Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL)

 - Class of 1955

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Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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W9 M wma . 1 , .fi T! Wylww I MW. MK! IV M1 A Qjvwfb ips W ,-fa, -ya Q, -we gwee alfa calefgazelatcaa sm! 146 mes 74,94 Sedan! 14 Vllmaw of Wal. XVI mm- . C Anna-llnnwhnrn Qlnmmuuitg High Srhnnl PAUL I. HOUGHTON, Principal ANNA, 1LL1Nos 'yyw-...Jr l9.5'5' 0L,,,07j,,,,,,fQ,j'JL:lw:bLbJiJMJW'fd'jL WW .,..f-ff-J-ffvfvg-4' HYFIML MQHJMJ W ,,,.WjJMMF2f,,"d5jf,h'49Jf,UW1 M-,1,,s,W PM JlJn IWJOLZ VJ 7lJ""" 7fQZ'fiW-JLg"'V" Vgpfi jf FLMMW WNW lj HAM -Xu-'VJ , J i 1 1 'V J . ' - , t Anya- ' I gay, A nw , 1 M . J , f. ' MW Ov 1 , f J .uv - - ' - i 1 r W ' 1 V -,Ou A 1 ,, 1 ' id 4 . . g - f W1 . . up . . 'V f Jilbf LLMJLJ5 Q,QfcN,a.fe-J-14-J CMMWJWMJ wtldgf-1'-U QLJAAJMNVH 54,Mz,f,NqMf QWY, '32, J-4.1 Q FAM! Y . - ' 5' ll A3pfx,.L,.Jh, I7 ' ' +1 . 5? C 7 ,uw ,'MN4J'f'5'f" .2" " E" j,.,g.,.,,,wQ4.fJa- X 'M ,, cfm 0jQM,,,,.,VML In GA QM . YJ X..-JJ "'fQ?f1w-J WM' TW! M 'I no 2f ' if F 4' AEA W I Y 4 ' br-1 'IJAV QL' ' ' " "f AJJKJFJJ 1 A4249 J ln., S h . I I fdf-.-1, ' J wr 'fu lyafgmg EAI' A f xfv"""""fkJl ' , 1 .r-' . ' ,, mf' E Q ' PJ 4 5 f'l'A,""h""',-V, ! .fr'Y'x, - .T , ' I K -X r' , L ' - -w-L,,.,'- - X h . I' .Q k Present1ng your faculty Mr Houghton pres1des at thelr regular monthly rneehng 5 Ever mmdful of the welfare and progress of the students 1n the commumty the Anna Jones boro Board of Educatlon IS always attemptlng to prov1de the best educat1onal opportumt1es and a well balanced extra curr1cular program for them Also the Board, w1th an eye to the future, plans to obtaln the necessary fac1l1t1es for cont1nual urn: expans1on Paul J Houghton Prmclpal 'Q' MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT Carl Cunnmgham John Raybum B111 Mallams Paul Houghton HIHCIPBI Joe Brown Secretary Claude Boyd Pres1dent Ruel Hmdman Delhs Buzbee 6 X Y W ,Y Xa .,f is x A Nj WILLIAM ABERNATHY B. S, in Ed. , S.E.M,S.C Head Football Coach, Boys' P. E. . Baseball Coach Athletic Director. GEORGE E. CASPER B. S. in Ed. . S. LU. . M, M. , U. of Michigang Band, Chorus. F N I 5 . :fl MIKE AICORN B. S. in Ed. , S. E, M, S. C.: Ass't Football Coach, World History, Safety, Drivers' Education. A -Www? l "N Qi' 5 'qs-Q CARL BLOO B.S. in S I G nera n W X 9. JEWEL Cl-IOATE B.S. in Ed.. S.I.U.: Home Economics 01, A MARTHA CRAWFORD B.S. in Ed. , S.I.U., M.A., George Peabody, Girls' P. E., Dean of Girls. EMMA BRICKEY B.S. in Ed. . S.I.U.. M.A., U. of Ill.: Social Science. fi.- rw I DIANA DODD B, S. in Ed. , S.I.U. , M,A., S.I.U.: English, Annual Adviser, Head of English Dept. Q5 WILLIAM HALTER RUTH ESTHER HILL LUCILLE HOWELL B. S. in Ed. , S.E. M,S. C.. B,S, in Ed. , Kansas Ph. B. , U. of Chicago, Indusuial Arts, Assistant State Teachers' College. M. S. in Ed. , S. I. U.: Football and Basketball B. L.S. , U. of Chicagog English, Dramatics, Speech. Coach. Librarian. ' if ' M of '-Il' IRA LARGE KATHRYN LIGHTNER B, S, in Ed. , M. S. in Ed. , B, S, in Ed. , S.E.M.S.C. . U. of Illinoisg Girls' P. E. Mathematics, Assistant Baseball Coach. 1 M, rx W ROBERT LEWIS O. K. LOOMIS ROBERT MERIWETHER B. S. in Ed. , Northeast Mo. B. S. in Ed. . M.S. in Ed., B.A.g Hendrix College, State Teachers'g U. of Ill. : M.A. . Vanderbilt Univ.: Boys' P. E., Algebra, Agriculture. Government, Senior Head Basketball Coach. Problems. ESTHER IDGAN B. S. in Ed. . U. Illinoisg Mathematics. "5-.-.""f iii- RICHARD MCCLAIN GEORGE MCKENZIE OHMART B. S. in Ed. , Murray B. S. in Ed. , M. S. in Ed., B. S. in Ed. . S.E.M.S.C. State Collegeg S. l.U. 5 Biology, Geography, Commerce. Guidance, Vocations, G. H. S. T. v Vi-1, G.H. S.T. ,Ll SL 1 Y' V ARSICEL REESE ELLA JANE PICKLES FRANCES H. SITTER B. S. in Ed. , S.I.U.s SANDERS A.B., St. Mary -of-the- Commerce, Head of B. S. in Ed. . S. I. U.: X Woodsg M.A. , U. ofI11.: Commercial Dept. English. English, Chemistry. if .V A MARY E. SIVIA HELEN W.. TAYIDR INEZ WAECHTER B. S. in Ed. . S. I. U. 3 B. S. in Ed. , S. I. U. . B.S. in Ed. , North Dakota M.A, , U. of Wisconsin. M.A., U. of Ill. State College: French. Latin. Commerce. Home Economics, Family Living. ifvefh 17' MARIE BELCHER DOROTHY HILEMAN MAXINE KING School Nurseg Anna State Training Secretary. Secretary. Schoolg St. Elizabeth Hospital, Chicago. CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT: Iva Pearceg Beulah Earnhartg Lucille Womick, Cashier: Frankie Womick, Manager. 1 BENTON HALL CUSTODIAN Guy Elkins fabovej. BAR-SAN HALL CUSTODIANS Lester Zimmerman Fred Smick Cbelowj. 10 + UNION HALL CUSTODIANS Sam Weiss Lester Kaufman Qabovej. ,40mcaS ' S tldfe MATH CLASS New teacher, new students, old subject. AMERICAN HISTORY Juniors and seniors discover American History. LIBRARY Time for study ? SHOP Watch out for those tools! SPEECH CLASS "To be, or not to be" BIOLOGY CLASS F. ll The Buggy" Class HS FETERIA DRIVER EDUCATION Yep! There's a motor! Oupls H Qfx 'N---....-...i BUY!! EHIUHII Y-n1 i FRESHMAN ENGLISH Tune in to E. J. P. S. LOWER HALL "Stag une. " I-"'J GIRLS' P. E. Girls at play AMERICAN LIT Juniors dig for semester exams OFFICE PRACTICE Future secretaries f C- Q '? HOMEL13 Cpokan Q Uwha' Q" Lf Q' BOYS' P. E, The line up. 1, ,lg 1 i 1 Qs 7 ' 3 , XA WW jg! wafeY our ?ig AG- on 11H0 W5 doing? r? '? and Co CHEMISTRY Benton Hall is ready to blow! !! ii, ALGEBRA Oh those "x's" and "y's. " THE LUNCH LINE The lunch line grows, longer and longer with each passing second. 15 'x , , ADVANCED TYPING 60 words per minute!! FRENCH Conjugations and conversations . wuuq 14. L4 7,- u f GIRLS' P. E. "Wow! Look at that pose. " if 5 Co Where and do t PIN credits Zi gebltg K' MATH CLASS Those percentages are trouble some ENGLISH LIT The poor care worn over worked sen1ors' mvwhfdwfwwdwwk 7:1 tie well-www atadcf dull. had HARLAN COFFMAN JIM LINSON Secretary Treasurer Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Safety Letter 2, 3, 4, Baseball Club 2, 3. 4, Senior I, 2, 3, 4, Letter I, 2, Class Play. 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, N.A. S. S. 2. 3. 4- mgfldlhdld ' JANE ALDRIDGE F. H, A, I. 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4. DENNIS BASLER F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Safety Club 4, Industrial Arts 2, 3, 4, Library 4. GERALD BAUER F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4, Officer 4. ETHEL BELTZ French Club 2, 3, 4, Teds and Tessies 4, Foreign Relations 4, Senior Play. DONNA BIGGS Teds and Tessies 4, Business Club 3, 4, Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, National Thespians 3. 4. DONALD BITTLE Football 1, 2, 4, Letter 4, Basketball 1. 2, 3 4 Letter 2, 3, 4, "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4. KS--6-milf? DORIS BLANEY Student Council I, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, French Club 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 4. ALICE BOONE French Club 2, 3, 4, Teds and Tessies 4, Foreign Relations 4, Business Club 4. JACK BOOTH F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Safety Club 4, Library 4, Homeroom Officer 2. BILL BOYD Football I, 2, 3, 4, Letter 4, Boys' State 3, Treasurer, Student Council 2. 3. 4, President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Office PHILIP BOYD F.F.A. I. 2, 3. 4, Officer 2, 3, 4, Safety Club 3, 4, National Thespians 3. KEN BOYER "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Operators' Club 2, 3, Hi-Y I. PEGGY BRIMM Business Club 3, Teds and Tessies 4, Homeroom Officer 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. DON BROOKS F.F.A. x. 2. 3. 4. JO BROWN Homeroom Officer 4. BILL BUSTER Industrial Arts 1, 2, 3. KEN BUZBEE Latin Club I, 2. 3, 4, Officer 4, National Thespians 3, 4, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter 4, Boys' State 3. .fi -st 'vu ad' 19 as 4 4, Q 'rs sr ,R Tar' V b . , . t V ,List s x if " 1. f 9 35 Q Q Wall X- K, LYNN CASPER F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y I, Chemistry Club 4, National Thespians 3' 4- DONALD CERNEY F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. 4. BURMADENE CLARDY Band I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A, Ig Business Club 3, Teds and Tessies 4. CARROLL COLEMAN KAY COOLEY Transferred 4, Senior Play. CARMEN CROSS French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors 4, Business Club I, 2, Library Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. CAROLYN DAVIS F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 43T1'i-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4. VELMA DAVIS JOAN DEWITT F.T. A, 4, Teds and Tessies 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, F.l-I. A. 2, 3. ALMA DILLOW Teds and Tessies 4. LARRY DILLOW Home Room Secretary I. 20 no LULA BELLE DILLOW F.H.A. 2, Business Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Foreign Relations 3. NOEL DOUGHERTY Science Club 2, 3, Vice-President 2, 3, Football I, 2, 4, Safety Club 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3. CLOVER DUNKIN Foreign Relations 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, Business Club 3, 4, Tri-H1-Y 3. EDWIN EDDLEMAN F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Reporter 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Local Honor Society 2, Business Club 3. 4. DONALD EGELSTON Band 1, 2, 3, 4, National Thespians 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Jr. Academy of Science District Meeting 3, Science Club Trip 3. DONNA FERGUSON Science Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club Trip 2, 3, Jr. Academy of Science Meeting 2, 3, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Leaders' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Band r, 2, 3, 4. SUE FERRILL Latin Club I, 3, Pep Club I, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 1, 4. SIDNEY FOREMAN Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I. 2, 3, Business Club 3, Library 2, 3. SHARON FOWLER Band I, 2, 3, 4, Twirler I, 2, Drum Majorette 3, 4, F.T,A, I, 2, 3, 4, State Treasurer 4, Girls' State 3, Local Honor Society I, 2, 3, . -- V 4 if IW .. of ,- 44 fy-lr 'N 9' ' Y I rr- ,s,. , 'sw ips- :QL FP' ss L. , x , wg, J L.....-. 4' va 34,54 T ,E X, , . . Q' I 4 Q, st, - . ss, s an A Rf- S if H ' Qy.T.., 5, 4. Secretary 4. 4 'F'- SHIRLEY FOWLER 5 Latin Club I, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 1, 4. I K' DOROTHY GARDNER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, National Thespians 3, 4, Business ' Club 3, Tn-H1-Y 3, 4. - ws, . , ,jf f J 'Q 4 . 3 A., ' wh 3 VT . K "fb . 'i . I V S , is ' . ' 1 ... ,T 'rs . ff 3 . A. vs. fwfr, f ' - M, . 3 V F 4,5 . ' as 1: Q.. 3172: fe,-fail . V ir, wr .f Y-D' 23. I . W Zi I 79 1 is 4 . 'Q as' , af., ,gp ' fl 621' '-ta 'gr 'Q xr' I "' 1 X I f i ,qs fc- A- ", -Q57 K l .,-5 is -"lKD '75 1--SL ' 3 . xx g ' x W- F Qs Ni ' X va 49 40,0 iff? 9 A g12,g.,g, lr' . flfiszgxf my A., 5 9 Tiki lx. 'ff' wg' 3, , fin N5 , 1 YL.L w--A-V'-1 F fi' - -. A 1 ,V A ,?.,A'A qw... A I 16, il, 5 s, ' .55 55? 15 , Q "ii "' -3' if sn , 'eg .33 K, - l '55 .. 4. X r 'G ' fn"- -af" X , 'Nqr X s xl 5' , A '12 fs ..,.... -f? ' 4 L' Y 'A' A--S 1-s ig file- lV'I.. " X x. DONALD GIRTMAN Industrial Arts I, 2, 3, Pep Club I, 2, Gun Club I, 2. JAMES W. GORE Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, Local Honor Society I, 2. JIMMIE GREENLEY Football I. 2. 3. 4, Letter 3, 4, "C" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4. TOM GREENWOOD Football I, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, "C" Club 4, National Thespians 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 3. CHARLES HAIRE Football r, 2, 3, 4. Letter 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 4, "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2. SHIRUEY HARTMAN F.H,A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Officer 4, Library Club 4, Officer 4, I-lomeroom Officer I, 2, 3. BARBARA HAYS F.T.A. 2, 3. 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Teds and Tessies 4, Foreign Relations 4, Officer. JOE HENDERSON Sports' Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, "C" Club I, 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, Student Council 4. ANITA HILEMAN Leaders' Club 3. BILLY C. HILEMAN F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BILL HILEMAN Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess and Checkers 2. 2.2 RONALD HILEMAN Industrial Arts I, 2. 3. SHIRLEY HILEMAN French Club I, 2, 3, Teds and Tessies 4, Business Club 3, 4, Foreign Relations 3, 4, Officer 3, 4. PEGGY HINES Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen Attendant 4, Local Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4. NORMA l-IINKLE F. H.A. 2, 3. PHIL HINKLE Football 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, "C" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Gun Club 2. 3, Senior Play. ' DONNA HUNTER F. H.A. 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Leaders' Club 3, Business Club 3, Teds and Tessies, Officer 4. BILL JACKSON F.F.A. 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Senior Play. PATTY JEAN Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, Officer 2, Board of Directors 2, Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor 4. KENNETH IOBE Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Letter I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, Football t, 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Officer 4. JOANN JOPLIN F.H.A. I, 2, 3. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4 Teds and Tessies 4. CHARLES KARRAKER Science Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 3. V- , lg Z3 A M iw.-A f 4 rv, Q- U- 1 ,. 5- 5- 1" ,bf 4 5+ -...., af- Y'- e -V., A. 41 Ag.,-N. T, Wana... 'Qtr' if' 9'-N TQ Q?" ,,-fr 4, Y .442 40 fr gg- N. if-, E '- A Mk Tn x. L niitx ,I .F I pox 17" l' .'.x, Q---7 if wr LX 'Dx ,Q ! , s Xt- if f , X I PAT KELLER G.A,A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Camp Representative 2, Pep Club , 2, 3, 4, President 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Wau Wau Taug 3. MICKEY KELLEY Student Council 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Senior Play, Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice- President 4. KEN KREITNER French Club 3, 4, Junior Class Treasurer, "C" Club 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Letter 4. KAREN LAM Latin Club 2, 3, 4, F,T.A. 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Teds and Tessies 4, Local Honor 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. KENNETH LINGLE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY LINGLE F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3. JUDY LUTZ Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, F.T,A, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Officer 4, Teds and Tessies 4. IOHN MANNINGER Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3. KAY MILLER Local Honor 3, 4, Class Officer, Secretary 1, 3, French Club 2, 3, Teds and Tessies 4. Q SHARON MILLER Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4,F.H.A. 1. LEON O'DANIEL Industrial Arts 2, Hi-Y 4, Pep Club 4, Football 2. 24 BUD PEARCE PAUL PITTS Football 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, "C" Club 3, 4, Class Officer I, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, NORMA PLOTT Pep Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, Officer 3, Library 4. JIM PRIBBLE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, "C" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3' 4- SANDY RICH Student Council Homeroom Rep. 1, 2, French Club I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Cheerleader 2, 3. DORIS ROGERS F.I-l.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Library Club Treasurer 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4. PAT ROSSON French Club I, 2, 3, Tri-l-li-Y 3, 4, Business Club 2, 3. 4, Teds and Tessies 4. CARL SANDLIN Hi-Y I, 2, 4, Operators' Club 3, 4. DARRELL SAUERBRUNN Chemistry Club Officer 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. WANITA SITTER Library 4. JIM SIZEMORE Football 1, 2, 3. 4. Letter 3, 4, Club 3, 4, Senior Play. , r 'K' ,f r ,, 25 4 Uh. ""..,,., Q-'- Y-"A ... '-Q ft lx! L 'pgs -5 lix A.. QV' 1:3 7' 5 Q2 , J if !,,. 4r-1' it Q K 2 fi, ' :nr ie' 1, ff. A 5 f i ,QQ 1121, fs 7.-V Q- ,Dx r wsfw ss - .- T A- V .Jw- nv 'Nw- egg -F.-' U. .,. ,mg . r ,Ui X ,.,?,,.- , rig 'R as 5 gl A ,. , . . .f:::' 3 '-,jzfffjffil H' :- -,,. R' I JERRY SOUTH Safety Club 3, 4, Industrial Arts 2, 3, 4, Chess and Checkers 2, 3, Gun Club 3. RONALD SPENCER Gun Club 2, Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY STEPP French Club Ig Business Club 3. ROBERTA STEWART F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I. 3, 4, Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4, French Club I, 2, 3. RAYMOND SWEET ROBERTA THORNE F.H.A. 1. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2. 3. 4, Officer 2, Leaders' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club I, 2, 3. MARY IDU TOLER Latin Club -I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I, 4, Teds and Tessies 4, Business Club 2, 3. DON TRIPP Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Board of Directors 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 4, Boys' State 3. BILLY DEAN TUTT Camera Club 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Safety Club 3. JIM WHITING Student Council 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Football I, 2. SHELBY WHITNEL Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Local Honor Society 2, 3 4, Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4. 26 VIRGINIA WILEY Business Club 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Foreign Relations, Officer 4: Teds and Tessies 4. SANDRA WILKINS Chemistry Club, President 4, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain 4, Latin Club, Secretary 4g Senior Play. KATHALEEN WILLIAMS Local Honor Society 2g I-lomeroom President 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Teds and Tessies 4. RUTH WILLIAMS Business Club 3, 45 Foreign Relations 3. 4, Officer 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. LINDA WINN Business Club 3, Leaders' Club 35 Girls' Chorus I, 3. VIRGINIA WOODARD Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 3, 4, F.T,A. 2, 3, 4, Officer 4g Senior Play. JIM YOUNG Local Honor Society Ig Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Band I, 2. 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Junior Academy of Science, Science Club Trip 3. Z7 41 T' bs' x. '11 P ik 15 Boys State representatives, Buzbee, Tripp, Iobe, and Kelley, on one of their many stops to cool Buzbee's Ethel, Alice, and Virginia in a moment of relaxation from studies. car. - il. R .s,,e k l .,f 4 Dorothy must be starving! America entries. , qu 'gtgzg f if 1 , 1 Can you recognize the 'endow What gave Eggleston such a surprize? There's nothing like a few informal and candid shots to show that the seniors are not always posed and poised. fl! 1 A V- . Competition for the Miss Those lovely, glamorous bits of feminine pulchritude the senior girls! Senior noon hour loafing spot. present senior from this . snap of him taken about twelve years before? "Sleeping Beauty" Tripp. Obviously, Sandra wasn't around, n .1 A I yi.-Isl?-. 1: Not an Oriental Missee, Robert Thorne and 2 8 just Miss Rogers. equine friend. gs, Four eager for education. .-t , IN 'H 1:15 ,,' ... 1 'fy 1""vAl iv" ZH' l Gary Linda Sara Don Meyer McMi11ion Keller White President Vice- Secretary Treasurer President 'V 0 0 0 a 0 f ' ' , 766026074 Betty Baggott Jack Baker Kenny Baker Bill Batson Helen Bennett Maxine Bernhard Herman Blackward Raymond Boswell Emily Boyd Kenneth Brimm Dale Brooks Jackie Casper Lois Ann Carter Richard Chamness Robert Chamness Gene Clardy Dorothy Corzine Mike Corzine Ann Croft Harlene Cruse vi' ' I ,A 1 Q Hu l i A-W . C ' r J -1 .XV . 'L y " N ? it an 43 NH I , Q-1 xt .",- f' 5 V41 tid Very, 5 if al' S Y V , ,x - 'U Y' it Q39 'Ji-fi I .Clk ii ff '!'r"f i 1 fo 'X x .. r x fi' QS Q w-f-fr N A' -4. r . v'q!,.2 if f'.TP 3-4 'fm ff . Q, M: , - "H wr X P si T Q I .' ,QP 1-f'. N si. " all v- v Y' FE l H fb i A A , . IO' lsr xv--' X v - ,YA if 3 I X J Bobby Joe Dale Bob Davis Constance Davis Janice Day Bobby Dennis Martha Dillow Shirley Dillow Vicki Dillow Barbara Dirden Carolyn Early Robert Eaves Ronald Ellis Marjorie Eudy Joan Fear Bob Filter Gerald Fink Gary Fowler Sarah Fox Bruce Fulenwider Don Fuller Benny Garwood Barbara Glasford Jimmy Goddard Sandra Graves Paula Groner Wayne Hankla Dale Harvel Larry Hays Mary Healy June Henderson Jerry High Frank Hileman Shirley Hill Betty Housman Nancy Housman Wanda Jackson Darnaris Jean Bonnie Jones Jack Jones Nadine Kelley Virginia Kerr Shirley Kesler Linda Knight Della Koch Karl K. Kohler Judy Lamer Judy Lasley Loretta Lemaster Jack Lewis Jacquelyn Lewis Leslie Lingle Mike Locasso Richard McCain Sandra Meisenheimer Bob Menees Pat Millis Dewayne Moreland Carroll Mowery Bob Mueller Carolyn Neibauer Patty Nicholas Betty Nimmo Pearl Nix Bruce Poole Nancy Ray Paz Rendleman Donald Rogers Phyllis Rothschild Sue Rushing Alice Russell ID -ov uf' X Nr' ?" 7, f E gr ,xi ff 1 ,Q '-1 QW, 5 iii 'wr' Q... .V Q.. Q K F -,-. Y Q ' .9 'bag M, N, 1 .A 6 J wff',i L i Y' 1" L -sa vi Ja' V' Q 4 I xvf, pf- ,fun if M as Sf' s- yd v 1 1 a. I yg ::.. A ,. ,"' I p M on A. 3 1 Y 'C' . I ,V i - lf, - , 4 f""' R L I r A Sf 1? inf' 7'T7 'Xt-I 5'- sv- t" Q6 xf FQ! "'- 1- H Ll' f""X Peggy Sams Jane Moore Pat Schell Joyce Shelton Ronnle Shepard Donme S1efert Velda Slone Ann Sm1ddy Golda Smlddy Imogene Smlth 'Rf u N .-X P' fc: 8 A A no Y '. 0- K ' x ' 'LJ .' , A X59 4 1 JF .f J - .,,, ,f , 5, 7 .41 . - 'A 1' 0 S v' fo fin "Il 'U' ' . 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' bf e"f ' 1 Richard Boone J , , i , ' LB- Q fi V I i'- . 4 Alice Boyd ' Kenneth Boyd K 5 Nancy Boyd , Janet Brewer 1 ' 'Rf' X Dennis Bridgeman Q 'A Donald Brimm 33 19 'W' .L X , '- Marilyn Brimm B' 1.4 Q ,V4 :fl Nelson Brimm lk 'x ja! Y . 1 X-Bai A K I! o Y 5 e ' 'Q ,, F 1' K A Y N M as 2 R... .11 sf' i 3 wi' D 1i' g" f, . ' 3 Af'- 9' 5.42 Ns. 6 o 222 we , Mig, 5 ,- gx., at 5 Everett Brock Gerald Brown James D. Brown James A. Brown Marianna Brown Sue Brown Glenda Burris Raymond Butler Richard Butler Charles Carhart Gordon Carnell Paul Carnell Nancy Jo Carrington Suzanne Carter Charmayne Casey Karen Casper Peggy Casper Robert Cates Mike Chase Vurtis Clayton Anita Conyer Bob Coryell Charles Craig Lucille Crissip Melvin Crowell Rudy Crowell Donald Dale Robert Davie Larry Joe Davis Suzanne Davis Viola Davis Wanda Davis I y ,x Robert Dillow , 4. 1 . " y ' Jean Dunkin 355 Junior Dunkin ' Barbara Earnhart M . ' 'W' , Joyce Ann Eaves Billy Ecker , 1 , John Paul Elam ' yy , Har ry Erwin V r W, . v' X , W Frances Farrar W y X A Billy Frey 1 fs i s 5 'Q al C if Fern Frick Marilyn Frick Wallace Frick Gary Fuller Eddie Gaddis Sherry Garrard Rodger Gossett Jimmy Graves Carlene Gregory Dave Grobe DeAnn Hankla Louise Heisner David I-Iileman Winstead Hill Juanita Hoskins Arthur Houseman Judy Hunsaker Barbara Inman Marilyn Jay Sue Ann Jobe David Johnson Nancy Keller Lenora Kelley Marsha King James Knowles Alan Koehn Marilyn Land Peggy Lewis Sammy Lewis Billy Linson Jon Lutz Elaine Lyerla John McCarver Sonny Mainer Marvin Mathis Joyce Meisenheimer Bernetta Miller Eleanor Miller Marvin Miller Joyce Mowery Charlene Newman Ruth Newman Martha Nicholason Philip Otrich Susan Penninger Karen Penrod James Pitts Nancy Ramsey Charles Ray Nancy Rendleman Jim Rich Richard Robinson Pat Rolando Sue Rosenthal bf' 'xNf Kenny Rosson Sh1r1ey Russell Arthur Sanders Troy Sand11n Lou Ann Sheppard X-5 Emma Slmmerman wr' nz 543 if if' v-f fb fin. sv Qtr ?' t-v Ronald Smmmerrnan Jolene Slms Lora Skelton Jud1th Smlddy Bob Smlth vi, V1v1an Smlth Katherlne Sm1they Donald Sneddon Raymond Spradllng 4' 4' Ted Spurlock V John Stepp Floy Stokes DeAnn Stout Helen Sullwan Sharon Syd enstrlcker Jerry Thorne Jeanette Tr1pp Joyce Trlpp Kathy Turley Leon Turner Mamlyn Turner Peggy Turner Emlly Tutt Vw? Jan1ce Tweedy ca! Tommy Tweedy Carolyn Wall Carmella Watklns Irma Wenger Jenn1fer West ls' Gene W1ggS Bob W1l11ams Ronald W1111arns Dor1s Wlllyerd Norma Lee W11son C7 Davld Wlnn R1ta Woe sthaus Mt Judy Wom1ck Carl Woods Ronald Wyatt 1 40 if R1chard Yates Karen Young JA ff ' 4 V ' , P' :Q In hx Q 4- K, ,v 1 . ' 'Q' ' - - xv:-ow 57' ' : sw- K Rl' tt w' 1 K - X A ,I ,,,, jing' 1 N fi' A " 3 .. l fu ' x as L Q Q Q ' ' Y I ' 1 ' - -vv 5 V w-' 1.sf.. i K, lb, -f T ' ' ' JY , u ' ' f ' Q' XY ,- E , :Q 5 X i - A nf.. - " W 3 . as 5 I ,,. - IF, A sg ' Yzfvi Q-1 l 'l . ' . X - ,' i ' f -v ,rx :Q ' "' Ti 'u Q 5 . V . x' lv , K Y J s k v--r r X K1 ' , ' hir 'S I, X J ' ',--1 J tfryff I J J! v is 1 , -. , f .-X f--- N is U n A "' I -air -ur I f , , ,Ix .-X In a 1 Nr x""' ' X W fy ' 'it , Q .4 ' av Z' 'L X ' T 'T ' ft, M . . . - 1 ' . , as - T. 4-' . Q I l 4.-1 . . A x , I X ' n . ' l A -1 .4 - ' 5 'fu It ' . of as S Q 13 Q I V if 1 4 - . 'v' MRL K 'J' Q A "'2'.." ' ' I . A 1 .. T I -k , Q' Q, -.1 'ff' - -vs-137. Q .- IJ?" 9 ':.'.I' '. , i QSQAXXXX K w ,, flax 'gxhg Johnny Vicki Carolyn Bill Eaves Dillow Cruse Lewis President Vice Secretary Treasurer President H' fl I J 1 l fi? Sue Absher ,L ' - :A , Basil Adams V Judy Aldridge A rf Xty '. Emilia Angell 'Y iq ' 4 E 1 sszf L Af Xgx -N 1 Donald Bain Sherman Baine James Barringer Mary Barringer , ! . Q A r x,,.,. X . ,ff ' 3' I . ' LE QF I ik Druzella Bess , nt .Q Evelyn Bloodworth 5 if ' y Barbara Boomer N y N Q Connie Brock ' ' l pb, "Ns" Q Jerri Brown h 5 . W' , K h k, Weldon Brown - f M J I ' Marie Burnley r -5' J 'E 4 Maudie Burnley ,,, X I, . ,V I Q 'Q n , n '5 .. rl' Y V ' 0 . . Q Richard Buster Q J 1 ' 15 . . Tommy Campbell , -. ' '- Billie Casey . l Darrell Cates V .lf i' ' HQ as 4 B- Bill Childers nv- I Q .gf ,- James Clardy 37 1 i C f " ' ' " Marilyn Corzine 'E' 611- I' .,,, -a up LJ .1 E1 : f yr- Gary Cruse Sherry Dallis Larry Davidson Delorse Davis Gary Lynn Davis Bobby Dunkin Paul Dunkin Mike Early Ronald Early 9 fv Mike Ellis Terry Endean we . V Nancy Erwin Stanley Eudy Carl Ferguson Dickie Filter Lorene Gibbs Betty Gillespie Ramona Sue Gillespie Donald Goddard Gladwyn Hall Donald Hammond Wilma Harvel Bobby Henderson Ronald Henley Betty Hileman Donald Hileman Joe Hileman Joyce Hileman Stanley Hileman Jackie I-Ioughlan Ronald Houseman JoAnn Howell Ladrue Hudgens Jerry Hunter Judy Inman Kenneth Jenkins Sandra Jobe John Johnson Mike Johnson Donna Jones Emma Jones Norma Jones Larry Keller Linda King Charles Knupp Donna. Kreitner Rueban Land Linda Lauderdale Martha Jean Ligon Betty Lingle Clairus Lirely Georgianna Lutz Julian Lutz Janet MacIntosh David McClure Doris Jean McCommons Audery Jean Marks Shari Marvin Beverly Joan Mays Sherman Mays Billy Miller Malinda Miller Edward Lee Modglin Janet Mowery Jean Mowery Travis Muller Geraldine Nash Mary Nickels George Noble Jack Norvell Charles Parcell Bill Pitts Imogene Powles Sue Reynolds Alma Rice Charles Robertson Kenneth Rosenthal Lena Rogers Shirley Rosenthal David Rothschild Paula Russell Marilyn Sadler Victor Sandre Charlotte Shaffer George Sharp John Sheeley Sue Shelton Alice Shipley Clarice Simpson Carolyn Sitton Ronald Shelton Donald Smoot Orna Smoot Michal Spurlock Linda Spencer Anita Spurlock is 1 -I 5--v e-I S . -, so x .SA-2 ni 3 XE? 95' Qi ml 44 Patricia Spurlock Peggy Spurlock John Stroehlein Frances Suits Logan Taylor John Thomas Shirley Tibbs Mary Ann Toler Martha Sue Treece Peggy Treece Betty Tripp James Tripp Glenn Turner Dick Tweedy Trilby Tweedy Richard Vicenzi Arlou Voss Sandra Walker John W. West Carl White Jimmy Whltlow Sammy Whitlow June Whitnel James Wiggs Bobby Williams Mary Woesthaus Phyllis Womack Kenneth Wood Ward Woodard Donald Woods Charlotte Wright Mary Youn Sefdaudndaaameednqaldaweaawagdtcy ,bwlleonaoancaondazqtiedzapadagdzdp I l.EFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Imogene Smith, Carolyn Early, Ann Croft, Don Tripp, Harlan Coffman, Ken Buz bee, Bill Boyd. SECOND ROW: Sue Gillespie, Norma Wilson, Joyce Meisenheimer, Karen Casper, Sharon Syden- stricker, Barbara Inman. THIRD ROW: Miss Ruth Esther Hill, Sponsor: Vicki Dillow, Emily Boyd, Nancy House- man, Judy Lamer, Sue Rushing. FOURTH ROW: Joe Henderson, Don White, Clarice Lirely, Carmen Cross, Mari- lyn Corzine, Donna Kreitner. FIFTH ROW: Richard Vicenzi, Robert Davis, Charles Ray, Victor Sandre, Tom Greenwood. STANDING: Mr. Houghton, Principal. SIXTH ROW: Richard Bittle, Mickey Kelley, Ron Bittle, Jim Whiting. The purpose of the Student Council is to promote and encourage student participation in school government. One member is elected by popular vote from each homeroom yearly. The following are the activities sponsored by the Council for l954-1955: Homecoming Parade, Campus clean-up, delegates and sponsors to State Convention, coke machine regulations, charity fund drives, Freshmen Orientation, S. H. supervision, check room at basketball games, members appeared on District and State Programs and Committees. Jeanne Smith. Miss Ruth Esther Hill and Mr. Paul J. Houthton, Sponsors. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: President: Bill Boyd, Vice-Presl dent, Ken Buzbee, Secretary: Harlan Coffman, Treasurer Don Tripp. Members-at-Large: Carolyn Early, Ann Croft WNW! Membershrp 1n the Nat1onal Honor Socrety 15 one of the lughest 1'-ag honors that a student can TSCCIVC Frve per cent of the Junror Class and ten per cent of the Senlor Class The remarnmg Semor members for th1S year are LEFT TO RIGHT Ken can be Selected near the end of the Jobe B111 Boyd Mr Merrwether Sponsor V1rg1n1a Woodard Year on the basls of Scholarship character leadershlp and servrce lam! Wmaz Saocetq The purpose of the Local Honor Soc1ety IS to create an enthusrasm for scholarshrp to st1mulate good c1t1zensh1p, and to promote part1c1pat1on rn extra currrcular act1v1t1es Mr Mer1wether 1S the sponsor The off1cers are Presrdent, Peggy I-Imes V1ce Pres1 dent Karen Lam Secretary Sharon Fowler, Treasurer B111 Boyd MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT Peggy 1-11nes Shelby Wh1tne1 Carolyn Davrs B111 Boyd Sharon Fowler Karen Lam Carmen Cross Harlan Coffman Ken Jobe SECOND ROW Lrnda MCM1lllOD Damarrs Jean Sara Keller Jackre Casper Judy Lamer Emrly Boyd Pat Nrcholas Sh1r1ey Lrngle VICRI Drllow Carolyn Early Donna Treece THIRD ROW George Weaver Gary Meyer Kay M1ller Peggy Turner R1ta Ann Woesthaus Judy Smlddy V1v1an Sm1th Sh1r1ey D111ow FOURTH ROW Ken Buzbee Kay Sm1th Bonnre Jones Jackre LEWIS Judy Hunsaker Charmayne Casey Marranna Brown Mar1lyn Jay Nancy Boyd Norma Lee W11son 'Y y , . . - 1 - M x Y . ., l M. . H , 1 5 , 1 1 1 1 I 0 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . :win ,ef TJWI I l 74, , Lx! Roman I Q Banquet FOUR YEAR MEMBERS: Peggy Hines, Patty Jean, Pat Keller, Karen Lam, Sharon Fowler, Judy Lutz, Shelby Whitnel, Carolyn Davis, Kenneth Jobe, Ken Buzbee. Anyone in school who has studied Latin is eligible to belong to the Latin Club. Its most remembered and tra- ditional activities include: the pot luck supper initia- tion party for new members, the Homecoming Float preparations, the Christmas carroling with the French Club, and the Roman Banquet in the spring. nr I if, MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Keller. STANDING, FIRST ROW: Patty Jean, Karen Lam, Judy Lutz, Peggy Hines, Sharon Fowler, Kenneth Jobe, Sandra Wilkins, Paz Rendleman, Nancy Ray, Jackie Casper, Ann Croft, Golda Smiddy, Da- maris Jean, Patty Nicholas, Peggy Sams, Della Koch, Martha Dillow, Judy Lamer, Imogene Smith, Joyce Shelton. THIRD ROW: Donna Treece, Kathy Turley, Pat Schell, Shelby Whitnel, Carolyn Davis, Vivian Smith, Judy Smiddy, Peggy Turner, Rita Woesthaus. Judy Womick, Nancy Boyd, Janice Day, Janet Mclntosh. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Houseman, Beverly Beisswengert, Linda Lauderdale, Martha Nicholson, Charmayne Casey, DeAnna Hankls, Judy Hunsaker, Mari anna Brown, Nancy Jo Carrington, Cecilia Norris, Marilyn Jay, Jean Marks, Alma Ruth Rice, Jane Tripp. FIFTH ROW: Emily Boyd, Pat Rolando, Sandra Jobe, Mary Woesthaus, Shari Marvin, Beverly Mays Betty Hileman, Marilyn Corzine, Donna Kreitner, Vicki Dillow, Lenora Kelley, Nancy Rendleman, Jean Ligon, Georgiana Lutz, Linda Miller. SIXTH ROW: Ken Buzbee, Billy Miller, Bill Lewis, Victor Sandre, Charles Carhart, Harlan Coffman, Jack Lewis, Charles Ray, Stanley Eudy, John Chamness, Dick Bigler, Mike Chase, Donald Sned- don, Gene Andres. SEVENTH ROW: Mrs. Sivia, Sponsor: Tom Campbell, Terry Endean, Ken neth Rosenthal, Larry Bittle, Billy-Ecker, David Grobe, Alan Koehn, Gary Cruse, Carlene Gregory, Sue Brown, Carolyn Neibauer, Bonita Spurlock. mv-"di K OFFICERS , . . . , Pat Keller Consul Secundus . Consul Primus . Ken Buzbee Praetor . . . . . Jack Lewis Quaestor. . . Sandra Wilkins Sponsor ....... . .Mrs. Sivia 2:6000 JN ,aah A- - Mary Lou Toler, Norma Plott, Shirley Lingle, Donna Ferguson. SECOND ROW: le iftgflllz LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Carmen Cross, Carolyn Early, Emily Boyd, Betty Nimmo. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Sivia, Carolyn Davis, Shelby Whitnel, Nancy Ray, Della Koch, Damaris Jean, Donna Treece, Paula Groner, Vicki Dillow, Phyllis Womack, Judy Inman. THIRD ROW: Ethel Beltz, Helen Bennett, Alice Boone, Clover Dunkin, Doris Willyerd, Anita Conyer, Jean Dunkin, Barbara Earnhart, Alice Boyd, Phyllis Rothschild, Nancy Stoner. FOURTH Peggy Treece, Nancy Keller, Emily Tutt, Floy Stokes, Joyce Meisenheimer, Sue Rosen ROW: thal, Norma Lee Wilson, Shirley Dillow, Susan Penninger, Jennifer West, l.ou Ann Shepard, Kathaleen Williams. FIFTH ROW: Dave McClure, David Rothschild, Billy Thomas, Rodger Grossett, Helen Sullivan, Jolene Sims, Fern Frick, Marilyn Frick, Viola Davis, Virginia Woodard, Lois Ann Carter, Larry Davis, Jim Whiting, Ken Kreitner, Eddy Modglin, Ann Croft, Jackie Lewis, Charlotte Shafer, Barbara Boomer, Doris McCommons, Marilyn Brimm. Joyce Eaves, Susanne Davis. S .1 4 L F T 4 - The French Club plans to celebrate French holidays and carry out.French traditions. A potluck supper and initiation, a Christmas carolling party with the Latin Club, a Mardi Gras Pancake Breakfast, and a trip to St. Louis to a French play or opera are the highlights of the year. I OFFICERS . . Carmen Cross Carolyn Early President .... Vice-president , Secretary . . . Betty Nimmo Treasurer . . Emily Boyd Sponsor . .Mrs. Sivia 45 French Club Mardi Gras Breakfast French and Latin Clubs Carolling ?az'afze czzmew Edwin Eddleman, with F. F.A. 0 project, Hereford cow and calf. The cow was Reserve Grand N, Champion in the F. F.A. show at DuQuoin State Fair. F, F, A. BANQUET The F. F. A. is a national organization of boys taking vocational agriculture. Some of the activities include: shows of various kinds, sectional and state judging contests, a parliamentar procedure contest, a soil judging contest, two public speaking contests, a parent banquet, a trip to St. Louis, and a summer trip to Kentucky Lake. Bill Boyd and Edwin Eddleman were elected to the State Farmer's degree. Bill Hileman placed first, Carroll Mowery second, and Edwin Eddleman Third, in a sectional corn growing contest. George Weaver was second in the sectional extemporaneous public speaking contest. The Parliamentary Proceedure team placed 3rd in the section. ln livestock judging, the Dairy team was third with Jon Lutz first individual. The Poultry team was second with Jim Goddard 6th, and Gary Fowler 7th individual. F,F,A, OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Edwin Eddleman President Donald Brooks Jack Baker Vice-President Jack Baker Jim Goddard Secretary Jim Pribble Phil Boyd Treasurer Edwin Eddleman Jon Lutz Sentinel Carl Woods MEMBERS: Gerry Basler, Dennis Bridgeman, Gerald Brown, Robert Cates, Robert Chamness, Donald Dale, Robert Dillow, Wallace Frick, Gary Fuller, Bill Garner, Jim Goddard, David Johnson, Sonny Mainer, Dewayne Moreland, Leon Turner, Gene Wiggs, Carl Woods, Richard Yates, Basil Adams, Sherman Baine, Kenny Baker, James Barringer, Dale Brooks, Bill Childers, Mike Ellis, Donald Goddard, Gladwyn Hall, Stanley Hileman, Richard Keller, Ronnie Shepard, Donald Smoot, Glen Turner, Jim Wiggs, Bob Williams, Kenneth Wood, Jim Pribble, Gerald Bauer, lack Baker, Richard Chamness, Ronald Ellis, Bruce Fulenwider, Wayne Hankla, Jack Jones, Leslie Lingle, Mike Losacco, Carroll Mowery, Bruce Poole, Joe Sullivan, Lindall Walker, Geroge Weaver, Edwin Eddleman, Bill l-lileman, Bill Boyd, Phil Boyd, Lynn Casper, Donald Brooks. ?az'me Qfamenmeew ,4mez6ccz 'Q fu T T an C7 ,I 1 MEMBERS: Sue Absher, Jane Aldrige, Judy Aldrige, Margret Anderson, Amelia Angel, Betty Baggott, Anna Lee Barringer Beverly Beisswinger, Maxine Bernhard, Jerri Brown, Maudie Brunley, Billie Casey, Vurtis Clayton, Carolyn Cruse, louise Cruse Sherry Dallis, Shirley Dillow, Vicki Dillow, Marjorie Eudy, Dorothy Gardner, Betty Gillespie, Sue Gillespie, Doris Groves Shirley Hartman, Shirley Hill, Barbara Inman, Bonnie Jones, Emma Lou Jones, Nancy Keller, Linda Knight, Jacquelyn Lewis Betty Lingle Clanius Lirely, Linda McMillion, Bernetta Miller, Carolyn Neibauer, Ruth Ann Newman, Mary Nickles, Doris Rogers Lena Rogers Shirley Rosenthal, Marilyn Russell, Shirley Russell, Pat Schell, Joyce Shelton, Sue Shelton, Clarice Simpson, Carolyn Sitton Kay Smith Peggy Spurlock, De Ann Stout, Mary Ann Toler, Arlou Voss, Sandra Walker, Sandra Wi-lkins, Irma Wenger, June Whitnel Norma Lee Wilson, Charlotte Wright, Roberta Thorne, Jean Dunkin, Donna Hunter, Janet Brewer, Marie Brunley, Bonita Spurlock Paz Rendleman, Trilby Tweedy, Anita Spurlock, Pat Spurlock, Donna Mosby. SPONSORS ARE: Mrs. Choate and Mrs. Waechter F. I-I. A. is a national organization of pupils who study homemaking in junior and senior high school. They work together for better and happier home-life for everyone. They think that helping to make happy homes now and in the future, is the most important thing that they can do for democracy. Scene ln Home Ec. Sewing Dept. - Girls choosing their new Winter garment patterns. F, H, A, OFFICERS President ..... . . Kay Smith Vice-President . . Shirley Hartman Secretary' . . . . Vicki Dillow Treasurer . . . . Linda McMillion W Parliamentarian . . . Bonnie Jones Projects Chairman . . Linda Knight Song Leader ..... Donna Hunter Section Officer, Vice-President . Sandra Wilkins 'Q 'll LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Lewis, Richard Chamness, Ken Baker, Bob Mueller, Jack lewis, Gary Meyer. SECOND ROW: David Hileman, John Chamness, Tom Greenwood, Paul Pitts, Phil Hinkle, Jerry High. THIRD ROW: John Manninger, Don White, Jack Baker, Ken Jobe, Bill Boyd, Jim Pribble, FOURTH ROW: Charles Carhart, Don Tripp, Harlan Coffman, Ken Buzbee, Joe Henderson, Darrell Sauerbrunn. FIFTH ROW: Ron Bittle, Charles Haire, Hank Greenlv, Ken Boyer, Johnny Sneddon, Jim Sizemore, Ken Kreitner. The "C" Club is an organization of the boys who have qualified for a major varsity letter. Plus the major qualifications of 12 quarters in football and 32 in basketball, a boy must have the approval of each faculty member before joining the club. The sponsors are: Bill "Doc" Abernathy, Bob Lewis, and William Halter. The purpose of the National Athletic Scholarship Society is to foster high scholar- 0' 7' ship among boy athletes, to stimulate a desire for balanced training, to evaluate the ideals of sportsmanship, and to develop more out- standing leaders. To be eligible, the boys must have earned an athletic letter in an inter-scholastic sport, have an average of "B" or higher, and have exemplified the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. THE MEMBERS FOR 1954-1955 ARE, UP LEFT SIDE: Ken lobe, Joe Henderson, Jack Lewis, Charles Carharr, Gary Meyer, and Harlan Coffman. UP RIGHT SIDE: Bill Boyd, Bob Mueller, Ken Buzbee, John Manninger, Tom Greenwood. M," time tic OFFICERS President . . Pat Keller Vice-President Joe Henderson Secretary . Linda McMillion Treasurer . Peggy Hines , 0 Zcceweaa MEMBERS: Margaret Anderson, Anna hee Barringer, Ethel Beltz, Helen Bennett, Maxine Bernhard, Donna Biggs, Alice Boone, Emily Boyd, Janet Brewer, Peggy Brimm, Jeanette Brown, Sue Brown, Lois Ann Carter, Burmadene Clardy, Vurtis Clayton, Harlan Coffman, Dorthy Corzine, Carolyn Davis, Clover Dunkin, Carolyn Early, Edwin Eddleman, Fern Erick, Sandra Graves, Carlene Gregory, Paula Groner, Joe Henderson, Shirley Hileman, Peggy Hines, Betty Houseman, Nancy Housernan, Pat Jean, Bonnie Jones, Pat Keller, Linda Knight, Karen Lam, Judy Lutz, Shirley Lingle, Judy Lamer, Linda McMi1lion, Kay Miller, Pat Millis, Pearl Nix, Alice Russell, Pat Rosson, Pat Schell, Jolene Sims, Jeanie Smith, Kay Smith, Joyce Shelton, Helen Sullivan, Nancy Stoner, Carmalla Watkins, Shelby Whitnel, Virginia Wiley, Ruth Williams, Floy Stokes, Joyce Meisenheimer, Red Bittle, Carmen Cross, Golda Smiddy, Roberta Stewart, and Kathleen Williams. Any student who is taking a subject in the Business Education Department is eligible for membership in this club. The purpose of the organization is to develop correct work- ing attitudesg to give students an opportunity to meet the business people of the community, and to get the businessman's viewpoint on what he expects of his employees. Sponsors are Mrs. Arsicel Reese and Mr. Richard McClain. edema' my Chemistry Club is a member of Illinois Junior Academy of Science. Its main activity is finding jobs and industry connected with chemistry by field trips in the community, The club also planned to schedule a few speakers for this year. MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Damaris Jean, Sara Keller, Sharon Fowler, Sandra Wilkins, John Manninger, Donald Eggleston, Donna Ferguson, Jim Gore, Mrs. Frances Sitter, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Bill Boyd, Lynn Casper, Jim Pribble, Jim Young, Darrell Sauerbrunn, Jack Lewis, Jim Whiting, and Mickey Kelly. OFFICERS President . . Sandra Wilkins Vice-President . Jack Lewis Secretary- Treasurer Darrell Sauerbrunn Sponsor . . Mrs. Frances Sitter plc- 6- 'VT The objective of this organization is to enlist in Tri-Hi-Y every girl in high school who will accept the purpose of the club and whose membership in the club will be helpful to others in the school or prove beneficial to herself. The purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. The slogan is: "Pure thoughts, pure Words, and pure actions." Miss Ruth Esther Hill is the sponsor. MEMBERS ARE: Jane Aldridge, Maxine Bernhard, Lois Ann Carter, Dorothy Corzine, Carmen Cross, Carolyn Davis, Carolyn Early, Sue Ferrill, Sydney Foreman, Sharon Fowler, Shirley Fowler, Dorothy Gardner, Paula Groner, Doris Groves, Shirley Hartman, Mary Healey Peggy Hines, Betty Houseman, JoAnn Joplin, Sara Keller, Nadine Kelley, Karen Lam, Judith Iamer, Shirley Lingle, Linda Mclviillion, Joyce Meisenheimer, Kay Miller, Sharon Miller, Pat Millis, Pearl Nix, Norma Plott, Doris Rogers, Pat Rosson, Alice Russell, Ann Smiddy, Imogene Smith, Nancy Stoner, Mary Lou Toler, Shelby Whitnel, Virginia Wiley, Sandra Wilkins, Kathaleen Williams, Ruth Williams, Virginia Woodard, Margaret Anderson, Anna Lee Barringer, Sue Brown, Viola Davis, Sherry Dallis, Fern Frick, Carlene Gregory, Sandra Jobe, Donna Jones, Linda Lauderdale, Clarice Lirely, Janet Mclntosh, Mernetta Miller, Joyce Meisenheimer, Martha Nicholson, Mary Nickles, Susan Penninger, Imogene Powles, Shirley Rosenthal, Jane Simpson, Jolene Sims, Floy Stokes, Helen Sulli- van, Sharon Sydenstricker, Martha Sue Treece, Emily Tutt, Carmella Watkins, June Whitnel, Norma Wilson, Pat Rolando, Kathy Turley, Charmayne Casey, Judy Hunsaker. OFFICERS . President .... Imogene Smith 6, Vice President . Shirley Hartman Secretary . . Linda McMillion Treasurer . . Virginia Woodard Chaplin . . . . Sandra Wilkins Sgt. at Arms .... Della Koch The A-J. Hi-Y Club begins its fifth year to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. They endeavor to fortify their high purposes of clean speech, clean scholarship, and clean living by making them- selves of greater service to mankind. MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Ron Bittle, Kenneth Jobe, John Manninger, Harlan Coffman, Mickey Kelley. SECOND ROW: Gene Andres, Ken Kreitner, Bill Boyd, Jim Pribble, Charles Karracker. THIRD ROW: Edwin Eddleman, Bob Davis, Bill Tutt, Darrell Sauerbrunn, Don Tripp, Jack Baker. FOURTH ROW: Jim Young, Leon O'Danie1,' Phil Hinkle, Jim Whiting, Bill Jackson, Jim Gore, FIFTH ROW: George Weaver, Larry Davis, Don White, Hank Greenley, Dale Brooks, Dick McCain. OFFICERS President .... John Manninger Vice President. . . Mickey Kelley Secretary . . .Harlan Coffman Treasurer . . Kenneth Jobe Chaplin ..... Kenneth Buzbee Sponsors .... Mr. Dick McClain and Mr. Robert Meriwether ' 4' ,-4z'4Zez'6c 1-ieaaadczzfdan G.A.A. after school. The Girls' Athletic Association stimulates interest and participation in various sports. This club makes it possible for any girl to take part in activities after school. Social Activities: trail hike and wiener roast, slumber party, square dances, trip to St. Louis to Ice Show, Mother-Daughter potluck dinner, week-end camping trip to Giant City State Park, Playdays. Linda McMillion attended Leadership Camp at Camp Talahi. The G. A. A. girls sponsored the Heart Fund Drive at A J that netted 5 OO OFFICERS AND SPORTS MANAGERS President . . . . . . Linda McMillion Vice-President . Donna Ferguson Secretary . . Betty Houseman Treasurer .... . . Pat Keller All sports manager . . Nancy Carrington Volleyball .... . Nancy Houseman Archery . . Jackie Lewis i ll'-' 'FAI' Tumbling . Barbara Inman Basketball 0 . . Sue Rushing OFFICERS: Betty Houserrian, Nancy Io Carrington, Pat Modern Dance . . . Lou Ann Shephard Keller' and Lmda MCMHIIOU' Sponsors . . . Miss Martha Crawford Mis s Kathryn Lightner MEMBERS: Barbara Boomer, Beverly Beisswingert, Nancy Carrington, Carolyn Cruise, Ann Croft, Lucille Crissip, Marilyn Corzine, Jackie Casper, Vickie Dillow, Betty Houseman, Nancy Housernan, Betty Hileman, Barbara lmnan, Judy Inman, Sandra Iobe, Donna Kreitner, Pat Keller, Jackie Lewis, Georgianna Lutz, Linda Lauderdale, Jean Ligon, Shari Marvin, Malinda Miller, Linda McMillion, Janet Mc- Intosh, Karen Penrod, Sue Rushing, Alma Ruth Rice, Vivian Smith, Judy Smiddy, Carol Spurlock, Lou Ann Shepherd, Martha Sue Treece, Peggy Turner, Betty Jane Tripp, Irma Wenger, Rita Woesthous, Mary E. Woesthous, Karen Young, Mary Helen Young. any am LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Phyllis Rothschild, Darrell Cates, Donna Ferguson, Pat Nicholas, Sharon Fowler, Judy Hunsaker, Cecelia Norris, Nancy Keller, Carolyn Cruse, Melinda Miller, Burmadene Clardy. Elaine Lyerla, Anita Conyer, and Director Mr. George E. Casper. SECOND ROW: Joan Howell, Nancy Boyd, Sara Keller, Emily Boyd, Vivian Smith, Judy Smiddy, Paula Groner, Charmayne Casey, Jeanne Dunkin, Sandra Meisenheimer. THIRD ROW: Judy Spurlock, Sue Brown, Susan Penninger, Gary Davis, Donna Jones, Arlou Voss, Janet McIntosh, Martha Treece. FOURTH ROW: Trilby Tweedy, Mary Nicholas, Sandra Wilkins, Benny Garwood, Dick Mc- Cain, Peggy Brimm, Marvin Mathis, Bob Davie. FIFTH ROW: Jim Gore, Martha Nicholson, Peggy Turner, Carolyn Early, Carlene Gregory, Marianna Brown, Golda Smiddy, John Paul Allen. SDCTH ROW: Jim Pribble, Jim Wiggs, James Pitts, Nancy Carrington, Gary Fowler. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Hileman, Donna Mosby, Jack Houglan. eodafzgand LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Gore, Sandra Wilkins, Peggy Brimm, Sharon Fowler, Bill Hileman, Jim Pribble, Donna Ferguson, Burmadene Clardy. 'HL 4' 4 I 1 Charmayne Casey, Nancy Keller, Twirlers: Sharon Fowler, Majoretteg Twirlersz Paula Kay Groner, Donna Treece. Wlixed LEFT TO RIGHT: Cecelia Norris, Sharon Miller, Karen Penrod, Marilyn Jay, Peggy Turner, Judy Womick, Maxine Bernhard, Sue Bloodworth, Judy Lamer, Nancy Houseman. SECOND ROW: Mr. George E. Casper, Sponsor: Jean Marks, Sandra Wilkins, Paz Rendleman, Betty Jane Tripp, Rita Woesthaus, Vivian Smith, Lou Ann Shephard, Shari Marvin, Sandra Meisenheimer, Paula Kay Groner, Virginia Kerr, Linda McMillion. THIRD ROW: Sandra Jobe, Kathy Turly, Gene Andres, Charles Karraker Alan Koehn, Darrell Cates, Jack Houglan, Benny Garwooa, Ken Buzbee, NOT PICTURED: Joann Joplin. Zqecnimeaz' I LEFT TO RIGHT: Virtus Clayton, Mary Woesthaus, Vicki Dillow, lorene Gibbs, Margaret Anderson, Kathleen Williams Doris June Blaney. SECOND ROW: Mr. George E. Casper, Sponsor: Shirley Dillow, Sue Gillespie, Charlotte Wright, Betty Gillespie, Joyce Hileman, Clarice Lirely, Joann Joplin. THIRD ROW: Louise Cruse, Peggy Treece, Bonnie Jones, Iackie Lewis, Dorothy Gardner, Virginia Woodard, Peggy Spurlock. Zaye' LEFT TO RIGHT: Sammy Whitlow, Darrell Cates, Jack Houglan, Alan Koehn, John Stroehlein. SECOND ROW: Mr. George E. Casper, Sponsor, Gene Andres, Ronnie Wyatt, Terry Endean, Winston Hill, Charles Karraker. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Whitlow, Victor Sandre, Ken Buzbee, Charles Carhart, Benny Garwood rw an We I 4....,..-L.. ...4....,,..a-.1-,F MEMBERS: Gene Andres, Barbara Boomer, Emily Boyd, Nancy Boyd, Janet Brewer, Jeanette Brown, Marianna Brown, Sue Brown, Jackie Casper, Lois Carter, Charmayne Casey, Nancy Carrington, Dorothy Corzine. Marilyn Corzine, Ann Croft, Carolyn Early, Carolyn Cruse, Janice Day, Vicki Dillow, Vicki Dillow, Paula Groner, Betty Houseman, Nancy Houseman, Barbara Inman. Judy Inman, Damaris Jean, Sandra Jobe, Donna Jones, Pat Keller, Nadine Kelly, Della Koch, Donna Kreitner, Kenny Kreitner, Judy Lamer, Jackie Lewis, Jean Ligon, Clairus Lirely, Audrey Marks, Shari Marvin, Pat Millis, Doris McCommons. Janet Mclntosh, Linda McMi11ion, Carolyn Neibaur, Patty Nicholas, Martha Nicholson, Betty Nimmo, Cecelia Norris, Susan Penniger, Norma Plott, Pat Rolando, Paz Rendleman, Shirley Rosenthal, Marilyn Russell, Peggy Sams, Golda Smiddy, Judy Smiddy, Kay Smith, ,JeannieSmith, Vivian Smith, Linda Spencer, DeAnn Stout, Donna Treece, Jane Tripp, Trilby Tweedy, Sandy Walker, Irma Wenger, Jennifer West, June Whitnel, Sandra Wilkins, Norma Wilson, Rita Woesthaus, Phyllis Womack, Sue Rushing, Peggy Turner, Mary Helen Young, Alma Ruth Rice, Shirley Dillow, Sara Keller, Mary Woesthaus, Joyce Meisenheimer, Donna Biggs, Kay Miller, Judy Womick, Carlene Gregory, Malinda Miller, Nancy Stoner, Patty Jean, Linda Lou Lauderdale, Peggy Treece, Georgiana Lutz, Joann Joplin. 4 .H X A I' X The purpose of the club is to promote school spirit and . ' C , sportsmanship by forming the nucleus of the cheering section N I5 at ballgames, planning pep meetings, and backing the cheer- . leaders. Miss Martha Crawford and Miss Kathryn Lightner are the sponsors of the club. Q' 1 3 K 9 OFFICERS r L. President ...... Pat Keller Y, Vice-President . Charmayne Casey Secretary . . , , , Della Koch Treasurer . . Donna Treece Ss S 0,6 64.134 CHEERLEADERS BOTTOM TO TOP Peggy Hines Peggy Sams Della Koch, Pat Millis, Sharon Fowler. gf? 6 61 v X -K S ka: T' ' ' '-Q55 Y" .x , -A: 'X GPA u, ' S - ' iff. -- f xi' " 4 rf., if gf. , ' Sz my . I x 2' ii: . ' X ' L. I ' 'X X Q, ff E' f , 5 Peggy Sams LC J unio r i D , ,. , f :W 1 A X ' ufv ,. ' Peggy Hines Sharon Fowler Senior Senior Della Koch Q 6 , ,iff . 4 gp : Y ' - 1, ,Q fxilffn, ' ' i t . 5 ,H , Pat Millis Junior Junior JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Turley, Pat Ralando, Trilby Tweedy, Ceceila Norris. "- - V Varsity Cheerleaders leading yells at Armistice Day football game. .ff 4' 1 ,J .V , 1 .f fy ?uZufze imma MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Hines, Shelby Whitnel, Carolyn Davis, Pat Keller, Karen Iam, Judy Lutz, Roberta Stewart, Sharon Fowler, Virginia Woodard, Charles Ray, Cecelia Norris. SECOND ROW: Judy Smiddy, Jackie lewis, Ann Croft, Della Koch, Peggy Sams, Pat Nicholas, Vicki Dillow, Emily Boyd, Bonnie Jones, Mrs. Mary Evelyn Sivia, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Peggy Turner, Vivian Smith, Judy Womick, Rita Woesthaus, Lou Ann Shepard, Jennifer West, Shirley Lingle, Doris Rogers, Doris Groves. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Anderson, Anna Lee Barringer, Marilyn Brimm, Marjorie Eudy, Shirley'Dillow, Jane Aldrige, Judy Hunsaker, Marianna Brown, Marilyn Jay, Nancy Boyd, Jo Ann DeWitt. FIFTH ROW: Vicki Dillow, Mary Edyth Woesthaus, Barbara Boomer, Marilyn Corzine, Judy Ligon, Georgiana Lutz, Alma Ruth Rice, Betty Jane Tripp, Alan Koehn, Sue Rushing. Charles M. Willard FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Club No. 45 The purpose of this club is to help the members learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, and to foster the develop- ment of student leadership. The sponsor is Mrs. Mary Evelyn Sivia. .- I.-5 Q , -xl xftk - F,T,A, Officers serving refreshments to new members after initiation. OFFICERS President. Peggy Hines Future Teachers Initiation 56 Vice-President . . Virginia Woodard Secretary , Pat Keller Treasurer . Della Koch Historian .Karen Lam Parliarnentarian . . Charles Ray Song Leader . . . Cecelia Norris Librarian . Ann Croft 0 . fiona OFFICERS President . .Barbara Hays Vice President. Shirley Hileman Secretary . . . Ruth Williams Treasurer . . Clover Duncan "Act well your part: there all the honor lies," is the motto of the National Thespian Society. Anna- Jonesboro Community High School Thespian Troupe 51180 was organized in December, 1951, for the purpose of promoting dram- atic activities in the high school. Membership is achieved by earning points through participation in the activities of play production. OFFICERS President . Ken Buzbee Vice President . . Torn ' Greenwood Secretary . . . Sharon Fowler Treasurer . . Bill Boyd MEMBERS - LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ruth Williams, Pat Rosson, Nancy Ray, Miss Brickey Sponsor. STANDING: Alice Boone, Helen Bennett, Virginia Wiley, Ether Beltz, Shirley Hileman NOT PICTURED: Barbara Hays, Clover Duncan. The Foreign Relations Club was organized two years ago to promote a better understanding of the United States' relations with foreign countries. It is sponsored by Miss Brickey. MEMBERS: Don Eggleston, Bill Jackson, Lynn Casper, Mickey Kelley, Ken Jobe, Donna Biggs Peggy Hines, Sandra Wilkins, Phil Hinkle, Jim Sizemore, Dorothy Gardner, Bill Boyd Sharon Fowler, Ken Buzbee, Tom Greenwood. SPONSORS: Mrs. Lucille Howell, Mr. Bob Meriwether NOT PICTURED: Jim Linson, Gerald Bauer. 57 404- ' A FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Henderson, Donna Hunter, Pat Keller, Peggy Hines. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Mrs. Reese, sponsor. SEATED: Harlan Coffman, Ron Bittle. This club was organized in the fall of 1951 and membership is lirrnted to students of Advanced Shorthand. The purpose of the club 1S to develop and 1mprove personality and to learn how to conduct one's personal business affairs successfully MEMBERS ARE AS FOLLOWS, FIRST ROW: Roberta Stewart Karen Lam Joe Henderson, Donna Hunter Pat Keller Peggy Hines Joann Dewitt, SECOND ROW: Red Bittle, Kathaleen Williams Mrs Reese sponsor Doris Blaney Carmen Cross Virginia Woodard, Joann Joplin, Judy Lutz, Mary Lou Toler, Norma Plott Alma Dillow THIRD ROW Virginia Wlley Alice Boone Ethel Beltz, Peggy Brimm, Carolyn Davis, Shelby Whitnel Harlan Coffman Donna Biggs Kay Miller Jeanette Brown, Shirley Lingle, Pat Rosson, Shirley Hileman. ide odangewwhp game aftde wiielaeifewaeooadcnaonewcll blugdwdatathcllezctwacf wmnmwdwmwn ....aaddoqou wwqpmum atdehfaodhllgameaf LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ronald Bittle, John Sneddon, Kenneth lobe, Jim Pribble, Iim Sizemore, Dale Brooks, Ken Kreirner, Jack Baker, Iohn Manninger, Gary Meyer, Phil Hinkle. SECOND ROW: Bill Boyd, John Chamness, Paul Pitts, Kenny Buzbee, Jim Greenley, Jerry High, Don White, Richard Chamness, Lindell Walker. THIRD ROW: Coach Bill 'Doc' Abernathy, Mgr, Bob Mueller, David Hile- man, Bob Chamness, Tom Greenwood, Charles Haire, Frank Hileman, Ronald Shepard, Mgr. Gene Andres, Assistant William Halter. 1954 7 S A. -J. started the season with an inexperienced team under a new head coach, "Doc" Abernathy, and a new assistant, Bill Halter. The win-loss record, 3 wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties, doesn't tell the whole story. Every game the whole season was a close one. The biggest los ses were to Murphy, Z0-0, and to Chester, 14-0, the Southwestern Egyptian Conference co-champions. Toward the end of the season, the Wildcats showed great improvement in defeating a strong Sparta team, 13-Og snowing under a favored DuQuoin eleven, 32-73 and tying a strong Metropolis squad. The season ended on a high note, when A. -J. defeated a highly favored Johnston City outfit, 14-13. A sports' writer of a neighboring city predicted the Wildcats would lose every game this season, but the final record shows that the team fooled even the so-called experts. The prospects for the future look bright for Coach Abernathy's Wildcats, since there are 10 returning lettermen, plus a strong Frosh-Soph team, with many of its mem- bers having had some experience with this year's varsity. 1954 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE J 12 H. A. - . Eldorado 14 T. A. -J. 0 Chester 14 H. A. -J. 7 Carbondale 13 T. A. -J. 0 Pinckneyville 0 H. A. -J. 32 DuQuoin 7 T. A. -J. 7 Metropolis 7 H. A. -J. 13 Sparta 0 T. A. -J. 0 Murphysboro Z0 H. A. -J. 14 Johnston City 13 61 Managers Bob Mueller and Charles Carhart A , 3 v 4 Q5 Y ': .7 tf 5 , .5 , , i S yy 1 .. A ff ,.. .' X kt? 152' G EA V? iv ' w XX - ' i ' xv KC, 5 2 Q D a. .Q 'A "' :Ni K six A' ig F 1. fs. .Q - a .Q i I X u 1 ll r ' 2 E '30 it X , ' y XJ is Q 5 4 ' . M i ,A p XY i 3 15 ix 2 BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronald Bittle, Darrell Sauerbrunn, Harlan Coffman, Kenneth lobe, Gary Meyer, Charles Haire. SECOND ROW: Manager Joe Henderson, Jack Lewis, Mike Corzine, John Chamness, Donald White, Bill Pitts, Bill Le.wis. THIRD ROW: Charles Carhart, Manager, Carl White, Larry Keller, Kenneth Jenkins, John Lutz, Buddy Cruse, Richard Bittle, Bob Mueller, Manager. The 1954-1955 Wildcats enjoyed a most successful season, ending with a Z1-8 record. The experienced Wildcat team, under the capable leadership of Coach Bob Lewis, took second in the S. W. E. conference. One of the "highlights" of the season was the defeating of Pinck- neyville on their home floor, breaking their state record of 58 straight home wins. Pinck- neyville later went on to take third in the state. For the third straight year, the Wildcats participated in the M. E. C. A. tournament which was held this year at Eldorado. After coming from behind in the fourth quarter, the Wildcats lost a heartbreaker to Metropolis They then took third place the following night by easily de- feating Cairo. In the first year of the Anna Invitational Tourney the A-J cagers came from behind in the final game to defeat Shawnee for first place. The A-J team entered their own Regional favored to win, but with difficulty. They sur- prised practically everybody with the ease in which they won the coveted plaque. They entered the Sectional also favored to win. After a slow start, the Wildcats overcame easy-game tense- ness to take a fighting Brockport team. In the finals they played the only undefeated team in th state, Shawneetown. This time tournament tenseness took the tight Wildcats. Bill Halter, new assistant coach, brou ht the "B" team through a very successful season. Prospects for next year look very good wigi one returning letterman and a winning "B" squad coming up fast. SEASON'S SCORES A ,J OPPONENT 49 DuQuoin 48 H 55 Shawnee 52 H 63 Vienna 55 T 70 Murphysboro 35 T 49 Chester 55 T 58 Sparta 49 T 66 Marion 80 H 48 Carbondale 42 H 66 Johnston City '76 T 59 DuQuoin 52 T 46 Eldorado 40 H 39 Pinckneyville 37 T VARSITY MECA Tourney 51 Wood River 66 T 48 Metropolis 49 T 43 Metropolis 61 H 71'O 47 T '11 Trigg 54 H 56 Carbondale 51 T Regional Tournament 76 Sparta 63 H 98 Tamms '75 H 82 Murphysboro 51 H 88 Cairo-Sumner 57 H 64 Chester 52 H 90 Mounds-Douglas 55 H 26 Pinckneyville 50 H Sect-i0m1 Tournament Anna Invitational 67 Brockport 59 T 68 Elkville 62 H 49 Shawneetown 58 T 67 Shawnee 65 H C DON WHITE Iunior Center , '--W. . Lots of determina- tion, could be A-I's "big man" next year. JOHN CHAMNESS Sophomore, Forward H. 6'--W. 175. Good shot ru ed 1 SS player. Good material for future. gf fi f -W, Aff' yx'-Q.-1. i CHARLES HAIRE Senior, Guard H. 5'11"--W. 185 Chuck provided extra punch when needed. Very good shot. ' - ' N' W-..... RONALD BITTLE Senior Guard . --W. . Co-Captain. Fast, deceptive ball- handler, calm, good shot. F A HARLAN COFFMAN KENNETH IOBE Senior Center . --W. "Coffee" was one of the outstanding players and high scorers in A-J 's history. Good shot and rebounder. Co-Captain. INDIVIDUAL. HIGH SCORERS Coffman Bittle Meyer Jobe . Haire . JACK LEWIS Junior, Guard H. 5'11"--W. 145. Although he didn't see much action, proved himself when Senior Forward . --W. Rugged rebounder lots of spirit Good defensive ITl3l'l. . 505 . 327 . 298 . 206 . 118 GARY MEYER Junior, Forward H. 6'1"--W. 180 Excellent rebounder, good shot. Should go places" next yea aah M IKE CORZINE Iunior, Guard H. 5' 11 1f2"--W. 145 Scored well in re- serve games. Good defensive man. DARRELL SAUERBRUNN Senior, Guard H. 6'--W. 160 Late comer. De- veloped fast. Always r. calm, consistent, and 65 needed. a dependable ball player. -All -medkezeaa Wiccan 1 fx HI 'Av y ga., s 5 . 4 V C h if 'JJ' , N ,rf J? Pi. ' 3 s l A . f F A f G -ff f i ' s Q i , AN .. 4 ,fda ig, -fm' . 1, ' .V h ' it ' X 9, , .1 .sv . its Q 5 f ' tv ' 'Y A - .A X . 1954 BASEBALL SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Gene Seats, Gary Meyer, Don Tripp, Kenneth Jobe, Jim Pribble, Charles Daisy, Jack Brimm, Coach Jack Stephens. FRONT ROW: Harlan Coffman, lack Lewis, Bob Mueller, Larry Swain, Gene Rothschild, Jim Greenlev. Ken Baker. 'gcwelcdl A. -J. C.H. S. had a powerhouse baseball team in 1954, and it was the first baseball team in the history of the school to go to the state tournament. Although A-J will have nine returning lettermen for the '55 season, they will miss the catching ability of Jack Brimm and the pitching ability of Gene Seats, w o signed a contract with the Chicago IN FRONT: Richard Bittle, Manager, White Sox farm club upon graduation. The season's statistics speak for themselves. SEASON'S SCORES A, -J, O onent Pitcher No Hitter Z Cogden 0 Seats 6 Carbondale 3 Seats 10 Vienna 4 Rothschild 0 Tamms 10 Rothschild 8: Baker Z Cobden 3 Rothschild 8: Baker 8 Murphysboro Z Seats 4 DuQuoin 5 Seats 0 Shawnee 6 Rothschild 8: Baker Tourne at Cobden 6 awnee 4 Seats 6 Cobden 4 Seats 1 Gorham 0 Seats One Hitter 6 Vienna 3 Seats Tourne at DuQuoin 4 arion Seats 5 Flora 2 Seats One I-litter Tourne at Peoria 1 owen 4 Seats Gene Seats' Record Games Won 9 Games Lost 2 Strike Outs Walks Hits Tourneys 88 28 ll Season Total .Q 2.1 14 154 50 25 Coach Jack Stephens cheuememta 'X-gk ifwpwadafmfevw ma,-zcdwqfcmd W ' c2z0ctak'z . W " il' f he A- 4 ' D 0 0 HOMECOM ING CORONAT ION LEFT TO RIGHT, Attendants - Jeanette Brown, Peggy Hinesg Queen - Pat Kellerg Ken Jobe - Football Captaing Attendants - Donna Biggs, Kay Miller, Crown Bearer, Chris Abernathy, The 1954 Homecoming, October 15, was one of the most colorful and exciting events of the school year. Spirits were at an all time high Thursday night when the snake dance ended with a rousing pep rally down town. Homecoming day was ushered in with a pep program composed of skits and yells in the new gym. The parade, Friday afternoon, was led by the A-J and Junior High marching bands, followed by many beautiful floats, decorated cars, and horses. That night the A-J Wildcats defeated the DuQuoin Indians by a large majority of 32-7. The coronation ceremonies followed the game. A large crowd attended the crowning of Pat Keller, 1954 Homecoming Queen. This final event climaxed one of the biggest and best Homecomings in A-J's history. 70 if A U 7' Ch111 Supper Student Councll Float Most Humorous 'ff Faculty Sk1t If :Q xx Q... A J Band Pe p Rally Aldine., ', .: v Senior Class Float. First prize for prettiest. :xg 4 Snake Dance 'EPO HQ L .J Teds and Tessles Tled for most or1g1na1 Latm Club Float Busme s s Club Float A J Members of Rldlng Club Cherrustry G A A Club Float Float .Tumor Clas s Float C0 ronati on 5' fp, F 1: ench DuQuoin Club Game Float Candidates for Homecorning Queen Freshman Class Float is DUUUUIN Elnus To HI' V . 73 . Mr. Merr1weather's Homeroom Hornecorrnng Dance Search play new 4 l I 5 A 1 'E A ' Y .g . 5 r M I lr '1 4 ' in Rl :Sw A -lv onutgihsfx-A If I . K -4, " Vg, ' 5 3 I 9 Q fllllt ,, ' Tv - l lf l s P ' . ffftlifijzf ' Ll ' ' - ' H flf. N ' U Entire Senior Cast in last act. 'ri' "THE CALL or THE BANSHEE" A Mystery Farce in Three Acts Cast Peter Adair ..... . . Phil Hinkle Hazel Orphen . . Sharon Fowler Dr. Markewitz . . . Jim Sizemore Mrs. Grimes . . Virginia Woodard Tom Scott . . . Donald Egelston Blanche Lamb . . . . Kay Cooley Mrs. Grimes forces medicine down Trilby L,amb ' ' ' Sandra Wilkins Mr. Adair while Miss Hazel Orphan Dr. Neville Lacey . . .Kenneth .lobe looks on. Yuro ..... . . . Bill Boyd Clem Durwood . . .Kenneth Buzbee Joan Walters . . . . Pat Keller Hilda ...... . . Ethel Beltz Abner Heckenshell . . Mickey Kelley Walter Payne . . . . . Ronald Spencer Minnie Pearl Perkins . . . Peggy Hines Play Director . . . . Lucille V. Howell Play Coach . . . Robert W. Meriwether Student Coach . . . Peggy Hines, '55 Dr. Mardewitz is helped by Clem Durwood and Dr. Lacey. The Indian, Yuro, frightens the colored mammies. The Stage Crew in action. 4? ' . . .fs1vgar..T Q. . ,U Wg- - "i'. 'l fep. ' --EJ, P A-I Marching Band in formation of the school initials at the Armistice Day football game. F Wanted to group participation, from the serious to the purely "for fun," A'-I Students 1'eP1'e5ef1t Science Club trip to the East Coast. BACK ROW: From uniform to full dress, from in- dividual achievement - 'N ' yt a well-balanc ed pro- Ohmart, Jobe, Dougherty, Boswell, Blood. 1 4 I I K U ' gram gf extl-a-Cu1-ri- SECOND ROW: Healy, McCabe, Fox, Ferguson, Jim Linson, sen1or,- receiving commission as Cular activities. Jean, Keller. IN FRONT: Eggleston, Garwood, Commander of Radio and Communications for Young. G.O.C. in Union Co. Mr. E.L. Britton administering oath, with Mr. Houghton present. SIP? Billy Hileman, Carroll Mowery, and Edwin Eddleman, winners in the Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn contest for F.F.A. in the state. They were the first, second, and third place winners, respectively, for section 24. Mr. O.K. Loomis, at right, is the F. F. A. sponsor. ---fi I ' , V X .. 5 rf V Q ' LEFT: Peggy Sams 'ix 5k ' and Donna Treece if A 'Wg I do the Charleston rig fortheF.T.A. g R 'mm Amateur Program. -ij A Em -,...-f The A-J Safety Pauol has been responsible for handling and directing traffic during school activities for the past two years. Pictured: Mr. Blood, sponsor: Andres Dougherty, Basler, Pribble, Grobe, Booth, Hall Casper, Houseman, Linson, Bauer, Boyd, South, Elam BELOW: Local Honor Society initiation, held each spring is Q f ' l"f non - in-4' . 1 A., ,n-Q13 Nur unlaacoa 'Ds pv., V Simon ?awlm 14 Q 4 Oazfamadw 5 x A ,gp- b. Kamezfk fade These students have been chosen as the most outstandlng senlors of the Class of 1955 and they are a representatlve group of wh1ch the entlre school may well be proud 76 7 W ' 0 A 1 r N 'wi A 0,4- 4 ggtk ll, X MRL: ,Q K X A n x tz KMA yo J s fp , , A Q.,- u : Y u h f'gfiff7'?vefp-l'f 1 1 .A s hueue K4 1 5 ,K 1? -sv .,.. X , ,A 'Q 601601 434' Hui' Z'-all gage! Wlnle personal1t1es vary from 1nd1v1dual to 1nd1v1dual these SIX share the character 1St1CS of leadersh1p loyalty and co operat1on 1n common Not only are they tops 1n the athlet1c mus1cal and dramatxc f1elds but the1r hxgh scholarsh1p has been ma1nta1ned at all tlmes. 77 15 fi SVN 'CV Feggq filmed Yfc-,gum 70 l :syn ','e.'- 1 . 'l'l of eY'e 'f ,l'1 V . fi ,',. 1 0 0 4 l l l , in ., Vl.l,. l . n My M I , ' "Riff" ii - l .::g?Z'l?s3' I . . . , . - 9 1 ' . 7754 School Begins Labor Day- -first vacation! Eldorado--first football game G. A. A. Slumber Party Chester--Qtherej Carbondale--fherej State G. A. A. Workshop Freshman-Parents Welcome Pickneyville--ftherel Senior Chili Supper DuQuoin--lherej Homecoming F. F. A. Initiation Metropolis--ftherej I. E. A. Meeting fCarbondalej G. A. A. Initiation Sparta--fherej End of First Quarter Murphysboro--ftherej Johnston City- -lherel County Institute at Shawnee Senior Carnival F. T. A. Initiation Thanksgiving Vacation French Club Initiation DuQuoin--firstbasketball gam Latin Club Initiation Vienna--ftherej Chester--Qtherej Marion--fherel Presbyterian Football Banquet Johnston City- -ftherej F. H. A. Party Lyceum--Danny Johnson--Magician Senior Play QThe Cry of the Banshee! Eldoraflo--fherel Latin Club Carolling MECA Tournament--Eldorado Christmas Vacation Begins 7955 JANUARY 3 4 7 ll 12, 13,14 14 15 17 18 20, 21 25 28 FEBRUARY 1 4 8 12 15 18 19 22 25 MARCH 1-4 9-11 16-19 18 31 APRIL 4 5, 6, 7 8 2-9 Z6 MAY 17 18, 19, 20 22 24 25, 26, 27 28 School resumes Carbondale--ltherej Sparta--Qherej Murphysboro--Qtherel First Semester Exams Chester--fherel End of Second Quarter Pinckneyville - -Qherel Lyceum- -Bob McElroy- Ventriloquist G. A. A. Skating Party A - J Invitati onal T ourname nt F. H. A. Pot Luck Shawnee--lherel Murphysboro- -lherej Sparta- -Qtherej Carbondale - -fherej DuQuoin- -I therel Pinckneyville - -1 therel Lyceum- -Horti Casella Wood River- -Qtherej Metropolis - -Qherej Trico--Qherel Regional Tournament Sectional Tournament State Tournament End of Third Quarter Junior Play Teacher s' Visitation Day Spring Vacation Good Friday--no school Senior Trip to South Roman Banquet Award Day Senior Exams Baccalaureate Class Night . 1 Final Exams Last Day of School Commencement . W wapaarmpwrmw 608602 ions 'Y L. Scene from the Capltol Bmldmg P 1 B h ensacoa eac Last year the Semor class znstead of hav1ng an annual .Tumor Senlor prom earned and saved money to take a week's tour through the south durmg therr sprmg vacat1on Some of the h1ghl1ghts of the Journey were a sw1m at Pensacola Beach a boat r1de to Shlp Island off the coast of B11ox1 M1ss1ss1pp1 a tour of New Orleans 1nclud1ng the Cotton Bowl French Quarter and d1nner at the Court of the Three S1sters a v1s1t to an ante bellum home Melrose 1n Natchez M1ss1ss1pp1 a tour of the new Lou1s1ana State Cap1to1 buxldlng and the Huey Long Memor1al at Baton Rouge and a tr1p through the beaut1fu1 Bellengrath Gardens near Mobxle Alabama The Semor Class of 1955 1S lookmg forward to a s1m11ar tr1p th1s year 'ttf ' JP Pensacola Beach Enroute to Sh1p Island Spectators 1n Cotton Bowl A J Semors play 1n Cotton Bowl' Fw I 'Lk A S1ghtsee1ng 1n French Quarters Q53 W L.L...L... .,:,,.... V1s1t to Melrose Boat r1de to Shlp Island 1 Senlors wlth Mr Bellengrath 4-S 6 SK X Bellengrath R Gardens " ll Bus Stop Lou1s1ana State Cap1to1 .sank 3. French Quarter On sh1p off coast of B11ox1 fem! mm to fm geaefactafw M fl VL-df DRIN Bottled Under Author1ty of the Coca Cola Company CHIFO 316:55 Bottling Co CAIRO ILLINOIS For Po1t1a1t and Commerclal Photographs Wlggs Studlo Photographer for An Jo Co Hi Jonesboro, Illinois f 4 ' If if lf, M M' , f wuz J xg' 4 l r,l'f:,xlijC by I I I O I , I e 582. 701 E. Heacock St. Comphme ts of Compliments Of Anna Producers Dairy HC DAIRY FOODS Anna Natlonal Bank can 77 for Dehverles Anna Illmols Ove1 50 Yeeus Of SGFVICQ THE DRIVE INN to the Commumty FO1 ICE CREAM a SANDWICHES 466 5 -aff 6 65 OR? -5 'YB 'bf QI Congratulatlons from 0 V3 Q, Two GOOD STORES TO TRADE IN Q45 'Y 13,2- 1 Qlfbxbnfx '9 Q00 RICH S SHOE STORE 9.3,-ei WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATF RICH S STORE FOR MEN STORE Home of Quahty and Style 124 26 W Dane St Pho e 202 A na Ill 1 n . nd C5 2, 0029 Q5 yy We ,505 ' fl ,A GY' 6 by 9 Q5 Q, Q Q Q50 B030 KJ QQ, Q 0 D 5 Q10 exet0g1Qi5:0 xkeixe 5 rx-5 A Q-,006 92' X - 'L O95 OX X 96 QR 52- Semi' , Y ' J u - n - . " . n n , . Anywhere - -f Anytime YELLOW CAB PHONE 70 24 Hr. Service 121 W. Vienna Western Union Service Greyhound gl Gulf Bus COINGRATULATIONIS GRADUATES OF A J A Stlong Fuendly Bank International Shoe Co NI I Anna 111111015 Anna 111111013 HJ M Pl genres? suNnA: MEIEN En oy Genuine DAIRY QUEEN In o ex a s In k ll P au Wil Q Y A , ' 'l 1. I o Ov ici und Opcmlcd by Home People , . 1 1 9 lf y L ,W I ! . A- '-.1751 ,- F . n A iv'kQ,m?f- NJHA 5,1 X. - If . .-A-AL' 1, N .V ,rf 1 "'---.A ..-. -.,v.v..n. Q..-A M-1.,:'r.:-- ,f , A I V 1 -' Cn OSH -oldltoszesounrts 5 f 4 -4 A -og-. xxx? fly- 14 'x - Ve 1 Arhcgt-1,., ,..- llll. D ll N . -. F Compllments of N0 5 Anna No 17 ADDR No 8 Jonesboro REACH FOR THE L AZI' PTI DIA MOCRAT and ANNA TALK Hu WNV uv Home Town Folks 45 B ww 3: A ' B11 NN JOB PRIINTHNG L Anna IUIIIOIS STAYS FRESH DAYS LONGER Cochran Apphances T V Headquarters for Southern Ilhnoxs ANNA IONESBORO . , ' 2 ' Y 1 if Q1 '1 , I J l- J ' Q , F G aww-I Home Town Paper for 5 5' . , ,ww E ., f. , Youth Food Store Jonesboro, Ill. CLINGINGSMITH S STORE DEL MONTE Nat nally ACL HAASE Phones Ad ertxsed BROOKS 424 a d 427 Items PLEE ZING Q ANNA n.L1No1s 47 PEARL mm mv, -.J Courtesy of 01" I' L5 LUZEVQ PEARL MOTOR CO Inc YOUR Anna mm., S CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC DEALER Compl m nts of Unlon County Implement Company Anna Ill1no1s ,,,,nNA-no,ML Tractors U Water Systems O Orchard Equipment nnvzsrn Refrigerators C Trucks orrls 8z Son Carpet t a B d Armstrong Llnoleum RCA V1CtOF Radlos Rubber T1le-Asphalt and Tlle Phone 416 Jonesboro Ilj io V ' I1 fs 1 .: 5 - X " ' .w-.Q 1 F it l. XQEAQQ: . 5 4 rnsgiouzr K+ . Q2 2 s...-..........i4..-. ..... ,...-.. ..,. ,. ..-3 ' l N26 -, - . i 4 - ,- i e . 0 Vene i n lin s 0 c o , 7 9 ' Compliments of mcgarfy gunera! gfome A111121 111111013 ANNA JONESBORO LUMBER CO Lx erythm to Bulld Anythm LOWELL YOUNG Mg Ann Ill Pho 75 Y Anna Jonesboro B P O Elks o No 1641 PRODUCERS OF ALL ASPHALTIC TX PES PLAINT MIXES--HOT OR COLD LAYS CHAS G GILMORE Asphalt Products, Inc MODERN ASPHALT PLANT MIXTURES Anna Ill no s ' 0 S6 1 V I ' 0. ' ' 0,7 7 C3 C5 ' , r. a, . Ph 59 8 1' Compliments of B : l Q O I O Q' . C O O -- I , i i WAHL Sz SON JEWELERS Over Thirty Years in Anna DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE JEWELRY Towle, Gorham, Lunt, Reed Sz Barton and International Sterling Franciscan Fine China Cgrmfy 5 gzowers Phone 335 Anna Illinois THE MARIAN SHOP NuBone Woven Wlre Stay Corsets Lmgerle E P QWEN L Alglon Shirley Lee Junxor Size Dresses Robes Hats Elastic Glrdles Purses Telephone 119 Anna Ill 335 S Main St Anna Ill Compliments of LIGON LUMBER COMPANY FIRST NATIGNAL BANK PHOENIX FLOUR MILLS DISTRIBUTORS OF PURINA CHOW Jonesboro Ill Pure As Snow O Apple Blossom Member of F D I C Romeo Flour O Betty Jane Feeds and Seeds Wholesale Grocery Sales See GUY Before YOU BUY ' 7 V' ffL If Aida 1 346 5 XX Gfillltl, NIUZOU XX! PI' UNION COUNTY PRESS Russell Slefert Owner .A Every Kmd of Prmtmg IVIDWERY ELECTRIC SHOP Autohte Fairbanks Mor se WWC STROMBERG CARTER CARBURETORS Delco Remv Trlco Magneto and Electrzc-al Servrce B Nggs at Stratton Bosch 115 wEs'r DAVIE srnsr-:T ANNA ILLINOIS y f f' f I... U n ' 'I cmzger Mofor Go, 'B' I E'-5 'tf !" 4051 . Mui.. Si, J ' ' I I one 670 COMPLIMENTS HOYE PONTIAC COMPANY Your Pontlac Dealer 108 E Vlenna St Anna Illmols Phone 405 VISIT JO AN NIEN S SHOP BRUNN ER OFFICE SUPPLY CO EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE W5 RE TOPS RENTALS SALES SERVICE LAUNDRY E. CLEANERS ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 403 So Illmoxs Ave Carbondale Phone 1161 joggers ana il! I glzeafres Present the Best IH Screen Entertamment and Apprec1ate Your Patronage Anna Illlnoxs SPIYBS, Super Market and Cafeterla "Best in Mid West" RECOMMENDED BY DUNCAN HINES Anna, Illmols . . . , - .' 1 L" ' . , . . ig' 71114. T- J ?""'? ',.i5w,' ' NJN 3 . . . . 0 0 ANNA QUARRIES Inc TELEPHONE 314 Lqfzg J Gfq fl I I gl p O H RIPPETOE Anna I 111.1018 QUARRY AND PLANT SOUTHERN BARBECUE DON s cmss senvlcs DGIICIOUS Sandwmhes A S VC CO e 11 COLD DRINKS AND BEER 0 E Vlenna St ANNA ILL Anna Ill On Routes 146 51 BUILDING suPPL1Es WEST BROTHERS COAL Phone 148 Insectlcndes Ready Mxx Concrete Anna mmols PAGES AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY Hot Pomt Apphances I GOodr1ch TIFGS Anna Illlnols Crosley TV Phone 502 Motorola TV Comphments of YOUR Q DEALER SAM DUTY is , ANNA JONESBORO MOTOR OO R NA QXXVNX , ANNA lLL ' JEAN INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE Anna Natlonal Bank Bldg Phone 586 Anna, Ill. , I TIWJLICZTS of gf, fd E filfll llfll -Elm!! dll! dll FUI 0118 07' QUT 0165 - l I M 1 - CA nn, llinoia I ' ' ' ' 'A er i e m let " , P , Q . , . ll - U! 0 0 - 9 , . . . . . I. ANC ' "" I YVATCHES o DIAMONDS 0 SILVER NORTH S JEWELRY GUARANTEED SERVICE Save and Be Satlsfied IN orth Mam Anna. Phone 76 FINEST IN LADIES APPAREL Headquarters for School outfits' 'AMPA TREECE S CAFETERIA A1r Cond1t1oned Best In Food 8a Fountam Servnce THEH H WOOD INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 116 W Davle Street Anna IIlIno1s KELLY S CAFE 8. MOTEL Good E t Wh e Good F end Meet COME IN TRY US e127 8146 13Fl4 HELEN S FABRICS 338 S Mam Anna Ill Phone 1035 FINE QUALITY FABRICS Butterlck Patterns VOGUE FINDINGS ROBERT W BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE WITH SERVICE Phone 4 Anna I 7z635md7uc6ez Clnldren s Wear Anna I11 B R O 0 K ' S PAINT Sz WALLPAPER Better Homes Have SMITH ALSOP PAINT' Phone 603 Anna, Ill1no1s Weddmg Cakes a Speclalty DAVIS PASTRY SHOP Anna, Ill. Phone 95 I ' 0Tfq T . 1 . . , . 322 s. Main st. Phone sa Anna, Ill. ' ' Y I Q a S- er ri S . , . Rout Phone ' I 2 2 , ll- 1 ' ll - I ELKINS APPLIANCE SALES 133 W. Vienna Anna Hotel Bldg. , Anna, Ill. Phone 422 CLAUDE ELKINS, Prop. Youngstown Kitchens PHILCO BENDIX Magic ChefGas Stoves Radios Bottle Gas Refrigerators Duo Therm Oil and Gas Home Freezers New Home Sewing Machines Electric Stoves Bulk, Gas, Big or Small Tanks Washer Dryer Ironer ABC Washer KING'S BAKERY 161 E. Vienna Street Anna. lllinois Phone 9 LYNN D. SIFFORD INSURANCE AGENCY HILEMAN SEED STORE SEEDS I PLANTS O FERTILIZERS 117 W. Vienna St. Phone 316 Anna, 111. Anna, I11. RODMAN AND ROBINSON FLOWERS FOR ALL OCOASIOAS Jonesboro 563R Anna 889 KARRALER OIL CO Anna Illinois MOBILE GAS MOBILE OIL MOBILE HEAT 24 Hour Service ,ravi 'NN-WY cow 9 LADIES NATIONALLY ADVERTISED READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES Next Time Tiy PARKS THE DRUGGIST Anna Compllments of E. C ETHERTO WHOLESALE CANDY Murphysboro Am "LM mes' MATTHEIS GENERAL ELECTRIC SHOES Brands You Know at Prices You Want To Pax D A V THE APPLIANCES MOST WOMEN WANT MOST QHOF MARI' Phone 860 Anna Ill 161 E Vienna St Phone 644 7' . Y Y 7 -A ' KC 77 9 O 1 C ',, E. " . L 4 7 AH Work State Truck Guaranteed Inspection Buick the b-uutiful huv Call 260 ANNA IARI W IINCILI O XII I I W Drum I AUTO SERVICE WILEY S BOOK STORE Flrestone Tlres and Tubes--Batterlefs Less es W slung, S1t.I1ubr1caIIon SPORTING GOODS Battery CIlElI'bII1g Cars Called for and Dehvered MCINTIRE SHELL SERVICE 139 E Vlenna Call 444 Anna SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Anna Phone 145 Illmols Complnnenls of V1S1t Your hl Dr J F Wa Dent1St D1' Berry V Rlfe TWICG a Year JANAS JEWELRY ANNA DEPARTMENT STORE WATCHES CHINA DIAMONDS HOME OE HONEST VALUES Guaranteed Sexvlce and Repau' Work R L Larson Manager Phone 613R DI.nnondS Q SIIILI Anna Ill Anna 111111015 Ire an Balfery Sfea quarfers 124 East Vlenna Street ANNA ILLINOIS DYEING ALTERATIONS ELECTRIC SERVICE W L BELCHER Phone 814 IIO Laflwette Anna Ill Phone 500 W Anna Ill Fu. Pmkup Ind D lnux Compllments of TAILORS A HATTERS 321 South Mam Street Anna Illmols Phone 13 L I . . I. ' Y- I c ' 13'-ll I ls' ,'Xl1I1l.IIIIHOIx J 1 .tue on '.I If If ' ' T - " .' L' t . 'I , . ' ' .II.,-- I , . . . ,,i GOODY EAR Union Tlre Servlce GOODYEAR Q, ,L MK. luvbbt, ,ski .9 .VZ , ..I Q lf' IP' 57' J J if . ' I Vi - NE, . , . - , . I- 1 1 I - f 1 C U Ix 4- My "74df?+0V,, M Q WW M95 QT wf I f4R1'1f wjbwgzg ii Yqinzljfgcy NWQKWW WL jf AA! Lffffwff is mffffwfvlywa if 'LL M Mfg, wel, W?-40 A WJ gflf wmk WMV Ljwwpf Wu fly 7j ,M ziwfk KVCZJ-V""'J iff :yy 22545 W5 ia Z-ZF V4 Lzifyff' fcffff Qfxm QM 51, 'll 4 Ng i A J' A I Q ' , , ! ,YILIOJ1 ' 3 i .5 0 li 4 04' ,I 14,6 iw 0+ M U 1 1 f , n D F JV 1 f f 'Q A x gn-My ,buf rw 1, do n X0 A Y ie Lgigfr -tlljrupl-Lrlrlw 1 1 ' f 1 N. iv v' 4 X I A J l ' , I In C! V L VM v ,, ff L A 1 . z X M240 Q-P s f . A M - A N ' J 3 . 2 X f f if Wyfz fff ff L f f xi 1 ' I 2 ' ,J 74' " 4' '91 W . , , - J f , LA 'J WW "fi LJ If I X122 V1 1 ff A 1 ,f 54 7 V .K K . 5 I 1 L 6 Q If 6 I ,KZ LZ jy ,,Q"Z2'C'-A'2'L :Lf 'gjfx 1 f U My K bfk' v . .,4f,g'iZf if Zfyjf 'Qi' K fb! 'vii Y A U. gg, .5 ff 1 " fy X - sig!!! LF! , ,, L, f f'f1f"f 7 C' ,fl 4 I R Q V " I f L"'Cf Q 1 5,9 Lx. k'1tc,1,4x - . .. , , :I P, A ,P Ay U' L1 14- 'C . If 7 U . Uk. 3 I L .1 "'V ' f Q57 . 3 X' "A' - X Lf' ' j ! rw H Q ? ,X f ,. C 7 af 7XgL,v,4-fri Sgolfx 1 VL! U l 1, ' ,K Z ' raw 1, ffmlf-, Q3 , . a C 'jf 0? l f7 ' 6-J cf L X , !4,,' I , f for ' af' ' ,L ,QU 7 f , f ' " . mfnd, . 7' ' X 5 ' -.-,,,., 1- 7 fl" ' . , A ,. 7,1 f L4 , 51 Q . Avflffv ? v .. A 4 ,71 V' K-97 fa! 1 CV 'MJ its . , .7 If , ' 75" bm M 1 47' ' - X , . .1 o A, X' Q Cru - Qfz,,4A.f ' I J 4 " fl , , I' I f 1,1 I ,-f 'J 4 .- C' ' 0. cz ,qv "7 C nf, '41 ' Y, .,,,, - I f, . XJ Q X' . f, , 2, ' I I wif W' Qixfiij? jbgm Mig? 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XX' m X' Y X I XS X Q JX N QR J X 52 'Q f Y is -Yi Q li X "fZfQfZ 0 LA Q ff M YsARaooxs ff ad M 4344

Suggestions in the Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL) collection:

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