Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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Anna Jonesboro High School - Wildcat Lair Yearbook (Anna, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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5 , ' wr-1 ' A ' A r -m Q s 52 " af 'N QW' . 'Ham O ' :ft 'tv' V X few 1 ff lfjljif' f..,A , gm' wf, F .U , Q -W 3 .1 , , ,rn J, " 4 'Jw 425 J.. K . wif- -'R . Q' '. , K , ' - 'K' " , , .- ' , Q 41.3271 ' :QSZFQ A ,. . X t ,L M A I 1 ,SWAN 4' X1 V 2' ,QL ' if f ,, A .- nv , ' iv. ' 1 '! 1 :Ja .- 8' 1 1 -, v 'ii' f if maui, .-4 SHA' K ,,,,-,w,mf.,....,.,......m...,-1 f .4-.,vm...L 4 ' - fxfiff- . .- 0, 'nfl 4 4 y 54, .Q i ' -1, --4, 'tl .. -fps. w 'W' Xa HY via., sph' ... Y WW. .-unzip if --5,,,,,v.,-.-.-,-..... - -E MQW 'W ' ,. 2 . V V - ,kg ,,..,...'....-.,c. - '- LW -,fx-f:iC....'i:..:c1 effing W xxx W W XXX K Km' I 1lE 2 , I -- A Volume XII Annual Staff Publication of ANNA - JONESBORO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL ANNA, ILLINOIS 1951 IJEDICHTIUH To our community we dedicate the 1951 An-Jo-Co-Hi. Our high school represents the planning and co-operation of many communitiesg without all of these communities we could not have as good a school. As we realize the part in which a community has in shaping our ideals, our dreams, and our destinies, indeed even the destiny of our nation, andbecause we are proud of the way in which our community plays that part, it is to it we dedicate this annual. 404 T7 Nr Carol I.ffff 'I rf-1 c 4 iO:y'Cfi'fiYfliiCJI'1 Co-rldiuir Co-Editor 'Q-0' Jim Wahl Jim Rife Gordon Dodd Charlotte Mattheis Business Editor Ass't Bus. Editor Sports Editor Photography Editor '5sr '55 KX. in Lynn Dillow Harold Wilkins Sue Martin Shirley Keller Subscription Snaps Editor C opy Editor' Activity Editor Edltor Diana Dodd I-'acuity Advisor HHHUHL I IH lIlElHUHIHHl Mr. L. W. Brown, member and President of our Board of Educa- tion, will always be remembered as an educator, a civic leader, anda Christian gentleman. His philosophy of education centeredupon the student: his life centered upon the Master Teacher. In life, he achieved that pinnacle of teaching success described by Ruskin, in death, he gained the immortality set forth by the Psalmist. "Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave. It is not teaching the youth the shapes of letters and the tricks of numbers, and then leaving them to. turn their arithmetic to roguery and their literature to lust. It means, on thecontrary training them into the perfect exercise and kingly continence oftheir bodies and souls. It is a painful, continual, and difficult work to be done by kindness, by watching, by warning, by precept, and by praise, but above all -- By Example. " John Ruskin "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his seasong his leaf also shall not witherg and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. " -- Psalm 1:3 fi. Af! PAUL L HOUGHTON Lf Principal f '--aaa-M' f .ff . ' f' ' f - - ' .ff , V 2 2 1 f . :V I BUHHIJ UF EDUCHIIUII 'fix DR. BERRY V. RIFE WILLIAM B. LAMER President Secretary JOE BROWN RAY WILLIAMS CLAUDE J. BOYD SI WILLIAM .-XEER?.A'IH'i' EUGENE ALLEN EMMA BRICKEY I d'1-IfrfirAFL5..-XHl?I.iI:1CUQCML Speech and Englishg Murray Social SciencegB, Ed., S,I,N, s I','.1,C,g 55, rn Eerxcalmn, Stan- CulIr-geg B,S, in Educa- U, M,A,, U, of 111, HOU, JEWEL CHOATE Horne Ee, ann Geography: B,S,, S.I.N.L'. O, K, LOUMI5 ROBERT E, MANN ocauonal Agrzcnlrrrc, B,S, EIlgilSi1,B, Ed., S,I,N,U, md M,S,, L1 of Il., DIANA Donn Englishg B, Ed., s,1,N,U, JAMES MARTIN Mathematicsg B,S, in Education, S,I,U, 1 . -if 4 . it ,K RUTH ESTHER HILL Librarian, B,S, Ed. 4 Kansas State Teachers' College , B,L, S., U. of Chicago, FHCULTU EDNA DD4 OHMART OTTO LHINART' ARuIgK1, Rifle? Biology and General Scienceg Biology and General Scioncq fl-wnrznrmg 5. Ed., S,l,I-Q,L,1 Illinois Stare Normal, B,S,, S, E, Mo, Stare Collegog B,S, Grasmm WW, Lf, l, Ed. in Ed, ,Ji ELLA PICKLE SANDERS MARY E, SIVIA ROGER SPEAR Englishg B. Ed., S,I.N,U, French and Lating B. Ed., S,I. P, E, Hisroryg B,S,, S,l,U,, N,U,g M,A,, U, of Wisconsin, Baseball, Football, and Basker- ball Coach, QPAL STEPHENS RICHARD TABER 1355.4 ."xllkQEl'lER Heahhful Liymg: p. E., BISI' Bookkeeping and Typing, Elonic Econonrius 1, Eazrxill, 5 I U Eastern lllinols Slate Collegcg l,i':1nggB,S, Nwrrlzljalrora Stare ' . . B,S, in Ed. Colley. 1' ' EVERETT WEAVER H, S, Math, Adv. Alg, , Trig,, and Chem,g B,S, in Ed Southern Illinois Uni versity , BILLY PEELER Custodian KEITH Wi-IETSTONE Musicg B,M.E,, Murray Stateg .: M.S., U, of Iliinoisg James Millikin U. L N- CHAR LES WOLLARD World History and Senior Prob- lemsg S,I.U. Collegeof Educa- tiong B,S, Ed, and M,S, Ed, MARIE BEIEHER Nurseg Anna State Training Schoolg St, Elizabeth Hospital- Chicago. FRED SMICK Custodian .3 .47 JO ANN GOLLON MAXINE KING Secretary Secretary ROSCOE SMICK Custodian Jigsaw RICHARD YOU NGS, President Football I,2,3,4g Board ofControl 3,4, Pres, 4, F,F,A, 2,3,4g "C" Club 2,3,4g Librarian Club 3,43 Class Pres- ident 4. JIM RIFE, Vice- President Football I,2,3,4g "C" Club 3,45 Latin Club l,2,3,4g Scratches Staff 3,4g Annual Staff 4, Local Honor Society 3,4g Band I,2,3, SEHIUH CLHSS ANNA JONES, Secretary F,H.A, 2.3, Officer gg Library Club 3,45 Class Officer 4, Local Honor Society 2, 35 BusinessClub 4, Home Room Officer 2, G,A,A, 2. BOB SHEPARD, Treasurer Football 2, 3,4g "C" Club 2, 3,4g Local Honor Society 3, 49 Class Officer 3,45 Home Room Officer I,2, 3, Track 3, TOM BACON Latin Club i,2,3,4g Football I,2g Student Council 1,35 Board of Control l,2g Local Honor Society I,2,3,4g Officer 4g Commercial Club 4g Band I, BOB BARKER Football I,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4, "C" Club 3,45 F.F,A, 3,4g Home Room Officer I,2,3,4, CARL BARKER Football I,2,3,4g F.F,A, I,3,4, Industrial Arts Club 2.3, GEORGE BEAN F,F,A, l,2,3,4, Officer 3,45 French Club 4, EA 1 'QP' XX-4-3 'X "tk qv-'wi J' .Q ,f ,-. Nd Nil? FREDDIE DEAN BERKMAN Band lg Football 23 Airplane Club 3, TROY BISHOP Transfer 3g Co-Rec Club 4g Homecoming Committee 4. PAUL BOIE F,F,A, Ig Industrial Arts 2,3. MARY LOU ISE BOY D Business Club 4, Officer 4g Pep Club 3,41 Home Room Officer i,4g Press Club 45 F,H.A, 2, PAUL BOYER Football !,2, 3,45 "C" Club 45 Industrial Arts I. BETTY BRIMM Senior Play zg G,A,A, l,2,3g Latin Club 2,3,4g Glee Club Ig French Clul14g Commercial Club 45 Pep Club I,2,3,4. GAIL RICHARD BROWN French Club gg Football 2g Co-Rec Club 4. v C LEO BUSH Transfer 3g F,H,A, 4. RIC HARD CARAK ER Art Club Ig F,F.A. Ip French Club 4g Homecoming Committee 4, SHIRLEY CARHART Junior Play 3g Business Club 4, Officer 4g Pep Club l,2, 3.43 G.A.A, 1,45 Home Room Officer 2g French Club 3,4: Local Honor Society 2,3. LINDA CASPER bocal Honor Society I,2, 3, Science Club 3,4, Pep Club I,2, 3,4, French Club 3,4, Junior Play, Press Club 3,4, HELEN CATES Transfer 4, F,H,A, 4. ROBERT CERNEY F.F,A, I,2,3,4, Officer 2,31 Home Room Officer 4, JANE COOMBS Twirler i,2,3,4, Drum Majorette 3,4, Student Council 4, Exchange Assembly Program 2,3, Glee Club l,2,3,4g Local Honor Society 3, Cheerleader 4, Scratches Staff 2.3.4. JOYCE COX G,A,A. I,2,3, Local Honor Society 3, Pep Club I,2,3, 4, Latin Club I,2,3,4, Library Club 3,4, F,H.A, 4, Home Room Officer i,3, BARBARA CRUSE F.H.A. 3. KENNETH CRUSE F,F,A, r,2,3,4, Officer 3,4g Co-Rec Club 4. BOY D DAVIS Band I,2,3,4g Model Airplane Club 3,4, Officer 3, Latin Club i,2, Pep Club 2. DICK DAVIS Latin C ub 1,2,3,4, Officer 4, Home Room Officer 2, Class Officer 3, Football l,2g Chorus I,3,4g Local Honor Society 3,4, Band I,2,3,4. GERALD DILLOW Transfer 3, Basketball 3, Baseball 3, it wr . -J 3 I x 1' Q-- I Y as-"Ky . I 'Qi .S -J 'Q' 'II' LYNN DILLOW Scratches Staff l,2,3,4, Page Editor 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Latin Club l, 2, 3,45 Homeroom Officer 3,45 Pep Club I,2,3,4g Glee Club I,2,3,45 Local Honor Society 1, 3, GORDON DODD Football 1,2, 3,45 "C "Club 3,45 Annualstaff 45 Scratches Staff 3,45 Student Council 25 Librarian 45 Pep Club l,4, Officer 4, IU ANITA FISHER BERNICE FRICK MYRON FULLER Industrial Arts Club 2, 35 Home Room Officer 2, NEAL GILLIAM F,F,A, I5 Shop I,2,35 Library 45 Science Club 2. JOYCE GOLLON Band I,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Twirler 1,23 Majorette 3,45 Local Honor Society I,2,35 Latin Club I,2,3,4, Officer 45 G,A,A, 2,3,4g Scratches Staff l,2,3,4. JANE GORE Pep Club 2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Business Club 45 Junior Play 35 Scratches staff 3,45 G,A,A, 2,35 Senior Band Letter Club 4, FRANCES GRABOW Transfer 35 Local Honor Society 35 G,A,A, 3,45 Scratches Staff 45 Latin Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Science Club 4. PHILLIP GRIFFITH Football 1,25 Basketball 1,25 F,T.A, 3,45 Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 25 Latin Club 1,25 Home Room Officer I, 3.4. JEAN GRONER G,A.A, l,2,3,45 Pep Club I,2,3,45 F,T,A, 3,45 Scratchers Staff 3,45 Future Business Club 3,45 Home Room Officer 2, 3,4, DORIS NADENE GROVES Pep Club I,2,3,4g Local Honor Society 3: Chorus 15 G,A,A, 4, Officer 45 Library Club 45 Business Club 45 French Club 3,4, CARROLL GULLEY Football l,25 Basketball l,2g Pep Club 25 Commercial Club 45 Science Club 35 Mixed Chorus 3,4, MYRA GURLEY Pep Club 45 F,H.A, 1,2,35Tri-H1-Y 4, EARLENE GUTHRIE Transfer from Cobden5 F, T.A, 3,45 French Club 4, RICHARD HASE French Club Officer 3,45 Hi-Y Club 4, JOHN HAWKINS Local Honor Society 35 Wau-Wau-Taug 35 Future Teachers Club 3,4, Officer 45 Latin Club 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Press Club 3,45 Hi-Y President 4, CHARLES HILEMAN Transfer 35 Football 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 3,45 "c" Club 3,45 F,r,A, 4. JUDY BOYD HOLTZ. G,A,A, I,2,35 Band l,2,3g Pep Club l,2,3,45 Science Club I, AUDREY HUNGATE Transfer from Dongola: PCP Club 3.4: French Club 4: Chorus 3,45 Senior Band 35 Senior Band Letter Club 45 Future Business Club 4. --A '55, 'ol Y. is ""'!' i' EJ' f" 'U' ar -A "'f"Ff .1-I A A 5 A J ff' 'sz W-he 1""' 0:05 14' YUONNE ISOM Home EC, Club I,2. SARILDA JACKSON Student Council 3,45 Local Honor Society 1,2 35 Band l,2, 35 Chorus I,2, 3,45 Scratches Staff 2, 3,45 Business Club 45 Latin Club l,2,3,4. JIM JORDON Transfer 4, IRA KELLER F,F,A, 2,3,45 Shop I,2,3. MARGARET ANNE KELLER Band l,2, 3,45 Chorus l,2, 3,45 Business Club 45 Home Room Officer 45 Local Honor Society 35 Junior Play 35 G.A.A. SHIRLEY KELLER Local Honor Society l,2,3, Officer 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Wau-Wau-Taug2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Twirler l,2,3,45 Majorette 3,45 Home Room Officer 2,4, MARY LOU K ING G,A,A, I,2,3g Pep Club I,2,3,45 Scratches staff 3,45 Home Room Officer I5 Homecoming Queen Attendant 4, DONA LD IEMASTER French Club 45 Pep Club 45 Sports Manager 45 Football 4'CHCmb4 UNA LIRELY Transfer Granu Tower 4, TIRZAII LIRELY Transfer Grand Tower 4, PAM MANUS Cheerleader I5 Local Honor Society 2, 35 G,A.A, l,2. 3: Latin Club l,2, 3,45 French Club 45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Pep Club I,2,3,4. PAT MANUS Student Council 3,45 Board of Directors 45 G,A,A, I,2, 35 Pep Club l,2, 3,45 Officer 45 Library Club 35 E,H, A, 1,45 Commercial Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Officer 4, ROBERT MANUS Industrial Arts Club 2, 3,4. KATHRYN MARTIN F,H,A. 45 Tri-nr-Y 4. SUE ALICE MARTIN bocal Honor Society 1,2, 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,4g Junior Play, G,A,A, I, 2,3,45 Officer 35 Wau-Wau-Taug 3,4, CHARLOTTE MATTHEIS Local Honor Society l,2, 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Chorus I ,2, 3,45 Girls' Stare, Girls' Nation 35 Junior Play 35 Annual staff 4. ARLYNN MCCREE local Honor Society 35 Band 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Art Camp 35 State Music Contest 35 Press Club 3,4, CHARLES MCINTIRE Football and Basketball Manager 2, 35 Scratches Staff 3, 45 "C " Club 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 25 Airplane Club 3, Class Officer 25 Co-Rec Club 4, MARY MCINTIRE G,A,A, l,2, 35 Pep Club I,2,3,45 Home Room Officer 1,25 Science Club 25 Business Club 45 Library Club 3,45 F.H.A. 2.4. HE LEN MILLER F,H,A5 I,2,3: G,A,A, 2,35 Latin Club 25 Library Club 3-4- E -ef, 'R A i 'E' 6 mg 5- C l NI' 14.43 5-nu NGS' "Mu-Q Nu... uv 'ts MAXINE MILLER Transfer 35 Librarian 45 Library Club 4, SHIRLEY MOWERY Transfer 3, PAT MUELLER G,A,A, I,2,3g Pep Club I,2,3,4g F,H.A, 2,41 Library Club 35 Business Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y Club 45 Co-Rec Club 4. PEGGY MURPHY Pep Club l,2,3,4g G,A.A, 1,2,3,45 Glee Club I,2,3, 45 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Local Honor Society 15 Press Club I,2,35 Science Club I,2,3, CHARLES NEWBERRY Manager I,2g Science Club Ig Home Room Officer 3,45 Airplane Club 35 Pep Club 1,25 lndustrialArts Club 2, 3. LENORA NORRIS Local Honor Society 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,2, 3,4, Officer 3,45 Science Club 1,2,3,45 F,'l',A, Officer 3,45 G,A,A, I,2,3,4gH0mEl'OOI11 Officer 1,35 Pep Club I,2,3,4. RICHARD PAGE Football Letterman 2,3,4g Student Council 1,25 Class Officer 15 Band I,2,3,4g "C" Club 2,3545 Industrial Arts Club 2,3, Officer 35 Airplane Club 3. MERLIN PECORD Transfer 45 F,F.A. 4. DE LORES POW LES Transfer 3. BARBARA PRATT Science Club Ig Pep Club 45 Homecoming Committee 1,2, 3,45 Home Room Officer Ig Business Club 4, DON RION Transfer 5, 4. SHIRLEY RUSSELL G.A.A. l,2,3gF.H.A. I,2,3,4gPep Club I,2,31Bl.1Sl' ness Club 4. DONALD SCARSDALE F.F. A. 2g Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4, JOHN SC HEFF LER Band 3,49 Chorus 3,44 Football 3,4g Scratches Staff 4g F. T. A. 3,4g Senior Band Letter Club 4g Junior Play 3. JANET SHAFFER G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Officer I,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Officer 4g Tri-Hi-Y Club 4g Scratches staff 3, 4. DOROTHY SITTER Library Club 4. SHIRLEY JEAN SMITH G.A.A. I 2, 3,4, Officerg- Local Honor Society I,2,3 Band I,2,3,4g Chorus 1,3,4g Latin Club 1,2,3,4g Busi- ness Club 4g Scratches Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD SPIRES Band 1,21 Science Club 25 Chorus lg French Club 3,4 Model Airplane Club 3. PEGGY SADLER RAY STEVENS F.F.A. l,2,3,4. MARY SULLIVAN C-fIlllllCl' Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y Club 4, Class Officer 3, Home Room Officer 2, 3,44 Librarian 3, BUD TALLY Trunsfcr 3, Hi-Y Club 4, Co-Rec. Club 4, Officer 4. VERA TOLER Latin Club I, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Local Honor Society 3, CAROL LEE TREECE National Honor Society 3,45 Local Honor Society I, 2, 3,41 Student Council 4g Class Secretary 2, 3, Junior Play, Band I, 2, 3,4g Co-Editor Annual Staff 4, CHARLES TREECE Latin Club 3.4, French Club 3,45 F,T.A. 3, Bi-Phy- Chem. Club 3,49 Scratches Staff 3. LARRY TREECE French Club 3, 4g Pep Club 4. ANNE TWEEDY Latin Club I,2, 3,45 French Club 3.4, Pep Club I, 2,3, 4, Science Club 2, LOTRELL TWEEDY G.A. A. 2,5zF.H.A.2.3.4zF-T.A.41PSP Club 2.3. 4, Library Club 2, 3, MARTHA URY Latin Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2g Com- mercial Club 4g F.H. A. I, BARBARA VAUGHN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Science Club Ip Press Club Ig Future Business Club 45 Glee Club I,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, JEAN VERBLE G. A. A. 1, 2, 5,4, Officer 4: Pep Club i,2, 5,4, Officer 2g F.H,A. 3,4g Latin Club I,2,3,4g Business Club 4, Officer 4g Student Council 2g Wau-Wan-Taug 5, Local Honor Society I, 2, 3. JIM WAHL Local Honor Society I, 2, 3, Officcr 4, National Honor Society 3,45 Class President 3, Student Council 2, 5,44 Board of Directors 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 5, Football r,2, 3,41 Band I, 2, 3.4. ALICE WALL Home Room Officer 4, Pep Club I,2,3,4g F.l-l.A. 4: Science Club 2, 3, Business Club 4, Library Club gg Foot- ball Queen 4. BETTY WALL Pep Club I,2,3,43 F.H.A. 4g G.A.A. I,2,3g Science Club 2.3. LYNN WEST F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Officer 3, Pep Club l,2,4g Home Room Officer Ig Student Council 1,25 Football 1, 3, Li- brary Club 3, 4, HAROLD WILKINS Chorus 3,4g Home Room Officer 3,4, Latin Club 1,2, 3,43 Scratches Staff 3,4g Annual Staff 4g Science Club 2.4. SHARON WOMICK Library Club 3,45 F. H. A. I. Linda McCree Glenn Earl Hudgens Erma Hartlme A'-1dFeY Eiselmeier President Vice Pres1dent Secretary T1'9aSU1'21' Sue Adams David Aldridge Rodney Anderson Betsy Bacon Dale Bailey Bill Barnhart Nancy Basse Ronald Batson Henry Bennett Farris Bishop Harold Boyd Evelyn Boyd Martha Boyd Pauline Boyd Charles Brasel Bobbie Brooks Annette Brown Joan Buster Peggy Campbell Sue Caraker Rosalie Cash Jean Casper Charles Cates Joan Cates Donald Chase Dale Choate Donald Choate Janet Choate Anita Coats Bill Corbitt Emma Corzine Harry Corzine Mildred Crissip Ralph Dillon Ada Ann Dillow Billy Dillow Charles Dillow Darthula Dillow Donald Elkins Mary Jane Filter Cordie Finch Ray Fuller Davie Griffith Neil Gurley Lowell Haire Bob Harrelson Bill Hende rson Richard Henderson Joan Hilernan Kathryn Hileman Nadine Hileman if 'TT' 'Q f- . 1 Jfl. MQW rv ,...-A 'T' VW 'Q "+:r -...ty '55s 1 '13 S' 'is 0' "-at +41 K , x 5? ,.nv" Q - is fb l'oX fl' Y ef . -1 :ss -Q lx Terry Hindrnan Doris Houghlan Toni lf-lubbs John lce Jerry Johnson Ruth Kacanasks Naomi King Opal Knight Dorothy Lacy Eugene Lacy Arlen Lasley Betty Lingle Helen Lingle Mary Lingle Robert McDaniel Dorris Manus Carol Mainer Neva Marber Donald Martin Edward Meyer Barbara Miller Marjorie Miller Dannie Morris Olie Musgrave Nicholas Murphy Mary Ann Navin Donald Noble Bill Parker Jim Ray. Donald Rich Marcia Rinehart Bob Robinson Harry Rodman Imogene Rogers Bill Romine Jackie Fink Pat Shelton Thomasine Smiddy Norman Snell Barbara Speck Donnell Stout Norma Thomas Wanda Toler Bill Trees John Tripp Joann Tygett Sue Ann Ury Orval Vancil Wesley Walton James Whitaker Velda Williams Meridee Wingate Robert Woolard Jerry Womick Nellie Wright S - kv 359- 1 N- A A' -Us ihin fx -Q5 ,Qui 'V' an 45 uv ff" all i Q QV .l J pq G'xl,t:lu- e x 1- A51 Z3 yt. Bl ' ' l .1 Tom Peters Jack Dillow Billy Sue Norris Susan Otrich President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SUPHUHIUHE IILHSS 'Va 'V'- 1 pcs 'T' 'ty 2,6 .35- Ray Adams Rex Aldridge Patsie Barringer Donald Bennett Shirley Bess Barbara Boyd Frank Boyd Paul Boyd Dorothy Buster Gordon Carter Jerry Carter Mary Cai-fer Claudie Cash Wayne Casper Jerrie Clayton Tom Clinging smith Barbara Clutts Lowell Cooley Barbara Conant Delmus Corzine Mike Crowell Robert Crowell Gerald Dale Janice Dale Jimmy Davis Jack Dillon Louise Dillow Marilyn Dillow Marjorie Dillow Sarah Lee Dillow Mike Dimmick Earl Dirden Marjorie Doty James Eaves Mary Eaves Freddie Elkins Eddie Farrar Dean Ferguson Rosalind Fowler Jeanne Fritze Jimmie Gardner Anita Garrard Mildred Gibbs Wilma Girtman Barbara Guthrie Shirley Harris John Hartline LaWanda Hartline Doris Hartman Willis Harvel Wilma Hayes Almeda Hileman Shirley J. Hileman Shirley M. Hileman Bill Hill Joan Hill Anna Lee Hoffner Gayle Honey Dennis Hunt Delores Jenkins Sue Jennings Pet: Joiner Louie Kelley Carol Kinder Robert King A 1 I 'A fi- J 'Z ' 2-as A fix 'P il J xi r-Q.,.,A Q ji, . ,Wy 3 . X M :V w ,-, I 'Gp I . 2 'f- Alix ,JY 1 .4 6 8 '- Al I'v- tl' Y- 1 D . Q Uv. Y Shirley Koone Bill Lasley Carol Leader Louise Lemaster Carlos Lingle .Ton Loomis Mike Lutz Jeanetta McClure Walter McCombs Barbara McGee JoAnn Mclntire Eugene Mallory Carl Massey Earlene Meystedt Carol Miller Shirley Miller Don Murphy Christena Nickles Mary Carolyn Norris Ralph Owens Shirley Parker Mildred Pender Charles Peters Shirley Pippins Bob Pitts Jack Pitts Norma Rader Ruth Rendleman Judy Renfro Leon Russell Frank Scarsdale Ralph Schlenker Bob Shaffer Joyce Shepa Bill Sinks Bryon Smith Dick Smith Kenneth Smith Jack Sprouse Juanita Stokes Bob Stoltz Billy Stoner Virginia Stout Sue Templeton Pat Thorne Donald Treece Janet Tripp Junior Tripp Frank Toler Lawanda Tucker Pat Tucker Shirley Tucker Charles Verble Bill Walker Shirley Walker Shirley Webb Mary Lou Wiggs Patsy Wiggs Charles Winn Shirley Winn Lewis Wingate Herbert Womick Jim Woodard Shirley Yeckley Phil Z eigler Geraldine Z etzsche Georgia Zimmerman G 3 ,,,,, T Yr' 'AVA L, ,S if N f - w , ,13- 12" x 'QQ' 1, :fi . :Y 1 F ., oe- ' I I , , J .. 0 sf xi S' '4 4259 'r 4 ' 'f 4 ' J 1, fl f Y 7 1 J- -V X 2 '- X x -. 'Q 3 'a I f ,9- "Q" FHESHIHHH Shirley Linda Beverly Kathryn Turley Sams 'Eaves Secretary Treasurer Vice -Pres. Odell Arnold Melvin Arnold Bobbie Ayers Mildred Barker 94. I QW Sylvia Baldwin 4 W 9 Q Barbara Basler James Basse Jerry Batson 3 x Jane Lee Bauer . Q Ronald Bean Gerald Beasley Wesley Boie -vu-vs xf-0 if I5 Q James Boomer av '- LaDonna Boyd Roberta J. Boyd Dick Bradley Buddy Brimm Gene Leon Brimm Jackie Brimm I , Tommy Brown W Leon Bunch A 4 Q 1 rr Dean Bittle Harold Calhoun Q m James Childers Franklin Cisco Junior Clardy Wilma Cross Carl Lynn Cruse .Q cv' Bobbie Joan Casper f' , 3' Freddie Chamness 1 ,A 7 Wretha Cruse Charles Daisy Annetta Dale Loretta Davis Dareld Davis Richard Davis Leon Davis Russell Davis Virginia Davie Gilbert Dillow Dewayne Duty Helen Duty Viola Fastrnan Paul Earnhart Lucille F ddlernan Delia Elarn Wallace Elkins Charles Ellis Helen E vans Luther Fear Margaret Ferrill Fawn Follis Barry Fowler Faye Fuller Phyllis Fuller Joe Garrett Leroy Gibson Wanda Graves Mary Ann Groner Lois Groves KA!!! 4 Irvin Dale Harvey Glenn Heisner Mary High Louise Hileman Paul Hileman Pamela Hindrnan Marie Hinkle Carol Lee Holtz James Honey Jeanette Hoyle Barbara Housernan Harold Hubbs 'Fas 1 T iS , 3 " 7 r S' 1 fi a DJ I .1 Sl N - 7 4. I -fr 1, ,W l vw ,"' "", 1 ,y " f-ax " - ,..-, Q . X .. T,-is , fx, , f fa 1 gp X tw A 1 'L'-. , 1 .M ' i E 1- if Q -n E3 r I N ' A . V I .. X 1 1 E-2 1 .LJ 5 I' 1 7 , 'Qtr ,phi vu I3 ' 'ARI' Howard Hubbs Jack Hubbs Billy Dee Hudgens Dick Isaacs Bill Jackson Paul Don Jones Joyous Jones Jackie Jordan Cecilia Kacanauskas Leon Keller Deloris Kelley Esther Kupfer Ruth Ann King Patricia Lacy Larry Lam Larry Larsen Allan Dale Leonard Mary Ligon Shirley Linson Gayle Lirely Shirley Lyerla Richard Lyerla Robert McCain Carol Mclntire Jimmie Mclntire Patricia Manninger Mary Lou Manus Eddie Lee Miller Wayne Miller Juanita Millis Barbara Modglin Pauline Mowery Ronald Musgrove Allibeth Nally John Nicholas Billy Noland Jimmie Norris Billy Joe North Kathryn Ann Orr Joyce Page Bobby Pecord Carter Lee Partridge Dixie Lee Peeler Bill Plott James Rinehart Pat Robertson Shirley Mae Romine Charles Rothschild Bertha Rushing Nancy Rushing Marlene Russell Donald Schlenker Gene Seats Charles Smith Ellen Smith Ralph Smith Gerald Smithey Carl Stanton Roy Stark Mary Lou Stephens Martha Sue Stephens Norbert Stephens Isaac Sullivan Larry Swain Wayne Thomas Jeraldine Tibbs .Timmy Trantham Shirley Treece Everett Ury Shirley Wall Virgie Webb .Tuil White Larry White i mA,. Bobby Williams - N Marylyn Willis Betty Marie Wilson Esta Winn Ralph Womack Shirley Womick ,..,-k .Timmy Wood Dicky Wooldridge Clifford Young Freddy Young Larry Young -- 4 , 1 Ea- . , I js f 'f ' shviagagab lf if , J, ,ff ,M HCTIVITIES kt . 1? ,' A, X I W i4 iii 'E ' V4 1 4 It if 53 I M i 1 ' C' 1 l . 'nf 4' 2 .gg i 1 4 , 5 r y N x 1 if if lf ,gl 4 1, Y 1' gf . , , J vt Z6 n , .r ' " " - .4?z,,. R 4? ,H is 'iY"'r X1 ! 1 FX G . 'V , I , 4, It X , X K, , it-11-"' '41 I' ' 1 ' 1, -, f A is l . A y A N M.. . ,L ' Q "1 .Q L -' 'Em' '5 , ,T 1'- 35 . Q p - ttyl' 7' ,t Q SlUllElll lIllUllCll The purpose of the Student Council is to prorriote and encourage student participation in school government. One member is elected by popular vote from each home room each year. The following are the activities sponsored by the Councilfor '50-'5l1 sponsored Homecoming paradeg sponsored a vtindovv display, radio programs, and newspaper publicity during Arrierican Education vteekg planned canipus clean-upg assisted in noon hour corridor dutyg flag raisingg sent delegates and sponsor to District Conventiong sale of basketball score sheetsg Cliristmas cheer to needyg magazine sales for landscaping of City Hospital grounds. The meinbers ctnbist nf thc following students: lxlarcizi Rinehart, l3il1Corbitt, lxleridce Wiiigate, Charles Mc Intirc, Btlrbzirgi McGee, Site Caraker, linda lxlcCrue, Evelyn lloyd, Bob Robinson, Glenn Earl Hntlgcns, Carol Leddcr, Paul llilenian, ,lint Wahl, Bttrhtlrtt Boytl, Carol Lee Treece, Carl Crnse, Susan Otrich, Sairilda jaclason, .laliv COUINDS. Ivycu Ptigr. The Sponsors are: Ylirf Rath Esther Hill and Mr. Charles Woolarci. Af BOARD or DIRECTORS '32, Members of the Board fl of Directors are: Marcia x ill: Rinehart, Evelyn Boyd, y ' Glenn Earl Hudgens, Bar- Y' I ' i bara IVICGee, .lim Vfahl, M Bob Robinson, Fhese stu- dents were elected by last year 's Student Council. Gcnric Bean , Bob Banter , , Kenneth Crust, Etgent Mallory Gr rdtn Carter, Rich rd Youngs F. F. H. OFFICERS . . President Vice-President . . Secrettiry . Trctisnrur . Reporter . Watch Dog The F. F. A. is a national organization of boys taking vocational agriculture. The activities of the F. F. A. include livestock, poultry, and grain shows, public speaking contestsg judging contestsg summer tripsg atrip to the stock yards, parent and son banquetg athletic teamsg and soil conservatictn work, The dairy judging team placed first and the grain team third in the sectional judging con- test, Glendon Casper placed third in the public speaking contest. Kenneth Cruse and Donald Loomis were elected tothe State Farrner's degree. Mr. O. lx. Loomis is the sponsor. Members: Rex Aldridge, Rdy Adams, George Bean, llarxey Boyd, Carl Barker, Bob Barker, Ronald Bean, Dick Bradley, Charles Brasul, Donald Choate, Charles Cates, Kenneth Crtisc, Robert Carney, Gordon Carter, Jerry Carter, Wayne Casper, Jerry Clayton, Delmas Comtne, Rohcrt Crowell, Carl Cruise, Janus Eaves Richard Dams, Duwayaie Duty, Wallace Elkins, Charles Eiaazis, Fawn Ftwllis, Lt-rrny Gibson, Toni Hubbs, Charles Hilernan, Harold Hubbs, Billy ,lacy-.s,.i, joyous Jnncs, Ira Kell-r, Leon Keller, Louie Kcllcy, Arltn Laslt-5, Jon Loomis, Mille Lutz, Allan Le.n.irt:, Eugene Mailvry, Carroll Nlilltr, Fran:-t Miller, wayne Xliiler, Ronald Mtisgraxc, Cl'1.1l'lcrl'c'lcl's, Merlin lwcnrd, Bob Pitts, Jack Pitts, Bill Rott, Leon Russell, Donald Rich Kr nnc I h Snnth, ,laca Sprousc, B1llyStnner, Isaac, Ray Stexcns, John Tripp, Donald Tretce, Jnnior Trung, Orzal Vancii, james Nhitaner, Bill Walker, Robert Whtartcr, Lynn West, Ralph Womack. I' F. H. IX, is a national organization of pupils who study homernaking iI'1JL1HiUF and :svhior high sghools. fhcy work together for bcttcr and happier home lifv for vx'c:'yo1if:. They Ihihk that hi-lpihg to make happy horncs, how and in the futurc, is Lhv most iI'YipU?'IliHT. thing Yh?1f,Can bo donc For derriocracy. Filylhbcrxz Kms BBQ-53.4, Siurhy :ii-fs, Barbara Boyd, Jim Boyd, Miirlha Boyd, zililllp Boyd, Amicus Brown, Clio li .-h, Iiiary Cdrmr, iiarhxm Clhmf, iigirhim Lf haul, Joyvi' Cox, N111drudCriw1lv, Ada AhhD1ilo'.v, Louise Dillu.-., ?i1.1rj rx - D.-ly, Huy Emo, Shxrii-y Liv .L-:, Iizuiilc Lddlfrhah, HclchEki1.1x,FAyL' Ipllur, Vhyiiig fullfr, A1m41Gurraru. W'liIIl.nCi1fTI!hiH, Wilma Hzayw, Si1lIinyiiiiL'ITlL'Ii, L9ayiQllm1Qy, IDor1fl'i.:hgI1l,.,A, IM ling, jUg,m,, Car 1 kmqgr, Shlricy Kwmxuc, HL-my i,U:iXig', klmy l iv.. 51.111 aQ,P..r f'.1.iZLH-, Egrlgm' I-.l.,-yxmdl, h.1.xl'jUfl. Xhllcr, Jliiilllld Milhf, N-vrhm Rudi-r, R' th Rw1dii'1:w ..1., x'.i.A1'L'l.i R:..i-lmrr, ral Rwlnrl 'Sirilm Rx,-hhzg, Siliflcj R--wil, IMI Sllulwh, Iuyu' Slii-wird, Tilullldzlll' Siyiddy, I3.u'mr.1 Ibxmllwhtoz., Jdhul In it Tz.c,wr, I,-nh-ll Iwuidy, Sm- Am1L'ry, JC.1F1YL'I'biC, Ami' Wall, Bolt .ov' uh, Shhiry Ni-hh, FxI.1ry I.wwW1ig, .125 diggx, Bully X-IISOII, Nlqriduu N lilgiiic, Nulhu Cir1,hl. Shirley Yu niQy. Ui ' If U N i'?wh2c.iIA A . 'VV 1' X- in'U'Pl'L'-1.16 -"fl 5' J Sum-airy . Xhluni Mild Trc.1s..:q:. Q , M. " 1 35 YC P,.rl131t1u..iar1..,1 , . F-Ii ..,. 5.11 Chhrhian QI' Jute, . ,,h,1..X Ch.1arhi.1.. f :.Jt.r.g: , ljifh Ei-X .ii ,V Cildlflihxll I' - Afro I1 .1 .N1lYAl'f- 5- A Ryo, flgj - r , , V41 Silg il Hifzorxgg, Q , . .J-Um Vik C Chiipicr lloxhcir , Xin, Clk ..-A vi - , , , , . . "Irs, L. j., :hui .. Spcmors , , 5-lim Jw-LH Ch -HL A 4 , Xifx ing' .LL'!ill,I wi' , 3 1 ,il r 39 BI-PHUCHEIH CLUB This organization is the Senior Unit of the Science Club. Entrance requirements included a 1000 word theme on a science project. Activities T of the club are acts of leadership tovxard the Junior Science Club, field trips, project work, and a chance at club officership. This year's members include: Virginia Stout, Bob Harrelson, Delores Jenkins, Harold Wilkins, and John Hawkins. Sponsors of the Science Clubs are Mrs. Edna Qhrriart and Mr. Otto Ohmart. JUHICH SCIENCE CLUB The Jr. Science Club is open to all freshnien desirous of alittle more in- forrriation about upper science studies. The program for the organization in- cludes outlines of biology, chemistry, and physics, sample lessons in each, projects, and talks by Bi-Pliy-Chem students. The "C" Club is an organization of the boys who have qualified for a major varsity letter. Plus the major qualifications of 12 quarters in foot- ball and 32 in basketball, a boy must also pass the approval of each faculty member before joining the club. TllE MEMBERS ARE: Gordon Dodd, Richard Page, Glenn Earl lludgcns, Bob Robinson, Bob Barker, Rich- ard Henderson, Bob Pitts, jim Rife, Donald Elkins, Hob Shepard, Richard Youngs, CarlBarker, Bob Pitts, Paul Boyer, Donald Nobles, Eugene Lacey, Gerald Drllow, Charlie llilernan, and Jim Wahl. THE SPONSORS A RE: Mr. Spear and Mr, Abernathy. LIBHHHIHHS There are two student Librarians chosen for each period of the clay, llhcst assistants are chosen for the following qualities: responsibility, trust, v.o1'tlniness pleasing pe rsonality, co-operation, outstanding character, loyalty, zirir efficiency. Librarians: Martha Boyd, Shirley Carhart, Joyce Cox, Gordon Dodd, NealGill1arn, Joyce Lit-lion, Doris Gr-nts. Anna Jones, Helen Miller, Maxine Miller, Shirley Svlowery, John Scheffler, Shirley J, Srnrth, Dorothy Sitter, Larry Treecc, Lotrell Tweedy, Sue Ann Ury, Sharon Wornicly, Richard Youngs. OFFICERS President. . . .... , Richard Youngs Vice-President , , Shirley lxlowery Secretary. . . . Anna Jones Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,, Maxine Miller Members: Martha Boyd, Shirley Carhart, Joyce Cox, Janige Dale, Gordon Dodd, Neal Gilliam, Joyce Goilon, Doris Groves, Helen Miller, Shirley Miller, Judy Renfro, John Scheffler, Shirley J. Smith, Dorothy Sitter, Larry Treece, LotrellTweedy, Jean Tygett, Sue Ann Ury, Sharon Worriica. The Sptnsor is Miss Ruth Esther Hill. G. H. H. The Girls' Athletic Association sponsored by Mrs. Opal Stephens has been very active this year. Organized for the purpose of promoting ideals of health anti sportsmanship in schools throughout the state of Illinois, this club enables girls to take part in sports just as boys do. Points are given for the various activities as bowling, volleyball, basketball, tumbling, badmitton, and softball, These points earn letters when the total is high enough, The play-days the girls take part in helpthem compare ideas with the girls from neighboring schools about parties, games, and various other activities. Shirley Smith and Jean Verble were sent to Camp falahi, the G. A, A. Camp. G.A.A. -CQ-REC BARNYARD JAMBOREE OFFICERS Prcsloem A , ,A,,,,,, Liner slriffer Vice-Presidegr , . . Ju. . Verble Setireiury, 1 , ,John Xlcl Jir: Trtastreri . , Films Hash. Q 43 HIGH SCHUUl BHHD HLLEGRU MH HUHTRUPPU TWIRLEHS GlRlS'GLEE ClUB WIXED UHUH 'N PEP CLUB he Pep Club is a mixed organization which strives to promote school spirit and sportsmanship. Mernbers of the Pep Club make up the cheering section at school games. Mrs. Opal Stephens is the sponsor of the Club, and it has a membership of about lOO students. T Members of the club are: Donald Rich, Donald Choate, Freddie Chamness, Dick Yonngs, Paul Bore, Jim Jordan, Ray Ad .ins, Ronald Bean, Donald Lemaster, Frank Boyd, Donnell Stout, Don Murphy, Bobby Jo Harrelson, Billy Jackson, Larry Larsen, Jimmie Norris, Shirley Wall, Cecilia Kacanasks, Shirley Carhart, Myra Gnrley, Erma Hartline, Mary Ann Nivin, JoAnn Tygeti, Kenneth Cruse, Robert C-rney, Carl Barker, George Bean, Eddie Millrr, Mary Helen Ligon, Lois Groxes, Betty Brimm, Martha Ury, Daribnla Dillaw, Martha Boyd, Pam Hind- man, Harry Rodman, John Ice, Terry Hindman, Jimmie Mclntire, Carol Lee Holtz, Marilyn Nillis, Joyce Page, Exelyn Boyd, Charlotte Mattheis, Lynn Dillow, Jim Wahl, Sue Martin, Joyce Gollori, Shirley Keller, Richard Hase, Sylria Baldwin, Harry Corzine, JanetChoate, Carol lee Treece, Bob Shepard, Shirley Yecirley, Patsy Wiggs, Delores Jenkins, Andrey Eiselmeier, Gail Brown, Paul B-pyer, Eddie Farrar, Billie Sue Norris, Marilyn Dillow, Erlene Meystedt, Marjorie Dillow, Boyd Daxis, Georgia Zimmerman, Charles Dilloiv, Jean Casper, Tom Clingingsmith, Wilma Hayes, Leon Daxis, Janet Tripp, OFFICERS President ........ . Janet Shaffer Vice-President , , , Gordon Dodd Secretary-Treasurer , , Patsy Mantis VHRSHU CHEEHLEHUERS Qimoscn by popular vote of the student body. 1 iw xpxc1.rc:: SuS.x!1f5!l'lCh, Dons Huughlkul, mms, a.1uJ4mL-Cjwmhx. Ju.-M111 MuIm11'u as MJ. F , 1 :M Q 'mn-J. FRESHHIHH-SUPHUIHUHE UHEEHLEHIJEHS ILII IU V-JUHI: Shlrhy Uxlinvn, This year's Varsity Cimecrleaders Vx'2,fI"i A af' fha- vw 5? 2 4 if THE BUSINESS CLUB The Business Club was organized to develop competent business leader ship: to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and in their work to encourage and practice thrift: and to improve and establish standards for entrance in busine ss. The purpose of the Nation- al Athletic Scholarship Soci- ety is to foster high scholar- ship among boy athletesg to stimulate a desire for bal- anced trainingg to evaluate the ideals of sportsmanshipg and to develop more outstanding leaders, To be eligible, the boys must have earned an athletic letter in an interscholastic sport, have an average of "B" or higher, and have exempli- fied the highest type of citizen- ship and sportsmanship. The members for 1950-51 are: Glenn Hudgens, Richard Hen- derson, .Tim Wahl, .Tim Rife. HHTIUHHL HTHLETIC SCHIHHHSHIP SUCIETU , X SURHTCHES STHFF The purpose of the SCRATCHES staff is to publish the school paper once a month. School news, features, editorials, club and service news, and sports have been the contents of this paper. Members of the staff were: Marcia Rinehart--Editor, Bill Parker--Assistant Editor, Lynn Dillow, Sue Martin, Charlotte Mattheis, Joyce Gollon, Carol Lee Treece, John Scheffler, Charles Mclntire, Charles Treece, John!-Iawkins, Mary Boyd, Gordon Dodd, Francis Grabow, Harry Corzine, Jane Coombs, Linda Casper, Lenora Norris, Shirley Smith, Sarilda Jackson, Shirley Keller, Pat Shelton, Martha Boyd, Joan Tygett, Cordie Finch, Jane Gore, Mary Lou King, Rod- ney Anderson, Jo Ann Mclntire, Arlynn McCree, Jeanne Groner, John Ice, Wesley Walton, Janet Shaffer, Audrey Hungate, Jim Wahl, Jim Rife, Peggy Murphy. Faculty Ad- visor: Diana Dodd. 'U iff", 2 19635 lg 111 11' J Y 'L..,,q. px y 'SQ 5.' if W Q 'F' 2 m I? 52 ilwf' f , 1 .nf 58" KEY x 52 L Lfw aq -4' 4 WM ,"" Q Q 'x 5 4-, M -. - I .. I J., L, W, 1 7 ', ,L "," , ' L 'f " ' "' nw V 1, .-' iz' "Y ' -W:",,, V' If 1 ' . L Q " ' ' It !-' he Q M A M ., .. L Ml' 5 F 1 A ' 14 Q I Q h 4 4 I ., , 06 'I ' . - - 0-9 'Iq---,7- . J lux "-iii H ' ls, 4 i h 3 u JM, I 8 , 5 - yi' J- L Q I, x ,,, Q. i,, gi. my V 9, f a n-,Q V a .nf ' i, A 2 -F? J? k ' Q '25 2' fi 3, ' . j-if 6 M ' 1, J 53, " ' ' Li.. - 1 ' 5 L- sl if A f QR 5' f x b XX ,A T ,L Q F , ai, ,M A in x l I Q Q " ' ' ' ' ' ,'z.L"'?" U b. -. 7' - 'wi' f .f P' 'f 'Ill "J 7 if : . , I K V 'tm g 'gf 1 : V ' f' 4 1 V iff" ff, " , r ' ' Q . 3? M- . W, ' 7 I ' ' "7 , 5 , , f J 3' ' Q 12 , . ,W Z 2 "af " 1 5'1R.v Mini xx ' 1 A I ' A Li A f 'ar . L f+f12,," fi ., . 'IQ 513-W x U X 4 T' 1' ,, ' cf ' f , ' ,fn '4 A 'A I ,fa Li -, sf,-4 ""l"f A ? 6,3 1 if-E , sq K ,fi , , K wwlxv Q ' Q. Y A ,.' grim. 1 V , I Er ztw K . 6 2 , , , ihtxr at 5 'ii Q nk H 1 xx , J' I V' 'L ' - , Q 1 Q ' Q'-41 " Q' 3 1 3,3 ' 'I A Q . K' , A Ai i ws- 155 , , , J l lk f A 5 5 Y 4 1 V V K. :L A . J HTHLETICS Q' :,-:-wr.rr+ f 7 - 1950 FUUTBHLL SUUHD BOTTOM ROW: Coach Roger Spear, Jack Pitts, Richard Youngs, Charlie Hileman, Bob Shepard, Richard Henderson, Bob Rob- inson, Dick Page, Bob Barker, Carl Barker, Jim Wahl, Jim Rife, Assistant Coach Bill "Doc" Abernathy. SECOND ROW: Eugene Lacy-Manager, Bob Pitts, Don Lemaster, Glenn Hudgens, Lowell Haire, Dannie Morris, Gordon Dodd, Donald Elkins, Donald Chase, John Sheffler, Eddie Farrar, Paul Boyer, Bob Woolard, Charles Mclntire-Manager. THIRD ROW: Donald Noble, Bill Trees, David Aldridge, Robert Whitaker, Rex Aldridge, Larry Young, Paul Boyd, Dick Isaacs, Howard Hubbs, Jack Brimm, Jim Mclntire, Bill Henderson, Bob Shaffer, Mike Crowell. FOURTH ROW: Bill Jackson, Kent Keller, Larry Swain, Dean Bittle, Freddie Young, John Nicholas, Larry Lam, Charles Daisy, Freddie Chamness, Richard Lyerla, Eddie Miller, Byron Smith, Bob McCain, Jim Norris. Coach Roger Spear began this year as head coach for the Wildcats, and his assist- ant was Bill "Doc" Abernathy. The Wildcats opened the 1950 football season with several promising boys from last year's squad: the personnel on the varsity consisted of twelve seniors, ten juniors, and three sophomores. The Cats played good hard football, but lost five of the nine games played. The Cats won a very hard-fought game over Carbondale, 14- 13, but lost another hard-fought game to Murphysboro, 7-6. In this game, the Wild- cats out-charged, out-passed, and out-ran the Red Devils the whole game, but failed to score when on the one foot line. The Wildcats have 7 lettermen returning next year, and Coach Spear should have an experienced team. 1950 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE A-I 6 13 Eldorado Here A-J' 12 19 Chester There A-J' 14 13 Carbondale Here A-J' 6 52 P'ville There A-I Z6 6 DuQuoin Here A-J 33 7 Metropolis There A-.T 39 0 Sparta Here A-J' 6 7 Murphysboro There A-.T 12 Z5 Johnston City Here , Qu f ' - V-Q ,A .' -+,y.,,"'3'31--F... f N 1 V.m" Qi. ". 2,74 VL . 1, , .Q Q . 2 a'- . , ' C 'gg-, I r b' xx: . 1 ' G". I' MY I 9 ' MQ' 'A - ' t-.a'f-,fra 7' 1 -4 '-' 'J-":f7"f1 ' ' 'Y 'Y ' fe' , -"g:,,,,'- . 4 .. 1,-'J ,. H-e,f'ff1 3 Jirl. . M: , , t n , , :ai-1 'Eg' tif., 4 7 4 - - ' ,4if,Fi.R-L," A-,E ,L Y. .. 17' 615 .ig . , 1,,' , ha, l ,Q jg .5 K Ig., ,bin t Mfrs, e ,gr , . 'ark , ev' A- A V -' .1 fy , ,gg , .K flag: '?g,pg.eg5x v L !5s?.f1- 5. ' ..z?1a:'22 BOB BARKER Center One of the outstanding players on the team, his vicious block- ing and hard tackling did much to aid the team. Senior: Weight 165, Height 5'9". vsyff. 1 ,ggkfl 1 1-X' aff' CARL BARKER Left Guard An outstanding member of the A-I line. Capable of making a hole in any line in the confer- ence. Senior: Weight 145, Height 5'9". ...QQ- -Q, .,.t. PAUL BOYER Reserve End Big and strong, and good espe- cially on defense, could handle a pass very well. Senior: Weight 154, Height 5'IO". EUGENE LACY LETTEHHIEH M anage f DONALD ELKINS Reserve Back Fast and a hard driver, turned in a good job of running and a very good ball handler. Junior: Weight x4o, Height 5'5", 1 . CHARLIE HILEMAN Right Guard Proved to be very good his first year on the line, hard charging and hard to stop. Senior: Weight 168, Height 5'9". RICHARD HENDERSON Quarterback Called the plays and did the team's passing. He also stood out on defense, and was the team's punting power, Junior: Weight 144, Height 5'IO". GORDON DODD Reserve-Back Was called onto play dif- ferent positions in the backfield, could handle the ball very well. Senior: Weight 135, Height 5'5". :t:"'l GLENN HUDGENS Reserve Guard Small for a lineman, but knew how to play good hard football, rough and rugged, and was very good on defense. Junior: Weight 168, Height 5'9". 19511 1951 BHSHUBH11 SUUHD BOTTOXI ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Donald Chase B111 Trees Dave Aldrldge Bob Puts Fred Elkxns Rrchard Henderson Jack Puts Dannre Nlorrls SELONJD ROW Nhkc Crowell Manager Drck Smuh Dlck Isaacs Kent Keller Larry Young lrvrn Harvey Charles D8lSy Coach Roger Spear THIRD ROW Everett Ury Jlm Davlg Barrx Fowl r Gene Sears The 1950 51 Basketball season opened under the supervlsxon of Coach Roger Spear Although not experrenclng as gooda season as ln 49 thls year s Anna Jonesboro squad exhxbrted some good ball handlmg and turned rn many thrxll packed moments rn most of then' games The flnal count showed 9 wms and 14 losses whrch 15 notan excellent record but due to the lack of experience the boys had a hard trme all through the season Coach Spear had taught h1s team many plays whrch led to many pomts and a beautlful game on the part of the Wlldcats In sprte of qu1te a few losses the team turned IH some very good games to balance up thelr poor ones The Wlldcats were also partrclpants ln the Dupo Invrtatlonal Tournament 49 59 The Cats also played ln the Chrlstmas Inv1tat1onalTournament at West Frankfort but lost 44 33 to a frne Zelgler team The seasonclosed wrth the Reglonal Tournament st111 to be played the flrst week ln March and A J' s fxrst opponent was Tamms SEASON S SCORES A .T VS They Umversrty School Metropolls Plckneyvllle Marlon DuQuo1n DUPO TOURNAMENT Chester Pmckneyvllle Vlenna Johnston Clty Calro Murphysboro WEST FRANKFORT TOURNAIvlENT Sparta Chester Carbondale Carbondale DuQuo1n Sparta McLeansboro Murphysboro Trlco winning their first game 54-40 over Cathedral and losing the second to Roxana We ' ' 53 69 ' 62 69 ' ' 71 40 ' 78 46 ' 54 70 54 39 ' ' 51 49 ' 77 44 ' 65 49 ' 43 39 29 42 51 48 44 41 61 63 51 48 ' 44 48 78 59 45 47 52 36 ' 30 39 , by Zi I 'W , fs., Av 54" . :f 1 . , an '- JK' ffm f a, 6. F 2 ff' 1 .. V, 4? 1-hgh' ki N :MI D 1950 BHSEBHLL SUUHD BOTTOM ROW: Richard llenderson, Gerald Dillow, Donald Elkins, Glenn 1-ludgens, Bob Pitts, Bob Kimbro, Frank Rodman. SECOND ROW: Herschel Grisham, Charles Ferrell, Ed Stone, Jim Brimm, Charlie Hileman, Bill Trees, Coach Roger Spear. The 1950 Baseball team got off to agood start by defeating Thebes 10-7 in the first game of the seasong then came back the next weekto win over Univer- sity School 10-2. Anna-Jonesboro next traveled to Murphysboro to play Chester, but lost in a very good game, 5-1. Four days later the Cats won their third and last game of the season over the Carbondale Terriers 5-Z on the Wildcats' home diamond. From here on the boys seemed to have had bad luck all the way. The last five games they were defeated by Gorham, lvlurphysboro, DuQuoin, Wolf Lake, and another one to Gorham. All the boys except seven will be back for the 1951 season with more ex perience and baseball "know how" under their head coach, Roger Spear 1951 TENTATIVE BASEBALL SCHEDULE A-I VS. April 14 Cobden Here April 17 University School Here April Z0 Chester At Murphysboro April 24 Carbondale Here April Z7 Gorham There April 30 Murphysboro There May 4 DuQuoin Here May 8 Wolf Lake There May ll Gorham Here May 12 Cobden There FAMILY LIVING AMERICAN LIT LL' SHORTHAND AMERICAN LII TYPINC Cb NERAL SCIENCE Qin. li V I I , ' xr. Q ul' ,,' J 5' C , W . 1 12 . A Y . s I v l mrs islsrisrfsr-'r1,r. If Slqplzvzil' Hr'Illn'Y.Yw'l'l1 limb YIQD-' l rr I Hfggrvg Edward TIL-gr, Ulrl fvlllrgfqkr, FJ Q .'.Z-:i'rx'. +'?"Qw iff ,gf ,smiwm L . ' GIRLS' l3.fX5KEl'lS,Xl.L Seniors: lynn Dillow, Sue Alice Marlrlr, Arrrrrr jones, Iuyuu Gollum, Frame? Gmbow, Shirley Kcllcr. BOYS' YOI.LEYl3ALL Ol1rr1arr's llumcrmxrlrg Gall Brown, Bob Barker, liulurcrh Cruse, Paul Boic, Carl Barker, Paul Boyer. 1,1-M .A V, ' -YL ,sv Q... . .,- ,. IHTHHIHUHHL SPUHTS mln-REC X'OLl,EYll,-Xl.L F.l.1:r:.'1 ilwr:.,':.-.wig lim Kmlrl, larry 'I'rccfu,Sl1rrlq.' lynn Slllllfl, luJ11X'grhlu, Nlarrlm l'ry. i l 7 A v s WG H : 1 N9 5' i 1 . .Air Ad 'h"' X frm C K+ 9---ally af- 5. N s mv. if 'X x Hlllllillllllllllli UUEEH HHH HTTEHUHHTS LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Lee Treece, Jane Coombs, Attendants: Alice Wall, Queen, Sarilda Jackson, Marilou King, Attendants, Linda Spear, Crown Bearer, CENTER FRONT. Homecoming this year was the most successful in the history of A-I. There was more spirit and enthusiasm than has been shown in many a. year. Although the day was Friday, October 13, it provedall but unlucky. It began with a pep rally held in the Ravine Theatre, followed by a very colorful pa-- rade The A-J' Wildcats then won their Homecoming football game from Du- Quoin, which was held that night, by a score of Z7-6. The climax of the entire day came after the game, which was the big dance and crowning of the 1950 Football Queen in the high school gym. 'V+ fr' 'vwzrm fllilzdn "1 I? . 5 Wx 5 " ' V A N. V, I-xi? . tn-'emlxiiv 'A v 5 - . V l ---... .N " gf. "A, Q " "'Q 'li ff' W ,w-rl: . ' , - 5 --5k'.,J,.,. ' 3 1 W Y "'19.,,1' 5+ 5-wry' A xv - - A, .1 'za f 4-me w. -3-fM+.:'i w MX 4523 L 'Jfx' 1-',ir..Lq .X 1' 'M 1. ' xx fx SP: QQ g- - 5 ,Juni 'J-vc' ' ' nw " , -- - H 'glfil 'J 'fs' .7542 -Ev'-"".i qw , ' ' fr!" 'uf ' ",- 'K f" X551 . ...1 - X 4 w - - H QU mg" X Q ' 4. . - . .f ' J! A 'n X l . ra l , A ' 4 I 1 , 12 V 4 ff ', 1 ,N gs 3 ' .. 9 5 L. -y ,-qw? 4 - . 0 4 .Au f M " ,Ql'l1'.'vw'1 f' -1 1 . N -.ff ith.. ' SSX M5533-p,., jaw all we N" .iftytiiv , " g N'5-KA, Q Q t 5 XX 56' 9 1 x 44 " 1 7,4-u ' ,'4.,',k.L. .ll if 4-,.,.i. ,guy ff, W, '. ' ' V 32 'gt' ".'L ,-I -.3 1 Q' VN' I' it 2 ' ' V ' .,.-M ' -. ,d-Jai..-' , or ' , 5.3 . D! - . Axfv- 31.6, -P, at y' 'fi' M' . 8-K " ' " I 1-e l Z up ?1f. I ln- ,, Q .Al . ,M Afpfv 'S Q 2,-.QV x - . . .'-?Q 1 qfl. 's -v l xigjg v x - . . . ' Q 0 ' ' I? ' is ag 'I r ', 'o, I . og' is ., '4- gf ,as I 'Ss 5 .X ik I x,,1, A o r . ff" .'g,, f '1 fin 1 ' 4 Flux' ', n ia! 2,4 N . 4 C .A, .-41 Q .T .141 K - "3 S 5 if - 7 , F . K A ' 6 I' c l , -7, 1 UA ' J "fer 1 . 1 if :Q , 1 9 t n X' 3 'Pg " Y 4 , . I M! ' "5""" ' 1 Q Q V' I V ' 6 4 'V I J. ks 4 . f f ' ' M -'-N---- -- -!-..,.,,- l'ii,Y1T. ' ab.:-if-nd A 2 'X J """"""'- ,.1'l1'Q 3 H2 .4 fi " 'H+' ' H r X, .1 , . fe-f , , - -' 8 - . . -.4...-.... V .1 Q . ' ,,.,7 xi, . -- 7.4- f -.W , - 1222-'fi-f A -. X ff , 1 , Q . . -- -- 'V ,,1,, 00 A ..,r' .157-L' , 1 F M C- ,gv ifdgnfd DRINK Bottled Under Authorlty of the Coca Cola Company Cairo CMM Bottlmg Co CAIRO ILLINOIS "1 FOR COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHS 'bln Horrell Studio Offlclal Photographer for An Jo Co H1 Phone 136-R Anna, Ilhnoxs 'MW fwim' f 1' -, J 2 I. in V ls , by O O I I lll?l 5' - E 5 A f 2 1 ,..v Anna Producers Dalry pl e ts nc Anna Natlonal Bank DAIRY FOODS Over 50 Yeals of Servlce Anna Ill noxs to the Commumty S IPCS, S11 CI' Market C0 zrawlatwnsf Om P P and TWO GOOD STORES TO TRADE IN Best 1n Mld West RICH S SHOE STORE A na 11111108 RICH S STORE FOR MEN RECOMMENDED BY DUNCAN HINDS Home Of Qualify and Style O Com im 11 of I I . .1-1.1. , i ' Call 77 for Deliverie I n ' r O JK ' ' - 7! f n , ' i ' ll ' H FRUIT BELT SERVICE STATION ERNEST SAUERBRUNN CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF AJ A Strong Frlendly Bank Internatlonal Shoe Co for Home People WILKINS GARAGE SALES CHEVRQLE1' SERVICE GUARANTEED WILKINIZED USED CARS 24 Hou Wrecker Service Phones 56R2 149R3 Cobden Illlnols Y . , . A na, Anna, - r ' -- STUDEBAKER ALLIS CHALMERS CARS AND TRUCKS FARM MACHINERY E A Peters Kc Sons FIRESTONE TIRES R J Brunner Co JO AN LAUNDRY Ka CLEANERS EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE Anna. 111111018 RENTALS SALES SERVICE an W I ROYAL TYPEWRITERS MENS SHOP ADAMS HATS MARION CARBONDALE PHONE 1171 PHONE 1161 ?oJqer5 ana If fe gkeczfres Present the Best m Screen Entertamment and Apprec1ate Your Patronage Anna Illmoxs Anna Jonesboro B P O Elks No 1641 Q Comphments of O O i w - :K , O O O rx xtn- . -s' f , M -' e W k ' ' .. ' ' ! I 4 4 .9 14 . , , rf Avul A ar- 5-6.5: ! . . W' K Aw K ' o 0 o YY- f Q1 Ig O . CLINGINGS ITH S STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phones 424 427 Jonesboro Ill FURNITURE O STOVES I RUGS ,CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC VENETIAN BLINDS O LUGGAGE wi' 19' J OINER FURNITURE STORE Yr' ANNA ILLINOIS Complete Home Outfitte 'Iliff 'll' Buy On Easy Term Free Dell ery PEARL MOTOR CO Inc Opposlte Post Oiiice Anna Ill Aung Ill Comphments of Umon County Implement Company Anna Illlnols ,,,,,,,.,m0..,., Tractors I Water Systems O Orchard 'mum' Eqmpment O Trucks orris 8z Son Furmture Hot Pomt Apphances Armstrong Lmoleum RCA Vlctor R9.d10S Rubber T11e-Asphalt and Tlle Phone 416, Jonesboro, Ill. 7 I ' At ,"'?.- ' 5. if? 1- . If I P ,QE-IR x U, H H - I 4 PUIIIQKEOLKT 2' . -ee - - r . 'em o A L-.....T,....4..-............-..-,.L.,:.,..,,l s 'v ., . 9 ' , . ' H O 7 . . 0 u e , Comphments of No 5 Anna No 17 Anna No 8 Jonesboro LEWIS BROS BAKERY THE GAZETTE DEMOCRAT an ANNA TALK S-J N v OF UNION COUNTY BX W" JOB PRINTING QABU Aviv' STAYS FRIBH 3 DAYS LONGER Anna 111111018 W HL 8: SON JEWELERS OVER A QUARTER CENTURY IN ANNA DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE TOWLE GORHAM AND INTERNATIONAL STERLING ' 3 ' I ' 2 d I 'V' E-NXEEUI COMPLETE NEWSPAPER COVERAGE ,fa-f' , """"' "1 4 7 PAGE'S AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY Hot Pomt Apphances O Goodrlch T1res Anna Ill1no1s SOUTHERN BARBECUE CASH CREDIT De11c1ous Sandwlches UNION COLD DRINKS AND BEER HOUSE FURNISHING CO Anna Ill On Routes 146 51 ANNA CENTRAUA BUILDING SUPPLIF5 WEST BRQTHERS com. Dxstrlbutors for ALL IhS6CtlCld6S and Dustlng Equlpvment Phone 148 Anna IllIno1s JEAN INSURANCE AGENCY ALMA S MILADY BEAUTY SHOP GENERAL INSURANCE LOVELIER HAIR STYLES Phone 586 Anna 111 319 S Mam PLYMOUTH Anna Automobnle Co CHRYSLER Genulne Parts and Servxce 346 S MUD St Phone 670 591 Anna Ill UNION CQUNTY QIL STATION MATTHEIS GENERAL ELECTRIC Formerly TUTHIILL OIL COMPANY In the Heart of Anna D X PRODUCTS THE APPLIANCES MOST WOMEN WANT MOST Phone 350 Anna Ill Phone 860 An 8 In ANNA QUARRIES, Inc PRODUCTS OF HIGH GRADE AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE AND CRUSHED STONE FOR ALL PURPOSES Telephone 814 Aung, 111 7 AHH8. National Bank Bldg. FINE o I 1 I n I O TWIN CITY CLEANERS J H GARVIE Owner PEOPLE WHO CARE TRADE THERE Phone 735 Anna Ill AUTO SERVICE f FITESIIODE T1 es and Tubes,-Batteries Comphments o h s H Cars Called fo and Deh e ed C OME MCINTIRE SHELL SERVICE phone 126 Anna 139 E V enna Call 444 Anna ANNA HOTEL The Place of Comfort and Peace ALBERTA WILLIS Owfner ADDR Illmoxs WESTERN AUTOA C A STORE SSO I TE ANNA DEPARTMENT STORE Everythmg for the Automoblle HQME OF HONEST V ALI-Im TIRES TUBES BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES R L, Larson Manager FRANCIS WOESTHAUS Owner Anna Ilhnoxs 124 6 West Davxe Anna Ill GOODYEAR TIRES WILLARD BATTERIES UNION TIRE SERVICE Anna Ilh 01S DYEING ALTERATIONS HAMILTON RADIO SALES 8a SERVICE ZENITH RADIOS Phone 87 Phone soo w Anna, 111. Courtesy of orris ufzeraf fyfonze Anna Illmoma . . , Cl 77 . .r . Accessories-Was in -Shellubrication Battery Uharglng . M CARTY FUNERAL r v r , Ill. . i II ll ! ll ' ' H 4' ', 1 9 , , I o . , .n . COMPLIMENTS HOYE PONTIAC COMPANY Your Pontlac Dealer 108 E Vlenna St Anna Ill o s Phone 405 ANNA FURNITURE EXCHANGE E P OWEN DRUGGIST WE BUY SELL OR TRADE ANNA JONESBORO Telephone 119 Anna Ill Phone 135 Phone 273 Compllments of LIGON LUMBER COMPANY Anng Illmols HoLTz REPAIR SERVICE PHOENIX FLOUR MILLS U S Route 51 Romeo Flour 0 Betty Ja e Anna' mmms Feeds and Seeds ALDEN SHOE STORE YOUR FRIENDS BUY THEIR SHOES HERE Phone 334R Alma Ill MIDWAY EARBEQUE ANNfgEh1QQ,11'IC23RIAL 186 E Vlenna St Phone 204R Jerome A Lutz Prop VSRQEFFNYESS FRANK CAVANESS Cofflifffiim AND TIN SHOP AND STOKERS Phone 503W FURNACES . ' , , ini . . , JO "Pure As Snow" I Apple Blossom . . l Q n n , . XVATCHES 0 DIAMONDS 0 SILVER NORTH S JEWELRY GUARANTEED SERVICE Save and Be Satlsfied IN orth Mam Anna one Your Dorrv shop II1 QIIFIFI ILLIYIOIS If Its New Dottv Has It TREECE AND BLAIR HEATING ANID SHEET METAL SHOP Wlllklel Stokers and O11 Burnels BUILT UP ROOFING Phone 83 Anna Il THEH H WOOD INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KIN DS OF INSURANCE 116 W Davle Street Anna IIlInoIs UNION COUNTY PRFSS RAYBURN ICE Owner Every Kmd of Job Prmtmg Ofiice Supphes I Rubber Stamps Anna Ill LEE BUICK CO Anna IIlInoIs BUICK GMC TRUCKS Phone 260 ROBERT W BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE WITH SERVICE Phone 242 W Ann MALLAMS BROTHERS MARKET GROCERIES I VEGETABLES I MEAT Free Delivery Phones 311 310 Anna Ill ROTRAMEL S PAINT AND WALLPAPER "Better Homes Have IMPERIAL Paper" Anna, Ill, CONGRATULATIONS FORSYTHE PASTRY SHOP Anna, Ill. Phone 95 I K ' yy 114 I ' Ph 761 " I , . V' 1 I n a Oil and Coal-Fired Furnaces , 1. ' ' - a, Ill. 7 ELKINS APPLIANCE SALES 133 West Vlenna Anna Ill Youngstown Kltchens-Maglc Chef Gas Stoves Phzlco Radlos Refngerators Home Freezers Stoves Bendlx Washers Dryers Ironers Bottle Gas-ABC Washers Phone 422 DAVIS HARDWARE STORE QUALITY HARDWARE AND SPORTLNG Goons 306 S Mam Phone 84:1 Anna I LYNN D SIFFORD INSURANCE AGENCY 117 W Vlenna St HILEMAN SEED STORE SEEDS I PLANTS I FERTILIZL Anna Ill Dressed Poultrv at All Times JOHNSON S FEED 8: PRODUCE CASH BUYERS OF CREAM POULTRY AND EGGS Phone 204W Anna Ill KARRARER OIL CO Anna IIIIIIOIS MOBILE GAS MOBILE OIL MOBILE HEAT 24 Hour SEYVICG QAL 663112 QUAI-YYY couu 9 LADIES NATIONALLY ADVERTISED READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES The Smart Place to Buy Is At BILL S SPORT MART EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN Anna Illmols PRODUCERS OF ALL ASPHALTIC TYPES PLANT MIXES-HOT OR COLD LAYS CHAS G GILMORE Asphalt Products MODERN ASPHALT PLANT MIXTURES Anna, IIIIIIOIS . ' ' , ll. i .. 'RS Phone 316 Anna, Ill. , V . . N 9 I 1 9 0 0 o " Am S 9 Ulouzer gong .Ma kef mms Save Wlth Safety WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Everythx g for the Automob le PARKS YOUR DRUGGIST' TIRES TUBES BATTERIES and ACCESSORIE FRANCIS WOESTHAUS Owner Anna Ulm S 124 6 West Davle Anna Ill ANNA CAB 8z COACH LINE, Inc can Us TRUMAN KELLER ng Ogle 85 me RIXLEBEN S PHARMACY FIRST NATIONAL Jonesboro Ill BANK DRUGS O KODAKS SCHOOL BOOKS O SUPPLIES Member of F D I C Phone 406 Jonesboro Compliments of 321S3:1i31IIISIz9rFSreet ANNA CLEANERS HA1,l?fE1Ei,,,.,., Phone 13 Flowers for Every Occasion GAMM S SHOE STORE C 1 ts f omp men 0 Fme Footwear EMILY S FLOWER SHOP Phone 885 Anna Ill Anna Illin WALTER HARDWARE Frigidaire Appliances - BPS Paint - Gifts Anna Phone 62 Illinoil r . . I' ' i at u - ' u Il 1 7 . i - . . O If You Need Cab , For Charter Busses Transpomtion Phone 779 R Anna, Ill. Lo Sh It T . 7 , Ill. u ' n 7 ! 9 ' ois ANNA JONESBORO LUMBER CO Everythmg for the Home An a Illmols MRS MOORE s FLOWER SHOP RODMAN AND ROBINSON CUT FLOWERS BLOOMING PLANTS FLORAL DESIGNS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HARTLINES SHOE SERVICE Rehable Shoe Rebullders 134 East Davie St eet A na Ill IS BIB AND TUCKER Comphments of CURTIS CANDY Ch1ldren s Wear ED KELLER DISTRIBUTOR West of Rodgers Theat e Phone 865 STOUT I G A FOOD STORE Compliments of BIB AND TUCKER YOUR DEALER CHILDREN S WEAR SAM DUTY 204 S. Mam Phone 865 ANNA-JONESBORO MOTOR CO. ' 0 C6 ' 71 n . . 7 .11 0 ,. 2: . Jonesboro 563R Anna 889 9 ' r n , ino' ' 1 , , r O l I A 7 Comphment Dr Harrv Phllllps Dr Kent Kelley Berrv V Rxfe O E Johnson Dr J F Wahl Dr A L. Ashworth Dr H A Casper Page Dr. , . ' Dr. Don B. Stewart Dr. . . S Ifxl XRIWOIX 014-2 'f TOPEKA Mvzns AND co 'Nc w L Q.. 414 og. K , A v' U ':ooo ' N S V A , , 'first 'X 41 A - F ' :is O A ' I la it n., oq,,.: la . . 4 I ::::: .Q . ' 0 C .. .1 -0 o . m K ' W . Q 'at' b lv 'A ' mi mr , if V I ,Ai V r in 'ave A H- I ,Q ' 4 ' '.1-'f59Rs!Q.,f5W,,4f K A Q, Q I ,Q 1.. 553, 'H ,,,. - If A 'S I is 1 4-1 W- A . x i A g x 'M Q .. f fu ' .N "fukin .. 8 tg Q1 . ' MMM? .. .,,5 wg Y W 1 ' Y H , k 4, . A ,Q .. - Q 3 ., q I ,, . p PM Q rw' x 1 , fi W 5302! va -EA if A s. 'fn ' C . Q 4 G an ,W ag , ,,,,. , 1 0,4 .,,. .-, .,., H 'f ' 'Y ' 'A 'IVV' - ,gy V 'W I "'YW'fn'.'m-fn-of , K I ' , ,,,,,-A wg? U5 mf ff l f , 4 I . ,. "Rx M: , V It at I Q In V'-'Mt . JW' xx? xg rg is cf fy , 7 1 1 Y km f ..,,,7-, A l +5 'B "' 'fl 'Q 4 Q 1, Q as x. if ,W --... fw- - . w V+ 1 1- .n ' p qw 1 VI! la, QA, ff . ' 1 f- 4 ' -V g' V 1 , -,Ph 1 . , 1:7-' , fi' , , ,,, A, 1 -nf A p , - 5 f JV 1. X W aww A.

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