Annandale High School - Antenna Yearbook (Annandale, VA)

 - Class of 1955

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Annandale High School - Antenna Yearbook (Annandale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Jlie s rntenna Published annually by the students of ANNANDALE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Beverly McKinney ASSISTANT EDITOR : John Lace} r CO-BUSINESS MANAGERS Anne Robinson Patricia South -1955 HIGH SCHOOL, Annandale, Virginia 3n the h e in.un v» » In this, the first volume of the Annandale Antenna, we of the 1955 staff have sincerely tried to recreate the birth of Annandale High, feeling that we will relive every moment as y o u w i t h y our unfaltering spirit and ceaseless ambition transformed Annandale into a city alive. 1,000 strong. 1 n years to come as you glance through this yearbook, we sin- cerely hope that you will recall Annandale as it was 2 edicati tdm in id tra tion added dctiuitied 5 eatured on ,S« t i tjm -dftlilet icd — $ duertidemen td 2W ica tion dedication We, the students of Annandale High with much pride and appreciation dedicate this first edition of the Antenna to one whose name is synonymous with Understanding, Help, and Genuine Interest Our Principal Ralph E. Buckley with the sincere hope that it may express our deep gratitude to you . . . An able and enthusiastic administrator An unselfish and untiring worker Our inspiration and our guide And most of all OUR FRIEND MR. RALPH E. BUCKLEY 7 In the beginning Fairfax County purchased a site of about twenty-two acres on Ravens- worth Road for $22,196.50 from Mr. and Mrs. Gareth M. Neville on October 26, 1951. This was the first real step toward the dream of a high school at Annandale. After all the plans had been made, the problems of how to finance it was studied. Federal funds allocated amounted to $850,000. Fairfax County set aside $821,518.65 for construction only. The total cost of the original building was $1,661,518.64. After funds were in sight, construction was begun with the Black Con- struction Company as the contractor. As work progressed it became evident that the building could be completed for the opening of the 1954-55 school term if the work were rushed. a And so on that memorable day, September 1, 1954, former students of Fair- fax and Mount Vernon High Schools entered the doors for the beginning of Annandale High School. From the start it was evident that every nick and cranny was filled and there would be no room for the incoming eighth graders and new pupils. Again thoughts turned towards construction. This time the contract for a twelve- room addition was let to the Wayne Construction Company on December 2, 1954. The completion date was set for August 1, 1955. The cost for the addi- tion is $162,691.20, bringing the total cost for the entire building to $1,824,209.84. yddm in id tra tion if I r MR. W. T. WOODSON Division Superintendent Fairfax County School Fairfax, Virginia W. T. Woodson, Superintendent J. H. Rice, Assistant Superintendent George Pope, Administrative Assistant Charles W. Weisiger, Jr., Div. Personnel W. Clement Jacobs, Clerk Robert B. Walker, Director. Information and Surveys ADMINISTRATION BOARD Winnie E. Sutherland, B.S., M.A. Supervisor of Secondary Schools ; W. Harold Ford, A.B., M.A., Director of Instruction ; Craighill S. Burke, A.B., M.A., Supervisor of Secondary Schools Robert W. Darr F. W. Robinson Flovd Kirbv Richard E. Shands Robert F. Davis Almorine Crowthei Harry A. Lee dnnandafe Jdicjh Mrs. Sarah Lory counsels many students during a school day. Mr. Buckley gives much needed in- formation at the mike. Mr. Phipps gets ready for a busy day. 1 3 F.LIZABETH AMES B.A. English ELINOR ASHBY B.S. Commercial ANNABELLE ASHENHURST B.S. Librarian WILLIAM BAKER. JR. A.B., B.S., M.A. Mathematics MINNIE BEATON B.S. Home Economics Science LORETTA BENNETT B.S. Home Economics Science ROBERT BOGEN B.A., M.A. Chemistry. Science TAMES BOLDING KATHERINE BUCK B.A. B.S. English Physical Education Social Studies Facing the long day ahead 14 ROBERT COLBERT B.A. Social Studies History MURIEL CUTTER B.S. English WINIFRED DAVIS Secretary FAITH ELLIS B.F.A. Art ROY FISHER B.A. English VIVIAN FLINCHUM B.A., M.S. Physical Education Co’tnmercial CARYL FREEMAN B.A., M.A. Commercial BEATRICE FRUTCHEY A.B., M.A. Commercial Esther Koci, Cecilia Grover, Nelson Smith, Mrs. Annabelle Ashen- hurst, Librarian ; Mrs. Marian Flinchum, Assistant Librarian, Charles Hannah, Lois Euler, and Jimmy Clapper are in our brand new library. JOHN GRINNELL B.S., M.A. Physical Education THOMAS HARRIS B.S., M.A. Mathematics VIRGIL HARRIS B.A., M.A. Industrial Arts GLADYS HENNION Secretary HARRY KELLER A.B. Physical Education Science MAURI NE LATTA RALPH LEWIS WINIFRED LIKAR ROSE LITTLE RUTH MEADE B.A. B.A. A.B., B.S. B.A. A.B. English, Social Studies Industrial Arts English Latin English, Social Studies Hard working teachers take time out for lunch 1 6 FRANCES MILTON KENNETH MULLEN B.A. B.S. English, French Mathematics Biology, Science BERTHA NOBLE B.A., M.Ed. Visiting Teacher MITCHELL OSADCHUK B.A., M.M. Instrumental Music JEAN PAYNE A.B. Spanish, History RACHAEL PETERS ELIZABETH POSEY B.S. B.S. Physical Education Mathematics ETHEL POTTS B.S., M.S. Mathematics LAURA ROBEY A.B. English, Social Studies RUTH ROYSTON A.B. Social Studies, History Journalism CLASS SPONSORS: Seated: Roy Fisher, Elizabeth Ames, William Baker, Jr. Standing: James Bolding, Ralph Shriver and Peter Visnich. LAWRENCE SAWYER B.A., M.A. Social Studies RALPH SHRIVER A.B. Metal and JVood Shop ROBERT SIMMONS. B.A. English, Social Studies History WILMA SMITH B.S. Mathematics DOROTHY STEVENS R.N. Cafeteria Manager PATRICIA VINCENT B.S. English , Social Studies PETER VISNICH B.S. Science, Biology JANE BETHEL WHITE A.B. English, Social Studies LAWRENCE WINKLER B.S., M.A. Physical Education FRED WY GAL B.S., M.Ed. Choral Music Miss Peters takes a few moments of needed rest while Mrs. Smith, Miss Freeman, Mrs. Cutter and Mr. Grinnell discuss and grade papers. ' t DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Seated: Jean Payne, Rachael Peters, Beatrice Frutchey, Loretta Bennett. Standing: Mitchell Osadchuk, Roy Fisher, Ralph Lewis, John Grinnell, William Baker, Jr., Robert Bogen, Lawrence Sawyer. Guidance in the vastness of a new school CL designing £ ommercia SL or tliand (general (tdaiin eS3 d ooLli eepincj This class (and Miss Ashby) will remember the difficulty they had in getting their books to balance. Miss Freeman gives her shorthand class their next assignment. Shi -bleach emic A 1. Mr. Fisher and his English 11 homeroom. 2. Mr. Visnick shows his Biology class all about dissecting frogs. 3. Dennis mixes a wicked potion while Mary Beth, Tom, Bruce, and Mr. Bogen look on. 4. Mrs. Milton’s homeroom well re- members Julius Caesar. i. lL. | - M S ' - [ r — I V ' rp ? „ i-i h - 1 J L, 1 i w-T " ... til eir u r we nee ded . . . The day our cafeteria finally opened was a red-letter day at Annandale. Sitting around a ta- ble and enjoying a hot lunch with our friends made our school days much more pleasant and produc- tive. All the credit goes to Mrs. Stevens and her fine staff for their efforts to give us delicious, well-balanced meals. We, the stu- dents would like to say “thanks.” Wasn’t it refreshing to come into a clean building each morn- ing with no trace of yesterday’s mistakes visible? The efforts of our energetic custodians has made Annandale one of the cleanest, best-kept schools in the area. To you, Mr. Dodson, and all your staff, we wish to say “thanks”. V r JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Tom De LaFleur, President; Jodi Hailey, Treas- urer; Jean O’Connell, Vice-President; Rosie Studer Secretary. Mr. Roy Fisher and Mrs. Elizabeth Ames, SPONSORS Batchelor, Carole Bennett, Dennis Bennett, Sandra Bishop, Mike Bonner, Kenneth Boyer, Phyllis Briggs, Virginia Brown, James 28 Burton, Patricia Cannon, James Carter, Nancy Clevenger, David junior C ladd Coleman, Gary Condrey, Glenwood Cook, Annie Cooper, Susan DeLe Fleur, Thomas Dolan, Charlotte Dolkos, Paul Dotson, Phyliss 29 Foreman, Bruce Fousse, Gregor Foutz, Barbara Fowler, Lee Gaines, James Galanis, George Gardner, Milo Garner, Robert 30 Gates, Pat Gatewood. Gloria Gedrose, Garnett Glass, Ann Gonyea, Exzilda Harper, Marjorie Hendry, Wanda Grubb, Joan Hailey, Jodi Hamilton, Gail Hawkins, Robert Hayden, Mary Beth Heath, Jackie Hinds, James Hinson, Patricia Hippier, Jeannette Jeffrey, Mary Johnson, Kris Jones, Richard Kearns, Joyce Lapsley, Michael Leatherland. Barbara Little, Joan Lyman, Barbara 32 Maben, Wilbur Magner, Dot Mahon, William Marrow, Carolyn junior C la55 Marshall, Joan Meader, Cheryl Miller, Frances Miller, Joan Miller, Mary Rose Mobley, Robert Monaco, Laurina Morrow, Linda Mudd, Joan Murphy, Roland Myrick, Joyce Nesselrodt, Carolyn Newton, John O’Connell, Joan Oliver, Marilyn Payne, Jesse 33 junior C laSd Portch, Dick Proctor, Robert Quick, Charles Redmiles, Richard Reynolds, Joanne Richardson, James Riley, Ronald Robertson, Herbie 34 Robinson, Anne Rogers, Carol Rose, Martin Row, Larry Sayre, Janet Scott, Frank Severance, Robert Shea, Wendy Shenkman, Sue Shoop, Gary Simpson, Dale Simpson, Teresa Smith, Nelson South, Patricia Steidel, Lauren Studer, Rosemarie Trollinger, Dorothy Tyrrell, Marlene Walker, Fred Walker, Sue 35 Whistler, Jon Whitham, Monte Wickline, Dick Wiley, Richard Wilson, Ray Windham, Kay Wise, Nancy Wise, Woodrow 36 Wolfe, William Young, Roberta Yunker, Judy 1. Mrs. Ames explains the mysteries of a noun clause. 2. Chemistry students absorbing “dry facts” while awaiting completion of the laboratory. 3. Did they pay to see these or the play? 4. American History students follow avidly Mr. Colbert’s explanation. .ip rtf ' i i ■ « L f P J? t ,, V onto re a add SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First Row:, Kathryn Russell, Secretary; Dale Wind- ham, Treasurer. Second Row: James Berryhill, President; Richard Hays, Vice-President. CLASS SPONSORS: Peter j. Vis- nich, Ralph Shriver 39 omore Anderson, Richard Arrington, Thomas Ashworth, Jane Ayers, Nancy Bain, Peter Bauer, Nancy Beach, Jane Berryhill, James Billing-ton, Joy Bliss, Delores Bokowski, Frank Bosselet, Barbara Bossert, Gene Bradford, Barbara Bradshaw, Douglas Brass£, Barbara Brauer, John Breeding, Guinevare Brittain, Linda Brogdon, Frank Brown, Baxter Brown, Ronna Brown, Roy Buntin, Thomas Butzner, Sue Callow, John Campbell, Alvis Cannon, Janet 40 Cannon, Wayne Cassedy, Jill Champion, Betty Churchill, Bruce Clague, Jacqueline Clark, Eleanor Cochran, Ira Cohn, Lancia Coleman, Jo Conklin, Shelby Conley, Jack Connelly, Michael Conner, Nelson Cook, Gamaliel Cook, Susan Covell, Philip Crist , Kathy Crovo, Kenneth Curry, Leonard Curtin, Gail Daniels, Margie Davis, Bernice Davis, Joyce Dean, Linda Demory, Donald Dibble, Norvell Dick, Alice Dodson, Gloria omore Dooley, Carlin Dove, Ellen Eppard, Ralph Eppard, Regina Euler, Lois Fenton, Frances Florence, Patricia Fenwell, Frances Foard, Douglas Ford, Jack Fox, Ronnie Freeman, Edward Freeman, Jean Freeman, Mary Gapen, Carolyn Garcia, Pat Garlan, Toni German, Ralph Hale, Wilson Hall, Susanne Hannah, Dean add Harris, Roland Hathorn, Sally Hawkins, Raymond Hayman, Arley A 7 Hays, Dick Heishman, Mary Henderson, Neil Henry, Peggy Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Margie Kanto, William Kerfoot, Ned Hewitt, Bruce Hewitt, Karen Holloman, Henry Holloran, Denise Horn, Tieman Hottle, Nancy Hunt, Doris Hyde, Gary Kirby, William Kitchen, Joe Knoertzer, Rennie Koci, Esther Lacey, John LeCompte, Thomas Lohr, Peggy Love, William omore Luttrell, Robert Lyles, Audrey Lynch, Carolyn Lynch, Helen MacDonald, Jeanette McConkey, Pat McDonald, Clint McGuin, Shirley Mclnturff, Bobby McKenna, Maureen McMahan, Jim McMarlin, Stacey Mahon, Mary Ann Marsden, Linda Marshall, Estelle Martz, Mary Lou Mason, Laura Mason, Tommy Mercer, Charles Mernone, Pat Mervine, Reginald Miller, Ivan Miller, Judith Miller, Kent Miller, Mary Ann Miller, Wanda Mitchell, Joyce Milton, David 44 Monroe, Mary Lou Myers, Cecelia Naughton, Pat Nay, Robert Nicolet, Pat Nicolet, Paul Noll, Edward Norfolk, Barbara Nutter, Roger O’Bannon, Shirley O’Baugh, Nancy O’Ferrell, Wesley Okamoto, Lucy Penney, Monte Piland, Joan Plumpe, David Potter, Arline Powell, Linda Prinkey, Howard Pruitt, Jane Puckett, William Pulney, Richard Quast, John Quick, Julia Rentch, Larry Richmond, Judith Ricketts, Wilma Risteen, Robert 45 W Sopll XL W XJT r I ' 7 fW- r Robinson, Jean Roop, Wanda Lee Roop, James Ross, Gary omore Russell, Kathryn Scott, Raymond Shiflett, Ruby Shivar, James Siegle, David Smarr, Jo Ann Smith, Delores Smith, Nancy f- V A Snyder, Barbara Sorrell, Alfred Staples, Nancy Sterner, Betsy Steucke, Paul Stewardson, Janice Stewart, John Stewart, Thomas Stickler, Jan Stillions, Eddie Stjerne, Jim Stuart, Edward 46 Stuart, Ellen Studer, Nicholas Swetland, Dorothy Tabor, Sheila Talbert, Richard Tank, Sally Ann Tellman, Bill Tobin, Sharon Tolen, Mike Toon, Gracie Upham, Jerry Wagner, Charles Walker, Samuel Wallace, Ellis Walton, Eleanor Ward, Ann Ward, Billy Watson, Judy Westcott, Maureen Whiting, Robert Williams, Bette Windham, Dale Wolfe, William Wooldrid e ofm 47 man 49 CLASS SPONSOR : William J. Baker redhman Allen, Janice Allen, Judith Arnold, Maurice Atwell, Linda Avery, William Baber, Georgianne Ballard, James Balliet, Joan Baranowski, Clifford Batchelor, Joe Bell, Barbara Bernhard, Patricia Bishop, Dorothy Blanks, Edgar Bliss, Gordon Bomberger, Richard Boyer, Virginia Brager, Brierly Brannon, Joann Breeding, Nevetta Bronson, William Brown, William Bruinback, Patricia Bunch, Betty Bunch, Shirley Burnley, Clyde Burns, Buddy Byrd, Roger • 50 a add Carter, Dorothy Cash, Baretta Caudle, Carol Chapman, Pat Chase, Susanne Clark, John Clark, Joyce Condrey, James Cook, Harold Cooper, Claudia Cornwell, Wilson Corsbie, Nancy Cox, Charles Cross, George Culver, Janice Cummings, Carol Curtis, Patsy Cuthbert, Ann Cutter, James Dansberger, Virginia Davies, Joseph Davis, Jane Deavers, Thomas Devers, Lorita Dolan, Richard Donaghy, Patricia Dotson, Anita Dove, Lester man Dowdle, Joan Dunaway, Helen Dyess, Bill Earh’, Nancy Egolf, Winifred Ehle, Gary Elgin, George Eskridge. Tommy Esten, Jan Evans, Leo Facchina, Linda Faunce. George Fitzgerald, Robert Flattery, Bill Fleming, Doris Foley, Robert Foster, Joyce Freeman, Barton Gaines, Donna Galanis, Anna Garrison, Shirley Gibson, Barbara Gibson, Helen Gore, Lanny Gray, Delores Gray, William Gregory, Jerry Gregory, Peggy 52 a CL53 Griffith, Kelly Gullickson, Karen Hart, Virginia Hattorf, Clifford Heflin, Beverly Hicks, Etta Higgins, Tom Hollaway, Berdine Hollestelle, John Holt, Barbara Homrighauser, Donna Houser, Ray Hoffman, Dorothy Huffman, Shirley Hughes, Mary Ann Hussey, Patricia Ingle, Charles Jackson, Blanche Jacobs, Mary Jencks, Elizabeth Johns, Lyndall Jones, Charles Jones, Eleanor Jones, Karla Joy, Barbara Kelsey, Peter Keyes, Carol Kidwell, Joan 53 man Kirby, David Klyn, Ellen Kohne, Nancy Koustenis, Charles Kreitzer, Linda Lacy, Dorothy LaFaver, Sally Lamb, Judith Lambert, Carolyn Landess, Carole Lawson, Davis Leatherland, Linda Lester, Johnny Lewis, Russell Libeau, Betty Lingley, Kenneth Linton, Russell Lippolt, Jack Little, Marilyn Loughrie, Albert Love, Pearl Lyman, Bonnie McGuin, Lewis McGuin, Lois McMahan, Pat Marceron, Judy Mariast, Elizabeth Marshall, Dorothy 54 a add Meek, Phyllis Melvin, Janice Merriman, Alan Merriman, James Meyer, Lawrence Miller, Barbara Mims, Carol Morrow, Pat Nelson, Maxie Jo Newton, Mary O’Connell Sheila Oliver, Judy Otis, Joyce L. Overby, Jo Ann Owen, John Pace, Barbara Parker, Terry Perry, Larry Pierce, Mary Lou Pigge, George Potter, Virginia Prall, Daniel Puckett, Thomas Rawlette, Joyce Redmond, Joyce Reynolds, Nancy Rice, James Robison, Andy 55 man Rogers, Clifton Rogers, Thomas Row, Ronald Ruch, Vincent Ruckman, Judy Saylor, Richard Schaitberger, Dennis Seward, Claire Diane Shepherd, John Simcox, Catherine Simpson, James Simpson, Jane Simpson, Jean Simpson, Joan Simpson, Warren Smith, Joel Smith, Kyle Smith, Michael Sowers, Joe Sowers, Robert Starks, Dan Steeves, Wayne Stevenson, Karen Stewart, Jerry 56 Tank, Patricia Tellier, John Tingen, Dwight Trollinger, Nancy Tyrrell, Eugene Viani, Carole Waldo, Dorothy Walker, Ann Walker, Carolyn Walters, Elizabeth Watson, Shirley Wheaton, Charles Wheeler, Rhomelda White, Carolyn White, Mary Ellis Whitham, Linda Willett, Leroy Williams, Gail Williams, George Williams, Jon Wise, Charlotte Witherspoon, Howard Wood, Sandra Woodruff, Peter Worsham, William Young, James Zachman, Henry Zumstein, Albert A. Zumstein, Pat EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Lytle, Vice-President; Bobby Beans, Treasurer; George Morrison, Secretary; James Clapper, President 59 CLASS SPONSOR: James Bolding Acheson, Patricia Adkins, Eileen Anderson, Robert Anderson, Thomas Andress, Bruce Angel, Evelyn Arnold, Roberta Ayers, Beatrice Bailey, Leta Baker, Robert Bales, Barbara Bauer, James Beans, Bobby Bennett, Shannon Berryhill, Nancy Bish, Bonnie Black, Louise Blaeuer, Samuel Blankenbaker, Shirleen Boatwright, Gerald Boggs, Jean Bonner, Paul Bowman, Barbara Briggs, Pat Brown, Rebecca Bullen, Ross Bunch, John Burdette, Wallace Byrd, Charles Bywaters, Arthur Cable, Jerry Campbell, Constance Campbell, Joyce Campbell, Robert Campisi, Edna Canard, Bernice Cantrell, Nathan Carr, Millard 60 raae Chapman, Joyce Clapper, James Clark, Wilbur Clendenin, Judy Coffman, Charles Cole, Helen Collins, Carol Conrad, Joseph Cook, Charlotte Cook, Judy Cook, Keith Cope, Shirley Cox, Robe rt Cross, Presley Crouse, June Cummings, Herbert Curry, Robert Curtin, Dixie Davidoff, Eugene Davidson, Susan Davies, Kathleen Davis, John Dawson, Robert DeHart, Val Jean Demory, Lee Dewald, Ruth Dick, Kathleen Dillion, Clark Divers, Carolyn Dobson, Joyce Dodson, Marjorie Dodson, William Donahue, Patricia Dotson, Lois Ann Dove, Evelyn 1 f 41 ' Iks Dowdle, Harold Doyle, Joyce Duvall, Warren Dyer, Danny Edwards, Roger Emmett, Charles English, Marcella Ewing, Ronald Farrelly, Robert Ferguson, Svrl Fewell, Betty Fincham, Ruth Flinchum, Marianna Foreman, Vance Fousse, Judith Fowler, Joyce Fowler, Suzanne Fox, Joe Fraser, Nancy Freeman, Harold Freeman, Norman Furman, James Garrells, Jo Ann Garrison, Linda Gates, Charles Gibson, James Goldsmith, Patricia Gordon, Ray Gore, James Gorham, Russell Gritnsley, Roy Grover, Jacqueline Grubb, James Hamilton, Frances Hampton, Hope Hannah, Charles Harris, Franklin Hatch, Marilyn Hawkins, Clara Hays, Jeannie Heath, Robert Heffelfinger, Delbert Heflin, Wayne Helvey, Patricia Herrington, Judith Highan, William Holsinger, Mitchell Horton, Margaret Hottle, Patricia Howe, William Howery, Charles Hughes, Kent Hunter, Nikki Hyre, Carolyn Jencks, Floyd Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Rosalee Johnson, Sandra Jones, Robert Justusson, Judy Karbowicz, Delores Kemp, Karen Kern, Bonnie Kessler, Donald Ketcham, Marijon Keyes, Eric Kincheloe, Paul Knight, William Komenda, Ronald Lantzy, Kathleen Layton, Bonnita Lawson, Doris Leary, Kevin Leddon, Robert Lee, Elizabeth Lemon, Joseph Lucks, David Lyles, Loretta Lytle, Thomas MacKusick, Mary McAdams, Peter McConkey, Helen McDonald, William McGhee, Charles McGhee, Dennis McGuin, Frederick Mclnturff, Linda McKinney, Jo Ann McLaughlin, James McMarlin, Mary Ina McNeil, Charlotte Maddox, Walter Magon, Gail Manoukian, Haig Manoukian, Marian Marshall, Betty Mason, William Meadows, Floyd Meyer, Margaret Miller, Doris Miller, Kurvin Miller, Nancy Mims, Richard Mitchell, Virginia Monroe, William Morgan, Robert Morrison, George Moyers, Alice Mudd, Andrew Murphy, John Newton, Miriam Niceley, Rita Noble, Charlotte Noble, Virginia 64 k O’Baugh, Faye O’Baugli, James O’Donald, Pat Orndoff, Clyde Otti, Charles Owen, Carol Owen, Patricia Owens, Hugh Pague, Robert Perry, Oliver Peterson, Jerry Potter, Deanna Potter, Dolly Potter, Judy Prahl, Pamela Puckett, Lewis Ouantrille, Thomas Rath, Janet Rawlett, Patricia Redmiles, Alan Reed, Leota Render, Andrew Robbins, Olga Robertson, Alene Robertson, Ruth Robinson, Mary Rogers, Barbara Rogers, Bradley Rogers, Robnetta Rogers, Ruby Rollins, David Roop, Jo Anne Ross, Stephen Rouse, Margaret Rowe, Karen Rozamus, Leonard Saxon, Claudette Schebish, Littlejohn Schold, Alan Schulte, Sally Severance, Sarah Shaneyfelt, Terry Shaw, Patricia Shea, Kathleen Shea, Richard Shepherd, Jackson Shiflett, Earl Shiflette, Mable Shine, Peggy Shinn, Robert Simcox, Ellen Simms, Robert Simms. V alerie Simpson, Frances Smith, Donald Smith, Frances Smith, Leonard Smith, Pat Smith, Patricia Snipes, Dinah Snyder, Joyce Somers, Geraldine Sparks. Sandra Spires, Walter Staats, Woodrow Stancil, Linda Stewart, Carlisle Stewart, Margaret Stewart, Robert Stiles, Kenneth Stone, Michael Stover. Elizabeth Suite, John 6fc Sutton, John Thilboult, Janet Tolar, Robert Tolar, Sara Travis, William Tribby, Troy Trollinger, Jim Turner, Bette Viani, Muriel Viel, William Vorhauer, Bruce Wagner, Barbara Walker, Katy Walker, Richard Walton, Erma Ward, Joyce Warren, Hugh Watson, Barbara Watson, James Weissinstein, Harry Wenberg, Alan White, James White, Virginia Whitehurst, Reed Wicks, Elva Wiley, William Windham, Ryan Wise, John Wise, Patricia Wolfe, Judy Woodrich, Karol Worsham, Brenda Yoder, Margaret Young, Rebecca 67 nPormalA Sheila Taber receives expert guidance from Mrs. Lory. Winners of the Forensics in our school were: left, top to bottom: Andy Robison, public speaking: Mary Rose Miller, prose; Bev McKinney, public speaking ; Virginia Dansberger, alternate debater ; Joan Crist, poetry; at right, top to bottom: Ruth Henderson, spelling; James Hinds, Floyd Dunn, debate ; Peter Woodruff, poetry. 69 1. Future Freshmen receive instruc- tion from Miss Robey. 2. Where is Santa Claus? 3. Eager student working out his schedule with Mrs. Meade. 4. These cats are crazee ! yQctivi tie 5 Joe Davies, Treasurer; Gracie Toon. Secretary; Mike Bishop, President; Wanda President. The Student Government has been very active from the beginning. This year saw both the constitution and the honor code for A.H.S. drawn up and adopted by the s tudent body. The school nickname, the wel- fare drive last Christmas, the March of Dimes Drive were outstanding among the many activities spon- sored by Student Government. The foundation of the important student organiza- tion has been strongly molded in this its first year of operation. Hendry. Vice First Ron ' , Left to Right: Danny Dyer, Carolyn White, Donna Homrighausen, Barbara Bell, Karen Stevenson, Valerie Simms, Margaret Yoder, Cassie Davies. Second Rozv: Robert Leddon, Floyd Meadows, Alan Wenberg, Baxter Brown, Fred McGuin, Billy Mason. Jackie Clague, Claudia Cooper, Clifford Baranowski, Peggy Henry, Phyllis Dotson Laurina Monaco, Peggy Gregory, Pat Briggs, Lois Dotson. Edward Noll, James Berryhill. Third Row: James Richardson, Charles Kous- tenis, John Murphy, Rodger Byrd, Louis McGuinn, Tom De La Fleur. Ronald Riley, Doug Foard, Arthur Bvwaters. “I STUDENT GOVERNMENT SPONSORS THE MAGAZINE DRIVE .... Who’ll be the Dirty Bird ? Jim and Carol total the days receipts. The achievement of a job well done marked An- nandale’s first attempt at selling magazines. It was hard work, but the Red and White Teams came through with a total of $9,400 for the magazine drive. Students brought in an average of $9.40 — a record in Fairfax County. Lucky winners investigate prizes. Jlie s lntenna Art Staff : Pat Duvall, Frank Scott. ■ . I.JP w - Mm John Lacev, Assistant Editor: Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey, Sponsor, Beverly Mc- Kinney, Editor-in-Chief. Draw a line, erase a line, draw another line . . . plan a page, change the make-up . . . three months of hard work and the dummy was complete. “Sir, would you like a cut with that ad, also? " Remember that Saturday the staff spent in Alexandria and the advertisements came in? We were out of the red. The pages grew and from a small beginning The Antenna became a reality. First Row, Left to Right: Anne Robinson, Co-Business Manager, John Lacey, Mrs. Beatrice Frutchey, Sponsor, Beverly McKinney, Patricia South, Co-Business Manager ; Second Row: Betsy Sterner, Wendy Shea, Linda Marsden, Linda Brittain, Carolyn Lynch, Linda Whitham, Rosie Studer, Alcinda Pyne, Nancy Ayers; Third Row: Paul Dolkas, Photographer; Patricia Naughton, Helen Lynch, Hugh Warren, Bruce Foreman, Patricia Duvall. Kathryn Russell ; Fourth Row: Eleanor Clark, Frank Scott, Edward Barkson, Nancy Hottle. Missing from picture: Roberta Young Sandra Wood, Laura Mason, Jean O’Connell. •On OL Jl-BLd Staff Robert Mobley, Managing Editor : Anne Robinson, Editor-in-Ghief : Miss Ruth Royston, Sponsor. The newspaper staff, operating under the temporary name of Annandale Press, had a very busy year. Right from the beginning they sent out AHS news copy to commercial papers. They also got out several mimeo- graphed papers in order to finance a printed issue. Then, in May, out came a beautiful printed paper, with it’s permanent name: The A-Blast. First Row: Lee Fowler. Second Row: Miss Ruth Royston, Sponsor ; Ruth Henderson, Wendy Shea, Dorothy Green, Sandra Coker, Rosie Studer, Anne Robinson, Robert Mobley. Third Row: Tim Horn, Betsy Sterner. Sue Shenkman, Beveriy McKinney, Mike Connelly, James Berryhill. p redd The Press Club helped the Journalism Staff get sub- scriptions, write articles, and plan for the school paper. At each meeting there were two representatives from the Journalism Staff present. Class representatives were chosen who aided in getting news. They also helped in the magazine campaign. A social committee planned a picnic and a tour to the Evening Star and Washing- ton Post-Times Herald. First Roic: Linda Atwell, Secretary; Baxter Brown, Carol Rogers, Vice- President; Joann Overby, Jimmy Berryhill, Pat Nicolet ; Second Row: Peter Bain, Robert Mobley, Ruth Henderson, Betsy Sterner, Barbara Lyman, President ; Miss Ruth Royston, Sponsor ; Susan Cook, Sandra Coker, Lancia Cohn, Carol Rice. Jodie Hailey, Treasurer (Missing from picture). STAGE CREW: First Row: Eddie Noll, Doug Foard, Staging Chief; Jim Brown, Electric Chief ; Second Row: Tim Horn, Barton Freeman, A1 Loughrie, Edward Barkson, Vincent Ruch, Frank Bokowski, Toe Sowers, Jim McMahan, Crew Chief. c, rew The Stage and Lighting- Crew, sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth Posey, is in charge of lighting and staging on all programs in the school, in- cluding those of other or- ganizations. Setting up the microphone and running movies are their jobs also. They took a field trip to see the play “The Honeys” and afterwards went back- stage to learn about the set. )he nnandale Low - Oi inter 5 THE ANNANDALE SHOWTIMERS: Mrs. Winifred Likar, Sponsor; Jean Simpson, Isabelle Walters, Secretary; Navetta Breeding, Patricia Naughton, Mari- lyn Little, Lois Euler, Robert Foley, Betty Libeau, Winifred Egolf, Nancy Corsbie, Rosie Studer, Ronnie Row, Berdine Holloway, Gwen Breeding, Anne Cunningham, James Young, Vice-President ; Beverly McKinney, William Mahon, Mary Rose Miller, Lee Fowler, President ; Sheila O’Connell, Mary Beth Hayden, Treasurer; Monte Whitham, Tom De La Fleur, Joan Crist, Peter Woodruff, Mike Smith, Kay Windham, Ronnie Fox. MRS. WINIFRED LIKAR Sponsor 77 The cast of our first play, “The Christmas Miracle” The Dramatics Club, under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Winifred Likar, has pre- sented two plays this year. The first was a one-act Christmas play, “The Christmas Miracle” with Joanne Rey- nolds in the lead. The second was “Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” with Beverly McKinney in the role of Mrs. Wiggs. (Concert (f3ancl First Row: Dorothy Bishop, Lee Fowler, Gail Hamilton, Diane Seward, Hugh Warren, Lancia Cohn, Toni Garlan. Second Rozv: Frank Brogdon, Richard Mercer. Donald Demory, Monte Penney, Bill Gray, Ronnie Riley, Bob Severence, Dorothy Waldo. John Tellier, Bar- bara Gibson, Jane Pruitt, John Brauer, Dick Shea. Third Roto: John Shepherd, Syrl Fergu- son, Tommy Rogers, James Stanton, John Newton, Charles Brown, Stanley Mclnturff, Bob Sints, Charles Wheaton, Leota Reed, Becky Brown, Gregory Fousse. Fourth Row: Sally La- Faver, Ronnie Fox, Tommy Buntin, Kelly Griffith. Phil Coveil. Mr. Mitchell Osadchuk. Director. Annandale High has reason to be proud of its band. Already this band has made a name for itself among Northern Virginia high school bands. Its first trophy was won when the band marched in the Annandale Dav Parade last fall. At the District IV Music Festival our band was distinguished with a Number 1 rating. Besides these there have been regular per- formances in assemblies, at games, and at two concerts. 2 e Serve First Roz v: Ann Walker, Billy Viel, Charles Byrd, Michael Stone, Jeannie Hays, Sue Hyre, Pat Briggs, Kevin Leary. Second Rozv: Wilson Walsh, Peter Kelsey, Mitchell Holsinger, Billy DeLong, Barbara Wagner, Charles Howery, Franklin Harris, Harry Weissinstfein, Joseph Fox, Michael Hamilton, Jerry Shaneyfelt, Carolyn Divers, James McLaughlin, Mr. Osadchuk. Third Row: Connie Campbell, Stephen Ross. First Row: Ruth DeWald, Kent Hughes, Peter M. McAdams, Danny Dyer, Joel Smith, Danny Starks, Ellen Stuart, Bobby Nay, Mr. Osadchuk. Second Rozc: Peggy Meyers, Robert Luttrell, Andrew Mudd. C adet (fdand MR. MITCHELL OSADCHUCK Director Annandale High majorettes studied baton twirling and marching in the Majorette Club. They performed at such school functions as the Annandale Day Parade and some football and basketball games. Yfia j o retted First Row: Barbara Lyman, President. Second Row: Sally Hathorne, Joan Crist, Cassie Da- vies, Peggy Gregory, Anne Angel. 9 J ls Jr ' M A j ft JHPv ■ T ■ |R ft mA Ip . ; w jrUi ■- » I V " A Jr • Lf f I [ . . i i .4 o In S K A | J MIXED CHOIR: First Row: Kathryn Russell, Laura Mason, Linda Marsden, Laurina Monaco, Kay Windham, Barbara Holt, Annette Ha ' gaman, Gail Curtin, Dorothy Trol- linger, Maureen McKenna. Second Row: Linda Brittain, Bette Ruth Williams. Joann Reynolds, Lois Euler, Janet Cannon, Susan Cooper, Jodi Hailey, Dee Phillips, Jerry Phillips, Ann Glass. Third Row: Mike Lapsley, Jerry Upham, Barbara Lyman, Mary Rose Miller, Merle Butzner, Nancy Carter, Dick Talbert, Roland Harris. Fourth Rozo: Charles Wagner, John Callow, Ellis Wallace, Robert Richmond, Frank Scott, Billy Ma- hon, Raymond Scott. This year the Choir and Girls Chorus gave successful perform- ances at the school dedication, for a meeting of the Alexandria Youth for Christ, and at a meeting of the Crestwood Womans Club. At the District Choral Contest, they received a high rating. The Boys Chorus sang Davy Crockett at the Band Concert. GIRLS CHORUS: First Row: Jo Ann Smarr, Nancy Early, Joan Piland, Navetta Breeding, Barbara Bradford, Mary E. White, Nancy Trollinger, Shirley Watson, Linda Leatherland, Becky Yost. Second Row: Virginia Hart, Rennie Knoertzer, Georgianna Baber, Pat Garcia, Jerry Gregory, Peggy Gregory, Linda Dull, Pat Zumstein, Judy Richmond. Third Row: Ann Carter, Carol Cummings, Barbara Norfolk, Carole Landis, Judy Watson, Sharon Tobin, Joyce Foster. Fourth Row: Nancy O’Baugh, Pat Naugh- ton, Doris Fleming, Peggy Lohr, Virginia Dansberger, Pat Bernhard. nkj a oir orud MUSIC CLUB: First Roio: Dorothy Waldo, Ann Glass, Jodi Hailey, Dorothy Trollinger, Laurina Monaco, Esther Koci, Alcinda Pyne. Second Roto: Mr. Wygal, Kenneth Bonner, Karen Gullickson, Bette Williams, Janice Culver, Sharan Tobin, Joyce Otis, Nancy Staples, Patsy Tank, Jo Ann Smarr, Judy Yunker, Barbara Bosselet, Dorothy Green, Carla Jones, Judy Watson, Nancy Wise, Becky Yost, Ann Walker. Third Rozv: Virginia Potter, Jo Ann Payne, Dennis Schaitberger, Carol Viani, Gerry Gregory, Nancy Early, Nancy Allen, Pat Zumstein, Carol Mims, Judy Miller, Tony Garlan, Carol Cummings, Lucy Okamoto, John Callow, Mrs. Cutter. Five members of the Mixed Choir har- monize. The purpose of the two high school music clubs is to foster music appreciation among A. H. S. students. Members are instructed in types of music ranging from the classics to jazz. MR. FRED WYGAL Sponsor 8 i The major project of Le Cercle Francais, the French Club, was the Language Festival, held in February. Members of the club look a held trip to " Wash- ington in April. They at- tended a French Church service and had dinner at Bonat ' s. First Row: Barbara Pace, Jane Davis. Treasurer, Karen Hewitt, Patsy Tank, Judy Miller. Second Row: Virginia Briggs, Sandra Wood, Shirley Watson, Linda Whitham, Christine Matthews, Mike Tolan. Third Row: Sandra Bennett. President: Joan Little, Sally Tank, Secretary; Terry Parker, Bette Williams, Judy Oliver. Fourth Row: Mrs. Frances Milton, Sponsor: James Rice, Bruce Foreman. Journalist; Marilyn Oliver, Carol McLaughlin , Vice-President. First Rozc: Sue Butzner, Secretary; Kent Miller, Treasurer Mrs. Rose Little. Sponsor; Sue Cooke, Vice-President ; Lancia Cohn. Program Chairman. Second Rose: Ruth Henderson, Mary Pierce, Jerry Gregory, Jo Ann Reynolds, Charlotte Dolan, Betsy Sterner, Roland Harris. Third Rozv: Sheila O’Connell, Pat Nicolet, Jane Pruitt, Barbara Snyder, Carole Landess, Maureen McKenna, Linda Brittain, Dick Talbert, Elizabeth alters. Fourth Roz i : Phillip Coveil, Roger Nutter, Tom Stewart, Ronnie Row. Mike Smith. Jan F.sten. Dan Prall. Richard Bomberger, Mike Conley, Mike Kelley. “Romani Hodierni " , the Latin Club, spon- sored among its many activities the formal dance, “May Day in the Old South.” In February it partici- pated in the Language Festival along with the Spanish Club and French Club. Students will also re- member the assembly program, featuring the two popular TV pro- grams, “This is Your Life” and “Dragnet”. First Row: Gary Hyde, Treasurer; Patricia South, President; Airs. Jean Payne, Sponsor; Sally Tank, Vice-President; Kathryn Russell, Secretary. Second Row: Hannah Trice, Anne Angel, Nancy Ayers, Lucy Palmer. Third Rozv: Ronald Row, Sally Hathorn, Carolyn White, Joan Piland, Linda Dull, Patricia Garcia, Linda Kreitzer. Fourth Rozv: Priscilla Kreitzer, Wendy Shea, Toni Garlan, Eleanor Clark, Jo Coleman, Maxie Jo Nelson, Phyllis Meek, Gracie Toon. Fifth Rozsj: Nancy Hottle, Dale Simpson, Bill Dean, Carolyn Gapen, Dale Coston, Ellen Klyn, Lyndall Johns. Spanish cu From the rhumba to costumes of Old Spain — members of the Spanish Club studied the cus- toms and life of their chosen country. They showed movies of South America to interest ev- eryone in the Spanish language and culture. They entertained au- diences at the Language Festival featuring a skit of a bull fight. Language records will be bought for the Spanish Depart- ment with the money re- ceived from this fair. X cmc uac e 5 ] estiv at Exhibits from the Language Festival. A highlight of 1955 was the Language Fes- tival featuring projects from the Spanish, Latin and French Depart- ments. The affair in- cluded skits, exhibits and crowning of the Festival King and Queen. Tradi- tional foods, represent- ing each country, were served. ' n l u m n delate The Debate Club was or- ganized early in the year by Miss Robey. With her guid- ance they held debates among members of the club. With these and other debates that they had observed as a background, they went to the State Forensic Meet, their main event of the year. At Manassas in the District Meet, they placed second and the school is proud of them. First Rour. Robert Wills, James Hinds, Floyd Dunn. Virginia Dansberger, Joan Simpson, Secretary, Janet Rath. Second Row: Douglas Etka, Judy Richmond, Vice-President ; Mrs. Laura Lee Robey, Sponsor ; Andrew Robison, President : Kent Hughes. First Row: Roy Fisher, Sponsor; Bob Mobley, Reporter, Frank Scott, President; Roberta Young, Vice-President, Jeanette MacDonald, Secretary. Second Row: Harold Cook, Faye Cook, Pat Bell, Linda Facchina, Joyce Rawlette, Wanda Miller, Jean Robinson. Third Row: Pat Rawlette, Mary Ann Miller, Joan Little, V illiam iel, Karla Jones, Reginald Mervine, Barbara Norfolk, Wilma Ricketts, Roland Harris, Judy Oliver. Virginia Potter. Fourth Row: Jack Fennell, Shirley McGuin, Joan Grubb, Janice Stewardson, Pat Zumstein, Marilyn Oliver, Jo Ann Smarr, Nancy Early, Janet Cannon, Barbara McGuin. Fifth Rose: Charles Wagner, Woodrow Wise, Raymond Scott, Tesse Payne. Pat Duvall, Carol McLaughlin, Nancy Obaugh, Peggy Gregory. Richard Talbert. The Youth for Christ Club was created to help win more students for Christ. In carry- ing out this plan, the mem- bers from Annandale High participated in Bible quizzes and Northern Virginia Youth Rallies. This year they also sponsored a “This is Your Life” program, thoroughly surprising their President, Frank Scott, with a scrap- book of his life. Our success with the Breakfast Club gave us the confidence to give a Fashion Show, a tea for our Mothers, and the F. H. A. dance. The blessing for the cafeteria helped us pause in the day and give thanks. The FFA-FHA camp near Smithfield, Vir- ginia, was our summer event, with the honor- able event of the Degrees of Achievement. Shelby Conklin and Jeannette MacDonald are learning the fundamentals of homemaking ' . 5 uture JJ ' omemaherA oj merica First Row: Laura Mason, Song Leader; Linda Kreitzer, Historian; Teresa Simpson, President; Pricilla Kreitzer, Vice-President; Anne Angel, Treasurer; Adele Anderson, Secretary. Second Rozv: Nancy Ayers, Reporter; Nancy Hottle, Carolyn Sullivan, Ronna Brown, Marlene Tyrrell, Betty Bunch, Dorothy Marshall, Joan Marshall, Estelle Marshall, Ann Cuthbert, Delores Smith, Shelby Conklin. Third Row: Mrs. Loretta Bennett, Co-Sponsor; Shirley McGuin, Janice Allen, Barbara Miller, Wilma Ricketts, Jo Ann Brannon, Linda Faccina, Janice Culver, Eleanor Jones, Lucille Okamoto, Mary Anne Hughes, Connie Swartz. Fourth Row: Helen Gibson, Linda Mor- row, Loretta Devers, Beverly Heflin, Judy Ruckman, Lyndall Johns, Etta Hicks, Phyllis Meek, Pat Duvall, Barbara Brasse, Joyce Otis, Linda Atwell, Ann Walker, Delores Gray, Mrs. Minnie Beaton, Co-Sponsor. First Row: Judy Quick, Estelle Marshall, Joan Marshall, Jackie Heath, Audrey Lyles, Bill Kirby, Richard Wiley, Dick Hays, Woodrow Wise. Second Row: Mr. Shiver, Sponsor; Wanda Roop, Marleen Tyrell, Shelby Conklin, Greg Fousse, Bobby Luttrell, Henry Holloman, Boh Hayes, Jim Guatney, Jim Cannon, Mike Markley, Richard Edwards, Herbie Robertson, Fred Walker, Charlie Quick, Glenwood Condrey, Richard Whidden. Ray Wilson, Roland Murphy, Tom LeCompte, Mr. Virgil Harris, Sponsor. Bobby, Jim, and Nelson inspect Herbie’s car. Members of the Automotive Club have greatly increased their knowledge of automobiles by studying the mechanism of engines and the general opera- tions. Their activities have in- cluded disassembling and re- assembling motors. The Club members feel that they, through their activities have become better informed on the operations of automobiles. The Key Club has sponsored activities this year including the Easter Seal Campaign and Cerebral Palsy Campaign. The boys developed initiative and leadership which provided ex- perience in living and walking together. They serve the school and community, and prepare for useful citizenship in the future. First Row: Larry Row, David Plumpe, Bob McMarlin, Secretary ; Tom De La Fleur, Presi- dent ; Doug Foard, Treasurer; Dennis Bennett, Larry Rentch. Second Row: Jim Richardson, Bill Mahon, Monte Whitham, Jim Stein, Henry Zachman, Ted Suart. Third Row: Jim Gaines, David Clevenger, Gary Coleman, Nelson Conners, Jim Berryhill. Fourth Row: Bruce Churchill, Stacy McMarlin, Jim Young, Kenneth Bonner. Fifth Row: Boh Risteen, Paul Steucke, Joe Davies. First Row: Roger Nutter, Kent Miller, Vice-President; Jerry Upham, President; John Brauer, Lee Fowler, Secretary. Second Row: Ellen Stuart, Kelly Griffith, Billy Bronson, Robert Foley, Littlejohn Schebish, Floyd Dunn, Suzanne Fowler. Third Row: Donald Demory, Bill Dyers, Larry Perry, George Williams, Charles Otti, Bruce Vorhauer, Eugene Tyrrell. Members of the Rifle Club spent much time this year in target practice at Fort Belvoir and Fort Myer. Skill has been at- tained, but the practice, as in any difficult sport, con- tinues. Examinations were given to members after specific instruction. First Row: Barbara Holt, Jerry Phillips, Denise Holloran, Pat McMahan. Second Row: Nancy Bauer, Beverly Heflin, Sally LaFaver, Brierley Brager, Jackie Clague. Third Row: Virginia Boyer, Cecilia Myers, Mary Jacobs, Judy Clendenning, Barbara Miller, Kathleen Crist, Cecilia Grover, Miss Rachel Peters, Sponsor; Joan Dowdle, Nancy Allen, Barbara Joy, Helen Dunaway, Judy Marceron. Fourth Row: Dorothy Trollinger, Janet Sayre, Delores Phillips, Gail Curtain, Leslie Stewart, Dorothy Grey, Joan Balliet, Delores Smith. The activities of the Pep Club this year have been primarily verbal. The main topic was the athletic program for girls. It was decided that we will have a Girls’ Athletic Association next year. First Row, Top to Bottom: Bruce Hewitt, Dave Clevenger, Ivan Miller, Dick Wick- line, Ted Stuart, Vice-President ; Second Row: Larry Rentch, Linda Marsden, Louise Langhorne, Carolyn Lynch, Ger- aldine Phillips, William Witherspoon. Third Row: George Elgin, Janet Sayre, Secretary-Treasurer; Jean O’Connell, Jane Ashworth, Nancy Smith, Delores Phillips, President. Fourth Row: Bob Richmond, Charles Wagner, Stacy Mc- Marlin, Robert Proctor, Nelson Conners, Mr. John Grinnell, Sponsor. The purpose of the Varsity Club is to encourage good sportsmanship and school spirit. Those eligible for mem- bership were students who had earned letters in varsity sports. The activities of the club included a dime dance, faculty-student games, and a donation of twenty-five dollars to the Athletic Department. First Row: Mr. Ralph Lewis, Sponsor; Barbara Joy, Martin Rose, Paul Davidson, Richard Red- miles, Joe Batchelor, Wilbur Maben. Second Row: Brierley Brager, Edward Freeman, Ned Ker- foot, Dale Simpson, Clint McDonald, Wayne Cannon, Clifford Hattorf, Roy Brown. The Arts and Crafts Club was established to give students with exceptional artistic talent an opportunity to improve their ability. The main activity of this club was wood carving. Each sudent participated in carving animals, wall plaques, and such articles. Jlrt CU r The Art Club, sponsored by Mrs. Faith Ellis, was formed to give stu- dents a better knowledge of art. This club, in addition to meeting during club periods, had several special meet- ings at the homes of various members. Each member of the club worked to develop his individual artistic tech- niques. First Row: William Worsham, Bill Toll- man, Gary Shoop, Robert Mobley, Treas- urer ; James Simpson. Second Row: Ellen Klyn, Jo Coleman, Patricia Chapman, Carolyn Walker, Harold Cook, Judy Al- lan, Vice-President; Jo Ann Overby, Jane Simpson, Secretary. t C ivld £)efenAe This club spent its time discussing and planning Civil Defense for the community and Annandale High School. Their projects for the year included plans for air raid drills and a field trip to study civil defense demonstrations. First Row: Jack Conley, David Kirby, Bill Dyess, Tommy Higgins, Leroy Willett, George Pigge, Billy Bronson, Tommy Rogers, Henry Zachman. Second Row: Mr. Ralph Lewis, Sponsor, Robert Fitzgerald, Bill Gray, Larry Perry, Tom Stewart, Alan Merriman, Richard Redmiles, James Rice, Frank Shine. Jane Simpson. On Mat: Mike Lapsley. First Roza: Mr. Larry Winkler, Sponsor, Wilson Hale, John Mul- lins, John Heene, Charles Ingel, A1 Pierce, Wayne Cannon, Charles Jones, Albert Zumst ein. Second Roza: Robert Hawkins, Nelson Conners. Charles Quick, Alan Kerrick, William Puckett, Tom LeCompte, Herby Robertson, Denny Langhorne, Douglas Bradshaw, George Faunce, Jim Guatney, Bob Richmond, Jim Merriman, Larry Perry. Throughout the year, these boys have partici- pated in many weight- lifting activities. To de- velop sound bodies has been the chief purpose of the club. First Row: Mr. Lawrence Sawyer, Sponsor ; illiam Puckett, Lieutenant. Second Row: Betty Champion, Rennie Knoertzer, Joyce ' Ward. Third Row: Barbara Bradley, George Pigge, Bill Bronson, Harold Dowdle, Peter Mc- Adams, Robert Foley, Patricia Garcia. Fourth Row: Wanda Hendry, Ann ard, Ronnie Row, Robert Anderson, Robert Hawkins, Barbara Jackson, Mary Heishman. Fifth Row: Baxter Brown, Ross Bullin, Alike Smith, Andy Robison, Clifford Staats, Ray- mond Hawkins, Nelson Overly. Not pictured: Shirley O’Bannon, Captain Joyce Redmond, Secretary. l YjonitorS First Row: Mr. Robert Phipps, Sponsor ; Exzilda Gonyea, Bernice Davis, Jerry Plaugher, Steve Hun- ter, Mary Jeffries, Judy Fousse. Second Row: Ira Cochran, George Pigge, Billy Bronson, John Brauer, Danny Starks, Ralph German, Wil- bur Maben. Third Row: Dennis Bennett, Baxter Brown, Bruce Foreman, Alike Lapsley, Jerry Up- ham. Fourth Row: Gamaliel Cook, Paul Steuke, George Williams, James Baldwin, Charles Wagner, Eddie Blanks, Larry Perry. Bus 2b, ' rivers Baxter Brown, Glenwood Con- drey, Paul Davidson, Jerry Plaugher, Jim Guatney. % •ScLool Cl, ess cu First Rose: Tommy Puckett, Bruce Foreman, Fred Walker, Bob Severance. Second Ross ' : Kelly Griffith, Mike Lapslev, Es- ther Koci, Joyce Foster, Pat Bern- hard, Kirs. Ethel Potts, Sponsor. Third Rose: Dick Saylor, Donald Demory, John Brauer, James Shivar, Tames Cutter, Bill Tell- man, David Kirby, Richard Put- ney. Fourth Rose: Ronnie Row, John Callow, Peter Kelsey, Charles Mercer. Dwight Tingen, John Ouast. Bill Kanto. Xo clubs in school afforded more real pleasure dur- ing regular meetings than the Chess Clubs. The members feel that they have benefited much from their study of and participations in chess games. First Ross ' : Tom Quantrille, Vice- President, Kenneth Stiles, Treas- urer, Joe Fox, President. Second Rose: Bruce Vorhauer, Jack Shepherd, Dick Perry, Tommy Anderson. James Campbell, Sam Blauer, Brian Bailey, Harry Weissenstein. Third Rose: Dick Shea, Mickey Boatwright, Robert Tolar, Mike Stone, Donald Smith, Mr. Robert Bogen, Sponsor. Fourth Rose: Steve Ross, Nathan Cantrell, Charles Byrd, Jim Stan- ton, Hugh Warren. a i v yjv JR [ - t w u This eighth grade club with its eighty-five members got off to an excellent start this year with basketball intramurals. One half of the club played on schedule “A,” and the other half played on schedule “B.” Softball games were planned but could not be played because the club program was discontinued. The Girls Athletic Club was divided into two sec- tions. During club period they selected basketball teams and played against each other. Softball games would have been planned but the club schedule was discontinued. First Row: Kathryn Walker, Charlotte Cook, Sandra Lee Sparks, Barbara Bales. Second Row: Mrs. Minnie Beaton, Co-Sponsor; Dolly Potter, Sarah Severance, Loretta Lyles, Nancy Miller, Judy Fousse, Doris Miller, Mrs. Loretta Bennett, Co-Sponsor. To create an interest in homemaking was the pri- mary purpose of the Home Arts Club. These eighth graders were given the op- portunity to learn to make articles for themselves and for their homes. Colorful skirts and aprons showed that they had learned the basic techniques of sewing. The Spring Style Show was the highlight of this club’s program. Thirteen girls, judged mainly on poise and attractiveness, were picked to model the lovely clothes from the Hecht Company. The Maypole Dance was another feature of the year. Only girls 5 ' 4 " and under were picked for this group. A beautician came and gave several demonstra- tions on good grooming. Section A: Gigi Newton, President; Mary John Ketchum, ice President; Claudette Saxton, Secretary-T reasurer. Section B: Suzanne Fowler, President; Bernice Canard, ice President; Judy Wolfe, Secre- t rv Diyip r ' nrtin Treasurer- TVTrs Patricia Vincent Snonsor. l flarionetted This active Eighth Grade club wrote original plays, made and manipulated ma- rionettes, and constructed their own stage and scen- ery. Members also devel- oped their own methods of production and presented plays. One of the benefits was the sharing of common ex- perience in knowledge and ideas in working together on the projects. First Row: Virginia White, Sandra Johnson, Lois Dotson, Bobby Bunch, Alan Schultz, Charles Hannah, Val Jean DeHart, Betty Marshall. Second Row: Mrs. Wilma Smith, Sponsor; Don- ald Kessler, Wilbur Clark, Charles Emmett, Ross Bullen, Louise Black. S.p.D.-A. First Row: Mrs. Dudley E. Young, Secretary; Mr. Ralph Lewis, Vice-President; Mr. Donald Russell, President; Mrs. William Tolar, Treasurer. Second Row: Mr. Ralph E. Buckley, Mrs. Harry Holsinger, Mrs. Harold O’Connell, Mr. Edwin Lynch, Mrs. Leonard Shea, Mrs. Charles Otti, Mr. Henry Noble. hm j | - | f 1 j J] j j f 1 m L SIP 1 i HL tr 1 jW : v ' L IT Lr T mt ' ' , a ■1 ' V - - MR. DONALD RUSSELL President SPTA One of the greatest assets to Annandale High School this year was the Student Parent Teachers Association. Not only did this organiza- tion aid the school financially, but it held informative sessions each month, including Career Night and Back To School Night. This organization has fos- tered a stable relationship be- tween the parents, teachers, and students of Annandale High School. Poppy Queen — Joan Crist at The Military Ball QUEEN AND COURT : Carole Batchelor, Cheryl Meacler, Lamina Monaco, Joan Crist, Patricia South. December saw couples arrive at our first for- mal dance — Winter Wonderland. Laurina Mon- aco reigned as queen. Sponsored by the Mixed Choir, this event launched many outstanding a ur own (Right) Joan Crist had the leading feminine role of Emily Webb. Joanie put a great deal of feeling into this role and captured the sympathy of the entire audience. Mrs. Winifred Likar directed the play. Juniors will not quickly forget how plainly scared they were as the curtain rose on their play, Our Town, last April. But uncertainty soon veered to relief as the audience responded to the stage manager’s quips — and then to pride as the evening advances. Annandale’s first student dra- matic production was an entire success. (Above) Greg Fousse, in the leading role of the Stage Manager, did an excellent job of telling about life in Grovers Comers; of the Gibbs’ and the Webbs’ and how their lives seemed intricately interwoven. 100 Woojut m ja ic Bruce Hewitt, Carolyn Sullivan, Dick Wickline, Kathy Crist, Mr. Buckley, Lois Euler, Joe Davies, Anne Angel, Jack Ford. ion Mrs. Gray instructs Carol Rogers and Barbara Gibson in some of the finer points of modeling. Carol and Barbara prepare for the show. X an ua e Jestiuaf Diane Sewards adding a touch of Ha- waiian grace. 102 Linda Atwell, Dale Windham, Kathy Crist, Queen; John Lacey, King; Joan Crist, Jack Ford. Shirley Watson representing the French Department with a can-can. Joan Little and Judy doing a bit of clowning for the French De- partment. iflBS Vigf . f a nc Be ' ' 3 an } f B ' Mrs. Wiggs — Bev McKinney — gives the sheriff — Elli- Wallace — a piece of her mind. C aLLa e j atcL Upper Right: Miss Hazy — Mary Rose Miller — and Mrs. Wiggs look over the letter from the pension office. Lower Right: Mr. Stubhins — Bill Mahon — tells the people of the Cabbage Patch where lie’s been. Mrs. Wiggs tells Mrs. Eichorn — Gwen Breed- ing — and Lovey Mary — Pat Naughton— about the similarity between Christians and flowers. 103 First Row: Joan Crist, Wanda Hendrey, Lee Fowler, Queen ; Gwen Breeding, Linda Atwell. Second Roz v: Claudia Cooper, Sue Shenkman, Linda Brittain, Betsy Sterner, Maureen McKenna, Carolyn Gapen, Sally LaFaver, Gracie Toon. Wa, 2 ance A Maypole Dance by twenty petite eighth graders was one of the highlights of the dance. 104 LEE FOWLER, Queen of the May junior rom juniors enjoying the “jitterbug " and Plenty of floor space and good music induced even the faculty members to take a turn around the floor. JoAnne Reynolds. Tom DeLa Fleur, Carol Rogers. Kay W indham and Ronnie Fox take time out for refreshments. I a eer decide erS Sally LaFaver Geraldine Phillips Gail Curtin Donna Gaines Delores Phillips Barbara Holt MISS RACHAEL PETERS Sponsor Lois Euler Denise Holloran Co-Captain Co-Captain Tryouts . . . Success . . . Hastily made uniforms . . . Practices . . . Sore throats . . . Tears. All of these describe the Annandale High cheerleaders. These peppy gals were right out there for our first football game even though their uniforms were incomplete. Their red and white uniforms and vivacious smiles added color and spirit to our football and basketball games. 108 First Row: Carolyn Lynch, Co-Captain ; Jean Simpson, Co-Captain. Second Row: Jane Simpson, Patricia McMahan, Joan Simpson. Third Row: Beverly McKinney, Linda Atwell. ddic litli Cjracle a eerleadi Left to Right: Jo Anne McKinney, Co-Captain ; Hope Hampton, Peggy Shine, Janet Thiebolt, Linda Garrison, Charlotte Noble, Shannon Bennett, Mary John Ketchum, Co-Captain. First Row: Charles Brown, Lam - Rentch, A1 Pierce, Cliff Baranowski, Nick Evans, Joe Davies, Barton Freeman, Lawrence Row, Louis Kimball, Billy Witherspoon, Ellis Wallace, Leonard Curry. Second Row: Bobby Richmond, Ivan Miller, Bobby Gardner, Kent Miller, Herby Robertson, James Guatney, Paul Steucke, Nelson Conners, Ted Darrell, Ed Stuart, James Cutter. Third Row: Mr. Peter Yisnich, Coach; John Whistler, Tom LeCompte, Stacey McMarlin, James McMahan, Tom De LaFleur, Louis McGuinn, James Young, James Gaines, Charles Wagner, Bruce Churchill, George Elgin, Mr. Lawrence Winkler, Coach. FOOTBALL SCORES OPPONENTS AHS St. Stephens 6 25 Wakefield 27 0 Woodward Prep 6 7 Bullis Prep 13 7 Mt. Vernon 13 0 Herndon 33 0 Fairfax 6 0 George Mason 0 6 ' ! 0 MR. LAWRENCE WINKLER Head Coach MR. PETER YISNICH Line Coach BOB RICHMOND and LEONARD CURRY Managers First Row: William Monroe, Earle Lerette, Ronnie Ewing, Tommy Lytle, Leonard Smith, Troy Tribby, Billy Billington, Andy Render, Joe Piatt. Second Rose: Jim Trollinger, Bobby Beans, Don Brown, Jerry Cable, Co-Captain ; Keith Cook, Barry Knight, Co-Captain ; Davy Lucks, Robert Heath, Billy Higham, Robert Jones, Mickey Boatwright, Floyd Meadows, George Mor- rison. Third Row: Mr. J. Wallace Bolding. Right: Managers: James Watson, Bobby Bunch, Cris Conrad, George Morrison. Coach: Mr. Bolding. Belozv: Proctor picks up yardage with a smash through the center. SCORES Fairfax 7 AHS Fairfax 0 AHS Mt. Vernon 6 AHS Mt. Vernon 6 AHS Falls Church 33 AHS Falls Church 13 AHS 0 7 0 6 0 6 I (f First Roic, Left to Right: Claudia Cooper, Pat Mernone, Jane Ashworth. Joanne Reynolds, Delores Phillips, Geraldine Phillips, Carolyn Lynch, Connie Swartz, Janet Sayre. Charlotte Dolan, Nancy Corsbie. Second Rozc, Left to Right: Delores Smith, Elizabeth Walters, Bette Williams, Lulu Langhome, Laura Mason, Delores Bliss, Jean O’Connell, Mary Rose Miller, Sheila O’Connell, Nancy Smith, Gail Hamilton. Linda Marsden. Miss Rachael Peters, coach. Jan Stickler grabs the ball for AHS. VARSITY HOCKEY I ar$i First Rote: Bruce Hewitt, Dick Wickline, Bobby Procter, Jim Gaines, Stacey McMarlin, Gary Coleman. Second Rose: Nick Studer, Jim Young, Bill Dean. Joe Davies, John Shepherd. Third Ron 1 : Mr. John Grinned. Stacev at the foul line . . . one point for AHS. Mr. John Grinned Varsity Coach Mr. Robert Bogen Eighth Grade Coach Mr. Harry Keller Junior Varsity Coach VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES St. Stephens 34 AHS 43 Wakefield 46 AHS 46 Fairfax 70 AHS 35 Mt. Vernon 67 AHS 49 Falls Church 62 AHS 42 George Mason 62 AHS 37 Herndon 62 AHS 54 Manassas 76 AHS 63 George Mason 66 AHS 58 Manassas 66 AHS 46 Falls Church 59 AHS 43 G. W. Jayvees 41 AHS 47 Herndon 51 AHS 49 Mt. Vernon 49 AHS 45 Wakefield 57 AHS 52 Fairfax 61 AHS 47 junior iJarsitij d adhetba [( First Roz o: Mr. Keller, coach; John Shepherd, Bob McMarlin, Ellis Wal- lace. co-captain; Jim Richardson, Sam Walker. Second Rozo: Baxter Brown, Dickie Hayes, Mike Connelly. Jon Whistler, Bobby Nay. Bobby Luttrell. Wakefield 44 AHS 31 Fairfax 22 AHS 18 Mt. Vernon 55 AHS 27 Falls Church 51 AHS 21 George Mason 31 AHS 26 Herndon 20 AHS 22 Manassas 37 AHS 27 Manassas 48 AHS 44 GW Frosh 28 AHS 26 Herndon 23 AHS 32 Mt. Vernon 48 AHS 41 Wakefield 40 AHS 32 Falls Church 51 AHS 40 Fairfax 26 AHS 32 b th CjracL (JSasbetball EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL First Row: Jerry Peterson, Leonard Smith. Barry Knight. Jerry Cable, co- captain ; James Furman, co-captain ; Keith Cook, Sam Blauer. Second Row: Ken Stiles. Bobby Beans, Tommy Quantrille, Alan Redmiles, Mr. Robert Bogen, coach. fig i 1 U i L l ' u arditi (f ashetlaff SCORES OPPONENTS AHS Mt. Vernon 16 27 Falls Church 35 31 George Mason 58 33 Herndon 28 18 Fairfax 32 23 George Mason 31 22 Falls Church 39 36 Mt. Vernon 24 25 Herndon 39 43 Fairfax 31 23 First Row: Carolyn Lynch, Jane Ashworth, Janet Sayre, Delores Phillips, Linda Marsden, Dorothy Trollinger. Second Rozo: Kathryn Russell, Louise Langhorne. Barbara Lyman, Jean O’Connell, Geraldine Phillips. MISS KATHERINE BUCK Coach First Rozv: Sue Cook, Pat Hussey, Jan Stickler, Tony Garlan, Donna Gaines, Patri- cia McMahan. Second Rozv: Rosie Studer, Juanita Dotson, Linda Atwell, Carolyn Gapen, Marilyn Little. SCORES OPPONENTS AHS Mt. Vernon Falls Church Herndon Fairfax Falls Church Mt. Vernon Herndon Fairfax 35 20 27 13 10 12 20 18 39 12 21 20 12 17 26 12 First Ron : Geraldine Phillips, Janet Sayre. Linda Marsden, Carolyn Marrow. Donna Homrighausen. Second Row: Kathryn Rus- sell. Betty Libeau. Louise Langhorne, De- lores Phillips. Uarditij SoftUl SCORES OPPONENTS AHS Falls Church 27 4 Mt. Vernon 18 3 Falls Church 6 9 George Mason 18 4 Fairfax 13 3 George Mason 10 6 First Row: Eleanor Clark, Peggv Henry, Winifred Egolf. Beverly Heflin. Linda Facchina, Gail Curtin. Second Rozc: Patricia Mernone, Joyce Otis. Bette Williams. Mary Lou Pierce, Sheila O’Connell. Mt. Vernon 30 AHS 12 Falls Church 15 AHS 5 Fairfax 20 AHS 12 Falls Church 5 AHS 2 First Row: Baxter Brown, Henry Holloman, James Gaines, Joe Davies, Clint McDonald, Billy Witherspoon, Larry Rentch. Second Roiv: Kenneth Langley, George Elgin, Johnny Quast, Tom Duvall, Tom Stuart, Lewis McQuinn. Third Row: Jimmy Young, Herby Robertson, Kenneth Crovo, Dick Wickline. MR. ROBERT COLBERT Varsity Coach Mr. Buckley proved that he is an athlete, too, in the faculty game. 1 17 I cujuee (f asebali Mr. Shriver coached ihe Jayvees to many victories. First Row: John Tellier, Bobby Luttrell, James Ballard. Charles Jones, Ray Scott, Charles Brown. Second Row: Terry Parker. James Berryhill, Frank Baranowski. Alike Lapsley, Gamalia Cook, Vincent Ruch, Bobby Sowers. Third Row: Bobby Richmond. Ivan Miller, Denny Langhorne, Frank Hawkins. Jack Lippolt, Jerry Bowman. First Rozv: Bobby Beans, Billy Billington, Paul Kinsloe, Troy Tribby. Keith Cook, Barry Knight, James Gore, Sam Blatter, Earl Lerrette. Second Rozo: Bobby Camp- bell, Billy McDonald, Harold Freeman, Arthur Bywaters, Jerry Cable, Dick Walker, Tommy Quantrill, Wayne Heflin, Bill v Viel, Bobby Bunch. First Row: Ronny Fox, Ronny Row, A1 Pierce, Xick Evans, Bruce Hewitt, Dale Windham, Lawrence Meyer, Dave Clevenger, Janies Richardson. Second Row: Gary Coleman, Tom LeCompte, Nelson Conners, Stacey McMarlin, Nick Studer, Robert McMarlin, James Merriman, Jon Whistler, Richard Hays. Third Row: Dave Siegel, Eddy Noll, Dennis Bennett, Larry Row, Bruce Churchill, Jim Mc- Mahan, Barton Freeman, Kenneth Bonner, Sam Walker, Ted Stuart. Mr. Harry Keller Mr. Larry Winkler Coaches This is only one of the many activities of the track team during its first successful season. First Row: Johnny Newman, Bobby Luttrell. Bobby Richmond. Second Rozo: Mr. Harrv Kel- ler, Gamalia Cook, William Puckett, Mr. Harry Winkler. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL WINNERS STAFF ’ ’acuity 2 irector 1 MR. RALPH E. BUCKLEY (Annandale, Va.) Shep- herd State Teachers College. Virginia Polytechnic Institute. George Washington University, University of Virginia. Principal. MR. ROBERT E. PHIPPS (Falls Church, Va.) West Virginia Institute of Technolog} ' , University of Mary- land. Assistant Principal. MR. JAMES WALLACE BOLDING (Manassas, Va.) College of William and Mary. English, Social Studies, Coach of Eighth Grade Football and Baseball, Sponsor of Eighth Grade and Eighth Grade Boys’ Athletic Club. MISS KATHERINE J. BUCK (Falls Church, Va.) Longwood College. Health and Physical Education, Bas- ketball Coach. MRS. SARAH LORY (Fairfax Station, Va.) Mom- ingside College, University of Chicago, Columbia Univer- sity, L nion Theological Seminary. George Washington L T niversity. Director of Guidance. MRS. WINIFRED DAVIS. (Fairfax, Va.) Secretary MRS. GLADYS HENNION, (Fairfax, Va.) Secretary. MRS. DOROTHY M. STEVENS (Arlington, Va.) Kingston Hospital, Bellvue Hospital, Columbia Medical Center, Columbia University. New York University. Cafeteria Manager. FACULTY MRS. ELIZABETH M. AMES (Alexandria, Va.) Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, University of Vir- ginia, George Washington University. English. Co-Spon- sor of Junior Class, Counselor. MISS ELINOR TURNER ASHBY (Alexandria, Va.) Madison College. Bookkeeping, Typing, General Business, Secretary to Guidance Director. MRS. ANNABELLE ASHENHURST (Clifton, Va.) Illinois State Normal University, Tulsa University, North Western University, Cornell University. Librarian. MR. WILLIAM J. BAKER, JR. (Falls Church, Va.) Union College, Peabody College, University of Pennsyl- vania, Northwestern University. Mathematics, Sponsor of Freshman Class, Co-Sponsor Magazine Drive, Chair- man Mathematics Department. MRS. MINNIE G. BEATON (Alexandria, Va.) Mary Washington College, Richmond Professional Institute, University of Virginia, George Washington University. Home Economics, Science, Co-Sponsor of Future Home- makers of America and Eighth Grade Home Arts Club. MRS. LORETTA BENNETT (Louilia, Iowa) Drake University, L’niversity of Iowa, Iowa State College, Uni- versity of Virginia, George Washington University. Home Economics, Science, Co-Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America and Eighth Grade Home Arts Club, Counselor. MR. ROBERT W. BOGEN (Fairfax, Va.) University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University. Chem- istry, Science, Coach of Eighth Grade Basketball, Sponsor of Eighth Grade Chess Club, Chairman Science Depart- ment. MR. ROBERT LEE COLBERT (Fairfax, Va.) George Washington University, Randolph-Macon College. Civics, American History, Head Baseball Coach. MRS. MURIEL C. CUTTER (Annandale, Va.) Uni- versity of Massachusetts, University of Virginia. English, Co-Sponsor of Music Club, Counselor. MRS. FAITH PLUMBRIDGE ELLIS (McLean. Va.) Pratt Institute, University of Virginia. Fine Arts, Eighth Grade Exploratory Art, Art Chairman, Sponsor of Art Club. MR. ROY T. FISHER (Nathalie, Va.) University of North Carolina, George Washington University. English, Sponsor of Bible Club, Chairman of English Department, Co-Sponsor of Junior Class. MRS. MARIAN B. FLINCHUM (Springfield, Va.) Bucknell University, Marywood College, Syracuse Uni- versity. Assistant Librarian. MRS. VIVIAN " W. FLINCHUM (Portsmouth, Va.) Mary Washington College, George Washington Univer- sity, Department of Agriculture Graduate School. Phys- ical Education, General Business, Coach of Softball, Co- Sponsor of Majorettes Club. MISS CARYL P. FREEMAN (White Pigeon, Michi- gan) Beloit College, Webber College, Michigan State College, Glasgow University, Oslo University, Radcliffe College. Shorthand, Typing, General Business, Attendance Checker, Co-Sponsor Magazine Drive. MRS. BEATRICE H. FRUTCHEY (Alexandria, Va.) Colorado State College of Education, Ohio State Univer- sity, George Washington University. Typing, Shorthand, Sponsor of Yearbook, Chairman of Commercial Depart- ment, Finance Committee. MR. JOHN R. GRINNELL (Arlington, Va.) George Washington University. Health and Physical Education, Director of Health and Physical Education, Varsity Bas- ketball Coach, Sponsor of Varsity Club, Finance Com- mittee. MR. THOMAS G. HARRIS (Falls Church, Va.) Pennsylvania Military College, Lynchburg College, George Washington University. Mathematics, Sponsor Eighth Grade Dancing Club. 1 20 director MR. VIRGIL B. HARRIS, JR. (Burke, Va.) Potomac State School of West Virginia, University of West Vir- ginia, Institute of Technology, University of Virginia, University of Maryland. Industrial Arts, General Shop, Sponsor of Automotives Club. MR. HARRY KELLER (Fairfax, Va.) Shepherd Col- lege, George Washington University. General Science, Physical Education, Assistant Basketball Coach, Varsity Track Coach, Intramural Director. MISS MAURINE WOODS LATTA (Hillsboro, North Carolina) Queens College, Duke University. English, Social Studies, Sponsor of Eighth Grade Girls’ Athletic Club. MR. RALPH H. LEWIS. (Annandale, Va.) Western Kentucky State. W oodwork , Mechanical Drawing, Chair- man Department of Industrial Arts, Sponsor of Civil De- fense Club, Sponsor of Arts and Crafts Club, Finance Committee. MRS. JEAN PAYNE (Annandale, Va.) Sulims College, Kansas State Teachers College, University of Missouri, University of Virginia, George Washington University. American History, Spanish, Student Government Spon- sor, Spanish Club Sponsor, Counselor, Chairman of Lan- guage Department, Finance Committee. MISS RACHAEL E. PETERS (Moneta, Va.) Roanoke College, Longwood College. Health and Physical Educa- tion, Assistant Director Girls ' Health and Physical Educa- tion, Field Hockey Coach, Sponsor, Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Pep Club. MRS. ELIZABETH S. POSEY (Indian Head, Mary- land) Missouri Valley College, Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, Temple University, Delaware Univer- sity, George Washington University. Algebra, Vocational Mathematics, Sponsor of Stage and Lighting Crew, Co- Sponsor Magazine Drive, Sponsor Junior Red Cross Drive. MRS. WINIFRED LIKAR (Springfield, Va. ) Indiana State Teachers College, Shepherd College, George Wash- ington University, University of Birmingham. English, Dramatics Coach, Finance Committee. MRS. ROSE F. LITTLE (Annandale, Va.) Virginia Intermont College, Hunter College, Columbia University. Latin, English, Sponsor of Latin Club. Sponsor of Junior Classical League. MRS. RUTH DEWEY MEADE (Alexandria, Va.) American University, George Washington University, L T niversity of Virginia. English, Social Studies, Eighth Grade Counselor. MRS. FRANCES C. MILTON (Annandale, Va.) Long- wood College, University of Virginia. French, English, Forensics, Sponsor of French Club. MR. KENNETH MULLEN (Falls Church, Va.) West Virginia University. Biology, Science, Algebra, Mathe- matics. MRS. BERTHA NOBLE (Fairfax, Va.) George Wash- ington University, University of Virginia. Visiting Teacher. MR. MITCHELL M. OSADCHUK (Detroit, Michi- gan) Lake Forest College, Northwestern University, George Washington University, University of Michigan. Instrumental Music, Concert Band, Reserve Band, Cadet Band. Co-Sponsor of Majorette Club, Music Department Chairman, Finance Committee. MRS. ETHEL ROACH POTTS (Springfield, Va.) Sweet Briar College, Allegheny College, University of Rochester, George Washington University, University of Virginia, Madison College. Algebra, Plane Geometry, Chess Club Sponsor. MISS LAURA LEE ROBEY (Clarksburg, West Vir- ginia) Elagin School of Drama and Radio, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Salem College, West Vir- ginia University, George Washington University. English, Social Studies, Sponsor of Debate Club. MISS RUTH S. ROYSTON (Fairfax, Va.) William and Mary, University of Virginia, George Washington University, University of North Carolina, Madison Col- lege. Journalism, Chics, United States History, Sponsor of Nezvspaper, Sponsor of Press Club, Co-Sponsor of Magazine Drive. MR. LAWRENCE W. SAWYER (Annandale, Va.) Lynchburg College, University of Virginia. Geography, Social Studies. Counselor, Bus Checker, Sponsor of Patrol Club. MR. RALPH SHIVER (Fairfax, Va. ) West Virginia University, Fairmont State College. Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Eighth Grade Orientation in Industrial Arts, Junior Varsity Baseball Coach, Automotive Club Sponsor, Co- Sponsor Sophomore Class. MR. ROBERT SIMMONS (Annandale, Va.) Drake L T niversitv. English, Social Studies, World History. 121 £)irector v MRS. WILMA G. SMITH (Annandale, Va.) Oklahoma College for Women, Central State College, University of Virginia, George Washington University. Mathematics, Co-Sponsor of Marionette Club. MRS. PATRICIA L. VINCENT (Falls Church, Va.) College of the Gulf States, University of Alabama, Spring Hill College, University of Colorado. English, Social Studies. Sponsor of Eighth Grade Modeling and Style Club. MR. PETER J. VISNICH (Arlington, Va.) Davis and Elkins, George Washington University. Biology, Science, Line-Coach Football, Girls’ Softball Coach, Co-Sponsor Sophomore Class. MRS. JANE BETHEL WHITE (Arlington, Va.) Val- paraiso University, Illinois State Normal University, Uni- versity of Wyoming, Washington University, George Washington Llniversity. English, Social Studies. MR. LAWRENCE WINKLER (Arlington, Va.) United States Naval Academy, Washington University, George Washington University. Health and Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach, Varsity Track Coach, Sponsor of Key Club and IVeight Lifting Club. MR. FRED O. WYGAL, JR. (Annandale, Va.) Lynch- burg College, William and Mary, University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Boys ' Choir, Girls’ Choir, Concert Choir, Eighth Grade Music, Sponsor of Music Club. Mr. Baker shines Miss Royston ' s shoes during the magazine drive. Miss Posey gives directions to the stage and lighting crew. Miss Noble talks things over with Joyce and Carolyn -sddvertiiin 9 Sled: v,. ROBERT’S INC. Cr W A C °M Pa Ny ers Compliments °f A FRIEND Steadman Delicatessen Springfield Hardware Mazo-Lerch Co., Inc. Wray Seldon Studios Dardanelle Restaurant A. J. Viscido, D.D.S. Mrs. A. J. Canard Compliments A FRIEND C. Douglas Adams Dr. Gilbert J. Nelson Roland E. Goode Dr. and Mrs. A. J. DeLisle Mr. G. E. South Dr. Irwin T. Domsky From Your Friendly Neighborhood Store Featuring Famous Names in Fine Home Furnishings Pay Us A Visit Soon Opposite Fairfax High School Crescent 3-2455 Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. To the students and faculty of Annandale High School - - - Our Congratulations and Best Wishes Mason Hirst and Omer L. Hirst Annandale’ s Oldest Firm GALANIS SERVICE STATION Compliments of ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA ALBERT’S RESTAURANT Mobilgas and Mobiloil 1806 KING STREET Road Service Telephone JE 2-9789 “It’s Fun to Mow Safely” H. J. BROWN PONTIAC, INC. LAWN MOWER INSTITUTE, INC. 1550 Wilson Boulevard Jackson 2-4700 WASHINGTON, D. C. ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA School needs— OCKS KIRTS 1 WEATERS PORTSWEAR Je 2-6097 Res. Ja. 2-7843 Je 3-7535 NORVA REALTY CO., INC. IV A TRICE DRESS SHOP SALES — LOANS — INSURANCE Dresses — Lingerie — Accessories John C. Grille, President ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA 901 Leesburg Pike, Bailey Cross Roads Hours 9:30 to 9— Daily Next to Post Office Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of BEST WISHES FROM R R VENETIAN BLINDS OLD DOMINION MOTORS , INC. 211 King Street Alexandria, Virginia “World’s Second Largest Hudson Dealer” ALEXANDRIA ARLINGTON Complete Venetian Blind Service Call King 9-8000 Compliments of ANNANDALE CLEANERS OVerlook 3-1268 Franconia Road Alexandria, Virginia SAM B I S H Plumbing and Heating GLENDALE MARKET General Shoes Foods Merchandise LINCOLNIA MOTEL COFFEE SHOP Shirley Highway at Duke Street Route 350 and 236 TEmple 6-0612 McCORMICK JEWELERS W atch and Jewelry Repairing ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA JE 2-9715 JE 2-4757 B A C TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 839 S. Lee Highway, Falls Church, Va. Sales — Rentals E. Lake Jones, Proprietor Day: SOuth 5-9785 Night: SOuth 5-7937 R. A. COLE COMPANY Seuier and W ater Construction 1440 Washington Avenue Alexandria, Virginia Immediate Service Free Estimates FALLS CHURCH GARAGE DeSOTO — PLYMOUTH Tex Willis, Manager Annandale, Virginia JE 2-3300 ROSENBERG’S Since 1913 Outfitters to the Entire Family OVerlook 3-9871 409-11 King St. Alexandria, Virginia Phone 48 or 49 — Manassas, Virginia G. I. SURPLUS STORE 433 King Street Alexandria, Virginia OVerlook 3-5867 HYNSON ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. “ Hesco Gas Service Electrical Appliances — Gas Appliances Compliments of PIEDMONT FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION B. II. RUNYON Building Supplies — Dupont Paints BAILEY’S CROSS ROADS, VIRGINIA JE 4-3700 THE VIRGINIA PRESS Commercial Printing Fairfax, Virginia CRescent 3-1220 LEHMAN H. YOUNG WILSON FARMS MEAT MARKET Top Quality Meat at Reasonable Prices ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Compliments of R. E. KNIGHT SONS We Sell Something of Most Everything 621-25 King Street Tel ephones: KI 9-0041 and KI 9-4180 VIRGINIA ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORP. THE ELECTRIC STORE Sales — Television — Service Radios and Appliances 917 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia C. C. Brown, President KI 9-2075 and OV 3-3345 Real Estate Insurance Compliments of SPRINGFIELD REALTY CO. R. W. MULLEN, Broker King 9-5309 Springfield, Virginia SAM B I S H Plumbing and Heating 14 Hillcrest Drive Alexandria, Virginia King 8-6442 Garden Supplies JE 2-1194 Compliments of DARBY COMPANY ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA KI 8-1616 SNYDER COMPANY Hardware — Housewares Paint and Glass Lee Highway and Fairfax Drive Arlington 13, Virginia SPRINGFIELD BEAUTY SALON JEAN BARKER Specialists in hair shaping, styling and permanent waving SANITARY FOOD STORES U. S. Graded Choice Beef Lincolnia, Virginia THE STAR SUPPLY COMPANY For Sporting Goods ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA TAYLORS INSURANCE AGENCY P. 0. Box 302, Annandale, Virginia R. E. TAYLOR, Insurance Consultant Office JE 2-1699 Home JA 5-7399 Commercial Photography TURNER STUDIO LIFELIKE PORTRAITS 108 N. Washington, Alexandria Gerald R, Turner KI 9-3058 Road Service Brakes Relined WANNER’S AMOCO SERVICE AMERICAN GAS Ray Wanner, Proprietor Annandale, Virginia JE 2-9602 MYRT’S BEAUTY NOOK Complete Beauty Service Annandale Road JE 2-7268 ELLIS SHOE STORE, INC. Shoes all sizes and widths for the hard to fit Specializes in perfect fits for children ONE STOP FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Hosiery — Rainwear ■ — Handbags IN THE HEART OF ALEXANDRIA 605 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-4870 Compliments of SPRINGFIELD PHARMACY SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA ANNANDALE FLORIST CORNER OF MAPLE ST. AND COLUMBIA PIKE Flowers For All Occasions Je 2-5666 Je 2-3924 Compliments of KEY MOTEL H A YM AN’ S AT YOUR SERVICE 530 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia Telephone — King 9-1881 WESTOVER SHOPPING CENTER ANNANDALE GAS AND APPLIANCE SERVICE Two Floors oj Nationally Famous Fashions For the Junior Miss and the Sophisticated Woman The Oldest Daily Newspaper in The United States The Alexandria Gazette ESTABLISHED 1764 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA C. C. Carlin, Jr. President THE LUNCH BOX 4634 Richmond Hi-Way Alexandria, Virginia Phone Edgewater 9-9668 “If You Can’t Stop Smile As You Go By” ANNANDALE SHOE REPAIR Cook the Modern Way with Bottle Gas Je 4-2255 — Annandale, Virginia FROM VIRGINIA FARMS TO VIRGINIA HOMES ALEXANDRIA DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. KI 9-2525 RUSSELL DAVIS SPORTINO PHONE KINO 9-7369 FULL LINE HUNTING A FISHING EQUIPMENT Custom Gunsmithino, Tacklc. Guns, Ammunition 1201 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA. VA. Spmiiruj Qaatbs (Eamjuuuj Office and Plant Telegraph Road Phone King 9-7080 NORTHERN VIRGINIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Inc. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA SAND— GRAVEL Compliments of Manhattan Shirts Botany Suits BERGEN’S MEN’S SHOP CONKLYN’S FLORIST Nationally Advertised Brands McGregor Sports Wear JE. 4-4760 Compliments of ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA ROADSIDE MARKET ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Compliments of ARENA SPORTS SHOP Margo- Joseph, Hairdressers 21 24 — 14th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. HUdson 3-7224 Sporting Goods In All Its Phases Ellis Goodman, George Freilicher Lee Barbash For Quality and Low Cost Insurance Auto — Buyer — Life and Other Forms CALL BERNARD A. GOODKIND ANNANDALE— Je 2-4186 Compliments Rawlings and Spaulding Dealers of Dodge and Noble Trophies A FRIEND NAY’S GARAGE (Formerly Wills Inc.) FRONT END ALIGNMENT — WHEEL BALANCING MOTOR TUNE-UP — BRAKES RELINED GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Annandale, Va. Jefferson 2-2768 ROBERT’S Est. 1849 INC. Washing — Greasing )t OTfjeatlep Jfuneral Norite Accessories Tires — Batteries J. S. Everly, Owner Road Service 7 DAYS A WEEK Phone King 9-0038 JE 3-3080 809 King Street Annandale, Va. Alexandria, Va. Opening Day Victory over St. Stephen’s Our J. V. battles Fairfax J. V. Our girls had a team, too MARK INCORPORATED Manassas Lumber Corp. Builders — Developers Realtors — Insurers Lumber — Millwork Builders Supplies Hardware — Paints Annandale, Va. Manassas, Va. JE 2-7811 JE 4-4663 Phones : Manassas 340 341 WEAM Annandale’s Meeting ‘ THE DEPENDABLE Place INDEPENDENT” Open on Sunday 5000 Watts - 1390 Kc. Phone Jefferson 2-9223 The Washington Area’s Most Powerful Independent Soon we will have a football field Finishing touches The gymnasium nears completion SELLING? BUYING? RENTING? for any service in Real Estate See Us Realtors Ed Lynch, Managei Office on Shirley Hwv. Chas Lynch, Sales at Springfield, Va. Ray Lynch. Engineer Phone KI 9-5758 Best Wishes DAVIS From The PACKING CO. Annandale Animal Hospital 452 11th Street S.W. Dr. Edwin F. Russo Washington, Annandale, Virginia D. C.

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