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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1957 volume:

VOLUME III PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF ANN AND ALE HIGH SCHOOL ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA 1 FOREWORD WE LL NE ' ER FORGET all our wonderful times at Annandale High School, and the editors of the 1957 Antenna hope that in the years to come, the pages of this volume will bring our memories vividly to life. WE ' LL NE’ER FORGET our friends and classmates who lived these memories with us, the faculty which taught and guided us, and the athletic and social events, all of which made up an enjoyable part of our high school careers. Mrs. Ethel Roach Potts 4 DEDICATION Mrs. Potts always has a smile for her students. We, the students of Annandale High School dedi- cate this the third volume of the Antenna to Mrs. Ethel Roach Potts in the hope that we may express our sincere apprecia- tion for the wonderful things that she has done for us. This may have been the last year for Mrs. Potts to teach us in the classroom, but WE’LL NE’ER FOR- GET the lessons she has taught us. The students of math were truly taught well, and the way in which she helped mold o ur characters is a treasure that will always remain with us. 5 8:40 a.m. at Annandale Peace? . . . Peace! 6 Home of all A.H.S. students doing research. The most popular period of the day. m PEOPLE Dr. Clyde W. Gleason Mr. Theodore S. Herriot FAIRFAX COUNTY Dr. Merton S. Parsons Mr. W. T. Woodson Superintendent of Schools SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Robert F. Davis Dr. Hillis Lory Mr. Samuel Solomon Mr. Ralph E. Buckley Principal Mr. W. J. Baker, Jr. Assistant Principal Mr. Lawrence Sawyer Assistant Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Ames B. A. English Senior Guidance Counselor Co-Sponsor of Senior Class Mrs. Lillian Armstrong B. S. Sponsor of Honor Society Junior Guidance Counselor Mr. Sawyer and Mrs. Smith take time out to discuss notices on the guidance bulletin board. Mrs. Loretta Bennett B. S. Home Economics F. H. A. Sponsor Mr. Robert Bogen B. A., M. A. Chemistry General Science Mr. Wallace Bugin A. B., M. A. Science Mr. Wallace Bolding B. A. ESSO Eighth Grade Guidance Counselor Miss Katherine Buck B. A. Physical Education Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Girls Junior Varsity Softball Coach Mrs. Mary Eliza Bunch Secretary Mrs. Elinor Burchard B.S. Commercial Classes Sponsor of F.B.L.A. Mrs. Marion Cassedy B. A. General Math., Algebra I Mrs. Kathleen Church B. A. English Mr. Robert Colbert B. A. U. S., Va. History, Social Studies Mrs. Patricia Cummings B. A. English Mrs. Muriel Cutter B.S. English, Sophomore Counselor Mrs. Winifred Davis Secretary Mrs. Margaret Dyess B. A. Eighth Grade Mathematics Faculty Mr. Shriver watches as Mr. Harris explains that you use a pinch of this and a dash of that. 13 An intellectual moment. Faculty Music Depreciation . . . Mrs. Jean O. Elmore B. A. Ed. English Honor Society Sponsor Mr. John A. Farris B. Mus. Ed. M. Mus. Ed. Band Director Mr. Roy Fisher B. A. English Co-Sponsor Senior Class Mrs. Marian Flinchum B. A., M. S. Assistant Librarian Mrs. Vivian Flinchum B. A., M.S. General Business, Typing Mr. John Fones J B.S. Physical Education Mrs. Ellina Fox A. B., M.C.A. Latin, ESSO 14 Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey A. B., M. A. Commercial Mr. Robert Gray A. B. Geography, U. S. History Mr. John Grinnell B.S., M. A. Physical Education Varsity Basketball Coach Mrs. Louise Haack B. A. Mathematics Mrs. Hilda Hall B. A. Physical Education Mr. Thomas Harris B.S., M. A. Mathematics Co-Sponsor of A-Blast Faculty Good afternoon . . . Annandale High School. 15 Faculty Mr. Quentin Hatchl B.S. Solid Geometry; Trigonometry; Algebra Mr. Edward Henry B.S., M. Ed. Physical Education J. V. Football Coach Track Coach . Mr. Parnell takes time out to catch up on his math. Mrs. Mary Johnson B. S. ESSO Mrs. Elizabeth Jones A. B. English; Public Speaking; Dramatics Mr. Harry Keller B. A. Eighth Grade Science General Science Mr. Ralph Lewis B. A. Mechanical Drawing Wood Shop Stage Crew Sponsor Mrs. Winifred Likar A. B., B.S. English Mrs. Rose Little B. A. Latin Mr. John Locascio B.S. Mechanical Drawing General Shop Mrs. Molly Lukens B.S. Physical Education Mr. Allan Marsh B.A., M. A. Art Mrs. Eleanor Mason B.S. Music Mrs. Garnett May B.S., M.S. Science, General Science Mrs. Janie McIlwaine B. S. Home Economics Mrs. Frances Milton B. A. French, Sponsor of French Honor Society Mr. Kenneth Mullen B. S. Mathematics, Science Faculty Mr. Baker confers with a parent. 17 Mr. Gray walks Mrs. Burchard to class. Faculty Mrs. Lucy Murphy Mr. William Parrish B. A. B.S., M.Ed. English American History, Geography Mr. William Parnell A. B., A. M. American Government Mrs. Jean Payne A. B. Spanish Sponsor Student Government Miss Radine Pellegrin A. B. World History, English Miss Roberta Peters B. S. Physical Education Mrs. Elizabeth Posey B.S. Mathematics 18 Mrs. Ethel Potts B.S., M S. Mathematics Mrs. Ann Ramey B.S. Physical Education Mr. William Richards A. B., M. A. Social Studies American History Mrs. Kent Brain Rogers A. B., M. A. ESSO Mrs. Margaret Reed B. A., M. A. ESSO Miss Ruth Royston A. B. Journalism American Government Creative Writing Mr. Donald Sachs B.S. Commercial Faculty Mr. Marsh explains to the art students that it is to be done this way. 19 Mr. Ralph Shriver A. B. Industrial Arts Faculty Mr. Harry Smith A. B. Physical Education Mrs. Virginia Smith B.S., M. A. ESSO Mr. Lewis watches advisedly. Mrs. Wilma Smith B.S. Mathematics Mrs. Carol Spangler Finance Officer Mr. Robert Stevenson B. A. American History Social Studies Mrs. Josephine Tannous B. A., M. A. English, French Mr. Robert Tolley B.S., M. A. Industrial Arts Mrs. Donnalee Van Zante B. A. Geography, Social Studies Mr. Peter Visnick B.S. General Mathematics Biology Mrs. Jane White A. B. ESSO Faculty Mrs. Marjorie Willis B. A. Eng. English Mr. Lawrence Winkler B.S., M. A. Counseling, Algebra Mrs. Garland Woodson B.S. Typing Mr. Fred Wygal B. S. in Music Ed. Music Mrs. Lory’s guidance will always be remembered. 21 The ever-present friendly smile. President Stacy McMarlin Vice President Sponsor Carolyn Lynch Mr. Fisher WE’LL NE’ER FORGET our senior year. We received our class rings and wore them proudly. We finally got our long-awaited senior privileges. Much hard work went into the Senior Play, and we’ll ne’er forget the feeling of pride and accomplishment when it was successful. We added money to our fund for the New York trip through the Senior Follies. Most of all, we’ll ne’er forget our New York trip and out final high school social event, the Prom. Secretary Toni Garlan Treasurer Janet McDonald Sponsor Mrs. Ames Robert Anderson Annandale Vocational Richard Anderson Annandale Elective Nancy Ayers Falls Church Academic Peter Bain Falls Church Academic Sandra Barefiele Springfield Academic Dorothy Barry Falls Church Academic Nancy Bauer Springfield Academic Jane Beach Alexandria Commercial James Berryhill Falls Church Academic Vera Best Alexandria Vocational Delores Buss Alexandria Commercial Frank Bokowski Franconia Academic 23 Barbara Bradford Alexandria Commercial Barbara Brasse John Brauer Guinevare Breeding Annandale Alexandria Falls Church Commercial Academic Academic Margaret Briscoe Springfield Academic Linda Brittain Alexandria Academic Frank Brogdon Springfield Vocational Baxter Brown Alexandria Vocational Thomas Buntin Annandale Academic Merle Butzner Springfield Academic Lorin Cary Annandale Academic John Callow Falls Church Academic Senior Strictly for Seniors ! 24 Janet Cannon Alexandria Academic Wayne Cannon Alexandria Vocational Marion Cartaglia Bren Marr Park Elective Julia Cassedy Alexandria Commercial Class Barbara Castell Burke Academic Helen Ann Cheek Falls Church Academic Bruce Churchill Falls Church Academic Paul Cico Falls Church Academic Elmo Coker Alexandria Academic Molly Comstock Springfield Academic James Condrey Alexandria Vocational Shelby Conklin Springfield Vocational 25 Jack Conley Burke Academic Michael Connelly Alexandria Academic Nelson Conner Gamaliel Cook Alexandria Annandale Academic Vocational Susan Cook Falls Church Academic James Culbertson Springfield Academic Leonard Curry Annandale Academic Gail Curtin Alexandria Academic Linda Dean Annandale Elective William Deane Falls Church Vocational Katherine Delory Falls Church Elective Donald Demory Alexandria Vocational Senior A distinguished figure i 26 Alice Dick Annandale Elective Michael Dominick Springfield Academic Julia Drenning Alexandria Academic Linda Dull Falls Church Commercial Edwin Dumas Annandale Academic Barbara Edmonston Alexandria Elective Class Ralph Eppard Alexandria Vocational Francis Fewell Springfield Commercial nandale High speaks to the Government Class. Gerald Flatequal Springfield Academic Douglas Foard Springfield Academic Doris Foster Annandale Elective James Fox Burke Academic 27 Edward Freeman Mary Helen Freeman Falls Church Alexandria Academic Commercial George Galanis Annandale Vocational Carolyn Gapen Falls Church Academic Patricia Garcia Annandale Elective Toni Garlan Annandale Academic Ralph German Annandale Academic Mildred Gorham Alexandria Vocational Dorothy Green Annandale Academic Cecilia Grover Alexandria Commercial Roland Harris Annandale Academic Helen Hayes Springfield Academic 28 Senior This English IV class wa If ' • E i Richard Hays Annandale Academic Mary Heishman Springfield Commercial Peggy Henry Annandale Commercial Bruce Hewitt Annandale Elective Class rupted by the arrival of class rings. Denise Holloran Alexandria Academic Tieman Horn Falls Church Academic Nancy Hottle Annandale Academic John Ingram Alexandria Academic Larry Jacobson Springfield Academic William Kanto Falls Church Academic Alan Kerrick Alexandria Vocational Kenlynn King Annandale Commercial 29 Joseph Kitchen Alexandria Academic Esther Koci Alexandria Academic William Koustenis John Lacey Annandale Alexandria Vocational Academic Linda Long Springfield Academic William Love Alexandria Vocational Roger Lowther Springfield Academic Robert Luttrell Annandale Vocational Carolyn Lynch Annandale Academic Helen Lynch Burke Academic Jeanette MacDonald Springfield Commercial Clint McDonald Springfield Academic Senioi Hey you Seniors ! Sto] -iO Janet McDonald Springfield Academic Shirley McGuin Alexandria Commercial Stanley McInturff Alexandria Elective Maureen McKenna Burke Academic Jlass onopolizing the phone. Stacy McMarlin Alexandria Academic Terrence Maddock Falls Church Academic Mary Mahon Springfield Commercial Linda Marsden Annandale Academic Laura Mason Alexandria Commercial Charles Mercer Annandale Academic Patricia Mernone Falls Church Academic Reginald Mervine Annandale Commercial OJ. Judith Miller Falls Church Academic David Mitton Cecelia Myers Robert Nay Alexandria Springfield Annandale Academic Commercial Academic Patricia Nicolet Alexandria Academic Edward Noll Annandale Vocational Barbara Norfolk Annandale Elective Edward North Annandale Vocational Roger Nutter Annandale Academic Shirley O ' Bannon Alexandria Commercial Nancy Obaugh Alexandria Elective Nancy Oberdorf Falls Church Academic 32 Senior Open it, Laura, so we can SSOCIATES Lucy Okamoto Falls Church Academic Jerianne Parlin Annandale Commercial Francis Pegg Springfield Commercial Monte Penney Annandale Academic Class i • 1 Robert Persell Falls Church Academic Mims Phillips Springfiejd Academic Joan Piland Falls Church Elective Linda Powell Falls Church Elective PIOWARD PRINKEY Annandale Academic William Puckett Alexandria Vocational Alcinda Pyne Alexandria Commercial John Quast Alexandria Vocational 33 Judith Quick Springfield Commercial Frank Ray Lucy Reed Charles Rentch Alexandria Springfield Falls Church Vocational Academic Academic Wilma Ricketts Alexandria Commercial Joan Riley Annandale Commercial Robert Risteen Annandale Academic Gary Ross Annandale Academic Jerry Rowzie Alexandria Academic Kathryn Russell Annandale Academic Raymond Scott Alexandria Academic Emmon Shaw Springfield Academic 34 Senior Sylvia, is your ring a garm fl t ' James Shivar Alexandria Academic David Siegle Springfield Academic Donna Simmons Springfield Commercial Ronnie Simpson Alexandria Elective Class zircon ? JoAnn Smarr Alexandria Commercial Barbara Smith Alexandria Elective Delores Smith Springfield Vocational Barbara Snyder Annandale Academic Nancy Staples Alexandria Commercial Betsy Sterner Burke Academic Paul Steucke Springfield Academic Edward Stillions Burke Vocational 35 Thomas Stewart Springfield Academic Edward Stuart Falls Church Academic Sylvia Terry Springfield Academic Prior Thwaits Alexandria Academic Sharon Tobin Annandale Commercial Gracie Toon Springfield Academic Nicholas Studer Richard Talbert Falls Church Alexandria Academic Academic Hanna Trice Springfield Academic Charles Wagner Alexandria Academic Hill Walker Burke Academic Samuel Walker Annandale Academic 36 William Ward Alexandria Vocational Bobbye Whitenton Falls Church Acadeijiid Robert Whiting Falls Church Academic e- " Bette Ruth Williams Falls Church Academic Dale Windham Alexandria Academic Forrest Wood Falls Church Academic Mary Wilkins Alexandria Academic Michael Zoller Springfield Academic . . Divided ! ! ! ! Kathleen Crist Alexandria Commercial Kenneth Crovo Annandale Academic Audrey Lyles Alexandria Commercial Mary Lou Monroe Springfield Commercial 37 Senior Directory Richard James Anderson: Art Club 3. Nancy Carolyn Ayers: H.R. Rep.; Public Relations Com.; Newspaper; National Junior Honor Society 1; Year Book; Spanish Club 2; F.H.A. 1, 2; Debate Team; Senior Honor Soci- ety; Costume Com. Senior Play 4; F.T.A. (V.P.) 3 (Sec.) 4. Peter Dudley Bain: Track 1; S.C.A. 1,3; Bas- .ketball (J.V. Mgr.) 2 (Var. Mgr.) 4. Sandra Irene Barefield: Football Sponsor; Dramatic Club; Newspaper 2; French; Pep; Science Club 3; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Magazine Drive 3. Dorothy Elizabeth Barry: " ‘Superior Award, ” Ohio Junior Academy of Science Contest 1; Press; Latin Club; G.A.A.; Philatelic Club (Sec.); Newspaper; Honor Society 2; Dramatic Club; Band Awards Com. 3; All State Band; Senior Play; Debate Team; Yearbook 4. Nancy Joan Bauer: Majorette 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Spanish Club; Junior Class Rep. 3; Bus Patrol 1, 3; Choir; Var. Cheerleader; Senior Play; S.C.A. Rep. 4; Talent Show 2, 3; Chair- man Senior Follies 4. Harry James Berryhill, Jr.: Freshman Class Senator 1; President of Sophomore Class; Newspaper (Asst. Bus. Mgr.) 2 (Bus. Mgr.) 3. Vera Catherine Best: Bible Club 1. Delores Ann Bliss: Hockey 2; F.B.L.A. 3. Frank Gerald Bokowski: Baseball (J.V.); Stage Crew 2. Barbara Jane Bradford: Bible Club; Dance Club 3; Patrols 2, 3; Choir 2, 4. John Lee Brauer: Patrol 3; Monitor 2, 3; Naval Reserves 4; Stage Crew 3, 4; Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. Barbara Ann Brasse: F.H.A. 2. Guinevare Breeding: Choir 1, 2, 4; Latin Club 2, 4; Drama Club 2, 3 (Sec.), 4; French Club 3, 4; Plays Assemblies 2, 4; Forensics 3; French Honor Society 4; Senior Play (Lead) 4. Margaret Louise Briscoe: County Band Clinic (Rep.) 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; Band Li- brarian 3; Music Festival 3; Pub. Com. Senior Play; Yearbook County Band 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Linda Jean Brittain: Bible Club 1; F.T.A. 1; Music; Latin Club 2; Alumni Tea Hostess; Senior Play (Student Director); Choir 1, 2, 4; Yearbook 2, 3, 4 (Asst. Ed.). Glen Franklin Brogdon, Jr.: Dance Band; Art Club 1; Auto Club 3; Bus Driver 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Henry Baxter Brown: H.R. Rep. 1, 2, 3; Highest Mag. Salesman 2, 3; Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4; Monitor 2, 3, 4. Thomas Julian Buntin: Track; Band (Treas.) 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Dance Band 4; Drum Major; All State Band 3, 4; Concert Band; Solo Duet-Dist. Fest. 1, 2, 3, 4. Merle Kay Butzner: Office Asst. 1; Latin Club 2; Music Club 1, 2; Junior Class Treas- urer 3; Senior Play (Pub. Com.); Points Award Com. 4; French Club 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Janet Lee Cannon: Spanish Club 1; Choir 2; Honor Society 1; Senior Play (Cost. Com.) 4; Bible Club 2, 4. John Lrederick Callow: Junior Honor Soci- ety 1; Music Club 2; College Board Club 3; Senior Play; Choir (Pres.) 4; Key Club; Senior Honor Society 3, 4. Marion Teresa Cartaglia: G.A.A.; German- American (Pres.); Drama 1, 2; Senior Play 4; Choir 1, 2, 4. Lorin Cary: Football (Var.) 2; Newspaper Club (Pres.); H.R. Rep. 3; Senior Play; Moni- tor (Capt.); Key Club; Dramatic Contest (State) 4; Photographer 2, 3, 4. Julia Ann Cassedy: F.B.L.A. 3. Barbara Jane Castell: S.C.A. Rep. 3; Span- ish Club 2, 3; Softball; Choir 1, 2, 3; Key Club Queen Senior Play (Ticket Com.) 4; Cheer- leader 3, 4. Helen Ann Cheek: Pep; Music Club (Sec.); Band (Accompanist) 1; S.M.A. (Homecoming Queen) 2; Spanish; Press Club; Rep. to THSPA 2, 3; Rep. Torch 1, 2, 3; H.R. (Treas.) 1; Reporter 2, 3; Choir; Senior Play 4. Bruce William Churchill: Spanish Club 2; Football (Var.); Key Club; Track (Bar.) 2, 3, 4. Paul Anton Cico: Softball; Baseball 2; All Male Reiew 4; Football 2, 3, 4. Ira Cochran: Monitor 2; Fishing Club 3; Bus Patrol 2, 3. M ary Bennett Comstock: Softball 1; News- paper (Asst.) 1; Latin Club 3; Cheerleader 4; Choir 2, 3, 4. James Leroy Condrey: Choir 1, 2, 4. 38 Senior Directory Shelby Lena Conklin: F.H.A. (Treas.); H.R. Rep. 4. Jack Verlon Conley: Civil Defense Club 2; H.R. Rep.; Rifle Club; Yearbook Staff 4. Michael Dale Connelly: Newspaper Staff (Sports Editor) 2; Basketball (J.V.) 1, 2; Maga- zine Drive 4; Track (Var.) 3, 4. Nelson David Conner: S.C.A. (Senator) 1; Track (Var.); Varsity Club 2, 3; Football (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Gamaliel Tate Cook: Football; Choir 1; Serv- ice Club 3; Basketball 2, 3; S.C.A. 4; Monitor 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Susan Andrea Cook: Newspaper Club; Bas- ketball (J.V.) 2; Latin Club 1 (Sec.) 2; H.R. Rep.; College Board Club 3; S.C.A. (Senator); Yearbook Staff (Copy Ed.) 4; Senior Honor Society (Sec.) 3, 4. Kathleen Crist: Pep Club 2; Dancing Club 3; H.R. Rep. 1 (Pres.) 2 (V.P.) 3; V.O.T. 4. Kenneth Lee Crovo: Rod Reel Club 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Baseball (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4. James V. Culbertson: Choir 1, 2; Newspaper Staff (Bus. Mgr.) 1 (Reporter) 3 (Sports Edi- tor) 4; H.R. Pres. 2, 3. George Leonard Curry: Football (Var. Mgr.); Varsity Club; Basketball (Intramural) 2; Angling Club 3; Basketball (Varsity Score- keeper) 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4. Gail Lee Curtain: Spanish Club 1; Softball (J.V.) 1, 2; Cheerleader (Var.) 2, 4; French Club 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. • Linda May Dean: Patrol; Monitor 2; News- paper Staff 4. William E. Deane: Baseball; Newspaper Staff 1; Coaches Club; Monitor 2; Spanish Club; H.R. Treas.; Automobile Club 3; Basketball 1, 3. Catherine Elizabeth Delory: Basketball (Capt.); Cheerleader (Var.); Honor Roll 1; Latin Club 2; Senior Play (Props Com.) 4; S.C.A. 1, 3, 4; Homecoming Com. 3, 4. Alice Louise Dick: Dance Club 3; F.H.A. 4; Choir 3, 4. Michael Burke Dominick: Angling Club 3; Rifle Club 2, 3. Julia Ann Drenning: Choir; Math. Contest; Debate Team 2; Points Award Com.; Forensics Poetry Contest (Winner) 3; American Legion Oratorical Contest (Winner); Drama Club; Plays 1, 2, 3; Hockey (J.V.) 2, 3; H.R. Rep.; Senior Play (Make-Up Com.) 4; Dramatics Contest (State). Linda Lee Dull: Newspaper Staff; H.R. V.P. 1; Spanish Club; Choir 2; Dancing Club 3. Edwin H. Dumas: Photography Club 1 ; SEATO 3; Football (Var.) 4. Barbara Louise Edmonston: Library Club 2; Majorette Club 1, 2; Folk Dancing 3; F.H.A. 4. Ralph T. Eppard: Automotive Club 3; D.E. 4. Frances Emma Fewell: F.H.A. 1; Dancing Club 3: V.O.T. 4. Douglas Walter Foard: Debate Team; Stage Crew 2; H.R. Rep. 1, 2; Boys State; Harvard Book Award; Forensics 3; Magazine Drive 2, 3; Senior Play 4; S.C.A. (V.P.) 3 (Pres.) 4; Senior Honor Society (V.P.) 3, 4. Doris Foster: Deb-Ettes Club 3; Plays 1, 2, 3; Winter Wonderland Court; Senior Play 4. James Ronald Fox: Junior Honor Society 1; Track 2; Key Club; S.C.A. (Chaplain) 4; Plays (Jr.) 2 (Sr.) 4; Senior Honor Society 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3 (Pres.) 4. Edward Norman Freeman: Leather Craft Club; Audio Visual Aid Club 2; Automotive Club 3. Mary Helen Freeman: H.R. Secretary 1; F.B.L.A. 3; F.H.A. 4. Carolyn Rhea Gapen: H.R. President 1; Bas- ketball (J.V.); Spanish Club 2, 3; S.C.A.; Senior Class Senator 4. Patricia Ray Garcia: Spanish Club; Patrol; Monitor 2; Choir 1, 2, 3. Toni S. Garlan: Junior Honor Society 1 ; Span- ish Club 2; Magazine Drive; College Exam. Study Group; H.R. Rep. 3; Basketball (J.V.) 2 (Var.) 3; Senior Class Secretary; SPTA (V.P.) 4; Senior Honor Society 3, 4; Band 1 (All State) 2, 3, 4. Ralph Edgar German: Monitor 3; H.R. Rep.; Stage Crew 4. Audrey Lee Gorham: Typing Club 1; F.T.A. 2; Choir 1, 4. Marshall Columbus Gorham: Baseball (Var.) 3; Automotive Club 2, 3. Cecilia Ann Grover: F.T.A. 1; Pep Club; Patrol 2. Roland Theodore Harris: Latin Club 1, 2; Bible Club 2, 3; H.R. Rep. 4; Choir 1, 2, 4. Richard Leland Hays: Key Club; Senior Class Activities (Chairman); Road Raskels (Pres.); Senior Play; Variety Show. Helen Jo Hays: Softball 2; Hockey 1 , 2, 4. Senior Directory Mary Ellen Heishman: Monitor 1; Patrol 2. Peggy Joyce Henry: F.H.A. 1; Softball (J.V.); H. R. Rep. 2; Choir 3; V.O.T. 4. Bruce Hewitt: Track (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3; Football (Var.) 3, 4; Basketball (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Mary Denise Holloran: Pep Club (Sec.- Treas.) 2; Junior Class Secretary 3; H.R. Pres. 3; Cheerleader (J.V.) 1 (Capt.) 3 (Var.) 2 (Capt.) 4. Tiemann Newell Horn: Latin Club 1; News- paper Staff 2; Key Club; Senior Honor Soci- ety; S.C.A. 4; Magazine Drive 2, 4; Northern Virginia Discussion Group 3, 4; Basketball (J.V.) 2 (Var. Mgr.) 2, 3; (Var.) 4. Nancy Anne Hottle: H.R. Sec.; Junior Honor Society 1; Spanish Club 2; F.H.A. 1, 2; D.A.R. History Award 3; Welfare Drive; S.I.P.A. 2, 3; Senior Honor Society; Magazine Drive 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 2 (Asst. Ed.) 3 (Editor-in- Chief) 4. John Edward Ingram: Sophomore Band Executive Com. 2; Wrestling Team (Capt.); Monogram Club 3; Key Club; Track 4; H.R. Rep. 3, 4; Band (Honor) 1 (Honor, All-State) 2, 3 (Dance) 3, 4. Larry King Jacobson: Football 1; Latin Club 2; Basketball 1, 3; Track 1, 3; Choir 1, 3. William Edward Kanto: Chess Club 2; Bas- ketball (Intramural) 1. 2; Senior Play; News- paper Staff; Yearbook Staff 4. Kenlynn Elise King: Choir; G.M.A.; Cafe Worker; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2; Swimming I, 2; Bible Club 2, 3; Senior Play (Com.) 4; Hockey 1, 2 (Var.) 4; Baseball 1, 2 (Var.) 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2 (Var.) 3, 4. E. Joseph Kitchen: Model Airplane Club 1; Spanish Club 3. Esther Jane Koci: Chess Club; Music Club (Sec.) 2; Senior Play (Usher) 4. John Robert Lacey: Band 1; Yearbook Staff (Asst. Ed.); H.R. Rep. 2; Track (Var.) 3; Key Club 2 (Treas.) 3 (Pres.) 4. Linda Arden Long: Yearbook Staff 2; Los Vajeros (Treas.); Junior Class Treasurer 3; Pep Club; G.A.A. 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3. Roger Lee Lowther: Senior Honor Society 3, 4. Robert Franklin Luttrell: H.R.V.P. 1; Basketball (J.V.); Baseball (J.V.); Automotive Club 2; Football (J.V.) 3 (Var.) 4. Audrey Lyles: Photography; Bible Club 1; Automotive Club 2; Patrol; Dancing Club 3; V.O.T. 4. Carolyn Rae Lynch: Junior Honor Society; Newspaper Staff 1; Yearbook Staff; Junior Classical League 2; Girls State; Northern Vir- ginia Discussion League 3; French Club; French Honor Society; Senior Class Vice- President 4; Cheerleader (J.V.) 1 (Capt.) 2, 3; Basketball (J.V. Capt.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3 (Capt.) 4; Hockey (Var.) 2, 3 (Capt.) 4; Varsity Club 2, 3; Senior Honor Society 3 (Treas.) 4. Helen Marie Lynch: Cheerleader (J.V.); Junior Honor Society 1; Hockey 3; Basketball (J.V.) 1, 3; Yearbook Staff 1 (Asst. Ed.) 2 (Bus. Mgr.) 3. Alberta Jeanette MacDonald: F.H.A. 1, 2; Bible Club 1 (Sec.) 2 (Pres.) 3, 4; H. R. Pres, i (Sec.) 2 (Pres.) 3 (Rep.) 4. Clint Castle McDonald, Jr.: Baseball (Var.); Key Club 2; H.R. Rep. 4. Janet Lee McDonald: F.N.A. 1; Junior Red Cross 2; Latin Club 3; H.R. Rep. 1, 3; Senior Class Treasurer; Majorette 4. Shirley Ann McGuin: Bible Club; F.H.A. 2; H.R.V.P. 3. Stanley Robert McInturff: Band (Reserved) 1 (Concert) 3, 4; D.E. 4. Maureen Cecilia McKenna: May Day Dance (Maid of Honor) 2; Music Club (Vice-Pres.) 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Latin Club 2, 3, 4; Choir 1 (Pres.) 2 (Vice-Pres.) 3 (All-State) 4. Stacy Lee McMarlin: Monogram Club 2; Senior Class President 4; Senior Honor Society 3; H.R. Rep. 2, 3; Key Club 2, 3 (Vice-Pres.) 4; Football (Var.); Basketball (Var.); Track (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Terrence James Maddock: Senior Play 1; Dramatics Club 2; Forensics Club 3; News- paper Staff 2, 3. Mary Ann Mahon: F.H.A. 1, 2; Dance Club 3. Linda Wallis Marsden: F.H.A.; Dance Club; Pep Club; Cadet Corps 1; Softball (Var.) 2; Yearbook Staff 1,2; Varsity Club 2, 3; Senior Class Representative; Senior Follies 4; Hockey (Var.) 2, 3, 4; Choir 2 (All-State) 3 (Vice-Pres.) 4; Winter Wonderland Court 3, 4; Basketball (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Laura Ann Mason: Newspaper Staff; Junior Honor Society; Tennis Club 1; Hockey (Var.); Music Club; Junior Play 2; F.H.A. 1, 2; Ninette 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 2, 3; V.O.T.; Senior Play (Usher) 4. 40 Senior Directory Thomas Edward Mason, III: Bus Driver; D.E. 4. Charles Richard Mercer: Latin Club 2: Band 1 , 2, 3, 4. Patricia Ann Lynn Mernone: F.H.A. 1; Soft- ball (J.V.) 2; Varsity Club 3; Hockey (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Reginald Winfrey Mervine: Bible Club 2; Art Club 3. Judith Ann Miller: Hockey (J.V. Mgr.); Astronomy Club 1; French Club 2, 3; Senior Class Play (Com.); Newspaper Staff; “I Speak for Democracy” Contest (Finalist) 4. David Vincent Mitton: Newspaper Club; Rowing Crew 1 ; Chess Club 1, 3; Rifle Club 4. Mary Lou Monroe: Dance Club 3. Frances Cecilia Myers: Pep Club 2; Patrol; Folk Dance Club 3 . Robert Nay: Football (J.V.); S.C.A. 1; Band; Automobile Club 2; Basketball (J.V.) 1, 2; Spanish Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Judith Agnes Nesbitt: Dance Club 1 ; Latin Club 2; Dramatics; Bible Club; Cadet Sergeant 3; Rifle Club 4. Patricia Ann Nicolet: F.H.A.; Junior Red Cross 1; Newspaper Club 2; Square Dance Club; Savings Stamps Chairman 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Choir; Yearbook Staff; Class Party Com.; Senior Play (Make-Lip); Senior Follies 4. Edward Leroy Noll: Junior Honor Society 1; Monitor 2; H.R. Rep. 1, 2 (Treas.) 1 (Pres.) 2; Basketball (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 3; Track (Var.) 2, 3; D.E. 4. Barbara Jean Norfolk: Bible Club 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Roger Victor Nutter: H.R. Rep. 1; Latin Club; Basketball (Intramural) 2; Fishing Club (Pres.) 3; Stage Crew 4; Track 3, 4; Rifle Club 2 (Vice-Pres.) 3 (Pres.) 4. Shirley Virginia O’Bannon: Dance Club 3; Patrol 1, 2 (Capt.) 3; V.O.T. 4. Nancy Graham Obaugh: Music Club 2; Youth for Christ 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Nancy Lynn Oberdorf: Essay Contest (First Place) 1; Pep Club (Float Chair.); Cheering Squad; G.A.A. (Team Capt.); Campaign Mgr. 2; Assemblies 1, 2; Dramatics 3; Yearbook (Class Ed.); Mag. Drive; Senior Play (Prop Com. Usher) 4; Latin Club; Talent Show 3 (Winner) 4, Choir (Sop. Solo) 1, 2; (All-State) 3, 4. Lucy H. Okamato: F.H.A. ; Music Club 2. Beauford Nelson Overby, Jr.: Bus Driver 4. Earlene Laura Parker: Choir; F.H.A.; Mod- ern Dance 1,2; Drama Club; Newspaper 3. Jerianne Byrd Parlin: Dramatics Club 1; Choir 1, 2; Basketball; Newspaper 3; Library Club 1, 2; Cheerleader (Var.); S.C.A. Rep. 4. Frances Ann Marie Pegg: F.B.L.A. 3. Perry Monte Penney, Jr.: Track (Var.); Latin Club 3; Band 1 (Concert) 2, 3, 4. Robert Alexander Persell, Jr.: Debating 1; Travel Club; S.C. Mental Contest (Winner) 2, 3; Mag. Drive; Yearbook 4. Mims Phillips: H.R. (Pres.) 1; Tumbling Club 2; D.E. Club (Vice-Pres.) 3. Joan Virginia Piland: Spanish Club 2; French Club 3; Senior Play (Ticket Com.) (Chair.) 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Linda Lea Powell: Dance Club 3. Howard Nelson Prinkey: H.R. (Pres.) 1; Basketball (Intramural) 2; Angling Club 3; Rifle Club 3, 4. William Nickolas Puckett: Bus Driver 4. Alcinda Pyne: H.R. (Sec.); Latin Club (Sec.); Junior Honor Society 1; Music Club; Junior Play 2; Ninette 3; Yearbook 2, 3; Choir 1, 2 (Sec.) (All-State) 3; Senior Honor Society 4. John Quast: Basketball (J.V.); Varsity Club 3; Baseball (J.V 7 .) 1 (Var.) 2, 3. Judy Quick: Auto Club 2; Dancing Club 3; Patrol 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; V.O.T. 4. Frank Jessie Ray: Baseball 1, 2. Lucy Egerton Reed: Junior Honor Society; Treasurer of Sophomore Class 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Baseball (J.V.); Latin Club 3; Yearbook; French Club; Senior Class Play (Ticket Props Com.) 4; Choir 1, 2, 4. Charles Lawrence Rentch: Spanish Club 2; Baseball; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Wilma Ricketts: Bible Club 2; Senior Class Play (Costume Com.) 4; F.G.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Joan Shelley Riley: Bible Club; Patrol 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; V.O.T. 4. Robert John Risteen: Chess Club 2; Boys’ Club 3; S.C.A. 4; Mag. Drive; Spanish Club 2; DeMolay 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 4. Gary William Ross: Garden Club 1; Latin Club 2; Auto Club; Basketball 3. Senior Directory Jerry Dilland Rowzie: Stage Crew 1 , 2; Angling Club 3; Basketball 1, 4; Baseball (J.V.) 1, 2 , 3; Band (Orchestra) 1, 2; (Dance) 3, 4; (Concert) 1, 2, 3, 4. Kathryn Russell: Secretary of Freshman Class; Junior Honor Society 1; Secretary of Sophomore Class; Spanish Club 2; Softball (J.V.) 1 (Var. Capt.) 2; Girls’ State 3; Year- book (Ad ' vt. Mgr.); Varsity Club 2, 3; March of Dimes (St. Teen Choir) 4; Mag. Drive 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. (State Secretary); Honor Society 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Raymond Estel Scott: Art Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Bible Club 2, 4; Baseball (J.V.) 2 (Var.) 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Emmon Ray Shaw, Jr.: R.C. Club; Little Theatre 2, 3; Newspaper (Bus. Mgr.); Mag. Drive (Pub. Com.); Key Club 4. Barbara Anne Shelton: Ketettes (Sec.) 3; Modeling Club (Vice-Pres.) 2; (Pres.) 3; Cheer- leader (Jr. Hi.) 1 (J.V.) 2 (Var.) 3, 4. James Francis Shivar, Jr.: Chess Club; Span- ish Club 3; Senior Class Play (Stage Mgr.) 4. David Siegle: Spanish Club; Patrol; Rifle Club; Track 2; Senior Play (Ticket Com.) 4. Donna Camille Simmons: Girls’ Chorus 1; Secretary of Sophcmore Class 2; Yearbook Rep 3; V.O.T. 4. Ronnie Jo Simpson: Choir; Yearbook 1 , 2; Red Cross Club 1, 3; F.H.A.; Senior Play (Make-up Com.) 4. Jo Ann Smarr: Music Club 2; Bible Club; Choir 1, 2, 3; V.O.T. 4. Delores Smith: Hockey 2, 3; Senior Play (Make-up) 4; Breakfast Club (Mgr.) 2, 4; f!h.A. 2, 3, 4. Barbara Ann Snyder: Junior Honor Society 1; Music Club 2; Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Nancy Jane Staples: Basketball (J.V.); Soft- ball (J.V.) 1; Music Club 2; Bible Club 3; H.R. Rep. 4; Choir 2, 3, 4. Betsy Lou Sterner: Newspaper; Press Club; Latin Club 2; Band; Art Club (Sec.) 3; Hockey (J.V.); Senior Play (Pub. Com.) 4; Yearbook 1, 2, 4; Newspaper 2, 4. Paul Theodore Steucke: Newspaper 1; Foot- ball (Var.) 2; Track (Var.) 3; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Rifle Club 2, 3; French Club; Yearbook; Mag. Drive; Senior Rep.; Choir 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4. Thomas Basil Stewart, Jr.: Baseball (Var.) 2, 3. Edward Stuart: Auto Club; Wrestling 1; Monogram Club (Vice-Pres.) 2; Track 1 (Var.) 2; Yearbook 4; Newspaper 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Sebastion Nicholas Studer, Jr.: Track 2; Basketball (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Sheila May Taber: Choir 3; D.E. 4. Richard Thomas Talbert: Garden Club 1; Auto Club 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Bible Club 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Sylvia Marie Terry: French Club 4; Choir 1,2, 3, 4. Prior Gill Thwaits: Treasurer of Sophomore Class 2; Key Club; Choir 4; Senior Honor Society 3 (Pres.) 4. Sharon Patricia Tobin: Music Club 2; Senior Play (Pub. Com.); Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Grace Louise Toon: F.H.A.; Junior Honor Society 1; Latin Club 2; S.P.T.A.; Spanish Club 3; Welfare Drive (Chair.); Mag. Drive 2, 3; Mardi Gras (Chair.) 4; S.C.A. (Sec.) 2, (Sec. of Activities) 3, 4; Majorette (Head) 2, 3, 4. Johanna Trice: Junior Honor Society; Soft- ball (J.V.); Cheerleader; F.H.A.; Newspaper 1; F.T.A.; Rifle Team; Spanish Club 2; Debate Team; Senior Play; Senior Follies 4; Yearbook 3 (Activities Features Ed.) 4. Charles Warren Wagner: Science Club 1; Bible Club; Monitor; Patrol; Choir 2; Baseball (J.V.) 2 (Var.) 3; Tennis; Wrestling; Senior Play 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Hill Montague Walker: Vice-President of Freshman Class; 4-H Club; S.C.A. 1; Presi- dent of Sophomore Class 2; Newspaper; Secre- tary of Junior Class 3; Baseball (Var.) 1, 2; Basketball (Var.) 1 (Co-Capt.) 2 (Capt.) 3,4. Samuel Walker: H.R. Rep. 1; Basketball (J.V.) 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4. William Ward: D.E. 4. Bobbye Kaye Whitenton: G.A.A. ; Dramatics Club 1; Science Club (Sec.-Treas.); F.T.A.; Chess Club 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Yearbook; Choir 4; Honor Society (State) 2, 3 (National) 4; H.R. Rep. 1 (S.C.A.) 4. Robert Whiting: Monitor; Chess Club 2; Latin Tournament 1, Club 2; Yearbook; News- paper; Softball; Patrol; Senior Play 3; Mag. Drive 4; Basketball 2, 3 (Var.) 4. 42 Senior Directory Mary Wilkens: Archery Club 2; G.A.A.; Orchestra 1, 2; Softball (Var.) 3; Band; Latin Club; Basketball (Var.) 3, 4. Bette Ruth Williams: Newspaper; Ninette 1; Hockey (J.V.); Softball (J.V.); Music Club 2; French National Honor Society; College Board Club 3; French Club 2, (Vice-Pres.) 3; S.C.A. Cabinet 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook 1, 4; Choir 1, 2 (All-Sta te) 4. Dale Dillard McDonald Windham: Treas- urer of Sophomore Class 2; Vice-President of Junior Class 3; S.C.A. Rep. 4; Key Club 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. Forrest Baker Wood: Baseball (J.V.) 1; Choir 2; Livestock Judging Team 3; Debate Team; Track (Var.); Senior Play; Dramatics 4; S.C.A. (Cabinet) 3 (Rep.) 4; Football (J.V.) 1 (Var.) 2, 3, 4. Michael David Zoller: Key Club 3; Foot- ball (J.V.) 2, 3; Senior Privilege Com. 4. 43 Sponsors Mr. Peter Visnich Mr. Harry Smith Class Officers WE’LL NE ' ER FORGET our Junior year at Annandale High School. This year we finally became upperclassmen, and were second only to the Seniors as school leaders. During the year we spon- sored various activities to raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom, the big event of the year. As we look forward with antici- pation to next year when we shall be Seniors at Annandale High School, we know we’ll ne ' er forget our Junior year. Sheila O’Connell President Linda Whitman Sandra Wood Vice-President 44 Secretary Pat Partello Treasurer Keith Bennett Shannon Bennett Pat Bernhart Laura Bezjian Dorothy Bishop Dick Bomberger Brierly Brager Navetta Breeting Bill Bronson Bill Brown Roger Byrd Marilyn Campbell Jerry Cash Pat Cassedy Carol Caudle Vincent Corker Barbara Cheezum John Clark Harold Cook Nancy Corsbie JUNIOR CLASS Pat Donaghy Tom Dorsey Anita Dotson Joan Dowdle Liz Dowrick Helen Dunnaway Flovd Dunn Mike Dunn Elise Jay Dunham Bill Dyess Nancy Early Winnifred Egolf George Elgin Tommy Eskridge Nick Evans Linda Facchina Robert Fitzgerald Doris Fleming Jerry Folda Robert Foley JUNIOR CLASS Dan Griffith Kelly Griffith Karen Gullickson Jack Hall Ruth Harrison Virginia Hart John Heene Beverly Heflin Ruth Henderson Tommy Higgins Eunice Hodges Donna Homrighausen Bob Howard Hannelore Huber Dorothy Huffman Pat Hussey Wayne Hirst Mary Ann Hughes Charles Ingle Charles Jones 47 JUNIOR CLASS Thelma Lamb Carol Lander Carole Landess Stanley Lavton Kenneth Linglev Russell Linton Jack Lippolt M arilvn Little A1 Loughrie Spencer Luchak Andy Lynch Judy Marceron Judy May Lee McBee Lois McGuin Lewis McGuinn Pat Meagher Phyllis Meek Alan Merrimac Barbara Miller 48 JUNIOR CLASS Douglas Parker Pat Partello Mary Lou Pierce Dianne Pollock Alfred Porter Pam Powell Dan Prall James Price Sandra Rademaker Joyce Redmond Syd Reed Nancy Reynolds Eugene Rhinehart James Rice Judy Richmond Andy Robison Boyce Rodgers Tommy Rodgers Judy Ruchman Pat Sanford JUNIOR CLASS Warren Simpson Joel Smith Karen Stevenson Jerry Stuart Robert Stuart Elizabeth Stover Carolyn Sullivan Shelby Sullivan Constance Swartz John Tellier Iwight Tingen Eugene Tyrell Carol Viani Dorothy Waldo Carolyn W alker Shirley Watson Wendy Webster Carolyn White Mary Ellis White Linda Whitham Leroy Willett Gail Williams Geron Biggers Gerant Brauring Jeri Carlson Star Colsox Dolores Cooper Pat Edmonston Nancy Lorbie Dee Panick Larry Perry Chas. Pfrommer Jim Young Henry Zackman Ronald Zuehl Rose Schindel Sandy Steppe Mary Woolford Pat Zumsteen 51 Class Jim Clapper President Mr. Shriver Sponsor Officers WE’LL NE’ER FORGET our Sophomore year at Annandale High School. By now we were thoroughly familiar with Annandale High and high school life in general. We felt we had established a place for ourselves at Annandale High, and we set out to distinguish our place. Our class completed some important class business, such as the ratification of our class constitution. We also were well represented in S.C.A. and on the athletic teams. Even as we look forward to the years when we will be upperclassmen, we’ll ne’er forget our Sophomore year at Annandale High School. Karen Rowe Vice-President I I Rosie Johnson Secretary Robin Ping Treasurer 52 SOPHOMORE CLASS Patsy Acheson Eileen Adkins Carol Allegri Bobby Anderson Tommy Anderson Evelyn Angel John Ansley Art Apperson Roberta Arnold Leta Bailey Barbara Bales Jim Bauer Bobby Beans Carol Berryhill Bonnie Bish Louise Black Sam Blaeuer Shirley Blankenoake Mike Boatwright Jean Boggs David Boldt Paul Bonner Treasure Bouvy Sandy Bowman Inglebert Brauning Pat Briggs Terry Broderick Ross Bullen Bob Bunch Charles Byrd Arthur Bvwaters Jerry Cable Robert Campbell Bernice Canard Nathan Cantrell Weslev Carrawav Jeri Carlson Millard Carr Bette Chettle Jim Clapper Bill Clark Merrill Clark Wilbur Clark Judy Clendenin Helen Cole Carol Collins Charlotte Cook Judy Cook Delores Cooper Shirley Cope Judy Cottingham Bob Cox Kay Crance Herbie Cummins 53 Sophomore Class I n « A m h r. a ' ' i rffi A n n Fred Does Pat Donahue Lois Dotson Nita Dotson Sandra Dotson Evelyn Dove Harold Dowdle Joyce Doyle Warren Duvall Bill Dycus James Edge Pat Edmundson Roger Edwards Charles Emmett Marcella English Robert Curry Sue Davidson Cassie Davies Val Jean De Hart Lee Demory Dottie Dent Ruth Dewald Kathleen Dick Clark Dillion Carolyn Divers Joyce Dobson Marjorie Dodson First row: Marilyn Kimbel, Mike Hamilton, Second row: Katy Walker, Woodrow Staats, Doug Etka Ronnie Ewing Syrl Ferguson Louis Ferony Ruth Finch am Mary Ann Flinchum Vance Foreman Judy Fousse Joyce Fowler Suzanne Fowler Joe Fox Richard Freund 54 Sophomore Class Bob Fernard Dave Gallagher Linda Garrison Terry Geib Pat Goldsmith Donald Gordon Lucy Gordon Jim Gore Pat Gray Vivian Green Jackie Grover Bill Hall Tommy Graham, Lonnie Adkins. Ronnie Monroe, Bob McCloskey. Bill Higham Pete Hoffman John Hollingsworth Mitchell Holsinger Frank Hoover Peggy Horton Pat Hottle Bill Howe Jean Howell Charles Howery Donna Huber Charlotte Hudson Sharon Hall Frances Hamilton Charles Hannah Nita Hanson Vf.rn Harmon Frank Harris Lindy Hatch Clifford Hattorf Mike Haycock Jeannie Hays Bob Heath Deb Heffelfinger Wayne Heflin Pat Helvey Judy Herrington £3 if 55 SOPHOMORE CLASS Nikki Hunter Sue Hyre Kimo Jadmicek Rosie Johnson Sandra Johnson Jolly Jost Judy Justusson Marsha Keesling Pat Kelly Karen Kemp Marijon Ketcham Eric Keyes Paul Kincheloe Vernon Kirkpatrick Susan Kise Sharon Klay Joe Knox Kathy Lantzy Doris Lawson Joyce Lee Rachel Lester Betty Libeau Edgar Little Phil Lockwood Valerie Long Jack Lowther Tommy Lytle Mary MacKusick Gail Mahon Dick Mallett Barbara Mallon Mariam Manoukian Anita Markle Betty Marshall Ricky Marvel Bill Mason Alan Massie Dennis McGee Freddie McGuin Linda MclnturfF Bonnie McKenna JoAnn McKinney Jim McLaughlin Mary Ina McMarlin Gloria Meadows Janice Melvin Gordon Merritt Dana Messer Peggy Meyer Wilma Meyers Dan Miller Doris Miller Luke Miller Marilynn Miller 56 SOPHOMORE CLASS Richard Mims William Monroe George Morrison Pat Morrow Alice Moyers Carla Murdock John Murphy Joyce Murphy Carolin Myers John Neale Joan Nelson Wayne Neuman Gigi Newton Ginny Noble Laetisha Noble Faye Obaugh James Obaugh Rosalie Odum Carol Owen Mary Frances Pace Charlotte Paxton Dick Perry Jerry Peterson Mike Picot Robin Ping Faith Poole Deanna Potter Judy Potter Kathie Quint Tommy Quantrille Bob Ramay Jan Rath Leota Reed Larry Reynolds Olga Robbins Mary Robinson Robnetta Rogers JoAnn Roop Stephen Ross Karen Rowe Margaret Rouse Rex Ruffner Claudette Saxton Littlejohn Schebish Bill Schnackenburg Bob Schwartz Ralph Scroggs Sarah Severance Terry Shaneyfelt Roberta Shanks Sue Shartzer Katy Shea Robert Simms Valerie Simms V ( 4ss l i L - ’ 5 t o ft { ' • it it , a. c.t r } n-: 57 SOPHOMORE CLASS Jean Simonsen Don Smith Mike Smith Pat J. Smith Patricia L. Smith Dinah Snipes Joyce Snyder Geraldine Somers Sandra Sparks Tommy Spencer Clifford Staats Linda Stancil Jim Stanton Beth Stephens Sandy Steppe Carlisle Stewart Leslie Stewart Peggy Stewart Michael Stone Libby Stover Sandra Sutton Judy Swann William Timmons Robert Polar Sara Tolar David Travis Troy Tribbv Bette Rae Turner Judy- Upchurch Muriel Yiani nm lei Barbara Wagner Joyce W ard Sharon Washburn Barbara Watson Harry W eissinstein Alan Wenburg Sandra Wendt Jim White Reed Whitehurst Elva Wicks John Wicks William Wilev Robert Wills Jerry Wilson Woodrow Wilson Pat Wise Karol Wodrich Judy Wolfe Clyde Wooton Brenda Worsham Margaret Yoder Rebecca Young Doug Zanzot Sharon Zittelman Loretta Lyles Joe Piatt 58 v v% RONALD KEITH COOK November 7, 1940 August 7, 1956 Keith Cook will be remembered for the light-hearted ease with which he made friends, his cheerful attitude and his won- derful faith in God. IN MEMORIAM ROBERT WAYNE CURRY April 27, 1941 November 18, 1956 Bob Curry will be remembered for the quietness of his manner, his friendly smile, and his keen sense of humor. 59 Mr. Henry Sponsor Doug Brown President WE ' LL NE ' ER FORGET our Fresh- man year at Annandale High School. We were now full-fledged high school students and eligible to participate in all the high school activities. We also had to work harder than ever on our studies because now we were earning credits toward grad- uation. We felt w r e had a real place in Annandale High School, and we worked hard to make our place known to every- one. As we continue our high school career at Annandale High School, we ' ll ne ' er forget our Freshman year. Sandy Lynch Vice-President Nan Chaney Secretary 60 Nancy True Treasurer Sue Abel John Acheson James Addington Florence Adkins Lonnie Adkins Mike Agnew Eliaini Alberghini Sue Allen Micheal Anderson Walter Apelt Carol Auer Bea Ayers Bob Ayers Joyce Ayers Bob Baker Blanche Ballard John Baronowski Bill Bearfield Luther Barton Linda Batchelor Anne Beck Eddie Bellett Michelle Bennett Jo Ann Berdet Herb Bernhard William Biggers Carole Bistyga Danny Black Mary Bliss Pat Blowe Joanne Blum Ann Blyth Sue Boatwright John Bolish Mike Booker Barbara Bowman Tyrone Boyd Nancy Bozarth Barbara Brader Gemot Brauning Linda Branter Karen Briggs Betty Brown Carol Brown Charles Brown Doug Brown Jerleen Broyhill Butch Budzinsky Bill Buntin Sharon Burnett Ronald Burrell Donald Cable Russell Cadle LeeAnn CafFereta Ed Cammack Glenn Cannon Marilou Cannon Dick Cary Lynn Castell Judy Capito FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Joyce C brooks lVlc Crowe Jell Crutlen Sandra ( ' .ummins Henson Daitz Bovd Davis Patricia I )avis Joe Dawson Eddie De an ri Mike De Hart Noland Devcrs Jane Devine John C ’hampnev Nan Chanev John Cheeovieh David Cheek Jimmy Citron Diane Clark Hilda Clark Lawrence Clark Linda Clizby fed Cafleen Stanton Coleson Salh Cooper Cindy Condrcv Stephanie Corbett Marcele Corwin Diane DiBalsi Darryl Dickinson Pat Dickinson Brian Dodson Judy Downs Dan Drinkard Ingram Duin Bob Dunaway Kathryn Dunlap Charles Dutkins Brent Eardly Barbara Edge Lydia Edinger Douglas Edmonds Wendell Edmonds 62 FRESHMAN CLASS Gary EmhofT Karen English John Erbe Ronald Erbes Frank Feindt George Ferrell Sharon Ferrell Fat Flinchum Lyle Folkes John Faries Frank Forbes Suzanna Ford Billy Foster Heather Frankovic Ronnie Freenv Gale Grainge Johnny Green Addy Lou Greer John Greggory Nelson Gregory Carol Grubb Stephen Guest Charlotte Hagaman Alice Hall Mike Hall Virginia Hall Johnny Happoldt George Haskin Nancy Hayes Ruth Ann Haynos Barbara Gamble Bill Gardner Nancv Garland Clyde Gartley Ann Geneviese Gertrude Gibson 63 FRESHMAN CLASS Joan Heath Veronica Heath Keith Height Rav Heishman Bill Hclsel Rosemary Henderson Bobb Hcnr Michelle Herring Janet Hess Mike Hetfand Doug Hewitt Joan Hiem Ralph Hicks Joe Hiyyins Bettv Hines Harro Hohenner tvian Hollingsworth Frank Holloman Janet Hoover Pats Houf Wallace Howery Hank Hurst Audrey Heflin Paul Iwanik Fred Ingram Pats James George Jarrell Ralph Jarvis Charlotte Jenkins C larol Ann Jerr Susan Johns Jell Johnson Royer Johnson Sammy Johnson Georye Johnston Marion Jones Jim Joyce Dorothy Kelley Lynne Kendrick Bonnie Kern Don Dcsslcr Dana Kirk Martha Kissinger Donald Komenda Christina Krohn Janet La Hin David Land in Frank Lanyin Tony La Rose ngie Layne Diane Leader Ricky Leahy Bob Lee Frances Lee Dave Leichter Janet Leighton Sally Leith Margaret LefTler Virginia Linton Brenda Livingood 64 Larry Lohman jay Lovering Barbara Lynch Sandy Lynch Joan Mackdol Sandy Mac nick Bonita Jean Maddox Bob Malone Constance Martin Elliott Martin Charles Mason Frances Mason Ron Matthews David McCall Sharon McCormick Darlene McCoy Robert McCloskey Robert McCullough Sue McGraw Linda McGowerv George McGuin Sandy McLean Mickey McLaughlin Floyd Meadows Melinda Meek Nancy Miller Walter Miller John Milton Sondra Mims Diane Mitchell Lynn Mitchell Virginia Mitchell Michael Mitton Joan Mohler Mary Ann Monaco Nancy Monroe Ronnie Monroe Charlotte Moore Leslie Mott Marjorie Moy Louise Mudd Jack Murdock Leon Murphy Ron Murphy Marsha Myers Tommy Myers Jane Nightingale Helen Norman Beverly North Elaine North Carolyn Neeb Christina Nelson Bob Nye Tony O’Connell Arlene O’Connor Charlene Ogden Peter Olexy Ann Olson Buddy Padgett Cindy Payne FRESHMAN CLASS 65 FRESHMAN CLASS ft o r o n 1 ft — t ft % J ft ft - ft ft r Bruce Rentch Hope Reynolds Joanne Reynolds Susie Reynolds Lee Rice Mary Richardson Nancy Ridenaur Linda Riggs Cathrene Riley Richard Rino EfTie Mae Roach Chris Robbins Mary Payne Priscilla Pearson Doris Perlman Barbara Perkins Dennis Perkins Ruth Perkins Fred Perrine Charles Petit Charles Pollock Gwenie Puckett Sheryl Ragsdale Gloria Kay Randolph Sherrv Reagan Don Reed Linda Reese J im Robertson Shirley Robertson Gene Robinson Sally Rock Clayton Rodgers Margaret Rolston Jean Ruckman Robin Ru finer Judy Sadler Barbara Sallee Christina Sanborn Steve Sandretzky Valerie Schaefer Marless Schmitz Ann Schoenberger 66 FRESHMAN CLASS Paul Schuerich August Schuh Larry Schulman Todd Scroggs Steven Scullev Janet Seastrom Peggy Sellers Shirley Shanks Alfred Shaper Bob Shartzer Carolyn Shayne Jerry Shea Louise Simmons Gordon Simpson Penelope Shells Tommy Spillars Walter Spires Alice Staats Nan Stahl Hubert Stallard Tom Starling William Steele Wayne Steeves Barbara Stewartson Anita Stulman John Swenson Jonathon Swindle Linda Taber Mike Taggert Susan Tait Jl n iik n ra , a c f ); i A A A A r r rtrt " ' fi r Ellen Skog Elizabeth Slater Jean Smith rev - . ' C V John Smith n a L M JUI1I1 OIIJ John St 11 III nith i Russell Snvder Suanne Spaeth Bill Spanke a «,i n 67 FRESHMAN CLASS David Tannouse Christine Tawny Renee Taxis Gilbert Taylor Linda Terry Claire Tiernev J esse Thomas Donna Thompson John Thompson Sandy Thompson Wilma Thompson Gloria Treadwell Sue Tribbett Jane Triplett Lurray Trout Nancy True George Trullender Phillip Tucker Janice Tuthill Ray Vallerv Helen Vernon Jean Vogel Dorothy Wade Joe Ward Jackie Walker Katy Walker Pete Walker Pete Walker Kitty Walters Wanda Watson 0} n C. f. : ) f k PA W i S. - v L if rs J i n i r n fs 4tk k sit A C) n n n (r j 0 -4 . S. 4jV ' . ft — o ■ i f o t -J 0 r N jf. J 1 ' ft t T Richard Webster Fred Welch Dana Wellman Phvlis Wendberg Sue Wigglesworth June Wiggins Martha Wilkins Janet Williams Roy Williams Lee Windman Joe Winn Annette Wise Johnny Wise Carolyn Wittrock Wicky Whalen Nancy Wharton Beth Wheaton Judith Whitener Star Wholle Nora Woods Mary Woolford Loretta Young Mary Ellen Young David Yunker Virgil Zoller Donna Zumstein Cecile Zuagg 68 Freshman Class 1 . Linda Allebough t Allen Bailwaits Gordon Bailey Buddy Clark Kathy Crist Loretta Lyles Bob Wilson 69 Class Officers Dee Sherwood Nancy Heath President Vice-President WE LL NE ' ER FORGET our first year at Annandale High School. In eighth grade we had our first glimpse of high school life. We made new friends and found new interests. We joined in athletic activities and cheered our own eighth grade teams and the high school teams on to victory. We had social functions of our own to become acquainted with everyone, and we attended the other social activities of the school. We learned to govern our- selves through our Eighth Grade Student Council. All in all, this first year at Annandale High School we had many experiences which we’ll ne’er forget. mJ Linda Ross Secretary John Yoder Treasurer Mr. J. W. Bolding Sponsor 70 EIGHTH GRADE Bland Addison David Allder Brian Allegri Virginia Allen Roger Amato Tom Anderson Nancy Ange Marion Angel Tran i a Aquino Pat Arcularius Virginia Arnold George Baber Kenneth Bachman George Bailey Wayne Barbee Mary Lou Bascom Peggy Bedford Phyllis Belcher John Bell Donna Bennett Tom Berezoski Frank Berman Joanne Berry Liz Berry Stoddard Best Mable Beydler Sherry BickerstafT Chris Bigelow Kenneth Biggs Bob Billet Bruce Birnbaum Harriet Bissell Paul Bjarnason Charles Bladen Sherry Blanchard Linda Blowe Dan Boone Howard Bouldin Leon Boyd Charles Boykin Bob Brackens Melvin Bradfield James Brasse Guy Briggs Bonnie Britten Joan Bullen Cordell Bunch Jean Burford Barbara Burgess Robert Burns Jeannette Bywaters Charles Byrd Tony Callan Dick Callow Elizabeth Canard Irene Cantrell Martha Carhart Rodger Carlson Lee Carroll George Chalfant diAt A At Ah n . Ad A s I 71 EIGHTH GRADE Wayne Chamber John Chamberlin Gail Chase Lewalta Chastain Margaret Chrisman Barbara Church Darla Clark David Clough Michael Coleman John Collins Pat Conway Russell Cook William Cook Virginia Corbett Vivian Costello George Cox Billy Crown Pegg r Cummins Donna Cunningham Scott Cutter Bill Daniels Hugh Darnell Mary Sue Davian Peggy Davis Richard Davis Wayne Davis Joyce Day Abbott Dean Michael DePriest Ronald Dickerson Bill Does Lynn Dohlstrom Nancy Dorney Connie Dotson Gretta Dotson Wilma Dotson Herbert Dove Linda Dravenstadt Virginia Dudley Marilyn Dufrense Carolyn Dunn Janet Dunn Bruce Dunning Diane duPont Richard DuPont Ralph Dwyer Frances Dyess Nancy Ehle Patricia Ellis Claude Ellison Joe Emery Carl Engh Richard Erbe Bob Evans Betty Joe Ewan Kenneth Farr Barbara Felber Helene Ferrell Judy Fincannon Danny Fink 72 EIGHTH GRADE July Foldie Joanne Forbes Dianna Ford Ken Fortney Nancy Freitag Fred Gaines Peter Gary Jimmy Gastmann Val Genovese Pelton George Kay Gillions Russell Gillum Barbara Gloriod Sally Goggin Marc Goldberg James Gordon Kathy Gore Richard Gore Bill Graves Dinah Gray Barry Greco Robert Green Dick Grieger Rass Griffith John Grogan Bonnie Jean Hacking Eugene Hagerty Robert Hall Shelby Hamilton Dorothy Harmen Faye Harris Mike Harrison Jed Harvey Joseph Haynos Nancy Heath Sue Heffelfinger Jean Heindrick Robert Helms James Henderson Dianne Hensley Larry Hewes Jacie Hildreth Terry Hill Mary Louise Hobbs Judy Hodgson Pandra Hoebeke Pamela Hoffman Chuck Hoiberg Dickie Hooe Joyce Hoover Sandy Hoover Timothy Howery Prank Huddle Margaret Huffman Tacey Huffman William Hoffman Linda Hultin Jeannette Hummer John Hutchin Sue Hyde 73 EIGHTH GRADE Donnie Hyland Orville Ingram Joanne Johns Bruee Johnson Kenneth Johnson Muriel Jones Mimi Justusson Carole Kable Chuck Koyiades Doug Kelner Jane Kennedy William Kern Linda Keyes Mike Kibler Billy Kline Diane Knowles Carol Laine Yvonne Lane Barbara Lann David Larson Bruce Laver Kathleen Lawless Virginia Leiblich John Lindsav Frances Little Stanley Lloyed Yancy Lybert John Maeidull Jimmy Maguire Becky Martin Julia Mason Gary Mathers Margctte Matteson Harrold May Tommv Mavhart Bill McDonald Bills McDonald Pamela McF ar land Kenny McGuire Donald MclnturfF Liz Mehler Arthur Meadows Ed McMurray Diane McMillian Marlene McKnight Steve McKinney Mike Meloy Micky Mickle Nellie Miller Jimmy Mills Margaret Ann Mills Barbara Mince Jackie Moak Ray Mobus Wayne Monroe David Mooney Richard Moore Pauletta Morris Eileen Mullady Judy Murray EIGHTH GRADE Jo Delle Myers Dennis Nay Wilner Nelson Janies Newman Fred Nolks Cecil O’Ferrell George Olinger Bob Otey 1 ' om Owen David Painter Larry Palacky David Painter Gail Park Anne Parmelee Harry Parlin Carolyn Parsons Linda Patterson Curtiss Payne Mike Pearch Donna Perry Mary Persin Nicholas Pettit Ellen Phillips Diane Plummer Tina Powell Tom Price Virginia Prasise Paul Rassmussen Robert RatclifT Laurine Ray Luticia Reedy Ann Richardson Joanne Ritchie Carol Roach Don Roberts Nancy Roberts Penny Rogers Carole Roop Linda Ross Norman Rowe Roberta Row Phyllis Rumler Christine Russell Joyce Sanborn F)avid Scull Mary Lee Shadduck Melody Shelton Elenor Sherman Dee Sherwood Joyce Sisson Micki Sittens Barbara Smith Betty Ann Smith Jim Smith Lois Smith Sally Smith Tracey Smith Tony Smoot Dorothy Smoyer Pat Snably 75 Eighth Grade mm .»« . m n Nk ✓ ■ f I r i r n - A r:, it t W . 1 n j r $ 4 r V C 1 o j rs n L J Jik Anthony Spagnolo Pat Spencer Patty Spruill Josephine Stanley Thora Stan wood Peter Steketee Wynne Stevens Martin Stone Sue Strickler Roger Sutherland Sandra Sweeney Richard Sword Eddy Taber Alama Taylar Kenneth Taylor Myonia Thien Frances Thomas Ronnie Thomas Wyatt Thompson Patty Thorne Dana Tierney Dorothy Tipton Stanley Travis Carol Turner Roy Underwood David Upton Sonny Utz Charles Valosio Linda Valosio James Viel Carolyn Walker Edith Walker Benny Walton James Ward John Weakley Helen Weinberger Carolyn Wengel Ginger West Wanda Whetzel Jimmy Whittle Kenny White Kay Williams Pat Williams Pat Winslow Marshall Windsor Kay Winstead Susan Winters Roy Wolfe Gary Wood Richard Wood Susan Wood Linda Woodend Bill Wray Susan Weigal John Yoder Robert Zumstein Sally Naudain Bonnie O’Brien 77 Class Anything to get out of calisthenics! French students get geography lesson from le professeur Milton. 78 The Reserve and Cadet Bands at practice. Views Pottery is one of the many phases of art work. These Chemistry students are learning about acids, bases, and salts. 79 Mr. Tolley teaches shop classes to use modern equipment. Mr. Hatchel looks on as Hanna and John explain the theorem. 80 Home Economics students practice the old prov- erb “a stitch in time saves nine.” Mrs. Church teaches the parts of a sentence through diagraming. 81 Row 1: M. Hull. T. Dorsey, W. Cannon. R. Matthews, R. C. Wagner, T. Stuart, L. Gore, J. Davies, L. Rentch. B. Vallery, B. Churchill. R. Row. F. Wood, L. Lohman. Row Higham. Row 3: D. C-ruden. B. Hewett, P. Crowe, N. Con- 2: G. Elgin. S. McMarlin. J. Young, R. Heath, T. Graham. ner. J. Cable, M. Dunn, C. Ingle, R. Luttrell, C. Baranow- ski. FOOTBALL Annandale ' s third football campaign and sec- andale Day handing us our second defeat of the ond in Group I competition opened under the lights against G. W. in their stadium. After a fine first half by the Atoms, the Presidents salted the game away with three touchdowns in the remain- ing half as their aerial attack began to click. The Atoms were unhappy about the defeat but proud of the defensive ability of the forward wall. AHS won the second game at the expense of Fall ' s Church. Our line played brilliantly, open- ing big holes in the Jaguar defenses to allow our backs to gain good yardage. The defense played heads up ball holding the Jaguar offense at a stand- still. Final score, 20-0, Annandale. Osbourn invaded the home grounds on Ann- voung season. Annandale led after the first quar- ter, 6-0, but defense wasn ' t up to par and the of- fense couldn ' t move the ball well enough in the other three quarters. Osbourn dominated the sec- ond half and eventually won. Annandale met the undefeated Wakefield High of Arlington as two touchdown underdogs and stunned them with a 12-0 victory. The Atoms capitalized early in the game, turning a Warrior fumble into a six point lead. The rest of the game was played on even terms until Quarterback Joe Davies swept around his own right for an 82 yard touchdown run that broke the spirit of the W ake- field team. 84 Rentch and Stuart break through the Groveton line. ||fP I Annandale line charges Falls Church man. Gore downs G-W man. McMarlin punts for Annandale. it « w. ft » SCORES " • iv-. ..j ; ; ; £ ' : 27 " ■ v ;.-Aite:Sw ? » •■- 0 " V ■ • Xus. ' 20 ■ ' h • Alls 6 ‘ ' ’ o ' - ; AHS 12 7 • , AHS 0. 12 ' ‘ AHS 32 21 •• ' AHS 6 6 AHS 6 7 AHS 0 6 AHS 0 Falls Chur H Osbo ' urne Wakefield. Mf Lean V wV : ; ' A Groveton W-L Mt. Vernon Hammond Fairfax Able hands take care of Churchill. Osbourne hits the dust. Davies picks up yardage against Osbourne. Elgin catches one of many passes in Groveton game. " S. X i 1 rh f ’ At V, . ♦ ' •V So . - v» " r v . Zgnrii m . tt r Wk -w. Q . 5 . ; ;£-ys -■ - : - • ‘ ' v- r - •s . ■ t -fl — . ! V- ■T X- ' - J - Z sv .. ... 5 ,V . ' ♦ l r - 2 J 1 ■ .»v xi»-« Njfc! A clear day and a dry field set the scene for the next gridiron battle. Underrated McLean upset our proud Atoms and moved into second place in the Group I standings. The Atoms entertained new Groveton High, handing them an impressive 32-12 defeat. Our defensive line led by Nelson Conners and Larry Rentch ripped Groveton apart. Our offensive backfield led by the power running of Stacy McMarlin and Joe Davies, with Ted Stuart and Jim Young adding a touch of speed, romped for long gains and five big touchdowns. The Atoms clashed with W-L on a muddy field and a driving rain. Our varsity played good football, losing only after a terrific struggle. W-L was undefeated and after beat- ing AHS went on to a perfect season, adding the State Football Title to their Group I crown. The Mount Vernon Majors visited us on a muddy field and a misting rain. Annandale dominated the game but the muddy ball caused many fumbles in tight situations. The Majors drew first blood in the third period, recovering an Atom fumble and driving twenty-five yards for the TD. AHS tied the game with 30 sec- onds remaining to be played in the contest. Joe Davies scored from the one-yard line, cap- ping a sustained drive of 89 yards. Annandale missed a chance for a victory when the extra point attempt was fumbled. As a result the score remained tied 6-6. This game proved costly as many key players were injured and unable to play in the remaining two games. An injury-riddled Annandale team was de- feated by Francis Hammond of Alexandria, 7-0. Annandale had no offense because of injuries received By key players in the Mount Vernon game; as a result we played a defensive game. Our team consisted mostly of second and third string boys and they got a lot of experience for next year. The Atoms closed the ’56 season against Fairfax at home. AHS penetrated to the 10-yard line of the Rebels early in the second quarter but a stalwart Fairfax line and a fumble killed the drive. The remainder of the game was played between the 30-yard stripes with neither team making a serious invasion. Fairfax scored on a 25-yard pass play in the closing minutes and made it stand for a 6-0 victory. 4 Coach Henry shows proper technique. Junior Varsity Football RESULTS Annandale 6 W-L 26 Annandale 13 MeLean 33 Annandale 13 Falls Church 6 Annandale 0 Groveton 7 Annandale 0 Mt. Vernon 12 Annandale 0 Fairfax 14 94 First row: Petitt, Dean, McGuire, Lloyd, Oty, Gedrose, Togen, Manager Birnbaum. Second row: Walling, Coleman, Wright, Windsor, Nolke, Genovese, Henderson, Kelsy, McDonald, Graves. Third row: White, Ward, Utz, Goldberg, Evans, Walton, Davis, Perch, Mallory. Eighth RESULTS Annandale Visitors Grade AHS McLean 0 6 Football AHS 6 Falls Church 6 AHS Groveton 19 9 AHS Fairfax 6 12 AHS Mount Vernon 6 18 AHS Fairfax 6 36 95 mm a Varsity Hockey Row 1: Nancy Corsbie, Lindy Hatch, Marianna Flinchum, Carolyn Lynch, Capt.; Connie Swartz, Claudia Cooper, Pat Mernone. Row 2: Miss Peters, Coach; Jane Simpson, Judy Cook, Judy Potter, Barbara Wilkins, Sharon Klay, Manager. Row 3: Winnie Egolf, Linda Marsden, Kenlvnn King. Marianna drives toward the goal. Groveton 2 Falls Church 3 McLean 0 Fairfax 0 Mount Vernon 0 Fairfax 4 Annandale 0 Annandale 0 Annandale 3 Annandale 2 Annandale 1 Annandale 1 A tense moment as seen from the bench. 96 J. Y. Hockey First row: Lynne Castell, Pat Flinchum, Sheila O’Connell, Rosie Johnson, Lynn Mitchell, Ann Genovese. Row 2: Miss Lukens, Coach; Pat Hottle, Lefty Snyder, Carolyn Walker, Barbara Lynch, Sally Cooper. Row 3: Pat Hussey, Bev Heflin, Barbara Willis, Brierley Brager. Groveton 1 Falls Church 0 Fairfax 0 McLean 1 Mount Vernon 0 Fairfax 1 Annandale 2 Annandale 0 Annandale 2 Annandale 2 Annandale 3 Annandale 2 Time out with a word from Miss Peters. An Annandale player moves the ball onward. 97 Cable, Hewitt, and one of the opposition dash for the ball. Elgin tries to get rid of ball GAMES The Little Generals of Washington-Lee invaded the home court of the Atoms to open defense of their Northern Virginia, Group I crown. After a sloppy first half AHS opened up in the final periods to upset W-L 46-42, and win its opener. Fairfax was the scene of the next round-ball game. AHS jumped out to a quick lead and held it throughout the first and second periods. The Rebels closed the gap in the third quarter and tied the game shortly before the final buzzer. Fairfax drew first blood in the over- time but AHS tallied for two to knot the score again. Both teams exchanged baskets and the score remained tied at the end of the three minute overtime period. In the sudden death quarter Fairfax got the tap and moved down court to score the winning points. GAMES Falls Church challenged our Atoms and carried a 66-60 victory home with them. Bruce Hewitt pumped home 32 points but it wasn’t enough to offset the team effort of the Jaguars. The new Groveton High School entertained the Atoms in the next court battle. Annandale came through with a fine team effort, setting a new team scoring record in an 89-67 romp. G-W’s league leading Presidents locked horns with the Atoms and displayed the reason for their high position. They handled our boys with ease as the Atoms dropped to 2-3 for the season. Hammond’s Admirals were sunk by the Atoms in the next encounter. Annandale jumped to a 23-5 lead and cruised to an easy victory. This victory seemed to raise the morale of the AHS squad because they began to win more games. 100 Left to right: Jerry Cable, Bob Whiting, Lanny Gore, Jim Young, Bruce Hewitt, Stacey McMarlin, Dave Cruden, Nick Studer, George Elgin, Pete Crowe, Tim Horn, Hill Walker, and Craighton Abrams. Kneeling: Coach Grinnell and Joe Davies. SCORES AHS 46 W-L 42 AHS 45 Fairfax 47 AHS 60 Falls Church 66 AHS 84 Groveton 67 AHS 54 G.W. 79 AHS 56 Hammond 46 AHS 58 Mt. Vernon 53 AHS 63 McLean 44 AHS 44 W-L 46 AHS 91 Fairfax 62 AHS 49 Falls Church 61 AHS 65 Groveton 40 AHS 40 Hammond 56 AHS 52 McLean 50 AHS 86 Mt. Vernon 71 AHS 47 Wakefield 77 TOURNAMENT SCORES AHS 50 W-L 39 AHS 57 G.W. 77 AHS 65 Fairfax 78 Bruce Hewitt drives in for two. io 1 W M yd L - — P " i 1 V ' f wm WJr) r v ,4 ijLf S GAMES Mt. Vernon vs. Annandale. This set the stage for on e of the most thrilling games of the year. Both teams exchanged the lead many times but the 1-2 punch of Bruce Hewitt and George Elgin was too much for the Majors as they went down to a 58-55 defeat. The up and down McLean Eagles crashed head-on with the Atoms and came out on the short end of a 63-44 score. The rebounding of Dave Cruden and the shoot- ing of Hewitt and Elgin were the main reasons for the AHS triumph. JUMP BALL! 1 04 GAMES Annandale and W-L clashed for the second time. The Atoms had a bad night from the floor and fell to a 44-42 defeat. The Atoms’ leading scorer and also the ace of the State, Bruce Hewitt, bowed out against the Rebels of Fairfax. The score was close for the first half but the red-hot Atoms opened up in the remaining periods and romped to a 91- 62 victory The old team scoring record of 89 points was shattered and the individual scoring record was rewritten by Hewitt and his 38 tallies. AHS met the Jaguars in the latters’ band- box court. Hill Walker’s fine all-around play led the Atoms for three periods but he fouled early in the final quarter. As a result the offense cooled off and the Atoms fell to a 60-49 defeat. Annandale rolled over Groveton 65-40 to get back on the victory trail. Dave Cruden and Nick Studer used their height to good advan- tage as they pulled down 45 rebounds between them. Hammond cooled us down with a 56-40 decision. Poor shooting and little desire left the Atoms as a whipped and humble team. Cruden on the run. Mr. Grinnell gives helpful tip from the sidelines. 105 GAMES McLean and Annandale collided again, this time on the former’s court. The Atoms grabbed an early lead and held on for a 52-50 triumph. Mt. Vernon met the Atoms at home and we had another hot night. Everyone on the team got into the scoring column as AHS defeated the Majors, 86-71. George Elgin broke Hewitt’s 38 point record with a 41 point outburst. The Wakefield Warriors scalped us in the final game of the regular season, 77-47. They had a hot-hand in the first half and rolled over us for the victory. The Atoms finished in fourth place in the Northern Virginia League with a 7-7 record. We also won the Fairfax County Championship and trophy for the second straight year. AHS had a 7-3 record against County competition. J. V. Basketball Left to right: Bobby Anderson, Rhett Stogner, Bruce Rentch, Jay Faries, Doug Etka, Ronnie Matthews, Terry Broderick, Jim White, Bobby Sowers, Nick Evans, Terry Gieb, Russell Cadle. Jerry Peterson, and Doug Hewitt. Kneeling: Coach Smith. SCORES AHS 15 W-L 49 AIIS 18 Fairfax 41 AHS 30 Falls Church 27 AHS 39 Groveton 41 AHS 23 G. Vi . 54 AHS 25 Hammond 63 AHS 38 McLean 29 AHS 26 Mt. Vernon 32 AHS 30 W-L 79 AHS 40 Fairfax 45 AHS 30 Falls Church 27 AHS 47 Groveton 38 AHS 40 Hammond 57 AHS 29 McLean 36 AHS 27 Mt. Vernon 35 AHS 37 Wakefield 57 108 Eighth Grade Basketball Standing: Mr. Muirhead, John Yoder, Freddy Gaines, Richard Moore, Bill McDonald, Wayne Davis, Whitey Howery, Tom Price, Larry Hewes, and Bruce Birnbaum, Manager. Kneeling: Ted Harvey, Curtis Payne, Tom Maynard, Roy Underwood, Bill Baird, Joe Wertzbergef, and Benny Walton. SCORES AHS 8 McLean 42 AHS 11 Mt. Vernon 32 AHS 30 Herndon 16 AHS 23 Falls Church 31 AHS 12 Groveton 36 AHS 19 Mt. Vernon 33 AHS 20 McLean 45 109 Bev Heflin, Liz King, Judy Cook, Winnie Egolf, Lindy Hatch, Kathy Russell, Carolyn Lynch, Mary Anna Flinchum. Kenlyn King, Pat Hussey, Mary Wilkins, Anita Markel, Linda Marsden, Jane Simpson. Varsity Basketball Groveton 25 AHS 50 Mt. Vernon 10 AHS 46 Falls Church 20 AHS 47 Groveton 28 AHS 61 McLean 61 AHS 46 Fairfax 47 AHS 61 Mt. lemon 22 AHS 44 Falls Church 29 AHS 52 Miss Buck coached the forwards. McLean 63 AHS 68 Fairfax 34 AHS 61 D Barbara Lynch, Jane Nightengale, Martha Wilkins, Anita Dodson, Beth Wheeton, Tosh Mitchell, Sharon Klay, Lefty Snyder, Judy Potter, Carolyn Walker, Carol Brown, Karen Row, Winnie Davidson, Susan Tate, Carolyn Dunn. Junior Varsity Basketball Mrs. Hall coached the guards. Groveton 18 AHS 29 Mt. Vernon 11 AHS 8 Falls Church 10 AHS 7 Groveton 14 AHS 18 McLean 36 AHS 31 Fairfax 21 AHS 16 Mt. Vernon 14 AHS 17 Falls Church 21 AHS 16 McLean 37 AHS 26 Fairfax 19 AHS 15 John Quast winds up for a fast one. Rentch at batting practice while Sowers and Elgin look on. An attempted steal at third Row 1: Baxter Brown, John Quast, Larry Rentch, George Elgin. Row 2: Coach Fones, Joe Davies, Bobby Sowers, Ken Crovo. 1957 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT LOCATION Apr. 2 W-L Home Apr. 5 Fairfax Away Apr. 9 Falls Church Home Apr. 12 Groveton Away Apr. 16 George Washington . Home Apr. 19 Hammond Home Apr. 23 McLean Home Apr. 26 Mount Vernon Awav Apr. 30 Open May 3 W-L Away May 7 Fairfax Home May 10 Falls Church Away May 14 Groveton Home May 17 Open May 21 Hammond Away May 24 McLean Away May 28 Mount Vernon Home May 31 Wakefield Awav Softball Marianna Flinchum runs after a high fly. % Mary Wilkins on the pitcher’s mound. 114 Mrs. Hall coaches Nancy True. Wrestling Coach Winkler demonstrates his techniques on Tom Graham. Kneeling: Donny Cable, Fred Ingram, Russell Lewis, Michael Agnew, William Barefield, Stephen Sandrelzkn, Donald Demory, Roland Harris, and Boyd Davis. Standing: Dana Wellman, Jeff Johnson, Bruce Churchill, Roger Nutter, Doug Brown, John Gregory, Russell Snyder, Hague Manoukian, Kimo Jadrnicek, Wickie Whalen, and John Owen. Track Bruce Churchill and Mike Con- nelly, co-captains of the 1957 AHS track team. Varsity Cheerleaders Clockwise: Linda Garrison, Linda Atwell, Sandy Lynch, Gail Curtin, Pat Cassedy, Denise Holloran, Capt.; Nancy Bauer, Jeriann Carlson, Donna Gaines, Molly Comstock. Barbara Castell, Joan Heim. 118 J. Y. Cheerleaders Left to right: Jolly Jost, Shirley Watson, Sally Cooper, Bette Rae Turner, Cindy Payne, Barbara Lynch, Sandra Thompson, Betty Chettle, Marijon Ketcham, Gloria Treadwell. 8th Grade Cheerleaders Center left to right: Dinah Gray, Irene Cantrell, Capt.; Donna Cunningham. Standing left to right: Pat Winslow, Tracey Smith, Linda Valosio, Dee Sherwood, Sally Coggin, Joyce Sanborn, Linda Ross. ACTIVITIES Studenl This year the Student Council had a particularly busy and successful year. The first “Handbook” was pub- lished, and the “Points Award System” was initiated. Such programs as the Morning Chapel Service, Honor Code Week, and the “Erkster” Campaign in the cafe- teria were held to improve the moral standing in the school. During Honor Code Week, the Honor Code was emphasized to make it more meaningful to the students. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies were also sponsored by the SCA. JIM YOUNG, Vice-President The Inter-Club Council co-ordinates club activities. Row 1: Clifford Hattorf, Vernon Kirkpatrick, John Owens, Richard Moore, Peter Steketee, Clint McDonald, George Haskins, Emmon Shaw, Forrest Wood, Ralph German, Russell Snyder, Jack Conoley, Roland Harris, Dale Windham, Robin Ping, Mike Smith, Richard Cary. Row 2: Nancy Hayes, Pat Donaghy, Kathleen Dick, Betty Himes, Winnie Egolf, Sharon McCormick, Beth Stevens, Dorothy Bishop, Bobbye Whitenton, Nancy Staples, Julia Drenning, Brenda Livengood, Linda Valosio, Linda Dravenstadt, Jane Kennedy, Janet Layton, Wendy Webster. Row 3: Sharon Hall, Sharon Klay, Sally Leith, Pat Flinchum, Nancy Roberts, Mimi Justusson, Ruth Henderson, Shelby Conklin, Nancy Bauer, Carol Keyes, Anne Beck, Linda Allebaugh, Carole Landess, Cathy Delorey. Government To raise money, the Magazine Drive was held, as well as dances and the fac- ulty talent show. The annual Christmas Welfare Drive, through which food and gifts for needy families in the county were supplied. The SCA was active in the County, District, and State SCA. Preliminary work was done on the possibility of hav- ing an exchange student from a foreign country at Annandale in the future. r LINDA ATWELL, Secretary 1 Mrs. Payne talks things over with Jim White JIM WHITE, Treasurer and Jim Young. Row 1. Jane Simpson, Judy Justisson, Margaret Yoder, Toni Garlan, Doug Foard, Cindy Payne, Linda Whitham, Carolyn Gapen, Dan Drinkard. Row 2: Linda Atwell, Bette Williams, Kathryn Russell, Margaret Rouse, Gracie Toon, Sue Cook, Sam Johnson, John Tellier, Bob Risteen. Row 3: Bob Howard, Andy Robison, Tim Horn, Jim Young, Jim White, Lee Cary, Ron Fox. Yearbook Sue Cook, Bette Williams, Linda Brittain, Nancy Hottle, Syd Reed, Hannah Trice, Nancy Oberdorf. Hannah, Linda, and Nancy draw lay- outs in preparation to meet a deadline. The aim of the yearbook staff this year was to in- crease the size of THE ANTENNA, and to make it a better all-round yearbook at the same time. There was a tiny office this year in which to work, and the staff will long remember the long hours spent there making their dream of a bigger and better yearbook come true. •» . gRLgSg KggSSS Row 1: David Gallagher, Syd Reed, Pat Hottle, Jane Hannah Trice, Nancy Oberdorf, Lucy Reed, Pat Ping, Margaret Rouse, Sharon Washburn, Virginia TETo PICTURES " ErVW T 1 Dxi 5 t t t rf ‘too S-f— - Co»H ' ?« «« of CU Seated left to right: Robin Ping, Bette Williams, Baxter Brown, Margaret Briscoe. Standing left to right: Dorothy Barry, Wilma Meyers. There were many things to be done — pictures to be taken, layouts to be planned, copy to be written, and deadlines to be met. When all was done, and the final deadline met, everyone who had worked so hard waited expectantly for the 1957 ANTENNA. EDITORS OF THE 1957 ANTENNA Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Activities and Features Class Editor Boys’ Sports Editor Girls’ Sports Editor . . . Copy Editor Art Editors Photographers Sponsor Nancy Hottle Linda Brittain Bette Williams Editor .... Hannah Trice Nancy Oberdorf Syd Reed Jane Simpson Sue Cook . . ; Ron Fox Paul Steucke Lorin Cary Robin Ping Dave Gallagher ... Mr. William Richards Simpson, Sue Cook, Linda Brittain, Nancy Hottle, Nicolet. Row 2. Joe Fox, Ron Fox, Lee Cary, Robin Hart, Janice Culver, Charlotte Cook, Bobbye Whitenton. 125 Newspaper Seated: Dot Green. Betsy Sterner, Ted Stuart, Bev Heflin, Don Smith, Emmon Shaw, Lee Cary, Linda Dean. Standing: Haig Manoukian, David Tannous, Lea Anne Cafferata, Carol Mims, Mary Joyce Million, Marilyn Little, Bill Kanto, Ruth Henderson, Dicky Cary, Jean Howell, Carol Keyes, Sandra Sparks, Nancy Corsbie, Judy Miller, Miss Royston. Ruth Henderson Ted Stuart Marilyn Little . Emmon Shaw Lorin Cary Judy Miller . . . . Betsy Sterner . . . Miss Royston . . . Mr. T. Harris. . . Editor-in-Chief Sports Editor Girls’ Sports Editor Business Manager Photographic Editor News Editor Feature Editor Production Sponsoi Business Sponsor Starting with an issue early in September, the A-Blast staff, which met every day as the Journalism Class, published a six-page paper once a month. The staff put in long hours outside class on the paper besides their class time. To raise money, the staff sponsored a dance in the Fall and a style show in March. 126 A-Blast Ted Stuart confers with other members of the staff. Miss Royston Sponsor ; Mr. Harris Business Manager The Business Staff Bill Kanto, Don Smith, and Kerwin Miller worry about money. Concert Row 1: Clyde Wooten, John Tellier, Leslie Mott, Charles Byrd, Bill Hall, Dorothy Barry, Toni Garlan, Susan Mauer, Joanne Blum, Rosemary Henderson. Row 2: John B rauer, Dorothy Waldo, Ross Griffith, Billy Viel, Michael Stone, Kimo Jadrnicek, Robert Wills, Frank Brogdon, Charles Mercer, Ruth DeWald, Pat Briggs, Jane Simpson, Donald Demory, Monte Penney, Gale Bain, Mitchell Holsinger, Mary Wilkins, Vernon Harman, Robert Graves, John Smith, Jack Ingram, Joe Fox. The Concert Band has had a busy year under their new director, Mr. Farris. They entertained us at many assemblies. They also played in the annual Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and International Day. 128 Band Row 3: William Gray, James Stanton, Jerry Rowzie C. T. Mason, Linda Macgoey, Chris Bigelow, Syrl Ferguson, Harry Weissenstein, James Mills, Tom Rogers, Robert Sherwood, Kelley Griffith, Robin Ping, Tom Buntin, Wynne Stevens, Douglas Zanzot Miriam Newton, John Gregory, Terry Shaneyfelt, Marlene McKnight, Margie Briscoe, Robert Simms Row 4: Mr. Farris, Ronnie Fox. Members not present: Roger Amato, David Upton, Nelson Gregory. Row 1: Robert Burns, Frances Thomas, Richard Davis, Wallace Howery, Eileen Mullady, Barbara Lann, Mary Richardson, Frank Holloman, Benson Daitz, Bruce Johnson, Muriel Jones, Betty Jo Ewan, Ellen Klyn. Row 2: William Gardner, Robert Nye, Joel Smith, Orville Ingram, Terry Hill, Marian Angel, Phyllis Belcher, Janet Dunn, Barbara Smith, Nicky Pettit, James Viel, Patrick Conway, Jerry Wilson, George Baber, Roy Underwood, Sandy Sandretzky, Whitey Howery, Martin Stone, Karin Gleiter, Dennis Perkins. Row 3: Frank Harris, Charles Howery, Don Reed, Richard Sword, Hugh Darnell, Guy Briggs, John Chamberlain, Bob Abbott, Frank Berman, Carl Engh, Peter Steketee, Peggy Meyer, Charles Pollock, Garey Gedrose, Jim Maguire, Russell Gillum. Row 4: Mr. Farris, Bill Buntin, Lawton Wright, Michael DePriest, George Baily, Larry Reynolds. Marching Band Officers of the band. Evelyn Angel, Gloria Meadows, Sandy Steppe, Janet McDonald, Grade Toon, Mary Ina McMarlin, Michelle Bennett, Cassie Davies. Ron leads the band. In their sparkling red and white uniforms, the Annandale High School marching band per- formed many times during this year. The band and the majorettes put on half-time entertain- ment at several of the football games. They also marched in the Annandale Day Parade, the Colonial Bowl Parade, and the Washing- ton Redskin game at which they took second place in the Metropolitan area. Concert Mr. Wygal Director Dot Bishop, Accompanist. Row 1: Gwen Breeding, Sharon Washburn, Wilkins, Nancy Staples. Row 2: Bobbye Whitenton, Bette Williams, Cheek, Alice Moyers, Carole Landers. Row 3: Barbara Bradford, Olga Robbins, Georgianne Baber, Pat Pat Burnhard, Pat Zumstein, Nancy Bauer. Row 4: Judy Watson, Oberdorf, Mike Haycock, Jim Young. Ray Scott, Janet Williams, Gail 132 Choir Roland Harris, Dick Talbert, John Callow, Prior Thwaites, Paul Bonner, Barbara Kathryn Russell, Carolyn White, Ron Fox, Bob Howard. Bob Furnard, Helen Ann Partello, Pat Nicolet, Dave Gallagher, Paul Steucke, Bob Richmond, James Condrey, Linda Brittain, Linda Marsden, Sue Butzner, Doris Fleming, Rosie Johnson, Nancy Curtin, Dixie Curtin, Maureen McKenna. The Concert Choir’s first appearance in school this year was at the Thanksgiving assembly. They also participated in other assemblies during the year. Their new robes arrived just in time for them to wear in the Christmas Concert. They sang in the Spring Concert, at Constitution Hall, in several community affairs, and in the state clinics and Festival. 133 Girls’ Chorus Row 1: Virginia Mitchell, Linda Stancil, Peggy Ralston, Lynn Kendre, Connie Martin, Bette Rae Turner, Margaret Leffler, Linda Gust, Karen Gullickson, Sharon Speet, Sue Davidson. Row 2: Joyce Lee, Marceile Corwin, Loretta Young, Vivian Hollings- worth, Angie Lane, Barbara Lynch. Phyllis Winberg, Nancy Hays, Rachel Lester, Brenda Livingood, Alice Dick, Betty Carter, Pat Smith, Virginia Shepherd. Row 3: Nancy O baugh, Betty Millington, Roberta Arnold, Becky Yost, Shirlean Blanckenbaker, Veronica Heath, Ann Blitch, Donna Zumstein, Sue Boatwright, Doris Perlman, Cynthia Payne, Sandra Mims, Barbara Stewartson, Sandy Lynch, Sharon Burnett. Row 1: Joyce Otis, Sandra Johnson, Ruth Harrison, Suzanne Fowler, Patsy Acheson, Marcia Myres, Carolyn Myres, Claudia Cooper, Barbara Norfolk. Row 2: Sharon Tobin, Judy Richmond, Peggy Stuart, Janice Melvin, Nicki Hunter, Peggy Gregory, Joyce Redmond, Sandy Bowman, Joan Piland, Mary Ellis White, Dor- othy Swetland. Row 3: Beth Stephens, Gail Williams, Ann Genovese, Sylvia Terry, Carol Caudle, Shelby Conklin, Sarah Severence, Elizabeth Mariast, Rosie Shindel, Virginia Dansburger, Elizabeth Reedy, Lucy Reed, Eliza- beth King. Boys’ Chorus Row I: Mike Helfand, Richard Cary, Chris Robbins, Ronnie Monroe. Row 2: John Murphy, Bill Dyess, Russ Cadle, Buddy McMurray, Stan Colson. Row 3: Sam Johnson, Ken Crovo, Jeff Johnson, Herb Bernhard, Larry Schulman, Prior Thwaits. The Boys’ Chorus is a new or- ganization this year. It consists mainly of freshmen and sopho- more boys, although there are also some upperclassmen in the group. The class is essentially a training group for the Con- cert Choir. This year the Boys’ Chorus participated in the Christmas Concert, the George Washington Choral Music Festival, the Spring Concert, and several assemblies. The Concert Choir practices for their annual Christmas Concert. National Honor Society Seated: Janet Cannon, Bette Williams, Nancy Ayres, Whitenton. Standing: Kathy Russell, John Callow, Sue Cook, Prior Thwaits, Pres.; Mrs. Elmore, Carolyn John Lacey, Stacy McMarlin, Tim Horn, Roger Lynch, Helen Lynch, Sandra Barefield, Bobbye Low.ther, Nancy Hottle. In this, the first year of its existence, the Annan- dale Chapter of the National Honor Society began several projects. One of these is College Night, when juniors and seniors talked to representatives from many colleges. Another is a scholarship to be awarded each year to the senior who best exemplifies Scholarship, Lead- ership, Character, and Service. To raise money for the scholarship, the Honor Society gave two bake sales a month. The Honor Society also took charge of the Honor Roll. 136 Key Club Row 1: Dale Windham, Stacey McMarlin, Veep; John Dick Hays, Prior Thwaits, Ron Fox, Larry Rentch, Lacey, Pres.; Andy Robison, Sec.; Jim Young, Treas.; Jim White, Doug Zanzot. Row 4: Forrest Wood, Bruce Mr. Winkler, Sponsor. Row 2: John Callow, Tim Churchill, Jim Clapper, Joe Davies, Syd Reed, Horn, Bob Risteen, Ted Stuart, Jack Ingram. Row 3: Tom Graham. Key Club officers plan the program for the year. The Key Club is a service organization whose purpose is to serve the school, the community, and the nation by its projects throughout the year. This year, Key Club projects included the Cerebral Palsy Drive, helping to land- scape the school grounds, and helping in the school supply store. They also helped the Student Council on the Christmas Welfare Drive. The Sweetheart Dance they sponsored in February was a big success, and the Key Club members enjoyed the banquet at which the new officers were installed. Key Club banquet. 1 07 The French Club thoroughly enjoyed the way the program was set up for this year. They held their meetings once a month in French class with visitors from France, slides, French records, drama and games. Gail, Navetta, and Shannon dining at a French cafe. The French Club Creighton Abrams, Elliana Alberghini, Georgianne Baber, Gale Bain, Alan Beilowitz, Shannon Bennett, Mike Boatwright, David Boldt. Nancy Bozarth, Ingobert Brauning, Gwen Breeding, Navetta Breeding, Linda Brittain, Bud Budzinski, Sue Butzner, Art Bywaters, Jeri Carlson, Lorin Lee Cary, Betty Chettle, Merrill Clark. Cindy Condrey, Judy Cook, Welford Corbin, Nancy Corsbie, James Colbertson, Gale Curtin. Jim Cutter, Winnie Davidson, Jane Davis, Dorothy Dent, Julia Drenning, Floyd Dunn, George Duvall, Frank Feindt, Jerry Folda, Suzanna Ford, Judith Fousse, Heather Frankovic, Donna Gaines, Marsha Gallant, Donald Gordon, Linda Garrison, Dot Green, Alice Hall, Virginia Hart, Lindv Hatch, Mike Haycock, Helen Jo Hays, Delbert Heffelfinger, Ruth Henderson, Mitchell Holsinger, Donna Homrighausen, Robert Howard, Marcia Keesling, Carol Keyes, Eric Keyes, Marilyn Kimel, Elizabeth King, Susan Kise, Sharon Klay, Barry Koch, Carole Landess, Kathy Lantzy, Spencer Luchak, Valerie Long, Jay Lovering, Andy Lynch, Carolyn Lynch, Helen Lynch, Dennis McGee, Bill Mason, Susan Maurer, Dick Mellet, Dana Messer, Betty Millington, Mary Joyce Million, Carolin Myers, Marcia Myers, Brian Mullady, Joan Nelson, Jane Nightengale, Virginia Noble, Sheila O’Connell, Arlene O ' Connor, Patty O ' Donnell, Barbara Pace, Mary Frances Pace, Douglas Parker, Pat Partello, Monte Penny, Doris Perlman, Dick Perry, Sandra Rademaker, Gloria Randolph, Janet Rath, Lucy Reed, Richard Reppert, Suzanne Reynolds, Sally Rock, James Rice, Mary Richardson, Pat Salome, Kristina Sanvorn. Ralph Scroggs, John Shea, Robert Simms, Valerie Simms, Jean Simonsen, Jane Simpson, Jean Simpson, Joan Simpson, Geraldine Somers, Sandra Sparks, James Stanton, Beth Stephens, Sandy Steppe, Paul Steucke, Karen Stevenson, Carlisle Stewart, Leslie Stewart, John Swensson, Renee Taxis. Jackie Taylor, John Tellier, Kitty Terry, Sylvia Terry, Donna Thompson, Gloria Treadwell, Sue Tribbitt, Nancy True, Carolyn Walder, Harry Weissenstein, Freddie Welch, Linda Whitham, Leroy Willett, Ryan Windham, Leonora Woods, Sandy Wood, Sue Wrigglesworth, Sharon Zittleman, William Neil. French Club Officers Seated: Merrill Clark, Paul Steuke, Donna Gaines, Jean Simpson, Jerry Folda, Lee Cary. Standing: Gwen Breeding, Ruth Henderson, Renee Taxis, Georgianne Baber, Carolyn Lynch. French Honor Society The installation of the French Honor Society. The Societe Honoraire de Francais is composed of stu- dents of outstanding scholastic ability, particularly in French. It is the object of this society to promote a clear understanding of France and her people and to per- petuate Franco-American friendship. Our chapter has been active this year in such projects as the school landscaping program and the Mardi Gras Ball. Jerry becomes a member. J Students model Roman togas. Eileen Adkins, Linda Allenbaugh, Carol Ann Allegri, Roberta Arnold, Carol Auer, Gordon Bailey, Leta Bailey, Cliff Baranowski, Ann L. Beck, Michelle Bennett, Daitz Benson, Ann Blitch, Sandy Bowman, Sue Brackett, Karen Bridge, Pat Briggs, Terry Broderick, Carol Brown, Douglas Brown, Bill Buntin, Charles Byrd, Rodger Byrd, Lee Ann Cafferata, Ed Cammock, Judy Capitz, Wesley Caraway, Lynn Castell, Nan Chaney, David Cheek, Jim Clapper, Merrill Clark, Linda Clizbe, Stan Colson, Charlotte Cook, Charles Cox, Herbie Cummins, Ann Cuthbert, Joe Dawson, Mike De Hart, Ruth Dewald, Clark Dillon, Dan Drinkard, Charles Dutkin, Barbara Edge, Lydia Edinger, Kan English, Marcella English, Don Erlies, John Faries, Mary Faucher, Lewis Ferony, Sharon Ferrell, Vance Foreman, Joe Fox, Ronald Freeny, David Gallacher, Barbara Gamble, Ann Genovese, Pat Goldsmith, Lucy Gordon, Karen Gul- lickson, Charlotte Hagaman, Harro Hahenner, Sharon Hall, Bob Heath, Joan Heath, Joan Heim, Bill Helsel, Rosemary Henderson, Ruth Henderson, Michell Herring, Bill Higham, Gregory Hite, Pat Hottle, Patsy Houff, Jean Howell, Donna Huber, Charlotte Hudson, Mary Ann Hughes, Pat Hussey, Carol Ann Jerry, Bill Johns, Susan Johns, Gil Johnston, Marian Jones, Judy Justusson, Peter Kelsey, Marijon Ketcham, Pat Lawrence, Dianne Leader, Wm. R. Leahy, Margaret Leffler, Dave Leichter, Marilyn Little, Virginia Linton, Barbara Lynch, Linda Margoly, Joan The Latin Club officers. The Annual Roman Banquet. Macedull, Sylvia Marcus, Bob McCloskey, Robert McCullough, Susan McGraw, Maureen McKenna, Sandy McLean, Jim McLoughlin, Melinda Meek, Dan Miller, Luke Miller, John Milton, Lynn Mitchell, Laetitia Moble, Maryanne Monaco, George Morrison, Lislie Mott, Alice Moyers, Christina Nelson, Grace Nesslrodt, Miriam Newton, Nancy Oberdorf, Charlene Ogden, Ann Olson, Carol Owen, Buddy Padgett, Cindy Payne, Robin Ping, Priscilla Pearson, Charles Pfrom- mer, Diane Pollock, Alfred Porter, Judy Potter, Pam Powell, Gordon Price, James Price, Bob Ramey, Hope Reynolds, Jo Ann Reynolds, Jeanne Richards, Olga Robbins, Andy Robison, Margaret Rouse, Judy Ruckman, Rex Ruffner, Judy Sadler, Barbara Sallee, Valerie Schaefer, Marless Schmitz, Jay Scully, Steve Scully, John Schuerman, Robert Schwartz, Terry Shaneyfelt, Bob Sherwood, Louise Simmons, Jean Simpson, Joan Simpson, Penny Skells, Ellen Skog, Elizabeth Slater, Mike Smith, Patricia Smith, Dinah Snipes, Joyce Snyder, Suanne Spaeth, Billy Spanke, Sonya Sparks, Sharon Speet, Thomas Spencer, Tommy Spillers, Nan Stahl, Rhett Stogmer, Sandra Sutton, David Tannous, Robert Tolar, Sara Tolar, Jesse Thomas, Judy Upchurch, Kitty Walters, Wanda Watson, Alan Wenberg, Nancy Wharton, Beth Wheaton, Judy Whitener, Barbara Wilkins, Martha Wilkins, Mary Wilkins, Bob Wills, Karol Wodrich, Pete Woodruff, Jim Young, Mary Ellen Young, Mar- garet Yutzy, Cecile Zaugg. “Romain hodierni,” the Latin Club, is an active club made up of students interested in Latin. Its purpose is to prove that Latin and the Rome of yesterday are not dead. To show that Latin lives today, the club gave an assembly, and held their annual Roman Banquet. Andy Robison, president of the Latin Club, was also president of the State Junior Classical League. The Christmas decorations put up by the Latin Club added a note of Christmas cheer in the halls. Row 1: Lucy Palmer, Syd Reed, Elsie Jay Dunham, Wendy Webster, Karlyn Shoemaker, Tom Graham, John Checkovich, Michael Stone, Vern Harmon. Row 2: Phyliss Meek, Eleanor Jones, Mary MacKusick, Anita Dotson, Rosie Johnson, Katy Shea, Karen Rowe, Sally Cooper, Lynne Castell, Jack Lowther, John Hollingsworth. Row 3: Jo Anne Blum, Marilyn Galvin, Jan Williams, Brierly Brager, Evelyn Angel, Janice Culver, Helen Ann Cheek, Jeanie Hays, Joycelyn Jost, Robert Morgan. Row 4: Susan Tait, Barbara Stewart- son, Audrey Heflin, Gail Grange, Claudia Cooper, Meg Lunfsord, Lyle Fowlkes, Joe Davies, Tommy Lytle, Todd Scroggs, Richard M. Cary. Row 5: Sam Johnson, Paul Kincheloe, Mike Booker, Bob Bunch, Mike Taggart, Phil Baker, Doug Zanzot, Kurvin Miller, Jimmy Bauer, Joe Johnson, Kelly Griffith. The Spanish Club is made up of interested per- sons who have studied Spanish. The purpose of the club is to learn more about the ways of life of Spanish-speaking peoples. As a group they attended a Spanish movie and had dinner at a Spanish restaurant. Their Christmas party, including the traditional pinata, was a big success, and the student body will remember the Spanish assembly. Spanish Club Officers: Wendy Webster, Secre- tary; Syd Reed, President; Karlyn Shoemaker, Treasurer; Mike Booker, Vice-President. 141 Future Homemakers of America Row 1: La Verne Carson, Penny Skells, Lillian Gibson. Nancy Garland, Shirley Shanks, Jean Ruckman Row 2: Marcella English, Melinda Meek, Susan Tait Row 3: Alice Dick, Barbara Edmonston, Ronnie Simpson, Pat Donaghy, Shelby Conklin, Delores Smith, Wilma Ricketts, Linda Facchina, Mary Helen Freeman, Cecile Zaugg. The Future Homemakers of America is an organization of girls interested in Home Economics. When school started, and the eighth graders did not have lockers, the F.H.A. members adopted the eighth grade girls and shared their lockers with them. At Christmas they made gifts and gave them to the Red Cross for distribution. The club’s fund raising projects were the breakfast club in the cafeteria and the St. Patrick’s Day Dance. F.H.A. members make Christmas gifts for the needy. Ann Cuthbert, Wilma Ricketts, Pres.; Pat Don- aghy, Shelby Conklin, Delores Smith, Linda Kreit- zer. Linda Facchina. Bible Club Row 1: Virginia Shepherd, Frank Harris, Linda Woodend, Sonny Wright, Faye Harris, Joyce Hoover, Janet Hoover. Row 2: Judy Oliver, Janet Cannon, Jeanette McDonald, Pat Smith, Shirley Blankenbaker, Glenn Cannon, Penny Rogers, Barbara Church, Chris- tine Russell, Marlene McKnight. Future Teachers of America Row 1: Nancy Ayers, Sec.- Treas.; Margaret Rouse, Pres.; Laetitia Noble, Margaret Yoder. Row 2: Marijon Ket- cham, Carol Lander, Diane Pillack, Karlyn Shoemaker, Gail Bain. % Future Business Leaders of America Row 1: Mrs. Burchard, Barbara Gibson, Donna Anderson, Carolyn White, Thelma Lamb, Mr. Sachs. Row 2: Wilma Meyers, Faith Poole, Peggy Stewart, Kathie Quint, Mary Ina McMarlin, Brenda Worsham, Pat Helvey, Roberta Shanks. ' " ' Or Distributive Education students learn the techniques of selling. Road Raskels The Road Raskels is an automo- tive club whose main purpose is to encourage safe driving. Club cars are inspected at two-month inter- vals, and club racing is done on the Manassas Drag Strips. The club also encourages school safety. Dick Talbert, Prior Thwaits, Fred Doze, Dick Hays, Dale Windham, Tom Stewart, Jack Lippolt. Rifle Club Mr. Buckley, Sponsor; Row 1: Charles Mason, Don Demory, Veep; Roger Nutter, Pres.; Eleanor Jones, Sec.; John Brauer. Rott 2: Bill Bronson, Walter Apelt, Joe Emery. Row 3: Richard Mercer, Ed Cammack, Larry Hewes. Row 4: Bill Helsel, Jack Hall, Jack Conley, Dave Mitton, John Callow. Row 4: Jack Lowther, Mike Haycock, Danny Black. The purpose of the Rifle Club is to promote interest in the safe use of firearms. After a course in the proper use of guns, the members must pass a written exam before they are allowed to fire. During the year they fired in various matches and sponsored a Western Soc Hop. A ' Library Staff Row 1: Carolyn Gapen, Val Shaeffer, Gloria Randall, Louise Simmons, Tosh Mitchell, Mrs. Ashenhurst, Librarian; Mrs. Flinchum, Librarian; Sue Cook, Shirley Robertson, Linda Woodend, Karen Stevenson, Barbara Norfolk. Row 2: Linda Krietzer, Toni Garlan, Judy Whitener, Nancy True, Nancy Bozarth, Mary Ellen Young, Virginia Hall, Mike Connelly, June Wiggins. Projection Club Row 1: Virgel Zoller, Tom Puckett, Luther Borden, Bill Biggers, Mr. Harris, Sponsor. Row 2: Tod Scroggs, Allen Redmiles, Bill Brown, Bob Luttrell, Frank Hoover. Row 3: Dan Walker, Bruce Andress, Chuck Emmett, Arthur Bywaters, Gamaliel Cook, Eugene Hoffman. Luke Miller, John Zoller. The backbone of the office. Stage Crew The Office Force The Stage Crew prepares the stage for “Junior Miss.” Row 1: Leon Murphy, Danny Walker, Jimmy Bauer, Joyce Redmond, Sharon Washburn, Virginia Dans- burger, Marilyn Miller, Linda Powell, Judy Har- rington, Delbert Hefflefinger, Alan Massey, Vernon Kirkpatrick, Bobby Bractions. Row 2: Bobby Bracken, Gary Imhoff, Eddie Belet, Ralph Jarvis, Todd Scroggs, Joel Smith, Charles Byrd, Wally Hoover, Thomas Pucket, Ross Bullen, Presley Cross, Arthur Bywaters, Richard Webster. Row 1: Jim Panter, Tom Spencer, Billy Biggers, Sonny Wright, Alan Merriman, Tommy Higgins, Larry Perry, Bobby Seigert, Charles Byrd, Gamaliel Cook. Row 2: Leslie Stewart, Katherine Raleigh, Walter Spires, Kervin Miller, Bob Furnad, Deb Heffelfinger, Lonnie Adkins, Frank Hoover, Bill Bronson, Bill Viel, Larry Reynolds, Logan Williams, Leon Murphy, Janice Allen, Bonnie Kerns, Mr. Baker. 8th Grade S.C.A. Row 1: Bill Wray, Nancy Heath, John Yoder, Dee Sherwood, Linda Ross, Ginny Procise, Mimi Justusson, Linda Dravenstadt. Row 2: Mr. Bolding, Freddy Byrd, Richard Moore, Charles Valosio, Peter Gary, Jean Hinnicks, Dick Grieger, Linda Valosio, Wyatt B. Thompson, Jr. The Eighth Grade Student Council is an inde- pendent organization made up of 8th Grade homeroom representatives, class officers, and chairmen of permanent committees. This or- ganization was formed to help bridge the gap between elementary school and high school S. C. A. The Eighth Grade Student Council cooper- ates with the S. C. A. on such projects as the Magazine Drive and the Welfare Drive, besides having its own projects such as selling Easter Seals during the Lily Day Campaign. It solves problems that only the 8th Grade has, and sponsors social activities for the 8th Graders only. The Eighth Grade class officers. 149 •■i m. Magazine Miss Pat Cassedy from Dogpatch. Little Abner and the rest of the Dogpatch characters took over Annandale High School for two weeks in February as the Scraggs bat- tled the Yokums in the annual magazine drive. The teams had many publicity stunts to keep up the traditional rivalry between the two Dogpatch families and encourage the sale of magazine subscriptions by the students. This looks like it’s Monte Penney’s first trip backstage. A beauty contestant from the land of the Scraggs and Yokums. 152 The folks at Dogpatch aren’t the only ones who have freckles. Drive The Magazine Drive sponsored by the S.C.A. is the main fund-raising drive of the year. The money provides part of the running expenses of the S.C.A., the music departments, the year- book, the office general fund, the athletic department, and other school organizations. Both teams really came through and did an excellent job in selling subscriptions, and Annandale High was rated one of the highest schools in the country in sales. Doug says, “Little boys do it this way.” Mr. Fisher’s second childhood. 153 Gay “Parie” is practiced in Dogpatch. rf Junior Miss” presented by the CAST Judy Graves Gwen Breeding Harry Graves John Callow Grace Graves Dottie Foster Lois Graves Marian Cartaglia Fuffy Adams Nancy Bauer Hilda Dorothy Barry Joe Reginald Mervine J. B. Curtis Lee Cary Willis Reynolds Ron Fox Barlow Adams Forrest Wood Haskell Cummings. . . Doug Foard Western Union Boy. . . Bill Kanio Merrill Feurback ... Dick Hays Sterling Brown Charles Wagner Albert Kunody Dick Talbert Charles J ACK Ingram Tommy Arbuckle ... Paul Steuke Henry Peter Bain Senior Class directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Disc jockey Jules Henry, presents Nancy Oberdorf with the gold cup for first prize. School Life Can’t I get my robe without this? Constructive or destructive? 156 mmm Special Recognition Tommy Buntin, Dorothy Barry, Clyde Wooten, Bob Sims, Bill Gray, Kelly Griffith, and Jack Ingram represented Annandale at All-State Band. Ray Scott, Jimmy Condrey, Ron Fox, Molly Comstock, Maureen McKenna, Bette Williams, and Kathy Russell represented Annandale at All-State Chorus. Kathy was Secretary of the State S.C.A. and State Chairman of Teens Against Polio. 157 Informal Dances 158 Special Dances The winners of the costume judging at the Mardi Gras Ball. Queen Barbara Castell and her court at the Key Club Sweet- heart Dance. Art Lamb crowned Donna Gaines and Paul Steucke king and queen of the Mardi Gras Ball. IflCd 159 IVA TRICE DRESS SHOP ELLICOTT’S 5 10 Annandale, Virginia Store Hours 9-9 Mon. - Sat. 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Washington Blvd. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE It cannot be dispensed with ... or substituted for. ... It should be of first consideration in every important undertaking. . . . We mean experience . . . the specialized experience such as we offer in the field of School Annual photography. . . . That is why year after year, we have been honored by being chosen Official Yearbook Photographer by many leading Schools and Colleges. . . . Getting out a Yearbook is a once-in-a- lifetime undertaking. ... It is therefore good to know that there is available to you all the experience that is necessary to meet this unusual emergency. . . . You’ll find our organization skilled and resourceful . . . our facilities and resources ample to meet every problem connected with Yearbook Photography. 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Contractors and Builders 226 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA CL 6-2391 Phones: JEfferson 3-8200 3-8750 Washington • • • KITT’S • • • Alexandria Everything in Music PIANOS KNABE Since 1837. OFFICIAL PIANO OF THE METROPOLITAN OPERA. Unexcelled in prestige and performance. EVERETT Since 1883. Exclusive Dyna-Tension scale, “Forward Sound,” Resotonic Tone Chamber. Larger sounding board than many grands. ESTEY A half million in homes and schools here and abroad since 1869. IVERS POND One of America’s honored names in excellent pianos, since 1880. WURLITZER A famous name in music for over 200 years. Now, and for many years, America’s largest selling piano. FISCHER Since 1840. A family favorite of six generations. JANSSEN Reflecting a heritage of more than a century of piano building by the Janssen family. HENR F. MILLER Pianos of outstanding quality since 1863. and other fine pianos A complete price range and budget terms. Rental- Purchase Plan MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The largest and most complete selection of band, orchestra and other instruments in this area, including the world-famous Conn band instruments. Instrument loan courses. Rental- Purchase Plan ORGANS Four fine makes of electronic organs, in models for every requirement. All sizes and prices. HIGH FIDELITY Components , phonographs , radios, radio-phonographs , tape recorders. RECORDS and TAPE RECORDINGS, SHEET MUSIC KITT’S 1330 G Street, N.W., Wash., D.C. REpublic 7-6212 2621 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alex. King 8-8686 ANNANDALE MILLWORK CORP. Compliments ol A FRIEND Everything For Your Lumber and Millwork Requirements Distributors of the Sterling Pre-hung Door Unit Little River Turnpike (Rt. 236) Annandale, Virginia CL 6-1300 Compliments of America’s Oldest Daily Newspaper Compliments THE ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE of Established 1784 A FRIEND C. C. Carlin, Jr., President COLONY SPORTS SHOP — A. G. Spalding Bros. — Gym Clothing — Athletic Equipment Award Sweaters Jackets 1543 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va. KI 9-3339 Compliments FRIENDSHIP HOUSE of Gifts For Every Person Gifts On All Occasions Gifts At Any Price VINCENT L. SHIELDS SPRINGFIELD, VA. Photographer 1604 Newton, N.E. ANNANDALE SUPPLY COMPANY Har dware • Garden Supplies Dutch Boy Paints Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Va. CL 6 3003 Washington, D.C. NAY’S GARAGE General Auto Repair Annandale, Va. CL 6-2768 PATRONS MR. AND MRS. FRANK ABEEL DR. AND MRS. ASHENHURST DR. AND MRS. A. H. BARSANTI MR. AND MRS. C. BEREZOSKI MR. J. WALLACE BOLDING MR. AND MRS. RALPH E. BUCKLEY MR. AND MRS. J. BUNTING, SR. MR. H. S. BURR MR. AND MRS. W. F. CAFFERATA MR. AND MRS. L. A. CARVER MR. WILLIAM J. CASTELL MR. AND MRS. M. L. CAUDL LAURA JEAN CROSS MR. AND MRS. HUGH DARRS MR. AND MRS. R. H. DENNIS CLARK F. DODSON WILLIAM G. DODSON MISS B. J. DYER MR. AND MRS. J. M. FITZHUGH MR. AND MRS. H. G. FOWLER MR. AND MRS. J. W. GORDHAMER MR. AND MRS. T. W. GRAVES MR. AND MRS. L. V. HARMON MR. AND MRS. EUGENE HEGARTY MR. AND MRS. DONALD E. V. HENDERSON MR. ELMER HIGGINS LT. COL. AND MRS. R. J. HIGGINS MR. AND MRS. C. HOBBS MRS. ORVILLE INGRAM MR. AND MRS. W. E. KELLY ERNEST A. KING MR. AND MRS. G. W. MABEN MRS. M. B. MERCHANT MRS. RUBY METIK MR. AND MRS. N. P. MILLNER MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM MORGAN MR. AND MRS. E. L. MacKENZIE MR. AND MRS. R. W. McALLEN MR. AND MRS. W. E. McKENZI merlin f. McLaughlin DR. GILBERT J. NELSON MR. AND MRS. G. S. O’BERDORF DONALD J. OLIVOLA COL. AND MRS. THOMAS PEDDY MR. AND MRS. WALTER H. PORTER MAJOR AND MRS. H. E. POSEY MR. AND MRS. O. G. REMINGTON MR. AND MRS. THOMAS W. RICHARDS MR. WILLIAM M. RICHARDS RUTH S. ROYSTON MERRITT RUHLER MR. AND MRS. DON RUSSELL MR. AND MRS. SCANLAN CAPT. AND MRS. S. SHERWOOD MR. AND MRS. C. B. SISSON LT. COL. AND MRS. GLEN A. SMITH CDR. AND MRS. G. W. SMITH MR. AND MRS. E. C. SNEADS LT. COL. AND MRS. W. H. SWITZER MR. AND MRS. W. C. TINDER MRS. HAROLD E. TIPTON MR. JOHN VAUGHAN MR. AND MRS. J. H. WILLIAMS Left to right: Edward Noll, Paul Cico, James Berryhill, President of D. E. Organization; James May, Parliamentarian; Thomas Mason, Treasurer. Standing left to right: Waitress at Skylark Inn, Billy Ward, Stan Mclnturff, Deane Hannah. Seated: Ralph Eppard, Billy Worsham, Stan Layton, Billy Love, Bill Dean, Tony Cico, Jim Berryhill, Jimmy May, Tommy Mason, Eddie Noll. Standing: Bill Deane, Dean Hannah, Bill Worsham. Seated: Stanley Layton, Billy Ward, Ralph Eppard, Bill Love, Stan Mclnturff, Eddie Noll. How peaceful the place looks at five o’clock. Three-twenty, school s out, the students rush for buses. rr ««« ■ ■

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