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annandale high school annandale, Virginia volume xii brian robert price, editor-in-chief INTRODUCTION In this book, we hope you will find the essence of Annandale High School. We cannot recreate the last-period lethargy, the perspiring tension of athletics, the indescribable mood of Prom night, but we hope this book will help to remind you of the many moods of Annandale High School. —the Antenna Staff 1966 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life 12 Academics 36 Seniors 58 Organizations 106 Athletics 146 Underclassmen 185 Ads 236 Index 243 3 a word, a tune, a story, a line keys in the wind unlock my mind and grant my closet thoughts back yard air —Bob Dylan 4 5 6 7 The Time There is a time for some things, And a time for all things; A time for great things And a time for small things. —Cervantes 8 9 10 Brian Price and John Fellows await Mrs. Woodson’s decision on a pending S.C.A. matter. A moment of contemplation. DEDICATION: Watching intently, Mrs. Woodson waits for her typing students to conclude a timed writing. Mrs. Garland Woodson For her understanding and help, the sen¬ ior class dedicates this 1966 Antenna to Mrs. Garland Woodson. Her experiences with a teenage daughter of her own and on the stu¬ dent council during her own college years help her to understand the students around her. With these assets, Mrs. Woodson has led the S.C.A. and all her students with a hand that knows how they think, feel, and act. 11 Hi kitf c ' . ' oi c ; fS ' .75 ' £ c mimmww ' i % ' i k M mm ®fj WMwt WM «9 mm mm te MBsL • STUDENT LIFE 12 STUDENT LIFE | ■ llti SHIP f $i lp: p| M3s|| gfc fcj «$ $ $ Si:. -■. ' ' . ' ,- • •• «U$J . , H ;- • .clv -: Crepe paper forest, shotgun and marriage license, deafening beat of a band ... time to relax, to have fun. Mounting tension ... the finalists are chosen and Miss Annandale is announced. Laughing faces... unable to resist the humor of the Senior play. A crescendo of sound, swelling and rising, filling the room with beauty... Christmas and Easter assemblies. Twenty-two kicking, fighting, out-for-blood girls chasing a ball on a slippery field, intent on victory. These things make up the year - backbreaking effort behind the scenes; beauty, fun, and talent on the surface. STUDENT LIFE 13 Vance Veynar prepares to get his crazy- foam football from fellow cheerleader Gary Grayson. The cheerleaders look anxiously on as the girls do battle. 14 STUDENT LIFE POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL Under the able leadership of their coach¬ es, the Junior and Senior girls met on the football field once again for the annual Pow¬ der Puff game. Numerous, long after school practices (made even more numerous by several postponements of the game due to bad weather conditions) paid off for the Sen¬ iors, who, urged on by their enthusiastic cheerleaders, battled their way to a tradi¬ tional victory. When all the dust had settled, the scoreboard read Seniors 21, Juniors 6. The Senior defense digs in to halt an underclass drive. Don Hayes, Doug Arthur, Bob Dawson, Jim Root, Dan Dobson, and Monte Willis coached the senior girls to their traditional victory. SADIE HAWKINS “Dogpatch, here we come” was the word given out by the S. C. A. in reference to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. This special dance gave all Annandale’s girls the chance they wanted—they could ask for a date! Armed with a corsage from her own herb garden or one purchased from the Keyette Club, An¬ nandale’s typical Daisy Mae went to pick up her very own Little Abner. To conclude the evening Marry’n Sams Ellis, Wade and Albro placed the curtain rod rings on the fingers of the newly-weds and fired off the shotgun to formally conclude the ceremony. Mike Pederson shows Barb Scherer he has the fastest bottle in the East. Mike Albro stares incredulously at Neal Ellis’ jug of “White Lightnin’.” The Crypt-Kickers, too, go Dogpatch. MAGAZINE DRIVE Bruce Elliot, chairman of the Mag Drive, sits astride the Honda everyone hoped to win. The Seniors invest their hard earned cash in finan¬ cially sound periodicals, as evidenced here. “Come on, please buy a mag. I gotta sell my seven dollar quota to win the Honda.” This must have been what Annandale’s stu¬ dents did this year; they went over the $10, 000 goal. Surprisingly enough, the senior class pushed itself and sold its quota for the first time in years, and, by doing this, outsold the hustling Class of 1968. Bruce Elliot, the Mag Drive Chairman, found that the extra $1,500 for the general activities fund more than made up for his strenuous efforts and those of his fine staff. Steve Oliver checks out comely Greg Brock in that riotous assembly. 16 STUDENT LIFE TALENT SHOW Debbie Tilton walks her invisible tight¬ rope. Prize winners Allan Clark, Sonja Newland and Barb Mayhall sing “Summer Song” while Pat Sari is lost between her two taller friends. On the seventeenth of November the Tal¬ ent Show finalists were introduced to the stu¬ dent body by Jim Carter, Master of Ceremo¬ nies. Three judges, Mr. Henretty, Mrs. Driess and Malcolm Groome, selected the winners. The dance category was won by Donna Bray, and Ken Watson headed the instrumental field with an original piano composition. For top honors in the singing division there was a tie between Allan Clark and Marge Gillikin and the group composed of Sonja Newland, Barbara Mayhall, and Pati Sari. A special cat¬ egory was won by Susan Sowers. The win¬ ners in each category received a check drawn from the twenty-five cent admission price. Peter Pan, alias Carol Daughn, gives a lively impression of Never-Never Land. STUDENT LIFE 17 HOMECOMING Some people were just dying to get to the Homecoming Dance. Pat Marusak typifies the high Atom spirits. Mr. Buckley congratulates Homecoming Queen Sandy Cook. 18 STUDENT LIFE “Beat Stuart” rang the halls of A.H.S. as our number one rated team prepared for the Homecoming game against J.E.B. Stuart. This hectic week left little time for studies since each class had to prove that it had the most spirit, each club had to prove it could make the best float, and the senior boys had to venture to the Stuart Raiders’ lair to hang posters and signs! The pep rally put the Atom supporters in the mood to give the team the moral support it needed and deserved. The half-time festivities were even bright¬ er with the scoreboard shining in Annan- dale’s favor. After the floats had passed by, Sandy Cook , the 1965 Homecoming Queen, was presented along with her court from the Miss Annandale Contest and a representa¬ tive of each class who was selected by the football teams. As the band and the floats moved off the field, the mighty Atoms re¬ turned to make the Homecoming game the best part of the week. All enjoyed the S.C.A. and Pep Club-spon¬ sored Homecoming Dance on the following night where the Homecoming Queen and her court were again presented. As the weekend drew to a close, Annandale prepared to re¬ sume a normal life after a pleasingly different and rewarding week. The Keyettes’ stork is expecting a victory. The half-time festivities are concluded as the Homecoming Queen and her court prepare to leave. STUDENT LIFE 19 YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU Mike Albro gives his thanks to the prompter. You Can’t Take It With You , presented by the senior class and the Drama Department, was a grand success. This comedy, set in New York in the mid-thirties, starred Kathy Green and Curt Sayblack as the parents of the happy-go-lucky Sycamore family. The romance between Debbie Twardy and Jeff Davidson was almost ruined when his par¬ ents, John Fellows and Sharon Schoolar, ob¬ served the family in their various eccentric pursuits of happiness. But Grandpa Pat Cas¬ sidy convinced John that there is more to life than stocks and bonds, and saved the en¬ gagement. I’m twice the man you are! “Personally I think Raid works best,” Curt Sayblack advises Mike Albro. I don’t know, but we must be doing something right. The start of a memorable week—Mr. Buckley and Mrs. Woodson greet Mr. Eddie Herb. Visiting tennis players pose for a picture! TENNIS PLAYERS January 10th brought sixty tennis players from thirty-four nations to Annandale. Under the sponsorship of the People to People Sports Committee, these boys used our school as their home base for a three day tour of Washington. Included in their stay were a reception, a Keyette-sponsored din¬ ner, a dance, a wrestling match and a private party on the eve of their departure. These young men left behind not only sad Annan¬ dale girls, but much good will for their re¬ spective nations. Students and faculty alike bid the visitors a fond farewell. 1966 Sweetheart Court: Jan Hamill, Junior Representative; Debbie Hepler, Freshman Represen¬ tative; Terry Grange, Queen; Linda LaMantia, Senior Representative; and Jean Schexnailder, Soph¬ omore Representative. John Fellows is caught in the unexpected activity of eating his stapler while decorating for the dance. SWEETHEART DANCE After many hours of preparation, the scene was set for the annual Sweetheart Dance. The Plague, with shoulder-length hair, appeared, getting the dance off to a brisk start. Dances later, the Sweetheart Court was presented, and then the evening ended — much too early for most. Everyone enjoyed the dance, but the Key Club appreciated it most, for, despite their extensive expendi¬ tures, the evening proved highly profitable. 22 STUDENT LIFE Neither nosy cameras, nor bright lights, nor a jittery audience dulled the intellect of Annandale’s scholars. IT’S ACADEMIC “Let’s introduce the Annandale team: John Fellows, captain Pete Balas, and Elaine Ten¬ nant,’’ Mac McGary of WRC-TV started off the 1966 session of It’s Academic. Mac was a little flustered because he had to start late— they had lost the NBC color peacock and couldn’t start on time! Until the grab-bag period came, Wheaton and Holy Name Aca¬ demy were ahead. But in the closing moments Annandale captured the lead and won the game. On February nineteenth, Pete, John, and Elaine had a chance to advance Annandale in the second round. But the opposition proved too strong and our team of scholars went down to defeat. A torrent of admirers rushed to congratulate the team on its first win. Mac McGary asked the questions, and Mr. Fisher helped keep score, while John Fellows, Pete Balas, and Elaine Tennant represented Annandale. “Where does she get all her energy?” Surfing Snoopy exhibits the Sophomore symbol of success: SPAGHETTI! What fiendish ideas lurk in the minds of Steve and Jeff? SPAGHETTI DINNER-DANCE Guitar music, soft candlelight, an Italian garden, checkered tablecloths, and cos¬ tumed waiters all helped to make up the au¬ thentic atmosphere that dominated the scene at the Sophomore Spaghetti Dinner. An out¬ standing success, the dinner was a tribute to the ability of the Sophomore class to work effectively to present a project which was entertaining as well as profitable. Satisfied with Mama Galasso’s Italian spaghetti, the customers proceeded to a dance with the music provided by the New Del-Phonics. 24 STUDENT LIFE S.C.A. ELECTIONS March ushered in the S.C.A. elections as the student body began to take sides and choose its favorite candidates. The campaign speeches were made and, on the following Wednesday, each student cast his vote. Fi¬ nally, after six long hours, the election re¬ turns were in! Malcolm Groome, Pat Cassidy, Wende Sylvester, and Judy Paschall had all secured offices in the coming year’s Student Cooperative Association. Malcolm sometimes wondered if all the campaign gim¬ micks mad e any difference. Another office-seeker is introduced by Terry Burgler, S.C.A. president. Pat Cassidy delivers his campaign speech to an at¬ tentive audience. The receiving line awaits the Senior Class Officers. THE SENIOR PROM Randy Blythe takes advantage of the band’s fine entertainment. “Where are you going for dinner?” Blackie’s, 823, Sirloin and Saddle. “Who’s doing your hair?” Charles of the Ritz, Vincent et Vincent. “Boutonniere11 forgot his Bouton¬ niereI” “Sam, you made the pants too long.” The Senior Prom, the most lavish and most anticipated dance of the year, was held in the Persian Room of the Marriott Motor Hotel on Friday, April 29. “Only two hours to get my hair done! It takes all day!” “White orchids, purple or¬ chids, pink orchids . . .” “Ocean City! Are you kidding?” “Foley! Put your blanket on!” 26 STUDENT LIFE The faculty shows Annandale’s students the newest vogue in dancing. Our foreign exchange student, Bilge Candemir, enjoys the prom too. STUDENT LIFE 27 Sandy Smith, a former Miss Annandale, and Richard De Gaskins models a suit from L. Franks. Kimsey introduce the many contestants. Rushing to congratulate the winner, the contestants momentarily betray their anxiety. 28 STUDENT LIFE MISS ANNANDALE CONTEST The eventful evening began as each of the forty-eight contestants was presented with the knowledge that soon one of them would be the new Miss Annandale High School. While the judges interviewed the girls back-stage, the audience enjoyed the fashion show in the vivid “Back to Paradise” setting. After three hours, the decision was made, and lovely Marilyn Horton was crowned Miss Annandale. The 1966 Miss Annandale court: Mary Fitzgerald, Ann Ritchey, Marilyn Horton, Carol Snider, and Bon¬ nie Milner. The new Miss Annandale—Marilyn Horton. JUNIOR JOLLIES Beware all fugitives from the law; Batman Finch is here! Although the Junior Jollies was a one night stand, it was a highly successful variety show. The Go-Go Girls had their Nine¬ teenth Nervous Breakdown to the musical talents of the Villagers, the Fables, and the Dropouts. Veteran Bill Rose returned with his rendition of a hula and the “Tummies” marched over the “Bridge of the River Kwai.” Over the bridge we found Annandale’s own Mutt and Jeff, alias Cathy Tidball and Anne Lawton. Next in cast, Marge Gillikin, assisted by Mike Williams and Bill Chambless, sang two folk songs. A little jazz, modern dance, and then the highlight of the evening, the teacher skit. Everyone could tell the intelli¬ gence and preparation that went into this year’s masterpiece. Sing to me, Iliya. Hap Ertlschweiger and Margie Yep sing a quiet ballad. JUNIOR 1 ml rn - ' m m m ■ « d warn- ■ Z jL The tempting cuisine of the Orient is savored by the prom-goers. PROM Sophomores Rick Clark and Gina Foley serve the juniors in the Latin American corner. “The Four Corners of the World” was the theme of this year’s Junior Prom. Palm trees and pineapples filled the Polynesian corner, Spanish guitars decorated the Latin Ameri¬ can area, the Eiffel Tower symbolized Eu¬ rope, and Japanese lanterns and dragons brightened the Oriental section. Dressed in appropriate costumes, the sophomores served refreshments while the “Bedford Set” provided music. Class President Bob Ellis and his date Barbara Hamilton pose with Pete Checkovich and Carole Popp in the Polynesian section. STUDENT LIFE 31 SPECIAL RECOGNITION Neal Ellis was elected Governor of Boys’ State in July. As Governor, he met Lieutenant Governor Mills Godwin, two representatives, and a senator. Neal is the first of Annandale’s delegates to be elected to such a high office. Besides attending Boys’ State at the College of William and Mary, John Fel¬ lows achieved the honor of being one of the two Virginia delegates to Boys’ Nation held at College Park, University of Mary¬ land. John made it two in a row for An- nandale delegates at Boys’ Nation; Dave Spaulding attended in 1964. •- 32 STUDENT LIFE Ann Paschall, Kathy Kearney, Sue Covell, and Pat Marusak (not pictured) represented Annandale at Girls’ State. The convention consisted of sports, elections, mock govern¬ ments, and speeches, all intended to famil¬ iarize its delegates with their state govern¬ ment. At the College of William and Mary in June, these boys, Brian Price, Chris Kohn, Terry Burgler, John Fellows, and Mike Wakefield (not pictured) represented An¬ nandale at Boys’ State. They participated in mock elections, ran their own govern¬ ment, and heard well-qualified speakers give them insight into the workings of their state government. Chris Kohn was elected to the office of Chief Justice, and other officers are shown on the opposite page. STUDENT LIFE 33 SPECIAL RECOGNITION Skip Startzel won the Virginia State Wrestling Championship in the 95 lb. di¬ vision at the State Wrestling tourney held at W L High School. Elaine Tennant, sponsored by the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, spent her summer in Austria as part of the Experiment in Interna¬ tional Living. Living with an Austrian family part of the summer, she also visited Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Amsterdam. 34 STUDENT LIFE As every student at Annandale will surely remember for many years, 1966 was the year the Atoms won the state football champion¬ ship, in a play-off against Granby High School in Richmond. Jack Gilden: National Football Hall of Fame; All State 1A; All Met; All North¬ ern Virginia; All District. Don Greeley: All American; All South; All State 1A; All Met; All Northern Vir¬ ginia; All District. itnw f ' - ' V ' r ' ' V -‘ ' A ' - ' |8|te W$£l I I Gv; •;; : A % m MJZv mB ptssti -T l .NV.V rc ; HgB -i ||; IPtlP I SIP® Jfe mmFml :8 m gptlit %$S8 V ; ‘-®8 1 -■ § «8S1 » « « ssm ® 1 v lllll§ | g I l ■■ :i ‘- : ■ ' | ..; ' ■• ' , Sf:l 0§ ’ fS W-i ’USem W2B mm ACADEMICS 36 ACADEMICS ■ ; r fit ' s, ' imM k2?s$r- ■:■ The secret formula for Annandale’s success is: faculty + effort = achievement. Those so-call ed tyrants, our teachers, are the controlling factor in making AHS the school it is. Not forgotten is their tireless effort in coaching our teams, sponsoring our clubs, and lending their support to our efforts. Thank you, teachers, for all your help. ACADEMICS 37 MR. BUCKLEY Mr. Ralph Buckley’s job as Principal con¬ tinues after school, on week-ends, and throughout the summer, when all thoughts of school are banished from the minds of the student body. Coordinating the many activi¬ ties of Annandale High, attending meetings, and keeping the faculty, student body, and administration informed on each other’s ac¬ tivities almost fill his hours; however, more light-hearted activities such as the crowning of the Homecoming Queen do occur, giving Mr. Buckley a chance to practice one of his favorite hobbies, photography. For his warm friendship, loyalty, and indefatigable service, the student body thanks Mr. Buckley. 38 ACADEMICS MR. FINCH Despite the fact that his job includes the unpleasant task of disciplining stu¬ dents, Mr. Finch still is one of the most popular and respected administrators at Annandale. His day begins before dawn, and frequently, due to the many after¬ school activities, ends long after dark. A student can find a no more honest, hard¬ working friend than Mr. Finch. The stu¬ dent body expresses its sincerest ap¬ preciation to Mr. Finch for his consistent service. ACADEMICS 39 MR. DAVIS Two years as the Assistant Principal for Instruction included not only the supervision of teachers, texts, and substitutes, but the creation of many warm friendships and sev¬ eral mock wars with the Antenna Staffs and S.C.A. However, next year we will not hear the sound of Mr. Davis’ laughter or enjoy his wit, because he will be at McLean, where we wish him great success. COL. CLARKE Transition has marked the past two years for Col. Clarke. Giving up two-thirds of his teaching schedule last year, he took charge of the new IBM machines. This year he re¬ linquished his two classes and control of the machine room to assume a position in the office as an administrative aide. The student body is very grateful for the persistent service of Col. Clarke. 40 ACADEMICS Mrs. Watson’s tireless efforts in the front office are filled with many tasks including, checking students in and out. As school nurse, Miss Monn helps to stave off the diseases that invade Annandale. Mrs. Fairchild keeps Annandale mechanized through her work in the IBM room. Mrs. Bartlett’s energy is used in full this year as she helps to organize the business side of A.H.S. Being too busy with their move to the new li¬ brary, librarians Mrs. Ashenhurst and Mrs. Smith are reluctant to have their picture taken. Keeping Annandale’s financial books balanced is the job of Mrs. Simmons, the Finance Director. First row: Mrs. Lory. Second row: Mr. Canonica, Mrs. Randa, Mrs. Sample, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Battaglia. Gui dance Secretaries Mrs. Weill and Mrs. Rademaker enjoy collecting money for senior transcripts. GUIDANCE “Please sign in,” the signs ask you; you have entered the complicated world of the guidance department. Here a freshman finds advice on adjusting to high school, juniors and seniors prepare for their future by choos¬ ing the right courses, and baffled college- bound seniors are comforted as the college catalogs are translated for them. Even more difficult is the department’s task of calming and counselling parents, teachers, and stu¬ dents in “personality clashes,” and motivat- ing“under-achievers.”ln this small quiet suite of offices, each student can find a wealth of advice, information, and encouragement. 42 ACADEMICS Annandale High School students, the fac¬ ulty, and the business community will suf¬ fer a loss as the result of the decision of Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey to retire from the field of teaching in June, 1966. She has been a great asset to Annandale the past twelve years in her dual role as head of the Business Depart¬ ment and as Vocational Office Training Co¬ ordinator, giving her students a solid founda¬ tion for successful careers as members of the business world and as active citizens of the community. Faculty members will remem¬ ber her for her friendly cooperation, and will¬ ingness to help in time of need. The students and the faculty join in wish¬ ing her much happiness in the years to come. FACULTY RECOGNITION As the year draws to a close, the Atoms are crushed to learn that Mr. Henry, coach of the number one team in Virginia, is leaving us. His familiar shirtsleeved figure pacing the sidelines will be gone next year, taking with it many fond memories of victories brought about by his superb leadership. Not to be ignored is the title “Coach of the Year,” be¬ stowed on him at the end of the 1965 season as a result of his winning team. Mr. Henry, AHS will miss you in the years to come, but congratulations and good luck on your new job as Assistant Coach at VMM ACADEMICS 43 Jr. and Sr. English: First row: Miss Carter, Miss Aspinall, Mr. Odom; Second row: Mr. Fisher, Miss Lisi, Mrs. Kintner; Third row: Mrs. Ames. ENGLISH Term papers, sentence diagrams, and Shakes peare again haunted English stu¬ dents. Through Greek mythology, and Poe’s short stories, from vocabulary to Hawthorne’s scarlet A, students struggled to become lit¬ erary. Juniors were initiated to the dilemma of meeting a term paper deadline, hoping teachers wouldn’t check on the feigned dates and page numbers. Late into the night, sen¬ iors tried to memorize the speeches of in¬ sane characters from Shakespeare’s trage¬ dies. While the journalism classes kept the student body enlightened on the school news with the faithful publication of the A-Blast, drama students tried becoming actors and actresses with some noted success. And En- lish teachers completed another year of teaching English, good manners, character, and common sense. 44 ACADEMICS A choo-choo was the center of attention at the Miss Aspinall-Mr. Henretty Christmas party. A good time was had by all. Mr. Fisher calculates, “Two hours of homework Miss Roper attacks a stack of homework from her Wednesday, three hours Thursday, and I can reading classes, grade it Saturday morning ...” Freshman and Sophomore English: First row: Mrs. Preston, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. White, Mrs. Miller; Second row: Mr. Bolding, Mr. Noll. ACADEMICS 45 First row: Miss Strickland; Mrs. Dyess; Mrs. Cassedy; Mrs. Ramay; Miss Stidley. Second row: Mr. Walton; Mr. Farris; Mrs. Trussell; Col. Boleyn; Mrs. Posey; Col. Abell; Miss Robinson. MATH Bewildered math students barely gradu¬ ated from finding x when they lost it again in a maze of congruent triangles and alternate interior angles, hyperbolic paraboloids and icosododecahedrons. Then they were baffled by how loci go around square corners in curves and thoroughly discouraged with the discovery that 2 x 2 = 1, as long as it’s mod 3. Some functions classes learned to gam¬ ble and win, and senior analysis students got a lesson in cannibal strategy. Once upon a time, there was a man who was captured by two cannibals, and he was given the choice between two doors; one led to freedom and the other to the cooking pot. The man was allowed one question. One native always told the truth and the other always lied. How did he get free? Only Mrs. Ramay knows! By the use of hand signals Miss Stidley helps her students imagine a figure in geometry. 46 ACADEMICS Mr. Ailstock amuses his gaunt friend, feeding him from a flask. Mr. Keller pauses to decide whether he should drink his potent solution. SCIENCE Amid bloody dissecting tools and overflow¬ ing test tubes, the science department ex¬ plored the laws and strange phenomena of the universe. Everything was fine until the frog some biology student had just sliced open suddenly came alive, or the teachers gave standardized tests. In their new labs, physics students spilled a few gallons of water as they diligently watched waves in the ripple tanks, and chem study classes made hairy wires that looked like animals out of copper and silver nitrate. This year earth science was added to the curriculum of mod¬ ern sciences. Ah, Science — the wonderful world of question marks! First row: Mr. Ailstock, Mr. Bugin, Mrs. Wood. Second row: Mr. Gill Mr. Keller, Mr. Heinz, Mr. Figgers. SOCIAL STUDIES First row: Mr. Dorminey, Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. Van Sant, Mr. Hig¬ gins. Second row: Mr. Costello, Mr. Porter. Coups, undeclared wars, and ambiguous foreign policies all complicated the task, but the social studies department once again managed to enlighten its students on the state of the world. In World Geography other countries and their people were brought into focus, and in World History an understand¬ ing of the past’s relevance to the present and future was attempted. In U. S.-Virginia His¬ tory, U.S.-Virginia Government, economics, and sociology, juniors and seniors concen¬ trated on understanding their own country and, hopefully, emerged well prepared for participation in its government. Captain Breitenberg, Mr. Parnell, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Henretty, Mr. Bartlett. 48 ACADEMICS BUSINESS Business: Standing: Mr. Good, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Woodson, Miss Wilson. Seated: Mrs. Frutchey. The rhythmic pounding of typewriters echoed down the hall as students typed manuscripts and improved their timed writ¬ ings. Others studied business law or pre¬ pared for Civil Service exams in shorthand. On-the-job training was offered to D.E. and V.O.T. students, as teachers strove to pre¬ pare their classes for the world of time sched¬ ules and job interviews. “I’ll bet you.” ACADE MICS 49 First row: Miss Stephanz, Mrs. Morrell, Mrs. Tannous, Miss Mack. Second row: Mrs. McDowell, Mr. Mastbrook, Mrs. Worrell, Cmdr. Buckley, Mrs. Little. LANGUAGE Quiet, alert concentration filled the at¬ mosphere as a roomful of language students attempted to decipher the ALM listening test. After the first two years, the students turned to written translation, having mastered pro¬ nunciation and the art of thinking in a foreign language. Roxane Swartz, Jan Gulledge, and Linda Albright, to the envy of all, plan to spend the summer practicing their Spanish at the University of Salamanca in Spain. 50 ACADEMICS Miss Doud teaches her classes to add and subtract in Spanish. After hours of sitting still, keeping quiet, writing, and reading, physical education classes were understandably ready to re¬ lease some of their built-up energy. Boys’ classes built up their muscles with football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, and vault¬ ing, besides a regular routine of strenuous calisthenics. These calisthenics were the most fun, though, when the coaches would leave for the athletic offices and give the guys a chance to risk “goofing-off.” Mr. Henry is congratulated by his fondest fan club, his family. Girls’ P. E. classes became more and more interesting as students moved up in the grades. Freshmen worked on their hock¬ ey, volleyball, and basketball, and improved their equilibrium on the balance beam. Dance and parallel bars routines were added in the sophomore year, but juniors and seniors sampled the greatest number of new sports; bowling, archery, fencing, tennis, golf, and free exercises kept the girls not only healthy but enthusiastic. PHYSICAL EDUCATION First row: Mrs. Ramey; Mr. Hardage. Second row: Miss Moreland; Mr. Coyle. Third row: Miss Buck; Mr. Scott. Fourth row: Mrs. Hall; Mr. Smith. Fifth row: Miss Peters; Mr. Henry. ACADEMICS 51 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Crosier; Mr. Shriver; Mr. Beto. Mrs. Chester; Mrs. Hudgins. HOME ECONOMICS Somewhere within a cloud of sawdust and a deafening racket of power saws and crashing hammers, shop classes learned the art of do-it-yourself carpentry. In a calmer atmosphere, mechanical drawing classes played with T-squares and drew blue prints while electronics students puzzled over the intricacies of various instruments and meters. The industrial arts department has met the greater demands of the continuous advances in technology. Ouch! The shriek frequently sounded across the home ec rooms as the girls dis¬ covered that the stoves were hot or tried to sew their fingers in with the hems. They stud¬ ied interior decorating and planned the gor¬ geous rooms they’ll own; they studied food values and vitamins; while learning to make their own clothes, they became experts at ripping out the seams. Then, in those group cooking projects, they reaffirmed that old maxim; too many cooks do spoil the stew. The home economics department appealed to the practical side of life in its goal to produce accomplished housewives for the future. 52 ACADEMICS Mr. Connell and Mr. Farris, the music mentors of AHS. Mrs. Henry and Mr. Roberson pose before a back¬ drop of creativity constructed by their art classes. MUSIC With the serious business of training voices and preparing concerts in mind, the sounds of music echoed across the locker rooms, down the halls, and through the bus¬ es. A new choir was added this year, the Ad¬ vanced Girls, for upperclassmen who had never sung in the chorus. Besides the Spring, Fall, and Christmas concerts which the chorus and band shared, the chorus traveled to New Jersey to entertain another school and then to New York to do a little sight¬ seeing on the side. When everyone noticed lots of little children under foot, he knew it was time for the band’s annual Tiny Tots Concert. The Atom’s band marched across the football fields at half time and performed from the stands, and if that wasn’t enough, they led victory trains through the school to boost the team to victory. ART With the same routine of gooey paint, ink, slimy clay, plaster dust, and clean-up day, the art department made it through another year. The classrooms were enlarged so there would be more room for a bigger mess as students merrily and meticulously took their frustrations out on paper and canvas. They haven’t discovered any Michelangelos or Picassos, but they are learning and they sure are having fun. ACADEMICS 53 CUSTODIANS First row: Corder Shahan, Frank Sites, Vernon Robinson, Eastman Fincham, Richard Edwards. CAFETERIA STAFF First row: V. Blevins, E. Brown, V. Dean, A. Comely, C. Bickford, D. Stevens, manager; C. Shahan, M. Ayres, P. Thompson, L. Lawrence. Second row: C. Brown, M. Harris, B. Campbell, L. Spafford, M. Lacy, E. Darr, E. Conrely, L. Martin. 54 ACADEMICS COL. JULIAN D. ABELL has taught geometry and algebra here for three years. He earn¬ ed an A.B., B.S., and an M.S. at Indiana U., the U.S. Military Academy, and Cornell U. MR. RICHARD E. AILSTOCK, in his third year of teaching bio¬ logy at Annandale, sponsors the Biology Club and the Pep Club. In any extra time, he enjoys reading, swimming, hiking, and bridge. He holds a B.S. MRS. ELIZABETH AMES has survived eleven successful, strenuous years of teaching Eng¬ lish IV at Annandale. A sponsor of the senior class and a mem¬ ber of the council of the Na¬ tional Senior Honor Society, she also finds time for gardening, travel, and music. She holds an A.B. and M.A. MISS BARBARA ASPINALL, who earned her B.A. and M.A. at W. Va. U., has taught English III at Annandale for three years. She also sponsors Fall-out, our literary magazine. MR. WILLIAM BARTLETT, in his first year at Annandale, teaches government, sponsors the Na¬ tional Honor Society, and en¬ joys campinq. He holds an A.B. from Drury College. MRS. MARY BATTAGLIA holds a B.A. and an M.A. She is our tenth and twelfth grade coun¬ selor, and has spent seven years in the guidance department and two years teaching at Annan¬ dale. MR. FRANKLIN BETO, who holds a B.A., teaches Shop I. He enjoys golf and coin col¬ lecting, and is our J.V. basket¬ ball coach. MR. J. WALLACE BOLDING has been at Annandale eleven years and generously supports his school by sponsoring the Junior Class, coaching freshman foot¬ ball, and managing Coke con¬ cessions. He teaches English I and earned his B.A. at the Col¬ lege of William and Mary. COL. JOHN C. BOLEYN, a teacher of Algebra I and Math II, received his B.S. from the U.S. Military Academy. He bowls in his spare hours and is an amateur organist. CAPT. EUGENE BREITENBERG, who holds a B.A., an M.S.E. and is a candidate for a PH.D., teaches U.S. history and gov¬ ernment. Golf, fishing, bowling, photography, and patriotism are among his interests. Capt. Breitenberg was also nominated for the Legion of Merit. MISS KATHERINE J. BUCK, another veteran of eleven years at Annandale, teaches physical education. She holds a B.S., coaches basketball and softball, and enjoys boating and reading. CDR. RUSSELL BUCKLEY is in his seventh year of colorfully teaching Spanish at Annandale. Earning a B.S., he attended the U. S. Naval Academy and Ford- ham University. He has been awarded the Naval Cross from Columbia and a Certificate of Naval Merit from Cuba. MR. WALTER BUGIN, director of the science department and an instructor in Chem Study, has been at Annandale eleven years. He has attended W. Va. U., V. P.I., and U. Va., earning a B.A. and M.A. MR. DONALD CANONICA, who is in his first year at Annandale, is a ninth and eleventh grade counselor. He earned B.S. and M.S. degrees at the State U. of New York where he was a mem¬ ber of the soccer team. MISS BARBARA SUE CARTER teaches English IV and sponsors the Debate Club. She earned a B.A. at George Washington U. and taught at Osbourn H.S. in Manassas before coming to An¬ nandale in 1964. MRS. MARION CASSEDY, spon¬ sor of the Keyettes and teacher of Algebra II, taught at several schools in Mississippi before cominq to Annandale ten years ago. She has an A.B. degree and has studied at Gulf Park College, U. Va., and U. of South¬ ern Miss. MRS. SYLVIA CHESTER, in her first year at Annandale, holds a B.S.H.E. and an M. Ed. from U. N.C. She sponsors the F.H.A. and enjoys sewing and music. MR. HAROLD CONNELL, Annan- dale’s choir director, holds a B.A. and M.A. and has com¬ pleted his residence for a Ph. D. at N.Y.U. He has taught here for seven years and spends his spare time with his family and church activities. MR. GEORGE COSTELLO, who has taught here for ten years, holds a B.A. in history and has studied at Shepherd College and U. Va. His hobbies are ten¬ nis and reading. MR. JAMES COYLE, who holds an A.B., taught at Greenwood H.S. before coming to Annan¬ dale three years ago. He teaches physical education, directs ath¬ letics at A.H.S., and enjoys hunting and fishing. MR. RUSSELL CROSIER holds a B.S. and has attended W. Va. Tech, V.P.I., and U. Va. A teacher of electronics, he has been at Annandale for seven years and spends his extra time fishing, hunting, bowling, and playing golf. FACULTY INDEX MRS. CAROL DEMCAK, sponsor of the French Club, holds a B.A. from Madison College and has taught French at Annandale for two years. She is a member of two honorary societies, Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Sigma lota. MRS. SHIRLEY DIXON attended Madison College, earning a B.S. in Business Education. She teaches typing and shorthand, and her hobbies are sewing and cooking. MR. ROGER DORMINEY, sopho¬ more class sponsor, taught in Pa. before moving to Annandale a year ago to teach geography. He has attended Geneva Col¬ lege, Slippery Rock State Col¬ lege, and the U. of Pittsburgh. He holds a B.S. in education. MISS JUDITH DOUD, who holds a B.A. from Randolph-Macon, teaches Spanish and sponsors the Spanish Club. Her hobby is horses, and she shows a thor¬ oughbred hunter in her spare time. MRS. MARY DYESS, whose in¬ terests include reading and bowling, holds an A.B. and teaches Math and Algebra I. Previously she taught at Cen¬ tral H.S. in Tennessee and Burke Elementary School in Va. MRS. BETTY EVANS sponsors the National Junior Honor Soc¬ iety and teaches English I and III. She has a B.A. from Bridge- water College and has taught at Annandale for eight years. MR. JOHN FARRIS, who has been the Band Director at A.H.S. for nine years, is currently the treasurer of the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Asso¬ ciation. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in music and sponsors the Stage Band and Majorettes. MR. ROBERT FARRIS, whose hobbies include gardening and traveling, teaches Algebra I. He holds a B.S. and M. Ed. and has taught here for eight years. MR. ROBERT FIGGERS holds an A.B. in geology from W L and a M. Ed. from U. Va. He is a mem¬ ber of Phi Beta Kappa and has taught physics and Earth Science at Annandale for two years. MR. ROY FISHER has colorfully interpreted Shakespeare for sen¬ iors for twelve years. He holds an A.B. and sponsors the Sen¬ ior Class. MRS. BEATRICE FRUTCHEY, who is the Vocational Office Training Coordinator and Chair¬ man of the business education department, has been at Annan- dale since its beginning in 1954. She holds an A.B. and M.A. from Colorado State College, and has done graduate work at several other colleges. MR. EARL GILL, sponsor of the Stamp Club and co-sponsor of the FTA, has taught physics at Annandale for six years. He holds a B.S. and M.S. and is a member of the Blue Key Honor Society. Last year Mr. Gill was a sabatical student at Temple U., earning his M.S. MR. CHARLES GOOD attended Madison College, earning a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.S. in Business Education. He teaches typing and has been at Annandale for three years. MRS. BARBARA GOODMAN, English II teacher, earned her B.A. at Gettysburg College. She came to Annandale two years ago after teaching junior high in Texas. MRS. HILDA HALL, whose hob¬ bies are camping and bridge, teaches sophomore physical ed¬ ucation. She holds a B.S. from Longwood College and U. Va. MR. ROBERT HARDAGE, a gra¬ duate of William and Mary, holds a B.S. He has been at An¬ nandale for six years teaching physical education. MR. CHARLES HEINZ, sponsor of the Bio-Chemistry Club and the Track and Field, holds a B.S. and M.S. He teaches biol¬ ogy and enjoys hunting, fishing, and athletics. MR. DON HENRETTY, co-spon¬ sor of the Junior Class, has taught U.S. History at Annan¬ dale for seven years. He holds a B.A. from Randolph-Macon and has studied at G.W.U. and U. Va. MRS. ALLIE HENRY came to Annandale in 1964 as freshman counselor. She earned an A.B. and M.A. at Marshall U., an ad¬ vanced Professional Certificate at G.W.U., and is presently a candidate for an Ed. D. MRS. SARAH HENRY is a gra¬ duate of Madison College where she obtained a B.S. in Educa¬ tion. She teaches Art I and II, sponsors our cheerleaders, and pursues knitting, reading, and bowling as hobbies. MR. ED HENRY, head coach of our victorious football team and assistant track coach, is a gra¬ duate of U. Va. where he earn¬ ed a B.S. and a M. Ed. In addi¬ tion to coaching, he teaches physical education and enjoys music. MR. JON HIGGINS, sponsor of Jr. Civitans, holds a B.A. from the U. of Miami. He teaches geography and enjoys outdoor sports. MRS. DOROTHY HUDGINS, sponsor of F.H.A., earned a B.S. at Radford College. She has taught home economics at An¬ nandale for six years, and lists bridge and bowling as her hob¬ bies. MRS. PEGGY JARMAN came to Annandale one and a half years ago to teach biology. She spon¬ sors a Tri-Hi-Y and holds a B.S. from Madison College. MR. COURTNEY JONES, our senior counselor, holds a B.A. and M. Ed. and is a doctoral candidate at U. Va. He has been at Annandale for two years. His interests are music and bowl¬ ing, and he has appeared in Who’s Who of American Uni¬ versities and Colleges. MR. HARRY KELLER, who teach¬ es science and biology, attended Shepherd College, G.W.U., and U. Va., earning an A.B. His hob¬ bies include golf, bow hunting, and horseshoes. MRS. KINTNER, whose inter¬ ests include reading, golf, swim¬ ming, and skiing, teaches Eng¬ lish III. She holds a B.A. and M. Ed. and has attended Mt. Union College and U. of Pittsburgh. MRS. WINIFRED LIKAR has been at Annandale since it open¬ ed; previously, she taught at Mt. Vernon, Falls Church, and the Dependent School in Japan. She teaches English II and en¬ joys travel. MRS. CAROL LISI teaches Eng¬ lish IV and journalism and also sponsors the A-Blast and Quill Scroll. She holds an A.B. in English and has attended Wil¬ liam and Mary and Indiana U. MRS. ROSE LITTLE, sponsor of the Latin Club, Russian Club, and Junior Classical League in the D.C. area, teaches Latin and Russian. She is the reci¬ pient of several invitations to language committees and study groups and fills her time with re¬ search, reading, travel, hiking, and interior decorating. MRS. SARAH LORY, a certified psychologist, is in her eleventh year as Director of Guidance. She has earned a B.A. and M.A. and has appeared in Who’s Who of American Women. MISS CAROLYN MACK, a stu¬ dent teacher from G.W.U. last year, teaches Spanish full time this year. Knitting and co-spon¬ sorship of the Spanish Club oc¬ cupy much of her time. MRS. CALLIE JO McDOWELL sponsors the F.T.A. and Spanish Honor Society besides energeti¬ cally teaching Spanish. Attend¬ ing Longwood College and U. Va., she has earned a B.A. and an M. Ed. 56 ACADEMICS MRS. EVELYN MILLER enriches her English II and Latin classes with stories of her European tra¬ vel and a broad knowledge of languages and classical Greek and Roman culture. Co-sponsor of the Latin Club, she enjoys gardening, travel (Norway and Italy are favorites), and reading. MRS. ELIZABETH MITCHELL re¬ ceived her B.A. from the U. of Minnesota. Chairman of the so¬ cial studies department, she teaches geography and is often seen rushing off to a tennis match after school. MISS JANE MORELAND, whose interests are art, music, and out¬ door sports, teaches physical education and coaches girls’ varsity softball and basketball. She received her B.S. from Mad¬ ison College and is working on her M.S. at William and Mary. MISS JANET MORIE, who re¬ ceived her A.B. from Douglass College, teaches English I and III. Her hobbies are many, in¬ cluding chess, piano, choral singing, French cooking, tennis, and swimming. MRS. EVELYN MORRELL spon¬ sors the French Honor Society and teaches French III and IV. She has studied at Utah State U. and the U. of California at Berkeley, receiving her B.S. teaching physical education at Annandale. He has taught at MR. DONALD NOLL, holder of a B.S. from Bloomburg State College, is in his first year of New York and New Jersey high schools and is our assistant football coach. MR. JAMES ODOM, fearless sponsor of the Antenna, teaches English III. He holds an A.B. and M. Ed. from U.N.C. and U.S.C. MR. WILLIAM PARNELL, who holds a B.A. and M.A., is a mem¬ ber of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a national scholarship fraternity. A teacher of economics and gov¬ ernment, his interests are ten¬ nis and folk music. MISS RACHEL PETERS, coach of the varsity hockey squad, has spent eleven successful years at A. H.S. teaching physical edu¬ cation. MR. THOMAS PORTER holds a B. S. and M.A. He sponsors the Sophomore Class and teaches geography. He also coaches freshman basketball and J.V. baseball. MRS. ELIZABETH POSEY was named the Outstanding Science and Math Teacher of 1965 in the D.C. area. A teacher of trig.- functions and Algebra ll-trig., she holds a B.S. and has studied at several universities. She sponsors the Senior Honor So¬ ciety and enjoys camping, read¬ ing and painting. MRS. LOIS PRESTON has taught in Arlington and Hawaii and holds a B.S. She teaches public speaking and English III. MRS. SHIRLEY RANDA holds an A. B. and M. Ed., and is a mem¬ ber of Phi Sigma, an honorary biology society. She is the jun¬ ior counselor, and knitting is one of her interests. MR. EDGAR ROBERSON, spon¬ sor of the Art Guild, teaches Art I, III, and IV. He holds a B. A. and M.A. and was a final¬ ist for the Benedictine Art Award. He directs a Barbershop Quartet. MISS MARY ROBINSON, who holds a B.A. and M.A., has been at Annandale eight years. She teaches geometry and has taught in Pa. MISS MARILYN ROPER, our developmental and speed read¬ ing teacher, holds a B.A. and M.A. and has taught at E. Ten¬ nessee State U. MRS. LOUISE ROSS teaches World History and U.S. History. She holds a B.A. and is inter¬ ested in gardening and antiques. MRS. VIRGINIA SAMPLE, sop¬ homore counselor, holds a B.A. and M. Ed. from Mary Washing¬ ton College and U. Va. Music is one of Mrs. Sample’s interests. MR. PAUL SCHWARTZ teaches Mechanical and Architectural Drawing. He holds a B.S., and M.S. from Stout State U. and U. Va. MR. WILLIAM SCOTT, who holds an A.B., teaches physical edu¬ cation, coordinates intramural activities and coaches wrest¬ ling. After hours he enjoys hunting and fishing. MR. RALPH SHRIVER holds an A.B. and has attended several universities. He teaches Shop I, II, and III, sponsors the Bowl¬ ing League, and coaches fresh¬ man football. MR. HARRY SMITH, a ten-year veteran of Annandale, holds an A.B. Hunting and fishing are his hobbies, and he teaches phy¬ sical education. MISS VIRGINIA STEPHANZ has an N.D.E.A. graduate scholar¬ ship from G.W.U. and received her B.A. from Radford College. She teaches French II and III and sponsors the French Club. MR. ROBERT STEVENSON, gov¬ ernment and U.S. History teach er, holds a B.A. and M. Ed. and is a member of Phi Delta Kappa. Sponsor of the Bowling League, he enjoys bowling, reading, fishing, hunting, and spectator sports. MISS BONNIE LEE STIDLEY, geometry teacher and sponsor of the F.T.A., holds a B.S. from Madison College. Archery, bowl¬ ing, and music occupy after school hours. MISS JO ANN STRICKLAND formerly taught at Poe Interme¬ diate and Falls Church H.S. She earned her B.S. from E. Carolina College and teaches Math I and Algebra I. MRS. LORA SUMMERS holds a B.A. and M.S. Not only an Eng¬ lish I and drama teacher, she is always busy working for the Thespians, Drama Club, Spring Musical, Fall Drama Dept. Play, or Spring Contest Play. MRS. JOSEPHINE TANNOUS has taught French at Annandale for ten years. She holds a B.A. and M.A. and reads in any extra time sh e finds. MR. WILLIAM VAN SANT teach¬ es government and sociology. He holds an A.B. and M.A. Besides coaching the tennis and golf teams, he sponsors the Bowling League and enjoys hunting, swimming, bowling, golf, and tennis. MR. CHARLES WALTON re¬ ceived his B.A. from Bridgewater College. He teaches Algebra I and II and geometry. Golf, ten¬ nis and other outdoor sports fill his spare time. MRS. NELLIE WHITE enjoys music, gardening, and reading when she is not teaching Eng¬ lish II. She holds an A.B. and M.A. MISS DORIS WILSON teaches Typing I and General Business. She holds a B.S., and her inter¬ ests are sewing, painting, and reading. MRS. JEAN WOOD sponsors a Tri Hi Y and teaches Chem Study. She holds a B.S. and M.S. and has attended Alfred U., St. Bonaventure U., and G.W.U. Gourmet cooking is one of her interests. MRS. GARLAND WOODSON teaches typing and notehand and is kept busy as sponsor of the S.C.A. She holds a B.S. and B.C.S. and her hobbies include sports, bridge, and reading. MRS. MARIANNE WORRELL, who has the confusing task of teaching both German and French, holds a B.S. Sponsor of the German Honor Society and German Club, she also enjoys swimming, bridge, and French cooking, and has taught at the American Dependent School in Tokyo, Japan. ACADEMICS 57 1 jSgJgiS: ' ' 7iinB B JH BrS- • rtf ' 111 MB ' ls£»;• ' • ' •-?|w mB ■KS4®k4. tr2s£s! l®0»H| SENIORS 58 SENIORS Despite the madness in our method, We made it through ’til June Having overcome more than Unusual obstacles . . . When . . . Winding halls led to rooms Where there were no rooms before . . . The library closed in the midst of Spring term paper season . . . We managed to adjust in the Traditional Senior style To both the new and old. Amid term papers and memory lines, Privileges gained and lost, We donned our ’66 derbies, Demonstrated our indomitable Senior Spirit. “An experience” it was. SENIORS 59 Senior Class officers: Secretary, Kathy Kearney; V.P., Neal Ellis; President, Chris Kohn; Treasurer, Sue Coveil. “Don’t worry, Skip,’’ says Pat Marusak, “I’ll catch you,” CLASS OF 1966 “To be or not to be — that is the ques¬ tion.” That was the question that seniors asked as they floundered through Shake¬ spearean tragedy. They filled the halls with their cries of “Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” (hoping to get accepted at a col¬ lege early in the year so there would be plen¬ ty of time for goofing off), “or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them.” (This would call for the annihila¬ tion of all senior English teachers and the burning of all available copies of Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear.) Besides “enjoying” Shakespeare, the seniors went out of their way to keep from stepping on freshmen, offending colleges, or working too hard during the second se¬ mester. In spi te of all this, the Class of 1966 survived until graduation without suffering much permanent damage. Our sponsors, Mrs. Ames and Mr. Fisher, deserve many thanks for their support and help throughout the year. Hap expresses the consensus of the senior class. And they say seniors goof off! Here, Gary exemp¬ lifies the typical friendly, hard-working senior. Some “helpful” members of the Key Club are bungl¬ ing things up, as usual. SENIORS 61 Henry Thomas Adams Tom Basketball Intramurals; Jr. Civitan; Science Club. Future Plans: College Margaret D. Adams Margie Girls’ Ensemble; G.R.A.A.; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Wyman Mahin Adcock Wyman Speedball Intramurals; Jr. Civitan; Powder Puff Cheerleader. Future Plans: College Robert William Aines Bob V., J.V. Football; V., J.V. Track; German Club. Future Plans: College Linda Kaye Albright Linda Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Antenna, Jr., Sr. Editor; Powder Puff; Volley¬ ball Intramurals; Office Asst.; Spanish Club; A.F.S.; Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A.; Jr. Civitan; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Peggie Lynn Albright Peggie Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Volleyball Intra¬ murals; Basketball Intramurals; Spanish Club; F.T.A. Future Plans: College Michael Leon Albro Mike S.C.A. Publicity Manager; V. Football; J.V. Basket¬ ball; Volleyball, Gymnastic Intramurals; Jr., Soph. Track Meet; Girls In 409; You Can’t Take It With You. Future Plans: College John Richard Allen John Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling Intramurals; Bowling Club; Swim Club. Future Plans: College Beverly Ann Anceravage Bev Athletic Sec.; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Freshman Cheerleader; Carousel; Latin Club; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Nursing Career Kathryn Anderson Kathy Keyette Club; Office Asst.; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Sally Elaine Andrews Sally Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; Thespians; Keyette Club, Treas. Pres.; Office Asst.; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; All State Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; Carousel; My Fair Lady; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College 62 SENIORS Jake James E. P. Armstrong D.E. Future Plans: College Susan Alison Armstrong Alison National Merit Letter of Commendation; Office As¬ sistant; A-Blast Staff; Fall-out Staff; Powder Puff; Volleyball; Basketball; Girls’ Chorus; Charley’s Aunt; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; Future Nurse’s Club. Future Plans: College Douglas Michael Arthur Doug Senior Class Representative; Magazine Drive; Intra¬ mural Volleyball, Basketball; Powder Puff Coach; You Can’t Take It With You; Carousel; Swim Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Robert E. Arthur Boobie Freshman Football; J.V. Track Field. Future Plans: Technical College James Kilburn Asselstine Jim Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Soc; V. Debate Team; Powder Puff Cheerleader; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; My Fair Lady, Carousel, Orchestra; A.F.S. Club; Debate Club. Future Plans: College Mercedes Augustin Mercedes Star Magazine, Editor; Choir. Future Plans: Art College Wayne Free Avery Wayne J.V. Football; V. Track Field; Powder Puff Cheer¬ leader; Concert Band. Future Plans: College Rodney Dale Ayers Rod A-Blast Staff; Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball. Future Plans: Business Management or Law Karen Delores Badin Karen Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. Future Plans: College David Vernon Bailey Dave Intramural Basketball, Softball, Touch Football. Future Plans: College SENIORS 63 Jacquline Rae Bailey Jackie German Honor Society; Library Asst.; Basketball Intramurals; German Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A. Future Plans: College Peter Paul Balas Pete Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Finalist; Spanish Honor Society; Fall-out, Editor; “It’s Academic,” team; J.V., V. Debate Team; J.V. Cross Country; V. Track Field; Basketball, Soccer, Foot¬ ball Intramurals; Math Club. Future Plans: College William Edward Ball Ed V. Wrestling; Gymnastics, Volleyball, Softball Intra¬ murals; Stage Crew. Future Plans: College Karen Louise Beaudoin Karen Powder Puff; Volleyball, Track Intramurals; Clin ic Aid. Future Plans: Work Robert Pascal Beazly Beazley J.V. Football; Junior Jollies; D.E. Future Plans: Real Estate Investment Karen Lynne Beebe Beebe Powder Puff; Capt. Basketball Intramurals; V.O.T.; Office Assistant. Future Plans: Secretary Linda Rinearson and Rich Fulton show some of that indomitable Senior Spirit. Barbara Jane Beller Barbara Powder Puff; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Civitans. Future Plans: College Kenneth Winslow Benson, Jr. Ken Jr. Honor Society; Freshman Football; J.V. Track Field; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Sharon Lee Berg Sharon Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; A-Blast, Staff; Office Asst; Tennis, Basket¬ ball, Volleyball Intramurals; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; French Club; F.H.A. Future Plans: College Carolyn Sue Best Carol Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Concert Choir; My Fair Lady; Carous el; Drama Club; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Airline Hostess Kitty Sharon Beverly Kitten V. Basketball; V.O.T.; Apparatus Club. Future Plans: Work Jane Lee Blankenbaker Jane Jr. Honor Society; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; My Fair Lady Or¬ chestra; G.R.A.A.; Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Victoria Marie Blood Vicke S.C.A. Representative; Powder Puff; Clinic Aid; Girls’ Chorus; Biology Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: Peace Corps and Airline Stewardess Charles Randolph Blyth Randy Sr. Honor Society; National Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation; S.C.A. Representative; S.C.A. Ways and Means Committee; V. Debate; V. Football; J.V., V. Track Field; Concert Band; Photo Club; Chess Club. Future Plans: Professor of English Clayton Eugene Boles Bama V. Football; Freshman, J.V. Basketball; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Concert Band; Carousel; Ger¬ man Club; Young Life. Future Plans: College Constance E. Bookout Connie Student Council Representative; Prom Committee; Office Asst; Library Asst. Future Plans: College Melody A. Bornhoft Melody J.V. Hockey; V. Basketball; J.V., V. Softball; Volley¬ ball, Basketball Intramurals; G.R.A.A. Future Plans: College Dee H. Bowles Dee D.E. Future Plans: Contracting SENIORS 65 Christopher Mygrant Brandon Chris Freshman Football; J.V. Wrestling; Shot-Put; Concert Band. Future Plans: Business Administration Eugenia Marie Braun Ginny Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society, Sec.; Fall-out; Thespians; Keyette Club; Office Asst; My Fair Lady; Carousel; F.H.A., Hist., Reporter, Pres. Future Plans: College Donna Marie Bray Donna Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Thespians; Keyette Club; 3rd. place Talent Show; Jr. Jollies; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Teaching Leland J. Brillhart Rusty S.A. Representative. Future Plans: Military Career Gregory Alan Brock Greg V., Freshman Football; J.V. Basketball; Track, Bas¬ ketball Intramurals; Concert Choir; Stage Crew; Bye bye Birdie. Jacquelin Brown Jackie Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; My Fair Lady; Stage Crew; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; F.T.A. Future Plans: Teacher Thomas Frank Brown Tom Freshman Class Representative; Sophomore Class Pres.; V. Football; V. Soccer. Future Plans: College Thomas Patrick Brown Tom Future Plans: College Earl Stephen Bryant Steve Rifle Team; Basketball Intramurals; A.F.S. Club. Future Plans: College Shaaron Lynne Brynaert Sherry 66 SENIORS Terry Thomas Burgler Terry Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Semi-Finalist; Boys’ State; S.C.A. Pres.; Assembly Director; V, J.V. Football; V. Wrestling; V, J.V. Track Field; Key Club. Future Plans: College Barbara Ann Burlockoff Barbara Office Asst.; C.O.P. Future Plans: School Laura Lee Burnett Laura Fall-out Staff. Future Plans: College Tommie Jeanne Burris Jeanne Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Latin Honor Society, V.P.; Powder Puff; Office Asst.; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; J.C.L. Future Plans: College Joseph John Calabrese, III Jody A-Blast, Staff; Softball, Wrestling, Speedball, Intra¬ murals; Latin Club, Treas.; Bowling Club; J.C.L. Future Plans: College Margaret Louise Callaghan Peggy Powder Puff; Volleyball, Intramurals; V.O.T.; Bowl¬ ing League; Pep Club; F.H.A, V.P. Future Plans: Business College Michael Hugh Campbell Mike Freshman Basketball; J.V. Wrestling. Future Plans: College Bilge Vecihe Candemir Bilge Keyette Club; Homecoming Court; A.F.S. Club; Ger¬ man Club; Swim Club. Future Plans: College John Christian Carley Chris Jr. Honor Society; J.V. Debate Team; Rifle Team; Tennis Team; Movie Photographer for Football Team; French Club. Future Plans: College James Elbert Carter Jimmy Key Club, Sec; A Capella Choir, Pres; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Spanish Club, Treas, Pres. Future Plans: College Janey Cora Caskey Janey Powder Puff; Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Intra¬ murals; J.V. Cheerleader; Clinic Aid; Guidance Asst.; D.E.; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Business School Joan Elizabeth Cassidy Joni Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Student Coun¬ cil; Future Homemakers Club. Future Plans: Nursing School SENIORS 67 Patrick Ewing Clancy Pat Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Freshman Football; Soccer Team; Office Asst; Lab Asst; Bridge Club; Photography Club; Chemistry Club. Future Plans: Chemical Engineering Allan Cecil Clark Al Thespians; Library Asst; Talent Show, 1st place; A Capella Choir; Alice in Wonderland; John Brown’s Body; Carousel; Stage Crew. Future Plans: Dramatics Robert Arthur Coffeen Bob Talent Show, 1st place; Concert Band, Sec; Sym¬ phonic Band; Stage Band; My Fair Lady. Future Plans: College Pamela Kay Chambers Pam Volleyball Intramurals; Tri-hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Paula Ann Chambless Paula Powder Puff; A Capella Choir; My Fair Lady; Carou¬ sel; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; G.A.A. Future Plans: College Marilyn Ann Chernis Marilyn Powder Puff; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club. Future Plans: College Sue A. Cherpak Sue Girls’ Chorus; Inter-Religious Club; Bowling Club; Folk Song Club. Future Plans: Dental Hygienist Sharon Lee Chinnis Shari Freshman Class V.P; Powder Puff; Freshman Cheer¬ leader, Capt; V.O.T. Future Plans: X-ray Technician Susan Barbara Clague Susan Basketball Intramurals; Spanish Club; F.H.A; G.R. A.A; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Home Economist Mike Albro—trying to pawn off another of his masterpieces? 68 SENIORS “Oh, yes! Mrs. Ramay always sets my hair!” proclaims Tom Mitchell. Anita Allison Cahoon Anita V. Basketball; V. Softball; Powder Puff; Guidance Asst; G.R.A.A; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Newton Baker Collins Newton Bye Bye Birdie; French Club. Future Plans: College Barbara Mason Colman Barbara Powder Puff; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Athletic Office Asst. Future Plans: Airline Stewardess Ronald Edward Comerford Ron V, J.V. Football; J.V. Wrestling; V, J.V. Baseball; Track Intramurals; Powder Puff; Referee. Future Plans: College Sandra Ann Cooke Sandy S.C.A. Representative; Jr. Prom Chairman; Sr. Prom Comm.; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; State Gymnastic Meet; Freshman Cheerleaders; V. Cheer¬ leader, Co-Capt; Homecoming Gueen; Miss A.H.S; F.H.A; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Susan Jane Cooke Sue Keyette Club; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Carousel; Stage Crew; Spanish Club, Sec; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Don Merle Cordes Don Soccer Intramurals; Jr. Civitans; A.F.S; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Charles Wayne Cottrill Wayne Soccer; Track Field Intramurals. Future Plans: Marine Biologist William Luther Coulter, III Bill Antenna Staff; Rifle Team; Rifle Club, V. P. SENIORS 69 Jtqt Mary Suzanne Covell Sue Girls’ State; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class, V.P; Senior Class, Treas; Keyette Club; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; V. Cheerleader; Majorette; Homecoming Court; Miss A.H.S. Court; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A. Future Plans: College Suzanne Cowan Suzanne Future Plans: Art School Thomas L. Cowgill Jom F uture Plans: College Steve Thomas Crane Steve V., J.V., Freshman Football; J.V., Freshman Basket¬ ball; J.V. Baseball; Volleyball, Track, Speedball Intra¬ murals; Latin Club; J.C.L. Future Plans: College Rita Jane Creasy Rita Latin Honor Society, Pres; Powder Puff; Latin Club, Pres; J.C.L. Future Plans: College Cathleen Ann Cunningham Cathy Basketball Intramurals; Guidance Asst; German Club. Future Plans: College Gregory Lawrence Cuskelly Greg Sophomore Class, Pres; Junior Class, Treas; J.V. Debate; V. Baseball; Basketball Intramurals; Library Asst; Latin Club; Jr. Civitans. Future Plans: Law or Medicine Margaret Elaine Darner Elaine Karen Leigh Darsch Karen Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club; Math Club; Jr. Jollies. Future Plans: College Gregory Gene Davidson Surfer J.V. Cross Country; Track Field Intramurals; Library Asst; D.E. Future Plans: Work Terry Jan Davidson Tank Powder Puff; Jr. Jollies; Sophomore Sillies; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. Future Plans: College 70 SENIORS Pamela Kathryn Davies Pam Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Athletic Office Asst; My Fair Lady; C.O.P; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: Secretary Daniel Bruce Davis Dan Freshman Football; French Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Robert Charles Dawson Bob J.V., Freshman Football; Basketball, Volleyball, Foot¬ ball Intramurals; Powder Puff Coach. Future Plans: College William Stephen Day Bill Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; J.V. Football; V., J.V. Wrestling; Soccer; J.V. Track Field; Track Intramurals; French Club; Biology Club; Stamp Col¬ lecting Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Carol Alice Deem Carol Jr. Honor Society; Clinic Aid; Bowling Club; Cadu- ceus Club; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: Nursing Charles F. Delf Charles D.E. Future Plans: Coast Guard Terry Ann Denton Terry Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; G.A. A. Future Plans: College Lee Moran Dewey Lee Volleyball, Speedball, Soccer Intramurals; French Club. Future Plans: College Jane Anita Diaz Jane Powder Puff; Pep Club; Junior Civitan; Young Life; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Ronald Maxwell Dickens Ronnie D.E. Future Plans: Work SENIORS 71 Daniel Ralph Dobson Dan Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; J.V., Freshman Football; J.V. Track Field; Rifle Team; Football Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Powder Puff Coach; Latin Club; Rifle Club; J.C.L. Future Plans: College Frederick George Doering Rick Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band. Future Plans: Electronics Technician Paul Terrence Donahue Paul J.V. Football; V., J.V. Basketball; V. Track Field; Basketball, Football Intramurals; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Susan Donahue Sooz Powder Puff; Freshman Cheerleader; Pep Club. Future Plans: Nursing Bruce Michael Donnelly Bruce Sr. Honor Society; Freshman Class, Pres.; Sopho¬ more Class, Pres; German Honor Society; Antenna Staff; V. Football; Rifle Team; Football, Basketball, Softball Intramurals; Library Asst.; Stage Crew; Ger¬ man Club; Jr. Civitan, Pres; Rifle Club. Future Plans: West Point; Army Career Margaret E. Dreiss Margaret Jr. Honor Society; S.C.A. Representative; Powder Puff; Freshman Cheerleader; J.V. Cheerleader, Co- capt; V. Cheerleader; Office Asst; Homecoming Court; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Deborah Kay Dreyer Debbie Powder Puff; Office Asst; Girls’ Ensemble; Bye Bye Birdie; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: Legal Secretary Dianne Lynn Dreyer Dianne Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; C.OP.; Bye Bye Birdie; F.H.A. Future Plans: Work Carol Ann Dunn Carol Powder Puff; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Clinic Aid; F.T.A; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Riding Club. Future Plans: College Ted Byron Echols Ted Barry Micheal Eichenauer Slim Powder Puff Coach; D.E. Future Plans: College 72 SENIORS Steve just couldn’t wait for the new cafeteria to open. An indefatigable senior, Sonja New- land leads us in our cheers. Lester Neal Ellis Neal Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society, Pres; Boys’ State, Gov.; S.C.A, V.P; Sr. Class, V.P; Soph. Class, Treas; French Honor Society; Homecoming Chair¬ man; Key Club, V.P; V., J.V. Cross Country; J.V. Wrestling; V., J.V. Track Field; Rifle Team; Rifle Club; French Club; Track Field Club. Future Plans: College Steven Michael Ellis Steve Freshman Football; Freshman, J.V., V. Basketball; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Latin Club. Future Plans: Medical School Barbara Erlenkotter Barb Class Representative; Ski Club; Girls’ Athletic As¬ sociation, Pres; Bowling Club; Pep Club; Leadership Conference; Fulda Science Fair. Future Plans: Mathematician Herman Ertlschweiger, Jr. Hap Sr. Honor Society; A-Blast, Antenna, Fall-out, Photo¬ grapher; Tennis; Volleyball, Speedball, Softball, Intra¬ murals; Chess Club. Future Plans: College Earl Wallace Estes Wally Future Plans: College Barrett Gray Evans Barry Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; German Honor Society, Sec; Fall¬ out Editor; Quill and Scroll; Key Club; Machine Room Asst; Biochemistry Club; SIPA Convention. Future Plans: Physics Major SENIORS 73 Sharon Lynn Folson Dixie Powder Puff; Freshman Cheerleaders; Talent Show; C.O.P; Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; F.H.A. Future Plans: Fashion Designer Linda Lee Franklin Linda Drama Club; F.T.A.; French Club; A.F.S. Future Plans: College Keith Fraser Keith Rifle Team; Rifle Club, Sec.-Treas; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Better not let Mr. Finch catch you leaving, Rick!!! % David Joseph Evans Bear Freshman Football; J.V. Track and Field; Volleyball Intramurals; Concert Band; Carousel Stage Crew. Future Plans: College Joan Louise Faries Joan Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Girls’ Chorus; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College John Lee Fellows III John Sr. Honor Society, V.P.; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit semi-finalist; Boys’ Nation; Boys’ State; S.C.A. Publi¬ city Chairman; Latin Honor Society; Fall-out, poetry editor; Thespians; “It’s Academic”, alternate; V. De¬ bate; Key Club, Board of Directors; Machine Room Asst.; My Fair Lady; Carousel; You Can’t Take It With You-, Latin Club, V.P.; Drama Club. Future Plans: U.S. Foreign Service George Clifford Ferguson George Rifle Team; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; R.O.T.C. Honor Guard; Drum and Bugle Corps. Future Plans: College David Nathan Fleischer Dave German Honor Society; Thespian; Basketball, Speed- ball Intramurals; Projectionist; The Undercurrent; You Can’t Take It With You; Carousel; German Club, Pres; Drama Club. Future Plans: College James Peyton Flynn Jim Basketball, Speedball Intramurals. Future Plans: College 74 SENIORS Vicki Long and Friends show how to win a State Championship. Karen Joann Freed Karen Powder Puff; Office Asst; C.O.P.; Girls’ Chorus; Tri- Hi-Y; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Sharon Kristine Freed Sharon Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Homecoming Court; Powder Puff; Office Asst; Girls’ Chorus; Concert Choir; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Civi¬ tan. Future Plans: College Terry Lee Friesz Terry Rifle Team; Rifle Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Richard Thomas Fulton Rich Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; S.C.A. Repre¬ sentative; S.C.A. Activities Chairman; Latin Honor Society; Key Club; Freshman, V. Basketball; Basket¬ ball, Speedball, Volleyball, Softball Intramurals; Latin Club. Future Plans: Teacher or Marine Biologist John Charles Fungaroli John Linda Louise Gallant Linda Volleyball Intramurals; Majorettes, Capt.; Concert Band; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College George Luigi Gargus George Future Plans: College Mary Marcia Gasaway Marsh Jr. Class, V.P; Girls’ Choir; Debate Club. Future Plans: College Diane E. Gaskins De Jr. Honor Society; Freshman Class, Pres.; Sopho¬ more Class, Sec; Jr. Class, Treas; V. Basketball; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Freshman Cheer¬ leader; Office Asst; G.A.A.; Drama Club. Future Plans: College SENIORS 75 Victoria Ann Geraci Vicki Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; S.C.A. Representative; Powder Puff; Guidance Asst.; Talent Show; F.T.A.; Debate Club; G.A.A. Future Plans: Teaching Deborah Lynn Geyer Debbi Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society; Fall-out, Staff; Keyettes; Office Asst; Library Asst; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas; German Club. Future Plans: College Jack Kenneth Gilden Jack Boys’ State Alternate; Key Club; V., Freshman Foot¬ ball; Volleyball Intramurals; Letterman’s Club. Future Plans: College Johnny Lee Gill Jimmy Freshman, J.V. Football; D.E. Club. Diane E. Gisvold Gizzy Powder Puff; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Library Asst; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; French Club. Future Plans: College John McCoy Giuli Giuli Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Speedball Intra¬ murals; German Club; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Robert Wallace Givens Bob V. Cross Country; J.V. Track Field; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Robert Eugene Gobeille Bob Freshman, J.V. Football; Carousel. Future Plans: College, Naval Officer Frederico G. Gomez Fred V. Debate Team; V. Football; Soccer; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College or Work Sandra Lea Gomez Sandy Spanish Honor Society; Powder Puff; Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball Intramurals; Clinic Aid; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; F.T.A; A.F.S; Jr. Civitans. Future Plans: College 76 SENIORS Karen Ann Good Goods Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; Thespians, Sec; Junior Jollies; Sophomore Sillies; You Can’t Take It With You; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Drama Club, Pres; French Club. Future Plans: College, Theater William Smith Goodman Bill Jr. Honor Society; Key Club; Wrestling; Tennis; Junior Jollies; Concert Band; Russian Club. Future Plans: College Krista S. Gordon Krista German Honor Society; Girls’ Ensemble; German Club; Civitan Club. Future Plans: Business College Marshall Roberts Graham, Jr. Rob Freshman Basketball; Wrestling, Football Intramurals; D.E; D.E. Club. Future Plans: College Terry Ann Grange Terry S.C.A. Representative; S.C.A. Chaplain; Girls’ State Alternate; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Junior Civitan. Future Plans: College David Lee Grayson Dave C.O.P; F.B.L.A. Future Plans: Work Gary E. Grayson Gary Future Plans: College Donald Harold Greeley Papa Don S.C.A. Representative; V. Football; V. Basketball; Baseball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Kathleen Ann Green Sprint Thespians, Pres; Meet Me in St. Louis; You Can’t Take It With You; Carousel; Drama Club. Future Plans: College Sam Kelly Greenwood Kelly Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Coin Club, V.P, Treas; Chess Club; Bowling Club, Team Captain; A.F.S; Science Club, Treas; Atom Boosters. Future Plans: College Robert James Grenier Bob A-Blast, Editor; V., J.V., Freshman Football; J.V. Baseball. Future Plans: Professional Drag Raciing Janice Louise Gulledge Jan Spanish Honor Society; Antenna Staff; Powder Puff; Tennis, Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College SENIORS 77 Joseph Paul Gura Joe D.E. Future Plans: Communications Dispatcher William Edward Gwin Bill Chess Club; Drama Club. Future Plans: College John Leonard Haga John H.R. Representative; J.V. Baseball; J.V. Cross Coun¬ try; J.V. Track Field; Basketball Intramurals; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Ann Lynn Hagan Ann V. Hockey; J.V. Basketball; Ping Pong, Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Archery, Tennis Intramurals; C.O.P; Bye Bye Birdie; F.H.A; F.B.L.A, Treas; G.R. A.A, Sports Manager; A.F.S; German Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Michael John Hagarty Mike Freshman, J.V., V. Football; Soccer. Future Plans: College John Helge Hagstrom, III John V. Track Field; Concert Band; Drama Club. Future Plans: College Chris Kohn leads the Senior class in one of his heart-warming cheers . . . “Give me an ‘S’ . . .” Linda Anne Haisley Linda Powder Puff; Carousel; Drama Club; Russian Club; Jr. Civitan; Tri-Hi-Y; German-American Club; Photo¬ graphy Club. Future Plans: College Jeannette Ruth Halpin Jeanette Fall-out, Staff; Girls’ Chorus; Girls’ Ensemble; The Decision; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Pep Club; Drama Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Brenda Joyce Harrison Brenda D.E; D.E. Club. Future Plans: Business School or Work Donald M. Harrison Don Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; Key Club; Speedball, Basketball Intramurals; Machine Room Asst. Future Plans: College Dennis William Hart Dennis Future Plans: Business Administration Michael Terry Hart Mike Senior Class Representative; Freshman, J.V., V. Foot¬ ball; J.V. Baseball. Future Plans: College. Professional Art Career Philip Charles Hart Phil Future Plans: Technical School John Winthrop Haycock, III John Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Let¬ ter of Commendation; Freshman Class Pres; “It’s Academic” Team; Freshman, J.V. Football; J.V. Wrestling; Basketball Intramurals; Swim Team, V.P; Symphonic Band; Stage Band; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel. Future Plans: College William Donn Hayes, III Curly Jr. Honor Society; Freshman, J.V., V. Football; Wres¬ tling; S.A.M. Kay Haygood Kay Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Clinic Aid; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: Business School Sheila Henry Sheila Gordon Lee Herrell II Lee Future Plans: Work SENIORS 79 I Robert Ernest Hess Bob S.C.A. Representative; Wrestling, Softball, Volleyball Intramurals; Carousel; Drama Club; French Club; Junior Civitans; Swim Club. Future Plans: College Pamela Olivia Hirst Pam Powder Puff; Concert Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; Jr. Civitans; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Patricia Mary Hirst Pat Miss A.H.S. Court; Homecoming Court; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Bye Bye Birdie; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Civitans; Pep Club. Future Plans: College, Nursing Jane Ann Hoffman Jane Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band, Sec; Carousel, Band; German Club. Future Plans: Nursing School Alton Henry Hollister Rets Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Stage Band. Future Plans: College Nancy T. Honea Nancy Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Kathlyn T. Hopkins Kathy Sr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; Keyettes; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Kappa Beta Tri- Hi-Y. Future Plans: College William Neal Hovland Bill Thespians; Freshman, J.V. Basketball; Basketball In¬ tramurals; Guidance Asst; A. Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel. Future Plans: College Lawrence Dale Howe Dale Class Representative; Wrestling Intramurals; Band; Glee Club; My Fair Lady; Latin Club; J.C.L; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: Colleg e John Spencer Huddleston Flud Freshman Class V.P.; V. Footall; J.V. Basketball; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Band; Glee Club; Jr. Civitan; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Thomas Byrne Huddleston Hud Freshman Class Treas; V. Football; J.V. Basketball; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Band; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Jr. Civitan; Latin Club. Future Plans: College, Medicine 80 SENIORS Jeffrey Thomas Hudson Jeff J.V. Wrestling; Wrestling Intramurals; Bowling Club; Latin Club; Swimming Club. Harry C. Hunter Hare Tri-M; A.S.B. Representative; Class Treas; A.S.B. Convention Delegate; J.V. Basketball; Tennis; Foot¬ ball Intramurals; Concert Band. Future Plans: College Elin Wendy Hustvedt Horsefat S.A. Representative; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intra¬ murals; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y; J.C.L; Pep Club; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Patricia Ann Igo Patti Glee Club; Drama Club; French Club. Future Plans: College Tatum Allen Jackson Tate Wrestling; Soccer Intramurals. Future Plans: College Steven A. Jameson Steve Stamp Club. Future Plans: Dentistry Rebecca Joyce Jarman Becky Jo German Honor Society; A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Carousel. Future Plans: Music Education Patricia Ann Jepson Pat Sr. Honor Society; V. Basketball; Basketball, Volley ball Intramurals; Library Asst; Glee Club; G.R.A.A. Future Plans: College David M. Johnson Dave S.A. Representative; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Philippe Geyer Jones Frenchie Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; Key Club; Freshman Football; Tennis; Ma¬ chine Room Asst; A.F.S. Future Plans: College SENIORS 81 Albert Edward Jordan Ed V. Swim Team; A.F.S; Rifle Club. Future Plans: College William Simon Kamminga Bill Future Plans: College Martha Ann Kapplinger Marty Concert Choir; German Club; J.C.L; Art Guild. Future Plans: College Kathleen Lynn Kearney Kathy Sr. Honor Society, Sec; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Girls’ State; Jr. Represen¬ tative; Sr. Class Sec; Latin Honor Society; Keyette Chaplain, Sec; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Freshman Cheerleader; J.V. Cheerleader; V. Cheer¬ leader, Capt; Office Asst; Tri-Hi-Y, V.P; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Carol Patricia Kelley Patty A-Blast Staff; Fall-out Staff; Volleyball Intramurals; Library Asst; Jr. Jollies; Sophomore Sillies; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Kevin Joseph Kelley Kevin Freshman, V. Football; V. Wrestling; Basketball Intra¬ murals; Astrology Club; British American Relations Club; Science Club; Math Club. Future Plans: College Patricia Louise Kemp Pat Woodson S.C.A.; Keyette Club; Powder Puff; Tri-Hi- Y; Pep Club, V.P. Future Plans: College Paula Farrell Kennedy Paula Girls’ Ensemble; Advanced Girls’ Chorus; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: Nursing School Paul Kenneth Ketcham Paul V. Cross Country; V. Wrestling; Cross Country Club. Future Plans: College Helen Kilpatrick Helen Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Clinic Aid; V.O.T; Pep Club; Bowling Club. Future Plans: Work Richard P. Kimzey Richard Freshman Football; D.E.; D.E. Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Thomas Sherwood Kincy Tom S.A. Representative; Spanish Honor Society; Fresh¬ man Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Golf; Spanish Club, V.P. Future Plans: College 82 SENIORS Just hear those gears grind as Don Greeley gets to work! James W. King Jim J.V., V. Football, Jr. Jollies; Chess Club; French Club. Future Plans: College Susan Elizabeth King Sue Antenna Staff; Office Asst; V.O.T; Pep Club; Math Club; F.T.A; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College James Michael Kirk Mike J.V. Cross Country; Track Intramurals; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Ronald James Klingensmith Ron Freshman, J.V, V. Football; Freshman Basketball; V. Baseball. Future Plans: College James Christopher Kohn Chris Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Boys’ State; S.C.A. Cabinet Member; Freshman Class V.P; Soph. Class Pres; Jr. Class Pres; Sr. Class Pres; Key Club, Sec; Freshman, J.V. Basketball; Basketball Intra¬ murals; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel. Future Plans: College Jonathan M. Kraushaar Jonathan Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society; French Honor Society; A-Blast Staff; Machine Room Asst; German Club; Chess Club; Math Club. Future Plans: Engineer SENIORS 83 Mike Michael F. Kulina Future Plans: College Kay A. Kurtz Kay Powder Puff; Basketball Intramurals; C.O.P. Future Plans: College Thomas Alan LaFone Tom Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Key Club; V, J.V. Cross Country; J.V. Track Field; Machine Room Asst; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Linda Ann LaMantia Linda Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Keyette Club, Sec; Office Asst; Pep Club, Sec. Future Plans: College Will iam Lee Lamb Bill Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Carousel. Future Plans: College Katherine Lee Lambert Kathy V. Softball; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Pep Club. Future Plans: Secretary Carol Ann Langhorne Carol Powder Puff; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Office Asst; Library Asst; You Can’t Take It With You; Stage Crew; Tri-Hi-Y; Business Club; Jr. Civitans; Young Life. Future Plans: Legal Secretary John Wayne Langin John D.E. Club. Future Plans: IBM Operator John Stephen Latimer Steve Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; “It’s Academic,” alternate; J.V. Debate Team; V. Wrestling; Soccer, Wrestling Intra¬ murals; Jr. Civitans. Future Plans: Electrical Engineer John Bennett Laugerman, Jr. John Sr. Honor Society; J.V. Track Field; Rifle Team; Swim Team; Swim Club. 84 SENIORS Stephen Lee Lawrence Steve Swim Club. Future Plans: Armed Forces Gletta Fay Layne Gletta Future Plans: Business School Carol Anne Leach Carol C.O.P; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Civitans; Business Club; Pep Club; Drama Club. Future Plans: Legal Secretary Charles Alan Lee Charlie Future Plans: College Kathryn Burks Lee Kathy Basketball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Girls’ Chorus; My Fair Lady; Carousel; French Club. Future Plans: College David Cooke Lerch Dave J.V. Wrestling; Girls in 409; Carousel; Chess Club; Young Life. Future Plans: Navy Carol May Lewis Carol Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Antenna Staff; Office Asst.; Pep Club; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Carolyn Ann Lewis Carolyn A-Blast Staff; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Social Worker Andrew Arthur Loberg Andy Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J.V., V. Wrestling; Soccer; J.V., V. Track Field; Wrestling, Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Machine Room Asst; Swim Club. Future Plans: College Dennis Allen Logan Dennis French Honor Society; Tennis; Basketball Intramur¬ als; Jr. Civitans; French Club; Young Life. Future Plans: College Vicki Margo Long Vic Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society; Powder Puff; Office Asst; F.T.A.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Jr. Civi¬ tans; Young Life; Sophomore Sillies; Jr. Jollies. Future Plans: College Linda Margaret Lorenz Linda Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Latin Honor Society, Sgt.-at-Arms; Fall-out Staff; Keyette; Powder Puff; Tri-Hi-Y, Treas; Latin Club. SENIORS 85 BMgaggn Stephen Emmett McElmurry Steve Sr. Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; “It’s Aca¬ demic,” alternate; Key Club; J.V. Football; V., J.V. Wrestling; J.V. Track Field; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: Doctor Virginia Manly Ginny Majorettes; Carousel; Drama Club, Treas; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Edda Mapelli Edda Keyette Club; A.F.S. Club; Bowling Club; Latin Club. Future Plans: College John Francis Loretti John Latin Club; Freshman Basketball; V. Baseball; Bas¬ ketball, Speedball, Football Intramurals; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Janice Allene Lowery Jan S.C.A. Representative; Girls’ Ensemble; Stage Crew; Great Books Club; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Richard Phillip Lynch Rick S.C.A. Representative; V, J.V., Freshman Football; J.V., Freshman Basketball; Rifle Team. Future Plans: College Patricia Ann McClellan Pat Basketball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; F.T.A.; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College David James McCloskey Dave Golf Team; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Elizabeth Shurland McDonald Sherry Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Anyone for chess? 86 SENIORS n ivasws i irsm Neal Ellis and Sue Covell gladly demonstrate the amiability of the Senior Class. Virginia Sue Martin Ginny D.E.; Concert Choir, Pres; My Fair Lady; Carousel- Bye Bye Birdie; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: Beauty School Patricia Ann Marusak Pat Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Girls’ State; Sophomore S.C.A. Rep; Art Comm. Chairman; Latin Honor Society, Pres; Activities Comm; Keyette Club, Jr., Sr. Rep; Freshman Cheerleader; V Cheerleader, Co-capt; Latin Club; Pep Club; Drama Club, Sec. Future Plans: College Ronald Ray Massey Ron Bowling Club. Future Plans: College or Technical School Barbara Mayhall Barb Spanish Honor Society, V.P.; Keyette Club; Sweet¬ heart Court; Powder Puff; Volleyball, Ping Pong Intramurals; V. Cheerleader; Talent Show, 1st place; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; Carousel; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Biology Club. Future Plans: College Mary Anne Meadows Mary D.E; D.E. Club. Future Plans: Work Karen Marie Meehan Karen Basketball Intramurals; C.O.P; F.B.L.A.; Spanish Club. Future Plans: Business School Susan Menigat Susan A-Blast Staff; V. Basketball; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; C.O.P; F.B.L.A. Reporter; F.H.A., Sec; Tri-Hi-Y; F.H.A., Reporter; Swim Club. Future Plans: Legal Secretary Maria Louisa Mesebluu Maria Softball Team. Future Plans: Business Training Claude Daniel Miller Jr. Dan Future Plans: Art SENIORS 87 John John Charles Miller Cross Country. Future Plans: College Linda Joy Mitchell Mitch V.O.T; Pep Club. Future Plans: Secretarial School Thomas F. Mitchell Tom Jr. Honor Society; S.A. Representative; H.R. Repre¬ sentative; V, J.V, Freshman Football; Softball, Speed- ball, Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans.: College; Oceanography Franklin Meetze Monroe Jr. Frankie Freshman Football; Young Life. Future Plans: Work Candy H. Moore Candy Library Club; Latin Club. Raymond E. Moore Ray J.V. Football; D.E; D.E.C.A, V.P; Swim Team. Future Plans: College Gary Charles Morgan Gary J.V. Football, Mgr; V. Wrestling, Mgr; S.A.M, V.P; Coin Club, Treas. Future Plans: College Dennis Charles Morris Thelonius Concert Band; Stage Band; Symphonic Band; Carou¬ sel. Future Plans: College Walton Davis Morris Jr. Walt Jr. Honor Society; Latin Honor Society, V.P; Basket¬ ball, Wrestling, Track, Football, Softball Intramurals; Latin Club; Chess Club; Debate Club; J.C.L. Future Plans: College William Robert Morrison Jr. Bill A-Blast Staff; Basketball, Softball Intramurals; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Peggy Mae Morton Peggy D.E. Future Plans: Work Gayle Elaine Murphy Murf S.C.A. Representative; S.A. Representative; Magazine Drive Comm; V.O.T Future Plans: College Mary Susan Murphy Mary Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Donald Marvin Nafus Don Softball, Soccer Intramurals; Concert Band. Future Plans: College Sonja Eileen Newland Sonja Thespians, Treas; Keyette Club; Volleyball, Ping Pong Intramurals; J.V. Cheerleader; V. Cheerleader; Office Asst; Talent Show, 1st Place; Girls’ Ensemble; A Ca- pella Choir; My Fair Lady; Finian’s Rainbow; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Joseph Thomas Newton Tom J.V. Wrestling; Soccer; Volleyball, Wrestling, Speed- ball Intramurals. Future Plans: Commercial Pilot Peter Johns Nickerson Pete Freshman, Sophomore Representative; V, J.V, Fresh¬ man Football; V, J.V, Freshman Basketball; V, J.V. Baseball. Future Plans: Medical School Candace Rose Nieman Candi Antenna, Art Editor; Fall-out Staff; Powder Puff; Tri- Hi-Y; Jr. Civitan Club; Art Guild. Future Plans: College SENIORS 89 Barbara Anne Nolen V.O.T. Future Plans: Work Barbara Pamela Elizabeth Norton Penny Sr. Honor Society; Freshman Class Sec; Freshman Activities Comm, Chairman; Sophomore Activities Comm, Chairman; Publicity Comm, Chairman; V. De¬ bate Team; Athletic Office Sec; Biology Lab Asst; F.T.A., V.P, Pres; Biology Club, Sec; Spanish Club, V.P; Girls League, Sophomore Rep; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club, Pres; Rifle Club; Fairfax Co. F.T.A., Pres; G.A.A. Future Plans: College David Lee Nylander Dave Stage Crew; Rifle Club; Audio-Visual Club. Future Plans: College Jaccueline O’Brien Jacquie C.O.P; Swim Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Richard George Oderwald Rich National Merit Letter of Commendation; Library Asst; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie, My Fair Lady, Carou¬ sel. Future Plans: College Marylou Oliver Marylou German Honor Society; A-Blast Staff; Powder Puff; Office Asst; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; German Club; Stu¬ dent Council. Future Plans: College Stephen Preston Oliver Steve Sr. Honor Society; Key Club, Pres; J.V. Football. Future Plans: Medical Career—Neurosurgeon Karey Jean Olson Karey Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Keyette Club; Powder Puff; Office Asst; Concert Choir; Carousel; German Club; French Club; Pep Club, Treas; Tri-Hi- Y; F.T.A.; Jr. Civitan, Treas. Future Plans: Teaching Helen Frances Painter Helen V, J.V, Hockey; Basketball Intramurals; Library Asst; Symphonic Band; Carousel; Tammy; Boosters Club. Future Plans: Teacher Edward Wayne Papin Eddie Rifle Team; D.E. FuturePlans: College 90 SENIORS Bruce Francis Parker Bruce Freshman, J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball; D.E. Club, II, III. Future Plans: College or Work Susan Elaine Parks Sue Freshman Class Treas; V. Basketball. Future Plans: College Frank McDaniel Parrotta Frank Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; J.V. Football; Track, Volleyball Intramurals; Concert Band. Future Plans: College Robert S. Parsons Bob Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Claire Ann Paschall Anne Sr. Honor Society, Sec; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Semi-finalist; Girls’ State; S.C.A. Representative; Ger¬ man Honor Society, Pres; Fall-out, Prose Editor; Key- ette Club, Sec, Treas; Miss A.H.S. Court; V. Hockey; Guidance Asst; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College William A. Perdue Bill Soccer; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Swim Club; Spanish Club; Drama Club. Future Plans: College James Michael Perricone Jim J.V. Cross Country; Soccer; French Club; Swim Club. Future Plans: College Leif Eric Peterson Leif Sr. Honor Society; Basketball Intramurals; Model United Nations; Mock Political Convention. Future Plans: Medical Field Carl Leslie Pew Carl Sr. Honor Society; Freshman Football; Rifle Team; Basketball, Baseball Intramurals; Lab Asst; Camera Club. Future Plans: Doctor Oden Rixey Phillips Jr. Rex V, J.V, Freshman Football; V. Wrestling; V, J.V. Track Field; Basketball Intramurals; German Club. Terry Lane Plauger Terry D.E; Bowling Club. Future Plans: Work Judith Anne Poenicke Judi F.H.A. Future Plans: Business School SENIORS 91 Brian Robert Price Brian Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Boys’ State; Traffic Director; Election Officer; Senior Class Representative; French Honor Society, V.P; Antenna Editor; Key Club,Chap¬ lain; J.V. and V. Cross Country; Soccer; J.V. and V. Track Field; French Club, V.P. and Pres. Future Plans: College—Law School George L. W. Price Flash Antenna Staff; S.C.A. Committees; Freshman, J.V, V. Football; J.V. and V. Track Field. Future Plans: College James Carroll Pruett Jim J.V. Cross Country; Radio Club. Future Plans: Doctor of Medicine Betty Ann Prye Powder Puff; Girls’ Ensemble; My Fair Lady, Carousel, Bye Bye Birdie; Pep Club; French Club. Future Plans: College Ronald Norman Quasebarth Ron Freshman Football; Freshman, J.V. Basketball; Soft- ball, Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Sharon Ann Ralston Sharon D.E. Future Plans: Airline Hostess Jeanne Cora Ramme Jeanne Sr. Honor Society; Girls’ State Alternate; Antenna Staff; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Carousel, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay; Our Town; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; G.A.A.; Nat. Theater Conference; Experiment in International Living Scholarship Alternate. Future Plans: College Delma Ann Rankin Delma V.O.T; Tri-Hi-Y; G.A.A. Future Plans: Secretary Milton Lamar Raphael Milt Concert Band; Symphonic Band; A.H.S. Stage Band; My Fair Lady; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Virginia Elizabeth Rapp Ginny Jr. Honor Society; Powder Puff; Soccer, Archery Intramurals; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec, Treas. Future Plans: College Linda Maria Reynolds Linda Thespians; Powder Puff; Carousel; Drama Club. Future Plans: College Roy Reynolds Roy J.V. Football; J.V, V. Track and Field; Rifle Team; Basketball, Wrestling Intramurals; French Club; Bowl¬ ing Club. Future Plans: College 92 SENIORS Pete Balas argues for motherhood, apple pie, and the American flag. Barry Evans pronounces the water at A.H.S. to be of the purest and freshest quality, and therefore fit for drinking. William Garratt Richardson Gary Key Club; J.V. Wrestling; Tennis; Football, Speedball Intramurals; Machine Room Asst; French Club; Rod Gun Club, V.P. Future Plans: College Gary L. Richter Preacher Jr. Honor Society; Class Representative; Volleyball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Robert Bruce Rider Bruce Sr. Honor Society, Pres; Jr. Honor Society, Pres; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Boys’ State, Al¬ ternate; S.C.A. Representative; German Honor So¬ ciety; Key Club; V, J.V. Football; J.V. Basketball; Speedball Intramurals. Future Plans: Law, Politics Linda Ellen Rinearson Linda Jr. Honor Society; Keyettes; Powder Puff; Basketball, Baseball Intramurals; Homecoming Court; Office Asst; Concert Band; Carousel; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Carolyn Ripani Carolyn Powder Puff; J.V. Cheerleader; Sophomore Sillies; Girls’ Ensemble; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College John C. Risley John Soccer; Library Asst; Radio Club. Future Plans: Meteorology SENIORS 93 Stephen K. Ritter Steve S.A. Representative; J.V. Track Field; Rifle Team; Soccer; Speedball Intramurals; Spanish Club; Rifle Club. Future Plans: College Laura Kate Rodgers Katy Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; French Club; A.F.S. Future Plans College Michael R. Rodriguez Mike Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club, Treas, V.P; J.C.L. Future Plans: College; Medicine James Thurman Root Jim Speedball Intramurals; R.O.T.C. Future Plans: College Linda Carol Ross Linda J.V, V. Hockey, Manager; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Jr. Classical League, V.P.; Latin Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College, Sociology Mary Ellen Ross Mary French Club; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Y.W. Club. Future Plans: College Anne Alberta Rozamus Anne S.A. Representative; Basketball Intramurals; The De¬ cision; You Can’t Take It With You, Stage Crew; Rifle Club; Swim Club; Drama Club; Pep Club; F.T.A. Future Plans: Actress Frederick Douglas Rye Jinx S.A. Representative; Freshman, J.V, V. Football; J.V, V. Track Field; Basketball Intramurals; Powder Puff Coach; My Fair Lady, Stage Crew. Future Plans: College Sandra Joy Sadler Sandy A-Blast, Staff; D.E.; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Jr. Civi- tan. Future Plans: College Patricia Lynn Sari Patti Powder Puff; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A. Future Plans: Teaching or Secretarial Work Carlie Currie Saunders Charlie Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Library Asst; Carousel; My Fair Lady, Make-up; A.F.S, Treas; Pep Club. Future Plans: College 94 SENIORS Curt Walter Sayblack Curt Thespians, V.P; Concert Band; You Can’t Take It With You; The Mouse That Roared; Carousel; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Drama Club, Pres; A.F.S; French Club; Latin Club. Future Plans: College, Drama James Douglas Sayers Jim Future Plans: Electronics Yvonne Marie Schlegel Yvonne Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; A Capella Choir. Future Plans: Nursing Marsha Jean Schmitt Marsha Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton Intra¬ murals; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; My Fair Lady; Carousel; G.R.A.A. Future Plans: Music Education John David Schmoyer John Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Basketball Intramurals; French Club, Treas; Chess Club. Future Plans: College Sharon Kaye Schoolar Sharon Thespians, Production Manager; Powder Puff; Bas¬ ketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; You Can’t It With You ; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club. Future Plans: College James Edward Schoonover Schoonie Class Representative; Freshman Football; Basket¬ ball, Wrestling Intramurals. Future Plans: College Marlene Emily Schwartz Marlene J.V. Cheerleader, Alternate; Guidance Asst.; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club. Future Plans: College, Nursing Anne Madeline Segars Ann Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society, Historian; Keyettes, Historian; Fall-out Staff; Tri-Hi-Y; Russian Club, V.P. Future Plans: College Gary William Sherfey Gary Golf. Future Plans: College SENIORS 95 Nancy Lee Smith Smitty D.E. Future Plans: Work Paula Jean Smith Paula Powder Puff; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres; Pep Club; French Club. Future Plans: College Sandra Elizabeth Smith Sandy Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Sophomore, Junior Class Sec; Keyettes; Miss A.H.S.; Home¬ coming Court; Volleyball Intramurals; Freshman Cheerleader, Co-Capt; V. Cheerleader; Guidance Asst; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.H.A. Future Plans: College; Home Economics Robert Blanton Siegle Bob Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Let¬ ter of Commendation; Library Asst; French Club; Chess Club. Cathy Roberta Sigholtz Cathy J.V. Hockey; Powder Puff; Symphonic Band; F.T.A; German Club; G.R.A.A; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Sharon Diane Skinner Teddy Bear V. Hockey; J.V., V. Basketball; V. Softball; Powder Puff; Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Track Intra¬ murals; A Capella Choir; My Fair Lady; Carousel; G.R.A.A, Treas; French Club. Future Plans: College Patricia Michele Sliff Pat Powder Puff; C.O.P; Ski Club. Future Plans: College Brenda Lynn Smith Brenda Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; French Club; F.H.A.; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Swim Club. Future Plans: College, Nursing Lucia Elizabeth Smith Lu Jr. Honor Society; Keyettes; Office Asst; Girls’ En¬ semble; A Capella Choir; My Fair Lady; Carousel; French Club. Future Plans: College Seniors Phil Jones and Bruce Rider find time, in spite of themes and term papers, to brighten up the cafeteria for the Sweet¬ heart Dance. 96 SENIORS Mike Wade cheers up the Antenna staff with one of his bright, cheery remarks. Scott Sherman Smith Scott Latin Club; Chess Club. Future Plans: College; Psychiatry Pamela Winifred Smoak Pam Sr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation; Keyettes, Chaplain; Volleyball Intramurals; Guidance Asst.; French Club. Future Plans: College Marcia S. Snider Sandie J.V. Hockey; Powder Puff; Tennis Intramurals; Athle¬ tic Office Asst.; Girls’ Chorus; Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Dental Hygienist David Harlan Snow Dave J.V. Basketball; Basketball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Kenneth James Spafford Ken Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Track, Baseball Intramurals; D.E.; D.E. Club. Theodore Arma Speakman Ted Sr. Class Committee, Props; Drama Club. Future Plans: College Donna L. Sprague Donna Office Asst.; Spanish Club; Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Margaret Anna Spruill Peggy J.V., V. Basketball; J.V., V. Softball; Basketball, Arch¬ ery, Volleyball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Brian Douglas Spurlock Brian Future Plans: College SENIORS 97 Mary Elizabeth Stanek Maribeth German Honor Society, Treas.; Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Tennis Intramurals; Library Asst.; Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College; Home Economics Teaching John David Starkey John Wrestling; Track, Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Gerald E. Startzel, Jr. Skip Jr. Honor Society; V., J.V. Wrestling; Concert Band. Future Plans: College Nancy Kay Steele Nancy Library Asst.; Pep Club; Drama Club; F.B.L.A. Future Plans: Secretary Fred Phillip Stein, Jr. Fred Sr. Honor Society; Class Representative; Antenna Staff; J.V. Wrestling; Rifle Team; V. Swimming. Future Plans: College James Bowie Stevens Jimmy V. Football; Freshman, J.V., V. Basketball; J.V., V. Baseball; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Michael A. Stirrup Mike A-Blast Staff; Freshman Basketball; You Can’t Take It With You; Rifle Team; Drill Team. Anthony Vinicent Stockus Tony German Honor Society; Tennis; Library Asst.; Con¬ cert, Symphonic, Dance Band; Carousel; German Club; Chess Club. Future Plans: Business Sharon Sue Strecker Sharon V. Debate; Powder Puff; Basketball Intramurals; Of¬ fice Asst.; Spanish Club, Sec. Future Plans: Nursing Kathy Ann Street Kathy Jr. Honoor Society; Senior Class Representative; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Guidance Asst.; Medical Club, Pres.; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Swim Club; G.R.A.A. Future Plans: Nursing 98 SENIORS Carol Lee Stringfellow Stringie V.O.T.; Girls’ Chorus; Bye Bye Birdie. Larry Strong Larry Concert Band. Future Plans: College Linda Sullivan Linda Powder Puff; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; C.O.P.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Judy I. Suraci Judy Volleyball Intramurals; V.O.T.; Swim Club. Future Plans: College Glenn Walter Suter Glenn National Merit Letter of Commendation; Art Guild, Pres. Future Plans: College Roxana Lou Swartz Roxie Sr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Quill and Scroll; A-Blast Staff; Fall-out Staff; Spanish Club; German Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Robert Michael Sydenstricker Mike Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Spanish Honor Society; Key Club; Machine Room Asst; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Patricia Tangas Trish Powder Puff; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Philip Lee Tasker Philip Freshman Football; D.E.; Spanish Club; Chess Club. Future Plans: College Hector Jorge Tassara Hector Future Plans: College Alan Eugene Taylor Lanny Future Plans: College Joseph Nesbitt Tenhet Joe Future Plans: College SENIORS 99 Elaine C. Tennant Elaine Sr. Honor Society, Treas.; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; “It’s Academic”; Sec., Treas.; Public Relations Chairman; Freshman Class, Sec.; Keyette Club, Sec., V.P.; Fall-out, Art Editor; Bye Bye Birdie, Publicity Chairman; Experiment in International Liv¬ ing, Exchange Student to Austria. Bonnie Lou Thie Bonnie Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; J.V. Basket¬ ball; Powder Puff; Carousel; Spanish Club, Treas.; Tri-Hi-Y, Historian; Pep Club; Swim Club; Swim Team; Jr. Civitan. Future Plans: College Kathleen Thompson Kathy V. Debate; Library Asst.; Biochemistry Club; Wash¬ ington Jr. Academy of Sciences; National Capital and Virginia Jr. Astronomers; Red Cross. Future Plans: College Thomas Clifford Tighe Cliff V., J.V. Football; V., J.V. Wrestling; Wrestling Intra¬ murals; French Club; Mercersburg Academy, Mer- cersburg, Pennsylvania. Future Plans: International Relations Jean Marie Tinney Jean Quill and Scroll; J.V. Debate; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; A-Blast, Editor; Keyette Club; Track; F.T.A.; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Judith Kay Townley Judy Jr. Historical Society of Colorado; German Club; Latin Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: Beautician Mike Sydenstricker and Steve McEI- murry demonstrate their scientific ability. John John Bryan Trenery Soccer; J.V. Track Field. Future Plans: College, Chemical Engineer Maureen Lee Turner Renee Powder Puff; Basketball Intramurals; Office Asst.; Clinic Aid; C.O.P.; Pep Club. Future Plans: Secretarial Work Ralph Edward Turner, Jr. Ed D.E.; D.E. Club. Karen Lea Tuttle Karen Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society, Sec.; Latin Honor Society; Volleyball Intramurals; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Timothy K. Tyler Tim V. Football; V. Basketball; V. Cross Country; Rifle Team; Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Soc¬ cer Intramurals; School Projectionist Club, V.P. Future Plans: College Kim Edith Ulanowicz Kim French Honor Society. Future Plans: College Ruth Ann Ulery Ruth Powder Puff; Athletic Office Asst.; Concert Band; Pep Club; Fairfax County Road-E-O. Future Plans: College Paul Henry Underwood Paul Golf; Concert Band. Future Plans: College Carmen Upenieks Carmen Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society, Sec.; Keyette; Biology Club. Future Plans: College Tobi Colynn Valosio Tobi Powder Puff; V.O.T.; Concert Band; The Dear De¬ parted; A.F.S.; Drama Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Work Patricia Sue Vanderburg Pat Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Bowling, Volley¬ ball Intramurals; Library Asst.; Guidance Asst.; Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club; F.T.A.; Showcase Committee. Future Plans: Social Work Arthur Lee Varnau Art D.E.; D.E. Club. Future Plans: Work SENIORS 101 Dave Michael Martin Wakefield Mike Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society, Treas; Boys’ State; Spanish Honor Society; Key Club; V., J.V., Freshman Football; J.V. Baseball. Future Plans: College Donald E. Walker Don J.V., Freshman Basketball; Library Asst; Guidance Asst.; Spanish Club; Science Club. Future Plans: Lawyer; Teacher John Stephen Walker Steve Latin Honor Society. Future Plans: College David John Vendola Wrestli ng. Future Plans: Corporation Lawyer Vance Yaroslav Veynar Vance Rifle Team; Powder Puff Cheerleaders; Symphonic Band; German Club; Rifle Club. Future Plans; College Thomas B. Via Tom Freshman Football; A Capella Choir; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Competitive Water Skier. Future Plans: College Lawrence Wayne Viel Larry Track Team; Talent Show; Symphonic Band; Bye Bye Birdie; Drum Major; Stage Band. Future Plans: College James Michael Wade Mike Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Freshman Class, Treas; Elections Comm., Publications Comm., An¬ tenna Staff; Soccer Team; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Russian Club, Treas; Biology Club; Swim Club. Future Plans: College; U.S. Navy Charles Edward Wafel Ed Future Plans: College 102 SENIORS Dennis Logan, Pat Marusak, and Mike Wade are true examples of serious-minded seniors. Seniors Karey Olson and Vicki Long carry out their duties as office assistants. James Walters James Stuart Allen Weinstein Stu Spanish Honor Society; A-Blast Staff; Freshman Basketball; Wrestling; Basketball, Wrestling Intra¬ murals; Spanish Club; Jr. Civitan; Young Life. Future Plans: Study Law Kentwood David Wells Kent Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society, V.P; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Latin Club; Biology Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Timothy Gene Whelan Tim J.V., V. Football; Freshman, J.V. Basketball; J.V., V. Baseball. Future Plans: College Bruce Douglas White Bruce Soccer; Softball, Basketball Football Intramurals; Latin Club; French Club. Future Plans: College Stephen Tracy White Steve J.V. Football Manager; V. Wrestling Manager; SAM, Pres. Future Plans: College Margie Anne Wilkerson Margie Basketball Intramurals; V.O.T; Majorette. Future Plans: Work Sandra Nan Wilkes Sandi Soph, Jr. Representative; Powder Puff; Guidance Asst; C.O.P; Pep Club; F.B.L.A; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Secretary James Forrest Williams Jim D.E; Latin Club; D.E. Club. Future Plans: College SENIORS 103 Judy Williams Judy Stewart Grant Williams Stu J.V. Basketball; V. Baseball; Letterman’s Club. Future Plans: College Charles Richard Willis Charles French Club; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Hardy M. Willis Monty Freshman, J.V., V. Football; V. Baseball; Jr. Civitans. Future Plans: College Randall Gordon Wilson Randy Sr. Honor Society; Fall-out, Staff; V. Football; V. Track Field; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; French Club; Ski Club. Future Plans: College Robert Conly Windsor Bob V. Cross Country; V. Track and Field. Future Plans: College John Michael Winfield Mike Baseball, Soccer, Basketball Intramurals; Camera Club; Chess Club; Stamp Club. Future Plans: Aeronautical Engineer Margaret Ann Wisniewski Meg Volleyball Intramurals; Office Asst; Advanced Girls’ Chorus, Pres; My Fair Lady; Carousel; French Club; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Edward Hugh Wood Flughie J.V. Basketball; J.V. Wrestling; Soccer; J.V. Track and Field; Volleyball, Wrestling, Softball Intramurals; Boys’ Club Coach. Future Plans: College Ann Marie Wooten Ann Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Quill and Scroll; A-Blast, Managing Ed.; Powder Puff; Tri-Hi- Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Christopher Charles Worley Chris V., J.V. Wrestling; Wrestling Intramurals; Latin Club. Future Plans: College 104 SENIORS Carolyn Elizabeth Wright Carol Track, Basketball, Intramurals; Clinic Aid; Caduceus Club, Corresponding Sec.; French Club. Future Plans: Nursing School Linda May Yanker Lin Volleyball Intramurals; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; Girls’ Chorus; Inner Choir; Junior Jollies; Bye Bye Birdie; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Spanish Club; Latin Club. Future Plans: Nursing Career Margell Mei Yep Margie Powder Puff; Volleyball, Softball, Basketball Intra¬ murals; Girls’ Ensemble; A Capella Choir; My Fair Lady; Carousel; Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Dick Howell Young Jr. Dick Sr. Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Nat. Merit Semi¬ finalist; Spanish Honor Society, Sec.-Treas; Key Club; Wrestling Intramurals; Machine Room Asst. Future Plans: Research Physicist John Peter Zmud John Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; A-Blast, Staff; Basketball Intramurals; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Russian Club, Pres. Future Plans: College James Patrick Zook Jim Tennis Team; Basketball Intramurals; French Club. Future Plans: Lawyer Seniors Mike Wade and Fred Stein test their theory for the elimination of under¬ classmen. SENIORS 105 ORGANIZATIONS 106 ORGANIZATIONS Every goal at AHS rose higher in 1966. Emphasis on grades was greater, more time was demanded, subjects were harder. Despite these growing pressures, the honor societies were still filled, service clubs increased their activities, and athletic clubs strove harder for success. A precedent was set - a standard for future years to follow. ORGANIZATIONS 107 SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY First row: Rita Katz, Anita Coles, Joan Gardner, Mike Hamilton, Lucy McCoy, Frances Cirillo, Eileen Spaulding. Second row: Pat Cassidy, Nancy Youngren, Bonnie Kelleher, Patti Bland, Diana Dreiss, Jan Storm, Flo Moses, Janet Dunn, Lauren Gordon. Third row: Ted Upchurch, Jean Swartz, Debby Hubbard, Pat McCoy, Sue McFarland, Fred Moses, Merrilee Fellows, George Nield, Kathy Willit, Cheryl Bracken, Lois D’Angelo. N 108 O First row: Linda Lorenz, Sally Andrews, Eugenia Braun, Jim Asselstine, Pat Marusak, Bruce Rider, Pres; Elaine Tennant, Kathy Kearney, Ann Paschall. Second row: Jean Ramme, Bonnie Thie, Donna Bray, Linda Albright, Sandy Smith, Charles Blyth, Pam Smoak, Ann Segars, Kathy Hopkins, Carol Lewis, Roxanne Swartz, Bruce Donnelly. Third row: Yvonne Schlegel, Carmen Upineks, Pat Jepson, Joan Cassidy, Penny Norton, Linda Lamantia, Mike Rodriguez, Bob Siegel, John Schmoyer, Kent Wells, Jonathan Kraushaar, Fred Stein. Fourth row: Randy Wilson, Dick Young, John Laugerman, Carl Pew, Barry Evans, Herman Ertishweiger, Don Harrison, Chris Kohn, John Haycock, Steve Oliver, Brian Price, Tom La Fone, Mike Syden- stricker, Steve McElmurry. HH H Jk rt.r I M JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS 109 ■vmrft ft SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY First row: Linda Lamantia, Dick Young, Sandra Dotson, Jeanne Mosser, Lin Tucker. Second row: Barbara Mayhall, Yvonne Schlegle, Jan Gullege, Linda Albright, Roxanne Swartz, Lesley Friend, Valerie MacMillan. Third row: Tom LaFone, Gary Herman, Mike Sydenstricker, Kathy Johnson, Linda Clark, George Neild. Not pictured: Stephanie Steiger. GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY 4 First row: Bruce Donnelly, Marybeth Stanek, Anne Paschall, Kent Wells, Carmen Upenicks, Bruce Rider. Second row: Barry Evans, Vicki Jameson, Krista Gordon, Marylou Oliver, Vicki Long, Elaine Tennant, Tony Stokus. Third row: Bob Stanners, Diane Fraser, Becky Jarman, Harriet Trentholm, Jeff Fulton, Jonathan Kraushaar, David Fleischer. 110 ORGANIZATIONS LATIN HONOR SOCIETY First row: Robert Sprinkle, Pat Marusak, Mike Rodriguez. Second row: Linda Lorenz, Frances Cirillo, Kathy Willett, Carl Pew, Andy Pedersen. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY First row: Eugenia Braun, Elaine Tennant, Pres; Brian Price, Ann Segars, Second row: Don Harrison, Muriel Johnson, Cathy Klotz, Kathy Hopkins, Laura Rodgers. ORGANIZATIONS 111 First row: Chris Kohn, Kathy Street, Anne Paschall, Elaine Tennant, Terry Grange, Doug Arthur, Bruce Rider, Brian Price. Second row: Linda Quasenbarth, Pete Checkovich. Third row: Brenda Williams, Sally Bard, Rick Clark, Jamie Kearney, Diana Dreiss, Jim Paul, Joan Gardner. Fourth row: Richard Tinney, Rick Ellson, Bonnie Sullivan, Debbie Yantis, Linda Austin, Ti Thompson, Greg Craft, Judy Paschall, Carol Merryman. Cabinet: First row: Chris Kohn, John Fellows, Neal Ellis, Bruce Elliott, Terry Burgler, Mike Albro, Brian Price, Malcolm Groome, Richard Fulton, Richard Clark. Second row: Terry Grange, Hope Heaven, Stephanie Steiger, Pat Marusak. A successful meeting at the legislature ends. S C A “Who’s going to chaperone the dance Friday night?” “Are all of the ballots for Wednesday’s elections printed?” These are some of the bits of conversa¬ tion heard through the door of room 111 dur¬ ing seventh period, the S.C.A. study hall. In her first year as its sponsor, Mrs. Woodson found all the S.C.A.’s problems ending up as her responsibilities. With students heading committees for ac¬ tivities, publicity and elections, the job of President Terry Burgler, although still great, was lessened. Some of the more notable ac¬ complishments of the S.C.A. this year were the Homecoming weekend, the Miss Annan- dale Contest, S.C.A. elections and numerous dances. Mrs. Woodson did her best to try to please all of the people all of the time. Officers: Stephanie Steiger, secretary; Terry Burgler, president; Mrs. Woodson, sponsor; Hope Heaven, treasurer; Malcolm Groome, vice-president. ORGANIZATIONS 113 First row: Richard Fulton, Jim Carter, Neal Ellis, Steve Oliver, Brian Price, Mike Wakefield. Second row: John Fellows, Dick Young, Bill Schless, Malcolm Groome, Mike Sydenstricker, Steve McElmurry. Third row: Pat Petersilia, Phil Jones, Terry Burgler, Don Harrison, Gary Richardson, Tom La Fone. KEY CLUB “I can’t get no, satisfaction,” rang the words of the infamous Key Club band — Mogan David and the Grapes of Wrath. Of course, this band played only when the Key Club, led by Steve Oliver, took a break from its heavy schedule of activities. School pro¬ jects included raising and lowering the flags, parking cars for Back-to-School Night and the Miss Annandale Contest, farming se¬ lected plots for the newly constructed courts, and building a prize-winning float for Home¬ coming. Other important services rendered were finding homes of the tennis players, running the school store, and sponsoring Safety Week for the second time. Community service was not forgotten ei¬ ther. The Blind Bowlers of America were helped as were the workers at the Fairfax T.B. center. When K Clubbers helped the Kiwanis sell both fireworks and Christmas trees, they found the self satisfaction of serv¬ ice; they found other rewards at the Conven¬ tion in Norfolk. When Key Clubbers McElmurry, Klearney, and Kohn aren’t working, they practice their magic tricks. 114 ORGANIZATIONS First row: Kathy Hopkins, Sally Andrews, Kathy Rinearson, Debbie Twardy, Susan Sowers, Pam Smoak, Vicki Andrews, Sandy Goodman, Linda Lorenz, Ann Segars. Second row: Lu Smith, Kathy Klotz, Diane Hickey, Sue Cooke, Kathy Anderson, Sue Coveil, Pat Marusak, Kathy Kearney, Hope Heaven, Sonja New- land, Jean Tinney. Third row: Denise Rodriguez, Eugenia Braun, Barbara Scherer, Linda Rinearson, Anne Paschall, Karen Rasmussen, Harriet Trenholm, Rosie Mason, Elaine Tennant, Barbara Mayhall, Bonnie Keleher, Karey Olson. KEYETTES Annandale’s weekend warriors on the artillery field. Starting the year by winning the Home¬ coming Float competition, the Keyettes main¬ tained a full schedule of activities. With bake sales, a shoe shine, and the sale of traditional vegetable corsages for the Sadie Hawkins dance, they raised money for the Peace Corps. The championship tennis players were greeted by Keyettes, and the Keyette Na¬ tional Convention in D.C. was the memorable climax of another year of service. Sally Andrews stands guard as the Keyette clean-up squad works. ORGANIZATIONS 115 JUNIOR CIVITANS : 5 H i WHB ui w ' 1 A First row: E lizabeth Estes, Laurie Crichton, Janet Overguard, Betty Johnson, Diane George. Second row: Sherry Mitchell, Ralph White, Bonnie Keleher, Fred Sauer, Jan Storm. “Fruitcakes, anyone?” questioned the Junior Civitans at Christmastime. This pro¬ fitable activity was one of the many projects sponsored by this young, active club. Again finding themselves in the selling market, the Civitans sold candy to please the palate and safety flares to assure the stranded motorist of his safety. They also entered a float in the Homecoming float competition, and after each home football game, the Civitans took it upon themselves to clean up the stadium. As a final service project, they cared for a mentally retarded child. First row: Robyn Long, Carol Buckingham, Pam Johnson, Marilyn Nossen, Carolanne Leach. Second row: Ann Elmore, Lyn McCann, Linda Quasebarth, Karey Olson, Vicki Long, Anita Mosher, Sharon Storm, Linda Haisley. Third row: Bruce Donnelly, Don Cordes, Terry Glenn, Curt Sayblack, Stu Weinstein, Ron Quase¬ barth, Debbie Dreyer, Mike Donnelly, Bill King. First row: Carol Snider, Penny Norton, Karey Olson. Second row: Wende Sylvester, Ann Ritchey, Merri- lee Fellows, Nancy Baydala, Cathy Raftery, Mary McDonald, Cheryl Maxwell, Linda Clark. Third row: Shari Adams, Linda Widdicombe, Linda Quarforth, Ellen Douglas, Helen Sorrell, Nancy Heiser, Jackie Brown, Pam Sargent. Fourth row: Pat Hasie, Pat Arcurie, Miranda Starre, Ann Hagan, Vicki Ange, Becky Jarman, Theresa Wilhelm. Carol Snider, Penny Norton, and Walt Morris polish up our trophies. PEP CLUB Without a doubt, the Pep Club is one of the most active and appreciated clubs in the school. Hall decorations for each sport as well as locker signs for each athlete rank high on the list of club activities. Remem¬ ber those balloons that went up when the Atoms scored their first touchdown? The Pep Club was there too, selling the balloons. The bulletin boards in the cafeteria bear the words of the Pep Club urging the Atoms on to more and more victories. Do you think this is enough to keep the club active? NO! They decorated for both Homecoming and Snow¬ ball dances, sponsored Spirit Week, deco¬ rated the football goalposts, shined our many trophies and gave us the spirit it took to be number one! ORGANIZATIONS 117 FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais, better known as the French Club, is sponsored by Mrs. Demcak. Officers Muriel Johnson, Karen Rasmussen, Rose Mason, and Kathy Klotz, kept the club busy with novel activities such as Inter-club Christmas parties, a slide show filmstrip, and bingo parties. Mrs. Morrell gave a talk on her recent trip to France, and a panel discussion on French life by French students completed the events. Parlez-vous francais? First row: Karen Rasmussen, John Guili, Muriel Johnson, John Barber, John Tighe. Second row: Carol Cooper, Diane Hickey, Eileen Spalding, Joanne Smith, Jackie Brown, Cheryl Maxwell, Leslie Hayward, Linda Widdicombe. Third row: Kathy Klotz, Chris Bangert, Jan Kurtz, Carol Townsend, Diane George, Doreen LaFone, Claire Guthrie, Susan Engh, Libby Colen. Fourth row: Yvonne Ol¬ son, Lucy McCoy, Carrie Foster, Prue Kimbrough, Ruth Coombs, Sherry Collins, Rosie Mason. 118 ORGANIZATIONS First row: Bob Ballard, Drew Ferguson, John Guili, David Fleisher, Tony Stockus. Second row: Kathy Ferguson, Barbara Mattingly, Janet Dunn, Merrilee Fellows, Ann Hagan, Dana Wells, Rox¬ anne Schwartz. Mrs. Worrell checks off the long list of names for the field trip to the 823. GERMAN CLUB The Oktuberfest and a dinner at a German restaurant were the primary activities of the German Club this year. Also featured was a German movie called Max und Moritz which was about the Katzenjammer Kids. ORGANIZATIONS 119 RUSSIAN CLUB First row: John Zmud, Ann Seegars, Mike Wade, Terry Glenn. Second row: Susan Smith, Kathy Powell, John Tighe. During the Easter holidays the Russian Club, sponsored by Mrs. Little and guided by officers John Zmud, Terry Glenn, Mar¬ garet McLeod, and Mike Wade, was host to thirty Canadian Russian students from Ot¬ tawa, Ontario. The visitors, staying in the homes of Annandale Russian students, took a tour of Washington, D. C., and attended classes at Annandale. A banquet, a Christ¬ mas party, field trips, and a program at Poe Intermediate School rounded out the Russian Club’s list of Activities. Russian Clubbers discuss that abstruse Soviet theory concerning the possibility of spinning a Party ring. 120 ORGANIZATIONS SPANISH CLUB Sue Cooke, Jim Carter, and Bonnie Thie con¬ template calling Madrid via Annandale’s telephone booth. In addition to the traditional trip to the Inter-American Defense Board, the Spanish Club participated in an inter-club Christmas party with the French Club and took a trip to a Spanish restaurant. Sp onsored by Mrs. Yaskovic and Miss Carolyn Mack, the club also hosted a guest speaker and held a pic¬ nic at the end of the year. First row: Bill Schless, Bonnie Thie, Jim Carter, Sue Cooke, Jeanne Ramme. Second row: Ed Ley- sath, Linda Albright, Jan Gulledge, Frances Gastellum, Becky Smith, Mike McNamara. Third row: John Cameron, Tony Ruth, Bill Perdue, Frances Park. ORGANIZATIONS 121 THESPIANS First row: Dave Fleisher, Eugenia Braun, Kathy Green, Mike Wade. Second row: Jeff Davidson, Donna Bray, Anne Rozamus, Joy Blacksmith, Linda Reynolds. Third row: Pat Cassidy, Lynn Cockrill, Bill Gwin, Bill Hovland. The Thespians didn’t need a float; they just went as they were. i 22 ORGANIZATIONS STAGE CREW Serving the double purpose of providing both entertainment and art for Annandale High School, the National Thespians and the Drama Club filled the year with activities. Under the direction of Mrs. Summers, the two clubs made a float for the Homecoming Pa¬ rade and sponsored the departmental play. The Drama Club also acted out the play “The Wall” which won many honors in competi¬ tion with other schools. Behind the scenes, the stage crew managed the lights and cur¬ tains, performing another invaluable service for the school. First row: Derek McJury, Jim Hoffman, Bob Stanners, Gary Herman. Second row: Steve Fred, Dexter Omori, Eric Lutz. DRAMA CLUB First row: Ginny Monly, Kathy Green, Anne Rozamus. Second row: Randy Blyth, Maureen McCar- ron, Donna White, Linda Reynolds, Margie Anders. Third row: Bob Coffeen, Prue Kimbrough, Dee Miller, Merry Meloncon, John Hagstrom. First row: Candy Krause, Eugene Braun, Sue Menigat. Second row: Ellen Green, Kathy Van Doren, Kathy Wade, Donna White, Jean Mosser, Louise Pat¬ rick, Ann Hagan. Third row: Frances Park, Melissa Goll, Kathy Thompson, Debbie Bowers, Robyn Long. One of the most interesting programs held by the Future Homemakers of America was a speech on Indian arts and crafts. Other areas of interest which were explored included a talk on wise money management, a program on modeling, and the annual spring fashion show for the P.T.A. Trips to the National Rehabilitation Cen¬ ter, Madison College, and Longwood College highlighted F.T.A. activities this year. The club also held a Faculty Welcome Tea in August, and provided decorations and re¬ freshments for the teachers’ lounges at Christmas. F.T.A. First row: Chris Brighter, Penny Norton, pres.; Marsha Nickerson. Second row: Leslie Hayward, Jackie Brown, Nancy Baydala, Maureen McCarron, Pam Lipp. Third row: Lucy McCoy, Peggy Jo Stidd, Dee Miller, Ann Cole, Janet Burt, Patsy Guidi. 124 ORGANIZATIONS First row: Linda Black, Edda Mapelli, Bilge Candemir, Carol Folawn. Second row: Steve Bryant, Susan Engh, Frances Gastellun, Rosie Mason, Carlie Saunders. Third row: Ann Hagan, Libby Colen, Barbara Ritter, Bill House, Bill Curl. Edda Mapeli of Italy and Antonio Ocampo of Colom¬ bia make a temporary home at Annandale High School. A.F.S. Besides making our foreign exchange stu¬ dents feel at home, the A.F.S. Club works for an understanding between various nations and peoples. The club’s activities included a roller-skating party, Christmas carolling, sight-seeing trips to Washington, D. C., a potluck supper, square dances, and trips to foreign embassies. ORGANIZATIONS 125 In addition to his other jobs, typist Brian Price edited this book. ANTENNA Full of enthusiasm from attending year¬ book conferences, a staff of more than twen¬ ty people commenced work on this yearbook in September. By January about ten people were still working, and a few retained some enthusiasm. By March only four or five work¬ ed, and no one had any enthusiasm. We would like to thank the few people whose dedication and skill contributed so much to the Antenna; Hap Ertlesh . . ., who not only took consistently excellent photo¬ graphs but also put in many hours develop¬ ing and printing them himself; Brian Price, editor, and Nan Wood, assistant editor, who were also sports, faculty, activities, and or¬ ganization editors and who spent innumer¬ able hours in the summer, after school, and on weekends planning, coordinating, and producing the Antenna; Anita Coles, who at any moment could give us the particulars about film, photographers, pictures, and cameras; Mike Wade for untangling our com¬ plicated and sometimes precarious financial status; the administration for the first year¬ book room that has been large enough; and Mr. Odom, our faculty advisor. Only through the conscientious efforts of Hap Ertl- schweiger has the Antenna received its pictures this year. Assistant editor Nan Wood combined her many tal¬ ents to add a bright touch to this year’s book. 126 ORGANIZATIONS Jeanne Ramme, typist; Jan Gullege, typist; Becky Phillips, typist; Dianne Ross, Girl Friday; Lynn Malancon, typist; Carol Lewis, copy; Kathy Coles, copy. Bruce Donnelly and Mike Wade, business staff. Linda Albright, senior editor; Rich Tinney, freshman edi¬ tor; Kathy Rinearson, Barbara Rapp, junior editors; De¬ nise Worley, sophomore editor. Photographic staff: Fred Stein; Anita Coles, photographic editor; Jack Cox; Bill King; Susan Meyers. FALLOUT First row: John Fellows, Anne Paschall, Barry Evans, Elaine Tennant. Second row: Kathy Coles, Eugenia Braun, Alison Armstrong, Ann Segars, Roxane Swartz, Laura Burnett. Third row: Robert Stanners, Linda Lorenz, Missy Ellis, Deanette Halpin, Lin Tucker, Linda Clark. The creative side of student life is stimu¬ lated by the annual publication of the school literary magazine, Fall Out. Work on the mag¬ azine is done primarily by students, although Miss Aspinall always adds her special touch. After long hours of preparation on the part of both contributors and staff, a memorable magazine is produced which provides recog¬ nition for talent in the fields of poetry, prose, and art. Barry Evans, editor, is in for a surprise 128 ORGANIZATIONS A-BLAST First row: Roxane Swartz, Jean Tinney, Ann Wooten, Alison Armstrong. Second row: Laura Tracy, Lynn Me Cann, Cecily Moore, Missy Ellis, Anne Elmore. Third row. Ted Upchurch, Cynthia Parks, Herman Ertleschweiger, Bob Grenier, Mary Lou Oliver. During seventh period, the staff works under the sponsorship of Mrs. Lisi. Due to the number and personality of its subscribers, a school newspaper frequently receives more than its share of criticism. This year the A-Blast added columns for each of the classes to its regular features which in¬ clude poetry and prose selections as well as sports and academic coverage. First row: Fred Gomez, Lenny Hudson, Bill Stanley, Dee Bowles, Bill Merica, Robbie Graham. Second row: Sharon Rolston, Pam Morrow, Mary Meadows, Gleta Layne, Joanne Botts, Linda Taylor, Wanda Judd. Third row: Ronnie Dickens, Joe Botts, Tom Dean, Eddie Turner, Bob Shanks, Ed Spanke, Jake Armstrong. Fourth row: Dan Miller, Phil Hart, John Lansing, Barry Eichenauer, Eddie Pappin, Phil Tasker, Earl Cox, Art Carney, Ernie Jones. In addition to co-sponsoring the Miss An- nandale Contest, the Distributive Education Club held an Emporium Banquet with Jeffer¬ son and Edison High Schools; Congressman Broyhill was the guest speaker. The club was also active in many regional and state con¬ tests in which several individual members were honored. Richard Kimzey helps manage D.E. business. 130 ORGANIZATIONS 1 iM m Gayle Murphy, Helen Kilpatrick, Kitty Beverly, Peggy Callaghan, Delma Rankin, Susan King, Margaret Darner, Margie Wilkerson, Barbara Nolen, Karen Beebe, Irene Suraci. Susan King takes a break from her adding machine duties. V.O.T. Vocational Office Training is open to all seniors who wish to work part-time during school. The members are given experience in filing, duplicating, bookkeeping, operating adding machines and other equipment, and many other valuable skills. Many of the mem¬ bers join the Future Business Leaders of America, a new club which was reactivated this year. ORGANIZATIONS 131 BIOCHEMISTRY CLUB First row: Don McCoy, Karen Magaldi, Bruce Elliott, Gary Herman. Second row: Jim Hoffman; Sponsor: Mr. Heinz. The Bio-Chemistry Club is an indepen¬ dent study course for gifted high school stu¬ dents who are interested in the field of bio¬ chemistry. In addition to a five-unit research course, the club takes part in field trips to the George Washington University Medical School where their sponsor, Mr. Heinz, is preparing his doctoral dissertation. 132 ORGANIZATIONS Mr. Heinz checks the progress of his budding bio¬ chemists. , First Row: Krista Thie, Pat Hasie, Jane Vendola, Bonnie Thie, Penny Windsor, Chris Long, Marty Simon, Bill Chalkley, Norah Henry. Second Row: Nick Dennis, Richard Cross, Lee Saun¬ ders, Kim Kleinschmidt, Tom Hegarty, George Nield, Doug Arthur, Rick Arthur, Bill Moris. Third Row: Dave Harmon, Larry Shepherd, Joe Botts, Bob Timlin, George Ferfuson, Ted Tedesco, Steve Lawrence. Doug Arthur, Swim Club President. SWIM CLUB Every Monday night at the Starlite Aquatic Club, the members of the Swim Club gather¬ ed to practice for area swimming meets. However, it was not all work and no play, for occasional splash parties livened things up. A car wash and a bake sale also provided a diversion. ORGANIZATIONS 133 VARSITY CHEERLEADING Gripping tension shows as Pat Marusak and Sue Coveil anticipate another touchdown. Pat Marusak, co-captain; Sonja Newland, Mary Dell Patrick, Jan Clay, Margaret Dreiss, Barbara Mayhall, Kathy Kearney, captain; Not pictured: Sandy Cook and Sandy Smith. Sandy Smith does her best to keep up with the sopho¬ more class cheering section. 134 ORGANIZATIONS Muddy football fields, expensive uni¬ forms, after-school practices, wilted hair- does, frozen fingers, and sore throats not— withstanding, the cheerleaders succeeded in raising the spirits of our teams even during basketball season. Few spectators sitting cold, wet, and discouraged in the football stands could fail to be encouraged by the unquenchable spirit of the line of energetic, well-coordinated, and even good-looking red and white cheerleaders before them. Kathy Kearney, captain. “Go-o-o-o ATOMS!” ORGANIZATIONS 135 FRESHMAN AND JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Promoting spirit for the underclass teams is the responsibility of the Junior Varsity and Freshman Cheerleaders. In addition to cheer¬ ing at the games, the girls held parties for the football teams, and made locker signs to decorate the school. However, the most important contribution of the cheerleaders was the focus of attention they brought to the Freshman and Junior Varsity teams, whose achievements are often overlooked. First row: Sally Sullivan, Carol Daughn, Thais Thomp¬ son. Second row: Leslie Hiscox, Vicki Wendt, Carolyn Dewey, Debbie Hepler. Third row: Joan Ramme, Kim Kleinschmit. First row: Bonnie Millner, Mary La Mantia, Brenda Williams, Sally Bard. Second row: Jean Schexnailder, Patty Bland, Joan Gardner, Jamie Kearney, Susan Merrow. Third row: Diana Dreiss. 136 ORGANIZATIONS First row: John Smithers, Robert Sprinkle, John Fellows, Randy Blythe. Second row: Kathy Coles, Linda Hink, Anita Coles, Frances Cirillo, Kathryn Thompson. Third row: Dusty Wollard, Dave Harmon, Ed Leysath, Pat Cassidy. Resolved: The federal government should adopt a program of compulsory arbitration in labor-management disputes in the basic industries. Fireworks were often heavy as the members of the Annandale Debate Club argued the merits and disadvantages of the above topic. Although the team did not win every debate, they gained invaluable exper¬ ience in the art of forensics. DEBATE CLUB John Fellows and Jim Asselstine puzzle Miss Carter. ORGANIZATIONS 137 SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Activities for the Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y this year were both fun and hard work. Their ser¬ vices to the community included volunteering for work at the Fairfax T.B. Center, contri¬ buting to World Service, visiting the Sleepy Hollow Nursing Home, and helping a needy family with contributions of food. On a broad¬ er scale, they supported a ten-year-old Kor¬ ean orphan, Kim Sung. Plans also included an Easter party for the retarded children at the Laurel, Maryland, Institute. First row: Margaret Dreiss, Linda Lorenz, Paula Smith, Mathy Kearney, Ginny Rapp, Bonnie Thie. Second row: Jean Tinney, Donna Bray, Jan Gulledge, Linda Albright, Karey Olson, Janice Lowery. Third row: Jean¬ ette Halpin, Elizabeth MacDonald, Terry Davidson, Vicki Long, Sandy Cook, Sonja Newland. Fourth row: Vicki Blood, Sheila Henry, Pat Kemp, Brenda Smith, Meg Wisniewski, Susie Cook, Linda Rinearson, Kathy Street, Eugenia Braun. 138 ORGANIZATIONS First row: Mu Johnson, Karen Crouch, Kathy O’Donnell, Elaine Slifer, Pat Ruths. Second row: Judy Bacon, Jean Bell, Jan Hamil, Cathy Micklewright, Judi Palm, Kathy Ketcham. Third row: Ann Starker, Lynn Melancon, Cecily Moore, Becky Martin, Diane Guy, Bina Pagliero, Judy For¬ man, Joyce Wellde. Fourth row: Joan Sisson, Lorrie Wisniewski, Mimi Buckner, Pat Daly, Nancy Cauble. Phi Sigma Omega, the Junior Tri-Hi-Y, had an eventful year, filled with volunteer work, bake sales, and a wrecked Homecom¬ ing float. Most of their time was spent at Childrens’ Hospital, but a clothing drive for Junior Village was also included in their activities. Money for this and other projects was earned by a car wash and bake sales. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y ORGANIZATIONS 139 First row: Betsy Scott, Chris Geraci, Billie Gordon, Pat Hasie, Barbara Buckingham. Second row: Linda Smith, Sharon Thompson, Patti Jo Scott, Hulda Weixel, Vicki Stirrup, Barbara Ross, Becky Smith, Diane George, Julia Bierrer. Third row: Wendy Peek, Cathy Tidball, Helen Sorrell, Jan Storm, Penny Windsor, Janet Smoot, Adel Blankenbaker, Rizzie Estes, Sue Woods, Candi Krause. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y’S Because of the large turn out, three sop¬ homore Tri-Hi-Y’s were formed, the goal of each being to serve the community. For a Thanksgiving Project the Phigma Kneutons prepared a turkey dinner and gave it to a needy family in Washington, D.C. Sigma Chi took Christmas gifts and refreshments to cheer up the children’s ward at Fairfax Hosp¬ ital. Together, Phigma Kneuton and Sigma Chi adopted a Brazilian child, and Phi Kappa Epsilon adopted an Indian orphan. The funds for these projects were earned by bake sales, a dance, and a car wash. 140 ORGANIZATIONS First row: Carol Snider, Joan Gardner, Wende Sylvester, Ann Wesson, Cecelia Gephart. Second row: Mary Lou Richardson, Wendi Chandler, Linda Hospelhorn, Kristine Becker, Sue Hilson, Nancy Heiser, Pat Acuri, Anita Coles. Third row: Sue Bacon, Frances Cirillo, Ann Coles, Barbara Ladd, Janet Burt, Beth Cassedy. First row: Kathy Benson, Denise Worley, Ann Ritchey, Sally Bard, Jamie Kearney. Second row: Dee Miller, Maureen McCarron, Sally Ayres, Carolyn Sheen, Patti Bland, Mary La Mantia, Brenda Williams. Third row: Sherry Block, Ann Wood, Darlene Young, Geoganne Nicholson, Dana Wells, Lois D’Angelo. ORGANIZATIONS 141 First row: Susan Myers, Laureen Gordon, Jane Hoffman, Jane Desmond, William Perdue, Helen Painter, Harriet Trenholm, Wilma Dalton, Kenneth Watson, Joanie Latimer, Billie Gordon, Merrilee Fellows, Elodie Taylor. Second row: Niel Butler, Kenneth Edelston, Tony Ruth, Pat McClellan, John Earl, Tony Stockus, Bennett Connelly, Joe Juliano, Eric Wilson, Steve Jenkins, Dan Hustvedt, Steve Fred, Larry Houseworth, Chuck Moebus, David Lowe, Skip Hanline, Jimmy Shaug, Alton Hollister, Larry Viel. Third row: Bill Benner, Susan House, Dianne Philleo, Susan Davies, Sheri Riba, Robby Robinson, Steve Willis, Harry Hunter, Keith Kearney, Steve Gorey, Phil Hutcheson, Joe Boyle, Bob Hieronymus, Sandi Mikel, John Davies, David Hanline, Bob Riba, Vance Veynar, Jimmy Asselstine, John Haycock, Bill Lamb, Bill Hicks, Bill Morris, Tom Klingman, Dennis Morris, David Snow, James Walker, Steve Coppersmith, Janis Swart. Fourth row: Jan Kurtz, Bill Boothe, Martin Evans, Greg Yantis, Erin Asselstine, Mary Fran Bierce, Peggy Albright, Kathy Lee, Bob Coffeen, Don Ruecroft, Debbie Putman, Greg Nagin, Charles Erikson, Cotton Smith, Bob Lamb, Richard Pfrang, John Baber, George Ferguson, Paul Underwood, Mike Hopper, Doug Epley, Kent Lewis, Dave Shafferman, Bob Ballard, Jerry Pietrosewicz, Jeff Von Beulwitz, Don Nafus, George Nield, Leland Jones, Bob Gardner, Bill Blessington. Missing from picture: Jane Blankenbaker, Rod Cannon, Jeff Lichtenfels, Nelson Pierce, Milton Raphael, Jack Reynolds, Steve Richardson, Keith Rollman, Bob Shanks, Lynn Wallingford. 142 ORGANIZATIONS BAND AND MAJORETTES First row: Linda Gallant, Kathy Jones. Second row: Judy Oliver, Gayle McKinney, Ginny Manly, Judy Phelps, Marla Taylor, Janet Taylor. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Two of the best choirs host their parents and friends. A Capella Choir: First row: Vicki Raze, Yvonne Schegel, Lin Yanker, Sharon Skinner, Ted Bremer, Bob Nash, Mitch King, Becky Jarman, Debbie Twardy, Sonja Newland, Patti Sari. Second row: Margie Yep, Donna Bray, Karen Darsch, Mike Mayhugh, Dave Boyd, Jim Carter, Barbara Mayhall, Sally Andrews, Susie Sowers. Third row: Margaret Gillikin, Lu Smith, Marsha Schmitt, Mike Williams, Richard Oderwald, Jim Davis, Gilbert Shaw, Linda Gallant, Elin Hustvedt, Karen Crouch. Fourth row: Paula Chambless, Kathy Anderson, Linda Seltzer, Bill Hovland, Chris Kohn, Malcolm Groome, Sharon Schoolar, Brenda Crites, Dorothy Funkhouser. 144 ORGANIZATIONS GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE Girls’ Ensemble: First row: Carol Cooper, Mary Lou Richardson, Betsy Scott, Betty Prye, Krista Gordon, Barbara Hamilton, Rita Katz, Sue Merrow, Sue Woods, Margaret Schafer, Janet Over- gaard, Judy Larson. Second row: Joan Gardner, Debbie Dreyer, Nancy Hustvedt, Judy Forman, Jeanette Halpin, Chris Carter, Susan Hancock, Leslie Friend, Carol Appleyard, Jan Lowery, Peggy O’Halloran. Third row: Sue Maxey, Flo Moses, Frances Gastellum, Margie Adams, Diane Dreiss, Jan Knight, Dee Miller, Carolyn Roberts, Ann Wright, Linda Black, Michele Carter. A major part of Annandale High School life, the choral department succeeded in bringing the hidden talent of the choir mem¬ bers to the student body. At Christmas and at Easter, the choirs gave fund-raising con¬ certs, thus not only providing entertainment, but also helping the choral department to buy new music and robes for the members. In ad¬ dition, the money from the concerts and the candy sale helped to finance an exchange program between the Girls’ Ensemble and A Capella choirs of A.H.S. and the choirs of a school in New Jersey. ORGANIZATIONS 145 ATHLETICS 146 ATHLETICS Although schools are often criticized for placing overemphasis on athletics, perhaps no other activity can instill so great an amount of school spirit in so great a number of students. Any girl or boy who has been on a team, winning or losing, can testify to the esprit de corps it generates. One of the more obvious advantages of a full athletic program is that it provides parent-approved activity for hours that would otherwise be spent in less acceptable pursuits. ■ ATHLETICS 147 VARSITY FOOTBALL Stomping Hammond in the season opener foreshadowed Annandale’s first champion¬ ship year. For the first touchdown of the season Steve Crane raced into the end zone with Steve Murrell’s pass. The game gained momentum in the second quarter with Mike Albro’s first dazzling run — 82 yards for a touchdown! Steve Murrell’s pass to Ron Comerford furnished the third score. Ham¬ mond made a sustained drive in the waning minutes of the game, but in vain. A blocked punt by Tim Whelan set up the final touch¬ down, and another pass from Steve Murrell to Ron Comerford secured the score. The 25-0 victory marked Annandale’s best start in five years. Victory prevailed: Early in the first quar¬ ter Tom Mitchell scooped up a fumbled pass deep in Woodson territory, and moments lat¬ er Steve Murrell passed to Ron Comerford in the end zone. The Atoms strengthened their lead in the second quarter with Bill Sigler’s touchdown, but the Cavaliers narrowed the score gap just seconds before the halftime. Easily stealing the last score, Tim Whelan snatched an opponent’s fumble, a play which led to J im Steven’s touchdown. The Cava¬ liers, in a determined drive, got a first down on the Atom’s four yard line due to a penalty. However, Tim Whelan compounded their troubles by throwing a Woodson quarterback for a three yard loss as Atom fans counted off the seconds. “No officer, none of our boys ever get in any trouble,” states Coach Hardage. ATHLETICS George Price and Terry Burgler lead the Atoms on to the field for the Homecoming game against Stuart. “What play comes next?” questions Coach Henry. Steve Crane stuns W-L’s Generals with a touchdown moments before the injury which sidelined him from the Granby game. Rider, Whalen, Frere, and Gilden throw Edison’s Pat Toomay for another loss, this time for a safety. Varsity Football Team: First row: Bruce Andrews, Bill Miller, Jeff Von Beulwitz, Mike Albro, Andy Miller, Scott McWhinney, Ron Miller, Bill Brake, Pat Petersilia, Ron Comerford. Second row: Pete Nickerson, Tom Mitchell, Bob Beach, George Price, Terry Burgler, Ron Klingensmith, Kevin Kelley, Tom Brown, Terry Deaver, Bill Sig¬ ler. Third row: Bill Richardson, Richard Lynch, Jim Stevens, Steve Crane, Bruce Rider, Gene Boles, Richard Iseke, Steve Murrell, Mike Hagarty. Fourth row: Mike Galasso, Holly Wall, Ron Frere, Jeff Wagner, Bob Aines, Don Greeley, Phil Rapson, Dave Hetzer, Jinx Rye, Hammond Root, Mgr.; Tim Whalen. Fifth row: Ken Kohut, Mgr.; Rex Phillips, Richard Weakley, Jack Gilden, Bob Shinn, Robert Frere. Don Greeley zeroes in to finish the job started by Ron Klingensmith. Jeff Von Beulwitz is hit hard after running a screen play against Madison. 150 ATHLETICS Bruce Rider, Line Backer, All Northern Virginia. Don Greeley, Middle Guard, All District, All Northern Virginia, All Metropolitan, All State, All South, All American. mjr y ii a Despite the efforts of a Falls Church defender, Ron Comerford hauls in a long pass. Another cinch: Annandale knocked down its third victim, Lee. The Atoms piled up score after score as Bill Sigler opened the game with a touchdown, and Mike Albro made the second with another 82-yard punt return. George Price and Jim Stevens both scored in the third quarter, and Steve Mur¬ rell wrapped up the game with another touch¬ down. Don Greely added four extra points. The Lancers got their only chance in the last few minutes of the game and passed for a touchdown. The Atoms were disappointed; they had pictured another shut-out. Madison was fun to beat. Jeff Von Beul- witz made the first two touchdowns, and Steve Murrell dashed over the goal line for the third. A few minutes later, George Nield intercepted a pass and ran 25 yards for an¬ other score. It took only five plays for the Atoms to march the next 64 yards where Bob Aines made the touchdown. George Price topped the scoring rampage with a five-yard slant. Despite the soggy bleachers, loyal fans thronged to wrtch the Atoms trample Fair¬ fax. 0-0 at halftime; the suspense and ten¬ sion brought many worried frowns. Cheers roared from the Annandale side as Jeff Von Beulwitz dodged the Rebels for the first touchdown of the game; next Mike Albro rac¬ ed a spectacular 71 yards on a punt return to the ten. The Atoms didn’t score then, but Jim Stevens relieved the disappointment with a pass from Steve Murrell and a second touchdown. So ended the fifth victory in five games for the mighty Atoms. Pete Nickerson, Guard, All District, All Northern Vir¬ ginia. Kevin Kelley, Center. Terry Burgler, Guard, All District, All Northern Virginia. 152 ATHLETICS Offensive fireworks were on grand dis¬ play again against Falls Church. Jeff Von Beulwitz wasted no time with the first touch¬ down, leading the Atoms to spoil the Jaguar’s homecoming with another shut-out. The fans had a nervous moment when Falls Church pushed to Annandale’s nine yard line and threatened to tie the score. However, Annan- dale flexed its muscles and moved 91 yards in 12 plays for a score by Steve Murrell. Three more touchdowns followed in another magnificent Atom conquest. The Atoms held their winning streak and crushed Jefferson’s Colonials. Annandale spectators who braved the messy night and near freezing temperatures expected quick action, but they had to wait until the second quarter. The Colonials held on doggedly for the first period, but then it was Annandale’s game. They exploded into action with tricky plays. Jeff Von Beulwitz scored the first two touchdowns, and Bill Sigler opened the new half with a pounding 60-yard run for another score. Steve Murrell was responsible for the last two touchdowns, one on his own, and the last with a pass to Steve Crane. The Co¬ lonials had a hectic night. Another flawless performance was stock¬ ed up against Edison. Both teams were held scoreless for the first quarter; then Jim Ste¬ vens scored a touchdown with a pass from Steve Murrell. Jeff Von Beulwitz and Ron Comerford each secured another score, and Pete Nickerson made the kicks. This was a scoring tribute to the defense, which, led by Greeley, Gilden, and Klingensmith, held the notoriously powerful Edison offense to only 50 yards. They let the Eagles have a touch¬ down late in the game; it was only sporting. Jack Gilden, Defensive Tackle, All District, All Nor¬ thern Virginia, All Metropolitan, All State. Tim Whe¬ lan, Defensive End. Ron Comerford, Flanker Jimmy Stevens, End Mike Albro, Defensive Back. Ron Klingensmith, Defensive Back, All Northern Virginia. Bob Aines, Senior Halfback, drives through a Madi¬ son tackle. Faces in the stands were anxious, but full of homecoming spirit, for the game against Stuart. Rain was a persistent Friday plague, not ceasing even for homecoming, but the mud didn’t slow the Atoms. Don Greeley’s in¬ terception of a Stuart pass set up the Atom’s first talley. With a pass from Steve Murrell, Jeff Von Beulwitz scored a touchdown with only six seconds left in the first quarter. Then Mike Albro snatched a punt on the Atom’s 18, stepped behind a perfect wall of blockers, and streaked 82 yards up the sidelines for a second score. The Raiders intercepted an Annandale pass in the third quarter and, helped by two long penalties, made their only touchdown of the game. The Atoms bounced right back with another score by Jeff Von Beulwitz. The Atoms emerged victorious, well on the way to their first state champion¬ ship. The Atoms overcame W. L. for the first time in six years. Fumbles ended two promising drives in the scoreless first half. But the Atoms thrilled the crowd when they drove for a touchdown after the second-half kickoff. A pass interference call gave them a first down, and Steve Crane got the touch¬ down with a pass from Steve Murrell. W. L. retaliated, storming 75 yards to the first and goal at the four, stingy Atom defense held the line. Jeff Von Beulwitz led the come¬ back with a touchdown in the fourth quarter, then the Atoms scored a safety for insurance. The Generals put up a stiff opposition, but Annandale’s superior strength prevailed. A long Murrell pass finds its way to Jimmy Stevens against Granby at Richmond City Stadium. Tackle Scott McWinney and Bob Shinn, who was named to the All State second team, spend a few moments on the sidelines. Jubilant Atom spirits soar, as does Mr. Hardage. Steve Murrell gives proof of his All State ability by breaking out of the backfield against Stuart Varsity Football 1965 Record Opponent Hammond Woodson Lee Madison Fairfax Falls Church Stuart Jefferson Edison W L Granby Score 25-0 20-0 34-7 40-0 13-0 34-0 18-6 32-7 23-7 15-0 20-0 Another first down for Annandale as Bill Sigler charges for a long gain. 154 ATHLETICS “WE’RE NUMBER ONE!” The joyous cry rang from the Annandale crowd at the un¬ usual play-off game in Richmond on Decem¬ ber fourth. The Atom’s defense won the game for the new STATE CHAMPIONS Gran¬ by moved to the Annandale 21-yard line in the first quarter, but the advance was turned into a break for the Atoms as Bruce Rider blocked a field goal attempt and booted the ball back to Granby’s thirty-seven to set up the first touchdown for Jeff Von Beulwitz. Into the fourth quarter it looked as though that score would have to hold Granby, but then an interception by Rick Lynch led to Steve Murrell’s touchdown. A few minutes later Robert Frere blocked a punt, and Tim Whelan snatched up the ball and lunged in¬ to the end zone. The Atoms proudly accepted their first state championship trophy. No, the Atoms didn’t really need supernatural help this year! Annandale’s first state championship is gratefully received by Coach Henry from Mr. Keir, chairman of the 1-A Board. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Junior Varsity Football Team: First row: Fritz Lee, Rick Clark, Mike Harper, Robert Waller, Bill Behnke, Bob Powers, Richard Gobeille, Craig Sours, Scott Hustvedt, Macon Harper, Pat Hagerty. Second row: Brogue Miner, John Baer, Bill Chambless, Mike Hopper, Jeff Bahr, Donald Lawall, Richard Fulton, Ron Smith, John Darms, Norman Worrell. Third row: Tom Heizer, Fred Malon, Bob Crain, Tom Callow, Fred Moses, Tom Hagarty, Gary Manning, Kirk Kennedy, Mike Hamilton, Dan Burns, Bob Lewis, Steve Shaw, Tom Behan, Lenny Legge, mgr. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Freshman Football Team: First row: Bill Chalkley, Allan Detwiler, Harry Fisher, Kevin Cookmeyer, Scott Win¬ fie ld, Bobby Comerford, Richard Phillips, Rick Lopes, Chip Burden, Bob Lawall, Mike Ulmer, Greig Craft, Pat McDonald. Second row: Joe Botts, Darius Bly, Steve Willis, Jonny Ange, Richard Creasy, Bill Oderwald, Bill Ford, Gary Root, James Wood, Bob Adams, Dave Seward, Charles Butler. Third row: Philip Mahan, Richard Ellson, Charles Lamarca, Pat Derning, Maximilian Pock, Joe Botts, Ron Sullivan, Alexander Tedisco, David Kuniansky, Richard Wood. 156 ATHLETICS Junior Varsity Football 1965 Record Opponent Score Woodson 13-13 Lee 6-12 Madison 12-25 Fairfax 21-13 Falls Church 0-25 Stuart 13-14 Jefferson 6-7 Edison 19-13 Mr. Noll, in his first year at Annandale, coached the Junior Varsity Football Team to a successful 5-2-1 season. The most out¬ standing game came against Stuart when the J.V. team, after trailing 13-0 early in the second half, came back to squelch their op¬ ponents 14-13. The tremendous spirit and ability of these boys, as shown in the Stuart game, make them excellent prospects for next year’s varsity squad. Our state cham¬ pionship title will rest in good hands. Bobby Adams closes in to tackle his Jeffersonian rival. Rick Ellson drives for another frosh first down. Freshman Football 1965 Record Opponent Score Lee 25-0 Madison 14-6 Fairfax 0-0 Falls Church 12-6 Stuart 13-0 Jefferson 12-0 Under the able leadership of coaches Bolding and Shriver, the Annandale Fresh¬ man Football Squad accumulated the best overall record in the history of the team, win¬ ning every game except one—a scoreless tie with Fairfax. Particularly outstanding was the defensive team, led by Bob Comerford, which allowed only two touchdowns during the season and produced four shut-outs. The fine performance of these boys foreshadows a winning football team at Annandale for years to come. Mike Hopper jubilantly agrees with the referee’s de¬ cision—another J.V. touchdown! ■ 158 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL With the thrills of football season over, the Atoms settled down to learning how to lose a few games. The Varsity Basketball Team opened the season with an easy vic¬ tory over Mt. Vernon, instilling hopes of another championship team, but the rest of the games didn’t quite match their expecta¬ tions. At one time they had won four games in succession, and there was a faint glimmer of hope, but that was soon crushed. Oh, well, they couldn’t win at everything, and they did show enthusiasm, plenty of enthusiasm. Don Greeley moves to set up a three-point play. ATHLETICS 159 Varsity Basketball 1966 Record Jimmy Stevens strains to out-rebound Woodson’s 6’5” Walter Hawkins. 160 ATHLETICS Opponent Score Mt. Vernon 84-47 Madison 62-83 Edison 46-92 Jefferson 62-55 Stuart 68-80 Falls Church 53-79 Marshall 82-88 Fairfax 73-76 Groveton 69-66 Lee 92-89 McLean 92-84 Madison 84-57 Woodson 73-81 Ft. Hunt 85-97 Jefferson 70-62 Woodson 56-83 Falls Church 68-83 Fairfax 76-80 Madison 66-57 Woodson 53-77 Worthy leaps high to begin the Woodson game. Stevens and Greeley outscrap Dave Marsden for the rebound. ATHLETICS 161 First row: Ward Worthy, Pete Nickerson, Don Greeley, Rich Fulton, Ron Comerford, Mike Wakefield. Sec¬ ond row: Steve Murrell, Jeff Wagner, Bob Shinn, Tom Kincy, Dave Hetzer, Jim Stevens. Worthy flips in his second foul shot for another tally. Don Greeley and Jimmy Stevens patiently wait for Steve Mur¬ rell to pull a rebound out of Walter Hawkin’s (23) hand. High scorers, Don Greeley, Steve Murrell, and Rich Fulton, starred the performances and demonstrated tal¬ ent and skill. Rich Fulton made the All Tournament Team, and Don Greeley also made that team as well as the All Northern District Team. Don also earn¬ ed the title of leading scorer in the Northern District. Despite the losing season total, the team had its bright moments and did not consider the sea¬ son as lost. Steve Murrell breaks away and scores easily against Ft. Hunt. ATHLETICS 163 Junior Varsity Basketball: First row: Bob Elsbernd, Pat Hagarty, Bill Brake, Bill Sigler, Ken Williamson. Second row: Gary Manning, Don McCoy, Bill Hunter, Bruce Heflin, Rick Forrester, Bob Frere, Glen Blackstone. JUNIOR VARSITY AND FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Freshman Basketball Team: First row: Jim Spurlock, Bob Adams, Jerry Doane, Kerry Scanlon, Mike Moser, Mike Picciano, Max Pock, Jim Heighes. Second row: Rick Ellson, Hal Spelman, Ronnie Sullivan, Rodney Hin¬ kle, Tim Anderson, Jim Hottle, Jim Doane. Due to the extension of the football season, the Junior Varsity Basketball Team did not get started playing until January. After a slow start, the boys racked up victories against Stuart, Fairfax, and Lee. Although the season was sparse with victories, a great deal of spirit and sportsmanship was shown. The steadily developing talent seen in the final two victories against Falls Church and Fairfax. Opponent Score Opponent Score Mt. Vernon 38-40 McLean 45-48 Madison 28-37 Madison 39-42 Edison 30-36 Woodson 37-45 Jefferson 45-54 Ft. Hunt 39-44 Stuart 56-51 Jefferson 32-50 Falls Church 36-39 Langley 58-78 Marshall 38-43 Woodson 37-45 Fairfax 45-30 Falls Church 37-32 Groveton 47-49 Fairfax 36-28 Lee 51-20 Bill Hunter (50) fiercely takes a rebound away from his Fairfax competitor. u r k.- 5 mm r - j Rod Hinkle dwarfs his Woodson opponents as he shoots for two points. Coached by Mr. Porter, the Freshman Basketball Team compiled a 5-5 record. High scorer for the season was Rod Hinkle who made a total of 93 points, followed by Mike Moser with 75 points. As a team, the boys averaged 43.8 points per game and made 46% of their free throws — a promising be¬ ginning. Freshman Basketball 1966 Record Opponent Score Fairfax 38-37 Falls Church 49-39 Jefferson 40-56 Madison 41-47 Woodson 48-53 Fairfax 54-43 Falls Church 55-36 Jefferson 31-39 Madison 40-41 Woodson 42-39 ATHLETICS 165 VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING Regional Champs! Coach Scott and his Varsity Wrestling Team compiled the best re¬ cord in 1966. Skip Startzel, a 95 pound senior, managed to take both the Regional and State Championships. Other regional champions were Richard Iseke and Bob Ho bson while Paul Ketcham, Mike Raphael, and Steve La¬ timer won second, third, and fourth places respectively. 166 ATHLETICS Junior Mike Raphael starts off for his first round pin of Randy Johnson from Jefferson. Steve Latimer, in the 112 pound class, prepares to pin O’Leary of Jefferson. In this outstanding season for Coach Scott and his wrestlers, many records were set. More individual matches were won than ever before and on the technical side, Paul Ketcham set a new record for takedowns, Mike Raphael established a new high for es¬ capes, and Skip Startzel broke all records in the predicament and pin categories. At the State Championships, Annandale ' ' • n addition to The tense atmosphere at the State Tournament is evident. Varsity Wrestling 1966 Record Opponent Score Edison 28-12 Falls Church 18-29 Madison 36-6 Jefferson 33-12 Marshall 31-11 Stuart 35-11 Fairfax 36-0 W-L 32-15 Wakefield 27-17 Yorktown 29-14 Northern Virginia Championships First Place -7 x :- ' ia State Championships Fifth Place Terry Burgler is congratulated as he returns from a victorious match. Richard Iseke controls his opponent to win the Dis¬ trict Championship. Junior Varsity Wrestling 1966 Record Opponent Score Falls Church 38-8 Yorktown 28-14 Garfield 60-0 Fairfax 27-16 Langley 43-0 I ATHLETICS 169 The four mile relay team composed of Bob Windsor, Joe Kunze, Glen Blackstone, and Richard Iseke set a new record at the Alexandria Relays. VARSITY TRACK First row: Scott Hustevedt, Bruce Andrews, Wayne Avery, John Messina, Chris Ramey, Steve Jackson, Jim Shaw, Harry Stearns, Dave Daniels, Don Windsor, Rick Lopez, John Horgan, Tim Paul, Norman Worrell. Second Row: Bill Miller, Ronnie Miller, Bill Oderwald, Jeff Bahr, Russ Rogers, Tom LaFone, Richard Iseke, Joe Kunze, Bob Elsbernd, Bob Windsor, Bobby Beach, Christopher Kouts, Bill Sigler, Johnson, Tom Owen, Mike Frame, Mark Parris, Ted Hobson. Third Row: Mr. Heinz, John Coleman (mana¬ ger), Dave Young, Glenn Blackstone, Fred Moses, Bob Hobson, John Huddleston, Bob Hess, John Hagstrom, Fred Mallon, Bob Ames, Tom Hegarty, Don Greeley, Andy Jay, John Davis, Roy Reynolds, Doug Rye, Jack Gilden, Holly Wall, Kevin Ketley, Paul Rowley, Charles Wilson, Darries Bly, Dave Hetzer, Dusty Woolard, Danny Callahan (manager), Mr. Henry. 170 ATHLETICS Bob Beach passes the baton to Jinx Rye in one of the sprint relays. Roy Reynolds heaves the discus, placing third in the County Relays. ATHLETICS 171 Over the bar with the greatest of ease . . . April 22 Track 1966 Schedule Fairfax County Relays April 6 Woodson April 9 Alexandria Relays April 13 Madison April 20 Fairfax April 27 Falls Church April 30 Northern District Track Meet May 4 Jefferson May 6-7 Fairfax County Track Meet May 14 Regional Track Meet May 20-21 State Track Meet Mike Albro speeds from the blocks at the County Re¬ lays. Jeff Bahr sails over the bar as Steve Jackson looks on. 172 ATHLETICS First row: Steve Risley, mgr. Joe Smathers, Stu Williams, Ron Comerford, Terry Deaver, Andy Miller, Ellis Simpson, Ken Williamson, Bob Miller, Steve Pratt, mgr. Second row: Mike Galasso, Jimmy Stevens, Mike Hamilton, Bill Edmunson, Steve Crane, Steve Murrell, Ron Klingensmith, Tim Whelan, Mr. Hardage, coach. VARSITY BASEBALL Ellis Simpson takes a swing at a pitch in the season opener. ■|TtT ATHLETICS 173 Steve Murrell awaits a Fairfax pitch. VARSITY BASEBALL 1966 Schedule April 1 Fairfax April 2 Lee April 5 Woodson April 12 Mt. Vernon April 16 Madison April 19 Edison April 22 Jefferson April 23 Stuart April 26 Falls Church April 29 Marshall April 30 Fairfax May 3 Ft. Hunt May 6 McLean May 7 Woodson May 10 Groveton May 13 Madison May 17 Jefferson May 20 Langley May 21 Falls Church Coach Bob Hardage watches intently from the bench. 174 ATHLETICS Max Pouck, Steve Willis, Pat Hagarty, Doug Wendt, Mike Harper, Tom Callow, Jim Bone, Ronnie Sulli¬ van, Sam Bettes, Bob Crane, Jimmy Heighes, Sam McClellan, Bob Adams, Brian Davenport, Macon Harper, Bill McClellan, Jack Taylor. JUNIOR VARSITY J. V. BASEBALL 1966 Schedule April 16 Madison April 19 Edison April 22 Jefferson April 23 Stuart April 26 Falls Church April 29 Marshall April 30 Fairfax May 3 Ft. Hunt May 6 McLean May 7 Woodson BASEBALL Mr. Porter tries to pick a team from the many boys who are trying out. ATHLETICS 175 Dave Bailey, Russ Buens, Gary Sherfey, Tom Kincy, Gary Nagin, Dave McCloskey, John Allen. GOLF Golf 1966 Schedule April 4, 1966 April 15, 1966 April 18, 1966 April 22, 1966 April 25, 1966 April 29, 1966 Fairfax Westwood Fort Hunt Edison Groveton Lee Gary Sherfey lines up a tricky putt. 176 ATHLETICS First row: Bill Gideon, Herman Ertlschweiger, Chris Carley, Gary Richardson. Second row: Steve Oliver, Phil Jones, Fred Stein, Dennis Logan, Jim Zook. TENNIS Tennis 1966 Schedule April 4 Jefferson April 7 Hammond April 14 Madison April 18 Wakefield April 21 Jefferson April 25 Hammond April 28 Woodson May 2 Stuart May 5 Geo. Mason Dennis Logan viciously attacks a tennis ball. ATHLETICS 177 VARSITY HOCKEY First row: Dianne Foster, Mary Dell Patrick, Ann Hagan, Sharon Skinner, Anne Paschall, Marilyn Horton, Lin Tucker. Second row: Miss Peters, Betsy Bland, Kathy Blaine, Nancy Moore, Lynn Pennifill, Nancy Hustvedt, Sharon Storm, Flo Moses, Eileen Spaulding, Kathy Christie. Despite the handicap of operating with¬ out a home field, the Varsity Hockey team, coached by Miss Rachael Peters, had a suc¬ cessful 4-2-1 season. After a tie with Marshall on one of the most miserably hot days of the year, the team won four straight games, top¬ ping the league for three weeks before fall¬ ing to Stuart and Lee. The defensive team, sparked by seniors Ann Hagan, Sharon Skin¬ ner, and Anne Paschall, was especially cap¬ able, allowing only five goals scored against them. The offensive unit also proved its merit by scoring a total of twelve goals. However, the one thing the statistics do not reveal is the unquenchable spirit which the girls ex¬ hibited throughout the entire season. Atoms battle for the ball amid swinging sticks and rising dust. With a stiff whack, Flo Moses drives the ball down the field. ■ % The eighteen members of the Junior Var¬ sity Hockey team had a successful 4-2-2 sea¬ son. Playing against the area teams, the girls displayed fine skill and spirit in meeting and scrimmaging with their opponents. Mrs. Hilda Hall was their coach for the second year in a row. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY Despite bruised knees and wilted hairdos, our hockey squads never gave up. First row: Janet Charleson, Karen Hanson, Carol Daughn, Mary Sue Richardson, Kathy Coombs, Karen Wright, Vicki Parks, Debby Tussey, Pat Duffey. Second row: Krista Thie, Debbie Hepler, Nancy Williams, Pat Leister, Marlene Maselany, Linda Holsher, Donna Hayes, Dana Ivy, Judy Paschall. ATHLETICS 179 VARSITY BASKETBALL Undefeated until they met Groveton, the Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team had a very successful season. They tied for second place with Marshall High School after com¬ piling an impressive 11-1 record. Under the coaching of Miss Buck and Miss Moreland and the leadership of co-captains Peggy Spruill and Sharon Skinner, the girls exhib¬ ited a great deal of teamwork and desire to win. First row: Monica Pripeton, Pat Jepson, Kathy Blaine, Barbara Erlenkotter, Lin Tucker, Lynn Pen- nifill. Second row: Kathy Christie, Marty Froemming, Kathy Powell, Anita Cohoon, Ruth Coombs, Peggy Spruill, Melody Bornhoft. Heads up! as Peggy Spruill scores again for the Annandale team. Lynn Pennifill seems shocked to see the ball miss the basket. First row: Theresa Hagarty, Carol Kissinger, Joan Ramme, Dana Ivy, Jo Ann Campbell, Cathy Coombs, Cassie Armstrong, Suzanne Campbell. Second row: Nancy Hustvedt, Pat Coombs, Su¬ san Palmer, Bonnie Keleher, Jan Storm, Karen Wright, Susan Marietta. Girls’ Varsity Basketball 1965-66 Record Opponent Score Mt. Vernon 47-15 Jefferson 46-33 Fairfax 42-19 Stuart 67-41 Lee 45-38 Falls Church 47-20 Woodson 45-38 Langley 67-16 Madison 53-44 Groveton 25-63 McLean 44-39 Fort Hunt 57-53 Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball 1965-66 Record Mt. Vernon 20-7 Jefferson 38-13 Fairfax 30-19 Stuart 27-33 Lee 16-11 Falls Church 34-15 Woodson 22-35 Langley 17-12 Madison 32-12 Groveton 30-10 McLean 24-14 Fort Hunt 28-18 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL In twelve games, the Junior Varsity Bas¬ ketball Team won ten. Excellent coaching by Miss Buck and Miss Moreland, spirit, and praticed teamwork were instrumental in the accumulation of the best record since 1960. ATHLETICS 181 First row: Ann Wright, Sharon Skinner, Nancy Hustvedt, Carolyn Kissinger, Peggy Spruill. Sec¬ ond row: Kathy Blaine, Sharon Storm, Kathy Kristie, Flo Moses, Pat Fitzgerald, Teresa Ha- garty, (manager). Sharon Skinner rounds third base, precari¬ ously heading for home. VARSITY SOFTBALL Girls’ Softball April 14 Edison April 19 Herndon April 21 Marshall April 26 Groveton April 28 Madison May 3 Langley May 5 Ft. Hunt May 10 McLean May 12 Woodson May 17 Falls Church 182 ATHLETICS JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL A typical varsity softball practice. Girls’ Softball April 14 Edison April 19 Herndon April 21 Marshall April 26 Groveton April 28 Madison May 3 Langley May 5 Ft. Hunt May 10 McLean May 12 Woodson May 17 Falls Church First row: Nancy Hardee, Becky Phillips, Eileen Spalding, Cassie Armstrong, Debbie Tursey, Pat Duffey. Second row: Carol Merryman, Sylvia Wilhelmn, Joy Starr, Kathy Johnston, Karen Wright, Martha Dixon, Sheri Riba (manager). ATHLETICS 183 UNDERCLASSMEN 184 UNDERCLASSMEN Once upon a time, there was a big red and white school with heroic underclassmen and big BAD seniors. Under the constant pressure of the Big Squeeze from colleges, the seniors grew bigger and badder, and began taking it out on the harassed underclassmen. The seniors’ fiendish minds construed all sorts of devious plots to trap our heroes. They were caught unaware by fake elevator tickets and student numbers. But Hark! All was not lost! They emerged gloriously with the realization that one day they too would be seniors. UNDERCLASSMEN 185 Junior class officers: Bobby Ellis, president; Bill Sigler, vice-presi- ednt; Bina Paglerio, treasurer; Kaye Richardson, secretary. Quiet! Junior thinking! CLASS OF 1967 school starts: happiness, chaos, noise, excitement, and then pool-sickness. Feet crammed into unaccustomed shoes, tanned faces, shaggy bleached hair— reminders of our lost freedom. School is here to stay! sounds dominate the scene— whirring machinery destroys thought, hoarse voices cry out for victory, shuffling feet betray exhaustion. Games slide by in a blur of victories. Homecoming—rain, sweatshirts, JAG. at 8 a.m. next morning we realize: grueling PSAT’S are upon us! then panic ensues as we decide about rings. Too soon: Prom ... Prom ... Prom ... date? and so we wade through exams, to emerge tired and depleted, school ends. 186 JUNIORS Class sponsors, Mr. Henretty and Mr. Bolding, helped organize junior class activities, always mindful of our financial state. Bobby Ellis, class president, typifies the junior class go-get-iveness. With characteristic bravado, Jack Cox demonstrates one of his close calls on a skate board. JUNIORS 187 Dennis Aaron Dale Abrams Robert Albright Beth Altice Bruce Andrews Carol Appleyard Elizabeth Atkinson Judy Bacon John Baer James Baker Robert Balas Dudley Ballew Bill Blessington nonchalantly swings through a sax solo. Christine Bangert John Barber Bruce Bass Nancy Battaglia Thomas Baydala Robert Beach Edmund Beery Carol Behnke Janet Bell Jean Bell Ronald Bell Ginger Benton Leslie Beuschel Terry Bevels Mary Fran Bierce Kermit Bird Joy Blacksmith Kathy Blaine Betsy Bland William Blessington 188 JUNIORS Linda Boleyn Donald Bowan Sandra Boyle Patrick Bradley Stradley Brady William Brake Susan Brewer Christine Brown Linda Bruen Carol Buckingham Mimi Buckner Richard Burke Peggy Calvert Diana Cameron Christy Campbell Lorinda Capio Michele Carter Nancy Cauble Peter Checkovich Kathy Christie Linda Clark Robert Clark Robert Clark Sharon Clark Diane Clausen Junior G-Men unite against crime. JUNIORS 189 Donna Clausen Jan Clay GaFy Clem Lynn Cockrill Evelyn Cole Libby Colen Kathleen Coles Shery Collins Bennett Connelly Steve Skipper takes a speedy shortcut to class. Patricia Coons Carol Cooper Charleen Corns Charles Cosner Theresa Cottrill Jack Cox Brenda Crites Cecelia Cronan Richard Cross Daniel Crouch Karen Crouch James Custer William Curl Denise Cwiek Patricia Dailey Patricia Daly John Darms John Davies James H. Davis James W. Davis 190 JUNIORS John Deaver Noelle Dick Charles Dickens Beth Dykes Dorothy Dickerson Marion Dickey Cathy Dorsky Barbara DuBois Arthur Dunbar John Earl Kenneth Edelston Bill Edmonston Kathy Eisenbraum Bruce Elliott Robert Ellis Robert Elsbernd Ann Elmore Barbara Ely Susan Engh Ruth Erbe Charles Erickson Cathy Ferguson Patricia Fitzgerald James Foley Walter Ford Judy Forman Richard Forrester Ann Fowlkes Christopher Fox Diana Fraser Steven Fred Leslie Friend Martha Froemming Pauline Frye John Fulton Dorothy Funkhouser Frances Gastellum Peter Gaul Margaret Gillikin Michael Giuli Terence Givens Arthur Glenn Pamela Goforth Carol Grant Charles Griffith Malcolm Groome Rebecca Guthrie Diane Guy Richard Hall Steven Hall Jan Hamill Susan Hancock Skipp Hanline Michael Hargrove David Harmon Carl Harris 192 JUNIORS Robin Harrold Karen Hart Terry Haught Janet Heath Thomas Heiser Daniel Henry Norah Henry Gary Herman David Hetzer Diane Hickey Ewell Hill Robert Hobson Linda Holbruner Patricia Holt Craig Hoover Marilyn Horton William House Betsy Howard Lenny Hudson Philip Hutcheson Richard Iseke Stephen Jackson Arlene Jacobs Richard Jacobs Vicki Jamison Kenneth Jernigan Andrew Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Jan Johnson Muriel Johnson Pam Johnson Samuel Johnson Lois Johnston Kathy Jones Leland Jones Michael Kay Margaret Keefer Lois Keller Kirk Kennedy Kathy Ketcham JUNIORS 193 Some people would do anything to get into Annandale. Suzanne Keyes Linda King Norman King William King Victoria Kleinschmidt Kenneth Klemp Kathy Klotz Kenneth Kohut Christopher Kouts Christine Kruger Robert Lamb Judy Larson James Lawrence Anne Lawton Daniel Lee Gary Lewis Thomas Lewis Edward Leysath Pamela Lipp John Loberg Rosa Loeza Jacquelyn Long Robyn Long George Lutz Margaret MacLeod Valerie MacMillan John Maiorana John Manrodt 194 JUNIORS Janet Marion Kirk Marshall Rebecca Martin Stanton Martin Rose Mason Mary Maxey Michael Mayhugh Lynn McCann Carole McClosky Kathleen McConnell Robert McCormick Pamela McDonald Maureen McGuire Samuel McLellan William McLellan Kathleen McNaughton Mary Meehan Lynne Melancon Phillip Mell John Messina William Meux Catherine Micklewright Andrew Miller Marilyn Miller Paula Miller Ronald Miller William Miller Kathryn Mitchell JUNIORS 195 Michael Mitchell Cecily Moore Charles Moore Douglas Moore Nancy Moore Parry Moore Donald Morgan Cheryl Mornone Pamela Morrow Geoffrey Mort Anita Mosher Jeanne Mosser Andrew Mraz Diane Mullin Susan Myers Thomas Nagin Robert Nash Alayne Neal George Neall Laurie Newcomer James Norwood Marilyn Nossen Kathleen O’Donnell Judy Oliver Yvonne Olson Dennis Opeil Christal Ott John Oudine Janice Owen Thomas Page Bina Pagliero Judy Palm Thomas Pappas Scott Pardee David Park Cynthia Parks Marguerite Parrotta Mary Dell Patrick Andy Pederson Mikal Pederson 196 JUNIORS Lynn PennifilI Jon Pennino James Petersilia Stephanie Petrilli Judith Phelps Russell Pirnat Donald Plummer James Poland Kathy Polzer Carole Popp Kathy Powell Monica Pripeton Susan Privett Susan Parrott Linda Quasebarth That looks like our test. I wonder . . Kathy Raftery Patrick Rankin Michael Raphael Barbara Rapp Brigid Rapp Phillip Rapson Karen Rasmussen Vicki Raze John Reynolds Thomas Reynolds JUNIORS 197 James Rhoads Robert Riba Kaye Richardson William Richardson Kathy Rinearson Barbara Ritter Mary Roberts Robert Rockholt Denise Rodriquez Hammond Root Dianne Ross Annette Roy Linda Rubright Linda Rudolph Donald Ruecroft James Russell Anthony Ruth Patricia Ruths Patricia Saah Richard Sanchiz Gary Sandacz Diane Sanford Harrison Saunders Sally Scharmack William Schless Linda Seltzer Robert Shanks Philip Sharpe 198 JUNIORS Sandra Shartzer Edward Sheets Lawrence Shepherd Mark Sherburne Victoria Shiflet Robert Shinn William Shipley William Sigler Marty Simon Ellis Simpson Joan Sisson Stephen Skipper Elaine Slifer David Sloan Ann Smith Charles Smith James Smith Judy Smith Ronald Smith Frank Smoak Mary Snyder Elizabeth Sowers Susan Sowers Sharon Spouse Robert Sprinkle Frank Stankovich Robert Stanners Ann Starker JUNIORS 199 James Steele Stephanie Steiger Katherine Stoelzel James Stone Sharon Storm John Street Kerry Sturdevan Patricia Swann Hannelore Tannheiser Patricia Tasker Elodie Taylor Linda Taylor Curtis Thompson Pamela Tiffany Kenneth Tomayko Gail Tompkins John Townley Carol Townsend Laura Tracy Harriet Trenholm Linda Tucker Ann Turner Deborah Twardy Leonardo Vanella Don Vantine George Vawter Jane Vendola Jeffrey Wagner 200 JUNIORS Margaret Waldrop Deborah Waller Richard Weakley Michael Welcher Joyce Wellde Susan Wells Judith West John Westbrook Warren Westerman Charles Whitman Linda Wientjes Candice Williams Michael Williams Kenneth Williamson Brenda Wilson Barbara Winfield Leah Wood Nancy Wood Reginald Woolard William Wootton Albert Wright Ann Wright Lori Wisniewski Greg Yantis Linda Yelton John Youell David Young Elizabeth Young James Young Alonzo Zucchini Frank Zucchini “The children were nestled all snug in their beds . . (MU-00-70) JUNIORS 201 CLASS OF 1968 The most wonderful thing about our sop¬ homore year is that we are no longer fresh¬ men. In spite of our new status, our lockers remained in the east wing. Graciously we took this puncture of our ego in stride and went on to greater things like spaghetti din¬ ners. We then waded through Julius Caesar and the Idylls of the King; we explored the intricacies of the earthworm and the con¬ gruencies of the triangle. Maybe now we’ve earned the better half of Webster’s defini¬ tion of sophomore - “wise fool”. “I’ll be over the border before they even miss the SCA treasury.” 202 SOPHOMORES - The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders retire after another victory. Sophomore Class Officers: Mary LaMantia, treasurer; Rick Clark, president; Craig Sours, vice-president; and Wende Sylvester, secretary. Guess what they’re getting ready for? SOPHOMORES 203 Betty Johnson Shari Adams David Adamson Mary Allen Marjorie Anders Jack Anderson Mike Anderson Vicki Andrews Patricia Arcuri Mark Armstrong Richard Arthur Sally Ayres “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?” Sandra Ayscue Susan Bacon Charles Badin Jeffrey Bahr Judith Bailey Richard Balas Patricia Ball Deborah Ballew Phillip Bard Sally Bard Dale Barrick Cecelia Gephart Thomas Becker Dennis Behan Douglas Behan Thomas Behan William Behnke Elaine Benson Kathryn Benson Mark Bernstein 204 SOPHOMORES — Mary Besaw Bonnie Bickers Julia Bierer Linda Black Glen Blackstone Patricia Bland Susan Blankenbaker David Bloodgood James Bone Kristin Bonkemeyer Michael Bookout Karen Bose Donald Bouchillon Danny Bowen Deborah Bowers Linda Bowles Joseph Boyle Cheryl Bracken David Bridgeman Christine Brighter Benjamin Brown Barbara Buckingham Michael Burnell Jeffrey Burchett James Burdette “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.” r ri SOPHOMORES 205 Michael Burnell Daniel Burns Janet Burt Neil Butler Gary Byrne Daniel Callahan Thomas Callow Joanne Campbell Susan Campbell Christine Carter Shirley Carter James Mahan “Now, let’s see, two cups of Max¬ well House . . Patrick Cassidy John Casto Michael Cavalero William Chambless Wendy Chandler Frances Cirillo Richard Clark Frances Clarke Douglas Coffey Anne Cole Anita Coles Ruth Comer Michael Cooney Kathleen Cormier William Cox Robert Crane Laurie Crichton Anita Crotts Wilma Dalton Lois D’Angelo 206 SOPHOMORES Jefrey Davidson Susan Davies Nancy Davis Carol Dempsey Joseph Desrosiers Kathleen Dillon Terry Dixon Mary Dodson Ellen Douglas Helen Dowden Diana Dreiss Joann Duncan Janet Dunn Todd Edholm Sheila Eichenauer Leslie Ellis John Epley Sue Erlenkotter Elizabeth Estes Martin Evans Merrilee Fellows Marilyn Ferri Julie Flattery Carol Folawn Kathleen Ford Carol Forsman Diane Foster Jack Fox Nick Fragala Michael Frame Robert Frere Ronald Frere Diana Fuller Michael Galasso Robert Gardner Joan Gardner Kristi Gaskins Diane George Christine Geraci Leo Gerald William Gideon John Gilroy Richard Gobeille Barbara Goltz Sandra Goodman Billie Gordon Lauren Gordon Stephen Gorey Steven Gralla Ellen Green Frank Green Gail Greever Patricia Guidi Pat Hagarty Katherine Hall Diane Ham William Hamaker 208 SOPHOMORES Barbara Hamilton Michael Hamilton Nancy Hardee Philip Hardin Macon Harper Michael Harper Alan Harrison Pat Hasie Leslie Hayward Hope Heaven Bruce Heflin Thomas Hegarty Pamela Heinze Nancy Heiser Robert Hieronymus Susan Hilson Linda Hink Ted Hobson John Hoecker James Hoffman Michael Holmes Linda Holscher Peter Holtz Linda Hospelhorn Lawrence Houseworth Hartford Howell Debra Hubbard William Hunter Rebecca Hupp Clyde Hustvedt Dana Hustvedt Nancy Hustvedt Andrea Hynes Andrew Jay Stephen Jenkins Janice Johnston Kathleen Johnston Gregory Jones Richard Jones Wanda Judd SOPHOMORES 209 Joe Juliano Rita Katz Jamie Kearney Keith Kearney Bonnie Keleher Joanne Kelley Prudence Kimbrough Carolyn Kissinger Thomas Klingman Patricia Klinstiver Janet Knight Kenneth Konicka Candace Krause Doreen Lafone Mary La Mantia Sharon Lambert Pamela Landreth Judith Lankenau Virginia Lankenau Jacqueline Larkins Letitia La Roche Donald Lawall Frederic Lee Jane Leeds Diane Leith Bob Lewis Jay Lippman Christine Long 210 SOPHOMORES David Lowe Kent Lundberg Eric Lutz Christine Lynch Harvey Mackey Karen Magaldi Frederick Mallon Marjorie Mallon Catherine Manning Gary Manning Suzanne Marietta Jordi Masgrau James Maslowski Cheryl Maxwell Maureen McCarron Donald McCoy Lucy McCoy Patricia McCoy Maureen McDermott Susan McFarland Sheila McGuire Derrek McJury Gail McKinney Cicely McLaughlin Suzanne Merrow Robert Merryman Sandra Mikel Dee Miller The fallout is really terrible, Mom Could you come and get me?” I ' $! Vw SOPHOMORES 211 Jerry Miller Bonnie Millner Broge Miner Jean Mitchell William Montgomery Glenda Moore Susan Morgan William Morris Florence Moses Frederick Moses Kenneth Mosher Marcella Mullady Paul Mullen Leslie Nell Georganne Nicholson Marcia Nickerson George Nield Richard Nowell Patricia Oden Peggy O’Halloran Leonard Olson Dexter Omori Janet Overgaard Carol Overstreet William Owen Thomas Owen Ann Papin John Parker Mark Parris Jim Paul Deborah Pauli Glenda Payne Mary Payne Wendy Peek Christine Peterson Rebecca Phillips Doris Kay Phillips Wayne Pickett Nelson Pierce Jerry Pietroswicz 212 SOPHOMORES Gary Piggott Cathleen Pilliod Tracy Pollock Diana Potter Stephen Pratt Deborah Putman Alyce Pyle Chris Ramey Gayle Ramsey Larry Randolph Ulrich Rauscher Daryl Ray Kurt Renz Daniel Reynolds Mary Lou Richardson Nancy Richmond Stephen Risley Ann Ritchey Carolyn Roberts Jeffrey Robinson Gerald Rochette Russell Rogers Keith Rollman Barbara Ross Vera Rowe SOPHOMORES 213 Patt Rusek John Russo Larry Salmons Susan Salzman Beverly Sams Bruce Sanza Frederick Sauer Karen Schaeffer Margaret Schafer Barbara Scherer Jean Schexnailder Jeffrey Schick Janette Schmerbeck David Schulz Elizabeth Scott Deborah Seal Patricia Serviss Frederick Seward David Shafferman Gregory Sharon Sim Shattuck Gilbert Shaw Steven Shaw Carolyn Sheen Theresa Slonceski Joseph Smathers Rebecca Smith Jo Ann Smith 214 SOPHOMORES Larry Smith Linda J. Smith Linda L. Smith Maureen Smith Richard Smith Ronald Smith Susan Smith Janet Smoot Carol Snider Helen Sorrell Craig Sours Eileen Spalding Jean Stakem Ronald Stansbury William Starker Morris Startzel Harry Stearns Kathleen Steffes Peggy Jo Stidd Harold Stirling Victoria Stirrup Jan Storm Sigrid Strecker Ruth Street Jeanne Swartz Wende Sylvester Marla Taylor Krista Thie A star attraction at any Annandale talent show. SOPHOMORES 215 Geography? Kelly Thompson Catherine Tidball John Tighe Robert Timlin John Tolliver Thomas Tracy James Triesler George Tucker Sharon Tucker Stuart Turner Theodore Upchurch Russel Utt William Van Auken Gary Vann Robert Waller Lynn Wallingford Denny Watson John Watson Kenneth Watson Hulda Weixel Karen Welcher Dana Wells Douglas Wendt Ann Wesson Donna White Robert Wilber Gary Wilkins Kathleen Willett 216 SOPHOMORES Aleta Williams Brenda Williams Linda Williams Eric Wilson Penny Windsor Alvin Wolfer Ann Wood Thomas Wood Susan Woods Denise Worley Norman Worrell William Youell Darlene Young Kristine Becker William Dykes Ronnie Frere Patrick Hagarty William Hamaker William Hunter Dana Hustvedt Patricia Lolmaugh James McDonald Diane Malone Connie McGram Michael McNamera King Merendino Marsha Nickerson John O’Connor Gayle Ramsey Danny Stuart SOPHOMORES 217 Freshmen in the art of being freshmen. Freshman Class Officers: Sally Sullivan, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Sue Shepherd, Secretary; Joan Ramme, Treas¬ urer; Rick Ellson, President. CLASS OF 1969 September —School map, student handbook, and schedule in hand, I ventured upon An- nandale High School. During first period I sat quietly in my homeroom. Only when I no¬ ticed my book was entitled Trigonometry did I realize that I had cut my first class. But lunch period was the most crushing half hour; in the midst of a sickening smell of warm milk and the noise of several hundred teenagers, not a friendly face, not an empty seat could I find; I retired to a corner. June —Only a few days from becoming a sop¬ homore, I am now a changing person. My cafeteria clique includes eighteen members of the same sex, I belong to twelve clubs, and I own my first hardcover yearbook. In these past nine months, I have begun to learn, if not understand, the art of attending Annan- dale High School. 218 FRESHMEN Chuck Moebus defeats Mr. Higgins in a lightning- fast round of tic-tac-toe. Another freshman is about to be freed from the up- perclass prison? Mr. Porter, class sponsor, and Rick Ellson look over the calendar of events for the class of ’69. Mr. Bolding delivers an other address on the impor¬ tance of being grammatical. FRESHMEN 219 Nancy Abbott George Anderson Timothy Anderson Jonny Ange Victoria Ange Charles Angelos Denise Archer Cassondra Armstrong Robert Armstrong . . and all other restrooms have been secured.” John Baber Thomas Baer Robert Ballard Theresa Barbagallo Noel Basnight Nancy Baydala Richard Belcher Linda Bell Timothy Belue Patricia Benedict William Benner Adela Bertran Jay Beswick Sam Bettes Leonard Bianchi Mary Biggs Marcia Billingsley Patricia Black Rebecca Blood Jane Bloodgood 220 FRESHMEN Darius Bly Deborah Boatright Paul Bolding George Bone Bill Boothe Steven Bouher Leanne Bovis Mary Brake Jeremy Brettner Patricia Brockmeier Patricia Brown Rebecca Bryan Jennifer Bryant Kathleen Bucco Wingate Burden R. Burnett Charles Butler John Butz Bruce Buxton David Calabrese Barbara Callahan Brenda Callahan Tom Calvert John Cameron Harold Campbell Annandale High after the ’66 earthquake. David Canha Richard Carpenter Martin Carvalho Janet Carlson Connie Casey William Chalkley Marak Chesebro Kathryn Christopher Vance Church Donald Clark Mary Clark Deborah Cole Carolyn Clay Dorrian Coffeen Sherman Collings Sally Compton Carolyn Conway Carroll Cook Mark Cook Robert Cook James Cookmeyer Paul Cooley Kathleen Coombs Deborah Coons Letitia Cooper Gail Coppage Terrie Cox Steve Coppersmith Greig Craft Michael Craven Anthony Creasy Cynthia Cronan 222 FRESHMEN Geoffrey Crouch Vicki Cuiffreda Deborah Cummings Denise Dabbs Karen Daly Sally Dangelo Nancy Darsch Carol Daughn John Davidson Harry Davis Patricia Davis Patricia Lynne Davis Herman Demme James DeMott Nicholas Dennis Michelyn Derning Patrick Derning Jane Desmond Forrest Detwiler Joan Devoe Diana Dew Carolyn Dewey Ervin Dickson Deborah Dillon Bill Dixon Gerald Doane James Doane Susan Dodson L. Douet Patricia Duffey Timothy Donahue 224 FRESHMEN John Doody Deborah Dooley Nelda Dotson Loren DuBois Lynn Duckworth Owen Dunn H. Dykes Paula Early Richard Eastman Karen Edholm Janet Schoonover prepares to race to the door. Robert Edmonds Michael Edmonston Anita Elliot Richard Ellson Gween Ely Peter Erickson Larry Evans A worm’s-eye view of AHS. Andrew Ferguson Michael Finlayson George Fisher Susan Fogg Mary Foley William Ford Robert Fox Suzanne Fox Pamela Fred Lisa Freytag Carol Fulton Fred Fulton Paul Gallagher Robert Garsson Steven Gastellum Cheryl Gear Bonnie Getts R. Gilbraith Patricia Gillikin Steven Girard Patricia Gousha Melissa Goll Janice Goltz Kevin Good Kyle Good John Gordon John Graham Stephen Grainer Susan Grainger Ruth Green William Green Karen Grimsley Theresa Hagarty Philip Haisley Steven Hall Michael Hamill Bradley Hamilton David Hanline Kim Hannemann Karen Hansen FRESHMEN 225 Cecil Hardee Pauline Hardy Elizabeth Harmon Mary Harrington Helene Harrison Michael Harrison Douglas Hartline Nancy Hatch Debra Haught Clinton Hawkins Donna Hayes Judy Hayes Timothy Healy James Heighes Eldon Henningsen Terrence Henry Deborah Hepler William Hieronymus Shirley Hill Rodney Hinkel Leslie Hiscox Sally Hook Sigrid Holsonbake Jim Hottle Jerald Houck Susan House Donald Howell Patricia Hudson 226 FRESHMEN Greg Hunter Philo Hutcheson Diane Inscoe Lois Ireland Dana Ivy Dorothy Johnson Elizabeth Johnson John Johnson Susan Johnson Lucinda Jones Gary Judd Michael Keeffe Steve Keller Kathleen Kelley Michael Kelly Thomas Kelly Sheridan Kellogg Victoria Kemp Benjamin Kenyon III Patricia Kent Frances Keyes Justice King Kerry Kingham Sharon Kocourek Colleen Kohut Shelly Kozman David Kuniansky Jan Kurtz FRESHMEN 227 Linda Kuss Elizabeth Kyle Charles Lamarca Edward Lambert David Lamp Stephen Langhorne Joan Latimer Louise Laudenberger Joan Ramme Jeanette Lauver Robert Lawall Ann Leamy Jeffrey Ledoux Debra Leder Patricia Leister Robert Lennon Robert Lerch Deborah Lewis Jo Lewis Jeffrey Lichtenfels David Lingo Richard Lopes Linda Lough Ellen Luhman Linda Lynch Philip Mahan Nancy Marion Neel Martin Marlene Maslaney Charles Materne Barbara Mattingly Stephen Mawyer Paula May Gail McCann Andrew McConnell James McDermott Patrick McDonald Linda McGee Stephen McGee Kathy McGuire 228 FRESHMEN Mary Ann McGurgan Carla McKinney Ronald McMillan Mark McPadden Meredith Melancon Douglas Menefee Carol Merryman Bernard Newhort Lynn Miller Naomi Miller Robert Miller Ray Mitchell Charles Moebus Susan Monch Deborah Mooney Miss Moire frugs her way into her home¬ room’s heart. Diane Morgan William Morris George Moser Doretta Mudd Kevin Mullin Patty Mullins Gloria Munoz Margie Raphael Gregory Nagin Darrell Newland FRESHMEN 229 Mary Nolen Michele Norton Leonard O’Brien Michael O’Brien Delores O’Connor William Oderwald Denise Oliver Michael Oliver Elaine Osecky Jennifer Oudine David Painter Frances Park Julia Paschall Frances Patrick Mary Peach James Penn Lundy Pentz Kristin Pew Richard Pfrang Diane Philles Rosa Peterson Denise Petros Richard Phillips Susan Phillips Michael Picciano Deborah Pitt Charles Plummer Michael Poole 230 FRESHMEN Mary Pork Lawrence Prager Charles Prey Robert Presler Linda Privett David Pyatt Paul Pyle Carol Pyles Linda Quarforth Mary Raftery Brenda Jean Ragen Joan Ramme Deborah Randall Peggy Randall Margie Raphael Rosemary Ratcliff Barbara Rauscher Gaylon Ray Mary Ray Darlene Raze Charles Requard Sheri Riba Mary Sue Richardson Stephen Richardson Peter Ries Barbara Ripani Peter Risley Colleen Robbins Mrs. Fairchild’s baby at rest. FRESHMEN 231 Kenneth Roberson John Roberts Paul Roberts Robert Robinson David Rode Marianne Rowe Walter Rozamus Rachel Rushing John Russell Kathy Ruths Cheryl Ryan Karen Ryan Raymond Sanchiz Michael Sanders Pamela Sargent Nan Sayles Kerry Scanlon Marcia Scantlebury Denise Schaeffer Kristine Scharfen Walter Schilling Robert Schless Janet Schoonover Mary Ellen Scott Thomas Scott David Seward James Shaug Brenda Shawley Susan Shepherd Robert Shoemaker Elizabeth Simon Patricia Simpson Anne Skelsey Daniel Skelton Paul Sloan Michael Smallwood Laurel Smedley Richard Smethurst Andrea Smith Andrew Smith 232 FRESHMEN Brenda Smith Cotton Smith Christine Smith Patricia Smith Philip Smith Deborah Snyder Deborah Spafford Harold Spelman James Spurlock Peggy Starkey Athana Stevens Jane Stevens Jerry Steward Suzanne Steward Jo Ann Stirling Peter Stone Jacqueline Stoner Janean Sullivan Ronald Sullivan Sally Sullivan John Suter Cecelia Tassara Carolyn Tatem Jack Taylor Suzanne Taylor Alexander Tedisco Juanita Thiede Kathy Thompson Thais Thompson Mary Thornton Debra Tilton Richard Tinney Deborah Todd Michael Trenery Douglas Turner Sondra Turner Deborah Tussey Thomas Tyler Michael Ulmer FRESHMEN 233 Kathy Von Doran Liliana Vanella Philippe Vergne Donald Verly Kathy Wade Wendy Wakefield James Walker Michael Waller Gay Waldron Judy Walsworth William Weakley Thomas Webb Joseph Weber Kathy Weber Thomas Weber James Wellborn Robert Wendling Vicki Jo Wendt William Wessinger Theresa Whalen Judy Whelan Linda White Thomas White Pamela Whiting Linda Widdicombe Sylvia Wilhemi Theresa Wilhemi Deborah Wilkes 234 FRESHMEN David Williams Joe Williams Linda Williams Nancy Williams Sharon Williams Steven Willis Charles Wilson Donald Windsor Scott Winfield Roy Wingo Kathy Wohlford James Wolfe James Wood Richard Wood Deborah Woodward John Wooten Karen Wright Alice Wyrick Susan Wynne Deborah Yantis Bonnie Yoast Nancy Youngren Robert Zikowitz “I’m g-getting s-sea s-sick!” FRESHMEN 235 Dick and Ruth find out that you can really make yourself at home at Michelbach’s Furniture, Ravensworth Road and Rt. 236, Annandale. Steve learns that it is difficult to shoplift at Annandale Millwork, Rt. 236, Annandale. You can find gifts for all occasions at McCormick Jewelers, Columbia Pike, Annandale. 236 ADVERTISEMENTS Mike shows Kathy how to get ready for the Prom at Vern’s Hair Fashions, Springfield. Skip shows Allison the man-eating plants at Annandale Florist, Columbia Pike, Annandale. Even Greg knows that your money is safe at Mount Vernon National Bank, Annandale. ADVERTISEMENTS 237 DOUGLAS S. DIVERS, Jr, RINGS • CLUB INSIGNIA EMBLEMATIC AWARDS AND TROPHIES DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS ACCESSORY ALBUMS AMERICA’S FINEST FACILITIES FOR CLASS RING MANUFACTURE MAIN OFFICES AND FACTORIES ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Pete admires his reflection in a newly polished bowl¬ ing ball at Annandale Ten Pin Plaza. ANNANDALE BARBER SHOP In The Annandale Business Center Across From Annandale Vol. Fire Dept. Phone 256-9736 Behind Peoples Drug Store NOTARY PUBLIC One Hour Service JE 481-9686 APEX CLEANERS Trust Your Important Clothes to Us Baileys Cross Roads Shopping Center 238 ADVERTISEMENTS Let Fun and Party plan and supply your next party. If MONROE d sell your in 30 days or Chances are you aren t listed with us OUR SALES PROVI OUR SERVIC t! • EH A A A W •!«.! Jt ' 1 : • Three Convenient Northern Virginia Locations call or visit MONROE todav MONROE REALTORS 5117 Backtick Road, Bradlick Shopping Annandale 5902 King ' s Highway, Alexandria 1 East Walnut Street, Rosemont Section, Alexandria Center, Tel. 256-8500 Tel. SO 5-9100 Tel. Kl 9-8050 John plays Kathy for the next bottle at Maple House of Furniture, Bradlick Shopping Center. ADVERTISEMENTS 239 Fischer ' s BLAND and BRANDON SPRINGFIELD, VA. HARDWARE ELECTRICAL » TOOLS • PLUMBING • PAINT • WALLPAPER 451-3700 • HOUSEWARES • GIFTS • FIREPLACE SUPPLIES • GARDEN SUPPLIES • PET SUPPLIES • TOOL RENTAL USE EXIT 4 SO. OFF THE BELTWAY You’ll always find the easiest terms at Sterling House of Furniture, Columbia Pike, Annandale. ARCADIAN BARBER SHOP Between Safeway and Drug Fair, Springfield Plaza HOURS Monday - Friday 9 - 6:30 Saturday 8-6 PHONE 451-4420 WE STRIVE TO PLEASE 240 ADVERTISEMENTS An Annandale landmark, The Northern Virginia Bank has served its customers well. Sue beats Jack easily in Annandale Sport and Hobby’s Grand Prix. MONROE MORTGAGE CORPORATION FHA Home Loans to $30,000. " G.l. " No Down Payment Loans Conventional Loans — Refinancing Approved FHA VA Mortgagee With a reputation for FAST, ACCURATE SERVICE by experienced Mortgage Loan Officers Alexandria 5902 No. Kings Highway Jefferson Manor, Alexandria, Va. 22303 Phone 765-9100 APPRAISAL SERVICE—NO OBLIGATIONS Two Convenient Locations to Service Your Mortgage Requirements Bradlick Shopping Center 5117 Backlick Road Annandale, Virginia 20055 Phone 256-8500 ADVERTISEMENTS 241 Another Antenna first! In what other yearbook could you hope to find a picture of Gil Hodges and President Eisenhower? For a sumptuous luncheon repast . . . Wilson Florist Flowers For every occasion 1305 Wilson Blvd. Arlington 242 ADVERTISEMENTS INDEX A Aaron, Dennis (10)—204 Abbott, Nancy (9)—220 Abell, Julian D. (T)—46 A-Blast— 129 Abrams, Dale (11)—188 Adams, Henry (T) (12)—62 Adams, Margaret (12)—62 Adams, Mary (10) Adams, Robert (9)—156, 164, 220 Adams, Shari (10)—117, 204 Adamson, David (10)—204 Adcock, Wyman (12)—62 AFS— 125 Ailstock, Richard E. (T)—47 Aines, Robert (12)—62, 150, 151 Albright, Peggie (12)—62 Albright, Linda (12)—50, 62, 109, 110, 121, 138 Albright, Robert (11)—188 Albro. Michael (12)—15, 20, 62, 68, 148, 150, 151, 153 Allen, John (12)—62, 112 Allen, Mary (10)—204 Altice, Helen (11)—188 Ames, Elizabeth M. (T)—44, 61 Anceravage, Beverly (12)—62 Anders, Marjorie (10)—123, 204 Anderson, George (9)—220 Anderson, Jack (10)—204 Anderson, Kathryn (12)—62, 115 Anderson, Thomas (10)—204 Anderson, Timothy (9)—220 Andrews, Bruce (11)—150, 188 Andrews, Sally (12)—62, 109, 115 Andrews, Vicki (10)—115, 204 Ange, Jonny (9)—156, 220 Ange, Victoria (9)—117, 220 Angelos, Charles (9)—220 Antenna —7, 126 Appleyard, Carol (11)—188 Archer, Denise (9)—220 Arcuri, Patricia (10)—117, 204 Armstrong, Cassandra (9)—220 Armstrong, James E. (12)—63 Armstrong, Mark (10)—204 Armstrong, Robert (9)—220 Armstrong, S. Alison (12)—63, 128, 12A Arny, David (9)—220 Art Department —53 Arthur, Douglas (12)—14, 63, 112 Arthur, Richard (10)—204 Arthur, Robert (12)—63 Ashenhurst, Annabelle—41 Aspinall, Barbara A. (T)—44, 128 Asselstine, Erin (9)—220 Asselstine, James (12)—63 Atkinson, Elizabeth (11)—188 Augustin, Mercedes (12)—63, 109 Austin, Linda (9)—112, 220 Avery, Wayne (12)—63 Ayers, Rodney (12)—63 Ayres, Sally (10)—141, 204 Ayscue, Sandra (10)—204 B Baber, John (9)—220 Bacon, Judith (11)—139, 188 Bacon, Susan (10)—141, 204 Badin, Charles (10)—204 Badin, Karen (12)—63 Baer, John (11)—188 Baer, Thomas (9)—220 Bahr, Jeffrey (10)—156, 204 Bailey, David (12)—64 Bailey, Jaqueline (12)—64 Bailey, Judith (10)—204 Baker, James (11)—188 Balas, Peter (12)—23, 64, 93 Balas, Richard (10)—204 Balas, Robert (11)—188 Ball, Patricia (10)—204 Ball, William (12)—64, 167 Ballard, Robert (9)—119, 220 Ballew, Deborah (10)—204 Ballew, Dudley (11)—188 Ballew, Kimberly (9)—220 Band —142, 143 Bangert, Christine (11)—118, 188 Barbagallo, Theresa (9)—220 Barber, John (11)—118, 188 Bard, Phillip (10)—204 Bard, Sally (10)—112, 136, 141, 204 Barrick, Dale (10)—204 Bartlett, Mary E. (T)—41 Bartlett, William H (T)—48 Basnight, Noel (9)—220 Bass, Bruce (11)—188 Battaglia, Mary R.—42 Battaglia, Nancy (11)—42, 188 Baydala, Nancy (9)—117, 124, 220 Baydala, Thomas (11)—188 Beach, Robert (11)—150, 188 Beaudoin, Karen (12)—64 Beazley, Robert (12)—64 Becker, Kristine (10)—141, 204 Becker, J. Thomas (10)—204 Beckley, Michael (12) Beebe, Karen (12)—64 Beery, Edmund (11)—188 Behan, Dennis (10)—167, 204 Behan, Douglas (10)—167, 204 Behan, Thomas (10)—156, 204 Behnke, Carolyn (11)—188 Behnke, William (10)—164, 204 Belanger, Craig (10) Belcher, Richard (9)—220 Bell, Janet (11)—188 Bell, Jean (11)—139, 188 Bell, Linda (9)—220 Bell, Ronald (11)—188 Beller, Barbara (12)—65 Belt, Susan (11)—188 Belue, Timothy (9)—220 Benedict, Patricia (9)—220 Benner, William (9)—220 Bennett, Russell (9)—220 Benson, Elaine (10)—204 Benson Kathryn (10)—141, 204 Benson, Kenneth (12)—65 Benton, Virginia (11)—188 Berg, Sharon (12)—65 Bertholf, Jan (10) Bertolini, Sharon (10) Bertran, Adela (9)—220 Besaw, Mary (10)—204 Best, Carolyn (12)—65 Beswick, Jay (9)—220 Beto, Franklin J. (T)—57 Bettes, Samuel (9)—220 Beuschel, Leslie (11)—188 Bevels, Terry (11)—188 Beverly, Kitty (12)—65 Beydler, Joyce (9)—220 Bianchi, Leonard (9)—220 Bickers, Bonnie (10)—204 Bierce, Mary (11)—188 Bierer, Julia (10)—140, 204 Biggs, Mary (9)—220 Billingsley, Marcia (9)—220 Bio-Chemistry Club —132 Bird, Kermit (11)—188 Black, Linda (10)—204 Black, Patricia (9)—125, 220 Blacksmith, Joy (11)—122, 188 Blackstone, Glen (10)—164, 204 Blaine, Kathleen (11)—178, 180, 188 Blake, Susan (11) Bland, Betsy (11)—178, 188 Bland, Patricia (10)—136, 141, 205 Blankenbaker, Jane (12)—65 Blankenbaker, Susan (10)—140, 205 Blessington, William (11)—188 Blood, Rebecca (9)—220 Blood, Victoria (12)—65, 138 Bloodgood, David (10)—205 Bloodgood, Jane (9)—220 Bly, Darius (9)—156, 221 Blyth, Charles (12)—65, 109, 123 Boatwright, Deborah (9)—221 Bodling, Paul (9)—221 Bolding, James W (T)—45, 157 Boles, Clayton (12)—65 Bolelyn, John C. (T)—46 Bolelyn, Linda (11)—189 Bone, George (9)—221 Bone, James (10)—205 Bookout, Constance (12)—65 Bookout, Michael (10)—205 Boothe, William (9)—221 Bornhoft, Melody (12)—65, 180 Bose, Karen (10)—205 Botts, Joe (9-12)—156 Bouchillon, Donald (10)—205 Bouher, Steven (9)—221 Bovis, Leanne (9)—221 Bowen, Danny (10)—167, 205 Bowen, Donald (11)—188 Bowers, Deborah (10)—205 Bowles, Dee (12)—65 Boyd, David (11) Boyle, Joseph (10)—205 Boyle, Sandra (11)—189 Bracken, Cheryl (10)—109, 205 Bradley, Patrick (11)—189 Brady, Stradley (11)—189 Brake, Mary (9)—221 Brake, William (11)—150, 164, 189 Branch, Brian (9)—221 Brandon, Christopher (12)—66 Braun, Eugenia (12)—66, 109, 111, 115, 122, 128, 138 Bray, Donna (12)—17, 66, 109, 122, 138 Breitenberg, Eugene H. (T)—48 Bremer, Theodore (10) Brettner, L. Jeremy (9)—221 Brewer, Susan (11)—189 Bridgeman, David (10)—205 Brighter, Christine (10)—125, 205 Brillhart, Leland (12)—66 Brock, Gregory (12)—16, 66 Brockmeier, Patricia (9)—221 Brown, Benjamin (10)—205 Brown, Gary (11) Brown, J. Christine (11)—189 Brown, Jacquelin (12)—66, 115, 117, 124 Brown, Kenneth (12) Brown, Patricia (9)—221 Brown, Thomas (12)—66 Brown, Thomas P. (12)—66 Bruen, Linda (11)—189 Bryan, Rebecca (9)—221 Bryant, Earl (12)—66, 125 Bryant, E. Jennifer (9)—221 Bryant, Pamela (12) Brynaert, Shaaron (12)—66 Bucco, Kathleen (9)—221 Bucher, Sherry (10) Buck, Katherine J. (T)—51, 180, 181 Buckingham, Barbara (10)—140, 205 Buckingham, Carol (11)—116, 189 Buckley, Ralph E. (A)—38 Buckley, Russell H. (T)—50 Buckner, Mary (11)—139 Bugin, Walter F. (T)—47 Bulow, Sandra (10)—205 Burchett, Jeffrey (10)—205 Burdette, James (10)—167, 205 Burden, Wingate (9)—156, 221 Burgler, Terry (12)—67, 112, 113, 114, 148, 150, 151, 167, 169 Burke, Richard (11)—189 Burlockoff, Barbara (12)—67 Burnell, Michael (10)—206 Burnett, Laura (12)—67, 128 Burns, Daniel (10)—156, 167, 206 Burns, Russell (10) Burris, Tommie (12)—67 Burt, Janet (10)—124, 141, 206 Buscher, Emily K.—41 Business Department —49 Butler, Charles (9)—156, 221 Butler, Neil (10)—206 Butz, John (9)—221 Buxton, Bruce (9)—221 Byrne, Gary (10)—206 Byrne, James (11) C Cafeteria Staff —54 Calabrese, David (9)—221 Calabrese, Joseph (12)—67 Callaghan, Margaret (12)—67 Callahan, Barbara (9)—221 Callahan, Brenda (9)—221 Callahan, Daniel (10)—206 Callow, Thomas (10)—156, 206 Calvert, Peggy (11)—189 Calvert, Tom (9)—221 Cameron, John (9)—121, 221 Campbell, Bruce (10) Campbell, Christy (11)—189 Campbell, Joanne (10)—206 Campbell, Michael (12)—67 Campbell, Susan (10)—206 Candemir, Bilge (12)—67, 125 Canha, David (9)—222 Canonica, Donald A, (T)—42 Capio, Lorinda (11)—189 Carley, John (12)—67 Carpenter, Richard (9)—222 Carr, Alfred (10) Carter, Barbara Sue (T)—44 Carter, Christine (10)—206 Carter, James (12)—17, 67, 114, 121 Carter, Michelle (11)—189 Carter, Shirley (10)—206 Carvalho, Eric (12) Carvalho, Martin (9)—222 Casey, Connie (9)—222 Caskey, Jane (12)—67 Cassedy, Elizabeth (10)—141 Cassedy, Marion I. (T)—46 Cassidy, Joan (12)—67, 109 Cassidy, Patrick (10)—20, 122, 206 Casto, John (10)—206 Cauble, Nancy (11)—139, 189 Cavalero, Michael (10)—206 Chalkley, William (9)—156, 222 Chambers, Pamela (12)—68 Chambless, Paula (12)—68 Chambless, William (10)—156, 167, 206 Chandler, Wendy (10)—141, 206 Chapman, Thomas (10) Checkovich, Peter (11)—112, 189 Cheerleaders; V., J.V., Frosh —57, 134 Chernis, Marilyn (12)—68 INDEX 243 Cherpak, Suzanne (12)—68 Chesebro, Mark (9)—222 Chester, Sylvia M. (T)—57 Chinnis, Sharon (12)—68 Choirs—5, 144 Christie, Kathryn (11)—178, 180, 189 Christopher, Kathryn (9)—222 Christopher, Roger (12) Church, Vance (9)—222 Cirillo, Frances (10)—109, 110, 141, 206 Ciuffreda, Vicki (9)—222 Civitans —116 Clague, Susan (12)—68 Clancy, Patrick (12)—68 Clark, Allan (12) Clark, Donald (9)—222 Clark, Linda (11)—110, 117, 128, 189 Clark, Richard (10)—17, 112, 156, 206 Clark, Robert (11)—189 Clark, Robert G. (11)—189 Clark, Sharon (11)—189 Clarke, Finley T. (A)—40 Clarke, Frances (10)—206 Clarke, Mary (9)—222 Clarke, R. Burton (10) Clarkin, Christopher (11) Clausen, Dianne (11)—189 Clausen, Donna (11)—190 Clay, Jan (11)—134, 190 Clay, Carolyn (9)—222 Clem, Gary (11)—190 Cockrill, Lynn (11)—122, 190 Coffeen, Dorrian (9)—222 Coffeen, Robert (12)—68, 123 Coffey, Douglas (10)—206 Coggins, Sharon (11)—190 Cohoon, Anita (12)—69, 180 Cole, Anne (10)—124, 206 Cn ' e. Deborah (9)—222 Cole, Evelyn (11)—190 Coleman. John (10)—167 Colen, Libby (11)—118, 125, 190 Coles, Anita (10)—109, 141, 206 Coles, Kathleen (11)—128, 190 Collings, Sherman (9)—222 Collins, Evelyn (12) Collins, Newton (12)—69 Collins, Sheryda (11)—118, 190 Colman, Barbara (12)—69 Comer, Ruth (10)—206 Comerford, Robert (9)—156 Comerford, Ronald (12)—69, 148, 150, 151, 152 Compton, Sally (9)—222 Connell, Harold J. (T)—53 Connelly, Charles (11)—190 Connolly, James (11) Connolly, William (12) Conway, Carolyn (9)—222 Cook, Carroll (9)—222 Cook, Danny (11) Cook, Larry (11)—190 Cook, Mark (9)—222 Cook, Robert (9)—222 Cook, Sandra (12)—18, 19, 69, 138, 156 Cook, Sue (11)—190 Cooke, Susan (12)—69, 115, 121, 138 Cookmeyer, James (9)—156, 222 Cooley, Paul (9)—222 Coombs, Kathleen (9)—179, 222 Coombs, Ruth (11)—18, 118, 190 Coon, Patricia (9)—222 Cooney, Michael (10)—206 Coons, Deborah (9)—? 5 2 Coons, Patricia (11)—190 Cooper, Carol (11)—115, 190 Cooper, Letitia (9)—222 Cope, John (10) Coppage, Gail (9)—222 Coppersmith, Stephen (9)—222 Cordes, Don (12)—69, 116 Cormier, Kathleen (10)—206 Cormier, Paul (11) Corns, Charleen (11)—190 Cosner, Charles (11)—190 Costello, George W. (T)—48 Cottrill, Charles (12)—69 Cottrill, Theresa (11)—190 Coulter, William (12)—69 Couper, Robert (9)—222 Coveil, Mary (12)—60, 70, 83, 87, 115, 134 Cowan, Suzanne (12)—70 Cowart, Randal (11) Cowgill, Thomas (12)—70 Cox, Earl (11) Cox, Jack (11)—190 Cox, Terrie (9)—222 Cox, William (101)—206 Coyle, James W. (T)—51 Craft, Greig (9)—112, 156, 222 Crane, Robert (9)—222 Crane, Robert J. (10)—156, 206 Crane, Steven (12)—70, 148, 149, 150, 152, 153 Craven, Michael (9)—222 Creasy, Anthony (9)—156, 222 Creasy, Rita (12)—70 Crichton, Laurie (10)—116, 206 Crites, Brenda (11)—190 Cronan, Cecila (11)—190 Cronan, Cynthia (9)—222 Crosier, Russell L. (T)—52 Cross, Richard (11)—190 Crotts, Anita (10)—206 Crouch, Daniel (11)—190 Crouch, Geoffrey (9)—167, 222 Crouch, Karen (11)—139, 190 Cullen, Kathleen (10) Cummings, Deborah (9)—223 Cunningham, Cathleen (12)—70 Curl, William (11)—125, 190 Curtis, Charles (12) Cuskelly, Gregory (12)—70 Custer, James (11)—190 Custodians —54 D Dabbs, Denise (9)—223 Dailey, Patricia (11)—190 Dalton, Wilma (10)—206 Daly, Karen (9)—222 Daly, Patricia (11)—139, 190 Darner, Margaret (12)—70 Dangelo, Lois (10)—109, 141, 206 Dangelo, Sally (9)—223 Daniels, David (11) Darms, John (11)—156, 190 Darnold, Stephen (11) Darsch, Karen (12)—70 Darsch, Nancy (9)—223 Daughn, Carol (9)—17, 136, 179, 223 Davenport, Brian (10)—167 Davidson, Gregory (12)—70 Davidson, Jeffrey (10)—20, 122, 207 Davidson, John (9)—223 Davidson, Terry (12)—70, 138 Davies, John (11)—190 Davies, Pamela (12)—71 Davies, Susan (10)—207 Davis, Daniel (21)—71 Davis, James (11)—190 Davis, James W. (11)—190 Davis, Nancy (10)—207 Davis, Patricia (9)—223 Davis, Patricia L. (9)—223 Davis, Robert B. (A)—40 Dawson, Robert (12)—14, 71 Day, William (12)—71, 167 DE Club— 133 Dean, Thomas (12) Deaver, Terry (11)—150, 190 Debate Club —137 Deem, Carol (12)—71 Delf, Charles (12)—71 Demcak, Carol B. Demme, Herman (9)—223 Demott, James (9)—223 Dempsey, Carol (10)—207 Denman, Judy (11) Dennis, Nicholas (9)—223 Denton, Terry (12)—71 Derning, Michelyn (9)—223 Derning, Patrick (9)—156, 223 Desmond, Jane (9)—223 Desrosiers, Joseph (10)—207 Detwiler, Forrest (9)—156, 223 Devoe, Joan (9)—223 Dew, Diana (9)—223 Dewey, Carolyn (9)—136, 223 Dewey, Lee (12)—71 Diaz, Jane (12)—71 Dick, Noelle (11)—191 Dickens, Charles (11)—191 Dickens, Ronald (12)—71 Dickerson, Dorothy (11)—191 Dickey, Marion (11)—191 Dickson, Ervin (9)—223 Dillon, Deborah (9)—223 Dillon, Kathleen (10)—207 Dixon, Martha (9)—223 Dixon, Shirley T. (T)—49 Dixon, Terry (10)—207 Doane, Gerald (9)—164, 223 Doane, James (9)—164, 223 Dobson, Daniel (12)—14, 72 Dodson, Mary (10)—207 Dodson, Susan (9)—223 Doering, Frederick (12)—72 Dollet, Lorayne (9)—223 Donahue, Timothy (9)—223 Donnelly, Bruce (12)—72, 109, 110, 116 Donnelly, Michael (10)—116 Doody, John (9)—223 Dooley, Deborah (9)—224 Dorsey, Katherine (11)—191 Dotson, Nelda (9)—224 Dotson, Sondra (12)—72, 110 Douglas, Ellen (10)—117, 207 Dorminey, Robert T. (T) Dowden, Helen (10)—207 Dowell, Robert (12) Dowell, Roger (9)—224 Drama Club —123 Dreiss, Diana (10)—112, 136, 207 Dreiss, Margaret (12)—72, 134, 138 Dreyer, Deborah (12)—72 Dreyer, Dianne (12)—72 Dubois, Barbara (11)—191 Dubois, Loren (9)—224 Duckworth, Lynn (9)—224 Duffey, Patricia (9)—223 Dunbar, Arthur (11)—191 Duncan, Joann (10)—207 Dunn, Carol (12)—72 Dunn, Janet (10)—109,119, 207 Dunn, Owen (9)—224 Dyess, Mary M. (T)—17, 46 Dykes, Elizabeth (11) E Earl, John (11)—191 Early, Paula (9)—224 Eastman, Richard (9)—224 Echols, Ted (12)—72 Edelston, Kenneth (11)—191 Edholm, Karen (9)—224 Edholm, L. Todd(10)—207 Edmonds, Robert S. (9)—224 Edmonston, Michael C. (9)—224 Edmonston, William R. (11)—191 Edwards, Richard H. Eichenauer, Barry M. (12)—72 Eichenauer, Sheila L. (10)—207 Eisenbraun, Kathleen (11)—191 Elliott, Anita F. (9)—224 Elliott, Merle B. (11)—16, 112, 132, 191 Ellis, Leslie A. (10)—128, 129, 207 Ellis, Jr., Lester N. (12)—15, 60, 64, 73, 87, 100, 112, 114, 167 Ellis, Robert H. (11)—167, 191 Ellis, Steven M. Ellson, Richard W. (9)—112, 156, 164, 224 Elmore, Ann F. (11)—116, 129, 191 Elsbernd, Robert L. (11)—164, 191 Ely, Barbara L. (11)—191 Ely, Gwenn L. (9)—224 Engh, Susan J. (11)—118, 125, 191 English Department —44-5 Epley, John D. (10)—207 Erbe, Ruth A. (11)—191 Erickson, Charles A. (11)—191 Erickson, Peter A. (9)—224 Erlenkotter, Barbara (12)—73, 180 Erlenkotter, Sue (10)—207 Erskine, Roxanne (10)—207 Ertlschweiqher Jr., Herman (12)—61, 73, 109, 129 Estes III., Earl W. (12)—73 Estes, Elizabeth M (10)—116, 140, 207 Evans, Barrett G. (12)—73, 93, 109, 111, 128 Evans, Betty C. (T)—45 Evans, David J. (12)—74 Evans, Larry L. (9)—224 Evans, Laura K. (9)—224 Evans, Martin E. (10)—207 F Faculty Recognitions —43 Fairchild, Estelle L.—41 Fallout—128 Faries, Joan L. (12)—74 Farrell, Christopher (11) Farris, John A. (T)—57 Farris, Robert L. (T)—46 Feavyear, Robert J. (12) Fellows III., John L. (12)—11, 20, 23, 74, 112, 114. 128 Fellows, Merrilee A. (10)—109, 117, 119, 207 Ferguson, Andrew B. (9)—225 Ferguson, Cathy A. (11)—119, 191 Ferguson, George C. (12)—74, 119 Ferri, Marilyn R. (10)—207 F.H.A.— 124 Figgers, Robert L. (T)—47 Finch, James G. (A)—39 Finlayson, Michael L. (9)—225 Fisher, George H. III. (9)—156, 225 Fitzgerald, Mary (11) Fisher, Roy T. (T)—44, 45 Fitzgerald, Mary (11) Fitzgerald, Patricia A. (11)—191 Flattery, Julie E. (10)—207 Fleicher, David N. (12)—74, 110, 119, 122 Flynn, James P. (12)—74 Fogg, Susan (9)—225 Folawn, Carol A. (10)—125, 207 Foley, James M. (11)—191 Foley, Mary E. (9)—225 Folsom, Sharon R. (12)—74 Ford, Kathleen A. (10)—207 Ford. Walter L. (11)—191 Ford. William (9)—156, 225 Forman, Judy G. (11)—139, 191 Forrester, Richard W. (11)—164, 191 Forsman, Carol A. (10)—207 Foster, Helen D. (10)—118, 178, 207 Fowlkes. Ann G. (11)—191 Fox, J. Christopher (11)—191 Fox, Jack S. (10)—207 Fox, Robert D. (9)—225 Fox, Suzanne M. (9)—225 Fragala, Dominick W. (10)—207 Frame, Michael P. (10)—207 Franklin, Linda L. (12)—74 Fraser, Diana L. (11)—110, 191 Fraser, Keith E. (12)—74 Fred, Pamela G. (9)—225 Fred, Steven J. (11)—123, 191 Freed, Karen J. (12)—75 Freed, Sharon K. (12)—75 French Club —118 French Honor Society —111 French, John C. (9)—225 244 INDEX Frere, Robert E. (10)—150, 155, 164, 207 Frere, Ronald E. (10)—149, 150, 167, 207 Freytag, Lisa J. (9)—225 Friend, Leslie D. (11)—110, 171 Friesz, Terry L. (12)—75 Froemming, Martha E. (11)—180, 192 Frutchey, Beatrice—43, 49 Frye, Pauline (11)—192 F. 7.4.—124 Fudge, Cecelia L. (12) Fuller, Diana L. (10)—208 Fulton, Carol J. (9)—225 Fulton, Fred W. (9)—167, 225 Fulton, John E. (11)—110, 164, 192 Fulton, Richard T. (12)—64, 75, 112, 114, 156, 162 Fungaroli, John C. (12)—75 Funkhouser, Dorothy A. (11)—192 G Galasso, Michael S. (10)—150, 208 Galbraith, Richard B. (9)—225 Gallagher, F. Paul (9)—225 Gallant, Linda L. (12)—75 Gardner, Joan E. (10)—109, 112, 136, 141, 208 Gardner, Robert A. (10)—208 Gardner, Timothy F. (12) Gargus, George L. (12)—75 Garsson, Robert M.. Jr. (9)—225 Gasaway, Mary M. (12)—75 Gaskins, Diane E. (12)—75 Gaskins, Kristi J. (10)—208 Gastellum, Frances I. (11)—121, 125, 192 Gastellum, Steven J. (9)—225 Gaul, Peter J. (11)—192 Gear, Cheryl L. (9)—225 Gear, Terrence L. (11) George, L. Diane (10)—116, 118, 140, 208 Gephart, Joanne C. (10)—141 Geraci, Christine M. (10) Geraci, Victoria A. (12)—76, 140 Gerald, Leo M, (10) German Club —119 German Honor Society —110 Getts, Bonnie M. (9)—225 Geyer, Deborah L. (12)—76 Ghent, Blair H. (10) Gherardi, Nicole (10) Gibson, Susan L. (11) Gidden, Charles S. (10) Gideon, William G. (10) 208 Gilchrist, John T. (9)—225 Gilden. Jack K. (12)—76, 149, 150, 152 Gill, Earl W. (T)—47 Gill, Johnny L. (12)—76 Gillikin, Margaret A. (11)—17, 192 Gillikin, Patricia J. (9)—225 Gilroy, John S. (10)—208 Girard, Steven L. (9)—225 Gisvold, Diane E. (12)—76 Giuli, John M. (12)—76, 119 Giuli, Michael F. (11)—192 Givens, Robert W. (12)—76 Givens, Terrence P.(11)—192 Glenn, Arthur W. (11)—116, 120, 192 Gobeille, Richard D. (10)—156, 167, 208 Gobeille, Robert E. (12)—76 Goforth, Pamela R. (11)—192 Gohsler, Keith A. (9)—225 Goll, Melissa (9)—124, 225 Goltz, Barbara (10)—208 Goltz, Janice H. (9)—225 Gomez, Frederico G. (12)—76 Gomez, Gustavo H, (12) Gomez. Sandra L. (12)—76 Good, Charles E. (T)—49 Good, Karen A. (12)—77 Good, Kevin (9)—225 Good. Kyle Anita (9)—225 Goodman, Barbara S. (T)—45 Goodman, Sandra M. (10)—115, 208 Goodman. William S. (12)—77 Gordon, Billie A. (10)—140, 208 Gordon, John S. (9)—225 Gordon, Krista S. (12)—77, 110 Gordon, Lauren E. (10)—109, 208 Gorey, Stephen R. (10)—208 Graham, John S. (9)—225 Graham Jr., Marshall R. (12)—77 Grainer, Stephen E.(9)—225 Grainger, Susan L. (9)—225 Gralla, Steven S. (10)—208 Grange, Terry A. (12)—77, 112 Grant, Carol A. (11)—192 Grayson, David L. (12)—77 Grayson, Gary E. (12)—14, 77 Greeley, Jr., Donald H. (12)—77, 83, 150, 153, 161, 163 Green, Ellen M. (10)—124, 208 Green, Frank J. (10)—167, 208 Green, Kathleen A. (12)—3, 20, 77, 123 Green, Ruth E. (9)—225 Green, William G. (9)—225 Greenwood. S. Kellv (12)—77 Greever, Gail F. (10)—208 Grenier, Jr., Robert (12)—77, 129 Griffith, Charles K. (11)—192 Grimsley, Karen L. (9)—225 Groome, Malcolm M. (11)—17, 112, 113, 114, 192 Groux, John M. (10) Guidance Department —42 Guidi, Patricia E. (10)—208, 124 Guill, Russell L. (10)—118, 167 Gulledge, Janice L. (12)—50, 77, 110, 121, 138 Gura, Joseph P. (12)—78 Guthrie, Revecca C. (11)—118, 192 Guy, Diane M. (11)—139, 192 Gwin, William E. (12)—78, 122 H Haga, John L. (12)—78 Hagan, Ann L. (12)—78, 117, 119, 124, 125, 178 Hagarty, Michael J. (12)—78 Hagarty, Patrick T. (10)—156, 208 Hagarty, Theresa (9)—225 Hagstrom III., John H. (12)—78, 123 Haisley, Linda A. (12)—79, 116 Haisley, Philip D. (9)—225 Hall, Hilda H. (T)—51, 179 Hall, Katherine E. (10)—208 Hall, Linda K. (11) Hall, Richard J. (11)—192 Hall, Robert M„ Jr. (13) Hall, Steven G. (11)—192 Halpin, Jeannette R. (12)—79, 128, 138 Ham, Diane J. (10)—208 Hamaker, William W. (10)—208 Hamill, Jan L. (11)—139, 192 Hamilton, Barbara J. (10)—209 Hamilton, Bradley V. (9)—225 Hamill, Mark Richard (9)—225 Hamilton, Michael J. (10)—109, 156, 209 Hamm, Nancy (11) Hancock, Susan A. (11)—192 Hanline, David A. (9)—225 Hanline II., Derwood L. (11)—192 Hanneman, Kim B. (9)—225 Hansen, Karen L. (9)—225 Hardage, Robert G. (T)—51, 160 Hardee, Cecil F., Jr. (9)—226 Hardee, Nancy R. (10)—209 Hardin, Phillip H. (10)—209 Hardy, Craig S. (11) Hardy, Pauline F, (9)—226 Hargrove III., Michael A. (11)—192 Harmon, David C. (11)—192 Harper, Macon V. (10)—156, 167, 209 Harper, Michael R. (10)—156, 167, 209 Harrington, Robyn (11) Harris, Carl H. (11)—192 Harrison, Alan R. (10)—209 Harris on, Brenda J. (12)—79 Harrison, Donald M. (12)—114 Harrison, Helene C. (9) Harrison, Michael B. (9) Harrold, Robin H. (11)—192 Hart, Dennis W. (12)—79 Hart, Karen A. (11)—193 Hart, Michael T. (12)—79 Hart, Philip C. (12)—79 Hartline, Douglas H. (9)—226 Harward, William E. (10) Hasie, Patricia L. (10)—117, 140, 209 Hatch, Nancy (9)—226 Hatch, Paul A. (10) Haught, Debra L. (9)—226 Haught, Terry A. (11)—193 Hawkins, Clinton (9)—226 Haycock, John W. (12)—79, 109, 167 Hayes, Donna E. (9)—226 Hayes, Judy A. (9)—226 Hayes III., William D. (12)—14, 79 Haygood, Kay (12)—79 Hayward, Leslie B. (10)—115, 124, 209 Headstrom, Dean L. (10) Healey, Timothy J. (9)—226 Heath, Janet C. (11)—193 Heaven, Hope C. (10)—112, 113, 115, 209 Heck, David M. (9) Heflin II., Bruce A. (10)—164, 209 Hegarty, Thomas J. (10)—156, 209 Heighes, James R. (9)—164, 226 Heinz, Charles R. (T)—47, 132 Heinze, Pamela D. (10)—209 Heiser, Nancy M. (10)—117, 141, 209 Heiser, Jr., Thomas (11)—156, 193 Helvey, John F. (10) Henningsen, Eldon L. (9)—226 Henretty, Donald B. (T)—17, 44 Henry, Allie B. (T)—53 Henry, Daniel J. (11)—193 Henry, Ed (T)—51 Henry, Norah F. (11)—193 Henry, Sarah C. (T)—42 Henry, Sheila W. (12)—79, 138 159 , Henry, Terence J. (9)—226 Hepler, Deborah A. (9)—136, 226 Herman, Gary E. (11)—110, 123, 132, 193 Herrarte, Martha O. (13) Herrell II., Gordon L. (12)—79 Herrington, Mary A. (9) Hess III, Robert E. (12)—80, 167 Hetzer Jr., David A. (11)—150, 162, 193 Hickey, Diane L. (11)—115, 118, 193 Hicks, William R. (11) Hieronymus Jr., Robert P. (10)—209 Hieronymus, William P. (9)—226 Higgins, Jon E. (T)—48 Hill, Diane Dee (11) Hill Jr., Ewell E. (11)—193 Hill, Shirley (9)—226 Hilson, Susan M. (10)—141, 209 Hink, Linda D. (10)—209 Hinkle, Rodney (9)—164, 165, 226 Hirst, Pamela O. (12)—80 Hirst, Patricia M. (12)—80 Hiscox, Leslie C. (9)—136, 226 Hobson Jr., Robert E. (11)—166, 167, 168, 193 Hobson, Ted R. (10)—167, 209 Hoecker, John (10)—209 Hoffmann, James E. (10)—123, 132, 209 Hoffmann, Jane A. (12)—80 Holbruner, Linda A. (11)—193 Hollister, Alton H. (12)—80 Holmes, Michael K. (10)—209 Holscher, Linda A. (10)—179, 209 Holsonbake, Sigrid (9)—226 Holt, Patricia J. (11)—193 Holtz, Peter G. (10)—167, 209 Homecoming —18 Home Ec Department —52 Honea, Nancy T. (12)—80 Hook, Sally A. (9)—226 Hoover, Craig A. (11)—193 Hopkins, Kathlyn T. (12)—80, 109, 111, 115 Hopper, Michael D. (10)—156, 157 Horgan, John D. (9) Horton, Marilyn J. (11)—178, 193 Hospelhorn, Linda S. (10)—141, 209 Hottle, Jim D. (9)—164, 226 Houck, James E. (12) Houck, Jerald V. (9)—226 House, Susan M. (9)—226 House, William E. (11)—125, 193 Houseworth, Lawrence E. (10)—209 Hovland, William N. (12)—80, 122 Howard, Betty J. (11)—193 Howe, Lawrence D. (12)—80 Howell, Donald L. (9)—226 Howell, Hartford H. (10)—209 Hubbard, Debra A. (10)—109, 209 Huddleston, John S. (12)—80 Huddleston, Thomas B. (12)—80 Hudgins, Dorothy H. (T)—57 Hudson, Jeffrey T. (12)—81 Hudson Jr., Leonard B. (11) Hudson, Patricia J. (9)—226 Hunter, Carolyn L. (9)—227 Hunter, Greg D. (9)—227 Hunter III., Harry G. (12)—81 Hunter, William R. (10)—164, 165, 209 Hupp, R. Rebecca (10)—209 Hustvedt, Clyde S. (10)—156, 209 Hustvedt, Dana K. (10)—209 Hustvedt, Elin W. (12)—81, 178 Hustvedt, Nancy (10)—209 Hutcheson III., Philip T. (11)—193 Hutcheson, Philo A. (9)—227 Hynes, Andrea L. (10)—209 Igo, Patricia A. (12)—81 Inscoe, Diane L. (9)—226 It’s Academic —23 Ireland, Lois E. (9)—227 Iseke, Richard J. (11)—150, 166, 167, 169, 193 Ivy, Dana Lynn (9)—179, 227 J Jack F. Dann (9) Jackson, Stephen W. (11)—193 Jackson, Tatum A. (12)—81 Jacobs, Arlene F. (11)—193 Jacobs, Richard A. (11)—193 Jameson, Steven A. (12)—81 Jamison, Vicki A. (11)—193 Jarman, Peggy B. (T)—43 Jarman, Rebecca J. (12)—81, 110, 117 Jay, Andrew (10)—209 Jenkins, Kristine (10) Jenkins, Stephen H. (10)—209 Jepson, Patricia A. (12)—81, 109, 180 Jernigan Jr., Kenneth R. (11)—110, 193 Johnson, Andrew P. (11)—193 Johnson, Betty J. (10)—116 Johnson, David M. (12)—81 Johnson, Elizabeth (11)—193 Johnson, Elizabeth (9)—227 Johnson, John W. (9)—227 Johnson, James D. (10) Johnson, Jan C. (11)—193 Johnson, Muriel T. (11)—111, 118, 139, 193 Johnson, Pamela (11)—116, 193 Johnson, Samuel T. (11)—193 Johnson, Susan (9)—227 Johnson, William L. (9) Johnston, Dorothy L. (9) Johnston, Janice A. (10)—209 Johnston, Kathleen A. (10)—209 Johnston, Lewis (11) Johnston, Lois E. (11)—193 Jones, Carol Sue (12) Jones, Courtney L. (T)—42 Jones, Ernest C. (11) INDEX 245 Jones, Gregory S. (10)—209 Jones, Karen L. (9) Jones, Kathy A. (11)—193 Jones, Leland M. (11)—193 Jones, Licinda (9)—227 Jones, Phillippe G. (12)—81, 96, 114 Jones, Richard B. (10)—209 Jonkers, Ronald (9) Jordan, Albert E. (12)—82 Judd, Gary L. (9)—227 Judd, Wanda L. (10)—209 Juliano, Joe V. (10)—210 Junior Honor Society —103-4 Junior Jollies —30 Junior Prom —31 K Kamminga, William S. (12)—82 Kapplinger, Martha A. (12)—82 Katz, Rita P. (10)—109, 210 Kay, Michael D. (11)—193 Kearney, Jamie L. (10)—60, 112, 136, 141, 210 Kearney, Kathleen L. (12)—82, 109, 115, 134, 135, 138 Kearney, Keith L. (10)—114, 210 Keeffe, Michael J. (9)—227 Keefer, Margaret E. (11)—193 Keegan, Beverly J. (10) Keleher, Bonnie A. (10)—109, 115, 116, 210 Keller, Harry O., Jr. (T)—47 Keller, Lois P. (11)—193 Keller, Steve (9)—227 Kelley, C. Patricia (12)—82 Kelley, Katherine J.—(11) Kelley, Kathleen A. (9)—227 Kelley, Kevin J. (12)—82, 150, 151, 167 Kelley, Patricia M. (10) Kellog, Sheridan L. (9)—227 Kelly, Joanne M. (10)—210 Kelly, Michael T. (9)—227 Kelly, Theresa (11) Kelly, Thomas E. (9)—227 Kemp, Patricia L. (12)—82, 138 Kemp, Victoria (9)—227 Kennedy, Kirk F. (11)—156, 193 Kent, Patricia J. (9)—227 Kennedy, Paula F. (12)—82 Kenyon, Benjamin C., Ill, (9)—227 Ketcham, Kathleen R. (11)—139, 193 Ketcham, Paul K. (12)—82, 166, 167 Key Club —61, 114 Keyes, Frances E. (9)—227 Keyes, Suzanne M. (11)—193 Keyette Club —115 Kilpatrick, Helen (12) Kimbrough, Prudence D. (10)—118, 123, 210 Kimzey. Richard P. (12)—82, 162 Kincy, Thomas S. (12)—82 King, James W. (12)—83 King, Justice B. (9)—227 King, Linda F. (11)—194 King, Norman M. (11)—194 King, Susan (12)—83 King, William R. (11)—116, 194 Kingham, Kerry A. (9)—227 Kintner, Mrs. (T)—44 Kirk, James M. (12)—83 Kirk, Mary F. (10) Kissinger, Carolyn K. (10)—210 Kleinschmidt, Kimberly K. (9)—136, 227 Kleinschmidt, Victoria L. (11)—194 Klemp, Kenneth W. (11)—194 Klemz, Virginia (11) Klingensmith, Ronald J. (12)—83, 150, 152 Klingman, Thomas B. (10) 210 Klinstiver, Patricia J. (10)—216 Klotz, Kathleen L, (11)—111, 115, 118, 194 Knight, Janet E. (10)—210 Kocourek, Sharon M. (9) Kogstad, Marylou M. (12) Kohn, J. Christopher (12)—60, 78, 83, 100, 109, 112, 114, 117 Kohut, Colleen K. (9)—227 Kohut, Kenneth J. (11)—150, 194 Konicka, Kenneth K. (10)—210 Kouts, Christopher A. (11)—194 Kozman, Shelley L. (9)—227 Krakow, Ivan (11) Krause, Candace S. (10)—124, 140, 210 Kraushaar, Jonathan M. (12)—83, 109, 110 Kruger, Christine H. (11)—194 Krumke, James M, (10) Kulina, Michael F. (12)—84 Kuniansky, David R. (9)—156, 227 Kuniansky, Nelson J. (12) Kunze, Joachim R. (11) Kurtz, Jan F. (9)—115, 227 Kurtz, Kay A. (12)—84 Kuss, Linda J, (9)—228 Kyle, Elizabeth (9)—228 L Ladd, Barbara (10)—141 LaFone, Doreen G. (10)—118, 210 LaFone, Thomas A. (12)—84, 109, 110, 114 Lamantia, Linda A. (12)—84, 109, 110, 141 Lamantia, Mary M. (10)—136, 210 Lamarca, Charles J. (9)—156, 228 Lamb, Robert C. (11)—194 Lamb, William L. (12)—84 Lambert, Edward L. (9)—228 Lambert, Katherine (12)—84 Lambert, Sharon L. (10) 210 Lamp, David (9)—228 Landreth, Jamela (10)—210 Langhorne, Carol (12)—84 Langhorne, Stophen A. (9)—228 Langin, John W, (12)—84 Language Department —50 Lankenau, Judith M. (10)—210 Lankenau, Virginia M. (10)—210 Lapping, Sherwood (10) Larkins, Jacqueline S. (10)—210 Laroche, Letitia A. (10)—210 Larson, Judy L. (11)—194 Latimer, Joan F. (9)—228 Latimer, John S. (12)—84, 166, 167 Latin Honor Society —111 Laudenberger, Louise A. (8) Laudenberger, Louise A. (9)—228 Laugerman Jr., John B. (12)—84, 109 Lauver, Jeanette (9)—228 Lawall, Donald W. (10)—156, 167 Lawall, Robert U. (9)—156, 210, 228 Lawrence, James T. (11)—194 Lawrence, Stephen L. (12)—85 Lawton, Ann E. (11)—194 Layne, Gletta F. (12)—85 Leach, Carolanne J. (12)—85, 116 Leamy, Ann Elizabeth (9)—228 Leder, Debra Y. (9)—228 Ledoux, Jeffrey T. (9)—228 Ledoux, John N. (9)—228 Lee, Charles A. (12)—85 Lee, Daniel B. (11)—194 Lee, Frederic S. (10)—156, 167, 210 Lee, Kathryn B. (12)—85 Leeds, Jane E. (10)—210 Legge, Jr., Leonard M. (10)—156 Leister, Patricia L. (9)—228 Leith, Barbara D. (10)—210 Lennon, Robert H. (9)—228 Lerch, Dave (12)—85 Lerch, Robert M. (9)—228 Lettenmaier, Norbert E. (10) Lewis Jr., Archie R. (10)—156, 167, 210 Lewis, Carol M. (12)—85, 109 Lewis, Carolyn A. (12)—85 Lewis, Deborah L. (9)—228 Lewis, Gary K. (11)—194 Lewis, Jo D. (9)—228 Lewis, Thomas E. (11)—194 Leysath, Edward A. (11)—121, 194 Lichtenfels, Jeffrey F. (9)—228 Likar, Winifred P. —44 Lingo, David R. (9)—228 Lipp, Pamela A. (11)—194 Lippman, Jay (10)—210 Lisi, Carol D. (T)—44, 129 Little, Rose F. (T)—50 Loberg, Andrew A. (12)—85, 167 Loberg, John C. (11)—194 Loeza, Maria Rosa (11)—194 Logan, Dennis A. (12)—85, 102 Lolmaugh, Patricia L. (10) Long, Christine G. (10)—210 Long, Jacquelyn J. (11)—194 Long, Robyn E. (11)—116, 124, 194 Long, Vicki M. (12)—75, 85, 103, 110, 116, 138 Lopes, Richard T. (9)—156, 228 Lorenz, Linda M. (12)—85, 109, 110, 115, 128, 138 Loretti, John (12)—86 Lory, Sarah D. (T)—42 Lough, Linda D. (9)—228 Loveridge, Christine (10) Lowe, David H. (10)—167, 211 Lowery, Janice A. (12)—86, 138 Luhman, Ellen A. (9)—228 Lindberg, Kent W. (10) Lutkavage, Mary Ann (9) Lutz, Christopher (11) Lutz, Eric W. (10)—123, 211 Lutz, George A., Jr. (11)—194 Lynch, Christine M. (10)—211 Lynch, Linda A. (9)—228 Lynch, Richard P. (12)—86, 155 M McCann, Gail A. (9)—228 McCann, Lynn E. (11)—116, 129, 195 McCarron, Maureen M. (10)—123, 124, 141, 211 McClellan, Patricia A. (12)—86 McCloskey, Carole A. (11)—195 McCloskey, David J. (12)—86 McConnell, Andrew (9)—228 McConnell, Kathleen A. (11)—195 McCormick, Donna J. (11) McCormick, Robert S. (11)—195 McCoy, Donald C. (10)—132, 164, 211 McCoy, Lucy B. (10)—109, 118, 124, 211 McCoy, Patricia A. (10)—211 McCune, Brenda J. (12) McDermott, James P. (9)—228 McDermott, Maureen A. (10)—211 McDonald, Elizabeth (12)—86, 138 McDonald, Pamela H. (11)—195 McDonald, Patrick J. (9)—156, 228 McDowell, Callie J. (T)—50 McElmurry, Stephen E. (12)—86, 100, 109, 114, 167 McFarland, Susan (10)—211 McGee, Linda F. (9)—228 McGee, Stephen B. (9)—228 McGettingan, Timothy (9) McGraw, Connie S. (10) McGuire, Kathleen H. (9)—228 McGuire, Maureen A. (11)—195 McGu ire, Sheila E. (10)—211 McGurgan, Mary Ann (9) McJury, Derrek C. (10)—123, 211 McKinney, Carla (9)—229 McKinney, Gail L. (10)—211 McLaughlin, Charles S. (11) McLaughlin, Cicely W. (10)—211 McClellan, Samuel G. (11)—195 McClellan, William A. (11)—195 McMillan, Ronald (9)—229 McNamara, Michael D. (10)—121 McNaughton, Kathleen (11)—195 McPadden, Mark S. (9)—229 McPeak, Warren S. (9) McWhinney, Scott L. (12)—150, 153 Macdonald, James S. (10) Mack, Carolyn R. (T)—50, 121 Mackey, Harvey A. (10) Macleod, Margaret (11)—120, 194 Macmillan, Valerie J. (11)—110, 194 Maconaughey, Kirk D. (9) Maddox, Brenda N. (11) Magaldi, Karen A. (10)—132 Magazine Drive—16 Magee, John (9) Mahaffy, Cheryl (10) Maham, James J. (10) Mahan, Philip A. (9)—156, 228 Maiorana, John E. (11)—194 Majorettes—144 Mallam, Lawrence (11) Mallon, Jr., Frederick W. (10)—156 Mallon, Marjorie M. (10) Malone, Diane L. (10) Malone, Edward G., Jr. (9) Manly, Virg inia (12)—86 Manning, Catherine M. (10) Manning, Gary (10)—156 Manrodt, John C. (11)—194 Mapelli, Edda (12)—125 Marchiony, Nancy E. (11) Marcinkowske, Gail (9) Marietta, Suzanne M. (10) Marion, Janet R. (11)—195 Marion, Nancy K. (9)—228 Marshall, R. Kirk (11)—167, 195 Martin, Bonnie L. (11) Martin, George (10) Martin, Neel H. (9)—228 Martin, Rebecca T. (11)—139, 195 Martin, Stanton T. (11) Martin, Virginia S. (12)—87 Marusak, Patricia A. (12)—18, 60, 83, 87, 102, 109, 110, 112, 115, 134 Masgrau, Jordi S. (10) Maslaney, Marlene A. (9)—179, 228 Maslowski, James J. (10) Mason, Rose L. (11)—115, 118, 125, 195 Massey, Ronald R. (12)—87 Mastbrook, William H. (T)—50 Materne, Charles W. (9)—228 Math Department —46 Mattingly, Barbara J. (9)—119, 228 Mawyer, Steve (9)—228 Maxey, Mary S. (11)—195 Maxwell, Cheryl A (10)—115, 117 Maxwell, Robert (9) May, Paula (9)—228 Mayhall, Barbara (12)—17, 87, 110, 115, 134, 135 Mayhugh, Michael S. (11)—195 Meadows, Mary A. (12)—87 Meana, Mark D. (9) Mechem, David F. (12) Meehan, Karen M. (12)—87 Meehan, Mary H. (11)—195 Melancon, Lynne K. (11)—139, 195 Melancon, Meredith L. (9)—123, 229 Mell, Phillip L. (11)—195 Menefee, Douglas L. (9)—229 Menigat, Susan (12)—87, 124 Merendino, King A. (10) Merica, William F. (12) Merrow, Suzanne L. (10)—136, 211 Merryman, Carol A. (9)—112, 229 Merryman, Robert L. (10)—211 Mesebluu, Maria L. (12)—87 Messina Jr., John A. (11)—195 Meux, William L. (11)—195 Mewhort, Bernard F. (9)—229 Meyer, David K. (10) Meyer, Wanda C. (9) Micklewright, Catherine (11)—139, 195 Mikel, Sandra K. (10) Miller, Andrew W. (11)—150, 195 Miller, Claude D. (12)—87 Miller, Deirdre V. (10)—123, 124, 141, 211 Miller, Evelyn L. (T)—45 Miller, Jerry W. (10)—167, 212 Miller, John C. (12)—88 Miller, Lynn A. (9)—229 Miller, Marilyn A. (11)—195 246 INDEX Miller, Naomi L. (9)—229 Miller, Paula J. (11)—195 Miller, Robert A. (10) Miller, Robert J. (9)—229 Miller, Thomas G. (9) Miller, Ronald E. (11)—150, 195 Miller, Vicki K. (12) Miller, William A. (11)—195 Miller Jr., William H. (11)—150 Millner, Bonnie L. (10)—136, 212 Mills, Donna G. (10) Mills, Steven M. (9) Miner, Broge A.—156 Miss A.H.S.— 28-29 Mitchell, Elizabeth M. Mitchell, Jean S. (10)—116, 212 Mitchell, Kathryn M. (11)—195 Mitchell, Linda J. (12)—88 Mitchell, Michael J. (11)—167, 195 Mitchell, Ray C. (9)—229 Mitchell, Thomas F., Jr. (12)—68, 88, 148, 150 Moebus, Charles J., Jr. (9)—229 Monch, Susan Carol (9)—229 Monn, Judith A.—41 Monroe, Franklin M. (12)—88 Montgomery, William L. (10)—212 Moreland, Jane E. Mooney, Dave (9)—229 Mooney, Deborah J. (9)—229 Moore, Candy (12)—88 Moore, Cecily J. (11)—129, 139, 196 Moore, Charles D. (11)—196 Moore, Douglas E. (11)—196 Moore, Glenda Z. (9) Moore, Nancy A. (11)—178, 196 Moore, Parry A. (11)—196 Moore, Raymond E. (12)—88 Moreland. Miss (T)—51, 180, 181 Morgan, Diane L. (9) Morgan, Donald L. (11)—196 Morgan, Gary C. (12)—89 Morgan, Susan E. (10)—212 Morie, Janet L. (T)—45 Mornone, Cheryl (11)—196 Morell, Evelyn R. (T)—50 Morris, Dennis C. (12)—89 Morris, Walton D. Jr. (12)—89, 117 Morris, William D. (10)—212 Morris, William J. (9)—229 Morrison, Jr., William R. (12)—89 Morrow, Pamela (11)—196 Morse, Sheila A. (9) Mort, Geoffrey A. (11)—196 Morton, Peggy M. (12)—89 Moser, George M. (9)—164, 229 Moses, Florence H. (10)—109, 178, 212 Moses, Frederick C. (10)—156, 212 Mosher, Anita L. (11)—116, 196 Mosher, Kenneth E. (10)—167, 212 Mosser, Jeanne L. (11)—110, 124, 196 Mraz, Andrew P. (11)—196 Mudd, Doretta E. (9)—229 Mullady, Marcella S. (10)—212 Mullen, Paul D. (10)—212 Mullin, Diane M. (11)—196 Mullin, Kevin J. (9)—229 Mullins .Patty Lynn (9)—229 Munoz, Gloria M. (9)—229 Munson, Robert S. (11) Murphy, Gayle E. (12)—89 Murphy, Mary S. (12)—89 Murray, Richard E. (9) Murrell, Steven J. (11)—148, 150-155, 162-163 Music Department —53 Myers, Susan J. (11)—196 N Nafus, Donald (12)—89 Nagin, Gregory R. (9)—220 Nagin, Thomas C. (11)—196 Nash, Jr. Robert B. (11)—196 National Honor Society —108-109 National Thespian Society —122 Neal, Alayne (11)—196 Neall, George M. (11)—150, 151, 196 Nell, Leslie M. (10—212 Newcomer, Laurie A. (11)—196 Newland, Darrell W. (9)—229 Newland, Sonja E. (12)—17, 73, 89, 115, 134-135, Newton, Joseph T. (12)—89 Nicholson, Georganne (10)—141, 212 Nickerson, Marcia F. (10)—124, 212 Nickerson, Peter J. (12)—89, 150, 151, 152, 162 Nield, George C. (10)—109, 110, 151, 212 Nieman, Candace R. (12)—89 Nolen, Barbara A. (12)—90 Nolen, Mary F. (9)—230 Noll, Donald R. (T)—45, 157 Norton, Pamela E. (12)—90, 109, 117, 124 Norton, Michele E. (9)—230 Norwood, James M. ( 11 )—196 Nossen, Marilyn C. (11)—116, 196 Nowell, Jr., Richard M. (10) Nylander, David L. (12)—90 O ' Brien, Jacqueline (12)—90 O ' Brien, Leonard J. (9)—230 O O ' Brien, Michael J. (9)—230 Ocampo, Antonio J. (11) O ' Connor, Delores J. (9)—230 O’Connor, John J. (10) Oden, Patricia A. (10)—212 Oderwald, Richard G. (12)—90 Oderwald, William H. (9)—156, 230 Odom, James R. (T)—44 O ' Donnell, Kathleen (11)—139, 196 O’Halloran, Margaret K. (10)—212 Oliver, Denise (9)—230 Oliver, Judy A. (11)—196 Oliver, Mary Lou (12)—90, 110, 129 Oliver, Michael L. (9)—230 Oliver, Stephen (12)—16, 90, 109, 114 Olson, Karey J. (12)—90, 103, 116, 117, 138 Olson, Leonard A. (10)—212 Olson, Yvonne S. (11)—118, 196 Omori, Dexter H. (10)—123, 212 Opeil, Dennis C. (11)—196 Osecky, Benjamin D. (11) Osecky, Elaine C. (9)—230 Ott, Christal L. (11)—196 Oudine, Jennifer S. (9)—230 Oudine, John M. (11)—196 Overgaard, Janet M. (10)—116, 212 Overstreet, Carolyn K. (10)—212 Owen, Janice H. (11)—196 Owen, Thomas M. (10)—212 Owen, William E. (10)—167, 212 Pilliod, Cathleen M. (10)—213 Pirnat, Russell E. (11)—197 Pitt, Deborah (9)—230 Plaugher, Terry L. (12)—91 Play —20 Plummer, Charles B. (9)—230 Pock, Max O. (9)—164, 156, 231 Poenicke, Judith A. (12)—91 Poland .James L. (11)—197 Pollock, Tracy J. (10)—213 Polzer, Kathleen A. (11)—197 Poole, Michael E. (9)—230 Popp, Carole A. Porter, Thomas H. Posey, Elizabeth S. (T)—46 Potter, David Potter, David S. (11)—197 Potter, Diana J. (10)—213 Powder Puff Football —14 Powell, James T. (9) Powell, Kathryn M. (11)—180, 197 Powers, Robert W. (10)—156 Prager, Lawrence S. (9)—231 Pratt, Stephen W. (10)—213 Pray, Charles M. (9)—231 Presler, Robert D. II (9)—231 Preston, Loyce R. (T)—45 Price, Brian R. (12)—11, 92, 109, 111, 112, 114 Price, George (12)—92, 148, 150, 151 Pripeton, Monica L. (11)—180, 197 Privett, Linda C. (9)—231 Privett, Susan A. (11)—197 Provenzano, Richard T. (10) Pruett, Jr., James C. (12)—92 Prye, Betty A. (12)—92 Putman, Deborah A. (10)—213 Pyatt, David J. (9)—231 Pyle, Alyce A. (10)—213 Pyle, Paul L. (9)—231 Pyles, Carol A. (9)—231 P Page, Thomas E., (11)—196 Pagliero, Pierina D. (11)—139, -96 Painter, David S. (9)—230 Painter, Helen F. (12)—90 Palm, Judy M. (11)—139, 196 Palmer, Susan E. (10) Papin, Ann I. (10)—212 Papin, Edward W. (12)—90 Pappas, Thomas R., Ill (11)—196 Pardee, Scott K. (11)—196 Park, David L. (11)—196 Park, Frances L. (9)—121, 124, 230 Park, Vickie J. (9)—179 Parker, Bruce F. (12)—91 Parker, John C. (10)—212 Parks, Cynthia A. (11)—129 Parks, Susan E. (12)—91 Parnell, William P. (T)—48 Parris, Mark R. (10)—212 Parrotta, Frank M. (12)—91 Parrotta, Marguerite (11) Parsons, Robert S. (12)—91 Paschall, Claire A. (12)—91, 109, 110, 112, 115, 128, 178 Paschall, Julia E. (9)—112, 179, 230 Patrick, Frances L. (9)—124, 230 Patrick, Mary D. (11)—134, 178, 196 Paul, James A. (10)—112, 212 Pauli, Deborah O. (10)—212 Payne, Glenda S. (10)—212 Payne, Mary A. (10)—212 Physical Education Department —51 Peach, Mary A. (9)—230 Pederson, Marvin A. (11)—196 Pedersen, Mikal A. (11)—15, 196 Peek, Wendy S. (10)—140, 212 Pell, Robert W. (11) Penn, James W., Jr. (9)—230 Pennifill, Lynn A. (11)—178, 180, 197 Pennino, Jon D. (11)—197 Pentz, Lundy H. (9)—230 Pep Club— 117 Perdue, Jr., William A. (12)—91, 121 Perricone, James M. (12)—91 Peters, Rachael E. (T)—51, 178 Petersilia, James P. (11)—114, 150, 167, 197 Peter son, Christine M. (10)—212 Peterson, Leif E. (12)—91 138 Peterson, Rosa Rae (9)—230 Petrilli, Stephanie L. (11)—197 Petros, Denise M. (9)—230 Pew, Carl (12)—91, 109, 110 Pew, Kristin J. (9)—230 Pfrang, Richard J. (9)—230 Phelps, Judith L. (11)—197 Philleo, Diane H. (9)—230 Phillips, Doris K. (10)—212 Phillips, Jr., Oden R. (12)—91, 167 Phillips, Rebecca H. (10)—212 Phillips, Richard (9)—156 Phillips, Susan C. (9)—230 Picciano, Michael F. (9)—164, 230 Pickett, Wayne W. (10)—212 Pierce, Nelson C. (10)—212 Pietroswicz, Jerry (10)—212 Piggott, Gary S. (10)—167, 213 Quarforth, Linda J. (9)—117, 231 Quasebarth, Linda S. (11)—112, 116, 197 Quasebarth, Ronald N. (12)—92 R Rademaker (T)—42 Raftery, Kathleen F. (11)—117, 197 Raftery, Mary M. (9)—117, 231 Ragen, Brenda Jean (9)—231 Ralston, Sharon A. (12)—92 Ramay, Frances P. (T)—46, 69 Ramey, Ann B (T)—51 Ramey, Chris E. (10)—213 Ramme, Jeanne C. (12)—92, 109, 121 Ramme, Joan M (9)—136, 228, 231 Ramsey, Gayle (10)—213 Randa, Shirley (T)—42 Randall, Deborah L. (9)—231 Randall, Peggy Jo (9)—231 Randolph, Larry D. (10)—213 Rankin, Delma A. (12)—92 Rankin, Patrick D. (11)—197 Raphael, Margie A. (9)—231 Raphael, Michael M. (11)—166, 167, 197 Raphael, Jr., Milton L. (12)—92 Rapp, Barbara M. (11)—197 Rapp, Mary B. (11)—197 Rapp, Virginia E. (12)—92, 138 Rapson, Phillip L. (11)—150, 197 Rasmussen, Karen E. (11)—115, 118, 197 Ratcliff, Rosemary J. (9)—231 Rauscher, Barbara (9)—231 Ray, Daryl C. (10)—213 Ray, Gaylon H. (9)—231 Ray, Mary E. (9)—231 Raze, Darlene Kay (9) Raze, Vicki J. (11) Rentschler, Jenni (11)—197 Rentz, Kurt O. (10)—213 Requard, Charles K (9)—231 Reynolds, Daniel J. (10)—213 Reynolds, John W. (11)—197 Reynolds, Linda M. (12)—92, 122-123 Reynolds, Roy W. (12)—92 Reynolds, Thomas J. (11)—197 Rhoads, James B. (11)—198 Riba, Sheri Lynn (9)—231 Richardson, Evelyn K. (11)—198 Richardson, Mary L. (10)—141, 213 Richardson, Mary Sue (9)—231 Richardson, Stephen C. (9)—231 Richardson, William (11)—198 Richardson, William G. (12)—93, 114, 150 Richmond, Nancy L. (10)—213 Richter, Gary L. (12)—93 Rider, Robert B. (12)—93, 96, 109, 110, 112, 149-155 Ries, Peter C. (9)—231 Rinearson, Katherine G. (11)—115, 198 Rinearson, Linda E. (12)—64, 93, 115, 138 Ripani, Barbara A. (9)—231 INDEX 247 Ripani, Carolyn (12)—93 Risley, John C. (12)—93 Risley, Stephen (10)—213 Ritchey, Ann M. (10)—117, 141, 213 Ritter, Barbara A. (11)—198 Ritter, Stephen K. (12)—94, 125 Robbins, Colleen S. (9)—231 Robbins, Michael T. (12) Robertson, Edgar P. ()—53 Roberson, Kenneth A. (9)—232 Roberts, Carolyn G. (10)—213 Roberts, John H. (9)—232 Roberts, Mary E. (II)—198 Roberts, Paul I. (9)—232 Roberts, Scott J. (11) Robinson, Jeffrey L. (10)—167, 213 Robinson, Karen (9) Robinson, Mary V. (T)—46 Robinson, Robert B, (9)—232 Rochette, Gerald M. (10)—213 Rockholt, Robert G. Rode, David (9)—232 Rodgers, Laura K (12)—94, 111 Rodriguez, M. Denise (11)—115, 198 Rodriguez, Michael R. (12)—94, 109, 110 Rogers, F. Russell (10)—213 Rollman, Keith R. (10)—213 Root, Hammond B. (11)—150, 198 Root, James . (12)—14, 94 Root, Richard G. (9)—156 Roper, Marilyn E. (T)—45 Rose, Peter G. (10)—213 Rose, William L. (11) Ross, Barbara J. (10)—140, 213 Ross, Dianne (11)—198 Ross, Linda C. (12)—94 Ross, Louise, S. (T)—48 Ross, Mary E. (12)—94 Rowe, Marianne (9)—232 Rowe, Vera K. (10)—213 Roy, Annette L. (11)—198 Rozamus, Anne A. (12)—94, 122-123 Rozamus, Walter J. (9)—232 Rubright, Linda A. (11)—198 Rudolph, Linda K. (11)—198 Ruecroft, Donald G. (11)—198 Rusek, Patricia A. (10)—214 Rushing, Rachel A. (9)—232 Russell, James W. Ill (11)—198 Russell, Joan (9)—232 Russell, John L. (9) Russian Club—120 Russo, John C. Ruth, Anthony J. (11)—121, 198 Ruths, Kathy A. (9) Ruths, Patricia L. (11)—139, 198 Ryan, Cheryl A. (9)—232 Ryan, Karen V. (9)—232 Rye, Frederick D. (12)—94, 150 Rye, Susan K. (9) S Saah, Patricia A. (11)—198 Sadie Hawkins Dance —15 Sadler, Sandra J. (12)—94 Sallee, Robert B. (9) Salmons, Larry D. (10)—214 Salzman, Susan E. (10)—214 Sample, Virginia P. (T)—42 Sams, Beverly J. (10)—214 Sanchiz, G. Richard (11)—198 Sanchiz, Raymond C. (9)—232 Sandacz, Gary R. (11)—198 Sanders, K. Michael (9)—167, 232 Sandy, Jon M. (9) Sanford, Diane S. (11)—198 Sanza, Bruce J. (10)—214 Sargent, Pamela Anne (9)—117, 232 Sari, Patricia L, (12)—17, 94 Sari, James L. (11) Sauer, C, Frederick (10)—116, 214 Saunders, Charlie C. (12)—94, 125 Saunders, Harrison L. (11)—198 Sayblack, Curtiss W. (12)—20, 95, 116 Sayers, James D. (12)—95 Sayles, Nan F. (9) Sayles, Timothy F. (9)—232 S q A 112-113 Scanlon, Kerry A. (9)—164, 232 Scantlebury, Marcia A. (9)—232 Schaeffer, Denise M. (9)—232 Schaeffer, Karen A. (10)—214 Schafer, Margaret C. (10)—214 Scharfen, Kristine J. (9)—232 Scharmach, Sally A. (11)—198 Scherer, Barbara G. (10)—115, 214 Schexnailder, Jean M. (10)—136, 214 Schick, Jeffrey L. (10)—214 Schilling, Walter B. (9)—232 Schlegel, Yvonne M. (12)—95, 109, 110 Schless, Robert T. (9)—232 Schless, Jr., William F. (11)—114, 121 Schmerbeck, Janette L. (10)—214 Schmitt, Marsha J. (12)—95 Schmoyer, John D. (12)—95, 109 Schoolar, Sharon K. (12)—20, 95 Schoonover, Janet K. (9)—232 Schoonover, James E. (12)—95 Schulz, David R. (10)—214 Schwartz, Marlene E. (12)—95, 119 Schwartz, Paul O. (T) Science Department Scott, Elizabeth C. (10)—141, 214 Scott, Mary Ellen (9)—232 Scott, Patricia J. (10)—140 Scott, Thomas S. (9)—232 Scott, William R. (T)—51, 166 Seal, Deborah L. (9) Seale, Michael D. (9) Segars, Ann M. (12)—95, 109, 111, 115, 120 Selby, Karen L. (10) Seltzer, Linda J. (11)—198 Serviss, Patricia L. (10)—214 Sevison, Dennis C. (12) Seward, Frederick B. (10)—214 Sexton, John (10) Shafferman, Jr., David C. (10) Shanady, Ann Marie (12) Shanks, Robert T. (11)—198 Sharon, Gregory A. (10) Sharpe, Philip C. (11)—198 Shartzer, Samdra L. (11)—199 Shattuck, Jr., Sim B. (10)—214 Shaug, James C. (9)—232 Shaw, Gilbert H. (10)—214 Shaw, Steven M. (10)—156, 214 Shawley, Brenda L. (9)—232 Sheen, Carolyn (10)—141, 214 Sheets, Edward M. (10) Shepherd, Lawrence E. (11)—199 Shepherd, Susan (9)—232 Sherburne, Mark D. (11)—199 Sherfey, Gary W. (12)—95 Shields, Deirdre S. (11) Shiflet, Victoria A. (11)—199 Shinn, Robert L. (11)—150, 153, 162, 199 Shipley, William G. (11)—199 Shoemaker, Robert E. (9)—232 Shriver, Ralph (T)—57, 157 Shop Department —52 Siegle, Robert B. (12)—96, 109 Simms, C. H.—54 Simmons, Edna P. (T)——41 Simon, Elizabeth L. (9)—232 Simon, Kim M. (11)—199 Sigler, William M. (11)—150, 154, 164, 199 Simpson, Ellis C. (11)—199 Simpson, Patricia (9)—232 Sisson, Joan D. (11)—139, 199 Sisson, Pamela L. (9) Skarzynski, Pamela A. (9) Skelsey, Anne T. (9)—232 Skelton, Daniel B. (9)—232 Skinner, Sharon D. (12)—96, 178, 180 Skipper, Stephen (11)—199 Slifer, Elaine P. (11)—139, 199 Sliff, Patricia M. (12)—96 Sloan, David K. (11)—199 Sloan, Paul C. (9)—232 Slonceski, Theresa A. (10)—214 Smallwood, Michael R. (9)—232 Smathers, Joseph L. (10)—214 Smedley, Laurel (9)—232 Smethurt, Richard (9)—232 Smith, Andrea G. (9)—232 Smith, Andrew L. (9)—232 Smith, Ann M. (11)—199 Smith, Brenda L. (12)—96, 138 Smith, Brenda S. (9)—233 Smith, Charles M. (11)—199 Smith, Christine V. (9) Smith, Cotton W. (9)—233 Smith, Craig M. (9)—233 Smith, Grace K. (12) Smith, Harry (T)—51 Smith, James G. (11)—199 Smith, Jo Ann (10)—115, 214 Smith, Linda Jeanne (10)—140, 215 Smith, Linda Loy—140, 215 Smith, Lucia E. (12)—96, 115 Smith, Maureen J. (10)—215 Smith, Nancy H. (T)—41 Smith, Nancy L. (12)—96 Smith, Patricia L. (9)—233 Smith, Paula J. (12)—96, 138 Smith, Philip F. (9)—233 Smith, Rebecca J. (10)—121, 140, 214 Smith, Richard N. (10)—215 Smith, Ronald B. (11)—156, 199 Smith, II, Ronald R. (10)—156, 215 Smith, Sandra E. (12)—96, 109, 134 Smith, Scott S. (12)—97 Smith, Susan J. (11)—120 Smith, Wayne B. (11) Smither, John K. (11) Smoak, Frank A. (11)—199 Smoak, Pamela W. (12)—97, 109, 115 Smoot, Janet M. (10)—140, 215 Snider, Carol J. (10)—117, 141, 215 Snider, Marcia L. (12)—97 Snow, David H, (12)—97 Snyder, Deborah Lee (9)—233 Snyder, Mary K. (11)—199 Social Studies Department Sorrell, Helen G. (10)—117, 140, 215 Sours, Craig H. (10)—156, 167, 215 Southard, Nancy L. (9) Sowers, Elizabeth S. (11)—199 Sowers, Susan E. (11)—17, 115, 199 Spafford, Deborah A. (9)—233 Spafford, Kenneth J. (12)—97 Spalding, Eilen E. (10)—109, 118, 178, 215 Spanish Club —121 Spanish Honor Society —110 Speakman, Lawrence (10) Speakman, Theodore A, (12)—97 Special Recognitions —32-35 Spelman, Harold J. (9)—164, 233 Sprague, Donna L. (12)—97 Sprinkle, Robert H. (R)—110, 199 Sprouse, Sharon H. (11)—199 Spruill, Margaret A. (12)—97, 180 Spurlock, Brian D. (12)—97, 164 Stacy, William M. (12) Stage Crew —123 Stakem, Eleanor J. (9) Stanek, Mary E. (12)—98, 110 Stankovich, Frank R. (11)—199 Stanley, William J. (12) Stanners, Robert M. (11)—110, 123, 128, 199 Stansbury, Ronald (10)—215 Stark, Joanne F. (10)—215 Starker, Ann E. (11)—139, 199 Starker, William J. (10)—215 Startzel, Jr., Gerald (12)—98, 166, 167 Startzel, Morris G. (10)—215 Stearns, II, Harry W. (10)—167, 215 Steele, James G. (11)—200 Steele, Nancy K. (12)—98 Steffes, Kathleen J. (10)—215 Steiger, Stephanie A. (11)—110, 112, 113, 200 Stein, Frederick P. (12)—98, 105 Stephanz, Virginia (T)—50 Stevens, Dorothy (T) Stevens, James B. (12)—98, 148, 150-153, 161-163 Stevens, Jane M. (9)—233 Stevenson, Athana L. (9)—233 Stevenson, Robert L. (T)—48 Steward, Jerry W. (9)—167, 233 Stewart, Charles D.—(10) Stewart, Suzanne C. (9)—233 Stidd, Margaret J. (10)—124, 215 Stidley, Bonnie L. (T)—46 Stirling, Jr., Harold J. (10) Stirling, Jo Ann (9)—233 Stirrup, Michael A. (12)—98 Stirrup, Victoria A. (10)—140, 215 Stockus, Anthony V. (12)—98, 110, 119 Stoelzel, Katherine A. (11)—200 Stokwitz, Stephen S. (9) Stone, James P. (11)—200 Stone, Peter L. (9)—233 Stoner, Jacqueline (9)—233 Storm, Jan E. (10)—116, 140, 215 Storm, Sharon L. (11)—116, 178, 200 Stover, Mary E. (12) Strecker, Sharon S. (12)—98 Strieker, Sigrid S. (10)—215 Street, John W. (11)—200 Street, Kathy A. (12)—98, 112, 138 Street, Ruth E. (10)—215 Strickland, Jo Ann (T)—46 Stringfelow L. (12)—99 Strong, Larry A. (12)—99 Sturdevan, Kerry L. (11)—200 Sullivan, Janean L. (9)—233 Sullivan, Ronald W. (9)—112, 156, 164, 233 Sullivan, Sally (9)—136, 233 Summers, Lora B. (T)—44 Suraci, Irene M. (12)—99 Suter, Glenn W. Jr. (12)—99 Swart, Janis L. (10) Swartz, Roxane L. (12)—99, 109, 110, 128, 129 Sweetheart Dance —22 Swim Club —131 Sydenstricker, Robert M. (12)—99, 109, 110, 114, 100 Sylvester, Wendy A. (10)—141, 117 T Talent Show —17 Talley, Janene L. (9) Tambor, Thomas N. (9) Tangas, Patricia (12)—99 Tannheiser, Hannelore (11)—200 Tannous, Josephine M. (T)—50 Tasker, Patricia P. (11)—200 Tasker, Philip L. (12)—99 Tassara, Cecilia (9)—223 Tassara, Hector J. (12)—99 Tatem, Carolyn J. (9)—233 Taylor, Alan E. (12)—99 Taylor, Clinton W. (9) Taylor, Elodie Kay (11)—200 Taylor, Jack (9)—233 Taylor, Janet M. (9) Taylor, Linda S. (11) Taylor, Marla R. (10) Taylor, Sheila (9) Taylor, Suzanne L. (9)—233 Tedesco, Alexander E. (9)—156, 233 Tenhet, Joseph N. (12)—99 Tennant, Elaine C. (12)—100, 109, 110, 111, 115, 128, 23, 112 Tennis —176 Thespians —122 Thie, Bonnie L. (12)—100, 109, 121, 138 Thie, Krista K. (10) Thiede, Juanita Ann (9)—233 Thompson, Curtis S. (11)—200 Thompson, Kathleen D. (9)—233, 124 Thompson, Sharon L. (10)—140 Thompson, Thais S. (9)—136, 233, 112 Thomson, H. Kelly (10) 248 INDEX Thornton, Mary L. (9)—233 Thurmond, Richard (9) Thurner, Robert F, (10) Tidball, Catharine L. (10)—140 Tiffany, Pamela R. (11)—200 Tighe, John B. (10)—118 Tighe, Thomas C. (12)—110, 167 Tillett, Jerry D. (9) Tilton, Debra A. (9)—17, 233 Tilton, Rita J. (11) Timlin, Robert (10) Tinney, Jean M. (12)—100, 115, 129, 138 Tinney, Richard T. Jr. (9)—233, 112 Tobin, Marvin B. (10) Todd, Thomas B. (T)—49 Tolliver, John A. (10) Tomanelli, Yvonne (9) Tomayko, Kenneth E. (11)—200 Tompkins, Gail E. (11)—200 Torpey, Patsy Ann (9) Townley, John H. (11)—200 Townley, Judith K. (12)—100 Townsend, Carol T. (11)—200 Townsend, Janet E. (9) Tracy, Laura L. (11)—200, 129 Tracy, Jr. Thomas J. (10) Trenery, Michael (9)—233 Trenery, John B. (12)—101 Trenholm, Harriet P. (11)—110, 200, 115 Triesler, Jr. James R. (10) Tri-Hi-Y— 138, 141 Trumble, Theresa L. (11) Trussell, Doris T. (T)—46 Tucker, Jr. George 6. (10) Tucker, Linda K. (11)—110, 178, 180, 200, 128 Tucker, Sharon L. Tunno, Charlotte (12) Turner, Ann Marie (11)—200 Turner, Douglas C. (9)—233 Turner, Maureen L. (12)—101 Turner, Jr. Ralph E (12)—101 Turner, S ondra L. (9)—233 Turner, Stuart M. (10) Tussey, Deborah S. (9)—179, 233 Tuthill, Cynthia A. (12) Tuttle, Karen L. (12)—101 Twardy, Deborah E. (11)—20, 200, 114 Tyler, Thomas (9)—233 Tyler, Timothy K. (12)—101 U Ulanowicz, Kim E. (12)—101 Ulery, Ruth A. (12) Ulmer, Michael J. (9)—156, 233 Underwood, Paul H. (12)—101 Upchurch, Theodore A. (10)—129 Updike, Sharon K. (12) Upenicks, Carmen (12)—101, 109, 110 Utt, Russell H.—167 Utt, Jr. William W. V Valosio, Tobi C. (12)—101 Van Auken, William (12) Vanderburg, Patricia S. (12)—101 Vanella, Leonardo J. (11)—200 Vanella, Liliana M. (9)—234 Vann, Gary W. (10) Van Sant, William L. (T) Vantine, Don (11)—200 Varnau, Jr. Arthur L. (12)—101 Vawter, George W. (11)—200 Vendola, David J. (12)—102, 167 Vendola, Jane E. (11)—200 Vergne, Philippe J. (9)—234 Verly, Donald (9)—234 Veynar, Vance Y. (12)—102, 14 Via, Thomas B. (12)—102 Viel, Lawrence W. (12)—102 Von Beulwitz, Jeffrey W. (10)—167 Von Doran, Katherine M. (9)—234, 124 VOT—130 W Wade, James M. (12)—102, 15, 120, 97, 102, 105, 122 Wade, Kathleen N. (9)—234, 124 Wafel, Charles E (12)—102 Wagner, Jeffrey S. (10)—162 Wakefield, Michael M. (12)—102, 162, 114 Waldron, Gay L. (9)—234 Waldrop, Margaret A. (11)—200 Walker, Donald E. (12)—102 Walker, James R. (9)—234 Walker, John S. (12)—102 Wall, Jr. Carl H. (11)—150 Waller, Deborah A. (11)—201 Waller, Michael L. (9)—167, 234 Waller, Robert M. (10)—156 Wallingford, Lynn R. (10) Walsworth, Judy L. (9)—234 Walters, James R. (12)—103 Walton, Charles D. (T)—46 Watanabe, Eri (11)—201 Watson, Arthur D. (10) Watson, John H. (10) Watson, Kenneth F. (10)—17 Watson, Virginia W. (T)—41 Weakley, William (9)—234 Weakley, Richard A. (11)—150, 201 Webb, Thomas (9)—234 Weber, Joseph D. (9)—234 Weber, Katherine P. (9)—234 Weber, Thomas E. (9)—234 Weill, Selma F. (T)—42 Weinstein, Stuart A. (12)—103, 167, 116 Weixel, Hulda M. (10)—140 Welcher, Mary K. (10) Welcher, Michael W. (11)—201 Wellborn, Georgia L. (12) Wellborn, James D. (9)—234 Wellde, Joyce M. (11)—201, 139 Weis, Dana B. (10)—141, 119 Wells, Kentwood D. (12)—103, 109, 110 Wells, Susan L. (11)—201 Wendling, Robert M. (9)—234 Wendt, Douglas C. (10) Wendt, Vicki Jo (9)—136, 234 Wesinger, William D. (9)—167, 234 Wesson, Nora A, (10)—141 West, Judith L. (11)—201 Westbrook, John T. (11)—201 Westerman, Martha S. (9) Westerman, Warren L. (11)—201 Whalen, Terrie (9)—234 Wheeler, Richard D. (11) Whelan, Judy A. (9)—234 Whelan, Timothy G. (12)—103, 148, 149, 150, 155 White, Bruce D. (12)—103 White, Donna L. (10)—123, 124 White, Linda M. (9)—234 White, Nellie R. (T) White, Ralph C. (10)—116 White, Steven R. (12)—103 Whiting, Pamela G. (9)—234 Whitman, Charles P. (9) Whittington, Jere (11) Widdicombe, Linda E. (9)—234, 117, 115 Wientjes, Linda J. (11)—201 Wilber, Robert S. (10) Wilhelmi, Sylvia M. (9)—234 Wilhelmi, Theresa A. (9)—234, 117 Wilkerson, Margie A. (12)—103 Wilkes, Deborah S. (9)—234 Wilkes, Sandra N (12)—103 Wilkins, Gary R. (10) Willett, Kathleen G. (10) Williams, Brenda C. (10)—136, 141, 112 Williams, Candice L. (11)—201 Williams, David B. (9)—235 Williams, Esther Aleta (10) Williams, J. Forrest (12)—103 Williams, Joe R. Jr. (9)—235 Williams, Judith L. (12)—104 Wiliams, Linda A. (9)—235 Williams, Linda M. (10) Williams, Michael G. (11)—201 Williams, Robert B. (10) Williams, Sharon L. (9)—235 Williams, Stewart G. (12)—104 Williamson, Jr. Kenneth J. (11)—201, 164 Willis, Charles R. (12)—104 Willis, Hardy M. Jr. (12)—104 Willis, Steven C. (9)—167, 156, 235 Wilson, Beth L. (T) Wilson, Brenda A. (11)—201 Wilson, Charles E. (9)—235 Wilson, Doris E. (T) Wilson, Eric A. (10) Wilson, Randall G. (12)—104, 109 Windsor, Robert C. (12)—104 Wilson, Vincent L. (9) Windsor, Donald N. (9)—235 Windsor, Penelope V. (10)—140 Winfield, Barbara G. (11)—201 Winfield, J. Michael (12)—104 Winfield, Scott (9)—156, 235 Wingo, Roy R. (9)—235 Winton, Walter (11) Wisniewski, Lorraine N. (11)—139 Wisniewski, Margaret A. (12)—104, 138 Wohlford, Katherine A. (9)—235 Wolfe, James B. (9)—235 Wolfer, III Alvin P. (10) Wood, Ann E. (10)—141 Wood, Hugh (12)—104 Wood, Jean D. (T)—47 Wood, Leah F. (11)—201 Wood, Nan C. (11)—201 Wood, Richard P. (9)—156, 235 Wood, Thomas E (10) Woods, Sue (10)—140 Woods, Thomas E. (10) Woodson, Garland S. (T)—11, 49, 113 Woodward, Deborah (9)—235 Woolard, Martha L. (9) Woolard, II Reginald W. (11)—201 Wooten, Ann M. (12)—104, 129 Wooten, John A. (9)—235 Wootten, III William B. (11)—201 Worley, Christopher C. (12)—104, 167 Worley, Denise (10)—141 Worrell, Marianne (T)—50 Worthy, Wiliam W. Ill (11)—201, 161, 162 Wright, Jr. Albert J. (11)—201 Wright, Ann A. (11)—201 Wright, Carolyn E. (12)—105 Wright, Karen E. (9)—235, 179 Wuigk, Sandra J. (11) Wynne, Susan A. (9)—235 Wyrick, Alice F. (9)—235 Y Yanker, Linda M. (12)—105 Yantis, Deborah G. (9)—235, 112 Yantis, Myron G. (11)—201 Yascovic, Judith (T)—121 Yelton, Linda V. (11)—201 Yep, Margell M. (12)—105 Yoast, Bonnie J. (9)—235 Youell, John R. (11)—201 Youell, William (10) Young, Darlene M. (10)—141 Young, David W. (11)—201 Young, Dick H. Jr. (12)—105, 109, 110, 114 Young, Elizabeth M. (11)—189 Young, James A. (11)—201 Youngren, Nancy J. (9)—235 Z Zikowitz, Robert F. (9)—235 Zmud, John P. (12)—105, 120 Zook, James P. (12)—105 INDEX 249 Mr. Buckley speaks to the S.P.T.A. MR. BUCKLEY On an April afternoon, students and teach¬ ers read in The Evening Star that Mr. Ralph Buckley, principal of Annandale High School, would leave to become Assistant Superin¬ tendent for School Services for Fairfax Coun¬ ty. After his twelve years at Annandale, countless teachers, post-graduates, and members of the staff will remember Mr. Buckley as not only an efficient administrator but also a loyal friend. Most of us can recall his doing us at least one special favor. Most of us can hardly imagine Annandale High School without Mr. Buckley. The student body, faculty, and staff wish Mr. Buckley much success in his new position. 2 50 VRARE 373.755 A 1966 V.12 Annandale High School (McLean, Va.) The antenna unter 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON SALEM. N C I mm ■ Vi ' -4l FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY • • V ' • i vt ' •ii? - IT fn l s .JT ™nofi£wv rt|n He l 4 % ' WT‘ tf -fY 1 i JJ TT. ' , LlfS liStflff ’If l i ' T ' k k r A i a v -a £ 7 itr-?u ‘.At! S r’ }:. ! J ; . : l ;j 1,1 , rail, ' tifTSJ U i ! • ’ i UvAll JT I; - s 1 ' T uny ? WilA.i r - - ’ ? u Ji i - -V 1 5I ' T- ' kV L$ Q at? ■ ; 1 TT ; 4 u| 4 I| i v ... 7 u • -? t . 1 , pv •kj rSJf WufT l n ui 1 ; ffyi ' i f T j ' VT T ' Or ' ' T W JcTi 4 Tit T lr if 4 » f 1 “1 : Z ikyi J , v . - l ‘ ,. ' U 7 ; r.vry " f tjvii l i. jV “-ittk f ‘ i i • if r». T» t ' k r j ’f 4 rt Li 4 4 )» " (F r « . " ? r;

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