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Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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A -.1, 'HS-, -wk -'-r--f-v:.w,.- .b .-, .-. -...::!.mu2"' 1 H- 'f1.- G-in1.'X1:Jz::-'ifuvauu-il1.Q:ziJ-2a2f.'.12,u.x4 A.. .:g..:u.-1...-Q Q-1.1 Na.-.. N-P .V H-1 4. I 1 , xx L -.-Q , f nr X V I all .F -, ' W, M i,j,fS, , r Q'x"- F ' ' 14, -'f' 1 'ff'L'i?"f 'vikfnf 1 ' -'M-ffm 4:wr ' ' ' 1' 7' A .44 nfl, 'Q fb--f--6 f".v ",b,?'-4' .. f' .' , 'Q 'L . H',QfE7'1"'f'?3P , 3:1 .f f if ff. W. Fay' QI, 00 ., 3' 'O 1 4" N . szk, Q .A " 4 lk ,' -i - Q P 1. "sj' e , '. if 2 Q-. .,l A I W' 7. '. Q- . . 1 .V - -X.. 5. n. - 1':.'d5'fv sn. ' A ,.,.,...,.............I.,. 1, - 'K ' ,, 3. 4 L I .. - -. ff, , I, ". W, 7, "FQ a A .V 4 . . xijffa A A V QQ' . Hg i 'Q I se w , I1 vyq i ' 3 'I' -.- .. , . w .1 'm 1 fd" . 4,5 :avr-"W-:rr-" xxgx hx x Q l'l-J0-C0- I9 4 ANNA -JONESBORO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Anna, Illinois Vol. XV OPQLUOI' AS the years go by, the scenes on the A-.T eziiiipus will Clizinge, :mfl the many happy nioriiems that you, as a student, spent on it will fade aweiyg but we, the Staff of the Ari-.lo-Co-Hi of l951l, Sincerely hope that as you turn the pages of this book in the years to Corrie, you again will recall the scenes and happy memories of the A-J Canipus Ag 'ef Xl, 00 ' 1 5.1 ,1- . v' -- . xfnqhdkk 'N ss' w x ci , '- R l, sq.. .XE- 'i"'N .IX X xi Jas- R, , 1 ja! Q f Conlenb ADMINISTRATION Book I CLASSES Book II ORGANIZATIONS Book III ATHLETICS Book IV ACTIVITIES Book V ADVERTISING Book VI l'll'lLt6l! Dave Jay. . . Pam I-Iindman . Pat Jean. . . Jimmey Norris . Ken Buzbee. . Randall Benson Don Tripp . . Lois Groves Mary Ligon. Delia Elam . R .wr-+4-9 fQ The staff during one of its "sessions " . . . . . Assistant . . . Copy . . . . Sports . Assistant Sports . . . Advertising Assistant Advertising . . . Photography . Subscription . . Activity Editor' Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor ,ci"""'- H LEFT TO RIGHT: Randall Benson, Mrs. Dodd, Don Tripp, Pamela liindman, Jim Norris, Dave Jay, Delia Elam Lois Groves, Mary Ligon, Ken Buzbee, Patty Jean is not pictured, 4 .xdclminidfrafion WILLIAM ABEINATHY Industrial Artsg Assistant Coach S. E. Nl. C.g B. S. in Education. CARL BLOOD General Scicnccg Biology S. l. U. Q B. S. in Education. .. A N - , rf, .LU-faux EMMA BRICKEY Social Scicnccg S. l. X.U.: B. S. in Educationg U. of lllinoisg M. A, J4-J gacu fy GEORGE E. CASPER Bandg Chorusg 5.1. U.g B. S. in Educationg U. of Michigan: M. M. JEWEL CHO,-XTE Homc Ilconornicsp S. 1. N. U. 5 B.S. in Education. MARTHA CRAWFORD Girls' P.E,g Healthful Living 5.1. N. U. g B.S. in Education George Peabodyg M. A. KATHRYN DAVIS Director of Guidance: GHSTg Vocations 5.1. N.U. 5 B. S. in 7 Education S, I. U.g M. S, in Education. is Will? 194 '27 RUTH ESTHER HILL Librarian Kansas State Teachers' Collegeg B. S. in Educationg U. of Chicagog B. L. S. LUCILLIE HOWELL Englishg Dramaticsg U. of Chicagog Ph. B. S. I. U. g M. S. in Education. IRA LARGE Mathematicsg Ass't. Basketball Coach U. of Illinois: B. S. in Educatong M. S. in Education. DIANA DODD Englishg Annual Adviser 5.1. N.U.g .,, B. S. in Education. MARY LEE FRANCIS Commerce S.I.U. g B.S. in Education. O. K. LOOMIS Agriculture U. of Illinois: B. S, in Educationg M. S, in Education. ROBERT LEWIS Boys' P.E.g Algebrag Basketball Coach Northeast Missouri State Teachersg B.S, in Education. JAMES MARTIN Mathematics: S. I. U. : B. S. in A Education: M. S. in Education. OTTO OHMART Biology: General Science South- east Missouri State Teachers' College: B. S. in Education. FRANCES H. SITTER English: Chemistry St. Mary- of-the-Woods College: B. S. in Education: U. of Illinois: M. MARY E. SIVIA French: Latin S, I. N. U.: B.S. in Education U. of Wisconsin: M. A. ARSICEL REESE Commerce S. I. N. U. g B. S. in Education. C.B. ROELS Boys' P.E.: Head Football Coach Western Michigan College: B. S. in Education. ELLA JANE PICKLES SANDERS English S.I. N.U. : B.S. in Education. "j . RICHARD TABER Commerce: Eastern Illinois State Collegeg B. S. in Education. INEZ WAECHTER Home Economicsg Family Living North Dakota State Collegeg B. S. in Education. MARIE BELCHER School Nurseg Anna State Training Schoolg St. Elizabeth Hospital, Chicago. OPAL STEPHENS Girls' P. E.: S.I.U.g B. S. in Education. JACK STEPHENS Safety Educationg World Historyg Baseball Coachg S. I. U. g B. S. in Education JO ANN GOLLON Secretary. MAXINE KING Secretary. 'L Cpudfocband UNION HALL CUSTODIANS Sam Weiss Lester Kaufman PJ, BENTON HALL CUSTODIAN Guy Elkins BAR SAN HALL CUSTODIANS Lester Zrmmermai Fred Smlck Faculty Chr1stmas Party aku,-.Q CAFETERIA HELPERS Beulah Eamhart Iva Pearce Luc11leWom1ck Cashrer Frankre Womrck Manaber ' I I b . . . ' . . ,1 ' n 1 r 1 1 - .xg-J .gyucfenfa I ..! it Lf GO TO WORK I D 3 .1 is-, N .,,,...u 1 I I 1 -pw Sl I ix j -5 . ' sv L'- Qg Q , -,ze ,, I , ""3'FlgL . 4 5 I. 7 if 4'7"- '8 Q ' ,Z " 'L 1772 it K E6 ky. L, . E AF it .5 51 -Q xv. -A FURTHER THEIR EDU 'S is. 1 -"!n41.Q - ni-A-.- - I bali Y ,g. if 'ffm' QgMf , ,N in ?-"af f f"Y if 'le V F' ' 'W ff' ' -4 XXX ' '39 Q Y PRACTICE CITIZENSHIP TRAI tx. 2 Q Y. .1 "" s 'Lr""9' S..-. N- f 4 Qu 417 Wwnvgy - k ff' vm, .,W,A 0 'Www i 1 2 1 I ,K w ,4 'Q 4 'V " im ' I 4 59' 5 1 if A 1 ' kwa," I 1 Q "r .. Q I 1 A S. ' , V I 'Q I' g r x :Z af i 13 f ,- , Q , 'W 1' 1 wha. ,' . I ta-L' fi A .. ,.f-1. . .2 . Q K Vw- ,S t Ag., -Aw , .X , , ,W ,M -JPQSQL-.. , ., 1 f 'I 'g , Q X l H 31 O an, 'VWQ 'fQQ:,iEq,. f ,wr , mf!! -4' ,fix "Qi 74 I . Q 1 'v 8. 1 A ri: . .l e I ,Z -is 4-1- J., D 2. . W f ?ff zf ,..h ,M 'gi' Y I , ,wwnmma-g my nv' ,977 .W-. Q, 1- Q- 1 - fi o 'R bf! Q Q Q. 6 3 it ' x , , it A we 3' nj!! Q W 4 " ' nf A, 1 X S Qt Ng, 6 'gm Q ii?ij,3 er? , if ful f gr: .O 3 ,ffggw 2-sf? y, X nr 1 Z be Q' ., ,Q-w.,..+ , J X A .1 , , q Q , ,.,,,q,,.. , -,S ff. pl b J f. X- 1:1-f H, , ,,,,L l - 1 f Q mm 4 -nn? . af. ,i ,, V- J QA ' . A-, m-4 1 ' K Ly 6115586 r RANDALL BENSON Presidentg Boys' State 35 Junior Play 3g Local Honor Society 3, 4. BOBBIE AYERS G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Pep Club 2: Teds and Tessies 4. f-ff 'f-125' PATTI LACY Vice-Presidentg Student Coun- cil 1, 3,49 Class Officer 2, 45 Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. enior KKCLZU BARBARA BASLER JAMES BASSE Business Club 3g Library Club Gun Club 3, 4g French Club 4g 4g Teds and Tessies 4. President of Home Room 4. SHIRLEY WALL SHIRLEY WOMICK Secretaryg Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer, Student Council 3, 4g Local Honor Society 1.2, 3, 4: Board of Directors 4g Tri-Hi -Y National Honor Society 3, 43 4g Senior Class Officer 4, JANE LEE BAUER Latin Club I,2, 3,45 Treas. of Home Room 43 Bi-Phy -Chem I, 2, 3. 0 fi. 15- JR! lg '27 fd RONALD BEAN DEAN BITTLE WESLEY BOIE JAMES BOOMER F. F. A. I,2, 3, 45 Pres. 35 Local Honor Society I,2, 3, Teds and Tessies 45 Science F. F. A. 3,45 Industrial Arts Hi -Y 2, 35 Student Council 45 Treas. 45 National Athletic Club 25 First Prize in Dis- 2, 3. I, 4. Scholar-Ship Society 3, 45 trict Comest5 Safety Club 4. Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4. JANE BOYD F. l-l. A. Officer I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Officer I V' ., X4 GENE BRIMM BUD BRIMM Chess and Checkers 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Operater Club Science Club 15 Safety 3, 45 Home Room President 3. Club 4. 45 Local Honor Society, I, 3, 45 LADONNA BOYD Latin Club I,2, 3,45 French Club 3,45 Business Club 3, 4. JACK BRIMM "C" Club 2, 3,45 Football I,2,45 Baseball 2,3, 4. BOB BROCK Science Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Chess and Checkers 3. -I-3 TOMMY BROWN BOBBIE CASPER FRED CHAMNESS JUNIOR CLARDY Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Teds and Teds and Tessies 4, Foreign 'C' Club 3, 4, Hi-Y Club Tessies 4g Pres. 45 Business Relations 4: F. H. A, 2, 3. Officer 3, 4, Pep Club. Club 3. VERNA CROWELL Teds and Tessies 4. gk '17 CARL CRUSE i F. F. A. ' CHARLES DAISY Football I, 2, 3, 4g Letter VIRGINIA DAVIE 3,4g Basketball 1.2, 3.4, ANNETTA DALE Pep Club 1.2, 3.4, Tri WREATHA CRUSH Lena: 3.4, Latin Club 1, G,A. A, Leaders- Club Hi-Y 3.4, Latin Club F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Pres. 4. Teds and Tessies. I. 2, 3. 4. 1 x . .v A r LEON DAVIS - lndusuial Arts Club 3, 4g Pep Club 1. DARELD DAVIS RUSSELL DAVIS Band I, 2, 3, 4. VIOLA EASTMAN Latin Clubl 2 3 4 Sec PAUL EARNHART 4 French Club 3 4 Local SCIBHCC Club 2 3 4 Honor SOCISIY 2 4 .63 A-9, LORETTA mvrs F. H. A. 3g Leaders' Club 4. GILBERT DILLOW LUCILLE EDDLEMAN FHA l234Of1cer 2 4 Student Councrl 4 Local Honor SOCISIY 3 4 RICHARD DAVIS F. F. A. I, 2, 3,43 Science Club I,2Q Business Club 4. DELIA ELAM Local Honor Soclety I 2 3 4 Sec 4 Nauonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Nauonal Thespxans 3 4 Offrcer 4 Teds 8a Tessres 4 Secretary 4 CHARLES ELLIS F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club I,2, 3, 4, Proj. Club L+ DOROTHY GLASFORD Business Club 3, 4, Library I. HELEN EVANS French Club lg F. H. A. l,2,4g G. A. A, I,2. FAYE FULLER Local Honor Society 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 45 Officer 2.3, F.H.A. MARY ANN GRONER Local Honor Society, 1, 2 4: F.T.A. 1,2,3,4g Teds and Tessies 4. LUTHER FEAR Latin Club I,2, 3,4g Tall Tales Club 4, Camera Club 3: Sec. DANNY GILL Hi-Y I,2,3, 4g 'C' Club 3, 43 Football 3, 4. LOIS GROVES Gi.r1's State 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Local Honor Society l,2, 3,4g National Honor Soc- iety 3, 4. FAWN FOLLIS F. F. A. I,2, 3,4, Office Watchdog, 2. IRVIN HARVEY Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3- 4- - ,f -than ," 5 ' 1 :""' ig 1 il GLENN HEISNER Latin Club 4, French Club 4, F.F.A. 2. 3.4. . f , I E H .Phe f y X '-wx A. 1 - ,5 is its on L 572: JEANETTE HOYLE Local Honor Society tg Latin Club I,2, 3, 4, F. T.A. 3.4. 1 l . -f--A Z '-0-41-Q El. 224. l f PAUL HILEMAN PAM HINDMAN Latin Club I,2, 3,45 Nat- Student Council 3, 4, Pres. 4, ional Thespians 3,49 Hi-Y Local Honor Society I,2, 3,4g 2, 3, 4. National Honor Society 3, 4, JAMES HONEY Chess 85 Checkers 3, Hi-Y 4. HAROLD HUBBS F. F. A. 4. - f F Y if National Thespians 3.4, Pres. 4. BARBARA HOUSEMAN Student Council 4, Latin Club I,2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. HOWARD HUBBS Hi-Y 2, 3, Safety Club 4. New 'Q' CAROL HOLTZ Class President 3, Local Honor Society I,2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 43 Latin Club I,2,3,4g Officer 3. """"5 A if L VM ,W . r' AVIL3 V A Q . , , ,,,, . 35, ' ij.. JACKIE HUBBS H1-Y 4. if BILL HUDGENS I-Ii-Y 2, 3, Industrial Arts 2, 3. LARRY LAM Boys' State 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4. V ,R , 1 , DICK ISAACS Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 31 4- JOYOUS JONES F. F.A r,2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 4. LARRY LARSEN Hi-Y 1,z, 3,4, Latin ciub 2, 3, 4, Chess and Checkers 3, Secretary 3. O A. 4 '53 BILL JACKSON F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Hi-Y I,2,3, 4, Off- icer 4, Boys' State 3. DELORES KELLEY Tri-Hi -Y Officer 4, Library Club 3,4: G. A. A. r,2. 3,4. LOUISE LIGON Teds 8, Tessies 4, Business Club 3, 4, F. H. A. 3. 4. F K- DAVE JAY Junior Play Stage Manager, Hi-Y 2, 3.4, Officer 4, Local Honor Society 3.4. MARY LIGON Local Honor Society 1.2, 3, 4, Officer 4, National Honor Society 3,4, F. T. A. 2, 4, Teds 8, Tessies 4. ,Q 35 55 'hd 1 SHIRLEY LINSON GAYLE LIRELY GAA l234Of1cer 4 Lrbrary 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 Local Honor Society 3 4 Library Club 3 4 Pres 4 JIM MCINTIRE Student Counc112 3 4 Tres 4 Lat1n Club I 2 3 4 Vice Q? Pres 4 Foorballr 2 3 4 Letter 3 4 had MARY LOU MANUS F. H. A. I,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y JUANITA MILLIS 43 Foreign Relations 3,4g Pep Club 3, 4g G.A.A. 1, Officer 4. 2, 3,45 Library Club 3,4. Q 'R i DICK LYER LA F H A 2 3 4 Offrcer 3 4 Scrence Club 2 3 4 Hr Y I Football I PAT MANNINGER local Honor Society 4- A I 2 3- Tri-Hi-Y 4- Officer 4 BARBARA MODGLIN G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Officer 4g Lead- ers Club 4. CARROLL MCINTIRE nib' -G' 41 ALLIBETH NALLEY Band r,2, 3, 4g Latin Club I,2,3,4: Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3 4 ibm rf-"."" NINA NEWMAN Trans. 35 G. A. A, -Vs! 'wr 2 1 HN- ,H . I V1 A CARTER PARTRIDGE F.F. A. 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. ,QJQQ JOHN NICHOLAS Hi-Y I,2,35 Pres. 45 Boys' State, Football 1,2, 3,45 Letter 3,4. KATHRYN omz Band r,2,3,4, Tri-H1-Y 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3.4, BOB PECORD F. F. An 1021 3: 45 F' F. A. Financial Committeeg Jun- ior Play Committee. ssh, 5 I 55 42: Q' 3, f gf 16.51 A ,N ' JIMMY D. NORRIS Football I,2g Letter 3,45 Hi-Y I,2,4g Officer 35 National Athletic Scholar- ship Society 3, 4. BILLIE JOE NORTH Latin Club I,23 Teds and Tessies 45 Homeroom Officer 3. JOYCE PAGE F. T. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 'F 3,45 Teds and Tessies 45 Local Honor Society I, 3,4, DIXIE PEELER JAMES RINEHART Latin Club 1.2, 3,45 Mixed Latin Club 1.2, 3,45 Jun- Chorus I, 2, 35 I-lomeroom ior Play5 Homeroom Officer President 4. I, 4. 1, .J 3 Q PAT ROBERTSON French Club r,2, 35 Student Council 35 Library Club 3, 4. SHIRLEY ROMINE Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Officer 45 Library Club 3, 45 Homeroom Officer 3, 4. . 'QQ' A 1 915, EUGENE ROTHSCHILD BEVERLY SAMS Baseball 3, 45 F. F. A. 2, 3, Cheerleader I, 2, 45 Home 45 French Club 3, 4. coming Attendant 45 F T A 1.2, 3, 45 Officer 3,4 GENE SEATS "C" Club r,2, 3,45 Officer 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1,2. DONALD SCHLENKER French Club, 4. VALERIE SCRUTCHFIELD Local Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 45 Business Club 3,45 Officer 3. MARTHA STEPHENS Local Honor Society 3,45 French Club 3,45 President 45 Homecoming Queen :J MARY LOU STEPHENS French Club 3,45 Business ROY STARK Attendant 4. Club 3. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4 -5 G! .,::k: , 4 .1.9, 5li1 LARRY SWAIN "C" Club 2, 3,45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Letter 2, 3, 45 Foot ball I, 2. 1 f l 0- ' Y 4' A WAYNE THOMAS LARRY WHITE F. T. A. 2, 35 Latin Club I5 Teds and Tessies 4. AML. Q EVERETT URY BOB WILLIAMS Band I, 2, 3, 4. 4 F.F. A. 25 Industrial Arts Club 2, 35 Basketball I. is 's SHIRLEY TREECE LINDA TURLEY Foreign Relations Club 4. Cheerleader 1.2, 3,45 Class Officer I,2g Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. LARRY YOUNG KENNY WINN Football 1,2,3,45 Letter Hi-Y 3, 45 Industrial Arts Club 2, 35 Officer 3. l,'.-sa 3,45 "C" Club 3,45 Latin Club I,2, 3, 4. emor aaa ,Malory As we the class of 1954 are about to leave the dear old halls of A J we look back for qulck glance oxer our past four happy years August 1950 saw us enter for the f1rst t1me these premlses as 188 green green freshmen To lead us through th1s f1rst year we chose for our off1cers Kent Keller Pres1dent Sh1rley Eaves V ce Pres1dent L1nda Turley Secretary and Beverly Sams Treasurer We were proud to have Sh1rley Wall L1nda Turley and Sh1rley D1llow represent us on the Freshman Sophomore cheerleadlng squad There were 18 boys from our class on the football squad We had 8 boys representlng our class on the basketball team They were Dlck Isaacs Kent Keller Larry Young Irmn Harvey Charles Da1sy Everett Ury Barry Fowler and Gene Seats Our second year we were 168 gay and ust al1tt1e srlly sophomores We started th1s year r1ght by chooslng Sh1rley Wall Pres1dent Pattl Lacy Vlce Presldcnt L1nda Turley Secretary and Beverly Sams Treasurer Sh1rley Wall Beverly Sams and L1nda Turley were chosen as Freshmen Sophomore cneerleaders A am th1s year we were represented by 18 boys on the football squad We contrlbutci 8 boys to the basketball team w1th Kent Keller s mak1ng the varslty teanm For the th1rd t1me A J opened 1ts doors to us th1s t1me as 130 Jollv Jolly Jurlors Our offlcers were Carol Lee Holtz Presxdent Kent Keller V1ce Presldent Del1a Elam Secretary and Sh1rley Wall Treasurer To add more honors to our already famous lass we presented the three act comedy Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Th roles were portrayed by Gene Rothsch1ld Pamela H1ndman L1nda Turley Paul I-hleman Del1a Elam Bob W1ll1ams V1ola Eastman Jane Boyd Kent Keller J1mmyNorr1s Mary Llgon Valerle Scrutchf1eld Randall Benson Carol Lee Holtz Sh1rley Wall Lo1s Groves D1ck Bradley and Russell Dav1s Part1c1pat1ng 1n sports act1v1t1es th1s year we had 12 boys on the football squad Out of these twelve J1mm1e McInt1re Danny G1ll J1m Norr1s Dean Blttle John N1cholas Larry Young Fred Clxamness D1ck Isaacs and Charles Da sy were lettermen Charles Da1sy Larry Young and Dlck Isaacs helped make up the vars1ty basketball squad Sh1rley Wall and L1nda Turley were on the cheerleadlng squad agaln th1s year Lo1s Groves was chosen to attend Ill1n1 G1rls State Not leavlng out the boys B111 Jackson Randall Benson Larry Lam and John N1cholas attended Boys State Pamela H1ndman and Jane Boyd attended the Student Counc1l Conventlon 1n Chlcago To conclude th1s busy year we chose Showboat' as the theme for our Junlor Senlor Prom The Junlors and the Senlors and the1r guests spent an enjoyable exen1ng watch 1ng the entertalnment by The Musketeers and danclng to the muslc of Jack Stalcup and h1s orchestra Del1a Elam Carol Lee Holtz Mary Llgon Lo1s Groves Sh1rley Wall and Pamela H1ndman were chosen for the Nat1ona1 Honor Soclety Feellng somewhat older we began our f nal year at A J w1th an enrollment of lll The offlcers were Randall Benson Pres1dent Pattl Lacy V1ce Pres1dent Sh1rley Wall Secretary and Sh1rley Wom1ck Treasurer The crownlng event of the fall season was when Sh1rley Wall was elected Home com1ng Queen Her attendants were Bexerly Sams L1nda Turley Martha Stephens and Pattl Lacy For lettermen 1n football were Dean B1ttle Fred Chamness Charles Dalsy Danny G1ll D1ck Isaacs J1m Mclnt1re John N1cholas J1mmy Norr1s and Larry Young John N1cholas was elected to All Conference To help make up the varslty qulntet we contrlbuted Charles Dalsy and D1ck Isaacs Our cheerleaders were Beverly Sams Sh1rley Wall and L1nda Turley One of the f1nal h1ghl1ghts of our hlgh school career was the senlor play Curtaln Go1ng Up Members of the cast were Pamela H1ndman Bobb1e Casper Dave Jay J1m Norr1s J1m McInt1re Gene Rotschlld Bob W1ll1ams Sh1rley Wom1ck Alhbeth Nalley Joyce Page V1ola Eastman Jane Boyd Randall Benson Valer1e Scrutch f1eld Mary Ann Groner Del1a Elam and Russell Davls Pamela H1ndman and Lo1s Groves won pr1zes 1U the Elk s Essay Contest and Mary Llgon and L1nda Turley recelved Creatlve Wr1t1ng Awards from the Woman s Club Ronald Bean was g1ven the F F A State Farmers Degree In our four years Kent Keller Pamela H1ndman Carol Lee Holtz Dav1d Jay Randall Benson Lo1s Groves and Luc1lle Eddleman were chosen for Wau Wau Taug Forward ever backward newer " I O 1 - , ' ' 1 1 1 . , . . J - ' . ' ,. 1 1 1 L 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 X . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - V 3 . . 1 1 1 - . . . . . . . - A I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , X - O 1 - 3 , -1 , . I . - . . - . . . 1 . V 1 1 ,1 A ' - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - f- - - 1 ll VI D 1 . C 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J- . 1 1 . . . . ' . V . 1 . , I 1 1 1 ' ll I ' , ' ' ' ll ll ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . V . - 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 - . . . . . H . ' ll . ' ' . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , . . . . . , 1 - . 1 . . . , ' 1 1 1 1 C 1 1 1 ' Il . , , 1 ,jx- Joe Peggy Kay Hende r son Hine s Mille r President Vice- Secretary Pre sident Ken Kreitner Treasurer unior au .21 gi at , . ft, , Q X SF mf: Q fx N SQL - .t Patsy Acuff Jane Aldridge Imogene Baity Dennis Basler Gerald Bauer Marvin Bennett Donna Biggs Ronald Bittle Doris Blaney Alice Boone Jackie Booth Bill Boyd Phil Boyd Kenneth Boyer Ronald Bradley Peggy Brimm Donald Brooks Jeanette Brown 'gr-Q 5 Jo Brown Bill Buster Kenny Buzbee 1 Lynn Casper Donald Cerney Billy Chapman " Mary Ruth Choate Burmadene Clardy 2486" 'V 1... Harlan Coffman -' Carroll Coleman Y PQ Q' Carmen Cross ,L Carolyn Davis ' :- Velma Davis iw JoAnn Dewitt Dorothy Dillon Alma Dillow gf Larry Dillow we-,M Lula Belle Dillow 5 ' i I Noel Dougherty ' Clover Dunkin f 2 g, Edwin Eddlernan l Donald Egelston ' L'.','?f,'s1 Donna Ferguson i F Sydney Foreman Sharon Fowler 9 6' Q i Shirley Fowler H li", I .,,. Do rothy Gardne r Donald Girtman 1 Jim Gore Jim Greenley ,Q Torn Greenwood Doris Groves T Charles Haire V' 1 Q Nj AG., 1 in , TS' LJ.. J f- ' L 5 Q to' , .J W- as QQ A1 1 1, A . x"' 5' ' ..- Q 6' f 4' sd :V F nw, "" 60,0 gc KW . 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Q' ,. 5 L x43 an-A 37 Q. as if Qing Gary Linda Ann Donald Meye r Mc Million Croft White President Vice- Secretary Treasurer Pre sident sSi,,9A0l'fl0l'e do t R , Betty Bag ott A 'J' B ' and B ' Jack Baier Kenny Baker Billy Bat s on C73 We' Helen Bennett is Maxine Bernhard , Herman Blackward Raymond Boswell A Q Emily Boyd , 'Z s Kenny Brimm D 1 Dale Brooks ' i 2 r ye Lois Ann Carter 4 A Jackie Casper Richard Chamness Robert Chamness Dorothy Corzine Mike Corzine Harlene Cruse Barbara Dale Bobby Joe Dale Bob Davis Constance Davis Janice Day Bobby Dennis Martha Dillow Shirley Dillow Vicki Dillow Barbara Dirden Carolyn Early Ronald Ellis Marjorie Eudy Joan Fear Bob Filter Gerald Fink Gary Fowler Sarah Fox Bruce Fulenwider Don Fuller Benny Garwood Barbara Glasford Jimmy Goddard Sandra Graves Paula Groner Wayne Hankla Dale Harvell Larry Hays Mary Louise Healy June Henderson Jerry High Frankie I-Iileman 26 V 5 W 'w' f DT r I E. Aki y ,cg A 6' sf Q I ,Kr F Y .rf 1- :H ' J 'x inf if Mx . 1-x , 1 i ' Q Q. ,s mc H' Q -,, J, -n ' -if Q I 'f X -:- 'A .JA . Y, 1 4. Maul -1 4- -r. 2. M W' 4, i' 1. S. -Q G fvs A ic. pgs YC' NX Q .X K I 4 I' i 9 itll' . Q! si 2' fr ' fu 4 I v 5- 5. Qs" Vai .Q-4 ic' 1951 L ff 1 'Sl 4 Lung , - , 1 1 ' It 'fig Mary Hileman -vq. ,q as -.,4 A ox 'V' ii'-.. "ii-nay' 5 :ar " '- sf- . F5 -af ' V' "" f Q... "Wi B V? .sa S 4 W, si ,f -nn.-4. I ' , 'rat fi 1 3 'f x 16- j' 1? 'GIF ' S X, x Q 6' sq s ' Q if V 'fu-Ts fu' A , 59 X J V r 'J r X f , , Q X J rx n V 9 -'S my J ' B ii 'li ' ' Qu, K Bib Q N ivy L ? -2 , 7-sv" bf, M, if Betty Housernan Nancy Housnnan Wanda Jackson Damaris Jean Jack Jenkins Bonnie Jones Jackie Jones Sara Keller Nadine Kelley Virginia Kerr Shirley Ann Kesler Linda Knight Della Koch Karl K. Kohler Judith Lamer Judy Lasley Loretta Lernaster Jack Lewis Jacquelyn Lewis Leslie Lingle Mike Losacco Jean McCabe Richard McCain Sandra Meisenheime Bobby Menees Sharon Miller Pat Millis Dewane Moreland Carrol Mowery Bob Mueller Carolyn Neibauer Patty Nicholas Betty Nimmo Pearl Nix Bruce Poole Frank Powles Nancy Ray di 5 Paz Renflleman S l 3 Q 'Fig GarlandRhyne .125 ' 5 Phyllis Rothschild 'say' Sue Rushing Alice Russell "' '- Peggy Sams 5550: Jane Sanders 1, Pat Schell Joyce Shelton g Ronnie Shepard a :Q Q Ann Smiddy Golda smlflfly 'Yi :Jil 'Q ov 1-4 - 3 Imogene Smith is 4 Kay Smith John Sneddon We Bonita Spurlock Bill Stokes sb Nancy Stone r Joe Sullivan ,. Donna Treece v I Jesse Tutt vs.. s" Carol Tweedy f L 1 Lindell Walker 'R s George Weaver E 5 Patsy Webb ', is. X Travis Wheaton .V V , ,X Derrel Willyerd Q 'rr-xr i xv' J A James Willyerd Ai V J' y f 5, . K LK f ..a pi . , xx Kenny Wilkerson Shirley Wilson E 5 Larry Womack 5 l S Jim Woocl f . ' I' I 1 1,95 1 Q, Lula Wright p .. 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' ,hx if 9 ' - ' Richard Butler I f fi mx Z :, x B 'Ll 'X 'l"1 if J ' ix Q J V harles Carhart ' C 2 Gordon Carnell S may Q. A Q, Paul Carnell 2 ' da ' X . ",. Q Q , B Nancy Jo Carrington 'gf A ' . Susanna Carter y N 2 1 Charmayne Casey X ,Aa-Q' N 'L N .A g 4, M , ,,.f - i , I ' , , J .Vyy ,g , . Peggy Casper V W My V D i J M B Robert C. Cates 'Q S C 4:1 - A John chamne-ss Q, 'A J' 1 ,ff .gy Mike chase V X ' g ,i 1 e""f' C, Gene Clardy rv' I ' Y Nix C A Vurtis Clayton A ,, ,,,,, tci'4 ' c - Anita Conyer . 6 fi- I 4- v Q -3 Q' 4' , Q X Bobby coryeu g B - . ' , v , L 6- Don Coryell f i " ,gi Charles Craig R' rf' 3 ,, J ,Q i fgg Lucille Crissip 1 X I B ' l if .Lani N --. -' .. -' Melvin Crowell . , ,. Q 4- ' 1' Q' Ja G ry 'J 'G' ei Rudy Crowell ' , cz, A ,Y X -'?'.- sw, Donald Dale , v ' ' -E: Robert Davie Q -, I Larry Joe Davis X fl 'L-A . P A - f Susanne Davis A Viola Davis g I A .Q 72 1. - J' Q. an Q "' Wanda Davis ix sf. X' ' 5, . Robert Dillow V " 1 fC,"f ' I . Jean Dunkin I I X, ' Junior Dunkin ' K Barbara Earnhart Joyce Ann Eaves QQ Ego' . . :Q 5 wr" , 1 544624 f I. g" um J ' D 'Q ' 1 f. J! G? ,uf Billy Ecker John Paul Elarn Frances Farrar Roberta Fowler William Frey e gy! -,Q Fern Frick Q- J 4. inf nv- .51 -ar Marilyn Frick Wallace Frick Gary Fuller Eddie Gaddis Bill Garner Sherry Garrard X -fl 'wa la V Rodger Gossett v .I iv:-.lx H Q y ,Q Jimmy Graves ' L K by g - S W Carlene Gregory GJ gf 45' if 4 2. Q "" " , M David Grobe ,5 Q, V lov - A .., g Sv DeAnna Hankla if -3' Q X 'N J' Billy Hatcher ii K X David Hatcher 5 ' A Louise Heisner 4 f . David Hilernan ' 6 Q cw -w L. winsread Hill ' of ,gy nga' ij: Arthur Houseman f ' 'N' L' M Ruby Joan Howell X ,, ...Ari .A ' . A K I I I it PA.--4 Y' , W Judy Hunsaker A . Barbara Inman 4: 'J 2 9 ,, ,, -ff' Q Marilyn Jay L55 " y, 2 W, Sue Ann Jobe V A' U ' ' David Johnson j X ' Nancy Keller J Yue- b V 5 C1 .-, Q if ig 1 Dx Lanora Kelley " ' '31 p ix Marsha ling 1 X Us y ,,, ,. cb gl 6, J y if arnes now es 5' ' V V C' 1' 5' l Q ' Alan Koehn QQ 'Q' Y 'S' it Tom Kuehne rt l ' S ' l' Jade Land , f ' f 4 Fin -, A 1 ' - ' l J Marlyn Land Ak 1 ' .1 rl ' Peggy Lewis 'P .,: ,. gt " 'P Qi" -u. 3 - - A Billy Linson 4 lx' ll xx .""' . ,YR gylfsgy Jon Lutz ' , . -f I ' y H g X Elaine Lyerla y J ' V' V," i ' John McCarver V' 1. -45 J ' 'ix Ax 'v. Sonny Mainer Donald Mathis Marvin Mathis Joyce Meisenheimer Be rnetta Mille r Eleanor Mille r Marvin Miller Joyce Mowery Charlene Newman John Newman Ruth Ann Newman Martha Nicholson Cecelia Norris Phillip Otrich Susan Penninger Karen Penrod James Pitts Nancy Ramsey Charles Ray Nancy Rendleman Jim Rich Richard Robinson Sue Rosenthal Kenny Rosson Marilyn Russell Shirley Russell Marilyn Sadler Phyllis Sadler Troy Sandlin Carl Schuetz Carl Shepard Lou Ann Sheppard Emma Simmerman Ronald Simmerman Jolene Sims Lora Skelton Judith Ann Smiddy Bob Smith Vivian Smith Kathe rine Smithe y Donald Sneddon Raymond Spradling is J i L w- Q5- Y"'v 'mr f -R' it ND' if lv .. Q 4 my is-beg' Ted Spurlock John Stepp Floy Stokes DeAnn Stout Jack Stuber Helen Sulhvan J an1e Sulhvan Logan Taylor Sh1rley Tlbbs Jeanette Tr1pp Frances Turley Leon E Turner Marllyn Turner Peggy Turner Emlly Tutt Jan1ce Tweedy Tommy Tweedy Carolyn Wall Carmella Watk1ns Irma Wenger Jenn1fer We st Wayne Wh1tes1de Gene W1ggs Bobby W11l1ams , 3 Ronald W11l1ams 'vm 6 9' Dav1d Wlnn Judy Worruck Carl Woods A Donald Woods L-'-w-1 46 Ronnle Wyatt R1chard Yates Karen Young 5 b -yn Q ' 'HJ N K QQ Q ' -' , ' ' f J W ' QL! on ,SV - 1 r' , il ' "r ' "fr J P' ' Q . V X ' ' ' Q X uf' A N C' vt I -1' WPI? I I ' 5' ' I Q K 1 - , V x Vg 7 am F3 x ,I . If of ag 'Q 6 Ki' N, Prff T o ,W 1 f , - xy X K .X ,fi br W' X ,Qi 5 . gl W. -K . ffl A an J J 3' A 2423 f A ' L' - . f1,.- .V ' , f ' 4 . V A 'r .- ,f I . V4 sms' . . . U '. if ff" ,f J' " Q1 A 0 ' if .- -T in 4 T ef' f 11 ff e .1 . T - - , , 1 ' ' A , ,f xi? , , yy fx g , Jn, in J f " 1 -4 , for 4 1, an Q f is J . 5 e : L' "" J D 1 Q 573 J ' fy l I , iff? X, T rganizafiond 'QLD .liar MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delia Elam, Viola Eastman, Mary Ann Croner, lane Boyd, Joyce Page, Carol Lee Holtz, Shirley Wall, Pam Hindman, Lois Groves, Mary Ligon. Dean Bittle, Kenneth jobe, Bill Boyd, Iirn Gore, and Charles Daisy. SECOND ROW: Randall Benson, Martha Stephens, Linda McMillion, Jeannie Smith, Sarah Keller, Judy Lamer, Virginia Woodard, Kathleen Williams, Carmen Cross, Peggy llincs, Sharon Fowler, Roberta Stewart, Donna Ferguson, Edwin Eddleman, and Mrs, Davis, THIRD ROW: Valerie Scrutchlield, Golda Smiddy, Carolyn Early, Paula Groner, Damarisjcan, Vicki Dillow, Donna Trcecc, Emily Boyd, Carolyn Davis, Shelby Whitnel, Gayle Lirely, Faye Fuller, Lucille Eddleman, and Dave Jay. OZIOCCIZ onor ociefg The purpose of the Local Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholar- ship, to stirnulate good citizenship, and to promote participation in extra curricular activities. Mrs. Kathryn Davis is the sponsor. The officers are: President, Charles Daisyg Vice-President, Mary Ligong Secretary, Delia Elam, Treasurer, Dean Bittle. Wafionaf ,Honor ociefg Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that a student can re- ceive. Five per cent of the Junior Class and ten per cent of the Senior Class can be selected near the end of the year on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The remain ing Senior members for this year are LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Pam Hindman, Mary Ligon SECOND ROW: Carol Lee Holtz, Shirley Wall, FRONT ROW: Delia Elam, Lois Groves, and Mrs. Davis, sponsor. v 41- LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Charles Daisy, Delia Elam, Mary Ann Groner, Carol Lee Holtz, Jeanette Hoyle, Beverly Sams, Linda Turley, Allibeth Nalley, Shirley Wall, Joyce Page, Lois Groves, Mary Ligon, Virginia Davie, Jane Lee Bauer, Patti Lacy, LaDonna Boyd, Viola Eastman. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Sivia, sponsor, Judy Lutz, Peggy Hines, Pat Keller, Sharon Fowler, Kay Miller, Golda Smiddy, Donna Treece, Della Koch, Peggy Sams, Sara Keller, Jeannie Smith, Barbara Hayes, Mary Lou Toler, Shirley Fowler, Dixie Peeler, THIRD ROW: Nancy Boyd, DeAnna llankla, Karen Casper, Peggy Casper, Nancy Carrington, Judith Smiddy, Shirley Lingle, Kathy Turley, Cecelia Norris, Sue Ann Jobe, Charmayne Casey, Patty Nicholas, Damaris Jean, Nancy Houseman, Jackie Casper, FOURTH ROW: Shirley Kesler, Jean McCabe, Vivian Smith, Peggy Turner, Martha Nicholson, Carlene Gregory, Nancy Rendleman, Carolyn Davis, Shelby Whitnel, Karen Young, Carolyn Neibauer, Sue Rushing, Sue Ferrill, FIFTH ROW: Jim Norris, Marianna Brown, Judy Hunsaker, Marilyn Jay, Barbara Housernan, Joyce Shelton, Emily Boyd, Ann Croft, Judy Lamer, Patsy Schell, Sue Knight, Janice Day, Nancy Ray, Charles Ray, Sandra Meisenheimer, Mary Healy, Martha Dillow. SDCTH ROW: Logan Taylor, Larry Larsen, John Nicholas, Larry Bittle, Bobby Meness, Alan Koehn, Winstead Hill. Ken Buzbee. esfafin OFIHCERS Consul Primus .... Charles Daisy Consul Secundus . . Jim Mclntire Praetor . . . . Viola Eastman Quaestor. . Patti Lacy Sponsor . . Mrs. Sivia Anyone in school who has studied Latin is eligible to belong to the Latin Club. lts most remembered, and traditional activities include: the pot luck supper- initatiation party for new members-the Homecoming float preparations- the Christmas carolling with the French Club- the Roman Banquet in the spring. Latin Club Initiation Latin and French Club Carolling jufure jarmer5 of America . Qufure ,jwlomemagerj of .!4I7lQl'l.CCl 1 f 14' lx 1 f f ,ff if f XXX 'G QQ' I S ii, 46' . wx fm, YQ' f yi R j w x J-X Z 4:9 - 4 E ka ' AG" J-1-sv: ff W Y 1 Y g' I! 1 Y :Q . i Y, B gf? A " .4-4 .IEMBERS ARE-LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: John Nicholas, Larry Lam, Jim Pribble, Bill Tutt, Darrell Sauerbrunn, Harlan Coffman, Bill Boyd, Ronald Bean, Kenneth Jobe, Dean Bittle, Dave Jay, SECOND ROW: Charles Karraker, Edwin Eddleman, Jim Young, Paul Pitts, Fred Chamness, James Rinehart, Paul Hileman, Bill Garner, Gary Fuller, THIRD ROW: Mickey Kelley, Jim Whiting, Gary Meyer, Jim Linson, Phil Hinkle, John Manninger, Jim Honey, FOURTH ROW: Richard McCain, Jim Greenly, Jim Sizemore, lim Norris, Larry Larsen. FIFTH ROW: Irvin Harvey, Danny Gill, Don Tripp, Jim Mclntire. SDCTH ROW: Bill Jackson, Jim Gore, Kenny Winn. SEVENTH ROW: Kenny Buzbee, Bud Brimm, The A-J Hi-Y Club begins its fourth year to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards ofChristian character, They endeavor to fortify their high purposes of clean speech, clean scholarship, and clean living by making themselves of greater service to mankind, The sponsor of this group is Mr. Martin. ji- 5- Q The objective of this organization is to enlist in Tri-Hi-Y every girl in high school who will accept the purpose of the club and whose member ship in the club will be helpful to others in the school or prove beneficial to herself, The purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character, The slogan is: "Pure thoughts, pure words, and pure actions." Mrs. Mary Lee Francis is sponsor of the Freshman-Sophomore group, and Miss Ruth Esther Hill is sponsor of the junior-Senior group. MEMBERS ARE-LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Kathryn Orr, Carolyn Early, Jeannie Smith, Sara Keller, Pat Millis, Carlene Gregory, Sue Ann Jobe, Nancy Keller, Pat Manninger, Joan Joplin, Lucille Eddleman, ShirleyRomine, Delores Kelley. SECOND ROW: Floy Stokes, Martha Ann Nicholson, Patty Nicholas, Sue Brown, Carol Sue Tweedy, Golda Smiddy, Della Koch, Damarisjean, Allibeth Nalley, Joyce Page, Nancy Hous- man, Judy Lamer, Sharon Miller, Sue Ferrill, Shirley Fowler, Virginia Davie, THIRD ROW: Marjorie Eudy, Margaret Anderson, Lou Ann Shep- pard, Kathy Smithey, Doris Willyerd, Kathy Turley, Charmayne Casey, Joyce Misenheimer, Marcia Baggott, Jennifer West, Sidney Foreman, Donna Hunter, Louise Ligon. FOURTH ROW: Susanna Carter, Karen Penrod, Norma Wilson, Betty Nimmo, Joan Fear, Pat Schell, Linda Knight, Pat Rosson, Ruth Williams, Virginia Woodard, Kathleen Williams, Carolyn Davis, Shelby Whitnel, loan DeWitt. FIFTH ROW: Lucille Crissip, Maxine Bernhard, Faye Fuller, Pearl Nix, Shirley Hartman, Dorothy Gardner, Doris Blaney, Patsy Acuff, lane Aldridge, Peggy Brimm, Norma Plott, Virginia Wiley. SIXTH ROW: Miss Hill, Paula Groner, Paz Rendleman, Ann Smiddy, Lula Wright, Kay Smith, Shirley Dillow, Juanita Millis, Mary Lou Manus, Shirley Linson. .""2I"'..1, f i .Z , tx -.xx K Z7 N2 MEMBERS, ROW l: Karen Young, Irma Wenger, Carmella Watkins, Peggy Rise Turner, Roberta Thorne, Roberta Stewart, Vivian Smith, ROW 21 Sue Ann Rushing, Nancy Ray, Karen Penrod, Patty Nicholas, Pat lxlillis, Linda Mclxlillion, Jacqueline Lewis. ROW :ig Pat Keller, Bonny Jones, Barbara Inman, Nancy Houscman, Julie llenderson, Louise Heisner, Mary Healy, ROW 4: Annetta Dale, Ann Croft, Nancy Jo Carrington, Jackie Casper, Marianna Brown, Bobby Ayers, Donlia Ferguson, ROW 5: Dolores Kelley, Lou Ann Sheppard, Sarah Fox, Judy Smiddy, Mrs. Stephens, Miss Crawford, irgi , .x4fALfic Aaociafion The Girls' Athletic Association stimulates interest and participation in various sports. This club makes it possible for any girl to take part in activities after school. Social Activities: trail hike and weiner roast, slumber party, square dances, Mother-Daughter potluck camp, week-end camping trip to Giant City State Park, Playdays. Jackie Lewis and Petty Houseman attended Leadership Camp at Camp Talahi. The G. A. A. girls sponsored the Heart Fund Drive at A-J that netted 544. 30. OFFICERS SPORTS MANAGERS President ....... Pat Keller Pat Nicholas ....... Hockey Vice President. . . Pat Millis Ann Croft, Jackie Lewis . . .Archery Secretary ...... Sue Rushing Pat Millis, Linda McMillion . Tumbling Treasurer . .... Jackie Casper Donna Ferguson ..... Basketball Sponsors .... Miss Martha Crawford Betty I-louseman ........ Mrs. Opal Stephens Badminton and Table Tennis Barbara I-louseman .... Volleyball Roberta Thorne ...... Softball OFFICERS, ROW 1: Donna Ferguson, Pat Keller, Pat Millis, Ann Croft, Delores Kelley, Sue Rushing, Jackie Casper, 1 ' . Pat Nicholas, Linda Mclxlillion, Jacqueline Lewis. ROW 31 After School Actxvltles Mrs. Stephens, Miss Crawford. I 1 'QXX l A-J BAND, LEFT TO RIGHT, SE.-KTED: Sharon Fowler, Patty Nicholas, Sue Brown, Peggy Turner, Shirley Dunkin, Judizh Smiddy, Paula Groner, Carlene Gregory, Charmayne Casey, Susan Penninger, Emily Boyd, Judy Lamer, Vivian Smith, S.1:.tira Meisenheimcr, Pam llindinan, Bob Williams, Don Eggleston, Sarah Keller, Kathryn Orr, Alliheth Nalley, Larry White, Mary Ann Groner, Martha Nicholson, Burtnadene Clardy, Viola Eastman, Carol Lee Holtz, Joan Howell, Nancy Keller, Sue Ann Jobe, Cecelia Norris, Goltla Siniddy, Carolyn Early, Vicki Dillow, Donna Trccee, Jim Prihble, Jim Young, STANDING: Mr. George E. Casper, Director, Russell Davis, Phil Hinkle, Jim Gore, Larry Swain, Peggy Brimm, Benny Garwood, Jerry High, Bob Davie, James Pitts, Paul Hileinan, Dick McCain, Bill Hileman, Nancy Carrington, Gene Andres, Marianna Brown, Delia Elam, Garry Fowler, Imogene Smith, Elaine Lyerla, Donna Ferguson, Phyllis Rothschild, Anita Conyer, Jeanette Hoyle, Jane Boyd. ,ag SENIOR BAND LETTER CLUB MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Carol Holtz, Delia Iilam, Allibeih Nalluy, Jane Bauer, Kathryn Orr, Mary Aan Groncr. SECOND ROW: Russell Davis, Boh Williams, Pain llinthrian, Jane Boyd, Viola Easttnaii, Jeanette Hoyle, Paul Hilernan, Larry White, Larry Swain. 0l0Cll'tl7l8l'll MIXED 111101215 1.11 1 115 R1Lj111, Bfxill-41101-.'g 1111111 11.1:1.'u1., KQ11 X'v'11111, 1-w1111l.' 1S11.:11.'1', 1.11110 1151111111 1, 11111 T111 1111111-, '1w'.:1f11-1111 11.11, .X1.111 K111'11:1, 11111 01111. S1QC,15NQlB1ZO1xg 11.111111111311- .1N, S',u11y. 1s'E1.1z1g1, 111.11113 5.11111-, P1111 11.1111:11.111, '.1.1:'I. .'xi11l Lir11111'r, X.1'11 .' K1'1l1r, 111 -1'- il. 111:11s, 1111.11 1'.1,i1', 111.111 111p11:1, D11:11I111. G.1:d1tur, 1 .'.1 11-rm 511111111- 1'11'1d, M.1r1E1.1 S1U:W11u11:, 13OT1'OM1'401v" K.1111.111m11 W111- ..1.:1s, V1rg'1111.1 1'-'o11d.1r1.1, D1111L1.1 131.513, 14.15 Tx1111ur, 511.1111111111111-r, 512.119, '1N'.111, 1i.11l1rj,:1O1r, C.1r111Lug 11111113 Mr, Cmnrggk 11, CJSPCT, D1ru1'1111', IWIRLLRS C.111T N 11LX Knllu 9111111131111 111 1 1 Thug P11 111, 12011151 11111 A111111 Conyu P.1111.1 011111 N 11.11, 511.1 O11-Oh Q GIRLS' CHORLS LEIT TO RIGHT BACK ROM: 1111.15 L.1111cr 111.1151 .1 . 5- 1011, X'1x:.1.151i111E1, P5111 .1 Gro11cr, L111da McM1111o11, C41- 011,11 E,111L., 51.111115 11o11sc111:111, 1.111c S1111d1:rs. SECOXD ROW: 11no5c11g S1111111, Guida S1111ddy, S.111dr.1 Bucs, E111- ma S1I11111QY111d11, Rita Woesthaus, Paz R1:11d1c111.111, 511.14 Co111.'Qr, 14.11011 Pcnrod, Lou A1111 S11cp11crd, Mr. Georg 13. C.1sp1gr1 BOTTOM ROW: 111116 S11111va11, B11111111: 1o11us, 111'1111'1.Qw1s, L111111 Turley, 1.11m Boyd, 1L1L1A. Wo1111u11, T11.1r,1I. . 1.15, B.1:1ur.1 C1.1L.'1o:1. M1 --H - , ' , . L ct... Qi 14' Q... MEMBERS -OUTSIDE ROW, CLOCKWISE: Marianna Brown, Sue Rosenthal, Karen Lam, Pat Keller, Jeanette Brown, Juanita Millis, Lois Ann Carter, Lucille Eddleman, Lois Groves, Mary Ligon, Susan Penninger, Cecelia Norris, Linda Mclxiillion, Betty Nimmo, Sara Keller, Edwin Eddleman, Sue Rushing, Jackie Casper, Paula Groner, Judy Lamer, Carolyn Early, Patty Nicholas, Jackie Lewis, Sue Brown, Martha Ann Nicholson, Carlene Gregory, Joyce Misen- heimer, Virginia Kerr, John Nicholas, Fred Chamness, Vicki Dillow, Danny Gill, and Constance Davis. INSIDE ROW: Judy Smiddy, Damarislean, Nancy Carrington, Louise Heisner, Karen Young, Gayle Lirely, Sue Ferrill, Carol Sue Tweedy, Peggy Turner, Vivian Smith, Roberta Thorne, Virginia Davie, Kay Smith, Ann Croft, Dixie Peeler, Emily Boyd, Patti Lacy, Joyce Shelton, Charmayne Casey, Sue Ann Jobe, Nancy Keller, Norma Plott, Joan Joplin, Delia Elam, Allibeth Nalley, Nancy Boyd, Jim Mclntire, and Pam Hindman. "A"-LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Hines, Linda Turley, Beverly Sams, Shirley Wall, and Peggy Sams. "J" -LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Turley, Pat Millis, Della Koch, Donna Treece ep Cala The purpose of the club is to promote school spirit and sportsmanship by forming the nucleus of the cheering section at ballgames, planning pep meetings, and backing the cleerleaders. Miss Martha Crawford and Mrs. Opal Stephens are the sponsors of the club. OFFICERS President ........ Shirley Wall Vice-President . Beverly Sarns Secretary . . Linda Turley Treasurer . . John Nicholas 60 ml, lreshman-Sophomore Cheerleaders giving, "Got A Solid Team! ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Turley, Dnnna Trccce, Della Koch, and Pat Millis, VarsiryClieerleadcrs form a "T" as they give "T-E-A-M" CAQQPLGJQIU "F-I-G-H-T" being given by the Varsity Cheerleaders. LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Sams, Shirley Wall, Beverly Sams, Linda Turley, and Peggyllines, "Yea, Blue" ending up in a split by the Freshman- Sophomore Cheerleaders. ju fare eac em 0 merica suv- ,V It fr.- MEMBERS -LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Page, Linda Turley, Delia Elam, Jeanette Hoyle, Jane Boyd, Carol Lee Holtz, Mary Ann Groner, Beverly Sams, Shirley Wall, Lois Groves, Mary Ligon, Roberta Stewart, Sharon Fowler, and Peggy Hines. SECOND ROW: Ceceila Norris, Lou Ann Sheppard, Shirley Dillow, Doris Rogers, Shirley Lingle, Nancy Carrington, Peggy Sams, Kathleen Williams, Virginia Woodard, Judy Lutz, Pat Keller, Donna Biggs, and Pam Hindman. THIRD ROW: Margaret Anderson, SueRushing, Norma Wilson. Vivian Smith, Marilyn Jay, Marjorie Eudy, Karen Young, Jackie Casper, Par Nicholas, Vicki Dillow, Donna Treece, and Della Koch. FOURTH ROW: Ann Croft, Emily Boyd, Peggy Turner, Anna Lee Barringer, Doris Groves, Jane Aldridge, Carolyn Davis, Shelby Wliitnel, Barbara Hayes, Charles Ray, and Mrs, Sivia, Charles M. Willard FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Club No. 45 The purpose of this club is to help the members learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, and to foster the development of student leadership. The sponsor is Mrs. Sivia. OFFICERS President ..... Pam Hindman Vice-President Carol Lee Holtz 'Q Treasurer . . .Shirley Wall Secretary . . .Joyce Page Librarian . . Beverly Sams Historian' . . Peggy Hines Song Leader . . Peggy Sams Parliamentarian . .Lois Groves Formal Initiation 62 - l pf., oreign pefafiond CM MIIINIBERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Brickcy fsponsorj, loan Dewitt, Lula Belle Dillew, Shirley Ililenian slurlcx lr Bobbie Casper, Barbara Basler, Ruth Williams, Pat Rosson, Donna Ferguson, and STANDING, Mary Lou 'xlanus The Foreign Relations Club was organized two years ago to promote 1 ietter understanding of the United States' relations with foreign countries lt is sponsored hy lvliss Brickey. OFFICERS President .... Mary Lou Manus Vice-President . Lula Belle Dillow Secretary . . . Shirley Hileman Treasurer . . Clover Duncan Wa fiona! f7Aef5loian:5 "Act well your part: there all the honor lies," is the motto of the National The spian Society. Anna- Jonesboro Community High School The spian Troupe 41180 was organized in December, 1951, for the purpose of promoting dramatic activities in the high school. Membership is achieved hy earning points through participation in the activities of play produc- tion. OFFICERS President ..... Pam Hiridfriiiri Vice-President ...,. Dave Jay Secretary-Treasurer .Randall Benson MEMBERS-LEl'l' TO RIGHT, ISE.-XTEDJ: Piggy Hines, Kay fxlillcr, Ljfnii Casper, Phil B yd, Gerald Bauer. Donald Eggleston, Jim Linson, Twin Greenwood, YI ,XNIUINCQ B1llBrwyd, Turley, Randall Bene ln, Paul lliluxnan, lR1z':lI1ntln1.n1, l3.i'.'1dJai', lit-1iBlLzhee, IDL-lla Llani, ani wliumnl wlt-r. 1 1 OFFICERS Pre sident ..... Tom Brown Vice President .Valerie Scrutchfield Secretary ...... Delia Elam Treasurer . .Joyce Page Sponsor . Mrs. Reese LEFT TO RIGHT: Delia Elam, Tom Brown, Valerie Scrutchfield, Joyce Page. SQJ6 ana! jeddied This club was organized in the fall of 1951, and membership is limited to students of Advanced Shorthand. The purpose of the club is to develop and improve personality and to learn how to conduct one's personal business affairs successfully. MEMBERS ARE AS FULLOWS-FIRST ROW: Barbara Basler, Jeanette Hoyle, Mary AnnGroner, Jane Boyd, Viola East- man. Delia Elam, Tom Brown, Bobbie Casper, Dixie Peeler, Carol Lee Holtz, Patti Lacy, Linda Turley, Verna Crowell, Barbara Miller. SECOND Row: Barbara Houseman, Jackie Hubbs, Mary Helen Ligon, Larry Don White, Lois Groves. Mrs. Reese, sponsor, Louise Ligon, Lucille Eddleman, Pamela Hindman, Allibeth Nally, Joyce Page, Valerie Scrulchfield, Wesley Boie, Shirley Wall, Shirley Womick, Billie Joe North, Faye Fuller, Bobbie Ayers, Annetta Dale, - 1 " m ..,, ,......- . m .f4fA A565 93 if ,. i X X ,1sY"'2! Q QQ L I, Vis J' v ,. . Ea -D1 ?' ' ga rvwtw Y , 1 5114.3 1, , W :- ,L L ' I ., n f 33 Q N , f A - D J - X Q Iii J lf. 2' P71 .WW , -1.1 L "ww-0 "-1 bil. 53... I9 3 latin!! SWL LEFT TO RIGHT--FIRST ROW: Fred Chamness, Charles Daisy, Kenneth Jobc, Jim Norris, Jim Sizemore, John Nicholas, Dick Isaacs, Jim Mclntire, Danny Gill, Larry Young, Charles Haire. SECOND ROW: Phil Hinkle, Leon Davis, Jack Baker, Jim Pribble, Johnny Sneddon, Bill Boyd, John Manninger, Kenny Buzbee, Ken Kreitner, Tom Greenwood, Dean Bittle. THIRD ROW: Gary Meyer, Paul Pitts, Assistant Coach "Doc" Abernathy, Mgr. Joe Henderson, Bill Tutt, Coach C.B. Roels, Jim Greenley. The Anna-Jonesboro football squad began the year with ten well-experienced returning lettermen, A-J had a powerful line that averaged 180 pounds, but was hindered by the slowness of both the line and backfield. C. B. Roels and his assistant, "Doc" Abernathy, coached these boys to a score of six wins and three losses for the year. The three losses were conference games which gave them fourth place in the conference. The Wildcats lost their last confer- ence game to the Murphy Red Devils, Z1-73 but came back with a triumphant 53-19 victory over Johnston City to end the season. John Nicholas and Jim Mclntire made the All-Conference first eleven, John was also chosen for the Southern Illinois All Star Team. Jim Mclntire, Fred Chamness, and Larry Young were honorable mention on the All State team. With nine returning lettermen, the football prospects for 1954 look good. 1953 Football Schedule O Eldorado T 6 Chester H I3 Carbondale T O P'knyv'lle H 6 DuQuoin T I2 Metropolis H 20 Sparta T 21 Murphysboro H 191. City T A-I FLRST ELEVEN LEFT to RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Fred Chainness, Kenneth Jobe, Jim Norris, Jirn SiLemore Jim Mclntire, John Nicholas, Danny Gill, Larry Young. SECOND ROW: Gary Meyer, Dick Isaacs, Charles Daisy. JIM MCINTIRE Senior, H. 5'IO". W. 190, L. Tackle. CHARLES HAIRE Junior, H. 5'I0", W. 177. Fullback. GARRY MEYER Sophomore, H. 5'l1" W. 165, Quarterback. JOE HENDERSON Junior, Manager. ht 175 ,HVQJ jj-91 3'r'5Zfe.2' 35213. . A ,...a.,ff'f.?'-sf.. iq 1 5-. ' DEAN BITTLE PAUL PITTS Senior, H. 5'8", W. I3O, Junior, H. 5'Il", W. zoo, Quarterback. L. Tackle. KENNETH JOBE CHARLES DAISY Junior, H, 5'lI". W, 174, Senior, H. 6', W. I60, R. End. Tailback. FRED CHAMNESS DANNY GILL Senior, H. 5'6" W. 150, Senior, H. 5'8". W. I7O. Wingback. L. Guard. C ,rs 'Q V 15-P. 'EQ' 4. v , ',1 -- -' . v - ,f - f 4 L, 4 x 9 CQ BQENEVIK i 'f , ,, 45 rw 13 322' X.. . QYOWQ QETKWS Siklfflf ff 1 . as J LN dd X f' fx, or -,X ,f , f M Xl! 'X T 1-1 71 -1-:LA BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT , Dick Blglcr, Darrell baucrbrunn, Everett Ury, john Sneddon, Ronald Brttle Richard Brttlc Mike Chase SECOND ROW: Ken Kreitncr, Charles Haire, I-IarlanCol'f1nan, Kenneth lobe, Charles Daisy Gary Meyer Dick Isaacs THIRD ROW: Coach Bob Lewis, Jack Lewis, james Brown, Don White, John Chamness Jon Lutz Mlke Corzine Paul Cornell, Assistant Coach Ira Large, ELJLQMQ M .Saud The 1953 1954 asketball season opened under the supervision of two new coaches Ro ert Lewis and his assistant, Ira Large. After losing all of last year's first five he coaches had a big Job of rebuilding ahead of them. A-J also missed that ig man" The final count 6 wins, 17 losses, was not an excellent record, but most of these losses were not hy large margins. The Wildcats went to the Dupo Invitational Tournament, winning their first game 57 55 over Cahokia out lost their second game, 60-71 against Jerseyville They also participated in the Blind" Tournament which was held at Cairo this year There the Wildcats again won the first game with Cairo, 75-71, but lost, 58-49 to Eldorado in The season closes with the McLeansboro game, then the Regional Tournament which is to be held at Shawnee the first week in March. A-J's first opponent will Managers Joe Henderson and Ken Buzbee. SEASON'S SCORES A6J OPPONENT O Vienna Pinckneyville DuQuoin Che ster Marion Johnston City Eldorado Metropolis Carbondale Sparta Murphysboro Chester Cairo Murphysboro Sparta Carbondale DuQuoin Pinckneyville Wood River McLeansboro G , '-'Q ,I ...X 1 CE 1.-XRLIQ5 HAIRI jnmiox, Cu.xrd 1 w 165 H. 5'1x"--xx. 1,n .1 h -M amz! ..,.-.- s X!- ia a . ,QV J 'cl 4 C' 'F 'f 67 GARY MEYER Sophomurc, Guard II. 6'--W. 172 A 01 14 'SA -f x if f 4KW" f" BASEBALL SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT. FRONT ROW: Gary Meyers, Gene Rothschild, Jim Pribble, Kenneth Jobe, Larry Swain Bob Pitts, Jack Brimm. SECOND ROW: Jack Lewis, Jerry Thorne, Jim Greenley, Gene Seats, Harlan Coffman, Charles Daisy, Dean Bittle, Coach Jack Stephens. 56155260 K 361,01 A-J. C. H. S. 's young baseball team enjoyed a mediocre season in 1953. Coach Stephens's team was greatly aided by the superior pitching of Gene Seats, a junior. The team was made up of all underclassmen, with the exception of Bob Pitts, a senior four year letterman. There were three freshmen, four sophomores, and six juniors who will be re turning for the 1954 season. These will be expected to boost the base- ball team to a power house in '54, SEASON'S SCORES SCORE OPPONENT WE THEY Shawnee 3 5 Carbondale 5 2 Cairo 10 7 Murphysboro 1 Z DuQuoin O 9 Tamms 5 0 Mounds City 3 1 Murphysboro 1 6 TOTAL RUNS SCORED 72 28 32. lt- gl if MEMBERS, Llll T TO RIGIIT, FIRST ROW: Pat Keller, Beverly Sams, Roberta Thorne, Roberta Stewart, Donna Diggs, Carmen Cross, Lois Ann Carter, Nancy Stoner, Jackie Casper, Margaret Anderson, Lula Belle Wright. SECOND ROW: Judy Smiddy, Annetta Dale, Jacqueline Lewis, Pat Manuinger, Jane Lee Bauer, Doris Rogers, Jane Aldridge, Lucille Crissip, Shirley llillow, Ann siniddy, Donna Ferguson. TIIIRD ROW: Mrs. Stephens, Karen Penrod, Janet Brewer, Janie Sullivan, Marilyn Russell, Patty Nicholas, Vivian Smith, Rita Woesthaus, Nancy Jo Carrington, DeAnn Stout, Laura Skeleton, Norma Lee Wilson, Anna Lee Barringei, Carniela Watkins, llelen Bennett, Miss Crawford. Quad, egnframuraf aggoorfd This is the second year that there has been a Girls' P. E. Leaders' Club. It is composed of two divisions--the senior and the junior groups. These girls have regular meetings in which they learn how to assist the instructor in P.E. classes. Miss Crawford and Mrs. Stephens are the sponsors. Basketball in a sophomore Girl's P. E Class. INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ancta Hileman, Loretta Davis, Donna I-lunter, Shirley Hilernan. SECOND ROW: Linda Winn, Lula Belle Dillow, Faye Fuller, Doris Blaney. Io Brown. 73 s ff w K , . 1' Q' jk , 'Ri AV X. 4 F f A . A . , 1:6 d 'I Rulrckrug P.E, brrls Ilumau 'Ikwfr-111 P010 Goofus Gaug kenny XVIHII N Juauurrc Hoyle Iuuior "Whuuls" V -1 'Cl .44 Carcfrcu Scniorsl Damaris Icau Christmas Party A Four Tirud Seniors Nw Lrgxwford 'Cr.1wf" Mon. P,E. Glrls Carol Lac Holtz and Wcsiuy Iiulrf , X Hmlrmuv Club Ckillgfl Lim' Z4 rlhru. Nm. 5,34 fleurr-R Mcluliru I-'Q-CL' V! " .rib Blauuy Study Hard, guugl .xgcfiuifiea omecoming f 953 -lx RJ 'Nix ggggky' 1953 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT LEFT to RIGHT: Jim Norris, Dean Bittle, Danny Gill, QL1CCll5llll'lCy Wall, Jim Mclntire, John Nicholas, and Charles Daisy. ATTENDANTS SEATED: Patty Lacy, Martha Stephens, Beverly Sams, Linda Turley. RING BEARER: Patricia King. The 1953 Homecoming, October 9, was one of the most colorful and exciting events of the school year. Enthusiasm hit a new high on Thursday night, the 8th, when a snake dance led by a pep band, wound through the streets of Anna and ended in a pep rally downtown. Homecorning day was ushered in with a program and pep skits in the new gym. Several alums returned to participate in the program. The parade, Friday afternoon, was led by the A-J, Junior High, and Jonesboro Grade School bands. This was one of the best parades ever seen in this community, with many very unusual and beautiful floats. The A-.T Wildcats gloriously defeated the Pinckneyville Panthers 13-O that evening in the Homecoming game. The coronation ceremonies, attended by a very large crowd, completed a perfect Homecoming for the alunns of A-J and made the day one of the biggest and best in A-.T history. To 5 A X ,, .w yi - ' :LI ' . N -fe! A C: giinlli 4 rj 1 U R. V. 44" I . Z' f il Y? -fi Q. 16 'Q . T 9 I W TOQS fl f 4 NYY F and rl it Qgai- T10 6 01-Zrstprlzp 253551 H 'or Cxass float' glnal- or C705 Oat' lunx tti65t t fe Q01 9 Mock marriage ceremony in stunt at pep meetmg 1n gym. ii , ,f f if f S Q fl if - Q aied eniOr C y X adersv decor Shared h lass float Cheer 6 de. Jllni Onofs 1 ' . ,Para Or Cla Wlfh CET ln priltti SS for ost float Pep rally in gym with cheerleaders A-J Band marchlng in leading a yell. Homecoming parade. L45 5,55 s Sophomore Class float Pep Club float VU I PW- i Club Hoa F H FY QYXCYX A float Latin Club float. Frceshman float. First prize for most huniorous. Rainbow Girls float. X F.9- EQ' ,viv Best dccoratcd car 1n paradt n rv , .hm Mclntlrt Xctlng Football C aptam crown ng, the Homecomlng Quun Slurlnx Wall Pre scntat1on of Queen candldatcs on the football held at tht half me A-J Bump ming 23 I ss C1 b l3?X212i5?PincknCVV1uC' u float. l E . - A -- P The Queen's Dance after the Coronation ceremonies. Tri-Hi-Y and I-li-Y car. Student Council float. Sgt, Q LQ' V HLUVIM The Dean Entire Ca st MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN Cast . Kenneth .lobe Howie. . . Ronald Bittle Bunny. . . . Kay Miller Jack . . . Jim Gore Helen . . . Peggy Hines Carrie . Shirley Hartman Bill . John Manninger Bobo . Donald Eggleston Susan . . Sharon Fowler Sylvia . . . . Doris Groves Clara .... Dorothy Gardner Prof. Michaels . . Ken Buzbee Abbie .... . Donna Biggs Marge . . . Carolyn Davis Mrs. Miller . . . . Shelby Whitnel Student Director . . Virginia Woodard Director . . . . . . Mrs. Lucille Howell - Stage Crew unior may The play Mother Is A Freshman is a dramatization of the story by Raphael David Blau, and was produced by special arrangements with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago. Tom Greenwood, Donald Girtman, Gerald Bauer, Bill Boyd, Phil Boyd, Lynn Casper, Mickey Kelley, and Jim Whiting. Abbie gets more attention from the college boys than her daughter. The girls of the dorm ready to attend the big college prom. Most of the cast of "Stage Door" in Mrs. Triumphant return of a former boarding Orcutt's boardinghouse for aspiring actresses. house resident, now a Hollywood star. Cin order of appearancel Olga Brandt. . . Mattie house hel er , p .... Mary Harper lBig Maryj . Mary McCune fLittle Maryl , Bernice Niemeyer. Madeleine Vauclain Judith Canfield. . Ann Braddock . . Kaye Hamilton . . Linda Shaw . . Jean Maitland . , Bobby Melrose. . Louise Mitchell . Susan Page . . Pat Devine . . Kendall Adams, , Terry Randall , Tony Gillette , , Ellen Fenwick , , Mrs, Orcutt , , Frank fMattie's husband., Sam Hastings , , Jimmy Devereaux, Fred Powell , , Lou Milhauser, , David Kingsley, , Keith Burgess , Mrs. Shaw , , Dr. Randall, , , Larry Westcott , Billy .... Adolph Gretzl , Director. . . . . Marilyn Dillow . Jeanette McClure . Ruth Rendleman . . Janet Otten . . . . Alice Eby . . Dolores Jenkins . Marylyn K. Willis . Earlene Meystedt . . Sue 'Templeton . .Billie Sue Norris Mary Carolyn Norris , , , ,Pat Tucker . . . . Pat Gray , ,Pat Groves . Carol Leader . Janet Tripp . JoAnn Mclntire . . Carol Kinder , Doris Hartman . Shirley Walker , Frank Boyd . . Gerald Dale . . Fred Elkins . Eugene Mallory , Herbert Womick . . Tom Peters . . . Jim Davis . . Shirley Koonce . Tom Clirrgingsmith . . . Ralph Owens . . Junior Tripp . . . Doug Young . .Nola Faye Finley A tense dramatic scene as Mrs. Shaw converses with her daughter, Linda. enior pfay STAGE DOOR by Edna Ferber George S. Kaufman The senior class presented the highly dramatic "Stage Door" on Thursday and Friday, March 26 and 27 at 7:30 P. M. Less successful actresses en vy the success of Jean Maitland. 'va DAVID JAY Local Honor bocluy Thcapran H1 Y Ulfretr Fdrror of An Jo Co Hr effluent trustworthy frrtndly Jw RANDALL BLNISON Boys State Stnlor Class Presrdent Local Honor Soerety Annual 5taffBus1ness Mana ger good scholarahrp dependable orrgrn alrty .fd Oufalanfn SHIRLEY WOMICK Student Councrl Member Trt asurer of benror Class Trl H1 Y Stnror Class Trrp rf. lr able , 0 - 6 I 4 'avg' . . S .- .n 5 X. . I Finance Committeeg honestyg initiativeg ' . 'I :A iv : " ' : 82 enior ifizenzi CHARLES DAISY Latln Club four year member and PICSI dent Prestdent Local Honor Soc1ety Varslty Basketball and Football Letter man Study Hall Momtor good sports manshxp co operauve leadershlp LOIS GROVES Gxrls State Nauonal Ht nor Soclety Student Councll Offrcer Annual Staff consclenuous good sch llanhtp pleasant 62 .ci SHIRLEY WALL Nattonal Honor Soctety I-lomecommg Queen Seruor Class Secretary Cheer leader for four years well llked loyalty good personaltty August 31 September 7 18 23 25 October 1 Z 6 9 13 16 16 ZZ 23 27 30 November 3 6 ll 19 Z4 27 28 30 December l 4 8 10 11 12 14 15 17 18 19 Z0 21 2.1 ZZ 23 4 1953 52 0 School begins Labor Day--no school Eldorado--first football game of the ftherel Lyceum--Bob Wood, cartoonist. Chester--lherej Freshman Parents Welcome Carbondale--ftherel F. F. A. Trip to East St. Louis Pinckneyville--fherel Homecoming F. F. A. -F. I-I. A. Square Dance DuQuoin- -Qtherel Magazine Sale launched Faculty Picnic I. F.. A. Meeting at Carbondale G. A. A. Initiation fHobo Dayl Metropolis--fherel F. F. A. Initiation Sparta--ftherel Lyceum--James Welty, Musician Murphysboro--fherej Armistice Day--no school Johnston City--ftherej Junior Play "Mother Is A Freshman Vienna - -fhere1- -opening of basketball season. Thanksgiving vacation Pinckneyville--ftherej Latin Club Initiation Local Honor Society Chile Supper DuQuoin--ftherel French Club Potluck Supper and Initiation F. H. A. Mother and Daughter Christmas Tea Chester--Kherel Marion--ftherej F. T. A. Initiation Johnston City--fherej Tri-I-Ii-Y and Hi-Y Initiation and Caroling Faculty Party Eldorado--fthere1 Girls' Chorus Presents I-Iandel's "The Messiah" Latin and French Club Caroling Christmas Program presented by the Speech Class Christmas Program presented by the Music Department Metropolis- -Qtherej Polio Benefit Game sponsored by the Student Council Christmas Vacation admlaf 1954 January 1--2 4 5 7 8 12 15 13, 14, 18 20-23 23 29 February 2 4 5 9 12 13 16 18 20 26 March 1--5 9 10, 11 17-20 19 9 April 5 7-8 10 12 13-16 24 27 May 19 21 23 25 26-28 Blind Tournament at Cairo School Resumes Carbondale--Qherel G. A. A. Formal Initiation Sparta-- Ctherel Murphysboro- fherel Chester-- ftherej First Semester Exams Second Semester Begins Dupo Invitational Tournament G. A. A. Square Dance Cairo-- Ctherel Murphysboro-- ftherel G. A. A. Valentine Dance Sparta-- fherel Carbondale - - Qtherel Lincoln' s Birthday - -no s chool DuQuoin-- fherej Pinckneyville-- Qherel Senior Party Wood River-- fherej McLeansboro-- Ctherel Regional Tournament Lyceum--Exhibition of Table Sectional Tournament State Basketball Tournament End of the Third Quarter Play Presentation by S. I. U. Senior Play District Music Contest Visitation Day--no school Spring Vacation Senior Trip County Examination for U. of Illinois Scholarship Roman Banquet Final Award Day Senior Exams Baccalaureate Class Night Final Exams Commencement Last Day of School 85 Tennis The Juniors gave the Seniors a "Show Boat" banquet and prom at the annual event, May 8, which was held in Union Hall. unior- en lor Soljnl gl-l rom CO nffor essare H W U1 U b Ou Ing acl, evenjn Oardjn ghton OSS th g Off g the 'I SSISY B' prin S gan url and Cotto gens, oje, j Paul gplank enrert P81085 roffl x we ? scene 3 an B11 . H QI- u Q1 d H-Owar 116 Joe Ol1ghtOnI G. Iwrqllgrlent. W 'lll d Hubbs IVO1'th, Biene Br. . J. if - 1 1 1 YD 'hm Had, ' Table of Juniors at the banquet: Clockwise: Paul Earnhart, Dick Lyerla, Gene Brimrn, Frank Boyd, Doug Young, Valerie Scrutchfield, Mary Lou Stephens, Ronald Bean, Brock, Richard Davis, and Leon Da ariec! .xdcfiuified 'ff " 6 '. g M :gi jr f A. A. Initiation Business Club Party Local llt nrr Society Initiutir n Winners in the Pioneer Hi-Yield Corn Growing Contest for Section Q-1 were F,F.A. members- Edwin Eddleman, lst and Carol Mowery, ind, pictured with Mr. Loomis, vocational agriculture teacher. P. I1. A, Waffle Breakfast Christmas Play by Speech C1:1sb"A By- Line for it, Luke" nfl-19 mm tg 0 . ,J 'H J' -...- ,,. P f r ,l "su 1 xl' l'li s 'llu in .25 G. A. A. Square Dance fl C. fcgffla DRINK Bottled Under Authomty of the Coca Cola Company Calro 544655 Bottllng Co CAIRO ILLINOIS For Poltralt and Commerclal Photographs Wlggs Stucho Photographer for An J 0 Co Hi Jonesboro, Illinois We A I ,,..-'- I XF' W J J ,fv-, . 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Ssggcsfgszggsgii See US- TRUMAN KELLER see Us, COMPLIMENTS OF MOORE'S FOOD CE TER Open 7 Days a Week Between Anna and Jonesboro Open Nights Till 9:30 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF A J A B A Strong Frlendly Bank Internatlonal Shoe Co On ned and Operated Frlendly People Anna 111111013 Anna Ilhnols I Q X IR? suunn UEEN C I DAIRY QUEEN! ll K fu , - I o By , . . D li f A, of L QQ, P- Q , 2 ' A - eff . 4.. A, 1 "5'4T:1g-5' Enjny enu ne I "lift Cngg o gg-nm o Mal 0 Sha es 0 lm P' ts I F - -- A NAQ, - ' 'w - A .- , llll. U IIYC llll . I D kill.. 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Jonesboro B P O Elks N0 1641 PRODUCERS OF ALL ASPHALTIC TYPES PLANT MIXELS-HOT OR COLD LAYS CHAS G GILMORE Asphalt Products, Inc MODERN ASPHALT PLANT MIXTURES A Ill 1726 " 0 cc , ' ' ' 0,37 Z3 H , r. Anna, I11. Ph 59 Ph 875 ff Compliments of . 'v I . 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Suggestions in the Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL) collection:

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