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■ 4 . V 1 v: X y ' . -x- m A IJ r» iti 1 1 T , » 7 rr Li. u T1 [ ( 7 i L 1 j j ! 1 1 x: x s -% r - V ' the 1956 Antenna Volume II Published annually by the students ol Annandale Editor-In-Chief: Anne Robinson Business Manager. 1 Ielen Lynch High School, Annandale. Virginia Assistant Editors: Wendy Shea Nanc 1 Iottle tyosiewanA In this, the second volume of the Antenna, we present to you a portrait of Annandale High; the school year 1955-56 is captured in these pages. Join us as we move through the halls of Annandale . . . halls of opportunity and of progress. They provide for students a highway to knowledge and a gateway - to the future. For those who graduate this year, these will become the halls of yesterday; for those who remain here to fulfil l their dreams of graduation, these will become the halls of tomorrow. But for both, the potentials found here are as limitless as the goals students seek to attain. m I 7 LU. al Go+Ue iti ' be.dUcatio-a Pcu e 4 AdtnUtiii iatio t . . . Paxj 5 Glal el Paxj,e 15 Activitizl Pctff,e 73 AUtleiicl Paxj,e 95 tf-ecUuSiel Pape 111 A dveSiti ' U+iCf, Pax e 121 bedicatioK Judy Yunker hands in a typing paper. For your spirit and enthusiasm, your whole-hearted co-operation and your untir- ing efforts in our behalf, it is with pride and admiration that we dedicate to you Beatrice Frutchey this second volume of the Antenna. You have been a source of inspiration to our staff; and a person without whom our endeavors would have been impossible. For your invaluable assistance, may we express our sincere appreciation. As head of the Commercial department, Mrs. Frutchey prepares papers. AaMinMtnGtiosi W. T. WOODSON Superintendent of Schools Fairfax County, Virginia School SooaA Clockwise around table: Turner Hudgins, board member; Theodore Heroit, board member; Hillis Lory, board member; W. T. Woodson, Superintendent of Schools; Stella Chapman, Secretary to Board; Merton Parsons, board member; Samuel S. Solomon, board member. Absent from picture: Robert Davis, Clyde Gleaso. 6 I dminiitsiatia+i MRS. SARAH LORY Guidance Counselor MR. JOHN GRINNELL Athletic Director MISS BERTHA NOBLE Visiting T eacher MR. ROBERT PHIPPS Assistant Principal MRS. ELIZABETH AMES B.A. English MRS. LILLIAN ARMSTRONG B.S. English MRS. BARBARA BIELECKI English journalism MR. ROBERT BOGEN B.A., M.A. Chemistry Science MR. WALLACE BOLDING B.A. Social Studies English MISS KATHERINE BUCK B.S. Physical Education 8:30 A.M. Coffee-break in the cafeteria. MR. WALLACE BUGIN A.B., M.A. Science 8 MISS VIRGINIA COL VIS A.B. English Social Studies MISS CARYL FREEMAN B.A., M.A. Commercial MR. ROBERT COLBERT B.A. Social Studies History MR. JOHN CROSS B.A., M.A. English MISS JOYCE CILLCHREST A.B. Science Mr. Bolding discu ' -es a problem with Mr. Phipps. MR ROY FISHER B.A. English ) MRS. MURIEL CUTTER MRS. MARGARET DYESS A.B. Mathematics 9 MRS. VIVIAN FLIXCHUM B.A., M.S. Commercial MR. TOHN FONES B.S. Physical Education MRS. BEATRICE FRUTCHEY A.B., M.A. Commercial MR. JOHN GRINNELL B.S., M.A. Driver Education MRS. LOUISE HAACK B.A. Mathematics fyacuUu MR. THOMAS HARRIS B.S., M.A. Mathematics MR. VIRGIL HARRIS B.A., M.A. Industrial Arts MRS. MARY JOHNSON B.S. English Social Studies MR. HARRY KELLER A.B. Physical Education Science MRS. NANCY HILLYER B.S. Home Economics MRS. MARY MAHER M . FA. English, Public Speaking Dramatics MRS. ROSE LITTLE B.A. Latin MR. CHARLETON LEWIS A.B., M.A. English Social Studies MRS. WINIFRED LIKAR A.B., B.S. English The office is busier after school than from 9 to 3. MISS HILDA LEWIS B.S. MR. RALPH LEWIS B.A. 1 J MRS. RUTH MEADE A.B. English Social Studies o MRS. FRANCES MILTON B.A. English, French MR. KENNETH MULLEN B.S. Mathematics Science MR. MITCHELL OSADCHUK B.A., M.M. Instrumental Music MR. HARRY PACKARD A.B. Mathematics Physics MR. WILLIAM PARRISH B.S., M. Ed. English Social Studies MRS. TEAN PAYNE A.B. Spanish, Histo ry MRS. ETHEL POITS B.S.. M S. Mathematics MISS RUTH ROYSTON A.B. Social Studies MRS. ELIZABETH POSEY B.S. Mathematics V MR. RALPH SHRIVER A.B. Industrial Arts MR. LAWRENCE WINKLER B.S., M.A. Physical Education Sf ' MR. ROBERT SIMMONS B.A. Social Studies English, History ANE WHITE A.B. English Studies Mrs. Milton and Mrs. Posey check papers in faculty lounge. MR. HARRY SMITH A.B. Physical Education MR. PETER VISNICK B.S. Science Biology 1 3 istdiaiducdi po o L4itcd c6Ae4ttioJ, A unic i at An+ta tdaie eJiujJt School The custodians, headed by Mr. Dodson. 14 Setuosi GIgM Stage Struck Seniors practice laughing in Dramatics class. Senior ClaM. First Row: NANCY LEE ALLEN, Alexandria, Academic. Glee Club 1, 2; Pep; Music Club 3. ADELE ANDERSON, Annandale, Academic. F.H.A. 1, 2, (Sec.) 3. ANNE MARCELLA ANGEL, Annandale, Academic. Junior Play 3; Majorette 3, 4; F.H.A. (Treas.) 3, (V.P.) 4. ' Second Row: PATRICIA LEIGH BAIRD, Annandale, Academic. S.C.A. (V.P.) 2; Hockey (Capt.); Soccer (Var.) 2, 3; M. B. I lonor Society 3; Drama Club 4. EDWARD JOHN BARANOWSKI, JR., Alexandria, Academic. Football (J.V.); Basketball (J.V.) 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2: Tennis 2, 3; Newspaper Staff; Gold 1, 2, 3; Monitor; Bible Club 2, 3, 4. EDWARD LAWRENCE BARKSON, Springfield, Academic. Football (J.V.); Dance; Science; Chess i Club (Sec. Treas.) 2; Stage Crew; Yearbook Staff 3. Third Row: SANDRA DARLEEN BENNETT, Annandale, Aca- demic. Latin; French (Pres.) 3; Drama Club 4. WALTER DENNIS BENNETT, Annandale, Aca- demic. French 3; Key Club 3, 4; Cabinet 4. NANCY ELIZABETI I BOLTON, Springfield, Aca- demic. Basketball (J.V.) 1; Glee Club; Sodality 2, 3; Junior Play 3; French Club 4. KENNETH LEE BONNER, Annandale, Academic. Senior QLg 6A First Row: PHYLLIS ARDELL BOYER, Burke, Commercial. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH BRIGGS, Annandale, Aca- demic. Junior Honor Society 1; Basketball (JV) 2; French Club 3, 4. JAMES MANDLEY BROWN, Alexandria, Aca- demic. Patrols 1, 2, 3; Stage Crew 3, (Pres.) 4; Moniter 4. PATRICIA ANN BURTON, Fairfax, Commercial, F.H.A.; H. R. Representative 2, 3; Mixed Choir 2. Second Row: KARL THOMPSON BUTZNER, Annandale, Aca- demic. Science 1; D.E. Club 2, (State Rep.) 3; Auto- motive Club (Pres.) 3, 4. NANCY LOVE CARTER, Alexandria, Commercial. Junior Llonor Society 1; Mixed Choir 2, 3; Music Club 3; F.B.L.A. (V. P.) 4. CHARLES EMERICH CHETTLE, Springfield, Vo- cational. Mixed Choir; Basketball (J.V.) 1; F.F.A. 2, 3; Footboll (J.V.) 1, 2; (Var.) 3, 4; Angling Club; Baseball 4. Third Row: PAUL ANTON CICO, Alexandria, Academic. Judo Club; Basketball 2; Lettermans Club 3; Football (Var.) 2, 3, 4. DAVID ALBERT CLEVENGER, Springfield, Elec- tive. Track 2, 3, 4; Football (Var.) 3, (Capt.) 4; Key Club 3 (V. P.) 4; Cabinet 4. SANDRA SLIE COKER, Alexandria, Academic. Latin Club 2; Newspaper Staff; Art Club 3. Fourth Row: GARRETT VANCE COLEMAN, Alexandria, Aca- demic. Football (J.V.) 1; Swimming 2; Basketball; Football; Track (Var.) 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4. ANNIE FEAGANS COOK, Springfield, Elective. Monitor 1, 2; Bible Club 2, 3, 4; Patrols; H. R. Representative 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH COOPER, Springfield, Aca- demic. Chess; Music Club 3; Mixed Choir 3, 4. DALE COSTON, Annandale, Academic. Spanish Club 3. 17 Third Row: PAUL JEROME DOLKOS, Annandale. Academic. Newspaper Photographer 2; Yearbook Photographer 3, 4; Art Club; Newspaper Staff 4. PHYLLIS SUE DOTSON, Alexandria, Vocational. 4-H 1; Glee Club 1, 2; H. R. Rep. 3; F.H.A. Club 1, 2, 4; H. R. V. P. 4. SenioA. GlaU First Rou?: JOAN MARIE CRIST, Alexandria, Academic. Junior Honor Society; Basketball (J.V.); H. R. Rep. 1; News- paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensics (1st place District Contest); Drama Club; Play 3; Junior Play; Maj- orettes 3, 4; Cheerleader (J.V.) 4. THOMAS CULBERTSON, Springfield, Academic. Basketball (J.V.) 3; (Var.) 4. ANN PAMELA CUNNINGHAM, Annandale, Aca- demic. 4-H; F.H.A.; Drama; Latin 1; H. R. Rep. 1, 2; S. C. State Mental Contest 2; S.C.A. (Senator) 3, 4. PAUL SCHUYLER DAVIDSON, Alexandria, Voca- tional. Patrols 1, 2, 3; Arts and Crafts; School Service Club 3, 4. Second Row: PATRICIA LOUISE DAVIS, Springfield, Academic. Hockey (J.V.); Art Club 4. LOUIS THOMAS DeLaFLEUR, Falls Church, Aca- demic. Football (Var.); Junior Play; Junior Class Pres. 3; Key Club (Pres.) 3, 4. AMY PATRICIA DUVALL, Alexandria, Commer- cial. F.H.A. 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Bible Club 3. DOROTHY MAE DiGIVLIAN, Springfield, Aca- demic. Bible Club; F.H.A. 2. Fourth Row: CHARLES THOMAS DUVALL, Alexandria, Aca- demic. French Club 2; Baseball (Var.) 3, 4. SANDRA ARLENE DYE, Annandale, Academic. F.H.A. Club; Hockey (J.V.) 1; Softball (J. V.) 2. RICHARD HENRY EDWARDS, JR., Alexandria. English class recalls memories of spelling words and research papers. Senior GIgM. First Row: BRUCE FOREMAN, Falls Church, Academic. H. R. Rep. 1; Chess Club (Pres.) 2, 3; Patrols; Junior Play 3; Latin Club (Pres.); Senior Play 4. GREGOR BRYAN FOUSSE, Academic. Basketball (J.V.); Baseball (J.V.); Track 1; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Senior Play; Automotive Club 4. BARBARA JEAN FOUTZ, Franconia, Commercial. Bible 1; Drama; Music Club 2. Second Row: VIRGINIA LEE FOWLER, Burke, Academic. Con cert Band 1, 2, 3, (Pres.) 4; Newspaper Staff (Fea- tures Editor) 3; Rifle Club (Sec.) 3, 4; F.T.A. (Pres.) 4. JAMES FRAZIER GAINES, Alexandria, Academic. Basketball (J.V.) 2, (Var.) 3, 4; Football (Var.); Key Club; Varsity Club Baseball (Var.) 3, 4; H. R. Rep. 4. GEORGE CONSTANTINE GALANIS, Annandale, Vocational. Patrols; Fire Fighters Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Third Row: JOAN LESLIE GALVIN, Falls Church, Academic. Y-Teens; Spanish Club, G.A.A. 2; F.T.A.; II. R. Rep. GARNETT SELMA GEDROSE, Springfield, Aca- demic. Latin Club; F.H.A. 1, 2. VIRGINIA ANN GLASS, Falls Church, Elective. Volleyball 1; Softball (J.V.); Basketball (J.V.) 2. HELENA EXZILDA GONYEA, Annandale. Moni- tor 3. 1 9 Physics students work on a new experiment. Senior QUu First Row: JOHN LESTER GOODE, Fairfax, Vocational. Foot- ball (J.V.) 1, 2, (Var.) 3; Automotive Club (V. P.) 4. JAMES FERDINAND GROVER, Alexandria, Aca- demic. Fireman’s Club (Sec.-Treas.); Football (J.V.) 2 . JAMES LEE GUATNEY, Alexandria, Elective. Base- ball (J.V.); Track; Band 2; Football (Var.); Varsity Club 3, 4. Second Rote: JOANNA LOUISE HAILEY, Falls Church, Elective. Monitor 2; Junior Class Treas.; Mixed Choir; Music Club (V. P.); Press Club (Treas.) 3. GAIL LEE HAMILTON, Alexandria, Elective. Band Boosters Club 1; Hockey (Var.) 3. MARIORIE MAY HARPER, Alexandria, Commer- cial. Bible 2; F.H.A. Club 3. Third Row: DOROTHY VIRGINIA HARRISON, Springfield, Commercial. Girls Chorus; Tumbling Club 2; Tri-Hi- Y 3. MARY BETH HAYDEN, Annandale, Academic. Junior Honor Society 1; F.LI.A. 1; Drama Club (Treas.); Play 3; S.C.A. 3, 4; Senior Plav 4. JACQUELINE ANNE HEATH, Springfield, Aca- demic. Junior Glee Club (Senator); Debate Club; Basketball (Var.) 1; Automotive 3; Folk Dancing Club 4. WANDA JOY HENDRY, Springfield, Commercial. Pep 1; Skating Club 1, 2; Junior Honor Society 2; Patrols; S.C.A. (V. P.) 3; Yearbook Club; H. R. Rep. 4. 20 Senior GLqAA. i ■ : First Row: JAMES ROLAND HINDS, Alexandria, Academic. Debate Team (Second Place District Cont est) 3, 4; Junior Play; Drama Club Play 3; Debate Club 4. PATRICIA ANNA HINSON, Springfield, Commer- cial. Bible Club 2; F.H.A. 2, 3; Music Club 3. JEANNETTE HIPPLER, Annandale, Commercial. Junior Honor Society; S.C.A. (Senator) 1; Newspaper Staff; Patrols; Basketball (J.V.) 3; Cheerleader (J.V.); Yearbook Staff 4. PATRICIA HOFFMAN, Falls Church, Academic. Volleyball 1; Language; Red Cross Club; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. Second Row: BRUCE WILLIAM JAMES, Annandale, Vocational. School Service Club 4. Third Row: JOYCE ANN KEARNS, Springfield, Commercial. FREDERICK MARSHALL KEENER, Alexandria, Academic. Glee Club 1; Wildlife 2, 3; Basketball (J.V.) 3; Angling Club 4. MARY MARGARET JEFFREY, Springfield, Elective. Music Club 3; Monitor 3, 4; Mixed Choir 2, 4; Patrols 4. PRISCILLA ANN KREITZER, Falls Church, Aca- demic. F.H.A. 1, 2 (V. P.) 3, (Pres.) 4; Spanish Club; Team Capt. Magazine Drive; Attended Girls ' State 3; S.P.T.A. (2nd V. P.); Cabinet 4. ANN KRISTINE JOHNSON, Springfield, Academic. F.H.A.; Drama Club 1. Fourth Roue MARY LOUISE LANGHORNE, Annandale, Aca- demic. Softball (J.V. ' ); F.H.A. 2; Hockey (Var.); Basketball 1, 3; (Var.); Softball (Var.); Varsity Club 3, 4. MICHAEL STEPHEN LAPSLEY, Annandale, Aca- demic. H. R. Rep. 1; Baseball (J.V.); Automotive; Weightlifting; Junior Play; Drama Club Play; Mixed Choir 3; School Sendee Club; Senior Play 4. JOAN MARIE LITTLE, Springfield, Academic. Red Cross 1; French; Bible Club 3, 4; II. R. Rep. 4. BARBARA ANN LYMAN, Falls Church, Academic. G.A.A.; H. R. Rep.; Swimming (Capt.) 1, 2; Red Cross; Thespians 2; Newspaper Staff 2; (Features Editor) 4; Press Club (Pres.) 3; Majorettes 3, 4. t f 21 Third Row: RICHARD DANIELS McMILLAN, Annandale. Vocational. Football (Var.) 3. CHERYL KAY MEADER, Springfield, Commercial. Basketball (Var.); Softball (Var.); H. R. (Sec.) 1: Cheerleader (Var.) 1, 2. HELEN FRANCES MILLER, Alexandria, Commer- cial. F.H.A. (Treas.); Photography Club 1; H. R. Rep.; Secretary Sophomore Class 2. Fourth Row: JOAN LOUISE MILLER, Alexandria, Elective. F.H.A. 1. 2; Music Club 3. First Row: WILLIAM FLOYD MAHON, Springfield, Academic. Junior Llonor Society 1; Mixed Choir 1; (Double Sextet) 2; Junior Play; Drama Club Play; Key Club 3; Newspaper Staff; S.C.A. (Chaplain) 4. CAROLYN HOPE MARROW, Annandale, Aca- demic. Basketball (J.V.) 1; H. R. V. P. 2; Softball (J.V.) 1, 2 (Var.) 3, 4; Hockey (Var.) 4. DAVID MAY McCAHON, Annandale, Academic. Football (J.V.) 1, 2, (Var.) 3, 4; Track; Automotive Club 3, 4; Cabinet 4. BEVERLY JANE McKINNEY, Alexandria, Aca- demic. Basketball (J.V.); Softball (J.V.) (Capt.); H. R. Pres. 2; Newspaper Staff (Mechanical Ed.); Forensics (1st place Dist. Contest) 3; Cheerleader (J.V.) 3, (Var.) 4; Drama Club Plays; Yearbook (Editor-in-chief) 3, (Sr. Ed.) 4; Treasurer of Senior Class; Winner I Speak for Democracy ' ’ contest; Sr. Play 4. Second Row: CAROL JEAN McLAUGHLIN, Annandale, Aca- demic. F.H.A. 1, 2; French (V. P.) 3; Bible Club (Sec.). JIM BRUCE McMAHAN, Alexandria, Academic. ' Track 2; Football (Var.) 3, 4. ROBERT MICHAEL McMARLIN. Franconia, Aca- demic. Team Captain Magazine Drive; Basketball (J. V.); Attended Boys’ State; Key Club (Sec.) 3; Track (Capt.) 3, 4; S.C.A. (Pres.); County S.C.A. President 4. MARY ROSE MILLER, Annandale, Academic. Honor Society 1; F.H.A. 1, 2; H. R. Sec.; H. R. Rep.; Softball Mgr. (J.V.) 2; Latin Club; Hockey (J.V.) 2, (Var.) 3; Junior Play 3; Forensics (3rd Place District Contest); ' Cabinet; Drama Club Plays 3, 4; Mixed Choir 3, (Ninette) 4; Senior Play 4. ROBERT WILSON MOBLEY, Springfield, Aca- demic. Yearbook Staff 1; Swimming Team 2; Art Club (V. P.) 3, (Pres.) 4; Newspaper Staff (Man- aging Editor) 3, (Sports Editor) 4; Basketball (J.V.) 3, (Var.) 4; Track 4. LAURINA EDNA MONACO, Annandale, Commer- cial. H. R. Sec. 1. 2; Junior Play; Music Club (Pres.) 3; Mixed Choir (Sec.-Treas.) 3, 4. ? r 22 Special tables in the cafeteria — a privilege attributed only to Seniors. £etu.osi (2 laid. First Row: SHEILA FRANCES MOORE, Falls Church, Com- mercial. Senior Honor Society 3, 4; Cabinet; Spanish Club; Countv S. C. A. Sec. 4. LINDA GRAHAM MORROW, Annandale, Aca- demic. F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 (Federation V. P.) 4. ROLAND EUGENE MURPHY, Alexandria, Aca- demic. Second Row: CAROLYN JEAN NESSELBRODT, Alexandria, Commercial. F.B.A. 3; Levviske Club (V. P.); Maj- orette Club 3. JOLIN PAUL NEWTON, Alexandria, Academic. Bible Club; Dance Band 2, 3; Concert Band; Science Club. JEAN MARY O ' CONNELL, Springfield, Academic. F.L1.A. 1, 2; Monogram Club 2; SPTA (2nd V. P.); V. P. Junior Class; Basketball, J.V.; Hockey (J.V.) 2, (Var.) 3, 4; Yearbook; Varsity Club 3, 4; Vice Presi- dent Senior Class. Third Row: MARILYN ANNE OLIVER, Burke, Academic. Dance; Modeling Club 1; Junior Play; French; Bible Club 3; Drama Club; Plavs; H. R. President 4. DELORES ELAINE PHILLIPS, Annandale, Aca- demic. Hockey (J.V.); Basketball (J.V.); Softball (J.V.) 1, Varsity 2 (Capt.) 3, 4; Varsity Club 3 (Pres.) 4; All-State Hockey 4. ALFRED PIERCE, Alexandria, Elective. Automo- tive (Pres.) 2; Football (J.V.) 1, 2, (Var.) 3; Basket- ball (J.V.) 1; Weightlifting Cluh (Pres.) 3. GERALD EDWARD PLAUGHER, Alexandria, Commercial. II. R. Rep.; Automotive Club 2; Monitor Cap. 1, 2, 3, 4. 23 John Newton gives an extemp before members of the Public Speaking Class. First Row: Senior Clan RICHARD THURMAN REDMILES, Annandale, Elective. Arts and Crafts 3; Civil Defense; Angling Club 4. JOANNE REYNOLDS, Springfield, Academic. H. R. Rep. 2; Latin Club 3; Mixed Choir; Press Club; Hockey (Var.) 3; Senior Plav 4. JAMES CLARKE RICHARDSON, Falls Church, Academic. Football Club; Football; Tennis; Team Cap- tain Magazine Drive; Spanish Club 3; Basketball (J.V.) 3, (Var.) 4; Track 3, 4; President Senior Class 4. Second Row: LOL1ISE RICHARDSON, Falls Church, Elective. Class Play; H. R. Sec. 1; H. R. Rep. 2; Red Feather; Allied Youth 2, 3; Swimming Club 1, 2. RONALD DALE RILEY, Burke, Vocational. Patrols 1, 2; Concert Band 1, 2 (Pres) 3, 4; School Service Club; All-State Band 4. HERBY HALL ROBERTSON, JR., Alexandria, Elec- tive. Automotive Club (Pres.); Monogram Club 3; Football (J.V.) 1, 2, (Var.) 3, (Co-Capt.) 4; Baseball (Var.) (CoCapt.) 3, 4. Third Row: ANNE GRAYSON ROBINSON, Burke, Academic. F.H.A. 1, 2; Newspaper Staff 2, (Editor-in-Chief) 3, 4, SPTA (2nd V. P.) 3; Yearbook Staff (Co-Bus. Mgr.) 3; (Editor-in-Chief) 4. CAROL LOUISE ROGERS, Falls Church, Academic. Team Captain Magazine Drive; Press Club 3; H. R. Rep. 1, 4. JAMES FRANKLIN ROOP, Alexandria, Vocational. Football (J.V.) 1; Automotive Club 3; School Service Club 4. MARTIN EDWARD ROSE, Alexandria, Vocational. ) SenioA GlaU First Row: LAWRENCE BRADLEY ROW, Falls Church, Aca- demic. Stamp; Science 1; H. R. Rep.; H. R. Pres. Latin Club (Pres.); Track 3; Key Club 3, 4. BETTY SUE ROYAL, Falls Church, Academic. Science Club; Mixed Choir; H. R. Rep. 1, 2; Team Captain Magazine Drive; Newspaper Staff; Booster 2; Spanish Club 3. JOAN ELEANOR SANDERS, Springfield, Commer- cial. S.C.A. (Pres.) 1; Newspaper Staff; G.A.A. 1, 2; Basketball (J.V.) 2, 3. ROBERT WATSON SEVERANCE, Falls Church, Academic. Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Drama Club Play; Junior Play 3; Chess Club; Senior Play; Key Club 4. Second Row: WENDY KATHLEEN SHEA, Springfield, Academic. Spanish Club 3; Newspaper Staff (News Editor); Yearbook Staff (Co-Asst. Editor) 3, 4. SUSAN PATRICIA SHENKMAN, Springfield, Aca- demic. Drama; French Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y; Fashion 2; Art 3; Newspaper Staff 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Third Row: MARY TERESA SIMPSON, Burke, Commercial. H. R. Sec. 1; F.II.A. 1, 2, (Pres.); Junior Play; Rep. Club 3; Secretary Senior Class; Yearbook Staff 4. PAMELA TILTON SKELLS, Annandale, Academic. F.LI.A. 1 (Reporter); Basketball (J.V.); II. R. Pres.; Hockey (J.V.) 2, (Var.) 4; Drama Club (Sec.); Mixed Choir; Junior Play; Thespians 3; H. R. Rep.; Rifle Club (Sec.-Treas.); Senior Play 4. DALE GLIY SIMPSON, Annandale, Vocational. In- dustrial Arts; Spanish 3; H. R. Rep.; Monitor; School Service Club 4. NELSON DUANE SMITH, Alexandria, Elective. Model Airplane Club 1; Civil Defense Club 3. Fourth Rcnv: PATRICIA ANN SOUTH, Falls Church, Academic. H. R. Sec. 2; Yearbook Staff (Co-Bus. Mgr.) 3; Span- ish Club (Pres.) 3, 4; Cabinet, Cheerleader (J.V.) I, (Var.) (Capt.) 4. ROSEMARIE STUDER, Falls Church, Academic. Basketball (J.V.); Drama Club; Yearbook Staff 3; Newspaper Staff 3, (Editor-in-Chief) 4. DOROTHY LEE TROLLINGER, Falls Church, Commercial. H. R. Sec. 2; Basketball (J.V.) 2; (Var) 3; Music (Pres.); Pep Club; Mixed Choir (V. P.) 3. FRED LIVINGOOD WALKER, III, Arlington, Aca- demic. Football (J.V.) 3; Baseball (J.V.) 3; Chess Club; Automotive Club. r S rx- ■ V First Row: SLISAN ELLEN WALKER, Alexandria, Commer- cial. Majorette Club (Sec.) 3. ISABELLE ELAINE WALTERS, Falls Church. Com- mercial. H. R. Rep. 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Drama Club (Sec.); Play 3, 4. RONALD CLARENCE WENBERG, Annandale. Vocational. H. R. Rep. 3. DAVID ELLIOTT WESTRA, Springfield, Voca- tional. Soccer; H. R. Rep.; Track 1; Patrols; Mixed Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Third Row: LOUISE PETTIT WILLIS, Annandale, Academic. Girls ' Chorus; Color Guard in Band; Library Assistant 3; Dramatic Club 4. Second Roue JON LAWRENCE WHISTLER, Falls Church, Aca- demic. H. R. Rep. 2; Football (Var.); Basketball (J.V.); (Var.) Track 3, 4. ZELMA KATHERINE WINDHAM, Alexandria, Commercial. Choir 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3; Art Club (Treas.) 4. CHARLES LAMONT WHITHAM, Falls Church, Academic. Wrestling 1; Monitor 2; Drama; Play; Junior Play 3; Key Club 3, 4; S.P.T.A. (2nd V. P.) ; Cabinet; Road Rascals 4. NANCY JANE WISE, Alexandria, Academic. Fourth Row: WOODROW WILSON WISE, JR.. Alexandria, Elective. F.T.A. 1; Automotive Club; Bible Club 3; Homeroom Pres. 4. GRACE LOUISE WOOD, Springfield, Elective. French Club 1; Choreographer and Dancer for Variety Show 3. ROBERT THOMAS WOOLFENDEN, Annandale. MARY ROBERTA YOUNG, Burke, Commercial. lunior I lonor Societv; F.H.A. 1; Bible Club 2; (V. P.) ' 3. JUDIT1 1 LOUISE YUNKER, Alexandria, Academic. Girls Drill Team; Art 2; Music Club 2, 3, 4. HARRY LEE WICKLINE, Alexandria, Academic. Basketball (J.V.) (Capt.) 2; Var. (Capt.) 3; Varsity Club 3, (Vice Pres.) 4; Baseball (Var.) 3, 4. SenioA. ■ • • GUu (jusvu Left: Jim Richardson confers with Mr. Fisher concerning class activities. 27 Right: Officers and representatives plan money making activities. . . . OFFICERS STRUGGLE TO FINANCE TRIP . . . Another hundred dollars toward the goal. Jean O ' Connell encourages Virginia and Rosie to sell more pencils. 28 Mr. Fisher plans details of the trip with class secretary, Teresa Simpson. 1 Qwuoti GIgAA, yjuniasi GlaU Richard Anderson Nancy Ayers Pete Bain Dorothy Barry Nancy Bauer Jane Beach Frank Bokowski Barbara A. Bosselet Barbara Bradford John Brauer (Junio i GloAA. Baxter Brown Roy C. Brown Thomas Buntin Lj. d gnet Cannon tv s ' Wayne Cannon Julia Cassedy Bruce Churchill Jackie Clague Eleanor Clark Lancia Cohn Ace Coker yJu+ttOA, Clou Donald Demory Norvell Dibble Alice Dick 32 Leonard Curry Gail Curtain Jack Davis Jo Coleman Jack Conley ft 7 a ' A x y SPjlJQ Shelby Conklin Mike Connelly Vvsc. 3 fjutu i Gloil Mr. Carleton Lewis reviews 6th period Eng- lish students in American Literature. Linda Dull Barbara Edmonston Frances Fewell William Flammer Doug Foard Ronald Fox Edward Freeman Mary Helen Freeman Carolyn Gapen Gloria Dodson Mike Dominick Ellen Dove Julia Drennin 4 33 it Tiemann N. Horn Nancy Hottle Doris Hunt 34 fjunian. QlaM Gary Hyde Stacy McMarlin Clint McDonald Shirley McGuin Janet McDonald Maureen McKenna Bill Kanto Ned E. Kerfoot Kenlynn King Johnnie Lacey Ella Lee Robert Luttrcll Carolyn Lynch Helen Lynch Jeanette MacDonald Quniosi GlaU Mary Ann Mahon Linda Marsden Bill Martin Laura Ann Mason Co-Rec finds juniors enjoying dancing instead of the usual calesthentics. 0 union Q .aa ' X V-7 ; 2 c dary Lou Monroe David Mitton Junior commercial students study shorthand. Cecelia F.kMyers- - Pairici A ?f audltOTi av Dob IN ay Jim Neale Pat Nicolet Edward Noll Barbara Jean Norfolk Roger Nutter Shirley O Bannon Nancy Obaugh Nancy Lynn Oberdorf c 37 fju+iioA. GlaH Monte Penney Joan Piland Dick Portch Linda Powell Robert Procter Bill Puckett Alcinda Pyne Judy Quick Lucy Reed Larry Rentch Wilma Ricketts Joan Riley PZ 7 1 Qary Ross Jerry Rovvzie Kathrvn Russell 38 v , jT ft J anet Sa ' rc Raymond Scott James F. Shivar , .] sD rv.. V David Siegle JoAnn Smarr Dee Smith J , T « X Barbara Snyder Nan Staples Betsy Sterner x ,3 Paul Steucke Tom Stewart Jan Stickler Eddie Stillions Jim Stjerne Edward Stuart uniosi 40 Sapho-m ie QlcuH 0 4? l l 0 V C) tk fl 1 a A i . Janice Allen Judy Allen Donna Anderson Arthur Apperson Linda Atwell William Avery a O Q C5 h V; i a ' .V i V i v i 1 Georgianne Baber Philip Baker Clifford Baranowski Joe Batchelor Patricia Bernhard Dorothy Bishop So-p-hamane. GIgAA Brierley Brager JoAnn Brannon Barbara Brasse Navetta Breeding William Bronson Frank Butz Roger Byrd Jeri Carlson Dorothy Carter Gerry Cash Patsy Cassedy Carol Caudle Pat Chapman Sue Chase John Clark Joyce Clark Harold Cook Claudia Cooper James Condrey Wilson Cornwell Nancy Corsbie Charles Cox Donna Crown Janice Culver Sayiliotnosie ClaM. Patsy Ann James Joe Jane Curtis Cuthbert Cutter Davis Davis Pat Anita Joan Fdizabeth Helen Donaghy Dotson Dowdle Dowrick Dunaway f s i V Cathy Delorey 5 Floyd Dunn illiam Nancy Patricia Winifred George Tommy Dyess Earley Edmonston Egolf Elgin Eskridge Leo Linda Robert Evans Facchina Fitzgerald a m fh ' M a -. V 1 William Flattery Doris Fleming Robert Foley cZofiAo- mate ClaU Joyce Foster Barton Freeman Frances Fultz Donna Gaines Ann Galanis Shirley Garrison Barbara Gibson Janet Gore Lanny Gore William Gray Jerry Gregory Peggy Gregory 44 Kelly Griffith Jack Hall Ruth Harrison Virginia Hart Annette Hatch Beverly Heflin Ruth Henderson Etta Hicks Karla Barbara Maurice Peter Carol Joan Jones Joy Keener Kelsey Keyes Kidwell 45 y v Linda Russell Leatherland Lewis Betty Russell Libeau Linton f Jack Marilyn Lippolt Little So.fiho.MO.rie GIgAA Albert Loughrie Spencer Luchak Bonnie Lyman Lois McGuin Pat McMahon Judy Marceron Elizabeth Mariast Christine Matthews Phyllis Meek Alan Merriman Barbara Miller Carol Mims 46 Pat Morrow Maxie Jo Nelson Grace Nesselroclt ’ Mary Newton av bneila O Connell Judy Oliver Joyce Otis John Owen Barbara Pace Douglas Parker Patricia Partello Andrew Payne Larry Perrv Charles Joyce Rawlett Leigh Redding Joycef Redmond V (jr Diane Pollock Alfred Porter Syd Carol Reed Rice Daniel Prall James Rice 47 Boyer Rogers Tommy Rogers Vincent Ruch Judy Ruckman Judith Richmond Andrew Robinson Patricia Dennis Diane John Jane Jean Sanford Schaitberger Seward Shephard Simpson Simpson amoAe, GlaU Joan Simpson Joel Smith Michael Smith Nancy Smith Joe Sowers Dan Starks Karen Stevenson Jerry Stewart Carolyn Sullivan Connie Swartz Patsy Tank 48 Dwight Tingen Nancy Trollinger Carol Viani Dorothy Waldo 4 Ann Walker Carolyn Walker Wilson Walsh Elizabeth Walters • ' V % Shirley Watson Carolyn White Linda Whitham Gail Williams GIqM. George Jon Barbara Charlotte Sandra Peter Williams Williams Willis Wise Wood Woodruff 49 ornate ■V jtL- ' fp x Jr — — — ■ f— — T fyteAJtmGut QlaiA tf-tieilunan ClaM, This year found freshmen earning their first real credits toward graduation, which meant working hard in higher math, foreign languages, and English. After class elections in October, we began functioning 7 O c as an organized group, received our first experience as members of the Student Council, joined in high school social life, and as June approached, we looked forward to returning next fall to the halls of Annandale. Row 1, Left to Right: P. Acheson. C. Berrvhill, J. Boggs, S. Blankenbaker, E. Angel, K. Dick, L. Dotson, H. Cole, B. Ayers, J. Chapman. Ron’ 2: L. Black, S. Bennett. B. Bish, R. Arnold, S. Cope, B. Bales, L. Bailey, R. Brown, J. Doyle, J. Dobson, M. Dobson. Row 3: B. Bunch, B. Andress, S. Blauer, C. Byrd, B. Billington, B. Beans, J. Clendenin, B. Canard. Row 4: P. Bonner, A. Bywaters. R. Bullen, B. Anderson, M. Boatwright, B. Brown, G. Bliss. 52 mrn fyn bUtnan QLqAA. Row 1, Left to Right: C. Cook, L. Cardellina, S. Davidson, J. Cook, C. Davies, J. Grover, J. Fowler, J. Ward. Row 2: C. Collins, M. Clark, J. Crouse, D. Dalton, D. Cooper, D. Curtin, T. Anderson, C. Orndorff, J. Pitt. Row 3: H. Cum- mins, W. Caraway, E. Coppage, N. Cantrell, M. Carr, R. Curry, T. Parsell, B. Campbell. Row 4: K. Cook, J. Cable, W. Clarke, E. Davidoff, R. Conner. r His year we were intnxluced to a new type ot math, as Algebra became a reality. fyteMunaa ClaM. Mr. Kcnnard, “What happens to a bill when it passes the House of Representa- tives?” Row 1, Left to Right: E. Dove, P. Donahue. R. Dewald, B. Chettle, M. English, P. Dotson, M. Davis, M. Eslick. Row 2: F. Does, R. Ewing, N. Dotson, D. Dent, C. Divers, B. Cox, R. Edwards. Row 3: G. Ehle, C. Emmett, K. Breckenridge, T. Broderick, L. Demory, C. Dillon, R. Dawson, S. Ferguson, E. Etka. Row 4: G. Faunce, J. Edge, J. Clapper. W. Dodson. B. Dyess. W. Duvall, H. Dowdle, 1. Elbe. 54 fytedJunan Qladd Row 1, Left to Right: N. Fraser, L. Garrison, S. Fowler, P. Helvey, S. Johnson, C. I lyre, J. Justusson, M. I latch, P. Horton. Row 2: J. Garrels, J. Fousse, P. Goldsmith, P. Hottle, N. Hanson, M. Flinchum, R. Flinchum, J. Jost, J. Howell, K. Kemp. Row 3: D. Heffelfinger, C. Flannah, R. Freund, L. Ferony, B. Hall, B. Furnad, C. Gates, J. Heene, V. Foreman, K. Flughes. Row 4: J. Fox, N. Freeman, J. Gore, J. Grubb, V. Harmon, B. Graves, R. Gordon, J. Hol- lingsworth, B, Fligham. Rom 5: D. Furman, T. Harris, C. Hatcher, M. Holsinger, W. Heflin, M. Flavcock, B. Fleath. Physical Ed with a brisk 1-2 3 4 ' reall woke you up. i{fl fyn ilunan GlaM. Roiv 1, Left to Right: N. Hunter, J. Hays, B. Marshall, D. Miller, J. Herrington, G. Meadows, D. Lawson, R. Lester, J. Loftis, M. Manoukian, M. Ketcham, M. MacKusick, K. Lantzv. Ron ' 2: P. Kelly, R. Johnson, S. Klay, V. Noble, D. Lacy. J. Melvin, B. Kern, G. Mahon. L. Lyles, N. Miller, E. Lee, P. Meyer, A. Markle. Row 3: D. Mellett, W. Newman, B. Mason, K. Miller, B. McDonald, J. Neale, R. Komenda, P. Kinckeloe, B. McCloskey, R. Mims, P. Mitchell, J. Lemon. Roie 4: D. Kirby, C. Hattorf, L Hollestelle. J. Myrick, B. Howe, D. Kessler, K. Leary, C. Howery, E. Keyes, J. McLaughlin, H. Manoukian. 56 tf-teAlitnan QIgM. Row 1, Left to Right: D. Potter, B. Runyon, M. Pace, A. Schonberger, O. Robbins, G. Scott, K. Rowe, P. O ' Donnell, L. Noble, J. Potter, R. Shanks. Row 2: M. McMarlin, A. Moyers, V. Mitchell, M. Miller, J. McKinney, L. Mclnturff, V. Simms, L. Reed, M. Robinson, P. Shaw. Roiv 3: D. McGee, D. Messer, G. Morrison, J. Lowther, A. Mudd, A. Massie, W. Monroe, F. Mullins, D. Komenda. Row 4: B. Knight, B. Kissenberger, T. Lytle, D. Lucks, R. Morgan. F. McGuin, R. Leddon, C. Staats, E. Lerette, L. Puckett. tf- ieAiunan QlaAA. Row 1, Left to Right: G. Newton, M. Shifflett, S. Shartzer, F. O ' baugh, J. Rath, C. Owen, S. Sparks, K. Walker, J. Wolfe, J. Swann, B. Wilkin, K. Wodrick. Rote 2: M. Rouse, S. Severance, J. Roop, A. Robertson, D. Potter, R. Rogers. K. Shea, L. Stancil, M. Stewart, D. Snipes, B. Stephens. Row 3: A. Render, L. Rozamus, D. Smith, C. Otti, E. Perry, L. Schebish, S. Shinn, T. Quantrille, J. Taylor, H. Warren. Row 4: T. Shaneyfelt, J. Murphy, L. Puckett, R. Simms. T. Puckett, L. Scroggs, R. Ping, R. Schwartz, R. Windham, J. Stanton. M rs. Bielecki explains why parts of speech are really so important. fyn iltman QlaM Both ancient and modern Rome are fea- tured in Mrs. Little ' s Latin class. Row 1, Left to Right: E. Wicks, E. Walton, S. Sutton, G. Somers, P. T. Smith, P. J. Smith, P. Wise, B. Worsham, B. Watson, B. Turner. Row 2: K. Spates, S. Tolan, M. Yoder, R. Young, M. Viani, B. Wagner, S. Wendt, L. Stover. Row 3: J. Peterson, R. Whitehurst, J. Watson, B. Viel, C. Stewart, J. Snyder, R. Walker, fl. Weissenstein. Row 4: S. Ross, R. Tolar, R. Wills, I. Brauning, S. Schweitzer, T. Tribbv, ]. Trollinger. 59 60 Freshmen at work in their first year of Algebra. Criahtlt Qbade Qlade 3n the halls 4nnandale . . . . Row 1, Left to Right: G. Bain, D. Brazeal, B. Brader, J. Blum, S. Allen, B. Ballard, E. Alberghini, C. Brown, A. Beck, C. Bistyga, L. Batchelor, F. Adkins. Row 2: J. Ayres, L. Allebaugh, A. Allen, N. Bozarth, M. Bliss, B. Bowman, A. Blitch, M. Ballard, S. Brackett, K. Bridge, S. Boatwright. Row 3: W. Apelt, D. Black, R. Baker, R. Breeze, T. Boyd, B. Ayres, C. Beatty, B. Brackens, J. Acheson, J. Addington, B. Bell. Rmr 4: H. Bernhard, D. Brown, M. Booker, M. Ander- son, B. Biggers, J. Baranowski, L. Barden. 62 Row 1: L. A. Cafferata, S. Cooper, J. Burdette, L. Carson, N. Chaney, E. Bryant, C. Brown, C. Con- drey, C. Clarke, L. Carter, S. Burnett. Row 2: B. Brown, B. Hatton, E. Brown, J. Bywaters, G. Broy- hill, C. Jenkins, B. Carter, K. Clark, E. Cammack, R. Cary. Row 3: J. Claytor, T. Coffeen, G. Braun- ing, D. Cable, L. Carroll, J. Citron, G. Cannon, J. Cole, S. Colson, J. Cooper, R. Chapman. Rotf 4: J. Campbell, R. Cooke, J. Champnev, J. Checkovich, R. Burrell, W. Burchette, B. Clark, L. Clark, R. Cadle, R. Coleman. 63 Cj ' ia e We widened our horizons • • • • Row 1, Left to Right: M. Cornwell, J. Crooks, J. Downs, C. Crawn, C. Curtis, W. Davidson, J. Cornett, D. Crist, G. Dull, J. Devine, D. DiBlasi. Row 2: M. E. Da is, M. Corwin, S. Coston, P. Dickenson, S. Corbett, P. Davis, C. Cope, S. Cummins, B. Day, B. Dansburger. Row 3: M. Dehart, D. Durin, D. Davis, A. Dean, N. Devers, B. Dunaway, C. Dutkin, B. Dairtz, G. Drummond, P. Cross. Rore 4: J. Cruden, B. Eardley, A. Dickenson, N. Crider, B. Davis, R. Dick- erson. 64 Row 1, Left to Right: B. Edge, N. Garland, G. Gibson, L. Edinger, H. Frankovic, C. Grubb, M. Galvin, C. Hagaman, A. L. Greer, G. Grange. Row 2: W. Edmonds, D. Edmonds, J. Funkhouser, S. Glass, M. Ellis, V ' . Flail, K. English, P. Flinchum, L. Fowlkes, B. Gardner, D. Erbes. Row 3: D. Drinkard, B. Foster, R. Economos, L. Grimm, S. Goff, B. Gates, G. Hammond, J. Happoldt, J. Faries, R. Hamilton, J. Harper, G. McGuin. Rote 4: F. Forbes, C. Gushurst, S. Gurst, J. Frampton, G. Ferrell, R. Fleishman, R. Gora, P. Golway, C. Gartlev, P. Fennig. Our team loosens up during after-school practice. • • uj we 3tudied new 3ubject3. 65 w, e joined in 4 ports . Row I, Left to Right: C. Hunter, R. A. Haynos, B. Hines, D. Heath, J. Heim, V. Hollingsworth, A. Heflin, B. Holla- Wav, R. Henderson. Row 2: T. Huffman, M. Huntington, J. Hoover, L. Hildreth, P. Janiszeski, P. Houff, C. Jem’, V. Heath, P. James, F. Holloman. Row 3: B. Helsel, B. Henry, N. Hottel, C. Hughes, K. Idughes, M. Helfin, D. Hewitt, E. Huffman, H. Hurst, P. Iwanik. Rote 4: W. Ho wen ' , L. Huffman, J. Higgins, T. Harrington, J. Harris, M. Hull, J. Johnson, F. Johns, G. Hite. 66 Row 1, Left to Right: C. Martin, M. Kissinger, L. Kendrick, C. Krohn, J. Layton, L. Klecman, M. Jones, S. Leith, M. LefTler, A. Layne, J. A. Kelly, J. Macidull, P. Loftus. Row 2: D. Kelley, S. Macknick, S. Johns, L. Macgoey, E. Knotts, B. Lynch, B. Livengood, V. Linton, G. Mariast, F. Lee, B. Malone. Row 3: J. Loftis, B. Lee, G. Johnston, F. Langin, P. Lawrence, J. Lattin, S. Lynch, B. Koch, J. Lowery, W. Leahy. Rote 4: F. Martin, C. Wooten, S. Johnson, L. Lohman, C. Mason. Better late than never. Betty Dansberger and Carolyn Wittrock grab their boots before rushing to class. . . . and learned teamwork. 67 ZiXfJiik Qn dU We entered 3ome new clubd . . . Roiv 1, Left to Right: L. Mott, H. Norman, D. McCoy, M. A. Monaco, N. Monroe, N. Meyer, F. Mason, L. Mitchell, S. McCormick, L. Mudd. Rare 2: T. Myers, C. Neeb, C. Ogden, J. Mohler, M. Meek, C. Moore, A. O’Connor, C. Nelson, S. Mims. Rote 3: T. Moody, K. Mclnturff, B. McLaughlin, J. McBee, B. McMurray, M. Mitton, C. Moore, D. Nash, P. McMahan. Row 4: R. Monroe, J. Mitton, G. McCullough, B. McKee, R. Mat thews, L. Murphy, B. Mullady, T. O ' Connell. W. Miller, E. Monroe. Row 1, Left to Right: N. Spates, P. Salome, P. Sellers, S. Sparks, S. Shanks, S. Spaeth, E. Skog, J. Ruckman, P. Skells, E. Sherman, S. Ragsdale. Row 2: J. Seastrom, C. Shain, V. Schaefer, L. Simmons, J. Sadler, A. Staats, B. Sallee, E. Roach, R. Row, R. Rogers, M. Richardson. Row 3: B. Spanke, R. Schindel, C. Pettit, S. Sandretzky, D. Sallee, P. Scheurich, S. Rock, A. Shaapiro, A. Schuh. Rore 4: L. Shulman, T. Scroggs, J. Smith, G. Simpson, B. Shartzer. Eighth Grade classes discover foreign countries through orientation. and yrew up Socially, 69 %Ve found new intere3 t3 . . . . Row 1, Left to Right: S. Robertson, R. Perkins, C. Riley, G. Puckett, A. Olson, J. A. Reynolds, C. Payne, G. K. Ran- dolph, S. Owens. Row 2: C. Robbins, J. Otti. Row 3: P. Olexy, D. Perkins, B. Rice, B. Rentch, J. Robertson, R. Renno, R. Pratt, G. Robertson. Rote 4: L. Plainer, J. Pavnter, R. Pollock, F. Perrine, B. Padgett. Row 1, Left to Right: S. Tait, (. Sunderlin, A. Stulman, B. Stewardson, H. Vernon, N. Stahl, I. Smith, S. Thompson, L. Taber, D. Wade, J. T u thill , J. Vogel. Row 2: C. Tierney, G. Treadwell, L. Trout, C. Wade, S. Speet, M. Stanley, F. Smith, R. Taxis, C. Towney, J. Triplett, P. Vernon. Row 3: J. Taylor, J. Thomas, A. Thomas, T. Spillers, D. Tan- nous, G. Straus, R. Sword, G. Tullender, T. Starling, G. Taylor. Row 4: W. Spires, R. Vallery, P. Tucker, R. E. Sacra, A. Tafford, B. Stule, J. Wade. Our girls get their first taste of calisthenics. • • • broadened our experienced 71 CriXflUlt Qnade 0 0 0 and made neiv friendd. Row 1, Left to Right: C. Zaugg, W. Watson, K. Walters, P. Wenberg, B. White, D. Zumstien, L. Woods, A. Wise, M. Payne, M. Wales, B. Rogers, J. Walker. Row 2: C. Wittrock, F. D. Will, W. Wilson, L. Young, M. E. Young, J. Whitener, J. Wiggins, N. Wharton, M. Wilkins, J. Williams, S. Wood. Row 3: T. Ward, B. Webster, D. Will, J. Williams, B. Buntin, B. Windham, B. Walton, R. Wright, R. Williams, F. Welsh. Row 4: J. Wynne, J. Ward, D. Walker, W. Whalen, D. Wellman, A. Walker, D. Yunker. 72 HctuUtieA. Student MRS. JEAN PAYNE Sponsor The Student Council sponsored various fund-raising activities this year, including the Magazine Drive and student dances. Special projects were the Red Cross and Welfare Drives which were very successful. Members participated in the State Conven- tion at Longwood College and the District Convention at Wakefield High School. Officers: Top to Bottom: Robert McMarlin, Presi- dent; Doug Foard, Vice-President; Margaret Yoder, Secretary; Dorothy Bishop, Treasurer. 74 Gau+tcil Cabinet and Senators: Seated: Ann Cunningham, Cindy Payne, Shannon Bennett, Karen Row, Robert McMarlin, Sheila Moore, Gracie Toon, Patricia South, Connie Swartz. Standing: Monte Whitham, David Clevenger, Paul Steucke, Bill Mahon, Lancia Cohn, Kathryn Russell, Dorothy Bishop, Dennis Bennett, Brent Eardley, Roger Byrd, David McCahon. Homeroom Representatives: Row 1: Wendell Edmonds, Sandra Thompson, Nikki Hunter, Sally Leith, Sally Ann Tank, Wanda Hendry, Annie Cook, Kathleen Dick, Janet Layton, Evelyn Angel. Row 2: Beth Stevens, Pamela Shells, Judith Fousse, Patricia Briggs, Elizabeth Walters, Toni Garlan, Barbara Willis, Sue Cook, Carol Rogers, Joan Little. Row 3: Danny Walker, Todd Scroggs, Sandra Lynch, Gerry Shea, Linda Whitham, Linda Atwell, Jean O ' Connell. Rom 4: John Milton, Lorin Carv, James Gaines, Mike Smith, Jody Fox, Harold Cook, Henry Zachman. Managing Editor, Jim Berryhill, and Editor-in-Chief, Rosemarie Stu- der, confer with Sponsor, Mrs. Barbara Bielecki, as they work to meet a fast approaching deadline. The newspaper staff, which meets as a class, Journalism I and II, has published a six page paper regularly this year. The A-Blast sponsored the fall Soc-Hop. Proceeds from this event together with ad- vertising helped to finance the paper. Staff Editors, Wendy Shea, Robert Mobley, Barbara Lyman and Dorothy Green, pre- pare layouts for the next edition. 76 ' the, Antenna Our goal was a spring delivery, and we made it— after the inevitable “picture days”, advertising days, bake sales, late datelines, and tired tempers. Yet, for all the confusion and tribulations, it was worth it to open the boxes in June which contained the 1956 Antenna. Seated: Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey. Standing: Kathryn Russell, Jean O’Connell, Helen Lynch. Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey, Miss Caryl Freeman, Sponsors. Seated: Linda Brittain, Anne Robinson, Nancy Hottle, Wendy Shea. Standing: Beverly McKinney, Paul Dolkos, Miss Carvl Freeman. MR. MITCHELL OSADCHUK. Director Row 1: Monte Penney, Karol Wodrich, Dorothy Barn’, Hugh War- Hall, Lancia Cohn. Row 2: Joe Lox, Robert Mclnturff, John Smith. Riley, John Tellier, Michael Stone, Dot Waldo, Kevin Leary, Leslie Row 3: Lrankie Brogdon, Charles Mercer, Marilyn Little, Donald Lerguson, Tommy Rogers, Jim Stanton, Bill Gray, John Newton, Simms. Basses: Terry Shaneyfelt, Phil Covell. Standing: Kelley Director: Mr. Mitchell Osadchuk. 1955 saw the Concert Band acquire ea- gerly awaited red and white uniforms. Mem- bers of the marching group participated at football games during the halftime programs. Reserve Band: Row 1: William Helsel. Rosemary Henderson, Brian Mullady, Sharon Klay, Starr Wolle, Charles Byrd, Jeannie 1 lays, Patricia Vernon, Peter Kelsey. Row 2: Kent Hughes, Ruth De vvald, Patricia Briggs, Paul McMahon, Robert Gore, Charles Howerv, Lranklin Harris, August Schuch, Wal ter Apelt, Billy DeLong, Don Reed, Joel Smith, Dan Starks, Lanny Scroggs, Dennis Perkins, Robert Lee. Row 3: Robert Graves, Richard Sword, Joanne Blum, Peggy Mever, Billy Buntin, Law- ton Wright, Benson Daitz. Gil Johnson, Mr. Mitchell Osadchuk. 78 ren, Lee Fowler, Ann Walker, Claire Seward, Toni Garlan, Bill Clyde Wooten, John Brauer, Barbara Gibson, Jane Pruitt, Ronald Mott, Vern Harman, Mitchell Holsinger, Leota Reed, Becky Brown. Demory, Harry Weissenstein, Linda Macgoey, Charles Mason, Syrl Jerry Rowzie, Fred Perrine, Carolyn Divers, Jim McLaughlin, Bob Griffith, Tom Buntin, Robin Ping, Douglas Zanzot, Ronald Fox. All bands were included in the Music de- partment Concert in December. Outstanding members attended the All- State Band. A.cJl.S. Band Cadet Band: Charles Pollock, Thurman Parsed, Jane Simpson, Keith Hughes, Betsy Sterner. Mr. Osadchuk, Craig Hughes, Gail Bain. 79 Mined Qluu i Row 1, Left to Right: Nancy Trollinger, Alcinda Pyne, Laura Mason, Nancy Smith, Nancy Staples, Annette Hagaman, Joyce Otis, Sheila Taber, Barbara Holt, Jem ' Gregory, Beth Stephens, Dorothy Bishop, Gail Hamilton, Mary Jeffervs, Doris Flemming, Pat Naughton. Row 2: Pat Garcia, Kay Windham, Georgianne Baber, Judy Watson, Joanne Reynolds, Lois Euler, Mary 7 Rose Miller, Sue Butzner, Linda Marsden, Carolyn Marrow, Kathryn Russell, Anne Glass, Judy Quick, Marilyn Miller. Roiv 3: Bob Furnad, Paul Bonner, Leroy Willett, Ellis Wal- lace, Kenneth Crovo, Tom LeCompte, Frank Scott, Michael Haycock, Bob Richmond, Ray Scott, David Westra, Dick Talbert, Norvell E)ibble. Sponsor: Mr. Fred Wygal The Mixed Choir started this year by sponsoring a talent show which was very successful. Profits were used for choir robes. They have participated in several assemblies and community affairs. The All-State Choral Clinic, which they sponsored in February, was the first to he held in the state. A trip to Charlottesville for the District Music Fes- eo tival rewarded their long hours of practice. The Girls Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Fred Wygal, is an informal group which participated in many school activities, including the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and also the District Music Festival. During the year the Chorus was also seen provid- ing entertainment for various school activities and manv outside activities, such as P.T.A. programs and F.E.A. entertainment. Mr. Wygal and the girls take a break during rehearsal. QisiU. ' Gliosiud Row 1: Pat Acheson, Joan Kidwell, Barbara Wilkins, Barbara Bosselet, Alice Moyer, Joyce Redmond, Olga Robbins, Suzanne Fowler, Geraldine Somers, Gail Mahon, JoAnn Smarr, Nikki Hunter. Row 2: Pam Skells, Liz Dowrick, Bonnie Bish, Nancy Wise, Alene Robertson, Peggy Gregory, Mollie Com- stock, Sylvia Terry, Virginia Potter, Nancy Earley, Bonnie Kern, Joyce Lee, Virginia Mitchell. Row 3: Pat Zumstein, Judy Richmond, Margaret Stewart, Mary Lou Pierce, Carol Caudle, Nancy O ' Baugh, Gail Curtin, Pat Bernhard, Joyce Foster, Janice Melvin, Sarah Severence, Janet Sayre, Rosie Johnson, Peggy Henry. Standing: Mr. Wygal. 81 7 he SUo-wtimesil Row I: Carole Grubb, Lee Cafferta, Starr VVolle, Julia Drenning, Mary Rose Miller, Treasurer; Ronny Fox, Vice President; Beverly McKinney, President; Nancy Corsbie, Secretary; Navetta Breeding, Gwen Breeding, Shannon Bennett. Row 2; Dottie Dent, Carol Collins, Bette Turner, Jodi Hailey, JoAnn Reynolds, Jolly lost, Nancy Lynn Oberdorf, Mrs. Likar, Sponsor; Barbara Lyman. Betty Libeau, Gail Williams, Sylvia Terry, Barbara Bosselet, Charlotte Cook. Rote 3; Jean Howell, Judy Wolfe, Joan Galvin, Patti Baird. Joan Crist. Dorothy Barry, Rosie Johnson, Lou Willis, Nancy Allen. Sharon Washburn. Karen Kern]!. Dramatics Club members engage in a play-reading session. 82 Qn.ade jb amatied. Club- Rote l: Eva Lynn Dubin, Sandy McLean, Janice Tuthill, Wynnelle Wilson, Elizabeth Slater, Re- porter; Gloria Treadwell, Treasurer; Nan Stahl, President; Martha Kissinger, Secretary; Susan Boat- wright, Linda Batchelor, Christina Nelson, Anita Stulman. Rorv 2; David Yunker, Gail Grange, Linda Reese, Winnie Davidson, Anne Beck, Lenora Woods, Martha Wilkins, Mrs. Pox, Sponsor; Louise Simmons, Michelle Bennett, Heather Prankonic, Nancy True, Gerry Shea, Nancy Bozarth, Hank Hurst. Row 1: Kathy Delorey, Jean Simpson, Valerie Simms. Row 2: Kirk Breckenridge, Annette Hagaman, Ruth Henderson, Mike Smith, Elizabeth Walters, Marianna Manoukian. Rotr 3: Kent Hughes, John Smith, James blinds, T. J. Maddox, Virginia Noble. Rote 4: Tommy Rogers, Sharon Hall. Standing: Mr. Fisher, Sponsor. 83 College ogaA Club Row 1: Isabelle Walters, Judy Yunker, Wendy Shea, Adele Anderson, Secretary; Rosie Studer, President; Gar- nett Gedrose, Nancy Bolton, Marilyn Oliver. Row 2: Betty Sue Royal, Sandra Goker, Kris Johnson, Sue Shenk- man, John Newton, Mrs. Posey, Sponsor; Dale Coston, Pam Skells, Pat Duvall, Nancy Wise. Row 3: Sally Tank, Lancia Cohn, Sue Cook, Jim McMahan, Paul Dolkos, Louise Richardson, Bette Williams. tf-utuAe. e citeAA. ajf Ame Uca Seated: Mrs. Smith, Sponsor; Lee Fowler, Mr. Sawyer, Sponsor. Stajiding: Margaret Yoder, Mari- john Ketcham, Barbara Gibson, Nancy Ayers. Club Row 1: Eddie Deane, Bush Windham, Carol Brown, Marilou Cannon. Rene Taxis, Karen English, Jack Cham- ney, Charles Dutkin. Row 2: Larry Shulman, Pete Walker,. Gemot Brauning, Mr. Lewis, Sponsor; Gregory Hite, Charles Pollock, John ' Milton. Qlade Student Council i COUNCIL: Row 3. Sammy Johnson, Dan- ny Walker, Russ Ca- che, Dana Wellman, Nan Chaney, Ann Blitch. Row 2: Donnie Cable, Mary Ellen You rig, Chip Thomas, Betty Dansberger, Vir- ginia Linton, Tosh Mitchell. Row 1: Da- vid Tannous, Sally Cooper, Bill Bell, Wendell Edmonds, Janet Layton. OFFICERS: Ronnie Monroe, Treasurer; Doug Brown, President; Bob Dunaway, Vice-President; Jo Heim, Secretary. 1 he Eighth Grade Student Government was formed this year in order to coordinate the activities of the youngest class at Annan- dale High School. This student organization has sponsored suc- cessful Eighth Grade dances and published a newsletter. Its mem- bers have worked closely with the Student Council in order to promote interest and foster a better student government organi- zation. MR. BOLDING Sponsor A t GUL Seated: Reginald Mervine, Judy Swann, Jan Rath, Betsy Sterner, Charles Hannah, Judy Fousse, Lindv Hatch, Kathy Lantzv, Leota Reed, Becky Brown. Standing: Wayne Wienecke, Cliff Hattorf, Delbert Heffelfinger, Richard Anderson, Bill Love, Bob Mobley, Tom Culbertson, Spencer Luchak, Mike Hamilton, Robert Stewart, Libby Stover, Pat O ' Donnell, Mr. Stewart, Sponsor. GUL Row 1: Marianna Flinchum, Claudia Cooper, Winifred Egolf, Louise Langhorne, Delores Phillips, President; Dick Wickline, Vice-President; Jean O’Connell, Secretary-Treasurer; Carolyn Marrow, Linda Marsden, Caro- lyn Lynch. Row 2: Kathy Russell, Tom Stewart, Dick Studer, Nelson Conner, Bruce Hewitt, Miss Peters, Sponsor; Bob Proctor, Chuck Wagner, Lewis McGuin, Janet Sayre. 36 Jlati+t Club Mrs. Little Sponsor 87 Row 1: Charlene Ogden, Karen Stevenson, Charlotte Noble, Judy Justusson, Barbara Wilkins, Linda Atwell, Secretary; Bruce Foreman, President; Pat Cassedy, Vice-Presi- dent; Marilyn Little, Treasurer; Karol Wodrich, Pat Hussey, Bonnie Bish, Pat Kelly, Molly Comstock, Janet McDonald, Christina Krohn. Row 2: Pat Chapman, Merrill Clark, Mary Wilkins, Mary Ann Hughes, Joan Simpson, Sandra Sutton, Grace Nesselrodt, Judy Ruckman, Donna Homrighausen, Diane Pollock, Alice Moyers, Mrs. Little, Sponsor; Jane Simpson, Carolyn Walker, Eleanor Jones, Barbara Snyder, Susan Cooper, Pat Briggs, Sara Toler, Judy Potter, Joyce Snyder, Sharon Klay. Row 3: Wesley Caraway, John Faries, Russell Snyder, Vance Foreman, John Owen, Nick Evans, Charles Pfrommer, Cliff Baranowski, Joe Fox, Jim Clapper, Dan Prall, Robin Ping, Monte Penney, Robert Tolar. Joan Simpson and Berdine Hollaway inspect a Latin poster. fyjcuitlt tf-osi Qli iiit Row 1: Nancy Staples, Faye Cook, Kala Jones, Joan Little, Pianist; Carol McLaughlin, Secretary; Frank Scott, President; Jeannette MacDonald .Vice-President; Judy Oliver, Nikki Hunter, Gloria Car- dellina, Ruth Ann Verrico. Rote 2: Bernice Runyon, Jane Nightingale, Patricia Smith, Shirleen Blankenberger, Joyce Dobson, Miss Royston, Sponsor; Bettie Carter, Effie Roach, Pat Hoffman, Joyce Lee, Joyce Rawlett, Barbara Stewardson. Row 3: Frank Harris, Kenlvnn King, Nancy O ' Baugh, Jo- Ann Smarr, Gloria Randolph, Keith Cook, Joan Riley, Nita Dotson, Sandra Dotson, Evelyn Dove, Dolly Potter, Lawton Wright. Club Row 1: Judy Miller, Shirley Watson, Beth Stevens. Row 2: Mrs. Milton, Sponsor; Sue Butzner, Ruth Harrison, Elizabeth King. Row 3: Phil Covell, Gail Curtain, Linda Garrison, Carol Keyes. Row 4: Georgianne Baber, Treasurer; Russel Lewis, Vice-President; Pat Tank, President; Linda Whitam, Sec- retary; Pat Portello, James Rice, Mike Tolen, John Tellier, Leslie Stewart, Mary Pace, Joan Piland, Jane Davis, Christine Matthews, Dot Green, Barbara Pace. 88 Sn aniilt Club Spanish Club members are shown a map of Peru. Kelly Griffith, Jim Shiver and Anita Dotson inspect Spanish posters with Mrs. Payne. Row 1: Jerry Stewart, Shirley Shanks, Kelly Griffith, Syd Reed, Sally Hathorn, Ellen Klyn, Lucy Palmer. Row 2: Jack Hall, Anita Dotson, Joe Kitchen, Jack Lippolt, Bonnie Lyman, Connie Swartz, James Shiver, Karen Rowe. Row 3: Gracie Toon, Linda Macgoey, Mary Ann Monaco, Wickie Wey- land, Katie Shea, Richard Gautier, Mary McKusick, Nancy Bauer. Row 4: Maxie Jo Nelson, Pat South, Jo Coleman, Sandra Costin, Douglas Zanzot, Mike Stone, Phyllis Meek. Standing: Mrs. Payne, Sponsor. Keu Club Row 1: Dennis Bennett, Larry Rentch, John Callow, Dave Clevenger, Tom De La Fleur, Doug Foard, John Lacey, Bruce Churchill, Bill Mahon. Row 2: Jim Stjerne, Monte Whitham, Ted Stuart, Andy Robinson, Mr. Winkler, Jim Gaines, Paul Steucke, Larry Rowe, Jim Richardson. Rote 3: Henry Zack- man, Dick Flays, Bob Severance, Jim Young, Stacey McMarlin, Gary Coleman, Dave McCahon, Joe Davies. KEY CLUB Tom De La Fleur presides over a special Key Club meeting. Board of Directors. Seated: Dave Clevenger, Vice-President; Tom DeLaFleur, President; Doug Foard, Secretary; John Lacey, Treasurer. Standing: Mr. Winkler, Sponsor; Andy Robin- son, Jim Gaines, Paul Steuke. GUI Row 1: Pat Salome, Sharon Burnett, Terry Geib, Jimmy McLaughlin, Secretary; Jimmy White, President; Alan Wenberg, Vice-President and Treasurer; Joel Smith, Benson Daitz, Donna Zum- stein. Row 2: Bill Gray, Barton Freeman, Wayne Neumann, Bill Mason, Dana Messer, Mr. Bogen, Sponsor; Kevin Leary, Mike Connelly, Thomas Starling, Wilbur Clark, Eric Keyes. An jiwUf, GUI- Row 1: Bob Campbell, Bob Sowers , A1 Pierce, Roy Brown, Secretary-Treasurer; Kent Miller, Vice-President; Roger Nutter, President; Jerry Rowzie, Vice-President; Michael Dominick, Secretary -Treasurer; John Mon- roe, Bob Curry, Herb Cummins. Rene 2: Dave Cruden, George Faunce, Pat Morrow, Michael Hancock, Greg Cheddle, Howard Prinkey, Eugene Tyrrell, Mr. Smith, Sponsor; Mr. Wygal, Sponsor; Mr. Shriver, Sponsor; Mr. Fones, Sponsor; Allen Sowers, Fred Keener, Ira Cochran, John Hollingsworth, Eddie Blanks, Richard Redmiles, George Faunce. Row 3: Alan Merriman, James Simpson, Mike Boatwright, Bob Foley, Bob McCloskey, Reed Whitehurst, Jack Fennell, Sam Blauer, Frank Langin, Freddie Welch, Bill Hall, Maurice Keener, Jack Loftis. Row 1 : Roy Williams, Margaret Horton, Cecelia Myers, Audrey Lyles, Shirley O’Bannon, Annie Cook, Joyce Redmond, Barbara Bradford, Veronica Heath, Judy Whitiner, William Mitchell. Row 2: James Bauer, Russell Linton, Tod Skroggs, Richard Webster, Joel Smith, Kent Hughes, Virginia Dansberger, Presley Cross, Ronnie Mo nroe, Bob Foley, Arthur Bywater, Andy Render. Row 3: Mr. T. Harris, Sponsor; James Brown, Nelson Overby, Leroy Willett, Jerry Bowman, John Quast, Bill Puckett, Gamaliel Cook, David Wes- tra, Tom Freeman, Ira Cochran, Tom Higgins, Kenneth Lingley, Andy Robinson. School Sesw-ice Club Row 1 : Ronnie Wenberg, Dale Simpson, Richard Edwards, Wilbur Maben, Presley Cross. Rou 7 2: James Roop, Mike Lapsley, Martin Rose, Paul Davidson, Bruce James, Mr. Ralph Lewis, Sponsor. Row 3: .Thomas LeCompte, Ronnie Riley, Bob Richmond, Vincent Ruch, Jerry Bow ' man, Thomas Freeman. Staae Gneut James Brown, Tim Horn, Joe Sowers, John Brauer, Barton Freeman, A1 Loughrie. Row 1 : Richard Sword, Jimmy Citron, James Brown, Patti Baird, Bob Furnad, Cecil O’Ferrell, Lee Carroll. Row 2 : Charles Byrd, Martin Rose, Jackie Taylor, John Brauer, George Mariast, Larry Huffman, Dan Prall, William Brown. Row 3: Walter Apelt, Bob Anderson, Gerry Plaugher, Mr. Baker, Sponsor. Row 4 : Robert Wills, Dale Simpson, Woodrow Wise, Andy Payne, Elmo Coker, George Faunce, Delbert Heffel- finger, Larry Perry, Charles Howrey, Dave McCahon. Seated on floor: Priscilla Kreitzer, President; Anne Angel, Vice-President; Wil- ma Ricketts, Secretary; Leta Bailey, JoAnn McKinney, Linda Kreitzer, Treasurer; Phyllis Dotson. Seated: Mrs. Ben net, Sponsor; Helen Cole, Mary Ina McMarlin, Cassie Davies, Mary Jane Eslick, Linda Facchina, Pat Donaghy, Linda Morrow, Pat Goldsmith, JoAnn Roop, Pattie Shaw, Marcella English, Mrs. Llotaling, Sponsor. Standing: Linda Stancil, Virginia Dansberger, Ann Cuthbert, Nancy Miller, Shelby Conklin. fyutvJie tJlamemaheSid, al AmesUca Civil belenie Club Row 1: Gil Johnston, David Laichter, Mrs. Dyess, Sponsor; Mr. Parish, Sponsor. Row 2: Robert Fitzgerald, President; Bill Dyess, Vice-President; Jimmy Mills, Sue Spath, Ellen Skog, Ronnie Ewing, Billy Mitchell. Row 3: Leslie Mott, Secretary- Treasurer; Andy Anderson, Gene Mc- Collough, Patricia Loftis, Joe Dawson, Larry Perry, George Drummond. Row 1: Pat Zumstein, President; Nancy Carter, Vice-President. Row 2: Mary Freeman, Carolyn White, Shirley McGuin, Doris Fleming. Row 3: Carolyn Sullivan, Treasurer; Lois McGuin, Zilda Gonyea, Donna Anderson, Nancy Reynolds, Mrs. Burchard, Sponsor. Row 4: Thelma Lamb, Secretary; Jo Ann Brannon, Reporter; Linda Leatherland, Frances Pegg, Delores Bliss, Jill Cassedv, Jane Beach. Row 5: Shirley Garrison, Dot Huffman, Patsy Cur- tis, Delores Cooper, Cecilia Grover, Mary Heishman, Mary Jeffery. fyutuAie JleaAeM, o AmesUca 95 yeasikoak Club Row 1 : Teresa Simpson, Wanda Hendry, Barbara Willis, Dixie Curtin, Jeannie Hays, Shelly Tingler, Suz- anne Fowler, Jeannette Hippier. Row 2: Mrs. Frutchey, Business Sponsor; Virginia Hart, Betty Chettle, Janice Culver, Helen Lynch, Carolyn Divers, Brierley Brager, Carol Caudle, Elizabeth Dowrick, Peggy Mever. Row 3: Miss Freeman, Editorial Sponsor; Charlotte Hagaman, Sandra Wood, Hannah Trice, Denise Holloran, Alcinda Pyne, Laura Mason, Jo Anne Payne, Nancy Hottle, Linda Brittain. Club Ron; 1 : Joanne Blum, Rosemary Hen- derson, Ruth Dewald. Row 2: Carol Owen, Donald Smith, Michael Helf- and. Row 3: Mrs. Bielecki, Sponsor; Lorin Cary, Sandy Macknick. Row 4: Dan Starks, Boyd Davis, Margaret Leffler. •f lrfl w Athleticd, Co-acli L Miss Roberta Peters and Mrs. Hilda Hall, Hockey Mr. Harry Smith, Mr. Robert Bogen, Mr. Ralph Shriver, Mr. John Grin- nell, Boy’s Basketball. Miss Hilda Lewis and Miss Katherine Buck, Girl’s Basketball. Miss Katherine Buck, Mrs. Hilda Hall, Softball. Mr. Ham- Keller, Mr. Larry Winkler, Track. Mr. John Fones, Mr Larry Winkler, Mr Charles Kent, Football. Mr. John Fones, Mr. Ralph Shriver, Mr. Robert Colbert, Baseball. V i-ue [ j . 1a 98 Varsity: Row 1: Pat McMahan, Pat South, Captain; Jodi Hailey. Row 2: Donna Gaines, Beverly Mc- Kinney, Linda Atwell. Eighth Grade: Sherry Re- gon, Blanche White, Nancy Myers, Lyle Folkes, Charlotte Haga- man, Sandie Tomson, Joan Hines, Barbara Lynch, Sandra Lynch, Captain; Sally Cooper. Junior Varsity: Row 1: Denise Hol- loran, Captain; Judy Herrington. Rote 2 : Linda Leatherland, Joan Crist, Joanne McKinney. Rene 3: Carolyn Lynch, Jeannette Hippier. 99 VasUitq, George Washington McLean Mt. Vernon Osburn . . . Wakefield Washington Lee Scores .... 1 .25 . 10 21 . . . . 0 20 . .27 . .26 46 Back to front: Row 1: Billy Witherspoon, Cliff Baronowski, Louis Cico, Joe Davies. Rote 2: Ted Stuart, Bruce Hewitt, Ted Heath Gore. Row 3: Jim Gaines, Charles Wagner, Herby Robertson, Jim! Clevenger. Annandale 13 Annandale 6 Annandale . 7 Annandale. . 0 Annandale . 27 Annandale 12 Annandale . 0 Annandale .7 Annandale 0 100 fyoatkalL “j s McGuinn, Jim McMahan, Gary Coleman, Bruce Churchill, Paul ™i Barry Knight, Jim Young, Larry Rentch, Charlie Chettle, Lannie 111 Guatney, Kent Miller, Nelson Conner, Stacey MacMarlin, Dave Both players and fans enjoyed initiating a new foot- ball stadium during the 1955 season. Bleachers and a score board were moved into position just in time for the first game. The absence of field lights required all home games to be played during the afternoon. The team held up against stiff competition by larger, more experienced schools. Many key members were in- jured early in the season, a situation which greatly handicapped the Annandale team. Both school and team spirit was very good, with the student body constantly backing its young team. The 1955 season ended with a more experienced team and the Atoms are looking forward to next year with enthusiasm. Guatney tackles an opponent in a tense moment of the game. 101 Row 1: Andy Robison, Freddie McGuin, Fred Walker, William DeLong, Barton Freeman, Floyd Dunn, Vincent Ruck, Captain; Linnie Tingen, Gerald Boatwright, Keith Cook. Row 2: William Koustenis, Wayne Cannon, Jerry Cable, Leonard Smith, George W illiams, Charles Ingle, Jack Lip- polt, Louis Ferony, Bobby Luttrell, Fred Does. Annandale 0 Washington Lee 35 Annandale 6 Fairfax 6 Annandale 0 Mt. Vernon 14 Annandale 0 George Washington 35 Annandale 0 Falls Church 38 Annandale 0 Fairfax 26 fjurUQSl tf-ootbalL 20 yards for a Touchdown ! ! 102 ZifjldU Q ' la e fyojothcdl Annandale 0 Annandale 13 Annandale 6 Annandale 19 Annandale 0 Annandale 0 Mt. Vernon 13 Falls Church 6 McLean 21 Fairfax . 0 Mt. Vernon 13 McLean 6 Practice makes perfect ! ! R° w 1 Le ft Right: Robert Dunaway, Eddie Dean, Donald Cable, Freddy Welch, Paul McMahon Arnold Thomas, Cuddy Padgett, Bucky Howery, John Drinkard, Jack Cole. Roiv 2: Jeffery Johnson! Larry Grimm, John Baranowski, John Smith, Larry Lohman, Ronald Coleman, Russell Cadle, Paul Sheiit, Ronnie Monroe, Toni O Connell, Sam Johnson, Eddie Monroe, Lanny Gore. Row 3: Ronnie Mathews, Greg Hite, Dana Wellman, Boyd Davis, Doug Brown, Jonathan Swindle, Brent Eardly Cordon Simpson, Pete Walker, Jack Champney, James Paynter, John Checkovich, Ray Valiev. Mike Hull, absent from picture. 103 Row 1: Joe Davies, George Elgin, Jim Gaines, Dick Wickline, Bob Proctor, Bill Cremins, Stacy McMarlin, Bruce Hewitt, Bob Mobley, Jon Whistler. VaSiAity Baihetbatl McLean Scores 35 AF1S 53 Falls Church 54 AHS .56 Mt. Vernon . . . .57 AHS 56 G. W. 68 AI4S 61 Fairfax .76 AHS 66 W. L. 97 AHS 70 Wakefield 58 AHS 38 McLean 36 AHS 58 Falls Church 49 AHS 61 Mt. Vernon .48 AHS 56 G. W. .70 AHS 52 Fairfax 60 AHS 75 W. L. .73 AHS 55 Wakefield 67 AHS 50 Falls Church 58 AHS 62 This year found a more experienced team as all of last Mr. Buckley is carried off by victorious Annandale. year’s players returned. As a result the Atoms won seven out of fifteen games and captured the county championship in a play-off with Falls Church. The team had the honor of being invited to the ,W. L. Invitational Tournament. 104 » Row 1: Jim White, Tim Horn, Gary Ross, Jerry Peterson, Kevin Leary. Row 2: Sam Walker, Nick Studer, Gamaliel Cook, Bill Deane, Mike Connelly, Louis McGuin. Row 3: Dave Cruden. ff ' V- Balhetball Scores McLean 29 AHS 39 Falls Church 57 AHS 37 Mt. Vernon 35 AHS .34 G. W. 40 AHS 36 W. L. 39 AHS 40 Fairfax .53 AHS 35 Wakefield 50 AHS 28 McLean 29 AHS 36 Falls Church 47 AHS 38 Mt. Vernon 30 AHS 29 G. W. 40 AHS 37 Fairfax 40 AHS 34 W. L. 52 AHS 37 Wakefield 45 AHS 30 Falls Church 27 AHS 24 Annandale man jumps against Falls Church. 105 Top Left: Marianna Flinchum, Kathy Russell, Beverly Heflin, Linda Marsden, Jean O’Connell. Top Right: Mary Wilkins, Louise Langhorn, Kenlvnn King, Carolyn Lynch, Dee Phillips, Qfidl ' VaAtity, Balhethcdl From fifty early season hopefuls, these ten were selected to put in the long hard hours necessary to make a good team. Afternoon prac- tices paid off. The Atomettes won five of their eight games this season. Fairfax 35 AHS 18 McLean 30 AHS 50 Mt. Vernon 48 AHS 46 Falls Church 25 AHS 43 Fairfax 23 AHS 28 Mt. Vernon 58 AHS . 54 McLean 41 AHS 54 Falls Church 26 AHS 43 106 Dee Phillips making another point for A. H. S. Row 1: Helen Lynch, Lindy Hatch, Jean Simpson, Donna Gaines, Judy Cook, Sheila O’Connell. Row 2: Pat Hussey, Connie Swartz, Pat Chapman, Anita Markle. Row 3: Winnie Egolf, Nancy Oberdorf, Jane Simpson. Row 4: Judy Marceron, Annette Hatch, Joan Simpson. Qvdi r ffunioA. Van Uif, fealhetbaU A somewhat larger second string team main- tained the same record of the Varsity girls, win- ning five of their eight games. The members look forward to playing Varsity next year. Fairfax 16 AHS 53 McLean . ... 20 AHS 12 Mt. Vernon . ... 27 AHS 17 Falls Church . ... 17 AHS 12 Fairfax 41 AHS 43 Mt. Vernon 26 AHS 32 McLean .17 AHS . 25 Falls Church 32 AHS 34 Guard that ball! i Row 1 : Delores Smith, Rosalee Johnson, Carolyn Marrow, Sheila O’Connell, Helen Lynch, Joan Simpson, Jean Simpson, Jane Simpson, Connie Swartz, Linda Marsden, Beverly Heflin, Annette Hatch, Marianna Flinchum. Row 2: Winnie Egolf, Carolyn Lynch, Pat Merone, Jan Rath, Jean O ' Connell, Claudia Cooper, Pamela Shells, Julia Drenning, Delores Phillips. VARSITY SCORES Fairfax 4 AHS 0 Falls Church 0 AHS 0 Mt. Vernon 2 AHS 0 McLean 0 AHS 3 Fairfax 0 AHS 0 Falls Church 1 AHS 2 Mt. Vernon 0 AHS 0 JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Fairfax 0 AHS 2 Falls Church 0 AHS I Mt. Vernon 0 AHS 1 McLean 0 AHS 2 Mt. Vernon 0 AHS 1 Fairfax 0 AHS 1 “Pokey” guards the goal during practice of the A. H. S. team. eMocheu Meet the captain — Jean O’Connell. (levieuxiruj, Jlte. Qamel Johnny Grinnell, our mascot. Kneeling: Paul McMahon, Bill McDonald, Wilson Cornwell, Jim Watson. Standing: Darrell Dickenson, Charles Chettle, Monte Whitham, Haig Man- oukian, Jim Gore, George Mariast. Ghamixia+il Got you where I want you! This is the first year for wrestling at Annandale High. George Mariast was elected honorary captain and Charles Chettle, the outstanding wrestler. Mr. Kent served as coach and referee. 88 lbs, Paul McMahan 95 lbs. Robert Campbell 105 lbs. Jim Watson 1 1 5 lbs. Bill McDonald 125 lbs. Jim Gore 135 lbs. Wilson Cornwell 145 lbs. Haig Manoukian 155 lbs. George Mariast 155 lbs Monte Whitham 175 lbs. Charles Chettle 185 lbs. Darrell Dickenson Heavyweight Linnie Tingen i io Do you think he’ll be thrown? fyeatwieA. Maa zine Sb ' Uoe Our mascot, Mighty Mouse. Row 1: Mrs. Posey, Dave McCahon, Carol Rogers, Sally Ann Tank. Row 2: Mr. Baker, Mr. “Mac”, Nancy Hottle, Gracie Toon, Doug Foard, Mrs. Payne, Pam Skells, Toni Garlan, Dorothy Green, Miss Royston. Row 3: Dave Clevenger, Bob McMarlin, Paul Steucke, Jim Young, Jean O ' Connell, Miss Freeman. You work and work and finally it comes out even! Mr. “Mac’’ and the magazine drive arrived in February. This year with more magazines and more students we made more money than ever before. 1 12 7 4e GusUowi. Savaae rr Pam Skells senes Tom De La Fleur coffee during a lull in the proceedings. And if l laugh at any mortal thing, Tis that I may not weep. Byron The inmates, Bob Severance, Anne Angel, Jo- anne Reynolds and Mary Rose Miller, try “wearing out the rug on the edges. ' Anne Angel, Joanne Reynolds, and Tom DeLaFleur enjoy Bob Sever- ance s concert during a practice ses- sion in the cafeteria. 1 1 3 9+tlosimal jbattceA For entertainment, the boy’s chorus line . . . Gary Coleman and Helen Lynch view the proceedings from the shade of an old corn stack. Among the honored guests was Greg Fousse as Marryin’ Sam . . . Joanne Blum came too, only we thought she was Mammy Yokum. The Sadie Hawkins Dance with Marryin’ Sam and all, found the gals askin’ the boys for a change. Then the gym really shook with the Charleston as the flappers came dancin’ in for a Roaring Twenties Dance. 1 1 4 Was equalled only by an impromptu Charleston. Aduenttiementi SALES RENTALS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LYNCH BEOS., Inc. Realtors Members of: National Association of Real Estate Boards National Institute of Real Estate Brokers Alexandria— Arlington— Fairf ax Real Estate Board Northern Virginia Multiple Listing Service List your home with confidence .... List with Lynch Office located in the Springfield Shopping Center Charles V. Lynch, President Phone FL 4-7000 Covering the entire South and Southwest for RALEIGH ATHLETIC REBUILDERS ami RENOVATORS OF ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT OF ALL KINDS Compliments (Bill J4eclc and eddSociated of HObart 2-6898 1850 Living Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. MEADOW GOLD AGENTS ICE CREAM Athletic Equipment Co. Harris Breneman Thomas Slate Richmond, Va. Atlanta, Ga. Brody Hood Bocock Stroud Co. Sporting Goods Co. Winston-Salem, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Lee Barbash Crutchfield Inc. Falls Church, Va. Spartanburg, S. C. ANNANDALE SHOE SERVICE MAZO BROS., INC. While-U-W ait Wholesale Groceries Orthopedic Work Done — Shoes Dyed Candies and Tobacco A Complete Shoe Service 700 K St., S.W. Washington, D. C. Phone Je 4-2255 Hours 9:00-7:00 National 8-0066 MILLERS WALLACE MONROE GENERAL MERCHANDISE PHARMACY • 438 So. Washington St. (Lee Highway) BURKE. VIRGINIA Phone JE 2-2966 FALLS CHURCH, VA. Best Wishes DR. GILBERT J. NELSON to the Class of ’56 Optometrist ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA o by Safeway Store SHIRKEY DRUGS Hours By Appointment JE 4-2400 THOMPSON AND CASE Quality Homes SPRINGFIELD FLORIST 6313 Amherst Ave., Springfield, Va. Corsages - Floral Arrangements 226 W. Broad St. W eddings- Funeral Designs FALLS CHURCH, VA. FLeetwood 4-6544 JEFFERSON VILLAGE BEAUTY SALON PARNELL’S GARAGE (next to theater) Call Marion Martin JE 2-9647 Open Daily 9-6 Wed. and Fri. Until 9 606 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, Va. Lincolnia and Braddock Roads ALEXANDRIA, VA. McCORMICK JEWELERS Best Wishes From The Annandale, Va. WARREN GROUP CL 6-3000 Nationally Advertised Watches and Diamonds Watch and Jewelry Repairing Coiffures by TALBERT Compliments Of 6315 Amherst Ave. SPRINGFIELD, VA. THE TURNPIKE PRESS Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Va. CL 4-3444 S Offset Lithographing Duplicating FL 4-9009 Addressing and Mailing ANNANDALE TV ANNANDALE CAB CO. 24 hour taxi service 2 way radio dispatched CL 6-3434 Phone CL 6-1111 OLD DOMINION BODY SHOP A ▲ A Virginia’s Largest Auto Service Organization AAA Wrecks Rebuilt Baked on Paint AAA FAIRFAX AND MADISON STS. ALEXANDRIA, VA. OVerlook 3-1522 833 N. PITT STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. OVerlook 3-2626 A A FREE ESTIMATE Boys work on individual projects in shop class Construction of our new wing of twelve rooms. Library before 8:30 A.M. POTOMAC BOND BREAD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY AND Keeps BUSINESS SCHOOL BETTER • Tastes BETTER 2334 Wilson Blvd. 911 King Street Arlington, Va. Alexandria, Va. M-m-m It Is JA. 5-2000 Ki. 9-5055 BETTER! FROM VIRGINIA FARMS You Can Always Depend Upon to Us For A Fair Deal VIRGINIA HOMES PAT’S DIESEL RADIATOR CO., INCORPORATED ALEXANDRIA DAIRY 1012 Madison St. PRODUCTS CO. ALEXANDRIA, VA. KI 9-2525 King 9-9573 M ATTOS FRIENDSHIP HOUSE PAINT 7 0 Gifts For Every Person A Gifts On All Occasions Gifts At Any Price 1527 M. Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. 7 SPRINGFIELD, VA. J. D. WILLIAMS, Inc. • H. J. BROWN PONTIAC, Inc. Contractors and Builders 1550 Wilson Boulevard • Jackson 2-4700 226 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA ARLINGTON, VA. Phones: Jefferson 3-8200 and 3-8750 The front entrance — from the inside. Mr. Buckley and Helen Lynch confer in the outer office. Goal for all basketball enthusiasts. NAY’S GARAGE (Formerly WILLS, INC.) ★ ★ ★ Front End Alignment — Wheel Balancing Motor Tune-Up — Brakes Relined ★ ★ ★ GENERAL AUTO REPAIR ANNANDALE, VA. CLearbrook 6-2768 3va Or ice DRESS SHOP •DRESSES •LINGERIE •HOSIERY ANNANDALE, YA. Cheerleaders perform during assembly program. Mr. Buckley in his office. An unusually empty hall. ANNANDALE PHARMACY We Deliver Open Daily and Sunday 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. Phone CL 6-9873 T. EUGENE SMITH Annandale, Va. o o o Mortgage Loans - Insurance Real Estate Appraisals o o CL 6-2563 CR 3-1619 M M DISTRIBUTORS 315 H. Street, N.E. Washington, D. C. ★ ★ ★ AUTOMOTIVE PAINT and BODY SUPPLIES TODD’S TEXACO SERVICE ANNANDALE, VA. JE 2-9832 Mr. Buckley at desk. Book shelves were filled as the year progressed. The long wait. ANNANDALE FLORIST SPRINGFIELD ELECTRONICS Corner of Maple St. and Columbia Pike 6810 Bland Street Springfield, Va. Flowers by Wire Flowers For All Occasions “W e Repair All Makes Of Radios and T elevisions ” Day Night CL 6-2666 JE 2-3924 We Use RCA Tubes Telephone FL 4-7330 James A. Merrill KINSEY’S DRY CLEANERS ANNANDALE SWAP SHOP Complete Dry Cleaning Service Done On Premises JE 4-3457 3 Day Regular Dry Cleaning Service 3 Day Shirt Service Special 1 Day Dry Cleaning Service In the of Annandale Drive In Service — Ample Free Parking Swap and Shop 585 Arlington Blvd. FALLS CHURCH, VA. Something for everyone STAR SUPPLY CO. ELLICOTT S 5 10 ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Phone JE 2-7443 Notions - Toys - Gifts - Shoes Hardware - Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Building Supplies - Lumber - Cement Clothing - Potted Plants Hardware - Houseware Yard Goods - Simplicity Patterns J. L. Deaver and J. E. Boland, Owners STORE HOURS 9-9 MON.-SAT. LINCOLNIA MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Alexandria, Virginia Shirley Highway at Duke Street Reservations, TE 6-0612 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Weetman, Owners and Operators A. H. McKAY SON “ Thirty Years Experience” 1733 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. CO 5-9153 o o o Upholstering — Slip Covers — Draperies THE KEY MOTEL 7 Miles South of the Nation’s Capital On Shirley Highway at Route 236 WARES PHARMACY 683 Lee Highway ALEXANDRIA, VA. King 9-9344 King 9-6177 ARLINGTON, VA. Mrs. Ashenhurst straightens chairs and tables. Jim Young does last minute homework in the library. View from the front entrance. THE BANK 01 F ANNANDALE LITTLE RIVER TURNPIKE ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA JEfferson 2-1514 MODERN BANKING SERVICES LOANS • Checking Accounts • Automobile • Savings Accounts • Home Improvements • Christmas Savings Accounts • Educational • Utility Bills Collected • Real Estate • Travelers Checks • Collateral • Banking By Mail 2 V 2 % Interest on Savings Accounts HOURS Week Days 8 to 1— Fridays 8-1 and 6-8 — Saturdays 8 to Noon Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation To the Students and Faculty of Annandale High School OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ROBERT SHREVE FUEL CO. 6873 Lee Highway, Arlington 13, Virginia JEfferson 2-1960 • • MASON HIRST and OMER L. HIRST Fuel Oil - Coal - Oil Burners - Burner Service Annandale ’s Oldest Firm • CLearbrook 6-2200 Serving Northern Virginia over 50 Years COMPLIMENTS OF MARIE’S SCHOOL OF DANCE 912 Rose Lane Columbia Pines Beginners and Advanced Ballet Tap Ball Room A FRIEND Marie Bray CLearbrook 6-3285 LION TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 460 New York Avenue, N.W. “BUY D. S. DEFENSE BONDS ” WASHINGTON, D. C. A. B. W. TRANSIT COMPANY Compliments of ☆ ☆ ☆ AUTO ACCESSORIES CHARTER BUSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS COMPANY, 24 Hour Information Service INC. ☆ ☆ ☆ ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA King and Commerce Streets King 9-7800 TEmple 6-3700 Alexandria, Virginia THE CRUSTY PIE COMPANY, A INCORPORATED 4 King 8-0240 Best wishes to the Senior Class STEWART BUICK, INC. DAVIS • PACKING CO. WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK ★ ★ ★ WILL BUILD THEM 852 11th Street, S.W. • WASHINGTON, D. C. 1119 Wilson Boulevard ARLINGTON 9, VA. JAckson 2-5800 LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE Since 1880 MOVING I. C. C. Cert. 93641 On Moving Day — Move the Duncan Way 400-410 N. Columbus Street Alexandria, Va. King 9-0473 LEVINSON CLOTHING CO. 424 King St., Alexandria, Va. King 9-0829 Compliments of Worsted-Lx Clothing Palm Beach Clothes McGregor Sportswear BRAM, INC. SUPPORT EVERLY FUNERAL HOME YOUR Chas. M. West, Manager FAIRFAX, VA. YEARBOOK Cr. 3-2710 ADVERTISERS ALEXANDRIA BUSINESS SCHOOL 106 N. Columbus St. ENROLL NOW! KI. 9-3745 Speedtvriting, Shorthand, Gregg Shorthand — ‘Pat ' iMtb Donald S. Thorn, M.D. W. C . Bernhart, M.D. C. Douglas Adams, Jr. Roland E. Goode, D.D.S. Merrydowns’ Day School Dr. C. T. Dreifus J. I. Divers Mr. and Mrs. Donald Russell 108 North Washington Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA King 9-3058 and King 9-3059 We are very grateful for the privilege of being of service, as official photographers, toward making this year’s “ANTENNA” a grand success. The splendid cooperation given us by the editors, faculty, and student body was highly commendable and sincerely appreciated. (Ecralit JK. Corner TIMER STUDIO HERBY’S FORD, INC. Alexandria s only authorized Ford dealer SALES AND SERVICE 1600 Duke St. — 2806 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Phone Ki 9-0374 Phone Ov 3-1235 fiflUiJ SIMPSON MOTOR COMPANY ★ complete automotive and wreckage service ★ Lee Highway, Fairfax, Va. (Junction Rts. 211-50-29-123) Telephone Crescent 3-9888 COHEN’S QUALITY SHOP 1104 King St. (and) Fairlington Centre Mens Apparel — Boy’s Wear Home of Hart Srhaffner and Marx Clothing •“Botony” 500 • Stetson Hats • Arrow Shirts Interwoven Hose • McGregor Sportswear • Bostonian Shoes “ Alexandria’s Finest Men’s Wear Stores” THE SCOTT SHOP Fine Ladies and Junior Apparel 2308 Mt. Vernon Ki 9-6060 THOS. J. FANNON SONS ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA o Call Fannon at Ki 9-5700 for City’s Best in Fuel and Heating Equipment AcJzHXUAjiedametit We, the students of Annandale High School, wish to express our sincere appreciation to the sponsors, the editors, and the entire staff of the yearbook for their efforts in making the Second Volume of the Antenna a success. 1 he staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors, Miss Caryl Freeman and Mrs. Beatrice Frutchev, for their guidance; the Myers Publishing Company of Richmond and the Turner Studio, for their services; the advertisers, without whom this book could not have been financed, and all others who contributed toward the completion of this volume. +Sv J £ JJ . 6 ' • dhsti. y % j J- fcdr CU sJLjd, T7 lc

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