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 'Jo JJeacl -School y$re in iru NODS AND BECKS 1959-1960 THE ANNA HEAD SCHOOL BERKELEY, CALIFORNIAPrinting by Photography by Photo Engraving PROFESSIONAL PRESS 2434 Dwight Way Berkeley 4. California PAUL BISHOP 2125 Durant Avenue Berkeley 4, California BERKELEY COMMERICAL PHOTO COMPANY 2311 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley 4. California BERKELEY ENGRAVING COMPANY 2048 Center Street Berkeley 4. CaliforniaCONTENTS Administration and Faculty .................................... 9 Lower School ................................................. ' Athletics...................................................... 5 Activities .................................................... Upper School ..................................................49 Seniors ...................................................... Acknowledgements ..............................................93 setenyjpprecia tion We, the staff of Nods and Becks, on behalf of the entire Student Body, dedicate this, our year- book, to our administration and faculty with immeasurable gratitude and appreciation. tightA C U L T YAAR. AND MRS. DANIEL DEWEY "The torches of faith you are kindling, will lighten our road with their beams.” tinenCarrying our song theme a step further, we here present, apropos of certain faculty, certain songs. Mrs. Dewey "All the Things You Are" Mr. Dewey Behold The Lord High Executioner" Mrs. Backus "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Mrs. Baird "Don't Ask Me Why" Mrs. Besser "Coffee Break" Mrs. Bogard "Give My Regards to Broadway" Mrs. Boornaiian "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Mrs Campbell "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" Mrs. Cook "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" Mrs Clock "Don't You Know?" Mrs- Dav|s "We Get Letters" Dr. Droitcour "Marian the Librarian" Mrs. Dunham ........ "Black Magic" Mrs. Englehart "Mind Your P's and Q's" Mrs Farmer ................"A Little Bird Told Me" Miss Gilmer "Don't Fence Me In" Mrs. Hamel "The Witch Doctor" Mrs Hill .................."So Many Ways" Miss Holmes "Slow Boat to China" Mrs. Hough Feel a Song Coming On” Mme. Hull "Dites-moi" Miss Jensen "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag Mrs. Keffler "| Ride an Old Paint" Mrs. Koplan "If's Hygienenie Time" Mrs. Lamar "Roamin' in the Gloamin' " Mrs Leschke ............... "What'll I Do?" Mr. Levis There'll Be Some Changes Made" Mrs. Liechti "Music, Music, Music" Mrs. MacLean "Pennies from Heaven" Miss McGrath "Comes a Train of Little Ladies" M. Mathie” " . 1“........."It's Too Late Now" Mrs. Mitchell "Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?" Mrs Molnar "What's the Score?" Miss Rice "April in Paris" Mrs. Richter "Goodnight, Ladies" Mf . Stern "The Varsity Drag" Mrs. Stone "The Sunny Side of the Street" luvlteKATHARINE C. BACKUS English 11 GOLDEN BAIRD Eigh.h Grade HELEN M. BESSER Spanish JANE BOGARD Drama PATRICIA BOORNAZIAN Physical Education ANNE D. CAMPBELL First Second Grade FRANCES W COOK Biology. General Science MILDRED CZOCK English IV MARION G DAVIS Registrar tbirletN GEORGINA DROITCOUR Librarian, Attendance JULIETTE DUNHAM Chemistry HELEN ENGLEHART Seventh Grade PHYLLIS HILL LULU HOLMES BARBARA HOUGH Geometry History. Civics Music Glee Club fourteenEMELIA LAMAR Latin RUTH H KOPLAN Physical Education ROBERT LEVIS Algebra, Mathematics IV LAURA LIECHTI Piano TONI KEFFELER Art Art History CHARLOTTE LESCHKE Office Secretary FLORENCE MacLEAN Treasurer fifteenjody McGrath Lower School Art MICHEL MATHIEU French lll-IV HELEN MITCHELL Office Secretary ANDREA MOLNAR JULIE ANN RICE ETHEL RICHTER Lower School P.E. French Dean o( Residenc0 RUTH STERN Physical Education ALETHE G. STONE Third 4 Fourth GradesseventeenFirst and Second Grades At blackboard I. to r.: - Denise Sadler, Karen Amerio. Beatrice Bryan 1st f0w: - Molly Abel, Roberta Wong, Dormi Willis, Deidre Waller 2nd row: - Kathryn Lupul, Aileen Jamison. Rachel Bradley. Nancy Simpson. Elizabeth Evans Mrs. Campbell Absent: • Perky Campbell. Laura Dimmler, Elizabeth Kidner. Jean K. McLaughlin I saw a rainbow in the sky Full of color, way up high. Beautiful shades of every hue Against a blanket of baby blue. Birds were flying in and out Playing tag all round about. A bluebird came sliding down the rim Blackbirds crowding close to him. Red birds dancing in the yellow bow Then clouds came by to spoil the show. Beatrice Bryan Look, what is showing! The grass is growing Tiny shoots of green, Where have they been? In the spring and rain, Here they come again. Molly Abel I have a little dish. I have a little fish Who likes my little dish. He made a good wish Poor little fish. He wished for a bat. When off came his hat, And down he sat On my best cat. An that, was that. Jeannie K. McLaughlin H ueieeHThird and Fourth Grades Back row I. to r. - Joan Crownover, Mrs. Stone, Katherine Voight 2nd row 3rd row Front row - Margaret Tucker. Lynee Otto. Joyce Boykin • Ann Crownover, Susan Dimmler - Linda Viia Mafy Dimmlor, Sar.h Ashby, Maron, Harriet Campbell Ellen North r Absent Linda Elliott. Ariane Gunst. Sylvia McVicker Picture 1 made a picture in school Of red, green, blue design. Mother thought it was a bear. Teacher thought it was a chair. What it is I do not care - For I just like it fine. Linda Christine Elliot Language The Bee is in the Tree. I went up the apple tree, I saw a little bumble bee. I bothered the bee, And the bee stung me. Ann Crownover Fall Leaves are here, Leaves are there, Leaves are floating everywhere. Kate Voight twentyFifth and Sixth Grades Back row I. to r.: - Diana Woodward. Sherry Wohlrab. Maurisa Miller. Robin West. Judy Moncharsh Second row: - Janet Longstreet, Christine Railsback, Tory Votaw, Laura Bratenahl Front row - Suzanne Sutton. Libby Dunham. Anian Pettit. Candy Wiesinger, Jill Boornazian, Winnifred Fallers, Mrs. Farmer Absent - Phyllis Chamberlain. Toni Lawrence. Deborah Reade See Pictures I see pictures in the seas, Of birds, bees and the trees. The water is a greenish blue So I can see my reflection too! I see pictures in the fire, Of mountains growing higher and higher. I see pictures of girls and boys Busily play with all their toys. Sherry Wohlrab Flaming Cities When I am alone, by myself with the fire, I find myself inside the flames. I run around with a quick desire, To explore the cities, fields and plains. There are no gardens, forests or mountains, • - Just shimmering light of a golden ray. Little orange lakes and little orange fountains, That seem to fade more every day. Christine Railsback Mine I have a snake, He sits under a rake. He has some false colors That make him look like others, That's my snake. Candy Weisinger twenty-oneBack row I. to r.: - Helen Cooksey, Carol Cam. Cynthia Copp, Vasil Critt nd n. Kathleen White. Anne Lindsay, Lorna McGaffey Patricia Britten. Pamela Franlin. Elizabeth Mehren. Nancy Hopkin. Ann Kaiser. • Mary Reifenstein 2nd row: 3rd row: Front row; • Diane Neville, Lindsay Jackson. Stacy Sigerson. Michele Gople, Christie Batterman. Marilyn Merriam Susie Harrington. Sage Sigerson. Jennifer Flowers. Estelle Bryan. Elizabeth Vail Elizabeth Partch A Thunderstorm A thunderstorm is frightening, High winds and pouring rain, The lightening strikes lone trees, The thunder rolls above. It's fearsome, yes, But it's soon gone, Leaving me relieved, Filled with the sense of its power. Michele Goplen The Moon The moon has a face like the clock in the hall. She shines on thieves on the garden wall, The sprawling cat and the squeaking mouse, The howling dog by the door of my house. The bat that hangs in the rafters until noon, All love to be out by the light of the moon. Diane Neville The End of the Journey It's travelled across the sky all day And now it's going down Slipping away below the sea Gliding away beyond our sight. This is the golden sunset Casting its orange rays Painted by the hand of God Mirrored across the western sky. Nancy Hopkins twenty-twoEighth Grad Back row I. to r.: • Carol Nicholson. Margie Ingraham 2nd row - Martha Dimmlar, Tonia Foster, Sue Addis. Diane Murray, Frances Schwien. Mary Tucker, Kathie Dreher 3rd row • Elizabeth Oswald. Mary Chesbro. Sara Hanlin. Andrea Lillienthal, Jan Diamondstone. Geogia Mosher, Lothian Langhorst. Lisa Claiborne Front row; - Kate Kappel. Paulette Marwede!. Elise Weseman. Ann Service. Jane Landes. Susan Stewart, Trudy Sills Absent • Carol Sutherland Monotony Inside the stuffy kitchen drawer, All shining, cean and patient, Knives and folks and spoons lie waiting Till again the meal time comes. Troops of soldiers standing by, Waiting for the dirt of battle. Soiled and cleaned, soiled and clean In a never ending sequence, Meal by meal, and day by day; in a cycle of monotony. Jane Landes The Sun Sunlight creeps over the mountains so gray and let's them be blue for the rest of the day. Mary Tucker Sunset At sunset the earth Tips over A bucket of paint, That flows into The sky The clouds to taint. Until the earth Blots it out again. Jan Diamondstone tu enty-threeJ LOWER SCHOOL P.E. fwen y-fourtu euty-fiveCHEERLEADERS Back row: Carol Brummerstedt, Linda Ball, Page Chiapalla Front row: Diana Woldan. Parrin Gravas. Laury Mainwaring, Ann Beslar ATHLETIC COUNCIL Back row: Diana Woldan Sacond row: Laury Mainwaring. Sarah Deway. Linda ball. Elixabath MacGragor Third row: Diana Murray. Ann Beslar. Michele Harrar (President). Vicki Season. Cynthia Hubbard Fourth row: Mrs. Ruth Stern (Advisor). Judy Austin. Madeline Wilde. Jai Snyder. Bobbi Sawyer. Ruth Arnon Front row: Bobbi Hamberg. Holly Borden. Carol Brummarstadt. Page Chiapalla. Parrin Graves tnMODERN DANCE Back row: Abby Sills, Sue Bradshaw, Sukey Lilienthal, Dana Henry, Tobie Daniels, Marti Dickson, Diane Wolden Front row: Jane Bonneau, Marguerite Bradshaw, Mrs. Ruth Koplan (Advisor), Maryly Snow, Vicki Brown. Not Pictured: Michelle Patterson TENNIS TEAM Left to right: Lome Lindsay, Sarah Dewey. Mrs. Pat Boornazian (Advisor), Wendy Gross, Cheryl Bryan Not Pictured: Ginny Mayne, Cherie Sharp RIDERS Back row: Chalimar Pease, Penny Wilson, Laury Mainwaring, Nenon Price Front row: Ruth Arnon, Elizabeth Hughes Not Pictured: Ann Besler, Margaret Bodfish, Liz MacGregor, Pam Street twenty-eightVOLLEYBALL TEAMS Beck row: Lassie Fuidge, Noll Chambelain, Barbara Hamburg, Taddy Rehag. Bobbi Sawyar. Eleanor Adam, Margarat Ashlock. Margot Lasher, Susan Lamberson. Sue Abbot Front row: Mary Twiss, Barbara Coates. Sandy Otto, Marti Howard. Marilyn Staala. Branda Higgins, Judy Abbot BADMINTON TEAM Back row: Cynthia Hubbard, Marianna Kaating, Val Doyla, Chris Johnson Front row: Perrin Gravas, Jai Snyder, Nancy Ross SWIMMING TEAM Back row: Mrs Boornaxian (Advisor) Sacond row: Diana Woldan. Nancy Ross, Martha Spaulding. Barbara Hamburg, Laury Mainwaring Front row: Charmian Gilman, Sue Skaggs. Holly Borden, Michele Harrer. Valerie Doyle. Chalimar Pease tuenty-w'nrCOUNTRY FAIR thirtyCOUNTRY FAIR thirty-oneDOMINICAN PLAY DAY thirty-twoL ou sii out ui the buaij to he true ... 1J thirty-threeQUILL AND SCROLL Back row: Mrs. Daniel Dewey. Mrs. Katherine Backus (Advisors) Front row: Carol Lissance. Elizabeth Whitney. Lyn Forbes. Wendy Gross C.S.F. Back row: Sue Roberts. Eleanor Adam. Wendy Gross Second row: Marianne Keating. Mrs. Mildred Cxock (Advisor). Kathleen Whitney. Missy Vauz Front row: Lynn La Boyteaux, Marti Dickson. Marti Howard. Dianh Dodds. Carol Lissance, Margot Lasher, Charlotte Ashby thirtyfiixQUIPS AND CRANKS Standing: Joan Ross, Photography Editor; Maryly Snow, Circulation Man- ager; Mary Twiss, Assistant Business Manager; Sarah Dewey, Sports Editor; Sukey Lilienthal, Assistant Editor Seated: Elizabeth Whitney, Editor; Mrs. Daniel Dewey, Advisor; Martha Spaulding, Business Manager; Helen Osterhaus; Feature Editor ihirtj-uxNODS AND BECKS Left to right: Mrs. Backus, Advisor; Carol Lissance, Editor; Lyn Forbes, Lay- out Editor; Valerie Doyle, Assistant Business Manager; Ruth Arnon, Art Editor; Madeline Wilde, Business Manager; Susan Roberts, Photography Editor; Nan Horton, Literary Editor. tbirtj-sevenSCIENCE CLUB Back row: Marilyn Barkin, Valerie Doyle. Margaret Bodfish (President) Front row: Louisa Schaefer. Abby Sills. Mrs. Frances Cook (Advisor). Sandra Ramsey EVERGREEN SCIENCE CLUB Back row: Nikki Berkove. Betsy Oswald. Debbie Dodds. Anne Gideon. Nancy Castle. Carolyn Nicholson, Frances Schwein Front row: Wendy Jordan, Susanne Addis, Toni Zacher, Mary Tucker, Mrs. Archibald Cook (Advisor) thrrty-eightENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Back row: Ann Better Middle row: Margot Lather, Marian Mclvor Front row: Carol Attwood. Pam Street (Chairman). Dana Henry SOCIAL SERVICE AND CHAPEL COORDINATOR Left to right: Gini Gingg (Chapel Coordinator). Terry Henshaw (Social Service Chairman), Susan Lamberion (Social Service Co-chairman) thirty nineSPANISH CLUB Back row: Elixabeth MacGregor (Secretary), Frances Hunt (Vice-President) Front row: Mrs Helen Besser (Advisor), Jo Ann Sardis (President) FRENCH CLUB Left to right: Margaret Ashlock, Lynn La Boyteaux, Susan Hutchens (President), Miss Julie Rice (Advisor) CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Back row; Mardi Balaam, Michele Patterson Second row: Eleanor Adam, Miss Holmes (Advisor) Valerie Doyle (President), Brenda Higgins, Pam Horner Front row: Barbara Coates, Chairman Gilman fortyDRAMA CLUB left to right: Judy Ekholm (President). Gaye Ekholm ( Secretary), Sharron Newman (Vice-President) STAGE CREW Left to right: Barbara Lidy. Jo Ann Wallis (President). Elizabeth MacGregor, Susan Roberts, Sandra Olsen, Chalimar Pease Net pictured: Paula Calderhead. Janice Jacksa, Carol Lissance ART CLUB Back row: Sandra Olsen, Janice Jacksa (President), Helen Osterhaus Front row: Mrs. Boyd Keffler (Advisor) forty-o eforty-twoadministrative council Back row: Carol Lissance. Nods and Becks Editor; Susan Hutchens. French Club President; Gini Gingg. Chapel Coordinator; Mrs. Dunham. Advisor; Judy Ekholm. Drama Club President; Jo Ann Wallis. Stage Crew President; Pam Street. Entertainment Chairman; Susan Lamberson. Social Service Co-chairman; Terry Henshaw, Social Service Chairman. Front row: Elixabeth Whitney. Quips and Cranks Editor; Nan Horton. Music Club Presi- dent; Dinah Doods, Glee Club and A Capella President. Administrative Council President; Janice Jacksa. Art Club President; Jo Ann Sardis. Spanish Club President. forty-threeLOWER SCHOOL COUNCIL First row: Susan Harrington, Sevtnth Grad President; Martha Dimmler, Lowar School Vice president; Kathie Kappel. Social Sarvica Chairman Second row: Marjoria Ingraham. Citizanship Chairman; Elisa Wasaman, Eighth Grada Prasidant; Andrea Lilianthal, Lowar School Prasidant Third row: Ann Crownover. Fourth Grada Prasidant; Deborah Simpson. Fifth Grada Prasidant Fourth row: Diana Murray. Athletic Prasidant; Joan Crownover. Third Grada Prasidant Mrs. Baird, Advisor Absent: Laura Dimmler. Second Grada Prasidant; Jana Landis. Sacratary-traasurar; Toni Lawrence, Sixth Grada Prasidant UPPER SCHOOL COUNCIL Standing: Michele Harrar. Athletic Council Prasidant; Marti Howard, Sophomore Class President; Mendy Sartain, House Council Representative; Susanna Harrar. Freshman Class President; Mrs. Lamar. Advisor; Margot Lasher. Junior Class Prasidant Seated: Dinah Dodds. Glee Club and A Capella President, Administrative Council President; Wendy Gross. Senior Class President; Kathleen Whitney. Student Body Secretary; Lassie Fuidge, Student Body Vice-president; Marianna Keating. Student Body Prasidant; Missy Vaux. Chairman of Citizanship: Lorna Lindsay. Secretary of Citizanship forty-fourTHE BOARDERS Present BELLS BELLES Here s a heartwarming drama with a successful run of seventy-four ears. In addition to piquant staging and bright performances”, there are other remarkable features: The Setting Channing Hall, Anna Head School The Director — Mrs. Richter The Cast—(1959 - I960) Five experienced actresses’’' Appears daily — 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. (Entrances and exits to alarums” of bells and excursions by Belles) Note last performance June 10th, 1960 Hail and farewell ! (Exeunt — Linda Bell Page Chiapella Lassie Fuidge Charmian Gilman Mandy Sartain) 2 Absent, on another tour, — Lyn Allen and Berta Mann. forty-sixCHRISTMAS PARTY UeV forI)-ieiraDANCES jorty-eigb: apa remem rt... her, 77 forty-nineTEAS jrjty-ou%.‘men As the years pass we'll remember, These days from all others apart; And the doings that all have occurred here Have a permanent place in each heart. The big Country Fair we'll remember, And the cakes and their boxes galore, Then the hundreds of people who won them And who later came back for some more. And the teas we arranged as a project For teachers and mothers to see. And we ate and we drank till filled to the top With sandwiches, coffee, and tea. The dance which we worked on together With boys and refreshments and such. And as we leave this year changed into Sophomores We know that we have done much. Anne Goodrich fifty-twoL. to r.—Deborah Gill. Nancy Harrington. Mary Corse. Sherrill Coles, Elizabeth Crist. Pamela Chappell, Helen Ferguson. Jeanne Bratain, Anne Gideon. Kate Austin. Anne Goodrich. Mardi Balaam. Susan Forbes. Nikki Bercove, Nancy Ann Castle. Christine Bassett. Diana Goggio, Carol Heady. Debby Dodds, Caroline Gordon. Georgia Burr, Alison Evans L. to r.—Sally Law, Josephine Horner. Susan Laughlin, Pam Horner, Wendy Jordan, Polly Nicolaus, Dee Hopkins. Jane Ireland. Candy Willson, Marcia Ray. Susan John- son. Jett Horton. Toni Zacher. Dani Knight. Patricia McCarty. Barbara Naismith. Ruth Townsend, Joanna Sartain, Martha Miliard. Shelley Wilkes. Phyllis Hoos, Claudia Rummell jijty-:brec SOPHOMORES As the years pass we'll remember These days from all others apart. The people, the plays, and the problems, That, finding their way to our heart, Have led us from angles to Richard To bombast out brains and upstart A del uge of rational reasons. Thus, placing the horse 'fore the cart, We dusted the Seniors at Fair time With flour, and won our art The best booth award for our bestness; We knew that we would from the start. Remembering Wonderland rhythms At our hop so successful and smart, And everywhere honored and praised With our laurels now we depart.Back row I to r—Beverly Sill, Vicki Brodne, Holly Borden, Judy Abbot 2nd row —Marilyn Barkin, Marti Dickson. Ann Chickering, Charlotte Ashby, Joan Hu, Pam Harvey, Gaye Eckholm, Jane Bonneau, Brenda Higgins, Penny Hearn, Elizabeth Hughos Front row —Sarah Dewey, Lyn Allen. Barbara Coates, Tobie Daniels Back row I to r—Barbara Moran, Donna McIntosh. Michele Patterson. Pam Kitchell 2nd row — Maryly Snow, Sharon Newman, Linda Liik, Lynn La Boyteaui, Sandy Shapiro, Joan Ross. Sandy Otto. Carolyn Jund, Sukey Lilienthal, Helen Osterhaus. Diane Upton. Marilyn Steele. Mandy Sartain. Mary Twiss Front row —Pat Lamb, Bobbie Palmer. Nenon Price. Penny Hearn iijtyjhtumors As the years pass we'll remember These days from all others apart, Knowing that '59-'60 will always Have a place in our hearts. We'll remember the day we first gathered And cried "Now were Juniors—Hooray'." We II remember our booth at the Country Fair As if it were yesterday. The games which our class has supported, The swimming plaque which we won, The riot we had with the Seniors, And other days full of fun. We II remember high fashion, our Junior tradition, As our Fashion Flight '60 took off. There were ohs ' and "ahs" for the traveling wardrobe, And, "Let's go downtown now and shop." At last came our dream night, the Junior Prom, As beautiful as a fairyland ball, Our graduation gift to the Seniors before us, A magical night for us all. We’ll remember the June graduation We knew we had reached the top, And as the Seniors of '61, Our successes will surely not stop, Yes, as the years pass we'll remember These days from all others apart, Each girl for her own special reasons Will cherish them deep in her heart. Margot Lasher and Sandy OlsenBack row I. to r.—Sue Abbott. Eleanor Adam, Cynthia Hubbard, Sue Lamberson 2nd row —Chris Johnston, Judy Austin, Barbara Hamberg 3rd row —Nell Chamberlain, Dana Henry. Perrin Graves, Charmian Gilman, Ruth Arnon 4th row —Margaret Bodfish, Blythe Bertwell. Margaret Ashlock, Val DoyU Front row —Debbie Lee, Ann Besler, Sue Bradshaw Back row I. to r.—Sally Tomlinson, Diane Wolden. Marian Mclvor, Lome Lindsay, Christine Nielson 2nd row —Barbara Lidy, Abby Sills, Jai Synder, Teddy Rehag. Laury Main- waring 3rd row —Sue Skaggs, Pat Morton, Martha Spaulding, Martha White. Chalimar Pease 4th row —Nancy Ross, Sandra Ramsey. Bobbie Sawyer. Sandy Olsen, Front row —Liz MocGrcgor, Cherie Sharp fifty-  MAY DAY — GRADUATION '59 sixtyto u5 uiiions op j(orij tixty-oafSeniori As the years pass we'll remember These days from all others apart; Our time here has burned to an ember, And soon to new places we'll start. Our finals! the bane of the school term, The waiting for college replies — Achievements and Aptitudes affirm In which way our future road lies. Remember our own private sun porch, The Christmas balls, tea mints and trays, The playdays, our Fair booths, and "your torch", The teachers who wouldn't give "A's May Civics class long be remembered; Compare it to all other ills; "Returns" to the juniors we've tendered; Our grades here no longer take spills. Now who could forget all this wild throng ? Such revels not few will down-grade, Those names carved on walls will not last long, But those in our hearts shall not fade. Cheryl Bryan sixty-lhn t -1 ifki A M oX v i lij Vj«L4. - •• l. J ihuJi j 2 y Mi Ud y a r V H V 4x Vaw u itu umajuo 2» CAROL ATTWOOD Senior Class Vice-President KJU -3f 4i I "The Jar ’ — "Siiverbud" — "Farouk" — her B.P. —"Isn't Delaware in Maryland?" — three gold fPg 9j0 keys in art — P.H.'s lunches — Freshman Class President — constant diets — curled eyelashes — perpetual chairmanships — "Miss Guillotine" — - 14. Twelve year Headite • “ • »cJUUa tuXlA m 7t ClAvJl Mjl LkUu L mV k at V f i Y y f ,: y’7 LINDA BELL I r "Y' all " — flowers in her hair — diets — cheer- leader — contacts — trousseau lingerie — cosmet- ics — boarder — "Scratch my back." — ice cream — sleopy in the morning — Ding Dong. w • sixty-four P yj' ■ i C Qum7 y y y. i y «v ' V o- carol brumm:rstedt ' — Senior Porch painter — pretty eyes — bows in her hair — walks to school —i cheerful "Good , Morning." New York — cheerleader — her age — so friendly p 3' 7 ht i , S ' i • ,.,r r -y m Jv ; " { sixty-fire  CHERYL BRYAN ■ Tfiw»» - wry wit — well-read — mythology eipert |the seal" — Ojai — "Miss Cherrie" —- Santa ............................... 3. D CUL QkJiaj - yldj Jrt-Lmj iCo O CKK, xXj • V -6 £xj!l4 CJ 'w-OtoL 0 JUdU OuUL» Orti , f-U e gLcxu o, uCOLXj o cLuoJCcOmj. 3 - f UOLctlh 0- uaJ RHEAD CjLaJq t PAULA CALOERHEAI Art historian — "The Frog” — soft voice — her laugh — white glasses' frames — Art Club Presi- dent in Junior Year — swimming pool in her apart- ment house — Aunt in Hawaii — Job's Daughters. ZJa + ootouif M '7 HJU-C. Cl a. ni Y ft k r z. ■CA-t sixty-six S PAGE CHIAPELLA House Council Representative Math mind — the ice-cream — Chico — boarder — cheerleader — seamstress — no memory — Tahoe — eats and eats but never gains. 7LO° xxuAJi 'hao -£ Juuax 7 AqXj 'jCl sy X Oo-C ™XCK- uyo-1 LxOuL, kS YXUU JL av . -7 -----VJV-Y C u jy rJurnJb A- NANCY COLES oc . CusCtu ctou Job's Daughters — the long commute — perfectly — "Oh for a good supply J a - Job's Daughters — the long commute — perfectly combed hair — sisters — "Oh for a good supply i . of Spiragyra!” — long lashes — Camay complexion f fZ ASOSn } - "Now wait a minute!" (XyCLCtALX ( (JU U yexx ubuUc xy 0 LO cyr )y TKk. licsru 'T'sA m A WVT S 7a ax. j.4X sSO - .7 ScCOm- f° -1 0 «Syf xT • "A • ' . . JULIE DICKSON .,7 -- Be. I let — Phoenix bird — expert raisin-in-mcuih catcher — good French accent — Tahoe Meadows 4 V v ' S- — Saddlers Wells — Death Valley at Thanksgiving — victim of Mr. Dewey s questions. '' ; • » 0 DTNAH DODDS Glee Club President Administrative Council President enough to make a genie neurotic " — bridge 'T2yAJ — . —— Ben Lomond — "Dine" — tennis — scientist — (P°°l hall — her big black purse — weed-n-booze — the soiid gold Chevy — sisters — Hammy — CS.F. 0 jb L -A JLW "R UXj, ' tXoL t rkjUU. 2 ok- Ka. tkn-k -4 UAAxK, Jcf s a. lA OUuu-. X . Jt c , •f» 1, - W 2 -C4- t-0 "J V ' d 7 - KATHY DUGAN Dugie — "For goodness sake, Katty!" — Phoebe- keeper — little brothers — trick or treaters — hates mathematics — pretty hair — Sophomore taxi service — conscientious biologist. J r rr- Jbtwo cJj{ 'ZluJL' j t - Ad Jcct JjeaoLt. a s -' -AIL . S7lP . J%C PC jL JstulJ Z jS- a UnuLl cXl A H Up W j JUDY EfKHOLM 0 Drama Club President Long blonde hair — Richmond — blue Stude — "I got a question!" — cabin at Tahoe with accessories — library — siender — good lab technician. cXl jUifanv . tA o u f JL+C Af- ■ t4yzc %6 sixty-nineLYN FORBES Baby blue Thunderbird — Tahoe —- The Jeep — skiing — Civil Service report — brilliant grand- father — "Let’s get back to the subject" — bongo drums in living room — blue ribbon dogs — Quill and Scroll. seventy s 'ff' Vj ■■ '9 Chapel Co-ordinator v q The Organization Woman — red slip — neat As a pin — Clear Lake — State Fair — Jolie — sisters — Gini with an "i", not "y" — tomato soup colored car — finally has long hair. °k c9 WENDY GROSS Senior Class President Gorgeous hair — Abu Ali — clothes!!! — art — jazz — imitations at the Spindrift — Miss Pacific Coast Tennis Queen — laugh — Quill and Scroll — 'The A e" — "It's basketball season" — Editor of NODS AND BECKS in Junior Year. W - • S u. f Ct c, jUt r- y) A A I y U cs. eventy-one fa 1 - ♦ 7 £ ua f?i y6 CHRYSANTHI HADJICOSTANTI American Field Service Exchange Student Hadj—" My name is Chrys, I come from Greece" MICHELE HARRER Athletic Council President Communter — the teddy bear — sisters — fab- ulous prom party — silvery blue chevy — slender — swimming — "debutante slouch." scvcnty-tuo VvJXOc . X- Vx-awxx. «LvroonrOo 'or VfcA V V m k "VM4, X-HAA ft XsrA J ■ ■-W. 'V V "A iU W V TERRY HENSHAW Social Service Chairman Vuiv sn O J v £.v .k Geei, Ralph! — diets — Feather’s — Sacki — shiny hair — French doll — voice — her car — the striped coat — carrots — Hawaii — Santa Barbara. OOfw f ATO CV 5fcs V j s Vi V VOvJ Vj V Wm c V jCSl u sp -vsvjO, - yA Wy '"' - W'cc v t. A v - 1 Av u tv- 'vw.j r W.v i l n . v ec, % v . f , U Mu js 1 A -W CnSJ , Woo - Jb rx j r T. A JU fK 1.J r j JS rio ;x c L SZt-x--» y sts + .. fl- y'- J • . 0. i ) n tr O-t O V X . ' ... NAN NORTON kl Cu-th Ky 6 y J y c nv » i (ilv oCul£ Mu,!e lub Pre,id nt yyt c Typing typing, typing — "The Bone" — "Oh. it s (T ) just grubby!" — well read — Pooder — The Bat . - J £-h 1 f-tf Poly Sci — records — "Mahtha" — College Chem — "craxy boy." f . li Jr t • tz+ - Ia2-' —• u « Le— n ■ ciJ yf fc y y- • y «. y2L. u o o-yMn ' (yy% c uj r g }j wg m m ■ y» • , tyy , Z' fi rr- yyy yyy d my. ;' 'jL' 0 correspondent — Veneiualen brother-in-law — 'a ' "Fiddlesticks!" — "Hey there Box!" RANCES HUNT Frank" — Job s — Where’s Jack?" — Reifenstein syyk. sy. t ff 9 -yyyy yy Sr. " ■ ' . ' S. SyH ,, . ..' I 'SUSAN HITCHENS ) French'Club President Hutch — Kelvin t— " Snort the Wart" — worries — Hawaii — ierra Club — "YEOW!" — "PSHEW!" — "W Oulo you look at that toot!!" — weed-n-booie — tennis — Tahoe — Wisconsin sweat-shirt — yXmp seventy-four ;m ,' yy, y AJANICE JACKSA Art Club President "The Box" — filing her corners — Job's — the knot at the top of her head — "Where's Frank?" — third yaar Latin — pink cheeks — Sherwood — "Out of the mud grows the lotus." k ; -f 'Jta v» — o w»W MARIANNE KEATING N Student Body President Ke-ting — "The Sack" — Ashland — Shakespear- ian Festival — smudging in the wee hours — liv- ing away from home — Sophomore Class Presi- dent — Secretary of Citixenship in Junior Year — "Drag you" — A.F S. Student in Germany — artic- ulate hands — "Wake up and live!" — jaxx — Mahriahne. N N.» . »ox % V v v- "wX. « Vsix, A X S 'W CAROL LISSANCE Editor, Nods and Becks Counsellor at Tahoe — Carole with an "e" — Carmel Valley — Mugwump — red mittens — clast "intellectual" — Quill and Scroll — the Jaguar key — the Democrat — U.C. Corner — official Mr. Dewey photographer — Caroley. BERTA MANN Senior Class Treasurer Boarder — Texas — clothes! — telephone bills — battery trouble — good looking male relatives — shampoo and toothpaste consumer — Corpus — odds and ends. seventy-six r-A i 1 p a' IV. Op cy 1 ■ y' .... (1 Mi ii nwijr iiiobvi vi iiivivj ■» ,K fsT S t ,, yy 'V 3 GINNY MAYNE Tennis — teaser — red red hair — the Granny Net — “hearing aid” — witty father — Ingebor Maynson — Oriole's laugh — Expert raisin thrower 'Oh holy makerel there!". S • . % e %. s' % yl % n! « T 9 % 1 1 • % . ) • A, • I v% t • • f r L’ i i . t: . ‘ ■ W' vx vr a c V s BECKY MOSHER Athletic Association Vice-President Beck — Sunday School — friendly — turned up nose — well trained milkman sister — always diet- ing — "Vicki. I mean Becky... ” — yearbook signing party. o } t I L •• .'v % H % 1 V s. • k i 3 V. seventy-sere Uoua r L tr.-tV . « j , S » y A . ‘»’L -i". • ' I . • SUSAN ROBERTS ■». £ . . . Suzanne — babysitting — speedy, controlled driver — outer space movies — Suzettes — piano — get- ting up at five A.M — goodnatured — Stage I % • • • - l J k • A Crew President in Junior Year. • r 4- , . - . -V vVv .C , aOjuJL U. . fi iA « •• dL ixroui llj Icnx A Un 'OLSL r V - W V: J , , W- BEVERLE RORDAN Bcv — El Cerrito — Beverle with an ”e" — Music Camp — 9 Franciscian Way — green buick which "shifts like a truck" — Clear Lake — water skiing. °)°° Uac-T V%. c c yao- v oe j? X A. Vj -J V O Xovv VJ, v n J: Co VJ % ctenly-erght o JO ANN SARDIS Spanish Club President Tweeky — soft hair — contacts — perennial bid chairman — trousseau items — organized — Casa Suena — good exerciser — Job's Daughters. ieientyuiueI X 0 ( UJ © - « ■ . . — © -£ •= 5  k, .(V V vV- • ' v 0 ■'' V ( ' V ' - . . c C' yte l U. y y - 4.4+ CL i O PAM STREET Entertainment Chairman Peanut-butter colored hair — Hamfat — MG-A trouble — "The Store" — Skiing — Artistic — nice clothes — "It's Macabre" — Priscilla's Cheese- cake — music critic — bongo drums — "You're .one deaf." -P s- ?c . ( 3 0yJ L+ 1 K t« • • • ' -V’ a"Aa , f "•' • eighty-oneMARY SUGDEN v 3 Vvsjs» P- 5 - " ft. y. MISSY VAUX 9Sl r eSt « n, r Chairman of Citizenship . • Ia "Yeow!" — Skoich. not French — Henry James O vKLi — studious — A-chooooooooooo! — "That's for ' I sure!" — ten years of piano — "Just vile!" — jSXAufW, » Junior Class President — Gretchen — potato • . chips apd onion dip. I o a OJ t3 Wh, ajy 0 v JBk L • fieV - y • -t eAlajuvAo. T l 0|CjudGb Vj-c. aj o j Slj c S30v f atTv- vrok sJCTi. ViJftJJL JA% 2? i JJ A. - "' £?' £7 ?) a J rf it esL tLU cf d d. u JtL 'tf @7 Ct --------- st . ft . ' ’ ! + c «.., JO ANN WALLIS " 1 3 ' • - Stage Crew President Skeet Shooting — Little Edward and Charlia — Tahoe — ‘’You really want to know what I think?" — yearly trip to Yosemite — hates to drive — Spanish — likes football — trip to Thailand — There was a little Ford — "Whoops." L s .' sAxA O-Aa.v0 A • LoVaaX Cx a iN AXUL dl) KJ) AJ O'- " 'Aj A 0r TH VVHHTNEY SIkk . Editor of 9uips and Cranlts Austin Healy — Stevenson — La Jolla — photo- « f y 0 L Cx graphy — long-eye lashes — Quill and Scroll — Ok. . v I ' "We re almost through..." — Viceroys — "Lix, 5 i-. I mean Kathy. I mean..." — PE. enthusiast — SL H 1 a V1 "Stories are due on... " oisu - uv— CxSLX CTW. ! Jr 4 I - xj dK v j. | ixtJl » eighty thretKATHLEEN WHITNEY Student Body Secretary Whitter — "Liz, I mean Kathy, I mean..." — Hygiene — Mamie bangs — Boris — "I resolve not to talk in class to Liz any more.” — "The Skin" — that laugh! — "Did you make out the attendance slip?" — Berkeley Youth Council. . Ot ' J JL VnOJ-v- . . u9CX£ oW Vy=ry, • V-o r Ww ) cU fi qn o rJCrr Wfc o V MADELINE WILDE V Business Manager, Nods and Becks Sisters — Madwild — B.T.C. — "May I be ex- cused to see Mrs. B.?" — library acquaintances — ' ' 'inclination for talking (especially in Math??) — T .n.'s Manager — AA Council — Math IV — the 'S jL r tiXvV4O0wey Streak. % Wv»»«- jjodu-SoXX s avC exLAAiiivufc. - iuc rvOyJ Z ox%cX- er- vigb y-fourLEST WE FORGET.... Second Year Seniors the black-widow web the PEEPUL The Body Phoebe French double-zero "All right, Whitneys: Keep quiet." iambic pontameter Squeedunk Captain Cook "Tommorrow it will be too late!" Communist spy rings THE CATCHER IN THE RYE "Please keep all food off my desk." busy work the new sprinkler system tragic flawrs exceedingly a hump of hemp bite-size morsels the lunch-line vultures "Gosh all Hemlock!" yellow slips, green slips, pink slips, blue slips, and white slips V crvA«-Wx-a-cckVv twaddle "Simultaneity is not the same as immediate succession.' Straight-edges Hygiene the French, a gay race... Bobby Joe and Turkey Spiller the Box "It never fails to overwhelm me." shotgun quizzes and ten-minute quizzes College Boards the BPL and OPL "Mr. Sewall says... Chrysanthi the long established tradition that Freshmen scrub the old numerals off the Senior Porch by and large C. A.'s B. P. American Litature, ekcetera "Freckles" philosophical anarchists Kip's and Si's June 10, I960 Vi ykXJ jDr ' WHAT IS SAID AT ANNA HEAD You bet! Somebody kleptied my... Pshew! Hey, good lookin', whatcha got cookin'? I move we dispense with the minutes. It's Hygienenie time. How far have you read... ? Just slip it up, and slip it down. We're almost through with... Ei yi yi! Will someone take my studyhall? Has someone got a goodie for me? You're out of uniform. You washed your hair! When do "C" cards come? Anyone who wants to fold Quips... Not another Student Body meeting! I'm flunking out! Did you see Alfred Hitchcock last week? What's for lunch? Vhat can I doooo? Who eats the chalk? It's pretty wicked! Yipes! Where's the desk bell? Can I have a ride? But Mr. Levis!! Let us open Chapel this morning with... Save me a place. I didn't recognize you in clothes! Tch. Not another black mark?! You got a yellow slip. Only more days left. What'd you get? Looks don't count, but they help. erghly-fiie1960 ELECTION RESULTS Wherein, with apologies to the United States Government and its Body, the Anna Head precinct presents its results to the "pcepul.” CAROL ATTWOOD and VICKI SEXSON turn over their offices as Co-Chairmen of the Veterans' Administration (since they have been at Head's for twelve years) to SUSAN LAMBERSON who, after nine years, has finally made it. LINDA BELL relinquishes her position as Director of the Southwestern Power Administration to DIANE WOLDEN. (After all, Oakland is southwest of Berkeley.) BONNIE BLUE, Director of the Bureau of Statistics (Vital, of course) regretfully resigns in order that BOBBIE SAWYER may fill that office. CAROL BRUMMERSTEDT loses her position as Chief Hairdresser to the First Lady to SUE SKAGGS, who defeated her by a hair. CHERYL BRYAN and GINNY MAYNE lose by default to CHERIE SHARP and MARGOT LASHER their Co- Chairmanships of the Senate Rackets Committee. PAULA CALDERHEAD and JULIE DICKSON, long-time Directors of the International Exchange of Art and Culture, step down to be replaced by TEDDY REHAG and RUTH ARNON. PAGE CHIAPELLA, Director of the Bureau of Prisons, finally makes her getaway and will be replaced by CHAR- MI AN GILMAN until she, too, masters the fire-escape. NANCY COLES, the unrivalled Prosecuting Attorney in the Court of Common Pleas, has finally found her equal in JUDY AUSTIN who will take over in the fall. DINAH DODDS, whose mathematical talent shows up even in her English papers, relinquishes her position as Di- rector of the International Geophysical Year to MARGARET BODFISH and SANDRA RAMSEY. KATHY DUGAN, Head of the Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry, turns over her office to BLYTHE BERTWELL. (Biology class, you know.) JUDY EKHOLM, Chairman of the Senate Investigation Committee ("I got a question.") turns over her office to MARGARET MCWHORTER. LYN FORBES, Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, relinquishes her position to LIZ MACGREG- OR, hoping she will have the ways and means to take care of Seventh Period Studyhall. LASSIE FUIDGE, Head of the Department of Sanitation, (Fuidge as in Sewage) turns over her office to CHALI- MAR PEASE (of the Anna Head Cafeteria), NANCY ROSS (of the dog food company), and BARBARA HAM- BERG, (of whom the reason is obvious), all who have promised in the campaign to give us bigger and better lunches. GINI GINGG turns over her position as Head Government Efficiency Expert to CYNTHIA HUBBARD in the hope that she too may be successful in proceesslng red slips on Thursdays. WENDY GROSS, Secretary of the Department of Outer Space (wayyy out, man), blasts off leaving it up to LAURY MAINWARING to continue with a love of jazz. CHRYS HADJICOSTANTI, the obvious Head of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, turns over her office to another well-seasoned traveller, PAM OAKLEY. MICHELE HARPER turns over her office as Head of the Inland Waterways Commission (because of ail her pools and fountains) to ANN BESLER. TERRY HENSHAW, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, turns over her office and all her carrots to MARTHA WHITE. eight) -. NAN HORTON relinquishes her position as National Committee-woman (knowing so much about politics) to VAL- ERIE DOYLE, who has had a start, at any rate, with her Current Events Club. FRANCES HUNT, Custodian and Protector of the Bill of Rights (and especially of the Fifth Amendment) turns over her office to SALLY TOMLINSON. SUSAN HUTCHENS, Chairman of the Inter-city Commerce Commission and founder of the Kelvin Transit Au- thority, is replaced by SUE BRADSHAW, who is well on her way toward founding her own transportation company. JANICE JACKSA, (otherwise known, it may now be revealed, as THE BOX), who has been the faithful Cabinet for ever so long, is now replaced by SANDY OLSEN. MARIANNE KEATING so much loves her office as Director of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, (and espec- ially loves smudging at Easter) that she does not want to leave. She turns it over to no one, and may very well remain for another four years. CAROLE LISSANCE, Head and Compete Staff of the Department of Corrections ("Are you sure that's the way to pronounce it?") relinquishes her office to BARBARA LIDY. BERTA MANN turns over her office as Comptroller of the Bureau of the Currency to NELL CHAMBERLAIN. BECKY MOSHER, Secretary of Manpower, Personnel and Reserve, regretfully relinquishes her office to DANA HENRY. SUE ROBERTS, Director of the United States Archeological Survey, Egypt Division, turns over her position to PER- RIN GRAVES. BEVERLE RORDAN, Director of the Highway Patrol (with a car that shifts like a truck) turns over her office to DEBBIE LEE. JO ANN SARDIS turns over her office a; Head of the Bureau of Home Nutrition and Home Economics, as well as her experience with Tweeky, to CHRISTINE NIELSON. LOUISA SCHAEFER, Director of the Red Cross resigns to spend full time at Alta Bates, and PAT MORTON and DIANE LEWIS (now of Lewis, Lewis and Lewis) take her place. LYNDA SHAW, Director of the Counterfeiting Investigation Committee, turns over her offife to JAI SNYDER, ex- pecting that Jai's reports will be almost as illegible as her own and Wendy's. MOLLY SMITH turns over to CHRIS JOHNSON her office as Director of the Department of Mental Hygiene, and in addition throws in the exclusive rights to the song she helped create therein. PAM STREET regretfully relinquishes her position as Director of the Federal Ski Patrol to MARIAN MCIVOR, and slowly schusses away. MARY SUGDEN, able Speaker of the House, turns over her position to two equally capable girls, ABBY SILLS and VIRGIE JUDY. MISSY VAUX cannot turn her office as Secretary of Labor over to anyone, because nobody but nobody works as hard as she does. JO ANN WALLIS, Chief of Staff of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, (and what more could a person want?) turns over her enviable office to JUDY ABBOT. ELIZABETH WHITNEY, Senate Minority Leader. ("Mr. Dewey, please don't hit me.") turns her enviable position, if it is that, over to MARGARET ASHLOCK. KATHLEEN WHITNEY turns over to LORNA LINDSAY her position as Head of the Federal Censorship Com- mission, and gives her as well sole ownership of Mr. Priest's book about a certain institution of learning. MADELINE WILDE turns over her office as Head of the Bureau of Wildlife (sorry, Madeline) to MARTHA SPAUL- DING and all her sport shoes for hunting, et cetera. The incumbents of 1959-1960, as a group, throw tradition to the winds and deflate a certain pair of infamous water- wings, start a new tradition by generously donating to the new office-holders their beloved Phoebe, and like- wise pass on to them their unfulfilled expectation of becoming Second Year Seniors. eighty-sevenNAME AMBITION FORECAST Carol Attwood Fashion buyer Designer of new Head's uniforms, bright red. perhaps Linda Bell Spy for the FBI Herberta Philbrick Bonnie Blue Child psychologist Designer of up-to-date maps (our geographer) of the Cal campus Carol Brummerstedt Career girl Editor of GLAMOUR Cheryl Bryan Children's librarian New Head's librarian (we're children, after all) Paula Calderhead . . .Architect The third Anna Head School Page Chiapella To be normal Are you kidding?? Nancy Coles Nurse Mrs. Koplan's Hygiene Assistant Julie Diclcson .. ..Ballet Dancer Mrs. Arthur Murray Dinah Dodds Scientific researcher (a new kind of intercommunicating earmuffs?) Mrs. Reynolds Wrap Kathy Dugan To get married Mrs Bobby Joe Sweeney Judy Eckholm Dental hygienist Ekholm. Ltd.— "Plates repaired while you wait" Lyn Forbes Marine biologist She sells sea shells by the sea shore Lassie Fuidge .Nurse Hospital tray-scraper and garbage collector Gini Gingg Interior decorator Writer of the definitive book of etiquette Wendy Gross Lambert, Hendricks and Gross Cigarette girl in the hungry i Chrys Hadjicostanti Chemist with Mrs. Dunham as assistant Michele Harrer Kindergarten teacher ... at the Andrew Head School Terry Henshaw Interior decorator Corvette and Porsche designer Nan Horton Master-of-all-trades Frances Hunt Teacher Hunting Instructor Susan Hutchens eigb:j-,igbl Psychiatrist Permanent resident of NapaNAME AMBITION FORECAST Janice Jacksa Para-psychologist Fortune teller and Seance-holder Marianne Keating Foreign correspondent in Germany President of the Munich branch of the "Elvis Come Back" Club Carol Lissance To be right The Lissance Dictionary of Pronunciation Berta Mann Art historian Choir leader of row two in Chapel Ginny Mayne Bacteriologist Inventor of M-60 in "Munch" the new wonder tooth paste Becky Mosher Dachshound raiser Boss of the Piedmont Dog-catcher's Union Susan Roberts Egyptolgist Head guide through the Egyptian exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor Beverle Rordan Teacher Driver's education teacher (in a Buick?) Jo Ann Sardis Teacher Chief instructress of the Anna Head exercise de- partment under Mrs. Stern Louisa Schaefer Doctor Matron at Napa in charge of the Vaux-Hutchens padded cell Vicki Sexson .Combination Van Gogh and E. E. Cummings Creator of the comic strip. "The Long, Gray Line" Lynda Shaw Criminal Law Secretary Criminal Molly Smith Elementary School Teacher Get married, have eighteen children and start her own school Pam Street ..Fraternity House-mother Phi-Delt mascot Mary Sugden Psychologist Countess Marco column Missy Vaux . Psychiatrist the other permanent resident of Napa Jo Ann Wallis Jet flyer Elizabeth Whitney .Free-lance photographer-writer for TRUE CONFESSIONS Kathleen Whitney Writer Wife of Boris Column, reflecting the beatnik scene Madeline Wilde To do something before my sisters Marry a man named Katt and win a Singer Sew- ing contest (see Nods Becks 1957 and 1959) eighty-minkCALE 1 9 5 9 ninetyN D A R 1 9 6 0 ninety-oneAD STAFF Marilyn Barken Linda Bell Page Chiapella Gaye Eckholm Beverly Gill Barbara Hamberg Sha ron Newman Sue Ann Skaggs Madeline Wildewvfty-thre Jantzen Catalina Caltex Elisabeth Stewart ■ erena Rose Marie Reid 10.95 to 25.95 RoosAtkins 0CS0CD0C30€ 0 D0C30 D0CD0 O0CrD0Cr50C30C30' MEDICO-DENTAL BUILDING 2488 CHANNING WAY, AT TELEGRAPH BERKELEY 4. CALIFORNIA £Phoenix Optical Dispensing Opticians CONTACT LENSES Telephone THornwall 8-4935 HAVE YOUR DOCTOR CALL JOHNSTON'S 2104 Channing Way Berkeley THornwall 1-4177 475 19th St. Oakland TWinoaks 3-7710 3QC= QC OC=30e Og M--SfU-mm-mm--MM | CAMERAS • FILMS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Berkeley Commercial Co. 2311 Telegraph Avenue THornwall 5-5268 jjew tenA, 2306 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, California Phone THornwall 5-4336 0 =0 = ninety-sixBOUQUETS FOR THE ACTRESSES Podesta Baldoccht AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS FLORISTS 224 Grant Avenue Fairmont Hotel Sheraton-Palace Hotel 2525 California Street SAN FRANCISCO SUtter 1-6200 ninety it i enTHE NAME THAT STANDS FOR COMPLETE SATISFACTION Berkeley Market 2369 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, California Telephone THornwall 8-4738 PAUL DEMPSEY Free Delivery and Charge Accounts BARTLETT HARDWARE "Everything in the Hardware Line" PITTSBURGH PAINTS STANLEY • DISSTON • WISS • TRU-TEMPER REVERE • SUNBEAM • GENERAL ELECTRIC LIBBEY OWENS 2488 TELEGRAPH AVENUE—THornwall 5-3791 BERKELEY 4, CALIFORNIA I — Q - o o ' « FOLEY'S Owl Rexall Drug — PRESCRIPTIONS — COSMETICS — Home and Office Phone TH. 1-0773 Agent for Hoyt Water Heaters W. A. "Bill" Bohan, Jr. Plumbing Heating Jobbing Specialists 2312 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, California THornwall 8-1545 City and State Master Plumber's License 2441 Dwight Way Berkeley 4, Calif. untety-t if hiDRESSES • SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES 0 i 15 Moraqa Way, Orinda, California 0 CLifford 4-2488 i ACROSS FROM ORINDA THEATER ORINDA STORE 10 Avenida de Orinda Telephone CL 4-4381 A complete grocery supermarket Delivery service to your door Minimum delivery charge 0 9 n Everything in Shoe Needs KEVIN MERRICK VILLAGE SHOE SHOP Tennis Professional Orinda Country Club 21 Orinda Highway Orinda, California CLifford 4-253  r o o 0 0 o AUTOGRAPHS i 0 o 0 Going on a trip? 0 0 s o ft 0 0 Just driving? ft o 0 0 o 2 0 o 0 0 0 1 You’ll want o 0 o 0 TRIPIf'HllTO SUPPLIES s o i o (B B B) o 0 1 o n 0 1050 GILMAN, BERKELEY 0 0 o TELEPHONE LA 4-1124 0 •• o 0 1 i i 0 0 i I 1 % 0 0 o S u 5 DUNLOP TIROS - 0 0 8 8 » o AUTO SUPPLIES n o s For Your— Horseless Carriage u o Stuz Bearcat I Sport Car u o 0 J or o 0 | o just plain old automobile n y 0 o | 0 8 | 0 o I 0 one hundred MORE HOURS! 9 A.M. — 10 P.M. SUNDAY 9 A.M. — 10 P.M. The Convenient Complete One Stop Shopping Center at SAN PABLO and McBRYDE AVENUES RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA Telephone BE. 5-0977 LoRay's Variety Center BE. 5-0977 C J Williams Meat Co. BE. 3-3594 Calette Sporting Goods BE. 3-0811 Grocery BE. 5-0977If it's Casual Wear, Swim Wear or Play Clothes Yon Need Come To de Jlaoeaeyai HROU SERVICE II ORINDA HIGHWAY NED—CLifford 4-9996 gdlem’s, Isaeo 21 Orinda Highway ORINDA, CALIFORNIA Phone CLifford 4-3448 22 BRYANT WAY DICK—CLifford 4-9920 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS ATLAS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES EXPERT LUBRICATION 3 emtntne 3 ancte 5 D(n,f VJL a 21 ORINDA HIGHWAY ORINDA. CALIFORNIA Suburban Fashions CASUALS • SPORTSWEAR • JEWELRY LINGERIE • ACCESSORIES TOYS HOBBIES SPORTING GOODS 17 Orinda Way Orinda CL. 4-0515 CLifford 4-5700 9:30—5:30 hudred-tu uFor Fine Foods Tin: ijttu da$a Orincla MONTCLAIR LAKE SHORE DANVILLE 2020 Mountain Blvd. 3343 Lakashor Ava. 364 S. Harti OAKLAND OAKLAND DANVILLE ORINDA. CALIFORNIA MONTCLAIR SPORTING GOODS "The Sports Center of the Hills" Golf, Tennis, Athletic Supplies Baseball, Football, Ski Eq uipment Sales and Rental — Boats 4 Motors 1970 MOUNTAIN BLVD. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA OLympic 5-2187 TEEN AND LADIES APPAREL HEADQUARTERS FOR LANZ MONTCLAIR PHARMACY FINE COSMETICS Dorothy Gray — Schiaparelli — Rubenstein Chanel—Nini Ricci—Revlon—Lanvin—Yardley PRESCRIPTIONS CHARLES A. HUNNEKE. Ph.G. FREE DELIVERY 6123 LaSalle Avenue in Middle of Block Telephone OL. 8-6363 Oakland one hundred-three0 Serving Montclair THE PILL BOX 1969 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, California OLympic 8-5800 PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS GIFTS Immediate Delivery WESTERN CORRUGATED INC 2800 ALVARADO STREET SAN LEANDRO. CALIFORNIA Telephone EL 7-5400 = o = e - o —- f Campus Textbook Exchange In Berkeley One Block from Campus new and used TECHNICAL —LAW TEXT BOOKS PAPERBACKS PRINTS BOOKS BOUGHT SOLD —EXCHANGED OAKLAND RIDING ACADEMY INDOOR ARENA ANdover 1-3977 BOB LORIMER HORSES BOARDED 0 0 O RIDING LESSONS 5745 Redwood Road 0 one hundred-jour "FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE BEST" PIEDMONT Grocery Company 4038 Piedmont Ave., Oakland OLympic 3-8181 SIFT BASKETS SIFT PACKS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Shipped Everywhere (Bond Shippers) COLES SHOE STORES Shoppers will find Them located 0 at 2915 College Ave., Berkeley n 1821 Solano Ave., Berkeley 3233 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland (Balloons for the Children!) 2 SHE will be delighted with FLOWERS • SIFTS PLANTS from 3 florist RUDOLPH POSTAG. Jr. jcm . 5619 College Avenue Oakland 18, California OLympic 3-3430 PEARSON'S PHARMACY Prescription Pharmacists Dree iveru Open Daily 9 to 7 Sunday 9 A.M. - 7 P.M. 2701 COLLESE AVENUE BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE THornwall 3-2892 J ‘rue hundred-i lieSk enuoocl J Phonograph Records — Tapes Hi Fi Phonographs — Tape Recorders 1510 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California THornwall 8-5206 Cranes and Eaton's Stationary Crane's Wedding Invitations jj Personal Stationary Gifts and Greeting Cards 'lAJlieatle d OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA Zita Witt PoUson ey ’j 3251 LAKESHORE AVENUE Star Grocery High Grade MEATS and GROCERIES FRUITS and VEGETABLES 3068 Claremont Ave., Berkeley OLympic 2-2490 —--- Q - OC OC OCr Q - n«-srw CWright s VILLAGE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS • COSMETICS • FOUNTAIN 79 Orinda Highway Orinda, California Phone — CLiford 4-2151VALENTINE'S DAY one hundred-sevenAUTOGRAPHS one hundred-eightI THE CALIFOEJIA i BOOH CO..LTD.Z: Since the Turn of the century has served students BEST in Berkeley TENNIS CLUB PROFESSIONALS ★ BOOKS ★ SUPPLIES ★ GIFTS TOM STOW No. I Tunnel Road CHRIS MAGGINS Blue and Gold Meat Market 2257 Shattuck Avenue THornwall 3-2932 CROCKARD CHEVROLET CO, Quality Meats Poultry Fish Free Delivery 0 Shattuck at Durant Berkeley, California THornwall 8-7311 0 Specia. 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BACKUS Editor Business Manager Art Editor Layout Editor Literary Editor Photography Editor Advisor To Anna Head School we are singing, Our love is forever with you. You give to us visions of Glory, You show us the way to be true. You foster our strongest of friendships Our fairest and rosiest dreams, And the torches of faith you are kindling Will lighten our road with their beams. You show us the goals we must strive for, Of honor and courage and truth, An the honest service you teach us Shall a buckler be to our youth. And as the years pass we'll remember These days from all others apart, And hope that our dear Alma Mater Will keep us a place in her heart. one hundred-twenty  

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