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1 ,, Far' i N- Q AM Q, 'NE ff ,I l l M DX X, Q UQMkUU 3.93 Ulmgun WMD , 1:1 'SD N - -m,Sj V .Vi Eflflw ff f me g 41 C'gz1r...1 , A Q! 1 . lf--ljr W1 l 2 lg X 5, ! 352 p Q w' COLLEGE 5-,'f-x x ,1- 72 Q V it N! if ' I E A X E1 L ' B lil -T1 of 1 wg ww, - V, in of , lltsll LU fi' Jie i V1-Q ,QE 1 - vv 51 Lf' Xf on 3'5" -1? i-3 Q3 VT U Wliiffg f X , I Q-IZ' X Ig,-k,.'i4kl - - 0 U I f Z 'P' g m-, ' EN? 14, XNMXQX' V . N - 'MB 5321 lx I 'X 'X X A N5211iur fEIitSS M X prfsenisihf ,SN Q Igfgivalxe U Y Q HK WRX xx A ,Q lf' iv? fi 'A ,ffl , Witaffv go. When this year's Senior Class started to think about a yearbook, one of the first questions raised was that of the dedication. Here was a problem. We found that it wasn't the work of one teacher, or even of 7 a few, that stood out in our mindsg instead the hard work and co-opera- ji tion of all the teachers have made our school lives run their smooth I course. Through the faculty's combined efforts we have gained know- ledge and understanding, and at the same time have enjoyed ourselves under their leadership in clubs, sports and other extra-curricular activi- C g ties. 0- So we have decided to show our appreciation to all the members Lan of the faculty by dedicating this book to them. It is our way of saying im A thanksg though it may be inadequate, we want you to know that these thanks are heartfelt on the part of every senior in the Class of '49. iff' fm. Q. ' CJ mipfli if x3QgJmsmiCxa,ff3S-we 'H N-W'4t'nwc DR. HOWARD A. KINHART Principal of Annapolis School "The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes." - DISRAELI This truth, if remembered and heeded by every boy and girl in the Senior Class of Annapolis High School, would safeguard not only the individual but also the community life as a whole. How can one be ready? This, the' first question entering the minds of many, no doubt gives the THINKER grounds for many moods. According to the late Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, "Thinking can be dullg but it also can be a glorious and exciting adventure." So as you set out on your adventure to investigate possibilities, keep in mind those that loom large as your potentialities. Culture is achieved by reading and observationg good disposition, by living agreeably and understandably with othersg willingness, by working faithfully and unstintinglyg honesty, by fair dealing with fellow beings. All of these assets and many more help make an attractive and well-rounded personality spirited by the readiness needed to open opportunities for success. if aacullfq ADMINISTRATION DR. Howmzn A. KINHART MR. ERNEST HEluu.oTz jarrettsville, Md. McKeesport, Pa. Pasture duty in baseball Being an average student ART Foshan T. AUGUSTINE Lock Haven, Pa. Basketball star COMMERCIAL CORE CURRICULUM HENHE-m-A W, CMWENTER STELLA M- MORRIS JEAN BIELDEN RANDOLPIi GEORGE W. Noluus Fl21gSUiff, Arizona Rocky Mount, Va. Halfielct, Mass. . St. Marg:-frets, Md. Skyscraper basketball center Specializing in algebra I-fader "1 afhlelffs C0"'Plefmg high 50,1001 in two years Hometowns and high spots from the high school careers of our faculty. ENGLISH KATHERINE COX ELIZABETH VINTON DAVIS Preston, Md. Annapolis, Md. Passing physics Being baslzful If FW' ' HLLLN CALL KATIIIQIIINE KIBLER MARY ALICE OwI5Ns Easton, Pa, Greensboro, Md. Annapolis, Md. Sketching for publiggfigm On volleyball team Iulzirh Working onthe assembly won stale rlzarrlpionship committee HOME ECONOMICS JANITH R. HORSEY EDITH C. NI:wI.oN Easton, Md. Tunnelton, West Va. Starring in dramaticx Graduating as salutatorian 9 if INDUSTRIAL ARTS , ' FRED L. ALEXANDER CHARLES J. DIFAzIo Roscon C. SPENCER Milesburg, Pa. Atlantic Highlands, N. J, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Starting a school band Sport special Graduating! LAN GUAGES AIILDRED H0l'KlNS KINHART LORENE C. MARKING Annapolis, Md. Louisville, Ky. Graduating at 15 Perfect attendance MATH .,2, . a.w..,,w.u.n. LINABELLE NICI-:LY Watsontowne, Pa. Valedictorian ANTON Y BIscHoI-'F j. C. ROGERS MARY DICREY SMITH HAzI1I. S. WILSON Harwood, Md, Annapolis, Md. Covington, Va. Annapolis, Md Bagkefball ypggialgy Learning Spanish Hiking Maintaining, scholarship MUSIC ELIZABETH UDELL Moons Huntington, West Va. Winning first place in a national essay contest ROBERT F. KUNKLE New Kensington, Pa. Practicing four hours a day on the piano PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mlumnn BURTON LUCIEL V. Cocczmwo JAMES j. Cox N ORWOOD S. WETHERH Baltimore, Md. Spring Lake, N. J. Russellton, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Playing tennis Acquiring athletic awards Advancing "socially" Excelling in sports BRUCE J. RENTSCHLER MARGARET W1-IARTON E. T. NORTON Reading, Pa. Princess Anne, Md. Boonesville, N. C. Tops in English Winning girls' athletic trophy G0i7lg Out f01' sports OLD SCIENCES P. j. Mum Alma' .Xml Romans MARION YANCIQY Easton, Pa. ISQISIOII, Mal. Clarksville, Va. Caplaining a football team Calling 1'Xf'HIl1lff0lllI'XflVll5 Playing the piano for asse m b I i ex SOCIAI. STUDIES Alun I.omsl-, Hlcxxs Annapolis, Mil. Cooking MARY ELMNOR Kicmmkr Taneylown, Md. Playing the colored lead in her senior play MW? Ilukcnm' I., Nolan: jmw SWARTZ Cambridge, Md. Forest City, Pa. l'a.x.sing Algebra 11 Winning senator-ial essay rontest SPECIAL SERVICES I-Zulu' I-IWING Easton, Md. Olzlaining an A in physirs ,mi DOROTHY E. HAlNIII.TON Elizabethtown, Pa. Participating in dramatic productions ily' L Hmm IYIIISII-ZRIVIAN j, flATHERlNE SAVAGE Annpaolis, Md. Cedar Grove, Wig, I,f'arning to be a good lixfelling in languages l 5!'l'H'lIlVy. UL' e .ff Vx Ek, X- 1742 lim fl gg 'f X1 AX 1E Z! in w 5 1343 cts. S I : 1,97 'X .,? ' ?7s-W t J 5. Xcmjfk-QZJZKVV 2 wg D 'zqgifi-5 7 gm N 0 JI VX fgfusw gf Y xivfq i" fw ff' 35. 1 f J, lf' A ' gfibw wi " -Serv :W f ' iff 1, 74.331 V- 'fw X ,Q mf X, G . "' l. Nik.: 5 M ,hlfl lVl11!11 .s'f'111'rn's frzfl lllf? llllglf of liillcr strife, Leave lllvlr lmoks llfflll-lid, HIIICVQK as men, Ami fum llm gflllllf rmrzjilffxily of life, Tlmlr lll0IlQlll.Y will zvnnrlm' hare. Wllzn lllrzr youll: lim lawn, lmws If0 the yeals, Old age scls in, mul llcrrrls llfl?lC settled dnwn, Hon' nn: llzf' n1r'1n'rl1's lo pmvolce llle yearning lmrs, fl'-'GQ NM' nigh Wai? 13 ww -Q 'V X llrfnf are Ilm joys .Wlllglll for, but never found. f:liURGl'1 KIORPES genial: Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. S 9-School opens-Only 10 months to go! 16-S. G. Elections-De People's cherce. 22-Allied Youth Club Formed-Great fun! Fir3t Reader3 Digeflilt-1 down and 119 to go. 1-Patron Drive-Pu-u-u-leaiie bring in thoife patronS! 3-Class Oflicers Elected-We, the people, have spoken. 6-Budget Paiiilf Sale!! begin-Did you get yourii? 7, 8-Teachers' Convention-A breathing spell. FirSt payment due on WAKE-Oh, look at me now. l, 3-Census and Election-A long but not lost week-end. 1, 15-Senior Picture!! taken-"Mine'3!S terrible!" 6-Clubs start-Did you get your First choice? 18-Thanksgiving Dinner here at school-Oh my aching feet! 23-Orderi for Claw Ringi Sent-Happy Day! 25, 1-OrderS taken for Capi and Gown!!-Won't be long now. 20, 22-Christmas Assembly and Holidays start-Only 365 days till next Xmas. 26-Thanksgiving Holiday-Ummmmmm that delicious turkey. 22-Christmas Music Broadcast by Glee Club-just like the Angels. 23-Hi-Y Formal-Pretty girls and pretty music. 12-Teachers' Meeting-Well, a half day's not to be sneezed at, you know. 12-Senior Play Chosen-"We ain't talking!" 12, 13-Informal shots and Organization pictures taken-Gosh, my hair was a mess! 15-Plans For Tercentenary Celebration start forming-just look at our town! 2, 3, 4-Mid Year Exams-Whoopee, I passed! l8-Jamboree-How to relax after exams. Mar. 8, 9, 10-Evaluation of School-Now we'll see how much school's really Mar. April April April April April Bday Bday Bday june June june june june June June worth! 25-Spring Formal-No time to get Spring Fever. 7-8-Presentation of the Senior Play-"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." 14-19-Easter Vacation-Our last time out. 21-Model Legislature Meets-Leaders of tomorrow. 22-Jamboree-Our last one! "-Scholarship Exam!!!-Gee, that would Sure help! 18, 19, 20-Senior Exams-That noise is our teeth chattering! 22-27-Tercentenary Celebration-What a week! 31-Memorial Day-No hooking this year! 3-Jr. Prom-Time's really closing in on us! 6-7-Supplementary Exams--The last ones we'll have to take for high school. 10-Senior Dinner Dance-Oh, what a night! 12-Sermon to Graduating Class!-Two days left! 14-Graduation Night-"I'm sorry, but I'm glad." 14-Graduation Dance-Something we'll never forget! 15-Last School Day-Couldn't resist coming back one more time! July ----------- P Hai W? F. VICE-PREs1uENT nl.. 61.244 Gfficrm PRESIDENT PATRIC RENE WEIDMANN "Pat" Pat has lived in Annapolis all his life. Right now he's interested in graduating and hasn't de- cided about college yet. Working on his car, dating, and sports are his hobbies. Pat has been an active participant in extra-curricular affairs. ,gt Senior Class President-4: Homeroom Representative-35 Wake Patron Manager-45 Traflic Squad-43 Hi-Y-3, 4 fofficerjg Hi-Y Member-23 Civitan Club-41 Dancing Club-35 Dramatic Club-35 Football-3, 45 Lacrosse-3, 45 Intramural Soccer-2, 33 Intramural Basketball-1, 2: In- tramural Softball-I, 21 Stunt Nite-1. SECRETARY-TREAsURER MARGARET HARRINGTON "Peg" This little bundle of energy hails from Wash- ington, D. C. She likes music and poetry and wants to be useful and capable. fUmmmmmj Peg plans to attend the University of Maryland. She's what you call a ticklish subject. Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer-43 Wake Literary Staff -4, jr. Prom Committee-31 Traflic Squad-45 Glee Club -4, Dramatic Club-2, 3, 45 Senior Play Selection Com- mittee. SARAH HUGHES MARABLE Sally "Sally," who's a whiz at badminton, came to AHS from Frankfurt High School in her sopho- more year. She hopes to attend Mary Washing- ton College in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This trallic squad officer can really keep law and order! Senior Class Vice-President-43 "Wake" Business Staff-41 Traffic Squad Member-4, Junior Prom Publicity Com- mittee-3g Dramatics Clllll-41 President Arts and Crafts Club-33 Intramural Hockey-33 Intramural Softball-I3 Intramural Basketball-l, 35 Intramural Speedball-lp Intramural Badminton-3, 4. RAYMOND VICTOR AGRIESTI "B uddy" Annapolis is Buddy's hometown and he loves it: nevertheless he's very anxious to travel after graduation, and flying ranks high with him. Always a friendly smile for someone. Art Service-l, 23 Typing and Commercial Ser- vice: Office Helper. WILLIAM W. ANDERSON "Bill" Bill calls Gambrills his hometown. He attended Admiral Farragut Academy, is fond of music and likes to see what makes things "tick." He wants to learn mechanics and machinery. Orchestra-3: Dance Orchestra Club-43 Intramural Softball-2 CAROLYN E. BANKS "Carol" Carol came to AHS this year from Eastern High in Baltimore. She wants to sing and attend music school in St. Louis. She'd also like to "relax in Florida forever." fWho wouldn't?j She has a wonderful sense of humor and a voice to matcn. Yearbook Business Staff-5: Assembly Committee -2, Sg Operetta-2, 35 Music Club-2. 8: Varsity Hockey-23 School Newspaper Staff-3: Glee Club -1. 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth-23 Dramatic Club- 45 Intramural Softball-l: Intramural Basketball -2: Intramural Hockey-2. EMORY BATES "Emory" Emory was born in Washington. D.C. He likes cooking and it'll come in handy, 'cause his ambition is to get married and settle down. We also know he likes to talk and . . . . he's got red hair. WAKE Circulation Manager-43 Assembly Committee Member-45 Traflic Squad-4: Cooking Club Member-45 Business Staff -43 Assembly Participation-3, 45 Serving Faculty Suppers-3: Cooking Club Secre- tary-3. JAMES MICHAEL BLEW "Mike" Always into everything -- that's Mike. Born in Charleston, S. C., he came to AHS in his sophomore year and since then there's been no stopping him! He's interested in automobile engines, stamps and chess, and we've never seen him really serious. Student Government President-43 Traflic Squad-4 QLieutenantjp Jr. Prom-33 President Allied Youth-45 jr. Civitan Club-3, 43 Varsity Baseball-3, 45 Intramural Softball-25 Assembly Participation-43 Band-l, 2: Hi-Y-4: Model Air- plane Club-2 QSec.jg Varsity Basketball-3, 45 Varsity Football-43 Intramural Basketball-2: Intramural Referee-3. RALPH REX BLOOR "Doc" "Doc" was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His main interest is motor scooters, which are pretty small for his six feet. Ralph came to us from Pataskala H. S., Patas- k-ala, Ohio, in his sophomore year. Wake Business Staff-45 Choral Music-45 Boat Model-23 Intramural Basketball-2, S: Allied Youth-4: President Auto- motive Club-35 Varsity Baseball-lg Traffic Squad-4. E. VIRGINIA BRYARS "Teenie" "Teenie" was born at Raritan Arsenal, N. She's an energetic little gal with shining black hair and big brown eyes. She loves horseback riding and wants to go to college but tloesn't know where yet. IVAKE Circulation Stall-4g Senior Play Selection-43 WAKE Business Staff -4g Senior Play Selection Committee-43 Traffic Squad-43 jr. Prom Decoration Committee-3. EDWARD T. COLLINS, VIR. "Torn" Tom, who was born in Baltimore, wants to become a forester and hopes to attend the University of IVashingt0n in Seattle. Sports, outdoor life, and Suzie top his list of likes. Want a good time? Here's your boy! P.T.A. Representative-3: XNAKE Literary, Make- Up and Circulation Staff-45 Assembly Partici- pation-3, 45 Traflic Squad-41 Glee Club-4, Hi-Y-23 Varsity Baseball-3, 4: Varsity Foot- ball-3, 45 Intramural Basketball-2, 3: Serving Faculty Dinners-3, 45 junior Class President- 3g Stunt Night-33 All State Chorus-45 Cheer- leader-35 Dramatic Club-2, 3, 45 Varsity Soccer -2, 3: Intramural Softball-lg Intramural Rer- ELIZABETH E. COLLINS Nora This "lil" blond tjust as talented at singing as in actingp hails from New York. Nora wants to join the war depart- ment and see the world. A good sport on and off the field, she'll succeed in any- thing she tries. Homeroom Representative-21 Literary Editor WVAKI-f-4, Tally-Ho Regular Stafl -43 Girls' Sports Editor-4: Stunt Night -33 Glee Club-l, 3, 43 Cheerleader-33 jr. Prom Decoration Committee-33 Dra- matic Club Pres-3 Varsity Softball-3: Hockey-3, 4: Trafiic Squad-45 Class Vice President-23 Allied Youth Member -43 All State Chorus-4: WAKE Typing Staff-4. eree-3. BARBARA LEE DUCKETT "Bobbie" "Bobbie," a member of the Southern Md. "horsey" set, was born in Annapolis. She plans to go to the University of Mary- land and later wants to raise horses, and with her riding ability . . . . how can she fail? WAKE Circulation and Business Staff-43 Traliic Squad-45 jr. Prom Decoration Committee-3: Make-up Club-23 Photog- raphy Club-3g Art Service-3: Glee Club -43 Y-Teen Club-2: Serving Dinners-3, 45 Intramural Basketball-1, 2, 3. JOHN O. EMRICK, JR. "Concrete" "Concrete" was born in Annapolis but lived in Eastport all his life, and he loves it as do all good Eastporters. He hopes to travel and see the world. A very ambitious guy- Traflic Squad-43 Gymnastics Club-4. BERNARD ERICSEN "Bobbie" A quiet, friendly guy, with plenty of hidden ambition, who plans to join the armed forces. Bernard likes to build airplane models and read, and he too hails from New York City. WAKE Circulation Staff-45 Airplane Club, Reading Club. HARVEY M. HALL "Harvey" Harvey's a native Eastporter and a sports fan who loves basketball and fishing. His ambition is to graduate, and then he plans to join the Navy and see the world. His eyes will niatch his "Navy Blues." Traffic Squad-43 Hi-Y Memberg Civilian Club -4. Penny is an intelligent and ambitious young miss who is bound to succeed. She is an ardent sports fan and lots of fun. Her laughing blue eyes want to see the only four states she hasn't yet visited, then . . . we'll hear about it. Student Government Treasurer-43 Honor So- ciety 3, Officer-4: Traffic Squad-43 Glee Club -lg jr. Prom Decoration Committee-Chairman -3g Serving Faculty Dinners-33 Secretary Hob- bies Club-33 Varsity Basketball-3, 43 Fieldball Captain-35 Intramural Softball Captain-3: Hockey Captain-33 Speedball Captain-33 Speed- ball Captain-33 Allied Youth-45 Secretary Stamp Club-23 Dramatic Club-43 Varsity Field- lgallf-Si Varsity Volleyball-33 WAKE Typing L3 - . JANET M. FRANTUM "jan" "Green eyes and red hair with a temper to match" says Jan, but we know she's as good-natured as they come. jan wants to be a fashion designer. She likes drawing and painting, natch! jan's the one that watches out for our money. WAKE Art Editor-43 jr. Prom Refresh- ment Committee Chairman-3g jr. Prom Decoration Committee-33 Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Club-33 School Treasurer- 43 Sewing Club-4. WILLIAM HANEKE "Bill" "Bill" is a spirited Annapolitan who, like most of the seniors, is looking forward to graduating from school. His hobbies are motors and guns, but he likes to dance, tool Dancing Club-33 Allied Youth-4. PATRICIA LYNNE HENDERSON "Pat" Blond, blue eyed Pat is very fond of dancing and singing. Her ambition is to become a model, and we're calling all photographers' at- tention to this subject. WAKE Typing Staff-43 Assistant ot Attendance Officer-4, Assistant ot Guidance Department- 2g jr. Prom Committee- 33 Vice President Tri- Hi-Y-3g Commercial Service Secretary--Treasurer -45 Traffic Squad-43 Tri-Hi-Y-2, 3, 43 Y-Teen Club-25 Tally-Ho-2: Dramatics Club-3. EUGENE H. HERBERS "Herb" 6 feet tall, Herb is interested in sports, mainly softball. A future "Semper l'aratus" boy, the Coast Guard is where he's heading after graduation. Anchor's aweigh, Herb. DOROTHY JOAN HOLZAPFEL "Dot" "Dot" came to AHS from Long Island, New York, last year. She has literary inclinations and also wants to travel. Her hobbies are drawing and cooking. fShe's quite handy with a needle, toolj WAKE Circulation Staff-41 Jr. Prom-33 Sewing Cilllll Secretary to Mr. Herklotz-43 Serving Faculty Suppers-3, 43 Homeroom Representa- tive-l3 Class Secretary-Treasurer-I ALLEN CONRAD JACKSON "Allen" Allen was born and raised in Annapolis and . . . he loves it! Just ask him, but don't men- tion Eastport. The president of the Jr. Civitan Club says he wants to go to college, but he doesn't know where yet. IVAKII Literary Staff-43 Art Service-l, 23 Jr. Civitan President-4, NICITIDCI'-31 Jr. Prom Decoration Committee-33 Jr. Prom Orchestra COIIIIIIIH66-ClIiilflIl2lI-31 Hi-Y Chaplain-21 ELLEN WARDLOW HOWARD Ellen Look in the hall any hour of the day, and you'll see Ellen running errands. She, like a million other people, wants to inherit a million dollars, but she's undecided about college. WAKI-1 Business Staff-43 Office Helper-43 Make-up and Properties Club-23 Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Clllb-3, Intramural Hockey-?, 33 Intramural Badminton-2, 43 Assembly Participation-33 Jr. Prom Committee-33 Dramatics Club-43 Intra- mural Baskctball-l, 2, 33 Intramural Speedball-l, 2. 3. 'l'I'CIiSlll'Cl'-32 l'I'CSlliCIll-4Q WAKE Art Staff-43 Traffic Squad-43 Y-Teen Club-4. PHEBE A. JORDAN "Plzebe" This local lassie's a true friend to all who know her. Phebe says she wants to go to art school, but college is not on her list. Reading and collecting photographs of her friends are favorite pastimes. Stunt Night-33 Dramatic Club-2, 3, 43 Assistant to Attendance Oflicer-43 Art Service MCHIDCY-lj Jr. Prom Committee -3. f . , HARVEY KELLY, JR. "Harvey" Harvey has spent all four years at AHS. After graduating he expects to attend the University of Maryland. He wants to become a flyer and he likes sailing and swimming. Watch him! He just bubbles over with devilment! XVAKI5 Photography Editor-43 Jr. Prom Com- mittee-33 Stunt Night-33 Wrestling Club-22 Baseball-2: Football-3, 43 Traflic Squad...43 Glee Club-3, 43 Orchestra-1, 23 Civitan Officer -33, 43 Basketball-3, 43 Soccer-2, 3. GEORGE A. KIORPES "I-Iabeasn George is one of our more talented sen- iors. He hails from Yonkers, New York, and likes music and writing. "Habeas" will continue going to Peabody Conserva- tory of Music after graduation. Um-mmm -those big brown eyes! Student Government Vice-President-43 Junior Class Vice-President-33 WAKE Literary Staff-43 "What A Life" cast-2: "A" Hi-Y Member-43 Chess Club-2, 3, 43 "Passim" Typist-33 Tally-Ho Regular Staff-33 Assembly Committee-23 Stunt Night-33 Chairman Jr. Prom Publicity- 33 President Chess Club-3. PHYLLIS BYRD KNODE "Phyl" "Phyl," who was born in Crisfield, Md., came to AHS from Roland Park High in Baltimore in her sophomore year. She thinks she may teach but she likes to eat Knitting-33 Varsity Fieldball-43 WAKE Busi- ness Staff-4g Biology Club-45 Intramural Softball-2. EDWARD WV. LARRIMORE "Eddie" "Eddie" was born in what South River people call heaven . . . Edgewater. He has attended AHS all four years and says his main ambition is "to get Ollt of school!" He likes dancing and baseball best. Assistant to Attendance Ofhcerg Dancing Club: Varsity Baseball-33 Intramural Softball-1, 2. ELESA EVELYN KONIGSBERG Lee This "lil-de-icer" came to us from Lans- downe, Pa., in her sophomore year and since then has contributed much to AHS. Lee wants to visit all the states she hasn't been in and attend Hood College. Homeroom Representative-1 and 4 Qalternatejg P.T.A. Representative-3: junior Prom Committee-Ticket Chair- man-3g Allied Youth-43 Make-up Club WAKE Executive Staff-Editor-in-Chief-45 -2: Bowling-2: Intramural Basket- ball-lg Varsity Fieldball Manager-45 V. Hockey Manager-23 Honor Society Member 3, 4, Officer-43 Tratlic Squad-45 Decoration-33 Dramatic Club-3, 45 Ar- chery Club-lg Varsity Fieldball-35 In- tramural Hockey-3. AGNES LERP "Aggie" Elkridge High was "Aggie's" Alma Mater before she came to AHS. She was born in Baltimore, and swimming and skating are two items on her list she likes. She in- tends to make a good typist for some boss. WAKE Typing Stall-43 Glee Club-I, 21 Square Dancing--43 Office Helper-45 Dancing Club-33 Intramural Basketball -1, 25 Intramural Hockey-3. GEORGE LITTLE "George" A Baltimore boy, George spent his freshman and sophomore years at Calvert Hall, and his junior year at St. Mary's. He came to old AHS in his senior year. College - yesl Where . . . . Ummm-m'm-m-m. Secretary Treasurer-lg Circulation Staff-43 Dancing Club-4. HARRY MCELDOWNEY "Mack" "Mack" was born in Portsmouth, Va., and comes to us from several schools. His ambition is to become an architect and his hobby, he says, is models! QH-m-m-ml Well, good luck, Mack. Christmas Pageant-43 Dramatic Club- Sg Gymnastic Club-4. GEORGE HOASE MANNING "George" This gay, romantic, blue-eyed man about town's secret ambition is to graduate from AHS! fAin't it the truthlj George likes to hunt and trap, and it looks as if we have a future poultry man in our midst. Traflic Squad-4, Intramural Softball-2, 5: Cooking Club 4. WILTON RANDOLPH MAY "Willy" A past Baltimorean and a future veterin- arian, Willy came from Evanston Town- ship High to AHS in his junior year.. His hobby is hunting and he plans to attend Maryland University. "Hey, you, I happen to be a Traffic Squad Lieuten- ,,. ALFRED KENNEDY BLADES "Alfred" Alfred is a true Annapolitan though he says he wishes he had been born in Eastport for, as everyone knows, Eastport is the place! You can almost always see Alfred running errands around AHS because he's Mr. Herklotz's right hand man. When Al leaves school he plans to join some branch of the Service. Book Club-3, 43 Typing Club-3, 43 Senior Play Usher-4. MARDIE M. MORSBERGER "Mamie" Born in good ole Baltimore, Mardie wants to be a singer or a writer. She plans to study music at Peabody, and with her voice she can't fail. Dogs, poetry, and reading top her list of likes and, of course, music. Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class-lg WAKE Literary Staff-43 Tally-Ho Regular Staff-43 Trailic Squad-43 Operetta-2, 31 U. N. Youth Organization-2, 33 Assembly Participation-l, 25 Tally-Ho Reporter-43 Glee Club-l, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club-25 Dancing Club-4. alll. Traflic Squad Lieutenant-4: Varsity Football-45 Biology Club. HARRY WILLIAM PAULMENN "H00tsy" An athlete in the true sense of the word, 'Hootsy came to us in his junior year from Hyattsville. Born in Elizabeth, New jersey, Phys. Ed. courses in any good college beckon to him. Varsity Basketball-1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Soccer- 2, 3, 43 Varsity Baseball-2, 3, 43 Class President -1, 23 Dramatic Club-3. ELSIE MARIE RICHARDSON "Elsie" Elsie is interested in sports and dramatics. She likes to read, too. Her ambition is to finish school, and then-Time' will tell. Need a good friend Here she is! Make-up Committee-23 Study Period-3, 43 Varsity Fieldball-4. JERRY C. SEGNER "jerry" Jerry is our keeper of law and order. He was born at State College, Pa. After he graduates from Penn State, the world, he says, will have a great architect. jerry's a bell ringer, all rihtl WAKE Typing Staff-43 Allied Youth-4: Captain Traffic Squad-43 Art Metal Club-3, 45 Varsity Football-4. ANN FRANCIS SKISLAK "Skizzy" "Skizzy" is an active Annapolitan with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Her ambition is to be a secretary-and what a cute secretary she'll make! WAKE Typing Staff-43 Office Helper-45 Assist- ant to Attendance Officer-4, Make-up Club-2: Intramural Softball-33 Traffic Squad-43 Allied Youth-43 Typing Club-33 Commercial Service -45 Basketball-3. MARVIN M. SHOAF "Tar Heel After leaving AHS, "Tar Heel" plans to enter Duke University near his birth- place, Salisbury, North Carolina, to study engineering. His hobbies are archery, hunting, and all sports. Archery Club Officer-2, Member-33 Homeroom Representative-lg WAKE Ad- Avertising Manager-45 Office Helper-45 Allied Youth-43 Varsity Football-2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball-lg Intramural Football-lg Traffic Squad-49 Hi-Y Officer -3, 45 Gym Club-1, 43 Archery-2: In- tramural Softball-lg Intramural Referee -l. ROBERT C. SNAVELY, JR. "Sk00ch" Here's a good natured guy who's lots of fun. Born in Frederick, Bob likes modern firearms. He may go to college, but above all he wants to make good. P.T.A. Representative-23 Photography Staff-43 Art Service-I, 2: Hi-Y Member -43 Gymnastics Club-2, 3, 43 Intra- mural Softball-l, 25 WAKE Circulation Staff-45 Traffic Squad-45 jr. Prom Com- mittee-3g Archery Club-2, Model,Plane Club-lg Intramural Basketball-1, 2. ROBERT G. STACKLIN "Bob" Hailing from Nashua, New Hampshire, Bob says his hobby is women. You mean you col- lect them, Bob? He wants to be a "successful businessman," and we wish him luck. QEspe- cially with the womenlj WAKE Circulation Staff-43 Archery Club-4: Choral Music Club-3. SI-IEILA ARLEN STONE "TaUy" "Taffy," who was born in Annapolis, came to us at the beginning of her sopho- more year from Wildwood, N. j. Her hobbies are ice skating and dancingg her ambition, to make a good wife. WAKE Make-Up Editor-43 Traffic Squad -43 jr. Prom Committee-35 Intramural Basketball-33 Intramural Badminton- 3: Student Council-lg Circulation Staff- 4g Office Helper-45 Sewing Club-3, 4: Intramural Speedball-33 Locker Monitor -3, Girls Gym Club-l. MARY WATHEN TYLER "Wawa" "Wawa" was born in Spartanburg, South-Ca- lin-a. Her ambition is to study medicine, and she hopes to attend Randolph Macon. flfor W0men?j Attention, all doctors! Homeroom Representative Alternate-35 WAKE Associate Literary Editor-43 Assembly Commit- tee-2, 3, 45 Social Committee-l, 49 Chairman jr. Prom Chaperone Committeeg Senior Play Selection Committee-4: Secretary Dramatic Club-33 Tally-Ho Typist-43 Assembly Parti- cipation-43 Trafhc Squad-4, Clean-up Com- mittee-3, Dramatics Club-2, 3, 4. FLORENCE WEISHAAR "Wish" "Wish" arrived in Annapolis last year. This pretty blond, blue-eyed girl loves dancing and all kinds of sports. Her ambition is to get her hands on that precious diploma and then . . . well, modeling would be nice! WAKE Typing Staff-4, Office Helper-43 Serving Faculty Dinners-43 Participation in Assemblies-35 Traffic Squad-45 Allied RUBY XVELLS "Susie" "Susie," who was born in Virginia and still has a Southern accent, says she first wants to gradu- ate and be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Her hobbies are reading, sports, sewing, and going to movies. Circulation Staff, WAKE-49 Study Hall-35 Sew- ing Club-4. DILNIS WHELAN "Ock" Denny's a lover of sports, and Qthough he hardly ever hits anythingj he likes hunt- ing the best. His ambition is undecided, but he's sure to succeed in anything he undertakes. His red hair doesn't mean a thing! Ask Skooch! Homeroom Representative-l, 2, 43 Office Helper-43 jr. Prom Committee Member -39 WVrestling Club-2: Gym Club-43 Football-3g Intramural Soccer-23 Trafhc Squad Officer-43 Clee Club-l, 23 A-Hi-Y Member-4, Archery Club-33 Var- sity Baseball-41 Intramural Softball-l, 2: Intramural Referee-4. Youth-4. JAMES HENRY YVIRTH "jim" Christian Brothers High School's loss was our gain. jim came to us from St. Louis in his senior year. He hopes to attend college and become a teacher and coach. fDidn't have lcarlzers like that when we were in schoollj Class President-1, 2, 35 Hi-Y Member-43 Var- sity Baseball-l, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society-3, 45 Boys' Cooking Club President-43 Varsity Foot- ball-2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball--1, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET C. WVORTHINGTON "Pat" Pat came to AHS during her sophomore year from the Eastern Sho'. Born in Annapolis, she has the makings of a good nurse. l'at's years at AHS have been full of activities for her "fellow men". fwomen toolj XVAKIC Literary Staff 3, 4: Assistant to Guidance Dept.-4: junior Prom Com- mittee-Sg Ql'rogram Chairmanjg Chair- man Advanced Knitting Club--41 Public Speaking Club-33 Tally-Ho Club Presi- dent-23 Assembly Connnittee 3, 4: Traffic Squad-45 Serving at Supper--35 Home- room Representative-3: Tally-H0 Club -3. 3-,,,,... - I Y , - fc INHS lx, S ...filfgjiv ,RN ,M 9 0 MQW ff 5. fl 5 vis X, f ' - Q C f X 9 K gf wi, ABQ j fm gahwkl 43 RMI Mimi ner 5223135 xw W President l 5 l' S I 1, X R Ray of S, .1 Secretary-Treasurer MOLLY HEINEMAN ,. ...,,... LEE Roy TURNER Vice-President .. V, We thrilled to the tales of E. A. Poe, Learned that water is HQO, Studied the properties of air, Found that triangles compare, And with the coming of the fall We showed how we could kick that ball! We danced with pride at our junior Prom lWith a little hnancial help from Momj. And who can forget his dating joys? The drags were the girls who dragged the Our sense of humor melted away When we neared examination day, But we studied hard and when at last Examinations came - we passed!! boys! BARRY BRYANT President X i ,cj QCTQXCUX X X , X -1 R me if UVAS5 f I9 I Q n Secretary-Treasurer 4. UBETTY SHERMAN JIMMY MARSTON Vice-President As future juniors, the Muppet- crust," With only two years left to go, We've learned what's wrong and what is justg Oar good class record stands to show. Our fellows ln football have made the gradej They've helped increase our high school's fame. To all school programs we've lent our aidg We've learned the way to play life's game. The chance to lead comes to our class And when our jolfs completely done, As we to larger worlds do pass, We know you'll be proud of '51. 25 DANNY OLSEN Q. ,YQ - yi BRN . . T 'Q xw grief S3532 -4. F , ff Am.. f- X f. L f , gi X Q..ASSnf 195 2 Secretary-Treasurer META HOLMES Vice-President ......... ,.4. H ARRY LENHARDT President ..,....,.. An inner force inspires young hearts When knowledge, beckoning from afar, Makes its call as high school starts And preys upon the freshman heart. On ships of learning we embarked, Toured in Latin the Roman world, Visioned the heroine joan of Arc, Witli her splendid battle flag 1L'VLfUTl,d. Thus have we taken up our books, Determination in our stride, And ever mingled in our looks The unresisting freshman pride! IMMY BAKER 'CTP' N 'X F3 N Q! X X X f ' f 1 X it K HSS of 195 President MICHAEL MCCUTCHAN Vice-President ,..,,..... ...BARBARA BRAMBL1: Secretary-Treasurer ...,.,.... KITTY DUCKETT With eager eye and active mind We sought a newer life to find, Viewed the five long years ahead And felt them yearning to be led. These once were unfamiliar walls, When first we trod the crowded halls- "Stop running.' Please walk! You keep to the right.' No pushing.' No gum! Hey, boys, don't hghtft' We wandered aimlessly in a daze, Then finally caught on to high school ways. And now, to the future - who can say What fortune greets us on the way? What lies hidden in the years As we pave the road for our careers? R, ! I Q Jw Na WEL "'-W ...-...W if 1 5' ,. Qi X 2'1l?23fXXV S f wfjiyvi X J K N., ag AGFJDJUES kE:'Ng5 Q M bf E S 'S 3?-be UQ? gf wm Nuff 5 - 5. offi Pk, '7fae4f Nha Same R ix, S . .-. ,A g l fd S Bark Row-J. Morriston, P. Weidmann, J. Baker, L. Turner. Front Row-M. Blew, F. Fradd, G. Kiorpes. The presidents our classes and our student government officers make up the Student Council Executive Connnittee. These students, the leaders of Annapolis High School, have the job ol guiding the work of the Student Legis- lature. They also make up the court which deals with traflic offenders. The council acts as an over-all planning body lor the school. This includes support of the sports program, as well as the awards which are given in recognition of all services to the school. The Student Legislature is the law making body of A.H.S. Elected home- room representatives give student opinions on current school problems and report proceedings in homeroom discussions which they lead. The Legislature is thus organized for the purpose ol enabling every student to have a voice in the school's allairs. lt sponsors the Athletic Association, The Tally-Ho, con- tributions lor the March ol Dimes and the Red Cross, and other projects which have become so prominent a part in school life. lt also gives legislature members practice in governmental procedure. Brick Rozuwli. Bausum, B. Saunders, S Duval, B. Stuller, NV. Mumford, P. Bryan, B Bryant, j. Morriston, D. Whelan, P. Weidmann D. Lape, li. lfiala, J. Carr, M. Blew, F. Barry, R Gillespie, lf. lfradd, G. Kiorpes. ,Qi x x - X if CD5 D. Reynolds, 'I'. Abato, S. Garner. Front Row- ' ' 'ne am! - ' J E- 1 I Z f XSD L 1 , IV J Back Rout-H. Kelly, H. Mclildowney, E. ues, R. Blour, T. Collins, J. Wirth, A. Jackson, . Manning. Middle Ron'-S. Marable, N. C01- ls, V. Briars, B. Duckett, XV. Tyler, E. Konigs- rrg, E. Howard, S. Stone, M. XVorthington, M. orsberger, M. L. Olsen, P. Henderson. First ow-F. W'eisharr, D. lVl1elan, M. Blew, rgner, P. Weidmann, W. May, F. Fradd. lVith just a maroon arm band as a uniform and a small book of tickets for school offenders as a "weapon," the traflic squad enforces the rules and regula- tions of A.H.S. lt regulates trailic at assemblies and fire drills, in the halls and cafeteria, and helps at our games when needed. The Trarlic Squad is composed of a group of senior students who must maintain a fairly good scholastic average in order to participate. This important department of our school is directed by Mr. Ernest Herklotz who exercises the privilege of electing the captain of the squad, a position that is ably held by Jerry Segner. One of the unsung heroes of A.H.S. is the Social Committee. Haven't you enjoyed the dances and jamborees? Then thank the Social Committee and its adviser, Miss Edith Newlon, who is ably assisted by Miss Burton and Mrs. Randolph. YVithout fanfare, this group has quietly attended to the many tasks required to plan your fun. Bark Row-A. Characlis, S. Christo, K. Leanos M. Wvebb, A. Ridout, A. Craaner, M. Cramer J. Asher, S. Harder, E. Jacobs, J. Molden Second Razr-J. Reichle, P. Kaiser, S. Achen bach, W. Tyler, S. liachman, C. Connell, M Heineman, M. Adams, P. Bell, J. Lipman, S lfredenburgh, M. Bounelis, l'. Zelko, B. Turner Fiala, V. Bryars, Carr. gyols E1 1? E 2 n 1 M. Moon, B. Sherman, S. Arndt. Third Row- NV. Humford, G. Richman, C. Basil, B. West- phal, S. Greenfield, S. Boerstler, A. Kohler, E. Sa Gm 7fze aww With a minimum of friction and a maximum of co-operation, the "forty- niners", despite their small class, have published a yearbook of which the school can indeed be proud. The staff has given you, between the covers of one book, a condensation of the many school activities which will bring back memories of "the good ol' days." Putting out a yearbook, we found, adds considerably to life's complications. As negatives strayed, staff members wandered, and editors wondered, we even had symptoms of developing an "is it worth it" frame of mind. The outlook was brighter, though, by the end of February when the Wake began to take shape. Stories were written, pictures were taken, and some deadlines were l1lCt. Though editors and assistants were still buried in "rewrite" copy, the pages side by side actually looked like something. With the coming of spring the last batch of material found its way to the publisher: only proofreading remained to be done. The staff was headed by editors who were members of the senior class. The group has again included members of the junior and sophomore classes who gave valuable assistance and thus gained experience to prepare them for the WAKE of the future. These students were assisted by several faculty members: Mrs. Kinhart was in charge of financing the book, a job which included patrons, advertising, and circulation, Mrs. Carpenter headed the group on make-upg Mrs. Owens was the literary adviser, Mrs. Savage served as co-ordinator for the whole publication. A lot of time was spent producing the '49 Walee-time taken to check and re-check, write and re-write, caption, identify, interview, and plan. The result A student annual, an A.H.S. keepsake-your VVake! fbecacfline ledge ltd. em fy wi if W 2 pg I M Q, .N 93 S 5 0 7a'7fael9' Hack Row-Miss Kibler. P. Mulligan, A. johnson, E. Much, A. Logan, N. Bishop, j. Rainey, J. Cromar. Sammi Row-M. Moon, A. Brice, A. Ridout, W. Tyler, M. Adams. G. Kiorpes, C. Connell, M. Morsberger, N. Bayliff, M. Coldsborough, N. Russell. Front Row-E. Fiala, J. Carr, N. Collins, M. Waterman, B. Stevens, J. Reichel, P. Zelko, K. Fischer. Anne Ridout- Winning editorial! A group of thirty young writers, "ad-men", artists, and typists are keeping alive a local tradition of journalism started by Jonas Green in the days before the Revolution. Bits of poetry and philosophic gems, as well as sparkling news and feature stories, come from the pens of budding geniuses to liven the pages of The Tally-Ho, the school paper. Like my lady's skirts, the present fashion is longer and wider. The paper has grown to five columns, and fifteen instead of ten issues have been published. In order to assure complete cover- age, each student writer has been given a special beat which includes not only school affairs but also related community activities. Through the initiative of energetic staff members, interviews have been arranged this year with local and visiting celebrities. All the editing and most of the writing have been done by the twenty-one members of the journalism class, which meets daily with the adviser, Miss Katharine Kibler. Business manage- ment and circulation are supervised by Miss Elizabeth Davis. The bi-weekly this year has been edited by a rotating staff. 'ii -1.9 F- - 1 Malik ,5if CQ C5225 TQ? -J i'4.o.f" Back Row QStandingj-M. Adams, B. Bryant, N. Russel, ll. Stearns, B. Scarborough, l'. Kaiser, S. Rule G Bass A Ridont, -I. Dougherty. Front Row qSeate11j-M. Kramer, X. Kramer. l'. Saslaw, P. Fradd, VVirth, E. Konigsberg Brooks, NI. Bottner, .L Loughlin. High standards in scholarship, leadership, service, and character should be maintained throughout life-this is the slogan of the National Honor Society. Established in this school in l9'l5, the society gives an incentive for all students to keep up academic standing while rendering services to their school. Each spring the National Honor Society inducts lrom the student body new members who have proved their worth in scholarship, leadership, service, and character since their first year ol' high school. At this induction the mem- bers present to the school the aims ol' the society. ln February the organization, consisting of only three seniors, elected sixteen juniors to its membership. This year Elesa Konigsberg, a distinguished member, won the honor of being chosen Maryland's DAR. Good Citizen Pilgrim. Selected by her class to represent the school in the contest, she wrote an essay which developed the idea of working for good citizenship now, instead ol' waiting until school days are over: this essay placed Hrst in a state wide competition. K-- 9 Bag AD U 'F al., -N ff D D 'Wieq Plan Um P Bark Row-B. Weiss, V. Bryars, S. Achenback, P. Kaiser, B. Turner, A. Characlis, S. Christo, K. Leanos, A Cramer, A. Ridout, j. Starlings, E. Jacobs, S. L. Lewis, P. Palmer, S. Garner, S. Berry. Second Row--Mrs. Rogers Mr. Kunkle, P. Read, B. Trott, T. Weubbens, F. Weuddens, M. Heinemann, S. Bachman, W. Tyler, P. Bell, J Lipman, N. Russell, S. Foudenburgh, J. Lang, G.. Harbold, M. L. Fial, Silvia Greenfield, Ann Brice, M. Bounelis Miss Davis, Miss Gaw. Third Row-H. Fischer, P. Zelko, L. Scible, G. Richmond, C. Basil, A. Kohler, M. Holmes P. Saslow, M. Kramer, M. Moon, N. Bayliff, E. Fiala, S. Bersler, J. Carr. First Row-J. Brooks, Baker, E. Bates J. Giles, -A. Kerrier, G. Bass, G. Hall, T. Albato, S. Anderson. This large group of ambitious students has worked during the school year to bring us entertaining and educational assemblies. There were four pro- fessional assemblies where we gained valuable information. In addition to these, we have had many interesting speakers. The highlight of the year was the Christmas assmbly, "The Holy Grail," which was put on almost entirely by the Assembly Committee and the Glee Club. Mrs. Rogers was chairman of the committee, working with her were Miss Gall, Miss Davis, Miss Marking, and Mr. Kunkle. We all appreciate the splendid work done by both students and teachers, for their programs have added zest and variety to our school life. at all n 4 ' New Jfafi Keen vqcfcfecf Last Row-D. Asher, D. Pennington, R. Windsor, D. Figgs, V. Brooks, R. Connell, H. Gearing, L. Casey, N. Davis, A. Brice, E. Konigsberg, P. Lynn, M. Bounelis, E. Sherman, M. Davis, C. Cosway, J. Bausam. Fifth Row- G. Crandall, P. Carter, R. Renfrow, W. Phelps, S. Adams, S. Peterson, N. Hilprecht, P. Stockett, M.. A. Woolford, B. Stockell, J. Asher, S. Bush, F. Weisharr, F. Keeney, M. Williams, H. Sherald. Fourth Row-C. Turner, E. Bates J. Morriston, M. Putman, A. Miller, J. Caldwell, B. Fond, M. Atwell, P. Read, M. L. Fiala, J. Kerr, J. W Jenkins, B. J. Harder, K. Leanos, B. Deale. Third Row-J. Lang, E. Abat, M. Blew, C. Tack, R. Bloor, D Olsen, B. Cook, M. Shoaf, B. Haneke, J. Segner. Second Row-S. Duval, M. Christenson, D. Zepp, S. Doyle, J Lang, J. Frantum, P. Woodward, S. Fredenburgh, B. Turner, P. Kaiser, S. Achenbach, M. Hacker, J. Lipman, J Palmer, S. Bachman, F. Wuebbens, T. Wuebbens. Front Row-C. Davis, H. Campbell, K. Deladrier, B. Hertzog, R. Montalhamo, E. Bausum, B. Schenr, R. Cooper, P. Frantum, F. Fradd, N. Collins, M. Cramer, C. Basil, B Horton, B. Leitch, B. Westphal, E. Fiala, J. Carr. The Allied Youth is a new organization which was introduced this year. This is a national teen-ager organization which shows young people how to have fun without drinking: provides a fellowship which makes it easy to be popular and still say no to drinking, builds the kind of happy well-adjusted personality and life pattern in which there is no place for beverage alcohol, points out that "it's not smart to drink," especially when physical, emotional and nervous systems are immatureg and then lets youth make its own decisions! The Club had elaborate initiation ceremonies at which these ollicers were installed: Mike Blew, President, Frances Webbens, Vice-president, Elizabeth Fiala, Secretary, and Carol Ann Turner, Treasurer. The members received membership cards and pins. Miss Hamilton and Mrs. Carpenter are co-sponsors of this organization. We expect Allied Youth to become a vital part of school life in the succeed- ing years. Ulf 't x f ' 4-5 I Shafqza Hack Ron'-j. Lanham, S. Gary, S. Garner, B. Sharman, D. lepp, nl Ward, ll. Westphal, A. Miller, M. Sherald l'.l'. Weber, C. Banks. Sfcorirl Ron'-lNIr. Kunkle, B. Stearns, C. Cosway, lf. Kenney, T. lVuebbens, F. NVuebbens: M. Nloreberger, B. 'l rott. S. Yost, .L Brice, M. Hacker li. ujacobs, K. Windsor, N. Smith. Third Row-E. Fiala, l.. lapinan, Cl. Cooper, Hooper, li'. Kaiser, M. Atwell, ll. lluckett, N. Collins, T. Kelly, j. Stevens. Front Row -I. Collins, H. Kelly, I. Morton. l-. Rupp, K. Sears, M. Morris, Nl. Collins, B. XVillis, P. lVolod, MCCrone H. XVood, B, Phelps, ll. Carter. CHORDS AND DISCORDS The hfty-four members of the A. H. S. Chorus have blended their lovely voices in song to entertain music lovers throughout the school year. They have displayed their talents at many ol' our assemblies, on radio broadcasts, at P. T. A. meetings, the Spring Concert, the Tercentenary, the baccalaureate service, and the commencement exercises. They have spent many hours practicing under the direction of their excellent teacher, Mr. Robert lf. Kunkle: but they have been justly rewarded by the applause and sincere praise ol' the laculty, guests, and the student body. Our Clee Club, composed ol' sophornores, juniors and seniors, is an organi- zation that every one in Annapolis High is justly proud of. Each year brings this ambitious group higher up the ladder toward their artistic goal. Br at J ,y K Q? '5 Q' X' 1 v f? ,,, Sl IT' .JET .- 34 : . I v f THE THUMP AND BLOWERS The Annapolis High School Band was organized early this year and de- veloped into a popular student activity. Few in number and lacking in experi- ence, the members practiced hard and were soon playing for the assemblies. They first performed for the general public at the Havre de Grace football game. Miss Moore has generously devoted her time and energy to developing our band. Besides directing and training the twenty-two members, she has coached prospects in flute, clarinet, trumpet, drums, and trombone. She hopes to see a large, well-drilled, snappily uniformed band take its place as one of the major activities of the students of A.H.S. HIGH-STEPPERS Our majorettes are one of the attrac- tive features of our high school activi- ties. ,Of our twelve majorettes scarcely one had twirled a baton befoie this Septemberg but by the time of the Havre de Grace game in October, they were high-stepping and strutting like veter- ans. This excellent performance was the result of the coaching of Miss Moore. The majorettes are put through their paces by drum major George Rinard. When the weather is warm, they can usually be found cavorting on the field after school. During activity periods they meet in the Majorettes Club and train candidates in the Fine art of twirl- ing. Long may our majorettes Hourishl 5-1244 v Blue am! ,, V ,ff M y ' 4 ? f ' 5f 1' 53 2: sg. ,, f x H 'I K V A , A . ,K , - , I ,WA I I J ,W 5 Q: it ..., .. at-Q 'J 12 --.. K 'I A 1:-' I - ig . ' A if in 1 qw .- -I an ' f, ,Wi Sszfgfi ,, . A, f- ,-,. ' 1 . - ,- -- , ' - 'ff 1. 'f' ,Q ww- ' ' ' 'H 3 I2 ' ' 5' -if , wikis 5 uh 4 h V., h Q 3 'F I 5 M , f. .J A bk Q ziwidk A ,. 5 I , wp, 1 'Q A u ,nw .-. ui' la, Q' :Q 4 .1-2 f'f" ' "' W . f - ' .-1.4 -Q 4.4:'f:..f5.q,gN- , ,fi -.1 ' . -' . fy me 'H ' W-uzwme-, 4 'M A , ' jp sr - , 3 1 5 7 ,N3 ', Li'f'ffm,,vh, - I 4 Q ' A ' "" ' M M 1 ,., Ni .- ' A L,,, 5 ' ,, . , Q L- . QL . .fur 'W 'I 1 2-Aw, L s- 'W ig . S, SW' V ,.. vi55Q4fz?2QW- - K v V.. M R wmv, , i. .MMQM s"x-----.M,,M A t ,JWM W W ...N ., . www, -v mxswmmhuqwx Front Row-Left to Right: j. Baker, R. Brady, C. Peters. A. Burdett, H. Paulmenn, T. Meekins, C. Como, j. Ford, F. Commaradi, B. Storton, J. Stevens, B. Washington, B. Abbott. Second Row-Left to Right: Coach COX, N. Tydings, N. Smith, T. Diamond, F. jones, S. Crandall, D. Olson, J. Easter- day, R. Morgan, B. Maize, D. Palmer, C. Baldry, T. Bergen, T. Kelly. Starting almost from scratch with only three lettermen return- ing, we were a little dubious of the chances of our team this year. Although they got off to a bad start, it didn't take Mr. Cox long to get the boys in shape, capitalizing on excellent spirit where experience was lacking. After dropping their two openers they came back strong to win the next three and tie the fourth in the series. They lost their last game, which could have meant county laurels, to Glen Burnie. To sum it up, their record looks good, and with only two men leaving the ranks we will again pick the Big Blue and Maroon as a team to be feared next year. Towson .................. Arundel .,.. Southern ,..,, .. Southern ..,.. .. Arundel .......... ., Glen Burnie Glen Burnie .,...,.,AHS .,......AHS ,.......AHS ,.,,....AHS ,.......AHS ......,AHS .......AHS J F3 -. .., f I ,, .... , .V f is . , I gg.:-f,..,.:,. 11,9 ,xg , . - '--' ww -'-. ' , . ' , -' 1 Q .1 if nl:QfggXgfff'f'?Wlv :aw 'w Wiivifiigi '22, . -gr cu- i gt. . f 1 my . VV . GBM 1. llhx I le all iff..- WQ: p 'QD .V ., W ,H ',,,'uvl'IlrZH My Kp ,. l rgttini f S Front row left to right: V. Carr, P. Clark, H. Kelly, L. Springfield, B. Purdy P. Wiedmann, B. Brown, G. Springfield, M. Hyatt, D. Newell. Second row: Hi Lelihardt, Coach Wetherhold, Coach Rentschler, T. Bowles, D. Cook, M. Blew J. Wirth, T. Dorsey, H. Sullivan, C. George, Miller, C. Bellum, M. Jennings D. Reynolds. Last row: A. Calabrese, B. Kirchner, B. Kenherly, B. Joesting G. Howard, T. Collins, I.. Simmons, P. Chaney. amide!! All of us watched this new birth to the A.H.S. sports family rather closely this year. Few if any of us were disappointed. The team split its season rather evenly, winning two, tying one, and dropping two. Few of the boys who went out had had much experience on the gridiron before, but under the tutelage of Mr. Wetherhold and Mr. Rentschler they came a long way from their debut at Cambridge to the thriller at Elkton Thanks- ivin Da S g Y- If we may stick our necks out, we predict that the Panthers of next year will be a team that Annapolis will be proud to have around. Cambridge ............ 6 ....,........... AHS 6 Dover .............,........ 7 ...,............ AHS 0 Havre de Grace ..,.. 6 ....,..,....... AHS 19 Westminster .,......,. 32 .,...,..,....... AHS 6 Elkton ..................,. 14 ............... AHS 19 fi' f i' 4 "V c" ' gr K 1 2 1 I 1 After the Elkton game Q Annapolis Annapolis Annapolis Annapolis Annapolis Annapolis Captain of the sticks! Well, the local lassies did it again! The second year of held hockey at A.H. S. saw the Lady Panthers win four out of the six games played: one other was cancelled because of inclement weather. One loss went to the arch-rival Catons- ville who defeated the A.H.S. eleven last year and once this year, but re- venge was sweet when, in the second game with Catonsville this year, the Crabtowners defeated the laurel-holders by l-0, the score of their previous de- feat. The second loss went to Kenwood, a new opponent, in a pitched battle fought for the District A Champion- ship. The score was 2-l. High scores on the team, which was captained by Ardie Loughlin and coached by Miss Margaret Wharton, were Nora Collins and Betty Simmons, each with three goals to her credit. Betty Stuller was next with one tally for the glory of old A.H.S. STA RTINC LINE-UP W'hite ,,..,..,,. ..,.... . . .. .,.... ,,.,..........., L .YV Collins ....... ,,,,,,,,,, L ,I Simmons ...., ..,,...,.,., C 1948 SCHEDULE Catonsville Dealc ...... Pfautz .,..,.... . ......R.I .L.H.B. . ...... l Blair ,....... ..... 0 Ii. Bausum ..... .,..,.. L .H.B. 2 Blair 0 Laughlin C,H,B, I Kenwood 2 Stuller R,H,B, Catonsville Bladenshurg 2 0 Asher Winter Young Subslitulc' I. Bausum ....,. .L.F.B. .R.F.B. ,. .F.B. Bark Ron'-Lefl to Righi: A. Logan, I. Bausum, B. Phautz, B. A. Winter. Coach XN'harton, B. Deale. Middle Ron'-I.efl lo Right: N. Collins, R. Young, B. Walker, B. Stuller, ll. Simmons. Frou! Ron'-Left to Right: M. Bounelis, C. White, A. Laughlin, E. Bausum, Asher. Nl? 9x y 4 i f 46 E STARTING LINE-UP Weber .........,., L.W. Bush ..........,..... L.I. Fradd ........., .,,.... C . Horton ....,....... R.I. Caldwell .....,,, R.W. Parkinson ..L.H.B Beal ...,......., C.H.B Gearing ...... R.H.B Phipps .,.,.... L.F.B Richardson ..R.F.B. Starlings ........,... G Substitutess Garner Berry Knode Greenwell October l October 15 October 22 October 25 October 28 November 4 November 10 Annapolis at Arundel, Anna 7: Arun. 3. Glen Burnie at Annapolis, Anna 35 G. B. 4. Arundel at Annapolis, Anna. 5: Arun. 4. Annapolis at Southern, Anna 85 South. l. Southern at Annapolis, Anna 8g South. 2. District Championship County Championship Annapolis at Glen Burnie, Anna 83 G. B. 2. State Championship Annapolis and Frederick at Ellicott City, Anna. 25 Fred. 5. Captain and high scorer! 4 F The A. H. S. fieldball team again copped both the County and District 3 Championships this year. Entering into the State finals, they were defeated by a stronger Frederick team by a score of 5-2. However, the fighting females need not be disappointed in their re- cords, for they dropped only one game, this to our old enemy, Glen Burnie. Losing this game by a slim one point, the Lady Panthers bounced back to swamp the Burnians 8-2 on the latter's home field! They did it again the next day at Odenton in a tight battle that - saw the local lassies come out on the Standing-Left to Right: D. Phipps, P. Knode, J. Starlings, E. Richardson, J. Klyman, P. Weber, Miss Coggiano, H. Gearing S. Bush, J. Caldwell, B. A. Parkinson, S. Garner, S. Berry, M. Beall. Kneeling-Left to Right: S. Greenwell, P. Fradd, B. Horton. I X -qv- top of a 4-3 score. With Miss Lucille V. Coggiano steer- ing them onto their victorious road, the girls were captained by Penny Fradd and managed by Elesa Konigsberg. The year's high scorers were Captain Penny and Pat Weber, ably aided by Madeline y f Beall. our scrappy little half back. f XXX. i ig' X 47 Front: B. Kerchner. B. Kennerly, Jennings, E. Abat, Second: Ford, B. joesting, B. Howard, M. Hyatt, H. Paulmenn, C. Como, H. Hall, M. Blew, B. Storton. Third: Coach Cox, R. Sears, D. Como, VV. Mumford, Miller, Two minutes to play' H. Kelly, C. jones, I.. Turner. Al. Baker, Coach W'hetherhold. I .5 ,ivy . p Boyd' Tfafuallq E C lb., 101751, , P The varsity team made a good beginning this year by winning their Q ind qw Hrst four g2l1llCS,4'lil'OIll this point on, they began to scatter iosses with d5 , 5' ' wins. The squad lost the county title to Glen Burnie only after a hard Hght. They have defeated some of the teams that beat them last season and promise to maintain their good record. With Coaches Wetherhold and Cox at the helm, the boys have been using the fast break interspersed with double pivot plays. They are well suited to this style, because they are very fast. It is their speed upon which they must rely when their general lack of height is apparent. Their record at the end of the season will show some defeats, but it looks now as if the average will top 500, a fair standing in high school loops. Nxet year's team will have a few replacements to make, for a number of this year's starters are leaving. With material on hand, however, the Blue and Maroon ought to be up front when basketball laurels are passed out next season. Sharp Shooter .gl Qs- ? ' -'-2 Front: A. Loughlin, Bausum, B. Winter, P. Fradd, B. Horton. Second: Coach Coggiano, S. Bush, P. Weber, B. Stuller, Starlings, S. Yost, Coach Wharton. Third: T. Wuebbens, ll. Simmons, B. jones, S. Bush, C. White, R. Young, B. Deale. .mf mr., Baakatddl With Miss Wharton and Miss Coggiano as capable coaches, Betty Ann Winter as captain, and Beatrice Deale and Betty Simmons as managers, the Lady Panthers have completed a very successful season. Getting under way with a flourish that continued through their first four games, the local lassies have proved their skill at the court game. Having lost four out of six starts last year, the girls have molded themselves into a team showing spirit and ability, this combination has brought them to the fore in a number of contests. The tean1's victories are due in no small part to the prowess of the guards who stop their opponents' offensive threats. Betty Winter was high scorer for the team as final tallies will show. Penny Fradd and Evie Bausum also managed to crash the scoring column in almost every tilt. Since only one senior leaves the squad this year, it looks as if next season's Lady Panthers will have an outstanding team. l l Bark Rowvb. jones, G. Stevens, H. Lingart, D. Rey- nolds T. Kelly, F. jones, K. Belch, B. Mayes, R. Morier. Middle Rout-l'. Bryon, M. Strange, Mr. Rentschler, C. Bellam, A. Calibrese. Kneeling-F. Berry, A. Harvey, R. C illespie. Eoqfi' f ' Wauidf Bafifaeidall Getting oil' to a bad start by winning only one game thus far, the I.V. has been up against and will continue to battle with some of the toughest competitors that can be found around here. They are due to meet only two more teams. Under Mr. Rentschler the capital berths on the team go only to under classmeng thus ex- perience is necessarily limited. The varsity has added to the coach's woes by taking some of the top artists to boost its own roster. With a poor record against them, the boys' have shown a spirit that would be admirable in a top-notch quintet. In the Panther Cubs of the future we see a squad combining this year's team spirit and experience to develop ability to rise above all comers. .-1. X 4 I X fx! im? rgg,g3ffsa?.s-- as are , f 'M if i i . , . ,I A . " ,Z K Wg -:-- mf . W l.t B With almost no experienced group from which to draw, Miss Burton has whipped together a team that supplemented this lack of experience with "fight." Only six games have been scheduled, so the girls will not have a chance to attain the poise so valuable in winning and obtainable only by playing. Louise Murphy, the captain, has emerged as high scorer for the team. Asche, Bach- man, and Duval constituted the line of de- fense: while it lay in the hands of Murphy, Davis, and Moreland to score the points for the starting line-up. For Miss Burton, a newcomer to A.H.S. this year, this is the hrst interscholastic team. High hopes are held for next year's squad, which will doubtless have acquired both polish and team-work through dili- gent IJFHCLICC. Bark Row-F. Climes, S. Bachman, I. Ashe, B. Egan S. Duval, Miss Burton. Middle Row-B. j. Harder E Cadle, M. Festagallo, B. Wiess, P. Read, A. Fisher A Kinney. Front Row-C. Davis, L. Murphy, A. Moreland H. Donelan. K. Duckett. Front Rmn-Left to Right: S. Anderson, J. Miller, D. Olsen, J. Stevens, R. Purdy, T. Dorsey, P. Wiedmann B oestmg W. Lushby, G. Howard, M. Waterman, J. Cordel. Second Row: B. Abbot, D. Nichols, M.. Hyatt H Kelly C Schmidt, C. Elsey, D. Reynolds, T: Kelly, K. Belch, R. Crosby, D. Miller, B. Bashore, M. Dimaggio R Renfro Coach Cox. fa Playing its first full schedule, the Blue and Maroon lacrosse team is looking forward to the '49 season. Their schedule includes more experienced teams, among them the Navy -I.V.g the latter game marks the Hrst time in many years that a Naval Academy team has been among our Opponents. Interest in the success of the stickmen is running high. Claiming very little experience in the Indian game, Coach James Cox has been learning as well as teaching and has relied on the assistance of several local players to get the boys in shape for winning contests. With a large turn-out, the reserves needed for the grueling gme have not been hard to Find, and many boys are getting valuable experience. Thus we expect good results this year and predict that a formidable team will take the field for A.H.S. in 1950. ff! 01 s 249 J fl-fi if 5 Front Row-Left to Right: B. Bryant, L. Turner, T. Meekins. R. Brady, C. Como, B. Storton, T. Sntphan. Second Row: S. Stevens, A. Tomanio, M. Blew, J. Wirth j. Ford. Inst Row: H. Wood, M. Shoaf, P. Fullinwider, P. Chaney, Hf Lenhardt, D. Burtis, J. Jennings, J. Staton, C. jones, CL. Springfield, CoCach Rentschler. Budd! As IHOSt of last year's team returns this season, the Panther baseball squad is hoping to overshadow '48's dismal record by winning a large percentage of its starts this spring. Moving in as chief mentor, Coach Rentschler is leading the boys thru their paces, concen- trating particularly on hitting, which was one of the big deficiencies of last year's nine. The returning veterans are being used to temper a group of rookiesg these boys, when polished, should keep the AHS standards rising. X. ef r off X rj F 'T 52 Ci? On paper the Crabtown "diamonders" are a power-house, but whether they can live up to their potential strength remains to be seen. So we turn our eyes to the AHS diamond with high expectancy. ,IJ it i Bark Row, Left lo Right: P. Hill, P. Stockett, C. White, R. Young, S. Yost, Miss Burton. 4th Row: B. West- phal, K. Goodall, 1. Donavan, Miss Wharton. 3rd Row: C. Connell, l'. Kennedy, B. jones, B. Winter, M. A. Woolford. 2nd Row: D. Zepp, G. Richman, A. Laughlin, B. Dealc, B. Simmons. Front Row: N. Bishop, C. Roberts, M. Bounelis, E. Bausum, Betty Horton. The Lady Panthers got off to a good start this year in softball by having a very large turnout of girls for the sport. Though comparatively new to Al-IS, softball has become extremely popularg and a well-rounded schedule was planned for this year. Something new was added when V. and Varsity teams practiced together to help iron out difficulties and make two smooth running, efficient teams. 4 1 The schedule was high-lighted this year in a game with the local Lion's Club. Though our gang lost 13-15, there was plenty of fun and good sportsmanship exhibited in the game which had spectators holding their sides with laughter. Funds for the Athletic Association were received during the game by "passing the hat" among the fans. With no seniors leaving the squad this year, it looks as if next year's team will be, if you'll pardon the expression, a "hurndinger." ll J a Cad? -,D ef-eww A:-L' ' 6 4 X JQ l 3. of si We M--1-up - ' , . V f V ...W , , x , i"1.0r' 1 'X--A . f M-if 7 . W , .4 K 1, A .. Front Ron'-l.f'fl lo Righl: A. Hzirvy, D, Ford, F. Berry, M. Collins, K. Sears, .X. Clalalmrese, C. Clark. Back Row: Coach Wilhcrliolil. ll. Como, llziker, C. lV0od, G. Bass, W. Mumford. .L Ilarkson, H. Sullivan, Schoocrafl, D. llollulayoke, H. Nlclilclowny, 'l'. liighee, B. Kerchner, R. Gillespie. About twenty hoys answered the call for truck men :is the SPOIT went' into its inaugural season here this spring. XVith four meets 'hack M 3 , Vi . L ., S . . .P 1 . 'affi x . . - - W A .fVr.,.2 . f'Ti QQ lr' i planned, the Crohtown finder-nien will nizitch 1-" 1:s12 L strides with sonic ol the clzissiest outfits to he " ?':2"s.'f 'swf A lound close lay, :ind will represent AHS in al- K1-ggiij. ' "' ..- niost every track :ind held event. Although this is our initizil season, :ind llicilities at hand . t f.-.J 3- i j 'ff ' .i'-"f are not adequate, hopes :ire high: :ind the if W W 'iii ' r spirit ol the squad is good as it works out under lf' W e f . 'fig the keen eye of Coach l'Voody XVCl1ll6I'ilOlLl. L Q, l , Q A. .. 5 A i i . ii' ' My - Q i r . s f of . sttr . ft ji' . E013 fm . l JL' W"-Wei? f 5 my, gn 1. 'eLaQ5.."Qf' .. - A f K -:Ei 7-Mfiyrazw. ,lbw ff 'W '.-' W "'?v'w1sf?--iv-if-as a fy . . X S ff- Msg-my .fs-my l s iw fjilw 1225 X. 54 .. is-:FSA-t'fr'e ' " ' 'igw ,gD 4152 Front Row-Left 10 Right: B. Turner, P. Kaiser, S. Achenback, S. Berry. Second Row: A. johnson, j. Ward, j. Caldwell, D. Bausmn. Third Row: S. Fredenburg, B. Sleller, Sig Bush, Sue Bush, V. Stephens. W With many new faces appearing on the volleyball squad this year, at this writing the results of the season are somewhat uncertain. However, under the expert coaching of Miss Luciel Coggiano and with last year's laurels ' to fall back on, the girls are looking forward gy' I to their season's play. ' Their schedule, though it includes only i four games so far, promises to provide fun and excitement - perhaps the county title! U- L L LP ,..-1-il .p-117.-if Elq-Dsb 0:2 5 '7fzeq Macfe 14.Jf..S. 'young ancf Gay, l CIURTIXIN CALL From Left I0 Right: Bill Xnderson, George Little, Dot Holzapfel, Virginia Bryars, Sheila Stone, Marvin Shoal, jerry Segner, Nora Collins, Penny Fradtl, Elesa Konigsberg, Tom Collins, Harry Nlcliltlowney, Mike lllcw, Margaret Barrington, Sally Marahle. Ellen Howard, George Kiorpes. The twinkling eyes, amused laces and hearty applause of the audience were prool' positive that the '49ers' senior play, "Our Hearts VVere Young and Gay", was a complete success and well worth the time and ellort spent in producing it. The cast will never lorget the fun they had at rehearsals and the excitement and heart pangs when they "trod the boards" for the lirst time. The property and Costume connnittees will long renienlber trying to hnd Cardinal RiChelieu's bed and clothing dating hack to the H23 Skidoou days. we X x 7154 712 Gu , he .- g .Ol .ps M 56 ,, wx 90 ' Xl, . SW xv 00 X X y yo? JYXW How 'bout "Our Hearts WVerc Young and Gay"? "Who's got my shoes?" Much of the success of the play is due to the splendid Co-operation on the part of the fac- ulty. Miss Kibler, the director, Miss Cox, our class adviser, and many student-faculty Com- mittees combined their efforts to rate 21 "well- done" from all of us here at AHS. 'M .1, kg, Q S , ,M X, Q . ,Ala fl -?l1Io,3.cW Qty -. ? 6 fi Winter Wonderland Q Our Little Fir Tree" Sa fbecw Old Glory The Long Orange Line Gm ageafzfd Present Colors! Do your brakes work? At passing I wish to see-! Three-point landing! Rmg and Queen of Sports 07 X109 d df' ' ww l an Go va we SPM 4 Aesixesv 114' V .wp Wings X A .wfhc Royalty Dances Spa . , QS Ik I1 1-1 NXXKXXXWY, B0 g CINS "Go0dnightl" Ah, love! Augustinffs art. Qaamfq A stich in time- 703 Energetic basketeers! The mysteries of Zoology. YVonder what it'11 look like? Mmm-Mmm Good!! Review Week!!! Gmtcha' HOW! The 'Holy Grail" M 6 01 8 01 A e h IL Queenie and her friends Higher and higher! MOM Faceful The "Birthday Gang" 1,0 Q 0 xx 'vo 0 D Oo -Y1 Three more minutes! so .- Off 05' CO1 109 6164491 bp 50? ro 02136 'F 'n Glam Ve fast f Gd ei NN 6 wofs QQ Yak C' 590 QQQY L O 50 Civitan 0111- 8,1 , SWG Id, ga ous frog 11 f XN 30 How many days were you absent? if ',Zi -F Glue Congratulations, Jimmy! She got the bond! Renew this, please? Then you add one egg- 'llwemy-four dollars plus six dollars equals . . . P .Baja Gm "Ah, sweet mystery of Life . . Those 3 minute speed tests!! "Dark lines . . . Light lines . . 70 1 ' ff' equi. On July 14, 1789-! I 1 We fight the Revolution Up and at 'em! 71 Don't run in the halls! Five minute interlude. Neva 14 Suds and songl fha!! M he Lost Battalion ! "Hold IL!" Where's my lunch? . C ll 1-v-,....,,W 3 A . N, , A : W Wm.w1 wA Q 7 - H'TQ " 1' .I ,V QQ MV Q ,. i 5. f . , ,, v V - -' f- ,,,,,M,.l ..,. ,, .. . , . .. , . .sm A ,f ff - -,f,g-.'f,fg4::ayf.g115' 16 ,g g ?f a1gg?,'1'f+sffri,wf - V J , H--.. ww.fuwwxi'Q'f1Q1,wQafg.2qw-f - . ,, .,,l.,f W z,,L,lf1m5,, .IL -:nf-1 -iw,:l.f-nf,-vwsxv,,x.f fe,.1.ww1,f'f f 1-1 :- '-I .5 :I fv:,gf,f fisif - 'W- -A f Literary Guild G. H. Q. 7amin' Facts for the Future 7113 Sdwd Had your vitamins today? On the Honor Roll this semester Look! No Hngers! I All-e-C-e-c Oop! Pick up that paper! .fail .Bank Out gocs thc bad air" . . C311 the Air! 144aumf! Big wigs in trig! Look what we did!! Knit Wits Shutter Bugs A Richard Achenback '45 Mrs. Walton Achenbach Betsy Adkins Charles B. Adams, Jr. '44 Anna Agapitos Dorothy Hambelton Ahlauser Cmdr. A. Ahrens jadie H. Allen Mrs. j. B. Allston Mrs. Jos. W. Alton Mr. S. W. Anderson Mrs. Ethel Andrews Annapolis High School Glee Club Anonymous Miss jane Armiger '48 Miss Margaret E. Armiger '43 Mrs. H. E. Armiger George Arnold Mrs. A. W. Arndt Donald Asher '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin Asher Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis B. Asher, Sr. Mrs. Francis P. Asher, Jr. Mr. S. F. Atwell Mr. Charles Atwell P.F.C. Guy Aubrey '48 P.F.C. James Aubrey '48 Foster T. Augustine Mr. George W. Ayscue B Bea Backer '44 V. H. Banks Mr. john Baptist Clark Barr Frances Fisher Bartlett Mrs. Richard Bartlett Mrs. Elena Baratelli Mr. Thomas G. Basil Mrs. Hurat Basil Sally Basil Anita Basil '46 Mr. 8: Mrs. R. D. Bass Don Baus Bill Baus Evelyn Bausum '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. H. Baylitf wm. H. Baylitf, Jr. '45 Louise Baxter Beach Store Arthur Beall Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Clinton Bean Mrs. C. Karlton Beard George Becker Helen Belcher '48 Mrs. L. P. Belcher Miss Frances Bennett Frieda B. Benning Mrs. A. H. Bergeson Howard Bergez john E. Berry, jr. Suzanne Berry '50 Patric J. Betoney Mr. Robert C. Bicker Elsie Richardson Mr. Anthony Bischoff Mrs. T. A. Bixler Mr. Albert Black J. D. Bland Capt. 8: Mrs. C. L. Blew Mike Blew '49 Nancy Blew '48 Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph L. Bloor Laurie Bonney Mildred Bottner Dr. Samuel Borssuck Mrs. S. Borssuck Cmdr. 8: Mrs. R. VE. Bourke Mrs. john T. Bowers Cmdr. 8: Mrs. R. P. Bowles Mary Y. Bowles Mrs. J. Bowttier Mrs. Thomas Bowen Owen Odell Bowen Mrs. Dorothy Krapf Bowes janice Brandenborg Mrs. Elizabeth Branham Mrs. T. T. Branham Rev. Orra N. Brant Clarence Brant Louise Brenan Naomi L. Brewer Mr. R. Tilghman Brice, III Mrs. H. S. Brink Margaret P. Breian Raymond O. Brown Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. Bryars Mr. 8: Mrs. William G. Bryant Virginia Bryars '49 Mrs. Gladys T. Buck Mr. George F. Buck Prof. 8: Mrs. Newton Buerger Mr. William Buffum Don Bullinjer Capt. Sydney S. Bunting QRet.j Mrs. Ruth C. Burdine Mrs. Harold W. Burgess Eddie Burtin Miss Mildred Burton Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Busch Mrs. Gene Bush Butch C Mrs. Charles Cadell Mrs. E. E. Calder Miss Sarah Callahan Mrs. Colin Campbell Miss Phirne Cantler Henryetta W. Carpenter Thomas P. Carpenter Maude V. Carr Mr. Virgil H. Carr Watson Carr Zeb Carraway Mrs. Franklin M. Casey Martha Carter Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas L. Carter Frank Celustka Luciel V. Coggiano Mrs. R. Gardner Chaney Mrs. Norvell P. Chapman Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Characklis Joyce Characklis Robert F. Church W. R. Church Mrs. John K. Clark Mrs. Estelle O. Clark Mary Lou Clark Mrs. E. T. Collins Anne Colburn '46 Jennie Colburn '50 Mr. E. A. Collins E. T. Collins Mrs. Roland E. Como Walter C. Connolly Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Cook Rev. Albert Cooper Capt. 8: Mrs. William G. Cooper Mr. Guy C. Cosway Mrs. Covington Miss Katharine Cox Mrs. Donald Vance Cox Miss Cox's Eng. III Class J. Cox Mrs. Mildred Crosby Mrs. W. Payton Cunningham Virginia Currier Jackie Currier James R. Cutting D M. V. Darley Frank M. Darley Mrs. Thomas Dawson Mr. 8: Mrs. R. J. Daugherty Frank Davidson Nancy Carol Davis Mrs. Hunting Davis Nancy Davis Addie Davis Miriam Davis '50 Miss E. Davis Mrs. E. E. Deele Davis Dealle Mrs. James M. Deem Miss Florence DeL0ve Ernest De Pietro Mrs. Ethel Disney Mrs. Olney L. Dodge Mary H. Doepkens Doris Donnelan Mr. 8: Mrs. H. M. Donells, Sr. Mrs. Owen A. Dove Mr. 8: Mrs. 0. Bowie Duckett Mr. 8: Mrs. S. W. Duckett Barbara Duckett '49 J. M. Dugh Major 8: Mrs. G. H. Duncan Mrs. William H. Duvall Charles Duvall Dorothy Duvall Jackie Dyment E Pip Eaton Howard Lee Eisenstein Robin Ellershaw Mr. Richard H. Elliott Lieut. A. B. Ellis Mrs. E. F. Elliott Miss Dorothy G. Every Mrs. Grover Emrich Lee Engler Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles E. Eslinger Mr. Estes F Roy Fairley Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Farish Duffy Farish '50 James Farrell Fats Mr. Steve Fondas Tom Feerman Cmdr. 8: Mrs. R. T. Fiala The Fieldball Team Shirley Fine '48 Mrs. Roland Fiske Mary Louise Flood '49 R. M. Flunt Mrs. Burleigh C. Fooks Mr. Elmer A. Ford Capt. 8: Mrs. J. E. Fradd ..Fmnn gc nfl-en.. Mrs. G. A. Frantom Mr. Bernard H. Frantom Mr. William Frantom Mrs. J. H. Frantom, Sr. Betty Frazier Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Fredenburgh Mrs. E. S. Freeman, Jr. Claire W. Frenny Mrs. R. M. Fulton Allan W. Fulton, Jr. G Helen Gall Miss Eva Galloway Douglas Garner Mrs. Ernest Garner Robert Gaug Barbara Ann Glase Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. Glase Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald C. Gilley Mrs. James Goddard Mr. Winson G. Gott, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. A. W. Giddings Mrs. Nicholas H. Green Meyer Green '48 Freddie Graff Mr. Bobby Grimes Mr. 8: Mrs. E. E. Goans H Mrs. Hazel D. Haas Mrs. Chas. Haas T. N. Hacker Mrs. John Hall Mr. 8: Mrs. Milton W. Hall Mrs. I. E. Hall Mrs. Laura Hall Mrs. Hunter Hardesty Bob Hornish Mary Louise M. Halpine Mrs. Edith Harley Mrs. G. M. Harrington Mr. Robert Hartge Mrs. J. J. Haydon Mrs. Garland Healy Mrs. Paul R. Heineman Richard Heintz '51 Eula Henneberger Mrs. Elmer Hennsberger Mrs. Hessellbroch Wayne Higgs '48 Mr. 8: Mrs. James D. Hill Pat Hill '50 Mr. Noah A. Hillman Mr. Gilbert Holfman Admiral 8: Mrs. J. L. Holloway, Jr Homeroom 201 Homeroom 210 Mr. W. F. Hoopes Miss Mary Hope Shirley Ann Hopkins '48 Janith R. Horsey Doris Horton '48 Betty Horton '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. C. F. Horton Rear Admiral 8: Mrs. J. F. Hattel Charles Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Noble Howard George Howard '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. M. A. Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Howes Rachel Hinaman Howde Mrs. Mary Huffer Mr. 8: Mrs. Atlee V. Huffer Mrs. V. H. Huse Mr. Hustonlo Louis Hyatt J Mr. George Jacobs Mr. Robert Jachens Mrs. E. M. Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. E. M. Jackson, Jr. R. Jalba Sheridan Paul James Jeanette Jarboe Mrs. Virginia Jarboe Mr. 8: Mrs. Alexander Jarrell Mrs. W. A. Jefferson Mrs. P. H. Jenkins Judy Joesting '47 Beau Joesting '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. F. R. Joesting C. W. Johnson, Jr. Mrs. Edna Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs C. S. Johnson E. J. Jones Philip Edward Jones Warren D. Jordan Mrs. Verona Joy Mr. John T. Joy Mrs. Robert C. Joy K Mr. 8: Mrs. John R. Kaiser Virginia Kaiser Cal Kaufman Mrs. Davis Kavanaugh Joe Kwavary Wm. E. Kelly Mrs. W. Thomas Kemp Mrs. Georgia Kiorpes Miss Eleanor Kephart "Killers' Row" U.S.S. Kearsarge, CV-33 Blackie Kilray, Jr. Jerry King Miss Mary King Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry King Mrs. Kinhart's Fifth period French Class Dr. 8: Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart Tom Kirkpatrick Mr. George Klakring Raymond L. Klakring Jeanne Klappholz '48 Mr. Emanuel Klawans Mary Alice Klein Phyllis Knode Fannie B. Knode Cmdr. 8: Mrs. A. Konigsberg Mr. 8: Mrs. E. J. Kramer L Mr. R. N. La Chapelle Allan J. Lamb Mr. J. Landes Mrs. Kenneth Lana Benjamin J. Langley Mrs. Claude Langston Jeannine Lanham '50 Mrs. William K. Lanman Alverda Duvall Lauer W. E. Leatherbury, M.M.C. Mrs. Stephen L. Lee Mrs. Wilmer R. Lee Mr. Charles F. Lee Frances C. Lee Francis Leitch Miss Emily Lengle '43 Mr. 8: Mrs. Chris A. Lentz Dr. Nathan Leonard H. D. LeTourneau Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Lewis Cmdr. 8: Mrs. John D. Leichty Barbara Lincoln Dr. 8: Mrs. E. G. Linhardt Angela Linhardt Frank G. Linhardt Joseph E. Linshey Bill Linton Joan Lipman '50 Marlene Lipman Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Lipman C. W. Livingston Mr. 8: Mrs. L. E. Long Mr. Sam Lorea. G. E. Lowman Ardeth Loughlin '50 Louise Mary Ann Luongo Mrs. Walter Lusby Carol B. Lynch M Mrs. Ralph MacDonald Mr. Maloney Mr. M. R. Mankin, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Manning Cmdr. 8: Mrs. H. H. Marable Mrs. Henry Marciwiak Ralph E. Marcoot Mr. John R. Marshall Evelyn Marston '48 Mrs. J. Cecil Martin W. H. Mason Cmdr. Foryth Massey Mrs. S. A. Mayhew, Jr. M, J. Mazza M. B. B. C. Rev. Burrett McBee Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. McCarter Mrs. Robert E. McClenahan Capt. 8: Mrs. Donald McC1ench Mrs. L. D. McCormick, Jr. Miss Betty McCormick Miss Jean McCormick Pat McCormick '48 Mrs. C. B. McCrane Ethel McCready Mr. 8: Mrs. B. J. McEldowney Dick McLean Miss Elizabeth McNair Shirley McPherson Dick Meade Mrs. Maurice E. Meade, Jr. Prof. 8: Mrs. Wm. Mebane Melvin E. Meekins '23 Helen T. Meekins '28 Mrs. Lillian C. Meiklejohn Henry Meisel Mrs. F. W. Meredith Miss Mary Jane Metcalf Gertrude Meyers Miss F. Y. Meyett Mr. Earl Miller A. D. 'Miller Mr. George Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry W. Miller Suzie Miller '48 Capt. 8: Mrs. Jesse W. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Edgar E. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Miller Miss Catherine Mitchell Mr. 8: Mrs. C. C. Mize Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Moesch Mrs. G. P. Molden Mrs. H. O. Monsen Orma C. Monsen Mr. James Montag Mr. 8: Mrs. J. W. Moreland Moe Morgan '48 Mrs. Florence Morgan Ruth S. Moss Mary Lou Mullen Mr. Pete Munroe Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank A. Munroe Mr. Henry M. Murray J. L. Myers Janice Myers N William W. Neall Rev. J. Luther Neff Mr. Joseph G. Neiman Mrs. J. Oppes Newton Turk Newton '45 Linabelle Nicely Joe Norfolk '47 Capt. 8: Mrs. R. V. Norgaard G. W. Norris Mrs. H. V. Nutt O Mrs. Evelyn Oaksmith Mr. Alvin E. Oaksmith Mrs. Alvin Owens Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Owens P Jack Parlett J. Robert Parkinson William J. Paulus Mr. 8: Mrs. B. Norris Paxson '45 Jane S. Phipps '41 Mrs. J. Pierce Mr. Pochatko Mr. 8: Mrs. James F. Pole Jane Pole '50 Preston Dr. J. Oliver Purvis Mr. H. Pollack Mrs. Simon E. Ramey Harold Ravenscroft, Jr. Anita Ravenscroft Mr. 8: Mrs. H. E. Ravenscroft Mrs. Charles H. Rawlins, Jr. Mrs. M. Turk Orene Richman Ellis B. Rinard Floyd D. Rinby Mrs. Erwin Roach Mr. Nelson Roane Mrs. T. G. Roberts Mr. Thos. G. Roberts Miss Betty G. Roberts Mrs. J. B. Rogers Tommy Rosati Mr. Nicholas T. Rosati Tommy Russell 47 Dr. 8: Mrs. O'Neal F. Russell Bob Russell . S Mrs. Ida Sachs Dr. Henry H. Sadler Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Santos Mrs. Sas Mrs. Charles Satchell Naomi Saunders '44 Kay Savage Mr. J. B. Scarborough Mr. W. C. Schenck Elizabeth M. Schenck Mrs. William Schenck Mrs. M. G. Schmidt Betty Schuler Helen Schultz Bette Schumacker Mrs. Robert Schutte Captain S. Seabring Jack Sears '43 Edwin R. Seeders Mr. 8: Mrs. T. B. Segner Severna Park Bus Mrs. Henry I. Scott Col. W. G. Sheehan Elizabeth W. Shetoline W. M. Shoaf, Jr. '49 Sick Quarters, Bancroft Hall Sigma Theta Phi, Round Bay Ann E. Simmons Mr. Mattin Skislak Betty Skislak Mrs. M. J. Skislak Mr. W. T. Smith Mary Tillard Smith Mrs. A. I. Smith Mrs. Leon W. Smith Anthony G. Smith Mary D. Smith Richard D. Snead Mr. J. L. Snuggs Mr. 8: Mrs. D. W. Schwallenberg Capt. 8: Mrs. H. A. Spanagel Mack Sparks '48 Virginia Squires Capt. 8: Mrs. W. R. Smedberg Harry B. Stallings William P. Starlings Mr. William Stearns Louise Stevens '48 Jeanine Stinchcomb Ervalee Stinchcomb '48 Peggy Ann Stockett '50 Mrs. B. F. Stockett Mr. B. F. Stockett Betty Stockett '50 Miss Dorothy L. Stockett Mr. Paul Stoinoff Miss Mary Stone Cmdr. W. H. Stoeck Mr. William F. Strohmeyer Elizabeth Suit '46 Mrs. J. W. Suit R. J. Swallow R. J. Swallow, Jr. Miss Jean Swartz Mrs. Leon Sweeney T Mrs. Tate Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom G. Taylor Patricia Taylor Jean M. Teall Miss Dottie Teel Prof. 8: Mrs. C. V. O. Terwilliger Mrs. Amanda Tunis Mrs. Lawrence Thompson Gloria Thomas Mrs. Mary Tirschman Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Trenery Stanley Gene Tucker '46 Mrs. George F. Tucker Beverly Turner '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. H. V. Tydings Mrs. George T. Tyler Virginia Tyler U Mr. H. E. Uribe V Mr. C. J. Vickers H. H. Voellinger W Albert F. Wagner Capt. 8: Mrs. Edward K. Walker Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Walker Lt. Cmdr. Lester Wall Mrs. F. B. Walsh Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Walter Mr. Robert Walters Barbara Walters '51 Capt. 8: Mrs. Frank T. Ward Carlton S. Waring Ruth Washington '51 Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter j. Wassall Mrs. Virginia Watson Miss Peggy Wayson Edwin Weber Mr. B. F. Webster Olive Weidmann Patric Weidmann '49 Cie Weidmann Dr. Frances C. Weitzman Mrs. Mary E. Weishaar Mrs. C. j. Weishaar Harry Weishaar Dr. Robert S. G. Welch Miss Sarah Bond Welsh Miss Ruby Wells '49 Mr. Richard Wells Norman Wells Mr. Pat Wells Mrs. H. H. Whaley Nellie E. Wielcraft Miss Wharton Mrs. Clarence M. White Mr. Charles White Mr. john O. White Barbara White Miles Y. Wickman Mrs. Annie Laurie Wiegard Miss Catherine Willcox Mrs. j. F. Williams Anne Williams '48 john Williams Lora Williams Audrey Williams '48 Mrs. S. E. Williams Mrs. john Williams Bobby Willis '50 Mrs. C. Gordon Wilson Mr. 8: Mrs. L. T. 'Nilson june Windsor Betty Ann Winter '50 Carroll B. Winter '47 Zella B. Winter Mr. 8: Mrs. C. E. Wireo Mrs. Thomas W. Wood Mr. 8: Mrs. Herman H. Woodfield Mr. Daniel H. Woolford Mary Ann Woolford '50 Bob Wooster '48 Miss Lillian Worthington Miss Marion Yancey Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Zaino Desiree Zepp R. 1. Zindorf, jr. l0 "A Friend" 9 -v-vvvvv... .... - - .......... v... .... - - -v 1 P 'n 'n 0 'r 'I 4+ 'v 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 4+ in in in 'I 41 'n in 'I 'I in :I u in is il 4+ 4+ in 'v 'r 'r in 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'P 'r THE CLASS OF '49 THE CLASS OF '50 " "Richer Ilflilk in the Cream Top Bottle" The Annapolis Dairy Products Co. PURE PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM I C E Dial 2345 126 WEST STREET ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 4---xx------:-------------------------------------,-, ....... QAAA A --AA """" -----'AA-----------" A A ----- A AA" 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Congratulations Class 05 1949 The young graduate stands at the threshold of a long lifetime of pay checks. Never again will the potential earning power be greater - 95W of your assets are standing in your shoes now - LIFE INSURANCE is the bond to protect all the pay checks you are ever to receive. "To have it when you need it, you have to buy it when you don't" "Too many people think opportunity is a chance to get money without earning it" PURCHASING LIFE INSURANCE WHILE YOUNG MEANS I. Lower 2. Larger 3. Increased 4. Years of Premiums Investment Retirement Additional Profits Income Protection To take the IF out oi your Future - see Cecil A. Johnston - I-lal I.. Darling Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company ANNAPOLIS DISTRICT OFFICE 47 MARYLAND AVENUE - TELEPHONE 2190 HOME OFFICE GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Annapolis, Md. Glen Burnie, Md. 75 Maryland Avenue 9 W- B- 30 A- Bldg- Phone 2000 Phone 1060 d' Ha man L tu I0 PHOTOGRAPHERS The negatives of all Portraits and Groups in this book will be kept in our files and may be Ordered from at any time 6:,: L--. 0 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 0 f:::: -::- . CONGRATULATIONS Norman R. Bell CLASS OF 1949 CO. We welcome this opportunity to wish you well and to invite you to Brick Work Contractors visit LSTHE HOME OF FAMOUS NAMES" Concrete Products 616 THIRD STREET Annapolrs Ut1l1t1ES EASTPORT, MARYLAND Incorporated Telephones 4888 and 4252 89 WEST STREET - ANNAPOLIS MD. Arundel Laundry The J- F- 1011115011 f f f Lumber Co. Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Storage U Lumber - MlllWOTk - Paint Hardware - Builders' Supplies Scientific Rug Cleaning Appliances SPA ROAD AND WEST STREET f , 1 Armapolisg Md. Glen Burnie, Md. Dial 2343 Telephone 2337 Telephone 100 6 O Patronize Our Avertisers R O O F I N G All types - Shingles Composite - Built-up Metal - Slate Guttering - Spouting - Skylights Sheet Metal Work - Ducts Air Conditioning - Furnaces C. A. L. Wilson Since 1870 ANNAPOLIS 4822 Nights - Sun. - Holidays 4061 31 FRANCIS STREET Telephone 2292 We Call For and Deliver RAINBOW CLEANERS ANNAPOLIS, OI.DEsT CLEANERS Dry Cleaning - Pressing Repairing - Storage ANNAPoI.Is, MD. 1801 West St. 201 Main St. "HOLD THE LINE - CLASS OF '49 - THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU" THE SANDWICH KITCHEN 1 1 1 SANDY POINT ROAD QRevell Highwayj Compliments to the Class of '49 from Community Loans 228 'MAIN STREET ANNAPOLIS, MD. MONTAGUE - KYLE School and Oflice Supplies 207 MAIN STREET ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Chickering Wurlitzer "Your Piano should be the best" Compliments Keeney's Piano and Music Store 161-163 WEST ST., ANNAPOLIS, MD. of Phone 4852 ucmwing Thm Sf""feu FRENCH OLDSMOBILE, INC. Hammond Solovox King-Olds Band Instruments RECORDS 225 HANOVER STREET Columbia - Victor - Decca - Capitol All Latest Releases - CONGRATULATIONS '49 Annapolls Maryland When you think of Music, think of Keeney's PARTIES Compliments Carvel Hal1's facilities and service of make parties successful. If you're planning a party, a dinner, Or a THE OPEN DOOR TEA dance - for yourself or your club -Call us and let us do the worrying ROOM CARVEL HALL 100 COLLEGE AVENUE A SHERATON HOTEL Annapolis Maryland BEST WISHES TO GRADUATES FARMERS NATIONAL BANK OF '49 OF ANNAPOLIS Compliments of Established in 1805 COUNTY TRUST COMPANY STRONG - SAFE - EXPERIENCED OF MARYLAND Member of Federal Deposit ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND Insurance C01-P, Compliments ARUNDEL RUG CLEANERS of Rugs and Upholstered Furniture MEREDITH -ROANE Cleaned CQMPANY, INC. We Store, Repair and RC' Box 428 Location-Clean Annapolis, Maryland WEST ST. AND SPA ROAD Dial 9135 ,4-:::::::::::::::::::::::- :::::::: :: -A------- ------- A :::: I lv - 'v' " -- -'vvvvvv 'V COMPLIMENTS Congratulations to the Class , of 1949 :T SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 'E Lincoln Mercury P :E 8 WEST STREET BERT SPRIGGS MOTOR SALES, INC. I E Annapolis, Maryland 28 West St. Phone 9234 I r .u :T 6 N. TAYLOR AVE. Comp lmems ff -kP1umbing :I -kHeating of 1' 'k Oil Burners I 'A' Hot Water Heaters 1: 'kPumps 1: irFue1 Oil F. P. ASHER, Jr. 8: SONS ' Prompt, Dependable Service 1 Dial 6421 if Best Vtlishes to the Class of '49 Good Luck lf CLASS OF '49 1: JOESTING MOTORS 5 L I P M A N ' S INCORPORATED 4, 172-174 MAIN STREET I International Trucks Annapolis Maryland 4 'r :P 1' JOI-INNIE'S Insurance ln ff JAMES E. TUCKER :g ESSO SERVICE STATION ff Realtor 5, LAFAYETTE AVE. AND WEST ST. 4' Phone: 3515 Fourteenth St., N.W. Ig AUHHPOHS, MafY12Hd North 1632 Washington, D.c. +A--- ------ 4 4-cv--,--- A---:.4---A:oic--- --A' BEAVERS AMOCO SERVICE RIVA, MARYLAND Washing, Polishing Expert Greasing Refinishing Annapolis 5683 UPARKER 51" The World's Most Wanted Pen JENKINS, INC. 185-187 MAIN STREET Annapolis Maryland For That Very Special Gift Occasion IT'S TILGHMAN'S Registered jewelers - American Gem Society 44 STATE CIRCLE Annapolis, Md. MAISEL - BROS. - INC. GLEN BURNIE MFG. and Dealers in Building Materials Compliments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES, Inc. SEALTEST ICE CREAM AND BIRDSEYE FROZEN FooDs uv, W... " .-sim? XX "- UT ,EEE I TT' X fs , 4, I H ,IILM QI 'BIA V fungi- qi? iv' , '1. A 7 I :J 1 X ?1 H -an-I ,As mi .'2'zL.m'P:1::.""""'- H. M. SANDROCK CO. Real Estate SEVERNA PARK, MD. Kev'- Compliments of PAU L'S RESTAURANT Sec' Food and Steak Dinners RIVA, MARYLAND Greetings From WANN L'MARYLAND'S CAPITAL STATION" 1190 ON YOUR DIAL ANNAPOLIS BROADCASTING CORPORATION Annapolis, Maryland Studios: Church Circle Sc School St. --J+OJ vvvv Jail- -vvvvv .v----- - --- --- Compliments Compliments of E NAT GATES JR. 8c SON O Marine Engines - Inboard - Outboard Sales and Service G. G. MURPHY COMPANY COLUMBIAN Propellor and Bronze Distributors 100 MAIN ST. Annapolis, Md. Annapolis 2492 TOWN HALL RESTAURANT RIVA, MD. Tel. Annapolis 5636 If you're planning a Party, Dinner, or Dance, for yourself or your club, call us, we'1l gladly serve you. Television Shujleboard OPEN ALL YEAR The Hodges ANDERSON'S CORNER FOUNTAIN SERVICE U.S. Route 301 Phone: South Shore 5169 GAMBRILLS, Mn. CAPITOL AUTO SALES, INC. 1 1 1 Agency 176 WEST STREET REAL ESTATE AND DE SOTO PLYMOUTH INSURANCE "The House Built on the Square" RENTALS API'RAIsALs WEEMS SYSTEM OF NAVIGATION 227 PRINCE GEORGE STREET ANNAPOLIS, MD. Aviation Ground School Courses in Marine and Air Navigation C and G.S. and H.0. Charts and Publications WVatches - Navigation Instruments - Textbooks FISHPAW'S FILLING STATION JONES STATION, MARYLAND Telephone 4810 MARY LOUISE BEAUTY SALON ll MONTICELLO AVE. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of AN NAPOLIS DECORATORS G. T. SHERWOOD 8C CO Wholesale Confectioners 2511 EVERGREEN AVE. Phone: HAmilton 2842 Baltimore 14 CHRIS' BILLIARDS ANNAI-oLIs HIGH's OWN FOR GOOD FOOD AND DRINK 275 WEST STREET Chris S. Psemadakis GLADDING MOBIL SERVICE SIXTH ST. EASTPORT, MD. Compliments of PARTY PANTRY 171 West St. Annapolis, Md. VEGETABLES - FRUITS "The Best Grown" FARM PRODUCE FRESH DAILY Eocs - FRESH FROZEN FOODS ROLAND A. BROWN At the City Mkt. Annapolis, Md. SEVERNA SERVICE STATION Cor. Ritchie Highway and Old Annapolis Road SEVERNA PARK, MARYLAND Phone: Annapolis 6205 TUCKER AND MCGINTY Gasoline and Groceries PAROLE, MD. SEVERNA PARK BAKERY OPEN NEW MANAGEMENT Fresh baked Proprietor Goods at 12 noon Ronald Giddings Phone 6340 for prompt service KNICKMAN'S PAINT STORE Sole Agency for Wetherilllv Atlas Paint Products In Annapolis and vicinity 108 WEST ST. Annapolis, Md. JOHN M. DAWES and SONS Hardware - Paints - Oils - Varnishes Plumbing - Electrical and Boat Supplies COR. RANDALL STREET 8a MARKET SPACE M A Y E R ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER RITCHIE HIGHWAY Arnold, Maryland I. Bird - Mgr. Complete Outfitters for Gents, Ladies and Children B A E R ' S UNDERSELLING STORE Our Easy Payment Plan is at Your Service 20 MARKET SPACE For Delicious Sandwiches Beverages, Milkshakes, etc. Come to s and s EEO. Compliments of THE HOFFMAN SCHOOL OF DANCE 4112 ARKANSAS AVE. Washington, D.C. VVash. Taylor-2841 Annapolis-2742 Compliments of QUICK'S SEVERNA PARK MARKET SEVERNA PARK, MD. Compliments of E. J. KRAMER 3-:::::::::::::: A:::::::::::::::,: - :::::::::::::::: ::: Q we ---vvacv ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,v Compliments of COLONIAL JEWELRY CO. "For enduring quality and friendly service" 47 MARYLAND AVE. Compliments of c1RJ.GR1LL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 ANNE ARUNDEL CANDIES ARMBRUSTER'S GIFTS OF DISTINCTION 82 MARYLAND AVENUE Annapolis, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS STATIONERY Dial 9250 LITTLE CAMPUS INN 63 MARYLAND AVE. Fountain Annapolis, Md. Sea Food Service A Specialty CIRCLE FLOWER SHOP MEADE STUDIO M A S C PORTRAITS I ARYLQND VE. AT KATE lrkclifd 43 MARYLAND AVENUE Dial 225 Imapo ls' ' Phone 4013 Annapolis, Maryland Telephone 3474 THE POWDER PUFF E. CHURCHILL MURRAY Insurance Exclusively Beauty Shop ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND 39 MARYLAND AvE. Annapolis, Md. Phone 2678 Compliments Compliments of of SEVERNA SUPER MARKET "Clover Farm Store" CLIFF DAWSON'S STORE SEVERNA PARK MARYLAND SEVERNA PARK, MD. Dial Annapolis 0788 TOMMY'S GARAGE Compliments "AT YOUR SERVICE" Automobile Repairing - Parts Accessories - Lubrication Amoco American Gas of Thomas J. Coale Three Mile Oak JOHN M. and Prop. Annapolis, Md. Compliments of Compliments of ANNAPOLIS FLOWER SHOP "TRADE WITH TRADER" GOMALJAK Concrete Products Co. Compliments of Somebodylv Birthday is Coming! Be Thoughtful! of YORK PASTRY SHOP HOPPING FUNERAL HOME 210 YVEST ST. Phone 6978 Com liments of ANNAPOLIS ARMY 8: NAVY V' H' H U S E SURPLUS Your Ford Dealer 149 WEST STREET Phone 2660 Annapolis, Md. ANNAPOLIS' MD' GARY DANCE STUDIO Instructions in Modern Ballroom S. KOTZIN COMPANY Dancing . . Fox Trot - Waltz - jitterbug - Rumba Samba Wholesale Distributors Tango Private and Class Instruction ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 161 WEST ST. Phone 4253 GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES 238 WEST STREET UPHOLSTERING Quality Furniture CITY AWNING CO. Phone 2733 1311 WEST' STREET Telephone Annap. 9231 BEST WISHES To THE Compliments of CLASS OF '49 HARRY'S MOTOR SALES 90 COMPROMISE ST. Harry M. Gilden Annapolis, Md. FROM HOME ROOM 205 "'Flowers for all Occasions" THE ACADEMY FLOWER SHOP Lester B. Wayson, Prop. 139 PRINCE GEORGE ST. ANNAPOLIS, Mn. Res. Phone 4409. Bus. Phone: 3200 Compliments of OWENS BROS. GROCERY RIVA, MARYLAND C. U L L I M O R E ' S Let us print your Calling Cards HALLMARK GREETING CARDS 400 FOURTH ST. EASTPORT Compliments of SADLER'S HARDWARE STORE 122-128 Doclc ST. Annapolis, Md. SEVERNA DELICATESSEN Tel. Severna Park 42 OLD ANNAPOLIS BLVD. Severna Park, Md. MY HIDE-A-WAY RESTAURANT Melvin W. Madary, Prop. Chicken Dinners Our Specialty Phone: Severna Park, 245 Severna Park, Md. Lyle Vain john H. Brunner Jack Sineath BELVEDERE RADIO SERVICE Everything in Electronics Television Sales and S1-uice Phone H0pkins 8613 or South Shore 2434 513 MCCABE AVENUE Baltimore 12, Md. Compliments of ANNAPOLIS NEWS AGENCY j. B. Moore, Distributor WM. COLLISON General Merchandise Batteries Tires Accessories Road Seroi ce CAPITOL SERVICE STATION COLLEGE AVENUE AND BLADEN ST. Annapolis, Md. MAYO, MARYLAND John C. Behlke Dial Manager Annapolis 3125 Compliments Compliments of of VENTA GLASS WINDOWS sf DooRs . , T james Norman Brooks, Distributor PEESERS RESTAURAN ARNOLD, Mn. Annapolis 5505 C0mplimCI1lS BASIL'S MEAT MARKET of F. Wilmer Basil, Mgr. GOTTLIEB'S FRESH AND SALT MEATS CITY MARKET Compliments of CAPITOL CITY FLORISTS Housewares Gifts Appliances BALDWIN PIANOS THE HOME APPLIANCE CO. 'Makers of Happy Homes 51 WEST ST. Telephone 6488 CARVILLES PHARMACY Compliments of Phone 6102 DELUXE AUTOMATIC 252 WEST STREET - ANNAPOLIS MD. LAUNDRY Telephone West River 3602 PETE MILLER'S GARAGE General Repair Work FAWCETT BOAT SUPPLIES INC. 407 FOURTH ST., EASTPORT, MD. DAVIDSONVILLE ' MARYLAND Two Blocks from Spa Creek Bridge Compliments Telephone: West River 3611 of Annapolis 5782 CARVEL HALL BEAUTY FRANK S- DUCKETT SALON Electrical Contractor Katie Karangelen, Prop. DAVIDSONVILLE - MARYLAND ::- :::::::0 II II II II II II II II I I II I I I I II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II :I I II II II II II II II II II 'I II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II I II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II :I I II II II II I I I I II II II Compliments of R U T H SPECIALTY SHOP 161-A Main St. Ruth K. Rosenbloom Annapolis, Md. STRANGE and WHITE Clothiers - Haberdashers 155-157 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Md. HOPKINS FURNITURE CO. WQLLMANS 31-10153 Home of Better Furniture ' Home of Advertised Brands 123-127 MAIN ST., ANNAPOLIS, Mn. Phone 4551 129-131 MAIN ST. Dial 3372 GOOD LUCK COMPLIMENTS SARA EDWARDS APPAREL OF SHOP T H E L E A D E R 164-166 MAIN STREET ' Compliments Established 1858 of W. H. THOMAS Sc CO. I MCCREADY and COMPANY Complete 0Hlhtt61'S for Men and Boys 112-114 MAIN STREET 141-143 MAIN STREET, ANNAPOLIS, Mn. Annapolis Maryland Telephone: Annapolis 2221 Eyes Examined Daily 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. JESS RADIO AND ELECTRIC Phone 3351 THE COLUMBIA JEWELRY CO- FRANCIS STREET AT MAIN INCORPORATED jewelers - Watches - Diamonds - Opticians Annapolis Maryland Iss MAIN STREET ' Compliments of Compliments TAUBMAN'S of 149 MAIN STREET PHOTO SHOP Guy H- Rapson, Mgr- 151 MAIN STREET Dial 4211 Artists' Supplies Z I F F ' S R. E. STRANGE and SONS FOR TEEN AGE Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes JUNIOR Maigg FASHIONS 159 M-AIN STREET Where Francis meets Main Street, AUUHPOIIS, Maryland Annapolis, Maryland CHARLES F. LEE Real Estate and Insurance CHURCH CIRCLE Annapolis Maryland if Automatic Bottle Gas Ranges if Automatic Bottle Gas Water Heaters if Automatic Servel Gas Fefrigerators THE ARUNDEL GAS COMPANY EDGEWATER MD. Phone Annapolis 2134 ESSOTANE The Metered Bottle Gas that is Fast - Clean - Safe - Economical AA --" T -"" :P't'A"' .::::::::::::: :::J4::::::: vvv v-,,,,.,,, .... ,,,,,,--- ...., -,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,---,,,,-,--:4 B E R M A N ' S HENRY M. MURRAY, Agent "Shop of Quality" INSURANCE 186 MAIN STREET TowNs - WORTH BUILDING Everything to wear for the Girl Grad SOUTH STREET Exclusive but not Expensive Phone 2525 or 4004 Dial 2555 Phone 9222 SNYDER BROTHERS Hardware, Paints and Plumbing Supplies THE HENRY B- MYERS CO- ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY CO. Direct Factory Distributors for 45-59 WEST STREET B. F. Goodrich Co., Tires 8: Rubber Products Annapolis Maryland 25-27 WEST STREET Annapolis. Md. S H A C K ' S Compliments DRESSES - CoATs - MILLINERY of 37 WEST ST. Annapolis Md. ' CAPITAL H Sole Agent for Mojud Dependable S OE STORE Hosiery 35 WEST ST. Annapolis, Md. TCICPMPC 2684 HOPKINS PHARMACY JOSEPH D. LAZENBY Prescription Pharmacists Real Estate and Insurance Quality Drugs 215 MAIN STREET so WEST STREET - Annapolis, Md. AHH2P01iS, Maryland Phones: 1010 - 893 ABRAHAM GREENGOLD Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings Compliments of The Store for the Lad and his Dad since 1908 ANNAPOLIS, MD. 46-48-50 WEST ST. Phone 3600 ' BEST WISHES G O R D O N ' S ANNAPOLIS LAUNDRY and CLEANERS "THE STORE FOR CHILDREN" PLAN5lfnfT?A3ig?l AVE Branch Store - l9y2 West St. Dial 9090 Compliments of SMITH'S CLEANERS FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO PLANT - WEEMS CREEK SUPPLY Convenient Locations 272-274 WEST STREET 900 Block West St. 433 Fourth St. Eastport W. F. Flood sc Son Inc Compliments L O R E N S . of Apex Kresky Appliances Oil Floor Furnaces J. -IT. Kelvinator l0ll-1013 WEST STREET CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURvEYoR James A. Lorens Annapolis, Md. R. E. COONEY JEWELER 270 WEST ST. Phone 3829 ANDREW KRAUSE CHEVROLET Phone 2651 Annapolis WINEGARDNER'S GULF STATION WEST STREET AND SPA RoAD Annapolis 4751 Annapolis, Md. WHITMORE PRINTING 8a STATIONERY CO. 286 WEST STREET Annapolis 6660 MARBERT MOTORS, INC. P O N T I A C SALES and SERVICE 261 West Street Phone 2335 THE PARSONS COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 220-222 MAIN STREET Phone 4566 Annapolis, Md. Compliments of PALMER'S GARAGE Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Annapolis, Maryland THE HOLIDAYOKE COMPPANY Millinery - Wools 181 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Maryland ANNAPOLIS BUICK COMPANY 240 WEST STREET Annapolis Maryland Phone 2341 Telephone 3909 BERNARD WIEGARD REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE HOTEL MARYLAND BUILDING Annapolis, Maryland Dial 2241 Diamonds Remounted STEARN'S Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Watch Repairing 180 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Md. I "Hello, is this 2625? I'd like you to take my order, please, for delivery .... " That's STOKES, 206 Main Street, you're calling -where you can get your market- ling done the easy way and without sacrificing quality. For all sorts of fancy foods and groceries, and such household items as Pyrex-ware, mops, brooms, etc., it's SAMUEL S. STOKES. Call today. L. P. MUSTERMAN "HAT SHOP" 197 IIIAIN STREET Annapolis, Md. Compliments of LAD 'N LASSIE In Annapolis IT'S I-IERBERT'S MEN'S SHOP 178 MAIN STREET jess Clark Manager Phone 2412 0 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 0 H. G. RD fp.-Inn I-fo :suck 5. s . ,,Cf.g.,,..,q. BALTIMDIIE MAH LAND Q A Q , 4 N Q5 JU? 5? 1 M U Uszsp H Q Of 1Q:fgf,P5'gij'gQ X , ji fi V' lf P-7 R,fA..! ' nr-1 UE 4' qs ? """ mg A p 6-.Qg5f Q 'I' 6 CREEK X N- X E2 I 'Ng l x 72 Q bl J I 1 . 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