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 - Class of 1954

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A A 4 N yi S, 1 1 IN x P 2 'Vs 0 I MX Q ,gk f fad 'Y L72 65,072 Eff d b Anna, Texa Swcward In this annual we hope to preserve many laughable and cherished m e m o r i e s that otherwise w o u l d be forgotten. Dear old Anna High School, How we love you sol Keep up your spirit, As we onward go. We will be loyal To the Purple and White, Marching to victory As we onward fight. U16 Staff . . . , , 1 .. , . f .YEf."'-'l,':' ' -' ',"s'.S .'. s- oz-:-Pi:-f" .ff:':f:': '1:"-ro" 'aff-:sz-fi-14 '-? -':1"S-:-:4-1-1 573:-i'1?"z.:.-2:-1-5::?63r3:1:vSf-. . . 44+ 3-5-,-3: ,,' . 1-:-14-..:.-. .,4.,,:,.-.,.A .,.f1,1.e,-fa, A+, aww:1:5:fz+Qrafmef.::f-:-s-:srfslffka'111eff2:-EW: 1-55,115-7'.-.i'.'a,'Z399J'-'-'-5-D'-'-5-32553 :it-gl:-Pif' ':Z15i:-:15:1S.f:1.':1z- - 'J'225,.gg'253-Q. 402,,,.,.,,....,.,.,..4-3.3, ,, , .'.'.'.'.z .:, I:Q:?Z-:1ig!,.,fg:-33.37122.5132534154932-:3i5i,g2g2R-3551! L- .'.-.g., -.'..,.3. ,-, ,y 3.--.' . 14' ,.-.v,-.5-5-gl.: .gt-91-J:-.'3 .1-1.2:-.-.ze-.-.-W5,-.-.'..:.-5.42. 1 J fp' It 4 QM 1 .- rf 1 'if' fr " z v o 1. I ' x Q. Q I 0,9 ".-5 f v ' .2-wr-f,-flff f' 'Q-f1"5 , " , I a' .-.f 1.- ' ?,f!g,., .v4,',, , ,'4",,f+, we 3'-' -.',,x , Ss r f a 'V' J ' " Pr . , I' Iyfgr at-A X1 f v,"5".,, 'iff J if r v q' ,A .3 -. " "J buff 'Q' f '41 1 '.-V 46 1 e-'+ .- . e A-1 + 'Q 'A " fi- O flgljg mfs, ' ,I I ,U s' 5' '-ra' ' .f ,f 1 -.9 fee ' ,Q . Q' Rx axe Yo'4' I 0 QM :Asp Is ,, s 1, zz: , x 1 x 4-'31 -. Q lb-A I 1 'sa vs"4' 5 Q .vv 5 0 ,Q Q. f ., s -. 4- 1 " ' 3... c 5 True' 'D' OO N-5, . ! w I -'ne s +9 xx Q s xx o o ,, o 1' 1 x Q 'fs A x 'Q X'-'.-'fb -.1 -' s J , w. -. Q -,xt-. s '4' Q. 1 ca I 51:0 ' N r 's ri" 5 Q: q 40, Q' 9 S g-, gf:-0. QQ,-"1f'.g.j-,j".jZ:2:":'3?Z-. .-.-"5:12-'-2.-kfw"'f4-Z'i:2-:la-QQ 5125345-:.f"? 'iazgxgz-:g. :-nt. -5-' ,ft-:,.,1 5:,q: -.As..:-- ,.g.g.g-.yg.g', - --.-.-a...-.1441-Q ---g-,Iv-. ' 2:53. iq- -21:.,.g.g.-.3.g., 3.3.1. ,g24g.4-3.34, '-.51-mi", --:JMS af-:-4 -:rs..9-ng:-:-was-'-"f'-' ' '- 1 - .-gn.. :5 ,yzzzg 4.g.5.,,.'.g.-.5 W. 4-.,f,,.:.f.f2..y:.-:'.-2-. n-.J .-Q9 ff!-wi' .ri :'.e- ef-34' Pnl.: .3 so fs!-:xl'-.-L-1,161-7-1-9 "Sw-f'r7'. fl 1 '1"'3'eZQS.'1'T-1-262 , .-. f - f.A,- .- f.:Q:-.-,f .ff 1- ' 2.-:fE11.'S'1f2:1f.f39rf'E-:Q jr' .f .4-1-7f:g'g4.g.g. ly,-1.'.4:J-'.-:-. rg-511-2521921114:-1-1.3.-5 5-3-ngff' '-:Iris -:iff-2i'7'517 132-121.3221 'L . ' .' -1-:Eng-:gg.g:g.g5 g.p3:5:1.g"" .-:f-1.2'k.g'45t?:2:5ffgagf-1 4:54. pi-' .4 f-.S'3'5f7:i2:f12'i'3: '11 " - ,-'1:3"'S. "-'ff'2"Z-5:22452 5. 1' -. . 5:-1 :-...:.,-5.3,-.-,-.e af.. .,.-.-,,-.-.g.:.-.'- .- J-'4 :.'-if 1:41:':5Zeg22,':':"' .' 6:32 2.3: i.fQ'2'!.' 31-,f A- if f'.'J'w-.'. sm, .-.-.-.-'." ,' 1.f1..,' ,r six- -.s .. - ,-.-.-f,-f.-.1-'w-,sg .- , 4.3.-.,.-,'o.-.', ,1, 1, 1.c-'.f.'.-,- ... .-Og s - .. -- ., .f ,........ .. 15325 '+::2:1p+,.'t-:Ef2g..a2:A.'5 ,.5.3.g-1111. .ag-?-:f'.-:!:-:f,5:':-gey-:-:,1 'e-,sg-3 3:15 3:7 3.f-:egg :,:5.2f11g:f.p1s:-1 45.22-.,Q.1:. Y-2.-I-L , .ff-'-'-4-135--s-'is-sr-1-1'-1-Z 1-'4-2.-' '-4'.'4A:1z-14' - 5.g.- 5.3.-,avg ,-3. ,.g.'-,yy-1-.-r -.9.,f.- 4, vs:-. '-, I, -.-.',,-.-,g.L.-.,, .-.- -,q.1. ,sf 5.5 g.yc.g.:-5-:-...-gf 15.44-i'.5,.' L-J.-.-L-wg'.'.'-tv.-1-. ,.,., t-.g. .,A,g.-4.2. 4.3. .Q, f. A- ..3.3,,3.g,-.-.I 3,-4,-,-f P5 2,-,..-mf...-..5, - +.-. s.-, . ...I '.,-,. 1. - .'-:-se..-1-.-:-rg.:-:-.-L.-r-:-:+ 11'1+1. .':-- 1- .-.-nat..-. 1 rgfdlgn -, .1.g.g.-.,.-sg-9, 1.3.3 ,.-.,.g5.-'Of ,.f.- gs.-.-.-.,-.3 pt.-fs - -f'3-.-if-Qrrklffzvze-. 'rib'-.'f':-S Ava.:-S'5:3.a--1592-Z'..f-:' ., Wuzrzg.-:.-:la-2-' .'-.-'-'-f-:-52.-Q. --,f.:.g' -I '-'Tg.0J'ZgT -.ffl-za .- -. 1-it-:-2:-:fx-',1.5-I-.g.g.: 9.5-1-'11-' 145106-iw.-3-'.'fr ,-1-:2:':i,s..f-:-.-31.5-3.1-z,f-2-1'L.:-1-:-:-1-:-1-1-3253.5 4 3-:Z 3. '-'-.-23:3 ww F szggrz-4.5.nfzif.:g.g-2-:53:55:41-Zfg-5-:-f'.w56L.-:-:-'.-9'.'3'1:-1-: 11.5 q.-.-.ff'5:- z-51324:-2-51.1-1-.'"2-agr1:A:-".-:-:-:Z-7:21-1-.'-1122?sZ:7:f '41 f.-136'Za2'2'5'w"'E:11525152323543-f:r.f'2'.vi-l3f'L3"32-5.-Fit :"1 f"E'E1'7:l1-1 '.'.7-g1.-.- ag :-g-ff., g.-.-.v.'.'4'.-,-: -,- -sg.x.'.'.g-1 g.g.g.,:-..zs:-gf-1.-. . - ,gi ,,,', Q-gs.-.-.g.,.,.7a,,. -:A',2g' -1-we-71:-Z .uf-I-Le. L,:,.g.fix,-4-:sf-21:51-5-i-in-' E:-Q':.:.:,zsfzgxtxite,-i..s-ff.5f.-.5.s:fZf'a-.,ALet.:-:-3:1-11-:e.:t.1'1:: ssgaafrafz-:,:g12:-I-2.1-1.1:-3151"Q., 2. 25'2:,e'-3iszizrz-:2SSf?f:-51315 fklglgt-Z'L-151-.g.3.g7:?'312315-."4',-,-"1-J!" 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I-S 3.0,-.-.g.' :dv -'mf-Q - . '42-, f.-. '.,v,3.-.-1- Q-, - mes, '.j 0. 4...51- 'rg-g-: '-1-I-14"-.'.--, 'ag-1 g-L-'4'g-,- '-' 5-In-:-:-1-.5-2-LA.-24.-sfsg-: L-:f:-5 az.. Q--,.f.'.-fd' ' '-:-9, +.'f'-1-'e?'.-.-.lf-.: - 1-L-'-' Q.-.-:-"nt-.-. 1.-.1-,-.-t-Isl-..-'w I J-rgffwr-1-1:1319111:If:-1-'Neff:1r-f+2-:':'1-, 1-2-.-2"-rf:-1-zvsf-41.1 .593jy5:f3.t,5:y.-.-.',3.5-I-:.,.-Ngql:-4.3 .3.g.g.-.L.-lgqlgi., 3.3.2. .g3fg:5.511:g:-,':g11',.1,,5.g. 523.1-?fg-tTg11i,.f 3-1'-5.11325-2 .'-'-ze. nw -:-,-.f.'.,-:-:-.- f.-: -1-'-'.'.-t,:-1-:.g.'.- x- -. 'r 2-5zfslffl-2V51fI:2g1?b:f:-grfztegfm1:55'wgviizg-za.:--f.-:-1-:Z-Sui S1if'1f3ififliiir?3s51i1ZrEi1SE1i1E2E152E1SE12f44:f:5E2'T1i:ErE:?342:-Z g.7.g5.g:g.-f.:fq.g..-:.:-:-:-:- :-:-2-:-1-1-:-3-1-:-:sz-2-1-1591-xv.-Q-'Azf -35:3'-2.5-5Itis:f23:Q3.1:315iS:15:I:f:1:lr3-1.g2:3?f?:2:?:f"-:A:':f.2:2. 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I. s,.,.,-1s,..-,a,.:.-,f,..g. -1-.-tv'-.K-. .,:-.yg.g.:..f,-,-.3.f,g.,-.'.3.-.-1. .g- . .g.,1.-,-, -.-,.,.,...- 5.,.,- :ggf:3.g-5-:g.7. -.3155.1-3y..,:g:3:3.g:g:,.f .:1'.g.:.g.5 gag:-'- .51-rg: Z:f122:Q:3:,,Ijij 1:3-'',fqg:g5-j.::f:3:1si:,q 5:gg1.7i:3:3q.3::g2lg.:-,g:5:5:5:5, 1:25::1:1.2f'f1,-"1 f'2g22.gZJS13:21I:15:158-:,:T'-.-1-11:26.-"nr-:'f::g1 4 3 ,.-., '.j','.'.f.,.-Q.:-1.1.2-I'b I .wiv '- '..:.g.:., -. '.f.s,v.,f,'.w,-.'.g-g.-',.'.-...-.-,.- 1g'f4-'--16l'f'Q'1'-Iv, .-:-,.'4-,vazf -f.-.4:-w-:- 1.-ts .3,-,,-.g.g.,.g,g.g., -. 4.1.3 '.g,g.,f.5.,.3.f.g-,g.s ,-3.5.5-.4.g.g. 33 3.3. .,.-4.3.g.,'.g.g.,g.-.-.:-,f,-..,-, .-,'.y.-.3. , ,.g.,.g. -. f.-. -,-,-.', -,-,-,.g.-.'..-.'.'.'.- '.'..,-..:. .'.5...g.g.,-,s.-.'.'.3. ,.,.-., 1-7-1-.'.'1.'v '.'.'-AZ-Irl-I 31.2.2 'o, '-Flew' of f'.'.'.' I-I-f-I-1-3 .'.'.'.' ' -.-, -vw .- ..'.'.-. -.1 3.3.7 ,.1.-,. 213.3 gg.: 53,141.3-g.g.3.' 3 '...- 3...g.f.,-,7,3.3.g.g.,?Q., ..,-' .,,5,, -' .-1x-fA.,g mg.3,:.'.5.g.g-f-.-1.3,-.1 , Lg.-.5.192-ffg-:Ag.'f,-1-' 'gpg-.I Wi-'.-:inf-las:.-:ize3-1-156?'Y.2314-.-.,"f.1'F.gT:ff551?7:1132155:tit.. -251 31?L-:I:J5ga-as-1,.::1:fg.:E:-S21-1'nm-i-7:-22.Y:-if-:-1-1:0545125-2-:-:,.:2:fa-."f :'.':"I:1:l:Z-:-:1:-IQi-g1zfg.?:4:f:1:iS."1-2-2 11:-1-L-:-1 1-Z-:-zz :Q-fl 2. -:+. gs,-.-'-gf.-sn-t-Q-'.f.-.s-Q.-.f.f.'Q '.-.'.-.f-:-g-1-: :-I eg.:-1 1- '.a.'.-.f -.'.g.-.-,ng-1-'.-.-. gr-1-L-1-2' -M1--e . '.'-:-:f,s,-.-.g.,-7f.- 155125.'s:f:2:1:f-iv?'f51'P:2:5"3.:ErE:??gr'f:21?'-a1:7:P:1212151ff-S94 .-E-7-.-ir!-1-2-1-'.'.1-.-24-. 1-'I-'-'.-2-.'-1 L-'aft-J-"4-', :-2-'-:':-t-P4-1-L-.4-'-3:5 .Z7:7'Nf2-2-rivigtf.-2"-7:1-be .-4171115291-tfzv:-:-'-., 'fm:-:-I-ta:-Pr-:-I-:4f' '-: Dcdicalian TO THE FACULTY: Comparing our four years' High School march up the Hill of Education to warfare on foreign soil, we would pay tribute to those who have "Generaled" our successful attacks. They have fought with us in the well-known and mighty Battles of English, Math, History, Home Ec. Commercial Art, Agriculture and others , bearing the standard of Victory. We have suffered reverses, so our leaders have suffered, shed tears of battle, and almost died--e mot i on a ll y --that we might emerge, triumphant. We did just that! AND, as a reward for meritorious "selflessness" in many Battles, we shall be properly decorated with that long-coveted Diploma of Anna High School. So, to this aggregation of Generals, who have led us so valiantly and courageously through four hard years of attacks, we, with appreciation, very loving- ly dedicate this 1954 issue of the COYOTE, THE SENIORS OF 1954 L-lllui .1-1 To the Coyote Staff and the class of '5L1, we ex- tend our sincere appreciation for your efforts in com- piling and editing this yearbook. In the years to come, we all shall treasure the many memories these pages bring to our minds. It has been a pleasure to work with you in the years past. As we have taught you, we have learned from youg so you will always be partly us, and we, partly you Yours sincerely, L.D. Hendricks L 'Y' f 4 ,I x ? MRS. B.G. DOUDNEY B.S., M.S. Business Administration MRS. JEWEL BRALLEY B.S., M.A. Remedial Reading MRS. SJ. SMITH Music MRS. LENA S. BROWN, B English SAM BARNES, B.S., M.E High School Principal Coach Seventh Grade BILL DOUDNEY, B.S. Smith Hughes Certificate Vocational Agriculture MRS. OPAL POCKRUS B.S.. M.A. Home Economics MRS. ORA RUSSELL, B.S. First Grade MRS. GENEVA ROPER, B.A. Second Grade MRS. ARLYN RATTAN, B.S. Third Grade MRS. EFFIE TURNER, B.S. Fourth Grade MR. JACK PRUDEN, B.S Fifth Grade MISS SUE RATTAN, B.A Sixth Grade MRS. LUCILLE ROBINSON, B.S. Eighth Grade i q x. L 0. ' 1,9 ' b i vm x A X' I K-A W3 V -ffl dx' XX SQ ig 5, W wwdff HMM WWWJLWMPW Ja aw muah a:'bi'3w5""f5f"4'u' WV! an 9 ifagw Q Lpfgi. X I ds- x ,f V M ,1 ,, X Y- v 1 - HM Q ,555 , xx ,-f J Z. W 'N J W 'gsk zggrg " , Q2 3 "1 ,, L P ' I Odds and Snds How surprised we were when we began recalling the names of all the boys and girls who have been in our class since we were first graders in 1942-431 From some twenty or thirty, we are now four- teen! We have been together throughout high school, and it's dif- ficult to sav whether the happy frivolous days or the serious, dif- ficult ones will linger longest in our memories. Our graduation this year probably will not make us feel half so important not sophisti- cated as did that day in 1949 when Myra, the valedictorian, proudly proclaimed out first great milestone. We anticipated our first day as freshmen with both thrill and dread, and sure enough, it was a rainy Monday. The boys wondered if they would be able to sit down the next day, and the girls had their vanity pricked with "backward" dresses and mussed hair. Joan Gilbert left us, and Thomas Pinion joined us that year. We were the first class to enjoy our Homemaking and Vocational Agriculture departments throughout our high school career. In our sophomore year, the two Margies--Watson and Stephens-- moved away. Our boys were beginning to show their prowess as athletes. Every one of them lettered in sports that year. As juniors, our two most outstanding events were the Halloween Carnival and the Junior-Senior Banquet. We planned and worked very hard for both. Although the weather was bad for the banquet, it was a success. We selected our graduation rings and looked for- ward to our senior year. Now as seniors, we are engaged in various senior activities: publishing the annual, the senior play, and the senior minstrel show. Then there's the fun of freshman initiation, the task of passing his- tory, the excitement of graduation, and finally the senior trip. I A M E S R A T T A N 'Sensitive, swift to resent, but as swift in atoning for error. " M Y R A O N E A L "Good at a fight but better at play, 1 Godlike in giving, but the devil L to pay. " "Worth, courage, honor, these in- deed are your sustenance and birth- right. " D 0 T N I X 0 N 'She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think on. " V I R G I L M L E R I. Y N D A L B U R C H "Why so pale and wan, fond lover? " G W A Y N E B A L D W I N 'For she was jes' the quiet kind whose natur's never vary, like streams that keep a summer wind hid in Jenooary. " "He is a gentleman because his na ture is kind and affable to every creature. " W A Y N E B A L D W I N "Zealous, yet modesty innocent though free. " P A T S Y R I S N E R "The reason firm, the temperate will, endurance, foresight, strength, and skill." I O Y C E R 0 P E R 'Of all the girls that e'er were seen, L there's none so fine as Shirley. " T H O M A S P I N I W 0 N B I L L Y M O R G A N 'To see her is to love her, and love but her foreverg for nature made her what she is, and ne'er made sic anirher. " S H I R E Y W 0 R T H A M 'Be not coy, but use your time, and while ye may, go many." K E N N E T H H O L L A N D O do not slander him, for he is kind, right, as snow in harvest. " A. H. K E L L E Y "He's rough, ma'am3 tough is K.I-I.: tough and devilish sly. " J E S S E H A R L O W "His heart as far from fraud as heaven from earth. l if A ll 3 Q -. '1 4 l Ss J! .L 'Q X33 Q1 4 W, V ffrrkfiihv fast Will and Ccsfumcnl We, the class of 1954, being in as good mental condition as usual, do hereby make this, our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism. We give and bequeath, freely and without reservation, to the Junior Class, our rightful heirs, our most important and valubale properties, viz., our self-satisfaction, our importance, and our wisdom, all of which we possess in enormous quantities: and we hope said gifts will be of use in overcoming their present inertia. We also leave the Junior Class our good luck. It made us what we are today, and it should do the same for them. In addition to this, all our privileges and rights as Seniors will revert to them as well as any notebooks, pencils, f01!I1I2i1'l PCHS, unfin- ished bubble gum, or unfinished business while engaged in the business of being Sen- iors, also any boys or girls whom we may have left behind in our haste. To our good friends, the Sophomore Class, we leave our patience. It will be the only means by which they can endure next year's Seniors. To the young and unsophisticated Freshmen, we leave a map or the school build- ing, so they will not get lost and roam about in everybody's way looking for their classrooms. We include with this map our little book entitled, "How to Tell the Teachers, " a pamphlet compiled by us after four years of arduous study. It contains specific infomation as to which teachers can be bluffed, which are easy and which are bard to please, and those whom it is impossible to please. It tells who your favor- ite authors must be to stand well with Mrs. Brown, what great characters of history Mrs. Doudney is especially fond of, and what questions to ask to make Mr. Bames, Mrs. Pockrus, and Mr. Doudney forget the lesson and be interesting. To our teachers, we bequeath our kindest regards and our sincere gratitude for their unfailing kindness and aid. Furthermore, we leave them our valuable sense of humor, without which we should have found school life painful indeed. Besides these bequests, we leave our best wishes to any and all who may desire them. In witness whereof, we, the class of 1954, have set our hand and seal. 114' 1 if ARTHUR BURKET1' 105 DUER Anus HARLOW VIRGINIA HOLLAND Tag, Q ,.-wa A ..l"-5 ,z E wi, i J A GENE EVANS BOBBY HOLLAND IANELLE LAWRENCE MARTHA LITTRELL BOB JONES BOBBIE BILLY MILLER MCLAIN DORIS MURLEY 1 if L 'R ' t, Q .M H2 42 W.P. LAWRENCE ,Sd RELDA RIFFE JACK RUSSELL MARY RUSSELL PUR mf g EARL RENO ANN JACK ROLLINS IACKIE VANDAGRIFF NANCY SMALLWOOD Ll i,"PJB,Z?.Z'? xx Hi 9 .3 2 x ,X X 1 55? N - N ' A 2. ' X fi X X 9 A ' X Q ! if 'gf BERTHA GREER CARL CODY Kagan d YC I v L 0 78 77,, H0-Qi, 1555? f Wie Tfvun-J Kvvvv fi fluff' z vi! ,ing ,tkl 1 ,,:.W W, . ,L, K K sz - E 9 3 3 3 , I '4-.Q , X1 . i ,, X i Q rff ,, . g. af 1 M X if 1, ,,,,,g1ff Q x , 3' R Q . Sherley, Jan Rollins, Jerry Riffe, Rejonna O'Neal, Bo ROPCI. Mary Jim Rollins, Alta Ann Barton, Reed Cotter, Regina Luscombe, Martha Cravens, Bobby Barton, Joyce Wilcox, Sonja Wynn, Jerry Fields, Dee Ann Rattan, Dana Jones, Clayton Shaw, Barbara QS? Y 3, ,, 13 ,Q -G97 ' W ww .f W iw, ff! ii' A 1 5 1' if , .. . M," ,af,.,"', - I - 1, uxw N -X, -N ' , ,Q 3. vf , x.N'f?h,:, , , 1 .X ,WX ccvjqx , 1 ' ,I V -, ,W , x K-R N ,A x 'KA Manx 1 'LX 'W W f . Xaaiftxgx X' i X tmxxkq x I, 9 ' N 'Z s N ' Ks . B N. 5 gn, gi 'B lx X w -. - 5 ' X . fy fax X Vfgw 3 Q 1 A. , X 1 A 2 H Q . is 4. f 1 52 ? 'EE Z r , 1 fi . Z ff WF V, 7 X Q 0 - f Q . 1 'f 'L ' Q' ,Q 1 up x Y 2 I L ua. 1 , , . F5 2 ,af 'Wi '1 5 f r xiii rf ,we N. g ' ""'l'z -' 1 , I f ' :A ,i k x Gilbert, Frances Randles, James Stevens, Ieanelle Drury, Bill Kemp, Patricia Lair, Billy Mac Sanstrom, Ola Mae Phipps, Alben Waller, Viola Mead, Daulton 0'Neal, Neldene Littrell, Don Eudy, Rita Kissinger, David Summers, Carolyn Lair, Bobby Fulenwider, Mary Al I ,v 'x 4 S? Elglzlh Grad: Vandagriff, Etta Vandagriff, Mary Welch, Alice Barton, Billie Beaumont, Billy Bryant, Linda Climer, Carl Climer, Patsy Fulenwider, Alford Gay, Leda Mae Hendricks, Nancy Holland, Douglas Holland. Freda Holland, Glen Howell, Mary Hudson, Lillie Jones, Martha Milford, Tommy Miller, Peggy Montgomery, Johnn Morgan, John B. Nalls, Raymond 0'Neal, Jack Randles, Carolyn Risner, Mary Robertson, Gaither Rollins, Sandra Shaw Royce ie Adams, Charlie Atkins, Faye Cotter, Bobby Dickerson, Paula Geer, Camille Herod, Bobbie Holland, Anita Hooper, Martha Littrell, Ray Mathis, Ralph Moore, Gene Roland, Betty Stephens, Douglas Stevens, Charlotte Welch, Lewis Rollins. I.D. Gillard, Sam Atkins, Choice if st .E APN fl fr if-r 31 C Seventh Grade wi X sf ' 2 View, 5, Y Qfii Rollins, Billy Shelley, Quincy Sixth Grade fy . ia xii Baker, Bobby Brown, Ray Carroll, Nancy Chastain, Ann Crigger, Tommy Gattis, Glenda Gentry, Paula Gilbert, Loutricia Hendricks, Mac Hicks, Jimmy Holland, Wanda Lair, Don Montgomery, Kenneth Moore, Bonita Morgan, Molly Phipps, Donnie Barton, Carolyn Baker, Glenda Ann Clark, Regina Drury, Mickey Dickerson, Connie Fulenwider, Eddylee Greer, Joe Hale, Philip Hamilton, Joe Hicks, Larry Holland, Betty Lou Mathis, Douglas Mead, Judith Murley, James Murphy, Pau. Pope, Jimmy Rollins, Brenda Slate, Sharon Sherley, Billy Bob Tallent, LW. Vandagriff, Barbara Vandagriff, Helen 'a5" .E , t 2 r i ff? ir ,, 90th Grade 3 4, . 1 ef -,agua ' ' r ' ' Q, i 'I' -1" V,. Vs fi N. if fig, ,e" 6 is we X Q' r is a, 'Gif tk 53,,?,f' 36 if . 5, . , g Q s ,aa 3 'Q iff' 13' M 3 , at A , Q 0 ' K qi 9 w S H ' - , V Qi Q J If ini E X, , ,H l. S . , 1' .4 " Q, 32- , , ai , z A l if di we fl? M' - 'ka-I ff . xg .. H5 A I K f 1' ,J ' sf X r, 32.35 sg C 11139914.45 - ' 1 Stevens, Jackie Vandagriff, Bla Welch, Lindsey Adams, Shirley Armstrong, Glenn Atkins, Mary Climer. Curtis Cook, Louise Geer, Clyde Gilbert, Buddy Harris, Thelma Herod, James Jenkins, Ellen Kelley. Jerry Martin, Janice McBride, Shirley Mooney, Roger Moore, Mary Morgan, Minna Mosier, Doris Munger, Sandra Murley, Helen Phipps, Mary Roland, Carolyn Roland, Tommy Rollins. Doyle Rollins. Larry nch A da ms , Betty Atkins Ruthie ' 4 Baker, Charles Ray Barnes, Ronny Barton, Royce Clem, Linda Cook, Bobby Crigger, Dick Lair, Richard Loftice, Louise Mathis, Margie Mead, Larry Moore, Winston Munger, David Murley, Royce W if it 6 5 1 ,I t , . 1 ,.. y. t: H? ' . . F I M .eor ' : -5 N X W 'mix ,.f,4,k'k,L ,f,f" , l 5 Ezine! ' Noe, John Powell. Jimmy i Q, Russell, Clarence Settle, Mickey V 2 - White, Sherry f L ',,, -5 Chin! Grad: was 1 4 Second Grade as Qu J 'Q' 3 'V M Lk., . I NYS' f ig gf fi' + , ,yr Q ul bw i ,, .fe -. ' X":v4 2, 1. r 9 new ,Q ' - - 1 gr fi?" y . W s. 9' yew' '43 in--'NN' in W Rollins, Randy Welch, James Reed, Linda Parks, Dudley Adams, John Ashley, Larry Atkins, James Baker, Jerry Baldwin. Charlie Brown, Linda Cates, James Clark, Sharon Cook, Kelly Dickerson, Sarah Fulenwider, John Gibbons, Sandra Gillard, Chester Howell, Martha Jennings, Mike Kemp. Jackie Lair, Grady Martin, Cleo McBride, Betty McBride, Linda Melton, Billy Murphy, John Reaves, Tommy Roland, Arlene Rollins, Mike Qirst Grad: Y ' Q., le- , 1 , Q nv- - Bradshaw, Leleane Q ' -Lfbl Climer, Barbara 'M " A, Y f 1 ' 2 5ff a Cook, Linda Crigger, Michael Dickerson, Roy Fulenwider, Roy Gattis, Mary Gillard, Henry Kelley, Tommie Joe Kemp, Melba Kirby, Jane Limell, Samye Martin, Jimmy Montgomery, Michael Morgan, Martha Risner, Donald Risner, Ronald Sherley, Martha Slate, Brenda Stice, John Tallent, Patricia Welch, Dwight ru. 4 ig i ag! , .gn A t y 5' .1 , ' si, , i 1. his ,r -M Q' Q i 2' 1, 5 . 3,1 Z 'inf' A .. ,. re . :K K vu 1:1 ., r Q . 5 . ' , M g .,., b l? a , , 1- 'rib ,f:-.rf an , A ff ,A 2 , ',.V li. , ,. , H. . 5 1- n A lg ' si 1 1, fl E Annual fzzff To the staff the editor says thanks for the hours ot untiring work. To the faculty, thanks again for the co operation, without which this annual could not have., been fashioned To Mrs Doudney for her special work with our advertising section and to Mrs Brown our sponsor who guided our way. A special thanks we wish to give to our advertisers whose support makes the annual possible. O'31ea,U Editor -------- - - ---- - - MYRA o'NEAL Assistant Editor - Assistant Editor - Business Manager Sports Editor - - ----------v1RGn.M1Lx.ER -----------JOYCEROPER JIMMY RATTAN BILLY MORGAN AnEdiwr--------------- DUTNIXON Typist-U ----- ----- - PATSY RISNER Qffff P ml? Mas! Kcaufzful Mast Hamisamc Mast Popular Kay and Girl I E ROPER l 'f i' , BILLY MILLER--JANELLE LAWRENCE l-landsomest Junior Couple Most Popular Junior Couple BOBBY HOLLAND--VIRGINIA HOLLAND BARBARA SHAW--.TERRY WYNN Sophomore Favorites Freshman Favorites NELDENE O'NEAL--DON LITTRELL . z QA Q , , ...L- ..w-auuainil 481 "'1'1"L.4 L-il. w I Front row: Reno, Rollins, Jones, Baldwin, Miller, Lair, Kissinger. Second row: Law- rence, Kelley, Baldwin, Dury, Mead, Burch, Burkett, Barton, Jones. Third row: Coach Bames, Wynn, Miller, Holland, Rattan, Morgan, Cravens, Duer, O'Neal. VIRGIL MILLER C aptain IAN SHERLEY Football Sweetheart GWAYNE BALDWIN Co-Captain 5.1, . , A Come on, Coyotes! Let's gol These From Our Team Were Named All District VIRGIL MILLER JAMES RATTAN GWAYNE BALDWIN BILLY MORGAN WAYNE BALDWIN BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM--Coach, MR. SAM BARNES GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM--Coach, MR. L.L. PRUDEN CHEERLEADERS: Dot Nixon, Janelle Lawrence, Jan Sherley, Barbara Shaw. MAJORETTES: Rejonna Riffe, Dee Ann Fields, Dana Rattan, Nookie Rollins N V 1 Q fffiiki -L I ,wa ' S I 1 . i 5 -5,,.,. 5 . ,4,, .x e,4?g,ff , ,. A .E 2 1 Jw f .A ,WA 5. f .Ly -Q 2 ' ' L : W5 ,Q J ., W, ' ,fig-f .Www Dear 35,17 Thi lo Ju t word OT congrdtul mon on tae fum Dlstnct Banquet Jr, ou s onsored at wma T ver much appreclate receivint tr 1 un, mam tw attend ,Mg I , , H ' im' MW mn' 'i al ,Q 5?-j a- IU!!! . I ? lx.- 2 IAQ 1' JMMHJ QAM F HA HIGHLIGHTS Camp at Lake Texoma, June 1-5, 1955. Summer Projects entered in County Fair. Several ribbons won. FHA and FFA booth wins second place. Girla Danica antend Area EI meeting in cn the campus 0? the two cclleges. Wwe voting delevates from Anka. Third year rirla zakc Red Qrwss Hcwc Nuvsinr QFUPSG 59? Civil DQ?enae ?rsrvar. feasbcr-Tfustee Fanquet given bg Chapter observes FHA Week in Nov. Attend church in a group. Parties follnw. Christmas Party, picnic supper, and gift exchange. Club participates in World Christmas Festival. Mother-Daughter, Father-Son Banquet in February--FHA and FFA sponsored. FHA firls in zhe Sprinv. 1 Camp again in June of 1954 at Area Camp cn Lake Grapevine. All in ful year. all--an eventful and success- , ,, .my V 'v f .- Y fn 5 we 1 ofrlwiif mu, . ' E 13 L A 1 K . WA,' L: , . , L . X . ' , ' ,f 1 .V ' I I I 'faqs Lia, 1, E' - - , mag: ,:, K, V' -Q A W A I I 'gd if Sw ,V ,gf 13,31 ,hw vu , U,-he in ggptpavd Q fag , 'P -LT' f"Sfs---,.g., --31 ,J -f..,7.T'?'f i..5F1EET.W:E'45:5335?3::3?'E-"i:2x?415EiE'E:EE?izF2 ' 1 'f-:if-'i"f1-G. iw- zffffi if 11 If 1' :.::W., , W' "51l1sfIi22f'22f:f'isifsvazz . - ig 2 :my :Nei it-.?5g1Egf? Q:3.:55 1. A' 2 ' ?fC?.5 62:4 ,..2"' ,, . ., , L,Y..,,.kn.,,M ,.,,..h .wil ., MY T 51Q1n.42:fL.5i.32S.- 4?-54,7 151 if: M W, .L ' 7 '1'- " Q. l The new Cy V a FET: A11 7 4Mr5 vs Yea ve5 -zsfdff' riar ..- 'X hmmm KMMZZQL S E II I I1 HS Qffv WWW? MW ayfamiluf? Z,QZf7wfWg da-QL QM Z0-e'aZ'f6 4,9466 'gQ6ff62f64Q apr! W7 7444, Maya Mn gf 244-JZ? , ?1E ali.- IE SEJ - E Wow!! Qmm and gm uilding Material J' B Pa 12 Pho e 4301 A a T a J 5204506 - M0036 Qfmdmi ZKGW6 Crouch-Moore Burial Asso Crouch Mutual Aid Emergency Arnbulanc With Oxygen Tent Phon 2-2621 s 2, few 5 fr ,Na 49 1f:'r 9 E ul j f 72 4 fa f 44 ! ,-2-'-,-4,'?r. 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Greer E co il Garden Club Service Station y N M A Weston, Texas Anna, Texas 2 X jf O Y CNE STOP Selavncs M U F Qf24Z'wzk4Z'62 P. ar E. f"' ' SERVICE STATION , L. W. Clark sf- Anna '-- --- S Manager Texas Phone l5FZ Westminster, Texas , fiance 21 Service Station CITIES SENIORS OF I954 SIIYICI CELINA DRY GOODS COMPANY Celina, Texas Dry Goods Clothing Shoes Anna, Texas A g fm? 42 DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists Phone Z-5571 E. Louisiana Street f QQZJA - Q J 'QWEUQY mg QLMM 024 , co. o E. L. Lawrence 8: H. C. White , McKinney, Texas MCK1m1eY- Texas E. side sq. Phone z-5391 BOMAR ' BERGVALJ.. New at Used 054645 Z4-03 at Tires Grocery 8: Market SON GOOD Hardware at Variety Grocery at Nutt PLUMBING I , I 'Your f ' Independent Texas . ,... ,. , ., .. McKinney Weston, Texas Texas Your Home Town Newspaper For 50 Years THE DAILY COURIER GAZETTE The Weekly Democrat-Gazette Local, Country and International News McKixmey, Texas Telephone Z-2632 FOR SMOOTH DRIVING Cowan ClGA12A GE 1 D, X ! Weston XQL7 Texas THE MANS STORE W. PHIL WOLFORD mAs'r SIDE SQUARE MCKINNEY, TEXAS WQYQM' DRUG COMP Y PRESCRIPTION PHARMAC Y On the Corner Phone 2-5521 Mc Kinney, Texas Choice McLure J.W. Thompson Q 6 40 240W , 0 M M CYCLE COMPANY . v-r"' FURSETURE Everything In jjfffffffjiiig, ' Sporting Goods Line fffffl:fI.'f5'f"I' I ggy . A-'ftjfijzfzff . I ' , dv Phone 2-5541 Keys To F1t All Locks ff n Phone Z-4311 ' 117 S. 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Panhandle Products Service Station and Market Anna, Texas Xgigojazfh Lumber Yard Building Material-DuPont Paints Phone 2151 Anna, Texas dams CHEVROLET COMPANY I W + . ..- Serving North Texas South Tennessee at Davis St. McKinney, Texas HERRWG-Mcl4ENNEY BROILEQ FAFZIVI We strninster, Texas Phones 131, 101, 29 Feeds - Baby Chicks - Fryers Medical Supplies Feeders, Etc. ' f 7fZ4.4M6Z 4 Your Friendly Department Store Where Shopping is a Pleasure Celina, Texas WZWW LAUNDRY CLEANING 8:DYEING COMPANY Hatters, Cleaners And Dyers McKixmey, Texas Phone Z-4411 Your NORTH SIDE Appearance Is 4 Q 4 DRUG Our Business px' The Rexall CITY Store TAILOR FUNEDAL HOME . . 'nnii d SHOP P. 0. Box 338 C W W1 or Van Alstyne Van Alstvne, Texas Phone 2-2606 Texas We Honor All McKinney Burial Insurance Policies Texas BRODIE'S Anywhere-AMBULANCE-Anytime M' F' RULE E ' ROCERY GARAGE Oxygen quipped G Phone 325 Ph 18F2 one Funeral Insurance W t . t uP fo 5500 Westminster es nuns er T Hosea C. Rutherford Texas exas Don S. Flesher jzgezzk Funeral Home l and Burial Ass'n C-RFE 1414 S. Tennessee Street Phone 2 -9060 McKinney, Texas McKinney, Texas Phone 2. - 3 351 Phone 2-2656 570202 64 CO. fcwmm FLORIST 217 N. Kentucky Street McKinney, Texas Flowers By Wire 910 S. Tennessee Street McKinney, Texas Phone 2-2656 4m7fmfwUd,."f"wz4vTa'Me 0 SENIORS OF I954 ,ifzwi jiafafmm Tax-Assessor and Collector McKinney, Texas N -amjbmenfx af- S Raya! Wbzalez -FQ Owned and Operated by E55555252253352:5:5:1:1.1.1,,. Mr' and Mrs' ROY Muse M ""' ' Phone 313 Compliments of Qaewzzl jZ7Qfm!fzzzA4,5wz COOPERATIVE Grain and Feed GIN ASSOCIATION Custom Grinding Melissa, Texa IvE3?SSaZ?901 O W E S TO N Qflly H024 Zaaldtg Quemiee EGIN-E fi? fi? - U W0St0I1, T Between A.nna a.nd Weston We 14,6 'e WWE K if-Ls Ill Kenneth Cantrell Annie Laurie Slaughter Juanita Smith Della Strother Rebecca Welch Brune Capt. S. J. Brune, USN Ensign David, USNR William Ashmore W. L. Lawrence Floyd Lewis John V. Reno, Jr. Horace Morgan Charles Ell and Doris White Reed Barton Farnily Mrs. G. W. West H3 . R J -J XX Wi ll 'gf ' , H ' ,, X K' X ' if X i V 1 rj, 'X W ,lx -1 M. L. Jenkins J. C. Parker The Durwood Sanstroms Geo. Wm. and Evelyn West W. E. Lawrence Mr. a.nd Mrs. Bob Wortham Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lawrence Billy Melton Mona Sherley 5,5 Qmwf GDG. 8. MKT Melissa, Texas

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