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- 3 cx cl UvcK mvf4 ‘UlcU %] (X i- " xM y- ANTENNA 1964 VOL 10 ANNANDALE HIGH SCHOOL ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Co-editors: Dave Wigutoff and Sue Wood INTRODUCTION Statement: everyone should have a goal. Ergo: the yearbook staff had a goal, or that is three goals. Conclusion: that makes us, the members of the yearbook staff, three times better than everyone. After looking at this book, which you have already done since every¬ one reads the introduction last, you may be tempted to ask, " What were their goals? " So we will tell you. Number one was to get out the book. (If you are reading this we are at least thirty three and one third per cent successful already. If you are not reading this we do not have the faintest idea what you are doing.) Our second goal had to do with the fact that this is Annandale High School ' s tenth year of operation. So we decided on a ten year theme for the yearbook and planned to play this up at appropriate or at least semi-appropriate places throughout the book. Third was our attempt to make this book something different, something to remember, something to arouse the interest, and possible the ire, of the students and faculty. Therefore, some of the things we have done may anger some people. This isgood. If something in this book makes an individual angry with us, then hope¬ fully he has profited by reaffirming his own values. If, on the other hand, something in this book makes him angry with himself, thenthatmay help him to change for the better, this being the whole idea of our school system, and therefore, as ananorgan of the school, the idea behind the Antenna 1964. 2 THE WAYFARER The wayfarer, Perceiving the pathway to truth, Was struck with astonishment. It was thickly grown with weeds. " Ha, " he said, " I see that no one has passed here In a long time. " Later he saw that each weed Was a singular knife. " Well, " he mumbled at last, " Doubtless there are other roads. " STEPHEN CRANE .4 r crir- 1 V vycc.cX TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty.17 Seniors.37 Organizations. 79 Athletics.119 Activities.155 Underclassmen.171 Other Stuff.217 3 ONCE UPON A TIME ANNANDALE LOOKED LIKE THIS NO FOOLING AND IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS A HOLE AND THEY CALLED IT " YOUR NEW SCHOOL " AND IT WAS GOOD WITH EACH GRADUATING CLASS A NEW ADDITION BIG SCHOOL FROM BIG IDEAS GREW Annandale High School grows 1953 construction began 1954 school first opened 1954 auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria fin¬ ished 1955 twelve new classrooms added 1957 annex, now " east wing " , built, eleven new classrooms 1958 new library built, old library converted into three new classrooms 1962-63 new music suite and corrective gym added, old music suite converted to a new guidance suite - J 1 TEN YEARS OF GROWTH HAS GIVEN US THIS SCHOOL WHICH WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE SO WELL WHICH HAS 8 GIVEN US EXPERIENCES OF MANY KINDS 9 t i “ 38 I Hll imM CONFUSION AND SECURITY 10 INDUSTRY AND LETHARGY 11 CONCENTRATION AND EXHILIRATION 12 SERVICE AND ESCAPE WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO ONE Mr. Harry O. Keller, Jr., who has a Bachelor of Science degree from Shep¬ herd College, Shepherdstown, WestVir- ginia, has been a teacher at Annandale for ten years. He first taught scienceand physical education, but after three years switched strictly to science. He was An- nandale ' s first track coach and its first eighth grade basketball coach. He coach¬ ed track for three years. " Killer Keller " , as he is affectionately known, now teaches only biology. In the classroom he takes a deep interest in the students ' education. He spends much outside time preparing ex¬ periments, work sheets, etc. for the stu¬ dents. On his famous work sheets he WHO IS PART OF ALL THIS MR. HARRY O. KELLER, JR. uses varied methods such as diagrams, magic squares, and trick questions. He often says that his typewriter cannot spell; therefore, the students are often held responsible for correcting spelling errors on the work sheets. M r. Keller is almost one of the guys. He is interested in the students both in and out of the classroom. He will talk to any student at almost any time about anything. In these conversations, he shows a genuine concern for the students problems and a good natured wit. He knows how to talk with students and stu¬ dents like to talk with him. An example of his interest in students outside the classroom is the fact that in the summer of 1962 he taught driver training to high school students. M r. Keller, we thank you. 15 Lo! the noble faculty— FACULTY For lo these ten years A.H.S. has owned its very own faculty- courageous, noble, long suffering, astute, infallible, sagacious, sympathetic, loyal, lovable, warm, winsome, and maganimous— men and women pledged to build the men And women of the FUTURE " Survivors " of a decade at A.H.S. Mrs. Elizabeth Ames Mrs. Annabelle Ashenhurst Mr. J. Wallace Bolding Miss Katherine Buck Mr. Ralph E. Buckley Mr. Roy Fisher Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey Mr. Harry Keller Mr. Winifred Likar Mrs. Rose Little Mrs. Jean Payne Miss Rachel Peters Miss Ruth Royston Mr. Ralph Shriver M r. Charles Simms M rs. Dorothy Stevens M r. Peter Visnich 17 PRINCIPAL MR. RALPH Mr. Ralph E. Buckley, who has been known to remark, " If you want something done, do it yourself, " has a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Arts deg ree from George Washing¬ ton University. He has been Annandale ' s principal fo r each of its ten years and he has not lost one bit of his enthusiasm for his job or the students (who are actually his job). He still works hard all day to operate and improve the school. E. BUCKLEY 18 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. JAMES G. FINCH Mr. James G. Finch, Annandale ' s never tiring assistant principal, is a graduate of Guilford College and has a Masters degree from George Washington University. This is M r. Finch ' s third year as assistant principal. He had previously taught in the social studies department here. Mr. Finch sponsors the American Field Service Club, the Student Cooperative Association, the Inter-Club Coun¬ cil, and the stage crew. Mr. Finch ' s day is long and full of administrative duties. He is busy from the very minute he arrives in school in the morning until the afternoon, and very frequently is working until five or six o ' clock and being the last one to leave the school. 19 GUIDANCE MRS. SARAH LORY Morningside College; ' Union Theological Seminary; Col¬ umbia U.; George Washington U., A.B.; Director of Guidance. MRS. MARY BATTAGLIA D ' Youville College, B.A.; George Washington U.; Twelfth-grade counselor. MR. ROBERT A. GRAY George Washington U.; Columbia U.; A.B., M.A.; Tenth-grade counselor. The changes of the past ten years have not changed the guidance department ' s dedi- cation and service to others. At first, with a Guidance suite of only three offices, the counselors resorted to counseling in halls. Home Ec. kitchens, and the library. The early concept of a half-time " teacher-counselor " working for a scattered period or two has been replaced by a full-time counselor trained on the professional level. Each now has his own office, affording him the necessary privacy for good counseling relationships. MR. ED HENRY MRS. JEANNE PAYNE U. of Virginia, B.S., M.S.; Radford College, B.A.; Ninth-grade counselor; Eleventh and Twelfth-grade Coach: V. Football. counselor. MRS. SHIRLEY RANDA Hunter College; George Washington U., A.B.; Ninth- grade counselor. MR. PETER J. VISNICH Davis and Elkins College; U. of Virginia, B.S., M.A.; Tenth-grade counselor. 20 LINUVISECFI " But 1 paid that fine!! " explains Dorothy McDaniel to Mrs. Ashenhurst. MRS. MARY ELIZA BUNCH Secretary to Mr. Buckley MRS. V. RADEMAKER MRS. VIRGINIA WATSON MRS. SELMA WEILL Front-office secretary Guidance secretary MRS. A.T. ASHENHURST U. of Illinois; U. of Virginia, B.S. in L.S.; Librarian. MRS. LINDA BRAWLEY Madison College, B.S.; U of Virginia; Assistant Li brarian. MRS. G. BETRUS School Nurse MRS. C. LOVEJOY Visiting teacher Mrs. Citara aids Mrs. Gallagher in keeping A.H.S. out of the red and in the white. 21 ENGLISH MRS. ELIZABETH AMES Randolph-Maeon Women ' s College, A.B.; English IV; Sponsor: Senior Class. MISS BARBARA ASPINALL West Virginia U.,B.A., M.A.; English III; Sponsor: Quill and Scroll, Literary Maga¬ zine. MRS. JEANNE R. BAUER Ursinus College, B.A.; English III; Sponsor: Future Teachers of America. MR. WALLACE J. BOLDING William and Mary College, B.A.; English I; Sponsor: Junior Class. COL. FINLEY CLARKE Duke U., A.B.; George Washington U., M.A.; English IV; Sponsor: Key Club. MRS. BETTY EVANS Bridgewater College, B.A.; English I; Sponsor: National Junior Honor Society. " Is this a dagger which I see Before me? " Col. Clark poses a very moot question. Coincident with the phenomenon of the population explosion, specifically since the popularity of the " war baby " and thereafter, the enrollment in the English classes at Annan- dale High School has literally doubled since 1954. This being no fault in particular of the English Department, we cannot claim said growth phenomenon as an historical pro¬ gression of our very own. Neither can we claim the alleviation of class load per normal English teacher or the direction afforded us by the Fairfax County Guideline for the unification of the English course on a county¬ wide level; each of these quixotic courses of MISS BARBARA FINCH MR. ROY FISHER Coker College, A.B.; English U. of North Carolina, A.B.; Ill; Sponsor: Ayudera. English IV; Sponsor: Senior Class. 22 ENGLISH MISS RINDA FOWLKES U. of Kentucky, B.A.; English III. MRS. PHYLLIS GLICKMAN U. of Texas, U. of Oklahoma, B.A.; English II and Jour¬ nalism; Sponsor: A-Blast, Quill and Scroll. MRS. WINIFRED LIKAR Indiana State, B.S.; Shep¬ herd College, A.B.; English II. MISS BETTY MULLINS- Duke U., A.B.; English Hand Spanish I. action was the gift of The County Itself. What we can claim as our history, nevertheless, is an aggregation of teaching techniques and aids including the SRA reading program, intramural exchange teaching, a literary magazine, the use of cumulative reading records with assistance from Itself, some ex¬ cellence in the province of " having taught " (from college follow-up studies), and as thrill¬ ing an idea as anyone; the English Depart¬ ment at Annandale High School seeks des¬ perately to teach English, good manners, common sense; to build character; to strengthen minds; to light paths of knowledge, love, and honor; to develop skills, minds, hearts, and emotions; and still have some time left over. MR. JAMES ODOM U. of South Carolina, A.B.; M.Ed.; U. of North Carolina, English III; Sponsor; An¬ tenna. MISS LOYCE SHELL George Peabody College, B.S.; English I. i MRS. NELL SUMMERS Oklahoma State U., B.A., M.S.; Drama and English 9; Sponsor; Drama Club and Thespians. " But a verb cannot be a subiect, " repeats M rs. Evans to her freshman English class. 23 MATHEMATICS MR. JULIAN D. ABELL U. S. Military Academy, B.S.; Cornell U., M.S.; Alge¬ bra II, Plane and Solid Ge¬ ometry. MRS. MARION CASSEDY U. of Mississippi, B.A.; Alge¬ bra II and Intermediate M ath. MRS. MARY DYESS U. of Chattanooga, A.B.; George Peabody College; Algebra I and General Math 8. MR. ROBERT FARRIS D. Baker College, A.B.; U of Colorado, M. Ed.; Alge bra I and II. MR. j. F. MOODY V.M.I., B.S.; General Math 9 and Algebra I; Sponsor: Math Club. MRS. ELIZABETH POSEY Southwest Missouri State; Delaware U.; George Washington U.; U. of Southern Illinois, B.S.; Solid Geometry and Trigonom¬ etry; Sponsor: Math Club. Mathematics in Annandale High School has been consistently shooting toward the stars! In 1954, four hundred and thirty-five students with three teachers studied the trad¬ itional courses; a class of five students in solid geometry and trigonometry was the most advanced course. Within the past ten years, however, enrollment has increased to approximately seventeen hundred students with eleven teachers. Elementary functions and analysis have been added to the cur¬ riculum; moreover, matrix algebra will enter the picture next year. The entire program has gone " modern. " Sine + the back of Joe Kallini ' s head = Sine x Mrs. Ramay. 24 MATHEMATICS MRS. FRANCES P. RAMAY Mississippi State College; U. of Arkansas; U. of M iss- issippi; B.S., M.S.; Analysis, Trigonometry, Elementary Functions; Sponsor:1Yr MISS MARY VIRGINIA ROBINSON Emory and Henry College, B.A.; U. of Virginia; Duke U.; American U., M.A.; Modern Geometry. MISS BONNIE LEE STIDLEY Madison College, B.S.; Modern Geometry and Algebra I. MISS JOANN STRICKLAND East Carolina College, B.S.; Algebra and GeneralMath; Sponsor: Freshman Class. MISS DORIS TOLLEY Longwood College, B.S.; Algebra I and Modern Ge¬ ometry; Co-Sponsor; Soph¬ omore Class. j j bRs I 1 mhk " Now if I were teaching ... " Jeff Autrey takes class one day as M rs. Posey keeps a watchful eye. SOCIAL STUDIES " And this is a Congolese Toothbrush, " explains Eric Zolner. MR. RICHARD CHAPMAN Iowa State Teachers Col¬ lege, A.B.; Geography, Sociology. MR. GEORGE COSTELLO Shepherd College, A.B.; World History and World Geography. MR. WILLIAM PARNELL St. Anselm ' s; Boston U.; Columbia U., A.B., A.M.; U.S. History and U.S. Gov¬ ernment. MR. DONALD HENRETTY Randolph-Macon College, B.A.; George Washington; U.S. History and U.S. Gov¬ ernment. MRS. ELIZABETH MITCHELL U. of Minnesota, B.A.; Geography. Today the majority of students study World Geography, but some elect World History instead in their sophomore year; many are taking both of these courses. United States- Virginia History, the junior course, places emphasis upon the political, social, and eco¬ nomic growth of our state and nation and our international relations. In the senior year the students take Government which em¬ braces a study of the fundamental theories 26 SOCIAL STUDIES upon which our political system is based, as well as the structure and operation of that system. All courses emphasize current events, and a full unit about Communism has been added to the senior gov¬ ernment course. For mature stu¬ dents new courses in sociology and economics are now offered. Audio¬ visual aids and visits to local governmental centers broadenand intensify the Social Studies de¬ partment ' s work. MR. THOMAS PORTER Concord College, B.S.; American U., M.A.; General Business and World Geog¬ raphy; Sponsor: Sopho¬ more Class. MRS. LOUISE ROSS U. of North Carolina; Mary Washington, B.A.; World History and World Geog¬ raphy; Sponsor: Keyettes. i " And this is where I live in the summer, Mr. Porter. " A female student reveals her Baltic retreat. MISS RUTH ROYSTON College of William and Mary, A.B.; Civics and U.S. History. MISS VIRGINIA SCHOENLY Duke U., A.B., M.A.; Gov¬ ernment and Geography. MR. ROBERT STEVENSON King College; U. of Virginia, B.A.; U.S. History and U.S. Government. MR. WILLIAM VAN SANT Southern Methodist U.; George Washington U.; U. of Tennessee, A.B., M.A.; Government and Eco¬ nomics; Sponsor; Chess Club, Rod and Gun Club, Bowling Club, and Tennis Coach. 27 LANGUAGE CMDR. R. BUCKLEY U.S.N.A.; Fordham U., B.S.; Spanish II and III. MRS. FRANCES GARNJOST Longwood College; U. Laval; Emory U., A.B.; French III, IV and V; Spon¬ sor: French Honor Society. Originally only three foreign languages were taught at Annandale—Latin, French, and Spanish. Only 215 students were enrolled. At the present time, five years of French and Spanish are offered, four years of Latin and German, and three years of Russian. Today the amazing total of 1398 students (more than 70% of those in attendance) are taking a foreign language. The original department included Mrs. Jean Payne, Mrs. Frances Garnjost, and Mrs. Rose Little, all of whom are still on the faculty. MISS NANCY GRAVES ' S ROSE F. LITTLE Newcomb College, A.B.; Hunter College; Columbia Spanish I and II. Dartmouth College; George Washington U., B.A.; Russian I, II, III and Latin I; Sponsor: Russian Club and Latin Club. MR. WILLIAM MASTBROOK American U., A.B.; German I and Spanish III -V; Spon¬ sor: Spanish Honor Society. MRS. EVELYN MILLER U. of Wisconsin, B.A.; Latin II and English II; Sponsor: Latin Club. Mrs. Little directs her Russian III class. 28 LANGUAGE MRS. EVELYN MORRELL MR. AGUSTIN PEREZ Utah State U.; U. of Cal- Fairliegh Dickinson Col- ifornia, B.S.; French I, II, lege; Upsala College; Ne- and III; Sponsor: French work State Teachers College, Club. B.A., M.A.; Spanish I and MISS VIRGINIA STEPHANZ Radford College, B.A.; French I, II, and III; French Club. New methods of instruction which stress speaking and understanding as well as read¬ ing and writing in the language have been introduced in recent years.To help implement this change, several members of the de¬ partment have attended intensive training institutes. A language laboratory wasopened in 1960, and now each teacher has a tape recorder and other aids for classroom use. MRS. JOSEPHINE TANNOUS U. of Washington; U. of Minnesota, B.A., M.A.; French I and II. MRS. M. C. WORRELL Cours Superior, Luxem- borg; Appalachian State College, B.S.; German l-IV; German Club and German Honor Society. The teachers need frequent time-outs from their strenuous routine. SCIENCE Only 36] students were enrolled in the science department in 1954. Today 1053 students are taking science courses. Recently new methods have emerged and newcourses have been added. Earth Science and Science 9 were first offered in 1961 and 1963 res¬ pectively. Chem Study, an experimental course, was introduced into the curriculum in 1962. PSSC Physics replaced the classical approach this year. These changes reflect improved student morale and help strengthen college preparation. MR. RICHARD AILSTOCK MR. WALTER BUGIN West Virginia U., B.A., M.A.; Chem Study. MR. EARL GILL Tulane U.; Beckley College; Marshall College; Concord College, B.S.; Physics; Spon¬ sor: F.T.A., Rifle Club, Radio Club. MR. WILLIAM E. TRUSSELL Shepherd College, B.A.; Speech and Biology; Spon¬ sor: Sophomore Class, De¬ bate Club, J.V. Basketball, Golf. MRS. ETHEL GREENWOOD U. of Tennessee, B.A.; Science 9, Chemistry; Spon¬ sor: Caduceus Club. MRS. ALICE JEAN WOOD Saint Bonaventure U., B.S., M.S.; Chem Study. MR. CHARLES R. HEINZ So. Illinois U.; U. of Illinois; U. of Maryland; Earlham College; B.S., M.S., ED.S. Earth Science and Biology; Sponsor: Rock Mineralogy Club, Rod Gun Club. MR. HARRY O. KELLER Shepherd College; George Washington U.; A.B.; Bio- ogy and Physical Science. Miss Strickland teaches her biology class in the home ec. room. 30 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MISS KATE BUCK Longwood College, B.S.; Health and P.E. I; Coach: V. Basketball and J.V. Soft¬ ball. MR. JAMES W. COYLE Furman U., A.B.; Health and P.E.I; Athletic Director. MISS RACHEL E. PETERS Roanoke College, Long- wood, B.S.; Health and P.E. II and III; Coach: V. Hockey. MRS. ANNE RAMEY Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S.; U. of Color¬ ado; Health and P.E. I and II; Coach: V. Hockey. " I ' ve got to get on my pony and ride! " exclaims one of M r. Hardage ' s eager learners. MR. ROBERT HARDAGE College of William and Mary, B.S.; Health and P.E. I and II; Coach: V. Baseball and V. Line Coach. MISS JANE MORELAND Madison College, B.S.; Bi¬ ology and Health and P.E.; Coach: Basketball and Soft- ball. Health Physical Education and athletics have contributed their part to the fine school spirit which has prevailed since the beginning days of Annandale High School in 1 954. From an improvised program of hikes and first-aid classes held on school buses, the Athletic Department has evolved a full program of gymnastics and team sports, as well as in¬ dividual and dual activitiesfor students. These developments, along with the addition of more adequate athletic facilities, have enabled the department to achieve superior status. MR. WILLIAM SCOTT Marshall U., A.B.; Health and P.E. I and II; Coach: V. Wrestling. MR. HARRY SMITH Glenville State College, A.B.; Health and P.E.; Coach: V. Basketball. 31 ART AND MUSIC MRS. MARJORIE BLEAKLY U. of Oklahoma; Eastern Michigan U.; Parsons School of Design, B.A., M.A.; Art I. MR. E.P. ROBERSON LJ. of Richmond; American U., B.A., M.A.; Art MV; Sponsor: Art Guild. From the original room and teacher, the Art Department has grown to include two rooms, two teachers, and ten classes of Art I, II, III, and IV. Art at Annandale is an elective subject, and concentration is in draw¬ ing, painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, art history and appreciation, and ceramics; how¬ ever, through the co-operation of the li¬ brarians, we have a large and excellent collection of art reference books second to none in the county. From the first year ' s forty-five piece band and forty-five voice choir in 1954, the Annandale High School music department has expanded until today the Cadet, Con¬ cert, Symphonic, and Marching Bands en¬ compass one hundred and thirty bandsmen; two hundred and seventy choristers com¬ prise the various choirs. This year, housing the music department is its own new, spacious wing. The annual " Broadway " musical and concerts highlight the department ' s activities. At whom (what) is Pegg y Miller looking askance? What does Rosiland Anderson have on her finger¬ nails? The mystery girl (If your yearbook has a picture of Pablo Casals on page 73, you win her.) and her magic divining cup know all. MR. HAROLD CONNELL Brigham Young U., B.A., M.A.; Choir. MR. JOHN FARRIS North Texas U.; Texas Chris¬ tian U.; Eastern Kentucky State, B.A., M .A. Band and Theory of Music; Dance Band. 32 BUSINESS The Age of Automation is upon us, and we are facing the changes necessary to keep pace with the age. Vocational Office Training gives the vocational student a foothold in the business world. Notehand and Personal Typing are the skills which enable the aca¬ demic student to attain a higher standard efficiency in college. The physical growth of the Business De¬ partment is easily recognized in the add¬ itional typing room with electric typewriters; the office practice room gives a realistic atmosphere of the business world. The D.E. Department, offering on-the-job training, is the largest of its kind in the county. MRS. BEATRICE FRUTCHEY Colorado State College, A.B., M.A.; C.O.P. and V.O.T. MR. CHARLES GOOD Madison College, B.S.; Bookkeeping and Typing I. " Dear Sirs: Theorderoflargecartonsorboxeswhichyou- sentaremost . . . , " Mrs. Payne dictates to a short¬ hand class. MRS. CATHERINE PAYNE Madison College, B.S.; Shorthand I and II, Typing I. MR. HOWARD STEVENS Oberlin College; Penn¬ sylvania State U.; George VVashington U., B.A.;Typing I and II. MR. THOMAS TODD College of William and Mary; Richmond Profes¬ sional Institute; George Washington U.; LaSalle U., B.S.; D.E.; Sponsor: Soccer Club. MRS. GARLAND WOODSON Mary Washington College; U. of Virginia, B.S.; Note- hand and Typing. 33 HOME ECONOMICS MRS. DOROTHY HUDGINS MRS. REBA WILBURN Mary Washington College; Radford College, B.S.; Home Economics l-lll; Spon¬ sor: Future Homemakers of America. Columbia College; The Citadel, B.S.; Home Eco¬ nomics I and Biology; Spon¬ sor: Future Homemakers of America. The Home Economics Department opened in 1954 with 1 34 girls in grades 8-1 2 enrolled in a vocational program. Later the eighth grade program merged with the intermediate schools, and a one-year course offered only to juniors and seniors was inaugurated. Since then, new teaching aids, materials and equip¬ ment have effectively added to the program, which now includes 151 girls in grades 9-12. INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department is proud of achievements, which parallel the tech¬ nological changes of our society. In recent years special classes, such as General Shop for girls. Research and Experimentation, General Shop II, and Electronics have been added to the curriculum. The growth of the department seems assured with the promise of two general shop laboratories, an elec¬ tronics laboratory, and a mechanical drawing room. Mr. Crosier reveals to his electronics class the intricasies (meter face) of a vacuum- tube volt-meter. MR. FRANKLIN BETO MR. RUSSELL CROSIER Salem College; West Vir- West Virginia Tech., B.S.; ginia U., A.B.; Civics and Electronics I and General General Shop. Shop. MR. PAUL O. SCHWARTZ Stout State College; U. of Virginia, B.S., M.S.; Mech¬ anical Drawing. MR. RALPH SHRIVER West Virginia U.; Fairmont State; U. of Virginia; George Washington U., A.B.; Industrial Arts; Spon¬ sor: Bowling Club. CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Betty Dorr; Mrs. Vida Blevins; Mrs. Addie Conly; Mrs. Stevens; Mrs. Clara Brown; Mrs. Marion Newman; Mrs. Evelyn Maley; Mrs. Mabel Harris; Mrs. Mildred Ayres; Mrs. Catherine Turner. Grace Calvert; M rs. Kathy Kopp; M rs. Edna Brown; M rs. Dorothy JANITORS «) 1 ■■ ■1 wi 1 ml Mr. Eastham Fincham; Richard H. Edwards, Head Custodian; Vernon Robinson. 35 In 1954 most of the class of ' 64 was in the second grade, but very few of us in Fairfax County. They built a new high school. High school was really a magic word. Boy, sure must be something to go there. We came to Annandale High in the eighth grade. (Some of us got to go to junior highs in other areas.) Boy, were seniors neat. Boy, were seniors good. Sure would be neat to be seniors. In ninth grade they moved the eighth grade out of the high schools. For two years in a row we did not have anyone to look down upon (except teachers). In tenth grade the ninth graders were bad and short and ugly and stupid and it sure is a good thing we were never like that. In eleventh grade we were up to the point of getting second hand information about the senior class. We heard the seniors complain about all the work. Man, with all that work they sure must learn a lot. And how about those senior privileges. And the prom. Now we are seniors. There really is a lot of work and you sure can tell that we are learning a lot. And senior tables sure do make it a lot easier to form cliques. Then there are term papers and weekly themes. They are so good because now, with all our other nonbusy work, we have the opportunity to do independent and original thinking. (In¬ dependent and original thinking Is rewarded by high grades.) But most of us get another chance. We get to apply to college. Just as soon as we get accepted we do not have anything to worry about. (Our grades will probably drop a little then, but that just shows that we have been working because the courses are in¬ teresting in themselves.) SENIORS 37 JUDY ALEXANDER Pep Club,-Tennis; Spanish Honor Society; Yearbook; Newspaper; Prom Committee; Drama Club. DONNA JEAN ALLEN Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Music Letter. MARY SANDERS AMBURN Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. RICHARD G. ANDERSON Hi-Y. RICHARD J. ANDERSON National Honor Society; Key Club; A-Blast, Sports Editor; Latin Honor Society; National Latin Exam, Honorable Mention; German Club; J.C.L. ROSALIND WAYM AN ANDERSON Antenna Staff; Literary Magazine, Art Ed.; Latin Club; J.C.L.; Drama Club; Art Guild; Freshman Follies; Senior Class Play. ROLALD ANDREWS J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball; V. Football; Wrestling. PATRICIA ANGE Keyettes, Pres., Sec.; S.C.A. Rep.; Jr. Honor Society; National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club; Sr. Class Play; Intercl ub Council; Concert Choir; Girls ' Chorus; Sr. Prom Com¬ mittee. LOU ARRINGTON Future Homemakers of America; Spanish Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; G.R.A.A. " A.T. T. down six points, " complains Lynn Robbins. 38 JEFF AUTREY S.C.A. PATRICIA AVERY Library Asst.; A.F.S. Club; Latin Club; Future Homemakers of America. DIANE ELIZABETH AXELSON Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society, Tres.; German Club. KRISTINE M. AXLINE Latin Club; Swim Team; Jr. Red Cross; Library Asst.; Yearbook; Future Nurses; Thespians; Pep Club. JO ANNE LUCILLE BACHMAN National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Sr. Class Treas.; S.C.A. Rep.; Keyettes; Latin Club; J.C.L.; Russian Club; Pep Club. JON BACHMAN Latin Club; Fres. Football; J.V. Football; Intramural Tennis; Junior Jollies; Spanish Club. ROBERT E. BACON J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball; V. Cross Country; Wrestling; J.V. Track; V. Track. DONNA BARBER DONALD BARKER Jr. Honor Society; V. Cross Country; J.V. Cross Country; Spanish Club. CAROL BATTAGLIA National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society, V.P.; Keyettes; Latin Honor Society; Antenna, Sr. Ed.; Quill and Scroll; S.C.A. Rep.; Russian Club, Sec.-Treas.; Miss Annandale Contest¬ ant; Latin Club. JOAN BATTAGLIA National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Keyettes; Latin Honor Society; Ant¬ enna, Sr. Ed.; Quill and Scroll; S.C.A. Rep.; Latin Club, Sec.; Russian Club; Sr. Prom Committee; A.F.S. Club; J.C.L. DONNA RAE BEARY Sophomore Executi ve Council; French Club; Future Teachers of America. ROBERT BEHAN Cross Country; Wrestling. 39 BURTON BEITZ Reserve Band; Concert Band; Ger¬ man Club; Dance Band; Band Letter; Symphonic Band; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Band Treas. JOHN BELL Fres. Football; French Club; V. Sv im- ming. ROBERT BELL TIMOTHY JAMES BELL Boys ' Chorus; Art Club; V. Football; Latin Club; Chess Club; Hi-Y; V. Tennis; Bowling Club; Pep Club. JOHN BELLER V. Track; Cross Country; Intramural Gymnastics; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Junior Jollies; Spanish Club. H. RICHARD BENDER JOYCE BENTLEY STEVE BENTON V.Track; Cross Country; Intramural Gymnastics; Library Asst.; Junior Jollies; Sophomore Sillies; Freshman Follies; Stage Crew. RICHARD BERRYHILL Spanish Club; D.E. Club. LINDA BETTES Jr. Honor Society; Tennis; G.A.A.; S.C.A.; Pep Club; Swim Team; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. MABEL BEYDLER D.E. Club, Sec. MARK BIELSKI Boxing. 40 MARSHA MARY BIELSKI National Latin Exam, Cum Laude; Drama Club; Glee Club. KATHRYN BIRD Symphonic Band; Math Club; Li¬ brary Asst.; Latin Club; Pep Club; Concert Band. KATHLEEN BISHOP Keyettes; A-Blast, Sports Ed.; Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; Intramural Volleyball; Basketball; Hockey; Softball; Pep Club; Jr. Honor Society; News¬ paper, Ed. MARSHA LYNN BISHTON Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Art Guild; French Club; Drama Club; Pep Club. " Is two and two really four? " asks Barbara Hottle of Ann Horton as they discover adding machines have problems too. BRENDA J. BLACKWELL V. Cheerleader, Capt.; Fres. Cheerleader; Keyettes; Pep Club; French Club; Soph. Homecoming Rep.; Freshman Follies; Sopho¬ more Sillies. BONITA BLAINE National Thespian Society, Sec.; Drama Club, V.P.; Sr. Class Plays; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Pep Club; Library Asst.; " Ten Little Indians. " DANA BONKEMEYER National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; S.C.A. Rep.; Talent Show Winner; Drama Club. RUDY BOTTKE Fres. Football; Fres. Swimming Team; Band; Science Award. LYNN BOWERS Pep Club; Atom Booster; V.O.T. ERNEST BOWMAN Fres. Basketball; Fres. Base¬ ball; 4H Club. 41 0 " Give my compliments to the chef, " remarks Richard Smith. BARBARA BRADLEY S.C.A. Keyettes; Jr. Class Play; Spanish Club, Treas.;Drama Club; Pep Club; Jr. Prom Committee. ANN MARIE BRADY Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. JANE BRANTLINGER Pep Club, Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec., Treas.; A Cappella, V.P.; S.C.A., Sec.; Ayudera; " Bye Bye Birdie; " All State Choir; Miss Annandale Contestant. JAMES F. BRAUN S.C.A. Rep.; Junior Jollies. TOMMIE ANN BRAUN ELIZABETH ANN BREMER National Honor Society; National Merit Letter of Commendation; French Honor Society; French Award; Literary Magazine; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Future Teachers of America; SPTA Executive Board. TIM BRESLIN ALLAN BRIGGS Jr. Honor Society; Forensics; Stage Crew; V. Soccer. JEEP BRITTON Symphonic Band; All State Band; J.V. Football; Fres. Football; V. Rifle Team; Track; Intramural Gymnastics. BILL BROWN V. Football; J.V. Football; J.V. Base¬ ball; Cross Country. 42 PATRICIA ANN BROWN Fres. Cheerleader, Cap.; J.V. Cheerleader, Co-Cap.; Varsity Cheerleader, Co-Cap.; J.V. Hockey; V. Hockey; J.V. Basketball; V. Basketball. TERRY BULL Science Fair Winner; Franco-Amer- ican Club; Football; Model Railroad Club. LAURIE BURNS Pep Club; Future Homemakers of America; Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club; A-Blast. GEOFFREY BURTON Track; Math Club. KEITH BUHLEMAN JANE LEE CABLES Bowling Club; Sr. Class Play. PHYLLIS CACCIATORE BECKY CAIN J.V. Softball; Spanish Club; Bowling Team; Guidance Asst. TONI CALABRESE National Thespian Society, V.P.; Ayudera, Treas.; Russian Club; D.E.; Clinic Assistant; Pep Club; Latin Club; J.C.L. Atom Boosters. Mr. Henretty looks worried as he realizes that his hand is nailed to the blackboard. 43 JOHN L. CALLAGHAN V.O.T.; Library Asst,; Latin Club; Bowling League. BOB CAMARENA Key Club; Soccer; Rifle Club; Spanish Club, STEVE CAMPBELL Fres. Football; J.V. Track; Cross Country; V. Track; Freshman Follies; Sophomore Sillies; Junior Jollies; Spanish Club. PAM CANHAM A.F.S. Club; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; J.C.L.; Senior Class Play; Sr. Prom Com¬ mittee, DAVID CARHART National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Key Club; Math Club; A Cappella Choir; Spanish Honor Society; Concert Choir. SUSAN CARL Fres. Class Treas.; Choir; Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; Latin Club. CHARLOTTE CASEY Atom Booster; Future Home¬ makers of America; Sr. Class Play. CATHERINE CASKEY SUE CHAFFIN A.F.S. Club; Drama Club; Pep Club; French Club; Girls ' Chorus; Concert Choir; " Bye Bye Birdie. " PAM CHARLES S.C.A. Cabinet; French Honor Soci¬ ety; S op h. Cl ass Pres.; V. Cheerleader; Pep Club; Miss Annandale Contestant; Girls ' Chorus. 44 MARYA CHEGIN Spanish Honor Society, Sec., Treas.; French Honor Society; Antenna; Keyettes; Jr. Class Play; Drama Club; French Club; Spanish Club, Pres.; Cheerleader. MARY SUE CHILDS S.C.A.; Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; Russian Club; Latin Club; Pep Club; A.F.S. Club; DramaClub; J.C.L.; Ayudera. HUTCH CHURCH RONNIE CLARK French Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Key Club; V. Baseball; V. Basketball; French Club; Cross Country; J.V. Basketball; J.V. Baseball. DOTTIE CLIFTON Hockey; Pep Club; V. Cheer¬ leader; Jr. Class Sec.; Jr. Class Play; French Club; Soph. Council; Chorus. Mrs. Ashenhurst helps Al Humphries and Kathy Jordan research for this week ' s term papers. BARBARA COFFMAN Keyettes; Antenna; Concert Choir, Manager; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Spanish Club; Interclub Council. DON COGHLAN VIRGINIA COLE National Honor Society; German Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; German Club; Math Club; Russian Club; Atom Boosters. JOHN CONMY Antenna, Bus. Manager; Tennis; Soccer; Intramurals; French Club; Atom Boosters. 45 BUCK COOLEY V. Cross Country; V. Track; V, Football; Tally Ho Club; Monogram Club; S.C.A. Rep.; J.V. Football, Cap.; J.V. Basketball; Baseball. BARRY COOPER D.E. Club. JOYCE COOPER Red Cross Rep.; Photography Club; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Office Asst. MARY ANN COOPER S.C.A.; French Club; Gym¬ nastics Club; Pep Club; French Honor Society; Math Club. MICHAEL COOPERMAN Key Club; French Club; Latin Club; Math Club; J.V. Track. CATHY CORNS G.A.A.; S.C.A. Rep.; Tri-Hi-Y; Ayu- dera, Historian; Latin Club, Sec.; Pep Club. CHERYL COUNSELMAN Library Asst.; Future Medical Asst. Club; Top Choir; V.O.T. TOMMY COWART Science Seminar. JIM CROY Basketball; Cross Country; Track. BRENDA CURRY G.A.A.; Future Homemakers of America; Chorus; Drama Club; Intramurals. HAROLD DANSBERGER CHRISTINE DAVIDSON Spanish Club; A-Blast, Re¬ porter; Intramurals; Junior Jollies; Concert Choir; Pep Club; Latin Club; Girls ' Chorus; Band; String Ensemble; Orchestra. BYRDELL DAVIS Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club. 46 KEN DAVIS Spanish Club; Intramurals. SHERRY DAVIS French Club. LYNN DEARWESTER Girls’ Chorus; Girls ' En¬ semble; Drama Club; Sr. Class Play; Tri-Hi-Y; Office Asst. PASQUALE DE LUCA Fres. Basketball; J.V. Cross Country. " Of course, I don ' t mind if you park your buses on our grass, " quips Mr. Klinger as he greets foreign visitors. ' ' CONNIE DEMPSEY " Knights of Song; " Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Atom Boosters; Girls ' Chorus; Sr. Class Play. DAUN DICKIE Ayudera; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club; Miss Annandale Contestant; Public Speaking Contest Winner; Atom Boosters; Athletic Secretary; Concert Choir. KENNETH DINKINS V. Track; V. Basketball; V. Football; Letterman ' s Club; Franco-American Club. SHERYL DOE BENE DOZIER Cheerleader; French Club; Atom Boosters, Student Rep.; Future Teachers of America, Pres.; Intramural Volleyball; German Club, Ed. of Paper; National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; A-Blast. JOSEPH DUCIBELLA 47 SANDY DUKE A-Blast. STEVE EAKLE V. Tennis. PATRICIA ECK Bowling League; Atom Boosters Club; Future Homemakers of America. VIRGINIA EDWARDS Spanish Club; Future Home¬ makers of America, Historian, Pres.; Office Asst. " Two adult and six children ' s tickets, please, " requests Bill Steiger of Connie Greenwood and Sharon Steiger. WAYNE LEE EDWARDS, JR. Stage Crew; Debate. ANN ELLIOT Future Homemakers of America; Tri- Hi-Y. JEAN ELLIOT V. Hockey; V. Basketball; V. Softball. BETSY EMMONS National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; Quill and Scroll- Newspaper; Miss Annandale Court; Miss Hi Miss. 48 TIMOTHY ENGLAND V. Football; V. Track; Fres. Track. RICHARD ERICKSON KIT EVANS CHARLOTTE FAIREY Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; French Club; Pep Club; Future Homemakers of Amer¬ ica; J.C.L.; Sr. Class Play; Atom Boosters. JEAN MARIE FAIRFAX CHRIS FALKNER Choru s; Pep Club, Sec., Treas.; Basketball; Drama Club; Soph. Class Pres.; Cheer¬ leader; G.R.A.A.; Future Teachers of America;Tennis Club. TISH FAVER Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Freshman Follies; Pep Club; Miss Annandale Contestant; French Club; Office Asst. ALMA FELBER Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Drama Club. PAT FLATTERY D.E. Club; Future Homemakers of America. HELEN FLEISCHER A-Blast; Literary Magazine; Tri- Hi-Y; Pep Club; Math, Club; Sr. Class Play; Stamp Club; Intramurals; French Club. LINDA FLETCHER French Club; Atom Booster. SUE FLETCHER G.R.A.A.; Girls ' and M ixed Chorus; Office Asst.; Newspaper; V.O.T. CAROL FLOYD Pep Club; Future Homemakers of America. 49 SHARON FOLAN Art Club; Pep Club; Latin Club; Drama Club; Red Cross Club; Future Homemakers of America; School Play; Prom Committee. KATHERINE FRAGALA J.V. Softball; J.V. Basketball; V. Softball; Franco-American Club; G.R.A.A.; Pep Club. STEVE FRAGALA DOUG FULTON Fres. Basketball; J.V. Basketball; V. Basketball; Fres., V., Football; V. Baseball; Track. STEVE GAFFIGAN Football; Basketball; Yearbook. ROCKY GAINES Sr. Class Pres.; S.C.A., Soph. Class, V.P. National Honor Society; J.V. Football; J.V. Wrestling; V. Wrestling; V. Track; Cross Country; Boys ' State Delegate; Sr. Class Play. Architectural drawing can be fun if you like it. GRETCHEN GATES Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Intra¬ murals; Chorus; Girls ' Choir; Antenna. BETTY GERMAN Pep Club; Future Homemakers of America; V.O.T.; Office Asst. PATRICIA GIBSON Miss Annandale Contestant; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club. ANNA GIDEON National Honor Society; French Honor Society, Sec.; National M erit Semi-Finalist; A.F.S., Treas.; Literary Magazine; French Club; Ger¬ man Club. 50 MARTHA GODWIN Latin Club; J.C.L.; Future Home¬ makers of America; Spanish Club; Atom Boosters. ROBERT GOOD D.E. Club. KAY GORDON National Honor Society; French Honor Society, Tres.; Antenna; Literary Magazine; Jr. Honor Society; French Club; National Merit Letter of Commendation. JUDY GOULD M ixed Chorus; French Club; Literary Magazine; Tri-Hi-Y; Girls ' Chorus; Concert Choir. WES GRAHAM J.C.L.; Latin Club; Symphonic Band; Pit Orchestra; D.E. Club. ED GREEN Library Asst; Camera Club; J.V. Bas¬ ketball; National Thespian Society; Sr. Class Play; Drama Club; Yearbook; S.C.A. Rep.; Jr. Statesmen of America; Pres. PETE GREENWALT Latin Club; Wrestling; Baseball; Cross Country. CONNIE L. GREENWOOD National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Keyette Sec.; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; J.C.L.; Spanish Club; A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir. CRAIG GRIFFITHS National Honor Society; Latin Club; Pres. Latin Honor Society; V. Rifle Team, J.C.L. SANDY GRIM Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. Pep Club; French Club; Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club. ANNE D. GRISWOLD Spanish Club; Delta Tri- Hi-Y; Sec. Pep Club; Intramurals; Antenna; Girls ' Chorus, Sec. RANDOLPH C. HACK Jr. Honor Society; French Honor Society; S.C.A.; Chess Club; Math Club; In- tramurals; French Club; A-Blast. CHERYL HAGARTY Latin Honor Society; V. Cheer¬ leader; Latin Club; French Club; Sophomore Sillies; Pep Club; Ayudera. 51 DIANE MARIE HALL A Cappella Choir; National Thespian Society; Concert Choir; Future Teachers of America; Drama Club; " Bye Bye Birdie; " " Knights of Song " . GORDON R. HALL PETER C. HARDY V. Cross Country; Track; Spanish Club; Chi-Hi-Y; Soccer Club; Atom Booster. JOHN C. HARMON Senior Play; National M erit Letter of Commendation; S.C.A. Cabinet; Symphonic Band, Drum Major; Debate Club; Russian Club; " Bye Bye Birdie. " JULIE HARPER French Club; A.F.S. Club; " Knights of Song " ; Hockey Club; Girls ' Chorus. CHARLES HARRIS Track; Football. WILLIAM HATCH S.C.A., Pres.; Jr. Class, Pres.; Soph. Class, Pres.; V. Football; National Honor Society; Key Club, Pres.; Boys ' State; J.V. Basketball. PATTY ANN HATTER V.O.T.; Intramural Basket¬ ball. JANE HAYCOCK Keyette, Tres.; Latin Club; An¬ tenna; S.P.T.A.; Jr. Honor Society; French Club; French Honor Society; Pep Club; Mixed Chorus, Pres. HOLLY JANE HEBEL CAROL HEIGHES French Honor Society; French Club; Pep Club. JOHN HELMICK J.C.L.; Concert Band; Stage Band; Band Letter; Symphonic Band; Dance Band; National Latin Ex am, Honorable Mention. JO CAROL HERBERT Spanish Club; Pep Club; Sr. Class Play; Intramural Soccer; Atom Booster. JO ANNE HIATT Pep Club; V, Cheerleader. RUTH ANN HILL Future Homemakers of America; V.O.T.; Intramural Volleyball; Atom Boosters. CINDY HIPPLER JOHN M. HOFFAY " And then there was Big Jim Folsom, " Mr. VanSant begins another one of his homey yarns. GREG HOLLAND DON HOLMES National Honor Society; Science Club; Russian Club; Rifle Team; Latin Club; Math Club. GWEN HONEA Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Volleyball; Pep Club; Miss Annandale Contestant; Spanish Club; Office Asst. CAROL HONENBURGER Sr. Class Play; Tourna¬ ment Play; " Bye Bye Birdie " ; Drama Club; National Thespian Society, Pres.; Office Asst.; Interclub Coun¬ cil. DUANE B. HOPPER Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Dance Club; German Clu.b; Math Club; Sr. Class Play. 53 NANCY HOPPER V. Hockey; J.V. Hockey; V. Bas¬ ketball; G.R.A.A.; Spanish Club; Future Teachers of America; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. MARY MORGAN Future Homemakers of America; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Future Teachers of America; Hockey M onager. JOE HORNSBY Fres. Football; V. Track; J.V. Foot¬ ball; W restling. ANN L. HORTON Spanish Club; Volleyball Intra- murals; Future Homemakers of America. SUSANNE HORTON S.C.A. Rep.; Newspaper;Tri-s; Future Nurses Club; Spanish Club; Drama Club; Pep Club. BARBARA MOTTLE Ayudera; Spanish Honor Society; Pep Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. DAVID MOTTLE Concert Band; Russian Club; Math Club; Literary Magazine, Bus. Manager. VANCE HOUGH V. Track; Baseball; Math Club; Spanish Club; Intramurals. DENNIS HOWARD National Honor Society; M ath Who is the tall and handsome kid (fourth in line) who, just after this picture was taken, dropped his tray on his toe? Club; Intramural Basketball. 54 ALAN C. HUMPHRIES Soph. Class Treas.; Latin Club; Russian Club; Freshman Follies; Sophomore Sillies. BILLIE ANN HUNTER Delta Tri-Hi-Y, V.P.; Spanish Club; Jr. Class Sec.; S.C.A. Cabinet; Ayudera; Con¬ cert Band; V. Hockey; V. Softball; G.R.A.A.; Keyettes. MARILYN ANN HUNZEKER Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club; Future Homemakers of America; Pep Club; Keyettes. VICKI INKS MARILYN IRELAND Keyettes; A.F.S. Club; Spanish Club; Future Teachers of America, Treas., V.P.; Li¬ brary Asst.; Girls ' Chorus. BRENDA J. JACKSON Pep Club, V.P.; Keyettes; Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club. CHARLES A. JACKSON S.C.A. Rep.; Drama Club: Ch ess Club; " Ulmites " ; German Club; Prom Com¬ mittee; Sr. Class Play; French Club. DIXIE JACKSON GARY JACKSON V. Football; J.V. Football; V. Track; J.V. Track. BARBRU JOHNSON Majorette. Co-cap.; Jr. Honor Society; Latin Club; German Club; A.F.S. Club; Future Teachers of America; Girls ' Chorus; " Brigadoon " ; " Knights of Song " ; " Bye Bye Birdie. " BERT JOHNSON BRUCE JOHNSON Stage Crew, Manager; Key Club; Audio Visual; Science Fair Winner. JULIE JOHNSON National Honor Society; French Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; V. Hockey; V. Basketball; Keyettes; S.C.A. Cabinet; Literary Maga¬ zine, Bus. Mgr. 55 KAREN JOHNSON ArtGuild; Sr. Class Play; Hockey Intramurals; French Club; Basketball Intramurals. THOMAS JOHNSON Fres. Basketball; Soph. Bas¬ ketball; Track; Football; Lettermen ' s Club. HELEN MAY JONES Future Homemakers of Amer¬ ica; C.O.P.; Monitor. NANCY ANN JONES Fres. Class Sec.; Home¬ coming Court; Fres. Cheerleader; Pep Club; Basket¬ ball. KATHY JORDAN Intramural Soccer; Tennis; Volley¬ ball. VIRGINIA H. KAHN Literary Magazine, Co.-Ed.; Keyette; National Thespian Society; Drama Club, Sec.-Tres.; Antenna; Sr. Class Play; French Club; Future Homemakers of America. N. JOE KALLINI JOHN MICHAEL KELLER Latin Club; Intramural Football; Intramural Basketball. POLLY KEMP National Latin Exam, Cum Laude; Hockey Intramurals. SHARON S. KEMP Future Homemakers of America; Office Asst. 56 GARY KESSLER Key Club; German Club, Reporter; Drama Club, Pres.; National Thespian Society; Sr. Class Play; Tournament Play; " Brigadoon " ; " Knights of Song " ; " Bye Bye Birdie " ; Mixed Chorus; Concert Choir, V.P. TERRY KILLGORE V. Football, All-M etropolitan, All- Northern Va., All-District; Fres. Football; J.V. Foot¬ ball; J.V. Basketball; V. Wrestling; Key Club, Pres. PATRICIA V. KING RUSTY KING Rifle Club; D.E. Club. KARLEEN KLEMP Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Sr. Class Play; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Volleyball; V.O.T. And the band played on and on and on and . . . VICTOR KNOTT Football; Basketball; Track; Bowling Team; S.C.A. Rep.; Chess Club. PATRICIA KULINA Pep Club; Newspaper; Reporter; C.O.P. FAYE JEANNE LAFONE National Honor Society; French Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; V.O.T.; Future Homemakers of America; French Club; M in- eralogy Club, Sec.; Sr. Prom Committee. JIM LAMBERT V. Football; V. Baseball; Wrestling; S.C.A. Cabinet. 57 BECKY LANDIN CAROL LANGE JOE LANGHORNE J.V. Baseball; D.E. Club, Par¬ liamentarian. PHILIP LAWRENCE JAMES LAWTON National Honor Society; Key Club; Cross Country; Spanish Club; Newspaper; Movie Club; Soccer Club; Atom Boosters; Track. MARY LAYNE V.O.T.; M ixed Choir. ROBERT LEBERGE MIKE LECLAIR National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; German Honor Society; Literary Magazine, Ed.; S.C .A. Parliamentarian; Chess Club, Pres.; Ger¬ man Club; Debate Club; Math Club; Sr. Class Play. ALEEN LEMESH Fres. Cheerleader; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Hockey; Basketball. LYNNE LEVAN Math Club; French Club. DAVID LEWIS PENNY LIPSCOMB Ayudera; Miss Annandale Court; Homecoming Court; Pep Club; Delta Tri- Hi-Y; J. V. Basketball; Latin Club; Girls ' Chorus; Sophomore Sillies. 58 BRUCE LOBERG Fres. Football; J.V. Football; J.V. Wrestling; V. Wrestling. BILL LOCKE Fres. Football; J.V. Football; V. Foot¬ ball; J.V. Wrestling; J.V. Track; V. Track; Math Club. CLAYTON L. LONG V. Track; V. Football; J.V. Football. EUGENE LONG SUSAN LONG Keyettes, Chaplain; French Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; G.A.A., V.P., Pres.; J.V. Hockey; V. Hockey; V. Softball, Manager; S.C.A. Rep.; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Fres. Cheerleader. " But I don ' t want to look like Grandma Moses, " ex¬ claims Lyn Butler to Mrs. Summers, our drama coach, during a Senior Play rehearsel. WARREN LOWRY V. Football; J.V. Football; V. Track; Cross Country; Symphonic Band. VINCENT J. LOZITO National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Club; Math Club; Atom Boosters. STEPHEN D. LUNSFORD J.V. Football; D.E. Club. LORRAINE MacCARTER National Merit Letter of Commendation; Library Asst.; German Club; A.F.S. Club; French Club. 59 WALLACE MAGATHAN CRISELL MARIE MAHINSKE National Honor Soci¬ ety; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Club; Math Club; Library Asst. FRED MANLY JON MARKER Math Club; Wrestling Team; Soccer Team; J.V. Baseball, Manager; Bus Monitor. " Yes, it really does equal one, " answers Mrs. Ramay to one of her analysis classes. GARY ALLEN MARSHALL D.E. Club; Debate Club; V. Football. VIVIAN MARTIN Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., V.P.; Literary Magazine; Antenna; Pep Club; Hockey; French Club; Sophomore Sillies; Junior Jollies; Sr. Class Play; Inter Choir; " Knights of Song. " ANDY MARUSAK V. Basketball. KEN MASSIE JAMES McCarthy EMILY McCLINTOCK M odern M usicM asters Honor Society; Symphonic Band; Chess Club; Stage Crew; Concert Band, Sec.; Future Teachers of America. 60 TIMOTHY McCORMACK Russian Club, V.P. DENISE McHUGH A-Blast; Ayudera, Sec.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Sophomore Sillies; Pep Club; J.C.L. JAMES P. McKANE Library Asst.; Cross Country, Manager; Intramural Track; Chess Club; Soccer; T rack. LARRY McKAY Intramural Track; Intramural Foot¬ ball; J.V. Football; Rifle and Pistol Club. JEAN E. McLAIN Intramural Volleyball; Girls ' Chorus; Office Asst.; V.O.T. RICHARD D. MEANA V. Baseball; J.V. Baseball. RON MELBOURNE Fres. Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Chess Club; Intramural Tennis; V. Cross Country. GREG MENSINGER J.V. Football; Math Club; Chess Club; French Club. DOUG MIHALIK Fres. Basketball; J.V. Basketball; V. Track; Cross Country; Chess Club; Spanish Club; Rifle Club. ALAN D. MILEY National Merit Semifinalist; " It ' s Academic " Team; Russian Club, Pres., V.P.; Latin Honor Society; Antenna; Soccer; J.V. Football; Inter¬ club Council; Latin Club. 61 MARGARET B. MILLER J.C.L., Va. State Pres., Sec.; Keyette; Latin Club; V.P., Treasurer; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Russian Club; Drama Club; Art Guild; In¬ ternational Club; Miss Annandale Contestant. ROBERT A. MILLER National Merit Semi-Finalist; National Honor Society; V. Baseball; Jr. Honor Soci¬ ety; Key Club; Latin Honor Society; German Honor Society; Latin Club; German Club. NORMAN MILLS J.V. Basketball; Intramural Bas¬ ketball; V. Baseball. TUCK MILTON National Honor Society; French Honor Society; V. Baseball; J.V. Baseball; Fres., Baseball; J.V. Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Fres. Football; Antenna, Sports Ed.; A-Blast; French Club. KEVIN MINER Fres. Basketball; Spanish Club. JANIS MITCHELL Library Asst.; " Brigadoon " ; Ger¬ man Club; International Club. Have you ever v ondered v hat a picture looks like if it is taken through a screen? EUGENE MONTGOMERY DANIEL J. MOONEY, III V. Football; V. Basket¬ ball; V. Track; J.V. Basketball; French Club. DAYLE MARIE MOORE Junior Achievement; Pep Club; Drama Club. SANDRA J. MOORE Latin Honor Society; J.C.L.; Latin Club. DENNIS MORREALE French Club; Fres. Football; J.V. Football; Track. 62 SANDRA JEAN MOSHER J.C.L.; Pep Club; A Coppell a Choir; Concert Choir; Sr. Class Ploy; Antenna. WILLIAM T. MULLEN Football; Concert Band; Drama Club. TED MUNNS Chorus; Spanish Club; Math Club; Rifle Club. DOTTY MYERS Girls ' Chorus; Pep Club; C.O.P. RICHARD SMITH MYERS Jr. Honor Society; Na¬ tional Honor Society; J.V. Baseball; Fres. Basketball- Key Club; Spanish Club. NANCY EILEEN NIGHTINGALE A-Blast, Circu¬ lation Manager; Literary Magazine; Future Home¬ makers of America; Future Teachers of America; French Club. GARY R. NORBY V. Football; J.V. Football; J.V. Track. ELLEN C. O ' NEILL Antenna; French Club; Pep Club; Sr. Class Play. OLSON LINDA PARK Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Ayudera; Pep Club; Sr. Class Play; National Thespian Society; Inner Choir; S.C.A. FRED C. PARKER Soph. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Jr. Honor Society; V. Football; V. Wrestling, Cap.; V. Track; Letterman ' s Club. JEFF PEARSON KRIS PEDERSEN J.V. Cross Country; Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, and Cross Country; 2nd Place Shotput. IRENE PELSZYNSKI Antenna; Math Club; Latin Club; French Club; Drama Club; Pep Club. GAIL PENNING Ayudera; German Club; Pep Club; Miss Annandale Contestant; J.V. Cheerleader; Sr. Class Play; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; G.A.A. JUDI PERLMAN Girls ' Chorus; " Knights of Song " ; Concert Choir; " Bye Bye Birdie " ; Girls ' Ensemble; M ineralogy Club. WILLIAM FRED PERRY V. Baseball; Spanish Club; Choir. CYNTHIA YVONNE PHELPS Majorette. The Sadie Hawkins Dance is filled with many sur¬ prises. SANDRA PHILLIPS Gymnastics; House of Rep.; Modern Dance; Spanish Club; Choir; Tri-Hi-Y. KURT PIERCE V. Track; Math Club. EDWARD PIGGOTT Library Asst.; Radio Club; Elec¬ tronics Club, Treas.; Railroad Club; Bus Driver; Audio- Visual. JEANE MARIE PIPPIN All State Choir; A Cappella Choir, Historian; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Miss Annandale Contestant; " Knights of Song; " Pep Club; Spanish Club; Drama Club; Sophomore Sillies. 64 GARY PLAUGHER PATRICIA ANN PLECHA M ajorette; J.C.L.; French Club; Intramural Volleyball. SUZANNE PORTRUM Spanish Honor Society, Pres., Treas.; Spanish Club, V.P.; Literary Magazine; Atom Boosters. CHARLES A. POST German Club; J.V. Track; V. Track; V. Football; Pep Club. Senior Class Officers: Rocky Gaines—president, Sharon Shyer—secretary, JoAnne Bachman—treas¬ urer, Corky Upchurch—vice president. DALE POWELL V. Sw-imming; Chorus; Delta Tri- Hi-Y. JOHN PRENTICE V. Track; Jr. Honor Society; J.V. Basketball; Fres. Football; V. Football, Manager. JACK D. PRESSLY LINDA PRICE 65 CHRIS A, RAABE Concert Band; Spanish Club; D.E. Club. RICHARD RANDA V. Wrestling; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Rifle Club; Mineralogy Club; Intramurals. SHARON LEE RANDOLPH PATRICIA RANT Ayudera; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club, Sec.; An tenna; French Club; Latin Honor Society. BECKY SUE RAWLINGS Chorus; S.C.A.; Pep Club; C.O.P. SHERRY GAIL REEDER National Thespian Society; World Peace Speech Contest Winner; Journalism Club; Drama Club; Track; Basketball; G.A.A. STEVE RICHARDS Virginia Jr. State Pistol Cham¬ pion; Rifle and Pistol Club, Pres.; J.V. Track; French Club. TOM RICKETTS Key Club; Math Club; Latin Club; Latin Honor Society; J.C.L. EUGENE RIDDLE J.V. Football; Cross Country; V. Track; Spanish Club. ROSALIND ROBBINS National Honor Society; Sec.; Miss Annandale Court; Antenna; S.C.A. Rep.; A-Blast; Drama Club; French Club; Pep Club; Latin Club; Miss York High School; Band; Beta Club, Reporter; Choir. JOHN ROBEY Electronics Club; A-Blast, Photo¬ grapher; Russian Club. BRUCE R. ROLLMAN Latin Club; Atom Boosters; French Club; Junior Jollies; Soccer. STEVE ROTH French Club; Intramurals. 66 KAREN RUCKER French Club; Future Homemakers of America, Sec.; Freshman Follies; G.R.A.A.; Pep Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Atom Boosters; Sophomore Sillies; " Bye Bye Birdie. " ROSA ELVIRA SALAZAR A.F.S. Exchange Student; A.F.S. Club; Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club; Keyettes. RICHARD SAMUELSEN Intramurals; Baseball, Man¬ ager; French Club; Bowling League; Latin Club; J.C.L.; M ath Club. VINCENT GUY SANBORN, III Rowing; V. Wrest¬ ling; J.V. Wrestling; V. Cross Country; Football- Concert Choir. Without these stalwart front office student assistants, it would have been inpossible to check out. (With them it is rather tough, too.) JUDITH V. SANFORD G. A. A.: Girls ' Bowling League; Jr. Class Play; A-Blast. MICHAEL SCANLON CHARLES SCHAFER MIKE SCHICK Golf Team; M ath Club, Pres.; Ger¬ man Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society. JOELLEN SCHILD V. Hockey; J.V. Baske tball; Tri- Hi-Y, Treas.; Jr. Class Play; Girls ' Chorus; French Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Future Homemakers of America. BOB SCHLANSKER V. Cheerleader; S.C.A.,- " M eet Me in St. Louis; " " Harvey; " " Annie Get Your Gun,- " Sr. Class Play; J.V. Basketball; J.V. Football; Talent Show Finalist. 67 FRED SCHMOYER Soccer; Track; Spanish Club; Atom Boosters. LINDA SCHNATTERLY Atom Boosters; Spanish Club, Sec.; Spanish Honor Society; National Honor Society; V. Hockey; Pep Club; G.R.A.A. PEGGY SCHOENECKER French Club; Drama Club; Library Asst.; Junior Jollies; Future Teachers of America. CHERYL B. SCHULER A.F.S. Club, Sec.; Future Teachers of America; Newspaper; Certificate of Ser¬ vice Award. BRUCE SCHULZ LYNN SCOTT Future Teachers of America; A.F.S. Club; Literary Magazine; A-Blast, Adv. Mgr.; Year¬ book; Chess Club; Girls ' Service League. NORMAN SCURRIA S.C.A. Rep.; Track; Basketball; Wrestling; Tennis. NANCY SEALE Keyettes; National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; J.V. Hockey; S.C.A. Rep.; Girls ' Chorus; Spanish Club; G.R.A.A.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Historian; Pep Club; Atom Boosters. SUZY SELPH Jr. Honor Society; Sr. Class Play; A Cappella; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Hockey, Co-cap.; Bas¬ ketball; Pep Club; Russian Club; French Club. ROBERT SHAW Red Cross Rep.; German Club, Sec.; Rifle and Pistol Club; Math Club. BILL SHEPHERD Latin Club; J.V. Baseball, M anager; Latin Award; D.E. Club; Math Award. SANDI SHOEMAKER Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Historian; Pep Club; Intramural Basketball; French Club; Future Homemakers of America; Sophomore Sillies. 68 SHARON SHY ER S.C.A. Sec.; Sr. Class Sec.; N. Virginia S.C.A., District Chairman; Girls ' State, Mayor; Keyettes; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Sweet¬ heart Court; Pep Club. NANCY SIGLER French Club; Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; A.F.S. Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Guidance Asst. JEAN SIGRIST V.O.T.; Future Homemakers of Amer¬ ica; Intramural Volleyball; Miss Annandale Con¬ testant. CAROL A. SIMMONS Chorus; Intramurals; Drama Club. EDDIE SIMONDS Wrestling; Stage Crew; Audio- Visual. BARBARA ANN SLY S.C.A. Rep.; Prom Committee, Chairman; Freshman Girls Chorus; Clinic Asst.; Li¬ brary Asst. CRAIG SMITH V. Football; V. Track; J.V. Track; Key Club. GINGER SMITH S.C.A.; Future Teachers of America; Modern Language Club; Debate Club; Royal Guard; Miss San Mancor Contestant. RICHARD W. SMITH National Merit Semifinalist; Jr. Honor Society; Math Club; Latin Club; Radio Club; " It ' s Academic. " Suzy Selph impersonates a typical sophomore at the Sophomore Sillies. GARY SPANKE J.V. Track; D.E. Club. STEVE SPILLER 69 KAREN STAFFORD National Honor Society; Quill and Scroll; A—Blast, Editorial Ed.; School Reporter tor Fairfax County Sun Echo; French Club; Russian Club. MILES STALEY Latin Club; Science Club; Fres. Foot¬ ball; W restling. JIM STANFIELD Fres. Football; Fres. Basketball; Band; J.V. Basketball; Intramural Basketball. SHARON STEIGER National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Keyettes; Antenna; Spanish Honor Society, Treas.; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y. GAY STELZENMULLER National Honor Society; National Thespian Society; Keyettes, V. P.; Miss Annandale Court; A Cappella Choir, Pres.; S.C.A. Rep.; Atom Boosters. KENT STEVENS NANCY STEVENS French Honor Society; French Newspaper, Ed.; Literary Magazine; French Club; Latin Club; J.C.L.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. BECKY STEWARD Cheerleader; Ayudera; Future Homemakers of America; Home Ec. Student of the Year; G.A.A. JOY STINGLEY D.E. Club. PAUL STALIAIOFF M ath Club; French Club. 70 CAROL STONER Future Homemakers of America; Pep Club; Library Asst.; Atom Boosters. SUSAN L. STRANG Ay udera, Pres.; S.C.A. Cabinet, Historian; Antenna, Activities Ed.; National Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Drama Club. JOAN STRICKLAND Majorette, Cap.; German Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Keyettes, Treas.; Ayudera;;Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; S.C.A. Rep. JEFF STRONG Concert Band; Wrestling; Gym¬ nastics. The majorettes execute one of their routines. EMM ITT SULLIVAN D.E. Club, Pres. ROBERT SYLVESTER National Honor Society, V.P.; German Honor Society, V.P.; A.F.S. Club, Pres.; V. Track; Math Club; Symphonic Band. SHARON TALLEY V.O.T.; Future Homemakers of America; Pep Club; Reserve Band; Chorus; Intra¬ mural Volleyball; Office Asst.; " Bye Bye Birdie. " PAUL TANNOUS Fres. Class Pres.; Fres. Football; J.V. Debate; Jr. Honor Society; Key Club; Latin Honor Society; A-Blast, Ed.; V. Debate; Activities Award; National Honor Society, Pres. RUTH THERIAULT CAROL THIE Library Asst.; Future Teachers of America; Girls ' Chorus; G.R.A.A.; Newspaper. 71 WILLIAM THOMPSON STEPHANY TISDALE French Club; Pep Club; Ayu- dera; Miss Annandale Contestant; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. TOBY TOBIASON SUSAN TREGONE Tri-Hi-Y; Sophomore Sillies; Pep Club; French Club. DONNA TRIBBY V. Cheerleader; J.V. Cheerleader; J.V, Hockey; Keyettes; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Jr. Class Play; Sophomore Sillies; Russian Club, Treas.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. JIM TURLEY Chess Club; Math Club; Bowling Team; French Club. JOAN TURNQUIST French Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; French C lub; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Volleyball; Intramural Badminton. TOM TWISDALE Soccer; Track; California Scholar¬ ship Federation; Math Club; Radio Club; Russian Club. JOE ULERY Mixed Choir; " Knights of Song; " A Cappella Choir; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Science Fair Winn er. CORKY UPCHURCH Fres. Basketball; Latin Club; J.V. Basketball; J.V. Baseball; Sr. Class, V.P.; Key Club; Jr. Class, Treas.; V. Baseball; J.C.L. 72 DON VARNEY MARY VAWTER Latin Club; French Club; Future Homemakers of America; Softball; Pep Club; Clinic Asst.; Athletic Office Asst, PATRICIA ANNE WAFEL J.V. Cheerleader; Future Homemakers of America; Intramural Volleyball; Spanish Club; Guidance Asst.; Miss Annandale Con¬ testant; C.O.P. DIANE WALLER Girls ' League; Modern Dance Club; Hunter ' s Call Staff; A-Blast; G.A.A. TILMAN WALTHER Chess Club; Bowling Club. JOE WARREN V. Golf; J.V. Football; J.V. Basket¬ ball; J.V. Track; Key Club; Gymnastics Club. Mr, Fisher delivers his oral report about an English author. VINCENT WATKINS CLARK WATSON V. Track; V. Soccer; German Club; Mineralogy Club; Bowling Club; Pep Club, CARL WEINMEISTER Outstanding M usician M edal- ion; Band; Football; Math Club. PEGGY WEISSENSTEIN National Honor Society; Jr. Honor Society; Future Teachers of America, Sec.; A.F.S. Club, Sec.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; German Club; Literary Magazine; Math Club; Girls ' Chorus. 73 BILL WELDE Jr. Honor Society; Math Club; J.C.L,; Rod and Gun Club. DICK WESTBROOK Newspaper; " Bye Bye Birdie; " Math Club; Intramural Wrestling. JACK WHALEN Basketball; J.V. Football; Fres. Football; Cross Country; Track. PATTY WHEELER G.A.A.; Concert Band; Marching Band; Y-Teens; Sr. Class Play; Jr. Class Play; Future Teachers of America; M ath Club; French Club. CAROLYN WHITE Atom Boosters Club; V.O.T. KEN WHITT Wrestling; Soccer; Cross Country; Bas¬ ketball; Junior Jollies; Latin Club. FRANK WHITTON Antenna; Spanish Club Reporter; Hootenanny. DAVE WIGUTOFF Antenna, Co-Ed.; A. F. S. Exchange Student; Jr. Honor Society; National Merit Finalist; " It ' s Academic " Team; Quill and Scroll. DON WILKINSON Newspaper, Sports Ed.; Science Club, Sec.; National Beta Club; Treas.; V. Basketball- Intramural Basketball. ROBERT WILLIAMS V. Football; V. Track; Key Club. 74 9 WAYNE WILLIS CLAUDIA WILSON MALCOLM WINSTEAD S.C.A. Chaplain; A Cappella Choir, V.P.; Talent Show; " Brigadoon; " " Knights of Song; " " Bye Bye Birdie. " When asked to chose between Marya Chegin and the camera, Wally Magathan chose the camera. KATHY WIRTH Ayudera, V.P.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; Pep Club; Sophomore Sillies; Intramural Soccer; Intramural Volleyball; Spanish Club. HARRIET WITHERELL French Honor Society, Pres.; National Honor Society; S.C.A. Rep.; Keyettes; Na¬ tional Thespian Society, Treas.; Jr. Honor Society; Drama Club, V.P. SUE WOOD Antenna, Co-Ed.; Miss Annandale High School; Girls ' State; Debate Team; V. Hockey; J.V. Hockey; Russian Club; Latin Honor Society. BARBARA WOODS Latin Club; Fortune Guild; Poetry and Script Club; Fres. Chorus; Girls ' Chorus; Choir; Library Asst. DENISE YOUNG Fres. Class Treas.; Girls ' Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Concert Choir. ELMO ZUMWALT Public Speaking Contest Winner; Intramural Wrestling. 75 IN MEMORY OF WESLEY S. GRAHAM 76 To be a good friend was one of his noblest and most difficult undertakings. He could dream and not make dreams his master. He could lose, and start again at the begin¬ ning, and never breathe a word about his loss. His silence gave others strength. His friendship was abiding. He rose by close and strenuous personal application, and ever rendering his service to others. He held a little more patience with the fauIts of other folks. We ' ll treasure his acquaintance to the last, ever remembering him as one who radiated a spirit of good will. 77 78 ORGANIZATIO STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION SCA Officers: Bill Hatch—president, Dave Spaulding—vice president, Robin Brickham— secretary, Elaine Tennant—treasurer. Mrs. Ashenhurst discusses a problem pertaining to the students and the library at an SCA legislative meeting. The S.C.A., always theoretically the most powerful organization in the school, this year came significantly nearer to this goal. It added to its own power by forming the I.C.C. By this move the clubs have become more organized and unified. The S.C.A. this year was probably the best in the ten year history, continuing old activities and assuming new ones. Three amendments to the constitution were proposed and voted on.The organization initiated an extensive program of orientation for incoming freshmen, and published an excellent student handbook. The S.C.A. paid for the exchange studentthis year, contributed 1,000 dol lars to the Athletic Association, Con¬ tributed to the Salvation Army and numerous other charities, and sponsored Honor Week. The organization sponsored the Winter Whirl, mixer dances and the Miss Annandale Con¬ test. The Northern Virginia S.C.A. Convention was held at Annandale this year. Participation in this convention enabled the schools to compare individual problems and to share new ideas. Of special interest this year, were self-improvement and cooperation between schools. The State S.C.A. Secretary, Mrs. Gallimore and Mr. Charles Vetter oftheU.S. I.A. were featured speakers. 80 The SCA contribution to the Christmas spirit. Mr. Woodrow Newpher of the FBI speaks on honor at the SCA sponsored Honor Week assembly. A meeting of the Inter-Club Council. 81 SENIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Paul Tannous—president, Bob Sylvester, Elizabeth Bremer, Kay Gordon, Diane Axelson. Second Row: Betsy Emmons, Nancy Seale, Ellen O ' Neill, Virginia Cole, Peggy Weisenstein, Bene Gene Dozier. Third Row: Bert Johnson, David Carhart, Bob Laberge, Mike Schick, Richard Smith, Craig Griffiths, Bob Miller, Wally Magathan. Don Holmes, Bob Camarena. Lynn Robbins lights Norm Scurria ' s candle at this years Senior Honor Soc¬ iety winter induction. First Row: Diane Hall, Susan Strang, Julie Johnson, JoAnne Bachman, Marya Chegin. Second Row: Anna Gideon, Linda Schnatterly, Helen Fleisher, Harriet Withered, Connie Greenwood, Sharon Steiger. Third Row: Norm Scurria, Bill Hatch, Rocky Gaines, Richard Meyers, Jim Lawton, Tuck Milton, Dennis Howard, Dave Wigutoff, Vince Lozito. Requirements for membership in both the Senior and Junior National Honor Societies are excellence in Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. The selection procedure is also similar for both. A list is made of all eligible stu¬ dents, those with a " B " average and at least one semester at Annandale. Then each teacher is given an opportunity to comment in writing about the students he knows on the list. Finally a faculty screening committee considers these comments and makes the final selection. Inductions are held in the spring for qualifying ninth and eleventh graders into the Junior and Senior Societies respectively and then the students of JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Neal Ellis—president, John Holmes, Tam Spencer, Donn Hayes, Pat Marusak. Second Row: Sally Andrews, Barbara Jo Wood, Anne Wooten, Kcrthy Kearney, Libby Tamson, Pam Gates. Third Row: Anne Paschall, Karey Olson, ConnieMayock, Jonathan Kraushaar, John Schmoyer, Don Harrison, Mark Rutzick, John Greenwalt, Bruce Rider. these classes get another chance with the inductions thefollowing Dec¬ ember. This year the Senior Honor Society continued the tradition of tutoring. The chairman of the tutoring com¬ mittee, Anna Gideon, received re¬ quests for tutors from guidance and took same to the members. During the summer of 1963 a proposed new constitution for the Senior Society was drafted by Paul Tannous because of the disorder in the organization of the old one. The new draft was this year considered and ratified by the members. As of this writing it only needs to be approved by the National Secretary to become effective. First Row: Sandy Smith, Elaine Tennant, Linda Lamantia, Donna Bray, Linda Lorenz. Second Row: Lois Bergman, Margaret Dreiss, JoAnn Kevill, Aletha Lloyd, Yvonne Schlegel, Eugenia Braun. Third Row: John Haycock, Rich Fulton, Jim Asseltine, Frank Parrota, Craig Smith, Tom Lafone, Bob Siegle, Brad Wolcott, Mike Rodriguez, Kent Wells. 83 LANGUAGE HONOR SOCIETIES Spanish Honor Society First Row: Suzanne Portrum—president, Ken Murray, Marya Jim Creekman, Jackie Johnson, Bonnie Harris, Sherry Crum, C begin, David Car hart, Linda Schnatterly, Nancy Seale, Rocky Bonnie MacCarter, Sharon Steiger, John Prentice, Billy Oliva ri. Gaines, Vinve Lozito. Second Row: Roza Salazar, LyleGroome, German Honor Society First Row: Virginia Cole—president. Bob Sylvester, Carol Con- Suzanne Portrum, Wally Magathan, BobMiller, Bobette Adcock, aty, Diane Axelson, Marc Brenman. Second Row: John Prentice, Steve LaBerge, Mike Schick. 84 French Honor Society First Row: Nancy Stevens—president, Mary Cooper, Julie Johnson, Candy Cain, Tanya Belt, Carol Hayes, Linda Johnson, Dana Bunkemeyer, Anna Gideon, Carol Moak. Second Row: Kay Gordon, Helen Rhea, Karen Sukonik, Cindy Gossick, Marya Chegin, Harriet Witherell, Robin Brickham, Ray Hay- good, Tuck Milton, Randolph Hack, Bob Bell, Doug Sprugel. First Row: Peggy Adcock, Bobette Adcock,Mary Griffiths, Richard Anderson, Bruce Birnbaum, Rooney, JoAnne Bachman, Darrolyn Ciampa, William DeSpain, Joan Battaglia, Cathy Clark Linda Popp, Pat Plecha. Second Row: Craig Latin Honor Society 85 KEY CLUB First Row: Col. Clark, President; Terry Kilgore, Paul Katz, Dave Stulman, Jim Splitt, Paul Tannous, Dave Carhart, Marc Brenman, Doug Sprugel. Second Row: Bob Williams, Kevin Davenport, Richard Myers, Jim Creekman, Rick Seltzer, Dave For a boy to become a member ot the Key Club he must apply in writing stating reasons why he wants to join, be considered by the teachers, and then considered again by the counsel of officers of the club. Being a service club, its projects this year are as follows: 1) cleaning up the stadium after football games 2) taking tickets at bas¬ ketball games and wrestling matches 3) di¬ recting traffic and parking at Back to School Night 4) running the school store 5) holding carwashes 6) painting the cannon in Annan- dale 7) helping the Kiwanis Club with the Pancake Supper and the Fireworks Sale 8) contributing to the SCA welfare drives. The club sends delegates to the Tenth District convention in Roanoke and to summer officer training conventions at local schools. Putnam, Bob Camerena, Gary Kessler, Bill Hatch, Ray Haygood. Third Row: Norman Folkes, Bob Bell, Bruce Johnson, John Holmes, John Blum, Lee Kemmerling, Chris Kohn, Bob Miller, Jim Lawton, Lyle Groome, Neal Ellis, Joe Warren, Gary Richardson. The Key Club builds MEN! The Key Club members eagerly look for change as they clean up the stadium. D. E. CLUB D.E. Club officers Barry Cooper, vice president; Toni Calabrese, secretary; Bill Shephard, president; and Bobby Porter, treasurer; plan the Miss Annandale contest v ith SCA president Bill Hatch. Mrs. Charlotte Young formed the first D.E. Club at Annandale High School in 1957. Since that time, the club has grown from the last place in size in the state to the third largest. According to the D.E. system, a stu¬ dent attends the first three periods of the day and works the remainder of the day. The club was the first in Virginia to have luncheon club meetings and the first to have a public relations director. Traditional activities in¬ clude the Spring Festival of Fashion and Beauty, which the D.E. Club also initiated, and the District and State Leadership Con¬ ferences, and the Employee-Employer Ban¬ quet. 87 KEYETTE CLUB First Row: Tish Ange—president, Connie Greenwood, Harriet Witherell, Sharon Shyer, Pat Brown, Sue Long, Tam Spencer, Tommie Ann Braun, Joan Battaglia. Second Row: Joan Strick¬ land, Julie Johnson, Rosa Salazar, Lynn Ireland,TeresaYamaki, Cramine Smith, Anne Paschall, Donna Lawrence, Pat Marusak, Elaine Tennant, Linda Hardy, Jane Haycock. Third Row: Chris Reis, Jane Brantlinger, Donna Tribby, Brenda Blackwell, Billie Ann Hunter, Nancy Seale, Virginia Kahn, Nancy Griffitns, Sandy Smith, Carol Battaglia, Kathy Bishop, Marya Chegin, Sharon Steiger, Brenda Jackson, JoAnne Bachman, Peggy Miller, Barbara Coffman, Betsy Emmons Keyettes became an active organization at Annandale in 1958 under the sponsorship of M rs. M itchell. The girls annually take part in many varied activities. This year they at¬ tended the national convention, participated in the Christmas Welfare Drive, and helping Junior Village by visiting the institution with money, clothes, and food. They also help with contributions to the cerebal palsy and tuberculosis societies. The club also works closely with theSPTAandthe SC A to generally serve the school in such capacities as guides to visitors, hostesses to luncheons, sellers of savings stamps, and keepers of the lost and found box. Making welfare baskets. AYUDERA First Row: President: Susan Strang, Denise McHugh,Toni Calabrese, Cathy Corns, Dee Duncan, Daun Dickie, Linda Parks. Second Row: Penny Lipscomb, Barbara Mottle, Gail Pennine, Steff Tisdale, Janet Ackroyd, Cindy Gossick, Chris Twardy, Mary Sue Childs. Third Row: Shelley Vogt, Jackye Cave, Marta Sears, Connie DeLaMater, Mary Pagliero, Margie Lipscomb, Pat Rant, Jane Brantlinger. Quick! Let ' s hurry up and finish this newspaper before a teacher catches us! Ayudera was formed in the spring of 1962 by a group of girls who felt that there should be a service club for the poor over¬ worked, frustrated teachers. They chose as their exalted leader M iss Finch, who has also undertaken the responsibility of sponsoring many other endeavors such as scavenger hunts and National Puritan Week. The girls in the club must maintain a " C " average because if they cannot help them¬ selves, they certainly cannot help the teachers. These girls are also screened by the teachers before they are admitted to the club. Ayudera means " helper " in Spanish; a propos of this the club ' s motto is " HELP! " . 89 A.F.S. CLUB First Row: Robert SyIvester-president, Thomas Rapp, Peggy Weissenstein, Anna Gideon, Roza Salazar, Lynn Ireland, Diane Hall, John Esche, Bene Gene Dozier. Second Row: Bill Kaminga, Marla Wolfe, Bill Curl, Kathy O ' Keefe, Debora Peck, Dave Wigutoff, Connie Marker, Malcolm Groome, Linda Albright, Linda Franklin, Kurt Sayblack. Rod Muzzi arrives at school in January and signs in. AHS ' s Exchange Students In We Had From 1957- 1958 . . .Grudren Jurs.Austria 1958- 1959 . , .Finn Jensen.Denmark 1959- 1960 . . .Martine Raclet.France 1960- 1961 . . .Philio Comiti.Greece 1960- 1961 . . .Birgitte Janson.Finland 1961- 1962 . . .Jacquelyn Schuthe .... Switzerland 1962- 1963 . . .Arpah Bahadur.Malaya 1963- 1964 . . .Rosa Salazar.Ecuador 1963-1964 . . .Rod Muzzi.Brazil In We Sent To 1957- 1958 . . .Jim White.Sweden 1958- 1959 . . .Tosh Mitchell.Germany 1958- 1959 . . .Mary Ellen Young.Italy 1959- 1960 . . .Diane Bruce.Denmark 1960- 1961 . . .Pat Rapp.Germany 1960- 1961 . . .Dial Barnwell.Philippines 1961- 1962 . . .Norrie Huddle.Italy 1962- 1963 . . .Vaughn Stellzenmuller . . . .Belgium 1962-1963 . . .Dave Wigutoff.Sweden 1964 . . .Thomas Rapp.South Africa The purpose of the American Field Ser¬ vice Club is to make the stay of the exchange students in this area more enjoyable. To this end the club this year held several pot- luck suppers, several square dances, and a roller skating party to all of which the area exchange students were invited. A big event for the club this year came on a weekend in January when Annandale played host to all of the exchange students in Maryland, the District, and Virginia. The club members acted as guides at these meet¬ ings which were held to plan how to select homes for nextyear ' s studentsand to evaluate the stay of this year ' s students to date. Thomas Rapp is unusually quiet as he and Mr. Finch discuss Tom ' s departure for South Africa. Rosa Salazar poses with a group of area exchange students at an AFS potiuck supper. 91 DRAMA Drama Club Gary Kessler—president, Bonnie Blaine, Alma Felber, Diane Hall, Harriet Witherell, Ed Green, Rick Green, Carolyn Best, Sherry Reeder, Eric Lutz. Second Row: Virginia Kahn, Joe The Drama Club was one of the first clubs formed at Annandale High School and was originally sponsored by Mr. Larry D. Klinger and later by Miss Laura Robey. The club has sponsored such plays as " The Knight of the Burning Pestle " and " The Imaginary Invalid. " The members help in various theatrical pro¬ Sayblack, Curt Sayblack, John Esche, Kristy Axiine, Bobette Adcock, Carol Honenberger, Cute Crasher, Sue Strang, Sheryl Doe, Mary Sue Xoxsted, Bene Gene Dozier. ductions in all capacities including the Senior Play, the musical, and the tournament plays. The latter, competitive productions, for all the schools of Northern Virginia, are judged by professionals. For eight years, Annan- dale ' s cast had gone on to the state com¬ petition in Charlottesville. Thespian Honor Society First Row: Virginia Kahn, Joe Sayblack, Ed Green, Gary Kessler. Second Row: Sheryl Doe, Christy Axiine, Harriet Witherell, Bonnie Blaine, Bobette Aycock, Sherry Reader, Diane Hall, Mrs. Summers. Third Row: Rick Green, Carol Honenburger—Presi¬ dent, Curt Sayblack. 92 HR ’S First Row: Mike Schick—president, Lyle Groome, Harold Dansberger, Chip Grange, Robert Schmidt, Eben Visher. Second Row: Kaye Bird, Dave Carhart, Ray Haygood, Bob Moran, Tom Rapp, Duane Hopper, Marc Brenman, Emily McClintock. Third Row: Keith Buttleman, Mary Sue Childs, Mike Cooperman, Suzy Selph, Jeff Burton, Ted Munns, Bob Shaw, Don Sylvester. 2 The TT r were formed in 1961 with Mr. Gangi as its sponsor. Its purpose is to afford an opportunity for interested students to go beyond the class-room mathematical ex¬ perience. The club does this both by studying in more depth areas touched upon in classes and by branching out into regions unknown to the conventional classroom. This year the club met in three sections: the " College Board " section, to instruct the students in the tech¬ niques of taking the tests; the puzzles and games section, to offer educational diversion to many students; and the third section, to study the applications of higher math. The members studied electronics, computers, and about some of the elementary principles of the satellites. Mike Schick convinces an admiring public that it really is a blackboard. 93 LATIN CLUB First Row: Richard Griffiths—president, Michael Rodriguez, Walton M orris, Bennett Connelly, Linda Bruem, Kathy Ketchum, Janet Heath, Kathy Christy, Pat Marusak. Second Row: Linda Popp, Lynn Pletcha, Roberta Adcock, Mary Rooney, Carol Smith, Kathy Hays, Ellen Johns, Brenda Wilson, Darolyn Ciampa, Debbie Peck, Pat Fitzgerold. Third Row.GilbertButtons, Rick Birnbaum, John Klasinski, Robert Albright, Chip Grange, Frank Donaldson, Leland Sprinkle, Tom Rapp, Phil Wheeler, Billy McLellan, Robert Sprinkle, Sammy Me. Lyle Groom addresses the Roman Senate. 94 SPANISH CLUB Miss Maria Coloma dances before the Spanish Club party at the Inter-American Defense Board. The Spanish Club, originally called " Los Chiltipiquines " , was formed in 1954 by Mrs. Jean Payne. The club traditionally visits the " LaFonda " , a Spanish restaurant. At Christmas the club makes pinatas for the annual Christ¬ mas party. This year the unique highlight of the club ' s activities was a party at the Inter- American Defense Board for parents and club members. The members were enter¬ tained by the dancing of Maria Coloma. the First Row: Marya Chegin—president, Chip Grange, Linda Schnatterly, Dave Carhart, Roza Salazar, Lynn Ireland, Suzanne Portrum, Lyle Groom, Peggy Floyd, Nancy Battaglia, Dick Young. Second Row: Debbie Tallent, Kathy Duff, Barbara Mayhall, Rhona Greilla, Pamela Savidge, Carol Risteen, Terry daughter of the military attache from Spain. Two lecturers, one from the Pan-American Union and one from the Inter-American De¬ fense Board, explained the organization and function of their respective organizations. General Alger, the U.S. representative to the I.A.B., also spoke a few words to the members. Later in the year, the club heard the military attache from Argentina. Beary, Loretta Morgan, Gwain Knight, Jane Blankenbaker, Rebecca Hall, Peggy Albright. Third Row: Sharon Storm, Debbie Twardy, Malcolm Groom, Cindy Cook, Vicki Anderson, Dee Mosher, Denise Rodriguez, Norman Fowlkes, Dee Davis, Ann Horton, Donna Sanza, Elaine Vescovi, Teri Chegin, Steve Keller. FRENCH CLUB First Row: Allen Green, Brian Price, Mary Vawter, John Schmoyer, Jane Jeppson, JoAnne Kevil, Peggy Floyd, Donna Beury, Lynn Scott, Chris Faulkner. Second Row: Cyndy Peek, Martha Bishton, Libby Tam son, Rosie Mason, Rosemary Grove, Diane Dayton, Sharon Bery, Darla Chiampa, Carol Cooper, Pat Marusak. Third Row: Linda Quasebarth, Linda Fletcher, Ellen Johns, Lynn Pletcha, Linda Popp, Katy Rodgers, Marleen Schwartz, Lee Henry, Ray Haygood, Karen Arnold, Shelly Vogt, Carol M oak, Dottie Cli-fton, Marilyn Nossen, Jackie Perez, Suzy Smith, Liz Smith. Fourth Row: Barbara Dubois, Kathy McNaughton, Karen Rasmussen, Toin Bellei, Bob Bell, Mark Rutzick, Jim Perricone, Chip Hill, Kevin Leonard, Eric Lutz, Margie Craig, Cathy Hansen, Adrian Petrie, Karey Olsen. Le Cercle Francois (The French Club) has as its purpose to allow the students of French to develop more of an interest in and knowl¬ edge of the French way of life than it is possible to in the class. Besides regular meetings this years club sponsored a Mardi Gras Costume Dance and also visited a French restaurant. Club pins were ordered for the first time, and several lecturers spoke ' at the regular meetings. The French Club party goes Hawaiian. GERMAN CLUB Der Deutsche Verein, the German Club, had several interesting activities this year. They had a speaker who spoke to the club entirely in German. At another m eeting m em¬ bers of the club performed a German lan¬ guage skit. The club visited the Voice of America and a German restaurant. This year the German Club became our first language club to acquire an exchange school, the Stadt Salvator-Schule In Munich, Germany. Members of the club carry on individual correspondence with studentsfrom this school in both German and English. The club as a whole plans to exchange yearbooks, textbooks, and other items of mutual interest. " How in the world did you swallow the coathonger in the first place? " First Row; Bob Sylvester—president, Dan Woods, RickSeltzer, Suzanne Portrum, Robert Shavv ' , Bene Gene Dozier. Second Row: Diane Axelson, Lorraine MacCarter, Bobette Adcock, Karen Arnold, Jan Mitchell, Anna Gideon, Virginia Cole, Peggy Weisenstein. Third Row: Terence White, Rick Smith, Joyce James, Pat Dodge, Connie Marker, Garry Kessler, Tom Cauble, Leland Sprinkle I RUSSIAN CLUB First Row: Alan M iley—president, Lyle Groome, Donna Tribbey, Mary Sue Childs, Sue Strang, JoAnne Bachman. Second Row; Margaret MacLeod, Joan Battaglia, Pat Sanders, Linda Howell, Tam Spencer, Ann Seegars, Carol Williams, John Harmon. Third Row: Bill Goodman, Rick Erickson, Tom Almy, Terry Glenn, Leigh Van Lydegraf, Fred Mooney, John Zmud, Gibby Burton, Eddie Burns. In a Russian language skit brothers Don and John Holmes explain their homelife. In 1959 Annanciale did not have a Russian language class, but it did have a Russian Club. This club was started by Mrs. Little for stu¬ dents who were interested in the Russian language and culture. In 1963 a Russian course came to Annan- dale, taught by Mrs. Little. That year, the present Russian Club was formed. This years highlight was a visit to the v oice of America. The club heard speakers from the Russian language division of VOA and also had a tour of the broadcasting studios. The purpose of the visit was to see how and what kind of an image the VOA is projecting to other countries. 98 RADIO CLUB The radio club examines the remote control apparatus which operates Mr. Gill. SOCIETY OF ANNANDALE’S MAGICIANS It is a good thing we took this picture before Gary Morgan made them all disappear. CHESS CLUB C;, mm - ’V m First Row; Joe Kallini, Dave Axelson, Doug Mahalik, Richard Dunn, Stewart Bornhoft, Tom Wheeler, Ron Comerford, Marc Brenman. Second Row: Phil Wheeler, Harry Howe, Dave Carhart, Mike Leclair. This is the fourth year for Annandale ' s Chess Club originally organized by former student John Gittinger. The club competes against nine other area schools in a student organized league for a trophy. The five members who compete in each match are chosen by their rank in the club. This rank is determined by a system of points in which the members play each other and lose or win a certain number of points de¬ pending on the outcome of each game. DEBATE Varsity Affirmative: Leland Sprinkle, and John Har¬ mon. Varsity Negative: Dave Spaulding and Harry Howe. This year ' s debate topic was: " Resolved that Social Security benefits be expanded to include complete medical care. " The annual problem of a small turnout was successfully overcome this year by enthusiastic student promoting. After organizational and planning meetings, the research was done with the aid of specially prepared debate manuals. After practice debates came the regular sea¬ son. But immediately the team was faced with a new problem. Each school is required to supply four judges on each debating night. These judges usually come from the ranks of the parents. This year the debate team was faced with the continual problem of lack of parent volunteers. This led to the unfor¬ tunate circumstance of Annandale teams for¬ feiting several matches on the technical reason of not having a judge present. Despite these hardships the members of the debate squads gained early experience ina valuable art, thinking on one ' s feet. Nan Wood, Sharon Steiger, Alan Green, John Harmon, Dave Spaulding, John Fellows, Chris Corley, Woody Davis, Greg Jones A-BLAST Q. Why is Kevin Leonard sad? A. No one is paying attention v hile he tries to touch his nose with his upper lip. A new printer; Blue Ridge Press, Berryville, Virginia; and a return to monthly issueswere this years big changes in the A-Blast. This year editors were: Editor-in-chief: Tommie Ann Braun moved in midyear Editor-in-chief: Helen Fleischer second half of the year Managing Editor: Pat King Page One Editor: Denise McHugh Page Two Editor: Diane Waller Page Three Editor: Kevin Leonard Sports Editor: Richard Anderson Business Manager: Laurie Burns Advertising Manager: Lynn Scott Circulation M onager: Nancy Nightingale 102 LITERARY MAGAZINE First Row: Virginia Kahn-editor, Mike LeClair-editor, Julie Johnson, Elizabeth Bremer. Second Row: David Mottle, George Maruc, Ken Murray, Suzanne Portrum, Lynn Scott, Karen Arnold. The Annandale Literary Magazine has always been an inherent part of the literary atmosphere at Annandale. The purpose of the Literary Magazine is to represent ex- empliary student literature and to encourage its creation and recognition. Although the first issues were published on a mimeograph machine, for the past several years it has been professionally printed. The staffs have continually striven to pro¬ duce an excellent representative sampling of the school ' s literary output. The magazine has proven itself to be successful in its pur¬ pose while also giving enjoyment to the stu¬ dent body. 103 ANTENNA What do you think we are really doing? This year ' s yearbook staff is a farce. It is a most remarkable combination of lazy, tal¬ ented, unorganized, moody, uninterested, too busy, inefficient people. Through a combina¬ tion of fantastic luck and editorial peptic ulcers, hundreds of pages of mish-mashed, flung together, made up pages were sent to the printer within a few days of each deadline. Actually, if you think this is a mess think what it would have been like if we all had not cared. But that is another story. Just be thankful for little things, even if they did cost you S6.50. We apologize to any organization or in¬ dividual we might have offended. We hope it was our fault. An example of yearbook procedure—one copy of this paragraph was made in five mi nutes; it was the first and only copy thereof. If this many people really worked on the yearbook, would it be this bad? John Conmy shows his collection of live anthrax bacillus to his ad salesmen, Irene Peizynkki, Lynn Robbins, Kay Gordon, and Marya Chegin. The " Staff Co-editors: Dave Wigutoff Su e Wood Photographer: Elias Livaditis Assistant: Pete Sidle Co-Senior Editors: Joan Battaglia Carol Battaglia Junior Editor: Barbara Coffman Sophomore Editor: Virginia Kahn Freshman Editor: Roziland Anderson Copy Editor: Jane Haycock Assistant: Robin Brickham Typists: Sharon Steiger Anne Griswold Chief Flunkie: Alan Miley Ad Manager: John Conmy Subscription Editor: Irene Pelsynski Assistants: Sandy Mosher Ellen O ' Neill Sponsor: M r. James Odom Just when we got to feeling the lowest, Bessie would pop in and tell us another really funny story and that would be enough to get us through another deadline. 105 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Well ... there was suppose to be this picture Guess what? of an F.H.A. meeting here. 106 PEP CLUB It ' s like this. There ' s this group of girl ' s, see. And they got this thing And they call it PEP. So they figured: Everybody else oughta have it too. So they formed a club. And they cheered, And they pepped. And they decorated. And they cheered some more. (Man did they cheer a lot.) And you should see their school now ... Well, you gotta give ' em one thing Anyhow. They keep trying. 107 GIRLS ' RECREATIONAL ATHLETIC ASSOC. Kathy Fragala displays her remarkable backhand. The Girls ' Recreational Athletic Associa¬ tion, sponsored by Miss Peters, is in itsfourth year. This year the club organized girls ' intra¬ murals which included hockey, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. The As¬ sociation sponsored a Hockey Play Day in the fall and a Track and Field Sports Day in the spring. Members of the Association, which is nationally affiliated, earned points toward pins by participating in athletic activities both inside and outside the school. Instead of running down freshmen, this year the seniors decided to ... 108 CADUCEUS While other clubs turned to lighter activities the Caduceus Club spent at least one hour every week watching water drip through a funnel. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 109 TRI-HI-Y’S Delta Tri-Hi-Y First Row: Kathy Bishop—president, Carol Lange, Jane Brantlinger, Sandy Grim, Sandy Shoemaker, Sharon Shyer, Mary Amburn, Aleen Lemish, Pat Rant. Second Row: Lynn Dearwester, Elizabeth Bremer, Alma Felber, Nancy Sigler, Joey Cooper, Dale Powell, Sandy Phillips, Linda Bettes, Pam Canham. Third Row: Peggy Weisenstein, Dee Davis, Helen Fleischer, Julie Johnson, Daun Dickie, Cathy Corns, Denise McHugh, Cathy Wirth, Sue Chaffin, Stef Tisdale, Linda Park, Anne Griswald. Phi Sigma Tau Tri-Hi-Y First Row: Sue Baker—president, Jackye Cave, Shelley Vogt, Donna Holscher, Leslie Farr, Chris Cabler, Janet Ackroyd, Donna Sanza. Second Row: Kathy Overbee, Mary Pagliero, Carol Risteen, Marta Sears, Cindy Gossik, Jackie Johnson, Terry Beary, Marilyn Watkins, Sharon Tilton, Beverly Causman. Kappa Beta Tri-Hi-Y First Row: Tam Spencer—president, Paula Smith, Anne Paschall, Nancy Gauvreau, Jane Blanken- baker. Penny Spears, Pam Davies, Karen Darch, Marilyn Chennis, Bev Anceravage. Second Row: Sally Andrews, Carol Lewis, Pat Kelly, Barbara Jo Wood, Ann Segars, Debbi Geyer, Pat Bowen, Nancy Tisdale, Cathy Anderson, Jackie Feilds, Margaret Bellett. Third Row: Marlene Schwartz, Karen Hieberg, Tobi Valosio, Linda Albright, Sharon Berg, Carolyn Lewis, Jerri Townsend, Claudia Fairfield, Pat McClellan, Nancy Honea, Connie Mayock, Barbara Coleman, Kay Miner, Jane Diaz. Tri-Hi-Y ' s are girls ' clubs affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. The clubs are organized by grade level. Of all of the school clubs Tri-Hi-Y ' s are some of the most out of school oriented. They usually meet in a member ' s home in the evening. As far as home meetings go they are surpassed possibly only by the A.A.U. The clubs performed many worth¬ while services to the school and community this year. Some examples are as follows: One took Christmas baskets to an old people ' s home and there put on a variety show. Others raised money for the Cerebral Palsy Fund, UNICEF, and contributed to the Christmas welfare drive. Delegates were sent to the state convention in Williamsburg. An interesting sidelight to the Tri-Hi-Y picture in the Washington metropolitan area is the following. In neighboring Arlington County schools Tri-Hi-Y ' s were excluded be¬ cause of the religious affiliation of these clubs. Members of the Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y collect money for the Multiple Sclerosis Drive. Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y First Row: Jane Hughes—president ' , Kathy Pearson, Lynne Sherman, Cyndy Peek, DeAnne Dabbs, Linda Rye, Bonnie McCarter. Second Row: Cherri Crum, Louise LaRoche, Rhona Gralla, Sue Heflin, Diana DeHaven, Dee King, Pegg Kaufman, Judy King, Peggy Floyd. m CHOIR A Capella Choir Mr. Connell conducts a concert. The choirs were busy during the whole of this year. They gave a Thanksgiving Concert, a concert at Edgar Allan Poe Intermediate School in November, a Christmas Concert, another Christmas concert at the nearby Fort Myer army base, and Americana Con¬ cert in February, an Easter Concert, and a Spring Concert. They participated in the Solo and Group Northern Virginia District Choir Festival in April. Twelve choir members qualified for All- State Choir held this year at J.E.B. Stuart High School. The annual candy sale was held in Feb¬ ruary. Purpose: to raise money for musicand choir robes. This years new purple robes for the Girls ' Ensemble were purchased with money from last year ' s candy sale. The Talent Show was also a choir project this year. They chose the judges and held the tryouts and rehearsals. Girls ' Ensemble Freshman Chorus Mixed Chorus Girls ' Chorus BAND MAJORETTES The One-Hundred Piece Atom Marching and Concert Band. For the first time Annandale ' s Marching and Concert Band exceeded one hundred pieces this year. In the fall the band marched at aII the varsity footbaII games in our stadium. After the marching season ended the concert season began. The band gave four concerts: The Fall Concert, Christmas Concert, Tiny Tots Concert and Spring Concert. The band competed in the Northern Virginia Band Festival in March and several of its members entered the Solo and Ensemble Festival in April. Seven members qualified for and played in the Northern Virginia All-State Band held this year at nearby Groveton High School. The dance band reherses for the Senior play. Front Row: Barbara Schild, Pat Pletcha, Barbru Johnson, Sue Coveil, Linda Gallant, Judy Goltz, Diana M cKenny, Joan Strickland, Debbie Sadoti. Bock Row: Lois Bergman, Virginia Anderson. The roughest time of the year for the majorettes is football season when they prac¬ tice routines every day, both during and after school, for performances du ring the half¬ times of football games. At other times the majorettes perform in various local activities such as Little League Opening Day and the Annandale Day Parade. They also march in the Cherry Blossom Parade in which they won second place last year along with the band. They competed against 67 other bands from all around the nation. The members of the squad are selected by Mr. Farris, other members of the facuIty, and the previous year ' s captain. Each girl, who has had previous baton instruction, per¬ forms a routine which she has made up for the selection committee. This year there are five new members on the squad. This year the routines which the squad performed were made up by the captain, Joan Strickland, with suggested improvements from the other members. Their pocket patches were also designed in a similar manner. The squad itself paid for the red and white major¬ ette skirts out of money from bake sales it held. 115 " I sure wish I could be a majorette, " thinks a Tiny Tot admiringly as she passes co¬ captain Barbru Johnson. CHEERLEADERS Varsity Cheerleaders Sandy Smith, Sandy Cook, Kathy Mosher, JoAnne Hiatt, Pat Cheryl Hagerty, Linda Hardy, PatMarusak. Brown—co-captain, Brenda Blackwell—captain, Donna Tribby, Freshman Cheerleaders Brenda Freno. Elaine Vescovi, Mandy Duddey, Bina Pagliero, Steph Steiger, Randy Stewart, Carole Popp, 116 This year, besides the better known duty of the cheerleaders ' cheering at football games, they also cheered at basketball, wrestling, and track, decorated lockers of the varsity players before games, and also before the games sent the team members " pep letters. " Cheerleaders are selected by a faculty committee in the spring. After about three weeks of coaching from the former squad members, the tryouts take place. The girls are scored In five categories: voice, en¬ thusiasm, appearance, motions, and co¬ ordination. The top ten scorers make the varsity squad; the second ten, J.V. Little known fact—cheerleaders pay for their own uniforms. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders First Row: JoAnne Kevill, Sonja Newland, Margaret Dreiss, Carolyn Ripani. Second Row: Sylvia Millhouse, Kathy Kearny, Jane Jeppson, JoAnne Tobiason. 118 i 119 VARSITY FOOTBALL Tied . 0 0 0 . 1 0 silia, Richard Potter, Jack Gilden, Ron Garrett, Bob Williams, Craig Smith, Chuck Parker. Third Row: David Post—mgr., Jeff Fair—mgr.. Bob Robertson, Bill Locke, Dick Greeley, Bill Brown, Gary Jackson, Don Coghlan, Bob May, Greg Jones, Terry Kil¬ gore, Dan Mooney, Bill Hatch, Gary Norby, John Loberg—mgr. First Row: Kevin Davenport, Jim Checkovich, Bruce Bowers, John Pearson, Bill Lowe, Dan Woods, James Parrish, Paul Norby, Danny Mistretta, Bob Settle, Jim Creekman, Don Speet, Tim Austin. Second Row: Ronnie Andrews, Jim Lambert, Scott Church, James Hopper, Rick Smith, Fred Mooney, Mike Peter- Nineteen Opponents Against AHS has Won Lost Groveton. . 6 . . . . 0 . . George Mason . . . . 1 . . . . 0 . . Woodward Prep . . . 1 . . . . 0 . . Madison. . 1 . . . 0 . Falls Church. . 7 . . . . 2 . . McLean. . 6 . . . . 2 . . M t, Ver non. .6 . . . . 3 . . Fairfax. .6 . . . . 3 Hammond. . 5 . . . . 3 . . Bullis Prep. . 1 . . . . 1 . . Woodrow Wilson . . . 0 . . . . 0 . . George Washington . 4 . . . . 5 . . Wakefield. .3 . . . . 4 . . Washington Lee . . .2 . . . . 7 . . J.E.B. Stuart. 0 . . . . 1 . . St. Stephens. . 0 . . . . 1 . . Herndon . 0 . . . . 1 . . Osbourn. 0 . . . . 2 . . E.C. Glass. 0 . . . . 3 . . ... 94 games ... over 200 players ... over 100,000 spectators ... the Atom Boosters ... lights and bleachers ... 45 1 2 minutes of play ... 47 shutouts ... Annandale 0, Washington Lee 46 ... 2000 hours ofpractice ...Annandale 42, Washington Lee 7 ... ten teams ... ten years of football The Record Year Won Lost Tied 1954 . 2 . 6 .7 1955 . 2 8 0 1956 . 3 5 1 1957 .4.5.0 1958 . 7 1.2 1959 . 8 0 1 121 122 1963 Varsity Football Record Annandale Opponent 7.George Washington 16 41.Falls Church 0 7.Hamm ond 0 7.E.C. Glass 1 0 0.McLean 20 0.Washington Lee 7 7.Mt. Vernon 0 9.Madison 6 7.Fairfax 6 14.J.E.B. Stuart 19 Total 99.Opponents 84 123 The opening game of the season was played on George Washington ' s field before a crowd of 7,000. With two seconds to go in the first half, Annandale was leading 7-6, each team having made a long scoring drive. Then, G.W. lined up for a field goal attempt. The pass from center was high; the ball sailed over the holder to the kicker, Skeeter Swift. He extemporaneously drop kicked the ball through the uprights. This did not boost the Atoms ' morale at all. We did not score a point in the second half. The next game, against Falls Church, was a fun game. Six Annandale players scored. The Atoms got at least one touchdown in every quarter. The defense held FallsChurch to 87 yards rushing and 0 yards passing. Two long plays came in the third quarter. Tim Austin received a Falls Church punt and returned it 80 yards for a touchdown. Later in the same quarter he received another punt and magnanimously handed off to Bob Settle who went 72 yards for a touchdown. The Hammond game went scoreless until early in the fourth quarter. Annandale had driven to the Admiral five only tobestopped. Realizing the unsportsmanshipfulness of such a deed, Hammond proceeded to fumble the ball back to the Atoms for another chance. Next, Annandale ' s Dan Mooney, thinking this was taking unfair advantage, fumbled him¬ self (oops! I mean the ball.) But !!!!! Vie had a quick change of heart and recovered the ball in the end zone for the game ' s only touchdown. On October 4th. the Atoms traveled to Lynchburg for the third annual game against E.C. Glass. That move was their first mistake. The game was highlighted by Annandale ' s fumbles and poor kicking. One Atom bright spot was the 80 yard scoring drive in the first quarter. The winning score was made by Glass on a fourth quarter two-minute-to-go field goal. 125 Many Atom fans were disappointed with the IsAd an game. The Highlanders got 135 yard rushing and 82 yards passing. Annan- da racked up a smashing total of 79 yards rushing and 35 yards passing. Once, late in Tne fourth quarter, they even came close to scoring. The Washington Lee game was scoreless for three quarters. The W. L. offense was highlighted by two obviously planned plays in which the intended pass receiver fumbled the ball into the hands of a teammate, one for the game ' s only touchdown as Annan- dale ' s offense recorded its second perfect game in a row. In the next game Mt. Vernon dominated the ground game, but that didn ' t do ' em any good. In the second quarter Annandale ' s defense held them on the one inch line. For the game-winning score Annandale took a short punt on the Mt. Vernon 34 yard line and scored on the eighth play subsequent to that. 126 The Madison game was played in a 30 mile an hour wind. Highlights; an 80 yard scoring run from scrimmage by Annandale ' s Jim Creekman, a 25 yard with-the-wind field goal by the Atoms ' Dan Mistretta, and Madison ' s fourth quarter shotgun play which stopped its own drive. (In the play the center hiked the ball over the tailback ' s head for a 30 yard loss.) Annandale ' s only touchdown in the Fair¬ fax game came on a 62 yard drive in the third quarter. The margin of victory came on Dan Mistretta ' s partially blocked but success¬ ful extra point. (The game was not really this short.) Annandale concluded the season with a Thanksgiving Day upset victory (Stuart beat Annandale.) One of the games more memorable plays came with Mistretta back in punt formation. He picked up a bad pass from centerand attempted to run; then hetried (unsuccessfully) a forward pass in the direction of Craig Smith. Meanwhile the linemen had run downfield to tackle the intended punt receiver. For this play Annandale was pen¬ alized 15 yards, five ineligible pass receivers downfield. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: John Gill, Ray Moore, Jim Mannas, Wayne Avery, Ron Comerford, Tom Mitchell, Rex Phillips, Steve Brigandi.Bob Gobeille, Mike Hagarty. Second Row: Mike Hart, Bruce Rider, Don Hayes, George Price, Tim Whelan, Ron Klingensmith, Frank Parrotta, Scott McWhinney, Stan Sims, Pete Nickerson, Terry Burgler. Third Row: John Haycock, Bob Aines, Jim King, Dan Dobson, Charlie O ' Neill, Jerry Donovan, Steve Crane, Roy Reynolds. The 1963 season was only the junior var¬ sity ' s ninth. The first year Annandalefollowed the Fairfax county policy of not having one. The J.V. has had eleven different coaches. This years team was driven by first year coaches Mr. Beto and Mr. Moody. 1963 Record Annandale Opponent 19.Falls Church 6 7.Hammond 33 19.. .Groveton 7 19.McLean 1 3 19.Washington Lee 33 13.Mt. Vernon 6 12 .M adison 1 8 13 .J.E.B. Stuart 33 Ten Year Record Year Won Lost Tied 1955 . 0 5 1 1956 .1 5 0 1957 . 6 0 0 1958 . 3 2 1 1959 . 2 2 0 1960 . 4 4 1 1961 .2.3.0 1962 . 3 2 2 1963 . 4 4 0 128 hi iM’. -. M i ... i Xic—iZ. 129 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL First Row: Robert Fulmer, Andy Miller, Bill King, Mark Sherburn, Steve Knight, John Richard, Larry Lambert, Pat Petersilia, David Honaker, Bob McCabe, Mike McMahon. Second Row: Eric Zolner, Bobby Jones, Bobby Beach, Robert Balas, Doug Garrell, Terry Haught, Pete Checkovich, William Sigler, James Lawrence, Steve Manell, Alan Snyder, John Deaver, John Kibler. Third Row: Mike Smith, Richard Iseke, Mike Williams, Don Risteen, Richard Weakley, Chris Lutz, Bob Hobson, Gus Bremer, Bobby Shinn, Bob Vogt, Earl Cox, Danny Staley, John Rosengren, Dave Hetzer. This was only the fourth year of freshman 1963 Record football at Annandale. Previous to that, since there was an eighth grade, there was eighth Annandale Opponent grade football. " Bottom class " football at An- 27. Falls Church 0 nandale has been coached for all of its ten 28. McLean 7 years by Mr. J. Wallace Bolding, whose 20.Madison 19 teams have never had a losing season. M r. 13. Woodson 6 Bolding has said that he feels that ninth 7.Fairfax 13 graders are more ready for football both 12.J.E.B. Stuart 7 physically and emotionally than eighth graders. CROSS COUNTRY The varsity cross country team was very successful this year. It won third place in the state meet. Bob Windsor placed fifth individ¬ ually among the 180 boys par¬ ticipating from 30 schools. The team finished second in the Northern Virginia 1-A district meet. Rocky Gaines placed third, Bob Windsor fourth, and Warren Lowry ninth in this meet of 120 boys representing 20 schools. In dual meets the team won six of seven. The junior varsity team also won six of seven dual meets and placed second and third in the Northern Virginia district " B " and " C " groups respectively. Bob Bacon, Dave Silvers, W6rren Lowry, Rocky Gaines, Joe Kunze, Pete Hardy, Bob Windsor, Mr. Heinz-coach. 131 SOCCER First Row: Lee Henry, Gary Richter, Hugh Wood, John Lyster, Steve Richards, Billy Soyars, Jim Perricone, George Marus, Fred Gomez. Second Row: Alan Miley, Horace Holly, Alan Briggs, Fred Schmoyer, Bruce Rollman, Mike McLees, Clark Watson, Jon Marker, Brian Price, Brick Bachman. RIFLE The A.H.S. Rifle and Pistol Club wasformed in 1963 by Steve Richards with the assistance of Don Holmes, its first sponsor being Mr. Shriver. The Club joined the Northern Virginia Group 1-A Rifle League and held its first matches this year. Besides competing in varsity rifle matches against other high schools, the club also plans to offer free in¬ struction to any interested students in both rifle and pistol marksmanship. It also en¬ deavors to promote firearms safety and knowl¬ edge of the marksmanship program. Robin Schmidt, Craig Griffiths, Steve Richards, John Holmes, Neal Ellis, Jeep Britton, Don Holmes. 133 VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Ronnie Clark, Rickpulton, Andy Marusak, Jack Whalen, Steve Gaffigan. Second R : Don Greeley, Bill Steiger, Lee i i :V j (p’This year ' s varsity basketball team was sometimes brilliant, sometimes not so brilliant. Leading scorer was Andy Marusak who had 419 points in seventeen games for an average of 24.6 points per game, second highest in the State. Jim Croy led the team in rebounds with an average of ten per game. c? X VO -L -Vv -L c V Cl CN .V ' i O; Kemmerling, Jim Croy, Larry Zenk, Dave Fulton, Doug Lee, Phil Steffes. Annandale Opponent 54 .Hammond 53 44.Stuart 52 81.Woodson 79 66 .Marshall 38 67 .Lee 62 80.McLean 60 59.Fairfax 54 63 .Yorktown 56 41.George Washington 46 91.Mt. Vernon 87 78.Edison 56 67.Stua rt 96 55 .Washington Lee 53 58.Falls Church 59 64 .Madison 66 67.Groveton 73 62.Wakefield 80 Tournament 69.Falls Church 64 56 .George Washington 70 134 V .. • 2 . " J.V. BASKETBALL - 1 - 1 i 1 1 : 7] Ik n. ? --jH - m t m ' fc ' f ' IB 1 K jf J r W 1 . R V USq Mr ' ' 1 f First Row: Gene Boles, Jimmy Stevens, Pete Nickerson, Mike Row: Mike Glaser, Greg Brock, Mike Troup, Randy Rowe, Ronald Wakefield, Steve Ellis, Michael Albro, Tim Whelan. Second Quasebarth, Chip Hill. The J. V. team-scoring leaders were Pete Nickerson, Jimmy Stevens, Mike Troup, and Steve Ellis. Mike Glaser and Mike Troup led the team in rebounds. The team made 203 of 697 field goals for a field goal percentage of 29.1%. From the foul line they were 151 for 262 for a percentage of 57.6%. Annandale Opponent 36 .Hammond 34 23.Woodson 37 21.Marshall 32 20.Lee 31 25 .McLean 40 34.Fairfax 49 37 .Yorktown 45 50 .George Washington 77 51 .Mt. Vernon 29 38 .Edison 46 53.Stuart 52 33.Groveton 40 39 .Washington Lee 44 26 .Falls Church 39 44.Madison 54 27 .Wakefield 50 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL First Row: James Smith, Ken Williamson, Bill Anderson, Bobby Shinn, Doug Garrell, Tom Heiser, Steve Knight—mgr. Second Row: Steve Murrell, George Neall, Bobby Vogt, Jeff Wagner, Dave Hetzer, Pete Checkovich, Phil Mell, Bill Siegler, Andy Miller. The inexperienced freshman team showed great improvement during the season. Lead¬ ing scorers were Steve Murrell and Bobby Vogt. Bobby Shinn led the team in rebounds. 1964 Record Annandale Opponent 30. . . . . Woodson 45 39. .Stuart 25 35. . . . Mt. Vernon 31 35. .McLean 39 34. .Marshall 41 36. .Madison 48 34. .Lee 37 37. .Herndon 54 29. . . . . Hammond 38 36. .Ft. Hunt31 139 WRESTLING J.V. Team, sitting: Startzel, Raphael, Burnell, Jacks, Ketcham, Olivari, Bull, Splitt, Hamilton, Staley, May Varsity Team, kneel¬ ing: McDaniel, Rondo, Simonds, deCamps, J. Scurria, P. Green- wait, Gaines, N. Scurria, M. Staley, Sanborn, Lambert, Coghlan. Standing: Morgan—mgr., Richardson, Oderwold, Woods, Marshall, Larkins, McConnell, Ellis, Hayes, Vendola, Kilgore, Coons, Brothuton, Locke, Campbell, Newton, Connelly, Hartman, Keplinger, J. Greenwalt, Burgler, Burton, Allbright, Petersilia, Skelton, Strong, Ellis, Parker, Seltzer, Ertlschweiger, Latimer, Hobson, Crouch, Iseke, McMahon, Jackson, Kellogg, Loberg, Clarkson, Magathan, Ball, Loberg, Worleys, Whitt, Ross, Parrish, White—mgr. Wrestling was begun at Annandale during the 1959-60 school year by Mr. Randolph Scott. Competition that year, due to inex¬ perienced boys, was only on a J.V. level. Since then Mr. Scott ' s teams have never had a losing season. The total varsity record is 36 wins and 10 losses. The J.V. has run up a remarkable record of 32 wins and 0 losses. This year ' s team placed third in the Northern Virginia Tournament. Seven boys qualified for the State Tournament in Danville. The team finished ninth in the State Meet. 1964 Varsity Record Annandale Opponent 27 .Yorktown 19 35.Lee 5 33.Madison 1 1 23.Washington Lee 17 22 .Stuart 28 18.Wakefield 26 32.Mt. Vernon 1 3 23 .Marshall 1 5 28 .».Fa rifax 1 3 23.Groveton 1 7 140 1964 J.V. Record Annandale Opponent 34.Yorktown 1 6 32.Lee 18 41.Washington Lee 15 44.Stuart 5 46.Episcopal 7 49.Fairfax 3 39.Groveton 13 BASEBALL Varsity—First Row: Ron Clark, Pete Nickerson, Jim Lambert, Bruce Bowers, Bob Settle. Second Row: Dove Sullivan, Corky Upchurch, Kevin Davenport, Tim Austin, Scott Church, Bob McDaniel. Third Row: Frank Donaldson, Bob Miller, Lee Kem merling, Randy Saunders, Jerry Donovan. First Row: Andy Miller, Dave Honaker, Ronald Comerford, Mike Wakefield, Terry Deaver, Mike Hart, Ron Miller, Phil Mell. Second Row: Neal Colton—mgr., George Neall, Steve Crane, Jimmy Stevens, Mike Glaser, Ed Leeds, Tim Whalen, Bob Vogt, Jack Carlin, Steve Ellis, Ken Kohut—mgr. 142 UHU»I TRACK AND FIELD This year ' s track team was one of the best, if not the best, in the school ' s history. As of this writing the team has won the Fairfax County Relays, the fifth straight victory for Annandale in this meet. Then the team won the Alexandria Memorial Relays, the first time in the sixteen years of this event that it has been won by a Fairfax County school. At this rate, no telling what the team will have done by the time you read this. S ' -- 2 m mu air GOLF Mike Schick Gary Sherfey Jim McConnell TENNIS Phil Jones Dennis Logan Mark Rutzick Norm Scurria Bob LaBerge HOCKEY Varsity Hockey Team First Row: Nancy Seale, Pat Brown, Dottie Clifton, Maddie Hagerty, Loretta Morgan. Second Row: Suzie Long, Carolyn Malian, Pam Gates, Julie Johnson, Linda Schnatterly, JoEllen Schild,Mary Rooney, Nancy Hopper. Junior Varsity Hockey Team First Row: Dahlis McMurdo, Diane Dickey, Dorothy McDaniel, Linda Cullinbear, Sharon Hopper, Helen Rhea. Second Row: Lin Tucker, Susan Williams, Debbie Silver, Linda Yelton, Ann Hogan, Claudia Chase, Deanne Dabbs, Melody Barnhoff. 148 Hockey, probably the most international woman ' s sport and also the most gruelling, is very popular at Annandale. Mis s Rachel Peters, herself a player at Longwood and tor the Washington club, has been the head coach since 1954. Since that first year, Annandale has always had an excellent squad. For seven years straight, the J.V. was undefeated, and for almost an equal time the Varsity has held the county championship. The varsity ' s record form 1957 thru 1962 was remarkable. 1957: 4-1-1, 1958: 4-1-1, 1959: 5-1-2, I960: 5-1-2, 1961: 7-0-1, 1962: 5-1-1. These teams consisted of not only good athletes, but superior academic students. Since field hockey is popular in colleges, many girls go on with the sport after graduation. Lindy Hatch, Joyce Snyder and Diane Davis played atLongwood. Mary Ann Flinchum played at Mary Wash¬ ington, and Joan Heim plays at Smith. The team is allied with the Washington Field Hockey Association, and uses only na¬ tionally rated officials at games. This year ' s team, suffering a loss of the better players through graduation, upset the past records. The 1964 record is 0-7-1. 149 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL First Row: Helen Rhea, Deanne Dabbs, Mary Rooney, Mar- Peggy Spruill, Kandy Kane, Anita Cohoon, Paulette Heaven, garet Willis, Debby Silver, Shelly Magathan. Second Row: Cindy Hi ' ll, Tanya Belt, Donna Tribby. First Row: Rosa Salazar, Mary Lou Kogstad, Kathryn Row: Kathryn Christie, Lynn Pennifill, Ann Stanfield, Rooney, Kathy Blaine, Susan Belt, Lynn Tucker. Second Libby Tamson, Pam Gates. Girls ' basketball is coached jointly byMiss Buck, who works with the Varsity and J.V. forwards, and Miss Moreland, who workswith the Varsity and J.V. guards. The coaches feel that individual skill and ability coordinated as a team was the important factor in this year ' s fine varsity season. It seemed as though each game saw a new hero. High scorer was Anita Cohoon with a 16.5 points per gameaverage an high rebounder with and 11.4 rebounds per game average was Maggie Willis. The J.V. squad was a young but alert and quick to catch on group, and the coaches were pleased with their progress thisyear. Both the Varsity and the J. V. team members showed fine sportsmanship throughout the year. 1964 Varsity Record Annandale Opponent 44. . . . Mt. Vernon 1 2 37. ...... Edison 33 31. .Lee 25 32. . . .Falls Church 21 38. .McLean 37 39. .Stuart 1 7 34. .Fort Hunt27 47. .Fairfax 30 39. .Madison 31 48. .... Woodson 35 31. .... Groveton 29 38. .Marshall 47 1964 J.V. Record Annandale Opponent 25.Mt. Vernon 1 0 6.Edison 1 5 12 .Lee 1 7 5.Falls Church 1 8 16.McLean 19 25.Stuart 1 3 13 .Fort Hunt 7 24.Fairfax 8 21.Madison 12 21.Woodson 30 15.Groveton 26 12.Marshall 25 SOFTBALL Varsity—First Row: Tanya Belt, Sharon Skinner, Loretta Morgan. Second Row: Billie Ann Hunter, Carol Williams, Rhona Grella, Peggy Spruill. Third Row: Melody Bornhoft, Mary Rooney, Anita Cohoon, Cindy Hill, Margaret Willis. Junior Varsity—First Row: Kathy Kaffman, Ginger Benton, Lin Tucker. Second Row: Claudia Chase, Lynn Pennifill, Sue Parrott, Kathy Blaine. Third Row: Kathy Christie, Kathy Rooney, Ann Stanfield, Pat Fitzgerald, Paula Prather, Sharon Storm. I I 154 155 POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL This year the football fans at Annandale were again thrilled by the annual Powder Puff Football Game. Each team, the under¬ classmen and the seniors, practiced after school for two weeks before the game. This years game, the fourth annual, was won by the seniors by a score of twelve to six. Sev¬ eral girls from each team claimed dirty play by the opponents and foul play by the referees. Proceeds went to the March of Dimes. TALENT SHOW David Carhart This year the Talent Show happened again. First place was won by Lin Butler who per¬ formed a jazz ballet. David Carhart, who played Military Polonaise, and Dayle Jackson, who sang " I Cain ' t Say No " , were the runners up. The students, showing their usual per¬ spicacity, made comments ranging from " It was the worst Talent Show we have everhad " to " It was the best Talent Show we have ever had. " Doyle Jackson Vic Knott IT’S ACADEMIC 1 1 m Our Team: Richard Smith, David Wigutoff, Alan Miley The audience which later informed the teams that they knew all of the answers. Free before the show sand¬ wiches, the alternates complain, Wally Magathan, Don Holmes, John Harmon, everybody com¬ plains when the food ' s free. The other teams, one looks dumb, one looks smart (how do we look), Coolidge, Wheaton, small talk nervous talk, small talk. Cameras, lights, not hot, not cold, blank feeling, " sure hope they don ' t ask about ... " One minute, tick tick tick, think think, can ' t think. One and a half, tick tick tick, sure that ' s right, " Wrong, interrup¬ ted, Ten Point Penalty. " Double the point value, behind, gotta do well, can ' t, hesitation, not sure, better pass, " Oh no! We were right. " Grap bag, push the button, have to be fast, push the button. Know the answer, but can ' t push the button, hesitation, gosh darned button, can ' t push the button. Defeat, " Good show, " " You did well, " " They had easier questions, " II I II II I II etc. , etc. . Keep thinking about it, weeks and weeks of hindsight, whatcould have been, " We could have won, " self-condemnation, weeks and weeks. One day, a sudden thought, if we won, think, all these thoughts would have been theirs. Maybe, if these thoughts (in a world of winners and losers) must be, is it not better they are ours? JUNIOR PROM Note on Senior Prom: The Senior Prom was held on May 29, 1964. This was after the final yearbook deadline and consequently we do not have any pictures of it. 159 HOMECOMING Sue Wood, Homecoming Queen Homecoming ceremonies have beenspon- sored by the SCA for eight y ea rs. Traditiona I ly the ceremonies have included a semi-formal dance and half-time ceremonies at the home¬ coming game. This year the SCA cabinet voted to change the dance to semi-formal. (The majority of the cabinet members are boys. Corsages cost around ten bucks.) For the first time a car was used in the half-time ceremony, reason; Sue Wood, the reigning Miss Annandaleandthe Homecoming Queen, they are one and the same,hada cast on her leg. She was driven onto the field in a red convertible by Rocky Gaines, senior class president. Also presented at the half-time ceremonies were the members of the Miss Annandale Court; Penny Lipscomb, Lynn Robbins, Gay Stelzenmuller, and Pat Hirst; and the football team sweethearts; Jackie Cave, Cheryl Hagerty, Pierina Pagliero, and Barbara-Jo Wood. 160 SADIE HAWKINS 161 SPECIAL RECOGNITION National Merit Semifinalists: Richard Smith, Alan Miley, Bob M iller, Anna Gideon, David Wigutoff, and Paul Tannous. " The National Merit Scholarship Corpora¬ tion is an independent nonprofit organization concerned solely with scholarships. It ad¬ ministers the nation ' s largest independently supported college scholarship program for high school seniors. " About fifty per cent of its financial support comes from the Ford Foundation and fifty per cent from over 200 other organizations, colleges, foundations, etc. On the basis of the National Merit Scholar¬ ship Qualifying Test some thirteen thousand Semi-finalists were selected this year. This constitutes about two thirds of one percent of the nation ' s graduating seniors. Annan- dale ' s six semifinalists constitute about one and one-third per cent of Annandale ' s grad¬ uating class. The American Legion and its affiliate the American Legion Auxilary conduct annuallya summer session for high school students. This year the program was held at Radford and V.P.I. The program is a model of a State government in which the students a re actual participants. During the convention the stu¬ dents are housed in dorms in groups or " cities " . There is equal representation in each of the cities of the two hypothetical political parties. From this basis, State and local of¬ ficials are elected. The State wide conventions of the two parties affords a vital and real view of campaigning, the excitement and activity on the floor of our national con¬ ventions. The week culminates with the elec¬ tion of the governors of Girls ' and Boys ' State. 162 Steve Richards has been shooting pistol for two years, with the M arine Corps pistol team at Quantico. He has been entering competitions for one year. In that time he has won over one hundred and fifty first places. He was the Virginia State Junior champion in 1960 and he placed sixth in the senior nationals in 1963 winning eight awards. He has been invited by the Na¬ tional Rifle Association and the Department of the Army to try out for the 1964 Olympic Team. Steve Richards Representatives to Girls ' and Boys ' State: Sue Wood, Gay Stelzenmuller, Sharon Shyer, Bill Hatch, Rocky Gaines. 163 John Harmon, in the typical manner of John Ha rmon, exhorts Gary Kessler. THE MOUSE THAT ROARED A comedy in two acts adapted by Christopher Sergei from the book by Leonard Wibberly This play was selected by the dramateach- er, Mrs. Laura Summers, for its player appeal. It is the story of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, a tiny European country with a medieval army, which wins a war against the LJnited States and holds the world in its power be¬ cause of its capture of the terrible " Quadium Bomb " . Tryouts were held in early November. About three times as many students tried out as could be used. The selected cast rehearsed after school, in the evenings, and over the Christmas holiday. The two student directors, Bonnie Blaine and Virginia Kahn, were a big help to Mrs. Summers and did more work than any cast member. The drama classes helped paint the scenery and did the make up. Performances were given on Friday and Saturday evenings, January 10th and 11th. The Entire Cast 164 The cast, in order of appearance Tully Bascom.Malcolm E. Winstead, Jr. Tourists Jane.Teddy Pippen Mary.Tish Ange Fran.Kristy Axiine Pam.Marilyn Hunzeker David Benter, Dilutionist.Gary Kessler Count Mountjoy, Anti-Dilutionist John Harmon Queen Gloriana the Twelfth.Diane Hall Page.Pam Charles Ladies-in-waiting Helen.Linda Bettes Norma.Rosalind Anderson Mr. Beston, Secretary of State . Bob Schlansker Miss Johnson, his secretary.Tish Favor Students.Alan Humphries Jim McKane Irene Pelszynski Dale Powell 1 1 1 M ■ A band of loyal Fenwickian Gorillas leads a fierce attack on New York City. Professor Kokintz, Physicist . . . Edward Green Mrs. Reiner, his housekeeper.Bene Gene Dosier Announcer.Suzy Selph General Snippet, Security.Kit Evans Wacs Jill.Marya Chegin Debbie.Carol Honenberger Mr. President.Bob Behan T.V. Announcer.Mike LeClair Tom Mulligan, Civil Defense . . John Callaghan Soldiers.Pat DeLuca Alan Hall Bill Mullin Carl Weinmiester Will Tatum, Standard Bearer . .Wayne Edwards Miss Wilkins, President ' s secretary .Gay Stelzemuller Mrs. Bascom, Tally ' s mother.Linda Park Radio Voices.Nigel Broder Joe Ulery Lyle Groom Malcolm Winstead gets dark circles under his eyes from worrying over the Q-Bomb. Dianne Hall is astonished to find that Malcolm Winstead has such a high soprano voice. 1 ■ f 1 • • • 1 TENTH ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM On April 24,1964 Annandale High School formally celebrated its tenth anniversary with a special program. The program started at eight o ' clock in the evening with a speech by Mr. Buckley in which he reminisced about the past ten years. Mr. Buckley then praised the community, parents, county government, and students for their help. Next he recognized the twenty charter members of the staff. Then came a slide program showing pictures ofthe growth of the school. The formal program ended with a student skit depicting teenage fads of the past ten years. Then the audience adjourned to the cafeteria where homemade cookies, soft drinks, and anniversary cake were served. Mr. Buckley reminisces about his ten years at A.H.S. The Charter members of the staff are recognized. - - ■v ' fW ' Mr. Connell and the A Cappella choir lead the gathering in the Alma Mater. A student skit about fads of the past ten years. The anniversary cake. MISS ANNANDALE The Court: Mary Pagliero, Gayla Larson, Sandy Smith—Miss Annandale, Teresa Yamaki, Stephanie Sabatier. The Annual Show of Beauty was sponsored by the Distributive Education Departmentand the S.C.A. under the supervision of Mr. Todd. The purpose of the show is to select Miss Annandale for the following year. For the past eight years the show has grown in sophistication and renown. The entrance fees are supplied by local businessmen. The Iva Trice dress conducted a fashion show with clothes modeled by senior girls. The judges, prominent members of the community were headed and have been every year by Mr. Charles Baptie, Jr. The fifty contestants elected from their classes competed for the coveted title. The girls were judged on stage for presence and grace and later off stage for personality and poise. During the judging the students pre¬ sented a talent show sponsored by Mr. D. Bruce Henretty. Profits from the showsupport the exchange students and various S.C.A. and D.E. projects. 168 The judging Former Miss Annandales Donna Burget Eloise Hollers Carolyn Mewhort Betty Turnage Kathy Leith ZoAnne Lawson Sue Wood Sue Wood, the old Miss AHS, crowns Sandy Smith, the new Miss AHS. . I suppose you are wondering what the picture on this page is a picture of. (Oh yes you are. Oh, come on, wonder!) Well, I ' ll tell you. It ' s a picture of the footlights on the stage. What do you mean what does that have to do with underclassmen? That ' s symbolism man. Don ' t you get it? No, don ' t do that! Don ' t tell anyone that you don ' t get it. Then you ' ll really feel stupid. Just pretend. Nobody will knowthe difference. UNDERCLASSMEN Class Officers: Kathy Mosher—secretary, Jim Checkovich—president, Ray Jones—vice president, Chip Grange—treasurer. JUNIORS Who ' s my partner? The Class of ' 65 caught its first, faint, far¬ away glimpse of the light of the future. Through a constant battering of term papers, special reports, themes, and " monster " tests, wewere led on by the first, inspiring, gleam of grad¬ uation. The College Boards and the Step-Scat tests we took served to make us even more aware that soon we would be leaving the routine of high school for a more adult life. The class attended with joy and a sense of awe its first formal dance, the Junior Prom, and enjoyed the festivities and amusements inherent in high school. But more and more our efforts became concentrated towards one goal, entrance into a college or career and the accompanying increase of freedom, and, consequently, of responsibility. 172 Dick Abbott Robert Abrams Janet Ackroyd Bobette Adcock Richard Allen Sidney Allen Stephen Allen Bill Altice Charlie Anderson Virginia Anderson Art Arden Karen Arnold Marilyn Auer Tim Austin Sue Baker Betty Baldwin John Ball John Bangert Barry Ba rnes Judy Bartlett Aileen Baydala Bill Beach Jim Beall Kathy Beery Patricia Bell Robert Bell Tanya Belt Victor Beninate Joan Bentley Al Berg Theresa Berry Richard Birnbaum Mike Bishop Nick Black Jean Blake Joy Blount John Blum Sandy Bohart Judy Boland Linda Bollinger Stewart Bornhoft Bruce Bowers Steven Bowers Ralph Bowles Donna Bradley Kathleen Bremer Marc Brenman Robin Brickham 173 " Are we beyond help? " , Mrs. Cassedy doesn ' t think so. Cindy Brigandi Nigel Broder Bill Brotherton William Brooks Bruce Brumm Pat Bruns Tom Bull Burnell Bates Lyn Butler Gibby Button Chris Cabler Wally Cain Steve Carlson Lee Corneal Cindy Carroll Coleen Carrov ay Kirk Carter Tom Cauble Jackye Cave Charlotte Coffey Jim Checkovich Ellin Childs Cindy Chinnis Roger Christopher Scott Church Darrolyn Ciampa Rosary Cirillo Allan Clark Cathy Clark Lee Clarkson Spencer Clendenin Nan Clubb Fred Cole Lyn Collier Lynda Columbare Pat Columbare 174 Carol Conaty Billy Connelly Jim Connoly Cindy Cook Kitty Cook William Cook Tom Coons John Counselmon Jim Creekmon Edd ie Crouch Cheri Crum Michelin Cunningham Deonne Dobbs Deanna Dahl Mike Daly Mike Dattilio Kevin Davenport Cheryl Davis Greg Davis Mike Davis Diane Dayton Billy DeCamps Connie DeLaMater Charles Delf Diana DeHaven Carol Dent Ronnie Dickens Marjorie Dickson Terry Dillon Frank Donaldson Christie Donohoe Dianne Dreyer Dee Duncan Richard Dunn Jody Dyer Linda Eardley Richard Eissner Peggy Elliott Chris EnLoe Jeff Erickson John Ertlschweiger John Esche Carol Esiick Steve Estes Jim Fagelson Jeff Fair Brian Farley Leslie Farr 175 I Pam Ferguson Carole Fischesser Leslie Fisher Jackie Fleisher Celeste Fletcher Nancy Fox Pat Forde Norman Fowlkes Abra Fox Dave Fox Marta Froman Sharyn Gall Ethel Galloway Bill Gardner Kerry Gardner Foreign exchange student, Rosa Salazar, celebrates her first birth¬ day. Tom Garrett Linda George Ron Gentry James Gerald Douglas Gillikin Chris Girard Gloria Girton Judy Goltz Cynthia Gossick Lynn Grabb Rob Graham Rhona Gralla Nancy Granberry Chip Grange Jim Gray Allen Green Lyle Groome Rosemary Grove 176 Fred Guild Barry Haas Jan Hagstrom Bob Haken Dave Hall Marvin Hall lanis Hamilton Patricia Hamilton Wayne Hamilton Cathleen Hansen Pat Hanoosh Dave Hardy Connie Harker Debbie Harper Bonnie Harris Marcia Hasie Kathy Hayes Ray Haygood Linda Heath Paulette Heaven Susan Heflin Howe Nagle struggles to sell Richard Randa ' s sliderule as the " brief-case boys " tend the school store. Madelyn Hegarty Lee Helry Robin Hess Cindy Hill John Hinz Don Hirst Rick Hiscox Richard Hoffman John Holda Ted Holden Donna Holscher James Hood 177 James Hopper Pat Hopper Loretta Horgan James Houck Jack House Linda Howell Ric Hucks Jane Hughes Mary Ann Hughes Nancy Humphries Eric Hustvedt Pamela Igo Greg Ivy Jim Jacks Dayle Jackson Judy James Ellen Johns Dorothy Johnson Jackie Johnson Linda Johnson Wayne Johnson Lewis Johnston Greg Jones Ray Jones Tom Jones Candy Kane Paul Katz Peggy Kauffman Michael Kayes Margie Keck Jon Kelley Lee Kemmerling Steve Keplinger Barbara Kerr Robert Kiefer Ann King Carol King Judy King John Klasinski Carolyn Klotz Gwen Knight Beverly Kozman Frank Kuhn Steve LaBerge 178 Mike Lacey John Lainhart " Ready, eyes on copy . . . Mrs. Woodson begins a timed writing. Greg Landreth Lynda Lange James Larkins Louise LaRoche Gayla Larson Frank Layhee Doug Lee Edward Leeds Carol Leith Kevin Leonard Cal Lewiston Margie Lipscomb Priscilla Liscombe Jean Little Earnest Livaditis Karen Loetfler Edwand Logan Toni Long Bill Lowe Barbara Lutz Kathy Lutz Gayle Lynd Sendee Lyon John Lyster Bonnie MacCarter Pam MacFarland Madeline Macidull Shelly Magathan Jennifer Maire Carolyn Mellon 179 Donald Mann April Martin Timothy Mason George Matecko Roy Matthews Robert May Doug McCash Tim McConnell Karen McDonough Dianan McKinney Mike McLees Mike McLendon Dahlis McMurdo Linda McNaughton Pat McWhinney Richard Mendenhall Harold Mercer Kitty Merendino Bill Merica Wayne Merritt Ruth Meyer Jeanette Mikel Pam Miller Rik Miller Bill Millington Danny Mistratta Linda Mitchell Carol Moak Liss Molkte-Hoff Bill Montgomery Fred Mooney Robert Moran Phillip Morris Sharon Morrison Pamela Morton Pat Moseley M rs. Weill guides Carol Esiick to a 180 Kathy Moser Chuck Mudd John Murphy Kenneth Murray Robert Myers Howe Nagle Richard Nay Michael Nolan Randy Numbers Patricia O ' Hara Kathy O ' Keefe Karen Olin Bill Olivari Kathleen Orr Kathleen Overbey Chris Overmoe Mary Pagliero Cheryl Pardee John Pearson Kathy Pearson Cyndy Peek Michael Petersilia Adrienne Petring Diane Phillips guidance office to be guided. Karen Phillips Susan Pietrosewicz Thomas Pitt Lynn Plecha Linda Popp Richard Potter Dave Powell R. Powell Kenneth Prather Joanne Price Lawrence Pripeton Gary Ralston 181 1 Thomas Rapp David Rapson Nancy Rath Harold Rauscher Karen Renard Helen Rhea Steve Richards Chris Ries Mary Jo Ripani Carole Risteen Bobby Robertson Tom Robinson Sharon Rogers Mary Rooney Ronnie Rose Steve Ross Robert Ruecroft Linda Rye Stephanie Sabatier Gary Salpini Pat Sanders Donna Sanza Matt Sauer Randy Saunders Sandra Saunders Pam Savige Joe Sayblack Thomas Sayers Dave Sayles Tim Schick " Now, let me tell you aboutthe Pomunky Indians . . 182 Barbara Schild Robin Schmidt John Schoenecker Bob Schutz Jim Scurria Martha Sears Bruce Seay Rick Seltzer Robert Settle Marion Shattuck Rick Shearer Lynne Sherman Pete Sidle Barney Siegel Debbie Silver Bob Simmons Edward Skarzynski Carol Smith June Smith Mary Smith Rick Smith Suzy Smith Tony Smith Rolfe Smoot Chuck Sours Lynn Sparks David Spaulding Donald Speet Jim Splitt Leland Sprinkle Doug Sprugel Linda Spurlock Eliot Stacy Carol Stastney Phil Steffes Bill Steiger Jane Stevens Sandy Stevens James Stewart Jeri Stoner Sandy Strecker Frank Strong Dave Stulman Karen Sukonick Pam Sullivan Linda Sutherland Ann Swain Mike Swann Don Sylvester Sheila Tanner Carolyn Tavenner Elizabeth Taylor Jody Taylor David Thomas 183 Steve Thomas Barbara Thompaon Bruce Thompson Jim Thompson Bill Thornton Bruce Tieman Sharon Tilton Wayne Tolliver John Trenholm Sandee Turner Cindy Tuthill Chris Twardy Ronny Twisdale Cheryl Ulmer Sylvia Upchurch Leigh Van Lydegraf Debbie Varley Dave Vincent Sue Vines Eben Visher Michele Vogt Mike Waldner Judy Walters Charlotte Ward Marilyn Watkins Goree Waugh John Welch Lovella Welde Pat Welliver Mike Whalen Janis Whitley Barbar Wientjes Maggie Willis Alan Wilson Eva Wilson Marla Wolfe Sue Wood Dan Woods Teresa Yamaki Larry Zenk Pat Zepul 184 SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class Officers: Chris Kohn—president, Neal Ellis—treasurer, Sandy Smith—secretary. Perry Wright—vice president. Is she really going to drink it? We proved ourselves to be the " wise fools. " Wise, in that we did open our eyes, we did begin to comprehend our future . . . fools, in that we yet saw no real purpose and could not see the graver sides of the situation. Probably like every other sopho¬ more class in Annandale ' s ten year history, we took an increasingly active part in school activities. Soon, however, we will respond to the increasing scholastic pressures and join the hackneyed routine. Our activities included the hand-me-down Sophomore Sillies, two typically theme-ridden class dances, and the observance of the Step-Scat holiday. 185 Jim Asselstine Wayne Avery David Axelson Dale Ayers Karen Badin David Bailey Wendy Bailey Pete Balas William Ball Mary Ellen Barnes Karen Beaudoin Suzanne Beckley Barbara Beller Margaret Be llett Ken Benson Henry Adams Wyman Adcock Robert Aines Jim Albright Linda Albright Peggy Albright Mike Albro Barbara Allee John Allen Bev Anceravage Kathy Anderson Peggy Anderson Sally Andrews Hal Anthony Ralph Antrim Park Arnold Doug Arthur Robert Arthur 186 Sharon Berg Lois Bergman Walter Berry Jorge Bertran Carolyn Bert Jane Blankenbaker Donald Blanton Gene Boler Melody Bornhoft Pat Bowen Dee Bowles Chris Brandon Eugene Braun Terry Braun Donna Bray Judy Brazille Steve Brigandi Doug Brill JS 1 Cmdr. Buckley prepares for one of his long, concentrated lectures concerning " the good old days at Annapolis, " Greg Brock Jackie Brown Pidge Brown Pam Bryant Sharon Brynaert Terry Burgler Barbara Burlockhoff Johnny Burnett Laura Burnett Jeanne Burris Ross Burton Jack Cacciatore Judy Calabrese Peggy Callaghan Mike Campbell 187 Nancy Candea John Carley Jack Carlin James Carter Jane Caskey Thomas Castles Pam Chambers Paula Chambless Marilyn Chernis Sherry Chinnis Ric Ciampa Susan Clague Jane Clark Bob Coffeen Anita Cohoon Newton Collins Barbara Col man Ron Comerford Ceci Conaty Bill Connolly Sandy Cook Steve Coombs Don Cordes Charles Cottrill Chip Cousins Sue Covell Steve Crane Chuck Curtis Margaret Darner Karen Darsch Sandra Datson Jim Davey Gregory Davidson Terry Davidson Pam Davies Woody Davis Bob Dawson Carol Dean Joel De Luca Lee Dewey Jane Diaz Dan Dobson 188 We couldn ' t think of anything with which to caption this picture, but it ' s good so we used it. Linda Dodson Ricky Doering Jerry Donovan Bradley Doone Cydnie Drake Margaret Dreiss Debbie Dreyer Irene Driscoll Beth Duncan George Early Barry Eichenauer James Elliott Neal Ellis Steve Ellis Herman Ertlschweiger Earl Estes Barry Evans Dave Evans Claudia Fairfield Carole Fantini Joan Faries Jacki Feild John Fellows David Fleischer 189 Mr. Farris conducts the Atom Band (just in case you can ' t read). Steve Fleming Jim Flynn Dixie Folsom Linda Franklin Keith Fraser Karen Freed Sharon Freed Jean Fuerstenau Richard Fulton John Fungaroli Larry Gaffigan Sharon Rose Gallagher Linda Gallant George Gargus Pam Gates Pete Gaul Nancy Gauvreau Debby Geyer Jack Gilden John Gill Marie Jose Gilliard Diane Gisvold John Giuli Bob Givens 190 Mike Glaser Bob Gobeille Jan Gober George Goff Federico Gomez Sandy Gomez Karen Good Bill Goodman Craig Gordon Krista Gordon Terry Grange David Grayon Gary Grayson Don Greeley Kathy Green Ric Greene John Greenwalt Keely Greenwood Jan Gulledge Tracy Gulledge Joe Gura John Haga Ann Hagan Mike Hagarty John Hagstrom Jeannette Haipin Rebecca Hall Rick Hall Bob HamiIton Linda Hardy Brenda Harrison Donald Harrison Dennis Hart Henry Hart Michael Hart Phil Hart Bill Hartman Susan Hatch John Haycock Donn Hayes Kay Haygood Karen Heiberg Lee Hemell Chip Hill 191 Pam Hirst Pat Hirst Jane Hoffman Horace Holley Alton Hollister John Holmes Nancy Honea Kathlyn Hopkins Bill Hovland Dale Howe Harry Howell John Huddleston Mr. Robert Davis became our new As¬ sistant Principal for Instruction on March 2 and was immediately put to work. Tom Hudd leston Elin Hustvedt Pat Igo Chester Irby Tate Jackson Steve Jameson Jane Jeppson David Johnson Nikki Johnson Carol Jones Phil Jones Scott Jones Stephen Jones Bill Kaminga Martha Kapplinger Kathy Kearney Mike Keegan Patty Kelley Allan Kellogg Pat Kemp Paula Kennedy Paul Ketcham JoAnne Kevill 192 Helen Kilpatrick Randy Kimzey Jim King Kathleen King Mike Kirk Kimmerly Klein Ron Klingesmith Marylou Kogstad Chris Kohn M ike Kol ina Jonathan Kraushau Nelson Kuniansky " No, the collar will not fit in the armhole, " Mrs. Hudgins calmly aids Barry Haas, Becky Kungel Joe Kunze John LaCava Bill Lafferty Tom LaFone Linda LaMantia Carol Langhorne John Latimer Glitta Layne Carol Leach Kathy Lee Dave Lerch Carol Lewis Carolyn Lewis Aletha Lloyd Danny Lindbrom Andy Loberg Walter Locke 193 Robert Loesch Dennis Logan Vicki Long Linda Lorenz David McCain Don McCain Pat McCarville Patricia McClellan Bob McDaniel Leland McKay Charles McLaughlin Scott McWhinney Jimmy Mace Sharon Mahone Jennifer Maire Jim Maness Ann Monk Ginny Manly Mike Mann Bonnie Martin Ginny Martin Virginia Martin Pat Marusak Ronnie Massey Barbara Mayhall Connie Mayock Mary Meadovv ' s Karen Meehan I 1 Some students feel that the Sophomore Sillies were appropriately named. 194 Susan Menigat John Miller Sylvia Millhouse Kay Miner Terry Minogue Tom Mitchell Frankie Monroe Cheryl Moore Ray Moore Gary Morgan Dennis Morris Walton Morris Bill Morrison Peggy Morton Tim Mullen Larry Mulvihill Gayle M urphy Mary Murphy Donald Natus Sonja Newland Tommy Newton Pete Nickerson Candi Nieman Barbara Nolen Doug Norcross David Nylander Jacqueline O ' Brien Charles O ' Neill Richard Oderwald Karey Olson Patricia Ortagus Eddie Papin Susan Parks James Parrish Pat Parrish Frank Parrotta Anne Paschall Ernest Payne Linda Payne James Perricone Rex Philips Cliff Pippin Terry Plaugher 1 195 Judi Poenicke Kathy Polzer Richard Powell Brian Price George Price Jim Pruett Betty Prye Bill Putnam Ronald Quasebarth Sharon Ralston David Ramsey Tom Randall Delma Rankin Milton Raphael Ginny Rapp Walter Reed Linda Reynolds Roy Reynolds Gary Richardson Gary Richter Bruce Rider Charles Riegle Susan Rife Carolyn Ripani John Risley Stephen Ritter Kathleen Robertson Kathy Rodney Michael Rodriguez Katy Rogers Linda Ross Randy Rowe Mark Rutzick Doug Rye Sandy Sadler Pat Sandi Carlie Saunders Bill Severance Curt Sayblack Jack Schartzer Yvonne Schlegel Marsha Schmitt John Schmoyer Bev Schnatterly Sharon Schoolar James Schoonover Ann Segars 196 Gary Sherfey Bruce Sheppard Bob Siegle Cathy Sigholtz David Silver James Simmons Stanley Sims Brian Skelton Sharon Skinner Jeryl Slaughenhaup Craig Smith Kenneth Smith Miss Robinson is amused by a mostunique theorem. Lu Smith Paula Smith Sandy Smith Scott Smith Sandie Snider David Snow Larry Speakman Ted Speakman Penny Spea rs Tam Spencer Donna Sprague Peggy Spruill Brian Spurlock Ken Stafford Karen Standish Mary Beth Stanek John Starkey Skipper Startzel 197 Jimmy Stevens Don Stevenson Dole Stingley Anthony Stockus Mary Ellen Stover Sharon Strecker Kathy Street Carol Stringfellow Larry Strong Linda Sullivan Judy Suraci Kitty Suraci Glenn Suter Bob Sutherland Robert Sydenstricken Libby Tamson Irish Tangos Hector Tassara " Will the following people please report to the front office, " announces Mr. Finch over the P.A, system. Alan Taylor Elaine Tennant Bonnie Thie Mark Thomson Jo Tobiason Nancy Tisdale John Todd Gerri Townshend Mike Troup Robert Turman Ren e Turner Kim LJIanowicz Ruth Ulery Paul Underwood Carmen Upenieks 198 Bill Utt Tobi Valosio Arthur Varnau David Vendola Tom Verser Thomas Via Larry Viel M ike Wade Charles Wafel Mike Wakefield Nancy Walker Steve Walker May Walter James Walters Pam Ward Stu Weinstein Paul Welker Kent Wells Margie Wilkerson Carol Williams Robert Windsor Mike Winfield Meg Wisniewski Brad Wolcott Barbara Jo Wood Hugh Wood Ann Wooten Chris Worley Peg Worth Perry Wright Lin Yanker Margie Yep Dick Young John Zmud Jim Zumwalt Jim Williams Judy Williams Kay Williams 199 Dennis Aaron Dale Abrahamson Dale Abrams Charles Alexander Robert Albright Sherry Allbright Thomas Almy Beth Altice Bill Anderson Vicki Anderson Bruce Andrews Sheila Anastas Janis Angell Carol Appleyard Linda Ashley " Co-ordination runs in our family, " ex¬ plains Kathy Sigholtz to Cheryl Parthree and Mrs. Betrus, the school nu rse. FRESHMEN Judy Bacon Jim Baker Bob Balas Paul Baldwin Dudley Ballew Chris Bangert Dale Bates Nancy Battaglia Thomas Baydala Bobby Beach Mary Beauregard Eddie Beery Tom Behan Carolyn Behnke Thomas Belisle Jean Bell Ronnie Bell Sue Belt 200 Ginger Benton Terry Bevels Mary Fran Bierce Don Bjoring Kathleen Blaine Barbara Blankenship William Blessington Strad Brady Gus Bremer Pam Breslin Jane Brill Linda Bruen Keith Bunch Richard Burdick Kim Buttleman James Byrne Diana Cameron Robert Cameron Kathy Callaghan Vickie Carroll Michele Carter Nancy Cauble Tim Charles Claudia Chase Pete Checkovich Teri Chegin Kathryn Christie Karen Clark Linda Clark Robert Clark Robert Clark Sharon Clark Diane Clausen Donna Clausen Jan Clay Gary Clem Lynn Cockrill Sharon Coggins Neil Colton Sandy Columbare Frances Conaty Bennett Connelly Pat Coons 201 Carol Cooper Charleen Corns Charles Cosner Thereas Cottrill Donna Couser Randy Cowart Earl Cox Jack Cox Margie Craig Brenda Crites Cecelia Cronan William Cronan Daniel Crouch Karen Crouch Sheila Crowley Judy Culver Candy Cumberland Bill Curl Bob Cuzick Denise Cwiek Allan Dahl Patr icia Dailey John Darms Pat Daly Joe Denser Cathy Dorsky Elly Davidson James Davis James H. Davis Edwin Dayton Mary Ann Deal Terry Deaver Kathy De Luca David Dereus Noelle Dick Jesse Dickens Dotty Dickerson Marion Dickey Diane Dickie 202 David Dickson Terry Dixon Barbara Dubois Mandy Duddy Cathy Duff Jon Earl JoAnn Eck Ken Edelston Bill Edmonston Bruce Elliot Dean Elliot Bob Ellis Mark Ellis Ann Elmore Barbara Ely Susan Engh Ruth Erbe Charles Erickson Bob Falkner John Farr Jane Farringer Cathy Ferguson Pat Fitzgerald Julie Flattery Melissa Fletcher Carol Fletcher 1984 ? 203 Susan Fletcher Jim Foley Judy Forman Richard Forrester Ann Fowlkes Chris Fox Brenda Frano Diana Fraser Steven Fred Greg Friedman Pauline Frye Bob Fulmer John Fulton Dorothy Funkhouser Doug Garrell Bob Garrett Susan Gibson Margaret Gillikin Mike Giuli Terry Glenn Judy Greene Donna Greenwood David Guthrie Chuck Griffith Geoffrey Griffiths Malcolm Groome Diane Guy Richard Hall Steve Hall Susan Hancock Mickey Hargrove Gary Herman David Harmon Carl Harris Karen Hart Lynn Hart Terry Haught Wendy Hoy Janet Heath Tom Heiser Jean Heriot David Hetzer 204 Ewell Hill Ted Ailstock Robert Hobson Linda Holbruner Patricia Holt Dave Honaker Arthur Hoover Sharon Hopper Marilyn Horton William House Betsy Howard William Howe Freshman girls are taught many graceful maneuvers on the balance beam. Tom Hunzeker Philip Hutcheson Hillary Hyslop Richard Iseke Marion Jacks Stephen Jackson Arlene Jacobs Richard Jacobs Ken Jernigan Andy Johnson 205 " But this isn ' t a Spanish class, Howard, " explains Mrs, Morrell to her French students. David Johnson Gary Johnson Jan Johnson Jill Johnson Muriel Johnson Pam Johnson Lois Johnston Ernest Jones Kathy Jones i I i i [ Leland Jones Robert Jones Kathy Kauffman Michael Kay Scott Keck Marie Keegan Pat Keller Steve Keller Katherine Kelley Tom Kemp Kurt Kennedy Stacey Kerr Kathy Ketcham Johnny Kibler Mitch King William King Terry Klasinski Vicki Kleinschmidt 206 Kenneth Klemp Kathy Klotz Steve Knight Ken Kohut Karen Kraft Chris Kruger Larry Lambert Judy Larson Jimmy Lawrence Dan Lee Tommy Lewis Eddie Leysath Pamela Ligon Judith Lindblom Kenneth Lindner Sam Lloyd John Loberg Jacquie Long Robyn Long Chris Lutz Eric Lutz George Lutz Martha MacCloskey Margaret MacLeod Valerie MacMillan Bob McCabe Pat McCabe Debbie McCarville Carole McCloskey Roberta McCormack Bob McCormick • . Donna McCormick Dorothy McDaniel Betty McGinnis Kathy McNaughton Billy McLellan Sammy McLellan Mike McMahon Susan McMillan Keith McMurdo Kitty Manns Louise Marion 207 Kirk Marshall Becky Martin Bob Martin Gregory Marus Rosie M ason M ike M ayHugh Mary Meehan Meg Megathan Lynne Melancon Philip Mell John Messina Leigh Meux Cathy Micklewright Andy Miller Marilyn Miller Paula Miller Randy Miller Robert Miller William Miller Mike Mills Joseph Mistrot Kathy Mitchell Cecily Moore Nancy Moore Parry Moore Ray Moore Don Moran Donald Morgan Kathleen Moriarty Cheryl Mornonie Pam Morrow Sheila Morse Dee Mosher Jeanne Mosser Skip M u jorana Diane Mullin M ichael M urphy Steve M urrell Susan Myers Gary Nagin 208 ( 1 I Robert Nash Marilyn Nossen George Neall Laurie Newcomer Sam Nolan John Nootenboom Michael Norton M ike Norwood Kathy O ' Donnell Mr. Mastbrook really teaches more than GERM. John O ' Neill Dan O ' Secky Judy Oliver Eric Olson Yvonne Olson Christal Ott Mark Oudine Janice Owen Karen Pacharzina Pierina Pagliero Bonnie Palmer JudiPalm Cynthia Panek Scott Pardee David Park Cynthia Parks Susan Parrott Mary Patrick David Patter Karen Paul Deborah Peck Marvin Pederson Mikal Pederson Lynn Pennifill 209 Jon Pennine Jackie Perez James Petersilia Steph Petrilli Judy Phelps Courtney Pickett Jimmy Poland Carole Popp Paula Prather Janice Prehn Monica Pripeton Sue Privett Linda Quasebarth Barbie Rapp Kathleen Raftery Marc Rahm Patrick Rankin Ed Rant T ' ' “• ' J Ml r mill The hardest test for the " Miss Annan- dale " hopefuls this year was the pre¬ liminary balloting by their classmates, shown here as Mary Pagliero steps up to the mike. M ike Raphael Brigid Rapp Philip Rapson Karen Rasmussen Vicki Raze Chris Redalen John Reynolds John Richards Chuck Richardson Kaye Richardson Nancy Richmond Wayne Riddell Donald Risteen Barbara Ritter Nora Riverbark Mary Roberts Denise Rodriguez John Rosengren i I 210 How many of you really believe that they are REALLY studying? Dianne Ross Tom Ross Annette Roy Linda Rubright Linda Rudolph Don Ruecroft Anthony Ruth Pat Ruths Patricia Saah Stuart Sadler Debbie Sadoti Carol Salzarulo Diane Sanford Ricky Sanchiz Harrison Saunders Bill Sawyers James Sayers Bill Schless Michael Schmidt Rich Schutz Greg Scott Linda Seltzer Roberts Shanks Sandy Shartzer Edward Sheets Larry Shepard Mark Sherburne Bob Shinn Robert Siefert Bill Sigler 21 1 i u % 0 % Ellis Simpson Valerie Simpson Ann Smith Yeah, and sometimes they play with a ball. Jim Smith John Smith Judy Smith Mike Smith Ronald Smith Alan Snyder Mary K. Snyder Susan Sowers Robert Sprinkle Danny Staley Myles Standish Anne Stanfied Debbye Stanford Frank Stankovitch Bob Stanners Martin Stanton James Steele Stephanie Steiger 1 212 Jeffrey Stine Randy Stewart Carol Stockton Katie Stoelzel Sharon Storm John Street Charles Sullivan Patti Swann Deborah Tallent Hannelore Tannheiser Elodie Taylor Charles Tharp Curtis Thompson John Thornton Pam Tiffany Rita Tilton Cynda Timmons Ken Tomayko Carol Townsend Harriet Trenholm Nancy Trent Terry Trumble Lin Tucker Dub Tullar Ann Turner Ralph Turner Brad Turnquist Debbie Twardy Don Vantine Anne Vartanian George Vawter Alayne Veal Jane Vendola Elaine Vescovi Bob Vogt Madelyn Von der Heyde Jeff Wagner James Waldie Holly Wall Debbie Waller Richard Weakley Marilyn Welch 213 Mickey Welcher Pete Welker Susan Wells Judy West John Westbrook Warren Westerman Phil Wheeler Tom Wheeler Linda Wientjes M ichael Williams Susan Williams Kenneth Williamson Brenda Wilson Barbara Winfield Barbara Winsiela Connie Withers Leah Wood Nan Wood Doris Woodlief Jesse Woods Reginald Woolard ' William Worth Gregory Yantes Linda Yelton John Youell James Young Libby Young Becky Zenk Allan Zerick Eric Zolner 214 Freshman Class Officers: Dianne Dickie—secretary, Greg Friedman—vice president, Andy M iller—president, Elaine Vecovi—treasurer. This September saw the influx of over 524 new faces, bright, eager and a little scared. Shrugging off screams of " Poe-ite trash " we set the course for homeroom and a new life! The first challenge, finding our various classes in the jerry-built corridors, came quickly. We staggered into classes such as algebra where we were introduced to questions such as; " If Billy has seven gold teeth and salami sells at three pounds for 594 , then how many times has Mary been divorced? " As we became used to the atmosphere at Annandale, we heard many stories from the upperclassmen: tales of when the east wing was a frontier outpost called the annex, of hailstones beating on the tin roof (and heads when classes changed), stories of the Lin- colnia shuttle run, and worst of all (shudder!), of our future teachers awaiting the chance to brighten our lives with Shakespeare and subjunctives, termpapers and torque, para¬ bolas and procrastination. But now with our spirits high we look forward to our sopho¬ more year, when we will at last have some¬ body to pick on. Mr. Bolding loves to hand back nine weeks tests. 215 216 OTHER STUFF Look to Michelbach Furniture on the corner of Rovensworth Rd. and Little River Turnpike for fine fu rnitu re. A group of Annandale stalwarts drop into Michelbach ' s after school for an afternoon of fun and games. " What ' s this Carol? Handcuffs? " Something for every hardware need can be found at Ficher Hardware, Bland and Brandon Ave., Springfield. The Do-it-yourself headquarters in lumber, Annan- dale Millwork Corp., 7120 Little River Turnpike. Hark! What ho! The old sawmill routine again! Zounds! Annandale Ten Pin Plaza, complete Pro Shop, free instruction, nursery, snack bar. Little River Shop¬ ping Center. The A.H.S. bowling team strikes again. 219 What is Tom Twisdale doing at Harris Plumbing and Heating, Inc., 9724 Columbia Pike, Annan- dale? " Now where in the heck did that contact lense go? " wonder Steve Richards and Kathy Bishop at Annan- dale Florist and Garden Center, 9853 Columbia Pike. Kurt Zolner listens sympathetically to the cleaning problems of a harried customer at Power Cleaners, 9879 Columbia Pike, Annandale. Keith Buttleman and Jeff Burton a re obviously in need of help from the Clothes Clinic Drycleaners, 9609 Columbia Pike, Annandale. 220 Tuck Milton and Frank Whitton fondle a " Little Deuce Coupe " at E.W. Walker Hobby and Art Shop, 6416 Brandon Ave., Springfield. Looks like Annandale ' s version of the Ma Barker gang is preparing to rob McCormick Jewellers, 9607 Col¬ umbia Pike, Annandale. THREE CHEFS PANCAKES • CHICKEN • STEAKS RESTAURANTS AIMIMAIMOALE TRIANGLE, ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA 0 221 After school drop in at one of Annandale ' s three 7-11 ' s located at 4209 Annandale Rd., 471 3 Back- " Ooops, I guess we should have waited till after school. " Bergen ' s Inc. 9641 Columbia Pike, Annandale. Mary Sue Childs and Bruce Roll man pick out clothes for each other. 222 Capone Music Co. - instructions on all instru- ments-rental purchase plan- 4321 McWhorter Place, Annandale. Jim Lawton whoops it up while Chuck Post and Vic Knott look at the camera. Deavers Appliance Inc., serving all of north ern Virginia, 9873 Columbia Pike, Annan dale. PATRON ADS From a faculty member everyone loves. To " Doc " , " Sorge " , and " Nos " from " X " , " Y " , and " Z " . Three cheers for Miss Aspinall. A parent. To Theta from Beta! Hail Annandale Hegelmites! From two freckly freshmen. Flash, Tweetie, Cee, and Pop. I never will marry! To all the loiterers in the school store during 1st S.A. and the owners of Satellite pencil sharpeners. Compliments of Augustus C. Johnson Best wishes for the future. Lynn and Rosa. To Neat—O Mr. Porter. From the greatest 4H in the land. Mr. Henry—Sorry we messed up your " star " football players. Daun and Tish. Tom Dave Bob Hugh Jane Lynn Sue Julie To M rs. Likar and her " pound of flesh " . To all my fans, from Jon Bachman, Steve - S.W.A.K. - Carol To the MARINE CORPS PISTOL TEAM, especially Captain MacMillan, from Steve. 223 224 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Well, It ' s Like This, Some People Helped Us Get This Book Out, And Some People Didn’t. To Those Who Did Go Our Hardiest Thanks. To Those Who Didn’t Do Not Go Our Hardiest Thanks Once Again, Thanks 225 1 ' 1 t I r ► 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON-SALEM, N C W ' ' SS 7ze4 ( (Uy - i fi. jya ny- ' ' . f no sj Cy - yyy VRARE 373.755 A 1964 V 10 Annandale High School {McLean, Va.) 3 2769 11629653 6 0 ►A ' ' »% ' ■• I " rvi ' • J;. v ' l|

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