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NODS AND BECKS THE HIIIIH HEHD SCHOOL BERHELEV CHLIFDRHIH ' 2f1'3 f 'Tf'Z'5 , ' - .3 . 'Y lv.: . :Ulf V4 -:Q 14 N. I . fp? ' V 4 x ' . 4 L , ,I f U I lx . 1 . 'w, 'u I S -L il- .x ff cf M. 14' if' - , iic1:1 ,i',Tt,f1a -5,3 f, I Q' .aw L .-.' ' A , . , '- x.. ifnzww .f 5' ' Ziff I F 4 -3' .'Q'qfQ, 'g.fg... I-'.+ 174' Pix- '. N xfl' . 5, jf,--gl .1'h.',.f. Zffbr. 1 0 -3 1Ai.w---fx 'tiff f - ' . J , . il ' 'TM'-'lg' ' i'kf ' . I-I'-f mf I J 1' 1.-1 R id' f . 'Z ' K 1 ' G .1 1 5 ,A . ,,,. Q IM Y, . H. .A .f' 74'-'-2 'lk 1'-U , NN .-.4 r' ' ,' - -3 ''?.3'. .-, , ' f ' V .-1 - .,., - wh- ' 4' -.-if '. Q' 1' 75 :J ' Ll' v, . -'fi -. -.M ,514-A , yi, lv X451 1-., .. gk V. , , , U 1. , K ,- ,L '- :V J ' g . ff-,. b 3- W . 7. L, , . v ,w ,f , f,, . , , ' V y ,7 ,241 ,J r ,f ,, . f ,wtf - V V. Q ' . ZW.. if l 4. Aft, ' af. ':,?ux1, ., gif .g', ' ful-x 'gf .ny '.' L.'4-N.-3 ' . ' If 0 +,, WM, Q , I, , Q 1,4 1 I ., X - ' A' .'r .' ,, 'f ' ' ' ., .4 ff- r. f , ' . s.-,',s, ,, wsu' .LH ',, '7' J y. 4 Y f My 55. -iffy!!! ,ylgyqrx 1 fit, -I PK. ef -,Exif K , , lv, 1 .A . ,4 .- , K g.y,:,t :' . ' a, ,,- , A l gr' LL-A. ,V fu Q, fr! -,mf-. rs f ,1 N 'f 'I , - -F4 ,-r. ff. 1, A vt ,f ' ,' 1 ',,f .Af3. 'll 1.4lff'1'f. 4, N . 1 wg' . . W ' ,f- . nf, 4 L... 'i. --1.. ,, -A -Q' W ,,' ,'Zf'f,,J fi' I' ' ' .: -1 G .9 N ' 4 'gm' , 'Q 1' .' P ' R f':.w .7 '. f- -'Q ffl' ,, , fllf 4' ' ' ' ' I: .Lv A . .. .V - . - 4 ', ' 9' If' ,. ' , . . - 'V s . ..f,1 Y -,f'f,-fu-' - -f -A ' n ,'Jf. 1. - f. I-J H , . 1 . 4. 'f . ' 511 '4 6 rv ,fzffif ' . . f , Aff '.:1g:k.N ui gf, g. V f , , ,, M, n A ' 4 .-0 A- K f'f'f1. A . l J ' . ',. V. J D , ,, , V . ,.j4,i,??', fx! YN. av ' , H rrxivgqyr 5 ,' , 11,1 gvigj 41 1 1: R kv- . I rf.. p ,A 51- .' X s - A A ,hw Yrgffi. . 'fw- Ef' '1-ff' f 1. ,,. ,.- W 15, ., ,-':, 414: -,f v J naar- -. . ,' 4 X f 'z' ' A .f Q 'v 'I.. or . ' I Y ' X. A . I pf 'al w ' , M, . , 5 n 1 . 1. ..- Ill aus Ill ll ... gg I-, I - I ' I - 4 fm, ' ,yi W ' 4:14 We rho Senior Class of V955 arfechonarely declucare our yearbook ro Mrs Julne++e Dunham. THBLE UF CONTENTS ADIVIINISIRAIIGIXI I-Ieadrnasrer and Headmusrress Eaculry and Adrnnnrsfrahve S'raII CI-IAPEL CLASSES E1rs+ and Second Grades Ihurd and Eour'rh Grades EIIIIW and Slxfh Grades Sevenrh Grade Ergh+h Grade Ereshrnen Sophomore Junior Senior CGUNCILS SIudenI Admunlshahve AIhIe+uc I-Iouse QRGANIZAIIGINIS Clubs Boarders Pubhcahons Luferary SecIuon SDGRTS Lower School Upper Sch oI CANDID PICTURES ADVERTISING Lower SchooI ........... Janua y Feb uary March FIDIIIIIIISTRHTIDII A' Hi' W P 4 ,,,.,.,o. -x '9 0. X, Q P O' 6 O 1, 9 'O f . Q . X O V Mrs Cafherme l-l Dewey as Jrhe I-leadmuslress of our school l-ler mam lasla as lo supervrse lhe Lower School and +o Jralce care ol lrs problems As well she us lhe advisor of conhnually hurrying lo Jrhe newspaper press Achve rn Girl Scoul work she has lurlhered rhe arms ol rhls orgamzahon We all have grea+ respecl for Mrs Dewey and we should realize 'rhaf her hrm decssuons are essenhal +o lhe school our momlhly newspaper, Quips and Cranlcsf' and is seen Mr. Deniel Dewey is lhe Headnnasler of our school, He is lhe supervisor ol lhe Upper School and is always surrounded by peope eskinq queslions-especially lhe Seniors, who are conslenrly inquiring eoour colleges. l-le 'reaches eine cienr hisrory and rnodern hisiory +o lwo very recep+ive classes. When we lhink of Mr. Dewey, we fhinlc of his api hurnor and his lorcelul voice which help +o brighlen our clay. il FIICUITII IIIID HDIIIIIIISTRHTIUE STIIFF 1954-1955 Lefl' Yo riqhf: MISS JENSEN, English Ig MRS. ENGLEHART, Sevenfh Gradeg MRS. LEICHTI, Piano: MRS. LUSK, Lower School Aff, Physical Educafiong MRS. RAIBLE, Arl, Hisfory of Arlg MRS. CZOCK, English Illg MRS. McLEAN, Treas- urerg MRS. BACKUS, English llg MISS BRUNOUIST, Office Secrefaryg MRS, GAWTHORNE, Physical Educafiong MRS. GRANGER, English IV, Nol' presenl: MRS, CAMPBELL, Firsf and Second Gradesp MRS. DUNHAM, Chemisfryg MISS FERGUSON, Nurse: MRS. LANSING, Lower School Musicg MISS MORSE, Physics, Mafhernalicsg MRS. O'I-IARA, Eighlh Grade, Leff Io righlz MRS. PARRY, French, MRS. MILLER, Dean of Residence: MRS. LILLOCK, Fiflh and Sixlh Grades: MISS HUNGERFORD, Affendance, Library Supervisor, English, MISS HADDAD, French, MRS. SEIDEN, Physical Educafion, MISS BOCHER, Algebrag MRS. NEALE, Spanish, MISS PETERS, Biologyg MRS, DAVIS, Reqislran MRS, HULL, Lower School French, MRS. SAYLOR, Gable Supervisor, MRS. LAMAR, Lafin, MRS. OLSON, House Manager, MRS. STONE, Third and Fourlh Gradesj MRS. de FREMERY, U,S. Hislory, Civics. Nol presenl: MRS. UPSI-IUR, Singing, A Cappella, Glee Club, MRS. WERNER, Assislant Io Dean and House Manager. CHHPEL Every mormnq before classes fhe whole schod garhers IH fhe audi ioruum for chapel servnces Mr or Mrs Dewey a member of rhe fecuhy or a sfudenr conducfs 'rhe x roses which Include fhe smqmq of a hymn meamnq fhen a prayer foliowed oy The responses of he A Ceopeha Choir Afferwards efmouncem nfs are reed and we aoyourn fo Q' es Our sp1r:+s hffed by a sense of umfy fhalr prepares us for fhe day e e ' , ' '. '. ' , a scrl fure readin or an arfide, sfor or poem of imreresf and ersond Y , ' , ' f X , 6 '. , e ' , mass , A CLHSSES 'K Ns v I Q 5 Mah -QUES- 'X- FIRST IIIID SECDIID GRIIDES We have our own sclwoolroom. OUFlCGCl'1ef' ls Mrs. Campbell. We sludy our lessons and lfwave lols oIlurw.fNmrwl'1as a lwen. lf is black and wl1ile.!Xnn bFOUQI1ISCOl'l6 To sclwool. We all enjoyed lwaving lwer lor a yisilor. AI recess we have cookies and milk. We play lag, jump rope and swing. I-lere Is e poem we wrole: A GOLDFISH'S WISH ll I were a lish- I+lrimk I would wislu To lly high In llme sky, Loolc down on llme sclrwool And walclw you ln llwe pool! Back rowy Ieff Io rfghft JULIE VVEAVER, ELIZABETH DUNHAM, FRANCES GILBOY, ANN KAISER, TONI NAVONE, ARDITH BONDI, PATTY BRITTAN, LESLIE SCHANTZ, SUZANNE SUTTON. FFOFII row, NANCY WOOD, ROBIN GALANIS. No? present JANICE WEIR. THIRD HIID FOURTH GRFIDES We lilce gym besl of all. We play games and dance and swim. Four Sguare,CapJrair1 Ball, and Sleal +l1e Bacon are our lavorile games, ln swimming class we somelirnes pre- fend 'rlnar we are mermaidsy we cross our legs and swim under wafer: llwe kicking boards are used as our horses. Also we play alligalors and crawl info llwe wafer. In arl we made paper animals oul of Cul-up old phone boolcs and pasle. We draw and painl piclures. In Brownies we made lomloms oul of lin cans and painled llwem willn Indian designs, Mrs. Slone is our Home room leaclmer. We do our sfudies in Class and learn many new lliings. Back row, leff To righi: MADELEINE FOOTER, SANDRA STEAD, KATHY WALT. Second row: BEVERLY FONG SUSAN GALANIS, SANDRA LUND, NANCY LEE HARRINGTON. Fronf row: DIANA HILTON, MARY TUCKER, ALEXANDRA HENRY, JUDITH JESSUP. FIFTH IIIID SIIITH GRIIDES ln The beginning oT The year we made bookleTs and composiTicns on seeds. MosT oT The girls broughT diTTerenT kinds oT seeds To show The class. All our wriTTen work was creaTive. On Halloween Lorna broughT some cornsTalks which aTTracTed anTs. Then we had To ask The laniTor To rid us CT These pesTs. We had a parTv and played games. Some girls wore cosTumes. On Ve-Terans' Day we wroTe poems. A Tew oT our poems were prinTed in an issue of Quips and Cranks. We were proud! AT ChrisTmas Time we made bookleTs oT green paper wiTh sparkling ChrisTmas Trees on The covers. Inside we puT an acrosTic, a poem, and vocabulary words. We also had a parTy wiTh loTs oT Tood. Every- body parTicipaTed. The whole school gave a ChrisTmas pageanT which was work buT The kind we enjoy. Our regular assignmenTs are ariThmeTic, spelling, reading, hisTory, geog- raphy, penmanship, and language. Three Times a week we have French. For gym we swim when iT is warm, buT in The winTer we play volleyball, Tolk dancing, or games. AT The end of The day we have TorTy minuTes To do as much homework as we can, and Then we go home. -SUSAN LAMBERSON Back row, lei? To riqhfz MARY TWISS, SANDRA OTTO, LYNN LA BOYTEAUX, JEAN SEVERS. Fourfh row: JOAN SEVERS, SARAH DEWEY, PAMELA KITCHELL, ROBIN BEAN, Third row: BARBARA GRIFFIN, BETSY HEIM- BUCHER, SUSAN LAMBERSON, MICHELE PATTERSON. Second row: JACQUELINE GARFIELD, LORNA LIND- SAY, JANICE CITRON, VALERIE FAHNESTOCK. Front row: BLYTHE BERTWELL, SALLY HOLABIRD, DANA HENRY, BEATRICE HOWLES. No? presenf: CATHY HOUDLETTE, NELDA JENSEN. SEUEITTH GRFIDE For The Counrry Fair our main projecr was a IeIeyision boorh. We aIso soId Conieiri, masks, and balloons. The Counrry Fair serves as sorr oI a ger-IogeIher wirh Ihe oId and rhe new girIs. NexI came Ihe Chrisrmas play. If was wrifren and direcred by Madame I-IuII. We pracriced: everyrhing seemed Io go wrong. On Ihe day of Ihe piay we had a parry and giffs, We were very excifed during Ihe play, bur no one made a misrake, and ir wenr OII smoorhiy. In gym we made composirions Icr modern dance. These were done Io a rafher sIow bear. We did Ihis wirh Iennis baIIs. Mrs. Qawrhorne graded us. In arI we did figure and porrrair drawing. Mrs. Lusk raughr us abouI arrisrs, foo. Mrs. Lansing Iaughr us Iwo-parr singing in music. This year for 'rho Iirsf Iirne we had an exam' I+ was nor hard, bu+ if did require Ihinking. In our homeroom we srudied Sou+h America, ifs geography and hisrory. In IiIeraIure we wroIe oomposirions on such Ihings as achvie Iies and poems. In mafh we wenr IuII speed ahead. Mrs. EngIeharI IaughI us a Ior oI new Ihings in Enghsh. -MOLLY BEAN Sfanding at board, Ieff Io riqhI: KATHERINE CONNESS, STEPHANIE EDWARDS VICKI SEXSON, CHARIOIYE KOLLER, ANN KOHLMOOS. Back row: SALLY MAGEE, CECELIA McGUIRE, DEE GARFIELD, KATHY FLOYD, PAMELA STREET. Third row: FRANCES WHITE, MARY NOCK, JUDY STEAD, CAROL ATTWOOD, MERILYN FORBES, Second row: SUSAN HUTCHENS, MAURINE JOLICOEUR, VIRGIE RAE JUDY, KATHLEEN DUGAN. Fronf row: KAREN LUND, MARY CLOSE, MOLLY BEAN, SUELLEN THOMAS, JO ANN WALLIS. -. s-. . ,. .1 .. . , -f 1 , .J -...Q-. ,.. , -Q--nm. -17:--A .z- EIGHTH GRIIDE Ailrer Ihe shyness of being Ihe big shols of Jrhe Lower School wore off, we began Io pull I'he Iypical eighlh grade Iriclcs. We barely spealc io Ihose inferior sevenlh grade pupils and Ihinlq we are The mosl Io say 'rhe leash Slarling such lads as wearing long gray or while soclcs and placing ihe Alcairaz banner in Ihe window of Ihe eighlh grade room, we 'rhinlc and expecf Ihai The Upper School snobs should respeci us. A+ Ihe Counfry Fair our class raised Ihe second highesf amounl of money. We organized Ihe Pel Show, Ihe Weighl Boolh, and a candy sale. We were very rnuch in evidence 'rhal nighll Also we wenl on a wonderful Trip Io Ihe Berlceley Public Library wilh our Ieacher, Mrs. O'I-lara. There, one of fhe girls asked a Iypical quesiion for our age: Aren'I fhere any boys? Bur along wilh all Ihis foolishness and seeming imrnalurily, we worked dili- genlly and, allhough we wished we were in Ihe Upper School, Ihoughl Ihe eighlh grade was ihe rnosl fabulous place Io be. -LYNN HALL Left Io righf, back row: MARY THOMPSON, LYNN HALL, MARY LOUISE ROI-IRER, SUSAN WILLIAMS, ANNE SUTHERLAND. Fifth row: SUZANNE FRISOU, PATRICIA SNYDER, PATSY JORDAN, PAMELA GRIFFIN, JILL FRITSCHI. Fourfh row: SANDRA GIBSON, PATSY TAYLOR, LINDA EPPERSON. Third row: SHELLEY POND, LOVE- LYN ULMER, ROSANNA VAN GELDER. Second row: TOBY HAGER, SUSAN JOB. I'-ron? row: JEAN OLSON, LINDA ZINN. No? presenf: KATHERINE BROWN. l0lUER SCH00l COUIIEIL We held a meeling Ihe lirsr monrh 'ro inlroduce lhe council lo our Lower School class- rnales. Judge of Courl, Anne Sulherland, read The rules and regularions. The Presidenr Linda Zinn, aslced 'rhe eighlh grade presidenl, Sandra Gibson, 'ro posr Ihe rules in all classrooms. The girls who didn'+ lcnow Ihe school songs were expecled Io learn Ihem. Mrs. Dewey aslced Ihe council +o Ialce charge of fhe rnidnoon recess lables. The council was very happy +o accepr and has been carrying our 'Ihis iob all 'Perm long by informing Ihe classes when ir is Iheir Iurn To ser our lhe recess lunch and clean up Jrhe remains. Sue Greenlield, Srudenr Body Presidenr ol Ihe Upper School, broughl up rhe Iacl rhar 'Ihe Lower School was disregarding lhe rules aboul chapel. We broughl lhis Iacr Io 'rheir allenlion Ihrough rhe presidenrs of Ihe classes. and befier behavior resulred. -LINDA ZINN, Presidenr Leff Io righfz BEVERLY FONG, Fourfh Grade Presidenfg KAREN LUND, Sevenfh Grade Presidenfg SUSAN LAMBER- SON, Sixfh Grade Presidenfg LYNN La BOYTEAUX, Fiffh Grade Presidenfg ANNE SUTHERLAND, Judge of Courfg JEAN OLSON, Afhlefic President LINDA EPPERSON, Secrefary, LINDA ZINN, Presidenfg SI-IELLEY POND, Social Service Represenfaiiveg SUSAN JOB, Vice-Presidenfg SANDRA GIBSON, Eiqhfh Grade Presidenf. STUDEIIT COUIICII Ido soIemnIy promuse Th I I w I IJ I Il Ihe duhec of my ohuce Io rhe oesf of my obIIIIy WIIhouII ar or favor I do nw ufmo T Io serv Ian u y Th ofhce 'ro vvhwcn I have been elecfed And Io Iurhwer Ihe IV eresI of Ihe school Ti V VI T e Srude Councn Ionk Ihe rpmdwnq omh ano durwq Ihe year asm 0 Irom Irhe IUII menr oI Ihexr u u1IduIes Ihey have made Ihree mayor accom hshmenfs IN n Ihe vore ne SIuoenI Boof a new udduhon has oeen mod Io+ e sc oo unnfo m a ew charcooI ccbred gacker Ihar bIends wufh our grey Icwrfs ond sweajrers The Con hfuhoh CommIIIee consushng of Ihe Presudenf Vwce Presldehf uno Secrefary comoIeIed h Sfudenf Body Consfhuhon wh ch The Counc:I agreed I presenI Io Ihe S+udenI Body for rahhcafuon We WI h I'oI'f1anI4+he Adm n ra ve CouncII NIIh whom we promoied Th 'monor sysIem wher oy each member of Ihe Sfudenf Body occepfs eorq wnfh Ihe prrvheqe of deod ng school ruIes Iho responsrbulnfy of enforcwnq Ihese uIes To Mr Czock Ihe hr I Iaculfy adv: or we have ever ha we wish Io em e S our cer Ihonks for Ihe qurdance whuch she has qwven Us Ih year LasIIy we vwsh Io fha I4 rhe S+ucIen+ Body whose Suoporf o schoo ruIes and ooI fre Iroolhons and IdE3GIy make Anna I-Iead Ihe schooI w Ich I+ IS SUSAN GREEN FIELD PFSSICISDI Sfandmg left fo rnghf GAIL LAURENCE Freshman Class Presldenf SUE MURPHY Screfary of CIIIZEHSIIID MARILYN WRIGHT Afhleflc Assoclaflon Presrdenf SUE GREENFIELD Sfudenf Body Presldenf Seaied JUDY WOOD Sophomore Class Pres den? LIZ de SAINT PHALLE Junior Cl ss Pre den? NANCY BUTCHFR Sen or Class Presldenf KAY WEAVER Sfudenf Body Secreiary BEVERLY LYON Sfudenf Body Vxce Presudeni CLAIRE de SAINT PHALLE Clfllenshlp Chas man JACKIE BURTON House PresldenI 1 I, If I i, I I' - ' I II ' e . Iwi. , e IhI II r'- - I H c I . Y I I J AS Iar fc .fIIhE me IIes.II h rr II J gf W, ' , I 'I , Id, II ' 5 Q Q ' , , o' . If I C? +, 1, xl A I II VI Ie I1 rh I I r ' f I In I I ' ' , - - yi :N I X 5, 3 - - X I, I o II I . Is I I Isf H I I I V I C I D' I I V I I F . 5. . IS I5 d, I ' r 1 sm o . I I I . I I . , f Ii f , E' ' T o . - , , 1 I ' 4 fc 2, ' If 3 , I I Q - I , I 6 I . U I ,! V . , I , FRESHIIIEII Back row, Ieff Io righfz PAT LYNCH, JENNIFER BREEZE, BARBARA BRAS- FIELD, LINDA GAYLORD, FRANKIE HAYDEN. Fronf row: NANCY LEWIS, BETSY BLANCHARD, DIANA BARLOW, MAYLEE BABINGTON, Back row, Ieff fo right MOLLY MAU- SER, JOAN LINDBERG, ANNA HOW- ARD, LINDA MOORE. Fronf row: LES- LIE La BOYTEAUX, GAIL LAURENCE. CORDELIA MANZER. Back row, Ief? Io right JOAN SULLI- VAN, BETTIE MCCLUSKY, FRANCES PALLAVICINI, MARGOT PRANG.Frnn1 row: CAROL WILL, SUE ROSE, CAROL SAWYER. SOPHOIIIIJRES Back row, lei? Io right SUE ALLEN, JANE COLIN, JOAN BRADY, ZANDY BARNEYBACK, HOPE HALLENBECK, BARBARA DIDDLE. Front row: SUE GROSS, LANGLEY BROOKS, FRANKIE DEWEY, PENNY EDLUND, CAROL HART. Back row, laff fo richiz MARY ANN MCGUIRE, GLENN KEELER, CHAR- LOTTE PIA, CAROL MOSCRIP, CECE PUTNAM. Fronf row, BETTY LOVE, MOLLY MUH5, NANCY NORTON, CHALAN HELMHOLZ, JUDY GALLUS, KATHY HOLLIS. Back row, leff Io righf: SUE WILDE, JUDY SMITH, BARBARA WALTON, LUCIE SPANGLER, JUDY ROOT, SU- ZANNE SCHORER. Ffonf row: JUDY WOOD, SUZY TURLEY, BARBARA WAGGONER, SANDY TURLEY, SUE WELLINGTON, LYN READ. Nof Presenf: BARARA HENRICE, KRIS RASMUSSEN, GWYN LANDSKOV, RITA WEILL. JUIIIORS Back row, Ieff Io riqhfr CHERRY BALD- WIN, JUDY ALLEN, MIMI HOLLAND, EMY HAY, JULIE CROSBY, SARA HUTCHENS, MARY COPE LENORE BERCOVICH. Fronf row: HELEN ANN ENGLEHART DIANA ALEXANDER, JENNIFER BYRNES, SUE FRATIS, LIZ de SAINT-PHALLE, ANN BYERS, DONNA GLIDDON. Back row, Ieff io right SHEILA KAVA- NASH, SUE MURPHY, KATIE MUL- VANY, JUDY MCDONALD, JUDY MCCORMACK, CAROL NAVONE, SANDRA LUCE, HOLLY HUTCHINS, Fronf row: MARCIA MANNING, MOLLY NOCK, SANDYJAMES, BROOK JONES, CECE NILSSON JEAN MASCHAL, MARGIE MELL. Back row, left Io r'qh2: ANNIE JO SAWYER, LIBBY RU'E, SAN SMITH, LINDA WOOD, B'kRBA A SCTHWIIIN. JEAN PROCTER, GIININY ZINN. Fr nf row: LYNN PATOIJETT SAE' ROP? SUE WIESINGER, PAT TOWNSEND, WENDY PALMER, JANE RUSSELL, PHYLLIS PORTER, SEIIIORS SALLY ANNE AKSELSEN Szcwvtvr' than lmmfy and flu' lzmzvycunzb. Old Testament. French Club Presidenl l-ler collie Uncle Palsyi'-loves lo knil-Slamcord rooler-wafer skiing-earnesl worker -problems wilh her ycunger brolher-always in lhe middle ol some proiece-Vlfhen she becomes presidenl, she wanls 'ro abolish all malh-'lGuess whal. gang? MARY BALL 0. Ilmu ur! fairer than the e'1'a'ning air Clad in the bc'auty of 11 tlzousanzl stars. Nlarlowe. l-ler car and her men- Guess who called? - Youre lciddinglll-peppy cheerleader -likes sincere peoplafhales loudrnoulhs-various iobs-darling lillle sisfer- Wl1a+ did you do for Civics? - Well. darnlvhclass laxicab- I'm lale bul I don'+ care. EVE BASCOM Szvvetvsf vyvx uwrv' eww' svvn. Browning. Enlerlainmenl Chairman Evie-skiing enlhusiasl-cure and pelile-swim champ-'lOh, qu'es+ que C'esH - never ears- Lif+le Eviev--many aclivilies-plenry ol mischief behind an angel's grin- can r sfand people who can'+ carry on a good conversalion-produced a marvelous Variely Show-lilces all sporls-Those big brown eyes. JUDY BRADY Hvr pencil zlrvw wl1atc'e'r hw' soul'1l zlvsiymwl. Dryden. Class arlisl--presiclenl of Arl Club in her Junior year-loves lo doodle-can'r sland lhe sound of an alarm clock-can draw anylhing-lhe backdrop for lhe Prom-Sopho more sis+erffViceroys-modern arl-good imaginafion- Oh, Phooeyl'-goof off- 'ls lhis a sfudy hall? - Ch, boy! -her Arabs. CLHSS 0F 1955 JACKLYN BURTON I know a shvaf of songs lby hvart Byron l-louse Presidenr Jackie- You mean you haven? lweard oi Colusa7 -lriskels--wafer skiing-always playing Bir+l1 ol ine Blues --lwair llwal gels slworler and slnorler-lwyslerics in Hisiory- They Can? do mall -oulslanding allo member oi A Cappellaflikes Friday alle-rnocn besi' of all-usually found al llwe King Pin lwaving lwer ailernoon cup oi coffee. NANCY BUTCHER A ml that smilv, like xunshim', dar! Into many a Sunless heart. Longfellow. Senior Class Presiclenl Tha? ready smile-6:30 ring --her glasses- black is 'flue color - Beep-Beep-Beep -cold hands-a nappy boarder-sympallwefic- Does someone move +lwa+ we dispense willw llie minu+es? -class worrybird-lull oi spiril, enfliusiaslic aboui everyllwing-never loses her lemper la rare giiil-sludies unfil all hours-Brenlwood. GAIL CLARK She had all the royal makings of a 11u4'4'n. Shakespeare. Tlwal long brown hair-Thin, yel always on a diel-loves earrings-Malways has a 'rhermos of coffee-never eals breakiasl-beaulilul hands-her Tricks on her family and vice- versa-llial scream-kniffing on The ski week end- Oh, lei' me fell you -periecl model-Shingle Springs. JEAN CARMODY His words, Iilw so many nimble' and airy xvrz'itur.v, Trip about him at cammanrl. Mlltrln. Berkeley l-liglx, Ran!-inlelleclual sliarpslwooler- l'm nor going fo do ir! -gerring oul oiFrencl'1- Wlr1a+ did you do for Englisl1? -likes Friday besl-popular iazz ian-llwal unusual giggle- Wl1a+ a pill! -Ararely fakes a book home-beaulilul hands-her crazy driving!!!- Oli lwoneslly . . CLAIRE de SAINT-PHALLE Great thoughts come from the heart. Marquis de Vauvenargues. Citizenship Chairman Clairabelle-can? seem io avoid Top honors-geffing ou'r ol sporls-a hard and efficienl' worlcer-always spealcing French-srudies Russian-- There's a courf meeling fodayn- Girls, fhis IS a sludy hall -lrips fo France--made a slci swea+er-her Junior sisler, Liz. JANE DIDDLE A merry heart that laughs at care. Milton. Kncws everybody-high socks-her Sophomore sisfer-cheerleader-hares lo gel up in fhe Alvl.-wanfs lo go +0 Cal-loves vacafions, clofhes, and money-one big panic - l-low do you spell . . .? -hair slyle-fhal giggle-inferesfing lunches- l fhinlc fhaf . . . -inleresfed in everylhing-Tech. RENA EDWARDS Round many Western lands have I been. Keats. TEXAS-colce addicr-her lurquoise convertible-her sailboa+-always ealing buf never gains weighf-an avid reader-always writing lellers-Harvard-Mrs. de Fremery and fheir feuds-greal ambitions-mail and males-her long hair-Margie. RAE ENGBLOM A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to hnd. Plutarch. Chapel Coordinafcr You'd love io volunfeer 'ro give Chapel, wouldn'+ you! --playing hearfs- You're full of prunes -lcnifs argyles- I have fhe car +omorrow -always on a dief-rounding up people fo give Chapel-sweel'-prefry slcirls--Livermore vacaficns-always has a +her- rnos of coffee-ha+es fhe alarm cloclr. CLHSS 0F 1955 SUSAN GREENFIELD A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. Emerson. Sfudeni Body Presidenf Sue-iop honors- Oh bird! - Who can falce a sfudy hall? -does a Thousand ihings well-acquires 'rhe silliesl' loolcs ai 'times-Greai While Elephanl l-luniress-wanfs io Travel-favoriie pasiimet relaxing-Thar mischievous gleam in her eyes- Air raid! -- always rushing. ADRIANNE GUSTAFSON The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. Pope. Social Service Chairman Beaufiiul clo+hes-can'+ sland conceiied people-wanfs fo become a success in +he fashion world--Tahoe-gullible- Snow snakes! -The Coun+ry Fair-hard worker- dis+incl'ive hair-Grandmo'rher's cookies lsee Adrianne for The recipel- Oh No - perfecf model. LOREE HARTER She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies. Byron. Senior Class Treasurer Those big brown eyes-Oh! Thai big pinlc iowell-3:30 coffee ai ihe King Pin-Chapel lighfs- When l have 'foo much homework io do, I don'+ do any! --swimming-loves 'ro ear peaches-Yuba Cify-haies fo gef up in The morning-lilces good music. MARIAN HENRY Ornament of a quiet spirit. Old Testament. Edi+or of NODS AND BECKS Silver Lake--her fwo coclcers-quief and unassuming- l-lmmm -likes lc sew-good lisiener-many clever and original ideas-likes fo be difierenf-gay colors-soff voice -her cousins!- I don'+ know, buf . . . SEIIIORS PATRICIA JAMESON She has ll voice of gladness and a smile. Bryant. Crlee Club President Pat-loves to tallc on the telephone-can't stand waiting tor people-Operetta lead- talented-wants to be a second Rosemary Clooney-leads the A Cappella responses- t-Iow so do you do that? - Oh well -torgets her lunch-loves good music. LINDA SUE JONES Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, Help to make earth happy. Julia A. Fletcher. Senior Class Secretary Those big slcirts and that tiny waist-Rah, New Mexico!-her secret love-song: Teach me tonight lLatinI- All right, you guys -tavorite pastime: learning to smolce- despises excessive hcmeworlc-cottee millcshalces--the rising bell, how to murder it. JUDY KINSELL A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most zlivirzely fair. Tennyson. Senior Class Vice-President I-Ieight that suits her perfectly-rosy cheeks-sailing-pet peeve: people who don't like to walk or to ride bikes-her darling little sister-eager beaver- Come on, let's get some spirit - There, how's that? -energetic Christmas caroling and the party at her house atterwards. SHIRLEY LEVINGE Bright gem instinct with music, vocal spark. Wordsworth. Drama Club President DUKE-always going on diets!-model bopper -secret ambition ot boarders: to cut Shirley's hair!-Capezios--ideal city: Salinas- Sather Gates best loolcer arounderu- elongated questions-talented singer-her audition with the Swingin' Deacon-mail and males-loves chocolate sodas. CLHSS OF 1955 BEVERLY ANN LYON Hearty faith and honest clu'1'r. Nlereditll. Vice-Presidenl oi Sludenl Body Bev-unusual lalenl for breaking glasses-always arquinq wilh Mrs. de Frernery-lull oi boundless energy-reads morning announcemenls- Kwips and Kwanlcsu-'lQh, really? -lhal lilfle black boolc-possessor oi many lalenls-lallcinq wirh her hands-allemblr ing 'ro drive olher peoples cars. MARILYN McENEANY Grace was in all har steps, helwmz in her fyeg In every gesture, dignity. lN1ilton. Currenl Evenls Club Presidenl Senior Class l-losless Lyn-dislikes school sporis- LOOK al thai -periecl handwriring- Did you walch Medic lasir nigh+? -always found pulling lhe Senior Room in order-hales uneven shades-her giggle-her oversize rainhal- pei peeve: To be cul shorl when she hasn'+ finished lallcincg-Viceroys- When l worlced al lhe lab lasi summer . . . -llalians. LOIS MOORE Endurance is tha crowning quality, Ana' DI1lif'lICl' all tha passion nf great hearts. James Russell Lowell. Always absenl, ye+ does wonderful worlc-quiel and underslandinq- l'll help you - drives her rno+her's car-lilces school when lhere is no homeworlc-eiiicienf-always so neal-class Taxicab +o ailer-school rneelinqs-small lunches. DEBORAH MOSSMAN As marry as the day is long. Shakespeare. Spanish Club Presidenl Debby-lhal inieclious laugh--loves all animals-likes blaclc hair lher's is redl- Oh, dear! -blushes easily-hares 'ro be called class baby- Oh, Thai looks good, buf how many calories has il? -her lanlrums- How shall l gel our of sporls Today? -'lhe case oi 'rhe broken clip board- Oh, well. SEIIIDRS BRENDA PLANT Thy HHll!l'Sfj',S ll Candle tu thy merit. Fielding. Lover ol all anlrnals-horse and doq shows-Cow Palace- I won'l walk where l can ride '-pel peeve: lelevision: model hislory sludenlvher 'pony fail -skl enlhuslasl- rnemorles ol lhe ski week end-qulel-hard worker-lives in Lalayelle. RGSEMARY RUTHERFORD So of cheerfulness or ll good temper, The more of it is spent, the more of it remains. Emerson. Arr Club Presidenl Rosenose- Oh, l don'+ know anylhinglub- You're kiddlnqu-FALLEN LEAF LAKE lwhal memorlesl-Kalie lvlulvany-lhal sneeze-her welrd lunches-riding-her knll dresses and lhal lur coal- l-low's lhal hil you? JULIANN RYAN The .sweetest thing that ever grew Beside a human door. Wordsworth. Julie-Can? seem lo sing on key-wanfs lo lravel lhe conllnenl-her dlels--likes lo read- Bm Mrs. de lzremerylu-El Cerrilo-drives her parenfs' Merc lif's hers nowl -Rosemary's Chaulleur-her l-lopalonq Cassidy 'rhermos-peoples lasl nameseclass laxicab-lhal lur coal. LINDA SPEIER A sweet alfractive kim! nf grace. Nlattcu Royden. Pink luzzy gloves-argyle socks-runs an orphan home lor slrayed goldlish-envy ol all lor her pholographic memory- The earlh didn'+ come lo an end: il was lusl an Eureka earlhquake''- Cools -myslery ol lhe year: case ol lhe swollen jaw lwas il rnurnps7l-always smiling-giggling in Chapel. CIIISS OF 1955 SARA TOLLES A merry heart doeth good like meflicine. Proverbs. Food-ber English oralions on bomemakinql-gullible and naive- Ol1,come now, you :an'+ make me believe mal -Ilfiose inlereslinq lunches-perlecl liosless-llwose won! derlul swimming parlies al' her home in Lalayelle-- I don? underslandu- Now, Gang' -member ol AI-IS lennis leam. KATHERINE WEAVER Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. Pope. Secrelary of 'rlwe Sfudenf Body Kay-llwose lale lwours-Ilwe animals on ber bed-SACRAMENTO--Ilwe lillle paller of her Type-wriler keys- The Wild One -'mal cliaraclerislic lauqlw-memories cl Ilwe ski week end-flwal wink-never loses her Iemper-lens quickly- You iusl clon'+ know! MARJORIE WOOD She walks the water like a thing of life, and seems to dare the elements to strike. Byron. Margie-love ol clelails-lmer converlible and sailboal-loves anyllwing compelilive- grealesf problem: lwow 'ro be a cloclor, praclice medicine, and lravel all al once-7'-Rena -Eins'rein's Ilieory--mad scienlisl--always chewing on ner glasses- Wlna+7 -pei peeve: people who Commenf on +l1e denls in her car-lwelve years al I-lead's-TIBBY. MARILYN WRIGHT Ye are wondrous strong. ,vel lovely in your strengtlz. Byron. Allwlelic: Associafion Presidenl Inverness-golf champ-pel peeve: people who complain aboul Inverness weallier- lop Iennis player of AI-IS- Every parly lwas a poopen'-bridge player-Ians beamli- lully-Slanlord-perlecl figure-memories ol llwe ski week end-Omar. SEIIIOR CLHSS llllll We lhe Senaor Class ol I9SS ol lhe Anna Head School beang ol queslaonable mand and body aller survavang lwelve years ol school do hereby publash and proclaam our lasl wall and leslamenl To lhe members ol lhe Junaor Class we be quealh our lollowang possessaoras and pravaleges Sally Akselsen walls lo Ganny Zann her abalaly and vocabulary lo slarl up a beal oul Mercury molor Mary Ball walls lo Mama Holland parl ol her blond haar so Mama can once agaan have a blond slreak and lo Sara Pope Mary leaves lwo leel Evae Bascom walls lo Emmy Hay lhe waler wangs lhal Anne Chew walled lo her lhal Healher Alexander walled lo her who an lurn gol lhem lrom Laura Ann Kansell and also lo Mar gae Mell Evae walls a years supply ol gas so Margae cara rade around Raedmonl Judy Brady walls lo Lynn Palchell lhe el lorls ol her many hours on lhe Oppenheamer case al Mrs Granger should become anleresled an ham agaan lo Julaa Crosby Jackae Burlon walls her lamous ealang habals and lo Ann Byers Jackae walls her book Beang lnarlaculale and Lakang ll Nancy Bulcher walls lo Holly Hulchans her dallacully an French so Holly can see how lhe olher hall laves Caaal Clark walls lo Judy McCormack Marlon al she wall be good lo ham Claare de Saaral Phalle walls lo her sasler Laz lhe pravalege ol dravang lhe car lo school Jane Daddle walls lo Judy Allen her amazang aplalude an chemaslry so lhal Judy may be lhe slar ol lhe class nexl year Jean Carmody walls lo Pal Townsend her place an Mrs de Fremery s hearl because Pal wall need al Rena Edwards and Margae Wood wall lo San Smalh and Helen Ann Engleharl lhe parls ol Gualdenslern and Rosen cranlz an Hamlel an hopes lhal lhey wall be able lo do lhem more luslace Rae Engblom walls lo Jean Procler her place an Senora s grade book lor beller or lor worse lo Annae Jo Sawyer who laughl lhem lo her an lhe larsl place Susan Green laeld walls lhe elephanl hunls an lhe quad and lo Daane Alex ander Susan walls lhe elephanl al Annae Jo ever calches ham an case lhe neaghborhood laghls go oul agaan on New Year s Eve Adraanne Guslalson walls some luses lo Lenore Bercovalch Loree Harler walls lo Sandra Luce her seal an lhe Kang Pan lo gel away lrom al all Maraan Henry walls lo Wendy Palmer lhe care ol her lwo cousans an Lower School so lhal Wendy can prepare lhem lor Senaor Englash and Cavacs Pal Jameson walls lo Marcaa Mannarag and Jenaler Byrnes a paar ol scassors lo cul lhear haar and a bollle ol haar lonac an case lhey cul al loo shorl Landa Jones walls lo Donna Gladdon a can ol oal lor lhe squeaky lhard lloor slaars and a years supply ol meda cane so lhal she wall never have lo vasal lhe anlarmary and lo Judy McDonald Landa walls an expense paad lrap lo Albuquer que so lhal Judy can resl and recuperale lor her Senaor year Judy Kansell walls lo Mary Cope and Jean Maschal her lackel as an able bodaed seaman and her genuane corrodeprool brass key whach wall open any galley door Bev Lyon walls her scaenlalac mand and mosl recenl z bomb lo Sue Murphy Lyn McEnaeny walls her oversaze raanhal lo Molly Nock and some scolch lape lo cover up all lhe holes an al Loas Moore walls lo Sheala Kavanagh her car so lhal she won l have such a long lrp home every allernoon Debby Mossman walls lo Lbby Rule all her Bob McKeera clappangs and a subscraplaon lo lhe Oakland Trabune because al pranls lhe mosl paclures ol ham lo Phyllas Porler Brenda Planl walls her horse sance bacy cles are goang oul ol slyle nexl year lo Kaly Mulvanv Rose mary Rulherlord walls her lalher lo help her an Senaor malh as he has done n algebra oeomelry and chemaslry Julae Ryan walls lo Carol Navone and Cece Nalsson her numerous paars ol glasses because lhey wall cerlaanly need lhem an lhear Senaor year Landa Speaer walls lo Brooke Jones and lo Sandy James her home lor orphan guppaes and some exlra bowls ausl an case Sara Tolles walls lo Cherry Baldwan a package ol chocalale cagarelles so lhal Cherry can shock all lhe leach ers nexl year lo Sue Fralas Kay Weaver walls lhe baology lab and her lalesl book The Sexless Ameba and lo Sue Weas anger Kay walls her wonderlul abalaly an Englash Margae Wood and Rena Edwards wall lo Helen Ann Engleharl and San Smalh a dale a week lor lhe nexl len years lo Sara Hulchens Mara lyn Wraghl walls one broken racquel and as many dead lennas balls as Sara can use and lo Landa Wood Maralyn walls anolher Hallman an case and lhe whole Senaor Class walls lo lhe whole Junaor Class under lhe cuslody ol Jane Russell lhear blue hand dyed cheese clolh kv lhal as guaranleed lo slrelch over lh balconaes ol chapel lor any occasaon provadang lhal al as held logelher walh pans ' a ae ' V U - l V I . JT . . I - . Sl I . .. SENIOR IVIEMQRIES-sirring, gunning, and arudying on The Senior Porch . . . Dominican Piayday and rho ierryboa+ ridef . . . fhe Counrry Fair . . . rhe Senior Bali verfus our biuo sky . . . Jrhe worrying over rnidrerms and hnais . , . 'rho Simi Week End ai Yoeernffe . . . our fronr row sears in ohapoi . . . rhe Junior Faghion Show . . . our pie and ice Crearn sales . .. ihe Sophomore and Freshman dance' J,.. our dass parries and Senior Diroh Day . . , wafer hgh? oeiending ou ooroh . . . Senior rings . . . procrering srudy haiig . , . vooaouiary words, Jrhe Qppenheirner Case, and Japanese ark . . . fhe operefra . . . rhe Junfor-Senior Prom . . . Miss Morsef fire drilis . . . rhe oheerfui, unoonnpiaining ianirors, Mr. Barron and fhe iare Mr. Muilen . . . rho Junior-Senior Luncheon . , . guesrions on ooiieges . .. bringing Cans of food For iunoh and rhen ooening rhern . . . rhe friendly squirrels . . . borrowing iong soars afier sohooi . . . Baooaiaureare . . . and rhe iong-awaired and oounred day GRADUATION! NAME Sally Akselsc Mary Ball Evue Bascom Judy Brady Jackle Burlon Nancy Bulcher Gall Clark Jean Carmody Clalre de Saunl Plwalle Jane Dlddle Rae Engblom Rena Edwards Susan Greenlneld Adruanne Guslalso Loree Harler Marlan Henry PalJameson Lnnda Jones Judy Knnsell Shnrley Levnnge Bev Lyon Lyn McEneany Loss Moore Debby Mossman Brenda Planl Rosemary Rulherlord Julie Ryan Lunda Speaer Sara Tolles Kay Weaver Marlorle Wood Marilyn Wrughl SENIOR HUROSCDPE AMBlTlON lo walk an heels wllhoul leelerlng car mechanic lop woman skler un U S arlrsl lo llnush readzng lhe Colusa Dany Times al recess ksndergarlen leacher lo wln an appolnlmenl lo Annapolls lo lravel lo drlve a lax: IH Paras lo work lor U S In Europe lo gel marrued lo surpass Sara Bernhardl secrelary lor an ambasasdor clolhes buyer lor Saks Flllh Avenue lo eal wllh chopslucks gracefully lo wan lhe Nobel Prize for lvleralure chour conduclor lo saul around lhe world leading ssnger al lhe Mel lnlerpreler lor lhe U N lo marry a handsome llaluan lo gc nnlo agrucullure landscape archllecl a Canadaan Mounlae archeologvsl lursl woman Presudenl ol lhe U S A lo ralse 6 OOO guppues lo have a collecllon M R S degree al Harvard lo be a doclor and a sclenlrsl lursl ambassador lo Hawan FORECAST rubber heel lesler chlel lnslaller ol pupes al lhe Ford Planl sellung waler skis al Kelly s nlluslralung Jello ads lonely hearls columnlsl ol Colusa Sun Herald Sensor Engllsh leacher al Head s head Wave lhere Carmody s Gulde Through Berkeley lnlernallonal drlver mannequun lor Dlor runnlng Engblom s Home lor Lonely Spnnslers lnnally persuaded Texas lo loln lhe Union ambassadress buyer ol AHS unnlorms lor Roos ro spoon manulaclurer ln China scrapl wrller lor soap operas arranger lor Spnke Jones salllng lnslruclor al Lake Merrill lloor scrubber lhere sllll arguing wllh Mrs de Fremery nnmale al Engblom s Home counllng seeds burldlng sand caslles ln nursery school perlecl housewlle Alas poor Rulherlordl l knew her well presudenl ol local brndge club lamous nchlhyologasl Mr de Fremery s packral Beaululul Undaled Maldens Soc1elylB U M S Prexy Belly Crocker s Perlecl Homemaker wallress al Zombne Vlllage l an ' ' ' ' rl H ' 7 ' B S. ' , , , ,, Elo run a dude ranch in New Mexico head physlcisl al Los Alamos PERFECT SENIOR I-Ialr Brows Lashes yes Nose Moullw Teellw Sml e Complexion Prolnle Fugure I-lands Legs Feel' Speaking Vonce Sungung Vouce Personaluly I s Laugh Sneeze CLASS FAVORITES oo Aullwor Radio Program Movle TV Program Sayvng Reslauranf Grclweslra I'IlsIorIc Fagure SEIIIOR SELECTIOIIS Mary Ball Jane Duddle Pal' Janneson Fvle Bascom Nancy Bulclwer Jane Dvddle Bev Lyon Judy Klnsell Sue Greenfield Clalre de Sannl Plwalle Lyn Mclfneanv Jean Carmody Marslyn Wruglwl Rena Edwards Jackme Burlon Slrurley Levlnge Kay Weaver Gaul Clark Kay Weaver Rosemary Rullwerlord Gone WIII1 Ilwe Wand I-lemmvngway Lucky Lager Dance Tune Sabruna Meduc I-low s Tlmal Hal You7 Me s Glen Mrller Mrs de Fremery SENIOR SELECTIONS Besf Fulure Wife Besl Fulure Mollwer Besl Nalured Always I-Iappy Besl Sense of I-Iumor Flrsl' Io be Marrled Cu+es+ Sweelesl Mosl Induslruous Mosl' AIIVGCIIVG Mosl Rorsed Mosl Talenfed Mosf Lnkely Io Succeed Mosf Gull ble Class Baby Class Clown Class Brains Class Scallerb ann Mosl Pleasanr World Fugure Crgarelle Drxnk Food Sporl Vacalvon Spol Paslume Car M slery Loree I-Iarler Nancy Bulclwer Marian I-Ienry Lfnda Jcne Rosemary Rullwerlord Marlorle Wood Julie Ryan Llnda Speler Sally Aksel en Adrnanne Guslalson Loree Harler Slwnrley Levlnge Brenda Planl Adrranne Guslalson Sara Tolles Debby Mossnnan Clarre de Salnl Rlwalle Beverly Lyon Loss Moore Oppenheimer Vlceroy CoFlee Pizza Sensor I-Iomework Talwoe Jugglung Dales' Ford Glwosf or Goblin I-lamlel E ....,...... ' ........ ' S 'l ........... ' ----.-.... ' ' Walk ............ Sara Tolles Class AVIISI' ---------- JI-'dl' Bfadl' L'p ............ ' F ' ----.-- B k ........ I 'I ' ' ' I - - - - - - - - I ' Q' ' ....... . Y -.---- - ' I I E i .E 'i WWE we fu Aix K . ,+I LV, K' and W X. i A -J' rs a' ,M Ji, A f' ,mir r,,, V 'gang , ,L W, V. w gy -. .' 5 .1 1' 5? a','g ,D Q 4 Kg - ' ix 1 . lf V ' , .I X ai. ' ,. mm Y ' 3' A 6- 2' nl? J rv T Q ,,,f ' 'L Q 1 Q R' ,J Q1 75 Q? W ,Ng 97191 A 4 we 'S Q ,, - 33 'fr nl V. 'fwA . u,' 5441, URGHIIIZHTIUIIS 4 IIDIIIIIIISTRIITIUE COUIICII Th Pxornwn Iraruve Com CI Ia compmed OI Ihe heads of aII Ihe sIudenI rgarwzah rn We held bm monrhuy mecIInqQ fo heip members soIve prcb ems Io work Lge? er on a schooI proyecfs and Io IaIk over new Ideas for makmq eac organnahon more vlIaIparI'OI5CI'1COI Infe This year Iwo new or anwzanen w re a d I 'rhe bchoo a scwenc dub creaIed Ior Irs esuec aI v nreresred I h Ie d and a rnusrc apprecmahon dub Iornne y Iry Io make Ihe honor sysIem af Anna I-Iead S more prevaIenI I e Adrnwrm rwfve Councn brr'c.,reIy hopes Ihar Ihus year s work WTI oc OI Derma en+ vaIue Io rho NcnooI RAE ENGBLQIVI Presude-n+ THE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Sfandmg Ieff fo rrghf LYN MCENEANY Curreni Evenfs Club Presldenf PAT JAMESON Glee Club Presldinf EVIE BASCOM En1'er'falnmenfChalrman RAE ENGBLOM Chapel Coordlnafor Adrnlnlsfraflve Council Presldenf ADRIANNE GUSTAFSON Social Servsce Chairman KATIE MULVANY Sfage Crew Manager ROSEMARY RUTHER FORD Art Club Presndenf PHYLI IS PORTER Eddor of OUIPS AND CRANKS Seafed SHIRLEY LEVINGE Drama Club Presldenf SALLY AKSELSEN French Club PresldenI Secrefary of Admin sfrahve Council DEBBY MOSSMAN Spanish Club Pressdeni MARIAN HENRY Edlfor of NODS AND BECKS SARA HUTCHENS Square Dance Club Presldenf -- L 1 ' ' q ' 'N ,S e Ld ed Q ' ' I+ A 2 , q'I nf N, 'rrfixfs ' 'A , db Those seriousnf fv+eres+ed In muslc. We worked wnh Ihe SIudenI Coundl Io Ii Imsrcfv ' ' 'I' 1- Q-X Leff fo rlqhi JULIE RYAN SecrefaryTreasurer ROSEMARY RUTHERFORD Presldenf CAROL NAVONE Vice Presudenf HRT CLUB The Ari Club was busy 'rhus year wrfh such achvzhes as decorahng +he audlloruum for +he dance al fhe Counfry Fair and sellmg +he1r allrachve hand made Chrnsfmas rags 'rhe sublecl of ar+ were shawn We vnsnred arf exhnbafs and our advisor Mrs Ramble helped us gain a belfer undersfand Inq of ar+ lhroughoul +he year MEMBERS SUE ALLEN GAIL CLARK FRANKIE DEWEY RAE ENGBLOM KATHY HOLLIS SANDY JAMES MOLLY MAUSER DEBBY MOSSMAN KATY MULVANY CAROL NAVONE ROSEMARY RUTHERFORD JULIE RYAN JUDY SMITH JUDY STRAUS px f Y, -Q. Several dinners were held: al one enferlalning movies on . . . . . v 4 R A .iii A 31 'Q A MEMBERS JUDY BRADY JACKIE BURTON JEAN CARMODY RAE ENGBLOM HOPE HALLENBECK LOREE HARTER MIMI HOLLAND SANDY JAMES LINDA JONES LYN MCENEANY DEBBY MOSSMAN KATY MULVANY CAROL NAVONE LYNN PATCHETT ROSEMARY RUTHERFORD JULIE RYAN 0 4' Leif Io righfz KATY MULVANY, Secretary: DEBBY MOSSMAN, Presidenfg JULIE RYAN, Vice-Presidenfg ROSEMARY RUTHERFORD, Treasurer, 1- SPIIIIISH CLUB For Ihe Courdry Farr we managed Ihe hoop Ibrowrrng booflw Our oII'1er proleds were parines a dvnner aI Julue Ryan s a CI'xr:5+mas parfy for Senora Neale who us our facuIIy advssor an mIeIleCIual 7 gafberlng aI I-Iope Hal lenbeclc s and a Iarewe-IIdmr1er af Debby Mossman s house To encourage us Io speak more Spamsh we saw mowes abouf Spam and Mexico and members gave speeches FREIICH CLUB For lhe Counlry Faxr we held Ihe food boolh whrch we called 'fha Cafe de I a Pa x In lhe spring we Orqanlzcd a clolhlnq drrve Ihroughoul The school Ihe cl Ihal donaled Ihe Iarqesl amounl ol clolhlng wcn fall Senror Orvrleges for one day We Ihen Qenl Ihr, clolhlng as a gulf To an or phanage In Franca nn Ihe narne of rhrs school The hrqhlrqhr of The year Wag Ine drnner qrven by Sally Alcselsen We all wash Io Ihank Ilne French Ieachers Madame Parry Made morselle Haddad ana Madame Hul our advusors Ihevr invaluable ard lhrouqhoul Ihc year LeH Io r1ghI GINNY ZINN Treasurer SHEILA KAVANAGH VlcePres1den1 SALLY AKSELSEN Presrdenf HOLLY HUTCHINS Secrefary 4- Al 'PX Hx FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS SALLY AKSELSEN JUDY ALLEN MALEE BABINGTON DIANA BARLOW ZANDY BARNEYBACK EVIE BASCOM SAIL CLARK CLAIRE de ST PHALLE LIZ de ST PHALLE JANE DIDDLE HELEN ANN ENGLEHART SUE GREENFIELD HOPE HALLENBECK CAROL HART HOLLY HUTCHINS SARA HUTCHENS SHEILA KAVANAGH G-AIL LAURENCE BEV LYON BROOKE JONES MARCIA MANNING MOLLY MUHS WENDY PALMER PHYLLIS PORTER SAN SMITH SARA TOLLES SUE WELLINGTON MARILYN WRIGHT GINNY ZINN SOClIlll SERUICE Adrvanne Guslafson, wnlh Jrhe co operaluon of everyone, managed The runnrng of lhe Counlry Falr very successfully The proceeds from 'lhe various boolhs were senl 'ro chosen organlzahons and Adrianne kepl us Informed lhroughoul lhe y ar of how our donallons were belng used Al Chrssl mas hme we all collecled and senl food lo a needy farmly Olher proyecls were carried ou+ by lhe school +o and Red Cross work CHHPEL COORDIIIIITOR Rae Engblom arranged lor glrls lo lake lhe morning chapel services She would approach you very enlhuslash cally wrlh her blue calendar book an h nd and say You d love ro gave chapel wouldn lyou7 l-low aboul nexl 7 To conducr +he chapel servnces ns a very prohhng experience everyone enloyed lhe varlely of lalks And Those gurls who had given chapel musl have smuled nnwardly on rhe day lhal Rae had lo give ll EIITERTHIIIIIIEIIT Thls year Evne Bascom oblauned speakers and movies from numerous sources for The once a rnonlh sevenlh perrod programs She worked very hard +o produce a suc cess1fulVarrefy Show for lhe Counlry Farr and she was 'rhe rhoughflul arranger of +he nnslruchve sk: movie pruor lo 'rhe Sk. Week End The enlerlarnmenl' provrded a nlce break from our usual roullne L H fo gh? RAE ENGBLOM Chapl Cood fo ADRIANNE GUSTAFSON Soc al S C man EVIE BA COM E fe fa e 1 Cha 1 Lefi fo ugh? DIANA ALEXANDER Vnce Presudenf SANDY TURLEY SecrefaryTreasurer SARA HUTCHINS Presldenf SHIRTS IIIID SHIRTS SIclr+s and Shurfs as Ihe name of Ihe Square Dance Club Thfs year we have held four dances for members and for Ihe whole Sfudenf Body Madame I-IuII IS our advrsor and her husband Mr I-IUII as Ihe caller We had lo+s of fun buf we wash Ihaf more qarls had parhcupafed MEMBERS DIANA ALEXANDER ZANDY BARNEYBACK NANCY BUTCHER PENNY EDLUND SARA HUTCHENS BETTY LOVE CAROL MOSCRIPT LYNN PATCHETT SANDY TURLEY SUZY TURLEY Q MEMBERS BETSY BLANCHARD JENNIFER BREEZE FRANKIE DEWEY RENA EDWARDS SUE FRATIS EMMY HAY CHALAN HELMHOLTZ PAT JAMESON BROOKE JONES SHIRLEY LEVINGE PAT LYNCH SUE GROSS FRANCES PALLAVICINI CHARLOTTE PIA MARGOT PRANG LYN READ SUSAN ROSE JANE RUSSELL JUDY SMITH SUZY TURLEY MARGIE WOOD Leff Io riqhf: SHIRLEY LEVINGE, Presidenf firsf semesferg SUE FRATIS, Sergeanf-af-Armsg SUZY TURLEY, Secrefary Treasurerg LYN READ, Vice-Presidenf, Presidenf second semesfer, 2 DRFIIIIFI CLUB Aller worlcmq on a Counlry Farr boolh Ihe Drama Club sef+led down lo sfraxqhl dramahcs Wllh Ihe help of lhelr advusor Mrs Lansmq We accomplished several melo dramas and gave one Down In The Deplhs or The Ruse ol Tllly Turene for fhe Sludenl Body af recess We also pre senled a verv successful sprung play enllrled Leave I+ Io Ine Girls In sludylrxg Ihese plays we have learned much abou? spealcmg and aclmq and have had fun doing Ihem STIIGE CREIII We were kepl busy raqhl from lhe slarl ol lhe year We pannled lhe sels and decorahons lor lhe Counlry Farr Va ruely Show Ihe Drama Club play and thc ooerella Durrng lhese performances some of us worked lhe spollnqhls and olhers changed Ihe scenery and slaqe props Though we were unseen we qol gre-al lun oul ol belnq behmd Ihe MARY BALL slaqe CHERRY BALDWIN JEAN CARMODY GAIL CLARK BARBARA DIDDLE DONNA GLIDDON SUE GROSS MEMBERS BARBARA HENRICI BETTY MCCLUSKY LYN MCENEANY MARIANNE McGUIRE DEBBY MOSSMAN KATIE MULVANY Durunq our meehnos our advisor Mrs Io us abcul lhe rising problems In lhe CAROL NAVONE CECE NILSSON MOLLY NOCK JULIE RYAN SUE WELLINGTON GINNY ZINN IITS de Frernery 'ralked Far Easl We pre pared oulsude work on varuous quesllons and lhen presenled Them Io lhe olher gurls Three members Lyn lvlclineany Sally Akselsen and Jane Russell gave a chapel servnce Io lurlher lhe meanlnq ol Brolherhood Week We concluded lhe year wulh a dlnner al Lyn s We feel 'rhal lhrough Ihe dlscussuons In 'rhls club we have galned a belle-r puclure of lhe world Today MEMBERS SALLY AKSELSEN EVIE BASCOM JUDY BRADY JACKIE BURTON NANCY BUTCHER JEAN CARMODY GAIL CLARK JANE DIDDLE RENA EDWARDS RAE ENGBLOM SUE GREENFIELD ADRIANNE GUSTAFSON LOREE HARTER MARIAN HENRY PAT JAMESON LINDA JONES JUDY KINSELL BEV LYON LYN MCENEANY DEBBY MOSSMAN KATIE MULVANY BRENDA PLANT PHYLLIS PORTER JANE RUSSELL ROSEMARY RUTH ERFORD JULIE RYAN CLAIRE de ST PHALLE LIZ de ST PHALLE SARA TOLLES KAY WEAVER SUE WIESINGER MARGIE WOOD MARILYN WRIGHT I .1 , A . . , I , C J I I I . ' I I . . I II IIIIPPEIIII CHOIR The A CappeIIa Choir under 'rI1e dxrechon of Mrs Upshur meefs fhree mornnngs a week af elgI1+ o clock Io pracflce Pai Jameson Ieads 'rhe snngung responses af Hwe end of Ihe prayer during chapel For o'rI'1er occasions Hue Hurry regular members wore rbe blue choir robes Ihe fall concerf Ine Chrnsfmas paqean+ and BaccaIaurea+e Back row Ieff fo rlghf LINDA SPEIER LYNN PATCHETT JUDY KINSELL JANE RUSSELL SUZY TURLEY GINNY MARIAN HENRY LIZ de SAINT PHALLE ANNIE JO SAWYER LINDA WOOD SAN SMITH JUDY ALLEN JUDY WOOD MARY COPE JACKIE BURTON Fronf row MARILYN WRIGHT SUE GREENFIELD EVIE BASCOM SARA HUTCHENS HELEN ANN ENGLEHART SUE WEISINGER BETTY LOVE JEAN MASCAL PAT JAMESON No? preseni HOPE HALLENBECK SANDY TURLEY E ZINN, KAY wEAvER,'sALLY AKSELSEN, LINDA JONES, sev LYON, CLAIRE de SAINT-PHALLE. Second row: MEMBERS DIANA ALEXANDER JUDY ALLEN MAYLEE BABINGTON CHERRY BALDWIN DIANA BARLOW EVIE BASCOM LENOER BERCOVITCH BARBARA BRASFIELD LANGLEY BROOKES JENNIFER BYRNES JEAN CARMODY MARY COPE JENNIFER CUSHING CLAIRE de ST.-PHALLE Leff Io riqhfz LINDA SPEIER, Vice-Presidenh LIBBY RULE, Secrefary-Treasurerg DIANA BARLOW, Librariang SUE WILDE, Librariang PAT JAMESON, President, PENNY EDLUND HELEN ENGLEHART SUE FRATIS LINDA GAYLORD BETSY GREENLEE ADRIANNE GUSTAFSON HOPE HALLENBECK FRANKIE HAYDEN MIMI HOLLAND SARA HUTCHENS SANDY JAMES PAT JAMESON BROOKE JONES GLENN KEELER JUDY KINSELL LESLIE La BOYTEAUX GAIL LAURENCE JOAN LINDBERG BETTY LOVE SANDRA LUCE PAT LYNCH BEV LYON CORDY MANZER JEAN MASCHAL JUDY MCCORMACK MARGIE MELL MOLLY MUHS KATIE MULVANY SUE MURPHY CECE NILSSON NANCY NORTON FRANCES PALLAVICINI LYNN PATCHETT CHARLOTTE PIA SARI POPE MARGOT PRANG KRIS RASMUSSEN LYN READ SUSAN ROSE LIBBY RULE ROSEMARY RUTH ANNIE JO SAWYER JUDY SMITH SAN SMITH JUDY STRAUS GLEE CLUB 'Whife Femlverfx wriffen by Mrx Upzhur, was 'he opereIIa given by Hwe Glee CIub His year, Squaw? and breyes, cowboys and girIs choruses made II a grand success The GIee CIub ako parfdpafed In Ihe IaII concert Ilwe Chrfsfmas paqf eanr, and Ihey sang 5+ qraduajdor. JOAN SULLIVAN SANDY TURLEY SUZY TURLEY JANE RUSSELL LINDA SPEIER BARBARA WAGGONER BARBARA WALTON SUE WEISINGER SUE WILDE JUDY WOOD ERFORD LINDA WOOD GINNY ZINN BOARDERS DIANA ALEXANDER SUE ALLEN JACKIE BURTON NANCY BUTCHER JULIA CROSBY FRANKI DEWEY DONNA GLIDDON LOREE HARTER EMMY HAY HOLLY HUTCHINS LINDA JONES SHIRLEY LEVINGE SANDRA LUCE JUDY MCCORMACK MOLLY NOCK FRANCES PALLAVICINI SARI POPE JUDY ROOT LUCY SPANGLER LINDA SPEIER FAT TOWNSEND KAY WEAVER Leff To rqhT LINDA SPEIER Sensor Represenfafuve FRANCES PALLAVICINI Freshman Represenfafuve JACKIE BURTON Pres den? LUCY SPANGLER Sopnomore Represenfafnve JUDY MCCORMACK Junuor Repregenfafuve THE BOIIRDERS The members oT The I-louse Councul wuTh The excepTuon QT The PresudenT are elecTed aT The begunnung OT The year Among Theur many responsubuluTues Theur maun 'ob consusTs CT keepung order among The oTher gurls un The boardung deparTmenT Yellow slups are guven To gurls who break The rules and The oTTenders are broughT To The councul whuch Then Torms a courT Duscuplune us guven To Those gurls The councul brungs unTo consudera Tuon The TacT ThaT even Though The boardung deparTmenT Takes The place oT a home uT musT be kepT very orderly Each ccuncul member has anoTher uob To do one gurl us un charge oT The losT and Tound one Takes care oT The enTerTaunmenT and anoTher sees ThaT The rooms are kepT neaT and clean Thus year The gurls have planned pucnucs and dances wuTh duTTerenT boys schools plays operas and Trups To San Francusco ln adduTuon The councul us a go beTweeru Tor The gurl, and The members OT The sTaTT aT Channung I-lall IT mee s once a week wuTh The house mcTher Mrs Muller To duscuss The complaunTs and suggesTuons broughT up by The guuls 1: I. I I I I I I I . . . . . . I I I I I - - I , . . L , . . . I ' , . , . l 3' i 3 fi MEMBERS DIANA ALEXANDER SUE ALLEN LANGLEY BROOKS NANCY BUTCHER JULIA CROSBY PENNY EDLUND SUE FRATIS SUE GROSS CAROL HART BROOKS JONES SHEILA KAVANAGH BETTY LOVE SANDRA LUCE JUDY MCCORMACK LYNN PATCHETT PHYLLIS PORTER KRIS RASMUSSEN LIBBY RULE JANE RUSSELL LINDA SPEIER SANDY TURLEY SUZY TURLEY BARBARA WALTON RITA WEILL SUE WILDE GINNY ZINN 1 4' Leff fo righf: CAROL HART, Assisfani Business Manager, JANE RUSSELL, Circulaiion Manager, LIBBY RULE, Sporis Ediforg KRIS RASMUSSEN, Feafure Ediforg PHYLLIS PORTER, Ediforg SHEILA KAVANAGH, Assisfanf Ediiorg SANDRA LUCE, Typing Managerg LYNN PATCHETT, Business Manager: SUE ALLEN, Ari Edifor. UUIPS IIHIIIIS THE ANNA HEAD SCHOOL BERKELEY CALIFORNIA uips and Cranlcs is Ihe name of The school paper which is prinled by Ihe Berlceley Gazelle Press Every unc: denl' and buf of news funds :Is way info Ihe pages This year Ihe formal was changed by popular Sfudenf Body vore I+ as now newsprmi formal msfead of Ihe glossy while smaller paper New edlhons Io Ihe copy have been added a 'Iype and Tails by Rnla Weill Krossword by Kavanagh movie reviews and Musical Memos The eduior Phyllis Porier wishes Io Ihanlc her slafl and members and her advisor Mrs Dewey for Ihe work Ihaf Ihey have done .I . 4 , . . . . . . - prini for Ihe heading, a carloon fealure enlilled I-leads IIDDS FIIID BECHS Nods and Becks us The name of The annual yearbook ThroughouT The year maTerual was gauned The wunnung es says are prunTed from The school wucle conTesT The candud are Taken mosTly by The gurls and The ads are The resulT oT The con'upeTuTuon of The Tour Upper School classes The edu Tor Maruan Henry wushes To Thank her sTaTT The gurls who conTrubuTecl and her advusor Mrs Parry Tor helpung To make The yearbook whaT uT us now mnnmzmm ,um ull and Scroll us an unTernaTuonal honor socueTy Tor hugh school uournalusTs OT The gurls chosen lasT year Nancy BuTcher Tor her work un adverTusung Tor The newspaper ancl Maruan T-lenry Tor her work as assusTanT yearbook eduTor were The only Two presenT members durung Thus year Left fo righf: SAN SMITH, Typing Manager, JULIA CROSBY, Business Manager' SALLY AKSELSEN Senior Class Ediforg MARIAN HENRY, Ediforg HELEN ANN ENG-LEHART, Assisfanf Ediforg BETSY BLANCHARD, L'fera y Ed Torg WENDY PALM ER, Phofoqraphy Ediforg SANDY JAMES, ArT Edifor, 1 51 LITERHRV oroe ys o ms eUrPe o NCES AND BECKS Lnerery Co IesI moz as ec Ir r em w We ov Ie r Dm rar RHYMING JI may seed yoe raw weIow er 'wwe ee ren sw IC GX CDI Bama 5 +C earyou mu Dee V210 S c e wwe earr em mr x asf oqoode f umm m I..'T C u +1Ire our e 5 asre Iworey makey mm 11 Quaker II1er fa e we 51 uc ROBIN BEAN IZIIIIW Q ide THE WIND AND THE MOON VII'd V! Io W F VI A o Ire Irogemer mey me CVYTS CIJI' APJ Ikwe mgrm WII ow e+ r Iamr I'-r emo dwIIrI r 'I ar Ir rem er rjIl' if ELENA SIPE I:OJrII'Qr1de ANOTHER EIGHTH GRADE DAY Im Jon Iwe m rm rwq 51+ Ihe Crack OI ewrw Gow 1e+wI Hwyyarw By er rw wagon I u5uaIIy come qi g Imyrwomewok rme yerIeoums1oouqe G WIII e oapers a o booke A e aI cefreredw e f so e rw sou o e C echo +I'me gIrI make a oo uoo y e Iurwdw Io III CareIe S oo I orop my oook and CrambIe Io Chapel VI ev Im 'Img J einem WI IW I had IIrIaI a Ie' US T rrmr' er w1IIII un e e LI m 1 re w Irq Iro make my oedI Ckwaoe I IrIwrouqIw Erg I scrambwe qroo Q If1rIIr1e sIreurs rw e Ie o oaurs rouq my mor Q das es I u ruerw Io re Q I mmf Qcurr ro me I asII 3 e rum asf Down Ire Iemr I make 5 beekme ryurq Io oe 3 0 are I e Iumc S uoykw rIexI AII Homework 5 Iwexed' ow orI'w me Ira I fr ds I oar I+sw+Iw FSIIGI y I qI1+Iw gre 0 LOVELYN ULIVIER EQIIIII Grade A :3Ie:+f I isa' ard oe , IrIcILId7nq 'Im JI Sdo-:I orfze wirrwsrs IIrIwe II AI r I f aI I- Ibm :I I Ie ,Io I S rI 1 IV II'we Lower Sc .ook are P eserwred or II1eIoIIQwA,g D -yes. Some?rAaf e ,Ijp.'3 II, CIT? Is I Q S as Irar 1 I oIIow. Peach: Iave skmg mee WIII I kIe, BL' oranges mek your I5 rAQkIe. - 1 .1 I ' I ir I By q 1 e s5de 'Ike em eeI or 1 fIeeI. V ' Arz ' o I d , O09 5 7 VCU B' CI MII I r my oreCkIs FMC fz w. Bu LITEVIT esr ego I - CB evo web. if jg - - M Irym o e-I .I rI CIJ , S-c's:3rC' ,I'e'3IeIrny, C DI C Cn' ' SINE Bu, II y ol owe I Iike I . 'g ,I M, IIS 'mid , , I I errix e a+ SCIICCI aI' of I nd SCJ' 'IU '3' I9 I 3 'III ' Missmq War aopIe so Inky emo roumo, Bro SEI' 3 eIa: 3 ker. Drs II Takirg Q I' A e I 5 p I I Toi , I' r e I 3 I II If ' I 5 Q I . !IlX! I I V I rx J ' . I IVI IW' ' Ich, BeI' if I CIW. If mo' oce emi are aof OI , I o o I V , WI'sIw I IITB were rec. I , In I A - IIGIrIs, 57 qI Ii. ,Q X A 'IIN I1 ' ein , Q II rry, I C -as V , y. We 'IA f' I Io EGIF 4 I7 I . ANS We r'1ofw?IIsI Ire If I wave 'Q mfk II. I':i bevor I . r I o A X A-vii, I '. , 3 A5 A I A. 1+fI,ffIw IIIIne. Twe fare C -' I f I ffl fs - f , , AIQII I I D TQ mek, ,re IQIH' brigiw I J s .I Q r IqIow. N NI Q I, I 5 r, WIIII fem y I, The wir I 'Ge ,I I I I sa Ve Sq + d k' IWooeIw. Awomer ef I de Hay, Ire gram WIII Iegye Ikeir briqh Iif Ie ark, Ir, EIA: div. I . Ad Iejf AI Q0 foray. I I F APRIL SHOWERS BRING GREAT PROBLEMS Try as They wull The Deweys canT seem To devuse a meThod To keep all The IuTTIe sTudenTs on Theur TeeT on rauny days They have puT rubber maTs on and aT The boTTom oT some oT The sTaurs handrauls on oThers and have asked or I should say pleaded wuTh The sTudenTs To Try noT To Tall down The sTaurs or To walk around The sudes oT The quad because uT geTs very sluck buT There are alway Those unevuTable Tew who manage To Tall Among Those who appear To enloy The scenery aT a lower level uT seems To me ThaT a Tew cerTaun dugnuhed Senuors are uusT abouT aT The Top oT The lusT For unsTance ThaT graceTul glude To The reTreshmenT Table made aT recess one day by Nancy BuTcher Then There us Bev Lyon who seems To have a mad crush on one oT The poles whuch hold up The canopy over The walk around The quad much To my surpruse l looked havung heard Bev shruek and saw her clungung To The pole' Thunk whaT you luke oT uT buT uT us my opunuon ThaT we had beTTer waTch her closely AnoTher sTudenT Nelda Jensen a TuTTh grader has an unusual TalenT Tor sludung Vua The grapevune I have heard ThaT one rauny day Nelda apparenTly ThoughT ThaT she was on skaTes she ran across The quad un The raun and managed To slude Trom The edge oT The quad unTo The TuTTh and suxTh grade room' I-Iowever sludes and Talls are noT The only problem aT Anna I-Tead s un The rauny season There us only a narrow walkway around The quad and all The sTudenTs and Teachers sumply can T TuT under buT somehow They all manage ex cepT Tor Those Tew brave souls who dash across The muddle oT The quad droppung papers and geTTung sopped Tryung To puck Them up BeTween classes :T us worse Than uT us aT recess Then everyone us headung un The same way I wonder where buT beTween classes everyone seems To be goung un a duTTerenT way some To and Trom STudy I-Iall some To algebra or geomeTry some To Englush or To French Each gurl us sure she wull be Te and everyone sTarTs pushung I-Iowever we almosT always arruve on Tume buT oTTen noT quuTe un one puece Then There us The problem oT rusTlung rauncoaTs Sunce sluckers are The Tad almosT everyone has one alThough They are excellenT To keep ouT The raun They have one very annoyung TacTor every movemenT causes a loud rusTle When abouT TwenTy Tuve oT Them are un one classroom There us a consTanT rusTle Also uT us very duTFuculT To wruTe un Them because one Teels cramped Raunl WhaT a problem uT presenTs aT school' AbsoluTely noThung oTher Than TanTasTuc udeas such as puTTung rubber maTTung and canopues all over The enTure school could pre venT These problems so I guess all sTudenTs wull sumply have To suTTer on rauny days unTul some brulIuanT young unvenTor or unvenTress perhaps a Tormer Anna I-lead sTudenT unTroduces unvenTuons To ccrrecT These problems DIANA BARLOW 58 LITERHIW FATHER S BATH ROBE My TaTher s baThrobe was old when he marrued moTher almosT TwenTy years ago Some oT my earlaesT memorues are oT rubbung my Tace agaunsT The soTT wool rap now long sunce worn oTT T acsng The already Taded colors oT The unTru caTe yeT large scale desugn and playung wuTh The Tasse' balls on The yarn belT Ten years ago moTher ThoughT uT was a wasTe oT Tume To mend The robe buT because oT dad s keen enloymenT oT The garmenT she sewed new bundung rubbon around The edges and darned The holes Desugned un a brughT Induan paTTern whuch combunes red yellow green brown and gray on a black background Thus wool robe us cuT luke a coaT wuTh Two buTTons Tour buTTon holes and a sash AlThough uT TursT had a brown bundunq The presenT dark blue grosgraun rubbon us TasT Trayung oTT Around The back oT The neck us a sTrup oT holes whuch have Torn aparT Trom already darned areas and There are many Thun places and perToraTuons near The bundung The dark red cord The TourTh To gurdle The robe us soon To be re placed Tor un spuTe oT The proTecTung unTIuences oT a sTrong knoT aT each end uT us wearung ouT l.eT us prouecT ourselves back To The era when my TaTher acquured Thus Tune baThrobe The TwenTues were a prosper prooT nylon and unsulaTuon lunungs have replaced mosT heavy wunTer wearung apparel Even baThrobes are made oT lughT weughT maTeruals sunce They are worn un warmer houses T-lowever dad s robe has kepT pace wuTh modern heaTung umprovemenTs by sheddung some oT :Ts weughT wuTh weau We reallly shouldn T wasTe Thus good robe says daddy Thus us a TugmenT oT hus umagunaTuon because There are plenTy oT uses To whuch hus baThrobe mughT be puT IT would make a Tune bed Tor our dog Induan paTTerned woolens would be a very accepTable Tashuon un The neughborhood small Try doll socueTy The good parTs oT The back could be used Tor These garmenTs Paeces Trom The sleeves would make excel lenT shoe polushung rags and longer sTrups oTT The skurT could be saved Tor The makungs oT a colorTul rag rug The whole Tamuly lxkes The robe buT we Thunk ThaT TaTher deserves beTTer lounge wear MoTher has been Tryung T replace uT Tor TwenTy years buT dad never wears any cloThes he doesn T puck ouT humselT and dad hasn T boughT humselT a ncw ba hrobe yeT I-le admuTs ThaT he needs a new robe whule he goes on wearung The old one Thus he us uusT as Tar Trom a new robe as he has been Tor The pasT decade No one lukes To parT wuTh a Treasured possessuon much less see uT Turned unTo dog beds and dusTy rag rugs Dad says hus robe has one real advanTage over a new garmenT he can Tund uT un a dark closeT by a dusTuncTuve Teel oT The maTerual I-Ie us rughT Too The TexTure us unmusTakable MOLLY MUI-IS 57 FursT Pruze Upper School Essay ConTesT ll ll . I ' ' ous Time Tor our naTion, buT during The lasT Ten years waTer- - - A I ,a ' . A .. , . 1 . ' T ' u E - - - ' . l- . . ' I : t . , A in l T . . . H I. I I . lITERHRV THE DREAMER I don T suppose I ll ev rsee A dryad slappang Trom her Tree Or hear The pulsang papes oT Pan AlThough aT Tames I Thanlc I can Nor see The moon nymphs dance aT naghT And yeT perhaps perhaps I magl-aT A dreamer IS a person who TloaTs among The clouds rades on he baclc oT The wand and nabbles moonbeams So maghT a poeT descrabe a d eamer BUT Then The poeT hamselT as a dreamer and ThereTore 'TCT To be TrusTed Any normal level headed person waTh has TeeT planTed Tarmly In The clay al Tell you ThaT a dreamer as a good Tor noThang who a eaThe Too lazy To work aT someThung consTrucTave or Too moonsTrucl: To Tace realaTy We should Thanlc our luclcy sTars ThaT Thrs as noT a world oT dreamers' Gr should we7 IT as gaven To some peoole To dream and To some To do WhaT o egress would be made IT There were no dreamers To pac Ture The braghTer world cT Tomorrow7 Some say ThaT They wasTe Thear lave away buT perhaps Tame Thear mu ac and poeTry wall lave aTTer The lasT loaT oT The raTacs bread has been eaTen and The lasT bond sold The dreamers are happaer Than The realasTs Thear world eems Touch d w Th a golden glow Tor all The world seem more beau aTul Trom a dasTance Nearby pasTure are scrupby weeds spar ely scaTTered over roclcy ground buT Trom 1 dasTance one does noT ee The ugly red paanT on The Golde GaTe B adge or The garbage an The b y There as ar Tead The oelacaTe golden span across The sllvery blue waTers oT an enchanTed Taarylund To a dreamer only The h no warags oT has Tr ends are vas ble noT Thear clay eeT The dr amer enaoys beauTy unhampered by realasm I-Ie r an aporecaaTe The magnnfacence oT The ParThenon waThouT Don Blandang seeang The slaves who creaTed aT or enloy The crysTal beauTy oT a New England snow scene waThouT consaderang ThaT The wallcs musT be cleared A dreamer as noT resTracTed by pracTacal concerns Torced To remaan an a ruT I-le can be anyone do anyThang Don uaxoTe may have been a radaculous Tagure as he blaThely charged upon he wandmall as a l4naghT an shanang armor buT he was gloraously happy One can be a poeT or a prance a aeT paleT or Ala Baba Tlne possabalaTaes are endless Today as nonexasTenT Tor The dreamer All has yesTerdays are losT an a rosy glow and all has golden Tomorrows sTreTch ouT beTore ham How could one help berng an opTamasT7 BuT perhaps one could be boTh a realasT and a dreamer maxang vasacns and realaTy Thas would andeed be an adeal sTaTe buT your dreams wall deserT you when you need Them mosT One musT be The one or The oTher To The dreamer The TurTher pasTure as alway greener The poT oT gold s+aII glaTTers aT The end oT The raanbow ano Tomorrow wall be a br ghTer day The pseudo dreamer may be easaly dIsappoanTed buT The True dreamer can never be dn allusaoned For ham There wall alway be anoTher pas Ture anoTher raanbow anoTher Tomorrow ZANDY BARNEYBACI4 57 Second Praze Upper School Essay ConTesT .. . , 6 . F . 4 I w'l , ' - - ' '5 Q ' I ' ' ' ' ' I r ' ' L . . . . . . . . I - ' T a . ' ' ' ' C I ' T , . . . The dreamers do noT consider llylng in beauTy a wasTe oT . . . . . . . . ' lr c ' ' ' , -A s s e I , s I I C 5 7 , T' . . c S I I 'I I I ' f I I , A s s , A I I Tn r' ' 6 T .U .S. . ' . 4 S V - ' . l c . , Q ani I ' s ' a ' 1 - ' I . ,' e s ' , , ' . ' a of , ' . N ' c REMINISCENCES When I was a lad IU grammar school A log was buf a fallen free Bul now I+ appears as a Tormadable fool To mulhply Three hundred Tour hmes Iorly Three When I was small engoymg lITe and havung Tun BuIldIng caslles In Ihe ocean sand and wadmg al low hde I gol a Ian as l slayed IU The sun Bul now a lan s The raho ol The ODDOSIIG Io ad acenl sIde When I was a Icld I was oflen bad And cos was my one excuse Bu? now my Troubles are such as dVIV6 me mad Cos cos means nearesl srde over hypolenuse I used fo gel losf II I crossed The slreel So l d loolf al a SlV1lOTIV1d oul where Io go A sm IS no longer whaf I lIIce Io meel Opposnfe over hypolenuse I9 all I+ deIgns Io s ow Lvslen my chIldren and you shall hear The moral ol +hIs bn' of verse ThIngs are vol whaf Ihey appear WhIch malces lnfe mosl perverse SHEILA KAVANAUGH LITERHIW THINGS Thmgs of Ihns world are supposed Io be man s besl Ir ends yel They are hm worsl enemues Man possesse +hIngs buf al Ihe same hme +hIngs posses man A +hIng ol beauly IS a 'oy forever bul IS II7 A sIlver 'reapol In herded from Gr al aun+ Mary IS beauhlul only when I+ I9 br ghl and sh n ng buf I+ won I lay Ihal way w 'rhoul pol shIng whIch mearas worlc for someone On The lea 'Iray Ihe sIlver Ieapol IS possessed by DIana bu+ In Ihe Icnhchen DInah IS possessed by fhe blaclcened Ieapol ls Ihere good In everyfhmg 7 Whar aboul The false prlde lhal Iarls wI+h The prIde of posses cn7 ls The +ea any beller because I+ I poured from 'rhe sIlver Ieapol InherI+ed from an arIces+or7 Aclually any earlhenware po+ malces befler lea Ihan 'rhe hnesl srlver ore Now The svlver eapol becomes Ihe he ghr of Ialse prIde for To have a Ihung IS nolhmg II you ve nol The chance 'ro show Il and DIana proves herself a snob wheh she shows G ea? aun+ Mary s Ieapol Nolhmg should be of serIous Imporlance Io man yel +he loss of a sIlver Ieapol could cause :Is owner much anguush The sleahng of a sIlver+ apol coulo pul +he +hIeT young old new or onhrmed IW Iaul The Iealous guardung ol a sIlver Ieapol could cause a chIld +o go hungry The Inherl ance of a sIlver feapol could cause Iwo svslers 'ro become enemres Each +hIr'g s a Ihaef IU +ha+ I robs man I+ robs hrm of h hme Teaools musl be shuneo and shInIng s a 'raslc +ha reguIres hme bul IS rewardmg because of beauly Buf 'rhere are common Iaslfs necessary because of Ihanos fhal VSQUI e Mme ye+ gIve 'Io sahslachon In beau+y I+ rob hm ol hIs Imends ErIendshIp +hrIves on conversahon over The Ieacups bul whaf TrIendshIo can survIve The slory of Greal aunl Mary s +eapo+'7 HELEN ANN ENGLEI-IART 56 ThIrd Pr ze Upper School Essay ConJres+ .. .. I . ' Q ' . s C l . . . . . . 53 V V , , s - - I LI ' S I - . . , T ' In . - ul . . . . ' 5 ' ' Si . ' I . , I ' ' Q ' I I. I' I , ' I . I F , . . . D . . e , . V ' ' I I . - - , IS . I . ,. I ' r ' , , , s I ' I I . . I 1 IITERHIW THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE In January oT I865 sevenTeen year old Michael d Young and hrs broTher Charles TwenTy asked Their land lord Tor a Tew dollars wrTh whrch To sTarT a newspaper Mschael goT a TwenTy dollar gold piece and Trom Thus small Ioan The de Young broThers sTarTed whaT rn Trme be carne The San Francisco Chromcle Tor The pasT nsneTy years one oT The mosT successTul papers rn The WesT Charles and Mrchael were TalenTed and ambnhous young sTers Charles was already an experT prnnTer and Teleg rapher and Mrchael aT The Tume was bofh a senxor In grammar school and a sophomore rn hrgh school having decrded To clean boTh up aT once They secured a rob prrnTer Two sTands oT worn Type a baTTered redwood desk and some odds and ends oT newsprrnT From Thrs The TrrsT Issue of The Dally Dramahc Chromcle a Tour page Tablord appeared on January I7Th In one monTh The newspaper gaThered a clrculahon oT Two Thousand For a shorT Trme Mark Twann wroTe sgurbs and arTrcles an exchange Tor desk space and BreT I-IarTe Then a clerk aT The MrnT secreTly wroTe small arTucles Tor The pap r Michael de Young reIaTes In has prlvaTe noTes My broTher seT Type I used To seT up The Torms and work The pres We boTh drd The Toldrng and mallrng All Thus kepT expenses down The paper was drsTrabuTed Tree ThroughouT The crTy and :T was Tnnanced by The adver TnsernenTs :T carrred Such was The begrnnung oT The Dauly Dramahc Chromcle The years passed and Trnally The de Youngs goT Therr TheaTrlcal handball goang One day Two hundred pound MaTulda I-leron came To San Francrsco To play Camille aT Maguure s Opera House The Chromcle s Dramahc CrnTuc Trernenhere Johns wroTe abouT her perTormance Thar he was wrlllng To concede ThaT she was a greaT sTar buT be cause oT her saze Trgure and weughT :T was an mposrhon on an honesT reporTer To TIT her To The role oT Tragrle Ca mrlle Mass I-leron read The revnew and In her dresslng room she wepT and banged on The walls wrTh her TusTs ForTune oT crrcumsTance played wlTh The de Youngs The MeTropoInTan TheaTer The rrval oT Magurre s Opera I-louse and whose adverTrsung was conTrolled by The Chromcle had a manor Tire one nlghT The de Youngs wroTe ThaT whale Magunre was noT a True pyrornanuac he drd luke To see Trre laddues run wrTh The hose pumps Tom Magurre had Mrchael and Charles arresTed Tor label The people oT San Francrsco were already enloyrng The Teud and The lury broughT a ourck acquuTTal The de Youngs swung The Tlnal blow WuTh more oT Therr landlord s money They buulT a new opera house and evenTually ran Maguire ouT oT bus: ness IT was more Than The Trgh+ wrTh Magurre ThaT made The Chromcle an Those early years San Franclsco was a rlTy Thar luked a quarrel and loved a TughT and Tavored an aggressor Three monThs aTTer The newspaper began The de Young brofhers scooped The clTy so badly ThaT IT hurT Therr rrvals way down deep Newspapers rn The cnTy knew lrTTle abouT exTras and TurThermore They never used Them IT was on The mornlng oT Aprrl I5 I865 when Mnchael came saunTerang down The sTreeT To The Telegraph oTTuce aTTer The morning papers were ouT and Thelr shops were asleep I-le knew The manager oT The Telegraph oTTuce and he oTTen dropped rn To chaT The Chromcle could noT aTTord many dlspaTches buT The boys lrked To hear The Telegraph cluck Mrchael walked rnTo The oTTrce and Tound The manager very much excrTed The manager sald I-lave you heard The news7 No sard Mrchael Luncoln has been assassrnaTed sand The operaTor Machael de Young memoruzed The drspaTch wrThrn a Tew mrnuTes ran back To The oTTrce and wrThrn The hour had The news seT IH Type and had puT exTras ouT all over The cnTy The Chromcle was Tree Then buT some edlTrons broughT as much as a dollar Examnnahons now oT The Chronicles reporT and :Ts rlvals show ThaT The wordlng was aImosT exacT There were Three dnspaTches Trom WashrngTon and wlTh each one anoTher exTra was puT ouT The Chromcle carried a runnrng accounT oT The crTy s reachons and The de Youngs reporTed TlrsT hand The acTuons oT The mobs ATTer Three years oT publrshnng a weekly Tablond The de Youngs decided To make The DramaTIc Chromcle 1nTo a daily mornrng and evennng paper oT general cnrculahon On Tuesday mornrng SepTember I I868 The TursT Issue oT The Daily Mornmg ancl Evening Chromcle appeared The lead ed1ToraaI sTaTed We propose To publrsh whaT wall prove a noveITy In San Francisco lournalusm a bold br1ghT Tearless and Truly rndependenT newspaper The paper was now seven columns wrde and oT regular depTh The cmrcula Tron was sand To be elghT Thousand In The TrrsT monThs oT publucahon The Chromcle had rows wrTh Laurrng Prckerrng oT The Call BuIIeTIn concernrng The sTealung oT drspaTches The Chromcle Trnally seTTled ThaT AT The IasT munuTe They senT a laTe hour adverTusemenT copy over To The BuIIeTIn saying ThaT In Todays Issue oT The Chromcle us a descrlpTlon oT a prrze Trghf an whuch our lead :ng m1nrsTers are made To appear In The conTesT The Tore man pard no aTTenTron To :T seT IT In Type dropped :T rnTo The Torm and IT appeared In The T1rsT edrTuon oT The BuIIeTIn nexT day The BuIIeTIn s arTrcle senT everybody looking Tor a Chromcle AT Thus Trme I-Ienry George was rnanagrng edrTor and James Bowman was crTy edrTor oT The Chromcle On Sep Tember 6 I872 The Chromcle led The Tneld and became The TursT San Francisco newspaper To publish seven mornrngs a week Soon The resT oT The newspapers Tollowed suuT In Aprrl oT I87O The Chromcle ran an eduTorual agarnsT The proposal oT conhnurng The Federal Income Tax The edrTorla' sard nn parT A Federal Income Tax rs unlusT undemocrahc ullrberal unwrse and oppressive Machael and Charles de Young sTrove To rarse The curcu laT:on oTThe1r paper They announced a door To door cur culaTron drive and w1Thrn Three monThs They had doubled Therr crrculahon Thus was noT done w1ThouT a buT oT asTuTe psychology on The parT oT The broThers publrshrng The name and address oT every person who subscrrbed For TnTTeen cenTs one week s subscrrphon you could see your name In prunT AT The end oT I873 The de Young broThers announced ThaT They were doing a gross busrness oT halT a mrlluon dollars The San Francisco Chromcle was well on :Ts way To success now and some oT The ruTs In The proneer news paper were beang smooThed over The Chromcle has con Trnued To grow along wrTh The oTher newspapers and The cuTy oT San Francisco IT has accepTed The advances an and meT The probl ms oT The Treld oT gournalnsm and now Today The Chromcle calls lTselT The Vorce oT The WesT PI-lYl.LIS PORTER Third Prrze Upper School Essay ConTesT . .. ,. , - - e . , . .. .. . . I I ' I ' . , . ' I T I I I . . . . . . - - ' I I I ' I ' ' , . , , . . , , . . . . I . - . . . I T I . . . . , . . ,. . . I I ' . . . . - .I 9 ' - u ' ' s. . - I T T . . , , . . ... , . , , -, . . . . .. , , , I , ,, . . . . . . . . . I . , . . . ,. . , . . I - . . I II - - . . Ir - . . ' . ' ' U 0 , - I . . I . . . . I T ' I I ' ' , I , , H , , . . . . A I . . . . . .I . rv - ' - - - . . . . . . ' ' ll . . I . - . , . 1 - . . ' I ' ' . . I I - . . . .. . . - - - , , . . I I ' ' Q I N' ' , ' , . . lr - In , . . SPORTS 1 l0lUER SCH00l SPORTS Every class has gymnasium for one period each day. Swimming in The pool is one of l'he lavoriles, especially when waler polo is played. Tennis shoes, shorls. and blouses or lee shirls musl be worn for all The games: badminfon, nel ball, baslcelball, lennis, and a yariely ol ball games such as Spud, Caplain Ball, and Sleal lhe Bacon. Tumbling, exercising, running races, lag, hopscolch, and iump rope are olher fhings played in gym. There are also infer-class conlesls and swim meels which cause a lol of spirit cheer- ing. yelling, and enlhusiasm. THE IITHIETIC COUNCIL The mann goal oT The AThleTlc Councll has always been To creaTe good splr1T Thus year sorneThlng new was added a rally commlTTee To help The cheerleaders wrlTe songs and To help spread enThuslasm ThroughouT The school Durlng The year we compeTed wlTh oTher gurls schools ln volleyball baslceTball and Tennis we also had many 1nTer class games The wunnung class name prlnTed on The dlTferenT sporT plaques Class numerals sporT emblems awards and block I-I s were glven To deservlng gurls The Two mann sporT evenTs oT The year were Domlcan Playday an lnTer school compeTlTlon and The Tennls Lunch eon sponsored by The N C G I T A and being The grand concluslon To The unTer school Tennus TournamenT Also The whole councll lncludlng a manager Trom each of The sporTs ran The losT and Tound and helped organize The sporTs wxTh The Two physlcal educaTlon Teachers Mrs GawThorne and Mrs Seldon MARILYN WRIGHT PresudenT SAWYER Treasurer CHERRY BALDWIN Secrefary MARILYN WRIGHT Presldenf SUE WEISINGER Vlce Pres: dent SARI POPE Recorder of Pounfs EVIE BASCOM Cheerleader LENORE BERCOVITCH Bowling Manager Fronl' row JUDY KINSELL Saullng Manager LINDA SPEIER Ice Skahng Manager LIBBY RULE Sporfs Edufor of Qunps and Cranks JANE DIDDLE Cheerleader SARA TOLLES Tennls Manager JOAN SULLIVAN Baskefball Manager SUE WILDE SofTball Manager No? present MARY BALL Cheerleader BARBARA WAGGONER Rudung Manager . T I I - . . ' . - - . , . Back row, left fo righf: FRANKIE HAYDEN, Volleyball Managerg CECE NILSSQN, Swimming Managerg ANNIE JQ SOFTBALL Left Io rnghf KAY WEAVER SUE WIESINGER FRANKIE DEWEI KATIE MULVANY BOWLING 'efI Ia rughi SUE MURPHY KATIE MULVANY MIMI I-IOLLAND ANN BYERS SAILING BASCOI1 SPORTS LEHDERS RIDING 'ef 'o r gh? DIANA BARLOW LESLIE La BOYTEAUX BRENDA PLANT Leif 'lo right MARY COPE, MARGIE WOOD, JUDY KINSELL, RENA EDWARDS, EVIE ICE SKATING Leff 'ro rnghi CAROL WILL JUDY ROOT SUSAN ROSE ZANDY BARNEYBACK SPORTS LEIIDERS SWIMMING Lei? Io ugh? SARA HUTCHENS LOREE HARTER SUE MURPHY SUE GREENFIELD CECE NILSSON EVIE BASCOM Lef+1o nghf SUE WEISINGER FRANKIE DEWEY KAYIE MULVANY LIBBY RULE ANNIE JO SAWYER FRANKIE HAYDEN VOLLEYBALL Leff io rughf FRANKIE DEWEY FRANKIE HAYDEN KATIE MULVANY SUE WEISINGER I I I n BASKETBALL I I I I-lerels lo Anna l-lead: Graaf is ner fame. Our girls are liqlwling To uphold lner name. We'll all be True and loyal! See lwer banners waving l-lrqlm aoove lne fesl Yellow and whale wu'l prove Anna l-lead wlll do ner besll Ran' Rall' Rah' CHEERLEADERS JANE DIDDLE EVIE BASCOM MARY BALL TENNIS TEAM Back row Inf? Oc rxqhf JUDY KINSELL BROOKE JONES CHERRY BALDWIN MOLLY MUHS Front row SARA I'OLLES MARILYN WRIGHT SARA HUTCHENS GIN8JY ZINN No? present CHALAN HELMHOLTZ LINDA W OD ,p 5-fda 3 I 'Qs in Vi! 5 R135 All!!!- , v- wi SWIMMING BASKETBALL Qs ,...-M HDUERTISIIIG f W X WD f 2 x wb f X 1+ 4 gr Bo? PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS CULLEGE AVENUE PHARMACY IELMWOOD DISTRICTI 2960 COLLEGE AVENUE BERKELEY DRUGS SUNDRIES COSMETICS THornwaII 3 8877 The ?ree3er :ce CREAM Qualify you can taste 6l2I LA SALLE AVENUE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA OWNER WARREN FALKNER Phone PI 5 877I PHOTOGRAPH EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING AND PHOTOGRAPHY 5608 COLLEGE AVENUE OAKLAND I8 CALIFORNIA HUmboId+ 3 3I27 Card s nwlanr wAv Hnnnwnnf co 2480 SI1aH'ucIc Ave aI' DwngI1I Way Berkeley 4 Cahf TI-IornwaII I I202 THE COPPER SHOP JEWELRY HANDMADE VARIETY OF HEAVY COPPERWARE 5552 College Avenue I IUmIJOIdI' 3 I I I9 QRKELQ. MARKET 1901 I omplf ti Sutnsfac tmn 2369 TeIegraph Ave Berkeley Calrforma ASI1berry 3 4736 O I r INLAID COFFEE TABLES The Name That Stands for C ongratulatrons to the Graduating Class Gallen Kamp s 2l00 Shattuck ldudw Sportswear 0 Dresses Accessories telephone AT 4 4285 3559 Mount Diablo Blvd Latayette Calltornua tlaejoy Shop statuonery greetung cards games and toys TH 3 5858 2947 College Avenue Angle Fusher Gilbert Berkeley Calltorma Messy Cookre Sheets' Next trme use KAISER ALUMINUM Kaiser Alumlnum and Chemical Corporation leaders m growth quality and service Robert Kerr Co Realtors lnsurers 267 Arlington Avenue Berkeley 7 Calutornla LAndscape 6 5l43 7- FN Jgfss Jluz. Jdilc, Quang, l MONTCLAIR 202l Mountain Blvd . u 1 rr I - I . Q. 5' - I1 THIS YEAR Km BM-.v goes AfNNAJ 64 Shattuck Square BIIIIKS Slahonery 0 Founlam Pens Greehng Carcls 0 Lealher Goods Gills SATHER GATE BO0K SHOP 2 Tlg A McPhee s JUNIOR BOOT SHOP Berkeley San Leandro CHILDREN S SHOES Exclusively From llle llrsl sleps lo flue lursl dale Kerlzeley TENNIS CLUB PROFESSIONALS Tom Stow D1ck Ste ens No 1 Tunnel Road Merit Cleaners A New Large Modern Planl' for Beller Service SHOES FOR WOMIN ! xii Morgoret Jerrold Modemolselle Capezio Joyce Spcnldmg LA d c peb l390 I779S I 2340 Telegraph el Durenl Q S1 I 335 ee raplw venue Berkeley, California - - - - o ' v l yi-'ZERO' x - ASS:f5, 'f .- carrying exclusive slnoes by O O O O , O O Phone n s a - o ano Avenue WITHERWAX JEWELERS THornwall 5 4336 2306 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley 4 California Alfrth Nlplmm if G Ca ND I455 E NEWELL AVE WALNUT CREEK CALIFORNIA FOR MEN MEN S AND WOMEN S APPAREL IMPORTED TWEEDS SI-IET LANDS CAST-IMFRES KIRTS COATS SUITS READY MADE OR MADE TO MEASURE LYLE F SCOTT BRAEMAR AND SPAG NOLI SWEA ERS HAP DCRAFTFD GIEW CRAIGIE SPORTSCOATS H FREEMAN 81 SON ANC G-RIECO SJITS I-IATFIAWAY SHIRTS 511711111671 C01 .fel flyop 7384 TIIIQRAIH Au mul AISAIHPRGAII Bun a11zfG11Jlfs or flu Sfylz um Young Gul It S SMART to mdlvldually fitted DEFINITELY DIFFERENT WOMEN S WEAR 5554 COLLEGE AVENUE OLympuc3 36I2 OAKLAND CALIFORNIA Everyflmng In Spor+s HUmboldI 3 2I78 NIDEROST 81 TABER IND Montclair Sporting Goods Pusonal Sc rzzcc Je welers Sporfs Cenfer of 'The Hills SAN FRANCISCO 2034 MOUNTAIN BLVD I26 POST STREET urfh Flo OAKLAND nu CALIF e w ED SMITH YU on 6 0530 9325 Q--A, W I I ' I I . -ls I I A A I f . 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You'll like the Q s 9 A A ' ,F 34' ' 1 -, A 9 A ... 1 'S ' 0 f W eu I 1 n re , c r n is ' Nfilifi YKUCIIL DEPDSII' INIUIANCI CUIFI-lllYlUll Home and Office Agen+ IOP Phone THornwaII I 0773 HOYT Wafer Hea+ers W A Bull Bohon Jr PLUMBING HEATING Jobbmg SpecuaIns+ Cliy and Sfafe Mas+er Plumbers Lncense 244l DWIGHT WAY Near TeIegraph Avenue Berkeley 4 Cal forma Dushnchve Dry Cleamng VIRGINIA CLEANERS Do nfown Off ce Branch Sfores 2I09 Vlrgm a 24I6 Telegraph IBI4 Euclld Berkeley 884 Colusa No ma'H'er hai' your feachers say you III ne er kno ha+ good SHISI-I KEBAB FENNER FULLER S 6I4 Grand Avenue near MacArI'h OaIcIa d Phone HI 4 970I DAN S TEXACO SERVICE Parker and Telegraph Avenues Berkeley Cahiorrua Phone BE 7 8150 Zip and Fly with Fire and Sky for separates one naI'uraIIy goes fnrs+ andre godet No se++Ied a+ our new location Telegra ph near Dura nf Il - ll . . , . I - I I ' . . . . W I w' v ww Phone ASIIbC'?VI'Y 3' I is un+iI you have eafen a+ 1 w I , ur . . i . n - , Io l Q W o . BERKELEY STEEL CONSTRUCTION CO STAR GROCERY BERNARD'S MEAT5 and GROCERIES Costume Jewelry and Grffs FRUITS and VEGETABLES fgr all OCCQSIOHS 3068 Claremonf Avenue Oympuc 2 2490 2508 Banc,-OH BERKELEY 5 CALIFORNIA a+ Telegraph ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The yearbook sfarf qrafefufly acknovdedqes +kISIV I debf edne 5 IO Ted Gurney Pnoroqrapher IO H16 Lede er Sheer Ind Zeua Cornpany and IO In Calafornua Arf and Enqrawng Company and Jro Hue adverhsers who hav Con 'mbufed +C inns book Direct to you from London' BuCkInqharnshIre fDesIgn your Ownk KIHS and Slacks faIlOred +O measure IU Over lOOau+henI'IC farfans SkIrTs made Io rneasure In a large sele-C+Ion Of farfans Needs and Iclanneis oakland S Leadmg Qualny Foods Coars In rweeds and fur fabrICa+IOnS AND ALL AT THE BASIC LONDON PRICE 6112 LA SALLE AVE MONTCLAIR BEST FROM BRITAIN 2439 Duranf Avenue f Iwesr OF TELEGRAPHJ MY 9 o'e e5 Berkeley Calrfor deny fresh produce Where you see a d order Br f sh Luxurres graded cholce beef Classic Hand-knI+ Ski Sweafers by Cl'IabO+ of L L E E N U E HUTOGRHPHS ...U .,, . x - ,,.,...,....:!:'gn-V4 .., .,... .M -U.. ,--1-, ..,.,. .,., I .,--.-..,., ....... V

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