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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1945 volume:

if 45 - -Y ll WW' ,... i-51759 D- X YYVV ,JY 1' 's hi ,J ff SLMQW 'fs W W 'af TG. 'xi Na. x Q 'Bi Q, xii w CP? Iv i. - -Qs? R Q M ' ' o .' ' p.,M W ,M 'rw fvih 1,,5?'f:.. . V gf. 1 H 1 a 1. f ,. - ' . ' -': -- K X 4' , 1 I , 'sr' ' ' xi ' . y a F -in ' ' V 'Y f ' -f - - 4 J 'p Ui P ' L'ffJf'f'ffr, wtf'-A ' ' I I 'Z -A N ,ir 4,411 3' V -- - 1.....- ' I ,if .Ti -- -7, 1-. Y.-,. - -1 Y - '- 1' ,K s ' - - -ff'Tf'cSi -Z' ..,....-.- -Piff' 'I 1.- ' 1 fs'--A- 'T il- ' f- V . - 'M' M' - '15 - C..-w ' , 4.- - , A ,L X517 '3f W: - '3Q?g?'jq:f:1.L ig f. 1,9224 7 94 gil ' gif' i:9: H'+' A, ' ff 'A Q' 1 7 1 7 .- O22 f',fC'J if f 2 ' ' . 2. f 7.7 Y in-ni' 'Yi'-5 5 J jk- ,, X ,n' 3 fs' V, Q A' l V-1 . , !f7 'IF , X, - li mn E 1 '37 4 www ' f D f , - ' X' 31 5 ' ...V A tr xl W I xv WN , Q-- -I X F ' ,, - -1 Q - ' M WIS .f x 'A T ' .f liek W1 I M F . by ,-w 1,: x ,n ' W X . . X V , f fgg - will 'L 'K+ ' - V lr xl ' X, A 5' K 7, V 'QESTA . 'l f ' f , - I 0.:Q ,-It K - .f --A zrf, 3 ,L Kai. xv X! I J, 7 : Lili if , 'hIgQi',,,-eLS'?'f 5 ' - , G K A- F gb I 1 ,W-S E A L 0, , K I, - - mf - H f - , ' r:.:,..f1.: , , .. 4- Q - df - ' dh 'ing sv, . ff!! y Y i J U is I 1 X 1: -ly ,, X A 'UXAIQ A' MV, , V+ ' F 4 A ?9Q. 2', wr A 7 , V4 A A f I-f , fl s 'I 0' 'V A, '-gb-My QM K-f I' X' ,v'?.gJ'ta - '15 if'-' ' - 'N ,, ,. 5 ' , Vmxf ' f' L ' Y 4,11 - Sh as- - QW Q H I 5. V ,fX!mr5b:' J. cggizf uf? g ,f 64 4 - I ll 1 X ' 'S 3 .w , i f- fn S - r 4 'N Q x g 'I I lf M I A X 1. ln' ' , ' . ,J , iw' .A .ff M N 1. if Q ix A 1 '10 Q K a 1 LSVLA ,Q 1 , A s x I 1' ,J . . , ,4 I A , D w i A - x -- 'zkw 1 -- - A? I ' 'f., , f . 414- :JL A15 x D F, ' , A 2 -' -2- S 12 . - S? -I 's'Q-rv'--4 - I 0 - ' 'L7f - .JD ' - f . 1 v -'SQ Vvbvx s 6 'W' N x60O.9sQSfs.s X. yu ,v , 9' ' J . u 'VN - Z. 0 ,f . 1 - N 264 . Yi V xx ,'!' 06 X 0 'ii' .' 3 Ao ,y40,s469.xgvg4 'w'4-L' - X M411 . f ,-f KV ,', . ' r xv-Q Q- X5 ' Srmi-Q QQQ'- 0' v- W , . J J 1, 4, Ln Q . Tl-IE WAKE TI-IE SENICDR CLASS OF 1945 ANNAPCDLIS I-HGH SCHOOL ' ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND ?6ziZLc'cf M'fZf?76J lC6b '-9 4070! L M foarfycularfy eb 5755! ' dCc7fce.9 mio Aalffq-: yoke auf or Ll!l'f!y0' auffam cghnapolls Lfafoof- ' V wc, ZZ5 HAISS maszf ffamlf GHC! Qfaffyfzfqy Ofedmazfe E49 Qi'35e..Q i Afwwpgg L, -WQQMHMJP-LSMLIQQQQ 115, , X 'fqzismmww ww-mig,Lg,,g , 4 , 3,-, ' ifefN'5 'Q'WM'f1L0'6x wish xx V, viii' ,W .V-Yf,.19?s:5w wif' 1: W Q A i Q ,zgvw,ml:,E , A www? 5 3, T592 1' HOWARD A. KINHART, A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Message To -I-he Seniors Democracy is on trial in the world, on a more colossal scale than ever before. -Dole. Pursuant to the request of the Wake staff that I prepare a brief mes- sage to the Class of '45, I can think of nothing more important nor more timely than to say o few words about democracy. As at all times, democracy is on trial right now in our United States. Our having been dedicated to the principles of democracy since the founding of our nation is no guarantee of its continuance. It will endure only so long as we, the citizens, are vigilant and concerned. A clear understanding of democracy includes not only a concept of gov- ernment but also an awareness of the active, unselfish, and enlightened part that every individual must play. You and I cannot evade the many responsibilities that rest upon us. Many persons have an erroneous idea that unrestricted freedom accompanies democracy. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Freedom exists only in a relative degree. Law, nature itself, rights and privileges of others, moral and ethical personal standards, customs and traditions are some of the influences that delimit our freedom. The many responsibilities, duties, and obligations of a good citizen, there- fore, are varied, and as a contributing member of our democratic social order not one of us can afford to fail in these. Just as democracy has been our heritage from the past, better democracy for our posterity should be our zealous aim. y I extend to the Class of '45 my personal best wishes for all things good. Dr. Howard A. Kinhart 4 MRS. VIRGINIA BARBER University of Maryland, B.S. Boys' Health MISS HAZEL CASE West Virginia University, B.S. Biological Science MISS ELIZABETH VINTON DAVIS Goucher College, A.B. University of Vermont, M.A. English MISS EMILY EWING Western Maryland College, A.B. Dietitian MISS MARIE GAETH Bowling Green State Uni- versity IOhiol, B.S. Middlebury College, M.A. English MNH! MRS. BERNIE W. BOWLES University of Richmond,B.A. General Science MISS KATHARINE COX Columbia University, B.S. English MRS. HELEN M. ERICKSON DePauw University, B.A. Music MRS. MARGARET CULLEN FAHS College of William ond Mary, A.B. English, Guidance MR. FRANK C. GUNDER- LOY University of Maryland, B.S. Industrial Arts 5 MISS FRANCES HALL Western Maryland College, A.B. Library MRS. PALMA HENIGAN Indiana State Teachers' College IPenna.l, B.S. Home Economics MISS MARY LOUISE HICKS Goucher College, A.B. History, Guidance MISS JANITH HORSEY Western Maryland College, B. A. Home Economics MISS ELEANOR KEPHART University of Maryland, B.A., M.A. History 6 MRS. HELEN HALLMARK Oklahoma A. and M., B.S. Home Economics MR. ERNEST H. HERKLOTZ California State Teachers' College IPenna.l, B.S. Industrial Arts MISS CHRISTINE HOGAN Western Maryland College, A.B. Mathematics, Guidance MISS ETHEL V. JOHNSON Ithaca College, B.S. Girls' Health MISS KATHARINE KIBLER Washington College, A.B. English MRS. MILDRED H. KIN- HART West Chester State Teachers' College French, Guidance MRS. HILDA L. MUSTER- MAN Secretary to the Principal MISS MARY NICHOLSON Bowling Green College of Commerce, A.B. Commercial Education MR. GEORGE W. NORRIS University of Maryland, B.S. Johns Hopkins University, M.A. Special Subjects MISS INA A. ROSS Shenandoah College, Graduate in Music Commercial Education MISS LORENE C. MAR- KING University of Kentucky, A.B. Spanish, English MISS MARY NEWLON Bowling Green College of Commerce, A.B. Commercial Education MISS DOROTHY L. NOBLE Hood College, B.A. Columbia University, M.A. History MRS. MINNIE W. PIERCE Syracuse University, A.B. Latin MISS MARIE J. SANSONE Notre Dame College of Maryland, A.B. Chemistry, Physics 7 MR. MELVIN B. SCHLOSS- MAN Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.S. Texas A. and M., M. Ed. Industrial Arts MRS. MARY D. SMITH Randolph-Macon Women's College, A. B. Mathematics MRS. CATHARI NE H. TODD Hastings College, A.B. English MRS. MARIE M. WEST Oklahoma College for Women, A.B. Biology, General Mathematics MRS. HAZEL S. WILSON Wellesley College, B.A. Radcliffe College, M.A. Cornell University, Ph.D. Mathematics K X fl .2 f t ,I Q Q, si i w fi: rl L ,XM 3 u is f ' 'IW l 42 1 4 1' ...uri A 1 I MR. V. G. SCHRODER- MEIER Iowa State Teachers' College, B.S. Industrial Arts MRS.MllLLICENT L. SNOOK Michigan State College, B.S. Art MISS VIRGINIA VINCENT Maryland State Teachers' College, B.S. Social Science MISS MARGARET WHAR- TON College of the Ozarks, B.S. Physical Education MISS FRANCES BENNETT Johns Hopkins University, B.S. History 8 C L A S S E S SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President bt ' WILLIAM ANDREW CLEMENS The fact that he has been a four- year member of the Legislature and the only president the Class of '45 has ever had is adequate tribute to the popularity of amiable Bill. Here is a fellow who is generous with his grin and one whom Bucknell should be proud to claim next year. Vice-President ROBERT FRANKLIN GILBERT CARRICK Bob has made his mark in AHS as vice-president of the Senior Class and as o member of the Assembly Com- mittee, the Art Service, the Traffic Squad, the Ctlee Club, and the Varsity Soccer Team. His wide range of in- terests and his quality of being agree- able have also made him a well-liked friend. Sec reta ry-Treasu rer MARTHA FLOWERS KI RKPATRICK Thou shalt not covet -yet many are the times we have found our- selves coveting the kaleidoscopic tal- ents of vivacious Martha, who through four years has been an honor student and dynamic worker. Her graduation will leave a hard-to-fill gap in practi- cally every organization in AHS. li-f' JAMES RICHARD ACH EN BACK No more teachers, no more books, no more report cards! Won't life after graduation be Utopia? This is the sentiment of Dick, whose ambition is to become a flame-thrower in the Marine Corps. ANNA GUST ALVANOS Dancing, movies, and bowling fill in the spare moments of Anna, who has worked on the circulation staff of the Wake this year. AI- though she took the commercial course, her aim is to become a nurse. CARL ERNEST AVERY Pl Here is a Lana Turner devotee, but he softens the blow for us gals who are less glamorous by admitting that he likes all blondes and brunettes. Last fall he was a member of the champion Var- sity Soccer Team, now he wants to be a member of one of Uncle Sam's fighting teams. KATH RYN MARIE BAKER Blonde Kit is blessed with much artistic ability, so she'll try the Washington School of Art to pre- pare for a job as a fashion il- lustrator. Her excellent contribu- tions to Art Service make us cer- tain that she'lI succeed in the attainment of this goal. ANN MAGILL BALL Blonde Ann, the Rock , come to AHS from South Carolina and she's definitely allergic to our An- napolis weather. Being a social- minded individual who is very fond of dancing, she has served in the Social Club this year. Next year she'll attend William and Mary. JOSEPH CONRAD ALEXANDER Well-dressed Joe made the Glee Club and the Traffic Squad the center of his activity this year. His scholastic interest has been radio, and he confesses also to a decided penchant for the piano and girls. He's looking forward to working in the field of elec- tronics. PATRICIA PEARL ANDERSON Numbered among our many Sinatra fans is attractive Pat, who came to us from West Virginia. Although she loves to type, her planned career is not that of a stenographer but of a Navy nurse. BEATRI-CE JUNE BAILEY Typing and Zoology in the scho- lastic field and dancing ond read- ing in the recreational field are the favorites of Butch. ln the future she wants to put to work that commercial course she has taken. ROBERT JOSEPH BAKER ,Wt Bob, a shop major, is the fel- low who names sports, blondes, and redheads as the big three on his list of favorites. Like many of the senior boys, he will enter the service of his country upon graduation. RUTH ANN BARNEY Cute little Bunny has lent a helping hand in the office this year and has liked her job so well that she wants to continue doing that type of work. She not only enjoys having fun, but she is the source of much of it herself. ll Ii L JOHN LOREE BASIL Charlie, who aspires to become an Army or a Naval officer, has been the unusual type who has liked not only sports but school as well. To share in the life of AHS this year he has served as mana- ger of the basketball team and played soccer with the Varsity. LOLA VIRGINIA BASSFORD Ginny's snappy black eyes and cheerful smile have been welcome in any company. She has been a hard worker on both the Library Council and the Wake, and she now plans to enter nurses' train- ing. CATHERINE ROSE BEALL In AHS Kitty has led a busy life working on the Assembly Committee, Stunt Night, and the Literary Staff of the Wake. She is an academic student who will continue her studies in college next year. EDNA MAE BISHOP A native Eastern Shoreman , Edna Mae has won many friends here at Annapolis High. She's a commercial student who plans to become a secretary. FREDERICK T. BOETTCHER, JR. Gregarious Fred is one of those buoyant individuals who can infect any group with his high spirits. Both mathematics and music ap- peal to him. After graduation he wants to continue his education along technical lines. I2 JOSEPHINE R. BASILIERE Well-known and well-liked Jo- sie with her ready laugh and cheery outlook on life insists upon genuineness in both people and things. Her good working habits, which have repeatedly gained her a place on the Honor Roll, will now assure her success as a cadet nurse. WILLIAM HENRY BAYLIFF, JR. This Crabtown native has two interests in life-chemistry and sports. After continuing his study of the former at some college, he hopes to take his place in the world of science. WALTER STEVENS BELL Walter, whom his friends call Ding , was one of our Varsity soccer players this year. He is a shop major who has proved quite a handy man with stage props on several occasions. JAMEs J. BLACKWELL, JR. bit C To serve his school this year Blackie has directed traffic, played soccer, and performed' on Stunt Night. Now he wants to join the fighting Marines so that he can serve his country. WILLIAM GEORGE BOLLINGER A quiet nature and a slight stature have often tended to rob Bill of the notice which he justly merited. Those who know him are well-acquainted with his weak- ness for girls, his beguiling smile, and his characteristic re- serve. JOSEPH HENRY BOUCHAL The lure of the great out- doors has captivated Joe who con- fesses that the two great loves in his life are food and sleep. Scho- lastically he has been interested in science and mathematics, and he hopes to use them in civil en- gineering someday. LOIS GERTRUDE BRABEN DER Art, Academy hops, and music are the big three in the life of Lois, an attractive brunette. She has pursued the academic course here, and next year will find her in college. DAVID WESLY BRASHEARS Dave, a shop major who played soccer for AHS last fall, wants to become an electrical engineer. We'll let you in on a little secret, girls! He despises washing dishes! MARY DELMA BRICE Mary Delma, an ardent horse- woman, is truly lovely to look at. Her varied activities in AHS have embraced the Social Club, Student Government, and Glee Club. Included in her plans for the future are college and a trip to Alaska. Brrr! 'A Y DANIEL cLEMM suirris Clemm, another lad in AHS who has found sports more to his liking than homework, hails from Eastport. He too will be Navy- bound after graduation, ANGEL PETE BOUN ELIS Bonell's love for a good time is openly revealed by that gleam in his eye and his slow smile. He's interested in all sports and has played soccer with the Varsity this year. Angel has but one ambition which is, to quote him, to make a million before l'm thirty. ' W J U Q' I CHARLES i-iowAno Bimnifono Bucky left us before graduation to join forces with Uncle Sam. However, his absence has not dim- med our memory of his splendid work on the Varsity Soccer Team and the Traffic Squad. H ELEN DOROTHY BREWER Blonde Helen, ci member of the Honor Society, has been no less than business manager of the Wake. The commercial course, which she has pursued throughout her four years here, will be sup- plemented in business college be- fore she settles down to become a private secretary. DANIEL PIERCE BUCK Up to this point in his life, Wedge's interest has centered around sports and Fords. After an interlude during which he will don the khaki, he will study en- gineering. F. EnwARo BURTIS That always-smiling Eddie has been no loafer is proved by a lengthy list of activities which in- cludes the Traffic Squad, the Glee Club, the Student Court, and the Student Guidance Committee. Af- ter graduation he's going to serve Uncle Sam first, then he'll become a civil engineer. l3 N0 ouveiz FRANCIS CARR Ollie has served on both the Library Council and the Tally-Ho Staff during his stay in AHS. Now he's ready to join the Navy and see what there is to see. MARY ANN CHANCE Mary Ann, who can well be placed in the friend indeed class, has served on the Circula- tion Committee of the Wake. She has pursued the commercial course in AHS, for her goal is to become a private secretary. MARY LEE COLLINSON Mary Lee has proved her reli- ability and efficiency as the mod- est secretary of the Wake. She takes dictation at one hundred and twenty words per minute. Who's looking for a super secre- tary? MARGARET ELAINE COOK The saying that Still water runs deep certainly applies to red-haired Cookie. A diligent academic student, she is a mem- ber of the National Honor Society and excels in English and French. She hopes to attend Maryland University to be trained as a teacher. MARGARET SARAH CRAIG Attractive Peggy has accumu- lated a large circle of friends dur- ing her four years at AHS. Her ambition is to see the world-but not at dawn, for she hates to get up in the morning. I4 DORIS ELIZABETH CARTER Although she has been an ac- tive participant in all sports throughout her four years in AHS, Doris favors hockey and basket- ball. A student in the homemak- ing course, she likes good food and clothes. Her favorite pastime is dancing. MARY KATH RYN CLEMENS Kit's active participation in sports, her ever-ready laugh, and her sense of humor have gained her many friends during her stay in AHS. Having already soloed, she is well on her way toward achieving her lofty ambition of becoming an aviatrix. MARGARET J EAN CONN ELLEY Peggy, the gal with a sparkling personality and an enthusiasm for action, has deployed her ability in the Legislature and Glee Club, on the Tally-Ho staff, and in innum- erable other activities. Music, dancing, and California rank high on her list of favorites. After college she wants to be a cadet nurse. JOHN WILLIAM COON EY On the Traffic Squad and Var- sity Soccer Team and in the Stunt Night production-these are the places where we have seen Johnny perform this year. He liked the shop courses, so we're not sur- prised that he wants to become a Diesel engineer. DOROTHY TH ELMA CULLEMBER Our only regret is that diffident Dot has reserved her infectious smile for special occasions. Her interest in social science in AHS and the church work which have claimed much of her outside time attest her unselfish temperament. We understand she's going to make someone a good wife soon. ADDIE VIRGINIA DAVIS This commercial student, who has helped with both the circula- tion and typing of the Wake, as- pires to become o secretary. Her winsome personality and native ability cause us to predict success for her in this field. SHIRLEY MAE DAWSON Unassurning Shirley has been a good student who lived in a world of books and music. Sports in general and ice skating in par- ticular have been her hobbies, and she has given freely of her time to type for the Wake this year. MARION CLARE DEE Since Marion has been across the continent four times, it is no wonder that her main interest lies in traveling. If she realizes her present ambition, she'll be a lady-in-white some day. MARY LOU DELLINGER Modest, efficient Mary Lou has worked quietly and loyally for AHS this year. Her excellent work as chairman of the Assembly Committee has been evidenced by many fine presentations. The sin- cerity in her smiling brown eyes, together with her charm and ver- satility, have made her a favorite with all of us. OPAL ELIZABETH ANN DEY Lovely red-headed Betty is an outdoor girl actively interested in all sports. She has devoted her time in AHS to secretarial train- ing, a skill which, because of her penchant for journalism, she hopes to employ someday in a newspaper office. MARVIN C. DAWSON, JR. Most people could not help be- ing attracted by easy-going, wise- cracking Pete, whose sunny dispo- sition makes him especially al- lergic to rainy mornings. He likes sailing, and so he chooses the Navy as his means of serving Uncle Sam. BETTY LOU DAY Bet is one of our fast-moving seniors who love a good time. She has played an important part in sports in AHS and has contributed her talent to the work of the So- cial Club. She wants to become a laboratory technician. JEAN ROSSITER DELGADO Those catchy posters around AHS have been constant remind- ers of Jean, who has quite an ar- tistic sense. She is an ardent horsewoman and devotes much of her leisure to attending and par- ticipating in horse shows. Further training in art and extensive trav- el are the two things she wants most in the future. FORREST EARL DEMPSEY, JR. Blond, good-looking Forrest is fond of girls, -and many are the feminine hearts he has made flut- ter. He's having a hard time de- ciding about the future, for he's looking for ci iob which requires neither work nor early rising. ATHENA MARY DIAMOND We all knew Tina, who has fid- dled away in the Orchestra at ev- ery assembly. Although she has taken the general course during her four years here, her plan for the future includes secretarial training at some business college. l5 NIJ CAROLIN E MARY DITTMAN Caroline, a slight little girl with an inconspicuous manner, has been our circulation expert. For two years she has served with the Tally-Ho, and this year she has lent her assistance to the Wake. She likes the water and any aqua- tic sport. EDGAR F. DONALDSON, JR. Taking honors among the sen- iors for his carefree attitude is Eddy, whose chief desire in AHS has been to constantly increase his circle of friends. He likes to fly and to ride on busses, and he has high hopes of circling the globe someday. DAVID Z. EARLE David, a' garrulous but industri- ous person, has beat the drums in the Orchestra and has served on the Library Council. He loathes bad report cards, so we know he'll be a successful student at Temple University where he plans to en- roll. JGSEPH ELLISON Happy-go-lucky Joe is always bubbling over with laughter and joke-cracking. He wants to be- come president someday. Does this ambition surprise you as much as it does us? I JOHN FREDERICK FALLON Few girls have failed to note dark, sports-minded Jack, who not only has participated in intramu- rals but has covered many athletic events as a reporter for the Tally- Ho. He left us before graduation to join the men who make up Uncle Sam's fleet. 16 BERNARD A. DOEPKENS Good-looking Burnie, o senior who is different because he doesn't like to dance, played soccer with the Varsity this year. Although he has not decided upon his fu- ture course, one thing is certain- it won't be one which requires early rising! MARY ELIZABETH DREW A career as a professional dan- cer is the objective of cute and popular Betty, whose very name spells energy. Congruous with her temperament has been sedu- lous work for the Glee Club, As- sembly Committee, Social Club, and Tally-Ho, and her abhorrence of long drawn-out days and reti- cent people. JO ANN EDWARDS Jo Jo, a charming little blond with a neat, refreshing appearance and a friendly air, is one of our best commercial students. Her extra-curricular contributions have been given to the Library Council and the Circulation Staff of the Wake. MARILYN JANE ESTILL Lynn, a member of the Legisla- ture, is another senior girl in- terested in pilots' training. Hers is a personality which finds pleas- ure in friendly people, travel, new ideas, and rain. What better proof could we have of her indi- viduality? ERNEST JAMES FLORESTANO Sports and food head the list of likes of this academic student whose talent we have seen dis- played in the Orchestra, Glee Club, Assembly Committee, and on the Soccer Team. He's undecided about the future, but both the Naval Academy and engineering appeal 'to him. LUTHER COWARD FRANCIS Taciturn and modest are the words which best describe Billy. He has been a brilliant student ranking high among the boys of his class. His ambition is to be- come an accounting teacher, a job in which his considerate man- ner will pay high dividends. ANNE GAW AHS will find' it hard to dis- cover another who can equal the contributions which Annie has made to the Tally-Ho, the Wake, the Assembly Committee, and the Glee Club this year. Her many friends will also find it hard to replace her wit and amiability when she leaves for college next fall. MARY C. T. GODDARD School has not taken all the time of industrious Mary, for she has worked at Read's and has acted as a hostess at the USO. The click of the typewriter ap- peals to her so much that she'd like to get a job as typist in the Yacht Yard. PRISCILLA A. C. HAFF Next year Hood College will be home to Dutchie, a Navy Junior, who has made many friends dur- ing her four years here. She is a social-minded individual who loves to dance, swim, and go to parties. PATRICIA MONTAGUE HALPINE The stage beckons friendly Pat, whose supreme interest has long been histrionics. Seasoned by a background of travel which most of us envied her, this Navy Junior has done commendable work for the Art Service, the Assembly Committee, the Wake, and the Glee Club. MARION JEFFRIES GA-BBERT A fascinating smile and a honey-chile southern drawl characterize friendly Marion, whose heart lies back in Alabama. She has spent two years with us and has displayed, along with much artistic ability, a loyalty and sincerity which we all admire. CHARLOTTE MAXINE GILDEN Pretty Charie, who has a pas- sion for clothes, always looks the part of the well-dressed girl. She also has plenty of ability as is evidenced by her labors for the Library Council, the Assembly Committee, and the Wake. Next year will find her in college. RICHARD JOHN GOSHEFF Probably the best clue to the character of Richie is that he puts home work in a class with ration- ing at the head of his list of dis- likes. After graduation he wants to sail the seven seas with the Navy. BETTY MAE HALLOCK Betty, a sports-woman deluxe, has lived her four years at AHS on the athletic field. Her fond- ness for cooking, sewing, and a marine named Johnnie will mean wedding bells for her soon after graduation. ANNA MARIE HANEKE Few of us have really appreci- ated the sterling quality of Anna Marie, whose tolerant nature prompts her to see good in every- thing. To make her future really useful she'd like to serve with the Red Cross overseas. I7 No WILLIAM HUNTER HARDESTY Willie, an Annapolis native, was led to stardom in soccer by an intense interest in sports. He is a Tommy Dorsey fan and an outstanding dancer with a fond- ness for a jump tune. After graduation he'll don the Navy blue. DOROTHY LOUISE HAYES The respect which her team- mates have shown her is a tribute to both the athletic ability and good sportsmanship of Dorothy. She's very enthusiastic about classical music and her scholastic prefer- ence is typing which she hopes to use in her father's office. ii' DONALD R. HERRING Fish, another shop major, was one of this year's Varsity soccer players. He is a vigorous, ath- letic type who should be a veal credit to the United States Navy, which he hopes to ioin upon grad- uation. RICHARD ALAN HIGGINS Dick, an accelerated student, is going to spend his future build- ing castles in the air , for he plans to be an architect. His chief interest in AHS has been the Traffic Squad, his distinguishing mark, his bow-tie. STEPHEN B. HILTABIDLE Tranquil Stevie has been an- other of our illustrious traffic of- ficers. Scholastically his interest has been the sciences, socially, dancing and parties, In the fu- ture he wants to uphold the fam- ily tradition of attending Lafay- ette College. l8 4-dt? DOROTHY MAY HARTGE Dottie, a gal with a lovely so- prano voice, has been a valuable member of the Glee Club for two years. Heading her list of likes are dancing and ice-skating, two things she does very well. After graduation she wants to find a place in the business world. REBECCA FRANCES HENRY This blonde giggler is the small- est of the Betty trio. She has displayed her athletic ability by taking an active part in all sports and still has had time to work on the Assembly Committee and Wake Circulation staff. Her con- scientious manner and interest in science insure for her a successful career as a nurse. JANE MIQUEL HERRING Jane, with her sparkling eyes and boundless energy, has been Student Government Vice-Presi- dent, student chairman for Stunt Night, a member of the Traffic Squad, and secretary of the Hon- or Society. ln college she'd like to engage in the study of art in its various forms. CAROLINE HILL Carol, a demure little newcom- er, has a soft voice which aptly expresses her shy but friendly per- sonality. Sports and dancing are her principal diversions, home- work, her chief aversion. EVELYN .IANICE HOLLAND Well-balanced meals with plen- ty of vitamins will be the lot of the fellow who marries Jay, for she will train to be a dietitian. On the list of things she likes is AHS-and who could have a bet- ter choice? BETTY JANE HOOPER Petite B. J. will train to be a secretary, but her real goal is matrimony. Bill heads her list of favorites, but she is also partial to dancing, cooking, and short- hand. MATTISON HENRY HOSKINS Hosk, a senior with a Texas drawl, has directed traffic in AHS. He is already a well-traveled fel- low, but he aims to get around even more, for his choice for the future is the Naval Air Corps. PHYLLIS MARIE JEN KINS Sammy is one of the few seniors whose chief scholastic interest has been foreign languages. She'll continue an education already en- hanced by travel through most of the United States at George Wash- ington College next year. BEVERLY JAN E JONES This commercial student already has that efficient secretary man- ner, so we're sure that she'll be a success in her chosen career. She likes holidays and hamburg- ers with onions and we like her friendly smile and genial nature. FRANK HARTMAN KAUFFMAN Frank's boundless energy and ceaseless interest are two factors that have led to his stardom in sports while in AHS. These same qualities should also make him a welcome member of Uncle Sam's Fleet. . .1 ' a MARY ELIZABETH HOPKINS Webster doesn't provide us with enough adjectives to say all the nice things we'd like to about Betty, who has served so capably on the Assembly and Social Com- mittees and as a member of the Glee Club. After graduation she wants to fly high as an aviatrix and study mathematics. JOHN FRANKLIN JEFFERSON No senior was more active this year than modest Jack. As secre- tary of the Student Government and a member of the Honor So- ciety, the Social and Assembly Committees, and the Traffic Squad, he was always dashing to some meeting. His confession that he despises routine proves that he is a fellow of marked initiative. JOHN NORMAN JENSEN Gas rationing hits our Johnny hard, for he dates on his car. His outside time has been divided be- tween the St. Martin's Lutheran Young Peoples' League and the Teen Age Canteen. In school he has concentrated on a lone goal- to graduate. JUNE LOREE JOY Junie is a person who will stick in our memories because of her lively exuberance and bright out- look on life. As soon as the war is over, she's going to get mar- ried and put AHS's home-making course to the test. THOMAS IRVIN KAUFFMAN Tommy belongs to that large clan of seniors who like sports and hate homework. The Var- sity Soccer Team and the Traffic Squad have benefited from his talent this year, and some day he hopes to prove himself a fine en- gineer. I9 MAN UELITA LORETTA KEIL Dark-complexioned 'Mandy' has gone out for all sports during her stay with us. She's an academic student who hopes to attend the University of Maryland next year, ELIZABETH ANGELA KIMBALL Gifted with a natural charm and an innate gaiety, our Hinkey should bring relief and relaxation to her suffering patients when she attains her goal of becoming a nurse. She is an energetic and active individual whom we have usually found dancing, ice-skating or horseback-riding in her spare moments. ROBERT ELDER KING Quiet Bob is a native of An- napolis and has been with us four years. His favorite leisure-time activities are dancing, model building, and sports, while his favorite subjects are mathematics and drawing. A career as a draftsman in his hope for the fu- ture. BETTY LEE KUGLER We have been a lucky class to claim attractive Betty, whose ac- tivity ran the gamut of what AHS had to offer . . . Legislature, Art Service, Assembly Committee, the Wake and on and on ad infini- tum. Energy such as hers is go- ing to be a big asset in nursing, her chosen career. MARY EASTON LAN DERS For artistic Mary Easton the Art Service, the Assembly Com- mittee, and the Social Club .have been the vehicles of self-expres- sion in AHS. Mel likes sports, good books, and dancing-a well- balanced choice for a college- bound girl. 20 BARBARA ANN KENT Pert Bobbie, a member of the Social Club and Assembly Com- mittee, has taken the commercial course so that she could be some- body's secretary. Her heart 'be- longs to the Army Air Force, which seems to have scored an- other direct hit, for it tops her list of favorites. LESTER LEROY KING ff Two things distinguish Les- his serene, quiet manner and his ability on the softball diamond. lf Uncle Sam needs him, he'll serve in the Air Corps. More to his liking, however, would be the first easy job which comes along. MARJORIE JEAN KLAKRING Probably the most perfect tri- bute we could write for Margie would be to say that she has been president of the Honor Society. When we add that she has also been school treasurer and a mem- ber of the Traffic Squad and Glee Club we can be sure that here is a future secretary whom AHS will greatly miss. BARBARA LORRAI N E LAMB Babs is our bowling enthusiast and she spends much time per- fecting her skill at this sport. She has worked on the Circulation Staffs of both the Tally-Ho and the Wake and has served in the Social Club as well as preparing for her career as a secretary. J! . , x T'-5. DONALD GRIFFITH LECOMPTE One of the few of us who love the soil is Daisy, a member of the Traffic Squad and a Varsity soccer player. Although he left us before graduation to serve 'Jn- cle Sam, he had already earned his diploma. After his return he'll settle down to dairy farming. DOROTHY MAE LEE Dottie, who has directed her efforts toward becoming a good secretary by taking the commer- cial course in AHS, has worked on the Circulation Staff and done typing for the Wake this year. ln her leisure she concentrates on movies and good food. BETTY JEAN LIFE Although this has been her first year in AHS, Neanie has easily found a niche in the sports offered here. She is fond of both dancing and bowling, and her most ardent desire for the future is that she may be a successful nurse. MARJORI E ALICE LUFF Our Marge, a lover of music composed by Romberg and operas sung by Pinza, wants to concen- trate on music as a career. She has pursued the academic course here in AHS and has served on the Assembly Committee this year. DOROTHY JUNE MABERRY Quiet, dark-haired Dorothy has made many friends during her short stay in AHS. Although she has been interested in all of her studies, Spanish and music come first. Dot's exceptional ability at the piano will mean success in her plans for the future-work at Peabody Institute of Music. six 'WILLIAM PAUL MAYERl' During his four years in AHS well-traveled Shorty has combined the academic course, dances, cokes, girls, and basketball to complete a varied program. He has two objectives in mind-first to serve Uncle Sam in the Army Air Corps and then to go to col- lege. Q FQ MARGARET GENE LEITCH We doff our hats to sunny Gene who can't think of anything she doesn't like. She's a com- mercial student who has done her bit by typing for the Wake this year. Business school is her next obiective, and after that it's an of- fice job. BARBARA REED LINCOLN Blonde, blue-eyed Bobbie, who confesses to a plebeian fondness for hot-dogs, is anotiher senior who has lent assistance with the circulation of the Wake. After serving a while as a doctor's re- ceptionist, she would like to try matrimoriy. ROLAND LuoNGo li L AHS has another service star in her window for quiet, modest Roland, who has been with Uncle Sam's Armed Forces since early in the year. Our loss has been the Navy's gain. DOREEN ALICE MANN ERS From sunny California hails the swimming and skating enthusiast, Doreen. So strong is her yen for travel that she wants to trek around as a traveling secretary. SHIRLEY LAURAINE McCARTHY As a rule the ability to be an honor student and an active par- ticipant in extra-curricular activ- ities is seldom coupled in one in- dividual, but Mac has been the exception. Although her para- mount interest has been sports, she has also lent a hand to the Assembly Committee, the Glee Club, the Tally-Ho, and various other groups. 21 MARGARET E. McCORMICK Varied are the likes of Betty, who enjoys playing the piano, swimming, skating, cooking, and sports. Although a general course student, she has particularly en- joyed the study of home econom- ics. Her plans for the future are indefinite. - i . . ' FRANCIS Jossvii Miu.HAusEN Tall, good-looking Fritz has two interests-sports and girls. While in AHS he has shown a fighting spirit on the Varsity Bas- ketball and Soccer Teams, and now he's going to show it as a U. S. Marine. KATHERINE R. MORROW Smiling, fun-loving Katy has always proved a welcome addition to any gathering or organization. Her usual habitat has been the zoology or chemistry laboratory. She dreams of wearing the stiffly- starched uniform of a nurse some- day. ALICE PEMBROKE MURRAY Sparkling, petite Alice, whose scholastic interests are history and social science, is intrigued by poli- tics. A bit whimsical at times, she confesses loafing, reading, and riding to be her favorite di- versions. A career in nursing is her present ambition. DANA CLAIRE MUSTERMAN In Dana the Class of '45 has a member who aspires to a career as a singer with an orchestra. She has worked in the office, typed for the yearbook, and performed on Stunt Night to merit the name of a busy senior t-his year. 22 ,p, JAMES NAYDEN METZGER Tenor-voiced Jim will be re- membered for his work as editor of the Wake and captain of the Traffic Squad. Dubbed Argu- mentation because of his love of verbal battles, he has been one of our most versatile seniors. We predict a successful career in mathematics for him. ORMA CHRISTINE MONSEN Orma, a commercial student, has been so quiet and unassuming that not many of us have pene trated her habitual reserve. Her fondness for the color'blue, how- ever, confirms our conviction of her loyalty. day. MARGARET MARY MURCHAKE To be a secretary is the ambi- tion of our Margie whose recrea- tional tastes run to reading, mov- ies, and plays. On the list of things she likes especially well are chicken and the study of home economics. PRISCILLA C. MURRAY ln Charlie we have a senior who would like to spend her life writing novels and globetrotting. Whether or not she immortalizes herself in this way, she'll stick in our memories as a lover of good books and horses and as a girl of boundless energy. MYRTLE ESTELLE MYERS This member of the National Honor Society has always been known as a super student. In the capacity of treasurer of the Wake she has shown qualities of neatness and efficiency which, we are sure, will spell success for her when she becomes a secretary. VIRGINIA MYERS Ginny has been a new student in AHS this year, but it hasn't taken her long to get acquainted. Next year will find her in college where she will pursue the study of art, a subject which she en- joys immensely. ROBERT RISDON NORTH, III Here is a senior who likes to dance, who enjoys long bicycle hikes, and who is fond of apple pie. lf he realizes his present am- bition, he will represent the Class of '45 in the legal profession. He is none other than our friendly, smiling Bob. JAMES ROBERT NOWELL Jim, born in Crabtown, has particularly enjoyed the wood and metal shop work in AHS. Al- though he says he despises home- work, he wants to go to college, so he has a long siege of unpleas- antness facing him. SHIRLEY ANN NYMAN Sports-loving Shirley, whose lovely hair prompted all of us to call her Blondie , has saved the game for us many times by her ex- pert pitching or clever maneuver- ing of a difficult play. ln the future she wants to be a book- keeper. JOYCE MARY PAINTER Joyce, whom most of us called Reds , has a flair for the aes- thetic which is reflected in her taste for flowers, travel, and at- tractive clothes. She seems well- fitted for her chosen career, that of an interior decorator. 'Q- JOHN LATIMER NORRIS Contributions to the work of the Glee Club, the Traffic Squad, and numerous assemblies have distin- guished Cake ' in AHS. Physics has been his main interest here, and electronics is his choice for the future. JOSEPH THOMAS NORWOOD The Navy has another recruit in spirited Doggie, a commercial student who has devoted a great deal of time to sports. We saw red every time he whizzed by and we recognized an all right guy Ln every contact we have had with im. JOHN FRANCIS NOWELL Our Nelson Eddy has not only been a mainstay in the Glee Club this year, but he has also found time to work for the Traffic Squad and Stunt Night. His per- sonality has many facets which reflect in turn a subtle humor, an unpredictable depth, and many other qualities which make him a challenging enigma to many of us. TH ERESA FRANCES OKTAVEC Terry's lively and friendly man- ner will be a great asset in her career as a nurse. She's an Artie Shaw fan and spends her leisure playing records. JACOB F. PANETTI, III As a member of the Assembly and Social Committees, the Glee Club, the Wake Staff, the Legis- lature, and the Varsity Soccer Team, Freddie has contributed more than enough to be classed with the busy seniors. His double-barrelled personality should be a decided asset in the legal profession, his chosen career. 23 fff BETTY LOUVINIA PARKINSON Intramural sports, the Glee Club, and the Circulation Staff of the Wake have consumed the spare time and energies of Bets this year. Her future is a toss between nursing and secretarial work. 0 BENJAMIN NORRIS PAXSON No person bemoaned lack of school spirit more than Pax who has pursued the academic course in AHS where radio, electronics, and sports have vied for his in- terest. Upon graduation he'll be all set to serve Uncle Sam. SYLVIA D. PENNINGTON Sis is one of those rare peo- ple who actually like to write let- ters. Her fondness for people and the ease with which she makes new acquaintances should insure her a successful career as a cadet nurse. JOANNE PERRY Jody has spent her first year at AHS as a senior, but we have all become acquainted with her. Under that pretty cap of dark, naturally-curly hair is a girl who likes smooth records, good food, and the study of home economics. MERRILL WEBB PITTMAN Radio, sports, blondes, bru- nettes, and ice cream sundaes . . . these are the diversified in- terests of Pitt, an academic stu- dent. ln the future he would like to work in the field of radar or television. 24 Joi-IN ouven PARTY N J- John, whose sunny disposition and ready grin have attracted a large host of friends in AHS, has served on the Circulation Com- mittee of the Wake. Sports have interested him immensely, and he has participated in soccer, soft- ball, and basketball. His hope now is to earn the right to wear the wings of the Army Air Corps. MARION D. PENNINGTON Blonde Penny, who fills in her leisure time with dancing, read- ing, and listening to Bing Crosby, hails from Boyds, Maryland. Af- ter leaving AHS she will forsake her commercial course to become a Cadet Nurse. LLOYD EDWARD PERKINS Modest Lloyd has been ever- willing to help all. His charac- teristic quietness is not due to lack of thought, but rather to the process of accumulating it. Lloyd and his trombone will be missed greatly by the orchestra. LORRAINE WATERS PHILLIPS Lorraine has been one of the few feminine members of the Traffic Squad. As circulation manager of the Wake she did her job well, and we know she will succeed in another role, that of a Navy nurse. N ELLI E MARGARET PLANTZ Although a newcomer to Crabtown High , Nellie, with her interest in dancing, singing, and Bing Crosby has fit right into our scheme of living. She is a quiet, conscientious type who has booked college next on her sche- dule. I -I 'vi I CHARLAINE PREWETT Bing Crosby has an ardent fan in Charlaine, a peach from Gawgia. She takes real de- light in movies and hiking and has an aversion to mathematics and olives. She hasn't decided what she'll do after leaving AHS. WILLIS FLETCHER PU RDY The sea can claim for its own this pensive lad who lists swim- ming and ocean fishing as his fa- vorite activities and the Navy as his future occupation. Willy is a general shop major who places homework first, second, and third on his list of pet peeves. -fl iii' cHAnLss B. nAwi.n-is Charlie, a whiz at math and physics and an illustrious traffic officer, plans to be a mechanical engineer some day. He finds abominable such things as langu- ages and sauerkraut, but he en- joys tremendously a good orches- tration. THELMA REGINA ROCHE Reds , a commercial student, is an avid reader. At present she is toying with two plans for the future-writing and nursing. CHARLES EDWARD ROGERS Queeny is one of our out- standing athletes, having played well for four years on the soccer and basketball teams. Weight lifting and eating, which somehow go hand in hand, are his two speci- alties. DOROTHY JEAN PU RDY Carrot-top is quite talented in art and AHS has benefited from this talent frequently as she has prepared scenery for various dramatic productions. She is un- decided about her future which is a toss-up between college and nurses' training. BENJAMIN L. RAWLINGS, JR. Bennie, a shop major, names mechanics at the top of his list of favorites, with sailing and swim- ming not far behind. No wonder then that he's planning to join the Navy after graduation! EDITHA JUNE RITTER Eddie, who has made many staunch friends during her two years in AHS, is another senior who wants to become a stenog- rapher. Her taste in food indi- cates a cosmopolitan nature, for she relishes Italian spaghetti and Chinese dishes. She has partici- pated in many sports and typed for the Wake. E. Louis ROELLE, JR. N Here's a fellow who is truly unusual-he doesn't like the girlsl His interest in music prompted him to sing with the AHS Glee Club. Undoubtedly he'll have difficulty in reconciling his love for holidays and free periods with army life. BERNARD LOUIS ROTH Bernard, one of our wittiest seniors, has had a finger in every pie-Social Club, the Wake, Traf- fic Squad, Glee Club, and assem- blies, to list just a few. To be- come a good lawyer and then to settle down in Savannah, Georgia, where he was born, are his two chief ambitions. 25 VV BETTY JEAN RUSTEBERG Loquacious Rusty, able mana- ger of the patron drive for this year's Wake, has revealed her proficiency in a number of activ- ities--Art Service, the Assembly Committee, the Library Council. Her aspirations lean toward a career in fashion designing. ELLIOTT PORTER SCH ERGER Jake is a true Crab-towner, having lived here all his life. Dur- ing his four years in AHS he has shown an avid interest in sports and participated in soccer and basketball. During that time he has also favored us with a flash- ing smile and many sprightly wit- ticisms. FRANCES SCHNEIDER Blonde Fran, who wants to make use of her commercial course by getting a stenographic position, is another of our south- ern gals. She combines sports, good food, and music for her rec- reational diet. JOHN ELMER SCIBLE Jack, another native of An- napolis, has been a general course student. His post-graduation ambition is to be rich and take life easy. Do you suppose he'd tell us just how this is accom- plished? MARY JOAN NA SH ECKELLS Chemistry and journalism are the major interests of this young lady who has kept herself busy this year with two important offices- president of the Library Council and literary editor of the Wake. She plans to study agricultural chemistry, but we know she'll find time for her favorite pastime- writing poetry. 26 THEODORE LEE SAKERS Blond Teddy is the unpredict- able-sometimes talkative, some- times quiet. Radio and electrical work are the fields which have appealed to him most during his stay at AHS, while sports have been his side interest. RICHARD S. SCHIFANELLI No slacker is Dick, who has served on the Social and Student Guidance Committees as well as in the Stunt Night performance. As he is interested in physics, he will probably make use of this subject in his career. FLORENCE S. SCH RIEFER Quiet, unassuming Florence is going to make somebody a good secretary someday. She has no particular hobby, but she's partial to good music and movies. ELIZABETH SH ERMAN SEWELL Lovable, honest, sincere Betty is lbelieve it or notll a Republican Southerner. Her musical talent has been an asset to the orches- tra, her literary talent, a boon to the Wake and Tally-Hoy and her wit, a magnet to all who have met her, BEVERLEY JUNE SH ELLEY Filling a very important niche in the Class of '45 is vivacious June, whose lovely voice has given us so much pleasure and whose contribution to the work of the Library Council, the Tally-Ho, and the Assembly Committee has been so invaluable. Her bubbling hu- mor will mean smiles for many patients when she becomes a nurse. ROBERT STEPHEN SHERBERT Step right this way for a big juicy steak, gang! Tall and lanky Mase is going to be a good butcher. lf this rationing con- tinues, the popularity which he has enjoyed in AHS is going to increase immeasurably. MARY CLAIRE SHORTT Mert, a blonde basketball play- er, has belied her name by grow- ing tall. Her hopes for the future paradoxically suggest both ambi- tion and lack of it, for she wants either to marry a rich man or to find an easy secretarial job. if FRANK ALLEN sw: Frank's cheerful grin has al- ways boosted our morale during our years at AHS. He is an en- thuisast for sports and dancing and, like most of us, detests homework. A vagabond at heart, he hopes to see the world as a naval officer. X Y ,W - l' Jouli Enwmzo srrss, Jn. All sports have interested John- ny, who will strike out after grad- uation to join the Merchant Ma- rine, We'll remember him not only for his work on the Traffic Squad and in the Stunt Night per- formance, but also for that often- displayed willingness to help oth- ers. NANCY ANNE SLAVEN Not only the A but the bar under it attests the great service Nancy has rendered to her school. Her selection as editor of this year's Tally-Ho, a task at which she has worked diligently and faithfully, culminated three years of reporting. ln college she'll .study to be a naturalist. MARY NELL SHORT College-bound Shorty, who has made many friends during her four years at AHS, is a versatile gal with a flair for fun. Playing the piano, participating in sports, and dancing are her primary so- cial activities, while math and science rate scholastically. JOAN MARIE SINGLEY Jo, whose quiet exterior con- ceals the fact that she is full of the old nick , is another senior of lofty ambition, for she wants to become an air hostess. She has helped with the photography of the Wake this year and has spent her spare moments on the ice developing further an already good skating technique. EVELYN A. M. SITES Although she is a home eco- nomics major, Sis lists food as her chief aversion. Dancing, bowling, in fact all sports have been her foremost interest during her stay in AHS. Just what she'll be do- ing in the future even she does not know. NANCY ANN SLAMA Nancy, a witty and vigorous individual herself, dislikes quiet people. Intramural sports, the Assembly and Social Committees, and the Wake have kept her oc- cupied during her four years in AHS. MARY GERTRUDE ANN SMALL Tall, dark Gertie is more than iust another senior to those who know her. She is an avid swimmer, an accomplished seamstress, and a potential interior decorator. 27 ADELE WAYN E SMITH The undying gratitude of the Wake Staff is due this commercial student who has done such a su- perb job as chief typist for the yearbook. We'll recommend Pud- din' not only as a good secretary but as an all-round girl whose genial and quiet manner is re- freshing. LOIS RUTH SMITH By virtue of her contributions to the Glee Club, the Assembly Committee, the Wake, and the Honor Society, Lois Ruth might be classed as one of our busiest and most competent seniors. ln the fall she'll enroll in the Women's College of the Univer- sity of North Carolina. BARBARA LEE SNAVELY Midshipmen and Academy hops have consumed so much of the time of blonde Bobbie, the little girl with the big pompadour, that school to her has been only a necessary evil. She's now headed toward the study of dress-design- ing. J EAN ETTE LOU ISE STALLI NGS In Jeanette the Class of '45 has still another who is deter- mined to become a secretary. The work which she has done for the Guidance Department and the Wake Staff this year indicates that she has real skill in this field. SARAH ANN STALLINGS The Tally-Ho, the Assembly Committee, and the Social Com- mittee are iust three of the activ- ities which have benefited from the talent of Smoky, whose con- tribution was sufficient to merit the A during her junior year. She has been an active sports- woman and hopes to be a doctor. 28 HERMAN BUCKNER SMITH Quiet and reserved Smitty has made himself useful around AHS by serving on the Traffic Squad this year. A sense of fair play, developed by an interest in sports, has made him a great friend here. It will undoubtedly be a big help in his engineering career. MARIE J ENNY SMITH Smitty, a general course stu- dent, lists as her favorite ac- tivities movies, good books, and sports. Her intense interest in the latter will prompt her to pre- pare for teaching physical educa- tion after she is graduated from AHS. ROSE ANN SPRINGFIELD Rosie's chief aim in life is hav- ing fun, and she accomplishes it by reading, writing, collecting photos, and going to the movies. After finishing her course in AHS she hopes to attend a business college. MARY LOU STALLINGS ln AHS fun-loving Pudge has chosen the Library Council and the Glee Club as her favorite ex- tra-curricular activities and sci- ence as her favorite subject. Her choice for the future is the nurs- ing profession. il' CHARLES JOSEPH STERLING We've already hung up a ser- vice star for Buckie, who is now serving with Uncle Sam's fleet. That means that we've already had time to miss his enthusiasm for out-door sports, his service on the Traffic Squad, and his quiet and thoughtul manner. BETTY LEE STEVENS Food, fun, and frolic are the sovereigns in the life of com- panionable Betty, who has proc-- ticed her stenographic knowledge by typing for the Wake this year. After attending business college, she'II take up her career as c secretary. TH ELMA LOUISE STEVENS Movies and music, sports and traveling-these are the things Boots enjoys. She's particularly interested in' typing, and after graduation she'd like to join the Waves. RICHARD LEE STILL As treasurer of the Student Government, a member of the As- sembly and Social Committees, the Traffic Squad, the Library Coun- cil, and the Varsity Soccer Team, Mystery Man has displayed a calibre few of us could match. Maybe it's because we share with him a distaste for know-it-aIIs , rainy Fridays, and early rising that we cherish his acquaintance. Hawk RICHA D DAVID STINCHCOMB Sports and girls are tied for first place as the cardinal interests of jovial Richard. He has ma- jored in shop and is letting the Draft Board decide his future. SUSANNE STOKES Her friendly exuberance and charming wit have made new- comer Sue readily welcomed in AHS. In her one year here she has contributed much as a mem- ber of the literary staff of the Wake and of the National Honor Society. Friends find her full of fun and always on-the-go. GEORGE FRAN KLIN STEVENS This versatile senior would need no other claim to fame than his loyal work as assistant editor of the Wake, but he has added the Traffic Squad, Social Club, and Art Service to insure his im- mortality in AHS. West Point is his goal, and we're wishing suc- cess to a fellow we find plenty all right. HALLAM ALEXIS STEWARD Lex, who has pursued the gen- eral course in AHS, will don a Navy uniform after graduation. He's ta born mixer, ,partial to short girls and good music and allergic to homework. RAYMOND G. STINCHCOMB lf you are a good-looking girl with brains , you can be on Ray's list, for those are the requisites he must have in his feminine friends. Engines and airplanes are a delight to this mechanically minded student who is now serving in the AAF. fl, M vERNoN B. s'riNci-:coma JR. An enthusiastic interest in music plus persevering practice on his trumpet have combined to make Vernon an asset to the Or- chestra and Glee Club. Not the least of his virtues has been his never-failing reliability. MARY ELLEN STU BBS Although indifferent to the scholastic and social offerings of AHS, Mary Ellen has two activ- ities which she enjoys tremendous- ly-dancing and eating. She wants to find a job in business. 29 ARCHIBALD SCALES THOMPSON Archie, one of our good-looking boys, takes to math as a duck takes to water. ln fact he names trigonometry along with sports and cherry pie on his list of favorites. His heart is set on the Naval Academy. VIRGINIA MAY VICKERS Five feet two, eyes of blue describes pert little Ginny perfect- ly. ln AHS she has shone on the basketball court and has wielded a mean softball bat. A commer- cial student, she hopes to see the States by getting a job which necessitates traveling, ENID VOSE This newcomer to AHS was born in the Philippines, and from there her travels have carried her far. We'll always remember Enie for her uncanny ability to inject hu- mor in everyday occurrences. She likes to cook. Does she need any further recommendation? BETTY JAN E WASHINGTON Bet hails from way down south in North Carolina, so it's not sur- prising that she dislikes winter. She has been active in sports in AHS and has pursued the home- making course with a purpose, for her plan for the future is matri- mony. RICHARD RAYMON D WEBER Richie is the lad with a fond- ness for hot music and an abhorrence of Sinatra. He has taken the general shop course in AHS and liked mechanical draw- ing so well that he wants to be- come a draftsman. 30 NO HEYWARD BURTON TUCKER Tuck is a sports-minded indi- vidual, partial to soccer, ice-skat- ing, and bowling. Maybe it is because he was born in Annapolis that he wants to join the Navy and stay near the water. WILLIAM HENRY VIETH Bill, our Student Government President this year, needs no in- troduction. A thorough student and a good athlete, he has taken a prominent part in many phases of school life, but we'll miss es- pecially his solid drumming in the dance band. He aspires to become a West Point Cadet. ALICE MAY WAGN ER Cute, blonde, and pert Alice is particularly fond of sports, but she also finds time for dancing, hiking, and reading. She has taken the general course and as- sisted with the circulation of the yearbook this year. She hasn't de- cided whether it will be college or the Cadet Nurses' Corps next year. HAROLD BERNARD WAYSON Eastport is home to Harold, an- other shop major. While in AHS he has despised homework and loved sports as four years of par- ticipation in basketball, soccer, and softball proves. So far he has made no plan for the future. DOROTHY ELIZABETH WHITE Dot came to us in her junior year as a little southern belle and was readily welcomed be- cause she, like most of us, likes sports and dancing. The softball diamond has been like home to this commercial student, who is all set to become a secretary. J U LIA ESTELLE WILSON Sugar 'n spice 'n everything nice well describes friendly Julia. She has cultivated interests in many fields including the Wake Art Service, Glee Club, and assem- blies. Now she will extend her talent to a career in nursing. WILLIAM MICHAEL WISEMAN Willie, o fellow of short stature and a deep drawling voice, plans to represent the Class of '45 in the banking world. He's one of the few of us who are ambitious enough to include night school in our plans for the future. DAVID CURTIS WOOD Dave came from Louisiana to join the Class of '45 in AHS this year. Although he has made in- numerable friends among his classmates, he has found soccer a poor substitute for his favorite sport, football. College and then engineering are included in his program for the future. JACQU ELINE TH ELMA ZELKO Although alphabetically she is the last of the seniors, am- bitious Jackie is far from the least. The Glee Club, the Assem- bly Committee, the Wake, and Stunt Night are but a few of the activities to which she has con- tributed her share. Her future plans include college, a career, and matrimony. ANTHONY HOMER WINCH ELL lf you saw the Stunt Night per- formance, you can thank Tony, for it was he who controlled the lights. Service to the Traffic Squad, the Glee Club, and the As- sembly Committee may also be in- cluded in his activity for this year. He'll specialize in engineering in college. THOMAS SH ELLY WOLKING Tommy is known as an all- round swell fella. His dancing ability equals his prowess on the athletic field, and an even tem- per and amicable manner have won him many true friends. Af- ter graduation he hopes to join Uncle Sam's Navy. vig. fl! ROBERT AN DREW WOOD Our mental ills will be over when tall Woodie, an accelerated student, realizes his goal, for he'll practice psychiatry. Work with the Assembly Committee, particu- larly the preparation of script, has been his forte in AHS. 31 'A eh 1 , '5' ,M '51s C LASS The Class of 1945 has been the first to complete all four years under wartime conditions. It has seen many traditional activities dropped, many new Tones added. With a song in the heart of every member, the Class has completed a full schedule, stored up many pleasant memories. Now as a stimulus for reminiscing we review the four-year calendar. 'l94'l-42 September-We arrive as green and flighty Freshmen. Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here! October-We become adjusted to AHS and acquainted with our teachers and classmates. Ain't Misbehavin' November-The PTA serves Thanksgiving dinner. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition December-AHS hears the United States declare war on the Axis. Remember Pearl Harbor January-We Freshmen elect class officers-Bill Clemens, Bill Vieth, and Howard McPherson. And When I Dance lVotel, I Always Dance lVotel With Billy February-Clubs become part of the regular school day instead of after- school activity. There'll Be Some Changes Made March-We have our first air-raid drills. Dancing lwell, scramblingl in the Dark April-All extra-curricular activities clubs, varsity sports-are dropped The End of lol Perfect Daylsl May-The first Wake is published. You're Lovely to Look At June-Our first year is over. l'll See You Again 'I 942-43 September-We come back as Sophomores. It Started All Over Again October-The first Student Government elections are held. The Student Activities Committee sings Somebody Else ls Taking My Place November-The biology classes learn first aid. Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer December-AHS joins the Victory Corps. This ls the Army, Mr. Jones January-The Annapolis Hi-Y Club is organized. A-Men February-The Tally-Ho is enlivened by new features. What's the Good Word? March--The Red Devils clinch the intramural basketball title. My Reverie April-The first Student Government jamboree is held. This ls a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening May-The gas shortage curtails social life. On a Bicycle Builf for Two We Don't Get Around Much Anymore June-Our high school days are half over. 'Til We Meet Again 34 HISTORY 1 943-44 September-Now we are jolly, confident upperclassmen. Together Again October-The thirty-minute lunch period begins to tell on students. One O'Clock ll:l0 to be technicalll Jump November-The Music Makers take firsrt place in the Annual Stunt Night. Begin the Beguine December-The formal Christmas Dance is a huge success. I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas January-The Class of '45 is second only to the Seniors in the Bond Drive. Any Bonds Today? Arms for the Love of America February-Junior boys are added to the Traffic Squad. Take lt Easy March-The Junior Ramblers win the basketball crown. Strike Up the Band April-The Gypsy Rover is presented. So Come, My Friends, and Sup With Me Oh, Johnny May-The Juniors fete the Seniors at fthe annual prom. The decorations are Only a Rose, but the Class of '45 works Night and Day June-At last we are Seniors! We Mustn't Say Goodbye l 944-'I 945 September-Bill Vieth and Jane Herring head the Student Government, and Bill Cle-mens, Bob Carrick, and Martha Kirkpatrick are chosen to head the Class of '45 as we take over as Grand Old Seniors . Yes, Indeed October-The Wake Staff is organized. Jim November-The Varsity Soccer Team takes the County Soccer Championship. Take Me Out to the Ball Game December-A lovely Christmas Assembly sends us off to a fine holiday. Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly January-Several senior boys join Unale Safm's fighting forces. Miss You February-Junior Miss is chosen as the Senior play. Star Dust March-The Seniors work hard, for it's the home stretch. l'Il Pray for You Oh, Teacher! How Come You Do Me Like You Do? I'm Heading for the Last Roundup April-The audience is captivated by our version of Junior Miss. Junior Miss May-The Seniors take exams. Senior: l'll Get By Teacher: lt Ain't Necessarily Sa June-The Class of '45 is graduated. To that diploma: lf You Are But a Dream To AHS: Thanks for the Memories 35 x45 'x B455- 'fo-v..:.1 W Bud' KAG11 Cllmum 3 mm QT. -ngww Qxmehs J Q . MS qi JW' 91' lu, w w VW vi 1 Iqmginmmr 'Yi- '?' Wxdfha Sm.. m,A...,f--if W 'VHQQ BQWLP 'wa av G '75 Nlllhuasq an-4 L..W...L..-.-J Pusfifs. MWCWMAAN J QKPM 5 ., Z W? j '.,.A,,, i f W! .4-7 Eh I Qx P 41,5 JIM x 41-zgugr Misfit A k fam , w 'fa iummgggg if G Kiwi' VV in flux E -f Q - mu M nf, , in 3 ,g AXA v X QQ my , v wh cw f an 1' A f- , m . V an gg my ,ig 4? ww GW Q. gm? 1 Q Q 3 g K L L f 1? sr My ' K. A Ll .v,A i,:L X if ' 5. 'L -.W Q ? 3 sfmgi 1, Z ' Jig , A,,k .ll ' , ' , h , ? fgli1:ii13' A-kb JUNIORS PRESIDENT. . . DeaneTreat VICE-PRESIDENT . . . Barbara Vieth SECR'Y-TREAS. . . . Doris Deale ROOM 201 First Row: A. Alderton, D. Barlow, E. Armiger, P. Griffie, Miss Newlon, M. Bausum, L. Basilierre, B. Basil, A. Basil. Second Row: H. Bausum, A. M. Avery, R, Ar- gue, S. Baker, A. Forbes, J. Brandenburg, L. Bonney, F. Anderson, L, Aisquith. Third Row: J. Bouchal, R. Barrett, L. Basil, R. Arrison, J. Aubrey, R. Bassford, T. Boyce, C. Trott, L. Evans. ROOM 202 First Row: M. Brown, A. Casey, E. Cohen, R. Carter, Miss Ross, A. Carr, N. Crandall, C. Caldwell, M. C. Clark. Second Row: A. Colburn, J. Crornar, E. Craw- T ford, M. Carlson, D. Clark, E. Conrad, . Cyr, G. Brandstaedt, C. Butler. Third Row: J. Brennan, R. Chambers, D. Churchwell, J. Cranford, R. Church S. Cooley, J. Brenneman, D. Brown, D. Buck, W. Coney, W. Crandall. ROOM 204 First Row: N. Billings, N. Fox, M. Munroe, E. Galloway, F. Greenacre, Miss Nichol- son, D. Duval, R. Dougherty, R. Dur- ham, M. Finkle, M. Meder. Second Row: F. King, D. Duvall, L. Greenwell, D. Greenwell, I, Gralley, A. McCartin, M. Dortch, D. Cookman, R. Gade, N. Huck- ins, M. Goddard, L. Slane, A. Eisenstein, M. Giddings. Third Row: L. Luttrell, D. Daniels, P. Farrell, D. Deale, J. Taylor, D. Dawson, K. Mum- ford, J. Diamond, E. Merle, J. Edwards. ROOM 206 First Row: L. Housely, G. Hardesty, B. Hooper, M. Hall, Miss Sansone, B. Grine, W. Hiesler, A. Hall, A. Haneke. Second Row: F. Howard, N. Hallock, H. How- ard, C. Halpine, J. Humphreys, G. Hall, N. Herring, J. Hartford, C. Haff. Third Row: F. Galloway, W. Dearborn, W. Dusinberre, P. Donald, F. Gasperick, R. Decker, P. Gallager, T. Dudley, H. Earle, S. Elder, R. Donek. ROOM 208 First Row: B. Morris, M. Meyer, B. Martin, M. Lincoln, N. R. Kittinger, Mrs. West, M. L. Meyer, M. Milkay, S. Meekins, M. Layne, l. M. Marshall. Second Row: M. Munrae, N. Myers, N. Middle- ton, H. Morgan, D. Kohler, A. Kolb, D. Jones, A. Leatherbury, D. Jones, T. La Manna. Third Row: R. King, W. Higgs, H. Klakring, L. Hyatt, J. Heise, L. Masselink, A. Housley, J. Wade. Fourth Row: W. Murchake, R. Mellin, K. Laub, G. Manis, G. McGuckian, J. Lee, P. Jones. ROOM 209 First Row: B. Oaks, J. Sears, A. Stockett, M. Sodensk , Miss Case A. Speicher, D. Y 1 Stewart, J. Sears, D. Stephens. Second Row: M. Sinclair, C. Schultz, L. Read, H. Reed, R. M. Run, B. Ruff. Third Row: R. Shaw, J. Thomas, L. Russell, C. Middlebrooks, R. Steward, H. Parkin- son, J. Straton, J. Norfolk. ROOM 212 First Row: A. Widerman, B. Thompson, B Williams, M. Suit, R. Suit, Miss Waters, H. Williams, G. Sylvia, M. Stubbs, E Suit, A. Thompson. Second Row: W. Ward, H. Wayson, D. Willet, M. Wynne, J. Weinberg, M. Trevillian, A Whittington, M. Vickers, B. Vieth, E Zehner, H. Westervelt. Third Row: S. Tucker, R. Thompson, J. Willis, P. Wirth, L. White, R. Weber, W. Wood, J. Williams. SOPHOMORES PRESIDENT. . . John Neff VICE-PRESIDENT . . . Cosimo Abato SECR'Y-TREAS. . . . Jenny Calabrese ROOM 'I01 First Row: R. Ambrose, G. Aisquith, D. Ais- quith, F. Arrowood, Miss Vincent, J. A. Anderson, A. Agapetos, R. Aisquith, B. Bell, A. Aisquith. Second Row: C. Abato, C. Armiger, R. Bass, J. Anderson, E. Huckins, E. Albright, J. Ball, J. Sapp, W. Anderson, G. Bach- mann, R. Bast. ROOM 102 First Row: D. Casey, C. Collison, C. Busto, J. Calabrese, Mrs. Todd, N. Camrnaratta, A, Schwallenberg, N. Brocon, J. Meyers, P. Boldizsar. Second Row: A. Beyerlein, C. Brice, A. Brice, B. Collison, A. Bellais, B. Branham, H. Brohawn, R. Brouse, L. Bender, A. Blades. Third Row: J. Calabrese, P. Cantler, R. Bend- er, F. Bausum, K. Futch, P. Beard, W. Bennett, C. Howard. ROOM 107 Firsl' Row: D. Cook, M. Dauer, M. Cronin, H. Daniels, Mrs. Snook, V. Donaldson, H. Cook, E. Cook, M. Cullember. Second Row: G. Emrick, R. Farrar, W. Decker, M. Dill, S. Davis, M. Decker, M. Doepkins, C. Dempsey, D. Coven, R. Cassard, S. Dawson. Third Row: R. Coney, l. Ellison, J. Eilers, G. Carr, J. Clow, R. Como, R. Dudley, G. Duckeit, S. Cutler. ROOM 109 First Row: E. Guill, R. Ellershaw, S. Freeman, B. Duvall, H. Evans, Mrs. Bowles, M. Easterday, J. Ford, D. Dull, C. Ewald, M. FOX. Second Row: D. Hendrie, J. Grady, R. Frantom, A. Galloway, M. English, G. Farmer, N. Faust, B. L. Fox, H. Baccus, F. Frantum. Third Row: C. Hardesty, S. Friedel, M. Rogers, B. Hill, D. Hopkins, V. Hopkins, A. Erickson. ROOM 'I10 First Row: K. Hopkins, J. Hepler, E. Hodges, B. Carberry, S. Heise, Mrs. Henigan, M. Hardesty, J. Jones, R. Keagle, E. Hagood, A. Hartge. Second Row: S. Taylor, J. Walker, M. Heywood, J. Joachim, P. Kerchner, J. Berger, G. Jensen, M. Halpine. ROOM 306 First Row: M. White, l. Sutphin, S. Swallow, P. Winn, J. Topping, Miss Hogan, M. Skinkle, B. Waldrop, E. Wade, J. Swartz, B. Yost. Second Row: C. Whittington, J. Thomas, S. Williams, K. Vanderburgh, P. Wayson, L. Wilson, M. Williams, H. White, M. Whittington, R. Stevens. Third Row: C. Taylor, D. Steward, C. Stinch- comb, T. Williams, W. Taylor, H. Snyder. Fourth Row: F. Speaks, C. Winter, W. Weit- zell, H. Waterman, R. Smith, C, Tayman, G. Springfield, H. Windsor. ROOM 308 First Row: M. V. Abbot, E. M. Stinchcomb, I. Nyquist, B. Billing, B. Norwood, Miss Marking, N. Stotz, T. Skislak, E. Stokes, J. McCormick, D. Stockett. Second Row: R. Kauffmen, C. Saltzman, M. E. Robinson, E. Smith, D. Parkinson, B. M. Sadler, l. Schultz, M. J. Rehn, M. Stall- ings, B. Masters. Third Row: W. Kies, R. Meade, J. Meredith, N. Ljungquist, D. McLean, J. Meade, R. Klakring. Fourth Row: D. Lomboy, A. Moore, P. More- land, G. Miller, W. Dietz, R. Kavanaugh, D. Keeney, G. Masters, M. Miller. ROOM 309 First Row: S. Murray, R. Lynn, M. A. Luongo, B. Lee, D. Lisousky, Miss Kephart, I. Li- sousky, M. Kies, V. Lee, B. Musterman, F. Lee. Second Row: H. O'Neale, B. Mills, R. Kurnow K. Lamb, P. Lancaster, J. Logan, C. Mon- day, J. Leitch, G. Miller, L. Lawrence R. Rehn. Third Row: W. Scherger, M. Roth, H. Sher- bet, J. Neff, T. Russell, M. Seigert, D. Neese, K. Pohlner, G. Rawlings. Fourth Row: E. Skoch, J. Neiman, N, Rullman J. Sames, R. Seger, R. Reichel, M. Rich- man, G. Shaw. 1 1 1 FRESHMEN Room 108 First Row: A. Bradshaw, M. Codell, F. Aorilio B. Basil, Mrs. Hallmark, A. Armbruster J. Blaisdell, J. Armiger, B. Brunk. Second Row: E. Cadell, M. Armiger, R. Bull H. Belcher, B. Bitter, L. Blessing, B Baker, S. Butler, B. Beavin, E. Alvanos F. Bailey, C. Bounelis. ROOM 301 First Row: J. Characklis, N. Cosden, B. Dudrow F. Cohen, V. Christianson, Miss Gaeth S. Dougherty, D. Donelan, B. Dawson K. Davidson, B. Carrick. Second Row: W. Billings, L. Durner, S. Chris- tenson, H. Cook, D. Durm, L, Duvall, M Dudley, M. Clark, N. Conner, D. Baker. Third Row: J. Brady, H. Becker, G. Beall, T Alexander, H. Buser, W. Dignen, M Brooks, C. Baldwin. Fourth Row: K. Tracy, J. Bramble, D. Brict- son, R. Brady, W. Ashby, J. Aorilio, B Bausum, J. Bradley, W. Brown, B. Carr ROOM 302 First Row: P. Fullinwider, B. Lee, M. Flood, S Hackenberg, J. Maberry, Mrs. Fahs, A Beans, S. Fine, C. Evans, B. Lee, M Grine. Second Row: K. Garner, L. Grimm, W. Gow T. Fisher, A. Ginder, L. Hagood, E. Grier: son, N. Fowler, J. Greenburg, P. Windsor Third Row: F. Ecken, M. Carr, C. Carrigan, C. Downey, R. Disney, W. Davis, H Eldridge, N. Brooks, R. Donelon, R. Cole- man, R. Wooster. Fourth Row: D. Davis, J. Emrick, B. Clemens J. Engberg, H. Eisenstein, J. Dammeyer W. Dill, E. Deale. ROOM 303 First Row: B. Hayes, J. Knockstedt, H. Leonos, E. Hall, H. Jones, Miss Kibler, V. Hall G. Jefferson, M. Hall, M. Hannon, M Hallock. Second Row: G. Gehen, M. Kleis, H. Jones, S Hopkins, G. Lamb, R. Holt, M. King M. E. Jones, J. Hare. Third Row: G. Ferguson, M. Green, W. Hane- key, J. Gatlin, R. Kirby, R. Felter, S Francis, W. Fair. Fourth Row: R. Evans, E. Gunther, C. Fisher H. Hall, W. Ferris, C. Frank, T. Eucare F. Gelhaus, H. Gritz. I I I I r 1 I r 1 ROOM 304 First Row: C. Moyer, V. May, J. Michaelson, M. Morgan, P. McKinsey, Miss Hicks, B. Molter, M. Diamond, E. Meade, P. Mc- Cormick, M. Mueller. Second Row: H. Kelly, T. Hurt, S. Masselink, G. Mitchell, B. Marshall, E, Marston, B. Mayhew, B. Much, A. Hubbard, H. Kirschner. Third Row: R. Kain, C. Leitch, E. Lerner, C. Leatherbury, B. Jones, W. Knight, P. Lambert. Fourth Row: R. Kern, E. Larrimore, C. Klak- ring, E. Taylor, D. Hipkins, W. Higgs, S. Hoff. ROOM 305 First Row: J. O'Neale, B. Podlick, P. Peregoy, J. Nix, M. Rule, Mrs, Pierce, N. Sadler, S. McPherson, H. Sherbert, B. Shockley, A. Schifanelli. Second Row: R. Mitchell, L. Pruitt, J. Reed, M. Shaw, E. Shepherd, L. Reed, J. Rogers, D. Ridgeway, B. Saumenig. Third Row: P. Lohmann, D. Newman, G. Mey- er, C. Quenstedt, E. Pennington, F. Pu- sag, C. Lewis. Fourth Row: R. Murchake, J. Rawlings, G Russel, C. Pulsifer, E. Mosier, M. Mrlik G. Scheaffer, P. Prewett, R. Saunders, J Sandorf. ROOM 307 First Row: D. Meiklejohn, B. Romer, S. Chance A. King, E. Grimes, Mr. Norris, H. Hein: buch, P. Schriefer, B. Mason, R. Wells, M. Guill. Second Row: L. Simmons, G. Wood, O. Dietz B. Sears, E. Blades, B. Kirkpatrick, G Gentile, W. Ford, A. Givens. Third Row: H. Brown, J. Jubb, H. Durm, L Herron, C. Pruitt, R. Mason, C. Brown. ROOM 310 First Row: E. M. Travers, B. Singley, B. Tor- rance, B. Mattie, V. Stratton, Mrs. Smith M. Stratemeyer, M. Smith, D. Stallings M. E. Strange, J. Stinchcomb. Second Row: B. Thompson, A, Slaven, L. Thom- as, E. Stinchcomb, C. Treat, M. Tayman M. V. Tyler, B. Vickers, N. Tice, G Dunn. Third Row: R. Stinchcomb, J. Shakelton, F Trafford, D. Taylor, W. Smith, R. Stock- ett, C. Taylor, L. Sipe, F. Smith, D. Smith Fourth Row: J. Tucker, R. Van Denburgh, B Thomason, R. Stevenson, L. Stevens M. Sparks, T. Stinchcomb, W. Stewart G. Seger. MUSIC ROOM First Row: N. Windsor, M. Weber, M. Huck ins, I. Woolford, L. Woolford, Mrs. Erick son, A. Wolfe, G. MacCracken, A. Wil liams, S. Windsor, M. Weitzell. Second Row: B. Wheeler, A. Walsh, J. Austin B. Weidmann, M. White, P. Wayson, O Werntz, A. Williams, E. Sapp, R. Whit tington, G .Meder, M. Caudle. Third Row: W. Wolfson, C. Mumford, C. Wil liarns, J. Boehnlein, C. Wagner, C. Wirth W. Kleeberg, J. Zavadil, R. Weber. Fourth Row: J. Wood, D, Witt, P. Weidmann F. Zehner, l. Yealdhall, E. VanderBerg W. Voinche, T. Weitzell, C. Wood. 1 1 1 1 1 7H 'L 7'L 5'1T41a1,C llfz, Hfcwa own M WMM 'MM WY Sn chwwgtuu Thn,ou.qkJ - 'Hmm .5+u.cLurd' quldwnm Cmnfmiifam M Wwe 5 dnnf. - Dhuhlad-vii Hmnuqh A C I I V I I I E S WAKE . . .its 53 YK: . ll if 'l Seated: B. J. Rusteberg, J. Wilson, S. McCarthy, J. Metzger, B. Sheckells, M. L. Collinson, H. Brewer. Standing: F. Pa netti, A. Smith, G. Stevens, L. Phillips, B. L. Roth. A class passing through a school, like a ship passing through the sea, leaves its trail or wake , Unlike that of a ship, however, the wake of a class should be more or less permanent. Realizing that time confuses and dims memories, the last four senior classes of AHS have recorded the life of the school year in their Wake or yearbook. The publication of the l945 Wake has entailed much planning and work. This task has been shouldered for the most part by a Staff composed of l3 members, each of whom has played an important part in the success of the book. Included on the Staff have been Jim Metzger, editor-in-chief, George Stevens, assistant editor, Betty Sheckells, literary editor, Shirley McCarthy, assistant literary editor, Helen Brewer, business manager, Mary Lee Collinson, secretary, Myrtle Myers, treas- urer, Betty Rusteberg, patron manager, Lorraine Phillips, circulation manager, Julia Wilson, assistant circulation manager, Bernard Roth, art editor, Fred Panetti, photography editor, and Adele Smith, chief typist. Faculty adviser to the Staff has been Miss Hall. Assisting her have been Mrs. Kinhart as financial adviser and Miss Caeth as literary adviser. WAKE ADVISERS Mrs. Kinhart, Miss Gaeth, Miss Hall. TALLV-HO Seated: Miss Kibler, D. Stevens, N. Slaven, A. Carr, C. Butler. Standing: H. Reed, S. Stallings, B. Dusinberre, A. Gaw. The Tally-Ho is a four-page chronicle of school news, editorial comment, and feature articles appearing every two weeks throughout the school year. First published in I937 as a mimeographed paper, it now merits member- ship in the National Scholastic Press Association. The Tally-Ho Staff, a small group of volunteers who do a great amount of work, is one of the busiest organizations of AHS. Nancy Slaven has served as editor-in-chief this year and the rest of the Staff has included D'Arcy Stevens, assistant editor, Anne Carr, news editor, Carol Butler, fea- ture editor, Anne C-aw, exchange and alumni editor, Sarah Stallings and Bill Dusinberre, sports editors, Helen Reed, proofreader, Betty Sewell and Betty Drew, typists, and Harry Earle, Anna Eisenstein, Helen Reed, Betty Sewell, Shirley McCarthy, Jack Brennan, Sally Davis, Jean Joachim, Robin Ellershaw, Philip Beard, Marvin Richman, Melville Roth, Nancy Stotz, and Bob Bass, reporters. Miss Kibler has been the capable faculty adviser. STAFF AND CUB REPORTERS Seated: S. Davis, M. Dauer, R. Eller- , REGULAR REPORTERS Show, J' Diamond, C. Monday' M. First Row: N. Slaven, A. Eisenstein, T L- Holpine- LaManna, S. McCarthy, B. Sew Standing: M. Richman, J .Brennan, A. ell' P- C0 'lellYf M- KlfkPC'll'lCl4- Carr, N. Slaven, N. Stokes, M. Second Row: H. Earle, J. Stratmeyer, B Roth, R. Bass. Drew, M. N. Short. 49 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE First Row: K. Clemens, J. Basiliere, C. Gilden, B. Kent, L. Phillips A. Carr, P. Halpine, R. Ellershaw J. Shelley, J. Humphreys. Second Row: M. Luff, J. Jefferson, M. E. Landers, B. Rusteberg, A. Winchell, B. Drew, L. Smith, M. L Dellinger, Miss Cox, B. Carr, B Hopkins, H. Brewer, M. Kirk- patrick, J. Zelko, D. Still, N Sfatz. Third Row: F. Panetti, M. D. Brice Davis, M McCarthy Butler, R Smith, A B. Kugler B. Roth, A. Gow, S. Myer, C. Halpine, S. L. Reed, L. Bonney, C. Carter, K. Beall, M. Eisenstein, D. Higgins, B. Carrick. 50 1 1 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Probably no group has worked harder nor turned in a more capable performance this year than the Assembly Committee, which has made the bi-monthly assembly of the student body both worthwhile and enjoyable. No particular program could be called more outstanding than the others, since the variety offered would preclude any comparison. The enthusiastic way in which the audience received each offering, however, has attested to the fine quality ofthe whole series. The first program, presented on October l8, was a Student Organiza- tion assembly. At this time the numerous permanent organizations of the school were identified. This was followed by a light and rollicking program in the spirit of Hallowe'en on October 31. On November 8 the presentation stressed citizenship. Then came a Thanksgiving convocation at which Father Powers gave an appropriate talk. The Christmas program consisted of sacred music and carols all linked in pageant and pantomime. The first assembly of the New Year was fittingly devoted to the recogni- tion of scholarship, as the Honor Society took in new members. When the Home Economics Department showed its talent on Valentine Day and the English V class performed ably on the last day of February, the student body got a view of what goes on behind some of the class- room doors. On March 14 school songs were prac- ticed and the Guidance Department sponsored a movie on military training. The Easter assembly, dedicated to the memory of the AHS alumni killed in the service of their coun- try, consisted of a talk by Chaplain Thomas and ap- propriate music. On April ll the gathering heard a concert by our Orchestra, and there came the realiza- tion that the year was drawing to a close when the last meeting in April was devoted to a Student Or- ganization Rally for next year's officers. Another guidance movie on May 2 and then the Farewell to Seniors completed the fine offering. Many students have given generously of time and energy for the work of these asse-mlblies through- out the year. Much credit for the success of the series belongs to those pictured here, but special rec- ognition should go to the student chairman, Mary Lou Dellinger, and the faculty adviser, Miss Cox, who was aided by Miss Marking, Mrs. Todd, Miss Vincent, Miss Horsey, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Herklotz. SENIOR PLAY One of the outstanding events of this school year took place on April 5 and 6 when the Senior Class presented Junior Miss, a comedy of ado- lescence by Jerome Chdorov and Joseph Fields. Under the able direction of Miss Kibler, a hard-working cast did a fine job of interpreting the former Broadway hit and turned in an admirable performance on both occasions. Many students besides the members of the cast, working under the supervision of Mrs, Kinhart, the Class Adviser, and Miss Kephart, Production Manager, contributed to the success of the undertaking. These students worked on committees headed by the following chairmen: Jane Herring and Susanne Stokes, scenery, Jacqueline Zelko, publicity, Helen Brewer, make- up, Shirley McCarthy, properties and stage furnishings, A. Winchell, lights and sound effects, Betty Henry, costumes, and Shirley Dawson, Addie Davis, and Rose Springfield, tickets. The complete cast was as follows: Harry Graves ..,.. ,,,,,.....,, B erncrd Roth Willis Reynolds ,,.,,,,A,,, ,,,,,,...,.,, B 0b Carrick Joe ....,,,.,,,.,,, . ..,..... James Nowell Western Union Boy ,....,,. ,,,,,, . Dick Achenbock Grace Graves ,...,.,., .,.,..., M ortho Kirkpatrick Merill Feurbach ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, A nthony Winchell Hilda .........,,,,,,e,, .,,.,,,,.... B etty Hopkins Sterling Brown ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, J ohn Nowell Lois Graves ..... ,.,,,,,,,.,,, B etty Kugler Albert Kunody ,..... ,,,,,, L loyd Perkins Judy Groves ,...... .....,.....v..,... J ulia Wilson Tommy Arbuckle ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, J ack Jefferson Fuffy Adams ,..., W .,,,,, Mary Lou Dellinger Charles ....,...,........ Steven Hiltabidle J. B. Curtis ,,,,,.. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,Dick Still Henry ,,,,,e..,.,,..,.,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, E rnest Florestano Ellen Curtis ,.....,., ,,,,, Alice Murray Haskell Cummings. .,... . c,,.,,,,Dick Higgins l. il-4-n STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Seated: Miss Noble, J. Jefferson, B. Clemens, D. Still, B. Vieth, J. Herring, J. Metz- ger, D. Treat, J. Neff, Miss Kephart. Standing: S. Masselink, P. Connelley, M. Lincoln, W. Gow, M. Myers, T. Boyce, N. Ljungquist, J. Stuart, C. Brice, F. Panetti, J. Brenneman, J. Ball, M. Brooks, J. Gatlin, C. Pruitt, R. Weber, J. Joachim, D. M. Stallings, L. Swallow, C. Hoff, P. Hoff. The l944-45 school year has seen the third successful year of the stu- dent government in AHS. Executives and representatives, working with their faculty sponsors, Miss Noble and Miss Kephart, have completed a sched- ule which has been both vigorous and ambitious. The first project to be undertaken was the budget pass sale which had the enthusiastic support of the entire school. Then plans were laid with the Social Committee for the dances and jamborees. To prompt an interest in national affairs a mock presidential election was held in November- Through the efforts of the Executive Council and the Legislature we have also had an efficient Traffic Squad and an effective student court as well as successful drives for numerous national and community funds. Bill Vieth has been president of the group this year, Jane Herring, vice- president, Jack Jefferson, secretary, and Dick Still, treasurer. l 52 ,, 1 '48, s i .1 s ,' 1 L 3 V w ,f.Q K -E X L 4 ' Q! L XM 'T' W If SOCIAL COMMITTEE- ' I ,,,. g qi- I , -3 fe A 3 SOCIAL COMMITTEE Seated: B. Dusinberre, B. Vieth, H. Williams, W. Vieth, B. Drew, J. Herring, G. Stevens. Standing: C. Hoff, M. L. Halpine, B. Hopkins, M. E. Landers, M. Smith, K. Clemens, M. Wil- liams, D. Still, A. Ball, K. Mumford, G. Jensen, J. Jefferson, P Halpine, A. Housley, B. Sewell, B. Roth, J. Diamond, R. Higgins, J. Joachim, R. Keagle. The Social Committee, functioning as a part of the Student Government Organization, has provided many pleasant nights of entertainment this year. Unforgettable have been such gala events as the Christmas Formal, the Val- entine Dance, and the various jamborees held throughout the year. Work- ing under the supervision of Mrs. Henigan, faculty adviser, and Bill Vieth, the student chairman, the Committee has provided good music, attractive decorations, and a variety of games and entertaining features. ln an effort to popularize these social events with the student body, the Committee has also worked toward the modification of school rules regulating such func- tions. ll 54 33 1 1 H- ML., ..,, . 11 I 5' 1 , 1' I fi L , wk 4 Q , lzzges -:, . I, 'Y Q ' f , Q ff S 5 'Q O W 5 I M' ,if if ' I -:wwf . Y .,,. 3 .,, V 5-- U3 3 Q if , Q Beef V1 1 lf WA :Z 1... 77 ,r fa --E-2: f , fit '- 3, fr : s f . ,J . .M an 'E ,ka ai W f A U M X15 5 -f F X Q Q 35 li wi . 3.1 ws Y' 'if 'iffmfay 'I , is gig -la W . ig, . -'Rs' w Q 5 'D , Q -M' ' ' ' 'l.e-:1- dw - 55.5 MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS 0RCHESTRAe Left to Right: M. Myer, R. Shaw, B. Fox, S. Butler, A. Diamond, W. Heisler, B. Dusinberre, D. Coven, C. Abato, J. Sapp, Mrs. Erickson, L. Masselink, D. McCIean, G. Bachmann, V. Stinchcomb, G. Carr, J. Burger, W. Voinche, J, Thomas, K. Futch, R. Kavanaugh, L. Perkins, S. Cutler, D. Earle. From William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice we learn The man who has no music in himself Nor is moved with concord of sweet sounds 'Is fit for reasons, stratagems, and spoils, Let no such man be trusted. To give a medium of expression to the many in AHS who have music in themselves, there have been organized in AHS this year three musical groups-a Girls' Chorus, a mixed Clee Club, and an Orchestra. All three have been capably directed by Mrs. Erickson, our music instructor. These groups have given to us in their assemblies as well as in their USO, PTA, and DAR shows a better and more sincere appreciation tor all types of music, from the works at such masters as Schubert and Grieg down to the modern boogie-woogie . They have been generous with their talents, having ap- peared frequently and willingly. In this way those of us who possess no particular instrumental or vocal talent have been moved with the concord of sweet sounds. GIRLS' CHORUS- First Row: J. Topping, P. Lancaster, J. Swartz, J. Calabrese, Mrs. Erickson, N. Com- marata, J. Zelko, B. Carberry, B. Duvall. Second Row: P. Easterday, L. Lucke, M. F. Heywood, J. Joachim, M. J. Rehn, L. Swallow, P. Halpine, G. McCraken, D. Lisowsky, D. Stallings. Third Row: P. Kirchner, A. Agapetos, l. Lisowsky, M. Stallings, M. Myers. GLEE CLUB- First Row: M. Bausum, M. Meyer, B. Drew, P. Kirchner, A. Agapetos, M. L. Meyer, H. Reed, J. Holland, D. Hartge, D. Mayberry, A. Gaw, K. Morrow. Second Row: P. Washington ,C. Halpine, J. Wilson, P. Connelly, S. McCarthy, B Hopkins, M. D. Brice, A. Carr, A. Speicher, D. Duvall, N. Slaven, J. Anderson D. Stephens, L. Smith, J. Zelko, P. Halpine, Third Row: Mrs. Erickson, J. Metzger, J. Jefferson, B. Roth, F. Boettcher, B. Carrick J. Alexander, E. Donaldson, E. Burtis, F. Panetti, J. Nowell, J. Neff, T. Worth ington. 57 1 ART SERVICE- S for several productions. TUDENT LIBRARY COU H SE? 55? 53555 i l i l Members: E. Smith, A. Bellais, J. Logan, T. Alexander, B. Carrick, G. Stevens, N. Liungquist, D. Still, V. Kugler, M. E. Landers, R, Ellershaw, S. Davis, S. Stallings, N. Stotz, P. Halpine, C. Halpine, M. L. Halpine, D. Higgins, M. Smith, B, Rusteberg, M. Richman, M. Roth, R. Carter, A. Eisenstein, B. Vieth, B. Roth, D. Kabler, A. Beans, L. Reed, R. Chambers, N. Slaven, A. Morgan, M. L. Whittington, J. Wilson, M, Gabbert, B. Davis, C. Taylor, K, Baker, J. Diamond, A. Wiederman, P. Farrell, N. L. Fox, R. Decker. The Art Service, composed of forty-nine cooperative students, supervised by Mrs. Snook, have given their talent to make posters for the Library Tag Week, Clean-Up Week, and other campaigns as well as to make scenery NCI L-. Members: M. Cook, B. Hopkins, M. Gabbert, S. Stallings, H. Tucker, J. Shelly, B. Sheckells B. Rusteberg, J. Anderson, D. Casey, M. Dill, R. Ellershaw, M. Halpine, B. Sadler, S. Swallow, C. Monday, L. Bonney, R. Chambers, D. Deale, L. Luttrell, C. Halpine, F. How- ard, H. Earle, B. Morris, N. Myers, J. Thomas, J. Weinberg, L. Blessing, J. Blaisdell, B. Woodrow, D. Davis, K. Garner, G. Ferguson, J. Michaelson, D. Hipkins, N. Sadler, L. Sipe, A. King, A. Wolfe, M. Caudle. The Student Library Council has performed a very essential service to AHS this year by assisting the regular librarian with the routine library work and by helping students to make the fullest use of the library facilities. 58 1 GIRL RESERVES The S.D.S. of the Cirl Reserves is a junior organization of the Y.W. C.A. Its purpose is to promote fel- lowship among girls of high-school age. The thirty members of the AHS Club have met every Friday this year at the Y.W.C.A. Among their activi- ties have been Red Cross work, dances, sight-seeing tours, and other educational projects. Four commit- tees-social, program, music, and re- freshmentkhave enabled the organ- ization to carry on its work success- fully. The Club has been under the ca- pable leadership of Mrs. Christine Mc- Clench. The officers have been Sarah Stallings, president, Priscilla Winch- ell, vice-president, Barbara Oaks, sec- retary, and Marguerite Hall, treas- urer. HI-Y GIRL RESERVES First Row: M. Hall, J. Shelley, M. Williams, B. Rutt, H. Brewer. Second Row: R. Rutt, P. Murray, H. Reed, A. Speicher, E. Sites. Third Row: H. Williams, P. Winchell, K. Clemens, B. Oaks, C. Beall. Fourth Row: S. McCarthy, R. Holsman, A. Murray. HI-Y Installed in Annapolis High in December, l943, the Hi-Y Club pro- motes good citizenship and an active interest in Christianity. The creed To create, maintain, and extend throughout school and community high standards of Christian character explains lucidly the purpose of the organization. The officers for this year have been: Bill Clemens, president, Bill Vieth, vice-president, Ken Laub, sec- retary, Tony Winchell, treasurer, Jack Dougherty, chaplain, and Tommy La- Manna, reporter and sergeant-at- arms. First Row: A. Thompson, B. Carrick, J. Dougherty, B. Clemens, B. Vieth, T. La- Manna, A. Winchell, J. Sites, D. Still. Second Row: C. Trott, F. Thompson, J. Wade, F. Panetti, J. Pardy, S. Hiltabidle, 9 . , . ' , . . 5 E Scherger P Gerrior B Cooney TRAFFIC SQUAD First Row: J. Metzger, B. Carrick, E. Burtis, J. Herring, C. Rogers, M. Kirkpatrick, J. Sites, L. Phillips, J. Alexander, D. LeCompte, A. Winchell, Mr. Gunderloy. Second Row: J. Jefferson, B. Roth, C. Rawlins, F. Panetti, D. Still, D. Higgins, J. Nowell, S. Hiltabidle. Third Row: J. Cooney, G. Stevens, J. Blackwell, J. Dougherty, C. Bradford, B. Smith. Fourth Row: J. Norris, B. Clemens. One of the many service organizations in AHS is the Traffic Squad, organized only a few years ago to regulate traffic in the corridors, to enforce general school rules, and to aid in the formation of the cafeteria and as- sembly lines. lt has proved its value by being one of the most effective as well as the most frequently practiced phases of student government in our school. Members of the Squad, which includes twenty-two boys and four girls, are chosen at the end of their junior year and must have dis- played qualities of citizenship, leadership, and responsibility. For this reason to be a traffic officer is not only a privilege, but an honor. This year's Squad has performed capaibly its assigned tasks, it also turned in a creditable performance of School Daze for the Stunt Night production. Officers have been Jim Metzger, captain, Eddie Burtis, first lieutenant, Charlie Rogers, second lieutenant, John Sites and Charlie Bradford, third lieutenants. Mr. Gunderloy has served as faculty adviser. 60 THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- The National Honor Society, installed only last June in An- napolis High School, has taken its place this year as one of the important organizations of the school. By basing its mem- bership not only on scholar- ship but also on such quali- gg, gg HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Miss Noble, Mrs. West, M. Klakring, M. Kirkpatrick, ties as character, leadership, and service, the Society's pur- pose is Iolkeep. these stand' J. Herring, Miss Ross, Mrs. Fahs. OFCIS lllumlned In the school Second Row: M. L. Dellinger, M. Myers, L. Smith, H. Earle, M. and to advance the welfare of Th, COOK the School by emphasizing the lrdmlzoryv. S. Stokes, H. Brewer, D. Stevens, B. Oakes, J. Brene- endlglflng VGlUeS Of llfe Gnd Fourth Row: A. smith, B. Sewell, L, Mqsseimk. service to others. Fifth Row: J. Jefferson, D. Still. Although established as an inactive Society, the group has undertaken an experimental tutoring project this year, The plan has met with suc- cess, and the constitution has been amended to extend the activity of the Club so that it may render this service to students needing scholastic aid. Serving as officers for the Honor Society this year have been Marjorie Klakring as president, Martha Kirkpatrick as vice-president, and Jane Her- ring as secretary-treasurer. Miss Noble has been the faculty sponsor. MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB- Seated: H. Hoskins, H. B a c c u s , R. Weber. Standing: P. Beard, H. Kirschner, K. T ra cey, B. Carr. A small group of boys, aspiring to reside much higher , met last fall to organize a Model Airplane Club. These aviation enthusiasts have drawn their own patterns, experimented with different designs of planes, and constructed models. The officers of the Club have been: president, Henry Baccus, vice- 61 president, Ray Stinchcomb, and secretary-treasurer, Henry Hoskins. SOCCER 5 The I944-45 school year has been memcrable to the sportsman and the sportsfan, for it has marked the return of varsity sports to Annapolis High School. lt has also been memorable because an undefeated, untied Soccer Team, which was scored on only once ran away with the County Championship. ln clashes with Cilen Burnie, Southern, and Arundel, the team won five straight games and took a sixth by forfeit. Annapolis opened its season by administering a 7-O drubbing to Arun- del. Then followed a victory over Southern by a 4-O count, a 2-O triumph over Clen Burnie, another licking for Arundel, this time by a 4-O count, and a 3-2 win over Southern. The only score made against AHS was chalked up in a second tussle with Southern. Goal: C. Avery Outside Left: F. Kauffman L. Full Back: M. Pittman Inside Left: M. Atwell R. Full Bock: D. Farrar Center Forward: W. Bell L. Half Back: T. Kauffman Inside Right: L. Evans C. Half Back: F. Millhausen, Captain Outside Right: D. LeCompte R. Half Back: N. Paxson Substitutes: S. Tucker, T. LaManna, T. Boyce, A. Bounelis, B. Carrick, Manager, L. Basil, E. Scherger, F. Panetti, Dick Still. ,V W W-F-H? Y , , . . .... . . .. .. ,. .1 l. .,..... S. ei.. . First Row: B. Carrick, L. Evans, A. Bounelis, F. Milhausen, T. Boyce, W. Bell, M. Atwell, l.. Basil. Second Row: F. Panetti, H. Tucker, D. LeCompte, R. Herring, J. Cooney, T. Kauffman, S. Tucker, R. Still. Third Row: J. Blackwell, J. Ellison, E. Florestano, E. Scherger, J. Wade, F. Kauffman, C. Bradford, M. Pittman, R. Farrar, H. Waterman, N. Paxson, C. Avery. 67 SPEEDBALL- To the great delight of all sports enthusiasts, interscholastic athletic competition for girls was resumed at AHS this year. lts return served its purpose in promoting a feeling of fel- lowship and school spirit. Speedball, a new, fast-moving game which originated in the Middle West, was offered as the varsity sport for the fall season. Our team played only two interscholastic speedball games-both with Glen Burnie, since none of the other neighboring schools included the sport in their athletic programs. Both encounters were vic- tories for AHS. The line-up was as follows: Center Forward-K. Beall Right Inside-S. McCarthy Right Wing-M, Smith Left Inside-M. N. Short Left Wing-K. Mumford Center Halfbcck-K. Clemens Right Halfback-D. Hayes Left Halfback-B. Hallock Right Fullback-F. Howard Lett Fullback-M. Giddings Goal-P. Winchell ......... SOFTBALL TEAM First Row: C. Hodges, S. Davis, Miss Wharton E. Sites, B. Parkinson. Second Row: H Reed, K. Clemens, B. Hallock D. Parkinson, P. Winchell. Third Row: S. McCarthy, B. Padlich, D. Hayes L. Luttrel, M. Smith. 63 BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALLf First Row: A. Bounelis, J. Norwood, C. Mandris, C. Burtis, Coach Warner, N. Paxson, J. Wade, D. Farrar, C. Trott. Second Row: F. Sipe, W. Dietz, L. Evans, L. Basil. Four wins and six losses was the record which the AHS Basketball Team, the Howitzers, compiled during the l945 season. Considering the fact that varsity basketball had not been played for the last two years and that consequently there was no great supply of experienced shooters at the beginning of the season, this was a very creditable showing. AHS garnered victories over Maryland Park, Elkridge, St. Joseph's Mon- astery, and St. John's. The encounters with Sparrows Point, the Baltimore County Champions, Elkridge, Maryland Park, and Greenlbelt resulted in defeats. The line-up was as follows: Forwards: L. Evans, Captain, J. Norwood, C. Trott, G. Manis, P. Gerrior. Centers: N. Paxson, H. Boccus, D. Hendric. Guards: D. Farrar, E. Burtis, A. Bounelis, F. Sipe, D. Cassard. Manager: L. Basil GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL! The advent of cold weather brought our girl athletes indoors and turned their attention to basketball, a sport which proved a great favorite. Although the Varsity Team was eager to challenge teams from many neighboring schools, it was necessary to limit the schedule to six games because of transportation difficulties. ln these six games victories were scored over Glen Burnie and the Navy Supply Department. Defeats were suffered at the hands of Glen Burnie and Greenbelt. Members of the Varsity were: Forwards: B, Hallock, Captain, K. Clemens, D. Carter. Guards: M. Small, B, McCormick, M. Smith, P. Winchell. l sC First Row: P. Winchell, B, McCormick, B. Hallock, D. Carter, M. Small, Second Row: H. Reed, E, Ritter, V, Vickers, Miss Wharton, M. Smith, F. Howard, K. Clemens. 65 BASEBALL First Row: C. Trott, L. Evans, J. Metzger, F. Kauffman, P. Gerrior, W. Hardesty. Second Row: B. Vieth, N. Paxson, D. Cassard, D. Still, D. Farrar, R. Decker. Third Row: Manager, A. Bounelis F. Sipe, S. Tucker, B. Doepkins M, Pittman, C. Burtis, D. Hendrie G, Miller, B. Howard, 1 I 1 The year l945 saw the return of the great American sport, baseball, to Annapolis High. Although a summary of the season's records was not available as the deadline for the Wake arrived, it seemed quite certain that if the enthusiasm for sport was indicative, the squad would turn in a commendable performance. The schedule included games with Calvert Hall, Mount St. Joe, Spar- rows Point, Southern High School, Arundel, Maryland Park, St. John's College Dormitory, and Reina Mercedes. Playing on the squad were: Catcher-D. Still Short Stop-W. Hardesty Pitcher-F. Millhausen Left pie.,-g,N. poxson First Base-L. Evans . Second Base-E. Burtis, D. Farrar cfmer fleld'-D' Cossord Third Base-C. Trott RWM' F'eld'W- Bell Substitutes: P. Gerrior, F. Tucker, G. Miller, B. Vieth, D. Hendrie, B. Doepkins, M. Pittman, J. Metzger, E. Scherger, R. Decker, F. Sipe, S. Tucker, B. Howard, C. Mumford. Managers: T. Boyce, A. Bounelis. f .T 66 SOFTBALL- First Row: S. Davis, V, Vickers, E Ritter, K. Clemens, M. Giddings. Second Row: M. Smith, L. Luttrell B. Singley, B. McCormick, M Layne. Third Row: B. Podlick, D. Hayes. Athletic activity for girls in the spring centered around the intramural program. Softball, which had been played as both a varsity and intra- mural sport last fall, was again the favorite, and the warm, sunshiny days of an early spring saw numerous class teams slugging it out on the dia- mond. Paddle tennis also came in for its share of fans, and many girls de- veloped in proficiency as hard and fast games were played. For those who preferred it, spirited games of badminton were scheduled. Still others concentrated on volleyball, long a popular game with AHS girls. This varied program offered fun and relaxation for a large number of partici- pants and the games were characterized by the feeling of good sports- manship. Practice Makes Perfect. V- B Sx1 l one' '61 67 lUeH4welU01kul Gp-9' 'Q3994 W'- Nuufdwbsidv o1fV ,gba www QW 01-e.d7Q - C45 9 our fm fuk -5222555253 ' ' egLL.57'GR W-1 5 A gg , 'P aff TM 4 - l Y5W5f5 4 'W ' -ny ' , ?H'g.ifWgm . ' , E 3 - A ' , g . W igzis A A ..: :ws fl A .,... jjmgvig? J. A 4' s , Y A I A 5 , X . x if A :I Q. -vi ' 2' V ff 4 f '?ku,,If fi Q -' T m 5 'J N , f af 2 K ' ,' A ' .-.:1 my Ms ' Q f if A ff i lfiiiff g X ,Ax-:- ' If .4 I 52' ., f . ' ' if-wx ,fill-MM , X Y P 2:1 U -K - ' vq,, ' f, ff - , W ,ff Ni' - , w 4' ' K ,, V' A -545' 'f f - -' . V '1 , 'A 4 v-- 2'!'. J . is I , , N X Q M Q '3 8.1 of ,Q Eastport Food Market A Friend Homeroom 206 Lt. and Mrs. W. E. McCarthy Physics A Period ll Physics B Period lll Sigma Theta Phi Compliments of Third Floor Traffic Squad Tilghman Company Compliments of i7 Friends A Capella Choir Mrs. Walton Achenback Charles B. Adams, Sr., Uof Md. Mrs. G. Agapitos Prof. C. S. Alden Mr, and Mrs. Gerard Alexander Algebra ll Algebra IIC Mrs. Theana G. Alvanos Annapolis Business College Miss Harriet Merreal Antes Miss Beatrice l. Armiger Herbert Armiger, Jr., '44 Mrs. Charles L. Ashley Assembly Committee lSecond Prize, Stunt Nightl Mrs. Wallace Babbit Mrs. L. W. Bailey Beatrice Baker Donald Baker Mr. Frank Baker Joanne Baker '44 Mrs. Grady L. Ballard '38 Mrs. Victor Barnes Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Barton Miss Diane Basil Doctor and Mrs. George C. Basil Mr. and Mrs. John D. Basil Marie A. Basil Mr. W. H. Basil Mrs. L. F. Basiliere Lt. M. B. Bassett, U.S.N.R. Mr. Paul A. Bassford Mrs. Gloria Bates Mr. Frank Bauers Pvt. Philip Beall '44 Mr. W. O. Beall Miss Patricia Ann Beard Thomas W. Beard Miss Ethel Beck Miss Norma Beck Mrs. Norman Bell Ann Bellais Mrs. John Bender The Rev. C. Edward and Mrs. Berger Mr. H. S. Bliss Mr. George Bockman Ellen-Frances Boettcher '44 Elbert H. Bolen, Jr. Mrs. Laura Boteler Joe Bottner Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Borowski Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bounelis Mrs. R. A. Bowie Mary M. Bowles '44 Mrs. R. P. Bowles Lt. and Mrs. E. M. Brabender Mrs. A. Lucian Brady Mr. H. G. Brashears Mr. O. Brenan Helen Brewer '45 Dr. and Mrs. O. T. Brice Mrs. L. Q. Brictson Brooks Brothers Mrs. J. W. Brooks PATRONS Miss G. Brown Mr. H. B. Brown Joyce Brown Mrs. Arthur Bryan Mrs. Carol Bryan Mr. George F. Buck Dorothy H. Bullen '4l Mrs. Alice R. Burford Frazier Burgers Mrs. W. M. Burgess Ellen Burke of Baltimore Mrs. E. H. Burwell Mrs. Robert Burwell Mr. and Mrs. John Buser Carol Butler Kitty Butler Miss Jean Cadell Lt. fig? W. G. Cahoon Mrs. Joseph Callahan James Kelley Callahan Bobby Callie Mrs. James Calvert Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cammarata Miss Jane Cammarata '44 Mr. A. S. Campbell Mr. J. C. Cantler Anna L. Carr Mr. B. Carr Judge Maynard Carr Mr. R. W. Carr, Sr. Michael J. Carrol Miss Tootsie Carroll Mrs. J. Carry Wilbur Carson Wilbur Carson, Sr. W. C. Carter Miss Hazel Case Mrs. Gordon Catterton Miss P. Cantler Mrs. W. C. Carr Mr. Russell Chambers Mrs. W. A. Chambers Mrs. T. B. Chance Mr. Daniel B. Chaney Dr. R. Gardner Chaney Mrs. Frances Chase Chemistry C Period VI Chemistry A Period l Chemistry B Period V Col. D. M. Cheston Mr. Henry E. Ciccarone Pfc. George W. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Clemens Rita Betty Clemens Mr. Angelo Coggiano Mr. Thomas J. Cole Mrs. E. P. Collins Mrs. Mary E. Collinson Miss Mary Lee Collinson Lt. and Mrs. Newton B. Collinson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Newton B. Collinson Mrs. Marion Collison Reginald Collison Mrs. C. O. Comp Capt. and Mrs. H. H. Connelley Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Cook Rhoda Louise Cook Miss Carolyn J. Cooney Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cooney Will Corbin Rev. and Mrs. R. C. Cowling Bumpy Cox Miss Helen E. Cox '44 Mary M. Cox Miss Mary Katherine Cox Mr. and Mrs. George Craig 70 James Roy Crawford, Jr., '46 James Crawford Mr. F. S. Crismond Mrs. Lura A. Cullen Dr. O. E. Culler Mrs. T. J. Cullimore, Jr. Hazel Cussotti Mr. Joe Cussotti Mr. Henry J. Dammeyer Mrs. Margaret Dashiell Nan Davidson William T. Davidson Miss Elizabeth Davis Mr. P. Davis Mrs. Raymond L. Davis, Sr. Miss Ruth E. Davis Sally Davis Mrs. Ruth E. Dawson D. Cliffton Dawson Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Dawson Mr. Richard W. Dawson E. E. Deale H. M. Dean Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dee Mary Lou Dellinger '45 Mr. Myron J. Dey Arthur P. Dietz Mrs. Edward A. Dill Mr. Erman A. Dill Carolyn Dittman Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Dittman Miss Eileen Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Doepkens Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Donaldson, Sr. Lieut. T. L. Downs Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drew Mrs. A. W. Drohen Mrs. Warren Bud Duckett Mrs. Paul Dunleavey Comdr. and Mrs. G. M. Dusinberre Miss Arlene Duvall Mr. and Mrs. M. Earle Mrs. K. Easterday Collison and Billy Edwards Sgt. Harley A. Edwards, Jr. Captain and Mrs. Harley A. Edwards Jo Ann Edwards '45 Mr. Paul Ehle Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Einsenstein Mr. Raymond Eli Robert F. Ellers Mrs. M. B. Ellershaw Mrs. Ellen Elliott AIC H. C. Ellinghausen '44 Herman Ellinghausen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ellington Mr. Harry R. England Mrs. F. Englehart English IV-B Period V Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Erickson, Sr. Mrs. Paul A. Erickson Mrs. B A. Estes U. M. Eutsler Mrs. W. Evans Mrs. Ned C. Fahs The Fashion Mr. Raymond Feigley Mr. Burleigh C, Fooks Mr. and Mrs. Boyd J. Forest Bernard H. Frantom, A.M.M.3fc U.S.N. Mr. E. B. Frantom Mrs. G. A. Frantom Frank B. Frantz, Jr., '4l Lieut. Norman Freeman S. Elmer Freeman Mr. and Mrs. L. D. From Mrs. Joseph Fusco Miss Gaeth George Galloway, Jr. Mrs. Stella Gardiner Mr. Francis Gasperick Mrs. B. J. Gault Mr. and Mrs. Conrad S. Gaw Mrs. Elmer E. Gelhaus Mr. Larry Gentile Mrs. James A. Geoghan Plane Geometry lll-C Mr. John Gerry Mrs Otto Gersdner Mrs. C. Gesner Mrs. Scott K. Gibson Mrs. Mr. A. W. Giddings and Mrs. Harry Gilden Mrs. M. W. Gilden Mrs. E. R. Goddard Mrs. A. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gosuell, Jr. Miss Regina Graham Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Gralley Mrs. A. F. Greenacre Marie Grimes '44 Joseph H. Griscom, Sr. Brig. Gen. and Mrs. M. C. Grow Gussie Mrs. C. H. Haas Kathryn Haas Randall Davis Haas Miss Susan C. Hacker Harriet Grant Hackney Mrs. Mrs. Elsie Hadaway Harold l-laire Miss Dorothy Hall Miss Frances Hall Gear e Hallock - Q Captain and Mrs. C. G. Halpine lt. Comdr. and Mrs. N. J. Halpine Mrs. D. C. Handy Miss Anna M. Haneke Mrs. Gardener A. Hall Captain A. J. Greenacre Miss Louise D. Haneke Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haneke Mr. William L. Haneke Mrs. Earle S. Harder Mr. and Mrs. James Harley Miss Marget Harrison Mr. and Mrs. William F. Harrison Mrs. Robert Hartford Mrs. Alan Hartge Dorothy Hartge Mary Hartge Mrs. Martha Harwood Miss Jean Havener Mr. Edward Hawlin Dorothy Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hayes Health Class lst Period Health Class 2nd Period Junior and Senior Girls Mrs. J. A. Heath Miss Caroline M. Heintz Mrs. Claude Henderson Mrs. Ida Henderson John A. Hendrie Mrs. B. E. Henry Mrs. E. Henry Lieut. Fred. Heoppner Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hepler Miss Mary Ogle Herold Capt. and Mrs. G. G. Herring Miss Anne B. Hill Rev. Charles G. Hill, Jr. Mr and Mrs Charles G Hill - - . ' , Sr. Miss Mary Hill Slfc PATRONS-Continued Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hill Thomas O. Hiltabidle History Class 3 D Miss Christine Hogan Mr. Ben Hodges Miss Nan B. Holbrooke Emily Holland Home Room lO9 Mrs. Hiester Hoogerwerff Mr. and Mrs. J. Lloyd Hopkins Mrs. Pearl Hopkins Mr. Robert Hopkins Mrs. W. Hopkins Shirley Anne Hopkins B. L. Hopping, Slfc, '42 Miss Janith Horsey Carl CD-ixiel Howard Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Howard Mrs. M. Howard Comdr. and Mrs. George J. Higgins Miss Jacqueline Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hudgins Miss Mary Hudgins Lt. and Mrs. Charles Hufnagel Miss Mary Hughes Captain C. O. Humphrey Mrs. L. C. Huntington Dr. and Mrs. A. G. lde Miken Stanley Jackson S. P. James, C.S.K., U.S.N. Miss Jane Smith Jarboe Lt. and Mrs. Jefferies Miss Evelyn Jefferson Miss Rosalie Jefferson Mr. Wilson A. Jefferson Mrs. P. H. Jenkins Jenkins Stationery Mrs. Emma Joachim Hjoef, Mrs. C. W. Johnson Mrs. T. A. Johnson, Jr. Miss Ethel Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jones Mrs. Hugh E. Jones Miss Sue Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jones Mr. W. S. Jones, Prop. Parole Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Z. Garner Jones Mae Joy Mrs. J. T. Joyce Cpl. Edward F. Kane, Jr. Katherine's Beauty Shop Henry J. Kauffmann B. Jewell Keating Miss Corrine Keller Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Kenchington Cpl. Sidney R. Kenchington Mr. Thomas T. Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kent Miss Pansy Kent Eleanor Kephart Mrs. Eunice Kerchner Katharine Kibler M. E. Kimball Mrs. Dorothy P. King Mr. and Mrs. H. R. King King Joe Mr. Irving King Mr. M. King Mr. and Mrs. W. F. King Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart Mr. T. P. Kirkpatrick William Kitch Mrs. Mrs. Maurice Klawans Mrs. Charles G. Koch 7l Mrs. William A. Koch Mr. Edgar S. Kolb Miss Shirley M. Kotzin Mrs. Alvin Kragh Richard Krull, U.S.N. Betty Lee Kugler Mrs. E. Virginia Kugler Johnny Lagakos Mrs. R. C. Lamb Robert H. Lamb, Jr. S Zfc '38 Mrs. S. V. Lamb Mr. William Arthur Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Landers Ens. J. F. Larmour Mrs. Walter Larrimore Deale W. Leatherbury Daisy LeCompte Mr. and Mrs. L. L. LeCompte Miss Carey Lee Mr. Frank Lee Mr. Joseph Lee Lt. Milton R. Leichtfuss Mrs. Carl Leitch Emily Lengel 4 Donald Leopold l' Mrs. B. H. Leslie Miss Mae Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Dashiell LeTourneau Lt. Thomas Lewnes i Miss A. Lewnes Mr. Sam A. Lewnes Miss Helen Lindell Jimmy Lindell Mr. and Mrs. George R. Loftus Captain Harold Loftus Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Logan Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Long Mrs. Sam Lorea Willard H. Luff Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Luff Lunch Hour ilstl Lunch Hour i2ndl John Lyvers, H.A. lfc, U.S.N.R. Dorothy Maberry June Maberry Tessa Maberry Mr. and Mrs. William T. Maberry Mr. P. D. Maggio Sam Maggio Mr. and Mrs. James M. Magruder Lt. and Mrs. George H. MacFarland Miss Carolyn Jean Majors Mrs. U. R. Manners Miss Lorene Marking Miss Alice Marsh Mrs. E. J. Marshall Robert E. McClenahan Commander and Mrs. Donald N. McClench Colonel and Mrs. J. W. McCormick Mr. Ralph McGee Miss Peggy McGuckian Mrs. Lottie McNelly Miss Catherine E. Meinhold Harry Meisel Butch Meleski Mrs. R. P. Melvin Richard Merriken Miss Barbara Metzger Mr. John J. Metzger, Jr. Mr. John J. Metzger, Sr Mrs. A. Middleton Mrs. A. N. Miller Mrs. l. Miller Miss D. Fay Mitchell Thomas Edward Mitchell Mrs. John F. Mitchell '43 uM0e11 Nancy Molter Mr. W. B. Monday Mr. Henry O. Monsen Barbara Moore, '44 Marjorie B. Mooreland Dr. Angela Magee Moriatry Mrs. R. Morris Mrs. N. B. Morrow Mr. A. D. Moss Marion J. Mrlik Mrs. M. Mrlik Lt. John P. Murchake, Jr. Mrs. John Murchake Mr. and Mrs. Clapman Murray Mr. William Murray Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Myers Miss Irene Myers Mrs. Wallace Miller Mrs. Dorothy Naylor Dr. J. Luther Neff Miss Mary Newlon Mr, Theodore Nichols Miss Mary Nicholson Mrs. George 'Norris Mr. John L. Norton, Sr. Mr. Alfred Norwood Mr. and Mrs. Louis Norwood Delores Novasel Novasel's Store Lillian Vanous Nutt Mrs. Louis A. Nowell Mrs. O. M. Nyman Mr. Gibbs Oaksmith Miss Ruth Elizabeth O'Connor Mr. Albert Oktavec Miss Mary Oktavec Prof. and Mrs. W. E. Olivet Miss Virginia O'Neall Open Door Tea Room Pvt. R. Alvin Owens, Jr. Robert Owens Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Painter Zella L. Palmer Jane Pancoast Fred Panetti '45 Miss Jean Panetti Mr. and Mrs. J. Frederick Panetti Mr. Theodore T. Panaleo Mrs. Eva E. Paquette Betty Parkinson '45 Mrs. Raymond E. Parkinson '40 Mrs. M. M. Parks Corporal William Parkinson Mr .and Mrs. William H. Parkinson Mrs. J. E. Pennington Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Pennington Captain and Mrs. E. E. Perkins Miss Caroline Perkins Lloyd E. Perkins Mr. A. L. Peterson Mrs. R. Phelps Miss Lorraine Phillips '45 Miss Marjorie C. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Vinton W. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell Phipps Mr .ond Mrs. Frank E. Phipps Mrs. H. F. Phipps Mr. J. E. Owens, Jr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Pike Joseph Podowsky Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Popham Rev. Henry Powers Mrs. A. Preisch Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Prewett Mr. Alex Proskey Jean Purdy '45 PATRONS-Continued Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Pushkin Mrs. Elizabeth Quinn James Rafferty Rev. and Mrs. A. L. L. Raum Delly Rawlins '42 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rawlins, Jr. Benny Rawlings '45 Mrs. B. L. Rawlings Leonard Rehbeins Elsie A. Reid J. J. Repie C. Bmkr. U.S.N. Miss Eunice Reuwer Mrs. V. W. Retting Mrs. Alex Rhen Alvin F. Rhen, Jr. Carl W. Riddick lvirs. A. Riley Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Robbey D. Roane Lt. Hugh W. Robbins Mr. Edward Robey Miss Lydea Robeck '43 C. A. Robertson Mrs. W. Roberts Mr. William Hf Roche Anne Steele Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rodowsky Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Roelle Louis Roelle '45 Paul Thomas Root '43 Bernard L. Roth '45 Mr. Henry Rosenbloom Mr. Raymond Rossback Mr. and Mrs. A. l. Rusteberg Betty Jean Rusteberg '45 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rusteberg Captain and Mrs. B. L. Rutt Joan Sacrey Nancy Sacrey Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Saffield Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Sakers Mrs. William Sames Burdette Sanchey '44 Miss Marie Sansone S.A.R. Class B Third Period Mr. and Mrs. Alcade Sarles Rev. John Shauer Mr. Lewis Schenker Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Schifanelli Mrs. Wilbur Schimidt Melvin B. Schlossman Betty Schwalierr Severn Beauty Shoppe Mrs. W. H. Sewell W. H. Sewell, USN Ret. W. H. Sewell, USNR, '43 Mrs. Genevieve J. Shaw Mr. Elmer Sheckells Johnny Sheckells Mrs. A. Weems Sherbert Mr. and Mrs. C. Earle Shortt Miss Louise Siegert Miss Mary Ann Silance Miss Olive Simpson Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Sipe Mrs. J. E. Sites Mrs. A. Slocum Mr. and Mrs. A. Slama Captain and Mrs. F. W. Slaven Jane Montgomery Slaven Mr. Richard H. Slinghuff Mr. and Mr.s Charles Smith Miss Charlotte Smith Mr. Edwin J, Smith Mr. E. Ward Smith Mrs. Katherine Smith 72 Mrs. Oden F. Smith Oden Lee Smith Mr. R. H. Smith The R. R. Smith Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Snavely Dr. Robert C. Snavely Mrs. E. A. Sneeringer Mrs. R. Snook Miss Susie Southern Lt. Charles Spaerer Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Springfield Mrs. Elizabeth Stahl Mrs. Frank Stallings Mrs. Gordon Stallings Mrs. Guy Stallings Mrs. R. B. Stallings Stenography ll Class Gloria Sterner Mr. William Stevens Mrs. Louis A. C. Stevens Mrs. John Stevens Mrs. Thomas E. Stevens Mrs. l. B. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Steuart Capt. and Mrs. E. H. Still Miss Jacqueline Still Mrs. Irwin Stinchcomb Captain and Mrs. Q. M. Stokes Mrs. Rebecca Stokes Mrs. S. S. Stokes Mrs. Barse Stonebaker Streif's Store Postmaster W. A. Strohm Miss Myrtle Sturn Mr. and Mrs. Edward Suitt Mrs. Edward Suitt Mrs. James A. Suitt Mr. James A. Suitt John McCenery Suitt, lll Mrs. P. W. Sunderland Mr. R. Swallow Mrs. Doris Swank Mrs. Madge Tanner Joseph Tarleton Jo Tattersall Mrs. E. A. Taylor Mrs. E. A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Taylor Mrs. Tom A. Taylor James H. Thomas, Jr. Miss Rebecca C. Thompson Corporal L. C. Thompson, U.S.M C Tony Webb Townsend Mrs. B. F. Treat Miss O. Tucker Mr. Walter Tucker Clarence E. Tyler Mrs. Glen Vaughn Mrs. James S. VanSant Mrs. C. J. Vickers Mrs. William M. Vickers Victory Lunch Miss Janet Vose Mrs. Sinclair Vose Mrs. William F. Vose Mrs. J. G. Wagner Mrs. l. Ward Mrs. Josephine Wa rn ken Clifton Wayson Mr. Henry Weaver Mr. Henry G. Weaver Mr. Jacob Weinberg Mrs. A. B. Welch Mr. and Mrs. McClean Welch Dr. Robert Welch Mrs. Basil B. Wells Mrs. Richard S. West Miss Margaret Wharton Mrs. Laura A. Wheatley Mrs. James Wheeler Mrs. John Whistler Mrs. Joe White Mr. and Mrs. David Whittington Mrs. H. G. Whittington Miss Jean Forrest Whittington Lt. Commander and Mrs. Delbert S. Wicks Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wiesman Miss Bernice Williams Mrs. Floyd Williams PATRONS-Continued Herbert Williams Jimmy Williams '44 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Williams Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wilson Charles Wilson, Jr. C. Gordon Wilson Julio Wilson, '45 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wilson Mrs. H. B. Winchell Mrs. Catherine Winchester' Eugene Windsor Mrs. Isaac Windsor Mrs. Elsie Winigordner Pvt. George A. Wiseman Mrs. Geneva Witt Sylvan Witt '44 Mrs. lrene A. Wolf Mr. and Mrs. E. Franklin Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolking Catherine Lee Wood Mr. Clyde Wood Mr. Herman A. Woodfield Miss Margaret Wooster Anne Carrow Workmen Val Wormwood Mrs. J. K. Worthington Mr. and Mrs. T. Carrol Worthington Mrs. A. F. Zelko Mr. and Mrs. Hyman F. Zelko Jackie Zelko '45 Photographs, Printing, Engraving, Binding by H. G. ROEBUCK 81 SON Baltimore-l ------ Maryland CHRIS' BILLIARDS Best Sandwiches in Town 275 West Street CHRIS S. PSOMADAKIS THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber, Millwork, Hardware Paint, Builders' Supplies Annapolis, Md. Glen Burnie, Md. RAINBOW CLEANERS Dry Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing MILLER'S MEAT MARKET Fresh and Smoked Meats Phone 2292 Groceries WEST ST. EXTD. 201 MAIN ST. 1100 WEST ST. DIAL 2343 ARUNDEL LAUNDRY COMPLIMENTS OF Laundry-Dry Cleaning-Storage S ' t'f' R CI ' Spe?1lnoddcanellgWe:taSlIl'13ert ANNAPOLIS, MD. DIAL 2343 271f2 WEST ST. DIAL 6375 TIRES BATTERIES FRANK SLAMA 8. SON Good Shoes Since Q1869 r Star Brand Shoe ARE Better Poll Parrott Shoes for Bays and Girls 100 WE51' ST- DU-L 3121 55 WEST STREET PHONE 3132 COMPLIMENTS The Henry B. Myers Co. Fuel-Farm and Home Supplies of since 1880 KINGS' BAKERY 45-49 WEST ST. DIAL 2655 Annapolis, Maryland ABRAHAM GREENG01-D SUBURBAN 'CLUB GINGER ALE Men's 8. Boys' Clothing 8. Furnishings d The Store .for the -on - Lad and His Dad Since 1908 PEPSI 46-48-50 WEST ST. PHONE 3600 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS THE THRIFT SHOP 54 WEST sr. ANNAPQLIS, Mn. Pepsi-Cola 'Distributing Co., Annapolis ANTONETTE'S PLACE A GOOD PLACE TO fEAT Specializing in Italian Spaghetti Try Our Famous Hamburgers Soft Drinks Make Our Shop Your Shop Personal Service of the Better Kind O. K. BARBER SHOP 273 West Street Annapolis, Md. IDial 51571 PRESTON SHEFFEY -:- -:- FRED STARTON Compliments of HOPPINGS' FUNERAL HOME ANNAPOLIS, Mn. THE ARUNDEL BUS CO. Using Our School Service JIM'S CORNER LUNCH AFTER 8:10 A.M. BEFORE 4:45 P.M. JAMES LEANOS FARE 5 CENTS SAVES SEATS FOR WAR WORKERS 294 WEST ST' PHONE 973 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS iofi -Of- cOcA-coLA BROOKS BROTHERS Bottling Company DAY'5 COMPLIMENTS FOUNTAIN LUNCH -of- A Good Place To Eat mms, STREET GILBERTS' PHARMACY COMPLTAENTS COMPLIMENTS no - -of- SEVERN BOWLING ALLEYS JUN'0R H' R- 205 coMPuMENTs COMPLIMENTS -Of- -Of- SIGMA DELTA KAPPA MARBERT MOTORS CoM ': ENT5 COMPLIMENTS -0 - -of- FOY's Sc - 51.00 STORE , 39 WEST STREET Z I F F 5 COMPLIMENTS COMPUMENTS ,of- -of. AN NAPOLIS DAVIS STATIONERY FLOWER SHG? COMPLIMENTS -of- GOR'D'ONS Ugg THE STORE FOR cHH.oREN RICHARDS, HAIR STYLIST Specialists in COLD WAVING, PERMANENTS GIFTS THAT LAST Columbia Jewelry Company COSMETICS TINTITSSTUME JEWELRY JEWELER5 'i' OPTICIANS 233 WEST S'-oi-Tnapolls' Md' DIAL 2554 138 Main Street Annapolis, Md. COMITKENTS Ll P M A N ' S ANNAPOLIS WOMEN'S WEARING APPAREL NEWS AGENCY SHOES J, 5, MQQRE 172-174 MAIN ST.-ANNAPOLIS ML 2731... 2 E... H... .I'IEi.'l.'L 'G RUN RIGHT T0 ROYAL RESTAURANT R E A D ' S nblne l:Nl:lfPg:EllmiRcifzhosphereu for all your Drug Store needs NEAR THE ICIRCLE 23 WEST ST. 176 MAIN ST- ANNAPOLIS DIAL 3231 MURPHY ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES WEST STREET - - ANNAPOLIS, MD. PEERLESS UNIFORM CO. Tailors and Haberdashers Joe Greenfield '32, Manager 167 MAIN ST. ANNAPOLIS, MD. COMPLIMENTS -of. J. R. MCCRONE, JR. J E N K I N S SCHOOL SUPPLIES HOME ART CARDS-GIFTS 207 MAIN ST. ANNAPoLIS, Mn. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Annapolis Md. 25-27 WEST ST. DIAL 4131 COMPLETE RECORDING STUDIO RADIO RECORDS Albright's Sound Service Sound Motion Pictures Rented-Sound Truck F Hi or re 78 Maryland Ave. AnnaP0liSI Md- PHONE 4781 NIGHT 4425 COMPLIMENTS -of- SECOND PERIOD PHYSICS CLASS 207 COMPLIMENTS -gf- GREEN'S PHARMACY Rexall Store 170 MAIN ST. ANNAPOLIS, M-D. The PARSONS COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Annapolis, Maryland 220-222 MAIN ST. DIAL 4566 DIAL 4211 Artists' Supplies R. E. STRANGE 81 SONS Sherwin-Williams Paints 81 Varnishes 159 MAIN ST. ANNAPOLIS, MD. Annapolis Theatres CIRCLE - CAPITOL - REPUBLIC COMP'-'MENT5 Direction F. H. nuance: gf JOHN SMEARMAN, City Manager Phone 2071-6320-2812 ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND STRANGE 81 WHITE R. THORNTON STRANGE The Men's and Boys' Store 155-157 MAIN ST. ANNAPOLIS DIAL 2629 B. 81 B. NASH MOTORS Auto Repairs From A to Z LAFAYETTE 81 WEST, Annapolis, Md. SOUTHERN DAIRIES ICE CREAM Annapolis, Md. 120 WEST ST. DIAL 2688 COMPLIMENTS of Little Tavern Shop, Inc. 84 West Street Annapolis, Md. Carr, Mears 81 Dawson, Inc. Naval Uniform Tailors ANNAPOLIS DAIRY COMPLIMENTS of MARY-LOUISE BEAUTY SALON DIAL 2412 Best Wishes to the Bays in the Class of '45 HERBERT'S MEN'S SHOP For Up-to-the-Minute Styles in Men's Wear 178 Main Street Annapolis, Md. Annapolis Furniture Co. Bedding, Stoves, Radios Floor Covering-Cash or Credit You'll Always Do Better Here 94-96 WEST STREET - - ANNAPOLIS, MD. HOME SITES AT SPA VIEW, WEST ST., CEDAR PARK, WEST ANNAPOLIS, WARDOUR FERRY FARMS AND PENDENNIS MOUNT Terms to suit your convenience CHARLES F. LEE DIAL 2461 ANNAPous, Mo. TILGHMAN COMPANY Registered Jewelers and American Gem Society Hab d sh NORFOLK, vA. er G EENAPOLIS, Mo. ANNAPUI-I5 MARYLAND 'rsl.sPHoN: 2454 1022-24 wss'r sr. om. zozo Decorated Birthday Cakes Carlson's Home Bakery Carnival Rolls GENUINE ASSORTED HOPKINS' PHARMACY Prescription Specialists-Quality Drugs Our Own Make Ice Cream POTATO no-Nurs SHEET CAKES 50 Wes' Sffeef A '10P0liS, Md- WQLLMANIS COMPLIMENTS SHOES 129-131 Main Street Annapolis - - - Maryland of FLYNN 81 SH ERWOOD Wholesale Confectioners 7500 HARFORD ROAD, BALTIMORE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Realizing that this book, the Wake of l945 , will some day be our only means of returning to the happy school days which we are about to leave, we, the Staff of l945, have endeavored to cap- ture the scenes which will renew old friendships and fond memories, and we hope that our book will fulfill the expectations of our class- mates and friends. To acknowledge the cooperation of my Staff and the assistance of my class is but an inkling toward the appreciation l wish to ex- press. lt is with deep gratitude that we, the Class of l945, wish to thank those to whom the publication of this yearbook is accredited. To Dr. Kinhart for his assistance and encouragement, to Mrs. Kinhart for her commendalble aid in financial matters, to Miss Gaeth, Miss Cox and Miss Davis for their untiring efforts with the literary staff, to Mr. Schultz for his sincere and kind help, and to Miss Nicholson for her generous typing assistance, and to Miss Hall, our adviser, for her gift of time, energy and patience so that the book could be a reality, we say, thank you. Five students who were not regular Staff members, yet who worked without glory for the success of the book, also deserve special mention. We extend a big Thank You to Robin Ellershaw, Edward Burtis, Betty Lee Kugler, Anne Carr, and Bill Dusinberre. There is one more person to whom our gratitude should be ex- pressed. To Mr. Hayman, whose photographic aid was unstintingly given to help us out of our jams, we extend our sincere thanks. To those who supported our yearbook as patrons and advertisers we wish to express our gratitude. THE WAKE STAFF, Jim Metzger, Editor-in-Chief. -5 , - -Q L, f- - f ' -1. -A T--ti - -ii.. ' ' - If , 0, L Mx, ar i -,.- - , - 3 O kde H1 50 5 ls EI- - ,XX a, EQ 'Sf c 1:-, -. V 9? F Q, ,Ml L? Q- t,-fi' - .fy-J 1-fb, ,f 1-1.9. -IQ? I 'D f ,J kv WM If '15 V31 2 ,. 1 - ,AH .slr- -,awk '11 'ss -... wi-, I 1-1. gt . D ,hi .- J:-, YN- X K' Sang , '-- nfs -' KEYS! g X . , XXKX ,X , x x --5 , M fx 'T - vi gl.-Qs.: -tix: , K I vw K ,..,. 'Lf ll. 1 4 S.-J --.lf 3 ,L - l,,- ,. 'eb X ? 1 ,rg 'V . ,Q5,: Q ,' . I 5. ,ffV 1 ' .. v 3 h .Af 44, 9 , 4 ' I A -- t' fn 'r -7: f -1' F gn JI' 0 V I 2 ' . a uk 1 ' 5 I .' 1 l - H A -A AQQAEZ-4-Lff,'di2?1: l . v ' 011341155 V , Y 'xzzffa 2 ' .. -. -. JyY1 'f ,.: f 1 4- if ,s, fl, 11' iziw ... ff Zi 1 -fm g.'-if-f 'H I W- ,pl 1 f j 5 521111 -1 92? - - 'gf -- --'....g, if ' V --if ,QS j,fl?Zf? 2 V, f V fof 6 IQ 4 g ' ly illiz 7 Q '-i ,flj fflfl' A f - Va' Lg ,. ... .ffl ,gl r? ' QL?-Y 'EE5 Q -- ff ,- f ,f 1 ' Q 2' - -' --A - . ' f,. -T - '-- ' ' ry!! , 7, ,, N -Q - ' A5 '- ' : ' fvuf 1 v - M94 3 if ag ff my W mug i -IH Q. I5 f 1,1 w - ' I J L u - 'A' ' 'f .,-N- f X f ivh- 0 4 'L .f S' 4 : A1 F ,X pl li 9 az .- , 4'fE 5 ,X , w. I ' X - gg 5,1-Li? ffm ,P A 1. ' X ' x U 1, 'A ft I M5 -9 f- f iff- N, 1, 1 . , My Q, L 1 T ' Fw , , v Q 'ZKQQJL '1-if ' 2 .- MX ' W ' X T fa: , ig, 1. A-.. 1 I -A R Y J Q 1 l ' - ,Q ' ' wil ' ,ff ' sq-L 2 2-1-'gl ' .1 V I m fy 1+ 2-LS! ,ef . V, 5 ,' f. X- J f ir -A, ref A 1 1 .Y 'f ,s+.'m215' 1 ' s , ,' 1 1 x f f, vi., ' gx- 1- I - y,-v -' . 5 , is xx ,X I A xt X A . V K Q A L J .E 5 ,-5H- - g l i ' ':-gf - 5 -,S v ,'1',, J55q 1. WC. f - v-- f ','2-- ' ,--a- ' UQ!-M .1 3 'Ku-g if, . ,Q ' T V Y iwy '1 W I 1 ' . X. ' 1 l Q Q -FJ: A XZ' ' - 641-4 JW , M54 f . zf Mix' 15 A 2 - A .- 4.-V 1 - -',,.7z7S,- Q 1 1 Av im, 'Q1'.jYg,f,2 Q kv 475' :i.5V'g'1X'. In '17 ' 'if ' Cv? f wL', 'I XML If 1 - cv' P 'Q 1 A X3 ' , ' -5-' 7 1 ' N ' v- 'n y' L ' Nl, , fu L , f' 4, il M H1 ' 'fi' W L . It 1xg 'Kuf ,v 1 if 'P 16 'V A ' ff-A-f-iw' n ' an 3 ..l i 1-A . V it ' V ' 2 'Q D 'I 'I 4:-414 v 'Y' 5 5 t. A ,L f I f- pc 'R qu: N' , s,Q.', ' D 1 A gi At ' 5, UI :L ' ,V f ry w-, f 1 i X , LI tl , ., x W v ff,?, , wif I I 1 YI x Vflvvsgill 'Lf x .si flkxif .1 1 Q ' f 4f-.PH A 4' 1 . , ,,1 ! 0 4:4 N , . . 4 , . ' N 3 fjf ' ' ' 2 AA ' K - 1 A- L 11' ' A X Y ' 'Lo' Y , l ,Epi fe w? X gwffv- 1 . 2 -, 4' a A 5' , 25 I . . . ,, -Z 71, -2 - Av X A L Mx .o .mx I 1, , x vgyg QQL 5 I A f 3 X Q ,.f Q ww? gv ,r , , - ' QSR-42+ s4'isQ3fs4IW451'vv V - fvgf X ' J 1 MQ-MMRatef21W+Q'3i'20'5'2i9'3vyq v M' L - TQ' 5 2 ' A' A - A 1 Q s 96: ' 'I .-' . 6 Y K 'A - iv Q , 5 'Q ' 13,92-iE2 s9 Q+ +.9X3 X?ZvYL.55,. J

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