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-l',!!FvI' . 1. hw ' " ,".f", .. deaf. -,Av f W , - .-r apr f ." f If . ,. ,, .-"al ff" .. "'. f ' w Hr 'Z- - 'lvf I 1. . X sr" . : ,fs 'fer f .f.:.:.- , Q ,av ' '.- . w , .,Nwf"H" "1 Q ""I. f... " .f 'R .. .. N,l,"M f-3 ns? 2 Yifhk W: v A si 3. at .l f In .It 1 -'46 ' -.:'-f- A fl e , A W,v"' W, + ....-are 'A' ,,, -AW 'I' I , W -an W, I AW b , ,M gp 71,5 " I . F it K ,, as gwfsv,-fkikwyyv-kk. Akkk I K If aff N ag wi -,mu , ,. ,,. :..i1fa1.-yy."-1-,.!.f:l af +A " A ..wl""' :W a,Qwb"'Q.-4-+".. fig. A .ui -ff I' W wry an if f ,W-I 1 . 7 ,,,ff' 'M' J, ,,-,""'. --f-.:""' .4 ,-,,, A ..- ..M "3 .f -uf""'," ' ..--"" ANNA HIGH SCHOOL CREED I believe in Anna High School as an educational institution symbolizing the ideals of Americanism. I believe in the efficiency of its faculty, who are perpetuating higher education in every branch of study. I believe in the student body, who as future citizens, shall have qualities to assume the responsibilities of a great nation. I believe in her ideals and her future growth. I do most firmly believe this without limit or restriction. A. P. WILT Kz SONS General Merchandise Anna, Ohio Phone 6 cheat Z5 1 -- 1- "-, V,,. ., . KN e, tne ctass oi X952, dedicate this I annuat to au iorrner students oi this .N scnoot who are now enrotted tn the ser - N. vrce oi our country. They are hgntxng to preserve and upnotd the or tncrotes ot democracy upon vlmcn our gr eat country ms iounded J A TEM UN H HES T EM AT UE N LWPERINTENDE l fi ,, , Vk 5 ,Nl ,A M CHARLES E. STEWART It is said that character is like the foundation of a house--it is beneath the surface. By the same token, beneath the surface of the covers of the publication will be found the character of the Annual and of the student body producing it. Congratulations upon the character por'- trayed. BOARD OF EDUCATION Wilson Stengel Fred Zimpfer A. P. Wilt Dr. Milliette Charles Stewart Fred Boyer PHILLIP'S FARM STORE Buy with the assurance of service Hot Point - Crosley - Maytag Appliances A Timken Oil Furnaces Anna, 01110 Phone 42 'N '36 vm g,..f Y Lee Turner, B.S. Indiana University Ball State Henry Horstman, B.S. in Ed. Ohio State Graduate work Teacher Trainer Paul Schilling, B.S. in Ed. Ohio Northern B. S. in Engineering Luther Fogt, B.S. in Ed. Capital University Graduate work at Ohio State Howard Pfaadt Ohio Northern Shelby County Normal .Toe Lower, B.S. in Ed. University of Cincinnati Ohio State University il Agnes Voress Miami University Roberta Blanke Ohio Northern Miami University Life Certificate Marie Mueller Bowling Green Miami University Rosemary Barr, B.S. Ohio State Dorothy Kohlmeyer, A.B. Capital University Ohio Northern KINDRED 8m POPPE Dry Goods, Groceries, General Merchandise Kettlersville, Ohio lip Q!- Mildred Leady Miami University Wittenberg College Ohio Northern Eileen McCullough Ohio Northern James Carroll, A.B. Notre Dame Charles Stewart, B.S. Miami University University of Cincinnati Master of Education Lela Minniear Wittenberg College Life Certificate Mrs. Elsass, M SECRETARY Rose Liess nw-wg JANITOR A riff, El2:'1SChiff A f,j'f:: v,' Lu Luukr' rw, Wxll. Nlzm Hffxmmx. Mrs. Buyvr -R ANNA 1'-an X I HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware, Plumbing and Appliances -5 E Nl MU, E, E3 J-33 Ii..." ..-11.4 -i...L.i-4 1 . JOAN KAH "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning." Glee Club 1,2Q Band 1,2Q Travel Clubg Bacc. 1,2j Jr. Playg Paper Staff 4g Annual Staffg FTA 43 D i Librarian 23 Secretary 2,43 Mlaml Scholarship 3. CHARLES ELSASS "Wit and humor belong to a genius alone." Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Operetta l,2,3,43 Bacc. l,2,33 Class Pres. 33 Class Treas. 13 Student Council 43 Travel Club FTA 4, Jr. Play3 Annual Staffg Paper Staff 43 Home- coming 33 Senior Scholarship. V' JOHN RATERMAN "All great men are dead, and I feel sick." Class V. Pres. 1,45 Band l,2,3,43 Miami Scholarship 1,2,3,4Q Travel Club 4g Annual Staff, Senior Scho1arship3 Track l,2,3,43 Basketball 23 Baseball 23 Junior Play. BECHERS CAFE Liquors, Beer, Wine, Sz Eats Botkins, Ohio BONNIE FLINN "A live wire that is sometimes shocking." Glee Club lg Paper Staff 43 FHA k,33 Operetta 13 Bacc. lg Librarian l,3Q Travel Club 43 GAA 1. Hilde'- . up 1 MILDRED LIESS "Between laughing and talking my day is complete." FHA l,2,3g GAA l,2,3,4g Travel Clubg Paper Staff 3g Jr. Playg Volley Ball 43 Librarian 4. CLIFFORD GRIEVES "GO when you can, while the going's good." Junior Playg Basketball 45 Track 2,3,4g Baseball 2,43 Travel Clubg FFA 2V1- 1. LOUIS CHRISTMAN "A quiet unassuming lad." FFA 2,3,4g School boy patrol 1,2,3,4g Junior Playg Travel Club 4. JERROLD'S Good Clothes for Men gl Boys Sidney, Ohio Good Clothes for Men 8: Boys MARTHA FOGT "Always ready for a good time." GAA 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3g Travel Club 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Jr. Elayg Volley Ball 43 Librarian IRVA HAWKINS "I don't bother work until it bothers me." FTA 4, Sec., Travel Clubg Annual Staff 4, Jr. Play, Paper Staff, Sen. Scholarship, Home- coming Queen 4. z' 37. N.. Y eee f - H-JE slay? Lf- NEOMA PETROSKY 'Live wires never get Stepped on." Glee Club l,2,3g Operetta 2,3, Bacc. l,2,3g Miami Scholarships, DAR test, Senior scholarship, Travel Clubg Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Photo Club, Sec., Jr. Play, GAA: Basketball 3, Homecoming Queen 3. Qi' W at Q 5 ROBERT INDERRIEDEN " The world is nothing without sports." Baseball l,2,4g Basketball 1,2,4g Track l,2,4g Travel Club, Vice Pres. 2. A. G. LANGHORST, INC. Buick Sz Pontiac Sales 81 Service LEO THAMAN "No sinner nor no saint per- haps but well, the very best of chaps." Baseball 2,45 Basketball 2,33 Travel Club, Junior Play, Bacc. 3g Homecoming l. ANN SAYRE "To dict or not to diet, that is the question." Tfec Club l.2,3,4g Operetta l, 23,43 Bacczalaureatf- 2,33 B 1,2,3 43 Miami t 'ai - .EIJDSI DAR vrfsi: Senio S-czliola'-:V-,Iiipg Tit 'ml Clubg Paper Stailg Annual Stnlfg Jt. Playg Plzotogrzznhv Club' P141-f,ident,. 1 MARY HULSMEYI-il? 53 is ' wh n I lu so much with I yy 't f"Fu X them k""""'.,A FRANK COUNTS "He never raises a dust storm, but he gets there just the same." Basketball lg Baseball lg FFA 2,3,4g Travel Club. DONALD R. BILLING General Insurance Anna, Ohio ROBERT WESTERBECK "Wine, women, and song. Bi-- carbonatc of soda, the day after Glee Club l,2,3,4g Oteretta l, 2,3,4g Bacc, l,2,3g School boy patrol l,2,3g FFA 2,3,4g Re- porter 3g FTA 45 Student Council 33 Travel Club 43 Jr. Playg Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff 43 Band lg Queen's escort 45 Senior Scholarshipg Ag. Scholarship 4g Miami Scholar- ship lg Baseball l,2,4g Basket- ball 2,3.4g Science Club. DAVE COUNTS "This learning--what a bore it is." Basketball l,2,45 Track 15 President 25 Travel Clubg FFA 2,45 Annual Staff. .TULIA SCHIL LING "Beware--Red hair"! GAA l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Operetta l,2,3,45 FTA 45 Travel Clubg Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staffg Junior Playg Class Treas. 45 Bacc. l,2,35 Miami Scholar- ship 25 Senior Scholarshipg Librarian. ERNEST HEINTZ "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic, So do I"! Jr. Play5 Patrol Boy 3,45 Travel Club5 Annual Staff. Compliments of HARRIS JEWELERS Sidney, Ohio MARY GRILLIOT "Mischief ! Golly, how I love it GAA l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,35 'Jperetta 2,35 Travel Clubg Paper Staff 5 Annual Staffg Jr. Playg Bacc. l,2,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,45 Majorette l,2,3,45 Librarian 4. CAROLINE GRITZMAKER f'If we rest, we rust," GAA l,2,3,4g Pres. Glee Club l,2,3g Jr. Playg FTA 4 'fx-4,-1fN.,g Travel Clubg Operetta .33 Paper Staffg Annual St. ig Sec. of Class 25 band l,2,3,4g Sec. 3g Cheerleader 2,45 FHA 2. RONALD ZOOK "Calm, cool, and collected-- usually." Student Council lg Glee Club 1,2,4g Jr. Playg Annual Staff- Travel Clubg Paper Staff 3,45 Basketball 2g Bacc. 1,23 Oper- etta l,2,4g Senior Scholarship. Compliments of FOLKERTH MOTOR SALES North Dixie Sidney, Ohio ROBERT NASEMAN "A pleasant manner is worth a fortune." Glee Club 45 Paper Staff 3,4g Annual Stalfg FFA 23 Junior Playg Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3, Homecoming l,2,43 Travel Clubg Class Pres. 4g Class V. Pres. 3. 4 Ely " ' : . L- 2 QV X MYRTLE SEIGLE "I know a lot, but I can't think of it." GAA 1,3,43 Sec. 4g FHA l,2,3, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 33 Travel Clubg Student Council 43 Class Treas. 33 Basketball 33 Volley Ball 43 Jr. Play3 Homecoming Queen 13 DAR Test3 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff3 Senior Scholarship. HOWARD ROEDIGER "To live or not to live, that is the question." Travel Club 43 Basketball 23 Glee Club 43 Track l,2,3,43 FFA 2g Annual Staff 4. Comialiments of TIMEUS SHOE STORE 13 N. Main Sidney, Ohio JOHN BOYER "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball 1,43 Track l,2,43 Student Council 1,2Q Travel Club. Ns.,-, N 'E 'Q' fi I ,wi JANET SOELMANN "Never tell a lie, unless it's necessary." DAR Test3 GAA l,2,3,43 Treas. 4g Glee Club 2,33 Jr. Play: 'Iome- coming Queen 23 Paper staff 3,4Q Annual Staff 43 Bacc. 2,35 Travel Club 43 Miami Scholarship 23 Operetta 2,3. WILBUR WILEY "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think." Travel Club 43 Glee Club 4g Junior P1ay3 Track 43 School Boy Patrolg Homecoming M. C. 3 Annual Staff. BRAUN'S GROC. - Poultry and Eggs Phone 68F40 Kettlersville HAROLD ELSASS "Put off today what you can do tomorrow. FFA 23 Track 43 Travel Club 4 CLASS HISTORY in Sipteinber of 3943 we entered Anna High School, as freshman. During this Lf is total of 44 members, with 8 from Kettlersviile and 9 from McCarty- ,, -,ur class sponsor was Mr. M. D. Hall. In October we initiated and 1 3 :ine fuii-fledged members of Anna High. ijlificers chosen for our first year in High School were: President, Bill ixveitzerg Vice President, John Ratermang Secretary, Mary Kathryn Billing, Treasurer Charles Elsass, and Student Council, Helen Heath and Ronald Zook. Our Freshniim assembly '.'f:is in the form Of a Minstrel. Special acts were done inemiiers of the class. Bn Decfirpiber 17, we were highly honored by having Myrtle Seigle as Home- coming Queen. She chose as her escort Bob Nasemtin. VVF were sorry to lose one of our classmates, Mary Kathryn Billing, who was killed in :Ln auto accident March 5, l949. We returned in i949 with a total enrollment of 36 members. Our sponsor was Mr. C. A. Winegardner. After the class was organized the following officers were chosen: President, David Counts, Vice President, Bob Inderriedeng Secretary, Caroline Gritzmakerg Treasurer, Janet Soelmann, Student Council, Neoma Petrosky :intl John Boyer. On March 25, we gave our class assembly. We opened the program with several popular songs, sung by the class. After the the play, f'Bobby Sox" was given. On January 21, we held our annual Homecoming with four members of our class taking part., They were: Janet Soelmann, Queen, Bob Naseman, her escort, Myrtle Seigle, retiring Queen, and John Boyer her escort.. Several parties were enjoyed this year which were given by the class. When we re-entered school in September, 1950. It hardly seemed possible that we were Juniors already. We immediately elected class officers, as there were some pretty big events to take place this year. Our officers were: President, Charles Elsass, Vice President, Bob Naseman, Secretary, Neoma Petroskyg Treasurer Myrtle Seigle, Student Council, Joan Fogt and Bob Westerbeck. Our sponsor was Mr. Paul Schilling. A Junior Play, "Brides to Burn," was chosen, and on December 15 and 29 was given by the two separate casts. The characters were: Letitia Gundy ............ ........... ........ A nn Sayre, Joan Kah Gilroy Garfield Gundy . . . . . . Bob Naseman, Charles Elsass Clarice Borland ....... . . . Julia Schilling, Nancy Boyer Trudi Borland ..... ..... J anet Soelmann, Myrtle Seigle Fats Fulton .... ........ R onald Zook, Ernest Heintz Hap Hazard . . . ....... Bob Westerbeck, Wilbur Wiley Sue Prentis . . . . . . Caroline Gritzmaker, Mildred Liess Hotchkiss ....... ....... J ohn Raterman, Leo Thaman Sapolia Pipp ...... ....... M artha Fogt, Mary Grilliot Madame Gasparillia . . ....... Neoma Petrosky, Joan Fogt Dr. Jonesby ...... . . Louis Christman, Clifford Grieves The Best of Good Wishes from RHEES CLOTHES The Best in Young Men's Wear Sidney, Ohio 'KK ng The annual Homecoming Game was held on December 15. Janet Soelmann, the retiring queen, graciously presented her crown to another member of our class, Neoma Petrosky. They chose as their escorts Tommy Kuck and Bob Boyer, respec- tively. May 22 was the day all juniors and seniors had looked forward to, the Junior- Senior Prom. This was a very wonderful affair which took quite a lot of work on the Junior's part, but we were proud of the results. As May rolled by we completed another year. But we could look forward to coming back in September as "Dignified Seniors". In September we started our senior, and the final year of our high school career. Our class consisted of 29 pupils, and our sponsor was Mr. Luther E. Fogt. Our class officers chosen were: President, Bob Naseman, Vice President John Ratermang Secretary, Joan Kahg Treasurer, Julia Schilling, Student Council, Myrtle Seigle and Charles Elsass. The Homecoming Game was held January 18. Again the queen was chosen from our Senior Class. Irva Hawkins, Queen, chose as her escort Bob Westerbeck, and retiring Queen, Neoma, chose Bob Naseman as her escort. On May 8 we gave the Senior Play. We enjoyed the Junior-Senior Prom which was given in our honor. On May 25 Baccalaureate was held, and on May 26 we received our diplomas at Commencement. Our high school career was ended, but we knew we would never forget Anna High. ,2"gj Alf N PROPHECY Well, having worked for 15 years, we finally got enough dough together to take our long-awaited trip. Little did we know the outcome. Where to go? Natch, to that ever-growing city of Anna! Having saved and saved, we decided to splurge this once and so chartered the new 1970 Fly-by-Sky plane, since it was the very latest! ! For those in the dark, it was just constructed by Neoma Petrosky, that famous scientific inventor. fHer schemes were bound to get her somewherej. Packed and all ready, we boarded early in order to chat with the pilot and co- pilot. 1AhemmJ. They turned out to be Wilbur Wiley and Leo Thaman, falways up in the air over something.J Seeing this, we nearly decided to go by train but decided to take the risk. And so ---- we were off! So shortly, we saw a brilliant looking thing sitting alone and decided to keep her company. What a shock! It was Ann Sayre, superintendent of the new "Wester- beck School of Music", started by Robert Westerbeck, this yelling made him famous! ! Back to Ann, she had just come from Washington where she, always interested in the government, had had a conference with the Congressmen, Harold Elsass, and Ernie Heintz about her new Sayre Theory, which was supposed to be as good as Finstein's. Having chatted awhile, we rang for the hostesses, who turned out to be Bonnie Flinn and Mildred Leiss. They informed us that we were just coming into Anna, so we looked out, and --- oh --- what a metropolis! It sure had grown. SHANK SHOE CO. Sidney, Ohio Having landed, tsafely too! ll we decided to rest up awhile. So we tried to find a nice hotel, and finally decided to plant ourselves at the best, which was the "Inderriden Inn" run by Robert Inderrieden. It was simply teeming with cele- brities, who were welcoming Dave Counts home from his hunting expedition in the under growths of Africa. As we were trying to enter, we noticed bobby soxers oohing and aahing and decided to investigate. Were we ever surprised! In the midst of them was John Boyer! Yes, he made the movies! His manager, Howard Roediger, was there also, trying in vain, to quiet the crowd. We, always giddy, got Mr. Boyer's autograph and stumbled on. After shining up, we sat down to rest awhile QOoh, our dogs! ll Then we noticed a distinguished looking man peering mysteriously at different people. Being inquisitive, we asked him for his reason for doing such and found out he was Louis Christman, a private hotel detective from the "Sneaky Detective Agency, " which wasn't doing too good, because their best detective, Mary Hulsmeyer, had run off to get married and they couldn't find anyone good enough to replace her. While reading that world famous newspaper, the Grieves Gazette, published by Clifford Grieves, the famous editor, we were startled to see the headlines which informed us that Caroline Gritzmaker was confined to the hospital which was built by the great architect, Frank Counts. Caroline was suffering from shock after trying to land a space ship on Mars. Her assistant, Mary Grilliot was carry- ing out her plans by taking the new Gritzmaker to Venus. Part of our sight seeing tour took us to the Hawkin's Hospital, financed by Irva Hawkins who became a millionaire overnight with her new super mud pack, which keeps you looking young forever. Venturing inside we were swept away by the janitor sweeping the lobby, and low and behold there was Ronald Zook working himself to the bone for his wife and children at home. There we found Joan Kah serving as superintendent of nurses. After a short visit with Caroline we con- tinued our tour. The next stop was at the monument, which was erected in honor of Chuck Elsass, for his faithful baby sitting service that he rendered to the city. We were privileged in hearing one of Julia Schilling's campaign speeches with which she hopes to gain the title of President of the Talkers Association. In the evening we attended the world premiere of "The Seigle Story," portraying the life of Myrtle Seigle, the first woman All-American. We chatted briefly with Robert Naseman, who is now the private hair dresser of .Tanet Soelmann, since she gained millions with her chemical that changes the gold in fish to variegated colors. Stepping on to the street, we were approached by John Raterman patiently waiting to take us to Martha's Blue Room in his Raterman Rover, the baby size Crosby convertible. The Blue Room, Anna's most prominent restaurant, is owned and operated by Martha Fogt, doing very nicely as the hostess of this vast business. With the satisfaction that the class of "52" has been very successful in its post-graduate work and life, we snuggled down in our bed thinking our long- awaited trip had been worth while. I XX 7 . , it f U f ' " X I Z is xi- at ZIMPHER ELECTRIC SERVICE Electrical Contracting, Repair, Fixtures Phone 7650-1 Sidney, Ohio l Li ' Sw W . cj f ucv 5 5 ,st .2 YD ls D C57 .ff Ernie fu T , Q1 2 V """' K4 I Martha Wilbur gl Ronny CITY DRUG STORE The Link Between Your Doctor an Phone 120-J B0tk1nS Oh1O Name Julia Schilling Louis Christman Martha Fogt Ronald Zook Irva Hawkins Bob Inderrieden' Caroline Gritzmaker Ernest Heintz Mary Grilliot Charles Elsass Neoma Petrosky Frank Counts Bonnie Flinn John Raterman Janet Soelmann Bob Naseman Mildred Liess Ann Sayre Mary Hulsmeyer Myrtle Seigle Dave Counts Leo Thaman Howard Roediger Joan Kah Bob Westerbeck Wilbur Wiley Harold Elsass Clifford Grieves John Boyer Favorite Saying Gessie peasie! Wanna Bet! Gee Whiz! Whatcha say! I'm Sorie! !!!--?'?! Ht! Awk! You're Cracy You Pot! I say, old boy! Oops! l I !-Fatt' ? ? I don't know! I'll be darn! Awk! I don't know! Oh Shoot! Ach! Quit It! Jeepersl ! ! !xH:--S Holy Cow! I'll be darned! Anything You Betcha! Censored Forget it! Oh Dear! ! ! ! ---'tt""' Pet Peeve Bossy People Sisters Breaking Dates Certain Teachers Grouchy People Smart Women Certain People Certain People Big Shots Republicans People who talk Certain Girls Girls who smoke Sore Heads Certain People People that argue over nothing Bossy People Lack of money Draft Board Hillybilly Music Smart Alec Women Hen-pecked Men That's personal Getting up in the morning Giddy Women Anna's stuck-up ggirclsliip girls Women Drivers C onceited girls THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service Member F.D.I.C. Hobby Talking Hunting Square Dancing Women Biking Sports Playing Piano Sleeping Skating Sports Music Baseball Playing Piano Taxidermy Sewing Sports Running Around Music Dancing Dancing Flying Sports Sports Music and needlework Sports Behaving in school Getting in trouble Hunting Hunting and fishing Favorite Hangout Respectable Places Home Botkins Certain places Creekbaum's Here and there Studebaker "4l" Chevy Blue Ford Home Mary's Beauty Shop Home Grilliot's "4l" Pontiac Hard telling Special Places Home Mary's Beauty Shop Anywhere Home Any place in the U.S. Grilliot's Home Home "49" Ford "39" Chevy Pontiac Anywhere W. D. Anspaugh's Bad Habits Losing my temper Late hours Late hours Women V Chewing Gum Running around Talking Women Losing my temper Many Lack of memory None Stubborness Yes Eating Not studying Wasting time None Pouting Day-dreaming Driving fast Hitting head on doorway Not studying Being late Dames Women Staying out late Chasing Going with girls Ambition School teacher Millionaire Secretary College Secretary Millionaire School teacher Mechanic Secretary Rich bachelor Clothing designer Air Force Private secretary Engineer Home demonstration agent MfSgt. in Air Force Secretary Home Ec. teacher Housewife To travel U. S. Navy Civilian Fly jets in Air Force Secretary Lawyer Captain Mechanic None Live on a ranch Compliments to Senior Class of 1952 Wm. H. Stottlemyer FARM CRAFT SEED CO. Probability School janitress Traveling salesman Dishwasher Army Housewife Shop worker School Custodian Army Housewife Married Wash women Army Salesgirl General Broom pusher Farmer Housewife Kitchen maid Old maid Housewife 4-F G. I. Farmer Housewife Ditch digger Buck private Nothing Army Drifter ?? 61444 Wi!! ff?-P 15 XA lj I, John Raterman, bequeath my ability to chew gum during school without being noticed by the teachers to Aubrey Martin. 1, Julia Schilling, bequeath to Sharon Black my red hair and glasses. I, David Counts, bequeath to Kenny Curtis my ability to re- sist all girls but one. I, Mildred Liess, bequeath my ability to get along with other people to Judy Becher. I, Janet Soelmann, bequeath my odd cackle to Shirley Curtis. I, Ronald Zook, bequeath my stupendous knowledge of any subject to all the teachers of Anna High. I, Frank Counts, bequeath my ability to walk to school everyday and get here on time to all the Juniors living in town. I, Neoma Petrosky, bequeath my unforgettable funfortunatelyl laugh to Janet Egbert with the hope that she can forget it. I, Louis Christman, bequeath to all the Juniors my quietness. I, Leo Thaman, bequeath to Ruth Schroer my height. I, Martha Fogt, bequeath my ability to chatter about my one and only, whoever it may be, to Shirley Bell. I, Bob Westerbeck, bequeath to all Junior boys my ability to drive sanely with one hand on the wheel. I, Mary Grilliot, bequeath my mischievous acts to make school days as much fun as I can to Patty Maurer. I, Clifford Grieves, bequeath my physique to George Diehm. I, Caroline Gritzmaker, bequeath my ability to be a cheer- leader to anyone in the Junior class. I, John Boyer, bequeath my ability to get into trouble and my carefree manner to Donald Knasel. I, Mary Hulsmeyer, bequeath to Virginia Brockman my ability to sleep in English class. I, Harold Elsass, bequeath my modesty and blushes to the Junior girls. I, Ann Sayre, bequeath my sarcastic remarks and ambition to become a teacher to LaVerta Buehler. SWANDERS OIL CO. Pure Oil Gasoline Sz Fuel Oils 7584-7 53W I, Chuck Elsass, bequeath m ability to talk politics and know which man is the best Rbemocrats naturally! to Paul Richardson. I, Joan Kah, bequeath my ability to miss the bus every morning to Lois Schmitz. I, Ernie Heintz, bequeath my glasses to anyone who needs them in the Junior Class. I, Myrtle Seigle, bequeath my smooth dancing ability to Carolyn Stottlemyer., I, Bob Naseman, bequeath my office as president of the Senior class to any Junior capable of holding it. I, Wilbur Wiley, bequeath to Ronald Schultz my freckles and my ability to out-stare anyone. I, Howard Roediger, bequeath my ability to stay home two or three days a week in the spring to work on the farm to Orville Watercutter. I, Irva Hawkins, bequeath my ability to resist all men to Martha Ell. I, Bob Inderrieden, bequeath my athletic ability to Loren Zimpher. Remember the time: in the first grade when Judy got sent out into the hall? in the second grade when we raised moths and butterflies ? in the third grade when we sent a worm to Louisiana and back? in the fourth grade when we brought our lunches to school? in the fifth grade when John had to straighten the teacher's stocking seam ? in the sixth grade when anyone who talked got slapped? in the seventh grade when we finally entered Junior Hi? in the eighth grade when we almost won the Junior Championship? in the ninth grade when we staggered through Initiation? in the tenth grade when we had some picnics at Judy's house ? in the eleventh grade when we returned the Chemistry equipment to the people it belonged to ? in the twelfth grade when we reversed the home room ? Colors: Navy Blue and White Class Flower: White Rose Motto: Now we have launchedg where shall we anchor ? KETTLERSVILLE GRAIN COMPANY Grain, Feeds, Flour, Seeds, Coal Fertilizer, Fence, Etc. Kettlersville, Ohio .lUNl0R., l 'i Bottom Row: Pat Maurer, Shirley Curtis, Ruth Schroer, Martha Ell, Sharon Black. Second Row: Carolyn Stottlemyer, George Diehm, Marlene Grilliot, Paul Richardson, Mr. Schilling. Third Row: LaVerta Buehler, Shirley Bell, Loren Zimpfer, Julia Becker, Lois Schmidt. Fourth Row: Janer Egbert, Aubrey Martin, Orville Watercutter, Roland Schultz, Kenny Curtis, Virginia Brockman. CLASS OFFICERS President - - ....... Roland Schultz Vice President . Carolyn Stottlemyer Secretary .... ..... L ois Schmidt Treasurer . . . . .Marlene Grilliot Reporter PIQUA SKATELAND East High St. Piqua, Ohio l0PHO 0RE U S9-Q 'I f4'4"5 Iv A L ,143 M 1 i , I ,'f1 f ix Y r-FW YJ: - 'c C, ,L ' . Bottom Row: Joan Doseck, Louise Counts, Joan Allen, Barbara Hawkins, Wayne Wilt, Carol Watercutter, Patricia Bertch, Lois Lacy, Beulah Braun. Second Row: Janice Elsass, Larry Bell, Carol Carmen, Barbara Wilt, Sara Shaw, Ralph Inderrieden, Patty Clark, Susan Fogt. Third Row: Farris Van Horn, Donald Schwartz, Earl Vance, Donald Flinn, Beverly Wrigley, Gayla Bambauer, Thelma Hulsmeyer, Carol Fogt. Fourth Row: l-almer Sengel, Ronald Jacoby, Robert Raterman, Bill McCormic, Willard Heintz, Randy Crumpler, James Hulsmeyer. Fifth Row: Raumond Barnhorst, Fred Grieves, Donald Smitmeyer, Homer Stengel, Alfred Schroeder, Emerson Kruse, Roland Kettler, Teacher-Mr. Carroll. C LASS OFFICERS President ............. Randy Crumpler Vice President . . .... Ronald Jacoby Secretary ..... . . .Barbara Hawkins Treasurer .... . . . Carol Carmen Student Council . . . . . . Louise Counts Larry Bell F. gl W. SERVICE STATION Don't Cuss--Call Us Phone 18 Anna, Ohio it SEVENTH GRADE l L-- f"' Fl "' ...qi 5 I gm!" IME 9 1 gkflfl Bottom Row: Paul Young, Virginia Zimpher, Terry Fogt, Wayne Dunn, Larry Finkinbine, Richard Harman, Patricia Smith. Second Row: Carol Wrigley, Linda Finkenbine, Mary Laine Finkenbine, Bobby Billing, Larry Billing, William Harshbarger, Larry Wilt, Jerry Turner Third Row: Sara Fogt, Hazel Wrigley, Donna Hulsmeyer, Charles Close, Daniel Fogt, Betty Lou Ailes, Patricia Liess, Daniel Counts Fourth Row: Marion Etta Martin, Gerald Counts, Sandra Ellis, Janice Gross, John Adkins, Dorothy Nolte, Harriett Stutsman. Teacher: Mrs. Kohlmeyer. C LASS OFFICERS President ......... Hazel Wrigley Vice President ...... Bobby Billing Secretary ...... . . .Sandra Ellis . .Terry Fogt Treasurer ......... Student Council ...... Larry Billing Marian Martin BOTKINS LUMBER CO. Botkins, Ohio For the Best in Lumber J' 'ww "af", ' , . I I ,.. NCL I ""' ' nuns arri :pg Bottom Row: Gary Tirey, Beverly Cotterman, Kenneth Pulfer, Jerry Akins, Elizabeth Counts, Philip Lenhart. . Second Row: Viola Phillips, Maretta Reeves, Ada Allen, Ivan Elsass, Daniel Taylor, Noami Stottlemyer, David Lillard. Third Row: Shelby Snider, Lawrence Carman, Joy Lillard, Michael Richard- son, Dolores Elsass, Alberta Hawkins, Mary Inderrieden. Fourth Row: Marvel Knasel, Katherine Schmidt, Warren Stangel, Frances Martin, Julia Shaw. Teacher: Mr. Pfaadt. Bottom Row: Patsy Howell, Suzanne Kirk, Chalcey Wolfe, Alice Zimpfer, Larry Hagelberger, Carrol Howell, Marilyn Billing. ' Second Row: Becky Ordean, Sharron Elsass, Kay Davis, Kenneth Mouk, Judy Wright, Ronald Westerbeck, Arthur Fogt. Third Row: Billy Wells, Jimmy Wentz, Linda Snider, Rebecca I-Iarshbarger, Vera Bevans, Sandra Finkenbine, Betty Cotterman, Stanley Fogt. Fourth Row: Janet Farley, Gary Elsass, Clarence Pfaadt, Joe Kies, Harold Klopfenstein, Donald Laws, James Sayre. Fifth Row: Sally Wildermuth, Edward Wolfe, Betty Owens, Vivian vans, James Harshbarger, Larry Schaffer, Patty Zumbrum. Teacher: Mrs. Leady. LOCHARD HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING INC. Chrysler Airtemp G. E. Appliances Phone 8234-l Sidney, Ohio lf- FRE HME 157 Bottom Row: Homer Stutsman, Thelma Gritzmaker, Woodrow Stutsman, Velma Gritzmaker, Jean Heilers, Jerry Counts, Hannah Egbert, Rosemary Naseman. Second Row: Barbara Watkins, Wayne Gross, Bill Bushman, Dale Egbert, Earl Schmitz, Bob Doseck, Kay Billing, Bill Magateaux. Third Row: Sally Wentz, Sharon Fogt, Mary Ell, Mary Liess, Shirley Hull, Eddie McDona1, Dave Diehm, Nancy Owens, Carolyn Schmidt. Fourth Row: James Counts, Ronald Wiley, Jay Sharp, John Meyer, Donald Sommer Helen Elsass, Barbara Creekbaum, Shirley Fogt. Fifth Row: Jim Tirey, Mary Jane Sayre, Agnes Esser, Martha Wrigley, Janet Schmidt, Anna Cotterman, Thecla Albers, Nettie Wesson. Teacher: Mr. Turner. CLASS OFFICERS President ...... ...... E d Bushman Vice President ......... Ed McDona1 Secretary ............ Hanna Egbert Treasurer ....... Thelma Gritzmaker Student Council ..... Velma Gritzmaker Dave Diehm THE SWANDERS FARMERS ELEVATOR co., R. R. 4 Sidney, Ohio Phone 7480-3 Swanders, Ohio EIGHTH GRADE twmfi - 5 aff ' me P X 5 -Q., -v""' ' I in Bottom Row. James Lenhart, Harold Leady, Faye Ludwig, Max Vance, Edward King, Thomas Schilling, Barbara Lilliard, Mickey Ordean. Second Row: Lola Heintz, Roger Hawkins, Loretta Bell, Billy Van Horn, Mary Christman, Ronald Klopfenstein, Judy Sharp, Dale Schaffer. Third Row: Carol Harman, Herman Allen, Mary Phillips, Charles McClaskey, Shirley Christman, Richard Young, Anna Stottlemyer, Owen Carman. Fourth Row: Sarah Allen, Melvin Allen, James Best, Patty Boyer, Delores Timeus, Myron Copeland, Larry Fogt. Teacher: Mr. Lower. Absent: John Zimpfer, Douglas Farley. C LASS OFFICERS President ......... . Dale Schaffer Vice President ..... Mary Christman Secretary ........ Shirley Christman Treasurer .... .... M ickey Ordean Student Council. . ..... Judy Sharp Douglas Farley WONDER INN Good Food--Open 24 Hrs. Phone Sidney 7584-3 G R A D UPNQ -4' ?'? S' .sv,.,,,,f rx as r Bottom Row: Paul Ludwig, John Davidson, Sylvia Lenhart, El-:lon Vance, Jean Howell, Teddie Ludwig, Donald Leiss, Billy Ginn, Second Row: Donald Inderrieden, Kenneth Wiley, Tom Allen, Junior Blue, Linda Vtrigley, Sondra Bertsch, Vicki Fogt, Beverly Fogt, Nancy Fridley, Third Row: Rachel Harshbarger, Mary Allen, Elaine Bender, Brenda Boll, Henry Harshbarger, Robert Zumbrum, Howard Petroslcy, Anita Schwartz. Fourth Row: Suzanne Grieves, Roger McClaskey, Linda Tirey, Robert May, Dennis Barker, Richard Watkins, James Knasel, Donald Richardson, Karen Roeser, Teacher: Mrs. Blanke. isrrlf Un W, Bottom Row: Karen Wilt, Eldore Allen, David Fogt, Frank Richeson, Elaine Wrigley, Ronald Liess, Alden Stinger, Julia Fogt, James Smith. Second Row: Frederich Wel1s,Judith Heiland, Janet Knasel, Jean Edwards, Sandra Gross, Dorothy Elsass, Bruce Ailes, Carol Bender. Third Row: Roger Carman, Susie Boyer, Paul Snider, Judith Ann Wilsman, Nancy Heintz, Roger Zimpfer, Carolyn Cooper, Joy Kay. Fourth Row: Louis Nolte, Richard Fogt, Gary Gross, Roger Lentz, Dennis Lucas, Wayne Copeland, Ronald Stengel, Thomas Schmitz, Richard Wolfe, Stephen Fogt. Teacher: Mrs. McCullough. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Sidney, Ohio Phone 8234-l UZ00I1'lvl 111 R S 'r FQ UP 'I11 G R A D E it 31 him fl li' ,A 1 Eottom Row: Carol Lenhart, Ellen Elsass, Diane lsonlmeyer, karen mes, D th F t. . Sgc?oJndyRoi-:E John Fridley, Rita Finkenbine, George Stinger, Teddy Eshleman Mary Lou Watkins, Ralph Heiland. Third Row: Lester Zumbrum, Paul Harshbarger, Tommy Hagelberger, Caro- l' e Inderrieden Bruce Kies. Pglourth Row: .Terry Allen, Emerson Van Horn, Donald Bryant, Larry Allen, Jimmie Nolte. Teacher: Lela Minniear. Bottom Row: Richard Eshleman, Shirley Leiss, Mable Allen, Ned Edwards, Joyce Hamaker, Dianna Webb, Ned Davidson. Second Row: Sherrill Allen, Melson Wolf, Delphis Richardson, Joyce Soll- mann, Clarannetta Smedley, Kathy Wentz, Logan Owens. Third Row: Duglass Schaffer, Mereida Copeland, Jerry Lenhart, Tommy Kiser, David Inderrieden, Patty Fogt, Rosalee Harshbarger. Fourth Row: Barbara Bertsch, Linda Zimpfer, Judith Gary Lentz, Andrew Counts. Teacher: Mrs. Voress. Compliments of WENTZ BROS. CHEVROLET Sales - Service Anna Sidney up ATHLETUEEE BASEBALL , ,W-.W-mln-W gm f - i 5 VA 2 Us , I ,rp .,' i n L B ' V E 1 ,-h. 1 AK H , fi 3 XY , 1' Bottom Row: Wayne Wilt, Paul Richardson, Bob Westerbeck, Charles Elsass, Aubrey Martin. Second Row: John Boyer, Bob Inderreden, Kenny Curtis, Woodrow Stutsman, Ronald Wiley. Third Row: Don Schwarz-Mgr., Loren Zimpher, .Tim Hulsmeyer, Lee Turner. Absent: Bob Naseman, Homer Stutsman, Bob Doseck. The Rockets has a very successful season in baseball. We boast a 6-1 record which was the best in the county, thus we gained top honors in baseball. Coach Turner who just came to our school this year did a very good job of pilot- ing the team thru a successful year. Next spring the team will participate in the district tourney at Springfield. SEASON'S RECORD The players and their positions ANNA 8 Green 2 John Boyer Outfield ANNA 6 Russia 4 Bob Inderrieden Pitcher St Third Base ANNA 1 Perry 5 Charles Elsass Catcher ANNA 6 Jackson 4 Bob Westerbeck Second Base ANNA 4 Ft. Loramie 3 Bob Naseman Pitcher 8: First Base ANNA 8 Houston 4 Aubrey Martin Utility ANNA 18 Botkins 1 Loren Zimpher Pitcher I- aul Richardson Short Stop Kermeth Curtis Outfield .Tim Hulsmeyer Outfield Compliments to the Senior Class Wayne Wilt Outfield SIDNEY HI-WAY MARKET Ronald Wiley Outfield Sidney, Ohio Woodrow Stutsman Outfield Homer Stutsman Outfield Bob Doseck Outfield wk ' " ':'.'t"fT'T" X I , r in , 2.3 2 . J 'K 5 - ' T 'I is 'FQ g John ii 'A chuck 1 .Ng S4 ix wg f . -f. ,r " N ' 5' . K gg Wx ggi 6 4 V L ' 1 ' .2 is P . I ' P f , ," E ' 'L' PMR Bob mf x , . M W , f H517 1 VV NU :, I X' in ll i ,I V. R , ty N ji. . N 5 Q I il: E , 'Q' , it .T ,fy i 4: W i ,, ' SARVER'S MUSIC STORE P. F. Sarver, Proprietor "Everything in Music' 109 North Main Ave. Sidney, Ohio Phone 7675-1 Indy in ' V za... '- ' 4' 4 8 I!! I 1x X C ix V O ,h , NS GPN f :Io Dave he Bob 15 il X Xa Cliff R, Coach GERBER'S FOOD CENTER Lockers, Self-Service, Market, Lunch Bar Slaughtering, Curing, Smoking, and Rendering Phone 131 J Botkins, Ohio a - X 1 45' if X, 'K. 'W A , .21-ff M N ff J ev X X R 50 N W 15 7 I A I! M4 :Ab 1 we mx f 13 X NU A Kenny I fx P l i xxx' 'E lf Colonel Caroline Susie Patty Mary SMITTY'S RADIO, TV Sz GIFT SHOP Motorola, Emerson, Sunbeam Anna, Ohio The Rockets Basketball team had a very successful season of play. They won eleven out of sixteen games. The League championship for the season is also one of the honors held by the team. In the league Anna won six and lost only to Houston. The varsity club will face off against Botkins in our first game of the tournament. The Reserve team did very well this season. They also turned in a re- cord of eleven victories and five losses. They won the county reserve league title with a total of seven victories and no losses. This entitles them to a handsome trophy. In the tourney scuffle the Rockets came out second best in the runners- up position. In the first game we won from Botkins by a one point margin 55-54. They staged 21 last quarter spurge which almost proved fatal. In the next game we subdued Jack:-:on Center by the score of 61-51. Next we played Houston for the championship. We were defeated 39-443 thus Houston became the tourney clianips. Due to the defeat by Houston we now played Perry for runners -up. We won this game 58-51. The R-it-kets received four of the five trophies awarded, so they need not feel too bad. Now we have drawn to play Concord in the District tournament. They are the ch.unp:-- from Champaign County. The personal scoring records for the varsity are as follows: Bob Inder- rieden-270. Loren Zimpfer-177, Kenneth Curtis-169, John Boyer-153, Chuck Elsass-151, Bob Naseman-54, Bob Westerbeck-49, Dave Counts-30. VARSITY RECORD Lakeview 29 - ANNA 43 f-"""y cridersviiie 65 - ANNA 43 y' ll St. Henry 61 - ANNA 42 ,K JACKSON 32 - ANNA 51 ,""'1 j if Jackson tD1irkeJ 50 - ANNA 60 ,ffm . A il GREEN 40 - ANNA 54 'yn-l' ' Holy Angels 45 - ANNA 43 ff RUSSIA 33 - ANNA 66 Minster 93 - ANNA 51 I PERRY 34 - ANNA 65 A New Knoxville 49 - ANNA 58 ll FT. LORAMIE 33 P- ANNA 55 My '- gl New Bremen 38 - ANNA 61 l M, , pl BOTKINS 38 - ANNA 40 ' A HOUSTON 53 - ANNA 46 y Q A Buckland 62 - ANNA 83 ,Ji j 'X BQ LEAGUE GAMES CAPITALIZED l --ii , ! .5 Q 2 Ng PATTON HATCHERY Sz POULTRY FARM North Dixie Drive Route 25 Phone 7590-l Sidney, Ohio RESERVES JUG V- Seated: Jerry Counts, Jim Tirey, Aubry Martin, Kay Billings, Wayne Wilt. Standing: Don Schwartz, Clif Grieves, Jim Hulsmeyer, Paul Richardson Willard Heintz, Coach Lee Turner. Lakeview 36 ANNA Cridersville 44 ANNA St. Henry 29 ANNA J. Center 38 ANNA Jackson 37 ANNA Green 20 ANNA Holy Angels 17 ANNA Russia 17 ANNA Minster 58 ANNA Perry 36 ANNA N. Knoxville 41 ANNA Ft. Loramie 27 ANNA New Bremen 36 ANNA Houston 28 ANNA Bucklan 40 ANNA JOHNSON MOTOR INCORPORATED Lincoln Mercury Dealer 117 West Court St. Phone 2117-1 Sidney, Ohio JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Larry Billing, Jerry Turner, Ronald Klopfenstein, Myron Copeland, Richard Young, John 'Zimpfer, Richard Harman. Second Row: James Bertsch, Terry Fogt, James Lenhart, Larry Wilt, Danny Fogt, Max Vance, William Harshbarger, Bobby Billing, Mr. Turner. Loretta Pat Mary Carol BOTKINS HARDWARE CO. Farm Implements - Farm Supplies General Hardware Botkins, Ohio AETUV LQ L E5 1 xr, N i' l. 'Nl -,.,.q 1 qi., 'Vim N-sf Gi i Bottom Row: Ruth Schroer, Carolyn Schmidt, Joan Doseck, Patricia Bertsch, Newsreporterg Janice Elsass. Second Row: Carol Watercutter, Treasurer, La Verta Buehler, His- toriang Carol Carman, Beulah Braun. Third Row: Sara Shaw, Secretary: Carol Fogt, Julia Becher, Parlia- mentariang Lois Schmidt, Vice Presidentg Virginia Brockman, Presi- dent. Top Row: Agnes Esser, Janet Egbert, Gayla Baumbauer, Thelma Huls- meyer, Miss Barr, Advisor. Absent: Shirley Hull, Sally Wentz, Nettie Mae Wisson, Barbara Hawkins. ANNA FARMER'S EXCHANGE Dealers in Feeds - Seeds - -Grain Fertilizer and Farm Machinery g-- fi-jui'lli9:"f',f " -9 1 1 i 4" U on u v 0 u -v 'O 0 " ' -, . .-.,l.-.- . .L .-. F. F. . Bottom Row: Alfred Schroeder, Palmer Stangel, Ray Bornhorst, Homer Stangel, Ronald Kettler. Second Row: Bob Doseck, Roland Schultz, Treasurerg Orville Water- cutter, Don Schmitmeyer, Reporter, Dale Egbert. Third Row: Emerson Kruse, Sentinel, Jay Sharp, Bill Bushman, Wayne Gross, John Meyer, Fred Grieves. Fourth Row: Mr. Horstman, Advisor, Frank Counts, President, Clifford Grieves, Secretary, David Counts, Bob Westerbeck, James Counts. Absent: Donald Knasel, Louis Christman, Vice-President. WRIGLEY'S GROCERY Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Phone 65-.T Anna, Ohio -Y ,iff , ,p,. , .1 I -A 7 1 il S IOR AN Bottom Row: Shirley Curtis, Sara Shaw, Patty Maurer, V. Pres., Larry ll C ol n Stottlemyer Lib ' Martha Wrigley, Lois Lacy. Be , ar y , ., Second Row: Susan Fogt, Treas.g La Verta Buehler, Janet Egbert, Janice Elsass, Wayne Gross, Willard Heintz. Third Row: Miss Mueller, Dir., Barbara Wilt, Patty Clark, Rep., Mary Jane Sayre, John Raterman, Cus.g Caroline Gritzmaker. Fourth Row: Sally Wentz, Mary Hulsmeyer, Pres., Thelma Hulsmeyer, Shirley Bell. . . . . Mar Majorettes: Virginia Brockman, Judy Becker, Beverly Wrigley, y Grilliot. THE MIAMI GRAIN AND FEED CO. Grain - Seed - Feed - Salt Sidney, Ohio Sb ., Nr GLEE CLUB Bottom Row: Wilbur Wiley, Howard Roediger, Bob Westerbeck, Ann Sayre Julia Schilling, Mary Hulsmeyer. Second Row: Ronald Zook, Farris Van Horn, Larry Bell, Bill Magateaux, Donald Schwartz, Willard Heintz. Third Row: Hanna Egbert, Thelma Gritzmaker, Velma Gritzmaker, Jean Heilers, Mary Jane Sayre, Sharon Fogt, Martha Wrigley. Fourth Row: Pat Maurer, Rose Mary Naseman, Janet Egbert, Virginia Brockman, Lois Schmidt, Joanne Doseck, Lois Lacy, Beverly Wrigley. Fifth Row: Nettie Wesson, Shirley Curtis, La Verta Buehler, Ruth Ann Schroer, Sharon Black, Carolyn Stottlemyer, Marlene Grilliot, Thelma Hulsmeyer, Gayla Bambauer. Director: Miss Mueller. CREEKBAUM'S RESTAURANT Plate Lunches, Fountain Service, Short Orders Anna, Ohio Q nr Bottom Row: Virginia Zimpher, Sara Fogt, Faye Ludwig, Patty Smith, Linda Finkenbine, Carol Wrigley, Barbara Lilliard, Betty Lou Ailes. Second Row: Mary Lane Finkebine, Ronald Klopfenstein, Marian Etta Martin, Sondra Ellis, Hazel Wrigley, Harriet Stutsman, Mary Phillips, Tom Schilling. Third Row: Mary K. Christman, Patty Boyer, Judy Sharp, Carole Harman, Dorothy Nolte, Loretta Bell, Anna Stottlemeyer, Donna Hulsmeyer. Fourth Row: Miss Mueller, Myron Copeland, Danny Fogt, Dale Schaffer, Larry Fogt, Owen Carman, Max Vance, Roger Hawkins. Bottom Row: Larry Wilt, Jerry Counts, Judy Sharp, Mary Christman Carol Harman, Barbara Lillard. Second Row: Faye Ludwig, Lola Heintz, Hazel Wrigley, Anna Stottle- myer, Billy Harshbarger, Richard Harman, Eddie King. Third Row: Carol Wrigley, Judy Shaw, Patty Boyer, Sandra Ellis, Marian Etta Martin, Ronald Klopfenstein, Mary Phillips. Fourth Row: Larry Fogt, Tommy Schilling, Loretta Bell, Miss Mueller, Teacher. Absent: James Bertsch. The Best of Good Wishes from RHEES CLOTHES The Best in Young Men's Wear Sidney, Ohio 44. 4 DO W Elfw- 41" Mr. Stewart, Advisor, Marion Etta Martin, Velma Gritzmaker, Louise Counts, Charles Elsass, Pres., Kenny Curtis, V. Pres., Janet Egbert, Myrtle Seigle, Treas.g Judy Sharp, Sec'yg Larry Bell, Larry Billing and David Diehm. l1l"" . 3 Bottom Row: Louise Counts, V. Pres., Carol Fogt, Reporter, Patty Clark, Willard Heintz, Pres., Paul Richardson. Second Row: Barbara Wilt, Gayla Bambauer, Treas.g Susan Fogt, Sec'y.3 Barbara Hawkins, Lois Lacy, Jean Heilers. Third Row: Shirley Fogt, Rosemary Naseman, Martha Wrigley, Janet Schmitz, Helen Elsass. Fourth Row: Mr. Carroll, Robert Raterman, Sharon Fogt, Mary Jane Sayre, Mary Ell, Shirley Bell. LESTER MARTIN St SONS MEAT MARKET Home Killed Meat Phone 20 Anna, Ohio Editors-in-Chief . . Assistant Editors . . Senior Class Editor Art Editor ........ Business Manager . . . Club Editors ..... Activities Editor . . Grades Editor . . . Class Editor ...... NNUA STAFF . . . . Neoma Petrosky, Ann Sayre . . . .Julia Schilling, John Raterman . . . . Myrtle Seigle .............DaveCounts ................JoanKah . . Mary Grilliot, Bob Westerbeck . . . . . . . . . Caroline Gritzmaker ..............JanetSoelmann . . . . . . . Bob Naseman, Howard Roediger Advertising Manager . . .................... Charles Elsass Sales ........... . . Irva Hawkins, Ernest Heintz, Wilbur Wiley Sports Editor .... ...................... R onald Zook Sponsor ..... . . . ............ Mr. Joe Lower ENGLISH STUDIOS, INC. Ohio Bldg. Sidney, Ohio 11,11 6 .41 Associate Editors . . . . . Pat Maurer, Marlene Grilliot News Editors .... Club Editors . . . Sports Editor . . . Class Editor. . . Art Editor . . . Features . . Circulation. . . Distributing . . . Publishing .... Reporters . . . Typists . . Sponsor . . PAPER TAFF . . . . . . Martha Ell, Shirley Bell . . . Shirley Curtis, Julia Schilling . . . Ronald Zook, Roland Schultz . .. ......... . Lois Schmidt . . . . . . . . . . . Paul Richardson . . . Ann Sayre, Neoma Petrosky . . . . Sharon Black, Julia Becher . . . . . . . . Ruth Schroer, Laverta Buehler .........CarolynStott1emyer . . . Bob Naseman, Louise Counts, Patty Clark Shirley Hull, Faye Ludwig, Tom Schilling . . . . . . Janet Soelmann, Caroline Gritzmaker, Mary Grilliot, Joan Kah, Julia Schilling, Neoma Petrosky, Myrtle Seigle, Bonnie Flinn, Martha Fogt .............................Mr.Lower ANNA FARMER'S EXCHANGE CO. Feeds, Seeds, Grain, Fertilizer and Machinery Anna, Ohio 03,4 Bottom Row: Joan Allen, Myrtle Seigle, Sec'yg Mary Grilliot, Caroline Gritzmaker, Pres., Janet Soelman, Treas.g Martha Ell, Julia Becker, V. Pres., Mary Phillips, Loretta Bell, Anna Stottlemeyer, Carol Wrigley, Dorothy Molte, Sarah Allen, Beulah Brown. Second Row: Shirley Fogt, Delores Timeus, Carole Harman, Lola Heintz, Virginia Zimpfer, Sara Fogt, Shirley Christman, Harriett Stutsman, Mary Laine Finkenbine, Faye Ludwig. Third Row: Netta Mae Wesson, Martha Fogt, Patricia Bertsch, Barbara Hawkins, Mildred Liess, Julia Schilling, Sandra Ellis, Hazel Wrigley, Marion Etta Martin, Betty Lou Ailes, Patricia Liess, Patricia Smith, Mickey Ordean, Martha Wrigley, Agnes Esser, Carol Watercutter, Mrs. Kohlmeyer, Advisor. Fourth Row: Helen Elsass, Thecla Albers, Carolyn Schmidt, Janet Schmidt, Rosemary Naseman, Hannah Egbert, Thelma Gritzmaker, Velma Gritzmaker, Jean Heilers, Mary Jane Sayre, Sharon Fogt, Barbara Wilt, Sara Shaw, Barbara Creekbaum, Barbara Watkins. Fifth Row: Anna Cotterman, Shirley Hull, Carol Carmen, Mary Ellen Liess, Nancy Owen, Shirley Bell, Virginia Brockman, Lois Schmidt, Joan Doseck, Lois Lacy, Beverly Wrigley, Louise Counts, Susan Fogt- Parli,, Mary Ell. Sixth Row: Judy Sharp, Patty Boyer, Sally Wentz, Mary Christman, Shirley Curtis, Laverta Buehler, Ruth Schroer, Historian, Sharon Black, Carolyn Stottlemyer, Marlene Grilliot, Pat Maurer, Thelma Hulsmeyer, Gayla Bambaurer, Patty Clark, DORSEY NEVERGALL MOTOR SALES Dodge-Plymouth 8: Dodge Trucks Phone 7853-1 Sidney, Ohio lx- , l el q .,, I . l 9 . nfs Left to right: Joan Kah, V. Pres., Caroline Gritzmaker, Treas John Raterman, Song Leader, Mr. Stewart, Advisor, Bob Vvesterbeck, Parli Ann Sayre, Historian, Irva Jean Hawkins, Sec'y.g Julia Schilling Re porter, Charles Elsass, Pres., Shirley Curtis. Absentg ,Marlene Grilliot. W A Bottom Row: La Verta Buehler, Neoma Petrosky, Sec., Ann Sayre, Pre Bill M t ' ' aga eaux, Martha Ell, Reporter, Shirley Bell, Sharon Fogt. Second Row: Jim Tirey, Earl Vance, Emerson Kruse, Bob Raterman, Bill McCormick, Ronny Kettler. Third Row: Mr. Horstman, Earl Schmitz, .Terry Counts Kay Billing Hannah Egbert, Mary Jane Sayre, Judy Becker Carol Vfatercutter. , Fourth Row: Shirley Fogt, Rosemary Naseman, Anna Cotterman, Mary Ellen Liess Barbara H k' , aw ins, Patty Bertsch, Sara Shaw, Barbara Wilt Fifth Row: Beverly Wrigley, Ruth Schroer, Sharon Black, Treas.g Marlene Grilliot, Vice Pres., Thelma Hulsmeyer, Gayla Bambauer, Patty Clark, Susan Fogt, Mary Ell. MINTONS MARKET Fancy Food For Fine Folks Sidney, Ohio J 1? an C!- We S .."...v i ., -Nga -V . Za - W E A a . A 1 3 .,4 . pk - . is .:J5'5'i 'f5Q,,,-- ,. , q A N . ',. 9 l . :A A 1 1 'M 'Y 4 V' Xiu 'W .Lf ' f 3 ANT 1 X ix w 'V K -1 g X 5 4' A, Chuck and Lee Harold 1 3 X J Judy Jerry and fr1end Frank Caroline From Grade Operetta Leo and Friend f 1 Angels ? 4 A . X4 Dave MCCARTYVILLE GARAGE gl SERVICE STATION Phone Anna 45-F-50 my K Now listen closely, boys! Study Hall? ? ? ? ? , A A stitch in time saves nine if Q f on I Bang! Bang! Bang! X f , iv A3 Feeding time at the zoo 1 5 1 I2'.1'f.'l.l'f5 Congratulations to Class of 1952 BEN'S BAR and GRILL Anna, Ohio I ijgikwv Sept. 5 13 17 28 Oct. 4 5 11 12 18 59 2 ll 24 26 29 31 Nov. 2 9 13 14 20 22 23 27 30 Dec. 4 5 6 10 11 12 14 . Jan. 2 4 5 8 10 11 15 16 18 -4E 091 S CALE DAR FIRST SEMESTER Back to school again. KOh heckll Yippee for the county fair! CNo schooll . Class elections held. Freshman Reception. Welcome to Anna! Mr. English quoted prices on Senior pictures. GueSS what SeniorS need mo St. Seventh-Eighth Grade Party. Seniors hauled junk. fOh what an odorll QThe junk that isl Freshman Class Party. Band Mothers held "Amateur Show." Seniors chose announcements. Juniors chose class rings. "Bobo" the magician was here. Grade cards fOh, how I hate to go home.J Teacher's meeting. No school! Mr. English took annual pictures. Say cheese! FFA held scrap drive. Junior Class Play "Crazy But Cute" Senior Class Party Oh, what angels! First basketball game. Beat Lakeview 43-29. Junior Red Cross Program. Student Council Show "The Howards of Virginia." Thanksgiving vacation f'Those poor turkeys!" Teachers and students still on loose. Grade Operetta "When Toys Come To Life" Latin Club Dance. Got beat by St. Henry 61-42. Torture sheets. Grade cards that is. First league game with Jackson. We won 51-32. Talk by nurse from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. Seventh grade party. Beat Jackson CDarke Co.J 60-50. Dayton Power gl Light Demonstration. A.A.A. gave a dinner for patrol boys. No school until after New Year's fYea for the snow, Christmas, and New Year's.D Vacation over. Back to the old grind. Beat Green 54-40 Holy Angels beat us 45-43. Donkey basketball game sponsored by Band Mothers. D.A.R. test given. Four brains at work. Russia got beat by us 66-38. Defeated by Minster 51-93. Girls GAA play volleg ball at Sidney. No comment. We walloped Perry 6 -34. Homecoming coronation and dance. QW Say 4. 'Q -I JOHNSON MOTOR INCORPORATED Lincoln Mercury Dealer Safe Buy Used Cars 5- ll7 West Court St. Phone 2117-1 Sidney, Ohio ? Jan. 22 23 25 28 Feb. 1 5 8 11 14 21 21 22 23 26 March 5 7 21 April 4 ll 16 29 May 1 9 20 25 2 J-M 2551 -. RA TJ ,il fjsf' ' x W!! .324 !-ci? - I Second Semester Begins "Pennies from Heaven." Beat New Knoxville. GraVe cards. Did we pass the first half? We won over Ft. Loramie. Freshman Class Party. Senior Scholarship Tests. Brains out to lunch! ! We won a close game from Botkins 40-38. We lost to Houston 53-46. Beat Buckland. Amia beat Botkins in tournament 55-54. Close one! Anna beat Jackson. Sophomore Assembly Got beat by Houston. Washington's birthday fno schooll. Anna beat Perry in tournament. Hurrah, we're runners-up! Mr. Schwinn gave a talk to the school. Bad news! No school. GAA Dance. FHA Dance. Swing your partners! High School Operetta. On Top of Old Smoky. Good Friday. No school. Grade cards forces on us. ff Liquid Air". Brains of the school go to Miami to take Scholarship Tests. Senior Play presented by guess who '? ? 'P Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Great time! Last day of school for Seniors. KOh, boyll Baccalaureate Services. Commencement. Seniors receive diplomas. Last day of school for everyone. Awards and special recognition given to whom it may concern. Goodbye to the wonderful Seniors of "52". Seniors take off for Washington and New York. - !r'X , t'Xr2W'll Q05 'lf' I ig! n ,. ,yi 1+ ANNA FARMER'S EXCHANGE CO. Dealers in Feeds - Seeds - Grain Fertilizer and Farm Machinery Anna Ohio THE QUEEN AND HER COURT 45, THE ROYAL COUPLE HEMMERT OIL AND FUEL Botkins, Ohio TWO VIEWS OF THE GRAND MARCH , .sag via..-.-.,..... HOME COMI G Friday night, January l8, Perry came to battle with us. Between the halves of the varsity game, the band played special numbers and a square dance was presented by the majorettes and cheerleaders. After the game, special numbers were given to en- tertain the audience. Those participating were: Shirley Bell, Ruth Schroer, LaVerta Buehler, Janet Egbert, Mary Ell, Fay Ludwig, and Paul Richardson. The big event of the evening then took place, the crowning of the queen. Neoma Petrosky, the retiring queen, presented her crown, to Irva Hawkins, her beauti- ful successor, whose royal escort was Bob Westerbeck. Her royal attendants were: Hazel Wrigley, Judy Sharp, Hannah Egbert, Carol Watercutter and Lois Schmidt. They chose for their escorts: Daniel Fogt, Dale Egbert, Don Swartz, Ronald Jacoby, Roland Schultz, and the re- tiring queen's escort was Bob Naseman. Susan Boyer and Joy Kah were flower girls. The Grand March was led by the queen and her es- cort with the spectators invited to join the march. I' , 1 THE SWANDERS FARMERS ELEVATOR Co. R' R- 4 Sidney, Ohio Phone 7480-3 1 ,, . -r P Q ,,....- '-mo" 4, flak. f. , mx 4? P Compliments of PARK POULTRY Phone 15 -J Botkins, Ohio ' iii1f??f0ffHE5gf 1 A,- SIDNEY FLOWER SHOP Cut Flowers gl Pot Plants Sidney, Ohio ' Botkins Grain Sz Seed Co. Sidney Sweet Shop Electro Hygiene Co. Althoff Oil Co. Dixie Auto Parts Miami Chick Hatchery, Inc. Willman Furniture First Federal Savings and Loan Bishop's Gril1iot's Restaurant Mary Ann's Beauty Shop Cooks Spot Clifford Electorsure Holtkamp Garage Francis Si Goffena W. D. Anspaugh Busse's Thoma Jewelers FOGT FUEL 8: SUPPLY, INC. Paints, Roofing, Coal Sidney, Ohio ix r ,,, l!, Nw sw, 1 ggi ff' Lg ml 7 QS

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