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' t • JUI o antenna 1961 volume 7 annandale, Virginia Sue Strickler, editor-in-chief l The Class of 1961 proudly dedicates Mr. J. Wallace Bolding 2 this seventh volume of the Antenna Students gathered much profitable learning in Mr. Bold- ing’s classes, which he always keeps informal and friendly. to Mr. J. W. Bolding Since Mr. Bolding came to Annandale High School in its opening year, 1955, he has merited the respect and friendship of the student body and administration of the school. From the day he arrived he has worked to build Annandale into a school of which each of us is proud. Many of us felt Mr. Bolding’s forceful thinking in his freshman English classes when he taught us our first thorough course in English grammar. He has dem¬ onstrated his high character not only in the classroom, but also on the athletic field. As our coach, he has taught us good sportsmanship and helped our athletic teams to grow to fame. This year Mr. Bolding’s unrelenting work helped the greatest hope of the Class of 1961, and past gradua¬ ting classes come true. His guidance and unselfish effort changed our hope into a reality—our new stadium. Mr. Bolding, the Senior Class deeply thanks you for the invaluable time you have spent with us in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the guidance office; but above all we thank you for being our friend during our past years at Annandale. As basketball coach, Mr. Bolding helped his team members grow to be individ¬ uals, yet members of a well-organized team. 3 “Knowledge partakes of infmfty; it widens with our capacities : the higher u e mount in it, the vaster and more magnificicnt are the pros¬ pects it stretches out before us.” J. C. and A. W. Hare 4 Students “Learning is but an adjunct to ourself, and where we are our learning likewise is.” —Shakespeare 5 " Action is the highest perfection and draining forth of the utmost power, vigor , and activity of man’s nature.” —South 6 Athletics " liy looking into physical causes our minds arc opened and enlarged; and in this pursuit whether we take or whether we lose the game, the chase of certainly of service. " —Burke " Remember you have not a sinew whose law of strength is not action; you have not a faculty of body, mind, or soul whose law of improvement is not energy. " -E. B. Hall 7 " The less you run sc an tier you rse If— the the richer, the more enjoy, the poorer, more you can enjoy, vigorous. " —Lavater 8 Activities " Fun has no limits. It is like the human race and face; there is a family likeness among all the species, but they all differ. —Haliburton 9 Table of Contents B Page ADMINISTRATION 11 School Board Administration Page ATHLETICS 67 Boys’ Sports Girls’ Sports Page ACTIVITIES 31 Student Council Honoraries Service Organizations Clubs Dances Page CLASSES 91 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 10 RALPH E. BUCKLEY, Principal This publication marks the end of another school year—our seventh. Each school closing has its greatest impact on the members of our graduating class, since they are arriving at the first major intersection of life. Graduation is a time of decision, and each individ¬ ual must make his own choice—that of looking to the past with longing or facing the future with hope. Hope is imperative if you are to make the most of your life. Courage to move on, faith to look ahead, and hope to anticipate are tools for the life in search of victory. Ralph Buckley 12 Mr. Merritt Ruhlen Col. Waldron Leonard Mr. Hillis Lory Mr. Berge Thomasian Mr. Merton Parsons Mr. Theodore Heriot Chairman of the School Board Mrs. Joan Butler FAIRFAX COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Mr. James Finch Assistant Principal Administration Dr. Aubrey Keesee Assistant Principal School Secretaries— Mrs. Mary Eliza Bunch, Guidance Secretary; Mrs. Janna Gallagher, Finance Officer; Mrs. Virginia Rademaker, Office Secretary; Mrs. Mary Ellen Bartlett, Principal’s Secretary. The Fairfax County Board conducts a meeting. Sitting around the table are Mr. Merton Parsons, Mrs. Joan Butler, Col. Waldron Leonard, Mr. Theodore Heriot, Mr. W. T. Woodson, Mr. Merritt Ruhlen, Mr. Berge Thomasian, Mr. Hillis Lory. Mrs. Aurelia Howland B.A., M.Ed. Reading Teacher Mrs. Constance Lovejoy B.S. Visiting Teacher Mrs. Marian Allphin School Nurse 15 Guidance Mrs. Sarah Lory, B. A., M. A. Guidance Director Mrs. Virginia Switzer, B. A., M. A. Senior Guidance Counselor Guidance is a department with which the students at Annandale have less con tact than they do with other departments. Nevertheless, guidance is still a highly important department, playing a vital role in the lives of the students. The efforts of the guidance counselors to help them iron out scheduling difficulties are both greatly needed and appreciated. Mr. Henretty, you’ll never be accepted at Harvard,” chuckles Mrs. Wolle. Mrs. Lillian Armstrong, B.S. Junior Guidance Counselor Mrs. Mary Battaglia, B. A. Freshman Guidance Counselor Mrs. Helen Wolle, B.A. Sophomore Guidance Counselor 16 In Memoriam MRS. RUTH KOEHLER On September 3 of last year, Annandale suffered a great loss through the death of Mrs. Ruth Koehler. Mrs. Koehler joined the faculty at the beginning of the 1957-1958 school year and served until her death as a teacher of freshman English. During her three years here, she gave many students their first taste of high school English, and her ability and under¬ standing made this introduction a pleasant one. For those of us at Annandale who knew her, Mrs. Koehler will always have a prominent place in our memories. Also during the past year, Annandale suffered a second loss. Mr. William Eccles, a teacher here from 1956 to 1958 and again during the 1959-1960 school year, died suddenly on July 27. As a member of the mathematics department, Mr. Eccles used his skill as a teacher and his understanding of students’ problems to guide many of us through a year or two of math or algebra. Those of us here at Annandale who knew Mr. Eccles will always retain pleasant memories of him as a teacher and friend. MR. WILLIAM ECCLES 17 Mr. Larry Klinger, B. A. Drama Club “No, boys, I’m sure there is no “k” in “coffee.” Mr. Henretty confers with two students. English Mr. Byron Isenberg, B. A., M. A. Key Club Mr. Michael Wade, B. S., M. Ed. Mrs. Betty Evans, B. A. Mr. Roy Fisher, B. A. Mrs. Velma Dawson, B.A. Mrs. Elizabeth Ames, B.A. Fall Out High school has many facets, and in teaching each of them the members of Annanclale’s English Depart¬ ment have amply demonstrated their ability. Whether it be in introducing a freshman English class to poetry or in guiding a c lass of seniors through Shakespeare’s tragedies, Annandale’s English teachers give freely of their time and talents in order to make high school more rewarding for the students. Mrs. Jean Elmore, B.A. Senior Honor Society; Cheerleaders “But, Sir, but . . . but . . . but . . Warren Bryan speaks with Mr. Isenberg, head of the English Department. Mrs. Winifred Likar, B. A., B. S. Mr. James Bolding, B.A. Atom Boosters Club Mrs. Evelyn Miller, B. A. Mr. Russel Buckley B.S. Mrs. Martha Payne B.A. Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club “That was a Spanish declension?’’ Mrs. Payne conducts her class. Miss Callie Johnson B.A. Mrs. Josephine Tannous B.A., M.A. Language At Annandale, the Foreign Language Department encompasses French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Annandale is fortunate in having the excellent teachers that it does have in these languages, for the learning of a new language is no simple matter, and a student needs much expert instruction during his introduction to a foreign tongue. This instruction is ably provided at Annandale by the teachers of the Foreign Language De¬ partment. Mrs. Frances Milton B.A. French Honor Society; French Club Mrs. Evelyn Morrell B.S. Mrs. Rose Little B.A. Latin Honor Society; Mrs. Ellen Sims B.S. Mr. George Costello B.A. Annantlale has a large Mathematics Department that includes eachersjof basic arithmetic, algebra, geom¬ etry, trigonometry, aiid analysis. In guiding the students ahroikgh these) subjedts, most of which are encountered % fhe dJrst jime in Jiwaji school, Annandale’s mathe- af fields g e erously of their knowledge. For his .tud ntSNcarf be deeply grateful. fo.A. Mr. James Camp B.A. Mathmatics “You don’t seem to understand. Right angles contain ninety degrees.” Mrs. Ramay helps Bill Morris with solid geometry. Miss Mary Robinson B.A., M.Ed. Mrs. Sarah Layne B.S. Mrs. Marion Cassedy B.A. Mrs. Madelen Talmadge Keyette Club B.A., Al.A. Mrs. Frances Ramay B.S., M.S. Mr. Jack Morton B.S. Social Studies Mr. William Parnell, B.A., M. A. International Club Miss Laura Robey, B.A., M. A. Play Director In this modern world the social studies have be¬ come increasingly more important. For this reason Annandale is fortunate to have an energetic Social Studies Department. The teachers of this department give the students of Annandale excellent instruction in the fields of geography, history, government, so¬ ciology, and economics, and, in so doing, they greatly help to prepare them for the future. “And this is where I live.” Mrs. Payne instructs her class. Miss Ruth Royston, B. A. Quill Scroll Honor Society; A-Blast Mr. Robert Hood, B. A. Debate Club; Tri-Hi-Y 22 Mr. Martin Rabunsky, B. S., M. A. Mr. Robert Stevenson, B. A. Mr. William VanSant, B. A., M. A. i Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell, B. A. “Another tardy and you’ll go on the work crew.” Mr. Hood muses. Science Mr. Kenneth Mullen, B.S. Mr. Peter Visnich, B. S. Science too is a highly important subject. Biology, chemistry, physics—all are equally vital in this day and age, and all require competent people to teach them. Annandale has these efficient teachers. Whether they are explaining photosynthesis to a biology class or giv¬ ing advice on physics projects for a science fair, Annan- dale’s science teachers succeed in imparting knowledge to the students. Mr. Walter Bugin, B. S., M. A. Mr. Hutchison, B. A. “Was that two grains or three?’’ Mr. Farris demonstrates with a hydrogen generator. Mr. Earl Gill, B. S. Future Teachers of America Mr. Harry Keller, B. A. Mrs. Alice Wood, B. S., M. S. Chemistry Club 24 “If we can work on pass defense this week . . Mr. Muirhead, Athletic Director, plans strategy. Mrs. Anne Ramey, B. S. Junior Varsity Basketball Physical Education A sound mind needs a sound body if it is to utilize all its capabilities. It is the job of the Physical Educa¬ tion Department at Annandale to see that the physical well being of the students is not neglected, and to that end the teachers of that department give the students expert instruction in health, in physical education, and in other related subjects. Mr. Robert Hardage, B. S. Mr. William Scott, B. A. Junior Varsity Football; Wrestling Mr. Paul Jenkins, B. S. Junior Varsity Basketball Miss Rachael Peters, B. S. Varsity Hockey Mrs. Mary Cunningham, B.S. Modern Dance Club 25 Mr. Allan Marsh, B. A., M. A. Art Guild Mr. Edgar Roberson, B. A. Music “Are you sure you’re not holding it upside down?’’ Mr. Roberson examines his students’ art works. To handle its fine arts program, Annandale has both a Music Department and an Art Department. Many students have been taught to appreciate good music by the teachers of the Music Department, and several fine bands and choirs have been produced. In art classes students have been taught both to appreciate works of art and to create their own artwork. Mr. John Farris, B. Educ., M. Mr. Harold Connell, B. A., M. A. Mus. Concert Choir; A Capelin Choir Concert Band Mrs. Annabelle Ashenhurst, Mrs. Doris Danes, B.A. B. Ed., B.S. Lib. Library Commercial A good library is an essential part of a high school. Annandale is therefore fortunate to have efficient li¬ brarians who not only run the library well, but who are also always ready to help students obtain the most benefit from it. In preparing students for the business world, the able teachers of the Commercial Department give ex¬ pert instruction in such business skills as typing and shorthand. “No, thirteen errors will not be passing this six weeks.” Miss Monroe answers questions from her typing class. 27 Home Economics Mr. Ralph Shriver B.S. Responsibility for giving Annandale’s students in¬ struction in the industrial arts and in the arts of the home lies with the Shop Department and the Home Economics Department respectively. In shop students receive excellent instruction in various mechanical proc¬ esses from the teachers of that department. In home eco¬ nomics competent teachers have taught students to cook, to sew, and to do other household jobs. “Please don’t put ruffles around the plans.” Mr. Lewis instructs Carol Roach. Industrial Arts Mr. Ralph Lewis B.S., M.A. “According to this, I sew the sleeve to the hem.” Mrs. Hillyer aids Jean Turner and Karleen Wiesendanger. Miss Nancy Hillyer B.S. Future Homemakers of America Mr. Paul Schwarts B.S., M.S. Mr. Russell Crosier B.S. Mrs. Dorothy Hudgins B.S. 28 Cafeteria Staff Row 1— Dorothy Stevens, Edna Brown, Catherine Turner, Mildred Ayers, Bertha Jackson, Alma Ulmer. Row 2—Marsella King, Vida Blevins, Clara Brown, Elizabeth Darr, Mabel Harris, Capitola Jenkins, Katherine Mudd. Custodians Row 1— Melton Dodson, William Gissom, Frank Atkins, Bessie Gaskins. Row 2—Eastham Flinchum, Charles Simms, Richard Robertson, Vernon Robinson. 29 Varsity-Faculty Basketball Game The Varsitv clowns it up in the pie-game warm-up. Red " Jenkins hooks the ball over the out¬ stretched arms of varsitv forward John Atherton. Miss Peters gets set to put the round ball in orbit during the varsitv-facultv game. 30 “For the how cannot stand always bent, nor can human nature of human frailty subsist without lawful recreation. ' ' —Cervantes W some • ■; ||- Dick Avery, President Mr. Finch, Sponsor Cindy Via, Treasurer Spearheading the year’s events , the S.C.A., : Ip ' Jftfc iff jgt ■ ' V-ac j Annandale High School’s Student Council Association has as its goal the improvement of the school. In previous years the association has been most successful in its efforts. During this last year it attempted to work still more and better improvements by working even more closely and effectively with the entire student body. Early in September the Student Council sponsored a faculty tea for the purpose of welcoming all new teachers to Annandale. This was followed by the Homecoming Dance held the next month. Some other endeavors of the Student Council were the several assem¬ blies that it produced. Prominent among these were an assembly featuring several foreign exchange students as speakers, an honor assembly, and assemblies to start the various fund-raising drives headed by the Student Council. Annandale’s annual Magazine Drive was, as usual, the most important of the Student Council sponsored drives. However, there were also the Christmas Welfare Drive, the March of Dimes, and the Easter Seal Drives. Finally, the Student Council also engaged in many other activities during the year, the most important of which were the revising of the school constitution and the revival of Annandale’s Honor System. Mike Meloy, Chaplain Sheila Johns, Vice-President Norie Huddle, Secretary S. C. A. Cabinet Row 1—Cindy Via, Treasurer; Shiela Johns, Vice President; Dick Avery, President; Norrie Huddle, Secretary; Mike Meloy, Chaplain. Row 2— Philipo Comiti; Diane Bruce; John Pennylegion; Betty Schauff; Gail Briggs. Row 3 —Ludwig Meiss; Anne Knowlton; Mike Bledsoe; Ann Haycock. working with the Interclub Council . . . Interclub Council Row 7—Charlotte Bisset; Nancy Garland; Pat Kaminski; Ann Haycock, Co-ordinator; Diane Brown; Jim C.albrith; Jim Avery. Row 2—Gail Briggs; Sallie Coggin; Jane Austin; David Splitt; Richard Lind; Bill Northwood; Jerry Kahn. Rou 3 —John Gittinger; Richard Hagan; Frank Berman; Paul Tannous; Mike Bledsoe; Dick Avery; Jim Avery. 33 Student Council Representatives Row 1 —Ken Bachman; Denise Howe; Becky Holder; Carolyn Coyne; Vaughn Stelzenmueller. Row 2—David Larson; Wanda O’Rear; Zo Anne Lawsen; Barbara Gardner; Pat Creekman; Mike Bledsoe; Barbara Jessup; Lynn Toliver. Row 3 —Barbara Brill; Susan Wright; Ginnie McClellan; Lynn Sadler; Kathy Webster; Kathy Kenney; Harriet Elkner; Linda Wooldridge; Pat Burwell. Row 4 —Jo Ann Buerry; Joan Batalia; Mary Worth; Duncan Morrow; Maggie Jeffries; Pat Enman; Nancy Hopper; Clair McNaught; Joan Mays; Wanda Davis; Judy Svensen. Row 5—Joe Kallini; Wally Adamson; Jeff Twardy; Paul Ras- messen; Wanda Whetzel; Chris Bergstrom; Jane Bellows; Tish Ange. sponsored Homecoming in With a smile and a flourish of trumpets, Betty Turnage is crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. Buckley. the new stadium Dick Avery escorts Betty Turnage, Miss Annandale of 1960-61, across the new stadium to be crowned Homecoming Queen. “I dreamed I was a maharaja in my polka-dot pajamas,” quips Sarge York as he prophesizes a Dark Horse victory to Mike Meloy. “The old Dark Horse he ain’t what he used to be, ain’t what he used to be . . An unfamiliar chant rose from white clad figures trudging mournfully down the aisle, carrying a dead horse (paper mache, of course), during the October Magazine Drive assembly. But on stage off came this mournful guise and boy cheerleaders and girl football players, with the help of Bob “Uncle Sam’’ Blankenbaker, forecast Inde¬ pendent victory. However, Dark Horse leader Mike Meloy was not so sure of their success and consulted turbaned maharaja Sarge York. After Mike had crossed the prophets palm with silver the crystal ball cleared and foretold of Dark Horse triumphs. Following a rough battle the crystal ball’s prediction came true and the Dark Horses galloped away with all the prizes! ‘‘Awright, honey, I’ll subscribe.” Tom Davoli and Larry (etta) Bosserman demonstrate sales techniques and the new look in ladies apparel. and the riotous Magazine Drive. The lovely chorus line of Copeland, Northwood, Etka, Pennyleigon, Prentice, and Kibler egg students on to new heights in the Magazine Drive. Hf Fl . ' i WjSr $3| i L US i ms | §?$ Br ' " Jm , ’ll KHr • 1 m ||L 1 yrv ' m K 1 35 Keyette Club Row 1 —Sue Strickler, Treasurer; Harriet Bissell, Vice-President; Dottie Landenburger, President; Janet Neil, Secretary. Rozu 2 — Sheila Johns, Mary McCahon, Dinah Gray, Linda Rouse, Mar¬ lene Stroski, Diane Waldo, Elaine Opeil. Row 3 —Betty Jean Bissell, Kathy Kenny, Vera Libeau, Susan Bell, Fran Thomas, Vicki Mason, Frances Dyess, Sherry Thomas. Rozu - —Martha Carhart, Terry Patch. Anne Haycock, Jane Scully, Betty Gibson, Pat Cadle, Susan Wright, Kathy Kohn. Rozu 5—Linda Wharton, Connie Bell, Carol Kessler, Carolyn Coyne, Jan Banks, Pat Creekman, Wanda Whetzel, Cindy Via, Diane Bruce. Pink Parachutes brightened the Winter Whirl Doug Tibbets and Nancy Strickler enjoy the Winter Whirl, finally presented by the Keyettes after they had postponed it many times because of the snow. Curtis Payne with Francie Mistrot and Jeff Twardy and Jackie Mewhort take ad¬ vantage of the music of the Twilighters. 36 Key Club was (but decided Key Club to present a Sweetheart Dance on a snowball fight instead.) The Annandale Key Club, along with its brother organization, the Annandale Kiwanis, enjoyed quite a successful year. The major undertaking was a com¬ plete reorganization of the club, which included a revision of the outdated constitution. Besides opera¬ ting the school supply store and selling saving stamps, the club contributed to school and community wel¬ fare drives. For the first time, a scholarship fund was raised and awarded to a worthy member. Row 1 —Vaughn Stetzenmueller, Treasurer; John Chamberlain, Vice-President; Tom Price, President; Jerry Bunch, Secretary. Row 2—Tom Baird; Larry Bosserman; Walter Couser; Ken Bach¬ man; Mike Bledsoe; Bruce Baird; Joe Baggett. Row 3 —David Splitt; Paul Rasmessen; Jim Avery; Ludwig Meiss; George Eskridge; Tim Basset; David Clough; Dave Noble. Row ' —John Penny- leigon; John Gittenger; Fred Wirth; David Scull; Dick Avery; George Chalfant; George Holland; John Atherton; John Staples. 37 Senior National Honor Society National Honor Society inductees, Sue Strickler, Frank Huddle, David Scull, John Chamberlain, Bill North- wood, Craig Etka, Fran Thomas, and Marlene Stroske, are honored at the initiation. Three new Honor Society members, Sue Strick¬ ler, Tom Price, John Chamberlain, complete their induction ceremonies. National Honor Societies inducted Row 1 —John Chamberlain, Treasurer; David Scull, Vice President; Bill Northwood, President; Diane Bruce, Secretary. Row 2—Mary Louise Hobbs; Pat Anders; Sherry Thomas; Fran Thomas; Julie Foldi; Char¬ lotte Taylor; Janet Niel; Francis Dyess; Sue Strickler. Row 3 —Sarah Trenholm; Katy Kane; Marlene McKnight; Judy Davis; Carolyn Coyne; Pat Creekman; Franci Mistrot; Barbara Gardner. Row 4 —Murial Jones; Susan Podufaly; Judy Bangert; Marlene Stroske; Tom Price; Dick Avery; Sharon Stiles; Sandy Hoover. Rou 5—Dick Monchke; Steve Moore; Craig Etka; Jerry Kahn; Ken Bachman; Richard Moore; Frank Huddle; Paul Rasmussen. Junior National Honor Society Row 1 —Priscilla Scull, Treasurer; Mike Bledsoe, President; Sharon McCoy, Vice-President. Row 2—Betty Johnson, Claire Foster, Kathy Foster, Susan Shellington, Kathy Snyder, Marsha Daugherty. Row 3— Ann Kilpatrick, Vera Libeau, Robin Worthington, Susan Bell, Ann Young, Karen Free, Joe McFarlen, Susan Dalbay. Row ' —Jim Tanner, Dougs Rotz, A1 DavidofF, John Gittenger, Dave Smith, Jim Avery, Richard Lind, Richard Melon, Jim Linscot. with candlelight service . . . Latin National Honor Society Row 1 —Kaye Rasmussen, Janet Neil, Sherry Thomas. Rote 2-Peggy Vogt, Kathy Weber, Barbara Richards, Shirley Shoemaker, Betti Gibson. Row 3 —Joan Graham, Barbara Brill, Eileen Krieble, Sherry Abeel, Norris Boone. 39 French National Honor Society One of the most active honor societies in school, the Societe Honoraire Francaise held its an¬ nual French Christmas Bazaar, induction, and field trip for members. The Christmas Ba¬ zaar was a huge success since most of the items were sent di¬ rectly from France by last year’s French foreign exchange stu¬ dent, Martine Rachlet. Induc¬ tions were held in March and in April old and new members took a field trip to see Moliere’s comedy “School for Wives” pre¬ sented in French at Lisner Audi¬ torium. They also enjoyed French cuisine at Bonat’s in Washington. At the end of the year the officers prepared a sum¬ mary of rules and projects for next year’s officers and the new sponsor. Row 1— Scott Swan, President; Sue Strickler, Vice President. Row 2—Ginny Prosise; Sandra Hoover; Bill Northwood; Carol Junker. Row 3 —Susan Rowley; Jerry Kahn; Ann Haycock; David Skull. and honored scholarship , service , Spanish National Honor Society Row —Carolyn Coyne, Secretary; Joe Baggett, Vice President; Gail Briggs, President; Mrs. Payne, Sponsor. Roiu 2—Elsie Smith; Terry Patch; Jacque Smith; Barbara Brenman; Mary Louise Hobbs. Row 3— John Floyd; David Splitt; Kathy Kontz; Linda Phelps; Sara Trenholm. Row —Craig Etka; John Chamberlain; Bill Sithe; Ed Michow; Sharon Stiles; Ann Knowlton. Quill and Scroll Row —Gail Chase, Secretary; Barbara Bolte, President; Sheri Thomas, Vice President. Row 2 —Mary Louise Hobbs; Marlene Stroslce; Fran Thomas; Janet Niel; Bill Northwood; Sherry O’Donnell; Sallie Coggin; Sue Strickler. Row 3— Francis Dyess; Bruce Burnbaum; Paul Rasmussen; Sharon Stiles; Linda Rouse; Jerry Kahn. Row —Sara Trenholm; Frank Huddle; David Scull; Joe Baggett; Ken Arnold; Charles Boykin. German National Honor Society The German Honor Society is the newest of Annandale’s honor societies. It was established in May, 1960 to honor those students who have achieved excellence in the study of German and who have demonstrated an interest in further¬ ing- German-American understanding. Being a young organization, it has been difficult to have as varied a program as will eventually be. Dur¬ ing the year, the German Honor Society had election of officers and induction of new mem¬ bers, and sponsored a field trip to a German Restaurant and movie. Row —Vaughn Stelzenmueller, Treasurer; Jerry Kahn, President; Carole Kess¬ ler, Vice-President; Pat C.reekman, Secretary. Row 2—Richard Hagan; Ludwig Meiss; Judy Long; Bill Graves. leadership , and citizenship. 41 Antenna Nancy Garlan; Bill Northwood; Frank Huddle; Marlene Stroske; Aino Stewart; Site Strickler; Sally C.oggin; Beggy Vogt; Fran Thomas; Jerry Kahn; David Scull; Vicki Mason. The Antenna Staff worked feverishly Boss Sue Strickler and Paul Rasmussen ap¬ pear to be hard at work on the Antenna. J. P. Rutledge displays latest ivy-league fad: platinum blond hair. 42 Ken Arnold spends his yearbook period learning to type. Fditor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Editor Copy Editor . . Faculty Editor Class Editor Senior Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor Club Editor . Features Editor Boys’ Sports . . Girls’ Sports . Photographer . Sponsor . Sue Strickler Paul Rasmussen Ken Arnold Bill North wood David Scull Marlene Stroske Janet Neil Fran Thomas Frank Huddle Judi Davis Nancy Garlan Sallie Coggin Jerry Kahn Jeff Camp Aino Stuart Charles Boykin Robert A. Gray, Jr. recording the year with Again, with what seemed to be complete pandemon¬ ium, the Antenna staff hurtled to meet deadlines. “Call Mr. Baptie and set up Thursday at 3:30 for pictures of our honoraries . . . David, where’s the copy for— . . . The senior section was due three days ago, Fran . . . Mr. Gray, there’s too much noise in here . . . Charles, where are the pictures you took Wednesday . . . Has anyone seen Bill . . . There’s no ‘W’ between T and ‘J’, Frank. It’s TJ’, ‘V’, ‘W’, ‘X’ . . . Charles, where are those pictures . . . Sallie, you have three more days . . . What’s the situation, Paul . . . Patron ads too, Paul . . . Pat, 1 said running headlines . . . There are too many people in here . . . Ken, we have to come back tonight and Saturday . . . Anyone seen Bill . . . . Mr. Gray, there’s too much noise in here!” A typical day passes in the yearbook room. pictures . . . Business Staff Jo l’cightel; Taut Rasmussen; Joyce Ramay; Julie Foldi; Gail Fergusson. 43 A-Blast Karin Basset; Sam Blate; Sue Wood; Barbara Bolte; Connie Bell; Gordon Patterson; Pat Prentice; Miss Roy- ston, Sponsor-, Sherry Thomas; Editor: Philio Commetti; Joan Prucell; Gail Chase. the A-Blast with news of events . . Editor-in-Chief Business Editor News Editor Editorial Page Feature Page Sports Page Sporisor . Sherry Thomas Chuck Sinex Gail Chase Connie Bell . Sue Wood Barbara Bolte Miss Royston RbIoh- EHams Only taunt One-Fifth Of Vaur Grade! 1, ' hr. A BLAST One-fifth Student Principal Oiictm Body On Honor Boil tori’ 1: Sam Blate; Gail Chase; Sherry Thomas, Editor ; Barbara Bolte; Connie Bell. Ron’ 2: Lewalta Chastain; Judy Gincannon; Judy Morris; Sarah Trenholm; Puck Milton; Doug Heniwinkle; Linda Wooldridge; Anita Marr; Gerry Stirling. Row 3; Jeff Harrington; Jim Palmer; I ina Peterson; Kathy Snyder; Sarge York. 44 Fall-Out Roio 1: Elsie Smith; Jan Banks; Jerry Kahn; Joclyn Pearl; Sherry Thomas, Editor; Frances Dyess; Susan Phillips; Vivian Costello; Bruce Birnbaum; Martra Carhart; Gail Chase; Row 2: Mrs. Dawson, Sponsor; Richard Hagan; Carole Kessler; Bill Graves; Bill Sith; Norrie Huddle. the Fall-Out with ideas. 45 I Concert Band Row 7—Doug Morrison; Marian McKnight; Genie McClellen; Judy Bangert; Richard Gerber; David Splitt; Suzie Rowley; Linda Cumberland; Lynn Griffith; Muriel Jones. Row 2—Carolyn Tarleton; Richard Kraft; Susanne Albright; Merlyn Brittingham; James Olson; Lee Booker; Tommy Dix; Billie Hunter; Gary Bross; David Orlob; Sara Scheider; Joe Sears; Clinton Howard; Bob Garner; David Wigutoff; Nancy McAdams; Ruth Fagelson; Jane Gardner. Row 3 —Tom Kincaid; Mike Bledsoe; Robert Perrine; Frank Berman; Gary Gedrose; John Helnrick; Norris Joan Pollock am ares Donna Wade Betty Frazier Gail Rasmussen Boone; Eddie Jeffrie; Bob Upton; Jeff Twardy; James Saunders; Pete Stekete; Burton Beitz; John Harmon; Steve Moore; Warren Lowry; Bob Sylvester; Russell Gillum; John Godwin; James Viel; Cheryl Ewing; Glenn Laney; David Gillum. Row - —Tom Davoli; Jerry Bunch; Gary Player; Gordon Burns; Harold Smarr; Wayne Carson; Bob Berezoski; John Bland; Stewart Collins; Mr. Farris, Director; Don Hobson; David Noble; John Siegle; Steve Sears; Russell Myers; Bill Morris; Keith Jones. Concert Choir Row 1— Jan Wells; Joyce Conine; Jean Foye; Mary Louise Hobbs; Joyce Conine; Wilma Olivari; Louise James; Man Heim. Row 2—Martha Carhart; Karin Webster; Courtney Martin; Jerry Snyder; Jeff Camp; Barbara Brennan; Diane Brown; Frances Dyess; Susan Phillips; Mr. Connell, Director. Row 3 —Priscilla Scull; Jackie Mewhort; Mike Kaputa; Rich¬ ard Hagan; Charles Hitchcock; Anne Haycock; Pat Brown; Marilyn Moore. Roiu 4— Cecile Melin; Joanne Beury; Rick Gramo; Mike Zier; Sharon Barber. and lyrical voices echoed in the halls 47 A Capella Choir Row 1— Julie Foldi; Kathy Kohn; Jerry Bunch; Jack Roberts; Tom Kincaid; Dennis Richmond; John Floyd; Barbara Gardner; Dinah Gray; Mr. Connell, Director. Roiu 2—Harriet Bissell; Helen Black; Patty Millington; Wayne Monroe; Tom Berezoski; Jim Tanner; John Staples; Kaye Rasmussen; Norrie Huddle; Cindy Via. Nancy Garlan, Modern Dance instructor, interprets Sorrow for the students during the annual Talent Show. while assemblies ranged from Chopin to . . . 48 Annandale’s talent proved to be bursting at the seams this year as the Talent Show, sponsored by the Choral Department, continued for two full periods. The judges made their decisions after watching the enter¬ taining show, and handed first prize to Jolene Harring¬ ton, a senior who came to Annandale from Hawaii this year. She learned the gourd dance from the people of our fiftieth state. Anne Haycock, a junior and an ex¬ cellent pianist was awarded second place for her amazing talent; and Pat Dean won third for her pantomine of “I Can’t Say No” from the musical show Oklahoma. a gracefully executed gourd dance . Pat Dean pantomined ‘‘I Can’t Say No” and captured third. Jolene Harrington won first prize for her Hawaiian dance. Anne Haycock received second place for playing Chopin most excellently. 49 French Club 1 1 ! K ‘ f 1 ■ ' Ml - 0T A? ' 3 i ■ ft - , |llih - A • ■111 ii» Ron 1—Anne Haycock: Dick Avery; Bill Novthwood; Mary McCahon. Row 2—Dawn Dickie; Carolyn Day; Joyce Halley; James Carpenter; Clinton Howard; Allyson Bell; Claire McNaught; Sue Turner; Kay Corden; Robin Worthington; Judy Hailey; Nancy Hoag; Fish Favor; Suzanne Selp; Joanne Coakly. Row 3—Benny Gene Hosier; Pam Farmer; Stephanie Smith: Sara Frizzell; Carlyle Nerdahl; Barbara Gattis; Tuck Milton; Sam Ross; Billy Howery; Diane Windsor; Lorrie Prism; Diana Melody; Judy Ralf; Nan Nixon; Toby Stein; Cathy Messer. Row 4— Lynn Howard; Leonard Benade; Carolyn Golway; Faye La Fone; Betty Williams; Anne Giberson; Julie Johnson; Ruth Choke; Judy Svendson; David Cheek; Chris Phipin; Sandra McCown; Janet Gutman; Bill Stone; Bev Yancey; Judy Morris; Peggy Neill; Henry Darnley; Mark Saudi; Balinda Rally; Brenda Blackwell. yfe i y v fCW Jl I y| MD H Row 1—Anne Haycock; Dick Avery; Bill Northwood: Mary McCahon. Row 2—Ann Kilpatrick; Janet Gutmen; Virginia Kahn; Cathy Kohn; Andrea Pearl; Kathy Ingerson; Linda Agulson; Susan Klein; Marilyn Moore; Sherry Abel; Susan Park; Ken Bachman; Jan Banks; Jerry Kalin; Sue Vogt; Ursula Roberts; Diane Brown; Pat Kaminsky; Rae Flood; Kathy Phillips; Pam Revalus; Karen Rucker. Roiv 3—Gay Cordell; Vera Libeau; Pat Brown; Leslie Hart; Janet Palms; Harriet Jones; Josie Pearl; Marsha Daugherty; Priscilla Scull; Diane Umlauff; Jackie Mewhart; Judy Booker; Judy Harrison; Andrea Banner; Kitty Favor; Mogi O ' Neil; Susan Phillips; Susan Long; Jolene Harrington; Helen Black. Row 4—Walter C.ouser; Jeanie Carlson; Dinah (.ray; Barbara Brill; Eileen Mullady; Ginnie Prosise; Sharon Greeme; Jean Holtz; Jean Webster; Betsy Emmons; Adam Booster; Tommie Sand¬ burg; Harrison Anderson; Karen Webster; Ccciie Melin; Carolyn I’araar; Carol Lincine Sculley. The r Cercle Francais ? held council 50 to present a fete creole style (but unforseen complications arose) 51 French Honor Society Bazaar A dazzling array of imports from France were dis¬ played by the French Honor Society at their Christ¬ mas Bazaar. and set up their own flea market. German Club Row 7—Miss Massey, Sponsor; Judi Davis, Vice-President; Richard Hagan, President; Norrie Huddle, Secretary; Pat Creekman, Treasurer. Row 2—Jim Gailbraith; Nancy Garlan; Gail Briggs; Barbara Gardner; Carole Kessler; Judy Long; A1 Hays; Dennis Widener; Ludwig Meiss. Row 3— Jerry Kahn; Tom Davoli; Pete Steketee; Tom Smith; Norman Best; Susan Wright; Joan Strickland; Cindy Boyer; Paulette Luchins; Diane Bruce. Row 4— Mike Kaputa; Bob Frasier; Gary Kessler; Linda Cumberland; David Mueller; Wayland Moore; Vaughn Steltzenmueller; Tom Kincaid; Linda Phelps; Jean Eliot; Julie Adler; Kathy Koontz. 52 Spanish Club Row 7—Mary Johnson, Secretary; Gail Fergusson, Vice President; Sallie Coggin, President: Elsie Smith, Treasurer. Row 2 —Pattie Pearson; Susan White; Margie Wilson; Barbara McKinnon; Nancy Seal; Denise Howe; Pat Hantong; Betty Gallegar. Row 3 —Cheryl Chun; Susan Dalby; B. J. Bissell; David Carhart; Gail Griswold; Jackie Remay; Jo Carol Herbert; Brenda Jackson. Row - —Billy Hunter; Maureen Lowe; Jeff Harrington; John Smith; Marty Corson; Barbara Talia; JO Anne Roland; Violet Arnold; Ann Griswald. Row 5 —Darleen Lewis; Doug Tibbets; Perry Monroe; Peggy DeCelle; Margie Phillips. Row 7—Elsie Smith; Sally Coggin, President; Gail Fergusson, Vice President; Mary Johnson, Secretary. Row 2 —Donna Burgandy; Karen Rucker; Sandra Hoover; Joyce Conine; Linda Cummins; Carol Smith; Aino Stewart. Roiu 3 —Cheryl Singleton; Terry Patch; Pat Cadhe; Betty Gibson; Cathy Koontz; Linda Phelps; Barbara Brenman; Barbara Van Gilder. Row 7—Joe Baggett; Nila Young; David Splitt; John Floyd; Ed Michou; Sam Blake; Sara Trenholm; Gail Briggs; David Larson. Interest in foreign lands ? 53 international Club and AFS Row 1— Sherry Thomas, Treasurer; Sharon Green, Vice President; Judy Bangert, President; Betty Jean Bissell, Secretary. Roiu 2 —Pat Hegarty; Philio Comiti; Barbara Tyson; Andy Pearl; Jocelyn Pearl. Roio 3 —Donna Olverson; Ginny Grogan; Judy Murray; Helen Black; Diane Brown. Row 4 —Roger Gossik; Jerry Kahn; Courtney Martin. heightened by our A. F. S. students , “Eia xapa,” “Guten tag” and “Hyvoa paivua” were some of the ways in which Annandale’s three foreign exchange students extended their greetings to Annandale High School this year. First to arrive were Philio Comiti, from Athens, Greece, and Ludwig Meis, from Hamburg, Germany. Philio was here under the auspices of the American Field Service. She stayed with Barbara Richards and her family for one school year, learning about the American way of life, and at the end of that year returned to Greece. Ludwig’s stay at Annandale was sponsored by the International Christian Youth Exchange. He lived here for a year with the family of John Cumber¬ land while John stayed with Ludwig’s family in Germany. Last to arrive at Annandale was Birgitta Jansson, from Virkby, Finland. Also participating in the American Field Service program, Birgitta spent the year with Sherry Thomas. Another exchange student at Annandale was Diane Bruce, who, unlike the other three, is an American girl who spent last summer living with a Danish family in Odense, Denmark. Diane was participating in a second type of American Field Service program, in which American students spend a summer living abroad. Birgitta Jansson, Philio Comiti, and Diane Bruce, our foreign exchange stu¬ dents, share their various experiences. Ludwig Meiss, our exchange student from Germany, proved to be an excellent ath¬ lete and gained many friends because of his amiable nature. 54 Latin Club 9 jA | u ■ Wl3t m ( hf’ - JbKS np £ w ! H wf M mmm PH m Row 1 —Robin Worthington, Secretary: Jim Galbraith, President; Kathy Weber, Vice-President; Jim Linscott, Treasurer. Row 2 —Jonelle Crawford; Ronnie Bulson; Gay Stetzenmueller; Betty Johnson; Penny Lipscomb; Janie Stirrup; Debbie Jackson; Pat Brown; Peggy Miller; Terry Hockersmith; Jackie Smith. Roic 3 —Donna May; Roslyn Ander¬ son; Sheryl Haggerty; Alan Miley; Bob Miller; Paul Tannous; Bill Shepard; Donna Tribbey; Lyndel Collidge; Carla Meconiny; Carol Myers. Row - —Lynn Teller; Carol Bataglia; Ruth Massey; Joan Bataglia; Munson Cheek; Jim Dare; Lee Domina; Margie Henry; John Callagham; Mike Kerns; Wesly Grimes; Patty Plough; Margie Emerson. Row 5—June Gladman; Betty Klinestive; Steve Zimple; Roger Rutledge; John Harmon; Randy Galbraith; Alan Humphreys; Susan Strang; Virginia Robertson; Connie Greenwood; Marlow Nadler; Kevin Boyle; Pam Canham. broadened our knowledge of foreign peoples. A ■ • Ad I Bb W »» m or w m w- 1 Hr 1 f 4 8 1 i XL Row 1 —Robin Worthington; Jim Galbraith, President; Kathy Weber, Vice President; Jim Linscott, Treasurer. Row 2—Sally Vogt; Denise Howe; Sherry Thomas; Paulette Luchins; Gigi Price. Row 3 —Susan Shellington; Kay Arnold; Eileen Bangert; Donna DuParc; Beverly Broncmyer; Diana Melody; Ruth Stevens; Pat Price; Roy Tibbets; Val Weaver; Betty Gibson. Row 4 —Florine Klingensmith; Carolyn Benson; Cathy Kevil; Susan Bell; Mary Willet; Jean McClellan; Diane Murphy; Barbara Richards; Angela Kent; Hugh Scott; Marsha Dun¬ can; Henry Bloomenthal. Row 5—Ann Young; Pat Rapp; Norris Boone; John Gittenger; Charles Hitchcock; Bobby Ross; Richard Lind; Tommy Dicks; Allen Abbott; Richard Cheek; David Button. 55 Debate Club Rou 1: Sam Bhate; Tom Van Dyk, Pics.; Norric Huddle. Rou 2: Vicki Hatch; Eileen Mullady; Judy Purse; Peggy Vogt; Carol Junker. Row .‘1: Susannah Rowley; Frank Huddle: Uom Rooster; Dennis Wiedener; Peter Steketee; Glad Bulwinkle. Club projects extended " I can ' t find my hat!” Jeff Camp and Wyatt Thomas clown during a Drama Club production. Drama Club from serious debates Row 1: Mr. Klinger; Norrie Huddle, Vice Pres.; Charlotte Rissett, Pres.; Linda Woolridgc, Secretary; Jeff Camp, Treasurer. Row 2: Judy Murray; Donna Rregandy; Mary Johnson; Zo Ann Lawson; Patty Walsh; Val Weaver; Lynn Toliver; Nancy Vorhies; Sandy Campbell. Roxv 3: Susan Bell; Kathy Lipscomb; Susan Phillips; Pat Dean; Susie Ruckers; Sharon Green; Kaki Jackson; Janet Gutman; Joann Haines; Sherry O’Donnell. Rmv 1: Dennis Richmond; Ken Arnold; David Split; Nila Young; Man nn C.arsccadden; Linda Horn; Linda Wharton; Wanda Davis; Tom Galloway; Susan Rowley; Betty Gibson. 56 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y : Yr « t 4 ‘ mJKmm Jw li APB, • ■rsT mf W 9 K r { I ' [ JH J rw i f Hr ' aS ' • ■HKn ■Hat B v % lysr jfm 1 7 n « .11 a ■BM® Hi m St f V Roic 1: Sandy Hoover; Mimi Justusson, Treasurer; Nikki l’otter, Vice-President; Jane Austin, President; Marlene Stroske, Secretary; Jean Austin. Row 2: Lewalta Chastain; Linda Counts; Franci Mis- trot; Gloria Hathaway; Par Anders; Carol Vawter; Peggy Cum¬ mings; Sue Vogt; Sallie Coggin. Row 3: Molly Paradis; Fran Thomas; Gail Chase; Sue Wood; Barbara Gardner; Casandra Mor¬ gan; Janet Neil; Marian Angel; Ginnie Prosise; Charlotte Taylor. Row 4: Katy Kane; Kaye Rasmussen; Kim Witter; Judi Davis; Carol Roach; Judy Bangert; Connie Bell; Gail Fergusson; Pam Kline; Betty Germaine. to school and community service; Expanding tim ing the past year, the Tri-Hi-Y Club not only increased its activities, but also its membership. In order to keep the group small enough to work ef¬ ficiently, the girls divided into their separate Tri-Hi-Y’s according to classes. The seniors retained the name of Alpha, while the juniors became Reta and the sopho¬ mores became Gamma. The girls spent much of the first semester organizing the different clubs. A formal induction for the senior club was held, and in the early spring the Alpha Club inducted the Reta and Gamma Tri-Hi-Y’s. Rake sales were counted as the dub’s greatest money¬ making activities. Their service activities included col¬ lecting food and clothing for the needy and presenting a program for children in a nearby orphanage. The dubs were proud to send representatives to the U.M.C. model General Assembly in Richmond last spring. Rep¬ resentatives spent three days in the state capital learn¬ ing how the state government is organized and how it is able to function. Nikki Potter receives a new Tri-Hi-Y charter from a Y.M.C.A, executive. 57 Future Business Leaders of America To provide students interested in becoming teachers with a chance to meet and to learn about their future profession: this is the purpose of the Future Teachers of America. In connection with this aim, Annandale’s chapter of the Future Teachers has set up a scholarship for some senior who is planning to enter the teaching profession. It has also contributed to a school for retarded children. Another organization composed of the future mem¬ bers of a certain field of work is the future Business Leaders of America. Its purpose is to bring together those students who plan to enter the world of business. Its most important undertakings this year were the Northern Virginia Business Contest, which was held here at Annandale, and the Regional Convention, which was held at Mary Washington College. Annandale’s third club for students planning on entering a particular field is the Future Homemakers of America. Its purpose is to give students who intend to become homemakers a chance to get together. Among its many projects this year were a fashion show, a box lunch picnic, and several welfare projects. Roiu 2—Wanda Davis, Vice-President; Joan Bullen, President; Linda Counts, Secretary. Roic 2—Sandy Moureau; Kakki Jack- son; Penny Walters; Marie Snapp; Donna Brigandi. Row 3— Darlene Leatherwood; Betty Germaine; Pat Hegarty; Jean Barry; Karin George. Row 2—Linda Darnell; Marsha Semiquaver; Barbara Landenberger; Barbara Roach; Darlene Thomas. with foresight, students provided Future Teachers of America Row 2—Pat Williams, Treasurer; Judy Murray, Vice-President; Diane Brown, President; Julie Foldi, Secretary. Roio 2—Pat Anders, Loni Pew, Pat McKee, Tracy Smith, Julia Mellow, Virginia Odawald. Row 3 —Ginnie Prosise, Joan Strickland, Karin Kensing, Andy Pearl, Jocelyn Pearl, Janet Neil. Row 4 —Sharon Styles, Darlene Lewis, Eileen Kreible, Kim Wittier, Carol Junker, Sarah Trenholm, Kathy Kohn, Ursula Roberts, Jan Bryan, Barbara Bolte. Future Homemakers of America Row l— Zo Ann Lawson, Secretary; Darlene Lewis, Vice President; Pat Kaminski, President; Carol Roach, Treasurer. Row 2—Patsy Wafel, Beverly Yancey, Donna Tribby, Cheryl Chunn, Judy Daily, Vicki Stevens, Gloria Hathaway, Pat McKee, Peggy Cummins, Charlotte Casey, Vivian Martin. Kathy Phillips, Pam Farmer, Barbara Payne, Matilda Sturdly. Row 3 —Cris Bergstron, Claire McNaught, Sue Turner, Pat Burwell, Darlene Leatherwood, Julie West, Jean Taylor, Doris Gregory, Joan Berry, Linda Caudcll, Tracy Smith, Judy Ralf, Virginia Kahn, Sharon McCoy, Annabelle Nutter, Carlyle Nerdahl, Kay Arnold. Row - —Pat Hegarty, Margaret Emerson, Carolyn Day, Maureen Schaeffer, Kay Gorden, Pam Canaman, Kim Witter, Jean Marsh, Sharon Kemp, Kitty Hopkins, Patty Goss, Mary Voder, Marian Angel, Margaret Candel, Bonnie Blaine, Jeanne Webster, Stephanie Heat, Betty Frazier. Rozv 5—Francene Nemo, Barbara Roach, Ruth Chote, Linda Jones, Ann Giberson, Martha Godwin, Terry Madden, Marlowe Nadler, Cris Phippen, Lou Arrington, Miriam Noll, Dianne McDaniels, Helen Jones, Faye La Fone, Karleen Klemp, Carol Battaglia, Betty Williams, Narma Baine, Carol Stoner. Darlene Lewis sews a jumper as a practical project. leadership training for the future. 59 Modern Dance Row 1— Joan Puesell; Nancy Garland, President. Row 2— Kathey Kavil; Karin Bassett; Janet Gutman; Donna DuParc; Pat Burwell. Roto 5—Susie Rucker; Connie Gutchings; Darle ne Letherwoocl. Nancy Garlan demonstrates mod¬ ern dance technique to the Modern Dance Club members. Ambitious students organized Art Guild Row —Eddy Snuder; Tom Simson; Peter Gary; Vicki Mason, President; Marie Snapp; Jack Smodgrass; Hayward Anderson; Jean Holtz; Joyce Fowler. Row 2—Linda Keyes; Sue Vogt; Mary Paradis; Steve Kramer; Earl Hildebrand. 60 ■■HMRini Chemistry Club Row 1— A1 DavidofF; Steve Moore; Ken Arnold; Mrs. Wood, Sponsor. Roiv 2—Pat Rapp; Jim Wood; Barhara Richards; Kathy Koontz; Dennis Widener. Row 3 —Vaughn Stetzenmueller; John Gittinger. Mineralogy Club Row 7—Art Fitchnm; Richard Lind; David Peterson; Mrs. Randa. Row 2— A. J. Thompson; Clark Watson; David Randa. Ken Arnold works after hours repairing the fac¬ ulty still. outstanding new clubs 61 Distributive Education Rcnr 1: Todd Scroggs, Linda Valsio, Secretary; Don West, President; Carey Smith, Tim Howery, Mr. Told, Sponsor. Row 2: Linda Shanon, Jo Stanley, Diane Hensley, Dolores Campbell, Don Ander¬ son, Emory Crandel, Rob Bailey, Jim Jachonas, Jimmy Smith. Row 3: Charles Valosio, Tom Berezoski, Ralph Dwyer, John Embarking from the ramps of two jet airliners on our stage, sixty-six of our loveliest young ladies tried for the title of Miss Annandale. This year’s theme for the Spring Festival of Beauty and Fashion was “Travel” with decor furnished by the leading airlines of the world. Jelleff’s, one of the country’s noted centers for women’s clothing, provided fashions for the show. Shoe, Paul Stanch, David Mooney, Stan Travis, Bill Crown, Tom Brown, Bob Brown. Row 4: Fred Jones, Sam Baird, Bob Brownlow, ■Gene Hegarty, John Weekly, Jerry Wilson, Richard Webster. Keith Mclntnrf, foe Higgins, Sam Petros, Ken Fortney, Kenny White. Heading the panel of fine judges was the world famous free-lance photographer, Charles Baptie. Kathy Leith, a junior, was crowned Miss Annandale. Included in her court were Charlene Swan, sophomore; Harriet Elkner, junior; Terry Patch, junior; and Cindy Via, sophomore. Executive producer, Mr. Todd, previews the show for Barbara Goodman, emcee, and Cathv Messer. Miss Annandale High School Hetty Turn age, Miss Annandale tor I960, crowns Kathy Lieth, Miss Annandale tor 1961. Selected at the Spring Festival as members ot the Miss Annandale court tor 1961 were Charlene Swan, Hariette Elkner, Ferry Patch, Cindy Via and Kathy Lieth. Tournament Play ' " Rebecca” Charlotte Bisset, as the defiant maid Danvers, reminds Mr. De- Winter that his former wife, Rebecca, still walks the halls of Mandaley. Stage Crew Bruce Brinbaum; Bob Belisle; Charles Griswold. Mrs. DeWinter Mr. DeW inter Mrs. Danvers Frank Crawley “You can’t hear the sea from your window,’’ Maxim DeWinter, Richard Hagan, remarks gently to his new bride. Vicki Hatch Richard Hagan Charlotte Bisset Ken Bachman 64 Library Staff Rou 1: Bev Yancy; Lynn Teller; Joan Battaglia; Carol Battaglia. Jiow 2: Karin Stafer; Karin Rucker; Susan Albright. Rotr 3: jan Mitchell; Darlene Lewis; Carol Junker; Darlene Leather- wood; Barbara Roach. Row 4: Barbara Landerberger; Marie Snapp; Lynn Gonyea; Linda Wooldridge; Jeannie Webster; Richard Hagan. Row 5: Ted Locke; Ken Hayden; David Johnson; Lawrence Clark. Office Staff Anita Marr; Virginia Grogan; Diana Laney; Barbara Bowman; Carol I’orter; Betty Germane; Carla McLoughlin; Gail Rasmussen. 65 The Royal Ball I : wr 1 ■i w . I ' SSbI Wijm rffl ' |ps 5 W vx y «j pIEX i 11 t diSI Kathy Lietli, Miss Annandale for 1961, and her court, Terry Patch, Charlene Swan, Cindy Via, and Harriette Elkner, reign at the Royal Ball. Bob Blankenbaker dances with Ann Gee. Vocational Office Training Jlojr I: Donna Huber, Ties.; Peggy Davis, Vice President; Vicky Hatch, P resident; Carol Wade, Secretary; Mrs. Galleger, Sponsor. Rou 2: Russel Gillum, Kay Gillians, Liz Canard, Nellie Miller, Donna Cunningham; Joyce Sanborn, Carolyn Walker, Barbara Lane, Jack Chapel. Ron ' 3: Carol Roop, Eron Laine, Linda Keyes, Roberta Rowe, Joann Berry, Joann Forbes, Darla Clark, Betty Ann Smith. 66 Varsity Football Row 1: Jeff Camp, Glenn Fields, Joe Baggett, Scott Swan, Larry Bosserman, Richard Monschke, Tom Baird, George Holland, Doug Ulery, Brooks Booker, Scott Schaeffer. Row 2: Jim Kaminski, Joe Price, Chuck Kimzey, Sam Strickland, Chuck Joyner, Sonny Utz, Greg Smith, iMike Chandler, Steve Sears, Marty Duross, Tony Callan. Row 3: John Atherton, Tom Weir, Bob Jackson, Bill Rapson, Ed Jeffrey, Tom Reppert, Martin Stone, Curtis Payne, Bill Denham, Will Kellum, Wayne Davis, Richard Moore. ANNANDALE 26 George Washington ANNANDALE 20 Falls Church ANNANDALE 13 Hammond ANNANDALE 12 Wakefield ANNANDALE 14 McLean ANNANDALE 27 Groveton ANNANDALE 0 Washington-Lee ANNANDALE 20 Mount Vernon ANNANDALE 7 Fairfax Coaches : Ed Henry and Bob Hardage. 0 Wayne Davis, tackle. All-Metropolitan, All-Northern Virginia. 68 Scott Swan, halfback Six straight victories . . . “Look out for the Atoms!” was the cry as the 1960 season opened. All the so-called experts predicted a close race between Wakefield, Washington-Lee, and Annandale for the Northern District Group I title, copped in 1959 by the Atoms. Local sportswriters said that a good first team and strong reserves would pull it out again for Coach Ed Henry, and we waited anx¬ iously to see if they would prove to be right. An inspired George Washington team, out for re¬ venge for two previous shutouts, provided the opposi¬ tion in our opening game. But led by Sonny Utz’s three touchdowns the Atoms rolled past the Presidents by a 26-0 count. Tom Baird iced the cake with a 58 yard touchdown run late in the third quarter, and the Ban¬ dits played their usual good game on defense. Falls Church was ‘up’ but could not overcome the Atom’s power and finally succumbed, 20-12. Scott Swan, Steve Sears, and Sonny Utz each scored a touchdown as we piled up a twenty point lead, and the Bandits held up a hungry Jaguar offense to save the game. Sonny Utz stopped by Jaguar tackier after picking up a first down. Tom Reppert holds the Admirals’ Arehart to no gain. A powerful Hammond team sought to trample the Atoms’ title hopes behind their All-Metropolitan back Tom Arehart, but Scott Swan scored a fourth period touchdown to defeat the Admirals, 13-7. Sonny Utz had taken a short pass from ‘Tippy’ Moore and run 51 yards for a touchdown to give us an early advantage before the Sailors tied it up. The Bandits held Hammond’s potent offense in their own territory for much of the game. Wakefield’s Warriors again attempted to jinx the Atoms but were repulsed by a 12-6 score. With Sonny Utz out with an injury, Steve Sears took up the slack and scored both touch¬ downs while gaining 129 yards for a 5 yard-per-carry average. John Ball, Wakefield’s State sprint champion, scored their six- pointer on an 80 yard jaunt, but the tenacious Bandits stifled the Warriors most of the game. The Atoms now stood atop the heap with a 4-0 record, but McLean’s Highlanders posed a serious challenge. Unbeaten themselves, they sought to end our string of 19 games without a loss and claim first place with the season half gone. This game promised to be a duel between Sonny Utz and McLean’s Elliot McBride and a rough afternoon for both teams. Curtis Payne, center Martin Stona, tackle until W-L stole our thunder; Glenn Fields returns a Wakefield kickoff behind good blocking. 70 Scott Swan looks for an opening with Dick Moore clearing the way. Bill Denham, tackle Bob Jackson, tackle As predicted, the game was rough, but the Atoms again triumphed, 14-12. After the brawny lads from McLean had taken an early lead, the Atoms came back with a half-ending pass from Dick Moore to Sonny Utz and Scott Swan pushed over the tie-breaking extra point. This procedure was re¬ peated early in the fourth quarter, but the Highlanders fought back for another score to make our margin of victory Swan’s two extra points. The new stadium was dedicated with a smashing 27-13 defeat of Groveton. Our first home game in three years saw Sears, Swan, and Utz score first period touchdowns to put the game out of reach. The Bandits, led by Sam Strickland, kept the Tigers bottled up in their own territory most of the game. Sonny Utz squirms away from a would-be tack¬ ier. 71 Two stalwart Bandits, Tom Baird and John Atherton, bring down a W-L back. W-L’s vaunted Generals were our next opponents, and they proved to be a formidable crew as they ter¬ minated the eleven game Annandale winning streak with a 13-0 victory. Four failures to make short yardage on last down were the undoing of the Atom offense, while W-L sneaked through the Bandits for two ‘bombs’. Mt. Vernon’s Majors were n ext, and they fell with a resounding crash, 20-7. Scott Swan scooted across to give us a 6-0 lead, but the Majors capitalized on an inexperienced Annandale pass defense to grab a 7-6 lead at halftime. The Atoms came back in the second half with two touchdowns by Sonny Utz, and a brilliant defense, led by Sam Strickland at middle guard, held the Majors to 29 yards rushing and intercepted three passes. a successful result , 8-1. Fairfax’s Rebels came to visit and went home on the short end of a 7-0 score. This game, a battle of two sturdy defenses, was in doubt until the gun went off. Annandale scored in the second quarter on a 55 yard sustained drive, with quarterback Dick Moore sneaking across for the touch¬ down and Sonny Utz adding the extra point. The Atoms were unable to move the ball well during the second half and called on the Bandits to preserve the victory. Fairfax drove to the Annandale tw r o yard line with seconds left in the game, only to see Utz jar the ball loose with a jarring tackle on Rebel halfback Williams; John Atherton fell on the ball as the game ended. And so another successful season came to a close, with Mr. Henry leading his charges to an 8-1 record and a fourth straight County championship. We are all proud of the skill and sportsmanship shown by this year’s Atoms, and their fine record as well. Scott Schaeffer, end Sam Strickland, guard All-Northern Virginia Annandale High School is honored to recognize the Varsity Football Squad. Annandale can indeed be proud of the winning teams our school has pro¬ duced. On these teams have been boys such as Mike Haycock, Joe Davies, Tom Graham, Dana Wellman, and Doug Brown who have carried the Annandale tradition of good football still further. These are individuals but they were part of a team; teams of which our school can be proud. As long as we have a coach as fine as Ed Henry, and as long as we support our winning teams in the manner in which they are accustomed to, Annandale High School will always have a Team! Congratulations boys, for a job well done. We’re proud of you! Tom Baird, halfback Greg Smith, linebacker 73 Junior Varsity Football Row 1— Jeff Hoover; Bill Jarrell; Porky Andrews; Bob Harmon; Tom Swan; Rich Monroe; Vernie Gordon; Jack Richardson. Roiu 2—Skip Grande; Jim Kaputa; Clayton Long; Mike Elliot; Dave Van Dyke; Richie Melon. Row 3 —Roger Beasley; This year Annandale High had one of its more successful Junior Varsity Football Squads. The Junior Atoms compiled an exceptional 4-1-1 record which gave them a tie for second place in Northern Virginia Group I League play during the 1960 season. In preparation for Annandale Varsity’s two platoon system, Coaches Scott and Smith stressed offensive and defensive specialization, general fun¬ Charles Close; Lee Lipscomb; Ralph Ross; Danny Jones; Tom Paradis. Row - —Mike Fox; Jimmy Higgins; Gary Meana; Bobby Perine; Lester Martin; Gordon Burns; Mac Patterson. damentals, and just plain knockin’. Congratula¬ tions coaches, for a good season and a well-coached team. In order to achieve a winning season the boys worked as a team but there were a few standouts. Richard Monroe, Tom Swan, Jack Richardson, and Vernie Gordon did some good running while Rich Lawton, Porky Andrews, and Jimmy Higgins bore the brunt of the attack up front. Tom Swan cuts upheld for a short gain. ANNANDALE 13 G. W. 6 ANNANDALE 18 Lee 0 ANNANDALE 7 Mt. Vernon 6 ANNANDALE 14 JEB Stuart 12 ANNANDALE 7 Groveton 7 ANNANDALE 0 McLean 7 74 Freshman Football Roiv 1 —Harry Dansberger; Tom Tucker; Paul Tannous; Guy Sanborn; Bruce Lobcrg; Terry Kilgore; Randy Gailbrath; Butch Crawford; Jim Dare. Row 2—Rick Munnikeyson; Rocky Gaines; Dave Bissett; John Prentice; Rod Bell; Joe Hornsby; Steve Campbell; Jim Lambert; Gary Langin; Larry Parthree. Roiv 3 —Tuck Milton; Dan Mooney; Doug Tibbitts; Len Opeil; Elston Perry; Bob Tavner; Bob Berozoski; Art Godek; Jeep Britton; Rick Mathers; Don Coughlin. AHS established Freshman Football This year Annanclale High initiated a new phase of her athletic program, that of Freshman Football. Coaches Bolding and Shriver did an excellent job as the young gridders posted a 4-2 record. The freshman team won its opening game with a respectable 19-0 defeat of the Lee Lancers. The fol¬ lowing two games proved disappointing as they lost 9-6 to McLean and 6-0 to Mount Vernon. Undismayed, they bounced back and beat the Groveton Tigers 19-6 and the JEB Stuart Raiders 19-0. To round out an excellent first season, a fired up Atom squad walloped the Osbourn Yellow Jackets, 31-12. Varsity coach Ed Henry kept a sharp eye peeled as several boys on the team showed much promise as upcoming Varsity material. Backfield specialists Jim Lambert and Len Opeil scored 33 and 30 points re¬ spectively, while Larry Parthree and Doug Tibbetts opened some mammoth holes in opposition lines. ANNANDALE 19 . . . . . Lee 0 ANNANDALE 6 . . . . . McLean 9 ANNANDALE 0 . . . . . Mt. Vernon 6 ANNANDALE 19 . . Groveton 6 ANNANDALE 31 . . . . . Osbourn 12 ANNANDALE 19 . . . . . JEB Stuart 0 Lambert watches as Len Opeil scores. 75 Varsity Basketball Craig Etka, George Holland, Toni Reppert, John Staples, Bob Blankenbaker, Curtis Payne, Will Kellum, John Atherton, Brad Huhter, Harry Smith, coach. Senior Atoms led the team to ANNANDALE 55 J. E. B. Stuart 60 ANNANDALE 48 Mt. Vernon 93 ANNANDALE 63 Lee 61 ANNANDALE 57 Fairfax 54 ANNANDALE 59 Hammond 46 ANNANDALE 45 Falls Church 43 ANNANDALE 67 Groveton 60 ANNANDALE 7 1 Madison 51 ANNANDALE 90 G. W. 59 ANNANDALE 94 Osbourn 47 ANNANDALE 42 Wakefield 84 ANNANDALE 48 Mt. Vernon 74 ANNANDALE 49 W-L 63 ANNANDALE 62 Lee 61 ANNANDALE 47 Hammond 43 ANNANDALE 55 Groveton 62 ANNANDALE 63 G. W. 62 ANNANDALE 48 McLean 57 ANNANDALE 65 J. E. B. Stuart 42 ANNANDALE 47 Wakefield 66 Frosty Staples eludes three defenders for two points. 76 Annandale’s Atoms opened the basketball season in- auspiciously by losing to J.E.B. Stuart 60-55 on their home court. Craig Etka scored 17 points, and Brad Huther, John Atherton had ten apiece, but it was not enough to down the Raiders. Having begun the season on the wrong foot, the Atoms then roared back with nine consecutive wins. The season ' s initial triumph was at the expense of the Fairfax Rebels, who succumbed 57-5 1. A 63-61 defeat of Lee came next, with Craig Etka scoring 29 points, the high for the team this season. Etka hit for twenty on the nose as the Atoms ripped an inept Hammond squad 59-46 and came back with 18 more against Falls Church, as the Atoms notched a 45-43 win in over¬ time. Four players scored in double figures as Groveton fell 67-60. Etka led the parade with 21 points; Ather¬ ton and Blankenbaker each had 13. An outclassed James Madison five became the Atoms sixth victim, 74-51. John Staples scored 24 points to lead this rout, and poured through 23 more against George Washington the next time out as the Atoms extended their sheen to seven with a 90-59 romp. Brad Huther piles up two more points against Lee High. No. Va. Tourney semi-finals. Annandale’s John Atherton strains for an¬ other score in the Annandale-Lee game. A new school scoring mark was established against Osbourn, as the Atoms swatted the Yellow Jackets 94-45. Atherton, Staples, Blankenbaker, Etka, and Curtis Payne were all in double figures. A 72-69 overtime victory over Stuart’s Raiders avenged the opening game defeat and ran the string to nine. John Atherton scored 19 points, followed closely by Etka with 17. Wakefield’s State Champion Warriors ended the An- nandale victory trail at nine with a masterful 84-42 romp. Only Bob Blankenbaker was able to hit double figures, scoring 11. The shell-shocked Atoms were then subjected to another 32 minutes of Marty Lentz as he set a Group 1 scoring mark while beating the Atoms 74-48. Washington-Lee’s slow waltz attack won them a 63-49 victory over the Atoms, although Etka scored 17 points and little John Schrieber poured through 12 with his two-hand jump shots. f 77 John Staples goes up for two against Hammond. Lee’s Lancers fought valiantly, but the Atoms came back from a 15 point third quarter deficit to gain a 62-61 win in a sudden death overtime. Brad Huther scored the winning basket, and Craig Etka was high with 17. The Atoms were stalled but not stopped by Hammond’s Admirals as we took a 47-44 game. The Groveton Tigers found revenge in a 62-55 victory, but Blankenbaker scored 17 to be high for the Atoms. A determined G. W. five lost out in overtime 63-62, as a lethargic Annandale team nearly threw the game away. McLean’s Elliot McBride led the Highlanders to a 57-48 win over a cold-shooting Atom squad that could hit only 22% of its floor shots. This game ended the regular season with Annandale in 4th place, tied with JEB Stuart with a 12-6 record. The fifth-seated Atoms disposed of JEB Stuart’s pan¬ icky Raiders by a 65-42 margin the quarterfinals of the Northern Virginia tournament. But the Atoms could advance no further, losing to Group I champ Wakefield 66-47 in the semifinals. John Atherton scored 15 points in a losing cause. This year’s Atoms were perhaps the finest roundball squad in the school’s history. Led by Craig Etka’s 15 point average and the fine rebounding of Bob Blanken¬ baker, John Atherton, and John Staples, the Atoms won 13 of 20 games, truly a fine showing and a credit to their coach, Harry Smith. Junior Varsity Basketball 1 r 54 f 1 1 i 44 Ittv mm mJ. [■ ii p |U|pf li § Vy If , A. H. S. OPPONF 44. Stuart . .48 35. Mount Vernon .42 46. Fairfax .44 48. Lee .53 31 Hammond . .51 32. Falls Church .29 37. Groveton 66 66. Madison .56 46. G. W. .49 54. Osbourn .41 73. Stuart 58 36. Wakefield .30 32.... Mount Vernon 43 29. W-L 44 59 McLean .58 46 Lee 55 Row 1: Jack Richardson; Bill Perry; Charles Twiddy; Ronnie Clark; Randy Galbraith. Roic 2: Whitney Wagner; Dave Smith; Bill Hatch; Jim Croy; Jeff Twardy; Louis Poore. Ninth Grade Basketball Roiu 1: Pat Deluca; Len Opeil; Mike McCormick; Corky Upchurch; Richard Anderson; Rich Myers; Andy Murusack; Tom Sulic; Wally Adamson. Row 2: Mr. Bolding, Coach; Tim Cogswell; Richard Hamel; Steve Christensen; Rusty Tomlinson; Steve Aasheim; Dan Mooney; Dale Long; Jim Dare; Jerry McGalflin. 50. .Fairfax . .39 48 Mount Vernon 50 35. .Groveton .47 38 Lee .42 39. . .Stuart .44 79 Wrestling Row 1: 98 lb., Pat McKinney; 103 lb., David Gillum; 112 lb., Mark Mugaas; 120 lb., Bruce Janet; 127 lb., Doug Smith; 133 lb., Tom Swan. Row .2: 141 lb., Bobby Perrine; 147 lb., Dan Jones; 154 lb., Jim Higgins; 165 II)., Scott Swan; 175 lb., Bud Summerfield; Heavyweight, S teve Sears. Row 3: Ron Chapman; Chris Catledge; Steve .impel; Don Ruths; Rock Gaines; Skip Gee. Rou’ 4: Guy Sanborn; Norman Best; Roger Gossick; Joe Price; Charles Kimzey; Charles Close. Rou 1 5: Scott Schaeffer; Dick Neland; Steve Wade; Henry Jarosh; Bruce Loberg. Row 6: Wade Stevens; Chris Wanman; Leonard Benadi; Walter Couser. l orn Swan fights for a pin against a McLean Highlander. Annandale can well be proud of its wrestling team, which went undefeated in this, its second year of exist¬ ence, winning a Fairfax County Championship in the process. T he team won all of its five matches, four of them against County teams. Six Atom grapplers went undefeated: Pat McKinney, Mark Mugaas, Doug Smith, Tom Swan, Dan Jones and team Captain, Scott Swan. The season opened with a convincing 30-13 defeat of Yorktown, as the Atoms demonstrated they were to he reckoned with. This trend was followed closely with routs of McLean and Groveton, 41-3 and 42-3, respect¬ ively. A 35-8 romp over Mt. Vernon preceded the final regular match, which ended in a 36-13 win over the Rebels of Fairfax. It is difficult to single out individual stars, for all of them fought valiantly and skillfully. The Northern Virginia Wrestling Tournament, held February 17-18 saw several Annandale grapplers emerge with high rankings. Mark Mugaas, Doug Smith, and Steve Sears each finished in second place, losing out to older, more experienced boys. Pat McKinney took third place in his division, and Dan Jones and Scot Swan won fourth place honors. The team finishes third behind W-L and Wakefield and far outdistanced all other Fairfax County Schools, evincing a fine effort and foretelling of good future efforts. Atoms grappled to an undefeated season 80 Robin Petrine swifth subdues a McLean grappler. Mark Mugaas applies the pressure during the McLean match. Mr. Scott, Coach. Captain Scott Swan deftly dumbfounds a hapless Grdveton Tiger. ANNANDALE SO York town OPP. 13 41 McLean 3 42. Groveton . 3 35. ATt. Vernon . 8 36 Fairfax 13 COUNTY CHAMPS! 81 ' track Vaughn Steltzenmuller, Rick Culbertson, David Orion, Bruce Baird, Tom Baird, Will Huffman, Joe Hamsky, Steve Benton, Elston Perry, Vance Adley, Jeep Britton, Perry Monroe, Jeff Camp, Clayton Long, Tom Paradis. Row 2: Charles Bladen, Joe Price, Rich Monroe, Greg Pearson, Nick Hands, Ron Himmer, Charles Kimsey, Bill Seith, Mike Meloy, Steve Sears, Rich Callow, Paul Tisdale, Doug Hilary, Dave Larson. Rou 3: Den¬ nis Landreth, Bill Gulleckson, Richard Melon, Jim Croy, Hugh Darnell, Dave McClintock, Marshall Windsor, Steve Moore, Bert Kriebel, Bob Blankenbaker, Scott Schaeffer, Doug Tibbetts, Jim Bladen. Fairfax County Champions ! Track Coach Russell Buckley prepares to time Marshall Windsor in a trial. Ron Himmer, Willie Huffman, Tom Baird, Rick Culbertson, Bruce Baird, David Larson, Paul Tisdale. Row 2: Dave McClintock, Marshall Windsor, Hugh Darnell, Bert Kriebal, Bob Blankenbaker, Chares Bladen, Scott Schaeffer, Mike Meloy. 82 Junior Varsity Track Baseball Coach Mr. Hardage Paul Buckston; Buzz Marlin; Chris Catledge; James Albertson; Robert Carmen; David Smith; David Van Dyk. Roiv 2: James Simpson; Hugh Scott; Ted Little; Bob Williams; Gary Spanky; Steve Campbell; Ron Jackson. 1961 BASEBALL SCHEDULE 4 Osbourne Away 7 McLean Home 11 Lee Away 14 Wash.-Lee Home 18 Mt. Vernon Away 21 Hammond Home 25 Groveton AAvay 28 Wakefield Home p Falls Church Away 5 Fairfax Home 9 Madison Away 12 Geo. Wash. Away 16 Stuart Home Baseball Row 1; Chuck Joyner, Mike Kibler, Don Ruse, Roger Elliot, Larry Bosserman, John Chamberlin, Craig Etka, Jack Richardson, Glen Laney. Row 2: George Morris, Holland Bridges, Gordon Burns, Tom Weir, Richard Moore, John Atherton, Sonny Utz, Dave Langhorn. 83 Varsity Hockey Row 1: Jean Foye; Mary McCahon; Diane Waldo; Barbara Johnson; Aino Stewart. Row 2: Marilyn Stone; Diane Bruce; Jane Scully; Connie Birch; Susan Wright; Anne Young. Row 3: Sue Faries; Patty Millington; Judy Polland. The Atomettes battled hard and became ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE ANNANDALE Barbara Johnson steals the ball for another goal against Lee. 1 Herndon 2 Falls Church 6 Fairfax 3 J. E. B. Stuart 3 Madison 5 Lee 0 McLean 3 Grove ton 2 1 4 3 0 2 0 0 84 Janie Scully and Diane Waldo fight vigorously against Lee for possession of the ball. ANNANDALE 0 ANNANDALE 4 ANNANDALE 2 ANNANDALE 1 ANNANDALE 2 ANNANDALE 0 Falls Church 0 Fairfax 0 Madison 0 Lee 1 McLean 0 Groveton 0 Goal! Barbara Johnson drives past the defending goalie whose vain attemps fail to stop the Annandale hockey squad. Junior Varsity Hockey champions. Row 1: Jackie Coyne; Phyllis Dunn; Cathy Cummings; Barbara Richards; herry O ' Donnell; Joan Fulmer. Row 2: Sammy Taylor; Sheryl Singleton; Vicki Shotwell; Nancy ' Pruett; Myrah Tiesdale; Carolyn Bliss; Pat Brown; Beverly Bell. 85 Girls’ Basketball ) . • I ..... ■ f Ill Ron 1 1: Janie Scully, Beverly Bell. Row 2: Connie Birch, Ann Young, Judy Poland, Pat McKee, Cathy Cummings. Row 3: Linda Cumberland, Becky Martin, Eliene Creble, Kim Witter, Katie Kane. Judy Poland hits on a two hand set against Madison. The Atomettes continue their winning ways Another basket for Janie Scully and, the Madison score is finally declining. A. H. S. 118. Osbourn OPPONI 17 34. .Alt. Vernon .20 33. Stuart .34 41 Herndon .47 28 . McLean .32 41 Madison 20 32. Osbourn .27 86 H. S. OPPONENT 25. Alt. Vernon . 6 15. .Stuart . 11 lb Herndon . 5 12. McLean .20 23..:. Madison 10 Beverly Bell jumps unopposed to raise the At- omettes’ score and promote a winning season. with another successful season. Junior Varsity Razo 1: It. J. Johnsson; Barbara Brill. Ron 2: Jackie Coin; Diane Davis; Mary Stacey; l ' atty Millington; Karen Rainer; Baleina Rally; Phyllis Dunn; Myra Tiesdale. 87 Varsity Cheerleaders Mary McCahon; Diane Waldo; Wanda O’Rear; Terry Patch; Cathy Kinney; Dinah Gray; Linda Ross; Sue Bacon; Cindy Via; Nan Heim. Dinah Gray Diane Waldo Terry Patch Wanda O’Rear Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: l’at Cadlc; Kathy Leith. Row 2: Nancy Stricklcr; Marsha Duncan; I’alsy Watlel; Anne (ice; Joan Graham; Xoe Ann Lawson; Kathy Ingerson. These girls look forward hopefully to being future varsity cheerleaders. Ninth Grade Cheerleaders Row 1: Jo Anne Coakley; Pat Brown. Row 2: Judy Rail’; Brenda Blackwell; Terry Hockersmith; Balinia Rally; Joan Hitch¬ cock; Benny Gene Dosier; Susan Long. 90 Tom Price President Carolyn Coyne Senator Mrs. Elizabeth Ames Sponsor Pat Prentice Vice President Senior Class Officers John Chamberlin Treasurer Ken Bachman Senator Mr. Roy Fisher Sponsor The class of ’61 will be laden with memories when they pass through the doors of Annandale High for the last time this June. With pleasure-and a touch of nostalgia—we will look back on our senior year. It was our last year. It was a year of beanies and privileges, a year abounding in applications and catalogues. It was a year of hopes and homework, of frustrations and French. But it was a good year. For some of us, graduation will bring a sigh of relief, and a regular paycheck. Many of us will see beyond the summer, and envision a hazy campus—and even more beanies. The end of an eventful portion of our lives has arrived, but it is the beginning of a new and exciting portion which we look forward to with eagerness. Now we are ready to step into the future. 92 Senior Class Play You Cant Take It With You Vicki Hatch Jim Galbraith . Jane Austin Pat Prentice Ken Bachman . . Carol Kessler Jan Banks Pete Steketee Richard Hagan Jim Bartlett Cindy Pettebone Cecil Melin Frank Huddle Bruce Johnson Dave Larson Joan Austin Penny . Grandpa . A lice . Tony Kirby . . . Mr. Kirby .... Mrs. Kirby .... Rheba . Donald . Kolenhov . Ed . Essie . Grand Duchess I ' aui . Mr. DiPinna . . Henderson .... Student Director Jim Bartlett and Jim Galbraith run over last- minute changes before opening night. Mr. Kolenkov, Richard Hagan, gives Mr. Kirby, Ken Bachman, a demonstration in the art of wrestling. Bruce Johnson, as Mr. Dipinna, reads Dick Tracy while posing for his portrait. The wealthy Kirby family enters the chaotic living-room of the Vanderhof home. Senior Activities “Marrying Sam,” Ellison Summerfield, is appar¬ ently hooked by Ginny Prosise at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. This year’s magazine drive was launched with enthusias¬ tic support from both the Independents and the Dark Horses. The senior activities slate was well filled this year. Leading the list was, of course, the Prom, which the juniors presented at the Fairfax Country Club, but all activities were certainly outstanding. The leader¬ ship that was necessary for the magazine drive was provided by the seniors. They participated in the activities of all classes, and also managed to broaden their own range of privileges. Several dances were given during the year which were directed and spon¬ sored by the senior class. The senior play, “Yon Can’t Take It With You,” was a success, the proceeds from which swelled the senior coffer. Engaged in many projects, the senior class more than filled its activity responsibility. Annandale’s “Little Abner,” Jim Bladen, has Gail Griswold in the bag. 94 DAVID R. ALDER. PATRICIA SUE ANDERS, National Honor Society; F.T.A., Secretary; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Science Club. HAYWARD S. ANDERSON, Art Guild, Treasurer; Latin Club; Jet Club; Science Fair Winner. MARIAN CLAUDIA ANGEL, Concert Band; Spanish Club; F.H.A.; Tri-Hi-Y. JANE AUSTIN, Senior Play Cast; Tri-Hi-Y, President; Junior Play, Asst. Director; Y-Teens, Vice President; French Club; Drama Club. JEAN AUSTIN, Senior Play, Director; Junior Play; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Drama Club; Y-Teens, Secretary. RICHARD AVERY, S.C.A., President; French Club, Vice President; Boys State, Virginia; National Honor Society; Key Club; Wrestling; Swimming; Basketball; Drama Club; Ski Club. KENNETH LEROY BACHMAN, JR., Senior Class Senator; National Honor Society; Key Club; French Honor Society, Treasurer; Senior Play; Golf Team; Junior Honor Society; S.C.A. Cabinet; Junior Play. ROBERT LEE BAILEY. BRUCE LARKIN BAIRD, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Key Club; Spanish Club. 95 CUD THOMAS BAIRD, Key Club; J. V., Varsity Foot¬ ball; Varsity Track; Spanish Honor Society. JOAN BALBET SHIRLEY JEANNE BALDAUF, F. T. A.; F. H. A.; J. V. Softball. JUDITH KAYE BANGERT, National Honor Society; Concert Band, Secretary; International Club, President; F. T. A.; Tri-Hi-Y. JAN DENNIS BANKS, Cheerleader; Freshman Class, Treasurer; Girl’s State; Keyettes; Drama Club, Secre¬ tary; Student Council; Senior Class Play; Fall-Out; GAA, Pre sident; A Cappella Choir. JAMES VINCENT BARTLETT, Jr., Senior Class Play; Latin Club; Card Section. ROBERT JOSEPH BELISLE, Track; Latin Club; Stage Crew. CONNIE BELL, Cheerleader; A Cappella Choir; Key¬ ettes; A-Blast; Quill Scroll; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. STODDARD L. BEST “Paul, you ' re the dumbest kid in the whole world.” Mrs. Talmadge encourages Paul Jozwicki in an al¬ gebra class. : 96 Senior classes were harder . . . JOANNE BEURY, F. B. L. A., Treasurer; Concert BRUCE HOWARD BIRNBAUM, Chemistry Honor Choir; V. O. T. Society; Regional Science Fair; Stage Crew; Track; JETS Club, President; Fall-Out; French Club. CONNIE BIRCH, Varsity Hockey, Captain; Softball; HARRIET LUCILLE BISSELL, Keyettes, Secretary, Basketball; Russian Club. Vice-President; National Honor Society; Girls State; A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir, President; German Club, Secretary; Junior Honor Society; J. V. Softball; JETS, Secretary. CHARLES WINFIELD BLADEN ROBERT E. BLANKENBAKER, President Elect of Student Body; Vice-President of Student Body; Basket¬ ball; Track; Boys’ State; State S. C. A. Convention. SAMUEL R. BLATE, A-Blast; Debate Club, Secretary; Spanish Club; Model Airplane Club; Civil Air Patrol Cadet. BARBARA ANNE BOLTE, Quill Scroll, President; A-Blast, Sports Editor; Sigma Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; F. T. A. BARBARA BOWMAN CHARLES VINCENT BOYKIN, Varsity Football, Manager; Varsity Basketball, Manager; Antenna, Pho¬ tographer; French Club; Chess Club; Quill Scroll. 97 as we prepared for college. MELVIN C. BRADFIELD, JR., Junior Honor Society; Latin Club. GAIL ANNE BRIGGS, Spanish Honor Society, Presi¬ dent; S. P. T. A. Student Vice-President; Fall-Out; Ger¬ man Club; Spanish Club, Vice-President; International Club. GUY HAGAN BRIGGS III. MERLYN GAY BRITTINGHAM, Concert Band. JEAN MARIE BROWN, F. T. A.; Latin Club. PATRICIA LYNN BROWN DIANE BRUCE, A. F. S. Foreign Exchange Student. JAN BRYAN, F. T. A.; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff. JOAN BULLEN, F. B. L. A., President. ROBERT ROSS BULLEN 98 “I wonder if I can afford to go there?” Noel Rich voices a common thought of seniors as he studies college catalogues in the guidance. Bob Blankenbaker inspects some reminders of past glories. ROBERT J. BURNS, JR., Baseball; Bowling Team; Chess Club. WILLIAM C. BUSCH, Bowling Club. FREDERICK STANLEY BYRD, German Club; Track; J. V. Football. WILLIAM CALLAGHAN MARY NELL CAMBRON ELIZABETH CANARD, V. O. T. 99 IRENE CANTRELL MARTHA CARHART, Keyettes; JETS Club, Treas¬ urer; Fall-Out; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Drama Club. GEORGE A. CHALFANT, JR., Key Club; Junior Honor Society; Art Guild. JOHN ROBERT CHAMBERLIN, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Junior, Senior Class, Treasurer; Spanish Honor Society; National Honor Society, Treasurer; Key Club, Vice-President; J. V., Varsity Baseball; J. V. Bas¬ ketball. “Are you watching the game or the cheerleaders?’’ Bill North- wood talks with Craig Etka during a football game. We attended games , JACK CHAPPELL LEWALTA CHASTAIN, A-Blast; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; F. B. L. A. GAIL MARY CHASE, A-Blast; Quill Scroll; Tri-Hi- Y; French Club. MARGARET M. CHRISMAN DARLA CLARK, Concert Choir; V. O. T.; Rifle Club. WILLIAM EDWARD CLARK, JR. DAVID LLOYD CLOUGH, Key Club. SALLIE ANN COGGIN, Antenna, Activities Editor; J. V. Cheerleader; Quill Scroll; Spanish Club, Presi¬ dent; Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Honor Society; International Club, Treasurer. MICHAEL COLTON PHILIO COMITI, A. F. S. Foreign Exchange Student; Keyettes; S. C. A. Cabinet; A-Blast; International Club; German Club; Latin Club. BART CONMY, Chess Club; Tennis Team; All Europe High School Tennis Finalist. EDWARD ALLEN COPELAND, Senior Play; German Club. VIVIAN LOUISE COSTELLO, Fall-Out; F. T. A. LINDA SUE COUNTS, F. B. L. A., President; TriTIi-Y. CAROLYN COYNE, National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society, Treasurer; Keyettes; Senior Class Sena¬ tor; J. V. Hockey; Spanish Club; Cheerleader. PATRICIA CREEKMAN, National Honor Society; Keyettes; German Honor Society, Secretary; German Club, Treasurer; Tri-Hi-Y; F. T. A. WILLIAM CROWN RICHARD BLAIR CULBERTSON, Track. 101 PEGGY ANN CUMMINS, Tri-Hi-Y; F. H. A.; French Club. DONNA CUNNINGHAM HUGH DARNELL, Concert Choir; Track; Cross-Coun¬ try Track. JUDITH ANNE DAVIS, National Honor Society; Antenna; Latin Honor Society; German Club, Treas¬ urer, Vice-President; Junior Honor Scoiety; International Club. MARTHA DAVIS, V. O. T. WAYNELEE E. DAVIS, National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Football; Wrestling; Key Club; Boy’s State; Latin Honor Society; J. V. Baseball; Chess Club; Latin Club. enjoyed new privileges 9 WILLIAM DENHAM, Varsity Football; Wrestling, La¬ tin Club. RICHARD ANTHONY DESOMMA, Spanish Club; JETS Club; Chess Club. DAVID DICKENS, J. V., Varsity Basketball; J. V. Base¬ ball; A-Blast. FRANCES CATHERINE DYESS, Keyettes; F. T. A., Treasurer; Concert Choir; Fall-Out; Junior Honor So¬ ciety; National Honor Society; F. H. A.; French Club; Latin Club. RICHARD ERBE CRAIG LOUIS ETKA, Junior Class, President; Na¬ tional Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Varsity Baseball, Basketball. 102 BARBARA FELBER, Antenna; French Club. ELIZABETEI GAIL FERGUSON, Antenna; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Tri-Hi-Y; J. V. Cheerleader. JUDY FINCANNON, A-Blast; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi- Y; F. T. A. JOHN ROBERT FLOYD, Spanish Honor Society; A Cappella Choir; Spanish Club; French Club; Concert Choir. “This is supposed to be a privilege?” Marlene Stroske, Susan Wood, Dave Dickens, and Gail Chase inspect the new senior beanies. JULIE ANN FOLDI, Concert Choir JOANNE RITA FORBES, Varsity Softball; F. B. L. A.; V. O. T. KENNETH FORTNEY ROBERT FRASER 103 BRIAN FUESTENAU JAMES MARLIN GALBRAITH, Senior Class Play; Latin Club, President; German Club, Vice-President; A-Blast, Tennis; Concert Band; Wrestling. BARBARA ANNE GARDNER, National Honor So¬ ciety; German Club; F. N. A.; A Cappella Choir. PETER GARY GARY LAWRENCE GEDROSE KAREN GEORGE, F. B. L. A. RICHARD GERBER, Track; Band. BETTY FRANCES GERMAINE, Tri-Hi-Y; F. B. L. A.; International Club; F. H. A.; Band. MARGARET DIANE GILL, Drill Team. and , when there was time, relaxed. “Make a wish before you blow out the candles.” Pat Creekman celebrates her birthday with some friends in the cafeteria. KAY GILLIONS, V. O. T.; F. B. L. A. RUSSELL GILLUM, Concert Band CHARLES GRISVOLD, Golf Team; French Club; Stage Crew. STEPHEN GLODECK, Bowling Team. LYNNE GONYE, Junior of the Year; Latin Club; Quill Scroll; Y-Teens; Newspaper. ROGER GOSSICK WILLIAM GRAVES, Fall-Out; German Club; Inter¬ national Club. DINAH LOVETTE GRAY, Varsity Cheerleader, Cap¬ tain; A Cappella Choir, President; Keyettes; Junior Honor Society; All-State Choir; S. C. A. Cabinet; Latin Club; French Club. ROSS ARNOLD GRIFFITH, Concert Band; All-State Band. RICHARD HAGAN, German Club, President; German Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Fall-Out; Senior Class Play; Junior Honor Society; Latin Club. 105 ROBERT HALL THOMAS EIALL JACK HARGETT JOLENE RAE HARRINGTON, Varsity Cheerleader; Pep Club; Drama Club; Y-Teens; F. T. A.; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Talent Show Winner. ZILLAH FAYE HARRIS, Bible Club. RICHARD HART VICKI ANN HATCH, Senior Class Play; Debate; Na¬ tional Forensic League; Pep Club; V. O. T.; Softball; Drama Club; French Club; F. H. A. GLORIA ANN HATHAWAY, F. H. A.; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club. We acquired new knowledge , “I know the answer to that one!” Mike Kibler and other students raise their hands in response to a teacher’s question. both through studying , OLLI TUOMAS HAVOLA, Football, Manager; J. V. SUSAN ELIZABETH HEFFELFINGER, J. V. Basket- Football; Basketball; Drama Club. ball; French Club. RUTH ANN HAYNOS, F. B. L. A.; D. E. EUGENE HEGARTY, Rifle Club; Stage Crew; D. E. DIANE HENSLEY RONALD GORDON HIMMER, Football; Antenna; Track; Baseball. MARY LOUISE HOBBS, National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; F. T. A., Secretary; Fall-Out, Asst. Editor; Concert Choir; Junior Honor Society. DONALD HOBSON, Bowling Club, President; French Honor Society; JETS Club; French Club. WILLIAM HOFFMAN, Track; Cross Country Track; Art Guild. CHARLES HOLM 107 f and through service to our school. SANDRA HOOVER, National Honor Society; Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; French Honor Society. TIMOTHY BERNARD HOWERY, Football; Basket¬ ball; Baseball; D. E., Treasurer. BRADFORD R. HUTHER, J. V., Varsity Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Football; Spanish Club, President. ROBERT JACKSON, J. V., Varsity Football. DONNA G. HUCKS, V. O. T. BRUCE JANET FRANKLIN HUDDLE, JR., Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist; Senior Class Play; National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Track; Debate, Vice-President; Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Chemistry Honor Society. LLOYD CHARLES HUMMERT, JR., Chess Club; Bowling League; Rifle Club; French Club. LYNNE LAVELLE JENNINGS JUDY KAY JENRETTE 108 — “Wake up, Greg.” Greg Smith daydreams while Franci Mistrot and Mike Scott study industriously. BRUCE JOHNSON, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Senior Class Play; Latin Club; French Club. FRED DAVID JOHNSON, JR., Latin Honor Society; Latin Club; Rifle Club; Junior Honor Society. KENNETH CHARLES JOHNSON MURIEL ELLENOR JONES, Concert Band; National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; All-State Band. CHARLES RAYMOND JOYNER, Varsity Football, Baseball; J. V. Football, Baseball, Basketball. ROBERT JUSTICE 109 109 MARY E. JUSTUSSON, Tri-Hi-Y; Treasurer; F. H.A.; French Club. JEROME KAHN, National Honor Society; French Honor Society; German Honor Society; Antenna, Fea¬ tures Editor; Fall-Out; Quill Scroll; German Club; International Club; French Club; Science Club. PATRICIA JEAN KAMINSKI, F. H. A., French Club; Talent Show Winner. President; KATHERINE MARY KANE, National Honor Society; Keyettes; Junior Honor Society; Varsity Basketball; Tri- Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club. “Let me think now . answer to a question. ’’ Dick Avery ponders the CAROLE K. KESSLER, German Honor Society, Vice- President; Fall-Out, Art Editor; Senior Class Play; Key¬ ettes; German Club. LINDA L. KEYES MICHAEL LOUIS KIBLER, J. V., Varsity Baseball; Junior Honor Society; Latin Club. PAMELA KLEIN, Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. EARLINE L. KLINE no I WILLIAM KLINE CLYDE KLINSTIVER, Science Club. ANNE BYRON KNOWLTON, Spanish Honor So¬ ciety; S. C. A. Cabinet; Latin Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Spanish Club; International Club. STEPHEN KRAMER, Art Guild, Vice-President; Var¬ sity Football; Track. BERT ALLEN KRIEBEL, Track; Cross Country. CAROL LAIN, Antenna; International Club; Spanish Club; Fall-Out. MICHAEL LAMBERT, Bowling Club; French Club. DOROTHY ELLEN LANDENBERGER, Keyettes, President; A-Blast, Asst. Editor, Editorial Editor; French Honor Society, Secretary; Quill Scroll; Junior Honor Society; French Club. YVONNE LANE BARBARA LANN, Concert Band. DAVID CHARLES LARSON, Senior Class Play; Track; Latin Honor Society; Spanish Club; Drama Club. PETER C. LINN, School President; Junior Honor So¬ ciety; Varsity Volleyball; Basketball; Softball; Swimming Team; French Club; Band. 111 PETER G. LOVERIDGE JEAN MALEY BECKY MARTIN, Basketball; Softball; Track; Pep Club, Treasurer; Spanish Club. JULIA ELIZABETH MASON, Senior, Junior Play; Drama Club, President; French Club. VICTORIA REYNOLD MASON, Art Guild, President; Keyettes; Antenna, Art Editor; Concert Choir; J. V. Cheerleader; Spanish Club. HAROLD E. MAY LUDWIG MEISS, International Christian Youth Ex¬ change Student; Key Club; German, French Honor So¬ ciety; Chess Club; Track; Wrestling; Cross Country Track, Varsity. We participated in athletics . . . CECI MELIN MICHAEL DAVID MELOY, School Chaplain; Fresh¬ man Class, Treasurer; Varsity Track; Magazine Drive, Captain; J. V. Football. NELLIE E. MILLER, Vocational Office Training; Fu¬ ture Homemakers of America. DARRELL F. MILLS MARY FRANCES MISTROT, Antenna; Sophomore Class, Senator; F. N. A., Secretary; Spanish Club, Secre¬ tary; Tri-Hi-Y; Bull Dog Staff; Miss F. H. S. Contest, Semi-finalist; Jaguar Journal; Pep Club. RICHARD ALLAN MONSCHKE, National Honor So¬ ciety; Varsity Football; J. V. Football; Spanish Club; German Club; J. V. Baseball. DAVID H. MOONEY BARBARA MOORE WILLIAMS JOHN MOORE, Track. RICHARD H. MOORE, National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society; J. V. Bas¬ ketball; Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball; Atom Booster’s Club, President; S. C. A. Treasurer. WEYLAND L. MOORE, German Club; Chemistry Club; Chess Club; JETS Club. CASSANDRA LEAH MORGAN GEORGE MORRIS, J. V. Basketball. “Congratulations on a fine performance.” Dave McClintock re¬ ceives an award for a cross country victory. ' EILEEN T. MULLADY, French Honor Society; Inter¬ national Club; Debate; Concert Band; Tri-Hi-Y; All- State Band; French Club. JACK MURDOCK, D. E. DAVID McCLINTOCK, Merit Scholarship Semi-Final¬ ist; Track; Key Club; International Club; Jazz Club; Ski Club. PAMELA ANN McFARLEN, F. H. A., Secretary; Latin Club. PATRICIA KAY McKEE, Basketball; Tri-Hi-Y; F. H. A.; F. T. A. MARLENE LOUISE McKNIGHT, Junior Honor So¬ ciety, Senior Honor Society. PAULA JUNE McLAUGHLIN, Antenna; French Club. DONALD McINTURFF EDWARD McMURRAY ‘ Here’s to the Senior Class!?” Tom Park, Sam Strickland, Martin Stone and Fred Byrd live it up at the ‘‘Club 61”, one of Annan- dale’s finer lunchroom societies. 14 JANET LOUISE NEIL, National Honor Society; Key- ette Club, Secretary; Antenna, Class Editor; Latin Honor Society; F. T. A., Vice-President, President; Jun¬ ior Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y; F. H. A., Historian. KENNETH RANDALL NELAND, French Club; Bow¬ ling Club; Track. NANCY DIANE NELSON, Girls’ Chorus; Bowling Team. WILLIAM MARTIN NORTHWOOD, JR., Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; National Honor Society, Presi¬ dent; French Club, President; Junior Class, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Antenna, Asst. Editor; French Honor Society; Debate. MARY ELLEN PARADIS, Spanish Club; Art Guild; Tri-Hi-Y; Choir; First Place—Sculpture—Alex. Pen Women’s Association Show. GAIL P. PARK, F. T. A.; F. H. A. THOMAS CHARLES PARKE, Spanish Honor Society; Bowling League. GORDON PATERSON, A-Blast; Quill Scroll; French Honor Society. 1 15 CURTIS RUSSELL PAYNE, Varsity Football; J. V., Varsity Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Latin Club. CAROL JEAN PEIGHTEL DONNA JEAN PERRY, F. B. L. A. FLORENCE SINCLAIR PETTEBONE, Senior Class Play. NIKKI DOROTHY POTTER, Tri-Hi-Y, President; Fall-Out; Antenna; French Club; F. T. A.; Latin Club. PATRICK HENRY PRENTICE, Senior Class, Vice- President, A-Blast; Junior, Senior Class Plays; French Honor Society. THOMAS OWEN PRICE, Senior, Sophomore, Fresh¬ man Class President; Key Club, President, Treasurer; National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society, Treas¬ urer; Track; Magazine Drive, Captain. VIRGINIA STUART PROSISE, French Honor So¬ ciety; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Literary Magazine; French Club; F. T. A. CHARLES PRUETT HOWARD DONALD RANT Jan Banks typifies seniors looking toward the future, and in this case, looking out of a bus window to¬ ward home. 1 16 We had our quiet moments . . . KAYE RASMESSEN, Latin Honor Society; Junior LUTITIA C. REEDY Honor Society; Junior, Senior Class Secretary; A Cappella Choir, Secretary; Concert Choir; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Latin Club. PAUL WAYNE RASMUSSEN, Antenna, Business NOEL DAVID RICH, A-BIast, Photographer; Quill Sc Manager; J. V. Basketball; Key Club; S. C. A. Cabinet; Scroll; Fairfax Sun-Echo, Photographer-correspondent; Junior Class, Senator; Quill Sc Scroll; Bowling Team, Junior Honor Society. Senior Honor Society, Junior Honor Society. CAROL ROACH, F. H. A., Vice President; Tri-Hi-Y. CAROLE ROOP, V. O. T.; Mixed Chorus. LINDA ADELE ROSS, Varsity Cheerleader, Captain, J. V. Cheerleaders; Sophomore Class, Secretary; French Club. ROBERTA L. ROW NORMAN H. ROWE J. P. RUTLEDGE, Varsity Football; Atom Boosters, Treasurer; Band; Antenna. 17 and our active ones. JOYCE E. SANBORN, V. O. T.; Tri-Hi-Y; F. B. L. A. DAVID A. SAUNDERS KENDALL SCOTT SCHAEFFER, Varsity Football; Art Editor, A-Blast and Antenna. BETTY CHRISTINE SCHAAFF, S. C. A. Cabinet; Con¬ cert Choir, Vice President; Junior Honor Society; Latin Club; German Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Literary Magazine; F. N. A. MICHAEL FREDERICK SCOTT, Track; Biology Club, Vice President. TODD H. SCROGGS DAVID ELAM SCULL, Antenna, Copy Editor; Rotary Debate; National Honor Society, Vice President; Key Club; French Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; Merit Scholarship Finalist. SANDRA A. SCHELL DOROTHY SCHMOYER, Junior Play; Junior Honor Society; Latin Honor Society; Spanish Club. EDWARD A. SIEGMANN, International Club; J. V. Football; Baseball. 118 JAMES SIMPSON LINDA JOYCE SISSON, F. H. A. Club; Majorette. BARBARA SMITH, Tri-Hi-Y; F. B. L. A.; Band. BETTIANNE SMITH, V. O. T. FRANK SMITH, Drama Club; Chess Club, Treasurer; Radio Club. GREGORY SMITH, J. V., Varsity Football; German Club. “Look, Ma! No feet!” Ludwig Meis, one of Annandale’s three foreign exchange students, demonstrates his skill on the vaulting horse. 119 JAMES YOUNG SMITH TRACY JANE SMITH, Tri-Hi-Y; F. T. A.; F. H. A.; F. N. A. ROBERT A. SMOAK, French Club; J. V. Football. JOHN SNODDY, J. V., Varsity Basketball; Varsity Foot¬ ball; Varsity Baseball. “And I wanted to take journalism.” Pat Prentice bemoans his fate. PATRICIA SPRUILL JOSEPHINE STANLEY DAVID ST. CLAIR, Football; Spanish Club. PETER WILLIAM STEKETEE, Senior Class Play; Concert Band; Debate Club; Track, Manager; German Club; Latin Club; Radio Club; Chess Club. VICKI A. STEVENS, Spanish Club; F. H. A. WYNNE A. STEVENS 120 SHARON LOUISE STILES, National Honor Society; F.T.A.; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club. MARTIN WESLEY STONE, Varsity Football; J.V. Football. SAMUEL C. STRICKLAND, Varsity Football; J.V. Football; Track. SUSAN KAY STRICKLER, Antenna, Copy Editor, Editor; National Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; French Honor Society, Vice President; Quill Scroll; Keyette, Treasurer; French Club. JEAN MARLENE STROSKE, National Honor Society; Keyette; Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Antenna, Faculty Editor; Atom Boosters Club, Secretary; Latin Honor Society; Junior Honor Society; F.T.A.; Latin Club. ELLISON ST. CLAIR SUMMERFIELD, Wrestling; Latin Club, President; Ski Club. SCOTT HUGH SWAN, Varsity Football; Wrestling; French Honor Society, Treasurer, President; Key Club; French Club; Winner, American Legion Oratorical Con¬ test; A-Blast. BARBARA TAYLOR, Sophomore Class, Treasurer; National Honor Society; National Historian Society, Treasurer; Teen Theater Guild, President; Majorette; Cheerleader; Tri-Hi-Y; Exchange Editor, A-Blast. CHARLOTTE ANNE TAYLOR, French Honor So¬ ciety; Junior Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Latin Club; Literary Magazine. LENA FRANCES THOMAS, National Honor Society; Antenna, Senior Class Editor; Keyettes; Concert Band; Junior Honor Society; Concert Band, Treasurer; Tri- Hi-Y; F. T. A. SHERALYN THOMAS, A-Blast, Editor-in-Chief; Fall- Out, Editor-in-Chief; National Honor Society; Inter¬ national Club, President, Treasurer; Russian Club, Pres¬ ident; Keyettes; Quill Scroll, Secretary; Latin Club. PAUL A. TISDALE 121 JOAN VENITA TODD SARAH ANNE TRENHOLM, National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; A-Blast; Spanish Club; Drama Club. CAROL TURNER, Latin Club; F.T. A.; Bible Club; Russian Club. SILAS A. UTZ, Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. CHARLES R. VALOSIO LINDA VALOSIO, D.E. Club, Secretary; F.B. L. A. Now we look toward the future. THOMAS VAN DYKE, Debate Club, President. CAROLE ANNE VAWTER, Tri-Hi-Y; Antenna; French Club; Latin Club; Senior Play; F. T. A. JAMES VIEL, Concert Band. SUSAN ELIZABETH VOGT, Art Guild, Secretary, Antenna; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Drama Club. CAROLE WADE, V. O. T.; Latin Club; F. B. L. A. CAROLYN K. WALKER, V. O. T.; F. B. L. A.; Tri- Hi-Y. DONNA WATERS, Senior Play; Drill Team; Y-Teens; Modern Dance Club; F. T. A. RICHARD E. WEBSTER DENNIS WEIDNER DONALD E. WEST, D. E. Club, President; Varsity Track. MARY WEST, F. B. L. A., Historian. WANDA LEE WHETZEL, Keyettes; French Honor So¬ ciety, Corresponding Secretary; A-Blast; French Club. PATRICIA WILLIAMS, F. H. A.; F. T. A., Treasurer. “What is the matter, Gary? Are you lost?” Senior Gary Gedrose appears to be looking for his guidance counselor in the wrong place. TED WILLIAMS MARSHALL DANIEL WINDSOR, JR., Track; Cross Country. KIMMERLE WITTER, J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basket¬ ball; F. T. A.; F. H. A., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. SUSAN WOOD, A-Blast, Features Editor; Alpha Tri- Hi-Y; J.V. Hockey; Fall Out; French Club. BANTA M. YORK, Baseball; Newspaper Editor; Span¬ ish Club; A-Blast Staff. CYNTHIA BARNES, V.O.T.; Choir; Library Staff. STODDARD L. BEST, Bowling Club. CHARLES R. BROWN. LAWRENCE R. CLARK. JAMES M. COUPER. BETTY DANSBERGER. ROBERT NEIL ENGLAND. BIRGITTA JANSSON, A.F.S. student; Keyettes; S.C.A.; International Club; F. T. A.; Tri-Hi-Y. PAUL HENRY JOZWICKI, Yearbook Photographer; Newspaper Photographer; Senior Play; Camera Club. MICHAEL LAMBERT, Bowling Club; French Club. STEVE GEORGE McKINNEY, Latin Club; J.V. Foot¬ ball; S.C.A. PAULA McLAUGHLIN, Antenna; French Club; Glee Club; F.T.A.; Basketball Manager. KERRY CAMBELL SMITH, Vice-President, D.E. Club; Spanish Club; Science Club. WILLIAM R. SMITH, Student Council; Varsity Basket¬ ball; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; President, Vice- President, Hi-Y Stamp Club; Astronomy Club. “Well, here goes 300 more calories!” Gail Briggs celebrates her eighteenth birthday. 125 Barbara Brill Treasurer Anne Haycock Vice President John Atherton, President Joan Graham Secretary Junior Class Officers Mr. Bolding, Sponsor As another year at Annandale High School draws to a close, the Class of 1962 can pause to look back over three years of high school and forward to one more. Many joys and sorrows are now things of the past. Some old friendships have been broken up, but many new ones have been formed in their stead. Many new things have been done and much new knowledge has been acquired. Now, however, the future seems more important than the past. The last year of high school is almost here. New senior rings are now being proudly displayed, and many Juniors are now thinking seriously about what is to come after high school. Yes¬ terday was pleasant, and it might be nice to tarry a little longer, but tomorrow beckons impatiently, and it cannot be ignored. 126 Junior Activities Joyce Fowler and Vicki Mason work on block prints for art class. Sandy Campbell demonstrates her talent by doing a pantomime to music lor the Drama Club assembly. Jeff Camp is overcome by the snow that cancelled junior activities during February. Annandale juniors gather around the tables of plenty, and toast the latest addition to the clique. 127 . . and then I drove in for two more points. . . ” David Noble really believes John Atherton’s stories. Sherry Abel Vance Adler Susanne Albright Carol Aldridge Helen Aldridge Steve Anderson Kenneth Arnold Roger Marc Ashley Sue Bacon Seriously looking toward the future , juniors Joe E. Baggett Linda Bahr Page Baker Carol Ball Shirley Banks Andra Banner Sharon Barber Dial Barnwell Karen Bassett Timothy Bassett Beverly Bell Leonard Benade Benia Filipczyk Jean Berry Norman Best Suzie Bianco Sandy Bishop B.J. Bissell Charlotte Bisset Helen Black Carolyn Bliss Henry Blumenthal Brooks Booker Norris Boone Larry Bosserman Cindy Boyer Bob Bradfield Peter Brauning 128 Barbara Brenman Donna Brigandi Barbara Brill Susan Brotemarkle Diane Brown Warren Bryan Earl Bryant Jerry Bunch Barbara Burford Pat Cadle Louis Cable Billy Cain Tony Callan Richard Callow JefE Camp took the PSAT and College Boards. Mary Cape Bettie Campbell Sandy Campbell Pat Carmichael Mary Ann Carscadden John Carter Claude Cash Mike Chandler Ronald Chapman Michael Clark Doug Cole Peggy Colley Stewart Collins Harold Conklin Richard Coppage Marty Corson 129 School proved to he more difficult . . 01257 cc more and then ZOWIE ...” Tom Davoli, plays master chemist. Walter Couser Bonnie Cox Emory Crandall Carol Culver Linda Cummins Diana Cunningham Sandra Dansberger Linda Darnell Wanda Davis Tom Davoli Pete Dawson Joyce Day Beverly Dearwester Lucile Deatherage Walter Deaux Donna Deckard Eleanor Deitz Willar Demory Cathleen Dennis Mike DeReus Patsy Dave Frank L. Duncan Martin Duross Charles Eskridge Robert Eskridge Joyce Epley Jean Einum 130 Harriette Elkner Roger Elliott Ruth Fagelson Suzanne Faries Carolyn Farrar Kerry Faver Carol Felten John Ford Donna Fraley Sandra Freudiger Joan Louise Fulmer Larry Furr Elizabeth Gallagher Dave Gapen Nancy Garlan Margaret Gattis Ann Gee Skipper Gee Beverly Gephart Patricia Getz Betti Gibson Gene Gilbert Barbara Van Gilder John Van Gilder Barbara Goodman Bill Goodrich Vernie Gordon Nan Grabb Joan Graham Rick Granmo Carol Sue Green Sharon Green Patty Greenwalt Lynne Griffith Ginnie Grogan Don Grunderson as they became upperclassmen. 131 Bill Gullickson Sharon Hall Bliss Hanson Paul Hansen Nick Hanks Bob Hargett Ingman Harr John Hart Anne Haycock Pat Hegarty Gisela Heyken Terry Hill “There.” Wynn Stevens and Mike Chandler finish a chemistry experiment. Charles Hitchcock Joan Hitchcock Jeff Hodson Juniors learned Judith Hodgson Becky Holder George Holland Janette Hower Norie Huddle Elaine Hunter Dave Ingle Pat Inman Bill Jarrell Eddie Jeffrey Sheila Johns Jim Johnson Mary Johnson Richard Jones Carol Junker Margaret Kandl Michael Kaputa Dimitri Kellogg Edith Kelt Charlotte Kennedy Angela Kent ■William Kern Charles Kimzey Tom Kincaid Bob Kirby Stan Travis Kathie Kohn Kathie Koontz Peggy Krauter Eileen Kribel Clark LaFlare Pat Landin Dennis Landreth Dianna Laney Barbara Laudonberger Kathy Leith Darlene Lewis Phil Lindsey Theodore Locke to write term papers , and struggled . Judy Long Robert Lovelace Marcia Lundy Mona Lynard Barbara Lyon Bill Mace Barbara MacKinnon Cinda Maire Sherry Marchio Jane Mahanes Peter Marks Anita Marr “Boy! What a problem and a half!” John Atherton tackles math. “No! No! You Can’t see my Homework!” Elaine Opeil tries to convince Marly DuRoss as irritated Doug Smith offers helpful advice. Connie Martin Courtney Martin Clark Massie Mary McCahon Jim McCormick Mary Ann McMillan Marylin Mead Gary Meana Cathy Messer Lorene Miller Patty Millington Peggy Mitchell Raymond Mobus Richard Monroe Wayne Monroe Alan Mooring Bill Morris Doug Morrison Duncan Morrow Pat Morrow Bonnie Moses David Mueller Mark Mugas Judy Murray David Noble Carol Neall Elaine Opeil Mogi O’Neil Donna Olverson Sherry O’Donnell 134 Dave Panter Chuck Pardee Susan Park Robert Parker Terry Patch Russell Payne Andrea Pearl Greg Pearson Tina Pedersen John Penn Bob Penny John Pennylegion Robert Perrine Clyde Perry Lani Pew Linda Phelps Susan Phillips Susan Podufaly through the works of Thoreau and Emerson. Judy Poland Louis Poore Carol Porter Pat Price Patrick Rapp William Papson Gail Rasmussen Dennis Richmond Barbara Roach Ursula Roberts Bob Roe Karen Roemer 135 Linda Rouse Susie Rowley “More dessert, Monsieur?” Chef Joe Baggett serves his Home Ec class. Chris Russell Jack Russell Amy Santoro James Saunders Sue Saver John Schuh Shirley Shoemaker John Siegle Carol Smith Don Smith Elsie Smith Jacque Smith David Splitt Gail Sproul John Staples Vaughn Stelzenmuller Aino Stewart Paul Stewart Geraldine Stirling Marilyn Stone Mary Stover Tim Tanner i 136 Carol Tarleton Sandra Taylor Candy Thomas Darleen Thomas Wayne Thomas Duane Tibbetts Stephanie Tilden Lynn Tolliver Julia Torrey Betty Turnage Roy Taibbi Doug Ulery Peggy Vogt Nancy Vorhies Donna Wade Becky Wagner Penny Walters Chris Wanman Bob Weatherholtz Kathie Webber Tom Weir Glenn Welde Reid West Kenneth White Annetha Whittaker Nancy Williams Linda Wiseman James Wood Linda Wooldridge Gail Worden Susan Wright Marsha Young Nilah Young Ralph Young 137 Mr. Klin ger, Sponsor. This year of 1960-fil does not seem too important to the sophomores at Annandale. This is only for the present though, for when these sophomores view these yearbook pages with adult eyes, they will see how large a year this has been in their life string. The cake sale that was given at the first home football game, the dances that were sponsored, and the riotous unorganized personal activities, will all stand out as warm spots in the sophomore year. This year is not very important now; the end seems more dear than the middle or the beginning. But in the not very distant future will be that last day that lies in unimportant obscurity; those events that seem so trivial now will be momentous then. Betty Johnson J ' ice President Jim Avery President Wanda O’Rear Secretary Susan Bell T rcasurer Sophomore Class Officers 138 Underclass Assembly 139 Allen Abbott Erik Ackerson Lars Allen Linda Arrington Kay Arnold Sharon Atwell Jim Avery Merilee Bailey Charles Baird Bobby Ball Eileen Bangert Dave Bartlett Janice Beach Gene Beasley Susan Bell Carolyn Benson Chris Bergstrom Jim Bladen Having found their footing at AHS John Bland Mike Bledsoe William Bledsoe Judy Boyd Bob Boyer Jimmie Brasse Curt Brickham Beverly Brotemarkle Bev. Brotemarkle Doris Brown Gordon Burns Mary Burt Sue Burton Pat Burwell David Button Paul Buxton Sheryl Byrd Gary Cain Sharron Cain Linda Camberland Jeanne Carlson Gary Carpenter Chester Cassel Linda Caudle Greg Chase Sandra Chase Marge Cheek Richard Cheek Joyce Chittum Charles Close Larry Coffman Carolyn Cogswell Joyce Conine Mike Corbett Gay Cordell Carlton Crider Mike Cummings A1 Davidoff last year ? Marsha Daugherty Pat Dean Barry Divers Tommy Dix Sherry Dorrer Mary Dove John Drew Marsha Duncan Carolyn Dunevant Dona DuParc Jim Dyess Jim Dykes Marsha Duncan recalls davs of Annandale j track triumphs, as Becky Squires looks on. the Sophomores . . . 141 Cliff Earl T. Van Eckhardt Margaret Edwards Linda Eggleston Sharon Ehlers Dennis Elliott Jackie English Cheryl Ewing Janet Felter Pat Flattery Rae Flood Cathy Foster Claire Foster Jean Foye Karen Free Michael Fungaroli Jim Garys Patty Gass Gail Griswold Dale Gurnell Janet Gutmann Art student Doug Mullins releases his creative talent upon a block of clay. earned a place in honor societies , 142 “All I can see is glass.” Jeff Twardy moans as Donna Young pursues a reluctant hydra. helped plan activities , Carl Hansen Halliday Hart Pat Hartung Mari Havola Ken Hayden Nan Heim Jeff Harrington David Harris Patsy Hatch Bob Holden B. Hollingsworth Marjorie Hollister Jeff Hoover Tom Horton Lynne Howard Denise Howe William Howery Richard Hughes Jeanette Hummer Wade Hull 143 Joyce Hunley Connie Hutchings Wayne Huyler Kathy Ingerson Jim Inks Susan Inks Debbie Jackson Irma Jackson Lois James Michael Jarosh Ralph Jensen Barbara Johnson “1 know there’s a contact lens in there some¬ where.” Joyce Chittum appears to be sleepy in algebra class. Wanda Jones Jean Kamminga James Kaputa Colleen Kelley Cathy Kenny William Kellum Larry Kennedy Bob Johnson Danny Jones Keith Jones and acquired Kathy Kevill Anne Kilpatrick Connie Kirk Linda Kickhorn Susan Klein F. Klingensmith Eddie Koziol Larry Langhorne a Zoe Ann Lawson Richard Lawton Mary Etta Layne Bob LeBrelon Rachel Lester Paula Levitt Vera Libeau Cynthia Lightfoot Richard Lind Mike Linn Jim Linscott Kathi Lipscomb Ted Little Paulette Lutjens Vivian Malanga Sandy Martin Patti Mattson Nancy McAdams Margaret McCabe Genie McClellan Frank McClendon Hugh T. McCormick Sharon Lee McCoy Mary A. McFarland recognition in school life. Joey McFarlen Tod McWhinney Joanne K. Measley Richard Mellen Diana Melody Billy Milleson Robert D. Mitchell Perry Monroe Marilyn Moore Bonnie Mooty Judith Morris Janet Morrow “He’s simply wonderful!” Jackie Mewhort, Jeff Twardy, and Kathy Ingerson gossip at the Winter Whirl. 145 Janelle Pollock and Kathi Mosher turn out another fifth period special. Kathleen Mosher Sandy Moureau Dianne Murphy Pat Musolino Bobbie Nagle Dickie Neland Joe Nelson Virginia Oderwald David Oleson Wilma Olivari Pete O’Neill Toni Opeka Wanda O’Rear Jimmy Palmer Tessa Palmer Janet Palmes Tom Paradis Marilyn Parke Sharon Parker Cam Pascoe Gladys Payne Danny Pemberton Brigitte Petersen David Peterson Sandra Phares Janell Pollock Gigi Price Joe Price Nancy Pruett Joan Pulley 146 Joan Puesell Kerry Quinn Gary Rahm Donna Rajeski Joyce Ramay Carol Ann Re Ted Remington Renee Reynolds John Richardson Rick Rio Mike Romeo Bruce Roming B. Rosencrantz Ralph Ross Regina Rothenberg Douglas Rotz Pamela Rouvalis John Royster Their goal is knowledge; Suzanne Rucker Kenny Runyon Allen Russell Don Ruths Bob Ryan Patty Ryan Fred Saccone Judy Saules Hugh Scott Priscilla Scull Janie Sculley Steve Sears 147 their constant search continues. Jack Selby Howard Sheble Susan Shellington Frances Shepard Vicki Shotwell Mary Lou Shreve Wesley Sides Fred Sieber Bob Simpson Connie Skoog Betty Lue Smith David Smith “Wow. Co-rec sure is interesting.” Reluctant Arthur Murrys, Greg Pearson and Charles Twiddy, sit this one out. Mary Sowers Mike Spence Wayne Spruell Becki Squires Michael Squires Toni Staples Edward Stewart Jane Stirrup Emmett Sullivan Ed Sutorik Tom Swan Barbara Tallia 148 Larry Tanner Hunt Teasley Bill Tennant Terry Terrien Joyce Thomas Bobby Timmons Barbara Topp William Torrey JefT Twardy Diana Umlauf David Van Dyk Cindy Via Sally Vogt Bill Wade Whitney Wagner Diane Waldo Pat Walsh Stamper Walter Gail Wanman Carol Washington Tom Watson M. Weatherholtz Val Weaver Jean Webster Karen Webster Valie West Linda Wharton Barbara White Susan White Carole Whittington Mary Willett John Gittinger Karen Williams Margie Wilson Diane Windsor Fred Wirth Robin Worthington Marianne Wubbeler Anne Young Donna Young Linda Zell Joy Zengel 149 Alison Bell, Vice President Freshman Class Officers As the school year of 60-61 draws to a close and the old makes way for the new, the freshman class of Annandale ascends the first rung of the high school ladder. Fond memories and acquaintances are sure to dot the old horizon, and the familiarity of the past is difficult to abandon; nevertheless, the present demands that he move on, leaving that to which we are accus¬ tomed. Established habits must be forsaken for the un¬ tried ones of the future. With pride the freshman class can look back upon the finished year. With eagerness it can view the challenge of the approaching year. New horizons are opened to it. New experiences await it. The new year offers to act as the base from which the class can mount the imminent challenge. With confidence the freshmen are able to approach the im¬ pending year, the year which will offer to them a test¬ ing ground for their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. 150 Freshman Follies Allison Bell ' s gayly flinging skirts and wild gyrations were reminiscent of a bygone era. Gail Hagstron and Judy Ralph were soft shoe performers at the Freshman Follies. This year the freshman class decided to show the Upperclassmen that it had talent and spirit. Under the skillful direction of freshman English teacher Mr. Henretty, the class put on a show to top all shows—the Freshman Follies. They starred themselves and sold standing room in the auditorium. Parents and upperclassmen were soon roaring with laughter as the freshmen presented their version of “St. George and the Dragon” (who couldn’t see very well) and Brenda Lee (whose dress didn’t fit in back). Sara Frizzell, Joanne Cockley, Pat Brown, and Allison Bell brought back the Roaring Twenties with the Big Apple. The program was high¬ lighted and terminated by the faculty’s riotous satire on the tale of “Pokyhunus (Mrs. Talmadge) and Captain John Smith” (Mr. Gill). Darling Don Stover, escorted by Mr. Henretty, made his her debut at the Freshman Follies. “Would yon care to say a few words into the Mike?” Merry Stacer asks of Denis Calebrese. As the year started, and confusion Eugene Riddle works with the bandsaw in shop class. Stephen Aasheim Wally Adamson Julie Adler Jim Albertson Bettie Allman Mary Amburn Gary Anderson Richard Anderson Rosalind Anderson Tish Ange James Atherton William Arno JoAnne Bachman Jon Bachman Douglas Bachtel Bob Bacon Norma Baird Donald Barker Alan Bassett Carol Battaglia Joan Battaglia Bob Behan Burton Beite Allyson Bell Lou Arrington Penny Artwohl Patricia Avery 152 Rod Bell John Beller Steve Benton Bob Berezoski Joan Berry Dick Berryhill Ed Bethart Barbara Bey Ernie Bickers Dave Bisset Brenda Blackwell Bonnie Blaine Jim Blandin Pat Blown Dana Bonkemeyer Judy Booker Lee Booker Sharon Boone Lee Bosserman Susan Boulden Kevin Boyle Jim Brady Tommie Braun Tim Breslin Vicki Briggs Gary Bross Harley Brown Ronnie Bulson Sherry Burbach Bill Burbridge John Burns Richard Busching Keith Buttleman Jane Cables Becky Cain changed to joy, the class of 1964 • • • 153 Curtis Cain John Callaghan Chris Callan Roberta Campbell Steve Cambell Pam Canham David Carhart Rob Carney Wayne Carson “The Charleston is back,” Betsy Emmons and Sue Turner recreate the Roaring Twenties for the Talent Show. participated in activities , Jimmy Carter Charlotte Casey James Cassedy Elsie Caton Diane Chaconas Denny Chafin Deryl Chamberlain Manson Cheek Ruth Choate Steve Christensen Cheryl Chunn Ronnie Clark Martha Close Alan Clyde Parker Coad Joanne Coakley Donald Coghlan Tim Cogswell James Coffman Virginia Cole Mike Commander John Conmy Charles Cook Lynndell Coolidge Barry Cooper Jeff Copeland Diane Couch Bob Courtney 154 Rosemary Cowan Janet Crane Butch Crawford James Cray Bob Culbertson Scott Cummins Kathy Cummings Albert Curless Tom Cushman Tom Dalton Fred Danes Mildred Daniels Jim Dare Nancy Darling Nina Darling such as the Talent Show. Donna Davis Kenneth Davis Rosa Lee Davis Sheron Davis Carolyn Day Lynn Dearwester Jim Deaver Sharon Dewey Bill Dick Bob Dickenon Daun Dickie Lee Domina Laville Dove Brian Downes Bene Dozier Stephen Drye 155 “Hurry up with my skirt! I have a class next p eriod! " Patty Ross works on a project in Home Ec class. Phyllis Dunn Laura Dwyer Pat Eck Virginia Edwards Jean Elliott Margie Emerson Betsy Emmons Ricky Evert Charles Fagan Charlotte Fairey George Falconer Pam Farmer Titia Faver Lee Feavyear Alma Felber ! Art Fitchett Linda Fletcher Becky Floyol Carol Floyd Mike Fox Danny Fraley Betty Frazier Andrea Freeze Sarah Frizzell David Fullerton Ronny Furr Ernest Gaddy Rocky Gaines Randy Galbraith Bob Garner I 156 Darlene Garner Gretchen Gates Barbara Gattis John Gephart Donna Germaine Anne Giberson Julien Girard Mat tew Godek Cathy Golladay Carolyn Golway Robert Good Kay Gordon Judy Gould Wesley Graham Gene Graves Pete Greenwalt Connie Greenwood Richard Griffiths They began to work harder Sandy Grim Anne Griswold Richard Green Doris Gregory Ken Gummerson Cindy Guss Geoffrey Guss Cheryl Hagarty Gail Haggstronr Judy Haley Mary Haley Donna Ham 157 “Now let’s see, x plus y equals . . Carol Heighes mulls over an algebra problem. Richard Hamel Doug Hanewinckel Pia Hansen Jarl Hanson Thomas Hardey Peter Hardy John Hare Mark Harrington to maintain good grades, Richard Harris Leslie Hart Lise Hart Bill Hatch A1 Humphries Susan Hatch Jane Haycock Bonnie Hayden Rege Hazlett Stephanie Heatwole Holly Hegel Judy Hek Carol Heishes Barbara Heiston John Helmick Brad Herbert Carol Herbert JoAnne Hiatt Jane Hightower Cindy Hippier Nancy Hoag Terry Hockersmith Greg Holland Kitty Hopkins Marcy Hopkins Duane Hopper Nancie Hopper Mary Horgan Joe Hornsby Ann Horton David Hottle Vance Hough Clinton Howard Dee Humphrey Billie Hunter Marilyn Hunzeker Clyde Hutchison Elaine Huyler Vicki Inks Wendy Impell Brenda Jackson Dixie Jackson Garn Jackson Dennis Jacobs but still Susan Janet John Javage Ronnie Jenkins Jonelle Crawford Barbru Johnson Bert Johnson Brad Johnson Gail Johnson Julie Johnson Karen Johnson Richard Johnson Linda Jones Tommy Jones Kathy Jordan Karen Kaenzig Virginia Kahn Joe Kallini Mike Karnes 159 Sharon Kemp Gary Kessler Pat King Raymond King Karleen Klemp Carolyn Kline Betty Klinstiver Pat Koontz Pat Kuniansky Judy Kurfehs Konrad Kurtz Faye LaFone Jim Lambert Becky Landin Diana Lane Sharen Lane Gary Laugin Michael LeClair Michelle Lees David Lewis Flo Ling Penny Lipscomb Linda Lloyd Bruce Loberg Fred Lohman Clayton Long Susie Long Maureen Lowe Wanen Lowey Vincent Lozito “Ole!” Marian McKnight and Pat Meaders try out Annandale’s new language laboratory. Freshmen Steve Lunsford Terry Madden Wally Magathan Crisell Mahinske Mead Mahoney David Maitland Rose Maley Jim Mann Jon Marker Jeannie Martin Jeanne Marsh Sue Martin Vivian Martin Andy Marusak Melissa Marvel Jim Mason Ruth Massey Kem Massie Roy Matthews Donna May Carla McAneney Jim McCarthy Robert McCarthy Emily McClintock tried new techniques . . . Mike McCormick Sandra McCown Diana McDaniel Denise McHugh Pat McKinney Marian McKnight Jean McLain Mary McNaught Dana Mead Jean Meaders Ricky Meana Alan Miley Bob Miller Doug Miller Peggy Miller 161 Tuck Milton Jan Mitchell Gene Montgomery Gary Monroe Ruth Monschke Dan Mooney Carol Moore Sandra Moore James Morris Sandra Mosher Linda Mullins Kirk Munnikhuysen Pat Murray Dorothea Myers Richard Myers Mario Nadler Lana Neale Carlyle Nerdahl Lana Nicholson Nancy Nightingale Miriam Noll Michael Norton Ronnie Nowell Annabelle Nutter Louis Obaugh Karen O’Flaherty Barbara Olinger Kirk Olverson Judy Ourand Cindy Overman but still spent time . . . Virginia Padgette James Page James Parker Mary Patton Barbara Payne Glenda Payne Roger Paxton Jeff Pearson Irene Pelszynski Elston Perry Cindy Phelps Kathy Phillips Chris Phipper Kurt Pierce Andrea Pinning Teddy Pippin Anne Plath Gary Plaugher Pat Plecha Pattie Plough Kemp Polly Kerry Pope Suzanne Portrum Charles Post Jerry Potter John Prentice Chris Raabe Judy Ralf Patricia Rant Richard Rands Karsten Rathenberg Jackie Raymond Walt Rave Carol Rivenbark Kathryn Rice Eugene Riddle in old fashioned study . . . Stevan Richards Ray Rivenbark John Robey Bruce Rollman Bill Ross Patty Ross Wally Rotkis Belinda Rowby Karen Rucker “Amoeba, protozoa, bacteria, phooey.” Frank Mc¬ Clendon tackles his biology homework. r Marcy Ruhl Roger Rutledge Guy Sanborn 163 Nancy Seale Suzanne Selph Archi Seuplock “What’s Rembrandt got that I don ' t have?” Jon Backman makes a practice sketch on the blackboard for art class. Peggy Schoenecker Charles Schafer Mike Schick JoEllen Schild Fred Schmoyer Linda Schnatterly John Schreiber Don Seed Maureen Shafer ..,. 40 ' i f ■ i it- 1 - 1 Sandy Shoemaker Harold Smarr Craig Smith Martina Smith Sandy Smolen Jerry Snyder Charles Solan Sharon Sowers Gary Spanke Cheryl Stafford Gary Stafford Karen Stafford Nancy Stafford Sara Scheider Mary Stanley Sue Stanley Merry Anna Staser Jack St. Clair . 164 Sharon Steiger Toby Stein Coraelia Stellenwerf Gay Stelzenmuller Nancy Stevens David Stirling Joan Strickland Jeffrey Strong Carol Stoner Donald Stover Nan Strickler Tom Sulick Judy Svendsen Jay Swee Bob Sylverter Sharon Talley Paul Tannous Jean Taylor Jerry Taylor Bob Tavenner Lynn Teller Harry Thompson William Thompson Doug Tibbetts Glenna Tilden Mara Tisdale Stephany Tisdale Rusty Tomlinson Carla Treadwell Susan Tregone Gilbert Tribbett Donna Tribby Tom Tucker Sue Turner Joan Turnquist Joe Ulery 165 Corky Upchurch Robert Upton Richie Vaughn Mary Vawter Patsy Wafel Jane Wagner Charles Walker Betty Ward Johnny Ward Eric Watson Robert Watson Minnie Weeks Peggy Weissenstein Wayne Welde Kenny Werner Carolyn White Joseph Whitton Dave Wigutoff Betty Williams Bob Williams And now we move forward. Robert Williams Teresa Williams Wayne Willin Claudia Wilson Pattie Winfree Malcolm Winstead Katherine Wirth John Withers Harriet Witherell R. Witherspoon Dennis Wolfe Beverly Yancey Donnie Young Brian Zamuda Diane Ziccarelli Bruce Zimmerman Bill Zook Stephen Zimpel 166 PATRONS Hayward “Metesky” Anderson Mr. Mullen’s summer school class Mr. and Mrs. Norman Junker Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cable, Sr. Mr. Fisher’s Fourth Period English Class “Mimi” Mrs. A. Ashenhurst Robert L. Stevenson Elizabeth Mitchell Mr. Isenberg’s Fourth Period Connell’s Cool Capella Peter Pan Prep, here I come! Mrs. Orville S. Splitt John Pennylegion Mrs. Charles E. Benson Mrs. Elmore “A closed mouth gathers no feet.” Bob Gray No such thing as black and white, only shades of gray. J. R. Croy “Rest but not rust.” Substandardization breeds substandardization “Grau ist alle theorie.” Mrs. D. R. Smith Compliments of the original Sociology Class J. R. Godwin “It ain’t no big thing.” Donna, Ginnie Pat, Champ. Mrs. James W. Poland To Mrs. Payne from her Fourth Period Spanish I Class. John H. Gallo The Annandale Optimist Junior Rifle Club Mrs. Likar’s Fourth Period Study Hall “Work Crew” Likar Howard and Jean Payne To Flirtney Fortney Madame Tannous’s Star S. A. French Students Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. H. K. Bruce Mrs. Briggs What-hit-me? Gray Mrs. Brooks’ Sixth Period German Class Biggest gun on the basketball team. Gary Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gutman Sancho and George The Art Guild J. A. Stombeck The Mistrots Edward John North Mrs. Sybil Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gray Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shellington Mr. and Mrs. O’Hare Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hagartey Steve and Eric Skinnider Annandale Chapter of the Fairy Lore Society George Szele M.D. Mrs. Henry S. Jozwicki Thomas H. Porter Mrs. Dyess’ Fourth Period Class Earl W. Gill The Reverend and Mrs. Wilbur M. Sims Mrs. Mabel B. Peightel To the Little Green Girls from Rusty Screw and Crisco Ruth K. Baumgardner Vote M.O.P. in ’83: Experience counts. Larry D. Klinger Commander Russell H. Buckley U.S.N. (ret.) Mrs. Elmore Hello, Kathy Lipscomb Commander V. W. Adler Congratulations Seniors! Mrs. Hillis Lory, Director of Guidance Mrs. Arne’s’ “high” Fourth Period Class To the Nitwits A Madame Morrell from her Fourth Period French Class To Mr. Henretty and his Little Card Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Strickler To Mom from her Fourth Period Kiddies To Vicki — 167 ANNANDALE MILLWORK “EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOME and COMMERCIAL NEEDS.’’ Lumber — Millwork — Building Materials Free Estimates Prompt Delivery 7120 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Vo. CLearbrook 6-1300 Daevers Electric Service G-E APPLIANCES “If it ' s electric we fix it’’ . 9869 Columbia Pike Annandale, Virginia CLearbrook 6-3211 MONCURES AGENCY 6812 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia JE. 2-2200 “RENT, BUY, SELL and INSURE WITH MONCURE Compliments of THE ALMA SHOPS Featuring Nationally Advertised Ladies Ready-to-Wear Falls Church, Clarendon, Virginia TODD ' S TEXACO 7271 Little River Turnpike CL. 6-2391 ROADSIDE, INC. MARKET and GARDEN SHOP 2750 Little River Turnpike (bet. Fairfax and Annandale) CR. 3-5446 CR. 3-5444 Groceries - Meats - Shrubbery - Garden Tools and Supplies Open Daily 8 A.M. to 1 1 P.M. FISCHER HARDWARE HOUSEWARE — GLASS — TOYS RENTALS — SPORTS PLYWOOD — GARDEN SUP PLIES HARDWARE Bland and Brandon Ave., Springfield FL. 4-5700 168 we are pleased to offer our customers the finest in modern, efficient and complete Banking Services Main Office located on Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Va. We are Open Monday thru Friday — 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Friday Evenings — 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. Saturdays — 9 A.M. to 12 Noon generous and accessible parking area Old Dominion National Bank Deposits Insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 169 Dauphine ' s Steak House STEAK, SEAFOOD, CHOPS 6315 Amherst Street, Springfield 10 AM. to 12 P.M. FL. 4-9751 May all your dreams for the future be fulfilled 6313 AMHERST AVE. SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA (JUST AROUND THE CORNER FROM BON -FOODS) FL. 4-6544 FL. 4-6552 Congratulations Best Wishes BOWLING IS FUN! Join your friends for Ten Pin Bowling TEN PIN PLAZA Route 236 and Annandale Road, Annandale, Va. FULLY EQUIPPED PRO SHOP FREE INSTRUCTION LEAGUES FOR ALL BOWLERS “Chuck’ Drazenovich, Mgr. CLearbrook 6-2211 THE SPRINGFIELD BANK Springfield, Vo. FL. 4-6300 HOURS: 9:30-2:30 Mon. thru Fri. 6-8 P.M., Friday 9-12 noon, Saturday Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 170 W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY 3110 West Marshall Street, Richmond, Va. SCHOOL and COLLEGE JEWELRY MEDALS and TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE POWER CLEANERS CLearbrook 6-3066 Cor. of Annandale Rd. and Columbia Pike ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Class of ' 61 Mr. Robert A. Gray, Jr. Mr. Ralph E. Buckley Mr. Charles Baptie, Jr. Zamski Studios Mr. David Victor Cheek Faculty Members H. G. Roebuck Son, Inc. The People of Our Community School Photographers Alston Studios Antenna Staff 171 ANNANDALE L SPORTS WILSON RAWLINGS SPORTING GOODS VA. HUNTING FISHING LICENSES HOBBIES Incorporated ANNANDALE SHOPPING CENTER CLearbrook 6-7255 WHITTINGTON AMOCO 6465 Columbia Pike Baileys Cross Roads X RENIAt M I N ' S B RGENS B o joL student BERGEN ' S Men ' s, Boys Students ' Shop 9641 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. HU. 1-9895 “Use your central charge plate at Bergen ' s ” Iva Trice Dress Shop BUFORD ' S 7812 Duke Street Annandale, Va. HOUSE OF PIT BAR-B-Q COMMERCIAL FEEDING FL. 4-5474 ARCADE BARBER SHOP 9607 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Located in Arcade, Annandale Shopping Center One Hour Service HU. 1-2677 APEX CLEANERS TRUST YOUR IMPORTANT CLOTHES TO US Baileys Cross Roads Shopping Center Annandale Road Annandale, Virginia ANNANDALE FLORIST Columbia Pike At Maple Street CL. 6-2666 172 LADY ELEANOR HAIRSTYLIST Columbia Pike (opp. Elementary School) Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-9886 GORDON REALTY CLOTHES CLINIC DRY CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS 9609 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. 9863 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-2500 DORBETS FASHIONS Culmore Shopping Center JE. 3-1163 LYNCH BROS., INC. REALTORS Sales . . . Rentals . . . Insurance FL. 4-7000 Property Management Residential and Industrial Acreage Springfield Shopping Center Springfield, Virginia B S CAR WASH 6520 Columbia Pike Bailey ' s " X " Roads HU. 1-2844 Most Modern In Virginia Two Things To Sell “CLEAN CAR COURTEOUS SERVICE” Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. — Sunday 9 to 3 TONY ' S PIZZA Annandale Road Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-7766 173 CONGRATULATIONS ANNANDALE PET SUPPLY Your Friendly Pet Shopping Center REGISTERED PUPPIES — TROPICAL COMPLETE LINE OF PETS AND SUPPLIES Annondole, Va. CLearbrook 6-2400 McCORMICK JEWELERS Town of Annandale CLearbrook 6-3000 DIAMONDS — WATCHES — SILVERWARE — GIFTS Specializing in Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing Member of Central Charge Eugene Hairdressers EUGENE BARLOW, Owner 9859 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Two Doors West of Annandale Florist CL. 6-2881 T. EUGENE SMITH, INC. Annandale, Virginia CL. 6-5557 INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE McWORTER PROPERTIES, INC. Annandale Shopping Center Annandale, Virginia CL. 6-2730 To Annandale Graduates. May We Say . . . Time and Money Can Be Fleeting Things . . . Use Both Wisely YOUR FULL SERVICE BANK 4 Convenient Offices MOUNT VERNON BANK and ddtiil Company BELLE VIEW JEFFERSON MANOR WILLSTON BAILEY " X " ROADS Member: F. D. I. C. SOuth 8-7000 A symbol of Quality in Fine Furniture JAMES L. MICHELBACH FURNITURE CO., INC. Little River Turnpike Ravensworth Road Annandale, Virginia CL. 6-3100 Free Delivery Monday - Friday open 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 174 MILLER REAL ESTATE CO.. OF ANNANDALE. INC. 9608 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. CLearbrook 6-4900 also MILLER REAL ESTATE COMPANY, INC. AND MILLER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 1510 COLUMBIA PIKE, ARLINGTON, VA. (Adjacent to Naval Annex-Pentagon) JA. 4-4252 COMPLET HOUSING and INSURANCE SERVICES Our entire staffs join in congratulating Annandale High School, both faculty and student body, on the splendid accomplishments achieved in so few years and extending best wishes to everyone for a happy and successful future. CAPTAIN N. VAN MILLER, USMC (Ret.), President 175 Best Wishes ANNANDALE SUPPLY CO. Backfick Rd. kef. Rf. 236 and Braddock Rd. HARDWARE — GARDEN SUPPLIES CL. 6-3003 LANCE MOTEL Locafed af Lincolnia Interchange Route 236 and Shirley Highway ANNANDALE GRILL Columbia Pike Annandale, Virginia SECURITY NATIONAL BANK BAILEYS CROSS ROADS 456 LEESBURG PIKE FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA JE. 2-8950 COMPLETE AND FRIENDLY BANKING SERVICE KATHY ' S BEAUTY LOUNGE 9718 Columbia Pike Annandale, Va. Six Days a Week Hours 9-6 — Thurs., Fri., 9-7:30 irginia Savings Loan {RGInia Savings f,i»,IT VIRGINIA SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 6810 BLAND SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA FL. 4-4100 MEADOW COLD PRODUCTS CO. 400 CALVERT AVENUE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Kl. 8-0250 176 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Herman Garlan To Commander Buckley’s Fourth Period Class The Roaring 222’s of Fourth Period Rabunsky’s Fourth Period Warriors Iona M. Jackson To Wally " The Swat " Good Luck to the Seniors The Library Staff Dave and Joan Joyce From Anita, in memory of my Junior year Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. C. T. Baird III Gray interprets history, but who interprets Gray? Sharon Green Commander and Mrs. David W. Canham, Jr. Major and Mrs. Thomas J. Green Miss Robinson ' s Fifth Period Psychology Class Linda Bahr Great Gray’s gullible globs—Sixth Period Miss Pete and her Sixth Period Pals Nixon’s most ardent admirer—Sharon Barber Ronnie Hamilton From the inhabitants of Mr. Gray’s world " Well, that’s the way the mop flops. " Robert L. Goods, Jr. Nitwits—teenage square-dance club Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Strickler Welcome to a little corner of our world. May Xylem and Phloem always produce cambiums. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Haycock Mr. Wade ' s new policy Schwartz’s Sunshine Boys What a way to waste a dollar Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Himmer Congratulations: S. A. class 107 Roger Rutledge The Veuxpopper And Company To Mrs. Hodgins from students bound to succeed Baton Twirling Academy Je 45544 Ralph E. Buckley Mr. and Mrs.. Clair Young Girls Basketball Team David E. Scull To Mr. Keller from his Fourth Period Class Lt. Col. and Mrs. F. W. Harrington From Mr. Gray’s 6th period FDR Fan Club To the Senior Play Cast from Jim Galbraith Yes, Virginia, there is an Abominable Snowman. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Baggett A salute to Mr. Tooth Decay; DFN The ideal individual is a conservative GOP school teacher From the A-Blast to that other publication From B. H., S. S., D. T., B. J. Nous amusons nos eleves et en meme tempo nous amusins. From Uncle Hutch’s mad crypt. The cool cadogoors of the pad with a John Hancock 217. From Uncle " Bob’s " 6th period pastry-packers. Aufwiedersehen from Sam Blate Verzbuna sapiente sat Class of ' 62 Good luck, seniors The Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur M. Sims 177 A SERVING A SECOND 9722 COLUMBIA PIKE 11-11:00 SUN.-THURS., 11-MIDNIGHT FRI. SAT. FRIENDSHIP HOUSE Distinctive Gifts for all Occasions Hallmark Cards Springfield, Va. FL. 4-7040 Reid ' s AMOCO Service Station Backlick at- Braddock Road CL. 6-0616 SAM ' S TAILORING 7308 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stickler PAUL W. RASMUSSEN STUDENT PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION CERTIFICATES OF MERIT earned in 1960 National School Yearbook Association Honors Southern Interscholastic Press Association Honorable Mention 178 m mm mmh MVv VRARE 373.755 A 1961 V.7 Annandale High School (McLean, Va.) The antenna

Suggestions in the Annandale High School - Antenna Yearbook (Annandale, VA) collection:

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