Frantom Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fredenburgh A Friend A Friend A Friend Two Friends Mr. and Mrs. Paul E, Fuhrman R. M. Fulton S. H. Furman G Miss Antoinette Gaines Mrs. Carl A. Gallop Mrs. Benjamin C. Galloway J. Francis Galloway Francis Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Hal R. Garner Mr. Francis Gasch Betty Gates Harvey Gates Mr. and Mrs. Harder Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Harder Mrs. Jack Hardesty Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Harms Barbara Harper Maude B. Harrington Daniel I. Hershman Mr. A. T. Hatch Mr. F. Garner Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Burton Hazel Capt. and Mrs. J. T. Hazen Mrs. Richard Hebb W. E. Hedges Mr. John Hellener Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Henderson Mr. W. D. Henderson Mrs. W. D Henderson Fred Henretty Mr. and Mrs. H. Herbert Mrs. R. H. Herbert Mrs. James D. Hicks Mr. F. R. Hickman, Jr. Ernest H. Herklotz Mrs. Victor D. Herbster Miss Gloria Hienbrick Wayne Higgs, '48 Pat Hill, '50 Mr. and Mrs. Coleman R. Hindle Mr. Hodges Mickey Holland Mrs. M. S. Holmes Mrs. E. N. Holt Mrs. Oliver B. Holt Mrs. Helena Holzaphel and Dot Holzaphel '49 Mrs. Shepherd's 2nd period Home Arts Class Mr. and Mrs. 0. Bowie Duckett Mr. W. B. Duckett Mrs. Henry W. Duerbeck Ann M. Dugon Mrs. Rhoda Dull Harry Duncan, Jr. Mr. J. Dunleavy Mrs. Paul Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Duvall Katherine C. Duvall, '27 Mr. and Mrs. M. Lee Duvall Mr. Weems D. Duvall In memory of Mrs. Weems R. Duvall Weems R. Duvall Mrs. Dorothy Dye F. Mrs. R. W. 'Easterday Commandeg W. F. Eckley Mrs. W. H. Eitemiller Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Ellington Mrs. Grover Emrick Mr. and Mrs. James Engle English Ill D Miss Cox's 4th period English Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Entwish Miss Alma Erickson George A. Erickson Mrs. H. N. Eslinger Frederick W. Essig Joanna Garner Evans '44 Mrs. Matthew S. Evans Mrs. Pete Evans Mrs. Walton Evans Emily Ewing Family Relations 3rd period Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Farrell Mrs. W. O. Faust Mrs. Fred Feldmeyer Miss Nyce Feldmeyer Mrs. John C. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gates Nat Gates III Nat Gates, Jr. and Son Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Gaw Mrs. George Gebhaidt Rev. C. Georgiadis Mrs. Cecila Getz Mrs. Gilden Mrs. Ray F. Gillum Girls in Miss Noble's 2nd period History Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Goddard Mr. and Mrs. Zepp Goings Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Goldsborouglx Mr. Albert J. Goodman Mrs. Myron S. Gordon Mrs. Jack Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. V. Gould Flora Gray, '51 Mr. and Mrs. John Gray Jimmie Gray Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Grafe Margaret S. Grallen Irene M. Grallcy Mr. Joseph Greenfield Commander Griffith Irene Grimm Mrs. R. Grollman H Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Hall Margaret Hall Shirley Hall Dr. V. Hall Margaret Hallock, '48 Mrs. Jonah Halsted Mrs. Florence Hambrock Dorothy Hamilton Mr. Theodore Hammer Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Hammer Mrs. Albert Hancock Miss Anna Mae Haneke Gail Rowe Harbold Homeroom 2ll Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett Hopkins Mr. John H. Hopkins Mrs. J. L. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. T. Weller Hopkins Miss Janith R. Horsey Betty F. Horton '50 Charles Hortopan, '51 Mrs. Truxton C. Houston Mrs. Cora Howard Mrs. F. N. Howard Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Howard Mrs. Mary Hubbard Mr. Hudgins Mrs. Hudgins Mr. J. D. Hudgins David Hayatt Mr. and Mrs Lou Hyatt I Mr. and Mrs. W. E. lssel J Mrs. Alvin Jackson Mrs. S. E. Jarrell Mrs. W. C. Jarrell Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Jaworski George Jaynes George Jernigan Mrs. Rudolf Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Jones Mrs. Hazel Jones Capt. and Mrs. H. B. Jones Hugh Jones Jeanette Jones Johnny Jones R. L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Jones Mrs. Thomas Jones Mr. and Mrs. Z. Garner Jones Mrs. Osler C. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. J. Rodgers Joyce K Mr. Jack Kahn Mrs. Edith M. Kalmey Ann Katsereles H. J. Kaufman III Bernard Kelly Mrs. E. L. Kelly Harvey E. Kelly, '49 M. Margarette Kelly Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kennerly Mrs. D. D. Kent E. Robert Kent Mrs. I. C. Kidd Mrs. Alice King Mrs. Frank R. King Mrs. Richard King Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart G. VV. Kinner Rev. and Mrs. Charles Kirkley Dr. and Mrs. W. Kichen Dr. Maurice F. Klawans Mrs. Bertie Knapp Mrs. Donald Kolb Miss Mildred Kolb Miss Mildred Kolb Shirley Kotzin Mr. Robert F. Kunkle L Mr. and Mrs. R. N. LaChapelle Miss Barbara Lamb Mr. and Mrs. R. Lamb Lamm and Parks Mr. William J, Lamm Mrs. Cecil Lancaster Mr. Fay Layhem Alton Leatherbury Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Leaherbury Mr. Gilbert Leatherbury Miss Matilda Leatherbury Mrs. R. M. Leatherbury Mr. Taylor Leatherbury Mrs. Taylor Leatherbury Mrs. George M. Lee, Sr. Mrs. Julia A. Lee Mr. Roland Lee Howard A. Legg Admiral and Mrs. Leggett Betty Leitch Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leitch Mr. Lawrence V. Leitch Mr. and Mrs. George J. Lerian Mr. and Mrs. Dashiell LeTourneau, '30 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Levay Mr. George H. Lewis Mrs. Jack Lewnes Mrs. Leonard H. Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Linskey Joan Lipman, '50 Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lipman Marlene Lipman Mr. Ernest Liskey Mrs. Chas. Logan, Sr. Mr. William F. Logan Hudson T. Loizeaux and Inez F. George E. Long Mrs. Lucy Lookssky Mrs. George Lowery Mr. Ralph Lowman Mrs. Alfred L. Lucas Mr. and Mrs. G. Ridgely Luckett Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lunter Mary E. Lunter M Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Macey Mrs. Mary Macey PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Myers, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Macey Mr. Rober A. Maddocks Mr. and Mrs. A. Maggio Tony Maggio Mrs. Gregory J. Mann Miss Marking's 3rd period Spanish Miss Marking's 4th period Spanish Mrs. Ralph Marsh Mrs. Ross Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Marston Ida Martin Mr. and Mrs. Jay J. Martin Mrs. Simon S. Martin Mrs. Gertrude Martines Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mason Lucille Mayhew T. F. McCarter, '40 Mrs. Della McCarthy Miss Joan McCaskell Mrs. Gerald McClean Mr. and Mrs. Glynn McClune Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. McCrone Samuel F. McCully Mrs. Henry B. McDonald Shirley McDonald, '45 Mr. George W. McGinley Mr. McGinty George McGuckian, '46 Marsha McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. McNew Jerry A. Meade Ramon Meade, '46 Mrs. John Mealey Tommy Meekins, '50 Mr. 'R. Meer Mrs. Eva Meiser Meredith and George Mrs. Fred Merriken Mr. Allen C. Miller Mr. Earl C. Miller Estella A. Miller YViliam E. Miller Mrs. Ralph J. Michels Mrs. Allen C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller Johnny Mize Charles and Helga Moerschel Mrs. Rosa Molden Mr. Frank Monroe Henry O. Monsen Mrs. D. P. Moon David Peaslee Moon Don Pardee Moon Peter Clayton Moon Francis Ray Moreland Mr. Frank Moreland Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Moreland Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Moreland Mr. J. Arthur Moreland Little Morgan Thomas Morton Ungar Motors Mrs. Fred Moulden C. L. Moyer Mike Mrlik, '48 Comdr. and Mrs. E. R. Mumford Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis Reed Ensign R. T. Radcliffe Mrs. 0. Reader Mrs. R. P. Redman Williard Royal Mumford, '51 Clara Lee Munday, '53 Miss Mary M. Munroe Mrs. Walter Munroe "Mushie" Mrs. J. Walter Musterman Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Myer Lewis Myers N Larry Nash, '61 Rev. and Mrs. J. Luther Neff Francis S. Neise Mrs. A. Nelson Mrs. Joerres Newton Miss Linabelle Nicely Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nicholas George Nicholas Mary Nicholas Susan Nicholas George T. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Nichols June Nichols, '50 Miss D. L. Noble Mrs. J. L. Norton I.ouis A. Nowell, Jr. O Dr. Irving Ochs Mrs. Acelia O'Leary Daniel C. Olson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Olson Barbara Diane Onderdonk James Oliver Onderdonk III Pamela Suzanne Onderdonk Owens Esso Station Mrs." Charles Owens Mr. Edward Owens Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Owens Mrs. J. Edward Owens, Jr. Mrs. W. T Owens P Dr. H. A. Page Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Painter Mr, J. W. Palmer Mrs. Zella Palmer Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Panetti Joseph Papicrmeister Andy Parker Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Parkinson L. H. Parlett Ruth Parsons, '50 Mr. Robert S. Peil O. M. Pennington Mrs. Leta Perct E.T.C. and Mrs. Owen Mrs. Roberta Perry Mrs. Frank J. E. Peters Raymond Pettinger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Petty Irvin F. Pewsch Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Pfautz, Jr. William W. Phibbon Mrs. Phillips A Mrs. Lester Phipps Mr. H. T. Pike Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Polk Polly Charles McDonough Pruitt Marjorie Pumphrey Mrs. John J. Purdy R Mr and Mrs. Thomas Reese Mr. and Mrs. William E. Reescr Mr William E. Reeser Dr. William Reichel Woodland Resaurant M. Perry Mrs Mrs John Rich Margaret Richardson Mr. Folger M. Ridout Mrs Orlando Ridout III Mr. Orlando Ridout IV Mrs Edwin Rife Mrs. Howard Riggins Mrs Charles Rinhearf Mr. Ada and Mrs. Frank Rinheart Elizabeth Ritter '50 Mrs. Erwin Roach Mrs. Leona Robbins Mrs. E. W. Roberts Miss Mary Irene Roeth Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Rogers Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers Mrs. Christian E. Rossee Mayor Roscoe C. Rowe Mr. Harold Rowlings Mrs. Dean Russell Dr. and Mrs. O'Neal F. Russell S Betty Marie Schenck '50 Mrs. W. S. Schenck Mr. and Mrs. Irving F. Schlusemyer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmick Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Schmidt Mrs. Andrew Schmitt Mrs. J. M. Schneider Mrs. J. E. Schoacraft Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schultz Dorothy Schwallenberg Mrs. John Scible Mrs. Robert Scible Kenneth Sears '51 Leah May Sears '55 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Sears Lt. and Mrs. A. R. Seiler Mr. Harlem Serfass Severna Park Bus No. 83 Mr. John W. Shakelton Mr. John L. Sharp Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Le Roy T. Sheats Margaret Shepherd William S. Sherbert Jerome E. Sherman Raymond Sherman Mr. Benton Shipley Sarah C. Shireman Catherine Wilford Shores '27 Sidney Tyler Shores Sr. '28 Mr. Paul J. Shovestal Mrs. E. Showacre Sigma Theta Phi Sorority Mr. and.Mrs. J. C. Simpson Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. K. W. Sinninger Evelyn Sites Ernest Skoch Skunky's School Bus No. 27 Mary G. Small '45 Bill My, Mr. Mrs. Mr. Lois Russ Smart A. C. Smith Clarence Smith F. V. Smith and Mrs. Leroy Smith Ruth Smith ell E. Smith Mr. Richard D. Snead Mr. Ben Snyder Spa Creek Outboard Association Mrs. M. W. Spence Helen Brewer Sprince Mr. and Mrs. Warner Staley Mrs. Harry Stallings Stenography 2 Mrs. Myrtle Stephans Mr. Ralph Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sterling Donald Steward '47 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Stinchomb Thomas H. Stinchomb Jr. PATRCDNS Mr. Thomas Stinchomb Nancy Stine '51 Mrs. Ruby Stine Betty Stockett '50 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Stockett Evelyn Stockett '51 Peggy Ann Stockett '50 Mr. Austin Stokes Miss Mary E. B. Stone Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Stonebraker Beach Store Agnes R. Straubel Mrs. Louis Strauss Mrs. H. J. Sturdevant Mrs. Edward Suit Theodore Sutpin Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Svolos Mrs. Leona Sweeney T Mrs. O. C. Tack Lt. O. C. Tack Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Tackett J. L. Talley Mr. J. J. Talrnan Jr. Theodore A. Tauser Inc. Dolans Tavern Mr. and Mrs. James E. Taylor XVilmer's Television Charles G. Tender Lain Terry '36 Bill Terry '44 Mrs. R. Allison Terry Mrs. C. Terwilliger Ion W. Tharp Mrs. W. H. Thomas Ethel V. Thompson '04 Jane Tilman Beckie Tirchman '50 Mrs. Mary Tirshman Twin Oaks Garage Hop Todd Mr. and Mrs. Homer V. Todd Jr, J. J. Tolman Jr. Alfred Tomanio Charles Roy Tours Mr. Gerald Torsey Don Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Stacey E. Traker Dr. E. Peabody Trevett Mrs. Robert L. Trott Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Trott Buddy Troutwin Tubby's Drive Inn Mr. Richard Tucker Arthur Tuers '50 Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Tydings Clarence Tyler George T. Tyler V Mary Vandenburgh '51 Leon Vincent Mr. Vincent Vlna Mr. Victor Voight Mrs. Clifford Voyles Mrs. Anne Vrabel W Lorna and Clem Wagner Buddy Watkins Ted Walker Mrs. Agnes Walters Barbara Walters '51 Mrs. George Walters Mrs. Robert A. Walters Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ward Mrs. Eleanor B. Waring Mr. and Mrs. John W. Warren H. C. Waterman Mr. and Mrs. Richers Watkins Mr. J. L. Watt and Mrs. Harold and '46 D Weakley Russell J. Webb Edwin Weber Benjamin F. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Weiss Dr. F. E. Weitzman Alotn B. Welch '22 John E. Wells Mrs. Norman B. Wells Mr. C. Welsh Mrs. Richard S. West Jr. Kenneth E. Westervelt Dottie Westphal Henry K. Westphal Mrs. Henry K. Westphal Peggy Westphal Mrs. William H. Westphal Norwood S. Witherhold Miss Wharton's lst Period Physica! Ed. Class Miss Margaret Wharton Miss Bettie Wheeler '48 Mrs. Earl Wheeler Denis Whelan '49 Mrs. G. Wells White Barbara White '50 Mrs. Howard Whitmore Mrs. Wesley, Whitmore Mrs. Dorothy Whitney Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wickman Laura Wickstrom Mrs. D. E. Wildoner Mrs. Mr. B. Wayson '45 Mrs. Albert Wilford, Jr. Miss Mary E. Wisen Melvin Wilkerson Chester Williams Mrs. Daisy L. Williams Gordon Williams '51 Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon Williams Miss Marjie Williams Mr. and -Mrs. Ernest F. Windsor Corporal Carroll B. Winter '47 Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Wolod Woodland Dinnate Josephine Wooley Mrs. Marjy Woolford Mrs. Harry Woolman Mr. B. E. Wood Mrs. Philip C. Woodward Woody '46 Woodland Beach Garage Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Wright Mrs. E. Wuebbens Y Mr. and Mrs. T. Yost Mrs. Blata Rosa Young Z Mr. and Mrs. V. Zacharius Mr. Denton Ray Zepp Mrs. Louise J. Zepp Mrs. F. W. Zick "Richer Milk in the Cream Top Bottle" THE ANNAPOLIS DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber-Millwork-Paint Hardware-Builders' Supplies 126 West St. Annapolis 2345 Appliances Pasteurized Milk and Cream Annapolis, Md. Glen Burnie, Md. Ice Telephone 2337 Telephone 100 Anthracite and Bituminous Coal Compliments Esso Burners and Fuel Oil Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances of AN N APOLIS UTILITIES, J. D. HEDIN INC. 89 West Street Phone 9244 Mayo, Maryland compliments Of MEREDITH-ROAN E COMPANY, INC. P. O. Box 428 Annapolis, Maryland HARE BROS., INC. Automotive and Marine Parts Foot of Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Dupont Paints BRANCHES: Bethesda, Maryland WH. 0554 OL. 1291-2-3 Mt. Rainier, Maryland DE. 0075 UN. 0220 UN. 0221 Alexandria, Virginia TE. 1110 TE. 1111 ROOFING All types - Shingles - Composite Built-up - Metal - Slate Guttering -- Spouting - Skylights Sheet Metal Work - Ducts Conditioning - Furnaces C. A. L. WILSON Since 1870 Annapolis 4822 Night - Sun - Holidays 4061 31 Francis Street Congratulations to the Class of 1950 .Smnta..ffDmQuu. ICE CREAM SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. 120 West Street Phone 2688 THOMAS G. BASIL Real Estate and Insurance Annapolis, Maryland MacMURRAY CONSTRUCTION CO. Severna Park, Md. Telephone Sev. Pk. 382 and 364 ARUN DEL LAUNDRY Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Storage Scientific Rug Cleaning Spa Road and West Strect DIAL 2343 Compliments Of FRENCH OLDSMOBILE, INC. 225 Hanover Street Annapolis, Maryland Congratulations and Good Wishes to Annapolis High Graduating Class THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Church Circle Banking in all its branches Your account is invited MAURICE E. MEADE Contractor and Builder Residence Post Oflice Box 432 State St. Annapolis 206 Eastport, Md. Annapolis, Md. Life Time Homes Are built by Meade Dial 2061 L I, L W ,,,,.,-.,.D ETSU ' ' ' The .ff A Laws as--+ A-Ya ANNAPOLIS 6 N. Taylor Avenue Plumbing - Heating - Oil Burners COMPANY Hot Water Heaters - Pumps Fuel Oil Prompt, Dependable Service Dial 6421 Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. BEST WISHES TO GRADUATES OF '51 Compliments of COUNTY TRUST COMPANY OF MARYLAND Compliments of CAPITAL CITY FLORIST Corsages - Cut Flowers - Potted Plants Funeral Designs Flowers of all kinds for every occasion Telegraph Delivery Service AIIUHPOHS Ma"Yland Greenhouses-Tyler Ave., Eastport Phone 5121 R. M. EGGLESTON COMPANY Watches and jewelry C0mPllmem5 Repairing of 141 Main St.-Phone 2970-Annapolis Joesten's Headquarters Official Naval Academy jewelers 1951 High School Rings G. C. MURPHY COMPANY 100 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Compliments of NAT GATES JR. 8: SON Marine Engines-Inboard-Outboard Sales and Service C OLUMBIAN Propellor and Bronze Distributors Annapolis 2492 TILGHMAN COMPANY Annapolis Agents for- Stieff -- Gorham -- Towle Lunt - International - Heirloom Sterling Silver 44 State Circle, Annapolis, Md. Compliments Of SPOTLIGHT CLEANERS Colonial Avenue at West St. Phone 5801 Stevcn's Food Market Bay Ridge Ave. and Adams St. Stop and see Uncle Lu Compliments of HARRY'S MOTOR SALES Sales - Studebaker - Service 90 Compromise Street Annapolis, Md. Tel. 9231 THE HODGES AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance 49 Maryland Ave., Annapolis, Md. Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 Official A. H. S. jewelry COLONIAL JEWELRY CO. 47 Maryland Avenue Good Luck Class of '51 L I P M A N ' S 172-174 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland for heavenly banana splits andfor I hamburgers with personality Compliments come to the of EAHVEL HALL GEORGE MEYERSON, Inc. 1830 - 14th Sr. N. W. Washington 9, D. C. Compliments Of ARNOLD ESSO SERVICE Arnold, Maryland Chickering Wurlitzer KEENEY'S PIANO AND MUSIC STORE 161-163 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone 4852 "Growing Thru Service" Hammond Solovox Kings-Olds Band Magnavox Spartan Instruments Television and Radios Records All Latest Releases Columbia-Victor-Decca-Capitol When you think of Music, think. of Keeney's C om p lim en ts Of SANDWICH KITCHEN St. Margarets Revell Highway Most Delicious Hamburgers Anywhere Bob Busch, Proprietor Compliments Of J. R. McCRONE, JR. Civil Engineer and Surveyor Reacn-Wilson-Spalding-O'Shea 'A' When you think of sporting goods . . . THE EDDIE LEONARD SPORTING GOODS CO. The Sportsmen's Center of Annapolis Outfitters to the Annapolis High School 169 Conduit Street at Main-Anna. 6800 Gifts - Cards - Engraving School Supplies MONTAGUE - KYLE, INC. "Next to Gas and Electric 207 Main Street Phone 6157 U Buy Your Graduation Gifts at JENKINS, INC. Compliments Of SARLES BOAT and ENGINE SHOP Sadler's Sea Food Sadler's Marine Railway 310 Third St. Eastport, Maryland Telephone 4087 Compliments of Compliments THE HOFFMAN of SCHOOL OF DANCE 4112 Arkansas Avenue, Washington, D.C. TOMMY,? GARAGE Wash. Taylor 2841 Annapolis 2742 3 mlle oak Compliments Compgjfmems t0 1. BROOKS MELLOR The Class of 1951 Henry M. Bachman H. Dodge Home Insurance Company Severna Park Maryland Compliments Dans URW In Of Nassalvorlacl FAMILY SHOE STORE CIEINOI.I.IClNO,D'lIIV SHIV M. SCHENKER, Manager numqp mol ,Km-Z aw 0, S! Mn 118-120 Main St. Annapolis, Md. vyvw not Sugqivuwf fy uognvnpg,, STRANGE and WHITE, INC. Compliments 155-157 Main St. Annapolis, Md. of The Store of Branded Merchandise Stetson Hats-Kingsridge Suits HACKS Arrow Shirts-Bostonian Shoes 134 rviain Street Compliments Eyes Examined Daily 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Phone 3351 Of THE COLUMBIA JEWELRY CO. jewelers - Watches - Diamonds-Opticians LA 138 Main Street JESS RADIO AND ELECTRIC Francis Street at Main Annapolis - Maryland WOLLMAN'S SHOES Home of Advertised Brands 129-131 Main St. Dial 3372 HOPKINS FURNITURE CO. Home of Better Furniture 123-127 Main St., Annapolis, Md. Phone 4551 Home Cooked Meals From 6 A.M.--12 Midnight Quick Service-Reasonable Prices NEW GRILL RESTAURANT 105 Main Street-Annapolis 9642 Established 1858 W. H. THOMAS AND CO. Complete Outfitters for Men 141-143 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Telephone: Annapolis 2221 THE LEADER 162 Main Street Ladies and Misses Specialty Shop Compliments of McCREADY AND COMPANY 112-114 Main Street Annapolis - Maryland Compliments Of RUTH SPECIALTY SHOP Ruth K. Rosenbloom 161-A Main Street Annapolis, Md. Shop with Confidence GREEN'S "REXALL" PHARMACY 170 Main Street-Phone 4311 Annapolis, Maryland Our First Prescription Oct. 7th, 1892 Apparel Shop 164-166 Main Street Dial 4211 Artists' Supplies R. E. STRANGE and SONS Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes ZIFF'S Women's and juniors Apparel Shop Francis at Main Street 159 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Annapolis, Maryland Phone 3565 B. L. HOPPING and SON Compliments Funeral Home 170-172 West Street vt Annapolis, Md. Telephone 3872 ANNAPOLIS NASH COMPANY E. CHURCHILL MURRAY Insurance Exclusively Annapolis, Maryland Phone 2678 H. G. TRUEMAN Distributor Cal-Co Bottled Gas Major Gas and Electrical Appliances 185 West St., Annapolis, Md. Phone: Annapolis 3610 CAPITOL AUTO SALES, INC. 176 West Street De Soto Plymouth "The House Built on the Square" GELI-IAUS MOTOR PARTS Phone 2696 Annapolis, Maryland I O H N N I E ' S ESSO SERVICE STATION Lafayette Ave. and West St. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of PRESTO LUNCH 63 Wcst Street Phone 9827 POOLE AND KENT CO. Air Conditioning Baltimore HO. 5505 Compliments of G. T. SHERWOOD 86 CO. Wholesale Confectioners 257-9-11 Evergreen Ave. Baltimore 14 Telephone 2292 Storage We Call For And Deliver RAINBOW CLEANERS Annapolis' Oldest Cleaners Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing 1801 West Street 201 Main Street 404 - 4th St., Eastport KRAUSE FURNITURE COMPANY "The House of Select Furniture" 1800 Block West St. Ext'd. Annapolis, Md. Compliments of ARUNDEL APPLIANCE SALES CO. Westinghouse Quality and Good Service 145 West Street-Telephone 9265 Compliments Of LESTER B. BOWEN Electrical Contractor Annapolis 5733 Compliments ANNAPOLIS FURNITURE CO. of 112 West St. Annapolis, Md. Phone 2140 E- I' KRAMER Television - Appliances OSCAR SHACKS CO. Compliments Dresses-Coats-Millinery of 37 West St., Annapolis, Md. Sole Agent for Mojud Hosiery and Lingerie ANNAPOLIS LAUNDRY Compliments GORDON9S Of The Store for Children CAPITAL SHOE STORE Church Circle 35 West St. Annapolis, Md. Dial 6382 Phone 2655 45-49 West St. 81882 1714 West St. THE HENRY B. MYERS CO. Farm and Home Supplies since 1880 Annapolis Maryland MILLER'S DEPT. STORE 44 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone 5 1 12 Phone 9222 Snyder Brothers Hardware, Paints and Plumbing Supplies ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY CO. Direct Factory Distributors for B. F. Goodrich Co., Tires and Rubber Prod. 25-27 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments Of POLAN'S 5c - 51.00 STORE 39 West Street ABRAHAM GREENGOLD Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings The Store for the Lad Sc his Dad since 1908 Annapolis, Maryland 46-48-50 West St. Phone 3600 Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of 1951 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. LINCQLN MERCURY - Bert Spriggs Motor Sales, Inc. 8 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland 26 West Street Phone 9234 Compliments of Housewares - Gifts - Appliances KING'S BAKERY THE HOME APPLIANCE CO. Makers of Happy Homes 51 Wcst Street Telephone 6488 Telephone West River 8-F-4 FRANK S. DUCKETT Compliments of ANNAPOLIS ARMY AND NAVY Electrical Contractor 145lgiE5'g2eet Davidsfmville Mafldand Phone 2660 Annapolis, Md. Pumps Oil and Gas Burners WILL CORBIN Repaired 8: Installed Repaired 84 Installed BOB'S PLUMBING AND HEATING Robert L. Trott Revell Station, Old Annapolis Blvd. Telephone: Anna. 82101 Arnold P. O., Md. CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors Annapolis 6128 FRED E. VOGES L. P. MUSTERMAN Real Estate and Insurance UHAT SHOP., 221 Main Street-Hotel Maryland Building . I Phone: Annapolis 4477 Annapolis, Md. 197 Main Street Am13P0h5a Md- 1 Compliments of SAMUEL S. STOKES Fancy Groceries IOSEPH D. LAZENBY Insurance and Real Estate 214 Main St.-Tel. 2684-Annapolis, Md. "In Annapolis since 1880" Compliments of "THE ANITA SHOPPE" 181 Main Street Phone 2402 You will enjoy Shopping at BERMAN'S Shop of Quality 186 Main Street "Always Something New" Telephone 3909 BERNARD J. WIEGARD Real Estate and Insurance FABRIC MART Tclcplione 81 1 1 1 Hotel Maryland Bldg., Annapolis, Md. 232 Main Street Ann3P0li5v Md- 216 Main Street Phone 9000 THE PARSONS CQMPANY KARLTON'S DEPARTMENT STORE Flower and Gift Shop 220-222 Main Street "The Unusual Always Pleases" Phone 4566 Annapolis, Md. Dial 2241 Diamonds Remounted dui-'Sian-Tm-6 I - ' STEARN'S . Q 5 s I Diamonds -- Watches - jewelry I 1 p 1 A f Watch Repairing 1 ... R t ee - 180 Main Street Ananpolis, Md. ' 176 Main SE-M--A-.-TM--mid-AAI1na oilis, Md ARCHIE GLICKMAN Naval and Civilian Tailors 44 Maryland Avenue Annapolis Maryland SZ? 746 7444604 3512 Leon Strauss 53 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md. Compliments Of G. and GRILL Congratulations ana Best Wishes we gdlllel' t 90 Maryland Ave. fCorner State Circle and Md. Ave.J Your leading florist Phone 7510 g I Telephone 3474 THE POWDER PUFF Beauty Shop 38 Maryland Avc. Annapolis, Md. Compliments RF A an ' uv not STATIONERY 211 King George St. TI-IE BLUE LANTERN INN "Dinner by Candlelight" Lunch Bar Dinner Compliments of A FRIEND WEEMS SYSTEM OF NAVIGATION 227 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Md. Aviation Ground School Courses in Marine and Air Navigation C 8: G.S. Sc H.0. Charts 84 Publications Watches-Navigation Instruments Textbooks "Flowers for all Occasions" THE ACADEMY FLOWER SHOP Lester B. Wayson, Prop. 139 Prince George St., Annapolis, Md. Res. Phone 4409 Bus. Phone 3200 jOHNNY'S OPEN KITCHEN Famous for Hamburgers and Hot Dogs 281fg West St. Annapolis, Md. MILLER'S MEAT MARKET Fresh and Smoked Meats Groceries 1100 West Street Annapolis, Md Dial 3888 Compliments of CLIFF DAWSON'S STORE Severna Park, Maryland Phone S.P. 495 SEVERNA PARK BAKERY Riggs Ave. and Old Annapolis Rd. Now Baking on Premises "Home of Advertised Brands" LABOVITZ SHOES 158 Main St. Annapolis, Md. Compliments Of THE GOLDEN SLIPPER Woodland Beach, Md. Compliments of CHARLES F. LEE CO., INC. Lee Building Annapolis, Maryland EVA GUDE BRANDT Realtor Real Estate Sales and Rentals 20 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone 4612 S. KOTZIN COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Fairfax Road and McGuckian St. Annapolis, Maryland Telephones: Anna. 2471 - 2917 CARLSON'S BAKERY 1022-24 West St. Annapolis, Md. Pastries-Wedding and Birthday Cakes Phone 2454 Compliments Compliments of of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ARUNDEL RUG CLEANERS Annapolis, Maryland Spa Road West St. Compliments of J1M's CORNER CHRIS' BILLIARDS Annapolis I-Iigh's Own For Good Food and Drink 275 West Street Chris S. Psemadakis CARVILLE'S PHARMACY Phone 6102 Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat A , PONTIAC 252 West Street-Annapolis, Md. Marbert Motors, Inc. Candy-Cosmetics 261 West Sr. Phone 2335 Phone 3710 We Buy Anything ANNAPOLIS JUNK and 716 WHITMORE SALVAGE CO. We Buy A11 Kinds of Junk CHARLES SCHWARTZBERG PR G Phone 6660 929 West St. Annapolis, Md. ANNAPOLIS BUICK COMPANY 240 West Street Annapolis, Maryland CLAUDE'S Betholine-Sinclair Service 927 West Street Phone 3871 Phone 2341 Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of , I ' FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO Venetian Blinds Window Shades SUPPLY Upholstering 272-274 West Street W. F. Flood 86 Son, Inc. CITY AWN ING CO. 1311 West Street Vegetables-Fruits "The Best Grown" Farm Produce Fresh Daily Eggs-Fresh Frozen Foods ROLAND A. BROWN At the City Mkt. Annapolis, Md. Compliments of BASIL'S MEAT MARKET F. Wilmer Basil, Mgr. FRESH AND SALT MEATS City Market JOHN M. DAWES AND SONS Compliments of Hardware - Paints - Oils - Varnishes S A D L E R 9 S Plumbing - Electrical 8a Boat Supplies Hardware Store Cor. Randall Street and Market Space 122.123 Dock St, Annapolis, Md, Compliments of GQTTLIEBS Seafood of All Kinds DEPARTMENT STORE in Season lVICIl'S-Ladies-Cl'llldI'CI1'S CHESAPEAKE SEA FOOD Readynto-Wear Apparel City Dock Annapolis Md 34 Market Space Annapolis, Md. ' - ERMAN O. DILL Compigments Plumbing-Heating KEEFE'S GULF STATION Cypress Creek Oil Burners Severna Park, Md. Phone S. P. 32 Annapolis 4640 F 100 Compromise St. me Annapolis, Md. Phone S.P. 670 Road Service PETTY'S Betholine Sinclair Service Sherwood Products-Goodyear Products Minor and Ma'or Re airs J P Ritchie Highway at Old Annapolis Road Severna Park, Md. SCIBLE'S ESSO SERVICENTER Eastport, Md. Compliments Of J. C. SIMPSON Electrical Contractor 407 - 4th Street Eastport, Md Congratulations to The Class of 1951 C A P A S T R A N A Eastport, Md. Annapolis 6124 TAM JOINES Reliable Recapping Service Tire Recapping and Vulcanizing 439 Fourth St. Eastport, Md. Congratulations to The Class of 1951 jOI-IN W. RILEY 130 Severn Avenue Eastport, Md. Compliments Of GLADDING MOBILE SERVICE Eastport SEVERNA DELICATESSEN Tel. Severna Park 42 Old Annapolis Boulevard Severna Park, Maryland Residential Commercial Industrial FRANK E. MUELLER Electrical Contractor Phone: Annapolis 5293 R.F.D. 1, Annapolis J. IRVING BIRD Shell Station Lubrication-Washing and Polishing Tires-Tubes-Accessories-Batteries Service Calls Congratulations to The Class of 1951 PALMER'S GARAGE Tel: Annapolis 9621 Sixth Street GARY DANCE STUDIO Compliments Instructions in Modern Ballroom Dancing of F T t-Wlt -j'tt b -R b Ox fo Sanfbj, gajgoug um 1' Joi-IN M. TAYLOR and soN Private and Class Instruction Phone 2244 3 Church Circle Phone 4253 Annapolis Mafyland Compliments .l- F- GOMOLIAK Concrete and Cinder Building Blocks of Well Rings-Lintels-Sand and Gravel ARUNDEL BUS COMPANY West St. Ext. Phone 6744 BRIDGEWAY PHARMACY Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 Eastpart Complete Recording Studio - Radios - Records ALBRIGHT'S SOUND SERVICE Sound Motion Pictures Rented Sound Truck For Hire 78 Maryland Ave. Annapolis, Md. Phone 4781 Night 4423 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 F. P. ASHER, JR. AND SONS, INC. from Contractors HAI? tIf'tDMARLING Annapolis, Maryland IS IIC ana el' - Jefferson Standard Life Fnsurance Co. Telephone Cinder Block ' 47 Maryland Ave. Annapolis 3356 Concrete Block THE R. R. SMITH PHARMACY - C l ' Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles Omp imma 108 Main Street of Annapolis Maryland SIGMA THETA PHI SORORITY Willard Compliments Tony Jimmie Bill of Schultz Bob Danny Rick C-1'll1Ck B02 Tommy Perry U Kenny Mert Charlie Harvey add 0 l l Kester John

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