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,M ' . wg . ,Y 4.. .W- K-2' A 'ifgzfvff-7' , W 54 ,, .. . " -, was-I-,:gL,, 4 ' ' f. 1- N12 4j:'i5fmf5'fi:g'.vv-3 i Y --W, -fr 1' ' H ff,-M ri: ' ave, . D . , -:gff 2' - f 'Hifi-'w 'wg ":1ZP"g-az -,Af--1 1 ' Af :R 3-'gpm 1 , - WHL.-SN", ' -,-1 ka.:-'g, 4,1-1 fc' Q4 - I. I x .V ', j-, , . 'fi ,- "' ."-1-ff.. Lf! i 'ff' V ' ' - 'ki' , 1- 433' ' .1544 ' , - iiflffc 3 'Lf ff-if--'Y -'f'i,5,,.' ' 274:-f.-Y' Q 1 two: . ' :fi ' A iffy- ',,.' 1, 1 'i.',L-LBA' -, H..-1-5, 'ifii 'JQMVN' '- '- V 1 - - 1+ , ' ' 1 5- 1 - 1 Jreifiu u -- V ' ' CK , . - ',.k J" 1 :V ,. , ,- - Ap- V K V .-'V , .:-A,fgf'f.m- 1 A 1 ' TXi'5?,'75f I -.i4.-Qwbvhw K 3515, ,Rl , H A Q H V t1jR,,,V. x , ' if-E-f ' 1113?-'.,-l':f',' -.3 3 ,. . .. ' -ff ' ' it-5ggj.,., , VS, .'5L vf. -1 u-- " fa- T . Q1 ' -"5"!?J, , sv ,V ,Y .. , , , . -' ,, I .3 ' , -"-'-' P lg' Af .-.W ..g-,.,w,7., -.V ,r , . W! ,L , . 1' ' 'ff t ..F- V tn I 5 Q E? K K :Nm-,V J K, , 1, Lv' , , ,H f Q, N ,, .,,...,. . 1,52 if , 5 ' .. - -Q , 4' '- 'fy' '7 ".,12g .i -:H f gk- -1-Q. SL x. 3' I 5 , 4k , fx: ' wr ' ' ' '-fx. ' .:.' 1 if W ',...f it I A ,Q ' ,- " 13, 2 ' 5 ,,, . . AI u. 4 : -5 g . :L -, is-, '1' is :fw- 'MW gs HN JH-EI I H HI VOLUME V Published by the Iourncdism Class of ANNA-IONESBORO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL ANNA, ILLINOIS I Copyriqht 1944 CHARLES LEWIS Editor i ..,.... get meaficafion To the membem of ow dem euzd the ezlzmmz' of Aj now Jervmg in the d7'77266l1j61'665VV-fb? United Stettef, 'we humbly dedieette the 1944 edition of "Anja-Co-Hi. " ' ..,. M .e ..,,d eed,et t e,ee e te d e,et,tdeeee e.eeee,d.,,,,41e,,e,,,,ee,. W Rf i . :4:3:315'-' 1:31 : -2.- x9Iflfl"06!blCfL0lfL Four school years are at an end for the class of 1944. Tl-IE YEAR is here for 92 seniors who, but a short time aqo, were aoinq through the Freshman initiation. The Words of Roy Elam, the president of the class during its first eventful year still ring reminiscently in our ears. "We may he qreen, but we're qrowinqln Thus we did qrow from mere meophytes to sober old seniors. Many of our original number are now in their country's service. So that the names of these, our comrades, and those who preceeded them in freedom's fiqht may forever have a hallowed place in the annals of A-I, we proudly present the l944 edition of "An-lo-Co-l-li." 5555 :EEEISEEQ-. ::gg:1:5:f:5:5., x X X N NX Nl R 'S '-. I Sl?-1-":-:':-: '''JI:5:f:fgZfIf:2::."l:5E'-. 'v'E2E'52: Wsizfsisir., ia.. ''ftf-1r2:2f5f2:sE:s?2sEE2 x55'i:5:f:j:f: '-5. A:f:5:5:f:2:5:5:5:f:f5'b:b:,f' '-:1:2:1:2:I- '11, -:I:f:f:f:f:Q:f:5:E:f:E:5:: ' 21213. "E:E12rEr512. 1-rm. 1, E2E2E2S1E2E:E:5:5:f:k5'h:b 't:E:Q:f:f:f:f.. "lj:-. ''':2:I:f:?:IgIf:f:f:f:Q:5, "'9'5:5:3:5:-. - "-:3EIfI5:1:Q:1:i:7:f.13. .' "ETSI, -:3:5:5:::., "-gif:-2"-. "'2:i:i:5:f:i:3fff5f"'-, ':-:3:3. 'r-kI:fE:f:f:Q:: 71151159 +5-Q:Q:5:f:f:2:f:3' Y1E:5:f:j. ., 'k3:::::::::5:5 V "'1.7f-QT,-.Q 'f:I:I:I2:Q:Q:Q E331 6 r-tg:5:5:g:5:5:-1 " '-Ig -2323157332-::. '-:2:2: . Q . E55gsgsgsga5s5:, -.f':-1::: -Qfisfizgsg ' -:'S-k2i1E1E1E2EfE2:-. ' "--ff? "" If-, 'f2EfE1E2:.. :' F' '1.i5:3:5:s:a:5:5:g :r: f:s:s:s: f :f:2:1:5:i:3:5:3:2: . 515225-, f'5 "f:5:7:1fT "2:I. . '41-.'-ESFEIECEIEIEIEIEIEI' " '.I51E1EfEI:-. 41- " " .- 35af55:s:s:sa::.. , 1. 1-51312152 'sir , ie.. ."--Jjg iiiiiiiiis. lziififf . ,.f:-'sgrf --i:5i1255555EaE5I5. .. . ' fe. '-:sSsEsE2::- :Sei ' 4. -..::'-.-1555 5f?QEQEf?fE,. ,gs5zg' ...5g.ZI.--:'f,.9?t 5:3:Y:Y:7: "N3:2:3:1:i:f:I. . " A 1:-:?:1:I:5:I:5:': ' I: f- t ::5EE5E5E5E5EfE55555535151511 - 155' fifil :,.2152:'11I,E9fflE51' lk' 'LIE 2E:E:2:f:f:2:f:Q:ff3f5f5f2f2:Ifff. ,:f5,:f:,.,.3:' :Q5i52f5'f,. ', 'lt r-zlfifi -:::5:::::::Izgzg:!:I:f:3:3'I'Z??T:2"f:f,1' -17:5 xv ,1:'f A :-'-:I:I:f:f:i:I -, 5:3:5:5::., f3ErErE1ErErE5E?55fi inf' -jf 'I - ., . :.r1r1,5?E5E5E5EE5Eir rEgE5?:E1Er:- 4555555555555 .1E1s:r- ,Hsin 1'2:E:353E55g5g5g55E5E55Er .liififlfifiip X,-. -:3f'53.-f ir,3.1ffflf5fff?fIf2f:f:f:5:i:5:w., ':IgIgIg:g., 9 .!:3:':5: - "'- gy... '''J:IgI5:gg:::::::::f:3:f:f:E:E: Efffff:-,,.f'f?: ,-.ff5fffff3f1:. '35"f?. ' '-'V - -ffff-Q-f ' .556 rf: j 5 :e55E5E5EfS:5f5E5 : 5:5:gEgE5E5E5E5: 'rffffffififffffl' 'Pr' - - . -:7:T:-55ffEIfif:f:ff5f5f?fi:': ' ,g.::::E:2:f:f:f:g ' ' 195- w ':Q:fzfzfzflf:5:1:5:5:2:i:Q:1:" ' , .,.... " -::::-:::5:5:,:-.4114-. 19:53, -:-:1:2:f:?:1:5:1:kQ"' -:-:1:Ig7g:g:::::::-:-: 'GIEIESEI' j:f51:f:2:2EIEff3f' -. WHQFIEIEI:-."51E1EfE22r3 -:2:2525IEFEIS1?1EIE1EIEF'535' '15E5E5E5:25555553311SEQ15:1.53E5E5E5E2E1E1ErE5E5255i2i'i -::5E5E5Z5E3E5E5Eg555151525221551 .3 , ..., 315133. -K'-:-:-:5:2:Q:"' ,:g2gIg:g:-:-:-:-:-:-:2:ft?:?'1:1'3:' :-:-:- " 4:-:-:-:-:ckffizz-:-' N- :-'-:-.-1-1':':-:':4:1:3:3:5:I:?.f:i'?-I-2-P2 '-:::':5- .5::.-:':-:4:-:-. . "' . :.gIR::g:::-:-:-:-:4:4:-:-:-:-:-:-:-2:1:I:I:' .r .-.-.-:-:-.-:-z-:-z.:-5.1.53 .....-. -3- cwine jkeafre Located in the environs of the A-I campus, is one of the most unique outdoor auditoriums to be found anywhere in the United States. Known as the Ravine Theater its terraced slopes provide great seating capacity, and the excellent acoustic prop- erties enable the music department to present concerts in a spot ot rare scenic beauty. Ornamental trees and shrubs, presented by various graduating classes further enhance its natural beauty. Favorable weather sees the commencement exercises pre- sented in the Ravine Theater, and the beautiful stage lends greatly to the enjoyment ot the activities. -4- SADC! Mary D, Wingate Charles Lewis Ann Leib Gerald Engelhart Bill Abernathy I-Ufliue Gunn Gilbert Cherrick lerry Grant The "An-lo-Co-Hi" ot 1944 was a project of the journalism class ot A-I. Members ot the staii chosen to staff the publica- tion were Charles Lewis, editorp Ann Leib, assistant editorg Gil- bert Cherrick, photography manager, Gerald Engelhart, circula- tion managerp Lucille Gunn, business managerg and Bill Aber- nathy, advertising manager. War conditions presented the staff with a considerable problem, and this book could not have been produced but for the patient and unrelenting efforts of Mary D. Wingate, the journalism instructor who very graciously consented to helping the students when they proposed having an annual. -7- lflIfl6L " 011815 0l"0 vii A W- P- HCITDQF. Dr. B. V. Rife L. W. Brown President -3- ommunifg Jxfi A Sclzoof 'ff 'IK l , xlzihfjh xt gif' Conrad Casper Will Llrlqle, R. L. McConnell, Secretary Principal - 9 - . G. ASKEW sf - Mathematics ana' Science B. Ed., Eastern Illinois State Teach- ers College, M. S., University of Il- ltnois. CLARA A. BARTOW - Mathematics, Activity Treasurer A. B., Yankton Colleqep Graduate Work, University of Chicago, Northwestern Universityy Univer- sity of Southern California, and Colorado State College of Educa- tion. VIRGINIA BRADLEY -- Commerce B. M., MacMurray College, Bradley Polytechnic Commerce Institute, Western Illinois State Teachers Colleqe, University of Southern California, University of Denver. EMMA BRICKEY - Social Science Ed. B., Southern Illinois State Teachers College: M. A., Univer- sity ot Illinois, Graduate Work, University ot Iowa. RUBY G. BATEMAN 7 Physical Education, Library B. S. and M. A., George Peabody School for Teachers. Cllflflfky ELIZABETH BUELI.. - Science B. Ed., Southern Illinois Normal University: M. A., Oberlin College. EDNA T. GORDON - English, Dramatics. B. S. and M. A., Northwestern University, Graduate Work, Uni- versity ot Iowa, University of Min- nesota. MARY E. HOLMES A Vocational Homernalcing B. Ed., Southern Illinois State Teachers College, Graduate Work, Colorado State College, Columbia University. PAUL HOUGI-ITON - Coach, Physical Education B. S. and M. S., University of Il- linois. OLIVER K. LOOMIS - Vocational Agriculture B. S. and M. S., University Of Illi- nois. BILLIE PEELER - Custodian MOLLIE PENNINGER - School Nurse Illinois Traininq School. ARISCEL REESE - Commerce B. Ed., Southerin Illinois Normal University. ETI-'IEL O. RHODES - Vocational Hornemakinq B. S. in Education, Southeast Mis- souri State Teachers Colleqeg Vo! cational I-Iome Economics, Missouri University. ELLA PICKLES SANDERS - English B. Ed., Southern Illinois Normal University: University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Colorado. -1-0... g6'l,ClfLhy RITA SCHWARTZ - Music B. A., Central Y. M. C. A. MARY EVELYN SIVIA -- English, Foreign Language B. Ed., Southern Illinois Normal Univer- sity: M. A., University of Wisconsin: Graduate Work, Sarbonne. DAVID M. STROUP - Assistant Coach, Social Science B. S., Southern Illinois Normal University: ,A. M., University of Illinois: Graduate Work, Washington University. MARY D. WINGATE - English and Journalism B. A., University of lowag M. A., Boston University. MRS. HERBERT WRIGHT - English and Social Science B. S. in Education, Southeast Missouri State Collegey Wisconsin University, Co- lumbia University. ROSCOE SMICK - Custodian AGNES SMICK - Secretary MAXINE KING - Secretary -111 R. L. MCCONNELL enior Cfafiri 0 icem Carroll Belcher, Bill Abernathy, Nancy Davis, Phyllis Vaughan PI9SlCl9I1t ViC9-PI'9SiClGI'1't Secretary Treasurer Cfafm iaforg We, the class of '44, who are about ready to leave our dearly beloved high school, pause for a few moments to look over the cherished memories of our last four years. As green Freshmen, we entered A-I., September 1940, with 164 students. Our hopes were high and our intentions were commendable, but yet we were a little frightened of the big, bad, Seniors and teachers, about whom we had heard many stories. As time went on we found these so-called "bad" people were a fine, outstanding class of boys and girls, men and women. We held our first election with the following officers elected: Boy Elam, presi- dentp Anna lane Duck, vice-president, Martha lane Weiss, secretary, lane Tripp, treasurer. The Freshman deans were: Mrs. Ella lane Pickles Sanders: Miss Mary Holmes: Miss Iosephine Bunchg Marshall Howell: and Paul Hough- ton. We had many great experiences and one of them was when our small, but mighty, president stood up before his first assembly and said, "We may be green, but we're growing." That one speech carried us through the first year without any difficulty. ln September, 1941, we became gay, young sophomores. We had be- come accustomed to the school, and now we felt that we were really an im- portant part of it. Again we held our election of officers with the following results: Bichard Stephens, presidentg Martha lane Weiss, vice-president: Betty Ellen Horn, secretaryg Wanda Lee Smithson, treasurer. In place of Mr. Howell, we had a new dean Samuel Hill. The activities of our class were numerous with many of us taking part in the Speech Plays, showing what they had to offer in the line of talent. We were also very proud of the fact that we had contributed several boys to both the football and basketball teams. Another thing that happened this year was' that on the day of December 8, 1941, our country went to war against lapan and Germany. This was to affect our class in the future because of the induction of some of our boys to fight for "Uncle Sam." ln September, 1942, we entered A-l., as jolly Iuniors. We were jolly because now we were upperclassmen. We felt important because this year, finished successfully, would mark achievement on our steady climb in high school. There were the important things such as the Iunior-Senior reception and the lunior play. As in the past year, officers were elected at the begin- ning of the year. They were as follows: Bill Bobins, president: Betty Davis, vice-presidentg Martha lane Weiss, secretary: Kathryn Appel, treasurer. We started out to raise money. Our finest financial success was the Iunior play, -12- If e X X It H 90" 45 ' 1 wibvawai ,tj I I il if if "til N l Nw "The Daring Young Man," with the cast as follows: Roy Elam, Sussette Wil- son, Amy Dee Rudolph, Allen Rudolph, Iane Harper, Bill Robins, Martha Iane Casper, Charles McDaniel, Houston Casper, Betty Horn, Claudia I. Hill, Gil- bert Cherrick, Ernestine Vincent, Bob Hill, and Anna May Wahl. After the play came the Iunior-Senior reception which was a big success. The gym was beautifully decorated in the theme of a flower garden. The reception was well attended and turned out to be one of the grandest eve- nings ever spent at A-I. The Iunior year also marked another asset to us because of having three boys from the Iunior class - William "Doc" Aber- nathy, "Moon" Pickett, and Carroll "Goofy" Belcher go to the state finals on the A-I basketball team. This year we also had four members of our class inducted into the armed forces. They were as follows: Roy Elam, Marines: Keller Ioiner, Army: Byron Lasley, Armyp and Carl Pickett, Army. The four boys left our school with the entire class backing them with their best wishes. ln September, l943, 93 grave old Seniors entered the portals of A-I to begin their last year of high school. There were many duties ahead of the Seniors this year such as: having their pictures made, preparing for class night, graduation, and many more activities which were to end the last of our high school days. We started out the first of the year by electing class officers. They were as follows: Carroll Belcher, presidentg Bill Abernathy, vice-president: Nancy Davis, secretary: Phyllis Vaughn, treasurer. After this came the appointing by the president of several committees for the different duties to be performed this year. As in the past years, our Senior class was well represented in the field of sports. Many of the Senior boys went out and donned their football and basketball suits to represent A-I for their last time. For our Senior Play, we selected the great Broadway hit, "The Man Who Came to Dinner," with the following people in the cast: Sussette Wil- son, Martha I. Casper, Gene Wright, Chares McDaniel, Amy Dee Rudolph, Ann Leib, Anna Iane Duck, Lucille Gunn, Allen Rudolph, Phyllis Vaughn, Ierry Grant, Iean Garrott, Nancy Davis, Leon Sweitzer, Bob Hill, Iane Harper, Gilbert Cherrick, Iack Bizzel, Gerald Engelhart, Carol Henry, Virginia Caraker, Wilberta Eastman, Claudia I. Hill, Millie Mae Brown, and Lovilla McKinney. lt was one of the finest plays with the largest cast that had ever been presented on the A-I stage. This year, we again lost a few of our boys to the armed forces. They were as follows: Norval Kelly, Navy: Laverne Coffman, Army: David Daisy, Navy: and Iack West, Army. Also, many of the Senior boys have enlisted and will soon be ready to fight on the greatest team that has ever been composed, the United States armed forces. May we all wish these boys God's speed and pray they come home soon. Now that most of us have completed our quest of knowledge that we were intending to have, we leave A-I with the feeling that when our time comes to help and work in this great democracy of ours, we will not fail. As our class motto implies, "In Ourselves Our Future Lies," let us go forth into the world and strive to do our best and to become the finest citizen that we can become. ...13- , if -f l G u ,riff vw'-' ,.,' enior CALM g :J Q uf' , - 1 .E .-'?, A A t 1 X 'X Ai .,.. will , lf M Q V , r W 4557 f1: ,,g, V, f Q, -I K: ,V.. tg, 1 f A V: First Bow f Bill Abernathy, Boloert Adams. Second Bow 3 Kathryn Appel, Bruce Bauer, Car- rcll Belcher, lack Bizzel. Third Bow ee lohn Bostain, Gene Boyd, Shirley Boyd, Lawrence Boyer, Buth Brimrn. Fourth Bow f Bonita Brown, Millie Mae Brown, Bevis Brown, Bill Bruchhauser, Carl Butterfield, Houston Casper. Fifth Bow - Martha lane Casper, Patricia Casper, Virginia Caralcer, Susan Chase, Gilbert Cherriclc, Pansyle Cline, Laverne Coffman. ..14.. 2- f ' ll 7 t ' . , ' ,I ,lin 61. , X 'Q' xx ' I W Q JFK 1 I if is , ..t""'v xx 131, 'fi ' F5 :X f 4 X ff, 1 X 7 I ' f I a 'XG 6 , 1 tits X , 3.. Z 8 3 'Y Y ,f. , 1, , f',jg5',j'!' enior Cfdffii 'f I 1'. f4 4 ' f .Vp Q . A 'Q ,"' J' of 'S " x X ,. 1 f ' A 7 A e r if I 4 ,yu 5 i. 4 4 Q Y 4' fi, N Q I 1 ,I 6' f X 7, , D i ,. C Je- - W H- 1 "' 'M I m Q ll fl fn . F' l I lx 5 X, x arf. 5 WA X ' P 'Li .5 A. I i First Row - f Gerry Hei'iscri, Bob Hill. Second Row Nellie HC1i'ri.gon,Guy Harris, Bernelf Hor- vel, Corel Henry. Tliird Row W- lerry Grant, Lucille Gunn, lriiio lloire, Vercr l-ldire, lorrie Horri- er. Fourili Row -- Vllilbertcr Ecislrnoin, Evelyn Emery, Geruld Enqellicrri, lecrn Grrrrotl, lVlc1rq- drel Gocdrncin, Vifilmd Grcfhom, Filth Row - - Bill Cole, Don Concml, Evcxlee Cross, Ndncy Dciviss, Owen Davis, Francis Dodd, Anncr lcine Duclc. .-.15-. If la 4? X. tim enior Cflazw ex ff 3 Prrsl Row - Claudio I. l-llll, Fronlclln Hile-mon. Second Row S Chloelo Hoquo, Belly Horn Ernrno Horn, Arvil Kimbro. Third Row Belly Kimbro, lonnos Lomer, Anno Loilo, Ruth Leisl 1 flhdrlos Lowln, Ponrlh Row - Edward Leird, Lorlino Lord, Charles lVlCDoniol, lohn Mclferon. Lovollo Mclilnnoy, Gladys Miller, Fifth Row -7- Soroh Miller, Royrnond More-lond, Glen OS liiiifl, Lronol Porr, lonros Piolqel, Colis Powles. 11 6.- , if , 1 , , y t """ enior 64:55 N 21 - F - cf F it -fog oagof-30 or-F15 F-STR 'F ' F 0 2 wg, '09 . 1 13- Eg,-2' 3231191 ' 1 9 sf1n'rr-:Am ji: in to s F FFF- gtcgx First RCW 3 Gene Wriqht. Second Row -- Mcrrtho Icrne Weiss, Helen West, lock West, Siisette Wilson. Third Row - lone Tripp, Evelyn Turner, Fdith Tweedy, Phyllis Vduqhn, Ernestine Vin- cent. Fourth Row - Amy Dee Rudolph, Don Smith, Vtfondor Lee Smithson, Forrest Snead, Leon Sweitzer, Morqoret Treece. Fifth Row - Shirley Romsey, Bonnie Rich, Gerald Rion, Vel- nid Roberts, Bill Robins, Allen Rudolph, -171 9 is 'Pg 8' s ,f A 6.0- J. BILL ABERNATHY Basketball 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: "C" Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Annual Staff 4: Vice-Pres. Senior Class 4: Captain of Football 4: Co-Captain Basketball 4: Wau Wauq Tauq 4. ROB ERT ADAMS Pep Club. KATHRY N APPEL Student Council l: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. BRUCE B. BAUER Pep Club. CARROLL BELCHER Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Co-Captain 4: Football 4: Speech Plays 3: "C" Club 2, 3, 4: Pres. "C" Club 4: Pres. Athletic Asso- ciation 3: Boys Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Pres. of Senior Class 4: F.F.A. Z, 3: Wau Wau Taug 4. IACK BIZZEL Wau Wau Taug 3: Senior Play 4: Football 4: "C" Club 4. JOHN BOSTIAN F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Officer 3, 4: Home Room Officer 3, 4. GENE BOYD F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Sec. 3. SHIRLEY BOYD Student Council 3: Biology Club 3: Latin Club 2: Home Ec. Club 2: Senior Play 4. LAWRENCE BOYER Pep Club. RUTH BRIMM Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Sports Manager 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 1. germ page BONITA BROWN Pep Club. MILLIE MAE BROWN Latin Club 2: Home Ec. Club l, 2, 4: Home Room Pres. 1, 3: Sen- ior Play 4: Girls Glee Club 1, 2. REVIS BROWN Pep Club. BILL BRUCHASUER Band l, 2, 3: Chorus l, 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Operetta l: Home Room Officer 3. CARL BUTTERFIELD Home Room Pres. 4: Boys Sport Manager 4: Scratches Staff 4: Boys Homemaking Club 4: Press Club 4. HOUSTON CASPER F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4: President Home Room 4. MARTHA IANE CASPER Board of Control 4: Student Coun- cil 4: Athletic Associatiqn Secre- tary 4: Iunicr Play 3: Sehior Play 4: National Honor Society 4: Lo- cal Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Wau Wau Taug 4. PATRICIA CASPER Biology Club 2: Latin Club l, 2: Pep Club l, 2, 3: Choir l, 3: Girls Chorus l, 3. VIRGTNIA CARAKER Latin Club l, 2: Librarian 3: G. A. A. 1: Speech play 3: Girls Sports Manager l. SUSAN CHASE Pep Club l, 4: Home Ec. Club 2: Speech Plays 3: Chorus l. ...1 8- GILBERT CHERRICK Local Honor Society l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Pres. Student Council 4: Pres. Student Congress 4: Board of Control 3: Editor-in-Chief "Scratches" 4: Wau Wau Taug 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Press Club Letter 4: Senior Play 4: lunior Play 3: Speech Plays 3: Annual Staff 4. PANSYLE CLINE Iunior Play 3: Speech plays 4: Scratches typist 4: Pep Club l. 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3. LAVERNE COFFMAN Army. BILL COLE Latin Club l: Pep Club 4. DON A. CONANT F.F.A. l, Z, 3, 4: F.F,A. Officer 3, 4: Home room officer 2, 4: Stu- dent Council 3. EVALEE CROSS Girls' Sport Manager l: Pep Club l, 2, 3. NANCY DAVIS Class Secretary 4: Senior Play 4: Football Oueen 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Scratches typist 3. OWEN DAVIS F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. FR ANCIS DODD Pep Club. ANNA IANE DUCK Vice-president Class l: G. A. A. 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Speech Play 3: Senior Play 4. WILBERTA EASTMAN Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Local Honor Society 2. Cmbf Page EVELYN EMERY Pep Club. GERALD ENGELHART "C" Club 4: Football 4: Annual Staff 4: A-I Scratches Staff 4: Lo- cal Honor Society l, 2, 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Board of Control l. 2: Senior Play 4: Home room of- ficer l, 3, 4: Press Club Letter 4: Wau Wau Taua 4. I. IEAN GARROTT Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 4: Home Room Officer Z: Senior Play 4: Speech Plays 3. MARGARET GOODMAN Pep Club. WILMA GRAHAM Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I, 2. IERRY GRANT Band l: Orchestra l: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 4: Lo- cal Honor Society 2, 4: Pep Club 2, 3. 4: Annual Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Wau Wau Tauq 4: Press Club Letter 4: Quill and Scroll. LUCILLE GUNN Ouill and Scroll 4: National Hon- or Society 3, 4: Local Honor So- ciety l, Z, 3, 4: Student Council Z, 3, 4: Student Council President 3: Senior Play 4: lunior Play 3: Annual Staff 4: Scratches Staff 4: Press Club 4: Wau Wau Tauq 4. IRMA I-IAIRE Pep Club. VERA HAIRE Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. JANE HARPER Local Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., l, 2, 3, 4: Wau Wau Tauq 2, 3, 4: lunior Play 3: Sen- ior Play 4: Sec. of Board of Con- trol 4: Student Council 4. pc NELLIE HARRIGAN Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Home room Officer 4. GUY HARRIS Football Squad 2, 3, 4: "C" Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3: Boy's Home Ec. 4. BERNETT HARVEL Pep Club 4: Speech Plays 3. CAROL HENRY Football 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: "C" Club 4: Student Council 3: Senior Play 4: Wau Wau Tauq 4. GERRY HENSON "C" Club 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Orches- tra l, 2, 3: Press Club 3, 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Football Squad 4: Scratches Staff 3. BOB HILL Boys Home Ec. Club 4: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4. CLAUDIE IEANNE HILL I-Icme Ec. Club l, 2, 3: lunicr Play 3: Speech Plays 3. FRANKLIN I-IILEMAN Pep Club. CHLOETA HOGUE Home Room Secretary l, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 3. BETTY ELLEN HORN "Scratches" Typist 4: Speech Play 4: Senior Play 4: Iunior Play 3: Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. EMMA HORN Home Room Treasurer 2: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3: Speech Play 4: Iunior Play 3. -19- Gpnin et? SHIPS l3"3'n QN -rm rnnres' ESf...C8or.Jo JHCKSON y . Q 1 V sv ffl' ' S I .l'l I 'slow GN il"?'4 -rn sinful t . . .AQ 4 , ' Q4 -l tt R yt. vw -: ' ARVIL KIMBRO Home Room Officer I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Band l: Boys Chorus l. BETTY LOU KTMBRO Home EC. Club l, 2, 3: Student Council 4: Home Room O'ficer 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Girl's Badmin- ton Champion 3. lAMES LAMER Transfer from Cobden 4: Basket- ball 4: "C" Club 4: Home Room Treasurer 4. ANN LEIB Transfer from Rock Island 3: Scratches Staff 4: Annual Assist- ant Editor 4: Home Room Officer 4: Latin Club Officer 4: Press Club Letter 4: Senior Play 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Football Oueen's Attendant, 4. RUTH LEIST Transferred frsm Vienna 4: Band 4: Pep Club 4: Home Room Sec- retary 4. CHARLES l. LEWIS Football 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Press Club Letter 4: Home room Officer l, Z, 3, 4: "C" Club 3, 4: "C" Club Treasurer 4: Student Council l, 3, 4: Editor-in-Chief "An-Io-Cc-Hi" 4: Sports Editor of "Scratches" 4: Tennis l, 2: Wau Wau Tauq, 4. EDWARD LEIRD Football 4: Wau Wau Tauq 3, 4: Local Honor Society l, 2, 3: Ten- nis 2: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Press Club Letter 3: Band l: Orchestra I. 'ful . , at lx ik, f A ffsbv-1, A rt' 3. v X :W-t X f I'- Q, 1 ff 4 N fa: N .fr gi Q s,' . 'rf LALINE LORD Local Honor Society 1, 2, Home Room Officer 2, 4, Senior Play 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 4, Band I, 2, Or- chestra 2, Girls Table Tennis Champion 1, 2, Wau Wau Taug 4. CHARLES MCDANIEL Biology Club 3, lunior Play 3: Senior Play 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. IOHN MCPERON Wau Wau Taug 4. LOVELLA MCKINNEY Transfer from Alto Pass 4, Sen- ior Play 4, I-Iomeroom Officer 4: GLA DYS MILLER Pep Club. SARAH MILLER Speech Plays 3 Home Room of- ficer 3, Pep Club l, 4. RAYMOND LEE MORELAND Home Room Pres. 2, F.P.A. Pres. 3, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Home Ec. 4. OLEN OSMAN F.F.A. Z, 3, 4. LIONEL I. PARR Transferred from Cypress, Ill., 4, Home Room President 4. I AMES PICKEL Band l, 2, 3, Home Room Treas- urer, 4. CORLIS POWLES F.F.A. I. SHIRLEY RAMSEY Transferred from East Prairie, Mo. 4, Band 4, Orchestra 4, Chorus 4. BONNIE RICH CPQM page GERALD RION Latin Club I, 2, Biology Club 2: Boys Home Room Manager 4. VELMA ROBERTS Latin Club l, 2, 3, Chorus l, Or' chestra 2, 3, Wau Wau Taug 4. BILL ROBINS Student Council l, Z, Latin Club l, 2, Latin Club Officer 4, Stu- dent Council Officer 4, funior Class Officer 3, Band l, Z, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Pres. Of Band Club 4, Press Club Officer 4: Scratches Staff 4. ALLEN RUDOLPH Local Honor Society l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4, Sen- ior Play 4, Iunior Play 3, Speech Play 3, Wau Wau Taug I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, Z, 3, Biology Club 3, Board of Control 4. AMY DEE RUDOLPH National Honor Society 3, 4, Local Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Wau Wau Taug 3, 4, Senior Play, Iunior Play, Speech Plays 3. DONOVAN SMITH Wau Wau Taug 3, Home Room Secretary 4. WANDA LEE SMITHSON President of Home Room 1, Class Treasurer 2, Home Economics Club l. FORREST SNEAD Vice-President of Home Room 4. LEON SWEITZER Senior Play 4, "C" Club 4, Boys MARGARET ANN TREECE Latin Club I, 2. IANE TRIPP Home Economics Club l, Z, 3, G. A. A., Iunior Play 3, Assistant Director of Speech Plays 3, Class Treasurer l, Home Room Officer 1, Chorus 1, 2, Cheer Leader 3. EVELYN TURNER Home Ec. Club 1, Girls Chorus I, Home Room Sec. I, Press Club 2, Girls Sports Manager 4: FAITH TWEEDY Pep Club. PHYLLIS VAUGHN Local Honor Society 3, Senior Play 4, Class Treasure 4, Home Room Officer 4, Student Council 2. ERN ESTIN E VINCENT Home Economics I, 2, 3, Iunior Play 3, Chorus 1, 2. MARTHA IANE WEISS Sec. of Class Z, Vice-Pres. of Class I, Sec. of Class 3, Home Room Officer 4, Chorus l, 2, Stu- dent Council 1, 4, Librarian 4. HELEN WEST Student Council 4, Caps and Gown Committee 4. IACK WEST Army. SUSETTE WILSON Wau Wau Taug 2, 3, 4, Local Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4, Football Queen 3, lunior Play 3, Senior Play 4, G. A. A. President 3: Cheer Leader 1, 2, CSubstitute 31. GENE WRIGHT F.F.A. 1, Boy's Home Ec. Club 4, Home Economics Club 3, Home Home Ec. Club 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Orchestra l, 27 Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4. 4. Biology Club 2. .-2 O.. TUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Rex English President Eddie Ioe Howenstein, Vice-president Virginia Brimm, Secretary Louis Karraker, Treasurer unior Cfcwri .Mdfory In the fall of 1941, l45 green freshmen entered the gates of dear old A-I. The class deans Were: Miss Clara A. Bartow, Miss Hazel Dale, Miss Virginia Bubeck, Mr. David Stroup, and Mr. Ray Williams. Bill Hartline was elected a cheer-leader with lane Karraker and Eddie loe Howenstein being selected for the Board of Control. The Class officers for 1941-42 were: Iohn S. Rendle- man, Presidentp Dorothy Lee Conant, Vice-Presidentp Kathryn Stockman, Secre- tary: and Ioy Van Amburg, Treasurer. Those who distinguished themselves in the field of sports were Iohn S. Rendleman, Daryl Bishop, Wayne Dusch, and lean Cunningham. In the latter part of '42 we again entered the halls of A-I to begin our second year. The instructors who were so kind to advise us Were: Mr. David Stroup, Miss Clara Bartow, Miss Anna May Marble and Miss Hazel Dale. The officers were: Eddie Ioe Howenstein, president: Bob Kohler, vice-president: Iohnny Rayburn, secretary: Bill Hartline, treasurer. Iane Karraker and Don- ald Manus were on the Board of Control. We also contributed several mem- bers for both the football and basketball teams. When We again entered the gates of A-I in the fall of 1943, We were 102 strong. The Faculty members to sponsor us this year Were: Miss Clara Bartow, Miss Ethel Rhodes, Miss Ruby Bateman, and Mr. David Stroup. One of the main events of the second year was the annual prom in honor of the senior class. Our officers for 1943-44 Were: Rex Engli'sh, president: Eddie Ioe Howen- stein, vice-president: Virginia Brimm, secretary, Louis Karraker, treasurer. We were again represented in the field of sports by Wayne Dusch, Iohn S. Rendle- man, lean Cunningham, Ernest Treece and Rex English. The Board of Con- trol members were lean Iohnson and Donald Manus. lane Karraker was president of the Athletic Association. We presented "Every Family Has One" for our Iunior Play. -21.- Lf ,. , Ai ifffler , .rwi-Aff I 2 H 'f 'flisi :'- ...rr fig, if - . f ig? A r , ,ew . f .W it ii ft M 2' i Sa r 3 Q it tg ,M . V litre X r , V 4, as K my .3q,5,,g, ., 7 I Jlgtgme ' , 1 .eziwe larry - w -. ' 45 25 5255 ,gil ' , i ' - i iii .,,1s+ - X ,.r , ' sf -I ' "' V ,gif ,J . vm- My . Q Eff., .v 5 ,. 7 ,H ,. ik .. f V : ,fr , N 5 H , . ,. L strive ' i It efj ' ' . 1 sr 'ff .- .': V Vsfgggggg, M ,573- A, 'li?if,isE'f!1.. ' .- f I ' .. 75555155 .L ki' ' r I .arf -" 2 . , if r .. .Q .ai J gg' Qll 5'ii 1S"1f V 'rf-7 i Sew. 3, .. . , ' 15" ' .iw wif 4 Bow Row Row Bow N 9-gtfj55flW'f5.2:? 2591.0 . -RIHELZF ' iSizE:if.if-,Q ,, . ,r 73:51 - ?'..e Qzglywau ' wwf ji-5 iiiiiii.-if fn-fr V ' ' ir?I'ff:'fA'l 3 , gear - ,K Egg? in 554 . 4 ' D 5: -f -- "xiii: " , 3 -4 fir' ' X if if - z, 1 - 3' ' vi? rr L tiff lt '- - 'I it ,"f1.'.4is2ig f-, M' f i , 4 f rr A f gift ,ygggr 2 12, 55. ' gl5,ilfipY LG 'Jlrfiiii ' 7475 T - -vile ag ur, I - ri :giizyi ,, , 3 fray" X . ' if Q L, 'K 1 . . U- g f I .g ,, 215, 1 :.-E 457. 1 T: D 'izlii ll,5'l?3'AE55 iff L-'lf '-. .E.. -' t . 2212?-3'-' with W' V r . f ' ' . a rf -rims-....,'?..f.: . :- sz, bm:--,V J., ws- " 'IP.3i:55f. K' "' 'l r ' Eff? L Q33 Dfw' :Yr x lf t if D eff Hz il y l t 2 5 A 'F sr r 5 . :rw . QQLSQQQ it gr 9. . - . ... .wrt , 7 f- 1 si s??Z?va.f,.r .e:.t is . ,,.. H f r- 'Il '5'- '5'f'l?:'15, ?!,,n .... Y 1 rl' 1. . - 'f 1 .ewrirsitpt if f..-islmwr fristigeirizg 2 4 12" fl ldwiillixf , fm :st l - Betty Lou Adams, Bob Arnunrud, Mary Barnes, Bonnie Boyd, Dorothy Ann Boyd, Virginia Boyer, Virginia Brimrri. 2 --Mary Brooks, Robert Casey, Millicent Casper, Rosalee Casper, Alice Cavaness, lean Cunningham, Dortha Chote. 3 -- Dorothy Conant, Mary Lou Coonce, Helen Cruse, loe Davie, Freda Davis, Mildred Davis, Carroll Lee Dillow. 4 A Wayne Dusch, Margaret Duschl, Helen Eves, Rex English, William Eustler, Carl Ferrell, Charles Foster. ..2 2? Fred Fritzinger Carlotte Gurley Donald Hankla Robert Hannurn Bill l-lartline Betty Henderson Betty Ury Opal Hinklei Betty Holt Ola Housman Imogene Menees Eddie Howenstein lean lohnson Tolbert Iones lane Karraker Louis Karraker Bob Kohler lean Leader Ralph Lyerla Byford Lowry Betty Mayberry Donald Marius Peqqy McDonald Robert Miller Ruby Miller Fred Mull Row l - Maxine Mull, Louis Nimmo Helen Nordmeyer Etleen Peeler Charles Penrod Raymond Peters Ruth Platt Row 2 -Iar1etPowles,Iohnny Rayburn Iohn S Rendleman Wilma Ron Betty Robins Pauline Schluter Catherine Schwarzlose. ROW 3 - Betty Stamper, Clyde Stewart Katherine Stockman Pauline Switzer Mary Bel Toler Ernest Treece Ioy Van Amburq. Row 4 - Charles Vaughan, Ralph Wiley Ruby Wilkins Leatrtce Williams B111 Wilson Mary Wilson Kedron Woodard 3 'lf R L . til Earl Srnick OFFICERS Donald Wayne Boswell Dimple Elam Katherine Williams SOFA 0141 0l"e CKCL65 .MJ i0I'g Yes, it was a beautiful September day in l942 when ll5 green fresh- men started their four years of lonely wandering and book "lamina" in the halls of A-I. At our first class meeting, guided and assisted by Mr. Loomis, our chairman dean, and his assistants, Miss Sauer, Miss Brickey, Mr. Naff- zigger and Mr. Askew, we elected class officers. Earl Smick was elected president: Donald Wayne Boswell, vice-president: Dimple Elam, secretary: and lim Williams, treasurer. As the saying goes, "Those were the good old days." We had parties galore and were what you would call a "peppy" class. Several of our boys went out for various sports and met with fair success. At least, they were thought of as excellent prospects for the next year. ln l943, only 74 sophomores made their way back to A-I for another year of hard work. Some moved away, others went to work, and still others mar- ried and, sad to say, left us. lim Williams, treasurer for the year of 1942-43, was killed in an accident, and Charlie Navin was badly hurt. lim will always be remembered by his classmates for his "sunny" disposition, willingness to co-operate, and the fine attitude he had toward his class. This year, under the leadership of Miss Brickey, chairman dean, Mrs. Sivia, Miss Schwartz, Mr. Askew, and Mr. Loomis, We once again elected class officers. There Wasn't much need, however, because Earl Smick was elected president once again, Donald Wayne Boswell, vice-president, Dimple Elam, secretary: and Katherine Williams, treasurer. fSounds like a pretty neat racket, hul'1?l Several of our boys again went out for basketball and football. This time, they were generally successful, placing six on varsity teams. May will end one more year for our class, and each and every member will, no doubt, agree that this has been one enjoyable year for all. -24- .SDOIGAOIWI MB. LOOMIS First Bow - Geraldine Caraker, Pat Brown, Mildred Casper, Betty Boyd, Betty Bishop, Afton Brown. Second Bow - Mr. Loomis, Betty Broad- way, Iean Bauer, Betty Adams, Natalie Arnunrud, Alice Bauer, Barbara Brown. Third Bow A- Balph Bartruff, Bill Cates, Murray Choate, Walter Aaron, Donald Wayne Boswell. MISS SCHWABTZ First Bow - Betty Farrer, Dirnple Elam, Norma lean Coffman, Marjorie Coombs, Ieanetta Cunningham, Shirley Cross, Catherine Crissip. Second Bow f Miss Schwartz, Margetta Fox, Bob Davis, Marathon Dodd, Har- old English, Charles Ferguson, Donald Frick, Earl Frick, Buby Earnhart. MBS. SIVIA First Bow - Eugene Isom, Ioyce Gunn, Norma lean Lacy, Mrs. Sivia, Betty Io Gillespie, T. I. Grantham. Second Bow - Donald Hood, Leon Kirkpatrick, Iim l-lileman, Bob Lingle, Iohn Leib, loyce Iackson. MB. ASKEW First Bow - Betty Bichardson, Betty Bich, Ann Patterson, lane Bussell, Doris Millis, Muriel Pruett, Wilma Musgrave. Second Bow - Mr. Askew, Lee Boy Bendleman, Iimmy Pearl, Carl McCar- ver, Bill Modglin, Duane Pugh, lames Martin, Iarnes Newton. MISS BBICKEY First Bow - Eleanor Wood, Barbara Smith, Carol Venerable, Kathryn Wil- liarns, Wanda Tucker, Betty Tripp. Second Bow - Miss Brickey, Iunior Verble, Earl Smick, Henry Sadler, Bob White, Wanda Youngs. 0I"e 0l'l'le 00lfl'l5 -25- Nancy Carter Bill Craft OFFICERS Katherine Dusch Ernestine Tompkins jre6Aman Cyan .Maforg Monday, August 30, lQ43, one hundred fifty-two green freshmen entered the halls of Anna-Ionesboro Community High School. Everyone gathered in the study hall to sing "Where, Oh Where" for the first time. The faculty was introduced and the freshmen went to meet their new home room teachers and fresh- men deans who were: Mrs. Edna Gordon, Miss Elizabeth Buell, Miss Virginia Bradley, Miss Frances Hunsaker, and Mrs. Irene Wright. School started with a "bang" for some of the boys. 'Those who went out for football were: Donald Lewis, David Rendle- man, Bob Bader, Bob Womick, and Boy Bendleman, with Don Boyd and Bill Craft making the varsity. Later the class officers were elected. They were: Nancy Carter, president: Bill Craft, vice-president, Katherine Dusch, sec- retaryg and Ernestine Tompkins, treasurer. The freshmen cheerleader was Iohn Norman Keller. Our class was also honored by having the senior class to select their cheerleader from our class. Nancy Carter won the popular choice of the seniors. Two members added to the Board of Control from our class were: David Bendleman and Bob Hindman. Finally, after several successful enterprises, the freshmen students of H43-44" completed their initial step in high school and are ready to become known as "gay, young sophomores." -261 jrwhman ome oomd MBS. GORDON First Bow - Pat Bryan, Dorothea Carvel Camille Baker, Emma Lou Casper, Nancy Carter, Laverne Bartruff, Barbara Brown. Second Bow - Frances To Anderson, lane Boyd, lane Cooper, Anita Boyd, Betty Calvert, Lois Karraker, Charles Butterfield, Euqene Brothens, Ernest Erimrn. Third Bow -- Eugene Byuam, Toe Boyd, Bill Cun- ningham, Don Boyd, Donald Coffman, Bill Craft, Durward Bean, Bill Bullock, Billy Ballard, BCIY Casey. MISS BUELL First Bow - Faye Haire, Maye Haire, Doris Hut- ton, Katherine Dusch, Doris Hankla, Martha Day, Fern Foster, Bonita johnson. Second Bow -- Miss Buell, lay Tones, Ioan Graves, Carmen Iohnson, LaCene Dillcw, Mary Earnhart, Mary l-lileman, Mildred Hartline, Ernest Hunter, Charles Francis Davis. Third Bow - Harold Frazee, Charles Gardner, Vlfesley lanes, Bobert Fletcher, Bill Davis, Billy Bob Hileman, Bay I-less, Timmy Dodson. MISS BRADLEY First Bow - Mabel Merriman, LaBhue Marris, Matilla Mclntosh, Sarah Morqan, Pat Lowrance, Maxine Linqle, Miss Bradley. Second Bow - Eileen McCommons, Davis Mi- cheals, lohn Norman Keller, Donald Lewis, Lcuis Kelley, Elva Mae Kina, Betty McDonald. Third Bow -- Bob Kimbro, Carroll Lomis, lack Keller, William Moreland, Wesley Morgan, Balph Martin. MBS. WINGATE First Bow -W Tom Peeler, Vanita Buth Bader, Norma Gene Sellars, Donald Bendlernan, David Bendleman, loe Peters, Bob Bader. Second Bow -V Mrs. Winaate, Mary Alice Smith, 'Bosetta Pender, Berniece Sharp, Wanda Nichol- son, Grace Sitter, Dee Smith. Third Bow ---- Lloyd Sitter, Gordon Noble, Mark Penninqer, Lynn Navin, Boy Bendleman. MBS. WBIGHT Front Bow -- Bcse Ellen Townsend, Marilyn Wil- liams, Ernistine Tompkins, Norma Tune Treece, Frances White, Margaret Walker. Second Bow - Naimo Winchester, Dorothy Thompson, lflaryorie Ann Treece, Buth Wilson, Barbara Stroup, Mrs. Wingate. 'Third Bow --- Bichard Stadelbacher, Carl Vorlzle, Tommy Wilson, Bob Womick, Charles Vaughan, lack Turpenitz. 0 FM 1 - 'n N 'E ..:1i1E1E55i:1'::': N In 1 . 1 I ' J 'I ,Qs,K"'1f E ze: A-:- 0 Q"-, .,:- 1 X 'xi .1 I t " " EE.. I 435.-.-.--:1:3:T' "1 i: xv J ' 13- 1 . ff ' J' 'ff '1:'? f 1512. , .- , .1 ..., , I 'xpsi . V, ,A ' .j. M Q-, J' , N... . Y '1". ,, .A .1 Liu.: , .L V' 1 'J 1 ,x 'r .5 A5 ,.,?1.r, ' Q Ax.. 1 4 n 5, . -1. , 11.1 ., ,'.'1 5 a L-:.,f , ,N .. -1 ., .f 4, 1 rl, If , , ' X .. f 4,7 N x .4 if' .L x M- N: ix' . -. P 3' N- . V , 5' if ,:. Ai' r 1 ' 'z, , '-sk, "' . ie ' ' " '55 Q iff ' . P-if - '-'L . A H A ,qu .F .. Qi Ju .:, .' .Y . ., T' E: in .r.',' f-3 -h 111' 4 'i ,- ,Q l. . ' it V i , ,,.. .J ,- 1 ' fn ' - A Ali if .' " T,,'1.E',f ,L ' ' A 4' ., O v " , .' .I V' ' :- ,:.'- ,lNl16 yi. ' ' " .g. 1: 'D A ' "?2'::. 1 ,gf ,X A I ,, b,+. V, .' ii ' nf 11 W ' .1-...i ,, . ' v 5-'11 4 3 1. ,.:, 1. ff ,-.x- "ww 1 f Q xl.3i 'P . . ' 3 .-.- 4' L- . ,'K'1,- M :iff fv F., T ' - - A -.,.1. +" x X ,V . -uk .fdflzkficd .fdf Anna- onea ora Since 1942, when tennis was dropped as a varsity sport, the only var- sity sports have been football and basketball. Although track was dropped several years ago at A-I, plans have been made to revive the sport this spring and the school has entered track meets at Marion, Herrin, and other Illinois schools. We regret that, at the time our annual goes to press, little informa- tion is available on the progress of the Wildcat track team of 1944. However, with only two varsity sports, the Anna-Ionesboro Wildcats have received state-wide recognition in the past two years by sending two consecutive basketball teams to the State Finals at Champaign and by field- ing one of the outstanding football teams of Illinois in the season just past. As an added honor, two members of both varsity teams were given the dis- tinction of being selected in both the all-state basketball and football polls. Carroll Belcher was given honorable mention on the all-state football team and was then selected on the second all-state basketball team. Bill Aber- nathy was given honorable mention on both the all-state football and basket- ball teams. Probably the greatest claim to fame made by any A-I athlete in the history of the school was made by Belcher, who, in the first game of the 1944 State Basketball Tournament, set a new individual single game scoring record for tournament play with 33 points against Marseilles. In addition to the varsity sports, the school offers an extensive intra- mural sports program under the supervision of Coach Paul Houghton. Touch football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball "round robins" are carried on between competitive home rooms while individual honors may be earned in handball, table tennis, and badminton. The Physical Education program at A-I consists of boys and girls classes with each student being required to attend these classes twice a week. Boy's classes combine calisthenics with many indoor and outdoor competitive sports throughout the year. Girls classes consist of dancing, field hockey, and many other sports. Play 82 in action Anna-Ionesboro Anna-Ionesboro Anna-Ionesboro Anna-Ioriesboro Anna-Ionesboro Anna-Ionesboro Anna-Ionesboro Anna-Ionesboro earl 0l'l eC0l" ---------------- U --------,-------14 ----------------26 ----------------4l ---,-,--------,-27 ,L,-,---,,------l3 ---------,------ 6 ------,------,,L2O 147 Eldorado ...... Chester HW,..,. Carbondale --- Pirickrieyville L- DuQuoin ,..... Cape Girardeau Murphysboro -- Cairo ..,.a,... Anna-Ionesboro --, Anna-Ioriesboro --- Armaelonesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Jonesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro -- Anna-Ionesboro -- Anna-Ionesboro -W Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro -, Anna-Ionesboro -U Anna-Ionesboro - Anna-Ionesboro -W Anna-Ionesboro -- Anna-Ionesboro -M Anna-Ionesboro --, Anna-lonesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro -- Anna-Ioriesboro W- Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro -- Annaelonesboro ,W Anna-Ionesboro --- Anna-Ionesboro -LA Anna-Ionesboro -- Anna-Ionesboro -- Anna-Ionesboro - , Anna-Jonesboro -- Play 84 - half spinner in action 061,600 5616 ----,46 -,--,22 ---,-Z8 ----,5l ,----5O v--,-46 -----69 ----,35 -----3l -----44 -----26 -----4U -----47 vv---6U ----,5U ,,,v,5l --,--B2 r-,,,52 ,,-,,3l ,-,L-29 ----,32 -U-,,55 ----,5l ---,,3l -----52 ,-e-,35 -vLL,------.54 - ........ 39 ----,4B ----.55 ----.38 MAJ IQW Donqola --- Wolf Lake -- Murphysboro -- Alto Pass --- Donqola --- Chester --- Cobderi -H DuOuoin .... Poniiac s,..... Charleston ...... Cape Girardeau - Pinckneyville --- Carbondale ..,. Cobden ..... Alto Pass --- Dongola --- Wolf Lake ,... Chester ,r,.,.... Cape Girardeau - DuQuoin ,,..,,. Wolf Lake ...,. Pinckneyville -- Carbondale .... Murphysboro -- Donqola ..,,. Cairo .,,.. Wolf Lake --- Marion ...... Carterville -- Marseilles - Elgin --,.- -32- Paul I. Houghton -- Coach Bill Abernathy, Carroll Belcher, Football captain Basketball co-captain Basketball co-captain David M. Stroup, Assistant coach ...3 3... SOOMCLKK Bottom Row -Bill Craft, Gerald Engelhart, Donald Wayne Boswell, Bill Abernathy, Captain, Iean Cunningham Guy Harris Edward Leird. Second Row - Paul Houghton, Coach, Gerry Henson, Wayne Dusch, Carroll Belcher, Earnest Treece, Iohn S Ren dleman Charles Lewis, lack Bizzell. Third Row Y Fred Mull, Leon Sweitzer, Rex English, Bcb Davis, Carol Henry, Lawrence Boyer, lack West. Top Bow - Carl Butterfield, Carl Garrott, Carl Ferrell, Don Boyd, Ralph Lyerla, Marathon Dodd, Lee Roy Rendleman goofdaff Summafy Completing the l943 football season with a record of six victories and only two defeats, the Anna-Ionesboro Wildcats thus compiled the most out- standing record of any recent A-I football team. This record consisted of four victories over conference opponents. The defeats were at the hands of Murphys- boro, the conference champion, and Eldorado, a strong non-conference team. ln conference play, the Wildcats finished in second place with four vic- tories and one defeat. Murphysboro went through their second successive undefeated conference season to again become conference champion. The "title" game played here on November 5 between the Wildcats and Murphys- boro ended in a 13-6 victory for the Bed Devils. This game was played before the largest football crowd in A-I history. Halfback Carroll Belcher led all Wildcat scorers with nine touchdowns and two extra points for a total of 56 points. Belcher was closely followed by Captain Bill Abernathy, who accounted for eight touchdowns and five extra points for a total of 53 points. Abernathy, however, was largely responsible for seven other scores with his accurate passing. The Wildcats placed three men - Abernathy, Belcher, and Treece - on the first all-conference team and Cunningham was placed on the second team. Lierd received honorable mention. Abernathy and Belcher also received hon- orable mention in the all-state selections. Sixteen letters were awarded, with only five lettermen returning to next year's team. The eleven seniors who have donned the "Blue and White" for the last time are: Captain Bill Abernathy, Carroll Belcher, Charles Lewis, Gerald Engelhart, Carol Henry, Guy Harris, Edward Lierd, lack Bizzel, Gerry Henson, lack West, and Leon Sweitzer. ...34... Bill Abeintllhy Cgpfqin Gerald Engelhart Iohn S. Rendleman Carol Henry Edward Leird 19511 Cunningham WUYUG Dusch Earnest Treece BILL "Doc" ABERNATHY - Fullback, Captain of l943 Wildcats. A triple threat back and a hard tackler, Made all-conference team and honorable mention on all-state. IEAN "Tap" CUNNINGHAM - End. A fine pass receiver and a con- stant threat to opposing passers. Returns next year. Made second all-conference team. WAYNE "Stinky" DUSCH - Halfback. A hard blocker and tackler. Will be back next year. ERNEST TREECE - Guard. One of the main factors in Wildcats' strong forward wall. Made first all-conference team. Back next year. CARROLL "Goofy" BELCHER - Halfback. Outstanding ball-carrier with speed and the ability to "dodge" tacklers. All-conference first team and honorable mention on the all-state team. GERALD "Tub" ENGELHART - Tackle. A player with "football sense," Gerald 1-was called upon to play several pcsitions at different times during the season. CHARLES "Ace" LEWIS - End. A large player, "Ace" was a hard man to block and was always a threat to opposing passers. Also a fine blocker who helped make several end runs successful. IOHN "Pot" RENDLEMAN - Center. A player who gave a fine per- formance at a difficult position. Also a hard tackler. DONALD "Bosey" BOSWELL - Quarterback. A small but mighty player, "Bosey" had a knack of calling the right play at the right time. A very important player for next year's team. CAROL "Moose" HENRY - End and Halfback. A dependable hard- driving player who was often called upon when a few yards were needed through the line. GUY "Pee Wee" I-lARRlS - Guard. An experienced player at a new position, Guy was a main factor in the Wildcats' strong defense. A hard tackler and excellent blocker. EDWARD "Giz" LEIRD - Tackle. A player who developed consid- erable between seasons to become one of the conference's leading tackles. Made honorable mention on all-conference. GERRY "Swede" HENSON - Center and Guard. A dependable re- serve who filled in successfully on several occasions. TACK "Fargo" WEST - Tackle. Another dependable reserve who gave his utmost at all times. LEON "Plowboy" SWEITZER - Guard. A hard-tackling reserve for two years. IACK "Biz" BIZZLE 7 Tackle. A new man on the squad this year with a keen interest in athletics and the determination to do his job well. "Biz" saw a great deal of action as alternate left tackle. Gerry Henson Iack West lack Bizzell ..35.. Carroll Belcher Charles Lewis Donald Wayne Boswell Guy Harris l Leon Sweitzer Ww we Sven, QGTWONO44 owe, Qubl rv .. - ' f FG f 47 Q0 1 ' CL N ' .. , Q I ff I f A - . - ' N o - C'-A "' 1 ' s X f Ann " f X g f I X f S lo 1 X E+ PE GIRARDE Z I in ok 1 I 40 1 , XX joolgaf aihgfhgffd ELDORADO 7 - A-I 0 runs of 60 yards by Belcher and 90 ,, ,, d b Abernath . First game of the season for a green yur S Y Y Wildcat team. Rough battle all the way with Eldorado much larger and more experienced. Nervous fumbling caus- A-I 13 - CAPE GIRARDEAU 7 Playing before over 6000 fans in the S ed failure of several Wildcat scorinq chances. A-I 14 - CHESTER 13 First conference game of season. Close game between two closely match- ed teams. Featured by Abernathy's 37 yard touchdown run. A-I 26 - CARBONDALE 0 Finally gaining "sweet revenge" ov- er the Terriers, the Wildcats won their second conference game. It was the first football victory over Carbondale in several years. A-I 41 - PINCKNEYVILLE 18 A large Panther eleven was outclass- ed by the Wildcats' unusual speed and deception. Belcher scored four touch- downs in this game. A-l 27 - DUQUOIN 6 Played on a muddy field in extreme cold. Game featured by touchdown CONFERENCE STANDING Murphysboro Anna-lonesboro 4 l DuQuoin 3 2 Chester 2 3 Pinckneyville 1 4 Carbondale 0 5 Team Won Lost Pct. 5 0 1.000 800 spacious Houck Field at Cape, the Wild- cats played their best game of the sea- son to defeat a highly-favored Tiger eleven. This game was featured by excellent passing by Abernathy and Belcher with these passes being respon- sible for both touchdowns. MURPHYSBORO 13 - A-I 6 Before the largest home crowd in A-I gridiron history, the Wildcats lost the conference championship game. In a hard-fought contest, the Wildcats scor- ed first but could not hold their lead. Another Wildact touchdown drive fell short within six inches of the goal. A-I 20 - CAIRO 19 Scoring all their points in the second quarter, the Wildcats defeated their tra- ditional rivals, the Cairo Pilots, in the annual Armistice Day battle. Of these 20 points, Abernathy scored 19 of them on runs around left end behind excel- lent blocking. FOUR HIGH SCORERS Carroll Belcher ....-......- 56 Bill Abernathy --- ----53 Carol Henry ....... .... 2 1 lean Cunningham f-- ----17 600 400 200 000 -36- F: xrst Place Regional Toumgmem ' n CouniY TT' Umo TroPhY 25 -xr- -P ITI-11303-I U7 CARROLL BELCHER Holder of individual scor- inq record for single game FirstP1aC9 Secmml T 9111 Pla ournam Ce Union County Tournament in State Tournament C33 pomtsb First Ptow - lean Cunningham, Earl Smick, Charles Lewis, LeRoy Rendleman, Bill Abernathy, Wayne Dusch, Car- roll Belcher, Rex English. Second Row - Iames Martin, Tom Wilson, Bob Davis, Marathon Dodd, Donald Wayne Boswell, Iames Lamer, Harold English. Third How - Carl Verble, Bob Kimbro, Donald Coffman, Tom Peeler, Henry Sadler, Mark Penninger, Bill Craft. KCLJLQMCL .S7ll,l'l'Ll'l'l6Ll'y For the second consecutive year, the A-I basketball team closed a successful season by again going to the State Tournament. This tournament was held in Huff Gymnasium on the Illinois University campus, Champaign. After defeating Marseilles in the first game of the 1944 tournament by a score of 55-34, the Wildcats again lost to the eventual state run- ner-up - Elgin. ln the 1943 tournament, Moline defeated the Wildcats in their first game and then went on to lose to Paris in the championship game. The 1944 state champion was the Taylorville Tornadoes with the outstanding record of 45 consecutive victories. Since the An-Io-Co-I-li was not published in 1943, short summary of last year's success- ful season has been included in this edition. Some of the season's high points were: an overall record of 20 victories and 9 defeats, fourth place in the conference with five wins and five losses, and championship trophies in the Union County Tournament, the Hqgional Tournament, and the Sectional Tournament, The tearn's high scorers were: Bill Eddleman, 355 points, Carroll Belcher, 325 points, Bill Abernathy, 203 points: and Carl Pickett, 152 points. The season record of the 1943-44 basketball team was 21 victories and 10 defeats. This record was composed of six victories and four defeats in conference play, nine victories and three defeats in tournament play, and six victories against three defeats in regular season non-conference play. The Wildcats collected championship trophies in the fifteenth Annual Union County Tournament, the Regional Tournament, and the Sectional Tournament. In the Centralia Holiday Invitational Tournament, the Wildcats lost the only two games they play- ed, to Pontiac and Charleston. The varsity five of this season compiled a field goal shooting percentage of .327 and a free throw percentage of .542 while scoring a total of 1150 points. These percentages are truly outstanding in that last season's had an almost identical record and is unusually high compared to most team records. Individual honors for the 1943-44 season must be given to Co-Captain Carroll Belcher for his outstanding performance throughout the season and especially in the State Tourna- ment. Against Marseilles in the first game of the tournament, Belcher scored 33 points to break all previous individual single game scoring records for state tournament play. He also tied a record of long standing by scoring 14 field goals. To climax this excellent season, Belcher was selected on the second all-state tournament team and Co-Captain Bill Aber- nathy was given honorable mention. The basketball letters were awarded at the end of the season with seven of the letter- men returning next year. Players ending the athletic career at A-I with the close of the basketball season were: Carroll Belcher, Bill Abernathy, lames Lamer, and Charles Lewis. -3 3-. Carroll Belcher, Bill Abernathy Co-Captain Iames Lamer Iames Martin Wayne Dusch Co-Captain Rex English olbffermen 1943-44 CARROLL "Goofy" BELCHER - Forward, Co-Captain of the 1943-44 Wildcats. A four-letter basketball player of outstanding ability. Com- piled highest number of total points for season of any recent Wildcat player. Selected on second all-state tournament team. BILL "Doc" ABERNATHY - Forward. The team's other Co-Captain. "Doc" made up for his lack of size with unusual speedand aggressive- ness. A good shot and a "ball hawk. REX "Snag" ENGLISH - Center. A player who developed rapidly dur- ing the season to become an important varsity five member about mid- way of the season. One of the main reasons for the Wildcats' spectacu- lar late season drive. Should be one of the best in the conference next year. IEAN "lap" CUNNINGHAM - Guard. Probably the most consistent player on the team, lean could be depended upon for a good performs ance at all times. In spite of his small size, he was an excellent re- bounder and a fine shot from "way out." IAMES "lim" LAMER - Guard. A transfer student spending his first year at A-I, Iimmy was an important factor in the Wildcats' success as he was a fine rebounder and defensive player. Only 5' ll" tall, he was still the largest man on the varsity five. EARL SMICK - Reserve Center and Forward. A good shot and a de- pendable reserve. Was on the varsity five during a large part of the season. IAMES MARTIN - Reserve Guard. A quiet, soft-spoken, dependable reserve who "delivered the goods." Should be a valuable asset to the 1944-45 Wildcats. LEROY "Leepy" RENDLEMAN - Reserve Forward. An excellent shot and a fine team player. Will try to fill the gap left by Belcher next year. WAYNE DUSCI-I - Reserve Forward. An experienced reserve who did a fine job of replacing varsity forwards on several occasions. An ex- cellent prospect for next year. TOM PEELER - Reserve Center. The only freshman on the team, Tom should be one of the Wildcats' top men in 1944-45. CONFERENCE STANDINGS FOUR HIGH SCORERS T W L P . DUOSZQ gm fs: ,955 cqrmii Belcher ...... 411 Pinckneyville 8 2 .800 - h f-O3 Anna-Jonesboro 6 4 .BOO Blu Abemq' Y 'nu-I6 Carbondale 4 6 .400 Rex English ,-,,..... 186 Murphysboro 3 7 .300 Chester 0 10 .000 Jenn Cunningham ---n 130 ..39... Iean Cunningham Earl Smick Lee Roy Rendleman Tom Peeler optf20 Q. I7 X F'L F L4 'f 'wi fn- Cpgidhllghlg Novi 1 IE f ..- xx X I f 1 ' f N .. f Q1 - X f , i x N f X J f xx x't"'R'oN 'f' 1 t X I ... ff xX I I X 55. :4-XABQSEILLES 4 - f f xx . f X - 0 NEYVQL cp?-Bm' A45 KQQWLL' X X lf 9 , 93- , I Sf i X 1 l t C' N I fl N X 1 J S .v 1 I Q - - s X 1 I 1 - 4 x ff X -VV!! X n C. , X x gaaletgaf clehgltkgltfr M1943-44 A-I 46 - DONGOLA 19 First game of the season. Wildcats, although unsteady, showed signs of becoming a fine team. Abernathy scored 15 points. A-l 40 - PINCKNEYVILLE 53 Final selections for the varsity five were made and this team played to- gether for the first time, giving a good account of themselves. A-I 47 - CARBONDALE 27 One of the finest games played by the Wildcats all season. Belcher scor- ed 24 points. A-1 62 - WOLF LAKE 46 Final game of Union County Tour- nament. This game was played be- fore the largest crowd ever assembed in the A-I Gymnasium. Engish scor- ed 2l points. A-1 55 - PINCKNEYVILLE 54 Wildcats upset the second ranking team in lllinois. A close game through- out, decided in the last three seconds of play on a free throw by Cunningham. A-l 51 - CABBONDALE 47 A thrilling game which was won in a three minute overtime period on bas- kets by Belcher and English. A-1 54 - WOLF LAKE 39 Final of Regional Tournament played in A-I Gym. Belcher accounted for 18 points. A-1 39 - MARION 37 Eleven points behind going into the last quarter, the Wildcats staged a sen- sational drive to Win in the last twenty seconds on a basket by English. A-l 46 - CARTERVILLE 37 Final of Sectional Tournament at lohnston City. Close game all the way. Belcher made 23 points. A-l 55 - MARSEILLES 34 First game of State Tournament at Champaign. Wildcats led all the way against a much taller team. Belcher set new record by scoring 33 points. A-l 38 - ELGIN 65 Against a great team, the Wildcats forced the play and kept the game close for the first half. Elgin seemed to hit al- most every shot and the Wildcats were unable to stop their drive. Abernathy scored l5 points and Belcher 12 in their last high school game. -40- in - x K Q 4 s -'H 1' 4 ly! I F X X -1 ,AV null ., , 1 - , f IL' f-E , ' lu x .3 1 -mv W, , W-1 W fi Nllj ,U ' Q v A 1 vb Q ' 13, ' f ' 'Q ' x W. V 1 'Y ,f ff . 'N f'l x If 15,7 ' V ff" 5 17' Ky ,ff ,f ! ' ff , H ,PkxlX" ' 4- xV , " f ,5 Q-A mf, ' NWA x .lf I 5, ,.. lg fr! X N. 5' 1' H' I X , 'o iq 1 N N ,STFNK X X ' X9 - .ff T M ' K , X Af -we X I x "" x N Q' 4 X X X I a X V L- hi i , ' X 1 1 1 fs xx ' J H jle .fgflzkfic .xdafiociafion-god rc! of Confrof . lane Karraker Martha lane Casper lane Harper CLARA A. BARTOW ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association is the organization which regulates the athletics at A-I in conjunction with the Board of Control. Every student is a member vcf this governing body and as such, is obliged to attend the monthy meeting which is held on the third Wednesday. At the meeting, the regular business form is adhered to and students are given the opportunity to voice an opinion regarding the future conduct of athletics at the school. Officers this year were lane Karraker, president: Martha lane Casper, secretary, and Miss Bartow, treasurer and sponsor. IQ43-44 also proved a decided success financially. Civic interest in the teams was high. This produced excellent gate receipts, and the Athletic Association had a sizeable surplus to show at the year's end. BOARD OF CONTROL The Board of Control is the governing body of the Athletic Association. It authorizes the payment of all bills and also transacts any other business relative to the Athletic Association. The board is composed of members chosen from each class as representatives. This year the members were: lane Harper, Allen Rudolph, Seniors: Donald Manus, lean lohnson, Iuniors: Pat Brown, lack 'Gray, sophomores, and David Rendleman, Billy Bob Hind- man, Freshmen. lane Karraker was president and lane Harper served as secretary. First Row - Martha lane Casper, lane Harper, Pat Brown,lane Karraker, lean lohnson. Second Row - Miss Bar- tow, David Rendleman, Allen Rudolph, Donald Manus, Billy Bob Hind- man, Mr. Houghton. ,43- LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY The Local Honor Society is the school's honor society. It is an organization for the purpose of raising the s'andards of scholar- ship, citizenship, and leadership. Any student who attains 60 points in scholarship, 60 points in citizenship and attendance, and 4U points in extra-curricular ac- tivities is eligible for member- ship. New members are initiated and old members renew their membership in the society dur- ing an impressive candlelight ceremony which is held in as- sembly during the last month of school. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is not a "reward" for things done but a "sugges- tion" of how much more ought to be done by those who possess scholarship, leadership, service, and character to a greater than average degree. The responsi- bility of the organization in the life of the school is to the indi- vidual rather than to the group. Members for this National Hon- or Society are chosen from the upper 5 percent of the Iunior Class and IO per cent ot the Senior Class. The students are eligible on the basis of personal traits such as character, leader- ship, service, and upon grades to the extent that a member must have a B average for all years in high school. One must also be a member of the local Honor Society. WAU WAU TAUG The Wau Wau Taug is the school's citizenship organization, and is sponsored by the Me-n's Club of the Presbyterian Church. Its members are chosen by a committee of teachers for the qualifications of citizenship, lead- ership, and general scholarship. Three students who have the necessary qualifications a r e chosen to be members each six weeks. All the new members are entertained by the Men's Club at one of their spring meet- ings. rerid W 3. 7 K Edward Leird Bill Robins lane Karraker PRESS CLUB First Row -- Mary Barnes, Betty Lou' Adams, Donald I-lankla, Iohnny Rayburn, Vanita Ruth Rader, David Rendleman, Nor- ma Sellars. Second Row - Mrs. Wingate, Lucille Gunn, Charles Lewis, Fred Fritzinger, Iohn S. Ren- dlernan, lane Karraker, Eddie loe Howenstein, Ann Leib. Third Row - Gerald Englehart, Bill Robins, Gilbert Cherrick, Edward Leird, Gerry Henson, Bob Rader, Louis Karraker, Carl Butterfield, Bill Abernathy. PRESS CLUB HISTORY The Press Club was organized to interest more students in the field of Iournalism. To be eligible for membership in the Press Club, a student must have some ability in this iield oi work. The activities of the Club, this year, consisted of writing news articles for the school paper and publishing the annual. The officers of the Press Club for 1943-44 were: Edward Leird, presi- dentg Bill Robins, vice-president, lane Karraker, secretary. f -45- .Szra fcked Gibert Cherrick, Gerald Engelhart Ann Leib, lane Karraker, Lucille Gun, Charles Lewis SCRATCHES STAFF The A-I Scratches of l943-44 was a four page tabloid consisting of news, features, editorial, and sports sections. Heading the staff were Gilbert Cherrick, editor-in-chief: Gerald Engel- hart, assistant editor, Ann Leib, features editor: Charles Lewis, sports editor: and Lucille Gunn, front page editor. The paper was distinguished by the art work and cartoons of Ann Leib. The publication was a bi-weekly one and was released by the journal- ism class. The subscription total was one of the largest ever attained, testi- fying to the general success with which the paper met. SCRATCHES STAFF First Bow -- Lucille Gunn, Ann Leib, Mary Barnes, Mrs. Wingate, Fred Fritzinger, Bill Abernathy, Norma lean Sellars. Second Row - Gilbert Cherriclc, Betty Horn, Pansyle Cline, lane Harper, Susette Wilson, Iohn S. Rendleman, lane Karraker, Eddie Howenstein, Gerald Engelhart. Third Row - Vanita Ruth Rader, Iohnny Rayburn, Donald Han- kla, Bill Robins, Charles Lewis, Bob Rader, Lou- is Karraker, Carl But- ' terfield, David Rendle- i man. ' -4 6- Quif anal Sm!! Charles Lewis, Gilbert Cherrick, Mary D. Wingate, Gerald Englehart, Ierry Grant. Ann Leib, john S. Rendleman, Fred Fritzinqer, Edward Leird, Lucille Gunn. The Quill and Scroll is the international honorary society for high school journalists, and numbers over twenty-five hundred chapters throughout the world. The Elmer Davis Chapter of A-I, named in honor of the director of the Office of War information, was organized in 1942, and consists of ten members. The initiation for 1944 was held in the spring. Ann Leib, Mrs. Wingate, Freddy Fritzinger, Ierry Grant, Edward Leird, Iohn S. Rendleman, Gilbert Cher- rick, Charles Lewis, Lucille Gunn, and Gerald Englehart were elected members of the organization. A luncheon was later held for the members. Plans for next year call for a larger program of activities. ANNUAL STAFF First Row - Ann Leib, Lucille Gunn, Mrs. Win' gate, Charles Lewis, Bill Robins, David Ren- dleman, Johnny Ray- burn, Vanita Ruth Ra- der, Dimple Elam. Second Row - Anna I. Duck, Nancy Davis, Mary Barnes, lane Harper, Fred Fritzing- er, Kohn S. Rendleman, lane Karraker, Eddie Ioe i-lcwenstein, Gerald Engelhart, Bill Aber- nathy. Third Row - Susette Wilson, Martha lane Casper, Carroll Belcher, Gilbert Cherriclc, Ierry Grant, Allen Rudolph. Betty Adams, Carl But- terfield, Donald Vlfayne Boswell. -47-. LATIN CLUB First Row S loy Van Amburg, Ann Leib, Lucille Gunn, Nancy Carter, lane Russell, Bill Robins, Katherine Williams, Carol Ven- erable, Mildred Casper, Dee Smith. Second Row M Donald Rendle- man, Margaret Walker, Natalie Amunrud, Doris Millis, Betty Williams, Wanda Young, loy lones, Carmen lohnson, Pat Brown, Bob Womick. Third Row - lerry Grant, Bob Amunrud, Betty Ury, Maxine Lingle, Dimple Elam, Margetta Fox, Mrs. Sivia, Lorene Bartruff, Ann Patterson, Vanita Ruth Rader, Murray Choate, David Randleman, Donald Wayne Bos- well. LIBRARIAN S First Row - Laline Lord, Maxine Mull, Car- roll Belcher, Betty Ad- ams, Mildred Davis, Rasalee Casper. Second Row - Miss Bateman, Martha lane Wiess, Betty Williams, Susan Chase, Wanda Young, Velma Roberts. LATIN CLUB Membership in this club is limited to those who are studying Latin or who have studied it. The club meeting provides time for doing the novel things which are not possible during class time. This year's activities included Christmas caroling, the translating of service songs, a Roman banquet, and two plays - one in Latin and the other a funny English version of the Well- known Latin story of Aeneas and Dido. This year's officers were: Bill Robins, Con- sul Primus, Nancy Carter, Consul Secundusy lane Russell, Praetorp Katherine Williams, Quaestorp Carol Venerable, Aediley Lucille Gunn, Tribuneg and Ann Leib, Scriptus. .-4 3- LIBRARIANS The library contains 4,123 books. Miss Ruby Bateman, head librarian issues instruc- tions for each librarian periodi- cally. During each class per- iod, the student librarian is in full charge. The library seats 35 students. An average of 175 students use the library each day. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is thegoverning body of the school in that its purpose is to make the rules, laws, and regulations of the school. This body is composed of representatives from all the home rooms and organizations. This year the Student Council governed all the study halls, a project which proved very successful. District and state conventions are held each year for the purpose of providing an opportunity for the students of various schools to meet and discuss student govern- ment. The council had an enrollment of 32 mem- bers this year with the following officers: President, Gilbert Cherrickg Vice-President, Bill Robins: Secretary, Virginia Brimrn. "C" CLUB First Row f lack Bizzel, Iohn S Rendleman, Charles Lewis Wayne Dusch, Carroll Belcher Carol Henry, Clyde Stewart, Gerald Englehart. Second Row - Mr. Houghton, Bill Abernathy, Gerry Henson. Edward Leird, Ernest Treece, Leon Sweitzer, Guv Harris, lean Cunningham, Donald Boswell. STUDENT COUNCIL First How - Betty Lou Kimbro, Nancy Carter, Pat Lawrence, Carol Venerable, Bill Robins, lim Pearl, Ieanette Cunningham, Clyde Stewart. Second Row - Virginia Brimm, Katherine Schwarzlose, Lucille Gunn, lane Harper, Martha Day, Ann Patterson, Barbara Smith. Martha lane Casper, Donald Wayne Boswell. Third Bow - lack Lewis, lane Karraker, Gilbert Cherrick, Tom- my Peeler, T. I. Grantham, Don- ald Manus, Guy Harris, lim Mar tin, Louis Karraker. THE "C" CLUB The "C Club" is an organization of boys in school who have earned letters in the various sports. The aims and purposes of the organization are: l. To stimulate interest in interscholastic sports. 2. To encourage student interest in the intramural pro- gram. 3. To maintain the best possible physical and mental condition in anticipation of competition. 4, To maintain good scholarship at all times. 5. To uphold the standard of good sportsmanship at all times. 6. As a wearer of the "C" to be a true example for other boys, to do nothing to disgrace the letter, and to be proud to be a wearer of the emblem of the school. Officers for the year were: President - Carroll Belcher. Vice-President - Wayne Dusch, Secretary - Bill Abernathy. Treasurer - Charles Lewis. Student Council Representative 3 Guy Harris. -49- I 5 X If 'K I fzf f U A .tiff 'f fx , N V, November 2, 1943 saw the presentation of the Speech Plays. "Art and Mrs. Palmer" was a highly entertaining travesty on the cultural whims of the so-called "society lady." The cast consisted of Betty Horn, Claudie Ieanne Hill, Mildred Davis, Donald Manus, Tolbert Iones, and Katherine Stoclcman. Assistant di- rectors Were Pansyle Cline and Emma Horn. "His First Dress Suit" proved to be a high- ly diverting farce on adolescent life. Iohnny Rayburn, Millicent Casper, Betty Bobins, and Kenneth Cunningham were the principals. As- sistant directors were Bettie Holt and Betty Stamper. The serious offering of the evening was "Iacob Comes Home," a tense melodrama deal- ing With life in Nazi Germany. Unusual lignt- ing effects and competent acting created a very realistic impression. Mary Brooks, Iean,Iol'1n- son, Bob Hannum, Betty Lou Adams, and Ed- die Howenstein were featured. Supplying back- stage choral effects were Virginia Brimm, Ianet Powles, and Buth Platt. Assistant directors were Helen Eaves and Ruth Platt. First Row - Helen Eaves, Virginia Brimm, Betty Lou Ad ams, lean Iohnson, Kathryn Stockman, Mildred Davis, Ianet Powles, Eddie Howenstein, Iohnnie Rayburn. Second Bow -- Bob Hannum, Donald Manus, Tolbert Iones, Claudia lean Hill, Emma Horn, Pansyle Cline, Belty Horn, Mary Brooks, Betty Robins, Betty Holt, Betty Stamper, Millicent Casper. -.5 01 SENIOR PLAY The Seniors presented as their play, the popular comedy, "The Man Who Came To Dinner," by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. The cast in- cluded Susette Wilson, Martha lane Casper, Gene Wright, Charles McDaniel, Amy Dee Rudolph, Ann Leib, Anna lane Duck, Lucille Gunn, Allen Rudolph, lane Harper, Gilbert Cherrick, lack Bizzel, Phyllis Vaughn, Ierry Grant, Guy Harris, lean Garrott, Nancy Davis, Leon Sweitzer, Bob Hill, Gerald Englehart, Bernett Harvel, Betty Lou Kimbro, Shirley Boyd, Virginia Caralcer, Wilberta Eastman, Claudie Ieanne Hill, Millie Mae Brown, Lovella McKinney, Betty Horn, and Laline Lord., Assistant directors were Lovella McKinney, Emma Horn, and Millie Mae Brown. Unusually skilled direction by Mrs. Edna T. Gordon was largely respon- sible for a tremendously successful season. A l UNIOR PLAY CAST First Row -- Donald Manus, Tol- bert Tones, Bob Hannum, lohnnie Rayburn, Maxine Mull, Kathryn Stoclcman, Rosalee Casper, Milli- cent Casper. Second Row 7 Ioy Van Amburg, Leatrice Williams, Betty Mayber- ry, Betty Holt, Ola l-lousernan, lane Karraker, Eddie Ioe Howen- stein, Helen Eaves. 1511 SENIOR PLAY First Row - Susette Wilson, An- na lane Duck, Laline Lord, Ann Leib, Amy Dee Rudolph, Iane Harper, Lucille Gunn, Martha lane Casper. Second Row - lack Bizzel, Mil- lie Mae Brown, Wilberta East- man, Phyllis Vaughn, Bemett Harvel, Emma Horn, Shirley Boyd, Claudie lean Hill, Betly Horn, Nancy Davis, Gene Wright. Third Row - Betty Kimbro, Lo- McKinney, Virginia Car- vella raker, Allen Rudolph, Ierry Grant, Gilbert Cherrick, Bob Hill, Leon Sweitzer, Gene Garrot, Gerald Englehart. l UN IOR PLAY The Iunior Play, staged December 3, l943 was a three act comedy of situa- tion, "Every Family Has One." Cap- able performances were registered by Millicent Casper, Katherine Stoclcman, Maxine Mull, Bettie Holt, Ola Housman, Bob Hannum, Tolbert Iones, Iohnnie Rayburn, lane Karraker, Donald Manus, Helen Eaves, and Eddie Hovvenstein. GIRLS' HOME EC. First Row - Mary Brooks, Helen Eaves, Barbara Smith, Betty Ad- ams, Norma lean Coffman, lean- netta Cunningham, Miss Holmes. Second Row - Miss Rhodes, Bet- ty Stamper, Wilma Hion, Betty Tripp, Betty Boyd, Mary Bel Tol- er, Dorothy Ann Boyd, Ruth Platt, Mary Alice Daubs. Third Row - Ioy Van Amburg, Nellie Harrigan, Rosellen Town- send, Dorotha Choate, Wilberta Eastman, Barbara Stroup, Naomi Winchester, Ioyce Treese, Mary Evelyn Searsdale. GIRLS' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB In i938 our Home Economics Cub was af- filiated by the state. It received the name of "M's and P's" and has kept that name. The girls attend festivals throughout the season with the other schools in Southern Illinois. They join the Future Farmers Club in parties and each year they serve the Future Farmers Father and Son Banquet. Only qirls taking, or that have taken, home economics are permitted to join the club. BOY'S HOME EC. CLUB The Boy's Home EC. Club was founded in l94l, and consists of boys who have, or are now taking, boy's home ec. This year, the club has had the biggest membership in the three year history of the club. During the past year, the boys under the supervision of Mary E. Holmes, head of the home economics department, have prepared parties of social prominence. The officers of the club for the past year were: Bill Abernathy, president: Iean Cunning- ham, vice-presidentp Bob Kohler, secretary: and Charles Lewis, student council representative. BOYS' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row - Ernest Treece, Bob Hannum, William Eustler, Miss Holmes, Clyde Stewart, Bill Wil- son, Bob Kohler. Second Row - Bill Abernathy, Guy Harris, Gene Wright, Bob Hill, Carol Henry, Bob Casey, Gerald Englehart. Third Row - Carl Butterfield, Carroll Belcher, Rex English, Charles Lewis, Houston Casper. lean Cunningham, Raymond Moreland. -52- G. A. A. First Row - Miss Bateman, Ioyce Gunn, Ann Patterson, Norma Coffman, Carol Venerable, Mar- jorie Coombs, Dimple Elam, Mil- dred Casper, Ieanette Cunning- ham, Betty Io Gillespie, Pat Brown, Katherine Williams, Elea- nor Wood. Second Row - Ioan Graves, Martha lane Casper, Amy Dee Rudolph, Nancy Davis, Emma Lou Casper, Doris Hankla, Ca- mille Baker, Katherine Dusch, Grace Sitter, Vanita Ruth Rader, Betty Adams, Pauline Sweitzer. Laline Lord, Betty Boyd, Kather- ine Schwartzlose, Bonita Iohnson, Charlotte Gurley, Wanda Young, Betty Williams, Martha Day. Third Row - Betty Lou Adams, Mildred Davis, Dorothy Canant, Roselee Casper, Katherine Stock- man, Ann lane Duck, Betty Far- rer, Betty Broadway, Dorthea Carvel, Ernistine Tompkins, Pat Lawrence, Nancy Carter, Doris Millis, Wilberta Eastman, lean ' Leader, Iane Harper, Susette Wil- son, Lorene Bartruff. HISTORY OF BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club, sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Buell was organized in 1941. The object of this club is to create and foster the best interests of science together with the spirit of American democracy. This club is used to stimulate student project work which merits entrance in the exhibits presented and judged on science field day. This club, called the B-Z-B club, joined the Iunior Academy of Science in l942. There are 35 members in this club and meetings are held the fourth Wednesday oi each month. Ten cents dues are paid by each member for membership in the Southern Illinois Division of the Iunior Academy of Science. ....53.. BIOLOGY CLUB First Row - Iane Russell, Bar- bara Smith, Betty Adams, Ann Patterson, Dimple Elam, Mildred Casper, Carol Venerable, Marjor- ie Coombs, Ieanette Cunningham, Pat Brown. Second Row - Miss Buell, Bet- ty Farrer, Betty Broadway, Dor- othy Ann Boyd, Wanda Youngs, Betty Boyd, Betty Tripp, Geral- dine Caraker, Freddie Fitzinqer. Third Row - Charles Ferguson, Carl McCarver, Gilbert Cherrick, Louis Karraker, Donald Manus, Ierry Grant, Iohn Leib, Murray Choate, Bob Davis, Donald Wayne Boswell. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose of the G. A. A. is to pro- mote interest in athletics among the girls and to raise the standard ot good sports- manship. This is done by activities after school such as basketball, bowling, skat- ing, tennis, badminton and keeping health charts. Points are received for participating in these extra activities and at the end of the school year awards are given to the students.. fYlU ElC-.4 t t- isis S BAND First Row - Grace Sitter, Ruth Leist, Carol Venerable, lohn Norman Keller, Eleanor Wood, Dee Smith, Wanaa Youngs, Miss Schwartz, Donald Hood, T. I. Grantham, Kathryn Stoclcman, Carroll Lee Dillow, Lloyd Sitter, Donald Lewis. Second Row - Dimple Elam, Doris Millis, loan Graves, Harold Dillow, Charles McDaniel, Freda Davis, lim l-lileman, Bob Womick, loe Davis, Millicent Casper, Norma Coffman, Bob Davis. Third How - Camille Baker, loyce L. Iackson, David Rendleman, Leatrice Williams, Bob Rader, Ernestine Tompkins, Bill Robins, Rosalee Casper, Pat Brown, Vanita Ruth Rader, Murray Choate, Charles Davis, Roy Rendlernan, Louis Nimmo, Earl Smick, Charles Vaughn, lim Pearl, Mildred Casper, Leon Kirkpatrick. CHORUS First Bow - Martorie Tieece, Pat Lowrance, Betty Holt, Ruth Platt, Norma lean Lacy, Matella Mclntosh, Betty Robins, Second Row e Ola l-lousman, Dorothea Choate, Vannah Lee Zwalen, Ruth Wilson, Dorthea Carvel, Virginia Brirnm, Marqetta Fox, Dorothy Ann Boyd. Third Row - Miss Schwartz, Charles Ferguson, Bob Casey, Bill Modqlin, Harold Frazee, lohn Leib. .-54.. DRUM MAIORS Norma lean Coffman Vanita Ruth Rader Camille Baker CAoru:i The chorus consists ot twenty-four members, and has done exceedingly well with such a small number of students partici- pating. They have given a Fall Concert and are planning to pre- sent a Spring Recital. They have also sung for the Chamber of Commerce. Other members have entertained at local Par- ent Teachers Association meetings. This year, A-I was repre- sented at West Frankfort in the Sectional Concert. MHJ The A-I Band got oft to a good start this year with about fifty members. Miss Rita Schwartz, our new director proved to be a fine teacher. The band started out with mostly new mem- bers, incuding 16 freshmen, 17 sophomores, 7 juniors, and 4 seniors. Miss Schwartz organized a band club in which Bill Robins was elected president: Rosalee Casper, vice-presidentp and lim Pearl, secretary-treasurer. As in previous years, a pep band of 25 members was selected to play at basketball games, pep meetings, etc. This year, due to the lack of string instruments, we did not have an orchestra, but instead organized an ensemble group which was similiar to an orchestra. . -55- Rex Enqlish. Carroll Belcher, Bill Craft' President Vice-president S951-eigry ri..-i . ELIZABETH BUELL lim Pearl Lee Roy Rendlemcm MARY EVELYN SIVIA Treasurer -5 5- PEI' CLUB tl! Row 1. Lee Roy Renglleman, Charles Vaughn. Donald Manus, John Leib. Robby Joe Womic-k, Bill Craft. Rex English, Carroll Belvher, Lloyd Sitter. Row 2, Kathryn VVilliams, Eleanor VVood, Rose Ellen Townsend, Virginia Boyer. Ruth Brimm, Vllilberta Eastman. VV:-inda Youngs, Mildred Casner. Rosa- lee Casper, Kathryn Stfwkman. Bernive Sharfp. Row 3, Miss Buell. Betty Holt, Betty Robins, Bernette Harvel. Emma Horn. Pauline Sweitzer, Pansyle Cline. Betty Horn, Lynn Navin, William Eustler. Kathryn Appel, Phylis Vaughn, Bar- bara Smith, Ruth Platt, Margette Fox, Naomi Winchester, Donald VVayne Bos- well. Mrs, Sivia. Row. 4. Vanita Ruth Rader, Johnny' Rayburn. XVayne Dusch, Junior Stewart. Duane Pugh, Mildred Davis, Dorothy Lee Conant. John S, Rendleman, Max- ine Mull, Janet Powles, Eddie Joe Howenstein, Jean Johnson, Betty Lou Adams. Virginia Brimm, Millicenl Cas- pvr, Donald Hankla. PEP CLUB C27 Row 1. Cheer Leaders-Dimple Elam, John Norman Keller. Ola Huusman, and Nanvy Carter. Itnw 2. Ruth Leist, Dorothy Ann Boyd, Bonnie Boyd, Amy Dee Rudolph. Susette Wilson, Anna Jane Dur-lc. Helen Eaves, Mary Brooks, Martha Caslic-r, Nancy Davis, Betty Stamper. Row 3. Lucille Gunn. Jane Harper, Camille Baker, Pat Lnwranc-e. Grave Sitter. Betty Gillespie, Pat Brown. Nur- ma Coffman, Ann Patterson, Jane Rus- sell. Doris Millis. Joyce Gunn, Emma. Lou Casper, Katherine Dusi-h. Row 4. Jeanetta Cunningham, Bill Abernathy, Marjorie Coombs, Carol Venerable, Bonita Johnson, Martha Jane XVeiss, Jane Tripp. Carol Henry, Gerry Henson. Bob Kohler. Murray Choate, Edward Leird. Jim Pearl, Bill Hart- line, Doris Hankla. NANCY DAVIS Football Oueen CI-IEEE LEADERS lohn Ngman Keller Dimple Elam Ola Housman Nancy Carter iz, 64,4 The Pep Club is the "boosting" organization in school, with member- ship open to all who are Willing to do their share in backing school activities. lt is especially active in the football and basketball seasons, during which time the club not only furnishes a Well-trained cheering section for all the games, but also prolriides pep meetings calculated to pep up the team and arouse student enthusiasm. Among the extra things sponsored this year was the Song and Yell Contest, which added several new yells and the "Three Little Fishes" song to A-I's collection. The most ambitious undertak- ing, perhaps, was Homecoming - a responsibility which the Pep Club shared with the Press Club. The "Horse and Buggy" Homecoming parade, the crowning ceremony, the Homecoming dance after the game - all were Work, but fun! This year's Pep Club has been complimented often on its enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. To its many members, this has been a busy year and a satisfying one. -57.- First Row - Iames Newton, Bob Kohler, Louis Kelly, Bill Bullock, Eugene Isom, Ray Casey, Gordon Nobles, Ir. Mus graves. Second Row - Ralph Lyerla, Bill Davis, W. D. Moreland, Delane Corzine, Charles Vaughn, Carroll Loomis, lim Pearl Murray Choate, Marathon Dodd. Third Row - Mr. Loomis, Robert Davis, lim Martin, Ralph Bartruff, Ioe Boyd, Don Boyd, Ray l-less, Dale Miles, Rob ert Adams, Wesley Morgan, Houston Casper. Fourth Row - Harold Dillow, Carroll Lee Dillow, Carl Ferrill, Stanley Craver, Don Conant, Fred Mull, Wesley lunes Iohn Bostian, Owen Davis, lean Cunningham, Raymond Moreland, Charles Penrocl. bl MP2 CLl"I'l'l2l"5 0 l'l'lel"lCClf 51 f ' The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys taking vocational agriculture in high school. The A-I Chapter of F.F.A. has fifty-two members this year. Because of the War, the judging and athletic teams have been greatly reduced. Even so, the F.l:'.A. carried out a very successful program of ath- letics. ln addition, the club sponsors basketball, softball, and livestoclcjudg- ing teams. Several parties are held throughout the school year. This year, the l:'.F.A. was very active in the enrollment of individuals in the various government-supervised courses such as welding, etc. Highlighting the club's social program is a Father-Son Banquet held in the spring ot each school year. -53- 31' f 6 Q I G '57 llx 0 OO ' ,'f2QRXiW I x QQ fraqiy 1. N 5 l , V59 G l L 7 A1 1 V4 1' .N W v 5, ff ' 0 a V, N ,Q 0 I' 5. ! q x".s K N AY tA,fg.t J "f ' N 0 A fl' . .4 i A L . N ,rx . N . N, V . N S' it f h . I xg ' "' ' lg LQ' IJ Sf x Qt,,'g5i k f rc I fl x X liyux, X x fx ' ' EZ N' f Rf '7 ' I N' , " . IN ' A 1 l' N: I v fa! I ,f ,. 9 D K f 4 4 .L ' VNL Y xv F5 'A YJXXX I yt 1 I HM. I INN: G imzm , all f warm.. ENTRANCE ZQ fs. H' af' 1, 1 Ji. 1 I .29 sw ' 1,5 ,31 - E-,NN AVENUE X GQRERAL v , OF 'Rs -J C BENTON HALL 095 FA was warm-I S Mu Mfmonuu. vw Bs -51- MAIN BUILDING Tl-IE RAVINE NCR CCLLHJQI' PARADISE LOST . 14 - The Freshman Examinations Aug were Well attended. Aug. 30 - At last! The first day of school. Oct. 8 - Our first holiday - the Coun- ty Teacher's Meeting. Nov. 2 - Speech Plays. Nov. ll -- We defeated Cairo in the Armistice Day game. It was the ' 'me and Football Homecoming ga Oueen was crowned. Nov. 25-26 - Thanksgiving Vacation. Dec. 3 - The play, "Every Family Has One," was presented by the Iunior Class. Dec. 23-Ian. 3 - Christmas Vacation. Dec. 31, lan. 1, 2 - Centralia lnvita- tional Tournament. Ian. 13-14 - Semester Exams-One of the especially joyous days of the year. Ian. 19-20-21 - The Wildcats proceeded victoriously through the county tour- ament 3 Wildcats IT . Feb. 29, March 1, 2, -- h ain, winning the Re- come throug ag gional Tournament. March 9-10 - Wildcats defeat Marion and Carterville in the Sectional Tour- nament at Iohnston City. March 16-27 - Spring Vacation. March 16-17 - Basketball boys play in the State Finals at Champaign. CCheers! Applause! Whistlesll 1 deserted A.-I. March 24 - The facu ty to attend the Teachers' Meeting at Carbondale. April 14 - The play, "The Man Who Came To Dinner," was given by the Senior Class. April 28 - The Music Department gave another concert. ' r Senior Prom. May 6 - Iunio - May 15-19 - Senior Week. May 18-19 - Semester Exams. May 19 - Class Night. - Baccalaureate. May 21 May 23 - Commencement. -62.- KGLEHCJQP PARADISE REGAINED tSketch of an ideal school year.1 Aug. 30 - Opening of school-lce cream and cake were served. Sept. 16 - No school, teachers had to ' go fishing. Oct. 22 - In assembly each person got up and told his favorite joke. Nov. 10 - Freshmen English classes in- terrupted. Teacher gct hungry and left for town. Nov. 26 - Eating turkey. Nov. 29 - Still eating turkey. Dec. 23 - Mr. McConnell played San- ta and gave each of us a gift since we had been such nice little children. lan. 3 - School Board resolved to make life as easy as possible for the new year, 1944. lan. 13-14 - Semester finals called off: teachers can't be bothered grading papers. Feb. 14 - Everyone was given a pound box of chocolates as a Valentine gift. Feb. 21-25 - No school all week in com- memoration of Washington's birth- day. March l -- Teachers announced no homework for this month. April 13 - No assignments today. May 18-19 - Ditto lan. 13-14. May 23 - Hike and breakfast in woods, followed by swimming: carnival in afternoon, banquet in honor of grad- uates, pageant, diplomas, good-night! tDid you ever hear of a school that had as interesting and unusual a cel- endar as this? No? Well, to be hon- est, We didn't either, but we did dream of it one nightj THIS ANNUAL WAS MADE POSSIBLE THROUGH THE FINE CO-OPERATION OF THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS AND PBO- FESSIONAL PEOPLE OF ANNA AND IONESBOBO: Anna National Bank Rixleben Pharmacy Park's Drug Store Io-An Cleaners Lynn D. Siiford, Insurance Treece's Sweet Shoppe Wahl G Son Bich's Shoe Store Anna Cleaners Dr. E. V. Hale Dr. C. R. Walser Penninger Clothing Co. Dr. D. B. Stewart Ioiner's Bed G White Union House Furnishing Co. The Talk Printing Co. West Brothers Casper's Cafe Norris Funeral Home Anna Department Store Robinsons Cafe Morris Store Hight's Texaco Station Phoenix Flour Mill A. W. Walter Ir. G Co. Times Theatre Weiss Texaco Service Brown's Hardware LIB. Tuthill, Insurance Rotramel's Paint :Sf Hardware Store Anna-Ionesboro Lumber Co. Midway Barbecue Boston Store L. S. Spires, Groceries I. B. Alden Co. W. H. Taylor's Music Store Paul Ellis Delta Theta Tau Norris 61 Son Ligon Lumber CO. Union Tire Service First National Bank oi Ionesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Dottie's Beauty Shop Anna State Bank Rodgers G Yale Theatres Anna News Stand Gazette-Democrat Duncan G Boyce Union County Farm Implement Co. ' Smith's Market Santord's E. P. Owen, Druggist Vogue Shop W. H. Bishop Horse QS Mule Auction Dr. H. B. Shafer Dr. Alex Smith Mai-Lon City of Anna Elkin's Bowling Parlor Missourian Printing 61 Stationery Co. Anna Chamber of Commerce Southern Illinois Fair Association Pearl Motor Co. Union County Farm Bureau Anna Hotel American Legion Auxiliary E. A. Peters Co. Dr. B. V. Rite Producers Dairy Wiley's Book Store Ebb's Shoe Service O. K. Barber Shop Ioiner Furniture Store Ionsey's Southern Illinois Fair Association Anna Chamber of Commerce W. H. Womick Lewis Bros. Bakery L. Oard Sitter, Auctioneer 164-

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