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 - Class of 1974

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Annandale High School - Antenna Yearbook (Annandale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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v 'x gv15"W2Q'3i e, ye W0 N005 Q Aojqfff QL 1 ML .fp XXO f QUXXQ' Od '5 up-KU? V0 OU XLUU 512 X04 XO X40 vm S A 'RW WX ' 75 P Xpi eppqw sDE,e.WXxOO, CW12 who WOR Ngrvfimvo jk jj 199 M 009. 0 DU 05 'U 4 Q 71' UJX W KX ' LO ." ,.-'+R' 5 2 - , JOAC Ps ,Magi V. wi M145 LJ Mai O wx M W l WXQNK 67.311, M i-KIA -2-1, M A k fbcjaf f Qty. ' QF If, QS- Xuan N55 MV3ff,xn4"Vl . QX 5 I " Nil Q . f ,VN V N 5 XS wif 'N Y-'M 1 qi Q'iWf?f"1fSNH all ' QU Wxxww 1 . M' - X Af . '31 L My ,W 4:1 nm WWMMM WNQAX 313 U WNW wiv! JK V XM -fx , ww -.L J ,WW Wiki? V3 C6 E R351 ." 'Y ,, .I 9. VB O55 pg :ji T NWN 5, op X Q Wg wa ' L M ,W 1 I My .74 MW ' 4 IQ J Wwgwbfd N 5 ' M , y 9 i X. a uf I 'pa 5.4M ,. Lb S'f ?Q 2x2fHQi,,f'f'?-, g ag ' ff A ' i g " qs-:Q 'f "f M Mg ,QQ frfwy my SME fy W' Q vmyx K I 1 X DYMUQL ff ff 1 QLPXL ' WZ"x A X fffi YY 1 'PWA . g ,U V, UAL W X Cj-,7l--. 0 WN PSR yyx " Y " X f-YQ 01,001 ' 6456 'PQQQWQF--x SCO-33.186 LXCQA' PC Arxvedhololall EA 2 we sxbi "" -14, Qufwmeli 665 NICK-CJ V3 X: il' I? 'QQQQ-F H -Cdl' 6' ' 'iqxx BQ LF- ,J m '2T'gfLN'oAn1 Nik - 1gL-li: Q ,u?Qr,,j? Dj . J qw0f'f'fCi'g f' x 'f 'fig Ox M . NXMXO, O7 ' L ,W QJUQIZ O1K CPLQIUNQA fff' P Q ijj CQ ' ' W W 3'xtLigw'i QQ? '-,53."'?" 1' 7 -25. . MM CMH gm moi QM gp, M13 4 Q? 1 www wi M Qfwdmm b 9 3 Q C1 Q72 xq SYN L mbsf, Q 'L ' 0 O . ' L A Cuodff M52 L ww WWW M36 4' ff "YL1Lfw6 kf . ,kQX,9.fVYsJ E' S?-Q L 6 iff ' ICD QQ GMX UW Q50 A ' K . bg l- Q ' ll , I V 0 X 'Swv' ' J' .- Q I I g an f gx-,gk 9 '-fi K 1, fl ff N X 0 FN Q Inf: x N U - ? W B QE 4' I A F O ffl! , 01. o M . L 3 F . L o I H I1 I TA 'f ' mi fm keen O X! R- 3512 l 'r-wiv I f qi L5 D? 2 A 'v- . ' , f aan' 41 . u W X ,- -' ' l ' X Naam J. L'Yv2,m.p71vO iowL Jfo Cfiru JL CIOWJQ 51,7000 gow -J 0 11114, Qufyifmud you VLUCJK, J 'OULU KUJUUXJ Know how fwudv A OJ,1fC!, dchj -LUOL ,Zdum Qfncf f bO1'ff LLZU? Luv, to 1 3 o 4 I 'bm wg ix? 1 93-Q06-LL 766 Wi 5CJ'Ux,QQCJxc'n5 1oOQmCf.,l WYW41 V75 wvjiwy lbgwjdyw JUUMQJQJ FQMMEM M134 NQQMMWM V751 XJTLUM w9,md KLLMGUWLUUW, m MM,L4 fjo OQ1l0vQWwvU1,oLfJ JYYUQUUDMQ Jwdde, Qmlgelfvtlmw QJLQJQD. mkgwwmmwwmmmww O,,O1,,QJfw+1,uffU.ffYLQ.J 'WO 'A ,ufuJJ00ffMULmkj??7UQwfWV00fhJj7Obw'QwmmWUw L1,L9J.vLf0,d1'fb0fU' 1Jy,J4JOL,0,9,fJLfo.7,oi W ,wb . M -PQULU eglgbw LQ IfJJ,J1J.f' :M ,.1.'m!':r: 1 'f w X mg., HL lisj ' 1 Ywlgg-E:?Q" ' N19 A: .fe 1, 36 ik H 'E'-EW-gl: , - ,af 1,1 '.,fi"-fail , -J,5Y,5,u... - Q ffgjisrz. " . - :gl -ve-F' 9' ,V x 1, 5511 J 3 me A3 ,.:' ' J: ', M F I A LA uf -MN-. ll., . ,mx Annandale High School ,.-H, 'i.r:.:,k..A- .1 ' . ,W , , W fx..-1, ntenna 1974 Jawa f' L ' 1 v - 1 f .. ' L, . , 1 fi-f b lff, , 1. - , . .g, "ICC "1 gy V M 1 V 1 . . ,- ,3,,,p, , i7.w.N I ,mg 3. , ...VA ,.. ,, , , 1 -.wah i W J H-MMM To Be 18-45 To Achieve 46-83 To Strive 84-1 17 To Learn 170-245 To Pay 246-26 To Unite 1 1 8-1 69 4 Mr. and Mrs. Gareth M. Neville were not fully aware of the con- tribution they had made on that day, October 26,1951, when Fair- fax County purchased from them twenty-two acres on Ravensworth Road for 322,196.50 A pooling of Fairfax County provisions and Federal allocations provided a sum total of iB1,661,418.64 to con- struct what was to become, without qualm, a leader of high schools. This was Annandale. On a cool September morning in 1954 the doors of Fairfax County's fifth and mostmodern high school were opened and students formerly of Fairfax and Mt. Vernon High Schools entered somewhat hesitantly but many with a vision of a high school which would in years to come be an example of excellence. From the start it was evident that the crowded conditions would seriously impede the development of A.H.S. and on December 2, 1954 plans were made with the Wayne Construction Co. to erect a twelve room addition. Upon completion, Annandale was fully operational. Time passed, however, and A.H.S. could not sit back on' what it had. The school had to grow. Throughout the years additions were constructed, a second library, more classrooms, then offices, and still a newer library. However, Annandale grew in more than one manner. After the Class of '57, A.H.S. never had another losing football season, and a later "It's Academic" team established an all- time scoring record for area schools. The vision of excellence which those first students carried with them was being fulfilled. But times continued lo change and we had to work to stay on top. New methods of supplementary enrichment for classrooms were provided for all teachers. Formats of education were improved and varied, and in 1966 thirty classrooms, the present library and a new cafeteria were included on the already enormous list of im- provements and Annandaleis student capacity rose above the 2000 mark. The most recent additions were the M and R Shop and the .Media Center. ' Annandale, now the oldest Fairfax County school on its original site, did not want only structural improvements, however, and the student bodies and faculty grew and changed with the structure. Students have become ever increasingly involved with the issues of governing their own school and the advent of a new and innovative era of concern has risen into sight. It is not spoken of and little dis- course pertains to it, but the pulsation of the new spirit is fell every school day and the response and cognizance is consistent and strong. Annandale, with its heritage of two decades of service to the com- munity, can look hack and be proud of the goals it has attained. And yet, even now, the old Alma Mater can not, must not, sit still on its laurels. The very school can feel within itself the life-giving strength drawn from growth and knows that without growth perish it will and that quickly. For time is still passing, it halts and waits for no one. We must march with it, to whatever rhythm we choose, but with it we must march. 0 Q 'L 11 . . . Mr. Wallace J. Bolding, a strength when we, as a freshman class, were grasping for our first footholds in high school life . . . ,uf I . . . Mrs. Gay Wilkes, a 1-onstant haf-lser of a growing 1-lass . .. . . . and Mr. Robert Menard., who is perhaps the most elibible for an honorary membership to the Class of '74, Four years at AHS, that's a long time to spend anywhere. So how do you suddenly just up and pick one person out of a crowd of associates and say "He's the one who helped us the most!" or, "She did the most good for our class."? Annandale's Class of '74, full of the richest heritage and pride, felt no one teacher or administrator could be chosen as the most help- ful. It is for this reason that we have decided to dedicate this the twentieth and finest edition of the Annandale Antenna jointly and yet separately and individually to the following three: Mr. Wallace J. Bolding, a strength when we, as a freshman class, were grasping for our first footholds in high school lifeg Mrs. Gay Wilkes, a constant backer of a growing classg and Mr. Robert Menard, who is perhaps the most eligible for an honorary membership to the Class of '74-. It is to these three that we owe our deepest heartfelt thanks and love. For it was in love that these acted. H. . . And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love., it profiteth me nothingf, -I Corinthians 13:3 In this, the first volume of the Annandale Antenna., we of the 1955 staff have sincerely tried to recreate the birth of Annandale High, feeling that 'we will relive every mo- ment as you with your unfaltering' spirit and ceaseless ambition transformed Annandale into a city alive, 1,000 strong. - . In years to come as you glance through this yearbook, we sincerely hope that you will recall Annandale as it was . . . in the beginning. f -from Antenna '55 Volume One V 1 I Y s g P 5 , A y 1 i I I 7 w i E . I , Y l i I y t 1 Y i t f,t-,,+,,,7 o XM ia' 1 .gm- ,.. Wa..- 2 tF,gr,.,,B:, .Q 2 Q l -f"'Q', , A ang, 'V ff i . r. grfaefwwf a sag? Vful Q ,L A I 1'-3 ' if ,, .Q .:,x 5. l 1 1, ll i 1 In this, the twentieth volume of the Annandale Anten- na, we of the 1974 staff have sincerely' tried to recreate the birth and growth of Annandale High, feeling that we will relivewevery moment as you with your unfaltering spirit and. ceasel,essi,ambition have transformed -Annan- dale into a city alive, thousands strong. As you glance through this yearbook, we sincerely hope that you will walk with us in passing time and retrace Annandale's footsteps over two decades. 1 l I i I u 1 l 8 Time passesg passes ever so quickly. We can not stop itg we can not slow it down. We must move and grow and change with ir. And find our place in the sun. Mm- "05ED"" ANNBNDALE HIGN SCU-l.OOl i if rig? V ,Y V .xiii Af' wtl:0"9I Fl'l'!- ullvl ll IIIIIDALI lAnnlAx aavnvv v1nc4n-1 ll! I nv n n an nu flnnrunno A w nun P-,,:,i.-Zu.,-, V177 YY, YV V VY nrggnrzi, Q sg Y ug nv Where were we 20 years ago? In Annandale's 20 years we have . . . .20 years of hang K ' rx lv. ill . , , f' V ri le I V r . 1 , I 1-, x - I ,ffll .F f fwfr l 1 . 5C'l'w 1 ,gf e flew 1 lr v :fl l flk -' .f jL A13-Xxx K "1 x I riff ,hw .K A. ' g ' a Y , . , X n 1 l r ,Nz 1 VK - . v, ,X K K l , w .' A ' Q - l Qff-rx. 'fx ml. -912' .,- -A"x ," '.'i , A ,--'Zyj-5-. 'x ,',' ,ny - If f A1"..-- N ,,w-We , if 1 ---f,-Ly-4-t '-xxx , lfky . m , V' w,-isa' ,..-b. 'Q-X YQ'v'1' f ,"-f-'ngm , ,f-f K-.fp , E 1, 'E Af ,f , -1- v v' LA iii:-5--.Tx ' fel' T - to 'D' ,- 1, ' .fu wr ,. ,,V,,,-f xv' X1 -ff, l,. X: U 4, 7 ,-feffe. 1 f , - W-f T, Q.. X. V, 1 W, ww 5 I jf' M xv f f wa A , . V, L ,. ,, , bw, . ,f '-, -,'1,:,' lv ' , ve, , vgwj-J X LLC?-if V -1 'qlfqfl fill' . l 32 1 A A 'Xi' L!! ,jj Q , f ,e vs' V Yr ix 3 Q. V 4 X -- 2 5 , --V ,.,.. r A JI 5.',-N' H .. 3 I - f: LF - . 'J' fl Y . . . developed skills . . . I0 grown to love our faculty . . . . . . activated a powerful school spirit . . . . . . learned to be individuals seen ourselves as we really are . . . . . . and found truly where we are now. J 5' Q ' Q 3 -N , 5,5 .,,, t -181 " fuk' W X "M." , .. l J is as v fi' When do we watch a flower grow? Not very ofteng but they always do. When do we see the sun rise? Again, not very ofteng but it does., once a day. We can't see the ways in which we've grown during our high school years. But we have, continuously. That's why we are different now from when we entered Annandale. Value your growth, value your maturity. Value your high school experience. A 'MF . 'r 1 ww ,Q ww H ew X .mfs W-ww FL .W iw I ,, 72 ,XC ...- x v .-l X H , , " i. 1-J, 1. 1, -X ,,. -an 114 , "6 M 'A 'w if N NM? ,LF fl? '-gmli "' T :e1A-M 0 s - '- W af, "' ff, , P -h ,. Q. 'f.QQi.f T Qu :fr- Ps 'i' Jail- , T'v V 'Ma I' - mf ft-V-N---.-,-1 Tr' Y V-1 f1,1 1.-,Y--1-f,-.v .np HL ,Q -WM.. -1, 1.3! - L1-L..ux,.L- , . 1. L- fp ... iw .. 32,6 , -fy, .,.Lf.l'LlLfQ'f-1.,LL-. .J J Lvaqf' .1 ..1 Ji. 'mlm 11511-J'3x.,A Uv... a,'iL1c1d:-E- .ff,d...,1lJGi1.:w.b. 1. 5'Ln'1Lg5gQv1:Qg . T... nxfggilllgg icwcihzilli leaiilt., 11zDi'3vc.:L1e?1iSs 717 .. ,,., .N 2 ,. ,V -1. i!11I1J,f3Ci: limi. 2-::CA.:1lxU.1Cm, ,.,,..1n0 -..JJ-wg ,gym Lnliffg wmv: UL LAS u1.l1tf+-u 1 ," K-'V' l:..' 'if " . 1- n'..,x... .Wm .v,fL,fn.t-Q .H .....1L..J, W1m.U1y. .lwuac 031 Mtv :-iw L, fxvv nh , ,. .,. my ,., . 3- , V,-N 1TCi'EiC1', Un.'fY'Cl'S 02' U25 Lfflik-' HL ililnlh MUG 'JM Ullfffj ill. Ui HNC U11 T.-'CC' . ,. N, . . -V . , '. -, m ' - V N... .. .,.-D .1 .Y W- .- H-,U .. c.5,m.,,Qn.. .Mc gkmwlng,1..H,.!nN:,u,fe,,.Lrl.. owl 1 l.f,.-v.e-. . .G-...1'J,N1..n,'g,. Y.:-..,,j - ,,,,... V- Q ,. .. ,- -..- ..V.u'J 1.,l'1.,y. ... L..,1.L,l1..'..QL.h,.. 11,,.,4.,gL.-,,,,L. 31,1-.L -,QW V , -..M .,- .Y .F. ,...x..1-V Z., M ,I .U "H,-, 'Y -:'. V- .-,5'f,,-. .mf-Q ..Q.,eQ:--.-I-, QA. ....,cf.-1. ms.. ..,f.:L.m.,a.m. ..c,'-,.1,,,f1 V., 1.,..H. N., ,.,,,..,,, -," -J,,....,,,.. W., .mL Aux... ..-, 45.1 ...up x,,.,1A1,-u,,Ux,..:x L--1 um Lu.. ,,1.Lc:':v.,..w. ,J C' n A . .r n, -. W-MI... Y-. -...v I ,' ., l' , -WZ. '. Lufi:-,L1-,1lK.'3IEr,f5. 1,111 C1'w3L1M?.L. L., 1313!-ENE, 2E1i..f'.C1. 1 .U1'J1iiLiL51 ,Mix 4,':.1l,1:4i1:1 5.11.2 Lime 5.3.31 cm me 2 1 if Llllalsell Cff:15L?.:i1.'f 1.2-Q1 :w.,L.fg,?1v x,v,,.:.f.Q:3n.1 !L.f ul... viuf. "3 ' ,, .. '-,- ... ALJ' -fl 13.2-, N Q md... .1Q.'.e,s., x,.sc.','Q..-.,.1. Mufti. -...Mm we mn.1gs u..,- MA. .3 J. ,. ""','1-,.. W.. -.,.:.. ., L1...L .1Gg,..'Sf. .U L13 ..f,'Hx.i. :1J..'.:l .. ,C h71v..w.1lf5 11.614 :.,h...L1, ,f',.1W.x,. H v,....m lm-:wL.L Ll 11.1, ,L--1. fm. .zwuufrw AVON. . . I,',':,,.,, 2.7 VL' .FW H., .. ,-..4.:,.,. '.,.r : .A fl., Mn mln- ,W J..4..,w-L... 'U1.lf.': UL v.vAL...11,.f, :.y.:.!m,1.1 dmv- :-',M.f:.'v:' uw xllfaif HW. . f' .' M :Q . ,.,.'w N ,....J.1: :,- 12, - 421.01 Qfmmqv L'.'gi:3i1L::. L13 ...Q-5:41, up w.p.f,,,. L 411: ,luwL.l:gUf wlilk 7.4111 - .F-L,... '- .,,.N -T, 'V ,' w'.,.- . 1... ,.-.41-L, f".,H,. l1.12.Ln.1.. LLL, l.,.4 LS., QL E-f:,.S uf ..L,' Nigga. ' 1JL LLC :x1x.LI.'..Q .-.AV W., ,, ., ,H M,-,H 1, ,. ., ,U ,, , ' -- Y. ., .. wt.. .W , . ,. ina, .,1.1.,z1gdk.:.-.. C.3:.. J.-. .mxlj MQLQ:-1.II. .:u .Liga 3Oy,.1.,,Q, LLILYTQLN v",juJxi, Involvem nt: wh .M gn, L 2 -N: wyiv' , , L .mv- J. .14 n- ' - fxutqiffijgi' jTgfQ.1.7Q3.",-.QL 11 ' at was that an iq swam-,., "' J :' '- -an ff, VJ E. f ""' nn ' .Q ay. 1 ,,.'- ' " K - if ' V WJ, f ' 'K 4 L- u . .2 gv. .3- i ivy!! 1- ' 'sw X ' . A. f' V ' -1 V in ,+ - I . ,. . 'Jr M , .A Q u A I I ff W 'P f Q ' "'.. n , I I o I . I 5 1, L , fs' 1 , L ' "' of r .J Q I V ' , v ' 't xl Q- 7, A V V . 'k', bf? , .Ry I x ,f H P , HX WL sw. ' H3111 ii s l pq:- ,fn ,fu 'W 1 ' f""'x'l 1-, K .vftfmfv ,,..... fea A Y , -L -fw- ----slqgw'-,-,,. ,1 V ,gx,,,, v Jr' . ,f x 11 ?r'- My 4 -. 6' ' ti.. fx fag V' -, I ez - mag. imigk I' 1 lfw' Q" ,df my N A s A, . ...Vg:aP,- 'tg VL N . 5 --"l- x 'fd bi Q 1 1' M ' A A L ife 3 K 1 -. + FQ? sf X, Amin x.. . K 1 , Q A 5 54.1 ,- Afir-w ,Ny 4,-f 'VL 1' Q' L' vw- ,f,- ' . -c . X K Qhyxr is -H, - ' ..: , - ' 523 4 lL A F V V W .zz-J .- Tin. M I'- . Y 1 -J GA - 'J-'::f"f J-' - . P - ! ' " Qffifffzr - , bg . . . . high schools are made of. I E ' , ,,, ' A TQ ER ff VO O 0 I 5? W A mg ' V 5 9QO,vq Q 1 6 2 if M " ' N ff , P.. 'x ,4'ivE-1fDi'Wfff3 bb 0 -- Q. 5 f '. f JZ' -7' ' . ! ff ' I .x" iQ7't:2 iQ , W 'D .1114 'v 5 " fa , U-1 X . J ,ff 9 1? If , 5 f 7 ... Q- 5 Su " - 2 K X 1 L A V M , I If 'I ' S X 9 -' s...4- X 17 A7 I ae . X A Fix x ll 'W I 4 Y N 4 ff y -if 7 P lies 5. Z9 1-Q ii Q 1 53 if 4 . 0 'I B --Ab 3 ' 8 1 1-413 Hx i . l' ' N1 M I AN K 4 E559 '. if W . My .5-X5 V x It , 7 'fa -I O . .---., 533351 O , m ,-, ?vn, 'Tiff Q9 """" iw- H ' ' S2553 k iyiiiiii I, EA I Wagga' 4-1 L 9 w H -if' 1-'PB K Q -J 1 R. A f H X, x.C,H-k X.,- v Y. .fx .- U xy I ' Un - Aga 2 'l. I f Ml iff! 1585 ag Drive Generates ueh Spirit, but ot Much Money. The 1973 Magazine Drive proved, financially, to be a bomb. This was readily visible as the committee fell short of their goal ofYel0,000 by about 5l55,000. The reasons were rather honorable, however, as much money was spent on advertising, prizes, and various goods for the school. These in- cluded such things as a new bicycle rack, benches for the front lobby, music for the library and support for the Foreign Exchange student. Despite this there were many bright points that really gave hope for future Drives. President Tim Nasworthy initiated possibly the most significant change as the profits from the Drive were shared by not only the S.C.A. and the classes, but all the various clubs as well. This plus a fan- tastic assembly that saw excellent skits by all the classes and the Key Club shined much light on the future of the Annandale High Magazine Drive. - A -1 1 :gas - A .. , , .Y 7- -LI ,. 1 -r' it - ' ' ,- , ., 'h'2,,-Y, Z:, . ., -1 Y -. Senior skit proved to be funniest. I 'J A fi ,a- XJ L , ,. -:gre Super Senior Woody Turner rescues sheriff Grimesey. f. L-ew The Juniors view Seniors as drunk jocks. The Junior skit was the most original. i 4 1- ' ' , Q i EQ? :gn Y iz' i i ?E?' C 7 ' 1,2 ' ii?-X 'wiffiu ta T .E , .ii :,,. V4 , 4 X , L .," f ' i ' 'ix 5' di 4 , T ' ' y 'HJ - W' , ' I-f Qi A' fl? ' 5 L- ' 1' nj . ,I ,B V ' 32 .4 .' 4 XF if ' i If ' ts 4 A . A ' if' ' . wa. X Key Cluhbers try to sell magazines to Coaches Funkhouser and Goodman. The Fresh skit was . . . The Sophomore skit was kinda Mickey Mouse. Frank Slce is the man with the moves. Reaction to Soph skit. .V "fly 95 W wg 1 f 1'fNu' s 12 f J U1 HL.. I - ' J l 14' QE-mi' arms V' U -vi I .......W. is E W QQ ' sUnlr is -'-'-- f j A3 53-3 QL Parents Relive School Days Back-to-School-Night, held Thursday, October 18, opened with a short business meeting, where the '73-'74 enrollment and budget were discussed. Parents were then given an opportunity to purchase the publications for their child. The Stu- dent Parent Teacher Association urged parents to become members of that organization. Preceding the business meeting, parents were dismissed to follow their child's schedule and many bewildered parents roamed the halls aimlessly. Those who were sure of their destination, and those fortunate enough to reach a Keyette usherette for assistance, attended each class for ten minutes. During this class time, parents were briefed as to techniques used in that class. Efiifl I f"""' risllnlhb Big Apple: A-peeling Piekins' Several years ago, ponytails bobbed and saddle shoes kick- ed, as teenagers romped to the latest dance craze-the 'Big Applef Since the 50's, the meaning of 'Big Apple' has changed at AHS from the high-stepping dance to a festival of apples. As usual, this year's Big Apple was the answer to your wildest apple-dreams. ' The '73 Big Apple, held October 27, was sponsored by the Senior Class. In mid-October, enthusiastic Seniors gathered at Winchester, Va., and picked over 10 bushels of apples. Up to final minutes before the Big Apple, busy Seniors cooked, baked, and candied apples into everything from applesauce to apple cobbler. The atmosphere created at the Big Apple was most appeal- ing to those present. Folk-music was provided by Doug Put- nam, a '71 graduate of AHS. Girls dressed as cigarette-girls strolled among the patrons, selling apple sticks and other apple candies. The festival proved successful to all par- ticipants, as the evening yielded over 35300 to the Class of '74. N --1,...-Q f 6 -...K I 1 8 uf I ' ' " : 5 .1 X U Y sf, Q e 'J xx ' b Senior Rnprewcnlalncs Iuuy Scherer, . . . i Karen Teichler, . . . Homecoming 1973 1 - Newly crowned Homecoming Queen Lorraine Brown poses with Miss Annandale and her escort, Genie Funkhouscr. ,-F' Q Freshman Representative Chris Nordlund with enthusiasm. At Homecoming this year the theme was uUp, Up 81 Away," and all who attended really flew. Entertainment was provided by "Inside Straiti' a marvelous band whose thrilling sound captivated the audience. We'd like to extend our con- gratulations to the SCA and Mrs. Wilkes for a job well done. Lorraine and Andy take time out for a picture after crowning. Sally and Dave relax between dance The SCA's fearless leader gets in the groove. Below, from left to right: Karen Teichler 81 Paul Allison., Lucy Scherer 81 Doug Rhodes, Jennifer liichcnhack 81 Ed McDonald, Lorraine Brown Sl Armond Sonnet, Karen Nordlund Sz George Nolan, Heather Taylor 81 Kevin Kelly, Terry Brown 81 Chris Nordlund. 'B rii.. 'if I S 4. P' 'J ,Ki W 3 UL4, 3 1 Q 61,9 gi' 1 J 1 X I 1 M, ...- Q adv-v par s r Sadie Hawkins a Smashing Success . . . The 1973 Sadie Hawkins dance, sponsored by the fantastic class of "74", proved to be a smashing success as the class grossed over S300 and provided an excellent evening for those couples fortunate enough to have attended. The event included music by the band, "Washington", the ever-present Justice of the Pieces, "Marryin' Sam", the kissing booth, and, of course, plenty of dancing. Congratulations must go out to all the Seniors involved with the organizing of the event, the fine decorating job done and especially to "Marryin' Sams", Bob Grimesey and Scott Lindeman for marrying over 100 couples despite some crazy antics. It was for this that the Sadie Hawkins dance will go down as one of the Highlights of this year. Bob Grimesey was one of the"Marryin' Sams". "I guess nobody told them they're supposed to dance with boys". - Sadie Hawkins brings out all the female chauvinists. Brian Hester seems to be entranced in something. -.N P-lj ' s W' n '41 ,F , wo. ,4, .1 - '.-'-1 - , l I . ,..:gw' -'J' , l ' .--u' - . ' Y l. 'isfxgiq Au .xi xi ufn " JM 'vii .A.,' ,...k . , ai' 2 1 ,l"' I -bla :fir ill ,av ,. .-. . - .1 a I 0 ,, .,. f ' l.!..f ,Cul " Cx-. -,yo - . fl 'x 'K . 9 v 'ar' O ,.,,' ,,a0' . W '--in xiii! gg OIC' .we0"" H' ..1v0" Av, 9, 'fbi' .IW WF, Patty Connors .agar A. .AV ' ax va ' 4 N - J ,Q ,. gb Y rl KZ 1 .-ifwmfu N 'I4jLQ . 7 an 4 fig '5 ish. uf my gmgggzyw, af . X 51" Q , EL AJ 1 " M ', nf., 1 W N iii-Q' ' , Q X ix-N R. 35 iii? new ' l. H- , 1 I 3 .4 H umm Sweetheart 1 974 Sweetheart Queen, Chris Ulanski Below Ron demonstrates "The Three Simple Steps to Sweetheart Success." i I think I'm in love." QE a , x . , 4- . 'iijf 1 .N V .'-. WF' . 1 N , Chris 81 Mike lead the court in Crowning Dance. Although Old Man Winter tried his hardest to eliminate the Sweetheart Dance this year, his attempts failed. On Felv. 16th Qinstead of the original- ly planned Feb. 9thj the dance took place and was a great success. The Key Clulr decorations as well as the entertainment provided hy Meclula were superb. Chris Ulanski reigned as queen forthe evening and noted that all ol' her subjects thoroughly en- joyed themselves. The 1974 Sweetheart Court and their escorts: Sally Ford 81 Dave Alclerton, Dave Mork 81 Kaye Harris., Gene l:lllllil10llSCl'8I Cin- dy Smith. Chris Ulanski 81 Mike Vitez, Susan Williams S1 Cary Sanborn, and Charlyn Hall 81 .lcll Armstrong. . S f-7? .JL .si is at 'x . s If ' A - Q 22' ' 1 ag! A Y ' Q. l At ' TX S : 2 - L' . in li f 3: i A 2 it A r f , Q Y .f f my .. lg V . ,, a , , W N , if ' "'-- of ii ' l it as L W: Jenny McNeill as Ado Annie in "Green Grow the Lilacsf' Ah. Left: J. Landrum and K. Duesterdick in "Bye Bye Birdief' I JL I K The Many Faces of an Actor Many students of drama took tem- porary leave of their everyday lives this year, to slip into the lives of com- parative strangers who might have otherwise existed only in the pages of a manuscript. Through the talent and effort of these actors and actresses in assuming the roles of an author's im- agination, many students of Annan- dale were visually and emotionally touched by both the hilarious and woeful thoughts and feelings of a peo- ple remote to them. These characters were introduced through the various one act playsg the Fall play, "Green Grow the Lilacswg and the Spring musical, "Bye Bye Birdiewg as well as the plays produced through the drama classes for their own education into the dramatic acts- The Junior Class presented "4 Boxes," an absurd lured first place in the Night of One Acts. Steve Morris and Sandy Buckner starred in the Soph's. production, "Manne- quin's Demisef' A scene from the Freshman class's, "Kiss Me Quick, I'm Double Parked." ff 5 play which cap "Green Grow the Lilacs" was Fall Play Jeff Landrum reassures Sarah Windham in "Green Grow the Lilacsf' C0nl1lC Schwartzwelder masterfully applies make-up to a fellow actress. Speakers Come to id of Teachers Mrs. McErnerny answers questions on Fairfax County af- fairs. Once again, professionals were relied on to round out and supplement courses. Lectures, followed by ques- tion and answer sessions, added in- terest to regular classes. Speakers varied and ranged from politicians to Catholic priests and other religious figures. t4 A speaker keeps his audience enthralled. Students display a variety ol' reactions to a speaker. 'A Es Fur t Gear really got the wheels turning when tickets were sold out. Senior ctivities Hicksville, USA. Inside Strait's first appearance was not their last. Under the leadership of President Bill Kier, the Class ol' ,74 organized and participated in many rewarding events this year. They started in the summer by painting the Senior Section of the bleachers. Soon following that, they par- ticipated in a Jr.-Sr. Football game, coming out the victors. After the Stuart game, the class introduced Inside Strait, a new-band to Annandale, and made a huge profit. In Oc- tober, carloads of seniors drove up to Winchester, Va. to pick apples for the annual Big Apple. The entertainment for the Big Apple featured Doug Putman. The First Gear Concert sold out rapidly and was a great success. Sadie Hawkins was also sponsored by the Seniors. Annual Senior activities included the Homecoming Float, the Senior Mag Drive Skit, and this year, assembling and selling school directories. Clockwise: Did someone remember the paint? Chris gets a helping shoulder from Steve. Juniors and Seniors fight it out on the field. "Freshman" Bob Hastey turns to drinking when he can't sell mags. , 5 , gif, .-..- .' ,U JT, -'H T - .L ' W .1 h. " ' 1' ik 'gi 'Af I-'IS' K J I 5 ig Qf'?:' ' gas' - 1,3 , Q 1 A ' I -if 'Q Q 1 W. A Q' ' . :fjiiyf -4 'gin -5 -4 --A V H ivV, vigrx 1,1 " 1--,8."L. QQi?' v, , A 4 'F -'ST I ,' lr ' V lil :- .- .N ,421 xv k -1- - 4, .A 5 Jffgx ,Rl Q W3 ' s . ta K' 1 .4 if-"' 3? illggrg i , vim' 44Q.L,!' V . .. " - rm ,- . 'T it " .- so is V- fi U 5-1 Lx, I 'f- CO- N.-' ' 'L ..,,i, :-in of:JE:-IQQZQSPQ' 3"-sf ---2.2-.,.,. , -gygs, ,,, 22 " f... . "li UQ, i ',,,. --"oo1ii" , V wxpdf' so X Af' P'fA"':' ,, .li . N K V .--f in wif f i Determined Juniors Tr gain From soc-hops to the Dating Game, the Junior Class enjoyed an eventful year. After sponsoring three successful soc-hops and the Mag Drive to raise funds, the class in- itiated a new activity. Annandale's first annual Dating Game was held on February 6, with contestants com- ing from both Annandale and Robin- son high schools. After vying for the treasured date, the lucky winners attended the Sweetheart Dance the following week. Though successful in these events, the Juniors were defeated by the Seniors in the annual Junior-Senior football game. The determined Class of '75, however, promised a strong comeback and victory in the up- coming annual basketball game. One can only hope the class will be as for- tunate in basketball as their other ac- tivities. It's all a part of the game. Three of Robinson's best. Juniors have always been known for their immense maturity So, this is what it's like to be an upperclassman! Sophomores Host Profitable Year The class of '76 marched on through their Sophomore year as, once again, one of Annandale's most active classes. This was proven from the out- set as the '76ers took first place in the Homecoming float contest and con- tinued to be successful in many other activities during the year. These activities included two profitable Soc-hops, two Ice Cream Socials and the premiere of the Class Contest Night. This event included representatives from each class par- taking in several corny events. The highlight of which was the award of Mr. Legs going to Dick Adams. uw c Soc-hops were events to look forward to for sophomores. It tingles to the taste! Here, Chuck Hollingsworth enjoys concoctions created by sophomores at Ice Cream Social. Hey! Wanna' drag? Attendance was often lacking at class meetings N11 s Freshmen Get Late Start The many adjustments of high school life inhibited the freshman class' sovial activities this year. The begin- ning of the year brought forth the usual havoc and activities were non- existent. As the year progressed however, the class shaped up and sponsored a pizza dinner in February. Following the usual for- mat, patrons were offered delicious pizza provided by Pizza Bazzono. In- troduved to their first success, the class looks forward to many more such endeavors while here at A.H.S. ill CLQ53 77 5 , 7 sui.. -A - K For All . T e Good Things . . . Mrs. Rose Littlcg Latin, Russian Miss Katherine Buckz, Girl's Gym Mr. James Bolding: English This page is dedicated to those faculty members of Annandale High School that have given twenty years to the promotion of education. Ever since Annandale opened its doors these teachers have affected the lives of their students. From Physical Educa- tion to Foreign Language these teachers have imparted their knowledge as their dispensation to humanity. There are six faculty members who have given their ser- vices to Annandale and its communi- ty. It is on this our 20th Anniversary that we thank these six members and present the laurels of recognition to Mr. Harry O. Keller who would have made the seventh member of this elite group. Mr. Roy Fishcrg English In Memory Let us not forget that warm and friendly personality who devoted nineteen years of his life to the students of Annan- dale. He left us suddenly last year by accidental death that should remind us of the uncer- tainty of our own existence on earth. He is sorely missed and we still salute your memory Harry Keller and thank you again as did the students in the yearbook of 1964 for all the good things that made you so popular at Annandale and in life. One of many friends Qw Mrs. Annabelle Ashenhurstg Librarian Miss Rachael Petersg Girl's Gym 1 W 1 5 . 1 5, l 31. fan... 4. I V.. Tm -iraq! A IQ- Q nfl ,-4 I 1 Qi, V-gl M 1 1 gy ,s I yr, w ' W .af 'N 1. -Q, 5 .3 - ww-1 My xy f as -I ' HI -W 4 Aff! I :U-Nw' . 'Q ' -jpg 1 "" ,,. 1 , Elf! ., Q, V ,H . L.: X- A-1 : :,. :,.Q if .., ,, hu' H J' ' " W' - N , , W i' V . ' ,,g',:q. x , 'Q . -.-.3 N? r 5 F ' xl -A, 1 ,-M, ,,, ,.-I X 13 ij 1 f W J , if 1 l aa. .A S' gs N ik Q ' if .-iff W ma. . I-" 'D Q fy sh a -fvwiwsvlnwwf A Q, ev ' '- ffm 5 ,djijp 4 A -.ax19.', ,- Q: Lp 351' 4- 1' ' 'ff A I U ws ' - '4 Q 4 - 1 .-sa Z.. Q4 v, 1,-1 'Q' -f -.. -' q ,aa -Q, Nw Q .,. jc f... -. x I . J if J X bpiwjefan K 'x,-,K J N- ' .. r X' A. - x ,-- ,L 4, x 5-4YC's-f 1 ffl-.-' -252-ff X .Nil U, s.,, .u .. 'l X Lflfm f A: 1.4, N ,, ,. C ff -. ff'--, f V, x f af' N 'xl ..,,.,- - - x F 17-pg, T TQ MQECJNLS MZ P 0 1. ' Oo ,x'xx7' YU 0 K .ga . r 4' I 41315554 DQ -N - W X nv fins my l 7 L Y- i,' Ei2fv"Q"'VN ga me u -Q- X -1 s ,ru 1 f K .. 1- ' xx 06 ff ' I ib m .ao an . 22" X . " s- 'ff J V ivid - M W ' ' mf' - :fr IN tw I : I" i i.1 K 4 QQ., - .4 gggmg ' W In f: I1' 4i f?i! lqn E,E,'L, no wh vvkkihg WQ EIU aye,4ff55.gWC5 ww miflvwfz am, f1MJ?f- J ,,5,,4m.ff QM! ff 1 7 a40'M-fdfvlf offwf-XIMV6 14? If 2 .' 1' I 1 U Wwwzbu ewfofgfwj J ,.,.,..,,iF Aww-gamma f ff h ?Mii2i7Wf " ff Wigs qw" , ks Af? f X J ,f Wig., fm 0 In Pm-,W SEX if GLW !'fv-Vx' f C9 '.wfJif..,m,9 ,J ' Qt: . 5:14144 M, XXX " ' .Lf 1122,-rgliir I i rlgfu' .ms-7 , fl v" .N JM Q, Z' SJ ' ' 14" - . .. 4"g1YI :RT V- , . " AA Nik:-AY.I'!T,.::Ef .M ' fx lr I I I fqIS.s,Ir, .f my-.f., In-W-If -I ,f ,, ,-i . L, I W., ,,:ff,,I.LI,Im.:I,I.,, -Sf.. . -S . M. , ,k., ,,L,.,,...- ,,,,,,.,,.,I. .i,,.., , , -,-AL, 1 ,,S,'1i-Ralf-,w:LIfI.f f - - Lg i:Ii.yQ,' 'fmffixxikifHg-f:AeQf.gS1.-I5 f '-2 VI -If. I., II. avr- Inf .1 I, I . 4, ' v - I -,fum 'Q If "PIE-H':I' .iii .. 'IZZARQ' .H MOST ACTIVE BILL ,KIER I , MO HRALEY MOST ATHLETIC MIKE LUCIDO ' b SUSAN K.. WILLIAMS MOST POPULAR JOHN NOVAK KAREN TEICHQLER BIGGEST IILIRT STEVIE ZUSI-IIN FRIENDLIEST 'fjfjQU S KAREN TRICIILER MOST TALKATIVE ' MAX 3055? " 'L-'CONNIE SWARTZWEI DER fJlIT'ESTI,C0UPLE ' LAURA" LOPES. BEST DIYNCER FORREST L KAREN IIIIIIJRNIIQAILI BEST LOOKING .Q 'LAURA LOPES III I MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCIEED 1' :z'13lL1?-Q-Ii.IEB .. CATHY .PATTERSON MOST INDIVIDUAL I LAURA COPE I MOST INTELLECTUAL fUlAIN.WEAKLiE'Y IIII CIIRIIS ULANSKI ' MOST TALENTED JEFFLQLANDBUMAI ' PATTI O'N.EILI BEST DRINKER I RICHARD ELAINE XVIIITE BEST ALL AROUND I BILL IQIEAR.,i'.'- ,I I' .- I . CHRIS ULANSIQI BEST PERSONALITY DANNY CARAYI'ANNLS ' AM0 1-IEALEY BEST DRESSED in b WITTIEST I A BEST HAIR , I . .- , SEAM, .J-I I,- W.. . - , I .,f, INV II I. ' Sw-W '- f'NfI:sz:ISa:fx I Vrsfw MAIIM 1, I , A I -- - , .I .I ILA ,Q aw Iffzfgm 'I ffjiggyfs1Ifen . I, I -XIII? A I Nm , I -I waz. IS.-R, ,yR,Im,L:, KI, """' LN, . Mfvaf .VW ,L ,, .-I I ,MII - wwf, ' I' .wins S '35?'iQ7f'f ' fx 9.5.1-,J STEVE FLEGER u ' JOHNNY CRAWFORD GLENN TOBIAS :I lr A I, C H A R LY N H A L L ANNE PURCELL JENNY RICKENBACH it N 32 L W 5 ex 4' --'fra W' he - .Q .5 ' J. km ,M f. ,..,,.,....-- F1 Cathy Patterson, Most Likely to Succeed. Mo Healey, Most Active. ,,,,,,,.........- ---X X. e i F 2 e , + 'X 2 ,E N1 Susan Williams, Most Athletic. Mike Lucido, Most Athletic Laura Lopes, Best Looking. Glenn Tobias, Prettiest Hair. The Spectacular Semors From Left to Right: David Kurt Albertson David Michael Alderton Dave Frosh, ,I.V., Varsity Basketball, Young Life: J.V., Varsity Baseball: Key Club: Lettermen's Club: Homeroom Representative. Future Plans: College, Law Susan Diane Alford French llonor Society: German llonor Society: French Club: Pep Club: Cer- man Club, V. Pres.: llome Ev. Club: A- Blast Staff, Girl's Track Team: F.'l'.A., V. Pres.: l".ll.A.g llonor Society: Young Life: Fall Play "Green Grow the Lllues." Future Plans: Foreign Language Major Gary Ray Allen Daniel Alfonso Alvarez Debra Ceralyn Anceravuge Robert Levin Ange Karen Letitia Anglin Marching Band: Concert Band: Symphonic Band: ,I.V. Basketball, Co- Captain, Girl's Track Team, Pit Orchestra for "Guys and Dolls." Future Plans: University ol' Alabama Lori Anne Arbacas Spanish llonor Society: Math llonor Society, Library Asst.: Guidance Asst. Jeffrey Allan Armstrong Seuz jr. 81 Sr. llonor Society: Key Club, Sr. Rep.: .l.V. Football: Asst. Drum Major: Symphonic, Marching and Stage Bands: Jr.-Sr. Football Game: French Club, S.S.C.C.C. Future Plans: Marine Biology Nancy Lynn Armstrong Freshman 81 .l.V. Cheerleading: Varsity Gymnastics: Soph. Class Treasurer: S.C.A. Rep.: Keycttes Historian Future Plans: Fashion Merchandising John Allison Ayres Dale Robert Babione., .lr. Freshman 81 Varsity Football: .l.V. SI Varsity Track, Freshman 81 .l.V. Basket- ball: S.C.A. Rep.: .l.V. Baseball Future Plans: College Debra Kaye Bacon Brian Douglas Buhler William Manly Barefoot From l.cI'l lo Right: johnny J. liarr .Iumcs Edward Iiarrnll Slcphcn William liurlholomuw i"ruln'c:4 Collccn Harlon Edwin J. Bum-opc Dawn Baumann Roxanne Nl. Hayrcr .lohn Nlirhcal Beach I. 1 I 1 -. 1 i CAV E f . 5 2 --lf,,,,,,4, L11- ,Qfn-'Q 'f., Jr- QQ-i','Z',,5i f - Q3 , -1' 'f SLIIIUFN put Wood-.on ln lhur plau. From Left to Right: Cynthia Susan Bear Keith Long Beasley Brian Douglas Beebe Charles R. Beekman, .lr. Jane Marie Belanger Jeffrey G. Bell Nancy Jean Bell Nancy A-Capellag Symphonic Bandg Thespiansg Jr. 8I Sr. Honor Societyg A- Blastg Keyette Clubg Class Playsg "Hello Dolly":, "How to Succeed in Businessnq "Guys 81 Dolls"g VA Govenor's School Future Plans: Elementary Education Christine Ann Belle Chrissie Girl's ,l.V. 81 Varsity Basketballg Snow- ball Queeng Sears Teen Board: Home Ee Clubg Media Center Asst.g Greek Honor Society Future Plans: Travel Jeffrey Earl Belue Jeanne Marie Benedict David R. Bennett Lynn Allyson Bennett Christopher Don Bensing Susan Elizabeth Berckman Virginia Evelyn Binns Ginny Offive Aidg F.B.L.A.g Big Appleg S.C.A. Rep.:, V.O.T. Student Future Plans: Business Margaret Bernhart From Left to Right: Richard Allen Bleek Robert Louis Blondell Denise Marie Bly Mark Steven Blottie Wendellyn Faye Boardman Mark C. Boehlart Louis Allen Bonato Robert William Bowen Theresa Marie Bowers Kathy Lynn Brasse Richard Clay Breakiron ' French Club Pregidentg French Honor Society: Mu Alfmha Thetar, National .lunior Honor Societyg National Senior Honor Societyg Boys Varsity Tennisg Va. Boys' Stateg School Store Managerg Outstanding Teenager of Virginia and America Nomineeg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg DuPont Scholarship Future Plans: College, Pre-Law, Lawyer Sharon Lee Breigh ner Dorlhine Britain Kcyettes Future Plans: College-Nu rsing Phillip Brian Brockway Lorraine Y. Brown Stephen M. Brown ,tv V L l . 'l 53 i- V A A A, --Q- Next Year ill Be Different l'rom left to right William Hardy Burnett Douglas R Byrne Joanne M Cadigan Deborah Ames Cameron Debbie Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Societyq Varsity Gym- nasticsg Young Lifeg Campaignersg Pep Club: Mu Alpha 'Thetag Volleyball In- lramurals. Future plans: Recreation Major. Amy Beth Canton ,l.V. Hockeyg Spanish Clubg Home Ee. Cluhg Girl's Track Teamg Mu Alpha 'l'hetag jr. 8K Sr. Honor Societyg Inter- national Club. Future plans: Home Economies Major. Paul Gerhard Capelle Robin Mary Caporaletti Daniel C. Carayiannis Key Cluh:, Tennis Teamg Ski Club: Sr. Class Councilg Jr. 81 Sr. Football team, Sr. Basketball team. Future plans: Major in Horticulture. From left to right: Gabriella Gloria Carducei Gloria Karen ,lo Carnes SCA Rep.: Drama Club: Jr. Classical Leagueg Latin Club: Latin Honor Socie- ty: Young Life: F.H.A. Fashion Show: F.H.A. Future plans: Elementary Education. liandy Dwight Chamberlain Teresa Clare Channon .laye Lynn Clark Mu Alpha Theta, Sec. 81 Tres.: German Honor Society, Pres.: Home Ee. Club, See.g Clinic: Assistant, German Club, Young Life, Sr. 81 Jr. Honor Society, Kcyettes, Antenna Staff. Future plans: College. Mali-om Dana Clark Deborah Lynn Clowser Debbie Pep Squad, F.B.L.A. Future plans: Travel David Coldren Dave Sports Photographer: Advertising Manager, A-Blast. Future plans: Transportation Engineer- ing at Bucknell. David P. Collins Patricia E. Compton Reid Compton Marching, Concert, 81 Symphonic Band: Mu Alpha Theta: Spanish Ilonor Socie- ty, Vice Pres.: Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Society: Woodwind Quintet: Archaeology Seminar. Future plans: Marine Biology. Ruth Merlynne Connell SCA Rep.: F.Il.A'.: Pep Club: llomccoming Committee: Red Cross Volunteer. Future plans: College. Nancy D. Coon Donna Marie Cooper l.aura Bryan Cope Catherine H. Copeland Cope SCA Rep.: Mu Alpha Theta: Spanish Club: Jr. Class Counvil: Senior Class Count-il: Keyetlcs: St-hool Store Assis- laut: Antenna Staff. Future plans: Commervial Airline Pilot. H. X 5 in li .W-vwqp, e Bes Was ast From Left to Right: .lulie Clark Copeland Jeffrey Brian Coppersmith Linda .lean Cosner Future Plans: VCU, Occupational Therapy. Andrew Frank Coumes Victoria Ann Cox Vickie ,Ir. 81 Sr. Honor Society: SCA Re .3 Safe- ty Council: Pep Club: Spanish Club., Pres.: Spanish Honor Society. Future Plans: College. Patrick Joseph Coyne Pat Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta: Key Club: Sr. Class Council: Tennis Team: Chimney Painters Guild: Honor Roll. Jeffrey Keith Cozad Clifford Hamilton Crandall Skip Concert 81 Marching Band: SCA Rep.: Young Life: ssian Club, V. Pres.: Bridge Club: Asst.: Sr. Class Coun- cilg ,IV Tennis. Future Plans: VPI, Earth Science '82, Journalism. llll ,g, 4- -- ...Q ,- ,S f ' 'Q 15 Ki? W From left to right: John Lamb Crawford, Jr. james W. Crites Nlary Teresa Dailey .lohn .loseph Daley Frosh JV 81 Varsity Football: Boys' State: Varsity Basketball Manager: 4 years ol' work at McDonalds, Gayle Janet Daly Cage Antenna Staff: Jr. llonor Society: Spanish llonor Society: Nlu Alpha Theta: Chaloogie Club. Future plans: College, to buy a letter jacket. William Raymond Darling Vickie Lynn Davies Kathleen Yvonne Dean Elizabeth Lynne Deaver Robert Francis Delaney Bob LV. 81 Varsity Football: SCA Rep.: "Guys 81 Dolls": Latin Club: Key Club: Ski Club. Future Plans: College. Norman C rcgory Dcllinger Elizabeth Ann Demme Betsy Frosh Chorus: Young Life: Pep Squad: ,IV Cheerleader: Miss Annandale Contestant. Future plans: College: Phys. Ed., Marriage. Stephen Daniel Deremer Model UN: Strategy Club: ,lr. llonor Soeiety: Spanish llonor Society: Key Club: Varsity Soever. Paul Andrew Desimone Savina De'l'or4'y Donna Marie Dillard "Sun-Kislw FllA Federation Preis.: Young'e: Sehool Store Asst.: Athletic' Ul'l'ice Asst.: Sr. Class Conn:-il: Marching. Convert 8: Symphonit- Band. Future plans: Travel. ,. From Left to Right: Linda Mary Dinger Kerwin Delon Dobbs Thomas N. Duffy Diane Elaine Duncan Young Life: Girls Varsity Track: Drill Team Captain: "Guys 81 Dolls": "How to Succeed . . .": Freshman Girls Choir: Ensemble: A-Cappella Choir Future Plans: College: Agriculture David Thomas Dunn Karen Dwornik Diz .lunior Honor Society: Volleyball In- tramurals: Pep Squad: F.H.A.: Spanish Club: Jun. Ach.: Guidance Asst.: Miss Annandale Contestant: Keyettcs: Senior Class Council: Antenna Staff: Chaloogie Club: F.B.F.C.U.C.: Fluff Club Future Plans: College Sally Diane Dzubak Eileen Ann Eibell Gregory Eric Eklund Iman M. Fawzi Elbakry Marvin S. Elliott Dorothy Robin Engh Robin fCagej Jr. Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta: French Club: Freshman Sl .lunior Class Plays: Sweetheart Court: Chaloogie Club: Munchkin Club Mayor: Ice Skating Club: Swim Club: Member of the Conference Council: Young Life Future Plans: College John David Eu bank Craig Warren Everton' 'Corncob ,I.V. Basketball Manager: Varsity Baseball Manager: S.C.A. Rep. Future Plans: Arson Investigator Gary Eugene Evoniuk jr. S1 Sr. Honor Society: Nat'l. Merit Letter ol' Commendation: Thesbians, Pres.: Symphonic Band, Student Con- ductor: Brass Choir: Pit Orchestra: A.Y.P.: Class Plays: "Born Yesterrlayng "How to Succeed . . .H Future Plans: College Cheryl Lee Ewell From Left to Right: Kim Marie Fabean Katherine Melinda Farris Katie Sue German Honor Society: Pep Cluhg A- Blastg Chaloogic Clulmg Munchkin Clullg Young Life: .l.V. 81 Varsity Wrestling Teamg Ski Clubg Fluff Cluhg Lunch Committee Future Plans: College Michael ,los-:eph Fay Edward Wayne Ficklin .lohn Nieolaus Fini Patricia Marilyn Finter Hit-hard Vance Fisher Susan Dorathea Flack Thomas Francis Flanagan Stephen Anthony Fleger Steve Jr. 8: Sr. Honor Society: Mu Alpha 'l'hetag Science Cluhg Key Cluhg Ski Clulrg Senior Class Councilz, .l.V. Trackg Varsity Football Managcrg Chimney Painters Guildg S.S.C.C.C. Future Plans: Singer-Movie Star Andrea Jeanne Fleming S.C.A. Rep.: .l.V. 81 Varsity Cheerleaderg Sweetheart Court Rep.g Miss Annandale Contestantg Exchange Editor for A-Blastg Guidance Asst. Future Plans: Radiology Marie Kathleen Fletcher Cathy liynn Flournay l'atly Ann Forsyth llouglas Gregg Fowley Catherine Denise Fox From Left to Right: Janice L. Freund Jay Barton Friedrich Jr. Honor Society: German Club: Varsi- ty Gymnastics: Sr. Honor Society: Ger- man Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta: SenQ Class Council Future Plans: College Richard L. Fruchterman II Fruc Debate Team, Capt.: F.A.C.: S.C.A. Sen.: S.A.C. Rep.: Principal's Advisory Comm.: Harvard Book Award: VA Boy's State: Jr. Honor Soc.: Mu Alpha Theta: Who's Wliog Outstanding Teen Future Plans: William 8z Mary, Law Gene Lowell Funkhouser Funky J.V. 81 Varsity Baseball: Mag Drive Comm.: Homecoming Escort: Key Club: Young Life: Sr. Football Coach: Sr. Basketball Team Future Plans: College .lohn Alan Furlow Claudia W. Gaberman Linda Marie Gaines Steven Michael Galbraith Q Lisa Marie Gallagher James Forrest Gander Ganderson Sr. Honor Society, Pres.: Key Club: VP: Thesbians: Spanish Club 81 Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta: Frosh Foot- ball: Winter Track: A-Blast: Sr. Class Council: Jr. Cala.: Chimney Painters Guild: Filament Staff Future Plans: Duke, Oceanography or Law John Walter Gander Key Club: Sr. Class Council: Jr. Cabinet: Filament Staff: Set Sr Stage Crew: French Club: Ski Club: A.D.P. Asst. Future Plans: College Edgar Werner Garand Ellen Astrid Gastoukian S.C,A. Chairman of Activities: Keyette Sgt. at arms: S.A.C.: A-Blast: French Club 81 Honor Society: A-Capella: Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Society: Outstanding Teen: Ensemble Sec.: "Guys Sr Dolls": "Hello Dolly" Future Plans: College Randall D. Gaylor Karen Gentzel Bruce Robert George Seniors Enjoy Free Time From Left to Right: Frank Randolph Gibson Jeffrey Nelson Girard Anthony Paul Classford Sabrina Christine Coll David Lennox Gooding W Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Society: Nal'l. Merit Semi-Finalist: Symphonic 81 Marching Band: All-Regional Band: Youth Symphony and others Future Plans: Major in Music Marshall Brooks Goodman Moosh Key Club: ,I.V. Baseball: Mu Alpha Theta: Sr. Honor Society: Annandale Poker Club: Joy Boys: Jr.-Sr. Football 81 Basketball Future Plans: Cheap Shot Artist Deborah Anne Goodwin I Lynne Mary Grant li. .., 'S-Q., , 1 'Ni -.,,. --.,-Q v ,,...Aw1.,. f-ww. A 2 , , -we . ., ,,-, I5 - e lfvgjigfjigi 5 - 52 I Cheryl tells Patty to move her HZJSISWBI!! "Play il again Charlie!" 61 From Left to Right: Marion Elizabeth Green Maureen Nlicliclc Green Robert Patrick Grimesey Bob Freshman, ,I.V., and Varsity Football: ,l.V. Wrestling: ,I.V. Track 81 Fieldg Key Club: Antenna: Bob Brothers., Pres.: Sr. Class Couneilg Chimney Painters Union: Quill 81 Scroll: "The Fan- tastieksu: Jr. Class Cab. Future Plans: Playboy Bunny Edwin William Guilford, IV Ed Antenna, Photographer: A-Blast, Photographer Media Center Asst. James Robert Guill Judith Ann llarkett Mary Joanne Hackfortl "lVlahn" Spanish Club: l'ep Club: Guidance Ul- fiee Asst.: C.Y.O.g Young Life: Spanish llonor Sou-icty. Future Plans: Business Efluvation Gregory Charles Hafner .Iclfrey Larry Hagslrom Nlortsgah Freshman Wrestling: Freshman S1 ,I.V. Track: S.C.A. Rep.: Folk Group: Nl.Y.l".: Young Life: Bowling Club lfulure Plans: College: 'Travel Charlyn Ann llall Charlie fllouj jr. St Sr. Honor Society: lVlu Alpha Theta: Quill S1 Scroll: French Clubg A- Blastq .lr. Class Play: Ski Club: Chaloogie Clubg Swim Team: Conference Couneilg Young'e Future Plans: College Bonnie Kathryn llalsteatl John Robert Hamel lVlim-helle Vivky Hanvovk .lerry Anthony llansbrough Nancy Elizabeth llare Paula l,. llarrington From Left to Right: Dennis Clark Harris, Jr. Steven Glenn Harris Allison Scott Harrison Debra .lune Hart Debbie National Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta: German Club: Home Ee. Club: Drill Team: Lab Asst.: Miss Annandale Finalist Future Plans: B.S. in Nursing Donald Frederick llart Marion L. Harvey Robert Edward Hastey Hastey Man Young Life: .lr.-Sr. Basketball: Sr. Class Council: Ski Club, Tres.: Bob Brothers, VP: Chimney Painters Guild: S.S.C.C.C. Future Plans: Basketball Superstar Randy Scott Haun Jr. llonor Society: 'l'l1e:-zlmians: liigbl Crew for "How to Succeed . . ." and others. Fixture Plans: Biology Major William Roy Haynes Maureen Anne Healey Mo Jr. Honor Society: Senior Class Treas.: Kcyette Club: .l.V. 81 Varsity Basket- ball, and Softball: S.C.A. Rep.: C.C.D. Asst.: German llonor Society: Mgr. Basketball Intramurals Future Plans: Medicine Laura ,lean lleck Majorettes, Co-Captain, Captain: Keyettes S.C.A. Rep.: Jr. llonor Society: Sr. Class Council: l".A.C.: Young Lile: Swim Team: Model UN Future Plans: Oceanography, Biology Major Debra Lee Hendricks Concert Band: Office Asst,: Spanish Club: S.C.A. Rep.: Keyettes: Sr. Class Council: Spanish Honor Society. Larry Wayne Hensley Cerald Lee Henson Gerry Frosh., ,l.V. Sz Varsity Basketball: Key Club, Pres,: S.C.A. Cabinet: Principal's Advisory Staff: Homecoming Escort: Mag Drive Skits Future Plans: Physical Education Charles ll. Hollingsworth Hoot Frosb, ,l.V. 81 Varsity Football: ,l.V. Track: S.C.A. Rep.: Young Buck Club Future Plans: 'l'ootie Researcher Henry Reid Holt Hank Flagstaff High School Ski Team Future Plans: College, Wildlife Mgt. 'S' -ia . l .-..-.- 2 "Ft, ' ,- .J I 1 1, 1 " . - fi l ,, . V f '?" Y Hi . if , 4952 ff' :Q ' Q 25' , w . ,iss ,.f - 63 From left to right: Robert Monroe Anderson Honour Bob Frosh 81 .l.V. Wrestlingg Folk Music Cluhz, F.T.A.g A-Blast Cover Editor: Senior Class Council. Future plans: College, Social Welfare. Constance L. Hopkins Stephanie Hopkins Steph Frosh cheerleader, co-captaing Varsity gymnasliesg Biology assistant. Future plans: College. James E. Horne Stephen Charles Houlihan Susan Carmen Houser Janet Marie Hubble William Edward Hughes Il Susan Belinda Ingalls Denise Ann lnscoe Jr. 81 Sr. 'Honor Societyg Latin Honor Societyg Latin Club, Sec. 81 Tres.g Keyettcsg FHA, Treasurerg Young Lifeg Campaignersg Sr. Class Council. Future plans: Veterinary Medicine. Anna Maria Jacobson Gary Charles ,Iedlicka Robert Randolph Jefferson Marianne Virgin Jennings Bruce Charles .lerome jeffrey Louis John Exerylmrly loves Seniors . . especially Susan. From left to right: Edward William Johnson Charles Dietric Johnston Eric Daniel Johnston Mara Johnston Wendy Lynn Jones Paul Richard Jordan II A-Blast, co-editor-in-chiefg Foreign Al'- fairs Clubz, Quill and Scroll Honor Societyg SCA Cabinetg French Club: F.T.A.: WETA-TV, student staffz, SAC. Future plans: Baptist ministry. lrvin G. Kalenbrink III Rebecca Eileen Kays Q' I .lv ffm! ' From Left' to Right: Phyllis Ann Kennedy Timothy Mark Ketchum Kevin Daniel Kiely Charlie Brown Spring 81 Winter Trackg Theshiansg S.C.A. Rep.g UN Security Councilg "Born Yesterday" Future Plans: Seal Breeder William McKee Kier Freak Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Soph., Jr. 81 Sr. Class Pres.: Key ClulJ:, Area II S.A.C.g ,l.V. SI Varsity Trackg Boy's Stateg Chimney Painters Cuildg Who's Who Future Plans: Colgate University Dae Ho Kim Young Chol Kim Eric Edmonds Kirby James Michael Kosmos Alfred Christian Kraft Symphonic 81 Marching Bandg Squad Leaderg Jr. Honor Societyg Light-Crewg Band Pres.g Media Center Asst.g Pit Orchestra Future Plans: VPI, Mechanical Engineering Ann Marie Kraus Jr. Honor Societyg Spanish Honor Socie- tyg Antennag Asst. Ed., Filament Staffg Keyette Clubg Mu Alpha Thetag Miss Annandale Comm. Future Plans: Education Nancy Anne Kreber Geraldine Anne Lamm Jeffrey Eugene Landrum Jeff- Jr. Honor Societyg German Honor Society, V.P.: Mu Alpha Thetag Latin Clubg Thespiansg A Cappella, V.P.g "Guys 81 Dolls" and othersg Regional Choir Future Plans: DramafMusic Nancy Mary Langino Norman Walter Larson Gerald F. Laughlin, III 66 l From Left to Right: Paul Andrew Lautermilch Jr. Class VPg German Honor Societyg Float Comm.g Chimney Painters Guildg Nat'l. Letter of Commendationg Student Directory Future Plans: Environmental Engineer- mg Thomas Edward Lawall Lisa Louisa Lawo Kevin S. Lawrence .lohn Keddy Lee Diane Lynn Lesko A Latin Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetaz, Varsity Tennis Teamq Senior Class Councilg French, Latin Sz Fencing Clubg F.T.A.g Ski Clubg Antenna Staffg Young Life Future Plans: College Scott Folsom Leysath Deborah Christine Lilly Scott Peter Lindaman Freshman 81 ,l.V. Basketballg .I.V. SI Var. Tennisg Key Clubg Sgt.-at-Arms Ski Cluhg S.S.C.C.C.g Antennag Sr. Class Councilg C.Y.O.g Basketballg S.C.A. Rep. Future Plans: College Leslie Louise Lindholm Guidance Asst.:, V.0.T. Stuclentg Keyettesq Big Appleg F.B.L.A., Vice Pres. Future Plans: The pursuit of happiness Cheryl Ann Lindquist james Franklin Lipshultz Laura Elizabeth Lopes ,l.V. Cheerleaderg Varsity Cheerleading, Co-Captainr, Miss Annandale 19733 Soph. Class Secretary Future Plans: Nursing Major Gordon Michael Lauderhack Michael .lames Lucido Varsity Football 4 Years: All-Districtg All-Stateg All-Melropolitang All- American Kenneth M. Luhman., Jr. 'im -.: , Seniors . . . An Industrious Class From loft lo right: llolmcrl M. l.unflicn, jr. Mlvlwcl J. l.ysagl1l 'l'orl1l llorl gcr Nlm-Clinwns William Thomas M1-Garey Spots Key Club: Homcroorh Reprcsenlaliveg Nul'l. Mcril l.cllcr ol' Commenflalion. - l"ulurc plans: lVl1'Donalds' Nlanugcr. l ,lay Spam-cr MvGucrly 'l'l1omas Waller M4-lieu Nlurly Marie lVl4'll'lzu1us Daryl ,lon Nluvllollulrl From left to righl: Leslie Ann MacKinnon Colleen .loan Machennan Richard C. Mapp Jeffrey Scott Malovich Frosh, ,l.V., 81 Varsily Foolhallg Frosh Wrestling: ,l.V. llaseballg Homeroom Rep.: Key Cluhg Young Life. Future plans: Movie Star. s Noel A. Martin Mark A. Masingill Virginia Lee Maslaney Ginny Spanish Clubg Spanish Honor Societyg jr. Honor Socicly: F.B.L.A.q Girl's Track Tcamg Chess Cluhg C.Y.U. lfulurc plans: llncleciderl Laura .lean Mayer Clcnn Curlis Mearls Claude C. Melancon Ken Alan Mercer Kenny Varsity Basehallg S.C.A. Representaliveg l.ul1 Assislanl. Future plans: College, Business Ad- ministralion. Lisa G. Mickelson John Edward Micklewright Kallle Ellen Miller Terry Cilhcrl Miller Don Millicun -Q- From left to right: David Garrett Mistretta Dave Frosh ,IV Football, Marching Sz Symphonic Band, Pit Orchestra, Drum Major., Sports Editor, A-Blast, SCA Rep., nominee for Outstanding Teen, Young Life, Campaigners. Future plans: Undecided. George Allen Monch Symphonic 81 Stage Band, Pit Orchestra., All Regional 81 State Band. N.V. Youth Orch., DC Youth Orch. Future plans: Music. Michael Patrick Moore David Lee Mork Thomas ,l. Morris, ,lr. Robert Anthony Mosher Lynn Ann Mosson Christopher E. Mullen Chris Frosh, ,l.V., Varsity Football, Frosh Wrestling, Jr. Honor Society, Letter- man's Club, ,lr.-Sr. Basketball game. Future plans: Business Administration. Thomas Allen Murri Susan Elizabeth Myers Pep Squad, SCA Rep., Drill Team, Spanish Club, Young Life, Frosh and Girl's Chorus, Senior Class Council. Future plans: Dental Hygiene. james Owens Nash Timothy H. Nasworthy "Nas" Vice Pres. Soph. Class, Frosh, J.V., Var- sity Basketball, Frosh Football, .l.V. Track, Jr. Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta., 1973 Boy's State Delegate, Key Club, 1973 Mag Drive Chairman, 73-74 V.W. Golden Shift Award. Future plans: N.B.A. Referee. Mary Margaret Nelson Brian Nystrom Nield George C. Nolan Frosh Football, German Honor Society, Key Club, German Club, SCA, Young Life, Jr.-Sr. Football and Basketball Team. Future plans: President. Brenda Norman From left to right: Larry G. Norwood ,lohn Alan Novak Nlichael Joseph 0'Brien Janet L. Oliver Bridget Ann U'Neil lieyeltes, Spanish l-lonor Society, junior Honor Society, Young Life, ,l.V. 81 Var- sity Cheerleader. l"uturc plans: College. Michael Allen 0iNeil Patricia Anne 0'Neill Karen Louise Overgaarcl Justine Leigh Owen Senior Class Council. Future plans: Horse Management and Training. james Richard Owens Nancy Palermo Drill Team, Co-captain: Spanish Honor Society, Office Assistant, Senior Class Council, Young Life. Future plans: College, Airline Stewardess. David Allen Panicb james Brian Panoff J.B. Panoff Wrestling Team, Mgr. Var. Basketball. SCA Rep., Marching 81 Symphonic liand. A-Blast, Asst. Drum Major, Pit tlrchcstra, Young Life, Campaigners. Foreign Affairs Club, AMSEC. N.V. Regional Band. Future plans: College. Patricia Ann Park Patty lieycttes, Senior Class Council, Officc Asst., SCA Rep., French Club, Pep Squad, pres. Future plans: College. David Wallace Parker Dave J.V. Sr Varsity Baseball. lfnture plans: College, Coaching. 'l'eacl1i n g. Joann Parker ll.. Senior Varsity lfootball Players From l.el't to Right: Keith Alan Parker ,IV Cross Country 81 Indoor Track: Cont-ert Band: Key Club: Young Life: Marching Band Future Plans: Forestry and Wildlife Mgt. Wlary Catherine Patterson Cathy Jr. Sz Sr. llonor Society: German Club 81 Honor Soeietyg Antenna '74, Editor- in-Chief: Quill 81 Scroll: FTA: Sr. Class Count-il Young Life: Varsity Gym- nastics Team Future Plans: College ,luliane R. Patzer Peter Melvin Pels Sharon Perdue llonaleigh Perrine PCI' Pep Squad 8 Club: lieyette, VP: SCA Rep.: Uffiee Asst.: Freneh Club: "Atom llitsi' Varsity Basketball Statisties Of- fieial l"uture Plans: College ,laeque Sue Petersen Pep Club: .l.V. Softball 81 lloekeyg Var- sity lloekey, Softball 81 Tennis: Frcneh Club: llasketball Manager lfuture Plans: College, Career in Special lid. Gregory Thomas Peterson ':i,,,, A . ' fs 4 From lefl to right: Barbara Ann Pettit X Ylurgarcl l.. Phelps TVlirhael Plenlkn Mic-lmael J. Pilem-ki Jean Clunrlolle Pomeroy Deborah lone Powers Nlivlzuel R. Price Suzanne l.ei Privelle ,l.V. H01-key: Drill Team: Young Life: Sr. Clase-1 Council: SCA Rep.: Spanish Club: lnlramurals. Future Plans: College: Dental Hygiene. A-A: 'K +'. . l.uul'u mul llriflgul ul one ol' the t'lll1ll'l' gZiI1ll'S From Left to Right: David Albert Prye Six Pac Frosh, J.V., 81 Varsity Football: J.V. 81 Varsity Trackr, Mag Drive Skitg Chimney Painting, Donald Robert Prye Anne Jane Purcell Hoo Werner German Honor Socielyg Mu Alpha Thetag Jr. Honor Society: Chaloogie Cluh:, Young Life: Ski Clubg Antenna Staff - Managing Edilorg Gymnastics Teamg Varsity Wrestling Teamg Conference Councilg German Clubg Fluff Clubg Quill 81 Scroll. Future Plans: Special Education Merrill Stanto Quintrell Richard Joseph Rabil Kebe S.C.A. Reprcsentativeg Freshman, J.V., and Varsity Footballg J.V. and Varsity Basehallg Big Appleg Brother Studs. Future Plans: Gambler Kathryn Marlene Ragen Teresa Gay Ramsey Beth Elaine Randall Brenda Sue Ray Kathleen Patricia Rechin Kathi Freshman Chorusg Girls Ensembleg A- Cappellag Jr. Sr. Honor Societyg Pres. of Spanish Clubg Keyettesg All-Regional Chorusg Girls State - Alt.g Quill 81 Scrollg "How to Succeed"g A-Blast Editor. Future Plans: College Jacklvn Elizabeth Reed Jackie Jr. Sr. Honor Societyg Senior Class Councilg S.C.A. Rep.g Young Lifeg F.T.A.g Symphonic Bandg Marching Bandg All-Regional Bandg Inter- national Clubg A.Y.D. Future Plans: Speech Pathology Theresa Suzette Reedy Carole Lee Reeg Glenda Leith Reighard Judith Ann Reinert Susan J. Relton 'EI' E From Left to Right: .lonsie Linda Reynolds Mark Edwin Richards Robert James Richards Mark Gregory Richardson Mark Key Club: ,l.V. Baseball: Senior Class Council: St. Barnabas Youth Group: .loy Boys: Young Life. Future Plans: College, Architecture Jennifer Lyn Rickenbach Mary Lillian Ridgeway .lohn Fenna Roberts Kathaleen Elizabeth Roberts Rose Anna Ronsivalle Rosie Drill Team: Young Life: Campaigners: Front Office Assistant Future Plans: College Max Steven Rosen Bagel S.C.A. Rep.: Cross Country Manager: Track Manager: Tennis Team: V.P. Ski Club: Big Apple: S.S.C.C.C.: Chimney Painting Future Plans: Anthropology Patricia A. Rosete Julia M. Rottier Rebecca Lee Rowlands Becky Freshman Girls Chorus: Ensemble Choir: A-Cappella: ,I.V. Softball: Varsi- ty Hockey and Softball: Mu Alpha Theta: S.C.A. Rep. Future Plans: College, Nursing Stephen Joseph Rubio Nancy Jo Russo Ensemble Choir: "How to Succeed": Jr. Si Sr. Honor Society: A-Cappella: Delegate to Va. Girls State: Cross Coun- try Mgr.: Jr. Class Sec.: Student Ad- visory Council: Church group Sec. and Pres. Future Plans: Hardin-Simmons Voice- Ed. Major Pamela Marie Rust .755 0 Seniors Spon or Sadie Hawkin l From left to right: Mark Sibley Ryan Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Theta: SCA Callinetg SAC, County Member: Varsity Soccer: Spanish Honor Society. Future plans: Medicine. William Allan Sanders Bill ' Frosh, j.V. 81 Varsity Football. Future plans: Electrician. Jonathan R. Scharfcn Lucile Ann Scherer Lucy Girls' Track: SCA Rep.: Senior Homecoming Rep.g Miss Annandale L' Contestant. Future plans: College, l Dental Hygiene. l Karen Schnepp Lisa Aflele Searles Laura Elaine Sellars Richard C. Sennctt, Jr. ' "ff '- 2 : 'HRW' 'r Q. . . XS. 'd'kv:"3 -:ii x 'ie' ' 'Xi' "" I . .Aa N, ,,,. , .,,. I , - , . ,' fy f..."-migzi ,fl Kyla-'5 I . V 7 .1 ,, ' -. ' ,X , M 5 , amide .gat 4. LV flgkffx fax. M 1 1 -' - . 'N " ' A-,,. . 1EfifV'F.. . . , . Y l. f uwvxg, 1 ,-7,1 '. -' ,w .- mi. L ...Q A - ' ' i ' - ff?" lan- w.i1kl.aa.'Thb -3 . ' , f P' A 1' .."- 'fm' - .a I . .jr . f .. 56555: ,V N gs. k-A. 2 X. J QX ' . 4 Al. . ' A ,gt , lg. w - .2 , -. -w. g- f. -- li! 1, .-.vihlh rr'-1rQrua 5 . ,I X- -1 f f Y-- X' -a. ,Zi , .ann f'4""- - 1 gn, , , - ', LFC L N' . 2, ,gk V :XX .K . A .QV x , f t X x , . ' f X l l . li a . f I C - f ' -r i' -X . ' , . .2 Q Q' n SM A l lei' , ' Tx.: 2. ag.. 4 'lx' - .' , Y .. .fe Lrg 4- 1 V . fi:1f.,,ff: -Mu ar it ag l All"5. ."'.' f:":fl- ' EL- " wil ' 1-' T aq? fl' .f if ' 7' fl Q l 7512.4 3 ' - X 5 .N-vF"' 3gQa,-gt . A - , f 'Q '.:-'E'! J1!: - L' 1 , . , Q n - X. .. . i i X if I in ,, l j , 45" ' .AI .-, ' f gg-:Ir , ' . mg? , I jf- .fl ji-'i-if ' Lff' vi K 76 "Hou cy Bags Mo" liooziu' liullclics. tlllll1'k Hollingsworth and Chris Nillllcn From left to right: ,lacquelyn M. Seskey Cheryl Ruth Settlemyer T.T. SCA Rep.g Keyette, Pres.g Interclub Councilg Young Lifeg English Asst.g Chaloogie Clubg Sr. Class Councilg Fluff Club. Future plans: Beach. Cynthia Shearer Anthony Warren Sharp Tony ,l.V. 81 Varsity Cross Countryg Indoor Track: Spring Track 81 Fieldg Stage Bandg Sr. Class Council. Future plans: Forestry. Sherrille Ann Sheffield Mary Margaret Sheldon Robert Nathan Shell Debra Kay Shelton Debbie Senior Class Vice Pres.g Girls' Stateg Nominee for Outstanding Teeng Symphonic 81 Marching Bandg Senior Honor Societyg California Scholarship Fed.g Drill Team. Future plans: College, Underwater Basket Weaving. Gregory Dean Short Wesley Barrett Shull, Jr. Mary C. Silva Sharon Gail Silvey Larry Edgar Skelton Gary David Slaiman Don Harrison Slee JV 81 Varsity Footballg Varsity Indoor Track: Varsity Baseballg Mu Alpha Thetaq Grade 'A' Egging Club. Future plans: Ornithological Research 81 Development. Rebecca Louise Sly From Left to Right: Phil William Small Small Phil Carla Marie Smith Dale Richmond Smith Rebecca Guilford Smith Stephen Anthony Smith William R. Smith Roger Louis Snaman Anita Kay Snelson Karen Elaine Snider Freshman Girls Chorusg Girls Chorusg Pep Cluhg French Clubg Young Lifeg Mu Alpha Thetag Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Socie- tyg Clinic Assistantg Tri-Hi-Y Future Plans: College Armand A. Sonneck Laney Spigner, Jr. Spig Varsity Baseball: Varsity Foollmllz, ,I.V. Basellallg Latin Clull Future Plans: llistory Major Eleanor Louise Spriggs john Francis Stanton Jared .lohn Stapor Thomas Alexander Stavovy Carol Ann Steele From Left to Right: Barbara Steeley Ronald Raymond Stoner .leffrey Stowe Georgia Kimman Sutton Margaret R. Swann Connie Sue Swartzwelder Connie Sue Senior Class Sec.g "Guys and Dolls"g "The Veldt"g Class Councilg Young Lifeg Girls Field Hockeyg F.T.A.g Ski Clubg Fencing Clubg Chaloogie Club: Y.C.D. Program Future Plans: College and good times Robert Marvin Sykes Uncle Bob Freshman Wrestling: .l.V. Foothallg .l.V. and Varsity Trackg Treas. ol' Key Club and Bob Brothersg Marching Bandg A.H.S. Brass Choirsg A-Cappellag Symphonic Band Fixture Plans: Music ,lohu joseph Szarek Karen Leigh Teichler Homecoming Court, Soph., Jr. and Sr: yearg Jr. Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Miss Annandale Contestantg S.C.A. Cab.g Senior Class Councilg Marching Bandg ,l.V. Hockey Future Plans: Psychology Douglas Ward Test Jeanine Rae Thiede Jr. 81 Sr. Honor Societyg Spanish Honor Socictyg Ensemble 81 A-Cappella Choirsg Guidance Asst. Future Plans: Secretarial Work Kathleen Diane Thomas Antenna Staffg Keyettesg Young Lifez, Campaigners. Future Plans: College Mark Stephen Thomas Betty J. Thompson Gary Neil Thompson Debra Lee Tinsley From Left to Right: Glenn Wayne Tobias "The Bush" Frosh Footballg Jr. Class Pres.g S.S.C.C.C.g Antenna '73, Asst. Ed.g Antenna '74, Ed.-in-Chiefg A-Cappellag Quill 81 Serollg S.C.A. Rep.:, Journalism Awardg A-Honor Rollg Youth Ed.g Nation-Wide Jesus Paper Future Plans: Bible College-Youth Pastor Creigh Charles Tompkins James T. Toye III A ,lim Frosh Football 81 Wrestling: ,l.V. Track 81 Wrestlingg Varsity Gymnaslivsg Folk Clullg "Guys 81 Dolls":, Key Club: Senior Class Council: Young Lifeg Cam- paigners Patrick James Travy Debra Gail Turner George ll. Turner Rirliard Wayne Twombly Christine Ann Ulanski Lynn Jane lltegaard Varsity Gymnastics, 3 yrs.g Cheerleader 4 yrs.g Jr. Honor Society 1 Future Plans: College, Phys. Ed. Major Robert Bruce Vance Stephen Robert Vangiesen Scot Vantine Ann Elizabeth Velesz Toni Viola Teresa ,lean Vivadelli james Lawrence Wade "'l'l1c Bob Brother From, l,cl't to Right: Frank Lee Waller Lissa June Waller Colleen Katherine Walsh jr. llonnr Soeictyg N lloc-key. Softball and Asst. Future Plans: College Donna ,lean Walters R. David Ward Wendy Ellen Wiering Alun Stuart Wcakley Haskell, :II t x m an Jr. S Sr. Honor Soeictw Mull ll 1 Symphmnie Band: Hcnscllaer Award for Nat'l Merit Seholarshi Future Plans: College Ann Louise Weigler Beth June Wciglcr Calvin Douglas Welch Fred Allan Whiddon Donald White Math K S1 unc 6 l v bn lm l In llINl u From Left to Right: David Bradley While Elaine Denise White Sharon Lee White S.C.A., Rep. 2 yrs., Sec., Assembly Com- mittee: S.P.T.A. Student Rep.g Mag Driveg Pep Squadg Drill Team - Co- caplain, Sec.-'l'reas.g V-Tram-kg Girls ln- tramuralsg Gym Asst.: F.T.A. - Pres.g llome Ee Clull - l'res.q Senior Class Council: Young Life Future Plans: Major in Home Ec. Barbara Ann Whitwam Shelley Page Whiddicomli Shelley Pep Clubg French Cluhg Freshman Girls' ChorusgF.'l'.A.,Career Develop- ment Workshop Future Plans: College Roland F. Wilkinson, Jr. lilane Alan Williams Diane Elizabeth Williams Lisa Ann Williams Susan Kelly Williams Junior Ilonor Socictyg Nat. Senior llonor Society: ,l.V. and Var. llockeyg ,I.V. and Var. Basketball: Varsity Sult- lxallg Varsity Tennisg Young'e: Antenna Staff '74 Future Plans: College Susan Virginia Williams .lean Carol Willis Carol Miss Annandale Courlg Senior Class Playg Northern Virginia Dance Co.: A Cappella: Enscmhleq Model UNL Danny Fan Cluli mcmlierg Deliuteg S.C.A. Rep. every term since 2nd gradeg Chaloogic Cluhg Voice Lessons Future Plans: College and to have a lnusli like Glenn 'l'oliias james C. Wineman David ,lohn Witschie Michael Patrick Witter Paula Anne Womlnle From Left to Right William llavitl Woodson .lames l". Wooten Joseph Michael Wooten Lynn Ann Worden Donald 'l'. Worthington "Worthless" Symphonia' Band: Marching Band: Convert liandg Regional lianrlq Young Life: lieology Club, i'rcs.g Bits ill Pieces: lianrl Manager: Archaeology Seminar: junior Honor Society: Cum- paign Clean Water: A.M.S.E.C.g Stu- rleut Manager, Concession Stanilg Latin Club Future I lans: College l ,lumlitli U. Worthington NlillIl't't'll Yauo Nlililretl Angela Yoast Scott lf. Young Stephen M. Young l'eter ll. Yu Mia-Inu-l Htl Zaborowski Patricia Ann Zikowitz Patti liquestrian lllubg Pep Cluhg German Club: Folk Club: Girls Chorusg Girls linsembleg Young Life Kevin liflwartl Zetna Robert Louis little Stephanie Anne Zushin Stevie Nat. Junior llonor Soeietyg llonor lloll: Nlu Alpha 'Flu-tag Keyetlesq Russian Clubg C.Y.U.g S.C.A. llep.g Miss Annan- rlale Court: Senior Class Couneilg l'cp Squaulg I973 llomem-oming Committeeg Young Life Future Plans: College, Aeeounting qcinty ll 55 1 D .-,--'- gl NN v . . S A ' 1' 1 diff.. "-' 'Tim 'f' H., ,. , J -, .. . M .,,:..., 5 ....::.r ' Q' 1 ' o 'bat' .i-1 ' C 'll 1 LA' -5: 3."- . - 1:--,f - r .-v '- n Q. 73- . s ' - . VW Zf ,f 1 I I ' 4 '- D-Z 'J' I " Z x . J, ', lk , sl t ,N ,-1 I I y 1:-,...,:1 lv T, Nx ,qi . ,gfj ' n ".v'J bu...-.p-'f " I ', :I x s .l SSN gi J l .I , ,za sa. ' ' 5 0 I . . I il K laik, ' J f" f -X X ij'11z-1 OQQOW eo . A T izif- 'HV U ' ,ikiiul 'ff - .. ' U1 2- wha An n .. '51 Q . ' I V af O .1 ' ' Q. Z, Mk 1' " ' W '-H 'I 'TT' A rs X A xx My , U 4:1 'W W 9 I Q iff 526436 1 , 4, .rs "' +P I V 6' 1- 5 .n 2 I 3 ' Q A ,J Q 2 ' 1 sf 1 , ' . f "'3fQQQfi-Lflff' i i fi 'jf T F ,,..,j"' X e If T151 " 1 1' '11, I 'Q " " A ,nl ' .fx 1 . 5 , .Q J' 'fs' 'J , m ,- AJ. I . 55 ,ir fl? " -v-,Q 'V P x V .f 2 fs 1 1 f so 1 Ends In the summer of 1970 starting running back Bruce Belanger injured his leg and the Atoms were forced to start a freshman in the first game of the season. That night was a night many will never forget as that number 44 broke away for several long runs and showed an amazing knack for breaking tackles. That young man was Mike Lucido. He would end the year with a total of 883 yards gained and several All-District honors. He continued his amazing career into his sophomore year as he scored 98 points and rushed for 1,387 yards, This was enough to persuade the Washington Star to name him Offensive Player of the Year. 1972 proved to be the year of the Lucido as Mike poured it on with a phenomenal 1,636 yards gained and 120 points scored to lead the Atoms to the Virginia AAA State Title. It was also enough to bring him Player of the Year honors in both the Star and the Washington Post. with 8-2 Season. This year Mike had to pick up the slack for the Atoms weak passing attack. For this reason every time the Atoms got ahead by decent margin Coach Hardage, rather than risk injury to him, would give Mike a breather. On the other hand Coach Dick Pugh of Woodson enjoyed seeing his star running back Mel Collins run over people. fEven when the score was lopsided.J As a result Collins outscored and out- gained Mike in his senior year to take away the honors that should have been his. Despite this, Lucido did end the season with 1,290 yards gained and 94 points scored. What's more is that he did make All-American and set records during his four year purge that will be around for quite a while. It is for those 5,196 yards gained, 340 points scored and that 6.1 yards per carry average that his jersey number., 44, was retired. And it was for those four years of excitement that the Antenna Staff of 1974 would like to ex- tend it's felicitation to Micheal James Lucido. Au ust 13, Practice ens with Theme J, I- , - I -3 , X.. ,..'. 7.-'-I, ,H ' A, ff. 1 ' ' - .-,N I fx' - - " r ,ff mls jg f T0 many Pe0Ple, including some of lf-fl I Li i' ' ll"'l'V' Annandale's own students, 1973 was " going to be a rebuilding year for the Atoms. The players had a different H idea, as 156 candidates showed up at ' ractice to prove them wrong. At the Beginning the work was hard, but 1, most were in excellent condition so f, A injuries were low and the spirit was 1 , '- high. After a week the Atoms went on dis- K I play in the annual intersquad scrim- , mage. The final score was 0-0, but it , w'i. V N marked the beginning of Sophomore 7, 'iz' Bill Dobson"s reign as starting QB. Bob Delaney pushes the beloved 2-man sled. From here the Atoms went on to - scrimmage T. C. Williams and Lane. In the Williams scrimmage, the , , Atoms fplaying without Mike Lucidoj won 7-0 on a fumble recovery that , i resulted in a touchdown by Jeff Belue. The Lane scrimmage was no contest as the Atoms won easily 36-0. The Atoms could now look ahead to Stuart. The roster was now at 55 and all of them wanted nothing less than being State Champions once again. Bob Crimesey pulls left as Dayle Ash blocks down. Sully about to catch pass. First Row, from left: Dale Babione, Pat Tracy, Dave Prye, John Novak, Mike Lucido, Dave Mork, Mike Witter, Brian Mullin, Rick Rabil, Art White, Mike Brown, Bob Grimesey, Dennis Quesenberry,Dave Kreber. Second Row: Dick Adams, Don Pisciotta, Peter Payne, Mark Sullivan, Joe Kroger, Jim Carayiannis, Chris Mullen, Lou Bonato, Phil Brockway, Bob Freind, .Iohn Daly, Rick Fisher, Bob Delaney, Jeff Malovich. Third Row: Phil Harmon, Pat McGill, Don Hart, Bill Dobson, Ron Novak, Tim Ketcham, Bill Sanders, Bill Robinson, Bob Bowen, Jim Harris, Eric Anderson, Dayle Ash, Scott Lawrence, Jeff Belue. Fourth Bow: Harrison Watkins, Frank Tatum, Chuck Hollingsworth, Bob Tedesco, Kevin Patton, Scott Vantine, John Hughes, Lane Spigner, Tom McDonald, Ed Zaborowski, Don Slee, Mike Zaborowski, Tom Oliver. 'QT Atoms pen 1973 Season with Sweet Revenge ver ,I.E.B. Stuart 14-6. On a rather chilly September night in 1972 the J.E.B. Stuart Raiders defeated the Annandale Atoms 22-21. The Stuart fans were ecstatic. They swarmed onto the field screaming, "We're number li" The players themselves went crazy, throwing their helmets in the air, jumping around and carrying their coach on their shoulders. Yes it was the highlight of the year for them and they weren't afraid to admit it as they put the final score of the game on the front of their yearbook. All the Atoms did was shake it off and win the Virginia State Title. They never forgot the humiliation of the year before, however, and on September 7., 1973 they returned the favor. It was a very warm night with temperatures in the upper 70,s. The temperatures of the Atom football players couldn't be read on any scale, however, as each was sky .. N wif fm, , hfiztww , . . A H lf' yr- ' 1' Ln- fiflgfgii . f Zia :vt -swefgfs -'se iii , ,,- .A wig- 1 -j.,Y.,vf.v.-, 4 N Y V ' - f,2ri'tl?, .f ,, .' U fa'-' Q' 'lk fi' . i .filers Q. '-f gfgfi-Q31 , ...Y 'V-Girl! ,- ty gm -gsfiis' . .1 , i -. - is E gg if gi id? 1 f i n .ff-Six' . Stuart linebacker about to get it from Dick Adams. high to murder the Raiders. Despite this the Atoms got off to a bad start. This was due almost entirely to mistakes caused by the over anxiousness of the defense and nervousness on the part of Sophomore Quarterback Bill Dobson. As a result the Raiders led 6-0 at the half. But oh how sweet it was when the Atoms came out in the se- cond half. The defense mauled Stuart runner Ray Friday and the Atom offense ran over their defense with fantastic blocking and the power running of, who else, Mike Lucido. It was this plus three very timely interceptions by Dale Balmione and Jeff Belue, that led the Atoms to possibly their sweetest victory of 1973. A giant hole opens as Bill prepares to hand off. Edison Next Victim 28-6. Phil 81 Don bruise a poor Eagle. The second game ofthe year involved the Atoms and the Eagles of Edison High School. Prior to the game Mr. Hardage said ". . . all they have to do is knock off the BIG RED and you won't hear anything more about poor old Edison!" He was absolutely cor- rect. The Eagles came to win. How unfortunate! When it was all over they had been smashed by a superior football team 36-6. The tense moment before the snap. I-Iardage's Alma ater Learns Hard Way. Way back in the anals of time our fearless leader Coach Bob Hardage played quarterback for the Mt. Ver- non Majors. Since then he has op- posed them many times and never been beaten. This time proved no ex- ception as the Atoms exploded in the fourth quarter to squash Mt. Vernon 38-14. The fourth quarter surge of 20 points was led by a John Novak in- terception that he carried 66 yards for a touchdown and a sparkling 37 yard run for a touchdown by Dave Prye. Lucido blasts his way for a short gain. Anderson., Bowen, and Pisciotta put the crunch on Mt. Vernon kick returner. Atoms Tune Up for Robinson with. . The Falls Church Jaguars had not won a game at this point but amazingly had two things going for them. One was that the Atoms had never won at the new Falls Church High and two was the Atomis sloppy play that night. This made no difference., however, as the Atoms Patton looks for runner. simply shook off their errors and coasted to a 31-7 victory. The game was in the long run, very fruitful for two main reasonsg one., the Atoms in seeing their errors got tuned up for the upcoming showdown with Robin- son and two, Mike Lucido gained 194 yards. Eric gets another sack. . . 1 -7 Rout Dave Prye runs for daylight. attle of Undefeateds Results in 17-7 Convincing of Robinson. Kevin Patton and Phil Harmon stop Ram's john Lample for no gain. Q Atoms Big Enemy, gjlp ge N At this point Woodson, T. C. Williams, Marshall, Robinson and the Atoms were the only undefeated teams remaining in the Northern Region. October 5th proved to be a night that would see at least one of the streaks brought to a halt as Robinson paid a visit to Annandale. The game got off to a slow start with most of the action taking place in An- nandale territory. Despite this the Atoms went in at the half with a 7-0 lead by way of a 15 yard Mike Lucido touchdown. The second half picked up a bit as the Rams came out and scored right off. Later in the third quarter Art White made good on a 26 yard field goal and the Atoms seemed to come alive. From then on one could sense who was in command as the Atoms con- trolled the ball and capitalized on their scoring opportunities to win 17- 7. ,i,'A"w -T ,L F ., 1: use rms-- ,i 7, v ii, U , ' M f N R .1 W - i"' M' Y 'W if f J w -j W J J e -. was ,,,,.a4,-., .,. . . , - in hut ut of Cross Town Rivals, Jefferson. ' 'i-bt vm? il '-35 X ,psi s.. M: figs' , 2-7 X X. ,aj ljff-.32 4. A g avg.-Vf ' f, 'x:'3:q4f ' - , ff y ar -,-. - 1, atgszfiai 12" -' 4,yA.5' -if.: r 6,,tg35,i3ff3,,, if-if ,gi X-.11 Q .RQ Q 'Wa ' - sq- 1'1- is is Ssfsfifsrtl ' W J. if' , 1 . Lgr ,z .1.',.-. . 1 1, u ,I ,V V. 5,-ft, Aj,,5rs,2cL:g'- . gf : 5,1 lg 5255 :fi-vii A ' ' -'1f12r3Q.f11'afiT:l' me it my '74'S'ES'rs , -' -1 fa' -fql'-grae' .ggi 'U-11.5 VH 'l21'z5'c"j.1'5 gtg ,jf Y, ig'-'j-1t,fw...' Yyrigimfhte-ff,5s'1kgw'Q,'f5GQsp,,,s4aa. Q55-f . .-- ,Q sig H QS532sifF.'5'sisf..,.9f11i.2lLW?f::siffsiwf,...w'1 Lou, Bob and Scott hold that line. In a game in which running backs., Mike Lucido, .lamey Carayiannis, and Dave Prye gained over 280 total yards rushing the Atoms won 21-0. As a whole the game was a disappoint- ment as the Atoms were plagued by numerous turnovers and could only muster -9 yards in the air. It would be the first shut out for the BIG RED on the year, but the defense had known better performances. The reason for the sudden mediocrity was un- doubtedly overconfidence on the part ofthe Atoms. Once the team got over this handicap, however, the game was really no contest and the Atoms chalked up win number 6. It takes 7 of themlto tackle Mike. School Spirit Helps Atoms to Trounce Herndon for Homecoming, 31-10. Chuck and Lou help Mike to gain 5. Until this point the football team could not be moved by the little sup- port shown at pep rallies. The reason being that they were always held at sunrise and even if a player could get there he would seldom witness much enthusiasm. But how things do change! At a pep rally held between 2nd and 3rd periods the su port was fantastic. lt was this spirit aijong with Bill Dob- son enjoying his best night passing that gave the BIG RED the kick that was needed to win the 1973 Homecoming Game over Herndon 31-10. N Bandits squash some poor soul. Wakefield Learns Wh . November 2 Now Becomes D-Da Y Pb Scavenger Jeff Belue returns interception. Babione returns punt. Gerald sees a headache coming on. Mike is off to the races. 42:3 i VT' I7 . . ,T-Y. .,,, fc- Qsj' ln what was called by Coach Hardage as, "'. . . our best all around effort this year," the Big Red Machine toppled the Wakefield Warriors 10-0. The game marked the end of Wakefield's hope for a playoff berth and was the Atom's 18th straight vic- tory bringing their record to 8-0 on the season. The game was characterized by the almost inhumane slaughter of anybody that laid hands on the foot- ball. The Atoms prevailed due to the area's finest defense. It was this defense, led by signal callers Don Hart and Mike Witter, that stopped Wakefield star running back Gerald Kemp to little or no yardage time and time again. The only scores came on another in the long line of Arthur White field goals and a one yard touchdown plunge by Bill Dobson behind the "hold" of toughian Dick Adams. This was all that was needed, though, as the fighting Atoms prepared to meet the W. T. Woodson Cavaliers Q8-01 in game of the century. Wh Lord? The stage was set. Close to 20,000 people were in the stands, many more listening on the radio. There were two teams, one blue, one white. The blue team was the challenger, they were jumping around and hitting each other to get ready for the game. The white team was poised, they had gone this road before, for they were the defending Virginia State football champions. The blue team scored very early. The white team took the ball down to a first down and goal to go situation at the blue team's five yard line, but failed to score. This did something for the blue team. They now believed they could win and win they did, 28-14. After 18 straight victories and a State Championship it was all over. The Annandale Atoms would not repeat, would not go undefeated, would have to accept being second best. Some of them cried, most waited until they got home then cried and others just went into a state of shock. Anyway one looks at it though, each member was crushed emotionally. What happened? Some blame the Coach, some point the finger at the at- titude ofthe players, and still others try to pinpoint certain plays. The truth is, is that the blue team played a 99'Zn perfect football game. They had one fumble fafter a 40 yd. runj and one penalty. The white team played only a 90'ZJ perfect game and the result was one that will not soon be forgotten. Atoms Worst Effort Brings More isery 1 2-0. The coaches did all that was possible to revive the spirit that was prevalent prior to the Woodson game. It was to no avail, however, and the Atoms went out and beat themselves 12-0 in a game against Fairfax. There was no question that Annandale was the better team physically, but when a great number of individuals lose the fun of the game and just plain don't give a damn then they don't deserve to win. It was without a doubt the worst An- nandale effort in 4 years and did it show. There were enough interceptions, fumbles, and penalties to about out- number the total yards gained. What a way for the Seniors to say "Adios" to Anpandale football, a loss to Fairfax! Again the final score Fairfax 12, Annandale 0. ' Sign of the times: Turnovers! Eight Wins and Two Losses s Good, But So Is Kissing Your Twin Sister! To think back on 1973 the normal reaction would be to get sick to the stomach. The reason is, that the Atoms came so close but were so far away. With a record of 8 wins and no losses there were thoughts of a second straight State Title in the minds of just about everybody. Suddenly the Atoms lost a game that wasn't really beyond grasp and fell apart. As a result the "Big Red" lost to lowly Fairfax and the season went to pot. So many will say, "Why not be happy with an 8-2 record?,' The reason is there is too much pride at Annandale to accept anything less than being number one. What can be remembered then, from the 1973 football Ki fb 3 season? Beating T. C. Williams in a scrimmage, getting revenge over Stuart, beating Robinson, Gerald Kemp, com- ing home from Wakefield singing "Wooeeoo", chewing tobacco, atomic balm, "root hog or die", throwing Quese out without any clothes on, being number 1 for awhile, Mel Collins, the Woodson fans singing "Hey, Hey, Good-bye", "the squeak ol' toughness", and much, much more. With all this there are also things to look forward to. Such as 26 returning lettermen, good J.V. and Freshman players coming up and the ever present return of Coach Hardage. With this combination plus the great amount of spirit amongst this years underclassmen it looks like the cry "All the way to state!" will return in 1974. 1 Jltjcfl egg: . . . Puts It Together for 5-1-2 Season. Annually the Annandale High J.V. football team had been known as a pushover amongst Northern District op- ponents. This seemed to change, however, in 1971 when Coach Dave Carter took the helm. The improvement paid off this year as the Atoms finished with a 5-1-2 season. The team was sparked by an excellent defense led by Juniors Mike Coyne and Bruce Fox, and a passing attack which featured many fine wide receivers and quarterback Terry Brown. The team provided eight very exciting Thursday nights for their fans as they went un- defeated until dropping the season finale to Fairfax. So as a result Annandale fans can look for another excellent Varsi- ty team in 1974. Defense prepares to fire off against Falls Church. Atoms 28 J.E.B. Stuart 7 Falls Church 0 Robinson 13 ,l.E.B. Stuart 20 Jefferson 38 Wakefield 6 Woodson 7 Fairfax OPP 0 3 0 7 8 6 6 16 Atoms offense blasts out against Wakefield. First Row, from left: Walt Kreitler, ,lim Slahetka, Gray Payne, John Harmon, Bruce Mork, Gordon Ferris, Terry Brown, Mike Vance, Tim Lacey, Mark Payne, Mike Coyne, Ron Ferris, Mark Friener, Mark Budsock, Rick Melia, Frank Kapper, Jeff Smith, Bill Spitzel, Paul Wellman, Danny Brown, Gene Fiorazo, Kevin Neary, Rick Fisher, Greg Kallock, Mark Boger, Tom Hunt, Tim Witter, Mike Hickey, Mike Robinson, Dana Reeves, Ken Loomis, Jim Thompson, Bill Edgar, Brian Smith, Mack Walker, Chris Landrum, Jim Steckbeck, Tim Duvall, Bruce Fox, Doug Kirby, Rick Renzi, Doug Dunn, Steve Houseworth, Tim Wieland, Bob Mella, Mike Marzac, Paul Manning, Charlie Finger, John Dever. Frosh A 9 0 alton s Flrst Season Am... 0 Falls Church 24 ' Proves Successful. Robmm 6 .l.E.B. Stuart 32 Jefferson Since about 1960 Mr. Wallace Bolding had been the 16 Woodson Freshman Football Coach at Annandale High School. 1973 12 FHiI'f8X was the first year since that time that he had not. The man in charge this time was Mr. Charles Walton and with this Fmsh B man behind the wheel the Baby Atoms enjoyed an ex- cellent season, finishing 4-1-1 on the A level and 4-0 on the Atoms B level- so Falls church The defense was strong, allowing only about 5 points per 14 Robinson game, and the offense, after a slow start, came to life and 14 Fairfax averaged about 16 points a game. 22 Marshall 13, ', IW. Q , - 44 I. - . 1, Ax. Opp. 14 0 6 6 6 0 OPP 6 6 0 6 First Row, from left: Thomas, Gullette, Davis, Ketchum, Schnorf, McDonald, Bell, Laltimer, Harney, Corcoarn, Kirkwood, Shankle, Dorland. Second Row: Turner, Bush, Clarke, Wendt, Farmer, Zink, Dendelheck, Doster, Steckbeck, Gross, Miles Findling, Osborn. Third Row: Houck, Turman, Kody, Bilko, Tamariz, Sheperd, Mella, Goldman, Johnson, Buckries, Albert Downey, Parris, Quesenherry. Fourth Row: Thompson, Goode, Angell, Grafton, Lamb, Northrup, Rider, Wrenn, Clements Morris, Anderson, Orso. Fifth Row: Gracza, Hilliard, McDonald, Reeves, Hipsley, Duvall, Shoop, McNaughton, Gaspari, Ham- monds, Saunders, Tedesco, O'Donald, Hughes. Q 1 -1 The Atoms drive on Woodson. The big summit. Don Albert cuts the corner. Cross Countr Takes 2nd in District The 1973 Annandale High Cross Country team enjoyed yet another successful season as they ran to a 5-1 record. From here the team placed second in the District meet and sixth in the Regional meet. The Atoms were led, as was the case for the two previous years, by John Szarek, a senior, who over his three year career helped to carry the Atoms to many a victory. Although Szarek was a very necessary part of the squad, the team also highlighted five juniors and a sophomore. With that many underclassmen returning next year and that kind of record this year, the Annandale High Cross Coun- try team should be a strong contender for the 1974 Northern Region Crown. The squad Hams il up at Williamsburg. My,- wg, J "1,J"mEiL 'W lm Here comes the "Big Recl"l The start of the Great Warrior Whomp FVVV 'Ww- -ES as , . - First Row, from left: Jim Cooper, Mike Vitcz, Nancy Russo, Brian Murphy, Bob Blakemore, Phil Young, John Szarek, Mark Sohasky, Tony Sharp, Bagel Rosen. A p. N0 it V9 7 f Y, is f X 2 'J if l , t I fi ix J 'V x A . i it I wiv Pls 1 I . ff ,lim Rulis loves running! First Row, from left: Doug Barry, ,lim Rulis, Dan Kellogg, John Moore. Second How: Tony Sharp, ,lim Bacon. Ray Thompson, Tom Stavovy, Chris Peterson. Junior arsity Posts 3-3 Record Atoms 1973 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Opp. 39 Woodson 23 26 Falls Church 33 22 Jefferson 33 16 Wakefield 39 16 J.E.B. Stuart 38 23 Fairfax 36 Fairfax County Meet Seventh Place No. District Meet Second Place No. Regional Meet Seventh Place 1' ' 2 time district winner Szarek takes the lead against Wakefield. 'I :F A-ei -n . A-wat 1 Girls? G17 61633637 I V?" ' 'T-.Q VJ' F KX 5 4 4-15 J 'fl Q 1, " - l ., . bl V 1 fi we sw - gnu e' 53234.-':f"71 A i if --f A x- '.fm:ff'fu:'g1eg-1 , ,rf -' 1 1 . L E . .,,-wg -rmala.s.'fwEf1ia'aZfZn.. Q. The ,IV Squad waits to play. Donna readies for a free shot. i 6181? iii ginger' In ei ii ,.-- , V 1 snags inn! -- ----fm 'v- mid Q Qian .. inns! I H' in ll f.:':.'-'T-T f--'-'-JT.-T. I QF' 0-D Q ' The opponent is left behind. Lili' 6-war: All-9 Pam watches the ball. The players listen to the coach before the game. -is .-1 i-iiii K Front, from left: Asst. Coach, Laura Hogan. First Row: Diane Darling, Donna Omori, Sue Frulla, Susan Colpitts, Chris Costello, Susan Deremer. Second Row: Coach Peters, Managerg Judy Costello, Peggy Fisher, Diane Smith., Kitty Hughes, Pam Hommas, Susan Grainer, Coach Buck. Fourth Row: Margaret Philleo, Becky Rowlands. arsit Coach Peters, Co-captains, Becky Rowlands, Maggie Philleo, Coach Buck. The Varsity Hockey Team ended another successful season with a record of 5 wins and 3 losses. Winning against Jefferson, Stuart, Falls Church, Fairfax and Fort Hunt, their only losses were posted against Langley, Robinson, and Woodson. The team has high hopes for next year as all players except center- forward, Becky Rowlands will be retur- ning. -" , A ' - .Y " --w--H W, ., W. .J "vi H .- . ' .su 7, I . L l .1 , 4 s ' L? 1 , w ' ve. iff' 5 1 s ,, t -' ,, at .IB - Q . l , Q u 35, ' E 1 Fi Aw A' is S S-. -5 V' ffm ' 4 'xl x 5 A " 5 x Q -1 " 1 1 4 t f J M .4 X K f f l M k nA Q' 1 . . K ' .Q Q1 ' i Vk r -' r ,ff M '19 f L. I 'v i gi l c he f s. 'Lfr jill Awflfal ffsfpl Zyl VM. 4 ' we pl :N N -1 ,,kgs',,.pL.k - - V V Yi wis e., 5, -4 ty . A -up? 5 !,,',, G p. . ,mi . . . ' , Q 5 l . . Q V., giant -pr f -'I -"s -- ff' ' '-My , ' w SL "' , ln A 1 1 at 11 as is me HJ Yi' Q' , a. Q ...Q waves-sf , - Q a at ., "L",-9---f-L+-'44+:5?9F"i'-..'f'f '-QQ , .fb " " ' ' . -. , '-, . .:df"q.-f"5- - - -,na -E..'-' 7' Y, ' -.-. 34. " ,,':fI,QP ,i'i,,.ff,.'1.., - , ... , ,- - , .Y , ff , . ," .g1 'n fr' ,, qi: , - -f '. , ,nv , 4.4:-4 r f f 5- U- .- at if . w., V s +1 f:1rQ-aw 1 K .. : - ' ,- . .L , Q- A " " -, ..., f - P' PV ' " " Af ' ff: 1' -' -1- , 1' -U - e- '- f "" A , . f---. ' 4 A l s ' A " l i .. ,V W Qlift . -fa . ' t - W W 1 , W-ff 5 a.-QE 1- g m..1 itll ...-b?9'9 ' fl Q' ' i Q" ' -. . -.1 .FH The ,IV Squad approaches the goal. Junior Varsity The JV Hockey team composed of five Sophomores and ten Freshmen ended the season with a record of 4 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties. Being an in- experienced team, the players per- formed well under strong opposition from Woodson, Jefferson and Robin- son. They finished the season second in the district behind Jefferson, who just beat Annandale in the last few minutes. Next year should bring ex- cellent results with most of the players returning. 1 I k Clockwise from Left: Melissa Hohloman, Jody Rouze, Jill Spangler, I am Hopf, Karen Knoblc, Karen Grainer, Lori Bc ins y, Terri Carman, George Trumhell, Caroline Gilmore, Mary Warren, Theresa Reingrubher, Nancy Crandall. Center: Captains, Beth Lawson, Wanda Kurtz. v uw uw .4 '- K of, Q o 5-'. .'f 'fo' h. ...,f,, Q v".'.'f' 7, 4 .'., , '.f,,l.,, . - 0.9 'VS Q W, X A Tl Michelle and Susan practice for the next match. Drills llgxutsutif cefmtnts To the coaches and players of the Annandale High School football squads there are always many distractions during practice, such as heat, cold, dust, etc., that hamper the lear- ning process. The largest distraction, however, was that group of very attractive young ladies that come out every afternoon to practice the game of tennis. Of course, this is the Girl's.Varsity Tennis Team. A team that in 1973 could only bolster a 3-6 record during the regular season, but managed to send three doubles teams and two girls as singles to the District Tournament. , So after a finish such as what they had and eight of the twelve team members returning in 1974, the Annandale Girl's Tennis Team has much to look forward to. Left to Right: Chris Rubio, Cathy Donnell, Janice Bacon, Melinda Moncure, Conch Michener, Diane Lesko, Jackie Pctcrson, Susan Williams, Caroline Sutton, Georgia Sutton. Center: Michelle Clause, Nora Bentley. Basketball Team Begains Respect One of the main goals of this year's basketball squad was to live down the idea that Annandale b-ball was dead. From the start they proved that theory wrong very effectively. The squad, led by seniors Doug Byrne and Ken Luhman gangbusted to a 9-9 record and enjoyed many rewarding moments during the season. These included two victories over Woodson, and a very refreshing nip of Fairfax in the first round of the No. District tournament. Week after week the Atoms supplied their fans with very exciting games, as the red gang was involved in 4 over- time contests and a total of 8 games decided by less than 3 points. This plus the All-District performances of Byrne and Luhman gave Annandale fans much to cheer about during the winter. The team was led by Forwards Doug Byrne, .locko Scharfen, Bob Ander- son, Kent Berner, Tim Nasworthy and Mark Sohasky, Centers, Eric Hembree and Chuck Beekman, and Guards, Ken Luhman, Tom McMillen, Dave Horton, and Paul Prohoniak. These young men ,plus Coach Smith's loyal assistant Gerry Hensen regained the respect that was once Atoms Basketball! Atoms 61 76 71 54 73 66 85 56 54 63 88 73 75 73 72 76 66 72 Varsity Basketball Opp Groveton Ft. Hunt RE. Lee Wakefielcl Edison Fairfax Woodson Robinson Jefferson Falls Church ,l.E.B. Stuart Falls Church Woodson Wakefield Jefferson Robinson .l.E.B. Stuart Fairfax Doug Byrne, Forward, Senior, 459 pts., 23 pt. avg. Ken Luhman., Guard, Senior, 336 pts., 16 pt avg 25 -E 5. ix 'TSW Dave Horton, Forward, Junior, 29 pts., 2.1 pls. avg. Md, Tom McMillen, Guard, Junior, B6 pts., 4.3 pt. avg. R5 4, 4' xy. ik Q W wk A JT ,,,, Y,-Q Eric Hembree, Center., Junior, 173 pls., 8.6 pl. avg. 1 ,Lf 'a"'E?' N' f 'QQSQNZB ,. f Emi :www -" ' .5 11 , . Jocko Scharfen ion righlj, Forward, Senior, 72 pls., 4.0 pl. avg. 103 Roll i L Q-!.c'.' Atoms J.V. Basketball Groveton Ft. Hunt Lee Lake Braddock Wakefield Edison Fairfax Woodson Robinson Jefferson Falls Church Stuart Falls Church Woodson Wakefield Jefferson Robinson Stuart Fairfax . . Team Suffers Disappointing It was a long season for those in- dividuals involved with the 1974 An- nandale High Junior Varsity Basket- ball team. The squad, coached by Mr. Charles Kelly, could only muster vic- tories against Ft. Hunt, Edison, and Robinson. They finished with a 1-13 District record and 3-16 season overall. The problems seemed to be in a lack of quickness amongst the big men and lack of size amongst the quick men. This plus an inability to put points on the board kept the Atoms from reaching the 60 point plateau but twice. Season in 1 974 its .AN Atoms put gn a heavy rush? Quickl Everyone runl ZablJy's got his arm up! From Left: Kevin Neary., Terry Brown, Rick Fisher, Alan Marion, Ed Zaborowski, Paul Manning, Don Lawson, Bill Burkhardt, Mark Sullivan, Kevin Kelly, Gordon Ferris, John Hogan, Mike Johnston. Frosh Exhibit Size, Determination, nd Promise The 1974 HBaby', Atoms stormed into the season boasting one of the Districts largest front lines and an entire squad of very determined young men. They had the ruggedness and hustle that befits a Robert Hardage team and finished with a 7-6 record. With that the class of '77 offers much hope for future Varsity teams. Freshman Basketball Lake Braddoek Fairfax Jefferson Woodson Robinson Falls Chu re Stuart Falls Churc- Woodson Jefferson Robinson Stuart Fairfax YUM wilful QIUHJQ ,gui ii- is-f.. Lfua Row One: from left: Tom Quigley, Hank Hilliard, Ted Duvall, David Thomas. Phil White, David Bilko., Steve Morgan, John Gracza. Row Two: Bill Saunders., David Farmer, Bill Varcleman, Tom Kowalski, Rick Morris, Steve Grey, Gordon Clarke, Bill 0'Donnell, Row Three: John Duffy, Chris Colligan, Ken McRae, Dan Armstrong, Mike Blalock, Mike Milbrarlt. Row Four: I-larry Chelpon, John Gilpin, Mgr. Jell' Bell, Javier Tamariz, Paul Cunningham. Ted Dlwall lakes 3 .lUmPef- Double-teamedl Tip-off! -': TDM Girls' Varsity Basketball Back Row, left to right: Debbie Hodge, Susan Blalock, Kitty Hughes, Nancy Duffner Susan Gramer Pam Hommas Middle Row: Colleen Walsh, Kathleen Fletcher, Alicia Papalios, Susan Deremer. Front Row C captains Susan Williams and Margaret Philleo. The Girl's Varsity Basket- ball team, composed main- ly of experienced players proved that boys aren't the only ones capable of mak- ing outstanding records. The team shows much promise with hopefully nine returning Varsity players. In a scrimmage with some senior boys the girls displayed their skills by defeating them. Against opponents such as Jeffer- son, Stuart, and Woodson the team played well and exhibited Annandale's athletic abilities. Co-captain, Senior Susan Williams Co captain Junior Margaret Philleo ? 4 Girls' Junior arsity The Girl's Junior Varsity Basketball team fared well in the tough Northern District. With two-thirds of the girls freshman, the team shovfs great potential in the upcoming years. F? :Bild . .i.Y ,W Y Y Y, Cathy Fisher fakes out her opponent, Patty and Cindy outrace their opponents. 5111 EE si- his f-- gs.. First Row: Co-captainsg Patty Fletcher, Marcy Harris. Second Row: Cathy Fisher, Beth Lawson. CindyPapaplios,Vii-ki Waller, Kathy Donnal. Third Row: Sandy McGuire, B. J. Hedelnicmi, Joanne Medved, Susan llingcr, Cindy Purcell, Karen Graincr, Ceorgiana Trumbell, Terry Carmen. ? W Shows Signs of Promising Season gigs- qq ix W,-,..-' Dale Buliione on "Cloud 9." Tension grips Jim Cooper. 45' ale squccks over bar. Cooper runs with the pack. TX .ww 9' .l.V. Indoor Track Team. Cozad lcls il fly 1974 proved to be a gloomy year for Coach Rick Radman and the rest of the grappling Atoms. With a record of 0-10 and nobody reaching the District finals, this year will be remembered as a year to forget. In the late sixties Annandale was a powerhouse in Northern Virginia wrestling. With the addition of Coach Radman many people were foresee- ing a return to those days. However, We Shall Return! Mr. Radman could only coachg it was up to the wrestlers, themselves., to get in shape and to develop a winning at- titude. This was not done effectively, thus an 0-10 record and a last place standing. So once again we have to look to next year. Whether or not the Atoms im- prove will be up to the wrestlers, themselves. Brian Mullin warms up. Atoms Varsity Wrestling 13 Edison 18 Yorktown 5 Mt. Vernon 2 Robinson 6 Wakefield 19 Woodson 21 Fairfax 15 Falls Church 19 Stuart 8 Jefferson OPP 28 34 44 51 40 37 39 43 26 31 Snap! r H 1 , --vm:-sl ' ' 1 Q ,aww N3 QW , sf-1 ' Y.. ' l' , . in . Iv 1 5g,g,.g5?.t H , 3 ,-., Love at first sight. ' Please. lJ0yS-, dlmii fishl! 98-Johnny Coppersmllh, Jr. 126-Steve Smith, Sr. 155-Brian Mullin, Jr. fT""Pf,Ee 105-Mike Craig., Jr. 119-Mark Burney., Jr. 112-John Lee, Sr. .AH 132-Mike Pienlka, Sr. 138-Dennis Quesenberry. Jr. 145-Mark Friencr, Soph. 1 974 Wrestling Team 167-Tom Duffy, Sr. l85-Tom McDonald, Jr. UNL.-Woody Turner, Sr. Row One, from left: Mike Pientka, Brian Mullin, Tom Duffy, Tom McDonald, Woody Turner. Row Two: Dennis Quesberry Mark Fricner, Frank Slec, Mike Craig, Mark Burney, John Lee, Steve Smith. is fj-'-,E f ' in ' la 5,6559 .t ,,fZw.y1 " his . J , . , .W , TW ' - 1.1.1. ' ' iii . 1 U ' ',.,...u- John Lee gets a littlc taste ol' his own medicine. Big Wood moves in for the kill ,VT ,,.. -.lf -"Q: . -ff ,mr zu -G 'ggu -N 1155 Q' - X , k , 4 . ,gag V. Squad Goes 2-8 The flies allack. W :i ' :- .3 Ed Gobielle on his man's back. Front: Dennis Harlowe, Bill Reed, Kerry KelIy,Greg McDonald, Steve Dillard, Jim Wiejorek. Backzllarry llollomun, Eddie Gobielle, Billy Harlowe, Jim Fox, Bill Miller. ,Www ' MLS-xalir f Lynn ll?-:gard-Sr., 3 yrs., Beam Chris Ulanski-Sr., 3 yrs., Beam, Floor Ex. WM43 55491 Cfi5rHs'CC55ymmrfneJsiiEea The Annandale Girl's Gymnastic team coached by Mrs. Linda Holman experienced another extremely successful season in 1974. It was also a year that saw the beginning of what is called the working team, girls who work hard for next year's team and provide hack-ups for this year's com- peting team. Nl' S will fl? all Dehhic Cameron-Sr., 3 yrs., Bars, Vaulting Marci Koblos-Jr., 3 yrs., Bars Lisa Gallage S - yrs., 3 yrs., Bars Q flsetsfllewfafiliaslssvase "'m.,N .3 'I' L iff mffiw M T NQFTgEqT if 1 W , Q Qxvnp J MVR W' Kffg, WQJ JD 4igf Q5 A ls- S V14-4 ip! MWAMM Al M an Ex Q 3' vglnnngw-I'-1 11 gumtb-ISZvlL5l1Qn.:.N-wD.n'. j q J 3- :5UW."i ani NAPA Ou-93 if sr ' I W Mmqmyxi' S 5 pq! E F7 . ' , I. A Q' 0--S3 N0.hQm-xnvsxwiq SLJCESFQL W'-" W-fwwh ww wb. ' WMM - Q Ukkdauimm . . I bv m5'Y"w9-max SFTFM ' Qgj s ' S 'Rum dbut tx , A Ywwwmwww-Am 'Mm 'Umm ax W77 Q TT Vg k ,A C 0' '- ' an Oovvo' 5 . 'f O O 0 ' 0 t Y I Q4 f' to I ' id I I 1 A K Y J,fff?:f71QIH ,.,7Qg lltelilla Co Editor Cathy Patterson C0 Editor Glenn Tobias On Bar Paul Anderson Bob Grimesey Donna Perrine Glenn Tobias, Ann Kraus John Clagetl Cathy Patterson Scott Lmdcmlnn Not pictured Karen Dwornik Anne Purcell Susan Williams. C . i 44 r 1 1 Q w.,'Y. ' rP'3"Gl r 1 fffffi -- I j ' '!kll I I 4- 3 f """' ' V' 'H Ilurmummmuuuuin Ill lull!!-Y' Mx. On Car Sandy Warner Ann Velesz Luue Pere? Diane Lesko Cathy Copeland, Adrienne Tejler Karen Knoble Michelle Clause Dorene Haney Gayle Daly Kathy Roberts Debbie Bianchi, CeCe Murphy, Bonnie Halstead Kathy Thomas ,Iayc Clark Filled with vitality, originality and deep-set determination, the Antenna staff labored to present the school with a literary work of art un- precedented in previous years. The group, composed entirely of rookies, with the exception of Co-Editor Glenn Tobias, combined their fresh ideas with his expertise to develop a book worthy of Annandale's outstan- ding reputation. Co-Editor Cathy Patterson plotted the play by play events affecting the school, while Managing Editor Anne Purcell and Assistant Editors Jaye Clark and Dorene Haney handled the respon- sibilities of proof-reading the lay-outs and making certain deadlines were mel. The experience of creating this year- hook was a profitable one all around, not only was the crew introduced to the techniques of journalism., but also to new and unforgettable faces and friends. gf! 411' kg 1 ." B ! 1 Q' 1. t Managing Editor Anne Purcell rarely seen without a A typical Tobias pose 4, I The Editors , its In Left: Cathy grits her teeth and asks, "What's wrong with that picture?" Below: Diane SI ,laye discuss some lay-out techniques. Right: Dorene decides which photo is best. 4,51 S I 1 . Yearbook sponsor: Mr. Odom. Q- --- ss, QK i 'fn The Staff '7-.AAA Kathy 81 Sue listen and watch attentively. 07' Glenn caught at a serious mo- 7 Below: Sandy, Debbie 81 ment. Kathy. """ 'r Ut-f Ann ponders the situation. a. 4 1 Scott 8i Bob in ajoinl effort. Z ,f 1.1-,M 1 1 1 1- 'Am-suil ' fi' N ' ' .1 A . '. .. . . ' .. .1 1 1-1 . -91' 3 'f.-:s5f'L,,i4f,fi,L4f Alf" -QL,'ljfiz-:fei'f-.1tf1-1-2"--L , ' - , 4. ig 1 ' V- LLJI' -me-m--f 1--. - viii um - l:'li"S11. -.-T"T",' ' 'ix' ,"'E'T' QE' QL ,. , ,,L,Fi',,YI""-if F7 11 "SF" If -. J, ,FQ25-1' 1 1 :W . 1 1 -L 1 1 , ,. ,MT V X :' . V ' ""7?2'f .-11":""5'5 f1"g"fff't"H' "Q 3- '42z-'bfim.H2:1,iiviv'5?.iJ31H- 5 A Mg, ' 1 "TT 1 j--Q... .iw -1, "f -77'.',7-f1,'.r-..- ZA ,..-an 22 "sf W 11 , . 1 , , - ' , Ag',,'1:b,.,+gz , 1-f., Q, V, Q Q .:, V my -f.1g.1,-',:.11'q-1 .-' 21-W-:jf QA A ., 9. , ,, 111.55 .K App, 1 .Im --.1 155, , 4. - 11,1 .1 .5 1 1 H 1 H 1 1- ,gg . Wfg.f,:1.:g1 ':.'qT5fX1,4-1"g'-,515221: 14?4,?fg'?L,11CS4'Tcf?f?x fi if ' A- 1 ' ' ' f ' -. 4-4 i"' '15 . .-:fr T'."'1--'N' wr' .,"' 1-'f ' 'lf , - . -'bg-':1"? 'a ' W :A w 1. 1 ,111 .TJ 9, . y.,,,1'g,,-,V-,,,gff V-9gR,.,:.3vpA,g:,,1 X,.,I,1.33 3M5 ,155 I!15I.,,:355F X-Q36 ggi, A 5,5 i 1' if - f ' '1 A 4 .1 , W I .1 1 J Z 1 N iii 4 I :il I X Wfggqglga-,..,:..i-,i.'1'- WZ: gig, 1, 1 .LA 1. fx ,- V .wwf I 1 - , A 45 91,11 -.1 , M,1gpQ.GF.?,,K5gf .. , I A A I LY ' 33:41-tfq. fit ?--1 1' ' 1. 111- "-ugw 1.:.' '.?'!sg:a,-Qjzwigg I' T - 'nvfs :1.q'n:.g1,'f 4 Q -2-lt' 1 ,-2 ,1'4.15,'fEgg:1, 1 ' -., ' 1-, Q .- f AL- . ,ggi Vg 53-jlfff -,lj Y 3. ',- ,..'L' --fb '-z.,. Q. Q W. ,r .'- '-J. Egg-1' . fi 1131 ,- U, -T,l'113:i,e"i'55i As-xc, .. , -f,, , -. . 1-. -, , AV- -'I---1 2.1-4,4111-M-.fa P- :- 1,-Q: 4.55451 ENE ' ' 1.-'.q3.'ft,,r'gg? ' nf "Hi-fr -. i:-.1-1' if" ge-' 'EQ-' -rryq -1 1: ffm. 1' :A .31--.en-L421'r1'.-11.11 -sg.-h21,::fi ...,-'-,.1-",Vzf'-f-'.- -' ' 4. 'IN 1K:'f4 1 .1 -' , r- . U-1f"+S'n.:1' 1 Q,-f-,-13. 459.151 p,,:f: f--1' Lf, .1 ' g.'11':giqgffg3-f gg,-xgegfqiqzQi'-regaagffgsff , 41 'v 5' Sy '-xf.1f'g2-:f1Q53'1- if .fm 5, 1Jgu,1" .114 .--iafifg -e r -1 "w k-rig ,-1 :.1fn111:i1i:,:w 11:11 :J '-.S-'rE.b'rn'1-f-,:uf':. A .- ' , M .," r,f-1'f. .L: J- E-.-,1v"f-'W w- -if-L 21 'al Y -A V 7.-,,-:M-f--1---www-f - ,K - z,,,-f--. - .1 fl Xa I WV., , I-,1 EEE,-f 5 F l gl' A :ws , vii 9 K ,E-iii .f q fgi rffi grim X rfb L IJ ' 1 h,.,1l' ri' igwjgz 'Fri , 14: Q G L 4, 1 ' ' 1 fi . f. N. 1 1 1, X3 1' '. " 1 ,K J HJ. f PSHE H If H M .-T, 4' +L . +. 1 - 3 , T. ,,, . ,, Q .. 1. 1 111 El 'l . :1'f"1f--' M11 - ,., - -- 1 R.. .-"vu,.. 1 43' voL. xu. No. 10 ANNANDALE HIGH scl-1001. MAY 17, 1968 1, 15511 The A-Blast Informs Once again, the award-winning A-Blast provided the Annandale student body with news on school and community. The Co-editor system appeared to he the accepted way as both the Antenna and A-Blast switch- ed to it from previous years with seemingly good results. Co-editors Kathi Rechin and Paul Jordan, both with two years of journalism under their belts, led the paper in new avenues of literary experimenta- tion this year as the overall format was changed and new and separate themes were attempted and achiev- ed for each issue. The paper discussed issues on a wide spectrum concer- ning resultant innovations of Annandale's 20th an- niversary and dedicated an entire discussion to the anniversary itself. The staff, as was the case with last year's, was an ex- cellent mixture of experience and new-comers. The staff sponsor was Mrs. Dorothy Olin. flllliim y tao1a aa t gi? fl wir ze e , . V - 1. O 'K ':" 'TTN'i ,.' fr" v f' gr, ,-""' -- ,Qt E. n The sponsor, Mrs. Dorothy Olin Pi-. xii 5 1 V . X E 1 ax. 5 Kathi Rechin, co-editor Paul Jordan, if 1'A I co-editor sk ,., ,1- jfs r . The staff includes from left to right: Paul Jordan, Greg McNamee, Kathi Rechin, Janice Gautier, Forrest Gander, Jenny Lucas, Katy Farris, Eric Hemhree, Charlin Hall, Jim Cooper, Donna Lesner, .Mrs. Olin, Andrea Flemming, David Woodson, Mike Vitez, Nancy Bell., Sue Alfred, Bob Honour. if """"" er. QTQF' -A Y 1 ,,,-Q j Dave at work Nancy and Sue proofreading their stories JI! 4. ..Z2Z'Q1.w. . X 'KO r y , with Charlie Johnston helps distribute calendars. J-4.1.1-4 .wh--.-2 ig . 3 've rifies .,.. , Once upon a time there was a staff. They got together, for they were the getting together type. What were they getting together for? Someone ex- claimed, "We have poems to write, we have stories to edit, and we have pic- tures to drawlw In this sudden burst of creative energy, they produced a calendar and a literary magazine. Fearless leader Laura Cope guided the staff through its stupor, assisted by sponsor Ms. Barbara Aspinall. WB? Filament staff: ffrom back to frontj Patti Bangert, Kathy Roberts, Charlie Johnston, Marion Green, Laura Cope, Holly Richards, Kathy Halleck, Ed Guilford, Forrest Gander, Ann Kraus, Nora Bentley, Irene Channon, Elizabeth Jones. ' bf , -1 4l..-i Editorial staff: ffrorn back to fronll Nora Bentley, Ed Guilford, Patti Bangerl, Ann Kraus, Laura Cope, Kathy Roberts. Filament Staff Creates Calendar M254 h' +. Sponsor Ms. Barbara Aspinall and Patti look through the calendars. ,,- . U. - , ...... . "" l ll":"' - 'inlfflflflflflffi 2225.93 ' V A Patti 'iigffig f , uf- 4 I 12,4 53 l 1 , ,i r'i'Be and Kathy talk to Ms. Aspinall about the spring magazine. 127 I Choral Department The Annandale High School Choral Department was composed this year of A'Capella, Girlis Ensemble, Girl's Chorus, and Freshman Girl"s Chorus. A,Capella performed for the Chamber of Commerce at the Il Castello restaurant in Annandale and at Annandale Elementary School for the children at Christmas. These choruses were supposed to give a concert and an assembly at Christmas, however, due to a giant snow blizzard, these activities were canceled. The Choral Department looks forward to another year full of concerts and various other ae- tivities. A'Capella: john Eggerton, Jean Willis, Glen Tobias, Joe Turner, David Krebcr, Cynthia Richter, Lynn Johnson, Nancy Bell Wende Boardman, Diane Duncan, Ellen Gastoukian, Jeffrey Landrum, Kathleen Rechin, Rebecca Rowlancls,Nancy Russo Robert Sykes, Jeanine Thicdc, Diane Williams, Deborah Bianchi, Kirsten Duesterdiek, Cary Elder, Arthur lfarren, Lisa Flack Donna Lessner, Cheryl Pribbeno, Larry Swanson, Rebecca Wayland, Herbert Babb, Richard Bates, Peter Crawford, Meta Lau Richard Mehllell, David Farmer. ,..-.,,,,,,. ., ,M -, . .L ' Us A 5 W... Girl's Ensemble: Frances Barton, Patricia Compton, Margaret Swann, Josie Walhout, Patti Zikowitz, Katherine Banta, Teresa Barr, Angela Casamento, Jean Davis, Kathleen Good, Regina Gutierrez, Michel Jachera, Deborah Lam, Susan lVlc-Christian, Deborah MePeak, Tracey O'Neal, Kay Orso, Renie Slonceski, Jennifer Walsh, Cathy Worley, Barbara Bennett, Patricia Ber- mingham, Linnie Carter, Carrie Clark, Nancy Clement, Mary Harris, Judy Higgs, Linda Horne, Debbie Johannescn, Toby Kincer, Suzanne Leeds, Debbie McCormick, Deborah MacKinnon, Monica Misko, Marianne Noxak, Donna Panirh, Cindy Petersilia, Carolyn Russell, Bobbie Thompson, Teri Truxell, Erin Turner, Terry Wilson. X , N ., . S . r V Q- l -ef - ' -s fr t . A-f . . , , J D . , 4 ,- Girl's Chorus: Roxanna Bayrer, Sharon Silvcy, ,lane Walsh, Ann Artz, Betsy Basnight, Brenda Brown, lixely n lloumes. .lennilcr Curl. Dolores Dorman, Carolyn Kennedy, Lisa Danforth, Kathy Ray, Linda Dawson. Freshman Cirlls Chorus: Debbie Benner, Bev Byrd, Denise Caudill, Vanessa Clark, Terry Coy, Margaret Cozad, Mary Cwiek, ' ' " ' ' -"lllt'. Qll DlglllSCIlfJI. Elise Farley, Larnlyn I'lClTlll'lg., Dcni Folks, Terry Gallnui, Sharon Hale, Debbie llalstcacl, lxatie 'tI'l'l'20I1, . a y llivks, Debbie Hook, Judy Hoover, Pam Hopp, Kim Jones, Debby Kaminski, Cher McDysan, Colleen Martin, Dianne 0'Dea, SIIG Plante Ellen Pomcrov, Sue Putman, Sheri Reeves, Donna Rust, Connie Sell, ,lulic Scllersgjanel Scnnel, Jayne Smalridgc, Ann Smith, Cindy Smith, Marcia Slanwood, Donna Stevens, Denice Thiede, Terry Thomas, Nancy Williams, Nanry Williams, Cathy Woolson, Donna Zn rbriggen. qi-Q A ML,-, 1- , ,YA , , D , -,.,.,,...n.l.T..................-...Y7,,, , , Concert Band Ci lclen Mi:-xtrclta Salyer Dyer Ncwhancr Tifl llall Collins Blotlic Nesbitt Armstrong Lewis Dillard Norlhrnp Moore McLean Lyle Simms Purcell Hamerick Carlson Loudcn Fuller Members G. Kallavh C. Laughlcn D. Oflgen B. Goergc G. Halnon E. Campion P. Moore E. Coons W. Dcllinger S. Mr-Kenzie S. Gray W. Varfl man D. MacPherson K. Dzulmak D. Harlowe P. Manning D. Gallimore J. Lamb J. Bethany S. Williams J. Friedman R. Owens Swartz Newman Roof Holm Perez Payne Hackett Blank Spcnsc Loose McMillan Walker Brennan Dcsko Millivan Manning Jones Halpcrt Whitfield Bush Borgalli Luskins arching Band ,- T ., . Y , Y 'V' -V' f "g':..'.'.'....' .'..,.""' .1 . ..'... . H -...-....,....-.-.......- Q.-....-.- -W - , M lv, - -bf-------v1f-1-.v:?f +-- -.- ff V. . 4 , -----,A-r, v x .. ., .,,, , - .- ... Y, X, ' ........,-.............-v...-.L...... .,. - , , -EW- ...-.. ,,,,-1 -1 , Y, . ---,., A 'X . ., , , ..,.,.---- ... . , hm, 9 wig?-f ..- f Y, ,y Y Y -.,. ...V- . - , ,. v -. . , '- A Y' ' Y f - - - - -wwmu V V - - ., . . .1---Q.-....,, -. - x -Y Y YY , , -. N. .,... -..vw-Wm.---, -- Mr. Doslcr, Band Director. String Ensemble 1 5.- ' .-izff, 1 - , .f-- - 1 'L 5 3" ' 'E ii,-fi-T: li: -, : - H1' ,4' ' - 5 .1 3' ', J A - L ' Front Row, left to right: Emily Anderson, Andrew Fruchter, Chris Hall, Leslie Elmore, Bryce Wegner. Back Row: Christy Murphy., Andrea Payne, Mr. Lockwood, James Calvert, Margery Savage. Band members enjoy their pot luck supper. Sta e Band First Row, lbfl to righl: Tim Carter, Sue Anderson, Dave Croce, Lynn Duxis. Craig Allen. Scvonfl Row: Chris licnsing. Melinda Mvlicnzic, Donald Worthington. Third Row: Vivki Tliuniassoll, Barbara Juncs, Slew: Gray. lfourlli Row: Pclur Payne, Paul Mostcllcr, Slcvc Szxnflcrs, james McGee, David Ward, Divk Vorhis, Steve Vlfcilcr, Dane llicrony ll1llS. Dave Mislrclta, Drum Major. In iii 4 my :il Li ,..A. Symphonic Co n1plon Poole Manning McArlhu r Murphy Dzulrak Mills Benedict Winrl ham Angl i n Collins Wlorlhinglon Palmer Luvirlo Mislrclla Test Sams lrvin Hinger McKenzie Manning Phillips Dahlinger Moslel ler Whiltlesey' Thomas Manning Palmorc . llcalcy Recd Forhcs Carlson Shel lon Starr llowarrl Vcrdow Bcnsing Carter Allen Dillard Bird Evoniu lx Weaklcy Cooper Harris Dillard Armstrong Ward Schilling Vlfeiler Vorhis Hieronymus Band T. R. M .l. A p J . R. S. II II P. K M R. R. G A. .l. R. D. V. .l. M L. B. M i nearl Harney Schoonovcr Poole Kraft Payne Mvlicc Bu llcr Sanders Greenwald l'lol loman Mostcllcr Parker Moslel lcr Picpcr Mc La rc n Monvh Bryan Rodgers Sykes Gooding Thomasson Panoll' Fay A llcn Uhl 73-74 Varsity Cheerleaders . . ,rv-4. W Laura Lopes Lyn n Utegard C0-Captain C0-Captain 0 0 o 0 0 0 X s N .56 ,Q , 3 1 ,..iL,A.g.nkn H X , Chris Ulanski Karen Nordlund Peggy Conaty N A NNWH 0'Gho H M Peggy Ryan . . . Juniors ' ,fr -1249 X 1 J ,VV " 3 - f'f'f".:l."'a- . '44 , www, -5- it gyjgilz 4' K, .. 3555 ek eg: ,nv Y L : y A 2,53 Natalie Tulio Mel McGee 'I37 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders From Left: Shanna McClanahan, Lynn Jacobs, Carolyn Kennedy, Lisa Brillhart, Kay Harris, Marianne Novak, Judy Dailey, Vicky Page, Kathy Fleger, Anita Von Bredow. ' ls - 1 5' A 1 E we gn ..4ff'x From Left: Kris Nordlund, Judy Wiegand, Diane 0'dea, Tricia Moore, Patty Fletcher, Susie Roneimus, Cindy Smith, Carolyn Fleming. Freshman Cheerleaders . , .. . - -,,. -. w '-'. 'F-sf .2 .., ,. ,iw . . , .-'1 - '-"Y ' , F' gg, i2,f1i'756Q1'f 1 , 19 , 'EW ft, ,M-V 375 -'if'-" , 4' -Qs UJLL- - .'-as-..-, L-P at. an Captain Laura Heck fn Y 40 Majorettes find shelter from the cold. Annandale's Majorettes, captained by Senior Laura Heck, provided the school and its teams with a source of spirit and inspiration. The team par- ticipated in pep trains and assemblies. The seven member team added a touch of class to the already impressive menagerie of teams and clubs at Annandale this year. Standing: Leanne Gilden, Kim Arnold, Janet Sennet, Becky Heck, Debbie Allen. Kneeling: Sandy Hutchings, Laura Heck, Captain. The Drill Team has kept up with the growing spirit and enthusiasm of A.H.S. Both the sponsor, Mrs. Weaver and president, senior Dee Dee Duncan feel that the team is more military, more united this year. Five of the eighteen members are seniors and two of the seniors are of- ficers fSenior Captain, Dee Dee Dun- can and Senior Secretary, Gloria Car- ducci.j There is, however, depth in the leadership with Co-captains Susan McChristian, a junior, and Bonnie O'Day, a sophomore. We can look forward to the fine performances of our Drill Team for years to come. At the Woodson competition the team took four lst place trophies. One in each of the categories of Dance, Poms-poms, Props, and Best- All-Around. Drill Team Legs in action. Wrong-Way McChristian Standing: Fi Fi Cymes, Roseanna Ronsisvalle., Erin Turner, Amy Fitzgerald, Nancy Carducci, Gloria Cardutci Susan Mat hrns lian, Susan Myers, Arden Clarke, Jean Davis, Renee Henderson., Nancy Palermo, Patty Grandal Bonnie O Dav Robin I adotl Kneeling: Dee Dee Duncan, Captain. ffrfgifbkilm QGDSTFELEQF GX ,ax 14.-334 -AIA Q IJ ' -' ' ' . ,, .,4",u ' b 7 221. , F ,ll :Q I J E UII1 'n gxegw Rv 5 if as-J 'H ' Y 8.- 0' qt ll 0- X, '37 7 X- f 2' O- 1 "" 7 X 3 fn" A"' Band Boosters Work Enthusiasticall . Along with holding various fund- raising activities for the support of the band department, the Annandale Band Boosters during football season manned the concession stands from five o'clock until ten 0'cl0ck. Devoted to their work., the boosters hosted their annual banquet to congratulate the performance of the band, ma- jorettes, and drill team. The banquet was held in the cafeteria, where in- dividual band boosters, and Mr. Doster, head of the music department lauded their achievements. The band was awarded many trophies for their outstanding performances during the '73-'74 season. H N-1 H H :raw ' H isww me Mr. Doster, band director praises his band. , 65.114 . Mr. Eakin enjoys the banquetg particularly the food. Before eating, the band and the boosters mingled about msn...-.4 lfj Y!! . A LJ 1! ii . 144 Mrs. Wilkes, SCA sponsor. Loraine Brown takes suggestions for school improvements SCA Combats Apath Despite problems of student apathy, the SCA had a successful year. New electric water fountains were added to the halls, and a new parking lot was constructed in front of the school. The long awaited sidewalk behind the school was finally completed, and a new chain link fence went up with it. Loraine Brown helped solve the problem of student com- munication through the system involving first period senators. With student support, a twentieth anniversary assembly and a special anniversary dance were held. SCA officers discuss upcoming activities. Hljlm... : 5 in E .. : 3 n C1 3' 2 . ul :. w F' U: Q V1 Q n 'I Q ,- m 71 -F P :J -. Q .- n n r EF Conron Cyche, SCA treasurer. Dix Dixon, SCA vice-president. 'ST ! V , N-. pf? xx A F I I" 1 BQ X A Qffmz' V C 'J 1 ,Z 5 ,, .ti dui .in as i A fi ff Tim Nasworthy and Lorraine Brown at the Mag Drive assembly. SCA Sponsors Assemblies Many student body assemblies were sponsored by the SCA this year, along with their monthly SCA meetings. At one of the first of these meetings, Brad Shipp and Mr. Darrell Fleming spoke on the smoking policy and school board activities. Headed by Tim Nasworthy, the annual Mag Drive helped raise the necessary funds for school improvements and class activities. The SCA helped giver the freshman class a head start by conducting their class elections. All the classes were given assistance from the SCA. John Nolan, freshman, gives his ca speech. School board member Brad Shipp ponders a question al a SCA meeting. A freshman candidate gives his intentions for the year. Pais -a sw H Pep Squadg a Rebuilding Year? H-'Is mln- '93 'Q' 1-'X Annandale's Pep Squad apparently in lost something in the area of ac'- tivities as they were not seen regular- ly at games or participating in the in- famous A.H.S. pep trains which became a popular ritual for Friday afternoons last year. Mrs. French, a first year English teacher at A.H.S., sponsored the Squad this year. But where was the squad? Where and how did they promote all the spirit? Well, perhaps we can call this by a pet phrase of the .Alma Mater, a rebuilding year? Mrs. French, Sponsor. First Row: Carlotta Hays, Barbara Smith, Barbara Kriebel, Lynn Perry, Donna Farish. Second- Row: Bonnie Fulford, Kathy Grievas, Donna Chamblee, Vanessa Clark, Audrey Putnal, Sandi Shelton. Third Row: Sue Gousha, Kathy Pope, Holly Shelton. JIS ml J mwwwie M Q as sf Monday nights were something to look forward to for many Annandale students. It was a time to get together, sing songs and share thoughts. Skits provided an opportunity for student involvement and entertainment. Scott Dimock contributed the leadership necessary for a spirited club. Young Life not only involved Monday nights but weekend trips to Hilltop and Virginia Beach and many various summer camps scattered throughout the U.S. All in all Young Life helped the students develop a greater knowledge of Christianity. Campaigners, an outgrowth of Young Life, was a smaller, more intimate group of students interested in furthering their understanding of Christ and discussing their personal conflicts. The girls were coached by Cathy Menger and Betty Petersiliag the boys by Scott Dimock. fav- "mW?5' '-'TCCKWLU 41 1- - ' , sngi-Egg, in 4-1 ---1-f.A..1. li- we in 546 A A 1 L fs. ff' i 4 i 1 -JM F, .Jie -.4 C ' s V ,,, 75. -,-1,0 ,.-. , -. A , ff- H 3. W. , H, semi -arg-t H 'Yu l,A"x S , L , ,mf?f,if' .4 5 3,1 .. 5,346-,,H :Mmm H., .,,b ,LW,., N ,,n,,L,, . . , ,.,.:, ,,,, . . ,L 5 I 'NI HWNJ. Is Fellowship if Slug V Zi -"5 fp . ----.i,, I49 -ll-45444, The Keyettes. . . What exactly is a Keyette? A common question for Annandale's youngsters. The Kcyettcs form a service organiza- tion to stage and carry out projects to t if assist both school and community. Under the leadership of Sponsor, Mrs. Cassedy and President, Cheryl Settlemyerg the club has shared in ac- tivities such as therapy, clean-ups of the football field, skits for assemblies and pep rallies, car washes, District meetings once a month, and decorating for dances. l, . H: -' -t. '.,J-T V- 'f4.2?'?" 1 ti A il 'U' ix...,. . yi '-i 1 J , may 'Z--1 'L 2'Lf1fE f.'n. " 955 15 . 'ff .- '-iiipiyflyfi' The basis for judgment of eligible candidates includes enthusiasm, willingness to serve, character, and availability of personal time for club activities. Pffiiiiiif ' 1 Cheryl Settlemyer, President. First Row, left to right: Cindy Petersillia, Ann Kraus, Lori Stubbs, Nancy King, Barb Michellon, Laura Welch, Sandy Warner, Kathy Good. Second Row: Karen Dwornik, Nancy Armstrong, Lynn Jacobs, Jenny Rickenbach, Cathy Copeland, Donna Perrine. Third Row: Laura Heck, Denise Bly, Debbie Dasovich, Debbie Hendricks, Leslie Lindholm, Kathe Rechin. Fourth Row: Jaye Clark, Kathy Brower, Mary Dailey, Debbie Bianchi, Laura Schilling, Savina DeTorcy, Ellen Castoukian, Debbie Lamm, Nancy Bell, Peggy Fisher, Denise Inscoe, Karen Knoble. Fifth Row: Robin Engh, Camilla Dunham, Kathy Thomas, Mo Healy, Cathy Worley, Kathy O"Dea. 35 I, mf.. 'UC ll--nm.. - . ,ff PARFINC ND1 -an I f f X f XX M X X X'XiffmMgXVf:X.,fX1 wr ll AX 1 A X WX' ,N ' WX X X ,X' jX X! , X X X MXXMXX MXN! XXXXX Xu XX XX XXXX XX XX fx Y' XXX NNW' .Mg "nX"'XXXN XA. '- X - 'XXX ,wg-X . X. , .- XXX X - ' X X uf X"'XXX",,."Xf:'XX 'fn ' '4 . , X lf' HHX , XX JY XXX 5 X X . ,. XX va ,XX ,.X X , I XX . ,X X. X X X . . XX ,XX XX 1 X.: FX., XX 5 . h 'XXX::X L ' XXX "'gX XXX1'XXWXI!fi Aw XY IL nz v XX wrzwva X2'sfXXXXX:X -X XX I X .-,X..-,.?X..XX,,,,, ' ' I X X , l XX i X , r 4 MS-A -094,4 . pvzf' . -X nw. Q ,1ggzs.'f',3Q .. .. .IJ A P ll .", , . , ny':'? -llgugu' ""' fkggr.-s,. an ZR, -1 lex iff? : "'3w-1'-'P ,gn Robin, Sandy, Kathy, and Ann "help" at Back to School Night. . . . Exert Energy .. 'fs- -nl fl 1: l 1 h The gossiping Keyettes. The Keyette Wham". icy Club "Commits Itself to School Sr Communit 1973 proved to be a vintage year for Annandale's most active service club. First and most important the membership was increased from 25 to just under 70. This enabled the club to have a greater number of members at various activities thus making for a more effective Key Club. Relations with Key Club Inter- national and the local Kiwanis Club were improved so as to bolster the Club's effectiveness in the communi- ty. This was apparent at the induc- tions ceremony especially, where the Kiwanis Club inaugurated their of- ficers at the same time the Key Club admitted their new members. The Club also held a seminar early in the year to give Annandale's young men a better idea of what the Key Club was all about. Under the leadership of President Gerry Hensen the club was very successful in the other activities which they par- ticipate in yearly. These included such events as the Sweet-Heart Dance, cleaning up the football field and raising money for the March of Dimes. Gerry's booming voice Bob Sykes, Tres. Gerry Hensen. Pres. Vice Pres. Forrest Gander was having spleen removed. Rem Smith, Sec. I W A 1 4' f PA First Row, left to right: Harry Chelpon, Jeff White, Brian Schaeffer, Mark Henson, Brian Gander, Scott Armstrong. Second Row: Gerry Henson, Art White, Mack Walker, ,loe Kroger, David Houseworth, Tim Lucido, Ken Prohoniak, Jim Pede., Bill Suminski, Doug Knowles, Bob Sykes. Third Row: John Gander, Ron Stoner, Steve Fleger, Bill Kier, Marshall Goodman, Dan Carayiannas, Mark Richardson, Keith Parker, Scott Lindeman, John Donnel, Rem Smith, Jim Harris, Gene Funkhouser, Kee Bee, Dave Mork, George Nolen, Gerry Brown, Tim Strait, Naz, Craig Henson, Lou Samaha, Jim Wiecjorek, Steve Dasovich, Dave Kendall, Tom Donnelly, Mike Coyne, Peter Crawford, Robb McLaren. Fourth Row: Bob Delaney, Pat Coyne, Randy Gaylor, Dave White, Ken Luhman, Jeff Armstrong, Bob Grimesey, Jeff Malovich, Scott Lawrence, Mike Pilecki, Kurt Schumacher, Dave Horton, Jim Toye, Jim Higley, Dennis Harris. . . . draws much attention from members. ,,,, 'BA . 'vt we 4 V v- I 1 xl 'Q ,4- 'VW . ,sas , M ,w,1Sf,ffEss. ' ' s 'X , I Key Clubbers debate on activities for coming year. ' l 3 A ,ev f, ,1 'a 'ia "sf 1, , 153 C- ur Future World Leaders? H ww H ,N .sw --rb Y- W 1" if s ui' nf W ' 9 ITKKQS Al! r 1 Q r In such perplexing times, when world-wide com- munications often seem inadequate, it is encouraging to note that there is wide interest in international affairs among high school students. The Foreign Affairs Club provides concerned students with an opportunity to share such interests. FAC members assemble themselves into a "model" United Nations Security Council. Through this method, the members are able to express and discuss the varied positions of the many countries belonging to the United Nations. This year's delegation participated in several model U.N. discussionsg the Harvard University conference held in Cambridge, Mass., the Fayman conference, and the North American Invitational, held in Washington, D.C. The FAC also plans to attend the AMSEC assembly, held annually each spring. The Foreign Affairs Club hopes that through its work, it may have contributed in some small way to peace and better understanding of foreign policies. I if rx ' w' - B ' 4 "EE 'S 44.325322 Q., ,gf Fa. 9? -Ie -f ' "F 1- ir - Q,-ff v Ls. L3Q7"?t"'fi Foreign Affairs Club: Front Row, left to right: Carl Corrigan, Richard Fruchlerman, Kathy Piraino, Joanne Jacohsmeyer, Paul Jordon, Judah Kraushaar, Tom Murri, Bill Hcmmingsly. Back Row: Mr. Armstrong fsponsorj, Robert Melton, Mike Holland. Not Pictured: Doug Fowley QV. l'res.j. Debate Team Argues Current Topic-Resolve ederal Government Should Guarantee a inimum Income to ach Family Unit Each year, the Debate Team offers students with outstan- ding speaking ability., a chance to represent and debate a current issue. The '73-74 topic selected for the Virginia High School Debate League was "Resolve Federal Govern- ment Should Guarantee a Minimum Annual Income to Each Family Unit." The members of the Annandale Debate Team, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Rao, have researched and organized their positions on this topic since August. The format of a debate requires three pairs of debating students. The AHS Varsity team is divided into partners as follows: affirmative, John Donnal and Conron Dycheg negative, Cathy Midkiff and Dix Dixong switch, Kathy Piraino and Richard Fruchterman. The debate season, beginning February 4, consists of six District meets and a Regional meet. A flip of a coin, that determines which partners will debate, begins each meet. Each team voices their argument for eight minutes, follow- ed by three more minutes used by each team for any necessary clarifications. A four minute rebuttal concludes the discussions. Although the AHS team lost several experienced members through graduation, this year's team looks forward to another successful season. Debate Team: Varsity: Dix Dixon, John Donnal, Conron Dyche, Richard Fruchterman, fcaptainj Cathy Midkiff, Kathy Piraino Jr. Varsityg Margaret Bell, Carl Corrigan, Robert Fruchterman, Charles Menickelly. ALI? I' M .f :JP ., W'-5 lf dministrative Assistants CU I DANCE ASSlS'l'ANTS Karen Dwornik Cathy Midkiff Debbie Bianchi Nlziry Dailey . Leslie Lintlholm I3zxrlia1jah:,,M nil l ct' lill:lT'lB,3I'llCl'r I Iga y' Afxioldq Y Iiynno Grant Vickyi Stanley Christy Carpenter Lori Arbacas Melanie Smith Brian Cadigan Brunei George Denise 'Kulina Liz Brown Susan Doblmcicr Laura Morgan Nancy King Bqtsy Lamherton Sandra Smail SCHOOL swmc AssIs'rANTs I 3 Melinda Moncnre Kathy Midkiff Katliy Piraino Richard Brcakiron ,lane Walsh John Zuhcck Steve Dcremcr Richard Fruvhtcrmun CLINIC ASSISTAN'I'S Kathy O'Day Donna Bcaucloin Vicki Johnston Karen' Snider Kathy Ray Colette Masingill Natalie Tullio Joann Dunleavy MEDIA CENTER Brenda Norman Cathy Myer Chris Bello Creigh Tompkins 'Jody Snyder ASSISTANTS Brian Mclilrath Al Craft ,lim Panoff Chuck Clarke Ed Guilford LIBRARY ASSISTA NTS Brad Harris Steve Dorlund Rohin Simmons Roger Gray Beth McCloskey' Marie Schuon Mike Bradley FINA NCE ASSISTANT Kathy Piruino .4 5.11 QQ. .1 ' 112:57 1. In .: 'l"I I ' I Hui ' ' 'fr 'V' ' ' RI .' 'IL ' ' . l,'?Y?1I 'j . ' 1'Z 1 ,I . 1' ' 11 ' "l"'jf' " LLLI . Q' IIT-,' 7:1 I '." " ' ,, ' ' E."1' lil! 7 Y lg? '-172177111 517' '111-11 1 K 1 l'.'i"lflQla'll11 -' -:111 mlml11' m'Wllllm11111,-X M1111 L mVlL111lH1.1 I Wl"'ll1111lII'l1.f 551:11 "1-111 "'1-1 . ' fl1111.1111'1:-1 .ff - ' 'biz if ..f.'I"- , 'j'5ii'1 1 I5 .,,.1 QQ., ,I ' 11- '1 , '21 ,1 ,11 Y' 1,1 -Q 1.1 P ' 1.'I1'T f11,fm.1l?--1g- I-.I-1, "1j..f5 '1'11 .'.'1"1F:"- 111, -, ..' . . 1 T 11 ' . -. .I will -'L' 'H' A' i 'P E .1 11- .- 'JFZQ1111111'-'.'.'I:'--'2'1FF1f-1'15f?"'--'111:-. " 'W'-H1 14. 1' -Lis" 11'-' . , ' 111 ' ' 1 1 'S 11 .111.1111-1".-l11111'P-.1-Q51 ' 1. I - -11 -J-1.111-.w':E?3i'avv1f1J1.'f-f:---162111-111 .- Q 711 11-1-ff. 2 111-1111111--1-?:fffr11w.x111-111111-1.. -1 1 . ,h 11535. 1 11 111 ,111,111 - JM. 1' . ,11111 -- -1 1 111 1 -J,--1,.1gI15-1:11'q1 'Ri-ir. ,g1r,E,15,g'1 ...,:-.Z '.,1II.9. .pr Y 1111111 1 I. 1.,1I1.-I. ',,-ly.-I-11M 1 ' -I-,:-,,, 1 q 1.5: , E5 .1111 11111 1 1111111 -111 11 M-T1 I , 11111 -4.1111111111 -I 111'11j1 '-1 11-1111,'-1111,-:zz 111?-511. 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I11,11II11g1.1zL111 mem . 111 1 11 '111 1 'j.1- InI11III II - 4' Iv, ,, ,-,1111I f' 11, II111 1 gg III111II111III111 III 16- - , ., -,.111III113111,.Q,.55:1XS -.III 1.If111III III1IIy11II1111IIIQ1Iw1m5I.I 11111 1' 1' 1 11IIII .I " EQQI., . 1 5' f.: 1111 111,'. III-mf H5455 .111III111III.II,I. I I II 11 111 111 III111,I ',.,,,1111II 1- III111111III111II11II111III ET ff 11 . . 1, -- 1 - - 111111- ..L- .'1111,:11f111., .1111 5' 111 ' , I. ,. .111.1.. 1 ' life 11 " .1-111111111111-,. . -'1 " ' i'.111j111TQ111lii1 ' " : .11 ' . -, 11 , 11l"11'111 "'1W ii? , " " 11.395 - pg I ,-11111111-3 -w.,,11I1. fi, 1, 11 II 1-1111 I - 1 - - - I11111I,11IIII.II.III I111- 1. .I QE -. K. . I gr: is , 11111 1,111 , gf 1.-rm 1 1 1, I, 1 111 . 4, , Y,- 111 11 1111-1111 .-1..I111I1 Hi.. 11 11 11 - . 3.26 ' ' II 11 1111 1fEIeVIII3II.1:5 5JxgI111III III -I. 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ASSISTANTS Debbie James Claris Ullxnski Cheryl Shipley Marcie Koholos Denise Bly Debbie Cameron Lisa Gallager Peggy Conaty Melanie McGee Jody Freem Tom McMlllign Dennis Quesglbe Bill Dobson S Jim Wiejorek Mike Vance fry 1 Frank Slee Dave Wilkenson LAB ASSISTANTS Channon Jones Crandall vga'-. 1 'I-,"f-eh-.,, I Wm- .Mg--1gI.,., bf-911471 , 71541915-931:41ug-5.5-Iv.-11'-i-sup .1 ' ' aff' .. ..-,I.-. 1 f.ifHd:H:-tw: 1 "1 s-I I III u , fwbnqf-pf. M141 Dunggp . .....1nn:i1uAn'11f..r.n f 4 'X m-1 . 1' ' Q. ' A .- JVYHYA Gil C - A A ass The 1974 Annandale High Math Team, consisting of four seniors, four juniors, and four sophomores had a quite successful season this year. Led by three year veterans Brian Nield, Alan Weakley, Doug Fowley., and Tom Murri, the team won a top place in the county. According to Mrs. Ramay, sponsor of this year"s team, the large number of sophomores and juniors in- dicates a fine team for next year too. ev- Ju- ...- ..,-1 abmpm it K 7 w """" -i-an R, K' , F' First Row, left to right: John DeCarIo, Alan Weaklcy, jeff Poole, Gregory Halac, Doug Fowlcy, Steve Mostellcr, lVll'S.Hlll'I1ilf'. Sc- conrl Row: Miss Hatcher, Andy Frytcher, Robert Watson, Craig Reber, Arlen Crotts, Miss Strickland. American Field Service The Annandale High chapter of the American Field Ser- vice, commonly referred to as A.F.S., sponsored two students this year as Paul G. Capella from Germany and Savina De Torcy from France were both invited to come spend their senior year in the U.S. The club sponsored by Mrs. Frances Morgan supported their own efforts by sponsoring two successful money drives during the year. One, the International Dinner, drew many people for a quite enjoyable evening. The se- cond, a Tootsie Pop sale, went over big as well. It is for these efforts that the members of the 1974 A.F.S. can look back on this year with pride, First Row, left lo right: Mi Ling, Ce Cc Murphy,DcbI1ic Shelton Betsy Lambcrton lmrl1Mtllmurm Carols n Ru-.-L II Suomi Row: Judah Draushaar, Doug Kreble, Sarah Windham, Debbie Melbourne l rul Dohmen Lou Sdllldlld lx nnf r IIUITICI llmtl Row: Judy Wortl1inlol1, Ariane Rowe, Betsy Herbert., Kathy Bdslek ,lim Bfjllllflb Mrs Morgan Lhusl l,lIlllN,llS Thespians and Stage Crew- ital Elements of Dramatic Productions First Row: Theresa Hart, Scott Buckley, Toby Kincer, Becky Blaine, Marylee Malone, Kim Hester, Susan Flack, Sarah Windham, Paulette Stavovy, Debbie Bcnncr, Cheryl Pribbeno. Second Row: Donald Hart., Jennifer McNeillg Denise Roberts, Jeff Landrum, .lim Pede, Nancy Bell, Ben Lowenson. Third Row: Mrs. Summers., Sponsor, Lyndon Guy, Joanne jacobsmeycr, Kenny Lipman, Sandy Buckner, Robert Shuping, Oscar Von Bredow, Cathy Johnson. Not pictured: Gary Evonik, l'rcs.g Patti O'Neill, V. Pres., Dottie Newcomer, Kathy Good, Forrest Gander, ,lay Hansborough, Randy Haun, Kevin Kiely, Dave Woodson, ,lim Blake, Kirsten Duesterdick, Sally Ford, Michelle Jachera, Laura Welch, Cathy Worley, Carrie Clark, Betsy Basnight, Lisa Flack, Chip Lunsford, Earnest Young, Vickie Davis, Gene Johnson, Meg Sheldon. The Thespian Society, an international organization dedicated to the Theater Arts, is comprised of students who have assisted in major stage productions, be it acting or any other involvement such as stage crew, make-up, or advertising. Applicants must acquire ten points earned through these various activities to be considered for membership. Among several advantages offered to Thespians are scholarships and tickets to local shows at reduced rates. The creation of the visual effects con- tributing to the success of an actor in stirr- ing the imagination of his audience is a job placed on the shoulders of the hard work- ing stage crew. Through their efforts in constructing sets., props, and effective lighting, further enjoyment is added to the illusion which the actors are trying to pro- ject. Stage Crew FBL and FT Prepare The Future Business Leaders of America was recently organized in the Steno I, Steno II, Clerk Typist I, Office Practices and Procedures and General Business classrooms. Service., education, promotion, social and fund raising were the five major ac- tivities of this group. The main goals of FBLA were to improve and es- tablish standards for entrance into business occupations and develop competent, aggressive business leadership. The main activity of the Future Teachers of America was teaching and tutoring students in various elementary, junior high and high schools. Guest speakers visited the meetings which were held every Friday and they explained to the 25 members different techniques of instructing students. Several club members specialized in fields such as handicrafts, music and physical education. fl s Y -Q X' -- Xi FTA members listen intently to guest speaker, Mr. Paul Sullivan. Pins and Needles Meetings of this yearis Home Ec. Club were held in room 112 twice monthly. The club whose purpose was to further interest in Home Economics while developing individual interest in the domestic arts could be found involved in many worthwhile pro- jects this year. Along with such projects as candle making and cooking demonstrations, the club initiated service projects. The girls made twenty-one stuffed animals which they then gave to Childrens' Hospital. Various career speakers spoke to the club throughout the year. According to president Sharon White, it was hoped that sometime during the year each girl would par- ticipate in an activity especially designed for her interests. Pins Each Tuesday at 3 p.m. at Annandale Fairlanes the A.H.S. Bowling Club meets sponsored by Miss Stidley, Mr. Stevenson, and Miss Haase. The eight teams of three rotate in cycles com- peting against one another. At the end of each cycle, trophies are award- ed to outstanding participants. The teams battle it out all year long and welcome any new members desiring to improve their game. and Balls Sponsor: Miss Elzinga., Pres.: Sharon White V. Pres.: Mike Battle Sec.: Kay Reingruber Treas.: Arden Clark MEMBERS Anna Brown Donna Budnick Sharon Cave .laye Clark Judy Cochran Patty Conners Nancy Danson Angia Dews Diane Dincher Debbie Goodwin Debbie Hart Renee Henderson Lisa Jarvis Joy Lindsay Sherry Monroe Karen Norby Kay Orso Mary Perkins Cathy Smith Kathy Tracy Mrs. White Top Row: Ken Arthur, Wes Shull, Dave Robinson, Dean Burgi, Brian Doslcr, Bob Loudcn, arry Daily, Clif Foster, Ernie Young, Edna Manning. Middle Row: Chris Kohut, Dion Anderson, Sue Anderson, Barbara Jackson, Cathy Salyer. Bottom Row: Kirk Rogers Qpres.j, Mike Lysagt QV. pres.J, Jeff Poole lsec.J, Steve Young ftreas.j. Not pictured: Phil Murphy, Donna Kelly., Ken Loomis, ,lim Bolding, Chris O'Brien. A Meeting of the Minds B N - Jjmmv IJ' ln' D c,. ll an K . Nlcll'glllllCS 25 , Q 2 , 'Z 552154 X V , . . SX x W V M WNW! W ' M1 X Ll i 1 d h X lllkl' ld d h d V A Q + WN 5 + W' 'W ' '4?N1QWf ? 5 5 i Eflfln Yi! ' "1x' 'AX ,MY ,N :J If .U x If WW wwggi Y W -0 U I?ctcr I?avid 4. Jg John gf -J 3 LJ Snow L5 Schwartz I All k I Xl lhfl Z L A, 64 French Club Sue Alforrl Emily AI1flCl'S0l1 'Teresa Burr Nlargurct licll Ricliarrl Brczxkiron ,lorry Brown john dt-Carlo Nlivllelle fllullsv, Carl Corrigan Peter ffrnwl'orcl Lyn Dew Katlu' Domick Diunc Dorm-5 Lislic Elmore Andrew l"rurhter .lucly Gnrgers Ellen Gnstoukian 1 Triciallrccn W1Deilbic Hodge Diana- lloflgcr ' :Sancla llall Bambi llokc Ann l'lut1,-hings Kim Horn K Lori lngborg .lozxnnv ,llIf'0llSII1CW26lfQS Elizabeth Jones Pual ,lftT'fl8l'I Foreign lubs hi A Guill'aumeg,LgleLac 4 Meta 'Lau -' Traby Leary ' Mary Lott Pal Lucas Debbie McCormick VF Wjoymre llflhll VifDavi1I Robert Meltonf' Melinda Moncure ' l.'1llIl'ii Morgan ' .- Susan Mullins . Kathy' Piraino f K-ixthy Diane Carol Rc-nic Plumgggr blonceskl Kris Snider Nl zx 1' lc Watson John Zuberk Susan Graham Pu m ,lu in es ' German 'Club Sue Alford Brian Beuchar Cathy Brower Paul-G-Capella A rrl crnfgigzlyark , D0'1'f.lifiiQi!Li1r'Ii,: Q V 'Bo,nnieiifFrancis Steven "Gray - Debbie Hart ' Mike Hickey David Hgfner Dcelmhfeklrlook Kitty Efiiiflies B2lFlflBFHk,ii-Q,lBCkS0l1 Charlieiilohneton Stuart Jones ,Ian Krtniva Karen Knoblc Michellg,bMcParldcn Nell Debbie Melbourne Cece Murphy Karen Norbey Kay Reingruber Denise Roberts Lu Samaha ,lim Stilyibarcls Murgilriet Strada Sandra Sutherland Adrienne Teijler Steven Weiler Wlencly Wieringa Patti Zikowitz .ma ., M iwf- 1 ' K+ . V CWM- --M -N: df .. f if 'kwa fx.--ff ,-M M ,1MYE,5-4-W :wg es, -EM.. nl Q. 3 -1 f W, egg 'lmwsfizgwe' m 2 J kiwi 5? 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D, Sallie Dzubak V Lorraine Eng 'Robin Engh Charles Finger Steve'Fleger Doug Fowley Jay Friedrich Richard Fruchterman 1' Richard Gooding-, V Forreat Gzinderi- L 1 ' V Charlyn'jHall,'-uf'' Debbie Hartf Q. .f .5 Steveligarris-:AQ-1 - if L Shan na. Henirlireef Bill Hefamgifiggahk Barbara .loltltaon ' Barbara Jonea, Bill Kicr Ann Kraus Debbie Lam 'I ' Jeff Landrum Scott Lawrence 1 t . Diane Lesko r 'pf 2 Gordon Louderhack Richard lvtctutchen 7 Robert Melton Cathy Midkiff Eric Miller Tom Murri Tim Nasworthy Brad Newell David Panich Cathy Patterson Margaret Phillio Jeff Poole Werner Purcell Mark Richards Dave Robarge Terri Rogers Becky Rowlands Michelle Russo Mark Ryan Greg Succo Lou Samaha Lucia Schuon c . . - ,:,-tariff,-,,. S . ..-fag: 2,-:ii 5. MJ.,-, , Don Slee William R. Smith Karen Snider Linda Strawbridge John Szarek Karen Teichler ' Gary Thompson Ellen VanDrooge Ann Velesz Willwam Woerner Judy Worthington Patricia Young Peter Yu ,John Zubeck Stephanie Zushin QE YE Ga J fwjw 376' ,?"' XXXBU WWSQS 19' 'am H ,VA -it X IDN! X2 .. O I 'lk 4 V74 J-at I ' lx ,L Jigga, AQ EB A 0 0 4, 1 , 'lf ZW 2? l H Q X a lu m' , X fu. .. smxxxxv x fr! ' Q A X , -sw 3555 lj f 1-" -v, , . if 6 W 2 ea: X n 71? 'I' i' 'ff - 0 5' ' 1 49 4 f X1 "50 'T' S3 dmv Q lfvv' ' M 3 1 :E N .434",o' 1 -'qggggp R M Alf 1 5 :1 XY' B, X - 4 - , 1 mf' 2 L - A - ' 5 7 1 A X ff- A A 1 W v , , A Of ff, O W -1.7 'L' , QQXB ...1Q- ' . Twenty years ago San-, institution which was to change the-course, of the lives of many young people opened its doors. This instittitioniiwas' Anniaiii dale High School. A secondary 'schioofli V V i ol' the highest quality' and standardi Seventeen years agofthe aforemen- tioned instfitution Vunderwent yea changeg 8fiCl'lRltgQ t,V would itself changejthiecourse of th'elives4of.n1ariyf young people. change-.came in thejperso,n,.VAol7.Mr4'James' G. Finch. A QBH1' M'ri5Fif1Ch iS n01lQ1!EQF-DSW ff! n'afnd.ale5j'he and 'thejhiigiifschgool have ihecomef analogous and synono-mous termsty H f , A'nnanglaAle7i now, thefoldest schoolyon its , spite has, i through .they tilre'less"efforitsQof Mr. Finch, becomegi school Hof, manifold- advancements. The 'elective coursesg the variety' of ' subjects, andtheffreedom fronrchaos lead., theglist of achiyey-ments to 'jhe pin,n1edfQon' this man's But il.l1kf2iI'f?Q.I afre material benefi'ts'1t'hat the student' can -reapiffrom, having :fprin- cipal 'such 'as Mrg Finch. The"media center,ffor'exam'pleiia multi-purpose, ali'.r-conditlionedl labyiifithgv of ,helpful cr'edti'vyitiesg open to'afl3li-studen'tS, for use-thifopugihout thedayl: Consider-they comfortable libiaryfwhlich- lies atithe 1hea,rtf4offA.HS. And forget not that Finch, provided Va moan, fin: which to c0,nSatriifQL the b00ke,frqn1'1-w'hiC'hA' X95 now'5'read.Q,-, ' 7 ff - " Cohijilaints Ama edfasigiusr. have been lvyoieediconcerning Finerh sinceihe g i ' i befganvgsaerving -.'Annandale, butt ,thejfg ' voices came' ,frtisi313f1peopley1,w'hp ihaveinotfithe maturity to. appreciate' '- those Who are sincerely c.5mfned.4 i with their. growth .e', P an Finch Taking the place of Mr. Siemens this year was Mr. Fleming. In holding the office which enforces discipline, Mr. Fleming tried various methods to hr- ing Annandale's "class cutting" un- der control. Also assisting Mr. Finch in running the school are the assis- tant principals Col. Clarke, Mr. Eakin and Mr. Pattisall. All these men put forth much needed effort in working for Annandale High School. Mr. Canonica working out AHS problems ' WM- , ,, m w 5 Colonel Clark discusses another problem. Two administrators discuss A.H.S. Mr. Fleming looks for an answer. mt 'X -F5 t ,J n X ,,,.,-.L..-. 'QFT' Mr. Eakin is very helpful. XJ Counselors Aid Students L f As in the past twenty years of Annandale, A.H.S. has upheld its tradition of a well staffed guidance office. The program which was instituted last year, and has been carried through this year enables the students to register for an appointment with their guidance counselors at a con- Mr. Gill greets everyone with a smile. Mrs. Randu takes time for a coffee hreak. Left: Miss Moreland always has time. venient day and lime. At these ap- pointments students diseuss with their own particular counselor their schedules and future plans. Dr. Henry, an able guidance counselor. T S. Mrs. Randa and Mrs. Weill-Busy at work. fi' J . ' 1 sa 5? xg A . l ,,, ? . lil I :l f.... ..R A 733 I I 1 Mrs. Marterre types Guidance Material Mrs. Weill asks, "May I help you?" Mr. Blake pauses for a picture. Secretaries-a it 55, ,. -11 -.- ..,,A 2 ..:-fini 6 . ,.,,.. A Mrs. Shear says "I don't want any." 2:5 5 fu ' . 3 f 1 3- :Q-.,.,, -fa - Mrs. Brown has a pleasant smile for everyone. Job Well Done id fl Mrs. Lees is constantly busy. x H l Y M M 4.--lug K 55?5 Mrs. Simmons., finance secretary. Media Center Supplements Education nm: Mrs. Oakerson labors over the light table. The Media Center aids a student in giving a presentation. In its second year of operation, Annandale's Media Center, head- ed by Mrs. Lin Oakerson, enriched the education of the students through the well equipped production room and comfortable lecture areas. Visual and audio aids, such as transparencies, filmstrips, slide shows, and tape recordings, which added in- terest and variety to classroom teaching were easily assembled by teachers with the help of specialized equipment. Students were encouraged to use the equipment in the production room as long as they provided their own supplies. The carpeted lecture rooms with ample blackboard space make up the other half of the Media Center. Used for showing movies, lectures, individual study and a host of other activities, the comfortable, airy rooms provided a welcome break from stiff, stuffy classrooms. IB Room-a Center of Organization Mrs. Fairchild smiles as she works with the IBM cards. Mrs. Cmiel working with one of the IBM machines. Kurt Schumacher, Debbie Lamm, Jerry Brown and Renee Ard led the class of '75 to a noteworthy year of good fortune and prosperity. A series of money-making soc-hops led the way to success. Class and school spirit rose to new and formerly unknown heights as the '75ers tasted for the first time the sweet superiority of upperclassdom. Unity and the aroma of togetherness permeated the class. Annandale's graduating class of '74 comfortably leaves the school and their position in the hands of these hard-working enthusiasts. X1 if .1 Dick Adams Joyce Adeoek Robin Alger Debbie Allen Susan Allen Emilly Anderson Glenn Anderson Paul Anderson Marion Apostol Renee Ard Kay Arnold Keith Arnold Kim Arnold Dayle Ash ,lim Bacon Chris Babson Missy Bain Meg Baker Kathryn Banta Teresa Barr Barbara Barrell Michelle Battle Dawn Baumann Bill Beatman Donna Beaudoin Lois Beckett Greg Bell Margerel Bell Nora Bentley Victoria Berdo Elaine Betts Debbie Bianchi Debbie Bieber Brian Bird Elaine Bishop Mike Bishop l'hil Blanchard Susan Blalock Brenda Bennett Robert Bleek Michael Blood James Boclling Dan Bombick David Bombick Jeff Bowers Ken Bowers Bill Brennan Barbara Briscoe Calherine Brower Ceraltl Brown Linda Brown Paul Brown Daniel Bruner Mark Buclsoek Patty Burnett Mark Burney Danny Bullcr Ancly Bryan Nlarvie Bryan Susan Byrnes Lori Calunrio Susan Carroll Angela Casamentn Corrine Caslellucei Cathy Carlson Suzanne Cassell Carol Caswell Val Champlain lrcnc Channon Rivk Christian john Clagell Charles Clark Terri Clark Nlivhele Clause Kay Clifton Judy Cochran Chris Coleman Slevc Cohoon Peggy Conaly Palric-ia Connors Kathy Coogan james Cooper Mike Cooper Johnny Coppersmith Carl Corrigan ,Ianel Corelli Chris Costello Evelyn Coumes Mike Coyne Brian Crouch Tammy Crump Eileen Cotter lVlike Craig Ann Cresswell Nancy Dallingcr Alison Duly Deborah Dusovich Mark Davidson .lean Davis Lynn Davis Steve Dillard Nina Domina Roger Dowding! Skip Dawson Allrerl Demcrs Carol Deuleh Angia Dews Jeff Doby John Donnal Roger Dowdy Sherry Drummond Devon Duncan ,lounne Dunleavy Tim Duvall Conron Dyehe Dianne Earnshaw Delores Edmonds John Eggerton Suzanne Eibell Cary Elder Leslie Elmore Mike Emlel Lorraine Eng Tim Ervy Donna Estes Vicki Eybers Ronald Ferris linnrlic Ficklin Charles Finger Louis Fitzgerald Terri Fitzpatrick lvan Fisher Peggy Fisher Rebecca Fisher ci- ll l 5 BP i if it F K-.xy 1a F 1 -Q. I -. Dave Fitts Lisa Flack Valerie Fletcher Ed Flood Tammy Flournoy Ann Folker Sally Ford Glenn Forman Wayne Forsythe Cliff Foster Bruce Fox Jim Fox Colleen Francis Debbie Frechette Jody Freeman Kathy Frick Robert Friend Susan Frully Sharon Garrett Jeanne Gamher Pete Gastoukran John Gaylor Sharon Gibson Ronnie Gilpin X: i ' ,Q , .Q 0 xx Y X gt, 1 t ' i I "YP w it 5 AL. - -.4 . Q ! we X n Jim Harris Theresa Hart Bill Heard Becky Hcck Dave Heclgcpeth Eric Hcmhree Bill Hemmingson Karen Hcmmingson Dave Hepburn Rusty Herrick Brian Hester ,lim Higley Tina Hill Deborah Hilliard Debbie Hodge Bambi Hoke Bruce Holland .leff Holly David Horton john Hughes Sandy Hutchings Mary Hylaman Mike Ingalls Michele ,Iachera Ed Gobeille Kathy Good Gayle Goodman Karen Goodwin Ron Gordon Rick Gorey Denise Gour John Glass Dan Grady Sue Grahm Sue Graincr Roger Gray Ronnie Greenberg Harold Greenwald Rick Grivas Nancy Guill Regina Gutierrez Tom Hale Kathy Halleck Gary Halstead Margaret Hamadon Cathy Hamel John Hames Dorene Haney 1, 3 K It rv-J vw la fi' .vb X sg.- 5. N j'-I f- ,-v .- y 1' 0 i 5 'A L. 5 fa i it in 1 i i 1 i E Q24 aj' ,L 1 :A I , Sow ' I arf 4. Q 'l lm J ix A , A n E I 'I ZZ' 'ffm Aj N '4- 'FEV t ,I L' fm ri Q ' 1, 1 sw L.. 'JSR 1 '3 -... : Joanne Jaeobsmeyer Debbie James Pam James Judy Johnson Lane Johnston Marge Johnston Liz Jones Mike Kania Bonnie Kayser David Kendall Kathy Kenyon Myung Hun Kim Nancy King Bruce Kiser Marci Koblos Ralph Koch Judah Kraushaar Scott Kuntz Mark Kutsko Mike Lacy Rink Lahr Chuck Lakins Betsy Lamberton Debbie Lamm Greg Lane Robin Laudati Kathy Lautermilch Cindy Lawd Dawn Leatherwood James Lee Curtis LeMay Donna Lessner Judy Lewis Pat Livingston Scott Loomis Trena Lorette 34? C1-7fuH.0l19fU Jennifer Lucas Steve Lucas Susan Lueking Glen Madert Barbara Maillet Craig Manes Debbie Manning Edna Manning Steve Moz-is John Mayer Phil Mays Sue lVleCl'lrislian i Q.. 4 .s-.5 .v i w - it Wx l f EW' x.. J, fr. 'Q ' ta Q ' , 'M : uv' l M ' in i .. .Sim Fi' N ll ga, - ,WF , . , . - W 2 I t .. -1 :.: 'H- M m il . ' if :lz Aggie McCloskey V X Brian McElralh Helen McGee Mel McGee Rob McLaren Ingrid McLean 5, ,H ., , 5 if W5 , . M'li:-as Mc-Manus Tom McMillan Tom McNamara Greg MeNamee Debbie Mt:l'eak Debra Melbourne Robert Melton Karen Menning Dave Metbvin Cathy lVliflkil'l' Mel Moneure Dale Monroe Sherry Monroe Pal Moore Laura Morgan Greg Morris james Morse Mary Ann Morse Mag V ix? Y. ..,t 1 .fff.'?f, my i . iff' "agua Q l ix '-. K JR, H I r l i -1.9 , u :ref , r . A-lim. ,fi , . M . ,, If x , l cl' if te' 1 ' 'MW il la, 'i t Lynda Neel' Pat Nelson .Marie Nesbitt Dotli Newcomer ,led Newman Tony Nocera Karen Nordlund Nat Norman Joanne Moser Paul Mostcller Brian Mullin Brian Murphy Christy Murphy Cha Myong If iff ., Enthusiastic juniors plan their float. Q .Ja 4 ,Ex V J Q 5 f,.-,, Class of 75 Sponsors Datlng Game Ron Novak Kathy 0'Dea Anna 0'Neal Carol 0'Ncil Kaye Orso Tom Oseeky Debbie Palma Scott Palmquist Alicia Papalios Kevin Patton Howard Paris Gray Payne Lucy Perez Alan Peterson John Philips Maggie Philleo Randy Pieper Kathy Piraino Donnie Pisciolta jeff Poole Mike Poor John Potts Michele Praturton Dean Prather Cheryl Pribheno Margie Price Paul Prohoniak ,lane Pyle Dennis Quesenber ry Tim Ragen John Randolph Kim Raper Susan Ray Kay Reingruber Garry Relton Debra Richert Cindy Richter Dave Roberson Gina Roberto Mike Robinetle Betty Robinson ,Iohn Rodgers Kirk Rogers Rhonda Ronemus ,lack Rosengren Emily Ross Linda Russell Peggy Ryan ,li x UM' i Q . X I . -, z' 5 4' -1-fx 'Q ,. . 5'-Q ' i .. , . 1 .. N if 'al I L' ' X W ' 4 Y I: STL-7 H' r, , 5 CY, l iv 4 l T7 x iff 1 a.. ,L XM What does he sec in HER? iz? 1 i W if Q QB l '--- , rg Q. il. Nx 1 . r . i , 2 i x , I . Tom Spriggs Scoll Springer Vicki Stanley Bill Slunlon Danny Stapor Jim Starr .lim Steckbeck John Steen Steve Ryan Lou Sanmlm Kathy Sanders Kevin Sehlink Kurt Seliumavhcr Bertha Svulllchull Cumilia Sc-ulllehull Delila Scnlllclmll Delmhic Scclmcr Lisa Seigrisl Karen Sekol Brian Shattuck Mart Shelton Sherry Shipley Slevc Shipp Patty Slack john Slahctku Renie Slonueski Sanrlra Smuil Cathy Smith Mike Snipas Ueanne Soaper Mark Sohasky Dave Spracllin w I 'if' Jw.. .7' " Q ' ig X. -Q X ,Q Y il I gf " w'f'vVWiV1 W, J' ' .E YEA . jf?" i 'L - 5" iii - LW, l li .Q i f 1 ii 311 l ilil' A, ll mf' x W ll" 'l V si E 9 ft E x f.. WH rw, - ' Q ' . ,, .1 , a ig ' fl X i x .,- v ' .tai r QE H than K1 l mwh t. . F . V N f ,, 1 , 1 tl ' air -wiit ' it ' M lx "i E7 in R!! Y-F -- ' . L . 9.7 S' If 4 ll' P' w W. Q- ' . - 'S- ' Q2 ,' ' -N 'V L Q ,, X sit , , : L 1. f 1:39- if X. f - S. - 'f 'N l . 4 5 ft ' il ' 1 ' gg 2. g l , -. - Q H V 3 4 :V 1 lr 'fat l tw X x 1 p K 4 Q Y 5:99411 ,in gil- , AMX l 1 rl ' 12321-..-'Y t"aakxX .Q5Put AL, Dehhic Stewart Shiela Stivkcll Margaret Strada Tim Strait Lori Stubbs Bill Suminski Larry Swanson Steve Swanson Randy Swart Tom Talley Steve Talpel Frank Tatum Sandy Taylor Bob Tedesvn Barry Thomas Gary Thompson Lynn Thompson Bob Toyo Steve Truitt Natalie Tulliu Chuck Tumbleson ,lack Turner Mike Vance ,lill Vanclenhuvel James Velesz Mike Vitez Rick Von Blon Oscar Von Bredow ,lane Walsh Jenny Walsh In search of the earless wonder. Juniors Win Most Spirit Sticks JP ,L-,. ,V six 3 ! li ' x V' X J i Y' 4 L' G I A if .,,,,.V: ki :,. L, 1? qs-r 3 i A. .L L21 y bn' Steve Zaricki Mark Zorgcr Mike Dominick Sandy Warner Tracy Warren Mark Watson Becky Wayland Rita Wchcr Mary Ann Vveiler Bef-ky Weixel Laura Welch Cathy West Dean White Ginger Whilllesey ,lim Yviecjorek ' Francis Weigand Karen W'ienandl WHy'llC Willie Doug Williams Dave Wilsmann Anne Wilson Sarah Windham Cathy Wforlcy Bill Wright Ernie Young Phil Young Mu Yousscfi Seventy-five! , seventy-five! !, seventy-five! ll yy . V . .aaa .. ,. . N J 9292 7 fiiiiiiiifh .s2?2?5?'W M , .. .oar ., ,,,,,,,. , M W ,M Mr. Cllarlcs D. Walloli llll yrs. al A.l3l.S.i B.A. al Briclgcwalcr C.: MA. alAn1crivanll. ath Department ,U lu, 1 agar.-.R Af R I V 'u . asf - A y gy 'Q y -1' . I f' - ff' l9.'f,-It r' '1- fi . 'wf11f......LJw::.. ' ' sf' - s , ' f ry '- saga -za ' 1 ..,,' 1 ' K is f . . I Col. John C. Boleyn 110 yrs. al AHSJ BS. at ll.S.M.A. -..Q .fam R Mr. Marshall D. Winclsor Q6 yrs. at AHSJ B,S. at V.l'.l.g Campbell C. Mrs. Frances Ramay U4 yrs. at AHSJ B.S. al. Miss Daniel Baker College: M.S. al U. of Miss. Miss Valcric llaasc Q2 yrs. al AHSD BA. al George Mason llnivcrsily. ,gif1.5-.jrMznT".,iijHf,, , ' ,, .iw fi F. ' , .2 A 5 . Us 4 ' .nfl ai , . :s.5:- in , Miss JoAnn Slriclilaml lil yrs. at A.H.S.J B.S. al East Carolina: M.'l'.S. at William aml Mary. Rogers fl yr. at AHSJ BS. at Baylor C. Miss Mary V. Robinson Q17 yrs. at AHSJ A.B. anrl lVl.A.all2n1oryan1l Henry, Duke U., U. ol' Va. E 'Et iglg A y -F J. Ki J .wmv ., x A1 Af .., 1' if , Fx I ng V .4 Q ,a.,-.. ..........Jf1TI. , -nf - , ,,,.,, -3.-, ,L ,f-" - :,. 44 f 5 Sa . 1 X., mag ,:, x.., -4 -' ., 41 i g .f 'ff' X, if , iii ' 41.-Ib , si? L. 4 L View '32 E A in W: f""w'5Q5 "F 'R if FW xii? if EQ? Q, K v.-3-" - 'm?W:w- 4 V K. ',:k 'x' , 7, -4, Em x 4 HAJ1 41'v' - ' 14 . iftssi - - ,l ig, N Sf? .-I nfs, ,F . ,wi 4. x .w rf, ' x 51- I .5 Endings and Beginnings ik' '-'--L--. Mrs. Sondra Drutz Q7 years at AHSJ better known as Mother Natureg bridge. Velma F. French fl year at AHSJ meeting new people, reading, walking. "Everyone has some good in him but one has to look for it sometimes." After ten years of service, Mrs. Son- dra Drutz surprised and saddened Annandale High School as she accom- panied her husband to Colorado Springs, Colorado, early in October. Although equally startled by the sudden move, Mrs. Drutz spoke gratefully of the many people and memories which had made AHS special to her. Mrs. Drutz' absence left AHS minus one English teacher. The English Department was extremely fortunate to gain Velma French as her replace- ment. Mrs. French was one of the four new teachers to join the depart- ment. AHS welcomed the spirited at- titudes of Velma French, Jean Boyer, Lois Rao, and Jane McConell. Mrs. Jane McConnell Q1 year at AHS, music., tennis, guitar. Mrs. Jean R. Boyer fl year at AHSJ yoga, horseback riding, swimming. Mrs. Lois Rao Q1 year at AHSJ sewing, crocheting, cooking. fix 'T Oi Q , 1 'S .. I l l 'I .K ,- , t 192 2, ,' U M A 0 E24 E w-.4.,1,y.uru3 TQ lufyf' , i E. an ff L3 ' Q .1 . g X 'xi W V' , E ,gd y, ii 1. i JA ff. 'Af iv " , 'sf if 5. imap, D e J fazfawaw rc 5 1 lm A l w. K -" M3 Q , ia IQ. 9 W Qi ,,.- ' y' ee-1' -13 wp' ?3 5'-N I .4 Barbara Aspinall Q10 years at AHS, "beach", bridge. To quote - Bartleby, "I prefer not lo," or better yet, to quote Thoreau, "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Ulrike QB! - . nr , vu ML xx 'wg Barbara Ann Finch Q11 years at AHSJ. . - . but L ln. .4 Mrs. Donna Porter I5 years at AHSJ sewing "Why not?" J. Wallace Bolding Q20 years at AHSJ aquatics, coin collecting, campingg "I had no shoes and complained . . . until I met a man who had no feet." 1 - - 3.-.1.: A ,... ,, -. iq,- .,: ' . Marily Bransom f10 years at AHSJ reading, needlework. """'f1'?19n--E.-...,,,,,,,,,-qv , .-, I, A Q 'Q ..t wg ' QQ, , tg? I i y -ir V I qkzil ll?ygfv.A:.f Mrs. Helen Nelson f7 years at AHS, antique hunting, fishing, golf, baseball. 193 Betty Jean Keenan 'Q10 years at AHSI horse races, theater, rapping C so loved the world that He gave His only beloved Son." Mrs. Jan Tarasovic Q2 years at AHSJ common causes, sewing and ot craftsg "Celebratel " A--auf Marion MacLean Q2 years at AHSJ back packing, making bread and candles, transcendental meditation. Mrs. Peggy Hamm Q3 years at AHSJ traveling, painting, tennisg 1976 class sponsor. Mr. Roy T. Fisher Q20 years at AHSJ cooking, gardening, reading, music, "Know thyself." Mr. Gene Singleton f3 years at AHSJ pictured here with his two dogs Ilse and Ruclig films, reading, swimming. i :D Rita Weaver f6 years at AHSQ music,just Mrs. Lora Nell Summers U0 years at AHSJ home life, theater, "Act well your part." putteringg "Why?"' 'EF' -s.! Rose F. Little Q20 years at AHSJ travel, research, understanding peoples of thc world: "Where there is life there is Hope!" 4 Remember ho Tau ht You How When you travel to Europe with your parents and have to handle order- ing lunch at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, to whom are you suddenly thankful? For twenty years the Foreign Language Dept. of A.H.S. has added to and enhanced the social lives and cultural edueations of its many students. So next time you say "Hola',, L'Merci", or i'Sprechen Sie Deutsche" remember the dedicated people who taught you how. ' Tw. In '01 Mrs. Marianne Worrell Q12 years at A.ll.S.ig lfrench and Germang sponsors German Clubg hobbies include reading, bridge, travel, Cours Snperieur Luxembourg., B.S. at Sophia U. in Japang Lw.X..X. Miss Ruth Ann Williamson Q6 years at German: sponsors German Club: hobbies in- clude music, sewing, hiking and skiing: BA. at U. of Rochesterg MA. ut Middleburg College. A! Miss Virginia Stephanz Q12 years at A.H.S.jq French: sponsors French Honor Society: hob- bies include reading, gardening, sports, BA. at Radford College, MA. at U.V.A. 1 Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmore Q6 years at f'k.H.S.j: Spanish, Middleburg Univ., li.V.A. Universidad Thero Americana. Miss Janice Oliver Q2 years at A.H.S.jg Spanish: B.A. at Muskingum Collegcg hobbies include traveling. - sk ,, 3. as -EEE-4 H.. i it S2 Mrs. Cornelia Tully Q4 years at A.H.S.jg Spanish, assists Spanish Clubg hobbies include travel, reading, sewing, B.S. at Ohio Univ., Univ. of Madrid, U. of Heirlelburg, U.V.A. l 196 A 'KNEE Mrs. Rose Little f20 years at A.H,S.jg Russian and Lating sponsors Russian and Latin Clubs. Latin and Russian Honor Societiesg hobbies include an in v is-f.,,h QQ? X E e iii"'f travel, researehg B.A. al Hunter College. Grad. work at Columbia U., G.W.U. Mr. Robert Menard Q6 years at A.H.S.Jg French and Math: BA. at Catholil' U., MA. at Univ. of Michigan. Mrs. Frances Morgan Q7 years at A.H.S.jg Germang B.A. at Madison Collegeg Hofstra U. in Salzburg, Australia. Mr. Dominic Mautone Q5 years at A.H.S.jg French: BA. al Champlain Collegeq lVl.A. at Middleburg College. Mrs. Norma Jones fl year at A.H.S.Jg French and Spanishg hobbies include gardening and sewingg A.B. at Bates College. Mrs. Carolyn Lindahl Q9 years at A.ll.S.lg Spanislig A.B. at G.W.ll.g hob- bies include traveling. Mrs. Elizabeth Huffman Q4 years at A.H.S.j:, Spanishg A.B. al Gettysburg Collegeg Spanish Club sponsorg hobbies include reading and bridge. 2 ll' wi 551191, .1 1, fl -lu. '-1:25 Q ee ' :ii 9 1'-4'L'3ii5f l"" L4 Zlllreiiifg 4:2 ,2 ' ei if -3... Z E 'i e L 1 ' T 4 " N r- - - 0' ' .Wg-e l ie, K , N .4 . e Sv.. , , ' R 197 ',f is , y . L Y' 4 i 1. ,f U? J rd! .1 ,5- l ff? .uf Science Dept. In 1954 Annandale's science depart- ment opened in its entirety with six teachers. Three of the six divided their time and classes between science and a second subject such as Home Economics. Today, the depart- ment has grown in number but also covers subjects from Earth Science to Physics. Throughout the years the department has employed new methods such as the use of videotapes., field trips, team teaching and the point system to enrich the students understanding of his par- ticular field. Left to Right: Mrs. Rebecca Bartelt Q2 yrs. A.H.S.j Earth Science: Hobbies: Mineral collecting, camping, gymnastics. Mr. Earl Gill Q15 yrs. A.H.S.j Physics: Hobbies: Bowling. Left to Right: Team teachers: Mrs. Audrey Grissom Q5 yrs. A.H.S.j Biology: Hobbies: Reading, pain -ting, naturalist. Mr. James Johnson Q3 yrs. A.H.S.j Biology: Hobbies: Gardening, wild edible plants plants., general biological exploration. Miss Penelope Lawson Q2 yrs. A.H.S.j Biology: Hobbies Gardening, animal lover. Mr. Walter F. Bugin Q19 yrs. A.H.S.J Chemistry: Hobbies: Golfing, bowling, Sp0I'lS. 59:13 M. lllliflililiiil -nu-u-II' idens Scope , gf lk ' 1 '.J IQ l fl 2 f Q 4 ' l ' x . f lx Left to Right: Mr. Richard Ailstock fll yrs. A.H.S.j Biology, Hobbies: Hiking, reading, photography, people. Mr. Robert Lane Dziuban Q4 yrs. A.H.S.Q Biology, 81 Psychologyg Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, community theatre, camping. Mrs. Alice Jean Wood Q15 yrs. A.H.S.J Chemistry. Mr. Lyle Hunzeker fl yr. A.H.S.J Biology, Hobbies: Woodworking, lawn care. Comm. Charles Curtis Q8 yrs. A.H.S.j Earth Scienceg Hobbies: minerology, paleontology. F - Mrs. Garland Woodson Q18 yrs. at AHSQ Bus. Ed., Eng., BS, BCS, Mary Wash, College., UVAQ Senior Honor Society, Bowling, Bridge Q :Ea s S3121 Mr. Charles E. Good Q12 yrs. at AHSJ Typing, Bookkeeping, BS and MS at Madison Collegeg Dept. Chairman, Adult Ed.g Swimming, travel, FBLA chapter Mrs. Ruggera Q6 yrs. at AHSQ Steno II 81 Office Practice 81 Proceduresg Radfordg Tennis, reading, COE Coordinator Miss Cannon Q7 yrs. at AHSJ Bus. Law, Principles, Man.g Intro. to Typ- ing, UNC, work with Cent. for Auto Safety Business Dept K' x f ' 1 TGV Mrs. Bass Q3 yrs. at AHSQ Gen. Bus., Steno I Blockg Campbell Col.g FBLA chap.: Bowling Mrs. Joan Hall Q5 yrs. at AHSQ Bus. Subjects Lynchburg Col.g FBLA chap.: knitting, cooking Q..-.1 .O.E. and D.E. Prepare v A.H.S. students which participated in the COE program followed a workfstudy schedule. They attended school in the morning taking either a class in Stenography II or Office Practices and Procedures. In the afternoon, the participants applied their acquired skills in office sur- roundings where they were employed. ! , , ff l 1-at--1001 L KR- 'Zan Mr. Heeter Q2 yrs. at AHSJ D.E. Coordinator. Music, all sports. Right: Mr. Todd Q12 yrs. at AHSJ D.E. Coordinator. Boating, golf. The Distributive Education program was one in which better than 150 students were trained and given ex- perience in the field of distribution. The students must attend two classes, one of which pertains to distribution., For these the students received two credits. Salesmanship, business, economics, marketing, advertising, display, and sales promotion were included in the areas of study. In general, the Distributive Education program was to produce a goal in the minds of the involved students and to provide an area in which to head in later life. Mr. Todd and Mr. Heeter coor- dinatedtheprogram. ' 4 . ,M V 17 lldihl U.. L H-1-Q---ig,....,.., The Physical Education Department provides a welcome break from the routine of daily classes. The program is tailored to fit the needs and in- terests of the students within the scope of their personalities, maturity, and the department's available facilities. Because of the varied background of students entering An- nandale, Freshmen are required to take basic team and individual sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track. As Sophomores, students must take units offered for the first time but may choose between those which had appeared in the Freshman year. Sophomores also have the option of the quarter in which Driveris Ed. is taken. Juniors enjoy the privilege of alternate choices in every unit except fencing and Seniors can participate in any sport within reason. To assure the students of a program which will be of interest to them, a course evaluation sheet is filled out at the end of the year to indicate likes and dislikes. K' 57.15 fx i .. .1 ,, 'W . a , We . ,1 112: 'sy' ' .4 is ,455 "T . - ,Fi ' , ' f. .Q ' ' 1. . A f ' N- an is L I, - 202 .-ht.. Y 1, f :-WQJF. nl .FW ,fy J ' -NL fl lr-E!mf-si , . .r-.'2Lg,, A :rm ,si wg ., J Right: Miss Rachel Peters Q20 yrs. at AHSQ: Phys. Ed.: Varsity Hockey Coach. Below: Miss Katherine Buck Q20 yrs. at AHSM Phys. Ed.: Basketball, Softball and J.V. Hockey coach. 'FFF 21- ' -- , - N943 ' 1S rua-fsvuwemtr F' i x we fran.-arrer :iz-'fn'1'y?f'1" 4':Fl::'l'1'-Y' iii !LlL'::' Q'glK'N -f....E,,,,:.,,. -fi' Fxvx y, i . e 'E C 'TUIIIH 1 1 y ' .. , X f if "it We , I, ' . frvr! 1.4 . A diff: ' "fu-!'F1f ' al' '. lik. f fm' Q Above: Mr. Everett Cloud Q1 yr. at AHSQ: Driver's Ed.: Football and Wrestling Coach. Middle: Miss Sally Michener f5 yrs. at AHSJg Phys, Ed.: Tennis, ,I.V. Basketball and Track Coach. Left: Mrs. Linda Holman Q4 yrs. at AHSM Phys. Ed.: Gymnastics and Cheerleading. .,.T..,,1f, 4 iff I I' if fe. ,. w If iss. , rw. -K rztfit Below: Mr. Robert Harrlagc flkl yrs. ut AHSjl'I1ys. Ed.: Fuotlnall: lfrosli Bttskct- liull Com-ll. Wliclcllc: lllr. Olson: llchiml llic Wheel. lfur Luft: Mr. llurry Smith U9 yrs. at .AXHSJL Phys. litl.g Varsity lhnskctlmll Com-li. Lcll: Mr. liivlturcl liaflmun tl yr. z1t:Xl'lSl: P113 s. lirl.: llcafl Wrestling Couch. Alb. L 11-rl Above: Mr. James W. Coyle Q12 yrs. at AHSJQ Phys. Ed.g Director of Athletics. Far Left: Mr. Thomas Secules Q7 yrs. at AHSJQ Phys. Ed.:, Asst. Football Coach and Track Coach. Middle: Mr. Charles Kel- ly Q7 yrs. at AHSJQ Phys. Ed.g J.V. Basketball Coach. 20 " 'T 5-, . Q Ms. Agnes Fromer Q4 years at A.H.S.j Artg B.A. at Slate U.g U. of Va.g American U.g Photography, piano, church. :f ' , . 5 - G55 1 .E Q EI 7' Three new courses were added 204 .W ,QM E, s r h, "ii-'f ,, .Q wwf A I -., . ,. if y 1 s E' " Q 'M st H I YF' 9-.'?E'E'l32E' '5"'5UQQ5'v-1 P-xl 'Oli' Ch"'l'g..m30D Q-9405 5.5 O35-QRSCB O Uqfngggs :' 'ff' aw at-1 Hgsn,-1. .- 'Q' U1 WE- so tn'-'sgggr-g I 5'5":Qa+1-5 W,-,coD"4 -5.5m5f'D9J 'UHF-,,,.F" 5 930,-,smp-IO 55.0 on :.g?3'35'.Q' 5f'g.g2E:r,5' Plan. mp?- printmaking, sculpture, and creative crafts. For the first time, students were allowed to take two periods of Advanced Art if they so desired. Much emphasis was put on drawing, 'c with nine weeks of each elective ifz- WL: a" .1--4 ,4 .V-ff J ,.-, ,.. ., devoted to a drawing class. . 1...-....... ,,Y.r i . Q52 t.E "f'ffEii" E7 QL QT., , Mr. Edgar Roberson Q17 years at A.H.S.j B.A. at U. of Richmondg M.A. at American U.g College Art Study Abroad Paris: Art Dcpt.g Chairmang Wild Foodsg Fossilsg Astronomyg Barbershop Quartet. 'g l Mrs. Dorothea Monk Q4 years at A.H.S.j B.A. at West Va. U.g Catholic U.g William and Maryg Sewing and sports. Mrs. Teresa Caldwell Q2 years at A.H.S.j B.S. at Madison Collegeg Ten- nis. Under the guidance of Mr. Doster, the Annandale High School Music Department provides a fine oppor- tunity for the serious student to ex- plore any area ol' music he or she wishes. Through meaningful par- ticipation, the student may advance at his or her own rate, can perform artistically alone, or can become a part of a larger group fband, orchestra, chorus, or ensemblej. Mr. Franklin J. Lockwood 11 yr. at A.H.S.j Band, String teacherg Ithaca Collegeg boating, golf, swim- ming. ,rf 4-:Q .5 'Pgi' I-M4llYlYliAYdl1iIlk21 li IH Il YI l 'J I'H1Ul1l1- 'F' 'li 11 e -:rr..h..llmi.a.aQ.L.Q.,.. 5. if il rg W, wr' Mr. Robert F. Doster Q7 yrs. at A.H.S.y Dir. of Bands, Music Theoryg Lebanon Valley College, U. of Maryland, U. of Illinois, B.A. and M.A.g Sailing, Historical Novels. Dr. Harold G. Connell Q13 yrs. at A.H.S.j Choral Musicg B.A. and M.A. at Brigham Young U.: Pl1.D. at New York U.g Geneology. H U .Se 205 20 6 Q Mrs. Margaret C. White Q2 yrs. at A.H.S.J, Home Economics: Brevard ,luniur College, 13.5. al Radford College, Masters at V.l'.l.1 Home Economics Clulig Sewing, cooking, traveling. 9 lHei"5F2'f"A ,, . i ., ,A , .5 ..f,sG. ki Miss Yvonne Elzinga I7 yrs. at A.H.S.j, Home Economicsg B.S. at Brigham Young Universityg Home Economics Club, sports, cooking, sewing, creative handiwork, music, dancing, camping. Home Ee. Sl Industrial Arts Depts. Offer Coed Courses The Home Economics program was designed this year to aid students in developing the ability to strengthen per- sonal and family living. The program offers opportunities for boys and girls to develop their values, attributes, un- derstandings, and skills which contribute to personal development and to provide a foundation for many oc- cupations and professions. General and in-depth courses are available for the benefit of any students with special needs and interests in areas related to Consumer and Home Economics Education. wg' ,45- Mr. Edward B. Leggat Q1 yr. at A.H.S.j., Electronics I, II, III, AND IVQ Schoolcraft Comm. College, University of Michigan, Va. State Universityg Stage Crew, Electronics club, sports, traveling, camping. Mr. Franklin J. Beto Q11 yrs. at A.H.S.j, Industrial Arts, A.B. at Salem College, M.A. at George Washington.Universityg Golf, hunting, fishing. -wha. "ea .14-l if '. ' if' Mr. Christopher B. Gerhart fl yr. at A.H.S.J, Mechanical Drawing, Engineering Drawing, Architectural Drawing, General Shop, B.S. at Pur- due Universityg Model Aviation, photography, Hi Fi. Mr. Curtis E. Felty Q2 yrs. at A.H.S.J, Maintenance 81 Repair, Auto Mechanics, Retired from Military after 20 yrs. of serviceg Stage and Light Crew, hunting, fishing, travel. The A.H.S. Industrial Arts curriculum is open to all, in- cluding the young ladies of the school. The program gives the student the opportunity to become knowledgeable con- cerning history, problems, processes, and personnel systems of industries. Each student has the opportunity to develop basic skills in the areas' of metalworking, woodworking, plastics and leather, and various other crafts. Training in Electronics, Mechanical Drawing, and Auto Mechanics have also been made available. 'gif -l w., f. ii R 1, so , .. F 'iii T i 5 Mr. Charles F. Scheider IV Q2 yrs. at A.H.S.J, Industrial Arts I 8: Ilg B.S. at V.P.l. 31 Sli., lnlramural Gymnastics, Gymnastics Team Coach, scuba diving, fishing. 5: , .L-,I...: ..,. I M. ALL, wx !,,, - K ' . D '.:,:....-.3 - 207 Thematic System Succeeds in 73 The Social Studies Department, this year, carried on with the recently developed thematic system, a successful offspring of last year's planning. The arrangement provides students with a multiplicity of selec- tions. In this way, A.H.S. students have found their social studies courses to be more rewarding and challenging. A round of applause goes to the ingenuity of the Social Studies Department. "pu-gm.. I Mr. William Parnell Q17 yrs. at A.H.S.j, St. Anselm's-A.B., Boston University-M.A.. Columbia U.. Reading, spectator sports, folk music records. fi' ' Mr. David Carter Q4 yrs. at A.H.S.j, Brown University Providence R.I.-B.A., University of Scranton, State Univ of N Y at Oswego William and Mary. Athletics, camping, reading Mr. Robert Stevenson Q18 yrs. at A.H.S.j, B.A. King College Tenn M. Ed. U. of Va.. Golf and fishing. 613 FC, . .l J. , Q M '-,Y f . -ui i R ' N SN' f- - '15 niswf' 5 7-Q5 . A- 5 -lj -f ?f I-iii' 9 TT ' szw w ,.,,,,. -.e - Y W . -W ' r 'gg-fwfr-gs., fix: o 'if I' V5 1 .if :lf.If'Ug7:-iii-VI, '- ' -A Y Q, , Mr. George Costello 117 yrs. at A.H.S.Q, BA.-Shepard College, M. V : 'ff Ed.-U. of Va.,Reading,sp0rts. .a-1. 3-5 B-1513?-.e A . .. :FW 4 " W. , -1 n .fn gf -- -if A: -- K.. Mrs. Dorothy Olin 16 yrs. at A.H.S.j, BS. at Northwestern Univer- sity, 1ancl other courses at about six othersj. Canada, swimming, canoeing. Capt. Eugene Breitenberg 110 yrs. at A.H.S.j, MSE at Henderson State, Arkansas, B.A. degree at Colorado College. Photography, hunting, fishing, public speaking, golf. .jeg fr" HW' nip Sill ali Mr. Jon Higgins 18 yrs. at A.H.S.J, B.Ed.-U. of Miami. All outdoor ac- tivities, reading. 20 9 ' Wig. ' . , ft? may ' Y' W - Gif . S , . -.-. V " - , i , V , '-A . ,ls-ml J -.-, g,v " . , " -N ,4 ' av 'P AE? V f-1 as Y' o Q 143 . if, ' I i V , ...inwiu . H, I ' .I 'v' Nh Q1 , ,A An... ,5! Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell Q15 yrs. at A.H,S.j U. of Minnesota, yrs. at A.H.S.j University of Texasg Golf, bridge, antiques, M.A. at Georgetown Universityg Tennis. Mrs. Gay Wilkes 17 woodwork. 210 Mr. W. Donoavan Armstrong Q5 yrs. at A.H.S.J Louisiana State Universi- ty, University of Va.g Tennis, reading, travel. U 8 n v nt F-xg sa. Mr. Robert Dorminey Q10 yrs. at A.H.S.j Slippery Rock State College, University ol' Va.g Water-skiing, sky-diving, gardening, camping. .'!,,... all, . . ' -, . ofa- , vg.u. Mr. Donald Henretty Q15 yrs. at A.H.S.j Randolph Macon College, University of Va.g Politics reading, exploring. Clinic and Librar -A ways Willing to Help Annandale's library and its clinic: neither considered to be of any great importance. Both are taken for granted and neither commended. Both are abused and complained about. And yet, when the doors of either one are closed, we certainly hear about it. The library has, throughout the years, continued as an integral part of student lifeg enhancing and en- couraging student education and con- sistently served in a most benevolent manner. Mrs. Ashenhurst and Mrs. Kurylo have earned the thanks and applaud of all. The clinic has, meanwhile, always been there to assist when the knees get scraped and the elbows scratched. Mrs. Botticello, head of the clinic, works hard to be on hand as often as possible. Mrs. Annabelle Ashenhurst Q20 yrs. at A.H.S.j Illinois State University, Travel, pets, cooking, gardening. ,ll swf " . ff' 'x 's ,LMI 1 -S. fda ,Iftkr Mrs. Lucille Botticello Q4 yrs. at A.H.S.J Moses Taylor Hospital School of Nursing U of Minnesota State of Va.1 Antiques, ice skating. .Rxr"'j.':-- , sg?-.2 N, , .- Mrs. Lydia Kurylo 16 yrs. at A.H.S.j Union College, U. of Va., Madison College, Antiques, bridge, travel. Substitutes Offer Change of Pace A -P - 'E-4 .' T ' '. " -'-"::' :nf 5iI..S:.':'1j. . Y-:J " 1. I7 -rv P ,:',q::f' il' X " ..-.... ' : " 'f.' .1',i. .- f -.,,1iu,., .NJ 1 ,.-1, 4. VM?-, ,L..'a"vv 'ral "U , Irv. . 14,11 g, , V-1 - - ' '1asL2'V.-"I mf' 5 V V. X wf "l'i' ' i Sporadically during the year, students and faculty experienced a change of pace, this, in the form of substitutes. Teachers absent from classes left their students in the very capable hands of several well trained substitutes. With determined courage they faced the masses, carry- ing on the regular tasks of the teacher. Often, they enriched their duties with personal anecdotes. ll .ii .,, deli-ev' . - it- " J I 5 , ,Sw Lf... fit 4 . 2 4 rw E. ,tix xy LN 'Y ff? L I avi I J ggi 22522 1 1935 Lp V u, W, 'ww ecognized as one of the more spirited classes of Annan- lale High School, the Class of '76 captured first place mong the Homecoming floats and was awarded numerous 'pirit sticks this past year. "'76" successfully hosted a fall ce cream social and several sock hops to raise class funds. long with the traditional activities of a sophomore class, '76" founded what they feel will become a new tradition at AHS. With money otherwise spent for weekly hall ecorations, the class plans to support an American orphan for twelve dollars a month. Upon graduation, hopefully the tradition will be continued by willing underclassmen. Though claims condemning today's new morality are fre- quent, the Class of '76 defines the distinction between the moderate high school student of twenty years ago and the socially conscious student of today. .HI Mrs. Peggy Hamm-Class Sponsor Wqgpf X 5. al -.5 .l0l'l'i Ham-S6l'l'ClHfY Waller Kreitler-Treasurer 1 i ,lim McKee-President Kim Arnold-Vice President x V 1 I -. fi . :J R! AA .Li 3 . f.. a ,. Cdr. Allen Peek-Class Sponsor 1 C N . 1: -1 -Vi' , ,aw llaul Albertson Craig Allen David Allen Meg A mshcy Mary Ann Amshey Dion Anderson Pain Anderson Sue Anderson Debbie Andrews Nominado Apostol Kiln Arnold Ken Arthur Ann Artz Mark Ayscue Herb Babb ,laniee Bacon John Ball Alive Banziger Melinda Barr Betsy Basnight Russell Bassford Kathy Bastek Scot Bates Stanley Bear 76 Responds to Less Fortunate . Andy Beilzell Jeff Bell Janice Benjamin Alice Berekman Patty Bermingham Kent Berner .lim Bethany ,lamcs Black Becky Blaine Bob Blakemore Debbie Blankenship Vicky Boardman Mark Boger Lisa Borror Kathy Boucher Tim Bowers Karl Brant Lisa Brillharl Karen Bristow Sally Brogen Buddy Bromley Brenda Brown james Brown Michael Brown t t 03 il L- 1 i x l ' Qt Terry Brown Susan Bruner Sandy Buckner jeff Budd Dean Burgi Bill Burkliardl Linda Burnett Jeff Burris Brad Burshem Mark Byrne Brian Cadigan James Carayiannis Nancy Cardncci Peggy Carlson Brad Carter David Carter Linnic Carter Lorrie Carter Tim Carter Myonz Clm Ron Chatelain Bronwcn Cheek Richard Cherey Christi Cherry Dlsplays i 253 Q J' I ll l ' 4 X . ll if, f .i nyc.: 7 ' g -fav 'X , l,-'A -' l If ' eil .A V X 1 5 I l .AQ -'I ' l F '-If M New Spirit 1 f 1 I u 1 -Z . - - , Il 'I , . ,I -- -, A., ' ly.. H Q ll 1, . iF"" f arisen + ll . , V. ul , 4, V l' E . .f ' ,. - , u..l l Q i V-if, . "k NY, . .N ,. L ' 1" H 7 V E X. " Rod Chism Robert Chocola Arden Clark Carrie Clark Ryan Clark Nancy Clement Chris Cobb Joni Collins Susan Colpilts Caroline Coogan Rhonda Cook Janet Cooley .ludy Costello Brian Cram mer Lynn Crammer Pele Crawford Mark Creamer Arlin Crotls 7 s if V, . I , ,J 1 P 1 j 1, '- X l s 9 l 0' VJ Debbie Crumpler I-Q .lenny Curl 'N- FiFi Cymes ,V 7 Judy Dailey B Z Larry Daily B Sandy Daniels vga-.N Q DQR, wxrg YIJXDOPVKQ, l-Xa ofXo,o"b'X X-New GP410 D' vb-LXX 1 50.01 MQ! kk, 5, QC , 217 K Ohxn-xgof wal ..a..',:.. No tsfkla- A-sy Q-'libsr 5 ,P 1. x 'U I i 'i ? if A P H 1 i 2 I W' i l f i? A ll' i I I ., ig -! Diane Dorsey Mark Dronlielcl ,lohn Duffy Don Dunn Douglas Dunn Ted Duvall Kathy Dyche Bill Edgar Jim Edwards Cory Elliott Pat Erney Joni Esau Cheryl Eslingcr Karen Farlrlen Deni Farley Laurie Faulkner Mike Fay Ellen Fazzi . , YF' , .:i1 , . fn., X o ,Q , 9 in--s Xu Lt A F '::S:EiHm'f-1,. : v C 1 5 if 12 , EE, .Q -,51?f XJ 5: , H if 1 Nye 1 D -f-ff dai f : I En' ll 1 4 tt N 'V C Q . t '50 -'2i:1 ,F . .1 , u 1.- . Diane Darling Steven Dasovich Billy Davis John DcCarlo Cintly Delilanek Debbie Delilarco Karen Beekman Alvin Dellinger Susan Deremer Bart Devcr Bud Dewyer Don Dicuilian Bob Dively Susan Dohmeier Hill Dobson Kathy Domick Tom Donnelly Clare Dooley an .4 fv- , ,f C, .31 V V :G W. ' ,V ' , .-n '2Ha.,'?:i,j i K :ZR A - -1 X fri I y . 3 "' C? Gordon Ferris Mike Findling Kathy Finger Gene Fiozaro Kathy Fisher Richard Fisher Hon Fisher Rosie Fitzpatrick Mark Flanagan Kathy Fleger Cindy Forbes Judy Fox Kim Fox Leslie Foy Lynn Frederick Mark Freiner Andrew Fruchter David Fuchsman Holly Fuller Joe Gannon Steven Gasl Lynne Geddes Brenda Geiger Gerry Geyer Leanne Gilden Barrie Gordon Patty Grandel Tricia Green John Grey Pally Griffin Jim Grimm Janie Guill Ken Guy David Hafner Greg Halae Julie Hall iq 'f I - z Mike Hickey Heidi Hicks David Hieronymus Judy Higgs Allison Hoar Diana Hodge John Hogan Marihclh Holley Harry Holloman Pam Hommas Marlin Hunan Kim Horn Linda Horne Ron Houser David Houseworlh Greg Howard Kitty Hughes Tom Hunl Jerri Ham Bonnie Hames Carolyn Ham merly Moira Haney Susan Hinger Connie Hare Dennis Hurlowe John Harmon Kay Harris Marvie Harris Mary Nell Harris Susan Hcmingson Renee Henderson Craig Henson Tina Hepburn Harley Hepner Ralph Herrera Kim Hester 'mir ""' 0 l, f 'L i. if 5 L f . . f' VY ' . N Sophs' in Homecoming Float for 2nd Year Ann Hutchings Lori lngberg Wayne Irvin Barbara Jackson Lynn .laeolis jim Jenkins Debbie .lohanneson Cathy Johnson Gene Johnson Mike ,Iohnslon Barbara Jones Kathy .lorilon ,lun Kania Frank Kapper Dan Kellogg Donna Kelly Kerry Kelly Kevin Kelly Caroline Kennedy Beth Kier Marybelh Kimball Toby Kinecr Doug Kirby Karen Knoble Doug Knowles Chris Kohut Dave Kreber Wall Kreiller Doug Kriebel Joe Kroger Cindy Kuhn Lisa Kuss Tom Lacey Chris Landrum Robert Lalioche Meta Lau John Lautermilch Beth Lawson Don Lawson " 1 ' - ' -' CQ! 1.57. ., . i !,0..,,N A A X K Q P f , m ' fl .X , , fl Xyx F., ,sh 5 fl ,v F4 1 .-Z , , 15' 1 1:27 ,1 . --,-ig,g,.' 1 . -1.1 - v. V - 1. -- 1. w X' Ck I L! Q L rs , 1 ,iq fa f 4 Cf? A 4 f . mix hi ' , .i gg L ' .QL 7 4 'Ji ,ti ' if ki in in 54 wp Q Steve Lee Sue Leerls Bruce Leon Cheryl LCS!-iI'l0I Lisa Lewis .loy Lindsey Mike Litllc Ken Loomis Randy Lorenger Ben Lowenson Pal Lucas Tim Lucido Tim Lueking Chip Lunsford Debbie MacKinnon William McAIlislon Shanna McClanahan Linda McClimans Debbie McCormick Randy McFarland Pat McGill Jim McKee Melinda Mclicnzic Janis McLean Glen McWrigI1l Joyce Muclancy Marylce Malone James Manning Paul Manning Alex Margules Alan Marion Pam Marsh Nell Martin Mike Marzec Colette Masingill Steve Mathews f' VV AY . :V .x E Y' Mm,, .V ., Q V f ver' i .. ii ,U i EES 91 X ,V 1, 5 'S - 4 'A Y' i ' fe " i ' . I :ami www - m im v S i wx ..,f'v h z J-,. A in 3.5 in'-Q F' I .4-.. S A. V .5525-:Q ,X 3, . ,Mg .K ., '6 Vlf i 'Q iii . , 7 E 'Z' . l E' I i L' L, 1 I, i F -gn-ir I :gl ' i ' Q -V 'A Vi V' ,V A GV L 1' .,,, . i . . - ,V .'.t,V VV,iV,V. 1 V x V Vi A V, in V A A u . ' Y. , , is ' i -'A u .f?.f.-,yi A 1 ' i ,U 1 ' V VR nw iii V ' agen Lf N VV E V in . .,N.,V V A A X ' , ff' Q . ' V A 1 V VVVf f V 'li Vg w.V N M. "V Y . 1 A 'X ' X Q nz M ri , ,VVA If-aiu A V, Fi-N :I . 'if . 4 viz ru 1 an 7 Q 1.-:Zi 1 ,V laik- 1' 'V W ax 1' T l L.: 52 ' x - 6 , 71, , Sv-Y , I R I 4 lv-J-5... E. " H? l ""-. 1'- -O., 1 x Xie i -ix.: I . 1,e , J VVV nw 1. VVV VV VV. VV VV M fVVVV V ,,, L ', 'V ' A. X i f . - .x I ' i ff l Q 'N -4:59 1 - , me if l'r w-I N fi -all U fn'- s K .l . V. , . Q " 1 if-Q.. i W - ll - f- i-ff." I v 1 "f""'b7 A ,T ' x , .x R , I W ' Q V 1' ix ll i -muh m 4 , . 0 1 1 .. I Y ,X I 1,5 Q, we 1-77 mg T L-eg' 4, ,VVQ-,J 6 ill Q 1 ,f i ' 'SEE Ricky Mchlfelt Linda Melbourne Rick Melia Charles Menickelly Michael Menning Marsha Meraith Mcrrial Georg Stewart Meyers Barbara Michellon Monica Misko Gary Moffatt David Moore Laura Moore Susan Morabito Bruce Mork Steve Morris Alan Mosely Judy Moser , tm, ii?-. . f 2.1, T tll i P. y H in 1. ., . W Jw' -1 Mike O'Crady Donna Omori Pat 0'Neill Debby Owens Vicki Page Peter Payne Cindy Palmore Donna Panich Carol Park Rick Parris Billy Parrolini Nancy Passemente Karen Paukert 4 'L . My gf t.t. Q . L. if .,:g 1425! 3' if Don Payne Jim Pecle Mark Perez Mary Perkins Cindy Petersilia ,... -?f if it E l i rl W' g et I E 1 5, A 1 ye. . " 1 ' Ie-11 - x 1' 1- , A -if f l ., , ,w X L . 273' , ., , 'lxrvv t ,,. W sz Q: xg f az K3 :nal 4 f X X 'P' il l if f l' rx..- . 1' Susan Mullins Terry Mulvehill ,lim Munk Kit Munson Cece Murphy Pat Murphy Danny Murri Cathy Myer Kevin Neary Rick Neighbors Ron Neuman Chuck Newton Beth Nocera Margaret Nocerina Marianne Novak Bonnie O'Day Rick Odden Larry 0'Dell Wi , 13 r. . 'AA 1 1 gg. -mf .xl . ' ,. .-- V a, i K V K t fl , , we 1 ' QM ,,- . 3' rziK?'f?H ' H , . bg- .,., 3. - 1.4 Q his il - ix . l'! f i"- I wrv' l Dan Richards Holly Richards Ann Richardson Laurie Richardson Gina Roberto Denise Roberts Jeff Robinson Bill Robinson Cathy Rogerson Richard Rottier Jody Rouze Ariane Rowe Roberta Rowe .lim Rulis Ann Runyon Carolyn Russel Tom Ryan Jim Sage Kim Peterson Brad Pettit Doug Pfafl' Pam Phillips Robert Plowden Mark Pomeroy ,loncll Ponciroli Rick Pratt Susan Putman Susan Quesenberry Joe Ray Kathy Ray Bill Recel Debbie Reedy Daniel Reeves Theresa Reingruber Gerri Rennie Rick Renzi K f i if 1 l fd' 'W' .x, 1, f I E at Cathy Sayler Julie Sams Kent Sanders Margery Savige Robert Schafer Laura Schilling Lauren Schlink William Schonasky Sarah Scott Lori Searles Gayle Settlemyer Brian Shaffer Holly Shelton Sandi Shelton Brian Shertzer Jeff Shinton Tom Shipp Robert Shuping 4 Regina Silvey Amy Sittnick Hank Skelsey James Slahetka Frank Slee Brian Smith Diane Smith Jeff Smith Melanie Smith Michael Smith Mike Smith Ron Smith Kris Snider Perry Sonnek Bill Spitzel Marie Spradlin Scott Stapleton David Slarncs Laurie Starr Paulette Slavovy Mark Sleckbcck Jeff Stewart Carl Stieng Nancy Stone Diane Strawbridge Mark Sullivan Caroline Sutton Rhonda Tate Heather Taylor Paul Taylor Aclrienne Tejler Paulla Terry Vicki Thomasson Bobbie Thompson Jim Thompson Ray Thompson Rita Torelli Teri Truxell Karen Tumarkin Erin Turner Joel Turner Ray Turner Mike Tussey Ron Tyler Brian Uhl Chris Vance Craig Vance Richard Vorhis Rick VonBlon Anita VonBredow Mac Walker Mary Warren Harrison Watkins Tracy Watson x Wa! '.pf, ,iAv'? .X- A Ai' L 4.17 FK 'J 1 ' S ff x'- , bv' X fl Raff le A e . W fi Nc-1 r gay if ' if M ,H ,W ll Q0 Q, :fungi lggl x 11 5,177 3 , iv X A Viv ,Am i Mi! 4,4 -4 4 , QL, V .-. , ,, 1. I M as ., l i 2' f- -w . va XX 9 ll ,La Dil r.. ,g of 4 N X I '17 'ar 2. Q' w rox Wi 1.14 like 'IP' 'l' l ' -0 . 3 ' 3. -, s....f ta, ., V , r lr! x. w t Q. ,i't"-tillage? l In 13 , i,?,.C. 1' G .t Fr tx A x ff' ,I ul s :W t 5 A711 , ,Wg . My , .t -fn 'W 3 ,.,, ni' i :LQ ' ak' l j wi .3 4 555. 5 rf' . .r - 51 ::':':f ff: It X- X when N ' 0 1 4- . 2. J x Ds W. .. . Q.. fl lr . A qv I fl . ,a , U X1 a -K. .Ev A .ml X-ef' 'xiii ,, ' it A 'GF V T 1 iff! U S it l I 'l , b H A cl rg . 4 r t .V Iwi, 1.7 Y F X ' '1- 4, t . 1 I U T is l. - x f-I-T ,, - r . ,K . i't' l i I -AL' 31, l l. X fi, " 'l if'-57 H0 'X l A 6 We Susan Webb Michael Weiguncl Tim Wfeiland Steve Weiler Doug Weimer Kathy Welch Paul Wellman Greg Whitland Mike Wienandt Stuart Williams Dehhic Willoughby Terry Wilson Tim Witter Tammy Wvolfe Duffy Woodward Mary Wooten Kirby Worthington Meg Wright Phil Wright Robert Wright John Yamm Gerald Yeaker Celeste Yeakley Ann Zimmerman Ed Zahorowski Mia Zmud Christina Zushin Bob Fruchterman Fred Quintana "See no evil." "Speak no evil." "Hear no evil." Cafeteria Staff Provides Food for Thought Or Food You Ought to Think Aboutj Much controversy surrounded the quality of lunches served in the cafeteria this year. The reasons for this were due to a financial cutlxack in the school lunch program, and a lack of help in the kitchen. Still the An- nandale kitchen staff greeted the students with a smile, a 'Q ,,'Y.,..yv-an They could eat it if they had to. Left to Right: Betty Davis, Clare Connell, Clara Brown, Helen Klingensmith, Marilyn Brandt, Colleen Mutuspaugh, Mary Burr, Ruth Thompson, Olive Clarke, Jena Conley. clean kitchen, and the best lunch that could he put together considering the circumstances. Much regard must he given to these ladies who work so hard to serve us. Because of this hard work, the cafeteria was a good place to Heat" and converse dur- ing fourth period. I I r I-Hn - AQ.. "T ,wo Custodians Sweep Students ff Their Feet 'E 1 4.41 Ms. Lopez and Ms. Branch clean up with a smile. Elvis finds plenty of trash. The custodian staff contributed another year of their energy in keeping Annandale High School clean. With 2200 students compiling over 600,000 tons of trash a year, the custodians have a lot of work to do. They clean- ed up the hall decorations for football in addition to the lunch room and the outside grounds. The students wish to thank the custodians for making Annandale a better place to go to school. ,J- -f" 'gr . x X 1 i Y l 1 1 1 f, I Mr. James Hughes sweeps the cafeteria. 227 s, ,w Liu kr, .IQ ' - f if 4 i , JT President: Ned McNaughton 55381 '- P Hr ,y W- at-Q A li FS 5' f -H 211 QQ? E V o I Secretary: Patty Fletcher "' ' ff-3 72: ' ' ' f .F br' 'f'?j:5V . .Q 'S 'J W QI " 3 Q' Trl' - f .-, Q' f' V Lf IJ, . ' , 1. H' ii fw 'SJ Sponsors: Mr. Bugin, left: and Miss Sue Morey, above Treasurer: Virky Robbins Not pictured: V.l". Kathy MacLennan l '-Mn, ,U -62 1 NN V 1 qi i at l f il if 1, -Q' as X ra, 2 A -vs, 1 l 4 Q. , 1 l 4 P tl -Q . is B X f X.. , Q l 4 N N . f W A , X ' as , 214.3 if L E! if N ,. . l by M ill l ' tif K lay? F tzif w s I ,f 4' l v., ,Q .,,-In , ' ' 2 ,.!'f'1 x , - 'f,.-,- t - 11+ 5- 'Y l 1 X N4 n n of vrwilf . ZW.. ily A to '... A ,iff ', A -rf' s Lge, 'E I I q Ai Y Q 'tie' -1 .- 51623 - 'A A -152 in , Q s 521 l N l ix is K EZ sk. ll H ill f X 3 3 l lfylvf I Li if ' Wayne Abbott Wray Abbott Susan Abell Steve Ackley Donnie Albert Carrie Allen Rob Anderson Mike Angell Kathy Arala Anita Arico Scott Armstrong Greg Askey Agatha Asparagus Paul Ayers Scott Ayers Dan Baker Sharon Baldwin Les Barker Kathy Barlow Delia Bascope Allen Batson Lori Belinsky Dola Bell Jackie Bell .lelf Bell Joanne Bell John Bell Debbie Benner Barbara Bennett Larry Benson Bobby Berdo Doug Berry Brian Beucler Betsy Bicsencach David Bilko Michael Bishton Steve Blake Michael Blalock Debbie Blanchard lim Blanchard Bod Blincow Ken Blodgett Micky Blondell Jim Bodnarr Peggy Bohner Pat Boone Susie Borror Annette Boruchi Steven Botello Fred Bott Donna Bowers Duncan Boyer Mike Bradley Kathy Breckons Billy Brinkley Bobert Brockway Annu Brown Casey Brown Dana Brown Liz Brown Perry Brown 'l'homas Brown Dan Bun-kreis Donna Builuick Tom Burlsoeh Birk Bufoot Tim Bumann Mark Burnett Debbie Burns Craig Burshem Dane Busehmeger Greg Bush Allen Bushnny Robert Butler Bev Byrd liileeu Byrnes .lelfrey Cairns ,lim Calvert 3 tgz .,- -, , - .,, , fc' x 'll ' -fr" T.. r ,ww-,.:,, , 'Q iv ,yl J 'Ri N , aff ' r ' Y 1 M 6' i ,..r,g9gw,L 2' Tiff? . 'E ',. ' yd 1 I J sv Q " 4 - , W ,.,.: A , , . :zub U A X A ' 1 wi ...,,. is I ,., . ,. I f l A 4 5fgWL:M ' rdmfzih 'LQ xl f lf- 'iw - C-- , if V5 .gf Lf ' 'il TH I . -' X i 11' " H A lil i , i is fi ' H :fl ffl r 9, 3 if f 'L9' 'nl 1- 9 PM 9 N 'I xv' X 2 3? I, Bal Campion Chris Camplair Gina Capone Terry Carman Bruce Carmello Sharon Cave :li 1 YI!,,..L 'fi up any li 4-vw fi' 2. XIX. K I og, Xgw 'liRT or ,, 1 N. iz, it 'V .I ' 'WV JP" iq H X 2 Cecelia Celery Donna Chamblee Cathy Charneeo Harry Chelpon Angie Cherry ,lean Cibinie Lerna Cinflnyan Rita Clagget Cordon Clark Vanessa Clark .Iulie Clause Candy Clay Bill Clegg Jerry Clements John Colhcry Chris Colligan Jerry Connor Maureen Connor Brian Cole John Connell Karen Conners Mindy Cookmeyer Karl Cooper Victorian Cooper .- 5 8.4 ,K X ,,,,,m3i: 11 f .. K if 61, , , . ,. ,p 1 3 -fl WA W Freshmen lmten with checked dlebelief to a lec- ' X ,Hn bs . , 4 Q K , ti 0 7:12 1 Edward Cope ,Icfl Cornwell Glenn Corvoran Terry Coync Margaret Cozad Nancy Crandall Kathy Crcekmore Mark Cromblc ,lim Crowder ,lean Cymes 'l'crry Dunkel Nancy Danson Barb Darling Bill Davis Cheryl Davis David Defllark ,loyvc Deena Wayne Dcllingcr Bobby Demanche Barton Dennis David Desko Randy Dickey Helen Diguiseppi Diane Dincbcr Craig Dirdlebeck Mike Dolan Kimberly Donald Steve Dorland Kurt Dorsterdick Cathy Donnal Brian Drosler Robin Dougherty Scott Dudley Nancy Duffncr Keith Dunn Ted Duwall Diana Dyer Karen Dzubak Bill Earle Waide Eckert Karen Edwards Roger Elliot Sandy Ellis Stacey Elster Carolyn Fleming Pat Fletcher Debby Flood Amy Floyd Denise Folks Gloria Forsyth Bonnie Francis Linda Frecllctte Jackie Freeman Judy Friedman Gayle Friuk Janet Fuller Bill Gale Brian Gandcr Lisa Gander Trina Garcia John Garcza Cheryl Gardner Judy Gargus Rick Gaspari Steven Gast Susan Geier Allyson Gerhardt ,lim Getts John Gelts Caroline Gilmore John Gilpin Alison Gittin Beth Godsite Mike Golden ,ff 'M , '2-'., 1 f. - V. fv- Fn 2 . i 1 X if gawk' Y P' 5 I n , v 'xl ig! Y, rw 1 .f , ,ASQ . , A .1 , WC -L! J1..I'i l V , ug ... 1 si., 4.,z:,, fa Zliiiiiit l i -,Q yr, 4 -,LTU 'V I ' " 'ma 1'7" L ' 1 F , X A ,. . 1 4+-" .4 ah, X 1 yn i' ik' -if it I s fl f 4 H il lf, R gun 1 ' X wr 1 I ' uw J r N E -.j' 9 - T X J xiq n,g S 'ai W I W 'z A " DA Q X1 . fi ts' 1-3" , 9' 6 At 42 ,,,!,3 'f ' '31 Zh? 4 if 'ii K '! .az .- " 1 :Q , l f lier? .aa c .lik , 4, , , 2 'L J I A bf. . . , is A +4 X -b N .i ,xx Rf 5 , Palmcro Ermanno Dcllllie Ernest Francie Esau Sue Evans Holi Everton Chris Faraday Kale Faulkner Sharon Filood ,lack Fiudlina Stew: Fills Andy Fitzpatrick Andy Fitzpatrick , ., ig , Barry Goldman Marc Gomez Wes Groode Mike Gooding Greg Goodman Joe Goodwin Lori Gour Susan Gousha john Gracza Mary Kay Grady Sue Graham Karen Grainer Robert Gray Steven Cray Tricia Green Mary Griffith Cathy Grivas Brian Grocc Chip Groff Harold Cross ,lim Guilford Steve Gullcttc Meg Guthrie Tom Hackett Sharon Hale Fawn Hall John Hall Philip Hall Sanda Hall Frances Halleck G reg Halnon Mitch Halpert Debbie Halstead Kathy Halt Stephen Hamilton Mike Hammonds David Hamriuk Joe Hand Billy Handwork Allison Hanes Mike Harman Ron Harney Kevin Hart Brad Harris Kathy Harrison Jim Hauck Ann Haverland Carlotta Hayes Shar Hazeltine B. J. Hedeniemi Mark Henson Betsy Herbert Sally Hicks Hank Hilliard Jim Himdorl Mike Hipsley Melissa Holloman l sf +24 H1 'fl fi. ig if .,::A.. A A , i dv, i 1 it and H 1 1 i 1, ' .1 H U u i L F' .Ai- '7 B742- s ek -,xl i vi ll x fi i,,,, , l s , r,5E, 2 E 1 4, it aa Fl K iff' -1b-l A , .,.,., , I X ,-so . . P 'Qt 4 Q XJ V F HMA ' l Freshman English students delve into worldly truths with Miss Keenan. 1. Y' V, iq lg li l l 11. ' 4 xii. '30 I F.. . uw. ' 1 'ltd' M.. W i .3 I it ' y f 1 ,. . . . lf'-ll? X.. lr l 2 ur.-1 ff , 4:- Hr ,Q M71 .., 2: Q- -2 ffff Yi 5 4 ii xfgxz K ' Lol xxi if' is N X X fr F 1' ,il ! I x 13 H U W 4, H , W . , ff x xfllvx , J f f r,- ,, ..f 4,74-,.Y L-, 7.7' --ig' X Y ,,, ,, Jim Kibler .loe Kidwell Patti Kilfeather Ae Sook Kim Chris Kirkwood Karin Klapprolh Ron Kody Barbara Konoza Mike Kowalczyk Tom Kowalski Ellen Krcitler Barb Kriebel Tom Kleback Wanda Kurtz james Lamb Mike Larkin Steve Larkin Todd Lattimer Tracy Leary Cheryl Lewis Connie Lewis Lisa Lewis David Lichtenherger Lueia Litteris . Mg. .5 -:3 .?g:.15:qQ,..: 5 523225 Terry Holm Debbie Hook Judy Hoover Pam Hopp Chris Hussey F. Howell Mike Hughes Monica Hughes Devin Hunnicul Neel Hunter John Huzzcn Mary Hylaman Fred lonninghem Greg .lacobs ,lay ,laeobsmeyer Lisa Jarvic Dean Jennings Barbara John Andy Johnson Chris .lohnson ,lim johnson Kelly .Iohnsot Ken Jones Kim Jones Sluarl Jones Jim Kakalee Debby Kaminski Mary Kandl Wendy Kaus Mary Keyes l 1 Jw: -,Q mg, 5 1 ,V ig' FHS' ,. -it i k- 'FE - .I,' fs Q a e 1 DR! xl A i u ' 1 V l Tim Long David Loose Mary Lott Bob Louden Diane Lowery Tom Luchino Erik Lukevics Andrea Lyle Gerri Lycll John MacCallum David MacDonald Douglas Macpherson Peter MacRae Colleen Mancini Peter Marcantonio Crystal Maier ,Iim Mangell Bill Manning David Marqulis Colleen Martea ,lim Mason Mary Ellen Mayer Nelson Mayo Charlie Mays Sherrie McArtor Mark McDermott Gary McDonald Tom McDonald Cheryl McDysan Sue McGovern Sandy McGuire Kathy McLennan Ned McNaugl1ton Jenny McNeill Michelle McFadden Ken McRae Brian Meekins Ed Mella Mimi Merchant Lisa Middleton Bill Mihos Mike Milbrudt Steve Miles Laura Miller Cindy Mills 6 Tony Mineart .loc Misko Meg Minslretta Melissa Mongelli Leigh Mongiello Brian Morkel Mark Mosleller Andy Moore .lohn Moore Stuart Moore Tricia Moore Steve Morgan Rick Morris Forrest Muller Brandon Murphy Charles Murphy Pat Murphy Philip Murphy Mike Muterspaugh Baxter Neehunler ,lim Nelson Dale Neubauer Kim Neuman Rick Nietubicz Toni Nilo .lohn Nolen Terry Nooner Kris Nordlund Doug Northup Karen Norby Cilla Norris Mike Obrien Mike Ubriew Dianne 0'Dea Hugh O'D0nnell Kari 0'Donnell Diane Ogden Dave Orso David Osharm Bob Overlt Rick Owens Richard Padgett Kathy Paisley Cindy Paplios Chris Parfett 'F im F' 'i il l .5 47 X W X 5' 25, if 1 ,As :E-1'EEE. .5 I ,I 2, ,y .l , J, . Ai N59 if 355 g e . 1 ,',. Y - -:A 1 A. , lf ,iv Z' X .. I ,X y l , 4 ,' 11 - A , Z ,H 1 ,g - f i il to l tg -, x ,iff-,, -krrpg' i - ,v 314 1- -.: 2 l X I A, A I 1 I l 1 I . We I . 1 in Nff p fy ,L ill 1. ' ul l if X nf: 1 1 A Freshman receives personalized advice from Mr. Belo. ' 1-2. in V A- V Az' " . V-Q i X7 1 i if, N , , '- f 1 .. J gig Y- k.A'X .EE Q 1 ,, in , or .I I Kline ! e do l i -- ,bitiz- Et. ,.v,,J,!, ,, 15 F N A l la 'I l l . 1 ,Ex L A Q, ,D 1 - l?'6'f'f f gag Qi , , ' ig.: I l i A we i 'YT : Q9 :'.u - 1-Y fx. u l ,W H . X ' 3 Aww A W iq l L .A l Il ly .'-.figr i . QC! ae - '- ,. N ei .ai 1, , yi M bv, il J if :Lf J xv ' X il 4 Q If I " s or 1 K4 Rusk N ill l Tom Quigley Barbara Raden Miehael Radford Jeff Reehin Marshall Redding Debbie Reed Donna Reed Dennis Reeves Sheri Reeves Lydia Regalado Missy Reynolds Bill Rideoul Mark Rider Vicky Robbins Michael Robinson Patty Roclolph Rick Roemer Michael Roland Laurie Ron1ero Susy Roncmus James Roof Tom Roof Tom Rowe Lisa Rudolph Tim Ryan Tim Ryder Diane Salvador Mike Saunders Glenn Savage Ramon Seavelli Diane Sebarfer Karen Scharfen Chuck Schnorl' Mark Schoonover Chris Schuber Marie Schuon y SQ '.-,...f' -.- 1. . Y E' G 4'5- K , "5 t.. V' . . .1 , 1 1 4:9 KE, XA V K., X L' I 'gl I I -qw-Y 1 . ' A 1 Tug l . I L. f , - 1:7 x , Brenda llarlill Brenda Parfitt Steve Paris Andrea Payne Pal Perrollino Chris Pclerson Dave Peterson Lynne Perry Roy Plueknetl Ellen Pomeroy Tom Pool' - Glenn Poole Kathy Pope Susan Potts Greg Privelle Cindy Purcell Audrey Putnal Ronny Quesen berry , - . , . 5 f l A :I R NA- ' bi 19, i i f 'iii A ll A Z 'Jfl S27 ,' 'fg r y I.. V? "1 ff i l .4155 x ' , Y- ' I r, -A on gi ' ,- . 4 -' - -i ' I 5 .4 ' lv ' ' 'Z f . X L .Y -.lin XEAAR 1141i 'L R " W will 2 hi 15 L2 guy lirf, an , - 3 , 7 .,g4.,,,. EWS A, 5? W'-' Q , .251 M 237 David Schwartz Curt Sehahcr Mark Sekoe Julie Sellers Janet Scnnctt Mark Shankee Debbie Sheckler Steve Shell .leri Shelton Brent Shepherd Claudia Shinn Brian Shipley Mike Shoop John Sholt Kirt Shufelt Beckie Shultz Sue Simpson Carol Sims Carol Skaugen Diane Shielps Eric Shull Judy Slahetka Jayne Smalridge Ann Smith it X. N fu X l xg ' ' 5 i - 4,- ff, ff- I, A L- v-r --r Pb- las Barbara Smith Cindy Smith ,lane Smith Lyn Smith Russel Smith Eric Smoeklcr Jill Spangler Diane Speet Mary Ann Stanners Marcia Stanwood Donna Stevens ,Ieneen Stewart Kevin Straight Cindy Straub Doug Strickland Tim Strombell Sandra Sutherland Whit Swain Jim Swecker Shari Tagliaferre Harvey Tamariz Marion Ticlball Tina Trainer Kathy Tracy Alison Taylor Steve Tedesco David Thomas Judy Thompson Theresa Thomas Kim Timmons ' -C27 'u . ' . s 'I X If b ' -M 1 -Li pman .'eJ'y,- iq f mi! 5' A fri . 6' .lv -rv ., Gary Wceclen Moo Wlentlt Greg While Philip While ,ludy Wicgunrl Kevin Wilhite Susie Wilkc Bruce Williams Christine Williams Dwight Williams James Williams Krishn Williams Nancy Williams Vicky Williams John Williamson Donald Wilschce Tommi Wood Laura Woodson Y 1 ,ll his 42 N f 'rl 1 . , l 5 ll Q X55 lxn lm Sill! as-so R: .QT 1 uf if X I ' W '-1,53 is N I' , Z . 'ik-'-fs. l A 11 J I-'O' 1 is l " 'T -- gafb' Q as il . X l 1 i 'S W x ' i . - 2 fl V il hl .V ', l iillfl l li K fl' ! . , . . all Z- , , 'i S if ' 5, I ' fi S , fix i , 1 'Q '1 5 4 N ,, g I I Pam Timmons Nevine El Tobgy Georgana Trumbell Douglas Turman Bortie Twiford ,lack Tyler Bill Vaudeman Chip Vaughan Cindy Verdow Debbie Von Blon Kathleen Wall Vicki Waller Dave Walls Maureen Walsh Donna Warren Pennelope Ware Wally Watson Lisa Wayland 'ifiiifiiifsiifiilfi " 1- y 'i2'L.L51u - 'filsfilsfif' ii: ,-f1',,:"' N I XCIZIZCW J! s ,: is qf 1::i u,f:-' -4- fm -5: ' . ,,i , .qisi 1 , .. ,M 1 -5,-, . 's5isvz:s i 2 :5 9,3 , :::::.': f1.sae:'v E, , fs- 3.55552 - - kg. si " is 2 5 as Mg , as - ., , .,,1, was lf ,, ,. , sfifsf f , - 'Ni i w A MN he Phil Woodward Mark Woolfender Cathy Woolson Mark Worrell Bill Wrench Doug Wrenn Pam Yarbrough Jim Yescavage Marie Young Patsy Young Patti Young Charlene Yu Darrick Zink Laurie Zipf Robert Zubeck 1974, stop and think about that for a minute. That represents a year of high school, a year of activities, a year ol our lives. What did you do with 1974? Knock around and just go along with the crowd? Or did you become yourself? Did you value your high school ex- perience? Did you learn from your teachers, classmates and friends? For the large majority, the answer would have to be i'No.i" But some, a very special few, saw what high school can really be. They formulated their own opinions. They dressed their own way, walked their own way and went their own way. These special few are on the roadf to becoming themselves. Vlfho are the special few? It might have been you. The special few in- cludes anyone that recognized high school as the integral part of the liv- ing that it is. If you missed it all in 1974, don't worry about it now. Just get ready for next year. You can make a lasting impression on each life that you come in contact with and help that person to improve himself. The question is no longer "What did you do with 1974?',, but rather it is, "What will you do with e Wa We Wer l975?" And yet, as important as the future is, we can still learn so much from . . . The Way We Were. , Vw? J W 4 W . 1 t V I T ' Q' i , f 5 : Q '. . 45 Q F e f -. 2.54 su- lift . ,., A , ' ' -V - W- 1 ,faxuflwafalf-:V V4 -'ue ' Marys:-: '-, "dw -9 . -V.-V.. "-sings. .1Vf5:a4f..--far,V.V2:AmPu1' Vw 4:12 ' . ' 1. ,. ,- ' wi'-s sf- 'fzr w' zzdmVmafQ3?1-vfvVg:1ri::1VHcV:f-xfrw-Vw--iff?up A Aff- :V M-Af?fmV1AVff-.1-MVVASMJJV,V1-17445-3362 ff ,353 V ms H+ ,, WA-:,-,k-ra 1,: V1Lfw M!,,4,'amV-1VVm11f1V-f'f3'::s-4-v,.a,vg,P1A:ww,Pm-V :Nw -gyvkfs'-fi, . 451912 .Aww . .WV-WVim-9-1V:.:A:1-Q., :ew -v - , H'3?gfm4- . '.-:-VL'-:pg-av-Aw'I-v'-V-PM W::LxYiF,BP s:f'3.?:xV rlainw--fr-V-5AVxfWa'1.p'-krv Aw. V. WLM ' f--ff. 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' , 2. ,, , O g ' Q' A " 5 . ,A A rx X wa More than lwo hundred and sixty pages ago wc mentioned the fact that Annandale had opened twenty years ago. We said that it had grown in many ways and had developed into a leader in the state. Although all of this is true, there are still some things about Annandale that haven't chang- cd. lf you're willing to look for it, real home-grown honesty and sincerity can still be found here. From Watergate to toilet paper shortages Annandale has somehow remained simpleg a place to enjoy life and a place to learn about life. If you,re reading and thinking that this drips with corn, then you might consider stopping for just a moment and remembering all the fantastic times you had while attending AHS. Remember the beaches and ski trips? llow about all the football games? Can you remember afternoons on the lawn after school talking with friends you may never see again.? Think about it for a minute, Annandale wasn't really all that bad. In a few years you'll look back at this annual and be inundated with a sudden and overwhelming rush of nostalgia as you remember . . . The Way We Were. '-- Q90 I f Se q O P I5 O Y 'xy And Y Q TE 1 1335? ff X . , 2 5 M fs R -.H vwmg J 1 ZF - 1 . A it A 3 .. fix. ' 'ff' it O A xg , - ' x . .2-5 ' M 1 ffff Q? K, 5 f' L+H-LM "' Qi 'Nj I .- l'j z I! 5 "5 5 Q .,.m2"""9 ' O ' 5 0 X my X A fa inf f dia Q . ,y 'D I f N I sm I I Mg u lg - , 0 gif' g -Q q - Q X 'UIIL5 Q O qv :il fqix, -dig Q 0 . 4- gg g,' A AJ Q , C , fm 5 Tgwkkf' w ' if - x L' LYQ' g QQ-'fl' ,Y 9:4 ,- mmvox 5 Q N . gm gg, -:Hmm I 'Lf 'Sf 'sf 'T .Aim Bouquet Florist Ravensworth Shopping Center L-,... Lamp and Shade Center Little River Turnpike Shopping Center Braddock Rd. 81 Exit 5 Beltway 495 941-2966 5242 Port Royal Rd., Springfield 248 McDonald's 7600 Little River Turnpike Annandale 941-3693 SAMSON SPORTING GOODS ei Q L.IxPrt21I' -I ' ! ,wi SP 6 Q L- il "' , ' 45 mei' 1- ,, drllrri, I A -- . QQ wt: , " I r-' I1 I - X ' I! LITTLE RIVER CENTER - OAKTON CENTER A""?5'2'1I5f' VA' Wrist oA5K8I3'Z'3XA' Mrs. Edwin Thomasson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lesko Mr. and Mrs. Clinton lnscoe Lt. Col. and Mrs. George W. Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Arnold Col. and Mrs. B. G. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Earl Williams, Jr. Col. and Mrs. Charles W. Bethany, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle C. McLaren, Jr. PATRCN ADS Mrs. James M. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Donald Canonica Mr. and Mrs. William L. Copeland Robert F. Lindholm Col. and Mrs. James D. Clause Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lt. Col. and R. A. Witter Peter llyitch Tchaikovsky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welch LTC. and Mrs. Michael Craig Lt. Col. and Mrs. B. Plowden Girl Scouts of America Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Haney William Fay J. F. Patterson, Donald Tobias Glenn Ronald Forman Sir Loin of Beef -nfs! 4 Q "' A .1 o- , . 'H -r he ' - f Joseph A. Provenzano, M.D. , 0 ' Matthew A. Campbell, D.D.S. y X qc John P. Forest, D.D.S., P.A. f ,,, 5' 3 Gerald N. Smernoff, D.D.S. ,f v ' ' ff f 4- . O 9 Greg, Remember Reston, Clifton, Manassas, Meloy, Dodson's party, Burke lake, the Mustang, daylight, the PINTO, the world's most expensive concert, the wagon, the Chevy, 35 minutes in the bathroom, the rec room, Gary's room, the living room, the couch, your room, Edgar Winter, the airport, the beach, Great Falls and Camels, SUIB, Luigi's, eating out, and all the other times we've had a ball. l Love You, Bonnie J.J., Hope to meet you on Yellow Brick Road and stay forever, Love always, Eyelashes ..32,. Dear P.C., Thanx "Crazy" D.K. John Hamel, we like you -from the wrecked trio. Richard Fisher smokes pot. Susan - A few kind words? Thank you Honey. Mary - Algebra, Physics? Thanks TEACH 81 many laughs. Jeannie - Yes! l'm your friend. Jackie - Much love and fun. Remember Gov. Love y'all, Marg G.R., Now we are headed in the right direc- tion. Love in Him M.B. Lunch Bunch, Thanks for the laughs. "Who is this really?" Truxell Cope, Per, Michellon, Daso, Good, Stubbs, Leslie, Dody: Remember the Keyette slumber party, t.p., Chinese fire drill, and Bin one car! Marty McManus is Mother Paranoia. Scuttlebutts, Remember all the fun we had smoking and drinking. Your sister Bertha Per, Remember: our log, football games, 4th period, Dixie's, 2 car accidents, the pool ihow to prevent . . . l, Va. Beach, green cars, ECHOES, St. John's, 11:30, true confessions, Gov't if we made it, and "those were the days!" Stay Clean, man. Cope Bonnie, Remember St. John's, Mother Marty, vodka and orange juice, J.H., Kung Fu, football season, mustangs, D's mom, New Yrs., G.E., Arf Art, nasty Physics, GLENN, what you did to my car, and you know it IS worth it! Thanks for everything. Gary: A year together sharing thoughts always brings people closer, makes friends out of blind strangers. Til U. Va .... Cathy Jocko: Friendship is a time for sharing. Thanks for sharing yourself with me. Cathy Mary Dailey, Thanks for knowing about ..peggy,.. Richard Fisher is hot to trot. Byrne-co, Ed-co, Dunng We had fun bonging. D.8tC. B.b. I love my big brother. L.S. To Baby, l love Iollipops and you. T.T. To Baby, Thank you for the love, the laughs, the joy, and for being mine. T.T. Dona Perrine is Tweety Bird. Settlemyer sisters - GIVE UP. Glenn: Without you l would have lost all my sense of humor. Thanks for being a shoulder to laugh and cry on! Happiness always. Cathy fthe chiefi Connie Sue Swartz is a D.T. Copeland, Remember Chinese eyes, green cars on 4 yr. Run, our faithful log, clown faces, mustangs and lesson 1 in shifting, taking off, rip-off at the corral, smoking on Rte 1, Bailey's X-roads party, and "THE SESSlON." Per To Cathy, a ,pot of Alpo and "we're gonna break up." Love and kisses, Bonnie and Greg. To Bonnie and Greg, I had fun zooming in Clif- ton, etc. your faithful pet puppy Dona Perrine is a narc! BREAKUP S0 DA RWNAS 0 Gottnimmit, Chris. Fleetwood Mac-No. 1. Vicki Johnston we all love you. The Darcie Welch Fan Club Moon Hangin' at O'Dea's house. Hey Vicki say WEOOO yet'????? Scotty and Bobby Dave Carter, we're forming an attachment for you - it fits right over your mouth. P. Z. 8t L. D. Save the world, Kill the freaks, Jock Was it a boy, Dick? Attention Four W's Club - There's a meeting today after school at Warner's - meet at the truck! Hey Vicki - how's the weather? Lynn Ready, clutch, SHIFT!! To Donna, There it is, the majestic school. Martin. Tercer - Red. Yo, Artie. New Year's again? Babes I think you're nice. Bull and a Bear. For Susan and Geri - Bobby Orr Derek! Yeah, Derek Sanderson does sound a lot like Erik Anderson. Jenny, "Star Gazer," broken nose, drums, cheesecake, karati, jokes, "Utah," football, milk, sunshine, smiles, smiles, smiles E. T. Halfmilers choke. Gypsy power. Tercer Roger Snamen is better than average. He's such a cutie. Rem - We'll miss you mucho. Vaya con Dios. Love, Cathy Karen - Just thanks for all your help and Love, Cathy Ann - See, AHS doesn't eat freshmen for breakfast!! Miss Priss URIAH HEEP!!!!! Chip - Ten feet! Love Janie Roger uses mint gum to make the going easier. Mother Nature, we love you and miss you. Sherlock and Watson Thank God for giving me a Razor Face. Steve, Love ya muchly, Sherry Cheryl loves Bob Bob loves Cheryl We only play the Top 40!! Copeland and Perrine Dee Dee, Thanks a million! Good Luck! Renee Ricky, Shakey's Pizza Fairy Renee "76" is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. PeanutButter and jelly. Rage: Mullen, Thomas, Anderson. Notre Dame is No. 1. New Year's Eve, Funky - S.W. H. T. is bigger, M. S. is better. Mark Thomas, bad moon risin' at Great Falls. Mullen and Anderson Shana - Irish stew five days old doesn't taste good! A. W. 8t C. M. Shana, I want my ring! Telephone Heather is a biff. M.V. Have cannot be contracted with rules and guidelines, it must be bred out of a want and a need for each other. J. B. J. B., Thanks for all the free lunches. The new girl at school Kewzefer lives and loves '76. Jim, Mac Art, Blue Image. Lori- Summer evening breezes and baseball, "way to chuck, way to chuck!", Thermal un- derwear, beaches with wall to wall golden hunks. E. T. Class of 1975 superiority. AHS Photo Staff At the hop and Great Falls, M. T., S. W., C. M., K. G., G. W., A. W., E. A., K. D. Babione and Lopes Bidgood is my buddy Jan, Wimdsy scratches. Cowboy Billy wears fruit of the Loom. To Bruce G., all my love. Laura W. Erin, Eric's still waiting in the lobby with your suitcase. Are you ever gonna show up? Grande Roja, Have you flushed your nose yet? Yogi and BooBoo. B. C., He came back! Artie - got any good games? K. D. Curb, curb, door! Jody, Good luck in Texas. We'll miss you! P. L., L. R., D. D., D. W., D. C., G. R., S. M., G. R., E. T. R. - brush your teeth. D. Jiven Juniors - "too bad!" Let's skip third and play pool! M. T., D. S., and P. T. A. W. - how's your nuts and bolts? Gene, Tercer-Red is common! Nas is a Schmed! Doug Harmon has bad taste! Marsh - got any no-dose? Dues. G. F. When do I get my good night Kiss! Michelle We love you BAMBI. C, S., C. F. Roger, love is a broken Mateus bottle. E., Love M. Mort, What's in the ice-box? "Bottle-Top" My Someone, Forever. L.H.T.R. Your Little Girl Tim, I love that French! Your Little Cabbage D. S. - l love you - D. H. Blue Teddy Bears Forever! Chantilly Lace: Thomas, Mullen, Anderson. Roger, you're a lady. Doug, Smoke on the Water! Nandy, you have such BEAUTIFUL eyelashes! Olga, Iet's get the binoculars and go to Ac- cotink! Nancy, I hope you find happiness in California. Thanks, for being a great friend. Hawkeye, Did I earn an "A"? H. L. Denise, how's Brando? Karen, remember lemons, the perverted alphabet, tacos and Ocean City! Jeff Belue I wish I could of had the chance to know you better, a lot better! D. Mike Hickey, You are the sexiest sophomore I know. D. Peewee strikes again! To Sue Puttman, The day we get in a comfortable position, l'm taking you out to eat. K. K. we both got the shaft, A. A. Have fun with N. T. and B. B. Mortsgah To the biggest nosed shop I've ever seen, sorry to see it come off. To the life of the party: OGAIF B and K - Watch out for the martians and venutions. M - Moon lit piggy back rides U - Unsalted crackers R - Roxbury, red stingrays, 'n Rick P - Pika 19, post card H - "Hello Darkness . . ." Y - Yoga remember them, You Know Who You Know Who Mike, Je t'aime beacoup. Paulette, Hi! Paula Nell, I'II make a scene! P. Psst- Hey Rick, I think I like you! Mary, Do you want us to walk you home? P 81 P I feel that the tuff eggers of Annandale should be recognized as heroes and true patriots of Annandale from the egglng troops of Tom O., our leader and buddy. D.A., J. F., B. F., R. R., T. N., J. C., etc. 1 John 5:11,12 Romans 8:28 Colossians 3:23 A-Lunch cut-down club votes 4-1 that Notre Dame STINKSII Cheek, we gotta find someone. Roja Barbara Jones is the unliest!! A-Lunch cut- down club D.K., D. L., B. D., J. S., M. M., P. M., Subsidiary of insults Anonymous Inc. Susan, Patti and Karen are forever blowing Bubbles! Julie, Are you sure you don't want another cookie? Paula Spic and Span Forever Clunker - I love You - "Legs" Leslie- Xcusey please! Dody Porker, Memories of 2 sleezes 2 times! Daso To Kat and May, They know everything about everybody but no one knows anything about them. Mike s. Hey there brother. Sister Bob and Leslie T. O., "OH YEAH!!" C. R. Mary do you remember a Saturday night we never found a party? Gerri - barbecue sauce at Roy Rogers? Janie- You sleeze! A. B. K. Dearest Mark, Only you, Love, Althea Dear Michelle, There's no love like mature love. Love, Dick Jan, "Here they come again," grey letter jackets. Dubby, I.L.W.C.N.T. and M.U.V.M. Sharon Susan Mullins, use your head! LA BOCAI What's the password . . . munchscrews? . . munchkins! Dwight Eisenhower ICFY S.S.S.D. - Luck Happy cycling, Mike. Paula, What a slob! Her Highness t'l0l17!72 x Dale + Laura! + Love 2 Forever! U. Va ..... one night l'll NEVER forget! Nell, you're turning red! - Mary P. L. Where's your papoose, squaw? M. W. Bear + tigger Gross, All the time? K. B. Tamy, Virgin Island - here we come! Tamy 81 Dave, Kathy Yo tambien Lane, U26 hours a day forever and ever." Sue S-E-N-I-O-R-S 74! Remember Tussey Mountain, Jackie. Kasy, It happened, How EMPLOYEE! Katie Cathy- , Go find a church key. Dave Sue - before we go on to "bigger and better" things - thanks for all the good times and support! AHS is best! Still love my peaches? Jim Higley is CRUDE! C. S. Miss Beaudoin, Who's your "stranger" in the hall? Yes, 15- 9O! Kathy Ashford Lives Baby Spig! RAGE!!!! Nancy, oh ma word, hold ima bird! 84 - Take a walk on the wild side! Jim, it's not always in the cards. Dave A. You're great! Your friend from Trig. My fond memories to the "strawberry guy." Caroline, "Where are you taking me?" To Gerry and Betsy, Luck in Florida. Luv, Ginny But Daddy Dodi, watch repair or parcel pick-up? Jen, 31 or 22? Lori Mario dijo, "l was so mad!" 'Dodi, l'll always be in a "D-Daze." Karen, always be my friend. . Lori Sanders, "You joker." Lori 1884 To Mary, Your a nice kid but. . . M.S. Buzzzzzz Did Bennie say a whole word? Ann - What's that up in the sky? Love Cheek Toby - Stay out of those bathtubs! Cheek Bianchi! Remember 5 + 6 equal 11 and 1 + 1 : 3? Patti, hey here comes goodlookin'? Yeah Wrestlers! The clic says "Catch ya later Tim Strait." Kim, Thanks for being a friend, I love you. Jultim hairdryer Dawnie, remember Dewey Beach and the Face. Doug, let's be friendss Dianne C. S., Let's stick pearls up our nose. E. P. Squirrels forever! Summer partying at Sheila's!! I once knew a girl who I would sing a song, I liked her alot but she didn't want my song, Love, Doug MALABU MARGARET, LYNN BEAN, BECKY WEEDMOUTH, FRANCES WOOPIE, LOOSE MOOSE, CHARLIE-CHIP ARE GREAT!! Dianne Wilson - the cops are here! 25 years old Mary Ann don't use the vaccum cleaner. Love, Boogie I love you Mouth, Red, and Closet Kid. Love, Boogie Gross!! Kuss a muck yourself. M. S. Kathy - Did you figure out what is wrong with the Play Boy? Mort Roger's dinner didn't fizzle but Marion's dld. M. G. - don't fall in the ocean wlthout me. K. D. Gene, Spiders and Snakes. Hold on! Meatball Wilson. H. T. smoked J. H. Mel, thanks. Paul Ger, Bye. C. S., G. T. J., M. H. When Moosh drinks he pukes like Terry the Toad, on his hands and knees. l've never been so happy. M. J. T. A. C. S. - twelve inches for you, J. H. R. S. - HDGB Dear Chip, Thank-you! Jennieferdiefarklebirdie. Rita - lt's been fun. Always remember 1st period Geometry. Martin Jeff and Judy Forever Elaine, "Keep on Singin," it's beautiful - PSQQY Cathy, Thanks! - Peggy Don't cry over spilled milk. Green Nova with a "K" Donny Osmond kisses like a dried fish. Hey Pudgy, you need to lose weight. Ronemus, how about a drink at the Ice Cream Social? Fletch Buba-n-Sugar lamb L. M. - How's D. H.? Guess Who Mort, Je crois que je t'aime. Susan, You are the most Wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Love, ' Your Favorite Moronie Misfit Mary, Keep going. Mike PenelopeAnn + Conrad Birdie To Carolyn, Thanks for being friends. Cindy R. G., "OH REALLY!" C. R. To D. G. Peace, Love, and Tranquility. Forever, C. R. Law of Heredity: If your parents didn't have children, most likely you won't have any either. To M. S. Thanks for being friends. C. R. D. B. tell me we are not the cause of the gas shortage - JR. England -to purple socks, donuts in the mid- dle of the night, bopping, S1 worth of regular, pick up the Tab, M and M's, and diets- Feffer. Barb - so you say he's a D.E.? Jenny A T. D. - you're a hard on to pin! Get tuff! Duff! 30-one or 20-one - he's not the one. Oregon: Lets be "true friends" even if you "make me SO MAD" sometimes! Arizona. L. J. S. would you care for a slo-gin fizz? Porker, want some cake? D. B. - could that one man on your mind be Rob? Leslie- Bob is better than Grand. - Right? Jenny is snoring all that embarrassing-? Eradicate Aggression, Stifle Karl Brandt!! Lori - to the "Good old Daze" Lori Stubbs to the M 8t M counter. Debbie-You've gone from the pond to the Blonde. Jenny Nuts and Bolts. John Juarta is Lori Stubbs Best Friend. Deb- Cripts were fun and so were bugs and Boones Farm but, what's now is better. Dody Jennifer - I promised you a Polish Trumpet Playing Jeweler. D. Ben - You're a special person - take care of yourself. Willard Lam, May our "Search" be fulfilled. Jennifer Rlckenbach thinks she's a candle. Dona, remember the fire drill and Rick Christen? Jen - Here's to Memco Parking Lot Parties. Dody Navigator - Was du das? Boxer Shorts Deb, do you wash your dishes in LUX'??? Brian, Ice skating and Dec. 25, 1973. Amy Curazon, Te a dow Genedega. Fraulein Dues and Porker - Segundo! Daso Rocks BeeBee's beefburgers Bano behind Annandale Theater Grit Surveyor +1 Sandy, I need your paper cups. Deb Hello to the sister. Brother John Bottle top, Complaints only!! Kuss a Muck!! D. S.l! Lori- See ya at parcel pick-up. P. S., Be sure to pick-up the right one. Dody Debbie, How are your neutral-stabilizers doing? L. S. Barb - Thanks a lot for that time at the pool. L. L. Jenny, Let's go to another match. We might make it for the last 20 min. detour . . . L. L. Hey Bob, you did it on purpose. Love, Leslie. Roy Rogers Eats. Precious, cross your legs. Snacker are Bummers. Debbie, Power Shortage! Let's go to Madison Again!! L. L. Forrest, Until tomorrow . . . L. S. '75 Anytime EGGERTON. N. S. Stufferoochamp D. H. - The Best Apple Picker I know. D. S. NSQUEEZE THE THING YOU LOVE!!l!" Dody, Jenny, Lori, Ann, and all Keyettes: Beach Boys. Leslie Her Ter, Wink Wink! Down with Progies. D. Q. Jen, Dodi, Loggins 8. Messina 8 Lori. Jenny be nimble, Jenny be quick. Jenny sat on the candle stick. J. R. - Did your brakes go out or was it the batter- I'm sure it wasn't Heartbreak Kid. L. S. - Watch your shoes and Booze at the next Memco party. D. B. Pheffer- Overlook the guy behind that cart the emergency brake is burning the house down. D. B. Hi Bernie! HONEY l'lI go home with Funky Gene. O-o-o-h-h-h, Danny. Wrestlers love longer! Tom Duffy Erik, KIRSTEN, Chrisg Three on a couch. M. T. 81 S. W. To B. M. Santa on the Radar? Oh my God! Kat, I don't understand. - Dues. Duesterdick, Funkhouser, Dasovich tinc.! Everything I said didn't mean a thing, Jo Jo Devon, Love until the end of time. Dave Football players are better lovers! Kevin and Becky forever. 11l14!72-? Ron, tap, tap, tap, tap. Deb Miss Aspinall- I E. E. Cumming 8. Stephen Dedulas - 2 big accomplishments. Debbie Dasovich Sandy. Is the problem solved? - Deb Amos, Remember 12!25!73 and pastaso's, and infinity inches. B. U. Brian, I love you. Donna Sanford and Son. Chris Mullen thanks Sandy Warner for a big 61. Snamen smokes pot! Erik drives in front yards! M. T., C. M., D. S., B. B. Hi Susan! From the cut-down club Kathy, You forgot to crook your little finger! Paula and Nell Julie, A fellow piano nut: I wish you many happy hours of dull practicing. Nell Schroeder - Great Falls and Fiats Forever. Love, Patty Kirsten - Ask me how do I fell! Sand-Lieben und Danken-Kat Where's my hole? M. J. I love CROWN! 254 LEST WE FORG ET As expressed in this section of the 1974 Antenna: "I would remind those who feel the system is incorrigible that such is not consistent with the thoughts and actions of past Americans . . . many who gave their lives that we might live in freedom. Let us not bemoan the faults, the hypocrisy, the deficiencies but rather let us strive to better that which has been passed to us " Let us not lose faith in our system of govern- ment in light of present political scandals. As expressed most profoundly "Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." To all Annan- dale students, especially the seniors, remember Benjamin Franklins' admonition "You have a Republic if you can keep it." Remember Robert E. Lee's advice "Teach your son to deny himseIf." Always remember that this is your country and no man, presi- dent or pauper, is above the law. In time, the guilty will be brought before the bar of justice. In time, with God's help and our efforts many of the injustices of the day will be corrected, but never on this earth, to perfection. Keep faith in America. Resolve in your heart to be a good citizen. Remember the living Constitu- tion that can help right the wrongs, the positions in government that await occupancy by honorable men and women and let us together, students and teachers, with other concerned Americans fulfill the great hope and dream of America or at least not let hope die in our lifetime. Remember too, our national motto. "In God We Trust." Trust in God, exemplary living, fair and honest dealings with fellow Americans and all mankind will go a long way to assure a free way of life for us and our posterity. Captain Breitenberg Room 219 Diane, thanks for all the help. Glenn and Cathy Staff: Thanks for the laughs, the arguments, the heartaches and . . . oh yeah . . . also all your hard work. Thanks a lot. iSeriousIyj Glenn and Cathy Hey Sheryl, Warner Robins is too far away. D.S. I.R.S. - International Rage Service! M.T. 81 C.M. Lynn, don't let Chris waste his money. Sweetheart Bob H. - C'mon boys, huddlel Secs Daso - C.C.D., W.W.W.W., G.B., BANOtlTlSj, and segundo, ttricky, eh?! good Ducky - all is forgiven, but never forgotten. love, precious Annie-We'II miss you-K.G. and S.W. Warner - Wanna do the chimney? Good dues - Killing me softly, singapore slings, na, roy, magazine jones, c.b., pizza, bananas, yeard- stomping and love. ' RQ How's your heater, Annie? kg 81 sw We were the best maids in Myrtle Beach. Dale and Mark Doug Harmon, All you said isn't true and you know it!!!!!!!!!! S.W. Smokin' in the Boys Room on floor No. 2. R.F., D.S., M.T., M,W., P.T., D.P., G.C., B.B., G.W., D.M., S.E. To Steve Morris, ls Bronwen better than a water bed? M. - To Satin blankets, "3" in the morning, Great Falls, "the house", Luigi's, etc. S. Girls at Tom Weston's, Thanks for a fantastic day! Sexy Seventeen Cheryl, Thanks, pres. Keyettes To my borrowin' buddy, S.W., Thanks for the clothes and Kindness. Michelle P.S. Don't lose anymore weight. To the Ski Club and Steve - A-zoom . . . A- zoom. . . A-zoom . . . A-zoom . . . A-zoom . .. A-zoom. A.K. Annie, visions of Keyettes asking "What's the W.W.W.W. of the F.T.A.?" Daso Kath, Need some Pampers? They help stop wetness. Jac Artie, Thanks for the help on "that Sunday." Sandy Kat, Bitte! Sprechen Sie NIGHT MEHR!!!! San Erik drives in back yards too! Peggy Conaty, day dreaming, day dreaming, day dreaming, problems, problems, problems, Boy do we have a lot in common. Michele Kenny, we love you! Yours, Mine and Ours. Mo, Thanks for everything! Kathy Beat Woodson! Bob Brother's Forever Bush, May you always walk triumphantly down the hall of life. Grim Robert, For your gracious service to His I jesty, the Editor, I dub you . . .a knight! Ar Sir Loin of Beef! Sir Ham of Burger! Sir Club Sandwich! Sir Easy on the Mayo! Sir All that go! Arise! Arise! Your King says Arise! To whoever does next year's football layout God HELP you! A.H.S.: Thanks to all who made my life at nandale so super! Glenn Tobias. Erin - Pica 19, Penn, Hunks, hoping, wisr . . . 74! C.M. K.K., D.H. - Snowstorms, picas, deadlir hate it - no! The immortalized 74! Through one year as Frosh, Mr. Bolding, It Barnes, the Boob Scratchers, T.V. Prod tion, Mr. Singleton, Mark Payne, c murderous season on the staff and some c rapture Grimesey and Tobias, forever nit buddies, march on. To Antenna '75 staff: Hope you get edit LIKE Antenna '74 had. And a staff UNL Antenna '74 had. Empress Patterson and Prince Tobias Hey Small Phil . . . it sure isn't! Danny - We'll love you 'til the MOON str shining. Your Fan Club Treeduck - Your Marlon Brando is a BE! Miss Thanks for being such a wonde teacher and friend. To Hastey, Lucido, Coyne, Crand, Carayiannis, Delaney, Slee, Mercer, Laui milch, and all those other guys who help keep "74" on the chimney, I Big Grim dedic this piece of Art. I ug1ur'exz1,.g,, ,Wil V :I F ""u-4a uf U .W "l - N5 , 9 x. - A F! 1 . 7: H., 1 1-F: a I Chuck Clark Mike Holland ' ' ' ' " ' ' gl Y I I. S V 1 wa 1 lf, fr! A A4 A ll -if J ,X m v I lf' E if , . , .f K l , , r' ,, ,. , J J' I ..- '. g,'f1ff,4q A349 au' , ' Q U-, u" - H'-' , U31 f wl Tglu lgnlf N- , l' I 555' ":,' X N, 1 ' .' Jr' -1 , v :1 W I ' J I Q S 'V ,v UID -4 ff ' Q f ! . , A s . ,, . -. , ,kjwz -' ff. Soon Loomis Ed Guilford ii' -3, wm- 'Nha-' Ln "if-mix ,D i ' , Q' l " ' 5 -pq :JZ , L 1 - r , A 3 -S-KEL Ns , " - 3 , 3'5" -W 4,4 2 H122 , f- M' . fm 4 v 'Z 2-X b- ., '-:-SG . , -Q5 A'w1:r.9-,RQ-KH T5 - ' Y' 4 , 5. fy 4- D Y, Ai - Wir J 'M sf, f 1-W -sag' ":5'ba.8 5,0 ,Q 9 fgyri ff!! 3 r ' .. . .U ,A s 1 5' ,' yi' rf, I Q 1 Q y - 2 P Ns " ' :an fel- : . 4 X. y i'..,'N s E N we -., ' . - . Y, . . : 4 ' - Q32 12 ' Q as K ' 4 wt: if-1' -' I if , A ' W," Q .K ,le , A --IL. 1.8, R .. " ul Z xr in 3,451 Wi" A , N ,. V 1 f K- ,yn X ,ff sf, 142 e:x',a Q if , F pf 1, 1.1 . 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