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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1948 volume:

3 GX RR I . x x fx f E 7? Q7 f 2 ? i755k353f?:'.?9E?:w23f SRM? E 5 f If r z me?w.:f:5a:'wa5m E:2:iewff- Lf' gf ,4 f j Z f if -figflffc T' 'f W 'I f ' ' is .. , Qgvfvgffilffiza-fzaqyff U14 f ? 1 1 , :iff - ' W Q Q f .e. ,iff M 1 .ff V 9 , ,?v2'!f,' .Jw ,.vf1Y , 10 f ,gf ,lf Ex : 91 Y,.Q s Q 'sv-v Qvslij- ,Juli A j X v 4 Q xii -sr, + ? 751 2 .... ififqz W-' Afflvf 3- X , QT iff , , ly Z, 6 Z ff M iinglw f if Q L .Y . 1 gf Q 1 , . x ,gy Q LL qL WA L.. -1 1 336 , 22 'f f We fi f ' A fa ' 5 V S 545 if Q - ,"'3AlVN 1' ' ' Y L2!i,j'L?'ffQ.iQ24 fer! ' ' Y 1 .3 Q'Jj"Q.fZb'XI 'W ,fy f ' ,,, I YF. ,lb P Qs ff QW Agzgif ffV' '97ef?fr 3 1 57' ff' ff 'lf V ff v' f!'I' pr' fi ff' W W5 W -529. I .ZW J 61.1121 Z 19""fM2'Mf I If gfgnwfff, , E r. -- - , H . , ' ' 3 , L - , 3 3 X 5 S E V Q 5 5 S ea. , K E :Q f k ' ' - xx i. ' V , - .V v' , V T' , is b t , a 2 2 3 5: 2 Q ' 5 1 Y K' ' ' Y ' " ' 'H' ' ' " A : 'L A 5 7 AA" ' V " '5 - Z, . ?1 - am. A54 ,QA 4.4. -Q pg"2,: 42020-ff , ' e, ,- ' ff- 0-f!"'1U , ..- X f f A g lv f im f' A A 'e 3 A ' f f f A . A ! ,H v',Z'f,A!UfQ3Qff7'a 71 I' 5 fi 4 f' - ' 1 H 4 l ,Q WSW 'N V -'Aff "eff 3 4' -I 1 -.2 ' I f '1 ' ' '4 ' 3 W 5 fZ4z5 Un' if-4 -1 'J 2 4 5 fi . A, .,., ' V Q ,,' 4' uf , fQoq, lk 5,6 ay A :Q 1 4 C.: ff' 1 ' 'i f ff fi xr 5' f'4"4Q,?'??23 ' 'T '1 6 2 W M 1 f ,f y I , , Jw" imbf- A :4 1' ' 1- f' ff 151 ,ff sv 4 Ox I gf ft" fQ'0Z'.z9.'5, 959 ,f , ' f ff' iq' S ,Q c' ',-I ,,f 4 nf, , -I if WM fo0p'w-211: ' .Z 1 N 'A A df -5, A '.f ff' al' I ffl! 1 wfqr' ' , - lyzi "0f5?ff5 ' '- 7 V ff I ,ij-,, V1 , ,Qs-4 , 1 VV H' ' my any J :Q 00.4, QQQ QA . 'J c '5 W3 nl WM Jef- ,5, QM- f .fr i ' ,ff , mf 9 Ffa: Jafaff 9 20, 437 QZQZQQLQQ 7 3? 3 x ga 4 lf, ,, 4 ,. , . . Q.. pr l ,. 4 a . f on .Q 1 I x X 1 I4-Q 4' "M 1 4,-W -21 'igfff C 'N "wi 'Q Q W." 1' 'I' l F -' ' M n.5"efm w"'f M1 " Q05-f Y ,kj A '- , . 1:1 1 :Q A, A.s,-4,4j.'-l gli-.LLQ,x,1 1.4mm-A, ,, Aw ,Qc p L ss xo - ,,,,f3.g.- yy, fx . . j.?,'.fd'4 ' v 11 - xl 1 --yvyy YZ, My 7. rf hy :VW ,ol I, H , .7. 1 I I,-H . wg, ,I, h A. D 4. ' "-f ' , Vg, :JI A- 11" K V 1 r .L f. 1,2-1 135' . ,., 'lm IW' bv 1 I ' "H, ' 1' " " ' Y"llp"7""":,""i',flr'-14' "Q ,- - f W' A 1: Q f' X Wy fl W ?ff9W 7 QW! ff ? gwf' if -'Jr fr!-:I ' 'E 3 f I, ff E 1,35 xlafjlf lik' ff 7 I 1 if 5 f' fl rf 1 vw at if -1- ' J 2 1 fl ff A v . fa 1 , hh ff f V11 ,-a is 1 - ,15 1 gjif: ff! 1 gif ns! if wif' 4 M ,I A- pw: mi: 57.31 5 4 S1 f 1 I 1 " .c + 'U A 3' 1 " I , 1 X' 41 ws- '. 1 A 4 .fn Q. 4.5 , .f A. . , 1 , ,A y ,p, .. .M 1.-.Q , .. . V016 -, yfnxs-, 1, .'-"WIN ry. JI f 'I .f ,.,.j.vf-' -, . ,,.,-x.6'q. ly-1 A I , ul. 1515.3-j '-,A - A fhf' ,Li fd 1 I Y X5 up ' I! 3 A ' '- r f -iff' f ' f' 'W 4 f fuk. ,wil 9""'5' fx? 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S A 'WM' W Y 9 1ff :'EyZf41 Q ' 5 X L A I. Li sw' 5 L . , , ' if PB - , I U55 7945 Wage glcsiznfecf gy kgs 5512601 Cyan of cqnnafzofia 051636 cgcfioof cqnnapoga, Jlffafzyfancf Dacfiaafion N APPRECIATION for her tireless ef- forts throughout the years in seeing that the busi- ness and financial ends of the WAKE meet, and- in appreciation for her helpful advice and willing- ness to work with and for us, we, the editors of the 1948 WAKE, hereby dedicate this yearbook to MRS. MILDRED H. KINHART. 2 Qlzincifza DR. HOWARD KINHART "Man Owes Not Only His Services, But Himself, To God" S1-:cicek .f-:snags U0 555126015 ERVICE requires no pattern, but each man serves according to his own talents. Therefore, every one must produce from that with which he is blessed. ' just as loyalty to earthly ideals and friends results in service to our fellow men, our faith in God calls for the greatest of all our services. Since "the gift without the giver is bare," we must forget all selfish ambition and possess a real desire to serve without thought of personal gain. No matter how humble or plain, how meek or lowly, man by the grace of God may prove worthy. God's love for us and His belief in humanity make even the most timid honor-bound to serve Him. Because of God's power to change weakness into strength, to bring order out of chaos, to transform the feeble into the great,we accept Him as our Father. So as one bright star differs from another, the services of the true and the stead- fast, regardless of color, class, or creed, help to glorify the kingdom of God. These facts serve as your challenge! DR. Howmm KINHART 3 .P ly, , ,-., ll E- I x 4 f-Eff' ' , " tfizfg X m I X 1 ' ff yy M W' A 1,9 2 1-' ft.i, .4 t . I. 47 if -3 v' HIM . ,, l f ' ' "M f 1 ' , , f 1 4 gi HQ' "fha 1, ly ', 1 ,4':"i'-1 457 -fff1,f,'f- N 1 ff ,Abit A I , . i i.l ri MEA I 4 1 , - , -' ', ,fT-J-- -x ' fl ff Af' Q' N .ffl W4 -1- S. ff A f' - ,. lf' , f ,fV'4fa "' ' I 'HE A "1 l lf, V I I rf' f' ,fi -'J 1. ,fy-I ff' ' 1 A l aw!" ff X ' 6,01 'off ljfff ' ll if UL" I' 'I Av f . fqvfilbj - 1 , ,.f ,gg !!'vL'Jf BN ,I ,111 , ,gin , X ,JV X Www' Ualllgiih-' 'L it I A A 5 to aaa. A 3, ,f Z ,Z 1' , .yt f,H,Lo ! tilt: gf 1 74 f tj f ' 5' -K f , ff, X-f ,y 4 - 55,9 Q ,S ff 'lllfl l WP ef 5' ' , JZ X 'aff mi ht' 1' ' A ' f I "' ' " ' ff I ff 'WH 7 .V ' f - gf-2 l My l ,, X 35, W l f Y A f f l '1 f X v a l -f -fg wt 1 f If xx X f yf LK fll' W fa f f A Z 7' , ,3'll,'f. 1 ill' ff W f' lf I W C H l f ,7 ' , ,fl . f -9? l f X ,fe l ' 13" f FRED L. ALEXANDER HENRYETTA K. CARPENTER Penn State Arizona State College Industrial Arts Claremont College Related smence FOSTER T. AUGUSTINE s'f'3'f,fZ"2ul,i2',Q'fjf,s,1iy LUCIEL U COGGIANO Loch Haven State Teachers College Eighth Grade Temple Um-uerszty Kutztown State Teachers College Health Radford State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Physlcal and Health Educatlon Art ,ily MARY KATHARINE COX CHARLES J. DI FAZIO Columbia University Newark Teachers College English Industrial Arts ELIZABETH VINTON DAVIS EMILY EWING Goucher College Western Maryland College English Dietitian ALBERT W. FOWBLE ERNEST H. HERKLOTZ johns Hopkins University California State Teachers College Cornell University Pa. Physics and Chemistry University of Maryland Industrial Arts DOROTHY E- HAMILTON Extra-Director of Attendance Elizabethtown College MARY LOUISE HICKS University of Michigan Goucher College New York University Social Studies Guidance JANITH R. HORSEY KATHARINE M. KIBLER Western Maryland College Home Economics ELEANOR KEPHART University of Maryland Government Psychology History Washington College English 'ml . 'ieil MILDRED HOPKINS KINHART West Chester State Teachers College French History MARY ALICE KLEIN Western Maryland College English Social Studies ROBERT F. KUNKLE The Eastman School of Music Dusquesne University Music Appreciation - Chorus Orchestra -Q P J MAYZA STELLA M. MORRIS Teachers College West Chester Radford State Teachers College Columbza Umverszty Commercial Science English FLORENNEJ McHOSE HILDA L MUSTERMAN Bucknell Umverszty Secretary to the Principal EDITH NEWLON DOROTHY L. NOBLE West Virginia University Hood College University of Maryland Columbia University Home Economim History MARY NEWLON GEORGE W. NORRIS Bowling Green College of University of Maryland Commerce Eighth Grade Commercial Geography MINNIE W- PIERCE BRUCE J. RENTSCHLER Syracuse University State Teachers College Pa. English University of Pennsylvania l-Hlin Physiatl and Health Education MORRIS w. RANNELS JOHN C- R0GER5 Millersville State Teachers College Wa-fh"'g'0" College University of Maryland Mathematics Mathematics HV' MARY ANN ROGERS MARY DICKEY SMITH Towson State Teachers College Randolph Macon Woman's College General Science Mathematics Health J. CATHERINE SAVAGE JEAN SWAP-TZ Hope Cgllggg Marywood College University of Wisconsin General Mathematics Librarian Social Science Ae f7F" . lil fl? MW fffff! xi f g Q35 X111 E Z i- MARGARET WHARTON College of the Ozarks Health and Physical Education GLENN S. WILSON MARION AUGUSTA YANCEY Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Health and Physical Education HAZEL SCHOONMAKER WILSON Radclige College Cornell University Wellesley College Mathematics University of Richmond University of North Carolina Science Z' E F i i i anim Cfam Lgffceza PRESIDENT JAMES REVELL BRADY "hm Our own class president . . . believes in taking life easy . where there is fun, there is Brady . . . a lover of all sports. Class President 4: Homeroom Representative 2: WAKE Business Stalf 4: Glee Club 2: Operetta 2: Hi-Y Member 3: Varsity Soccer 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Intramural Softball l, 2: Soccer l, 2: Basketball l, 2: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. VI CE-PRESIDEN T ROBERT ASPOLD CLEMENS "Clem Hails from Crabtown . . . wants to be a naval oflicer or a boat builder . . . might go to Bucknell College . -likes' all sports . . . smiles away his worries. Homeroom Representative 8, 4: Class President 2. 3: Class Vice-President 4: Member Library Council 2: Glee Club 2, 8: Chairman junior Prom Committee 3:' President Senior Hi-Y: Member Senior Hi-Y 3, 4: Council President 4. SECRETARY-TREASURER OLGA ANN VVERNTZ "Twink Great big blue eyes . . . friendly with everyone . . . music is her hobby . . . college comes next. Homeroom Representative 2. 3: Class Secretary-Treasurer 4: Wuu: Literary Staff 4: Circulation Staff 4: Stunt Night 4: Sodal Committee 2, 5, 4: Glee Club I, 2. 3. 4: Operetta 2, 8: junior Prom Committee 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Y-Teen Club 4: Intramural Softball 3: Basketball 3: Hockey 8: Speed- ball 5: Knittin Club 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4: Trallic Squag 4. I0 AUDREY DELORES ABBOTT "Little Audrey" A five feet, one inch heartbreaker who collects poetry . . . bom in Washington, D. C .... talks like a Pennsylvanian . . . resides in Crab- town . . . hopes to go to business college z . . big combination for a little girl . . . Traffic Squad 4: junior Prom Committee 3: WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Photography Club 4. EVA ALVANOS Brown eyes and brown hair . . . witty all-around lass . . . ambition is to be a music teacher via Pea- body Conservatory . . . P. T. A. Representative 45 WAKE Literary Staff 4, WAKE Circula- tion Staff 4: Tally-Ho Reporter 45 Assembly Committee 2, 31 Stunt Night 4: Social Committee 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Operetta 2, 3, 4. JANE DELORES ARMIGER Ula ., jayywants to be a stylist . . . an Annapolitian . . . likes to delve into literature . . . P. T. A. Representative 1, 2: Assembly Committee 4g Social Committee 45 Typing Club 4. GUY AUBREY "Frenchy" Comes from Garche QSeine et Oisep France . . . hopes to be a West Point cadet .... A rmy Air Force officer . . . oh, those viva- cious Frenchmenl Glee Club 45 Varsity soccer 45 Archery Club President 4. FRANCES GLORIA BAILEY "Fran" Always smiling, that's Fran . . . can be found either in the show, bowling, or playing tennis . . . short, with brown hair and eyes. We know that she will make a good secretary . . . Stunt Night 4g Social Committee 25 Y-Teen Club 33 Knitting Club 43 Senior Play Selection Commit- tee 4. THEODORE SIGMUND ALEXANDER "Ted" We have all been entertained by Ted's magic at some time or an- other . . . photography interests him too . . . headed for an acting career . . . WAKE Assistant Photography Edi- tor 4g Tally-Ho Reporter 4g As- sembly Committee S. 4: Operetta 2. 3, 4: Dramatic Clubg' Stunt Night 45 Art Service l, 2, 3: Library Council l, 2: Glee Club 3. 45 Photography Club: Senior Play Selection Committee chair- man. JAMES VINCENT AORILIO .tlinlrnyn Tall, dark, handsome type . . . curiosity has him . . . wants to see the world before he's too old . . . likes sports and . . . well, likes sports anyway I l l Intramural Softball l, 2, 5: Soc- cer l, 2, 3: Basketball I. 2, 3: Office Helper. MADELINE ARMIGER "Essie" Want a good secretary? . . . here's one coming . . . likes reading . . . and loaling, too . . . Book Club 3, 4. RICHARD LERIAN AY "Dick" A Baltimorean . . . hopes that spot outside the office door fits the next captain of the traffic squad . . . loves to tinker with motors . . . aims to beta success in life . . . Traffic Squad Captain 43 Stunt Night 45 Glee Club 3, 45 junior Prom Committee Chairmang Dance Club 3: Dance Orchestra 4. DONALD GLENN BAKER A good Crabtowner from Colum- bus, Ohio . . . friendly smile . . . lots o' pep . . . intends to go into forestry after he gets that diploma. A Hi-Y Member 2: Traffic 'Squad 4. CHARLES CARROLL BALDWIN "Charlie" Our leading man . . . collects stamps . . . can't wait to get that precious diploma and go to the Universitg of Mamand . . . WAKE usiness anager 43 Glee Club 2, 5, .43 Operetta 23 Junior Prom Ticket Committee: Senior Hi-Y fChaplain 3, Treasurer 4, Member 2. 3, 4, and council 3, 4,3 Varsity Soccer 2, 33 Intra- mural Softball l, 23 Intramural Soccer and Basketball l, 2. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BAUSUM "Franklin" Cows, butter, milk, we have a dairyman among us . . . would like to go to the University of Maryland . . . likes painting . . . Spanish Club 33 Automotive Club 4. BARBARA LOUISE BEAVIN "Beaver" Green-eyed Beaver . . . likes art, music, and sports . . -. undecided about college . . . ambition is clear, she'll become a commercial artist . . , A Beaver using a sable brush?lPl Stunt Night 43 Traffic Squad 43 Social Committee 43 Tri Hi-Y Member 3, 43 Intramural Hockey 83 Dramatic Club. WALTER L. BENNETT "Speedy" "Anything for a laugh" . . . says Eastporter Speedy . . . air minded guy headed for a career in aero- nautics . . . in the meantime we find Speedy making that car of his fly . . . Shop Craft Club 3. BEVERLY JEANNE BITTER HRW., Bev has no special ambition ex- cept to do good in this world . . . lots of fun to be with . . . works hard and is proud of it . . . French Club 8: Typing Club 4. BARBARA MARIE BASIL "Bezil" Another secretary . . . likes reading and movies . . . born in Annapolis . . . brown hair and blue eyes . . . Homeroom Representative 4: Stunt Night 43 Social Committee 2, 3, 43 Locker Monitor 43 Senior Play Selection Committee 43 Book Club 4. GEORGE W. BEAL A Crabtowner! . . . U. S. Military Academy is his goal . . . he'll be- come an army ollicer . . . enjoys sailing, reading and boxing . . . P. T. A. Representative 43 Tally- Ho Reporter 1, 2: Assistant Sports Editor 33 Photography Editor 43 Assembly Committee 33 Social Committee 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Operetta 2, 33 Senior Hi-Y 43 Chess Club 33 Boxing Clubg Intramural Softball lj Soccer 13 Basketball 13 Senior Play Selec- tion Committee. HELEN BELCHER ..Baby,, An Annapolitan headed for the University of Virginia . . . record mania . . . loves all sports . . . most soft spoken gal you ever heard . . . Homeroom Student Government Representative 33 Tally-Ho Staff 2, 3, 4 3Tally-Ho Reporter 2, 3, 43 Sports Editor 43 Stunt Night 43 Social Committee 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 5, 4g Y-Teen Club 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Speedball 1, 2, 33 Hockey 43 Intramural Softball l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 33 Speedball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Referee 3, 43 Cheer- leader's Club: Physical Education Leader's Club 43 Senior Play Se- lection Committee 4. WILBUR D. BILLINGS Born in Toledo, Ohio . . . he knows he's going to college, but where . . . that is the question . . . his ambition is to retire . . . that's nice . . . wrestling is on his list of likes . . . Wrestling Club. MARGARET I. BLADES arpeggyra Here we have another Eastporter . . .likes ice skating and stamps . . . hopes to make a certain man happy in the near future . . . Typing Club 3. JUNE BLAISDELL "1unie" Perky lil' gal . . . she'd rather dance than eat . . . soon will leave us far behind . . . bound for U. C. L. A., to be a nurse. WAKII Business Staff 45 Assem- bly Committee 35 Stunt Night 45 Social Committee 35 Library Council 15 Glee Club 3, 45 Oper- etta 35 Photography Club 35 Archery Club 4. CATHERINE BOUNELIS "Kitty" Short and nutty as can be . . . collects loads and loads of records . . . wants to work in an office. WAKE Business Staff 45 WAKE Typing Staff 45 Hi-Y Oliicer 45 Council Member 45 Typing Club 4. MANUEL BROOKS "Manny" Handsome guy, this Manny is . . . hopes to open his own business . . . '55 "WAKE" Photography by Brooks and Company . . . more power to you. Homeroom Representative 15 WAKE Photography Editor 45 Traflic Squad Oflicer 45 Social Committee 25 Varsity Soccer 2, 45 Varsity Football 45 Intramural Soccer 1, 25 Basketball l, 25 As- tronomy Club5 jr. Civitan Club WILLIAM G. BROWN "Bill," "Brownie" An Annapolitan who wishes to get ,rich quick . . . undecided about college . . . brown-eyed, brown- haired Brownie really lives up to his name . . . likes photography and radio. A Hi-Y Member 3, 45 Photog- raphy Club 35 Radio Club 4. HENRY RENEL BUSER Born here in Crabtown . . . likes to take things apart to see what-, makes them tick . . . wants to be a mechanic. Intramural Softball 1, 2. NANCY BLEW Blond hair and blue-green eyes . . . ambition: to be a navy wife after the University of Kansas . . . Blew is lots of fun . . . sports are one of her specialties. Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 45 WAKE Patron Manager 45 Traffic Squad, Lieutenant 45 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Softball 3, 45 Hockey 45 Intramural Softball 35 Basketball 35 Hockey 35 Speed- ball, Intramural Manager 4, In- tramural Referee 4. MARY JEANNE BRANSON "sis" Somebody feel sick? . . . here's a nurse . . . hopes to train at Union Memorial Hospital . . . came to us from St. Thomas High, Ann Arbor, Michigan . . . born in Honolulu, Oahu. Intramural Speedball 45 Ad- vanced Knitting Club 3, 4. ROLAND BROUSE Guess where he was born? . . . you got it, Eastportl . . . this 5' ll" boy wants to be an aviator . . Keep 'em flying! Boxing and Wrestling Club 4. CARRIE ROSELLA BULL "Rosie" Rosie is a Crabtowner . . . she will be nothing less than the best of secretaries . . . the secretary with the "Rosie" disposition l l Book Club 8, 45 Senior Play Se- lection Committee 4. SHIRLEY BUTLER "Shirl" Tall blonde Shirl is the gal that beats out solid rhythm on that bass violin . . . yes, music and more music is this gal's hobby . . . we wish you lots of success, Shirll . . . Honor Society 3, 45 Typing Staff 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Traflic Squad 45 Locker Monitor 3, 45 WAKE Business Staff 4. EDITH LOUISE CADELL An original Crabtowner who likes to travel . . . hopes to go to Busi- ness College . . . brown eyed, brown haired lassic. WAKE Typing Staff 43 Stunt Night 43 Y-Teen Club 33 Sodal Committee 2, 5, 4: Make-up Club 4. MAURICE EDWARD CARR "Snacks" 6 feet tall "Snooks" loves hunting . . . ambition undecided, but wants to be a success and have fun in what he does . . . lots of luck, "Snooks." Intramural Softball 2. 3. 4. SARAH LOUISE CHANCE "Cherie" Cherie was born in Annapolis . . . wants to be an Airline Stewardess . . . Keep 'em Flyin' l l l Typing Club BETTY LOU CHRIST "Lu-Lu" A regular little speed demon in those fieldball games . . . hailing from Washington D. C. and Blad- ensburg High . . . an animal lover . . . we love her too. Varsity Basketball 43 Softball 43 Fieldball 43 Intramural Basket- ball 43 Softball 43 Hockey 43 Glee Club 43 Knitting Club 33 Danc- ing Club 4. FRIEDA COHEN just say "Hi, Beautiful" and she'll love you forever . . . a punch bowl of fun . . . dancing black eyes that laugh with you, not at you . . . a secretary she will be. Traffic Squad 43 WAKE Circula- tion 43 WAKE Typist 43 Library Council 23 Assembly Committee 33 Social Committee 3, 43 Stunt Night 4g Senior Play Selection Committee. MARGUERITE E. CADELL "Betty" Betty enjoys boating. singing, and dancing . . . after graduation she would like to be a beautician . . . think she can help you, girls? Glee Club 3. 4: Properties and Make-up Club 4. BARBARA CARRICK "Bobbie" Bobbie has a wonderful collection of records . . . enjoys reading . . . has blue eyes, light brown hair ...ambition is to be a stenog- rapher. Glee Club 3, 43 Dramatic Club. JOYCE CHARACKLIS NIO.. Another native Crabtowner who will go to college right at home . . . Stenography will be her career . . . collecting records is her hobby. WAKE Business Staff 43 Social Committee 3, 43 Book Club 43 Senior Play Selection Commit- tee 4. MARY LOU CLARK "Cookie" A charming Crabtowner if there ever was one . . . makes swimming and dancing her hobbies . . . hopes to be a jolly hostess after gradua- tion. Property and Make-up Club 3. ROBERT R. COLEMAN 4.Bob,, Native Petersburgian . . . aversions are English and homework . . . you can usually find Bob buried deep in a book . . . yes, he loves to read I l Intramural Softball l, 2, 33 Soc- cer l, 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Art Service 23 Wrestling and Boxing Club 3. HAZEL LOUISE COOK "Cookie" Starry eyes to match her first name . . . "Cookie," say "Pure" . . . hopes to be an interpreter of for- eign languages . . . cute when she's mad. WAKE Circulation Staff 4: As- sembly Committee 4: Stunt Night 4: Social Committee 4: Traflic Squad 4: Folk Dancing Club 3: Photography Club 4. JOHN H. DAMMEYER Johnny is a quiet lad, but he has his boisterous moments . . . fav- orite subject must have been Frenchl . . . enjoys all sports . . . keeps at least one eye on the girls . . . after graduation, who knows? Stunt Night 4: Traffic Squad 4: Social Committee I, 2: A Hi-Y 3: A Hi-Y Officer 2, 4: Intramural Soccer 1: Varsity Manager 4: Current Events Club 3: Book Club 4. BARBARA ANNE DAWSON "Bobby Anne" An Annapolitan who collects post- cards . . . this lass is headed for a career as a costume designer . . . Long skirts or short, Bobbie Anne? Art Service 4: Social Committee Member 3, Officer 4: Y-Teen Club 3, 4: Intramural Hockey 4: Knitting Club 4: Art Service Club 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. EMERSON E. DEALE, JR. "Skeeter" Native Annapolitan with an en- gaging smile . . . likes sports, espe- cially wrestling . . . always find him where there is fun. Traffic Squad Lieutenant 4: Var- sity Bowling 4: Baseball 2, 3. 4: Softball l, 2: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 4: Intramural Softball l: Wrestling Club 3: Gym Club 4. RAYMOND LEE DISNEY "Diz" just try and walk the length of West Street without meeting "Dil" ...he's always around where there's fun . . . no college for him, either. Homeroom P. T. A. Representa- tive 4: Office Helper 4: Varsity Basketball 4: Intramural Soft- ball l, 2: Typing Club 3. 42 Archery Club 8. NANCY MARIE COSDEN ..Nan,, Another Baltimorean . . . her hobbies are sports and knitting . ., . her ambition is to be a success in whatever she does . . . she'll get to the top of life's ladder. Tally-Ho Club 3: Knitting Club 4: Tally-Ho Reporter 2. KATE STUART DAVIDSON "Kate" She's five feet three . . . with smiles for free . . . loves all sports . . . sailing and riding . . . she is our future Florence Nightingale. Tally-Ho Reporter 2: Art Ser- vice 4: Varsity Fieldball 4: In- tramural Basketball 3, 4: Hockey 3, 4: Speedball 3, 4: Astronomy Club 3: Spanish Club 4. RUSSELL B. DAYWALT Russell came into this world right here in ole' Crabtown . . . This 5' 10" blue-eyed, blond wavy-hair- ed lad wants no part of college . . .' the best to you always, Russ! WADE DILL "Pickle" ' Will enter any college that he can . . .hopes someday to be an en- gineer . . . born in Baltimore, Maryland . . . talks little, says much . . . has Spanish aversions. Intramural Softball 1, 2: Soccer 1, 2: Basketball 3: Wrestling Club 3: Automotive.Club 4. DORIS DONELAN Cheerful, full of humor . . . eager to find a place in the journalistic world . . . please her, she purrs . . . cross her, she scratches. Tally-Ho Reporter 2, 3, 4: Photography Editor 3: Traffic Squad 4: Y-Teen Club 3: Var- sity Hockey 4: Speedball 3: In- tramural Speedball 1, 2: Photog- raphy Club: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. ROBERT DONELAN '48's great outdoor man . . . loves hunting and fishing . . . quiet, timid soul - qduring school hours onlyj . . . future plans are to enter conservation of wildlife or some related field. Photography Club 5: Locker Monitor. MARY ELIZABETH DUDLEY llLizIl Always talking, that's Liz . . . blue eyes and blond hair . . . enjoys all kinds of sports . . . wants to be a nurse . . . lots of luck to you, Liz. Social Committee 2, 8: Library Helper 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Y- Teen Club 3: Cheerleader 8, 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. WILLIAM -IOHN DUNCAN "Billy" Bill was born in Bowie, Maryland ...attended Ellicott City High during his Freshman and Sopho- more years . . . A. H. S. now loses a good boy. Operetta l, 23 Model Airplane Club 35 Boat Model Club. LUCY DUVALL ..Lou,, Plenty on the ball . . . irresistible smile for everyone . . . says she'll be a "working gal" if she can find a good job. P. T. A. Representative 35 So- cial Committee 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Typing Club 4g Senior Play Se- lection Committee 4. HOWARD LEE EISENSTEIN "Big Lee" Athletics play a prominent part among "Big Lee's" time killers . . . wants to go to University of Mary- land . . . future will be centered around a business of his own. WAKE Business Staff 43 Social Committee 45 Glee Club 2, 4: Operetta 25 Varsity Basketball 4: Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3: Soc- cer lg Basketball 2, 3g Spanish Club 3, Civitan Club 4. SHIRLEY DOUGHERTY IKDGCII A native of Eastpon . . . blonde, green-eyed Doc . . . likes talking cooking and needlecraft . . . soun like she'll make somebody a very good wife. Needlecraft Club 3: Public Speak- ing Club 4. BARBARA DUDROW "Dustye" To travel all over the world, then to become a secretary is "Dustye's" ambition . . . blond, with blue eyes . . . that's she . . . enjoys music . . . Homeroom Representative 2: WAKE Typing Staff 4: Stunt Night 2: Social Committee 23 Glee Club 43 junior Glee Club 3: Locker Monitor 3: Intramural Basketball 4. DORIS DELORLS DURM UDottyll Long blond hair . . . likes Glen Burnie . . . hopes to be a beau- tician . . . full of fun all the time, that's "Dotty." FRED G. ECKEN "Fred" Dancing fiend . . . buy your jew- elry at Ecken and Company . . . Yep! Freddie is going to be a jeweler . . . heading after gradua- tion to Boyman Tech. Glee Club 4: A Hi-Y Vice-Presi- dent 3, Secretary 4, Treasurer 3: Varsity Soccer 1, 2: Baseball 2, 3: Dance Orchestra 3: Gym Club 4. JOHN JOSEPH ENGBERG ujohnnyn We'1l always get the right medi- cine now . . . johnny is going to be a pharmacist . . . Spare hours are spent in boating, swimming, ice skating . . . good luck, johnny. Intramural Softball 2: Soccer 1, 2: Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta S: Dancing Club 3. CELIA MAE EVANS llcicll Brown eyed Cic is nuts about the movies . . . after graduation she wants to be a secretary . . . very efficient . . . she will succeed in life. WAKE Business Staff 45 WAKE Patron Representative 45 Locker Monitor 35 Stunt Night 45 Traf- fic Squad 45 Assistant to Guid- ance Department 45 Senior Play Selection Committee 4. WILLIAM LOUIS FAIR "Uncle Bill" Native of Chicago . . . hopes to be an army officer . . . not sure about what he'll do after june ...agoodsport whoisgoodin sports. P. T. A. Representative 45 Art Service 2, 3, 45 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 45 Intramural Softball l, 2. 3, Soccer l, Basketball I, 2, 85 Intramural Manager 35 A. H. S. Bowling Team 45 Wrestling and Boxing Club. SHIRLEY FINE Ambitious and energetic worker . . . real nose for news . . . movies and letter writing top list of fav- orite pastimes . . . aspires to a secretarial position. Ticket Committee "What A Life" 85 Stunt Night 45 Social Com- mittee 5, 45 Assistant to Attend- ance Officer 45 Assembly Com- mittee 35 Tally-Ho Staff 3, 45 Reporter 2, 3, 45 WAKE Circula- tion Staff 45 Typing Staff 45 Business Staff 45 Knitting Club 3, 45 Senior Play Selection Com- mittee 4. MARY LOUISE FLOOD ..May.. "5' l0" and proud of every inchl" quotes May . . . crazy about sports with emphasis on basketball . . . headed for lmmaculata College, Pa. WAKE Literary Staff 45 Tally-Ha Reporter l, 2, 5, 45 Tally-Ho Proof Reader 8, 45 Assembly Committee 35 Social Committee 3, 45 Library Council 15 Oper- etta 35 Y-Teen 35 Varsity Basket- ball 2, 5, 45 Speedball 2. 51 Hockey 45 Intramural Basketball 35 Speedball I. 2: Referee 85 Knitting Club 85 Needle Craft Club 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. SIDNEY FRANCIS "Big Sid" Brown eyed "Sid" is a football fan . . . headed for oollege after he gets that -precious diploma . . . aspires to Be an artist. Vanity Football 4. ROBERT Y. EVANS "Bobbie" Bobbie is a big teaser . . . handy with the hammer and saw . . . hopes to be a carpenter . . . also likes to collect coins. Art Service 15 Intramural Soft- ball l, 2. 35 Dancing 4. GEORGE FERGUSON "Fergie" Fergie was born in Greenville, Pa. . . . He's intent on graduating like most of us . . . Still water runs deep! Varsity Soccer 15 Library Coun- cil l. CHARLES FISHER "Fish" Fish is another of A. H. S.'s sports assets ... . keeps a sport scrapbook . . . ambition: to be a carpenter. Varsity Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Soccer 3, 45 Intramural Soft- ball l, 25 Basketball l, 2, 35 Intramural Referee 25 Boxing Club5 Archery Clubz NANCY MARLENE FOWLER "Midge" All around kid with lots of per- sonality . . . wants to be a good interior decorator and someday a good wife . . . just loves dancing . . . lots of luck, "Midge." Homeroom Representative 2, 85 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2, 85 Honor Society 5, 45 WAKE Regu- lar Staff 35 Social Committee Sec- retary 4, Member 2, 35 Assistant to Guidance Department 45 jun- ior Prom Committee 85 Cheer- leader's Club5 Typing Club. CHARLES WILLIAM FRANK "Charlie" Grey-eyed Crabtowner with a liking for cars . . . sports' interest him too . . . College? No thanks, says Charlie. Senior Hi-Y 45 Intramural Soft- ball l. 2, 85 Soccer l, 2. 85 Bas- ketball I. 22 Automotive Club. HAZEL EUNICE GARNER "Chunky" Eunice came from Eastern High blue, blue eyes and brown hair ..., after Strayer's Business College, businessmen, here comes your private secretary! WYAN GAW "Susie" One cute bundle of femininity . . . bursting at the seams with per- sonality . . . Annapolis' loss will be Mary Washington's gain . . .ffor a major in languages. Student Government, Homeroom Representative 13. Honor Society 3, 43 WAKE Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Literary Staff 83 Assembly Committee 3: Stunt Night 23 Glee Club 2, 33 junior Prom. Committee3 Y-Teen Club 43 Senior Play Selection Commit- teeg Spanish Club, President 33 Knitting Club 4. DONALD F. GERACI "Don" Native of Washington, D. C .... drums, favorite instrument of those he plays . . . wit of An- napolis! . . . Motto: Better late than never. Orchestra 41 Senior Hi-Y Mem- ber 43 Dance Orchestra 4. MORTON MYER GREEN An Annapolitan . . . would like to go to the American Dramatic Acad- emy . . . hobbies are music and writing . . . a sarcastic humorist, l.00. Honor Society 3, 43 WAKE As- sistant Editor 33 WAKE Literary Staff 33 Tally-Ho Reporter l, 2, 3, 43 Tally-Ho Make-up Editor 33 .Assembly Committee 33 Stunt Night 2, 43 Operetta 2, 3g Stu- dent Government Play Q"What a Life"j 33 Publicity Committee Q"What a Life"j 33 "Passim" Re- porter 23 Senior Play Selection Committee 43 Spanish Club 33 Dramatic Club 4. ERWIN ALBERT GREENFIELD "Obie" Our Boy's sports writer for ye ole Tally-Ho . . . Strayer's Business College will have an active mem- ber in 1949 . . . boy, what a N. Y. Giant's fan! ' Tally-Ho Reporter 1, 2: Regular Staff 3, 43 Stunt Night 4g Sports Editor 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 43 Intramural Softball I, 2, 33 Soc- cer 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Typing Club 33 Dance Orchestra 43 Operetta 3. H. KATHLEEN GARNER IlKa PI Talznt. Scouts, attention! . . . Kay has an excellent singing voice . . . she's at home on a orse . . . oon- trary to her talent, Kay intends to be a secretary. Social Committee 1, 23 Library Council l, 2: Glee Club 8, 43 Typing Club 3. FREDERICK LOUIS GELHAUS "Shark" jolly and carefree, but natchl . . . likes school when he's not in it . . .expert rabbit raiser and bil- liard shark . . . ambition is to see the world. Flag Committee 43 Assembly Stage Hand 43 Social Committee 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Merit Badge Club 4. EDWINA GLADDEN "Cissie" This blue-eyed lassie came to A. H. S. via Florida, California, and Washington . . . has a liking for dancing . . . very handy with a paint brush, too . . . a fashion il- lustrator in the making. Advanced Knitting 5. 4. JOAN ELAINE GREENBERG "joanie" A native of Baltimore . . . a fu- ture teacher, she plans to attend the University of Maryland . . . her favorite pastimes are music and dancing. Student Government Homeroom Representative 43 P. T. A. Rep- resentative 2: WAKE Business Staff 4: Tally-Ho Regular Staff 2, 3, 43 Reporter 2, 33 Feature Editor 4g Stunt Night 43 Social Committee 3, 4: Library Council 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play Selection Committee 4. LOIS IRENE GRIMM "Kid" Pitch black hair . . . "Kid" has a ring on her finger . . . Lucky . . . I'll sayl WAKE Circulation Staff 43 Art Service 33 Photography Club 43 Senior Play Selection Commit- tee 4. HERMAN H. GRITZ "Peanut" Dry sense of humor . . . major in- terest: first pretty girl he sees . . . minor interest: next one that comes along . . . sole desire is to get rich.. . . but quickl WAKE Business Staff 4: Tally-Ho Reporter l. 2: Operetta 2: Span- ish Club 3, 4: Intramural Soft- ball l, 2: Soccer 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4. MARGARET LEOLA HAGOOD "Lea" Hails from jurgoinsville, Tennes- see . . . collects classical music . . . likes reading, too . . . headed for a job as a secretary. Assistant to Attendance Officer 4: Locker Monitor 3, 4: Typing Club 3, 4. MARIE D. HALL "M, D." Bluish-gray eyes and medium brown hair . . . always complaining about her height . . . collects popular music . . . her ambition is to be a stenographer. MARGARET ANN HALLOCK "Annie" Efficient miss . . . Another East- porter . . . loves music and all sports . . . quiet but ambitious . . . wants to be, and will be a good secretary. Typing Club 3, 4: Ticket Com- mittee 3: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. JACK G. HARE Here we have ambition . . . wishes to make a million dollars before he is thirty . . . who doesn't'? . . born in Wendell, North Carolina. Bowling Team Captain 4: Intra- mural Softball I, 2: Soccer 2. SHIRLEY HACKENBERG "Shirl" Always ready, willing and able . . . sunny personality . . . interested in career as a fashion illustrator or a commercial artist. Tally-Ho Reporter 2. 5. 4: Ex- change and Alumni Editor 4: Assembly Committee 4: Art Ser- vice Vice President 8: Art Service President 4: Social Committee 4: Stunt Night 4: Choral -Music Club 8. .LEANOR HALL Ellie" sorn in Plainfield, New jersey . . . kes dancing . . . wants to be a urse . . . attention,' doctorsl WAKE Business Staff 4: Social Committee 3, 4: junior Prom Committee 3: Y-Teen Club 3, 4: Intramural Hockey 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. VELMA jOAN HALL ajoan., Energetic and humorous . . . inter- ests center around sports . , . handles a "moth" like an old salt . . . swims like a fish . . . Physical Education teacher in the making. Varsity Speedball 8: Hockey 4: Intramural Speedball 2: Hockey 3: Y-Teens 8: Social Committee 4: WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Folk Dancing Club 3. MARY V. HANNON Quiet and reserved . . . but her sparkling blue eyes reveal she's full of fun . . . Mary's ambition is to be a typist . . . good luck' Typing Club 4. LUCILLE KING HARRISON "Lou" Petite . . . quiet . . . but oh, what a gall . . . formerly attended St. Mildred's Academy and Seton High School . . . what's your hobby, Lou? WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Social Committee 4: junior Prom Com- mittee 3: Intramural Fieldball 4. BARBARA IRENE HAYES "Babs" A sweet secretary she'll make! . . . dirty saddlesg all sorts of foolishness . . . collects postcards . . . a Sev- erna Parker and she camel walks, too! WAKE Circulation Staff 45 Needle- work Club 8: Typing Club 4. DOUGLAS TAYLOR HIPKINS "Dougla.sito:' Loves to dabble in printer's ink ...whiz at Latin and Spanish in dramatics and as- semblies . . . will make a good journalist . . . WAKE Literary Staff 35 WAKE Circulation Staff 35 Tally-Ho Editor-in-Chief 4: Assistant News Editor 35 Make-up Editor 85 Re- porter 1, 2, 3: Assembly Commit- tee 3: Library Council 1: Oper- etta 8: Spanish Club 3? Dramatics Club 45 "What a Life" 3: "Pas- sim" Reporter 2: Senior Play -Se- lection Committee 4. SHIRLEY ANN HOPKINS ..Hop,. A native of Crabtown . . . Hop likes to paint . . . wants to be an Interior Decorator. WAKE Art Staff 4: Art Service l, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4: Social Committee l, 2, 3: Glee Club 45 Intramural Softball 1, 2: Basket- ball 1, 2. BOBBY HOWARD Like most of this year's class, Bobby can't wait 'till graduation . . . hometown is Rose Hill, Virginia . . . main interests have been sports. Homeroom Representative 2: Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Intramural Softball 2, 3: Soccer l, 2: Basketball 1, 35 Intramural Referee 2, 35 Archery Club 4. GRACE MARGUERITE JEFFER- SON "Tikki" What will the Glee Club do with- out her? . . . witty and wise . H. . a busy bee if there ever was one. Honor Society Member 35 Sec- retary 4: WAKE Circulation Staff Manager: Business Staff 4: As- sembly Committee 3: Stunt Night 2, 4: Traffic Squad 4: Social Com- mittee 3: Office Helper 4: Library Council 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee: Y-Teen Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club: Photography Club 45 Senior Play Selection Committee 4. 'Q sf 2 4 5 Wig X 14 A 14 L?5,...f.w!ff::.--2 ','f,-,hiv ji ,, ig " 155, :"3:'55".fg. 'Q-'2f'.,",3 A 'I RICHARD WESTON HEFLER "Dick" Always saying the funniest things . . . has light brown hair and blue eyes . . . hobbies are wine . . . women . . . and Tommy Dorsey's "Boogie Woogie" . . . ambition is to have a Chrysler convertible and lots of money . . . Tally-Ho Reporter 2, 8: Senior Hi-Y 4: Dramatics Club 3: Danc- ing Club 4. JOHN MACK I-IODGES njohnnyn A true comedian . . . seems tg have a finger in every pie . . . sports tops his list of hobbies . . . Al Jolson's got stiff competition in him . . . Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4: Base- ball 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Intramural Soccer 2, 8, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 43' Referee 35 Chess Club 3: Stunt Night 4: Traflic Squad QLieut.j: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Hi--Y 45 Bus- iness Staff, WAKE 4: Dance Or- chestra Club 4. DORIS M. HORTON ..D0t,, Petite with brown hair and eyes . . . born in Shanghai, China . . . comes to us .from St. Mary's Girls' School, Hongkong . . . aiming to- ward a nursing career. WAKE Business Staff 4: Stunt Night 4: Traffic Squad 4. DOROTHY HUMPHREY NDOV, A real pal to all who know her . . . likes reading and hiking . . . bright sunny disposition . . . al- ways enjoys a good laugh . . . chooses acting as a career . . . Dramatics Club 3. HARRIET ANNE JONES A strawberry blonde wl1o has at- tended many schools, including A. H. S .... possesses sparkling per- sonality . . . loves listening to good jazz . . . anxious to write a novel . . . Strayer's Business Col- lege will get a break next year when Harriet attends . . . Photography Club 3: WAKE Art Staff 4. MARY ELIZABETH JONES "Sis" Sis has lived here all her life and just loves it . . . bowling is her favorite . . . we're sure she'll make a good secretary for a lucky man someday . . . WAKE Circulation Staff 43 Stunt Night 45 junior Prom Committee 35 WAKE Business Staff 45 Cheer- leader's Club 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Senior Play Selection Commit- tee 4. BURD KIRKPATRICK "Kirk" Native of Honolulu, Hawaii . . . headed for business college after graduation . . . wings on his feet 'cuz he longs to travel . . . says to think twice before quitting school . . . JEANNE MARIE KLAPPHOLZ lfKlappyll . Quiet and petite . . . born in Wash- ington, D. C .... educated from California to Maryland, including Annapolis! .l. . determined to be a rodeo trick rider . . . Whoopee, ride 'em cowboy!! JEAN N E FORREST KNACKSTEDT "Sunday" S orts blue e es and auburn hair. . has just fots of pep and per- sonality . . . best of luck to an aviatrix in the making . . . French Clubg Assembly Commit- tee 45 junior Prom Committee: Y-Teen Memberg Student Gov- ernment Representative 3g Home Room P. T. A. Representative 4g Choral Music Club 4. HELEN LEANOS "Slug" Full of fun and fancy free . .. enjoys dancing as a pastime . . . Commercialvcourse is preparing her as a secretary. WAKE Circulation, Business and Typing Staff 45 Stunt Night 2, 43 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: As- sistant Librarian 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Senior play Selection Committeeg Cheer Leading Club 5: Knitting Club 4. 414 MARY ELIZABETH KING "Liz" Hello Central! Give me a line . . . A future telephone operator is our dark eyed "Senorita" from East- port . . . WAKE Circulation Staff 45 Cheer Leader's Club 3, 4. CLARENCE REEVES KLAKRING JR. "Reeves" Wonderful personality . . . enjoys ice-skating and football . . . dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes . . . wants to go to an Army Officer's school . . . P. T. A. Representative 2, 45 Assembly Committee lg Stunt Night lg Traffic Squad 45 Glee Club 2, 43 Intramural Softball 2: Soccer 1, 2. MARIANNA LILLIAN KLEIS "Shorty" Likeable and friendly . . . spends extra hours dancing, bowling and pounding the piano . . . headed for a secretarial position . . . P. T. A. Representative 3g Stunt Night 4: Knitting' Club 3, 45 Senior Play Selection Commit- tee 4. GWENDOLYN LAMB ,.GwCn,. Cheerful and spirited . . . wants to travel . . . dotes on movies, dancing and swimming . . . we'll no doubt hnd ner in gay "Paree" after her around the world trip. President Tri-Hi-Y 45 Secretary- Treasurer Hi-Y Council 4. CHARLES LEATHERBURY "Charlie" Big Boy Charlie is a native of Deale, Maryland . . . loves boxing, wrestling and all sports . . . hopes to serve Uncle Sammy in the Navy after he gets that diploma. Boxing and Wrestling Club 3g Boxing Club 4. CHARLES G. LE COMPTE "Daisy jr." "A voice . . . a song . . . and you!" . . . "Daisy jr." hopes to continue his singing and become a light opera entertainer. Stunt Night 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Soccer 3, 4: Dancing Club 3. RICHARD LORAINE "Dick" This athletically inclined 6 footer was born in St. Louis . . . came to us via Honolulu, Hawaii . . . aims to be a successful engineer. Orchestra l, 2: A Hi-Y 4: Var- sity Baseball l, 3, 4: Tennis 2: Intramural Basketball 3: Auto- motive Club 4. EVELYN MARIE MARSTON "Evie" Cheerful . . . talkative . . . indus- trious . . . that's Evie . . . a music lover . . . collects ancedotes and sayings . . . will make a perfect secretary, we know! Stunt Night 4: Tradic Squad 4: Assistant to Guidance Depart- ment 4: Glee Club 4: Typing Club 5: Study Club 4. PATRICIA A. McCORMICK ..Pat.. Hazel eyes and brown hair . . vim, vigor, and vitality l l l . . . A. H. S. sport asset. Varsity Basketball l. 2. 3, 4: Softball 2: Hockey 8: Fieldball 4: Intramural Softball 2. 5: Basket- ball l. 2: Hockey 4: Speedball 4: Y-Teen Club l. SHIRLEY MAE MCPHERSON ' uMacu Is it auburn or it is not? . . . ask Mac . . . brown eyes . . . art's her specialty . . . she hopes to be an illustrator or designer. Glee Club 4: Operetta 8, 4: Photography Club 3. EUGENE MICHAEL LERNER "Sweety" Tall, with black curly hair . . . always on the go . . . wants to be a lawyer . . . will enter the Uni- versity of Maryland after gradua- tion. WAKE Assistant Editor 4: Tally- Ho Reporter l, 2: Varsity Bas- ketball 2, 3. 4: Traflic Squad Lieutenant 4: Intramural Soc- cer I: Basketball 1: Spanish Club 3: Vice-President Public Speak- ing'Club 4. E. LOUISE LUCKE "Lu-Lu" Blond, blue eyes . . . more fun than a barrel of monkeys . . . is going to Bard-Avon . . . then "Lu- Lu" hopes to be a charming lady of leisure. WAKE Literary Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Y-Teen Club 2, 5: Spanish Club 3: Girls' Chorus 2: Public Speaking Club 4. ELIZABETH H. MATTIE "Betsy" A beautiful gal . . . hailing from Pensacola, Florida . . . loves to bowl . . . How is your score, Betsy? . . . ambition to enter college . . . which one? . . . University of Maryland . . . but natch. CATHERINE PATRICIA McKINSEY MPM.. A Baltimoronl . . . will be an ac- complished pianist someday . . . will attend Peabody Conservatory of Music . . . hobbies: eating. laughing, and, oh yes . . .' knit- ting. Assistant Literary Editor of Wzuu-: 4: Business Stal! of Wake 4: Tally-Ho Reporter 2. 8, 4: Art Service 3: Knitting Club 4. ELSIE 0. MEADE ..-hwy.. Here's a gal who really enjoys school . . . ambition: to become a oourt stenographer or marry some wealthy old man . . . an East- porter who collects foreign money, photos and music. Secretary - Treasurer, Dancing Club: Dramatic Club 4. GEORGE GOTTHOLD MEYER Bom at Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany . . . will major in Eng- lish and Sciences . . . collects stamps . . . likes chess, sketching and, reading . . . dependable and diligent. WAKE Literary Editor 4: Assistant Literary Editor 3: Regular Staff 3, 4: Literary Staif 3, 4: Tally-Ho Regular Staff 2, 3: Reporter 2, 3: Assistant Editor 3: Honor So- ciety 3, 4: Publicity Chairman, junior Prom Committee'3: Pub- licity Chairman, Student Gov- ernment Play 3: French Club 2: Chess Club 3, 4: Intramural Softball 2. 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3: Basketball 3: Baseball 2, 3: Locker Monitor 3, 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4: Traiiic Squad Lt. 4: Harvard Prize for Scholarship 3. SUZANNE MILLER "Little Suzie" Bashful Sue was born in San Diego California . . . came to us from Western High School, Washington, D. C., during her sophomore year . . . tops in girls' sports. Honor Society 3, 4: WAKE Busi- ness Staif 4: WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Stunt Night 4: Traffic Squad 4: Social Committee 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Softball 3, 4: Speedball 3: Hockey 4: Intramural Softball 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2. 3, 4: Hockey 4: Speed- ball 3, 4: Intramural Referee 4: Knitting Club: Girls' Phys. Ed. Leader Club: Astronomy Club. BARBARA ANNE MOLTER "Bobbie" A ready laugh and a sense of humor . . . phone mania . . . loves to write . . . Bobbie's interest in people puts her in the know for psychology . . . Anthony, I have a problem!" WAKE Literary Staff: Business Staff: General Staff 4: Assistant Editor 4: Dramatics Club 3: Public Speaking Club 4. CLAIRE MOYER "Babe" Busy Bee Babe . . . tall and quiet, but oh, what a worker! . . . comes from Garrison, Iowa . '. . music en- chants her . . . tackling the busi- ness world. Office Helper 4: Typing Club 3. BETTY JEAN MUCH "B, I." Anxious to travel after graduation . . . brown hair 'and dark eyes . . . always popping up with cute re- marks . . . simply crazy about sail- ing. WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Stunt Night 4: Trafhc Squad 4: Dra- matics Club: Typing Club 4: Senior Play Selection Committee. JUNE RUTH MICHAELSON "Blondie" Blonde hair Qnatural, tooj . . . literally "eats up" French . . . Goucher College is next for her . . . hopes to be her college class valedictorian. WAKE Business Stalf 4: Art Edi- tor 3: Circulation Stat! 4: Stunt Night 2, 4: Library Council l, 2: French Club 2: Intramural Soft- ball l: Knitting Club 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. GLORIA j. MITCHELL "Mitch" Our petite little cartoonist . . . hails from Johnstown, Pa .... headed for Maryland Institute to be an artist . . . good luck, gall WAKE Art Editor 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Dance Orchestra Club 3: Dra- matic Club 4. MARY ANNE MORGAN "Moe" A spirited lil' gal if there ever was one . . . will be an addition to the business world soon . . . good luck, Moel Stunt Night 4: Social Committee 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: fVice-Presi- dent 45: Hi-Y Council 4: Intra- mural Speedball 2:- Senior Play Selection Committee 4. MICHAEL JOSEPH MRLIK "Mike" Our strong, silent Student Govern- ment President . . . lumberjacking is his ambition . . . working is his hobby . . . Syracuse University will get a real all-round guy next year. Student Government President 4: Class Vice-President 2. 3: Social Committee 2: President 4: Or- chestra- 2, 4: Chairman Junior Prom Orchestra Committee 3: A Hi-Y Vice President 2, 4: Ser- geat-at-Arms 3: Member 2: 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Soccer 4: Football 4: Intramural Softball 1, 2: Soccer 1, 2: Basketball l, 2, 3: Astronomy Club: Rocket Club. CHARLES EDGAR MUMFORD "Mum Dum" "Chuck" Star varsity player . . . all of 6' l" . . . born in McMinnville, Oregon . . . hopes to play football in col- lege. WAKE Patron Representative 4: Social Committee l, 2, 3:,Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: Football 4: Intramural Referee 3: Merit Badge Club 4. RICHARD MURCHAKE "Meri" I Washington is Mert's hometown . . . wild about horses . . . sure those blue es will get you some- where, old I Vanity Soccer 2: Intramural Softball l. 2: Basketball l, 8: Wrestling Club 8: Dancing Club 4. BEVERLY ANN 0'CONNELL ..Bw.. Bev.came to us from Connecticut this year . . . this blue eyed gal wants to be in the diplomatic ser- vice . . . likes to be in the midst of fun. WAKE Literary Staif 4: Social Committee 4: Glee Club 4: Var- sity Basketball 4: Knitting Club 4: Traiiic 'Squad 4. JOYCE O'NEALE "Dimples" Refreshing, dimpled smile . . . is crazy about sports . . . after grad- uation she wants to enter Bard- Avon in Baltimore. P. T. A. Representative 1: Var- sity Basketball 2: Softball 2. 3: Speedball l, 2. 3: Hockey 8, 4: Intramural Softball 1, 2, 5: Bas- ketball 2: Hockey 2, 3: Speed- ball 1. 2. 3: Intramural Referee 4: Spanish Club: Girls' Physical Education Leaders Club 4. ELLEN A. PEREGOY spqggy.. ' Smiles galore . . . dimples demure . . . shy until you know her . . . that's what nurses are made of . . . that's what Peggy intends to bel Circulation Stall 4: Astronomy Club. PEARL ELIZABETH PODLICH l1BetJyIl Goldilocks . . . sports woman de- luxe . . . Mt. Holyoke . . . here comes a future chemist. Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4: Soft- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Speedball l, 2, 3: Hockey 4: Intramural Softball 1, 2: Basketball I, 2: Hockey 1, 2: Speedbal1.2: Manager 3: Referee 2, 3, 4: Tally-Ho Reporter 2, 3: Stunt Night l: junior Prom Committee 3: WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Business Stall 4: Student Government Representative 2. 3: Vice-President of Student Gov- ernment 4. BEVERLY MYERS llaarl Mlithillg brown hair and eyes . . . likes oioe work . . . lots of fun . . . takes an hour to comb her hair. Wan Circulation Sta!! 4: Tally- Ho Typist 4: Glee Club 4: jun- ior Prom Refreshment Commit- tee. HOWARD 0'NEALE "0akie" 0akie's a spirited guy . . . always on the go . . . future undecided, but we know he'll make good . . . yeah, we know . . . another East- porter! Varsity Baseball 3, 4: Intramural Softball l, 5: Soccer 2. 3: Basket- ball 3: Library Council 8: Glee Club 4: Operetta 1: I-Ii-Y Mem- ber 2, 3, 4: Archery Club 4. EDWARD PENNINGTON "Farmer" Farmer and his ready smile . . . quiet and unassuming . . . wonder if he will live up to his name? Varsity Soccer 4: Intramural Softball 1, 2: Soccer l. 2: Bas- ketball I, 2: Boxing and Wrestl- ing Club 3. JAMES ALBERT PERRY aloe.. Man, what a wrestler! . . . joe will soon be seen in Alaska . . . spare hours are spent collecting Indian relics . . . don't underestimate his abilities. Wrestling Club 3: Archery Club 4. CHARLES PAUL PREWETT "Shorty" A southern charmer from Atlanta, Georgia . . . likes dancing and loves flying . . . aims to he a pilot and try out those rocket ships in the world of Buck Rogers. Dancing Club 3. LA RUE PRUITT "Snooks" Snooks will take lessons at Pea- body on how to crash the world of pianists . . . likes to dance . . . "laugh and the' world laughs with you!" Homeroom Representative l5 P. T. A. Representative 35 WAKE Circulation Staff 4, Business Staff 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Dance Or- chestra Club. JEAN RAWLINGS One of our original Crabtowners . . . another sports fan with future doings along that line . . . remem- ber those soccer games, gang- Varsity Soccer 3. 4: Intramural Softball 1, 2: Basketball 35 Wrestling Club 3. ROBERT E. ROBBINS "Bob" Our gain this year from Alma, Michigan . . . quiet and shy . . . bowling and basketball top his list of favorites . . . to become a me- chanical engineer is his ambition. Orchestra member 45 WAKE Bus- iness Staff 45 Varsity Basketball 4. MARY JANET RULE "Mimi" Quiet 2 . . conscientious . . . poise and personality plus . . . brown eyed "Mimi" hopes to attend Sweet- Briar after she graduates. Chairman Assembly Committee 45 Stunt Night 45 Honor Society 35 Vice-President 45 Chairman junior Prom Ticket Committee 3: Zonta Club Award for Scholarship 35 Sewing Club 35 Knitting Club 4. ROBERT E. SAUNDERS llBobll "Our Little Cartoonist" . . . hails from Baltimore . . . active mem- ber of the orchestra . . . ambition: to get out of schooll Art Service 45 Chess Club 85 Dance Orchestra 45 WAKE Art Staff 4. CHARLES PULSIFER "Chuck" Hails from Huntington, West Vir- ginia . . . likes drafting and draw- ing . . . may take it up after A. H. S .... sure to succeed in any- thing he does. Chess Club 3. DOROTHEA P. RIDGEWAY "Dotty" All good things come in little pack- ages . . . friendly smile . bursting with fun . . . after graduation Dotty will attend Annapolis Busi- ness College. Typing Club 35 Social Commit- tee 25 junior Prom Committee 35 Varsity Speedball 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Intramural Speedball 2. JEAN ROBERTS ROGERS The best things come in small packages . . . gay and jolly . . . loves swimming and sailing . . . a. future kindergarten teacher. Intramural Softball 35 Hockey 3: Y-Teen Member 2, 55 Tri-Hi-Y Member 45 Library Council Member 25 WAKE Circulation Staff 45 Business Staff 45 Senior Play Selection Committee 4. WILLIAM E. SAUMENIG. JR. "Bill" Brown eyed Annapolitan . . . "fu- ture unknown," says fortune teller "Madame Houdini" . . . quite a chess player. WAKE Circulation Staff 45 Chess Club 3, 45 Business Staff WAKE 4. GEORGE J. SCHAEFFER Scouts.. . . Photography and music . . . all take up silent George's spare time . . . a great pal to all who know him. Stunt Night 45 Traffic Squad Member 45 Varsity Baseball 45 Intramural Softball I5 Photog- Zaphy Club 85 Merit Badge Club ANTOINETTE R. SCI-IIFANELLI "Toni" Another native of Crabtowner . . . headed for a nursing career.. . hobbies are piano and baking . . . Stunt Night 43 Glee Club 3, 43 flpgzreita 33 Needlecraft Club ELLEN SHEPHERD HBaby!l Best horseback rider this side of Eastport . . . wants to be a jockey . . . seriously, a writer . . . strike up the band, "William and Mary" . . . here comes "Baby." Honor Society 3, President 4: Traffic Squad Member 4: Chair- man junior Prom Committee 3: Y-Teen Member 2, 3: Tally-Ho Reporter 2g Feature Editor 3: News Editor 45 Cheer Leader Club 3. RICHARD L. SIMMONS "Lee" A man of sports . . . basketball and wrestling rank the highest . . . pleasing personality with a good sense of humor. 1 Varsity Basketball 2: Intramural soccer l, 2. 3: Intramural Man- ager Sg Intramural Referee 3: Wrestling Club 4. FRED JOSEPH SMITH "Fritz" A regular guy with a smile for all . . .headed for the Navy to see theworld . . . Where's that black and yellow car with the red letters, Fred? Senior Hi-Y 33 Intramural Soft- ball 2: Wrestling Club 3, 4. OLIVER BURNS SMITH "Oscar" A Baltimoreanl . . . after prep school, would like to enter Uni- versity of Maryland . . . aiming for the F. B. I. after he finishes study- ing law. WAKE Circulation Staff 45 Chem- istry Club 31 Wrestling Club 3, 45 Vice-President Alpha junior Hi-Y 3: Senior Hi-Y 33 Chaplain Senior Hi-Y 45 Varsity Soccer 8, 45 Football 4. PATRICIA ANNE SHANNON "Pat" Came to us this year from St. Petersburg, Florida . . . has a dimple . . . producing smile for everyone . . . to be a secretary and pianist is her goal. Choral Music Club. HELEN SHERBERT Here's a brown-eyed, black haired native of Edgewater, Maryland . . . Ambition: wants to graduate . . . who doesn't? . . . bowling is her favorite time-killer. Typing Club. LYNN EDWARD SIPE He's a jolly good fellow . . . a future photographer . . . he can sing, too . . . a crop of brown hair and hazel eyes. Stunt Night 4: Library Council Member 1, 2: Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 35 Intramural Soft- ball lg Soccer lg Basketball 1. LOUIS DALE SMITH "Dale" "By Dale" . . . that's the trade mark for all those beautiful girls he draws . . . hopes to make that name famous after attending Wash- ington College . . . we may find him rich someday . . . who knows? WAKE Art Staff 3: Art Service 8, 45 Oflicer 3, Social Committee 4: junior Prom Committee 3. WALTER BURTON SMITH "Smitty" One of our "taller" seniors . . . Annapolitan that's well-known for his boots . . . likes mechanical drawing and hopes like mad to be successful in it. Varsity Basketball 43 Automotive Club 4. MAX SNYDER "Mull" Witty as can be . . . crazy about music and dancing . . . is entering Maryland University . . . aims to be a successful business man. WAKE Business Staff 4: Orches- tra 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3. 4: Spanish Club. WILLIAM STEWART "Stew" Real red headed guy . . . having a good time is a favorite time killer . . . typing hasn't discouraged Stew: he wants to be a printer. WAKE Business Staff 4: Intra- mural Softball I, 2: Soccer l: Basketball I, 2. 5: Archery Club 3: Intramural Referee 3. JEANNINE H. STINCI-ICOMB "Jeanie" jeanie's hobbies are piano, reading and dancing . . . can be seen run- ning with bangs going up and down . . . intends to go to business college. then become a private sec- retary. Art Service 4: Traffic Squad 4: Social Committee 4: Office Helper 4: Assistant to Attendance Of- ficer 4: Glee Club 4: Choral Music 4: Assistant to Guidance Officer 4. ROBERT E. STRAW lKB0bl.P "6' 4" Bob comes to us this year after serving three years with Uncle Sam . . . a true Annapolitan . . . loves to travel . . . considering drafting as a career. ' DONALD STEELE TAYLOR "Donnie" Tall and lanky . . . hopes to follow in Pater's footsteps and be a mor- tician . . . indulges in swimming and having a good time. Stunt Night 4: Traffic Squad Member 4: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 4: Intramural Softball 1: Soccer 1: Basketball l: Typing Club 4: Senior Play Se- lection Committee 4. -gf' IRWIN MAXWELL SPARKS "Mack" 6' 2" Mack hails from Chester, Maryland . . . hobbies are sports, eating, sleeping, and girls . . . our future brown-eyed statistician with personality plus. P. T. A. Representative I : WAKE Business Staff 4: Stunt Night 4: Glee Club 8, 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Senior Hi-Y 8, 4: Varsity Basketball 2, 8: Soccer 2, 3: Intramural Softball l, 2: Soc- cer 2: Basketball l, 2, 8: Auto- motive Club 4: Wrestling and Boxing Club 8: Dancing Club. ERVALEE ANN STINCHCOMB NEW.. Popular combination of blond hair, blue eyes . . . friendliest smile in A. H. S ,... hopes to be a secretary after Annapolis Business College. Assembly Committee 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Operetta 3: Senior Play Selection Committee 4: Photog- raphy Club 8, 4. DORIS VIRGINIA STRATTON "Ginny" This "crabtowner" likes needle- work, badminton and swimming . . . wants to go to Annapolis Busi- ness College and be a secretary. Homeroom P. T. A. Representa- tive 4: WAKE Circulation Staff 4: Tally-Ho Typist 4: Assembly Committee 3: Stunt Night 4: Traffic Squad 4: Glee Club 4: Intramural Badminton 3: Speed- ball 2, 3: Needlecraft Club 3: Typing Club 4. CHARLES C. TAYLOR, III "Mike" Ambitious lad . . . hopes to be a Radio Engineer . . . hobbies favor art and model airplanes . . v How about those pageless text books, Mike? Stunt Night 4: Dance Club 3: Radio Club 4. MARY TA YMAN lILiZD Comes from Baltimore, Maryland . . her interests lie in Bookkeep- ing, Photography and Commercial Art. WAKE Typing Staff 4: Stunt Night 4: fChairman of Make-up Committeey: Art Service 4: S0- cial Committee 4: Intramural Softball 4: Basketball 4: and Hockey 4. JACK TUCKER "Tuck" Fun loving Tuck . . . one of our fellow Spanish sufferers . . . will bless University of Idaho next year . . . then? Will see all of Uncle Sammcys beautiful land. Stu ent Govemment Representa- tive 2: A-Hi-Y 4: Intramural Softball 'l: Soccer l, 2: Spanish Club 8, 4. BETTY LOU VICKERS "Vichy" Known for her pleasant disposition . . . school work is not her favor- ite pastimei . . . always ready for a good time . . . present ambition: "to get my hands on that precious diplomal" junior Prom Committee 3: Photography Club 3: Knitting Club 4: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. PATRICIA ANN WAYSON MPM.. Born in Weems Creek . . . some- day she will be her boss's secretary . . .she likes art, music, and sports. WAKE Typing Stalf 4: Stunt Night 4: Art Service Member 4: Social Committee Member 4: Ofiice Helper 4: Assistant to Guidance Department 4: Intra- mural Softball 4: Basketball 4: Hockey 4. MARY LOU WEBER "Lou" Lou was born in Annapolis . . . likes the midshipmen . . . hopes to go to William and Mary. Stunt Night 4: Traflic Squad 4: Glee Club 2, 3. BARBARA LEA WEIDMANN "Bunkie" Our Salisbury Belle! . . . would like to enter Barbizon Modeling school . . . collects records and post- cards . . . Tally-Ho Regular Staff 2, 3: Tal- ly-Ho Reporter 1, 2. 3: Tally-Ho Assistant Feature Editor 3: So- cial Committee l: junior Prom Decoration Committee 3: Y-Teen Club 3: Cheerleader's Club 3,3 Art Service Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. ROBERT S. VAN DENBURGH flvandyll Born in Troy, New York . . . he wants to go to Rensselaer Poly- technic lnstitute to study mechani- cal engineering Trallic Squad 4: Model Airplane 4: Civitan Club 4: A Hi-Y 4. JAMES HENRY WATTS, III rrjimmyrp Here's a Bostonian with a real sense of humor . . . he's joining the F. B. I. via Harvard . . . a Qhalfj witty fellow who likes coins and traveling . . . WAKE Literary Staff 4: A-Hi-Y Member 3, 4: Treasurer, Hi-Y Council 4: junior Civitan Club 4. ROBERT BRUCE WAYSON "Bruce" Crashed the halls of A. H. S. last year from Hyattsville . . . tall and lanky . . . swims like a fish . . . those blue eyes of his are 'al- ways smiling. Homeroom Representative 4: Orchestra 3, 4: A-Hi-Y 4: Var- sity Baseball 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 8, 4: Dance Orchestra 3, 4. ROBERT ALAN WEBER "Bob" Man about town . . . just loves racing boats . . . college bound to be an aeronautical engineer . . . more power to you, Bob! Homeroom Representative 1: Art Service Member 3: Intramural Softball l, 2: Soccer 1, 2: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Model Airplane Club 3: Gym Club 4. BOSQUET NEILL WEV, JR. "Biscuit" His goal is the Naval Academy . . . jazz records mania . . . gives out with the best of piano jive . . . and you should see him cut the rug! Operetta 1: Member A-Hi-Y 4: Varsity Baseball 4: Basketball 4: Football 4. BETTIE ANN WHEELER "Bet" Short with hazel eyes and brown hair . . . always running around doing errands . . . loves dancing, swimming, and reading . . . ambi- tion to be a good secretary. Office Helper 43 Operetta 23 Y- Teen Club 33 Typing Club 3, 4. CLIFFORD L. WICKMAN, JR. "Larry" Came from Southern High in sophomore year . . . Larry hopes to defend his classmates in law courts someday . . . spends his extra hours sailing and stamp col- lecting. Chess Club 3, 4. AUDREY ANN WILLIAMS "And" A native of Cristobal, Panama . . . hopes to go to business college . . . expects to become a secretary. WAKE Business Staff 43 Social Committee 43 Intramural Hockey 33 Make-up Club. MARTHA WILLIAMS "Margin The cute 'lil gal who 'totes those absentee lists around . . . biggest wish is to be a beautician . . . or maybe a bookkeeper . . . a colossal success with all that know her. Stunt Night 43 Traffic Squad 43 Office Helper 43 Assistant to At- tendance Officer 43 Glee Club 43 Operetta 3, 43 Y-Teen Club 3, 43 junior Glee Club 3. PAULINA WINDSOR "Pin" A laughing gal with shining eyes . . . an orginal Crabtowner . . . studies piano and ballet . . . desti- nation: Johns Hopkins . . . mis- sion: establish a career as a nurse! Intramural Softball 13 Hockey 3. MARGUERITE WHITE "Margie" Margie's a Crabtowner too . . . loves embroidering and reading . . . wants to be a telephone operator and get married . . . lucky guy her hubby will be. WAKE Circulation Staff 43 Knit- ting Club 4: Tally-Ho Club 3. ANN WILLIAMS "Maisie" Tall, blond . . . hazel eyed . . . Maisie likes the navy . . . friendly . . . to go out and have fun is one of her hobbies. Social Committee 33 Y-Teen Club 33 Tally-Ho Club 4. CHARLES WILLIAMS "Charlie" Red-haired Charlie always has a smile on his face . . . just loves sports . . . after graduation he wants to join the navy . . . good sailing, Charlie. Stunt Night 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity- Basketball 2, 3, 43 Soccer 43 'Intramural Softball 2, 33 Soccer 33 Basketball 2, 33 In- tramural Referee 3g Boxing Club, NORMA WINDSOR "jackie" Towson State Teachers' College will get "jackie" next year . . . pupils will like having a blond, green-eyed teacher . . . how does one get all A's? WAKE Business Staff 43 Circula- tion Staff 43 Tri-Hi-Y 'Officer 43 Member 33 Council 45 Y-Teen Club 33 Intramural Hockey 33 Speedball 3. SHIRLEY C. WINDSOR Music and collectin hoto a hs are Shirley's hobbiesg. . shgspal- ways willing to help any ole time . . . would like to be a musician after graduation. Glee Club 5, 4. ELLWOOD DALE WITT "Dutch" Another Crabtowner . . . some day will be a Certified Public Account- ant . . . fun loving . . . grey eyes always on the girls. Typing Club 3: Intramural Soft- ball l, 2: Basketball l,.2. IRMA C. WOOLFORD Busy little bee at the office . . . dotes on movies, dancing, and sports . . . aiming high for a life full of friends . . . she'll have them. we know. WAKE Treasurer 4: Stunt Night Make-up Committee 4: Social Committee 4: Office Helper 4: Varsity Hockey 4: Treasurer Bus- iness Staff 4. JERRY j. ZAVADIL Ever-ready smile . . . hearty in manner . . . studious . . . ambition to study at johns Hopkins to be a chemical engineer. WAKE Photography Staff 4: P. T. A. Representative 4: Stunt Night 4: Chess Club 3: Archery Club 4. LOUIS A. C. STEVENS, JR. "Louie" Native of Annapolis . . . likes sports . . .enjoys working on cars . . . his main wish is to become a florist. . . . just loves those fragrant flow- ersl Stage Work 1, 2, 8, 4: Running Movies I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Softball l, 2, 3: Soccer l, 2: Bas- ketball l, 2: Boat Club: Radio Club: Wood Club. CHARLES D. WOOD "Charlie" Our hard-working senior . . . fin- ger in every pie . . . iron in every fire . . . gets that southern drawl from Mobile, Alabama. Student Government Treasurer 4: Glee Club 5, 4: Social Com- mittee Treasurer 4: A-Hi-Y Pres- ident 4: Treasurer 3: Chaplain 2: Vice-President Hi-Y Council 3, 4: Public Speaking Club Presi- dent 4. ROBERT WOOSTER "Bob" Bob just loves to paint . . . hopes to be a commercial artist after graduation . . . would like to enter University of California . . . always willing to help, that's Bob. Art Service 1, 2, 3: Social Com- mittee 3: Chairman junior Prom Committee 3: A-Hi-Y 8: Art Ser- vice Club 3. FRED ZEHNER Fred already has his "honey" . . raises honey bees for a hobby . . . sure hope he doesn't get stung! Dancing Club 3. WAYNE WALLACE HIGGS HHiggicll Annapolis is his home . . . ambi- tion is to join the Navy . . . wants to have fun while he can . . . "You're only young once, after all," says "Higgie." Stunt Night 4: Intramural Soft- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2: Bas- ketball l, 2. 5: Intramural Man- ager 3: Intramural Referee 4: Wrestling Club 8: Civitan Club 4. YQ YQ Z I 4 g JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ....,...,................,.. TOM COLLINS Vice-President .. ,.,...,. GEORGE KIORPES Secretary-Treasurer .... ELLEN IGNATIUS HOMEROOM 202 Bottom Row - M. Olsen, A. Skislak, S. Stone, E. Koningsberg, P. Prewett, M. Worthington, W. 1 Tyler. Mrs. Wilson. Second Row - J. Greer, H. Kelly, M. Blew, S. Francis, J. Segner, T. Collins, A. jackson, G. Kiorpes, T. Wright. Third Row - B. Haneke, R. Bloar, E. Herbers, W. Anderson, V. Agriesti. HOMEROOM 201 Bottom Row - Miss Newlon, R. Wells, P. Hender- son, N. Collins, F. Fradd, M. Harrington, S Marable, P. jordan, A. Terp, E. Ignatius, B Duckett, E. Howard, J. Frantum. Second Row - P. Weidman D. Whelan, H. Paule- menn, R. Snavely, E. Larrimore, F. Smith, M. Shoaf, J. Shakelton. HOMEROOM 109 Bottom Row - M. Williams, R. Stuller, M. Wil- liams, R. Tirschman, j. Wooster, P. Zelko, S. Westhofen, P. Slockell, B. Stockett, M. A. Woolford, B. White, A. Vlna, j. Wheeler. Second Row - P. Taylor, B. A. Winter, B. Stearns, P. Weber, F. Wuebbens, W. Thomas, S Straus, B. Storton, A. White, j. Talman, j. Starlings, Mrs. Kolb. Third Row - H. Wood, A. Tomanio, A. Curlott P. Wilson, A. woodbum, A. Tuers, B. Wash: ington, J. Stevens. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President .......... TOMMY KIRKPATRICK Vice-President ............., LEROY TURNER Secretary-Treasurer ....,... BETTY WINTER HOMEROOM 207 Bottom Row - N. Bayliff, S. Boerstler, E. Bausam M. Beall, S. Allston. R. Havenner, V. Bryan M. Bonner, S. Achenback, P. Atterll. S. Basil C. Brown, M. Adams. Second Row - B. Basil, K.. Bean, B. Agreisti. C. Como, E. Bardeu, E. Condon, F. Bowles, G Bass, B. Bryant, D. Attwell. Third Raw - D. Asher, V. Carr, B. Baldree, Mr. Mazza. HOMEROOM 208 Bottom Row - S. Challin, J. Cromar, J. Colburn, R. Parsons, J. Duckett, Miss Kibler, A. Char- acklis, S. Christo, J. Coulter, V. Currier, N. Davis, C. Farish, J. Frano. Second Row - D. Farinas, D. Dove, M. Davis, J. Teall, L. Casey, B. Deale, S. Fredenburgh, J. Daughtery, J. Donaldson, C. Connell, D. Cros- by, D. Gannaway. Third Row - T. Frey, T. Diamond, G. Howard, J. Ford, T. Earle, J. Ford, T., Dorsey, R. Stacklin, C. Ballman, B. Ericson, A. Currier. HOMEROOM 212 Bottom Row - A. Loughlin, N. Russell, J. Pole G. Richman, A. Ridout, P. Saslaw, J. Palmer: J. Molden, J. Nichols, C. Carter. Second Row - F. Springfield, W. Scarborough, J Spencer, R. Sears, C. Schwaher. G. Shepherd E. Nichols, J. Staton, A. Riley, Miss Hicks. Third Row - K. Popham, C. Steel, J. Stames, S. Smith. HOMEROOM 209 Bottom Row - A. Kramer, M. Kramer, M. Herr, S. Greenwell, B. Horton, S. Greenfield, J Lanham, S. Lee, F. Weishar, M. Gamer, K Galloway, B. Smith, Miss Yancey. Second Row - M. Hacker, P. Knode, A. Johnson, J. Klyman, P. Hill, P. Kaiser, C. Stone, J. Lip- man, M. Heineman, P. Hunt, A. Leitner, P Kohr, K. Hooper. Third Row - R. Meiklejohn, R. Kavanaugh, T. McDonald, D. Newell, W. Lusby, J. Levay, B. Oberholtzer, J. Miller, G. Manning, T. Kirk- patrick, L. McNew. HOMEROOM 107 Bottom Row - R. Morgan, D. Puschert, S. Harder, S. Gar M. Hen . Havenar K. Herbert F g y, ry.j U. . . Gnllespre, G. George, B. Herxng, B. Groller, D. Olson, W. Mumford. Second Row - R. McKaye, C. Schmett, A. Sears, M."Morris, G. Schultz, K. Sears, B. Mayes, D. Palmer, D. Nichols, D. Pennington, R. Page, Mr. DiFazio. Third Row - C. Nemiller N. Phi s D. Russell . pp , , J. Rossette, R. Purdy, W. Philps, T. Morton, R. Parkinson, R. Sears, j. Murchake, G. Tyler, K1 Riley, T. jones. I FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ........... .............. J ANE CARR Vice-President ................ SAM ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer ,... LOLLIE BUXTON HOMEROOM 108 Bottom Row - L. Guerin, J. Miller, G. McClana- han, S. Arndt, M. Moon, E. Much, M. Man- ning, G. Parker, M. Long D. Jackson, P. John- son. Second Row - N. Hilprecht,,D. Lloyd, J. Ralnuey, S. Meyers, A. Miller, J. Jenson, Miss Holsey, F. Keeney, P. Mulligan, A. Jordan. HOMEROOM 206 Bottom Row - J. Ward, D. Zepp. J. Weston, P. Westphal, M. Williams, C. White, S. Yost, R. L. Young, R. Whittington, T. Wuebbens, A. Tennyson, M. Webb. Second Row - M. Wickman, P. Williams, R. Svo- los, N. Wells, W. Smith, J. Stevens, C. Wine- gardner, A. Norwood, G. Williams, Mr. Rogers Third Row - E. Windsor, N. Tydings, H. Smith, M. Waterman, R. Taylor, G. Springfield, E. Vermillion, R. Vallandingham. HOMEROOM 110 Bottom Row - M. Thomason, D. Sears, V. Shawen J. Ramey, F. Stevens, N. Reppenhagen, B Walters, M. Taylor, M. Stone, J. Reichel, D Terry, M. Weidman, V. Smith. Second Row - J. Springlield, J. Gensler, A. Logan M. Sherald, E. Stockett, E. Westphal, J burgh, S. Bush, Miss E. Newlon. , Third Row - Terwilliger, M. Tucker, B. Stuller ' R. Washington, S. Bush. HOMEROOM 302 Bottom Row - C. Basil, B. Beard, J. Asher, A. Brice, N. Bishop, L. Brouse, D. Philips, L. Blades, J. Arison, I. Bausum. Second Row - S. Anderson, E. Britton, T. Abato, T. Bergen, R. Connel, L. Asquith, F. Com- marata, J. Brown, F. Beck, R. Basil, C. Ball. Third Row - S. Blades, J. McCrone, W. Beall, F. Bildstein, K. Belch, G. Bloom, J. Bromley, K. Bunker, C. Bellam, M. Brown. Schlepegrell, B. Trott, N. Stine, M. Vander- HOMEROOM 309 Bottom Row - Miss Kephart, P. Frantom, H Fisher, E. Fiala, S. Garner, B. Ford, J. Frantom, N. Elliott, P. Dawson, F. Davidson. Second Row - T. Kelly, G. Ford, G. Clark, H Mason, F. Jones, J. Marston, G. Stevens, A. Kahn C Hil recht R Heintz ku , . p , . . Third Row - H. Gates, R. Joyce, J. Lang, C. Tack, R. Lee, S. Millard, J. Wiseman, A. Higgs, C. George, H. Sullivan, M. Hyatt. HOMEROOM 308 Bottom Row - J. Daniels, E. Daggett, J. Daley, B Carlson, M. Cooley, J. Carr, A. Cooper, M Cantler, C. Cooper, B. Bums. Second Raw - R. Crowley, C. Davidson, B. Sheri- dan, J. Fjlers, J. Cordle, W. Donald, D. Cul- lember, B. Willis, J. Duvall, P. Clarke, D Figgs. J. Eastenday. Third Row - G. Crandall, D. Cook, M. Brashears D. Pennington, B. Carter, N. Smith, P. Elliott, Miss Marking, C. Demas, J. Finkle, D. Como. 8TH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President ....................,.., CAROL TURNER Vice-Presi dent .......,..........,. JIMMY BAKER Secretary-Treasurer - KATHERINE LEANOS HOMEROOM 104 Bottom Row - M. Holmes, L. Boettcher, B. Hop- kins, C. Davis, R. Cooper, J. Halsted, B. Her- zog, M. L. Fiala, E. Ford, B. Hoyt, A. Hard- esty, S. Duvall, A. Doyle. Second Row - M. Bland, E. Dischert, J. Judd, F. Meredith, G. Bender, N. Goldsborough, J. Henneberger, J. Lang, G. Hall, B. Abbott, M. A. Festagallo. HOMEROOM 305 Bottom Row - P. Dice, M. Ford, D. Cook, B. Buser, P. Wilson, A. Fisher, J. Jones, N. Geisler. Second Row - W. Aisquith, M. Ball, R. Fielding, H. Rosati, D. Ford, A. McGuckian, J. King. Third Row - Mrs. Carpenter, T. Steward, G. Hol- land, P. Chaney. HOMEROOM 301 Bottom Row - J. Purdy, D. Lape, L. King, N Hood, L. Murphy, L. A. McKeyes, P. Read J. Dyment, M. Mihalko, B. Schaeffer, A. Katsef Second Row - A. Stallings, H. Ford, D. Moon, A Morris, L. Hargrove, E. Abat, L. Owens, J Schoocraft, R. Hinshaw, B. Kerchner. Third Row - M. Lewis, M. K. Sinninger, J. Kerr N. Zimmerman, C. Molden, S. L. Lewis, I Mebane, C. Knight, M. Pumphrey, Miss Klein Fourth Row - R. Windsor, M. Strange, F. Wil- son, C. Wayson, J. Simmons, R. Moyer, G Armiger, D. Jones, D. Baker. n r HOMEROOM 305 Bottom Row - j. Zelman, M. Smith, G. Bull, M. Wilson . Noble L Scible C. Tolan M . J . - . . - Taylor, P. Sable, H. Sherald, I. Goldrich, B. Wilson. Second Row - W. Sherbert, C. Schneider, B. Cur- lott, R. Walters, B. Sarles, M. Whittington, R. Sas, A. Harvery, F. Boswell, D. Reynolds, D. jolly, Mrs. Pierce. Third Row - F. Putnam, B. Smith, B. Williams, D. Thompson, K. Wayson, B. Stallings, C. Stevens, B. Smith, R. Rossback, C. Smith, F. Miller. 1 HOMEROOM 304 Bottom Row - C. Kautz, E. Harbaugh, H. Done- lan, L. B. Haneke, B.' Mikill, E. Ford, G. Gary D. Mileto, P. Sherwood, A. Ballman, J. Cris- tiano, S. Meyer, N. Kraft. Second Row - H. Meek, J. Owens, S. Moreland, W. Klawans, T. Martin, j. Reed, F. McPher- son, B. Phipps, B. Martin, B. Lee, W. Kern, R. Inman, R. Iosbaker, R. Love. Third Row - H. Lenhardt, B. Kennerly, B. J. joy, A. Moreland, F. Klimes, A. Kirby, Mrs. Smith, J. Keating, B. joy. HOMEROOM 306 Bottom Row - H. Campbell, E. Trevett, S. Water man, K. Leanos, N. Lee, C. Turner, S. Adams B. Aorilio, J. Snuggs, S. Bachman. C. A Turner, S. Reppenhager, M. Forbes. Second Row - S. Bice, F. Berry, B. Brashears, C Cantler, C. Eley, N. Brown, A. Doyle, G Elliott, W. Collison, T. Albrecht, R. Rogers Mr. Rannels. Third Row - D. Hollidayoke, B. Haworth, C. Heise, C. Engleman, W. Graham, A. Bentley E. Farinas. 1 1 HOMEROOM 310 Bottom Row - R. jones, M. Hosse, A. Kohler, B. Harder, N. Kell, C. Deladrier, D. Duckett, M. Asher, C. Wev, L. Dawson, D. Daniels, G. Habecker. Second Row - E. Hendricks . Howard R. Callie , I . . C. Hall, W. Givens, D. Burris, N. Atwell, G. jaynes, j. Alvanos, Miss Swartz. HCMEROOM 307 Carpenter. Second Row - D. Galloway, R. Trott, C. Dawson D. johns, C. Peters, T. Chance, R. Howard C. Abbott, j. Jordon, M. Barrett, Mr. Norris Third Row - j. james, C. Barr, K. Barber, j. Brooks, B. Hays, B. johnson, M. Christenson, H. Gardner, H. Egan, A. Casey, N. Cooper, R. Collins. rv ILL! f?"'54.g 'TX . . L- ,lf ' fi '14, ,, ,.,, . L.. 4- ' A, ' ' -fi. -3- , , A, Pfv f' 'el v 1 -- - 4 , . A 3 ,l 1- . ' f-'Lf f- f " A-L - 4 2291 ? 1, El B3 .Mag ' we A Jim H + - f - -- 5 .. A E if 1, W EE' if ,jmrx f su r OVNQ n, i E 5 I , ul tl ,I if i--05 3 al a I -W, T r WML! 1 Q 10 ri f U i -il' A- 5 .- 'f. ,., v i - F' fl 421' f -Yan gif Iliff? Y' lf ' rf- . 3 ' of ,...?"f3" f 3'i3:?1 1 .+ 1-'77 2- . fgafihi' 5 SV' or - .q- .3-413'3iQk :7 X ii ' 34 "HH l 2,1 A L , - 43 , T- A, t! i 1 lr K. iff! -C, ,P 'ifll W Ai! i X - f . I ' . Hgqp-..:.j:3,:- W X. :ix if , 1' if 'K' S 3' 5 Cf? " ' "'f':g- 'f U, 'V .5 , QQQRQXT' X- ff f f 7 ,Z Qtr ' f- . 5 - 4 . ' V' :CTC 'M " J" ' 'A N' ' ?" 5,-ff' . x if ' 'ggi 4' if. ,N ff'-C-'Cl gf ff yf V fjiifti f 9 " W gi.. WI: if W 4 - ag. i Vv-A ' A fa nm 5, "J-fri. 1 I " 1- -A fiifff-V -ge Af-, . 2 . K- V' U 4. Q .iii ,I .' Vi ,l?4gg K- 22 A .C-' C: ' 621' kg' lim' 'fig X f - W i ' "3 6 " flhkz l . ,W U ' -X" . f Q Q' 'N i -I ' MMM X 'V f ll M' ' ,. X Bottom Row - j. Russel, B. Norfolk, F. Pappas, ll. Lee, A. Fullman, B. Heard, 1. Moore, A. Whittington, L. Windsor, G. Heinbuch, P. aff' Student S. G. COUNCIL Bottom Row - C. Wood, B. Podlich, M. Mrlik, M. lNilliams, R. Ay. Second Row - Brady, C. Turner, J. Carr, T. Collins. The STUDENT GOVERNMENT has been our law-making, law-enforcing, governing, and legislative body. It has made many rules and decisions for the benefit of the school and student body. This year's oflicers were Mike Mrlik, a popular President, Betsy Podlich, a dependable Vice-President, Charles Wood, a thrifty Treasurer, and Martha Williams, an efficient Secretary. These oflicers were elected by,the entire student body after a highly organized and exciting cam- paign in their junior year. The S G. faculty advisers were Miss Noble and Miss Hicks. Our STUDENT LEGISLATURE has been the law-making body. Elected Homeroom Representatives give student opinions on current school problems and report proceedings in homeroom discussions which they lead. All students can express opinions, make motions, and give suggestions to the legislature. The TRAFFIC SQUAD is charged with keeping a semblance of order in directing passing of classes, entry into assemblies, and lining up at lunch time. Mr. Herklotz was the adviser, and Richard Ay was the Captain of this year's squad. Nancy Blew was First Lieutenant. Responsible for the three floors were Lieu- tenants Grace jefferson, Emerson Deale and George Meyer. Though traffic officers take a lot of kidding, students learn that crime does not pay and are brought before the STUDENT COURT, which passes sentence. Our many enjoyable dances, jamborees, and other social ,, ct functions were arranged by the SOCIAL COMMITTEE. Under :fl Miss Edith Newlon, Miss Luciel Coggiano, Mr. Calvin Rogers, ' faculty advisers, and Mike Mrlik, president of the S. G., the N X committee has prepared for music, decorations, refreshments and games. We can thank the committee for the Harvest Hop, W. P. A. Dance, Spring Formal and many other social events which we have enjoyed. Looking over the integral parts of our Student Government part to make A. H. S. a better place. I R4 and their accomplishments, we see that each has done well its 4:7 ouemmenf Bottom Row - C. Wood, R. Ay, W. Mumford, P. Weidman, J. Baker, V. Carr. Second Row - A. Brice, B. A. Winter, S. Miller, B. Podlich, J. Greenberg, B. Basil, M. Williams, N. Kelis, H. Sherald. Third Row - j. Cromar, j. Palmer, C. A. Turner, M. Heineman, M. Webb, S. Garner, J. Carr. Fourth Row - M. Mrlik, T. Collins, B. Wayson, R. Clemens. cgifucfenf Qo.oa'znnzanf .fag iafafufzs Bottom Row - R. Van Denburgh, G. Meyer, G. Schaeffer, R. Ay, N. Blew, E. Deale, M. Williams, Mr. Herklotz. Second Row - S. Butler, M. L. Yveber, E. Shepherd, B. Much, A. Abbou, H. Belcher, G. jefferson, B. Beavin, E. Garner. Third Row - O. Werntz, j. Green- berg, S. Miller, C. Evans, F. Cohen, j. Stinchcomb, V. Stratton, E. Mars- 1011. Uzaffia qua .wuxnuuun B. Dawson, M. Tayman, H. Belcher, S. Miller, M. Flood, R. Sears, D. Buschert, M. Mrlik, C. YVOod, F. Gelhaus, P. Wayson, H. Leanos, J. Greenberg, S. Stone, Miss Newlon. oaiaf gommiffss dgaizman onoz oaizfy . Bottom Row - S. Butler, E. Shepherd, M. Rule, W. Gaw, G. jefferson. Second Row - G. Meyer, Miss Swartz, M. Green. The Annapolis High chapter of the National Honor Society is the organiza- tion in school which keeps up high standards in Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. The Society is an incentive for all students to maintain good marks while rendering service to their fellow students and- to the school. Admission to the Honor Society is an achievement recognized by all but attained by few. The set standards in scholarship are necessarily high: A or B in all majors since the first year, one C being allowed, provided it is balanced by an A, and passing grades in all minor subjects. Established in 1945, the chapter is young but already a fixture of the school. To bring its message to the entire student body, it presents an assembly each year during which it also initiates new members. It awards a scholarship banner every six weeks to the homeroom with the most honor students. Much of the success of this year's organization is due to the faculty adviser, Miss jean Swartz, and to the officers: Mary Rule, President, Grace jefferson, Secretary, and Nancy Blew, Treasurer. Let's all remember the slogan of the Honor Society: high standards in SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, AND CHARACTER - these to be maintained throughout life. 44 L U..ff3,-.,f4.. Bottom Row - N. Bayliff, D. Donelan, J. Ramey, J. Greenberg, B. M. Ayres, A. Brice, N. Bishop, E. Fiala, S. Gamer, J. Carr, L. Buxton. Second Row - C. Connell, N. Russell, B. Collison, B. Stearns, S. Hackenberg, B. Myers, S. Fine, V. Stratton, M. Adams, E. Shepherd, B. Mattie, M. Moon, E. Konigsberg. Third Row - G. Kiorpes, T. Alexander, G. Beal, I. Greenfield, M. Green, Miss Kibler, D. Hipkins, M. Waterman, K. Belch, T. Frey. Yes, we have all read and enjoyed our school paper, the Tally-Ho. This publication is distrib- uted bi-monthly among students and gives an up- to-date view of current school life in the form of Feature, Sports, Editorial and News writing. Glancing into the past to approximately the year 1927, we find there the birth of this familiar paper. Since there are no actual records of publi- cations then, we imagine that after a few years the young Tally'Ho died of neglect. In the fall of 1937 Miss Katharine Kibler took over the supervision of the general staff and her timely efforts have made the present Tally-Ho a literary success. Financial success of the paper is due mostly to the services of Miss Elizabeth Davis, who also takes care of the circulation department. For two years journalism classes have been in session here at A. H. S. to teach the students the "ins and outs" of real newspaper work. Those who take to literary fields, having enriched their talent with the necessary knowledge and experience provided by tlfese classes, find them- selves landing good jobs on the Tally-Ho. An example of this success can be found in the present general staff of the Tally-Ho. Coming up fast, and preparing to take over next year's staff, are members of the ninth grade journalism class and of the Tally-Ho Club, which meets during activity periods. The antics and mishaps produced when reporters are racking their brains for an opening But each reporter, striving to collect thirty-five lines for points leading to a letter, in turn undergoes a memorable experience which he will associate with his high school days. ' Let's all give three cheers for "Ye olde Tally-Ho." paragraph and are scrambling madly to hit the "deadline," are memories only they can cherish. Q A W C7125 flflfafig WAKE GENERAL STAFF This year Annapolis High has proved that it wants a yearbook and that it goes all out, if it is necessary, to get one. YVe can truly say that our 1948 WAKE is produced "of the students, by the students, and for the students." Not only have sophomores and juniors helped the seniors and the actual book, but the student body this year really pitched in to get up enough ads, patrons, and sub- scriptions to keep the cost of the WAKE at the same level, while all other prices rose. The 1948 WAKE is a product of the combined energies of the entire student body, and a product of which we can be justly proud. The WAKE staff this year again has followed the practice of letting members mf the junior and sophomore classes help with the book in order to prepare them for more important positions in future years. They have held assistant editor- ships and have helped greatly on the various staffs. Seniors held the jobs of Editor-in-Chief and Literary Editor, and headed the various staffs. A lot of time was spent in the production of this book - time taken to check. and recheck, write and rewrite, caption and identify, interview and plan - but all of us feel that it was valuable experience and take pride in work well done. We owe a lot of our success to our advisers, whose untiring efforts we appreciate. Miss Klein has been an able Literary Adviserg Mrs. Savage helped the General Staff, and Mrs. Kinhart guided the Patron, Advertising, and Circula- tion staffs. We also wish to acknowledge the cooperation of Mr. Augustine, under whose guidance the catchy sketches in this book were made. A And so, thanking heartily all the people who have helped us gf in big and little ways, we give you in this book a condensation of the things we associate with school life, an album of memories to be forever cherished. I c 46 gary Bataftaff Bottom Row - P. McCormick, S. Miller. Second Row -- B. Horton, F. Fradd, N. Blew, B. Winter, R. Horner. Third Row - E. Bausum, H. Belcher, B .Podlich, M. Flood, A. Laughlin, B. Stuller, M. Pumphrey. The girls' varsity basketball season, beginning january ninth and ending March ninth, has been one of almost complete success. The Lady Panthers broke through the lines of the best teams of this section with flying colors and came out on top to beat our old enemy Glen Burnie in the contest for the county cham- pionship. The fighting ladies lost the state championship game with Towson High by only one point but achieved a great moral victory. Intricate techniques have been perfected by the careful coaching of. Miss Wharton. Pat McCormick and Suzie Miller were co-captains of the team. Evelyn Bausum proved an excellent manager. High scorer for the year was Pat Mc- Cormick. Let us hope that the good spirit captured by this year's team is carried over to next year's team to cheer them on to greater honors. Also playing a good season this year was the J. V. sqkuad, which performed during the season of january 15th to February 19th. T ese gals worked hard under the careful coaching of Miss Coggiano, and were egged on by their cap- tain, Eleanor Dischert. This team broke even, winning three games and losing three, and from their tireless efforts we have seen them produce good players such as Signy Bush, high scorer of the year. M. Bounelis, 1. Asher, M. Camtler, I. Bausum, C. A. Turner, S. Bush, S. Bush, j. Springfield, C. Davis. Middle of Crowd-Miss Coggiano, E. Dischert. Not Shown-C. Tolan, 1. Gensler. A A AAA' 1-'ft I Spring Ciymft Hoyt' Bmtaff Bottom Raw - Storton, Bryant, Deale, Ford, O'Neale, Paulmenn, Howard, Blew, Larrimore. Second Row - Henneberger, Blackwell, Gelhaus, Cook, Mumford, Collins, Como, Francis, Wood, Lenhardt. Playing a tough schedule of games, our baseball team had good prospects for a very successful season. Having several regulars from last season's team gave us experienceg a few sprinters gave us speed, and a large squad gave us versatility. After an opening loss to Arundel, it was evident that the pitching staff needed more experience. But the spirit and hustle of Coach Wilson's boys stood a good chance of overcoming the difficulties and going through a successful season. The approximate lineup at this writing: Catcher - H. O'Neale. First Base - C. Mumford, H. Paulmenn. Second Base - M. Blew, B. Fisher. Third Base - B. Bryant. Shortstop - B. Howard. Left Field - A. Tuers. Center Field - E. Larrymore, S. Francis Right Field - E. Deale, F. Gelhaus. Pitchers - J. Ford, T. Collins, C. Como C. Mumford. f .-4 I 961174, cgoffgaff Bottom Row -'Woolford, Miller, Horton, Collins, O'Neale, Bausum, Rogers, Blew, Young. Second Row - Peregoy, Laughlin, McCormick, Winter, Belcher, Taylor, Podlich, Miss Wharton. When this article went to press the Lady Panthers were just starting out in what we hope will be a stupendous season. Under the leadership of Miss Whar- ton, as coach, Joyce O'Neale, as captain, and Irma Woolford, as manager, the gals are sure to beat Glen Burnie to a pulp, to say nothing of the other teams. When asked for her opinion, Miss Wharton grinned and said, with mischief in her voice . . . "I think we've really got a team this year!" The players: Joyce O'Neale, Pat McCormick, Betsy Podlich, Nancy Blew, Susie Miller, Phyllis Taylor, Ardie Loughlin, Peggy Peregoy, Evie Bausum, Betty Winter, Nora Collins, Betty Horton, jean Rogers, Helen Belcher, Rosalie Young. THE SCHEDULE Arundel - home - April 27 Blair - home - May 14 Blair - home - April 30 Glen Burnie - away - May 18 Hyattsville - home - May 4 Arundel - away - May 20 Southern - away - May 7 Southern - home - May 25 Glen Burnie - home - May 11 Hyattsville - away - May 28 Y 59 -Q, faawau . . Q.-ggi., Af- S ' Q-. A Bottom Row - S. Anderson, R. Vandenburg, D. Nichols, S. Millard, W. Lusby, B. joesting, T. Kelly, G. Howard, J. Duval. Second Row - j. Stevens, M. Strange, O. Smith, j. Dammeyer, J. Keating, P. Weidmann, R. Purdy, M. Waterman. Top Row - D. Taylor, T. Dorsey, M. Mrlik, C. Frank, H.'Brown, H. Kelly, J. Miller, Coach Hantske. Along with football, lacrosse was a newcomer to A. H. S. this year. Like foot- ball, it was coached by Leo Hantske, who again did a great job of getting the boys into shape in a minimum of time. The team played a tentative schedule of eight games. In addition to giving us a glimpse of some future college "Indian game" stars, the team showed plenty of enthusiasm. The many youngsters on the squad give us much hope of a championship team in a few years. The lineup at this writing: Goali'e.- Vandenburgh, Hodges. Attack - joesting, Belch. Defense - Hodges, Smith. Attack - Kelly, Lusby. Defense - Mrlik, Kelly. Midfield - Dorsey, Taylor. Defense - Miller, Stevens. Midfeld - Dammeyer, Keating. Attack - Howard, Strange. Midheld - Purdy, Weidmann Wx fzfofayzsaff Bottom Row - Phipps, Parkinson, Stuller, Ignatius, .Fradd, S. Bush, Gary Second Row - S. Bush, Fisher, Gearing, Hall, Evans, Arison, Miss Coggiano Under the guiding hand of Miss Coggiano, A. H. S. is turning out this spring the first Varsity Volleyball team since the end of World War II. Aiding the coach are Peedie Buxton, captain, and Ida Bausum, manager. We've got our fingers crossed for what looks like a victorious team. The players - Marie Hall, Celia Evans, Signe Bush, Betty Ann Parkinson, Doris Phillips, Hilyer Gearing, Faustina Fradd, Susan Bush, Betty Stuller, Ann Fisher, Ellen Ignatious, june Arison, Sylvia Gary. SCHEDULE Arundel - home - April 20 Glen Burnie - away - April 30 Ellicott City - away - May 7 Glen Burnie - home - May ll Arundel - away - May 18 27141.15 Bottom Row - Stallings, Paul, Aubrey, Klakring, Hilprecht. Top Row - Collins, Elliot, Meekins, Stacklin, Coach Rentsthler. The third of our boys' spring sports was coached by Mr. Rentschler. The team was handicapped by lack-of both candidates and experience, but several boys showed promise, and it is to be hoped that successful A. H. S. track teams are in the not-too-distant future. The boys went to Baltimore to enter the Poly relays there, and they competed in the Maryland Scholastic track meet at the University of Maryland. Both track and field events were entered. At this writing, the following boys made up the team - C. Klakring, W. Paul, G. Beall, T. Meekins, J. Engberg, P. Elliot, M. Collins, B. Stallings, C. Hillprecht, R. Stacklin, and G. Aubrey. rf' 6 X 'A --Q ' i 5pA 5 s 62 Gqcfionf 'V' KYMX 90 64 HCDIZ5 Jlflggfn .. as - s ii f-- 5 , gy Q. uh 31 f The class of 1948 presented a three-act mys- tery farce called "One Mad Night." The two performances of the play were received with great acclaim by both the student body and the general public - in short, "One Mad Night" was enjoyable entertainment. But more work went into "One Mad Night" than many people realize. First, the selection committee met, read and discussed frantically for weeks before deciding on the mystery farce. Then the casting committee selected the cast from a large number of would-be actors. The following people finally made up the cast of "One Mad Night": Olga Werntz, Charles Bald- win, Helen Belcher, Bruce Wayson, john Hodges, Mary Lou Weber, Sidney Francis, Nancy Blew, Ted Alexander, Shirley Hacken- berg, Myer Green, joan Greenberg, Gordon Le- Compte, and Velma Hall. Then came the production Rehear- sals kept the cast busy. Many other committees, such as tickets, lights, house management, scen- ery. costume. make-up, curtain. prompting etc.. l prepared tor their respective jobs. Much credit should go to the artists and carpenters who pre- pared the scenery. The inspiring efforts of Miss Kibler, the director, were highly appreciated by the cast. b The class of 1948 can proudly say that it presented a successful Senior Play in "One Mad Night." Best Athletes Miss Annapolis Most Popular Most Studious High School Prettlest Eyes .mio 'za Best Personality Wlttiest Best Built Prettiest Smile Best Dressed C' Play Ball! Pipelitters Associated Don't forget the butter! l Oh! Is my face red! Occupation: Housewife Recuperation Scalpel, please . . . forceps . . . pins Westward, Ho.' Activity galore . . . Etudiez-vous beaucoup? Pax Vobiseum Busy while they work The blackboard comes alive ' . . . I have thee not, and yet I see thee still . . . " The Guiding Light May I have a late slip, Mrs. M usterman? My bus was late The notes for this morning . . . S kv is fangway! Stampede of the starving' Calorie Queen" Guardians of the pantry Happy Birthday .'!.' Two triangles are congruent if . . Help Wanted: Oh, Mr. F-o-w-b-l-e Principles of Design 'IIs this a dagger which I see before 7716... Keep your eyes on that copy Uh, oh - we're in the red again! Future Freuds Buena Suerte, Seniors! Exmpfi Qzom cS'fmf Jvzgiif The Winnahs! Babee Doll . . . Mummy ! I have this dance? Ernfcee 76 Oqcfivify CYKLLE5, Crazy Rhythm Checkmate .' .' .' A Flying fingem Swing your partner Preparation for the darkroom i A -as X Democracy - its trials and tribulations One down - 119 to go A2 + B2 : C2 Take your time ! .' .' Watch your head .' Locker number, please Stariiis Mrs. Walter Aamold Mrs. Anthony Abato Charles Adams A Friend Anna Agapitos '47 Mr. Elmer Aisquith H. T. Albrecht jr. Carroll D. Alden Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Alexander Gerard J. Alexander Mrs. Philip R. Alger Miss Anna Alvanos Fa e Anderson '46 john W. Anderson '47 Mrs. Samuel Anderson Miss Bessie Andrews Anonymous Miss Ruth Argue Annie Armiger Charlie Armiger '47 Clarence Armiger Cora Armiger Mr. and Mrs. L. Earl Armiger George Armiger Harrison Armiger Mr. Bt Mrs. Howard E. Armiger Howard E. Armiger Jr. Miss Jane Armiger '48 Miss Madeline Armiger Miss Margaret Armiger '43 Mrs. Claude Arth Mrs. W. P. Ashby Mrs. C. D. Ashey Mr. R. F. Atwell Mrs. T. Atwell Lt. Col. George A. Aubrey Mr. Bc Mrs. N. E. Aubrey Sr. Mrs. Hugh Auld Jr. Mr. Foster Augustine Mrs. B. Auerill Carl Avery Mrs. Norman Avery Mr. and Mrs. George Backman Mrs. Baily Alvin Baker Mrs. M. N. Baker Miss Marjorie Baker R. L. Baker Mrs. Edward Bangert Mrs .C. B. Board Oscar E. Booth Jr. Mrs. John Botzler Mildred Botmer Mrs. jean Bouttier Mrs. Alice Bowen Odel Bowen Mrs. Helen M. Bower Mr. 8: Mrs. E. K. Barber Mr. James Barner Mrs. L. J. Barry Tom Barton g3a.f'zo1za Barbara Basil Frankie Basil J. Leslie Basil dt Family Mr. Owen Basil Mr. dt Mrs. Robert Basil Robert Basil jr. Thomas G. Basil Mr. Wilmer Basil R. L. Bassford Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin F. Bausum Franklin Bausum Mr. Fred W. Bausum Mrs. Robert Beall Mrs. Arthur Beauliew Mrs. Ellis L. Beavin Helen Belcher '48 Mrs. Eugene P. Belcher Mrs. Emma Bell Mr. William H. Bell Professor George Beneze Mr. Bt Mrs. G. Charles Beneze Mrs. Etta S. Benning Miss Peggy Benning W. L. Bennett Renee Bergez Mr. James E. Blyrs Mr. dz Mrs. Billings Howard Bitter T. A. Bixler Mrs. Alfred K. Blades Alfred K. Blades Mr. james Bland Capt. 6: Mrs. C. L. Blew Nancy Blew '48 Benjamin C. Bloom Mr. Bl Mrs. james A. Brady Mrs. John J. Branson Mr. Clarence E. Brant Mr. dt Mrs. H. Branzell Mrs. Thomas Branzell Mr. 6: Mrs. Robert L. Brashars Mrs. Benjamin Brashears Mrs. C. Carroll Brice jr. Betty Jane Bright Mrs. Harrison S. Brink Mrs. Charles W. Brooks Mrs. R. Brooks Raymond O. Brown '38 Mr. dc Mrs. Samuel F. Brown Mr. William Brown John E. Bryan Mrs. Addie Beall Bryant Mr. 6: Mrs. John E. Bull Mrs. Margaret Bull Mr. 8: Mrs. R. A. Bull Rosslla Bull Maude G. Burch Fraser Burgess Mrs. Lillian Burns Mrs. William Burris Mrs. Robert Burwell Robert R. Busch Henry Buser jr. Mrs. Sarah Buser Mr. dt Mrs. Harold L. Butler Shirley Butler '48 Mrs. E. T. Buxton Mr. dt Mrs. Charles E. Cadell Mr. Gilbert Cadell Miss Marguerite Cadell '48 Mr. Bl Mrs. William T. Cadell Claire L. Caldwell '46 Sarah Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1. Cammsrata john Cannoni David Cantler Mr. H Mrs. L. Cantler Mrs. Fred W. Carlson Anne Carr '46 Ben W. Carr F. U. M. A. Gaither Carr jane W. Carr Johnnie Carr Mr. 6: Mrs. L. Warrirxgton Carr Mr. Norman E. Carr Mr. Samuel J. Carr Jr. Mr. 5: Mrs. Virgil H. Carr Mrs. A. O. Carter H. F. Carter Mrs. Alene Cartier Audrey M. Casey Mr. William F. Casey Mrs. Melvin Catterton Russell E. Chambers Mrs. 1. A. Champion Mary Ann Chance Mrs. Chaney Mrs. Gregory Characklis Chemistry I A Mr. 8: Mrs. Julian N. Childs Mr. dt Mrs. Oliver Clark Mary Kathryn Clemens Rita Betty Clemens Mr. 6: Mrs. Lee F. Clemens Robert A. Clemens '48 William A. Clemens Mr. 6: Mrs. Eugene W. Cloud Mrs. Robert S. Cloud Miss Alice Coale Miss L. V. Coggiano Mr. 81 Mrs. E. T. Collins Mr. 8: Mrs. James L. Collison Karl L. Collison Mr. W. Collison Mrs. N. B. Collinson Sr. Lt. 81 Mrs. N. B. Collinson Jr. Mrs. R. Como Bob Coney Mrs. Betty B. Cook Mr. 8: Mrs. H. B. Cook Miss Margaret E. Cook Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Stanley Cooley Rev. G. Albert Cooper Mr. H Mrs. J. David Cordell Jr. Eugene Cornell Nanq Cosden '48 Mrs. Thomas Cosden Thomas Cosden Misa Katherine Cox Mary M. Cragg Mrs. Alben Cranford james Cranford Mr. H Mrs. L. E. Critzer jack Crocker Joe Crogen Mrs. Edward Cummings Mrs. Mary Cunningham Mrs. Mildred Cunningham Mr. George Curlock Annetta Custy Daily of "45" Daisy Jr. of "sa" Mr. F. C. Dammeyer Mr. Henry J. Dammeyer Miriyn Dauer '47 Mrs. George Davidson Mr. H Mrs. W. F. Davidson Mr. Richard E. Davidson Jimmy Davies '36 Miss Elizabeth Davis Raymond C. Davis Capt. R. P. Davis Sally Davis '47 Miss Helen Dawson joseph B. Dawson Mrs. M. R. Dawson Shirley Dawson Berry Lou Day Doris Y. Deale '46 Mrs. Emerson Deale Warren Dearbom De Conway Pharmacy Mrs. M. Deininger Mrs. john J. De Mayo William De Moss Mr. Fred S. Dennis Mrs. William H. Diefel Mr. B. G. Dienelt' Jr. Mr. at Mrs. E. O. Dill Mrs. Ethel Disney Raymond Disney Eileen Dodson Mary H. Doepkins '47 William Doepkens Mr. Frank A. Donelan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drew Mr. H Mrs. Albert Droll Mr. H Mrs. K. H. Duckett Mr. Mrs. S. W. Duckett Mr. Gt Mrs. Robert F. Dudrow Lurry B. Dull '43 Mr. lt Mrs. William Duncan Chester L. Durm Doris Durm '48 Mr. Howard C. Durm Jr. Mrs. Minnie Owings Dytche PATRONS - Continued Mrs. S. L. Earle Mrs. julian R. Easterday Edwards Chapel Youth Fellowship Martain Edwards Miss Anna Marlene Eisenstein Mr. Gt Mrs. Samuel Eisenstein Robin Ellershaw '47 Mrs. Edward F. Elliot Mrs. Robert Elliot Mr. 8 Mrs. Raymond Ely Mrs. A. L. Emory W. T. Emory Mrs. M. Engberg Mr. Francis E. Engle English IV A Mrs. G. A. Erickson Mrs. E. H. Ericson Dr. D. P. Eubank Mrs. A. L. Evans Celia Evans '48 Charles S. Evans Mrs. Frank Barton Evan Mrs. Pearl Evans Mr. lr Mrs. Pete Evans Charlotte Ewald Miss Emily Ewing Mrs. S. W. Fader Mr. Bi Mrs. B. A. Fair Mrs. Virginia Lee Farish Miss Patrick Farrell Arthur H. Faust Mrs. P. W. Feeser Miss Julia Levin Feldman Mrs. Nyce Feldmeyer Mrs. Guy Ferguson Comd. dt Mrs. R. P. Fiala Robert J. Figgs Mr. Gi Mrs. Melvin J. Fink Marjorie Finkle '46 Mrs. E. Fischel Mrs. B. J. Fishpaw Mrs. Robert Ford Mr. Steve Foundas Mrs. Boyd J. Foust Mr. Albert W. Fowble Miss Evelyn Fowler Mary Louise Flood '48 Mr. 61 Mrs. W. F. Flood Sr. Mrs. Ernest Florestano Capt. J. E. Fradd Charles Frank Mr. Gt Mrs. Joseph Frank Mr. dt Mrs. W. 1. Frankhauser janet Frantum '49 Mrs. J. H. Frantum Mrs. Myrtle Frantum Regina V. Frantom '47 Mr. dt Mrs. H. Fredenburg French II Mr. A. R. Frey A Friend Mr. Peter Fuedale Gables Tourist Home Mrs. John Galloway s '44 Mr. james W. Gardner Mrs. William F. Gardner Mrs. Benjamin 'F. Garner Doris Belle Garner '36 Mrs. Hal R. Garner Mr. Charles E. Gates Anne Gaw Mr. dr Mrs. C. S. Gaw Mrs. Antionette D. Gelhaus Mr. Frederick L. J. Gelhaus Mr. Frederick L. J. Gelhaus jr. Mr. Leon George General Business Class General Math 9A Mr. dt Mrs. F. R. Geraci Marie Giddings Beatrice Gillespie Capt. Bt Mrs. Gilmod Mr. R. Gilroy Mrs. C. D. Gladden Mr. Bt Mrs. Heath Goldsborough Martha Goldsborough '51 Mr. Bt Mrs. George Gould Mrs. A. A. Gran Mr. BL Mrs. Frank Green Joan Greenberg '48 Mr. Bt Mrs. Greenberg The Max Greenfield Family Mrs. Simon Greenfield Mr. dr Mrs. L. Grimm Abraham Gritz Mr. dt Mrs. J. R. Gruver Guardian Service Mr. dz Mrs. C. H. Haas Shirley Hackenburg Leola Hagood Mr. Melvin Hagood Miss Ruby Hagood Mrs. W. K. Hagood Mrs. Haines Capt. john Haines Mrs. B. P. Hall Mrs. C. A. Hall Mr. Gt Mrs. D. W. Hall E. William Hall Mrs. G. A. Hall Henry V. A. Hall Dr. H. V. Hall Miss Lucille Hall Miss Marie Hall Mrs. Percy Hall Margaret Hallock Nettie Hallock '46 Mr. lt Mrs. Russell Hallock Mrs. N. C. Hamer Miss Dorothy Hamilton Capt. Gr Mrs. Thomas J. Hamilton Mr. dr Mrs. H. L. Hannon Mr. R. T. Hannon Mr. 5: Mrs. E. S. Harder Mrs. Roland Hardesty Mr. UL Mrs. W. L. Hare Capt. Bt Mrs. W. F. Hargrave Mrs. Ida Owings Harpe Mr. Mrs. Chas. D. Harrison W. F. Harrison William P. Harrison Mr. Robert W. Hawkins O. G. Hayes Mrs. A. R. Hefler Mr. H. L. Heidler Mrs. Paul Heineman Mrs. Edward Hendricks Mrs. Leon Hepler Herberts' Mens Shop Mrs. G. R. Herring Mrs. John Hicks Mr. John P. Highland Mrs. Dorsey Hill Mr. Bt Mrs. H. E. Hinesley Dr. Rev. Et Mrs. G. Warfield Hobbs Jr. PATRONS - Continued Jack's Bar-B-Q Mr. Mrs. Alvin Jackson E. M. Jackson Mrs. George Jacobsen W. C. Jamar Company Mrs. W. C. Jamar Mrs. W. F. James Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Judy Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Edna Jarrell GL Mrs. William Jarrell Emma Joachim Bt Mrs. Frank K. Joesting Joesting, '47 dt Mrs. E. B. Johnson Roy B. Johnson, Jr. G. H. Jones Lewis N. Jones 51 Mrs. Robert L. Jones Bt Mrs. R. I. Jones Mr. Robert F. Kunkle Mr. A. Kumow Mr. dt Mrs. William Labrot Royce W. Lamb Mr. Gt Mrs. W. A. Lamb John A. Lamon, Jr. Mrs. R. B. Landers Miss Marg Lane Latin II-A Martin J. Lawlaws Edward D. Lawles J. F. Layng Mrs. Gus Leanos Helen Leanos, '48 Pauline J. Leanos Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Leatherbury Charles Leatherbury, '48 Mr. Br Mrs. Taylor Leatherbury Mrs. C. Addison Hodges Elizabeth Hodges '47 John Hodges '48 Mr. dt Mrs. Chas. Hoffman Mrs. Holidayoke Mrs. French Hollidayoke Joe Hollar Homeroom 108 Homeroom 109 Homeroom 204 Horneroom 205 Homeroom 210 Horneroom 211 Homeroom 302 Homeroom 308 309 Homeroom Home Arts III-3rd Period Mrs. Alfred A. Hopkins Mr. Gt Mrs. J. L. Hopkins Mary Elizabeth Hopkins '45 Mrs. Weller Hopkins Mr. Gt Mrs. B. L. Hopping Jr. Mr. dt Mrs. B. L. Hopping Mr. ll Mrs. C. F. Horton Doris M. Horton Miss Janith Horsey Mr. Bt Mrs. Albert E. Housley Louise Housely '46 Mrs. F. N. Howard Mr. dt Mrs. J. Howard Rogers Jones Mrs. Spencer Jones Winnie E. Jones Mrs. Joseph Joy Mrs. Roberta Joy Mrs. Verona Joy Dr. dt Mrs. J. C. Joyce Mr. 8: Mrs. J. R. Joyce Bob Kaehler Mrs. Edith M. Kalmey Mr. Edward Kane Goldie Keefer Mr. Stanley Keith Mr. 81 Mrs. Harvey E. Kelly Miss Margaruite Kelly Comdr. 5: Mrs. R. B. Kelly Mrs. W. Thomas Kemp Miss Eleanor Kepharr Mrs. E. O. Kin Mrs. Lillian B. King Miss Mary King, '48 Mr. dt Mrs. L. L. LeCompte Ethel M. Lee Mrs. Julia A. Lee A. G. Leedy Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris Legum Mr. BL Mrs. F. Leitch Mrs. Susie Leitch Mr. F. LeMay Mr. Br Mrs. Eddie Leonard Adele Lemer Eugene Lerner, '48 Howard Lerner, '41 Mr Bt Mrs, Sam Lerner Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Levin Mr. dt Mrs. Louis Levin Mrs. Billie Jean Levely, '39 Mrs. Rebecca Levy Mrs. Howard Leveis Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Roy Jack Lewnes Charles L. Logan William F. Logan F. Lockey, Jr. Mrs. Morris King Robert E. King Webster F. King, Jr. Mr. Bt Mrs. William King Dr. Bc Mrs. Howard Kinhart Glenn Klakring Marjorie Klakring, '45 Mr. A. Kleis Mrs Mrs. Mrs. J. H. Howard Wm. W. Howe Mrs. A. P. Howie Mrs. J. D. Hudgins Mr. it Mrs. A. V. Huffer Mr. dt Mrs. C. T. Huffnagel Mr. W. R. Huges Mrs. Blanche Hume. Rita Hulsman Miss R. L. Humiston Mr. John E. Humphrey Mr. Lula Richard Humphrey W. Hunt Louis Hyatt, '46 Mrs. Mr. Mrs. George Klaring Albert Knackstedt Lillian Knackstedt Fannie B. Knode Rev. H. W. Koch, Jr. Mrs. Kolb Miss Anne Kolb Mr. Clarence Kolb Miss Mildred Kolb Capt. 81 Mrs. A. Konigsberg Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Herschel Kraft 8: Mrs. Kramer dc Family John Kramer Mrs. A. Krapf Mrs. L. W. Krapish Ma P Kries Capt. 8: Mrs. W. R. Ignatius Mr. L. Issaes . ry . Mr. Joseph Kudhar Dick Loraine Mrs. Mazie Lorens Mr. Augustus B. Lowman Mrs. Carl J. Lowman Mr. Francis W. Lowman Mrs. Charles Libotte Thomas J. Linthicum "Little Patty Pig" Mr. Bt Mrs. George Lucke Mrs. George R. Lucketr Mary Ann Luongo Mrs. W. L. Luttrell Mr. Bob Maddocks Mr. L. H. Mang Mrs. John Manspeaker Mr. It Mrs. Claude J. Marston Jonny Martin Mrs. Chas. C. Mason Mrs. Edward Mason Math IV Admiral 8: Mrs. D. L. Mattie Mrs. L. G. May Mrs. R. McClenahan Miss Jean McCormick, '47 Miss Lt.Col.lMn.j.W.McCormick Pat ' '48 McCormick, Mr. 8 Mn. Henry B. McDonald Shirley McDonald, '45 Mr ill McG u ' . B la ghlm Peggy MtGuckiass. '42 Garland MeKelvey Folger McKinsey Mrs. William McMamara Mr. I Mrs. G. Willis McNew Mr. I Mrs. Lee A. McNew Mrs. Wilbur H. McNew Mn. R. L. McPherson. Sr. Mr. Martin Meade Mr. Raymond Meade l-In "n'hf..'?.f"" Mn. Harry M. Meiser Capt. J. L. Melgaard Jimmy Meredith Eliabeth Mesaiek Jim Merger, '45 Eve Renee Meyer George G. Meyer, '48 Dr. tIilurs.MlLana Meyer Mary er, '46 Mn. Selma H. Meyer Mr. H Mn. Benjamin Michaelson Elmer N. Middeeon Mr. H Mn. Harry W. S. Miller Capt. t Mn. J. W. Miller Mr. U Mn. Philip Miller Suannr Miller, '48 Pt. H M'n.Mlm.F. Milliken Mrs. John Mitchell Mrs. Thomas J. Mitcbdl Misa Nanq Molter Mr. 8 Mrs. N. J. Molter Mrs. 0. J. Molter Mr. 8 Mn. C. O. Moreland Gordon G. Moreland virginia Moreland Mn. R C. Morgan Mrs. Stella Morris T. J. Mortimer, '29 C. H. Mosley Mr. t Mn. Miehad Mike Mrlik, '48 Mn. G. W. Much Mn. Mary Lou Mullen Charles Mumford '48 Mr. I Mn. E. R. Mumford Frank A. Monroe, III Mn t Mrs. Frank A. Monrge Mary Monroe, '46 Mary Mirchake Mrs. J. Walter Musterman Mrs. Harvey Mygrs Mrs. Lewis Myers Nancy "Coz" Myers, '46 Mr. t Mrs. Stanley Myers Comdr. H Mrs. David Nash Mn. Joseph Navasel PATRONS - Continued John W. Neff, '47 Dr. dl Mrs. Luther Neff Mr. Paul H. Neff Mrs. Pete Neimiller Mr. lt Mrs. John Newell Mr. George Nichols Mrs. Gear ' Nickols Rob Nickosa I Mr. dt Mrs.,John Nicol Dorothy L. Noble Mr. Gordon G. Noble Mr. lt Mrs. E. A. Puschert Bernard F. Rsdigan, USN Edna Rand Helen B. Rawlings, '44 Mrs. Robert Redmond Mrs. Clifford Reeder Alvin H. Rehn, Jr., '44 Dick Reichel, '47 Bruce J. Rentschler Mrs. Agnes Owings Reynolds, '27 Mrs. Mrs. Mn. Mr. Jennie G. Noble Norman Norland R. N. Norgaard George W. Norris Mrs. Anna S. Reynolds C. F. Reynolds Alan Richards Jenny Richardson Mrs. Harold U. Nutt George Nutwell Mr. C. O. Mr. lt Mrs. O'Donovan Mr. lt Mrs. Daniel C. Olson Mr. Otto A. Ortland Mn. Marie E. Orme Mrs. Charles A. Owens R. Brooke Owings, '24 Mr. J. E. Painter John L. Pancoasr Mrs. J. Frederic Panetti Mr. 8 Mrs. Steve Panos Mr. I Mn. George Pappas Miss Helen G. Pappas Eva Paquette Andrew Bryan Parker A. G. Parker M. M. Parka l'Vliss Beulah garlic! . Compton ea 05 M. Pennington Mrs. Anna Peregoy M . C. A. P rs eregoy Peggy Peregoy, '48 William Peregoy Lets S. Pen-et Capt. P. K. Perkins Mr. Bt Mrs. Orlando Ridout, III Mr. Orlando Ridout, IV Mr. Gt Mrs. F. E. Rippert Mr. Bt Mrs. C. L. Robbins Mrs. George Robbins Mr. dt Mrs. W. E. Robbins M. Audrey Robinson Lt. Comdr. David B. Rodman Mr. Edward Rodowsky The Rogers Mrs. John Rogers Mr. 61 Mrs. John B. Rogers Mrs. Marion L. Rogers Mr. Edwin Rolker Mrs. J. E. Rollhss Mr. It Mm Benjamin Rophsm Mrs Christian Rossee Mn. H Rosenbloom Mrs. Maile Rosenfeld Miss Jean Rossiter, '45 Melville Roth, '47 -' P. S. Rudisell P. W. Rudisell Mn. Frank J. Peters Mr. Robert F. P ick Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Phil, Mrs. odl lt Mrs. William F. Podlick Pollack John Beverly Pollard S. T. Phaneuf '47 Clifton Phipps Doris Phipps Girls Girls Physical Education lst Period Physical Education Sth Period Physics B F. Ted Physioc Miss Betty Piehler, '44 D. W. Priest M. Alexander Proskey Mr. BL Mrs. Marion Pruitt Psychology B Mrs. Elizabeth M. Pulsifer Mrs. Dudley W. Purdy Mrs? H. C. Rule, Sr. Dr. dt Mrs. Oneal F. Russell Tommy Russell, '47 Mr. dt Mrs. A. T. Rusteberg Mrs. Virginia Salmon Mr. dt Mrs. M. Alcade Sarles Mr. Samuel S. Saslaw Mrs. Satchell Mr. it Mrs. E. J. Satterthwaite Mr. dt Mrs. William E. Ssumenig Mr. 81 Mrs. James M. Saunders Miss Naomi Saunders Mrs. Georgetta Schaeffer Mr. George Schaelfer Lt. H Mrs. C. F. Scharfenstein Mrs. William Schenck Mr. Sam Schifanelli, '39 Ens. T. M. Schifanelli KUSNJ '41 Mr. Jack Schley Mr. 8: Mrs. M. B. Schlossman Mr. lt Mrs. Gordon Scible Senior Science 2nd Period Comdr. 8: Mrs. J. W. Seager Mrs. Earl Sears Mrs. G. C. Seay Mrs. W. A. Seger Mr. Senesi Severna Park Bus Mrs. W. Sewell Mr. Roger J. Shaw Virginia Shaween Mrs. LeRoy J. Sheats Mrs. George Shepherd Mr. lt Mrs. 1. Shepherd Helen Sherbert '48 Robert Sherbert Mr. BL Mrs. William Sherbert Mr. S. T. Shores Sigma Theta Phi Mr. 6: Mrs. C. C. Simmons Ira C. Simmons Milton Simmons Waynord L. Simmons K. William Sinninger Mr. lt Mrs. H. F. Sipe Mrs. Evelyn Sites Mrs Frank Skubal Mrs. Anna Slama Mrs. Anthony Slams Mr. Richard Slama Mr. J. Smearman Mr. Albert G. Smitb Mrs. Alice Smith Douglas D. Smith John Henry Smith Mrs. John Smith Mrs. Leon W. Smith Lil Smith Mrs. Lillie M. Smith Mr. Louis G. Smith Miss Martha S.-Smith Mary D. Smith Mr. Oden F. Smith Mrs. Oden F. Smith Charles Rabison Smith Jr. '43 Mrs. Rudolph Smith Mr. lt Mrs. Walter B. Smith Jr. Smith's Dry Cleaners Mr. Irish Snyder Marlene Susan Snyder '59 Mr. dt Mrs. Samuel Snyder Mrs. Harry Sorgnet South Rivet Inn V. A. Sparks W. A. Sparks Comdr. dt Mrs. W. O. Sp Ttaflic Squad Mrs. E. Stallings Mr. Harvey Stallings Jeanette Stallings CSIS Mr. Sherman Stallings Mr. dz Mrs. W. R. Stehle Miss Marie Stein R.N. Mrs. Louis A. Stevens Mrs. I. L. Stinchcomb Jeannine Stinchcomb Mr. John D. Stinchcomb Mr. B. F. Stockett Ester Stokes Rebecca Steiner Stokes '43 Shelia Stone PATRONS - Continued Lt. Comdr. W. H. Storck Mr. OL Mrs. C. F. Strange Mrs. Nora Strange Mrs. Ellen M. Stratton Mr. L. Strauss Street's Place Mr. Et Mrs. William F. Stromeyer Mrs. James A. Suit Mt. L. B. Suit E. B. Sunderland Edward F. Sutphin Mr. R. J. Swallow Mrs. Helen Sweeney Mr. 61 Mrs. Swonter Mrs. Allen Talbot Mr. Joe Tarleton Mrs. James E. Tate Mr. dt Mrs. Charles C. Taylor Jr. Elizabeth D. Taylor '28 Mrs. Flora J. Taylor Gussie E. Taylor Ralph S. Taylor Mr. lt Mrs. A. F. Tayman Calvin Tayman L. Louise Tayman Mrs. F. H. Thomas Jr. Tony Miss Jaunita Topping '47 Mr. it Mrs. Charles Torrance Mrs. R. B. Towshend Mrs. Nettie Travers Tri-Hi-Y C. Trueblood Kenneth H. Tschantre Doris May Tucker '40 Mrs. Emma V. Tucker Mrs. George F. Tucker Mr. Clarence Tyler Elizabeth L. Van Denburgh Mr. O. A. Van Denburgh Mrs. William Vanous Mr. C. J. Vickers Margaret Vickers Vic Vickers Virginia Vickers '45 Dr. F. T. Wais Capt. Bt Mrs. E. K. Walker Mr. Scott Walker Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh Mrs. F. B. Walsh Mr. BL Mrs. J. Roger Walsh Mildred Walters Mrs. Irene Ward Miss Corrie Warfield Mr .Glenn F. H. Warner Mrs. Hawley C. Waterman James H. Watts '48 Harold Wayson Mr. dt Mrs. J. H. Wayson Mrs. Walter Weaver Edwin E. Weber Mrs. Eliz. A. Weber Steve Wede Barbara Weidman Mr. M. Weidman Mrs. Olive Weidman Paul Weir Mrs. James O. Welch Mr. dt Mrs. McLean S. Welch Mr. it Mrs. C. G. Werntz Mrs. Wm. C. Werntz West Street Esso Station Capt. C. L. Westhofen Miss Margaret Wharton Mr. BL Mrs. Earl A. Wheeler Mrs. Arthur White Mrs. Evelyn White Mr. G. Wells White Mrs. Helen White Helen W. Whitmore Mrs. Aubrey Whitten CliEord Wickman Mr. dt Mrs. C. L. Wickman W. Emerson Wiley '30 Catherine Willcox Don Willet '46 Audrey Williams Mr. Er Mrs. Floyd Williams Mrs. George Williams Mrs. John Williams Mr. John Williams Jr. Mr. Bt Mrs. R. N. Williams Rita Williams Mrs. R. C. Williams Mr. William A. Williams G. S. Wilson Mr. Bt Mrs. L. T. Wilson Mr. Gt Mrs. James L. Windsor Jimmy Windsor '53 Mr. dt Mrs. I. W. Windsor Mrs. M. Windsor Caroll Winter '47 Mrs. Zella Winter Paul R. Wirth '47 Mrs. Joseph Wiseman - Mrs. Lawrence G. Wiseman Wiseman's Store Dale Witt '48 Mrs. Leo Witt Marie A. Witt Charles D. Wood Mrs. Robert D. Wood Whitehall Wood Rev. Bt Mrs. W. C. Wood Irma Woolford '48 Mr. Milbourne Woolford Mrs. M. A. Wooster Joseph J. Wopraroski Mrs. W. H. Worthington Miss Marion Yancey Zoology IA Mr. 81 Mrs. Jerome Zavadil Jerry Zavadil Mrs. W. E. Zimmerman ? -:v ,,-,-,-,,,,,...,.,, .,.v., of-0 c .,..v...... JA'--724' -----v -v? NORMAN R. BELL and COMPANY BRICK WORK CONTRACTORS CONCRETE PRODUCTS 616 Third Street EASTPORT, MARYLAND Telephones, 4888 and 4262 "Richer Milk in the Cream Top Bottle" THE ANNAPOLIS DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Pure Pasteurizca' Milk and Cream ICE 126 WEST ST. Dial 2345 ANNAPOLIS, MD. Congratulations Class of 1948 We welcome this opportunity to wish you well and to invite you to visit "THE HOME OIF FAMOUS NAMES" ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, INC. so wzsr sneer ANNArous, Mo Congratulations '48 We hope to have you M U S I C L O V E R S Visit us thru years to come Sheet Music - Pianos - Musical Instruments 0.C.KEENEY and SONS 161-163 WEST STREET Phone 4852 ANNAPOLIS, MD. I 'I 'I :I I I I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I 1 I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I . 4, 'I I I I 'I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 9 THE FARMERS NAIIZTQXPQECNK TILGHMAN GUMPANY o ' d ' 1805 rgoungfii, Q28 'REGISTERED JQEWELERS Administration - of .- American Gem Society THOMAS JEFFERSON Nationalized in 1865 Annapolis, Maryland Continuous Service For 142 Years Johnniefs "Parker 51 's" UNiLlMl'FED QUANTITIES ESSO SERVICE STATION JENKINS' INC. Lafayette Ave. 81 West St. 135-137 Main Sh-get AHMPOIISI MUYYIUUJ Annapolis Maryland BROS. Free Delivery Dial 2440 6 N. Taylor Ave. New BRIDGEWAY t Pumbing MARKET A feglfng CHOICE MEATS I urners A ,gf Hot Water Heaters Fancy Groceries - Frozen Foods ir Pumps 'I' Fuel Ol' 700 Bay Ridge Ave. Prompt, Iaezflgizlale Service Easfpon, Mqryhnd Compgglents Good Luck SOUTHERN DAIRIES, Inc. CIW of 48 Sealtest I' I P M A N S ICE CREAM and 172-174 MAIN STREET smossvs FRozEN Fooos Anrwpolis Maryland Q -:::::::::::::::::::::::::: : ::::v :::: ':::::- Q -:::, :::: :v ::::J6JJJ! ' lFL.... Compliments Best Wishes To Of THE cuss or 1948 JONES' 'NCORPORATED RELIABLE coN'rRAcTlNG DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales and Ser ' co" INC' vice wesf Sf-reef Extended ANNAPOLIS - Ml'L'L'E'RSVlLLE Phones 4181 and 9201 MARYI-AND Com Iiments Ileleplhone 2292 pof We Call For and Deliver R THE OPEN noon TEA MNBOW CLEANERS DRY CLEANING - PRESSING REPAl'RlNG - STORAGE 100 College Avenue Annapolis, Md. A'WP0"S M0'V'f"'d 1so1 WEST s'r. 201 MAIN sT. Best Wishes To Compliments The Class of 1948 of .Ioesting Motors Inc. International Trucks A FRIEND Congratulations To THE CLASS OF 1948 COMMUNITY FOOD Greetings From "Maryland's Capitol Station" WAN N 1190 ON YOUR DIAL CENTER , n Annapolis Broadcasting 834 any Ridge Ave. C0'P0"'f'0" Annapolis, Maryland Eastport Maryland Studios: Church Circle li School St. A"':'J--AA v - - - v ..v- Jffifiuiifiifififi-A 5355? 'I Tho Hodges fi I Agency ' REAL ESTATE French Oldsmobile EI l and 3' INSURANCE 225 Hanover Street :E ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND 1' Rentals Appraisals ji I BEASLEY S Parties I1 DELIVERY SERVICE .1 Carvel Hall's facilities and service ji Modern Movers make-parties successful. lf you're E1 LIGHT and HEAVY HAULING plqnning a party, a din-ner, or a :I Prompt, Careful and Courteous dance - for yourself or your club ij Deliveries -Call us and let us do the worrying :E 203 Monroe Street CARVEI- HAI-L Q' West Annapolis Maryland I E Phone: Annapolis 6250 A SHERATON HOT I' 1: Peerless Uniform 8ICIothing WEEM5 SYSTEM 0F NAVIGATIUN fl C 227 Prince George Street Annapolis, Md. 1: E ""P"'Y AVIATION GROUND SCHOOL 1, Mum and condmt sh' Courses in Marine and Air Navigation ll JUE GREENFIEI-D, MOMQBI' C and G.S. and H.0. Charts and Publications :P Class of '32 Watches - Navigation Instruments - Textbooks -I I TRY Compliments of :I Art Press 1, If Y ' I PRINTING Sho STATIONERY A""'P"'s Howe' Shop if 160 South St. By Courthouse ,TRADE WITH TRADERH I Telephone 3541 1 Telephone 3474 Colonial Jewelry Co. II The Powder Puff 'I LA D A E UE ' BEAUTY SHOP 47 MARY N V N :E I 39 Maryland Ave. Annapolis, Md. Annapolis Maryland if 'I Compliments of Your hair is the most important thing you wear. I When it is not becoming to you, you should :I TUllbn1al1 S be coming to us 'I 149 MAIN srnsrr B e t h ' s Guy H. Rapson, Mgr. State Circle Dial 5116 I --.f--v-cv--v-- ----- v-v--- 4 Compliments of King's Bakery Compliments of Nat Gates Jr. 8: Son Marine Engines - lnboard - Outboard Complete Recording Studio - Radios - Records Soles and Service Albright's Sound Service COLUMBIAN 5,u,,d Mom, pi,,,,,,e, iR,,,,,d Propellor and Bronze Distributors Sound Truck For Hire 78 Maryland Ave. Annapolis, Md. Annapolis 2492 Phone 478l Night 4423 B e r m a n ' s "SHOP OF QUALITY" Public Loan Office PAWN BROKER 186 Mdill Street Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Clothing, Leather Everything to wear for the Girl Grad Goods' En" Bough' and sold . EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE S. Lerner, PNP- 194 MGH' 5'- Compliments of Compliments Beach Store of Mayo Maryland CGPHOI FIOl'iSl'S Compliments Annapolis Buick Company of 240 WEST STREET Annapolis Maryland John M. Taylor 81 Son Phone 2341 Compliments Compliments of of Feeser's Restaurant Annapolis Storage Company Compliments of COmPlgme"1fS G. T. Sherwood 81 Co. , 0 WHOLESALE CONLFECTIONERS Severn FIMHCG COMPGHY 257-9-'l'I Evergreen Ave. 21 WEST STREET 5,l,,,,,,,., 14 Annapolis Maryland Compliments of G o r d o n ' s Economy Hardware ZELKO BROS. "THE STORE FOR CHILDREN" -----ive-0-4-v.rv-v.1-o-c--------- Vegetables - Fruits "The Best Grown" FARM PRODUCE FRESH DAILY EGGS -- FRESH FROZEN FOODS Roland A. Brown Compliments of A Cafeteria Friend At the City Mkt. Annapolis, Md. H Gifts A Il ouuworu BALDWIN PIANOS ,P 'na' ANNAPOLIS The Home Appliance Co. Ygllqw Cqb Makers of Happy Homes i 51 West sf. Telephone use Dm' 5959 Best Wishes Town Candy Annapolis Laundry and and Cleaners Tobacco Shop Phone 9200 loz West si. Phone zsso , Phone 9222 SNYDER BROTHERS COl'T1plIm6l'I'I'S Hardware, Paints and Plumbing Supplies of Economy Auto Supply Co. Cqpifql shge S1-gre Direct Factory Distributors for 3 W , B. F. Goodrich Co., Tires li 'Rubber Products 5 "I sl- A"""P""' Md' 25-27 west srnssr Am-epene, Ma. S h C C k I 5 Compliments Dresses - Coats - Millinery of 37 West St. ' Annapolis, Md. A. B. credit Sole Agent for Mojud Dependable Hosiery Compliments Z i f f I S of Polan's 5c - 51.00 Store 39 WEST STREET Popular Priced WOMEN'S and JUNIOR APPAREL Carlson's Home Bakery GENUINE POTATO DO-NUTS Assorted Sheet Cakes - Decorated Birthday Cakes - Carnival Rolls Compliments of J. R. McCrone, Jr. Civil Engineer and Surveyor Phone 2454 'I02'I-24 West St. Capital Auto Sales Compliments "The House Built on The Square" of D SOTO - 'PLYMOUTH e , J. B. Moore Annapolis :J-.a-4-e.:-.4-:::4..4r:J.J-:::.+-.aa-c ,v....---.v.- - ----v----- t whifmqfe Telephone 4810 fl Mary Louise Beauty Salon if PRINTING 8: STATIONERY CO. 252-254 WEST STREET 3: 286 West Street Annapolis 6660 A"m0P0llS M0fYl0nd fl 'I Marberl. Motors, Inc' Somebody's Birthday is Coming! ll Be Thoughtful! , P O N T I A C York Pastry Shop Il SALES and SERVICE 261 west sneer Phone 2335 210 We" 5" """"e 6978 gf Globe Furniture Company Compliments QI 238 west STREET O I QUALITY FURNITURE 5l'00kS Bl'0fhel'S I Phone2733 Launderette ' ll 'I l Compliments Howard's Valet tl I of Dry Cleaning - Shoe Repairing If 26 MARKET SPACE If ll ll ' The A I"II-Y phone 9198 1, . - Compliments I Emlay Cut Rate of 'I I 'roaiemes - Cosmetics - Patents McCready and Company 136 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Md. IIMI4 MAIN STREET TI Annapolis - Maryland 1: ll . ll C0mp"me"lS Underselling Store 4' of "Our Easy Payment Plan Is At Your Service" : Co lt o ff-If f G- C- MUVPIIY c9mPanY GENTS,mIIfDIES u.IlaeI:sHIl,.I:IzeN I, 199 MAIN ST. A,,,,,P,l5,, Md. 20 Market Space Annapolis, Md. II ll l Conqplirnenfs of 4 of Firestone Home 8. Auto ', Family Shoe Store M. J. SCHIENKER, Manager 118-120 Main St. Annapolis, Md. Supply 272-274 WEST STREET I w. F. FLOOD AND soN, INC. I l A I Phone 4323 Thomas Clark 8. Sons, owners Compliments l' Western Auto Associate f It Store 0 h "E rytll' for ll A bil " ' ' llADIOg.- s'ii:n'rs'a'l:oI'i2""l PAINTS Smal' 5 Ph-'mer 1: 140 Main Street Annapolis, Md. 110 MAIN STREET 'I 2LJJA:FAJ!-IAJ-A-404-A4AJ5f +504- - v 'vv' Repul:-hc 5345 Telephones Boy Vista 2561 COmplIl'T1eflI'S Washington, D. C. Annapolis, Md. f John J. McKenna O Realtor and Business Broker , I Chandler Building .hm 5 Comer 1424 Eye sr., N.w. 14 Bancroft Av.. Washington, D. C. Bay Ridge, Md. Jess Rad'io and Electric Compliments 0 FRANCIS STREET AT MAIN Annapolis, Maryland The Delica - Dine 174 WEST STREET Eyes Examined Dapilly 3g5A. M. to 4 P. M. Telephone 2684 one 1 . Joseph D. Lazenby The collrgglzlgkifitelry co' Real Estate and Insurance Jewelers - Watches - Diamonds - Opticians 215 MAIN STREET 13a MAIN STREET AHMPOIIII MGPYIGMI C l' Henry M. Murray, Agent ompolmems 236 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Maryland Labovitz Company 122 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Maryland Phone 2359 W. H. Thomas and Co. 'Complete Outfitters for Men and Boys 141 - 143 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Maryland Dial 2241 Diamonds Remounted Stearn's Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Watch Repairing The Parsons Company Department Store 220-222 MAIN STREET Phone 4566 Annapolis, Md. Dial 2655 The Henry B. Myers Co. 45-49 WEST STREET 'I80 Main Street Annapolis, Md. AMWPUII' ' M"'YI"'d .Compliments Compliments of of Senior "Hi-Y' PaImer's Garage And'-eye Krause Menetian Blinds Window Shades Upholstering Your Chevrolet Dealer Annapolis Maryland City Awning Co. 1311 WEST STREET ---- ---'-A------A'-- --A" --A90 ,---.v .v,.. ---- ..-- vv-- vv--. -- -:::- - ::::::::ar0o4T:::- :::::::: - --+---- ---------------AAJQ Compliments of Cliff Dawson's Store Severna Park, Md. Chris' Billiards ANNAPOLIS HlGH'S OWN For Good Food and Drink 275 WEST STREET Chris S. Psemadakis Maurice E. Meade CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER 432 State Street Keefe's Store cvrksss CREEK ROAD Phone 206l Eastport, Maryland SGVOIM Pllfll, Md- Co I' t Severna Park Beauty Shoppe mp 'men S Mrs. Eleanor Gosnell Rf Phone: Severna Park 355 A Friend Compliments of Compliments of Annapolis Army and Navy Sandwich Kitchen Surplus St. Margarets 149 WEST STREET Most Delicious Hamburgers Anywhere Phone 2660 Annapolis, Md. BOB IBUSCH, Prvpfiefvf Maytag Washers Servel Refrigerators Telephone West River 8-F-4 Arundel Gas Co. Distributors of the Metered Bottle Gas GAS RANGES - WATER HEATERS Edgewater, Md. Phone Annapolis 2134 Frank S. Duckett Electrical Contractor Davidsonville - Maryland E. Churchill Murray INSURANCE EXCLUSIVELY Compliments of Quick's Severna Park Annapolis - Maryland Market Phone 3l38 Severna Park, Md. Compliments Compliments of of Thomas Langan Yacht Yard ARNOLD C. GAY, Proprietor Annapolis Airport, Inc. "Flowers for all Occasions" The Academy Flower Shop LESTER B. WAYSON, Prop. 139 Prince George St. Annapolis, Md. Res. Phone 4409 Bus. Phone: 3200 ln Eastport lt's Cullimore's Confectionery 400 FOURTH STREET T. J. CULQLIMORE, Prop. Phone 9737 John M. Dawes and Sons Hardward - Paints - Oils - Varnishes Plumbing - Electrical 81 Boat Supplies Cor. Randall Street and Market Space Woodlyn Farm Dairy ORLANDO RIDOUT AND SONS Annapolis, Md. R. No. 2 RAW AND PASTEURIZED MILK Federal Accredited Herd for 25 Years The Holidayoke Company Compliments M1u.1N:nY - wooLs of 181 MAIN sneer Photo Shop Annavalia - Maryland 151 MAIN s'rnEE'r Telephone 3909 Bernard J. Wiegard REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Hotel Maryland Building Annapolis, Maryland Dial 4211 Artists' Supplies R. E. Strange and Sons Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes 159 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Maryland Abraham Greengold Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings The Store for the Lad ond his Dad since 1908 ANNAPOLIS, MD. 46-48-50 West St. Phone 3600 Compliments of The Farmer's Supply and Equipment Co. Defense Highway Parole, Maryland "EVERYTHING FOR THE FARMER" Green's Pharmacy REXALL STORE WM. A, CLARK, Prop. Dial 4311 170 Main St. Annapolis, Md. Compliments of Krause Furniture Co. Incorporated 1800 Block West Street 'Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of S a d I e r ' s HARDWARE STORE 122-128 Dock St. Annapolis, Md. ARUNDEL LAUNDRY Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Storage Scientific Rug Cleaning SPA ROAD and WEST STREET Dial 2343 -vvv vvv--vvv---vv--vv--04-0:5 ve-cvvv --- H. E. RCIEELICK En '4O..,.....fn . ,,Cng..5,..Fa.. BA1.-:mane 1, Muwi. 9-- 4 -, f . . - gg, 2aA,a,,ig5,-' 5 Qi 1 2 - V Z W ?"A "5' , f f Q g K X , f Q Q,!9'535 is C ' . I g? W1 J' I 1 I f 'f M J 9' v .I ,., . , , . c E .1 y , L 1 -sf M Q ,i ,I , : . . , , I , 3 , ,I , '. I 'I 1 ff 's ' , "I 1 I , , wt: gg, If fx, ,f,f.' f ' mf f f , 4 ,I ' ' ' :Ig , ,, 41. 333 ff' - fjh Lg., 1, ff K ,J 1 - 1 J f f' 'M' . f 1 4 , , 1 '1 z ' f f ': nf :fl 4 Q , f, Qs' iv ff , 5, Af, 1, , , 5 ,f, ,,, Q W 'E ' K 4337! ' 5 T1 w f f if 12- st N 4- r 1 . 1 , , x L ,, Y Lf, L . E . 5 .4 2 Ex. , -4 'E ' W c 2 2 1 ' E 5 ' axQ ' ' - ,GFRA - 5 -',A,.,,. 7 5 2,56 u f N r v Nw 'r . V 5 ,, 4, 4 J' 4. in W I wif' ! Q41 I 1 V ' if, 425 A if , 4 ' f' rv ! lx. 5 I V 2 Z Z .l-..--a- 1 Z 1 .1 f ' 5 sl L 'L l .':i"i' '1'-',--1 L LL 3 L 1 1 I I f W QM N ? -X YQ," W, ,c' 5 F se : N ' al" I , - , ,I , A N ll fd. Vkbjd . u .. -...-. , Q. .. 5' 2 1 E! 4 fax, 1 , -V f.kx -S 1:54 WA K Q Y S L ,. TJ F 1 I Q...-.-. ...f-...i. E5 'L .1 ' ff A 3 K- A -. ., J f ,X v .x 1,-K '. is . RTT ' ?: - 2 L XQE, f w E33 gg Q A Y , 77 V VY 0,9 Q 4 Q '- .A Ag.6.?2x .QAQAQ-ii-g3Q.g93QZ:f3 f fm :f 1 f 2 3 MW fs! ,V 'A N , ' M' f' n 1 1 'Q':.'QZ'5' 'Zo' War ,fee A .fi ffffwfffrr V N! Ng f , QW, M31 , fu! Ii aff AWN' ,9Qy'ofZtz'0"0,+ yffl 1 45,11 If xl, f ,,- I, L' M, ,:4M!,1 la! I9:'901Q51 sniff' ffiff. ffm "'f"M'. 'v'9f' '1 M-11fl'f!f'? ' 1022: wir' 9'3f4.'W.'v'+0Ef af W 1 Wim as f ' 4 ZW 1' f f5f'w m r: W ,,1,.a7, N11 ,QW 1 'ly A Anr .1194 gaig agtgr, Q n..:f:g fyiag vX'f' i '---' -7 Q77 .. -Sf' 'ag9xy'yfr"' fri-':'vwfff'gj','lif 4 p ,,' N SS. " " -f ff X I L e w we X 'o vw,-,-'QQ -.fog 'i v'v.6' 931' wgosyyaqw -oe,-VEEEYX I , WW' if ' f ', 1 W W' 2fa+ 1 W ,if W .11-1 .1-:X .li-5. V -l...... , : A .fs W' 9 X ff. .- 9. 'GH' 2 , I ,ZW ' MW ' gym J Vs F 1 , . 5 Ip .4 . .4 5 'v,,f1- ,S ' 3 . V : ' 1 ' 5. Q I I , f g , !!, 1b.. . . + ,mme 5 1 , ,, gag: 5 9 3 , 1 F- lE1......,e is I Qjff S - 4 Q .L ,QW f + v , e4,W , w f J 1 T 4: N' K Q 'N 1 4 " X. ,N l ' 3 ngjpaigig, 3 5 f u 5 M 9 1 Q ' aa' - . 6 5 i374Qf'Qi0'4 5 ' r Zi, , , 'A " 4 H LQ J f, gggwfgg- gf 1 ""-" "QW M11 4 ' 2' 'Jiigy 43543 J ' ' '74 934- 4 VJ ,,,,,l , :lv - t'.' il: W , + RB- : ,fir Z--.-.. A' .iff

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