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Y 2 f 4, - ,fm . - A5153 Q l M . S X is i f . .Ti!l'g A-e,1 if ,Q is ,JIS ' '-:TS W 14 - 4 . Vfx we F 'T J Eff L e F744 1535 A ggi 5 Vg ig, t Vg. fm, ' w Q 1 Mx , fi 4 2 fm w my A ' Vf f ,Q N ' vi A 1' ' . 1. X W 91 3 'K , is 5 :EL .QQ . , 7 H5 yi , b 5 ' 5 N 2 V 2 if - . V 15- , A f Q ffl ig . -,Q H Q, if , if ,E E A V M 'W ' ff 'f U 4 Q f Q i Y Q fk zi' W' H wfn, aaa' .,, ,, t 5,-.frB'1KT" , , ,, We ,, ,ffl-wr W -.ww we-.4 .5-'-'T .LHS 4- M Q.,..,:4 1 'Ed 'V' 4 A' Q. ' kv S I, ff, ' S QF ' . y 121-'QA ,lj gi --.'s- ,4 .I : -re 3 ' f 5 5 Zrf R , 5 We. - Li. iv"' fU:5-if 519 'H 1 :5555 -, 'ua ' , LEA. , gigs' In kiw i' 4 . 31, -Q, wal ve, M f P.- 4. ,dh um g l 1 b. - -' V: if 3-24 ' 1 fi- ' ,4 L 2: 4, Qffa. ,lx ' J' '-- 4 1,1 4f,.gZ:5' 4 9- 1, "I:-32, ff'-' Zgm, vgtbvrss Q Ji. 9' A: 'mags 1 QW fa 39 , 5 u 1 'Nik ' ji -. . -.F . 2:1-A' 5. 27:32 . 5' W -wdfftzii V rx. 5' ' M .wi . - ',, X-w - , A Y". . - f u EEE. , 2 W 1 A- W P2 1 M Q -gi ,3-,. Ae W L DEDICATIO We will never be able to express quite adequately the numberless reasons why we, the Class of 1944, have dedicated our Wake to Miss Lauretta Mdlusker, without whose tireless energy and thoughful kindness this edition of the Wake would never have become an actual reality. She was always there, helping us in counties waysg advising the literary staff, to boast our patron drive, or doing the many little things that make a year book what it it. We hope that Uhe Wake of 1944 will always stay with her as a pleasant remembrance and that the successof this edition will in some measure pay her back for all off her tireless work. Above all, we want her to consider it as we do--a job well and successfully accomplished. Therefore . . . We Dedicate The Wake of 1944 to MISS LAURETTA MCCUSKER "I would be true, for there are those who trust meg I would be pure, for there are those who careg I would be strong, for there is much to sufferg I would he hrave,' for there is much to dare."-XWALTBR. As you of the class of 1944 approach graduation-your goal for the past four years- can you count your benefits from the days spent here? Can you cull from your gleanings of four years in high school the finest particles that you now hold? Among those treasures are there some which contribute to that priceless possession-a strong and noble character? I firmly believe that without such your graduation cannot mean success. Your character began to form when you were but an infant, and it will continue to grow as long as you live. Home, church, school, and all other elements of your environ- ment have helped to make you what you are. In continuing to mold your life, which is determined to an immeasurable degree by you as distinct beings, you will do well to consider the civic, social, ethical, moral, and religious standards that you consider ideal. You must not fail at this time, when great responsibilities face you, to have the strength and good judgment to incorporate only the nobler traits in your personal code of life, and to make them dominant in every action. Remember that the character of the democratic state is the culmination of that of the individuals who comprise it. Best wishes for self-realization of the highest order. DR. HOWARD ANDREW KINHART. Q' FACULTY O' 1440 665359004630 Hubba yeah 4 wiv '5'l'3aq.CfS'fy gbxgh . og X99 SOCIAL STUDIES Keyser, .Marion Gardner, Frances Bennett, Barbara Dorothy Noble, Louise Hicks ff FOREIGN LANGUAGES Minnie Pierce, Lorena Marking, Mildred 'Kinharg 1 w.'rHBMA'f1CS . - . How' , Chtliun . Huge! Xwlbomn Georie Nuns, M87 R FINB ARTS Mary Jo Russ, Lauretta McCuslner, John Edward: P" Moe LH-J A4'lr,,:cQ1V 663 Oq'7g,,eQ "-'ol sqm INDUSTRIAL ARTS Otis White, Melvin Schlossman, Frank Gunderlo Yr George Schroclermeier 1 w 4 I 5 'WIUH ' Q55 eN5SS5QmxQ Rhebn Horn Mifdrcd Curd lV'Jl Russ HOME ARTS Emilv Ewing, Palma Hermigan. Janilh Horsey Elizabeth Rominc PH YSIQ E AL the: Johnson, ASJDUCATION "YP ARTMENT i3UlDANVT"v K V1 - M ed Kinhmx N - Hogan. M1 f , Yals, KA- ' 5. Nlargaru 1 Lmuse H1045 rga ret Wfha from AD Hild MINIYFRA T a Muster-,nan D IME STAFF Q 'I' Hum-, ard Kit-41-,art 9.J"',.41 . .,-. 'f' RMP' z.,vi--'NES' ' ,,- .,,.,,M,. 'W ---. '- ' , L' . nu A W, "' ,g .. mf" ' Immawv y-. ff,--.9 rs U., L my I 2' iw -'MH V -'eu ,x I f-17+ I ., v-f , , 9... k, ,4 ,p I ... . Y .. f Q vw Q fx- 'Aff- ffwl' M AN , " . K f Q - "-' -' - '-I K .4 A -- , , ' 'Tm J .ff ., ' .-H' 1 ,r ...MEZZ 7 ww, . M 1, -Wh . V - fn if , 'rf'-,,,3 Q , I .L.Wff4 .5 1 A, H M -f -M. , -sm' ...A N I N , N 'U'l1"f' WJ: "A, 'M' "Www:-I ' J . ' " i1jiiEf'4-7 " N- U M , ,WM I ff W-M??eQEhe,."M 4, if ww K Q ' , .,,...', 1, W K. .I Af ,.' hy ' .-4 f-Q ,V . , ,Y . , L Y , 2 t - , ' 5. 5 Q, -' 4 . f 'g,.""" ' Af ,. igmfff M-' Q M M ,y-f'-snr. 3. - J ,W , . A , 1 ,M 5-. -Q A M..-W N - . We ,+ ,,f'fM i '74 -" ff' ff,,,.' , ' A .V V ,fy . . fy I. .K W N-, ' b ' ,cf -,MA . .... .. , 3 I , -. , I 'WZ W' , .f. + L' A , H .iv , "K '- K., -ff .. . H-W , : '1 . Q I N, .....,,:Z,N -Haj V Q. , h unk . A M W, .,.4,,W h A L ' ...f- E- 3 1 f ' ' vw 'T , "',f+5..'mx-is-w-N .2 . y A 2.-up-'qs m ,g V ., .,... W. .Q 4, -lam-Sak ,, .W A., ,, 5 ,. V, S. A . , V if :,..,,g1, M 'Mffwk , A Ml-5 - M, - -. M5 V lm. LM! x A-My 5 , M anim N h 5 W A H -5, in x r ,gy N 1 --- - . j ,ggbqamf F ,gg 'f , .. ., lf - ' ----wx 4 H . 'Wm-Qi . M 3 .nv AQ H , ,Al 'vt 5 1, 1 fu 2 -1 a I 5, A ' M. , ,. . L .Q . ,. M, N, I 1-ea ,, -A M55 ' ' 'Ax'3w.',--w...h+ Y ffgffl- 'zff-sg ? 5 k ... .. . -V ' "" " f""NkY7 i , 1.5 'I J 4 aw' an WAP? WEN-L X - f I , gl- PEW' - " , . ' . 'i5..,,m,'gg, , Zwuqgfigi, L V l iff' A , M1 'H' ' M 55,45 A 'Xp ' iw, ,,, fe! aww. - K ' Q ,W K Wk 35, ,Y J Q M '43 1 . .. M. i 0 w. JW' 1 5 .. ,.,' fh tfii l F fn' BURDETTE BOARDMAN SANCHEZ Burdie Smooth talker, good listener, hearty laugh, these describe our popular president, Bur- die, also a member of the famous trafic squad. In fact, when the periods were shortened by the ringing of the bell, it was none other than Burdie whose watch was wrong. To be a lawyer is his ambition and we're betting he'll have a booming business. ' RAYMOND ALFRED HARRINGTON Ray "Ray," one of the best looking boys in " '44," and the vice-president of our class, was a member of the Traffic Squad. He has an enthusiastic interest in sports and is a "whiz" in math. With his ex- cellent mathematical background, he is sure to achieve success in his study of en- gineering after graduation. ELIZABETH CATHERINE SCHWALIER Betty "First in sports, first in studies, and first in the hearts of her classmatesf' Versatili- ty par excellence and a diligent student, Betty's bubbling laughter knows no bounds. Her unaffected air of comaraderie assures her success wherever she goes. 8 CHARLES BAIRD ADAMS, JR. C harlie Charlie, the envied possessor of a zoot coat, had a busy time this year, being Edi- tor-in-Cllief of the year book and a valu- able member of the Traffic Squad. He wants to be a doctor, and we're sure his sunny disposition and hearty laugh will give him an enjoyable bedside manner. VIOLA THEANA ALvANos Vi Viola, one of our commercial majors, claims the interesting birthplace of My- telenc, Greece. You will hnd her well- informed on many topics because of her hobby of making scrapbooks on various subjects. From when we've seen of her duting her three years at A. H. S. we're sure sl1e'll make a hue sicuogmpln-r. LoRRAxNE GRAHAM BACON Ray Tall, dark-haired Ray has been with us for twil-and'0ne'half years, She has no stated ambition as yet, but we are sure that she will be a success in any job she may undertake. BISATRICE BACKER Bea Bea is that blonde, winsome chick you sec- running around every which way try- ing to meet the Tallyel-Io deadline, since she's no less than Editor-in-Chief of our school paper. Her interesting ambition is to own and operate an airplane and fly around the globe in it. Hereis hoping her wish comes true. PATRICIA LOUISE ARISON Pat Whenever you hear a line of chatter and a ready laugh, you know that Pat is around. Although born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Pat has lived in Annapolis off and on for most of her life. She wants to become a model, and with her figure and personality she seems well on the road to success. JOHN HERBERT ARMIGER, JR. Herbie Herbie, a native Crabtowner, is well known at A. H. S. for his "solid-send ing" on the alto sax. Harry James, how ever, is liable to lose a promising musician, since Herbie's ambitions point towards a career as a Diesel engineer QHOMAS llAUf-J i 1 mzox' ljui, ln. U 6 N Toni The Student Gow-iiiiiii-iii 'was in excellent rintls this year. lweing gviiieleil liy t.1p.1lJlt om The girls will lviiiciiilwi' him ns that wolf who shillu.-tl ilu-in .lown ilie lull, ancl :is.the flushing hgure on the softer eltl. His shining puisonnliry won him mnnv friends anti will .niitintie io win frienfls for him in thi- .Airiny An' Corps. xslieri' he hopes io itnihi-i' his eclimnzmn Doms MAE BARNEY Dollie Although horn in Wiliniiigtniw, Delaware, Dottie crime to us lmin lhv li:istt'i'n Shore three years Ago. She can rc-ally rut n mean tug. In the future you'll probably sei- her inotleling lllf l.iir-st liishionsl -IOANNE Louise Bmcsn jo jo, ri native of Columbus, Ohio, has at- tendetl A.l'l.S. for gill four of her high nliool years. Lilce most of us, she enjoys the moviesg .mel her nxnition, to become :r serrc-r.irv, is not an unusual one. Good luvl-1 lo. XVv ltnow vouill he really indis pens.1Ll-- rn vom employer Cil.oi2c.F liimtim BALL USM liuflllt' i ,r.lll, ff3Wl'llllg1 ,Iif'dt.llC'. lW'Q1l'I! ill fxllllni villa-, lm: hbvn with us. lui all lour V0.1 s Wfliilf' ln- wants to join the lVlt-itlnnt Nluiiiv, he st-vins lo hint- fallen, ,tt r flIHL', Hllxllfl' fill' Splfll nf lllC XYXOIHJFL H1 xxlllllf, ' ELLEN-FRANCES Boxsrrcnan Solley Even though she is one of our shortest girls. no one can overlook little Solley. Witli her stream of merry chatter she is a constant source of amusement. She wants to he a nurse zmcl' we feel sure she can cheer up any patient. ELIZABETH ELLEN BOLDIZAR Rocky Funhloving Rocky came to us from Wash- ington. D. C., bringing with her oodles of vivacity and wit. Her personality and talking ability have aided her greatly in making many lasting friends at A. H. S. Good luck Rocky! Euxxfum ARTHUR BOWEN Red-headed, freclcle-facccl Arthur is cm- othcr ol our lighthearted seniors. He goes about his business, laughing and talking, entertaining everyone Easyfgoing Arthur has no ambition except ro gradimrv. M may NlAizc4ARsr'i' Bowres Afcklk l'luli1i1 .lviivccl til rx, ll, hlilv lllls yuix. .llIlll.!l'lt' lxllig uxlili lit-r suit Vit' griiaii tlmul suuil ivwvt-J that slic wwe a mzisrir-iwtioiis iniilw, Her spaililiiig style assures her success in tollegc rmcl her lilc- thereafter. nur? l imiiii CALDWELL Spirlcling, brown-eyed Edirh is a native of old Crfihtown, and has been with us since ner freshman year. With her quiet charm and pleasant manner she is sure to be a success in her ambition to he as goocl a stenogrziphcr as Miss Curcl. NANCY GAIL CALLAGHAN Nancy Nancy, who has already macle scores of friends, was a newcomer to A. H. S. this year. Her ambition is college, and judging from her past and present schol- astic rccorcl she'll arrive at the portals of higher education with Flying colors. IN Hiawin' lSw,xNzi5i.i. IR. A FTW ik.-r Xir-iiieiitiul "' lvws liven A lnrighr ' ' mis wi-:ltl Jurin,g his four 's .ir .Xnii.1po'f. :xg ,. c 9 - .51 .l0lCll.lIll74w .OUISP Rv: -':i'll7 .INN f!If1!l1l l1lS 1 liiriim Lo lic .1 yilur. jolly "'l'mlcer' is assvi to .mv Pgitiwnvig lgi!iEL Bur lx lltliclis holwln 1, .ii-in: sports, which is unclwstiiiicllilvle sum slvv Imils froni Nlassauliusctis. l lim-wri. ,iyror sho Fgmclu- .itcs and sctilrs clown twin sports to work. l'ICK' J111bili0U lb 'ID bl' .1 sC'i'Il'fv'lfV ROBERT JOSEPH CARMICHAEL "All-around" Robert enjoys both sports and good reading. Always laughing and full of fun, he enthusiastically participates in sports, with football rating high. He is preparing to be a machinist but perhaps he'll become an All-American instead. JAMES JOSEPH CARRIGAN fxfdwll jimmy Good-natured "Jimmy" was born in An- napolis and has attended Annapolis High for his four high school years. Jimmy's one of the few hoys taking the Commer cial Course. Upon graduation he'd like to join the Navy and see the world. JANE CAMMARATA jimmy No one can mention Jimmy without re- membering the wonderful work she did in soliciting patrons for the WAKE. Jimmy's glory is her hair. Can you guess what she wants to become? That's right, a hair- dresser! LEONARD Eowisizn CARLSON Buds Leonard is the Art Editor for our annual and has left the evidence of his skill be- tween the pages of this book. Leonard hopes to he a baker when he leaves school. In fact he is already quite skilled in the culinary art. MARY JEAN CASEY Casey Whenever you see "Casey"'you can tell sheis thinking of something new and excit- ing to do. This vivacious lass was born in Annapolis, and has been with us for four years. Her ambition is to have a good time, but when she finally settles down to work we know she will put her heart into it and succeed in whatever she doe WILLIAM LXPPINCO11' CASSARD, II Biz! fqqfwj Bom in BuEalo, New York, Bill has been very active in school sports. Now that the WAKE is published, Bill has achieved part of his ambition, which was to gradu- ate in '44, and now he hopes to become an Army Air Corps Oihcer.. l"'lIfl!-'N I ox emu- inmn-nts sin- mn lu- found working in ilu- lilw nv Hi-1 lmlvliy lv lnirsc-lmrlm rid- ing .xml in in-,ii sin-N .fini-.' iinml lNl.n'lw von.i nun Nivlvw Jllli' 'wr '.vv lx l .-L- rn' XXXILLIAM HAMILTON CULLEMBER AVNM Bootxie Boorsie, another of our "Train: Squadcrsf' is seldom seen without lus grin. Well- clressed :md amiable, he is lilzcd by all. This native Marylandvfs hobby is worlc- ing on his Ford. Horn-'s .i salute- to a fu- ture soldier of Uncle Sain. YvnNNif I"'lELliNl4 CTOLTON Y. C. Blonclf-, tall Yvonne lms no definite view ol' ilu- fnlnii- in mimi. Alilmnplx slim' cn ioys singing, if is slrirlly ,i liolwlvy with lier. Yvonm: rms Lllllll' an Illl'f,IA'llV" liAL!llT'C', and lms an intriguing Fi-wmh :wr ron! Iilillf lc' "l'imiir" luis rm .nnlmmn :lm everyone MIS -ll! IILILI' Pll"1lV Ulr INUHPY, lu llcf .V I, ,, . .. C.. vl iw: x limi l Hx .N Gll3I'l.l lI,IN ill l'.lAlX -'.lllIl'Al Ulll llor flnlhl lion in lu' sinxcssliil in xilwlm'z'i' sl1c clove by lu-rpiiig lni innlis .ilvovr .1vei:1gf'. ln nmkmg .i f.1i'vm of lu-r lmlwlwy of Interim Dcconniiig, Ciilmin slwnlil lie able to use lwi -niqlilms in ,- ----. l msle ind nvauwss IU ,,gv Q40 11" , . imo. iii CQONS rANciE ANN Q,osTifn Connie Dnrli-eyed Connie, alias flu- "gal wirli tlic lWX'illl1S,h will be sure to .lL'fUll1IVllSl1 lm .lIl1lJill0l1 ul' grnilumiiig frunw .fi-Ili-gc .mil tlwn lwcoming A Navy l'Nlnrs4- A iom incndalilv goal. lfonmcl ANNA MAH Cox Minnie llnlc lmivml, liiin-lnviiig, lxflinnii' lllils fin-in "fiml'sf'm1nll'V." Ami lns lwvn .H A. li S. lldl ,ill liUllI'V1'.!f'S. Hvr vllnrts in tln' ffninnwiiml finnrse wvri' Clirvcfnd row.irLi llm I'L'.Ili7.Il'i0l1 nl' lwrr aspiration, v position as fl pl'nf'at1' smrvhnv I3 PA'iRit:iA ANN IDICKINSON Pa! Dark hrnwn hair, a pretty smile, a darling hgurv. .intl .in agrcmhlc personality is ri cicscripuun of Pat, whose hobby is pho- tography. She seems to have managed the camera emi of the year book all right so perhaps shcill malce photography her career. Happy snapping Patl ROSE DoNAI,osoN Rosie One of the Iwllvs of the U.S.O,, Result has no pai-titular ambition. She was a great help in the cafeteria. Ar the pres' ent time she is busy having a goocl time by entertaining others with her charming personality, NAN CHAPMAN DAvmsoN Puncby To brighten up the hall and classes during the last two years came Punchy, a versatile blonde. Nan is lcnown for her quick sense of humor which is bound to cheer up any- one who is feeling low. CHERIE ANNE DAWSON Country Lively Cherie, the gal with the Chinese bangs, has had a finger in almost every scholastic pie during her four years at A. H. S. Her career lies in the held of physical education since she hopes to be a high school instructor in this subject when she gets out in the wide, wide world. MARGARE'F ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY Belly Petite Betty was not only an asset on the athletic field, but also achieved high standards as a commercial stuclent. Het friendly manner should go far to milcr her a great success as a future airline stewardess. VIOHN Room Dove Jack This year another member was addecl to the brigade of wolves who haunt the halls ancl the girls. When you hear the cleers tapping, you may be sure it's hanclsnmf' -lark on the trail of another victim, lt's in great iifel EARLE WINGATE DOWNEY P H N ,, . Duck "Duck" hails from Easrporr, He is one. of those many seniors whose hoby i. "any- thing that keeps him on the go."' He does, however, plan to he a machinist and he "the man, behind the man, behind the gun." He is now heading for the Au Corps. KATHRYN PATRXCIA DOYLE Pal ffi ,, Pat, always ready with a snappy crack and a witty remark, was born in far away Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her hobby being saiilng, is is quite probable that she will achieve her .imbitiori to sail around the world. Never a dull moment with this sparkling senior. FRANKLIN HARVEY DULL Frank, who claims his four years at A. H. S. have been his happiest, had the usual ambition of graduating. Sports rate high with him so perhaps he'll become an All-American. Who knows? ARLINE MARIE DUVALI. VlRGlh'lA LEE DUVALL Ginger "Ginge1','l as she prefers to be called, was born in Crabtown and is that blue-eyed blonde who is always flirting around, Vir- ginia was a good student, but she in- tends to take life easy after the war' and retire to Hawaii. Ie sounds like French ancestry behind that name. Arline says her hobby is reading, but we think it is humming and being happy. Her ambition was to graduate, but we are all sure she will succeed in any course she cares to pursue. M.ARILX'N DENisE EATON lfjvnn, Bubbles Another newcomer, viviicioiis lryun, inns' be seen any time talking of one thing or another. Born with the traveller's itch she wants to travel, but first there's the question of college xx., ill l VIRGINIA LEE EVANS finxic Cure, green-eyed Jinxie, one of our most popular seniors, rates high with us all, and has a pleasing personality. She leaves be- hind an excellent scholastir record. Now that graduation is over she intends to ful- fill her ambition "to travelf' VIRGINIA PAIGE EVANS Ginny Ginny, a cute, mischievous miss, was well- lilced at A, H, S. She is easily distingu- ished by her blonde hair and good hgure. She was an active member of the circu lation staff of the WAKE, and her ainbi tion is to be a good stenographer. -ta. R HERMAN CHARLES ELLINGI-LAUSBN ,K 1-1,,5,,w,, Ll usA Handsome Herman is one of our studious seniors who spends .many hours after school in the Math. room. He also spends much of his time holding up the walls For the tmic squad. Upon graduation he hopes to join the ranlcs of the Mid- shipmen. MARY Ti-nsmssa ENZINGER Enny Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Enny, a native of Crabtown, is another of our would-be secretaries. Wirli her pleasant smile and agreeable personality we're sure shelll succeed in her ambition. WILLIAM GUY FERGUSON Navi! Bill You all remember call, good-looking Bill who started our assemblies with his "Pre- sent Colors." His winning smile and per- sonality have won him many friends. Happy landings to this future naval avi ator. di I6 WILUAM WALTER FINKLB B r s S .': ,. . I K . Bill, a native of Eastport and a steady pupil of A. H. S., has no particular am- bition. However, it is quite likely he will join the Navy. Hats off to a future sailor! DALBERT GEORGE FITCH Dal One of the rare masculine additions to the female-dominated commercial class is our sports-minded Dal, who is one of our best athletes. Dal is headed for the commercial world where we know he'll malce good. M.ARII.YN JOYCE FREDIQNBURGH Lyn Lyn, the girl with the brown eyes and the dimples, made n host of friends dur- ing her four years nt A. l-I. S. Her pleasant personality made her an asset to our gatherings, :Ind weire sure shell en- joy continue-d success at college, RITA MAE FREEMAN Shorty Rita has served a four-year stretch here at Annapolis High. ln order to fulfill her ambition to become n secretary, she has been enrolled in the Commercial Course. Her favorite hobby is listening to the latest records. - LILLIAN VIRGINIA GAITHER Lil DORIS LORIQAINE GALLOWAY Shorty Shrimp Doris is well-lcnown throughout Annapolis High for her short statute and high schol- astic rerord. Her quiet and helpful manner will be of great value to her when she be- comes il nurse JOANNA ROCKHOLD GARNER Io Crabtown has had the pleasure of having Jo as a resident all of her life. One's first impression of jo is that she's a very quiet girl, but actually, she's the life of the party and is quite a cheerful s.,..' We hope that you will have a happy and worthwhile future, jo. Pretty, blonde Lil can brighten any dull moment with her laughing. sparlclimz nw- ture. Another of our capable commercial students. her ambition is to be a success- ful secretary. Her interesting and patri- otic hobby is writing to service men. 'if' I7 en: txt:-rx , . .I fagzff p w HELEN HAGOOD Helen, at first glance, seems a quiet girl, but once you get to know her, she's bub- bling over with fun and enthusiasm. Hail- ing originally from Tennessee, she has been with us since our freshman year. As a nurse, she intends to put to use her knowledge acquired in the academic Coufse. ELIZABETH ANN HALL Betty Ann True friendliness plus a pleasant per- sonality helps to describe this pretty miss. She is a native of Crabtown and you can be sure she is proud of it. Betty Ann's ambition is to be a nursery teacher, and with her ability we feel sure she will always come out on top! HOWARD GIvENs Howard is a quiet boy with dark hair and eyes. He has been with us for four years and after graduation he hopes to join the Coast Guard. Smooth sailing, Howard! ANNA MARIE GRIMES Ree Although comparatively new at A. H. S., tall, charming, and cheerful Ree has made many friends. She cannot fail as one of our future typists because of the wonder- ful records she has held here. EILEEN MARIE HANNON Though by nature shy and retiring, blonde Eileen has accumulated a large circle of friends during her four-year stay at A. H. S. She aspires to become a part of one of the women's service organizations or else to don the uniform of the "women in white." JOSEPHINE LEE HARE Rabbit or Jo Jo, born in Wendell, North Carolina, has spent all her four years here in An- napolis High. Quiet, with a capable man- ner, her ambition of becoming a sec- tetaty should be easily achieved. Her hobby is collecting peculiar knicl:-lcnacks. ALMA MARIE HERRINGTON Jackie Cute jackie has given a lot of life to A. H. S. She can always be found danc- ing the most recent steps. Her pleasing personality will be a great asset to her in years tn come. STEPHEN BARTHOLF HILTABIDLE Steve Steve is a quiet blonde who has been with us for four years. A nature lover, his hobby is Natural History. His ambition? . . . to be healthy, wealthy, and wise! THOMAS ORME HILTABIDLE Tammy Tommy is a tall brunette who has spent all four years at A. H. S. His main in- terests are sailing and aviation. Here's wishing him luck in his ambition to be an aeronautical engineer and test pilot! EMILY GARNBR HOLLAND Emile Full of fun and always on the go, Emily, born in Crabtown, will make an excellent Army nurse. Until then she may be found in Read's drooling over a "coke" and the gossip. Rosaizr HoPKiNs Bob Calm, serene, easy-going Bob tloats along in life, liked by everyone and liking every- one. His slow, easy way of talking has charmed more than one person. His im- mediate interest is graduation and after that-well, anything can happen. S1'UAn'r BAILEY I-Ioexms ,pf M Stuart was another of those traffic officers who made us suffer by having us clo the right thing at the right time. Alrhough he says his future plans are up to the Army, at the present he seems to be tty- ing hard to gain the title of "Stuart, the West River Wolf." l NANCY I-'IUMPI-IREYS An attractive addition to the senior class is pretty Nancy. Her flowing red hair is the envy of everyone and her personality has attracted more than one wolf. Her present ambition is to get acquainted and after that the future can ralce care of itself. MIGNON JENKINS i Nonnie 'Strictly feminine," Nonnie's happy and unassuming nature is an asset to any gathering. Her reserve in class is con- trasted to her spirited chatter after hours. That domestic sparlc will keep any home fires burning. Her ambition. oddly enough, is to be a lulu of a housewife. .,hAN HUBBARD jeanie Jeanie, one of our cute brunettes, is n witty miss who has been with us all Four years. jean likes both att and music. Upon graduation she plans to don a white cap and starched slcirts. BETTY Louisa HUGHES Betts Charming Betts, member of the com- mercial class, is another of our would-be nurses. Musically inclined, her hobby is playing the accordian and the piano. Always laughing and on the go, she makes a delightful companion on any occasion. ETHEI. CHRISTINE KATSERELES Ethel is one of our vivacious little seniors who loves to dance and really knows how, being at home to either boogie woogie or the blues. She majored in Commercial Studies and hopes to become an efficient secretary. CORRINNE ELEANOR KELLER Chris Chris is always clattering about some thing or other, especially when it comes to week-end Clates. A future secretary, we hope Chris will have an opportunity to carry on her hobby of collecting pen- nies. FREDERICK HENRY KLINKEN FTEd ' fXlCcXf' Fred, tall with light brown hair, has been with us since his freshman year. An out- door f.1n, hunting and sports occupy his spare time. After graduation he hopes to ioin either the Air Corps or the Navy PEGGY MARICE K LYMAN Peg Peggy is that attractive senic. with dark hair and brown eyes who is always seen rushing from place to place. This altru- tive miss has the interesting hobby of men in general and miclsliipmen in pan ticular. Sounds intriguing, n'ust-ce pas? KA'i'HeRiNs KOONCH Kay One of the more sophisticated members of our class is Kay, the girl with the very plc-asinsg personality. Known throughout the school for her blonde hair, her main ambition is ro become a brunette. Her motto is "Never a dull moment." Suu. KUSHNICK Sol Saul. n member of the stepped-up course, is particularly interested in science and may usually be found in the physics laboratory. The outdoor type, it is na- tuml his hobby is hunting. He hopes to be a Mechanical Engineer. BETTY ANN Ko!-IR Slinky Elfish Betty, with her impish chuclcle and interrogative eyes, has an enviable collec- tion of stamps. All four years of her care- free school fdaze j were spent at A. H. S. Born in Eastport, lived in Easrport, died in Eastport? Someday she'll make a good secretary. DONALD CLARENCE Kota Don Donald. a member of the great l?l Ti-il' fic Squad, has spent four years 1t A. H S. One of the popular wolves of tie school, he'll probably be doing even ber ter when he gets ro college, iifliilli is I1 ambition. iflollcge, not wolfingl EUGENE TI-IERESI3 LEE Shorty 'Il-Icrc, there, Find cverywhcrcl' are words 'specially macle for lively, wise-cracking, Shorty who was always seen hurrying from one job to another. After doing such grand worl: .Is Girls Imrnmxireil Manager, it's not unusual that Eugenie wants to he fl Physical Fclucation f1'vHfl'N.'T, EVA PEA Rl, l,.IfI'rcII E1-ic Eve, that short blonde. hopes someday :he will join rlw white collar girls as a srcnoe,rzlplIeI'. A native Marylander. she spent :Ill four yenrs at A. H. S.. where she was wull known :Incl liked hy all. ELIZABETH LEANOS Lizzie Born in Annapolis, Lizzie has spent four years at A. H, S. She is well lcnown throughout the school because of her izniusing personality, Her ambition is to become n dress designer or a Inodel and her hobby, clress designing, will help her in this VIRGINIA LEANOS Ginny Short and friendly, Ginny hails from Yonkers, New York. Her ambition is to be a success in life, ancl her hobby S having a good time. Good hxclc in both R. lhwxi In I i-:nvoI-Im, ju. lnniipuh' tXlll1Clly1ll luainpoh- claims lialtimorc as his hirtliplncv, A, H. S. can boast of having him for his loin' high school yezirs. This p.IlIInIn sn-IIlll'IIi.IIIS IlmlJItl0I1 IS to get min the Ariuiv Air Corps l Itiiri r-:I I- .IXIIII-.R'i'A LEWIS I-'.'.i A une. Iiiiii-I ci-nior, lilo has no par Ll l.Ir hohhy. She likes everything from rhnrnlnle nm simclaes to getting up in the moining. Her an1luition, along with many other A. H S. grncls, is to he 1 yonfl smi-er.II'v JOHN ALLAN LEVAY jack Easy-going Jack, who aspires to be a good boolclceeper, has an interesting hobby of collecting autographs. Though he's popu- lar with everyone, we hear that he's n woman hater. How about that, girls? ANNA CECELIA LEWNES Keeping up with Navy sports is this black-haired miss's hobby: and good at it too. Her typing ability will help her im- mensely in her future as a typist. Good luck, Anna. We lcnow youlll succeed. ELIZABETH LOUISE MCCRONE Betty Lou Betty Lou was with us for two years and made scores of friends at A. H. S. Her hobby is music, but when it comes to ambitions, she favors the secretarial world. JAMES GILBERT MCNAMARA Mar Mac's hobby of building airplane models will probably be a lot of help to him in his future job as a welder at Glen L. Martin's. He made a name for himself in the A, H. S. sports world as an ardent intra-mural athlete. ANN MARIE ELIZABETH LITTLE Toots Anne is the outdoor type, fond of all sports, with hockey her particular favor- ite. Her cute snub nose fits in with her elfervescent personality, which should help her bedside manner when she becomes a nurse, preferably in the Army. ELSIE MARIE LOFTUS Elsie seems quiet and reserved at first glance, but has in reality quite an enter- taining personality. Although she ma- jored in commercial work, she claims no definite plans for the future. JEANNE jAcKsoN MILLER fearmie Small, sweet, and pretty, these adjectives describe Jeannie. Although she seems very quiet at first sight, she's really very talka- tive and friendly. She entered A. H. S. in '43 from Washington. Her ambition is to be a journalist. NANCY ELIZABETH MOLTFR M oe Moe, with her long, wavy, brunette hair, sparking smile, and pleasing personality, lilces nothing better than cutting a rug to a good "hot platterf, Dress design- ing and daubhing in paints are her favor- ite hobbies and we feel sure she'll go far in the future. CARTER DENSON Messlcx Denny , Denny, who has spent all four years at A. H. S., always has a cheerful smile for everyone. Although his hobby leans to- ward boats, he hopes to join the Army Air-Corp. All the luck in the world to the greatest abmition there is! BETTY Lou MEYETTB Bouts Horsewoman superb! that describes Boots. Born in Annapolis Boots spent her high school days right here at A. H. S. Ac- tive in all sports she earned intra-mural awards of all lcinds. An excellent athlete she should soon accomplish her ambition -to bc a good jumper. BARBARA JEANNE Moons Bobbie Bobbie has the not so unusual desire to become a Navy wife, but until that time she'll teach school. As a sideline she keeps a memory book--which wc're sure must be quite interesting! JOHN MARBURY MUSTERMAN Mll.Vfy Fil Ni Handsome Jackie, one of our few roman- tic students, is skilled in airplane model- ing. After graduation he hopes to join the ranks of the Air Cadets, and already having flying experience, we're sure he'll be a great success, ROBERT WALKER MUTI-I Bob Bob has been with us for four years and has shown himself to be a very energetic person. He is president of the Hi-Y Club and Vice-President of our Student Govern- ment. Bob devoted much of his spare time to football and hopes to enter the Naval Academy when he leaves school. ELIZABETH ANN NEIMAN Betty Betty was that ted-headed girl who so ably assisted behind the lunch counter. Her hobby of collecting Navy clippings may have influenced her choice of a pro- fession--a nursing career in the U. S. Navy. WILLIAM HARRIS NUTT Bi Na-JI. Bill, who was born in Annapolis, has attended A. H. S. for the last four years. His hobby is shop work but in the future he wishes to join the Navy. Smooth sail- ing to a grand senior! MILDRED PASTRANA M1-mi Miini, another Annapolitan, has been with us during, her four years of high school. You'll probably see Mimi partici- pating in some kind of sports, as she spent most of her spare time on the athf letic field. WILLIAM EDWARD NEIMIAN Bill Bill, '44's outstanding wit, came to good old A. H. S. from San Pedro, California. To be summed up, he's cute, fun-loving, and full of the "Old Harry." Bill's ambi- tion is to Graduate. DONALD EDWARD NEWELL NOV Donald, that fellow with the dark brown eyes, has spent his entire life in Annapo lis. His favorite sport is hunting, but he hasn't told us what he hunts. With his "sharp-shooter's eye" he should malce a good gunner in Uncle Sam's Navy GLORIA Pmpifs Corkie Corkie has been walking the halls of An- napolis High for four years, and hopes in years to come to walk the halls of a hos- pital. Thais it-Corlcie wants to join the Cadet Nurse Corps. BETTY R. PIEHLER M0771 Mom is a Severna Parker whom you can always find lvubhling over with pera sonality and fun. She considers dancing a wonderful pastime. After graduation we'll find her studying to talce her place in the world of hatteriologists. VIOLET JARUSHEA PENNINGTON Penny Penny, one of our cute seniors, has dam' ing for a hobby. Born in Gaithersburg, she has spent four years at our fair school After graduation this patriotic Miss yearns to he a Cadet Nurse. ELAXNE Pi-uiws Lenny - Known among her friends as Lenny, Elaine wants to become .1 hcautician ifrti graduating from good old A. ll. S l'l amiable chanlcluristics will no doubt ll her in this field of work. .VIARY HOXTON PIERCE Charming, blonde Mary, proof of the beauty of Texas, has stood high in most of het classes. Easily malcing friends and easily keeping them, Mary was always popular. She was interested in the future Jnly so far as graduation. DOROTHY MERCEDES PORTER Dot Dot is 1 native of Pennsylvania but has spent .lil tour years at A. H. S. Her hobby is sailing, and he-r ambition?-well, although she has not decided what field to honor with her presence, we are sure she will he successful in whatever one she rhooses, BARBARA JEAN Powaizs Barb Barb, an enthusiastic member of the hcclcey team, chooses sports for whiling away the time. Having taken typing as a part of her business course, she desires to Hold a position as typist upon gradua- don. Rosen E. Qumszsriaor Bob Bob, possessor of a Hne bass voice, greatly contributed to our A Cappella Choir. Bob, whose hobby is radio designing, hopes to be a radio engineer. With the knowledge he already has, we lcnow that he will be suicessful in this line. l I iELEN BELVA RAWLINGS Helen, one of our blue-eyed blondes, hails from Baltimore, Maryland, Her four years at Annapolis have proven to all of us that she will make a good teacher---her future ambition. ALVIN FRANKLIN Rai-iN l'lAkRll.I1' ROOKER Riu-iAiws Vivatious Harriet, wiili het mimitabli: ilmrter, eould probably sell the Fioolclyn Bridge and was well chosen as liead ol' the Pqitroii Committee. WH- doubt that slu- will ever achieve her iinbition of sleeping all day. but she lids nlrczicly made a success ol' ber hobby of "collecting fun." RICHARD FAYNH ROBERTS Dick Reserved, with a quiet humor, Al'-in has spent four years haunting the halls of A. H, S. He is a valuable member of the school orchestra .md it will be big loss when he graduates. Easy-going, he has no parufular ambition. Jiclt, that veiy dailc-haired senior, was boin in Shamolcin, l'i-imsylvania, und has bein with us for two years. His hobby is drawing but his ambition, after gradu- ation, is to be a tail gunner in the Marine Ai: Corps. BEATRXCE SACHS BMI Believe it or not thosc good-looking clothes you've admired on Bea are a product of her own needlework. Ben, who was born in Marcus Hook, Pa., hopes to join the Cadet Nursing Corps as soon as possible. JOAN LINDSAY SACREY Poco Pretty Poco, with the very dark hair and eyes, spends her spare time dancing to the latest solid platters. She can easily be spotted in the halls by her bright plaid shirts. Upon graduation, she, too, wants to he 3 HUYSE. MARGARET EVELYN Romans Lynne Lynne is a sweet, blue-eyed blonde who makes dancing and adding to her Memory Book her hobbies. By the time this is pu- lishecl, she will have accomplished her am- bition of graduating in '44, MARILYN JANE Romans Mimi V Blonde, blushing Mimi, with that dewy eyed innocent air, longs for the smell of antiseptics, the sound of crepe soles on the corridors, and the silence of sick ness. Thatls right! She wants to be a nurse, but until then she's fascinated with accents, especially southern ones, although she is a Yankee. Nixoivu ETHEL SAUNDERS Naomi is a pretty auburn-haired gal that has been a joy to Annapolis High. She can frequently be found playing the piano and played for all assembly programs. We hope she will achieve her ambition of sailing around the world. BEVERLY JEAN SCHULTZ Bev Good-natured Bev whiles the time away playing popular tunes on the piano. She has the rather different combination of brown eyes and blonde hair. Her Aca- demic Course is "prepping', her for her future in the nursing world. NELSON -lol-IN SEARS That very quiet and short fellow who answers to the name of Nelson, was horn in Baltimore County, Maryland. He has spent four years at A. H. S. and has now realized his ambition, which was to graduate. DOROTHY MAY SEDLACEK Dotty Dotty, bubbling over with vitality, loves to have at good time. Her gay laughter easily makes her the center of any group. VC'ith her fine figure and flair for clothes it is likely she will realize her ambition to bc a model RAYMOND Si-mum f-iN Raymond, although horn in Xvilminglun, Delaware, has hue-ii .1 ftuuilzar member uf A. H. S. for loin years. His hobby is building airplane models .mtl so when Uncle Sam semi, Raymond "Greetings" it's an even bei ive'll sec him in the Air Corps. RITA SKORDAS FRAN1-:LIN SLACUM NA U L For four years Rita made intra-mural and varsity arhlem teams. Although born way clcwn somlv in Charlottesville, Vir- ginia, Rita hm- lived almost all of her life in Crahtmizm. Another of cur air- mincled senior: Rita may someday soon fly around the world .md thereby realize her ambition. Frankie Fun-loving Frankie is '44's smallest boy, but this cloesrft hinder him, After gradu- ation he wants to tml the Seven Seas as a sailor in Uncle Sam's Navy. Smooth sail- ing Frankie! JOSEPH SMALL QT YV'-2 Joe Joe, that tall boy with the wavy hair, has remained undiscovered at A. H. S. For four long years. He likes to collect pic- tures and to build model planes, so we are not surprised that he intends to be an Army pilot. Happy landings, joe! WILLIAM CLYDE SMITH yi, rug! Billy Although a newcomer to this school, one can not overlook tall, dairlz, .Ind handsome Billy, who is noted for his good-looking clothes and shyness. He is a member of the seronautics class and, though he has no definite plans for the future, the odds are Z-1 he'll be drafted. EVELYN MILDRED SPEAKS Evelyn is one of those efficient members of Mrs. Musterinan's office staff. Born in Eastport, she has spent four years here at A. H. S. Evelyn's course lay along the commercial line and with her record she should become the good secretary she hopes to bc. DOROTHY BARBARA SMITH Dot l'Having fun" is Dot's hobby but she has her serious, studious moments as can be shown by her high commercial standing. She wants to be a secretary as you have probably guessed and lucky will be the employer who will dictate to her. KENNER SMITI-I Kenn Kenn hails from San Pedro, California. She collects anything and everything and so has quite an interesting and varied hobby. At the present, Kenn has no par- ticular ambition, but we lcnow she will be successful in whatever she attempts. ALICE MAY SPRINGFIELD Alice, an Annapolitan, is fond of collect- ing photographs, and is the proud pos- sessor of several bulging scrapboolrs. She would like to become a nurse. Perhaps one of these days, you'll have an opera, tion and regain consciousness to find your- self staring up into the face of Miss Springfield. Rosa MARIE SPRINGFIELD Re Re, a very quiet girl with a sense of humor, majored in Homemalcing. Her worl: in this subject will help her to be- come an excellent housewife. Best of luck to you in the future, Re. VERNON BUCHANAN STINCHCOMB Stinky Vernon's personality has won him many friends at A. H. S. His ambition is to be six feet six inches tall. His versatility and ability to get along with anyone will probably serve him well in whatever voca- tion he may choose. MARTHA MARIAN SUIT Small Martha has a charming laugh, but seems rather quiet until you get to lcnow her. She is one of A. H. Sfs most speedy typists. Participating in many activities, she: was a great help to the Tally-Ho staff. AMES EDWIN THOMPSON 171177194 Jimmy is one of our ambitious seniors and a hard-working member of our traffic squad, If you lcnow him long enough you will learn that his interests lie in the field of science, Jim always has a smile on his face and seldom lets anything get him down. REBECCA CHRISTINE THOMPSON Becky This blue-eyed miss from Crabtown was one of our most brilliant students. Though a conscientious worlcer she still finds time to cut a rug with some lucky fellow. After graduation she wants to become fi private secretary or accountant. Success in any tall: you undertake, Becky! WILLIAM OWEN TERRY Bill You may see Bill's sandy hair and smiling face everywhere. Never tiring of teasing and having a good time, Bill, a native of Annapolis, has proven himself a very good traic oicer. FRANCES HILDA THOMAS Tommie Tommie is an attractive and pleasant person with a winning way. She hopes to become a beautician. Although film IS scarce, her hobby of collecting photo graphs while: away any free moments she may have. C l MARY Lois TURNER Rui-'ry Busy chatter, naturally curly hair, and a ready smile all distinguish Lois. In the future she hopes to be more serious and less talkative, Her ambition is to be an air srewardess and with her personality and ability to get along with people we're sure she'll be successful in this Field, THOMAS N. VINSON Tommie Tommie, who plays the tenor sax for the ,Music Makers, is a really solid sender. He may be seen rushing around the halls transactirig the business for our WAKE. He should prove successful in his ambi- fi0l'l to bEC0lT!Q E1 research Chemist. RUTH GERTRUDE THOMPSON Tommie Tommie can always be seen studying her English while running down the hall to third period class. With a wonderful personality we're sure Ruth will malce lots of friends when she travels around the world, Are you going to stop at Massa- chusetts first, Tommie? Bon Voyage! EARL THOMSON, JR. Tommy Tommy, alias the "Flash," has made quite a name for himself at A. H. S. through his activities in connection with the WAKE, Tally-Ho, and the Hi-Y Club, His ambition, believe it or not, is to be a doctor. In the meantime, he passes the time collecting autographed "pics" of movie stars. fPin-ups, no doubtlj ROBERT REDMOND WEBER fir Bob P7 Long, lean, and' living is a description of oob, whose ambition is to attend the Naval Academy. In the meantime Bob makes profitable use of his, time by dabbl- ing in mechanical engineering. ROBERT BOND WELCH Bob Bob is one of our most active seniors, being the Assistant Editor of our year bool: and a valuable member of the Traf fic Squad. His six feet three inches is often seen at our school dances. Bob intends to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a doctor. JEAN FOREST WHIUINGTON Shorty jean, one of our smallest seniors, is very much interested in sports and was one of the few who came out for cheer-leading. Taking the Commercial Course, she is naturally interested in hecoming a secre- tary. Huanmfr LYNN W1I.LIAh4S H,jy1j ffl? A call, quiet trnllic ofiirrr, Herhls an-ibi. tion is to join the Navy. At A. H, S., where he has been for four years, he is known for his good humor. Herb passes aw-xy his time with talented piano playing. BETTY LEE WILSON ,EE Adorable Lee, of Illinois, is a newcomer to A. H. S, this year. Her big brown eyes, charming laugh, and never-ending stream of jokes malce her a desirable personality lil any crowd. She seems to be headed for college hut .it the present shi: has no par- ticular ambition KATHERINE BARRINGTON WINN Kitty Kitty, one of our most popular seniors and Literary Editor of the WAKE, is a :ute vivacious brunette who wants to travel. Whether by plane or train, she'll always travel far in the aHections of those who fall under the spell of her long- lashed brown eyes and ever-ready giggle. I ,i.,If.t..,,,k 4? JAMES FRANKLIN WII.LlAMS jimmy 'NU V9 Jimmy, one of our most athletic seniors, should he well prepared for his future in the Merchant Marine, since he is com- pletely at home on the water. During his high school years he majored in blondes, brunettes, and redheads. He will be remembered as one of those traffic clic- crs for whom no traffic was good traffic. JANE BERNICE WILLIAMS Reds Reds, a well-lcnown girl about A. H S for the past four years, desires to become a nurse. She is always ready to lend A helping hand. Her cheerful disnosinnn and academic training will help her ro be a good nurse. E'rH1.YNN ELAINE WOODBURN Wooiiy Although Elaine may iyyi-iir to be very quiet, she is really bubbling over with per- sonality. Woodyls swear disposition and gay air will he a great help in her future vocation--nursing. GILBERT BYRON SHAW Q1 I' fi Gif Ji Gil, a native Annapolitan, was sworn into the U. S. Army Air Corps while in his Senior ycar, He was the main- stay of the Music Makers brass section, playing first trumpet. His good nature and ready smile have made him one of the outstanding personalities of the Senior Class, SYLVAN MARTIN WUT Pop Pop, an active member of die traffic squad, aspires to holcl a job as a machinist upon graduation. His shop course will help him to be a great success. Sticlc to it Pop, the Army will give you more training. JAMES OWEN Woon llfuody XVoocly is that short guy you often saw clashing through the halls of A. H S He was known for his solid trumpet play ing in the A. H. S. orchestra, His ambi tion is to be a gunner on a bomber. l C l HA 4' ,Qt ' X , l. .782 c 34 Gsl on Qslcimenl ARTICLEI We, the class of 1944, being oflsound mind and body, do ordain and declare this to be our last will and testament. Our unusual accomplishments in general we leave to the lucky student body that remains here after our passing. ' ARTICLE II Those talents which warrant special consideration are enumerated below: Section I. Virginia Lee Evans leaves her dimples to Sarah Stallings. Section II. Dorothy Sedlacek leaves her wool socks to Nancy Slams. Section III. Arline Duvall leaves her homework worries to any Junior with a good supply of aspirin. Section IV. Ruth Thompson leaves Massachusetts to any good Yankee. Tection V Betty Piehler leaves her slacks rolled up to the knees to Marilyn Escil. Section VI. Kay Koorice leaves her brilliant mind to any moron. Section VII. Pat Atison leaves her men worries to anyone foolish enough to worry about them. Section VIII. Margaret Rogers leaves her giggle to next year's Social Science IV class. Section IX. Teddy Ball leaves his long legs and few inches of height to Cosimo Abato. Section X. Joan Sacrey leaves her plaid wool shirts and bright shoes to Katherine Morrow. Section XI. Peggy Klyman leaves her charming mannerisms no Peggy Ann Boldizar. Section XII. Nancy Humphreys leaves het harlequins to Mary Delmar Brice. Section XIII. Third period English IV I'Miu Coxl class leaves its Madaeth notes to the junior class. Section XIV. Eileen Hannon leaves her adding machine to the cafeteria. Section XV. Corine Keller leaves her shorthand book to some brave Junior who ventures into the second year. Section XVI. Bill Terry lava his undone homework to anyone who is lazy. Section XVII. Jean Whittington leaves all her extra inches to Mary Lou Whittington. Section XVIII. The Sodal Science IV class leaves its arguments and debates to anyone who has Sedion Section Section courage enough to take them on and who doesn't care about passing. PHX. Pat Dickinson leaves her photography editorship and all its headaches to Huey Auld. XX. Ben Backer leaves the Tally-Ho to the next editor and staff. XXI. Eugenie Lee leaves the Girls' Phy. Ed. Oice to the Phy. Ed. instructors, Miss johnson and Miss Whattom I ' Section XXII. Tom Ball leaves school to Jimmy Biting. Secdon XXIII. Nancy Molter leaves Art I, II, III, and IV to Mr. Edward's youngest. Section XXIV. Stuart leaves physics to Mrs. Justia. Section XXV. Tom Iilnbidle leaves Miss Russel's Math. IV class to any mathematician who likes to have fun. Section XXVI. Jeume Miner leaves her beautiful smile no Martha Kirkpatrick. Section Section Section Section Section Section XXVII. Charlie Adams leaves Ti-nz Waits to next yeai-'s editor. XXVIII. Loi.sTurnerleaveshergiftofgzbtoAnnBall. XXIX. Kitty Winn leaves her brown eyes Do Betty Kugler. XXX. Bob Wddi leaves his height to Bill Vieth. XXXI. Burdette Sanchez leaves his executive ability to next year's Senior president. XXXH. Tommie Vinson leaves Macbeth to Miss Cox. Duly signed and sealed this Z9 day of February in the year of our Lord MCMXLIX. Attorney-at-Law Emu' HOLLAND Witnessed by: , Run-I Taaomvsou Ronan' Wana-I 35 'mf' IGH? 825535 H QF I NAL lipuon saczrrv riamvgn A FB O , CFFICGIQS President 77.,,7,7, 7.,,Y B ILL CLEMENS Vice President ,, MARGIE KLAKRING Secretary ,,,, . RUTH ST. JOHN CLASS GF 21 The class of 745 has distinguished itself as a cooperative and active class during the past year. The most important event of the year was the junior Prom. The members and ofhcers ol' the junior class worked untiringly to make this dance a huge success and one that will be long remembered by the graduating class. The juniors responded cooperatively to the War Bond Drive. They were second in the tit-we for the year. The junior home room 209 was the first room to get 1002: in the Red Cross Drive. Several Junior members were added to the traffic squad in January. They did an ex- cellent job in keeping order and advancing the betterment of our school. Manly Juniors worked as assistant editors and reporters on the Tally-Ho staff. They are well prepared and experienced to make next year's Tally-Ho a great success. The class participated actively in the school sports. The girls' basketball team was in second place for the championship. We are looking forward to some outstanding ath- letes in next year's Senior class. We hope that this class will prove itself to be as capable and elhcient as any of its predecessors. CIASS OF '4 ROOM 202 Fir!! Row: A. Bounelis, W. Bollinger, Crawford, E. Burris, M. D. Brice, H. Bievvrr, Miss Ross, Strand ROW: W. Davidson, W. Clemens, D. Br.:- slmars, Cooney, M. A. Kflmimcf-, Lf. Claim-ns M Craig. Third Row: R. Carrick, j. Douglierry, C. Burris, W. Cart, C. Bradford, M. L. Collinson, Nl Cook, D. Cullumber, D. Carter. ROOM 206 First Rwv: W. Hardesty, B. Jones, E. Hopkins. P. Half, Mrs. Justis. Second Row: B. Ennis, Holland, ll. Kerr, B Kent. Third Row: A. Kimball., Fallon. D Earle Faurllv Row: E. Florestaim. If Dempsey. J lfllison, B. Hall. ROOM 201 First Row: Miss Horn, j. Basilier, A. Alvanos, A. Ball, R. Ackenbaclc, W. Bell, L. Basil. Second Row: R. A. Barney, V. Bassford, Alex- ander, B. M. Bishop, B. Baker, C. Baker, G. Anderson. Third Rauf: D. M. Barney, C. Beale, F. Boettchcr, A. Anderson, C. Avery, P. Anderson. Fourth Row: W. Bayliil. II. Bailey, G. Stevens ROOM 204 First Row: Miss Curd, C. Dittman, A. Diamond, B. Hallock, Nl. Dee, Herring, Delgado, C. Gilden, P. Halpinc. Second Row: A. Edwards, B. Henry, K. Haas, A. Forbes, D. Hayes, R. Higgs, M. L. Del, linger, C. Callaghan, S. Dawson, M. Escil. Third Row: M. Goddard, A. M. Hanclce, A. Davis, B. Drew, B. L. Day, D. Hartge, A. Gaw, E. Easterday. CLASS OF '45 ROOM 209 First Row: Mrs. Dunwr-ll, B. Prirltinson, L. Bender S. Mtifiirrliy, M Mvvrs, M. Pennington, S iJk'llHil'QLLUll, Paint:-r, ll lVlustvrm:m, Nor- Wuutl , . L'dtil'. Second Rana' Il. Piirnly, A. Murray. F. Panetti, B Nlrffnrinitlt, M. lN'lw-rs. J. Nowell, F. Orr, J Metzgvr. Tlviul Rauf: B. North, I.. Phillips, Pancoast, Theres.: Ocktaver. J. Newell. W. Noland, S Nvman, Norris. ROOM 212 First Row: Miss Keyser, Stalling, S. Stalling, A. Wagner, A. Winchell, E. Swann, B. Stev- ens, M. Stubbs, E. Thompson, R. Ward, V. Slxnchcumll. Second Row: Wfilson, V. Vickers, Zellco, H. Tucker, T. Stevens, F, Sipe, Thomas, A. Stewart, G. Sylvia, M. Stallings, L, Smith. Third Row: A. Wayson, B. Walkerx, D. White, Srerlin B, Washin ron, M. Windsor, B. Wil- Si 5 liams, R. St. John. ROOM ZOB Firsl Row: J. Jensen, M. Hopkins, A. Murray, M Klaltring, B. Lamb, B, Lincoln, M. Meyett 'lVlrs. West. .Srrmzd Row: R. Stinchcomb, J. Johnston, J. Hoff man, M. Luff, K. Morrow, L. King, Laga kos, E. Kohr. l'!7ira' Row: D. Le Coinpte, Jefferson, G. Leitch M. U. Landers, H. Hiatt, B. Kugler, M, Mur- . luke. I"uurIfJ li'r-11: O. Monscn, D. Lee, R. King, T Kauffman, D. Herring, ROOM 211 First Row: Miss Garclngr, B. Rusteberg, L. Smith F. Scheiefer, XV. Purdy, B. Party, C. Rawlins R. Sherbert, J. Parry. Second Row: M. Short, B. Snavely, A, Smith, B. Sewell, T. Salcers, L, Perkins, A. Thompson R. Schifanclli. Third Row: E. Sires, N. Slama, R. Springfield, J Shelley, E. Scherger, C. Rogers, Scible, M Pittman. Fourlfv Raw: T. Rothe, N. Slaven, B. Sheclcels, M Shoitt. N. Paxson, B. Roth, N. Sands. 1 v 1 CIASS OF '46 ROOM 309 Fmt Row: Miss Marking, R. Bassford, E. Conrad J. Brenneman, H. Auld, N. Cope, R. Carter, C ,. Caldwell. .Second Row: K. Cole, M. Carlson, M. Atwell, D. Clark, D. Dawson, S, Alvey, M. E. Brown D. Brown. Third Row: Aubrey, C. Allen, D. Daniels, B. Blaher, R, Arison, A. Casey, A. Carr, L Bazes. I. L, Aroquith, M, Davis, B. Cohen, O. Bowen E. Crawford, H. Bouchal. ROOM 306 Fur! Row: Miss l"logan, lVl. Hall, M. Jay, D Jones, K, Haff, N. ldcrring, W. Dusinberre S. Elder, D. Fowler, J. Eirmg, Second Row: H Howard, G. Hardesty, R. Hardin, C. Hardin, R. Higgins, A. Housley, S. High tower, C. Hugg, KV. Higgs. Third Row: W. Heisler, L. Housley, L. Hall, B James, D. Jones, N. Hallock, W. Duvall, P Gallagher, F. Gasperich, J. Heise, T. Dudley. Fourth Row: B. Hooper, H. Earle, G. Hall. F. Hklwafd. oiuzh Row: H. Brnusuin, J. Cormar, C. Butler, R OOM 308 l" Row: N. l... Fox, R. Decker, W. Butler, M. Diggings, P. Farrell. B. L. Grine, I. Dawson, Miss Bennett. Second Row: Carrigan. L. Gearing, W. Coney, J. Curlott, W. Crandall, D. Deale. Third Row: D. Duvall, J. Diamond, D. Church- well, J. Greet-iacrc, P. Donald, J. Gralley, W. Dearborn. Fourth Row: A. Eisenstoin, P. Cullins, S, Carmack, R. Chambers, R. Church. M. Finkle, E. Gallo- way. ROOM 101 First Row: Miss Noble, R. Strange, J. Stuart, D Treat, E. Thompson. Second Row: J. Thomas, J. Stratton, J. Taylor. Third Row: M. Trevillion, C. Tucker, Weinberg, M. Vickers. Fourth Row: S. Tucker, R. Still, B. Vieth, A. Thompson. ROOM 107 Fin! Roar: Mr. Frlwiirls. XV Sinclair. A. Spcicl-ner, H. Parlciusun. A, Sezund Row: R. Suu, l', SLCVVCIIT. P Ross, D Slcwnrt, lf. Suu, Third Row: ,l. Nuilinlk. R. Slnml. M. Sodenskv. R. Sleward, ll Su-vs-m. Fourth Row: H. juries, M. Suit, G. Spaulding, L. Russel, l, Sir-cle, R. Evans, ROOM lO9 First Row: Mrs. Bowles, H. Reed, G. Manis, B Purdy, Norwood, G. McGuckian, Sears, L. Hyatt. Second Row: W. Murchake, T. La Mamna, G Sclmultz, B. Kerr, M, Pratt, Sears, M. Smith, H. Klakring. Tfzird Roar: F, Ridgcway, L. Slcoch, J. Lee, L Masselinli, M. Sinclair, P. jones, R. Kanakanui. Fourth Row: R. Run. D Morgan, R, King, L. Read, B. Run. lx. l.:1ub. T. McLean. ROOM IOZ Fir!! Row: O. van den Berg, C West, P. Wirth, M. Wyixrie, VU. Xwoml. Miss Hziwlcins. Seronu' Row: XV. W'.ui.l, P. Vffinclnell, T. Wox'rh- ingtun, T. xVllllill1X5. Tbrrd Roar: H, Williarixs, D. Buck, A. Wllit- tingtnn. B, Wfillinms, R. Wfood, l,. Wlmite, H.. Wfavson, M. Wfillrams, V, Xvlxite. ROOM 108 Fircr Row: D. Duvall. G. Brandstardt, B. Basil. A. Aldcrron. S. Bnlu-r. Mrs. He-nigan. Sc't'07ll1l Row: H. Bcl1ll4c,',l. Barlow, A. Basil, A. Avcry, Ausain, D. Barlow. Third Row: F. Andcifson, E. Armiger, M. Bausan, B. Oaks. L. Bnsilierv, Brandenburg, L. Bonney. ROOM 106 Furl Rmv: Mrs Rominc. U. Nlariin. N. Kittingei, Nl,'nln, S. Nlculiiiis, .Qcfmzif Kon: N Nlycrs. M. Milkny, lVl lVlyers, A. Krilb. Tlwd Non: K. Middleton, A Morgan, M. Meyer, U, Kul1lgr. Fourtlv Row: I. Marshall, M. Layne, P. Meyert, M Munroe, CIASS O 547' ROOM 301 First ROW: Mrs. Clayton, Calabrese, Ball, N. Brown, E. Bates, C. Collison, F. Arro- wood, B. Branham, E. Albright. Second Row: B. Bass, C. Abato, A. Asquith, W. Anderson, D. Cook, C. Armiger, J. A. Ander- son, L. Blessing, P. Barlett. Third Row: C. Busto, P, Beard, N. Cammarata, R. Asquith, L. Howard, J. Burger, J. Ander- son, A. Bellais, B. Baker, R. Barrett. Fourth Row: G. Aisquith, W. Bennett, H. Ayres, P. Boldizar, G, Bachman, A. Agapitos, D. Aisquith. ROOM 303 First Row: Miss Kibler, B. Dudley, L. Fox, B. Hill, R. Hall, G. Ford, M. English, M. Halpine, E. Fitch. Second Row: F. Galloway, E. Hagood, K. Hopkins, A. Erickson, A. Hartge, R. Duncan, E. ,I-lodges, C. Handy, S. Heise, P. Gerrior. Third Row: R. Frantom, R. Hepler, Eilers, Grady, G. Farmer, N. Faust, M. Fox, D. I-iendries. Fourth Row: E. Ellison, F. Frantum, M. Hardesty, E. Elliot, M. Haywood. ROOM 302 First Row: G. Carr, S. Dawson, P. Cantler, C. Brice, A. Brice, H. Cook, C. Dempsey, H. Evans, M. Doepkins, Miss Hicks. Second Row: C. Carrigan, M. Cronin, D. Di Leo, C. Euald, H. Daniels, M. Dauer. Third Row: R. Bradshaw, R. Como, N. Dawson, M. Decker, W. Holtan, M. E. Cullember, R. Coney, D. Cassatd. Fourth Row: M. E. Dull, J. Hartford, P. Easter- clay, S. Friedel, S. Cutler. ROOM 304 ' Firxt Row: D. Cavanaugh, N. Ljungquist, P. Lan- caster, G. Miller, Lisowsky, Miss Fahs. Second Row: A. Moore, K. Lamb, J. Hogan, R. Heagle, H. Kaufman, K. Lisowsky. Third Row: B. Jones, Joachim, Leitch, P. Kirtchner, C. Monday, D. Lomboy. Second Row: N. Rowman, L. Swallow, H. Srnyder CLASS F ,471 ROOM 307 First Row: Mr. Norris,, E. Guill, F. Bausurn, V. Lee, R. Smith, R. Taylor, G. Lucas, J Calahrese. Second Row: W. Phipps, G. Emriclc, V. Donald son, L. Wilson, W. Kies, D. Roberts, A Blades. Third Row: B. Mills, H. Lawson, D. Hall, W. Dietz, T. Williams, W. Decker. Fourth Row: S. Freeman, J. Clow, B. Bassford, A. Galloway, D. Casey, C. Leitch, R. Klalcring, R. Smith. MUSIC ROOM First Row: Miss Russ, S. Taylor, F. Speaks, R. Kumow, M. Richman, R. Stevens, Sames. Rs Seger, I. Sutphin, M. Roth, J. Swallowl Third Row: S. Swallow, T. Russell, E. Stinchcomb, G. Parkinson, R. Reichel, D. Steward, N. Stotz. First Row: P. Wayson, D. Willett, G. Sylvia ROOM 305 Frrrt Row: C. Middlebrook, R. Rehn, Melvin Miller, R. Meade, I. Schultz, N. Sadler, L. Thompson, H. O'Neale, Mrs. Pierce. Second Row: T. Miller, G, Miller, D. Schneider, S. Murray, G. Kent, A. Pistolas. Third Row: B. Sadler, M. Smith, D. Stallings, T. Skislalc, R. Murphy, E. Smith, J. McCor- mick, M. E. Robinson. Fourth Row: D. Meese, K. Pohlner, G. Rawlings, B. Morris, C. Saltzman, M. Rehn, H. Musterman, B. Norwood. ROOM 310 G. Woefel, C. Winter, I. Topping, Mrsl Wilson. Second Row: S. Wwlford, D. Woolford, C. Whit- tington, H. Waterman, C. Wirth, P. Winn, M. L. Whittington. Third Row: J. Williams, K. van cler Berg, S. Davis, H. Windsor, C. Stinchcomb, B. Wysong, N. Wagner, Willingham, C. Taylor. , Fourth Row: M. Tyler, M. Meiderman, B. Yat, P. Washington, S. Williams, M. White, H. White. ve., fv, ffrf.,-5,4 Q V- Q mm ,pQYf,.4q A . - , - ' m,g,fn3fQ,3?:w'f',.,w-Qquw-2 L. 'W 1 Kf1"1,m,f-.J-W-V ..,lmE,,,Mgi-W K' .Q --f-Gai Q If N- my ff gg-A W . - ,av , W ,df , W. xv 1 Q-Q-W., Hman, X Q1-f W ,, as 'ffiv QV-G.. M F9-mf' ffw wp-,. 'Y9""hn54x5W'- ,D .5 .Q .6,,..M, wi .A . . ,-da-at .w g ...- -11 .-,, Rf -ki! vga. fx Editor-m-Chief ,,-,M ,,,, , ,,,,,, , Assistant Editors, Literary Editor ,,.,A,,, ,, Photography Editor ...,..., Secretaryw, ,,,, ..,,,, 7 Business Manager .,,, Treasurerm ,,,, Circulation Manager,,, Patron Manager ,.,,,7 Art Editor , Sports Editors ........,.,...,., THE WAKE r --- ....,... - ,..........,.. M. ....... ,,s.....s CH Anuas ADAMS me .,.... PAT Drcxmsou ..,....,eRUrH THOMPSON , ,, Tommie V1NsoN I-Iansnnr Wruiaus ,BURDETTE SANCI-:Ez ,HARRIE1T Ric:-mms ,WLEONARD CARLsoN Rini SKORDAS, TOMMY Tx-toMsoN All the staff of THE WAKE of '44 have worked diligently to make thisyear book one which, in later years, will vividly remind us of our pleasant years at A.H.S. The Patron Staff, aided by the student body, reached its quota in patronsg the Literary Staff did a Hne job on the various school activities and senior write-upsg the Circulation Staff encouraged the students to buy year books, and from the way che orders came in they must have done a good job. The other members of the staff worlcied effici- ently to make this year book a success and one of which we may be proud. 46 LITERARY STAFF CIRCULATION STAFF PATRON COMMITTEE Miss Lauretta G. Mccusker, Mrs. Howard A. Kiuhart 47 STUDE T GIQGANIZATION FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Barbara Keyser, Miss Marion Gardner EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 4 8 LEGISLATURE THE STUDENT CUUNCIL President .,..,, ,, . TOM BALI. Vice president , , , . . . i Boa MUTH Secretary , . . 4 LEONARD CARLSON Treasurer ..4.,,....., , s , , . , . . MARY JEAN CASEY Student Government was started last year as a successor to the Students Activities Committee. This year, under the leadership of its officers, it has continued its good worlc of taking care of the count. Stunt Night and Budget Pass sales, both very successful activities, were carried on by the Legislature. This year the Social Committee has united with the Student Government and has charge of all the social affairs around school, such as the S. C. Jamboree and the formal dances. Also, this year, a new program of bi-weekly dances was introduced which everyone enjoyed very much. Once more Stunt Night proved to be a big hit. Cosimo Abato's solid senders claimed hrst prize this year, while A.H.S.'s own ballet corps, the Traffic Squad, won second prize, and john Nowell won third prize with his beautiful rendition of Old M611 River. In add-ition there were hula dancers, singers, impersonations, and, of course, the Faculty Skit. ll ilu, 49 -1 .I 'xx V 1 8 -W r 3, 5 fr A U A is HB , q Q E V ge? a on Q43 7 f W '. 6 , , N is Q 1 if 5 L.. T' 2 ya sd gf .. I M ,L , . ,gm F , 3 495 3:51. 1, -f l 5,7 Q fi g 413' - xi-i. B535 ww ' Iwaf' if 5 w . 1 asf' JAMBOIQEE 4 fa A X f W 3? n- Z X E ,Ag -, Xwigi H x - 1 fy 5 if ' - n ,Top .ig "Two 0'clock Jump" i ,hoo Baby.. -4 can-emon "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening" ASSEM BLV CGMMITTEE The Assembly Committee, co-operating with the Music department, has been respon- sible for our interesting and educational assemblies. Due to the extra period that was added this year, our assemblies were cut to only two a month but on these occasions the committee uutdid themselves. Those beautiful costumes of the Christmas Assemibly, the line music of the Music Assembly, and the excellent movies for the South American Assembly will long be a credit to the members of the committee. The riesponsibilities for the assemblies fall largely upon Mary Delma Brice as stu- dent chairman, and Miss Noble as supervisor, aided by the following committee chairmen: Anthony Winchell, properties committeeg Betty Hopkins and Betty Schwalier, cos- tumes and make-up committee, Tommy Thomson, backstage committeeg Bill Ferguson, Colors committee, Helen Cox, typing staff, and Naomi Saunders, music committee. Z7 N NE' . N-KX " 'ix 'C-2. X '- ix X-, 4- on-Q65 .fit 52 BQND IQALLV 53 OIQCI-1 ESTIQA The Annapolis High School Orchestra, under the direction of Miss Mary Jo Russ, has been one of the most outstanding musical organizations of the year. For two years now, the orchestra has been meeting daily on the last period as a regular class. Bob Much as president, and Tommie Vinson as librarian help keep the orchestra organized. Ar the end of the year the members receive regular grades and M of a credit. We have the orches- tra to thank for the stirring marches chat lent so much to the past assemblies. gi 54 MUSIC A CAPPELLA CHOIR THE GYPSY ROVER" 55 MUSIC MAKEIQ5 The Music Makers, Lmder the direction of Cosimo Abato, have furnished that solid music for the Student Gov- ernment bi-weekly dances, numerous Hi-Y dances, and several holiday dances. Made up mostly of seniors, the Music Makers was one of the most popular organizations at school and gave us a year of wonderful music. l 56 l TALLYHQ Editor-in-Chief .. ..., BEATRICE BACKER Assistant Editor , BETTY SHECKELLS Feature Editor ,,,. NANCY SLAVEN News Editor . . . . MARTHA KIRKPATRICK Exchange and Alumni Editor , . SARAH STALLINGS Sport: Editors . 4 ..,...,, , RITA SKORDAS AND TOMMY THOMSON Tally-Ho, the bi-weekly students' newspaper, was started in 1937 as a mimeographed paper and is now one of Marylancl's superior commercially printed school papers and a mem- ber of the National Scholastic Press Association. The able supervision of Miss Kihler, as faculty aclvisor, and Beatrice Backer, as editor-in-chief, made our paper a fine one again this year. "Main Hall Chatter" was the most widely-read column, along with the accurate news, features, sports stories, ancl a few pictures. The Tally-Ho cleserves a vote of praise as a major interest in our school life. MISS KATHARINE KIBLER AIQT SEIQVICE The Art Service, one of the oldest organizations in our school, has many important functions and does for the school many worthy services. Many of the bright colored posters seen on the walls advertising assemblies, dances, and other' school activities are made by these artists. Mr. Edwards is the advisor of the group, whose ofiicers are president, Betty Kugler, and secretary-treasurer, Pat I'Ialpine. STUDENT LIBIQAIQY COUNCIL The Student Library Council is that all-important organization which helps to keep the library running smoothly. The Council is composed of representatives from each home room. Their work consists of charging books, checking stacks, and working on various committees. The Inner Council members are the president, Betty Sheclcellsg vice-president, Edgar Donaldson, secretary treasurer, June Shelley, Ronald Shaw and Laura Bonney. I THE BOND CGMMITTEE The Bond Committee has done a great deal for Our Natiox-is War Eifort by selling bonds and stamps each morning in the main hall and home rooms. U A bond rally was held on December 7th at which 520,020 worth of equipment was presented to the Armed forces. Burdette Sanchez representing the senior and leading class, presented an aerial camera, a flying glider, and a 35-foot rearrning boat to the Navyg while Bill Clemens, representing the junior class, presented 2 jeeps, 1 quaclc, and a flying jeep to the Arrny. As a result of the sales the Minute Man Hag was presented to the school. 59 THE TIQAFHC SQUAD This year the Traflic Squad had to contend with the changed schedule, puft in to allow the physical education period set-up. Under this plan two lunch peri- ods were adopted and it was the job of the Squad to keep them running smoothly, along with the usual fire drills, air raid alerts, and regulation of traic in the halls. Last year's plan of four captains during the year was continued and a traEc court, comprised of students, was formed as usual. Again this year the TraEc Squad participated in Stunt Night and took second prize for its "Gay Nineties Review." 60 HI-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character," is the creed of the Annapolis Hi-Y club, which was founded on December 9, 1943. The Hi-Y club is fast becoming the most popular club in school. It has been represented in many important events, such as the twentieth and twenty-first Older Boys Conferences, the Hi-Y Girl Reserve Conference, and the New York, New Jersey, and Marylaiid Model Legislatures. The officers of this past year's club are Bob lVluth, presidentg Gilbert Shaw, vice-presidentg Tom Ball, sec- retaryg Tommy Thomson, treasurerg and Jimmy Wil- liams, chaplain. TI'l E GIIQL IQESEIQVES The Girl Reserves, sponsored by the Y.W.C.A., has done much to provide an inter- esting pastime for many of the teen-age girls. Cooperating with the Hi-Y, it did much to bring about the opening of the Teen-Age Tavern and many will remember the successful "boy and girln parties, dances, and other educational enjoyments. Just recently started, the Girl Reserves has been prospering under the leadership of Sarah Stallings as presidentg Mary Lou Dellinger as vice-presidentg June Shelley as secretary. and jo Anne Garner as treasurer. 61 ,ii--4 BOYS' ATH LETIC5 Because of the war, boys' varsity athletics were abolished again this year. Intra- murals were also dropped because of the two lunch periods which were adopted. Sports were not forgotten, however, and an after-school sports program was begun. It met with great success and was received eagerly by the students. . The Fall after-school program was dominated by soccer and touch football, touch football proving to be the major factor of the program. It was the big drawing card of the season for it was the first time football had been played at Annapolis High School for twelve years. Each class had a team and after several 'hard fought games the juniors captured the football crown. Soccer, the other sport in the program was also played, but the stu- dents really went for touch football and we hope that it will be continued in the future. Basketball was the big drawing card of the winter sports program. There was only one league this year insteadlof the two divisions of last year. The teams this year were the Ramblers, Zombies, Wlildcats, Wolves, Baslceteers, Skunks, Hellcats, Termites, Hobos, and the Cagers. The Ramblers and the Zombies came out on top and the Termites and Skunks brought up the rear. i l CSIIQLS, MH LETIC5 This year's sports program was. drastically cut due to the shortened lunch periods. Since it was necessary to eliminate noon-hour intramurals, and since lack of transportation facilities had already done away with varsity sports, a large-scale after-school intramural program had to he devised. Under the direction of the coaches, Miss Johnson and .Miss Wharton, Eugenie Lee, as manager, Betty Lou Day as her assistant, and several other students got together to set up a smooth-working system. The juniors emerged as hockey champs after a rather unsuccessful fall season. The class teams were the only ones to be gotten up. Basketball was, as it usually is, the high- spot of the year's sports program. The Seniors captured the championship in the finalls which were played-off among the teams who attained first place in their respective leagues. Besides the seniors who represented the class league, the Straightshooters and the Sliclcers vied for championship for the blue and maroon leagues. Those who signed up for participation in the spring program were divided into leagues. One was made up of teams which were a mixture of the four classes, and the other of class teams. The sports played during the spring season were badminton, softball, volleyball, paddle tennis, deck tennis, and ping-pong. The members of the teams and the individual competitors were awarded letters or bars on a point system. wu nga., O :eff-4 f ff MISS ANNAPOLIS HIGH SCI-IOOI SUDEIQ SENIQIQS Most Popular 805' D Best resfed Looking Best Dancers 65 Most Sfudious 1..., Best Personality ' wif-riest Pfeffiesf EYBS 1 Preftiesl' Smile . . 1 , .6 if Best Figure Best Physique I 66 SENIOIQ DLAV Abby Brewster . , ..... Beatrice Backer Reverend Dr. Harper. . .Burdette Sanchez Teddy Brewster, , A . Donald Kolb Officer Brophy ,Thomas Hiltabidle Officer Klein ,,e, ,,e,., Herbert Armiger Martha Brewster , . . Dorothy Porter Elaine Harper ,.,r., Mary Jean Casey Mortimer Brewster ....... Robert Welch Mr. Gibbs ......,...,. Jack Musterman Jonathan Brewster ....... James Williams Dr. Einstein .....,..,. James Thompson Officer O7-Iarq, . Herman Ellinghausen Lieutenant Rooney ,...,,. Charles Adams Mr. Witherspoon. Stuart Hopkins The hit of Broadway, Arsenic and Old Lace, was this year the hit of Annapolis High School. A mystery comedy dealing with two kindly old ladies, thirteen corpses, a gruesome twosome, a few craclcpots, and the inevitable couple in love, Arsenal' and Old Lace made the Auditorium ring with laughter and thrill with chills. . Credit must be given not only to the very talented actors but also to the various hard- working committees which helped to make the play a success. They were .the stage crew, malce-up, prompting, costume, publicity, programs, house management, tickets, and music. Miss Cox, Senior Advisor, supervised the play which was ably directed by the Misses Kibler and MoCuslcer. The house was a sell-out and the proceeds will go as 'usual for the Senior Gift to the school. "A H S AT WCDIQK AND DI,AV" , N,M-1.157157 - 5 n A - Fi P 1-W in il gg ,3' 4 A f, X f,,f.r.Iff:' ,1 ss' 6 -Q ' .... ,tm-ke. 4 w ' qlg., y wf,1P'3Q , . A M-air x : ff'F?'g1 fi f . "L -J. EM fm-vf,.3 ls: an . I 3 R F 12212 gl , 1: K- 5' .--. :H V V A. ,Q h Qi ,am 1 - -L , x , A 1, 'fir X , , 31?-fmjm, "lr" L" ' LS?" J if' I li 5 wf lg H . X.yix+. , r is ,air 5521.193 "WWE 'if' X f- ' 4-. .. 4 ii'-5 Wim G ,. lim I . ff ' H 4' ,g,Z,V ,, my 'gulf' ,gl 7591441 iq 6' M QHEWI I . t stNl':f N' RUM 0 Wnivgif DoC'S fflsr AMY fm: DOC WAS' wdllv 007' Sleavlus renal 72 4 . M ph' ? W""f'f ff -7-mf? Axvsnfff :fume 755715, uma 6410, 6-ooo EYE T0 A M S.: Il Jwvt 1771! I' 'fl' 8 1 . DATIQONS , ALBRIGHTAS SOUND SERVICE - THE ANNAPOLIS BANKING and TRUST COMPANY ARUNDEL BUS COMPANY Compliments of CARLSO'N,S HOME BAKERY Compliments of CANTWELL and SON LUMB-ER COMPANY CHARLII-3'S FRUIT and PRODUCE CITY AWNING COMPANY COLUMBIA JEWELRY STORE DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA, CAPITOL COUNCIL No. 92 GILBERT'S PHARMACY HROMADNIK FLORIST JIM'S CORNER-Mr. and Mrs. James Leanos JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY STANLEY JONES GROCERY STORE CHARLES F. LEE and COMPANY McDOWELL, PYLE COMPANY THE MUSIC MAKERS Compliments of PALMER'S GARAGE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION of A. H. S. PLANE GEOMETRY III SADLER'S HARDWARE STORE W. Ti SHAWN, INC. Compliments of HARRY WAHAB ENGLISH III A FRENCI-PS GARAGE ! Mr. Henry Abrams Mrs. Charles Adair Emilie Schulz Adams Algebra IA--3rd Period Algebra II Mrs. J. C. Aller Mr. Charles Alvanos Mrs. R. Gust Alvanos American History-4th Period Mrs. John K. Amoss Emmitt Anderson Lfmm Harry R. Anderson, R. N. Annspoliran Tea Room Pete Apollo ' Compliments of A. Bl P. Super Market Comdr. Rae E. Arison Mr. Willisxn Arnold Arundel Laundry Mrs. Lillian D. Atwell Harry C. Ayers, B. M. llc, U.S.N. Mrs. and Mrs. A. K. Backer Mrs. Ralph R. Baker Balderston's Store Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Baldwin Mrs. Ball Mr. Cook Banker: Mrs. St. George Barber Dr. Barnabak Basil's Meat Market Mrs. Carl G. Basil Dr. and Mrs. George C. Basil Nelson F. Basil, '43 Mr. and Mrs. Owens N. Basil Mrs. Fred Bausam Mrs. W. V. Beall Beauty Bar Mr. Charles Behllce Mrs. Henry Behllre Mr. C. E. Bellais Lt, T. M. Bennett Berman's Dress Shop Leonard Berman, '43 Corporal Stanley Berman Beta Iota Alpha Sorority Petlfs Beauty Shop Barbara Bixler, '43 Mrs. G. K. Black Miss Jean Blum Mr. Joseph Bodowslry Miss Ethel S. Bond Mr. Joseph Bouchal Mr. J. Carson Boush Fred M. Bowles Mary M. Bowles, '44 R. Page Bowles, Jr. Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. R. P. Bowles Mrs. R. P. Bowles Mrs. R. A. Bowie Mrs. James A. Brady Mrs. C. C. Bramble Mr. Louis O. Brenan Mrs. Charles L. Brewer C. Carroll Brice Dr. and Mrs. O. T. Brice Major Harrison S. Brink Mr. Samuel Brooke Celia A. Broolu J. P. Brumbaugh The Bryan School Mrs. Burrows Miss Claire Burris Mrs. W. Lee Burtis Burt's Food Market Mrs. W. P. Butler Miss Catherine Cadle Miss Catherine Callahan Captain and Mrs. Joseph A. Callaghan Nancy Callaghan, '44 Kenneth Cambron, U. S. N. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cammarata Mrs. .Margaret D. Campbell Miss Margaret Canoll Mr. D. C. Cantwell Leonard Carlson, '44 Louis J. Carlson George C. Carmilchael Carr, Mears, and Dawson Gladys Carr Mr.S.unucl Carr, Jr. Miss Estelle Carter Mrs. F. M. Casey Mrs. Alfred Wlrite Chandler, Jr. Mrs. R. Gardiner Chaney Mrs. C. A. Chappell Mr. Gregory Charachles Private. if.c.J George W. Clark, U.S.A., '42 Mr. Wiuiam Clatanof Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cloud Jean Coughlin uBul-npyn Cox Helen E. Cox, '44 ' Mr. and Mrs. A. Cox Miss Mary Katherine Cox Cruise Inn Mrs. Edward Cummings l Miss Mildred Curd Mrs. Cutler Mr. Harry Dauer Mr. William F. Dauer Davis Stationery Miss Elizabeth Davis' Mr. John Davis Mrs. Royce P. Davis Ruth E. Davis, '43 Lewis E. Dawson Mrs. Thomas E. Dawson Thomas E. Dawson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Deale Donald Dearborn Francis L. Decker Mr. and Mrs. P. Decker Lt. George R. Deininger, U.S.N.R. Joseph M. Dicey Mildred Ayers Dodson John E. Donald, '43 H. I. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Downey Captain and Mrs. W. H. Doyle Pvt. William H. Doyle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donal Drew Mrs. O. Buoy Duckett Ensign E. Waller Dudleyi Mrs. Henry W. Duerbeclr Mrs. Paul Dunleavy ' Mrs. Kenneth Dunwell Miss Mamie Dutton Carolyn Duvall ' Mr. C. Hayes Duvall Mr. and Mrs. G. Cleveland Duvall, Sr. L Home Room Mr. Edward S. Duvall Mr. James Duvall, Edgewater Mrs. Kenneth Duvall Miss May Duvall Patricia Ann Duvall Jean Page Dye, '43 ' Mrs. M. E. Eaton Captain and Mrs. H. A. Edwards Henry W. Eiring, '43 Mrs. H. L. Eiring Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Esenstein Lt. James A. Elder, Jr. James Tait Elder Mrs. Charles Ellinghausen Richard H. Elliott English lA--Znd Period English III C English HI H English, 3rd Period-Miss Davis Mr. Joseph S. Enzinget ' Miss Mary Enzinger Joseph Eucare Mrs. A. L. Evans Pvt. ff. c.J Charles S. Evans Virginia Lee Evans, '44 .William Henry Evans Mr. and Mrs. William H. Evans, Sr. Miss Emily Ewing Lt. Robert M. Fay, U.S.A.A.F. Bill Ferguson, "44 Mrs. Dalbert S. Fitch Mr. and Mrs. G. Calvin Fitch Mrs. A. Gordon Fleet Miss Teresa Florestano Captain and Mrs. Albert W. Fowbls Miss Dorthy Fogwell Fox's 5 and l0c Store Mrs. Bertha B. Frandl Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fredenburgh Mrs. William French French IA French III-IV Frey and Sons A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. Leonard W. Gabrius Mrs. Lyle Gaither Mrs. Benjamin C. Galloway James F. Gant Mrs. L. G. Hall Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. N. J. Hnlpine Anna Mae Haneke, '45 Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Hnneke Miss Louise D. Hanelrs Mr. William L. Haneks Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hannon Mr. Jack Harriman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hayman Miss Margaret Lillian Hawkins Health Class, Jr.-Sr. Boys--6th Period Mrs. Sadie Henderson, Baltimore Mr. C. Henly Mrs. J. H. Herrin Eastport Mrs. David M. Hgfoeskneit Mrs. Henry G. Hiatt Mr. Barney Higgins Mrs. George J. Higgins Mr. John P. Highland Scotty Hightower Mr. Charles G. Hill Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Hill, Glenburnie Mr. Oliver S1 Hill, Glenburnie Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Hiltabidle, Bdglwllll Miss Olivia P. Hinton William Hoddaway V Mr. Benjamin Hodges Miss Christine Hogan Mrs. Helen Sedlacek Holden Miss Marion Gardner 1 Mrs. Hal R. Garner Mrs. Francis G. Gasperich V Mrs. Conrad S. Gaw Mr. and Mrs. E. Gelhaus General Math Class--V period Mrs. Anne Gentile Mrs. Hattie A. George Mrs. A. W. Giddings Commander G. R. Giet The Gift Sho Mrs. Eleanor Eosnell Mrs. G. C. Gtalley Mrs. Nickolas H. Green Mrs. A. J. Greenacre Miss Joan E. Greenburg Mr. Joseph G. Gteenfeld, '32 Mr. and Mrs. A. Greengold Mrs. Rose Guiens Mrs. Louis Haff Carl Halhig Dr. H. H. l"iall Home Room Home Room Hopkin's Furniture Store Betty Hopkins, '45 Bob Hopkins, '43 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hopkins, III John L. Hopkins, Jr., U.S.M.C.R. Miss Henrietta Hopkins Mr. Ben Hopping Ben Hopping, '42 Miss Reba Horn Mr. John Hornberger Byrd Howard, C.M. Sfc Miss Elizabeth E. Howard Mr. I. R. Howard Mrs. H. B. Hughes . Mt. Moylan C. Hull Mrs. Blanche Hume Captain and Mrs. C. 0. Humphreys Lee Hunzinker, '43 ' Mrs. Nancy Winchell Hutchins, '39 Mr. Lyle Hyde , Mrs. E. M. Jackson A. Jacobs and Sons Miss Evelyn Jeferson Jess Radio Store Miss Ethel V. Johnson Jean and Joan Johnson Thelma Jean Johnson, '43 Mrs. Margaret Jones Mrs. Robert L. Jones Golfe Katsereles Mrs. James W. Keeley Mr. Melvin Kellenhenz Mrs. F. C. Keller Matgaruite Kelly, '42 Joseph A. Kennedy Winfield S. Kerk 203 Home Room 303 306 307 74 ,vi Miss Katharine Kibler Miss Esther King Webster Franklin King, Jr., U.S.M.C.R. '42 Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kinhart Mrs. William L. Kitch Mary Elizabeth Kitchen Lois Klakring, '43 Ensign Bernard Koft Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Kolb ' Mr. G. Hopkins Kolb, '44 Captain and Mrs. Paul B. Koonce Kay Koonoe, '44 Miss Shirley M. Kotzin Dorothy Krapf, '43 Mr. Louis P. Kraus Robert Neuron Krebs Mr. C. G. Kugler Mrs. Jean Kugler Mrs. Mary R. Kunze Labovitz Shoes Labovitz Store Mr. Rubin A. Labovitz Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Lagakos Pvt. Albert Lamb, '4l Mr. R. C. Lamb ' Robert Lamb Comdr. and Mrs. Stanley V. Lamb Mrs. L. Larens Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D, Lazenby Mr. and Mrs. Roland Leatherbury Mrs. Cora Lebo Eugenie Lee, '44 Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Lee Mr. Joseph A. Lee Miss Mary Ann Lee Mr. John P. Lewnes Mr. Sam G. Lewnes - Lt. Thomas J. Lewnes, U.S.A.A.F., '42 Mrs. R. Levy Mrs. Walter L. Lexton, Best Gate Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lipman Mr. Edward Lloyd Cpl. Russell M. Lockett, '42 Mr. J. Roy Looney, Jr. Miss Eleanor Thomas Lord Commander William Joseph Lorenz Mr. Jack Lowe Mrs. Frank F. Lunrer John C. Lynham Mr. Robert A. Maddocks Mr. Anthony Maggie Mrs. James M. Magruder, Jr. Compliments of Mandris Restaurant Miss Lorene Marking Mrs. John F. Martin Mary Helen's Riding Academy Mary Louise Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Marion Marshall Phillip McAdams Mrs. Ddla McCarthy Mr. W. E. McCarthy Miss C. MCClench Mrs. Robert McCready W. B. McCready Company Mr. William McCready Mayor and Mrs. W. U. McCready Miss Lauretta McCusker Jean Kemp McDonald Mr. George McGuckian Meade Studio . S ' A Richard H. Meets June L. Merriken Leonard J. Meyer, Sr., Severna Park Leonard Meyer, Jr. U.S.M.C. Mr. Milkay Miller's Department Store Mr. A. N. Miller Mr. John A. Miller Mrs. Ruth T. Miller Mrs. Wallace Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry Millluunen The Mirror Grill Miss Leona Milton Mrs. Charles F. Monday Mr. Basil E. Moore Mr. B. Moore Rell Z. Moore Mr. Clarence Moreland Mr. Dan T. Morgan G. C. Murphy Company Mrs. Clapham Murray ' Mimi Murray, '43 Mrs. J. W. Musrerman Irene Myers Mrs. Walter E. Nalley Mrs. Joseph G. Neiman - Compliments of a New Yorker George Nichols, '45 Mrs. Nichols Mr. George Norris Lt. O. A. Oaks, U.S.C.G.R. Mrs. E. Oatsmith Mrs. Raymond O'Brien Kitty O'Leary Professor W. E. Olivet. O'Neely Optical Company Miss Dorothy D. Owens Pvt. R. Alvin Owens, Jr. U.S.A., '42 Robert Bird Owens - Mrs. Howard B..Palmer Frederick Panetti III Miss Jean Panetti Mr. and Mrs. F. Pnnetti Mr. William W. Parish Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Parkinson Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Parks, Sr. Pnrson's Company Kenneth Kirk Patrick Mrs. Charles F. Payne Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Pennington Mrs. Frank J. E. Peters nm' V ' i.--i' ' 'Y J. .1 .Q ., '. .- -' . ' NL .' . 1' . ' A 1-1' 5: A ' -f--F , L Q V- i ,ll M. ,Z H ENT 1, Q- fun O 1, I ' lui! - wg N ,I T.-1 4. s Mr. Orlando Ridout IV Mrs. F. G. Rinn Lt. and Mrs. E. W. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Rogers Mrs. D. W. Rosenbloom Mr. Joseph Rosenstein Captain and Mrs. Charles C. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Christian E. Rossie Mrs. D. Roth Miss Mary Jo Russ Miss May Rlliltll Mr. T ilgham Sadler Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Salmon, Jr. Mr. Charles Samaras Burdette Sanchez, '44 Mrs. Myrtle Sanchez Miss Sara Schiff Mrs. Charles Schlegel Mrs. Alan Schroder Mr. George V. Schrodermeier Beverly Schultz, '44 Mrs. E. H. Schultz Mt. Walter Sehurr Nicholas Schwalier Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Sears Pfc. Emanuel Joseph Sedlacek Severna Park Drug Store Mr. ,Walter L. Sexton, Best Gate Chadwick Sharkey, '43 Ruth Sheperd, '43 Miss Elaine Sherlock Mr. Charles Sherman Mr. G. T. Sherwood Barbara Louise Shortt, '43 James Sindall, U. S. N. Mr. and Mrs. J. Leo Sindall I Frank Sipe '45 Miss Eva Skordas Gust Skordas Pvt. James Skorclas Lt. and Mrs. Pete Skordas Mrs. Alice Slacum Commander and Mrs. F. W. Slaven Mr. and Mrs. John T. Smearman Smith's Pharmacy Mrs. Charles T. Smith Mrs. Frances Smith Mrs. K. C. Taylor Eleanor Tebey Lain Terry, '36 Mr. and Mrs. U. M. Terry Dr. and Mrs. Charles V. O. Terwillnger Miss Eleanor Thomas Mrs. Frank Thomas Mrs. Robert W. Thomas W. H. Thomas and Company Chaplain and Mrs. William N. Thomas Mrs. Albert Thompson Mrs. F. H. Thompson, Jr. Mr. F. H. Thompson, III Miss M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. L. Thompson The Tilghman Company The Tiny Tot Shop Miss Addie Tongue Mr. Albert Touchard Traliic Squad Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Treat Mrs. A. J. Trott Mrs. John Tucker Severna Tucker Mr. W. J. Vanous Mrs. W. J. Vinson Mrs. T. N. Wilson Mrs. Bessie Walter Mrs. Anna Walters Miss Martha Ward Mrs. T. B. Waters Mr. T. B. Waters Lt. Col. and Mrs. A. F. Weirick Mr. Allen B. Welch Miss Sarah Bond Welch Dr. and Mrs. S. G. Welch Mrs. B. S. West, Jr. Miss Margaret Wharton Dr. and Mrs. A. J. White Mrs. Clarence M. White Mrs. H. A. White L. G. White Mr. Otis White Mr. David Whittington Mr. John Whittington Mr. Mr. Peterson Mrs. F. W. Piehler Col. and Mrs. Kenneth Pierce Miss Augusto Plummer Mrs. William F. Podlich . Mrs. Anne Price Mrs. Eva Proekey Mr. Chris S. Psomadakis Mrs. Dudley W. Purdy and hflrs. L. Purdy Mr. Oden Smith Mr. and Mrs. S. W. B. Smith Mr. Mrs Mushie Snyder Alson E. Southern Mrs. Frank M. Speaks Mrs. George Springheld Mr. H. B. Stallings Mrs Louise Stallings Mr. Sherman Stallings Mr. Richard Stamer Mr. Emigclio Quinones Rainbow Cleaners . Marie Ramstead. Severna Park Read Drug and Chemical Company Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Reed Mrs. Anna S. Reynolds Comdr. and Mrs. A. H. Richards Harriet R. Richards, '44 Helen D. Richards, '43 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Riddick Folger McKinsey Ridout. '42 Mr. Phil C. Sterling George Stevens Miss Shirley Stevens Mr. Strohm Mr. Samuel S. Stokes R. E. Strange and Sons R. Thornton Strange, '17 Mr. Leon Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Streett Austin Sullivan Professor H. F. Sturdy Mr. Ray Swallow Elizabeth Sweeney Mr. George A. Sylvia Mrs. Walter B. Tardy 75 Andrew Williams Mrs. Charles Williams Miss Elizabeth Williams Mrs. Floyd Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, Commander and Mrs. J. Willingham Mr. C. F. Wilson Professor and Mrs. L. T. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Winchell Eugene Windsor Ensign James M. Windsor Perry C. Windsor Mrs. Thomas E. Winn Mrs. Zella B. Winter Mr. Robert H. Witt Wollman's Shoe Store' Miss Evelyn Wood Gordon Wood Mr. Harry Wood Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wood Miss Lorraine Wood Mr. Herman A. Woodfield, Jr Miss Emily Woodward Mrs. Wordick, Severna Park Mr. Joseph Ziff Q 1 - fer'-' 1 ' 1w,f--efvfwffwfm-'S-:"fs1s'5"i1u We, the staff of the Wake of '44,submit to the student body the product of our efforts and mistakes. Its purpose is to preserve in the memories of all the work and play of the past school year. 'If we have succeeded to any extent to fulfill our purpose, our time and efforts will not have been spent in vain. The editorial staff wishes to thank all those whose efforts and co-operation helped to make this annual a success. Our special thanks and sincere appreciation go to our advisors Miss McCusker and Mrs. Kinhart, for without their help and constant guidance the successful publication of our book would not have been possible. We also extend our gratitude to Dr. Kinhart and to the members of the faculty for their wholehearted co-operation and for the use of school time and facilities. We wish to thank Mr. Schultz of Roebuck and Son for his helpful suggestions and co-operation. To Al Berluti, our photographer, we extend our thanks for the fine photography and help given to the staff. This year, we financed our year book almost entirely by patrons. We are truly greatful for the loyal friends and alumni of Annapolis High who gave generously toward the support of the Wake. We commend the student 'body for the enthusiasm which carried our patron drive far above its goal. We of the Wake and Class of '44 sincerely wish the coming class the same fine co-operation and success that we have found in our work on the annual. Cx-rARLas B. AnAMs, Jn. Editor-in-Chief 76 ,r LF. 2 W :M ' .. fx.: I , -. 1 '1..' ,mx w ' A - 4. X . ,Q--I ,':.l V v:-- 4 I !, -- n. x 1 '-,lf i' .rj L , I , .,,, r- 3 U, ,. If, 5- ' 1-ul -l X. VV .ff Af .5 .2 Tail "M M, ,Q J a -E51 ..,., ' 151-'v 'Wsf""x V .W Jgi, MP?- V , .. an -1, '51 I xl. .52 .ni ,1 -- IW! . -1- ,-aii 'Y P -1' 4 ,': 13,714 N51 if-"1 6' , . . 1- I Vf-5 fl W, 'J 4-I wf-5 ' r 14 If lv: 3. Q 1 ' -1 I gm- . -mf, K J, --44 1' I 9- , -,I -n 52' ... ,1,, I.. W. 5 :j lui- . ' . -.X X - , . 1 I iv 4 V N' ' w nv - , ,,l. ,. ' x. Hi L l, ' gf 1- f '.! ,- fi "V ' E.-1" ' . --- L --LH 5 v A . Ia: X I. . . x t 1 V in J I , L, N' 7 " .r-5 ,., , '..-. . , .. fik - " ,- L 5 '. , g. 1 .X , , V ,- II- - xx .-4 . A .Jw . V . Li! , - -. 1.1, V . . L, H .X '.-. . H, Q .Q ' ' , J' ' A --V V .' 1 -l. HH 1 3- ' ' X 1-1, , -' 3 A fy' 4' - V E 'g X 4. .. ,, , ., ',. ,g, . uf qrm ..l.A I Q: Ig , -. . .' A '-1,4-" 1' 4-1' ' . - V Y' r . f 7,1 ,, - v. A 1: - X 1.0. 4, , I , . h . CW . ,M -gv X Ml: x- ., . ,f A ..,. . , - , n, - I f - .15 ,-. f ,. , , ,,...75 V U " nl' -- - . 'gh .- Q 4 4 V' .w ' I ,nm 1, v", 51 . -L . --,N -. L' W: J . . 1- ', A -. - V -Lfi ' nl ,ami mr - t,l'p:f v' - F. '. - -, .1 J ,- ' "Wg H .x',- g-- .f - -- ,' ' . ,ik 1 .41 1 - ., L! ,V f ' 1 5.3 . '51 '., 4 'L 'N- N fl' f . 13--.3 ,fy ,. . .73 ' 1 I I H, N. E ' ,1- , . X rl ' , x ' l -u., A -:I ' f 1 1' N L-v ' lj, ', ,- . D. lx -9 ' -2 , jr.. -- ,' , YI' Hu V 1 ii -. . V -if-. -.I-4.13. .xl-... 'A ' ' -C'f:'?f:5,f.l -5, r,..'. .Qi 52' . . 1 A ,, . , -' 75--. - z 9, . E . . . A - -. 1 'X -n . -4 .'e. , 5.- ,-3 :fi ,,.-sm. - ' P Q , J I, r .23 1, 1 , , . 5 . -a 1.1. . .u . N - 1 ' - --,-w ,.tf-,f.. . , 1- fx f, mf f x fig . .asf .V 5, ,I . , f' ' -K ,ww fi 1 ,. 4, ,1, , W . . 1 m,,,., w A ,, H , .V , ,, m3L.f'l 45'E ' 'fL,Wi22ff M gf-1, . W 3,53 4 A I 'image X H' 5? l 3 1 .l . M fg , if N E 4 .,. V s -swim 9-W5

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