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presents 1957 - 1 958 fiftieth editionJt meraru The students at Anna Head School invite you to join them on a Safari through this past school year in search of the experiences and incidents that have increased their knowledge and rewarded their efforts.a tan three Jravel Editor—Gail Laurence Advisory Board—Geri Gingg, Cynthia Neuhaus Business Editor—Mary McFari.and Assistant—Cynthia Neuhaus Art Editor—Bettie Georgene McClusky Assistant—Wendy Gross Literary Editor—Betsy Beanchard Assistant—Lovelyn Ulmer Printed by Professional Press Engravings—Berkeley Engraving Photography by Paul Bishop Co. Berkeley Commercial Photo Co.ITINERARY 2 TRAVEL AGENTS ............................................. 4 GUIDEPOSTS................................................. 5 MESSAGE EROM THE DEWEYS 6 COUNCILS................................................. « TEACHERS .................................................. 10 SETTING OUT................................................ 11 Lower School SI DETRIP 17 Clubs Dances Country Fair ON THE TRAIL 25 Freshmen Sophomores juniors DETOUR ................................................................ 33 Athletic Council P. E. Teachers Gym Classes JOURNEY S END 10 Seniors TROPHIES Senior Candids Senior Selections Forecast Will ADVERTISERS 69With tremendous and awe-inspiring advances in science this year throughout the world, it is impossible to realize fully what lies ahead. We hope the School has given you, the Class of 195 8, a basis on which you can build, and that you will feel that you can adjust rapidly and sensibly to whatever changes occur. A number of voices have been raised reminding us that our nation contains individuals of many different talents and potentialities. Not everyone need be a scientist, but we join those who emphatically urge that the greatest use be made of each individual’s potential.Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeweyFIRST ROW’ L. to R Joan Lindberg, Secretary of Citizenship; Joan Sullivan. Vice- President. Diana Barlow, President of Student Body; Jean Bodfish Secretary of Student Body; Geri Gingg. Chairman of Citizenship; Carol Sawyer, Senior Class President SECOND ROW—L. to R Lorna Lindsay. Freshman Class President; Del Loomis. House President; Jackie Belden, Junior Class President; Leslie La Boyteaux. Athletic Council President; Gail Laurence, President of Administrative Council; Marianne Keating, Sophomore Class President minis tra tiue (Council MRS H Dt'NHAM Chemistry BACK ROW'—L. to R. Jennifer Cushing. Glee Club President, Judy Darnall. Chapel Coordinator; Betsy Blanchard. Current Events Club President; Sue Frisou, Editor Quips and Cranks; Sally Wright Assistant Social Service Chairman; Lovelyn L’lmcr. Stage Crew President; Betsy Greenlee. French Club President; Gail Laurence, Editor of Nods and Becks. President of Administrative Council. MIDDLE ROW—L. to R Donna Wolden, Spanish Club President; Marti Mills, Art Club President; Pat Lynch. Entertainment Chairman. FRONT ROW' L. to R. Cecc McEncany. Social Service Chairman; Lyn Hirshberg, Music Club President; Li Cushing. Eighth Grade Represntative; Pat Sills, Drama Club President. eightL. to R. Berta Mann. Sophomore Representative; Sally Humphrey. Senior Representative; Del Loomis, House President; June Feldstein. Junior Representative. I semester; Anne Fricdc. Freshman Representative. Camera Shy—Suzanne |ansse. Junior Representative, 2 semester. -?Cower . y ounci TOP TO BOTTOM—L. to R. Suzanne Lilicnthal. Presi- dent of Lower School; Mary Twiss Vice-President; Michele Patterson, Judge of Court; Vicky Browne. Sec- retar)'; Elizabeth Cushing. Chairman of Social Service; Ann Chickerimv Athletic President; Charlotte Ashby. Eighth Grade President; Martha Dimmler. Sixth Grade President; Stacy Sigerson. Fifth Grade President; Linda Vila. Second Grade President; Anita Bevc. Third Grade President; Sally Smardon. Fourth Grade President. nineMRS. ANNE CAMPBELL Who can forget a long time after? Echoes of joy; shouts of laughter, Warm sunshine, deep swings, A doll house, angels, little things. FOREGROUND—Joyce Cary. SWINGS—Joan Crownover, Sylvia McVkkcr, Mcribcth Brookman. Margaret Tucker. GROUP—Denise Milton, Lynda Hart, Catherine Hoover, Ariane Gunst, Katherine Waller. Deborah MacCallum, Carolyn Havre. Linda Elliott, Ann Crownover, Linda Vila. CAMERA SHY—Marion McCandless. twelveWho tan forget the recess lunches? Jump rope, tag, and hop scotch bunches. A bell, feet running in all directions Giggles of joy burst the happy tention. MRS. C. B. STONE Candace Wiesin er. Nancy Boynton. Tory Votaw, Anita Bevc. Sally Smardon. Suzanne Sutton. Phyllis Chamberlain. Gcnevivc Saphir. Karen Roller, Elizabeth Dunham. Camera Shy— Anne Jeffrey thirteenWho can forget the Christinas tree? Vacation, carols, the Nativity, The May Day Queen, gay flowers, spring Little faries, Muses, the Easter sing. MISS DEBORAH SAMPSON Mcrily Muriam. Nancy Hopkin. Mary Reifenstcin, Stacy Sigerson, Mary Bachman. Sage Sigerson, Susie Harrington. Kathy Drchtr. Sally Ann Kocher. Sheryl Brant. Lindsay Jackson. Margaret Selznick, Alexandra Henry. Trudy Sills, Cynthia Copp. Toni Navone. Mary Tucker, Martha Dimmler. fourteenMISS HELEN ENGLEHART Who can forget basketball ? Lower school conquered all; New desks, green blackboards, covered books. The Symphony heels, grown up looks. FRONT ROW—Bright Smith. Susan Forbes, Ruth Townsend. Wendy Jordan. Suzanne Harrer, Dee Hopkins. BACK ROW—Susan Laughlin, Polly Nicholaus, Nancy Harrington. Mary Ann Corse, Jacqueline Jaureguy. Jane Ireland. Pamela Horner. CAMERA SHY—Mardi Balaam. fiflctuWho can forget decoration? Assemblies, boys, a new creation. Then lipstick, white, graduation: Trips, tans, and summer vacation. MRS. RICHARD H. BAIRD FRONT ROW—Suzanne Smardon, Christine Koller, Penny Wilson. Nora Lehman, Sandra Otto. Michele Patterson. Camilla Daniel. SECOND ROW—Susan Hoffman. Martha Dickson. Mary Twiss, Charlotte Ashby. Joan Hu, Sarah Dewey. Victoria Browne. THIRD ROW—Lynne Fenehel, Hianne IJpton, Ann Chickering, Elizabeth Cushing. Ncnon Price. Suzanne Lilienthal. FOURTH ROW—Brenda Higgins, Candace Smith, Barbara Coates, Lynnn La Boyteaux. sixteenSet e Hi e'e HKNEELING IN FRONT—Bet tic McClusky. Art Editor; Judy Darnall. Photography Editor. SITTING—L. to R. Mary McFarland. Business Manager; Cynthia Neuhaus. Assistant Business Manager Advisory Board; Gail Laurence. Editor; Gc-ri Gingg, Advisory Board; Betsy Blanchard, Literary Editor. SITTING ON FLOOR—L. to R. Pat Sills. Art Editor; Sally Humphrey. Assistant Business Manager; Diana Wilde. Circulation Manager. SITTING—L. to R Sally Wright. Feature Editor; Anne Arnon. Assistant Editor; Sue Frisou, Editor; Sharon Shalit, Business Manager; Rosanna Van Gelder, Typing Manager. eighteenC S. F. C. S. F. HACK ROW—L. to R. Betsy Blanchard; Cynthia Ncuhaus; Linda Zinn; Jean Bodfish; Diana Barlow; Sue Frizou. FRONT ROW—L. to R. Anne Arnon; Kathleen Whitney; Missy Vaux; Wendy Gross. QUILL AND SCROLL QUILL AND SCROLL L. to R. Jean Bodfish. Betsy Blanchard. SOCIAL SERVICE AND CHAPEL COORDINATOR SOCIAL SERVICE CHAPEL COORDINATOR Assistant Social Service Chairman. Sally Wright; Social Service Chairman. Cece McEneany; Chapel Coordinator J.udy Darnali. nineteenA CAPELLA A CAPELLA BACK ROW—L. to R. Madeline Wilde, Bettic McClusky, Diana Wilde. Sue Rose. Carolyn Benner. Pat Jordan. Sandy Gibson. Diana Barlow, Jay Snder, Lynn Ballard, Shelley Pond. MIDDLE ROW—L. to R. Perrin Graves. Diane Wolden, Dana Tolies, Cynthia Neuhaus, Marinette Jogeix, Charolet Roller, Judy Darnall, Anne Arnon, Cynthia Hubbard. FRONT ROW—L. to R. Joan Lindberg, Stella Sadusk. Del Loomis, Linda Zinn. Ro- zanna Van Gelder. Sunny Monzella. Jo Ann Sardis, Linda Epperson, Dana Henry. Gail Laurence. Linda Gaylord. Sharon Shalit. Sally Wright, Janice Citron. Brooke Davis, Lorna Lindsay, Anne Whiston. Jennifer Cushing GLEE CLUB GLEE CLUB OFFICERS L. to R. Jennifer Cushing. President; Terry Goodwin. Li- brarian; Ann Arnon. Sccretary-Traesurer; Pat Jordan. Sergeant-at-Arms Sandy Gibson, Sergeant-at-Arms Susan Ray. Librarian. CAMERA SHY--Anne Whiston, Vice President DRAMA CLUB DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS L. to R. Marinette Jogeix, Vice President; Pat Sills, Presi- dent; Liz Small, Treasurer. twentySPANISH CLUB FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLIB OFFICERS Betsy Greenlee. President; Anne Sutherland, Vice President. MISS L. HOLMES Ancient and Modem History SPANISH CLl'B OFFICERS L. to R. Marinette Jojgcix. Vice President; Lvn Forbes. Treasurer; Donna Wolden. President; Lome Hayes. G rrespondin,u Secretary; Liz Small. Secretary. MR M MATHIEU French CURRENT EVENTS CLUB CTRRENT EVENTS CLl'B L. to R. Linda McVicar, Vice President; Betsy Blan- chard. President; Linda Epperson, Secretary. twenty-oneART CLUB MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS L. to R. Lyn Hirshberj;. President; Rosanna Van Gelder. Secretary. STAGE CRLW STAGE CREW OFFICERS L. to R. Sue Roberts, Secretary; Jo Ann Wallis. Vice President; Becky Mosher, Treasurer. Lovelyn Ulmer. President. ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE L. to R. Frankie Hayden. Senior Representative; Pam Street. Soph. Representative; Pat Lynch. Entertainment Chairman; Sue Job. Junior Representative; Dana Henry. Frosh Representative. MISS FLORFNCF JENSEN At their assemblies the I’reshmen could always boast About the trophy that they brought back Because they had the team with the most 1 hey were awarded the volleyball placjue FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BACK ROW —Judith Austin; Sue Ann Skavyjs. Sergeants at Arms. FRONT ROW—Janice Citron. Secretary. Dana Henry. Vice-President; l.orna Lindsay. Presi- dent. Sally Holabird. Treasurer. [utnty-sjxFRESHMAN CLASS FRON’l ROW Judith Austin. Mimi Howard. Christine lohnson Suzette Abbot. Betsy Heiinhucher. Dana Henry. Sally Hoiabird. Janice Citron. Lori Hayes. BACK ROW Perrin Graves. Barbara Hamberg Joan Frick. Betiy Kendall. Cynthia Hubbard. Virginia Rae Judy. Anne Friede. Gaile Koeher. Lleanor Adam. Cameron Folsom. Blythe Bert well. FRESHMAN CLASS FRONT ROW—Uta Schloraer, Margot Lasher. Chalimar Pease. Sue Ann Skaggs. Martha White. Abigail Sills. Geraldine Shaw. Lorna Lindsay. Martha Morrison. BACK ROW' Cherie Sharp. Diana W'olden. Alison Monzella, Roxanne Mankin. loan Synder. Deborah Lee. Linda Moritz. Diane Nebelung .Elizabeth MacGregor. Martha Spaulding. Barbara Lidy. CAMERA SHY -Susan Lamberson. Diane Lewis. tum y-seven o more 6 MRS. KATHERINE C. BAKt'S English U The Sophomores got lost in a mystic mase But they didn't get in dutch Although it took them eighty days To devclope their artistic touch. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Marianne Keating. President; Gini Gin . Vice President; Susan Roberts. Secretary; Kathleen Whitney. Treasurer. twenty-eightSOPHOMORE CLASS .STANDING Terry Henshaw. NX'endy Gross. I RON I' ROW Janice lacksa. Charlotte Kollcr. Susan Hutchens. Merilyn Forbes. Nan Horton. Brooke Da is. Mary Close. Ann Bennett. Francis Hunt. Nani Alexander BACK ROW—Cheryl Bryan. Dinah Dodds. Gmi Gin t. Julie Dickson. Caroj Attwuod. Marianne Keating, Kathleen Du ;an. Nancy Coles. SOPHOMORE CLASS STANDING Wcfe Lan jhorst, Jo Ann Wallis FRONT ROW—Becky Mosher. Cecelia McGuire. Missy Vaux. Molly Smith. Kathleen Whitney. Elizabeth Whitney, Jo Ann Sardis. Beverly Rorden Nano Reiknstein. BACK ROW—Vicki Sexson. Carol Lissance. Susan Roberts. Louisa Schaefer. Madeline Wilde, Virginia Mayne. Linda Shaw. Berta Mann. Pamela Street CAMERA SHY—Laurel Matteson twenty-nine union MRS THEODORE G OSIl'S liuxli. j III The Junior didn’t lose the Though they were starved by hunger and thirst They managed to carry the SAKS on their back Dressed up to glory like the first. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jackie Bcldcn. Class President; Dana Tolies. Ser.ueant-at-Arms; Julie Allen. Secretary; Linda Epperson. Treasurer; Linda Zinn, Vice-President. thirtyU NIOR CLASS FRONT ROW—Limia Zinn. Rosanna Van Odder. SECOND ROW Kathleen Thompson. Dana 'Folles, Cynthia Neuhaus. Lovefyn Timer. THIRD ROW Susan Ray. Martha Tinker. Bonnie Olson. Anne Sutherland. FOURTH ROW Patricia Snyder .Mary Thompson, Stella Sadusk, Susan WiUiams. FIFTH ROW—Susan Parker. Shelley Pond. Diana Wilde, Sally Wright. CAMERA SHY Lynn Ballard. Jean Short. Ann Damnbacker. JUNIOR CLASS FRONT ROW Sandy Miller, Joan Lindberji. Susan De Maestri. Betty Jean Hadden. Freddie Lamb SECOND ROW—Linda Epperson. Linda Me Vicar. Jackie Bclden, Suzanne Frisou. THIRD ROW June Feldstein, Elizabeth Honzik. Vivian Jacobs. Julie Allen. FOURTH ROW Linda Garrette, Anne Arnon. Katy Browne. Terry Goodwin FIFTH ROW—Pat Jordan, Mary McFarland, Sandra Gibson. thirty-onethirty-twot thirty-threeATHLETIC COUNCIL ATHLETIC COUNCIL BACK ROW—L. to R. Shelley Pond. Manager of Volleyball team; Mary McFarland. Vice President; Anne Whiston, Manager of Tennis Team; Pam Street. Molly Smith, Cheerleader. FRONT ROW—L. to R. Ann Chicicering, Lower School Athletic President, Cynthia Neuhaus. Manager of Swimming Team; Freddie Lamb. Manager of Basketball team; Marinette Jogeix. Ski Manager; Sue Rose. Secretary-Treasurer; Leslie LaBoytcaux, President; Sue Job. Recorder of Points; Rosanna Van Gelder. Riding Manager; Kathy Dugan. Cheerleader; Dinah Dodds. Cheerleader; Cccc McGuire, Cheerleader. thirty-jour DURING the school year of 1957-S8 wc have had a successful and cooperative Athletic Council. We have had the usual playdays: Dominican, the Tennis Luncheon and Mill’s. The roller derbies were put on in the cjuad at recess and lunch. The most stupendous event of the year was the Athletic Council dinner. We served hot-dogs cooked on braziers. It was a new idea and everyone was very enthusiastic. The Council this year has worked well as a unified body, and because of this unity the members of the Council have had fun and enjoyed their jobs. Leslie La BoyteauxMRS. JAMES BOORNAZIAN Physical Education MRS. C. E. LUSK Physical Education and Art MRS. RAUL A. STERN Physical Education, director thirty-fiveSWIMMING SWIMMING BACK ROW—L. to R. Diane Wolden, Jackie Beldcn. Kathy Thompson. Nan Horton, Sheryl Bryan. I RON! ROW—L. to R. Pat Jordan. Dana Tolies. Shelley Pond, Cynthia Ncuhaus. Swimming Manager. Sally Lorimer, Sandy Miller. ICE SKATING ICE SKATING L. to R. Mr. Davenport. Nancy Alexander. Suzanne Van Ticnne, Jansse. Vergie Judy. Blythe Bert well, Perrin Graves, Sue Roberts. Lynn Forbes, Nancy Coles, Frances Hunt, Gail Laurence. CHEER LEADERS CHEERLEADERS L. to R. Molly Smith, Kathy Dugan. Dinah Dodds, Cccc McGuire thirty-sixVOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BACK ROW—L. to R Diana Wilde. Sally Lorimer, Mary McFarland. Joan Sullivan. Shelley Pond. Cynthia Neu- haus, Pat Jordan. Sandy Gibson, Margot Lasher. FRONT ROW—L. to R. Missy Vaux. Dinah Dodds. Terry Goodwin. Lovelyn Ulmer, Freddie Lamb. Basketball Manager. Joan Lindbcrg, Sandy Miller. Sue Job. Susan Hutchens VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW—L. to R. Diana Wilde. Mjry McFarland, loan Sullivan. Lorna Lindsay. Freddie Lamb. Pat Jordan. Terry Henshaw, Marianne Keating, Vickie Sexton, Jackie Belden. FRONT ROW—L. to R. Cece McGuire. Terry Goodwin, Lovelyn Ulmer. Shelley Pond. Volleyball Manager, Lorna Lindsay. Sandy Miller, Sue Job, Susan Hutchens, Julie Allen. CAMERA SHY—Lynn Forbes BOWLING BOWLING BACK ROW—L. to R. Gini Gingg. Pat Jordan. Katy Browne. Pam Street, Bowling Manager. Sandy Gibson. Brooke FRONT ROW—L. to R. Betsy Blanchard. Bev Rordan, Lovelyn Ulmer. ibinysevtnTENNIS TENNIS BACK ROW—L. to R. Del Loomis, Wendy Gross, Linda Zinn, Ginny Maine, Sue Rose, Sheryl Bryan. FRONT ROW—Ann Whiston. Tennis Mana ger, Lynda Shaw RIDING RIDING BACK ROW—L. to R. Lyn Hirshberg. Anne Arnon, Julie Allen. Betty Jean Hadden. Sally Wright, Betsy Heim- bucker. Louisa Schaefer. FRONT ROW—L. to R Sue Job. Stella Sadusk. Rosanna Van Gelder. Riding Manager, Cherie Sharp, Chalimar Pease. MODERN DANCE MODERN DANCE CLASS Jean Bodfish, Julie Dixon, Linda Me Vicar, Anna Bennett thirty-eightSeniorSeniors MRS. MILDRED CZty K Engliih IV |V SHMIOB p lAl O RIFS We ll always rcinembetf . . . the ceaseless cleanup campaigns waged upon the ’’hallowyu but narricdO cmor Hall; various variety shows and Country Fair fUh; the-day Mp. Dewey broke the pointer; three blocking it”; Dominic n and jfcnnis tMrnamcnts; spirited songs we wrote and never learned; sunbathing and bridge on our porch; bright blue robes against a spangled Senior BalM ackdrop; FINALS; ski weekends at Badger; the Operet a; Civics, C i fl Rights and everyone with a different, definite opiidon; Gym uniforms that were community property for a class that cvrtrn the Frtf |men could beat; winter wishes—Tahoe—that date—the “reply'' frrtrn colleges that suddenly seemed so near; spring dreams, all so swiftly coming true—wisteria walls -farewell luncheons—the wildest ditch fay—the beautiful Prom especially for us long, white gowns on gfr en paths. . . we ll always remember. L. to R. Sue Rose, treasurer; Linda Gaylord, secretary CaiukSawyer, president; Ann Whiston, sergeant-at-arms; Bcttie McClusky, vice president.. fortyDIANA HARLOW President of the Student Body To think without conjusion, clearly: To lore her fellow man sincerely —Van Dyke Dee —dimples— pardoon —that crowded French V class—' howdoo —her Christmas vacation—laugh—Secretary of Citizenship as Junior—Tahoe—cu'e little brother who catches her Biology specimens CAROLYN BENNER IVast not granted to sing,, thou would s’t surely die. —Whitman Guitar— M i g n o n —those dreams—French Club Secretary singing lessons—Caribbean Cruise—changing hair styles- Marmadukc■ —Rubicon Bay—new sister forty-oneBETSY BLANCHARD President of Current Events Club And still the) gazed, and Mill the wonder grew. That one small head could can) all she knew. —Goldsmith Editor of Quips as Junior—intellectual history questions—Mrs. Stern’s perennial exerciser— Rosencrantz and Guildenstem in her wash- basin — Stevenson forever — aspiring bridge player—Sandburg's six volumes of Lincoln Mexican Christmases—extensive vocabulary— scars courtesy of Jean Bod fish JEAN BODFISH Secretary of the Student Body Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle —Michaelangelo Bod —Alisal vacations—her black turtleneck —Greta Garbo of the Senior Class—driving at night with her sun glasses on— her Hanna —peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast at schools—scars courtesy of Betsy Blanchard— Friday absences—C.S.F. Pres, as Junior. f 0 forty-twoJANET COSBY A daughter of the gods, difinely tall and most divinely fair' —Tennyson Jeanie —itty-bitty voice—carcoat—her collec- tion of foreign cars with accessories—blush— Senior porch painter—' have straw bag, will travel —thermos bottle—locker behind the door—peaches and cream complexion. IENNIFFR Ct SHING President of Glee Club Good Americans, when they die, go to Paris.” —Appleton Cush —North Brekeley Taxi—Marlboros— Qui-i-i-et”—alto singing voice—those bongos in the Variety Show—staunch Democrat— arguments with Mr. Dewey— Gon orgo — Sergeanr-at-Arms in history. forty-threeII DY DARNALL Chapel Coordinator She that was ever fair and never proud. Had tongue at will, yet was never loud. —Marlowe Arizona— Turn your proofs in! —a boarder who likes it—Chicago, home town—tall. slim, neat, sweet—poly sci interests—early to bed. early to rise—those pre-Chapel blues—LOST without her glasses— Grumio LINDA DODDS Personality is to man What perfume is to a flowerr —Schwartz % Doddsic”— said the baby bear —The Dodds sisters—hair twirler—cute laugh— Tumbling Tumbleweeds —Ben Lomond—Spanish pro- blems—vacations-talkative.PAT FORSTER Her eyes were deeper than the depths of water stilled at even!1 —Rossetti Forest”—that hair— Can I translate this. Monsieur?”-—Mrs. Mac Lean's pet pest for lunches—Viceroys— Oh. that Art History test! —that little red lighter—photogenic—the raised eyebrow—those missing buttons. | '-CU LJUL y i-jC-A-A-XsCj wit j forty-fileKATHY GIDEON And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in the aspect of her eyes.” —Byron The boy across the street—perfect posture Ion? eyelashes—those parties before dances— visits to Grimes—that blue Spagnolia birthday sweater—good figure—ardent ice skater—no relation to the Gideon Bible—Carmel GERI GINGG Chairman of Citizenship As pure in thought as anfiels are: To know her was to love her.” —Rogers Sticky seat in her convertible—bridge—one of Trig Trio— Guess what? —Palm Springs— Junior Class Pres.—trips with grandfather— Jolie—four T. V. sets—her chimming clocks. forty-sixBETSY GREENLEE President of French Club A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance —Proverbs 25:13 T a h o e— Boo'—bridge—Diablo—a golfer (after a fashion)—always cutting her hair -re- latives— Are you coming to the French Club meeting?”—the blue convertible she never gets—Marlboros. FRANKIE HAYDEN Laugh and the world laughs uith you. —Wheeler Hey, you guys”—eyebrows—permanent fix- ture at Heads—sunlamp— lambchop”—ski fiend—Mr. Dewey's magnolia blossom—argu- ments against socialized medicine— Miss Peters, do I have to bring a giraffe to class?”— Frank forty-sevenLYN HIRSH BERG President of Music Club Sweetest little fellow, everybody knows; Don’t know what you call him, but he's mighty like a rose! —Stanton ”Lyn”—dictionary prop in history— Ooo dear” —owner of only guppy to visit Curran Theater —' I’m in love”—tip-toe walker— riding fan —semi-finalist in National Merit Program— bohemian admirer—imaginative excuses for Mrs. Czock. SARAH HUMPHREY A cheerful temper joined with innocence, Will make beauty attractive and wit good- natured.” —Addison Reno—Chinese Checker Champion of the board- ing department— Sagebrush Sal”—her black slip—University of Nevada—never says a word in class—new house—brother at Stanford— always listens to K.O.B.Y.—Kents—toy soldier forty-eightMARIE ANTOINETTE IOGEIX A.F.S. Exchange Student Ob. BJeatd with temper whose ru v. Can make tomorrou loud id cht rjul as today. —Pope Marinette’ Spanish Cl ub vice-president “(XX), you are veetious!BcnVr—Caribb ag Christmas—“It s not Marionette, -folk —Alouettc—criticism of I’. S. foreij colonialism—aspiring actress LESLIE LA BOYTEAI X President of Athletic Council A merry heart that laughs at care.” —Milton Lcs”—her love of hunting—Dr. Murdock— Senior Tea—year in Switzerland—Hawaiian Christmas—T.V. Taboo—bridge—Arizona and the Circle B Bar Ranch—talented mother. forty-nineGAIL LAURENCE President of Administrative Council Editor of Nods and Becks Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, Help to make earth happy like heaven above” —Futcher The Philippines—red hair and green eyes— Contrary Mary”— Sue, I mean really. — TEXAS—bridge—Malibu—New Years Eve and the pancakes—funny faces while studying always knitting NANCY LEWIS Small, but how dear to us. —Barr Lew” neatness—ice skating—petite—green Volkeswagons summer trip to Europe—beauti- ful black hair—always late—smile—the Fairy Queen U.DHL LOOMIS President of House Council Sweet sounds, oh, beautiful Music, do not cease! —Millay Dusty Del —barge on the Erie Canal— extensive history notes—tennis champ—tea chairman— No. Mr. Dewey. —beautiful clo- thes— Jane”—the quartet—hi-fi set MARY LUND BERG What is lovely never dies But passes into other loveliness —Aldrich Memories of Dominican—cats—cute laugh— Senior Board—another Cushing passenger— long eyelashes—prescription sun glasses— You can cut it up, Betsy. changing hair styles— No lie! jifty-onePAT LYNCH Entertainment Chairman Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind” —Johnson Overfed 1 —mementoes of her Mexican vaca- tion—her rabbit nose—Callaway!—Drama Club President as Junior—correspondence in history class—shoeless in study hall—noncon- formist—Abigail Adams—fingernails ROBERTA MACCOLLOM High flights she had. and wit at u ill And so her tongue lay seldom still” —Prior Bobbc”—Tahoe summer, fall, winter, spring, (interests, maybe?)—Reems of parkin tickets —overloaded Volkswagen—always combing her hair—beauty cabinet in Senior locker room —pretty hands—always late—make-up tests— sergeant-at-arms in history fifty-twoSUE McCAUGHEY A little Nonsense now and then 11 relished by the best of men —Anonymous Cal. Poly—L and M's—“Gail, I mean real’y —tennis—”1 hid 85 spades.”—naturally curly hair—”1 sorry!”—Casty—vivacious— Let s go, let s go. Let’s go!” BETTIE McCLISKY Vice President of the Senior Class ”[:ur beauty lives with kindness —Shakespeare White Corvette and driver—printer's ink in her hlood—that hair—love of snakes— Take your Christmas ornaments home! —Sugar— Las Vegas—Nods' Art Editor—fights with Mrs. Stern—always on a diet fijty-tbrccCECE McENEANY Social Service Chairman Few things are impossible to diligence —Johnson Mac”—Cal or nothin at all— Said the mama bear — Who's got the office staple gun?”—Class flower arranger—knee in a cast — neat note taker — strawberry blond hair—organized—family fights over the Chevy. MARTHA MILLS President of Art Club Her pencil drew whaler her soul designed —Dryden “Martie —Tahoe Meadows—Mexican memor- ies—Richmond—gamen hair cut—men—fasci, nating earrings—that yellow straw hat—a hand in every backdrop—member of off-tune club. fifty-fourSUSAN ROSE Treasurer of the Senior Class (), Music sphere—descended maid Friend of pleasure, wisdom’s aid” 'Sue”—Punahou—Sky Water Lodge, Tahoe— Athletic Council Sect'y Treasurer—cribbagc player— Hilda”—that pink Cadillac with the red license plate—Chairman of French Club Country Fair Booth—tennis—skiing. CAROL SAWYER President of The Senior Class Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose.’' —Anonymous Wisconsin— Please, shut up you guys!”— eye operation—Lambda Chi Alpha—ever- changing bangs— I got the car today”—naive —Kents—blushes—red Wisconsin sweatshirt. j'rfty-fiveSHARON SHALIT The mi Ides I mutt tiers and the gentlest be Art' —Pope I'm from ALBUQUERQUE —Quips Business Manager—‘ But Miss Morse, I have to study! — always late to breakfast— War of 1814”—al- ways smiling - Now what's your name again? —hungry boarder-—Boston, Missouri—expert bowler (?) PATRISHA SILLS President of Drama Club They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts.'’ —Anonymous Pat —her leo tard—II Piccolo— Mr. Baker” —her Hollow Man—dyed in the wool De- mocrat—Quips Art Editor—that Dylan Tho- mas voice— Miss Peters, I forgot my work- book again”—her tan polo coat. fifty-sixKARIN SKOl'BYE Joy to be likened to those eyes, Which eyes make all eyes glad or sorry. —Greville Skob —Marin contest with Mr. Dewey— NEVADA—that Frat pin— Skunk”—Skou- bye's Oakland Taxi Service—that Tahoe week- end— Nasty break, fella —Mr. Dewey's point- er— I better net a letter today. UZ SMALL The Heaven such grace did lend her That she might admired be. —Shakespeare Lizzie —H a t e s boarding—Mexico— Hey, Martie —figure!—Chesterfield — the sweater she's been knitting for a year.—skiing—thin- ning scissors—that sexy slink in the Variety Show. fifty-sevenMARGARET Si l DI RI S Humor flickt rniR huJud and u dt —Tea sd ale Men —icebox raider—that ice-skating out- lit—slow bridge bidder—El Cerrito—boys- another one of the trig trio—those burnt ski socks—another backdrop painter—cottage c heese lOAfc StT.UVAN Vice President of Student Body Her mirth the world required; She b.nhed it in smiles of lee” —Arnold Joanie”—hates Nevada!—bacon burner- Oh people''—bridge—T h a t laugh—Glenbrook— fass parties—cute Grandmother—movie fiend frft -eightANNE WHISTON Oh, to be in England Now that April's here. —Browning Big Anne'—tennis manager— Barnaby — Ayess —bridge— Whis —uniform that looks like the- Wreck of the Hesperus—passenger of Cushing s North Berkeley Taxi Service—cut- ting and growing hair—her little nieces. C AROL WILL The deed is everything, not the glory.” —Anonymous. Trip to Mexico—first Edsel at Heads— Oh. Linda —active in Rainbow's—Dutch Flat— Father's helpful lumber company—talks to herself in studyhall—Current Events Club booth at Country Fair—Lanz wardrobe— Willy. fifty-nineLINDA WILLIAMSON Stick close to your desk and never go to sea, And you all may be the rulers of the Queen's Navee.” —Anonymous Alta Bates day at the races—The Influence of Sea Power—teeny feet— I have a question ’— Menlo—“Anybody want a lunch? —numer- ous T. V. Sets—“ Now wait a minute”— those coats—debates in Current Events Club. DONNA JEAN WOLDEN Spanish Club President Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, Cannot keep it from themselves.” —J. M. Barrie. Betties other half—little g ray convertible— Senior absentee—beautiful complexion—Ad- ministrative Council Secretary—summer coun- celing jobs—naturally curly hair that goes the right way— I’m Donna, not Diane! —Spit- ting image of her mother—chocolate bars for lunch. sixtySENIOR SELECTIONS CLASS BRAIN—Bcsty Blanchard CLASS ARTIST -Marti Mills FRIENDLIEST- Marinette Jogiex C UTEST—Linda Doods SWEETEST—Lynn Hirshberg MOST ATTRACTIVH Jeannie Cosby MOST POISED—Jean Bodhsh MOST PLEASANT—Carolyn Benner MOST NATURAL Pat Lynch MOST SINCERE Mary Lund berg MOST DIGNIFIED—Judy Darnall MOST TALENTED—Pat Sills MOST GULLIBLE- Sharon Shalit MOST INDUSTRIOUS—Geri Ging MOST ENTHUSIASTIC—Gail Laurence MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED—Betsy Blanchard MOST TALKATIVE—Linda Williamson BEST FUTURE MOTHER—Sal Humphery BEST SENSE OF HUMOR—Linda Gaylord BEST ORGANIZER Cece McEncany CLASS BABY—Sue McCaughey CLASS CLOWN -Anne Whiston CLASS SCATTERBRAIN—Linda Williamson CLASS ATHLETE—Frankie Hayden HAIR—Bettie McClusky EYES—Marti Mills BROWS—Meg Studarus LASHES—Kathy Gideon NOSE—Betsy Greenlee TEETH Bobbe Mac Cal lorn MOUTH—Nancy Lewis SMILE—Leslie La Boyteaux PERFECT SENIOR COMPLEXION—Donna Woldcn HANDS—Linda Dodds FIGURE—Liz Small PROFILE—Carol Sawyer LEGS—Sue Rose FEET—Karin Skoubve ANKLES—Jennifer Cushing EARS—Carol Will SHOULDERS—Carol Sawyer DIMPLES—Diana Barlow FEATURES—Jeannie Cosby WALK—Pat Forster LAUGH—Joan Sullivan SPEAKING VOICE—Pat Sills SINGING VOICE—Del Loomis SENIOR FAVORITES CIGARETTE—Marlboro RADIO—KSFO DRINK—COFFEE T. V. PROGRAM- Sherwood RESTAURANT—Mels CLASS MYSTERY— Who took the Reader’s Encyclopedia AUTHOR—Joseph Conrad MOVIE— Peyton Place ACTOR— Mr. Magoo HISTORICAL FIGURE— Mamie Stover FOOD— Other people’s lunches. BAND—Leroy Houston SPORT—Skiing VACATION SPOT—Tahoe MALE SINGER—Frank Sinatra FEMALE SINGER—June Christy PASTIME—Bridge sixty-tbree1. Diana Barlow 2. Carolyn Benner 3. Betsy Blanchard 4. Jean Bodfish 5. Jean Cosby ..... 6. Jennifer Cushing 7. Judy Darnall ... 8. Linda Dodds 9. Pat Forester ... 10. Linda Gaylord 11. Kathy Gideon 12. Geri Gingg ...... 13. Betsy Greenlee 14 Frankie Hayden 15. Lyn Hirshberg 16. Sally Humphcry 17. Marinette Jogeix 18. Leslie LaBoyteaux 19- Gail Laurence 20. Nancy Lewis . 21. Del Loomis ...... 22. Mary Lundberg 23- Pat Lynch 24. Bobbe MacCollom 25. Cece McEneany 26. Sue McCaughey 27. Bettie McClusky 28. Marti Mills 29. Sue Rost- 30. Carol Sawyer ..... 31. Sharon Shalit ... 33. Karen Skoubye 32. Pat Sills ....... 34. Liz Small 35. Margaret Studarus 36. Joan Sullivan 37. Anne Whiston 38. Carol Will 39. Linda Williamson 40. Donna Wolden Pet P, eeues Having tennis on Friday every year of High School American tourists in Kingstontown People who eat peanut-butter sandwiches for breakfast School lunch hot dogs full of egg-foo-yung clocks The alarm clock ..Getting up in the morning Dull pencils People with curly hair people who never have any extra lunch French words with more than three syllables low charged car batteries People who whine English tests People who talk a lot People who can't spell Luncheon school bags Destructive people SLOW drivers (anyone under 70 MPH) People who don't like Volkswagcns People who give up Moths in the face People who burp Parking tickets People who can't spell Cany people Donna Jean's secrets Vague people and things Classmates who write in my clean paged books Doing dishes every single night People who can't spell Albuquerque Opinionated people A know-it-all person Everything before ten in the morning Any sort of genius, just because they're right K b tzy people People who don’t appreciate my leching cigarettes Edsel Haters Yellow slips Bettie Georgene sixty-four s4m,htion .5orecast 1. Travel abroad as member of Diplomatic Service 2. Night club singer 3. Rewrite McCicnaghan’s Magrudcr's American Govern- ment I. To find out what's up in the water tower 3. Designer 6. To be a paid taxi driver 7. To dance all evening with heels on 8. To make Head's co-educational 9. To go to Cal 10. To have naturally straight hair 11. School teacher in Africa 12. To teach in grammar school 13. Sec. to Pres, of U. S. 14. Interior decorator 13. To spend a lot of time in the Sahara Desert 16. Housemother in Head's Boarding Dept. 17. International Interpreter 18. Get a job where I can travel 19. Be a perfect 36C 20. Venetian honeymoon 21. To oc tennis champion of the world 22. To be a really cool cat! 23. Sell pepto-bismo 24. Get a B.A. degree 23. To be able to snell correctly 26. To marry Charles Gorcn. Jr. 27. Sports car racer 28. Live on the left bank of Paris 29. Beach boy in Hawaii 30. To find a new interest in college suitable for a major 31. Welfare w'orker 32. Thearter critic 33. An airline stewardess 34. Sleep til 10:00 every morning 35. A prophet 36. First Lady President 37. To be somebody Big.1 38. To live in Mexico 39. Make college 40. Drive to school without stalling the car 1. Counterspy 2. Benner and Presley 3. Blanchard’s Communist Manifesto 4. Hello, Robert 5. Sews tago buttons on car-coats 6. Sen. Kennedy's private chauffeur 7. Start fad for dance flats 8. President of Boys Recruit 9. Scjueedunc|ue J. C. 10. Gaylord's curling irons 11. Ugga Bugga Boo 12. Gingg's Poodle School 13. My First Lady doesn't understand me! 14. Camel driver 15. I drempt 1 grew into my Maidenform Bra! 16. Posterior decorater 17. Housemother in Head's boarding Dept. 18. Parlez-vous francais?” 19. Jailbird 20. Wife of a Venetian Blind manufacturer 21. Alligator sewer for Tony Trabert 22. A hot kitten” 23. Turns for the tummy 24. Marry a motorcycle policeman 25. McEneany's Six Daze Too Better Speltng 26. Mrs. Ely Culbertson Jr. 27. Pete's grease monkey 28. The left bank of the Rio Grande 29. Seal Rock lifeguard 30. Major dishwasher at Ciro's 31. President of Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce 32. Rising bell ringer of the Boarding Dept. 33. San Francisco—Reno flight 34. Unbiased critic for the El Rey 35. A wrong prophet 36. Bettie s assistant grease monkey 37. Of What” 38. Model for a before picture in the Sanforized ad 39. Bullfighter 40. Sharpens pencils for the College Board exams sixij-fireSenior Clan Witt of 1958 WE, the Senior Class of 195 8, of the Anna Head School, enjoying good health and being of sound (WE HOPE) mind and memory, do make and publish this our Last Will and Testament. We give, devise and bequeath our worldy estate in the following manner: DIANA BARLOW wills her Head’s pin collection to Lynn Ballard to hold down her sweater when it’s windy.— CAROLYN BENNER wills to Suzi Rae her Caribbean Cruise so she can discard her Alaskan snowshoes BE TS BLANCHARD and JEAN BODFISH will their brains to the two neediest Juniors, Sue Frisou and Anne Arnon—JEANNIE COSBY wills her little voice to Sue Parker who,—after all—,is rather loud.—JENNIFER CUSHING wills her long legs to Sue DcMaestri in hopes that they will come in handy for the big jump—LINDA DODDS wils her blond pony- tail to Rozanna Van Gilder for—after all—variety is the spice of life—PAT FORSTER wills to LINDA ZINN her tennis ability so she can impress Mr. Jacobson—LINDA GAYLORD wills her curly hair to Pat Jorden so she can ward off those rainy day blues—KATHY GIDEON wills her dangerous curves to Pat Snyder and Sandy Miller—for safe driving—. —GERI GINGG wills to Shelly Pond her two younger sisters in hopes they can work out a trade—BETSY GREENLEE wills her boat-flight over the pier to Betty Jean Hadden in hopes that she too can fly-high—FRANKIE HAYDEN wills her 12-year term at Heads to Stella Sadusk in hopes that she may someday break out—LYN HIRSHBERG wills her clearly unorganized papers to Liz Honzik someone to keep the teachers quessing next year—SALLY HUMPHREY wills her sagebrush to Jeannie Short as an invitation to the free state of NEVADA—MARINNETTE JOGEIX wills McCleanaghin Magruder’s American Government to next years foreign student so she will become familiar with The American way of life.”—LESLIE LABOYTEAUX wills her coyp of Learn to Yodel in 10 Easy Lessons” to Julie Allen so that she too can tame a ski in- structor in Switzerland—GAIL LAURENCE wills her Where’s Cynthia” to someone who knows Cynthia NANCY LEWIS wills her gondola license to Mary Thompson and Dee Wilde so they won’t drown in Venice—DEL LOOMIS wills her little blue Jaguar to Terry Goodwin so she can mash her cigarettes out on the highway—MARY LUNDBERG wills her chewed ear sixty-sixcat to Mary Frick so she too will have a chewed ear cat—PAT LYNCH and LIZ SMALL will their trips to Feather’s to Sally Lorimer and Martha Tucker so they can be real featherweight— BOBBE MacCOLLOM wills her beauty cabinet in the Senior Locker room to Mary McFarland for the heck of it—Sue McCAUGHEY wills her Southern accent to Freddie Lamb so Mr. Dewey will have a Magnolia Blossom next year—BETTIE McCLUSKY wills her parent’s print- ing press to Bonnie Olson so she can keep the Senior treasury filled—CECE McENEANY wills her perinnial summer skirt and a pair of pinking” shears to Linda McViker so she can have matching book covers—MARTI MILLS wills her numerous men to Jackie Belden and Sue Job Whose Mama done told ’em”—SUE ROSE wills her two syllable name to Suzanne Van Tienen lansse so she can forge checks in the school bank more easily—Carol Sawyer wills Wisconsin to Katy Browne so she too can be a cheesecake”—SHARON SHALIT wills to Lovelyn Ulmer her favorite record North of the Border, Down New Mexico Way” in hopes that the phono- graph breaks real soon— PAT SILLS wills her permanent seat at the El Pfccole to Sally Wright so she can absorb a new and thrilling culture—KARIN SKOUBYE wills her father’s airplane to Joan Lindberg so she can follow in the steps of her illustrious ancestor—MEG STUDARUS wills to Linda Epperson her black Bermuda socks with the pin on the shin so her knees won’t freeze JOAN SULLIVAN wills to Anna Sutherland her infectious laugh so she can start an epidemic—DONNA WOLDEN wills her car to Sue Williams so Sue won’t try to ride her horse to school—ANN WHISTON wills her water wings to Kathy Thompson and Dana Tolies which Emmy Hay willed to her, that Evie Bascom willed to her, that Anne Chew willed to her, that Heather Alexander willed to her, who in her turn had received them from Laura Ann Kinsell, so that Kathy and Dana may will them to someone next year.—LINDA LOU WILLIAMSON wills her endless supply of questions to Vivian Jacobs and Sandra Gibson so that there will be at least two inquisitive Seniors next year.—and as the last Will and Testament of the Senior Class, Carol Will wills the will to the willing Junior Class. sixty-menVk anhs to t ry it- - ' A r Viglit s AAf 7 VILLAGE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS • COSMETICS Orinda, California ' ' X7 Phone — CLiffryd 4-2151 AAjls ORINDA VILLAGE, ■TICS . FOUNTMf 79 Orinda Highly yL Z. Orinda, California - Littcyd 4- ISI AA - +t 24sc Telephone: Piedmont 5-9164 E. F. WAYMIRE 6122 LA SALLE AVENUE OAKLAND II, CALIFORNIA ----- LOWERS • GIFTS • Pt'ANTS Paltcuf'l fylaruit RUDOLPH POSTAS, Jr. 5619 College Avenue Oakland 18, California OLympic 3-3430 ? — BRAKES — HEADLIGHTS — — WHEEL ALIGNING BALANCING — BOB WHITE Safety Service 3356 PIEDMONT AVENUE OAKLAND II, CALIFORNIA OLympic 8-4272 (?oi Cf 0o6 t a t CHEVRON SERVICE TUNE UP • HEADLIGHT ADJUSTMENT WHEEL BALANCING • BRAKE SERVICE OLympic 2-8844 3900 Piedmont Avenue Oakland II, California 7 Z seventy lass. lad Hioli RED ACECW INFANTS AND CHILDREN'S WEAR CLEANERS KNITS BLOCKED 5623 COLLEGE AVENUE 3965 Piedmont Avenue Oakland 18, California OAKLAND II. CALIFORNIA OLympic 2-4842 JEFF JEAN DAVENPORT TREVA M. HILL OLympic 4-2537 ATTENTION SENIORS! .... it’s Sutton’s for NEW LUGGAGE FOR COLLEGE AND “SPALDINGS” TRIFARI JEWELRY FOR SPECIAL DATES la ifoicjus, i SUTTON’S Shoe Shoppe MONTCLAIR 6126 MEDAU PLACE ♦ 989 Moraga Rd. OAKLAND Lafayette cjKemi-Cal £Pest ( out to I POWER SPRAYING AREA SPRAY—We cover the entire surface area of your property for the control of Ants, Earwigs and Lawn Moths. GARDEN SPRAY—Quarterly cleanup sprays for the control of Scale, Fungus, Aphis and all Leaf and Leaf Sucking Insects. TREE SPRAY—Oaks - Ornamentals, Walnut - Fruit, etc. Let us help you with your Garden and Household Pest problems. KEMI-CAL PEST CONTROL 163-40th Street, Oakland Phone: OLympic 8-1214 seventy-oneX Hearts doubled and redoubled by KATHY THOMPSON and CYNTHIA NEUHAUS: from Lanz s heart-print separates Kathy adds up the cropped fop and the whirl skirt into a dress-look, while Cynthia peels on tapered pants, with a shore shirt in abeyance and a sleeveless white overblouse for the long hot summer. From the happy batch of Lanz vacation fashions that range from swim suits to dance dresses A [ontc[uix Lpfiaxniacij FINE COSMETICS REVLON. RUBENSTEINS LANVINS. ARPEGE ETC. DOROTHY GRAY, YARDLEY LENTHERIC, ETC. CHARLES A. HUENNEKE. Ph.G. 6123 LA SALLE AVENUE Oakland, California OLympic 2-2868 Star Grocery High Grade MEATS and GROCERIES FRUITS and VEGETABLES 3068 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley OLympic 2-2490 WESTERN C®RRUGATED IN®. 2800 ALVARADO STREET SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA y Everything in Shoe Needs VILLAGE SHOE SHOP i j jOrinda Highway da, California 7 CLifford 4-25 35 ' COMPLETt CATERING SERVICE 1341 GRAND AVENUE PIEDMONT 10. CALIFORNIA Phone: OLympic 4-3922 j EQUIPMENT RENTALS j FREDERICK H. SIMMONDS JOHN J. CSAJKO seventy-threede Jlaaeacf l II ORINDA HIGHWAY NED —CLIfford 6-9996 22 BRYANT WAY DICK—CLifford 6-9920 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS ATLAS TIRES, TUBES, 4 BATTERIES EXPERT LUBRICATION OLympic 3-5816 4131 Piedmont Avenue Oakland, California lie Stylists Beauty Studio MARY CRAIG WIDD THOMPSON TIRE SERVICE Oakland 4475 Telegraph Avenue FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE BEST PIEDMONT Grocery Company 4038 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland OLympic 3-8181 GIFT BASKETS GIFT PACKS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Shipped Everywhere (Bond Shippers) For Everything in Music (Clipper cv: l lTlt ''America's most distinctive Music Store” Sheet Music • Records • Musical Instruments Pianos Television Hi-Fidelity Organs Radios Phonographs 2781 SHATTUCK AVENUE THornwall 1-1832 SO years in Berkeley seventy-fourCALIFORNIA'S FAVORITE DAIRY FOODS GOLDEN STATE At Your Favorite Food Store or Phone OLympic 2-3000 The Little Daisy of Montclair 2020 Mountain Blvd. an Ltikesborc 3433 Lakeshore Ave. LADIES AND TEENS APPAREL HEADQUARTERS FOR LANZ Jay Bedswortb’s 7 tunnel N N I LUNCHEON DINNERS Open Seven Days a W'eek on the Tunnel Strip Call ATIantic 3-6251 Lafayette, California JURS M°£,OR OLDSMOBILE — CADILLAC SALES SERVICE Salesroom open Evenings Sundays FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS Free Pick Up Delivery Seri ire 1800 MT. DIABLO BLVD. WALNUT CREEK YEllowshtone 4-9300 COME HOME J 0 E seventy-five .Johnston's Sherwood 5 Phonograph Records — Tapes Hi Fi Phonographs — Tape Recorders 1 • Prescription 1'harniiny Telephone AShberry 3-4935 Free delivery in the East Bay 2488 Channing Way, Berkeley, California Edwin A. Johnson, Prop. 1510 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California AShberry 3-6206 HIHfflUlHX THE NAME THAT STANDS FOR COMPLETE SATISFACTION Berkeley Market 2369 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, California 2306 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, California Telephone AShberry 3-4736 Phone THornwall 5-4336 PAUL DEMPSY Free Delivery and Charge Accounts Home and Office Phone Thornwall 1-0773 Agent for HOYT Water Heaters W. A. “Bill ” Bohan, Jr. PLUMBING HEATING JOBBING SPECIALISTS Cify and State Master Plumber's License 2441 DWIGHT WAY Near Telegraph Avenue Berkeley 4, California seventy-six COLLEGE CLEANERS SINCE 1910 LAUNDRY SERVICE 2942 COLLEGE AVENUE BERKELEY THornwall 5-5182 i Scandinavian, Swiss and German Imports ; Wedding Stationary Engraved—Processed (f aicL win d PORTRAITS —GIFTS —GREETING CARDS All Work Done on Premises 3042 Claremont Avenue Berkeley, Califonria OL 3-5298 Congratulations Graduates from Sut enlcutcC Sine. 1921 GOODYEAR AND VOGUE TIRES CUSTOM RECAPPING WHITE SIDEWALL SPECIALISTS 3326 Piedmont Avenue at Broadway Oakland a large selection of jewelry at 2342 Telegraph Avenue THE BLACK SHEEP serves LUNCHEON • TEA • DINNER 2550 Bancroft Way TH 5-9170 seventy-seven'Q' -V f jr » V J McDUFFIE CO. eral Insurance Brokers SERVE YOU !a n Office'. 2101 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley California, THornwall 3-0290 RANCH OFFICES Lafayette Office: 3723 Ml. Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette Oakland Office: 625 Trestle Glen Road, Oakland Montclair Office: 1988 Mountain Boulevard. Oakland San Francisco Office: 362 West Portal, San Francisco San Carlos Office: 532 El Camino Road, San Carlos San Rafael Office: 530 Third Street, San Rafael Peter PROFESSIONAL PRESS Tripp PRINTING Insurance Agency 3963 Piedmont Avenue Oakland 11, California 2434 Dwight Way Berkeley 4, California OLympic 4-3535 AShberry 3-4114 seventy-eight 1 Ray Silva Piedmont A venue fylosioit 2600 Durant Avenue Phone Berkeley THornwall 5-4912 Lanes Automatic Pinspotters Fountain Lunch Junior Rates Weekday afternoons up to 6:00 P.M. — 35c Raleigh and Cordie Moore 3923 PIEDMONT AVENUE, OAKLAND OLympic 8-0868 For Fine Foods Cdasa Orinda DOTEN PONTIAC Orinda, California BERKELEY im ton must ICE CREAM Specializing in all types of sea foods and Eastern shell fish Quality You Can Taste delicious steaks and chops Ruth and Don Thompson Call ATIantic 3-8288 Lafayette 6121 LA SALLE AVENUE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA OWNER: WARREN FAULKNER Phone PLaza 8-0422 seventy-nine — K i Montclair Sporting Goods ,ty iY Y' 'The Sports Center of the Hills” GLASSPAR BOATS—MERCURY MOTORS ALL ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 1970 MOUNTAIN BLVD. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA OLympic 5-2187 THIS YEAR O UT3 goes A(nna) Head 64 SHATTUCK SQUAREHIGH-FIDELITY • RADIO-PHONOGRAPHS UNIVERSITY RADIO (Berkeley's Oldest Radio House) RECORDS SERVICE 2165 Shattuck Avenue THornwall 3-3003 FOLEY'S Owl Rexall Drug — PRESCRIPTIONS — COSMETICS — FOUNTAIN SERVICE 2312 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, California THornwall 8-1545 Gifts Party Goods—Tablecovers, Plates Engraved Processed Stationary Cranes Eatons. White Wyakoff Wedding Invitations Announcements Gift Wrappings, Ribbons Napkins Cups Congress Playing Cards School Supplies 3251 LAKESHORE AVENUE Candles OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA If It's Casual Wear, Swim Wear or Play Clothes You Need Come To 9 21 Orinda Highway ORINDA, CALIFORNIA Phone CLifford 4-3448 jCittL Yl liii der SL wp Infants to Subteens SERVICE • COURTESY «QUALITY • ECONOMY 3229 Lakeshore Avenue • TWinoaks 3-9608 ACT MUSIC CC, WJLeatle eu6 2eitiy ' AJif( ! obrtit The largest and most raried collection of records in this part of the world. Telegraph at Channing Berkeley, California THornwall 3-1231 eighty-one BERKELEY’S H. C. MacCOURT SALES SERVICE RENTALS REPAIRS Pat O'Hara Kevin Merrick Claremont Country Orinda Country Club Club We do our own work handling both—portable and standard—types 2302 Telegraph Avenue near Bancroft THornwall 3-4595 ENJOY FRIENDLY FUN WITH THE FORWARD LOOK IN OUR BOWLING HOME BERKELEY BOWL 2777 SHATTUCK AVENUE PHONE THornwall 3-3583 Bartlett Hardware Courtesy of Everything in the Hardware Line Sitae PITTSBURGH PAINTS STANLEY • DISSTON • WISS • TRU-TEMPER REVERE • SUNBEAM • GENERAL ELECTRIC LIBBEY OWENS 2488 TELEGRAPH AVENUE—THornwall 5-3791 BERKELEY 4. CALIFORNIA eigbty-lwo  R. Turner ■jjf distinctive fashions for children BERKELEY MOTORS ; LINCOLN —MERCURY DEALER j STORES— 3074 CLAREMONT AVENUE and HOTEL CLAREMONT Used Car Dept. Cell THornwall 5 2676 Nite Tow Service Call THornwall 3-8649 BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA AShberry 3-8605 and OLympic 3-6076 2352 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California THornwall 5 7010 Berkeley TENNIS CLUB PROFESSIONALS TOM STOW No. I Tunnel Road Exclusive at LAYTON S Berkeley. Just one of many styles from the Spring Capezio collection. Shown here in black Kid. For Charter Bus Service at Reasonable Rates Call ( JasULore Ji mes CHARTER SERVICE LAndscape 4-7171 1210 7th Street Berkeley eighty-threeH. HUNTER fcEnSr' THE AVENUE Brazing Repair Shop MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL REPAIRING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Electrical Appliances Repaired, Motors, Vacuum Cleaners Electric Irons, Lawn Mowers Ground and Repaired PHONE: OLympic 8-5056 165-40th STREET near Piedmont Avenue OAKLAND 11, CALIFORNIA CAMERAS • FILMS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Berkeley Commercial Photo Co. 2311 Telegraph Avenue THornwall 5-5268 Toy Villa TOYS HOBBIES SPORTING GOODS 21 ORIN A HIGHWAY ORINDA, CALIFORNIA CLifford 4-5700 M ’=30 - 5:30 LA SALLE AVENUE MARKET Oakland's Leading Quality Loads 6112 LA SALLE AVENUE — MONTCLAIR — fancy groceries daily fresh produce graded choice beef TURNER TILE ' California Linest of a Model Store J. B, Turner Sons riontela r lay ChecPt IfKIoAern J ilcliens and JSalltS 2023 MOUNTAIN BLVVD., OAKLAND 3911 PIEDMONT AVENUE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA ... In Beautiful Montclair. . . OLympic 8 3441 eigbty-four

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