Annapolis High School - Wake Yearbook (Annapolis, MD)

 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1950 volume:

" Nw .Aiwa li!!-3 f Q I ah 14 5 ' c. -we 1 in ,- W M' ,. QA 3, Q Q L ,A ' A ,fS5i:'W'M 'fx "-- Q. f' ,Sisy- ' 4, 'WALK 7 U 5 ,,,, xii K , 1 ,. "Q 'Wi ' ,, I Y QA ' V ' j'v.z"l, Mwg ' i.2ff4 X g, - 1l,,.1, , , K 1 ' "1 ,mftsffw fr X ..- vw-,ow ' K I ff- f ,M gf Qi 1, x 4 ,ii 5 ' - A ',V"uy34f,l3AHi?, ,hi :f ""'4'W'k', 5 ., ' . , 3 gf , ALS! z. ,, Q E A "-'ifffs 1 , , Q 'Wf?VL'Vi ' I 4 , 1 ' , f L 2 L 2 a, f 3 if I , Y f ,. , fd. ' T 2, A 11 i 3 5 , I .. hm T ' M ,, A .11 W.. ' M' 4 . A 'lniafiv A T. W A ' 'L 1 V 1 , Mm 'i snt' X W . .. J ,gxznfm ,, 5 im M ' Qi' u1,,ga1e:f '5'?"f7A M W W ' 0 wa 13? YV. : ' tai." ,rf jz?'4..3gg,, .s yn' ,Ju 'SLiQ,,,,i1bJf1lI wr' , , K f mf V: "1 igrxl, . 1 A qi 4 A, +rf"'- ' Q -Y-H, -ff-+1 wi-,vga ff: WV, ,ga , P 4 M, W , f , ,M f xf ., x ' .Q gg 1 f V , 2 A' , 5 g 1 .Y I Q Q 1 Q if k s if 1 ' 5 , , 1 K ' 5 5 ' ' if rg . ,Q 5 . va Z A - Mwwwf . i r-:kj Y. :KM k i , ' ., ' W' ' , Y, I A , Q , , K. ,. , Y 32333 ! ..h. V 33 ,L K K 4' - A - f - g I W 1 ..... W , i .-I-.W ' L, , , t 5 M f W... , K. i M ,.V....,. , , ,,,..,, ,M . .,. WT I Ab A vi wwf- U W, . V ' ' 59 'aW"T'5?W me V 1-, i V N i G. M ,Q K A b . , a ,M ,' H.: ,,...,.. M -44 xx . A f . M ,V VM, 4 uf fx f w 3. ,J . , 4 f-mg , 4 H4 A' g '1e:..a . A ff 5 fg 2 -. '-A + ' , A N, 1512" D f H UL!-1j"' .Jw s.'."x7 I , w .. iv, 21' gfgdwilffiifiiqi N'5.'fi5+ Lt.. He f, Xxx we - ,sw Vp. V4 gk, 7 ,K fp , Q 4 9- 'fi Hvzgejgv HQQAVN yr, H, ,, A ,A M, Y, , -5,2 , ,lv A ,6x,-511,31 in L ,144 ,,.,,3, . , ,X ..g,yig4a.,xA 4i,+,xj?ESEv4':sa,3 fgsggfwa igjgl h fx W, xy M, L Q ,. K -,, ,, . , .N Y M A, fvp, , f ,111 ik ,- 4 N Y ? :- A 4. , M Jjfvx V , jf: If if - . ,, 'K ' if, KJ "Qi fX?4W'141 f fk, WU? K, 7 X . , ' ' '. ' ' A J K f - . f ' 2 .L v A W fi .N .M 33 if 1 ff :ff K Q w4v'w'.i-Af ' QA ' ' - - 'M - -L , , uf . , - Q, . ,1 A X14 QA K: K ight ,A , lk . , 4 f 1 ' ff' - 7 A 75 " 9 my X yy 2 ,K 5 .5 ,mg , Wfkuf ,134 bf? ' ,pf H f M W, q, H. ,, 1 , , . - f .xfg, 1.-f.f6,ef.Awif YH' 37 Q 1 5 D ' 'Il g' t4 4 . mf, K A I 4 Q 0 "' INTRODUCTION We, the staff ofthe 1950 "Wake", present a ' of the day's events at Annapolis High School view with the highlights of student life in prose and pictures for your enjoyment. if ,ij ,MS , 4 rf Y 3 : H45 w ,g if f 9 1 .f ' 1 J gk wh A 9 g ., v ,' 1 4 al ,.-ggi, . :gm :bf uw' 1 . fi W , X , f X - V i A 49 . , big XKJQVQ? 7 if fq . 4 2 , ai K' K SW x .-- W' 1 ii! , 1 ' . , M, gl f 2. k I 4 7 " Q M K Q, ,,.-, 5 'VM 2 If ' Xt xi x g l W ' N xiii 5 i K f " .. L A A .V L- - 4' ,Q n,k 'Q I V " ' ' gf' f' ,R A ,XF .xg Nw jf YN V ffm- 3 , ' X 'V 1 H wif Wl ,,,, , JL-.A .. , , 'ff' ' ' m -, J' Y""'S"'- tfv " , ' ' if wggi ' N"X1'AZ' "M" .ff ,t if xv, I . ' 5.3: Jwsg vvfvf 3 E 8 Q ' xl!! wi NL X . 'fr-,I ft Af L A , N ,..' . L fa i-,f .... -I, .MW '1- 1 ff we M - K n "' ns- Mmm vpn 4 r,."! , frm. wffag WA K E ANNAPOLIS HIGH SCHOOL 1 G ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND STAFF Editor-in-Chief- MOLLY HEINEMAN Associate Editor- JANE POLE Literary Editor- CONNIE CONNELL Art Editor- JEAN PALMER Photography Editor BEAU JoEsT1Nc Typing Editor- PAT HILL Patron Manager- JEANNE WOOSTER Circulation M anag PAULA SASLAW Faculty Advisors- Mris. THOMAS CARPENT MRS. HOWARD KINHART MRS. EDWARD OWENS TAB LE OF CONTENTS M O R N I N ' ADMINISTRATION G CLASSES N 0 ORGANIZATIONS O N ACTIVITIES A PATRONS N D ADVERTISEMENTS N I G H T Hn alcf Although he has been a member of the faculty, and therefore not un- familiar to us, this is Mr. Fowblels first year as our principal. It is to him, his sincere leadership, and warm personality that we, the seniors, dedicate this book. ALBERT W. F OWBLE Principal Education is a continuous growth because it is life, and life is full of experiences. The fuller we make our lives, therefore, the greater the experiences, consequently, the more we grow. Education has been defined as "the process by means of which the individual acquires experiences that will function in rendering more efficient future action." If you live by the above definition, your conduct in the future will show how much education you have acquired. Your conduct may not be affected noticeably by the history or science facts that you have learned, because often such facts are soon forgotten. How, then, does your high school training carry over into the future? I feel sure that if you have acquired good habits of study, of application, of clean thought and speech, you have something that will function in your later life. Ask yourselves such questions as these: What will I be like ten years hence? Am I measuring up to the ideal man or woman that I want to be? Does my prospec- tive vocation offer opportunities? Have I exhausted every means to better myself? In what ways can I better serve my community? We know that it is natural for us to grow mentally, morally, and physically all at the same time. In order that we do not degenerate in any way, we must be physically active, mentally alert, and morally aware. Possessing these attributes, we will give our best to life and reap its richest rewards. FRED L. ALEXANDER Industrial Arts FOSTER T. AUGUSTINE Art ANTHONY BISCHOFF Science LAWRENCE P. BONARI Industrial Arts 743 MARY BELLE ALLEN Physical Education HENRYETTA W. CARPENTER Family Relations LUCIEL V. COGCIANO Physical Education JAMES J. COX Physical Education MARY KATHARINE COX English ELIZABETH VINT English ON DAVIS LRXI-451 H HPRKLOTZ NAWCH H01 HQTRASSILR IXXIIH lx HORbEY CHARLES DI FAZIO Industrial Arts EMILY EWING Dietitian S. HAR ODD FURMAN Band HELEN CALL English 'K' MARY ELEANOlR KEPHART History KATHARINE M. KIBLER English MILDRED H. KINHART French ROBERT I". KUNKLE Music O 0 0 0 LORENE C. MARKING Spanish English STELLA M. MORRIS Commercial HILDA L. MUSTERMAN Secretary to the Principal LIN ABELLE N ICELY Latin DOROTHY L. NOBLE History GEORGE W. NORRIS Ninth Grade Core ROLAND OLSON N inth Grade Core MARY ALICE OWENS English History BRUCE I. RENTSCHLER Physical Education J. CALVIN ROGERS Mathematics Director of Attendance MARGARET P. SHEPHERD Home Economics Biology JEAN SWARTZ History NORWOOD S. WETHERHOLD Physical Education MARGARET H. WHARTON Physcial Education HAZEL S. WILSON Mathematics MARION YANCEY Science AT 8:00 A.lVl. the school begins to awaken when our first 'commutersf arrive. We carry on our familiar routines until the buses return at 3:15. at YTQTFS CLASSES nw. X il! . Firsc Row: Miss J. Horsey, M. Holmes, P. Hoyt, R. Fillman, C. Lawson, B. Caufman, K. Ducketl, B. Hedges, L. Norwood, A. Howard. Second Row: H. Hubbard, H. Ferguson, B. Goddard, J. Earle, C. Goodman, L. Hambruch, J. Labovitz, M. Heisler, H. Kohr. Third Row: G. Murcliake, L. Haneke, J. Hicks, J. Jones, Z. Johnson, R. Finkle, C. Knight, S. Forest, E. Grunlowicz B. Jordan. Brick Row: B. Hull, li. Jamar, J. Howard, D. Jacobs, P. Ceiman, C. Millard, B. Micliaclson, D. Mycra. aqeaewepfzuenl' .3 CLASS OF ,53 'By the dawnls early light' Kitty Duckett ...... Secretary-Treasurer Frank Walsh .,.. ..,....... P resident Rose McCutchan . . . . . Vice-President avi' Q5 -308 fx f i J ll wmv J ,,, First Row: D. Purdy, D. Thoinas, S. Rawlings, M. llurry, M. Mayhew, H. Rowe, J. Tico, R.O. Cann, T. Wiley, B. Crawford, P. Recd. Second Row: Miss Burton. J. Windsor, K. Thompson, Nl. Nunn, H. Parkinson, D. Polk, D. Fradd, B. Pennington, J. Phipps, E. Neinith. Iliirfl Row: R. Wooltord, J. Sample, P. Rawlings, C Whitten, J. Tucker, F. Walsh, S. Olson, T. Coble. Last Row: A. Wainrighl, A. Lissberger, E. Oaks, J. Suil, F Wilson, H. Swallow, C. Wayson. Me of '53 6The pause that refreshes' 396- First Row: Mrs. Shepherd, C. Russillo, B, Rogers, P. Townsliend, P. Roberts, D. Wolstenhome, K. Somers N. Sears, E. Sweeney. .Second Row: E. C. Suit, S. Wright, B. Schurr, J. Wildoner, E. Shovestul, L. Robbins A. Williams, B. Wilson. Third Row: J. Windsor, B. Wiggins, L. Vandenburgh, B. Schmidt, A. Wavra, .I Riddleberger, R. Taylor, J Suit, M. Witt. Bark Row: N. Volker, P. Bell, S. Allen, V. Rowe, F. Williams, B Westervelt, R. Walton, U, Spangler. - - Nheaiq ' ' ' fl '35 Orders of the day me-W mil Q0 U nexcusedf f'5'W"M First Row: Mrs. Owens, W. Bice, C. Beavin, B. Barry, Ll. Britton, J. Branze-ll, U. Bloor, K. Block, A. Bender, K. Bentley, A. Barnes. Second Row: P. Bloom, E. Bowman, lx. Dean, M. l53.llSlIIIl, IJ. Barnes, M, L. Bauer J. Belch, M. Barr. Thirrl Row: O. Beall, R. Basham, D. Barker, l. Asclle, Cl. Alwell, M. Bethel, B. Braxnlslv Fourth. How: G. Bjorntwedt, 5. Brink, W. Brandenburg, C. Rvich, M, Bruce, C. Barnes, 'l'. Brooks. Fifth Row K. Adams, H. Kenney, W. Brown, R. Beavers, ,I. Klyman. lhaidafflefllaaku " She'll never make it- 'Here comes Santa Claus---7 First Row: Miss Gall, W. Cadell, E. Coble, ll. Coale, T. Carter, J. Farrell, C. Canller, S. Bryan, C. Connell Second Row: N. French, C. Cammarala, C. Dodson, M. Cusack. H. Donaldson. C. Brittan, E. Fowler, A. Caldwell C. Durling. Third Row: W. Franz, M. Butler, I. Brashears, W. Bailey, S. Corkum, A. Harvey, J. Hopkins, B Burris. Fourth Row: A. Could, J. Bryars. J. Crutchfield, P. DiMaggio, E. Cadle, T. Clark. Last Row: C. Bunker T. VanPelt, P. Harkins. P. Henry, W. Carr, C. Holland. 14cacfemic 04 qeneaal -- .PM Main hall eye-catcher Weill help, tool First Row: Mr. Olson, H. Millard, L. Emrick, G. Cary, B. Sappington, P. Sahel. Center Row: Wilker- son, M. Whittington, C. Voight, B. Isobaker, G. Herold. Back How: N. Alwell, B. Purdy, R. Miler, L. M While, R. Kirchner, R. Troll. X, Shop majors aid sports Custodian Collins First Row: Mr, Norris, E. Pennington, E. Hooper, F. Barlowe, A. Wade, B. Brady, J. Collins. Second Row C, Whittington, P. Voinche, M. Prewetl, B. Buser, S. Peterson, T. Clark. Back Kow: A. Doyle, G. Bc-all D. Williamson, F. Gardner, L. Phipps, R. Taylor, ll. Smith, lfaey lffae mafkufa Don't clutch! Regardez le tableau-noir. First Row: Miss Swartz, W. Sherbert, A. May, L. MacMurray, S. Jones, A. Kinney, R. McPherson, V. Riley, C. Sher- bert, R. Ross. Second Row: V. Lichtenberg, M. Moreland, R. McCu1chan, E. Riggins, E. Pugh, J. Roberts, C. Smith, S. Mason, C, Munday. Third Row: W. Saunders, E. Schultz, D. Speicher, J. blurges, J. Sewell T. Shores, W. Paul, M. Sears, B. Phipps. Fourth Row: D. Pangle, D. Stokes, A. Joy, R. Collins. R Sears, H. Miller, W. Reid. af ffm if-?ff'ff'f9 I- - Mechanically minded it SUV' f -Q33 First Row: Miss Yancey. A. Calabrese, H. Donelan, C. Delarlric-r, M. Davis, L. Dawson. A. Doyle, J. Dymenl Nl. Forbes, N. L. Hanna. Center Row: N. Elliott, D. Ducke-It, E. Ford, M. Fvstagallo, H. Lewis, B. Egan 9. Duvall, N. Buerger. R. Callie, M, Dye. Back Row: I-'. Cartivr, N. Cooper, R. Croshv. P. Downing, B Chance, H. Richardson. V. Conway, B. Carter. ata aa Almei- ids.- '19-. 5? CLASS QF '52 Junior Librarians, Jimmy Baker ....,........,. President Donna Lape ........ Secretary-Treasurer Katherine Leanos ..,... Vice-President v All Irs! Row: Mrs. Wilsun, D. Scars, M. Smith, P. 'l'urnv,r, S. Waterman, B. Schaeffer, K. Sinninger. E. lrevvlt, M. Taylor, B. Weiss. Secular! Row: A. Stallings. J. A1-ilnlann, C. Tolan, L. Windsor, ll. Sherald, S. lieppenhagen, Al. Wilson, lj. J. Saunders, J. Snugg, I.. Scilmlc-. Thin! Row: D. TllOlHpSUl'1, li, Sarlus, R. Windsor, A. Tucker, C. Smith, B. Walters, H. Sas, li. 5llf'l'lflHIl, K. Wayson, P. Wilson. Fourth. Row: Ll. N ' f R R l ck B. Williams, J. Wolfe. 'urnc-r, B. Stallings, C. Slevvns, J. Simmons 'lf Stewart. J. 5CllOUL'I'3l, . ossia , Me maaea... 1 1 ,, if 17 ,W X K sw A Sinvs. r-osiilvs, tangents bhadeg of F, ,1I15fCin .fifl fY'2v2'S-'i 1 First Row: Mies Nicely, D. Jackson, N. Hood, B. Herzog, IL. Harliaugli, R. Jones, E. Hopkins, J. Jones M. Ford, L. bord, J. Ferris. .Svcwzd Kow: G. Habecker, G. Heinbuch, M. Llliolt, U. Galloway, 15. Harder, R Lilers, LS. Hays, li. Johnson, A. Hardesly, H. Gardner. fhird Row: G. Nalley, G. Harbold, A. Kalscf, B. Hoyt G. Magruder, J. Henneberger, G. Evans, H. Isobaker, L. Hendricks. fuurlli Haw: J. Halstead, R. Hinshaw U. Holidayoke, C. lingleman, C. Heise, W. Graham, W. Haworth. 4 'legamdfadlwea Let's trade faces. Literature lives 1 1 .P" First Row: Miss Marking, H. Campbell, H. Beyerlein, M. Beyerlein. L. Boettcher, C. Bell, E. Basiliere, J. Beans s B. Brashears. S. Brice. Second Row: M. L. Christenson, M. Asher, B. Aorilio, D. Cook, F. Berry, R. Carrion, A. M. Ballman, M. Bland, C. Davis. Third Row: F. Boswell, A. Bentley, D. Daniels, B. Atwell, M. Ball, K. Bar- ber, S. Adams, P. Bell. Last Row: A. Casey, S, Bachman, P. Wolod, B. Abbott, J. Alvanos, J. Brooks, J. Baker, D. make fadlinq impfzeuia . . . l HA stitch in time . . " The strains of gflapanese Saud- mann First Row: Miss Kephart, C. Kautz, J. Nluore R Vlonlalhano C Moldcn R Lank N Ki E L D . , ., , . , . , .. ng, . uc, Lape. Second Row: A. Moreland, N. lxratt, L. Latimer, IX. Lcanos, D. Miicto, S. L. lewis, A. Kohler, M. Lewis, J.,Kerr. Tzhrd Row: I". Klinlcs J, .Judd, 5. Moreland, Ii. Kennerly, A. Kahn. '1. Martin, W lxiawans, C. Knight. Fourth Now: J. Jennings, B. Marlin. K. Love, IJ. Jones, Ii. Joyce, H. Leo, D, Miller B. Kerchner. 0 0 0 4 4 -- Have you heard . . Chow Hounds I' 1 . , zz' v,, First Rout Mr. Kunklv, 5. Wvmlurff, H. O'Cain, J. l7ur1Iy, L. Murphy, I7. Pappas, J. Own-115, J. AIQPI' A. Morris. Lenlvr Kozvz J. Recd, R. Poif, D, Crunlowivz, A. Jordan, I". Rr-eel, M. Pumpllrey, A. Carr. J Llegler, D. '1olsuu, M. Putnam. lfuc'!.' Row: F, Nr-vs:-, J. lmyvr. r. rm-mlm-I, NN. Hughvs, IJ, .Nlillr-r, N. Murphy J, Fc-rry, J. Purdy, R. Moyer. - ' fmefience M fell' wx .E Y' E3 44 'XJ . .. 1' lea Urcus QIWW Our Beacon First Row: Mrs. Lee, C. Basil, S. Anderson, ,I. Asher, M. Bounclis, E. Britton, L. Browse, L. Blades, 5. Bu Center Row: W. Beall, C. Beall, J. Caldwell, T. Wuebbens, ti. Basil, F. Bigby, T. Abato, W. Boushal, B Baldree. Baclf Row: 5. Bush, H. Brown, B. Burns, I. liausuin, J. Bromley, Al. llrasllears, E. Adams, Bloom. ' am! Fiction Fanciers 'Y 1 Wfflllmi CLASS UF '51 ,lane Carr ...,...,...... Vice-President jimmy Marston ............ President Betty Stuller ....... Secretary-Treasurer First Row: Miss Hoke, F. Farole, E. Daggett, J. Emerick, M. Cooley, J, Donovan, R. Eucarc, J. Frantom M. Cantler, N. Caracoic. Lerner Row: R. Lonnell, C. Uaviclson, Ll. Looper, W. Donald, P. Dawson, B Colassard, Bl. Collins, ll. Cook. Back Row: R. liyler, J. haste-rclay, W. l53I'lf'llIllQ'S, l'. Clark, C, De-mas, P Byrnes, U. Como. X Husbands to be l Stacking up the tricks First Row: Mr. Bischoff, B. Grollcr, M. Golclsborough, K. Herbert, 5. Harcie1', J. Hopkins, D. Jackson, P liayborn. Center Row: F. Gray, H. Gates, R. Hulzapic-1, N, Hilprcchl, J. Hombf-rg, G. Ford, P. Elliott Back How: A. Higgs, J. Finkic. T. .lone-S. 1'. Luntvr, 1. lxvlly, M. Hyatt. '7fze '51 11-ing, NN CilCCkll1illCi Argylcs for our guys b iol R L Young, Xl. Willianis, B. lllrott. M. Wlcidv ' hal M Yandvrhurvh First Row: Mr. Bonari, M. Williams, C. Wliitu, '. 5, . . mann, ti. Walters. Center Kow: D, Zepp, J. A. Weston, M. Wickman, U. W eslpbal, l. Wcslp 4 , . ,. " N H M. E. Webb, D. Todd, B. Weslphal, Back Row: L. Winvgarrlner, N. Wt-lls, W. Mintz, L, ' ' '. W'ndsor, B. Vvrmillion. 1. -chae er, Williams, L. Weber, P. Wilson. J, Murchake. In 1 G 0iC00t6hUe... Executive controversy I s She,-,. 10011 I, ore ' st in the makinu O ' f , -. 1- ., , First Row: Mrs. Kinliart, C. Mcfllanallan, B. Manning, B. Leitch, G. Parker, J. Miller, P. Lynn, B. Pfaulz H- MOFBHH, B- Jones. Center Row: D. Pennington, J. Marston, H. Mason, G. Schultz, J. Mason, A. Miller. li..1'urdy, 'l'. Morton, li Mulligan. Back Row: F. Keeney, J. Jensen, K. Nichols, W. Mumtord, N Phlppsi J- Lf'1Yng, R- Paige, U. Parkinson, K. Riley, D. Olson. '7!aeq alhef ' Paam QW gg , filo oi if ,Tix is Sr Aded- Um N' 3 I new has been 1 e returns. Somellllng F 5 sp. gms: '21 First Row: Miss Hicks, A. Calabrese, F, Stevens, N. Reppenhagen, T. Sheridan, D. Terry, B. Svolos, A. Sears, K. Sears, C. Schmidt, B. Sherman. Center Row: M. Sherald, lil. Stockett, J. Springfield, B. Simmons L. Stevens, N. Stine, M. Stone, D, Phillips, B. Stuller, D, Tackffn, N. Smith, BHCII Raw: B, Sheridan, J. Stevens, C. Tack, B. Sorrell, G. Springfield, R. Taylor, R. Sears, J. Staton, G. Tyler me now' ff "lt all comes back to The Stars -1 W1 1 re znemb e r, 'f ,rang .' h x if J K Seated: Miss Kibler, E. Much, H. Fisher, J. A. Reichel, M. Moon J. Ramey, Standing: A. Logan, J. Carr, A. Brice. N. Bishop, D. Lloyd 764 d6!t0-Glbl an Coming through! 3:15 and all's well. JOSEPH THOMAS MEEKINS-President . . . Our southern gentleman class president . . . Tom- my wants to be an engineer. ACTIVITIES-lrlomeroom Representative l, Class president 4, Participation in as- semblies 3,4, Traffic Squad officer 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Varsity Football 4, Varsity Baseball 3,4, Varsity Soccer 2,3, lntramural Softball l, lntramural Basketball 2,3. We in'50... 5850: LEE ROY TURNER JR.-Vice-President . . . A bit bashful but a born leader . . . Lee will make a snappy-looking nndshipman next year. AL.llVl 'l'll:,5Al'lomcroom representative 1, Class President 15 Class vice president 2,4, Assembly Committee Z Pdfll cipation in assemblies Z, Stunt Night 1, 'lraffic Squad 4 ,Orchestra l,2, Jr. Prom Chairman 3, leli-1 1,2 Allied Youth 3, Varsity Basketball 3,4, Varsity Baseball 34 lntramural Softball 1, Intramural Basketball l. MARTHA ANN ADAlVlS-Secreta1'y- Treaszuel . . . Dancing and souvenir snatching occupy Mars leisure moments. . . hopes to join the Navy and see the world. AC'llVl'l'llib-Class Secretary-Treasurer 4 WAKE V Circulation Staff 3,4, TALLY-H0 Staff 3, TALLY-HO Busi ness btall 3, 'IALLY-H0 Head Typist 4, Stunt Night .5 Uttice Helper 3,4, Junior l'rom Committee 3 Nocial Committee l,2,3, btudent Legislature alternate 4 SHIRLEY DOLORES ACHENBACK . . . Shlrl hopes to become a nurse . . .her cap's set for some handsome doctor. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Make-up Staff 3, WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Assembly Committee 2,3, Participation in assembles 2,3, Stunt Night 2, Social Committee officer 3,4, Tral- fic Squad 4, Junior Prom Comnnttee 3, Allied Youth 3,4, Senior lflay Selection Committee 4, Varsity volleyball 3, Varsity hockey manager 4, Intramural softball 1, Intramural basketball 4, Intra- mural speedball 1, Intramural lieldball 1, Locker Monitor 2, BERNARD S. ACRIESTI , . . A friendly manner . . . a mania for playing chess . Cristy wants to lead a happy life. ACTIVITIES- Assembly participation 1. DONALD F. ASHER . . . A future civil engineer . . . Don is usually found driving one of his dad's trucks. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Advertis- ing Staff 4, Participation in assemblies 2, Ili-Y 3, Allied Youth 3,4. MARGARET FELTON ATWELL . . . Music is Peggy's first love . . . a beacon of friendship who gets a big kick out of watching football and basketball. ' ACTIVITIESfAssembly Committee 4, Clee Club 3.4, Oper:-tta 4, Allied Youth 3. Seniaa TILDEN OWINGS ATWELL . . . Denny's hobbies are guns, music and fishing . . . ambition is to go to college and then retire! ACTIVITIES- Participation in assemblies 3. WILLIAM JOSEPIIUS BALDREE . . . Sports have taken up much of his time in school . . the armed forces will claim Bill next year. ACTIVlTIESiVarsity baseball 1, Varsity soccer 3, Intramural softball 3, Intramural basketball 1, Varsity track 4. CHARLES .l. HALLMAN . . . Popular Charlie is always ready to pitch in and give a helping hand in any extra-curricular activity. ACTIVITIES -Student Council president 4, Participation in assemblies 2,4. Stunt Night 2,4, Traffic Squad lieutenant 4, ,lunior Prom Com- mittee 3, Hi-Y treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Basketball 4. GEORGE FLETCHER BASS . . . Ceorge's maiin interest is astronomy . . . ln-aded for college . . . starred as "Gertrude" and her magic violin. ACTIVITIES-Homeroom rep. 4, Honor Society 4, WAKE Liter- ary Staff 3,4, TALLY-HO advertisements 3, Assembly Committee 2,3, Participation in assemblies 1,2,3, Stunt Night 2, Member of Orchestra 1,2, Junior Prom committee 3, Editor-in-Chief of "Pas- sim" 2, Social committee 1,2,3,4, Track 3. EVELYN ANNA BAUSUM ' . . Evie's always in the midst of fun wherever she goes . . . loves sports . . . will strive to bc a secretary. ACTIVITIES-Stw dent Council treasurer 4, Homeroom representative 3, WAKE Typing Staff 4, Participation in assemblies 2, Traffic Squad 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Allied Youth 3, Varsity basketball 3,4, Varsity softball I,2,3,4, Varsity speedball 3, ,l.V. basketball 1, Intramural soccer 1, Intramural basketball 1, Varsity manager 3, Intramural manager 2, Intramural referee 1,2,3,4. NANCY BAYLIFF . . . Friendly, energetic . . . likes people . . . plans include college . . . wants to be a novelist. ACTIVITIES-TALLY-HO Business Staff 3, Manager 4, TALLY-HO Reporter 2,3,4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. faqs?-,iitffifiiiREMV? MADELINE MARIE BEALL . . . "Beat Glen Burnie" is her favorite saying, and Mattie usually helps do it . . . an enthusiastic sports lover. ACTIVITIES -Varsity softball 1, Varsity fieldball 2,3,4, Varsity volleyball 3, Intramural basketball 2, Intramural speedball I. ELEANOR KATHRYN BEAN . . . Lover of the summertime . . . Kitty wants to return someday to Puerto Rico. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Assembly Make-up Committee 3,4, junior Prom Committee 3. Stunt Night 2, Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Locker Moni- tor 2, Intramural softball I, Intramural basketball 1, Intra- mural hockey I, Intramural badminton I. SUZANNE BERRY 6 . . . An ardent sports fan . . . Suzy hopes to attend business college. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Advertising 3,4, Assembly Committee 3,4, Traffic Squad 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Varsity fieldball 3.4, Varsity manager 3, Intramural badminton 3. SHIRLEY M. BOERSTLER Assembly Committee member 3, Social Committee 3,4 MILDRED BARBARA BOTTNER .. . Talented artist . . . wants to go to Towson State umor Colle also enjoys dramatics ACTIVITIES Honor CLAUDETTE LUCILLE BOUTTIER . . . Platinum blonde hair . . . blue eyes . . . Claudie wants In be a private secretary. ACTIVITIES-Traffic Squad 4, Assis- FREDERICK MICHAELS BOWLES . . . Appears to be quiet . . . Fred was one of the stars on the football squad. ACTIVITIES-Varsity baseball 4. Varsity football' 2,3,4. RITCHIE HERBERT IIRADY . . . Great soccer and baseball star . . . plans to play prorbaseball as a career. ACTIVITIESaVarsity baseball 3, Var- sity soccer 2,3,4, Intramural softball I, Intramural soccer I, Intramural basketball 2. VIRGINIA LEE BROOKS . . . Friendly, energetic . . . Ginny enjoys sports and music . . . likes horses. ACTIVITIES-Honor Society 3,'l, WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Traffic Squad 4, Orchestra I,3, Par- ticipation iu assemblies I,3, Drum Majorettes 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Allied Youth 3, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. CATIIERINE BROWN . . . Killy loves to eat. talk, and bowl . . . plans to marry soon. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Assembly Committee 4, Office Helper, Assistant to Guidance Department 4, Tri-Ili-Y 4. - ' . . . Small, spunky bundle of dynamite . . . collects photos. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Literary Staff 4, WAKE Patron Staff 4, ,I ' ge . . . ' e. - Society 3,4, WAKE Art Staff 4, Assembly Committee 4, Stunt tg 3 Night l,4, junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. t, S tant to Guidance Department 4. - 4, Homeroom Representative 3, Honor Society President 3, Par- YIRCIL HENRY CARR, JR. plays football, too. ACTlV1TIES4Homeroom Representative 2, BARRY WAYNE BRYANT . . . A well-rounded leader . . . combines academic and athletic ability. ACTIVITIES-Vice-president of Student Council, ticipation in assemblies 4, Stunt Night 4, Junior Prom 3, Baseball 1,2,3,4. ELBERT J. BURDETT . . . Bert, the sport of our soccer team, will be missed on the squad next year. ACTIVITIES-Traffic Squad 4, Soccer l,2,3,4. Hair of red e es of blue 'Mountain Bear' Varsity baseball 4, Varsity football 3,4. LILLIAN FRANCES CASEY . . . Lil likes to play the piano . . . Collects stamps. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Circulation Staff 4, WAKE Business Staff 4, Assembly Committee 4, Glee Club 2, Operetta 1,2, Cheerleader 1, Allied youth 3,4, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. ' -- R SARA KATHRYN CHAFFIN . . . Kathy will enter the business world . . . hobbies are dancing and swimming. ACTIVITIES-Allied Youth 4. ANNA CHARACKLIS . . . Wonderful sense of humor . . . lovely eyes . . . plans to go to business school. ACTIVITIES-,lunior Prom Com- mittee 3, Participation in assemblies 2, WAKE Circulation Staff 1-, Literary Staff 4. STELLA CH RISTO . . . Lovely voice . . . hobbies are Laine, Luteher, and Vaughn . . . ambition is to be a hair stylist. ACTIVITIES-M WAKE Literary Staff 4. Advertising Staff 4, Participation in as- semblies 1,2, Clee Club 2, Opt-rctta 1, Junior Prom Committee .lENNlE COLBURN . . . The gal with the contagious laugh . . . Jen is determined to marry a Miller. ACTIVITIES---Office Helper 4. Junior Prom Committee 3, Honor Society 4. CARL EDWARD COMO . . . Coatsie is a familiar name in sports . . . one of the Varsity Eleven . . . Ambition is to coach. ACTIVITIES-Hi-Y 4, Yarsity basketball 2,3,4, Varsity baseball 2,3,4, Varsity soccer 3, Varsity football 4, Intramural soccer 1, Intramural basketball I, Intramural manager 3, Intramural referee 2.3. EARL N. CONDON . . . Aspires to he a dentist . . . born in Honolulu, T.H. . . . really possesses a gift of gall. ACTIVITIES-P.T.A. repre- sentative 2, Participation in assemblies l,2, Stunt Night 2, Traffic Squad Lt. 4, Assembly Committee 1, 2. amP Q CONSTANCE .IOYCE CONNELL A . . . Quick-witted Connie always has a smile . . . ready to tackle a big job and do it with a bit of lmmor. ACTIVITIES- WAKE Literary Editor 4. Business Staff of WAKE 3. TALLY-IQ Reporter 2,3,4, Business Staff TALLY-H0 3, Glee Club 3.4. Operetta 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Cheerleader 3, Varsity softball 3, Varsity volleyball 4, Varsity fieldball manager 4. Social Committee 1,2,3, All County Chorus 3,4. GEORGE PLACIDE CRANDALL . . . George would like to study engineering at Maryland U. . . . favorite pastimes include hunting and boating. ACTIVITIES -Allied Youth 3, Varsity soccer 3, Intramural softball 1. DOUGLAS CROSBY JOAN MARGARET CROMAR . . . The personality gal . . . Crowbar spends her extra time jitterbugging and planning for the future. ACTIVITIES- Homeroom representative 2, WAKE Literary Staff 4, Business Staff of WAKE 3,4, TALLY-H0 page editor 3,4, Assembly Committee 3,4, Library Council 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Varsity fieldball 2. 8:5 7 ALBERI' WILLIAM CURRIER A lanky Bostonian Albert is a whiz at math . . . likes com collecting softball and classical music. ACTIVITIES-- Homeroom Representative l, Assembly Committee 3,4, Partici- pation in assemblics 123 Social Committee 3,4. VIRCINIX LEE CURRIER Business school is Ginny's aim . . . Loves reading, movies and collecting post cards. ACTIVITIES--Allied Youth Witty Judy wants to do something remarkable. ACTIVITIES Honor Society 3,4, WAKE Business 4, WAKE Art 4 Assembly Committee 23, Stunt Night 4, Traffic Squad 4, junior Irom 3 Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Allied Youth Xnothcr future "woman in while" . , . she has a mania for hor: ACTIVITIES-WAKE Circulation Staff 4, W-IKE Typm Staff 4, Participation in assemblies 3, Stunt Night 3 Traffic Squad 4 Allied Youth 3. Happy as the day is long . . . Nan wants to become a certain farmers wife ACTIVITIES-WAKE Circulation Staff 4 Wake Typm S ff 4 Stunt Night 1, Traffic Squad 4, Junior Prom 3 Allied Youth 3,4, Cafeteria helper l.2,3,4. BE YIRICE NIAE DEALE Bubblm Bea always has a smile . . . wants to lw a mcretary ACTIVITIES-Homeroom representative 4, WAKE Litrrary Staff 4 WAKE Typing Staff 4, Traffic Squad 4, Allied utr 34 Var ity oftball 3, Varsity hockey 3,4. . . . Doug is always the mischief-maker . . . likes football, hiking, and pool. ACTIVITIES-Ili-Y member 4, Intramural softball 3. W KSU TERRY GUS DIAMOND . . . Wit is Butch's specialty . . . only ambition is to be a success. ACTIVITIES-Soccer 2,3,4, Intramural softball 1, Intramural soccer I. JOAN LEE DONALDSON . . . Joanie wants to be a model . . . plans to go to college first. ACTIVITIES--Make-up Committee 4, Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, WAKE Typing Staff 4, WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Intramural Hockey 1,2, Intramural Fieldball I, 2. THOMAS J. DORSEY, JR. . . . Ambitious athlete . . . "T.,l." hopes to continue his sports at the U. of Maryland. ACTIVITIES-Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Hi-Y: Vice Pres. 3, President 4, Civitan Club 3,4, Var- sity Football 3,4, Varsity Soccer 1.2, Varsity Lacrosse 2,3,4, Intra- mural Soccer 1, Intramural Basketball 1.2. DOROTHY DOVE A , . . . Aspires to be a successful secretary . . . hiking, bowling, and collecting stamps are among her hobbies. ACTIVITIES-- Assembly Committee 4. M0122 Sw! 'Mfr- JEAN ELIZABETH DOWNING . . . Loads of fun . . . lovely smile . . . hopes to become a model. ACTIVITIES-Home Room Representative I, WAKE Literary 4, Typing Staff 4, Participation in Assembly 3, Office Helper 4, Glee Club 4, Operetta 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. ii ii: 1 C A JOANNE MILDRED DUCKETT . . . Southpaw third baseman . . . Redhcaded Jo wants to be a secretary after graduation. ACTIVITIES-Varsity soft- ball 3,4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3, Traffic Squad 4, Cheer- leader 2. . . . Duffy wants to attend business college . . . has an odd collection of stones. ACTIVITIES-Allied Youth 4, Intramural fieldball 3. . . . . . Born in Eastporl, reared in Eastport, our star pitcher hopes to spend thc rest of his life in Eastport. ACTIVITIES- Varsity basketball 3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Soccer 3,4, Intramural Soccer I, Basketball I, Intramural referee 3. I li' CHARLOTTE MAUD FARISH 'qu - JAMES EDWARD FORD .. C, if 'WA .Q K Ja I. 6 A H,-'WY , wtf X' JOHN FORD . Jack is known as "the Profilel' . . . headed for the Air Corps. ACTIVITIES-Assembly Committee 4. SUZANNE CLAIRE FREDENBURCH . . . Born in Lockport, New York . . . music is a hobby, but she wants to be a doctor. ACTIVITIESfWAKE Make-up Staff 3, Assembly Committee member 3,4, Stunt Night I, Or- chestra I,2, Allied Youth 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Varsity Hockey 4, Varsity Volleyball 3,4, Intramurals softball 2, Intra- mural Speedball 2, Intramural Fieldball 2. Xx o o MARJORIE GARNER . . Margie wants to be a nurse . . . likes horseback riding and swimming. ACTIVITIES4Participation in assembly 2, Bits Monitor 4. FYLVIA CREENFIELD . . . "Laugh and the world laughs with you." . . . that's vivacious Sissie's motto . . . to be a model is her aim. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Literary Staff 3, Circulation Staff 3.4. Social Committee 1,2,3, Assembly Committee 2,3,4. Clee Club 4, Operetta 4, Intramural Basketball 2.3. SHIRLEY GREENWELL . . Ambition is to graduate and to be a success in everything she does . . . roller skating, sleeping and eating are her pastimes. ACTIVITIES-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Varsity Field- ball 2,3,4, Intramural basketball 3, Intramural hockey 3. MARTHA BOLLINC IIACKER . . . Born in Siam . . . Marty likes the idea of traveling. ACTIVITIES-Assembly Committee 2,3, class Vice President 1. Chairman, Sr. Play Selection Committee 4, Wake Circulation Staff 4, Advertising Staff 4, Allied Youth 3, Clee Club 1,2,3. Participation in assemblies I,2,3. 410- . A MALIA HEINEMAN .. . . Molly has no immediate future ambition except college . . . plans to become a Navy wife. ACTIVITIES-Homeroom re- presentative 2, P.T.A. representative 2, Secretary-Treasurer of class 3, Editor-in-chief of WAKE 4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3, Assembly Committee member 1,2, Participation in assemblies 1,2, junior Prom Committee 3, Varsity fieldball 2, Intramural basket- ball 1, Intramural badminton l,2, Social Committee 1,2,3. MARY KEMP HERR . . . Mary Kay . . . sweet and green eyed . . . wants to be a housewife . . . hobby is skating. ACTIVITIES--Glee Club -i, Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, Cheerleader l,3. EDITH PATRICIA HILL . . . A sparkling sense of humor . . . Pat plans to be an efficient stenographer after junior college. ACTIVITIES Typing Editor for WAKE 4, Assembly Committee Make-up 3,4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Intramural Basketball 3,4, Hockey 3, Speedball 2, Fieldball 2, Make-up Staff 3, Locker Monitor 2. KATHRYN MAE HINTON . . . Petite and active . . Kitty is also joining brigade of housewives. KATHERINE ELIZABETH HOOPER . . . Good natured "Lucky" wants to be a successful typist and wife . . . enjoys dancing, swimming, and people. AC'I'lVl'l'lES'-WAKE Circulation 3, Clee Club 2.3,4. BETTY FRANCIS HORTON . . . Born in Canton, China . . . just loves sports this nurse will charm her patients. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Liter- ary 3, WAKE Circulation 4, WAKE Business 4, Typing 4, Photo- graphy 3, Assembly Committee 3, Traffic Squad 4, Operetta Make-up 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 4, Allied Youth tSec.-Treas.i 4, Allied Youth 3, Varsity Sports-Bas ketball 2,3,4, Softball 2,3, Fieldball 3,4, Capt., Volleyball 4, Intramural Softball 1, Basketball 1, Hockey 1,2, Speedball I, Badminton l,2. ? It ,111 the GEORGE MERTON HOWARD . . . "Georgie" is a familiar figure on the athletic field. . . a ladies' man with his eye on one! ACTIVITIES-Orchestra l,2, Band 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Hi-Y 2,3,4g treasurer 3, Varsity basketball 3,4, Lacrosse 2,3,4, Football 3,4, Intramural basketball 1, Soccer 1, Junior Civitan Club 3. ELAINE JACOBS . . . Energetic and full of fun . . . usually walks arounl with her head in a cloud, but is really down to earth. ACTIVITIESMWAKE Literary Staff 3,4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3,4, WAKE Business Staff 4, Assembly Committee I, 4, Glee Club 2,3,4, Operetta 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. Social Committee 2,3. Participation in Assembly I. ' ,v 5 ts dl FRANK ROCHAMBEAU .IOESTING JR. . . . Wonderful sense of humor . . . loads of fun . . . "Beau will soon set out for Alaska. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Photography Editor 4 Junior Prom 3 Hi-Y 234 Basketball 34 Football 3 Lacrosse 2,3,4. ANDRE VICTORIA JOHNSON . . . Unusual eyes . . . one blue, one hazel . . . Sports and her Eastport interest fill her spare hours. ACTIVITIES-- WAKE Literary Staff 4, Circulation Staff 3, TALLY-HO Feature Editor 3,4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Varsity Volleyball 3,4. .i l'lWczc5eUz," ' , ancf ultima-- PATRICIA TYLER KAISER . . . Pat hopes to become a great singer . . . hobbies are music and art. ACTIVITIES-Honor Society 3,4, WAKE Make-up Staff 3, WAKE Circulation Staff 3,4, WAKE Business Staff 4, Assembly Committee 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 2,3.4, Operetta 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 3, Allied Youth 3,4, Senior Play Committee 4, Varsity Volleyball 3. .IOSEPH MARTIN KAVANAUGH . -D . . . A very likable fellow . . . Joe hopes to attend Clemson College . . . plans to have ten kids! ACTIVITIES- Stunt Night 2, Hi-Y Officer 3, Varsity baseball -4, Track 3, Intra- mural basketball 1,2. PATRICIA ANNE KENNEDY . . . George Washington Higlfs loss was our gain . . . "Torchy" has no immediate plans for the future. ACTIVITIES-PTA Rep. 2,4, Homeroom Rep. 2, Intramural basketball 3, Softball Manager 3, WAKE Literary Staff 4, Circulation Staff 4, Typing Staff 4, Basketball manager 4. ,IOSEPHINE KLYMAN . . . Whiz at sports . . . Josie likes "cuttin' capers" . . . wants to take up dramatics or dancing. AC.TIVITIES-Assenr bly Committee 1, Cheerleader 2, Varsity Basketball 1, Varsity Soft- ball I, Varsity fieldball 2,3. ARLINE MAE KRAMER . . . Lively, enthusiastic . . . her ambition, to be a housewife and mother. ACTIVITIES-Honor Society 3,4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3,4, WAKE Business Staff 4, Assembly Com- mittee 3,4, Stunt Night Property Committee 2, Junior Prom 3, Program Committee 3. MARJORIE SUE KRAMER . . , Always ready to lElllQl'l and be gay . . . Margie has excelled in scholastic and extra curricular activities. ACTIVI- ITIES-Honor Society 3,4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3,4, Business Staff of WAKE 3,4, Assembly Committee 3,4, Participation in assemblies 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 2.3.4, Allied Youth 3,4, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. 40 SYLVIA RAE LEE . . . Friendly "SiI" wants to be a nurse . . . with her tender bedside manner she is sure to succeed. ACTIVITIES- Wake Circulation 4, Assembly Committee 4, Stunt Night 2, Traffic Squad 4, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. JAMES W. LEVAY . . . Commercial art will profit when ",Iin1i' enters the field . . . Quite the comedian. ACTIVITIES4Stunt Night 4. Assembly Committee 1.2, Art Service 1.2, Hi-Y Officer, Gamma Hi-Y Ipres.t I,2,3, Track 3,4-, Intramural Manager 1.2. JOAN HELENE LIPMAN . . . .Ioanie likes having a good time . . . will go to college . . . a sunny disposition. ACTIVlTIES4WAKE Literary Staff 3,4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3.4, WAKE Business Staff 4. Assembly Committee 2,3,4, Participation in assembly 2.3, Stunt Night 2 tmake-upj, Clee Club 2.3.4, Operetta 2,3,4, .Iunior Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 2,3,4, Allied Youth 3,4. ELSIE ARDETH LOUGHLIN . . . Ardie is a star both in athletics and scholarship . . . her pep will really be missed in varsity games. ACTIVITIES- Honor Society 3.4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3.4, WA-KE Ilyplng Staff 4, Clee Club 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Varsity basket- ball I,2,3,4, Varsity Softball 1,2,3,4, Varsity hockey 2,3,4, captain 3, Varsity speedball I, Intramural basketball 1, Intramural speed- ball 1, Athletic Association Representative 4, Intramural Manager 3. Intramural Referee 2,3,4, Participation in assembly 1.2.4. Joe frm college . . . WALTER FRANKLIN LUSBY . . . Ambitious lacrosse player . . . "Walt" will enter Maryland University . . . then sell real estate. ACTIVITIES-- P.T.A. Representative I, Participation in Assembly 1,2, Orches- tra I,2, Band 3. A-Hi-Y member. Varsity Lacrosse 2,3,4. Intramural softball 2. Intramural Soccer I, Intramural Basket- ball I,2, Intramural Referee 1. DOROTHY LOUISE LYNE . . . Dottie, who is known to be a true friend, hopes to be an American homemaker. ACTIVITIES--Partieipation in assembly 3, Library Council Member 4. LEE A. MCNEW .lR. . . . Winsome, lanky Lemac has many friends . . . Hopes to become a disc jockey and radio announcer. ACTIVITIES-V Participation in assemblies 1. Captain Traffic Squad 4, Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Social Committee. ROBERT MEIKLEJOHN . . . Mike plans lots of smooth sailing at the U. S. N. A. next year. ACTIVITIES-Assembly participation 2. Traffic Squad 4, Intramural Softball 1.2.3, Soccer 1.2, Basketball 1.2.3. Intramural captain-referee l,2,3. .IOAN ELIZABETH MOLDEN . . . .Ioanie loves dancing and men . . . wants to visit all states and taste the food of every nation. ACTIVITIES- WAKE Circulation Staff 3,4, TALLY-HO Typing Staff 4, Stunt Night 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 1.2.3. PATRICIA MONTAG . . . Pat has a cheerful smile and a friendly manner . . . a future secretary . . . loves swimming and sports. LVA MUNL With a smile and twinkle in her e e Eva lets troublt . . . y , 1 pass her by. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Literary Staff 4, Clee Club 4, Operetta 4. DOUGLAS KENNETH NEWELL . . . One of the hard-hitting linemen on our football team . . . Dougie is interested in "girls and hunting elephants". ACTIVITIES-Art Service 1,2, Football 3,4. STEPHEN NICHOLAS . . . A disinct Boston accent . . . Nickie wants to be a success. ACTIVITIES-Varsity Baseball 2,3, Intramural Soft- ball l,2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3. EVANGELOS THEODORE NICHOLS . . . Angy, a popular, sports-minded senior, plans to attend the U. S. N. A. right here in Crabtown. ACTIVITIES- Homeroom Representative 1, Senior Class Athletic Representative 4, Clee Club 2, Hi-Y President 3, Member 3,4-, Varsity Basket- ball 1,2, Football 3, Intramural Softball 1,2, Intramural Soccer 1,2, Intramural Basketball 1. ooo , l '- .IUNE M. NICHOLS . . . A vivacious personality . . . mischief is her specialty . . . plans a career in real estate. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Advertising Staff 4, WAKE Literary Staff 4, Praticipation in Assemblies 2,4, Library helper, Glee Club 2.4. Operetta 4. JEAN ELLEN PALMER . . . Jeanie's a talented artist and dancer . . . Her ambition is to be a good wife for Freddie, her fiance ACTIVITIES . . . Homeroom Rep. 2, P.T.A. Rep. 1, Editor of WAKE Art Staff 4, Art Service 1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 3, V .Iunior Prom Committee 3, Social Committee l,2, Allied Youth 3. ELIZABETH SOLLORS PARRAN we . . . A terrific personality . . . plans to go to Chevy Chase .lunior College. CORAL RUTH PARSONS . . . Ruth has gone to many schools . . . likes A.H.S. and collecting coins. ACTIVITIES-Intramural basketball 3, Hockey 3,4, fieldball 3,4, Glee club l, Jr. Prom Comm.ittee 3. RUTH VICTORIA PARSONS . . . Ruthie's talents are varied . . . sings well . . . watch her twirl that baton! ACTIVITIESMP.T.A. rep. 2. Participation in assemblies 2,3,4. Drum Majorites 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3.4, Operetta 4. JEREMIE ANNE PAUL . . . A ready smile on her lips . . . Jerry hopes to attend San Diego Jr.College. ,-V 15 1 DORIS LEE PHIPPS . . . Sports her main interest . . . a certain guy will make Lee content and happy. ACTIVITIES-Ass't. to Guidance Dept. 3, Glee Club 4, Operetta 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Cheer Leader 2, Varsity fieldball 2,3,4, volleyball 2. JACK TAYLOR PIERCE . . . Jack's hobbies are guns and music . . . will ma the tune of "Anchors Aweigh" at the U.S.N.A. next ACTIVITIES-Participation in assemblies 3, Stunt Night JANE TALBOT POLE . . . Janie, a graceful gal who loves to play tennis , . . easily distinguished by her English accent. ACTIVITIES-Homeroom representative 1, P.T.A. representative 2, Associate Editor of WAKE 4, Literary Staff WAKE 4, Circulation Staff WAKE 4, Junior Prom committee 3, Intramural basketball 2, Intra- mural speedball 1, Intramural fieldhall 1, Participation in as- semblies 1.2. ANITA JEAN RAVENSCROFT . . . Butch wants to be a secretary . . . later a rch to year. 2. wife. ACTIVITIES-WAKE' Circulation Staff 4, Assembly committee 3, Allied Youth 3,4, Assistant to Guidance Department 4. nyc.. GLORIA GILDA RICHMAN . . . Where will our school spirit be without Gloria? Peppy cheerleader . . . no special plans for the future. ACTIVITIES-WAKE Circulation Staff 3,4, WAKE Typing Staff 4, Tally-Ho Typing 4, Assembly committee 3,4, Stunt Night 1. Office helper 4, Glee Club 2,4, Operetta 4, Cheer Leader l,2,3,4. Social Committee 2,3,4. ANNE RIDOUT . . . Madison College will take Anne next year . . . loves to swim and dance . . . though horses are her specialty. ACTIVITIES-Homeroom representative 1,2, Honor Society 3,4, WAKE Circulation Staff 3, Tally-HO Business Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor of Tally-Ho 3,4, Assembly Committee 1,2,3,4, Participation in assemblies I,2,3, Stunt Night 1, Social Committee 2,3, Radio Program I, Intramural basketball I,2, Speedball l, Badminton 2. THOMAS ALVA RILEY . . . Alva intends to "live the life of Riley" . . . right now his interest is raising chickens. ACTIVITIES-Glce Club 2. GEORGE RINARD . . . One of our future Navy men . . . hunting and fishing are his special interests. ACTIVITIES-Drum Major in Band 3. ADA ELIZABETH RITTER . . . Easy-going, ambitious Betty wants to be a secretary and later get married. ACTIVITIES-Participation in assemblies 1, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Allied Youth 3,4. NANCY ROBERTS . . . Soft spoken Nancy with flaming red hair . . . hopes to make the ideal wife. SUSAN DRAYTGN RULE Squad 4, Library Ass't 3,4, Jr. Prom Publicity 3. s his . . . Ready and willing to work is Sue . . . plans to go to Bryn Mawr College. ACTIVITIES-Honor Society 3,4, Traffic NANCY ANN RUSSELL . . . Enjoys swimming, sailing, and dancing . . . Wants to major in English in college. ACTIVITIES-Honor Society 3,4, WAKE Literary Staff 4, WAKE Business Staff 4, TALLY-HO I,2,3,4, Assembly Committee 1,2,3,4, Traffic Squad 4, Library Council 1, .lunior Prom Committee 3, Student legislature alter- nate 3. SYLVIA MARY SAPPINCTON . . . Wants to become a stenographer and then marry Al . . likes to draw and collect snapshots. PAULA SONIA SASLAW . . . Enterprising full of life, Paula plans to attend M.I.T. A'CTIVITIESiHonor Society 3,4-, WAKE Literary Staff 3,4. WAKE Circulation Staff 3, WAKE Circulation Manager 4, Assem- bly Committee I,2,3, Participation in assemblies 2,3, Stunt Night 2, Art Service 1, Library Assistant l,2,3,4, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Social Committee 1,3, Senior Play Selection Committee 4. emily ' -- WILLIAM KAUFFMAN SCARBOROUGH . . . Billy plans to goto University of North Carolina . . . wants to teach or enter politics. ACTIVITIES-Honor Society 3,4, Homeroom representative 3, P.T.A. represenative 2, Stunt Night 2, Traffic Squad 4. BETTY MARIE SCHENCK . . . A pert lass of varied interests, especially reading and ice skating. ACTIVITIES-TALLY-H0 typist 3, Assembly Com- mittee 2,4, Participation in assemblies 2, Library Helper 4, As- sistant to attendance officer 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Cheer- leader 1.2, Allied Youth 3.4, Intramural basketball l,2,3. IDA ANN SEARS . . . A sweet, quiet gal . . . Searsie has a head for figures. ACTIVITIES-School Treasurer 4, Typing Staff WAKE 4, TALLY-HO Typist 3, Assembly Participation 2, Traffic Squad member 4, Intramural basketball l,2,3, Intramural hockey it Rociza SEARS . . . Buddy is a roller skater and future business man fatter one year in the armyj. ACTlVITIESfAssembly Com- mittee 3, Stunt Night 4, Junior Hi-Y 2,3, Varsity basketball s 3,4, Varsity baseball 4, Horseshoes 4, Varsity softball 1,2, Intra- mural soccer 1,2, Intramural basketball 1.2, Intramural soft- ball I,2, Intramural manager l,2, Intramural referee 1.2. KATHRYN ANITA SHELTON . . . Kakie's gifted in art . . . wants to attend art school . . . hopes to visit all the states. ACTIVITIES-Assembly 4. BARBARA ANN SMITII Scottie wants to be a good secretary or housewife . . . likes dancing, eating, and swimming. ACTIVITIES-Cir culation staff 3, Typing Staff WAKE 4, Office Helper 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, secretary 3. 10" NORMA SOMERS . . . Norma wants to be a hostess . . . has the qualities of a homemaker, likes to cook and crochet. ACTIVITIES- Circulation Staff WAKE 3. JACK SPENCER . . . Quiet .lack has only one ambition-to graduate. ACTIVITIES-Participation in assemblies l, Intramural softball l. LA WRENCE W. SPRINGFIELD . . . Larry loves to eat . . . has a twinkling smile . . . just 1' f wants to travel. ACTIVITIES-A-Hi-Y 4, Assistant to attendance officer 2, Varsity football 2,3,4, Varsity lacrosse 4, Intramural softball 1,2, Intramural basketball 1,2, Referee 1,2. JACK BARNETT STATON . . . A loyal Eastporter through and through,Jason follows sports as a hobby. ACTIVITIES-Baseball 3,4. p 'Q' . 3 BARBARA LOUISE STEARNS . . . Bobbie will attend the University of Michigan . . . wants to direct a four art chorus ACTIVITIESfHonor Society 34 p . , . WAKE Circulaton Staff 3, WAKE Business Staff 4, TALLY-HO teditorl 3,4, lreporterl 2, Assembly Committee I,2,3,4, Parti- i cipation in assemblies l,2,3,4, Stunt Night 2, Traffic Squad 4, Clee Club 2,3,4, laccompanistl, Operetta 4, taccompanistl. Junior Prom committee, Member of Passim staff 2. CHARLES H. STEELE . . . Charlie's ambition is to be a fire-fighter. . . friendly and lively . . . hobby is loafing. ACTIVITIES-Stunt Night 2. - , G 5 JULIAN BASIL STEVENS JR. L . . . ,Ioe's headed for West Point . . . goes in for sports -t in a big way. ACTIVITIES-Traffic Squad 4, A-Hi-Y 4, Varsity .. , ,gg 5, h iw football 3,4, lacrosse 2,3,4, basketball 4, J. V. basketball 2. - , BETTY RAE STOCKETT . . . Lively gal . . . loves to read and travel . . . wants to become a good secertary. ACTIVITIES'-Junior Prom 3, Assem- - .- 3, f M E, , R.. bly Committee 4, Participation in assembly 4, Traffic Squad 4, Allied Youth 4. Intramural basketball 3. Intramural hockey 3. - f 2 ,.. Af It It 'Il 355 t ,, , . 3, f PEGGY ANN STOCKETT . . . Curly brown hair , . . likes to ice-skate and dance . . . ambition to become an efficient secretary. ACTIVITIES- .lunior Prom 3, Assembly Committee 4, Participation in assemblies 4, Traffic Squad 4, Assistant to Attendance officer 4, Allied Youth 3, Intramural basketball 3, Intramural hockey 3. CHARLES STORTON . . . Known in school for his "be-bop" glasses . . . Buddy wants to travel. ACTIVITIES-Varsity basketball 2,3,4, Varsity baseball 2,3,4, Varsity Soccer 2,3,4. I ..a... , yyyt X i dirt . ,,.,..,.. p J f I9 E , N V , ,it . ,V . QDV' Qi SCOTT STRAUS . . . Scotty transferred from Clifton Park Junior High . . . likes boat racing and swimming. ACTIVITIES-Participation in as- semblies 3, Assembly Committee 3, Stage Crew 2.3.4, Head of movies 2,3,4, Allied Youth 3. THEODORE SUTPHIN . . . Teddy claims to have a way of "getting rich quick' . . . his love is the South. ACTIVITIES-Varsity baseball 3,4. 9 JOHN JUNIUS TALMAN . . . ",I.J." is our man about town . . . his smile is his welcome. WELDON THOMAS . After four years of French his favorite expression is "Bonjour et au revoir" . . . Flash's ambition is to get along with people. Track 3.4. . . . 7Ue'ae71.laqecfau2z REBECCA TIRSCHMAN . . . Beckie is a future WAC or WAF . . . interests lie in sports, swimming and ice skating in particular. ACTlVlTlES -Assembly committee 4, Varsity volleyball 3. Varsity fieltlball 4. Intramural hockey 3, Intramural basketball 3. intramural fieldball 3. ALFRED TOMANIO, JR. . . . Cookie loves sports . . . wants to take life easy after graduation. ACTlVlTlES4Allietl Youth 3, Varsity basket- ball 3.4, Intramural softball 1.2.3, Intramural soccer 1, lntra- mural basketball l,2. ARTHUR MlLTON TUERS . . . Enthusiastic about sports . . . Art wants to join some branch of service after graduation. ACTlVlTlES-Varsity baseball 2,3,4, Varsity soccer 3.4, lntramural softball 1. lntra' mitral soccer 2. BEVERLY SUE TURNER . . . liev came to us last year from Polytechnic High, California . . . she wants to be a counter-spy. ACTIVITIES-W Social Committee 3.4, Allied Youth 3.4. WAKE Make-up 3. Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Wake Circulation 3.4, Varsity volleyball 3. NELSON ll. TYDINCS . . . Terrific physique, evidence of his interest in sports. ACTIVITIES-P.T.A. representative 2, Assembly Committee l,2, A participation in assemblies 1, Varsity football 4. .K V JIMMY VANDENBURCII A . , . . . Strong-silent type . . . ambition is to take life easy! ACTIVlTlES4Varsity football 4. AIVIELIA FRANCES VLNA I . . . Mim loves sports . . . wants to graduate . . . then who knows? ACTIVITIES-Senior Play Selection Committee 4. Intramural basketball 3, Intramural fieldball 3. BILL NORMAN WASHINGTON . . . Smiling "GC," has a love for motorcycles . . . his hobbies are cooking and sports. ACTIVITIES--Varsity baseball 1,4, Varsity soccer 2,3,4, Intramural softball l,2,3, Intramural basketball 2.3. .IANET PATRICIA WEBB . . . Lake Forest's loss was our gain . . . has unusual hobby of collecting scarfs . . . .lan wants to teaeh kindergarten. ACTIVITIES-Honor Soeiety 3.4, WAKE Literary Staff 4. PATRICIA WEBER . . . Patti, a well-rounded good sport, plans to enter Swarthmore . . . beautiful voice. ACTIVITlESil'lomeroom representative 4. WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Assembly Committee I, Stunt Night 1, Glee Club 2,3, Operetta I,2, Tri-Hi-Y Cheer Leader 2, Varsity basketball 3,4-, Speedball I, Fieldball 2,3,4, I .l.V. Basketball I, Intramural Softball 2. Hockey 2.3, Maryland All State Chorus 2,3. fail' ' Qlengwznie... SALLY WESTHOFEN . . . Happy go-lucky . . . sunny disposition . . . wants to become the first co-ed at St. .lohnls College. ACTIVITIES-- Literary Staff WAKE 4, Participation in assemblies 1.2,4, Stunt Night 1, Art Service I. .IOAN CAROL WHEELER . . , Soft-spoken . . . enjoys collecting miniatures . . . hopes to be a pharmacist. ACTIVITIES-Assembly Committee 4, junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Selection Committee 4, Varsity hockey 4. Intramural basketball 1,2,3,4, Intramural hockey 3, Intramural badminton 2,3. BARBARA LARU1-2 WHITE . . . Friendly Barb has no definite plans for the future it . . . she wants a full well rounded life. ACTIVITIES-Traffic Squad 4, Circulation staff 4, Patron Staff 4. LAWRENCE ALLEN WHITE . . . Allen's hobbies are hunting and range shooting . . . ambition is to see the world. ACTIVITIES-Intramural football 3, Varsity football 4. M A it ROSE MARIE WHITTINCTON . . . Whit lives up to her nick-name . . . favorite pastime is sewing. MURIEL WILLIAMS . . . Dimpled and full of life . . . loves dancing . . . wants to be a secretary . . . and a good wife. ACTIVITIES-Allied Youth 3. 50- - .,,. 4.5! ROBERT GRANVILLE WILLIS, JR. . . . Bobby just wants to get out of high school . . . goes in for "wine, women and weight-liftingv. ACTIVITIES-As sembly Stage Crew l,2,3,4, Clee Club 2,3,4, Operetta 4, Intra- mural softball l,2, Intramural basketball I. PAUL I-IAISLIP WILSON . . . Lanky and easy goin . . Paul claims that nothing bothers him. BETTY ANN WINTER . . . A ready smile . . . a real addition to many of the school teams and to the Student Council. ACTIVITIES-Student Council secretary 3,4, Home-room representative Secretary-Treasub er of Class 2, WAKE Typing Staff 4, Traffic Squad 4, Office Helper 4, junior Prom Committee 3, Allied Youth 3, Varsity basketball l,2,3,4, Varsity softball 3,4, Varsity hockey 4. HOWARD LEE WOOD . . . Sang bass in the Glee Club for three years . . . ll soon be claimed by the Air Force. ACTIVITIES . . . Glee Club 2,3,4, Participation in assembly I, Hi-Y 3,4, Varsity basketball 3, baseball 3, football 2,3,4, softball l,2, soccer 1. wi ...Weld ae amcZauaf'50 WILLIAM ARCIIIE WOODBURN . . . Easy going . . . the drum and bugle corps has taken much of Archie's time. ACTIVITIES--Allied Youth 4, Football l,2, Drum and Bugle Corps 4. MARY ANN WOOLFORD . . . Trim little gal . . . likes swimming and dancing. . . wants to be an interior decorator. ACTIVITIES--Assembly Committee 4, Traffic Squad 4, Drum Majorette' 3,4, Allied Youth 3, Varsity softball 3, Varsity hockey 4, Intramural basketball 3. JEANNE WOOSTER . . . Ambitious Woozie wants to become a secretary to a rich man. ACTIVITIES-VVAKE Patron manager 4, Assembly Committee 3,4, Traffic Squad 4, Glee Club 4, Operetta 4, Jr. Prom 3, Sr. Play Selection Committee 4. PHYLLIS DOROTHY ZELKO . . . Full of vim, vigor, and vitality . . . Phil is as merry as the day is long. ACTIVITIES-Homeroom representative 4, Lit. Staff WAKE 3,4, Business Staff WAKE 3,4, WAKE Photo- graphy 4, TALLY-I-IO reporter 2, TALLY-HO editor tphoto- graphyj 3,4, Stunt Night 2, Traffic Squad 4, .Iunior Prom Com- mittee 3, Assembly Committee 2,3. ii rye X. , ,..a-P' , 'Q fw- ' 112 fx L nw, fgfiluixswp ,,tj,l gl s WW 5 SU I I . I 2 -- in action ' grew our L09 Zheadw A most vigorous election campaign focussed our attention on the Student Council way back in September. Molly Heineman turned loose live crabs to climax her campaign, and Charles Ballman had several dignified uapesl' circulating through the school in his behalf! The first major activity of the newly elected council was the sale of budget passes. The income from this and from Stunt Nite went into the S-C treasuryg these funds were used for Tally-Ho, assembly, and social committee expenses, as well as athletic and scholastic awards. The Executive Council functioned as the Stu- dent Court, where Traffic Squad members pre- sented cases against violators of school regu- lations. A successful innovation was the scheduling of S-C meetings, including sessions of the Legis- lature, during club period so that all members could attend. Sealed: Evie Bausum, C. llallman, B. Bryant, B. Winter. Standing: F, Walsh, J. Baker. T. Meekins, L. McNew, J. Marston. First Row: B. Herzog, Harder, K. Ducks-tt, E. Shovestul, li. Westplial. fl Ze-lko.v lfcfzrcr Row: Nliss D. Noble, llausum, C. Ballman, B. Bryant, B. Winter. Hack Row: D2 liarnes, B. 5lIlllf'I', W. Franz, B. D:-ale, T. Abato. L, Bass, W. Mumford, P. Dawson, P. Weber, F, Walsh, ll.5lIeral1l. we 3 g i . K 1 , Kefmw' -semi 17"-'J' ga Q A J,..7 gi , Nas, an iii ,ye e r siei " :was .tt.s X 50 ' ..14cz'au GM yea Do you remember the chalk talk-the dos and don'ts of dating-the thunderous Second Army Drum and Bugle Corps-our Spanish fiesta-the presentation of those coveted blue and maroon Ais? Displaying both professional and amateur talents, our assemblies were indeed varied. The faculty members responsible for organ- izing these programs were assisted 'by a student committee, whose tasks included make-up and costumes as well as production jobs such as staging and lighting. From many volunteers participants for each assembly were selected. This group presented the Christmas assembly, always a highlight of the school year. December, A joyous Month for All revealed in pantomime and music how the jewish and Christian faiths celebrate religious festivals. Pupils enacted both the traditional ceremony of the Feast of Lights and the Nativity of Christ. Movie manners 'Cyn '-1'T 5111 C apefs at A S'er1len': Miss Call, Miss Davis. First Row: H, llorton, C. Coodtnan, A. Ritluut, P. Zelko, M. Lipman, A. Rave-nscrofl. .jeccrnd Row: G. Labovitz, R. Basil, W. Paul. Tihrd Row: l', Wulotl. D. Jacobs. E. Britton, W. Phelps.Fourtl1 Rawr 5.V btrans, B. Bryant, E. Condon. Fifth How: C. Ballman, D. Atwt-ll, C. Engleman, S. Anderson. Sixth Row: Wilson, C. Hr-inbuch, E. Jacobs, li. lloyt, G. llarboltl, j. Brook, Mrs. Carpenter, L, lVlcNew. P. Bell, B. Stearns, P, Lynn, L. Casey, A. Kateef, j. Lipman. B. This year, functioning under the Student Council, the Social Committee furnished us with many opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Most outstanding of these social events was the W.P.A. dance when Women Paid All. Also memorable were the Fools' Folly, the Snow Ball, and the Spring Formal. For dance or jamboree the committee did its job well, furnishing decorations, music, games, and refreshments. The requirement for member- ship was willingness to work to brighten the lives of fellow students. A vote of thanks goes to those who faithfully supported this worthy group. W.p.14 .... SnawBaZl...3p2z.in94 i Soft lights, sweet music il First Row: M. Holmes, S. Boerstler, K. Duckett J. Miller, E. Bausum. Second Row: B. Horton 3 Logan. Fourth Row: B. Trott, B. Westplial g S. Achenbach, M. Webb. Fifth Row: M. Bounel berger, M. Hornbrook, S. Foust, l. Asche burg, B. Cook, P. Kaiser. Ninth. Row: G Richman, S. Bachnian, W. Sorrell, P. Mulligan rier, W. Mumford, C. Bass, P. Byrnes. 52 B. Turner, A. Kohr, C. Basil. Third Row: S. Harder, G, Labovitz, J. Asher, D. Terry, A. 9 is B. Sherman, E. Latimer, H. 0'Cain, K. Leanos. Sixth Row: A. Kinney, C. Harbold, M. Lipman, D. Barnes. Seventh How: J, Riddle- J. Lipman. Eighth Row: C. Ballman, S. Freden- Tenth Row: B. Winter, A. Casey, A. Miller, P. Bell. Eleventh Row: C. Wayson, A. Cur- Our 1950 Traffic Squad, composed exclusively of senior boys and girls, is under the sponsorship of the Student Council and the faculty supervision of Mr. Calvin Rogers. The duties of the squad are to keep order in the halls during the passing of classes, aid in the formation of the cafeteria line at the lunch periods, and assist at fire drills and assem- blies. With Lee lVlcNew as captain and Earl Condon as second in command, the squad has been divided under lieutenants. The lieutenants of the first, second and third floors are Charles Ballman, Julian Stevens, and Tommy Meekins, respectively. The members are expected to maintain a fair scholastic standing and are chosen for qualities of citizenship, leadership and responsibility. '7aae9ula.Z'e "B-b-b-b-b-but ---'l First Row: P. Stockett, B. Stockctt, B. Horton, J. Duckett, E. Bausum. Second Row: R. Mikle- john, P. Zelko, J. Wooster, M. A. Woolford. Third Row: V. Brooks, S. Lee, S. Berry, S. Rule, R. Parsons. Fourth Row: M. Davis, B. White, N. Davis, S. Achenback, fifth Row: J. Daugherty, N. Russell, C. Bouttier, I. Sears, C. Ballman. Sixth Row: B. Winter, B. Deale, E. Condon, B. Stearns, J. Stevens. Last Row: T. Meekins, L. McNew, E. Burdett, L. Turner, B. Scarborough. 53 People of Me P4914 Logan, Lewis, Johnson, Con- nell nl-st Date-Any Friday Afternoon Time-3:00 P.lVl. H Place-Tally-Ho Press Room They came? Are you su re? Are you super positive? Hallelujah! Chalk another Tally-H0 up on 'gye oldew newspaper calendarlw Contrary to some thoughts that a newspaper just 'ccomesv every other Friday, it takes a determined staff many extra hours to bring that Hat lastw issue into existence. Working with the regular staff is a competent group of business staff workers who, through ads they have obtained, make possible plans for sixteen issues per year. Tally-Ho covers every phase of school life and every department of Hall Chatterl' study and activity. Along with the old stand-bys, 'LlVlain and 'gin the Sportlightv, the "Koaches Korner", and family relations prob- lems are becoming popular. A group of cub reporters is now being trained to Tally-Ho tradition. C211 l'l'y Oll Olll' First Row: J. Reichel, E. Much, N. Bishop, J. Ramey. N. Russell, M. Adams, J. Moldon. P. Mulligan L Connell, H. Fisher. Second Row: M. Moon, J. Cromar, A. Johnson, J. Carr, B. Stearns 1Editor-insChiefJ A Hidout, N. Bayliff, P. Zelko, Miss Kibler. Third Row: P. Sherwood, A. Logan, A. Brice, B. Saunders, N Bnerger. R. Crosby. P. Byrne, J. Wolfe. M. Putnam, F. Lewis, J, Halstead, D. Lloyd. J. Henncbergcr, Klawans. .Bea Sdwlmuwfl Gkmaelfm Nerf' Swwice .. J Janet tutors Gene. Four years of hard work have reaped for a few the reward of being chosen for the National Honor Society. At least a "Bn average since the freshman year and the other qualities, leadership, character, and ser- vice, are required of the members. The Society is the goal of ambitious underclassmen. Each six weeks the Honor Society awarded a homeroom banner to the room having the greatest number on the honor roll. Tutoring under- classmen occupied much of the members, time this year. Membership in this group signifies real accomplishment in high school Standing: J. Daugherty, N. Russell, P. Kaiser. C. Bass, W. Scarborough, B. Stearns, A. Loughlm Webb. Sitting: Miss Swartz, V. L. Brooks. A. Ridoul. Nl. Bottner, B. Bryant, S. Rule, A. Kramer, M, Kramer P. Saslaw. Nl' X' WX H Heineman, Connell, Pole, ,Ioesting '504aiZian... I am the WAKE-a scrapbook of memories. In September I was known only to the staff which was to pulalish me. From a few pages of scrawled notes, some sketches, and scattered ideas, I began to take form. In October my theme, a school day, was adopted. I began to lieconie a reality, slowly hut surely, as each activity added its hit to my appearance. Classes, sports, and organizations Came to life on my pages. W1'ite-lips told my story, pictures added the personal tour-li which my readers desired. Davis, Saslaw, Mrs. Kinhart, Horton EXECUTIVE STAFF-Hill, Ioesting, Con- nell, Heineman, Pole, Palmer, Saslaw Zellto, Connell. Muni. Jacohs. Bass. Wrehh, Mrs. Owens t - H W ll ang. Ji afae Meanwhile the nlemhers of my staff worked and worried. Divider pages, layouts, and copy hecame their greatest concern. And there were always dehts and deadlines in the l?ill7lig1'0l1l1Cl. Still l continued to grow. l've come il long way during the past eight months. Now here I um for all the students of Annapolis High School-fthe l950 WAKE. Tack. Kramer. Lipman. Zelko, Marstrni Asher, Casey, Cromar, Hacker, Daugherty, Mumford L'This is NUT at tea partyg you ean,t drop in any tinielw lVlr. Knnlile may have expressed annoy- M , il Q ance and even exasperution at limes, but sueh ex- pressions are prompted bv his desire to maintain high standards of performanre. How well these were at-liieved the student body and the public were able to judge when our two ehoral groups combined to present flflflffllfl, Radio broadcasts, assemblies. bam:cala1u'eate and eommenec- ment exercises provided additional opportunities for the chorus to display its talents. This spring fifty singers represented A.H.S. in the All-County Chorus, which performed at Glen Burnie. In preparation for this occasion the upper hall rang with such eontrasting melodies as the de- lightful '4Some Enehanted Evening" and the beauti- fullv reverent "Dona Nobis Paeeniii. 11- 1 Y ur CNC5 Un --- -qgcep W aaa! W ' ' Ga ' First Row: S. Greenfield, D. Phipps, L. Dawson, S. Waterman, ff. Kantz, E, Muni. M. K. Herr, J. Downing, E. lloetlcher, G. Bell, Mr. Knnkle. Second Row: A. Doyle, S. Bush, P. Atweli, D. Milt-to, M. Lewis, U. Troll, A Johnson, E. Doran, N. Roberts, D. Jackson. Tlnfnl Row: C. Connell. U. J. H3ltllf'f. B. Walters. ff- COODFY. ll- 1 Wr'stpl1al, F. Keeney O'Cain, A ll. Schultz, ff. liellam, J, Brooks. S. Duvall, 5. Bachmann, C. Richman, C. A. Turner. 1 . Kaiser. Fourth Row: B. Stearn, T. Wine-lrlieris, lf. Jacobs, J. Lipman, J. Wooster, D. Zi-pp, K. Leonas, D, Daniels, A. Miller. Fiffh Row: J. Nichol-s, H. liasey, S. Hush, R. Parsons, M. liland, K. llooper. J. lleririelwrger, R. Puff. Sixth Row: D. Miller. ll. Phelps, E. Windsor, D. Thompson, W. Paul. K. Sears, J. Ferris, R. Windsor. Severitli Row: ll, Sheridan. H. Wood, C. Reivh, A. Pu-nlly, T. Morton, ll. Willis, Nl, Collins. J. Nlc'lIi'orn-. Eighth Row: li. llorlopan. B. Kereliner, ll. Km-nn:-rly. F. Wilson, RA Morgan, P. Wolod. 58 p 'i L, - faf'f'E'T 4 Y Yugi e wif? E Ei f Y e t 3 g 3 in-51 li. Pugh. P. Hoyt, J. Sturgis, li, broller. .l. Vlnnlam 7fzec01um49a5a.n9... The A.H.S. hand appeared last fall at several football games and with its lively marches en- livened school spirit. Under the direction of Mr. Furman. the hand practiced marching drills on the athletic field. They prepared for the half-time exercises used at fall games during which they marched and made letter formations. Besidee entertaining at our school asscinhlics. the eighteen memhcr hand traveled to Glen llurnie for a guest performance and played at the Spring Festival. Students with little or no knowledge of music were encouraged to enter the heginners, hand, using instruments which they rented or ohtained free of charge. Mr. Furman has proved that he can organize a spirited hand, even with inexperienced material. 59 c if 1 llsj ll, Swztcdz li, Kaufman, K.. llall, K. lilock, S. llladcs, ,I ffordh-, ll, Ilraslnfars. 5. Brice. A. Bender, li. Mwe ' ' ' ' ' ' Sfamlingz T. Kelly. Mr. Furman, C. Tack. Wada cfm, Ca IUUS IC: Inu sic If Our snappy. strutting majorettes have ehown at great deal of improvement over at small. inexperieneed group of Iassies last year. Under the eapulile leadership of Ruthie Parsons, the squad has worked vigorously to produee pretty speetneles for the spectators' entertainment. The niajorettes have added mueh excitement and enthusiasm to the .loot- linll games hy exhiliiting their speeial twirling HY" for vietory. l Flon! Row: ,l. W'olle, R. l Parsons, ll. Hedges. Serum! Row: P. llell, M. A. Wool- ford, F. Williaine, D. liar- ker, D. Purdy, L. llam- . lirneh, M. lit-tliel. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Still more feminine t,'llill'lH has made its eontriliution to A.H.S. spirit. Under the tutelage of Mr. Alexander this year, the eheer- leaders learned at Illllllllffl' of new routines. These l'l'1CPl'H were sueeessfully introdueed to the student liody hy the energetic girls them- selves. Their vim and vigor helped to develop at peppy gang of rooters who supported the wearers of the Blue and Maroon. 4'I7ig'l1t, team, fightli' Front Row: ll. Wm-iw, li. Sweeney, ,l. Dynix-nt, Cup- lain G. Richman, C. lit-ll. A. Fisher,P.Westplial, Brzek' Row: L. Seihle, li. Harder. Il. Sheralml. lf. Durant. D. Wcstplial, ll, Barnes. 60 x 4 1: fm w 4 1 2 Q .am s - s .,,-1 ra, ' 1,45 six U 'X 3 5 Y. ' I fx .4 Q K xy .1 . Q. M, 4: ,H k. ,im 5 5 L' A wi 32 LP?- x 525: 34, fre? :sas as g WM L55 f' Va Fw G fs: 129 , Is . ,Q X Q 'VW 773i-5:3 'ilifll M551 'Sidi Mzsjufg .gy 1521 fl 1.3, an fsiazf: W' .Ei 1 mm 1 ei mi . ' 'Er I s O F!! 5? . ggi xv' . egg ,fa gym 725- -:L if 1 fgw ,gg 1, N -W-A..-4 as M W' M. yy, M , ...W W W ,- V 1 fs 2' 1' M' ,X M 9 , fam , m.,.w-W ,, i M 3 t TIVITIES rs w Loach Wetlierhold, ll. Sullivan, M. llyatl, D. Olson, ll. Clark, C. Coino, J. Stevens, H. llrown Coaci ent'-chlci Second Row: C. Springfield, A. White, A. Calalmrm-sx'. V. Carr, F, Bowles, T. Meekins, L. Sprm lie 1' Hortopan Third Row: W. Kerchner, W. Hughles, W. Kenncrly, W. Mumford, J. Staton, N. Tydings, G Howard ozrtlz R w T. Renfrn, ll. Wood, J. Jennings, D. Cook, R. Purdy, D. Newell. J, Simmons. ick'em ' A not spectacular but hard fought season showed our Panther gridmen gaining in power and spirit. Often the underdog, A.H.S. came through many times to exhibit increasing strength and determination. The biggest game was a 27-6 victory over Elkton in which A.H.S. scored four touchdowns and had four called back. Equally as exciting was the 14-2 defeat of Havre de Grace in which two touchdowns, one a ninety yard run by Howard Wood, were scored in the last four minutes of the game. The great moral victory of the season was the last game against Wicomico High School of Salisbury. Favored by at least 50 points, Wicomico was held to a slight l2-6 margin over Annapolis High. Thus the steadily improving varsity completed their arduous schedule on a happy note. Watch the Panthers next year! man. First fall turnout M, ,D .fs-fwg,x Qt. -i f IVV, U - vs - to If -A Springfield and Como fret their wel nail? f . A vw? 'L 4: ' sg? QV J ,1'M'W 'g-iw 1 s .4 wx. if V 3' A - fx WLM' Q K R' nm - f N-we m ,. 'A ' W. fa QW, V if . its 11 I-we-. f H ' ' A. abit' . M . -ax" g 5 Wiz 6 C' - i :W 'H It if :LX rrli .Y X I btvg , .K wr xj., . H ,,,w,.?x.i 7, 7 . 'z x ,, . Ml QI Qwmmrvkllig gm hz ,Q f I 'msw-NX - li wx fbmwsiiik lim. M 1 K2 if 1 ,ui .,,, , A i : few ygkgffz l 4 k , Qq i f A. ...WEM .fY!9lIlv" Awiw Q"'msf! A '3.,...-q... , V. ' A A ,Q at J K ,wx - 3 yew 1 1 Q Z, ' . .wx Z 'J X 5 A .-AL Y iz? 3 M , F 31 ' ' , ' ,-v ix: ' Ze, ,,Y, ,, ii V' E: Q51 f ,W , ywfi. r xg. fav- X A V , l ,N E51 Q K WV, ,N ,A , -f ' V' s ' ' " ,jg .1 X kv tl Q A f H 1 5 '35 2 5 ' 4 1 rm' E 'R if 5 il X A 3, I 5 if s 5 5, E X Q xi t as X I I " lj f: I N , I I I sf I H lv A A a K saws I4 3 l f f- ,Q 5 t' - I 4' fl , .13 6 'fav A, W jf' 1 ' A V L' V , -f, Lk . A A M " iv if 55 , - h L . M V , l , 1, x A 191-L15 fx 3 X ' 'Q 5 x s 'W Q ' L Q Q W 1 2 5 v win. 4- jx' , me x is ww ? 1. . ,Q Qf K , 4 it . , 4, f is , K Y 4 ,Q , -1-ff'-11' 1 M Q24 uni -QP n 2.tGH ANCXAEO'-1153 K gllfg'-lips Ifront Roni' Cqavln-s w'll'llll'flllPlll and Cox, .l. lford, ,N Nirhols, ll. fiomo. ll. loesling. Managers .l. llakf-r, VV. lxenuvrly, W. l'XQ'!'1'llltl'I'. lfaflr Holt: l,. 'l'urun'r. Nl. llyatl, ll. Moyer, ll. ,lonm-s, ll. Como, W. xltlllll0l'l'l, T, Meekins. Captain Como '44 , L- Q.. B , A 3? .2121 t wif . V.: li f fs 24.1. 4 f 5' Q me fzgwm use The Panther varsity quintet had a lair season this year, dropping the county Crown once again to arch-rival Glen llurnie after three hard fought tilts. Lack of height cannot account for the loss ol games, as six Panthers towered six feet or overg Ford, the smallest man. was five feet seven. Tap plays on jump halls proved to he most effective this season, collecting many valuahle points for the Blue and Nlaroou. Captain 'aCoatsie" Como had a total of 130 points, averaging ten sinkers per game. Although six of the eleven man squad heloug to the class of 350, pivotmen Don Como, Jones, Hyatt, and Moyer will return to spark next year's team. Cualgie Sinkg Une. Nichols meets opposition. tm gf.. N " 742325 i if iiif " " 'L 1 ILI Mig? " ' . ii A W K ? -M ' 93,3 3 . ,. ..,f,vg., h-51 A Laurel llyattsville Hyattsville Forest Park Prince l"r'eclf-r'ic-lc Aberdeen Alumni Snulliern llialtil Ulen Burnie Almercleen Caitherslmurgz Prince lfrecleric-lx Laurel Glen Burnie Maryland Park Glen Burnie Gaithersburg lVlarylaml Park nurel SCHEDULE UPP. rX.ll.S. 29 -i9 42 22 56 31 UU -'16 38 41 60 25 54 26 53 29 27 l9 514 20 33 47 I6 -16 30 223 33 20 44 256 29 36 39 -15 43 39 COACHES' COUNSEL wa lam cmazefa ef M0514 if f iii , ' Nu Burl: Row: Cuacll Honari, F. Jones, :num D lNlLll0l A. lVlCCuckian, R. Collins, C. Bloom, lx: lly L llc-nr rm ll. Miller, Coaell R!'IllNi'lll4"I'. Front R011 'Vl Fld r ,I Ba er ' ,f V ' --wh -vs--w-f Front Row: T, Kelly, E. Britton, D. Pennington. C. 4WhilIington. J. lforfl, I". ,lung-5, J, Eaglprday- A. Tners, D. Como. Burl: Row: 'l'. Diamond. .l. f.o1'1llf'. ff. Slorlon. lf. Vermillion. E. Weher N. Phipps, E. Bnrdett, R. Brady, Coafll. COX- The varsity soccer team had a fairly successful season, losing only two of the seven game series. Although many of the players were first year men and though the emphasis on football cut down the nnmher of candidates, the team was well organized. The boys played mainly as a defensive unit and allowed a total of only seven goals against them in all seven contests. The squad is losing five memhers of the class of l950 lint will gain trained players from this yearis ,l.V. squad. First Row: Coach Cox, G. Britton, J. Sewall, W. Klawans, C. Lawson, E. Higgins. Second Row: W. Phipps, R. Kelly, O. Beall, D. Bloor, M. French. Third Row: A. Howard, S. Miller, J. Schoocraft, D. Ryan, H. Harvey. SCHEDULE OPP. A.H.S. Southern 1 2 Arundel 1 1 Southern 0 1 Aberdeen 2 0 Glen Burnie 2 2 Arundel O 0 Glen Burnie l 0 fZ?'i7"' Z32Q First Row: K. Block, 0. Perry. F. Bighee, Coach Bonari, Coach Rentschler, R. Gang, M. Covington, B. Sheridan. Serum! Row: E. Hendricks, R. Brady, P. Lunlvr, C. Reich, C. Como, J. Staton, .l. Ford. Third Row: D. Burtis, G. Evans, B. Bryant, T. Nleekins, ,l. Jennings, R. Beavers. B. Kennerly, P. Chaney. Fourth Row: J. Pierce, V. Carr, 'l'. Steward, G. Armiger, R. Rossback. P. Parkinson, L. R Turner. Fifth Row: B. Storton, T. Sutphin, F. Jones, D Palmer, A. Tut-rs, A. Tomanio, D. Pennington. B. Mayes. Practice sessiorv-Sutphin, Como. Background: Ford, Jones, Turner. SCHEDULE OPP. A.H.S. Towson Southern Aberdeen Arundel Prince Frederick Glen Burnie Greenbelt Southern Prince Frederick Arundel Hyattsville Glen Burnie Greenbelt Hyattsville Maryland Park ma, M, pwfwa .1 Losing only three squadmen with the class of VL9, the Blue and Maroon usluggersw return to the diamond with high hopes of avenging veteran rivals. Patroling the outfield will be ,lack Staton, Lee Turner, and Pip Moyer, infield chores will be taken care of by Coatsie Como, Barry Bryant, and Frank Jones. As for the hits and runs department, the Panthers will have to depend on their same defensive alignment. Such "Ozark Ikesw as ,lack Staton, Barry Bryant, and ,lim Ford will pepper the outfield and send alien pitchers to the dugout. ' f will Seated Manager B. Brown, Coach Cox, Manager A. Bentley. First Row: W. Klawans, ,l. Belch, T. Kelly, B Smith Mana er F Berry, T. Coble. Second Row: J. Beans, T. Shores, A. Harvey, D, Newell, J. Stevens, R. Purdy F Sellars ,I Reed. Third Row: E. Britton, B. Joesting, B. Kerchner, W. Hughes, W. Brandenburg, G. Howard C Schmidt Fourth Row: N. Buerger, D. Miller, R. Renfro, H. Brown, J. Selloocraft, D. Nichols, R. Crosby, D Ryan Frith Row T. Dorsey, M. Hyatt, D. Como, D. Olson, J. Simmons, W. Lusby. ' 'LO-IMMG fncfia Returning for its third year at A.H.S., Maryland's own sport, lacrosse, claims many spirited veteran and rookie stickmen. Although a tough seven game schedule is in store for the Panthers, a successful season is expected as lettermen George Howard, Beau Joesting, T. J. Dorsey, Walt Lusby, and Joe Stevens go into action along with rookies Donny Como, Pip Moyer, and Doug Newell. Last spring the stickmen, playing their first full schedule, ended with one win and six losses. The 1950 squad has high hopes of reversing their predecessors' record. Kelly on the defense SCHEDULE OPP Forest Park 2 Dundalk 2 Glen Burnie Southern H.S. lBalto.l Charlotte Hall Glen Burnie Charlotte Hall Forest Park w,,,,g,,,,,LE: , xbstegaa We 55 First Row: Coach We-therhold, B. Walters, Managerg J. Suit, J. Sewell, A. Calabreese. Second Row B Sorrell, H. Wood, J. Levay, D. Crosby, E. Vermillion. Third Row: C. Springheld, J. Baker, H. Sul livan, D. Hollidayoke, W. Mumford, B. Baldree. Springfield and Calabrese are set--- SCHEDULE Forest Park Dundalk 69 , Sana of M ff The A.H.S. cindermen, although lacking material because of the influence of two other varsity sports, have been practicing faithfully in preparation for their first meet in April. As this is the second year for the Blue and Maroon trackmen, only two meets have been scheduled. Hold-overs from last year are Jim Levay in the 220-yard dash and the shotput, 46Wee Willie', Mumford and Hank Hollidayoke in the 100 yard dash, and Georgie Springfield in the broad jumps. Bill Sorrell, Bill Kennerly, and Jimmie Baker, new additions to our sprinters, compensate for the loss of Allen Jackson and Marvin Shoaf. OPP. A.H.S. ' 1' 'B -l an Il new ...-is.-.....wv..,.a,.,... Kneelzng B Jones B Manning B Horton, M. Beall, S. Greenwell. Standing: Manager C. Con- nell D Phlpps M Beyerlem M Vanderburg, S. Berry, P. Weber, S. Bush, S. Duvall, J. Caldwell, Field ball ballet Fighting triumphantly to the highest honors they could obtain this year, the Lady Panthers fieldball team beat Glen Burnie in order to bring home the county championship trophy. The team consisted of eight veterans from last year and seven new up-and-coming lassies. Pat Weber, high scorer for this year, will be a great loss to the team, but sophomore center Sondra Duvall shows great promise of filling Pat's scoring position. Chris Tolan also deserves recognition for her talent as goalie. This victorious team won four games and tied two in this successful season. Practice makes perfect. SCHEDULE OPP. A.H.S. Southern 7 7 Arundel 2 3 Glen Burnie 6 6 Southern 1 3 Arundel 4 5 Glen Burnie 6 7 The third year after the return of field hockey to A.H.S. proved to be a successful one for the Lady Panthers. Of the six games they played, the Crahtown lassies dropped only one. This loss to Catonsville, which came the third game of the season, seemed to in- spire the players rather than to discourage themg the team was victorious in every other clash. Betty Stuller, an outstanding player of the '49 season, was high scorer for this year. It is hoped that other county schools will .toon put hockey teams on the field so that our schedule can he expanded to include our more familiar rivals. SCHEDULE OPP. A.H.S. Catonsville 2 3 Montgomery Blair U l Catonsville 3 1 Bladensburg 0 4 Montgomery Blair 0 1 St. Mary's Seminary l 3 sa fone' - Front Row: Manager A. Logan, J. Asher, B. Westphal B Pfautz R L Xoung C White 'VIA Woolford ' C h Wharton Manager S Achenhack I B. Simmons, E. Bausum, E. Ford, S. Windorf. Back Row oac Bausum, J. Daugherty, B. Winter, B. Stuller, A Loughlm S Fredenhur h ,l Wheeler B Egan .ah l 5 a toss-upl SCHEDULE Laurel Hyattsville Glen Burnie Bladensburg Montgomery Blair Prince Frederick Hyattsville Laurel Glen Burnie Montgomery Blair Catonsville D.-inf-Q 17'-D.-lov-if-L Frnnl How: Nlanagu-r K. llvrhers. ll. llorlon. lf. HZIIIWIIIII. A. Loughlin. ll. xxllllll'l', R. Young, R. 'l'irsr'hman. Manager N. fiaracofe-. Buell' Row: fluafwli Wharton. 5. Yost. B. Simmons. B. Ftullcr. T. Wuvliln-ns. l. llausum l'. W1-her, S. llush. .I. Wolfe, B, juuvys. eflficoal' eaqmd A seasoned varsity sextet, having only one new squad ineuilmer, took to the court for A.H.S. this year and fought with undaunted spirit despite the elimination of the cham- pionship tilts. The Pantherettes were sparked through five victories in an eleven game schedule by Co-Captains Ardie Loughlin and Betty Winter. Betty was high scorer, racking up over one hundred points. Although the class of '50 is claiming five valuable players, both Donetta Jackson and Ingrid Asche have proven their prowess on the .I.V. squad and make the future look hrighter for the Blue and Maroon. Frou! Rauf: Managers J. Earle and A. Kinnvyg C. Cannnarata, A. Fisher. l. Asche ff. Davis. D. Jackson. K. Duckelt. Coach Coggiano. Burk Row: C. Delaflrier R. McPherson, H. Ferguson, H. Donaldson, A. Wlavra. C, Tolan, S. Bachmann, S. Duvall. D. Purdy, J. llicks. D. Barnes, E. Shovestal. E. Sweeney. v 5 I First Row: E. Bausum. B. Westphal, J. Donovan, P. Turner, Coach Wharton, Manager D. Zepp, D. Duckett, J. Duckett, B, Walters. Second Row: E. Ford. E. Meade, B. Wilson, M. Vanderhurgh, S. Yost, B. Johnson, A. Loughlin, J. Wolfe, F. Keeney. B. Winter, A. Carr, B. Aorilio, R. Young. B, Simmons, M. Beyerlein, B. C-roller. eaacfz Zyfzafzlawi ' f ucfe n ay The Lady Panther usluggersw have taken to the muddy diamonds, practicing their hitting, chucking, catching, and running for their opener against Southern on April 13, when they will travel with the volleyhall and hasehall teams. The squad had an unusually large turnout of veterans, as well as rookies, since no first-stringers were lost through graduation. The girls, therefore, expect to make a hang-up joh of their eight game schedule. Seated: Coach Allen, Manager J. Earle. First Row: B. Barry, J. Wildoner, E. B Sweeney, C. Davis, C. Dodson, M. Bethel, D. Barnes, J. Leilmann, J. Hlcks, A. allsum Kinney ,R. Taylor, C. Brittan. A. Moreland, F. 0'Cain, K. Duckett, li. Emrick, fer th , Lollghlin Second Row: J. Phipps, S. Foust, D, Spangler, B. Burris, S. Bachmann, L. Clark, 7 6 Coach t Duclgett , B. Egan, P. Bell, 1. Asciie. v Wm. SCHEDULE OPP. A.H.S. Southern 6 44 Arundel Glen Burnie Southern Montgomery Blair Arundel Glen Burnie Montgomery Blair i - . - - 'I 1.1L I it :N I v :T smiqw .... asa' 111.1 tfoggiano. SCHEDULE Southern Arundel Glen Burnie Southern Arundel Ulcn Burnie 'l'irschman scts it upg Stuller sends it over. First Row: ll. Fisher, A. M. Ballman, B. Horton 5. Berry, A. Logan, A. Fisher, U. Jones, A. johnson, IJ. Jackson, R. Tirschman. Seco1zzlRo1v: S. Achenhack, L. Stevens, B. Sherman, Bush, J. Caldwell, T. Wuehhens, l. liausum, C. Connell, U. Stullcr, S. Fredenhurgh, Susan Bush, M. Wilson, C. Basil, Coach Me Elm am! Mauna With a larffe ffroum of' Jros Jccts the volleyball team for '50 ma' well ex :ect D U . . . ' - ,. 7 1 , to take the state championship which was lost to lowson hy such a narrow margin last year. The Lady Panthers, who have been practicing several times a week, have six games scheduled to date but hope to add more. Last year thc girls took the county championship title hy winning five of their county games and tying one. OPP. A.H.S. sf fi 1' Q f Nas ,':: V . ix N 4 . X 1' ' kk . ' i Q iff E .,f s - f-----0---s., ii 'mziskk . ' 1,-E - ,,L., , , F Bair 'VIilh1 lhtlps Smith Wuebbens YY 0 ll f can cfafm, an .7 K The romance, beauty, and excitement of Queen Anne's Court descended upo11 our stage in November when the combined choruses of A.H.S. p1'e- sented the operetta 'GlVlartha',. The stage was colorfully arrayed with gay peasantry attire in contrast to the rich silks and satins of the courtiers. Green, rolling hills comprised the scenery for several scenes, while the interior of a rustic farm house was the scene for other action. Lovely voices were raised in song to depict the story of a bored Lady who sought diversion from court life by posing as a servant girl at the Richmond Fair. Many students contributed their talents to the songsters' production by making, painting, and erecting scenery, designing and stitching costumes, operating a uPunch and Judy Showw, and handling the many details of production. Coaching soloists and directing the music, lVlr. Robert F. Kunkle was producer-directorg while Mr. George Norris was associate producerg and Miss ,lean Swartz was dramatic coach. Simi Alfie flelmm lillfljillllll Solof Chris linglemau 211ml-local Solo--Ruth Parsons Iirfl- I up-al ljllCl'ffKlxllIlClll Sears, Fred Rupp Ifmnie lnslrufzzezzfal Trio- jaek Pierce, Albert Cur- rier. George B ass f,ll0l'A'll'l-Sl',, IlC'gillllflIg upper lefli lfnglemang Sorrell and Cala- lureese: lieielrel uncl Calzllmreeseg hpiervewilz and liassuwilfg Cald- well, Weber, lglSllOIl, and Berry: lfaeully Slruttersz Atwvll. .usa ,ef W, if 527, if "m ai ff fl K ff-6 r nv .1521 2. ' i sme4mz,,. . . I S . Fan? Full lN00ll"ll0 empty arms. Our ezlfeterin was truly trunsforniedg as the dancers entered, at rainbow of pastel colors niet their eyes- strezuners overhead, huge roses und daffodils lrlooniing on the walls, giant hluehirds, swirling gowns. Add to this spectacle the mingled svents of many eorsages, the strains of melodic music, und the result mm tl perfect evening at our Spring Formal. 'VN i i 'H7' new Shivers ran up spines and suspense gripped the audience when the terror-filled mystery, wliiger Housew, was presented by the class of '50. The capable cast created unforgettable characters: the calm hut determined Erma and her devoted fiance, uMac,,g Mrs. Mur- dock with her Scottish hrogueg the crystal- gazing Yami, tipsy Aunt Sophie, whose teeth didnlt fit, Ufswald and his butterfly net, gum- chewing Peggy, the unfortunate mystery woman, the villanous Arthur and his accom- plice, Thompson. Equally as important as the actors were those hehind the scenes who furnished wind, rain, screams, the sliding of doors and the appearance of the tiger claws-all of whose timing was essential to the effectiveness of the production. f.lllCCA'ilIg propeflies-Lipman, Brooks, Hacker, Turner Putting up flats-Sutphin, Tuers, Burdett Painting the selfljalnier, Bottner, Daugh- crly, Shelton, Ravenscroft Al'l'fll1giIIg Izfghlirzg effectsfNichols, Cook, Joesting, Mumford J Ill CAST Erma Lowrie ..,, Ruth Parsons Yami, a Hindu .... James Levay Sophia Broderick ..... Julianne Daugherty Mrs. Murdock . , . . Eva Munz Mac Intosh . . . , . Lee McNew Arihur Hale ,.,... Jack Pierce Oswald Kerins ..., George Bass Peggy Van Ess . A Patricia Weber Thompson ........ Virgil Carr 'The Mystery Woman' . . Mildred Bottner Underslurlies ,.... Joan Cromar Thomas Meekins NA tigeris on the lo0se."' iqllaugherty, Carrj "So I sasserl a customerf, lWeber, Bassj Miss Kibler directs. Awaiting their cues QMunz, Daugherty, Levay, Bottnerj Uur hero in action 1Parsons, McNew, Daugherty Pierce, Bottnerj 144 llfae cladfi af '50 off, W E leave behind our precious high school memoriese-memories that the WAKE will hold captured between its covers for years to come. Our sincere gratitude is extended to all those who worked so faithfully to make this book possible. Our special appreciation is given to Mr. Sidney C. Schultz of H. G. Roebuck and Son for his patience and guidance . . . to Warren Klawans who spent his extra moments snapping the informal shots for the WAKE . . . to M1'. Ross Dunaway who lent us pictures . . . to Mrs. Howard Kinhart for managing the financial end of our annual . . . to Mrs. Edward Owens and Mrs. Thomas Carpenter for their leadership and suggestions . . . and to the students of A.H.S. whose high school years live on these pages. THE STAFF Sonia Abbott Dick Achenback '45 Mrs. Walter Achenback Charles Adams, U. of Md. A friend A friend A friend A friend Anna Agapitos '47 Mr. Victor Agriesti Mr. Thirheld Aisquith Eva Alvanos '48 The A.H.S. Band John Waters Anderson III Anonymous Mr. W. T. Armbruster George Armiger '52 Geo c Armiger 'S Jane D. Armiger '48 Madeline Armiger '46 Ridiard D. Armstrong Ingrid Asch Benjamin F. Asher Margaret F. Asher Mr. 8: Mrs. F. B. Asher, Jr. Joyce Asher '51 Claude F. Atwell Joseph T. Atwell Mrs. Carroll Avery Mr. E. R. Avery Lt. N. E. Aubrey, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. J. M. Axelrod Dick'Ay '48 Miss Madeline Ayers Mrs. Mary Ayers PATBIINS Mrs. E. F. Boettcher Louise Bolter Mrs. S. Borssuck Mrs. Harry B. Bottom Lt. J. H. Bouchal John L. Boucher Florence T. Boulton Mr. George Bounelis Mary Bounelis '51 Claudette Bouttier '50 Mrs. Jean Bouttier Mrs. Alice M. Bowen Mr. Emory Bowen Louise Boyter Mrs. H. D. Boyd Mt. Zion Boys Mrs. W. H. Bradford Bernard M. Brady, Jr. Mr. Bc Mrs. James Brady Mrs. Elizabeth Branham '40 Mrs. F. T. Branham Janice Branzell Mrs. C. Br 31111 Mr. John Brazell Mrs. Louise Brenan Miss Naomi Brewer '27 Carroll A. Brice '46 Mrs. C. C. Brice Mrs. C. C. Brice, Jr. Mr. Sc Mrs. R. Tilghman Brice ll Mr. George Bright Mr. H. Brink Dr. Philip Briscoe Mrs. Alfred W. Britton Mrs. Ava Britton Shirley Bachmann Jimmy Baker G. Baldus Mrs. Helen Baldru Mrs. Benjamin Ball Mrs. George L. Ball, Jr. Mrs. C. J. Ballman Mr. 8: Mrs. E..K. Barber Barbara M. Basil '48 Mrs. C. G. Basil Cynthia Basil Frankie Basil Mr. Sc Mrs. J. Leslie Basil Mrs. Robert Basil Mr. Robert Basil Mrs. Benj. L. Brooks Mr. George T. Brooks Mr. 8: Mrs. James Norman Brooks Mrs. Louise Brooks Virginia Lee Brooks Mr. Carl C. Brown Catherine Brown '50 Curly Brown Martin Brown Nina Brown '47 Mr. Richard A. Brown Mr. 8: Mrs. T. B. Brown Mrs. Addie Beall Bryant Mr. gl Mrs. Wm. G. Bryant Mrs. H. C. Buchwald Robert Basil, Jr., '51 Mrs. Ruthard Basil Mr. James H. Bassford Mr. Paul A. Bassford Mr. 8: Mrs. B. F. Bausum Evelyn Bausum Mr. Fred W. Bausum Harold Bausum '46 Wm. Dean Bullen Capt. Sydney Bunting Mr. 84 Mrs. James E. Burdett Fraser Burgess Mrs. Arthu r Burns Mrs. William Burtes Miss Burton Mrs. Agnes Burton Mrs. John E. Bausum Miss Miriam Bausum Mr. Rr Mrs. Wm. H. Bayliff Mrs. Maurice Beall Mrs. Oscar Beall Mr. lk Mrs. R. Clinton Bean Mrs. Arthur Beaulieu Barbara Beavin '48 Mr. 8: Mr. S. Alton Bell John C. Behlke Mrs. Lillian Behlke Mrs. Albert Bembe Mr. Paul M. Benner Mrs. Carlton Bennett Mrs. Norma Bensinger Bus No. 26 Henry Buser '48 Mr. John Buser Mrs. B. H. Bush Butch of '47 Betty and Bill Butler Edith Cadell '48 The Cafeteria Gang '50 Ann Colburn Capt. 8: Mrs. H. H. Caldwell Miss Sarah Callahan Helen Campbell Y. M. Sc Y. W. Senior Canteen Mrs. L. M. Cockaday Mrs. Emma Carlson Capt. X4 Mrs. F. A. Berry, Mrs. L. J. Berry Alvin Beuder Robert C. Bicker Miss Fern Bell '36 Mrs. William Billups' Mr. Anthony Bischoff Mrs. Albert Block Maude E. Blades Mrs. James R. Bland Patricia Bless Mrs. Benjamin Bloom Mrs. Samuel Bloom Mrs. James Blouin Shirley Boerstler Mr. 8: Mrs. W. L. Boerstler Mrs. Earl Boettcher Betty Lou Carlson Freddie Carlson Mr. James Carlson Mrs. Thomas P. Carpenter Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Everrett Carr Mr. 8: Mrs. L. lvarrington Carr Mr. Sc Mrs. Mr. llc Mrs. Wilson Car Roland A. Carr Virgil H. Carr r V Bob Carrick '44 Mrs. Carrie E. Casey Lillian F. Casey '50 Loretta Caskey Mrs. C. W. Cheatham Thomas J. Cullimore Jr. Chaneyville Bus No. 73 Mrs. Jean Champion Anna Characklis '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Gregory Characklis Joyce Characklis Ralph Chep Captain A. B. Chesser Mr. Walter Child John Christo Mr. R. Christo Andy Chumbris Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Randolph Church Mrs. Oliver Clark Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul E. Clark l0-E's Class William B. Clatanoff Mr. W. Claude Thelma B. Claw Mfr. Harlen Cleveland Hyman Cohen Paul Sidney Cohen Miss Luciel Coggiano Mr. William Cole Edw. Collinson Mrs. Ernest 'Collison Mr. John N. Collison Mr. J. R. Collison Mrs. Walter Collison Mr. William Collison Mr. William J. Collison Mrs. Alrna E. Como Mr. Roland E. Como Mr. 84 Mrs. B. Carl Condon Earl Condon '50 Mrs. Charles A. Connell Mr. James Conrad Mr. H. B. Cook Mrs. John M. Cook Rev. G. Albert Cooper Miss Sadie Cooper Kathryn Rogers Cordle '27 Dave's Comer Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilson Corwell Miss Cox's 2nd Pr. Eng. Class Miss Cox's 3rd Pr. Eng. Class Miss Cox's 4th Pr. Eng. Class Miss Cox's 6th Pr. Eng. Class Coach Cox Mrs. Helen Cox Miss Mary Katharine Cox Mr. 8: Mrs. G. A. Crandall George P. Crandall '50 WVillis McCready Mrs. A. Lee Creighton T. S. Crismond Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Albert Crosly Wilson B. Crosly Mrs. lla Crutchfield Donald Cullember Frazier Cummings Mrs. Edward Cummings Mr. Bc Mrs. Daniel J. Curran Albert W. Currier '50 Prof. 8: Mrs. A. E. Currier Jackie Currier Mr. 84 Mrs. J. L. Currier Virginia Lee Currier '50 Mr. Larry Cusak Mrs. Lea Daiden Marian Dauer '47 Mrs. E. H. Daugherty, Jr. Julianne Daugherty Mr. 8: Mrs. R. J. Daugherty Addie Davis Mr. Channing H. Davis Miss Elizabeth V. Davis George K. Davis Jennie C. Davis Jennie May Davis Miriam Davis '50 Nancy Carol Davis '50 Mr. Raymond L. Davis Mr. Richard Davis, Jr. Barbara Dawson '48 Mrs. Catherine Dawson '43 Gilbert Dawson '41 Mr. Robert Dawson '39 Shirley Dawson '45 Roxana Day Mrs. Amy E. Daywalt '42 Mrs. Emerson E. Deale Mrs. Christian Dammeyer Mrs. Alice j. Decker Ralph Decker Mrs. Malcolm E. DeConway C. L. Deeter, jr. Miss Florence De Lone Alberta A. De Lone Mr. Marlin DeMay Mr. Myron J. Dey Mr. 8: Mrs. Gus Diamond Mrs. Lora Di Benio I.. j. Doblis Doc Mr. 8: Mrs. Guy M. Dodson Mrs. P. A. Donald Paul A. Donald '46 Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Donaldson Edgar F. Donaldson Mr. A. Donner Mrs. j. Donner Carroll R. Dove '60 Dorothy V. Dove '50 Mr. R. Edward Dove Mr. Richard Dove, jr. Miss Shirley Dove Mrs. Wilson Dove Mrs. H. C. Downing Mr. 8: Mrs. Don YV. Drew George S. Duckett '47 Mrs. W. B. Duckett Mrs. Henry Duerbeck Mrs. Archie F. Dull Mrs. Franklin H. Dull Mr. Glenn Dumas Mr. 8: Mrs. Coleman Du Pont Kathryn Kutch Duvall '27 Sandra Duvall '52 Norman Dye Mrs. C. S. Dyment Freddie Ecken Mrs. F. G. Ecken Mrs. Harry Ecken Editor of '45 W'ake Mrs. F. Ehrlich Eugene Eickhoff Mrs. Eldred Mr. 8: Mrs. William H. Ellinghausen Jr. Mr. Mackie Elliott Mrs. ,Robert H. Elliott Mrs. Anna Ely Mrs. Raymond Ely Mrs. Theodore Embers Mr. 8: Mrs. james Emmanuel Lee Engler Miss Margaret Englehart Mr. George A. Erickson Mrs. S. Alvin Etzler Mrs. Cora Evans Mrs. Matthew S. Evans Mrs. Pearl M. Evans Mr. 8: Mrs. William Fanning Charlotte Maude Farish '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. William Farish Brookwood Farms Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Faucett Miss Nyce Feldmeyer Mrs. John C. Ferguson Mrs. E. G. Feuz Elizabeth Finkle Mrs. Charles Fisher Dorothy Fisher ' Mrs. Marie A. Fleetwood lames Ford '50 Mr. W. F. Flood, jr. Mrs. William F. Ford Mrs. Edith Forte Mr. Steve Fondas Fourth Pr. Cooking Class Mrs. Boyd Foust Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert W. Fowble Mr. 8: Mrs. W. C. Fowler Walter H. Fowler Mrs. Wiley L. Fowler Capt. 8: Mrs. Fradd Fen 8: Fran Fally 8: Fran Charlie Frank '48 Mr. Bernard Hall Frantom Mrs. Gertrude Frantom Bobby Frazier Mrs. Claude Frazer Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Fredenburg Mr. Austin R. Frey Wes Freeney Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul E. Fuhrman Mr R. S. Mr s. Dorothy Fulton '38 M. Fulton H. Furman s. P. W. Fuser, Sr. Future Dentists of America Margarette Gaither Miss Helen Gall john F. Galloway Mr. james W. Gardner Mr s. William F. Gardner Mrs. Hal R. Garner Ma rgie Garner '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Harvey E. Gates Betty Ann Gaug Mr s. H. Gaver Ann Gaw '45 Mrs. Hattie Gaylord Ha rry F. Gemme General Business Class Christian George Gloria George '51 jim 8: George Donald Geraci Mr. J. N. Getty Mrs. Rowena W. Gibbons Mrs. Prim Gillespie Mr s. M. D. Gilmore Eastport Girls Varsity Baseball Girls Bri g. Gen. A. A. Gladden Glee Club Mr. lk Mrs. M. A. Glosscock Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert j. Goodman Mr. 8: Mrs. Gordon Fla sh Gorden Mr. Edward Goudreau Irene M. Gralley Mr s. C. H. Grant, jr. Emily E. Grant joe Grant To by T. Grant Dick Green Mr Mr s. Dorothy Green s. May Greenfield Oscar Fey Grimes Mr s. H. L. Groller Mr. H. H. Hack Mr s. Harriet B. Hacker Mr. 8: Mrs. T. W. Hacker Mr Mr s. Elsie Hagood s. A. Halakas Donald A. Hall Mr. 8: Mrs. james D. Hall Mr s. Russell Hall Rev. E. W. Hall Mr Ma Mr s. French Holidayoke rgaret A. Hallock s. N. J. Halp' :e Vliss Dorothy E. Hamilton Miss Ruth Hamilton E. J. Haneke Mr. Bill Hanning Charlie Hardesty '47 Mr. 8' Mrs. QI. E. Harms, Jr. Ray Harrington '44 Mrs. Ethel Harrison Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Hartge Mr. K Mrs. Ernest Hawkins M r M r R . s. Karl F. Haworth s. Eloise Hayes Adm. 8: Mrs. P. R. Heineman Nettie Hendricks Mr Mr Mr s. R. Herbert s. Herhster . Carl Hering Mr. Anthony Herold Mr. Ernest H. Herklotz Mr. 8: Mrs. W. E. Herr Mr. 8: Mrs. Hiers Mrs. Noah Hillman History IV Elizabeth Hodges '47 Mr. B. Hoff Amelia E. Hohman Mrs. M. S. Holmes Dot Holzaphel Miss Helen Holzaphel Home Room 203 Home Room 204 Home Room 210 Home Room 211 Home Room 212 H. W. Hornbrook Mrs. Lorraine Hornbrook Miss Horsey's 4th Pr. Home Miss janith R. Horsey Doris Horton '48 Mr. Henry Hosslield Mr. 8: Mr. George Housley Mr. 8: Mrs. M. R. Howard Mr. Ellis S. Howes Mary Gaddard Howes '45 Mrs. Atler Huffer Mr. john H. Hughes Mr. 8: Mrs. M. W. Hughes Mrs. Charles Hume Miss Ruth Hummimston Louis Hyatt '46 Muriel's Aunt Ida Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Innan Jennie 8: Jack Mrs. Lucy jackson Elaine Jacobs '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. W. C. Jamar Mr. Francis H. james Sheridan Paul jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard P. janz Mrs. Cornelius Jarboe Elizabeth H. Jarrell Mrs. Robert jarrell Mrs. W. C. jarrell Mr. M. A. jaworski john B. jay Dr. 8:'Mrs. David jenkins Mr. j. Jennel Mrs. II. 0. Jennings Mr. Tam joines Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank R. joesting Andre johnson '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. E. B. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Sterling johnson lones Mrs. jones E. T. Jones George P. jones Mary Elizabeth jones Mrs. II. B. jones Mr. Iohn B. jones Phyllis E. jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Spencer jones Vicki Lea jones Phebe Jordon '49 Mrs. Louise Jordon Mr. jack Kahn Mr. Alorn R. Kaiser C. Virginia Kaiser Katie B. Karangelen Henry Kaufmann Mr. 8: Mrs. Dennis Kavanaugh loe Kavanaugh '50 I.uci11e Kavanaugh Richard D. Kavanaugh '47 Mr. Stanley Keith Mrs. Harvey Kelly Pat Kennedy '50 Miss Kibler's 3rd Pr. Katharine Kibler Mrs. H. A. Kimball Henry A. Kimball Mr. B. King Miss Esther King Mrs. Lillian King Xrts Class Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald M. Kingsley Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Kinhart Mrs. Leon Kintberger Mr. 8: Mrs. Chris Kiorpes Miss Eleanor Kephart Al 8: Kitty Mrs. Clarence Klakring Raymond L. Klakring Dr. Maurice F. Klawans losie Klyman Phyllis Knode '49 Mildred Kolb Arthur Korsunsky M'r. Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert Kotzin Arline Kramer '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Kramer Margie Kramer '50 Miss Roslyn Kurnow '47 Mrs. Rubin Labovitz Mr. 8: Mrs. La Chapelle Allan j. Lamb Gov. William Preston Lane Mrs. Ruby S. Lang '25 Mr. 8: Mrs. F. M. Lathan Alverda D. Lauer Ardith Laughlin '50 Mrs. Kenneth Lowman Mr. 8: Mrs. Edgar Leatherbury Edward C. Lee Mrs. George H. Lee Mrs. S. L. Lee Mrs. William H. Lee Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilmer R. Lee Mrs. Edward H. Legum Mrs. L. Leiberman Ruth Lenning Emily Igngle Mr. Thomas j. Linthicum Anna G. Lerch Eugene Lerner '48 Mr. 8: Mrs. john Allan Leroy Mrs. R. Levy Mrs. C. L. Lewis Mr. Harry B. Lewis W. T. Lewis Mr. john Lewnes Sam G. Lewnes F. F. Lilly 8: M. C. Lilly joan Lipman '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Lipman R. M. Lockett, jr. Mr. Donald C. Lomboy Mrs. Donald C. Lomboy George VV. Long Mr. 8: Mrs. L. S. Long Samuel Lorea Charles E. MacDonald Mr. I. W. Machin Harry Maggio A. H. S. Majorettes Mrs. Frank Mango Mr. M. R. Mankin gjr. Miss Lorene Marking james Cecil Martin Mr. William j. Martin james Martines Susie Sc Mary Lieut. Com. 8: Mrs. W. G. Matton Mrs. C. Mayer Mr. 8: Mrs. William P. Mayer, jr. Ernie Mayo Mr. George Mayo Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard B. Mcljrome Mrs. G. McCutchen Mr. Dick McLean Lee A. McNew, jr. '50 Mr. R. T. McPherson, jr. Mrs. La Rue Meade '48 Marion Meade Raymond Earl Meade '47 Mr. j. A. Medford jr. V. Medford Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl L. Meekins Mr. joseph T. Meekins Miss Marjorie F. Meekins Mr. 8: Mrs. Melvin E. Meekins Mr. R. S. Meiklejohn Mrs. R. S. Meiklejohn Mrs. Fred Merriken T. Mellichampe Mrs. j. Arch Mellor Mrs. Frank Meredith Louise Messick '42 Mrs. Hans Meyer Mr. Elwood Meyett Mr. Roland Meyett Mr. 8: Mrs. Emanuel Michaleson Mrs. A. C. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. George A. Miller, jr. jack Miller Mr. Robert Miller Mrs. Samuel Miller Mr. Wilbur Miller Miller's Grocery R. L. Mimms Mr. john Mitchell Mitzis Mrs. M. M. Moesch Mrs. G. P. Molden Mrs. C. F. Monday Mrs. Henry Monsen Orma Monsen '45 Mrs. Anna Montag Mr. john Montag Mrs. Montalbano jeane Moore '52 Manuel Moran Francis R. Moreland Mrs. Kenneth H. Moreland Paul Moreland, jr. Mrs. Bertie Morgan Dr. Angela Moriarty Mrs. Morris Miss Patsy Morris Mrs. Sinsel S. Morris R. C. Morrow Mrs. Charlotte Mosedale Mary Lou Mullen '42 Clara Lee Munday Cmd. 8: Mrs. E. R. Mumford Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto j. Munz Mushie Mrs. j. Walter Musterman Mr. 8: Mrs. jos. G. Neiman Mrs. Lina B. Neimiller Mrs. Chris Nelson Mrs. j. Nelson Douglas Newell Mr. Clarence O. Newton Miss Linabelle Nicely Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Nichols Mr. George Nichols Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry A. Nichols Mr. 8: Mrs. Theodore Nichols joseph B. Neilson Golda S. Nimburg Miss Noble Mrs. j. Home Mr. Truman Holms G. W. Norris joyce K. North '38 Mrs. C. P. Nothrop john Nowell Mrs. H. E. Nutt '24 A Naval Officer Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel C. Olson Mrs. Owens Mrs. Alvin Owens Mrs. Charles Owens Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Owens Mrs. G. A. L. Page Dr. R. A. Page Mr. 8: Mrs. S. E. Palmer Mrs. Zella Palmer Mrs. Frances W. Parker Mr. Harold R. Parkinson '46 Mr. 8: Mrs. jack Parlett G. Ruth Parson Mr. john L. Parson Dr. john S. Patti Mrs. O. Payseur Dr. Elizabeth Peabody Corp. Allen G. Pease Mildred F. Perlitz Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Pettingall, jr., Mr. Robert Petty Mrs. Vinton W. Phillips Winston Phelps Mrs. Marie Phipps Phys. Ed. lst Pr. Mrs. john R. Pierce Margaret Rieves Pierce Thomas Pochatko Mr. 8: Mrs. james T. Pole Miss Betty Postom Mr. William Povey Mary M. Pumphrey Mr. Robt. P. Purdy Mrs. Louise A. Purvis Mr. Rudolph Quade Mr. W. E. Quenstedt Riva Ramblers Barbara Rames B. Rand III Mrs. Carl Rausch Anita jean Ravenscroft Mrs. H. E. Ravenscroft Ray Mr. 8: Mrs. Abian L. Reed Mrs. Harold Rekate '40 Family Relations III Pr. Capt. 8: Mrs. E. C. Renfro Mrs. F. W. Reppenhagen Hose Rescue Co. Lyda A. Revell Miss Nettie Revelle Mrs. Doris Rhen Howard Rhinehart Mr. M r. 8: Mrs. Chester Rice William Richards Elsie M. Richardson Mrs. Louise Richardson Mr. Mr. Phil William Richardson H . Richman Richman Dorothea Ridgeway joan Riddelberger '53 Ann Ridout '50 Mrs. Charles D. Ridout Mrs. Howard Riggins Mrs. Walter Riggins Mr. 8: Mrs. T. Roland B. Riley Mr. 8: Mrs. E. B. Rinard Mr. Charles Rinehart Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Ritter Mrs. Lillian G. Roberts Mrs. Thos. G. Roberts Lt. jg. 8: Mrs. E. E. Rockwell, jr john C. Rogers Mrs. Marian L. Rogers Russel Rossback David Roth Warren Rotly Virginia Rowe '58 Mrs. C. P. Ruff Mrs. H. C. Rule Mr. 8: Mrs. H. C. Rule. jr. Mary Rule '48 Susan Rule '50 Mrs. Fred Rupp Bob Russell Dr. 8: Mrs. Carl P. Russell Dr. 8: Mrs. j. T. Russell Tommy Russell Phyllis Sabel '53 Mrs. Samuel Sabel Mrs. Maurice Saffield Theodore Lee Sakers Anna Sanoras Mrs. Myrtle A. Sappington Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Sareter Benjamine O. Sarles '5l S. G. Sas Mrs. Samuel Saslaw Mr. Mr. 8: ' Mrs. j. B. Scarborough Sc Mrs. W. C. Schenck M-rs. Schiavello Mr. Sc Mrs. S. A. Schilling Betty Schmidt Mr. 8: Mrs. Melvin Schlossman Rose Shoonmaker Mrs. Schovestul Schwallenberg' Sidney C. Schultz Nick Schwalier Mr. Dr. A. N. Schwartz Schwartz Wm. F. Scible Donald B. Scot Rose Springfield Scot Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry I. Scott Mr. B. F. Sears Mr. Sc Mrs. B. W. Sears Mr. 8: Mrs. Clifton Sears Miss Dolly Sears Ida-Ann Sears '50 Miss jean Sears Leah-May Sears Peggy Wood Sears Wm. Sible Mr. 8: Mrs. E. R. Seeders Mr. William Segelken Mrs. Thos. B. Segner Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Seminoff Frank C. Serio Severna Park No. 2 Severna Park No. 72 Mrs. Ruth Shakelton Mrs. Myrtle Shelton Mrs. David Shepherd Mrs. Elizabeth Sherbert Witney Shoemaker Mr. 8: Mrs. Shoaf Marvin Shoaf Mrs. K. T. Showers Mr. William Simpson Howard T. Sinclair Mr. 8: Mirs. Skoal Peggy B. Skipper Ann Skislak '49 Mrs. Albert Skockett Mrs. Charles A. Small Miss Mary G. Small Andy Smith Mr. Charles F. Smith Mrs. H. S. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy H. Smith Mr. Thomas A. Smith, Sr. Mrs. Louise G. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas A. Smith, Jr. Mrs. Charles Snyder Spanish II Mrs. Blanche Spencer Mr. Everett E. Spencer Mr. Robert F. Spencer Mr. 8: Mrs. T. A. Springfield Mr. William J. Stanek Mrs. Benjamen T. Stanley '40 Barbara Steams '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Stearns Charlie Steele Mrs. Charles H. Steele Mrs. Myrtle Stephens Mrl 8: Mrs. julian Stevens Mr. L. A. Stevens Mrs. Irvin Stinchcomh jennine Stinohcomb Betty Stockett '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. B. E. Stockett Dorothy Stockett '47 Peggy Ann Stockett '50 Mrs. Ellen Stratton Virginia Stratton '48 Scott Straus '50 Senator 8: Mrs. Wm. Stromeyer Betty Stuller '51 Subscription 205 Elizabeth Suitt Mrs. Claire Suitt Miss Rose Suitt Mrs. Warren L. Suitt Mrs. William B. Suitt Miss Betty Sullivan Mr. 8: Mrs. William W. Summers Mr. john F. Sunderland Mr. 8: Mrs. Glen Sutphan Wilma Svoles Al 8: Sylvia D. R. Talbott J. T. Tally-Ho Mr. Richard E. Lankford Mr. Louis Taylor Mr. R. C. Taylor JIMMY VI RGI L WELDON STEVE TERRY Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. W. Taylor Mrs. Harry Terry '45 Mrs. ,P. W. Tuserea Mrs. john R. Thomas Mrs. Muriel Thomas Weldon Thomas '50 Louise -I. Thompson '47 Bobby joe Tillman Mr. J. M. Tingle Mrs. Mary Tirschman Rebecca Tirschman '50 Mrs. Homer Todd Mr. Alfred Tomanio Tony R. A. Torovsky, Lt. Col. Mrs. Gerald Tossey Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Le Tourneau Mr. A. B. Towman Emily Trevett Mr. I. M. Tringle Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Trott Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Trumpy Mrs. Irene Turcoui Mfrs. Carrie E. Tucker Chester T. Tucker Mr. Dick Tucker Mrs. E. Tucker Haywood Tucker Stanley Gene Tucker '46 Mr. lumvo Tuers Mr. Morris Turk Beverly Turner '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. G. F. Turner H. A. Turner Mr. 8: Mrs. L. R. Turner Hilton Twiner Mr. 8: Mrs. H. V. Tydings Nelson Tydings '50 Mr. Clarence E. Tyler Lt. jg. 8: Mrs. A. J. Updike Mary Vandersburg Mrs. L. J. Vanderburg Mrs. Robert Vallandingham Mrs. Wm. -I. Vanous Dolores A. Vanyo '27 Mr. Preston Veltman C. P. Vickers Vince Amelia Frances Vlma '50 Lawrence Vlma Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent A. Vlma, Sr. Mrs. Bertha Voigt Mrs. C. S. Voyles Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert T. Wagner Mrs. Harry Wahab Mr. 8: Mrs. jerry Walder Mrs. Mary Walling Mrs. G. A.' Wanchoper Carlton S. Waring Miss Blanche Warthen Louis Warthen Mrs. Hawley Waterman Mrs. Wm. L. Watters Paggv Wayson '47 Mr. Richard B. Wayson Mr. N. S. Wetherhold Carolyn Webb Capt. 8: Mrs. T. S. Webb Mr. W. B. Webb, jr. Edwin Weber Mrs. G. K. Weber Mr. B. T. Webster - Compliments of 7950 Mr. Howard E. Weir Mrs. F. A. Weiss Mr. Harry Weiss Mrs. james R. Welch Iohn E. Wells Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman B. Wells Capt. 8: Mrs. C. L. Westhofen Sally WVesthofen Miss Margaret Wharton Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Wheeler Mr. 8: Mrs. Bennet Wheeler Bettie Wheeler '48 Mrs. Earle Wheeler Paul Denis Whelan Mr. 8: Mrs. B. A. White Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence M. White Mrs. W. E. Whitmore Mr. Edward Whittington Mr. Eugene Whittington Chester A. Wickstrom Betty Widerman Sam Wilburn W. 'Emerson Wiley '50 Audry Williams '48 Buddy Williams Mr. Charles L. Williams '39 Mr. Chester Williams Miss Elizabeth Williams Mrs. Elliott Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. S. A. Williams Mr. Walter E. Williams Mrs. W. L. Williams '46 Margaret Willis Robert Willis '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. R. G. Willis Geo. V. Wilson Miss Louise M. Wilson Filmore W. Windsor Mrs. I: W. Windsor june Windsor Betty Ann Winter '50 Carroll Winter '47 Geneva Will Charles B. Wollett Mrs. E. H. Vtfood B. Lorraine Wood Mrs. W. C. Wood Miss Elaine Woodburn Mr. Wm. A. Woodburn Mrs. Wm. A. Woodburn Mrs. Wm. A. Woodbum Mr. 8: Mrs. Herman Woodfield Mrs. Ruth C. Woodfield Mary Ann Woolford '50 Mr. Milbourne Woolford Woodland Beach Fire Co. Sam Worthington, jr., '46 Bob. Wooster '48 Mrs. Margaret VVooster Henry Wooten Mr. 8: Mrs. Clyde Wynne Marion Yancey Your Hairdresser Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel j. Zacharias Mrs. Beverly Zaino '42 Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Frank Zelko Phyllis Zelko '50 Mrs. D. R. Zeep Miss Mancy Zick 3rd Pr. Zoology M. L. Zorn JOE ANG-Y NNALTER TOMMY BEAU 'Richer Milk ini the Cream Top Bottle" THE ANNAPOLIS DAIRY PRoDucTs 4 ARUNDEL LAUNDRY Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Storage COMPANY Scientific Rug Cleaning 126 W St t A . 2345 est ree nn Spa Road and West Street Pasteurized Milk and Cream Ice DIAL 2343 4 R O O F I N G . Congratulations to the All types - Shingles - Composite Built-up - Metal - Slate Class of 1950 Guttering - Spouting - Skylights Sheet Metal Work - Duets Conditioning - Furnaces C. A. L. WILSON ICE CREAM Since 1870 Annapolis 4822 Night - Sun - Holidays 4061 31 .Francis Street SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. 120 West Street Phone 2688 NORMAN R. BELL AND CO. Brick Work Contractors Concrete Products 616 Third Street Eastport, Maryland Telephones 4888 and 4262 'A' Compliments of J. D. HEDIN Mayo, Mo rylond i' THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber - Millwork - Paint Hardware - Builders' Supplies Appliances Annapolis, Md. - Glen Burnie, Md. Telephone 2337 - Telephone 100 Anthracite and Bituminous Coal Esso Oilburners and Fuel Oil Frigidaire and Maytag Appliances ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, INC. 89 West Street Phone 9244 'k i HARE BROS., INC. Automotive and Marine Parts Compliments Foot of Main Street Of Annapolis, Maryland D P ' MERIDITH - ROANE upon' "mn BRANCHES: COMPANY, INC. Bethesda, Maryland WH. 0554 OL. l29'l-2-3 P. O. Box 428 Mt. Rainier, Maryland , DE. 0075 UN. 0220 Annapolis, Maryland UN. 0221 Alexandria, Virginia Q Q TE. 'Ill0 TE. llll THOMAS G. BASIL Real Estate and Insurance Annapolis, Maryland TILGHMAN COMPANY Annapolis Agents for - Stieff - Gorham - Towle Lunt - International - Heirloom Sterling Silver 44 State Circle, Annapolis, Md. Congratulations to :he Class of 1950 B E R M A N ' S 184 .Main Street Your Shop of Quality for Quality Shopping Annapolis Maryland Gifts - Cards - Engraving School Supplies MONTAGUE - KYLE, INC. "Next to Gas and Electric 207 Main Street Phone 6157 MAURICE E. MEADE Contractor and Builder Residence Post Office Box 432 State St. Annapolis 206 Eastport, Md. Annapolis, Md. Life Time Homes Are built by Meade Dial 2061 THE HODGES AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance 49 Maryland Ave., Annapolis, Md Compliments of FRENCH OLDSMOBILE, INC. 225 HANOVER STREET ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 6 N. Taylor Avenue Plumbing - Heating - Oil Burners Hot Water Heaters - Pumps Fuel Oil Prompt, Dependable Service Dial 6421 THE OPEN GATE Restaurant and' Hotel A Good Place To Eat The Best in Steaks, Chops and Seafood Roller Skate for Health's Sake ROLLER INN Evening Sessions Monday 6' Saturday, 7:30-11 P.M. Fried Chicken Southern Style Sunday Telephone 7I25 or Telephone 9798 8-11 P'M' ' Delicious Barbequcs Defense Highway, netar Parole Double-Thick Ample Parking Space Annapolis, Md. Milk Shake, Television West Street Extended Best Wishes R. M. EGGLESTON JEWELER 141 MAIN STREET Annaaana, Maryland Phone 2970 DIAMONDS WATCHES Compliments Of G. C. MURPHY COMPANY 100 Main Street, Annapolis, Md Home Cooked Meals From 6 A.M. - 12 Midnight Quick Service - Reasonable Prices NEW GRILL RESTAURANT 105 Main Street - Annapolis 9642 Compliments of NAT GATES JR. 8. SON Marine Engines - Inlzoard - Outboard Sales and Service COLUMBIAN Propellor and Bronze Distributors Annapolis 2492 F. P. ASHER, .lR. 8. SONS, INC. Contractors Annapolis, Maryland Telephone Cinder Block Annapolis 3356 Concrete Block THE EQUITABLE urs Assukmce soclsrv or THE urureo sTATes HOWARD CLARK RULE, JR. Special Representative 44 Maryland Avenue Annapolis, Md. Tel. 7131 Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 Official A. H. S. Jewelry -COLONIAL JEWERLY CO. 47 Maryland Avenue CARVEL HALL A Sheraton Hotel "The Center of Social Activity" ARUNDEL RUG CLEAN ERS, INC. Rugs cleaned, stored and repaired Upholstered Furniture Cleaned In your home or in our plant "Big or Small We Clean Them All" Chicleering Wurlitzer KEENEY'S PIANO AND MUSIC STORE 161-163 West Street, Annapolis, Md. Phone 4852 "Growing Thru Service" Hammond Solovox Kings-Olds Band Instruments Magnavox Spartan Television and Radios .Records Columbia. - Victor -H Decca - Capitol All Latest Releases When you think of Music, think of Kecncyis Good Luck Class of '50 L I P M A N ' S 172-'I74 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland J O H N N I E ' S ESSO SERVICE STATION Lafayette Ave. and West St. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of HARRY'S MOTOR SALES 9854 - PHONES - ai 51 CARR'S CORNER Groceries and Meats Sales - Studebaker - Service F - H - F 'l' 90 Compromise Street eeds ay em Her Annapolis, Md. Tel. 9231 "e'e"se,""" Ge"e"" Highways Compliments of ' "PARKER 51" PEGGY ATWELL FABRIC MART Telephone 81111 232 Main Street Annapolis, Md. The World's Most Wanted Pen JENKINS, INC. 185-187 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of SAMUEL S. STOKES Fancy Groceries L. P. MUSTERMAN "HAT SHOP" 197 Main Street Annapolis, Md E. CHURCHILL, MURRAY Insurance Exclusively Annapolis, Maryland Phone 2678 Q Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUKCK AND CO. 8 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of M. M. PARKS Mayo, Maryland JESS RADIO AND ELECTRIC Francis Street at Main Annapolis, Maryland BRIDGEWAY PHARMACY Congratulation and Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 Eastport, Maryland Compliments of SAPPINGTON'S YACHT YARD Severna Park, Maryland HOPKINS FURNITURE CO. Home of Better Furniture 123-127 Main St., Annapolis, Md. Compliments of RUTH SPECIALTY SHOP Ruth K. Rosenbloom Phone 4551 161-A Main Street , Annapolis, Md. WHITVMORE - - - WINEGARDNER'S GULF 0 Southern Maryland's 31455051 Pfiflfffs West Street and Spa Road Taylor Ave. at West St., Annapolis, Md. Annapolis 4751 Annapolis, Md. APPAREL SHOP WOLLMAN'S SHOES Home of Advertised Brandt 164-166 Main sheet 129-131 Main sr. - Dial 3372 Phone 9222 , SNYDER BROTIIIERS Venetian Blinds Window Shades Hardware, Pamts and Plumbzng Supplies . 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VOGES Real Estate and Insurance 221 Main Street - Hotel Maryland Building Phone: Annapolis 4477 Annapolis, Md. 216 Main Street Phone 9000 KARLTON'S Flower and Gift -Shop "The up-to-date florist" Compliments of TRI - HI - Y Congratulations Class of 1950 EDWARD KRAMER THE PARSONS COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 220-222 Main Street 171 Conduit Street Telephone 2005 Phone 4566 Annapolis, Md. Slip Covers - Draperies - Upholstering D, ANNAPOLIS DECORATORS 164 West Street Insurance and Real Estate 214 Main St. - Tel. 2684 - Annapolis, Md. Phone 3113 "In Annapolis since 1880" C0"'Pli"'f'1fS MILLER'S MEAT MARKET of Fresh and Smoked Meats POLAN'S 5C - 51.00 STORE Groceries 39 wen. sheet 1100 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments Compliments vf Of CAPITAL SHOE STORE PARTY PANTRY 35 West St. Annapolis, Md. 174 West Street Annapolis, Md. Dial 2241 Diamonds Rernounted TOMMY'S GARAGE 1 "Ar 1 ' -" S T E A R N S Automobile 3Ig:gaii'ir1,:wQ Part: Diamondsiv- Watches - Jewelry Affqfifofifffi- ,I-ub'fg1fi0'l , , m0f0 mfrlfan GS n Wad' ReP"""'g , THOMAS J. COALE, Prop. 180 Main Street Annapolis, Md- Three Mile Oak I Annapolis, Md. Compliments Of ARMY-NAVY SURPLUS Somebody's Birthday is Coming! Be Thoughtful! YORK PASTRY SHOP 210 West Street Phone 6978 Your favorite Lillies IK your favorite Compliments Of B H P sERY'CE,, Bffk ER S 0 l.EwNEs' RESTAURANT lrvmg Izzy Wolf, Prop. 194 Green sheet Fourth Street Eastport, Md. Compliments Compliments of of EAGLE CAB COMPANY LA ROSA Phone 4242 Complete Outfitters for Gents, Ladies and Children B A E R ' S Our Easy Payment Plan is at your Service Compliments of S A D L E R ' S HARDWARE STORE 20 Dock sf. Al'll'lCPOllS, Md. JOHN M. DAWES AND Compliments of Hardware - Paints - Oils -- Varnishes CRISFIELD Plumbing + Electrical and Boat Supplies CITY MARKET Cor. Randall Street and Market Space Telephone 3474 THE POWDER PUFF Beauty Shop 39 Maryland Ave. Annapolis, Md. Congratulations and Best Wishes THE FLOWER MART 37 Maryland Avenue fBetWeen Prince George and King Georgel Phone 7510 Compliments of 1 ' iii 1 . ' ? - sr iidlifiiv Compliments of JlM'S CORNER M. R. CHANCE AND SON Certified Watchmakers and Jewelers 165 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone 2404 Compliments of- ANNE ARUNDEL CANDIES Compliments of FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO THE MARY LOUISE BEAUTY SALON SUPPLY ll Monticello Avenue 272-274 West Street Annapolis. Maryland W. F. FLOOD It SON, INC. Dial 4810 STRANGE and WHITE, INC. C L A U D E . S 'IS5-157 Main St. Annapolis, Md. Betholine-Sinclair service The Store of Branded Merchandise 927 Stetson Hats - Worsted-Tex Suits west shea' . Phone 387' Mansfield Shoes - Arrow Shirts AHMIPOIIS, Maryland Compliment, Compliments of of COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG PHOTO SHOP COMPANY 151 -Mal' Sfveef Annapolis, Maryland Dial 4211 Artists' Supplies R. E. STRANGE and SONS Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes 'I59 Main Street Annapolis, Md. SEVERNA SERVICE STATION at Macey's Corner Ritchie Highway and Old Annapolis Road Severna Park, Maryland Compliments vf SUBURBAN CLUB Compliments of "THE ANITA SHOPPE" 'I81 Main Street Phone 2402 Compliments of CLIFF DAWSON'S STORE Severna Park, Maryland Compliments of SERENADERS DANCE ORCHESTRA R E C01npli7nenf5 I I JEWELER G O M A L J A K 270 West Street Phone 3829 CONCRETE PRODUCTS co- Compliments of THIRD PERIOD GLEE CLUB Mr. Robert F. Kunkle, Director UNIVERSAL MOTORS, INC. 'Il03-I 1,07 West Street "Your Ford Dealer" Annapolis, Maryland Congratulations to the Class of 1950 LINCOLN MERCURY BERT SPRIGGS MOTOR SALES, INC. 26 West Street Phone 9234 i WEEMS SYSTEM OF NAVIGATION 227 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Md. Aviation Ground School Courses in Marine and Air Navigation C Q? G.S. 6? H.O. Charts 6' Publications Watches - Navigation Instruments Textbooks HOPKINS PHARMACY Prescription Pharmacists Quality Drugs 60 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone 2020 Housewares - Gifts - Appliances THE HOME APPLIANCE CO. Makers of Happy Homes 51 West Street Telephone 6488 ABRAHAM GREENGOLD Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings The Store for the Lad G? his Dad since 1908 Annapolis, Maryland 46-48-50 West St. Phone 3600 Compliments of KI NG'S BAKERY Run Right to READ'S "Drug Stores Worthy of Your Confidence" 176 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of LITTLE CAMPUS RESTAURANT Compliments of PRESTO LUNCH 63 West Street Phone 9827 "Flowers for all Occasions" THE ACADEMY FLOWER SHOP Lester B. Wayson, Prop. 139 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Md. Res. Phone 4409 Bus. Phone 3200 Annapolis 4640 f 100 Compromise St. me Annapolis, Md. Established 1858 W. H. THOMAS AND CO. Complete Outfitters for Men 141-143 Main Street, Annapolis, Md. Telephone: Annapolis 2221 ANNAPOLIS BUICK COMPANY 240 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Phone 2341 Compliments of J. R. MCCRONE, JR. Civil Engineer and Surveyor Compliments of CHARLES TRABING Mayo Beach, Mayo, Maryland Best Wishes to the Graduating Class ROYAL RESTAURANT 23 West Street Annapolis, Md. "Ed ' ' hi ' . u,."f2"1'.l',fIZ T.'Ze'.,f"f.,.f?"..1f5fZ'Q75 Complfmfnff Eat at of Aus Am-coNorr1oNen MooN's srons DELICATESSEN Edgewater, Maryland 121 Main Street Compliments of Compliments DOVE'S STORE of Mayo, Maryland HOME ROOM 210 Dial 2655 THE HENRY B. MYERS CO. 45-59 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of THE HOFFMAN SCHOOL OF DANCE 4112 Arkansas Avenue, Washington, D. C. Wash. Taylor 2841 Annapolis 2742 COUNTRY HOUSE Charles and Helga Moerschel Specializing in Garden Club Nichcs Telephone 3909 BERNARD J. WIEGARD I ReP"0gff?:l0"5 lg Wgvd C d Real Estate and Insurance Rolfxgogsyl Md., S sevgiiingarkf Ad. Hotel Maryland Building, Annapolis, Md. P.O. Box 121, R.F.l. - Phone Severna 484 Compliments of QUl'CK'S SEVE'RNA PARK "Y0uf Gift -Vivre" Exclusive but inexpensive Severna Park, Maryland 3 State Circle Annapolis, Md. GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY 238 West Street Quality Furniture Phone 2733 Telephone 2292 We Call For And Deliver RAINBOW CLEANERS Annapolis' Oldest Cleaners Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing St orage 1801 West Street 201 Main Street SEVERNA DELICATESSEN Tel. Severna Park 42 Old Annapolis Boulevard Severna Park, Maryland Compliments of CHARLES F. LEE CO., INC. Lee Building Annapolis, Maryland FISHPAW'S FIWLLING STATION Jones Station, Maryland Patronize our Advertisers if 1, Q 4 i 5 E QM. .wav W Y' WJ 'Y g ' " n am ' 3 . ew, Aw- . ,N i M V4 if ,, ,-v I A ...U I W 1 f -M4 ,Mm QM' Ea. ,mv ,W Q 2 QQ WW f x 3 fi we Www ' 'MIXQ-fw: 1 , I f A ,f I y Ur , ,r L iv xr , ra

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