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fc « 1 | P " | " -Ml ' 1 ■■ : •. •.. ’ ' rtk ; I -1 1 1 1 1 1 . : . • j 1 A " ; ’ V- ' ,• : , . ■ ' . , - •■ ■ (a 1 ’ 1 ;• V-- 1 ■ = I] r . 1 J I i’:. i ' i.j ' t . i:J!ii L 1 V ' ■ 1 11 1 1 1 K r ■ 1 1963 Volume 9 JOYCE ANNE RAM AY, editor-in-chief Ae c laoo oj 7963 proudly MRS. VELMA DAWSON o dedicated the c ntenna to + + DEDICATION It has been the tradition of the Antenna for the last eight years to dedicate the annual to some outstanding member of the faculty. The procedure of student selection has made this honor one that is well worthy of pride by the recipient. The individual receiving this recognition must have been a m ember of the faculty of Annandale High for at least five years. He or she must not only participate in school activities, but make it an intregal part of his life. This member of the faculty must possess a sincere interest, enthusiasm and under¬ standing for school life that is reflected back to the students. There are annually many members of our school deserving of this vote of admiration by the students. The first slate of eli¬ gible candidates is made by the staff of the Antenna; this list is then presented to the Senior Class to be voted upon. The remaining two candidates are then finally selected by the Senior Class. This year the Class of ’63 is proud to dedicate their an¬ nual to Mrs. Velma Dawson. Mrs. Dawson helping a new student get situated in her usual, good-natured way. Guidance is usually a place packed with worried college bound seniors, frustrated freshmen and hectic guidance teachers. If one trys hard, there is to be found among all the activity and confusion, a harried, hard working Mrs. Dawson. Always arrang¬ ing interviews for college, helping to select colleges, or encouraging a boost in grades, she is not only glad to help but exhibits a genuine interest and concern for all aspects of the student’s life. Arriving in 1958, when Annandale was still among the trees, Mrs. Dawson taught Senior English for five years. This year she took over the post of head Senior conselor. Because of the dedication and kind¬ ness with which she has surrounded her work, we are most proud to make this dedication. Mrs. Dawson gives Richard Lind his test scores. 3 There were many difference phases of school life at Annandale this year, but whether on the athletic field, in the classroom, or at informal gatherings a friendly feel¬ ing existed between the students and the faculty. Assem¬ blies enlightened the student and faculty on the different aspects of problems that we were to face during the school year. Years will pass quickly leaving a new student body and many new faculty members, but we will never forget the school year of 1962-63. The school year was filled with many activities for everyone. The football season opened with cheers and anxieties for the team as well as the spectators. Gradually students began the hard routine of books and work crew. Thanksgiving was just around the corner so the choirs started practicing for their assembly. Snow followed in December. The seniors gave their play and basketball be¬ came the game of the day. The time was grinded out with tests and home¬ work. Spring brought baseball and Bye Bye Birdie to the student body. The seniors then started their annual marching practice. With sadness and joy the year of 1962-63 closed with some saying good-by to Annandale while others moved to greater responsibilities. 5 6 The Christmas spirit invaded Annandale with a bang. The windows were decorated by the art department and the snow covered the ground for Santa Claus. The poor old weather man was a little too early with his snow making the students miss the choral Christmas concert to be given the last day before school let out for the holidays. Snow and all th e decorations in the library and lobby made it a sparkling Christmas time for all. 7 The students and the faculty were involved through¬ out the year in many other activities besides those in the classroom and on the playing field. These activities, such as the Junior Jollies for which the teachers put on a skit, enable the students and teachers to understand each other on an informal level. These experiences aided in classroom understanding and co-operation making a warmer relation¬ ship exist between the faculty and the student body. 8 Throughout the year Mr. Farris and Mr. Con¬ nell worked with their students to produce sea¬ sonable and entertaining programs, both for school assemblies and outside programs. For the band, one of the highlights of the year was playing at half-time for the game be¬ tween George Washington University and Bos¬ ton University at the D. C. stadium. Other ac¬ tivities included entertaining children at the Tiny Tot’s concert, playing host for the Northern Virginia Allstate Band Festival, as well as play¬ ing for all of the home games and for various band concerts. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter were wel¬ comed as times for assemblies given by the Chor¬ al department under Mr. Connell. Weeks of preparation and practice went into making these and other productions the success they were with student and outside audiences. As a climax to the year’s activities, the band and choral groups worked together to produce the musical “Bye-Bye Birdie.” Running from May 16 to May 18, its sparkle and polish made it one of the best-liked and most successful pro¬ ductions of past years. 9 Mr. Buckley’s voice carries the news of the school to the students over the public address system. This publication marks the end of another school year—our ninth. Each school closing has its greatest impact on the members of our graduating class, since they are arriving at the first major intersection of life. Graduation is a time of decision, and each individual must make his own choice — that of looking to the past with longing or facing the future with hope. Hope is imperative if you are to make the most of your life. Courage to move on, faith to look ahead, and hope to anticipate are tools for the life in search of victory. RALPH BUCKLEY Mr. Larry Klinger was well known by the student body as a teacher and a friend before becoming an Assistant Principal. Many of us had had him as a teacher, while others knew him through the Drama Club. In as¬ suming the job of Assistant Principal Mr. Klinger dis¬ covered many new responsibilities. The hours were spent ordering books, contacting substitutes, and helping the teachers. The faculty and students both appreciate the many long hours Mr. Klinger has put in serving Annan- dale High School. Mr. Larry Klinger, Assistant Principal Seldom are the doors of Annandale open without Mr. Finch being there to be of assistance. He is us¬ ually the first to arrive and the last to leave. Be¬ sides sponsoring the S.C.A., Mr. Finch takes time out of his busy schedule to help the A.F.S. Program. We appreciate the time and consistent effort that he gives in keeping Annandale on the move. Mr. James Finch, Assistant Principal 11 “I hardly suppose I know anybody who wouldn’t rather be a success than a failure, Just as I suppose every piece of crabgrass in the garden would much rather be an azalea, And in celestial circles all the run-of-the mill angels would rather be archangels or at least cherubim and seraphim, And in the legal world all the little process-servers hope to grow up into great big bailiffim and sheriffim. Indeed, everybody wants to be a wow, But not everybody knows exactly how.” “Kindly Unhitch That Star, Buddy” Ogden Nash P8f msm : 12 13 GUIDANCE MRS. SARAH LORY Direstor of Guidance MRS. VELMA DAWSON MRS. SHIRLEY RANDA MRS. MARY BATTAGLIA Mrs. Randa counsels Sandra Phares, 14 MR. PETER VISNICH MR. EDWARD HENRY SECRETARIES MR. MILTON WOOD MR. JAMES ODOM MR. JOHN FARRIS MRS. ELIZABETH LOMELLE MRS. ELIZABETH BUNCH MRS. SELMA WEILL 15 Table of Contents DEDICATION . Faculty 2 17 Seniors . 30 Sports . 73 Activities .104 Underclassmen .141 Ads .187 16 MATHEMATICS COLONEL JULIAN D. MRS. MARIAN I. ABELL CASSEDY Indiana University, A.B.; University of Mississippi, B.A. U. S. Military Academy, B.S.; Cornell University, M.S. Mr. Gillespie makes math more enjoyable for Charlean Swan. The school year 1962-63 brought new methods of teaching (and learning) mathematics. Many of our teachers studied along with the students. MRS. ALICE M. MRS. MARY M. DYESS DAWSON University of Chattanooga, A.B. Central College Arkansas State Teachers College, B.S. MISS MARY VIRGINIA ROBINSON MRS. LUWILDA M. ROGERS Emory and Henry College, B.A. Baylor University, B.A. University of Virginia, M.A. Freshman Tri-Hi-Y MRS. ELIZABETH S. POSEY MRS. FRANCES P. RAMAY Southwest Missouri State College, B.S. MISS BONNIE LEE STIDLEY Madison College, B.S. Mississippi State College for Women, B.S.; University of ' - Math MIS SCIENCE MR. WALTER F. BUGIN West Virginia University, B.A., M.A. MR. EARL GILL Tulane University, B.S. MR. HARRY O. KELLER MR. KENNETH E. MULLEN Shepherd College, A.B. West Virginia University, B.S. Mr. Bugin brings the world of space down to earth for Jerry Donovan. MR. CHARLES HEINZ Southern Illinois University, B.S.; University of Illinois, M.S. Mineral Club, Sophomore Class Sponsor, J.V. Football MR. WILLIAM E. HUTCHISON University of Richmond, B.A.; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary M.R.E.; Chess Club, Atom Majorettes. MR. WILLIAM E. TRUSSELL JR. Shepherd College, B.A. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Debate Cl J.V. Basketball MRS. ALICE JEAN WOOD Saint Bonaventure University, B.S., M.S. New methods in mathematics carried over in the Science Department. Chem-Study was introduced into Annandale’s curriculum. 19 ENGLISH MISS BARBARA ASPINALL West Virginia University, B.A., M.A. Literary Magazine, Quill and Scroll Miss Fowlkes tries to teach active verbs to a passive class. MRS. JEANNE R. BAUER MR. JAMES WALLACE BOLDING College of William and Mary, B.A. Junior Class Sponsor, Freshman Football and Basketball LT. COLONEL FINLEY T. CLARKE, JR. Duke University, A.B.; George Washington University, M,A., Key Club MRS. JEAN O. ELMORE Madison College, B.A. National Honor Society, Cheerleaders 20 MRS. BETTY EVANS Bridgewater College,B A. National Junior Honor Society, English Dept. Head MISS BARBARA ANN FINCH Winthrop College, B.A. Ayudera MR. ROY T. FISHER University of North Carol ina, A.B. Senior Class Sponsor MRS. WINIFRED LIKAR Indiana State, B.S. Shepherd College, A.B. MISS LOYCE SHELL George Peabody College, B.S. English still remains the foundation of all learning, and our English teachers served as our guides and in¬ spirations. MISS RINDA GAY FOWLKES University of Kentucky, B.A. MR. MICHAEL j. WADE Randolph-Macon College, B.A., University of Virginia, MED. Junior Class Sponsor 21 MR. RICHARD K. MR. GEORGE W. CHAPMAN COSTELLO Iowa State Teachers College, Shepherd College, B.A. A.B. National Junior Honor Society SOCIAL STUDIES The world is continually changing and expanding, and our teachers fought bravely to keep us abreast with the times, as well as informed of the past. Mr. Henretty avoids giving another strenuous lecture. MR. DONALD HENRETTY Randolph-Macon College, B.A. Antenna, Chi-Hi-Y MRS. DOROTHY McCarthy University of Michigan, B.A. MRS. ELIZABETH MITCHELL University of Minnesota, B.S. Social Studies Dept. Head MR. WILLIAM P. PARNELL Saint Anselm’s College, B.A. Boston University, M.A. MR. THOMAS H. MRS. LOUISE S. ROSS MISS RUTH ROYSTON PORTER Mary Washington College, B.A. College of William and Mary, Concord College, B.S.; Keyettes A.B. American University, M.A. Freshman Class Sponsor MR. ROBERT L. STEVENSON King College, B.A. Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. Mitchell shows a Malayan shoe to Marty Moiser. Mrs. Ross prepares to leave after another hard day. MR. W. L. VAN SANT George Washington University, A.B. University of Tennessee, M.A. 23 LANGUAGE COMMANDER RUSSELL H. BUCKLEY United States Naval Academy, B.S. Track Coach MISS CALLIE V. JOHNSON Longwood College, B.A. FT A MRS. FRANCES C. MRS. EVELYN R. MILTON MORRELL Longwood College, A.B. French National Honor Society Utah State University French Club Language Department Head Today it takes mechanical know-how to learn Spanish, as Barbara Usher finds out from Mrs. Payne. MRS. ROSE F. LITTLE MRS. EVELYN L. blunter College, B.A. MILLER Latin Club, Russian Club University of Wisconsin, B.A. Latin Club The Language Department had a code of its own this year, ALM and Te-Mac. Students taught themselves from tape recorders, but the teacher remained important. MRS. fEAN PAYNE University of Missouri, A.B. Spanish Club Spanish National Honor Society MR. GARETH W. ROSE University of Toronto, A.B. Pep Club, German Honor Society, German Club MISS VIRGINIA STEPHANZ Radford College, B.A. French Club MRS. JOSEPHINE M. TANNOUS University of Washington, B.A. University of Minnesota, M.A. Mrs. Ramey seems to project the ennui of her health class. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Education plays a vital part in education, for it builds a strong body vital for a strong mind. MR. JAMES W. COYLE Furman University, A.B. Physical Education Department Head MR. ROBERT G. HARDAGE College of William and Mary, B.S. Varsity Baseball and Football MISS TANE E. MORELAND Madison College, B.S. Girls Basketball, Girls Softball MISS RACHEL E. PETERS Longwood College, B.S. GRAA, Varsity Hockey, PE Department Head MRS. ANNE B. RAMEY Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S. Intramural Coordinator MR. WILLIAM R. SCOTT Marshall University, A.B. Wrestling Coach MR. HARRY M. SMITH Glenville State College, A.B. MRS. ANNABELLE T. ASHENHURST University o f Illinois, B.S. 1 MRS. LINDA C. BRAWLEY Madison College, B.S. New bookcases were added to Annandale’s library, to fill the growing need. Displays of tal¬ ented A.H.S. art students also be¬ came a fixture in the library. MR. fOHN R. VERNON, JR. Atlantic Christian College, A.B. Drama Club; Play Director Mrs. Farris conducts a rehearsal of the A.H.S. Band. LIBRARY ART MUSIC 26 JOURNALISM HOME ECONOMICS Choosing electives in Journalism, Home Economics, or Industrial Arts rounds out a person’s facets, and enables him to develop skills in this area. These departments at Annandale strive to make us more versatile people. MRS. ELIZABETH S. CARPENTER American University, B.A. A-Blast MRS. POLLY W. WOODARD University of North Carolina, A.B. A-Blast INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Crosier demonstrates how to lose a finger. MR. RUSSELL L. CROSIER West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S. Bowling League MR. C. CLINTON GREEN East Carolina College, B.S. MR. PAUL O. SCHWARTZ Stout Institute, B.S., M.S. MRS. NANCY D. HILLYER Madison Co llege, B.S. MRS. DOROTHY H. HUDGINS Radford College, B.S. F.H.A.; Home Economics Dept. Head COMMERCIAL MRS. BEATRICE H. FRUTCHEY Colorado State College, A.B., M.A. VOT Coordinator Commercial Department Head MR. CHARLES E. GOOD Madison College, B.S. Teachers take advantage of a rest period, after a day filled with surprises. “Just two more days The Commercial Department offers an¬ other aspect of learning. Enrolled in com¬ mercial courses, one can prepare for a fu¬ ture in business and industry. until we learn where the keys are.’ MRS. DIANA M. HENSHAW East Carolina College B.S. MRS. CATHERINE MR. HOWARD M. ANNE PAYNE STEVENS Madison College, B.S. Oberlin College MR. THOMAS B. TODD Richmond Professional Institute, B.S. Distributive Education Club MRS. GARLAND S. WOODSON Mary Washington College, B.S. 28 | 1 1 I i | P 1 1 1 IP . 7 1 ! ALLEN ABBOTT, Math Club; Tennis Club; Hi-Y, Treas.; S.C.A. Cabinet, Antenna, Sports. ERIK ACKERSON, Gymnastic Club; Gymnastic Team. WILLIAM ALLBRIGHT, Student Council Represen¬ tative; Tennis Team; Junior Class Council; Hi-Y; Float Committee. JAYNE ANDERSON, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club; Girl’s Athletic Association; Senior Class Play Committee; Biology Club, Keyettes. SANDRA ANDERSON, Majorettes; Drama Club; Olym¬ pic Day; Art Club; Pep Club; Junior-Senior Play; Senior Play; Jarrettes; Talent Show. BRUCE ARMSTRONG, A-Blast; French Club; S.C.A. Magazine Drive. iSenioro entered a new world o MIKE ARMSTRONG, Basketball Manager; Newspaper. KAY ARNOLD, Keyettes; Pep Club, Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Junior Classical League; Ayudera; F.H.A. JAMES AVERY, Junior Class President; Sophomore Class Pres.; Key Club, V.-P., Sec.; National Honor Society, Pres.; French Honor Society, V.-P.; Junior Honor Society; S.C.A., Cabinet. MERILEE BAILEY, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Junior Classical League; F.H.A.; Intramural Hockey. CHARLES BAIRD RAYMOND BARNES, Library Assistant. 30 JANICE BEACH, Chorus; V.O.T. JAMES BEAZLEY MIKE BECKLEY ROBERT BALL and black co ee. The latest in sales at our school store are Ken Heyden, buttered peas, and used pears. SUSAN BELL, National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Pep Club; Drama Club; Sophomore Class Trea.; Senior Class Representative; Keyettes. BARBARA BENNETT, German Club; Concert Choir, Historian; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Keyettes; Ayudera; Tennis Intramurals; French Club. CAROLYN BENSON, A-Blast; Junior Class Represen¬ tative; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club; Latin Club; Junior Classical League. BILL BENTON, Bus Driver. 31 DICK BIRDSONG JAMES BLADEN, Track; Hi-Y. JOHN BLAND, S.C.A. Chaplain; Key Club; Junior Class Chaplain; French Club, Treas.; Con¬ cert Band, Pres.; National Merit Letter of Com¬ mendation; Mad Hatters; Pit Orchestra. MICHAEL BLEDSOE, S.C.A., President; S.C.A., V.-P.; Key Club; All State Band; Symphonic Band; Junior Honor Society; National Honor Society; Freshman Class Senator. BROOKS BOOKER, Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Track; Cross Country; Bus Driver; German Club. JUDY BOYD, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Senior Class Play Committee; Junior Classical League; Latin Club; Library Assistant; Clinic Aid. BOB BOYER, Latin Club; Junior Classical League; Wrestling; Basketball Intramurals. MIKE BRADY JAMES BRASSEE, Bus Driver; Office Assistant. ' reparations %or college ♦ ♦ ♦ At the Homecoming Dance alumni Sarge York and Robert Lovelace let all mouseketeers know that some day they too may wear a uniform. CURT BRICKHAM BEVERLY BROTEMARKLE, Ayudera; Tri-Hi-Y, V.-P.; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Student Council; Cheerleader. DORIS BROWN, Distributive Education. JAMES BROWN, Chorus; Varsity Basketball; Sophomore Class V.-P.; Golf Team; Tennis Team; Junior Honor Society; Science Club; Math Club. TOM BROWN KENT BURNINGHAM, National Honor Society, Pres.; Junior Class V.-P.; Student Council; Math Club, Pres.; Stamp Club. GORDON BURNS, Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Baseball; Spanish Club; Gesman Club; S.A. Representative; Letterman Club. TONI BUTSCHEK, Keyettes; French Club; Latin Club; Powderpuff Football; Senior Play; Civics Club; Drama Club; Freshman Varsity Show. DAVID BUTTON, Key Club; Latin Club, Pres.; Hi-Y, Chaplain; Library Staff; Junior Classical League, Delegate. PAUL BUXTON, French Club; Pep Club; Drama Club; Senior Play Cast; Talent Show; Junior Varsity Track; A Cappella Choir; Varsity Track. 33 SHARON CAIN, Pep Club; Powder Puff Football; S.A. Representative; Girl’s Chorus; Concert Choir; Library As¬ sistant. CAROL CANTRELL, Pep Club; Latin Club; French Club; C.Y.F.; Junior National Honor Society. JIM GARGUS, A-Blast, Sports Editor. GARY CARPENTER, Student Council; German Honor Society. became intense and frustrating. Arpah enjoys her first birthday party while Pre keeps a lookout for the notorious Saha Yak. 34 mmmm “Believe me, paper, this hurts me more than it does you, proclaims Dave Scott. CHESTER CASSEL, Varsity Football; German Honor Society, V.-P.; German Club; Junior Honor Society; Merit Scholarship, Semi-Finalist. CHRIS CATLEDGE, Cross Country; Varsity Wrestling; Track; Junior Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Atom Booster Club. LINDA CAUDLE, F.H.A., V.-P.; S.A. Represen¬ tative; Office Assistant; Girl’s Chorus; Volleyball Intramurals; 8th Grade Choir. LEE CHAFFIN, Art Club; Track; Newspaper; Literary Magazine. DAVID CHAPIN, Yearbook; Stage Crew; Con¬ cert Choir; French Club; Bowling League. BRENDA CHAPMAN, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Bowling Team. GREG CHASE, French Club. SANDRA CHASE, National Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Junior Classical League. LESLIE CHAVES RICHARD CHEEK, Latin Club; Latin Honor Society; Monitor.; S.A. Representative; Debate Club; Chess Club; Russian Club. LARRY CIIERNIS, Senior Play Committee; Junior Varsity Football; French Club. JOYCE CHITTUM, Ayudera; Miss A.H.S. Con¬ test; Pep Club; S.A. Representative; Drama Club, Spanish. 35 BARRY CHUNN CHELE CLOMAN, Powder Puff Football; G.A.A.; Spanish Club; Library Assistant. CHARLES CLOSE, Bus Driver. LLOYD COBB, Band; Bus Driver. LARRY COFFMAN CAROLYN COGSWELL, Spanish Honor So¬ ciety; Junior Honor Society; Spanish Club; Tri- Hi-Y; Pep Club. LINDA COLCOLOUGH, Ayudera; Art Guild; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. RONNIE COLSON, S.A. Representative; Dis¬ tributive Education. GEORGE CONGLETON .very ICedneoday brought out the vocabulary boolzo. The language lab was in constant use by all of the language teachers. WILLIAM CONRAD, Library Assistant. KASSY CONWAY, Cheerleader; Newspaper; Student Coun¬ cil; French Club; F.H.A., Pres.; Spanish Club; Bowling Club. MIKE CORBETT BARBARA COSTELLO, V.O.T. JIM CRAIG JANET CRANE CARLTON CRIDER CHERYL DAHL MARSHA DAUGHERTY, Junior Honor Society; French Club, V.-P.; French Honor Society; Drama Club; Keyettes; Junior Play; Literary Magazine. AL DAVIDOFF, Science Fair; Stage Manager; Junior Honor Society; Key Club; Jet Club; Chemistry Honor Society; German Honor Society; Radio Club. 37 DIANNE DAVIS, Varsity Hockey; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Softball; G.R.A.A., Pres.; Pep Club. MARY ANN DAY, Class President; Class Trea.; Fresh¬ man Queen; Glee Club; Speech Club, Sec.; French Club; Cheerleader; Newspaper. PAT DEAN, French Honor Society; Ayudera, Sec.; Talent Show Winner; French Club; Drama Club; Typing Contest. GINGER DEATON, Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.H.A. CAROL DEAVERS, Spanish Club; Library Assistant; Home Room Representative; Miss A.H.S. Contestant. BONNIE M. DeMORY, Distributive Education. ERIC DICKERSON, Track; Rifle Club; Science Club; Junior Varsity Basketball. THOMAS DIX, Symphonic Band; A Cappella Choir; Concert Band; Concert Choir; Junior Play; Russian Club; Drama Club; Latin Club; Senior Play. SHERRY DORRER, Drama Club; Tournament Play; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Junior Play; Senior Play. LAVILLE DOVE, Eighth Grade Basketball; Varsity Baseball. 38 MARY DOVE, Future Homemakers of America. BOB DOVE, Basketball; Soccer; Band; Pep Club; Senior Play; French Club. JOHN WILLIAM DREW, A Cappella Choir; Antenna; S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Club; Home Room Representative. CAROLYN DUNEVANT, Concert Choir; V.O.T.; Home Room Representative. ICe were reduced to .. . Mr. Fisher puts another Senior English Class through its paces as Hamlet makes its annual intrusion. VICKIE DYE, S.C.A. Representative; Var¬ sity Cheerleader. JIM DYESS CLIFF EARL, Art Guild. BILL EDWARDS LINDA EGGLESTON SHARON EHLERS, Literary Magazine; French Club; Office Staff; Latin Club; Girl’s Chorus; Atom Boosters’ Club. 39 MARY ELAM, National Honor Society. DENNIS ELLIOTT, Distributive Education. JACKIE ENGLISH, Junior Varsity Cheerleader; S.C.A. Representative; Ayudera; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Monitor; Bookstore. JUDY ETHERIDGE CHERYL EWING, S.C.A. Representative; Powder Puff Football; Junior Varsity Softball; Varsity Softball; Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Pit Orchestra; Library Assistant. THOMAS FLETCHER, Drama Club; Library Assistant. RAE FLOOD, Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; Girl’s Chorus; Senior Play Committee. TERRY FORD, Golf Team; Latin Club. MERRELL FORT, Antenna, Copy Editor. 40 JUDY FOX, Atom Boosters’ Club; Distributive Education. MARY BETH FOX, Newspaper; Concert Choir; French Club; F.T.A.; Senior Play Committee; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball; Varsity Show; Science Fair. AUGIE FRAGALA, Football; Track; Baseball; Chorus; Chess Club; Latin Club. PATTY GASS, Miss A.H.S. Contest; F.H.A.; V.O.T.; Atom Boosters’ Club; S.A. Representative. DIANE GHENT, Intramural Volleyball; Spanish; Bowling Team; Library Assistant. PAT GRIFFITH Walking, talking vegetable . . . SHARON GIBBS, Freshman Class V.-P.; Sophomore Class Pres.; Pep Club; Yearbook; Majorette; Student Council; Drama Club; Homecoming Attendant. JUNIOR GILL, Distributive Education. ROGER GOLDSTEIN, National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club, V.-P.; Math Club; F.T.A.; Freshman Class Senator; Band; Junior Honor Society. ROZ GONYE, Art Guild; Junior Class Play Committee; Tournament Play Committee; Senior Play Committee; S.C.A. Representative; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club. 41 JOSEPH GOOD, Distributive Education. SKIP GRANDE, Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Key Club; Tournament Play; Junior Play; Atom Booster Club; Coach of Senior Powder Puff Football. TOM GREENWALT KAY GRICE Art is a skill pursued by many of our student body. through otudy, eat, otudy, oieep, otudy. GAIL GRISWOLD. Tri-Hi-Y; Drama Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Speech Club. SHARON GUILD, F.T.A., Pres.; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; Spanish Club; Drama Club; Swim Team. DALE GURNELL, Football; Art Guild; Bowling; Band; Office Assistant. JANET GUTMANN, French Honor Society; French Club; Drama Club; Junior Play; Senior Play Committee. GARY RAHM, Varsity Football. WILLIAM HALL WILLIAM HAMMETT JIM HANSON MARY HARMON LES HARDY, Varsity Football. FRANK HARRINGTON, Senior Play; A-Blast; Bowling Club; Spanish Club. DAVID HARRIS, French Club; Math Club; Chess Club; Library Assistant; Stage Crew. HALLEY HART, Spanish Club; Forensic Speech Con¬ test; Art Award; Art Guild; Varsity Basketball; Pep Club. DICK HATHAWAY, Varsity Baseball; Tennis Team; Track Team; Drama Club; Student Council; Senior Play. MARIAN HARTLEY, French Club; Pep Club; Tri-Hi- Y; Ayudera; Library Assistant. PAT HARTUNG, Spanish Club; Pep Club; V.O.T.; Tri- Hi-Y; Atom Boosters’ Club; Prom Committee. PATSY HATCH, S.C.A., Historian; Ayudera; Tri-Hi-Y; German Club; Pep Club; Bowling League; G.R.A.A.; F.II.A. KEN HAYDEN, Newspaper; National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Key Club; Latin Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Senior Play; Junior Play; Drama Club. NAN HEIM, Homecoming Court; Cheerleader; A Cap- pella Choir; Keyettes; Concert Choir,.. Sec.; S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Club. JAN HEINEMANN, S.C.A. Representative; Latin Club; Class Sec.; Drill Team; Madrigals; Choir; Pep Club, Trea. BARBARA HESS, Girls’ Choir; Concert Choir. JAMES HOFFAY GRETCHEN HOFFMAN NANCY HOFFMAN, Pep Club; Drama Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Library Assistant; Junior Honor Society; French Club. Snow brought relief to alL ROBERT HOLDEN BARBARA HOLLINGSWORTH MAJORIE HOLLINSTER, National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Cheerleader; Girl’s League; G.R.A.A.; Student Council. JEFF HOOVER, Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Football; Golf; Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Baseball; Newspaper. TOM HORTON, French Honor Society; Math Club. LYNN HOWARD, Art Guild; French Club; Latin Club; Powder Puff Football; S.A. Representative; Tri-Hi-Y. DENISE HOWE, Pep Club; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Sopho¬ more Class Senator; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Classical League; V.O.T. RICK HUGHES, Dance Band. JOYCE HUNLEY, French Honor Society; Art Guild; F.T.A.; Drama Club; Pep Club; Library Assistant. STANLEY HURLBUT CONNIE HUTCHINGS, Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Society; Miss A.H.S. Court; French Club; Intramural Volleyball. WAYNE HUYLER KATHY INGERSON, Cheerleader; Junior Class Trea.; Senior Class Trea.; Miss A.H.S. Contestant; French Club; Intramural Volleyball. JAMES INKS, Band. “When I get that headachy, stuffed-up feeling,” advises Mr. Klinger to Dale Gurnell, “I take it out on the students!” 45 The senior girls found daily practice for the Powder Puff Game ruined hair styles and brought enervation, but victory was ample compemsation. SUSAN INKS, Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. DEBBIE JACKSON KAKKI JACKSON, Drama Club; F.B.L.A.; Junior Classical League; American Field Service Club. LOIS JAMES, Junior Varsity Softball; Tri-Hi-Y; Homeroom Bepresentative; Talent Show; Pep Club; Concert Choir; Girls’ Choir; A Cappella; G.R.A.A. RALPH JENSON BARBARA JOHNSON, Varsity Softball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Hockey; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Intramural Volleyball; G.R.A.A., V.-P.; Powder Puff Football. BILLIE KAY JOHNSON, Newspaper ;French Club; Pep Club; Clinic Aid. PAT JOHNSON, German Club; Drama Club; Newspaper; Senior Play. RICHARD JOHNSON, Junior Honor Society, Pres.; Key Club; S.C.A. Cabinet; Latin Club; Latin Honor Society; Russian Club. 46 ROBERT JOHNSON, National Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation; Senior Class V.-P.; Junior Class V.-P.; Varsity Foot¬ ball; Wrestling; Math Club; Junior Varsity Football; Spanish Club. DAN JONES, Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Football; Golf. KEITH JONES, Symphonic Band; German Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Math Club; All State Band; Concert Band; Pit Orchestra. WANDA JONES, Antenna; Newspaper; Ayudera; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. JIM KAMINSKI, Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball. JEAN KAMMINGA, Spanish Club. erm papers added to our JIM KAPUTA, Math Club; French Club; Chess Club; Monitor; Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Track. WILL KELLUM, National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball. LARRY KENNEDY, Atom Boosters’ Club. KATHY KEVILL, Latin Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Pep Club; Keyettes; Powder Puff Football; Tri-Hi- Y; Senior Class Treas. 47 MARGARET KEYES, Pep Club; German Club; Bowling Club; G.R.A.A. MIKE KIHLMIRE, D.E.; junior Varsity Basket¬ ball; Track; Student Council; Freshman Football. ANNE KILPATRICK, Junior Honor Society; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football. PETE KING CONNIE KIRK, Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Office Assistant. GARY KLAHN, Golf Team. SUE KLEIN, G.R.A.A.; Basketball; S.C.A. Representative; French Club Sec.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. FLORINE KLINGENSMITH, Spanish Club; Latin Club; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. EDDIE KOZIOL, Bus Driver. mountains o homework. RICHARD KRAFT, Concert Band; Hi-Y; Pres. ARPAH KU BAHADUR, Foreign Exchange Student; Keyettes; American Field; Service Club; Art Guild; S.C.A. GEORGIA LANCE, Distributive Education. MAX LANDMAN LARRY LANGHORNE, French Club; V.O.T.; Drama Club; Atom Boosters’ Club; S.A. Representative. ZOE ANN LAWSON, Miss A.H.S.; Cheerleader; Drama Club; S.C.A., Representative; F.H.A., Historian. RICHARD LAWTON, Varsity Football. PAULA LEVITT, Spanish Club Pres.; Spanish Honor Society; F.T.A.; Russian Club; Newspaper; Concert Choir; A Cappella Choir; Junior Varsity Hockey. VERA LIBEAU, National Merit Semi-Finalist; National Honor Society; French Honor Society, Trea.; Junior Honor Society; French Club; Keyettes; A.F.S. Club; Mixed Choir, Pres. CINDY LIGHTFOOT, French Club; F.H.A.; Russian Club; Mixed Chorus; Concert Choir; Senior Play Committee. 49 RICHARD LIND, Key Club, Pres.; National Honor Society; S.C.A., Parliamentarian; Senior Play; Junior Honor Society; Latin Club, V.-P.; Library Assistant. CONNIE LINDSAY MIKE LINN, Freshman Football; S.C.A., Representative; French Club. KATHI LIPSCOMR, Senior Class Representative; Ayudera, Pres.; Miss A.H.S. Contestant; Pep Club; Drama Club; French Club. TED LITTLE VIVIAN MALANGA SANDY MARTIN, Clinic Aid; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. JOHN MARVIN CLAUS MARZEN SHERRY MASON, Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Ski Club; Girls’ Chorus; G.A.A.; Powder Puff Football. 50 PATTI MATTSON, Pep Club; Girls’ Chorus; Spanish Club; Library Club; Office Worker; Guidance Office Work¬ er; Youth Club. RUSSELL MYERS, TJ r President. NANCY McADAMS, Homeroom Representative; Band, Sec.; Powder Puff Football; Guidance Worker. ERIC McALLISTER, Junior Varsity Football; Junior Var¬ sity Baseball. cMnalyti and pkyAicA . . . Mrs. Ramay argues that 1-j-l-j-l MARGARET McCABE, Drama Club; French Club; Office Assistant; Pep Club; Atom Boosters’ Club. GENIE McCLELLAN, Concert and Symphonic Bands, Sec.; National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; German Club; S.C.A. Representative; Bowling. FRANK McCLEMDON TOM McCORMICK, Athletic Committee; Chess Club. SHARON McCOY, Activities Award Pin Winner; S.C.A. Sec.; Senior Class Sec.; National Junior Honor Society, Sec.; Freshman Class V.-P.; Keyettes; Representative to Council; S.C.A. Cabinet, Sec.; Tri-Hi-Y. JOHN MCDONALD, Varsity Football. 51 TOM McELFRESH, Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club; Bowling Club; Chess Club; Math Club. MARY ANN McFARLAND, National Honor Society; National French Honor Society; A Cappella Choir; Junior Honor Society; French Club; Concert Choir; Girl’s Chorus. JOEY McFARLEN, National Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society, Secretary; Concert Choir, V.P. ROBERT McINTOSH, D.E. Club, V.P. TOMMY McKOEWN PAT McMILLIN lolled many oenioro attempto to make honor roll . PAT McMURRAY, V.O.T. TOD McWHINNEY, Varsity Wrestling; Photo Club; Art Club; Junior Varsity Football; French Club; Art Guild, Student Coach, JOANNE MEASLEY, D.E. Club. RICHARD MELLEN, National Honor Society; Key Club; National Honor Society; Varsity Track; Spanish Honor Society; Antenna; Letter of Commendation, National Merit Scholarship Exam; Junior Varsity Football. PERRY MONROE, Spanish Club; Junior Varsity Track; Varsity Track; Monitor. RUSSELL MONTGOMERY, Varsity Football; Freshman Foot¬ ball; Atom Boosters’ Club. DEAN MOONEY, Assistant Antenna Photographer. CHERYL MOORE, National Honor Society; Keyettes; Pep Club; French Club; Math Club. MARILYN MOORE, Keyettes; A Cappella Choir; French Honor Society; Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Concert Choir; Powder Puff Football; Tri-Hi-Y; Knights of Song. RONNIE MOOTY, Spanish Club; French Club; Drama Club; Girls’ Chorus; Knights of Song; Senior Class Play Make-Up Committee, Chairman; Senior Class Play, Under¬ study. Dennis Elliot, Ken Lueke and Anne Young strike a rather formal pose in the famously informal “Gill physics class.” JUDI MORRIS, Quill and Scroll; Literary Magazine; A-Rlast, Assistant Feature Editor; French Club; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y. JANET MORROW: Miss A.H.S. Contestant; Latin Club; Junior Class Sec.; Ayudera; Ninth Grade Senator; F.H.A., Sec.; Prom Committee. WESTON MOSES, National Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Key Club. SANDY MOUREAU, Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club. 53 LIN MULLER JERRY MULLINS, Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling. DIANNE MURPHY, Antenna, Assistant Editor; S.C.A. Cabinet Member; National Junior Honor Society; Keyettes; S.C.A. Representative; Quill and Scroll; Junior Class Play; Debate Club; Latin Club; A.F.S. Candidate. DENNIS MURRAY DONALD MURRAY PAT MURRAY PAT MUSOLINO, French Club; Art Guild. JOSEPH MUZYKA ROBERT NAGLE, Spanish Club; Drama Club; National Junior Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Ayudera, Treasurer; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; Concert Choir. Ae delight oj no mid-term excimo wao spoiled Will Kellunr demonstrates his knowledge of physics through experiments. RICHARD NELAND, Junior Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Track; Gymnastics; French Club. BETSY NICKERSON DERK NOBLE, Freshman Class, President; Hi-Y, Presi¬ dent; Junior Class Play, Stage Manager; Fallout; Debate Club. LINDA NOLAN, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; A-Blast; Spanish Club. RICK OLDBERG VIRGINIA OLDER WALD, Library Assistant; F.T.A.; Powder Puff Football; Math Club; National Junior Honor Society; French Club; Senior Class Play Committee. WILMA OLIVARI, Spanish Honor Society, President; A Cappella Choir; Powder Puff Football; Spanish Club. DAVID OLESON, French Club. KAREN OLSON ROGER OLSON, Freshman Class, President; Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Basketball; Science Club; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Golf; Varsity Football. 55 with the thought yearly examo. Spin the bottle seems to be the only thing that can induce Skip Grande to do some exercise. TESSA PALMER, National Honor Society; A.F.S. Club, President; National Junior Honor Society. THOMAS PARADIS, Junior Varsity Wrestling; Junior Varsity Track; Varsity Cross-Country; Atom Boosters’ Club; Gymnastics. CHRISTINE PARSONS, Varsity Cheerleading; Pep Club; Art Club; Art Guild; Spanish Club; Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball; Girls’ Junior Varsity Softball; Keyettes, Secretary; S.A. Representative. CAM PASCOE, German Honor Society, Treasurer; Ger¬ man Club; Antenna Staff; Library Staff; Senior Class Play Committee; Modem Dance Club; Intramural Tennis. GLADYS PAYNE JEANNE PEARSON,Spanish Club. PETE O’NEILL, Latin Club. TONI OPEKA, Spanish Club, Treasurer; Spanish Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; Pep Club; Senior Class Play Make-Up Committee; S.A. Representative; School Office Assistant. WANDA LEE O’REAR, Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Var¬ sity Cheerleader; National Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society, Secretary; Pep Club. TAMES PALMER, Football; A-Blast Staff. PATTI PEARSON, F.T.A.; Spanish Club; Mixed Chorus. DAVID PETERSON NORMAN PETERSON THEODORA PETERS BRENDA LEE POLAND, F.H.A.; F.B.L.A.; V.O.T. JANELL POLLOCK, Majorettes, Co-Captain; Girls’ Basket¬ ball; Latin Club; Latin Honor Society; Junior Classical League; Tri-Hi-Y. DAN POWELL, French Honor Society; Varsity Soccer; Soccer Club; Concert Choir. LANCE POWELL JOE POWERS, Varsity Football; Powder Puff Football Coach. DANIEL PRICE, Varsity Wrestling; Class Council; Boys’ Club; Bowling Club. GIGI PRICE, Girls’ Varsity Hockey; Girls’ Varsity Basket¬ ball; S.C.A. Representative; Latin Club; Junior Classical League; Atom Boosters’ Club; Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; F.H.A. JOSEPH }. PRICE, Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Russian Club, President; National Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; Freshman Class, President; Key Club, Latin Honor Society; Latin Club. NANCY PRUETT, Junior Varsity Hockey; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Keyettes; Pep Club; Miss A.H.S. Court; Home Room Representative. JOAN PULLEY, Latin Club. NANCY PUTNAM, G.R.A.A.; German Club; Pep Club; Tumbling Club; F.H.A. KERRY QUINN, Keyettes; Antenna; F.T.A., Trea.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; French Club; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play. JOYCE ANNE RAMAY, Keyettes; Editor of Antenna; Talent Show; Representative to Girl’s State; Junior Class Play; Quill and Scroll; Captain of Senior Powder Puff Football; Tri-Hi-Y. CAROL ANN RE GLENNA REED TED REMINGTON, Latin Club; Library Assist¬ ant. JOHN RICHARDSON, S.C.A. Representative; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Basketball; J.V. Basketball. Mr. Gill proves that the only trouble was the absence of “his magic touch.” c4m xiouoly we waited $or college acceptances RICK RIO, Spanish Club; Junior Play; Hi-Y. STEELE RITTER, Varsity Football. BOB ROCK, S.A. Representative; D.E. II; Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Baseball. CURTIS RODARMEL BRUCE ROMIG, National Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; German Honor Society; German Club, Treasurer; Antenna, Business Manager; Varsity Tennis; Hi- Y; Chemistry Club. MIEKE ROOS, State Swinmming Team. RALPH ROSS, Senior Class, President; Russian Club, Presi¬ dent; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Junior Classical League; Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Football; Wrestl¬ ing Team. REGINA ROTHENBERG, German Club. DOUGLAS M. ROTZ, National Junior Honor Society; Chess Club; German Club; A Cappella Choir; Bowling Club. PAM ROUVALIS, French Club; Pep Club; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; Drama Club; F.T.A.; Library As¬ sistant; Office Assistant. 59 ED ROWAN, German Club; German Honor Society. GARY ROWELL JOHN ROYSTER, Spanish Club; Baseball; Band; Audio- Visual Committee. SUZANNE RUCKER, Junior Honor Society; Drama Club, President, Secretary, Treasurer; Junior Class Play; Spanish Club; Modern Dance Club. Sue Klien marvels at her chemistry ex¬ periments. ad doon ad mid-term graded were in. ALLEN RUSSELL KENNY M. RUNYON, Office Assistant. DON RUTHS, Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Baseball; Key Club; German Club. BOB RYAN PATTY RYAN, Winner of Safety Rodeo; Office Assistant. FRED SACCONE, D.E. Club; SA Representative. SUSAN SANDERS, Ayudera; FHA, French Club; SA Representative. JIM SAUNDERS JUDI SAYLES, Pep Club; FHA; Atom Boosters’ Club; As¬ sistant SA Representative Clinic Aid. JANET SCHALL, Fall-Out; A-Blast; Spanish Club; Literary Club; Intramural Basketball. EDWARD SCHESSLER, Bus Driver. DAVE SCOTT, Varsity Swimming. HUGH SCOTT, Junior Honor Society; Latin Club; German Club; Hi-Y; Atom Boosters’ Club; Track; Cross-Country; Gymnastics. PRISCILLA SCULL, National Honor Society; French Club, Pres., Sec.; French Honor Society; Keyettes; AFS Club, Vice Pres.; Concert Choir; A Cappella Choir. PETE SEABAUGH, Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Biology Club. STEPHEN R. SEARS, National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; Key Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Russian Club; Concert Band; French Club; SCA Representative. WALTER SESSUMS, Stage Crew; First Prize in Physics in Science Fair; French Club. DENNY SEYBERT, Junior Varsity Basketball; Band; Var¬ sity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; French Club. HOWARD SHEBLE, Junior Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Junior Varsity Basketball; Latin Club; Junior Classical League; Wrestling; Home¬ room Representative; Senior Class Play Com¬ mittee. SUSAN SHELLINGTON, A.F.S. Semi-Finalist; Antenna Staff; National Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President; Inter-Club Council; Latin Club; French Club. BRIAN SHIRLEY, S.C.A. Cabinet; Varsity Foot¬ ball; Key Club; National Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Varsity Track; National Junior Honor Society; Antenna Staff; Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Baseball. MARY SHREVE, Majorette. FRED SIEBER ROBERT SIGHOLTZ, Football, Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman; Basketball, Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman; Baseball, Varsity and Freshman; Homeroom Representative. PATRICK SIMMONS, Freshman Class, Vice- President; Freshman Football; Varsity Soccer; Junior Varsity Baseball; Sophomore Class, Secre¬ tary. ROB SIMPSON, Track; French Club; Football; Hi-Y, Secretary; Freshman Class, Secretary; Pep Club; Senior Class Play; District Science Fair. BETTY LUE SMITH, Latin Club; Drama Club; Office Assistant; V.O.T. At the Senior party Larry Churnis and Mary Pat Willet seem to reflect their opinion of Senior privileges. 62 We met, voted, and planned . BRENDA SMITH, Psychology Club; Junior Classical DICK SMITH League; French Club; Latin Club; Pep Club. GARY SMITH, Science Club; Junior National Honor DAVID SMITH, National Honor Society; National Junior Society. Honor Society; Key Club; Latin Honor Society; Junior Var¬ sity Basketball; Varsity Basketball. PAT SMITH, National Junior Honor Society; Pep Club; Office Assistant; F.T.A.; V.O.T. CATHY SNYDER, National Junior Honor Society; Spanish Club; Office Assistant; A-Blast; Girl’s Sports Editor; Girl’s Basketball Manager. SUSAN SNYDER, French Club; Pep Club; A.F.S.; Atom Boosters’ Club. JOHN SOUTHERN, Varsity Golf; Debate Team; Band; “It’s Academic” Team; Club; Bowling League. MARY SOWERS, Keyettes; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; A.F.S. Club. PATRICIA SPEARS 63 DENNY SPRAGUE, Band. WAYNE SPRUELL BECKI SQUIRES, A-Blast, Feature Editor; Junior Class Representative; Ayudera, Vice-President; French Honor Society. SUE STASTNY, Pep Club; G.R.A.A.; French Club; Tri-Hi- Y; Swimming Team; Powder Puff Football. une 6 drew nearer. JANE STIRRUP, Ayudera, Chaplain; Latin Club; French Club; Art Guild; Pep Club; Junior Classical League. LYNN SUDLER, A-Blast, Exchange Editor; S.C.A. Representative; Ayudera, Historian; Latin Club; Junior Classical League; Spanish Club; Atom Boosters’ Club; A.H.S. Correspondent for Springfield Independent News¬ paper; Intramural Volleyball. ED SUTORIK, National Junior Honor Society; Debate Team; French Honor Society; Mixed Choir; Concert Choir. CHARLENE SWAN, S.C.A. Cabinet; S.C.A. Represen¬ tative; Pep Club; Miss Annandale Court; Antenna Staff; Ayudera; Homeroom Representative; S.A. Representative. TOM SWAN, Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; French Club; French Honor Society; Key Club. WILLIAM SWEENEY, Band; Junior Varsity Football. BARBARA TALLIA, V.O.T.; Pep Club; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Atom Boosters’ Club. LARRY TANNER MICHAEL TAYLOR WILLIAM TENNANT, National Honor Society, Vice- President; National Junior Honor Society; Debate Team; Key Club; Bowling League, President; Math Club, Treasur¬ er. PATRICIA TOBIN, Spanish Club; Atom Boosters’ Club; Home Economics Club; Latin Club; Bible Club. BARBARA TODD, Antenna Staff; Library Staff; French Club; Intramurals; Senior Class Play Scenery Committee. PAULA TONKS, F.T.A.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Senior Class Play, Publicity Committee. WILLIAM TORREY HOWARD TRENT, National Honor Society; Freshman Class, Secretary; Sophomore Class, Secretary; Latin Club, Executive Board; German Club; Math Club; Varsity Basket¬ ball; Track. JEFF TWARDY, S.C.A. Representative; Symphonic Band; junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; Varsity Basketball; German Club; Magazine Drive, Chairman. CHARLES TWIDDY, Junior Varsity Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Cross-Country; Track. DIANA UMLAUF, National Honor Society; Kevettes; French Honor Society, President; National junior Honor Society; French Club; Art Guild, First Prize Graphic Draw¬ ing; Senior Class Play Publicity Committee. CAROLYN USHER, A-Rlast; Spanish Club; Senior Class Play Props Committee. ALAN VALUSEK, JOHN VAN HORN, Varsity Football, Key Club; Letterman Club. CINDY VIA, National Honor Society; French Honor Society; A Cappella Choir; S.C.A. Treasur¬ er; Varsity Cheerleader; Miss Annandale Court; Sweetheart Court; Keyettes; Junior Class Play. CHAN VISHER, S.C.A. Representative; Math Club, President; French Club. WHITNEY WAGNER, Varsity Track; Varsity Cross-Country; Varsity basketball; German Club; Junior Varsity Basketball; Junior Varsity Track; Junior Varsity Cross-Country. DIANE WALDO, Varsity Cheerleading; Key¬ ettes, Vice-President; Senior Class Representative; Girls’ Varsity Hockey Team; Girls’ Varsity Basket¬ ball; Girls’ Varsity Softball; Freshman Class, Treasurer; Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Home¬ room Representative. PAT WALSH, Literary Magazine; Russian Club; Latin Club; Quill and Scroll; Latin Honor Society; Drama Club; Office Assistant. GAIL WANMAN, French Honor Society; A- Blast, Press Bureau; Fallout, Finance Auditor; French Club. Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man . . . Francis Bacon. Ivitlt tearo and joy we took ♦ ♦ ♦ EDDY WARD LILLIAN WARD, Distributive Education. CAROL WASHINGTON, Tri-Hi-Y; Keyettes; Monitor; French Club. MERVYN WEATHERHOLTZ, Distributive Education. VAL WEAVER, Keyettes; Latin Club; Junior Honor Society; Intramural Volleyball; Concert Choir; Latin Honor Society; Bowling League; Junior Classical League; Knights of Song. KAREN WEBSTER, A Cappella Choir; Ayudera, Tres.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; SCA Representative; Brigadoon; Knights of Song; Powder Puff Football; Concert Choir. MARIE WESTBROOK, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Senior Class Play Committee; French Club; Junior Class Play Com¬ mittee; Radio Club. DICK WESTON, Boy’s Choir, Pres.; Knights of Song; All- State Choir; A Cappella Choir, Pres.; All-County Choir; Talent Show; Bye, Bye Birdie; Bowling Team; French Club. LINDA WHARTON, Talent Show Winner; Junior Class Play; Girls’ State Representative; SCA Representative; Keyettes, Pres.; Senior Class Play, Assistant Director; Drama Club; Pep Club. SUSAN WHITE, Bye, Bye Birdie; Tri-Hi-Y; Concert Choir; Powder Puff Football; Senior Class Play Committee. I® CRAIG WHITED, Latin Club; Math Club; National Honor Society; Junior Classical League; Antenna, Business Staff; Bus Patrol; Science Club. CAROLE WHITTINGTON MARY PAT WILLETT, French Club; Latin Club; Junior Classical League; Glee Club; Dance Club; Atom Boosters’ Club. MARGIE WILSON, Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Latin Club; F.H.A.; F.T.A.; Pep Club. Russ Montgomery and Barbara Bennett en¬ joy a last swing at the Senior party before exam time eliminates all such pastimes. the l’inal Atop or our diplomaA. DIANE WINDSOR, S.C.A. Representative; Senior Class Play Committee; Bowling Team, Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; F.H.A.; Powder Puff Football. FRED WIRTH ROBIN LEE WORTHINGTON, National Merit Semi- Finalist; National Honor Society, Secretary; National Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Math Club, Secretary; Powder Puff Football, Captain; Brigadoon; Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Classical League. MARIANNE WUBBELER, A-Blast, Assistant News Editor; Tri-Hi-Y; S.C.A. Representative Pep Club; French Club; Spanish Club; Junior Class Play Committee. ANNE YOUNG, Ayudera; Latin Club; Latin Honor Society; Spanish Club; National Junior Honor Society; Girls’ Varsity Hockey; Girls’ Varsity Basketball; Girls’ Varsity Softball. DONNA YOUNG, French Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Vice- President; Pep Club; Powder Puff Football; Intramural Volleyball. LINDA ZELL, National Junior Honor Society; Latin Club; Latin Honor Society; Junior Classical League; French Club; Atom Boosters’ Club; Intramural Volleyball. JOY ZEMGEL, French Club; French Honor Society; Nation¬ al Junior Honor Society; National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y; Atom Boosters’ Club; Senior Class Play Committee. ANITA ZEPUL, Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; French Club; Ayudera; Junior Class Play Committee; Guidance Worker; Intramural Volleyball. ROBERT ZMUD, German Club, Vice-President; German Honor Society, Vice-President; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Key Club, Treasurer. JONI PURSELL, Fallout Staff; Latin Club, President; House Council Representative; Modern Dance Club, Secre¬ tary; A-Blast; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y. JOHN SCHREIBER, Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track. 69 The Senior year was filled with fun and work for all of us. Parties on school time were added to by the music of Brian Shirley, “The Cuties”, and the wonderful extem- poranious quartet. Cokes and cake were the big attractions for the boys. We were even fortunate enough to have one side of the gym for the boys and other for girls. Who was afraid of Who? Honor societies and clubs took up many afternoons that weren’t filled with term paper preparations. Plays and the musical added to everyone’s busy schedule hours of work and play. Graduation was the climax for a year well spent pre¬ paring for college, supporting athletic activities, and find¬ ing dates. Studies took priority in our lives. Senior Class officers Sharon McCoy; President, Bobby Ross; Kathy Kevil, and Bobby Johnson. 70 “Let’s see, shall we follow this up at Blackie’s or Burger Chef?” “But I warn you it’s dark down there,” Richard Kraft forewarns Whitney Wagner. The Country Club at Fairfax provided setting for the Senior Prom. 71 It’s really amazing to see what goes on in Washington! Together for one year, Eric and read their Palms. Linda look to the future as Arpah and Ken 72 Sherry Mason trying out for “Ed’s team Brooks Booker is the tackling dummy. SPORTS Chester Cassel Tackle Ae opening o the 1962 Steve “Baby Dumplings” Sears shows his defensive abilities to a startled Admiral. Gary Rahm Tackle Bob Sigholtz Joe Powers End End Annandale players and fans looked forward to a successful football season in 1962. In the first game of the season the Atoms met with an unusually powerful George Washington team. Before 9,000 people in George Washington’s home stadium, the Presidents demonstrated a devasting ground attack as they scored the first time that they gained possession of the football. Led by quarterback John Kemper and fullback Donnie Seemul- ler, the Presidents built up a 26-0 lead before Annan- dale’s Warren Lowry scored the Atom’s only touchdown of the game in the final period. The final score was 26-6 as the George Washington Presidents defeated the Atoms for the first time since 1958. Kellum holds as Clayton Long boots another conversion point in a close game with Hammond. 74 As two Madison safetymen attempt to cover halfback Larry Parthree, he hauls in another pass to set up a scoring situation. Bob Ross Russ Montgomery Guard Guard Rebounding from their surprising defeat at the hands of George Washington, the Annandale Atoms scored a hard-won, 6-0 victory over Falls Church. It was not until the final quarter that the Atoms, led by Steve Sears, scored the only touchdown of the game. After recovering a Jaguar fumble on the Falls Church 34 yard line, the Atoms moved for the touchdown in ten plays, scoring on a 5 yard pass from Will Kellum to Bill Hatch. Steve Sears led an outstanding defensive at¬ tack all evening. The victory was Annandale’s first of the 1962 season. Richard Lawton Dan Jones Tackle Guard deacon proved . . . Jim Lambert plows down a McLean defender to go on for a long gain. 75 Annandale defensive men showed McLean their determination to win as they converged to halt an offensive move. Brian Shirley Wingback Wes Moses Wingback to be no example Fresh from their 6-0 victory over Falls Church, the Atoms prepared to encounter a good Ham¬ mond eleven. Will Kellum’s pass to Bill Hatch put the Atoms ahead 6-0 in the first quarter. The Admirals came back quickly, scoring a touchdown in both the first and third periods. Annandale then came roaring back scoring on a six y ard run by quarterback will Kellum. Ham¬ mond then drove deep into the Atom’s territory where the Admiral’s Bill Dodson kicked a field goal to put Hammond out in rfont 16-13. The Atoms made a valiant attempt to go ahead, but were not able to score as the clock ran out. The final score was 16-13 as Annandale lost its second game of the season. Jerry Mullins Center Halfback Jack Richardson breaks into the clear for a considerable gain to set up a touchdown against Hammond. 76 Clayton Long piles atop the Stuart players in the attempt to recover a quick fumble ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE 6 George Washington 26 6 Falls Church 0 13 Hammond 3 Glass . 8 7 McLean . 0 0 Washington-Lee 6 13 Mt. Vernon 0 13 Madison 13 13 Fairfax . 0 0 J.E.B. Stuart 0 c nnandale ' A later abilities. On the night of October 6, the Atoms played E. C. Glass of Lynchburg, on the Atom’s home field. The only score in the entire first half was a field goal, kicked by Annandale’s Bob Sigholtz. The Atom’s defense held the Hilltoppers scoreless for three periods, before Glass finly scored a touch¬ down early in the fourth period. Meanwhile, the Atoms had not scored and the score stood at 6-3 in favor of E. C. Glass. Late in the game, how¬ ever, the Atoms moved to the Hilltopper’s five yard line. Victory was practically assured, but the Atoms fumbled away the ball and fumbled their best scor¬ ing chance of the game. It was a heartbreaker for the boys, the coaches, and the Atoms fans. Annandale continued to play the role of the spoi¬ ler against the Highlanders. McLean risked another unblemished record against Annandale this year and met with ultimate defeat. Ahead 7-0 after a thirty- yard pass from Kellum to Parthree, the Atom’s defense held the Highlanders from scoring the en¬ tire game. McLean’s desperation passes were in¬ tercepted and knocked down by the alert Ann¬ andale secondary as the Atom’s defensive line put pressure on the Highlander’s quarterback. The Atoms claimed their fourth straight victory over McLean by a score of 7-0. Annandale was able to move deep into W-L territory twice, but was unable to score against the Generals also met a tough defense which held them to 6 points. The Atoms had nothing to be ashamed of as the defense played an outstanding game ending with a 6-0 score. Annandale looked toward Mt. Vernon thinking of the County Championship. Missing a field goal attempt proved unimportant since the Atom’s pass¬ ing gave them a 13-0 victory. Mt. Vernon did not make a serious threat during the entire second half. Larry Parthree plows through the W-L line in a scoring attempt. W-L, how¬ ever, remained unscored upon. 77 Safety Jack Richardson makes a perfect tackle to thwart a general in a close game with W-L as Kilgore comes up. iSu?e«t and toil inally . . . 1st Row: Lowery, Hornsby, Magathan, Andrews, Shirley, Mullins, Johnson, Smith, Pate, Moses, Blandin, 2nd Row: Powers, Jones, Rahm, Cassel, Sears, Kellum, Sigholtz, Lawton, Ross, Richardson, Gaines, Montgomery, Hardy, 3rd RoW: Lambert, Loberg, Post, Mooney, Jackson, Killgore, Hatch, Parthree, Cohglin, Brown, Long, Zook, Norby, P. Norby. 78 Les Hardy sets up a perfect smear for Killgore. Les Hardy Quarterback Jack Richardson Halfback ita due reward. The Atom’s defense held W-L to one single touchdown in a hard fought showdown. Zke A aaon closed with the Defensive play such as this by wingback Brian Shirley and linebacker Terry Killgore showed McLean that Annandale was determined to win. The Atoms played the Warhawks at Madison High on a cold, damp Saturday. Annandale dominated play for the first half, but both teams scored during the first half and the score was tied 6-6 at the end of the half. When Scott Church passed to Joe Powers for a touchdown late in the final period, it looked like the Atom’s 13-6 lead was insurmountable. With less than two minutes remain¬ ing to be played, the Madison quarterback dropped back and threw a 47 yard pass to his reciever for the touch¬ down. Madison made the all-important extra point and the game ended in a 13-13 tie. The Atoms had only two games left to play. A victory in either would give them the county champion¬ ship at the expense of arch-rival Fairfax. With a passing attack Annandale downed the Rebels 13-0. Will Kellum Quarterback Thanksgiving Day football came to Annandale. The Atoms J.E.B. Stuart Raiders at 11:30 on an e tremely muddy field; neither team was able to finish out their season as they might have liked. The weather condi¬ tions made tackling difficult and passes hard to hold on to. The game was a defensive battle for both sides. The final score was 0-0 as Annandale closed out its season with four wins, four losses, two ties, and the County Championship. Atom’s defense is on the move against Mt. Vernon. oMtoms taking the bounty Championship. Dan Mooney and Gary Rahm rush McLean’s quarterback making it a successful defensive play. 81 J. Wallace Bolding gives his undefeated charges a pep talk before the Madison contest. COUNTY CHAMPS! An Atom stalwart smashes through the line for a long gain. Annandale’s Frosh Team stormed through an undefeated season to become Fairfax County Champions. Led by Dan Dobson, jim Maness, John Gill, Mike Hart, and Jim Parris, Coach Boldin g’s lads deserve the congratulations of the student body for their fine season. ANNANDALE 21 ANNANDALE 40 ANNANDALE 39 ANNANDALE 26 ANNANDALE 25 ANNANDALE 21 McLean . 0 Falls Church . . 7 Mount Vernon 7 Lee . 0 Stuart. 13 Madison . 6 82 A Mount Vernon player fumbles as a result of a hard Annandale tackle. ANNANDALE 0 Stuart . 14 ANNANDALE 44 Mount Vernon . 6 ANNANDALE 6 McLean 6 ANNANDALE 38 Madison 0 ANNANDALE 7 Lee 12 ANNANDALE 20 Groveton 6 ANNANDALE 6 Fairfax 6 Annandale’s J.V. football team, despite the loss of several key players to the var¬ sity, compiled a 3-2-2 record. Coach Charles Heinz credited the record to hard work and a willingness to learn.. Coach Heinz singled out several players who he said were good varsity material. Among those he saluted were Bill Beach, Jim Checkovich, Jim Ma- ness, and Jim Creekman. The fine play of these boys and the rest of the squad is ap¬ preciated by both students and faculty alike. eLlcird work led to ine record First Row: Beach, Speat, Ginzo, Bowers, Woods, Davenport, Olivari, Settle, Split, Seltzer, Mercer. Second Row: Johnson, Checkovich, Mooney, Pearson, Hathaway, Church, Antrim, Smith, Armstrong, Kemmerling, Hopper. Third Row: Lee, Thompson, Stuart, Petersi lia, Ross, Jones, Potter, Leonard, Rapson, Langworthy, Merica. 83 The annual Powder Puff game was a tre¬ mendous success this year netting $300 for The March of Dimes. Each year it is tradi¬ tional for the Senior girls to play the under¬ classmen girls. This year the game was played under the lights on Saturday evening. The tables were turned this year when the Seniors won for the first time in the games history. This gave the girls of the class of ’63 an undefeated record for two straight years. The mighty seniors snowed the underclassmen by a score of 24 to 12. Barbara Bennett breaks away for another six points for the seniors. Ae Senior (§irlo omaohed their way to victory. Brenda Blackwell tries to break away for a first down. 84 Twiddy, Windsor, Paradis, Swee, Bassett, Riddle, Packard, Valusek, Catledge, Sterling, Kiefer, Brotherton, Williams, Greenwalt, Croy. ro Country ea on begin Bob Kiefer and Pete Greenwalt. Pete Greenwalt leads a fast field. 85 JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY Annandale 2 . 3 . 3 . 2 . 2 . 3 . 2 . VARSITY Opp. .Lee 1 . Osbourn 4 .Falls Church 0 . McLean 2 . JEB Stuart 1 . Fairfax 0 . Madison 1 Row one: Dusty Martin, Ellen Johns, Lee Carneal, Carolyn Mallon, Nancy Hopper, Gail Haggstrom, Nancy Se al, Donna Tribby. Row two: Lynn Grabb, Nancy Granberry, Janis Hamilton, Ann Hagan, Gay Stelzenmuller, Suzanne Selph, Marilyn Snow, Pat Davies, Margie Reed, Maddie Hagarty. =Botk junior U raity Diane Davis strives to block opponents’ drive. 86 VARSITY Row one: Loretta Horgan, Barbara Johnson, Diane Waldo, Cathy Hanks, Billie Ann Hunter. Row two: Julie Johnson, Gigi Price, Susie Long, Jean Elliott, Pam Ferguson, Sue Wood, Diane Davis. and Varaity jockey had a good oeaoon. Diane Woldo retains possession of the ball and drives for a goal. Annandale’s Varsity hockey team came out of the season with five wins, one loss, and with one good game tied. They piled up a great re¬ cord due to their many outstanding players. The Junior Varsity team had a record of three wins, two loses, and one tie. This team, as did the Varsity, played many magnificent games. 87 ANNANDALE 26 Yorktown . . . 25 ANNANDALE 47 Osbourn . . . . 2 ANNANDALE 34 Lee 14 ANNANDALE 35 Madison. 11 ANNANDALE 18 W-L . . . . 24 ANNANDALE 14 Wakefield . . . . 28 ANNANDALE 30 Groveton . . . 18 ANNANDALE 26 Mount Vernon .23 ANNANDALE 37 Fairfax. .12 Northern Va. Finalists. Row 1: Don Ruths, Jerry Mullins, Dan Price. Row 2: Terry Killgore, Dan Jones, Don Coghlin. Row 1: McDaniel, Randa, Shafer, Ruths, Price, Neland, Swan, Gaines, Mullins, Jones, Kilgore, Coghland. Row 2: Startzel, Simonds, Dyer, Brotherton, Carter, P. Greenwalt, Scurria, Staley, Abrams, Lambert, Loberg, Maiz. Standing: Goodman, St. Clair, Hartman, Jacks, Parrish, Bower, Clarkson, Paradis, Megathon, Basset, Hoover, Matheson, Pitt, Lardins, Watson, Stirling, Olivari, Whitt, Mc- Canna J. Greenwalt, Hamilton, Locke, Keplinger, Bacon, Stanley, A. Valusek. 88 WRESTLING The 1962-63 Annandale Wrestling Team prom¬ ised to be one of the best ever. With several re¬ turning lettermen and a core of promising new wrestlers, the Atoms became a pre-season choice to win the District Championship. After four successive mat victories, the Atoms lost to W-L and Wakefield in succession. How¬ ever, Annandle made a quick comeback to win their last three matches. Tom Paradis prepares to pin his man for 5 points. Tom Swan heads for an undefeated dual meet season. in 1963 State tournament Annandale became a darkhorse contender for the Northern Virginia tournament of February 15 and 16. The Atoms finished fourth in the tournament after two tension-filled days of wrestling, jerry Mullins and Don Ruths became Annandale’s first district champions in the 1963 tournament. Then Annandale competed in the State Tournament. With Jerry Mullins capturing a state title, Dan Jones placing second, and Don Coghlan and Dan Price third, Annandale placed third in the state; thus completing a very suc¬ cessful season. Terry Kilgore gets ready to put his opponent’s back on the mat. 89 Row 1: Larry Parthree, Dave Fulton, Andy Marusak, Jeff Twardy, Will Kellum, Whit Waggener, Buddy Trent. Row 2: John Schrieber, Ronnie Clark, Bob Sigholtz, Dan Mooney, Dave Smith, and Jack Richardson. VARSITY BASKETBALL Jeff Twardy goes high in the air to block a shot against Osbourn. 90 Andy Marusak drives past a Jeb Stuart player on his way for two points. Dan Mooney goes over everyone to shoot this long jumper against Falls Church. Annandale looked toward the 1962-63 basketball season with cautious optimism. Four lettermen, one a starter and three who saw frequent action, fromed the nucleus of the Atom’s hopes. With the opening of the season, it became apparent that coach Harry Smith’s charges were definitely a threat to succeed W-L as Northern Virginia Champs. Our first game, with Osbourn proved a rout as Annan¬ dale rolled to a 49-35 victory. Young Falls Church fell 55-44 as Will Kellum, hit for 15 points. A cocky Hammond five was sent down the drain by a score of 78-67 when Kellum and top gun Dave Smith combined for 43 points. Next, Osbourn fell again 53-32 at Osbourn. Buddy Trent twists around W-L’s Lynn Moore on his way to the basket. Will Kellum takes a shot in the waning moments of the Falls Church game. The revenge-minded Atoms then entertained Lee High. A determined charge, led by the scoring and re¬ bounding of Smith, Kellum, and Jeff Twardy routed a sloppy Lancer five by the score of 56-53. The first big test of the young season came when the Atoms journeyed to McLean. The Highlanders put up a determined attack that was ultimately broken by Smith’s and Twardy’s 39 points. Then, high-flying jun¬ ior Andy Marusak swished the nets for 26 points in a 74-63 victory over Fairfax. Well drilled Yorktown was finally routed through Dave Smith’s scoring in a long 2-overtime contest, 57-47. Annandale’s modest 8-game winning streak was abruptly halted by G. W. The Presidents swamped the tired Atoms 72-59. Bouncing back, however, the team took a 48-36 decision from Mount Vernon as unheralded first-stringer Buddy Trent put in 19 points. 91 ANNANDALE 49 Osbourne . 35 ANNANDALE 55 Falls Church . 44 ANNANDALE 78 Hammond . 67 ANNANDALE 53 Osbourn . 32 ANNANDALE 56 Lee . 53 ANNANDALE 69 McLean 60 ANNANDALE 74 Fairfax 63 ANNANDALE 57 Yorktown . 47 ANNANDALE 58 Mt. Vernon . 36 ANNANDALE 59 GW . 72 ANNANDALE 60 JEB Stuart . 41 ANNANDALE 48 WL 60 ANNANDALE 45 Groveton . 54 ANNANDALE 51 Falls Church 39 ANNANDALE 83 Madison . 64 ANNANDALE 53 Wakefield . 47 ANNANDALE 51 JEB Stuart . 54 JEB Stuart, our arch basketball rival offered the Atoms the biggest team in the area—a team that fell with a crash, 60-41, as Marusak and Twardy each talleyed fif¬ teen. Then, after two straight losses to Groveton’s Fair¬ fax County Cham ps and W-L’s State Champs, Annan- dale scored three straight victories. Falls Church was beaten again as Twardy’s 15 points put the game on ice. Jeff Twardy fights for a rebound against Fairfax. opark cMtomo to boot record in Uiotory Race-horse Madison fell 83-64 as the entire first string, led by Trent’s 21 points, scored in double figures. Wakefield’s Warriors were then scalped in a 53-47 de¬ cision to close out the regular season. In the first round of the Northern District Tourna¬ ment JEB Stuart upset the highly touted Atoms, 54-51. The Antenna wishes to congratulate Dave Smith, who made second string All Northern Virginia, Buddy Trent, Jeff Twardy, and Will Kellum, who made Hon¬ orable Mention, and especially Harry Smith, whose fine coaching produced the best round-ball team in An- nandale High’s history. Buddy Trent gets set to pass the ball as George Washington defender trie s to block his way. Will Kellum can’t seem to find daylight as he attempts a shot against Fairfax. 92 First Row: J. Scurria, T. Austin, G. Halland, S. Church, F. Mooney, K. Davenport, J. Checkovich, K. Gardener. Second Row: C. Chamberlain, B. Steiger, S. Aashiem, L. Zenk, J. Stanfield, L. Kemmerling, D. Lee, T. Cauble. A determined Larry Zenk goes after a loose ball in a g le against G.W. mm and roalt ‘ Baaketball First Row: Ellis, Reigle, Stevens, Bassett, Quasebarth, Glaser, Hill, Hovland, Crane, Donovan, Myer, Putnam, Fulton. Second Row: Weinstein, Klingensmith, Whelan, Silver, Nickerson, Rowe, Wakefield, Maness. GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Annandale Opp. 43 . Woodson 19 39 . Groveton 44 42 . Marshall 34 33 . . Herdon 28 44 . Mt. Vernon 36 48 . . Edison 25 36 . . Lee 28 47 . .Osbourn 36 39 . . . . . Falls Church 26 17 . . McLean 41 56 . . Fairfax 41 35 . . JEB Stuart 20 Kathy Rooney tries to block opponents zBatketball had a Annandale’s Girls’ Varsity basketball team piled up a record of ten wins, and two loses this year. It was not quite as good as their undefeated season last year, but their record was still quite good. The Junior Varsity team had a record of six wins and six loses, not quite keeping pace with the Varsity record. Row one: Kathy Rooney, Haiti Hart, Gigi Price, Nancy Hooper, Barbara Johnson, Pam Ferguson. Row two: Helen Rhea, Mary Rooney, Peggy Spruill, Anita Cahoon, Jean Elliott, Julie Johnson, Maggie Willis. 94 JUNIOR VARSITY Kathy Rooney passes the ball to keep her opponents from in¬ tercepting it. Annandale Opp. 28 . Woodson 11 21 . Groveton 18 16 .Marshall 23 13 .Herndon 14 14 . Mt. Vernon 4 12 . Edison 4 7 . Lee 22 9 . Osbourn 18 20 . Falls Church 15 15 . McLean 19 22 . Fairfax 27 21 . JEB Stuart 17 good aeaoon ao uoual tkio year. Row one: Bonnie Thie, Dianne Dabbs, Sharon Skinner, Shelley Magathan, Kathy Fragala, Deb¬ bie Silver. Rote two: Pam Gates, Suzanne Selph, Ann Hagan, Candy Kane, Jo Ellen Shields, Tanya Belt. 95 Jim Croy throws the shot-put during a duel meet. Rick Fisher takes a high hurdle in stride as he goes on to set a new record. rach and i ld Annandale came up with one of their best track teams in years in 1963. Beginning with an easy victory in the Fairfax County Relays, the Atoms began to demonstrate their track and field ability in each meet. The team gained victory over Stuart and Lee in a triangular meet and continued their streak with duel meet victories over Wakefield and Fairfax. Congratulations are in order for all of the trackmen and coaches for their fine performances this season. FAIRFAX COUNTY RELAYS Annandale vs. Stuart Annandale vs. Wakefield Annandale vs. Madison Annandale vs. Marshall and Lee Fairfax County Meet Gary Jackson leaps a hurdle on his way to victory. 96 Howard Sheble starts off the 1963 season by pitching to a Stuart batter. BASEBALL Jack Richardson pokes the ball to the outfield during opening day. cAtonto bat the ir way to victory Row 1: Leville Dove, Jack Richardson, Rich Meanna, Tim Austin, Kevin Davenport, Yogi Mills, Ronnie Clark, Jim Lambert, Corky Upchurch, Row 2: Bob Seattle, Bob Miller, Don Ruths, Jim Kaminski, Danny Pemarton, Dave Fulton, Cordon Burns, Howard Sheble. 97 Kellogg, Brurrnn, Dattilio, Mudd, Greenwalt, Connelly, Rose, Thomas, McDaniel, Row 2: Nickerson, Stevens, Donovan, Jones, Kemmerling, Saunders, Schick, Curtis, Speet, Pearson. J.V. BASEBALL INTRAMURAL TRACK 98 Row 1: Barbara Johnson, Loretta Horgan, Sharon Skinner, Cheryl Ewing, Row 2: Billie Ann Hunter, Cathy Fragala, Gigi Price, Row 3: Diane Davis, Maggie Wills, Jean Elliott, Anita Cahoon. SOFTBALL Row 1: Melody Bornhoft, Lynn Cumberland, Janice Hamilton, Carol Williams, Row 2; Tanya Belt, Rhona Gralla, Nancy Fox, Pam Ferguson, Row 3: Kathy Rooney, DeAnne Dabbs, Mary Rooney, Karen Rennard. Anita puts another strike across. Mike Brady and Roger Olson stand in anticipation of the coming golf season. TRACK AND GOLF Buddy Trent sets himself for this holly from a J.E.B. Stuart tennis player. The golf team, aided by the return of Roger Olson, Dan Jones, and Gary Klahn looked forward to the com¬ ing golf season with great optimism. Meanwhile, Annandale’s second Varsity tennis team was prepared to put up a good fight for the County Tennis Championship. Stalwarts Gary Klahn and Dan Jones hope to lead the Annandale Golf Team to greater heights this season. Jim Avery lobs a return to his opponent during a match. JERRY MULLINS Jerry Mullins became Annandale’s first state wrestling champion. He was also undefeated dur¬ ing the regular season. He, along with Don Ruths became Annandale’s first district champions. Jerry won the State Championship in the 159 lb. weight class on a referees decision from Jim Jenkins of Mt. Vernon. Jerry participated in varsity football before wrestling season started. One of Annandales track stars of the season 1963 was Rick Fisher. Rick was undefeated in his specialties, the 120 high and 180 low hurdles, during the regular season often setting records in these events. He also broad jumped, occassionally winning in that event. He set Fairfax County records in the low and high hurdles in the county meet which Annandale won. In the district meet he set records of 14.6 for the high hurdles and 19.5 for the low. RICK FISHER 101 flHHOHH When we return to Annandale High School a few years from now the school will be foreign to us. The new additions that we saw going up will be com¬ pleted. The mud we waded will be covered with grass, and peace will have returned. The music department will be in its new wing while the gym will be expanded. No longer will there be an annex, but an East wing will have replaced. The changes will be great, and we will all know what it was like to build on to our school. 1 : x NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Ken Hayden, Bill Tennet, Jim Avery, Robin Worthington. Row 2: Joey MacFarlen, Mary Ann MacFarlan, Joy Zengal, Randy Chase, Genie McClellan. Row 3: Margie Hollister, Wandra O’Rear, Diane Umlauf, Pri Scbill, Cheri Moore. Row 4: Steve Sears, Mary Elam, Sue Bell, Roger Goldstein, Bruce Romig, Richard Mellen, Joe Price, Richard Lind. The National Honor Society and the junior Honor Society strive to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stipulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the develop¬ ment o f character in students. Its members are chosen on basis of Scholarship, Ser¬ vice, Leadership, and Character. This year the National Honor Society has served Annandale High School by offering tutoring services and keeping the library open on Thursday afternoons. An induc¬ tion of new members from junior and sen¬ ior classes was held in April. The “old” members of the society welcomed these new members with plans of social as well as academic endeavors to increase and re¬ vive the interest and enjoyment of the Society. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Helen Rhea, Linda Eardley, Keven Davenport, Jim Checkovich. Row 2: Rosemary Grove, Robin Brickham, Karen Arnold, Pat Zepul, Diana Denn, Cindy Gossick, Carol Moak, Lynn Pletcha, Linda Spurlock, Carolyn Knotz. Row 3: Don Sylvester, David Stulman, Doug Sprugel, Chip Grange, Jim Carter, Teresa Yamake, Sue Nichols, Carolyn Mallen, Linda John¬ son. Row 4: Lyle Groome, Jim Creekman, John Blum, Leland Sprinkle, Marla Wolfe, Carol Coniti, Michel Vogt. Row 5: Mike Braid, Barry Barnes, Harold Mercer, Harold Raucher, Bill Brotherton, Greg Flick, Mike Retersilia, Ray Haygood, Scott Matherson. 104 ART GUILD Earth, fire, water, air—ART. PEP CLUB The pep club, newly formed this year to in¬ still the school spirit in everyone, had many pro¬ jects during the year. They decorated for foot¬ ball games and pep rallies. Many other activities, such as a pep band march through the halls, were held. This is the Art Guild. Color it pink. The art guild is composed of advanced art stu¬ dents. During the holiday seasons they brightened up the school with works of art including tempor painted windows. The quality in posters throughout the school was kept high through examination and censoring of said posters. The guild endured despite attempts by other organizations in the school to reduce its power. The pep club officers pitch in with the rest. 105 KEY CLUB In keeping in stride with its quotas for ser¬ vices, the Key Club has weighed anchor on., a number of worthy projects. To begin with, members have had four year-round responsibilities: They donated manpower to Mr. Klinger’s Audio-Visual fra¬ ternity; they provided super-salesman for the school store; they eased the pain of term papers by keeping the library open after school; and lastly, they braved the 8:00 A. M. frosts to raise Annandale’s stars and stripes. The Key Club was also the benefactor of aid to the Annandale Kiwanis Club. Besides regularly attending the Kiwanian meetings, the Key Club offered assistance in the Fourth of July fireworks sale and the annual Pancake Day. Moreover, with its whole-hearted interest in the not-so-fortunate, the club has partaken in the Cerebral Palsy Crusade, the March of Dimes, and the Christmas welfare drive. Finally, on home-grounds, the club has made itself useful by publishing and selling the school directory, by vending refreshments, and relegating coaches at the Powder-Puff football classic, and by encouraging fellow¬ ship with its February Sweetheart Dance. Row 1: Col. Clark (sponsor), Jim Avery, Richard Lind, Ken Hayden. Row 2; Len O’Peil, Paul Katz, David Stalman, John Blum, Mike Bledsoe, David Carhart, Row 3: Bob Miller, Scot Mathison, Tom Swan, Skip Grande, David Button, Bill Tennant. Row 4: Jim Splitt, Al Davidoff, Terry Killgore, Richard Mellen, Richard Johnson, John Bland, Steve Sears. KEYETTE CLUB The Keyette Club, in close conjunction with the Key Club, served the school and community throughout the year. It partici¬ pated in many useful projects such as a Christmas clothing drive for the needy. The members also served around the school on cleanup drives and several other projects. The Keyette Club has successfully combined useful work with enjoyment. Row 1: Arphah Bahadur, Peggy Miller, Nancy Pruitt, Linda Eardly, Val Weaver, Nan Heim. Row 2: Diana Rann, Faith McGee, Barbara Bennett, Terry Quinn, Harriet Witherall, Toni Butschek. Row 3: Sue Long, Kathy Keeble, Mary Sowers, Sue Bell, Joyce Ramay, Sharon McCoy, Brenda Blackwell, Marilyn Moore. Row 4: Marsha Daugherty, Cheri Moore, Carol Washington, Linda Wharton, Tish Ange, Connie Greenwood, Gay Stelzenmuller, Jane Anderson. The Sweetheart court—Yes, aren’t they? Priscilla Scull and Ken Hayden help out with scenery for the drama department. I Linda Hardy and John Haycock do the “twist” at the Sweetheart Dance. The quartet of Barbara Bennett, Sue Bell, Pri Scull, and Gay Stellzenmuller perform for the National Keyette Convention. 107 QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll is an honor society for those students who have demonstrated an ability in the literary fields. Students who work on the yearbook, the school paper, and the literary magazine are eligible for membership. This society meets infrequently because it is purely an honor society, not a service club. Its members perform their functions on the separate school publications. Row 1: Janet Whitaker, Mary Macintosh. Row 2: Marienne Wubbler, Sue Wood, Carol Battaglia, Gail Wanman, Kay Johnson. Row 3: Jane Haycock, Leslie Hart, Carol Benson, Bruce Romig, Paul Tannous, Barbara Todd, Mary Beth Fox, Karen Stafford, Joan Battaglia. A F S CLUB The AFS Club in action. The AFS, American Feild Service, is an international club which raises money to make it possible for Annandale High to have a foreign exchange student and to be allowed to have students from here to go overseas. The club has sponsored many social activities, such as square dances, for the foreign students in the area and their American families whom they live with while they are in this country. F 1 , m BtmNf j jpl 1-3 1 108 LIBRARY STAFF The library staff, composed of stu¬ dents interested in library work, gained laudable experience through practical training in our library. They worked as catalogers, filers, and desk clerks. They were of invaluable assistance to the librarians. Steven Reginald Sears, a senior, checks out his first reader. DRAMA CLUB “Good Grief! Look what they wrote.” The Drama Club is open to all students in all grades, “no experience needed.” Those students who especially enjoy working in the production areas associated with the theater are encouraged to join. This club gives students with talent and ability a chance to perform on the stage and to learn about theatrical procedures. The Drama Club’s major project for the year is the production of the play “The Dear Departed.” The supplement the know¬ ledge gained from producing plays, the members also attend plays in the metropli- tan area to study acting techniques, stag¬ ing, costumes, etc. The Arena Stage is frequently visited because of its attraction as theater-in-the-round. The club sponsors workshops for its members and guests at which local tele¬ vision and radio personalities speak to the group about their fields of entertainment. The club endeavors to present a well- rounded program of practical experience and study in the theatrical arts for the high school student. 109 The varsity negative team, Sue Wood and Paul Thomas, formulate last minute arguments before a debate with Lee. John Southern and Bill Tennant, the varsity affirmative team, present an indefeasible case in a debate with the Groveton team. DEBATE CLUB The J.V. team members; Mike LeClair, John Harmon, and Chan Visher; collaborate on strategy without their fourth, David Spalding. This year both varsity and junior varsity teams debated the question “Resolved that the United States should promote a common market in the Western Hemisphere.” This question provoked lively discussion regarding United States’ foreign trade policy. The team, sponsored by Mr. Trussel, placed high in league standings. The club, in ad¬ dition to the competition side, improved the mem¬ bers’ self-expression, extemporaneous speaking, and overall composure. 110 The members of the chess team were David Axleson, Joe Kalini, Max Landman, Jim McMcCarthy, Mike LeClair, and Stewart Bornhoft. The latter four seem to be engrossed in a strategical problem. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, organized to provide op¬ portunity for playing and furthering inter¬ est in the game, consisted of twenty-four members who played for a week under the sponsorship of Mr. Hutchison to determine the team. As a member of the Metropolitan Area Chess League, the team sent elected officers to participate in such activities as individual tournaments, lectures, and games with masters. Ill This year the Antenna staff made significant changes not only in the publication itself, but also in the organization and administration of the staff. This staff worked hard throughout the year in an attempt to present a thorough and accurate picture of the school year. The publication is being entered in competition in the Southern Interscholastic Publishing Association. ANTENNA Bruce Romig and Dave Wigutoff analyze the financial situation of the yearbook which is evidently poor. JOYCE RAMAY Editor-in-Chief DIANNE MURPHY. Assistant Editor RRUCE ROMIG Business Editor CRAIG WHITED . Assistant JANE HAYCOCK .... Senior Class Editor BARRARA COFFMAN . Assistant SUE WOOD Junior Class Editor JOAN BATTAGLIA . Soph. Class Editor CAROL BATTAGLIA Fr. Class Editor DAVE WIGUTOFF . Activity Editor CAM PASCOE Girls’ Sports Editor CINDY LIGHTFOOT . Assistant ALAN ABBOTT Sports Editor BRIAN SHIRLEY . Assistant SUE SHELLINGTON Subscription Editor KERRY QUINN Assistants WANDA JONES DAVID LEWIS Patron Ads Manager ROSALIND ANDERSON Assistant GEORGE PRICE RICHARD MELLON JOHN CONMY BARBARA TODD . Typist VIRGINIA KAHN Faculty Editor Mr. Henretty and Joyce confer about a layout for the Senior class section. 112 Again with what seem to be complete pandemonium, the Antenna staff hurried to meet deadlines. “Call Mr. Baptie and set up next Wednes¬ day for pictures in the classrooms . . . Dave where is the copy you were suppose to do . . . the senior section was due three days ago . . . Mr. Henretty, there’s too much noise in here . . . Butch where are those pictures! . . . Bruce we have to have more patron ads if we don’t go in the red . . . Sue there has to be a page 101 here! The life of a yearbook staff. Photographer Butch Livaditas and staff member Sue Wood confer on the quality of pictures. Virginia Kahn and Dianne Murphy, hard at work on the faculty section. 113 LATIN CLUB «Y;| ml-- ' V 1 A % 1 Sr 1 The Latin Club, ROMANI HODIERNI, is one of the oldest clubs at Annandale. This organization was found to further the study of the Latin language, cus¬ toms, and history. The one main event of the year was the annual Roman banquet held on the Ides of March, March 15. At this banquet the fourth year students were guests of honor and each of them had his own personal slave. The slaves were provided by the first year classes of the language. One of the clubs members, Peggy Miller, was elected president of the State Junior Classical League. Veni, Vidi, Vici. In the first meeting of the Spanish Club a list of activities was outlined for the year. The members chose a program including games adapted to a Spanish flavor such as “ghost” with a Spanish vocabulary and talks by various members who had lived in Spanish speaking countries and also talks by native speakers. Skits and the traditional trip to a Spanish restaurant were also included. A Christmas fiesta complete with pinata and Spanish carols was also added. Club pins in the shape of sombreros were ordered and folk dances and songs joined the list. SPANISH CLUB “Would you believe it? I just escaped from Cuba.” “I do . . . give you a Spanish Club pin. 114 Don’t be so surprised Paul. It’s only a newspaper. Nineteen sixty three was a year of ... :;ge for the A-Blast, both in policy and personnel. It turned to newsprint, relaxed its former stilted writing and pub¬ lished bi-weekly. When Mrs. Carpenter left in she was replaced by Mrs. Woodard. Constant rush pressure, trouble with the weather, and a vastly over¬ crowed workroom made this year a difficult one but a successful one. “Next week we’ve got to get organized.” A BLAST ' pig: ■ Psp:pPpMp. Annandale Greets Newest AFS Exchange Student Annandale is fortunate lo have an- olher foreign exchange student join us for the remainder of the year. Her name is Ahsen Karadttman and she cames to us from Istanbul Turkey. Ahsen first came to (lie United States in August and spent the first part of the year in Princeton. New Jersey before coming to Annandale on January 24. " I am so surprised at the climate here. ' ' commented Ahsen. " I thought it would be warmer, but it is much colder. " She likes Washington and feels that it is the nicest city she has seen since coming lo the United States. In her recent travels Ahsen has visited Philadelphia and New York, which she felt was ' too noisy. " Ahsen views the United States as much more modern than her native Turkey. Ahsen ' s family in Istanbul is com¬ prised of her father, a government worker, and her mother a house¬ wife. Her " adopted " family in An- nandaie is the Clayton Thomas fam¬ ily. .She has two American sisters. Teressa 5. and Sherry, a college sophomore. Among the customs the I Ahsen has brought from her native land is that of fasting—or Ramazan Since Ahsen is a Moslem she adheres to the fol¬ lowing schedule with strict regular¬ ity: she rises each day before sun¬ rise and has her dinner after sunset. She will continue on this schedule until the end of February. Ahsen has already graduated from high school in Istanbul. In Turkey fourteen subjects are taken each year with no elective subjects. While at Annandale. she is taking government, histor.v. English Iff. home economics, geography, and Al¬ gebra I. Ahsen spends her spare time playing basketball and playing the saz. a Turkish instrument similar to a guitar. - —y - HAICIH ' OCKT ACTION — We are featuring Annandale’ area-ranked basketball eight straight vlHory murk before l eing .stopped by George Washington ;i,y? this photo, taken at Annandale-Vorktowu contest won by Atoms . ' 7 IT in double k V ' team Ibis issue on January overtime. Will who reeled oft an at Aiuiundaie In Helium dumps io two for the men in ml. (Stall Tlndo |»y John KoImw.) Drama Club Enters Play In McLean Tournament John Vernon, dramatics director, has announced the select! n for this year ' s tournament pla.i. to b- entered in local competition . next Saturday, February B. Flu- Ways, a one - act pin. ' by Henry Zeiget. will im- ' udc tie N- following characters a drummer tRick Gn cm. a prisoner (Paul Buxton i. a yellow officer (Phil Lindseya guard tDiek cs’o.i two soldiers (Jefl Hartitiglcn and Gary Kcssleri. a peasant (Ken Hayden ' , h.s wife iHtinna B: un¬ done and a tr ' ue officer tldick Hathaway Choirs Start Tryouts were held Friday. Jan- u.irv 2o About ten girls earn- to compete lor the one female part Fl e Days is a dramatic play, a cynical criticism of war. Though the opposing forces ate never ac- m.illv known except by the colors of then ' undorms, it is apparent that they ' represent countries in an actual war. The whole phtv takes place as if on a treadmill, the en tire slO ' v being the march cf a prisoner of war If the play is a surreys in the McLean presentation, the entire troupe will travel to Charlottes ville fin’stale-wide competition A 1 1 (IflkSPK Spp Vol. VII — No. 9 Annandale High School February I. 1963 Guidance Department Explains College Admittance Programs GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Bruce Romig, Chester Cassell. Row 2: Gary Carpenter, Wanda O’Rear, Joan Strickland, Virginia Cole, Mike Schick. The German Honor Society encourages high scholar¬ ship not only in all phases of German language learning but also on other subjects. Membership is elective and a privilege, being limited to ten per cent of the students taking the language. The Society is alert to all German-centered events taking place in the community and sponsors or arranges for opera, international festival, operetta, movie, and theater parties. Because of the high scholastic standing of the Society, it serves as a translation department to assist in translating any German letters received by mem ¬ bers of the community. The induction ceremony was formal, lovely, long- to-be-remembered, a tradition which took place early in March. It was carried on entirely in German. LATIN HONOR SOCIETY The National Latin Honor Society, like the rest of our language honorary groups, includes in its membership students who have obtained a “B” plus or higher average in Latin II through Latin IV. The group is a national organization. At Annandale it is under the joint sponsorship of Mrs. Rose Little and Mrs. Evelyn Miller. Its membership represented some of the best stu¬ dents at Annandale. f J I ' C ' ITOI;. I E m ' IP Lv •• a Mp m jagmypL JT yki • BBT !, m Kill W Row 1: Donna Allen, Sandy Chase, Peggy Miller, JoAnne Bachman, Lydia Popp, Lynn Pletcha, Marsha Bishton. Row 2: Carol Battaglia, Thomas Rapp, William De Spain, Sue Strang, Joan Battaglia, Susan Pietrosewicz, Carolyn Mallon, Bobette Adcock. Row 3: Steve Packard, Kathy Hays, Jo Anne Price, Kathy Kearry, Diana Dann. Row 4: David Button, Richard Cheek, Mike Bledsoe, Craig Whited, Bill Tennent, Leland Sprinkle, Richard Anderson, Mary Rooney. 116 SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Joey McFarlan, Roger Goldstein, Wilma Olavari, Sharon Steiger. Row 2: Ken Murray, Nancy Seal, Paula Levitt, Toni Opeka, Margie Hollister, Connie Hutchins, Bobbie Nagle. Row 3: David Carhart, Ken Hayden, Vincent Lozito, Richard Mellen, Will Kellum, Tom McElfresh, Lyndia Smatterly. La luz dorado, the Spanish Honor Soc¬ iety, was established to honor students who have ex celled in the study of the Spanish language. Members attended performances of some Spanish dancers, Jose Greco among thme. Some after dinner speakers told us of Spanish speak¬ ing people and their countries. The in¬ duction ceremony was held in Spanish and the club was sponsored by Mrs. Jean Payne. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Jim Avery, Diana Umlauf, Vera Libeau. Row 2: Marilyn Moore, Janet Gutman, Mary McFarlan, Harriet Witherall, Mar¬ sha Daughtery, Karen Kaenzig. Row 3: Keith Buttleman, Sue Long, Pri Scull, Pat Dean, Gail Wanman, Nancy Stevens, Joy Zengel, Pat Koontz, Dan Powell. 117 LITERARY MAGAZINE The staff of the Literary magazine consisted of students interested in literature and creative writing. The magazine published articles by its staff as well as talented members of the students body made con¬ tributions of time and talent. Working on the maga¬ zine was a valuable experience. It helped the mem¬ bers of its staff to become more acquainted with the true meaning of literature. ALL of the members of the French Club are wide awake and watching The Creative Urge by Robert Morley. their program with intense interest. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, like our other language clubs, was composed of students taking French or ones who had previously taken the language. The club met frequently to discuss matters of interest to the mem¬ bers and to plan activities with a French flavor. The club made several field trips, had several guest speakers, and learned much about the language and culture as well as aquiring a taste for the flavor of the language of France. 118 CAFETERIA STAFF BUS DRIVERS . . . and leave the driving to us.” The student bus drivers are a valuable group not only for the school and the students they drive to school but also for themselves. They learn the meaning of responsibility. They have a regular job which requires punctuality. It gives them an opportunity to handle money which they have earned themselves. They gain valuable experience for the future. TTR 2 The Pi R Squares had as its goal the stimulation of interest and enjoyment of mathmatics. To do this, the club varied its program to include subjects of both practical and theoretical interest. Rather than subjecting its members to long periods of. strenuous thought, the club tried to stimulate them by touch¬ ing as wide a range of subjects as possible. John Southern heads an “intelligent” lunch conversation. RUSSIAN CLUB To broaden, to stimulate, to educate; these are the main functions of the Russian Club. Members had the opportunity to learn of dances, foods, and music. Mrs. McMurdo, an interested parent, helped our club enjoy various Russian foods. Several Russian movies gave the members a feel for the language which cannot be obtained in the classroom. Also, these films focused the highlights of Ru ssian culture into an enjoyable social get-together. 120 The one hundred piece combined symphonic and concert band prepares to perform for the student body. BAND Our band was busy throughout the year. It performed many marching rout¬ ines at football games. It divided into two groups, the symphonic and concert bands, to enter the annual band festival in which they both fared well. Our band also had several of its members enter the solo festival. The All-State band festival, in which Annandale had several partici¬ pants, was held at our school. It was supposed to be held in the new band wing, but this addition to the school was not completed in time. The dance band shows them how. 121 CHOIR Row 1: Kim Towel, Terry Yamaki, Mary Ann McFarland, Teddy Pippin, Sue Bell, Lois James, Willma Olivari. Row 2: Pri Scull, Deane Hall, Linda George, Dayle Jackson, Mr. Connell, Karen Webster Mosher, Dundee Moore 2 k Weston, Brian Shirley, Tommy Dix, Malcolm Winstead, Cindy Via, Jane Brantlinger, Nan Heim. Row 3: .Stellzenmuller, Paul Buxton, Bill Gardner, Doug Rotz, John DrewTTfth Zook, Connie Greenwood, Sandy Concert Choir This was an active year for the choirs. They gave several performances for the student body and per¬ formed several evening concerts for the public. The choirs entered the annual choir festival in which all fared well. Several of the choir members aJ tered the solo festival . Eight members were for the All-State choir. GIRLS CHORUS GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls Athletic Association was a new club. It was founded to further an interest in sports among girls. The club did this through several avtivities such as a campout and a track meet. It was possible for the members to earn club letters. The G.A.A. plans its next exciting activity. 123 Elections are held for new officers. These clubs’ main purposes were to render service to the community and to provide recreational activities for high school girls. At Christmas time one of the clubs prepared a caroling program for a nursing home, raised funds for the careof a war orphan. Others held bake sales and other activities the money from which was used for worthwhile causes. The jolly seniors make great plans. 124 125 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The F.H.A. plans its activities. “O.K., that’s fine, but how about just a little more cheese¬ cake.”. “If you are going to be a teacher, you need to learn that this is a pencil.” FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA F.H.A., the Future Homemakers of America, is an organization of girls studying homemaking in high school. Membership is voluntary and any girl who is taking, or has taken a homemaking course in junior or senior high school is eligible. The motto of the F.H.A. is “toward new horizons” with the overall goal “to help individuals improve per¬ sonal, family and community living now and in the future.” During the year the F.H.A. girls were continually taking time to evaluate their activities, attitudes and progress in their efforts to meet the requirements for the three degrees which may be earned: the Junior Home- making Degree, the Chapter Homemaking Degree, and the State Homemaking Degree. The Future Teachers of America gave to each mem¬ ber an opportunity to explore the different aspects of teaching. Some projects of the club during the year were: acting as teachers aids, during which members aided in sorting report cards and recording grades, do¬ ing registers and grading papers, interviewing different teachers, and reporting the interviews to the club mem¬ bers, obtaining through the efforts of the club members this year a portion of the bulletin board in the front office for the club’s use, decorating the teachers lounge for Christmas, and serving cookies to the teachers throughout the year. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The D.E. Club was engaged in several activities during the school year. It competed in certain areas of the district business contest against other schools in Fair¬ fax and Arlington Counties. It participated in the state Distributive Education Clubs of America Leadership Conference in Richmond. It worked on the Club project for the year, the Spring Festival of Fashion and Beauty. Members of the D.E. Club make preparations for the Miss Annandale Contest. The D.E. Club meets to decide an important matter. VOT Vocational Office Training is not a club but is a class for students who are planning to go into office work. These students learn how to be proficient opera¬ tors of many office machines such as typewriters and calculating machines. The students gain practical knowl¬ edge when they go to work every day in the afternoon. Students in the V.O.T. Class concentrate on perfecting their methods. Hard at work at my machine. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS For your approval. Christie Parsons 128 Margie Hollister Donna Tribby Kathy Ingerson Brenda Blackwell Nan Heim Pat Brown Zoe Ann Lawson UNDERCLASS CHEERLEADERS Although these girls do not receive the recognition accorded to their var¬ sity counterparts, they do much to contribute to general school spirit, game attendance, and most impor¬ tant, they serve to increase student at¬ tendance at the underclass athletic ac¬ tivities. The girls also work to bolster the finances of t le athletic fund. J) A2 ‘ AN The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Janise Whitley, Kathy Moser, Jakie Johnson, Kazaan Orsi, and Karen Suckonic. The Freshman Cheerleaders Sandy Smith, Sandy Cook, Beverly Anceravage, JoAnn Kevill, Margaret Dreiss, JoAnn Tobiason, Linda Hardy, Kathy Kerney — Pat Marusak, and Jane Jeppson. 130 MAJORETTES The majorettes composed of ten lovely and talented girls, worked closely with the band to add to the performances of the band not only at the football games but also in a va¬ riety of community appearances. The girls put in many hours of practice in preparation. They also served as usherettes for all school activities. Janell Pollock Co-captain 131 Joan Strickl er Co-captain STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Mike Bledsoe conducts a meeting of the legislative council. The Student Cooperative Association was the rep¬ resentative organization of the student body. Its duties and powers were what the students made them; its accomplishments were to the credit of the students. No other organization was so student- oriented, both in concern and composition. The SC A was made up of four elected officers, the class presidents, a class elected representative body (each class was allowed one representative for every seventy-five students), and a cabinet appoint¬ ed by the president. This year, the Student Council provided the teachers with a Faculty Tea held before the school session started so that new and old teachers could become acquainted; mixer dances for all students to meet each other; the Homecoming festivities during the half time of the W—L football game and the Homecoming Dance; the Powderpuff Football Game, proceeds going to charity; a welfare drive in con¬ junction with the Key Club and the Keyettes; a re¬ vised and enlarged hand book; the “Miss Annan- dale” contest with the D.E. Club; various class and school wide elections; the Magazine Drive; ' many assemblies; and participated in various conferences, including the District and State SCA conventions. The officers were president, Mike Bledsoe; vice- president, Rocky Gaines; secretary , Sharon Shyer; and treasurer, Diane Grande. GERMAN CLUB The German Club selects a new German name for itself. Mr. Gareth Rose sponsored the German Club this year. It has par¬ ticipated in many worthy activities this year. It has participated in not only projects involving the study of the language and culture of Germany, but also in other fields of endeavor. 132 HOMECOMING The Homecoming Court composed of Faith McGee, Connie Hutchings, Penny Lipscomb, Nancy Pruett, Cindy Via, Nan Heim, Sue Wood, Arphah Bahadur, and Zoe Ann Lawson. Mike Bledsoe, president of the SCA, escorts Zoe Ann Lawson, the Homecoming queen. 133 DANCES “. . . and the clock struck twelve.” “One two three switch.” How did this picture of the teachers’ lounge get into the “Dance” section? Guess which person in this picture has just swallowed a fly? NO, this is not Katherine and Arthur Murray. Roger Rutledge, Arphah Bahadur, and Bene Gene Dozier enjoy the Junior Prom. Peggy Miller and Fred Wirth are hard at work decorating for the Sweetheart Dance. 135 THE COURT—Pat Hurst, Gay Stellzenmuller, Sue Wood, Penny Lipscomb, Lynn Robins. Zoe Ann thinks of the events of her reign as the hour ap¬ proaches when she will relinguish her crown to a new Miss Annandale. The Annual Show of Beauty and Fashion was spon¬ sored by the Distributive Education department under the supervision of Mr. Todd. The main even of the show was the selection of Miss Annandale High School for the com¬ ing year. To begin the show one of the stores in the area conducted a fashion show using seniors from the high school as models. Then the fifty contestants selected by their respective classes competed for the coveted title. They are required to walk across the stage in progression. The judges base their decision partly on this showing. From here, the judges retire to observe and question the girls more closely. While this further judging is conducted the students present a talent show. The climax of the evening is the crowning of the new Miss Annandale High School and the selection of four girls to comprise her court. 136 Anxious moments were passed in idle gossip while the judges made the important decision The last eleven before the court was chosen stand nervously while the judges seek for answers to their question. The suspense comes to an end as Zoe Ann yields her title to Sue Wood — Miss Annandale High School for 1963-1964 k. i m m t P% , ■£ ' Hi ] 3 SENIOR PLAY Everyone gets into the act in Agatha Christis Ten Little Indians. TALENT SHOW OOH, OOH, OOH, it’s Brian Shirley! Michelle Lees relaxes between rehearsals. Bobbie Nagle with his Dick Hathaway terrifies pencil. 138 Exercise is fun for those that are bystanders!!! ASSORTMENTS The newest style in town. 139 You just never know what to expect from Lenny O’Peil. ASSORTMENTS Carol finds her date unusal to say the least. ’ Heineman seems to hold everyone’s attention. 140 NNANDALE HIGH SCHOOL Conrad seems to have even the press under his spell not to mention the girls. Mr. Farris and the cast hard at work in rehearsal. 141 Albert (Malcolm) protects his boy from the press. Conrad “John” Birdie just can’t seem to get away from those girls. Connell - Farris - Vernon versus Metro- Golwyn-Mayer: Early in April BYE BYE BIRDIE started working toward production night. Every afternoon the halls were filled with people dancing and singing and in general having a “good time.” Many worked behind the scenes with tickets, props, cos¬ tumes, and other important committees. Without the effort of all the production could never have been a success. i UNDERCLASSMEN Steve Aasheim Donna Allen Bettie Allman Mary Amburn Richard Anderson Rosalind Anderson Ronnie Andrews Tish Ange Lou Arrington Patricia Avery Diane Axelson Jo Anne Bachman Jon Bachman Bob Bacon Don Barker Alan Bassett Carol Battaglia Joan Battaglia Bob Behan Burton Beitz Robert Bell Rod Bell Timmy Bell John Beller Steve Benton claA6 lodt many Dick Berryhill Mark Bielski Marsha Bielski Kaye Bird Julie Johnson and Sue Long work at P.S.A.T. 144 Kathy Bishop Marsha Bishton What are they doing to our school! many dear friend to Woodoon. Brenda Blackwell Bonnie Blaine Jim Blandin Patricia Boisvert Dana Bonkemeyer Lee Booker George Bottke Lynn Bowers Ann Brady Jane Brantlinger 145 The world of youth; happiness, disappointment, new discoveries, and excitement electrify the cool crispness of air during a morning class exchange. bi icuLtieA Aoon arooe over which Atone and Tommie Braun Elizabeth Bremer Allan Briggs Art Britton Bill Brown Pat Brown Laurie Burns Jeff Burton Keith Buttleman Jane Cables Phyllis Cacciatore Becky Cain Toni Calabrese John Callaghan Robert Camarena 146 Steve Campbell Pam Canham David Carhart Susan Care Charlotte Casey Sue Chaffin Pamela Charles Marya Chegin Mary Sue Childs Ronnie Clark Parker Coad Lottie Coffey Barbara Coffman Virginia Cole John Conny Barry Cooper Mary Cooper Michael Cooperman Cathy Corns Janet Crane iniali waA to adorn each . ♦ ♦ John Harmon, Mike LeClare, and Paul Tannous retard chemistry 100 years in Mrs. Wood’s Chem Study class. Leila Cronan James Croy Robert Culbertson Christine Davidson Byrdell David Ken Davis Lynn Dearvvester Pat DeLuca 147 Connie Dempsey Bob Dickenson Daun Dickie Sheryl Doe Bene Gene Dozier Joe Ducibella Sandra Duke Steve Eakle Pat Eck Virginia Edwards Jean Elliott Richard Erickson Charlotte Fairey Christine Falkner Tisl Faver Alma Felber Helen Fleischer Linda Fletcher Carol Floyd Kathy Fragala Paula Frazier David Fulton Rocky Gaines Gretchen Gates Donna Germaine ol the long awaited claoo ringo. t this all male mechanical class needs is a real live “French urve. 148 Betty German Pat Gibson Anna Gideon Martha Godwin Patty Goforth Kay Gordon Judy Gould Connie Greenwood Richard Griffiths Sandy Grim Ann Griswold .ke “junior jollied” dwelled . . . Chem study challenges John Harmon and Richard Myers. Cheryl Hagarty Gail Haggstrom Diane Hall Peter Hardy John Harmon Julie Harper Leslie Hart Bill Hatch Jane Haycock Holly Hebei Carol Heighes John Helmick Carol Herbert Jo Anne Hiatt Jana Hightower 149 Ruth Hill Cindy Hippier Greg Holland Don Holmes Gwen Honea Carol Honenberger Duane Hopper Nancy Hopper Mary Horgan Pam Horn Joe Hornsby Ann Horton Barbara Hottle David Hottle Vance Hough the claAA treasury. Leslie Hart attributes the female figure with some new forms. Sharon Houston Dennis Howard Alan Humphries Dee Humphry Jean Hummer Billie Ann Hunter 150 The junior class sponsors and officer: Mr. Bolding, Bill Hatch, Billie Ann Hunter, Len O’Peil, Corky Upchurch, and Mr. Wade. We eagerly supported our teamo. Victoria Inks Wendy Impett Marilyn Ireland Brenda Jackson Dixie Jackson Gary Jackson Ronnie Jackson Carol Jaffrey Barbru Johnson Bert Johnson Bruce Johnson Julie Johnson Karen Johnson Helen Jones Nancy Jones Tommy Jones Kathy Jordan Karen Kaenzig Virginia Kahn Joe Kallini Mike Keller Polly Kemp Sharon Kemp Gary Kessler Julie Kinkead 151 Terry Killgore Gale Killough Pat King Rusty King Cheryl Kinsella Karleen Klemp Betty Klinstiver Pat Koontz Victor Knott Pat Kulina Robert Laberge Faye La Fone James Lambert Becky Landin Carol Lange Joe Langhorne Jim Lawton Mary Layne Michelle Lees Aleen Lemesh Lynne Le Van David Lewis Penny Lipscomb Bruce Loberg Bill Locke Kathy Logan Clayton Long Eugene Long Susie Long Warren Lowry Vincent Lozito Steve Lunsford Lorraine Mac Carter Spring brought 152 During the Christmas season Annandale’s in¬ dustrious art class provided our dark halls with multicolored sunshine. ITlerit iSckolaraliip Wallace Magathan Crisell Mahinske Jon Marker Dusty Martin Andy Marusak Ken Massie Donna May Jim Me Carthy Tim Me Cormack Denise Me Hugh James Me Kane Larry Me Kay Jean McLain Ron Mel Bourne Greg Mensinger teata and . . . Alan Miley Peggy Miller Robert Miller Norman Mills Tuck Milton Kevin Miner Jan Mitchell Daniel Mooney Sandra Moore Dennis Morreale Sandra Mosher Marty Mudrinich Cliff Muller Ted Munns Dotty Myers 153 Richard Myers Nancy Nightingale Gary Norby Mike Norton Ellen O’Neill Jerry Olson Len Opeil Stephen Packard Jim Page Linda Park Robert Pate Roger Paxton Jeff Pearson Kris Pederson Irene Pelszynski Gail Pennine Judi Perlman Fred Perry Cindy Phelps Kurt Pierce Edward Piggott Gary Plaugher Teddi Pippin Pat Plecha Suzanne Portrurn Charles Post Jack Pressly Linda Price Chris Raabe Richard Randa Pat Rant Steve Richards Tom Ricketts our l’irot attempts at 154 Eugene Riddle Lynn Robbins John Robey Linda Rock Rruce Rollman Karen Rucker Roger Rutledge Richard Samuelsen Vincent Sanborn Mike Scanlon Michael Schick Jo Ellen Schild Fred Schmoyer Linda Schnatterly Peggy Schoenecker Cheryl Schuler Bruce Schulz Norman Scurria tke well-known “(S allege “Now girls lets do it my way,” begs Steve Campbell. Nancy Seale Suzy Selph Maureen Shafer Sandi Shoemaker Sharon Shyer Craig Smith Richard Smith Steve Spiller Miles Staley Jim Stanfield Mary Stanley Karen Stafford Harold St. Clair Sharon Steiger Gay Stelzenmuller ft 155 Nancy Stevens Joy Stingley David Stirling Paul Stoliaroff Carol Stoner Don Stover Susan Strang Joan Strickland Jeff Strong Emmett Sullivan Jay Swee Robert Sylvester Sharon Talley Paul Tannous Jean Taylor inally arrived at the top o Ruth Teriault Carol Thie Stephany Tisdale Toby Tobiason Susan Tregone And now that dreadful test will come. 156 Donna Tribby Joa n Turnquist Toni Twisdale Joe Ulery Corky Upchurch Richie Vaughn Mary Vawter Sargeant Visher Patsy Wafel the school ao the ( laoo 1963 marched down the aiole. Joe Warren Clark Watson Carl Weinmeister Peggy Weissenstein Dick Westbrook Carolyn White Kenneth Whitt Joseph Whitton Karleen Wiesendanger Dave Wigutoff Bob Williams Chris Williams Claudia Wilson Malcolm Winstead Kathy Wirth Harriet Witherell Denise Young Kurt Zolner William Zook Elmo Zumwalt 157 Richard Abbott Robert Abrams Janet Ackroyd Bobette Adcock Stephen Allen Sue Allman Bill Altice Charles Anderson JoEllen Anderson Virginia Anderson Valerie Andricos Ralph Antrim Arthur Arden James Armstrong Karen Arnold Marilyn Auer Timothy Austin Sue Baker James Beall Kathy Beery Patricia Bell Robert Bell Victor Beninate Ernie Bickers Richard Birnbaum Mike Bishop Joanne Black Nick Black Jean Blake Joy Blount John Blum Sandy Bohart Stewart Bornhoft John Boutin Bruce Bowers Steven Bowers Ralph Bowles Brian Boyle 158 SOPHi 40RES Mike Braid Kathleen Bremer Marc Brenman Robin Brickham Cynthia Brigandi Nigel Broder William Brotherton Bruce Brumm Patt Bruns Gibby Button Pat Byrne Chris Cabler Wally Cain Steve Carlson Lee Cameal Coleen Carraway Cynthia Carroll Fred Carter Slaving had a year to . . . James Carter Kirk Carter Tom Cauble Jackye Cave Charles Chamberlin James Checkovich Ellin Childs Scott Church Darrolyn Ciampa Cathy Clark 159 Jane Clark Lee Clarkson Spencer Clendenin Barbara Clough Nan Clubb Fred Cole Carol Conaty William Connelly Kathleen Cook William Cook Thomas Coons Jim Creekman Cheri Crum Joy Culbertson Kenneth Culbertson Deanne Dabbs Deanna Dahl Michael Daly q b ome oriented, Dianna Dann Mike Dattilio Kevin Davenport Pat Davies Sophomore Class Officers: Pres., Steve Ross; Jim Checkovich. Kathy Moser, Ann Davis Greg Davis 160 Mike Davis Diane Dayton John Dean William DeCamps Diana DeHaven Connie DeLaMater Charles Delf Carol Denham William DeSpain Ronnie Dickens Mickey Dietz Terry Dillon the Sophomore look toward honor ocietie . Frank Donaldson Robert Dowell Dianne Dreyer Dee Duncan Dianne Duncan Richard Dunn Jody Dyer Linda Eardley Valerie Echwald Chris Enloe Robert Epley Jeffrey Erickson John Esche Steve Estes Jim Fagelson Jeffery Fair Jane Faries Brian Farley Pam Ferguson Carole Fischesser 161 Carol Fisher Leslie Fisher Jackie Fleisher Celeste Fletcher Gregory Flick Peggy Floyd Pat Forde Norman Fowlkes David Fox Nancy Fox Martha Foye John Frazier Bonnie Fuller Ethel Galloway Kerry Gardner Caving acquired recognition, William Gardner Ron Gentry Linda George James Gerald Douglas Gillikin Pat Gilroy Chris Girard Judy Goltz Cindy Gossick Lynn Grabb Rob Graham Rhona Gralla Nancy Granberry Diane Grande Chip Grange Allen Green Lyle Groome Rosemary Grove Fred Guild Richard Guthrie Barry Haas Jan Hagstrom Bob Haken Marvin Hall 162 Janis Hamilton Pat Hamilton Wayne Hamilton Cathy Hanks Patricia Hannoush Cathleen Hansen Dave Hardy Debbie Harper Marcia Hasie “I can out argue you anyday,” says Arpah. tAe o 7965 turned . . . Susan Hatch Frank Hathaway Kathy Hayes Ray Haygood Paulette Heaven Susan Heflin Madelyn Hegarty Mary Ann Heinemann Lee Henry Robin Hess John Hinz Don Hirst John Holda Donna Holscher James Hopper Patricia Hopper Loretta Horgan Jack House Jane Hughes Mary Ann Hughes 163 ■ Nancy Humphries Eric Hustvedt Greg Ivy James Jacks Dayle Jackson Judy James Ellen Johns Jackie Johnson Linda Johnson Wayne Johnson Greg Jones Raymond Jones Quote to Mr. Porter from the administration, “Get off the TABLE!!” to more work to hold Scott Jones Candy Kane Paul Katz Peggy Kauffman Marjorie Keck Jon Kelley Russell Kelley Lee Kemmerling Steve Keplinger Barbara Kerr Bob Kiefer Carol King 164 ■Hi Judi King John Klasinski Carolyn Klotz Frank Kuhn Steve LaBerge John Lainhart Greg Landreth Linda Lange Jo Ann Langworthy John Langworthy James Larkins Louise LaRoche Gayla Dee Larson Frank Layhee Sandra LeCouvre Douglas Lee Kevin Leonard Cal Lewiston Margie Lipscomb Priscil la Liscombe Jean Little Earnest Livaditis Karen Loeffler Edward Logan their honorA. Bill Lowe Barbata Lutz Kathy Lutz Sandy Lyon John Lyster Bonnie MacCarter Robert McCanna Doug McCash William McDaniel Karen McDonough Faith McKee Diana McKinney 165 Dane McLendon Dahlis McMurdo Pat McWhinney Madeline Macidull Shelley Magathan Carolyn Mallon Donald Mann April Martin Timothy Mason George Matecko Scott Matheson Roy Mathews Robert May Richard Mendenhall Harold Mercer biology and Kitty Merendino Bill Merica Ruth Meyer Melinda Miller Pam Miller Rik Miller Bill Millington Danny Mistretta Linda Mitchell Michael Mitchell Carol Moak Liss Moltke-Hoff Fred Mooney Robert Moran Phillip Morris Kathy Moser Chuck Mudd Jerry Murphy 166 John Murphy Kenneth Murray Robert Myers Howe Nagle Richard Nay Michael Nolan Paul Norby Dan Novy Susan Nuckols Patricia O’Hara Kathy O’Keefe Karen Olin Bill Olivari Susan Opeka Kazaan Orsi geometry proved perplexing to many. Chris Overmoe Mary Pagliero Cheryl Pardee John Pearson Kathy Pearson Cynthia Peek Lisette Penn Michael Petersilia Marshall Peterson Adrienne Petring Tom Pfister Karen Phillips Susan Pietrosewicz Thomas Pitt Lynn Plecha Linda Popp Wendy Porter Richard Potter Joanne Price Lawrence Pripeton Gary Ralston Thomas Rapp David Rapson James Rasmussen 167 Nancy Rath Harald Rauscher Marjorie Reid Karen Rennard Helen Rhea Carol Rhodes Marsha Riley Mary Jo Ripani Carole Risteen Frankie Roberts Thomas Robinson Mary Rooney Ralph Rose Ronald Rose Stephen Ross Robert Ruecroft Linda Rye Stephanie Sabatier Sandra Sadler Gary Salpini Donna Sanza Matt Sauer Randy Saunders Sandra Saunders Pamela Savige Joe Say black Thomas Sayers Dave Sayles Tim Schick Rarbara Schild Robert Schmidt Jack Schoenecker Bob Schutz James Scurria Marta Sears Bruce Seay JUcrny ventured 168 Rick Seltzer Robert Settle Keith Shafer Marion Shattuck Richard Shearer Lynne Sherman Wilma Shortt Debbie Silver Robert Simmons Cheryl Skow Gary Skow Carol Smith into the Oporto program. That’s the best excuse I’ve heard for days,” laughs Mr. Finch. June Smith Rick Smith Suzy Smith Tony Smith Marilyn Snow Lila Soler Lynn Sparks David Spaulding Don Speet Tom Speirs Jim Splitt Leland Sprinkle 169 What goes on shop classes to make the boys grin so big? Douglas Sprugel Linda Spurlock Eliot Stacy Carol Stastny Phil Steffes William Steiger Jane Stevens James Stewart Jeri Stoner the clcae ol the year, tA d!± I .. v Frank Strong David Stulman Karen Suconick Linda Sutherland Mike Swann John Swee Don Sylvester Sheila Tanner Carolyn Tavenner Betty Taylor Jody Taylor David Thomas Larry Thomas Barbara Thompson Bruce Thompson James Thompson Warren Thrasher Bruce Tieman Sharon Tilton Tommy Tilton 170 Wayne Tolli .tr Grag Toole Kim To well John Trenholm Jim Turley Sandee Turner Chriss Twardy Ronny Twisdale Cheryl Ulmer Sylvia Upchurch Debbie Variey David Vincent Eben Visher Gail Vogel Michele Vogt eyeo turned to the junior rincjo. Mike Waldner Judy Walters Marilyn Watkins John Watson Goree Waugh Pam Wayne Vonnie Webb John Welch Patricia Welliver Janis Whitley Page Wiencek Barbara Wientjes Margaret Willis Alan Wilson Eva Wilson Marla Wolfe Susan Wood Dan Woods William Yaeger Teresa Yamaki Susan Yelton Randy Young Larry Zenk Pat Zepul A 171 Roberta Abernethy Wyman Adcock Peggie Albright Jim Allbright Beverly Anceravage Margaret Anderson Sally Andrews Hal Anthony Douglas Arthur Robert Arthur James Asselstine Wayne Avery David Axelson Dale Ayers Karen Badin Wendy Bailey Pete Balas William Ball Mary Ellen Barnes Jeff Bassett Karen Beaudoin Linda Becker Suzanne Beckley Barbara Beller qMa the year started Margaret Bellett Tom Bennett Sharon Berg Lois Bergman Walter Berry Jorge Bertran Carolyn Best Jane Lee Blankenbaker Donald Blanton Bob Bobbett Elaine Bolte Sue Booker Melody Bornhoft Nancy Bowen Dee Bowles 172 Eugenia Braun Terry Braun conluaion changed to joy Mr. Vernon’s art classes proved themselves friendly and informa¬ tive. Donna Bray Steve Brigandi Doug Brill Greg Brock Burnett Brown Tom Brown Pamela Bryant Patricia Bucko Barbara Burlockoff Jeanne Burris John Cacciatore Peter Cahill Jody Calabrese Peggy Callaghan Charles Carey Jack Carlin Pam Chambers Paula Chambless Marilyn Chernis Ricky Ciampa Susan Clague Charles Clary Bill Cloman James Cloman Bob Coffeen Tom Costles Anita Cohoon Newton Collins Barbara Colman 173 Ronnie Comerford Cecilia Conaty Bill Connolly Sandy Cook Steve Coombs Don Cordes Charles Cottrill Chip Cousins Sue Covell Suzanne Cowan Pete Croy Chuck Curtis lor the ( ,lcioo o 7966 . Margaret Damer Karen Darsch Terry Davidson Pam Davies Woody Davis Bob Dawson Thomas Dean Joel DeLuca Susan DeSutter Lee Dewey Jane Diaz Charles Dickenson Lorraine Dickerson Brad Doane Dan Dobson Frederick Doering Sondra Dotson Peggy Dowden Cydnie Drake Margaret Dreiss Debbie Dreyer Beth Duncan Barry Eichenauer Richard Eissner 174 FR SHMEN Neal Ellis Steve Ellis Janet Ernst Claudia Fairfield Bill Falconer Carole Fantini Joan Faries Bob Feavyear Jacki Feild Bob Fine David Fleischer Steve Fleming ke i fear closed with mixed emotions. Jim Flynn Louise Flynn George Forsythe Karen Fosnaught Linda Franklin Karen Freed Sharon Freed Jean Fuerstenau ✓ Richard Fulton John Fungaroli Steve Fuss Sheron-Rose Gallagher 175 Linda Gallant Alexis Gardella George Gargus Gary Garner Pamela Gates Peter Gaul Nancy Gauvreau Debbi Geyer Jack Gilden Johnny Gill Marie Jose’ Gilliard Diane Gisvold 4ti$er Michael Glaser Sandra Gomez Karen Good William Goodman Craig Gordon Krista Gordon Lynn Goula Scott Grainger Terry Grange Bill Gray- Ken Gray David Grayson tStudieo began to get Gary Grayson Rick Greene John Greenwalt Sam Greenwood Jan Gulledge Tracy Gulledge Joe Gura John Haga Ann Hagan Mike Hagarty John Hagstrom Rebecca Hall 176 Jeannette Halpin Bob Hamilton Linda Hardy Brenda Harrison Donald Harrison Linda Harrison but }un waa pushed The freshman of today, the Alma Mater. Seniors of tomorrow, learning the Ceci%i Hair 1 ' Dennis Hart Henry Hart Michael Hart Phil Hart William Hartman John Haycock Donn Hayes Michael Hayes Kay Haygood Joseph Hearin Karen Heiberg Gordon Herrell Bob Hess Jenney Hilbert Carolyn Hines Pam Hirst Pat Hirst Horace Holley Alton Hollister John Holmes Nancy Honea Bill Hovland Benny Howard 177 Elin Hustvedt Steve Irane Chester Irby Tate Jackson Gretchen Jennigs Jane Jeppson Linda Johnson Carol Jones Philip Jones Stephen Jones Suzanne Jones Bill Kamminga Kathy Kearney Mike Keegan Patty Kelley Alan Kellogg Mary Keltner Paula Kennedy Paul Ketcham Jo Anne Kevill Richard Kimzey Jim King Mike Kirk Kim Klein in between the work . Donald Kline Ronnie Klingensmith Chris Kohn Jonathan Kraushaar Jan Krebs Michael Kulina Rebecca Kungel Joe Kunze John LaCava John Lacey Bill Lafferty Tom LaFone 178 Kent Laikind Linda LaMantia Gletta Layne Carol Leach Carol LeBlanc Kathryn Lee Carol Lewis Carolyn Lewis Aletha Lloyd Andrew Loberg Walter Locke Robert Loesch Dennis Logan Lesley Logan Janice Lowery David McCain Donald McCain Nancy McCarthy Pat McCarville Bruce McClain Carol McClendon David McCloskey Robert McDaniel Elizabeth McDonald Mrs. Mitchell takes the mood of her class to the Far East. Dan McFadden Scott McWhinney Mary Jo Macho Sharon Mahone Jennifer Maire James Maness 179 Ann Mank Mike Mann Bonnie Martin Ginny Martin Pat Marusak Kenneth Marx Ronald Massey Horace Matthews Barb Mayhall Constance Mayock Mary Meadows Karen Meehan John Miller Sylvia Millhouse Terry Minogue 92 ew horizons opened f or many Tom Mitchell Franklin Monroe Ray Moore Gary Morgan Dennis Morris Martha Mosier Lawrence Mulvihill Gayle Murphy Mary Murphy Connie Musolino Donald Nafus Sonja Newland Tommy Newton Pete Nickerson Candy Nieman Barbara Nolen Doug Norcross Rick Norton Linda Novy Jacqueline O’Brien Richard Oderwald Bobby Oliver Karey Olson Charlie O’Neill 180 “And furthermore, I read it in the A-Blast, “says an A-Blast re¬ presentative. •suck cu C tt[atk . Patricia Ortagus Eddie Papin James Parish Patricia Parish Frank Parrotta Robert Parsons Anne Linda James Perrieone Mary Pettit Rex Phillips Dave Piehl Lisa Pinning Cliff Pippin Terry Plaughter David Post Richard Powell Brian Price George Price Jim Pruett P£ye BilljT ' Phg ' Bill Putnam Ronald Quasebarth Sharon Ralston Tom Randall Milton Raphael Ginny Rapp Walter Reed Linda Reynolds Roy Reynolds Gary Richardson 181 Charles Riegle Susan Rife Linda Rinearson Carolyn Ripani Stephen Ritter Kathleen Robertson Katy Rodgers Michael Rodriguez Kathryn Rooney Jim Roos Linda Ross Larry Rowe Randy Rowe Mark Rutzick Doug Rye Jim Sari Pat Sari Lie Saunders William Saverance Curt Sayblack Yvonne Schlegel Marsha Schmitt John Schmoyer Becverly Schnatterly §y m ( ladAea became 182 Mr. Rose tries to get the “German” pronunciation from his students. |uh lor the 1 ' irot time. Craig Smith Kenneth Smith Lucia Smith Nancy Smith Paula Smith Sandy Smith • Scott Smith Sandy Snider Larry Speakman Ted Speakman Penny Spears Tam Spencer Donna Sprague Peggy Spruill Brian Spurlock Christie Stahl Karen Standish Billy Stanley John Starkey Jerry Startzel Nova Stelman Jimmy Stevens 183 Don Stevenson Dale Stingley Diane Stirling Mike Stirrup Dave Stover Mary Ellen Stover Carol Stringfellow Larry Strong Linda Sullivan Judy Suraci Kitty Suraci Glenn Suter Bob Sutherland Robert Sydenstricker Libby Tamson Alan Taylor Elaine Tennant Bonnie Thie Steve Thomas Mark Thomson Nancy Tisdale Jo Ann Tobiason Mary Trammell Robert Turman Renee Turner Kim Ulanowicz Ruth tilery Paul Underwood Carmen Upenieks Barbara Usher John Valusek Arthur Vamau Rebecca Vaughn Samuel Verser Vance Veynar Tom Via Larry Viel Michael Wade Mary Wailes Mike Wakefield Nancy Walker Jim Walters 184 The freshman found reassurance in guidance after fighting the halls of Annandale. Tke year closed with mixed emotions. Margie Wilkerson Bruce Williams Carol Williams Jim Williams Judy Williams Kay Williams Charles Willis Monty Willis Robert Windsor Carol Wismer Meg Wisniewski Brad Wolcott Barbara Jo Wood Ann Wooten Chris Worley Peggy Worth Robert Worthington Perry Wright Lin Yanker Margie Yep Dick Young John Zmud Jim Zook James Zumwalt 185 famm | Our school year closed with misgivings and apprehensions for the things we l ad failed to achieve, but with great hope? for thi opportuni |lfcs jgjat awaitedJus in tj p future r Annandale Office 7400 Little River Turnpike Phone: 256-6900 Springfield Office 6315 Backlick Road Phone: 451-4300 THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA BANK Your Full Service Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Best Wishes ANNANDALE SUPPLY CO. ANNANDALE MILLWORK Backlick Rd. bet. Rt. 236 Braddock Rd. " Everything for your home HARDWARE — GARDEN SUPPLIES and commercial needs. " CL 6-3003 LUMBER — MILLWORK — BUILDING MATERIALS Free Estimates GORDON REALTY Prompt Delivery 9863 Columbia Pike 7120 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Va. Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-1300 CLearbrook 6-2500 Sam ' s Tailoring Co. ANNANDALE FLORIST Custom tailor for ladies and men COLUMBIA PIKE AT MAPLE STREET TUXEDO RENTAL CL 6-2666 Special Rates for Students and Groups Factory Prices Complete Alterations 7308 Little River Turnpike Kathy ' s Beauty Lounge 9718 Columbia Pike CL 6-8383 CL 6-6674 Across from the fire hall Hours: 9:00-6:00; Thurs, Fri. 9:00-7:30 188 FISCHER HARDWARE HOUSEWARE — GLASS — TOYS RENTALS — SPORTS PLYWOOD — GARDEN SUPPLIES HARDWARE Bland and Brandon Ave., Springfield FL 4-5700 McCormick Jeweler Town of Annandale CLearbrook 6-3000 DIAMONDS — WATCHES SILVERWARE — GIFTS Specializing in Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing Member of Central Charge WARNER ' S AMERICAN 7100 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Va. The Star Supply Co. HARDWARE — BUILDERS SUPPLIES Free Delivery — Open Evenings ' til 7 7326 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Va. Lynch Bros., Inc. Realtors SALES . . . RENTALS . . . INSURANCE FL 4-7000 Property Management Residential and Industrial Acreage Springfield Shopping Center Springfield, Virginia ANNANDALE ESSO 9620 Columbia Pike CL 6-9815 AERO T. V. 7314 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Virginia Virginia Savings and Loan Association 6825 BLAND AVENUE SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA FL 4-4100 Savings accounts insured up to $10,000 by an agency of the U. S. Government 189 [h A TTsocg Dbi§§ Sm®p Corner of Annandale Road Maple Street Annandale, Virginia Annandale, Va. CL 6-2211 Tiw (Pom IP1 2A =AN IN GI laundering ' ER AN extra charge NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE Powers Cleaners CLearbrook 6-3000 CAPONE MUSIC COMPANY Musical Onstruments and Accessories %ucud Snsburitm 4321 McWhorter PI. Annandale, Va. CL 6-6771 190 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Class of ’63 3aeulty Members Antenna Stiff School Photographer Zamsni Studies Mr. Charles Bapfie, f)r. Mr. Ralph 8. Buebley Mr. Donald B. Henretty Solving a College problem, Margie? Yes, and many of her friends and yours are too. By saving before spending, rather than saving what you have not spent, Margie, is helping to solve a major college problem. MONEY! College costs are rising and will go higher. You can help your parents solve the problem of college finances by opening a savings account at Suburban Savings. Watch your account grow—helped along by liberal dividends at the rate of 4% compounded 4 times a year and credited to your account. Suburban Sayings and Loan Association Main Office — 9615 Columbia Pike, Annandale, CL 6-2000 Bailey ' s Office — 6451 Columbia Pike, Bailey ' s Crossroad, 481-5000 Tysons Office — Route 7, Tysons Corner, 893-7000 Shirlington — 4054 So. 28th St., Arlington, 548-8175 Compliments of Student, Parent, Teacher Association Annandale Hardware Supply Co. 7130 Little River Turnpike Hardware — Garden Supplies CL 6-1200 McWhorter Properties Inc. Annandale Shopping Center Annandale, Virginia CL 6-2730 191 Fairf ax County ' s LARGEST B anle ! 9 CONVENIENT OFFICES SERVING NORTHERN VIRGINIA PHONE CL. 6-5000 For The Office Nearest You “Small Enough To Be Friendly Large Enough To Be Helpful MEMBER: F.D.I.C. iensw MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MOUNT VERNON NATIONAL unci c €omfiarvu 192 W. C. Saunders Company 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia J 193 BERGEN’S, INC. Mens Students Sfiop Ladies Suits-Lady Manhattan Spottsmt " (he, ym C mt e flak oi ' TSwjw ' i " Whittington American 6465 Columbia Pike —Bailey ' s Cross Roads HU 1-9895 Rttdsitle Mttkti 2750 Little River Turnpike (between Annandale and Fairfax) Groceries — Meats — Country Eggs — Sausage OPEN DAILY 8:00 A. . to 10:00 P.M. CR 3-9728 Lady Sleanov Hairstylists 9550 Columbia Pike (opp. the A P) Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-9886 RUBBER STAMPS OFFICE SUPPLIES J tationerjj Typewriter repairs — rentals — sales 9818 Columbia Pike Call: 256-3535 Annandale Pet Supply Your friendly pet shopping center COMPLETE LINE OF PETS AND SUPPLIES REGISTERED PUPPIES — TROPICAL FISH CLearbrook 6-2400 Annandale, Va. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ARLINGTON Savings Accounts Home Loans 4 Convenient Offices Assets $41,000,000 Symbol of Quality in Fine Furniture James L. Michelbach Furniture Co., Inc. Little River Turnpike Rovensworth Road Annandale, Virginia CL 6-3100 Free Delivery Monday - Friday open 9 A.M. — 9 P.M. Saturday 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. 194 Eugene Hairdressers Eugene Barlow Owner 9859 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Two doors west of Annandale Florist CL 6-2881 Phillip ' s 66 Columbia Pike 236 Annandale, Va. Suburban Opticians 9808 Columbia Pike 256-9007 When guests arrive you cannot house call LINCOLNIA MOTEL FL 4-7500 Shirley Hwy. Duke Street 9627 Columbia Pike 9869 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. CL 6-3211 CL 6-8844 Deaver ' s Applianc Sales and Service • •« " If it ' s electric, we fix it. CLOTHES CLINIC Drycleaners and Launderers 9606 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. 195 Kitty and Steve, what time is it? Beep! Beep! Pam and Holly Just tell her Jim said hello (Lambert) To all the freshman Girls in Homeroom 108 To our teacherless shop class in the front lobby To F. L. and J. G. at Massanutten from B. C. and J. H. From two of Mr. Bolding’s Fourth Period socializers Smart as brains, strong as bricks, class of ’66 Mr. Bolding R beloved Coach of football—we love U Remember our good times together, Janie—Jeff To the students of Annandale—Russell Crosier To Louie Bear, most valuable player of the field To the cutest frosh football team—Good Luck Oboyoboyoboyoboyoboyoboyoboyoboy—Schwartz Bought in hopes that Rosy will stop pestering me. To Johnny H. with all my love, Frankie R. From Mrs. Miller ' s S.A. to her fourth period Eng. Dave, I won ' t ever forget the beach—Toni Claude, neither will I—Wanda Meiself ben recallen die jung yearen bie Annandale “CRASH LAWRENCE” and the class of ’63-$teve Thank you, Mr. D. Lewis, a great collector Poor Kenneth, you will arrive some day—J. W. Here In appreciation to this school, its faculty, and staff for being so kind to me—Mary N. Heatherly Hi! to the Sophomore Class from Candy Kane Jackie Johnson, Jo Langworthy, and Karen Sukonick Jon M., what happened when Deanna D. was climbing over the fence with you?!! To “Halloween Vandals” who painted the cannon red too mr. Bowldin phrum hiz gud pewpills, 4th per. Holly Hebei—S.A. 226—Mr. Trussel—$1 cash A la Senora J. Payne, la profesora mas maravillosa del mundo Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Via Ship Ahoy—Mrs. Ames’s S.A. Skippers—RLDBBTSG To 3 H. Flys and their HANGING PARTY on the Chimney Luck, Connell’s Kool Capell with Tenors next year. Likar why not? Compliments of Mrs. Likar’s S.A. Does H. K. Hibernate when he can’t finish lunch? From the Intellectual standard-bearers of Annandale—THE AN¬ NANDALE LITERARY MAGAZINE Room 118, Second S.A.! Caramba, se me olvido! The pencil is mightier than the pen—It can erase 196 3 Elizabeth M. Ames Dr. and Mrs. F. F. Ashenhurst Larry D. Klinger Commander Buckley Nancy Battaglia, Class of ’67 Cmdr. and Mrs. James Franklin Braun Lt. Col. and Mrs. W. W. Koenzig Sarah Lory, Director of Guidance Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cassel Mr. and Mrs. George Rouvalis Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. McAdams Commander and Mrs. J. G. Armstrong N. B. Wigutoff Lt. Col and Mrs. R. W. Anderson Jr. Mrs. Marion Cassedy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Haycock Winifred Likar Compliments of the Hockey Squad P Compliments of the Basketball Team For Mozie Anonymously, Jon Bachman Real Band Boosters—A. B. Rams Help! Nuts! The Rapps “Work”—Danny L. P. Lindblom Rah! Rah! Seniors of ”64 Col. and Mrs. Edward M. Waldner Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hegarty Mr. and Mrs. D. Broder Mrs. Carl E. Wismer, Jr. Ralph E. Buckley 6 Kathryn Rivers J. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Rennard Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tischesser To Beta Mu Sigma from Delta Sigma Kappa f u ' “CRASH LAWRENCE” and the class of ’63-$teve Thank you, Mr. D. Lewis, a great collector Poor Kenneth, you will arrive some day—J. W. Here In appreciation to this school, its faculty, and staff for being so kind to me—Mary N. Heatherly Hi! to the Sophomore Class from Candy Kane Jackie Johnson, Jo Langworthy, and Karen Sukonick Jon M., what happened when Deanna D. was climbing over the fence with you?!! To “Halloween Vandals” who painted the cannon red too mr, Bowldin phrurri hiz gud pewphills, 4th per. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Via To 3 H. Flys their HANGING PARTY on the chimney Likar why not? Compliments of Mrs. Likar’s S.A. From the intellectual standard-bearers of Annandale—THE ANNAN- DALE LITERARY MAGAZINE The PENCIL is mightier than the pen—It can erase There once was a teacher named Payne, Who drove her students insane. They were really perplexed—vexed with the text They didn’t know what would come next. J But the students all loved Mrs. Payne " ) And showed it by raising much Cain With parties and proms; spiders and bombs. She’ll never have students like us again. Compliments—4th year Spanish (c 1963 F iV.V 197 [C cl s a Elizabeth M. Ames Dr. and Mrs. F. F. Ashenhurst ' £? Commander Buckley Nancy Battaglia, Class of ’67 Cmdt. and Mrs. James Franklin Braun v Lt. Col. and Mrs. W. W. Koezig Sarah, Lory Director of Guidance “Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cassel Mr. and Mrs. George Rouvaiis Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. McAdams ji Yi J vv . , Q rUs Mu Commander and Mrs. J. G. Armstrong B. Wigutoff , x Lt. ' CM. ' and Mrs. R. W. Anderson, Jr. Mrs. Marion Cassedy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Haycock Winifred Likar y Compliments of the Hockey Squad Compliments of the Basketball Team For Mozie Anonymously, Jon Bachman Real Rand Boosters—A. B. Rams Help! Nuts! The Rapps “Work”—Danny L. P. Lindbloin Rah! Rah! Seniors of ' 64 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Twardy i nj Ahhj 4 Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Bachman Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Mercer Col. and Mrs. J. H. Davi De Earle M. Logsdon Lt. Col Charles R. Dawson yj a rr nd Mrs. John C. Helmick i O w - Mr. ojM Mrs. Richard R. Dann .- nau. id Mrs. Eugene E. WithereU jLS (p Mrs. Gordon Cauble (L J and Mrs. R. H. Yelton (Aj ' r. and Mrs. James G. Watson " p £h Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Eissner fj . 0 foj y- R.E. Shearer " ' " WV ( and Mrs. Charles W. Adcock ° ' y yp and Mrs. James D. Button and Mrs. Edward M. W T aldner noWfr? and Mrs. Eugene Hegarty and Mrs. D. Broder ’Mrs. Carl E. Wismer, Jr. Ralph E, Buckley Kathryn Rivers J. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Rennard Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tischesser 198 ' ■ (V A r .H y V " ’ Y tf ■ y V Of cr£ ty duJ t W J TCT} y 5£ur ' 4 k f d nJ- 1 - - djUT 0 Q OM,L S. W%Z P 199 1 qmM ' ;% • ' . i-V mm wmm ' SisbjiW-x Mfa ' ' .: : ' v i I 1 1 F , ry 1 [ . f 2. 1 i , 1 I I j 5QSS IPI I ' : ' ■- , ,1 pj i B 1 L I p : l ] 1 ■ ■ i m 1 1 W " H ipl ri rd H 1 . , p V .£ ■ 1 1 r 1 ■ ■ f i . i kSI KV ' i •1 f » • t ' V ■i, ••••» a AA Wmv it ( l . ■s y fj ■iwnnw I.L- ttih . ilj ill | ll ' t mi fill Iff j ‘j MfJ [HR 11 aiil . y djkY £ V y-V. vV ' - iiripa ' ’ ; - ■ ' i ■ ! " -.i . ; .l, v ' • Avv ' ImiVav 11B r 1 l Y y mvv v vvV ' ‘ ?V m ., •; 1 .),!■ Af ' , ) V ,. ' R ' V ■ i ' M fm AA Mi - ' (jl.ViVP : ' { Mte. . - . ' AX- IM a V • •’ I ... I m. ( xm W% 1 vr y x - i‘-w v. t v . . . '

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