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w ffffiw Slmdffw Q15 , fm W -N4i.Ii.Y'Q- ,M , jysf Wxwlwa' gf? fwmyfk ff fyQ sf in fgwemf Wl,iMff WW! Qpgfffyfjfmw QW 5' W ,sw-gy Sri? 1 C of if? sb wb Jyfvwwgqfy gvwyygf ESZJZZ Q., if' .MW EV 45' 'fffrwbiwfm 7 W WWW QW Www ff' V3 N of W M WW QW D Q S32 QM? wifi' if W CWM JM 9 . F MM wMQQ1SwMwm J 5227, 1 - my ,411 . A-,CLLCV 'MW 'WZWXSUHWK L 0,-ff"'7'p QMMM WGMQ 55553, ,ZA WW AQ! 144421 1 . 'V-L! 14,-f gc QM? 3:75 4,6 . To 3, aww B Q.fO:4.0Zlr,Q!L2m Xigqgx ?C.0'f ik S cz., ' nl Fly wgyyw 6 ,M RWM X52 ,igmifwwwwm if M, ,ww M Zgififfzgm W,.9"Lw , BRT dying, 4 J "1. G Z zffyw W? M"+lu.f',Q 53?-Q M ,MM JW ff Wwjfiflfffo' ' ,z EW Wwggmqw C W' wp CZKW W QYQQEYX 5164 QW""'i7 QM r V- bx - wc . fm..Qi.u mhji-QL gal! Mg7'uE3MW5'fW5 A W 5 me xgznior CALM Qdegenfa le 1945-19.46 MAI, .!dl'l,l'L6L!90A:5 .SZAOOX AHWGPOEJ, Wdfgfalld 0108 LU0l" Ore as it is taken from the mine is of little value. However, by a process known as smelting, it is made into steel-a useful metal of great and lasting strength. The quality of this steel depends upon the quality of the ore and upon the skill with which it is smelted. Untrained human beings are also of limited value. Smelrecl by edu- cation, they become the vital strength of the nation. Their quality, like that of steel, depends upon the " ore" of which they are made and upon the method by which they are "smelted" or tempered. In the 1945-1946 WAKE, the Stal? has endeavored to portray by means of pictures and legend the various methods of tempering in Annapolis High School. It has shown the manner in which the "ore" as represented in the underclasses becomes "smelted" by the faculty, by classes, by activi- ties, by "little" things, and by "big" people to emerge eventually as "metal" or graduates. 5761144 of Qnfenfa .742 .EMhJPy 740 Ore THE EIGHTH GRADE THE FRESHMEN THE SOPHOMORES THE JUNIORS jAe Smeding THE FACULTY THE CLASSES THE ACTIVITIES THE "LITTLE" THINGS THE "BIG" PEOPLE - .7412 meh! .... ,MA ,gimiom 2108 .yd we EMR fy .... Far above the Se'vern's waters With its waves of blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater, Glorious to view. 2-2: me - " to L Hso' , , ,.., ,L wi S 355531. Wifi' ggtgsf 'rw Q2 , Sw 5' f Far above tbe busy humming Of the bustling town, Reared against the arcb of heaven Looks she proudly down. 5 ...And AQ,-Q li jim QM. These Eighth-graders representing the raw material as it comes from the mines of the elementary schools ROOM 301 First Row: S. Berry, B. Colton, H. Beyerlein, S. Boerstler, Miss Gaeth, E. Bausum, K. Bean, S. Ackenback, M. Adams, B. Basil. Second Row: F. Cammarata, Wooster, C. Bout- tier, S. Christo, A. Characklis, P. Buxton, V. Brooks, L. Austin, A. Brown, C. Clark, L. Casey, S. Basil, M. Bottner, M. Bowen, C. Como. Third Row: R, Cook, B. Bryant, V. Carr, F. Bowles, C. Brown, D. Cook, E. Bausum, R. Brady, G. Bass, K. Bunker, H. Bunker, B. Agriesti, D. Atwell, C. Brohawn, D. Crosby, E. Burdett. ROOM 302 First Row: D, Cullemher, B. Ueale, R. Eucare, Mr. Bonner, Donaldson, C. Farish, Colburn, Cromar, Second Row: M. Finke, -I Coulter, T. Donaldson, C. Connell, V. Currier, S. Dove. Third Row: S. Westophen, S, Rule, A. Fines, J. Connelly, Daugherty, P. Crawford, Gid- dings, TW. Hall. Fourth Row: T. Diamond, B. Wirthlin, Ford, R. Griffith, W. Elliott, T. Earl, B. Galloway, H. Dignen. Fifth Row: C. Edwards, Easterday, C. Hindle. ROOM 303 First Row: B. Herring, M. Hacker, E. Thomas, A. johnson, S. Greenfield, E. Jacobs, P. Fran- tum, M. Davis, M. Henry. Second Row: F. Jones, T. Kelly, P. Kaiser, E Finkle, S. Allston, S. Fredenhurgh, M. Garner, K Galloway, G. Howard, H. Wood. Third Row: S. Greenwell, A. Inman, M. Graham B. Ullman, B. Westphal, G. Merle, P. Hunt, J Buck, B. Insley. Fourth Row: R. Meiklejohn, Hurt, B. Mayes W. Lusby, R. Marks, K. King, T. Kirkpatrick. Fifth Row: L. McNew, R. McDonald, W. Farish T. Meekins, J. Minter, J. Levay, A. Houlley. ROOM 304 First Row: V. Lawson, P. Norris, D. Lyne, S. Lee, Miss Hicks, A. Lucas, J. Malden, A. Kramer, M. Kramer. Second Row: J. Klyman, Lipman, P. Taylor, E. Miller, C. Lyne, B. Parkinson, P. Kohr, C. Kies. Third Row: T. Field, Duclcett, P. Montag, C. Disney, A. Loughlin, D. Phipps, J. Palmer, Nichols. Fourth Row: M. Rawls, Talman, K. Popham, W. Scarbourgh, A. Ridout, D. Newell, C. More- land. Fifth Row: C. Schwalier, E. Nichols, C. Neimiller, C Moore, K. Riley, A. Riley, Pierce. ROOM 305 First Row: A. Tennyson, P. Stoclcett, B. Weeks, M. Williams, P. Zelko, Miss Vincent, R. Whit- tington, M, Williams, B. White, P. Weber. Second Row: R. Willis, P. A. Wilson, J. Stubbs, M. E. Thomason, Teall, N. Davis, A. Ulna, Torrance, B. A. Winter, M. A. Woolford, B. Stockett, V. Taylor, R. Zelko, W. Thomas, N. Tydings. Third Row: E. Turner, J. Vanderburgh, C. Wood, R. Taylor, T. Thornhill, G. Wilson, A. Tomanio, R. Williams, D. Swink, P. Wilson, A. White, L. R. Turner, R. Willix, A. Woodburn, A. Walker. ROOM 307 First Row: J. Frano, M. Whittington, M. Franz, M. Meilclejohn, D. Castro, Mr. Norris, M. Beall, G. Bassford, A. Sinclair, J. Starlings. Second Row: M. Tyler, A. Parkinson, P. Rey- nolds, A. Drury, H. Sears, W. Lawson, S. God- dalrd, C. Blades, M. Moran, ll. jordan, K. Hooper, Third Row: R Wi le Simmons R. Peacock - S Yi ' 1 n K. Westervelt, A. Tuers, E. Jones, A. Casey, T. Dorsey, L, Fear. ROOM 310 First Row: G. Richman, H. Ireland, D. Dove, I. A Sears, Mrs. Smtih, P. Skipper, R. Rogers, D. Sears E. Schlepegrell. Second Row: S. Sappington, N. Somers, R. Stuller N. Smith, E. Ristaino, B. Ritter, B. M. Schenclt A. Ridout, P. Saslaw, N. Russell, A. Sears. Third Row: W. Smith, A. Ravenscroft, M. B Rupp, K. McGinnis, P. Stallings, M. Beineman, B Stearns, K. Shelton, Sherman. Fourth Row: J. Stevens, R. Sears, D. Smith, J Staton, G. Stallings, D. Skinkle, B. Storton, L Springfield, T. Stokes, J. Spencer, S. Smith, 1 Starnes, C. Steele. . . enter our foundry to undergo the first stages of the smelting process The Freshmen, although they have experienced some tempering, are still far from being prepared to lead a useful life. ROOM 108 First Row: E. Hall, E. Richardson, D. Fisher, M. A. Goudreau, B. Stehle, M. L. Olsen, Miss Horsey, J. Kerr, J. Downey, F. Aorilio, A. Schifanelli, B. Duckett. Second Row: P. Prewett, S. Maroba, P. Jordan, W. Tyler, E. jenkins, M. Coulter, A. Leitner, L. Whelchel, S. Champion. Third Row: E. Howard, M. McCarthy, B. Boyce, S. Cadenas, M. Quade, M. Harrington, R. Gies. MUSIC ROOM First Row: T. Eucare, R. Basilere, Alegria, Mrs. Erickson, P. Weidmann, L. Niznik, A. jackson, C. Pulsifer. Second Row: Benson, R. Thornhill, S. Landis, W. Wright, C. Donaldson, F. Rupp, G. Man- ning, K. Chapman. Third Row: C. George, H. Wiggins, B. Ericsen, R. Snavely. V, Agriesti, A. Jones. Fourth Row: J. MacCready, C. Wagner, D. Whel- an, J. Bolcer, J. Leddy, J. Bower, W. Wallace. The Sophomores represent ore from which many undesirable substances al- ready have been removed. ROOM 101 Firsr Row: A. Ginder, J. Greenberg, S. Hacken- berg, E. Grimes, S. Fine, Miss Dick, L. Grimm, M. Grines, B. Garrett, E. Grierson. Second Row: C. Frank, L. Duvall, W. Gaw, M. L. Flood, C. Evans, M. Guill, F. Ecken. Third Row: E. Greenfield, M. Green W. Fair J. Engberg, S. Francis, H. Hall, A. ,Givins, Ci Fisher. ROOM 102 First Row: A. King, P. Knode, B. Hayes, M. King, M. Jones, S. Hopkins, Mrs. Pierce, M. Kleis, L. Hagood, M. Hannon, M. Hallock, V. Hall. Second Row: L. Herring, R. Howard, W. Higgs, G. Jeiferson, D. Hipkins, 1. Hare, S. Hoff, R. Hefler. Third Row: W. Haneke, Hodges, T. Hurt, T. Hayes, A. Hubbard, D. Hopkins, E. Herbers. Their processing is now half over and their quality is becoming evldent ROOM 107 First Row: S. McPherson, B. Marshall, P. Mc- Kinsey, L. Luclce, P. McCormick, Mrs. Miller, D. Meilclejohn, E. Marston, G. Mitchell, D. Hum- phries, H. Leanos, Maberry. Second Row: P. Prewett, A. Martin, C. Mum- ford, B. Mason, G. Lamb, B. Mattie, V. May, E. Meade, J. Knaclcstedt, J. Michaelson, G. Le- Compte, C. Leatherbury, C. Klakring. Third Row: H. Kirschner, E. Larrimore, P. Loh- mann, G. Meyer, E. Lerner, P. Lambert, E. Pen- nington, W. Kleeburg, R. Murchake, R. Mason. ROOM 109 First Row: C. Moyer, Nix, B. Myers, B. Pod' lich, B. Much, D. Ridgeway, Miss Smith, Rog' ers, L. Pruitt, M. Mueller, M. Rule, M. Morgan Second Row: W. Stewart, Perry, L. Simmons, J O'Neil, P. Peregoy, B. Molter, L. Sipe, G. Seger D. Steward, W, Smith. Third Row: Rawlings, B. Stinchcomb, D. Smith F., Smith, C. Quenstedt, L. Stevens, M. Sparks B. Saumenig, G. Russell, R. Saunders, C. Pruitt B. Sears. The basis for their scholastic success is established and they are beginning to participate in school activities. I x I Q I l ROOM 110 First Row: N, Tice, V. Stratton, M. E. Strange Miss Trexler, T. Thomas, Stinchcomb, M Shaw. Second Row: E. Sapp, C. L. Treat, E. Shepherd E. M. Travers, M. Tayman, B. Singley, A. Slaveni Third Row: Thompson, D. Stallings. ROOM 306 First Row: M. Armiger, F. Bailey, A. Beans, H. Belcher, Miss Hogan, H. Allen, C. Bounelis, M. Blades, A. Armhuster, E. Alvanos. Second Row: H. Brown, J. Bradley, B. Bausum, B. Beavin, B. Fromhach, Armiger, Blaisdell R. Bu11,A. Bradshaw, B. Basil, s. Butler, B. Bitter: T. Alexander, G. Beal, R. Brictson. Third Row: C. Brown, Baker, Aorilio, H, Ayres, M. Brooks, -I. Brady, C. Baldwin, R. Brady, E. Bates, W, Billings, H. Becker, A. Blades, R. Ay, J. Bramble, J. Boehnlein. ROOM 308 First Row: M. Weitzell, I. Woolford, B. Weid- man, A. Williams, B. Wheeler, Miss Marking, M. White, M. Williams, N. Windsor, O. Werntz. Second Row: P, Wayson, M. L. Weber, M. Treat, B. Vickers, P. Windsor, L. Woolford, S. Windsor. Third Row: C. Wood, C. Taylor, E. Vanclenberg, F. Zehner, R. Van Denburgh, J. Zavadil, D. Witt, C. Williams. Fourth Row: R. Wooster, D. Taylor, W. Bennett, I. Yealdhall, Tucker, F. Trafford, R. Weber. ROOM 309 First Row: M. Cadell, S. Dougherty, B. Dawson, 1. Characklis, Miss Kephart, H. Cook, M. Dud- ley, M. Branson, F. Cohen, D. Durm. Second Row: B. Carr, V. Christianson, S. Chris- tenson, D. Donelan, N. Cosden, H. Davidson, S. Chance, J. Brown, B. Carrick, N. L. Conners, L. Durner, B. Dudrow, C. Downey, R. Donelan. Third Row: B. Davis, H. Brown, O. Deitz, F. Deale, H. Buser, H. Eisenstein, B. Clemens, Dammeyer, R. Coleman, D. Davis, R. Disney, R. Daywalt, W. Dill, M. Carr. Their processing during the last two years in Annapolis High School will be determined by the foundation which they have laid. 10 Close now to the finished state, the uniors are ready to meet the demands of Senior life. ROOM 201 First Row: G. Aisquith, N, Busto, R. Aisquith, Miss Newlon, M. Boldizar, B. Billing, H. Brohaun. Second Row: J. Anderson, A. Aisquith, A. Agape- tos, F. Arrowood, D. Aisquith, C. Brice. Third Row: G. Bachman, E. Albright, R. Bass, A. Beyerlein, R. Brouse, C. Armiger. Fouth Row: H. Baccus, F. Bausum. R, Bast. ROOM 202 Firsr Row: N. Cammarata, Calahrese, H. Daniels, B. Carberry. C. Collison, Miss Ross, D. Cook, M. Cronin, H. Cook, E. Cook, M. E. Cullumber, M. Dauer. Second Row: S. Cutler, G. Carr, B. Collison, J. Dudley, Calahrese, P. Cantler, R. Coney. Third Row: G. Duckett, D. Coven, S. Dawson, R. Cassard, I. Ellison, W. Dashiell, R. Como, Eilers. ROOM 204 First Row: S. Davis, B. Duvall, R. Frantom, M. Hardesty, K. Garner, Mrs. Hefler, B. Fox, M. English, R. Ellershaw, M. Halpine, Ford, M. Dill. Second Row: A. Hartge, M. Doepkins, C. Demp- sey, M. Easterday, C. Hass, C. Ewald, N. Faust. ROOM 206 First Row: G. Jenson, E. Hodges, K. Lamb, B. Lee, Hepler, Miss Sansone, D. Jones, R. Kea- gle, R. Kurnow, F. Lee, J. Leitch, P. Grant. Second Row: P. Lancaster, J. Jackson, S. Heise, E. Fitch, J. Joachim, P. Gerrior, F. Heywood, B Hill. Third Row: L. Howard, V. Hopkins, E. Howard J. Brady, Hager, A, Frano, C. Hardesty, A Erickson. ROOM 208 First Row: M, E. Robinson, B. Musterman, S Mcekins, R. Lyne, I. Lisowsky, Mrs. West, D Lisowslcy, B. Norwood, D. Parkinson, M. A. Luon- go, T. Schultz, B. Sadler. Second Row: Leatherlnury, R. Kerr, C. Salaz- man, Meredith,,S. Murray, B. Jones, R. Rand- all, J. Meade, C. Monday, M. Rehn. Third Row: A. Moore, D. Keeney, D. Kavan- augh, R, Meade, C. Moreland, B. Masters. ROOM 209 First Row: E. Smith, E. Stokes, G. Thomas, Miss Case, L. Swallow. S. Swallow, M. Stallings, N. Stotz. Second Row: T. Russell, J. Topping, T. Slcislalc, K. Vanderburgh, L. Thompson, J. Neff. Third Row: H. O'Neal, Neiman, M. Roth, J. Sames, G. Rawlings, J. Sapp, D. Reichel. ROOM 212 First Row: E. Wade, P. Washington, B. Yost, Miss Bennett, N. Wagner, S. Williams, L. Wilson M, White. Second Row: T. Williams, R. Smith, M. Weid- mann, M. Williams, J. Walker, D. Wells, P. Winn, C. Winter, H. Windsor. Third Row: C. Whittington, H. Sherbert, P. Wirth, C. Tayman, C. Stinchcomb, R. Stevens F. Speaks, C. Taylor, E. Slcoch. l The superior ore of this class will become the leaders of next year. DR HOWARD A. KINHART ST 0HN,S COLLEGE, A. B. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, M. A. oI-INs HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, ED. D. .7 ilzcuhg .Alas Em jan amenfafjmporfance .Eirecfing QW Change C-ieom Ore jo Wefag jf ,JU een, uperuisec! M In a message to the Class of 1946, be states: As iron is the most important of all elements used in metallic form, so character is the most vital of all features found in a life. Iron cannot serve its many useful purposes until its deposits have been found and brought out of the earth. Then extracted from its ore and refined, it can be used to serve many of man's needs. Character, the sum of traits and habits that make up a person's mental and moral being, is possessed by each individual. The refinement of these traits and innate tendencies is started early in life. It is as these qualities of character are refined through contracts, experiences, outlook, and influence that they serve man's needs as he continues to live among his associates. As we attempt to evaluate ourselves critically from time to time in order to discover our strong points and our weak spots, we can find our character reflected in our attitudes and actions toward things, ourselves, other people, and God. Consequently, in striving continually for obvious reasons to refine out individual character, we should remember that we are helping also to improve a national fharacter in which we all possess a desire to share pride. In large measure on account of this refining process as you have carried it on through your four years in this high school, I have found working with you pleasant. I prize your friendship highly. You have my best wishes for future success and happiness. MR. MALCOM RAY BONNER University of North Carolina, A.B. English MISS KATHARINE COX Columbia University, B. S. English MISS ARLYNE J. DICK Massachusetts State College for Teachers, B. S. Health Education MISS EMILY EWING Western Maryland College, B. A. Dietitian MISS MARIE GAETH Bowling Green State Universitv lOhiol, B. S. Middlebury College, M. A. English MISS RUBY B. CLOYD Transylvania College, A. B. Columbia University, M. A. Guidance Director MISS ELIZABETH VINTON DAVIS Goucher College, A. B. University of Vermont, M. A. English MR. CHARLES IOSEPH DI FAZIO Newark State Teachers, College, B. S. Industrial Arts MR. ALBERT W. FOWBLE Johns Hopkins University, B. S. C orne ll University, M. S. Assistant Principal Science, Guidance MR. FRANK C. GUNDERLOY University of Maryland, B. S. Industrial Arts MR. CHARLES. A. I-IASLUP Towson State Teachers' College, B. S. University of Maryland, M. Ed. Music MRS. PEGGY HENRY Drexel Institute of Technology, B. S. Commercial Education MISS MARY LOUISE HICKS Goucher College, A. B. Social Studies, Guidance MISS JANITH R. HORSEY Western Maryland College, B. A. Home Economics MRS. FRANCES I'I. JUDD Western Maryland College, A. B. Library MRS. MARION HEFLER Wheaton College, A. B. Simmons College, B. S. Commercial Education MR. ERNEST H. HERKLOTZ California State Teachers, College, B. S. Industrial A rts MISS CHRISTINE HOGAN Western Maryland College, A. B. Mathematics, Guidance MISS ETHEL V. JOHNSON Ithaca College, B. S. Health Education MISS MARY ELEANOR KEPHART University of Maryland, A. B., M. A. History, Civics MISS KATHERINE M. KIBLER Washington College, A. B. English MISS LORENE C. MARKING University of Kentucky, A. B. English, Spanish MRS. HILDA L. MUSTER- MAN Secretary to Principal MISS MARY NEWLON Bowling Green College of Com- merce, A. B. Commercial Education MR. GEORGE W. NORRIS University of Maryland, B. S., M. A. General Eighth Grade MRS. MILDRED H. KINHART West Chester State Teachers' College French MRS. MAXINE MILLER University of Iowa Art MISS EDITH C. NEWLON West Virginia University, B. S. Home Eronomirs MISS DOROTHY L. NOBLE Hood College, B. A. Columbia University, M. A. Hisfory MRS. MINNIE W. PIERCE Syracuse University, A. B. Latin, English MISS MARIE SANSONE Notre Dame College of Maryland, A. B. Science MISS JANE SMITH Stroudsburg State Teachers' Col- lege, B. S. Science MISS ALICEANN TREXLER Marywood College, B. S. Home Economics MRS. MARIE M.'WEST Oklahoma College for Women, A. B. Science MRS. HAZEL S. WILSON Wellesley College, B. A. Radcliffe College, M. A. Cornell University, Ph. D. Mafbematics MR. MELVIN B. SCHLOSS- MAN Carnegie Institute of Technology, Texas A. and M., M. Ed., B. S. Indus! rial A rts MRS. MARY DICKEY SMITH Randolph-Macon Woman's Col- lege A. B. M atlvematicx MISS VIRGINIA VINCENT Maryland State Teachers' Col- lege, B. S. General Eighth Grade MISS MARGARET H. WHAR- TON College of the Ozarks, B. S. Girls' Physical Education MRS. MARY ANN ROGERS Towson State Teachers' College General Eighth Grade MISS FRANCES BENNETT Johns Hopkins University, B. S. History OMF KZGZUQ5 .Halle Aa! .748 Qeafejf ,QVLXKLLEVLCQ One more gram and . . . A new kind of book learning in English V class! Are my seams straight? fi lil if A keen eye and a steady hand! Our ,gmezfing roce55. Painting the town???? Take 2 cups of sugar- i'sl...J Which phylum? Concentration! Mwgdgfg jj Qeafejf 6!L6U'Lg9 .ylflf Z0 UIQ .... A solution or a suspension? Just right!! Let x I the unknown quantity 20 The music goes round and round ...,!41!ow jzLen pface .yn jA8:58 galflzeringd Does it work? L Up and over! I! 2 I . . . ,Mlwre ,MA awe .AMQJJQJ ,ynkrmalfion . . . . Psychology-a deep subject! 'She Hoats through the air Take a letter, please Whose hope chest? riuen ow .lacinerfi jo lidfracfion. A stitch in time . . Notice the cilia in motion ??? "Arma virumque Cano Future Carpenters? .fdcfiuifiw owe .xdcfcfecf wriefg jg OW ,gilmof STUDENT GOVERNMENT LEGISLATURE First Row: A. Laughlin, B. Fox, M. Williams W. Dusinberre, T. Boyce, J. Breneman D. Stockett, D. Stallings. TRAFFIC SQUAD First Row: D. Treat, F. Galloway, R Carter, M. Chaney, C. Butler, P Farrell, F. Anderson, M. Hall, L Housley, S. Baker, Sears, E Cohen, N. Herring, B. Vieth, R Chambers, C. Tucker. Second' Row: A Carr, Brandenburg F. Howard, K, Haff, B. O'Donoj hugh, J. Humphreys, D. Kohler, R. MacFadden, A. Eisenstein, P. Win- shell. Third Row: P. Jones, P. Ross, Thomas, L. Hyatt, W. Sinclair, A. Casey, R. Shaw, M. Smith. Fourth Row: A. Housley, Cranford, R. Decker, C. West. Fifth Row: Lee, R. Danek, P. Donald, W. Coney, D. Brown, B. Bassford, L. Basil. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Members: M. Vickers, P. Farrell, M. Smith, M. Chaney, B. Danek, C. West, Aubrey, R. Shaw, A. Housley, Edwards, A. Carr, D. Deale, Brandenburg, B. J. Oakes, H. Earle, L. Durner, D. Ridgeway, M. Skinkle, M. Rehn, R. Keagle, I. Schultz, M. L. Halpine, C. Ewald, B. Collison, D. Lisowsky, P. Wason, M. Roth, C. Taylor, S. Davis, K. Garner, R. Lyne, C. Monday, B. Jones, A. Moore, P. Boldizar, M. Stallings, H. Baccus, S. Cutler, M. A. Morgan, S. Fine, H. Leanos, O. Werntz, B. Duclrow, M. Mrlik, H. Belcher, B. Basil, F. Bailey, T. Alexander, B. Beavin, E. Cadell, C. Mumford, M. Quacle, E. Jenkins, S. Champion, W. Tyler, B. Boyce, M. L. Flood, T. Fisher, C. Connell, G. Ross. Second Row: Miss Hicks, B. Vieth, D. Deale, L. Turner, Brady, E. Fitch, J..Anderson J. Thomas, C. Taylor, A. Carr. Third Row: J. Michaelson, J. Gatlin, B. Howard, J. Tucker, D. Whelan, T. Kirk- patrick, B. Coney, A. Housley, B. Podlick. ' 1 Q Q.. AHJAGUQ 'L .A ,lAt6l!,JlULCf0l" ju UDL? aZl'l'Ll98PLl'Lg ,MA Aaue imc! a, agiuclenf Qnuemmenf fo guiale 145 ,,,, Since an rou of eo le must have a controllin bod , we have had our own Student Y5.P.pp.. . g.Y. Govemment, divided into legislative, executive, and Judicial departments. A decided factor in our smelting process, this activity in which every homeroom has been represented has not onl ac uainted us with the duties and res onsibilities of the democratic form of Y q P government but also has provided us with experiences in leadership and taught us the ad- vantages of cooperation among students. Under the leadership of President Tommy Boyce, Vice-President Bill Dusinberre, Secretary Margaret Williams, Treasurer Breneman, and the faculty advisers, Miss Dorothy Noble and Miss Mary Louise Hicks, the Student Government has successfully undertaken a varied program this year. Its accomplishments include a school-wide budget pass sale, pep rallies, a Stunt Night production, numerous community drives, and the en- forcement of school regulations. .fd jams gina! fo en orce our regnfafiolw ,,,, Our Traffic Squad, composed of boys and girls of the Senior Class and functioning under the authority of the Student Government, has kept order in our halls and enforced school regulations. With Jim Breneman as Captain, the Squad this year has been divided into alternating groups-Squad I and Squad II, led by First Lieutenants Deane Treat and Ronnie Shaw, respectively. Selected for their qualities of citizenship, leadership, and re- sponsibility, the members of the Squad, with Mr. I-Ierklotz as adviser, have tempered themselves by displaying respect for school regulations and by rendering worthwhile service, they have tempered others by emphasizing obedience and by giving generous assistance. .fgnal a cizciaf Czmmilflfee fo ,agua our enferlfainmenf. The Social Committee has furnished us with many opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Under the leadership of the faculty advisers, Miss Janith Horsey and Miss Edith Newlon, and the Student Government President, Tommy Boyce, this group has provided many pleasant social events, outstanding among which have been the Harvest Hop and the Jingle Bell Ball. In planning both, formal and informal dances, the Commitg tee has arranged for decorations, music, games, and refreshments. The only requirements for membership in this large group have been a willingness to work and a desire to brighten the lives of fellow students. 25 mr Oliferary .fgdigfy .JQIQA Men Qmcfec! WAKE STAFF Sealed: M. Williams, D. Deale, T. Boyce J. Thomas, M. Smith, R. Church, K Haff, F. Howard, P. Winchell, B. Oaks A. Eisenstein. Standing: D. Treat, B. Vieth, W. Wood K. Mumford. e wwe ec!ifeJ cc Mar gm The WAKE Staff has endeavored through the publication of the yearbook to record the factors which have influenced our tempering and to recapture the memories of school life which we treasure. Although the editing of the WAKE has required untiring effort and concentration, the Stall members have found the experience very worthwhile. Robert Church has served as Editor-in-Chief and Kathleen Hall, as his assistant. The other members of the Stall: have been Doris Deale, Secretary, Betty Thompson, Treasurer, Martha Smith, Literary Editor, Barbara Jane Oaks, Assistant Literary Editor, John Thomas, Busi- ness Manager, Anna Eisenstein, Patron Manager, Kay Mumford, Art Editor, Deane Treat, Circulation Manager, Barbara Vieth, Photography Editor, Margaret Williams, Chief Typist, Bob Bassford, Boys' Sports Editor, and l'y Howard, Girls' Sports Editor. Mrs. Frances Judd has acted as general adviser, Mrs. Mildred Kinhart has served as financial adviser, and Miss Marie Gaeth has advised the Literary Staff. LITERARY STAFF ig: R. Carter, F. Howard, P. Winchell. Nl. Smith, Miss Gaeth, A. Eisenstem. H. Earle, R. Shaw, A. Carr. WAKE ADVISERS Standing: A. Thompson, D. Duval. Mrs. Judd, Mrs. Kinhart ,,,,,ff Our jwo agifucfenf pwdgcafiond. TALLY-HO EDITORS 'F 5? H. Earle, P. Beard, S. Davis, N. Stotz, A. Carr, B. Bass, R. Ellershaw, A. Eisensteiin, Miss Kibler. , , , , we Lowe ,9lftA65!LE6! cz Jcizoofloaloer. In order to report our school activities, to promote school spirit, and to provide for student expression, the Tally-Ho has been edited every three weelcs by a staff of volunteers. This four-page chronicle has given us food for thought in its editorials and laughs in its columns, "Loose Enclsi' and "Main Hall Chatter." Editor Anne Carr has sent her staff of reporters into every corner of the school to inquire about activities and events which concern the entire student body. Assisting her has been Bob Bass, Nancy Stotz has served as News Editor, Robin Ellershaw, as Feature Editor, Philip Beard and Sally Davis, as Sports Editors, Anna Eisenstein, as Exchange and Alumni Editor, and Harry Earle, as Photography Editor. A large number of cub reporters also have made invaluable contributions to the success of this journalistic endeavor. Miss Katharine Kibler has been the faculty adviser of the group. STAR REPORTERS, PHOTO- GRAPHY STAFF, TYPISTS, AND CUB REPORTERS M. L. Flood, G. Beal, D. Hipltins, M. Green, E, Lerner, I. Greenfield, H. Gritz, 1. Maberry, C. Butler, F. Howard, Joachim, D. Steph- ens, R. Danek, C. West, R. Church, M. Munroe, A. Colburn, D. Clarlc B. Podlich. iiagnkyg fa ome Our Organizafiolfw. . A colorful Christmas operetta, an honest-to-goodness radio broadcast, rallies of various kinds, and a number of other programs have been the work of the Assembly Committee. This group has spent endless hours in preparing entertaining and inspiring programs to present to us every two or three weeks. Its aim has been to fulfill, to a certain extent, the quotation above our auditorium stage, "The measure of a man is the depth of his con- victions, the breadth of his interests, and the height of his idealsf, With Miss Mary Kathar- ine Cox as faculty adviser and Barbara Jane Oaks as chairman, the Committee, composed of approximately forty-five members, has worked to arrange a schedule of assemblies whereby each department of the school could be represented at least once. In order that it might function more efhciently, the group has been divided into the following sub-committees: programs, with Martha Smith and Barbara Jane Oaks, co- chair- man, Miss Virginia Vincent, adviser, music, Ronald Shaw and Marilyn Meyer, co-chair- men, and Mr. Charles Haslup, adviser, costumes, Janice Brandenburg and Charlene Halpine, co-chairmen, and Miss Janith Horsey, adviser, makeup, Dana Kohler, and Miss Katharine Kibler, adviser, decorations and art, Dolores Duval, chairman, typing, Elizabeth Suit, chairman, stage and stage effects, Allan Housely, chairman, scenery, Anna Eisen- Ae Ademdg Cnmmiffee fww loresenferflorogramd or our enferfainmenf stein, chairman. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE First Row: B, Vierh, E. Suitt, J. Humphreys M. Hall, B. Oaks, Miss Cox, P. Boldizar, Bi Randall, B. Billing, P. Grant. Second Row: H. Earle, J. Hartford, M. Meyer, A. Agapetos, L. Bonney, C. Butler, J. Logan, J. McCormick, M. L. Meyer, C. Ewald, C Klakring. Third Row: H. Allen, B. Basil, M. Hardesty, M. Robinson, B, Fox, D. Duval, P. Lancaster, M. Smith, C. Halpine, A. Leatherbury. Fourth Row: R. Chambers, Brennan, C. West, A. Housley, T. La Manna, M. Roth, S. Cutler. t Te- 28 vnu: 'M' alle QVLJZPQC! M5 l'LU6?,!lft6l4L SSZPUIICQJ, ART SERVICE Seated: Mrs. Miller, A. Beans, K. Mumford, R. Carter, N. Stotz, R. Ellershaw. Standing: fFirst Rowl O. Zelko, R. Wooster, A. Eisenstein, D. Duval, E. Suit, Logan, N. Hallock, R. Chambers, T. Alexander, V. Taylor. Standing fsecond Rowl: W. Knight, G. Raw- lings, A. jackson, M. I. I-Ialpine. LIBRARY COUNCIL First Row: M. L. Whittington, Cromar, B Deale, E. Hall, R. Ellershaw, R. Carter, N. Stotz, P. Baker, F. Cohen, G. Jefferson, Mrs. Judd. Second Row: G. Sinclair, J. Frano, A. Wolfe, M. Quade, L. Bonney, C. Butler, S. Cutler, J. Michaelson, M. L. Halpine, C. Halpine, L. Luttrell, M. Munroe, C. Bounelis, J. Green- berg, C. Lynch, T. Field. Third Row: G. Bass, L. Sipe, Norfolk, J. Norwood, T. Alexander, B. Clemens, H. Earle, T. Hurt, H. O'Neale, E. Pennington. Fourth Row: S. Fredenburgh, S. Allston, S. Basil, P. Wilson, J. Rogers, G. Jensen, J. Hep- ler, C. Monday, A. Spiecher, L. Woolford, B. Collison, M. Dill, R. Dougherty, R. Dur- ham, G. Richman, N. Russell, P. Saslaw. ur a,rlfi5f4 Aaue acfuerlfideaf our acfiuified wifi, pwfem .... Members of the Art Service have kept our corridors gaily decorated with eye-catching posters advertising dances, jamborees, contests, and campaigns. It has been largely through the publicity which this group has provided that our social functions and school events have been made successful. Vvorking under the direction of President Rheta Carter and the faculty adviser, Mrs. Maxine Miller, this organization has turned in a splendid performance for which we are truly grateful. our 6004-Lying Aiencdi have auiafeaf in fire Edrarg. Those students who enjoy quiet, book-lilled places have worked before, after, and during school hours in our library as members of the Library Council. Chosen by their homerooms to work in this organization, they have assisted the librarian, Mrs. Frances Judd, by performing the many routine tasks which are required for the proper functoning of the library. 29 ,MA owe ecognize .SQ!Lo!ar5!uy9 ,, Seated: Miss Noble, M. Myers, I. Brene- man, B. Oaks, H. Earle, D. Deale. Standing: R. Shaw, B. Dusinberre, M. Smith, P. Farrell, P. Winchell. ome of ow lwwe Lefongecf fo flue Wafionaf Honor ,Siwielfy We have honored those of our fellow students who have shown exceptional ability in their schoolwork by electing them to membership in the National Honor Society. Only those who have maintained a "B" average since their freshman year and who have dis- played high qualities of character and leadership and rendered service to the school have been eligible. The purpose of the organization has been to raise the standards of scholarship and conduct throughout the entire school. Our chapter has not limited itself to being only an honorary organization but has expanded its scope by becoming a service organization. Its members have tutored students who have been in need of scholastic aid, have presented an Honor Roll banner to the homeroom having the highest percentage of students on the Honor Roll each marking period, and have aided teachers with classwork. The ofhcers for this year have been james Breneman, Presidentg Barbara Jane Oaks, Vice-Presidentg and Harry Earle, Secretary-Treasurer. 30 lidpfayed Our Eramafic Jdgiglfy. H own? .fgprifilcklaa gen, ur ,inior pfag. We Seniors have displayed another facet of our collective talent by working together to present on April 11 and 12 "Young April," a three-act comedy written by Aurania Rou- verol and William Spence Rouverol. Our production, a study of the inter-reactions of par- ents and adolescents during the romantic and impulsive "Young April" age, is a sequel to "Growing Painsf, which was presented by the Senior Class of a few years ago. The cast, directed by Miss Katharine Kibler and supervised by the Class Adviser, Miss Eleanor Kephart, has included Pl'0fCS501' lVlCII1tyre .,.... ,YYYAYYYY C hgrleg West Mrs. Mdnfyre ..... .,...,. -I oan Humphreys George McIntyre ,,ssss,s, Vinton Hgyle Lula fv-.f--......... ., ....i .,,,,, D orothy Barlow Vivian ,.,,ff ,f,. ....,.. ss,,, M o n ette Chaney Elsie ................,.., - .,......,. .,,... E lsie Cohen Brian Stanley .,....... ,s,,s , W Deane Treat Terry McIntyre ,,,.,s..s Rosemary Rutt Bert Parsons VV,V.,.i... .,,s,ss J ohn Thomas Dutch ,,,.sV..... ,, ., s,s, jack Parlerr Pete ....,ss,.,s,sss,,, ,, , Allan I-Iousley Stewart Miller ,, ,,,.. ., Ronald Shaw Mrs. Miller ,,,, ,,,,s, C harlene Halpine Mildred s,s.r.. .,,,s,, J ocelyn Hartford Jane .,,.,.,., ,, ..........., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, D olores Duval Diane Gilmore H S,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,s,.,..,,,,,,,,,,.. Mary Lou Meyers Extra Boys , ,,.s,s,,, ,, s,,,ss,,.,,, , s,,, Reginald Chambers and Robert Danek The details of the production have been capably handled by many committees which have functioned under the following student chair- men: Properties and stage furnishings, Nancy Herring, Scenery, Louis Hyatt and Martha Smith, Costumes, Janice Brandenburgg Make-up, Dana Kohler, Sound and light effects, Reginald Chambersg Publicity, Barbara Viethg Programs, Elizabeth Suit and Jane Searsg Tickets and fin- ance, Judith Weinberg and Dorothy Dawson, House management, Har- old Parkinson, Prompting, Barbara jane Oaks, Curtain, john Brennan. ,7!Lere ow Men mowic .yn Our .7 emyoering . . . GLEE CLUB First Row, left to right: M. C. Bausum, M. Meyer C Halpine L D . , . urner, J. Swartz, Mrs. Erickson M. L. Meyers, A. Agapetos, G. Jefferson, O Werntz. Second Row left to right: C. Quenstedt, W. Gaw J. Joachim, H. Brohawn, P. Lancaster, H. Leanos, K. Lamb, M. L. Weber, A. Speicher, C. Baldw' in. Third Row, left to right: H. Wiggins, C. Wil- liams, G. Le Compte, D. Treat, Bolcer, H. Eisenstein. J. Neff, J. Brady, C. Stinchcomb, B. Clemens, D. Whelan: ORCHESTRA First Row: M. Mrlik D. Coven, W. Heisler, G. Bass, R. Hill P. Easterday, J. Sapp. Second Row: R. Shaw, H. Erickson, S Butler, H. Kaufmann, T. Turner, Thomas, H. Kelly. Third Row: B. L. Fox, D. Cavanaugh, S. Cutler, T. Kelly, M. Stallings. , B. Dusinberre, 1 it gt. cm 4... 4.. Our Glee Club h Joyment. A mixed chorus composed chiefly of upper classmen, it has entertained us with music ranging from classical to "boogie-woogie". Singing under the direction of Mrs. Helen Erickson during the first semester and Mr. Charles Haslup during the second, this organization not only has ap- peared at our assemblies and Stunt Night, but also has sung at a luncheon of the Rotary Club, at a P.T.A. convention, and at a meeting of all the superintendents of the state. The President of the Glee Cl b h be ' ' ' u as en Deane Treat, Vice-President, Charlene Halpineg and Secretary, Mary Lou Meyer. n fAe uehicg of our uoca exyoreuion, , , as contributed greatly to our culture and en' , , ana! fda OrcAe:5fra, fha means 0 our imifrumenfaf exyoreddion. The Orchestra, composed of students from all classes, has played at all of our assem- blies and at such affairs as Stunt Night and the Senior Play. The purpose of this organiza- tion has been to increase the musical knowledge and ability of each member. Directed by Mrs. Helen Erickson,and Mr. Charles Haslup, this group of musically-inclined students has mastered many musical compositions and has been a credit to An napolis High School. 32 1 9 . . C4855 ..!4l'L6! .SZWLZ .SZBQVLC 320. gg pfaying C4855 we Aaue exercised, our infefzzcb, , , The Chess Club, sponsored by Professor Engene S. Mayer, has been organized this year by those of us interested in playing this ancient game. The purpose of the Club has been to aid not only those who desired to learn how to play chess, but also those of us who wanted to improve our skill at the game. The many enjoyable hours which we have spent learning the various plays of the game have helped us to develop our powers of concentra- tion and at the same time to relax. Our president has been Ronnie Shaw, our treasurer, Johnnie Sapp. , , , cms! Ay conversing in jeencd we fwwe increaweo! our Anguhfic adidfy ' In order to'help some of us to become better acquainted with France and the French language, the French Club has been founded this year. Discussions in French on pertinent subjects and a number of games have furthered the purpose of "Le Cercle Francaisf' The faculty adviser has been Mrs. Mildred Kinhart, and the officers, Ronnie Shaw, President, Philip Beard, Vice-Presidentg Martha Smith, Secretary, and Harry Earle, Treasurer. CHESS CLUB "M Seated: A. Currier, B. Dusinberre, R. Shaw, Sapp, C. Brice. Standing: Brennan, B. Bass, Wi. Wood, G. Bass. FRENCH CLUB Seated: Mrs. Kinhart, H. Earle, R Shaw, P. Beard, M. Smith, P. Win chell. First Row: W. Sinclair, G, Bachman. A. Carr, N. Stotz, J. Boehnlein, J Knackstedt, H. Baccus, B. Bitter, J Humphreys, J. Joachim, J. Michaelson. Second Row: B. Clemens. Sapp, R Taylor, H. Ayers, C. West. 33 jim gfuda A3118 .STPQIMBLJ Warez! aiD6l!8AJ,9I'l'L8I'Lt.. UAH First Row: E. Van den Berg, C. Taylor, M. Mrlilc, Sapp, Neff, J. Dammeyet. Second Row: F. Eclcen, W. Wood, B. Masters, P. Beard. j. Brennan. Third Row: C. Wood, Grady, Jackson. Fourth Row: 1. Morrison, 1. Meredith, W. Scherer, H. Baccus. .768 Mifeflfeff LEU? fl'i86! ij 0116! QI? fA8 Edt Some of our girls have been members of the S.D.S. of Girl Reserves, a junior Y.W.C.A. club, which helps that organization in membership drives and which sponsors tea dances and dances for high school people several times a year. A trip to Washington, an initiation week, and several parties and picnics for members have been among the year,s activities. President Priscilla Winchell, Vice-President Margurite Hall, Secretary Barbara Jane Oaks, and Treasurer Arm Kolb have worked with Mrs. Christine McClench to malce a success of the Club and to further fellowship among the twenty members. .. unc! fire .J414--M6415 gimfohaaizecl lC!414gA agifancfarafd of Cpfrriafian Cltaracfer. D "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" has been the creed of the Hi-Y. Interest in this Club has increased to the extent 'that an additional club has been organized this year. Heading one club has been President Tommy La Mamma, Vice-President Paul Wirth, Treasurer Loree Basil, Secretary Bob Bassford, Chaplain Phil Gerrior, and Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Cranford. The second group has had the following officers: Johnnie Sapp, President, Mike Mrlilc, Vice- President, Egerton Vandenburg, Secretary, Charles Taylor, Treasurer, john Neff, Chap- lain, and John Dammeyer, Sergeant-at-Arms. . . .fdnaf .gioorfd .Alarm mloroue M5 !QAy5ica!Q- .740 A0g5 AGU? pfagec! JOCCQF... The 1945-1946 Soccer Team has had difficulty in attempting to match the mem- orable record of last year's squad, but nev- ertheless the season has been better than average, with five wins, three losses, and a. scoreless tie on the record. The scoring of Marion Atwell, a linesman, has been a. great asset to the team. Stanley Tucker, an able halfback has been Captain, the usual line-up has also included Phil Ger- rior, Dick Cassard, George Miller, Harold Parkinson, Marion Atwell, Ralph Decker, Chester Trott, Harold Bausum, Tommy Boyce, and Carl Whittington. Nant! fine girg, Jpeetfgafz Our varsity sports program has offered speedball, a combination of soccer and basketball, as the fall sport for girls. Cap- tained by Priscilla Winchell, the A. H. S. team has won three out of four games and tied Glen Burnie for the County Championship. The line-up for these games has included Priscilla Winchell, Betsy socciaiz SQUAD Standing: W. Shearger, Lenis, J Brady, R. Cassard, R. Farrar, P. Ger rior, H. Parkinson, M. Brooks, R Decker, C. Baldwin, C. Quenstedt, H Windsor. Kneeling: Coach Warner, T. Boyce, C Whittington, H. Bausum, S. Tucker A. Casey, M. Mrlik, R. Howard. Others: M. Atwell, G. Miller. 7 Podlich, Fay Howard, Betty Basil, Mar- gurite Hall, Mary Bausum, Sally Davis, Casey Haff, Marie Giddings, Helen Bel- cher, Joyce O'Neale, and Mary Dill. SPEEDBALL Kneeling: M. Hall, B. Basil, P. Win- chell, B. Podlich, F. Howard, R. Dou gherty, C. Haff, M. C. Bausum, S. Davis. Standing: M. A. Morgan, S. Berry, M. Vickers, J. O. Neale, M. Giddings, M E. Dill, Miss Wharton, N. Faust, H. Belcher, A. Laughlin, M. Woolford, M. L. Flood, B. Winter, E. Bausum, D. Ridgeway, 1. Klyman. EHJLQMQKKLAI II 'L lUOPLt2 BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: P. Gerrior, G. Miller, G Hardesty, A. Atwell, S. Tucker Standing: H. Baccus, C. Mumfoiid, T M Russell, T. Boyce, D. Cassarcl, Warner. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: M. Gidclings, F. Howard, Winchell, B. Boyce, S. Davis. Standing: Miss Wharton, N. Faust C. Bausum, H. Belcher, T. Fishe Klyman. rs P M J mf. raft fa, ,af . Our ,9anfAem ftaue lfnrneo! in a. ine per ormance, , , , This year Annapolis High School has had a fast and well trained boys' basketball team with Mr. Glenn Warner as coach. Urged on by a student body which has displayed more spirit than ever before, the Panthers have shown steady improvement from the beginning to the end of a. rugged schedule. Playing in the Capital Basketball League in order to gain ex- perience, our basketeers have shown their ability to stand up against older and more sea- soned players. In competition with other high schools they have also turned in a creditable performance. A victory over Ellicott City and two over Maryland Park have been the parti- cularly bright spots of the season. Marion Atwell and Tommy Boyce, both playing forward, have tallied most of the Panthers' points. At center, tall and capable jack Morrison has done a fine job, while in the guard positions Dick Cassard and George Miller have shown accurate passing and fine defense play. A number of substitutes have also added to the season's record. , , , do have Me ollaafy l9an1fAer5. With the arrival of winter the ever-popular basketball has been the attraction for the sportswomen of our school. Practice, which began early in December, has prepared them well for a tough schedule of games which opened in January. Although the team has been possessed with determination and a will to win, the sea- son's record has shown more defeats than victories. The triumphs over Gaithersburg and Ellicott City, however, have been the highlights of the season. Along with these two schools the other opponents have included Hyattsville, Glen Burnie, Navy Supply Department, Greenbelt, and Elkridge. Priscilla Winchell, Captain and Manager, has proved to be high scorer of the season. Second to her has been Betty Boyce, that outstanding freshman who has accounted for many of our points. The guards, sparked by Marie Giddings, also have done an excellent job of holding down the scores of the opponents. The line-up has been as follows: Priscilla Winchell, center forward, Betsy Podlich, left forward, Betty Boyce, right forward, Fay Howard, center guard, Marie Giddings, left guard, Mary Catherine Bausum, right guard. Substitutes have been Sally Davis, Helen Belcher, Mary Louise Flood, and Margurite Hall. Miss Margaret Whanon has been the coach. 37 .fd cf lbiamoncl .JSI Cfaimea! QM Jdffenfion... BASEBALL Kneeling: C. Hardesty, G. Miller, R. Howard, C Whittington, H. Parkinson, R. Cassard, P. Gerrior Standing: R. Decker, J. Brady, T. Boyce, A. At- well, C. Mumford, T. Russell, R. Kavanaugh, S Tucker. SOFTBALL First Row: F. Howard, L. Luttrell, M. K. Bausum, S. A. Davis, M. Giddings, P. Winchell, D. Park- inson, E. Crawford, M. Lane, B. A. Yost, B. Pod- lich, D. Daniels. Second Row: H. Howard, R. Dougherty, T. Fish- er, A. Hartge, C. Bounelis, P. Weber, 1. Klyman, B. Winters, A. Laughlin, M. A. Wolford, B. Boalc, S. Champion, R. Gies, D. Ridgeway. Third Row: B. Wiedmann, S. Williams, L. Housley, C. Monday, M. A. Kerr, O. Werntz, J. Con- nelley, B. Marshall, B. S. Miller, Miss Wharton, S. Meekins, B. Boyce, M. Hall, N. Faust, C. L. Treat, H. Belcher, E. Bausum, E. Hodges. jf A000 ipfagecl gafdegdff--. Baseball the King of Sports has been the varsity attraction for boys this spring. The playing of Dick Cassard George Miller Tommy Boyce, Bobby Howard, Stanley Tucker, Phil Gerrior and Chuck Mumford all veterans of last year's squad, has been a decided as- set to the team which has made a very satisfactory record against such opponents as Arun- Sprmg with its warm and sunshiny days has found our girls earnestly practicing soft- ball in order to meet the heaviest schedule our team has encountered in several years. Elli- cott City Glen Burnie and a number of other county schools have all been numbered Regular practice hard work and outstanding ability have characterized this year's team, led by such experienced players as Priscilla Wmchell Marie Giddings, Sally Davis, Betsy Since me .fgrriuaf ,gporing AHC! jA8l'L SAQPQ 67,116 EMI, . . . UE!! Stop the pushing! "May I have your attention, please?' How have we ever survived those countless exams? 40 Who can deny that, we have been milk-fed? Do Is it I-lere's "the n'r let me catch your turn? Have you passed your speed ...Jodi pause that refreshes!" test? you doing that again! 41 O! 1L1ffLwjAin 24 . . . MMA .xqaue rimpere M . . . Let's pick up all the paper. What's the number of johnston's Private Lives of the Romans? Soup's on! Hungry? Long may she wave! S ,xr 42 Wade M differ mefaf... What's new on the bulletin board? Is it interesting? 9120! Gosh, how time crawls! "Present colors!" 43 ...ogffi win? Mlyfpemem er... May I have this over the weekend? Sounds Okay: doesnk if? Il's about time I cleaned my locker! ,.-Q 44 ...A mg A jd Jef rsijmwf The sandwich and milk lines have seemed endless to us hungry wolves. l'here's what we have looked forward IO- There has been some waste material. une 13 and diplomas! Those report cards have been serious business. fm 45 kg WMWQAQF H 80,93 .AAO A608 p!6lg86!... Pa mil .20 We slim Deane Treat, Barbara Vieth, and Doris Deale, as of- ficers of the Class of 1946, have determined class policy. The Cheerleaders have bolstered school spirit and pepped up the spectators at our varsity games. We will long remember the melodies of Ronnie Shaw, whose music has been a part of our school life. Our attendance and promptness have been closely watched by Mr. Herklotz and his helpers, Nettie Hallock and Claudia Schultz. . . . .An .Qmporfanf puff .yn Om' Smehing "Big" people of the Sophomore Class, as chosen by the group itself, have been President Bobby Clemens, Vice-President Mike Mrlik, and Secretary Nancy Fowler. Elizabeth Suit, school treasurer, has kept our funds in order. The Junior Prom and all the activities of the Junior Class have been engineered by George Miller, Jean Joachim, and jenny Calabrese. Rheta Carter, president of the Art Service, has kept our halls plastered with posters. 47 3 Mrfme lair Olhaofemhcyo.. Every three weeks we have loolced forward to the TALLY-Ho, edited by Anne Carr. Every girl athlete is grateful to Priscilla Winchell for her work as intramural and varsity sports manager. 48 Tommy Boyce not only has participated in sports but also has managed them. Lou Fox and her marimha have been an outstanding part of our orchestra. . . . Or gamma .7!Leir ,gioeciaf ,7aLnlf5 . . . . Barbara Oaks' familiar "Fellow Students" has intro- duced our assemblies. r. Boettcher, who has haunted every nook and cran- of A. H. S., has kept our school clean and warm. an Coach Warner has lcept his pupils physically fit and by his leadership and pep talks has spurred our boys' varsity teams on to victories. The bass voice of Gordon LeCompte, a talented singer, has echoed through our auditorium as that of "Scrooge,'. owe Zim ALL Z 7446-file... Doris Deale has lent a helping hand by tutoring sev- eral pupils, by working in the office, and by serving in a number of school organizations. The "Brain Trust" of our school is composed of these three-Henry Baccus, Bob Bass, and Bill Dusinberre. Mrs. Hilda Musterman has performed many of the endless tasks which go unnoticed by the rest of us but which are vitally important to the smooth functioning of each school day. The Executive Council of the Student Gov- ernment has been responsible in large part for the students' function in the operation of the school. 50 .. . .7Ae !Q'oce55 Aaxznf exam! ,MArfAwAiL Miss Katherine Kihler has given her untiring effort and valuable time to direct the senior play and to supervise the editing of the TALLY-HO. Our school lunches have been planned by Miss Emily Ewing, the dietitian. VVQ- can thank Jimmy Breneman, Captain of the Traf- fic Squad, for the many times we have been "saved by the bell!" The "BIG THREE" in the publication of the WYAKE have been Robert Church, Martha Smith, and John Thomas. 51 ere re e eniord After having undergone four years of "smeltingn and "tem, pering" processes, we emerge prepared to meet life's changing fortunes. Although we are all products of the same found' JAMES OINEILL ALLEN Moose A masterful line makes a mas- terful man. I-Ii-Y 4g Intramural Soccer 4. PATRICIA ANDER SON PAT A cheery heart makes a friend- y countenance. EULAINE ARMIGER SKINNY She's pleasant in her ways. ANNA MAE AVERY When in doubt, she giggles. I I 52 FLORENCE PAY ANDERSON FAY On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined! Traffic Squad 43 Library Coun- cil lg Junior Prom Committee 3g Stunt Night Committee 23 Oper- erta 2. RUTH DOROTI-IEA ARGUE Her ways belie her name. MARION ALLEN ATWELL AL To him sports are an absolute science. Varsity Soccer 3, 4g Basketball 45 Intramural Basketball, Softball 1, 29 Soccer 1, Z, 3, 4. JULIA PAULIN E BAKER BABE Pauline is foremost in the ranks of fun. Transferred from Eastern High School, Baltimore, 1945g WAKE Circulation 43 WAKE Patron 43 Traffic Squad 49 Library Coun- cil 4g Senior Play Selection Com- mittee 4. jte cizniaheaf mia! ry," each of us represents a different quality of metal, since the original ore and the processing have varied with the individual. Now the metal is ready to be molded by life- SALLY ANNE BAKER JAKE Whatis mine is mineg what's yours is yours. WAKE Circulation 43 WAKE Pat- rons 43 Traffic Squad 4g Stunt Night Committee 4. REGINALD BARRETT REGGIE It's a great nuisance to be a handsome man. Junior Prom Committee 3, BETTY ALLEN BASIL She's always carefree and al- ways gay. WAKE Advertising 4g WAKE Cir- culation 4g Assembly Committee 4g Varsity Speedball 4g Softball 3g Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Softball l, 2, 3. LILLIAN L. BASILIERE LILLIE Sometimes she sits and thinks and sometimes she just sits. Girl Reserves 1. l DOROTHY ALYCE BARLOW Do'r'nE Worry and she have never met. WAKE Circulation 4. ANITA BASIL NITA Charm strikes the eye. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 4g WAKE Typist 4. JOHN LOREE BASIL CHARLIE He's not simply good, but good for something. Traffic Squad 4g Hi-Y 3, Treas- urer 4g Varsity Soccer lg Basket- ball Manager lg Intramural Man- ager 1. ROBERT MAI-IIJON BASSFORD Bonny Chase him, girlsg he's full of fun and frolic. WAKE Circulation 45 WAKE Staff 4g Traffic Squad 43 Social Com- mittee 4g Hi-Y Secretary 4g Stunt Night Committee 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 3. FREDERICK BAUSUM FREDDIE No coward's soul is his. Glee Club 1, Z3 Stunt Night 'Committee 4. MARY CATHERINE BAUSUM KITTY Of her it can be said, "Full of pleasure-void of strife." Glee Club Z, 3, 43 Varsity Bas- ketball 4, Speedball 33 Intra- mural Softball 2, 3 ODELL BOWEN OATS I-Iere's a good fellow - and a quiet one. JANICE M. BRANDENBURG BRANDY She never does tomorrow what she can put off until the next Clay. Student Government 43 Traffic Squad 4g Social Committee 43 As- sembly Committee 43 WAKE Cir- culation 43 Senior Play Selection Committee 4g Library Council 2, 33 WAKE Advertising 4. JAMES EDWIN BRENEMAN, JR. JIM Now here's an all-around good fellow-need more be said? Student, Government 3, Treas- urer 4g Honor Society 3, Predi- dent 4g Traffic Squad Captain 43 Social Committee 3, Treasurer 43 Hi-Y 43 Varsity Basketball 43 Intramural Soccer, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Softball 2, 3. HAROLD GEORGE BAUSUM BAUSY I-Ie's short in stature, but big in heart. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative Z3 Varsity Soccer, Basketball 43 Baseball, Softball 33 Intramural Soccer, Softball 1, Z, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4. LAURA A. BONNEY LAURIE A dimple in a woman's cheek makes a dent in a man's heart. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 3g WAKE Circula- tion 43 Assembly Committee 43 Library Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Var- sity Softball Z3 Intramural Soft- ball l, Z. TI"IOIVI.AS ARTHUR BOYCE TOMMY The world recognizes great men. Student Government l, 2, 3, President 43 Social Committee 43 Stunt Night Committee 43 As- sembly Committee 13 Varsity Soccer, Baseball 3, 4g Basketball 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Soft- ball 1, Z, 3, 43 Intramural Man- ager 3, 4. JOHN JOSEPH BRANSON, JR. JACK Jack's a finished gentleman from head to toe. Transferred from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 19453 I-Ii-Y 43 In- tramural Soccer 4. jOI-IN BERNARD BRENNAN, III JACK We must eat to live and live to 63.15. WAKE Circulation 43 Hi-Y 43' Chess Club 43 Assembly Commit- tee 43 Tally-Ho 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Intramural Soft- ball 13 Social Committee 4. DONALD M. BROWN SENATOR This world is meant for fun. Junior Prom Committee 35 Intra- mural Soccer 4. JANET CAROL PATERSON BUTLER SOXER She smiles for the sake of smil- ing, and laughs for no reason at all. Tally-Ho 2, 3, 45 Assembly Com- mittee 45 Traffic Squad 45 Li- brary Council 1, 2, 45 Girl Re- serves Z5 Social Committee 1. CLAIRE LORRAINE CALDWELL Work, industry, toil-all these she knows well. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative l, 35 WAKE Typ- ist 45 Office Helper 45 Library Council 15 Operetta Z5 Stunt Night l. RHETA ALICE CARTER REETS Her eyes have in them dreams unknown to us. WAKE Circulation 45 Assembly Committee 35 Traiiic Squad 45 Social Committee 45 Art Service President 45 Library Council Pres- ident 45 Stunt Night Committee 35 Junior Prom Committee 3. REGINALD B. CHAMBERS REG He who invented work should have finished it. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 2, 35 Assembly Committee 3, 45 Trafiic Squad 45 Art Service 1, Z, 3, 45 Library Council 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 Intramural Softball 1, 2. MARY ELIZABETH BROWN Liz How glorious it is to be dif- ferent! WILLIAM BUTLER B-ILL Quiet? You should know him better! ANNE WARRINGTON CARR Panting time toils after her in vain. Tally-Ho 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Student Government 45 Traffic Squad 45 WAKE Staff 3, 45 As- sembly Committeee 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Stunt Night 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3. AUDREY CASEY CASEY Sheis plagued with an itching leprosy of wit. Traffic Squad 45 WAKE Circula- , tion 4. MONETTE JEANNETTE CHANEY Mo Her manner is as winning as her smile. WAKE Circulation 45 Assembly Committee 45 Traffic Squad 45 Social Committee 45 Stunt Night Committee 45 Library Helper 4. ROBERT CHURCH CHURCH The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. WAKE Editor-in-Chief 4g Tally- Ho 4g Social Committee 4. DOROTHY I. CLARKE SUNSHINE To know when to be silent is more important than to know when to speak. Library Helper 4. MARGARET ANN COLBURN ANNIE Her very name spells friendli- ness. WAKE Typist 49 Tally-Ho Typ- ist 4, WILLIAM LEE CONEY BILL A handful of common sense is worth a. bushel of learning. WAKE Circulation 4g Traliic Squad 4g Hi-Y 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 3g Intramural Soccer 4g Basketball 33 Softball lg Library Helper 4. WILLIAM B. CRANDALL BILL , Great things are achieved through perseverance. CATHERINE CLARK KITTY A good face is a letter of recommendation. Ofhce Helper 4. ELSIE COI-PEN Generally speaking, she is - well, generally speaking. WAKE Circulation 4g WAKE Pat- ron 4g Trailic Squad 4g Stunt Night Committee 4g Intramural Hockey 2: Senior Play Selection Committee 4. MILTON COLBURN Effort will triumph. STANLEY COOLEY CooKIE It takes a clever person to have a good time quietly. WAKE Advertising 43 Library Council lg Intramural Speedball, Softball 1, 2. JAMES ROY CRANFORD JIMMY Quietness is best. Traliic Squad Lieutenant 45 Or- chestra Zg Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms 43 Intramural Softball 1, 23 Bas- ketball, Baseball 2g Soccer 3, 4. ERNESTIN E CRAWFORD TEENIE She speaks at will and yet is never loud. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 1, 25 Intramural Soccer, Softball 1, 2. TERESA CY R We like her for her smile, her looks, her way. WAKE Circulation, 4. DORIS DANIELS CECIL What mischief lies beneath that calm sweet smile? Varsity Softball 25 Intramural Hockey 2. DORIS DEALE Industry does accomplish all. Class Secretary 3, 45 Student Government 3, 45 P.-T. A. Rep- resentative 45 Honor Society 45 WAKE Staff 45 Social Committee 45 Library Council 3g Stunt Night Committee 4g Junior Prom Committee 35 Office Helper 4. RALPH PRYOR DECKER DECK His motto is "Never do today what can be put off until to- morrow." Traffic Squad 45 Art Service 3, 43 Stunt Night Committee 4g junior Prom Committee 35 Var- sity Baseball 3g Basketball, Soc- cer 45 Intramural Softball 1, Zg Basketball, Baseball 25 Soccer 3, 45 Library Helper 4. JEAN ELIZABETH CROMAR Wise scepticism is a good at- tribute. WAKE Patrons 45 Library Coun- cil 15 Intramural Soccer, Basket- ball, Softball l, 2. ROBERT CHARLES DAN EK ANEcno'rE Napoleon was small! Tally-Ho 45 Traffic Squad 45 Social Committee 45 Stunt Night Committee 4. DOROTHY DAWSON Dorrna There is likewise a reward for silence. WARREN DEARBORN D-Bom: Why can't others be content like him? Intramural Soccer 45 Basketball 1, 4: Softball 3, 4. PAUL A. DONALD Can he be as bashful as he seems? Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 13 Traflic Squad 45 Intramural Baseball 35 Softball l, 2. RITA MARIE DOUGI-IERTY Bur The time will come when you will hear her. WAKE Circulation 45 Tally-Ha 2, 35 Social Committee 45 Li- brary Council 45 Varsity Speed- ball 45 Intramural Softball 15 Library Helper 4. WILLIAM WARNER DUSINBERRE DUSIE Give him the world and the trimmings too, for he is Napol- eon, and'who are you? Student Government Vice-Presi- dent 45 Honor Society 45 WAKE Staff 35 Tally-Ho Staff Z, 3, 45 Social Committee 1, 2, 35 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night Committee 2, 3, 45 Intramural Soccer 45 Chess Club 4. DOROTHY ELLEN DUVALL DOT She is the quiet kind, whose natures never vary. JOAN VIRGINIA EDWARDS JOANIE And why should life all la- bor be? Social Committee 45 Assembly Committee 4. JAMES LACEY EVANS He says what he thinks and he means it. Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Cap- tain, Baseball 35 Intramural Soc- cer 45 Basketball, Softball I, Z. RUBY LORRAINE DURHAM A woman who knows how to work is already queen of some- thing. Library Council 45 WAKE Circu- lation 45 Library Helper 3, 4. DOLORES LINDA DUVAL Dono Beneath her calm exterior a spirit of adventure lurks. WAKE Staff 45 WAKE Circulation 45 Assembly Committee 45 Art Service 45 Glee' Club 35 'Senior Play Selection Committee 4. HAROLD F. EARLE HARRY The real leaders do not always march at the head of the proces- sion. Honor Society 3, Secretary 45 WAKE Staff 45 Tally-Ho Staff 2, 3, 45 Assembly Committee 45 Social Committee 45 Library Council 1, Z, 3, 45 Stunt Night Committee 2, 35 French Club 45 Senior Play Selection Committee 4. ANNA MARLENE EISE'NSTEIN ANNE Vim, vigor, and vitality are always her specialities. Student Government 25 P.-T. A. Representative 45 P.-T. A. Chair- man 25 WAKE Circulation 45 WAJCE Staff 45 Assembly Com- mittee 3, 45 Traffic Squad 45 Art Service 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night Committee 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 3, PATRICIA ELLEN FARRELL PAT Perhaps she is demure, but she's hardly bashful. Honor Society 45 WAKE Circula- tion 45 Stunt Night Committee 45 Social Committee 45 Art Ser- vice 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Traffic Squad 4. MARGY ELEANOR FINKLE Only a few know the treas- ures hidden in her. NANCY LEE FOX LEE A sunny disposition is half the Jattle. Art Service 3, Senior Play Se- lection Committee 4. JOHN FRANCIS GALLOWAY FRANNY I-Ie's little, but so is a stick of dynamite. Traffic Squad 4g Varsity Base- ball 4g Intramural Soccer, Soft- ball 3, 4g Basketball I, 4g Base- ball Zg Operetta 2. PHILIP GERRIOR GA-GA By sports and games are all cares beguiled. Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 4g Varsity Soccer, Basketball 4, Baseball 2, 3g Intramural Soccer 3, 4g Bas- ketball Zg Baseball, Softball Z, 3. IRENE GRALLEY RENE A light heart lives long. Girl Reserves Zg Stunt Night Committee 4, Intramural Hockey 2, 3. 4. AUDREY MAE FORBES There is no royal road to learning. PAUL A. GALLAGHER SKINBRAISER We know what he is but not what he may be. FRANCIS MAYNARD GASPERICI-I FRANK Big men should do big things, MARIE GIDDINGS To be happy is to be active. Varsity Basketball, Softball 3, 4, Speedball 4g Intramural Basket- ball Z, 3, Captain 45 Hockey 2, 3, Captain 4, Speedball Captain 3, 4, Softball 2, 3. LORRAINE TERESA GREENVVELL PEGGY She gives her thoughts no tongue. NAOMI DOLORES GREENW ELL HDV? The great end of life is not knowledge, but action. KATHLEEN CONRAD HAFF 'CASEY Who says that beauty is only skin-deep? Student Government 2, 33 WAKE Staff, Assistant Editor 43 Traffic Squad 4g Social Committee 3, 4g Glee Club 35 Stunt Night Com- mittee 3, 4g Junior Prom Com- mittee 3g Varsity Speedball 45 Intramural Softball 2. GLORIA ANNE HALL Geo She is merry as the clay is long. Stunt Night Committee 4. NETTIE HALLOCK SANDY Her ways are ways of friendli- ness. Art Service 2, 4, Assistant in Guidance Department 43 Secre- tary to Attendance Officer 4. JOCELYN HARTFORD joce Variety is the spice of life. Assembly Committee 4. BETTY LOU GRINE Silence is wisdom, that's why she's silent. Library Council 1. AUDREY ELIZABETH HALL It is better not to speak a word at all than to speak more than one should. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative lg Library Coun- cil 1. MARGURITE LEE HALL LEE . Nature made her as she should. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 45 WAKE Circula- tion 4g WAKE Patrons 4g As- sembly Committee 43 Traffic Squad 4g Girl Reserves l, Z, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Stunt Night Committee 2, 43 Varsity Speedball, Basketball 4: Intramural Soccer, Basketball, Speedball, Hockey, Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Selection Committee 4g Cheerleader 4. CHARLENE HALPINE CHARLIE God gives speed to all, but song to few. Assembly Committee 43 Social Committee 1, 2g Art Service 35 Glee Club Z, 3, 4, Library Coun- cil l, 2, 3, 4g Operetta 2. WILLIAMETTE JEAN HEISLER WILLIE She smooths life's pathway with a smile. ' Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 45 Girl Re- serves 2. NANCY GRIFFIN HERRING NAN There's mischief in those eyes. Trafhc Squad Lieutenant 49 Stunt Night Committee 3, 49 WAKE Circulation 4g Opetetta Z5 Senior Play Selection Committee Chairman 4. ALLAN DOUGLAS HOUSLEY AL When he thinks, he must speak. Student Government 43 Assem- bly Committee 2, 3, 45 Traffic Squad 4g Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 25 Intramural Soccer 3, 4g Basketball 2, 33 Base- ball 2g Softball 1, Z3 Operetta 2. FAY ALICE HOWARD Her friends are many - her foes, has she any? WAKE Staff and Circulation 45 Tally-Ho 4g Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 33 Traf- fic Squad Lieutenant 4, Varsity Basketball, Speeclball 3, 4g Intra- mural Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Softball I, 2, 3, 43 Speedball 3, 4g Stunt Night 4. VINTON A. I-IOYLE, JR. 'SKIPPER What? No girls in heaven? just leave him here! Transferred from Athens High School, Athens, Georgia, in 1945. LOUIS HYATT Louis He does with cheerful will while others talk. Student Govemment P.-T. A. Representative lg Traffic Squad 45 Stunt Night Committee 4g Student Court 4. BARBARA JACQUELINE I-IOOPER . BoBB1E A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. LOUISE I-IOUSLEY WEESIE Virtue is the toughest way, but proves at night a bed of down. WAKE Patrons 4g Traffic Squad 43 Ofiice Helper 4g Intramural Speedball 4g Softball 1. HELEN HOWARD DIXIE She is well paid who is well satisfied. Intramural Basketball, Softball 1. JOAN HUM PI-IREYS jom She doesnit know how, where, when or why, but she will. Assembly Committee 3, 4g Traf- fic Squad 43 French Club 4g Sen- ior Play Selection Committee 45 Stunt Night Committee 4. DOLORES JONES joNEsY There's a song in her heart. WAKE Circulation 43 Social Com- mittee 4g Stunt Night 35 Junior Prom Committee 3. DOROTHY LOUISE JONES Do'r She has no mockings nor argu- ments, she witnesses and waits. Assistant in Guidance OHice 4. GEORGE MAURICE KING REESE It's his conviction that think- ing is but an idle waste of time. Stunt Night lg Intramural Soc- cer 15 Softball 2. DANA LEE KOHLER DA It's good to know, but it's bet- ter to be worth knowing. Assembly Committee 45 Traflic Squad 45 Social Committee 45 Stunt Night 3, 4. TI"IO'lVIAS ,lO'I'IN LAMANNA TJ. A lion among ladies is ai dan- gerous thing. Student Government 25 Tally-Ho 35 Assembly Committee 45 Or- chestra Zg Hi-Y President 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Var- sity Soccer 35 Intramural Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball 1, 2, 1, 45 Cheerleader 3, 4. ALLENE LEATHERBURY BLONDIE Her smile is sweetened by her gravity. Assembly Committee 49 Oflice Helper 4. PHILLIP EDWARD JONES JONESY He's a silent, solemn man - worth his weight in gold. Traffic Squad 45 Intramural Bas- ketball, Softball 4. NANCY KITTINGER KITTY Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Library Council lg Stunt Night 4. MARJORIE ANN KOLB Her words are simple, her ways, sincere. Assembly Committee 45 Social Committee 45 Girl Reserves 3, Treasurer 45 Stunt Night 3, 4. MARILYN EDITH LAYNE MERRIL. There is no wisdom like frankness. Varsity Softball 35 Intramural Speedball 25 Hockey Z. JOHN W. LEE JACKIE He likes work--when it's far away. Traflic Squad 45 Intramural Soc- cer 2, 3, 45 Basketball, Baseball 2, 35 Softball 1, 2, 3. MARJORIE WELCH LINCOLN Muvn Her smile is her passport. Student Government 3g Girl Re- serves lg Intramural Basketball, Softball lg Office Helper 4. IDA MAE MARSHALL Moorsns It pays to be gentle of speech and beneiicent of heart. Intramural Speedball, Hockey 2, 3g Cafeteria Helper 4. RUTH McFADDEN Wise to resolve and patient to perform is she. Traflic Squad 4. SHIRLEY ANN MEEKINS Wit is born with a person. Student Govemment P.-T. A. Representative 2g Library Coun- cil 4g Girl Reserves 1, 23 Intra- mural Basketball l, Z. EMILIE B. MERLE EM Little we know what she thinks and dreams. LYDIA ADELAIDE LUTTRELL KITTY In her tongue is the law of kindness. Transfer to Annapolis High High School in 1944. Student Government P.-T. A. Representa- tive 3g WAKE Patrons 43 Library Council 45 Varsity Softball 49 Intramural Hockey 4. BEVERLY MARTIN BEV Nothing is impossible to the willing heart. WAKE Advertising 4g Intramural Basketball 1, Zg Softball 25 As- sistant in the Guidance Ollice 4. GEORGE THOMAS MQGUCKIAN MOGUCK He is our usual manager of mirth. Stunt Night 43 Intramural Soc- cer 4g Basketball 1, Zg Softball 1. ROBERT MELLIN Here's a fine upstanding sort of fellow whose very manner says, "I can." MARILYN MEYER LYNNE A good heart is a letter of credit. Honor Society 4s Tally-Ho 2g Assembly Committee 4g Social Committee 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 3g Stunt Night Committee 4. MARY LOUISE MEYER SANDY Every few minutes she strikes up a pose and the whole world must wait while she powders her nose. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative lg WAKE Circula- tion 4g Assembly Committee 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN LYONS MIDDLETON KIT Can there be too much of a good thing? Student Government Zg WAKE Patrons 4g WAKE Advertising 4. KATHERINE MUMFORD KAY Whenever she smiles, there is sunshine. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 35 WAKE Staff 49 Social Committee 3, 4g Art Ser- vice 4g Varsity Speedball 3. MARY ESON MUNROE To be happy is an art few acquire. Library Council 4g Tally-Ho Typ- ist 4. NANCY D. MYERS None is useless in this world who lightens a burden for some- one else. Library Council Z. CARL A. MIDDLEBROOKS What's the use of women? BARBARA SUE MORRIS Music makes her soul dance. Library Council 39 WAKE Pat- rons 4. MARGARET HALL MUNROE PEGGY She will live in the hearts she leaves behind. Assembly Committee 4g Social Committee 13 Stunt Night I, 33 Intramural Softball lg Senior Play Selection Committee 4. WILLIAM MURCI-IAKE BILL The cautious seldom err. Intramural Basketball 4. JOSEPH SAMUEL NORFOLK joe I-Ie's grown up-almost! Art Service 29 Library Council 4g Intramural Baseball 25 Softball 3. BARBARA JANE OAKS OAKSIE When opportunity lcnoclcs, she's not asleep. Student Government 25 P.-T. A. Representative 35 Honor Society Vice-President 45 Wucs Staif 45 Assembly Committee Chairman 45 Traflic Squad 45 Social Com- mittee 45 Girl Reserves 2, Sec- retary 3, 45 Assistant in Guid- ance Oflice 4. JACK PARLETT jAcKsoN We met him with expectation and know him with profit. Transfer from La Plata High School in 1945. FRANCES SHERBERT RIDGEWAY Attitude is revealed through actions. LAWRENCE RUSSELL Tuss It is excellent to have a giant's proportions. ROSEMARY VIRGINIA RUTT " ROSIE Nothing is ever lost by being sweet. Assembly Committee Z, 4g Girl Reserves 2. HAROLD RICHARD PARKINSON PARKY It's better to wear out than to l'USf Out. Varsity Soccer, Basketball 45 Intramural Softball 3. LILA READ All her faults are such that one loves her still better for them. Art Service 35 junior Prom Committee 3. PHILIP HAROLD Ross, JR. - PHIL A man's character is measured by the number who call him friend. Traffic Squad 4. BURNICE RUTT TINK Few persons have courage enough to appear as good as they really are. Assembly Committee 35 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, Treasurer Z. CLAUDIA SCI-IULTZ Patience is a necessary ingre- dient of success. Assistant to Attendance Oflicer 45 Assistant in Guidance Ofhce 4 JEAN CAROLYN SEARS -IEANNA Well-timed silence has more eloquence than speech. RONALD G. SHAW RONNIE There is music in his finger tips. Honor Society 45 WAKE Staff 45 Tally-Ho Staff Z5 Assembly Com- mittee 45 Traiiic Squad Lieuten- ant 45 Social Committee 45 Senior Play Selection Committee 45 Chess Club President 45 French Club 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA S. SMITH SMITTY No one is more thoughtful, more loyal, more ready to do. Student Government 15 Honor Society 45 WAKE Staff 45 As- sembly Committee 3, 45 Traffic Squad Lieutenant 45 Social Com- mittee 3, 45 Art Service 2, 35 Stunt Night Committee 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 In- tramural Basketball, Hockey 3, 45 Speedball 45 Senior Play Se- lection Committee 4, RICHARD OLIVER STEWARD STEW Who can wrestle against sleep? ELIZABETH MAY SUIT BETTY She's not afraid of work. Honor Society 45 WAKE Typist 45 WAKE Patron Drive 45 As- sembly Committee 45 Art Service 45 Intramural Softball 15 Oflice Helper 45 School Treasurer 4. THELMA-JANE SEARS SEARs1E Her ways are ways of pleas- 3.l'lfl'lCSS. Traffic Squad 45 Library Council 15 Oflice Helper 4. WALTER T. SINCLAIR, JR. WALDO The world's great men have been scholars. Traffic Squad 45 Social Commit- tee 45 French Club 4. ALICE BARNES SPEICHEER SPIKE "Argue to the end" is her UIOIIO. Student Government 25 WAKE Circulation 45 Trallic Squad 45 Social Committee l, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Council 45 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Varsity Bas- ketball 25 Softball 2, 35 Intra- mural Basketball I, 25 Softball 15 Stunt Night 3, 4. ARLENE HELEN STOCKETI' BUNNY A person of beauty is a joy forever. Assembly Committee 45 Girl Re- serves 2. MARY ELIZABETH SUITT SUITTIE ' A quiet conscience makes one so serene. ROSE SUITT SUITTIE Hers is a sterling character. JOHN THOMAS Still waters run deep. WAKE Staff 4g Traffic Squad 45 Student Government 43 Orches- tra Z, 3, 4g Library Council 2. 1 BETTY RAE THOMPSON BETTY With a gentle firmness she either finds a way or makes one. ' WAKE Treasurer 43 Office Helper 4g Library Council 2. MARGARET TREVILLIAN Fmscxtss She is gentle in manner, firm in reality. STANLEY G. TUCKER TUCK These damsels have no charm for him. Varsity Soccer Captain, Baseball 3, 49 Basketball 49 Intramural Soccer, Softball 1, Z, 3, 45 Bas- ketball Z, 3, 45 Baseball 23 Office Helper 4. 'Wx YW' GLORIA MAY THOMAS T oMMy She is the very essence of tran- quility. ANNE THOMPSON . THoMPs Life is reall Life is earnest! Trafhc Squad, 45 'Stunt Night Committee 2, 4g Junior Prom Committee 33 Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2g Hockey 1, Z, 3, 4. BURNETT DEANE TREAT To us none but him can be his parallel. Class President 3, 45 Student Government 1, 2, 3, 45 WAKE Staff 45 Traffic Squad Lieutenant 43 Social Committee 4g Glee Club 4g Stunt Night Committee 45 junior Prom Committee 3g In- tramural Soccer, Softball Z, 3, 43 Operetta 23 Student Court 3, 4g Senior Play Selection Commit- tee 4. CHARLES RICHARD TUCKER TUCKA BEAN How glorious it is to be care- free! Traffic Squad 43 Intramural Soccer, Softball 4. MARGARET ANN VICKERS MARTY Good things come in little packages. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 45 Social Commit- tee 4g Girl Reserve lg Varsity Soccer 43 Intramural Basketball lg Softball 3g Office Helper 4. BARBARA ANN VIETH Bosnia Although she tries to hide her genius from us, it tinges every- thing she does. Class Vice-President 3, 43 Stu- dent Government 1, Z, 43 WAKE Staff 43 Assembly Committee 43 Traliic Squad Lieutenant 43 So- cial Committee 3g Art Service 33 Junior Prom Committee 3. WIILLIAM WEITZELL Bm. Life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. HENRY WESTERVELT, JR. REDS Contentment is the source of every joy. Varsity Soccer 4g Intramural Soc- cer, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basket- ball 3. ALICE MARIE WHITTINGTON Nothing great was ever ach- ieved wiuhout enthusiasm. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 23 Varsity Soft- ball l. BETTIE WILLIAMS Sl-loR1'Y She believes that in truth she will conquer. Intramural Basketball 1, Z3 Soft- ball I, 2, 3. 'Vit .5 7 V:' W JUDITH WEINBERG - JUDY She sets her heart upon the goal, not the prize. Student Government P.-T. A. Representative 23 WAKE Circula- tion and Patron Committees 43 Traffic Squad 43 Library Coun- cil 3g Stunt Night Committee 3, 4. CHARLES V. WEST WEsTxE To know him is to like him. WAKE Circulation 43 Tally-Ha 4g Assembly Committee 43 Traf- fic Squad 4g Art Service 4. VIVIAN DULANEY WHITE Viv Everyone is the architect of his own future. Tally-Ho Typist 4. DOROTHY M. WILLET Donna Justice is truth in action. HELEN HARRIET VVILLIAMS She always manages the mo- ment as if it were her personal property. Student Government Z3 Girl Ref serves 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 Social Committee 3. JOHN HENRY WILLIAMS JACK The truly civilized man has no enemies. Intramural Soccer 4. MARY TORA WILLIAMS Toors Virtue is its own reward. Ofiice Helper 4. PRISGILLA STEARNS WINCHELL Pnrssv Itis nice to be natural when one is naturally nice. Honor Society 4g Wuts Circula- tion 4g Traiiic Squad 43 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, President 45 jun- ior' Prom Committee 35 Varsity Basketball, Speedball 3, Captain 45 Softball 35 Intramural Basket- ball, Hockey, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4g Speedball 3, 49 Intramural Sports Manager 45 French Club 4. 99" 1? 69 'Q MARGARET BEATRICE WILLIAMS MAGGIE We are measured not by what we say, but by what we do. Student Government Secretary 49 WAKE Typist 4g Social Commit- tee Secretary 35 Girl Reserves Secretary, Vice-President 2. TOMMY WILLIAMS RINGWORM Blest be the man who first in- vented sleep. Intramural Soccer, Basketball lg Softball Z. WHITEHILL L. WOOD WHITEY Peace is never denied the peace- ful. WAKE Staff 4g Hi-Y 45 Chess Club 4g Intramural Soccer 1, Softball I. OLYVE WINNIFRED ZELKO Her every effort is sincere. Assembly Committee 43 Social Committee 4g Art Service 45 Girl Reserves lg Stunt Night Committee 4. I n editing the 1945-46 WAKE, We of the Staff have encountered many problems which we could not have solved alone. We wish therefore to express our grateful appreciation to the many people who have come to our aid and have contributed to the publication of the book. We should like especially to express our deep gratitude to Mrs. Frances Judd, our general adviserg Miss Marie Gaeth, the literary adviserg Mrs. Mildred Kinhart, the fnancial adviserg Miss Ethel johnson, who assisted with photographyg H. G. Roebuck and Son, the publishersg and finally the many teachers Whom we inconvenienced on the days we took pictures. THE WAKE STAFF 70 Lt. Comdr. H. P. Abby Henry Abrams james Richard Achenback Mr. G. Agapitos Anna Agapitos Mr. and Mrs. G. Alexander Mr. Duvall Allen Mr. George Amos Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. G. Anderson Anonymous Leonard B. Aoron Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Argue Mrs. Ann Armiger Mrs. Earl Armiger j. Herbert Armiger, jr. '44 Captain Arnold Mrs. R. B. Arell Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Aubrey Mr. and Mrs. H. Avcry Mr. and Mrs. George Bachman Miss june Bailey Charles H. Baker Mr. F. G. Baker Mr. and Mrs. j. M. Baker cfm joe M. Baker, jr. j. Pauline Baker Miss Marjorie Baker Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Baldwin Comdr. and Mrs. Ball Ann Ball '45 Mrs. Leona C. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. james H. Barrett Dr. and Mrs. George C. Basil Mrs. Robert Basil Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Basil Mrs. L. F. Basilere Lt. Comdr. R. D. Bass Bob Bassford '46 Mrs. C. Bassford Mr. George Bassford james H. Bassford L. Virginia Bassford '45 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Bausum Mrs. john Bausum Raymond Bausum Fred W. Bausum Mr. and Mrs. F. j. Beall Mr. Harry L. Beall Mrs. F. D. Beans Philip Beard '47 Miss Frances Bennett Miss Contance Carolyn Benning Miss Ella L. Benning Miss Peggy Benning Mrs. Robert C. Bicker Mrs. Ada Bigler Miss Edna Mae Bishop Mrs. Albert A. Block Mr. Mr. Ray Mr. Freddy Boettcher Mr. and Mrs. joseph H. Bouchal joseph H. Bouchal, jr., '45 john L. Boucher I. Boughman and Mrs. E. G. Bowen pa from Odell Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bowman Thomas, Betsy, and Roberta Boyce Capt. and Mrs. Thomas E. Boyce Dottie Braby, E. H. S. Mrs. Charles V. D. Brady Miss Helen Brady Mrs. john Branson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brashears Dave and Robert Brashears Louis O. Brenan 'Betty G. Breneman Mr. and Mrs I. E. Breneman Ruth E. Breneman Comdr. 61 Mrs. j. B. Brennan, jr. Lt. lj.g.l john Brenza Miss Naomi Brewer Mrs. C. Carroll Brice, jr. Mr. Benjamin Brooks Manny Brooks Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Brown Mrs. Rosa M. Brown Mr. William Brown Mrs. Addie Beall Bryan Mrs. Buck Mr. William D. Bullen Emma Burgess Edward Burris, '45 Mrs. Robert S. Burwell Miss Carol Butler '46 Miss Kitty Butler Mrs. W. P. Butler Mr. and Mrs. William R. Butler Ensign Harvey R. Butt, jr. Miss Vivian M. Butt Gilbert Cadell Mrs. W. A. Cacile Mrs. E. E. Caldwell Mrs. C. F. Cantler Mr. Linwood Cantler Mrs. S. F. Cantler Miss Mae Carlson In memory of Mrs. Hariette Carr Mr. and Mrs. L. Warrington Carr Miss Margaret Carr judge Maynard Carr Mt. Maynard Carr. jr. Mrs. Maynard Carr, jr. Mr. Revell Carr Mr. and Mrs. Roland Carr jimmy Carrigan '44 Mr. john Carrigan Henry Carroll Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. A. O. Carter Bert Carter Mrs. F. M. Casey Mr. Mr. john W. Catline R. B. Chambers Mrs. R. B. Chambers Mr. Roland Chambers Mr. Daniel Chaney Mrs. E. R. Chaney Mrs. Earl F. Chaney Mrs. Williain Chappelle Robert Church '46 71 Lt. W. R. Church Mrs. W. R. Church Miss Shirley Churchill Charles fHomerj Clark Mrs. Lee F. Clemens Miss Ruby Cloyd Miss Alice Coale Mr. and Mrs. jack Cohen Lt. Mildred H. Cohen, '38 Robert L. Cohen '42 Mrs. Audrey Colburn Mr. and Mrs. john Colburn Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Collins Miss jennie C. Collinson Mr. and Mrs. Walter Collison Walter N. Collison Collison's Beach Store Virginia Compton Mita Ann Coudell Mr. and Mrs. W. Coney Mrs. Charles Connell Mrs. Connelly Lt. and Mrs. E. D. Cooley Stanley Cooley '46 The jr. Cook Family Henry B. Cooke Mrs. William Coughlin Miss jean E. Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Covington Melvin C. Covington Miss Mary Katherine Cox Mr. L. Albert Crandall Mr. and Mrs. james R. Cranford F. S. Crismond Mr. j. R. Cromar Mrs. Robert Crutchley Mrs. R. B. Cullen Mrs. Edward Cummings Mr. Herbert Cummings Capt. W. S. Cuningham Bill Curby '42 Mrs. j. S. Curry Philip O. Curtin Mrs. Henry Dammeyer Mrs. George Danek, Sr. Mrs. Antoinette Danna Mr. and Mrs. Dashiell Mr. Harry Dauer Elizabeth V. Davis Miss Ruth Davis Sally Davis Mrs. Allen Dawson Shirley Dawson Miss Betty Lou Day Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Day Mr. and Mrs. Harry Day Mrs. P. A. Deale Mrs. H. M. Dean Mrs. Frank L. Decker Mr. Frank Decker Harold R. Decker Roseiland Decker Miss jean Delgado Mrs. Medra Dc Maris Bernard Deopkin '45 William Deopkin Bert Van Deusen Miss Ruth Dolan Thelma Donaldson Mr. Richard Dove, Jr. Betty Drew Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Duckett Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Durham Pfc. Wm. E. Durham Prof. and Mrs. Dusinberre Miss Betty Duval Mr. 61 Mrs. G. Cleveland Duvall, Sr. Miss Mary Duvall Lt. Col. and Mrs. C. A. Duval David Z. Earle '45 Sgt. Henry Eiring '43 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Earle Fred G. Ecken, Jr. Jo Ann Edwards '45 Ann M. Eisenstein Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Eisenstein Mrs. M. B. Ellershaw Mr. Raymond. Ely Mr. George Engelke Mr. Charles H. England Mrs. James Engle Melvin Ennis Mrs. Harry Enoch Comdr. Epps Miss Beverly Erichson Comdr. and Mrs. Ernest Comdr. and Mrs. Estabrook Miss Emily Ewing Mrs. W. D. McFadden William Fair Mr. A. Farrell Norma Faust Mr. William Farish Miss Dorothy Finkle Comdr. A. B. Fisher Mrs. Edna L. Fisher Mr. D. S. Fitch Lt. Wm. F. Flood, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Fowble Mr. W. C. Fowler Mrs. W. C. Fowler Comdr. and Mrs. Ray Way Fox Mrs. Norman R. Freeman '43 A cafeteria friend Mr. George Frank Mrs. P. A. Frank Mr. P. A. Frank A Friend Miss Marie Gaeth Comdr. H. J. Gallagher Mrs. B. C. Galloway Mrs. Francis Gasperich Mr. Francis Gasperich Mr. Charles E. Gates Mrs. Gates Mr. Frank H. Gauss Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. B. H. Gear Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Giddings Gilbert's Fountain Charlotte Gilden '45 Mrs. Mrs Gillian J. K. Ginder Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Gosnell, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gocllieb Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Grady Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Gralley Ensign Robert E. Gralley Mrs. John Gray Dolores Greenwell Lorraine Greenwell Mr. Oscar Fay Grines, Jr. Mrs. Athel Grine Brig. Gen. M. C. Grow Alvin H. Guare '32 Maryland Parkinson Guare '35 Mrs. Violet Grune Kathryn Haas Mr. Hadley Casey Haff Capt. and Mrs. T. G. Hai? Ensign Donald Hall Miss Dottie Hall Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hall Lt. Harold Hall Dr. H. V. Hall Jackson Halle: Capt. and Mrs. C. G. Halpin.: Mrs. N. D. Halpine Mr. B. W. Hance Mrs. B. W. Hance Dorothy L. Hayes Dorothy Hartge Mary Hartage Miss Jean Harwood Mr. Frank B. Heckrotte Mrs. Alden Hefler Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Heisler Mrs. C. G. Herring Cadet Richard Higgins '45 Paul F. Hile Comdr. and Mrs. L. Hill Steve Hiltabidle Tom Hiltabidle Mr. Ben Hodges Mary Hoff The Hoff Twins Christine Hogan Mrs. L. R. Holland Mr. and Mrs. B. Holliday, Jr. Alfred A. Hopkins R. M. Zfc Miss Anna Hopkins Mrs. Annie Hopkins Betty Hopkins '45 Mr. John H. Hopkins 3rd Mr. Samuel Hopkins Mrs. Edna Hopkins Mrs. M. Hopkins William C. House Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Housley Mr. Allan Housley Samuel R. Housley Jr. Phm Bfc Mrs. J. D. Howard, Sr. Mrs. Anthony Howes 72 Mrs. H. B. Hoyle Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. V. A. Hoyle Comdr. P. T. Huak Pvt. Charles Henry Hugg Mr. Edward G. Hugg Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hufnagel Mr. W. R. Hughes Miss Ruth Humiston Capt. and Mrs. G. O. Humphreys Joan Humphreys Mr. James G. Hunt Nancy Winchell Hutchins '39 Corp. Bernard Hyatt '40 Mildred Hyatt '41 Ruben Hyatt USNR Mrs. S. H. Ingersoll Sgt. Samuel Ivaey '33 Mrs. L. L. Jackson Mrs. Frances K. Jacob Mrs. J. Jacobs Mr. Fred Jay Mrs. L. A. Jenkins Miss Grace Jensen '47 Miss Emma Joachim Miss Theresa Joachim Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Joachim Little Joe Joe's Produce Ethel V. Johnson Mrs. M. Johnson Beverly Jones Miss Dolores Jones Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Jones Mr. Edward T. Jones Mae Hall Jones '41 Mrs. R. L. Jones Mr. Spencer Jones Mrs. Spencer Jones Steven Jones Miss Winifrecl E. Jones Mr. W. S. Jones Mrs. W. S. Jones Mr. Warren D. Jordan Mrs. Verona Joy Mrs. Allyn F. Judd Mr. Donald Kalb Mr. Eddie Kane John Kantrog Lt. H. Charles Kazaross, USNR Mrs. James W. Keeley, Jr. Cathrine Kelly Miss Eleanor Kephart Mrs. Willis Kern Comdr. and Mrs. Ketchus Kathrine Kibler Mr. Howard Kieth Bobby King '45 Corp. Harvey H. King Mr. Irving King Mrs. M. C. King Webster F. King, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart Comdr. and Mrs. Leon S. Kintberger Mr. J. A. Klies Mr. and Mrs. Clagett Knighton Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Kintberger Mr. A. Klies Mr. and Mrs. Clagett Knighton Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins Kolb Mrs. Paul B. Koonce The Koester Bread Man Mrs. R. K. Koontz Hannah Kotzin Minnie Kotzin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kramer Charles Lamb Ens. Harold M. Lamb, '40 Mrs. R. C. Lamb Robert S. Layne Mrs. Robert S. Layne Mrs. A. R. Lazzari Paul Leach Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Leatherbury Miss Isabelle Leatherbury Mr. Taylor Leatherbury Barbara Lee Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Howard A. Legg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Levin Julia Levin Anna Lewis '43 Lewis Lewnes Edward Libotte Mrs. J. B. Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lipman Mrs. Peter Lisowsky Gertrude Lill Mrs. C. L. Logan Albert Lott '42 Manuel Lott '38 Joe St. Louis Mrs. Hary Lowman Mr. James W. Lutrell Mrs. Charles Lynch, Jr. Mrs. William F. Lyons Mrs. Robert Maddock Mr. Samuel Maggie Mr. and Mrs. James M. Magruder Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Marshall Ida Mae Marshall '46 Mrs. J. R. Martin Shirley Martin Lillian B. Martin V Comdr. and Mrs. Mattie Mr. John Martin Maukert Thomas Maye Mrs. May Rev. B. E. McBee Miss Shirley McCarthy '45 McClanahan Mrs. Robert McClenehan Lt. Col. W. McCormich Betty McCormich Mrs. William U. McCready Wayne McGaughey Mrs. E. W. McGinnis Mr. G. C. McGuckian McNelly Optical Co. Mrs. R. A. Meade Billy Melehorne '43 Mrs. Mellin Robert Mellin '46 Miss Stella Melton James Metzger '45 Mr. and Mrs. A. Meyer Mrs. A. R. Middleton Kathryn Middleton '46 A. N. Miller Mr. A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Miller Capt. and Mrs. Wallace Miller Capt. Miller and Family Capt. Minster Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Fay Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mrlik Mrs. A. Meleski Dr. Angela Magee-Moriarty Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Morris Roland Mose Mr. and Mrs. Munford Catherine Munhold Mrs. C. F. Munroe Miss Mary Munroe '46 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Munroe Capt. Bc Mrs. Frank A. Munroe, Jr. Mrs. J. Walter Musterman Mr. and Mrs. Derf Myers Mrs. Harvey F. Myers Miss Myrtle E. Meyers '45 Miss Ruby M. Nothey Mrs. D. P. Neal Miss Elsie Neff Dr. and Mrs: J. L. Neff John Neff '47 Mrs. Chris Nelson Mary Newlon Theodore N ickols Mrs. John Nicol Evelyn Nilsen Miss Dorothy L. Noble Joan Norwood '45 Mrs. B. Noyce Navy Nurse BanbaraJ Oakes 46 Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. . A. Oaks Ivyl Virginia Owens Mrs. H. V. Nutt ' o Mr. Henry A. Page D. C. Mrs. Zella L. Palmer Mrs. E. Pantaleo Mrs. Mrs. Laurence C. Parfltt Ethel M. Parkinson M. M. Parks Ellis Parlett Mrs. R. C. Pason, Jr. upatsyn Mrs. F. D. Paulson Miss Sylvia Pennington Violet Pennington '44 Mr. Louis B. Perrie Mr. Bill Pettebone Mrs. June Petebone 73 Mrs. Lila C. Peyton Viola Phelps Charlotte Phillips Mrs. Frank Phipps Mrs. William F. Podlick Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Poore Mr. Howard Price Mrs. Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Bill Purdy Mr. Eugene A. Puschert Comdr. Dan Quintan The Rev. and Mrs. A. F. T. Raum Mrs. Walton P. Read Jean Reeder Miss Roberta Reichel '42 Mr. T. R. Reuwer Miss Lida Revell R. T. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Riggins Mr. Howard Riggins Mrs. Francis Rippert Editha June Ritter '45 Comdr. Robbins Betsy Rodgers Charles Rogers, '45 Mrs. Henry Rosenbloom Mr. David Roth Capt. and Mrs. B. L. Rutt Mr. Herbert Sadler Teresa Safell Mrs. Sarah Sandehoff Miss Sansone Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sarles Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Sarles Louis H. Scharumloffle Mrs. Robert Schultz Comdr. E. B. Schutt Mrs. Charles W. Schwartzberg Schenku Family Louis Schenku Samuel Schenlcu Mrs. H. Scherer Mrs. F. W. Slaven Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher W. Sears Mrs. Marie Sears Mr. Oscar Shacks Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. Sleneman Mr. G. H. Shepherd Robert Sherbert Mrs. I. N. Shepherd Mary Claire Shortt Mrs. Wm. S. Sherbert Mrs. Francis Shumaker David Shwlmister Jeanette Sickel Bud Siegart Mr. Ray Sinatra Gilman V. Sinclair '50 John B. Sinclair Lt. C. E. Singley Mrs. C. E. Singley Mrs. A. Sission Pvt. John Sites '45 Evelyn Sites Anita P. Skordas '34 Gust Skordas '30 Rita Skordas G. F. Slacum Y. 3fc Mrs. Joseph Small '44 Mr. John Smearman Adele Smith '45 Mr. H. B. Smith Martha Smith '46 Oscar Smith '47 Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Smith, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Smith, Jr. Mrs. Wm. Kyle Smith Mrs. A. K. Snyder Morris Snyder Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Sockrider Miss Mildred Sodensky Mrs. V. A. Sparks Mrs. W. A. Sparks Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Speicher Sarah Stalling '45 Mr. W. A. Stallings Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Srehle Mr. George B. Stephens Charles J. Sterling, Jr., USNR Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sterling Robert W. Stevens Dorothy Stewart Samuel Stewart Frank Stockett Mr. Austin W. Stokes Mrs. Austin W. Stokes Mrs. T. M. Stokes Miss Janet Stratemeyer Comdr. W. H. Sublite Mr. and Mrs. Albert Suit Mr. and Mrs Edward Suitt Miss Elizabeth Suit '46 Mr. Loyd B. Suirr Mr. and Mrs. James W. Suit Mr. R. Swallow Mr. and Mrs. A. Guy Tayman Mrs. Alvin Taylor L. Louise Tayman Mrs. Robert S. Taylor Mrs. R. S. Taylor William O. Terry S Zfc "Tinker" '44 Miss Gerry Thomas Old Folks Thomas Roger Thomas Chaplain W. N. Thomas Dr. W. N. Thomas Mrs. W. N. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Allan C. Thompson Anne Thompson '46 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thompson Miss Rebecca C. Thompson '44 Comdr. and Mrs. Thornhill Mr. Thomas Thornhill III Mrs. Rudolph A. Torovsky Juan Torrealba Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Tounsley Kenwood Tracy Mrs. Frank Trego Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Treat Carolou Treat '48 Deane Treat '46 Maribess Treat '48 Chester Trott Miss Orville Tucker Mrs. C. N. Tydings Mrs. H. B. Tydings Nelson Tydings Comdr. and Mrs. W. W. Vanous Mrs. C. Vickers Miss Virginia Vickers '45 Bill Vieth '45 Vinnie's Friends Enid Vose J. Wallace Mrs. H. S. Warthen Mrs. George A. Wauchope Miss Angelyn Weems Mrs. john Weiler Mr. and Mrs. Weinberg Mr. Clancy Welch Miss Nellie E. Welch Dr. Robert Welch Sally Welch Mrs. Thomas Welch Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. West Virginia West ' Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Westervelt Miss Margaret Wharton Mrs. Hamilton T. Whitaker Miss Dorothy White '45 Mr. Carroll Whittington Miss Naomi Whittington Mr. John R. Wilkie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Y. Willet Mr. and Mrs. Howard Willet Mr. Arthur Williams Mrs. Carrie Williams Mrs. Floyd Williams Mr. James Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Mr. John Williams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilmer Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wilson Mrs. Nellie V. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Homer B. Winchell Mrs. C. A. Winegardner Mrs. Zella B. Winter George Wiseman Mrs. M. Woelfel Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wood srwoodyss 944 Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zavadil Jerry Zavadil '48 Mrs. A. Frank Zelko Jackie Zelko '45 Comdr. S. T. Zemmy Algebra IIA ' 74 Algebra IIB Algebra II VI Period Art III and IV Assembly Committee Compliments of B. I. A. Sorority Bookkeeping IA Bookkeeping II Business Math Period II Christmas Operetta Cast English IV A English V Miss Ewing's Pet Table French I French II B Frenrh II B Class lst Period Health Class IV Period Health Clas High Score Bowling Club History I C History III E Homeroom 101 Homeroom 102 Homeroom 168 Homeroom 110 Homeroom 201 Homeroom 202 Homeroom 203 Homeroom 204 Homeroom 207 Homeroom 208 Homeroom 209 Homeroom 210 Homeroom 211 Homeroom 212 Homeroom 301 Homeroom 302 Homeroom 303 Homeroom 304 Homeroom 305 Homeroom 306 Homeroom 307-8 G Homeroom 308 Honor Society Latin II A Latin III Class Znd Lunch Period Girls Phys. Ed. Department lst Period Phys. Ed. Physics B.- III Period P. K. P. G. N. Refresher Math Class S. A. R. lst Period Senior Science Period II The Severna Park Bus Sevema Park School Sigman Theta Phi Miss Smith's lst Period Biology Compliments of the S. D. S. Spanish I A Spanish II A St. Mary's Social Club Zoology IV B CHRIS' BILLIARDS Soft Drinks and Ice Cream MEADE STUDIO Best Sandwiches in Town PHOTOGRAPHS 275 WEST STREET 43 Maryland Avenue Phone 4Ol3 Chris S. Psomadakis Compliments Carr, Mears and Dawson, Inc. of Naval Uniform Tailors and CAPITAL CITY FLORISTS HABERDASHERS , Norfolk, Va. Annapolis, Md. Compliments Dial 2655 of The Henry B. Myers Co. 65 Years Serving Annapolis and G. C. Murphy Company A. A. County 100 Main Street Annapolis, Md. 45-49 West Street Annapolis, Md. GREEN'S PHARMACY REXALL STORE William A. Clark, Prop. Dial 43ll 170 Main Street Annapolis, Md. TILGHMAN COMPANY Registered Jewelers American Gem Society Annapolis - - Maryland Compliments of DAVIS STATION ERY Carlson's Home Bakery GENUINE POTATO DO-NUTS Assorted Sheet Cakes Decorated Birthday Cakes Carnival Rolls Phone 2454 1022-24 West St. Arundel Appliance Sales W. H. Thomas and Co. cbmpdhy Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers for Westinghouse Home Appliances MEN AND BOYS Hoover Cleaners - Magic Chef 143 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments Comp! iments of of Third Period CLIFF DAWSON'S STORE Severna Park - - Maryland J 0 H N N I E ' S Compliments Esso SERVICE STATION of Lafayette Avenue and West Street CITY RADIO SE Annapolis - - Maryland 115 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments Compliments of of A I' FI Sh A BALTIMORE FRIEND ""fT'::dlswitho: op The R. R. Smith Pharmacy Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles 110 MAIN STREET Annapolis ' ' Maryland THE J. F. Johnson Lumber Co. Lumber, Millwork, Hardware Paint, Builders' Supplies Annapolis, Md. Glen Burnie, Md. KING'S BAKERY Baked Goods of the Better Kind Telephone 4022 Compliments of FIFTH PERIOD 56 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compllmems ARUNDEL LAUNDRY of I Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Storage H 0 P P I N G S Scientific Rug Cleaning Funeral H0012 SPA ROAD AND WEST STREET AMIGPOIIS - - M0l'YlUnd Annapolis, Md. Dial 2343 Coimpliments of Your Pharmacy and Mine BROOKS BROTHERS PWEQ433 'l'l0 West Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments K U R N 0 W I S f KIRK JOQRDAN Groceries and Meats U- 5- M- C- Phone 4838 N0l'lh 5eVel'l1 12 Market Space Annapolis, Md. Compliments of TAM JOINES THE ARUNDEL GAS TEXACO SERVICE STATION Tires - Batteries - Road Service Dl5fl'lbUf0"5 West Street at National Cemetery Essotane Metered Gas Service Phone 9779 Annapolis, Md. HOPKINS PHARMACY Prescription Specialists QUALITY DRUGS 60 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phone IOIO or 893 Compliments of HOFF'S GARAGE 76 Compliments of H R O M A D N I K ' S Compliments of Your Local Electrical Contractor Florists Phone 5122 West Annapolis, Md. Murphy EIeC'I'I'lC C0l'l1pGl'ly Compliments - of G O R D O N ' S ' Junior lggze Room "The Store for Children" Home Sites ln Annapolis and Vicinity INSURANCE - ALL KINDS THE PARSONS COMPANY Department Store cl-IARLES F. LEE Dio' 4566 Dial 2461 Church Circle 220-222 Main St. Annapolis, Md. Com limenfs Best Wishes to the Boys in the p CLASS OF '46 of Herbert's Men's Shop G I D D I N G S ' S T Q R E For Up-to-the-Minute Styles in MEN'S WEAR seVe""0 Pufk ' ' MU"YlUnd 178 Main Street Annapolis, Md. E C 0 N 0 M Y Compliments H A R D W A R E Keys Made While You Wait of A. GREENGOLD Run To Compliments R E A D ' S of for all your Drug Store needs 'I76 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments of ANNAPOLIS DAIRY SHACKS Sole Agents for MOJUD Hosiery Dresses - Coats - Millinery 37 WEST STREET FRANK SLAMA and SON Good Shoes Since l869 Star Brand Shoes ARE Better Poll Parrott Shoes for Boys and Girls 55 West Street Phone 3 l 32 Telephone, 2684 JOSEPH D. LAZENBY Real Estate and Insurance 215 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments Compliments Of of B. and B. Auto Service CHESAPEAKE West and Lafayette Avenue Teleplwne 2696 Phone 2391 - 2392 Dial 9792 Free Parking 2 Places 2 Eat - Here and Home Royal 'Restaurant "Dine in the Inviting Atmospherel' ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Near the Circle 23 West Street STRANGE and WHITE KR. Thornton Strongei THE MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE 155 - I57 MAIN STREET Annapolis - - Maryland The Annapolis Banking and Trust Company All Banking Facilities Members of the Federal Deposit Insur- ance Corporation and Federal System Compliments of POSTMASTER, SUPERVISORS and Employees of Annapolis Post Office John M. Dawes and Sons Hardware - Paints - Oils - Varnishes Plumbing, Electrical and Boat Supplies Cor. Randall Street and Market Space Phone 3390 Compliments of Severn Bowling Alleys 213 West Street RAINBOW CLEANERS Dry Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Phone 2292 West Street Extd. 20'I Main St. Compliments of FOX'S Sc - 51.00 STORE 39 WEST STREET E. CHURCHILL MURRAY This is an Independent Home-Owned STORE Insurance Every Purchase You Make Here Is A Exclusive' BOOST FOR OUR COMMUNITY Y , SAMUEL s. sToKEs Phone 3138 Annapolw' Md' 206 Main Street Annapolis, Md. McCREADY and CO. Largest and Finest Furniture Store 'II2 - 'I14 MAIN STREET Telephone 2375 Community Meat Market CHOICE MEATS Provisions and Groceries Annapolis - - Maryland 28 - 30 Market Space Telephone 3778 Compliments Ace Delivery Service f o "Nothing Too SmaII" Prompt Delivery - Careful Handling 33 West Street Annapolis, Md. City Awning Company 78 Good Luck to the Class of '46 Telephone 2133 L I P M A N ' S Dr. Henry H. Sadler Women's Wearing Apparel - Shoes OPTOMETRIST -'72 D 174 MAIN STREET Hours: 9 to 5 and by appointment Annapolis - - Maryland 234 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Compliments W. H. M. Smith Agency of REALTORS -e INSURORS Telephone 4221 I1 School St. Flynn and Sherwood Wholesale Confectioners 7500 Harford Road Baitimore Compliments SOUTHERN DAIRIES of Ice Cream SIXTH PERIOD, MARYLAND I20 West Street Dial 2688 Phone 2525 Insurance THUMAS G- BASIL T. Carroll Worthington Real Estate and Insurance Agency H nr M. rr Anneapolls ' ' Mmyland 236 Main Sllreg' A MlAnc:1l6polis, Md. Harry's Super Service West Street and Southgate Avenue COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Phone 4000 Annapolis, Md. THE HOLIDAYOKE CO. MILLINERY WORK I8'I Main Street ANNAPOLIS 6660 ls the Password To Good Printing WHITMORE PRINTING AND STATIONERY COMPANY JENKINS', INC. School Supplies TYPEWRITER HEADQUARTERS Telephone 2402 Annapolis, Md. 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