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PPWB ■ ' 3( ; ' , « w " Wtii Students and Faculty Annandale High School Annandale, Virginia All that we have done to create the Antenna 1965 has been done for you. We strove to create a looking glass through which you can, in years to come, travel to the past. You will forget many of our faces as the years pass, but the spirit and ideals of AHS can never be lost in your memory. It is of these we seek to re¬ mind you. But we wanted to elicit more than reminiscence from you. We wanted to portray the goals which you set for yourselves, the goals you reached, and the goals you sur¬ passed—a guide for seeking new goals. ' JuyufyL usmess Manager ANTENNA 1965 VOLUME XI For truth and beauty in our life, to Annandale we praise; The overcoming of our strife, to this our hearts we raise. Your teachings of honor, of wisdom and love Will guide us, dear Annandale, e’er as the sun above. Amid the meadow and the tree our School will proudly stand And ever watch her children marching out into the land. So as we grow older, and think upon our ways, Our high school, dear Annandale, will call to mind its days. 2 ANN AND ALE HIGH SCHOOL ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Dedication 14 Special Recognition 15 Administration 16 Faculty 22 Senior Class 40 Activities 74 Organizations 92 Sports 136 Underclassmen 194 Ads 242 Peter B. Sidle, Editor-in-Chief 3 Within the covers of this book 4 5 is Annandale High School . . . . . . the faculty, 6 students, administration, 7 activities, shows, classes, 8 9 H clubs, sports, dances, 10 [i yj T ’ if it fppii | spS | I ! ■ ( taHRS- ' !f l! f 1 1 vUi wishes, aims homework, heartbreaks, graduation experiences, fulfillments, and hopes . . . 12 ... 1964-1965 13 We, The Class of 1965, Dedicate This Book To You Mr. William Van Sant, in deep appreciation for your five years of service and inspiration to us. You loomed above us in stature and knowledge and yet you were able to be one of us. Your occasional " Bull, son” sent many classes into gales of laughter and a few into quiet submission to your arguments. You have provided many of us with a knowledge of our nation’s government and a pride in her might. You have given us a foundation upon which to make ourselves interested and active citizens. You will remain in our memories with gratitude. The Class of 1965 The conclusion of one of Mr. Van Sant’s celebrated yarns. 14 DEDICATION » Thank You, Mr. Baptie Humorous, friendly, generous, thoughtful — all of these describe you, Mr. Baptie. And, it is to you that this small note of appreciation is expressed. You have been an important part of A. H. S. for the past ten years as displayed in your photography, your printing, and your friendship. You have shown the same kindnesses from the Class of ’55 to the Class of 65. It is only fitting then — after a decade of yearbook publi¬ cations — that we say " Thank you.” For each class you have preserved school activities, new additions to the school, sports events, and graduation. Let us now preserve our tribute to you. Faculty and Student Body Thank You, Dr. Martin As an ex-athlete, you are understanding; you protect without pampering. You are a friend to our teams and, therefore, to our school. For eight years of service to our athletic teams, not only as a doctor, but also as a loyal supporter and an enthusiastic fan; for administering physical examinations to endless lines of boys; for coming to all Annandale football games — we wish to thank you. In appreciation, we make this our tribute to you, Dr. John Martin. Faculty and Student Body SPECIAL RECOGNITION 15 Mr. Buckley Mr. Buckley and representative heads of departments. Mr. Ralph E. Buckley. A symbol of the ideals and spirit of Annandale High School. A symbol of the unity of friendship and purpose between faculty and students. A symbol of the atmosphere of ease found in her halls and classrooms. A symbol of the knowledge there gained. A symbol of welcome to those who are new among us. A lasting symbol to her ties to the past. A symbol of the dedication of those who are gone. A symbol of AHS’s growth and dedication to the younger generation. Mr. Buckley extends greetings to new students at AHS. 16 Best Wishes Miss Ruth Royston, teacher of United States History and United States Government for the past eleven years at Annandale High School, is leaving the field of teaching in June, 1965, to pursue her many interests. Students in her classes have found " Ma”, as they affectionately call her, a sincere friend as well as an inspirational teacher. These students, who have gained an enriched conception of their responsibilities and privileges of government and a depth of understanding of the history of their country, extend to her their best wishes. Faculty members have found in Miss Royston a warmth of friendship, a delight in her humor, and an inspiration in her joy of life. While they will miss her, the members of Annandale High School faculty wish her continued enjoyment of traveling, of writing, and of living in Boyce in hisoric Clarke County, Virginia. Faculty and Student Body " Ma” Royston plays hide-and-seek with Mr. Costello. 17 Mr. Finch, Administration Mr. James G. Finch. He was the one who called you to the office to check on an absence. He was the one who enforced the new driving regulations. He was the one who set your punishment if he thought punish¬ ment was best for you. He was the one who let you off- the-hook if he thought that was best. He was the one who came early to ready the building for you. He was the one who unlocked the door when your teacher was late. He was the one who stayed late into the night. He was the one who was on your side one hundred per¬ cent and who would go to any end to make you a better person. From the student body, especially the Class of 1965, thank you, Mr. Finch. Mr. Finch takes care of the administrative side of AHS. 18 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Davis, Instruction Mr. Robert B. Davis had a large hand in decreasing the size of the S.C.A. and Antenna " staffs.” We have many fond memories of being " cleared out.” Knowing him taught us many things. He showed us that faculty members and students can genuinely appre¬ ciate each other and enjoy each other’s jokes. He taught us that some principals have a sense of humor. He taught us that we can have fun and get our work done while still following all the rules. We hope that his first full year can be followed by many more and much better ones. And, thank you, Mr. Davis. Supervision of AHS’s instruction is the responsibility of Mr. Davis. ADMINISTRATION 19 GUIDANCE The director of Annandale’s Guid¬ ance Department, Mrs. Sarah D. Lory, has recently been honored by being included in Who’s Who of American Women. She has studied at Morningside College, Columbia University, and the Union Theolo¬ gical Seminary. She likes to read psychology. Mrs. Lory, Director of Guidance, supervises all grade levels. Mrs. Battaglia ponders the problems of the senior class. Mrs. Mary Battaglia, a graduate of D’Youville Col¬ lege, is working for her M.A. at George Washington University. She is a junior and senior counselor. Helping the juniors get through the trials of PSAT’s and College Boards is Mr. Courtney L. Jones. He has attended Lynchberg College and William and Mary, and is currently studying at U.Va. Mrs. C. Lovejoy, a visiting teacher, comes to AHS from Poe Elementary several times a week. She has been at AHS for several years. 20 ADMINISTRATION GUIDANCE As a twelfth grade guid¬ ance counselor, Mrs. Jean Payne is an invaluable help to AHS’s collegebound sen¬ iors. In addition to her B.A. from the U. of Missouri, she has done graduate work. The sophomore guidance counselor, Mrs. Shirley Randa received her B.A. from Hunter College. Pre¬ sently Mrs. Randa is study¬ ing for her M.A. at George Washington University. This year our guidance department was greatly aided by tht new IBM machine. It speeded up schedule changes and lessened the load on the counselors. The number of students stayed nearly the same, but it seemed the counselors gave more attention to each. This may be due to the fact that most of the counselors are taking additional courses in an effort to meet the increasing de¬ mands of AHS’s students. l 4 4 p i K £ J Mrs. Rademaker and a student assistant work amidst Christmas decorations in the Guidance office. Beginning the school year as a " Miss” and surprising us by becoming " Mrs.”, Mrs. Virginia Pace Sample was always ready to help freshmen with their prob¬ lems. She has both a B.A. and an M.A. Mrs. Payne works on getting another senior accepted to college. Mrs. Virginia Rademaker Mrs. Selma Weill Guidance secretary Guidance secretary ADMINISTRATION 21 IKON fO-tOf MTflNMMnr tO ' itt ,VAN I IKK ll-ltt MM ENGLISH Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ames, one of our English IV teachers, received her B.A. at Randolph-Macon Wo¬ men’s College. She also at¬ tended American University and there earned her M.A. A graduate of West Vir¬ ginia University, Miss Bar¬ bara Aspinall teaches English III. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. which she earned at W.V.U. Mrs. Jeanne Bauer, sponsor of the Senior Honor Society, teaches Junior English. She holds her B.A. from Ursinus College. Mr. J. Wallace Bolding, a graduate of the College of William and Mary, teaches English I. He is also the coach of the freshmen foot¬ ball team. Col. Finley Clarke has his B.A. from Duke and his M.A. from G.W.U. He teaches English IV, is spon¬ sor of the Key Club, and is in charge of the new IBM machines. Miss Susan Carter, who has her B.A. from George Washington University, is now working on her M.A. Known to her students as " Auntie Sue”, she delights in thinking up impossible tests for her students. " You seniors never get enough homework,” decrees Mrs. Ames. Miss Betty C. Evans, a graduate of Bridge- water College, teaches English I, and is also sponsor of the Junior Honor Society. Aim Barbara Finch, a junior English teacher, graduated from Coker College. She is AHS’s foremost Puritan and her hobby is knitting mohair ratt-finks. The goal of the English department of AHS is to produce students who read well, write well, think well, and speak well. English I and II include a basic study of all grammar and literature. In conjunction with American history, American literature is studied and English literature is explored. The English department also includes enrich¬ ment courses such as drama, public speak¬ ing, and Journalism I and II. Mr. Roy T. Fisher, graduate of the U. of Virginia, has also done graduate work at G.W.U. In addition to teaching senior English, he serves as sponsor of the senior class. 24 FACULTY ENGLISH A teacher of sophomore English and Latin II, Mrs. Evelyn Miller earned her B.A. at the University of Wisconsin. In her spare time Mrs. Miller likes to read and travel. Mrs. Phyllis Glickman, sponsor of the A-Blast, teaches sophomore English and journalism. She studied at the Uni¬ versities of Texas and Oklahoma. Miss Barbara Goodman, a sophomore English teacher, is a graduate of Gettysburg College and holds a B.A. Her hobbies are painting and watching sports events. Another sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Winifred Likar, holds her B.S. from Indiana State and her B.A. from Shepherd College. " You-dirty-rats” Mrs. Nellie White, a gradu¬ ate of East Carolina Col¬ lege, teaches both freshman and sophomore English. She has also done graduate work at the University of North Carolina. The strangest things happen in drama. Miss Loyce R. Shell, who obtained her B.S. from George Peabody College, has also done graduate work at G.W.U. Her interest in the art of politics is of great help to her in teaching public speaking. Airs. Nell Summers, head of Annandale’s drama de¬ partment, is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. In addition to her interest in drama, she also enjoys piano music. Mr. James Odom, a gradu- uate of the University of South Carolina, teaches English III. He received his M.Ed. at the University of North Carolina and serves as sponsor and guide to the Antenna staff. Miss Marilyn E. Roper studied at Gardner - Webb Junior College, Carson- Newman College, and East Tennessee State University. She teaches reading and en¬ joys music. FACULTY 25 SCIEN Mr. Richard Ailstock, who enjoys field work in biology, is teaching his students the many wonders of this science. In addition to studying at the U. of Virginia, he has attended Yale. Mr. Walter Bugin, who teaches Chem Study, holds a B.A. and an M.A. from West Vir¬ ginia University. Air. Robert L. Figgers, who teaches Earth Science and Physics, has studied at W L Uni¬ versity and at U. of Virginia. He enjoys woodworking and fish¬ ing. Air. Charles R. Heinz, who has studied at South Illinois U., U. of Illinois, U. of Mary¬ land, and Earlham Col¬ lege, teaches biology. To qualify for a doctorate, he teaches a bio-chemistry class. Mrs. Peggy Jeanne Jar¬ man is in her first year at AHS. She is a gradu¬ ate of Madison College with a B.S. and teaches biology. Mrs. Jarman has a pet Venus Fly Trap and enjoys swimming and riding. SCIENCE Our science department is completing a significant change in its curriculum. In 1962 Chem Study was introduced, in 1963 PSSC Physics, and this year BSCS Biology was introduced. What all this means is that the emphasis is moving away from memorized facts and toward experimentation and discovery. AHS science courses are no longer a large body of memorized data, but now use practical application of facts as their basis. The student no longer feels that he is being taught — he feels that he is learning. Air. Harry O. Keller, who teaches biology and P.S., studied at Shepherd College and G.W.U. He is in charge of the audio-visual de¬ partment and enjoys checking under class- men for hall passes. Mrs. Alice Jean Wood, who holds a B.S. and an M.S. from Saint Bonaventure University, is a teacher of Chem Study at AHS. Col. Boleyn works on the complex problem of creating dustless chalk. 26 FACULTY BUSINESS Mrs. Shirley T. Dixon graduated from Madi¬ son College with a B.S. degree. She fills her after - school hours with cooking and sew¬ ing. She was a student teacher at Annandale last year. A graduate of Colorado State College where she received both her B.A. and M.A., Mrs. Beatrice H. Frutchey works with V.O.T. She has done graduate work at Ohio State. When she finds spare time, she travels. Mr. Charles . Good graduated from Madi¬ son College. He teaches bookkeeping and Typ¬ ing I. Mr. Howard H. Stevens, who teaches typing, graduated from Ober- lin College. He enjoys bowling and belongs to a fairly normal family. In addition to receiv¬ ing his B.S. from R.P.I., Air. Thomas Todd has done graduate work at four other universities. He is director of our D.E. department and enjoys golfing. BUSINESS Business courses are taken by our future clerical work¬ ers and college-bound students who wish to make their work easier. The dedication of our faculty and the variety of courses do much to relieve the panic and b ewilderment of an AHS graduate on the first day of an office job. Caught in the act! Mrs. Woodson is a favorite of each year’s senior class. Miss Dora Wilson, a Radford College gradu¬ ate, teaches general business as well as typing. She taught at Windsor and worked for the government be¬ fore joining us at AHS. She enjoys bowling. Mrs. Garland Woodson, who teaches notehand and typing, has studied at Mary Washington College and at U. Va. She is always ready with helpful advice for her students. FACULTY 27 MATHEMATICS Col. Julian Abell, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and C o f n e 11 University, teaches Algebra II, and plane and solid geome¬ try. Mrs. Marion Cassedy, who received her B.A. from the University of Mississippi, teaches alge¬ bra and trigonometry. She enjoys playing bridge and reading. A teacher of Algebra I and general math, Mrs. Mary Dyess was edu¬ cated at the University of Chattanooga and George Peabody Col¬ lege. Mr. Robert L. Farris, a graduate of Daniel Baker College, teaches Algebra I and II. His home is a haven for pets of all kinds. He is also interested in gardening and lumber¬ ing. With the introduction of " modern” math courses, the focus of Annandale’s mathematics program is moving away from the " how” and toward the " why”. Interest in higher mathematics is shown by this year’s fifty percent increase in the enrollment of advanced math courses. Teachers are forced to take more courses in the summer to keep up with the increasing educational requests of their students. " And here’s my house . . .” And here’s what Mrs. Dyess does when she’s not patroling the cafeteria. Mr. J. F. Moody earned his B.S. at V.M.I. and teaches Algebra I and General Math 9- Mrs. Elizabeth Posey strives to make the complicated study of trigonometry clear to her students. She studied at Southwest Missouri State College and later at Temple University. 28 FACULTY " Yes, in June I’ll have been teaching for ninety-nine years.” Annandale graduates have found that they received at AHS a thorough preparation for college math. Students are offered such higher math courses as Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, Plane and Solid Geometry, and Math Analysis. This year, for the first time, four seniors are studying calculus. MATHEMATICS Mrs. Francis P. Ramay, who teaches analy¬ sis and trigonometry, studied at Miss. State College for women and the University of Ark¬ ansas. She works with the M.Y.F. in her spare time. Having studied at Emory and Henry Col¬ lege, the University of Virginia, Duke and American Universities, Miss Mary Virginia Robinson guides many sophomores through the maze of Modern Geometry. Aim Bonnie Lee Stid- ley, teacher of Geome¬ try, is a graduate of Madison College, where she received her B.S. Miss Stidley rates bowl¬ ing high on her list of interests. A graduate of East Carolina College, Aim Joan Strickland teaches algebra and general math. Air. Walton, a teacher new to Annandale this year, teaches commerci¬ al math and geometry. He graduated from Bridgewater College and enjoys sports. Besides teaching Physics, the versatile Col. Boleyn also dips his chalk in Algebra I. FACULTY 29 SOCIAL STUDIES The world is said to be shrinking every day, but the complexities of the world’s problems increase every day; so the importance of our social studies department also increases. AHS’s teachers continually revise their courses to keep up with these changes, using films, records, charts, and maps. They en¬ courage research, utilize community sources, promote discussion, and emphasize current events. During his first year at AHS, Capt. Eugene Breitenberg taught government and geography. In addition to holding a B.A. and an M.S.E., he is a candi¬ date for his Ph.D. at American University. In addition to teaching geography and socio¬ logy, Mr. Richard Chap¬ man also is sponsor of the Junior C i v i t a n Club. He graduated from Iowa State Teachers College. Mr. Chapman patrols his classroom. Mr. George Costello assures his history clas¬ ses that any day is a good day for a test. A graduate of Shepherd College, he is an excel¬ lent tennis player and is a familiar sight on the AHS tennis courts. Mr. James Dorminey teaches world geogra¬ phy in this, his first year at AHS. He has been well-liked this year and we hope that he will continue his career here. Mr. Donald Henretty, a favorite history and government teacher, graduated from G.W.U. Otherwise known as " The Great Pumpkin,” Mr. Henretty receives many Halloween letters each year. A graduate of the Uni¬ versity of Minnesota, Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell teaches world geogra¬ phy to our freshmen. Annandale’s answer to the Great Pumpkin, Mr. Henretty. 30 FACULTY Mrs. Louise S. Ross teaches world history and U.S.-Va. History. She has attended the University of North Carolina and Mary Washington College. She enjoys antique hunting. Miss Ruth Royston, who is in her forty- third year of teaching, graduated from the College of William and Mary. She teaches civics U.S. History, and government. SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. William Parnell teaches U. S. History and U. S. Government. He received his B.A. and MA. from Colum¬ bia University and also attended St. Anselm’s and Boston U. Mr. Thomas H. Porter, the sponsor of the sophomore class, has studied at Concord Col¬ lege and American Uni¬ versity. H e teaches world geography and is an administrative aid. When asked what he was doing behind the brief¬ case, Mr. Stevenson replied, " My daily crossword puzzle.” Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson, government teacher, received his B.A. from King Col¬ lege and his M.A. from U.Va. He enjoys hunt¬ ing, fishing, bowling, and spectator sports. AHS’s tennis coach, Mr. William Van Sant, also teaches government. He holds his B.A. and M.A. and has studied at Southern Methodist University, G.W.U., and the University of Ten¬ nessee. FACULTY 31 LANGUAGES The A.L.M. method of teaching modern languages has caused almost as much controversy as the new math. It stresses listening comprehension and speaking in the first two years. Reading and writing are given more attention in the third and fourth years. We are fortunate in having a well-coordinated and dedicated staff of language teachers. Substitute? . . . No, it’s Mrs. Little. Cmdr. Russell H. Buck- ley, who studied at U.S.N.A. and Fordham University, teaches Spanish II and III at AHS. Miss Judith Ann Doud teaches Spanish I on weekdays, but horse¬ back riding and swim¬ ming fill her out-of¬ school hours. She owns a horse and turtle. Miss Doud is a graduate of Randolph-Macon. Mr. John R. H. Boro- now, a new addition to AHS’s teaching staff, is a graduate of the U. of Breslaw in Berlin. This gives him an ex¬ cellent background for teaching German I and II. Miss Carol R. Bobo, new to the AHS faculty, fills out the French staff. She graduated from Madison College and enjoys reading and a good poker game. Maggie Willis catches every bit of French she can from Mrs. Morrell. Mrs. Ross F. Little, sponser of the Latin and Russian clubs, teaches languages. She has attended Hunter College, Columbia U., Dartmouth College, and George Washing¬ ton University. Mr. William Mast- brook, better known to his students as " Fasty Masty”, holds a B.A. from American U. He teaches Spanish IV and sponsors the Spanish Honor Society. 32 FACULTY Mrs. Tannous looks into the matter of the imperfect tense. Miss Betty Mullins holds a double position b y teaching both English II and Spanish II and III. She gradu¬ ated from Coker Col¬ lege with a B.A. She is an avid reader and tennis player. Mrs. Josephine Tan¬ nous is teaching French I and II. A graduate of the University of Wash¬ ington and the Univer¬ sity of Minnesota, she has two sons in col¬ lege, both of whom graduated from AHS. LANGUAGES Mrs. Evelyn Morrell, sponsor of the French Club, studied at Ohio State and the Uni¬ versity of California. She teaches French I, II, and III. Miss Virginia Lee Stephanz guides her students through the intricacies of French II and III. She graduated from Radford College and did graduate work at George Washington University. «t Sigh . tf Cmdr. Buckley waits patiently for the Cross Country team to come home. A graduate of Vander¬ bilt University and the University of Mary¬ land, Miss Consuelo Van Beek teaches Spanish. She enjoys sports and likes to type. Mrs. Marianne Worrell has a very full schedule teaching German II, III, IV, and French V. She has studied at both Appalachian State Teachers College and Sophia University in Tokyo. FACULTY 33 MUSIC Harold C. Connell, father of six children, also finds time to direct some of the varied choirs at AHS. He re¬ ceived his B.A. and M.A. from Brigham Young University. Mr. John Farris, teaches and directs AHS’s con¬ cert, dance and sym¬ phonic bands. He studied at North Texas University, Texas Christian Univer¬ sity and Eastern Ken¬ tucky State. Mr. Joseph Af. Heg- stead, who shares in the choral department duties, has graduated from North Dakota State College and is working toward his M.S. He likes to play baseball and softball. A lighter side to AHS’s curriculum is the music department. Many of our students participate in presentations which give enjoyment to the student body and the community, such as the Christmas Assembly, the Tiny Tots Concert, the Apple Blossom Parade, and this year, our own " Carousel.” " Where’s my whistle?” ART Miss Carabello explains the art of sketching to Sue Wood. The job of teaching AHS art students is shared by Mils Sarah H. Carabello and Mr. Edgar P. Roberson, Jr., who graduated from Madison College and the Uni¬ versity of Richmond, respectively. AHS art students share their art throughout the school with their many displays. The art department is growing. Art III and IV are combined this year, and six or seven students are expected to follow up their art courses with art school. 34 FACULTY Mrs. Chester keeps track of record diaper-changing time What have we here?” says Mr. Beto as he scratches his lip. HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Sylvia Chester is a home economics teacher of varied in¬ terests. She enjoys play¬ ing bridge, sewing, and listening to music. She received her B.S. and M.Ed. from the U. of North Carolina. A graduate of Radford College, Airs. Dorothy Hudgins instructs the girls in the art of homemaking. After school hours, her in¬ terests include playing bridge and bowling. The Home Economics department works to¬ ward preparing its students for homemaking. The courses include cooking (remember the lovely doughnut, cookie, and casserole smells?), child care (if he won’t stop crying, his diapers need changing.), and other skills needed by a successful home-maker. INDUSTRIAL ARTS A walk through the industrial arts department will show you clean, modern, well-equipped, and well-run shops. The old metal shop is now a new electronics lab, and there is a new mechanical drawing room. The courses are chosen to fit the needs of the modern industrial arts student. Mr. Frank Beto, a graduate of Salem Col¬ lege, did graduate work at West Virginia Uni¬ versity. He coaches the J.V. football and bas¬ ketball teams. Mr. Russel Leroy Cros¬ ier attended West Vir¬ ginia Tech for his B.S. and U. Va. for his M.S. He teaches electronics and, in his spare time, likes to hunt and fish. Air. Paul O. Schwartz, a graduate of Stout State College and U. Va., teaches Mechanical Drawing. Air. Ralph Shriver who teaches Industrial Arts, studied at West Vir¬ ginia University, U. Va., and George Washing¬ ton University. FACULTY 35 PHYSICAL EDUCATION This year, for the first time in AHS’s history, all junior girls were required to take gym. This situation was greeted with less than mirth. When the new gym is completed the girls’ physical education department will have ample facilities for their acitvities; however, this year’s extensive construction has interfered with outside ac¬ tivities. Miss Katherine Buck, who graduated from Longwood College, teaches health and P.E. She also coaches the girls’ Varsity Basket¬ ball and J.V. Softball teams. Mrs. Hilda Hall holds a B.S. from Longwood College. The student body is becoming ac¬ customed to seeing her two girls, Kimberlee, 4, and Jane, 2, at school. Her hobbies are camping and bridge. Miss Robinson, student teacher. Underclassmen girls participate in modern dancing instruction. Miss Jane Moreland, who has her B.S. from Madison College, is as¬ sisted this year by a student teacher. In her spare time she enjoys painting, reading, music, and outdoor sports. Miss Rachal Peters, who teaches health and P.E. II and III, studied at Roanoke Col¬ lege and Longwood College. She coaches Varsity Hockey. Mrs. Anne B. Ramey graduated from Ap¬ palachian State Teach¬ er’s College and has also studied at the U. of Colorado. This season she hopes to im¬ prove on her skiing. Volleyball is a favorite sport at AHS. 36 FACULTY PHYSICAL EDUCATION The boys’ Physical Education department offers a wide variety of sports to underclassmen boys and senior athletes. For the first time this year, junior boys were required to participate in this course. In addition to being AHS’s Athletic Direc¬ tor, Mr . James W. Coyle instructs a fresh¬ man Health and Physi¬ cal Education class. He has received his B.A. from Furman Univer¬ sity. A graduate of the Col¬ lege of William and Mary, Mr. Robert Hardage teaches P.E. I, II, and III. Mr. Hardage is also the Varsity Baseball coach and the backfield coach for the Varsity Football team. " I know that rule’s in here somewhere.” " Louie, Louie . . .” Mr. Edward H. Henry, Jr. received his B.S. from the U. of Virginia in 1951 and his M.Ed. in 1964. He teaches Physical Education I, II, and IV, and is the head coach of the Var¬ sity Football team. Mr. William Scott, who received his B.A. from Marshall U., instructs the freshmen, sopho¬ mores, and juniors in P.E. He has done grad¬ uate work at George Washington University and enjoys hunting. Mr. Harry Smith who received his A.B. from Greenville State College teaches P.E. II and III. Aside from coaching our Varsity Basketball team, he is an avid hunter. FACULTY 37 LIBRARY Mrs. Annabelle Ashenhurst and her assistant, Mrs. Smith, succeeded in producing an atmosphere condu¬ cive to study in AHS’s library. Mrs. Ashenhurst has studied at the University of Illinois and the University of Virginia. SECRETARIES Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Bunch help AHS students find their way around Annandale. Mrs. Mary Bunch Mrs. Watson Mrs. Citara Secretary to Mr. Buckley Front-office secretary Guidance secretary Mrs. Gallagher was AHS’s finance secretary for the first half of the year. The students wish her luck in the future. Mrs. Noella Lopacki, our school nurse, is a graduate of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing in New Brunswick, Cana¬ da. She enjoys home decorating and good music. Mrs. Gallagher was replaced by Mrs. Simmons, who was then able to keep an eye on her son, Bob. 38 FACULTY CAFETERIA STAFF Elizabeth Darr; Mildred Ayres; Emma Thompson; Addie Connely; Grace Calvert; Vida Blevins; Mabel Harris; Elizabeth Kothenbeutal; Clara Brown; Laura Martin; Janet Moore; Helen Faith; Edna Brown; Dorothy Stevens. CUSTODIANS Corder Shahan; Earl Dingus; Billy Mullins; Earnest Snow; Cullom Grissom; Eastman Fincham; Vernon Robinson; Frank Sites; Charles Simms; Richard Edwards. FACULTY 39 CLASS OF 1965 " Barney Siegle, THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” " Kitty Merendino? No, it’s Pocahontas!” " ROAR!” Mike Davis’s locker is equipped for every emergency. Maddie Hegarty shows Hans Breiten lohner around AHS. " Pass the popcorn.” " Frankly, I was for Barry Goldwater.” 42 SENIORS Thank you to our faithful senior class sponsors, Mrs. Elizabeth Ames and Mr. Roy T. Fisher. This year we entered a new world of Shakespeare and black coffee. We confirmed all the rumors we had heard since our freshman year and passed them on to underclassmen. But, after years of practice, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. The new ideas presented to us opened our minds and we searched for more knowledge. For many of us our senior year scholastics were easy and we found time to delve into that activity for which we had never before found time — an after school job, the yearbook, a service club. In all ways, our senior year has broadened our knowledge of everyday things and made us understand ourselves. Senior Class Officers (bottom to top): Mary Pagliero, treasurer; Jim Creekman, vice- president; Jackye Cave, secretary; and Jim Checkovich, president. SENIORS 43 Richard Howard Abbott Freshman Basketball, Manager. Fu ture Plans: College Dick Robert Michael Abrams Bob J.V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Wrestling Intramurals; Monitor; Junior Civitans; SAM Club; V.P.; Band Member. Future Plans: College Janet Elizabeth Ackroyd " Jackroyd” Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Fall-Out Staff; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; Pep Club; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.; Ayudera; Powder Puff Football; Girls’ Ensemble; A Cappella Choir. Future Plans: College Roberta Lee Adcock Bobette Freshman Representative; Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; S. C. A. Publicity Committee; A-Blast, Editor-in-Chief; Quill and Scroll; Powder Puff Football; Basketball Intramurals; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; Band Member; American Junior Red Cross Club; Junior Civitans, Pres.; Nat’l Thespian Society, V.P.; G.A.A.; German Club; Latin Club; Drama Club; Senior Honor Society. Future Plans: College Sidney Stuart Allen Butch Future Plans: College William Curtis Altice, Jr. Bill Future Plans: College Charles Roy Anderson Charlie Freshman Football; Varsity Cross Country; J.V. Track; Varsity Track; Wrestling Intramurals. Future Plans: College Virginia Anderson Ginny Powder Puff Football; Volleyball Intramurals; Talent Show; " My Fair Lady”; Majorettes; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Arthur E. Arden Art Spanish Honor Society; Monitor; Fall-Out Staff; Gym¬ nastics Intramurals; Freshman Follies; Band Member; Spanish Club, Treas.; Drama Club; Pi R Squares; In¬ tramural Aid. Karen Sue Arnold Karen Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Keyettes; Fall-Out, Editor-in-Chief; Quill and Scroll; Cheerleading Alternate; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball; Miss AHS Contestant; Girls’ State; French Club; German Club; Pep Club, Treas. Future Plans: Teaching Career Marilyn Ann Auer Marilyn Office Assistant; C. O. P. Future Plans: Business School Timothy Lee Austin Tim Senior Representative; Key Club; Varsity Football; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Baseball. Future Plans: College Susan Grace Baker Sue Powder Puff Football; Fall-Out Staff; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; French Club; Art Guild; Bio-Chemistry Club. Future Plans: Physical Therapist 44 SENIORS Betty Jean Baldwin Betty Archery Intramurals; F. T. A., Sec., Treas.; G. R. A. A. Future Plans: College Shirley Ann Batten Shirley Junior Achievement, Pres.; French Club; Future Home¬ makers of America; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Dietician Aileen Baydala Aileen Powder Puff Football; Stage Crew; French Club; Future Nurses of America; Pep Club. Future Plans: Teaching Edward William Beach Bill Monitor; Freshman Football; J. V. Football, Varsity Football; J. V. Track; " My Fair Lady”; " Carousel”; SA Representative; Home Room Representative. Future Plans: College James Alan Beall Jim Future Plans: College Theresa D. Beary Terry Powder Puff Football; Volleyball Intramurals; Stage Crew; " My Fair Lady”; Spanish Club; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Kathryn Cecilia Beery Kathy Clinic Aid; Home Room Representative; Distributive Education; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Robert Gregory Bell Bob Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Key Club; Golf Team; Band Member; French Club. Future Plans: College Tanya Lee Belt Tanya Freshman Representative; Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Monitor; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Bas¬ ketball; J. V. Softball; Varsity Softball; Basketball In¬ tramurals; Talent Show; " Ten Little Indians ; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Victor H. Beninate Vic Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; Football Intra¬ murals. Future Plans: College John C. Bangert John Future Plans: College Donna Ham Barber Slick C. O. P.; Choir; Newspaper; Softball Team. Future Plans: Work Judy Anne Bartlett Judy Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; Stage Crew; Pep Club; Spanish Club; French Club. Future Plans: College SENIORS 45 Dave Spaulding instructs Robin Brickham in the fine art of frugging. Joan Adele Bentley Joan Library Assistant; F. H. A., Historian; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Historian; A. F. S. Club. Future Plans: College Ahldor K. Berg A1 A-Blast, Editor; Quill and Scroll; Varsity Basketball, Man¬ ager; Golf; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Richard S. Birnbaum Rick Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Varsity Football, Manager; Varsity Track, Manager; Homeroom Representative; Latin Club. Future Plans: Engineering Nancy Jean Black Nancy Powder Puff Football; " The Mouse That Roared”; Inter¬ scholastic Competition; French Club; Drama Club; Future Nurses of America. Future Plans: Costume and Set Designing Nicholas C. Black Nick Future Plans: College Jean Keller Blake Jean Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. Future Plans: College John Curtis Blum, Jr. John Senior Representative; Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Key Club, Sec.; Talent Show; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; Band Member. Future Plans: College Sandra H. Bohart Sandy Literary Magazine; Powder Puff Football; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Russian Club. Future Plans: Physical Therapist Judy Ann Boland Judy Sophomore Class Secretary; Freshman Representative; French Honor Society. Future Plans: College Stewart Herbert Bornhoft Stewart Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society, Treas.; Antenna, Staff; Baseball, Man¬ ager; Boys’ State Alternate; S. A. Representative; Home¬ room Representative; Chess Club, Treas., Sec., Pres.; National Merit Letter of Commendation. Future Plans: College 46 SENIORS Noreen Theresa Boris Nonie J. V. Basketball; Powder Puff Football; Basketball Intra- murals; " Can Can’’; " Lil’ Abner”; Student Council Repre¬ sentative, Alternate; G. A. A.; Science Club; Lab Assistant. Future Plans: Nursing Bruce Daniel Bowers Bruce Key Club; Monitor; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Var¬ sity Baseball; Junior Classical League; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Ralph Bowles Snookie Distributive Education; D. E. Club. Future Plans: Work Donna Marie Bradley Donna Library Assistant; Athletic Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; C. O. P.; Pep Club; Drama Club; Spanish Club; Freshman Girls’ Chorus. Future Plans: Secretary . . . " and Dick Tracey finds Doctor Frost.” Hans Breitenlohner Hans Key Club; Varsity Cross Country; Varsity Track; A. F. S. Club; A. F. S. Student; Pi R Squares. Future Plans: Physicist Robin Lee Brickham Robin S. C. A. Secretary; Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Monitor; Antenna, Staff; Varsity Cheerleading; Powder Puff Football; Talent Show; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; Girls’ State; Drama Club; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Nigel Broder Nigel Varsity Cross Country; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; " The Mouse That Roared.” Future Plans: College William Morrison Brooks Bill Distributive Education; D. E. Club William D. Brotherton, III Bill Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; German Honor Society, Treas.; Monitor; J. V. Wrestling; Var¬ sity Wrestling; J. V. Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country; J. V. Track; Wrestling Intramurals; Boys’ State Alternate; German Club; Pi R Squares; Math Club. Future Plans: Dentistry Kenneth A. Brown Kenny SENIORS 47 Bruce Herbert Brumm Bruce J. V. Baseball. Future Plans: College Patricia Carol Bruns Patti Freshman Class Secretary; Office Assistant; Antenna, Copy Editor; Glee Club; National Latin Certificate; Latin Club. Fu¬ ture Plans: Secretarial School Bates Cavanaugh Burnell, Jr. Bates Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Letterman’s Club. Future Plans: College Marilyn Ward Butler Lyn S. C. A. Cabinet; Talent Show Winner; Miss AHS Contestant; " My Fair Lady”; French Club; Drama Club; National Thespian Society; Pep Club; Junior Civitan. Future Plans: Social Work Gilbert Lee Button Gibby Russina Club; Latin Club; J. C. L., State Representative; Atoms Athletic Committee. Future Plans: College " And then Mr. Finch said . . .” Mary Christine Cabler Chris Powder Puff Football; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. Future Plans: Teaching Walter Howard Cain Distributive Education; D. E. Club; Band Member. Wally Future Plans: Work Betty Coleen Carraway Coleen Office Assistant; French Club; Caducius Club; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Elizabeth Pace Carter Beth Photography Club; Debate Club; Pep Club; Drama Club; Chorus; Red Cross; Spanish Club; Bio-Chemistry Club. Future Plans: College 48 SENIORS Thomas Gordon Cauble Torn German Honor Society; Varsity Football; J. V. Basketball; Basketball Intra- murals; Band Member; All Southern Germany Band; German Club; Junior Civitan; Varsity Basketball. Future Plans: College Jacquelyn Rainey Cave Jackye Senior Class Secretary; Freshman Representative; Junior Honor Society; Powder Puff Football; Basketball, Volleyball, Track Intramurals; Home¬ coming Court; Sweetheart Court; Miss AHS Contestant; S. A. Representa¬ tive; Tri-Hi-Y, V. P.; Ayudera; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Renee Janette Channey Renee Library Assistant; Clinic Aid; Talent Show; " A Little Off Broadway”; " H. M. S. Pinafore”; A Cappella Choir, Sec.; Music Merit Award; Girls’ Ensemble; Pep Club; Prom Committee Chairman; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College James K. Checkovich Jim S. C. A. Cabinet; Junior Class President; Senior Class President; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Junior Honor Society, Pres.; Senior Honor Society; Key Club; Magazine Drive Captain; Monitor; Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; J. V. Basketball; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Boys’ State; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Rep¬ resentative. Future Plans: College Ellin Wright Childs Opie Office Assistant; French Club; Pi R Squares; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Roger Lee Christopher Roger J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Weight Lifting Club. Future Plans: College Scott Forrester Church Scott Freshman Class Representative; Sophomore Class Representative; Freshman Foot¬ ball; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball. Future Plans: College Timothy R. Cimbanin Tim Rosary Anne Cirillo Rosary Senior Honor Society; Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football; Junior Red Cross; French Club; Math Club; S.C.A. Committee. Future Plans: Medical Career SENIORS 49 Donna Marie Clarke Donna Varsity Cheerleading; Drama Club; Yearbook Editor; Newspaper Staff; Pep Club; Stage Crew; Christmas Dance Committee Chairman; Junior Prom Committee; Powder Puff Football. Future Plans: College Lee Roy Clarkson Lee J. V. Wrestling; Volleyball Intramurals. Future Plans: Architectural Engineering Nan Regina Clubb Nan Vocational Office Training; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Work Charlotte Coffey Lottie Distributive Education; Choir; P. E. Club; All-State Music Festival; D. E. Club. Future Plans: College Frederick J. Cole Fred Future Plans: College Charlyn Collier Lyn Varsity Cheerleading; Vocational Office Training; Monogram Club; Drama Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: Government Job Allan Cecil Clark A1 Library Assistant; Talent Show Winner; Stage Crew; " John Brown’s Body”; Choir; Drama Club; Welcoming Committee; Fire Squad; Band and Orchestra, Librarian. Future Plans: Music Education Cathy Clark Cathy Keyettes; Monitor; S. C. A. Committee; " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Historian; Pep Club; French Club. Future Plans: Teaching John Wilson Columbare Johnny Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Wrestling; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball. Future Plans: Technical School Lynda Lea Columbare Lynda J. V. Hockey; Varsity Hockey; J. V. Softball. Future Plans: Secretary 50 SENIORS Carol Patricia Conaty Pat Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society, Sec.; German Club. Future Plans: Teaching William John Connelly Billy Wrestling; J. V. Baseball; J. V. Cross Country; J. V. Track; Varsity- Track. Future Plans: Engineering MMMW Thomas Wayne Coons Tom Junior Honor Society; Wrestling; French Club. Future Plans: College Paul Robert Cooper Freshman Clas s Treasurer; Sophomore Class Representative; J. V. Football; J. V. Basketball; Golf, Football, Basketball Intramurals: Stage Crew. Future Plans: Army Career Thelma Katherine Conner Kay Vocational Office Training; Band Member; Majorettes; Y-Teens; 4-H. Future Plans: Work Cynthia Jane Cook Cinde Powder Puff Football; Masque and Wig; Barns; Library Club, Sec.- Treas.; Spanish Club; Junior Civitan. Future Plans. College Kathleen Patricia Cook Stage Crew; Drama Club; Alpha College William Bruce Cook Future Plans: College uture Michael Joseph Copeland Mike Freshman Basketball; Basketball Intramurals; S. A. Representative; Spanish Club; French Club. Future Plans: International Law John Dayton Counselman, Jr. Johnny Freshman Class President; J. V. Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Track; Basketball Intramurals; Band Member; Choir; Judo; Soccer. Future Plans: U. S. M. C. Career SENIORS 51 Susan Ellen Jean Covington Sue Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Rifle Club; Skuba Club; Yearbook Staff; Future Homemakers of America; Pep Club, Treas.; Folk Club James E. Creekman Jim S. C. A. Cabinet; Senior Class Vice-President; Junior Honor So¬ ciety; Senior Honor Society, Pres.; Spanish Honor Society; Key Club, V. P.; Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Track. Future Plans: College Edward Oliver Crouch, Jr. Eddie Freshman Football; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; J. V. Track. Future Plans: College Sharon A. Crum Cheri Spanish Honor Society; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; F. T. A. Future Plans: Art College Elisabeth Anne Cummings Bitsy Talent Show; " The Girls in 509”; " You Can’t Take It With You”; " Carousel”; Drama Club; Art Club; Dance Band. Future Plans: Art Career Security is winning a football game. Michelin Cunningham Mike Freshman Class Treasurer; Freshman Class Represen¬ tative; Sophomore Class Representative; French Honor Society; Talent Show Winner; Miss AHS Contestant; " My Fair Lady”; Junior Achievement; Allied Youth; Student Council; Keyettes; Production manager, " Caro¬ usel.” Future Plans: Teaching Deanne Frances Dabbs Deanne Latin Honor Society; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Basket¬ ball; J. V. Hockey; Varsity Hockey; J. V. Softball; Volleyball Intramurals; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms; French Club; G. R. A. A. Future Plans: Medical Career 52 SENIORS Michael William Daly Mike Wrestling; Track and Field; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: Prep School Michael W. Dattilio Mike J. V. Baseball; Band Member. Future Plans: College Robert Kevin Davenport Kev Sophomore Representative; Junior Representative; Junior Honor Society, V. P.; Latin Cum Laude Certificate Award; Key Club; Monitor; Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; S. A. Representative. Future Plans: College Cheryl Ann Davis Ann Monitor; Office Assistant; F. H. A., V. P. Future Plans: Business School Cynthia Ann Davis Cindy Pep Club; A. F. S. Club; F. T. A.; French Club; Football Ticket Salesman; Antenna, Staff; Office Assistant; Social Klub. Future Plans: College Michael C. Davis Mike Future Plans: College Diane Lynne Dayton Diane Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Office Assistant; Library Assistant; Math Club; History Club; French Club; Bowling League; Pep Club; F. T. A. Future Plans: Teaching Due to the lack of vacuum cleaners this year . . . SENIORS 53 James Louis Dearer, Jr. Jim Varsity Baseball; Newspaper Club. Future Plans: Business Career William Luke deCamps, Jr. Bill Varsity Wrestling. Future Plans: College Diana Faye DeHaven Jinx Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; C. O. P.; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; F. H. A., Sec.; Monitor; Office Assistant. Future Plans: Secretarial School William Michael DeSpain Mike Terry M. Dillon Terry Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Key Club, Treas.; Office Assistant; J. V. Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Math Club. Future Plans: Engineering Career ru Ooh! Those words to " Louie Louie!” Franklin Pierce Donaldson, Jr. Frank Latin Honor Society; Varsity Baseball, Manager; " My Fair Lady”; Band Member; Latin Club. Future Plans: Dentistry Christine Lee Donohoe Chris Freshman Class President; Freshman Representative; Sophomore Representative; Junior Honor Society; Talent Show; " My Fair Lady”; " Brigadoon”; Drama Club, Pres.; Concert Choir, V. P.; Washington Guild Chorus. Future Plans: Business School Robert Wayne Dowell Tiny Freshman Football. Future Plans: Work Diane L. Dreyer Diane 54 SENIORS Dee Anne Duncan Dee Monitor; Clinic Aid; Powder Puff Football; " Bye Bye Birdie”; Ayudera; Latin Club; Junior Classical League. Future Plans: Nursing Career Jeanne Kay Dunn Jeanne Senior Honor Society; Basketball Intramurals; F. T. A.; Chorus Section Leader; Music Merit Award; Science-O-Rama. Future Plans: Teaching Richard James Dunn Rich Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Chess Club. Future Plans: College Linda Ear die y Linda Sophomore Representative; Junior Representative; Junior Honor Society, Sec.; Senior Honor Society, Sec.; French Honor Society; Keyettes, Pres.; Monitor; Powder Puff Football; Talent Show; Miss AHS Contestant; " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”; Homeroom Representative; Girls’ Chorus, Pres.; Concert Choir, Pres.; A Cappella Choir; Tri-Hi-Y, Historian, Pres.; Inter-Club Council Executive Board; All-state Chorus. Future Plans: College " Ah, she drank it. Hope I didn’t get the glasses Richard Edward Eissner switched.” Distributive Education; D. E. Club. Future Plans: Auto Mechanics Rich Margaret Louise Elliott Peggy Band Member; F.H.A.; Pep Club; G.A.A. Future Plans: Teaching Thomas H. Ellson Tommy Marilu Elsbernd Marilu A. F. S.; French Club, V. P.; Varsity Volleyball; G. A. A.; TRY-Club; Newspaper Staff.Future Plans: College Christina Enloe Chris Guidance Assistant. Future Plans: College SENIORS 55 Robert C. Epley Bob Roert James Fagelson II Jim S. A. Representative; Band Member; Math Club; A. F. S. Club; German Club; Chess Club. Future Plans: Col¬ lege Jeffrey W. Erickson Jeff Stage Crew; Latin Club; Chess Club; Bowling League; Foreign Visitors Guide. Future Plans: Medical Career Jeffrey D. Fair Jeff Varsity Football, Trainer; Varsity Baseball, Trainer; Varsity Basketball, Trainer; Varsity Wrestling, Trainer; S. A. Representative; Letterman’s Club. Future Plans: College John Thomas Ertlschweiger John Sophomore Representative; Varsity Football; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Track; Letterman’s Club; Chess Club, Pres.; Band Member. Future Plans: College Jane Leslie Farr Leslie French Honor Society; Freshman Cheerleading; " My Fair Lady”; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y, V. P. Future Plans: College Steven Robert Estes Steve Wrestling; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Carole Ann Fischesser Fish Basketball Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Tennis Intramurals; Jun¬ ior Jollies; French Club; F.T.A.; G. R. A.; F. H. A.; Pep Club. Future Plans: College 56 SENIORS John B. Fishback Jack Math Club; Boys’ Chorus; Science Club. Future Plans: Engineering Norman Thomas Fowlkes 111 Tommy Key Club; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Mary Leslie Fisher Les Freshman Cheerleader; Junior Varsity Cheerleader; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative; Distri¬ butive Education; Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y; French Club. Future Plans: College David H. Fox Future Plans: College Dave Janice Wendie Fleisher Jackie S. C. A. Committee; Homecoming Parade; Talent Show; ' ' Bye Bye Bir¬ die”; " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”; Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Freshman Follies; Junior Jollies; Tri- Hi-Y, Pres.; Drama Club, Treas.; Pep Club; National Thespian Society. Fu¬ ture Plans: College Nancy Lynn Fox Nancy A-Blast Staff; Miss A.H.S. Contest¬ ant; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Repre¬ sentative; Homeroom Representa¬ tive; Senior Class Play, Stage Crew; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Civ- itan Club; F. T. A. Future Plans: Teacher Peggy Louise Floyd Peggy Monitor; Fall-Out Staff; Powder Puff; Spanish Club, Sec.; Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Treas.; French Club; Pep Club; F. H. A., Treas.; G. R. A. A. Future Plans: Spanish Teacher Marty v SENIORS 57 Patricia Francisco Pat Junior Class Secretary; Sophomore Representative; Library As¬ sistant; Clinic Aid; Sweetheart Court; Audio-Visual Club; Girls’ Glee Club; Choir; Pep Club; Prom Committee, Chairman; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Ethel Carol Galloway Ces Powder Puff Football; C. O. P.; F. H. A.; Pep Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: IBM School Nina Jeanette Gallup Nina Powder Puff; Senior Class Play; Social Committee; Pep Club; Junior Civitans; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Language Career Kerry Donald Gardner Kerry Junior Honor Society; J. V. Basketball; Intramural Basketball. Future Plans: College " Where’s the violence in the Senior Class?” William Edgar Gardner, Jr. Bill Freshman Football; Talent Show; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Representative; Nat’l Thespian Society; Senior Class Play; Choir Executive, Pres.; German Club. Future Plans: College Ronald W. Gentry Ron Linda M. George Georgie Nat’l Thespian Society; Talent Show; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; " Knights of Song”; " Carousel”; S. A. Representative; Fresh¬ man Follies; Sophomore Sillies; Junior Jollies; Senior Class Play; Drama Club. Future Plans: College James O. Gerald Jim Art Guild. Future Plans: College Douglas Earl Gillikin Doug S. A. Representative; Rod and Gun Club. Future Plans: College 58 SENIORS Patricia Elaine Gilroy Pat German Honor Society. Future Plans: College William Christopher Girard, Jr. Chris Future Plans: College Gloria Dawn Girton Lori Powder Puff Football; " My Fair Lady”; Choir, Varsity Tennis; Pep Club; Basketball; French Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Airline Stewardess Career Judith Katherine Goltz Judy Volleyball Intramurals; Powder Puff Football; Pep Club; Miss AHS Contestant; Freshman Follies; Junior Jollies; Majorettes, Captain. Future Plans: Teaching Career Lynn Margaret Grabb Lynn Library Assistant; A-Blast, Staff; J. V. Hockey; Varsity Hockey; Freshman Follies; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. Future Plans: College HELP . Marshall Graham, Jr. Rob Rhona Gralla Rhona J. V. Softball; Varsity Softball; Basketball In¬ tramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Spanish Club; Freshman Follies; S. A. Representative; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football. Future Plans: Teaching Career Nancy Frances Granberry Nancy French Honor Society; J. V. Hockey; Pep Club; Drama Club. Future Plans: College George Robert Grange Chip Junior Class Treasurer; Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Key Club; Magazine Drive, Co-captain; S. A. Representative; Inter- Club Council; Spanish Club, V. P., Pres. Future Plans: College SENIORS 59 James Vernon Gray, Jr. Jim S. A. Representative; Russian Club; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Allen Barksdale Green Allen French Honor Society; A-Blast, Staff; Antenna, Staff; French Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Roland Carlyle Groome, Jr. Lyle Junior Honor Society; Senior Hon or Society; Spanish Honor Society; " It’s Academic” Team; Key Club; SCA Committee; IBM Assistant; J. V. Track; Track Intra- murals; " My Fair Lady”; Spanish Club, V. P.; Russian Club, Sec., Pres.; Math Club, V. P.; Radio Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Nancy L. Grider Nancy Senior Class Play; A Cappella Choir; Nat’l Thespian Society; Drama Club; Pep Club; Varsity Cheerleader; Monogram Club; Spanish Club, Sec.; Chorus; Sweet¬ heart Princess; Yearbook Staff; Chemistry Club; " Car¬ ousel”. Barry Hansen Haas Barry Future Plans: College Robert Leslie Haken Bob Freshman Basketball; Basketball Intramurals; Junior Honor Society; Varsity Basketball. Future Plans: Col¬ lege David Warren Hall Dave Freshman Basketball, Manager; J. V. Basketball, Manager; In¬ tramural Basketball; National Beta Club; Concert Choir; Ger¬ man Club. Future Plans: College Robert Metcalf Hall, Jr. Ron Student Council Representative; Foreign Language Club; AYA Basketball; AYA Baseball. Future Plans: College Terry Hamill Terry Freshman Representative; Sophomore Repreentative; Junior Representative; Junior Honor Society, Sec.; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball; Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Civitan; A. F. S. Club; G. A. A., His¬ torian. Future Plans: College Janis Lynn Hamilton Janis J. V. Hockey; J. V. Softball; Drama Club. Future Plans: College " What! No movie today, Captain Breitenberg?” 60 SENIORS Lee Anne Hamilton Lee Senior Class Play, Assistant Director; Debate Team; National Historians Society; Newspaper, Editor; Varsity Basketball, Captain; French Club; Library Club; Lit¬ erary Magazine Staff; Volleyball. Future Plans: College Patricia Lynn Hamilton Pat Powder Puff; Volleyball; V. O. T. Future Plans: Work for Navy Wayne Edward Hamilton Wayne S. C. A. Magazine Drive Committee; J. V. Wrestling; Intramural Wrestling; Freshman Follies; Junior Jollies; Sophomore Sillies; Senior Class Play; S. A. Represen¬ tative; Concert Choir; A Cappella Choir; Thespian So¬ ciety. Future Plans: College Patricia Ellen Hannoosh Pat Junior Honor Society; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; S .A. Representative; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Cathleen Hansen Cathy Powder Puff; Basketball Intramurals; Math Club; French Club. Future Plans: Geophysics David Malcolm Hardy Dave Spanish Honor Society; Freshman Basketball; Soccer; Varsity Track; Basketball Intramurals; Spanish Club; Rod and Gun Club. Future Plans: College Patti Kay Hargrove Patti Sophomore Representative; Junior Honor Society; J. V., Var¬ sity Cheerleader; Powder Puff; F.H.A.; Pep Club; Arts and Crafts Club; F.T.A.; Junior Civitan; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College, Teaching Career Connie Sue Harker Connie Senior Honor Society; German Honor Society; Band Member; German Club; A. F. S., Secretary. Bonnie Jean Harris Bonnie Junior Representative; Spanish Honor Society; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; Newspaper Staff; Girls Chorus; Concert Choir; A Cappella; Girls Ensemble; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Susan Kathleen Harrison Kate Sophomore Class Secretary; Powder Puff; Pep Club; Madrid Ski; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y Christmas decorations around AHS never failed to keep the eyes of seniors, such as Chip Grange and Elsie Stewart, open to the fact that Christmas is coming and term papers would soon be due. SENIORS 61 Marcia Faye Haste Marci A-Blast Staff; Powder Puff; Drama Club, V. P.; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain. Future Plans: Social Work or Teaching Susan Livingstone Heflin Sue Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; F. H. A.; Russian Club. Future Plans: Foreign Service Madeline A. Hegarty Maddie Junior, Senior Representative; Monitor; J. V., Varsity Hockey; Swimming Team; " My Fair Lady”; Junior Civi- tans, Treas.; Girls Athletic Association, Treas., Pres.; Latin Club. Future Plans: Junior College Lee Roy Henry Lee Soccer; J. V., Varsity Track; Wrestling, Bowling, Track, Volleyball Intramurals; Talent Show; " Knights of Song”; Homeroom Representative; Band Member; French Club; Soccer Club, Sec. Future Plans: College Robinette Marie Hess Robin Library Assistant; Powder Puff; Volleyball Intramurals; Pep Club; Drama Club; French Club; G.R.A.A.; F.T.A.; Spanish Club; Swimming Team; " Micado” Lucinda Elizabeth Hill Cindy Freshman Class Treasurer; Varsity Basketball; Glee Club; Varsity Softball; Intramural Basketball. Future Plans: College Sandra Lynn Hill Casey French Club; Drama Club, President; Thespians, Sopho¬ more Basketball. Future Plans: College Jerry John Hinz Jerry Distributive Education; Band Member. Donald Byrne Hirst Don A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir; Mixed Chorus; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; " Knights of Song”. Fu¬ ture Plans: College Richard Robertson Hiscox Rick J. V., Varsity Football; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Track; Letterman’s Club; Latin Club; Indoor and Outdoor Varsity Track. Future Plans: College Ray Haygood Ray Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Key Club; IBM Assistant; Antenna Staff; French Club; Math Club. Linda Jane Heath Linda Sophomore Representative; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Home¬ room Representative; Glee Club; Literary Magazine; C. S. M. C.; Variety Show; French Club. Paulette Jo Heaven Paulette Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Office Assistant; Varsity Basketball; Powder Puff Football; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Miss AHS Contestant; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Representative; Junior Civitan, Sec.; Drama Club; Bowling Club; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College 62 SENIORS Linda Lee Hitt Judy Sophomore Representative; Office Assistant; V. O. T.; Pep Club; Chorus. Future Plans: Work Richard John Hoffmann Dick Senior Honor Society; German Honor Society; Band Member; National Merit Semifinalist. Future Plans: College Theodore Albon Holden, Jr. Ted Future Plans: College Donna Lorene Holscher Donna Bio-Chemistry Club; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; V. O. T. Future Plans: Nursing Gregory Alan Homer Greg Varsity Football; Freshman Basketball; Junior Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; " My Fair Lady”. Future Plans: College James Calton Hood Jim Junior Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Tennis; Intramural Wrestling, Soccer and Football. Future Plans: Engineering James Walter Hopper Jim Freshman Football; Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Track; Varsity Track; " My Fair Lady”; Band Member; German Club. Future Plans: College Patricia Ann Hopper Pat Assistant Librarian; Stage Crew. Future Plans: Air¬ line Stewardess Loretta M. Horgan Loretta Antenna Staff; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Softball; Span¬ ish Club; G. A. A., V. P. Future Plans: College John Allen House Jack " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Representa¬ tive; Band Member; Dance Band; A. F. S. Club; Math Club. Future Plans: College Linda Lee Howell Lyn Monitor; Powder Puff; " Knights of Song”; French Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; I. C. C. Representative; Russian Club, Sec.; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Homer W. Hubbard, Jr. Junior Yearbook Staff; France-American Club; Newspaper Staff; A Cappella Choir; Chi-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Col¬ lege Frederick Hucks Rick SENIORS 63 Mary Ann Hughes Mary Ann Office Assistant; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative; Audio-Visual Assistant: Future Plans: College Thelma Jane Hughes Janie Monitor; Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football; Intramural Basketball; " Bye Bye Birdie’’; " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres. Future Plans: College Nancy Jean Humphries Nancy Junior Honor Society; Miss AHS Contestant; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y, V. P.; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Eric Olaf Hustvedt Eric A-Blast Staff; Intramural Basketball. Future Plans: College " And these isometric exercises really build your arm muscles.” Pamela S. Igo Pam Future Plans: College Gregory Martin Ivy Greg Freshman Football; " My Fair Lady”; " Bye Bye Birdie”. Future Plans: College James R. Jacks Jim Monitor; A-Blast Staff; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Math Club; Basketball Intramurals; Wrestling Intramurals. Future Plans: College Dayle Barbara Jackson Dayle Talent Show; Miss AHS Contestant; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; " Knights of Song”; Latin Club; Girls’ Chorus; A Cappella Choir. Future Plans: College Julia Elizabeth James Judy Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Homeroom Representative; Vocational Office Training 64 SENIORS Ellen Stuart Johns Ellen Latin Honor Society; J. V. Hockey; " Knights of Song”; French Club; Latin Club; G. R. A. A., J. C. L. Future Plans: College Jacqueline Fowler Johnson Jackie SCA Cabinet; Senior Representative; Spanish Honor Society; Keyettes; Antenna Staff; Freshman Cheerleading; J. V. Cheerlading; Varsity Cheerleading, Captain; Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; Homeroom Representative; " My Fair Lady”; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Girls’ State, Alternate; A Cappella Choir, Sec. Future Plans: College Linda Diane Johnson Linda Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Drama Club; Nat’l Thespian Society. Future Plans: College Larry Russell Jones Larry Band Member; Distributive Education. Future Plans: Work Raymond Verber Jones Ray Junior Class Vice-President; Key Club; Office Assistant; Var¬ sity Tennis; Freshman Football. Future Plans: College Paul Katz Paul Key Club, V. P.; J. V. Track; Basketball Intramurals; Base¬ ball Intramurals; French Club; S. A. Representative. Future Plans: College Michael T. Kayes Mike Bio-Chemistry Club; Science Club. Marjorie Diane Keck Margie Thespian Club; Ensemble Choir; Concert Choir; C. O. P. Fu¬ ture Plans: Work Mary Lynne Keefer Mary Freshman Representative; Sophomore Representative; French Honor Society; Antenna Staff; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " Music Man”; Senior Class Play; Majorettes, Co-captain; Band Member; Drama Club; Thespian Club; Pep Club; Art Guild; Rifle Club; SCA Committee; Girls’ Ensemble; Art Club. Future Plans: College And all the other P. S. S. C. experiments are just as clear. SENIORS 65 Jon Michael Kelley Mike Library Assistant; Art Guild. Future Plans: Research Physics Nancy Sharon Kelly Kelly Senior Class Play; Powder Puff Football; Pep Club; Chorus, Pres.; F. N. A.; Drama Club, Historian. Future Plans: College Lee Paul Kemmerling Lee Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; Var¬ sity Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Key Club; J. V. Track; Basketball Intramurals. Stephen Earl Keplinger Steve J. V. Wrestling; " My Fair Lady”; Bio-Chemistry Club. Future Plans: Medical School Our spacious cafeteria achieved new heights of comfort this year. Jen Lynn Kern Jeri Freshman Representative; Sophomore Representative; Junior Representative; Varsity Cheerleading. Barbara F. Kerr Barb Keyettes; " Bye Bye Birdie”; Powder Puff Football; Bio- Chemistry Club; Fall-Out Staff. Future Plans: College Robert Gary Kiefer Bob J. V. Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country; J. V. Track; Band Member; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Carol Dee King Dee Clinic Aid; Volleyball Intramurals; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Spanish Club; Jun¬ ior Civitan; A. F. S. Club; Caduceus Club, Treas.; Pep Club. Judith W ay man King Judy Monitor; Clinic Aid; Guidance Assistant; Home Room Representative; Vocational Office Training; Powder Puff Football; S. A. Representative; Pep Club; Caduceus Club, V. P.; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; G. R. A. A.; F. H. A.; Inter- Club Council. Future Plans: College John Fredrick Klasinski Johnny Latin Club; Rod and Gun Club. Future Plans: College 66 SENIORS Carolyn Lee Klotz Carolyn French Honor Society; Monitor; Guidance Assistant; Junior Honor Society; Volleyball Intramurals; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. Future Plans: College Beverly Irene Kozman Bev Fencing; Softball; Chorus; Caduceus Club. Future Plans: Nurs¬ ing Career Frank L. Kuhn Frank J. V. Cross Country; J. V. Track. Konrad Allen Kurtz Konrad Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Baseball; R. O. G. Club. Future Plans: Criminal Lawyer The anti-litter campaign was a tremendous success at Annandale this year. mam i John Wesley Lainhart IV Butch Key Club; Varsity Wrestling, Manager; Spanish Club; Rifle Club; Wrestling Team. Future Plans: Military Academy Katherine Lee Lambert Kathy Lynda Ann Marie Lange Lynn Library Assistant; Powder Puff Football; C. O. P.; F. N. A.; Pep Club; Atom Boosters; Alpha Beta; Tri- Hi-Y. Future Plans: Beautician James Randall Larkins, Jr. Jim J. V. Wrestling; J. V. Track; Volleyball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Eleanor Louise LaRoche Louise Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; " Bye Bye Birdie " ; " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”. Future Plans: College Gayla Dee Larson Gay Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Volleyball Intramurals; Homecoming Court; Miss AHS Court; S. A. Representative; Majorette; Concert Choir, Sec., Pres.; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”. Future Plans: College SENIORS 67 Frank Kevin Thomas Leonard Kevin SPTA Student Vice-President; Homecoming Co-chair¬ man; A-Blast, Page 1 3 Editor; J. V. Football; Rifle Club; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Basketball Intra- murals; S. A. Representative; French Club; Russian Club; Junior Civitan. Future Plans: Law Calvin Andrew Lewiston Cal Talent Show Winner; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Representative; Band, President. Future Plans: College Marjorie Diane Lipscomb Margie Freshman Representative; S. A. Representative; Pep Club; Ayudera; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Priscilla Jane Liscombe Priscilla Junior Civitan. Future Plans: College Ernest E. Livaditis Ernie Key Club; Basketball Intramurals; Softball Intramurals; Varsity Basketball. Future Plans: College Karen Lee Loeffler Karen Basketball Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Ping Pong Intramurals; Pep Club; G. R. A. A.; F. N. A.; Spanish Club; Scholastic Honor Certificate. Future Plans: College Edward O. Logan Eddie Freshman Football; J. V. Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Soccer; Rifle; Softball Intramurals; Basketball Intra- murals; S. A. Representative; Rifle Club. Future Plans: Federal Game Warden David William Long Dave Future Plans: College Toni Lyn Long Toni Sophomore Representative; Senior Honor Society; Red Cross Representative; Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football; Girls’ State Alternate; Homeroom Repre¬ sentative; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Welcoming Com¬ mittee; G. A. A., Sec.; Pep Club; Sophomore Sillies; Junior Jollies; National Letter Merit Letter of Com¬ mendation. Future Plans: College Harold Franklin Layhee, Jr. " My Fair Lady”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; French Club. Future Plans: Dentistry Charles Douglas Lee Doug Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Edward W. Leeds Ed J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; J. V. Track; Track Intramurals. Future Plans: College Carolyn A. Leith Carol Monitor; Freshman Cheerleading; Powder Puff Football; Basketball Intramurals; Miss AHS Contestant; " My Fair Lady”, Lead; Homeroom Representative; Spanish Club; A Cappella Choir; Student Conductor. Future Plans: Music Education 68 SENIORS Linda Ann Lopes Lop-pi A-Blast Staff; Powder Puff Football; Stage Crew; Pep Club; Drill Team; French Club; Y-Tennis Club; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Elementary Edu¬ cation. William Walter Lowe Bill Magazine Drive; Varsity Football; Band Member. Future Plans: College Sandra A. Lyon Sandee Pep Club; Vocational Office Training. John B. Lyster John Douglas L. McCash Doug A-Blast Staff; Antenna Staff. James Michael McConnell Jim Golf; Spanish Club; S. A. Representative; Future Plans: College Karen Lee McDonough Karen Monitor; Powder Puff Football; Volleyball Intra¬ murals; " Knights of Song”; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; S. A. Representative. Future Plans: College Diana McKinney Diana Volleyball Intramurals; Drama Club; Majorettes; Co- Captain. Future Plans: College Michael Stephen McLees Mike Varsity Football; Key Club; Monitor; Soccer. Future Plans: College Michael Dane McLendon Dane German Club. Future Plans: College Linda McNaughton Linda Office Assistant; Alhpa Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; F. H. A.; Pep Club; Ski Club. Future Plans: History Major Sandra King McQuarrie Sandi Freshman Representative; Sohpomore Representative; Senior Play; German Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club; Glee Club; Bowling Club; Kappa Gamma Phi Tri-Hi-Y, PTA Discussion Panel. Future Plans: College Patricia Jay McWhinney Pat Powder Puff Football; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms; F. H. A.; Pep Club; Keyettes. Future Plans: College SENIORS 69 " Just think, Darling, we have the entire cafeteria to our¬ selves,” whispers Leland to Jackeye. Bonnie AiacCarter Bonnie Spanish Honor Society; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-V, Historian, V. P.; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Pamela D. MacFarland Pam Future Plans: Sing Opera Madeline King Macidull Mac Freshman Class Treasurer; Spanish Honor Society; Office Assistant; Freshman Cheerleader; Junior Varsity Basketball; Spanish Club. Future Plans: Secretarial School Carolyn Ann Mallon Carolyn Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Magazine Drive, Capt.; Junior Varsity Hockey; Varsity Hockey; " My Fair Lady”; F.H.A.; Latin Club. Future Plans: College Donald Mann Don Latin Club. Future Plans: Doctor Vivian Lee Martin Dusty S. C. A. Committee; Clinic Aid; Antenna Staff; Pall Out Staff; J. V. Hockey; Varsity Hockey; Powder Puff; Distributive Edu¬ cation; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; S. A. Representative; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College April Marie Martin Ape Timothy Lee Mason Tim Latin Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: Work Future Plans: College 70 SENIORS George Matecko George Richard Hathaway Mendenhall Dutch Office Assistant; Antenna, Business Manager; Russian Club; Chess Intramural Track; Chess Club. Future Plans: College Club. Future Plans: College Harold Graydon Mercer Don Gary Mathes Clyd Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Sophomore Representative; Varsity Cross Country. Future Plans: Society; Band; French Club. Future Plans: Air Force Career IBM Programming Thurman Roy Matthews Roy Catherine Ann Merendino Kitty Antenna, Senior Editor; S. A. Representative; C. O. P.; Homeroom Representative; F. H. A.; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Pep Club; Atom Boosters Club; Cheerleading Alternate. Future Plans: Business Education William Franklin Mercia Bill Future Plans: College Herschel Wayne Merritt Rebel Key Club; Monitor; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College " Does your rose really squirt, Mrs. Rains?” SENIORS 71 . ttuth M. Meyer Ruthie -Girls Chorus; Concert Choir; D. E.; G. R. A. A. Future Plans: Nursing Agnes Jeanette Mikel Jeanette Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Powder Puff; " My Fair Lady”; Band Member; Latin Club; French Club; All State Band. Future Plans: College Charles Erik Miller Rick Future Plans: College Freddie Leman Miller Fred Varsity Football; Freshman Football; Varsity Letter Club; Co-ed Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. Future Plans: College William Gilbert Millington Bill Soccer. Future Plans: Draftsman " That’s me on the bearskin,” says Karen. George Daniel Mistretta Danny Freshman Football; Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Track, Future Plans: College Linda Jay Mitchell Linda Pep Club. Future Plans: College Carol Waalkes Moak Carol Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society, Pres.; Keyettes, V. P.; Antenna Staff; " My Fair Lady”; French Club. Future Plans: College Lisskulla Maria Moltke-Hoff Liss Powder Puff Football; Art Guild; Monitor; Senior Class Play. Future Plans: College 72 SENIORS William Edward Montgomery Bill Frederick Marshall Mooney Fred Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; J. V. Basketball; Freshman Basketball; Soccer; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative; Russian Club; Pi R Squares; Letterman’s Club; Atom Boosters Club. Future Plans: College Robert E. Moran Bob Key Club; J. V. Cross Country; J. V. Track; Softball Intramurals; Basketball Intra- murals. Future Plans: College Phillip Wayne Morris Phil Freshman Football; J. V. Cross Country; Swim Club. Future Plans: Architect Sharon Anne Morrison Mori Sophomore Representative; French Honor Society; SCA Committee; Magazine Drive; A-Blast, Editor-in-Chief; Quill and Scroll; G. A. A.; Basketball Intramurals; Tennis Intramurals; Soccer Intramurals; Softball Intramurals; Senior Play; French Club; F. N. A.; F. T. A. Future Plans: Journalist Kevin shows Mary how to use a ruler. Pamela Ann Morton Pam Distributive Education; Concert Choir. Future Plans: College Patricia Anne Moseley Pat Vocational Office Training; Bio-Chemistry Club. Future Plans: College Kathy Louis Moser Kathy SCA Cabinet; Sophomore Class Secretary; Junior Class Secretary; Freshman Class Representative; Keyettes; Office Assistant; Freshman Cheerleading; J. V. Cheer¬ leading; Varsity Cheerleading; Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; Pep Club, V. P.; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Leonard Mudd Chuck J. V. Basketball; Junior Honor Society SENIORS 73 Kenneth Taylor Murray Ken Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society, V. P.; " It’s Academic”; Fall-Out, Editor; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”. Future Pla ns: College Robert Allen Myer Bob " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”; Band Member. Future Plans: Work Millard Howe Nagle III Howe Future Plans: College Richard Alan Nay Dick Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Freshman Basketball; Basketball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Michael Leslie Nolen Mike SCA Cabinet; Senior Class Play; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative; SCA Committee; Atom Boosters. Future Plans: College Paul Douglas Norby Paul Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; J. V. Track; Varsity Club. Future Plans: To Teach and Coach Randy Scott Numbers Randy Freshman Football; J. V. Track. Future Plans: College Patricia Celeste O’Hara Pat Pep Club; C. O. P.; Chorus. Future Plans: Business School Katherine Ellen O’Keefe Kathy Basketball Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Latin Club, Pres.; A. F. S. Club; Spanish Club; Girls’ Chorus; Concert Choir; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; Club. Future Plans: College William Olivari Bill Spanish Honor Society; J. V. Football; Freshman Foot¬ ball; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling. Future Plans: College David Greer Oliver Tad Future Plans: College Kathleen Elizabeth Orr Kathy French Honor Society, Sec.; Volleyball Intramurals; Pep Club; Math Club; French Club; Variety Show; Glee Club, Future Plans: College Kathleen Isobel Overby Kathy Freshman Class Secretary; A-Blast Staff; Powder Puff Football; Pep Club; " Our Town”; " A Doll’s House”; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y, Historian, Chaplain; Drama Club; Math Club; Bio-Chemistry Club. Future Plans: College 74 SENIORS Cynthia Mildred Peek Cyndy Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Literary Magazine; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Representative; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., Pres.; French Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College Michael Paul Petersilia Mike Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society, Pres.; Key Club; Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; J. V. Track; Varsity Club. Future Plans: College Adrienne Patricia Petring Andie Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Volley¬ ball Intramurals; French Club; Math Club. Future Plans: College Karen Margaret Phillips Snake Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Athletic Assistant. Future Plans: Legal Secretary Susan Pietrosewicz Sue Office Assistant; Volleyball Intramruals; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; F. H. A., Treas., Sec. Future Plans: College Thomas E. Pitt Tom Office Assistant; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Wrestling; Soccer; Wrestling Intramurals; Pi R Squares, Pres.; Chess Club. Future Plans: Aerospace Engineer Lynn Plecha Lynn Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Intra¬ mural Basketball; French Club; Latin Club; J. C. L.; " My Fair Lady”. Future Plans: College Linda Irene Popp Linda Latin Honor Society; Library Assistant; Antenna Staff; Basketball Intramurals; Latin Club; French Club; J. C. L.; " My Fair Lady”; " Knights of Song”. Future Plans: College Richard Bowen Potter Rich Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football. Future Plans: College Mary Pagliero Mary Senior Class Treasurer; Sophomore Representative; Monitor; Athletic Assistant; Freshman Cheerleading; Varsity Cheerleading; Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Court; Homeroom Representative; A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir, V. P.; " My Fair Lady”; Ayudera; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; " Bye Bye Birdie”; Homecoming Court. Future Plans: College Robert Prescott Palmer Scott Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Basketball Intramurals; Band; Science Club. Future Plans: College Cheryl Ann Pardee Cheryl Spanish Club; Pep Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College John Montgomery Pearson John SCA Cabinet; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Sophomore Representative; Freshman Representative; Monitor; Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; J. V. Baseball; Talent Show; Concert Choir; A Cappella Choir; " My Fair Lady”; Freshman Follies; Sophomore Sillies; Junior Jollies; Nat’l Thespian Society; Magazine Drive. Future Plans: ■■ SENIORS 75 David Ray Powell Dave Freshman Wrestling. Future Plans: College Kenneth Prather Ken Soccer; Latin Club; Science Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Joanne Elaine Price Jo Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Monitor; Girls’ State Alternate; Latin Club, V. P.; Russian Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; " It’s Academic”, Alternate; Keyettes. Lawrence Bruce Richard Pripeton Lar ry Future Plans: College H S + H 2 0 = -D Gary Lee Ralston Gary Distributive Education David Lome Rapson Dave J. V. Football; Varsity Wrestling; Rifle; J. V. Track; Intramural Wrestling; Chess Club. Future Plans: Col¬ lege Nancy Carolyn Rath Nancy Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Office Assistant; Fall-Out Staff; Basket¬ ball Intramurals; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Karen Rennard Karen Office Assistant; Basketball, Manager; J. V. Softball; Powder Puff Football; Volleyball Intramurals; Tennis Intramurals; Junior Jollies; " My Fair Lady”; F. H. A., V. P.; G. A. A.; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Concert Choir. Future Plans: College Chester T. Reynolds, Jr. Chet Future Plans: Agricultural School William Stevenson Richards Steve Varsity Football; Soccer; Senior Class Play; Science Club; Latin Club; Drama Club; Monitor. Future Plans: College 76 SENIORS Christine Perry Ries Chris Keyettes; Guidance Assistant; Antenna, Managing Editor; Pep Club; Debate Club; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Sophomore Representative; Business Manager, Carousel. Future Plans: Marine Scientist Stephen Michael Riley Steve Future Plans: College Mary Jo Ripani Mary Jo Keyettes; SCA Dance Committee; Fall-Out, Staff; Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; " My Fair Lady’’; S. A. Repre¬ sentative; Pep Club; Girls’ Chorus; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; Concert Choir, Sec.; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Robert J. Robertson Bobby Freshman Football; Varsity Football, Captain; Concert Choir; A Cappella Choir; Concert Band. Pretty soon, Joe will get his driver’s license. Thomas Nelson Robinson Tom French Honor Society; Softball Intramurals. Future Plans: College Louise M. Rogers " Louie” Senior Honor Society. Future Plans: College Sharon Ann Rogers Sharon Office Assistant; C. O. P.; Bruinettes; Softball Intra¬ murals; Soccer Intramurals; Ushers Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Mary Francis Rooney Mary Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Keyettes; Antenna Staff; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Basketball, Captain; J. V. Softball, Captain; Varsity Softball, Captain; Reader’s Club; Freshman Girls’ Athletic Director; Pep Club; Latin Club; Prom Committee; G. R. A. A.; Sec., V. P.; Junior Civitans, V. P.; Caduceus Club. Future Plans: College Ronald I. Rose Ronnie Concert Band; Assistant Drum Major; J. V. Baseball. Future Plans: Architecture Robert Clark Ruecroft Bob Library Assistant; Radio Club; Math Club; Bio-Chemis¬ try Club. Future Plans: College SENIORS 77 Barbara Linda Rye Linda Office Assistant; Vocational Office Training; S. A. Represen¬ tative; Home Room Representative; Bowling Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Caduceus Club, Pres.; Pep Club; Spanish Club. F. H. A. Future Plan: College Stephanie Ann Sabatier Steph Senior Representative; Monitor; Office Assistant; Homecoming Court; Miss AHS Court; Senior Class Play. Home Room Repre¬ sentative; French Club; Pep Club; Art Guild. Future Plans: College Gary C. Salpini Gary Patricia O. Sanders Pat IBM Assistant; French Club; Russian Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Donna Laureen Sanza Donna SCA Committee; " My Fair Lady”; Home Room Representative; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Pep Club, Pres.; F. T. A., Sec., V. P., Pres. " Hey! Who turned on the lights?” Matthew A. Sauer Matt J. V. Football; Distributive Education; J. C. L.; Latin Club; Concert Choir; D. E. Club, Pres. Future Plans: College Charles Randolph Saunders Randy Monitor; Varsity Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Basketball Intra¬ murals; S. A. Representative; Home Room Representative; Choir; Bowling Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Sandra Sue Saunders Sandy Library Assistant; International Relations Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; A. F. S. Club, V. P. Future Plans: Foreign Service Pamela Ruth Saviage Pam Office Assistant; " Knights of Song”; Stage Crew; Atom Boosters Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; A. F. S. Club; Girls’ Chorus. Future Plans: College 78 SENIORS Coach Spaulding spins the bottle again Joseph John Sayblack Joe SCA Cabinet; Freshman Representative; Monitor; Antenna Staff; Fall-Out Staff; Nat’l Thespian Society, Treas.; Junior Civitans, Chaplain; Senior Class Play; Stage Crew Manager; Dance Band; " Carousel”; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; All-State Band. Future Plans: Music Education Thomas Franklin Sayers Tom Distributive Education; D. E. Club. Future Plans: Construction Timothy A. Shick Tim J. V. Basketball. Future Plans: College Barbara Ann Schild Barbara Clinic Aid; Powder Puff Football; Majorettes; Alpha Beta Tri-Ffi-Y; Bio-Chemistry Club. Future Plans: College Sheila Joanne Schmid Jo Art Club; Pep Club; A. F. S. Club. Future Plans: College Robert C. Schmidt Bob Wrestling; Rifle Team; Varsity Tennis; Bowling; Math Club; Rifle Club, Pres. James F. Scurria Jim Varsity Wrestling Bruce Seay Bruce Powder Puff Football; Art Guild; C. O. P.; Atom Boosters; Senior Class Play. Future Plans: Commercial Art Stanley Richard Seltzer Rick Freshman Class President; Sophomore Representative; Key Club; SCA Activities Committee; Monitor; IBM Assistant; Freshman Football; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; S. A. Representative; Home Room Representative; Safe Driving Rodeo, 1st Prize Winner; Freshman Follies; Sophomore Sillies; Junior Jollies. Future Plans: College SENIORS 79 Elena Tonci Sharpe Elena Falcon Crier Staff; Chorus; Italian Club; Pep Club; Swim Club; G. A. A. Future Plans: College Marian Elizabeth Shattuck Marion Basketball Intramurals; A. F. S. Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College Robert Vernon Settle Bobby J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; S. A. Representative. Future Plans: P. E. Teacher Lynn Lorraine Shackley Lynn Richard Paul Shearer Rick J. V. Track; Basketball Intramurals; Softball Intramurals; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College N. Douglas Sheatsley Doug Honor Math Club; Science Club. Future Plans: College Lynne Sherman Lynne Miss AHS Contestant; Vocational Office Training; Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Sec.; F. T. A. Future Plans: College Christine Lee Shipley Chris Freshman Representative; Sophomore Representative; Junior Rep¬ resentative; Office Assistant; Varsity Cheer leading; J. V. Hockey; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Softball; Talent Show; C. S. F.; Candy Drive, Captain; War Chant, Reporter; Drama Club; French Club; Rally Club; G. A. A.; Pep Club; Nat’l Thespian Society; J. V. Tennis. Future Plans: College Peter Brown Sidle Pete A-Blast Staff; Antenna, Editor-in-Chief; Talent Show Winner; Stage Crew; Band Member; French Club; Dance Band; Audio-Visual Crew; SIPA Delegate. Future Plans: College Barnett Stuart Siegel Barney Sophomore Representative; Monitor; Antenna Staff; J. V. Wrestling; Wrestling Intramurals; S. A. Representative; Home Room Repre¬ sentative; " The Girls in 509”. Future Plans: Dentistry 80 SENIORS Robert Lee Simmons Bob Antenna Staff; Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Basketball Intra¬ murals; Drama Club, Sec.; Nat’l Thespian Society; French Club. Future Plans: College Edward John Skarzynski II " Skee” J. V. Football; J. V. Basketball; J. V. Track; Track Intramurals; Basketball Intramurals; Bowling Intramurals; Band; Spanish Club, V. P.; Bowling Club. Future Plans: Dentistry Carol Lynn Smith Stage Crew; Pep Club; Charles Richard Smith Varsity Football June R. Smith June Office Assistant; Spanish Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Mary Elizabeth Smith Mary Future Plans: Business Administration Carol A. F. S. Club. Future Plans: College Rick Charles L. Sours, Jr. Chuck Sophomore Representative; J. V. Football; Baseball Intramurals; Drill Team; Bowling Club. Future Plans: College Sydney Lynn Sparks Lynn Talent Show Winner; Miss AHS Contestant; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; Freshman Follies; " The Girls in 509”; Drama Club; French Club; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College James B. Snodgrass Jim Junior Class President; Sophomore Representative; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Variety Show; Student Council; Varsity Club. Future Plans: College Suzanne Linville Smith Future Plans: College Suzy SENIORS 81 David Lee Spaulding, Jr. Dave S. C. A. President; S. C. A. Vice-President; Key Club; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Boys’ State; Boys’ Nation; Varsity Debate Team; J. V. Debate Team. Future Plans: College Donald N. Speet Donnie Varsity Football; J. V. Baseball; Home Room Representative David Charles Joseph Sperry Dave Swimming Team; Weight Lifting Club. Future Plans: College Patricia Kay Spires Kaye F.H.A. James Thomas Speirs Tom Junior Honor Society; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Basket¬ ball Intramurals; Wrestling Intramurals; Talent Show; Stage Crew; German Club; Home Room Representative. Future Plans: College James Arlen Splitt Jim Key Club, Treas.; J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Stage Crew; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Concert Band; Northern Va. Band; All-State Band; Dance Band; Talent Show. Future Plans: Ministry Leland W. Sprinkle, Jr. Leland Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; German Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Key Club; " It’s Academic” Team; Magazine Drive, Chairman; Ger¬ man Club; Latin Club; Bio-Chemistry Club. " Not any talking, Joanne” . . . " Not any listening, Richard.” 82 SENIORS Douglas G. Sprugel Doug Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor So¬ ciety; Key Club; " My Fair Lady”; Symphonic Band; Pi R Squares, V. P.; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Chess Club; " It’s Academic”. Future Plans: College Linda Ann Spurlock Linda Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y; F. H. A. Future Plans: College Philip James Steffes Phil Varsity Basketball; Basketball Intramurals; Softball Intramurals; German Club. Future Plans: College William Albert Steiger Bill Junior Representative; Senior Representative; Junior Honor So¬ ciety; Key Club; SCA Committee; Monitor; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Basketball Intramurals; F. C. A.; S. A. Representative; Home Room Representative; Span¬ ish Club. Future Plans: College Eliot Stacy El Antenna Staff. Future Plans: College James Whittenburg Stewart Jim Freshman Football; J. V. Football; S. A. Representa¬ tive; Swim Club; Spanish Club. Future Plans: College William Garrett Stewart Garry Junior Representative; Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Key Club; Varsity Track; Home Room Representative; French Club; Science Club; Slide Rule Club, Pres.; Outstanding Junior English Student; Honor Student. Future Plans: College Pat Hopper and Marge Keck seem perplexed over the new filing system. SENIORS 83 Jeri Lee Stoner Jeri Spanish Club; " Knights of Song’’. Future Plans: College Sandra Sue Strecker Sandy Powder Puff Football; Senior Play; Pep Club; Nurse’s Aid; Pink Girls; A. F. S. Club, Publicity Agent; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Frank Lee Strong Frank Wrestling Intramurals; Audio-Visual Aid. Future Plans: College David Alan Stulman Dave SCA Cabinet; Junior Honor Society; Key Club, Sec., Pres.; Senior Honor Society. Future Plans: College Karen Diane Sukonick Karen Keyettes; SCA Committee; Office Assistant; Freshman Cheerleading; J. V. Cheer¬ leading; Powder Puff Football; Basketball Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; S. A. Representative; A Cappella Choir, Sec.; Concert Choir; Girls’ Chorus; Tri- Hi-Y, Pres.; French Club; Pep Club; Swim Club; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”. Future Plans: College " What do you mean Mr. Fisher wears a wig?” David Ward Sullivan Dave J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Basketball Intramurals; Football Intramurals; Badminton Intramurals; Stamp and Coin Club, V. P.; Athletic Club; Varsity Patrol. Future Plans: Air Force Career Pamela Ann Sullivan Pam Powder Puff Football; French Club; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Math Club; Nat’l Latin Exam Magna Cum Laude. Future Plans: College Linda Susan Sutherland Linda F. H. A.; Caduceus Club; Vocational Office Training. Future Plans: WAVES Charlotte Anne Swaim Anne Spanish Club; " Knights of Song”; Senior Play. Future Plans: Elementary Education 84 SENIORS A marked improvement: the centipedes are few and far between this year. Michael Andrew Swann Mike " Carousel”; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track. Future Plans: Medical School Donald Gordon Sylvester Don Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; J. V. Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country; J. V. Track; Varsity Math Club. Future Plans: College Sheila Maurine Tanner Sheiler " Knights of Song”; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Representative; C. O. P.; A Cappella Choir; Girls’ Ensemble; Girls’ Chorus. Future Plans: College Carolyn Kay Tavenner Carol Office Assistant; Basketball Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Vocational Office Training; G. R. A. A. Future Plans: Business School Jody Dennis Taylor Jody Wrestling; Soccer; Wrestling Intramurals; Track Intramurals; Baseball Intra¬ murals; Basketball Intramurals; Gymnastics Intramurals; Spanish Club; S. A. % . ' Representative; Home Room Representative. Future Plans: College iiw d J A v V I r . i iv kfv fi j V k «A ,V- ir ft v V i ff o y , V « yw t .V) V isr M ft w .v, V " U; ‘ y i Or V|- 4 ' l Mr Mary Elizabeth Taylor Latin Club; German Club; Band Member. Future Plans: College 9 ' ,, Wanda Jo Thode Beta Club; F. B. L. A.; F. T.A. Wanda Jo David Clark Thomas Dave Spanish Club. Future Plans: Engineering Barbara Thompson Barbara Powder Puff Football; Basketball Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Tennis Intramurals; Pep Club; S. A. Representative; Atom Boosters Club; Vocational Office Training. Future Plans: Work SENIORS 85 Bruce Edwin Thompson Bruce Atoms Athletic Committee; Band Member. Future Plans: Fireman Thomas Bert Tilton Tom Radio Club. Future Plans: College James Allen Thompson Jim Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Distributive Education. Future Plans: College Wayne Earl Tolliver, Jr. Wayne Future Plans: College William Clark Thorton Bill Varsity Basketball; Baseball Intra¬ murals; Football Intramurals; Volley¬ ball Intramurals; Softball Intramur¬ als; Talent Show; Chess Club; Math Club; Science Club; Band Member; Activities Committee. Future Plans: College James R. Tomanelli Jim Tennis; Quill and Scroll; Senior Play; S. A. Representative; Safety and Wel¬ fare Committee, Chairman; ROTC, Staff Sergeant; Christmas Dance Com¬ mittee Chairman; Newspaper, Assis¬ tant Editor. Future Plans: Air Force Career Sharon Charmaine Tilton " Tilt” Powder Puff Football; Phi Sigma Tau; Tri-Hi-Y; " Knights of Song”; S. A. Representative; C. O. P. Future Plans: College Jean Carol Touby Jean Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Nat’l Thespian Society; " My Fair Lady”; S. A. Rep ¬ resentative; The Acadians, Honor So¬ ciety. Future Plans: College 86 SENIORS John Howard Trenholm John Office Assistant; Varsity Football, Manager; Math Club. Future Plans: Engineering Sylvia Elizabeth Upchurch Sylvia Athletic Office Assistant; Miss AHS Contestant; Senior Play Committee; Ayudera; Pep Club; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Sandra Maree Turner Sandee Monitor; Office Assistant; Clinic Aid; Powder Puff; Pep Club; F. T. A.; Tri-Hi-Y; A-Blast Staff. Future Plans: Teaching Rebecca L. Vines Sue D. E. Club. Future Plans: Recep¬ tionist Christine Louise Twardy Chris Athletic Office Ass’t; Junior Honor Society; Powder Puff; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " My Fair Lady”; A Cappella; Girls’ Ensemble; Ayudera; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; A. F. S. Club; Concert Choir. Future Plans: College Eben R. S. Visher Eben French National Honor Society; Mon¬ itor; Office Assistant; Society of An- nandale Magicians, Pres.; Math Club; Junior Civitan; Swim Team. Future Plans: College Cheryl Colleen Ulmer Cheryl Junior Honor Society; Powder Puff Football; Hockey Field Day; Track and Field Day; S. A. Representative; C. O. P.; Cum Laude Latin Examina¬ tion; Latin Club; J. C. L.; G. A. A. Future Plans: College Michele Denise Vogt Shelley French Honor Society; Keyettes; Jr. Honor Society; Miss AHS Contestant; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y, Sec., Treas.; French Club; Ayudera. Future Plans: College SENIORS 87 Michael J. Waldner Mickey Spanish Club; Latin Club; J. C. L. Future Plans: College Marvin Albert Walker, Jr. " Speed” Latin Club, Pep Club; Varsity Football. Future Plans: College Goree E. Waugh Goree Key Club; Monitor; Soccer Team; Drama Club; German Club; Swim Club; Bio-Chemistry Club; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative. Future Plans: College Charlotte Anita Ward Charlotte S. A. Representative; Stage Crew; Powder Puff Football; Fresh¬ man Cheerleading; French Club; Drama Club; Junior Civitans; Latin Club; Pep Club; Ski Club; F. T. A.; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Diplomatic Service John Welch John Tick Tick . Tick Lovella Welde Lovie Junior Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College Patricia Ann Welliver Patty Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; Homeroom Representative; C. O. P.; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Michael James Thomas Whalen 111 " Sunshine” Monitor; Wrestling Intramurals; Basketball Intramurals; J. V. Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Chess Team. Future Plans: College Randall Thomas Wheeler Tom Varsity Baseball; Stage Crew. Future Plans: Journalism 88 SENIORS Elena White Elena Barbara J. Wientjes Bobsie Senior Honor Society; Tennis Intramurals; Volleyball Intramurals; Freshman Representative; Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football; Swim Club; Polo Club; Sports Club; Chemistry Club; Junior Volleyball Intramurals; Basketball Intramurals; Stage Crew; Tri- Equestrians. Future Plans: College Hi-Y; German Club; Bio-Chemistry Club; Swimming Team. Future Plans: College Mary I. White Mary Usher’s Club, Treas., Sec.; F. T. A.; G. A. A.; Kappa Phi Hi-Y, Larry Franklin Wilkins Larry Sec. Future Plans: College Freshman Class Treasurer; A-Blast Staff, Freshman Football; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Wrest¬ ling; Freshman Baseball; Freshman Track; J. V. Track; Varsity Janis Kay Whitley Whit Track; Science Club. Future Plans: College J. V. Cheerleading; SCA Committee; Magazine Drive; Pep Club; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: College " What? No gin!” Margaret Jaynes Willis Maggie Varsity Basketball; Varsity Softball; Powder Puff Football; Basketball Intramurals; Volley¬ ball; Intramurals; Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Civitans; Pep Club; G. A. A.; Senior Play Committee; F. T. A. Future Plans: Teaching Alan Pendleton Wilson Alan Future Plans: Journalism Eva Wilson Eva C. O. P. Future Plans: Secretary Marla Jean Wolfe Marla Junior Honor Society; Band Member; A. F. S. Club; Pep Club. Future Plans: College SENIORS 89 Susan M. Wood Sue Daniel Guy Woods Dan Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society; A-Blast Staff; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Track; Varsity Track; Basketball Intramurals; Wrestling Intra- murals; S. A. Representative; Homeroom Representative; German Club, V. P. Future Plans: College Teresa Lynn Yamaki Terri Junior Honor Society; Keyettes; Antenna Staff; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball; Archery Intramurals; Homecoming Court; Miss AHS Court; " Knights of Song”; " Bye Bye Birdie”; Senior Class Play Committee; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; German Club; Bowling Club; Pep Club; A Cappella Choir; Girls’ Chorus, Librarian; Swim Club. Future Plans: College Mark J. Bielski Mark Spencer Lee Clendenin The Kid Future Plans: College Gary Lewis Dahl Gary Future Plans: College Joseph Townsend Dyer Jody J. V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Band Member; Magazine Drive; Freshman Follies; Sophomore Sillies. Future Plans: College Carol Ann Eslick Carol Vocational Office Training; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Future Plans: Work To be or not to be, that is the question. Roses are red, violets are blue. Some flunk this test; I’ll flunk it too. The skiing trip was very nice With lots of wind and snow and ice. Too bad I couldn’t find the time To study my Hamlet mem’ry lines. Susan Ester Yelton Sue Homeroom Representative; Spanish Club. Future Plans: Com¬ mercial Art Patricia Louise Zepul Pat Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; French Honor Society, V. P.; Keyettes; Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y, V. P.; " Knights of Song”. Pamela Grace Ferguson Pam J. V. Hockey; Varsity Hockey; J. V. Basketball; Varsity Basket¬ ball; J. V. Softball; Powder Puff Football; Miss AHS Contestant; C. O. P.; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Plans: Work Patricia M. Forde Pat Distributive Education. Future Plans: Work Cynthia L. Hippier Cindy Vocational Office Training. Future Plans: Work William Henry Thompson Bill Ronny M. Twisdale Ron Claudia Jean Williams Claudia G. A. A.; Talent Show; Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; Future Plans: College If Shakespeare was such a great, great man, Why did he speak in a foreign tongue? Why couldn’t he say in a simple way, All of the things that he had to say? The thing that bugs me most of all Is my total lack of total recall. So I think I’d better end this bluff; I fear that I’ve said quite enough. Bill Gardner 90 SENIORS Stephen Lawrence Allen Barbara Jean Lutz IN MEMORIAM " Loveliest of lovely things are they On earth that soonest pass away. The rose that lives an hour Is prized beyond the sculptured flower.” — Bryant 91 [kl,X it 5 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Senior Honor Society Janet Ackroyd Bobbette Adcock Karen Arnold Bob Bell Tanya Belt Rick Birnbaum John Blum Stewart Bornhoft Robin Brickham Bill Brotherton Jim Checkovich Rosary Cirillo Carol Conaty Sue Covington Jim Creekman Diane Dayton Diana DeHaven Terry Dillon Jeanne Dunn Richard Dunn Linda Eardley Norman Fowlkes Chip Grange Lyle Groom Connie Harker Linda Heath Sue Heflin Dick Hoffman Linda Johnson Gayla Larson Toni Long Pam MacFarland Harold Mercer Jeanette Mikel Carol Moak Ken Murray Richard Nay Kathleen Orr Cyndy Peek Linda Popp Joanne Price Nancy Rath Harold Rauscher Louise Rogers Mary Rooney Sandy Saunders Rick Smith Leland Sprinkle Doug Sprugel Garry Stewart Dave Stulman Don Sylvester Elena White Pat Zepul 94 ORGANIZATIONS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Junior Honor Society Kathy Blaine Kathy Christie Linda Clark Lynn Cockrill Anita Coles Kathy Coles Francis Conaty Carol Cooper Randy Cowart Karen Crouch Charles Erickson Terry Glenn Malcolm Groome Susan Hancock Janet Heath Gary Herman David Honaker Muriel Johnson Leland Jones Stacey Kerr Kathy Klotz Chris Lutz Rose Mason Bill McLellan Margaret McLeod Lynn Melanson Nancy Moore Jean Mosser Mark Oudine Pat Petersilia Barbie Rapp Karen Rasmussen Denise Rodriguez Bobby Shinn Susan Sower Robert Sprinkle Stephanie Steiger Elodie Taylor Nancy Trent Harriet Trentholm Lin Tucker ORGANIZATIONS 95 LANGUAGE HONOR SOCIETIES span1S h Spanish Honor Society: Keny Murray, pres.; Barbara Mayhall, v.p.; Linda Albright; A1 Berg; Robert Camarena; Sandra Dotson; Greg Fried¬ man; Connie Greenwood; Dave Hardy; Gary Herman; Madeline Macidull; Jeanne Moser; Denise Rodriquez; Mike Sydenstricker; Don Syl¬ vester; Lin Tucker; Elaine Vescovi; Stuart Weinstein; Mike Wakefield; Dick Young; Bill Olivari; Bonnie MacCarter; Lyle Groom; Arthur Arden; Bonnie Harris; Jim Creekman; Jackie Johnson; Sponsor, Mr. Mastbrook. GERMAN German Honor Society: Michael Petersilia, pres.; Rick Smith, v.p.; Barry Evans, sec.; Bill Brotherton, treas.; Connie Harker, Patricia Gilroy; Hannilore Tannheiser; Dan Woods; Di ck Hoffman; Carmen Upnicks; Bruce Rider; Debby Geyer; Anne Paschall; Mary Beth Stanek; Kent Wells; Leland Sprinkle; Tom Cauble; Carol Conaty; Harold Rauscher; Bobette Adcock; Sponsor, Mrs. Worrell. 96 ORGANIZATIONS LANGUAGE HONOR SOCIETIES FRENCH French Honor Society: Karen Arnold, Bob Bell, Tanya Belt, Jean Blake, Judy Boland, Stewart Bornhoft, Robin Brickham, Michelin Cun¬ ningham, Diane Dayton, Richard Dunn, Linda Eardley, Neal Ellis, Leslie Farr, Cindy Gossick, Nancy Granberry, Alan Green, Ray Haygood, Linda Heath, Paulette Heaven, Sue Heflin, Linda Johnson, Candy Kane, Carolyn Klotz, Joanthan Kraushar, Harold Mercer, Carol Moak, Sharon Morrison, Kathy Orr, Cindy Peek, Adrienne Petring, Nancy Rath, Helen Rhea, Tom Robinson, Mark Rutzick, Linda Spurlock, Elaine Tennant, Eben Visher, Michele Vogt, Barbara Jo Wood, Pat Zepul. Sponsor, Mrs. Morrell. LATIN Latin Honor Society: Jeanne Burris, Deanne Dabbs, Karen Crouch, Linda Lorenz, Pat Marusak, Walt Morris, Mike Rodriquez. Sponsor, Mrs. Little. ORGANIZATIONS 97 SCA S.C.A. LEGISLATURE Jim Checkovich Andy Miller Jim Creekman Jackye Cave Mary Pagliero Tim Austin John Blum Maddie Hegarty Jackie Johnson Stephanie Sabatier Bill Steiger Chris Kohn Sue Coveil Sandy Smith Sylvia Millhouse Sandy Cook Margaret Dreiss Richard Fulton Kathy Kearney Pete Nickerson Jo Ann Tobiason Mike Wakefield Bobby Vogt Rose Mason Bob Ellis Pete Checkovich Bruce Elliot Malcolm Groome Marilyn Horton Bina Pagliero Mary Dell Patrick Bob Shinn Richard Clark Craig Sours Krissy Bonkemyer Mike Harper Mike Galasso Sally Bard Hope Heaven Pat Murphy Bill Park Jim Paul Wendy Sylvester With the imaginative and conscientious guidance of Miss Barbara Finch, the S.C.A. again received the achievement award for out¬ standing service in the state. Whatever else this may look like, it’s a picture of the S.C.A. sponsor¬ ing the Miss AHS Contest. 98 ORGANIZATIONS " And it’s Red Rover by a neck,” says S.C.A. president, Dave Spaulding. ’ .fli ' 1 ft i suvtP i [ta $ - { oup - (X, SCA Neal Ellis, Sandy Smith, and John Pearson did much to make this year’s homecoming better than ever. Innovations included a parade S.C.A. CABINET President Vice President Secretary Treasurer S.P.T.A. Vice President Activities Publicity Citizenship Elections Assembly Directors Chaplain Traffic Director Fairfax County H. S. Rep. Assistant to the President Dave Spaulding Neal Ellis Elaine Tennant Stephanie Steiger Kevin Leonard Chip Grange Kevin Leonard Jim Creekman Dave Stulman Joe Sayblack Terry Burgler Kathy Moser Brian Price Robin Brickham Mike Nolan The S.C.A. legislature coordinated more and better events and activated improved student participation. In general, they broke old records in serving the faculty and school. ORGANIZATIONS 99 KEY CLUB Key Club with a capital " K” plus Bob Abrams and Don Greeley. ANNANDALE HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB 1964-1965 Tim Austin Bob Bell Hans Brientenlohner Bruce Bowers Jim Carter Jim Checkovich Kevin Davenport Bob Ellis Neal Ellis Norman Folkes Richard Fulton Bill Goodman Chip Grange Lyle Groome Ray Haygood Dave Honaker Ray Jones Paul Katz Lee Kemmerling John Lainhart Earnie Livaditis Mike McLees Bob Moran Steve Oliver Mike Petersilia Brian Price Gary Richardson Rick Seltzer Bob Shinn Mike Sydenstricker Bill Sigler Dave Spaulding Leland Sprinkle Doug Sprugle Jim Splitt Gary Stewart Bob Vogt Mike Wakefield Goree Waugh Dick Young Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the boys of Annandale’s Key Club serve the school and communi¬ ty. The members are screened by the fac¬ ulty and must main¬ tain a " C” average. Traditionally, the Key Club operates the school store and spon¬ sors the Sweetheart Dance. This year they built a Homecoming float and helped at the Cerebral Palsy Center. They also sold tickets at basketball games and programs at football games. Dave Stulman,pres.; Jim Creekman, v.p.; Chris Kohn, rec. sec.; John Blum, corr. sec.; Terry Dillon, treas.; and Bill Steiger, hist, are the student lead¬ ers of the club. They are guided by Col. Finley T. Clark. Lyle Groome lands in the middle of the cafeteria just in time for the Sweetheart Dance. President Dave Stulman 100 ORGANIZATIONS KEYETTE CLUB Annandale High School’s Keyette Club is designed to aid the school and community. This year its members pampered the faculty by sending welcoming notes to all teachers and baking cookies for the teachers’ lounges. The cafeteria was monitored by Keyette Club members. The Keyettes’ community activities included working at the Cerebral Palsey Center in Falls Church and mak¬ ing stuffed animals for underprivileged children during the Christmas season. At many S.P.T.A. functions the Key Clubbers parked cars while the Keyettes served refreshments. " And what were you doing last night, Mary Jo?” ANNANDALE HIGH SCHOOL KEYETTE CLUB 1964-1965 Karen Arnold Terry Yamaki Cathy Clark Pat Zepul Jackye Cave Sally Andrews Rosary Cirillo Eugenia Braun Mike Cunningham Debbie Geyer Linda Eardley Terry Hamill Jackie Johnson Barbara Kerr Toni Long Pat McWinney Carol Moak Kathy Moser Kathy Orr Kathy Overbey Mary Pagliero Linda Popp Joanne Price Chris Ries Mary Rooney Karen Sukonick Shelly Vogt Kathy Hopkins Kathy Kearney Pat Kemp Linda La Mantia Pat Marusak Karey Olson Anne Paschall Linda Rinearson Ann Segars Sandy Smith Pam Smoak Elaine Tennant Kitty Rinearson Stephanie Steiger Harriet Trenholm Lin Tucker Debbie Twardy The Keyettes welcomed new teachers and old with reminders that they are here to give help. ORGANIZATIONS 101 JUNIOR CIVITANS In January the Civitans were chartered and inducted. " Many thanks, Civitans, for saving our nylons.” This is one of the newest and most active clubs at Annandale. It is a service organization divided into two parts, the Junior Civitans and the Senior Civitans, working in close cooperation. This year’s activities have included cleaning up the football field, saving the girls’ nylons by sanding the rough edges on cafe¬ teria chairs and selling fruitcakes. Junior Civitans has shown itself to be one of our most enthusiastic clubs. Members in the club include: One of the only organized club meetings AHS has ever seen. Bob Abrams Bobette Adcock Sue Baker Dudley Ballew Mary Fran Bierce Karen Rennard Lyn Butler Kim Buttleman Tom Cauble Cindy Cook Don Cordes Pete Sidle Bruce Donnelly Ken Kohut Bruce Elliot Bob Ellis Ann Elmore Linda Lopes Jackie Fleisher Nancy Fox Dot Funkhouser Nina Gallup Arthur Glenn Malcolm Groome Steve Hall Bill Hartman Paulette Heaven Maddie Hegarty Barbara Kerr Dee King Bill King Sue Sours Kevin Leonard Cilia Liscombe Robyn Long Margaret Willis Lynn McCann Carolyn Mallon Anita Mosher Candi Nieman Karey Olson Tom Randall Jane Blankenbaker Gary Ritcher Mary Rooney Dianne Ross Sandy Sadler Joe Sayblack Greg Cuskelly Cuquita Silberman Margaret Donnelly Bob Stanners Debbie Twardy Eben Visher Carole Fischesser The charter was presented to president Bobette Adcock by the president of the Fairfax Civitan Club. 102 ORGANIZATIONS A-BLAST The A-Blast is the most widely read newspaper at AHS. A school newspaper’s duty is to keep the student body informed, and the A-Blast does its job well. The staff is composed of Journalism II students, but Journalism I students are allowed to work as re¬ porters after a semester of instruction. New features which began this year were the supplementary Flashes, " College Countdown,” and " Reflections . . a poet’s column. Mrs. Glickman helps members of the staff, Jean Tinney, Lynn Cockrill, Bobette Adcock, Sharon Morrison, Larry Wilkins, A1 Berg, Nancy Fox, Lynn Grabb, and Scott Hustvedt. Sharon Morrison, editor-in-chief, puzzles over the latest problem. Bobette Adcock, managing editor, checks copy on the latest issue. ORGANIZATIONS 103 Antenna section editors: Carol Moak and Terry Beary, organizations; Eliot Stacy, boys’ sports; Patt Bruns, copy; Terry Yamaki, activities; Mary Rooney and Loretta Horgan, girls’ sports. Barney Siegle was missing when the picture was taken. Also missing when the picture was taken was Mary Keefer, art editor (and many thanks to her). Chris Ries, managing editor, explains the need for organization to Nan Wood, Sophomore editor; Linda Albright, Junior editor; and George Nield, Freshman editor. Kitty Merendino, Senior editor, was missing. Brian Price, assistant editor, helped in a variety of ways in order to prepare himself for next year’s Antenna. 104 ORGANIZATIONS Each year the Antenna staff tries to produce a book of imaginative, fresh, and thorough coverage of a year at An- nandale High School. The staff starts big and ends up a small group of dedicated, talented people who work through study halls, SA’s and lunch periods, and frequently put in long hours after school and over the weekends. At the end of the year five or six people breathe a sigh of relief as the last yearbook is finally distributed; then they brace them¬ selves for the torrent of complaints from next year’s Antenna staff. Peter B. Sidle, Doug McCash, and Fred St ein sometimes furnished us with pictures. Joe Sayblack, promotions, worked with Bob Simmons, advertisements, for a smooth running business branch. George Matecko, business manager, sold more yearbooks this year than ever before in spite of the decrease in the size of the student body. ANTENNA Chris Ries, managing editor, overcame late deadlines and the non¬ existence of typists to get the yearbook to you on time (we hope). Creating the 1964-65 Antenna was an experience the staff will never forget. Sometimes I insisted on impos¬ sible amounts of time and work from you. Sometimes I was mean, grumpy, and bossy. Sometimes nothing you could do would satisfy me. At any rate, you, the An¬ tenna staff, will agree that the pages we have sent in are becoming all we had envisioned (well, almost all). Anyway you’ve learned lots of useful things: how to draw layouts, how to goof off and make Mr. Davis think you’re discussing yearbook policy, how not to get along with other people, and how to lose job stamps and football copy. Thanks, George, for lending moral support and pro¬ tection and for keeping the photographers in line at basketball games. Thanks, Kitty, for being typist, someone to eat at Hot Shoppes with, and, most of all, for being a shoulder to cry on. Thanks, Brian, for being a chauffeur, typist, and a faculty writer. Best of luck to you next year. Thanks, Nan, for writing all that stuff for everyone else. Thanks, John Pearson, for doing more work than lots of people officially on the staff. Thanks, S.C.A., for that wastebasket. Thanks, Mr. Odom, for signing passes and telling us how much money we couldn’t spend. And, Peter B., let’s come back and laugh at ’em next year. Chris ORGANIZATIONS 105 LITERARY MAGAZINE Karen Arnold instructs her staff in the technical aspects of creating a good magazine. The long hours of work put in by the Fall Out staff frequently go unrecognized, due to the fact that it appears only once a year. It is an excellent magazine representing the best art and creative writing of Annandale High School students in the areas of poetry, short stories, articles, and essays. Through the combination of a talented student body and a hard-working staff a memorable magazine is produced each year. Sponsor Editor Poetry Editor Prose Editor Art Editor Business Manager Miss Aspinall Karen Arnold Barry Evans Linda Heath Sue Baker Pete Balas Genius at work! 106 ORGANIZATIONS LATIN CLUB ' ' i 1 By - : J5v - • These are " honorary members” of the Latin Club. A club which is one of the most informative at An- nandale is the Latin Club. It has provided many interesting parties such as the Christmas party and Virgil’s birthday party for its members. The most well known activity of the club is the Latin Banquet held on the Ides of March which is complete with Roman costumes, entertainment, and food. Mary Allen Norah Henry Elin Hustvedt Nancy Trent Susan Bacon Tom Berker Diana Fraser Maurna Halsey Doris Phillips Vicky Stirrup Chris Worley Rita Creasy Richard Fulton Katie Lynch Walt Morris Linda Ross Kathie Christie Diana Geig Robert Kiefer John Fellows Steve Richards Sheila Schmidt Robert Sprinkle Jim Williams Janet Heath LATIN CLUB Dee Corder Don Hustredt Kerby Thomson Dexter Arnari Phil Bard John Earl Leo Gerald Sue Merrow Craig Sours Bill Wiley Tomie Barris Karen Crouch Bill Hartman Linda Lorenz Kathy O’Keefe Don Dabson Randy Cowart Shiela Henry Ken Prather Deborah Perk Scott Smith James Splitt Hulda Weixel Nan Wood Bob Gaffigan Marcella Mullody Georgeonne Nicholson Denise Rodriquez Angie Caccitore Jody Calabrese Nancy Hustvedt Scott Hustvedt Peggy Jo Stidd Chris Harrison Muriel Johnson Pat Marusak Ellen Johns Donald Mann Michael Rodriquez Robert Albright Thomas Baydala Frances Cirillo Janice Johnson Maureen McDermott Steve McElmury Kaye Richardson Kathy Willett Lorraine Wismewski lyppaH yadhtriB ligriV ORGANIZATIONS 107 SPANISH CLUB And a lot of people even went to the meetings! Not only the Spanish language but also the culture of Spain was made alive to Annandale students through the activities of the Spanish Club. The club participated in the inter-club Christmas party and saw Spanish movies. A subscription to a Spanish magazine and a visit to the Inter-American Defense Board augments the list of ac¬ tivities available to Spanish students. Chip Grange, pres. Lyle Groom, v.p. Peggy Floyd, sec. Jim Carter, treas. Art Arden Linda Albright Jim Baker Adell Blankenbaker Jane Blankenbaker Pidge Brown Beth Carter Susan Clague Linda Clark Kathy Coles Anita Coles Cynde Cook Mike Copeland Cathy Duff Sandy Gomez Jan Gulledge SPANISH CLUB Wayne Hamilton Lois Johnson Jan Johnson Dee King Mike Kirk Tom Klingman Tom LaFone Jody Loeffler Karen Loeffler Bill Hovland Madeline Macidull Linda McNaughton Dianne Mullin Jeanne Ramne Milton Raphael Steve Ritter Kathy Rooney Diane Ross Tony Ruth Sandy Sadler Sandy Saunders Pam Savige Bill Schless Rick Shearer Coquita Silberman Donna Sprague Elliot Stacy Bill Steiger Jeri Stoner Mike Sydenstricker Jody Taylor Bonnie Thie Dave Thomas Jean Tinney Karen Tuttle Mick Waldener Laura Watson John Watson Sue Yelton Linda Yelton Dick Young The Spanish Club at the Inter-American Defense Board. 108 ORGANIZATIONS GERMAN CLUB The German Club and their inspiration, Hans (fourth from left, first row). Hans Breitenlohner, AHS’s foreign exchange student from Austria, this year became the German Club’s first honorary member. The club went to German movies and hosted a speaker from the German Embassy. The high¬ light of the club’s costume party held Hannilore Tannheiser Jeanne Dunn Carol Folason Debbie Geyer Mike Givli Robert Nash Carol Sarzarulo Harriet Trenholm Martha Keplinger Vicki Jamison Merrillee Fellows Bitsy Cummings Gene Boles activities was the in March. GERMAN CLUB Rick Green Bruce Donnelly Diane Fraser John Givli Kathy Ketcham Karey Olson Robert Sprinkle Dana Wells Tony Stockus Carol Conaty Bob Aines Jane Hoffman Faschings Ball, a Connie Harker Janet Dunn Jeff Fulton Mike Hamilton Jonathan Kraushaar Barbara Ross Krista Thie Leah Wood Linda Boleyn Linda Heath Hans Breitenlohner Tom Tilton ORGANIZATIONS 109 FRENCH CLUB " Who’s the handsome boy on the left end?” Another picture of Brian Price at work. Striving to understand French culture better, the French Club has seen movies and slides of France. Other activities included learning French Christmas Carols for the inter¬ club party, working crossword puzzles and playing bingo in French. The groundwork was laid for pen-pal friendship between club members and French-speaking stu¬ dents in all parts of the world. During the second half of the year, Miss Bobo led the club in the study of French plays, which was an interesting experience for all members. FRENCH CLUB Brian Price Rosie Mason Brad Wolcott Bob Siegle Mary Beth Roberts Karen Rasmussen Kathy McNaughton Carol Cooper Jean Hancock Beth Keefer Kathy Klotz Sue Baton Muriel Johnson Mike Copeland Ann Starker 110 ORGANIZATIONS RUSSIAN CLUB Nyet! New interest which has arisen in Russian culture is furthered at Annandale by the Russian Club’s activities. A girl from Russia spoke to the club, and a Russian movie was shown. The club provided the entertainment for an International Relations Department meeting of the An¬ nandale Women’s Club, and participated in the Christmas Language Club party. Lyle Groome Nick Blacke Bill Goodman Susan Heflin Fred Mooney Joanne Price RUSSIAN CLUB Ann Segars Carol Williams John Zmud Gilbert Button Susan Fletcher Terry Glenn Ron Gentry Lyn Howell Margaret MacLeod George Price Pat Price Kathy Powell Fred Mooney gets ready to bang his shoe on the table. ORGANIZATIONS 111 Tri-Hi-Y Judy Bartlett Shirley Batten Tanya Belt Joan Bentley Renee Channey Kathy Cook Deanne Dabbs Ann Davis Peggy Floyd Ethel Galloway Linda Gorge Rhona Gralla Kate Harrison Sue Heflen Mary Keefer Louise LaRoche Gayla Larson Toni Long Bonnie MacCarter Pat MacWhinney Sandy McQuarrie Linda McNaughton Cheryl Pardee Cynthia Rut Susy Pietrosewicz Linda Popp Jo Anne Price Karen Rennard Pat Sanders Barbara Schild Lynn Sparks Linda Spurlock Sandy Strecker Jean Toubey Charlotte Ward Lorella Welde Barbara Wientjes Claudia Williams Terry Yamaki Patti Hargon Diana deHavin Pat Francisco Carol Dee King Nina Gallop June Smith Judy King Pam Sullivan Cindy Davis Lynn Howell Lori Girtron The Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y had some bad luck with what was planned to be their highlight activity; they held a bake sale to raise money for a dance but then had to cancel the dance. However, they also sold mints for the YMCA, collected money for world service for the YMCA, and had a slumber party in October. Most people will agree that Alpha Beta had one of the best homecoming floats. 112 ORGANIZATIONS Tri-Hi-Y The Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y is one of two Tri-Hi-Y’s for senior girls. This year they held an open house, parties, and went to the beach. Their service activ¬ ities included bake sales, collecting for Multiple Sclerosis and the March of Dimes, and donating to the Kennedy Library Fund. Woodson’s Tri-Hi-Y was inducted by Phi Sigma Tau. 771U Maggie Willis Mary Jo Ripani Karen Sukonick Jackye Cave Jackie Johnson Sue Baker Sandy Bohart Linda Lopes Nancy Fox Sandy Sadler Mary Pagliero Leslie Farr Janet Ackroyd Terry Beary Kathy Overby Shelly Vogt Carol Moak Kathy Moser Janice Whitley Karen Phillips Jackie Fleisher Sharon Tilton Chris Cabler Chris Twardy Donna Holscher One more important activity of Phi Sigma Tau was making this float for homecoming. ORGANIZATIONS 113 Tri-Hi-Y BBT tS HH ‘mk. wmul ■» .. lap 4m i ■ ‘ -m W .HP § fmm f mr 1 ' Jp 1 as % ? jBr • , ■ JS - 3s W ' 1 SM Wm MB ■ » ■■ ‘M W Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y’s most glorious day of the year was the day it held both a bake sale and car wash to earn the smashing total of $70. The club also worked at the tuberculosis center at Christmastime and made Easter baskets for the needy. But the organization’s most interesting activity is its sponsorship of Sung Won, a Korean war orphan. The club sends $25 a month and exchange letters with Sung Won. Paula Smith, pres. Kathy Kearney, v.p. Ceci Conaty, sec. Pidge Brown, hist. Linda Albright Jeanne Burris Cathy Anderson Carolyn Best Paula Chambless Alison Armstrong Jackie Bailey Jane Caskey Karen Darsch Peggy Anderson Karen Baden Sue Cook Sally Andrews Jane Blankenbaker Terry Davidson Jane Diaz Pam Chambers Kay Haygood Sandy Gomez Jan Gullege Sharon Freed Ellen Hustvedt Karen Heiburg Linda Haisley Pat Harris Sheila Henry Linda Gallant Jill Fishback Dixie Fulsom Diane Gisvold Kathy Hopkins Linda Lorenz Vicki Long Carolyn Le wis Pat Kemp Carol Leech Carol Lewis Ginny Manly Karey Olson Marylou Oliver Ginny Martin Penny Norton Mary Murphy Pat Sari Ann Segars Bonnie Thie Cathy Rooney Ginny Rapp Marybeth Stanck Martha Schwartz Brenda Smith Jean Ramme Kathy Street Linda Sullivan Mary Ellen Ross Linda Rinearson Karen Tuttle Jean Tinney Meg Wisnieski Ann Wooten Laura Watson The juniors made a float too! 114 ORGANIZATIONS Tri-Hi-Y The Tri Delta Tri-Hi-Y, in simpler terms, the sophomore Tri-Hi-Y, is a serv¬ ice club. The girls were busy this year. They had a bake sale to benefit the Ken¬ nedy Memorial Library, made and filled Christmas stockings for a children’s hos¬ pital, visited Junior Village, and held a slumber party. The club offers girls an opportunity to serve their school and community. Rosie Mason, pres. Jan Johnson, v.p. Susan Engh, sec. Nancy Cauble, treas. Yvonne Olson, chap. Barbie Rapp, hist. Brigid Rapp Cathy Ferguson Pat Holt Karen Crouch Libby Young Ann Starker Charleen Corns Linda Clark Carol Popp Jane Farringer Barbara Dubois Linda Bruen Dottie Dickerson Dottie Funkhouser Kathy McNaughton Linda Hollbruner Beth Keefer Lois Johnston Kathy Coles Margaret Gillikin Kathy Mitchell Kathy O’Donnell Karen Rasmussen Cuquita Silberman Pat Ruths Kathy Klotz Judy Palm Elaine Slifer " And then he said . . .” ORGANIZATIONS 115 DRAMA CLUB The stage crew put in many long hours adding a professional touch to many of AHS’s dramatic productions. DRAMA CLUB Annandale student’s are especially grateful to the drama department for brightening the school year with its colorful produc¬ tions. And extra thanks go to the person who made this all possible, Mrs. Sum¬ mers. Rehearsals lasted longer and longer as curtain time drew near. THESPIAN SOCIETY Drama and music were closely linked in many productions. 116 ORGANIZATIONS AFS CLUB The purpose of the AFS club is to promote interest in and under¬ standing of the cultures of foreign countries. The club, along with the SCA, sponsors the AFS student exchange and then helps to make the students feel welcome with square dances, sightseeing trips and potluck din¬ ners. The club also has an annual AFS assembly introducing visiting students to the student body. Tom Rapp, who spent a year in South Africa, discusses foreign policy with Hans Breitenlohner from Austria. Hans tells the AFS club what life at home is like. ORGANIZATIONS 117 DE CLUB Due to outstanding leadership, the D.E. Club is more active than ever before. The Distributive Education Club is open to all D. E. students, those working part of the school day and studying the other part. This year it held an Employer-Employee Banquet, D. E. Club luncheons, and participated in var¬ ious area and sta te contests. The activity with which the sutdent body is most familiar is its traditional sponsorship of the Miss Annandale Contest. Students who are members of the club in¬ clude: Matt Sauer, pres.; Leslie Eisher, v-p.; Charlotte Coffee, sec.; Richard Eissner, treas.; Fred Miller, hist.; Wally Cain, parlmt.; Jerry Hinz; Ruth Meyer; Pam Morton; Jane Clark; Robert Graham; Joe Gura; Wayne Johnson; MaryAnn Meadows; Ken Spafford; Bill Stacy; Bob Turman; Bill Utt; Jim Sayers; William Brooks; Jary Rolston; Terri Kelly; Jim Con¬ nolly; Ralph Bowles; Pat Forde; Vivian Martin; Dee Bowles; Dave Davidson; Brenda Harrison; Carol Jones; Richard Kimzey; Gletta Layne; Peggy Morton; Art Varnar; Peter Gaul; Edward Spaure; Peggy Schoenecker; Linda Scott; Sue Vines; Bill Tompson; John Cope; Bruce Parker; Larry Jones; Steve Thomas; Wayne Tolliver; Kathy Berry; Mike Cooper; Charles Delf; Bob Feavyear; Gray Grayson; Dennis Hart; Jim Thompson; Mark Bielski; Chester Reynolds; Tony Smith; Wayne Dowell. Mr. Todd is the sponsor of the club. The officers of the club spend long hours planning the Miss AHS contest. 118 ORGANIZATIONS MATH CLUB What a way to study math! Trips to CEIR’s IBM set-ups in Springfield and Alexandria provided the main activity for the club whose purpose is to furnish the interest of students in math. Its members include Tom Pitt, pres.; Doug Sprugel, v.p.; Kathy Orr, sec.; Ric Smith, treas.; Hans Breitenlohner, mascot; Art Arden; Mike Kayes; Ann Papin; Robert Rue- croft; Tom Shaffer; Rick Shearer; Eben Visher. ORGANIZATIONS 119 SAM SAM may turn up anywhere, and students are always amazed. Remember the errors in the juniors’ and seniors’ phone numbers in the Student Di¬ rectory? Ever wonder how Miss Annandale is really chosen? SAM was there. The Society of Annandale Magicians is more of a magicians’ union than a club. " Inter-cooperation” is its purpose. Members criticize each other’s acts, help each other obtain equipment, and share the secrets of an art known only to a magician. Its mem¬ bers are Eben Visher, pres.; Bob Abrams, v.p.; John Hagstrom, v.p.; Gary Morgan; Steve White; Nelson Kunianski; and Donn Hayes. Inter-cooperation! Surprise! Eben Visher just created a PBS. 120 ORGANIZATIONS CHESS CLUB The Chess Club in action? Stewart Bornhoft puzzles over his next move. Periodically, throughout the school year, Annan- dale’s Chess Team engages in interscholastic com¬ petition in the Northern Virginia Chess League. The team is composed of the top five members of the Chess Club, who are selected on a point system based on weekly intra-club competition. At the Awards Assembly, trophies are presented to the five members who played in the most inter-scholastic matches. In March, the club will host the first round of the League’s Individual’s Tournament. CHESS CLUB Stewart Bornhoft, pres. Hans Breitenlohner Bates Burnell Duncan Johnson Gary Nagin Steve Keller Tom Klingman Charles McLaughlin Dutch Mendenhall John Schmoyer Tony Ruth Steven Fred Richard Dunn Keith Watson ORGANIZATIONS 121 BIOCHEMISTRY CLUB Mr. Heinz and the Bio-chemistry Club. AHS students are given a chance to learn biochemistry, which has never before been offered at the high school level. As a dissertation for his doctorate, Mr. Charles Heinz has undertaken to offer instruction in this course each Wednesday night after school. The course serves as an enrichment to the student’s science education. It SCIENTIFIC CQ M»A: [ Hi , § 1 11 • ipi || pfy|8|3 1 1 IMMI 1 j|| - .. MLJ Students capture the secrets of biology. Mike Kayes explains the intricacies of the periodic table. 122 ORGANIZATIONS GRAA The GRAA The Girls’ Recreational Athletic Association was formed to further an interest in sports among girls. A club letter can be won by the girls. Activities conducted by the GRAA include track meets, a hockey meet, a basketball meet, and camp outs. Membership includes Maddie Hegarty, pres.; Mary Rooney, v.p.; Kathy Rooney, sec.-treas.; Marcia Applegate, Jane Blank- erbanker; Sue Batten; Kathy Christy; Anita Cahoon; Pat Fitz¬ gerald; Loretta Horgan; Ann Hagan; Hope Heaven; Carolyn Kissinger; Chris Long; Carolyn Mallon; Cheryl Mornone; Deb¬ bie Putnam; Barbara Ritter; Kathy Raftery; Sharon Skinner; Sharon Strecker; Peggy Spruill; Kitty Suraci; Bonnie Thie; Lin Tucker; Lynn Pennefill; and Marsha Schmitt. An especially popular sport among the girls is basketball. Maddie Hegarty and Mary Rooney do a routine on the parallel bars. ORGANIZATIONS 123 FHA mmSSSSSt p • j ! ' II i xLM m m B i i J | S a M Future Homemakers of America is part service club and part interest club. InAHS’s club, Thanksgiving baskets were made for needy families and Christmas centerpieces for a hospital. The club participated in a Red Cross drive, heard guest speakers, and held panel discussions on topics related to its purpose. The high¬ light of the year was a fashion show in which members mod¬ eled fashions they had made. FT A Future Teachers of America has made life more pleasant for the faculty by decorating the teacher’s lounges and distributing cook¬ ies at Christmas. Members gained priceless experience by teaching at elemen¬ tary schools, and in the spring they vis¬ ited colleges. 124 ORGANIZATIONS SWIM CLUB Annandale’s newest club, the Swim Club, was formed just this year, and came into being at the request of that element of the student body which could not resign itself to the prospect of no swim¬ ming during the cold weather. This year the mem¬ bers planned an inter-club splash party, and par¬ ticipated in interscholastic swimming meets with other area high schools. The club me ets once a week at the Starlite Aquatic Club. SWIM CLUB MEMBERS Mary Allen John Allen Doug Arthur Rick Arthur Dudley Ballen Kathie Benson Leslie Beusdel Judy Boland Linda Bowlee Linda Bruen Keith Bunch John Duncan Barry Eichenauer Sheila Eichenauer Ann Fowlkes Joan Ferris Jan Giuli John Haycock Maddie Hegarty Tom Hegarty Norah Henry Robin Hess Steve Jenkins Betty Jane Johnson Kathy Johnson Vicki Kleinschmidt John Laigerman Chris Long Andy Loberg Tracey Logan Paula Miller Eric Miner Ray Moore Bill Morris Phil Morris Sue Myers Sue Menigat Bob Moran Tommy Newton George Nield Jim Perricone Jacqueline O’Brian Cynthia Parks Lynn Pennifill Jon Pennino Eugene Petersen N. A. Perdue Dave Powell Pat Rankin Kaye Richardson Kathy Rooney Barbara Ross Tony Ruth Curt Sayblack Joe Sayblack Ed Sheets Larry Shepard Bill Shipley Chris Shipley William Starker Kathy Steffes Marjorie Steffes James Stewart Jan Storm Sharon Storm John Street Judy Sinaci Bonnie Thie Kelly Thomson Robert Timlin Bill Van Auken Jane Vendola Holly Wall George Waugh John Westbrook Carol Williams Penny Windsor Ann Wood Terry Yamaki Linda Yelton Bob Kein AHS’s hardier students. ORGANIZATIONS 125 DEBATE CLUB Miss Carter lends the debate team conscientious guidance. Kevin Leonard and Dave Spaulding — Affirmative The person you see expounding on nuclear arms con¬ trol, interrogating imaginary foes, and planning com¬ plicated strategy every Monday is probably a member of the debate club preparing for the debate. This year’s topic, " Resolved: that nuclear weapons should be con¬ trolled by an international organization,” as always, re¬ quired long hours of preparation. All members of the debate club hope that this challenging and stimulating but much-neglected activity will be more popular in the future. Bob Simmons and Karen Arnold — Negative 126 ORGANIZATIONS YOUNG LIFE Young Life is a non-denomi- national Christian organization, which tries to make today’s stu¬ dent aware of the application of Christian conduct in his every¬ day life. Young Life members went to Johnstown, Pa. for ski¬ ing this winter and to Ocean City for surfing and swimming last summer. Activities of this sort perhaps are the key to Young Life’s extreme popular¬ ity in the social set of AHS. This is one of the more quiet Young Life gatherings. ORGANIZATIONS 127 BAND The mighty AHS band. One hundred marching Atoms start the year by per¬ forming at football games and go on to perform at sev¬ eral concerts and assemblies. Among these, the Spring and Christmas Tiny Tot Concerts are the best known. This year, our band participated in a band exchange pro¬ gram by visiting Maurice Hills High School in New Jersey and hosting their band’s visit to Annandale. A is for apple, animal . . . In foul weather and fair, many hours go into practice for each performance. 128 ORGANIZATIONS STAGE BAND Stage Band: Director: John Farris; Trumpets: Cal Lewiston, John Haycock, Jim Asselstine, Milt Rapael; Saxophones: John Blum, Larry Viel, Pete Sidle, A1 Hollister, Ken Edleston; Trombones: Jack House, Ronnie Rose, Leland Jones; Piano: Mike Raphael; Bass: Dennis Morris; Drums: Bob Coffeen. Here are majorettes. The tots don’t look scared! MAJORETTES Diana McKinney, co-captain; Judy Goltz, captain; Judy Phelps; Linda Gallant; Barbara Schild; Kathy Janes; Gayla Larson; Ginny Anderson. Majorettes are nice. They are red and white and pleated and sparkly and twirly. They hold flags and twirl batons and prance across the football field. They also scare the tiny tots that come to hear the concert. Majorettes are nice. ORGANIZATIONS 129 CHOIRS CONCERT CHOIR Concert Choir, in alphabetical order: B. Beach, R. Brickham, M. Carter, P. Chambless, C. Cooper, B. Crites, C. Cronan, C. Crum, E. Cum¬ mings, J. Davis, D. Dinsmore, B. Ely, J. Forman, M. Foye, R. Gobielle, R. Greene, D. Hall, S. Hancock, W. House, L. Hudson, B. Jarman, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, A. Kellogg, M. King, C. Cruger, L. LaRoche, J. Larson, M. Lipscomb, G. Martin, M. Mayhugh, J. McConnell, S. Me- Quarrie, P. Morton, R. Nash, R. Oderwald, B. Pagliero, V. Raze, K. Rennard, M. Ripani, J. Sari, Y. Schlegel, L. Shackley, C. Shipley, S. Skinner, S. Sours, P. Spruill, M. Spruill, M. Swann, L. Tucker, M. Whalen, M. Williams, P. Williams, Ly- ftjlton. GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE Girl’s Ensemble, in alphabetical order: K. Anderson, R. Channey, K. Crouch, M. Cunningham, K. Darsch, C. Donohoe, M. Elsbernd, J. Fleisher, D. Funkhouser, L. Gallant, M. Gillikin, L. Girton, K. Gordon, J. Halpin, E. Hustvedt, M. Keck, M. Keefer, V. Kleinschmidt, C. Moak, S. Petrilli. B. Pvre, D. Rodriquez, M. Schmidt, S. Schoolar, L. Seltzer, S. Strecker, D. Twardy, L. Yanker. FRESHMAN GIRLS’ CHORUS Freshman Girl’s Choir, in alphabetical or¬ der: M. Anders, V. Andrews, A. Antrim, S. Aysque, D. Ballew, L. Black, P. Bland, L. Bowles, C. Bracken, S. Carter, L. Davis, J. Gardner, S. Goodman, D. Hamm, P. Hasie, B. Hayford, N. Hustvedt, J. Kearney, K. Keller, J. Knight, V. Lankenau, J. Larkins, J. Loeffler, P. Lolmaugh, G Loverridge, L. McCoy, S. MacFarland, G. McKinney, D. Miller, F. Moses, M. O’Holloran, J. Over- gaard, K. Overstreet, D. Pauli, W. Peek, A. Pyle, M. Richardson, L. Rogers, K. Schaeffer, M. Schafer, E. Scott, L. Smith, S. Smith, C. Tidball, B. Williams, S. Wood. FRESHMAN MIXED CHORUS Freshman Mixed Choir, in alphabtical or¬ der: M. Applegate, S. Adams, J. Blanken- baker, T. Bremer, R. Brown, C. Carter, S. Coggins, E. Corvi, D. Dreiss, C. Folawn, R. Gallagher, S. Gralla, M. Hamilton, C. Hustvedt, R. Katz, N. Lettenmaier, P. Mc¬ Coy, S. Merrow, A. Ritchey, C. Roberts, B. Ross, J. Schexnail, S. Shattuck, G. Shaw, J. Smoot, B. Starker, K. Steffes, J. Stell, S. Strecker, M. Taylor, P. Tidwell, B. Van- auken, D. Wells, R. White, M. Wilmer, A. Wood. 130 ORGANIZATIONS A CAPELLA CHOIR CHOIRS A Cappella Choir, in alphabetical order: J. Ackroyd, S. Andrews, D. Bray, M. Brown, K. Bunch, J. Carter, A. Clark, C. Conaty, L. Eardley, W. Gardner, L. George, N. Grider, M. Groome, W. Hamilton, B. Harris, D. Hirst, B. Howland, G. Ivy, D. Jackson, J. Johnson, C. Kohn, G. Larson, C. Leith, P. MacFarland, R. Myers, S. Newland, M. Pagliero, J. Pearson, P. Sari, L. Smith, L. Sparks, K. Suckonick, S. Tanner, J. Tobiason, C. Twardy, T. Via, T. Yamaki, M. Yep. ADVANCED GIRLS’ CHORUS Advanced Girl’s Choir, in alphabetical order: P. Anderson, S. Batten, C. Best, S. Brynaert, C. Buckingham, J. Burris, C. Carraway, D. Clausen, L. Friend, K. Good, M. Horton, M. Klotz, C. Kogstead, K. Kurtz, A. Martin, D. Miller, P. Miller, B. Palmer, C. Popp, L. Reynolds, B. Ritter, K. Robertson, L. Rubright, D. Sanford, A. Starker, R. Stewart, R. Turner, J. West, M. Wisniewski, C. Grant. ORGANIZATIONS 131 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jackie Johnson Mary Pagliero Sandy Cook Pat Marusak Barbara Mayhall Sandy Smith Jo Ann Tobiason Sue Coveil Sylvia Millhouse Robin Briekham 132 ORGANIZATIONS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Windblown captain, Jackie Johnson, starts the cheerleaders in another " Fight, team fight . . It’s cold and clear as Sandy Cook, co-captain, leads the AHS fans in a plea for victory. " Please, fellas . . . " ' W ' ! I thought it began with an ' A’.” ORGANIZATIONS 133 J.V. CHEERLEADERS Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, left to right. First row: Jan Clay, Mick Nossen, Pam Johnson, Carole Popp. Second row: Margie Craig, Randy Stewart, Stephanie Steiger, Bina Pagliero, Mary Dell Patrick. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Freshman Cheerleaders, left to right. First row: Carolyn Hunter, Linda Smith, Barbara Hamilton, Jean Schexnailder. Second row: Patti Murphy, Brenda Williams, Mary LaMantia, Joan Gardner. Pam McMullin, Sally Bard. 134 ORGANIZATIONS PEP CLUB 1964-65 Pep Club Janet Ackroyd Peggy Anderson Karen Arnold Judi Bacon Jeanie Bell Patti Coons Laurie Crichton Cindy Davis Sue Donahue Ruth Erbe Diane Goy Linda Hink Muriel Johnson Janice Johnson Kathy Kearney Pat Kemp Marylou Cogstad Candy Krause Linda LaMantia Gail McKinney Kathy Moser Anita Mosher Marcia Nickerson Penny Norton Judy Oliver Peggy O’Halloran Becky Phillips Mary Lou Richardson Mary Roberts Pat Ruths Donna Sanza Sheila Schmidt Linda Smith Carol Smith Pam Smoak Peggy Jo Stidd Katie Stoelzel Nancy Trent Madelyn Van der Hyde Denise Worley Cathy Manning Susan Minigat Nancy Moore Laura Watson Donna White Sue Woods This year’s Pep Club was one of the most active in the history of Annandale High. Among the usual activities of decorating the halls and putting up locker signs, the club presented an Atom flag to the school, organized a week for the recognition of winter sports, and sold decals to the students. One of the main jobs of the Pep Club is to remind the team, with the use The Pep Club helps with anti-litter campaign, of locker signs, that we’re all behind them. ORGANIZATIONS 135 ■: ■ ' • r .imSm §3 VARSITY FOOTBALL Jim Creekman and Tim Austin head for another victory. And enthusiasm on the sidelines was high. Long summer practices and many after school hours prepared AHS for the tough teams which she would face in the 1964-65 season. Under the direction of Coach Edward Henry, the Atoms went through the first half of the season un¬ defeated but were later slowed down and finished with a record of seven wins and three losses. Mr. Hardage keeps track of who’s doing his job out there. " We did it again!” 138 ATHLETICS VARSITY FOOTBALL Atoms 1964-65: Phillips, Snodgrass, Checkovich, Hart, Woods, Klingensmith, Sigler, Bowers, Settle, Mitchell, Albro, Comerford, Mc- Quinney, McClees, Root, Cohut. Second row: Boles, King, Shinn, Vogt, Wall, Crane, Burgler, Brock, Robertson, Petersilia, Hayes, Hagarty, Rider, Christopher, Nickerson, Aines, Parsons. Third row: Huddleston, Mistretta, Pearson, Church, Cauble, Beach, Hopper, Gilden, Troupe, Potter, Price, Mooney, Davenport, Austin, Norby, Creekman, Speet, Huddleston, Fair. Bob Robertson, captain Tackle All-Northern Virginia, First team All-Metropolitan, First team To kick off the 1964 season, Annandale met and routed the Woodson Cavaliers by a score of 19-0. Mike Petersilia scored our first points of the season with a safety in the first period. A field goal by Danny Mistretta and two touchdowns by Jim Snodgrass finished the scoring. ATHLETICS 139 VARSITY FOOTBALL Many of Annandale’s games were characterized by good passing on the part of Scott Church. Scott Church Quarterback All-Northern Virginia Second team Jim Creekman Flanker What appeared to be an easy victory over Hammond turned into a master defensive battle. The Atom defense, led by Robertson and Petersilia, stopped the powerful Ad¬ miral ground attack until late in the fourth quarter when the oppositon pushed across a score. Snodgrass’s 62 yard touchdown was the highlight of the Falls Church game in which the Atoms trounced the Jaguars 22-6. Brilliant Atom defense, coupled with a touchdown by Church, put the game out of reach. 140 ATHLETICS VARSITY E. C. Glass of Lynchburg fell to what be¬ gan as a strong defensive battle by a score of 13-0. Snodgrass scored the first touch¬ down and Church passed to Creekman in the fourth quarter for a 70 yard touchdown. ■■HI Jim Hopper Tail back All-Northern Virginia First team All-Metropolitan Honorable Mention Mike Petersilia End In the McLean game, Jim Creekman and George Price each scored two touchdowns in the second half to secure the Atom’s fifth straight victory. The Atom defense held the Highlanders scoreless until late in the game. FOOTBALL Jim Snodgrass Tail back All-Northern Virginia First team All-Metropolitan Honorable Mention T ATHLETICS 141 VARSITY FOOTBALL Richard Potter Tackle At the hands of Washington Lee the Atoms suffered their second defeat. x Although the Atom offense moved stead¬ ily it couldn’t push across a score. In the fourth quarter Snodgrass scored our only touchdown, and the Generals were victorious 14-6. Previously undefeated, the Atoms met their match in JEB Stuart. Bob Robert¬ son scored the first points when he picked up a blocked Stuart punt and ran it in for the touchdown. The game closed in our first defeat, 20-14. Tim Austin Back VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS got back on the victory path by defeating Mt. Vernon 26-0. After a scoreless first half the Atoms ran across four touchdowns, three by Snodgrass and one by Austin. Snodgrass played his best game of the year by gaining 201 yards. Roger Christopher Guard Annandale scored two qifcfek cbuch- ' downs in the opening minutes of their ninth game to beat Madison 14-0. After the initial scoring outburst the game ' V , y turned into a tight defensive battle, the Warhawks gaining only two first downs. Kevin Davenport Quarterback All-Northern Virginia Honorable Mention The passing ability of Scott Church contributed greatly to the success of the Atom offense. VARSITY FOOTBALL Bill Beach Middle guard The tension rises as John Pearson prepares to start another play. Don Speet End Church connects with another good pass. The strong Atom defense hurries to stop another oppenent. Fred Mooney Linebacker All-Northern Virginia Honorable Mention Bruce Bowers Cornerback AHS was defeated by its arch rivals, Fairfax, in the final game of the season. After a scoreless first half the Rebels scored two third period touchdowns, while Snodgrass scored the Atom’s lone touchdown. The Atoms closed the season with a 7-3 record. 144 ATHLETICS VARSITY FOOTBALL Snodgrass spends a few minutes on the side¬ lines. " This is the one that’s loose, coach. " Varsity Football 1964 Record Opponent Score W. T. Woodson 10 - 0 Falls Church 22 - 6 Hammond 7 - 6 E. C. Glass 13 - 0 McLean 34 - 7 JEB Stuart 14 - 20 Washington Lee 6 - 14 Mount Vernon 26 - 0 Madison 14 - 0 Fairfax 7 - 13 And it’s all over until next year. ATHLETICS 145 .V. FOOTBALL Junior Varsity Football, left to right. First row: Fred, Beach, Miller, Sherburne, Ellis, Andrews, Petersilia, Miller, Fox. Second row: Darms, Haught, Lutz, Checkovich, Kern, McMann, Hood, Miller, Honaker. Third row: Iseke, Hobson, Wagner, Marr, Frere, Wheatly, Frere, Hetzer, Moser, Harris, Jay. Junior Varsity Football 1964 Record Opponent Score Opponent Score Falls Church 6 ■ 0 Stuart 6 - 29 Hammond 6 - 19 W L 6-34 Jefferson 6 - 17 Mt. Vernon 6 - 12 McLean 6 - 0 Madison 0 - 26 UtM Quarterback Andy Miller prepares to throw a screen pass to Halfback Bruce Andrews. The Atom’s forward wall puts pressure on the Washington Lee passer. This year marked the tenth season of J.V. football at Annan - dale. The partially successful team was coached this year by Mr. Beto and Mr. Moody. Next year our coaches can look forward to the support of the undefeated freshmen. 146 ATHLETICS FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Under the able leadership of Mr. Bolding, the freshmen finished their season undefeated, winning five and tying one. With their strong offensive line, they should provide next year’s J.V. team with much-needed scoring ability. This season marked the eleventh straight year of a winning season for the freshmen. Pat Hargarty sweeps around the end for a touchdown against Lee. Freshman Football 1964 Record Opponent Score W. T. Woodson 20 - 6 Lee 32 - 6 Fairfax o i o Stuart 25 - 7 McLean 14 - 6 Jefferson 7 - 6 Mike Galasso fades back for a touchdown pass on the first play against Lee. Freshman Football Team, left to right. First row: Johnson, Stewart, Bahr, Hagarty, Gobielle, Griffin, Lewis, Munsie, Provenzano, Owen Burns, Waller, Legge, Park, Olson, Crane, Chambless, Hustvedt, D. Hustvedt, Duncan Clark, Harper, Hopper, Paul. Second row: Behnke, Piggott, Hieronymus, Powers, Montgomery, Edholm, Harper, Hansen, Lee, Smith, Miner, Callow, Rollman, Galasso, Smathers, VonBeulwitz, Heg- arty, Blackstone, Manning, Sours, Putnam, Moses, Anderson, Beery, Lettenmier. ATHLETICS 147 VARSITY BASKETBALL Richard Fulton Don Greeley Lee Kemmerling Ernest Livaditis Bill Steiger Joel Stevenson 148 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL ATHLETICS 149 VARSITY BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball Team, left to right. First row: Mike Wakefield, Jimmy Stevens, Pete Nickerson, Bob Settle, Rich Fulton. Second row: Lee Kemmerling, Ernest Livaditis, Bill Steiger, Don Greeley, Doug Lee, Joel Stevenson, Bobby Shinn. As the 1964-65 Basketball season opened, the Atoms faced their fist opponent, Wakefield, who eventually landed the first place position in the Northern Virginia 1-A League. The Warriors were too much for the Atoms and handed AHS its first loss (60-45). Defeated in the first game, the Atoms bounded back with victories over Madison (66-50) and Falls Church (59-55), a double overtime win, which proved to be one of the best games of the year. Varsity basketball coach, Mr. Harry Smith, tells the boys what they have been doing wrong. And the fans cheered on . . . 150 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL — Q L Next came the tall W L Gen¬ erals and height proved to be a de¬ termining factor as the Generals overpowered the Atoms (65-37).The Atom’s next two encounters were Groveton (72-52) and Stuart (69- 57). Again AHS was disheartened by fourth quarter defeats. Due to an off third quarter the Atoms had to again go in the loss column: Mt. Vernon 61, AHS 48. But the Atoms proved they could come up with a win by defeating Yorktown (51-44). In a high scoring game between AHS and Fairfax, the Rebels were in the lead as the buzzer went off (92-75). Pete Nickerson, junior, jumps for a layup as Phil Steffes looks on. Bill Steiger puts the ball back in play. Annandale came up short in the next three games as they were defeated by George Washington (92-49), Edison (88-71), and McLean (77-72). By de feating Fort Hunt, the Atoms again showed up in the winning column (70-69). While hosting the Lee Lancers and the Marshall States¬ men, the Atoms couldn’t quite come up with the victories as they lost 88-82 and 82-78, respectively. Then it was dis¬ covered that the Atoms would have to forfeit two of its wins because of an oversight in the eligibility of one of the team members. ATHLETICS 151 VARSITY BASKETBALL " Don’t shoot! " Throughout the entire year, the Atoms had been what is known as a shoot and run team, but Coach Harry Smith decided that they should employ a new type of offense known as " freezing the ball.” This method was quite successful in the first half of the game against Woodson, but the opposition got hot-handed in the sec¬ ond half (72-53) to average their last year’s one-point defeat by the Atoms. The final game of the year and the final high school game for the seniors went down as a loss (75-50), when they were defeated by the Hammond Admirals. The Atoms ended the season with a some¬ what disappointing record, 2-15. Bobby Settle goes up for two. Varsity Basketball 1964-65 Record Opponents Score Opponents Score Wakefield 45-60 George Washington 49-92 Madison 66-50 Edison 71-88 Falls Church 59-55 McLean 72-77 W L 35-65 Ft. Hunt 70-69 Groveton 52-72 Lee 82-88 Stuart 57-69 Marshall 78-82 Mt. Vernon 48-61 Woodson 53 72 Yorktown Fairfax 51-44 75-92 Hammond 50-75 Rich Fulton and Bobby Shinn bring the ball down court. 152 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL Throughout the year the Atoms had two individual high scorers. Bill Steiger, who tossed in a career high of 40 points, and Don Greeley, who put in 31 points against Edison. Steiger finished the season with a 15.8 average, while Greeley compiled a 13.8 average. Other players seeing a lot of action were Bobby Shinn, Richard Fulton, Pete Nicker¬ son, Bobby Settle, Ernie Livaditis, Joel Stevenson, and Lee Kemmerling. Mike Wakefield shoots from the line. Graceful Bobby Shinn drives for two. The Atoms fast break and Joel Stevenson goes for the score. The Atoms employ a scarecrow type defense. New-comer Joel Stevenson goes for two. ATHLETICS 153 J.V. BASKETBALL Junior Varsity Basketball, left to right. First row: Jim Baker, Bob Sigler, Phill Mell, Steve Morrell, Tom Heiser, John Loberg, Ken Williamson. Second row: Steve Crane, Bob Vogt, Dave Hetzer, Richard Forrester, Jeff Wagner, Tom Kincy, Ron Quasebarth, Greg Brock. Tom Kincy tries to work the ball in. Bob Sigler puts the ball in action. When the Junior Varsity basketball team ended the 1964- 65 season, their record was 5-13. Dave Hetzer and Steve Murrell led the team in shooting accuracy with 46% and 35%, respectively, while Jeff Wagner led the team in rebounds. Even though the record was not the best, the varsity has some fine players coming up through the ranks. Junior Varsity Basketball 1964-65 Record Opponent Score Opponent Score Wakefield 12-39 George Washington 27-53 Madison 35-46 Edison 41-52 Falls Church 43-40 McLean 37-58 Washington Lee 40-46 Ft. Hunt 50-40 Groveton 34-52 Lee 41-56 Stuart 53-37 Marshall 36-56 Mt. Vernon 31-29 Woodson 29-41 Yorktown 28-52 Jefferson 50-69 Fairfax 46-41 Hammond 35-50 154 ATHLETICS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Freshman Basketball Team, left to right. First row: Bill Youell, Tom Becker, Bill Park, Pat Hagarty, Paul Snow, Bobbie Waller. Second row: Mark Armstrong (mgr.), Mike Galasso, Keith Kearney, Glen Blackstone, Tom Hegar- ty, Jim Putnam. Third row: Robert Frere, Lee Corder, Bill Hunter, Andy Jay, Gary Manning, Ronald Frere. I Gary Manning takes the foul shot. Coached by Mr. Thomas Porter, the freshman basketball team finished the year with a 5-5 record. Prospectively, they should add strength to the J.V. and varsity teams in the future. Freshman Basketball 1964-65 Record Opponent Score McLean 44-35 Woodson 20-40 Falls Church 38-22 Madison 29-48 Herndon 47-24 Marshall 38-31 Fairfax 44-35 Mt. Vernon 31-33 Groveton 43-52 Hammond 31-62 And the ball is again in play. ATHLETICS 155 WRESTLING Wrestling Team, left to right. First row: Clark, Coons, Petersilia, Ketcham, Riba, Startze, Raphael, Abrams, Erickson, Tolli¬ ver, Gralla, De Camps, Strong, Guill. Second row: Thompson, Sours, Stearns, Shipley, Hopper, Gobeille, Lippman, Burns, Hobson, Mullen, Behan, Burnell, Bloodgood, Latimer. Third row: Crouch, Ertlschweiger, McMahon, Chambless, Miller, Marshall, Worley, Vendola, Ellis, McElmurry, Timlin, Lawall. Fourth row: Scurria, Burton, Kepplinger, Mackey, Smathers, Lee, Lewis, Von Beuliwitz, Harper, Davenport, Harper. Fifth row: Williams, Day, Iseke, Clarkson, Seltzer, Burgler, Brother- ton, Piggott, Blansitt, Starkey, Jacks, Lainhart (mgr.), Epley (mgr.). Sixth row: Kern, Loberg, Ball, Larkins, Haycock, Hob¬ son, Marr, Splitt, Kepplinger, Mosher, Rappson, Lerch. Not shown is Olivari. As Coach Scott looks on . . . 156 ATHLETICS WRESTLING Iseke fights to keep Annandale ahead. Varsity Wrestling 1965 Record Opponent Score Opponent Score Fairfax 32-16 Washington Lee 28-16 Madison 32-14 Groveton 23-19 Yorktown 12-37 Marshall 31-15 Woodson 40- 7 Mt. Vernon 21-19 Lee 36- 6 Edison 25-15 Stuart 17-22 " May I have this dance?” (Caption courtesy of JGF) Curt Marshall struggles with his opponent. Coached by Mr. Randy Scott, the Varsity Wrestling team finished the season with nine wins and three defeats. They captured sec¬ ond place in a triangular meet against Wake¬ field and Hammond, and in the Northern Virginia and State Tournaments, they fin¬ ished fifth and thirteenth respectively. Some of AHS’s outstanding wrestlers at the State Tournament were Skipper Startzel, who placed third, and Bob Abrams, who placed fourth. ATHLETICS 157 TRACK FIELD • at ” 1 Ivj T -JII] m " Jm IT Track and Field Team: left to right: Darms, Rye, Iseke, Windsor, Powers, Andrews, Hiscox, Kunze, Avery, Ellis, Checkovich, Bhar, Woods, Lafone. Second row: Duncan, Aines, Snodgrass, Creekman, Lee, Beach, Sigler, Dillon, Sylvester, Seltzer, Ritter, Breitenlohner, Marr, Hobson, Connelly, McCormick, Thornton. Third row: Sprinkle, Reynolds, Jay, Hobson, Anderson, Elsburn, Price, Hardy, Moran, John¬ son, Klasinski, Jernigan, Richardson, Ivy. Lacking the support of a strong field team, the Atom’s track team did not measure up to its past performances. Although the cindermen won few dual meets, relay teams composed of Terry Dillon, Don Sylvester, Joe Kunze, and Bob Windsor; and Rick His¬ cox, Jim Snodgrass, Bob Aines, and Jim Creekman broke school records in the four mile and 440 yard relays, respectively. Track and Field 1964-65 Record Marshall 70 Annandale 37 McLean 40 Annandale 85 Wakefield 68 Annandale 53 Hammond 87 Annandale 49 Fairfax County Relays Third Place George Washington Memorial Relays Fifth Place Wakefield Invitational Fifth Place Fairfax County Meet Third Place Dave Hardy broad jumps for Annandale at the Fairfax County Relays. 158 ATHLETICS TRACK FIELD Rick Seltzer represents Annandale at the Fairfax Relays. Brian Price makes Mr. Heinz’s mark in the distance medley. A few of the Track Team members excelled: Jim Creekman went through the season undefeated in the 100 yard dash and was bested only once in the 220 yard event. He also placed first and second, respectively, in these events at the Fairfax County Meet. Doug Lee turned in Annandale’s best performances in both the high and low hurdles this season, placing third in the county in both events. Bob Windsor, a junior, has been one of Annandale’s best distance men since his freshman year. This year Bob’s accomplishments include second place wins in the two mile run at the Wakefield Invitational and Fairfax County Meet. Terry Dillon, the third place half-miler at the Virginia State Indoor Track Meet, led Annandale’s half-milers this year. Terry’s best effort placed him third at the Wakefield Invitational. Doug Lee taps off to Jim Checkovich after gaining the lead for Annandale. ATHLETICS 159 VARSITY BASEBALL Varsity Basketball Team, First row, left to right: J. Harris, B. Settle, B. Bowers, R. Comerford, R. Klingensmith, T. Deavers, M. Startzel. Second row: F. Donaldson, D. Sullivan, K. Davenport, S. Church, T. Austin, L. Kemmerling, P. Nickerson, J. Stevens, B. Vogt, T. Whalen. Varsity Baseball 1965 Record Opponent Score Fairfax 9 1 Falls Church 2 - 4 Washington Lee 6 - 3 Yorktown 10-2 Marshall 8-0 Woodson 2 - 1 Jefferson 6-7 McLean 6-3 Madison 0-3 Fairfax 3 0 Of the opponents met at the time of the publishing of this book, the Atoms defeated seven and fell to three. As of that time the team was tied for first place with good promise of going on to an exceptional season. Five of the Atom’s victories went to Scott Church, who through his high school pitching career won twelve games and remained undefeated. Strong hitting on the part of Kevin Davenport, Bob Settle, Bruce Bowers, and Tim Austin contributed greatly to the Atom victories. Mr. Robert Hardage, Varsity Coach. 160 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASEBALL ATHLETICS 161 VARSITY BASEBALL . ' % v V ‘ v :■■••■ ' vwi Mr. Hardage coaches another run home. This year’s Baseball Tournament will be held on May 26, 27, 28, and 29. The Atom’s expect to make a strong showing and to exhibit much of their hitting strength and pitching skill. Bobby Settle and Kevin Davenport are expected to improve their already high batting averages. A fan’s eye view of an Atom at bat. Bobby Settle legs out another hit. 162 ATHLETICS J.V. BASEBALL Junior Varsity Baseball Team, First row, left to right: Von Beulwitz, Williamson, Davenport, Miller, Mell, Ellis, Honaker. Second row: McLellan, Murrell, Hamilton, Galasso, Edmonston, Simpson, Stone, McLellan, Loberg. ATHLETICS 163 GOLF Barney drives another 300 yards. Dave McCloskey appears to sink another six-footer, but unfortunately missed. Golf Team, Left to right: Dave Dinsmore, Barry Haas, Tim Schick, Tom Kinsey, Barney Siegle, Gary Sherfey, Dave McCloskey, Bill Lafferty. The golf team closed the season with a 3-3 record. Elliot Stacy gives Barney Siegle that " pause that refreshes.” Tim " Crash” Shick blasts his way out of the sandtrap, his favorite obstacle. 164 ATHLETICS TENNIS K Tennis Team, First row, left to right: Jim Zook, Phil Jones, Ray Jones, ond row: Bob Bell, Dennis Logan, Bill Gideon, Jim Tomanelli. Bob Bell makes good use of his anti gravity shoes. 1965 Record Opponent Jefferson Woodson Marshall Mt. Vernon W L Ft. Hunt Woodson Yorkton McLean GW This year’s tennis team was coached by Mr. William Van Sant. The dismal season record does not reflect on the quality of this year’s ten¬ nis team. Led by brothers Ray and Phil Jones, the ten¬ nis team will undoubtedly show their glory in the Ten¬ nis Tourney which is to be held after the final deadline of the Antenna. Score 7 -2 4K-4K Jim Zook prepares to hit a vicious drive. Phil Jones demonstrates his professional style. ATHLETICS 165 CROSS COUNTRY Varsity Cross Country, left to right. First row: Hans Breitenlohner, Joe Kunze, Nigel Broder, Bob Givens. Sec¬ ond row: Bob Windsor, Terry Dillon, Brian Price, Tom LaFone, Don Sylvester. Under the coaching of Mr. Heinz and Cmdr. Buckley, the Varsity Cross Country Team finished the season with five wins and three defeats. Placing fourth in the Wakefield Invi¬ tational and sixth in the Northern Virginia cross country meet, they were led by Bob Windsor and Joe Kunze who placed third and eleventh in the state, respectively. The J.V. team lost only to W L and finished the season with an eight and one record. Bob Windsor, third man in the state, leads the pack. The Varsity warms up while waiting for the J.V. to come in. 166 ATHLETICS CROSS COUNTRY Annandale Cross Country 1964 Record (Low score wins) Opponent 20 Wakefield 36 42 Madison 48 46 Hammond 15 18 George Washington 44 37 Yorktown 24 21 Falls Church 36 37 Washington-Lee 23 24 Woodson 36 The Annandale Cross Country Team comes off the line. Bob Windsor, junior, leads Annandale toward its first victory in the opening meet of the season. JUNIOR VARSITY Junior Varsity Cross Country Team, left to right. First row: Neal Ellis, Bob Kiefer, Jim Pruett, Jim Perricone. Second row: John Ertlschweiger, Bob Moran, Stan Martin, Ed Leeds, John Miller, Tom Dean. ATHLETICS 167 GIRLS’ HOCKEY Varsity Hockey, from left to right: Sharon Skinner, Loretta Horgan, Maddie Hegarty, Mary Del Patrick, Linda Columbare, Lynn Tucker, Carolyn Mallon, Kathy Blaine, Diane Foster, Lynn Pennifill, Deane Dabbs, Mary Rooney, Anne Paschall, Ann Horgan. Varsity leftwing, Loretta Horgan, manipulates the ball into a driving position. Hockey, the most invigorating of girls’ sports, always seems to attract participants by the dozen. Through this sport girls are able to learn some unexpected lessons — one of the most outstanding being that finesse, not brute force, is a prerequisite of an ac¬ complished athlete. Under the watchful eye of the varsity coach, Miss Rachael Peters, this year’s team succeeded in tying for third place in the county. Opponent Varsity Hockey 1964 Record Score Stuart 1-3 Mt. Vernon 2-1 Woodson 1-3 Fairfax 2-1 Ft. Hunt 1-1 Edison 4-1 Falls Church 2-1 Herndon 2-0 168 ATHLETICS GIRLS’ HOCKEY J.V. players look on as Kathy Christy battles an opponent for the ball. This year’s Junior Varsity Hockey team inducted a new hockey coach, Mrs. Hall, into the ranks of AHS’s athletic instructors. Mrs. Hall assisted the Junior Varsity greatly in their struggle to become first in the county. The remarkable scoring ability of this team should prove to be of great consequence on next year’s varsity. Junior Varsity Hockey 1964 Record Opponents Score Stuart 2-0 Mt. Vernon 2-0 Woodson 0-0 Fairfax 2-0 Ft. Hunt 1-0 Edison 3-1 Falls Church 4-0 Herndon 2-0 Varsity player Loretta Horgan assists in the beating of a little white rat. Junior Varsity Hockey, left to right. First row: Flo Moses, Kitty Rinearson, Beth Altice, Nancy Hardee, Jill Johnson, Sue Wood, Merilee Fellows, Marilyn Horton. Second row: Nancy Hustvedt, Kathy Christie, Sharon Storm, Nancy Moore, Wendy Sylvester, Sandie Snyder, Krista Thie, Ann Elmore, Betsy Bland, Eileen Spaulding. ATHLETICS 169 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team, left to right. First row: Lynn Pennifill, Pat Jenson, Sharon Skinner, Tanya Belt, Melody Bornhoft. Second row: Kathy Rooney, Cindy Hill, Paulette Heaven, Anita Cohoon, Maggie Willis, Mary Rooney, Deanne Dabbs. Over the years basketball has proved to be one of the most popular of all girls’ sports. It affords girls the opportunity to develop coordination and master the art of teamwork. Through the excellent coaching of Miss Buck and Miss Moreland, the members of this year’s varsity and junior varsity teams improved their sense of timing, balance, accuracy, and ap¬ preciation of teamwork and sportsmanship. The oustanding quality of this year’s team may be said to be the ability of the girls to function efficiently as a team — not merely as in¬ dividual players. Girls’ Varsity Basketball 1964-65 Record Opponent Score Opponent Score Groveton 35-33 Stuart 32-22 Lee 25-18 Mt. Vernon 61-11 Jefferson 55-27 Woodson 34-35 Marshall 31-38 Fairfax 45-33 Madison 70-20 Edison 50-26 McLean 38-25 Fort Hunt 35-26 Varsity forward, Deanne Dabbs, makes a high pass to a teammate. 170 ATHLETICS GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Junior Varsity player Lynn Tucker shoots for two points. This year’s Junior Varsity team is com¬ posed entirely of freshman and sopho¬ more girls. They succeeded in winning more games than any other J.V. team in the last five years. The girls’ potential is apparent and will be utilized next year because six of the varsity players are seniors and will be leaving this year. Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball 1964-65 Record Opponents Score Groveton 18-16 Lee 27- 4 Jefferson 15- 4 Marshall 23-24 Madison 13-27 McLean 22- 7 Stuart 25-24 Mt. Vernon 20- 5 Woodson 13-20 Fairfax 25-17 Edison 14-10 Fort Hunt 19-27 Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball Team, left to right. First row: Jan Storm, Carolyn Kissinger, Lynn Tucker, Sue Belt, Kathy Blaine, Linda Hall. Second row: Monica Pripton, Krista Thie, Kathy Christie, Kathy Powell, Hope Heaven, Bonnie Keleher, Sue Palmer, Ruth Cumbs, Nancy Hustvedt. ATHLETICS 171 SOFTBALL Varsity Softball, First row, left to right: Sharon Skinner, Lynn Pennifill, Pat Fitzgerald, Carol Williams, Melody Born- hoft. Second row: Maggie Willis, Anita Cahoon, Peggy Spruill, Mary Rooney, Cindy Hill, Carolyn Kissinger. Miss¬ ing are Sue Parrot and Tanya Belt. Lynn Pennifill, a good base-hitter, awaits the pitch. The varsity Hardrock-Four are ecstatic over their last victory. Varsity Softball 1965 Record Opponent Score Herndon 6- 7 Groveton 19 7 Falls Church 12-14 Lee 16-13 Jefferson 17-10 Marshall 7-17 Madison 18-15 McLean 4- 8 Stuart 2-10 Mt. Vernon 22- 4 172 ATHLETICS SOFTBALL One of AHS’s outstanding hitters, Sharon Skinner, prepares to make trouble for another pitcher. J.V. Softball 1965 Record Opponent Score Herndon 14- 2 Groveton 56- 9 Falls Church 11-14 Lee 10- 5 Jefferson 26-11 Marshall 10- 3 Madison 5-25 McLean 21-10 Stuart 15-16 Mt. Vernon 25- 5 Fine season records from the Varsity and Junior Var¬ sity Softball teams are largely due to the hard work of the many enthusiastic players on the teams. But credit must also go to Miss Moreland, the Varsity coach, and Miss Buck, the J.V. coach. These people worked all year to produce the fine season records and the rising J.V. players promise to produce a fine Varsity next year. A behind-the-scenes shot of what a J.V. batter faces . . . Junior Varsity Softball Team, First row, left to right: Nancy Hustvedt, Sue Belt, Becky Phillips, Nancy Hardee, Eileen Spaulding, Kathy Blaine. Second row: Barb Ritter, Joan Duncan, Sharon Storm, Kathy Christie, Jan Storm, Flo Moses, Nancy Moore. ATHLETICS 173 | V . » « Wm ASSEMBLIES Our annual American Field Service Assembly was a grand success. We had four foreign visitors and half a microphone. Bill Gardener and Wayne Hamilton having a feud over who has the cutest bunny. Roses and people wilted under the lights at the an¬ nual Thanks¬ giving concert. School spirit soared as all the students took part in the last pep rally. POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL It’s all in the way you look at it! Even though the underclassmen tried their best and the game was the first fair powderpuff game in history, the seniors reigned victorious 26 - 6 . " Who’s idea was this?” " It’s a woman’s world!” ACTIVITIES 177 HOMECOMING - M A In the last few hours before the big weekend began, students looked on in anticipation. " And now, a word from our sponsor.” Each year AHS juniors threaten to burn Miss Finch, but this year . . . 178 ACTIVITIES " Will license number 455-769 please report to the office? You forgot to get a parking permit.” HOMECOMING T’was Hallow’s Eve when all through the night The Key Club was wishing they’d drive out of sight. This float laid a bomb. I wonder if next year’s senior class will " Boo’s” as much as this year’s did. Mr. Buckley crowns the 1964 Homecoming queen, Miss Sandy Smith. HOMECOMING Terri Yamaki and Goree Waugh Jackye Cave and Dave Spaulding Gayla Larson and John Counsebnan Mary Pagliero and Kevin Leonard Sandy Smith, Homecoming queen Neal Ellis, Escort Stephanie Sabatier and Chip Grange 180 Sharon Freed and Chris Kohn Bina Pagliero and Andy Miller Pam McMullen and Rick Clark SENIOR PLAY The senior cast of " The Girl’s in 509” presented Mrs. Summers with a bouquet of roses during their final curtain call. " You should have answered it, ' Hello, I’m listening to the lively one.’ ” " Well, that’s nothing! I’m really Superman in disguise!” Ken Murray seems to have little to say about the situation. After hours of practice, the moment always comes when one must face the audience. TALENT SHOW After capturing half of first place as a singing group, Lyn Sparks and Allen Clark went on to do professional singing. The Alphabets, who tied Lyn and Allen for first place, entertained AHS students with a tale of Hollywood singing groups. Lyn Butler won first place in the dance division for the second Instrumental winners, The Cal Lewiston Quintet, Mike Raphael, year in a row. Pete Sidle, Bob Cofeen, and Cal Lewiston. 182 ACTIVITIES JUNIOR PROM This year’s Junior Prom was held at the Marriot Hotel on December 4. A lull in the excitement of the prom. " I don’t care if I look better by candlelight. Turn the electric lights back on!” And, as usual, the chaperones had the most fun of all. ACTIVITIES 183 SADIE HAWKINS " Yea, it does look like Dogpatch, don’t it?” " Don’t look so happy. It’s only for a day!” The Sadie Hawkins dance, held on November 25, attracted more people than any other dance during the year. 184 ACTIVITIES IT’S ACADEMIC Annandale students, both at home and at the studio, hoped for victory in the annual television quiz show, " It’s Academic. " Lyle Groom, Leland Sprinkle, and Douglas Sprugel composed the team while Mrs. Bauer kept score and Mac McGary asked the questions. ACTIVITIES 185 Jeff Fair and Mary Ann Hughes enjoy a senior class party. DANCES An S.C.A. dance confirms it; Hans likes coeducation. Freshman can dance, too? This year’s S.C.A. dance program was greatly enlarged to meet the social needs of Annandale students. 186 ACTIVITIES DANCES A new dance, the jerk, became more and more popular at school dances. " Someone turn off those lights! My eyes are getting sun¬ burned!” And when you cover her eyes, she is deactivated. SWEETHEART DANCE The 1965 Sweetheart Court: Jan Hamill Kevin Davenport, Kathy Moser Chip Grange, Nancy Fox Mike Petersilia, Bar¬ bara Mayhall Dave Stulman, Brenda Williams Perry Wright. And we danced fast . . . and sweetheart slow. 188 ACTIVITIES SENIOR CLASS TRIP Leland Sprinkle calculates the velocity of the wind at 237 feet above the 32nd story of the Empire State Building. The upper layer of the Idiodic Two Dozen. ACTIVITIES 189 planning, and play. 190 ACTIVITIES CAROUSEL” " Carousel” was performed. Billy (John Pearson) courted Julie (Gayla Larson) Mr. Snow (Wayne Hamilton) courted Carrie (Debbie Twardy) ACTIVITIES 191 MISS AHS CONTEST Each contestant had to face the inquiries of the judges. Then there were anxious moments waiting for the judges to make their choice. MISS AHS CONTEST The choice was made! Sandy Smith crowns the new " Miss Annandale,” Sandy Cook. Mm AHS of 1965 and her court: Brenda Williams, Ann Paschall, Sandy Cook, Sue Covell, and Pat Hirst. ACTIVITIES 193 " Watch out! She just popped up from behind the encyclopedias!” " The race is about to begin, but who’s driv¬ ing?” " Need any help?” " But I did put a dime in, operator,” cries a junior using one of Annandale’s tem¬ peramental telephones. Spring cleaning—is it really neces¬ sary? A scene of confusion in the morning, the lobby is well known as a meeting place for all students. Juniors find more colleges than they had dreamed ex¬ isted as they use catalogues in try¬ ing to make the big decision. CLASS OF 1966 196 JUNIORS Junior Class Sponsors, Mr. Henretty and Mr. Bolding discuss their strategy for the annual " Junior Jollies.” The junior class is deeply grateful for their helpful and active participation in junior class affairs. Plunged into the new eight-period day, the Junior Class emerged in spring exhausted but satisfied with its accomplishments. With the arrival of their class rings, juniors were exposed to the excitement of the coming senior year. The College Boards and the Step-Scat tests, to which they were sub¬ jected, served to evaluate them as adults who would soon enter a vast, new world of learning. They still found time to enjoy the amusements of high school, such as the Junior Prom and the Junior Jollies. Then there were the term papers and the impossible, unpassible tests. But they survived to look forward to their senior year and the great challenge which would follow shortly thereafter, a successful future as individuals with their own goals. This year’s Junior Class Officers are Chris Kohn, president; Sue Coveil, vice-president; Sylvia Millhouse, treasurer; and Sandy Smith, secretary, who is not shown. JUNIORS 197 mm Do all juniors study this hard? Tom Adams Wyman Adcock Bob Aines Linda Albright Peggie Albright Mike Albro John Allen Beverly Anceravage Kathy Anderson Peg Anderson Sally Andrews Alison Armstrong Jake Armstrong Bob Arthur Doug Arthur James Asselstine Mercedes Augustin Wayne Avery Rodney Ayers Karen Badin David Bailey Jacki Bailey William Ball Karen Beaudoin Bob Beazley Karen Beebe Barbara Beller Ken Benson Sharon Berg Walt Berry Jorge Bertran Carolyn Best Laura Burnett Marie Gilliard Gene Boles Melody Bornhoft 198 JUNIORS n Dee Bowles Chris Brandon Donna Bray Eugenia Braun Jane Blankenbak r Jackie Brown Pidge Brown Tom Brown Sharon Brynaert Earl Bryant Pam Bryant Terry Burgler Jeanne Burris Ross Burton Anita Cahoon Jody Calabrese Peggy Callaghan Mike Campbell Chris Carley Jack Carlin Cindy Carroll James Carter Jane Caskey Jeff Castle Pam Chambers Paula Chambless Marilyn Chernis Shari Chinnis Pat Christian Susan Claque Jane Clark Bob Coffeen Newton Collins Barbara Colman Ron Comerford Susan Donahue Professor Kohn looks somewhat puzzled over his latest experiment. JUNIORS 199 Ceci Conaty Bill Connolly Jim Connolly Sandy Cook Susan Cooke Don Cordes Charles Cortrill Bill Coulter Sue Covell Suzanne Cowan Steve Crane Rita Creasy Chuck Curtis Margaret Damer Karen Darsch Dave Davidson Terry Davidson Pam Davies Jim Davey Danny Davis Bobby Dawson William Day Stephen Decoste Carol Deem Terry Denton Lee Dewey Jane Diaz Ronnie Dickens David Dinsmore Dan Dobson Bradley Doone Ricky Doering Bruce Donnelly Jerry Donovan Sondra Dotson Debbie Dreyer Beth Duncan Carol Dunn John Eddy Ken Edelston Gary Ehlers Barry Eichenauer Neal Ellis Herman Ertlschweiger Wally Estes Barry Evans Dave Evans Bill Falconer 200 JUNIORS Joan Faries John Fellows Jill Fishback Steve Fleming Jim Flynn Dixie Folsom Keith Fraser Karen Freed Sharon Freed John Fungaroli Lawrence Gaffegan Linda Gallant George Gargus Nancy Gauvreau Debbie Geyer Jack Gilden Johnny Gill Linda Gioielli Diane Gisvold Jan Gobel Bob Gobeille Fred Gomez Gustavo Gomez Sandy Gomez Karen Good Bill Goodman Krista Gordon Terry Grange David Grayson Gary Grayson Don Greeley Kathy Green Rick Greene Kelly Greenwood Jan Gulledge John Giuli John Haga Ann Hagan Mike Hagarty John Hagstrom Linda Haisley Jeannette Halpin Pat Harris Brenda Harrison Donald Harrison Dennis Hart Mike Hart Phil Hart JUNIORS 201 A i ' tmM Bill Hartman John Haycock Kay Haygood Karen Heiberg Shiela Henry Lee Herrell Chip Hill Pam Hirst Pat Hirst Jane Hoffmann Nancy Honea Kathlyn Hopkins Alton Hollister Bill Hovland Dale Howe John Huddleston Tom Huddleston Jeffrey Hudson Harry Hunter Elin Hustuedt Pat Igo Tate Jackson Steve Jameson Becky Jarman Pat Jepson Dave Johnson Lewie Johnston Carol Jones Phil Jones Bill Kamminga Patty Kelly Pat Kemp " At last! A shampoo that leaves my hair soft and manageable!” says Pat Marusak to Sue CovelL 202 JUNIORS Leland Jones typifies AHS band spirit. Martha Kapplinger Kathy Kearny Paul Ketcham Randy Kimzey Kathy King Helen Kilpatrick Thomas Kincy Jim King Mike Kirk Ron Klingensmith Marylou Klinstiver Marylou Kogstad Chris Kohn Jonathen Kraushaar Mike Kulina Nelson Kuniansky Kay Kurtz Tom LaFone Bill Lamb Linda LaMantia Bob Lambert Carol Langhorne John Latimer Gletta Layne Carol Leach Charles Lee Kathy Lee David Lerch Carol Lewis Carolyn Lewis Andy Loberg Walter Locke JUNIORS 203 Dennis Logan Tracy Logan Linda Lorenz John Loretti Vicki Long Katie Lynch Ginny Manley Bonnie Martin Ginny Martin Ginny Martin Pat Marusak Ronnie Massey Barbara Mayhall David McCain Donald McCain Pat McClellan David McClosky Dee McDuffie Steve McElmurray Charlie McLaughlin Scott McWhinney Mary Ann Meadows Karen Meehan Susan Menigat Bruce Metzdore John Miller Vicki Miller Sylvia Millhouse Eric Miner Kay Miner Tom Mitchell Frankie Monroe Chuck Moore Ray Moore Gary Morgan Dennis Morris Walton Morris Bill Morrison Peggy Morton Jim Mullen Gayle Murphy Mary Murphy Steve Munsie Don Nafus Tommy Newton Sonja Newland Pete Nickerson Candi Nieman 204 JUNIORS Barbara Nolen Penny Norten Dave Nylander Jacki O’Brien Richard Oderwald Mary Lou Oliver Stephen Oliver Karey Olson Pat Ortagus Judy Paherson Helen Painter Eddie Papin Susan Parks Frank Parrotta Bob Parsons Anne Paschall William Perdue Jim Perricone Leif Peterson Terry Plaugher Judi Poenicke Brian Price George Price Jim Pruett Betty Pyre Ronnie Quasebarth Sharon Ralston Tom Randall Delma Milton Ginny Rapp Linda Reynolds Rey Reynolds Gary Richardson Bruce Rider Charles Riegle Joyce Riley Carolyn Ripani Linda Rinearson Steve Ritter Scott Roberts Kathleen Robertson Katy Rodgers Mike Rodriquez Kathy Rooney James Root Linda Ross Mary Ross JUNIORS 205 Anne Rozamus Doug Rye Sandy Sadler Linda Salmons Pat Sari Carlie Saunders Curt Sayblack John Schmoyer Beverly Schnatterly Sharon Schoolar James Schoonover Marlene Schwartz Butch Shartzer Ann Segars Gary Sherfey Bob Siegle Deidre Shields Cathy Sigholtz Susan Skettino Sharon Skinner Jeri Slaugenhaust Pat Slift Brenda Smith Lou Smith Paula Smith Sandy Smith Scott Smith Pam Smoak Sandie Snider David Snow Ken Spafford Ed Spanke 206 JUNIORS Larry Speakman Ted Speakman Donna Sprague Peggy Spruill Brian Spurlock Bill Stacy Mary Beth Stanek Bill Stanley John Starkey Skip Startzel Fred Stein Jimmy Stevens Dale Stingley Tony Stockus Mary Ellen Stover Sharon Strecker Kathy Street Carol Stringfellow Larry Strong Linda Sullivan Judy Suraci Kitty Suraci Glenn Suter Roxane Swartz Construction begins on the new wing. Mike Sydenstricken Trish Tangas Hector Tassara Alan Taylor Elaine Tennant Joe Tennet Bonnie Thie Kathy Thompson JUNIORS 207 Jean Tinney Jo Tobiason Alan Trabue John Trenery Mike Troup Robert Turman Ralph Turner Reene Turner Karen Tuttle Kim Ulanowicz Ruth Ulery Paul Underwood Carmen Upenicks Bill Utt Art Varnau David Vendola Vance Veynar Tom Via Larry Viel Mike Wade Charles Wafel Mike Wakefield Steve Walker Pam Ward q L aura Watson Stu Weinstien Kent Wells Bruce White Steve White Margie Wilkerson Carol Williams Jim Williams Paula Williams Robert Windsor Meg Wisniewski Brad Wolcott Hugh Wood Ann Wooten Chris Worley Carolyn Wright Linda Yanker Margie Yep Dick Young John Zmud Jim Zook Jim Zumwalt 208 JUNIORS P Jorge Bertran And the tear that we shed, though it in secret rolls, Shall long keep his memory green in our souls. —Thomas Moore 209 Why did Barbie Ralph hide her face when this picture was taken of her with Bobby Shinn? Is she expecting baby rats or isn’t she? Only Mr. Ailstock knows for sure. We heard spine-tingling tales of term papers, Chem-Study, and The Scarlet Letter from upper¬ classmen. David Park and Richard Weakly con¬ structing the shop’s obstacle course. Cmdr. Buckley discovers how the other half lives. " I hope the mercurochrome holds out!” Despite efforts on behalf of the adminis¬ tration, many cars still ap¬ peared on the school grounds. CLASS OF 1967 210 SOPHOMORES The Class of 1967 expresses its appreciation to its sponsor Mr. Tom Porter, one of the more refreshingly straightforward and independent teachers at Annandale. What will you remember about this year? Maybe the time you figured out the meaning of The Old Man and the Sea, or the day you discovered you could actually communicate in French, or the time in biology when you felt like a scientist on the verge of discovery, or your first year of junior varsity basketball. Knowledge is of things we see. — Tennyson. Annandale High School is the beginning of sight, the beginning of knowledge. But seeing comes more easily than knowing, and sights gather in tall stacks. You mean to cut them out some Sunday afternoon and file them under knowledge, but tall stacks keep gathering. Class Officers (bottom to top): Andy Miller, president; Bobby Ellis, treasurer; Rosie Mason, secretary; and Bob Vogt, vice-president. SOPHOMORES 211 Dennis Aaron Dale Abrahamson Dale Abrams Robert Albright Janice Allen Beth Altice Bill Anderson Bruce Andrews Janice Angell Carol Appleyard Judy Bacon James Bacon Bob Balas Dudley Ballew Chris Bangert Cindi Bangert John Barber Nancy Battaglia Sue Batten John Bauer Thomas Baydala Bob Beach Tom Behan Carolyn Behnke Craig Belanger Jean Bell Ronnie Bell Ginger Benton Leslie Beuschel Terry Bevels Mary Fran Bierce Donell Bjoring Nan Wood and friend. 212 SOPHOMORES You’d never guess that these boys, Malcolm Groome and Bob Cuzick, were hardened criminals as little as a year ago. Joy Blacksmith Kathy Blaine Betsy Bland Ed Blandish Barbara Blankenship Linda Boleyn Sandra Boyle Pat Bradley Chris Brandon Linda Bruen Carole Buckingham Kieth Bunch Ken Buttleman James Byrne Kathy Callaghan Diana Cameron Vicki Carrol Michele Carter Nancy Cauble Pete Checkovich Nancy Outturn Kathy Christie Linda Clark Robert Clark Sharon Clark Diane Clausen Donna Clausen Jan Clay Gary Clem Lynn Cockrill Libby Jane Colen Kathy Coles SOPHOMORES 213 Sheryda Collins Sandy Columbare Chip Conaty Bennett Connelly Larry Cook Ruth Coombs Patti Cooms Carol Cooper Charleen Corns Theresa Cottrill Randal Cowart Earl Cox Jack Cox Margie Craig Brenda Crites Cecilia Cronan William Cronan Shiela Crowley Daniel Crouch Karen Crouch Judy Culver Bill Curl Bob Cuzick Denise Cweik Pat Dailey Pat Daly John Darms James H. Davis James Davis Edwin Dayton Terry Deaver Noelle Dick 214 SOPHOMORES Ann Elmore Robert Elsbernd Barbara Ely Susan Engh Ruth Erbe Chuck Errickson Janie Farringer Cathy Ferguson Jim Finkbine Pat Fitzgerald Susan Fletcher Jim Foley Judy Forman Richard Forrester Ann Folkes Chris Fox Jess Dickens Dotty Dickerson Marion Dickey Lois Dingus Terry Dixon Cathy Dorsky Barbara Dubois Cathy Duff Arthur Dunbar John Earl Dairold Easterwood Ken Edelston Bill Edmonston Bruce Elliot Bob Ellis Mark Ellis SOPHOMORES 215 Nicky Fragala Diana Fraser Steven Fred Leslie Friend John Fulton Richard Fulton Dorothy Funkhouser Pete Gaul Barbie Rapp, Jesse Woods, Jane Vendola, and John Westbrook admire the baby crocodiles just born in Jane’s locker. Susan Gibson Marge Gillikin Terry Givens Mike Givili Arthur Glenn Pam Goforth Chuck Griffith Malcolm Groome Diane Guy Linda Hall Richard Hall Roger Hall Steven Hall Jan Hamill Jean Hancock Susan Hancock Derwood Hanline Mickey Hargrove David Harmon can Ha agy Jim Harris Robin Harrold Karen Hart Lynn Hart 216 SOPHOMORES Terry Haught Janet Heath Tom Heiser Norah Henry Gary Herman David Hetzer Ewell Hill Robert Hobson Linda Holbruner Pat Holt David Honaker Dan Hood Arthur Hoover Marilyn Horton William House Betsy Howard William Howe Leonard Hudson Phil Hutcheson Richard Iseke Steve Jackson Florence Jacobs Richard Jacobs Vicki Jamison A. H. S.’s Stephanie Steiger in action. cc--£ C z Ate Oi+Jl C 7 Ken Jernigan Andrew Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Jan Johnson Bobby Jones Kathy Jones Leland Jones Jill Johnson SOPHOMORES 217 Muriel Johnson Pam Johnson Lois Johnson Kathy Kauffman Michal Kay Scott Keck Beth Keefer Pat Keller Steve Keller Katherine Kelley Kirk Kennedy Bob Kern Stacey Kerr Kathy Ketcham Bill King Mitch King Vicki Kleinschmidt Ken Klemp Kathy Klotz Ken Kohut Chris Kruger James Kurz Robert Lamb Judy Larson Jim Lawrence Anne Lawton Dan Lee Tom Lewis Ed Leysath Pamela Lipp John Loberg Jacquie Long 218 SOPHOMORES Robyn Long Chris Lutz Deborah Mayberry Margaret MacLeod Valerie MacMillan Brenda Maddox Skip Maiorana Nancy Marchiony Woody Marr Kirk Marshall Becky Martin Stanton Martin Rosie Mason Horale Matthew Michael Mayhugh Lynn McCann Carole McCloskey Kathleen McConnell Bob McCormick Donna McCormick Randy McDaniel Betty McGinnis Maureen McGuire Bill McLellan Sammy McLellan Mike McMahon Kathy McNaughton Mary Meehan Lynne Melancon Phil Mell John Messina Leigh Meux SOPHOMORES 219 Cathy Micklewright Andy Miller Bill H. Miller Diane Miller Marilyn Miller Paula Miller Robert Miller Ronnie Miller Kathy Mitchell Mike Mitchell Barry Moore Cecily Moore Doug Moore Nancy Moore Don Moran Linda Kay Morey Donald Morgan Cheryl Mornone Pam Morrow Jeff Mort Sheila Morse Anita Mosher Jeanne Mosser Diane Mullin Bob Munson Steve Murrell Susan Myers Thomas Nagin Robert Nash Alayne Neal Laurie Newcomer Tommy Newton 220 SOPHOMORES Dudley Ballew sharpens her nail file. Sam Nolan Mike Norwood Marilyn Nossen Kathy O’Donnell Judy Oliver Eric Olson Yvonne Olson Christal Ott Janice Owen Bina Pagliero Judy Palm Bonnie Palmer Scott Pardee Cynthia Parks Marguerite Parrotta Sue Parrott Mary Dell Patrick David Park Deborah Peck Marvin Pederson Mikal Pederson Lynn Pennifill Jon Pennino Jackie Perez Pat Petersilia Chuck Peterson Steff Petrilli Judy Phelps Rex Phillips Donald Plummer Jim Poland Kathy Polzer SOPHOMORES 221 Kathy Powell Avery Price Monica Pripeton Sue Privett John Pudine Linda Quasebarth Kathi Raftery Patrick Rankin Ed Rant Mike Raphael Barbie Rapp Brigid Rapp Philip Rapson Karen Rasmussen Vicki Raze Chris Redalin Walter Reed Jack Reynolds Bob Riba Kaye Richardson Gary Richter Nancy Richmond Kathy Rinearson Barbara Ritter Mary Roberts Robert Rockholt Denise Rodriguez Hammond Root John Rodengren Diane Ross Annette Roy Linda Rubright 222 SOPHOMORES Linda Rudolph Don Ruecroft Donna Rush Tony Ruth Pat Ruths Pat Saah Carol Salzarulo Rick Sanchiz Diane Sanford James Sari Harrison Saunders Jim Sayers Sally Scharmach Bill Schless Martha Schmitt Mike Schmidt Eric Schutz Greg Scott Linda Seltzer Ellis Simpson Phil Sharpe Edward Sheets Larry Shepherd Mark Sherburne Bob Shinn Bill Shipley Bill Sigler Cuquita Silberman Joan Sisson Steve Skipper Elaine Slifer Dave Sloan SOPHOMORES 223 James Smith John Smith Judy Smith Ronald Smith Wayne Smith Frank Smoak Mary Snyder Susan Sowers Robert Sprinkle Bob Sta nners Frank Stankovich Ann Starker Stephanie Stieger Randy Stewart Jeffrey Stine Katie Stoelzel Sharon Storm John Street Pati Swann Hannelore Tannheiser Patricia Tasker Elodie Taylor Charles Tharp Curtis Thompson John Thornton Pam Tiffany Rita Tilton Cindi Timmons Kenneth Tomayko Carol Townsend Harriet Trenholm Nancy Trent Terry Trumble Lin Tucker Ann Turner Debbie Twardy Benjamen Usecky Don Vantine George Vawter Jane Vendola Bob Vogt Marilyn Von der Hyde Jeff Wagner Margret Waldsop Holly Wall Debbie Waller Richard Weakley Marilyn Welch 224 SOPHOMORES Susan Wells Judith West John Westbrook Warren Westerman Linda Wientjes Candy Williams Mike Williams Ken Williamson Brenda Wilson Lorraine Wisniewski Leah Wood Nan Wood Yvonne Olson shows us that homeroom is the room to feel at home in. It’s for applying lipstick, curling eyelashes, and arranging bangs. What do boys do in homeroom? Janice Owen reveals her faith in Duncombe’s famous saying: " The lofty oak from a small acorn grows.” (That’s the acorn on the left.) Jesse Woods Reginald Woolard Bill Wooton Albert Wright Sandy Wuick Greg Yantis Linda Yelton John Youell James Young Libby Young Allen Zerick SOPHOMORES 225 CLASS OF 1968 " Doug !I’ve told you so many times not to practice your yoga while taking pictures. Freshman editor George Nield finds time to practice his trombone. " . . . If I had the wings of Noah’s dove over these prison walls I would fly . . .” The Miss An- nandale fresh¬ men prelimi¬ nary: Smile! Smile! Smile! This unfortunate freshman was found plastered in school. " . . . over-knead¬ ing the dough will result in tough, coarse-tex- tured bread . . .” 226 FRESHMEN Many thanks to the freshman sponsor, Mr. Dorminey. Remember the first day of school? Hot, sticky, unfriendly, bewildering. But soon you were able to find your classes on time. You met people. You joined clubs. You formed cliques at the lunch tables. You found security. New experiences were plentiful: you supported your team at football games; you fulfilled your lifelong ambition to be a cheerleader; you attended a high school dance; you had a crush on an upperclassman; and you had more homework than ever before. And here, Class of 1968 , is your first yearbook. Freshman Class Officers (bottom to top): Krissy Bonkemyer, secretary; Mike Harper, treasurer; Craig Sours, vice-president; Richard Clark, president. FRESHMEN 227 Pattie Adams Susan Adams Mary Allen Marjorie Anders Jack Anderson Mike Anderson Vicki Andrews Anda Antrim Marchia Applegate Richard Arthur Mark Armstrong Sally Ayres Sandra Ayscue Susan Bacon Jeff Bahr Judy Bailey Richard Balas Patricia Ball Debbie Ballew Philip Bard Sally Bard J. Thomas Becker Eddie Beery Dennis Behan Douglas Behan Bill Behenke Elaine Benson Kathie Benson Mark Bernstein Sharon Bertolini Mary Besaw Bonnie Bickers Linda Black Mike Black Glen Blackstone Bob Blackwell 228 FRESHMEN Patricia Blanc} Adell Blankenbaker David Bloodgood Charles Bodin Jimmy Bone Danny Bowen Debbie Bowers Linda Bowles Joe Boyle Cheryl Bracken Ted Bremer Christine Brighter Benjamin Brown Janet Brown Richard Brown James Brozo Barbra Buckingham Martin Bulin Sandy Bulow Jim Burdette Michael Burnell Dan Burns Russ Burns Jeff Burwell Neil Butler Gary Byrne Angela Cacciatore Tommy Callow Pat Camarena Joanne Campbell Susan Campbell Tomi Campbell Bert Carraway Mike Carrico Christine Carter FRESHMEN 229 Shirley Carter Mike Cavalero Bill Chambless Wendy Chandler Tom Chapman Kathleen Chittum Frances Cirillo Richard Clark Frances Clarke Douglas Coffey Ann Cole Anita Coles William Corder Kathy Cormier Edward Corvi Bill Cox Robert Crane Laurie Crichton Anita Crotts Sherry Cumberland Wilma Dalton Lois D’Angelo Brian Davenport Alan Davey Jeffrey Davidson Lee Davis Nancy Davis Leslie DeGil Carol Dempsey Joe Desrosiers Georgianna Dittmann Carol Dodson 230 FRESHMEN Michael Donnell Ellen Douglas Helen Dowden Diana Dreiss Joann Duncan John Duncan Janet Dunn Todd Edholm Sheila Eichenau Leslie Ellis John Epley Martin Evans Karen Fales Steve Faulk Merrilee Fellows Alan Ferguson Marilyn Ferri Carol Folawn Kathy Ford Ken Ford Carol Forsman Jack Fox Robert Frere Ronnie Frere Diana Fuller Robert Gaffigan Diane Gallagher Mike Galasso Bob Gardner Cay Gardner Joan Gardner Kevin Gaug FRESHMEN 231 Diane George Leo Gerald Bill Gideon Moore Gilenda John Gilroy Richard Gobeille Barbara Goltz Sandy Goodman " My girlfriend always writes her notes in Braille.” Lauren Gordon Steve Gorey Steven Gralla Ellen Green Frank Green Greg Griffen Patsy Guidi Pat Hagarty Jim Halsey Maurna Halsey Diana Ham Bill Hamaker Barbara Hamilton Mike Hamilton Mike Hammer Eric Hansen Nancy Harder Pat Harris Alan Harrison Chris Harrison Patricia Hasie Bonnie Hayford Leslie Howard Hope Heaven 232 FRESHMEN Bruce Heflin Tom Hegarty Hal Heiberg Nancy Heiser John Helvey Bob Hieronymus Sue Hilson Linda Hink Ted Hobson John Hoecker James Hoffman Linda Holcher Mike Holmes Hollena Holton Peter Holtz Mike Hopper Jerry Houck Debra Hubbard Carolyn Hunter William Hunter Rebecca Hupp Dana Hustvedt Nancy Hustvedt Scott Hustvedt Robert Lewis enjoys one of Annandale’s new shops. Andrea Hynes Andrew Jay Steve Jenkins Betty Johnson Donna Johnson Duncan Johnson Joe Johnson Kathy Johnston FRESHMEN 233 Janice Johnston Richard Jones Wanda Judd Joe Juliard Linda Kauffman Rita Katz Jamie Kearney Keith Kearney Bonnie Kelcher Kathryn Keller Pat Kelley Joanne Kelly Thomas Kemp Richard Keplinger Prue Kimbrough Ann King Steve Kinion Fair Kirk Carolyn Kissings Cathy Kleck Tom Klingsman Pat Klinstiver Jan Knight Gandy Krause Doreen La Fone Mary Lamantia Pam Landreth Judy Lankenau Jackie Larkins Letitia Laroche Linda Lauffer Donald Lawall 234 FRESHMEN Pat Layhee Fritz Lee Jane Leeds Leonard Legge Norbert Le Henmaier Dianne Leith Kirby Lemesh Debbie Lewis Robert Lewis Peggy Lewiston Jay Lippman Jody Loeffler Tracy Logan Pat Lolmaugh Chris Lona Chris Loveridge Dave Lowe Sandra Lowe Kent Lundberg James MacDonald Andy Mackey Karen Magaldi James Mahan Margie Mallon Fred Mallon Diane Malone Catherine Manning Gary Manning Sue Marietta Jordi Masgrau Cheryl Maxwell Mark McCain FRESHMEN 235 Maureen McCarron Don McCoy Lucy McCoy Patricia McCoy Maureen McDermott Sue McFarland Connie McGraw Sheila McGuire Derrek Mcjury Gail McKinney Cecily McLaughlin Pam McMullen Penny McMullen Mike McNamera Mark Mendenhall Suzanne Merrow Robert Merryman Sandi Mikel Deirdre Miller Jerry Miller Felix Millhouse Bonnie Millner Donna Mills Broge Miner William Montgomery Glenda Moore Sue Morgan Bill Morris Flo Moses Fred Moses Ken Mosher Marcella Mullady All is quiet . . . The teacher must be in the room. 236 FRESHMEN Paul Mullen Michael Munsie Sometimes freshmen go to the library. Patty Murphy Barry Nicholson Georganne Nicholson Marie Nickerson George Nield Richard Nowell John O’Connor Patricia Oden Margaret O’Holloran Leonard Olson Dexter Omori Janet Overgard Carolyn Overstreet Bill Owen Tom Owen Susan Palmer Bill Park Jack Parker Mark Parris Debbie Paul Jim Paul Glenda Payne Mary Alice Payne Wendy Peek Christine Peterson Jerome Petrosewicz Becky Phillips Doris Kay Phillips Nelson Pierce Gary Piggott FRESHMEN 237 Robert Plaugher Tracy Pollack Diana Potter Bob Powers Steve Pratt Richard Provenzana Debbie Putnam Jim Putnam Alyce Pyle Keith Rollman Gayle Ramsey Ann Papin Ulrich Rauscher John Reeder Dianne Reisinger Kurt Renz Dany Reynolds Mark Richardson Mary Richardson Ann Ritchey Jeff Robinson Jerry Rochett Leah Rogers B. J. Ross Kathy Rowe John Russo Larry Salmon Bev Sams Bruce Sanza Fred Sauer Karen Schaeffer A pie’s eye view of a student at work? 238 FRESHMEN David Schaefferman Margaret Schaffer " Catch that cockroach!” Barbara Scherer Jean Schenailder Jan Schmerbeck David Schultz Betsy Scott Pattijo Scott Debbie Seal Pati Serviss Fred Seward Greg Sharon Sim Shattuck Gilbert Shaw Steve Shaw Carol Sheen Terry Slonceski Joe Smathers Becky Smith Larry Smith Linda Smith Linda Smith Maureen Smith Richard Smith Ron Smith Susan Smith Janet Smoot Carol Snider Paul Snow Helen Sorrell Craig Sours Eileen Spaulding FRESHMEN 239 Jean Staken William Starker Morris Startzel Harry Stearns Kathy Steffes Jack Stell Sharon Stevenson Danny Stewart Peggy Jo Stidd Harry Stirling Vicki Stirrup Jan Storm Sigrid Strecker Henry Sullivan Jeanne Swartz Wendie Sylvester Thomas Tambor Marl a Tayler Krista Thie Sharon Thompson Kelly Thompson Cathy Tidball Pamela Tidwell Robert Timlin John Tolliver Bill Touell Perry Townly Tom Tracy Jimmy Triesler Cindy Tucker George Tucker Shiron Tucker 240 FRESHMEN Ted Upchurch Russell Utt Bill Van Auken Mary Vanderslice Leonardo Vanella Linda Wall Robert Waller Blake Warren Dennis Watson John Watson Kenneth Watson John Wayerski Hulda Weixel Karen Welcher Dana Wells Doug Wendt Donna White Ralph White Robert Wilbur Wiley Wiley Gary Wilkins Kathy Willett Aleta Williams Brenda Williams Wanda Williams Frankie Wilmer Penny Windsor Dale Wolcott A1 Wolfer Ann Wood Thomas Wood Sue Woods Denise Worley Norman Worrell Darlene Young " What are you doing out of class young lady?” FRESHMEN 241 No, George and Reneigh aren’t buying furniture yet, but when they finally do, they will find no better place to shop than at Michelbach’s Furniture, on the corner of Ravensworth Rd. and Rt. 236, Annandale. To get that after school snack we all desire, some students stop by Annandale Millwork, 7120 Little River Turnpike, Annandale. Custom tailored clothing in the latest mode is available at Sam’s Tailoring, 7308 Little River Turnpike, Annandale. 244 ADS For party needs, all types of cards, or just plain fun, visit Fun and Party located in the Bradlick Shop ping Center. One of Annandale’s landmarks, both physically and financially, is the Annandale. Cal Lewiston and Bob Coffeen jazz it up at Capone Music, 4321 McWhorter Place, Annandale. Mount Vernon Bank on the corner of Backlick Rd. and Rt. 236, ADS 245 Leland fondles a tachometer for his vroom-bik at Penn Jersey, a fine automobile store in the Bradlick Shopping Center. For men’s clothing and great school clothes, go to Bergen’s, 9641 Columbia Pike, Annandale. • };j © A 1 :-. ■ m The sound mindedness of Springfielders has been reflected in the trust they have shown in Guardian National Bank, Springfield. For the best in appliances, smart Annandalites have learned to stop and shop at Deaver’s, 9873 Columbia Pike, Annandale. 246 ADS It is quite apparent that something may be found for all ages at Fisher Hardware, Bland and Brandon Avenues, Springfield. For all financial services, discriminant people go to The Northern Virginia Bank, 7400 Little River Turnpike, Annandale. Linda peruses the wide selection of Villagers at Chate’s, in the Bradlick Shopping Center. When Terry Dillon needs cleaning, volunteers take him to Power Cleaners, corner of Annandale Road and Columbia Pike, Annandale. ADS 247 If a special occasion is coming up (prom, homecoming, funeral), plan ahead and get your flowers at Annandale Florist, Annandale. For the very best in jewelry of all types, go to the friendly jeweler at McCormack Jewelers, 9607 Columbia Pike, Annandale. Intelligence is finding out that prices are really low at Clothes Clinic Drycleaners, 9606 Columbia Pike, Annandale. 248 ADS GMi PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Compliments of and RENTAL SERVICES McClary Tile For the best in tile, 1 • Commercial go to McClary Tile • Single Family Units • Apartments • Industrial • Medical Buildings • Offices We, the students of AHS, would like to LYNCH BROS., INC. thank the ANTENNA STAFF for its Springfield Shopping Center diligent work, persevering effort, and I 451-8000 [ for a fine book. AMERICA’S FINEST FACILITIES FOR CLASS RING MANUFACTURE DOUGLAS S. DIVERS, Jr. RINGS • CLUB INSIGNIA • EMBLEMATIC AWARDS AND TROPHIES • DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS • PERSONAL CARDS • ACCESSORY ALBUMS ADS 249 ({J ) c - ' yy 3 I used to think that an X-KE was fast; but that iL „ „ ' 4 „ , was before I saw a 5 liter RENEE! ° To the SC A from the student body . . . from the 3 ridiculous to the sublime. (SCA) ; yj To Eugene Selma, from Bob and Kitty. j tf " Thanks to his y i J 7 l 2 0 t , ose who made the SCA what it is v q J y ak you, Dave. Thank you, Kevin. q , e Pack — Miss Finc h’s class: To Miss Aspinall’s t- (yiSLaJ$. - t class: If you write a better book, or preach a , V t J etter sermon, or build a better mousetrap, you I’P nrnVialvlrt in ficc Finnii ' e place y JP jaestAvishes to the Class of ’65, especially those a ) anAjfrurJ JU L who sur%ed Lincolnia and me! B. Stidley. A C dL Ln .A Z A , To our favorite teacher, Mrs. Goodman. Without v ‘HZ At you our lollipops taste flat! Sherry Lindy ’67. d ujS- v, (JL a! C f A j) jSgmeday Lee will be the papa of a puppy dog " ' -e££ ,$U n (X XS cJ . Spmeday Lee will be the papa iM Chris, I’m crawling the wall! V Go, natel- pr (J cJ -Payu. Regorremingotterornton — Osengramillergamiteg l urgoxang “Lemox.” uJ r a=£L bx) , -L J At ' — j (f e ' 1 ' ) - Ly C T Uju c J J Z- Salpini, exactly what DID you do to Barbara’s zip- ‘ ( A: I.-.-.-. ,-U Per during eighth period? y 7 .. n JCf J ' L p yfh Odfrh astade Int® yr c ‘ Rumor has it that Ray Haygood has been hit in O °J j) df- l fb the lleart b y BB (D-G-?)! f Mji Odgh- c ££jJ Od, ' • ' ' r To all the crepe paper tearer-downers frorQrall vj ( uu " lc o QW PaPe1 ' putter ' uppers - fAdd j ■ Cv u ' , I t ' foail the sign-snatchers from all us sign-makers, : .. . - To a pepped up school from a pooped Club. oxit Pep yf 4 ' kA c h To Bruce Bruce, Inc. of period 8 . We hope your door-to-door service doesn’t drop at camp this summer. Snatch Ackroyd — I can’t look. Aggressive? It jms like a family trait, so keep the door closed. To T.C. — my G. of F. WlV 25()cAli (X J x Someday there won’t be any more clocks — Jody. T 5 D.G.W., K:a’ | E.O.C., and M.L.K. My particular thanks to Doug McCash for his tremendous help in the photographic end of this yearbook. The staff s apologi es to Fred Stein for the use of his house for the Activities divider. (See page 92.) To Chris and Lee, may you both be happy, even if I did kid you a lot — from an old Calculus buddy. The ancient and honorable order of the Boysen- berry Cow doth hereby award it’s annual citation for complacency, dedication to triviality, and laxity in the development of an intellectual cli¬ mate necessary for the continuation of the study of American literature, to Miss Finch’s fifth period class. From small, scrubby shrubs tall forests jjjy , sometimes grow. — Miss Aspinall’s fifth period. O f V q q j -p " ; . ifi Compliments of Arcade Electronics Jjo . P ' Compliments of the Girls’ Varsity and J.V. Basket- ' ball teams. elta Sigma Kappa. Flash! Myself! Sure! Balls! Cheers for Oriby! Futsack! Kaffir! Ram it h ome! ;U Compliments of Merle Nelson Reality. Compliments to Kevin, Rog, Bob, Mick, Whalen, Elliot, “409;’’ from the makers of COUNTRY CLUB. Three cheers for Rick Payshun, our senior class hero and our famous indoor sport star. DirBremble itis wif mush sorow that i leaf hear dis yir, Member da gud timz wif Alex, Herman III, ricky, th party th TP uf Miz Barfs hous, our palm trees — George Orville, Eddie M, MD, 110on495, $400 in change, Carol lunsh wid Lind, Beck D R xmas nite at Milsplace — Luv athlet-yore kinda witch: PAG F. peaking I have learned but grammar I lost it seems. From “Lurch’’ to the freshman class. You too, Fair. Best of Luck to Coldilocks, may your Cskiep be black. ftrUo OB the scene in the Junior Jollies. You have the leopard skin paints, all you need is a chest — Sleepy. J To the Kindergarten Class of 65 — the class that couldn’t wear sandals, sport culottes, have bangs, or hold hands — Nan Wood (J VoL No. 3. “The transition to Chem afudy was just the matter of acquiring qualified lAr instructors.’’ ADS 251 ■■ ' ..■ ■ ■ ■. . ' - ; ?mS0£m ' W « ic,i :• •• iSiSISifiSlI iji 3 EKS3Wfe» -v

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Annandale High School - Antenna Yearbook (Annandale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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