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1 t % : M; ' vv-SSf I mmm kwiim ■1 MM- ; —1 j JA A £U£ A xA tn- A uin j xx C -A St £cZZ L r-, intenna 19(2 Volume 8 Annandale High School Annandale, Virginia KEN ARNOLD Editor-in-Chief The Senior Class proudly dedicates the 1 962 ANTENNA to Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Ames. Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Ames need little introduction for the majority of students in Annandale High School. For the past few years they have served as dual sponsors of the Senior Class, advising the students on their ac¬ tivities and generally supporting the interest of the class. Both teachers teach senior English and teach it well. In fact they are two of the most popular teachers in the school. Mrs. Ames is known (secretly) for her quick wit and humor. Mr. Fisher is admired for his speaking ability and good nature. Each year finds Mr. Fisher sponsoring forensics, and often aided by Mrs. Ames as a judge, both teachers make this program a success. The students at Annan¬ dale know them , most of all, as friends and counselors. For these reasons and others too numerous to mention, the ANTENNA is proud to dedicate the 1962 yearbook to Mr. Roy Fisher and Mrs. Elizabeth Ames. To them the seniors express their thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Mr. Fisher takes a coffee break during his free period. 2 Mr. Fisher is caught in a familiar pose as he reads from Hamlet to his Seniors. At the end of the day, it appears that Mrs. Ames’ work is just beginning. 3 ■HP 0§ ' f i » C T J 5 |, j f- ■ ■ ; ■ C : ' - ffsy ‘W0 1 1 ■; • uL-U “The Atom is coming . . Annandale stood posed on the brink of a new year and shouted its warning, 1961 promised to be a good year . . . Now, as we survey the year which has slipped through our fingers, we of the Antenna staff are proud to transfix this eighth good year of Annandale High School’s life . . . Table of DEDICATION 2 INTRODUCTION 4 FALL 17 Freshman Class Football WINTER 51 Sophomore Class Basketball Contents SPRING 75 Junior Class Track SUMMER 103 Senior Class Baseball DIRECTORIES 167 Ads 4 For many of us Annandale was our “new frontier.’’ September began a new era for our Freshman class, newly graduated from the country’s new intermediate schools. High School held surprises, excitement, drudgery and con¬ fusion as our students were shuttled to an annex five miles down the road. Soon, the newcomers to Annandale found themselves swept away in the tide of High School life. They tried out our language labs and become aquainted with their guidence counselors. They discovered football games on Friday nights, a packed new stadium and our first home games in years, the tense air as the opening game explod¬ ed with wild cheering. “All those for Annandale stand up and holler . . .” We suffered defeats before W L— the tough E. C. Glass machine—but we finished strong and full of hopes for the championship next year. We found all of our time taken by studies, sports, and activities . . . A glimpse of Annandale High School , 5 through the many facets of her personality. . mmm r S7 !3ti Leaves turned, fell, and died . . . the best cheers faded and a tattered streamer was our only remind¬ er .. . Winter swept us on . . . Freshmen began to discover what “work” was. The Sophomores and Juniors found the going rougher . . . and the Seniors took on a new maturity and new appearance . . . dark circles under tired eyes as term paper times approached . . . nerves frazzled as flust- rated students entered the college rush of College Boards, faculty evaluations, grades. A lucky few re¬ ceived early acceptances . . . most had to sweat it out. Outstanding students began to distinguish them¬ selves. Merit Scholars . . . S.C.A. officers . . . Science Fair Winners . . . Honor Society Inductees . . . the Honor Roll Members . . . Debates and Public Speak¬ ers . . . Meanwhile, routine took over, and Ann- andale began to knit itself into a uniform body. “Mr. Finch would like to see . . .” “I have a few last mintue statements . . .” “We will have a unit test on Chapters 19 thru 22 tomorrow . . .” “Did Lady Mac¬ beth really faint . . .” “Amo, ainas, amat . . . “Parlez-vous francais ...” “The choir would like to present The Little Drummer Boy’ . . .” And then, exams—need we say more? Some of us were shocked at what we knew —most of us were shocked at what we did not know-all of us were shocked when semester grades came out. “And on the seventh day” we rested . . . We looked over the spent semester and were pleased. Our basketball team held up breathless as they drove down the court for two points. The silence was brittle as glass as all eyes fastened on the man at the foul line. Victory went hand- in-hand with defeat ... on the basket¬ ball court, as well as in the classrooms. her students and her fac 7 captured awake and sleeping 8 to present the full picture 9 The Anten no tunes in Spring’s gaity pervaded Annandale’s halls with color. Spring fever gripped many of us and books were often faced with the nodding head of a would-be scholar. Most seniors were preparing for college, the Army, a job. Juniors faced their first term papers and College Boards. 11 to Annandole High School With “Pomp and Circumstance” running through our minds, the year ended—for Seniors it was an end and a beginning—for the rest of Annandale High it was another year gone by. Exams were less frightening because we had been through them once. For some, chaos reigned as frantic editors survived to meet dead¬ lines for the newspaper, the magazine, and the yearbook. Summer beckoned us on . . . 12 Mr. Buckley, Principal Without the aid and patience of the three men pictured here, Annandale would not be the school it is today. Mr. Buckley has been principal at Annan¬ dale since it first came into being. He has continued to serve and to continu¬ ally improve the standards of the school. He is known as a personal friend and advisor to many. Mr. Finch, the Assistant Principal, is likewise a well-known figure. Through his efforts much has been done to make the school more efficient and more en¬ joyable. Dr. Keesee, the Ass t. Principal in charge of Administration, is experi¬ encing his second year at Annandale. To this man goes the responsibility of main¬ taining teacher relations and of handling faculty materials. Annandale is proud of its progress in the past eight years. Much of it is due to these very men. MR. JAMES FINCH Assistant Principal DR. AUBRE KEESEE Assistant Principal 13 MRS. WEILL Guidance Secretary MRS. ASHESNHURST Librarian MRS. WICHHANDT Nurse MRS. BUNCH Mr. Buckley s Secretary MRS. LORY Guidance Director MRS. RADEMAKER Office Secretary MRS. STEVENS Dietician MR. DODSON Head Custodian MR. MUIRHEAD Atheletic Director 14 School Board MR. MERRITT RUHLEN MR. BERGE THOMASIAN MR. THEODORE HERIOT COL. WALDRON LEONARD MR. HILLIS LORY MRS. JOAN BUTLER MR. MERTON PARSONS In Memory of Dr. Aubrey Keesee DIED: March 18, 1962 Administrator, Scholar, Friend Bruce Bowers Ralph Bowles Brian Broyle Bill Brabson Kae Berdford Mike Braid Marc Brennan Robin Brickhan Cindy Brigandi O Dick Abbott Janet Ackroyd Linda Alexandria Susan Allman Bill Altice Dennis Amudson Virginia Anderson Linda Angel Steve Angelo Lynda Apperson Bill Arbacus Arthur Arden James Armstrong Karen Arnold Marilyn Auler Linda Ayers Sue Baker Betty Jean Baldwin John Bangert Neena Barber Barry Barnes Martha Barnes Linda Barr Nancy Baudanf Bill Beach Jimmy Beall Kathy Beery Robert Bell Tanya Belt Dick Berryhill Richard Birnbaum Betty Bixby Joanne Black Nick Black Freshmen Claire Bledsoe Barbara Blevins Wayne Block Joy Blount John Blum The clinic is a busy place around exam time. 18 Barbara Brinkman Nigel Broder Bill Brooks William Brotherton Kenny Brown William Brownlow Barbara Buggs Glen Butcher Gilbert Button Pat Byrne Fulton Cabe Walter Cain Gail Camp Nancy Campbell Julia Cannaday Beth Carraway Betty Carraway Jim Carscadden Fred Carter James Carter Ruth Carter Alice Chalfant Charles Chamberlin Donald Celac Rick Seltzer JoAnn Langworthy Barbara Harrington entered Annondole to find themselves Barbara Clough Nan Clubb Brad Cochrane Fred Cole Lyn Collier Carol Conaty Billy Connelly Kathy Cook Tommy Coons Mike Copeland Mike Couper Cathy Crandell Kathleen Crane Becky Crawford Gary Crawford Jim Creekman Sharon Crum Joy Culbertson Ken Culbertson Sharon Cumberland Judy Currier Sherrill Currier Deanne Dabbs Nancy Dalton Michael Daly Mildred Daniels Diana Dann Kevin Davenport Pat Davies Cheryl Ann Davis Greg Davis Kenneth Davis 19 Freshman Jeff Crickson slaves on to de¬ velop the ultimate weapon. John Dean Deanna Dahl Billy Decaps Diane De Haven Linda Dechard Connie De Lamater Charles Delf Carol Ann Denham Ralph De Somma Mike Despain Susanne De Sutten Mike De Wald Alan DeYoung Arthur Dick Connie Dickens the bustle of Mary Diehl Joyce Divers Robert Doinell Frank Donaldson Dianne Dreyer David Drinhard Dee Ducan Dianna Duncan Richard Dunn Jody Dyer Linda Earley Alice Eggleston Richard Eissner Bill Elliott Linda Elliott Timothy England Joseph English Christian Enloc Jeffery Erickson Steve Estes John Esche Jimmy Fagelson Jeff Fair Michael Felition Nancy Fenton Carole Fisher Carol Fisher Leslie Fisher Nancy Fisher Gregory Flick Peggy Floyd Jackie Fleisher Celeste Fletcher William Flynt Pat Floyd James Foreman Louse Foster Lee Foster Roy Fowler 20 Norman Fowlkes David Fox Janet Fox Nancy Fox Stephen Fox Martha Foye John Frazier Andrea Freeze Pat Frey Jorge Friga Albert Friscoe Jim Fulton Peter Gallagher Ethel Galloway Bill Gardner C. J. Garrison Robert Gartley Linda George John Gephart Linda Gilchrist Douglas Gillikin Pat Gilroy Pam Glindeman Lyn Glover Kasha Goder Mary Goder Carol Goins Judy Goltz Leslie Gorn Cindy Gossick Lynn Grabb Rhona Gralla High School. The faculty works off frustration during howling league conm- petitions. Nancy Granberry Scott Church Chip Grange Stephen Granmo Allen Green John Greene John Grisard Lyle Groome Rosemary Grove Fred Guild Richard Guthrie Bill Gwin Barry Haas Bob Haken Douglas Hall Margie Hall Marvin Hall Shelia Hall 21 Mrs. Lillian Mrs. Frances Mr. Wallace Mr. William Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong, B.S. Baird, B.S. Bolding, B.A. Bugin, B.S., M.A. Carpenter, B.A. Col. Finlay Mr. Edward Clark, A.B. Comer, B.S. Mr. George Costello, B.A. Miss Linda Craig, B.S. Miss Janet DiMisa, B.S They began to study Janis Hamilton Pat Hamilton Quentin Hamilton Wayne Hamilton Cathy Hanks Pat Hannoosh Cathy Hanson Thomas Harbin Dave Hardy Becky Harner Vickie Christensen Bonnie Harris Debbie Harper Barbara Hase Marcia Hasie Donna Hatch Frank Hathaway Kathy Hayes Mike Hayes Richard Hayford Ray Haygood Sue Haynes Judy Hays Paulette Heaven Sidney Heffelfinger Susan Heflin Madelyn Hegarty Mary Heinemann Willetta Heising Brenda Hensley Lee Henry Jim Herndon Robin Hess Holly Higgins Vickie Himelick Jim Hinderson John Hing Don Hirst Sandra Hocking Fredic Hocks John Holda Richard Holloman Thomas Holm Donna Holscher James Hopper Patricia Hopper Linda Howell Linda Howell Steve Huduck Elizabeth Huges 00 Mary Hughes Nancy Humphries Tex Hundt Eric Hustvedt Elaine Huyler David Inman Bevan Jacobs Dayle Jackson James Jacks Judy James Ellen Johns Carol Johnson Jackie Johnson Linda Johnson Penny Johnson Richard Johnson Ron Johnson Wayne Johnson Lewis Johnston Donna Jones Raymond Jones Wyana Jones Candy Kane Paul Katz to distinguish themselves in many ways Kathy Pearson, Dan Woods, and Dave Stolmen explore an SRA Reading lab. Peggy Dauffman Orsi Kazaan Marjorie Keck Bryan Kieth Russell Kelly Patsy Kennedy James Keyes Terry Kibler Robert Kiefer Judith King John Klassinski Mary Klimkiewicz Carolyn Klotz Frank Kuhn Connie Kunz Sharon Kunz Carole Kurata Michael Kuric Steve Laberge John Laingart Greg Landreth Linda Lange Ellin Childs John Langworthy 23 and to make their presence known. Mrs. Mary Mrs. Betty Mr. John Mr. Robert Mr. David Mr. Donald Mr. William Dyess Evans Farris Farris Hatcher Henretty Hutchison B.A. B.A. B. Educ., M. Mus. B.S., M.Ed. M.A. B.A. B.A. Harriet Lann Larry Lann Tony Lara Gayla Larson Stephen Lawrence Frank Layhee Sandie LeCouvre Carol Leith Robert LeMoon Rodney Lewis Richard Lindner Margie Lipscomb Jean Little Edward Logan Loretta Logan Louise La Roche Bill Lowe Elizabeth Lundien Barbara Lutz Sandy Lyon John Lyster Bonnie Mac Cater Carl Maddalena Gayle Mahangs Carolyn Mallon Donald Mann Pan Marchio Mike March Suzette Marks Douglas Marshall Gary Marshall Michal Mastropoalo George Matecho Scott Matherson Don Mattson Roy Matthews Gary Maupin Peter Mattson Diana Mayes Joe Me Adams Patricia McCullen Doug McDaniel Karen McDonough Elizabeth McGuire Diana McKinney Faith McKee Dane McLendon Dahlis McMurdo 24 Two future saxophonists practice for All- State Band. Pat McWhinney Kathy Meaher Susan Melody Richard Mendenhall Harold G. Mercer Kitty Meredino Bill Merica Phillip Mervine Ruth Meyer Jeannette Mikel Beth Alice Miller Carol Miller Lorraine Miller Rihi Miller Pam Miller Suzanne Miller Bill Millington Kathleen Mitchell George Mistretta Michael Mitchell They Ployed foo tball 1 Carol Moak Lisckullan Molthe-Hoff Kathryn Monahan Gary L. Monroe Greed Mooney Susan Moore Robert Moran Phillip Morris Pat Moseley Kathy Moser Leonard Mudd Anita Muellen Cynthea Mullen Leo Mullen Terry Murphy John Murphy Kenneth Murray Robert Myers Lorce Nagle David Newlander Frank Newman Toni Nichols John Nicholson Michael Nolan Paul Norsby Pat North Eddie Northwood Susan Nuchols Conrad Nutter Do nna-Ann Nuzzi Kathy O’Keefe Camelia Oleson 25 Patsy Dove makes a threatening ’phone call to her sick boyfriend. Karen Olin Bill Olivari Eric Olso Patt Oniel Susan Opeka Linda O’Rourke Kathy Owens Liz Padgette Mary Pagliero Phoebe Palmer Cheryl Ann Pardee Cathie Parks Britt Parlin Cheryl Parthree Larry Parthree formed new clubs, and began Ronnie Patterson Charlene Payne John Pearson Kathy Pearson Ricky Pearson Joan Pervier Theodora Peters Michael Petersilia Marhsall Peteron Sue Peterson Adrienne Petring Tom Pfister Harriet Phares Karen Phillips Linda Phillips Susan Phillips Gail Pittock Lynn Plecha Eric Plough Patrick Pollock Richard Portor Wendy Portor Suzy Power Harold Price John Prickett Lawrence Pripeton Gary Ralston Patricia Rampy Thomas Rapp David Rapsan Jim Rassmussen Nancy Rath Barbara Ray Margie Reid Linda Renick Karen Rannard Chester Reynolds Helen Rhea James Rhoades Carol Rhodes 26 Nay Richard Carole Risteen Ray Rivenbark Frankie Roberts Susan Roberts Tom Robinson Ralph Ross Ronnie Ross Steven Ross Jeffrey Routch Linda Rowe Linda Rye Stephie Sabatier Sandy Saddler Gary Salpini Nancy Sanborn Pat Sanders Sandra Sarris Sandre Shirley Mary Jane Sanford John Santo Marie Santoro Donna Sanza Matthew Sauer Randy Saunders Pamela Savige Joe Sayblack Thomas Sayers Dave Sayles Anne Maria Scarce Robert Schmidt John Schoenecker the foundoti Tim Schick Barbara Schield David Schneider Bob Schutz Dave Scott Marta Sears Kris Wilkann shows Roger Pachston which room to avoid. Bruce Seay Jim Checkovich Robert Settle Keith Shafer Marion Shattuck Dow Sheads Mike Sheble Margaret Sheltey Tony Shepherd Richard Sherwood Rudolph Shields Debbie Silver 27 Miss Callie Mrs. Rose Little Johnson, B.A. B.A. Mrs. Constance Miss Elaine Lovejoy, B.S. McCreary, B.A. Mrs. Evelyn Col. James Miller Mrs. Elizabeth Miss Diana Miller, B.A. B.A. Mitchell, B.A. Monroe, B.S. Miss Fane Moreland, B.S. their lost years. Bob Simmons Joy Simpson Pamela Sinex Joy Simpson Gary Skow Cherly Skow Sharon Smarr Diane Smith Tone Smith Kevin Smith Rick Smith Sherrill Smith Suzy Smith Bruce Snyder Lila Soler George Soole Roanld Southard Chuck Sours Lynn Sparks Donald Speet James Speirs Jimmy Splitt Leland Sprinkle Douglas Sprugel Linda Spurlock Judy Squires Eliot Stacy John Stahl Ricky Starr Phil Steffer Bill Steiger Jane Stevens James Stewart William Stewart Jeri Stoner Bill Storm Mike Stout Sharon Straight Frank Strong David Stulman Sandy Sudler Karen Sukonick Cindy Sullivan Bob Sutherland Linda Sutherland John Swee Anne Swaim Don Sylvester Sheila Tanner Carole Tate 28 Carol Tavenner Betty Taylor Jo Ann Taylor Jody Taylor Cahrles Tesh Edwards Tew David Thomas Dian Thomas Steve Thomas Barbara Thompson Brace Thompson Jim Thompson Toni Thompson Brace Tieman Patricia Tiller Sharon Tilton Wayne Tolliver Grey Toole Margret Torrey Kim Towell Becky Trammell John Trenholm Jim Turley Leslie Turner They discovered new abilities in themselves As Mr. Klinger looks joyfully on, Mike Chandler and Ken Arnold experience some difficidties. Sandra Tumee William Turner Cindi Tuthill Christine Twardy Terry Uhl Joe Ulery Sylvia Upchurch Cheryl Ulmer Linda Van Doren Deborah Varley Evelyn Vaught Michael Waldner Gail Vogel Susie Vines Barbara Wages Michael Waldner Doris Walker Ricky Wall Katie Walline Judy Walters Marilyn Watkins John Watson Pam Wayne Gail Weaver 29 and looked with owe toward the future. Mrs. Louise Palmer, A.S. Mr. Thomas Porter, B.S. Mrs. Shirley Randa, B.A. Mrs. Ann Ramey, B.S. Miss Virginia Stephanz, B.A. Mr. Harry Smith, A.B. Miss Connie Stidley, B.S. Mrs. Reba Wilburn, B.S. Mrs. William Woodrum, B.S. Mr. Pete Visnich, B.S. Mr. Robert Bengston, B.S. Patricia Welliver Patti Whetstine Jerry White Janis Whitley Brenda Whittaker Page Wiencek Donna Wiesner Margaret Willis Alan Wilson Claudia Wilson Eva Wilson Kathy Wilson Mike Wiseman Steve Witcher Jeff Wolf Marla Wolfe Elizabeth Wood Dean Woods Donna Wood Nancy Wright Marie Xefteris Teresa Yamake Susan Yeton Bill Young Patsy Young Vance Young Michael Zaugg Betty Zell Larry Zenk Pat Zepul Kitty Zier 30 IN MEMORIAM RONALD SOUTHARD Our tears are not yet brewd nor our strong sorrows upon the foot of motion. Macbeth 31 Row one: Joe Baggett, Glenn Fields, Coach Ed Henry, Jim Lambert, Larry Bosserman, Jack Richardson, Skip Grande, Bob Driess, Coach Bob Hardage. Row two: Joe Powers, Butch Smarr, Steele Ritter, Bill Rapson, Danny Jones, Porky Andrews, Bill Hatch, Vernie Gordon, Terry, Kilgore, Mike Chandler, Mike Fox, Doug Ulery, Joe Price. Row three: Bobby Ross, Jerry Mullins, Richard Monroe, Richard Laughton, Chuck Kimsey, Mac Patterson, Steve Sears, Wesley Moses, Fred Lohman, Brian Shirley. Row four: Dan Mooney, Clayton Long, Jim Kaminski, Will Kellum, John Atherton, Eddie Jeffrey. With the loss lettermen, Steve Sears plows through a tight President line for a short gain. Backed by last year’s excellent record, the Atoms faced this year’s season with confidence. George Washington Presidents exploded, however, in the first game of the season before a near¬ capacity crowd of 5,000. Although Annandale was a three touchdown favorite, the Presidents led 13-7 at half-time. One of the most decisive plays of the game occurred in the first half when Annan- dale’s Joe Price blocked a President conversion. In the second half, the Presidents gambled on their own 29 yard line and tried for a first down. When they were a yard short of the needed yardage, Annandale gained possession and churned out six plays and the winning touchdowns. The Atoms squirmed through this one with a 14-13 win. 32 Meeting the Falls Church Jaguars proved pleasant after the tension of the GW game. Almost every series of plays ended in a touchdown, and the Atoms led 33-6 at half-time. The only Jaguar touchdown was a surprise 85 yard kick return by Barry Bates in the second quar¬ ter. Fourteen more points graced the scoreboard as An- nandale’s second team left the Jaguars scoreless in the second half. The end result was a complete rout as the Atoms triumphed 47-6. Undefeated Annandale, carried by its smashing victory over Falls Church, grouped to sink Hammond Admirals. In this, the year’s third game, the Atoms remained scoreless until the second quarter. Then quarterback Willie Kellum coaxed the team the entire length of the field. Steve Sears, Annandale’s tough halfback, plowed over for the TD and later made the conversion. An Admiral fumble, recovered by Wes Moses for the Atoms, opened the door for another touchdown, this one com¬ ing in the form of Joe Price. With one more score for good measure, the Atoms stymied the Admirals 19-12. Tom Reppert and Bob Dreiss combine to halt a McLean back. Annandale face d diffi cutties this season. Joe Price does a modified Twist as he charges through two Jaguar defenders. Chuck Kimzetj and Vernie Gordon stymie an Admiral ad¬ vance. 33 Narrowly winning six league games , Wakefield awaited the Atoms next and proved to be tougher than ever, as Annandale barely managed to slide by with a 19-18 win. The first Annandale touch¬ down, coming from Doug Ulery in the first quarter, proved to be the most important play of the game, for it was Steve Sears’ point after touchdown that provided the necessary margin for victory. Wakefield’s Kent Mayo matched Annandale’s touchdown as he completed a perfect pass pattern in the second quarter. An exciting second half saw scores by both Annandale and Wakefield. Steve Sears carried the ball for Annan¬ dale, raising the Atom’s score to 19. The seconds marched steadily on as Wakefield struggled for another touchdown. Late in the fourth quarter they scored but missed the conversion. When the dust cleared, the Aoms found themselves on top. Far ahead of the field, Steve Sears heads points. for six After spinning through Hammond’s line, Sears finally falls. 34 Annandale’s Jeffrey and Kimzetj stop Mt. Ver¬ non’s rally. Annondo e tied the unscored-on Highlanders , Doug Ulery ignores a would-be tackier. I p (f i Friday, the thirteenth of November, proved to be a lucky day in many ways, as the Atoms faced unscored-on McLean. The papers tagged this one as the “game of the year.” And it was. For the first time this year, Annandale was a one-touchdown underdog. A scoreless first period was followed by McLean’s shifting into high gear in the second quarter. Beginning this drive on their own twenty-three yard line, the Highlanders journeyed to the 18 yard line of Annandale. There, a McLean fumble, recovered by Bob Driess, raised the Atom’s hopes. The Atoms promptly returned McLean’s favor, however, and lost the ball on their first play. With a tricky pass from McLean’s Terry Grefe, McLean took the lead. After halftime, Annandale dominated the third quarter. An explosive drive by the Atoms would have been halted if a fifteen yard penalty against McLean had not given Annandale a reprieve. Several plays later, Steve Sears galloped into daylight and covered fifteen yards to set up the Atoms’ TD, which was scored by quarterback Will Kellum. The fourth quarter saw both teams battling for an advantage. A record eight thousand cheering fans watched McLean threaten late in the game. When it was over, a disappointed but proud group of fans saw that they had held their own. The final score was McLean 7, Annandale 7. 35 Annandale met a surprisingly hot Groveton team next. Because the game was originally rained out, the game had to be played at Lee High School. The Atoms, who were behind in the first three quarters of the game, man¬ aged to come through with a thrilling 45 yard touch¬ down pass to end Tommy Reppert. Seconds later the game was over, and the Atoms emerged the winner by a score of 13-6. Because of the extensive injuries, Annandale faced Washington and Lee minus six of its offensive starters. The powerful W6cL Generals stormed over the weak¬ ened Annandale squad and skunked the Atoms 14-0. Doug Ulery picks up an Annandale first down. but lost to o powerful W L team. Lineman Vernie Gordon expertly finishes an E.C. Glass drive. Will Kellum scoots by for a quick gain and an Annandale first down. After losing to A If. Vernon V Annandale, still hurting from injuries, attempted to bounce back from its defeat of the week before. Mt. Vernon was the opponent this time, and Annandale was again forced to bow by a score of 6-0. Defensive play proved to be the key to the game, as each team was held to less than ninety yards of rushing. Early in the final quarter of the game, Mt. Vernon punted 56 yards, placing the ball on the Annandale six yard line. One play later, Annandale fumbled and Mt. Vernon repos¬ sessed the ball. The Majors then proceeded to eat up the remainder of the yardage, and quarterback Valiente scored the only touchdown of the game. For the first time, Annandale travelled downstate, and on November 10, they met the state champion E. C. Glass team at Lynchburg. After suffering through a totally Glass-controlled first half, which showed the state’s leading scorer Art Brown scoring 18 of the 19 Glass points, Annandale revived. The Hill-Toppers were held to a stalemate in the second half, but Annan¬ dale failed to score. The game ended with the Atoms los¬ ing its third in a row, 19-0. Big John Atherton finds daylight as Bob Driess gives him running room 37 I Steve Sears goes all the way for another Annandale touchdown. Joe Price is held to a short gain by a Jaguar lineman. Annandale fell to down-state Glass, In the traditional rival game with the Fairfax Rebels, Annandale broke its losing streak. The Atoms dominated the first half, taking the opening kick-off and romping 70 yards for a touchdown. After stymying an attempted Rebel drive, the Atoms executed eight perfect plays for another score—this one spearheaded by Richard Monroe’s 19 yard run to the Rebel five. The Atoms again stopped a Fairfax advance and swiftly moved the ball down field for another TD. The second half found Annandale score¬ less. Although Fairfax was able to rack up six points, Annandale coasted, to an easy victory with a final score of 20-6. End Brian Shirley plucks a perfect pass out of the air. 1 38 Three Annandale defenders prepare to crush an opponent. But finished by defeating rival Fairfax. Steve Sears fights to pick up yardage against Fairfax. After this its eighth year of existence, Annan¬ dale High School looks wih pride on the record of its football team. In the past, the Atoms have stood for fair play and sound football. This year was no exception. Under the continued expert leadership of Coach Ed Henry and Coach Hardage, Annan¬ dale looks to the future with renewed hope and vigor. Next year’s team promises to be the best Annandale has yet produced. To the coaches, to the boys on the team, the students of Annandale High School say, “We are proud of you. We are behind you all the way.” 39 Freshman Football Steve Angelo, Bill Beach, Jim Bowen, Bill Brownlow, Don Celes, Scott Church, Jim Creekman, Kevin Davenport, John Dean, Mike Dewaod, David Drinkard, Mike Feliton, Charles Gallagher, Bill Bardner, Tom Hasbin, Frank Hathaway, Jim Hopper, George Hundt, Ron Johnson, Ray Jones, John Langworthy, Bill Lowe, Scott Matheson, Danny Mistretta, Fred Mooney, Phillip Morris, Leo Mullis, Paul Norby, John Nicholson, Bill Olivari, John Pearson, Mike Petersilia, Richard Pottes, Ha] Price, John Prischett, Robbie Robertson, Steve Ross, Jeff Routch, John Santo, David Scott, Rich Seltzer, Rudy Shields, Bob Simmon, Charles Smith, George Soule, Don Speet, Jim Stewart, Jim Thompson, Bruce Tieman. Fall athletic opportunities were varied, ANNANDALE 20 . 34 . 14 28 . 13 . OPP. . . McLean 0 Falls Church 6 . Mt. Vernon 13 . Lee 6 . Stuart 26 Annandale’s Freshman team romped across Northern Virginia to a four win, one loss season. This, its second year of existence, showed great promise for the contin¬ uation of a Freshman Athletic program. In the opening game against McLean the team roared off to a win. An elated and fired-up squad then took on the Falls Church Jaguars. The result was a complete rout as the team scored 34 points to the Jag¬ uar’s six. In the next game against Mt. Vernon the boys squeaked by in a thriller which ended with an Annan- dale victory, 14-13. Lee was next and fell easily by the wayside with a score of 28-6. The final game of the season proved a disappointment as the Atoms fell to Stuart 26-13. 40 J. V. Cheerleaders Cheering on the underclass teams this year were the Junior Varsity and Fresh¬ man Cheerleading squads. One of then- most unusual cheers is: Ish-babbile, ibble dribble. Osh-babble, obble drobble. O-boloshis, watten-dot. Fight, fight, fight. So there . . . Row one: Donna Tribby, Pat Brown, Nan Strickler, Margie Hollister. Row two: Sara Frazell, Marilyn Moore, Beilina Rowley, Gail Johnson, Terry Hockersmith. ranging from cheerleading for girls Freshman Cheerleaders Vickie Himlick, Leslie Fisher, Karen Sukonick, Mary Pagleiso, Jackie Johnson, Barbara Harrington, Kathy Moses. 41 J. V. Football Art Britton, Jerry Mullins, Lenny O’Peil, Bill Perry, Butch Smarr, Matthew Godik, Gary Rohm, James Atherton, Bill Lock, Tom Sulick, John O’Neil, Doug Tibbetts, Alan Miley, Jim Blandin, Don Coghlan, Bob Berezoski, Dave Bissett, Foger Rutledge, Wally Magathan, John Ward, Bill Brown, Joe Hornsby, James Clark, Bob Laberge, Steve Lunsford, Bruce Loberg, Bob Bacon, Gene Granes, Jon Bachman, Greg Mensenger, Warren Lowry, Eugene Rid¬ dle, Pat McKinney, Roger Paxton, Gary Jackson, John Withers, Gary Norby, Joe Kallini, Bill Perry. ANNANDALE OPP. f , I ll[ I I 19 Lee 6 football tor underclassmen 0 . Stuart 13 0 . Mt. Vernon 13 0 . Groveton 14 25 . Fairfax 6 Bill Perry pulls down a Mc¬ Lean player just short of the goal line. AO Under the hand of Mr. Randy Scott, Annandale’s Junior Varsity Football team began the season with an easy vic¬ tory over Lee High School. Then the Junior Atoms fell into a slump which resulted in a losing streak of three games. The boys were unable to score during these games against JEB Stuart, Mt. Vernon, and Groveton. Then the team sprang back for a victory against Fairfax. Perhaps the fact that this year’s team was new—most of last year’s winning squad moved up to the Varsity ranks— accounts for his year’s showing. Next year will undoubedly be better as this year’s team returns, backed by experience and hard knocks. Cross Country Row one: Mark Mugas, Die Mumpery, Jay Swee, Alan Bassett, David Sterlining, Vance Alder, Don Barket. Row two: Vaughn Stelzenmuller, Dennis Landerth, Wayne Wildetj, Witty Wagner, Bob Williams, Bob Penny, Nick Hanks. and Cross Country Track. With less than five boys returning from last year ' s team, Cross Country Track suffered from under¬ nourishment. Rebuild was the key work. Under Coach Buckley, however, the teams pulled through with good seasons. The Varsity won two over St. Johns and Wakefield, and lost two to W-L and Yorktown. This year’s Varsity team included Charles Twiddy, Vaughn Stelzenmuller, Mark Mugass, Den¬ nis Landrith, and Steve Moore. Several returning lettermen should strengthen next year’s team and bring it through on top. Doug Ulery and Steve Christios run a few prac¬ tice laps before the game. Coach Buckley gives a few last mniute instructions to the team. 43 Varsity Hockey Row one: Beverly Bell, Aino Stewart, Mary McCahon, Diane Waldo, Barbara Johnson, Kathy Cummings. Row toiv: Sherry O’Donnell, Sheryl Singleton, Marilyn Stone, Diane Davis, Joan Fulmer, Susan Wright, Miss Peters. Row three: Judy Murray, Nila Young, Patty Millington, Jean Elliot, Ann Young, Judy Pollard. Hockey gained popularity , as the band Mary McCahon steals the hall and begins a drive for a goal. ANNANDALE 5 . 11 . 5 . 5 . 5 . 1 . 3. 3 . OPP. . Mt. Vernon 1 Osbourn 0 JEB Stuart 0 Fairfax 2 Falls Church 1 . . Herndon 1 Groveton 2 , , McLean 1 Jackie Cayne intercepts a Falls Church pass. 44 Annandale’s hockey squads compiled two su¬ perb records this year. The varsity won the Cpunty Championship, having a record of seven wins and one tie. A strong team of several re¬ turning lettermen and the able leadership of Miss Peters, the coach, combined to make this year’s team One of the best. Again, with incredible sureness, the Junior Varsity Hockey team went undefeated. For the past five years the JV squad has maintained a perfect record of no losses. This year’s record of four wins and two ties shows them to be as strong as ever and promises an even greater Varsity team for next year. 3ijp Diane Waldo and Diane Davis struggle to regain possession of the hall. and th e cheerleaders attended games. Junior Varsity ANNANDALE 3 .. 4 . 4 . 2 . 0 . 1 . OPP. JEB Stuart 2 .... Fairfax 3 Falls Church 0 Herndon 0 . . Groveton 0 McLean 1 Row one: Sylvia Motzko, Jackie Cayne, Pat Brown, Kathy Hanks, Joann Coakly, Terry Hockersmith, Loretta Horgan, Nancy Wright. Row two: Miss Dimisa Sharon Cumberland, Phyllis Dun, Sally Vogt, Tish Ange, Merry Staser, Susie Long, Susan Wood, Sandy Smoler, Virginia Padgette. 45 s !i Freshman Phys. Ed. students race against the clock in an obstacle race. A well-rounded athletic program Under the direction of Mr. Gill, Annandale initiated an extensive Intramural program designed to provide athletic opportunities for all students. This year the program in¬ cluded baseball, archery, volleyball, ping-pong, and various other competitive sports. Because of the newness and im¬ portance of the program, the ANTENNA is devoting a page in each section to Physical Education and Intramurals. Greg Pearson demonstrates his gymnastic abilities on the high bar. Hi I Debate “Tonight, the subject for debate is . . Glenn Fields opens his speech for the affirmative. “We intend to prove beyond any doubt . the negative team prepares its debate. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Gray, Annandale’s de¬ bate team has improved its technique and has compiled a respectable record of wins and losses. This year’s topic for debate was Federal Aid to Education. The Varsity Affirmative team, composed of Carol Junker and Glenn Fields, has debated this topic in four schools. They have won three and lost only one. The negative team of Bill Tennant and John Suther has won two and lost two. was coupled with major activities Perhaps the most difficult part about debating is gathering material. me » Freshman Dance Two Sponsors, Sam Smaltz and Judy Osgood, discuss the cold war. which provided entertainment , Pam Farmer and Al Bassett do the “Twist”, the latest dance craze. 48 Billy Cain explains some of the finer points of math to Mr. Gange. requiring work One of Annandale’s newest clubs, the n r 2 , focuses its attention on the study of mathmatics. The club discusses various problems and theories which the members have encountered during their classes. Unlike most clubs, the n r 2 do not have regular officers. Mr. Gange is the King; Russ Myers is Grand Chancellor; Bill Cain is Prime Minister; David Noble is Chief Scribe; and Allen Volson is Chancellor of the Exchequer. Spanish Club Sharyl Singleton, Barbara Brenman, Jane Rhodes, Susan Rue, Linda Cengle. 49 Junior Honor Society The Junior Honor Society, after its winter induction grew to the proportions shown in the above picture—an ex¬ cellent commentary on scholastic ability at Annandale. to reach the summit. Latin Honor Society Shirley Shoemaker, Diane Melody, Kathy Webber, Val Weaver, Richard Cheek, Ken Arnold. J 50 Carol Battaglia Joan Battaglia Bob Behan Burton Beitz Allyson Bell Steve Aasheim Wally Adamson Julie Adler Jim Albertson Bettie Allman Mary Amburn Gary Anderson Richard Anderson Rosalind Anderson Ronnie Andrews Tish Ange Bill Arno Lou Arrington James Atherton Joe Auth Partricia Avery Diane Axelson Jo Anne Bachman Jon Bachman Doug Bachtel Bob Bacon Eleanor Baird Donald Barker Alan Bassett Bonnie Blaine Merle Blair Jim Blandin Dana Bokemeyer Dennis Booker Judi Booker Lee Booker Sharon Boone Rudy Bottke Lynn Bowers Kevin Boyle Robert Brauer Rod Bell Steve Benton Bob Berezoski Joan Berry Barbara Bey Ernie Bickers Marsha Bielski Marsha Bishton David Bisset Brenra Blackwell Jay Swee whispers endearing words to his new-found companion. 52 Mrs. Mary Mrs. Elizabeth Mr. Russel Mr. Harold Miss Cathryn Battaglia, B.A. Brooks, B.A. Buckley, B.S. Connell, B.A.,M.A. Daniel, B.S. Sophomore Guid¬ ance Counselor Mrs. Velma Miss Rinda Dawson, B.A. Fowlkes, B.S. Mr. Edward Mr. Robert A. Mr. Robert Gangi, B.A. Gray, Jr., A.B. Hardage, B.S. Sophomore Guid¬ ance Counselor Bill Hatch President Rocky Gaines Vice-President Sophomores began to take a port Jeep Britton Bill Brown Pat Brown Bob Buceo Ronnie Bulson Sherry Burbach Bill Burgridge John Bums Keith Buttleman Jane Cables John Cabot Phyllis Cacciatore Becky Cain Denise Calabrese John Callaghan Robert Camerena Roberta Campbell Steve Campbell Pam Canham David Carhart Wayne Carson Charlotte Casey Mary Lynne Casey Elsie Caton Diane Chaconas Dennis Chafin Daryl Chamberlain Manson Cheek Mary Sue Childs Ruth Choate Steve Christensen Cheryl Chunn J. F. Braun Tommie Braun Elizabeth Bremer Vicki Briggs Linda Brinkley Mr. Henretti informs two students that pleading will get them nowhere. school life. S ' J O ' James Clark Ronnie Clark Martha Close Parker Coad Jo Anne Coakley Barbara Coffman James Coffman Bruce Coggins Don Coghlan Virginia Cole o n %• ». s - fl MJAmlA tsA r l n n John Conmy Lynndell Coolidge Barry Cooper Mary Cooper Mike Cooperman Jeff Copeland Cathy Corns Bob Courtney Rosemary Cowan Janet Crane Bryan Crawford Jonelle Crawford Sandy Crist Leila Cronan Bob Culbertson Kathy Cummings Tom Dalton Nancy Darling Nina Darling Bob Davis Rosa Lee Davis Carolyn Day Lynn Dearwester Jim Deaver Pat DeLuca Connie Dempsey Sharon Dewey Bill Dick Bob Dickenson Daun Dickie Sheryl Doe Brian Downes Bene Bene Dozier Stephen Drye Joe Ducibella Dave Duncan Phyllis Dunn Laura Dwyer Pat Eck Virginia Edwards 54 George Ealconer Jean Elliott Mike Elliott Margie Emerson Betsy Emmons John English Rick Evert Charles Fagan Charlotte Fairey Titia Faver Alma Felber Art Fitchett Helen Fleming Linda Fletcher Becky Floyd Carol Floyd Robert Foreman Mike Fox Bob Frase Betty Ann Frazier Sarah Frizzell Sally Fugate Ronny Furr David Fullerton They presented the Sophomore Si ies, Mrs. Payne tries, unsuccessfully, to dissolve a Pinata during Spanish class. Ernest laddy Rocky Gaines Randy Galbraith Bob Gamer Darlene Gamer Gretchen Gates Barbara Gattis Donna Germaine Betty German Anne Gilberson Barbara Gilliam Beverly Gimble J. Cenard Girard Johnie Godwin Martha Godwin Patty Goforth Carolyn Golway Kay Gordon Romney Gordon Judy Ghuld Wesley Graham Gene Graves Pete Greenwalt Connie Greenwood 55 Miss Fowlkes poses demurely on her desk during a typical day of gruelling labor. Craig Griffiths Sandy Grim Anne Griswold Ken Gummerson Cindi Guss Geoffrey Guss Randolph Hack Cheryl Hagarty Gail Haggstrom Gordon Hall Pat Hall Sheryl Hall Suzie Hall Richard Hamel Pia Hansen organized new club Jarl Hansen Doug Hanewinckel Pete Hardy John Harmon Julie Harper Leslie Hart Bill Hatch Susan Hatch Sandi Hawthorne Jane Haycock Stephanie Heatwole Holly Hebei Carol Heighes John Helmick Margie Henry Carol Herbert Linda Hess Jo Anne Hiatt Jana Hightower Ruth Hill Cincjy Hippier Joan Hitchcock Nancy Hoag Terry Hockersmith Greg Holland Gwen Honea Carol Honenberger Kitty Hopkins Duane Hopper Nancy Hopper Mary Horgan Pam Horn Joe Hornsby Ann Horton Barbara Hottle David Hottle Vance Hough Sharon Houston Clinton Howard Beverly Hudson 56 Dee Humphrey Alan Humphries Billie Ann Hunter Marilyn Hunzekler Wendy Impett Vicki Inks Marilyn Ireland Brenda Jackson Gary Jackson Ronald Jackson Dennis Jacobs Carol Jafferey Susan Janet John Jauage James Jeffries Mike Jeffries Barbaru Johnson Brad Johnson Edgar Johnson Gail Johnson Bert Johnson Iris Johnson Julie Johnson Karen Johnson Richard Johnson Helen Jones Linda Jones Kathy Jordan Karen Kaenzig Virginia Kahn Joe Kallini Mike Karnes and activities. “Let’s see . . . it must be in here somewhere . . Ken Gummerson disects a perch in Biology. Polly Kemp Gary Kessler Terry Kilgore Pat King Rusty King Julie KinKead k d$f { I Cheryl Kinsella Karleen Klemp Betty Klinstiver Patricia Koontz Pat Kuniansky Robert Laberge Faye LaFone Mickey LaGarde Jim Lambert Becky Landen Diana Lane Sherry Lane 57 Sophomores gained recognition Mr. Charles Heinz, M.S. Mr. Harry Keller, B.A. Mr. Larry Mrs. Klinger, B.A., M.A. Likar, Winifred Mr. Edward B.A., B.S. Henry, Jr., M.A. Sophomore Guidance Counselor Mrs. Evelyn Morrell, B.S. Carol Lange Jim Lawton James Layne Linda Layne Mary Layne Mike LeClair Michelle Lees Aleen Lemesh David Lewis Penny Lipscomb Earnest Livaditis Bruce Loberg Bill Locke Kathy Logan Fred Lohman Susie Long Maureen Lowe Warren Lowry Vincent Lozito Kay Lundberg Steve Lunsford Lorraine MacCatrer Wally Magathon Crissell Mahinske David Maitland Rose Maley Jim Mann Jon Marker Jeanne Martin Sue Martin Vivian Martin Andy Marusak Jim Mason Rick Mathers Matt Godek Donna May Walter May Jim McCarthy Robert McCarthy Emily McClintock Jim McCormack Sandy McCowan Diana McDaniel Joe McDonough Denise McHugh Robert McIntosh Pat McKinney • Marian McKnight 58 Mr. Keller explains some of the complexities of the heart to Mary Stanley. Jean McLain Pat Meaders Ricky Meana Greg Mensinger Jim Merrimen Alan Miley Bob Miller Doug Miller Laurel Miller Peggy Miller Norman Mills Kevin Minor Jan Mitchell Pat Monahan Dan Mooney Ruth Monschke Gene Montgomery Carol Moore Sandra Moore James Morris 4 • M m 4 v A in honor societies and S. C. A. Sandra Mosher Jerry Mullins Linda Mullins Rick Munnikhuysen Ted Munns Dorothea Myers Richard Myers Mario Nadler Lana Neale Carlyle Nerdahl Debbie Newman Nancy Nightingale Miriam Noll Gary Norby Mike Norton Ronnie Nowell Annanbelle Nutter Louis Obaugh Karen O’Flaherty George Olinger Kirk Olverson Ellen O’Neill John O’Neill Len Opeil Judy Ourand Cindy Overman Steve Packard Virginia Padgette Jim Page James Painter James Parker Mary Lee Patton 59 John Prentice Daniel Price Chris Raabe Judy Ralf Richard Randa Patricia Rant Renne Reynolds Phil Reid Steve Richards Eugene Riddle Jimmy Ritter John Robey Linda Rick Bruce Rollman Mike Romeo Robert Pace Glenda May Payne Jeff Pearson Peggy Schoenecker Irene Pelszynski Gayle Pennino Judi Perlman Bill Perry Fred Perry Harvey Perry Cindy Phelps Kathy Phillips Mike Phillips Kurt Pierce Andrea Pinning Teddy Jean Pippin Gary Plaugher Pat Plecha Pattie Plough Kerry Pope Bobby Porter Suzanne Portrum Charles Post Jerry Potter Bill Ross Patty Ross Ralph Ross Karsten Rothenberg Belinha Rowley Karen Rucker Marcy Ruhl Roger Rutledge Rick Samuelson Vincent Sanborn Sharon Sowers John S charmer Many students became quite proficient in handling woodworking materials. 60 Mrs. Nancy Mr. John Lobutz, Mrs. Nancy Pierce Mr. Martin Mr. Edgar Miss Doris Tolley, Mr. Michael Hillyer, B.S. B.S. B.S. Rabunski, B.S., Roberson, B.A. B.A. Wade, B.S., M.Ed. M.A. Miss Mary Mrs. Louise Ross, Mr. William Mr. Howard Mrs. Josephine Robinson, B.A., B.A. Scott, B.A. Stevens, Tannous, B.A., M.Ed. B. Mus. Ed. M.A. Allyson Bell, Secretary Alan Humphries, Treasurer as they reached the halfway point. Linda Schnatterly Bruce Schuly Sue Scofield Arch Scurlock Nancy Seale Wanda Seals Mary Sedoff Jack Selby Suzanne Selph Maureen Schaffer Bill Shepherd Sherriane Shirey Sandy Shoemaker Karlene Shropshire Sharon Shyer Craig Smith Harold Smarr Joma Smith Martin A. Smith Terry Smith Sandy Smolen Gayle Snyder Gary Spanke Harold St. Clair Cheryl Stafford Gary Stafford Karen Stafford Nancy Stafford Miles Staley James Stanfield Mary Stanley Sue Stanley Sara Scheider Mike Schick JoEllen Schild Fred Schmoyer 61 Two members of the kitchen staff begin preparations for lunch. Merry Staser Sharon Steiger Toby Stein Cornelia Stellenwerf Gay Stelzenmuller Nancy Stevens Joy Stingley David Sterling Paul Stoliaoff Carol Stoner Lewis Story Donald Stover Susan Strang Joan Strickland Nan Strickler Jeff Strong Tom Sulick Emmett Sullivan Debbie Swartz Jay Swee Bob Sylvester Sharon Talley Paul Tannous Bob Tavenner Jean Taylor Lorraine Taylor Ruth Theriauh H. A. Thompson Doug Tibbetts Stew Rice Jackie Tilden Kathi Till Stephany Tisda le Toby Tobison Rusty Tomlinson Bill Torry Susan Tregone Gilbert Tribbett Donna Tribby Tom Tucker Joan Turnquist Bobby Turrou Corky Upchurch Richie Vaughn Mary Vawter Joan Venscori Patsy Wafel Jane Wagner Charles Walker John Ward 62 I ; m -1 Clark Watson Eric Watson Carl Weinmeister Peggy Weissenstein Wayne Welre James Wenberg Kenneth Werner Kathy Wherry Bill White Carolyn White Craig Whited Kenneth Whitt We present Chester, the biology room mascot. Faster than the speed of light, Mrs. Ramay demonstrates her famous free-hand circle. Frank Whitton Dave Wigutoff Bob Williams Chris Williams Robert Williams Teresa Williams Pattie Winfree Malcolm Winstead Kathy Wirth Harriet Witherell John Withers Richard Withersoppn Susan Wood Karleen Wisendanger Patricia Wynn Beverly Yancey Donnie Young Brian Zamuda Diane Ziccarelli Bruce Zimmerman Stephen Zimpel Bill Zook Elmo Zumwalt 63 Will Kellum, John Atherton, Denny Seebert, John Staples, Jeff Twardy, Mr. Smith Basketball Annandale’s Basketball team faced a tough schedule this season. The opener came as a blow as the Atoms bowed to Lee; however, the next game showed the team to be in top form as it took McLean, the old football rival. The team continued to vacillate, winning one and losing the next, until the Falls Church game. Through the efforts of John Atherton and John Staples, the top s corer for the game, Annandale took Falls Church and then went on to de¬ feat Mount Vernon. In the Mount Ver¬ non rout, Will Kellum emerged as high scorer with a tremendous twenty-eight points. Big John Atherton storms through for another basket. ANNANDALE OPP. 39 Lee . 58 66 McLean . 58 52 Fairfax . 69 73 Madison . 33 46 Yorktown . 53 37 Groveton . 44 43 Falls Church . 36 62 Mt. Vernon . 48 48 George Washington.60 68 JEB Stuart . 53 68 Fairfax . 48 41 Groveton . 50 51 Wakefield . 53 64 Osbourn . 43 0 Falls Church . 2 49 Hammond . 68 56 W-L . 32 49 Yorktown . 42 64 With professional form, John Atherton slips in for two more points. John Staples (who is not kicking a field goal) fights a Yorktown player for the ball. Annandale met George Washington next and found the going rough as the Presidents handed the Atoms another defeat. The team sprang back, how¬ ever, and walked over Stuart and Fairfax, thus evening the score with Annandale’s old rival. The team was superb in both of these games, showing the fans how Basketball should be played. The Atoms compiled Bobby Penney dribbles down court, looking for an opening. For the second time this season, the Atoms met Groveton. Although the team was riding the crest of the former duel wins, the Groveton team pre¬ sented a formidable front and dished out a second defeat. Wakefield provided the fans with one of the most thrilling games of the season as Annandale battled to a tie with just a few seconds left to play. To the dismay of the Annandale crowd, he Warriors racked up two points just in time to cap the evening 53 - 51 . 65 Osbourn was next on the schedule and the Atoms dished out a resounding defeat after the Wakefield disappointment of the week before. Annandale was in high spirits as it went into the Falls Church game. The first game against Falls Church had resulted in a win for the Atoms, and the team expected to produce a similar triumph. As the game got underway, Annandale took an early lead of 8-6. The first quarter neared the half way mark and a foul was called against Annandale. From the misunderstanding which developed, came the announcement that Annan¬ dale would be required to forfeit the game. A stunned crowd left the gym. “Frosty” Staples neatly shoots a long one over the head of a Yorktown defender. a six win, ten loss record in Basketball. The final two points of the game are scored by Dave Smith, bringing about another Atom victory. Following the defeat at Falls Church, the Annandale team lost the next two games to Hammond and W-L. The outlook was almost pessemistic as the Atoms again faced Yorktown for its final game of the season. A determined group of boys fought doggedly to the last minute. Under the great scoring of John Atherton, the Atoms pulled this one out to end the season on a high note. The ANTENNA congratulates John Atherton, who was the high scorer for this season. George Holland waits for someone to break into the open. ANNANDALE 39 Lee . 62 McLean . 55 Fairfax . 49 Madison . 46 Yorktown 41 Groveton 40 Falls Church . 41 Mt. Vernon. 35 George Washington 48 JEB Stuart . 80 Wakefield . 44 Groveton . 39 Osbourn . 28 Falls Church . 55 Hammond. 59 W-L . OPP. . 17 . 52 48 46 62 . 45 . 35 . 43 . 36 50 . 48 49 . 75 . 34 . 40 . 35 Junior Varsity Basketball Row one: Ronnie Clark, Bill Perry, Steve Christenson, Andy Marusaki, Ronnie Galbraith, Corky Upchurch. Row two: John Prentice, Rusty Thompson, Dan Mooney, Jim Croy, Larry Parthrer, Terry Kilgore, Steve Ashien. Freshman Basketball Ronnie Clark goes up for two points in a J.V. Basketball game. ANNANDALE OPP. 42 McLean . 47 38 Falls Church . 34 51 Herndon. 34 36 Groveton 44 55 Madison .33 56 Osbourn.26 51 Fairfax . 50 39 Stuart . 53 Row one: Fred Mooney, Craig Inglish, Kevin Davenport, Charles Chamberlain, Scott Church, Dan Woods, Mike Copeland, Wayne Block, Ed Northwood. Row two: Danny Mistretta, Jim Bowen, Don Celes, Larry Zenc, Dick Nay, Bill Steiger, Bob Haken, Mike Fetlon. 67 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Annandale’s Varsity basketball team piled up a record of twelve wins and no losses. The un¬ defeated season placed the team at the top of the best girls’ basketball team that Annandale has had. Varsity co-captains this year were Beverly Bell and Eileen Kreibel. Junior Varsity co¬ captains were Phyllis Drin and Jackie Coyne. The Junior Varsity team compiled a five wins, seven losses record. Girls Varsity Basketball Judy Polland picks up two points towards another Ann¬ andale victory. ANNANDALE OPP. 35 Stuart . 13 68 Fairfax . 25 38 Falls Church. 9 53 Herndon . 22 52 McLean . 47 52 Madison . 20 53 Mt. Vernon . 29 69 Lee . 36 Judy Polland, Beverly Bell, Anne Young, Eileen Kreible, Bita Bottle, Nilah Young, Diane Davis, Barbara Johnson, Diane Waldo, Kathy Cummings. Beverly Bell breaks up a scornig attempt by a Lee player. ANNANDALE OPP. 51 Stuart .40 60 Lee . 23 55 Osbourn . 21 35 Groveton. 27 ANNANDALE OPP. 18 Stuart .21 20 Fairfax . 19 21 Falls Church. 13 11 Herndon. 18 20 McLean . 12 19 Madison . 14 14 Mt. Vernon . 9 15 Lee . 23 23 Stuart . 26 12 Lee . 15 18 Osbourn . 12 32 Groveton . 11 B. J. Johnson gets set to sink two points. had on undefeated season. Junior Varsity Row one: Jean Elliot, Pat Brown, Betsy Simmons, Penny Lipscomb, Jackie Coyne, Virginia Padgette. Roiv two: Pam Ferguson, Phyllis Dim, Connie DelaMater, Jackie Johnson, Sandy Smolers. 69 Intramurals “Pete”, a popular phtjs. cd. instructor, teaches folk dancing to her girls. During this past year, Annandale’s Physical Education Department has made tremendous gains under the di¬ rectorship of Mr. Muirhead. The ex¬ tensive program offers activities and training in every field of physical en- devour. A long training program is now begun with the Freshman classes and terminates with optional ad¬ vanced Senior education. Winter activities Mr. Ed Henry teaches the fund- ametals of golf to an advanced class of Seniors. Sophomore Dance ‘You really think I should play that record Frossty Staples MC’s the Sophomore dance. saw a successful donee by the Sophomores , “Sarge” Yorke learns to do the twist—like they do it in the old country. Drama Club Drama flemished at Annandale this year, with numerous assemblies and plays being presented. The increased interest in dramatic activities was shown by the increased activity and membership of the Drama Club. Technique, history, and works were the by-words for this active club, as members took in plays and presented programs for the student body. One such assembly offered scenes from “Anastasia” and an original lampoon on the sinking of the Titanic by Linda Whatron. This year’s officers were: Geraldine Sterling, President; Nilah Young, Vice President; and Susie Rucker, Secretary-Terasurer. “I believe that’s my coat ...” a Drama Club member gently in¬ forms a would-be-coat snatcher. assemblies of Dra ma, It appears that Don Stover is experiencing some of the difficul¬ ties of courtship. “I think I sallowed my teeth,” remarks a Drama Club member on a crowded bus. 72 A. F. S. Dial Barnwell, Dixie Hunter, Jackie Schuthe, Sylvia Motzko, Ruth Fragelson, Darlene Lewis, Dennis Richmond, Pat Rapp, Vaughn Stelzen- muller, John Cumberland, Susan Phillips, Diane Murphy, Gay Stelzen- muler. Annan dale had the pleasure of being host to Jackie Schuthe from Switzerland and Sylvia Motzko from Austria. Both girls have taken an active part in school life and have won a perm¬ anent place in the hearts of many of us. This year’s AFS Club has fostered interest in our exchange program. Annandale wel¬ comes John Cumberland back from Germany, Dial Barnwell back from the Philippines and waits the return of Norie Huddle from Italy. Sylvia and Jackie, our exchange students, prepare to eat lunch. and friends from abroad. Alapha-Beta Tri-Hi-Y Row one: Leslie Gorn, Pat Oliver, Vicky Heimlich, Janet Hatches, Pat Zepel, Antonet Wichols, Janet Acoraid. Row two: Sylvia Upchurch, Lynda Sidell, Margie Lipscomb, Cindy Sullivan, Kathy Pearson, Barbara Shields. Annandale’s four Tri-Hi-Y clubs are girls’ organizations which exist mainly as fun so¬ cieties. The girls adopt Greek letters to distinguish their various clubs. Some of their activities include field trips to places of interest around the area, dances for the entire school, and exhibitions in school tal¬ ent shows and entertainment programs such as the Freshman Follies. 73 French Honor Society Row one: Anne Haycock, President; Barbara Brill, Vice-President; Sharon Barber, Secretary. Row two: Susan Phillips, Mary MeCahon, Sherry Abel, Priscilla Scull, Marsha Daromterry. Row three: Cindy Via Marliyn Moore, Janet Gutman, Jim Avery, Carol Junker, Diane Um¬ laut, Vera Libeau. In order to honor thase who have shown much proficiency in the areas of French and Spanish, Annandale supports the French and Spanish Honor Societies. It is necessary to maintain a “B” average and to be at least a third-year student of the langu¬ age to stay in these societies. It is a distinct honor to belong, and Annandale is proud of the students who have attained this position. Spanish Honor Society Sherly Singleton, Carol Smith, Jane Gardner, Barbara Brenman, Joe Baggett, Dave Split, Terry Patch, Bobbie Neagle, Margin Hollister. 74 Junior Beverly Brotemarkle Doris Brown Gordon Burns Mary Burt Mary Butschek David Button Paul Buxton Sheryl Byrd Sharron Cain Jeanne Carlson Allen Abbott Erik Ackerson Jane Anderson Bruce Armstrong Mike Armstrong Kay Arnold Sharon Atwell Jim Avery Merilee Bailey Charles Baird Bobby Ball Eileen Bangert Janice Beach Susan Bell Carolyn Benson Chris Bergstrom Jim Bladen John Bland Mike Bledsoe Wiliam Bledsoe Judy Boyd Bob Boyer Jim Brasse Curt Brickham Chester Cassel Linda Caudle David Chapin Gregory Chase Sandra Chase Richard Cheek Joyce Chittum Barry Chunn Hutch Church Chele Cloman Charles Close Larry Coffman Gary Carpenter Bob Carroway Beverly Carter Sharon Casey James Cassedy “Well, I’ll he . . Boh Mitchell exclaims as lie leafs through Dr. Seuss. 76 Mr. Janies Odom, Mr. Gareth Rose, Mr. Paul B.A. B.A. Schwartz, B.A. Jim Avery, Betty Johnson, Janet Morrow. Kathy Ingerson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Carolyn Cogswell Linda Colcolough George Congleton William Conrad Kathleen Conway Mike Corbett Barbara Costello Jim Craig Wayne Crandell Carlton Crider Mike Cummings Lori Curran Cheryl Dahl Susan Dalby Marsha Daugherty A1 Davidoff Juniors , lull of sell ool spirt, Sherry Dorrer Mary Dove Bob Downey John Drew Marsha Duncan Carolyn Dunevant Dona DuParc Eleanor Dutz Vickie Dye Tim Dyess Jim Dykes Cliff Earl Wayne Edwards Linda Eggleston Sharon Ehlers Mary Pat Elam Dennis Elliott Jacquelun English Judy Etheridge Cheryl Ewing Janet Felton Mike Fengaroli Rick Fischer Pat Flattery Rae Flood Merrell Fort Cathy Foster Claire Foster Judy Fox Mary Beth Fox Jean Foye Jim Gargus Dianne Davis Pat Dean Ginger Deaton Carole Deavers Tommy Dix 77 “1, 2, 3, 4,” Russ Payne works in his algebra homework during English class. Mrs. Marion Cassedy, B.A. Mrs. Jean Elmore, B.A. Miss Barbara Finch, B.A. Mr. Robert A. Mrs. Virginia Gray, Jr., A.B. Switzer, B.A., M.A. Junior Guidance Counselor Become more aware of their responsibilities Patty Gass Diane Ghent Junior Gill Roger Goldstein Rosanne Gonye Skip Grande Tim Greenwalt Pat Griffith Gail Griswold Dale Gumell Janet Gutmann Wade Hall Bill Hammett Jim Hanson Less Hardy Marian Harfley Jeff Harringtin David Harris Pat Hartung Patsy Hatch Marj Havola Wayne Hawthorne Ken Hayden A1 Hays Barbara Hess James Higgins John Hoffay Nancy Hoffman Bob Holden Brenda Hollingsworth Marjorie Hollister Thomas Horton Lynne Howard Denise Howe Gretchen Huffman Richard Hughes Joyce Hunley Stanley Hurlbut Connie Hutchings Wayne Huyler 78 Kathy Ingerson James Inks Susan Inks Deborah Jackson Kakki Jackson Lois James Michael Jarosh Ralph Jensen Barbara Johnson Betty Johnson Bob Johnson Kay Johnson Patricia Johnson Dan Jones Ke ith Jones Wanda Jones Jean Kamminga James Kaputa William Kellum Larry Kennedy Kathy Kevill Mike Kihlmire Anne Kilpatrick Connie Kirk Linda Kirkhorn Gary Klahn Susan Klein Florine Klinginsmith Eddie Koriol Richard Kraft Max Landman Phillip Lawrence ' P dtA dukdu Zoe Ann Lawson Richard Lawton Bob LeBreton To Annandale. Mr. Stevenson ominously threatens a U. S. Histroy class with ex¬ tinction. Martin Lester Paula Sue Levitt Vera Libeau Cynthia Lightfoot Richard Lindon Connie Lindsay Phillip Lindsey Michael Linn Kathi Lipscomb D. M. Logsdon, Jr. Paulette Lutjens Nancy McAdams Eric McAllister Margaret McCabe Franko McClendon 79 They learned to write term papers , Mrs. Vivian Flinchum, B.S. Mrs. Dootrhy Hudgins, B.S. Mr. Kenneth Mullen, B.S. Mr. Byron Isenberg B.A., M.A. Tom McCormick Sharon McCoy Tom McElfresh Mary Ann McFarland Vivian Malanga Ann Malone John Marvin Patti Mattson Jo Anne Measley Richard Mellen Diana Melody Robert Mitchell Perry Monroe Russ Montgomery Marilyn Moore Bonnie Mooty Judith Morris Janet Morrow Bonnie Moses Weston Moses Kathi Mosher Sandy Moureau Douglas Mullins Dianne Murphy Dennis Murray Donald Murray Pat Murray Pat Musolino Russell Myers Roberta Nagle Dick Neland Linda Noran Virginia Oderwald Rick Oldberg David Oleson Wilma Olivari Joey McFarlen Tod McWhinney Karen Olson Pete O’Neill Toni Opeka Wanda O’Rear David Orlob Jimmy Palmer Tessa Palmer Tom Paradis Cam Pascoe Gladys Payne Danny Pemberton David Peterson Liz Pickering Jannell Pollock Dan Powell 80 Eeee . . Mrs. Payne cheerfully greets a vistor to her Spanish class. Joe Powers Gigi Price Joe Price Nancy Pruett Joan Pulley Joan Pursell Nancy Putnam Kerry Quinn Gary Rahm Donna Lee Rajeski Joyce Ramay Carol Re Glenna Reed Ted Remington John Richardson Rick Rio Steele Ritter Bob Rock Bruce Roming Mieke Roos Took College prep, examinations, Barbara Rosenkranz Regina Rathenberg Douglas Rotz Pamela Rouvalis Edmund Rowan Shirley Rowland John Royster Margaret Gail Ruhl Kenneth Runyon Allen Russell Donald Ruths Bob Ryan Patty Ryan Alfred Saccone Susan Sanders Judi Sayles Bill Schessler John Schreiber Hugh Scott Priscilla Scull Steve Sears Walter Sessums Dennis Seybert Howard Sheble Susan Shellington Frances Shepard Brian Shirley Mary Lou Shreve Buford Sides Fred Sieber Patrick Simmons Jackie Simpson 81 Robert Simpson David Smith Dick Smith Gary Smith Cathy Snyder John Southern Mary Alice Sowers Wayne Spruell Becki Squires Jane Stirrup Ed Sutorik Charlene Swan Tom Swan Larry Tanner William Tennant Terry Terrien Joyce Thomas Barbara Todd Paula Tonko Jeff Twardy Bev Gephart makes a few minor repairs on Ginnie Grogan between classes. And looked forward to becoming Seniors Buddy Trent Diana Umlauf Carolyn Usher Cindy Via Sally Vogt Bill Wade Whitney Wagner Diane Waldo Pat Walsh Eddie Ward Lillian Ward Carol Washington Val Weaver Karen Webster Dick Weston Linda Wharton Barbara White Susan White 82 Jim Avery, boy scientist, preforms before the admiring stares of a captive audience. Is Joyce Ramay giving or receiving information on tomorrow’s test? Carole Whittinton Linne Wilkes Mary Pat Willett Margie Wilson Diane Windsor Fred Wirth Judie Wood Robin Worthington Marianne Wubheler Anne Young Donna Young Linda Zell Joy Zengel Anita Zepul Bob Zmud 83 Wrestling ANNANDALE OPP. 41 . McLean 8 24 . JEB Stuart . 16 38. Osbourn 10 16 . W-L . 30 30 . Yorktown . 15 46. . Madison 0 17 . . Wakefield . 29 27 . Mt. Vernon 19 36 . . Lee . . 12 Jerry Mulluis does a modified headstand as he pins a Yorktown grappler. Spring sports included They did it again! Annandale’s A-l wrestling team stormed its way to the Northern Virginia Tournament this year. Coached by Mr. Scott, the team displayed a record of 8 wins and 2 losses as they approached the tournament. After three days of gruelling contests, Annandale emerged number three in Northrn Virginia. Annandale confidently looks forward to next year and a third superior team. Don Ruths fights to bring down an opponent. Row one: Scott Shaeffer, Jim Lambert, Rocky Gaines, Bruce Loberg. Row two: Mark Mugaas, Dan Jones, Dan Price, Tom Swan. Roiv three: Don Smith, Dennis Booker, Brooks Booker, Don Ruths, Skip Gee, Jerry Mullins, Bob Perrine, Steve Sears. Row four: Eric Watson, Rod Bell, Pete Green wait, Jamie Atherton, Bruce Snyder, Eric Plough, Bobby Jones, Dick Neland, Tom Paradis, Charlie Fagan, John Marker, Steve Zirnple, Hutch Church, Dennis Amundson, Rick Munnikhuysen, Ken Gummerson, Bob Rothenberg, Scott Mathason, Wally Magathan, Rich- art Witherspoon, Miles Staley, Chris Wanman, Stewart Tice, Bob Berezoski, Fred Carter, Bill Lock, Cinard Garard, Jim Splitt, H. A. Thompson, Joe Hornsby, and Chris Catledge. “Up and over,” as Annandale vaulter clears the mark. Track Lee Stuart. Wakefield . George Washington . Fairfax . McLean. Fairfax Co. Relays ...... Alex. Memorial Relays Wakefield Invitational Fairfax Co. Track Meet No. Virginia Group 1 Track Meet Group 1 State Track Meet ANNANDALE . Away .Away . Home Home .Groveton George Washington. Wakefield Annandale Annandale William Mary superb wrestling and frock, Skip Gee grimaces as he strains to clear the high-jump bar. With a burst of speed, Varsity Annandale man heads for another Annandale victory. 85 SM4 Gary Klahn follows through for a long drive in a practice session. as Annondole teams Tennis Dick Avery shows us his championship tennis form in a match against McLean. Two of Annandale’s newer sports are Tennis and Golf. At the time of this writ¬ ing, the tennis team had not organized in formal teams. Scrimage matches had been held, however, and a fine team seems to be in the offing. Annandale’s golf team has played only a few matches at Pine Crest, Courthouse Country Club, and other clubs in the area. The boys spend much time working on form and technique, causing Annan- dale to have one of the top teams in the area. Some of the teams which will be met are Lee, Mt. Vernon, Stuart, and Yorktown. Undoubtedly the team will appear in the playoff at Westbrier and Army-Navy Country Clubs. Intramurals Pete” (sometimes Miss Peters) gives encouragement to her girls on the minitramp. triumphed repeatedly. Mr. Muirhead, director of the Phtjs. Ed. de¬ partment demonstrates tumbling techniques. New equipment in the field of gymnastics has made Annandale one of the best equipped schools around. Students now are challanged by the high bar, minitramp, balance beam, and parallel bars. All work on this equipment is closely supervised and directed by phys. ed. instructors to insure the use of proper proceed- ures at all times. Annandale is rightly proud of its safety record in physical activities. Safetij procedures prevent accidents from becoming serious. 87 A-Blast Pat Jones listens to some sage advice from a staff assistant. Lucile Deatherage prepares a galley for the A-Blast. The A-Blast and Fall-Out This year’s A-Blast emerged under new sponsorship as Mrs. Carpenter replaced “Ma” Royston. Many new innovations occured as the paper strove to improve its appearance and standards. For the first time, the paper was printed rather than min- eographed. In addition, instead of having one editor for the entire year the A-Blast has had several editors. This arrangement provides experi¬ ence, variety, and less strain in pub¬ lishing a paper. Each year the A-Blast emerges as a better paper. Soon it will be one of the best in the county. Pat Jones , Linda Woolridge, Tina Pederson, type final copy sheets for the .afternoon deadline. 88 Fall-Out Members of the editorial staff review some manuscripts for publications. each had a new look. ' As in the past, the Fall-Out attempted to publish three issues this year. Trou¬ ble developed, however, when the staff changed printers. As a result only two issues were published. The second issue featured a writing contest in poetry, short stories, and essays. For the second year the magazine was printed, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Dawson and editorship of Susan Phillips the Fall-Out has made tremendous gains. Pat Jones listens to some sage advice from a staff assistarit. Art Editor Marty Corson and her staff prepare illustrations for the magazine. “It’s Academic” One of the more exciting events of this school year was Annandale’s ap¬ pearance on the local television quiz show, “It’s Academic.” On this pro¬ gram three of the school’s top students competed with two other schools by answering questions on general know¬ ledge. A certain amount of points are assigned to each question, and the team compiling the greatest amount of points wins the privilege of returning the next week—as well as a 54 volume set of the Great Books of the World. Annandale’s Team won the first time it was on, coming from behind to score 260 points in the final round of play. Unfortunately, the team was forced to bow to High Point and George Mason the following week. As a note of interest, Annandale’s winning score of 330 stands was one of the highest scored on the show. Cotestants Marty Corson, Billy Cain, and Ken Arnold confer with Mrs. Ramey, Annandale’s scorekeeper. Juniors sponsored o dance Annandale’s own jazz band “The Mad Hatters” tune up for the “It’s Academic” program. 90 Talent Show “ Double, double, toil and trouble,” chant those masters John Cumberland, Tom Kincaid, and Dave Splitt. led in talent “I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure you’ll want to buy one,” declares Linda Wharton to Charlotte Bisset. Michelle Lee’s graceful toe-dancing left the talent show audience breathless. To the lilting storms of a song from Shake¬ speare’s Macbeth, Annandale’s annual talent show got under way. This year saw talented students in myraid fields of entertainment. First place went to Charlotte Bisset and Linda Whar¬ ton for their original comedy routine. Second place went to the three witches for their rendi¬ tions of “Double, Double Toil and Trouble.” Third place was captured by Anne Haycock and her piano solo. This year’s show was one of the best and demonstrated the wide range of inter¬ est and talent in Annandale. Junior Play Sganarelle Martine . Valere . Lucas Jacqueline Lucinde . Leandre . Hali .... Adraste . . Don Pedio Isadore . . . Ken Hayden Linda Wharton Joyce Ramay . Jeff Twardy Phil Lindsey Sharon Guild Tom Dix Rich Rio . . Vera Liheau . . Cindy Via Mikal Simmons Under the direction of Mrs. Dougherty, who replaced Miss Roby as drama coach at Annandale, the Junior Class sponsored the production of “Love Makes the Painter” and “The Doctor in Spite of Himself,” both by Moliere. After five long weeks of work, the cast bustled up to two performances, still making costumes a few hours before curtain time. In spite of many set backs and many headaches (just ask Mrs. Dougherty), the plays came off quite well. In fact, to the pleasure of the Seniors, whose prom will be financed by the play, the Junior Class actually made money on the production. This is unheard of! Rick Rio livens up the party with a little belly dance in “Love Makes the Painter.” with Moliere Ken Hayden attempts to placate his disgruntled wife, Linda Wharton, in “The Doctor in Spite of Himself.” Mikal Simmons plays hard-to-get, while ole “Rushy Heard” plays hard- to-get-rid-of. 92 Miss Annandale On a stage decorated as a Roman tem¬ ple stood five girls—the finalists for the Miss Annandale contest. After a dazzling show, which included fashions and fifty- two contestants, Miss Annandale was about to be selected. Only the judges, Mr. Baptie, chairman, and four other prominent persons, knew who the queen would be. Annandale for 1962-63. It was a tense, exciting show—and the results were (obviously) rewarding. The show is one of the D.E. Club’s main projects— and was, as usual, a great success. Kathy Leith, the former Miss Annandale, presents a surprised Zoe Ann Lawson with a dozen roses. and Spring fashions. The five finalists were Zoe Ann Lawson, Susan Wood, Cindy Via, Connie Hutching, and Nancy Pruett. Keyettes Jane Haycock and Tish Ange pay through the nose for being late to Keyettes. Keyette meetings were always informal, and a friendly atmosphere prevailed. Opportunities for service were varied Key Club Top Brass of the Key Club, Walt Couser, Paul Tannous, Steve Sears, Joe Baggett, John Pennylegion, Larry Bosserman, and Jim Avery plan the convention. Service to the school and community was the goal of the Key and Keyette Clubs of Annandale. The two clubs shared the re¬ sponsibility of the school store, and worked together in other school projects. In the com¬ munity, the Key Club helped in fund raising drives, held car-washes, helped in Annandale Pancake Day, and generally spread the good name of Annandale High. To culminate the year’s activities, the Key and Keyette Clubbers attended conven- ions on a region level. Through a lot of good planning, the separate conventions were both held in Norfolk, Va., on the same weekend. (Keep up the good work, boys!) 94 Bus Drivers Monitors The monitors appear greatltj saddened by the accident which left Ron Chapman Stage Crew Opportunities for service to the school were pro¬ vided through bus driving, monitoring, and re¬ pairing stage equipment. Each of these services is vital to the school and its functioning. The Bus Drivers have maintained an excellent safety record. Often on Week-ends the stage crew works to com¬ plete preparations for plays and concerts. The ANTENNA salutes these groups for the fine job they are doing. cold in the hall Stage Crete members Al David- off, Bruce Romig, and Walter Sessums work to change an auditorium light. 95 DE Row one: Jim Cassedy, Dave Painter, Bob Eskridge, Dave Nicols, Ken White, Emory Crandell, Jim Butcher, Clark Massey, Ronnie Colson. Row two: Doris Brown, Stephanie Tilden, Joann Measky. students began preparing VOT These students are taking Distributive Edu¬ cation an Annandale. The entire group of about fifty (50) in all have made $35,600 already this year working in various distributive businesses in the community. They are studying executive development and business organization and management. Many will pursue college of other training in, economics, accounting, advertising, Distributive Education, retailing, and business management areas. Through this program stu¬ dents are afforded an opportunity to attend school and work part time, receiving credits for working. VOT, Vocational Office Training, is a course which provides students with practical ex¬ perience in operating business machines and in business procedure. Carol Neil, Harold Conklins, Gail Wanden, Donna Wade, Mona Lenard, Willar Demory. 96 FTA Jocey Pearl, Julie Torrey, Tina Pederson, Sharon Guild, Joan Bennet, Andy Pearl, Bobbie Roberts, Barbara Ireland, Donna Sanya, Lynne Ireland, Jean Einum, Joe Sayblack, Ginnie Oderwald, Judy Murray. For those students who are interested in entering the teaching profession, Ann- andale has the Future Teachers of America. This nation-wide club is dedicated to the production of teachers who are aware of their responsibilities and expectations. Miss Johnson, the club’s sponsor has provided the students with new insights and invaluable information for a teaching career. for future work and careers. Ayudera Cathy Messer, Jane Stirrup, Karen Webster, Tina Pederson, Pat Dean, Pam Dennis, Harriet Elkner, Becky Squire, Patsy Hatch, Linda Wooldridge. Annandale’s newest club, the Ayudera, is an exclusive girls’ or¬ ganization whose purpose it is to supply service to the school. Com¬ ing from the Spanish Ayudara, meaning truth, the club’s name im¬ plies its high goals and standards. Activities of this new club include helping teachers grade papers and aiding the administration in any way possible. 97 Delta Tri-Hi-Y Alma Felber, Brenda Blackwell, Harriet Green, Sandy Grin, Ann Grisw ' old, Tish Favor, Dusty Martin, Donna Tribby, Billy Ann Hunter, Sandy Shoemaker, Gail Hugstorm, Judy Balf, Beverly Yaney, Kathy Coyne, Penny Lipscomb. beautiful mural was painted Art Guild Annandale’s Art Guild, under the direction of Mr. Marsh, has contributed much to the cultural aspects ol the school. Each of the students in the guild is an art student of considerable talent and ambition. The Guild gives them an opportunity to practice and develop their techniques. In addition to the personal benefits, these stu¬ dents contribute their talens oi he enrichment of the school. This year, as in the past, the Guild painted the front windows of the school lobby with a huge mural telling the story of Christ’s birth. Sylvia Motzko, Harriette Elkner, Marty Corson. 98 Chess Club 1 Billy Cain, Chess Club President listens dutifully to a bit of kibitzing. Chess has gained a new (and permanent) foothold in Annandale. Under the leader¬ ship of Billy Cain, President, Gary Smith, Secretary, and Max Landman, Treasurer, the club has distinguished itself throughout the county. The club has engaged in seven inter-scholastic matches, played thirty-five boards, and won 52 2% of their boards. The Chess Club has elevated chess to an inter¬ esting and attention-getting activity at An¬ nandale. for Christmas by the Art Guild Future Homemakers of America One of the more popular girls’ clubs in Annandale is the Future Homemakers of America. The purpose of this organization is to provide a background in home care and practical prob¬ lems which these girls will have as mothers. In addition, the girls sponsor fashion shows in which they display original creations (as in the picture.) 99 French Club Interest In foreign countries , French Clubbers ponder the Scrabble board and try to recall their French. Possessing the distinction of being the largest club in Annandale, the French Club points up the enthusiasm for French in America today. This year’s activities included a special speaker from Tunisia and the now famous (or infamous) game day. On this day, French Clubbers gather in the cafeteria to play numerous games—entirely in French. Scrabble suddenly becomes more difficult and Bingo takes on a new sound. (The Antenna cannot explain how to play cards in Frencly) Officers of the enthusiastic group are: Billy Cain, President; Mary McCahon, Vice President; Priscilla Scull, Recording Secretary; Sue Kline, Corresponding Secretary; and John Bland, Treas¬ urer. 100 Norris Boone, alias “Caesar,” orates before a group of Latin Clubbers. Latin Club Perhaps the only club with any claims to antiquity is the Latin Club. One of the largest clubs at Annandale, this club is famous for making itself known. Their Roman Banquet, which occurs in late Spring, features togas, slaves, and entertainment for all. Under the leader¬ ship of Kathie Webber, President, Rich¬ ard Lind, Vice President, Joan Battaglia, Secretary, and Peggy Miller, Treasurer, the Latin Club has provided an oppor¬ tunity to study the past. fostered the study of different languages German Club As with the Latin Club, the German Club is devoted to the study of the his¬ tory and culture of Germany. Because German is a relatively new language being taught at Annandale, the German Club has not established its reputation yet. In the future we look for increased activity from this club—such as a Rath- skellar for Annandale Seniors. Wouldn’t that be lush? £ 1 I f | I I if -- ■ a m? opp WmL- L 1 ■Siil mtmf l wttmfA Jfe German Club members study German culture through magazines and pamphlets. 101 Russian Club Members of the Russian Clul) perform the “Troika” (... a dance this time.) With so much attention being focused on Russia today. Annandale has introduced Rus¬ sian into its curriculum for the first time. This addition was brought about through the efforts of Mrs. Little and her Russian Club. The club has made a study of Russian folk tradition and culture—as well as a study of the language itself. Russian is indeed a brave undertaking—the Antenna has received re¬ ports of people who have thrown their jaws out of joint attempting to speak this difficult language. and customs Majorettes Pat Smith, Cindy Phillips, Betty Frazier, Joan Strickland, Jeanell Politick. Summer Senior Class i3 SHERRY ABEL Seniors greeted Annandole EVANGELINE ADAMS VANCE ADLER SUSANNE ALBRIGHT JOHN ALLMAN STEPHEN ANDERSON KENNETH ARNOLD MARC ASHLEY JOHN ATHERTON SUSAN BACON JOE BAGGETT LINDA BAHR BEVERLY BELL CAROL BALL SARA BAMBAUER SHIRLEY BANKS ANDRA BANNER SHARON BARBER TIMOTHY BASSETT With renewed spirit, Ron Chapman appears to be hard at work memorizing his lines. JUDITH BEALL LUANNE BEGLEY KENNETH BELISLE 105 eagerly meeting the challenges LEONARD BENADE JOAN BENNETT JEAN BERRY NORMAN BEST SUZANNE BIANCO SANDY BISHOP SHARON BISHTON B. J. BISSELL CHARLOTTE BISSETT HELEN BLACK CAROLYN BLISS HENRY BLUMENTHAL 106 BROOKS BOOKER NORRIS BOONE LARRY BOSSERMAN RITA BOTTKE CINDY BOYER PETER BRAUNING of their lost and best year, “No, she is not for sale,” emphasizes David Noble. 107 giving new life to the halls Mary McCahon offers her afternoon cheering lessons to an obviously talented group. BARBARA BRENMAN DONNA BRIGANDI BARBARA BRILL ROBERT BROWNLOW WARREN BRYAN EARL BRYANT GERALD BUNCH BARBARA BURFORD LOUIS CABLE and writing new triumphs for Annandale. PATRICIA CADLE WILLIAM CAIN RICHARD CALLOW JEFFREY CAMP BETTY CAMPBELL SANDRA CAMPBELL Dial Barnwell treats Annandale’s two foreign students to lunch. 109 PATRICIA CARMICHAEL MARY ANN CARSCADDEN CLAUDE CASH WILLIAM CASSEDY They looked back proudly RONALD CHAPMAN RANDY CHARTIER MARY GEN CLARKSON 110 and looked forward soberly. STEPHEN COAD DOUGLAS COLE John Hart appears to he emerged in his work during automotive shop class. PEGGY COLLEY HAROLD CONKLIN JAMES COOPER MARY COPE RICHARD COPPAGE KATHELEEN CORCORAN 111 With malice toward none, the Seniors urge their team to victory. College loomed EMORY CRANDALL CAROL LEE CROW CAROL CULVER JOHN CUMBERLAND LINDA CUMMINS DIANA CUNNINGHAM 112 DARRELL DAMER SANDRA DANSBERGER LINDA DARNELL BARRIE DAVIS WANDA DAVIS BEVERLY DEARWESTER huge and dark and exciting LUCILLE DEATHERAGE DONNA DECKARD WILLARD DEMORY DENNY DENNIS 113 KATHELEEN DENNIS promising new goals PAMELA DENNIS MICHAEL DE REUS PATSY DOVE ROBERT DREISS PATRICIA DRENNAN CHARLOTTE DUCK FRANKLIN DUNCAN SANDRA DUFRESNE MARILYN DUFRESNE JUDITH DUNLEAVY MARTIN DuROSS JEAN EINUM HARRIETTE ELKNER ROGER ELLIOT CHARLES ESKRIDGE ROBERT ESKRIDGE JACK EVANS GARY FACEMIRE and more work. 115 As term papers threatened them CAROL FELTON GLENN FIELDS BENIA FILIPCZYK JOHN FORD JOYCE FOWLER DONNA FRALEY SANDRA FREUDIGER JEAN FULMER LARRY FURR ELIZABETH GALLAGHER TONI GALLATIN TOM GALLOWAY 116 DAVID GAPEN GAIL GARDNER JANE GARDNER NANCI GARLAN MARGARET GATTIS ANN GEE moments of relaxations slipped away. Mrs. Elizabeth Ames B.A. Mrs. Jeanne B. Bauer B.A. Mr. Russell L. Crosier B.S. ‘Have you hear the latest rumor about . . ” whispers Mrs. Dawson to Mrs. Ames. 117 They struggled with Milton Earl Bryant works to sabotage one of the faculty members’ cars. ROY GEE BEVERLY GEPHART PATRICIA GETZ MICHAEL GHOURDJIAN BETTY GIBSON BARBARA GOODMAN WILLIAM GOODRICK VERNIE GORDON NAN GRABB and dreamed of Macbeth and commas. JOAN GRAHAM RICK GRANMO CAROL SUE GREEN PATRICIA GREENWALT LYNNE GRIFFITH VIRGINIA GROGAN Kerry Faver works to complete her dress for the big week-end dance. 119 WILLIAM GULLICKSON SHARON HALL Jack Russel calls the cafeteria to order for the grace. TOM HALL NICHOLAS HANKS Newt on haunted them PAUL HANSEN ROBERT HARGET INGMAN HARR JOHN HART ANNE HAYCOCK 120 and Trig. puzzled them. PATRICIA HEGARTY VICKI HIMELICK TERRY HILL CHARLES HITCHCOCK GEORGE HOLLAND JEAN HOLZ 121 Marty Corson emulates Rembrandt in the Art Room. Brains grunted ELAINE HUNTER SAMUEL INKS PATRICIA INMAN BARBARA IRELAND PHYLLIS JAFFREY WILLIAM JARRELL 122 MARGARET JEFFERIES EDWIN JEFFERY SHEILA JOHNS JAMES JOHNSON MARY FRANCES JOHNSON PATRICIA JONES under the unrelenting load RICHARD JONES CAROL JUNKER MARGARET KANDL MICHAEL KAPUTA 123 .::l ; BARBARA KELLEY and eyes begged for sleep EDITH KELT CHARLOTTE KENNEDY ANGELA KENT PAUL KIHLMIRE CHARLES KIMZEY THOMAS KINCAID JANICE LYN KISER EILEEN KRIEBEL FRANK KNELLER KATHELEEN KOHN KATHERINE KOONTZ ELLEN KUNZ STEPHEN LADD CLARK LA FLARE BARRARA LAUDENBERGER PATRICIA LANDIN DIANNA LANEY GLENN LANEY through dark circles. DARLENE LEATHERWOOD With a flay heart, Dotifr Smith, bus-driver emeritus, performs his daily tasks. KATHERINE LEITH KAREN LEMESH 125 K. y Though the meaning of work began DENNIS LANDRETH RICHARD LE MOON DARLENE LEWIS ROY LIBEAU JOHN LITTLE THEODORE LOCKE JUDITH LONG ROBERT LOVELACE MONA LEE LYNARD BARBARA LYON WILLIAM MACE BARBARA MacKINNON 126 JANE MAHANES CRISCINDA MARIE PETER MARKS SHERRY MARCHIO ANITA MARR CONSTANCE MARTIN to crystallize in their minds. Mr. Roy T. Fisher R.A. Mrs. Reatrice Frutchey B.A., M.A. Mr. Earl Gill B.S. Seniors interested in architecture began a serious study of mechanical drawing. 127 they still found time for other things. Miss Buck instructs a class of freshman in the fine art of automotive repair. COURTNEY MARTIN CLARK MASSIE MARY McCAHON JUDITH McCULLEN MARY ANN McMILLAN GARY MEANA SARA MENDELSON CATHERINE MESSER EDWARD MICCIO Seniors led the school to victory MEREDITH MICKA LORENE MILLER PATRICIA MILLINGTON RAYMOND MOBUS RICHARD MONROE STEPHEN MOORE Now, where the heck is Herndon High School? 129 ALAN MOORING WILLIAM MORRIS DOUGLAS MORRISON DUNCAN MORROW on the athletic field , DAVID MUELLER MARK MUGAAS SHARON MURPHY 130 took honors u » Anne Haycock appears to be “tied up” at the moment. Mr. Allan Marsh B.A., M.A. Mr. Jack Morton B.S. Air. William Parnell B.A., M.A. JUDITH MURRA Y CAROL NEALL JANET NEWMAN DAVID NICHOLS DAVID NOBLE SHARON O’DONNELL 131 Many students, such as these four, found it faster to wait until after the second hell to go to class. in scholastic and civic endeavors, ELAINE OPEIL THOMAS ORNDORFF DAVID PAINTER CHARLES PARDEE SUSAN PARKS ROBERT PARKER DONNA OLVERSON WILLIAM O’NEILL 132 CELESTE PARKER TERESA PATCH GAIL PATE ROBERT PAYNE ANDREA PEARL JOCELYN PEARL and provided GREGORY PEARSON TINA PEDERSON ROBERT PENNY JOHN PENNYLEGION 133 ROBERT PERRINE leadership CLYDE PERRY DOUGLAS PHILLIPS SUSAN PHILLIPS JUDITH POLAND LOUIS POORE CAROL PORTER LINDE POTTER DAVID PRICE PATRICIA PRICE PATRICK RAPP WILLIAM RAPSON PATRICIA REARDON ROBERT REPPERT BARBARA RICHARDS REED RICHMAN DENNIS RICHMOND BARBARA ROACH GEORGIA ROAT in oil areas of school life. BARBARA ROBBINS URSULA ROBERTS ROBERT ROE Bob Walker directs class in the fine art of assassination. 135 Graduation was the high point of the year PETER ROPSHAW LINDA ROUSE SUSANNE ROWLEY RENEE RUFFNER CHRISTINE RUSSELL JOHN RUSSEL PHYLLIS RYAN HENRY SABATIER SUSAN SADLER AMY SANTORO SUSAN SAUER GORDON SAUNDERS 136 JOHN SCHUH WILLIAM SEITH LILLIAN SHANER JACQUELINE SCHUTHE SHIRLEY SHOEMAKER JOHN SIEGLE as Seniors graduated in Constitution Hall, Mrs. Martha Payne B.A. Miss Rachael Peters B.S. Mrs. Frances Ramay B.S., M.S. 137 and held their Baccalaureate A group of Senior girls make merry in the lunch room, celebrating Beethoven’s birthday. SHERYL SINGLETON CAROL SMITH DONALD SMITH DOUGLAS SMITH ELSIE SMITH MARIE SNAPP EDWARD SNYDER DAVID SPLITT PAUL STAUNCH at Washington Cathedral. JOHN STAPLES GEORGE STELZENMULLER AINO STEWART GERALDINE STERLING MARILYN STONE MARY STOVER A group of serious seniors have one last fling before settling down to work. 139 ROGER SUTHERLAND AMOS SYKES JAMES TANNER CAROLYN TARLETON They faced a new life DARLEEN THOMAS WAYNE THOMAS TOM THOMASON RANDALL THOMPSON JANE TICE 140 leaving Annandale behind them Bill Seitli proudly accepts the first—and only—senior class beanies for the class of ’ 62 . Miss Ruth Royston B.A. Mrs. Joan Selement B.A. Mr. Ralph Shriver B.S. Mr. Thomas Todd B.A. LYNN TOLLIVER JULIA TORREY SANDRA TURROU LOIS TRAMMELL STANLEY TRAVIS BETTY TURNAGE 141 Pat Cadle and Susan Park appear to be hard at work selling the 1962 ANTENNA. taking with them JOHN VAN GILDER OSCAR VAUGHT CONRAD VOLLERSON NANCY VORHIES DONNA WADE ROBERT WALKER 142 toMHHHfl memories REBECCA WAGNER CATHERINE WALLIS CHRISTOPHER WANMAN PENELOPE WALTERS KATHERINE WEBBER GLENN WELDE and lasting friendships. ROBERT WEATHERHOLTZ JULIE B. WEST REID WEST KENNETH WHITE 143 ANNETHA WHITTAKER knowing on ly this. ROBERT WIEDEMER NANCY WILLIAMS LINDA WISEMAN VICTOR WOLF LINDA WOLFF JAMES WOOD LINDA WOOLRIDGE ROBERT WOODYARD GAIL WORDEN SUSAN WRIGHT MARSHA YOUNG NILAH YOUNG RALPH YOUNG something has passed away. Mr. William Van Sant B.A., M.A. Mrs. Helen Wolle B.A. Mrs. Garland Woodson B.S. It appears that Sue has caught another one. 145 Girls’ Softball Row one: Lois James, Pat Ross, Ronnie Jean Bulson, Pat Hall, Mary Vawter, Jackie Coyne, Jean Elliott, Loretta Horgan, Sherry Lane, Gail Camp, Billy Ann Huntic. Row two: Miss Buck, Sue Long, Joanne Coakly, Phyllis Dunn, Virginia Pagent, Diane Waldo, Julie Adler, Ann Young, Diane Davis, Terry Hockersmith, Judy Poland, B. J. Johnson, Dathy Cummings, Miss DiMisa, Carol Jaffrey. Baseball and Softball announced Annandale’s softball team appears to be well on its way to victory. April 10 JEB Stuart Home 12 Fairfax . Home 17 Falls Church.Away 26 Herndon .Home May 1 Groveton Away 3 McLean .Home 8 Fee .Away 10 Madison Away 15 Osbourn ,.Away 17 Mt. Vernon Home Pitcher Julie Alder delivers the pay-off pitch against Fairfax. Varsity Baseball April 3 Osbourn Home 6 Yorktown Away 10 Groveton Home 13. W L . Away 17 George Washington Home 19. .. Fairfax. Away 24 Mt. Vernon Home 27 McLean Away May 1 Madison Home 4 . Wakefield Away 8 Lee Home 11 JEB Stuart Away 15 Falls Church Home 18 Hammond Away the coming of Summer. Ace hurler Don Ruths limbers up before a game at Annandale’s stadium. » 1 : ' r JBp ' A ft 1 u , U 1 ; |I 1 i . Hp 1 i m ; f 1 r. f E c 1 ■ EgL. mm. v S m m i J . m 1 mV SoJ M r m r Row one: Roger Elliott, Gordon Burns, Jim Kaminski, Denny Seibert, Elmer Maletj, Rick Meana, Jack Richard son, Danny Pembert, Howard Sheblety, John Atherton, Bob Mieler, Bob Hardage. Row two: Chris Worley, Rick Samuelson, Dave Langhorn, Larry Parthree, “Yogi” Mills, Larry Bosserman, Don Ruths, Bill Perry, Ronnie Clark, Doug Hannewinkle, Ted Locke. First baseman Larry Bosserman snags a throw during infield practice. 147 Varsity Cheerleaders ■m Brenda Blackwell, Terry Patch, Joann Hiers, Kathy Ingerson, Mary McCahon, captain; Diane Waldo, Wanda O’Rear, Sue Bacon, Joan Braham, Linda Henry, mascot. The cheerleaders sharpened Mary McCahon 148 Joan Graham Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jean Elmore, the cheer¬ leaders became the symbols of school spirit at Annandale High School. Each of the girls is vivacious and (you’ll notice) pretty. Through their efforts, Annandale’s athletic teams received the important backing needed to win. (The ANTENNA’S photographer says that photographing the cheerleaders was one of his more pleasant tasks. This was evidenced by his taking fifty cheerleader pictures.) school spirit. Kathy Ingerson Joann Hiers Intramurals Sophomore girls improve co-ordination and grace in modern dancing. Peiiect balance is necessary on the balance beam. Seniors produced Mr. Muirhead and his staff initiated advanced physical work for Seniors this year. Golf, bowling, tennis, and gym¬ nastics are just a few of the many areas being covered by the new course. Annandale salutes Mr. Muirhead and his staff for the fine job which has been done in the Physical Education Depart¬ ment. Randy Hack makes like an airplane in tu mbling class. 150 Senior Play Annandale’s Senior Class, under the capable direction of Miss Robey, frollicked through “Arsenic and Old Lace” this year. This delight¬ ful play, concerning two old ladies with homo- cidal tendencies, managed to keep a packed house in stitches for three consecutive nights. Comments from parents and students included such epithets as “Very Professional,” “Hilarious,” “Extremely Well Done,” and “I don ' t see how Miss Robey can continually do such a fine job.” That about sums it up. “Try our elderberry wine, and you’ll never drink anyone else’s,” giggles Geraldine Sterling to Jim Tanner. the hilarious Arsenic and Old Lace , John Pennylegion Dennis Richmond John Cumberland David Splitt Jeff Camp Norris Boone Jim Tanner Abbey Brewster . Reverend Doctor Harper Teddy Brewster . Officer Brophy . Officer Kline . Martha Brewster . Elaine Harper . Charlotte Bissett Bill Cassidy Jack Russel Jerry Bunch . Glenn Lanetj . Geraldine Sterling . Maggie Jeffrie Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs . Jonathan Brewster Doctor Einstein . . Officer O’Hara Lt. Rooney Mr. Witherspoon . “It’s got to be a state secret,” explains Charlotte Bisset and Geraldine Sterling to Jack Russel. John Pennylegion, proverbial two-dab man, passion¬ ately kisses Maggie Jeffries good-night. Senior Dances This year the Senior Class sponsored two dances and a party—all of which were large successes. Jeff Camp, Senior Class President, combined his wit with his im¬ agination and staged a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, a girl-catch boy affair. Everyone came in ragged clothes and tore up the cafeteria with their antics. On the more serious side, the Idomecoming Dance was held to cele¬ brate our Homecoming Game victory over Falls Church. Later in the year a party for seniors only proved to be one of the best events of the year. and held donees, Mary McCahon attempts to teach Jay Jarman a few cheers at one of the many Senior Dances. Duane Tibbetts appears to be picking up a few pointers at the Senior Party. The Kingston Trio plus two harmonize at the Senior Party. both f o rmal and not-so-formo Karen Arnold and Mary McCahon appear to have subdued their men for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Gary Wiesner whispers sweet something in her ear (She says it tickles.) 153 Sock Hop Steel Rickler leans back and enjoys the scenery at the sock hop. Junior and Senior proms. Mary Johnson, Kathy Kohn, Donna Brigandi, and Sherly Singleton appear saddened by something—could it be graduation? Senior Prom Annandale’s Senior Prom was held this year at Courthouse Country Club in Fairfax, Virginia. 11111111 llllllll! Iflllllll Ifilllil! highlighted the yeo r The dining room of the club is enhanced by this fireplace. One of the biggest events in a teen-ager’s life is his Senior Prom. This year, as last year, the prom will be held at Courthouse Country Club. Located in beautiful rolling farm land, the club covers several acres of well-cared for golf courses and lawns. The club itself contains a large dancing area, a smaller dining area, and a patio overlooking a small lake—a beautiful location for a memorable event. Ken Arnold selects his tuxedo from Sam’s Tailor Shop in Annandale. 155 SCA “Mother” Atherton and Frosty Staples discuss magazine sales. Through the efforts of John Ather¬ ton, SCA president, the SCA added many activities and dances to the Annandale calendar. Everyone had an opportunity to renew old ac¬ quaintances at the annual Alumni Dance. This year’s magazine drive was sponsored by the SCA and turned out to be a riot as the officers produced a special assembly to pro¬ mote the sale. Money from the drive went to buy more bleachers for the stadium. The ANTENNA salutes the efforts of the SCA to make Annan¬ dale a better school! Students Kim Toivell, Charlene Swan, Kathy Leith, Mary McCahon, and Brenda Blackwell reign at the Homecoming Dance. Anne Haycock admires Henry Blumenthal’s nose at an SCA dance. 156 JOHN ATHERTON President aided school officials through SCA, SCA CABINET: Anne Haycock, Jackie Schuthe, Susan Wright, Jim Avery, Steve Christenson, Sharon McCoy, Mike Bledsoe, Bill Hatch 157 Office Force Barbara Brill, Cindy Boyer, and Mrs. Rademaker have ) lenty to keep them busy. Karen Letnish appears to enjoy her office work. {Actually she’s looking up a young mans phone number.) As part of their vocational office training, many Annandale girls volunter to devote a period to helping in the front office and Guidance. Their responsibilities are varied and the demands made on them are many. They handle check-out forms, scheduling, phone calls, filing, and absentees. In case of emergency, the girls in the office have been invaluable. When one of the buses experienced a slight accident, the office was swamped with people and deluged with phone calls. Grand Central Station couldn’t hold a candle to the scene which resulted. It takes something to remain calm during days of this type. These girls deserve to be honored for the work which they do. The ANTENNA takes this opportun¬ ity to do just that. Georgia Roat takes a message for Mrs. Rademaker. 158 office work Mrs. Battaglia explains procedures to Nancy Hoag in Guidance. Library Staff Annandale’s library staff per¬ forms an invaluable service to Annandale. These students de¬ vote a period a day to work in the library, where they cata¬ logue and shelve books and man the check-out counter. Mrs. Ash- enhurst, the head librarian, has built Annandale’s library until it is one of the best in the county. Miss Lane, Assistant Librarian, gives some information to a baffled student Mrs. Ashenhurst looks up some information for English teacher Mrs. Elmore. Titia Faver files magazines in the magazine room. and library work. V .M « 5k 1 Unit H 1 159 A-Cappella Row one: Kathy Kohn, Karen Webster, Jack Russel, Malcalm Winstead, Rusty Alman, Carolyn Farrar, Wilma Oliveri, Mr. Con¬ nell. Row two: Teddy Pippin, Gay Stelzenmuller, Sarah Frizell, Jerry Bunch, Bill Dick, Dick Weston, Cindy Via, Susan Phillips, Lois James. Row three: Belinda Rowley, Helen Black, Patty Millington, Vernie Gordon, Steve Moore, Jim Tanner, Bill Morris, Reid Richmond, Bill Zook, Sharon Barber, Barbara Brenman, Vair Adams, Dandy Moore, Susie Rowley. Music lit the way Mixed Chorus. Row one: Cherie Stafford, Denise Young, Ann Malone, Mary Lane, Mary Elam, Paulette Letujins. Roiv two: Judy Gould, Cindy Sullivar, Sandy Clark, Cindy Hippier, Sharon Tally, Bonnie Mooty, Diane Bowman, Mary Pegelere, Val Weaver, Cindy Lightfoot, Vera Libeau. Row three: Patti Pearson, Patty Ross, Phyllis Dun, Suan Hatch, Cindy Durrman, Kay Byrd, Barry Barnes, Tob LeNloon, Don Hurst, Manson Cheek, Joe Ulery, Ed Sutorike, Harvey Perry. Mr. Connell, the choral music direc¬ tor at Annandale, is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. His work with the choirs this year has been su¬ perb. One can only use superlatives in describing the many performances this past year. Can anyone forget the beauti¬ ful “Little Drummer Boy” from the Christmas assembly? The haunting voices of such people as Jack Russel and “Old Man River” and Helen Black with “I’m Goin’ Away” will remain in many minds for a long while. Under Mr. Ferris Annandale’s Band traveled to the downstate competitions and placed high in the state. Annan¬ dale’s stiring band boosted us many times, on the football field and in the assembly hall. Music has a very impor¬ tant place in Annandale, as is evidenced by these superb organizations. 160 Marching Band Row one: David Splitt, Emily McClintoek, Ruth Fagelson, Richard Vaughn, Nancy McAdams, Barbar Clough, Jane Gardner, Susannag Rowley, Lynne Griffith. Row two: Douglas Morrison, Genie McClellan, Sharon Casey, Carolyn Tarleton, Charles Schafer, Bruce Coggins, Robert Myers, Penny Johnson, Stephen Moore, Warren Lowry, Robert Sylvester, Michael Braid, John Hicks, Clinton Howard, Robert Garner. Row three: Susanne Albright, Mary-lynne Casey, John Blum, David Orlob, Norris Boone, James Saunders, Burton Donaldson, Art Britton, John Hemlick, Burton Beitz, Thomas Kincaid, Michael Bledsoe, Jeffrey Twardy, Mickey LaGarde, David Hottle, Ronnie Nowell, Billy Sweeney, Albery Fristoe, Billy Lowe, Johnie Godwin, Cheryl Ewing, James Coffman. Fourth row: Tommy Dix, Agnes Jeanette Mikel, Sara Schneider, Billie Hunter, Wendy Impett, Wayne Welde, Joseph Sayblaek, Jeffrey Strong, Gene Graves, Roger Paxton, Carl Weinmeister, Kevin Hase, Wayne Carson, Robert Berezoski, John Bland, James Page, John Beller, Gerald White, David Noble, John Seigle, Duane Hopper, Jerry Potter, James Splitt, Keith Jones, George (Bill) Morris, Russell Myers, John Cumberland. Top row: Wesley Graham, Lee Henry, Gary Plaugher, Gordo n Burns, Chris Raabe. Absent from picture: Eddie Jeffrey, Steve Sears, Dolores Jernigan, Harold Smarr, John English, Glenn Laney. provided by AHS choirs on d bonds. Girls’ Chorus Row one: Jane Hughes, Shelly Magathan, Kazaan Orsi, Linda George, Janet Ackroyd, Becky Crawford, Martha Barnes, Linda Popp, Kim Towell, Barbara Harrington, Holly Higgins, Pam Marchio, Jackie Fleisher, Pat McCullen, Carolyn Moreci, Linda Smith, Suzanne Smith, Terry Yamaki, Kasha Godek, Jeri Stoner, Sandi Dufresne. Row two: Wellie Heising, Chris Twardy, Cheryl Kinsilla, Bev Dearwester, Jane Stevens, Phyllis Ryan, Sharon Tilton, Carol Leith, Gayle Mahanes, Donna Hatch, Robin Hess, Ellen Johns, Kathy Hayes, Louise LaRoche, Anna Scarce, Barbara Wages, Linda Howell, Nancy Wright, Marie Santoro, Faith McKee, Ann Swain, Cindy Bregandi, Cathy Clark. Row three: Gayla Larson, Lynn Sparks, Robin Brickham, Cheryl Davidson, Candy Kane, Karen Sukonick, Connie Dempsey, Judy Walters, Betty McGuire, Debbie Harper, Pam Glendeman, Julie Harper, Sharon Cumberland, Linda Phillips, Carol Rhodes, Sue Peterson, Kathy Gallagher. 161 ANTENNA Editor Ken Arnold helps Charlene Swan with a page from the Senior Section. KEN ARNOLD . Editor-In-Chief JOE E. BAGGETT Business Manager NANCY GARLAN . Assistant Editor ANNE HAYCOCK Senior Class Editor AINO STEWART Senior Class Editor LINDA ROUSE Junior Class Editor SHERRY O’DONNELL Sophomore Class Editor DIANNE MURPHY Freshtnan Class Editor JOYCE ANNE RAMAY Features Editor BILL JARRELL . Boys Sports Editor PAT CADLE. Girls Sports Editor ELSIE SMITH . Subscription Manager MARSHA DUNCAN Assistant Business Manager PAUL HANSEN. Head Photographer GEORGE LIVADITIS . Assistant Photographer Assistants: CHARLENE SWAN, JANE HAYCOCK, SUSAN PARKS, KATHY MESSER, PATSY HATCK, LORENE MILLER. Th rough the yearbook Chaos reigned supreme in that small section of the world known as the North Pole. Here, in these lonely recesses, is housed the ANTENNA. On a good day one could see a strange young man with a haunted, feverish look in his eyes standing in the midst of a great mob of screaming people. A frantic voice would rise and fail in frustration as the deadlines neared .... “Butch did what? He dropped the film and exposed it allll .... Who changed all of the members in the Senior Section .... We have to print sixty pictures tonight .... Keep typing, Nanci, I have more coming .... Where is the ad section?” When it was over, the staff stood, weary and spent, but proud of its accomplishment. Mr. Gray, sponsor, and members of the Business Staff Sue Park, Cathy Messer and Patsy Hatch discuss finances. the year was captured for the future. Joe Baggett, Business manager, selects sizes for the ad section. Jane Haycock, Dianne Murphy, and Joyce Ramay ponder a page of the Freshman section. 163 National Honor Society Nanci Garlan, Pat Rapp, Anne Haycock, and President Glenn Fields re¬ hearse for the induction. Annondo e is proud Mrs. Elmore, sponsor of the National Honor Society, checks over rating sheets for the inductees. One of the highest scholastic honors which can be conferred on a student at Annandale is membership in the National Senior Honor Society. To remain a member in good standing a student must maintain a “B” average. Certain basic requirements are also established in addi¬ tion to a good scholastic average. Leadership, service and character are essential attributes of our honor society members. In the Winter inductions the Society brought in twelve new members. Mrs. Elmore anticipates inducting thirty more in the Spring. Also, in the Spring the Honor Society hopes to obtain Louis Untermeyer, poet consu¬ late at the Library of Congress, to speak to the group. Rote one: Glenn Fields, Barbara Brill, Sherry Abel, Vaughn Stelzenmueller. Row two: Jane Gardner, Carol Smith, Susan Phillips, Mary McCahon, Sandra Frendige, Anne Haycock. Row three: Darlene Lewis, Gail Gardner, Barbara Brenman, Terry Patch, Pat Jones, Marty Corson, Diana Laney, Carol Junker. Row four: Ken Arnold, Jim Wood, Nick Hanks, Norris Boone, Dave Splitt, Billy Cain, David Noble. 164 German Honor Society Vaughn Stelzenmueller, Bruce Ronig, Bob Omud, Keith Jones, Chester Castle. of her advances in all areas of life Tri-Hi-Y Linda Eardley, JoAnn Langworthy, Sandy Saddler, Pam Marchio, Jackie Johnson, Diane Grandy, Candy Kane, Cindy Gossick. an 4 i Tri-Hi-Y Carol Benson, Sandy Maureau, Linda Nolan, and Sharon McCoy, members of the Sigma Tri-Hi-Y don’t appear to he paying any attention. Quill and Scroll Ken Arnold, Paul Hansan, Anne Haycock, Bill Garrel, Susan Phillips, Marty Corson, and Ron Chapman. To honor those who have a certain amount of talent in literary areas and who have demonstrated this talent in the school publications, Annandale has the Quill and Scroll. This honor¬ ary association is open to a select few. It is indeed an honor to belong. Mr. Gray, the sponsor, of the club is likewise sponsor of the yearbook. This year’s club was founded late in the semester and therefore has not elected officers yet. 166 Directories SHERRY ABEL RITA BOTTKE National Honor Society, Keyettes, French Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Na¬ tional Latin Exam Finalist, French Club EVANGELINE ADAMS Cheerleader, Junior Achievement, A Cap- pella, Sextette VANCE ADLER Track, Cross-Country, Spanish Club, Moni¬ tor JOHN ALLMAN Civitan Essay Winner, A-Blast Staff, Foot¬ ball, Freshman Wrestling Coach, Track, Band, A Cappella SUSANNE ALBRIGHT Junior National Honor Society, Concert Band, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Junior Classical League, Reserve Band, Senior Play Orchestra KENNETH ARNOLD Editor-in-chief Antenna, Poetry Editor, Lit¬ erary Magazine, Key Club, National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Quill and Scroll MARC ASHLEY French Club Representative, Chess Club, Vice-President Science Club JOHN ATHERTON Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Var¬ sity Baseball, S.C.A. President, Junior Class President, Spanish Honor Society, Key Club SUE BACON Cheerleader Varsity, Antenna Staff, Beta Tri-Hi- Y, Miss Annandale Semi-Finalist, French Club, Homeroom Representative JOE BAGGETT National Merit Scholarship-Letter of Com¬ mendation, Varsity Football, National Hon¬ or Society, Key Club Secretary, Spanish Honor Society LINDA BAHR Newspaper, Cheerleader, Seiiior Play Prop Committee SHIRLEY BANKS V.O.T. ANDRA BANNER Yearbook Staff, French Club, Office Staff, Newspaper Staff, French Club SHARON BARBER A Cappella Choir, Secretary French Honor Society, Antenna Staff, American Field Service Club, Junior Class Representative DIAL BARWELL American Exchange Student, Literary Mag¬ azine Staff, American Field Service Club, Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, Beta Tri- Hi-Y TIMOTHY BASSETT Key Club LUANNE BEGLEY Varsity Cheerleder, Sophomore Class Treas¬ urer, Chorus, Band LEONARD BENADE Latin Club, Wrestling, Drama Club, Senior Play Publicity Committee, French Club Representative Alternate JOAN BENNETT Junior National Honor Society, Keyettes, Latin Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Future Teachers of America. JEAN BERRY Future Business Leaders of America, Dra¬ ma Club, Monitor, Office Helper, Senior Play Prompter. NORMAN BEST National Honor Society, Varsity Wrestling, German Club, Junior Varsity Football. SUZANNE BIANCO S.A. Representative, Homeroom Represent¬ ative, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Yearbook. SHARON BISHTON A Cappella, Glee Club, Latin Club, Booster Club, Cheerleader, Library Club. BETY JEAN BISSELL Vice-President Keyettes, S.C.A. Representa¬ tive, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Junior Class Representative, Tennis Team, Rus¬ sian Club. CHARLOTTE BISSET National Honor Society, Senior Play, Dra- mama Club President, Tournament Play, Keyettes, German Club, German Honor Society, A-Blast. HELEN BLACK French Club, Spanish Club, American Field Service Club, Tri-PIi-Y, Concert Choir, Junior Musical CAROLYN BLISS V.O.T. HENRY BLUMENTHAL International Club, Debate,. Latin Club BROOKS BOOKER Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Cross Country NORRIS BONNE Senior National Honor Society, Concert Band, Senior Play, Latin Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, Latin Club LARSEN BOSSERMAN President Freshman Class, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Key Club, S.C.A. Cabinet, Junior Varsity Basketball Swimming Team, Basketball Intramurals, Volleyball Intramurals, Softball Intramur¬ als, Varsity Basketball CINDY BOYER German Club, Brigadoon Committee, Fu¬ ture Teachers of America BARBARA BRENMAN National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society Secretary, A Cap¬ pella, Majorettes DONNA BRIGANDI S.C.A. Representative, A-Blast, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Mixed Chorus, Volley¬ ball Intramurals, Bowling Intramurals BARBARA BRILL National Honor Society Vice-President, Junior and Senior Class Treasurer, Key¬ ettes, French and Latin Honor Societies WARREN BRYAN Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Home¬ room Representative GERALD BUNCH Key Club Secretary, A Cappella, Concert Band, Drama Club, German Club, Senior Play, Junior Play, Junior Varsity Football, Golf Tearn BARBARA BURFORD V.O.T., Homeroom Representative PAT CAUDLE Keyettes Secretary, Girls’ Sport Editor Year¬ book, Fall-Out Staff, Junior Varsity Cheer¬ leader Co-captain, Spanish Club WILLIAM CAIN Merit Scholarship Finalist, President French Club, Chess Club, National Honor Society, S.C.A. Historian, French Honor Society RICHARD CALLOW Baseball, Varsity Track, German Club, S.C.A. Representative JEFFREY CAMP Senior Class President, Choir (Concert) President, Antenna Sports Editor, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Key Club, Drama Club BETTIE CAMPBELL Beta Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Latin Club, Antenna Staff SANDY CAMPBELL Student Director of Senior Play, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Volleyball Intramurals, Junior Class Play Usherette PAT CARMICHAEL Majorette, V.O.T., Office Assistant, Bus Patrol 168 MARY ANN CARSCADDEN Drama Production, Brigadoon Make-Up Committee, S.C.A. Representative, Intra¬ mural Volleyball, French Club, Latin Club BILL CASSEDY Senior Class Play, Poetry Editor Fall-Out, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Rocket Club, Chess Club, Radio Club, Reserve Band MIKE CHANDLER Varsity Football, Key Club, Junior Honor Society, Junior Varsity Baseball, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club RONNIE CHAPMAN French Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, Wrestling, Business Manager Fall- Out, Debate, French Club, Drama Club RANDY CHARTIER S.C.A. Representative, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Science Club MARY CLARKSON Choir HAROLD CONKLIN V.O.T., Junior Varsity Football JIM COOPER Program Committee, Publicity Committee, Assembly Committee MARY COPE Library Assistant, Office Worker, Bus Patrol RICHARD COPPAGE S.A. Representative, Drama Club, Concert Choir, Brigadoon KATHIE CORCORAN Cheerleader, Future Nurses’ Club, Senior Play, La tin Club MARTHA CORSON Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Art Guild President, Art Editor Fall-Out, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Latin Club WALTER COUSER President National Honor Society, Vice- President Key Club, French National Honor Society, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Wrestling EMORY CRANDALL Mixed Chorus, Bridagoon, Concert Choir, D.E. Club CAROL CROW Cheerleader, French Club, Chorus, Drama Club, Future Teachers of America CAROL CULVER Spanish Club, Volleyball Intramural, Drama Club, Mixed Choir JOHN CUMBERLAND Exchange Student, Concert Band, Junior Honor Society, Senior Play, German Club, Latin Club, Track, Science Fair Winner LINDA CUMMINS Tri-Hi-Y, Girls Chorus, Spanish Club, Drama SANDY DANSBERGER Future Homemakers of America, Majorettes, V.O.T., Monitors LINDA DARNELL Future Homemakers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Faculty As¬ sistant WANDA DAVIS Homeroom Representative, Vice-President Future Business Leaders of America, Drama Club, Bus Patrol BEVERLY DEARWESTER Girls Chorus, Office Staff ALICE DEATHERAGE A-Blast Staff, Assistant Poetry Editor Fall- Out, Senior Play Publicity Chairman, Hand¬ book Committee, Forensics DONNA DECKARD Beta Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Latin Club WILLARD DEMORY V.O.T. KATHY DENNIS D.E., Mixed Chorus PAMELA DENNIS Yearbook, French Club, Treasurer Latin Club, Freshman Class President, Student Council, Basketball BOB DREISS Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Golf, Freshman Class President PAM DIENNAN V.O.T., Future Homemakers of America, Cosmopolitan Club, Spanish Club MARILYN DUFRESNE Future Homemakers Club, Spanish Club, Future Nurses Club, Bible Club SANDRA DUFRESNE Spanish Club, Bible Club, Girls Chorus FRANK DUNCAN S.A. Representative JUDY DUNLEARY A Cappella MARTY DuROSS Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Football JEAN EINUM Literary Magazine Staff, Scenery Commit¬ tee, Brigadoon, Bible Club, Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, Drama Club HARRIETTE ELKNER Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Miss Annan- dale Court, Secretary Art Guild, Junior Class Representative, S.C.A. Representative ROGER ELLIOTT Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Football, Key Club, Senior Class Representative CHARLES ESKRIDGE Key Club, Spanish Club JACK EVANS Finalist National Science Fair, Vice- President Radio Club, Sailboat Club, Stage Crew, Chemistry Laboratory Assistant RUTH FAGELSON Concert Band, National Junior Honor So¬ ciety, Keyettes, Latin Club, German Chdj CAROLYN FARRAR A Cappella Choir, Varsity Softball Manager, French Chdj. Future Teachers of America KERRY FAVER French Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club CARL FELTON German Club, Latin Club, Junior Classical League, Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity and Varsity Softball GLENN FIELDS Varsity Football, Varsity Golf, Key Club, Latin Honor Society, National Honor So¬ ciety, Junior National Honor Society, Latin Club BENIA FILIPEZYH V.O.T., French Club, Junior Classical League JOYCE FOWLER Sweetheart Court, Miss Annandale Court, Mardi Gras Court, Vice-President Art Guild, French Club, S.C.A. Representative DONNA FRALEY Future Homemakers of America, Spanish Club SANDRA FREUDIGER National Honor Society, Latin Tournament, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Staff, Latin Club, Junior Classical League JOAN FULMER Varsity Hockey Team, German Club, Prom Decoration Committee, Drama Club, Latin Club, S.C.A. Representative, Soccer Team 169 LARRY FURR VERNIE GORDON CHARLES HITCHCOCK Junior Varsity Track, Band, Bowling Team, Spanish Club, Monitor BETTY ANN GALLAGHER Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, Drama Club, Latin Club, Library Club, Choir TONI GALLATIN Majorette, Songleader, Spanish Club, Cabi¬ net Member, Honor Society, Girl’s League THOMAS GALLOWAY School Bus Driver, Monitor, Drama Club GAIL GARDNER Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, Literary Magazine Staff, Junior Honor Society, Rus¬ sian Club, National Honor Society JANE GARDNER National Honor Society, Concert Band, Spanish Honor Society, Junior Honor So¬ ciety, Spanish Club NANCI KRIS GARLAN National Honor Society, Secretary German Honor Society, Assistant Editor Antenna, Assistant Dance Director Brigadoon, Fall- Out MARGARET GATTIS S.A. Representative, Spanish Club ANN GEE Junior Varsity Cheerleader, French Club, Homeroom Representative, Tri-Hi-Y An¬ tenna ROY GEE Wrestling, Cross-Country, Spanish Club, Audio Visual Club BEVERLY GEPHART President Pep Club, Cheerleader, Future Homemaker of America, Future Teacher of America, French Club, Choir, Clinic Aide PATRICIA GETZ Intramural Volleyball BETTI GIBSON Freshman Class Secretary, National Junior Honor Society, National Honpr Society, Latin Club, Drama Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y President BARBARA GOODMAN French Club, Drama Club, Tournament Play, Student Director Junior Play and Senior Play, Concert Choir, Beta Tri-Hi-Y WILLIAM GOODRICK Student Council Representative, Senior Class Representative, Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Basketball Junior Varsity and Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Basketball, A Cappella NAN GRABB French Club, Latin Club, Camera Club, Swim Team, Tennis Club JOAN GRAHAM Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Cheer¬ leader, Keyettes, Latin Honor Society, Jun¬ ior Class Secretary RICK GRANMO Varsity Cross-Country, Choir, Band, Satellite Club Vice-President, Junior Class Repre¬ sentative CAROL GREEN Junior Class Representative, Future Busi¬ ness Leaders of America, Spanish Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Tennis LYNN GRIFFITH Concert Band, SPTA Student Vice-President, National Honor Society, Concert Choir, Jun¬ ior Honor Society, Latin Honor Society GINNIE GROGAN Spanish Club, Senior Play, Miss Annandale Court, Yearbook Business Staff, Treasurer Freshman Class, Tri-Hi-Y, Guidance Staff BILL GULLICKSON Track, Monitor, Senior Class Representative NICK HANKS National Honor Society, Junior Honor So¬ ciety, Cross-Country Track, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Science Club PAUL HANSEN Photographer Antenna and A-Blast, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll BOB HARGETT Key Club, Golf Team, Junior Varsity Bas¬ ketball, Tennis INGMAR HARR Newspaper, Drama Club, Soccer Team, Track, Tennis ANNE HAYCOCK National Honor Society, President French Honor Society, Junior Class Vice-President, Treasurer Junior Honor Society, Antenna PATRICIA HEGARTY Future Homemakers of America, Junior Honor Society, Spanish Club, Yearbook, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Business Leaders of Amer¬ ica TERRY HILL Reserve Band, Monitor, Bus Patrol Junior Varsity Football and Baseball, Latin Club, Junior Classical League, Monitor, S.A. Representative JUDY HODGSON Bible Club, D.E. Club GEORGE HOLLAND Key Club, Varsity Football and Basketball, Junior Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball, Homeroom Representative JEAN HOLTZ National Honor Society, Junior Honor So¬ ciety, French Honor Society, Debate, French Club, Concert Choir, Art Guild AVALEA HOOBER Fall-Out, Future Homemakers of America, Spanish Club, Girls’ Chorus, Russian Club JANETTE HOWER Spanish Club ELAINE HUNTER American Field Service Club, Latin Club, Literary Magazine, Drama Club, Future Homemakers of America PAT INMAN Volleyball and Badminton Intramurals, Jun¬ ior Classical League, Senior Play Commit¬ tee, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Latin Club BARBARA IRELAND Future Teachers of America, French Club, Latin Club PHYLLIS JAFFREY Spanish Club, Pre-Med Club, Junior Red Cross, Bowling Club BILL JARRELL Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Intramural Track, Sports Editor Yearbook HAROLD JEFFREY Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Football, Concert Band MAGGIE JEFFRIES Senior Play, Tournament Play, Drama Club, Junior Play, Spanish Club SHEILA JOHNS Senior Honor Society, S.C.A. Treasurer and Vice-President, Chaplain Keyettes, French Club, French Honor Society, Junior Honor Society MARY JOHNSON President Spanish Club, Secretary Spanish Club, Junior Varsity Softball, Drama Club, Senior and Junior Plays’ Make-up PAT JONES National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, A-Blast, Fall-Out, French Club, Class Rep- respentative, Mixed Chorus 170 GLENN LANEY COURTENAY MARTIN RICHARD JONES Wrestling Team, Track Team Manager CAROL JUNKER Virginia Girls’ State, National Honor Soci¬ ety, French Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, Debate Team, Fall-Out, Concert Choir MARGARET KANDL Future Homemakers of America, Breakfast Club, Modern Dance Club MIKE KAPUTA Concert Choir, Junior Varsity Football, Chemistry Club, German Club, Brigadoon CHARLOTTE KENNEDY Secretary Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, Junior Honor Society, Antenna Staff, Tri-Hi-Y ANGELA KENT Latin Club, Latin Honor Society TOM KINCAID Concert Band, A Cappella Choir, German Honor Society, German Club, Brigadoon, Tennis Team, All-State Band JANICE KISER National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Cheerleader, Newspaper, Yearbook, S.C.A. Representative, Literary Magazine FRANK KNOELLER Spanish Club, S.A. Representative, Substi¬ tute Bus Driver KATHLEEN KOHN Keyettes Corresponding Secretary, A Cap¬ pella Choir, National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Future Teachers of America KATHIE KOONTZ National Honor Society, Spanish Honor So¬ ciety, Spanish Club, German Honor Society EILEEN KRIEBEL National Honor Society, Keyettes, Varsity Basketball, Future Teachers of America, Concert Choir, Junior National Honor So¬ ciety STEVE LADD Student Council, Newspaper, Varsity Foot¬ ball, Varsity Baseball PAT LANDIN Junior Honor Society, Band, Spanish Club, Volleyball Intramurals, Guidance Helper DENNIS LANDRETH Track Team, Cross-Country Team DIANNA LANEY Senior National Honor Society, Junior Na¬ tional Honor Society, Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, French Club, V.O.T. Junior Varsity Baseball, Varsity Baseball, French Club, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Senior Play, Brigadoon BARBARA LAUDENBERGER Future Teachers of America, French Club, Latin Club, Future Homemakers of America KATHY LEITH Miss Annandale High School, Varsity Cheer¬ leader, Varsity Basketball, Junior Class Rep¬ resentative, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Concert Choir KAREN LEMESH Historian Society, Flag T wirier, Future Teachers of America, Pep Club DICK LeMOON Science Club, Projection Club, Latin Club, Assistant Editor Newspaper DARLENE LEWIS National Honor Society, Junior Honor So¬ ciety, President Future Homemakers of America, Future Teachers of America, Latin Club JUNDY LONG Virginia Girls’ State, Manager Hockey Team, German Club, Tennis Club, Junior Honor Society, Future Homemakers of America ROBERT LOVELACE Varsity Tennis, Junior Varsity Swimming, Ski Club, Intramural Track MARY McCAHON National Honor Society, Keyettes, Captain Varsity Cheerleaders, Captain Varsity Hoc¬ key, French Honor Society, Homecoming Court JUDY McCULLEN Tri-Hi-Y BARBARA MacKINNON Latin Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y Treas¬ urer, Volleyba ll Intramurals, S.A. Represen¬ tative JANE MAHNES Tri-Hi-Y International Club, Chorus, Tennis Club SHERRY MARCHIO Drama Club, French Club, Future Teach¬ ers of America, Future Homemakers of America, Volleyball Intramurals PETER MARKS Latin Club, Latin National Honor Society, Junior Honor Society ANITA MARR Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America, French Club, Bible Club, A-Blast Staff International Club, French Club, Concert Choir, JETS Club, Ham Radio Club CLARK MASSIO D.E. GARY MEANO S.C.A. Representative, Junior Varsity Foot¬ ball and Baseball, Track Team, Bowling League SARAH MENDELSOHN Junior Varsity Softball, Varsity Softball, German Club, V.O.T., Junior Varsity Cheer¬ leader CATHY MESSER Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Antenna Staff, Fall-Out, French Club, Latin Club, Miss Annandale Finalist, Library Worker EDWARD MICCIO Track, Key Club, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, National Junior Honor So- ciety, Concert Choir MEREDYTH MICKA French Club, Concert Choir LORENE MILLER French Club, French Honor Society, Beta Tri-Hi-Y PATTY MILLINGTON A Cappella Choir, Brigadoon, Varsity Hoc¬ key, Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Hoc¬ key and Basketball, French Club RICHARD MONROE Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Jun¬ ior National Honor Society, Latin Club STEVE MOORE Track, Cross-Country, A Cappella Choir, National Honor Society, Chemistry Club President, Math Club, Madrigals ALAN MOORING Literary Magazine Staff, French Club, Band, Photo Club BILL MORRIS Drum Major, Assistant Music Director Brig- aloon, Stage Crew, Concert Band, A Cap¬ pella Choir, Brigadoon DOUG MORRISON Concert Band President, National Junior Honor Society, French Honor Society, Jun¬ ior Class Representative, All-State Band SYLVIA MOTZKO Keyettes, Junior Varsity Hockey, French Club, German Club, Art Guid DAVE MUELLAR German Honor Society, German Club, Rifle Club, Bus Driver 171 MARKS MUGAAS Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Cross-Country, Track SHARON MURPHY Office Assistant, Hostess Club, Drama Club, Dance Club JUDY MURRAY President Future Teachers of America, Fi¬ nalist National Merit Scholarship, Hockey Team Manager, German Club, Latin Club, Drama Club CAROL NEALL Spanish National Honor Society, V.O.T., Junior Honor Society JANET NEWMAN Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club, French Club, Intramural Softball, Senior Play Usherette DAVID NOBLE Concert Band Manager, Key Club, Senior Honor Society, Sophomore Senator, Junior Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Latin Club SHERRY O’DONNELL Yearbook Staff, Keyette, Junior Honor So¬ ciety, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Senior S.C.A. Representative, Quill and Scroll DONNA OLIVERSON Yearbook Staff, S.C.A. Cabinet, Points- Award Co-Chairman, Handbook Committee, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club ELAINE OPEIL Keyette, Talent Show Winner, Junior Hon¬ or Society, Drama Club, Latin Club, Future Teachers of America, Future Nurses CHUCK PARDEE Spanish Club, Bus Driver SUSAN PARK French Honor Society, National Honor So¬ ciety, Junior Honor Society, Secretary French Club, Antenna Staff, Spanish Club, S.A. Representative CELESTE PARKER Junior and Senior Play, German Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Basketball, Future Homemakers of America TERRY PATCH National Honor Society, Secretary Senior Class, Varsity Cheerleader, Keyette, Miss Annandale Court, S.C.A. Cabinet GAYLE PATE Cheerleader, Drama Club President, Dance Club, Newspaper ANDREA PEARL Junior Honor Society, Fall-Out Staff, Li¬ brary Staff, Treasurer Future Teachers of America, Latin Club, French Club. JOCELYN PEARL National Junior Honor Society, Secretary Future Teachers of America, Bowling League, Fall-Out, Library Staff GREG PEARSON Freshman Football and Baseball, Senior Class Representative, Senior Class Chaplain, Varsity Track CHRISTINA PEDERSEN A-Blast Staff, Future Teachers of America Historian, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Rus¬ sian Club, Quill and Scroll, Brigadoon JOHN PENNYLEGION Letter National Merit Scholarship Test, Key Club President, Senior Class Vice-President, Junior Class Chaplain, Senior Class Play ROBERT PERRINE President Junior Honor Society, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Cross Country, Junior Varsity Football DOUGLAS PHILLIPS Water Polo Team, Swimming Team, S.A. Representative SUSAN PHILLIPS National Honor Society, Letter of Com¬ mendation, A Cappella, Fall-Out Editor, Keyette French Honor Society, Drama Club, French Club JUDY POLAND Concert Choir, Hockey Team, Basketball Team, Softball Team, Spanish Club, Secre¬ tary GRAA LOUIS POORE Basketball, Monitor CAROLYN PORTER Majorette, Future Homemaker of America, Office Staff, Senior Play Committee, Intra¬ mural Volleyball DAVID PRICE Swimming Team, Class Council, German Club, Avation Club, Track Team, Debate Club, Rifle Club PAT PRICE Latin Club, Junior Classical League, Rus¬ sian Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Volleyball Intramurals PAT RAPP National Honor Society, American Field Service, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Na¬ tional Merit Finalist, Junior Classical League BILL RAPSON Concert Choir, Varsity Football, Junior Var¬ sity Football, Rifle Club, Spanish Club, SCA Representative, Homeroom Represen¬ tative GAIL RASMUSSEN Majorette Co-Captain TOMMY REPPERT Football, Basketball, French Club BARBARA RICHARDS National Honor Society, Keyettes, National Latin Honor Society, President Junior Clas¬ sical League, Junior Varsity Hockey DENNIS RICHMOND Vice-President A Cappella, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Drama Club BARBARA ROACH Vice-President Future Homemakers of America, Future Business Leaders of Amer¬ ica, Library Staff, Office Staff, Faculty As¬ sistant GEORGIA ROAT Office Staff BOBBI ROBBBINS D.E. URSULA ROERTS President Future Teachers of America, S.A. Representative, French Club, Monitor LINDA ROUSE President Keyettes, National Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, Latin Honor Sciety, Quill and Scroll, Antenna, Hockey JACK RUSSEL Key Club, President A Cappella Choir, All- State Choir, French Club, Senior Play, All- Northern Virginia Choir, Brigadoon. CHRISTINE RUSSELL Girls Chorus, Bible Club, V.O.T. PHYLLIS RYAN Drama Club, Mixed Chorus, Brigadoon HANK SABATIER Merit Scholarship Finalist, National Beta Club, Yearbook Staff, Biology Award, Prom Committee SUE SADLER Latin Club, French Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Tennis Club, Drama Club, Library Staff, Chorus AMY SANTORO Concert Band, All-State Band, Art Club, Spring Variety Show, Senior Play, Library Staff, Drama Club 172 SUE SAUER AINO STEWARD NANCI VORHIES Future Teachers of America, Mixed Chorus, Head Majorette, French Club, Debate Club, Literary Magazine Staff, Tri-Hi-Y JOHN SCHUH D.E. JACQUELINE SCHUTHE Keyette Club, French Club, Drama Club, American Field Service Club, Exchange Student WILLIAM SEITH Track Team, Spanish Honor Society, Liter¬ ary Magazine Assistant Editor, Math Club, Owner of a SENIOR CLASS BEANIE SHIRLEY SHOEMAKER Latin Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Softball, Latin Club, Junior Classical League JOHN SIEGLE Band SHARYL SINGLETON Keyette Club, Spanish Honor Society, Var¬ sity Hockey Team, Secretary Spanish Club, Secretary Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club CAROL SMITH National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, Literary Magazine, Art Guild Monitor DON SMITH National Honor Society, Wrestling, Key Club, Junior Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Chess Club, Latin Hon¬ or Society DOUGLAS SMITH German Club, Band, Wrestling Varsity, Bus Driver ELSIE SMITH Keyette Club, Spanish Honor Society, An¬ tenna, Fall-Out, Spanish Club Treasurer, Junior Honor Society, Quill and Scroll MARIE SNAPP Future Business Leaders of America, Art Guild, Drama Club , Tennis Team, Monitor, Library Assistant, Tri-Hi-Y DAVID SPLITT National Honor Society, Key Club, Letter National Merit Scholarship, Spanish Honor Society, Senior Play, Yearbook Copy Editor JOHN STAPLES School Chaplain, Varsity Basketball, Key Club, Junior Class Play, Co-Chairman Mag¬ azine Drive, Bus Driver VAUGHN STELZENMULLER National Honor Society, Key Club, Track, Cross-Country, President German Honor Society, Junior Class Senator Yearbook, Varsity Hockey, Homeroom Rep¬ resentative, Junior Honor Society GIRALDINE STIRLING Senir Play, A-Blast Staff, Assistant Director Tournament Play, Brigadoon, President Drama Club MARILYN STONE Varsity Hockey, Junior Varsity Hockey, Fu¬ ture Homemakers of America MARY STOVER Drama Club, Usherette Brigadoon, French Club JIM TANNER Senior Play, Concert Choir, A Cappella Choir, All-State Choir, German Club CAROLYN TARLETON Concert Band DARLENE THOMAS Future Business Leaders of America TOMMY THOMASON National Merit Finalist, National Honor So¬ ciety, Latin Club, Stage Crew, Junior Var¬ sity Soccer RANDY THOMPSON Cross-Country, Baseball, Rifle Club Varsity, French Club DUANE TIBITTS Concert Choir, A Cappella Choir, Bus Pa¬ trol, Monitor, Rifle Club, Latin Club, Brig¬ adoon JANE TICE A-Blast, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Student Con¬ gress, Homeroom Representative STEPHANIE TILDEN D.E. LYNN TOLLIVER Promptor Senior Play and Tournament Play, Homeroom Representative, Drama Club, Mixed Chorus JULIA TORREY Future Teachers of America Vice-President, Library Staff, French Club LOIS TRAMMELL V.O.T. BETTY TURNAGE French Honor Society, Miss Annandale, Jun¬ ior Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, French Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y BARBARA VAN GILDER Spanish Club, International Club, Drill Team French Club, Drama Club, Girls’ Chorus, Concert Choir, Russian Club DONNA WADE Majorette Captain ROBERT WALKER D.E. CATHY WALLIS Library Staff, Spanish Honor Society, Rep¬ resentative in County Shorthand Contest PENNY WALTERS V.O.T., Future Business Leaders of Ameri¬ ca Secretary, Clinic Staff, Monitor CHRIS WANMAN Wrestling, Band, German Club, Intramural Basketball, Stage Crew KATHIE WEBBER President Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, Junior Class Representative, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club GLENN WELDE French Club, Bowling League JUNLIA WEST Freshman Class Representative, Bible Club, Choir, Junior Varsity Hockey, Future Home¬ makers of America, Drama Club, Brigadoon KENNETH WHITE Varsity Football and Baseball, D.E., S.C.A. Representative, Spanish Club ANNETHA WHITTAKER Library Staff NANCY WILLIAMS Library, Art Guild, Volleyball Intramurals LINDA WOLFF Office Helper, S.C.A. Representative, Li¬ brarian, Chorus, Monitor JAMES WOOD National Honor Society, Key Club, French Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, Sci¬ ence Club, French Club LINDA WOOLDRIDGE Keyette, A-Blast, Secretary Drama Club, Miss Annandale Court, Sweetheart Court, S.C.A. Representative, Spanish Club GAIL WORDEN V.O.T., Chorus, Bible Club, FH of A SUSAN WRIGHT S.C.A. Cabinet, Secretary Sophomore Class, Varsity Hockey, Keyette, Basketball Mana- ager, S.C.A. Representative, Latin Club 173 NILAH YOUNG CONCERT CHOIR FRENCH CLUB Hockey Manager, Vice-President Drama Club RALPH YOUNG D.E. MARSHA YOUNG Spanish Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Music Club, Sports Club, Girls Chorus, Hockey Team, Volleyball Team MICHAEL ZIER Concert Choir, JETS Club, Annex Society, German Club, Latin Club CLARK LA FLARE Yearbook Staff, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Tournament Play, Spring Play A CAPPELLA CHOIR Evangeline Adams, Sharon Barber, Helen Black, Barbara Brenman, Gerald Bunch, Bill Dick, Carolyn Farrer, Sarah Frizzel, Vernie Gordon, Lois James, Kathie Lohn, Patty Millington, Marilyn Moore, Stephen Moore, George Morris, Sandra Mosher, Wil¬ ma Olivari, Susan Phillips, Teddy Pippin, Reed Richman, Dennis Richmond, Belinda Rowley, John Russel, Gay Stelzenmuller, James Tanner, Duane Tibbetts, Karen Web¬ ster, Richard Weston, Malcolm Winstead, Cindy Via, Bill Zook ALPHA TRI-HI-Y Sue Allman, Sue Baker, Cathy Clard, Kathy Crane, Dianne Dann, Linda Eardly, Linda Elliot, Nancy Fox, Cindy Gossick, Diane Grande Vice-President, Bonnie Harris, Holly Higgins, Donna Holsher, Candy Kane President, JoAnn Langworthy, Shelley Ma- gathan, Pam Marshia, Patty O’Neil, Nancy Roth, Sandy Sadler, Karen Sukonick, Kim Towell, Shelley Vogt, Marilyn Watkins, Pat Watkins, Pat Welliver, Vance Young ART GUILD Eileen Bangert, Marsha Bishton, Pat Cadle, Martha Corson President, Diana Cunning¬ ham, Cliff Earl, Hariette Elkner, Richard Fischer, Joyce Fowler Vice-President, Toni Gallatin, Roz Gonve, Dale Gurnell, Earl Hildebrand, Lynne Howard, Joyce Huntley, Tod McWhinny, Raymond Moguw, Stjlvia Motzko, Douglas Mullins, Pat Musolino, Joan Pulley, Gail Ruhl, Carol Smith, Marie Snapp, Eddie Snyder, Jane Stirrup, Char- leen Wicks, Nanci Williams BETA TRI-HI-Y Dial Barnwell, Pat Cadle, Betti Gibson President, Pat Inman, Judy McCullen, Jane Maganes, Anita Marr, Janet Newman, Pat Price, Sue Sadler, Sue Sauer, Shirley Shoe¬ maker CHESS CLUB Billy Cain President, Jim Kaputa, Mas Landman, Mike Le Clair, Don Smith, Gary Smith Tish Ange, Susan Bell, Cindy Boyer, Judi Booker, Tommie Braun, Denise Calagrese, David Carhart, Barbara Coffman, Don Cog- lan, Richard Coppage, Sharon Dewey, Daun Dickie, Thomas Dix, Bene Dozier, Marilyn Dufresne, Carol Dunevant, Margie Emerson, Pamela Farmer, Becky Foltyde, Cathy Fos¬ ter, Mary Beth Fox, Jean Foye, Barbara Gattis, Carolyn Golway, Barbara Goodman, Rick Granmo, Connie Greenwood, Jane Haycock, Barbara Hess, Joan Hitchcock, Terry Hochersmith, Carol Junker, Karen Kaenzig, Mike Kaputa, Gary Kessler, Court¬ enay Martin, John Marvin, Mary Anne McFarlano, Joey McFarlen, Meredyth Mic- cio, Bobbie Nagle, Terry Patch, Judy Perl¬ man, Judy Poland, Donna Rajiski, Peter Ropshaw, Douglas Rotz, Pricilla Scull, Su¬ zanne Selph, Brian Shirley, Nanci Vorhies, Anne Young, Mike Zier DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Robert Barfield, Sandy Bishop, Judy Brink- ley, Doris Brown, Bob Brownlow, Jim Butcher, Claude Cash, Jim Cassedy, James Chaconas, Mike Clark, Peggy Colley, Ron¬ nie Colson, Lloyd Copeland, Emory Cran¬ dall, Kathleen Dennis, Dianne Dietz, Patsy Dove, Charlotte Duck, Carl Engh, Bob Esk¬ ridge, Edward Haynos, Judy Hodgson, Sam Inks, George Jarrell, William Kerns, Ed McMurraty, Clark Massie, Rick Mathers, Jo Anne Measley, Dave Nichols Vice-President, Dave Painter, Gail Rasmussen, Barbara Rob¬ bins, Alfred Saccone, Frances Sheppard, Gary Stafford, Paul Stanch, Chester Talley, Wayne Thomas, Stephanie Tilden, Stanley Walsh, John Watson, Bob W eatherholtz, Travis, Oscar Vaught, Bob Walker, John Higgins, Donna Holsher, Candy Kane, Mervyn Weatherholtz, Ken White President, Ralph Young, Jim Brashaw DELTA TRI-HI-Y Barber Bey, Brenda Blackwell, Ruth Choate, Cathy Corns, Titia Favor, Alma Felver, Getchen Gates, Sandy Grim, Given Honea, Nancy Hopper, Billie Heinter Vice-President, Julie Johnson, Penny Lipscomb, Susan Long, Vivian Martin President, Ruth Mu, Kathy Phillips, Judy Ralf, Jo Ellen Schilds, Nancy Seale, Sandy Shoemaker, Sharon Steiger, Sue Strang, Joan Srickland, Stephany Tis¬ dale, Donna Tribby, Kathy Wirth, Beverly Yancy DRAMA CLUB Rosalind Anderson, Martha Baines, Leonard Benade, Marsha Bielski, Marsha Bishton, Bon¬ nie Blaine, Merle Blair, Judi Booker, Dana Bonkemetyer, Tommie Braun, Robin Brick- ham, Ronnie Bulson, Sherry Burbach, Toni Butschek, Kathy Cook Richard Coppage, Ann Davis, Wanda Davis, Sherry Dorrer, Jackie Fleischer, Joan Flynn, Pat Gilroy, Leslie Gorn, Nancy Granberry, Connie Greenwood, Nancy Humphries, Elaine Hun¬ ter, Kakki Jackson, Virginia Kahn, Peggy Kauffman, Gary Kessler, Jeanette Mikel, Carol Moak, Bonnie Mooty, Irene Pelszynski, Kathy Phillips, Susan Phillips, Suzanne Rucker, Marta Sears, Suzy Selph, Sharon Shyer, Gerry Stirling President, Lynn Tol¬ liver, Cindy Via, Harriet Witherall Janet Ackroyd, Jayne Anderson, Virginia Anderson, Marc Ashley, Sue Baker, Eileen Bangert, Allyson Bell, Carolyn Benson, Jo- Anne Black, Helen Black, Brenda Black- well, John Bland, Sharon Boone, Barbara Brill, Toni Butschek, Billy Cain President, Gail Camp, Jeannie Carlson, David Chapin, Ron Chapman, Ruth Choate, JoAnne Coak- ley, Mary Cooper, Deanne Dabbs, Marsha Daugherty, Bene Gene Dozier, Stephen Drye, Dianne Duncan, Dona DuParc, Shar¬ on Ehluss, Betsy Emmons, Charlotte Fairey, Pam Farmer, Tish Fauer, Rai Flood, Mary Beth Fox, Sarah Frizzell, Anne Giberson, Nancy Gloves, Carolyn Golway, Kay Gor¬ don, Lynn Grabb, Randolph Hack, Julie Harper, Leslie Hart, Marian Hartley, Anne Haycock, Jane Haycock, Carol Heighes, Robin Hess, Jane Hightower, Nancy Hoff¬ man, Clinton Howard, Linda Howell, Nancy Humphries, Barbara Ireland, Bert Johnson, Julie Johnson, Kay Johnson, Linda John¬ son, Pat Jones, Karen Kaenzig, Virginia Kahn, Anne Kilpatrick, Sue Klein, Karleen Klemp, Carolyn Klotz, Pat Koontz, Faye LaFone, Carol Lange, Vira Libeau, Michael Linn, Susie Long, Mary McCahon Vice- President, Sandy McCown, Lorraine Mac- Carter, Courtenay Martin, Sue Martin, Har¬ old Mercer, Bob Mitchell, Carol Moak, Alan Mooring, Judi Morris, Sylvia Motzko, Janety Newman, Toni Nickols, Virginia Oderwald, Susan Opela, Liz Padgette, Andrea Pearl, Jocelyn Pearl, Irene LJepzynski. Sue Peter¬ son, Kathy Phillips, Susan Phillips, Wendy Porter, Joni Pursell, Bruce Rollman, Suzy Rowley, Karen Rucker, Sue Sadler, Pat Sanders, Barbara Schild, Priscilla Scull, Suzy Selph, Denny Seybert, Sherrill Smith, Mary Alice Sowers, Lynn Sparks, Karen Stafford, Merry Staser, Nancy Stevens, Debbie Swartz, Stephany Tisdale, John Trenholin, Christine Twardy, Diana Umlauf, Sylvia Upchurch, Alan Valusek, Gail Wanman, Pam Wayne, Donne Wiesner, Harriet With- erell, Pattie Winfrie, Robin Worthing, Mari¬ anne Wubbeler, Michael Zaugg, Joy Zen- gel, Pat Zepul FUTURE PIOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Julia Adler, Linda Ayers, Eleanor Baird, Merle Blair, Lmda Caudle, Cheryl Chunn, Jonelle Crawford, Dianne Dabbs, Linda Darnell, Carolyn Day, Virginia Edwards, Margie Emerson, Becky Floyd, Patti Gass, Ann Giberson, Kay Gordon, Nancy Gran¬ berry, Stephanie Heatwole, Carol Heighes, Ruth Hill, Kitty Hopkins, Marilyn Hunze- der, Margaret Kandl, Darlene Lewis Presi¬ dent, Kathy Logan, Diane McDaniels, Car¬ olyn Mallon, Kitty Merendino, Beth Miller, Linda Mullens, Mario Nadlo, Karen O’Fla- herth, Susan Petroservicy, Carol Porter, Judy Ralf, Barbara Roach Vice-President, Karen Rucker, Linda Rye, Maureen Shafer, Linda Sutherland, Jean Taylor, Linda Van- Doren, Julie West FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Joan Bennet, Tommy Ann Braun, Barbar Brinkman, Roberta Campbell, Carol Crow, Bene Gene Dozier, Carolyn Farrar, Joyce Hunley, Barbara Ireland, Karen Kaenzig, Barbara Laudenburger, Judy Murray, Vir¬ ginia Oderwald, Andrea Pearly, Jocelyn Pearl, Tina Pederson, Tricia Readon, Bob¬ bie Roberts, Sue Sauer, Julia Torrey, Pat Walsh, Kathy Webber, Nancy Wright 174 GERMAN CLUB Julie Adler, Diane Axelson, Marc Brenman, Chester Cassel, Virginia Cole, John Cum¬ berland, Al Davidoff, Jimmy Fagelson, Carol Felton, Janet Felton, Leslie Gorn, Ken Gum- merson, Patsy Hatch, Pat Johnson, Gary Kesseler, Bob Miller, Wanda O’Reav, Ce- lester Parker, Cam Pascoe, Suzan Portrum, Chuck Post, Dave Price, Susan Rawlety, Bruce Romig, Regina Rothenberg, Ed Row¬ an President, Hugh Scott, Tom Speirs, Gay Stelzenmuller, Bob Zmud Vice-President KEY CLUB Ken Arnold, John Atherton, Jim Avery, Joe Baggett, Tim Bassett, Mike Bledsoe, Larry Bosserman, Jerry Bunch, Jeff Camp, Mike Chandler, Walter Couser Vice-President, Roger Elliott, Charles Eskridge, Rick Evert, Glenn Fields, Bob Hargett, Bill Hatch, Ken Hayden, George Holland, Richard Lind, Richard Mellen, Edward Miccio, Bob Mil¬ ler, Rick Munikhuysen, David Noble, John Pennylegion President, Joe Price, Tom Price, Jack Russel, Don Ruths, Steve Sears, Brian Shirley, Dave Smith, Don Smith, David Splitt, John Stapes, Vaughn Stelzenmuller, Tom Swan, Paid Tannous, Fred Worth, Jim Wood, Bob Zmud KEYETTE CLUB Sherry Abel, Tish Ange, Sue Bell, Joan Bennett, Betty Jean Bissell Vice-President, Barbara Brill, Pat Cadle, JoAnne Coakley, Ruth Fagelson, Sarah Frizell, Betti Gibson, Joan Graham, Anne Haycock, Jane Hay¬ cock, Shelia Johns, Kathy Kohn, Eileen Kriebel, Vera Libeau, Mary McCahon, Shar¬ on McCrey, Sylvia Motzko, Sherry O ' Don¬ nell, Terry Patch, Susan Phillips, Nancy Pruett, Barbara Richards, Linda Rouse Pres¬ ident, Jackie Schuthe, Priscilla Scull, Sharyl Singleton, Elsie Smith, Mary Sowers, Gay Stelzenmuller, Cindy Via, Nancy Strickler, Sally Vogt, Deane Waldo, Carol Washing¬ ton, Linda Wharton, Linda Wooldridge, Susan Wright LATIN CLUB Richard Anderson, Rosalind Anderson, Steve Askeim, JoAnn Bachman, Jon Bach¬ man, Carol Battaglia, Joan Battaglia, Joan Bennett, Claue Bledsoe, Norris Boone, Judy Boyd, Pat Brown, Bonnie Bidson, Da¬ vid Button, Gilbert Button, Dennis Cala¬ brese, Pam Camham, Mary Lynne Casey, Alan Chamberlin, Sandra Chase, Richard Cheek, Steve Cristinsen, Kathy Coins, )a- nelle Crawford, Butch Crawford, Sharon Cumberland, Bob Davis, Franklin Dauald- son, Leianna Dawn, Dee Duncan, Sandra Freudiger, Pete Greenwalt, Gail Gardner, Connie Greenwood, Craig Griffiths, Made- Ityn Hagerty, Suzie Hall, John Harmon, Stephanie Heatwole, Mary Ann Heiveman, Dayle Jackson, Barbru Johnson, Ellen John¬ son, Richie Johnson, Marie Kefteris, Julie Kenkain, Pat Kunianski, Richard Lind Vice- President, Carolyn Mallon, Ann Malone, Donna May Janette Mikel, Alan Milay, Bob Miller, Peggy Miller, Sandy Moore, Mario Nadler, David Newlander, Debbie Newman, Mary Neivter, Kathy Owen, Steve Packard, Pat Plecha, Pattie Plough, Thomas Rapp, Barbara Richards, Roger Rutledge, Hugh Scott, Leland Sprinkle, Miles Staley, r Nancy Stevens, Susan Strang, Paul Tannous, Janie Tice, Hoivard Trent, Donna Tribby, Chery Ulnon, Corky Upchurch, Mike Waldner, Val Weaver, Kathie Webber President, Peggu Weissenstein, Craig Whited, Donna Wood, Sue Wood, Susan Yelton, Linda Zell LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Beverly Bell, Charlotte Bissett, Judy Boyd, David Button, Mary Cope, Carole Deavers, Allen Douma, Kerry Faver, Titia Faver, Patty Gass, Kathie Harrie, Carol Junder, Darlene Lewis, Richard Lind, Ted Locke, Lorraine McCarter, Janet Newman, Virginia Oderwald, Gayle Pate, Andrea Pearl, Ted Remington, Barbara Roach, Pam Rouvales, Lynn Tolliver, John Van Gilden, Cathy Wal¬ lis, Gary Weisner, Annetha Whittaker, Nancy Williams OFFICE HELP Susan Bell, Betty Jean Bissell, Cindy Boyer, Barbara Brill, Jeff Camp, Beverly Dear- wester, Anne Haycock, Jean Holz, Elaind Hunter, Kathy ingerson, Karen Lemesh, Tina Pederson, Sandy Phares, Barbara Rich¬ ards, Georgia Roat, Sue Shellington, Betty Lou Smith, Kathy Snyder, Diane Waldo, Patty Walsh, Gail Wanman, Robin Worth¬ ington RUSSIAN CLUB Jo Ann Bachman, Carol Battaglia, Joan Bat¬ taglia, Sandra Bohart, Alan Chamberlain, Mary Sue Childs, Tommy Dix, Allen Doum, Carol Fisher, Gregory Flick, John Gephart, Barry Haas, Suzie Hall, David Hottle, Wen¬ dy Impett, Sandy McCown, Dahlis McMur- do, Alan Miley, Fred Mooney, Marshall Peterson, John Robey, Steve Sears, Karen Stafford, Brian Zamuda, Mary Burt, Vir¬ ginia Cole, Paula Levitt, Vera Libeau, Cyn¬ thia Lightfoot, Tim McCornack, George Matecko, Debbie Newman, Joe Price, Bobby Ross, Suzanne Selph, Susan Strang, Pat Walsh, Val Weaver, Dave Wigitoff, Susan Wood SIGMA TRI-HI-Y Merrilee Barley, Kay Arnold, Carolyn Ben¬ son, Chris Bergstrom, Judy Boyd, Bev Bro- temarkle Vice-President, Mary Burt, Caro¬ lyn Cogswell, Rae Flood, Pat Griffith, Gail Griswold, Marian Hartley, Pat Hartung, Patsy Hatch, Nancy Hoffman, Lynne How¬ ard, Connie Hutchings, Lois James, Wanda Jones, Anne Kelpatrick, Connie Kirk, Linda Kirkhorn, Florine Klingsonsmith, Paula Lev¬ itt, Sharon McCoy, Anne Malone, Sandy Martin, Judi Morris, Sandy Morrison, Linda Nolan, Liz Pickering, Nancy Pruett, Joni Pursell, Kerry Quinn, Donna Rajiski, Carol Pe, Susan Shellington, Sally Vogt President, Carol Washington, Karen Webster, Robin Worthington, Marianne Wubbler, Dona Young, Joy Zengel, Anita Zepul SPANISH CLUB Tish Ange, Kay Arnold, Low Arrington, Martha Barnes, Barbara Brenman, Becky Cain, Roberta Campbell, David Carhart, Nan Clubb, Kathy Conway, Marty Corson, Jonelle Crawford, Sherry Dorrer, John Drew, Bill Elliott, Virginia Edwards, Becky Floyd, Jane Gardner, Gretchen Gates, Mag¬ gie Gattis, Beverly Gimble, Sharon Sruld, Gail Haggstram, Peter Hardy, Barbara Hase, Marcia Hasie, Carol Herbert, Mary Hor- gan, Pam Horn, Ann Horton, Denise Howe, Billie Hunter, Marilyn Hunzeker, Connie Hutchings, Nancy Hiyzser, Lynn Ireland, Carol Jeffrey, Phtylis jaffrey. Bob Johnson, Brad Johnson, Mary Johnson President, Peggy Kauffman, Florine Klingensmith, Frank Knoeller, Katharine Koontz, Paula Levitt, Darlene Lewis, Bonnie MacCarter, Ruth Monsehke, Susan Nuckols, Karen O’Flaherty, Toni Opeka, Cheryl Pardee, Fred Perry, Teddy Pippin, Kerry Pope, Su¬ zanne Portrum, Jerry Potter, Suzy Power, Jane Rhoades, Rick Rio, Mick Roos, Marion Shattuck, Sharyl Singleton, Carol Smith, Kevin Smith, David Splitt Vice-President, Jinny Splitt, Mary Stanley, Sharon Steiger, Cindy Sullivan, Kathy Till, Richie Vaughn, Bob Williams, Pat Wynn, Marsha Young VOCATIONAL OFFICE TRAINING Shirley Banks, Carolyn Bliss, Barbara Bur- ford, Patricia Carmichael, Harold Conklin, Willard Demory, Sandra Dansberger, Benia Filipczyk, Sharron Hall, Dianna Laney, Mona Lynard, Connie Martin, Judith Mar¬ tin, Sara Mendelsohn, Carol Neall, Christine Russell, Lois Trammell, Donna Wade, Pene¬ lope Walters, Linda Wiseman, Gail Worder 175 MRS. AMES MR. GANGI Study Hall, English IV Senior Class Sponsor MRS. ARMSTRONG Counseling MRS. ASHENHURST Librarian MRS. AYMOND Math II, Plane Geometry MRS. RAIRD Shorthand II, Shorthand I, Typing MRS. BATTAGLIA Counseling MRS. BAUER Government, English IV, Study Hall MR. BENGSTON Algebra I, Math I MR. BOLDING English Junior Class Sponsor, Atoms Boosters, Foot¬ ball, Basketball, and Baseball Coach 9th grade teams MRS. BROOKS German I, German II, German III is- IV German Club, German Honor Society MISS BUCK Physical Education 9th grade, Varsity Bas¬ ketball and Junior Varsity Softball Coach MR. BUCKLEY Principal COMMANDER BUCKLEY Spanish II, Spanish I, Crosscountry and Track Coach MR. BUGIN Earth Science, Science 8th and 9th grade MRS. CARPENTER English II, Journalism I, Journalism II, Creative Writing, A-Blast MRS. CASSEDY Algebra II, Math I MR. CLARKE English I MR. COMER General Shop MR. CONNELL Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, A Cappella Choir, Girls’ Chorus, Survey of Music MR. COSTELLO Algebra I, World History, Study Hall MISS CRAIG Assistant Librarian MR. CROSIER General Shop, General Shop II, General Shop Science MISS DANIEL Typing 1, General Business Sigma Tri-Hi-Y MRS. DAWSON Art I, Counseling, Literary Magazine MISS DEL BENE English II, English I, Study HaU MISS DiMISA Physical Education 10th grade Sophomore Class Sponsor, Varsity Softball and Junior Varsity Hockey Coach MRS. DOUGHERTY Drama I, Drama II, Drama Club, Tourna¬ ment Play, Junior Play MRS. DYESS Math 1, Algebra I MRS. ELMORE English III, Study Hall Honor Society, Cheerleaders MRS. EVANS English I MR. J. FARRIS Cadet and, Reserve Band, Concert Band, Advanced Reserve Band MR. R. FARRIS General Math I, Algebra I, Algebra II MR. FINCH Assistant Principal Stage Crew, Student Council Association MISS FINCH English II, Study Hall, English III MR. FISHER English IV, Study Hall Senior Class Sponsor MRS. FLINCHUM General Business, Bookkeeping I, Shorthand I MISS FOWLKES English II, Study Hall, English III Alaph Tri-Hi-Y MRS. FRUTCHEY Clerical Practice, Supervisor, V.O.T. Vo¬ cational Office Training Math II, Algebra II, Plane Geometry MR. GILL Physics, Supervisor Future Teachers of America MR. GRAY Economics, U.S. History, Counseling Antenna, Quill and Scroll, Debating Team MR. HARDAGE Physical Education 9th and 10th grades Varsity Baseball Coach MR. HATCHER Reading Teacher MR. HEINZ Biology, Earth Science Minerologtj Club MR. HENRETTY English I Freshman Class Sponsor MR. HENRY Counseling Physical Education 9th and 12th Varsity Football Coach MRS. HILLYER Home Economics I Future Homemakers of America MRS. HUDGINS Home Economics III is IV, Home Economics I, Home Economics II MR. HUTCHISON Biology Chess Club MR. ISENBERG English III, Study Hall Key Club MR. JENKINS Sociology, Physical Education 9th and 10th Junior Varsity Basketball is- Baseball MISS JOHNSON Spanish I, Future Teachers of America DR. KEESEE Assistant Principal MR. KELLER Biology Sophomore Class Sponsar MR. KLINGER Study Hall, English IV, English II MRS. LIKAR English II, Study Hall 176 MRS. LITTLE MISS PETERS Russian I, Latin 11, Latin III ir IV Russian Club, Latin Honor Society, Latin Club MR. LOBUTS General Shop, Wood Shop, Wood Shop II Stage Crew MRS. LORY Director of Guidance MRS. LOVEJOY Visiting Teacher mrs. McCarthy Geography miss McCrary English 1 MR. MARSH Art I, Art III 6- IV, Art II An Guild MRS. MILLER Latin II, Latin I, Latin Club COL. MILLER Geography MRS. MITCHELL Geography MISS MONROE Commercial Law, Typing I, Shorthand 1 MISS MORELAND Biology, Physical Education 10 grade MRS. MORRELL French II, French I MR. MORTON Solid Geometry, General Math II, Mechan¬ ical Drawing I MR. MUIRHEAD Physical Education 11th grade. Supervisor MR. Mullen Chemistry, Algebra II MR. ODOM English III, Study Hall MRS. PALMER Geography MR. PARNELL U.S. History, Government MRS. PAYNE Spanish 111, Spanish II, Spanish IV, Apanish Honor Society, Spanish Club Supervisor, Physical Education 9, 10, 11, Girls’ Athletic Association, Varsity Hockey MRS. PIERCE Algebra III, Plane Geometry, Algebra I MR. PORTER Geography MR. RABUNSKY World History, U.S. History MRS. RAMAY Trigonometry, Algebra III, Algebra II MRS. RANDA Biology MR. ROBERSON An II, Art 1 MISS ROBINSON Plane Geometry MR. ROSE French III, French IV French Honor Society, French Club MISS ROYSTON Government, U.S. History MR. SCHWARTZ Mechanical Drawing I, Mechanical Draw¬ ing II MR. SCOTT Physical Education 10th Grade, Junior Varsity Football, Termis Wrestling Coach MRS. SELEMENT English I, Public Speaking MR. SHRIVER General Shop, Metal Shop 1, Metal Shop II Bowling League MR. SMITH Physical Education 9th grade. Varsity Basketball MISS STEPHANZ French 1 MRS. STEVENS Cafeteria Manager MR. STEVENS Typing II, Typing 1 MR. STEVENSON 17.S. History, Government, Bowling League MISS STIDLEY Math 9, Plane Geometry MRS. SWITZER Counseling MRS. TANNOUS French II MR. TODD Supervisor, D.E. I, D.E. II, Distributive Education MISS TOLLEY Math 8, Plane Geometry, Junior National Honor Society MR. VAN SANT Government, Social Studies, Golf Team, Bowling League MR. VISNICH Counseling MR. WADE English II, Study Hall, Junior Class Sponsor MRS. WICKARDT Nurse MRS. WILBURN Home Economics I MRS. WOLLE Counseling MRS. WOOD Chemistry, Earth Science MR. WOODRUM English 8, Spanish I, Spanish II MRS. WOODSON Personal Typing, Personal Notehand, Typ¬ ing II Commander Routree Math I, Algebra 1 177 9726 Columbia Pike 11 A.M.— 11 P.M. Sun. — Thurs. 11 A.M.—Midnight Fri. Sat. X ItlROCNf Bergen’s,Inc. Men ' s Students ' Shop Lady Manhattan Sportswear Ladies ' Suits 9641 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Use your central charge plate at Bergen ' s ROADSIDE, INC. MARKET and GARDEN SHOP 2750 Little River Turnpike (bet. Annandale and Fairfax) CR 3-5444 CR 3-5446 Groceries — Meats — Shrubbery — Garden Tools and Supplies Open daily 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. LADY ELEANOR HAIRSTYLISTS 9550 Columbia Pike (opp. the A P) Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-9886 May all your dreams for the future he fulfilled. 6313 Amherst Ave., Springfield, Virginia FL 4-6544 FL 4-6552 Congratulations Q Best Wishes Symbol of Quality in Fine Furniture JAMES L. MICHELBACH FURNITURE CO., INC. Little River Turnpike Ravensworth Road Annandale, Virginia CL. 6-3100 Fi ' ee Delivery Monday — Friday open 9 A.M. — 9 P.M. Saturday 9 A.M. — 6 P.M. 178 A ' Jioni Heutcnje oI Jltadiukip We are pleased to offer our customers the finest in modern, efficient and complete Banking Services. Main office located on Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Va. We are open Monday thru Friday — 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Friday Evenings — 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. Saturdays — 9 A.M. to 12 Noon generous and accessible parking area old Dominion nnuonni Bunn Deposit ' s Insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 179 Mmfmm Annandale Office 7400 Little River Turnpike Phone: 256 — 6900 Springfield Office 6315 Backlick Road Phone: FL 4-6300 THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA BANK Your Full Service Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Best Wishes ANNANDALE SUPPLY CO. Backlick Rd. bet. Rt. 236 and Braddock Rd. HARDWARE GARDEN SUPPLIES CL 6-3003 ANNANDALE MILLWORK Everything for your home and commercial needs. LUMBER —MILLWORK— BUILDING MATERIALS Free Estimates Prompt Delivery 7120 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-1300 SAM ' S TAILORING CO. Custom tailor for ladies and men TUXEDO RENTAL Special Rates for Students and Groups 7308 Little River Turnpike — CL 6-9880 GORDON REALTY 9859 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. ANNANDALE FLORIST Columbia Pike at Maple Street CL 6-2666 CLearbrook 6-2500 ARCADE BARBER SHOP 9607 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Located in the Arcade Annandale Shopping Center 180 WHITTINGTON AMOCO Pike Baileys Cross Roads HU 1-9895 CLOTHES CLINIC Eugene Hairdressers Eugene Barlow Owner 9859 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Two doors west of Annandale Florist Dry Cleaners and Launders 9609 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Reid ' s AMOCO Service Station CL. 6-2881 Backlick at Braddock Road CL 6 0616 FRIENDSHIP HOUSE Distinctive gifts for all occasions Hallmark Cards Springfield, Va. FL 4-7040 KATHY ' S BEAUTY LOUNGE 9718 Columbia Pike CL 6-8383 Across from the fire hall Hours: 9-6 — Thurs., Fri. 9-7:30 Lynch Bros., Inc. MCVCK AIN CA I KA LMAKkJt Realtors SALES . . . RENTALS . . . INSURANCE FL 4-7000 Property Management Residential and Industrial Acreage Springfield Shopping Center Springfield, Virginia NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE Power Cleaners CLearbrook 6-3066 Cor. of Annandale Rd. Columbia Pike 181 RUBBER STAMPS OFFICE SUPPLIES SUBURBAN OPTICIANS, INC. Tuthill — Byrd Stationery Typewriter repairs — rentals — sales 9818 Columbia Pike CALL: 256-3535 FUTURA REAL ESTATE CO., INC. Homes — Farms — Acreage Representatives for Vero Lake Estates, Fla. 7345 Little River Turnpike CL 6-8040 FISCHER HARDWARE 9808 Columbia Pike Across from Elementary School Monday Thru Thursday 10 A.M. - 7 P. M. Friday 10 A.M. - 8 P.M. Saturday 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. PHONE: 256- 9007 HOUSEWARE — GLASS — TOYS RENTALS —SPORTS ANNANDALE PET SUPPLY PLYWOOD — GARDEN SUPPLIES HARDWARE Bland and Brandon Ave., Springfield FL 4-5700 Your friendly pet shopping center COMPLETE LINE OF PETS AND SUPPLIES REGISTERED PUPPIES-TROPICAL FISH Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-2400 McWhorter properties, INC. Annandale Shopping Center Annandale, Virginia CL 6-2730 McCORMICK JEWELERS Town of Annandale CLearbrook 6-3000 DIAMONDS-WATCHES-SILVERWARE-GIFTS Specializing in Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing Member of Central Charge FLORANCE REALTY CO., INC. 6413 Brandon Avenue Springfield, Va. REAL ESTATE SALES RENTALS INSURANCE T. EUGENE SMITH, INC. PHONE: 354-3900 7253 Maple Street Annandale, Va. 2317 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. JA. 4-6000 403 W. Lee Highway Fairfax, Va. CR. 3-4006 182 CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNANDALE GRADUATES C Wuuc Co apone rriusic company Musical Instruments and Accessories As you embark on a new road in life, may we say to you . . . time and money can be fleeting things . . . use both wisely. MOUNT VERNON BANK and ‘dniti Cxmpaiy . YOUR FULL SERVICE BANK - 6 CONVENIENT OFFICES JEFFERSON MANOR BAILEY ' S CROSS WILLSTON ROADS BELLE VIEW BEACON HILL ROSE HILL Expert repairs on all band instruments Rental Purchase Plan — Musical Instructions 4321 McWhorter PI. 802 F Street N. W. SOuth 8-7000 Member: F.D.I.C. Annandale, Va. Washington 4, D. C. ME 8-8209 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Class of ’62 Anfenna Stiff 2amsG Studios Mr. Ra pft S. Buckley Miss Susan 3iculty MemSers School Pdotograpfiers Mr. Cdirles Ba ptie, $r. Mr. RoSert A. Qny, f)r. Stricter 183 Compliments of Home of the World ' s Greatest 1H Hamburger BURGER CHEF 7321 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Virginia Student, Parent, Teacher Association MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS CO. 400 CALVERT AVENUE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Kl 8-0250 Phone: 265-9743 9627 Columbia Pike 9869 Columbia Pike viRGinio sflvines and Loon flssocifiTion 6825 BLAND AVENUE SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA FL. 4-4100 l Annandale, Virginia CLearbrook 6-3211 Savings accounts insured up to $10,000 by an agency of the U.S. government. 184 Corner of Annandale Road Maple Street Annandale, Virginia 185 BOWLING IS FUNI TEX PIX PLAZA Route 236 and Annandale Road, Annandale, Va. Chuck Drozenovich, Mgr. CLearbrook 6-2211 186 W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia Scdool 3tnd College jewelry 187 ' liui ifeasiboo-k w-aA fuiklibked Jui Hunter Publishing Company 333 Indiana Avenue Winston-Salem, North Carolina Sold and Serviced by CHARLES R. PERRY Virginia Sales Manager Charlottesville, Virginia 188 PATOON THANK YOU, MR. BOLDING Class of ’63 A dedicated Sophomore To Pedagogue, From the Bolding Girls Go Get ’em Goat; Navy Beat Army Mr. and Mrs. Dana G. Messer To Cathy, from Bob Lt. Col. Mrs. Leroy Kahn Mr. Mrs. Steven P. Haycock Compliments of Mr. Stevenson Be Quiet! Second Period John A. Koeneke Col. and Mrs. George J. Shyer DiMisa’s famous fifth; A.A. A.B.C. Eleanor Long From Furry D. G. Morrison Dr Fanat Weaver Mr. Mrs. Eugene Hegarty Col. Mrs. W. H. Switzer Dr. Mrs. E. F. Ashenhurst Mr. Mrs. George W. Armstrong Lt. Col. and Mrs. F. E. Singleton The Real McCoys Egotistically your, Bill Hatch Down with Fat-Trap!! Everett A. Golway Mr. Goldstein Mr. Mrs. Marshall G. Winsor Mr. Mrs. T. J. Twardy Lt. Col. Mrs. J. W. Atherton Mrs. Stewart Mr. Mrs. Kenneth L. Smith Mr. Mrs. R. T. Chamberlin Mr. Mrs. Eric A. Esche Mr. Mrs. R. T. Baggett Major Mrs. C. L. Patterson Anne Kilpatrick Know T. J. (Thomas Jefferson ) Lt. Cdr. Mrs. Donald N. Duncan Mr. Mrs. B. J. Sukomick Clyde E. Hartley Mr. Mrs. Bruce Strickler Mr. Mrs. Harvey M. Hatch BUDDY! W. S. Stoliaroff Priscilla Via Lt. Col. Mrs. Bernard Brenman W. H. Goodman R. I. Chorate Norman E. Moole Ralph E. Buckley Mr. Mrs. Eugene Witherell Mr. Mrs. A. E. Britton F. S. Wallis Mrs. Corson ' Who’s Mr. Gray?” Mr. Mrs. Walter M. Faver Mr. Mrs. A. Kenneth Hatch Harvey Hall Mrs. Cassedy S. J. Bryan Mrs. Wilburn’s 4th period class Doug Bachtel, from Sandy Moureau What did the Money say?” Compliments of Dave and Toni Compliments of Beta Theta Pi No comment,” Bill Lowe Compliments of Ayudera ”Sit up straight.” 189 PMMKI TO J.A.R., from her very secret admirer. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Elmore To AHS from Ky. Colo. — greatest in the Union In hopes that class of ’65 won’t be class of ’66! The undefeated ten — girls JV softball ’60. Good Grief! TK, MB, DM, DN, BVD. Dedicated to the big 19, from the Junior Girls. SENIORS — thanks for the third-lunch entertainment. To Earl, from his fourth period girl boys. Dedicated to the immortal decorators of Dave’s car. To Cdr. Buckley his two-seated bicycle. To the sons daughters of the Freshman Class. To those sophomores who died waiting for the bell. AND BRING IN THE COW, MR. ROBERSON Compliments of Jannah Gallager, Finance Officer WANTED: A tall rich man for Susie. ”The only good senior is one who has graduated.” Janet Buddy, Steve Lyn, Jack Barbara The only good freshman is a dead freshman.” From Mme. Morrell’s mad Frenchy pad. Long live the Frumps,” the Mad Surfer. Freedom of speech is a right; not in Mr. Wade’s 4th per. To Flip, Flop, Flup, and Flurp — from Flap. From the girls in Room Number Eleven. Selement explains English; who explains Selement?” The best of Circles — Darlene, Marty, Dave Bill. From Cdr. Buckley’s winners one time losers. Nos Latinam amamus sed Latina nos non amat. Our French teacher, Mr. Rose. To the Big S” from the Twistin’ 128 fourth period. Halleluah,” the S.C.A. for all. Mrs. W. O. Witherspoon Never give up . . .” Jimmy Brasse Good Riddance, Seniors!” Farewell, Mr. Isenberg. C’est la vie . . .” mr clinger have edjukated hiz sofmor clas as better as his senyor clas he done a reel well job to” 190 m Now, we are standing in the empty halls . . . the sun is rushing through the windows . . . the heat of the day begins to press upon us . . . We have had many experiences . . . we have grown up in many ways. We have made life-long acquaintances. We have begun to find ourselves . . . We have memories of life at Annandale High School. 191 m0 O dJ o I ' f’l J e ? . VRARE 373.755 A 1962 V.8 Annandale High School (McLean, Va.) The antenna

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